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,AA f A ' n .. " :,. , Y. ,-1 1 , . - it , f, P . 'I.. P v-" H V V-I Fw' '-fI.,',,, ' ll... '1---rib-fum. -,N ,,.,.,,n, - r - , ' .bv l V . V I 2.,Q-'K . , ,485 fl v""f- , . A :ae ' C ,' '1 '. ,g, 1 . " A. , Vx ,. - ' A -.:." . . ii-:3'f-E Als Lf -? i 'W' ' 'J' -1",J,-fl' ,ff 3, ff T?55'ga1f fffggflr N ' g' -Wu--. ,ff -4 an L UL ,f!f'75?5Y-"""' A vf'f-fflfigf' 1 .1 M-Ai U L:'.Ln-F I ,3..H':YW,iy. ij fqrlf .,. z. p , .ji 555 JLY f,-.4.fr'5L' Tw- -14 any 3 , . -V .Q,g,:J3. v , ,, 1 f 'if'-"+l.H.EE'f-f , ,-5,1-bw .M- in if L F: . iw. 'z-ff? 'Q' TFL:-.Er-.i' . W, ,- ,, U ' Rig iff L-f f r 1 i -Q" x5JJ5"4q i'1Q"- 12225 .,. in ,I ,,, .I g.-L 1 J V 4. . ,U gn-.X 1 u . f A 1'1- , ir pl -.4-'ill hn,.f,,,11, W QA .f.J',-L-.,, b - ,Q , ,s uv- -'ww' xr-, -Hs? ,Q .LL ,L . 1 , .. - "1 f. ' ,A -. K 'w ,. Q av' 1 ' ',. If , V nu, V ,1 I Min. ' W., lf .---.4-r-K-' -1144 3-1: I 911. ,v.," auf 11' , ,'-Trgv' ,, 1.. ay Q lf?--. . N .1-I, 3' -, '- "' :1 ff , 'fu' .414 ' ' 'Liz-24: 5 tZ' y V - bl. . , . v. ,C ,,- , ' I "5 , ff'-',.-5-'i". -.rf - F fly' J'f'.r!1'!: f"ii77'v "Il- , .-.L1w,,-.'.rL---,..f. 1 1-1- ,AV1-Ef fg gn, I- 5 -U :Y Eff? 21 - -...- ,-an W ' - .Q , 14 1 .,,x,,- .V 2, ,L ,,- :....- -. 'AF rf, . .,1. A 4 ,-. ffm. A r. V.,-:ja .g 'u 1. A' 323 , -'Qt-:,E1F.5:" ff - ' 35 H 7 Qui .14 aj if " 4 .. .,-V, ,Q .- --Wai , 3 ,. .- 1:1 '-'. ,ef . - - fx ,' ru- me-:2,, .. W' A J ' I 1 1 'M' ' ?l7'5""5Zf QL- :ff '?f - if 1. 1 . Ili - I ai i'i1i1:':-EX aim' 'Pc 5 ! ' x K " - "' r ' 1" f , M 1' 1,1 ', -. ,-",,' , szhxwfiv fa, x - uv nf an . ,X Vi? SLI- . gi, 1' + 1 1 1 r 4. ,R :V 305. 'fy -1 -ypQg,W:5, '. 'uqsix' rn V 1 ,, .-.t-4.4 .fax -., ,,gV!.f-UEM: 4 . q. ,-.-1 .,-.KW '74 - wx W.,-rf 1' 1 f. 7 --51 . 2-, rv... -1. , f wi it ' 5- N E . iz. S -5 K . gs. ,, '-Sw. ef f: 1-",.ff.Z' , T . J. gli .531 'wi H y.. L 4 an ,K . 1.F'::Q,.,, ."' .-5.1 .VV V. VV -. X w V+. , ., Q -,Q f FV. iv .- ,. I " 'Lia -' ' - - --, , " ,. w -f 1 F " 'Mf- '1 :Ziff - ,.. -'Lb E- -I..' ,ANL ,1 1. Q 'QE .W-,,, .,-,1:,V,., - ,r 1 ..,.,,.fY .1 ig. , ,'V" 'V xgv , '1 L V : .4 '. -,:.' Q.. ,., ip Q ,fffY:.1:',.,: ,Y ' 1 g wf lgfa"153.' :Q V - ..-H ,wall -5. fo' -Lil: 3-- ,w ., , . .,. .1 ,h..v,u . - , ..,---1. ., A,-, . . .. - it. f, ,- , -if--,' 5 -V-r. ' , . , ' .V IV, ',.,.f -, fn, , V V .1- 1, we . -.V . V .4 'Z' .. 1-.,f1'.f .- V ,- , ,--:V 41 Y. ,Q V. V.. ,-Ev.-' .... , , .V - 5' ,:,.-'.'.. ru' .- V' , -T 3 my J! J 'fs-nm. -1y,.g'rJg' , -. ,.. .i . 4 4 5 VV -I 5'.o.,--mi-ff' ' Z1-pf' '- v . -.. .-13: . Hy- r -1, -'w1Q4V.l:', . 'A . 2-151. ' . '-'uZ'?g.e'5If,2iQ'13.3 91' , ,, 'f . x ' 4 ' ' ' ,.-' .f "ju ,nYv:f1.'.Q,. . 11 V .:-15.1 " "Z,-" A. 1" 'Til-.'Y-'7'f6?ii4?.l1f5E-i'2?"'l?1'-"-3Aff'7fPf"' , a 'J :-. " ,.-' 1 .Z-1-1-:- - .2 ,J-if - ,, x g! ,- , - in 1'.5,, ' f --1 'YET'-P .V10-,zz-152. . . .ff-T , mi ,V+ -,,- 5 V. A V-1...-..V5.a,mff V5 f, VL AV f ...r--2- .iw ww- V--,. qcr 1. Vw- 1+-H - '--1 V-.fu -L.-:f,p:J4a---W ' ' wr- ' L ,V.,,I11- --s V 43, X-,j--.rfgrl-11--,2..u,.l.-Q ' 7m,y',,f5V2. ggi' KJ- 'V I -,,f,g,4.,-p5,Ilv5. W 3 , . ffl' Z-. ,fW:11, ' L"'Q.',Z-' .".'? 'ffm ' 'lf , in ,-, . ,Q ..- .LVUQI ,.,.,.,. V . 11 3 a . f"A"', ' 1- -rf ff,"-'-11-7 "'-'-' L' X' - '. ' .V -Q AQ' 1 V - -:f.Q4.1x:!.. V1-1-fa.:q'Q'-1 ,I V I-.v ' . ' .-gif 55. H-, V.: :Mmm ,,,,-2.,,fg:.Y ..k L' 4 5. 4- gfi ,. -K 3.1 4 ., 43.3 - - 5:- J 1 A ,..,.,H.:,.:fr,,,4 ,l .y , .,. H K-, .. f - ' Q..-Hi H V- ,.,:,AiS V, 1.v 2 K L' L... V. ., iv... -,., ij-Mun, P .-fjgg5i11vHl". .4 nf---.7-V .N- -Ar-,---I 11 ,, . . ..r'f- .,.w.1V- .V 5, 'fffiif f: ' . , . s-- ,- -V . .. 4...-,J t.,-., .1 VJ. -1:41 Y. 1.3" L. ' - 4 ,Q-,VI vvu..-P' " f.V.,' . ,V..fV..5'+'.1'f,.. L y 1' , MM. .'1'.:, -- L, ,RQ-'aft-ffl: W.-.VMPV - ..v'l. 2,4171 .. J "ff-,-6--1 '.'- - .,,KVI','. 1'-v .,.' 1. ' . w. , . ..:.-f 1:,' 'J' 4. ...- ,, . 5 . -I -P. W 1, ,f:"' .VJ . -.A 4 .A-J :O J1--.L -"1-,Z 1- gk f..X,- 4 , r, U, '...' a, , f L lr. M.. .V- 1,-'r-. YV-- .:4Z,f-' ' 2.04, . ,f-fr: ', . w-, ,, " ' .. .Hr 'I' ' v., L -4- '. ,v ,A VaV..- V 4--Fw-. ,f ,Lrg fp., ..r - :?- V. . . 7. .T V ,'.1'.' - -. .' 'ijzf'-f+. a' V V . .:---5. H- , ... n , -.- w 4 -f '1- 44,1 v .1 9. 4- ,x Q 3 4--1 1- A K . .. :Lf ,rr-.f V A ,,,, .a.- -...., ..x: 4 . ,,. :WR ,, V' 1 ,f- . M, , 1.3:- N , ,V n W, ..u ,.-.. . wp. . 0 ,--Q., . " -.i-I-Q,-p -.,,,, -. 35: 5-VV .J - .,. 1 ,u- " M.. I ,,- ,. ' 1-1.5-:.." ... ,-, ,ah , , 5 '- I, ' 'Z TI.. , vw-il' - ,. - ,' ,. ,Nu ,, ,, sf- -1' F 1-"ff-'52, fvv : -4: , 3, 1 A 1--V. um ' ..v-,H . WV.,.'L':. f 5-'u ,f -.-,'--1:7 - ,M " ,-.f, ., . - Ve . V U., ,. r ,v,.,.,, 3 , -. gn. . . , an A' . 1. , L, 1,4 ,, ' ., iff -.. ..-Ln ,, ve .. 1,,.Q.-I..- .. . . ,P . 'Vg - . - .mi Lg., ,iq -Vw Y.. V-,-. . . ' "Ei 1.1. -' 4 4,45- -- " A -4"-' Z: Q. ...V . ,,.,. ..,, .,,. , .' 1, x '-m, .. 1 . .., -:- .-.V .. A fa, :Rx- ,+V 'e - -1: , ,L . 1 'N 4- y .1- -" 151.4 , 7' lf F5 'fffgifi iff. . '. F1 I -A .- .... ,Q I V. 12.1 N3 ,Q .Hx .Y 5. 5111 V .- v--,: V, - ' -.A ,1 -x -. K ". U, I fur fp' .. I , ,,,. 'I r V 1 ' Q7 X R f.. 0 A 4 T V. ,hw-:J -. .L f H Q v '52 1 - -+ r '1 " v, A r Kel. ,X av? fy 0' THE 195 8 IVIARCON ELGIN HIGH SCHOCJL ELGIN 0 ILLINOIS REID TONKENS ........................ Edifor-in-Chief CHARLES STEWART .................. Business Manager 'sq N ww i L,-.WM A s.4.-ln .Q .,.w.--...W The 1958 Elgin Maroon is a graphic changing scene within Elgin High School. Among changes altecting Elgin High is a vastly ment with its accompanying problems of classrooms and added burden on our pace, the Maroon has changed from its one of plastic modernity. This change is we hope it will reflect progress in our phies. To maintain the high standards progressive solutions must be sought The administration and faculty are student body of Elgin High answer to a myriad of pages you will see a staff, a well-trained, ful, interested student ments in solving the keep that the , 1 'uf vi we-sw UA, zizkfvi EQ YY 2 im W- 5 flags: ' 'SQL RX fi ' fifgiwg ip. 7 1- gg wgfvzii SEE S W sw? Sis ? R AWQVT? J. Q -A fm Qi 2 We -Q. . , W' , U ,, V0 Y, -wsyggg I Q , , J - lf' k ' f im, X ww 1- 4 QQ . y "--.5 1 AM' ' if K if x ,U - fr Table of Contents The Maroon staff introduces Elgin High School Our progressive administration faces its problems squarely Our learned faculty teaches with inspiration Our graduating seniors receive their diplomas with pride Underclassmen demonstrate their ability Our students participate in a wide variety of activities Our athletes perform with honor The year passes in review Our patrons contribute generously I ?Af1-A1?---A The welfare of every sfudenf is The consfclnf concern of our cldminis1'rcl'rion ORRIN G. THOMPSON V Superiniendenf of Schools ROBERT F. SKELLEY CHARLES B. WALDEN Administrative ' Assisfani Superinfendeni F. -' fe 3 , Sf x ' , P w w K l ,x i, , , 1.. i- A Q LQQ .. 3,3 , QM ex rr 1 x Seb l 5541. 0 sv.-55,5-.: 31135-, X ,ww ha,,.,A L j fiffflff 1 , QF f .5 A Y 1 ,, Xi- 2' .. 3 , X6 Q Q, X' ,. K 42- N M wg ,Q . A ,V i W . .V X 1 'W S A umm fifvxmn 9 Q mm' ,QFTQ Q Q, W Y U ij : 'Q ' mu ,Q ., 41 W""'-Q W b ii. f L X lx: A O Q X. W A 33532 'REQ gs fi, Q3 AA ggi? -v Q BX Q ,gim il ---vi BOARD OF EDUCATION XX'illi.nn l1ir.uidi-s. President: lohn S. Page: rI'lieodore H. Akeinaiin: tloxx'.u'd F. I.exx'is Ashley li. Arnold: Rithaird li. Stcttuerz Donald R, Earlier: VVill.ird Heclie, Secret.u'y: A. E. Schniidgallg Orrin G. 'I'hoinpson Our board of education cooperates closely with our civic minded home school council BOARD OF EDUCATION . . . The Board ol Education of the Elgin Puhlic School System has always done an excellent ioh, This year has been no excep- tion. The students and faculty of Elgin High School are extremely appreciative ot their board for their aid in school improvement and help in solving our problems. Among their many other responsibilities they must select our admin- istrators and faculty inemhers. All who have anything to do with Elgin High School can consider themselves very fortunate to have such an ahle and intelligent school hoard. HOME-SCHOOL COUNCIL . . . Stuitvcl, l. to r. Mr. and Mrs, Iidward lurgens, lVlr. and lVlrs. VV.iyuc Alilwott. lVlr. .uid lVlrs. Chester Parsons Staiicliiig: lVIr. and lVIrs. R. C. lVIunt::. lVlr. and lVlrs. lluia Swain. hir. .uid Mrs. l'l.irold T. Seigli- MR. PAUL GREEN lVli', Pziul Green. dorm of boys, is well liked .und respected hy the students of Elgin High School. He is nlwnys interested in talking with the students-for il friendly chat or discussion of .1 more serious n.itui'c. The students all know that hr- is il person in whom they can conticic, These counselors provide outstanding leadership MISS MARGARET FOSBERRY Miss lVlilI'g1rll'Ct Fosherry, dean of girls. is Qin impor- tiunt incinlvci' of lilgin High Schools faiculty. The girls ol' thc school know that their Clean is u friendly, competent person. Aside from hcing u friend und udvisor of ull thc girls nt Elgin High, she is thc very ulwlc co-advisor of the Girls' Cluh. Mr, L. V. Robinson, high school treasurer. and his secretary, Mrs. Arlene Iohns. ...af Attendance Director Mrs, Beulah Lucck and her student staff Ian VVeisinger. Gail lclen, Gloryann lVliller, Karen Klein, Donna Broecker, Barbara Smith. High School Qtlice Staff . . . me Katherine Culver, Mrs. Donna Zierer. and Mrs. Eva Hopkins. X, M rm swgyxns e A A '.g.-Mmm WIBMW Qw- l . x ' e 1 , , t WW Cur fclculiy exiends To us a challenge IELMER ALFT WARREN ANDERSON MARGUERITE BARRA ltummnics V358 Clnss Sponsor Dmfting livcrydny Living Clothing LOUIS BAUER MARGE BIERSACH ELMER BOHNERT Ulhcv Training English Mvtzll Shop Ili-.id of Busincss Dvpan'tn1Q-nt Play Dircctor Drznnzxtics ENID BURNS IOE CANTRELL LILYAN CARLSON English Physics Clothing lOllI'I'l2lllSlIl Scivncc Cluh Co-Sponsor Hvnlth Prohlvnis ling ic l-l Nlirror Sponsor FAITH CAVELL English WILLIAM CHESBROUGH Boys' Phys. Ed. Varsity Basketball Coach Sophomore Foothall Coach RONALD COOK Chemistry 1960 Class Sponsor Head of Science Department ALTYS DANIELS English KATHERINE DAVERY Social Prohlems Psychology ROBERT DUFFIELD Boys' Phys. Ed. Varsity Football Coach Varsity Track Coach DON ELDRED English KENNETH ETTNER English Head of English Department eacl MIKE A. FARROH of Bo 's' Ph fs. Ed. De artment y V 5 Q p Boys Phys. ltd. Intramural Sports E Cluh Sponsor my Page 15 BETH FERGUSON Girls' Phys. Ed. Ir. Red Cross Sponsoi RALPH FIALA Business Law Business Survey Business Organization ELSIE FLETCHER English ROI DICR HUIJFORIJ Algll-lun: llliI.liN IOCELYN ,oC,I1.nr'rn,u11Knrx Llnl lfngllixlm KILIEORA IOHNSON llklllllfi To explore The AR'l'HllR GRAFFAM VVoods THOMAS GREEN Dirvctol' of AllLllk5'VlSll1ll Aids ELLEN HACKNIAN 1050 Assistant Class Sponsor Assistant Lilururiun BYRUS HALL lillQllSll Sophomorc Dr.nnutiL's Club Sponsor ELIZABETH HALLET. R.N. Girls' Phys. lffl. l7,N.A. Advisor E. ARTHUR HILL llvnd of Nlusif Dcpnrtnwnt Senior A Cnppvlln Choir E'l'HEl, HOAGLAND Lilwruriml ELLISON H. HOKE Uircctor VVHPS Sponsor of Clnlw 881 CORNELIUS HOUSE Gvrxnun paths of knowledge over difficult obstacles MARTHA IONES ARTHUR KANIES HELEN KETTERING English Printing Biology Drafting l, MARVIN KUHLMANN EDWARD LACKEY MARION LAFFEY Earth Science American History Orchestral Biology VVorld History Elementary Hnrinony LESLIE LARSON DENVER LETURNO EDNA LEWIS Biology Chemistry Bookkeeping Personal Typing Page' if Cur friendly counselors help us with VVILDA LOGAN VIRGINIA MARSTON CLIFFORD MARTIN t-.ld uf flirls' Plws. lid. Bnsixwsx Snrvcy Gcncrzxl Mctalls lit-p.u'tnn-nt Vouutionnl Typing Cross Country Conch Chrls' Phys. lfcl. Stcmwgpr.1pl1y Assistant Truck Conch SDLHISOI' ol Cf.A.A. EMILY MARTIN IAMES MARTIN VVILFRID NIQVVILLIAIVIS lnnior A Cappella Algebra Latin Avolizxn Gcornctry Lntin Clnlw Sponsor Clwss und Chcckcrs Clnlw Sponsor MARY ANN MORSE EDWIN NIEMI RUTH NORK Moclcrn History Art Spanish AlllCI'ik'ill'l History Painting Gcrmnn CIUFIILIII Club Sponsor Pnqv I8 O I Q i ongenlal Interest MARIETTA PARR Business Survey Stenography 1958 Assistant Class Sponsor DORA PASEL French Spanish French Club Sponsor GEORGE PECK Vocational Typing HENRY PEDDLE American History MARY A. PETERS Geometry Algebra RALPH PHILLIPS Chemistry IRENE PIELEMEIER Head of Language Department Spanish Sponsor of Spanish Club ALICE PRAGIVIAN English CARL PRIDE lVIaroon Sponsor English FRANK PRIST Business Survey Stenography Personal Typing DON QUILLMAN English Assistant Sophomore Football Coach Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach HARRY RAPLUS Head of Agriculture Denartinent Sponsor of F,l:.A. Agriculture Biology Page lf? DOUGLAS STEENSLAND Dirccioi' of Band M ARIORIE STOFFREGEN ling ish G. N. STUART Biology Chcniistry V450 Class Sponsor Sophoinori- l'masuhall Coach Varsity Ciolf Coach Sophoinort' XVi'cstlingi Coach Paof' 20 To broaden L. V. ROBINSON Trvasnrcr ALBERT SCHARF Hcalth Varsity VVrcstling Coach Varsity Baschall Coach HOWARD SCHULTE Social Prohlvms Forvnsics EDWIN SCHULZ Gcoinvtry Ocnvral Nlath. Algchra Assistant Varsity Football Coach Nlathviiiatics Clnh Sponsor NORMAN SCIBETTA lflcctric Shop Crafts licad of Industrial Arts Dcpartnicnt H. H. SHELBY llvacl of Social Scicncv Dcpartmcnt Social Prohlvnis 'IIHERESA SIREN LICUIIICIVY Algchra Sponsor of F.T.A, ROBERT SMITH Anwrican History Assistant Sophomorv Baskcthall Coach Assistant 'I'rack Coach LUCILE STANSELL Vocational Foods Spvcial Foods Spccial Clothing F.H.A. Sponsor Ht-.id of Horne' Economics Dcpartnicnt knowledge and gain wisdom fo seek capable leadership NORMA UNDERHILL ARLENE URQUHART E. MAX von ISSER Study Hull Supervisor Girls' Phys. Ed. Head of Art Dvpzirtincnt Modern Dance Sponsor Art Commercial Art Photography Cvmmics Varsity Swimming Conch WILLIAM WALTON CLARA WILSON HORTENSE E. WILSON Boys' Phys. Ed. Sightsnving Director Hezicl of lVlzithcmzitics Sophomore Bziskctbull Coach Dvpzirtmcnt Asst. Varsity Football Coach Algebra Trigonomvtry Solid Geometry WALTER M. WILSON ROBERT T. WINN HELEN WINSLOW Studcnt Council Sponsor Biology American History Economics Ath't-tic Ticket Nlzinziger Modern History Page 21 We prepare for The fufure Woodshop boys study for semesfer exams Jim DeMien and Lang Williams end mill a groove for a vise iaw on a vertical mill. M ,f E gi 'X x, K, ' :f.:Q?': Q Y 5 . 5 5 , 2 f is ' Elfilll PUBLIC SCHOOLS Profiting from each new experience .-Q.. The Audio-Visual Department provides films for all occasions. Sue Hamilton and Beverly Peterson, 'X The mystery ofthe mimeograph machine membfers of the Vocollonql is revealed to Sandy Reichel typing class, learn to f h , I, and Nancy Bierman. type ort elr ives. -T.. l iii W2 Y ,W An English class discusses the short story. 1-P Members of the bookkeeping class learn what to use when they run out ot fingers and toes. Elgin High School Stenographers learn the abc's of taking dictation. Pago 2-I S F it gag, gf N- . la fe. S E Q . ,-.M E ? , ww , ' 5 xx MW' .,f EQ 2 ' gllfitiff Q Q W. I A 5, --'- Q. 'T' M' '- was It fi. S ff Q11 if xf 11, Mftq, 1 ,W 5 Y Jxv QggMg?MH'?g if J' 'b I ., L v 6 K . 0 . M gi f - A, 1 ,- " g. 1 " 1 ,A Q W .Q , , QQ Q . ,bf . .ff . MX ssw""'f Algebra sfudenfs learn 'ro handle figures Our own specialists Bob Humbrachf and Virginia Morrison discuss legality of sending piggy fo market. Ancestral likeness is easily seen in This picture of biology students. 'N c c- We my .Q nr' ww W, . E Q? t V WN L . ,Www i. Q 4 2 QM. Ei X Q . 2 s z wif ,.:,Q., v y . my .. NJN I A"1" " ,ff ,f ff 65 ..,E..14 A, img?3x,wsfMN ,M bah' fii3f?fiJxi 4 X K, :Q , .M QW- J k ' 2 A xx . V :sg :iw M Q M F , -XM . , f 'vii fl f Q' Bmpr 4 , - W.-' J -5 """ iw??'7 fl'7' ' W .. Yr A L .img-Si'f"" i 5 YQ ' - i E A Q ,. f ' 'X . - Z f' "M ft-" 1! 5 f" 'iL ,-f!1 4 , vu 0 -1 - g Si L 1 X i my . , w g Q, 4 K Wm v' ' W! . W , Y X 4- 4. g ag 'sw Yin.. f fkf Sin 5 "" G FS - 'S x Q-NM mm .. ,xi 4 4 1. Q fc! I QW,-yf , wx, KL f, .! ' N , -I' 4.4 Xml I 5? gp . Introduce new and different crafts Julie Luallen, Joyce Smith, and Nancy Wendt learn the proper Techniques of covering their birthday suits. Lonnie Ackman, Sally Reynolds, and Sue Renwick concoct their interpretation of on coftee cake recipe. Ceramics students putter with their pottery. tt t,t V! ,ffl I American History students reproduce the Constitutional Convention. Creating and sustaining our interest Enriching us with outstanding programs Dick Linder, .lo Aikin, Maria Ninos, and Lyn Ludwig admire their outstanding bulletin board. Social Problems students discuss American leader's opinion on education. 'I ndliq , -. 5 ,L . L bs. K I "Double, double, toil and troublep Fire burn and caldron bubble." Page 31 Courses offered for all inferesfs 36-21-36 .... degrees Lynne Anselmon holds the hops while Roger Bierman and Dione Jurgens disfill o batch. S 3 K xi ,xl -4 . iw. 7 xi Q , A ,J,g5g,g4 5 Q wr is Xe .,..... K Q 5 cw R if Ae' Iwi-ww' 3 If 'WSW Q-K Art students turn out synthetic iewels. Congruent or not congruent, Instruction available for all needs Bob Fasnacht, Marie Grgurich, and Bill Kappler receive map instruction in World Geography class. "-'--un X . that is the question. Carla Franzen, Mary Plank, Sonny Evitts study our changing world in Earth Science class. E55'5"f?1y, I I A A QV? x iffy if ,el Lf x ' ,-.L5!f2lffj!j!,yf!,?1f 1 5 5 '. -,M L, , if 1 IA! 37, it ..,, , 'WWW i 35 5 5 3 5 is Nw Y if I 444 94 I ,... A I R ,ps X 5 ss at A . X, xx NUNG Z0 HOIQE 1958 CLASS COUNCIL . . . Bark row, L-R: Dale Iohnson. Dong lirginwiiikle. Fritz Licpitz. Craig Abbott. Bill lVlcnkc. Dave Volinvr. Dick Robertson, Bob Swanson. lorry Simpson. Don lohnston Front row, L-R: Lynn Danford. Indy Chattcrton. lzickie Hiunbrncht, Indy Dicrking, lVlurgo OBrien, lVlnry Withers, Saundrn Fzihrick. Innice Mock 1958 CLASS OFFICERS . . Dale lohnson, Vice-president Sznmdra Fabrick, Treasurer Ianice Mock. Secretary Dong Krzinwinkle, President Fifty-eight was great The Class of 1958 has distinguished itself for its capable student leader- ship. its scholarship, and its cooperative class spirit. The class song begins with the line, i'Our Elgin has the Great '58," and the school has indeed been happy to have them. The class as a whole has proved to be better than average in abilities among senior classes in Illinois high schools as measured by their scores in the statewide testing program, Eight students in the class passed the very demand- ing National Merit Scholarship examinations, placing EHS among the top twelve schools in terms of the total number of qualifiers. It is difficult to believe, but the class treasury has handled more than 58,000 from the proceeds of three class parties. two all-school record dances. two class plays, last year's Iunior-Senior Prom, the Homecoming festivities, the 1957 football game food concessions, and the class program of eating its way through EHS. The latter has consisted of a class breakfast, a Class lunch, and a class smorgasbord, and will be climaxed by the traditional class dinner. Page 38 ABBOTT, CRAIG WILSON Class Council 3,43 Football 2,3.