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y Ax X.-,W -. .X -E.-1 me I 0 6Ll"00l'l f 7957 Elgin High School Elgin, Illinois am K i P x I ,Q W-W i A is x mi X ' N355 .. f aw. ze 15. . s fkw NW xx 'Wi s A-Q . ,, X 'aw -H X .idzfefm iid. x i f x F . . .Sk WN S fir? M kv ,' :vm W R W 'X 11? .. ' . 37 f k 3 pgf ' - oi . 3-..: Swiss ' 'ff Vx g,Yx iq N was 'K we-N x xv. X SQ M 'wx AN. 15 Q. 9 X X X S 5 X wx 5 5' . 5 - -. - X' - f 1 ' it 'W A , ...Y . Q ff A-fe? g fi Ni wwf. 5 N um, w ...gs '?f?5 tg.: ix wk.-gi as-,N M iw iff K 3 Xx x , uemawX..,W.iyf. N 1 'Q - . as N NF W 7 is '31 z iz.:- E 'Q X. . 1 ig.: .pw K .gig f 5' K. f. - QQ., sg Q ' x - .ma , X 1-ix K 'Ss f if mf.. Y 33 1 ibm .1 ' ' 4 X X wg' Y .M n Xxx N MN. 5' W 1 M Sw Ma. Q .4 'Q 55' ' ma, .. I M? ' g xml W ,v K 1 .V fri . , A N z ' FM., A - xx Q 1 -. 4 W., M 5 ' .W , fn' -- N M f - f S f 1 , , V N -5-W, . s . . V . . - :, g. Y . .. x, Y ' N51 .51 N viii 2: QS A ' gi. 1 if. +A. 5 N f A wws - f gg-A .I V. Q .' zz gf eg - 3 1 N " 5. K . ' ww -, f .SSS -- S 1 ,E Ni :fy , v t 1 1 ' V ,QQ SK m 5. - - aww, ' M ., ' - QM AL L, It ' ,z ix 21: K , ,Wvxf - 2 . 1 , - . 'X-A Q - f v - gi ,. 1. . . Q . K if , 5 1' V X S .K 9 .- S 2 Haw . 2 Q. 5 1 Mmm M. X . A, AA . V .X 1 X L .gsm it X i N 5 1 ' ' ' 'X 'B N fw ,., 5 K 1 . A I NY xv -A . 'Q , 1 i - LL A .ak , . fi, , M Q .WM E .. . . V . pig? , Q' . 15.3 k as , X SI ' , . 1 is .Q gg N A ,NW .. ,T Q ig fl ki'-' - A 4' '- WW? ' H-8525 . N . . A-xxx Qxyx.-sg' W ww- - 'NWS SX --NW' YP Q 1-ia -ww Jima fl.. .5 ' - .5 N if SEQ A Q 55 ,sf E 1 'S' T' "Af K". .4 : ,X wi K, 3 W , . 5 X... . . - ,,..M.k f A - ips... ,i M mm . H an . X,-A mfs. . 'lws . ?'i"55SSNi. 2 - 5SSN' Nx ' is in Q1 .. SY X1 .. W' Y X ' 'W N : K 1 3 Swfw .3 ,' g 'sg' M 3 N. W M W- ' LN ff Q f'T-.KWSN S. A N,g"'f - K L 7: J 1. 7' Q ' L' A ' 'I fx '15 ' ' W ' 1 . 'Y Q z 5: M ""' 5 ' is . gi ' -1 ff.. " H 'x v ' F 5 L 5 . X iw ' Sw 3 If 1 fl X ' f E x . i 5 5 A 3 1 9 i 5 ' 1 x -X - Q X QV- Q ww Aff-vi?,a, , if 3 x . . Q Xa P A f - 1 Q Q M W fs E L' - Q-w i f - f b . S - x . Q ' - ' ' 1 ' . W Xa Y ' x L. f W 'W M' E 'X . - r Q 5 i ? ' ' I 2 E 3 2 1 ' - . ? , 2 , A 5 W 1' . I f W W- .... 1. ...., . ' ' - 1 sf . ' f. V 'x g F ,Q 2 ' V Q ., k f Q . 'X ' - ' 1 4--' V. g ' A , .,.. , Q W I -Q . -: - . lx if ' - ---- L- . M1-K - " I X . K ' A ' - - Ill 'Y bi . X . :.Qszf.M:-fx. fm A E- Q -- 1' - wir- 1' z-iw: .. , -, .3 R. , 1 . f- z - . xg. .L K . .Q 9 'L 11 . 3 X. I - I .5 Q: '- 3 1 1 ' 'f f x if -S - '- Q . H ' . ' ! . 2 -Q -w-.-:X N fs f -, Mft 5. f 1: , ' gg K . . X 1 I -- f . 1 -K ..... 1. MW ' ' if -1: g f v . , . . . 1 : - 1 ' .' K+ . .f 2 ., x I- -iq? sm . v . WM . 418- W. pf Q- .f X' 1. gfxfg-www S ---,.' . wk A SJ ' -SS -W'-Y . , NWWMMSYYW-ee-M' ' fwfmw- .wag e 1 SV X A -fx' Qilffmw MM W' "TTT v-. . .wx YEx:,-'mv .K xi .N A . -Q. , rl-'V - - Hs. .Www mfg - x I , I -' ' X .fY. . N ig: .wwL:........fJ.qmwm.1gN,vXNW A I .. ,,. -- 'ji -R A - -- . 1-V -- X '. . --Yi: :wif 'X'-A1 1 .f-.-Q f fm -- V xfvf-1' f-wyi' 'W . , " ,. f . L X M P . ' - X - J- l . . '-X- 1 W W X ' 1 ky . f . X--g f 2 ' 'R ' .14 VM fy WW .... r- M- X E . .. A. Q Amr:-fsfw: 'A f K - L ' NW 1 . . ,, ,,.,,. .. 4, TY. --.