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V E ! i wa gg L gi 3 Q i 1 4 i 5 w ,i QE 3 if 5 -. Q 1+ IVUNRCDCHW 1971 ELGIN, ILLINOIS Sue Ketcham Editor Terri Stout Business Manager with a little help from our friends - Personalities 32 Organizations 114 Athletics 146 CHA GI OPEN CAMPUS FHA , . . QZZ1:1??f1w:'5,' f. jY,x.s..j, : .3 . 1f.f..e'-1. . V. W R Q yy . h L L.. wr- ..-,. -.., f " . S' ' Q -1: f,Q. - . f- n L. , ,- . . ,: 5 V .. 4 . .-. 4 ,4 X , ff, . - mi'gri5?f.y .v5f?,5i.5'+Qr5 933 'L Q 4.3 ' f, 31,7-1 g.L:'1:rQ -.'qf.jif::3f7.'5f 3:-wr pbt2',g,gz::3g, 55.114-fr rg M,f:"155:g -f a , . 55953: Q33f3zf-Qa15ffff??Z ,.xf.f. Q .., ..a.x.h.-M, ,W-of.-141, wz.Q.K -f ,.,.x.c ,-mkfdy :f fi' -A 'J-2 'MA Off'-4 :ff fa-A11:r'fv.1f:-. ".,-in-1-'fi "fwfr"-K,.'Nw.11-fif 1,0-nz.. ,g-f wp' m.3,,.Q:-.-4-." ff .4-Q .q.AQ,JIp7-Q1'ff,u15.1-tb? A j7LF57. .4,gg.f:wz'f AH. 0:51, reef.:VfxzlgiAifzfftgv-15gs5:fw-113MR:Q :fzfazgfiiyf - 41 2 "i11E9v2a3i ici. ' 'fTvt2j'?Q-fig:-f'.' 'W M95Qigfewxia155i'?i44q2Q?V".f5'ff91fl5 fnfufflrzz-f1:.fX.-NJ' '-V ' - J' -R' u 5' ffl. " Q "'if'a2-'cf' Eff?fix:-'5f1'ff:, 'gfziffi 'fvfx 5?.'fK-zifvff ' ' xi' V ,r -' ui uf- .rw .a .:,7-iniw-2-.ff-'.1. 'M .+ f .WV-W. .1 M Q,-:--' ff if 1 :CQ if .Tw - gs. f..'z.:::2. f,fZ59:feMihfffff5-t'-q3f2c:f? Sw J ifzeyni-:?f ,a if -f5- 3.Q1LFr4fN9'2zit?'?Tt?KfWeff qf:4,fq.w:.xx,-,f,p1'1,.,-.-, 1- -.-, ,p.1w:f5f,.+g,.g ,ng-?wf,f.,vHA.g,g,1w, .4 ,2'f.1L4Uf2fJ.3TT4'AYuan' . frfff' " 1:Tf'?3fS ,f'.'fm"f4'f4:"3r?wv504' 455051 Aww 5, " A f ' 4fiiLf'2ff:2J3Q52.ef15355i3f3Wa:efS x f5ZL3f'fv,f7f 5 . -V L fr- .vgx ,gf .- Q,-iw 5. Q- .. , N.,-.nf-Z . x ,I .A 6' lxiavrg 1-ff' eq PM EVM? -aww: iii ' ' ,f xziflfifv. .4 My ,. . I gy. W 5 .,, K, f2f?af?,N ,g?a pfW'.ii:fX- nip' :4f?fj.iww? xl, . s. ifiaf :Fixx 1:5 5. 2-H:f1'1.4'-:iz-. 2' ff :- 11.15 1 'f- - '+'ffggf2 ,fM ffwf 'www .Jw .7'-W... ' vw gif., f-- 19'-.1 , 'kai N- -Q:-6 -,555 .,,qf-:Qg,L-,QV -A 4 ,5,b.h f,::5g.e ,ggyzjgzA34,5,:gg,,1i-ibhaglmwf vga. , .AQ fwxsf-" fygyi X5ff.',y,g':1',' 'qrzgm 'F-1., . ff.,fz..:f wimezf, wk, gg g 5.53 I: .-,af'M,g:'4"'-K' ' Q' " lf'ig-f-iig,z3- . . 2 ii-:"Q.:.ff?1?', . '21- ffiffi -' ' . -ey 1f.Kef1:. f:Qfw R f , 1 Wf ' , "'?i?'e.'ff7f-' Q .. 77 ' -fwisifii'-.15 1'3 ,,,94-,A Qgfwt., , . Y ...wig gf? QW., 6, .,7,,,y,i3. , . ,.L,,5- -..e1f,gfy . gf -F , .,,f'W-",,':U,:1'iM1ff, V 4- . :- -. ,. 5 :- 'gf jx: -X, K 1 5,-',,-'-fizgieg , , 173412.52431 f . diiyimifijigifi Eff, w?i2i'1g-32gf-S1','-'zayasa-9't2'3?ff55fiQ'' :i15:vgv:g5'?553f2s3' X959 'of 17' wiv 4- 'z -Kei 72? ' -:wa 'pf fl- "fri 33" fl- ' 5:11. A . qf,figif:fgf V Eqviiph ' wi -1. , ,gr-11611 izzicifwfrl-Lfalfinlflf?,F-f:fg2?2.2:f:q'2?.lm 'Q f bg Kf ff-" 9 .1 :QQ-ig.q2gg,,'.,5.g.?.,-'-,kiwi?i2x1ff'p,-ffwjiwfi . I - , W-.1 ' , 35-tg 'Lf ff,-3-,Q:g,, ,,.gfwb:'- 'N .zu,-agfftfw-f.-1 rf, 1. :gn . - if -2- -f 'Kia 5f3i!:'vivi5't1. LI 'ff+f2:m11kN'f1 5?-E. ig - C' . ,gfiifw H11-.,f.:3.zsylrgli'-. -. ,-.1333-rw my., 'pg -f -Nag., ,-,,:f,.Q, -ky fx. 9 WWW? gf 1 pg' if IZ' 'f P.. , . . " ff . L ' ' , . r I f . . . 1 .ab 9' .,, lake' ' a ha h-4 . M - 'ffm , ' M is 2 "WHAT IS THE BEST GOVERNMENT-THAT WHICH TEACHES US TO GOVERN CURSELVESH GOETHE LEARNING ,Q Wm! N Nl K 1 N' 11' MH W ' www H ns 1 llll IN 5 y WWW' V' A N W, avv'HWW W W i W I x, 1 ,y X, W. 11: R M U M E W! , ,, ,m V dhmll. ' '44 K E E V W , V .,..ml"w X X1 1, U QW!!-M v"vuuw,,,,,,,ml 11,1 wx, ,pg y w + W . ,Bw H1 '. WM ,,mn111!lll 'Wausau QE "EDUCATION IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO USE THE WHOLE OF ONESELF ll HW BEECHER GROWIN erfef 5-Q 2' ' ,- Y2,fH4.1'T,'m2:.1fzgL:fs 7 F3 -if,:w'J'.A P ' 35232 Llf-fiwfti :1'5g25sw ,J , 1:wi' gewf?,f:ewA fQp12gyf w x:-Pgw Fw- M G1-Tfxasf1f gq.g q Q'f:11f w1,3 :: 4 11-gf 2 U' X V SPM K .:11si32r0 -L..y4m S , ?fe':v'-'N -HMS. , ' ,1Qf:fefe4fff::f'f1ffzplfifffwli:awa.z.Q' '2 'ii -ei: ff' haf- :-4.12-'ufixivwww .-'13 " ' fif2sg?'f fm '- " wf fibre-ff.. 1: ,vb '-tsl -'T 51' ' .' -K2 - -1' " , , .. H- f i 1 ,'f4:-.::3- 2't1Xf-113211ffllggiyifffa, .5Q"5?:Z: ' Lili , 3 Af K f5'f2af zff:f14if'1 wifi 'igiixiimi A iiifzfiif 41iW1gf.g,5g. vi-Zzciqk' fn 4' 4 L. K f- .J f1.Q,:zg,wmI3-.- V , X,N.9g,fgc 4' . up 1,---:am A - mf ,. X- Izmwzs if gm ffagxf:- N V gf .,-., -, N.. ,-, A , - - ' ,gif .,rv31J:.'1:, , fy zfqfzgf' 4. izflfflf-: il , . ,:gfmeif-11-ervlfff,g.?Q.v'1, Qs, ,::5,ffi4P: vf , f fw 1. . ,. rye, , L. ,.p.,,-.. . Mp, 7, ,, '3y,... ,. 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AA ' K , '-1 I , - ,qw f,sk7Li ,, f ' g,,g5,:f,3z.'yjf5,zfgQ3- ,I 5,4-5, ,, N N W ggi .f ' y ' K " , 2 ,,:fwg15pt-Q' zffuffzfgffia ,'ffQm'q'1gf25:ff-f,v .- R' ' A , ., . .4-4 Qwcfxp .f..4fgw,,4-,qxyfx :J wig,-'f:?:g2f'f4a9,f' ' . - ' - -' ,. -.-541'-4. -f,"'Cx "'iw', -. ai Tar? k -.0 " g . .41 ,,g:.fa-p.':,.f.1:-figy, mfs ,xfvpffg .-pyffie-,,3S2vr. ,Q-z45gfffg,,g-swfgfgmfvf zjfzi, 1.3 V, .3,-,QQ.s-51f?g2531.4::3 ,-Sf 6,1g,,:v, gigs-53,g,3,f,p,r-,g'.', f1v1'gS1'2f-'Jf4'vAt, ' fm-123V-gfl 5 slfiiixigyfwf ,2ij1?QQE41f5ii'-45:1 1-r' 'aff-QL f ':,g.-2-ilwfr, ifxflijgf ,JF 5. Y Le af-QQ ,j-gif? QV-,Z ,-4 " 1 fqf.-'lfgg' 4.-'i-ig. -.j Q wif if ' 'zf'i3:25?:f1z49Zg3f'f:vf4'bf ,wc ,P,t':7'W2f4': efiffifgr-iywwyw ., XM, f'-5.:Qx??LzwAf,f,bg,g,,w.k,'fff'-1yvp?1gL.f:55" T'eiwf7ff5'sxf, -' ff -:Ax -fi 1, -ff--' gpff- ,I .Q :JA-1 f f .1 .A 2-'f ' '-if ff' 4- rx.:-?J?5ff'3u,,f'f" 1, ,fgplgfli 'J'.'f. 6 n 4 fl an ff 5 f "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." Oliver Wendell Holmes 7 PRoM The Horizon of Starsg Were not. all in the warm lunefsky at, Prom 1970. Many of them dangled from the ceiling, andra few wereseen spar- kling in the eyes tof'EHSl gftrdenrsg The junior Class Spent Weeks in de- signing and paitntinglposterslgfor the walls, whileparentsfcoirieeintrated on plans for PostgPriQm held atfthe Em- bers, where the decolrative itherne carried oustsan alstroliligiball signsfof the zodiac motif..Thiefunoffieial par- ties after the promstook seniors into many of the resort areas in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Graduation It was a proud time, for par- ents, teachers, and most of the students. This was the setting for graduation 1970. The sad- ness of leaving behind friends, laughter, themes on books you never read, lunch hours, and poker games in the senior lounge. But graduation was also a time for excitement, the college careers that lay ahead, and the joys and sorrows of expanded friendships and a bigger world. H . , 7 fp i 1 1 54 ,,,.,.., , I, .. if . ,...,,,f-124+ , 2' .41 qv-sf' a 060 RW ug gr 13' XQQA 551290 QPNNYSS P' 5, XXXAM MA R00 j.WW., . HCJMECCMING 3 -3 WL 75227 CP gfgf '1'7lll"'1f1 HOMECOMING A Homecoming without rain? Elgin fans thought they'd nev- er see one, but when the team went out to meet their old ri- vals, the East Aurora Tomcats, they played on a dry field and cool autumn night. The annual festivities started out early on the afternoon of October 9, 1970 when some of the students of E.H.S. presented a Charlie Brown skit, letting the audience join in with cheers and songs to take the place of the long lost pep assemblies. Even the Homecoming parade came through with sunny skies. All the floats took their place in line and showed the people of downtown Elgin what the students of their oldest high school could really do. All the organizations carried out the theme of "Saturday Night at the Movies". All took hard work and showed it, including the first alumni float. After the parade, all was made ready for the game. The goal- posts were decorated and the floats were lined up for judging. The weather continued to hold out as the team ran on the field. Mums covered the bleachers with big Maroon E's in the center. At half time, Mr. Alexander crowned Terri Roth and Mark Clemens to reign as Homecoming queen and king. The band marched and played the tune "Yellow Balloon" while the pom pon girls performed to "Mission Impossible". The only factor missing was a victory when the Tomcats rolled over Elgin with a score of 27-8. Terri and Mark hosted the annual dance which began after the presentation of the tiarra to Terri and the loving cup to Mark. The gym was decorated with movie gimicks of all kinds, done by students that gave up their Saturday afternoon to pre- pare the downstairs for the second festivities of Homecoming 1970. A group played which consisted of many alumni of E.H.S. On Sunday most of the senior class turned out for the class barbecue at'.Memorial Field. There was free food which natu- rally brought out the crowd, and the regular sports of football and grass fights. All three days of activities made for one Homecoming the students and faculty of Elgin High School should never forget, and a big hand goes out to each and every one who made it a success. G? 15 MAN OF LA MANCHA The lights dimmed, a hush fell over the crowd, thus was "The Man of La Mancha." Possibly the most outstanding student dramatic event in EHS history, "Man of La Mancha" was directed by Mr. Raymond Goettsch and musical direc- tion was led by Mr. Charles Beckman. The cast and crews rehearsed long hours for the production of the play. "Man of La Mancha" was recently released for amateur use. How- ever a touch of professionalism was added by the rented costumes which were used, along with the staging of the play at Hemmens Auditorium. The plot deals with Don Miguel Cervantes, who is impris- oned during the Spanish Inquisition. He has with him the complete script of Don Quixote, which the inmates threaten to destroy. In return for the unharmed script Cervantes pre- sents his play with the prisoners taking part in it. His book, Don Quixote, concerns an old idealogical man who sets out on a quest to right the wrongs of the world. The audience never lost in attentiveness as they were con- stantly confronted with the brilliantly done musical num- bers, "Man of La Mancha" and "The Impossible Dream" sung by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. "Aldonza" and "Dulcinea" were sung by Aldonza, with the entire company joining in with the "Impossible Dream". X .QF r, .. ,, f A A if 'vvff AVA.,-f jr +i'i. M-4,5, f 7 mfs, at , ... DAD ' DAUGHTER "Those Were the Days" was the theme for this year's Dad N' Daughter Date Nite. Hostess Pam Eskey began the evening by welcoming the dads and daughters. The coke bar and roast beef dinner were provided by the Embers, with Levi and Debbie Lathen providing the laughs. Later on the Boys Ensemble surprised the audi- ence, and Kathy White, with some songs and ad-libbing. All this added up to one date that won't be forgotten by either the girls or their fathers. 18 ,db 3 X Q O f' V 5, ,awe-4 Jef' 'Jr' -M4 'ff ,vi ,4 i 2 TURNABOUT Once again, girls had a chance to ask that "special" boy to the annual Turna- bout Dance held in April. This year the Girls' Club made many changes from earlier years. The dance was held at the Blue Moon Ballroom instead of the high school gymnasium. The theme of the dance was Puppy-Luv. The evening consisted of a buffet and dancing with the music provided by the jasmine. Chairmen for the dance were Kathy White and Karolyn Welu. PICNIC 3 2 s k Rx X . For the second time this year Elgin High presented an out- standing play. The selection went to "Picnic", the story of a small town and the aspirations abandoned and fulfilled by the people who lived there. Sara Templeton played as Madge Owens - a girl of great beauty, but lacking the excitement and love which meant an eventful life for her. Ned Rifken was Hal, the young vagabond who was only to followed by troubles, and Madge. Mr. Raymond Goettsch acted as faculty director, while Steve Kuehl assisted as student director. The effect of their joint efforts, the hard work of cast and crews made Elgin High's production of "Picnic" just that. yi ! 23 PRO in 8 ,ju fi' aw 43 ' 4 I "xg 'Sgr 'fi' ' if 4 1 9' 'ef ' sf Q0 .fe s W X .4 f ff' ,--Q. ik Ab M13 N. I O 7,4 gr: l, ,V c Q ff o ' 4 ein 11 gfj X 1 A M9555 ad 3 in 3 f 5 1 K A I QE 4 ff' Q .YI l if Q lt Af QF... 4 39.912 new 'fb -War ' xXXF' S 21 f-gif' f. I L id' ,4- l 'l If X H '. 1, ' W l ,,f -H .i f emfuv . g t ,at A . . i 1 ' , ". .kfffixt ' The Eiffel Tower, fountains, flowers, this was the setting of Paris and Prom 1971. But the atmosphere was not all due to the decorations, the combination prom and post-prom were held at the Blue Moon instead of the EHS gym. The juniors and many parents contributed long hours of flower making, bridge building and balloon blowing towards the prom. The enter- tainment was provided by the Seven Seas and a hypnotist, who proved to be as spellbinding as the prom itself. rx Qu ,45 NOT f11,,, A ttf-,,,1QJ ima... Ki ' if an ,Q fo- Y , ff' N,,..f GRADUATION As school ended and graduation approached the Class of '71 put its final projects into affect. The class supper, baccalaureate, recognition assembly, and graduation were all part of the process which ended one life style and began another. The lost football games, and bad re- port cards will fade as the good remembrances of EHS remain. With these memories and hopes for the future, the seniors of the 99th graduating class will pass from EHS leaving be- hind a record not to be equaled or excelled. Q f we x x Q 3 29 EHS GF THE FUTURE The new EHS. The foundation has been laid, girders se- cured, and the cement is being poured. But more than a physical foundation has been formed for the new high school. An attitude is being formed also. One which will be transplanted from the 100 year old stucture on Du Page to the new one on Route 19. A lot of problems will be solved with the completion of the new EHS, however a lot more will remain. Enthusiasm, participation will be the ground work for the new high school. With a module system being put into effect it will be even more difficult for students and administration to get together. School could easily become a punch card factory. But down to this -- your environment is what you make it. The new EHS could be a learning center made up of more that just books. People and experiences could make it much more. Concern begins with yourself and then spreads to others. It is the foundation of getting along and perhaps the one for the new EHS. 1 . 5 . 5 . -4- .4 r ' . ,qw gy- 1 K. . f we, 'fffxy .3 ' -filiff fffizl bf 'Q ' -1 53, ':5,z-rf:-lfififvf --gy .,:,,f,f-fyza, . N gsrg-35 1 M - f - Q T M15 ' ffzifr' . vi f- v . A ,, "gifs-4, .cx gk-f.:3.g:-xg.: fu':.Q,'-Affmff , ef' - -, - 'fx ' fgQz.!-'fgjlsjig--ia V -J .- , '15 Qi 5.Q-.'!1.5fff ' 'X .L 11 . K Y -. , :.,f' ,xgginyi-5212 fgigfgbggf - ' ' ":':lfPg: ,fyjfe 'f Q., ff :ax 2 ' 5 ,3 AQ 3 2 'f- Qe?.1:g3.5pg.3-gLficg3,y,.- 5 . gfwgggg :mrjfw 1:4 6. EH 2EggQi:f- ,' +4-:gels-ss:rr-fa-fxffz,-f.. -'-5' ' L A ' i3V7?3l':5.3i1"'i'2iTf ' ffiff -1 fl ': L 72 Sp- if? M' V L'-fs, wma -V g1,g:fiw.w,x' .., -1 . , -Ffa V. wslgff' S GPIB' 1' ' " ' ' . '- "" 4' ' --V1 1 -"- vi-" '- ff -' 13 1 .:.., 4-.414 - f . Q- -,A P: '- . neg 1:15 BHK. 't , 'J-j H -. v :no-N-ze. fx i ,A .4 . ,-7 ' ' X "3:':?':?i5"'1,4-f.k ki 1' 'fvywf 'P' .,1g3?'v- x 'wir' ,951 Lf . VW? ugh? 3 f PJ'-ak,-' I X + , w. .Qtr '9' gas, , 'L ,gt k 7 ' , . , -1- YH, -,C Q ,,, 1-as e r. ' QA U gt Q 15' 6 .gfux si? 7,A,c.. ' "Eff'- 1 'lm , 2-9 -VL "d'!- A ' v-' ' , H, w V, x, wi-. ,. -, fl! 9 M- .wv L, I fn, . K ,A f :la ,,,, ,,,,li.LbJ,4-112 19.-, Az- . - C :Qt-Q 1i:zf,'.i:':v: mx-z ,'.Qfz-,wqw Q .iz 'J-ffh' ,E 7, -'f'f'tZh. Q52 , iv y Principal Chester Alexander "When the moon is in the Seventh House, And jupiter aligns with Mars - Then Peace will guide the planets, And Love will steer the stars. Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehood or derisions: Golden living dreams of visions - Mystic crystal revelation, And the mind's true liberation. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius .,. " Harmony and understanding, with each other, sympathy and trust aboundingg no more falsehood a good, honest look at ourselves - do we "cop out"? Are we filled with empty phrases? Peace on Earth, thru Love , . . The Age of Aquarius! Can we discipline ourselves to make the dream a reality? Chester Alexander Assistant Principal Donald Quillman " ... Not having to say you're sorry" might well be one of the most significant phrases of the seventies. It repre- sents the basis for a good self-image and the ultimate in human relations. Controlling our individual actions and statements so that they fit this phrase is a goal for which we should all be reaching. Even though we never reach the goal complete- ly, the resulting improvement in how we might see our- selves and others would undoubtedly be worth the effort. Don Quillman Dean Of Students james Entwistle Our society needs individuals who feel free and in- dependent but who are nevertheless willing to do what is expected of them. We need individuals who will fit into society without friction, who can be guided with- out force, who can be led without leaders and who can be directed without any aim except the one to "Make good". It is not that authority has disappeared, or even that it has lost it's strength, but that it has been trans- formed from the overt authority of force to the anony- mous authority of persuasion and suggestion. 