-1: Basketball 2,3,-l: Base- ball 2.3.4 ABBOTT, MARLENE ACKMAN, LEILANA - Lonnie Ambition-To be a successful drummer Bowling 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Band 2.3.4 ACKMANN, SANDRA LYNNE - Sandy Ambition-To live a successful and contented life G.A.A. 2,3,'il ADAMS, IOHN SPENCER - Iohno Ambition-To be a golf pro Golf 2.3.-l: German Club 2,3: E Club -l: P.A. Announcer AESCHLIMAN, GREGORY ION - Greg Football 3.4: Wrestling 3,-l: Baseball 3: Track Al AHRENS, WILLIAM RICHARD - Willy Ambition-To make a career of the Air Force Intramural Basketball 2: Projection Club 3 AKEMANN, ERNEST R, '- Sow Ambition-To be a physicist Football 2.3.-4: Basketball 2,3,4: Track 2,3.-l ALTHEN, CHARLES ANDERSON, CRAIG RALPH - Andy Entered from Oxford High School, Oxford VVis. 1956 ANDERSON, DOREEN ELIZABETH - Dee Ambition-To be a commercial and fashion artist French Club 2,31 Senior A Cappella 'lz Orchestra 2: G.A.A. 3 ANSELMAN, LYNNE KAREN Ambition-To be a research scientist German Club 2.3: Ir. Red Cross 3: Band 2.-lc Moclern Dance -I ASHBY, GERALD L. - Gerry ASP, BARBARA ANN - Barbo Ambition-To be a medical technologist G.A.A. 2,3,4: Future Teachers' Club 'lz Future Nurses Club 3,45 Girls' Club 3,4 AUBLE, BONNIE IEAN - Bon Ambition-To be a fashion designer Modern Dance 23,4 - Secretary -l: Class Council 2: Student Council 4: French Club 3.-I AUBLE, BARBARA ANN - Barb Ambition-To be a fashion designer Student Council 2.3: Modern Dance 2,3,-l: French Club 3 - Secretary 4: G.A.A. 2.3,-l AUBLE, PATRICIA DEE - Pat Ambition-To be a physical therapist Spanish Club 2.3: Bowling 2.3: Red Cross 2: Girls, Club Representative 3 AYLWARD, KAREN ANNE - Stub Ambition-To be an airline hostess Spanish Club 2,3,-l: Girls' Club Representative -l: llorne- coming Assembly: G.A.A. 23.-l Page 39 BISNNER. BRENDA KAY - Bren Ambition-'l'o bc an airlinv hostvss I:.II.A. 2.3.4: Al'Ll1l'l'5' 2 BERNA, IAMES R. - lim W!'K'SIllll1l 2.3.43 'l'rack 2.3.4 BEU, VIVIAN MARIE - Viv Ambition-4-'l'o lnwoiuc a businc'ss woin in Spanish Club 2.3.41 Howling 2.5.4 BEVERLY, BARBARA ANNE - Barb Ambition'--'I'o bccoinv a IIICKIIC-ll Ss'crm'tai'y li.A.A. 3.4 l'3IllI'!'l'Kl from Sli I':ClXX'ilTLlS, Scp. 1956 BIERMAN, NANCY LEE - Nan Ambition-!l'o lwconu' a svcrvtary fiirls' Club 2.3.4 R4-prvscnuitivc 2.3.43 Bowling 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Volli-yball 3 BLAHA, IANICE ANNE - lan Cl.A.A. 2.3.41 l3owl'nu 3.4: Spanixlm Club 4: Nloalcrn Dance 4 BLANK. RICHARD WAYNE - Dick lntranuiral Howling 2.3: Intramural Basketball 2.3 I3I.0SA'I', BRUCE EDWIN - Bloss Ambition-'I'o bv a Llwmiual vngimwr l3aski'lball 2.3.43 Cross Country 2.3.43 li Club 3.4: Studcnt C' nnuil 3 A ' BOLERIACK, IUIJITH DEANNE - Iudy Ambition ---- 'l'o no into Rcal lfstatv tl,A.A. 2: l:.ll.A. 3.4 Page 40 BAKER. IOYCE ANNE - loycc Ambition-'I'o bc a suuccssfnl svcwtary Pop Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2: Eowlinu 2: Cirls' Club 2.3.4 BALLARD. SHARON KAY Ambition-To bc a sccrctary Bowling 2.3.41 Vollvyball 4: C.A,A. 2.3.4 BARMAN, IANE ADELE Anibition-To continuv in music Or-glivstra 2.3.41 Latin Club 3.4: G.A.A. 2 BARTOSIEWICZ, MARY ANN - Bart Ambition-To bc an army nursv Bowling 2.3.41 G.A,A. 2.3.4 BAUMAN. RALPH L. - Inski BAUMGARTNER. ROGER ALBERT - Rog Ambition-rI'o bv a mechanical vnqinccr Golf 2: Cllvin-Phys Club 3: Intramural Golf: Civil Defense BAXIVIAN, IEANNE ANN - Baxy Ambition-To gracluatc from college: Latin Club 2.3: Girls' Club 2.3.4. Bowling 2.3.43 G.A.A. 2.3.4 BEGALKA, DARWIN GALE - Bcgalk Ambition-To join tlw Navy Football 2.3.43 Basketball 2: E Club 3.4: Intramural Basket- ball 3.4 BEHM, LARRY ARTHER - Larry BROWN, IOHN RICHARD Ambition-To become an engineer Wrestling 2: Intramural Wrestling 2 BUERK, DARYL ALAN Ambition-To be a chemical engineer Football 3: Wrestling 4: Intramural Basketb ill 34 BURKART, GORDON DONALD Baseball 2: Track 3,43 Cross Country 4 Intrimural Bus ketball 2.3,4 BURNEY, ROBERT IRVING - Bob Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 BURNIDGE, IUDITH ANN - Iudy Ambition-To be a success in whatever I do Kwo-ne-she 23,45 Archery 2,3,4: Girls' Club Rt pruentai tive 3: Spanish Club 3 BURT, ILIDITH ANNETTE - Iudy Ambition-To earn a doctors degree in scienct G.A.A. 2,3,4: Latin Club 2: German Club 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 BURTON, SUZANNE LUCILLE - Susie Ambition-To become a teacher G.A.A. 2,3,4g Girls' Club 2,3.-is German tra 2,3,4 BUSCHE, LEONARD A. - Lennie Ambition-To be a mechanic Intramural Basketball 23 Bowling 2,3 BUSHAW, SUZANNE MARIE - Suzie Ambition-To become a secretary Entered from St. Edwards 1956 Page 41 CARTWRIGHT, LYNDA KAY -- Carty Ambition-To be a dress designer Cheerleading 2,3.4: Class Council 23,43 Sr. A Cappella 3.4: Girls' Club 23,4 CASTORO, SAL L. - Cas Ambition-To be a mechanic Intramural Basketball 23,4 CAVITT, WALLACE GENE Ambition--To be a mechanic Intramural Basketball 2,3,4: Bowling 2.3 CHATTERTON, IUDITH LORRAINE - Chat Ambition-To go through college successfully Bowling 2: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Modern Dance 2,142 C CHERCO, IUDITH ALAYNE - Cherc Ambition-To major in home economics lass Play 3,4 Student Librarian 3.4: Bowling 3,4: Class Play 3,4 CHISLETT, IEANETTE ANN - Chiz Ambition-To go through college successfully Tumbling: Kwo-ne-she: Student Council: Baton Twirling CHRISTLE, IAMES EDWARD Ambition-To be an engineer Footba'l 2.3,-4: li Club 3.4: Bowling 3,-I: Cverman Club 3 COBURN, MICHAEL CARLIN - Mike Band 2.14: Latin Club 2: Orchestra 2,141 Intramural 2 COLLIER, FRANK IOSEPH - Dud Page 42 CAIN, DURWARD ROY - Penguin Ambition-To become a real estate salesman Football 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 CALHOUN, VIRGINIA MARGARET Ambition-To become a good piano teacher German Club 2,3: French Club 4: Future Teachers 4: lr. Red Cross 4 CANTRELL, LINDA ANNE Ambition-To be successful in journalism Girls' Club Representative 2: Modern Dance 3,43 Orchestra 3: Aeolian 2 CANTRELL, ROBERT LOUIS - Bob Ambition-To go into business administration Student Council 2, Vice-president 3, President 4: Football 2,3.4: Track 2.3 Maroon 3 CAREY, NANCY LOUISE - Nan Girls' Club 2,3,4: Student Council 3: Spanish Club 3,4 CARLSON, CHARLES EARL -- Cowboy Ambition-To be an engineer Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4: Baseball 2,3,4 CARLSON, GERALD ERNEST - lerry Ambition-To be a flight engineer CARLSON, RICHARD CARLTON, ROSE MARIE Ambition-To become an accountant Bowling 2,31 Tennis 2: Volleyball 2,31 Girls' Club 2.3.4 COLLINS, DANNY IOE COOK, MARTHA LYNN - Marfie Ambition-To do social service work Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: Girls' Club 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: French Club 2,3 COOKE, IEFF L. - Poos Ambition-To be an airplane pilot Baseball 23 Cross Country 3: Tennis 3,4 COVEY, BONNIE MAE - Bon Ambition-To become a high school business teacher Spanish Club 2,31 Bowling 2,3,4q Modern Dance 2,3,4: Dwo-ne-she 3,4 COWAN, MARY ELLEN - Mar Ambition-To be a musical therapist French Club 3,43 G.A.A. 3,41 Nlaroon 3: Future Teach- ers 2.3.4 CRAIN, IANICE LYNN -1 lan Ambition-To be a healthy, happy homemaker F.I'I.A. Vice-president 3, President 43 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Cvirls' Club 2,3,4 CRONK, KENNETH EARL - Skip Ambition--To be an art director Tennis 2,3,4g Mirror 3, Editor-in-chief 4, E Club 4: Bowl- ing 2,3 CUTLER, ROBERT LEWIS - Cut Ambition-To go into the field of dentistry Student Council 2,3.4: E Club 2.3,4: Swimming 2,3.-lg Latin Club 2 DANFORD, LYNN RAMONA Ambition-To be an elementary school teacher Class Council 2.3,4: Spanish Club 2: Modern Dance 2.3,-I: Future Teachers 3,4 DANIELSON, WARREN RAY Ambition-To be a salesman Projection Club DeFOY, DONALD -- Dee Ambition-To be a commercial artist Spanish Club 3: Intramural Basketball 3,4 DeMlEN, IAMES - I. Ambition-To be a coach Football 23.43 Basketball 2: Baseball 2,3.-ls E Club 2.3.4 DEUTERMAN, IACK - Ossie Ambition-To be a psychiatrist Maroon 2: Latin Club DEVINE, IOHN - Iohn Tres Wrestling 25 Golf 2: Language Club De WANZ, PHILLIS ANN - Phil Ambition-To be a private secretary Band 2,3,4: Bowling 2,3.4: Volleyball 2.3: G.A.A. 2,3,4 DEWIS, BARBARA IEAN - Barb Ambition-To be an English teacher G.A.A.: Girls' Club DIERKING, IUDITH ANN - ludy Ambition-To be an elementary school teacher Sr. A Cappella 3.4: Class Council 4: G.A.A. 2.3,-l: Girls Club 2,3,4 DODDS, DOROTHY ANNE - Dottie Ambition-To be an artist Ir. Red Cross 2: Volleyball 3: Tennis 2: Bowling 2 Page 43 All ERMEL, MARILYN ANN Ambition-To be a model ETTER, LLOYD ALLEN - Dutch Ambition-'I'o be a nuclear physicist Tennis 2: Bowling 2.3 EWERT. SHELBIE LOUISE Ambition-To be El dental assistant Ir. Red Cross 2.3. President 4: Girls' Club 2.3,-I: G.A.A. 2.3.-I: Cerinan Club 2,3 FABRICK, SAUNDRA LU - Saunic Ambition-To have a successful life Class Treasurer 2.3,-1: Girls' Club Representative 2.3: Ger- man Club 2,3, Secretary 2: French Club -l FAIRCHILD, IOHN W. - Harry Ambition-'Iwo go to college Basketball 2.3: Golf 2,3,'l FAY, BONNI LEE - Bon Ambition-'I'o always do my best I7.H.A, 2: Drainatics Club 2: Girls' Club Representative 4: lr. Red Cross -l FEE, WILLIANI S. - Bill Ambition-To be a pilot in the Navy VVrestling 2: Track 2: Football 2.3.-lg Swimming -l FEHRMAN, IERRY VVALTER - Parrot AmbitionH'I2o succeed in life Cross Country 3.4: Basketball 2,3,-1: Track 3,-l: E Club 3.-I FLENTGE, IOYCE ANN - Susie Ambition-To a'ways be bappy Bowling 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3: Latin Club 2: Aeolian 2 Page 'H DORWALDT, IEANETTE CLAIR - Ieannic Ambition-To be a private secretary Archery 3.4: Pep Club 2,3,-lc lr. Red Cross 3.-lx Aeolian 2 DUERINGER, DIANE LUCILE - Di Ambition-To be a success in whatever I do DURRENBERGER, ROBERT DYE, LOIS IEANNE - Lo Ambition-To be a personnel director Girls' Club Cabinet 2. Vice-president 3, President -I: Class Council 2.3: G.A.A. 2,3 ELLIOTT, MARILYN I. - Ellie Ambition-To lead a happy life Student Council 2,.3,-lg Girls' Club Cabinet -l: G.A.A. 2,3,-iz Kwo-nc-she 3,4 EIVIIVIONS, ROBERT LEE - Bud Football 2: Class Play 3: Baseball 2: Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,-l ENGMANN, IRMTRAUT - Irmy Ambition-To be a clinical psychologist Cv.A.A. 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3.-l ENSIGN, GEORGE IVIAYHEW Ambition-To be a mechanical engineer Wrestliiig 2.3,'4: Chem-Phys Club 3,-lx Track 2 ERDMAN, ELNA NORENE - Cupid Ambition-To be successful G.A.A. 2.3.-lx Basketball 2.3: Bowling 2.3: Volleyball 2.3 FOHRMAN, BARRY GRANT Ambition-To be an aeronautical engineer Chess Club 2,3,4: German Club 2 FORBES, VERA IEAN - VJ. Ambition-To be a successful business executive Spanish Club 2: G.A.A. Representative 2: Mirror 3,4: Vol- leyball 2,4 FREISE, LUCILLE HELEN - Lucol Ambition-To be a registered nurse lr. A Cappella 3: Ir. Red Cross 2,3,4: Language Club 2.3: Archery 2,3 FRIEDMAN, ELAINE PHYLLIS - Freede Ambition-To go to college Bowling 2.3,4: Volleyball 4: Spanish Club 3,4 GARCIA, FLORENCE M. - Dolly Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2,3: G.A.A. 2 GARRELTS, CONNIE GLADYS Ambition-To be successful in whatever I do Girls' Club: G.A.A.: Class Council: Spanish Club GENZ. RICHARD LEE -1 Muck Ambition-To go into business Football 2,3,4: E Club 3,4: Student Council 2 GILLESPIE, MARY LOUISE - Lou Ambition-To have a happy and successful life Girls' Club 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4 GLASHAGEL, ANN - Annge Ambition-To get through col'ege Forensics 2,3,4: lr. Red Cross 2,3.4: Class Council 3: Girls' Club 2,4 GOFF, RAYMOND l. Ambitionsf-To enter the lield of electronics Intramural Basketball 2,3: Intramural Bowling 4 GOHRSCH, KATHRYN - Kay Ambition-To be a secretary Entered from St. Edwards 1956 GONZALEZ, MARTA ALICIA Girls' Club Representative 4: G,A.A. 4: Student Council 4 Exchange Student 4 Entered from Mendoza, Argentina 1957 GOROSCHKIN, EUGENIA - Ienie Ambition-To live a successful and happy life G.A.A. Representative 2,33 Student Council 4: Red Cross 4 Indian Dancing 2 GRANTHAM, EARL RICHARD Ambition-To be an engineer Intramural Bowling 2,3: Intramural Basketball 2,3 GRAY, WALTER IAMES '- Big Wad Ambition-To pole vault 16 feet Track 2.3,4: Intramural Basketball 2.3,4: Latin Club 2: In- tramural Bowling 2,3 GREVE, AUDREY ELAINE Ambition-To be a nurse Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Future Nurses Club 3,4 Latin Club 2 GROMER, MARY MARTHA Ambition-To be a primary grades teacher Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 3: Club 88.1 2,3.-1, Presi dent 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Language Club 2,3,4 GUSTAFSON, DONNA IEAN - Gus Ambition-To be successful in life Girls' Club Representative 4: G.A.A. 23,4 Fage 45 v HARTMAN. RUTH ANN - Ruthie Ambition-To be a homemaker Bowlint 2 3-l' Nloclern Dance 2.3.41 Girls' Club Cabinet 'lx .l - v v Spanish Club 3 HASEMAN, RALPH LOUIS - Rabbit Ambition-To be a successful businessm in Class Council 2,l,-l HAYWARD, SHARON LEE - Spike Ambition-'I'o become a nurse Kwo-ue-she 23,-1: lVlodern Dance -l: Spanish Club 3. Vice- president: Girls' Club 2 HEATH, LARRY GORDON Ambition-To be a radio and 'l'.V. technician Club 8X.l 2,3 Student Council Play 2 HEATH, VIOLET MARGRET -- Mike Ambition-To be a successful stenographer Bowling 23,-I: Archery 2: Volleyball 2 HEINE. SALLY ANN -- Sal Ambition-To be a secretary HEINTZ, WESLEY W. - Skip Ambition-To be a commercial art designer I'lIllt'l't'Ll from lackson High School IQS7 HELSDON, LINDA I0 - Dot Ambition-To be a good nurse Bowling 23.-i: Future Nurses' Clubg G.A.A. HENDERSON, MARILYN SUE - Careless Ambition-'l'o be a secl'etary Basketball: Tennisg Badminton: Softball Page 46 HAAS, PAUL H. Ambition-To be a pilot Class Council 2 HAASE, RICHARD I. - Rick Ambition-To be a chemist Football 2,3,-l: Baseball 2: Latin Club 2: Intramural Wrestling HAHN, BEVERLY IOAN -f Bev Ambition-To be a private secretary F.H.A. -I HAHN, KEN G. Ambition-To do construction work EFA. HALL, IUDY IEANETTE - Iude Ambition-To go to college Pep Club 3.-iz Girls' Club 2.3,-i: G.A,A. 2.3.-i HAMPEL, LYNN F. - Frankie Ambition-To live a happy and successful life Student Council 2,3,-lx Executive Council -la Spanish Club 2,3, Secretary 2: G.A.A. HANLEY, FRED LOGAN Ambition-To be a successful lawyer Wrestling 2: Golf 3.4: French Club 2.3, Treasurer 2: Intra- mural Basketball 2.3,-l HARMS, IACK CHARLES - Iocko Ambition-To manage a restaurant HARRIS, PATRICIA DALE - Pat Ambition-To lead a happy and successful life Bowling 2.3,-lc Mirror Business lVlgr. 4 HENNINGER, CAROLYN RUTH Ambition-To be a journalist Band 2,3.4: Orchestra 3.4: G.A.A. 2,3 HENSLEY, RICHARD IERRY -- Dick Ambition-To be a mechanic HETTINGER, TOM LENORD '- Hett Ambition-To be a chemical engineer Football 234: Swimming 2.3.42 Golf 2,3.4: E Club 3.4 HILEMAN, VIRGINIA LOUISE - Ginny Ambition-To be math teacher Bowling 2: Future Teachers 2.3,4: Orchestra 2,3.4 HINES, DONALD IOSEPH - Toby Ambition-To be a forest ranger E Club 3.4: Football Mgr. 2.3.42 German Club 3 HODGES, EDWARD ARTHUR - Ted Ambition-To be a mechanic Track 2 HOFFMAN, ION S. -1 Hoflie Ambition-To be an automotive engineer Tennis 2.3,4: E Club 4: Band 2,3,4: German Club 2 HOLLISTER, BARBARA ANN Ambition-To be an elementary grade teacher Future Teachers 3, 4, President 4: Bowling 2,35 Pep Club 2.3,4: Orchestra 2.3.4 HOLTZ, IUDIE LEE -- Iude Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2 32 HOMFELDT, LAWRENCE EDGAR - Homer Ambition-To be a music director Band 2.3.42 Big Timber Dancers 3,4: Class Play 3: Or- chestra 2 HOPP, DAVID A. - Dave Ambition-To be a pharmacist Latin Club 2.3: German Club 4: Swimming 2,3,4: E Club 4 HOPP, KAREN IOYCE Ambition-To be successful in anything I do Bowling 2,41 Pep Club 2,3,4: F.H.A. 2,3,4: Ir. A Cappella 3 HOPPE, RONALD HOWARD, MARY KAY - Red Cheerleading 2,3.4: Class Council 2,31 Kwo-ne-she 2.3.41 Sr. A Cappella 4 HUDGENS, BRUCE RAYMOND - Haji Baba Ambition-To be a psychologist Football 2.3,-iz Basketball 2: Track 2.3,4: Spanish Club 2.3 HULSBERG, EDNA IRENE - Ed Ambition-To be a nurse G.A.A. 2,3,4: Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: Pep Club 2.3 HUMBRACHT, IACKIE KAY Modern Dance 2,3.4: Class Council 4: Maroon 4: German Club 3.4 ISCARO, CONNEE VIRGINIA - Micky Ambition--To be a nurse Bowling 3.4: Modern Dance 2.4: Tennis 2,43 Indian Danc- ing 2,3 Page 47 IOHNSON, RICHARD ALAN - Rich Ambition-To be an electrical engineer IOHNSON. RICHARD BURGESS - Rick Ambition-To be a successful salesman Basketball 2,3,-1, Baseball 2,3,4g Student Council 23,43 Band 23,4 IOHNSON, THOMAS H. -1 App Ambition-To be a chemical engineer Football 23,45 VVrestling 214: Golf 2,143 Latin Club 2,3 IOHNSTON, DONALD LEE - Don Football 23,42 Class Council 2,14 IOHNSTON, HERBERT S. - Herb IONES. LESTER MAIZE - Biceps Ambition-To be a drafting teacher Track 2: Intramural Basketball 2.3.4 KAISER, HAROLD CHARLES - Hal Ambition-'l'o be a military othcer linti-red from Central High School, Lacross, Wis. 1956 KALLINA, FRANCIS ALBERT -1 Cuddles Ambition-'l'o enter the iii-ld of aviation Track 2,ql,'lC Cross Country 2: Orchestral 2,371 KAMPMEYER. IUDITH ANN - Iudy Ambition-'I'o be a good secretary Bowling 2,141 Cl.A.A. 2.3.