- ,A 1 I X w 1 F 1 I .162 Andy clay Legimi in lie Aafgi of ggin .SJCAOOK 4 31164 of gonfenfo Introducing Elgin High School .............. We are proud of our administration .......... Our remarkable faculty .................... Our interesting classes ................................... The seniors proudly receive their diplomas ....... ....... Underclassmen prove their talent ................. Our varied activities .................... Athletics prove successful ..,...... Our calendar of events .......... Our patrons ..................... Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page z QQ -Q gn-1 Q .XS a QQ K ' X Nr ' QQXR XX X SN N X 5.3 . .X gf? Il N 52,1 maya-Q 13355 -. sf ' 'fs-lies X K xv X -ER. Q . 5 .jclminidfrafion 4 xii-xigii' S51 fggglfx ' A zz. 1 X X X Q x X M . . X X 3 - -www X N . ,f gi, gn: .. .X F x ,ws A g x X : L211 X ' " F259 3 ' N XX1 ziafsww---' sr X - -W .ws E xr 5 X Nx X X X x X V X gl X M X Q Q X 5 W X f X N x Q. X N XX Q 5 Y . X X5 M f Lf' Xxx , . NEAR +A: ,SAL TE" 2 'X i ' ' . xvx J x SF-1 x XXX. V ' HX RN S :X X :S Q21 'Ng . N f Q..mmm.xg..w fa. -1, . QQ., f xm- fe QL E Wm .14 exan er Between class periods Mr. Alexander can almost always be seen standing in the halls watching with genuine interest as the students go by. His friendli- ness and true interest in the individual have won the approval of the entire student body. Helping the students solve their problems and make decisions for their future education or career is one of Mr. Alexander's main concerns. Mr. Alexander has stepped into the principals position so efficiently that it seems as if he always belonged there. Elgin High School has been able to place great confidence in Mr. Alexander. In summing up Mr. Alexander's first year as principal, we may emphatically say that he has been very successful in winning the friendship and confidence of Elgin High School. Page 11 0 gxperf gui ance iff a lwaya cwaifagg Mr. Paul Green, dean of boys, is one of the busi- est persons at Elgin High School, but always finds time for individual problems. Every student knows that he can place his complete confidence in Mr. Green. Miss Margaret Fosberry, dean of girls, is the kind of person on whom the student can depend. Under her direction the Girls' Club has done many beneficial things for the school. OFFICE STAFF The finances of Elgin High School are the responsibility of Mr. L. V. Robinson and his able assistant, Mrs. Arlene Iohns. Elgin High School could not function with- out its efficient office staff, composed of Mrs. Donna Zierer, Mrs. Norma Utt, and Mrs. Eva Hopkins. This trio is very helpful to Elgin's stu- dent body and faculty. Mrs. Beulah Leuck, our busy attendance di- rector, shown with some of her hard-working student assistants, Carol Hoffman, Ruth Byrd. Barbara Smith and Gail Frank, runs a smoothly functioning organization, gfgin .giioof mainfaind AigA dfan ar A Elmer Alft Louis Bauer 1958 Class Sponsor Business Survey Economics Oflice Training Warren Anderson Dennis Bauman Drafting German Don Arnold Head of the Business Dept. Office Training Marge Biersach Play Director, Dramatics English Elmer Bohnert Metal Shop Enid Burns Mirror Sponsor Iournalism Page 13 Ioe Cantrell Physics Lilyan Carlson Clothin g LU" PQHQCLPLGAL gCLCll.Eg Faith Cavell English William Chesbrough Boys' Phys. Ed. Varsity