1. Entwistle X SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Henry Tschappat Dr Paul Lawrence, Superintendent, Theodore Akemann, President, Rob- ert Skelly Secretary Treasurer STANDING LEFT TO RIGHTJ E. Grant Swick, Richard Smith, E. C. Wilson, Dr. Eugene BOARD OF EDUCATIO Two changes were evident in the makeup of the 1971 Board of Education. Mr. Robert Skelly, assistant superintendent, was chosen to fill the vacancy creat- ed bythe retirement of Mr. Willard Beebe as Secre- tary-Treasurer to the Board. Mr. Beebe had served the district for more than forty years. The other new Board member was Mr. Henry Tschappat, who had served previously as a member of this august body and who was elected to replace Mr. Levi Lathen, who did not seek re-election. A continuing problem facing the Board is the rap- id rate of growth of our school district. New build- ings to be constructed, additional faculty to be hired, hundreds of new students to be transported - these are just a few of the myriad problems facing these men in their hundreds of committee meetings during the year. The major permanent committees this year were Finance and Auditing, with E. C. "Bud" Wilson as Chairman, Educational, chaired by Richard E. Smith, Properties, Dr. Eugene Blair serv- ing as chairman, and Insurance, E. Grant Swick, Chairman. Mr. Theodore Akemann was again cho- sen to serve as the President of the Board of Educa- tion, a position he continues to dignify. SUPERI TE DENTS Dr. Paul R. Lawerence Robert F. Skelly Superintendent Assistant Superintendent - Business Samuel Nicholas Dr. Richard,D. Hibschman Assistant Superintendent - Curriculium Assistant Superintendent - Personnel E. C. Alft Q3 I L Mary Aydt N...f"" pw Charles Beckman Carol Beebe ,M 'V' N V317 Carol Anderson Charlotte Anderson Warren Anderson i 'timing Kenneth Azinger Doris Baldridge L. E. Bauer 'lk Patricia Bergeson Robert Blewett lack Booth David Brown Kent Brown Louise Brown Richard Browning james Buchheit Enid Burns fwfr "Ur 'T'1v- ' 'Q-null wif William Chesbrough lohn Corn james Crinigan -,Y 'V va-...i-,, Charlyn Bonucci William Brown Faith Cavell QLQA ii Altys Daniels i Richard Demuth Erma Dirks Stanley Donegan Larry Drafall Robert Duffield Marvin Elben Leonard Enrietto Warren Etter Kenneth Ettner Leroy Fields Charlotte Flugum Virginia Garland Arthur Graffam lames Hamrin Robert Foster Ron Freedlund Robert Gilliam Raymond Goettsch Ellen Hackman Phillip Haffner Robert Fritsch Anita Goodman sf ..-I-"' Glen Hale Im 9 Constance Hartman David Hines Douglas Hoeft Si .Q ,, ,,v::.:rzw:: ' . Q32 . ff- K ' Q' i ' .fc g' , I , s K i i ,V fi-Jftilflii' , 'V -: -,-,. A ,, weak Lmfh aw wg. may ,,Z"""' ,fi X mzfzrf M Z 2145 Eff V ,ifanwwd AA .,.7fm. ! V- 5 .r """, fgL, .wigs .' ,, ,sux ,W ' , .,, -. ' ,, A A 4, '- an f-in. is -- -. 1124- ' 72 5 'Q iw." ',:',:-. ,- H '-ff H VLQL., A 'E .gg 5 ,e .wx 'gdb-13" my 1. ii: 1 'ww Paul Hudgens Charlene Hunter Thomas Isbell Lucille jaquet l Judith johnson Arthur Kanies l Richard Kay Russell johnson Irwin Johnston Greg Kane , L,,-ii'l . if 6 and J' iw 1 +i1mr ff' -A 5 , f - .1 .Q-9 QW ,WP W 'fl 1 ,QEf:.,:i'E'-.:- if. H3?zI1':: -QQ when 5 4- Q , Nw' 1-Ja w,,,,,1 .,.-If George King janet Klein Eloise Koehn "buua......,.. Margaret Kuntzelman Richard Lake Steven Lengell 1' fax wwf Glenn Lose Gerald McCarty Elilabeth McKay 'NDF' M L it i Wilfrid McWilliams Robert Mahnke Stephen Mansfield Lois Kraemer 4-iunL...., Denver Leturno i 'vi I 1 Nancy McLean gf' if Clifford Martin asf 1 Dennis Martin Renate Matteaus june Miller 1-0' Susan Murphy '---"N WZ? 4"""" '-ui Frederick Nelson Duane Ohl Sherman Ovelmen Alice Pragman S"""-4-4 lane Purdum '51 'P' aekeiiifiaivg Eugene Ragone Earl Reiger Catherine Rogowski Susan Schwanke Norman Scibetta Evelyn Shultz Robert Smith -nw Richard Stephens Edwin Stieben Amy Rousch Howgard Schulte 'gh' VXI?- William Shaw H. H. Shelby Douglas Steensland Neil Steffens Annette Theodore Joyce Trimble mmf Maxine Turek Leo VanderKamp W' if uf' lames Wallace Richard Wiggall vcr' janice Withey I-4-Q04 joseph Zupsich M Barry Van Hook Dorothy Wallace "Ulf Helen Winslow john Wirtz u':"" "'h.- C-erald Zaslavsky Toni Zimmerman W- cu-xss or '71 5 . MMM,,,,..,...- On the wings of Pegasus, the if YM""' senior class of "71" soared to new 3,1 5 heights. Many outstanding se- niors created spiritual "forget- me-nots", beginning in Septem- A ber as homecoming activities got 2 under way. Plans began in the summer and continued many long hours into the night to make "Saturday Night at the Movies" an outstanding memory for the entire student body. The seniors also planned the class supper and . graduation activities. Responsibil- f 1 f ity for the success of Homecom- ing and various other Senior activ- ities can be credited to this years all volunteer class council who assisted President Bob Lea, Vice- 1 President Pat Chamberlain, Sec- retary Rita Kozak, and Treasurer Diane Farmer. The seniors built a model of Achievement for the lower class- men to follow. ffl 'fxfw-MQ ,aj ,..' f:'M:3Q: .lf 5 Class Officers. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW 1: Pat Chamberlain, Diane Farmer. ROW2: Bob Lea, Rita Kozak. Class Council. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW 1: Bill Koehring, Tina Sykes, Bobbi Van Alstine, Gary Becker, George Schneider, Bob Christian, Mike Volkening, Del johnson. ROW 2: Pat Chamberlain, Rita Kozak, Sue Hardt, Ruth Hoppenstedt, Diane Wiedner, Cindy Mann, Larry Mink, Steve Rakow. ROW 3: Sue Bellack, Sue Ketcham, lan Lohs, Marian Drzonek, Kathy White, Karolyn Welu, Sandi Masi, Sue Unruh. ROW 4: Mr. Lake, Diane Farmer, Reggie Hipple, Maureen Combest, Kim Sutter, Karen Kleiser, Rick Hartman, Mitch Mc- Donald, Pat Driscoll, Bob Lea. E, ,paw ...tw MARIA G. ABITUA IULEE A. ACKMANN Nickname: Hontry, Activities: Aeolian,2, Activities: Student Council 2,3g Cheer- leading 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4. 'Wh ffj, .1 Y'!""'N 'P N X KAREN LEE ANDERSON LINDA ANDERSON Activities: Art Club, Representative. TRYST ANDERSON VIRGINIA LEE ANDERSON Nickname: Twede, Activities: Mirror 2,3, Nickname: Mousie. 4, Editor 45 Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,-15 F.T.A. 3,45 Student Council 2,3. aio-...x 'X IOHN L. ALFT LINDA ALTEPETER Aqiviyiegz Minor 2,3,45 0055 Cguntry 25 Transferred from Dundee Senior High Tennis 2,3,-1, Concert Band 2,3,4, Pep School,Dundee, Illinois, 1969. Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 jazz Band 4. irq Q ,ty Q ft? MUNSON ANDERSON IR. REBECCA ANDERSON Nickname: Sonny. ull' .f-"-0 Wd' "sc-19 DIANE SUE ANDRESEN Nickname: Dee, Activities: Class Council 2,3g G.A.A. 2,35 Pom-Pon 3,45 Pep Club 2, 3,4. KAREN MARIE ANNAU THOMAS W. AUBIN Nickname: "Little Ears" K x it u. STEVE AUSTIN v--ip we-uf SANDRA BANBURY DAVID BARNES RA Nickname: Sandi. Nickname: Dave, Activities: Student Council 3, Concert Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 3,4p Tennis 2,3,4, Cross Country 25 Pep Band 2,3,4. IUDITH DIANE BAXTER Nickname: ludy, Activities: G.A.A. 25 Girl's Club 2,3. SHIRLEY ANN BAKER Activities: C.,A,A. 2,35 GirI's Club 2. 'rm NDY BARTELT DOUGLAS BAXTER TIMOTHY B. BAYLY Activities: Student Council 2,3,4, Sound- ing Board 3,45 Executive Council 35 Country 2,3. Cross 'QQ GARY BECKER Activities: Class Council 2,3,4, Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2, Cross Country 27 Student Council 2. E' GLEN IOHN BEDOE Nickname: Flash, Activities: lr. A capella 2, Sr. A capella 3,4, 3, 65 4fT""i KATHLEEN IOY BEERS Nickname: Thia, Activities: Orchestra 2,3, 45 Orchestra Pres. 45 G.A.A. 2,35 lr. A ca- pella 45 Dramatics 25 1,2,3 Fine Arts Club 4. -'3- 'fran' SUSAN KATHERYN BELLACK Nickname: Sue, Activities: Student Nickname: Mike. Council 25 Class Council 3,45 Mirror 2,3,4, Editor 4. MICHAEL T. BELLINCER 'aff' STEVE BERRY gh- LETTY BERTHA Nickname: Lettuce, Activities: Student Council 35 Tennis 3,45 Transferred from: Elgin Academy, Elgin, Illinois. Q5 uv.,-ur KATHY BERENDSEN MICHAEL L. BERNDT Nickname: Mikey, Activities: WEPS 2,3,4 Aeronautics Club 2. f ,gf-'D BARRY BIESTERFELD MIKE BLOOM Activities: Band 3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Base- ball 2, Pep Band 3,4. 'JY' DEAN BLUME Transferred from: Barrington High School, Barrington, Illinois 1970. WILLIAM A. BOBBITT Nickname: Bill, Activities: Intramural Basketball 3,4. '95 rv DENISE BLUME Transferred from: Barrington High School, Barrington, Illinois1970. IAMES BOESTROW RICK BONNOM Activities: Band 2,3,45 lr. Acappella 2, Sr. Acappella 3,4: Swimming 35 Concert Band 4, Boys Ensemble 3,4. DENNIS BLUME KEN BLUMENSTOCK Transferred from: Barrington High Nickname: Gomer, Activities: Wrestling School, Barrington, IIl.1970. 2,3. image DONALD BOOSE Nickname: "Boose", Activities: Football 2: Art Club, PATTY BROWN DAVID BRENER JANE M. BROWN MARY LYNN BROWN Activities: Cheerleader 2: Transfered from: Conant High, Hoffman Estates, Illi- nois 1970. Nickname: Brownie, Activities: Maroon 2,35 Tennis 2, Girls Club 4, Pep Club 4, Pom-pon 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4. :Ns fU3 GREGG BRUHN Nickname: Uncle Leg, Activities: Football 253,45 Swimming 2,35 Baseball 2,45 Senior Acappella 3,45 Boys Octet 3,4. S. BETH BRUNTON Activities: Sr. A cappella 45 Aeolian 25 AFS President 45 Debate Team 45 French Club 45 Environmental Club 4. A-a,.,,,..-sl" IAMES R. BUCKHAHN Nickname: Buck, Activities: Football 2,4. xixj VICKI LEIGH BURNIDGE IILL ANN BURNS IAY BURSTEIN Activities: Aeolianz, Nickname: jill, Activities: G,A.A. 25 Pep Nickname: Burny, Activitiesr Mirror 2,3, Club 3,4. 45 Class Treasurer 25 Tennis 3,4. W 'rf-., IERRY CALHOUN Activities: Football 25 Wrestling 35 Trans- fered from Larkin High School, Elgin, Ill. 1969. 'QQ' PATTY CAMPBELL Activities: Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Aeolian 25 Sr. A cappella 3,45 Student Council45 AFS 4. W 'ale' WILLIAM CASTLE ANTHONY CENTANNI Nickname: Bill, Activities: Audio Visual 2, Nickname: Tony, 35 Chess Club 2,3,4. l PATRICIA CHAMBERLAIN Nickname: Pat, Activities: Class Council 2,3,45 Class Vice-Pres. 45 Pom-pon 45 Pep Club 2,3,4. ff, JEFFREY PAUL CHANDLER Nickname: leff, Activities: Swimming 2,3, 45 Student Council 45 AFS 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Environmental Club 4. ROBERT IAMES CHRISTIAN Activities: Basketball 2' Sr. A ca ella 34 1 P I I Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Pep Club 45 Class Council 4. , the . BOB CHRONOWSKI an BILL CHESBROUGH Nickname: Sub, Activities: Football 25 Basketball 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Student Council 35 Steering Committee 25 E-Club 2,3. DENISE CLEINMARK Nickname: Neice. J""Hs: DEBRA ELLEN CHRISTENSON Nickname: Deb, Activities: Drama 35 Pep Club 2,35 Student Council 4. ,,-P: MARK CLEMENS Nickname: Clem, Activities: Student Council 2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Class Council 25 Class President 25 Football 2,3, 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Golf 25 E-Club 3. MARY CLEMENT IEANNE COATES Transferred from Galesburg High School, Galesburg, lll.1969, 'fvvmp w-.df SUSAN COCHRAN Nickname: Sue, Activities: G.A.A. Trea- surer 3, vice-President 4, Tennis Team 2, Captain 3,4, interscholastic Badminton 2, 3,4. CATHY COLLINS Activities: G.A.A. 2,3,4, Girls Club Coun- cil, Student Council 2, Pep CIub4, ORA MACK COLE Nickname: Mackcie, Activities: Pep Club 3,4. , ...aa MAUREEN COMBEST Nickname: Moe, Activities, Class Council 3,4, Student Council 4, Wrestling Scorer 3,4. IOHN COLLIER Activities: National Honor Society 3,45 Forensics 3,4, High School T.V. Quiz Team 3, French Club 3, Wrestling 2,4, Transferred from , East Nashville High School, Nashville, Tennessee. DEBBIE COLLINGBOURNE Nickname, Deb, Activities, G.A,A. 2,3,4, Girls Club Council 2, Senior A Cappella 3, 4. "f'I'? PATRICIA CONFORTI Nickname, Pat. ALAN CONLEY My 'CQW7 CRAIG CONNER TIM CONNER MIKE F. CONROY IEFFERY CORSINI Nickname, Bugeye. Activities, Golf 2,3,4. Nickname, Buzz, Activities, Cross Coun- Activities, Swimteam 2. try 3,4, Track 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, E-Club 3,4, Intramural 2. IANE COX Activities: Pep Club 2, 3. 3,4, Basketball 2, Intramural Basketball 3, Club 4. 4: Gymnastics 4: Pep Club 2,3,4g Student Council 3. RON DALLUEGE Activities: Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,37 Golf 2,3,4: E-Club 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4, IOYCE DANCA Nickname: loja, Activities: Pom-Pon 3. RICH DAVIDSON JEFF CREMEENS GERI DAHLY Student Council 2, Nickname: Creemy, Activities: Baseball 2, Aqivitiegg Student Council 2? 1,2,3 An uv-""'1v A :f BETH A. DAVIS Activities: Art Club 2,37 President 37 Stu dent Council 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4. LARRY DAVIS DIANE DECKER MARK DeHAAN Nickname: Deck, Activities: Pep Club 2,3, Activities: Swim Team 2,3,4: Tennis Team 4: G,A.A. 4. 2,3,4. in-x 'fm- CATHY DENCOFF 3 ,f IOE DEVERICK Nickname: loe. 'v-.W-.9 ED DIETRICH MARY DILLON Activities: Student Council 3. Activities: Future Teachers 25 Class Coun- cil 35 Aeolean 25 Girls Chorus 35 Senior A Cappella 4. PETER IOHN DOMINOWSKI Nickname: Pete, Activities: Golf 25 As- sembly Committe 3,45 Chairman 45 Exec- utive Council 45 Environmental Commit- tee Chairman 4. M. way' -s.. 2 DARCELLA DOUGLAS Activities: Aeolian 2. ,gpm DEBBIE D. DOERINGSFELD Activities: Band 2,3545 Student Council 35 Pep Band 3,45 G.A.A. 3. 'WC ROBERT D. DRINKALI. Nickname: Bob, Activities: Basketball 25 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Golf 2,3,4. sxshqs BETIY I. DOMINGUEZ Nickname: Brownie, Activities: Future Nurses Club 2,3545 President 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Pep Club 2,35 Girls Club Cabinet 25 G.A.A. 253. vid f-3-Q PATRICK DRISCOLL A Activities: Cross Country Country 2,3,4I Track 2,3,45 Captain 45 Wrestling 25 Stu- dent Council 3,4, President 45 Maroon 35 lntra mural Basketball 2,3. -xx DALE DUBOIS RHONDA ERLANDSEN Nickname: Rabbit, Activities: Aeolian 25 G.A.A. 3: jr. A Capella 3: Pep Club 4: Maroon 2,3. IAMES EDWARD EVANS Nickname: Blackbird, Activities: Football 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 35 Track 2,3,4g An Club 2,3. l GEORGINA A. DUNGEY Nickname: George, Activities: G.A.A. 2, 3: Art Club 3: Student Council 4. DIANE LYNN ERNST Nickname: Die. MARK FABER Activities: Baseball 2,3,4 MARIAN LYNN DRZONEK Nickname: Mare, Activities: Pep Club 3,45 Girls Club 3,4: Class Council 4. LARRY ERVIN Nickname: Erv, Activities: Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4. MARSHA ANN FAIRCHILD Nickname: Bosh, Activities: Aeolian 2: Pom-Pon 4: Pep Club 4. JEAN ELIZABETH ELLIOT Activities: Aeolian 2: Sounding Board 4 Drama 4: Environmental Committee 4 Office Page 2. RICHARD C. ESKEY Nickname: Esk, Activities: Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4p Baseball 2: E-Club 3,4: Executive Council 35 Class Council 3. DIANE FARMER Activities: Band 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4: Class Council 2,3,4. l -ww-'V ,,E,,,.M KAREN FARMER DIANE LYNN EAY DONNA L. FAY Activities: Aeolian 2: Girls Choir 35 Senior ACiiViYl8S1 A605611 25 lunior A capella 32 A Capella 49 G.A.A. G.A.A. Advisory Board 4. v--N' PETER DAVID FEEHAN MARLYN FEES DONNA FERRIS MARGARET FUERHAMMER Nickname: Bird, Activities: Student Nickname: Matty, Activities: Pom-Pon 3, Council 2,35 Wrestling 2,3. 45 Pep Club 2,3,4g Student Council 2,3. 'P' TQ STEVEN LEE FlNLEY MICHAEL SCOTT ELEMING LINDA FORESTER Nickname: Onion, Activities: Football 2, Nickname: Duke, Activities: Wrestling 3, 3,45 Track 2. 4g Baseball 2,3,4. --hw qui' -156' -s- .WJ T, . ,L , at ' ---L T, wif .wfg -f 4 'L l ' . t - 3' 5 IC' T1 J ANDRE FOUNTAIN CAROL FOWLER Activities, Mirror 2. IIM FUNK Six-e lf-1 ROBERT GARCIA Nickname: Gomer, Activities: Wrestling 3. Transferred from: Larkin High School, Elgin lll.,1969. IUDITH K. GERBERDING Nickname: ludy, Activities: A.F.S, 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4p Girls Club Cabinet 4. LANI LORRAINE FRANDSEN Activities: Pep Club 2,3,4g President 45 Student Council 3,45 Girls Club 2,3, NORMAN GEILS IR. Nickname: Normee. DONNA LYNN GETZ Nickname: Gaush, Activities: Girls Club 2fClass Council 35 Pep Club 2,3,4. """w. BARB FRANZ ALVA GEAR NT -if K ION GILBERT Activities: Photographyg Radiog Trans ferred from Washington High, Washing Ion, Ill.,1969. Q Mrs' mf' as-..-un' 'iff' ' 'lr-W BERNARD GLOSS GAIL GOGGIN CONNIE ANN GONDOS DONNA GRABINGER Nickname: Tank, Activities: Football 2: Activities: Girls Club Council 35 G.A.A. 2, Activities: Pom-Pon 3,43 Pep Club 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4. 3. Student council 4, Aeolian 2, Girls Choir DANIEL GRAN UIST Q Nickname: Dan, Activities: Cross-country 2, Wrestling 3. w ,:.fff,r CHRISTOPHER S. GUDEMAN Nickname: Stoph, Activities: Orchestra 2, 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4, Fine Arts Club 4: Cross-country 3,45 Band 3,4. MARK GRAY 3: Senior A Cappella Choir 4. 4-W SANDRA MARIE GREGG Nickname: Sandy, Activities: Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 4: Future Nurses Club 3: Pep Club 4. . - az-- BARBARA L. HACHTEL Nickname: Barb, Activities: Aeolian 2, junior A Cappella 3, Girls Club 2,3: Pep Club 3,45 Student Coupcil 4. RON E. HALL Activities: Band 2,3,4p Orchestra 2,3,4g Football 2: Wrestling 2, Track 3: Gymnas- tics 4. 7'-R BRAD GU DEMAN Nickname: Goody Q:-'m,, , .7 , t,', QQ it .,-t ':ri. '.1h sy, ,- if , . A Vrzr P BOB HAM BLEN ii' iirr . A . ,.g. , . gi! ,VJ fx , ri if if 5 .. Q iw fiiij ff ' Q I A WL , ,M it V 'i 4.2 :tv if' ' 2 fi: :fx fir, I K 'L 1 K is K is i X li 'Na YWQQ P A' , H if I. 5 DORIS HAMBLEN IULIE H. HAMILTON KRISTINE R. HAMMELMANN Activities: G.A.A.2,3,4. Activities: Aeolian 2: Girls Club 2: Girls Nickname: KYIS, ACNVIUIOSI Aeolian 25 Chorus3,SeniorACappella4, lunior A Cappella 3: Future Teachers Club 3,4. 