-iz Girls' Club 'lp Spanish Club 3 Page -18 .www P'!?'7' uf' ..M"" IACOBS, IANIS KAY -1 Ian Ambition-To see happiness in life. Ir. A Cappella 3, Modern Dance 2,-I: Future Teachers 2,4 IENNINGS, DIANE LEE - Tina Ambition-To be happy and successful Spanish Club 2,33 Modern Dance 2,3945 Girls' Club Cabinet 2,3.4: Indian Dancing 2 IENSEN, RUTH MARIE Ambition-To be a secretary IENSEN, WAYNE ALBERT Ambition-To be a T.V. and radio repairman IENSEN, WAYNE MURRAY - Woo Ambition-To be a bus driver Football 2,4: Student Council -l: Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 IOHNSON, DALE EVERETT Ambition-To be a cab driver Class Council 2,3.4: VVrestling 2,3.-l: E Club 2.3,-lg Intra- mural Basketball 2,3.-I IOHNSON, DARLENE IOYCE Ambition-To be a beautician Bowling 2: Modern Dance 2: German Club 2 IOHNSON, IUDITH LYNN - lud Ambition-To be a secretary Indian Dance 2,31 Bowling 2,3 IOHNSON, LARRY ALLEN - Hey you Ambition-To see the world Intramural Golf 2: Club 88.l 2 KAPTAIN, ROSEMARY - Rosie Ambition-To live a happy life Ir. A Cappella 3: Bowling 3.4: Pep Club 3,-l KARSTEN, KAREN PATRICIA - Pat Ambition-To be a physical therapist Indian Dancing 2,3: Sr. A Cappella 3,-lc Baton Twirling 3,-l: G.A.A. 2,3 KELLER, MARCIA SUE -1 Marsh Ambition-To be happy and successful in whatever I do Maroon -lc G.A.A. 2.3,-l: Modern Dance 2.3: German Club 2.3 KING, DIANA LEE Ambition-To be a medical technician Modern Dance 2,3,'i: Sr. A Cappella -lg Latin Club 2: Spanish Club 3 KIRKPATRICK, SUSIE CARTER - Suz Ambition-To go into speech and dramatics Cheerleading 2,-l: Kwo-ne-she 2,3943 Girls' Club Representa- tive 2.33: Club 88.1 4 KISSELBURG, CAROL ANN - Kissel Ambition-To be a nurse Sophomore Dramatics Treasurer 2: Spanish Club 2.3.-lc Red Cross 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 KLEIN, KAREN IUNE Ambition-To do general office work G,A.A. 2.3.45 Bowling 2,41 Girls' Club 2,3.-l KLINE, BILLIE LEE Ambition-To be a housewife F.H.A. 3 KLUXDAL, THOMAS IOHN - Tom Ambition-To be an accountant Intramural Basketball 3,4: Track -I Entered from Mercer High School Nov. 1956 KOEHLER, GLEN ALFRED Ambition-To own my own business Wrestling 2: Baseball 2: Intramural Basketball 3: Student Council 2,3 KOTCHUCK, IUDITH FRANCES - Koteh Ambition-To be a dramatics teacher Modern Dance 2.3,-lc Class Play 3,-l: Club 88.1 2 KOYN, CAROLYN IEAN - Koynic Ambition-To lead a happy life Red Cross 4: F.H.A. 'lx Class Play 3.-l KRANWINKLE, CONRAD DOUGLAS - Winkle Ambition-To become a successful doctor Basketball 2,3,4: Class President 2,331 Student Council 2,3,-I - Illinois Association of Student Councils Treasurer -l: Sr. A Cappella 2,3 KREINBRINK, GLEN Ambition-To be a forester Cross Country 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3: Track 2,3 KROLL, STEPHEN GORDON Ambition-To be a successful salesman Band 2,33 Chem-Phys Club 3: Intramural Basketball -1: Class Play Committee 3 IOHN KUSCHMIRZ KVISTAD, PAUL IENS - Quiss Ambition-To be an engineer Wrestling 2.4: Track 3: Bowling 3.-ly Intramural Basket- ball 3,4 LACEY, RAE ANN Ambition-To be successful in whatever l do Class Play 3: Pep Club 2: Bowling 2,3,-lc Kwo-ne-she 2.3,-I Page -19 LASEMAN, IUDY ANN -- Lasc Ambition-To be an airline hostess Pep Club 2.3.4: Girls' Club 2.3.41 Student Council 4: Modern Dance 2.4 LAWRENCE, IOHN ALLAN - Brooks Ambition-To be a professional baseball player Baseball 2.3.4: Football 2: E Club 3.4: German Club 2.3 LEA, WILLIAM R. -- Doc AinbitionyTo operate a radio station Club 88.1 2.3.4 LEGG, SARA IEAN Ambition-To be a biochemist Bowling 4 Entered from American School of Guatemala Sep. 1957 LEITH, ROBERT F. -- McLeith Ambition-A golf pro Golf 2.3.41 E Club 3.4: Football Mgr. 2: German Club 3 LEMKE, BARBARA ANN - Barb Ambition-To enter the foreign service Bowling 4 lintered from Barrington High School 1956 LEUALLEN, LARRY STEVEN Ambition-To be a research scientist Chess Club 3.4: Intramural Basketball 3.4: Swimming Mgr. 3: German Club 3 LcVINE, PATRICIA ANN -1 Pat Bowling 2.3: Ir. A Cappella 3 LIDEN, ROBERTA ANNE -- Birdie Ambition--To go into social work Student Council 3.4: Girls' Club Cabinet Treasurer 3: Class Council 2.3.4: AFS Exchange Student to Finland Page 50 LAGERSTROM, VERNE LEE Ambition-To be a sheet metal worker LAMP, IAMES ROBERT ,- Pedro Ambition-To be a mechanical engineer Spanish Club Treasurer 2: Maroon 3: Track 2.3,4: Football 2 LANDIS, NORMA LYNN - Norm German Club 2: Bowling 2.3.4: Volleyball 2.3.41 Tennis 2.3.4 LANDWEHR, MEL GEORGE - Mel Ambition-To be a draftsman Baseball 2: Intramural Basketball 2.3: Sr. A Cappella 2 LANGE, CAROL MAE Ambition-To be a secretary G.A.A. 2: Girls' Club 2.3,4: Indian Dancing 2: Pep Club 2.3.4 LANGUM, DAVID IOHN .-f Dave Ambition-To be a corporation lawyer Forensics 2.3.43 Latin Club 2: Public Address 3,4 LAPP, IOHN CHRISTIAN Ambition-To be superintendent of a golf class Intramural Baketball 2.3: German Club 2.3 LARSON, DIANA IEAN - Di Ambition'-To be an efficient secretary Spanish Club 2.3: Kwo-ne-she 3.4: Girls' Club 4: Bowling 2.3 LARSON, IANIS GENEEN - Ian Ambition-To be an airline hostess Spanish Club 3: G.A.A. 3 LIEPITZ. WALTER IOHN '-f Fritz Football 2.3,-i: Basketball 2,3,4: Baseball 2.3.-1: lr. A Cap- pella 2.3 LINDOERFER, IUDITH ANN - Iudy Ambition-To be an airline hostess Bowling 2,3,-i: G.A.A. 2,3,-ig Girls' Club 2,3.-l: Pep Club 2,3,-1 LINDOERFER, MARY KATHRYN - Mare Ambition-To be a good nurse Student Council 2,3, Executive Council 4: German Club 2, Treasurer 3: Modern Dance -1: Girls' Club 2,3.-I LOHBAUER, MARY LEE -- Lee Ambition-To be a dress designer Class Play 3,-l: G.A.A. 2,3,-i: French Club 3,4: Dramatics Club 2 LONG, DOROTHY LILLIAN RUTH Ambition-To be a secretary lr. A Cappella 3: G.A.A. 2.3,-I: German Club 2.3: Bowl- ing 2.394 LOVEIOY, GLENN A. -- Shorty Basketball 3,4 LOWRY, GAIL IEANNINE Modern Dance 2,3.-1: Student Council 2: Girls' Club 4: G.A.A. Representative -i LUEDTKE, MANFRED BRUNO -1 Luke Ambition-To be a radio and T.V. repairman Trampoline 2.3 LULLIE, IOANNE MARIE - lo Ambition-To be a stenographer Bowling 2,3,-1: Aeolian 2: Pep Club 2.3,'i: Class Play 3 3 l s E LUND, CLARK EDWARD -1 Squeeker Ambition-To become a civil engineer Wrestling 2,3913 Cross Country 2,'i: Baseball 2,3,-1: E Club 3,4 LUSCHER, IRWIN DAVE - E.D. Ambition-To be a policeman LUSCHER, WILLIAM G. - Bill Ambition-To be a commercial pilot Basketball Mgr. 2: Track 2: Track Mgr. 3: Intramural Bowling 2 MANUEL, MARGARET IEAN - Peg Ambition-To be a success on the stage Sr. A Cappella 3,41 lr. Red Cross 2,3,-l: Class Play 3.4: Girls' Club Representative 2 MANZOW, GARY GENE - Butterball Ambition-To be a mechanic Intramural Volleyball 2 MARKOWITZ, IANICE LEE - Witchie Ambition-To be an airline hostess Aeolian 2 MARVIN MILDRED MARIE - Milly Student Council 4 MARXEN, SANDRA LEE - Sandy Ambition-To be a secretary I Red Cross 2: Bowling 2,3,-ig Pep Club 3.4: Girls Club 2 McCONNEY, ROSE NINA - Rosie Ambition-To be an airline hostess F.I'I.A. 3,4: German Club 3 Page 51 MILLIGAN, MIKE R. MINEHART, WILLIAM E. - Bill Ambition-To get an education Student Council 4: Intramural Sports 2.3.4 MINKIEWICZ, WALTER - Walt lfntvrcd from Columbia High School. Lake City. Fla. MOCK, ANICE ANN - an I I Ambition-'I'o successflilly complete four years of college Cirls' Club 2.3.4. Treasurer 2: Student Council 2: Class Secretary 2. 3,4 MORLEY, DAVID THOMAS - Iakc Ambition-'I'o be a fore-stcr Football 2.14: Wrestlingi 2: Track 2,3.4 MOSS, CAROL IEAN - Chic Ambition-'I'o be si guidance teacher Spanish Club 21 C.A.A. 2.3.43 Girls Club 2.3.4 MUMME. BONNIE MUSIKICH, MICHUM PETER - Musi Ambition-To be a dentist Football 2.14: Track 2,33 If Club 3,43 German Club 3 NEAL. THOMAS P. - Pctc Ambition-To he an aeronautical engineer German Club 3,43 Latin Club 2: Chess Club 23: VVres- tling 23,4 Page 52 MCGARRY, BOB GENE - Magoo Ambition-To join the Navy Class Council 2.3: Football 2.3: VVrestling 23,-I: E Club 2.3,4 McKAY, DENNIS ANDREW Intramural Volleyball 2 MCKELVEY, IAIVIES WILLIAM - lim Ambition-To be a commercial artist Entered from Barrington High School Sep. l957 MELCHIOR, ERIKA FRIECHEN - Tootic Ambition-To become a great artist IVIENKE, WILLIAM IOHN - Mink Sr. A Cappella 4: Class Council 4: E Club 3,-l: Basketball 2 METZGER, GEORGE Ambition-To be an agricultural chemist Bowling 4: Chem-Phys Cluh 4 MICHELSON, LARRY DALE - Mich Swimming 2.14: E. Club 2,3.4: Class Council 2: Student Council 3 MICKLEVITZ, MARY LOU - Louic MILLER, GARY I. -- Sam NELSON, BARBARA IEAN - Barb Ambition-To be a nurse Spanish Club 2,3: lr. Red Cross Representative 4: lr. A Cappella 3: Indian Dancing 2 NELSON, KAREN Ambition-To be happy and successful Girls' Club Representative 2.3: lr. Red Cross 3,-I: Student Council -I: Homecoming Dance Chairman -I NELSON, MELVIN R, - Mellie Football 2.3.-I: Wrestling 2: Baseball 2: E Club 3,-I NELSON, RAYNOR DEAN Ambition-To be a successful engineer Band 2,3.-I: Golf 2,3,-1: Intramural Basketball 2,3,-I NELSON, STEPHEN G. -f Steve Ambition--To be an engineer Intramural Basketball 2: Latin Club 3 NEUMANN, RICHARD K. - Dick Ambition-To get through college Football -I: Intramural Basketball 2,3.-I NICKEL, ROY W. - Nick Ambition-To have a great dance band Football 2,41 Band 2.3.4: Orchestra 2.3,-I: Intramural Bas- ketball 23,4 NICKLES, IOHN B. - Nick Band: Projection Club: Bowling: Big Timber Dancer -I NITZ, GERALD LEE - Ierry Ambition-To be a barber 'Cf NORDEN, ROGER RAYMOND - Rog Ambition-To graduate from college O'BRIEN, LAWRENCE IAMES - Larry Ambition-To go to college Bowling 2,3: Intramural Basketball 3,-I O'BRIEN, MARGO NATALIE -1 Marg Ambition-To become a successful teacher Aeolian 2: German Club 3: Modern Dance -I: G.A.A. 2.3.-I O'CONNOR, BOB GORDON - Bob-O Big Timber Dancers 2,3,-I: Class Play 3.-I: Projection Clul' 3.4: Bowling 2,3,4 OEHLER, IACK - Wampas Ambition-To get through college Football 2: Intramural Sports 2,3.-I OLESEN, IOYCE MADELINE Ambition-To be a secretary O'NEIL, CONNIE ORBAN, SANDRA LEE -1 San Ambition-To become a nurse Future Nurses Club 2.3,4: Girls' Club Representative 4: G.A.A. 3: Sr. A Cappella 4 OTTO, ALVIN IAMES '- lim Ambition-To become a florist Entered from Maine Township High School 1956 Page 53 PETRY, MARILYN IEAN Ambition-To be a dental assistant Bowling 3,41 G.A.A. 23,4 PFEIFFER, MARIE - Mitzi PFISTER, RICHARD GEORGE - Pfis Ambition-To be an engineer Football 2,3,4: Baseball 2: E Club 3.4: Band 2,3 PFLEDERER, IACK FRANCIS - Pfled Ambition-To be happy Basketball 23,41 Tennis 2.14: Cross Country 43 E Club 4 PREISS, SUZANNE MARIE - Suzie Ambition-To be of service to needy children Aeolian 2: Ir. A Cappella 37 Mirror 3 PRELL, GARY ROBERT Football 2: Bowling 23,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,-I PRITCHARD, ROBERT L. - Bob Ambition-To go into the tield of electronics PROCHNOW, HATTIE LOU - Hada Lou G.A.A. 2,3 PUFFPAFF, GENE LEE - Puffy Ambition-To further my education Wri'stling 2,3,4g Baseball 2.14: Basketball 2: E Club 3.4 Page 54 PALMER, GEORGE I. - Geo Ambition-To be an arc welder Intramural Basketball 2,3.4: Student Council 3: Class Coun- cil 2: Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4 PARSONS, ROGER B. -- Rog Ambition-To be a foreign correspondent Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4, President 4: Basketbtall Mgr. 2,3,4 Student Council 4: Football Mgr. 2 PASHOLK, LEONARD ANTONY - King Ambition-To be a machinist Football Mgr. PAULIN, NORMAN C. -- Norm Ambition'-To be a printer PENTZ, IUDITH ANN -1 Pentzie Ambition-To be an airline hostess Indian Dancing 25 Aeolian 25 Cv.A.A. 2,3,4 PERRY, ALLAN E. -- Al Ambition'-To be a success Big Timber Dancers 2,3,4 PETERS, IUDY ANN - Pete Ambition-To join the service Bowling 2 PETERSDORF, BARBARA IEAN -1 Barb PETERSON, LINDA MAE - Petey Ambition-To be a legal secretary Bowling: lr. A Cappella RAFTER, MONA IO - Pea Picker Bowling 4: Modern Dance 4: Volleyball 4 Entered from Uniontown Sr. I-Iigh School, Uniontown, Pa. RAPLUS, CLARA IANE - Clare Ambition-To work in an experimental foods kitchen Band 2,3,4: Girls' Club Representative 35 F.l'I.A. 2,33 G.A.A. 2,3,4 RASMUSSEN, DAVID R. - Ras Ambition-To be a chemist Class Play 39 Football 2,3: Band 2: Latin Club 2 REA, MARGARET LOUISE - Marci Ambition-To be an lVl.D. Modern Dance 2,3.4g Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4 REHBERG, MICHAEL LEE - Mike Football 2,3,4: Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4: E Club 3,4: Golf 2,3,4 REICHEL, SANDRA MAE - Sam Ambition-To be an executive secretary Girls' Club 2: Cv.A.A. Representative 3,45 Class Council 4: Sr. A Cappella 3 REID, IOANNE SHIRLEY - Io Ambition-To be an airline hostess Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: Girls' Club 4: Bowling 2,3,-1: G.A.A. Representative 3 REINERT, IEFFREY S. - left Ambition-To be an engineer Football 2,3,4: Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4: Track 3,-i: Class Play 3,4 REINSALU, AARNE LEE Ambition-To have a good job Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3,4g E Club 2,3,4: Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4 RENWICK, CAROLE SUE - Rennie Ambition-To be a commercial artist Cheerleading 2: Girls' Club Representative 2.3: Student Council 45 Sr. A Cappella 3,4 RENWICK, SUSAN KAY - Sue Ambition-To be a model Cvirls' Club Cabinet 2.3: lVlodern Dance 2,3,-I: Ir. A Cap- pella 3: Business Council 2 REUTER, IERRY L. - Red Ambition-To be an engineer Football 2 REYNOLDS, PETER IOHNSON - Pete Ambition-To own a radio station Club 88.1 2 REYNOLDS, SALLY ANN - Sal Ambition-To uphold my rights as a citizen Student Council 2,3.4: Modern Dance 4: Girls' Club Repre- sentative 4g Business Council 2 RHOADES, FRED DALE Ambition-To graduate from college Football 2,3,4: Baseball 3,4: Bastketball 2: E Club 3.4 RHOADES, MARGARET ANN - Peggy Ambition-To be a private secretary G.A.A. 2: Dramatics 2: F.H.A. 4 Entered from Arsenal Technical High School. Indianapolis, Ind. RICHARDS, MARILYN KAY Business Council 25 Mirror 3: Aeolian 2 RICKETTS, IANET LOUISE Latin Club 2.3: Orchestra 2,3,4: Girls' Club 3 Page 55 RUSSEL, LEONARD R. - Lcn AIIIIIIIIKJII-IIIKD be il criuiiuologist IllI'l'iiIlllil'4Il Sports I l'l11t1'1'1'cl froiu Arlington llcights. 1056 RYDELI., IANICE M. -- lan Aiiilulioiiflo be .1 secretary lIlISllll'SS Council 2: Ci.A.A. 3 SANDERS, NORMAN KIETH - Norm Aiubiliou-'llo becoiue .1 successful niechauical enqiiicer SANDERSON, ILIDITH LYNN - Iudy Anibiriou-'l'o be a secretary liiitewcl from Pope County Clillllllllillfy' High School, 1957 SAUNDERS, EARL ANTHONY Aiubiriou-'l'o bc .1 machinist SAVEGNAGO, SALLY ANN - Sal Auibition-'l'o be a nurse Spanisli Cl11b 3,-l: Girls' Cllll5 Representative 2,-l: Future Nurses Club -lg C.A.A. 2.3,-I SCHERF, IACK RICHARD - Cowboy Aiiiliitioii-To go into the service SCHLEIF, CAROL DIANE Anibition-'l'o be a beautician Howling 2,142 C.A.A. SCHMIDT, ALLEN EUGENE - Al Aiubitioii-'llo be a bricklaycr l11t1'.111111r.1l liasketball 2,32 VVrestling -I Page 56 RIPPBERGER, MARY IANE - Butch Bowling 2,3,-I: Ir. A Cappella 3: Aeolian 2 ROBERTSON, RICHARD G. -- T.G. Ambition-To become a band director Football 2: Track 2: Class Council 3.-l: Band 2.3.-i ROBINSON, PHILIP NORMAN - Phil Ambition-To be successful Cl11b 88.1 2: lntraiiiural Basketball 3,-I ROGERS, HELEN EILEEN - Lover Ambition-To be a secretary Business Council 2: G.A.A. 2.3 ROHM, HOWARD HUGO - Howie Ambition-To be an engineer Track 3:11 VVrestling -l: German Cl11b 3: Club 88.1 2 ROSENE, CHARLES NILE - Abc Bowling 2.3.-iz Intraniural Basketball 2,1-iz Spanish Club 2,3 ROSS, SHIRLEY ANN - Shocy RUBENSTEIN, WILLIAM S. - Bill Class Council 23 lr. A Cappella 2, Wrestliiig 23 Sr, A Cappella 3,4 RUSHING, NONA IANE -1 Nonic Ambition-To become a physical therapist Bowling 2,3,-iz lr. A Cappella 3: Sr. A Cappella -i: Tennis 2 SCHMITT. DIANE M. - Smitty Ambition-To be a music teacher Band 2,3.'I, Treasurer 'lx Kwo-ne-she 3,-I: Girls' Club Rep- resentative 3: G.A.A. 2.3,-I SCHULTZ, PATSY LEE - Red Entered from Dundee Community High School SCHULTZ, WILLIAM CHARLES - Chuck Ambition-To be a barber Entered from Dundee Community High School SCHURMEIER. SALLY ANN -- Sharm Ambition-To be successful in college Kwo-ne-she 2.3.-I: Class Council 2: Student Council -iz Modern Dance -I SENSOR, RONALD L. - Stretch Ambition-To be a carpenter Basketball: Projection Club SHAW, STEVE - Ruby Ambition-To be an architect Basketball 2,3.-l: Baseball 2,3.-is Student Council -iz E Club 3.4 SHELBY. GARY GEORGE - Car Ambition-To go into the automobile business Intramural basketball 2: Spanish Club 2,31 Tramopline -I SHINNALL, LAWRENCE RUSSELL - Russ Ambition-To work on cars VVrestling 2,1-I SHOWMAKER, BARBARA SUE - Barbie Ambition-To be a beautician hdodern Dance 2 eip Qs? it .sit si SIEGMEIER, ROGER SIEROSLAWSKI, FRANK HENRY - Ski Ambition-To go to trade school Football 2,3943 Band 2,3,-is Student Council -ix li Club 3.-I SIMPSON, IERRY LEE Spanish Club 2,31 Class Council 3,-lc Baseball 2 SINKO, SALLY MAE - Sal Babe Ambition-To be a secretary Spanish Club 3: Bowling 3,-I: Future Teachers 2: lr. A Cappella 3 SIPPLE, DAVE MARTIN - Sip Ambition-To own a print shop Projection Club 2 SITLER, HELEN LAURINE Ambition-To be a teacher Bowling 4 Entered from Niles High School, 1957 SMITH, BARBARA LEE - Smitty Ambition-To be a secretary Cv.A.A. Representative 2: Spanish Club 3: Red Cross Rep resentative 4 SMITH, BEVERLY IOAN - Hot Rod Ambition-To be a private secretary Band 2,3,4, Secretary -iz Bowling 2,3,-iz Orchestra 2.3.