Basketball Coach Sophomore Football Coach Ronald Cook Head of the Science Dept. Chemistry Sponsor of Chem-Phys Club Emery Ebbert Boys' Phys. Ed Varsity Football Coach Sophomore Basketball Coach Assistant Track Coach Don Eldred V Ieanne Cutler Cafeteria Supervisor Robert Duffield Boys' Phys. Ed.. Assistant Football Coach, Sophomore Assistant Wrestling Coach E Club Co-Sponsor Track Coach Mike Farroh Head of Boys' Phys. Ed. Dept. Boys' Phys. Ed. Intramural Sports E Club Sponsor Beth Ferguson English Girls' Phys. Ed. Kenneth Ettner Head of the English Dept. English Co-Sponsor of Ir. Red Cross Page 14 A I0 ua 150 U8 Olll' IQPOLAITL5 Ralph Fiala Thomas Green Business Law. Business Survey Director of Audio-Visual Aids Business Organization Elsie Fletcher Paul Gruentzel English American History World Geography Arthur Graffam Drafting Crafts Woods Ellen Hackman lane Heiser Librarian Clothing Everyday Living Byrus Hall E. Arthur Hill Sponsor of Sophomore Dramatics Club Head of Music Dept, English Senior A Cappella Choir Sponsor of 3M's Elizabeth Hallet, R.N. Girls' Phys. Ed. Page 15 wagfi Zfienclfy counoe om Ethel Hoaglund Librarian Ellison H. Hoke Director of W. E. P. S. Sponsor of 88.1 club Helen Iocelyn English, Speech Arthur Kanies Printing Graphic Arts Woods Helen Kettering Biology Marvin Kuhlmann Biology Page 16 Cleora johnson Foods, Home Problems Martha I. Iones English Oris Edward Lackey American History World History Sophomore Baseball Coach Marion Lalfey Orchestra Music Appreciation WM A2610 fAin95 running amoofkfy Leslie Larson Edna Lewis Biology Bookkeeping Personal Typing Karl Lehr Wilda Logan Class of 1957 Sponsor Head of Girls' Phys. Ed. Dept. American History Girls' Phys. Ed.. Sponsor of G.A.A Denver Leturno Chemistry Clifford Mai-fin Wilfrid McWilliams General Metals Latin, Latin Club Sponsor Electric Shop Assistant Track Coach Emily Martin Edwin Niemi Iunior A Cappella Art Aeolian Iames Martin Algebra Geometry Sponsor of Chess and Checkers Club Page 17 ive uri nowiclge Ruth Nork German Spanish Sponsor of German Club Marietta Parr Business Survey Vocational Typing Sponsor of French Club Stenography Dora Pasel French Spanish Mary Peters 1 Geometry Algebra Assistant Sponsor of Class of 1957 Ralph Phillips Chemistry Irene Pielemeier Chairman of Language Dept. Spanish Sponsor of Spanish Club George Peck Vocational Typing Henry Peddle - American History Modern History Alice Pragman English Carl Pride Maroon Sponsor English Page 18 glclucafing ua fo owe goocl juclgemenf Don Quillman Lucy Samalonis English Girls' Phys. Ed. Modern Dance Harry Raplus Albert Scharl? Head of Agricultural Dept. Boys' Phys. Ed Agriculture Varsity Wrestling Coach Biology Varsity Baseball Coach Sponsor of F.F.A. L. V. Robinson Treasurer Howard Schulte H. H. Shelby Forensics Head of Social Science Dept. Social Problems Social Problems Economics Edwin Schulz Theresa Siren Geometry Algebra Algebra Geometry Sponsor of F.T.A. Norman Scibetta Head of Industrial Arts Dept. Woods Page 19 reloaring ua for fAe .gufure Lucile Stansell Head of Home Economics Dept. Foods Sponsor of F.H.A. Douglas Steensland Director of Band Betty Stephenson Stenography Business Survey Norma Underhill Librarian E. Max von Isser Head of Art Dept. Photography