1-f - FRED HARBECKE LINDA HARBES SUE ALLISON HARDT Nickname: lay, Activities: Swimming 25 Nickname: Harbs, Activities: Cheerlead- Activities: Aeolian 2: lunior ACappella 3: Wrestling 3. ing 2,3,4g Student Council 3: G.A.A, 3: SeniorACappella 4: Pom-Pon 3,-1: G.A,A. Pep Club 2,3,4. 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Art Club 2,35 Fine Arts Club 4, Student Council 2,35 A.F.S. 3. ar- RICHARD HARTMAN Nickname: Ric, Activities: Student Coun- cil 2,35 Class Council 2,3,-1: Basketball 2: Pep Club 4. Transferred from: Granada Hills High School, Granada Hills, Califor- nia, 1970. 'Qw,.,,.-, 'A-,.,m , J.--4-..1,,,A BRUCE HARWELL TERRY HAZLERIG CONNIE HEATH Activities: Swimming 2,3: Aeronautics 2, 3, GREG HECK SANDRA M. HEINE Nickname: Sandy, Activities: G.A.A. 2,3, 45 Future Nurses Club 2,33 Student Coun- cil 3g junior A Cappella 35 Maroon 4. -Q-www' DON HENDERSON Activities: Football 2,3,4g Track 45 E-Club 45 Pep Club 3,4. - X ROY HEINE A 2' , fvgtvl' DONNA HEINRICH MARK HEINRICH CHERYL HELSPER Activities: Band 2,3,45 FTA 35 Aeolian 27 Activities: Basketball manager 2,3,4g Pep G.A.A. 2,3,4. Club 35 Audio Visual 2. BILL HENRYSON IOHN HERBERT 13719 S KIP HEYN E Activities: Swimming 25 Gymnastics 4 2,51 f V ,wr vi LYNDA HINCH REGINA HIPPLE Nickname: Reggie, Activities: Class Council 3,45 Pep Club 35 Aeolian 25 ju- nior A Cappella 35 Maroon 4. 'VX ,ws 1- DAVID M. HOLMQUIST PAULINE HOLTZEE Nickname: Homer, Activities: Wrestling Nickname: Paul, Activities: Aeolian 25 2. junior A Cappella 35 Student Council 2,3. 4-:'f'f3V LARRY HORTON IOHN HRUBEC Nickname: Silent lohn, Activities: Ham Radio Club. PAUL HOLDEN Activities: Cross-country 2,35 Track 25 Basketball 2,3,45 E-Club 3,45 Pep Club 2,3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3. .XO RICARDO D. HOPKINS Nickname: Rick, Activities: Student Council 2,35 E-Club 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3, 4. 's.,.1 PHILLIP NORMAN HOLLINGWORTH Nickname: Gangster, Activities: Football 2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Class Council 3. 'Nami LT? NNI RUTH M. HOPPENSTEDT Activities: Aeolian 25 Girls Choir 35 Senior A Cappella 45 Pep Club 3,45 Class Council 45 Future Nurses Club 2,35 Fine Arts Club 4. in s 'ivvw KATHY HUBRICH BOB HUFFSTUTLER -4' 'QQ :QQ nw' TONI IO HUMBRACHT GARY HU NTOON GAYLE HUSTON Activities: Girls Club Council 2,35 Pep Nickname: Critter, Activities:G.A.A. 2,3. Club 2,3,4j C.A.A. 2,3,4j AFS 4. DEBORAH INCANDELA Nickname: Debby, Activities: Student Council 2,35 Art Club 3: Ski Club 4: Fine Arts Club 4, KRISTINE A. IVERSON Nickname: Kris, Activities: Mirror 2,3,4p G.A.A. 2,3,4: Executive Board 4: Band 2,3, 4: Class Council 2,3,4: Senior A Cappella 3,4, 9'Qf'u DANIELIEPSON l.UCYllfVlENEZ Activities: Basketball Manager 25 Pep Nickname: Lus, Activities: Club 3. nior A Cappella 3. A-iii 'YNFEY EDWIN G. IACOBSEN BRUCE IAEGER Nickname: jake, Afttritiesz Chorus 25 Orchestra 2,3: Latin Cu 3,4. DELBERT IOHNSON AEOHBY1 22 lu- Nickname: Termite, Activities: Swimming 2,3,4: Golf 2,3,4: Class Council 2,3,4. is I A -A355 ,, GINGER K. IOHNSON Activities: Class Council 3,45 Pep Club 2, 45 Student Council 4. 4-'Y' "' l 1 LORETTA IANE IURS Nickname: lanie, HILMA IOHNSON Activities: Aeolian 25 lunior A Cappella 35 Senior A Cappella 45 G.A,A. 2,3. MIKE KAMINSKI PAMIOHNSON WAYNE IOHNSON Activities: Wrestling 2,3. I iv" f DEBORAH SUE KATZ LARRY P. KAWA Nickname: Debbie, Activities: Spanish Nickname: Nubs. Club 2,35 Music Club 2,35 FMA 25 Trans- ferred from: Dundee High, Carpenters- ville,Ill.,1970. nrz..4f s- .r 1: .1 .va -vnfsmmwu 'il bane MAUREEN KEATING DENISE KENNEDY Activities: Senior A Cappella 4. Activities: Girls Club 2. ,f'Z'za- SUSAN KETCHAM Nickname: Sue, Activities: Maroon 2,3,4, Editor 4: Class Council 45 G.A.A. 2,3g Stu- dent Council 4, AFS 3. KAREN KLEISER Activities: Class Council 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3,4, Pom-Pon 3,47 G.A.A. 2,35 Aeolian 2. VIRGINIA LYNN KOCH Nickname: Ginny, Activities: G.A.A. 2,3, 4: Girls Badminton 2. CINDY KIEHL SCOTT KLINGBERG Nickname: Klink, Activities: Football 2,3, 45 Baseball 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3: E-Club 4, Basketball 4. WILLIAM A. KOEHRING Activities: Swimming 2,3,4: Student Council 2, Class Council 3,4, CAROL ANN KIESER Nickname: Stilts, Transferred from: Dun- dee High School, Dundee, lll., 1968. NANCY KISTLER Activities: Student Council 2,3, Executive Board 4: Girls Inter-scholastic Tennis Team 4, French Club 4. Transferred from Ricwoods High School, Peoria, Ill. 1969. GREG KLINGLER SALLY KOERNER Activities: Student Council 2: Dramatics Club 3,4, DONNAIEAN KNAAK Activities: Aeolian 2: Executive Council 4. RITA MARY KOZAK Activities: Girls Club 2,35 Student Council 3: Class Secretary 4. + ,ef Us if GARY KRANIG 1ll.1970, -,Q-we:3igg,fw:,.tf-W- A 2 - ..- . : -:.a--ve . , "'k' ' . ' .2 7 " I we is ,, in .E ' TE gg: W . W ., . Transferred from: Carl Schurz Chicago 61-" " A ANN KRAMER DAVID KRAMKA LINDA IEAN KRAMKA Activities: Cheerleading 2,3,4g Aeolian 2: Activities: Student Council 2: Sr. A Cap- Fine Arts Club 4: Pep Club 2,3,4 . pella 3,4. Vistas iq: 'L' -nh, QE!!!-Y 'aww HM KRUEGER Nickname: Kerr, Activities: Student Council 2,35 Football 2,3,4p Baseball 2,3,4. IACQUELYN RUTH KUTINA DAN LA BORN Nickname: jackie, Activities: Office Page 2,35 Pep Club 3,4, 1 I CHERYL LANDWEHR AMY LANGE KURT LARSON Nickname: Cheri, Activities: GAA 3,47 Nickname: Am, Activities: Student coun- Aeolian 2: Pep Club 3,4. cil 4. Orf- hw' .v--Q-1, ' : A ' X2 152 , 5 , 2 .hx V-as tl K K f . 3 '..L- X DEBORAH ANN LATHEN PENNY LAWRENCE ROBERT LEA Activities: Student Council 2,3p Ski Club Nickname: Louis, Activities: Class Coun- 4: G.A,A. 2,3,4, AFS 4: Class Council 2: cil 2,3,4: Vice-Pres. 3: President 45 E-Club Human Relations Club 2. 2,332 Swimming 2,3,44 Ta? 7 CRYSTAL LEE Q V ,--eo' .fi COLETTE L. LEESER RITA LE FEVER GARY LEITNER 3 PAUL l-EN-liz Activities: WEPS 2: Pep Club 2,3,4. Nickname: Meter-Maid. Nickname: Frank, Activities: Tennis 2 Wrestling 2,3,4, AFS 4, Ski Club, Vice Pres.4. Jes. na TOM LENZ llM LEONARD Activities: Swimming 2,3,4g Track 2. t W tt X13 ' A Y i .av-Mi' up-0 'Q"'ov IOSEPH IOHN LETTERI GLORIA LIETZ KAREN KRISTINE Nickname: joe. Activities: Mirror 2, Audio-Visual 2. LILIANSTROM JANET LOHS Activities: Band 2,3,4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Girl's interscholastic Tennis Team 3,45 Class Council 2,3,4g Girl's Club Cabinet 3, Assembly Comm. 3. ROSS LOWE Nickname: Aus, Activities: Band 2,3,4p Band President 45 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Stu- dent Council 2,3, Orchestra 3,47 Class Council 2,3. ED LOPEZ RICHARD LOWERY Nickname: Rich Lit 'im-Hap. Y Mums ISRAEL LOPEZ Nickname: lz, Activities: Cross Country 3 45 Wrestling 3,45 Track 4. LINDA ANN LUTHER I lfffls STEPHAN A. LITCHFIELD Nickname: Steve, Activities: Tennis. VIRGINIA LOPEZ , Nickname: Gin. BOB LYLE Activities: Swimming 2,3,4p Track 4, Intra mural Volleyball 2, Pep Club 2,3,4. 'QW 1 1 IIM MC BRIDE Nickname: Mac, Activities: Cross Coun- try 2,35 Swimming 25 Golf 2,3,4. ,ff MITCH MC DONALD GUY MC GLYNN Activities: Swimming 3,45 Sounding Boards 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Class Council 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Exec. Council 3,4. 4 GEORGE M. MC LEOD IULIANN MC LEOD Activities: Football4. Nickname: julie, Activities: GAA '2,3,45 Teacher's Club 2. MARY MC MAHON Activities: Maroon 2,45 Aeolian 25 lr. A Cappella 35 French Club 4. Nickname: Nurc, Activities: Cross Coun- try 25 Track 25 Intramural Basketball 2. IEAN MC MAHON Activities: Art Club 2,35 Fine Arts 45 Ski Club. Transferred from West Aurora High,Aurora,Illinois1968. It . --ff! T3 KEVIN MC NEIL BILL MAC LEOD MARILYN MAGNUSON Nickname: Kev, Activities: Pep Club 2,35 Nickname: Mac, Activities: Band 2,3,45 Transferred from Proviso East, Maywood, Intramural Volleyball 25 Intramural Bas- Pep Band 2,3,45 Golf 2,3,4. lllinois1970. ketball 3. MARSHA MAHUMED RONNIEMITSUHIRO MANN Nickname: Mitzi, Activities: Football 2: Wrestling 2,3,4: Student council 3. , ,gg if LINDA GAIL MANDEL Nickname: Chief, Activities: Student Council 37 Pep Club 4: Girls Club 2, GAA 3. , Q 5 , J ' , f: :V ' CYNTHIA ROSE MANN Nickname: Cindi, Activities: Student Council 35 Cheerleading 3: Class Council 2,3,4, Orchestra 3,47 Band 2,3,4, Band Secretary 4. CARMEN MARTIN Nickname: Kira, Activities: Orchestra 2,3, 4: Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Ensemble 2,35 Fine Arts Club 4. IERI MARTIN Nickname: lose, Activities: Track 2g Bas- ketball 2,3: Student Council 35 E-Club2,3, 4: Class Council 2. CAMILLE MARTINEZ Nickname: Comfronte, Activities: Pep Club 2: Drama 3: Acting 45 Fine Arts Club 4. IOHN MARTINEZ IUDY MARVIN SANDRA LEE MASI Nickname: jude, Activities: Office Page Nickname: Sandy, Activities: Aeolian 2: 2,35 Mirr0f2, lr. A Cappella 3: Sr. A Cappella 4: Class council 2,3,4, Pep Club 4: FTA 3,4. STEVEN MASSA Nickname: Wool, Activities: Student Council 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Golf 2,3,45 Art Club 3,4. CHRISTOPHER MAUL Nickname: Chris, Activities: Tennis 2,3,45 WEPS 2,3,4. LEANNE MERSMAN Nickname: Lea, Activities: Orchestra 2,3, 45 Sr. A Cappella 45 Fine Arts Club 45 CAA 2. wzfl., r"'TV' RICHARD MASTRONARDI Activities: Wrestling, Track. 'Ni MICHEAL MAYES Activities: Baseball2. BARBARA MELAHN Nickname: Sam, Activities: Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Ensemble 3,45 Student Council 3,-1. 2? IERRY MESSMAN LEIGH METZ Nickname: Mess, Activities: Swimming 2, Activities: Fine Arts Club 4. 3,4, sf f, ti' r IACK MELLEN ff' RALPH l.. MEYERS, IR Activities: Audio-Visual 2,3,4 Qnrww- it, ia 'L DOROTHY MEZIERE IOHN MICHAELS DENISE L. MICHELS Nickname: Dotty, Activities: Teachers Aid 25 Attendance Page 45 Transferred from Kennedy High, Chicago, Ill.1970. MARIE MILAUSKAS Nickname: Liz, Transferred from Thur- ston High, Detroit, Mich. 1969. ROBERT MINEHART Nickname: Rick, Activities: Chess Club 2, 3. Q, IFJ W-..,..-.qv ALAN DALE MILLER jOHN MILLER Activities: Wrestling 2. GALE C. MICK Nickname: Mick, Activities: Aeolian 25 Sr. A Cappella 45 Girls Chorus 35 Art Club 2,35 AFS 2. VERA ANN MILLER Nickname: Kitty, Activities: Aeolian 25 lr. A Cappella 3. LARRY MINK PAULIEAN MINSON KW: 4, """. ....F.-gg K .M CARLOTTA DELL MITCHELL Nickname: Bronger, Activities: Basketball Activities: Maroon 25 Aeolian 25 jr. A. Nickname: Mickey, Activities: Human 25 Track 3,45 Class Council 2,45 Band 2,45 Cappella 3. Biology Club 4. Relations 2. I i IUBI-ANN MONROE PAUL R. MONTEITH GLORIA MORENO Activities: Human Relations 23 Student CounciI4. l ws,T.5, f' LINDA L. MORRIS DIANE MORSE CAROL MUMICH PAM MYDILL h I I Activities: Class Council 2,35 Band 2,3,4p Activities: GAA 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4. NiCkfl3m9Z Dill, ACIIVIUCSC GAA 2,32 GIYIS Orchestra 3,4, Club 2,3,4g Aeolian 25 Girls Sextet 33 Sr. A Cappella 4, Fine Arts Club 4. 4'-A '55 MARC A. NEIL SUSAN NELL CHRISTOPHER NELSON Activities: Swimming 2,3. Nickname: Duk, Activities: Swimming 2, 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Drum Major 3,45 Student Council 2,3,4p Class Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 3. f was -,wwf-1' ww DENNIS NELSON RICK NEWMAN PATRICIA NYARI Nickname: Denny, Activities: Band 23,47 Activities: Football 2,3,4g Track 2,31 Stu- Nickname: Bunk, Activities: GAA 2. Band Manager 2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3. dent Council 3, E-Club 3. , .,a.. W9 .swf DENISE OLIVER IANET S. ORBAN Nickname: lo, Activities: Aeolian 2: lr. A Cappella 3. MARSHA E. OSTEMA St. Charles, lll.1970. DEBORAH OURY Nickname: Deb, Activities: Bowling 3,45 Gymnastics 3,4. Nickname: Osto, Activities: Future Nurs- es Club 3. Transferred from St. Charles, MICHAEL K. O'BRlEN Nickname: O.S. MARTHA OTHON Activities: Maroon 2,3. DORIS OURY Nickname: Dorie, Activities: Girl's Club 2,3. 1"'f"' 'NZM I. KEVIN PALMER CARRY PARSLEY Nickname: Kev, Transferred from: Mar- Activities: Band 2,3. ion, Aurora, Ill.1968. 10" ,,... f SANDY PEAVY BONNIE PERKINS Activities: Aeolian 2. Activities: Student Council: Class council 2,3: Drug Comm. 3g Future Nurses Club 35 Ski Club 4. MICHAEL PERZ GAIL PETERSON Nickname: Fidel, Activities: Baseball 2. Activities: Chorus 2: GAA 2,3,4. SUE PARSONS Nickname: Boozer. DOROTHY I. PERKINS Activities: Student Council 2. Transferred from: Richard B. Harrison High, Blythe- ville, Ark. 1969. "' I KENT PETERSON Activities: Art Club 2,35 Fine Arts Club 4. Vi. CHRIST! E PATTERSON Nickname: Chris. A Ma 117' CRAIG Nl. PERRIN Activities: Football 2: Student Council 3. qu RON PETER-SON Nickname: Pete, Activities: Football 2,3, 4, Basketball 2, Wrestling 3: Baseball 2,3, 4, Student Council 2,35 E-Club 2,3,4, Class Council 2, LORNA PHELPS TIM POLECK KAREN POLK Nickname: Lori, Activities: Archery 2: Nickname: Gail. Aeolian 2, Girls Chorus 3, Sr. A Cappella 4. MICHAEL A. POPP TOM POTTER DANIEL PRYSMIKI LINDA PUCKETT Nickname: lailbird, Activities: Track 2. Nickname: Duck, Activities: Baseball 2,3, Nickname: Priz, Activities: Wrestling 2, Activities: GAA 2,3,4. 4, Football 2,3,4p Pep club 2,3,4g E-Club 2, Mirror 3,4. 3,4. l I. DANIEL PUTIGNANO STEVEN RAKOW MICHAEL RANDALL Activities: Band: 2,3,4p BasebalI2. Activities: Swimming 2,3,45 Captain 45 Nickname: Mike, Activities: Football 2,3, Class Council 3,4p Sr.'A Cappella 2,3,4p 45 Track 2,35 Student Council3. Pres. 4: Boys Ensemble. 'Tiny' ix ,A 5 SANDRA I.. RATH DAN L. RATHBURN Nickname: Sandy, Activities: Pep Club 2, Aciivitiesi A-V 2,3142 AGYOFIHUICS 2,3- 31 GAA 2. 11.-ii , if ,,....4f TOM REED GLENDA D. REGALDO Activities: Football 2,45 Basketball 2,35 Transferred from: Siena High, Chicago, BasebaII2,3,4. lll.'I970. 'TTY' CYNTHIA REYES TIMOTHY RICE Activities: GAA 2,3,4, Student Council4, Activities: Football 3,4. .-. 47-fp DENNIS REIMER Activities: lr. A Capella 25 Sr. A Capella 3, 4. DAVID RICHARDSON Nickname: Big Dave, Activities: Football 2, Student Council 31 Class Council 2,3. Mir '---li GORDEN REIN Activities: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. C"" 'Va Nc f A KEN RICHARDSON Activities: Intramural Basketball 3,4. 79 ,,f'f7 I, ii t TOM RIECK Q?""' TERRI ROTH Activities: Class Council 25 GAA 2,3,45 Sec, 35 Girls Club Cab. 25 Pom-pon 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Tennis 4, ..f-f tw--sy. if RON ROBARTS Activities: Football 2,45 lntra. Basketball 3. , "'I'Tf:v STEVE RUDDEL Activities: Swimming 45 Crew Head 4, Transferred from: Senn High, Chicago, IlI.'l970. -We nk 4:5 7 MARGIE ROCKENSOCK SHERI ROHRSEN Activities: Pep Club 2,35 Drama 45 Girls Activities: Aeolian 2, Club Cab. 35 Aeolian 25 Girls Choir 35 Sr. A Capella 3,45 Gym Helper 3,4. "Qhw"X GREG RUITER Activities: Football 25 Track 2,3,45 Cross country 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,4. STEVE SAMUELSON BILL SANDERS MARY E. SAUER NORMA SCARBROUGH Nickname: Sam, Activities: Swimming 2, Activities: Orchestra 2,3,4. 3,45 Tennis 2,3,45 Student Council 2. SHELIA RYAN Activities: Class Council 35 Orchestra 2,3 4 . l Grill " ,H ...april A-:Wi CHRISTINE SCHAMBACH IACK SCHMIDT GEORGELSCHNEIDER Nickname: Tina. Activities: Swimming 2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3, 4: Concert Band 2,3,4g lazz Band 4, Class Council 4, I I l it PEGGY SCHUETT CERYL SCHULZ CHERYL SCHULTZ WALTER SCHULTZ Activities: Student Council 2,3,4g Class Activities: Orchestra 2,3,4: Sr. A Cappella Nickname: Walt, Activities: Football 3,4 Council 3,47 Girls Club 4, Future Nurses 3,45 Fine Arts Club 4. Wrestling 2. 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4. ED SCHUMACHER CYNTHIA L. SCHWAB DEBRA SELIN Nickname: Cindy, Activities: GAA 3: Nickname: Debbie May, Activities: GAA Aeolian 2: lr. A Cappella 3, 2,3p Girls Club 3: Orchestra 2,3,4: Secre- tary 3. 21" My-.0-.ity LINDA SEYLLER LISA SHEEHAN Nickname: Butch, Activities: Girls Club 3, Activities: Student Council 2,3,45 Cheer- 4. leading 3,45 Class Council 2,35 Girls Tennis Team 3. IAMES N. SHOREY HERBERT W. SINN Activities: Baseball2,3,4. Nickname: Herb. MERRY SHERMAN Nickname: Miss R., Activities: Pom-pon 45 Mirror 45 Sr, A Cappella 45 Class Coun- cil 2,35 jr. A Cappella 35 Assembly Comm. 3. HELGA SKRASTINS Activities: GAA 25 Aeolian 25 lr. A Cap- pella 35 Mirror 3,45 Circulation Manager 45 Fine Arts Club 4. '-zr'--aw LINDA SLAGLE -.M and' MARY SHIBONA Activities: Drama 3,45 Pep club 25 Girls Club 2. l MAIA SKRASTINS Activities: Maroon 35 GAA 354, KANDIS M. SLIPEK Nickname: Kandy, Activities: Aeolian 25 lr. A Cappella 35 Sr. A Cappella 4, MARTHA SMEAD BONNIE SMITH Nickname: Marth. -as-4' Y""T'T" KENNETH SMITH 4-sq, IANICE SOTO Nickname: Sony. TTTF0 GLENNA SNIDER Nickname: Mourice, Activities: Art Club Pres, 31 GAA 25 Drama 2,3,4g Fine Arts Club 45 Chess Club 25 Library Page 2. -1--W Y SUSAN SPENCER Nickname: Sue, Activities: Student Council 2,3p Pep Club 3,4, GAII. SMITH JAMES SMITH Activities: Student Council 2,3g GAA 2,35 Activities: WEP5 2,31 Student COUVICII 37 Human Relations 2g Aeolian 25 Class Aef0l'12UliCS Club 3. Council 25 Pep Club 2,3. 