-I SMITH, CHARLENE ROBERTA - Io Ambition-To be a nurse Page 57 l STARK, IEANNE DIANE - Ieanno Ambition-To be a success Fixture Nurses Club 2,33 Future Teachers Club 3.4: French Club 3,4: Bowling 2,4 STEEN, SONIA MARGIT '- So-So Ambition-To be happy and successful lr. Red Cross 2,43 Bowling 2,4: Latin Club 2: Future Nurses 2,3 STEFFEN, IEANNE STEFFENS, NEIL KURT Ambition-To become a Certified Public Accountant Intramural Basketball 3,43 Bowling 3: German Club 2 STEVENS, CAROL SUE - Stevey Ambition-To study music Sr. A Cappella 3.4. Secretary 4: Student Council 3,4: Cl.A.A. 2,4: Girls' Club 2.3.4 STEVENSON, ROBERT BRUCE -1 Bruce Ambition-To go into the field of electronics Club 88.1 2: Projection Club 4: Spanish Club 2 STEWART, DORIS IEAN - leannic Ambition-To be successful STOKES, WENDEL ROLLO - Sunny Ambition-To be a diesel mechanic Entered from Goreville, Ill. i956 STONEHOCKER, ALLAN DOYLE - Al Ambition-To be a plumbing contractor Page 58 SMITH, ION R. - Smity Ambition-To be a farmer F.F.A.g Football 2: Wrestling 2 SMITH, RESSIE LORECE - Billie Ambition-To be successful Entered from Hope County Community High School, 1957 SMITH, MARY ANN -1 Smitty Ambition-To be a nurse Class Council 2: Future Nurses Club 3,-l: Kwo-ne-she 3.4: G.A.A. 2,3,4 SMITH, NORMA HAZEL - Norm Ambition-To be successful Bowling 2,3,4: Volleyball 2.3,-I SOBYRA, WILLIAM I. - Bill Ambition-To be an actuary Entered from Leo High School, Chicago. 1957 SOMMER, MARY SUE - Sue Ambition-To be successful Future Teachers 2.4: Red Cross 3.4: French Club 3: Ir. A Cappella 3 SOMMERS. LARY LYNN - Ears Student Council 23 Red Cross 4: Intramural Basketball 2,3,-I: Homecoming Assembly 4 SPICER, ELVIN FRED - Pepper Ambition-To be an electrical engineer STANNARD, ANN MARY - Tex Ambition-To be a lab technician Entered from San Antonio, Tex. 1957 STRACKANY, BETTY SUE - Stracks Ambition-To be successful Band 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2: Bowling 2.3.4 STRACKANY, RENALD STAN .- Renny Ambition-To own my business Projection Club 2,3,4: Baseball 3 STRAHL, MERLIN EDWIN - Merl Ambition-To be an architect Projection Club 2,3,4 STUART, GENE N. 1- Stuie Ambition'-To graduate from college Cross Country 2,3,4g Basketball 25 E Club 2.3,4: Base' ball 2.3,4 SWABACK, GORDON CALVIN - Swaby Ambition-fTo be a mason Entered from Wheaton Academy, Wheaton, Ill l956 SWAINSON, WYN SWANSON, LINDA LOUISE -f Swanie Ambition-To lead a successful life Student Council 4: Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: Girls' Club 2,3,4g Ir. Red Cross 2,3 SWANSON, ROBERT A. - Swede Ambition-To obtain a Doctor of Music degree Football 2: Class Vice-President 25 Class Council 3,4p Band President 4 SWEET, RUTH ANN - Sweet Ambition-To be an elementary teacher German Club 2.3: Girls' Club Representative 3,43 G.A.A. Representative 35 Future Teachers 2,3,4 TAYLOR, KATERINE IUDITH -f Iudy AmbitionFTo be a nurse Archery 25 F.I-I.A. 4 TAYLOR, PHYLLIS ANN - Phyl Ambition-To be a secretary THIELSEN, HENRY CLAUS -1 HANK Ambition-To be an aeronautical engineer Football 4: Wrestling 4 Entered from Carl Schurz High, Chicago 1957 THOMAS, DALE FRANKLIN Ambition-To be a forester Football 2,35 Track 2.3,4: Big Timber Dancer 3.4: Spanish Club 2,3 THOMAS, KIRBY I. - Kirb Football 2,3: Wrestling 2,3: E Club 2,3: A Cappella 2,3,4 THOMPSON, IOAN IUDY -f Thomps Class Council 2.3: Student Council 4: Sophomore Dra- matics Club 25 German Club 2,3 THORNE, HELEN ARLINE Ambition-To be a private secretary G.A.A. 2,3.4: Pep Club 2,45 Business Club 2 THRUN, TOM RAY - Toom Ambition-To be an architect Assembly Organist 3,49 Ir. A Cappella 3,45 Football Con- cessions 4g Class Play 3 TILLEY, IAMES PAUL -- Tilly Wrestling 2,3,4: lr. Red Cross 43 Band 2: Spanish Club 2,3 Page 59 I M wk A i'E"', 1 , r: i , --2' r A", ' 9 , -. fe is VAUGHAN, RICHARD PEARCE - Arky Ambition-'I'o be a professional baseball player Baseball 2,3342 Basketball 2,3.'l: Football 2: li Club 2,3,-l VILLARS. CAROL G. Ambition-'I'o be a florist Orchestra 2g C.A.A. 2,3.'l: Spanish Club 2,-I: Mirror 3 VOGELMANN, YVONNE B. - Vunnic Ambition-'I'o become an elementary school teacher fiirls' Club Representative 2.3.-I: Aeolian 2: Spanish Club 2.3: Sr. A Cappella -I VCTCT, WILLIAM BERNARD - Little Bill Ambition-'I'o be a tool and die maker lntlusfrial Arts Club 2 VULLE, IOEI. G. lfnterecl from VVheaton College Acaderuy IQS7 VOLMER. DAVE - Volni liootball 2.3.-lg lt Club 3.-I: Class Council -lx Track WACKER, DIANA IUNE -- Dec Bowling 2 WAGNER, SANDRA KAY - Sandy Ambition-'l'o be a secretary Bowling 2,3,-l: Ai-olian 2: Spanish Club 3 WALKER, BONNIE IEAN - Bon Ambition-'l'o be a nurse 2.3,-I lruture Nurses Club 3,'l: Girls' Club 2.31: G.A.A. 34 Page 60 TIMMS, LES Entered from Leyden High School, Oct. V955 TOMPKINS, SALLY IOHANNA Ambition-To go to college Archery 2: Bowling 2,3.-I TONKENS, REID SAMUEL Ambition-To be a physician Maroon 2.3.-l. Business Manager 3, Editor -is Latin Clul President 2: Cross Country 2: Baseball 2 TOPPEL, ERMADEAN M. - Dec Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2,-l: Pep Club 3,-I: Ir. Red Cross 2: Aeolian 2 TROLSON, ROBERT EARL - Bob Ambition-To be a theological teacher Latin Club 2: German Club 3.-I: Class Play 3 ULSAVER, VALERIA IUNE - Froggic Archery 2: French Club -I UNRUH, WARREN VALENTINE. IANE ANN - Ianic Ambition-To be an elementary school teacher Spanish Club 23.43 G.A.A. 2,1-l. Vice-President 3. Presi- dent -l: Girls' Club 2.3,-l: Student Council 2.3,-I, Co-Chair- man -I VANDERFORD, IUDITH LYNN - Iudie Ambition-To lead a happy and successful life Aeolian 2: Class Play 3.4: Sr. A Cappella 3,41 French Club 3 WILLIS, IOYCE ANN - Will Ambition-To live a successful life Ir. A Cappella: Modern Dance 2.3: Gt Club G.A.A. 2,3 WINEINGER, ROGER ALAN - Tiny Ambition-To be a Navy recruiter Band 2,3,4: Wretling 2.3: German Club 23 lntrimuril Basketball WINIE, IUDITH ANNE - Gee Ge Ambition-To be a physical therapist Kwo-ne-she 3,43 lr. Red Cross 4: Pep Club 34 Entered from Libertyville-Fremont High 1956 WIRES, CHARLOTTE LOUISE - Char Ambition-To travel around the world Bowling 2,3,4 WISEMAN, MARGARET ANN Entered from York l-ligh School l957 WITHERS, MARY PAGE - Muggs Ambition--To be a teacher Class Council 4: Girls' Club Cabinet 3.-l Treasurer 4 Orchestra 2,3,-l, Secretary 4: Indian Dancing 2 WOOLCOTT, DICK IAMES '- Squcaks Ambition-To own a gas station lr. A Cappella 2,143 Intramural Basketb ing 2,4 WOOLCOTT, EUGENE ROY - Huge Ir. A Cappella: Sr. A Cappella WRIGHT, NORTON OWEN - Nort Ambition-To be an automotive mechanic Basketball Mgr. 2: Track Mgr. 2.3.-i: Foothill Mgr 34 E Club Paqe 61 YOUNG, SANDRA LEE -- Sandy Ambition-To be a registered nurse ZIEGLER, RAMONA MAY - Mona Ambition-'To be a beautician Cverman Club 3: Volleyball 3 Entered from Arlington Heights. 1957 ZIMMERMANN, LOUIS HAROLD - Louie Ambition-To be an engineer Club 88.1 23,49 Intramural Basketball 'Z ZIRK, PATRICIA ANN - Pat Ambition-To be a registered nurse Pep Club 3,47 Modern Dance 3,49 Future Nurses Club 2.3,-I: Bowling 2 ZWEIFEL, IOANN - Io Ambition-To work with the airlines Bowling 13,4 FORENSICS The 1957-58 debate and forensics squad, coached by Howard Schulte, has conducted a very successful season. In the program there are two principle divisions: the individual events and debate. ln the field of individual events we have had only a moderately successful year. All of our speakers qualified for the sectional division of the State Series, although none qualified for the State Finals. However, Kay Baker won the National Forensic Leagues District Tournament in Girls' Extemporaneous Speaking. Also Pat Curtis was the highest ranking discussionist at the Normal University Tournament and Ann Cvlashagel and David Langum placed first in the Big Eight in Oratory and Extemporaneous Speaking, respectively. It is in the field of debate that the squad has been most successful. The varsity team, this year, was composed of: lim Cvordon. Ann Glas- hagel, Denis Adam, and David Langum. with Kay Baker also doing varsity debating on many occasions. The varsity team could not have done as well as it did, however, without the help of the rest of the squad who debated against them in practice sessions. After qualifying for the State Finals through a play-off round in the Sectional Tournament, the squad attended the State Finals in Cham- paign-Urbana on April I2-13. The squad took first place and thus qualified for the National Tournament of the National Forensic League. which is to be this summer in Sioux Falls. South Dakota FORENSICS . . . Foreground L-R: Ann Glashagel, Kay Baker Background L,-R: Lloyd Cohen, Dave Langum, Denis Adam, Sandy Herrin. Pat Curtis, Georgianna Micholas. Sandy Schabert, Gordon Burstein VARSITY DEBATE SQUAD . . . Standing L-R: Ann Glashagel. Denis Adam. Dave Langum Seated: Kay Baker, Pat Curtis Page 62 Pep Club 2,3941 Future Nurse Club 2,-lx Bowling 2: F.I-I.A. Graduation pclgecmiry CLASS OF '59 . . OFFICERS: L. to R. Sandy Iohnston. trcasurcr Bea Henning. Secretary: Dave Covey. President: Larry Rich. Vice-president AIN 'U ,psf in COUNCIL: L. to R.: Sally Schramin, Iudy Mcnglcr, Sue Dye. Mary Stcrnbcrg, Diane Iurgcns. Nlyrna OBrien, Alice Darnell. Sandy Iohnston. Bea Henning Larry Rich. Thom Crane. lorry Mittcr, Gary Hirshbcrg. Dave Covey. Irv Iohnston. Tom Lcnnant, Roger Baiungartncr laltl Barb Brackctt, Karen Allen, Sue VVarncr, Larry Backus. lay Graening. loc Pozcniski Penguins on parade CLASS OF 1959 . . . The class of 1959, sponsored by Mr. G. B. Stuart, started another success- ful year by winning a prize for its Homecoming float for the second consecu- tive year. 'ACool Capers," its first class party of the year was followed by "Passport to Paradise," 59's version of a Hawaiian Luau. This was one of 59's most outstanding successes. The class newspaper. l'The Fifty-Ninerf' continued its bi-annual publication. "Stage Door," the Iunior class play, played to two enthusiastic audiences. The year was culminated by the Iunior-Senior Prom on which many 59ers worked hard. Page 64 "We've gor Arhleies, Leaders, Scholars, Too" Ackmann, Duane Adam, Denis Adams. Arnie Adamson, Doris Aikin, Iocelyn Allen, Karen Allison, Gwen Ir. Alvine, Ronald Anderson, Iim Anderson, Larry Anderson, Robert Anderson. Sanford Archer, Iudy Auer, Al Averaino, Rosemary Baker, Barbara Baker. Dorane Baker, Kay Baker, Marvin Baker, Warren Barber, Donn Barksdale. IoAnn Barron, Robert Batterman, Susan Bauman, Ion Baumgartner. David Baumgartner, Donald Baumgartner, Nancy Bazali, Gordon Behnke, Lestes Behrens, Tom Belcher, Norine Beldin, Iudy Berna, Nancy Berry, Phyllis Bierman, Roger Bizzak, Ierry Blakesley, Len Blum, Bill Bohlin, Becky Bolliger, Kaaren Bonkoski, Ianet nm, Page 65 --7 if x Cramer, Bill Booth. Doug Bowman. Iohn Brackett, Barbara Braden, Alfred Bradshaw, Dave Brierly, Ierry Brightbill, Faith Brinkley, Lynn Broadnax, Arlene Broecker, Donna Bross, Betty Browne, Sandy Brunschon. Dennis The Juniors work in unify Bufkin, Mickey Burrow, Will Biische, Gene Butler, Don Butz, Gary Cahal, Sandy Cahill, lim Carlson. Barbara Carlson, Darryl Carlson, Karen Carlstroin, Diane Caul, Rick Cevela, Luanne Christensen, Sharon Christenson, Ion Clark. Kathy Coester, Ken Collier, Loretta Collin, Nlichael Cook, Nlary Cook, Patricia Cooper, Linda Costa Rica, Laurie Covey, Dave Crane. Thomas Crcel, Ioel Curtis, Pat Daneau. Marge Daniels, Susan Danner. Deanna Darnell, Alice Darr, Ioyce Davis, David Devcr, David D. Dillow. Dorene Dillow, Norman Dimiceli, Sally Divan, Linda Dodge. Sandy Doss, Iudy Duensing, Donna Duer. Ieaniiic Ns Page 66 Dye, Sue Eggerstedt, Rita Emrich, George Enos. Brian Erboe, Lloyd Erickson. Dick Ernst, Bonnie I. Fabrick, Lane Factly, Carol Farrell, Bob Farroh, Linda Fasnacht, Robert Favret, Lucienne Fellows, Carol Striving for improvement Hayward, Mike Heath, lim Heidenreich, Ann Hellmuth, Ken Helper. Susan Henning, Bea Henryson, George Hernandez, Iohn Herron. Sandi Hess, Don Hesse, Chuck Hieher. Shirley Higgins, Richard Higgins, Ruth Feuerhaken, Mary Fischer. Barb Fischer, lack Fitchie, Nlarilyn Fleenor. Carol Fleury. Bob Fox, Barbara Fredericksen, Sheila French, Pat Frey, Iim Fry, Sylvia Furness, Cheryl Garrison. Karen Genz, Indy Godfrey, Lauralie Golay, Cheryl Goodsell, Gregory Gordon, Iames Goroschkin. Irina Graening, Iay Graff, Ioanne Graham. lVlorgan Gray, Iohn Green, Dottie Greve, Dottie Grgurich, lVlarie Griffin, Bill Griswold, Ioan Gruber, Marion Gustafson, Donald Gustafson. Karen Gutshall, Robin Hagan. Carol Hagelow, Ellie Hallmark, Fran Hameister, Gordy Hamilton, Sue Hamlin, Gay Hansen. Larry Harris, Bert Hartman. lohn Haseman, Alan Page 67 Developing stronger school spirit Hirshberg. Gary Hodgson, Hilari Hoffman, Carol Holbrook, Mary Ann Hollingsworth. Carolyn Hoth. Faye Houdek, Gary Howell. ICH: Huber, Iohn Huber, Mike Hulsberg, Margaret Humbracht, Gordon Humbracht. Lynn Hunborg, Wesley Idcn. Gayle Iahn. Edith Iakeway. Howard Ieffers. Lola lens, Mary Ellen Ioerns, Ed Iohnson, Betty Iohnson, Carol Iohnson, Ray Iohnson. Sharyn Iohnston. Irv Iohnston, Larry Iohnston. Sandy Iones. Bonnie Ioncs, Larry Iordan, Barbara Ioseph, Bruce Iurgens, Diane Iurs, Roger Iurs, Sally Kachelmuss, Diane Kadlec, Ed Kagel, Iohn Kagel, Larry Kappler, Bill Katz, lanicc Keating, Mike Kellcrmann, Kay Page 68 Knake, lim Kohlhagen. Iudy Kolling, ludy Komen, Dave Konitzki, Barbara Kosterman, Dick Kowal, Dennis Kozumplik, lack Kral, Dick Krog, Barb Kruse. Ted Krusemeier, Henry Labriola, Theresa Lake, Pat Building lcisfing friendships Meyer, loc Meyer, Vincent Miller, Gloryann Miller, Keith Miller, Linnea Minkiewicz, George Mischke, Ianet Mitter. Ierry Mogler, Bob Molitor, Martha Moore, Iacquelyn Morey, Marvel Morrison, Virginia Mortellaro, Ion Lamp. Ioan Lamp, Letty Sue Lamphere, Iudy Lamz, Ianet Landers, Phyllis Lauder, Bob Layman, lack Leach, Hank Leetzow, Charles Leetzow. Gordon Leiseberg, Linda Leonard, Bill Leuallen, Iulie Leverenz, Iulianne Levey, IoLene Levey, Lynn Lewis, Anabel Lewis, Bill Liepitz, Carolyn Liesemann, Iim Lind, Marcia Linder. Richard Lindorfer, Iudy Lobben. Ruth Ann Logan, Peggy Lowe, Larry Ludwig, Mike Lukas, Ingrid Maas, ferry Marlow, Bill Marsh, Dick Marshall, Bob Marshall, Walter Martin, Bobbye Marvin, Tom May, Barbara McCreary, Norma ean McDonald, Dennis Mengler, Barbara Mengler, Iudie Mensik, Dorothy Metzger, Karen Page 69 We Mortensen, Ron Morton, Pat Moser, Patricia Muntz, Dave Nagel. Sandy Nelson, Mary Nemec, Lou Nitz, Tom Northcutt. Arnold O'Brien, Myrna Odell, Alan Olving. Ieannie Osmun, Iohn Ostema, Sharon Otte. Bola Owen, Kathleen Palochko, Dolores Papacek, Clifford Parker, Floyd Parry. Ieannie Paul, Shelly Peabody. Chuck Pease, Mary Io Petersdorf, Darlene Petersen. Beverly Petersen, Raymond Dan Peterson, Peterson. lim Pflaum, Nick Pfluger, Bernice Pfortmiller, Iim Phillips, Rae Ann Phillips, Virginia Pierson, Sarah A. Pilcher, Valerie Plagge. Carol Pooch, Willy Powers, Larry Poziemski, Ioe Preiss, Cynthia Quayle. Robert Raap, Iames recognize our able leaders Page 70 Raddatz. Fred Radloff. Dave Ralf, Carol Rakow, Kathy Ramos, Lenore Ramsey. Ann Ranallo, Donna Range, Iohn Rankin, Pat Reese, IoAnne Reilly, Sharon Reimer, Dale Reinlein, Ruth Renouf, Pat Supporting promising athletes Snowwhite, Gwyn Snyder, Ierry Sokolov, Alex Sorensen, Mary Sparrow, Elaine Stade. Charles Stambazze, Dee Ann Starrett, Tom Steftes, Mary Ann Stemwedel, Gene Sternberg, Mary Stettner, Roger Stevens, Sylvia Stewart. Charles Rice, Nancy Rich, Larry Riley, Beverly Riley, Hobart Ripley, Cary Robbins, Gayle Robbins, Lynette Robinson, Flynn Rockensock, Larry Rodholm, Don Roeske, Sandy Rohlwing, Ken Rohrssen, Ierry Rosborough, Frank Rosenthal, Ieannine Ross, Darlene Rullman, Robert Rust, Nancy Saindon. Ann Salter, Raymond Sarto, Bob Schloemer, Ron Schmeer, Kurt Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Linda Schmidt, Margaret Schramm, Roger Schramm, Sally Schrieber, Diana Seiler, Sue Self, Ethelda Shaw, Roberta Shrader, Iudy Shults, Paula Siokos, Iim Siokos, Nancy Sipple. Kathleen Skinner, Pat Smiricky, Terry Smith, loyce Alene Smith, Lorene Smith, Roger Page 71 Encouraging compefenf scholars Stewart. Deanna Stewart, Leonard Stewart. Paul Stewart. Richard Stikkers, Wayne Stilwell. Bill Stinson, Roberta Stowell, David Stowell, Ianet Straka. Charmayne Sunderlage, Fred Sutton, Dave Swainson, Ralph Tarnawski. Iulie Tarnow, Phyllis Teas, Mary Tennant, Tom Terry. Charles Teyler, Clarence Teyler. Dave Thiel, lim Thiel. Rohert Thies. Sandra Thompson, Don Thompson, Nlarjorie Tison, Dwayne Treon. Ioanne Troupe. Iune Trumbo, Dave Tucker. William Turner. Lynne Tweed, Carol lane Unruh. Diane Van Fleet, Ioan Van Wzixnbeke, Ioel Van Wamheke, Ion Vecchio, Barry Vierling. luly Vollman. Fred Vollman. Rita Volpp, Georgia von Holwcde. Hilda Page 72 Wacker, Barb Warner, Robert Warner, Susanne Warrier, Sandy Wauchope, Gary Webb, Bruce Weisinger, Ianet Wellnitz, Erna Welty, Grant Wendler, Dorothy Wendler, Iohn Werrbach, Gerry White, Tom Wiese, Connie Looking forward To unreciched goals COOKS . . . Withoiit the unfailing work of Mrs. Korte and her assistants in the kitchen Elgin High would indeed be hungry. L-R: Mrs. Korte, Mrs. Petersen. Mrs. Stickling CAFETERIA HELPERS . . . The student cafeteria helpers are an unrecognized aid to the student body and faculty. Their aid is essential to an organized cafeteria. Wilkins, Carol Wilkinson, Carol Williains, Dave Witt, If-rry Wood. Iudy VVright. ludy Zimmerman. Bctt Zochall, Carl Zoellick, Sandy y lame Page 73 R ow R ow R ow Row XVI Xlxxx If C 5 N ' H This far and farther CLASS OF 1960 . . . CLASS OF "60" COUNCIL . . . OFFICERS: Seated L to R. Diane Kerlin. Bill Cramer Standing: L. to R, Pat Pluck. Katherine Kennedy COUNCIL: Lt-it to right, l: 2: 3: -ll Bill Cramer, Don Kerlin, Nlarty Rifkcn. lucy Catton Roger Lenart Diane Kerliii. Michele Evans. Brian Iohiison. lerry lVleici' Bob Nlillcr. Dick Darnell. Tom Nlusial Carol Yetter. Andrea Anderson. Hope Hanna. Bonnie Boundy, Gloria Dwyer. Dennis Shine. Dun Grotelucschcn Terry Hynous Pat l'll.ick, lVl.iry Ben. Katluwiiie Kennedy. Marry' Vollman, Ruth Nluirheucl. Barb Oser The class of 1960 started off its first year at E.H.S. by building a prize- winning homecoming float. They went on to stage a successful and enjoyable class play. H60 Daze." After many arduous sessions the class song to the tune of "Mobile" was written. Red and white were chosen the class colors. and "This far and farther" was chosen as the class motto. As a final project, they put on a party for incoming sophomores. Iudging from their fine year. the class of 1960 seems to have a bright future. Page 7-I Ready fo work os one Ballard, Thomas Baltzell, Melba Banwart, Sally Barckley. Mari-El Barnes, lim Bauer, Myron Bauman, Donald Baumann, Richard Baumgartner, Indy Baumgartner, Kenneth Baxter, Terry Behrens, Diane Beith, Robert Bell, Carla Beltz, Carol Benicke, Lynda Bennett, Richard Bennorth, Donna Benter, Linda Berman, Sue Bernstein. Marsha Berton, Linda Ben, Mary Ben, Norman Beuchat, Ion Beuchat, Judy Bierman, Glorla Black, Pat Abbott, George Ackmann, Lauralee Adams, Sue Adamson, Iohn Ahlgrim, George Ahrens, Them-ine Aiken, Alison Alexander, Marcia Alford, Madonna Allen, Wallace Alltop, lack Alm, Edgar Andersen, Jerri Anderson, Andrea Anderson, Dennis Anderson, Eric Anderson, Gerry Anderson, Philip Anderson. Sharon Anderson, Tom Argento, Anthony Aromi, Ronald Backus. Terry Baker, Baker. Baker, Baker, Balius, Donna Gary ludv Roseanna Iudv group Page 75 To learn 'ro work with others sv' ' l Blaha, Paulette Blake, Pamela Blank, Mary Blume, Carol Ann Bock, Henry Bode. Gordon Boebinger, lim Boelke, Karen Bognar, Larry Boose, Ierry Booth, Patricia Boren, Diana Boundy, Bonnie Bourke, Gordon Bradley, Carol Bradley, Richard Brandes, Ianis Briggs, Pat Bright. Quilla Broadnax, Gloria Broecker, Paul Broeker, Robert Brown, Bill Brown, Kenneth Brustle, Iackie Bryant. Don Bumsted. Karen Burren, Barbara Page 76 Burren, Ioann Burstein, Gordon Busse, Stuart Butz, Russell Cargill, Doris Carlson, Chris Carlson, Paul Carpenter. Paul Catton, Ioseph Cavitt, Elanor lane Centanni, Donald Chepergi, Donna Chislett, Nancy Christensen, lames Christensen, Verna Clark, George Clay. Samie Cohen. Lloyd Colclasure, David Coleman, Sarah Collier, Carol Collin, Mary Condill, Io Ann Condos, Paulette Conn, Craig Cook, Bruce Cook, Edward Cork, Bonnie To meef new people Dwyer, Gloria Ebert, Iudy Eck, Alan Edwards, Ronald Eggert, Carlene Eklund, Avery Engelking. Ianet Engstrom, Sandra Enoe, Carl Erdmann, Lee Erikson, Kurt Etter, Sandra Evans, Michele Eversz, Ellie Evitts, Hurley Fakles, lack Fakles. Dee Wayne M. Fear, Ioyce Feucht, Charles Fishman. Fred Fitchie, Shirley Fleming, Paul Flentge, Ianet Fletcher, Lonnie Flint. Lynn Flood. Michael Fohrman, Suzanne Frank, Roger Cork. Glenn Cowan, Richard Cramer, Connie Cramer, William Crinigan, Iames Cropsey, Ieffrey Culver, Bob Curley, Thomas Daniels, Lloyd Danner, Barbara Danner, Pat Darnell, Richard Datisman, Penny Dauel, Fred Daum. Steve De Moulin, Mary Denk, Eddy Deverell, Colleen Dieckhoff, Shirley Diekman, Michael Dingel, Karren Dorwaldt, Larry Duesing, Kent Dumproff, Kathleen Dunton, Dennis DuPuis, Mike Durrenberger, Kathleen Dutton, Edward Page 77 And make new friends Franzen, Carla Frazier, Vicki Fredrickson, Lani French, Ianet Frey. Robert Friedland, lim Friedli, Ieannine Garrelts, Donna Garrelts. Ron Giedraitis. Audrone Gierens, Richard Gilbertson, Arthur Gillespie, David Gooley, Steven Gordon, lohn Goulding, Charles Graf, Karen Graff, Kenneth Gralak, Bruce Grant, Ioan Grant, Linda Grantham, Herb Grap, Dennis Green, Marie A. Greenberg. Suzanne Greenwald, Charles Grisham, Charlynne Gross, Jordon P1qe 78 X lee! 1 Grotelueschen, Dan Gunn, Iim Guptail, Iudy Guptail, Sandra Gurnett, Darryl Gustafson, Kenneth Gustafson, Paul Haacker. Bruce Halfron, Trudy Hagen, Garre Hammond, Iudy Hampel, Karen Handrock. Iohn Hanna, Hope Hanson. Ron Harrington. Pat Harris, Iudy Harris, Sharon Hart. Sally Hartman, Bruce Hattendorf, Carol Hayes, Sharon Head, Frank Heath, Mary Lew Hedblade, Geraldine Heidenreich, Paul Heine, Marian Helberg, Karen To achieve group cooperation Hundley. Monty Hurley. Dennis Huske, Dave Hynous. Terry lhssen, Dale lsibue, Annie Iacobson, Kathryn Iensen, Iune Iensen. Linda Iensen, Sally Iohn, Margaret Iohns. Carol Iohnson. Brian Iohnson, Laura Iohnson. Marie Iohnson, Richard Iohnston, David Iohnston, Iohn Iohnston, Sally Iones, Mercedes Iudkins, Gerald Iurs. Sandy Kadow, Bonnie Kane, Lee Roy Kasparek. Eva Kastning, Ingrid Kawa, Luella Keating. Kathleen Hendricks, lack Hendricks, Norma Hendricks, Sandy Henry, Carol Hernandez, Frances Herrin, Sandy Hilliard, Iohn Hillquist, Gary Hilty, Fred Hinch, Sandy Hjort, Pat Hobart, Barbara Hodel, Bonnie Hodges, Bette Hoffman, Carl Hoffman, Charles Hoke, Charles Holbrook, Della Holland, Dave Holtz, Ion Holtz. Paul Holzman, Tom Hopkins, Larry Horvath, Clark Howerton, Iames Huber, Arne Huber. Elizabeth Hudgens, Pam Page 79 They recognize class leaders Keeker, Dave Keller, Ierry Keller, Karen Keller, Roger Kelley, Thomas Kennedy, Katherine Kenyon, Douglas Kenyon, Iudy Kerchenfaut. William Kerlin, Diane Kerlin, Donald Kesner, Paula Kidwell, Ioyce Kiel. Charles Kienlen, Larry King, Iudy King, Kathy Kinsinger, William Kirk, Barbara Kirkland, Pam Kisselburg, Susan K'uxdal, Susanne Knaak. lim Kolberg, Vicki Kolode, Leon Koppen, Iames Kornman. Karen Koschnick. Iody Page 80 Koteles, Delores Kowalski, Curtis Kramer. George Kramer, Ierry Krog. David Krunfus. Pat Kuehl. Karen Kuehn, Gerlinde Kummet, Harold Kunos, Bonnie Kunz, Stephanie Kuschmirz, Darlene Ladwig, Carla Lagerstrom, Carol Lake. Sandy Landwehr, Norman Lange, Herb Larson, Carole Laseman, ludy Leach, Robert Leetzow. Ioel Leiseberg. Io Ann Leitner, Dick Leitner. Sally Lemvig, Lance Lenart, Dennis Lenart, Roger Leopold, Nlarian Strive to mointoin school spirit Meier, jerry Melclau, Mary Meller, Darlene Mellin. Ieannine Mensching. Iudy Mensik, Charles Meskell. Yvonne Meyer, Donald Meyer, Larry Meyer, Linda Miazza. Mary Michalek. Pat Micholas, Georgiana Millen, Linda Miller. Caroline Miller, Lowell Miller, Robert Miller, Ruth Mitchell, Bonnie Molner, Gary Morris, Verla Mousley, Patricia Mueller, Robert Muirhead, Ruth Muno. Nancy Muntz, Penny Musial, Tom Nelson, lanice Liek, Diane Linden, Gisela Lloyd, Lois Logan, Barbara Lohbauer, Iucly Lose, Richard Love, Iudy Ludwig, Lyn Lullie, Mary Ann Mach, Ierry Mackie, Mary Alice Mansfield, Iames Mapes, Chuck Maretti. Mike Marquis, Ioe Marshall. Pat Martin, Don Mason, Merrilee Massa, Cheri Mayell, Norman McCarthy, Carolyn McCracken, Cathy McCurdy, Walter McGhee, Prentice McGhie, Ken Meaker, Nancy Meaker, Susan Meglin, Robert Page 81 and high academic standards Nelson, Peggy Nelson, Peter Nelson, Sedelle Nerge, Pat Neuschwanger, Ioan Nichols, Larry Nicholson, Dave Ninneman, Ianice Ninos, Maria Nold, lim Northcutt. Mary Olesen, Lynn Olsen, Ianet Olson, Dave O'lVIalley, Sandra Opella. Karen Orkfritz. Roger Ortiz. Hilda Orton, Gordon Oser, Barbara Osmun, Mary Kay Paar, Kathryn Palm. Eddie Panella, Iudy Panosh, Linda Parke. Deanne Partridge, Diane Pearce. Francis Page 82 Pestillo, Diane Petersdorf, Carol Peterson, Sandy Petitgout, Io Ann Pierce, Fred Pluss. Shirley Porter, Donna Potter, Kenneth Prescott, Larry Price, David Price, Larry Prochnow. Billie Prouty. Sharon Puffpaff, Bonnie Quandt, Icanette Quayle. Mary Lou Rakow, Iudy Rakow, Tom Rakowski, Diane Rankin, Ann Rasmussen. Rodney Rea, Diana Rea, Michael Read, Bob Reason, Scott Reber, Barbara Reed, Norman Reeser, Sally They combine education ond pleasure Schenet. Susan Schick. Sandy Schmicker, Lu Ann Schmidt, Al Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, Io Ann Schmidt, Karen Schmidt. Larry Schoonhoven. Margo Schrepfer, Carol Schubbe. Sandy Schuler, Rollin Schuring, Sharon Schuring, Tom Schurter, Iames Schutte, Carol Scott, Iudy Scott, Tom Seger, Geraldine Seigle, Marsha Shayler, Fred Shearer, Susan Shelby, Carole Shelton, Allan Shine, Dennis Siers, Bill Siers, Iames Sievert, Raymond Regenburg, Lynn Renwick, Carolyn Reuter, Mary Richardson, Edward Richardson, Robert Ricketts, Iames Rieckhaff, George Rifken. Martin Riley, Bonnie Roach, Ianet Robertson, Kathleen Robinson, Clive Robinson, William Rohr, Tom Ross, Mary Ross, Shirley Roth, Gordon Rovelstad, Stan Row. Bette Rubenstein, Ioy Ruhl, Robert Sanders, Carole Sanders, Sally Santee, Dick Schabert, Sandy Schaefer, David Shaeffer, Ioyce Schartow, Ann Page 83 in order fo prepare fo meer future problems Silagy, Virginia Peter Sills Sinnett, Dennis Sisk, Pat Sjurset, Beverly Sleeman, Bob Small, Ianice Smith, Barbara Smith, Iudy Smith, Linda Smith, Roy Smith, Sharon Smith Stephen Smith, Tom Smithherg, Richelle Snider, Margaret Solomon, Delia Sommers, Sue Som, Dorothy Spates, James Speller, Mae Spellmeyer, Barbara Spinker, Margo Stade, LeRoy Stamer, Mike Stettner, Robert Steffen. Dale Stevens. Beverly Page 84 Stinson, Patricia Stokes, Regina Stone, Mike Stout, Ronald Stringer, Iohn Studebaker. Ioan Sunko, Lenore Swan, Chandler Swanson, Clifford Sweet, Kendall Szoke, Charles Teets, Walter Thies, Darrell Thompson, Edward Thomsen, Dolores Thurnau, Tom Tift, Toni Timm, Robert Tobin, Ieanne Trabert, Kenneth Underhill, lean Van Buren, Carol Van De Woestyne, Van Dyke. Lloyd Vane, Terence VanWagner, Ellen VanNatta, Pat Vick, Tom Carole and enrich their later lives Williams, Robert Williams, Tony Willis, Barbara Wilson, Carol Wilson, Grace lane Winn, Theron Winter, Carol Wirsing, Michael Wishon, Carol Yarwood, Kathryn Yee, Sam Yetter, Carol York. lames Yost, Esther Young, Ronald Zamudio, Beatrice Virgil, Michael Voigts. Sharon Vollman, Charles Vollman, Mary Vollrath, Paul Wacker, Ianice Wahl, Karen Wallcer, Patricia Wallace, Beverly Wallmuth, Pat Warble, Steve Ward, Tom Waterman, Leland Watts, Iohn Weideman. Ianet Welborn, Crpha Wells, Bob Werner, Iudy Werrbach, Iudy Westerman, Howard Westphal, Chuck Westphal, Iudy Whitcomb, Gary Widder, Peggy Wilkeninq. Dick Wilkins, Julia Willer, Ianet Williams, Mary Page 85 AAI' -A ' 'lc Thespians of Elgin High maintain MRS. McTHlNG excellence in E.H. . if X 2 3 I K! X xx K rl lu tlnxs ol 'Sb p1csantetlMrs 1Vlc.Th1ng, il fantasy in two acts by M2lI'y' Qflmsc. The student protluction starred lefl Reinert, Nlary Kay Howard, and . . r M , lop l1'll I, 9 .11 l111tl11111 I1111 llulivlls i V .1l111x'1' H1111 C7fl111111.m1' 'V , ' I1-Il l31'1111'1'I X "'l l,.Il'l'X' l l11111l1"1lI - . 1 .,, 1 , , r lllup l1111l1ll1' lvll l31'1111'1'l .111tl l11clx f1l1.1l11'1't1111 1 l ' -' lop 1'111l1' 4 A. -V ll l'11'1lu' Stl1.11'l 1lIlLl lvll l31'1111'1't ' , " X 'M' 'S' '1 , 1v1111111.- 1.-11. 1 Cxmlx' Xxl.llt'l'IlI-Illll .1111l -.l 'f' f llvtlw S1l1.11'l 1' 1 ,' lVl1cl1ll1'11-11l1'1" V l7.1x'1- l.,1111111111 .1111l l,lIl l'llNXK'lxli f ' 1 ., if 1 wg! lVl1clcll1' 1'111l1l Q' I I1-fl l21'1111-1AI.1111l l'IIl l211lc1-its ' lvl V ,A ' 4 , 1 1 l'mlI11111 I1-lt. lllQlK' lxuI1l1111l4. ' lllll l311l11'ttx. lX'l.11'N'fl1'1v1111'1', ..- 'Q Pctl lVl.111111'l .K 1 . .1 ,- , " 'fi l'm1mlln111 1'1g1l11 S11x11- lilI'lil7.llI'1xli. qi, lVl.11'x' l,1x lloxx'.11'1l, lllll leulwtts - lim Rickctts, and proved to be il Success, MRS. MQTHING lvx' lX,l.Il'Y fllmst' Cfust of Characters Nlrs. ll11w.11'1l Y, l,.11'111' III lxfltlln' li.1y l l1m.11-d C.11'1'1t' 5115.111 lilI'liP.llI'ltli Svlnl 5l1.11'1111 ll.1yxx'.1l'cl l'lvx'.1 l,1'xx1s P1-51 M1lIlllt'l lVl.1111l1' lmwlx Nl.11'x' fl1'o1111'1 fQ1'.111' l,l'XN'l8 llltlllll lilllkllllkll Nvlson li11l11'1'l lf1111111111x llov l.11111-S llulwtts Clwl l3.1x'11l l,.111tl11111 Virqul l,IIl lflswnk lJII'ly lm' l,.ll'I'Y ll1m111l1'lclt 5lllllil'I4 RUI11-1'l OCM1111111 l51m1x1111 l'.1ltl11- S1l11'll1'11l1.11l1 It-ll Rt'llll'I'l lVlrs. S1 l11'll1'llll.1tl1 lmly fll1.1lt1'rt1m11 lVl11111 litftky Stl1.1rl l:lI'5l l711l1t1'111.111 li11'lw'l'l1111111s Mrs. lVlt'l'l111111 clllltlX' VV.1t1'1'111.11111 E lj P4510 88 if AP- s in 2 M QM If M345 ww S 'Q ' z 9 nv .Ju-nu , Zi, it ,S f X 2 g 4, :,. K ii E I 'Er-' ,- ryrw 1 f E pil?-2"-iii , , ' , it ' '.'mA,1.,ssw- SH T is ,, lf 7 ww , , EEE A. 7 Wmfgv, s I X' 'EX v Y. .151 :Q X! 1 Q Q. ' ,ir 51 32315 L 'K- S s 51 , '1 ,,0 .I gf aiu? 'et 1 1 X 4 5 -NK . fa' 2 '. k . x I . a s M206 T! l SH? , ' 'wwswb ' In tj . X - ' 'v X x ' x r gi X i 4 K .f K' V3 .4 5 V 'ul I n V A Q' " K' 1 uw "iW Q, , A L K ' Li - NX Qk XX P f Q 2 5. K W . - i I N H I df' 3-51 PK: 'fn 2 IQ!! 1 Rik MXH -47' J Q ,- , n m it - .: i m , R M L , N: if if - X -5: ifxx QQ Q fi' U , 'IA fig? 5 xx ' ....v--- X1 LV 'x ' ri Y ' x K r L. WT X x L' as fa-fx V P 1 'Q X w f g I .U .Q ' A X X: A fl? lik' i Rf . w 3 QF ' N f 'M P' V39 -f - ,A ,. Y Q fi: Q f.... e' vw I, 2 Q hi: at s AX if .EM X l . 255 .V QQ:-glsffi 514. 1 -:K 6 fb 16 l LM5 - . .K+ 12 'fi' 'X f . A, YA N rg A .rl A X Q, Z: Q K .wk X A , -1 Q xr' 7 ' 1 Ai . Y' Lf ' ' .W Y f 0 , ' - Z V ,I y . ., if is 4 ' 4 Us """ ' X 'Q " wg hm E M-N.. B iw 8 , lu .Q ., ,. I 1 .1. fl -f Q, Q '-' 1 vm. B. l'f, -V. - x , ' . . . w A , 4 . . ,VA . . , 1 ' ' ' O ' , I f ,M x N81 Q..! .. Apq 'Q ag X fm Q, Q , Y W T -xv! 1 .... K X 4 R. 529 ww s 1 , -kim W .x -5 W i,wv????93Q?3 1- n '3 ,gk 5' K ,Kg E 'S A ' V 5 v .1 52" sg , i 5 '- . i x Wf W J ff' H 'ff Am x Xi' fm' i , , , if. .. 'L . 4: y,.,1gg?lJ ixjx is A ' l j Q23 'W X L' " ' 'SS' X ' J M REQ 'Y dy u Ji? ' 0 "x if'- Jx k fa., fgivx . - ww xg 5 ' K tn 5.,p1f.,'f,igg1 VA- fipzf'-1-, f-,f- x, 'vf f ., f ' W f .. . ff- Q -f fx! .. A if 3 , i f I IN ww ' ' p M 9 . 4 - gf? gr I ' 3. X "SA i M xg. ts i Q My R ?.'N '- W'wQi mf ,ww wk x a ' , k '. M Mm! """,?' ' K :M- I Q Aw' Rig , I W I 1-': . Vg M .lf 1 8 ' m . L, ii I V 1 ' , ' ' ix 'J A 2 M '.. x W' X' -fafwk BN W ir I J . K 1 gli N , " We K 1 A F' ,W A Aims if if 9 ww 5 gm., 4 W QQ, A I Z V "' .Q-.:vgg,h 1 'sf V Q-'Q W f S 1 w f Alf f' Lf A, '91 ' i if W 5 S? if 6 Q 5 gww ,5 QW .E . w T S 5' 2 . if 'G ML il 5 2 av .A-a .yu , gf, ' iz. 5 5 Q. X .. , . , A ft A 4, - .V . . YJ ..,. 1 Z.. :E S J -::-5 M . . as 9 ,mf 5 is ws? X 'Sy V V , ENR K Y' 3 Q lb f w of many years of Training l.-R: Fran lialina, Nlziry VVithcrs, Sue Burton. Barb Hollister, luck Fischer ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT ORCHESTRA . . . The Elgin High School Concert Orches- tra, under the direction of Miss Marion Latfey, takes part in a variety of activities during the year, ln the fall the orchestra chose the following people as officers: president, Edith Iahnp vice-presi- dent. Bill Blum: secretary, Mary Withersg and librarians, Barbara Hollister and Sue Burton, Along with the Senior A Cappella and modern dance group, the orchestra prepared for the annual Operatic Nights, "Some Enchanted Evening." In November members of the orchestra went to Orchestra Hall to hear the Chicago Civic Sym- phony. The students were also busy practicing for two concerts, The Messiah and the State Hospital Christmas concert, both given in December. The busiest time of the year for the orchestra was second semester, for many students took part in the district and state music contests. The annual Spring Concert, Fox Valley Music program. Or- chestra picnic, and several school concerts were other activities undertaken by this group. Page 93 P I 'uni X .,.., 1 I x I i ti . S bi I in ' , AEOLIAN . . . Row l: Sliirlcx' ljlnsx, Vnrln lVloi'ris, lVl.n'i.1 Ninos, Cnrol Iolins, Pmrlv Osvr, Bnrli Rclwcr. Cnrolt' l..n'son, Pvnnv lVl i IQUXY Ron Row Row nntzl, Hilgn Ortiz, Cissy Rlll7CI1Sfl'lIl. Put Harrington I 2. Cnrol Yvttcr, lgillilhllll IADQIJII, lfllic lim-rsz, Knrrvn Dingcl. Put lirnnlns, Donna Portvr. Bnrlw Sniitli, lVlitlu'Iv lfvnnx, Lt-norc Sunko. Pnt lVlicl1z1lvk, l,.1nr.i Iolinson, Nnnuy Cliislvtt. Susan Kisscllmrq Indy Sniitli. Dinnc Pnrtridgc. lVl.n'y Lvw lit-nth, C.n'ol VVintt'r, Bonnic Bonndy. lVl.iry Collin. Innc Icnstn fiisvln l,indvn. l,.1ur.ilt'c A. Ackinnnn. C.n'olinc lVlillcr, Linda: Smith. Ivnn VVvlls. Alison Aikin li.utln'yn Y.n'wood. Lindn Pnnosli. Cnrol Follows, Izinct lilriitgv, Connic Crnnicr. B.irlHnr.i Holmrt. Nornin ll na R li l lli l l v lriclcs. Hvttc Io ow, .iru Spc iicycr, Indy l..1sci1iain. Lind.: Bvrton, Kny lninpc, Kathi licnting. Donn.: Ci.n'i'clts 5 Windy Stlmnlilvs, Slmron Sclinring, BtlI'l71lI'Ll Kirk, Inniuv Ninnvinnn, Slinron Pronty. Carol lV,.lg1k'I'SU'0II1. linrvn linulil, P.nil.1 lxcsncr. Put Stinson, Innct lillQL'll'ill1gl, Hope Hnnnn, lxntliy Pnnr Harmonious voices blend in song IR. A. CAPPELLA . . . Row Row Row Rim' 2. Ili -nnx' l,og1.in. PM Cook. Kntlilccn Owcn, Sliirlvy l-liclivr. Sylvin Fry. Cnrol 'l'wvccl, Phyllis 'l'.n'noxx'. Iocclyn Aikin lima: llunningl. Ioyu' Sinitli srlliy VVondlci'. lmtty Sin' lgnnp, Dottie' Clrvvc, Pat French. Snndy Browiic. lrinn Goroslikin. Nnnux' llcriin, lVlnr3 lIL'llt'I'lLll'iCI1. Inckit- Nloorv, llilnri Hodgson, Dinnn' Kncliclinnss, Inlic 'lI.lI'I1.lXK'Sl'il 3. Nilly Stlimni, Indy liolling, Lindn Coopcr, lS.n'lw Brnckctt, Ion' lVlgn'quis, Dvnnis Clcrsliick, Pnnl llwoculicr. Hcrninn l'ar.nxn. lfntii-lic Blllllll. Icrry lVlncli. Innct Bonkoski. Ginny Phillips, Sully Diniicvli 4 lJ.n'lvnv llctvrsdorf. IDOIIILI Dncnsing, Bonniv lirnst,G1iyH.nnlin. Dwayne Tison. Clinrlcs llokc, Clrcn Cioodscll. Diulx VV ld lxxdltf, D Il ll n ilx 3 ll Nl t N R ooltott, 'Q '. ' , -IVA' o gi d, lorry Brin" lowyc .xr in. .inuy ict' AEOLIAN . . . Row Row Row Row Row l: 2. 3. 4. 