Ceramics and Painting Varsity Swimming Coach Clara Wilson Sightsaving Directory Page 20 Nora Stickling En glish Marjorie Stolfregen English Hortense E. Wilson Head of Mathematics Dept. Algebra Trigonometry Walter M. Wilson Sponsor of Student Council Economics jArougA fAeir cleuofion fo eclucafion Robert Winn Biology Athletic Ticket Manager The Home School Council First row: Mrs. Donald Leverenz, Mr. Gerald Biggers. Mrs. Biggers, Mr. Charles Karsten, Mrs. Karsten, Mrs. Richard Duval Second row: Mr. Leverenz, Mrs. Linden Elswick. Mr. Elswick, Mr. Royal Muntz, Mrs. Muntz, Mr. Duval The cooks and their helpers lead a busy life. i Q X' S QM, xx M ff-.dgzgv . Hx X Q' - W X N E 6 N, ,am X iii ' ' N ' , 3 A +5 Q ., N S2 Q 5, i x 'Y E .iigixh-Nz: ' xgg. , w. X Hue-x 3 R S 3 S. M V L X.,,. , N . x :g g N 1 . 'SN' ' A. rx AX' . Yixwmswxkmgpww, - ff xg- . Lx.x i - i fist .. M., +R a-Q, 'i hifi .x -Y' ,Q ,gg ., X - s M, . A. K 3 i I x S FN, , S 3 5 i-gs Q ., X , st ' xxx ,H A 'GY xf is ' ' - J X , ,QQ - KS J 151 sf . W gp Si. Y W K. -. .Sham N -K, . 'r .Z f .ET X xx 1 'X -aims: . Q " A N K H . K ,N -. 2 X, W 'iv W N . , Q J QRS C I , .xii ' 'Y X s N X xx G X Xgm X Pix X 1 K Sm xx mwg 1 NH, 1 Kb f N .k,, i, ' - - QNX fx I In foods class Nancy McKelvey, Teresa Lobriole, Carol Katz, and Carol Wilkins test their products before pop- ping them into the oven. augAf Ag alaeciagafri Ianice Mock and Yvonne Vogelman search for the tee- pees of the Apache Indians in American History class. Barb Iordan and her fellow art students experiment with construction materials by making Christmas ornaments. Opposite Page Manfred Luedtke and Dan Muel- ler hit the high spots with their surface grinding machine. Page 23 A e 0 enric our alaloreciafion Below lim Smith discusses the potential of marginal uneducables with several social problems students. French songs present a challenge to motivate aspiring French pupils. Radio technicians Roger Stettner and Larrv Heath make delicate adjustments to put WEPS on the beam. Opposite Page ll? A typing class at work: a picture of mass education. A copybook exercise is executed by bookkeep- ing students Ioanne Trotter, Charlotte Benner, and Evelyn Coon. Business students puzzle over and pause to admire the complexities of the mimeograph machine. sw' 5+wwSmmNwWWwwmwwY I . .,Q , , X wwwwmmM2 MXNW HS-iwwwwx S Eg XX,i .,. , W, Sw X X 2 i . ' i X- X 5' Xl .x.x x . A M Xx-- XS! . A X QQ QNNSNX X XX X: Q - :X X Q X .XxX . X LQQXX SSX S X X Vg. X SX 41. SQSX Swwg wr X,g:NXXXg35gs. XV-gf XX X X A 3 SNRNQQ X NX. Ka g K -X 1-. wf 4 :fab is h X --A X Qw- .. ,XA AXA XXX ' ,XXX QXX - XX X QNX lv :N A A Yx- A W? NWE X X 1 S Af . A .-if I - X KNWXX N .... X. My NX X XXX, XX 'N-. XX. X , NN N X E X1 X .. N 5 X X XX xX X X X X N XS. RS it X XX Q X N X . 98,8 X' N V yy "" X --W M' ' ..., 'Q ' ' ,, .,f-:fe g X-:XXW--X. X 5, "ww gig S -X., kX,. 53 X 2?