9. WI. 1. xl 1-4 I IANICE E. SORENSEN DEBBIE SOTERN Nickname: jan, Activitiegg C,irI'g Club 25 Nickname: Robot, Activities: AeoIian2, Class Council 2g Pep Club 4: GAA 3. ' nn.. ERICK SPREENE STEPHEN C. STADLER Activities: Wrestling 2g Chess Club 2,3, Activities: Chess Club 2,32 Aeronarics 2: Pres, 47 Audio-Visual 2g Ski Club 4. Sf- A Cappella 3,42 If' A Cappella 2- DOUGLAS 55 . S. : ' as CHRIS STEIGER Activities: Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4. P. STAHL STEPHEN I. STASCH Activities: Football 25 Wrestling 25 Tennis Team 2: Audio-Visual 2. ERNESTINE STEWART Nickname: Ernie. Wrestling 2,3,4. KRISTIN STEENSLAND Nickname: Kristi, Activities: Orchestra 2, 3,45 Sr. A Cappella 45 Fine Arts Club 45 Drama 3,4. TOM STEWART IAN C. STOLL Nickname: The Mallard Man, Activities: Nickname: Minkey, Activities Aeolian 2 lr, A Cappella 37 Sr. A Cappella 4 SANDY STONUM Activities: Student Council 2,3,4g Exec. Member 3: Pom-pon 4. TERESA LYNN STOUT Nickname: Terri, Activities: Maroon 2,3, 45 Business Manager 45 Pep club 2,31 Stu- dent council 3: Class Council 3. PAM ST. PHILLIPS Nickname: Crash, Activities: GAA 25 Pep Club 4. sa- -. si i 1' if ff if v ' R 91f'?5i,T2, , a' uv SHERRY STRANGE r. if 3 D 51 -a mfr 1 "WT KIMBERLY DEE SUTTER Nickname: Kim, Activities: Drama 3,45 Forensics 35 Aeolian 25 Girls Chorus 35 Girls Club Cabinet 3,45 Fine Arts Club 4, Band 2. SARA TEMPLETON Activities: Cheerleading 2,3,4g GAA 2,3,4g Fine Arts Club 4: Pep Club 2,3,4, 4?'w '. LT? MARICA STUMPF l RANDY SWINFORD Activities: Football 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4, Track 2,3,45 E-Club 2,3545 Sr. A Cappella 3, 45 lr. A Cappella 2. vii? SUSAN THIBODEAU Nickname: Sue. Transferred From: St. Edwards High, Elgin, Ill. 1970. .5,f' 2 fr' . - ,N f W li, 7- -:-V-.5 . vt 4 -' -1, Q 1 Lax 'ff 5 Te, -5 T wivgs if ,xc at x 'F' -4 iv 'X + 5 in r 4.5-W lyw r , , :T 3 i E- lf :ESF L 'MQ' + 2 A ff ,ea ei ut , 'wif :L rw, u 'Qt 'fwfr :'x"':2,gs.3 'li' Wgarn !,' ip el A 5? lf ' F 'eff wr 1 uf- e+r'N , it-5 Wm 3.4 4 si :+L if F as if 3 ff S' ,F ' 234 xiihxfixl W' :fav VALENTINE SYKES ROBERT TILCHE Nickname: Tilch, Activities: Band 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Student Council2. gf 'WIP CARMEN TAYLOR Aeolian 25 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Ensemble 2, 3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Pres. 4. lad 'Mfr MERLE TOBLER Activities: Football 2,3, 85 AMBROSIA TOVAR ROBERTA VAN ALSTINE Nickname: Bobbi, Activities: Student Council 25 Girls Club 2,3,45 Girls Club Cabinet 3,45 GAA 25 Class Council 4. MIKE VOLKENING Nickname: Speedy, Activities: Student Council 45 Class Council 45 Swimming 2, 3,45 Band 2,3. DAN UMBACH TED VAN EVERY MARK VON LANKEN Activities: Swimming 2,3. SUSAN LEE UNRUH Nickname: Sue, Activities: Aeolian 25 Girls Chorus 35 Sr. A Cappella 45 Class Council3,4. PAT VALENTINO BRUCE VOLKENING Activities: Baseball 2. up-:"'f .7 HAROLD W. WAHL Activities: Art Club 35 Fine Arts Club 4, KAREN VOLKENING Activities: GAA Pres. 45 GAA Council 2,35 4. DEBBIE A. WALDT Activities: Class Council 2,35 Student Council 45 Ski Club 4. SANDY WALTERS JAMES L. WANDELL STEVE WARD Nlfknamel lim, Activities: Wrestling 2,3, Activities: Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3 41 Student Council 2,35 Football Mgr. 4, Track 2, E-Club Vice Pre5,3, lr. A Cappella 27 E-Club 4. BILL WARREN CINDY WASMOND ' ROBERT WEBER TED WEGLAREK NiClU1Hm6I OU, Activities: OfCl1eSU3 2,32 Nickname: Wazo, Activities: Sr. A Cap- Nickname: Bob, Activities: Swimming 2. Activities: Wrestllng2 lr. A Cappella 2, Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Swim- pella 374. ming 25 Sounding Board 3. GARY WEGMANN Activitiesr Golf 2,35 Chess Club 3,4. DIANE PAULETTE WEIDNER Activities: Student Council 2,3: Pom-pon 3,4, Co-captain 3,45 FTA 45 Sr. A Cappella 4. KAROLYNN ANN WELU Nickname: Karol, Activities: Girls Club Cabinet 2,3,4, Treasurer 3,45 Class Coun- cil 4: Pep Club 3,4g GAA 2,3. eff" DENNIS WENDT Nickname: Den, Activities: Football 2,3,45 Basketball 35 Baseball 2,3545 E'Club 2,3,4. KATHLEEN ANN WHITE Nickname: Kathy, Activities: Girls Club Cabinet, Sec. 25 Vice-Pres. 35 Pres. 45 Aeolian 2, Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Sec. 45 Class Council4. 'MQ-f , 1 5 IO ANN WENC-ER +05 ',.-Q. .pdf IANICE WHITING Activities: Student Council 2,3545 Treas. 35 Tennis 35 Mirror 2,3545 Sports Editor 45 WEPS 2,35 Sounding Board 3. ,ls 4 Q I is SUSAN GATES WENZEL Nickname: Sue, Activities: Band 2,35 GAA 45 Tennis 45 Pep Club 4, SHEILA WIESE Activities: Fine Arts Club 45 Sr. A Cappel- la 3,45 Sr. Girls Ensemble 3,4. 'Y?"'t"7 DIANE WILSON PAUL STEVEN WHALEN Activities: Fine Arts Club 4. ESTELLE WILLIAMS Nickname: Stell, Activities: Forensics 2,3 Student Council 253,45 Class Council 2,3 Sec. 25 Pep Club 35 Girls Club Council 3. MICHAEL WILSON Nickname: Mike, Activities: Swimming 2, 35 Gymnastics 4. E151 RICH WILSON DENNIS WISSMAN Nickname: Denny, Activities: Wrestling 4. 'QQ 111' ' tu ,f ig 'Term 7 . 'SQPM get l ,SQ I 7 '17 VE CHRISTIANNE WOLF ROBERT WURM Nickname: Chris, Activities: Class Coun- Nickname: Cheata. cil 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,4: Sr, A Cappella 45 Girls Chorus 3: Aeolian 2. R 2 L PAMELA L. WITT Nickname: Pam, Activities: Aeolian 2: Ir. A Cappella 3: Sr. A Cappella 4. ,J ,4 1-'ff LINDA YEE Activities: Aeolian 2, Girls Chorus 3: Sr, A Cappella 47 Pep Club 4, GAA 2,3,4. S '54 '-ang. DEBORAH ANN MARIE WITTROCK Nickname: Debbie, Activities: Student Council 2,45 Fine Arts Club 4. J , its i N BONNIE IEANNE ZIELINSKI Nickname: Barney, Activities: lr. A Cap- pella 3. val'-3 LINDA ZIMMERMAN LINDA ZUCHOWSKI I my I I Ji.. I I 'x CLASS OF '72 The class of '72' began their junior year by carrying out a program of great unity and tremendous school spirit. Under the new leadership of Mrs. Adyt and the class officers, Lynn Ciuetschow - President, Mary Pat Hirshberg - Vice President: Ka- thy jones - Secretary, and Marta Rose - Treasurer, the activities of the past year centered the all impor- tant prom. All members of the class council were chosen on a volunteer basis with requirement of willing- ness to work. "Well find a way or make one" the class motto, led the members of the class of '72' to undertake the selling of '72' and '73' T-Shirts, sponsoring the class breakfast and selling Class Mugs. 90 fe, ' . If g . J 1' L ff S . Class Officers. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy jones, Mary Pat Hirshberg, Marta Rose, Lynn Guetschow. Class Council. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW 1: Jodi Svendson, Kathy jones, Paula Wetzel, Sherry Thomas, Marta Rose, Mary Muren. ROW 2: LuEllen DeSeno, Lynn Ciuetschow, Lori Wolf, Patty Phfluger, Cindy Becker, Sandy Beaulieu, Cheryl Noffs, Donna Klein, Carol Warren. ROW 3: Mary Fricke, Karen Strohmaier, Barb Van Devanter, Lana Becker, Ilza Kaneps, Peggy Duewel, Barb Bull, Diane Heine, Mary Pat Hirshberg, Nancy Siegal, ludy lones. ROW 4: Karles Stumpf, Bob Vic, Keith Schmidt, Bruce Morton, john Pappas, john Grosso, Tim Schneider. 'fn ,.., l 'ff . wa 'Milf S, g . i 1,1 l Q 5 , 9' will I 8 LL 5-li , ,- sw in E xx h - 6 New K " txt l X i F 'f,,:az3?- . , , E My 1 "' fy qi PM Rob Abitua .5 W 'Y Valerie Albee V "ig V A Z Martha Alborn Q I -kj A 'H Aleta Anderson is 'I 5 ,1 1' Kim Anderson if f' , Stephanie Annau X wk V, 3 , ' L ff, julie Applehoff Sonya Aquino hi? wif f up li if iff 2 A .4 if if J 515 X ff. L7 I ' ii X , X 1 , 1 V as sm, J A ilfe X ' X 3 1 at 'I -P' 7 K f Q ff R-Qi .fa , . , R gg l fl ...fe xl x Alibi I f H' S, A i llii A i g B A B B H X L ... V ll V KVA' ,, lt.: 'gf lr M 2 M4-fi V . I I Xxx t-li '3 , K- jeff Arnold Mary Arnold Michael Arnold Edward Arroyo George Arsoniadis Debbie Arter lo Ann Aubin lanet Avampato Lewis Averaino Robert Awe Linda Aydelott Gary Baney Gerald Banks Debbie Barnett Sue Bartels Dawn Baxmann Sandy Beaulieu Cindy Becker Lana Becker - Debbie Beckett Judy Beckwith ,V jade Bednarski Dave Bell Pam Bentz any H My AN. W 'Q' XKSQQQ-QE , il' Q sg - Q S5 Steve Bergholt Betty Bernsten Bernadette Berry Dave Berry Wilette Biggers lack Billings Mickey Biskup Walter Blalark Eddie Boeve Miranda Bohl Pat Botarf Kevin Brady l Lynn Brandon Karen Broitzman Nancy Broker Don Bryant Lynn Bucaro Barb Bull Corry Burns Mike Bushbaum lane Cailliau David Campbell Vicki Cardinal Betty Carlson jeff Carlson wi, ve V t K.. is 4, I' W rl , fly .. xi' as f 'YM , il--:Z Yi 9 v itll E rr ' 1 I , .f A , 'I , 4.5 .lr J ' g k? K, A h . 3 my sk f 2 - 'iiiai jii as , 5. felt X Ann Castle Cathy Cataldo it V A :A Hans Christensen K -V Q C 1 mt L Tom Christensen ? 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' fi' Diane Piotrowski Lynn Pirtle jackie Poe Alice Puckett Dennis Puckett Rita Putignano Scott Quilter Gary Quindel Dave Rahn Steve Randall janet Raska Debbie Redmon Debbie Reed I' S .2 it 4 ae . ,a L..-J- rf' 4 Yr 2. . , lx all ' s, N il, or t Diane Rein Bev Reksnis Tom Rentschler Tom Reynolds Kathy Richardson Helga Richter Douglas Rieck Angel Rodriguez john Romano Phil Ronzone Marta Rose Rosemary Rosmarin Wayne Ruiter Nancy Ruzicka Candace Sanders Lynn Sanders Doug Schaaf Paul Schloemer Brad Schmicker Keith Schmidt Rita Schmidt Carrie Schnadt Greg Schneider Tom Schneider Mary Schock Sue Scholl i Guido Schulte 1 .L , . aka gf, ww V..-Jllvqf 11.3 W it 3 n. f HK tl S. K 2 ' X jo Ann Schultz Terry Schultz Pamela Schumann Sandy Seay john Seger Mary Severson loe Shales loe Shambo Nieta Shryock Rick Siefken Nancy Siegel Mike Sigourney De Anne Sites lim Smego Cathy Smith Linda Smith Renee Sommers Vicki Sorters lamie Soucie Rebara Spates Dawn Spears loan Spiess Mike Splinter lim Stasch Bob Stembridge Debbie Stephens Lee Stevens Phyllis Stewart Kyle Stout Karen Strohmaier Marla Strojny Diana Stude Dennis Studer Karles Stumpf lodi Svendsen Steve Swederski Regina Szuberla jim Tartol Sandy Tash Anna Taylor Barry Taylor jeff Taylor john Taylor Louis Thies Ralph Thomas Sherry Thomas , "" 'sr i"' Tl S Y I4 , rfq A 'lf ' , ,H 1417! if I R' ., A A in ft!-as 1 l A, l .. K 444 ,gs R. -sf ips' ,ww f ' X K :ge H .ng "' PM A' " 'F' av- ' ' fav' i Bill' itil 'g l 1 c ,W s USL: X -L . ,L- ,,. A QQ l :: ji , T Q 42" S S 1' ,Q l ft E ar ti 1 in fl? 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I, it gm at e 4 f V ff ,Q 4 W Y. : i T 1 F, A, Eitisiif . xx vs i Q 'P loe Tully Ken Tylman Denise Undiener Barb Vandervanter Therese Vasica Nora Vaughen joy Vesely Bob Vik Victoria Vaskuhl Anita Viverito Rich Vogts Dale Volkening Marsha Von Lanken julie Ward Carol Warren Mike Washinger Sue Watson Linda Weber Paul Weddle Tom Welch Mike Welu Steve Webach Kathy Westerbach Paula Wetzel Ken Whitcomb Kathy White Terry White Trish Whitlock lim Wiedemann Lynn Wiese Margaret Wiff Ieff Wilharm Keith Wilharm Dave Williams Andy Williams Larry Williams William Wimsett Ricky Wise Bruce Wisser Mark Wisser i mi Lori Wolf Pat Wolthausen Cindy Wood Rich Yaeger Scott Zaeske Ray Zieman Al Zupfer E? 342. 5 N EEE L CLASS OF ' 3 "We are heading for tomorrow on a road called today." the motto chosen by the class of "72". Among the choices were the Passion Flower, red, white, and blue as the colors, and the Pink Panth- er as the mascot. The song chosen was "We've Only just Begun." The officers were chosen as follows: President: Trae Clark, Vice-President: Tim Schneider, Secre- tary: julie Crassweller, Treasurer: Scott Burstein. 'NA Officers, BOTTOM TO TOP, Tim Schneider, Trae Clark. ,ff LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 7: julie Crasweller, Scott Burstein Class Council, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW7: Sarah Risely, Tim Schneider, Ned Rifken, Dean Lowe, Chris Poleck, Scott Burstein, Trae Clark, julie Craswell- er. ROW2: Rosie Faber, Lolly Roman, josie Sheehan, Mary jo johnson, Sherry Harris, Sarah Pearsay, Cheryl McCloud, Tom Schneider. 100 M. -1 l nf 4 X i s 'Si I " ' 4 '19 P L -FY is N5 .5 ia l s ll sy ,aw ' 4' rv R.. K lite! W 1 'nr I .1 5 ,fi M QR 1w:5iTL,Tl,1 '- sg V gh! Q ali, . .i '- L,- -H. no if Mau. dl' V - I 'li im ' if l ii Q - sf Wi-nr X-ik W-SQL r ' 4 A , ff V' A xx 'V . :, fi r 2 it l A tai A tv Vg l .hklililii it 4 I' N L' Mg ' 13 55. 1 K V K I V -I W 'E . ? L 3 8. - , 1 l L L' l 3 i I l'ff'g' -iii A X 1 .' il Y ,G . xc! , G , 1 1 . r it fs? ' K' a C6 K 1 .1 1 illsx g V A ssss L f 1. 4 fx Kim Abbot Tricia Abel Wanda Accorsi Allen Ackmann Sue Ann Ackmann jo Anne Albaneze Susan Althen we fu- I I Angelica Altrock Barb Anderson Craig Anderson Earl Anderson Howard Anderson Mark Anderson ' :pf David Bartelt Sue Bates ludy Bauman Frank Bayer Keith Becker Doug Beers 9 K5 l J r ll fi . uh m . 'N Fl Scott Anderson Vincent Anderson Mary Anthony james Arnold Vicki Lyn Ashcraft Peggy Aubry Randy Awe Donna Bacak Kenneth Baines Alyce Baglayan Valerie Ball Burt Bandow Elbert Banner Tim Barber Debra Behm Peter Bellinder Kathy Belmore janet Bentz Renee Berg Alvaro Berges George Bethke ' Mark Bevill Steven Bickler Mary Billings Richard Bingaman Valerie Bishop Lisa Blazier Janice Bloomfield Jean Bloomfield Karen Bobik Scott Bohl Kenneth Boner Bonny Bonkoski Linda Boone Laura Sue Borne john Borris Wendy Bosshart Sandy Boucher Shanna Boucher Vicki Boulds Sandra Bower Linda Box William Brown Sam Brumley Thomas Bryan Gina Buettner Regina Bujalski Paul Bultinck Susan Buger Carol Camphouse Cathy Candella Susan Cannon jessie Cardenas Bob Carlson Matt Carlson Sandy Carlson jeff Chiarugi Steve Childs Richard Christ Patty Christensen Deborah Christiansen jenny Cittadina Dorrie Clark 102 f K ' 'lffsql K Elf ' 5' Q f fkisffsfii X ral rtty -52 tax i We gt ll Q 1 ,.,g . 2 , 4 Mary Braddock Susan Bradford Debra Brady Richard Brant Debra Branley Steven Bratthauer Grace Britz Mark Briski jennifer Brooks George Brothers Debby Brown Sharon Brown 1 - any we ilk : Scott Burstein Debbie Byrd Larkin Calhoun Christina Calich Bruce Cambell Burton Cambell james Carlton Richard Castro Deborah Chambers Doug Chamberlain Lisa Chatman Theresa Chavey gf x l x f E 5' l X M l l'rs i if Q 'Q . T' 'vs -fi ,rt j 2 f "" ' W K. X ?43r S 'X' 15, A 1 W K X lk I X gl z, :. 9 . mat: ! fx R Es ' I5 'ia 'l t sf Y dx X Qi I N ' W -.R B .gg flimiilfi' ills of HWVQ df? Lift ,gg i bf I S 4353 Q N y 9 ,Q by . is nh rl 1 'as j ll K filg if ny, ' C V g' A- 'K -B A J X 'K l'll ' -lit v , ' V' it ff" Q f 'f 1 I ivan' S9 5 X 3 5 'za ' i Gxltllx S ' url , 4V., tk- so 53' fl? r i',:i"'f L fr 7 ,az "'x x if S- ,X fu E' . , fa, VA -wwf' 4 it mf fl! ll -rf sg J +1 if 1 'i"'. f X V' it' t . ww 8 5 h -V My all 2 . ' K 7Vki U Jaya.. mi JH ff lit., up XB l' 4 l ii .f 3 and r.. 3 . ,, g N i Xv' . Q . - r , EV Y ,..-gn., ,Q Xfxy y , no 1'1...m, ,nxmv pr- ', ' ,,,,,.r.. ...W 1 Q, ' un rf T ull sw ilu x . f ,A F yr is A , I if N, 4 rf ' ft 'S V 4 ' f i K :Ki 1 ' 1, M 1, 1' NL? K. 'Z .Y--+5 1 A,,g.:. flf5"fz':'!fz" . 23. Kita a 'Q' 5 ...LQ -I few f e Dan Collier Deborah Collins Mary Collins Dennis Combs .f-.t Steve Corn Edna Cortez DAQ! Khym Cozart Dainette Craig julie Crassweller julia Crawford Pam Crofton Gloria Crotty james Culver Kathleen Danca jeff Danner Margie Davidson Mike Davies Tim Davies Louis Clark Trae Clark Linda Clary Mark Clemets Mark Cochran Kenneth Coleman Rick Coleman Sandy Cortez Mary Beth Corzine janet Costanza David Cottingham Bill Covemaker Mary jo Cox Stan Cox Patty Davis Randi Davis . Bessie Deaton Randy Decker 5 1 David Deihs - Michelle De Lay A Barry De Lonker -1? Bill De Moulin Debra De Readt G, 1 Susan De Roo 6 I Cindy De Vries V an Debra Dick i f' i ,W-' james Dillard 'V l 5 V 5 1 K , af' 1,r ' -wi 5 . "gi in Wendy Dobiecki Mary Dominquez Mike Donlea Beverly Dotson judith Dowdy Robert Drafall Derrick Driscoll 103 4 Gloria Dumas Terri Dummer Sloama Dungey .-:V' Mike Dwyer "" Steve Dwyer "" janet Dye .. Christine Dungey 325 A .a Scott Eaton Carlene Ebneter Gregory Edlund james Ehrhardt Verna Elgan Bonnie Elliot james Elliott Paul Engelhardt Deborah Erbaugh Pam Erickson Sam Ervin Faith Esquivel Cheryl Faber Rosie Faber julie Fay Nancy Feehan David Feldner Denise Ferrari Ron Fetting Marc Fisher Rose Fischer Bruce Fleming Gloria Fletcher Mattew Foltz Sandra Forester Guy Fortin Gladys Foster Edward Fournier Glenn Fourneir Russel Frank Larry Frantz Thomas Frantz Nancy Frederickson james Freiberg Dorene Fukuhara Barbara Fula ra An na Gaff Anthony Garbi A Ava Garcia 1 Sallie Garcia 'w-'e A Q, Mike Gard ner f '- Terry Garvin Qyysjllr Patty Geel ha rt Laura Geils i 1 FQ-flfflf A f ff -if .L "jj L' J? I f A A' E, qi A stu, K '2'.zt ie' Xi? 4 uv 4 , W.: 4, "ff", Q ir ' 'Z , u i B vm- iw B at ,-.. MH, It , 'F-A has Us law, :L in 7 0 t 54 x " . V ' , ix-wr A ,V 4 in , ,M ff f z ' , "" are I :fi 9 ' ' u, f .r 5. , i TZTJD 4 3, 2 ,ff-N. I I ' ' A J , , 'iiiifr' , W t 7 W, ,tw , .- .. Slit' in., tv-wa E ' if 'l 5 - iw, 15, f K ,a,,., as 5? ""' 2 -+13 Q' ,ji ,H , . ,gh 3 ti as 'Y r , . Hi, Y V . mf . E Qt . ft , gi ,I l g f, X ff. ' - at I ' K fs nz, 4 or 7 S-K x il E 'J iw its fi. 2 1 , , I c 1 it 3 - : f Axis? sy , g , . 3 .5-fy, fi I s t a , X F 5 as :s...v,..-A 'ya ,Af 653, -J 13:93 , I I 'l fri F E t11X21iyfjWg2g,Tte , ,-2' 1- klilaliiflllliiiii 'rr ' F c ,,,t.,., J s- z A551 ft? 1 , ,Q wi i X r 'f?"'!' wa X3 V , z fi H ft, L, M, irq L :ffl f H md ui Z -1.1-Si Q. -, ,3 lx 3 Q1 J A i? :-I 4 X f ,X 451 'ii' ' f iv, K- 51 i I as me 51'-.6 K eff 'ff' i . V fi L any . ' V ,, ::,. V s it W ,, H' '- . V fei5gQ:f2s,,g f. '- lg 4 3,35 I. -I ' A ' n., if- mi lfs ' YK wt'- . J, .. 4' Q ig 73 N . gf ' I i .LA Q , ,ls X X J .iq ' X W . ,, AN, . , ,, . . C AX! XX ' f ntl: "fx, 1:1112 t I i Y . . I 4 4 li ' - ,gg i i 1 ii Ai" fin' ' , ff 4' ' J. 