5. Dorothy Sorn, Linda Grant, ludy Westphal, Gloria Bierman, Indy Lohbauer. Pat Nerge, Barbara Willis, Coleen Deverell. Lynn Ann Flint, Susie Greenberg, Ieannine Friedli, Susie Shearer Bonnie Kadow, Iudy Mensching, Carolyn Renwick, Bonnie Puffpaff, Sandy Schick, Margo Spinker, Sandra Etter, Madonna Alford, Kathryn Iacobson. Carole Shelby, Sandy O'Malley. Susan Kluxdal Carla Ladwig, Marie Iohnson, Gloria Broadnax, Regina Stokes, Annie lsibue, Sandy Peferson, Karen Opclla. Carla Bell, Beverly Wallace, Sue Adams, Shirley Ross. Gerlinde Kuehn, Karen Graf Merilee Mason, Nancy Muno, Karen Keller, Bonnie Cork, Shirley Fitchie. Nancy Meaker, Iudy Panella, Carlene Eggert, Audrone Giedraitis, Sally Banwart, Iudy Love, Darlene Meller, Deanne Parke, Io Iohn- ston, Marian Heine lo Coleman. Karen Boelke. Gerry Seger, Bonnie Kunos, Ioan Neuschwanger, Ioyce Kidwell, Billie lane Prochnow, Diana Boren, Mary Vollman, Suzie Sommers, Ioan Studebaker, Orpha Welborn, Mary Ann Northcutt, Sally Io Reeser, Iudy Baker To fill the school with music AEOLIAN . . . The Aeolian choir has one hundred and forty sophomore girls. The group meets in two different groups, but combines for public performances. Miss Emily Martin capa- bly directed the rgoup this year. The choir participated in the annual Thanksgiving assembly. Ioining the Iunior A Cap- pella for the evening, the choir presented a line Christmas program. The group followed this program with a performance in the Contemporary Arts Festival. IR. A CAPPELLA . . . The Iunior A Cappella this year has maintained its tradition of fine performances. Under the able direction of Miss Emily Martin, the choir, which has about fifty members, has participated in many enjoyable programs. The choir gave two Christmas performances. One was an evening program in conjunction with the Aeolian choir, and the other was singing in "The Messiah" with Senior A Cappella. The group also took part in the Fox Valley Festival. Page 95 Senior A Cappella provides music SENIOR A CAPPELLA . . . The Senior A Cappella Choir of Elgin High School has 66 members. selected competitively from all three classes under the capable direction of Mr. E. A. Hill. The choir has sung for such local activities as the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Association of Commerce. Sunrise Services, Kiwanis Club, Messiah. and liaccalaureate. Beginning their activities this year. the Senior A Cappella put on their own Operatics Night, "Some Enchanted Evening." They have appeared at Champaign, Illinois. St. Charles Teachers Convention, Contemporary Arts Festival. and Kiwanis international Convention in Chicago have also been included in their appearances. Each year the choir takes a trip: this year they traveled to Nlilwaukee. Wziiikeshzi, and Racine. Wisconsin. This is made possible by each individual selling Christmas cards, tickets for Operatics Nights, and pennants, buttons, etc, at games. The otiicers were Roger Parsons, President: Ieff Reinart, Vice-president: Carol Stevens, Secretary-Treasurer. Page Q6 for sfuclenf and community affairs SENIOR A CAPPELLA . . . Front Row. l.-R: Doreen Anderson, Pat Renol, Carol Renwick, Peg lVlanuel, Barb Konitzki, Nona Rushing, Pat lVlorton. lVlary Kay Howard. Nancy lVlcKi-lvey, Nlary Sternberg. Lorece Smith, Lynda Cartwright, lean Duer, lanice Crain. ludy Hall, ludy Vanderford, Mary lo Pease, Char Stracka, Carol Stevens. Karen Gustafson, Lou Liepitz, Barb Baker, Roberta Liden Nliddle Row, LYRI Ray lohnson, Chuck Carlson, lim Barnes, Larry Kagel, Ierry lVlcGraW, lerry Nlitter. Mike Rehberg, Don Edwards, Eugene Woolcott, Dick Cartwright, Stan Rovelstad, Dick Darnell. Pat Karsten. Hilda Von Holwede, Diana King. Luann Cevela. Diane lurgens. Linda Farroh. Indy Dierking, Yvonne Vogelniann, Sandy Urban Back row, L-R: Chuck Ackemann, Bill Sponholtz, Roger Parsons, lack Deutermann, Aarne Reinsalu. Gary Houdek, Bob Henry, Noel Butler, Bill Rubenstein. lerry MacDonald, lim O'lVlalley, Kirby Thomas, Dan Groteleuschen. Bob Richardson, lefl' Reinert. George Palmer Page 97 Representing the student body STUDENT COUNCIL . . . The Elgin High Student Council has been especially active this year on all three levels-local, state, and na- tional. Locally, the Council again sponsored a foreign exchange student, Marta Gonzales. who came to us from Argentina. With the Council's support, two of its members. Doug Kranwinkle and Larry Hansen secured executive positions in Illinois District and State Organizations of Student Councils. Elgin was also fortunate in having Doug as a representative at the Na- tional Student Council Convention in Roswell, New Mexico. ln order to support its activities. the council sponsored its third annual musical "lt's Later Than You Think", written. produced, and played by body. The council was also active promoting better inter-school rela- production, which was the student this year in tionships between schools of our conference and locality by means of student exchange and other joint activities. The major goals of the Elgin High School Student Council are to en- courage a feeling of cooperation between the student body and faculty, to act as a service organization for the school and community, and to maintain the high standards of scholar- ship, courtesy. and sportsmanship which have come to be identified with our school. OFFICERS Left to Right: Barb Bowles, Secretary: Nlarcia Lind. Treasurer Iohn Bunge, Vice-president: Bob Cantrell. President STUDENT COUNCIL . . . Standing: Penny Muntz. Diane Kerlin. Pam Hudgens, Indy Doss, Bea Henning, Sally Schurmeier, lean Duer. Barb Fischer. Iune Iensen, lane Wilson, Norm Ben, Ierry lVlach, Pat Black, Larry Hansen, Pat Danner. Brian Enos, Bob Cutler. Nancy Chislett, Dave Covey, Diane Partridge, Wziyne Jensen, Barb Konitzki, Rick Johnson, Lani Fredrickson, Doug Kranwinkle, Sandy litter, Bill Leonard, Toni Tift. Bob Cantrell, Luann Cevela, Larry Anderson. Dick Cartwright Seated: ll Row l: Row 2: Cindy VVaterman, Carole Renwick. Ieanette Chislett, Sally Reynolds, Ioan Thompson, Bonnie Aurle. Indy Laseman. Carol Stevens Lynn Hampel, Linda Swanson, Roberta Liden. Marry Cvromer, Iane Valentine, Barb Bowles. Nlarcia Lind, lVIary Lindoerfer, lfugenia Goroschkin Row 3: lillen Broski, Karen Nelson, lVlartha Molitor, Ellen Hagelow, Ethelda Self Row -iz Herb Lange. Bill Cramer, Chuck Hesse, Iohn Bunge Row 5: Chan Swan, Bob Miller, Bill lVlinehart, Frank Sieroslawski Page 98 To raise The standards of E.H. . SOCIAL COMMISSION . . . Seated: Ellen Broski. Mary Cromer, Lani Fredrickson. Pat Nerge, Penny lVlnnt:. Karen Nelson. Roberta Liden, Barb Konitzki Standing: Norm Ben, Brian Enos, Doug Kranwinkle, Bob lVliller, Iohn Ryerson Page 99 SERVICE COMMISSION . . . Seated: Pat Black. Ethelcla Self, Sally Reynolds, Luann Ceyela, Nancy Chislctt, Lynn l'la1npel, lillen Hage- low, Nlarta Gonzales, lane VVilson Back: Dick Cartwright, Frank Siero- slawski. Bob Cutler, Bill Mini-hart BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMISSION . . . L.-R.: Herb Lange, lane lenscn. Pat Danner, Carol Stevens, Rick Iohn- son, Eugenia Gorosuhkin, Pam Hud- gens, Barb Fischer. Chan Swan. VVayne lenscn Stutlvnt Council nsxciulwlics, including thi' .incl cuiirti-sy uaiiupnigii. The student council coopercires S'I'llDIiN'I' COUNCIL . . . SHRVICIQ CIJIVINIISSIONH Rvspoilsilulv lui' stllclvlit-l.u'i1lty plmlu' clirvctnrivs, and Christmas clvcurmioiis. RICSICARCII AND I7LIBI.ICI'I'Y COIVI- MISSION-'llikos min' of publicity for .ull Studcnt Council prujcurs, including lmullclin lm.u'cl und tiuki-rs. SOCIAI. COMMISSION-Pl.ms Studvnt Cuuntil liuinvcoining llont und is .ictivc in plnuuiugy ai liiqli stlloul vxcliungc program. l3IIlI,lJINCi AND GROUNDS COM- IVIISSIUN - Oi'gl.iiiiZvs clcgiu-up cum' pnigns. :uid itx im-mln-rs uct .is guidcs tu now l'f,Il.S. studciits. PRCXZRAIVI COMMISSION-Orguuizcs lllLlllk'i'lOll .lSSl'II1l7lY, tlu' vlvctiou proqrgun, with 'rhe faculty PROGRAM . . . I.i-fr to Right: Indy Doss, Bonnie Aulwlv. lVIzu'y Linclocrlcr, login Thouipson, Lurrv Rich, lVlau'ci.1 Lind, Chuck Hvss, Icun Duvr, Icrry lVlzich, Toni Tift. lVI.irily11 lilliot, Sunclyl Iittvr RESEARCH AND PUBLICITY COMMISSION . . . I.cft to Right: Iohn Bungc, Bill Krzuncr, Larry I'Iunscn, Larry Anderson, lane Valentino, Duve- Cuvcy, Arolc Rvnwick. Linclu Swanson. Sally Schurnivicr, Diane Partridge. Diane Kcrlin, B011 l'I0nning Page 100 Increosing world understanding Through LATIN CLUB . . . The Latin Club is composed of all students taking Latin, who wish to join. One of the more important projects Latin Club participates in is the International Banquet. The Club also sponsors various parties for its own members. The able sponsor is Wilfred McWilliams. The officers are: President, Toni Tift: Vice president, Pat Danner: Secretary-Treasurer, Pam Kirkland. SPANISH CLUB . . . The Spanish Club is composed of all students taking the language who wish to belong. The oflicers for 195758 were: President, Suzanne Warner: Vice president, Iudy Love: Secretary, Laura Iohnson: Treasurer. Trudy Haffron. Activities included the annual Christmas Fiesta, and the all language party. The latter was an international dinner. Meetings were based on Argentina, with Marta Gonsolez, the foreign exchange stu- dent from that country. as advisor. The club is sponsored by Miss Irene Pielemeier. GERMAN CLUB . . . The students may participate in any number of clubs at E.I-I.S. and one of these is the German Club. Through the club the students learn a little about the country and its customs. The two major events which the members participate in are the German Club Party and the International Dinner. FRENCH CLUB . . . Under the able direction of Mrs. Dora Pasel, the French Club has had another successful year. The year was started by the election of the following oflicersz Diane Iurgens, President: Alice Darnell. vice president: Barb Auble, secretary: Barb Qser, treas- urer. Through participation in Club parties and projects, members of the Fench Club have gained wider knowledge and better understand- ing of the French language and culture, Cl study of cultures j B LATIN CLUB . . . Left to right: Pat Danner-Vice-prcsidcnt Pam Kirkland-Sccretary-Treasurcr GERMAN CLUB . . Standing: Bob Miller-Treasurer Ellen Hagelow-Secretary lack Fisher-President Edith Iahn-Co-vice-president Seated: Edith Iahn-Co-vice-president Hilda von I-Iolwedcf Co-vice-president FRENCH CLUB . . . Diane Iurgcns-President Barb Aublc-Secretary Barb Oscr-Treasurer Alice Darnell-Vice-president Page 101 Seated: Toni Tift- President SPANISH CLUB . . . Left to Right: Susanne Warner-Prcsidcnt Laura johnson-Secretary Trudy I-Iaffron-Treasurer ludy Love-Vice-president Recording for posterity o yeor of E.H. . Business lVlanager Charles Stewart and Edi- tor Reid l'onkens attempt to look industrious. Dave Nichelson, Pam Kirkland. and Iulie Lcvcrenz look delightfully bored at the Filling of Nlaroon payment foreclosures. Marcia Keller and Iackie Humbracht are seen busily designing our opening pages: their Iirst 3 months of labor. Trudy llatfron displays the devotion of yearbook workers as she types on the roller to ludy Kohlhagen's dictation. THE MAROON . . . The Nlaroon staff has worked hard this year to produce a line yearbook. They worked all year. starting in the fall by choosing a color scheme, taking pictures, typing ambitions and activities. and beginning to write copy. Many of these things were done all year. and other duties were added as the book was nearing completion. The staff members were kept busy writing copy and collecting pictures. Much time was spent by the art editors on making lay-outs of pages. All this work was co-ordinated by Mr. Carl Pride. the sponsor of the Maroon. The staff hopes that its work of the year merits the approval of the students and facility of EHS. P..gt- 102 The Mirror reflects bi-weekly events MIRROR . . . The Mirror acts as the week by week diary of Elgin High School, recording the events of E.I-I.S. when they happen. The students participating in the production of the Mirror combine their assorted talents to come out with a bi-monthly edition filled with feature stories, sports highlights, pictures, and news of the many activities that make up the life of E.H.S. The Mirror, capably sponsored by Miss Enid Burns, is financed in part by the advertising of local businessmen of the Elgin area. The school periodical works hand in hand with the profes- sional printing enterprises in our community to provide the students with a better understanding of the business end of running a newspaper. Other than the education concerning the princi- ples of journalism, working on the school paper supplies the students with many experiences of meeting and interviewing people that greatly im- prove the students tact and general human rela- tions. ADVERTISING AND BUSINESS MANAGER . . . L-R.:Rogcr Sivgnivicr. Pat Harris. Roger VVineingcr EDITORS . . . I..-R.: Chuck Hesse. Indy Kotchuck, lVlartha Molitor, Ken Cronk, Editor-in-chief. Marge Dancau. Vera Forbes REPORTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHER . . . Row I: IoAnn Zwcifcl, Cliff Papacels, Carolyn I-Icnninger, Lynn Humbracht. Deanna Stewart. Bohbyc Nlartin, Iudy Kcmpmeyer. Anabel Lewis Row2: Dorenc Dillow, Carolyn Leipitz, Sharyn Iohnson, Ioan Lamp, Linda Cantrell. Georgia Volpp, Ann Ra msey Potographer: Toni Knccht Page 103 Providing opportunity for service 'ro 'rhe school CLUB 88.1 . . Li-fi to Right: Row l: lVl.irci.i Alexander, Toni Tift. Indv King, l'larbara Fischer ludv Doss, ludy Lamphere Row 2: Louis Ziininerinau. Chuck llesse, lolin Bell. Larry Hopkins. Pat Daiiuer. Nlary Cromer, lane VVilson. Mari.: Ninos. lVl.irci.i land. Pat Black, Sue Renwick, Dave lVluntz. Rick Caul Row 3: Bill Lea, Sanford Anderson. l,ucienue Favret, l,lllCl.l Beiiter. Diane Partridge Row 'li Tom Kneclit, Bob Stettner, Nlartv Rifken, Don Kerlin, lim Scliiirter, Cindy VV.iterniann. Susie Kirkpatrick, Roger Stettner, Bill Lewis E ww CLUB 88.1 . . . Club 88.1 ofthe Elgin Public Schools educational F.lVl. station carried out a most active year. Under the sponsorship of Mr. E. H. Hoke and leadership of Nlary Gromer. president: Bill Lewis. vice presi- dent: and Diane Partridge, Secretary-treasurer, The 88.1 Club sponsored broadcasts before and during foot- ball and basketball games. organization of new broadcasting schedules, student scripts, and many other new 1lClVilllCl'lllCntS. PROJECTION CLUB . . . The Projection Club. sponsored by Tom Green, is a service club that supplies trained student help to operate public address systems, motion picture projectors, and other audio-visual equipment. The members also service all equipment used by the school. MATH CLUB . . . The Math Club, sponsored by Mr. Schulz, started its activity at the beginning of the second semester. Some meetings were spent working on difficult problems. and some were devoted to learn- ing mathematical shortcuts. Guests were invited to speak to the members on mathematical subjects. The club members were given a chance to observe the practical application of mathematics when they visited the Pure Oil lnstitute in Crystal Lake. PROIECTION CLUB . . . Row l, L-R: Larry Behm, Bob Leach. Thom Crane. Bill Kerchenfaut, Mike Diekman, Dick Leitner Row 2: Toni Holzman, Rod Rasmus sen, Bruce Stevenson Rovv3: Ron Sensor, lim Schurter. Renald Strackany, Norman Land- wehr, Dick Erickson, Terry Backus. Dennis Shine, Iohn Bunge Row'l1 lVlerlin Strahl, Fred Sunder- lage MATHEMATICS CLUB . . . David Davis, ludv Kohlhagen. Sue Seiler, Diane lurgens, Rita Vollman, Kay Baker, Gerry VVarrhacl1 Page i0-l Girls serve notion, community, ond school FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA . . . The true name of the Elgin High School branch of Future Teachers of America is the Harriet Gilford Club. Its main purpose lies in interesting the more promising students in teaching as a pro- fession. Under the competent supervision of lVliss Siren, these girls accomplish many educational things throughout the year. Among other things. they incorpor- ate speakers representative of the differ- ent phases of teaching, view movies, and try to give junior and senior members a chance to visit colleges and elementary schools of interest. FUTURE TEACHERS . . . Row ls Sara Legg, Barbara Hollister. Margaret Calhoun. Donna Bennorth Row 2: Michele Evans, Carolyn Liepitz. Karen Dornman, Lynn Regenhurg Indy Panella, Dottie Creve Row 3: Phyllis Landers, Sarah Pierson. Sue VVarner, Pat Curtis, Pat Van Natta. Carol Henry Row -l: Iulia VVilkins. Indie Dierking. Yvonne Vogelmann, Myrna O'Brien, Sharon Smith, Carol Lagerstrom. Iudy VVerner Row 5: Penny Muntz, Barh Asp. Iuely Burnidge. Ianis Iacohs. Nona Rushing. Deanna Danner Row 6: Ieanne Baxman. Ieanne Stark, Mary Sue Sommer, Ruth Sweet. Sally Sinko, Mary Ellen Cowan. Mary Witlitfrs. lanet Mishke GIRLS' CLUB . . . All the girls at EHS. are members of Girls' Club. The officers were Lois Dye, president: Sarah Pierson, vice-president: Katherine Kennedy. secre- tary: and Mary Withers. treasurer. GIRLS' CLUB CABINET . . . Standing, L-R: Marilyn Elliott, Lynn Regenhurg. Ruth Muirhead. Nancy Baumgartner. Barh Bowles Seated. L-R: Katherine Kennedy, Sarah Pierson, Mary VVithers. Ellen Hagelow. ludy Doss. Lois Dye FUTURE NURSES CLUB . . . The Fixture Nurses of America is one of the more active groups at Elgin High School.. Their activ- ities include Held trips to hospitals in our area to study their programs, special discussions with registered nurses. and viewing movies of various tields of medicine. They also aid at both local hospitals hy volunteering their services while gaining experience. FUTURE NURSES' CLUB . . . 7 Seated: Carol Plagge. Sandy, Orhan, Pat Zirk, Iackie Humhracht. Lauralle Ackmann, Mary Lindoerfer. Luella lxawa. Sally Reeser, Diana Boren, Bonnie Lee Riley, Paulette Blaha, Sandy Young Standing: Mary Aim Smith, Ianet Bonkoski, Kaaren Bolliger. Sharyn D. lohnson. Pat Skinner, Becky Bohlin, Iulie Leverenz, Iune Iensen, Frances Hernandez, Mary Sorenson. Lani Fredrickson, Iocelyn Aikin, Karen Wzihl. Pat VVallmuth, Ruth Ann Lohheu, Mrs. Elizabeth Hallet, R,N., Advisor, ludy Genz, Barbara Willis. Audrey Greve 'QQ iff- 'fi B fn' iw as Page 105 Serving students with varied interests E-CLUB . . . R t iw Row Row R ow R ow l: 2: 3. -lt 5: Bruce Hudgens. Toni Starrett, VVayne Welvb, Bob Quayle, Donn Barber, lerry Bizzak, Bill Luscher, Bob Mcfiarry, Larry Michelson. Bob Cutler, lim DeMien, Gene Pulfpaff. Dick Vaughan. Melvin Nelson. Owen Wright. Cary Hirshberg lid Kadlec. Kirby Thomas, Tom lohnson, Fred Rhoades, lerry Mitter, Rick lohnson. Ion Hoffman. Dewey Cain. lim Lamp, lim Anderson. Mickey Musikich. lrv lohnston, Dave Muntz. lohn Adams, Clark Lund Aarne Reinsalu. Rick Caul. Dave Hopp, Steve Shaw. Wziyne lensen. Bob Cantrell, Dick Boncosky, Ierry Fehrman, Bob Leith. Tom Hettinger. Don Iohnston, Ron Hoppe, Darwin Begalka, Dick Pfister. Gordon Hameister, lohn Ryerson Bill Menke, Dwayne Tison. Dave Volmer, Dale lohnson, Frank Sieroslawski, Dick Genz, Brian Enos. lim Christle. Fritz Liepitz, Bill Griffin, Sanford Anderson, Larry Anderson, Dave Rasmussen, Bruce Blosat, Toby Hines. Mike Ludwig, Craig Abbott Gene Stuart, Bill Blum, lack Pflederer, Doug Kranwinkle. Ken Cronk, Barry Vecchio, Terry Smiricky. Wes Hunborg, Iohn Bunge, Frank Roshorough E CLUB . . . The E Club of E.H.S. is the organization to which the athletes who have been awarded one major or two minor letters belong. The officers for this school year are: Presi- dent-Iim DeMien, Vice-president-Larry Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer-Dale Iohnson. There are 65 members which do not include 21 new members who were inducted last November. Some of their activities have been: a Homecoming float: the Thanksgiving Dance, along with the GAA: trips to college or pro football and college basketball games: a gift to the Ath- letic Department: co-sponsorship of the pep club. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS . . . Withoiit the aid of the student library assistants our librarians would be greatly handicapped. Their willing assistance is essential in maintaining our library. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS . . . Front table. L-R: Pam Hudgens, Edna Hulsberg, Nancy Bierman Sitting, L-R: Indy Cherco, loanne Reid. Iuly Vierling, Martha Cook Standing, L-R: Dorene Anderson. Karen Schmidt, Laura lohnson. Delores Thompson, Miss Hoagland, supervisor, Hattie Prochnow. Harriet VVood Page 106 Activities provide opportunities for all SOPHOMORE DRAMATICS CLUB Seated: Darlene Miller. lordan Cross, Kathy Paar, Lynn Flint. Lynn Rcgcnburg, Dick Cartwright, Nancy Chislctt Standing: lulia Wilkiiis, Linda Panosh, Io-Ann Schmidt, Lauralce Ackmann, Bob Stettncr. Lani Frcdrickson, Sue Kissclburg, Nlary Williziiiis, Sandy Schabcrt SOPHOMORE DRAMATICS CLUB . . . The Sophomore Dramatics Club is composed of all those sophomores interested in dramatics. Their activities included putting on two plays. 'iparty Line" and Hpajama Party." The officers include Lynn Regenburg. president: and Lynn Flint, vice president. Mr. Byrus Hall is the sponsor. IR, RED CROSS Seated, L-R: Peggy Nlanucl, Laura lolinson lack Pflederer, Ann Cvlashagel Standing, L-R: Carol Plaggc. Linda Swan- son. lean Dorvvaldt, Carol Tweed. Marv Ellen Cowan IUNIOR RED CROSS . . . The lunior Red Cross has served its purpose well this year by taking part in many worthwhile activities. A system of home room representatives as members was initiated this year and has worked well. An enrollment dance was held after a football game for fund-raising. The organization is divided into various commissions which send entertainment to the Elgin State Hospital and compose a scrapbook. The of- ficers for 1957-58 were Shelby Ewert, president: ludy Lamphere, vice president: Laura lohnson, secretary. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . . . L-R: Sally Rccscr. Brenda Bonner, lanicv Crain, Rae Ann Phillips. Carol Rall FUTURE HOMEMAKERS . . . The Elgin chapter of Future Homemakers of America participates in numerous activi- ties. New officers are installed each March. The main events of the winter season are the Christmas party and the family night when the girls serve a pot- luck supper. A Valentines party and an Movernightw at the Y.W.C.A. are also main activities. The annual style show is the culmination of the chapter's efforts. 1 Page 107 Dcluntless spirit sparks our 'reams ' 2 M l A f A E -, ' A Wi by-. was ' PEP CLUB . . . The basketball teams were supported very well by the Pep Klub this year. Weziring white blouses or shirts, the members ofthe club occu- pied a whole section of the gym with its four hundred members. Pep Club met every VVedncsday noon during the basketball season to learn new cheers and practice old ones. The members continually upheld the good sportsmanship and school spirit of EHS. 8 Q 55 Q as 93665 rw is 993096 Q 'EMQWQQQSEQ-9 My 435 me f-me 9.969 -MM 'r i'9.a,no Mabgofigf, Qkaii'g3 i9a'BlQ9f.RQg5lt,f1j30 1 ,A E Mr ' -' Q s Q SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS . . . l,,R: Mari.: Ninos. Toni Tift, lVl.iry Kay Osmun. Pam lludtiens. Katherine Ken- ! M S lx N Cl l rr nec xx .irgo . pin 'c-r, amy us e Pnqe W5 Roaring fwenfies provide fheme for homecoming gf Top: King Fred Rhoades and Queen Barb Bowles with their court. Upper Left: 1959 Homecoming float took first prize in competition. Middle Right: Homecoming dance in panorama Middle Left: Homecoming committee chairmen pre- pare for the big event. Lower Left: The Nlarionettes charleston in the Home- coming Assembly. Lower Right: Homecoming parade winds through the heart of the city. li M Marta Gonzales speaks to student body Captains and coaches discuss fall awards day assembly Page l I0 Science club launches miniature "Sputnik" Mr. Stewart and his wife present assembly College Day gives students valuable opportunities Modern pilgrims celebrate Thanksgiving lunior Red Cross members work diligently Students receive helpful counselling on career's day Student Council stages annual play Students watch Veteran's Day assembly Sophomore modern dancers create Hawaiian atmosphere Iunior dramatics class presents Christmas assembly Mirror stall gives assembly Page l l l -A-----l- Maroon gridclers triumph once again VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . Row lt Row 2: Row 3: Row -li l. to r. Owen Wrigiht llVlgr.l, Bill Stilwell. Gary llirslibcrg. Hank Leach. Bob lVlcGarry, loc Pgizicniski, Bob Cantrell, Miko Rchbcrg, l:Fl'Ll Rlioaclcs. Bruce Hudqcns. Bob Barron, Bill Griffin, Mick Musikich. Dick Cruz, Toby llinvs llVlgr,j Bob Quayle llVlgr.J. Aairne Rvinsiilu, Dewey ii: Cain, Roy Nicki-l. lay Grziening, lim Dt-Micii, lrrit' Tic 't' lerr' lVlittvr lrv lohnston Bob 'T - , pi -, 5 . . . Clmiiibcrliiiii, Chuck Akcniunn. Drive Volmcr, Rick Cuul, Don Iohnston. Dave lVlorley lid Srliult: lAsst. Cogichl, liruic Akemann, llivc Willi.iiiis. Iohu Osmun, Bruck VVcbb, It-fl Rcincrt, lim Anclcrsoii, Frank Rosborough, Mike laidwig, Norm Killow, Bob Otto, lerry Bizzak, Raiiioii Burcli. Terry Smiricky, Ted Kruse. Kirby Thoiiias. Dick liosterman, Carl Zotlioll, Rick Nriiiuiiiiii, VVCS Hunborg, Craig Abbott. Williuiii Wfiltsmii lAsst. Coiiuhl, Ht-iid Cogitli Bob Duffield llcnry 'llliim-lsvii, Barry Vecchio, Tom lohnsoii Roger Scliiuiniiii, Darwin Begzilka, Frank Sier- oslowski. lairry Backus, lim Christle, Ron lloppc, Tom Hvttingcr, Gordon Hzuncister, N 5m g Hb. '13 -Elf - r ., h xxwx-.J 1 u 4 Rick llnxisv. XAIQIYIH' lensen, lcrry Briefly. lVlt-lviii Nelson. Dave lVluntZ, Dick Pfister, ljllXX'.IX'llt' Tison Unbeaten sophomore football squad celebrates one of nine victories VARSITY FOOTBALL 1957 . . . The Maroons this year were led to a 6-3 record by a new head coach in the person of Mr. Bob Duflield. Plagued by inexperi- ence, but blessed with depth at every posi- tion, the Maroons picked to finish some- where in the Big Eights second division. rolled through a highly successful cam- paign, copping a second place tie with the Cavaliers of LaSalle-Peru. The Nlaroons opened the 1957 cam- paign with a 13-O victory over York and were on the short end of a 6-I9 score against a powerful Thornton eleven in nonconference tilts. Page ll-1 ni 1 P In f ,gf -. r ,, S E, a 'M ' Y 1 Q Vai w : WMM 9 N-:sf ' a Q ,,, in . K ' Q 1 . .tg X x. 3 Ig, is U g t X , 4, ,qw ,fa " paoff, .Ea ,.. ' x 15 WI7 str :XX Opening the conference season on for- eign ground, the Maroons bowed to La- Salle-Peru. In the annual Homecoming showdown, Elgin walloped the Freeport Pretzels, 38-6. We continued to roll to victories over East Rockford, 14-7, West Aurora. 25-0, and Ioliet 19-0. We lost our third decision of the campaign to East Aurora. 25-6. and ended the campaign successfully by a score of 27-6 over West Rockford. Our star center and linebacker, Fred Rhoades, was named on various all-state teams. Tackle Ernie Akemann was named on the All-Big Eight first team. 2 L-R: Returning lettermen Fred Rhoades and Ernie Akemzinn. assistant coaches Ed Schultz and Bill Walton, amd head couch Bob Duffield plain season strategy. Page l 15 I x Ei. , ,Q ff . m. tg, VP 'il 08? A 7 nwi 'H,Q.Q--F Q C 58' -iii Xl. JP as O VM ! F! k ,X x L'5 It k .N uoq -I fx, -,JJ ids. 'E NJ' Y Qfrw "X, . ' F' 'X "' 555, 1 :ff 1 . f W uk cw Lx ,Q ., : X X t Q-if xg Q WN ' x Fl '71 'x ii ."' 'A v X' .s K r fm, A Ag. 'fm 5324 I fff ' A 1 X ,Y .A W sw, A 4- . ,. . 'jgkgiisx Sophomores score smashing success SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL 1957 . . . The E.H.S. sophomores for the third time in :sophomore football history were Big Eight champions. We are a.lso the first sophomore team in the school's history to complete an undefeated, untied campaign. We were unscored upon in the season's first 3 encounters. This feat could not have been accomplished without expert guidance from head coach Bill Chesborough and assistant Don Quillman. Elgin's chances look very good in the years to come with the boys gain- ing more experience as they move through high school, SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SCORES Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin ....,., ,..,,. Elgin .,.,... ....,. York ........i....... Thornton ........ LaSalle-Peru Freeport ....,..... East Rockford . Elgin West Aurora Elgin Ioliet ,.......r......,, Elgin East Aurora ..... Elgin SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL . . . West Rockford l. to r. lim Schurter lMgr.l, Don Martin, Ierry Meier, Bill Kerchenfaut Ed Denk Dennis Sinnett, Craig Conn, lim Spates, Don Centanni, Mike Rea lMgr.l Tom Smith, Ioe Leetzow, Stuart Busse, Curtis Kowalski, Bob Miller Dive Nichols Rollin Schuler, Ierry Keller, Ken Gustafson, lim Knaak, Roger Lenart, Tom Holzman Head Coach Bill Chesbrough, Mike Stone, Avery Eklund, Bob Read, Herb Lange, Bob Richardson, Arthur Cvilbertson, Tom Musial, Chan Swan, Bill Cramer, Dave Olson, Gary Molner, Assistant Coach Don Quillman Cvary Schmidt, Carroll Hall, Bob Wells, Dennis Shine, Iohn Handrock, Terry Backus. Lloyd Van Dyke, Dick Santee, Chuck Westphal and Ken McGhie Sggaig 1 i ,3 VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . Row l: Cr'.1igAlulmtt, l:ritZLivp1t:, Stvvc Slmw. Conch Bill C:l10SlWOI'OllQh, Hunk L1-muh, L.n'ry Powers, Iny Gmcninq Huw Z: Mgr. Bull Blum. l:r.n1k Roshornngh. Flynn Rohinson. Iohn Bnnnc. Gurdon Bzxznli. Chuck Akvnmnn, Brian linux, Wlnr. Ruger Parsons Row 3: Hull linpplcr, Dong Kl'.ll1XX'illklL', Luck PHcLh'rcr. Ch-orgc Clark, Bruu' Blosnt. Ifrnic Akvnmnn, f,.1rrV Fmukns Maroon cclgers SUPHONIORE BASKETBALL SQUAD . . . Row I: Don Kvrlin. llwc Nicholson. Kvn B4lllIl1gI.ll'II10I'. Dun IVl.n'tin, Bah lVhllvr. Im' Catton, Rngvr Lvn.n't RUWZ: MikcRv.1.rng1r..DunGrntclmwlwlm.M.xrtyR1fkvn, Diuk Lose. Huh Wells, Iohn Inhnston, Unvv Hnskc Stunrt Hnssv. mgr. Rum' 3: Csmulm Huh Smith, Dcnnis Shinv, Inn Sghnrtcr. Bah WilIi1llIlS. Kunt Dnvsing, Conch Bill VV.1lton IJ.1mlL' UH lf. N L ,l B Varsity rolls to victory in M10 is Akemann takes one off the defensive board. VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . The 1957-58 edition of the Elgin High School varsity will long be remembered as one which provided many pleasant surprises and much exciting play. Last year's entire starting five graduated and only two boys returned from the ten man touina- ment squad. Although few expected it. Coach Chesbrough molded another powerful quintet, which managed to cop the Big Eight Con- ference title. as well as garner a berth in the MSweet Sixteen" for the third year in the last four. The team opened the season with a victory over Arlington Heights but were never able to triumph twice in succession through the first half of the schedule while compiling a 4-5 overall record including a 1-1 mark in Big Eight play. The turning point in the campaign came in the game against East Aurora. ln the second half of that contest the boys really caught fire to swamp the Tomcats 75-57 and start a surge that carried them to the conference championship and the first round of the state tournament. The following night the Elgin cagers defeated Hinsdale 61-60 as Flynn Robinson coolly dropped in two free throws with only seconds remaining in the game. The following weekend East Rockford, the states number-one-ranked ball club. moved into Elgin and left somewhat deflated. Elgin bowled over East by a 57-51 count while leading by as much as 17 points during the game. The team continued through the rest of the conference season undefeated, clinch- ing the title in a come-from-behind thriller at La Salle-Peru. The only losses suffered by the Elgin cagers in the last 12 games of the regular season were to Thornton and Moline, two of the states strongest Page 110 L51 Pflederer grasps the round ball in a tangle of arms. Varsify players excel ci gumtets. lflgin opened the Crystal Lake Regional with a crushing 92-52 win over llarvard, lvlcllenry provided stiffer Competition before fall- ing before filgurs fourth quarter surge 72-59. ln the Regional champi- onship game the Maroons streaked to a 17-2 lead in the first quarter and toasted to a 65-49 victory. The Elgin cagers Carried a 7 game winning streak into sectional competition and increased their victory skein to 9 before moving into f'Sweet Sixteen" play. ln the Arlington lleights Sectional the lVlaroons rolled over a game VVar1'en ball club 79 o9 before annexing the championship with a heart-stopping 49-48 win over Nlaine as ffrnie Akemann dropped in the winning free thi'ows with only I4 seconds remaining in the game. Nlarshall of Chicago was the lVlaroon's next opponent in state tournament first round play at Nleliaw llall in lfvanston. Elgin did a magnificent job in staying with lVlarshall for three quarters before tiring in the final stanza to lose by .i 65--H score which was not at all indicative of the ferocity of the contest. Thus ended another fine Elgin basketball season with a season reeord of l9 wins and only S losses. lVlr. Cihesbrough deserves special Commendation for the masterful eoaehing job he did in bringing an inexperienced group of boys from nndseason depths to the conference championship. the Ugweet Sixteen." .ind .i I9-H season slate. This was eertainlv one of his finest ball teams and ranks proudly with all the other great Elgin teams. Overall balance marked this year's team, though individual recognition was not entirely larking. lark ljllederer, ffrnie Akemann. and Flynn Robinson made various .ill-conference and all-area teams. Shaw sweeps in for a layup. page l2U ll hopes Swish! Tournament fever VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . Elgin ,.,,,,,,,,.. .,.,,.. 5 9 Arlington Heights ,,,,,, Elgin ..,, ,,,, ..,,,,, -I 7 Proviso ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Elgin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 6 0 De Kalb .... .. , , Elgin ...... . ,.,, 54 Decatur ,,,,,,,, , , Elgin ,,..,, ,,,,,,, 7 l West Aurora ,, . Elgin ,..,., .. .. 50 West Rockford , Elgin ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 -l York ,,,,, v,,, , ,, , Elgin ,,,,,, ,, ,, 63 Oak Park Elgin ,..... ,,,,,,, 6 5 lVlaine ,,,, ,,,,,,, Elgin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 5 East Aurora , , Elgin .,.,.. ,,.,, 6 I Hinsdale , Elgin ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 7 East Rockford 6 Elgin ...,,, .,,,,,, 6 8 Ioliet ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , Elgin ,,,...,,,, ,, ,, ,-48 Moline ,,,, , Elgin ,,,,,,.,,, , ,,,, 62 West Aurorx Elgin ,,,,,, ,, ,,,, 65 Freeport , Elgin ,,,,,, ,, ,, 56 Thornton Elgin ....,, ,,,,, 7 l East Aurora , Elgin ,,,,,, , ,,,, 51 La Salle-Peru Elgin ,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 -l Leyden Elgin .... ,H63 Ioliet .,,,,,, , ,, Regional Tournament Elgin .,.. ,,,,,, 9 2 Harvard ,,,, Elgin ..,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 2 lVlcHenry ,,,, , ,, Elgin .,., . H63 Crystal Lake . Sectional Tournament Elginv, H, 79 VVarren ,, , , Elgin ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, -l 9 Maine ,, , First Round State Tournament Elgin ,,,. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, -l 3 lVlarshall Total for season-I9 wins, 8 losses Above: Marshall demonstrates fast break success. Below: Cheerleaders show effects of "March Mad- ness." At right: Abbott is in the air for two. Page 121 Sophomores demonstrated steady improvement SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL. . .The Elgin High School sophomore cagers, a slow starting hall club this year, turned in a 10-ll season mark. It was not until midseason that the boys found themselves. This was the main cause for their low place in the Big Eight standings. Finishing the season with three consecutive victories over La Salle-Peru. Leyden, and Ioliet, the team entered the Belvidere frosh-soph tournament. ln the first game Elgin walloped North Boone and were defeated by Sycamore in the quarter-final encounter. Although the campaign record was not impressive, next year's varsity will have many Une additions. lflgin Arlington Heights Elgin, 37 lVloline , ,,,,, 49 lilgin Proviso Elgin, , ,, 52 We-st Aurora 28 liltlln Dt' Killll Elgin 36 Freeport , 35 mqill QJUHIKR Elgin ,,,,, Sl Thornton ,.,, 53 '. gm vs urom - A - , , - lzlgin Wt-st Rockford H U lilgin Mmm- F19 h'hh A 45 L" d" t ' U 7 lflgin lfaust Aurora jgln' ' ' F ey rn il' lglmn Hmsdnh. lllgin.. D-I Ioliet ,. ,W -15 lilgin linst Rockford Elgin V H 70 Nllffh B00110 'll lilgin Iolict Elgin 50 Sycamore 71 Graening drives down the base line in a layup attempt Page IZ? SWIMMING TEAM . . Row I: Louis Zimmermann, ingr.. Myron Bauer, Bill Fee, Ierry Snyder Row 2: Gary I-Iilquist, Bob Quayle, Larry Nlichelson, Donn Barber, Tom Hettinger, Bob Cutler Row I: Gordon Burkart, nigr., Bob Slevinan. Larry Hopkins, Dennis Gershick, Denny Davis. Greg Goodsell, Carl Enoe. Ron Garrclts. Gary Hirshberg. Craig Conn. Coach E. Max von Isscr E.H.S. tankers manage to stay afloat SWIMMING . . . The Elgin High School varsity swimming team compiled an outstanding season record of six wins and three losses in dual meet competition. The boys placed second in a triangular meet, third in the Big Eight conference meet, and seventh in the state meet. The Elgin tankers began the season by losing to West Rockford, one of the state's strongest teams. We then proceeded to capture four straight victories. The boys then lost to Thornton and Riverside before finishing the season on the upswing with victories over Leyden and DeKalb. In the conference meet, Larry Michelson captured first in both the 100 yard butterfly and the 150 yard individual medley. In the state meet Larry swam to a new record in the 100 yard butterfly with a time of 57.7. In addition to winning that event, he placed second in the 150 yard individual medley. In recognition of his fine performance Larry became Elgin's first two time all-American. Left: Bob Cutler and Tom Hettinger await the starter's signal Right: Larry Michelson, EIgin's first two-time all-American. Page l23 x if "--..,,,wm Effort + sweat I victory VARSITY WRIi5'I'I.ING . . . Rim' I: I..ii'i'y Ritli, llitk lj.lI'llL'll, Holi Mcfigirry. Dennis Kowzil, Chuck Sttidv, Bob Riillmaii. Cii'oi't1v lfiirzigiii, llilc lolinsoii. liolv Anclersoii, mor, l2ow2 llivv Sutton, nigir., llivc lVlunt:. Tom Tcnin'nt, lorry Bizzak. low Poziemski, Irv lolmstoii. lvrry Nlittvr. Dick Vaiugliiin. lorry Rohrssen, Gene Pultpall Row 3: Coacli Al Sclmrf. Russ Sliiiiimll, Howie Roiim, Tom Iohnson, lim Tilley. Henry 'i'liit-lst-ii, 'lla-rry Siiiiricky, liirlwy Tlioinais. Rick Cziul. Ron Hoppe. Dick Saiitcc, llt'riii.iii BIHIIIII Bottom Left: Dale lohnson attempts to reverse his opponent. Bottom Middle: Irv Iohnston on top at the moment. Bottom Right: Looks like a pin for Russ Shinnall. WRESTLING . . . The Elgin wrestling squad in dual competition won 9. lost 5 and tied l. The team placed 2nd in the Big Eight meet and 2nd in the District meet. The boys also placed 5th in the sectional. State meet qualifiers were Irv Iohnson and Russ Shinnall. Both boys reached the quarter-finals where they were then eliminated. Page 124 K,-V M if l 2 2. C5 W Q'- 1 I 1 K S I, ' 'l xiii Aww 'X M Page l25 To victory VARSITY TRACK . . , Standing L-R: Coach Robert Duffield. Larry Leuallen, Ieff Reinert. lon Smith. Rod Tammerau, lirnie Akemann, Bob Cant- rell, Dave Nlorley, Dale Thomas. As- sistant Coach limery Eblvert, Assistant Coach Cliiford lVlartin Kneeling L-R: lerry Fehrman, lim Ashley, Fran Kallina, lohn Bolz, Mickey Miisi- kich, lack Harms, Bruce Hiidgens, Glen Dreinbrink. Paul Kyistad. Mgr. Owen Wright Seated L-R: Mgr. Bill Luscher. Gordon Uurkart, lim Bernak, Wzilly' Gray. Dave Volmer. lim Lamp. Bob Mc- Garry. Dick Willis. Bill lVlartin CROSS COUNTRY . . . Row l: Bob Culver, Brian lohnston, Tom Rakow, Richard Brad- ley, Dennis Hurley Row2: Ray lohnson. Sanford Anderson. Toni Starrett. Chuck Stade, Gordon Burkart, Ken Baunigartner, Glen Krein- hrink, Bob lVlcGarry ROW3: lVlanager Herman Braun, Brian lfnos, Doug Kranwinkle, Larry Anderson, Dave Huske. lerry ITl'l1l'I1lilI1. Coach Cliff Nlartin VARSITY GOLF . . . Row l: Raynor Nelson, Mike Rehberg, lohn Hernandez, lohn Fairchild, Bob Cutler Row2: lohn Adams. lVlickey Bufkin, Lane Hoffman. Tom loliilf son, Bob Leith VARSITY TRACK . . . The varsity squad in its 5 meets compiled a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. After dropping the first two meets to Aurora East, 76-42, and to Ioliet, 602-57VQ. we came back winning our first of the year, 67-51, from Aurora West. We fin- ished third in the Wheaton relays and then defeated IVIooseheart, 79-39, and St. Edward 96112-21 ln the Tri-City meet we finished second and wound up in 3rd place in the Big 8 meet. CROSS COUNTRY . . . The cross-country squad split even in eight meets, winning 4 and losing 4. We took 3rd in the Big Eight conference meet and placed 7th in the District. The squad has fine prospects for next year. GOLF . . . The Elgin High School golf team came through with the fine record of 8 wins, 4 losses, and l tie. We placed 5th in both the District and the Big 8 meets. Cn winged fee Intramural program provides athletics for all INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS . . . Elgin High School is singularly fortunate in having a fine intramural athletic program for those boys who are not mem- bers of varsity teams. Among the sports offered in the program are basketball and bowling. There is also an annual free throw contest. Mr. Farroh is the capable director who organizes each event. for LG 5 atom 39 ' QQ' Page 126 Top: lntrzunural fret' throw champions. lhr: Bob Barron. Iohn Adams. Avery licklund Bottom Lt-ft: Intramural Bowling Cham- pions, l-r: Charles Rosenv. lack Kozumplik. Larry Schmidt, Rich Cowan, lon Boll Bottom Right: Km-cling: Melvin Landxxrlir, lim Lamp. Paul Kvistacl Standing: Glen Krcinhrink, lolm Lapp. lohn l..iwrcnt'c gLi3tN W' X 5 gf, 1 Q xi ,K Q, Hp yfiwmr ifkf sm M, X -eq fn w Eskgbm 1 TQ' :W ff 15 - :-:af . X' - M. - X W V1 kgijf if - fm mga W a.--:::,as.wW Mm , W - L .- x . l,+fj3ff,r.L, X' I ' N ix x 1 vQ,pf2.fiw' L . f x K X MW' 53 E It 'fs if 'gn N . ' 'fi F lntramural basketball is played by sophomore girls G.A.A .... 'lihe Girls' Athletic Association of Elgin High School has every girl as a member. lts purpose is to promote sports and sportsmanship among the girls. Oflicers were: President. lane Valentine Hirst semesterl and Hea llenning iseconcl semesterl: Secretary Hilda von Holwede: and Vice-presidents, Bea Henning. Harb Konilzki, Diane partridge, and Toni Tift. Each girls gym class elects a class chairman ancl GAA repre- sentative. These girls make up the GAA leadership board. Various activities include archery. basketball, bowl- ing, cheerlcacling. modern-lnclian-and social-dancing, softball, tennis, tumbling, volleyball. health education. and. along with the E Club. a pep club for basketball games. Also with E Club, GAA sponsors a Thanksgiving clance. They also have a Homecoming lloat and a play clay. The club is a charter member of the lllinois Lea- gue ol' lligh School Girls' Athletic Associations. Miss Wildzi Logan is sponsor. .a,xe.w,., . w awww umm G.A.A. girls offered o varied program of ofhlefic porficipofion Girls receive instruction in tennis Cupid's arrow makes its mark Below: Modern dancers display their feminine charms Ackemann's Department Store 168 Highland Avenue Adam's TV 1016 North Liberty Street Aikin Studio 23 Douglas Avenue Anderson Flowers 776 Bluff City Blvd. Anderson's Insurance Service 155 East Highland Avenue Artistic Carton Company 66 North Grove Avenue A 8 P Food Stores 205 South Grove Avenue Barnett's 10 South Grove Avenue S. W. Beck Company 21 Douglas Avenue Bergan Memorial Chapel 310 South State Street A Friend B1oemke's Leather Goods Store 167 East Highland Avenue B1um's 15 Douglas Avenue S. L. Bond, D.D.S. Professional Building Brenner's - Since 1885 Men's Wear 10 Douglas Avenue A Friend Browne-Sunderlage Insurance 55 North Grove Avenue Brucewood Builders Custom Built Garages Burstein Bros. Food Mkt. 805 Walnut Avenue Church of the Brethren General Cffices 22 South State Street Bunge's 280 South Grove Avenue Burstein Brothers Men's Store 217 National Street Carbary 6 Carbary 501 Tower Building California Food Mart 61 South Grove Avenue Chicago Rawhide Manufacturing Company 900 North State Street Community Iewelers 60 South Grove Avenue Conner's Restaurant 73 South Grove Avenue David C. Cook Publishing Company 850 South Grove Avenue Patrons Cooper's Pharmacy 113 Walnut Avenue Daniels and Clark Inc. 221-223 East Chicago Street Danner's Clothing Store 52 Douglas Avenue Del's Cycle Shop 266 Dundee Avenue Beatrice Dorsey Dundee, Illinois Doyle's Grocery 8 Market 475 Walnut Avenue Dueringer-Williams Studio 51 Douglas Avenue Economy Oil Company 151 North Spring Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 South Grove Avenue Elgin Coal 8 Oil Company 24 Kimball Street Elgin Corrugated Box Company 824 Raymond Street Elgin Dental Society Elgin Insurance Agency Professional Building Elgin Loan 8 Homestead Association 14-16 North Spring Street Elgin Linoleum Mart 203 East Chicago Street Elgin Lumber 8 Supply Company 222 Douglas Avenue Elgin Machine Works 412 North State Street Elgin Quality Laundry 1273 Dundee Avenue Elgin Softener Corporation 134 North Grove Avenue Elgin Storage 8 Transfer Company 300 Brook Street Elgin Window Cleaning Company 15 North Grove Avenue Ettner's Shoe Store 8 Douglas Avenue The Fabric Shop 57 Douglas Avenue Fairchild's TV-Radio Service 620 Wright Avenue Fishburn's Paint 8 Wallpaper Company 165 East Highland Avenue Frey and Hanchette Insurance 229 East Chicago Street Fox Electric Supply Company 67 North State Street lohn C. Friedland Elgin Tower Building Gebhard Gifts Douglas E1 Highland Avenue General Service Company Box 235 South Elgin, Illinois 1 age 130 Patrons George's Clothes 158 East Chicago Street George's Service 152 North Spring Street Studio of R. L. Giddens II Professional Building Gronie's Camera Shop 1 173 Dundee Avenue Goodie's Barber Shop 163 East Highland Avenue Gyro-Ducing Salon 432 Algona Avenue Knight Hamalian Carpeting-Furniture-Draperies Hammond Organ Studios 1 15 Highland Avenue W. H. Hanna, M.D. and F. G. Simpson, M.D. 1185 Dundee Avenue Hendriksen Radio 8 Television 269 South State Street Herman's Store for Men, Inc. 11 South Grove Avenue Chuck Hines Store for Boys 20 Douglas Avenue Hopp's Bakery 70 South Grove Avenue A Friend A Friend Illinois Cleaners 674 Dundee Avenue Ierry's D-X 282 Dundee Avenue A Friend Iohnson Brother's Auto Service 117 North Grove Avenue Iohnson's Drug Store 1046 North Liberty Street A Friend Keegan Brothers Manufacturing Company Box 171 South Elgin, Illinois Keeney's Sporting Goods, Inc. 19 Douglas Avenue Kenyon Brothers Company Post Office Box 134 Kettner Agency Elgin Tower Building Kienzle Brothers Company 701 North State Street Kimball Auto Parts 59 Kimball Street Dr. A. Smith Kinne 1 185 Dundee Avenue Bud Knott 8 Sons B K Photo Supply 1 18 South Spring Street Kramer 8 Kramer, Attys. 5 Douglas Avenue S. S. Kresge Company 32 South Grove Avenue Lads and Lassies 10 East Chicago Street Lazzara's Pizza and Grill 258 National Street A Friend Lee Ward's Art Needlework Store 615 Page Street Lesco Auto Seat Covers 1050 Dundee Avenue W. E. Lindoerfer Insurance 37-38 Hubbard Building Lloyd Hardward 60 Douglas Avenue Lochner's Pharmacy 300 McLean Boulevard Ludwig Milk Company 200 North Spring Street McBride Brothers Company 152-156 Grove Avenue McBride Pharmacy West Chicago E3 South State Street 1VIcCarthy, McCarthy and Meyers Elgin Tower Building McGraw Edison Company Toastmaster Division McNerney 8 Rifken, Attys. 808 Professional Building McQueen, Churchill, Kirkland and Brady W. R. Meadows, Inc. 18 Kimball Street Milbrandt Drug Stores 101 Douglas Avenue 370 Summit Street Modern Dairy Company 1002 North Liberty Street Dr. lack Moorman, O.D. 22 South Spring Street Morgan's Flowers, Inc. South State Street Road Morse's Drug Store 221 National Street Mosiman's 160 East Chicago Street Ralph W. Muchow, D.D.S. 102 North Spring Street Muetterties Sunlight Bakery 205 East Chicago Street Drs. O. D. 8 W. D. Mulliken 112 North Spring Street Nish Insurance 119 South Grove Avenue Norris-Reber Mortuary 266 East Chicago Street Notto1ini's Dundee, Liberty 8 Congdon Avenue Ozzie's Cities Service 771 Walnut Avenue Pape's Barber Shop 25M North Grove Avenue Pat's Super Service 50 Division Street Page 131 Patrons Park View Drugs 326 DuPage Street I. C. Penney Company 51 South Grove Avenue A Friend Phillips Auto Parts Company 370 Brook Street Phillips 66 Station 300 South State and Walnut Avenue Pierce - Pontiac 250 South Grove Avenue H. H. Pillinger, lr., M.D. 1100 Larkin Avenue Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company 210 East Chicago Street Iames A. Powers Elgin Tower Building A Friend Harold Rapalee-Life Insurance 209-210 Professional Building Rauschenberger Furniture Company 407 Bluff City Blvd. A Friend Reinert Real Estate 358 Dundee Avenue Edward S. Reque Organization 211 East Chicago Street Rifken Furs 122 South Grove Avenue Rinehimer Brothers 240 North Grove Avenue Rodholm-Edward's Iewelers 6 East Chicago Street Rogers 8 Rogers Elgin Tower Building Roth Pharmacy 175 East Chicago Street Rovelstad Brothers 162 East Chicago Street Martin F. Runge 216 Dundee Avenue Roland D. Russel, M.D. 317 East Chicago Street Ruth's Beauty Shop 20 East Chicago Street Schneff jewelry Store 161 East Chicago Street Schneider's Recreation 113 South Grove Avenue Schumacher Service 845 Walnut Avenue Mr. 8 Mrs. F. A. Schurmeier 102 North Spring Street Shakeproof Division of Illinois Tool Works St. Charles Road Shales Service 110 Villa Street A Friend Shedd-Bartush Foods, Inc. 51 North State Street Shm't1eH 8 Company 17 Douglas Avenue Singer's Style Shop 5 South Douglas Avenue A Friend Smith's Service Station Corner Spring E1 North Streets Souster's Flowers 167 Du Page Street Spalding's 458 Dundee Avenue Ioseph Spiess Company 38-52 South Grove Avenue Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Avenue Stan's Camera Center 79 South Grove Avenue Stettner Drugs 1 100 Larkin Avenue Stout Funeral Home 252 South State Street Strohm Coal Company 20 North Grove Avenue Richard I. Stromberg A.l.A. Architect 117 South Grove Avenue Superette Food Mart Ralph Fredricksen 301 East Chicago Street A Friend Talk of the Town Beauty Salon 4 North State Street A Friend S. W. Tonkens, M.D. 1 100 Larkin Avenue A Friend Treasure Chest jewelers 157 East Highland Avenue Tru-Value Shop 54 South Grove Avenue Valley Travel Service 102 North Spring Street Vanity Beauty Shop 23 Douglas Avenue Vo11man's Food Mart 1 19 Douglas Avenue A Friend Wait-Ross-Allanson Funeral Service, Inc. Warren's Heating and Air-conditioning 437 Dundee Avenue Wentworth's East Chicago and South Spring Street Yaife Furriers 59 South Grove Avenue Young Women's Christian Association 220 East Chicago Street Ziegler Brothers Company 171 East Chicago Street Page 132 Best Wishes BROTZMAN 81 BIGGERS CHEVROLET SALES ELGIN Congratulations to the Class of T958 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ELGIN, ILLINOIS Member F.D.I.C. ELGIN NATIONAL BANK THE BANK WITH YOUNG IDEAS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Compliments of LAMP CONSTRUCTION COMPANY II2 DIVISION STREET Good Luck to the Class of '58 ELGIN SWEEPER C0 SAI.ISBURY'S DE SOTO PLYMOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS Smartest of the Smart Cars 4' ' 'sf' ELGIN LINCOLN MERCURY Dundee and North THEIG Compliments of FRED R. LAMP HEATING AND SHEET METAL 214 NORTH STREET Compliments of ELGIN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "EIgin's Finest Saving FaciIity" KXIIIIIlIIlllllf , - - SXW This is the S5 V2 84th Anniversary Year 5 , , E of your "Good Neighbor and QVQGIN ILL!! ,wmlmlmwxw Friendly Servant" THE COURIER NEWS . . . 84 years of remaining youthful, vigorous and in step with EIgin's progress. Page l 33 UNION NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY OF ELGIN The Friendly Bank For Friendly People Member F.D.I.C. ALWAYS FIRST FOR SAVINGS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSO. OF ELGIN 14 East Chicago Street Good Luck to the Class of '58 PARAGON WHOLESALE PLUMBING AND HEATING 1180 DUNDEE AVENUE ELGIN, ILLINOIS NORTH END BOAT SHOP 443 Dundee Avenue EVINRUDE SALES - SERVICE Best Wishes For Happiness and Success To Every Member of The Class of '58 Compliments R. E. LIDEN 81 ASSOCIATES ST. CHARLES KITCHENS 17 SOUTH SPRING STREET Men's - Ladies' - Tailoring Alteration and Cleaning PAUL'S TAILOR SHOP Paul Heidenreich Phone SHerwood 2-1783 ELGIN, ILLINOB 350 Dundee Ave. Elgin. III r L o Y n ' s y AIR CONDITIONED 811i1ph'rr1er1f.9 of PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Service For 10 to 100 SMORGASBORD LUNCH - Monday Thru Friday fwfr-fall! gnpulgg 1 Mile North of Rt. 72 on U.S. No. 31 HAZSI 6-3312 650 DIJIICJPP CTQIPIIIIQ CARPENTERSVILLE Phone: SHerwood 2-2573 P. O. Box 4 BEST WISHES ELGIN METAL CASKET COMPANY GROH UPHOLSTERY Quality Built Upholstered Furniture SOUTH STATE STREET ROAD ELGIN, ILLINOIS Page 134 MELVA BEAUTY SALON A , HAIR STYLING xx X f fef , 4 241 S. State Street f N Elgin, Illinois SHerwood 2-'I880 I Q Cf! NATIONAL X - WATCH Compliments of I 'Eb fi COMPANY EVERGREENS Of f- , I I FINE FOOD 8. COCKTAILS I A 4' ffl? IX l Paul Peterson Route 31 HAzel 6-4848 Dundee, Illinois GROMER SUPER MARKETS 820 NORTH LIBERTY STREET 707 WEST CHICAGO STREET Good Luck to Class of '58 CLENDENING'S INTERIORS ELGIN Autographs Page 135 :fr n "y""' 5' G TIE A ""'fSSiEQ'v1'F-L"1S'E"- iig pfw w- . . - fj- . A X 14 'W'-. 'l. 1 'r :rl us, A fp. LE' an .L w. Q12 ,. .., 17 . 4 V H. . ., 51-I amssgi L-f i r w Fw F? L2 wel 554' fe 5 v in: ML 1 w u www, - VV I 54.91.15-f,gC' lf- 53.3157 4, V 5 'W' ,,: i,v5Er,a3 -12512 '12 .'1 Q f ' 'h l j1'51qf' ?E" w 0 iv .70 J n . J A: 'f'EQi..f.lL'5 5 ' ' X ml' ,V , YH f - 1 1 ' ,. . , , ' x :- LL - ,,. . V ,U ,.'.if':4.1, - L: fr . -1-agnfft. . -x- Q .JKNJDQ , .L , wx, ,. . VQ- .r 1 JSF- lf' 1.. ' ..-A -fb: i-ui j ' 'vL5"' Lf 3. M. ..'- P: ,V 1, -anifwf , ' - 5155 E, ring--.1 , 1- f, - -14 A -.. ' ' w , Af. , ' 1' 3' ,Y V 0516. Y , H ff." , ..,-.5 "1 il! F13 - 4? 1-'K1'L"f' P- 1 r ai. 1-1 -f -45 .. ,L ,., u, . .VA Q r ,.-.fri W LH 1 I . I Y Jw 3 EL 'M 1:1 IV ul- :gif pl '-5' : J ,QFH ,:'."t'-2 M: I' ,-'Hn , zx 'll' '.., .I+ 11 Sri 5'il.,f'. 1 ,-31 sg mi? fiyfigiiff , rf' Ein n "' F,-inf' ' ' j4'!"f'.5"f 'QF 'F- 'Y ' Fail?-I 1 ., Fai P 1, .lx 11 . ',- .u , J1- -- f 1 - K 1,37 7.1 .F-. gr , .l ,- r1.,Yg":?' , .btw -V w ,- 'L 1 iff. 7' , d n Q .W ,d..w.l , -,- 4, A-. as w N-ri ,. -. ax.--N.: "QQ ' 45 u,-'FY , "ii 5' "HUA ' , . ,.., -, NW. , ,. L -u W... J ,M WJ' .- 5 3:11 . N' YYY W " L Y " f y S' rw -s ,,. , lm: . 5355, 2, .B '-.!- in .-J, axlv -. - , i x,.. .- -- V Y-., , Y ...- f -. . f. .f -511' 1 -.:f,,,, , 3, . .ax .f . 5 . T 'xrff' 'n A I , L if rf? Q , 1

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