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L f 4 ak Ji X Q 42 -if Linda Hamann Ronnie Hamm Cynthia Hancock Paula Haney Andrew Hansen jeff Hanson Donald Harbecke jo Ann Harling Mark Harling jay Geldmacher Teresa Gerberding john Gomoll Gerald Goodsan Daniel Gordon David Gorski William Gostel judy Gross Greg Gudeman Kathleen Guertler Carole Gunderson Roy Guiterrez Tom Haars Lynn Hamachek Charmaine Harrell johnny Harris Sharon Harris Walter Haufe Margaret Haugabook Terry Havemann Barb Hays Dan Heaney jill Hebeisen if 1 1 is Kim Heck Karen Heggen Kerrie Heimburg Leslie Heine Peter Heinrick Karen Helper Susanne Helsper Debbie Henderson Brian Henry Nancy Henson Venessa Herbener Vicki Herrin Violet Herring Gary Herzon David Heshart Kathleen Hewitt Donna Heyer Elizabeth Higgins Gayle Hillesheim Barry Hinch Brain Hippel Bob Hish james Hoffman William Hogrew Scott Honick Sue Howell Charles Huber Donna Hudell Patricia Huenerberg Robert Hughes Donna Hunter Garland Hunter David Isaacson Ron Iverson Rebecca jackmann Robert lacobs Mary Lou lacobson Robert lacobson Debbie james Kathryn lancik 1 YUV? 5, z R Si , . Vp 'gg V ,,,. f ,t l . 5 , ic 5 f:,, i ,f1,,:1, -- 'w 1 -9 ' .. ws-z -- Ez at L 9, ff in di , , . P it z s 1 f ,, .E is ,S lohnlarzombek . Cynthiajohnson R j g Ericlohnson '77 Wi, Greg Johnson R' Gregjohnson y M? g y Herblohnson yy z AAZA ',,,. I ji ,R Zi- Marilyn johnson Amyjohnson , A Sheree johnson I 2-. V Mary jo johnston -.gy ' Q, Thornaslones R' Tim lowes ref lt Carolyn lordan r', 4,,,.. M-A V- '-2 -nn., Kathylorgensen ,QM Donna Kagan ,Math Steve Kaiser H-. It loseph Kalavas fi wi Gerald Kamp Maureen Kappler sw' Andy Kaptain Y ,gym .-.- 2 A Q Hi' Que, ,Q "Est, V iii ix f is 3319? is g-def, 3 X 'W z . . I K 'fl' t, A it -L viz w sf 5 Kill 3 -2f,,14,' Y' 5 ,X N QE. 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'15 -5 ,fl ,ev , x Q' K .A - uv .-fi'Q-2-Z'41'f4fw'fq-ax:rr,n:5:f'mraw'-'efwi-wzfr. 'fm -.-,-,,4uf:4.Af-11- A' -X 1w-.---',-f1.- M:-mf f,.1,1-.srflzw-t. . -I ff - - -uf f.3, ,. f W, , fy xg f' 1 -1, 431- .w.:f+:,.,x 1 .x ., K ,WM 9-2 Yi M ROO STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT, Business Manager, Terri Stout, Editor, Sue Ketcham. reg: LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 7, Kathy White. ROW 2, Lynn Sodt, Mary Beth Corzine, Sue Scholl, Barb Hayes, Carrie Schnadt, Reggie Hippie, Anne Washington. EFV, 'TW f. want' Indespensible to the staff was advisor, Mr. Daniels. Maroon and More Open Campus situations made it difficult for the Maroon staff to keep all it's members here until three o'clock, but nev- ertheless, the 1971 Maroon did get to press. Amid the jumble of layouts, typing, deadlines and snacks, the staff produced one of the few E.H.S. yearbooks which has used color. Other changes in the book included spot color and special effects. Advisor, Mr. Daniels, Editor, Sue Ketcham, and Business Man- ager, Terri Stout, led the rest of the staff in making the 1971 Maroon a complete and colorful yearbook. STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council, as stated in the new Constitution, was to uni- fy the administration and student body. This year was different from previous years in that the meetings were open to anyone who was interested. The reason for this was to get only the students who were willing to work, on the council. The sponsor this year was Douglas Hoeft. The president was Pat Driscoll, Vice-president - john Pappas, secretary - Betty Dominquez, and treasurer - Ellen Daniels. The Council provided meaningful activities for the student body, and an outlet for student views on the workings of the school. It provided projects in the community which were of service and co-ordinated the school's social activities. Some of the many activities the council sponsored were the student directory, the two sock- hops, the Easter Seal Campaign and C.Q. trips. The council was also responsible for the sounding board, the road-rallies, picnics and the environmental committee. 'X fi 'T Kfx F' Mawr' xr ,L ll . ,f,,- . LEFT TO RIGHT. Officers, Pat Driscoll, Nancy Kisler, Betty Dominquez, Ellen Daniels, lohn Pappas. LEFT TO RIGHT. Exec Council, john Grosso, Pam Eskey, lan Whiting, Clare Holden, Donna Knaak, Chris Nelson, Mary McMahon. The Spirit of 76 minus 10. O BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 7: Bob Lea, Bill Chesbrough, jeff Chandler. ROW 2: Chris Steiger, Keith Wilharm, Pat Driscoll, Mike Conroy. ROW 3: Rick Eskey, Mitch McDonald, Dennis Wendt, 1effGroneman, ROW 4: Mark Clemens, Gary Becker, Ken Voskuhl, lim Tartol. E-CLUB E-Club is an organization dedicated to mak- ing athletics at Elgin High School better in any way. The club did consist of members who were required to have one major varsity letter, or two minor junior varsity letters. Taking into consideration the changing of the times, the only requirement now is limited to being an athlete. Under the guidance of Mr. Ches- brough the club undertook such projects as selling seat cushions, windbreakers, and spon- soring several sporting trips. The most impor- tant project was to raise money for a weight machine to keep our athletes in top shape. A cast of thousands! PEP CLUB Under the leadership of co-chairman Lani Frandsen and Mike Wasinger, and sponsor Mr. Chesbrough, the Pep Club this year has organ- ized the spirit and pride of EHS. Their purpose was fulfilled by selling pins, sponsoring pep buses, and having pep rallies. The club has more than doubled its attendance from last year, which shows that EHS does have pride on its side. CHEERLE DERS With a cheer in their hearts, this year's Elgin High School cheerleaders strove to maintain school spirit. These 12 girls un- der the direction of Mrs. Toni Zimmer- man and co-captains, lulee Ackemann and Ann Kramer, spured on school spirit and good sportsmanship at all athletic events. The Varsity and junior Varsity cheer- leaders were chosen in the spring of last year for their ability, poise and natural enthusiasm. They attended a camp in the summer for new ideas and cheers to pro- mote pep, enthusiasm and loyalty. Pep assemblies were held after school before important games. Pep and Spirit in Elgin High School will be only as great as the students make it. The cheerleaders, however, tried to boost the spirit for the Mighty Maroons. I BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 7, Diane Cozart. ROW 2, Sue Howell. ROW 3, Alicia Doane. ROW4g Diane Wilkerson, Nora Vaughn, Patty Pondel. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 'l,' Linda Harbes, lulee Ackemann, Sara Templton. ROW 2, Terry Lange, Lisa Sheehan, Ann Kramer. 122 gd! O BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Sandy Stonum, Marlyn Fees, Diane Weidner, Marta Rose, Marsha Fairchild, Connie Condos. ROW 2, Nancy Siegal, Mary Muren, Mary Brown, Pat Chamberlain, Karen Kleiser, Sue Hardt, Ianet Raska, Sherry Thomas. ROW 3, Donna McAllister, Merry Sherman, Ora Cole, Renee Sommers, Lana Becker, Diane Andersen, Terri Roth, Sue Bartels. PO M-PO By performing at school athletic events, the Pom-Pon squad has helped promote the school spirit which backed up the efforts of our teams. The twenty girls selected in spring tryouts practiced dai- ly to perfect their routines. This year, they met as a class with Mrs. Turek as their advisor. Diane Weidner was cho- sen bythe group as captain and Marta Rose as co-captain. The songs the squad performed to included Aquarius, Hair, Can-Can, Big Spender and Bill Baily. 4 .A.A. 1971 proved to be another successful year for GAA. Under the leadership of advisor Maxine Turek, the club provided more activities for its increased member- ship. Programs in gymnastics, basketball, tennis, and various other sports gave the girls a sense of competitiveness and sportsmanship. Car washes, bake sales, and a T-shirt sale were all ideas which provided the club with enough funds to sponsor play days and other activities. I Officers. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, ludy Beckwith, Terri Roth, Sue Cochran. ROW2,' Kris Iverson, Karen Volkening, Sandy Beaulieu. Advisory Board. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 'Ig Cindy Egoroff, Donna Fay, Cheryl McLeod,Terri Roth, Karen Molliter. ROW 2, Dawn Baxman, Linda Yee, Pat Huenenberg, Sue Cochran, Kris Iverson, Lynn Schultz, Karen Volkening. ROW 3, Judy Beck- with, Pam Hannell, Lori Orouke, Linda Hamann, Sandy Beaulieu, Terry Steinmetz, Mary McLean, Lana Becker. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TORICHT. ROW 1,' Nancy Quillman, Pam Eskey, Kathy White. ROW 2, Pat Pflueger, Peggy Duewel, Cindy Becker, Debby Hildebrand, Mary Brown, Lori O'Rourke, Karolyn Welu. ROW 3g Sandy Masi, Kim Sutter, julie Applehoff, Mary McLean, Linda Hammen, julie Ward, Claire Holden, Bobbie Van Alstine, Marcia Stu mpf, Gloria Fletcher. GlRL'S CLUB Girl's Club, like many other student organizations this year, opened its membership to any interested girls thus abandoning its elected council. Meetings were usually held at the homes of President- Kathy White, Vice-Pres- ident - Pam Eskey, Secretary - Karolyn Welu, or Trea- surer - Bobbi Van Alstine on weekends when plans were made for the many activities the club sponsored. Among the projects worked on were the selling of mums at Homecoming, Dad n' Daughter Date Nite, and Turnabout. l"llFT'5Wll Editors, LEFT TO RIGHTQ lanice Whiting, Kris Iverson, Helga Skrastins, lay Burstein, Mark Wisser, Dan Prysmaki, Tryst Anderson. MIRROR High School Newspapers seldom have the opportunity for growth, but this year' Mir- ror proved that it could change as rapidly as thetimes. Under Editor in Chief, Tryst Anderson, the paper increased in size, advertising, and brought forth some new columns. The Teachers View, People Who Care, and Inside Sports were all in- teresting additions to the Mirror. Another change in this year's paper was the quality of type which made the Mirror even more readable. Through the efforts of the editors, staff, and advisor Mrs. Kuntzlemen, the 1971 Mirror grew in pages and popularity. Mirror Staff. LEFT TO RIGHTQ Rosie Faber, Miranda Bohl, Patti Pondel, Cooper White, leff Arnold, Scott Burstein, Tim Barber, Sarah Pearsaul, Trish Whitlock, Merry Sherman, Nolan Hester. SKI CLUB The newly formed Elgin High Ski Club provided an opportunity for EHS students to participate in the exciting and challenging sport of snow skiing. The club was open to all interested students, who were willing to try their luck on the slopes of Buffalo Park in Algonquin. Under the leadership of club advisor , Miss Hunter and President, Terry Stein- metz, ski lessons were arranged for those members who wanted them. With the success of the ski club this year, it is hoped that it will provide skiing enjoyment for EHS students in , I - , the future. Officers. LEFT TO RIGHT, Alicia Doane, Pam Eskey, Terry Stelnmetz, Paul Lentz. :egg , t- 5 ,1 nl I ' ' '4av0n-muuww "ir If Members. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Debbie Racey, Sue Knolls, Sherry Harris, Beverly Reksnas, jean McMann, Pam Craufton, Lolly Roman, Kerry Kerber. ROW 2g Diane Heine, Lova Parker, Peggy Pedersen, Mary Hersberg, Mary Fricke, Lana Becker, Barb Anderson, janet Costanza, Mary Anthony. ROW 3: Wayne Ruiter, Doug Cromer, Debbie Lathen, Carl Stumpf, Steve Fisher, Scott Burstein, Harold Getzelman, Gary Herzon, Rick Pelliteir. 127 PEP BAN Pep Band plays a major role in the enthusiasm of the crowd at all home basketball games. Under the direction on Ross Lowe, a senior, they played at many events such as pep rallies, assemblies, and of course basketball games. The students in the Pep Band should be recog- nized for their school spirit and talent, and the time they spent on this extracircular activity. Pep Band, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Bill MacLeod, Christina Calich, Debbie Christiansen, Randy johnson, Rick Pelletier, jeff Taylor, ROW 2, Debbie Doeringsfeld, Larry Mink, Dave Barnes, Ned Rifken, Mike Larsen, Chuck Runge, Carol Camphouse, Patty Davis, Debbie Wade. ROW 3, Dave Cottingham, Mark Harling, jerry Thompson, Tom Bryan, Dean Lowe, Dainette Craig, jeff Danner, Lori O'Rourke, Margaret Wiff, Larry Taylor, De Sites, Kay Elrick, Kris Iverson. ROW 4, Tom Schneider, Ron Munch, George Schneider, jamie Soucie, Tom Miller, Mark Morris, Barry Biesterfeld. ,db BOTTOM TO TOP LEFT TO RIGHT ROW 1, Lu Ellen De Seno, Janet Mayer, Robin Kresin, Rosemary McMahon Kathy Beers Carmen Martin Kris Steensland Miranda Bohl ROW2 LeAnne Mersman, Cheryl Schultz, Debbie Selin, Claire Holden. ROW 3, Mr Browning Glenna Snider Ellen Daniels lean McMahon Linda Zimmerman, Ruth Hoppenstedt, Beth Brunton, Debbie Wittrock, Debbie lncandela Kim Sutter Marlyn Fees Kathy Hubrich Brad Schmlcker julie Ward Harold Wahl, Steve Massa, Bernadette Berry. ROW3g llza Kaneps, Paul Whalen Kent Pererson Steve Kuehl 'l,2,3 FI E ARTS New to this year's organization section is the 1,2,3 Fine Arts Club. The club, headed by Mr. Browning, opened its membership to students interested in the arts. This in- cluded the fields of drama, music, and ofcourse, art. Members were given the opportunities to research and enjoy their own interest through field trips. Attendence to each show or concert was not required, thus providing the students with a choice of which activities they wanted to participate in and what trips would prove the most beneficiary to them. LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM TO TOP ROW 1, Carol Warren, Donna McAllister, Maria Mesic, Diane Stude, Nancy Ruzicka Mary Fricke Debbie La than ROW2 Mary Pat Hirshberg Alicia Doane, Barb VanderVanter, Karen Stohmaier, Toni Humbracht, Lana Becker ROW3 Karen Neil Diane Kulik Carol Lose Carleen Wiese julie Wandell, Kathy Lenz, Barb Bull, Marion Munoz, Lolly Swavedra, Beth Brunton ROW 4 jeff Chandler Paul Lentz Mal Keating Mitch McDonald Patty Campbell, Matt Carlson, Sue Bartels, Linda Mink, Rick Meier, Margaret Wiff Ellen Daniels Sue Knowles .F.S. The American Field Service is an international organiza- tion sponsoring foreign exchange students in high schools across the nation. This year Elgin High was privi- leged in hosting two foreign exchange students. Lolly Saavedra, who is from Bolivia, stayed with the Beth Brunton family. Lolly who came to Elgin High as a Rotary exchange student, was active in A.F.S. this year. Marion Munoz, whose home is in Chile, stayed with the Debbie Lathon family. Debbie spent the summer of 1970 in Chile with Marion as an A.F.S. student. As an indi- vidual student, Marion came back with Debbie to spend a year at Elgin High. This year's activities included bringing foreign ex- change students to Elgin High to speak, sponsoring an international weekend for A.F.S. students, and raising money to spend students abroad. The officers were Presi- dent, Beth Brunton: Vice President, Kathy Lentz: and Sec- retary-Treasurer, ludy jones. For the past 19 years, A.F.S. club has been a rewarding organization for both foreign and Elgin High School students. H ll'lE "!'..," 71 ,115 LEFT TO RIGHTQ Ralph Meyer, Greg Parker, Mike Lietz, Dan Rathburn, Ralf Wright, Dean Blume, john Cetera, Robert Lillianstrom, Dan Graph MEDI GUILD Times were changing and so did things at Elgin High. Among the changes were in the Audio-Visual department. It received a new sponsor, Mr. Zaslaus- ky, and a new name, Media Guild. The students in Media Guild help prepare and run various audio and visual aids, needed by the teachers as well as the students. FRENCH CLUB Though relatively small in numbers, the newly formed French Club gave its members a chance to go further into the french language. Most of the club members were fourth year stu- dents in french and were either interested in teaching the lan- guage or just in furthering their own backrounds in it. FUTURE URSES Interest in the field of nursing promoted the formation of this year's Future Nurses Club. The entire girl Membership participat- ed in various field trips to local hospitals and nursing homes. A major project for the girls was the annual candy sale with the pro- ceeds going towards a nursing scholarship for some graduating senior. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Connie Gondos, Sue Wenzel, Pat Driscoll, Mike Mullen, Mary McMahon, Elizabeth Higgins. ROW 2, Patty Campbell, Tom Lenz, lim Devonald, jeff Chandler. 3' 'hr L5 2 4 5 J' -.t. . M ' 1 . I 1 Q I . BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Diane Heine, Diane White, Robin Kresin. ROW 2, Karen Helper, Lin- da Smith, Karen leson, Lana Becker, Lova Parker. 132 BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Sue Bartels, Trish Whitlock, Sherry Forshe, Helga Richtar, Cindy Becker, ROW 25 Tryst Anderson Carmen Taylor, Peggy Pederson, Barb Hoffman, Ilza Kaneps, Sandy Tash, Kris Hammelman. F T RETEACHERS SOUNDI CBO RD The purpose of this year's Future Teachers Club, sponsored by Mrs. Brown, was to pre- pare young people for the field of education. The club was important in determining the paths these students would take, and gave them an opportunity to observe what teaching would be like. Elected by the student body, the 1971 Sound- ing Board attempted to bridge the generation gap between students and administration. The six man board, made up of two members from each class, met regularly with Mr. Alexander to try and find workable solutions to the prob- lems facing EHS. K I Q i .,,,, ' ' '- 1 .Q ' ,,,,.. Lf' '-T is .i 4 t ' L ,. s is T . ff: T .1 , V, 1 Q, - , 3. l T V , 'P 4' Z5 if -. T pt T uf ik!! 7'Tl'i'7I5Zii 1 . T " " Iv' V ,Qi K as . W, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW1g Sue Bartels, Tim Bayly, Kevin Philips, Mitch McDonald, Nancy Broker, Kathy Lentz, Cooper White. l A Sr- C .L 'S N .lf f I. fi it , ,, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 'lg Rick Ziebell, Steve Siemens, Mark Schroeder, lim Krenz, Vicky Herrin, Diane Study, Sue Esterly. ROW 2, Mark Briski, Randy Tiller, Richard Christ, Ed Lins, Bill Hogrewe, Sam Phistry, Dan Maloney. ROW 3, lim Ruden, Dennis Lamb, Ken Gough, Doug ' ' ' ' ' ' f ll T Re nolds, Dan Pobge, Chris Maul, Tim Field, Scott Zimund, Mark Wisser. Viverlto, lim Elliot, Burt Campbell, Bill Wimsett. ROW 4, Mr. Dra a , om y 4 EPS WEPS is the educational radio station of the Elgin Public Schools, that has served the district for 20 years. Students from both Elgin and Lar- kin High Schools make up the workers that broadcast football and various basketball games. The radio station is run by an advisory board consisting of two Elgin High students and six Larkin High students. Those from Elgin are Bill Wimsett and Bert Campbell. FORENSICS The 1971 Forensics team, under the leadership of Mr. Fritsch, represented the school viewpoints of modern topics, at many tournaments. This team debated several prevalent ideas and recieved many awards in their many tournaments around the state. Among the many awards were trophies for high positions recieved in the Upstate Eight Tournament, held this year at Elgin High School. "1 ,. 1,9 LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM TO TOP: ROW 1: Mr. Fritsch, Helga Richter. ROW 2: Beth Brunton, Nancy Termini, Laura Kawa, Debby Racey. ROW 3: Pete Dominowski, Mike Mullen. ROW 4: lohn Pappas, Sue Travis, Gary Baney. Guidance Pages, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 7g Lani Frandsen, Cheryle McLeod, Bobbie Van Alstine, Burt Bandow ROWZQ Lynn Hamachek, Eric Foreman, Debbie Brown, Bob Wiff. G IDANCEP G55 UBR RYP G55 , , , The library pages began the procedures of keep- The purpose of the guidance pages it to Df0V'de ing the library orderly. They color-coded magazines aid to the school counselors. They undertake many and locate overdue books. The library pages are prolects' one of which is dellvermg messages Slips' under the direction of Mrs. Charlotte Anderson. 1 'N 1, EZ " T "N-Nu' f 'M . ' X 'F K i Q X YA lk S 1 .ty A "Q 1 flu. S L -Us l ,L W giyk yi , 5, . T .M A- . .1 , . , f' 4 . . " L' ' 1. , ..-ff" V N V , T L, ,ff-.. I C, 'E Ng .A , H K ff ,,.. 7 A ' g ulgv T . ,. l is 5 trrt' - J' L' :- Q--kc ' Library Pages, LEFT TO RIGHT. ludy Dowdy, David Cottingham, Richard Nolly, Linda Prusa, Mary Braddock, Sarah Akers, Donald Nolly. Absent: Joanne Albaneze. 'Sw Q coo KS t f SECRET R155 , 52 Q BOTTOM TO TOP: Florence Cline, Ruth Peterson, Doris Musgrave, A N Grace Krusemeier, Dorothy Altom. fel? iF' - ' Q 12, ,xii H 9 " , I ia- r , L, ' - 0 j L 0 ,W VV? . Q K i ,' I xx Nui. A, . 1 fi . ,sf 1 QA A V ,W 9 lj K :fl f Q L 5 A gf hi LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Knickrehm, Karen Kolberg, Sharon Kolberg, Leone Levey, Donna Kivi, Maxine Barnes, Mary Hamburg, Ruth Hickey. LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Smith, Dale Fingeson, lohn Manly, Lloyd Stuart, Maxwell Shuman, Herman Wilkining, Clarence Zimmerman, Bill Peddle SENIOR GIRLS ENSEAABLE SENIOR BOYS ENSEMBLE 3' Sr. Boys Ensemble. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RICHT. ROW 'lg Greg Bruhn, Steve Rakow, Ross Lowe, Loren johnson, ROW 25 Bill Warren, Rick Bonnom, Bob Christian. 138 Sr. Girl's Ensemble. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Carmen Mar tin, Diane Weidner, ROW2, Carmen Taylor, Cindi Mann, Barb Melahn. A European tour was a dream for the Senior A Cappella Choir, but on April 1, 1971 it became a reality. The choir trav- eled to Europe, giving concerts in each place they stayed, this included Vienna and Kitzbuhel, Austria and Heidelburg, Ger- many. lt was quite an experience for everyone that went and has left many happy memories in the minds of both the stu- dents and faculty. Besides their trip, the Senior A Cappella gave the annual Fall Frolics, performed the Messiah, and also gave their spring con- cert consisting of many of the numbers they performed in Europe. Under the direction of Mr. Charles Beckman the choir pre- sented excellent concerts and added much to the 1970-71 year, musically. The officers of the choir were Steve Rakow - presi- dent, Bob Christian - vice president, and Kathy White - secretary. 1 ,QQ MW SENIOR -OCEPELLA CHOIR s i I 5 BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1,' Lori Wolf, Carmen Taylor, Betty Dominguez, Kathy White, Sherri Thomas, Mary Schock, Lynn Sodt, Lorna Phelps, Cheryl Noffs, Pam Mydill, Connie Gondos, Diana Orban, Claire Holden, Kristin Steensland, Patty Campbell, Cheryl Helsper, Linda Yee. ROW 2, lan Stoll, Sheri Fascia, Debbie Collingbourne, Donna Fay, Peggy Duewel, Diane Farmer, Sue Hardt, Rebara Spates, Cathy Collins, Sandi Masi, Sue Unruh, Chris Wolf, Robin Patton, Sue Watson, Barb Melahn, Ellen Daniels, Alicia Doane. ROW 3, Mary Pat Hirschberg, Nora Vaughn, Diane Weidner, Carmen Martin, loan Speiss, Judy jones, Carol Warren, Nancy Siegel, Margie Rockensock, Miranda Bohl, Karen lensen, Cyndi Mann, Margaret Wiff, Beth Brunton, Terri Klotsch, Colleen Kittleson, Lunn Guetschow, Nancy Broker, Maureen Keating. ROW 4, Gale Mick, Lana Becker, Pam Witt, Tina Sykes, Leanne Mersman, Steve Rakow, Greg Bruhn, Ross Lowe, Kathy Beers, Bill Warren, Pat Conforti, Ruth Hoppenstedt, Cheryl Schultz, Martha Alborn, Kris Iverson, julie Hamilton, Mary Dillon, Dave Bell, Bruce Wisser. ROW 5, Bob Christian, Rick Bonnom, Leonard lacobson, Doug Gromer, Alva Gear, Glenn Bedoe, Loren johnson, Bob Drafall, Dave Strahan, Gary Becker, Dennis Reimer, Steve Stadler, Russell Windelborn, Randy Swinford, Doren johnson, Mike Wasinger, Keith Schmidt, Darryl Kellenberger, Terry Schultz, Doug Handzel. 139 40 IU IOR A CAPPELL EOLIAN i Y emma lhxsw ' fwzigfix nf X BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 'lg Linda Blazier, Lor Vece, lo Ann King, Nancy Kestler, Donna Hunter, ludy Parsons, Pat Mc- Nichols, loyce Lenkowski, Bessi Deater. ROW 2, Mary Dominguez, Mary Stewart, Kathy McMinn, Sue Bates, Sherry Rogers, Sonia Sinclair lane Larkin, julie Fay. ROW 3, Karen Donneley, Vicki Herrin, Sheila Kuk, Marian Preuss, Sandy Carlson, Diane White, Adela Salas. ROW 4, Terri Gerberding, Carrie Heimburg, Karen Neil, Loretta Prise, Georgette Lichtfield, Vanella Kostellny, Carol Lose, Sue Kuecker, Kim Brad- ford, Margie Robertson, Cheryl Faber, Mary Lee Smith. ROW 5, Bonnie Wolthausen, Donna Bacak, Sara Pearsal, Anne Gaf, Debbie Slipek lan Lorenz, Cathy Sauer, Betty Gough, Laura Kawa. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Nancy Aubry, Debby Stephens, Linda Weber, Betty Figgins, Debbie McClure, Cathy Smith, Pat Pflueger, Vicki Sorters, jan Avampato, Pat Garvin, Linda Carrick. ROW 2: Shelley Wasmond, Diane Kulick, joyce Dixon, Diane Heine, Rose- hary McMahon, Lova Parker, Laurie Taylor. ROW 3, Barb Bull, Linda Smith, jade Bednarski, Lee Ann Cremeens, Peggy Pedersen, Pam Kran- ng, Cindy Becker, jo Ann Aubin, Kitty Miller, Pam Schuman, Debbie Reed. ROW 4, Scott Anderson, jeff Danner, David Cottingham, Marsha vlahumed, Carlene Weas, Danette Craig, Carol Lose, Debbie Meyer, jean Bloomfield, janet Watson. ROW 5, Ned Rifken, Tom Bryan, Tom Schneider, Brian Hipple, Louis Rodriguez, Pete Heinrich, jim Culver, Greg Gudeman, Kent Steffen, Dean Lowe. xiii' XJ junior Girl's Ensemble. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Carol Warren, Alicia Doane, Lori Wolf. Row 2, Nora Vaughn, joan Spiess, Lana Becker. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 7, Kay Elrick, Linda Morris, Bob Drafaal, Tom Rentschler, De Sites, Tom Miller, Kathy Westerbeck. ROW 2, Donna Adams, Debbie Zimbler, lan Lohs, Mark james, Cindy Egoroff, Debbie Henderson, john Kobel, Doren johnson, Sue Watson, Brad Schmicker, Sandy Gregg, Tom Schneider. ROW 3, lanice Bloomfield, Mary Pat Hirshberg, Pat LeHuray, janet Bentz, Sandi Wilson, lo Ann Harling, Colleen Kittelson, Cindy Mann, Tom Brian, Mary Schock, Trish Wittlock, Lolly Roman, Karen Strohmaier, Kris Iverson, Donna Hienrich. ROW 4, Patty Capbell, Carol Camp- house, Pat Trupp, Carleen Wias, Kanette Craig, Margaret Wiff, Ron Munch, Larry Mink, Steve Kaiser, Chris Nelson, jamie Soucie, Debbie Beckett, lean Bloomfield, Patt Geelhart, QF-1 N Carlene Ebmeter. ROW 5, Nora Vaughn, Mary Fricke, Patty Davis, Debbie Doerings- field, Debbie Penkala, Diane Farmer, George Schneider, Charles Smith, Ron Morris, jim Thornton, Dave Bartelt, Linda Gromer, Randy johnson, Duane Eggen, Steve Childs, john Laubhan, Rick Pelletier, jeff Taylor, Ross Lowe, john Alft, Greg johnson, Dan McClung, Fred Danner, Mike Petty, Christine Kellogg, Mark Bevill, Rita Putigano. ROW 6, Dennis Nelson, Andy Kaptain, Mark Harling, jeff Arnold, Dave Barnes, Rick Bonnom, Bob Chris- tian, Ron Hall, Greg Ruiter, Mike Larsen, Bill MacLoed, David Cunningham, Bill Doer- ingsfield. ROW 7, Mike Miquelon, Robin Patton, Bob jacobs, Sally Olson, Steve Massa, john Rust, Barry Beisterfield, janet Watson, Douglas Steensland, Mr. Hoerr, joe Quintel. Practices and performances began early for the 1971 band. Homecoming numbers and marching patterns were launched in what proved to be a busy season for the band. The first con- cert ofthe year was held in the winter and was followed by the bands competition in districts, and a placing of first for Elgin. Next was the Fox Music Festival with seventeen of EHS' best participating in stiff competition, and emerging with ratings of superior and excellent. The bands final performance was in the spring, where Mr. Steensland directed the band in the Hem- mens Auditorium. Officers for the year's band were, Ross Lowe - president, Steve Massa - vice president, Cindy Mann - secretary, and Kay Elrick - treasurer. 14 44 BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Cheryl Schultz, Dan Coolidge, Lynn Schultz, Douglas Beers, Iill Hebeisen, Leanne Mersman, Miranda Bohl, Kathy Beers. ROW 2, Kristin Steensland, Debra Selin, Nolan Hester, Karen Mollitor, Steve Kramka, Karla Stadler, Bonnie Elliott, Helen Lamie, Paula Haney, Robin Paley, David Kramka, Carmen Martin. ROW 3, Shelley Wasmond, Diane Kulick, Eric Paulsen, Gail Steinmetz, Susan DeRoot, Linda Green, Ron Iverson, Sherry Harris, Sheila Ryan. ROW 4, Rita Kozak, Mary Sauer, Kerry Kerber, Ron Dalleuge, Henry Harris, Dawn Baxman, Patty Campbell, ORC The school year 1970-71 will long be remembered by Elgin High's orchestra. It began with "Autumn Alleluias", a com- bined concert with the Senior A Cappella Choir, that took place in early November. The Messiah concert followed in Decem- ber, also performed with the Senior Choir. Later in the month the orchestra was invited to Princeton, Illinois to appear with the Bureau County Chorus in a per- formance of Handel's Messiah. In February a Children's Concert was presented in the Hemmens Auditorium, featuring Congresswoman Charlotte T. Reid as guest narrator. This was followed Linda Morris, Kay Elrick, De Sites, Kathy Westerbeck, jan Lohs, Mark james, Cindy Egoroff, Dick Rausch, Dick Robertson, Mike Gardner, Ron Morse, Bill Krauss, joe Quintal, Chris Gudeman. ROW 5g Sandy Simonson, Ann Castle, Diane Morse, Diane Wilkerson, Steve Massa, Mike Miquelon, Barry Biesterfield, john Alft, jeff Taylor, Cindi Mann, Colleen Kittleson, janet Benz, Pat LeHurray, joanne Harling, Sandy Wilson, Ron Hall, john Wirtz - Director. HESTRA by a benefit concert in March. April was the great month for the or- chestra as they joined the choir for a con- cert tour of Austria and Germany, organ- ized by Myron Nowasad. A total of three concerts were performed in Europe. The finale was the Spring Concert in May at the Hemmens, winding up a very success- ful and rewarding year for the orchestra. Serving as this year's orchestra officers were Kathy Beers - president, Kathy Westerbeck - vice president, Kristin Steensland - secretary, and Dan Cool- idge - treasurer. 14 aww, , 1 113'-Zhlfi-:-" nf 44' -5 - v E. ,1 1.'f.. . V ik'-, ' .- ,g . . . M-'4-zu fc , rl!! . .f - - -.1 ,ir ., if 1 5 P 1 1 K R. wg.-X tw, " X . 1 , ' . ., Zffifal B22f5'ii1.fi. "f-'3l'!15'rlfifQ"'ARTZd7:'5292l-:DI 3: fa'is1m'2lSSS'14'fV.P.1lbfis1'ffs1iP iiibfm?-.f ' 211,-L '1 fdf.-WXDTYTQZ. EXGTQFZ- ?vZi",1fT hL..i4'x'i"1':P'7iIz3'KC1fd.'i93.'5E 7 74?-Z'k'ZfQ1 Q'fxT'4k'15F4LY" , 'iiif-?w . : SQEYLJJ I .ff 2:5-320133 'NFIJS ?S"I4l'5.?4 '?'Ji"L'fn7154 X 1- ., .l 11. A 48 ROW 1: LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM TO TOP: Scott Quilter, jim Wandell, Steve Finley, Larry Ervin, Tom Potter, lim Evans, lim Funk, Dave Bell ROW 2: Willie Evans, Steve Ward, Randy Swinford, lim Buckhan, Ron Dalluege, Dennis Wendt, Tom Hartnett. ROW 3: Marvin Elbert, Coach, Irwin john ston, coach, Dick Stephens, coach, Ron Peterson, Andy Williams, Ron Robarts, Rick Newman, Greg Bruhn, Tom Reed, lim Krueger. ROW4 Vern Covington, Chris Steiger, Al Patrick, Rick Eskey, Lee lasker, Mark Clemens, Scott Klingberg, Tryst Anderson, Rick Cole. FOOTB LL Seasons like the 1970 campaign can be frustrating to the coaches who feel that the material is there, the attitude for winning is there, but mistakes at crucial moments make all the work to no avail. Two great moment for the '70 Maroons ia come from-behind victory over East Rockford and a ham- mered-out 26-24 thriller over Larkinl were offset by seven loss- es, one of which KE. Auroral was later moved to the victory col- umn by forfeit. The depth ofthe varsity squad was signified by nine different players being named Player of the Week during the campaign: Ervin, Newman, Evans, Bruhn, Peterson, Funk, Steiger, Anderson, and Finley. Standouts in defense were Funk, and Evans, each scoring 134 defensive points, and Finley, Newman, and Anderson not far behind. Elected co-captains of the Maroons for the season were lim Evans and Steve Finley. Voted positions of honor after the season ended Larry Ervin, Most Valuable Back, Greg Bruhn, Most Valuable Lineman, and Mark Clemens, Most Improved Player. -yo ' ,ilk fr' ,Er N , YVYV 'KE5 '32 Q, 4? S1 .QI .13 . My LJ, " , 5 'ie we my W gg gg gg gg gggg Mlffm.. ,-v n ........ 8 . . BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1: Coach Donegan, Ralph Thomas, Dan lasker, Nick Klarena, Gary Drismaski, Harold Getzleman, Tim Rice, Coach Kulvey. ROW 2: Rich Vogts, Don Henderson, lack Billings, Mark Fiorino, George McCloud, Mike Randall. ROW 3: Bill Coots, Mike Welu, Bob Stembridge, Mike Biskup, Steve Kuehl, Walter Schultz, Nans Christiansen. 1. .FOOTB LL Elgin 0 20 Hersey 18 0 Crown 6 26 Wheaton Central 14 34 Barrington 0 20 Aurora E. 14 34 St. Charles 8 42 Aurora W. 0 30 Naperville 8 42 Dekalb 8 0 Larkin SOPH FOOTB LL Elgin 25 6 joliet W. 20 14 Rockford E. 14 0 Wheaton Central my 36 6 Aurora E. -41 pgqlm All Ill' "jill gs' 30 0 sccharles 30 0 Aurora W. 26 0 Naperville 14 7 Dekalb 20 14 Larkin ROW 7: BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 7, Dan McClung, Burt Bandow, Don Reed, Dean Smith, Larry Paris, Louis Clark, Guilio Moraco, Brian Hipple, Bob Ledbetter. ROW 2, Coach Freedlund, Coach Lose, Wally McCarty, Mark Bevill, Guy Fortin, john Petterson, Steve Corn, Doug Yarbruogh, jim Shales, jeff Chiarugi, Rick Pellletier, Coach Kane. ROW3g Chris Pol- lich, Scott Anderson, Rick Ramsey, Tom jones, Dave Strand, Herb johnson, Trae Clark, Randy Ruiter, Bob Ross, Keith Becker. ROW 4, Mike Younglove, jerry Thompson, Kevin Phillips, jim Mocaby, Bob Greisman, Steve Roth, Steve Kramka, Bob Wiff, Dave Watt. A Vi :hiv .iff 5. iifkgg ' '. CROSS COU TRY BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. VARSITY: ROW 1. Rick Davidson, Ed jorgenson, Rodney Hopkins, Mike Sig- ourney, Roger Hopkins. ROW 2. lsreal Lopez, Carls Stumpf, john Harris, Mark Dubois, Gary Baney, Chris Gude- man. ROW 3. Coach Kay, Mang. Bill Wimsett, Keith Wilharm, Scdtt Howell, Pat Driscoll, Mike Conroy, Bob Vik, Steve Bergholt, Randy johnson, Gregg Ruiter. The Varsity Cross-Country squad finished the season with the greatest VARSWY record ever 11-1. Their only defeat coming from Naperville. Elgin ELGW OPVONENTS , , , , , , 24 Barrington placed 1st in the Kane County Meet, 2nd in the district, 5th inthe section- 18 Waukegan al, and placed 2nd in the Husky Invitational. The young men felt victory 26 Crystal Lake because they worked when it wasn't required and never gave up. The 27 Prospect anchormen for the team would have to include Mike Conroy, Captain Pat 18 Fofestvlew Driscoll, Roger Hopkins, Rodney Hopkins, and sophomore john Harris. QQ Bigideeni For the first time, this season a IV team was started. In the future years 17 Aurora East there will be a IV conference. This years sophomore team finished 6th in 27 Wheaton Central the conference, tying for 4th in the conference meet. 15 St. Charles 39 Naperville 24 Dekalb 15 Aurora West 16 Larkin 2nd Conference 2nd District 6th Sectional 1st Kane County Meet SOPHOMORE ELGIN OPPONENTS 50 Barrington 50 Waukegan 50 Crystal Lake 40 Prospect 41 Forest View 29 Dundee 32 McHenry 43 Aurora East 41 Wheaton Central 36 St.Charles 40 Naperville 27 Dekalb 28 Aurora West . 15 Larkin tforfeitb BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. SOPHOMORE, Tom Schneider, Ron Morris, AI Berges, Doug 6th Conference Viverito, Roy Gutirrez, Ron Mui, Coach Kay. 5th of 10 Crystal Lake CSoph. Invitational? 5th Kane County Meet 'fm-'si' 4.1-wif 8 i A BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1. joe Kostock, Brian Hipple, ROWZQ Frank Sears, jim Thornton, ROW3. Scot Quilter, Rick Pel- letier, ROW 4. Larry Paris, Mike Larsen, ROW ff. Harold Getzelman. GYMNASTICS The gymnastics team was formed for the first time in 6 years. It was not in com- petition this year, but are hopes to be- come involved in meets next year. They gave demonstrations at half-times during basketball season. This year's team was composed of boys from all three classes. They were under the direction of Mr. David Brown. WRESTLING Elgin Highs wrestlers suffered a dis- appointing season with a record of five wins and ten losses. Though the team, as a whole, proved unsuccesful there were several outstanding individuals such as captain Larry Ervin. Voted most valuable wrestler, Larry finished sec- ond in conference, district and first place in sectional. This record was completed by his placing of second in the state tournament in the 145 lb. weight class. Other outstanding wrestlers, were Al Patrick, and Tryst Anderson who fin- ished with records of 16-13, and 15-11 respectively. Returning to next years squad will be Andy Williams and Gary Drymalski who proved valuable in this years tour- naments and should set the pace for a great "72" season. Elgin 26 31 14 19 22 13 30 28 13 22 19 36 Lake Forest Crown Belvidere St. Charles Dekalb Wheaton W. Aurora Dundee Naperville Kaneland Larkin E. Aurora Crystal Lake Rock. Guilford Rock. West Larry Ervin, Captain Wrestling Varsity, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Ed lorgenson, Dan Stodiek, Ron Mann Tom Stewart lim Wandell Paul Weddle manager. ROW 2, Paul Lentz, Chris Gudeman, Bernie Gloss, Larry Ervin, Randy Swinford, Gary Drazmaski Al Patrick Tryst Anderson Andy Wil 154 liams, Coach lohnston. Wrestling IV, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1, Steve Foltz, lim Dillard, Craig Anderson, Don Reed, Ray Klaras. ROW 2, jesse Wiord, Mark Anderson, Pat Coggin, Emmy Garcia, Richard Linkens. ROW 3, lim Spates, Terry Schultz, Lee lasker, Tim Lembke, Vernard Covington, Paul Weddle, manager, Ralph Wright, Coach Zimmerman. l V Sophomore Elgin 43 23 Lake Forest Elgin 21 36 Crown 17 38 Belvidere 3 47 St. Charles 13 35 Dekalb 8 42 Wheaton 21 33 W. Aurora 26 29 Dundee 17 24 Naperville 22 30 Kaneland 17 38 Larkin 27 21 E. Aurora 26 24 Crystal Lake Lake Forest Crown Belvidere St. Charles Dekalb Wheaton Central Aurora W. Dundee Naperville Kaneland Larkin E. Aurora Crystal Lake Sophomore Wrestling, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1,' Burt Bandow, Larkin Calhoun, Angel Ramos, john jarzombeck, Matt Foltz Brian Henry, Ralph Wright, Coach Kaye. ROW 2, Cliff Turpin, Rick Ramsey, lulio Morraco, lim Rust, Dwane Eggen, Scott Anderson, Steve Talaga Varsity Basketball, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1g Mark Henrich, Phil Hollingworth, jeff Groneman, Lynn Wiese. ROW 2, Coach Chesbourgh, Mark Wisser, Mark Clemens, Rick Eskey, Bill Chesbourgh, Coach Hudgens. VARSITY l BASKETB LL Elgin's Varsity Basketball Maroons continued the school's winning tradi- tion by producing a 'I4-10 season, high- lighted by two close victories over a fine Larkin squad and an opening game victory over the perennially tough Waukegan Bulldogs of the Suburban T Conference. The Maroons were led by Rick Hopkins, Captain of the team and All-Conference center, and Bill Ches- brough jr., most valuable player. After running off five straight victories and climbing to 6th in the basketball ratings for the state, the Maroons hit a january slump from which they recovered in time for the Regional, Where they Captain Rick Hopkins demonstrates offensive played their best basketball of the sea- son. Although the Maroons lost the championship game to Larkin, Coach Chesbrough was pleased with the '71 Maroons and optimistic about the fu- ture. He stated, "With the fine Soph team coming up, the future looks very bright for E.H.S. basketball." moves that made him all conference center. XX .And 1. X M Kim 6 'Q 7 l l l I V Basketball. BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 15 jerry Banks, Keith Wilharm, Willie Evans, Walter Blalark, jim Erwin. ROWZQ jim Tartol, Michael Biskup, jeff Groneman, Dave Berry, Coach Hudgens. -l" . Elgin 46 43 Forest View 65 50 Wheaton Central 35 50 Aurora West 57 60 St. Charles my 56 49 Larkin 52 49 Kaneland 56 47 Batavia 52 80 Arora East 36 60 Naperville 44 43 Dekalb 42 72 St. Charles 45 67 Larkin A 43 60 Aurora East 37 47 Dekalb Elgin 61 58 51 70 64 44 55 69 72 57 54 57 53 74 66 53 59 56 59 2nd place ist place 3rd place i 3' 9 x Waukegan Forest View Aurora West Downers Grove A St. Charles Larkin loliet East N Lake Park Dundee Crystal Lake Aurora East Naperville J Rockford W. W Dekalb Wheaton C. 1 4 Aurora West St. Chalres - Eli Crown Tournament Y,l,G1',f1, Wf? kC,,ew,,J Larkin Aurora East Conference Belvedere Tgurn, Coach Glen Lose plans the strategy that carried his Soph Maroons to a 'I7-2 season. Soph Basketball, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 'lp Mark Bevill, Rich Bingaman, Sam Erwin, Bob Ledbetter, Steve Corn, lim Shales, Tom Koch, Pete Heinrich, Randy Bennington. ROW 2, Coach Lose, Andy Kaptain, Paul Bultinck, Randy Decker, john Petterson, lay Geldmacher, Tim jones, Andy Hansen, Dave Stra- han, Steve Roth, Bill Gostele. r 4 6 - 159 TMI! 'C I A ll I SWIMMI Ci 54 CONFERENCE SCORES Elgin 40 45 Naperville 57 38 Dekalb 75 20 Larkin 41 54 Naperville 40 Aurora East E 42 Dekalb T ieii 1' 83 11 Larkin , 3rd in Conference Aurora East wie: - H mr., ., .r ., - -: s1rw,w,,sv, - , fs-1511s-wzrszwas -ws.. 111211252 we BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW1p Bob Lea, lerry Messman Bill Koehring lim Dwyer Kim Meyers Bruce Morten ROW2 jeff Chan l dler, Kris Nelson, Steve Rakow, Mark DeHaan, George Schneider ROW3 Del johnson Bob Lyle Steve Samuelson Steve Ruddle Tom Lenz A673-' flifrffn l.V. Swimming, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1, Cooper White, Steve Westphal, Steve Tash, 1. Freiber, Ken Gohr, Tom Renschlar. ROW 2, Ron Morse, Rick Coleman, johnson, lim Krenz, lim Devenold. ROW 3,' Chuck Runge, Mike Quant, Greg Gudemen, Mark Harling. ROW4, Steve Kaiser, Bill Demoulin, Tom Davies, Tim Barber. ROW 5, jeff Stevenson, Mal Keating, Paul Williams, Dan Heaney, Scott Eaton, Steve Dwyer, Randy lohnson,Tom Schneider. an--, The Maroon Tankers enjoyed another fine campaign, despite a late season slump. An overall 12-6 record included a conference record of 7-1 and a third-place finish in the conference meet. Coach jim Hamrin's squad qualified noone for the state meet, even though the team produced some district finalists. The team, dominated by Seniors, was versatile enough to change entries to adapt to their opponent's strengths. jerry Messman was the Upstate-Eight Free- Style Champ. Captains of the varsity squad were Steve Rakow and jerry Messman. 1 V Swimming Elgin 61 33 Naperville 74 21 Dekalb 68 21 Larkin 58 36 Aurora East 49 45 Dekalb 86 9 Larkin 75 20 Aurora East 2nd in Conference ,ws . ., fffi.Qs-'-sw,' '- .if i-H 1 ' ,L jEef5..Ng:-vamir-., meet'-'Y 1 -2- '. 1: p Coach Hamrin depended heavily on his co-captains, lerry Messman and Steve Rakow. All Conference scores U R .N Q TRACK A li ,K I li- BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Dan jasker, Roger Hopkins, Steve Bergholt, Bruce Wisser, Rod Hopkins, l Wayne Ruiter. ROW 2: Vernard Covington, Mike Conroy, Greg Ruiter, Pat Driscoll, George Arsoniadris, Keith Wil- harm, Mike Welu. ROW 3: Coach Duffield, Coach Hudgens, Willie Evans, Larry Mink, Chris Gudeman, Mike Biskup,' Chris Steiger, Steve Werrbach, Coach Freedlund. l Scores - Varsity Elgin 51 Glenbard North 49 Hinsdale South 36 Elgin 68Vz Glenbard North 45 Elgin 29 Addison Trail 70 Hinsdale South 206 Elgin 46 Crystal Lake 63 Elgin 56 Addison Trail 44 Elgin 50 Elk Grove 59 Elgin 59 Crystal Lake 49 Elgin 31 Naperville 66 Elgin 54 Elk Grove 54 l Crown 40 Elgin 29 Naperville 64 Elgin 66 Prospect 65 Crown 41 Schaumburg 6 Elgin 26 Schaumburg 62 Elgin 50 Aurora West 50 Prospect 49 St. Charles 26 Elgin 41 Aurora West 65 1 Elgin 12 Naperville Relays mn Placel Sr. Charles 19 l Elgin 27 Upstate Eight- Second Place , The 1970 Maroon track team was handi- capped by a lack of experience in field events. Its strength lay in the sprints, hur- dles, and distance runs. Charles Buckhahn and Rod Hopkins qualified to compete in the state meet in the two mile run and mile run respectively. The 1971 Track Season began in early january with the Maroons competing in nine outdoor meets. Highlights of the season were a second place in Confer- ence meet and a third in the Kane County Meet, Rod Hopkins established new county, district, conference and school records in the two mile run and qualified for the state meet in that event. With seasoned performers returning in all field events and in the distance runs, the Maroons are looking forward to a successful 1972. 162 fev- BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1, Ron Muni, Scott Anderson, Keith Becker, Dan McClur1gr leff Zappia, ROW 25 Coach Duffield, Bob Wiff, Ron Morris, Bob Ross, Al Berges, Dave Watt. ROW 3: Coach Duf- field, Tom Bryan, Tom Jones, David Smith, Dave Strahn, Randy Ruiter, Paul Lallay, Mark Smith, Dean Smith, Coach Freedlund. F5 My L3 . . . " A ark N' P 1 .hfw , . 1 ' Q, .L in W vs W in lg . 5 4.,, 4.1.12 2 7 Y Qtr ,, si ml" Q52-t 4 BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: juan Perez, Richard Yeager, jim Duppler, Tom Potter, jim ShoreY, leff Cremeens. ROW 2: Bob Lea lPitching Coachj, Dennis Wendt, jeff Peabody, Bill Pleasant, Greg Ewert, Greg Bruhn, Bill Chesbrough, jim Wan- dell, lmanagerj. ROW 3: Coach Haffner, Gary Michalski, Tom Reid, Bob Tilche, Mark Wisser, Ron Peterson, Mark Faber, jim Krue- ger, Steve Fisher, Doren johnson. I Scores Elgin 8 Dundee 1 Elgin 2 Aurora West 1 Elgin 4 Dundee 3 Elgin 1 Aurora East 0 Elgin 10 St. Charles 2 Elgin 6 Wheaton Central 4 Elgin 3 DeKalb 5 District Elgin 0 Aurora West 3 Elgin 5 Hampshire 4 Elgin 1 Aurora East 5 Elgin 7 Dundee 1 Elgin 6 Wheaton Central 2 Regional Elgin 1 Larkin 0 Elgin 9 Harvard 2 Elgin 4 McHenry 2 Elgin 11 Crown 5 Elgin 4 Naperville 9 Sectional Elgin 5 St. Charles 6 Elgin 0 Rockford West 2 Elgin 8 Dekalb 4 CVLQIN if QU BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1: Don Reed, Mark Bevill, john Harris, Tom Koch, Bill DeMolin, Larry Kuca, Gregg Kindred. ROW 2: Bill Gostell, Guy Fortin, Tom Kuca, Matt Carlson, Steve Westphal, Steve Roth, Doug Yarbrough, Herb johnson, Scott Eaton. ROW3: Paul Engelhardt, Trae Clark, jeff Chiarugi, Tim jones, Randy Decker, Brain Hipple, jerry Thompson, jim Shales, Steve Corn. BASEB LL Under the tutelage of coach Phil Haffner, the 1971 Maroons contributed to the winning tra- dition. Elgin's baseballers amassed a 16-6 rec- ord which included district and regional cham- pionships in the state tournament and a second place finish in the UEC. The season was a tre- mendous success in leiu of the few veterans returning from the 1970 squad. Pitcher jim Krueger, Elgin's flame thrower right hander, was chosen on the all "1 Conference team. The season came to an end with a 1-0 loss to West Rockford in the opening game of the sectional. The 1970 squad compiled an 18-4-2 record that led to downstate Peoria for the second time in Elgin baseball history. After winning the open- ing round game, a loss in the semi-finals meant Elgin could claim to be one of the four top teams in Illinois. Rick DeMay, Dennis Manic, and Chuck Wasinger were selected for confer- ence honors, while burly catcher Ed Rocken- sock was named to the All-State squad. 163 GOLF Golf, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1, Del johnson, Tim Oury, Tom Muno, Mike Miquelon, Rick Pelletier, Scott Howell, Scott Hokanson, Tom Schneider, Ralph Thomas. ROW 2, lim McBride, Dan Heany, Earl Anderson, Scott Bol, Paul Bul- tinck, jeff Stevenson, Coach Stieben, Ron Dalluege, Lynn Wiese, lim Kampert, Steve Massa, Bill Mcleod. With only two wins to show in their fourteen outings, the 1971 golfing Maroons surprised everyone by sharing a tie for GIRLS TENN S first place in the conference meet. Their conference record of Conference Scores one win and five losses hardly made the victory predictable. Elgin 320 Wheaton Central Playing at Vill Olivia Country Club, the varsity golfers were led 315 sr. Charles by captain and most valuable player, lim McBride, who com- 333 gvfiilgurora piled a competitive average of 41.6 strokes per round. Mc- 320 EaS,Au,O,a Bride, Dalluege, Massa, and Thomas won varsity letters for 314 Naperville their efforts. 316 Lam" This years Girl's Tennis Team lead their second undefeated season. The team was lead by Captain Sue Coch- ran who finished her three years of T. playing first singles for EHS unde- 1 feated. Other returning lettermen 'f' were Judy Beckwith, Letty Bertha, it Anne Castle and jan Lohs. Girl's Tennis, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT. ROW 1,' Nancy Kistler, Judy Beckwith, Sue WenzeLPam Han- nell, Debbie Schankle, Letty Bertha, JoAnne Harling, Terri Roth, josie Sheehan, Anne Castle, lan' Lohs, Mrs. Tur- ek, Sue Cochran. 164 V ,, W y -ff " ,-we Dm, Q - 1 P' a 1 'fr ' 1 S i '95, fv,. Q Varsity Tennis, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW 1, lim Devonald, Doug Handzel, Karles Stumpf, lay Burstein, Chris Maul. ROW 25 Steve Samuelson, Steve Kuehl, Loren johnson, Dave Barnes, Tom Ren- shler, Randy johnson, Bruce Morton, Coach Steffens. TENN S Coming from a 1970 season of 4 wins and 10 losses fin UEC,1-63 and a sixth place finish in the conference meet, the 1971 Maroon tennis team compiled an identical record of wins and losses. The 1970 squad was led by Max Pokorney, who won the dis- trict singles crown before losing in the quarter-finals downstate. Cap- tain Loren johnson led the 1971 ag- gregation which finished fourth in district competition. johnson was runner-up in district singles. The Sophes, in 1970, compiled an overall 5 wins and 9 losses, in 1971 the Sophs slipped to 3 wins in 14 dual meets. Varsity Scores Sophomore Scores Elgin 0 5 Hersey Elgin 0 5 Hersey 0 5 Crystal Lake 4 Crystal Lake 4 1 Dundee 3 Dundee 3 6 East Rockford 2 East Rockford 3 2 Belvidere 3 Belvidere 4 1 McHenry 3 McHenry 1 4 Aurora West 4 Aurora West 2 3 Naperville 5 Naperville 3 2 Dekalb 4 Dekalb 2 3 Wheaton North 4 Wheaton North 2 3 Aurora East 0 Aurora East 1 4 Larkin 4 Larkin 0 5 Wheaton Central 4 Wheaton Central 0 5 St. Charles 2 St. Charles 5. -il: .1431 1 hy . H ,. I! LH' A . 43 4, Xx,L3!., Soph Tennis, LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW1, Mike Younglove, Mark Cochran, Mark Harling, Ed Jacobson, Chris Polick, Scott Burstein, Bill Krause, jeff Wilkinson. 165 FACULTY CREDITS ALEXANDER, CHESTER- PRINCIPAL Illinois State University, A.B., Indiana University, M.A., Columbia University, Northern Illinois University, North- western University, University of Colo- rado, University of Illinois. ALFT, E.C. - SOCIAL STUDIES Grinnell College, B.A., Syracuse Uni- versity, M.A., Iohn Hay Fellow, Yale University. ANDERSON, CAROL S. - GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Northern Illinois University, B.S., University of Oslo, International Sum- mer School, GAA Advisor. ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE C. - ASS'T. LIBRARIAN University of South Dakota, A.B., Northern Illinois University. ANDERSON, WARREN R. - INDUS- TRIAL EDUCATION St. Ambrose College, Iowa State Teachers College, B.S., Northern Illi- nois University, State University of Iowa, University of Illinois. AYDT, MARY - MATHEMATICS Northern Illinois University, B.S., Class of 1972 Sponsor. AZINGER, KENNETH - FOREIGN LANGUAGE University of Northern Iowa, B.A. BALDRIDGE, DORIS I. - GIRLS' PHYS- ICAL EDUCATION Southern Illinois University, B.S., Uni- versity of Wisconsin, M.S., University of Hawaii, University of Iowa,, North- ern Illinois University, GAA Advisor. BAUER, LOUIS E. - BUSINESS EDUCATION Cornell College, B.A., Northwestern University, M.A., Business Education Department Chairman. BECKMAN, CHARLES - MUSIC University of Illinois, B.M., B.S., North- 166 western University, M.M., Northern Il- linois University. BEEBE,CAROL-GUIDANCE Northern Illinois University, B.S., M.S.E. BERGESON, PATRICIA - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Northern Illinois University, B.A. BLEWETT, ROBERT - BUSINESS EDUCATION Northern Illinois University, B.S., M.S., Social Committee. BONUCCI, CHARLYN - NURSE Evanston Hospital School of Nursing, R.N., Future Nurses Club Sponsor. BOOTH, IACK - BUSINESS EDUCATION Southern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, B.S., M.S. BROWN, DAVID - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Furman University, B.A., Gymnastics Coach. BROWN, KENT - INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Illinois State University, B.S. BROWN, LOUISE - ENGLISH Massachusetts State College at Salem, University of Illinois, B.S., Northern Il- linois University. BROWN, WILLIAM - SCIENCE Wayne State, B.A., Eastern Illinois Uni- versity, Michigan State University, M.A. BROWNING, RICHARD- ART Northern Illinois University, 1-2-3 Fine Arts Club Advisor. BUCHHElT,IAMES- ENGLISH Southern Illinois University, B.A., Uni- versity of Missouri, M.A. BURNS, ENID- ENGLISH State University of Iowa, B.M., M.A., Columbia University, Wisconsin Uni- versity, Loyola University, DePaul Uni- versity, Northern lllinois University, Rosary College, Clarke College, Department Chairman. CAVELL, FAITH - ENGLISH MacMurray College, B.A., University of Illinois, State University of Iowa, M.A., University of Colorado, National College of Education. CHESBROUGH, WILLIAM - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sycracuse University, B.S., University of Wisconsin, M.S., University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Athletic Department Chairman, Varsity Basket- ball Coach, Pep Club and E-Club Advi- sor, Drivers Education Instructor. CORN,IOHN - MATHEMATICS Southern Illinois University, B.S., Uni- versity of Illinois, M.S. CRINIGAN, IAMES - ENGLISH Loyola University, Northern Illinois University, B.S., M.S., Assistant Student Council Advisor. DANIELS, ALTYS- ENGLISH Missouri School of Mines, Eastern Illi- nois University, B.S., M.S., Northern Il- linois University, University of Mon- tana, Maroon Advisor. DEMUTH, RICHARD- ENGLISH Loras College, B.A., Northern Illinois University. DIRKS, ERMA - HOME ECONOMICS Iowa State University, B.S. DONEGAN, STANLEY - HISTORY University of Dubuque, B.A., Ohio University, M.E., Assistant Sophomore Football Coach. DRAFALL, LARRY - WEPS Southern Illinois University, B.S., WEPS Program Director. DUFFIELD, ROBERT -- SOCIAL STUDIES Northern Illinois University, B.S., Uni- versity of Wisconsin, M.S., University of Illinois, Track Coach. ELBERT, MARVIN - SOCIAL STUDIES Illinois State University, B.S., DePauw University, University of Wisconsin, Assistant Varsity Football Coach. ENRIETTO, LEONARD - MATHEMATICS Illinois State University, B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Delaware, New Mexico Insti- tute of Mining and Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology. ENTWISTLE, IAMES - DEAN OF STUDENTS University of Illinois, B.S., University of Colorado, Northern Illinois University, M.S., Elgin Community College. ETTER, WARREN - SCIENCE Peru State College, B.S., M.S. ETTNER, KENNETH - ENGLISH Elgin Community College, North Cen- tral College, B.A., Indiana University, Northwestern University, M.A., Bread- loaf School of English, Exeter College, Oxford University. FIELDS, LEROY - WORK STUDY PROGRAM University of Illinois, Bradley Universi- ty, B.S., Syracuse University, Illinois State University, Chicago Teachers College. FLUGUM, CHARLOTTE - GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Augustana College, B.A., GAA Advisor. FOSTER, ROBERT- ENGLISH Culver-Stockton College, B.A., State University of Iowa. FREEDLUND, RON - INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Illinois State University, B.S., Sopho- more Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. FRITSCH, ROBERT - ENGLISH Augustana College, B.A., University of Iowa, M.A.T., Debate Coach, Director of Forensics. GARLAND,VIRGINIA-GUIDANCE Oberlin College, Northern Illinois University, B.E., Western Illinois Uni- versity, M.A. GILLIAM, ROBERT - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Elgin Community College, University of Nevada, B.S., Head of Boys Intra- mural Program, Assistant Sophomore Basketball Coach. GOETTSCH, RAYMOND - ENGLISH Northern Illinois University, B.A., Drama Coach. GOODMAN, ANITA - HOME ECONOMICS Southern Illinois University, B.S. GRAFFAM, ARTHUR - INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Northern Illinois University, B.E., Colo- rado State College, M.A., University of Oklahoma, Wayne University, Univer- sity of Iowa, Elgin Community College. HACKMAN, ELLEN - GUIDANCE Monmouth College, A.B., University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Loyola University. HAFFNER, PHILLIP - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Butler University, B.S., Indiana State University, Northern Illinois Universi- ty, Varsity Baseball Coach, Drivers Education Instructor. HALE, GLEN - ART Alice Lloyd College, A.A., Morehead State University, B.A., Film Sports Events. HAMRIN, IAMES - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Southern Illinois University, B.S., Indi- ana State University, M.S., Swimming Coach, Sophomore Baseball Coach. HARTMAN, CONSTANCE - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Wheaton College, B.A. HINES, DAVID- ENGLISH Blackburn College, B.A., Northern Illi- nois University, M.S., Class of 1973 Sponsor. HOEFT, DOUGLAS - HISTORY Denison University, B.A., Northwest- ern University, M.A.T., Northern Illi- nois University, Student Council Advisor. HUDGENS, PAUL - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Beloit College, B.A., Northern Illinois University, M.S.E., National College of Education, Elgin Community College, Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach, As- sistant Track Coach. HUNTER, CHARLENE - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Carroll College, B.A., Ski Club Advisor. ISBELL, THOMAS - ENGLISH Southern Illinois University, B.S., M.A., Individual Events. IAQUET, LUCILLE -- FOREIGN LANGUAGE Augustana College, B.A., Southern Illi- nois University, Northern Illinois University. IOHNSON, IUDITH - WORK STUDY PROGRAM University of Wisconsin, B.S., M.S. IOHNSON, RUSSELL - MATHEMATICS Illinois Institute of Technology, Luther College, B.A., University of Minnesota, DePaul University, Boston College, Ticket Manager. 167 IOHNSON, IRWIN - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Southern Illinois University, B.S., Northern Illinois University, Varsity Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach. KANE, GREG - SOCIAL STUDIES Cornell College, B.A., Assistant Sopho- more Football Coach. KANlES,ARTHUR-GUIDANCE Northern Illinois University, B.A., Col- orado State College, Northwestern University, M.A., Trenton State College. KAY, RICHARD - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Wheaton College, B.S., Northern Illi- nois University, Cross country Coach, Sophomore Wrestling Coach. KING, GEORGE- ENGLISH Northern Illinois University, San Fran- cisco State University, University of Denver, M.A., Eastern Baptist Theolog- ical Seminary, A.B., Th.B., AFS Advisor. KLEIN, IANET - HOME ECONOMICS Stout State University, B.S. KOEHN, ELOISE- MATHEMATICS Elgin Community College, Eastern Illi- nois University, B.S. KRAEMER, LOIS - SCIENCE University of Wisconsin, B.S. KUNTZELMAN, MARGARET - ENGLISH Shimer College, B.A., Northern Illinois University, Mirror Advisor. LAKE, RICHARD- SCIENCE Illinois State University, B.S., Northern Illinois University, M.S., Brandeis Uni- versity, Class of'I971 Sponsor. LENGELL, STEVEN - GUIDANCE River Falls State University, B.S., Uni- versity of North Dakota, M.Ed. 168 LETURNO, DENVER I. - SCIENCE Eastern Illinois University, B.S., Univer- sity of Illinois, M.S., University of Wis- consin, Illinois Institute Of Technolo- gy, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Sci- ence, Northern Illinois University, Cornell University, University of Cali- fornia, Ripon College, Kent State Uni- versity, Science Department Chairman. LOSE, GLENN - BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Northwestern University, B.A., Univer- sity of Illinois, M.A., Sophomore Foot- ball and Basketball Coach. MCCARTY, GERALD - ART MCKAY, BETSY - ART Illinois Wesleyah University, B.F.A., Northern Illinois University, M.A., Fine Arts Department Chairman. MCLEAN, NANCY - MATHEMATICS DePauw University, B.A., University of Wisconsin, Northern Illinois Universi- ty, Elgin Community College. MCWILLIAMS, WILFRID - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Loras College, B.A., University of Wis- consin, M.A., University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Foreign Language Department Chairman. MAHNKE, ROBERT - GUIDANCE University of Northern Iowa, B.A., State University of Iowa, M.A., North- ern Illinois University. MANSFIELD, STEPHEN - BUSINESS EDUCATION Eastern Illinois University, B.S. MARTIN, CLIFFORD - INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Northern Illinois University, B.A., M.A., Purdue University, Normal Uni- versity, Elgin Community College. MARTIN, DENNIS - ENGLISH Loras College, University of Northern Iowa, B.A. MATTAEUS, RENATE - FOREIGN LANGUAGE DePaul University, B.A., Northwestern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Girls Club Sponsor. MILLER, IUNE - LIBRARIAN McKendnee College, A.B., Southern Illinois University, M.S. MURPHY, SUSAN - BUSINESS EDUCATION Western Michigan University, B.S. NELSON, FREDERICK- SCIENCE Lake Forest College, B.A., Northern II- linois University, M.A. OHL,DUANE-SCIENCE University of Northern Iowa, B.A., M.A., University of California, Univer- sity of Indiana, Southern Illinois Uni- versity, Northern Illinois University, University of Iowa, Science Depart- ment Chairman. OVELMAN, SHERMAN - SCIENCE Northern Illinois University, B.S., Southern Illinois University, M.S., Biol- ogy Club Co-Sponsor. PRAGMAN, ALICE A. - ENGLISH University of Hawaii, Northern Illinois University, Central Missouri State Col- lege, B.S., Colorado College Of Educa- tion, University of Missouri, M.A., University of Colorado, Bennington College. PURDUM, IANE - HOME ECONOMICS Northwestern University, B.S., Univer- sity of Illinois, M.S., George Williams College, Stout State University, Co- lumbia Teachers College, Southern Illi- nois University, Home Economics Department Chairman. QUILLMAN, DON - ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Southern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Bradley University, Elgin Community College. RAGONE, EUGENE - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Hiram College, B.A., Northern Illinois University, University of Madrid, Uni- versity ofthe Americas, Mexico City. REIGER, EARL -- SCIENCE ROGOWSKI, CATHERINE - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Northern Illinois University, B.S., M.S., University of Madrid. ROUSH, AMY - SCIENCE University of Illinois, B.S., Oregon State University, M.S. SCHULTE, HOWARD - SOCIAL STUDIES Northwestern University, B.S., M.S., University of Southern California, Uni- versity of Iowa, Elgin Community College. SCHWANKE, SUSAN - ENGLISH SCIBETTA, NORMAN -- INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Cornell College, Northern Illinois Uni- versity, B.S., Oklahoma State Universi- ty, M.S., Colorado State College, Colo- rado State University, Arizona State University, Elgin Community College, VICA Club Advisor. SHAW,WlLLIAM-SOCIAL WORKER Northern Illinois University, B.S., Pur- due University, M.A., University of Illinois. SHELBY, H.H. - SOCIAL STUDIES University of Illinois, B.A., M.A., Northern Illinois University, University of Iowa, Elgin Community College, College of Education. SHULTZ, EVELYN - BUSINESS EDUCATION University of Evansville, B.A., Northern Illinois University. SMITH, ROBERT H. - GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT, CHAIRMAN Southern Illinois University, B.S., M.S., Loyola University, San Diego State University. STEENSLAND, DOUGLAS -- MUSIC University of Wisconsin, B.M., M.A., lulliard Institute of Music, Band Director. STEFFENS, NEIL - SOCIAL SCIENCE Illinois State University, B.A., M.A., Tennis Coach. STEPHENS, RICHARD - BOYS' PHYSI- CAL EDUCATION Northern Michigan University, B.S., M.A., Varsity Football Coach. STIEBEN, EDWIN - MATHEMATICS Wisconsin State College, B.S., Universi- ty of Wisconsin, M.S., Cornell Univer- sity, University of Santa Clara, Univer- sity of Minnesota, Drew University, University of Colorado, Northwestern University, University of Oregon, San Diego State University, Math Depart- ment Chairman, Chess Club Advisor, GoIfCoach. THEODORE, ANNETTE - BUSINESS EDUCATION loliet junior College, Illinois State Uni- versity, B.E., Northern Illinois University. TRIMBLE, IOYCE - MATHEMATICS Smith College, A.B. TUREK, MAXINE - GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Illinois, North Central College, B.S., University of Southern California, M.S., Northern Illinois Uni- versity, Girls Physical Education De- partment Chairman, GAA Advisor, Interscholastic Tennis Coach, Pom- pon Sponsor. VANDERKAMP, LEO -INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Stout State University, B.S., M.S., Northern Illinois University. VANHOOK, BARRY - BUSINESS EDUCATION University of Texas, Illinois State Uni- versity, B.S., Northern Illinois Universi- ty, M.S. WALLACE, DOROTHY - FOREIGN LANGUAGE Rockford College, B.A., University of Iowa. WALLACE, IAMES - SOCIAL STUDIES University of Illinois, B.A., Northern II- Iinois University, M.A. WIGGALL, RICHARD - SCIENCE Blackburn College, B.A., Northern Illi- nois University, M.S., Oklahoma State University, Elgin Community College. WINSLOW, HELEN - SOCIAL SCIENCE Bridgewater State College, B.S., Uni- versity of Wisconsin, M.A., University of Connecticut, University of Hawaii. WIRTZ, IOHN - MUSIC University of Illinois, B.S., M.Ed., Or- chestra Director. WITHEY, IANICE -- HOME ECONOMICS Northern Illinois University. ZASLAUSKY, GERALD - MULTI- MEDIA Temple University, B.S., M.Ed., North- eastern Illinois State College. ZIMMERMAN, TONI - GIRLS' PHYSI- CAL EDUCATION University of Illinois, B.S., Cheerlead- ing Sponsor. ZUPSICH, IOSEPH - INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION 169 Herb's Bakery 256 National St. Horace Motors 222 S. Grove Avenue jerry Biggers Chevrolet 227 S. Grove Avenue johnson's Yearbook 1046 Liberty Keeney's Sporting Goods Store 19 Douglas Avenue Best Wishes '71 William Ketcham - States Attorney Kettner Agency inc. 100 East Chicago St. Kirkpatrick-Browne insurance, inc. 302 Elgin National Bank Building The Larkin Bank 1645 Larkin Avenue A Friend of Elgin High Lincoln State Bank 500 Dundee Avenue Little Angels Nursing Home Route 58 - Elgin Ludwig Milk Co. 200 N. Spring St. Lundstrom insurance Agency 608 Dundee Avenue Luther B. Ciiertz 5 Douglas Avenue Marty and Bohlin TV 458 Dundee Avenue M-C Tax and Accounting Service 273 E. Chicago St. McCarthy, McCarthy and Meyers The Elgin Tower Midas Muffler Shop Modern Dairy Co. inc. I 1002 N. Liberty st. Morse Prescription Pharmacy 221 National St. Mr. Burger 1315 Dundee Avenue, Elgin Munch's Pharmacy 101 Douglas - 638 E. Chicago St. Neil's Paint Store 216 E. Chicago St. Nish insurance 199 S. Grove Avenue Northern illinois Coin Shop 98 S. Grove Avenue O'Connor Funeral Home 364 Division St., Paragon Super Food 23 N. Spring St. Parkview Drugs 362 Dupage A Friend of Elgin High H.L. Pierce Motor Sales 250 S. Grove Avenue Premier Flower Shop 245 Dundee Avenue Puckett Motor Co. 1125 Dundee Avenue W.A. Rakow Associates 165 N. Spring St. Rauschenberger Furniture 407 Bluff City Blvd. Rauschert and Kubiak 18 Douglas Avenue Razors Edge 55 Douglas Avenue Robert Burstein The Elgin Tower Rodholm jewelers inc. 8 Douglas Avenue john R. Rogers - Lawyer 14 E. Chicago St. Roth Pharmacy 370 Summit St. and 825 Dundee Avenue Schneider's Recreation 133 S. Grove Ave. Schneff Brothers jewelers 161 E. Chicago St. Selby-Forsythe insurance Agency 63 Douglas Avenue joseph Spiess Co. Elgin's Leading Dept. Store Stout Funeral Home 252-260 State St. A Friend of Elgin High Valley Travel Service incorporated 1052 Dundee Avenue Vanity Beauty Shop 175 E. Chicago St. lim Whalen Ford 235 S. Grove Avenue Winston Bennorth - Realtor and insurance 187 S. Grove Avenue. Wright's Restaurant 219 E. Chicago St, Wrona Bros. Inc. Office Supplies 13 N. Spring St. Norman H. Zierke and Acc. Insurance i 191 S. Grove Avenue Mr. and Mrs. Ben Riiken N. Spring 695-7211 Best Wishes to the Class of1971 ARTISTIC CARTON COMPANY Big Timber Road DIVANE BROTHERS ELECTRIC CO Engineers and Contractors Chicago and Elgin Best Wishes from Ken Barnhart STANDARD SERVICE 1137 Dundee Avenue Elgin, Illinois DUERINGER-WILLIAMS STUDIO Portrait Commercial Photography 51 Douglas Avenue Elgin, Illinois BAZOS BROTHERS CLEANERS Visit Our Carpet and Drapery Salesroom 103 Douglas Avenue 837 Walnut St. 741-5013 741-5932 ELCIIN DAILY COURIER NEWS Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 from Daily Courier News now in their 97th year 300 Lake Street Elgin, Illinois BETTE'S VOC- UE Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 105 S. Grove Avenue Elgin, Illinois Congratulations to the Class of1971 THE ELGIN NATIONAL BANK 24 E. Chicago Street Elgin, Illinois Member of FDIC Congratulations to the Class of 1971 from CHICAGO RAWHIDE 900 North State Street Elgin, Illinois Our Most Sincere Wishes for the Best of Everything go to Every Member of the Class of 1971 6 South Grove Avenue Compliments of Hohn Reeves HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS ASSOCIATION OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC INC. 16 North Spring Street 174 South Grove Avenue Elgin, illinois Elgin, lllif10iS You'll like doing business with us Bridal Wear . Formals, and Accessories Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Free Alterations from ROGNA'S FASHION SALON LEAN DER STUDIOS Rogna Kopperdale - Owner Open for your Convenience every Weekday Evenings 650 Dundee Avenue Elgin, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Courtesy - Reliability - Service Philips Tires - Guaranteed Philcheck Lubrication - Tire Repairing - Battery Good Luck to the Class of 197-I Charging- PNIIIPS PVOCIUCIS RUDY SCHOLL MASON RY INC. and Accessories HUGO LOSE SERVICE "Y" STATION Route 1, Box 174 Elgin, Illinois 710 E. Chicago Street 837-7401 Elgin, Illinois 742-4250 Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 SHAKEPROOF HERITAGE LINCOLN MERCURY Our Compliments to the Class of 1971 138 South Grove 741 -7900 Elgin, Illinois RADIO SHAC K Class of 1971 Associate Store It's Been Nice Knowing You 528 Dundee Avenue EI in, Illinois 695-5361 g YANKEE DOODLE Electronic Components for the Hobbist Stereo Equipment, CB, Tape Recorders Recording Tapes I ICIHSS 0f1776D Discount Prices AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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