-ix X X n X v u i. J Q ,3 XX Q W ix -' X P S S X H Nanny, X X fx M i XXX X X :X X X X . Em.: ' 'X 'K XFX Gordon Bazali, Sandra Cahal, Carol Fellows, Tom Nitz, and Lynn Turner put the linishing touches on their symposium. J4 liars! core 0 eafienfiaf Lnowiclge Shirley Kenyon points out to her fellow modern history students the location of the original olive tree. Page 26 llglffl enfec! wifA :ifoecia coumefi Trampoline experts synchronize their acts on separate mats in gym class Economics pupils put their photographic minds to work in studying a life insurance chart. Page 27 -, -. .,l.,,s:vg. .. . ,Q x Q Rf 'Q XX XX N I W X X X is X X X x. X f, Ly X 2 ,pai ix - Q9E.f .. - 1 'gn K ssl ey . x . x w :fiS,?NNveigr: wk-a.f-iksswwwx Q X 'X Q 1 2 ' ' xy Q,..1j'f3ffx Y .5 M- .- ,- A X -M. A 19 ' fmfmsx. .QNQ-w.e.:b: .X S W me: -N 'ffawx 5 t. 1.252 f ,. y ixf- Rx X x x xi O :Qi Q' if My :Q 2 i - X v , Nye i ' gy Mfigij- X yy 1 is 5 .Q , X . 'K X XSS, . Q5 S WWW, wwf, X rs r s SW iii'-M WMWWM wav' X - ::'1' 5. f-:.:'fi5:'1qf' M Ceramics students Dorothy Dodds, George Harms, and I'.fc.:cla Kdle sc oe away at their clay representations .., 0 acquire new rilfiffi Opposite Page Dale Reinking positions the camera while IoAnn Rifken arranges her objects for a pho- tography project. Mr. Wright's assistants fill in the details for his new skyf scraper. lean Olving and Deanna Dan- ner make a sketch in planning for their oil paintings. Page 29 '55, x. im Syg v ,N sf ix vw 1 X Q wx W K' X x My X ? ffl' Vfif S'3lfx3- Ky x X gifs N N3 xv XHYNQ - QQ. M MMS?NWQWK"'W' . 1: , Xi' -ggi? Z if H Xfui 3, ,mix swf: g- 53 eww 21 X1 I fb A -i 5+ - 3 X QQ Nga 6 ' XS , QS ' .4 As, : X -- was X 4 .Mv- x N wg- Q f ' 53? S f X G "N X Ae K 5 353 irq 5 3 gpg s N x SW X , MX aw! r Nr Xi .usb - . 5 Q is X X Y 3 K K R X K Wig " i.,,MN ,Q 'XXWQM N .9 X . 'Q x 1 1- 'fi- 5,if 5- T XR x x xr M. ,mx Q as - X. X fx 1 X1 Y 3 S 1f.15.EE-L 'LM - X X N x xsx X Y' K :Eg . X ,Q xx . jm?1x. . - gwmxywgg A jg? fi! X ' Sig w as gg J., -f -' X Wwssw X ss" 1.x, .L..:.., 'V K N5 w X R X K xxx A mx Q X X QS .-: X gag 5 gx X K -gaawm , W A k .Q if K R ER Sir X xx Q. Nix . 4 xix Ny v KX Q x X X A, A3 x fs 1 x X N 5 Q , X X A X X X X .wkxxwmf X co-operate in battling a baffling problem. Nfgillard Dunton shoves an ilaterested Nancy Vollman an e ective way to split rewoo in physics class while Elmer Glen Koehlgr and Several algebra Students Rullman and Iudy Kozumplik conduct an experiment. Geometry students, Terry Smiricky, Dick Linders, Corlee Mousel, ponder their proofs individually. Lois Sorenson, Ingred Lukis, Thomas hurin and Mar Ann Steffes a SC 9, , Y , P- parently balk at dissecting a frog. 2 0ll.l"52:5 fo CL! flee Opposite Page Laboratory technician Ruth Sweet prepares a new dynamite compound in chemistry lab while Sonja Steen takes notes. Page 32 XX Q S 'n NR fx . Xm XX X X-XS A XV RN.. R WX - X 'Q .. ,GN Xe, Q X X X X XX , XXX ' X XX XX XX Si gk L iii XX . X ' Q X XX .sw-sn , X . z. X:3,X:X015, X 3 Maw .. . .W XXX - .K-,X .X X Q FX X X X X X X XX Nw -X , XN . ' NQYX Wag . NXXXX NNN'-X.. X ik -. .XQXQ 5 5 r' S5 - f . X .XXXL-XX X -,ms X X 5 X S? .2-rs,-siklv 'iii k X i X. .QQ XQXQ .. , If , f V G -Q.ix:ifX55QgXl-'F . A 1 KX X .XXIXXXSXXX fp as Q 1 .X:.--XigfXX22wf Qfgiyfzif x x ,z : 951:54 C. 51.vi5.i'iC3'fl,'3 5 -siXXxX15wXXf Q E X X331 -'VS' 'xfX9x'fFq.- Effie :,.,: Q QSXNEQQ -5 X A N XS' Q XXX i S CMM 5 'W L - 1- X ...K . 1 Xsws. K- . .5 , k ,Ky . 15 ,ft - X a wp. gif? - Q. . NXK 1 was q A ls Nfl-N, " I . B SMX A . - Y 2 - N 1 Dy, 5 f 9 'Rfb -N S Twig. . . fk-. 1 - X " 7 KX liz. f 23 , -y Q 2- mil L A M f Q .:..g,.. .. .X i ty 'X ' ' jg . 2 ,uw K. ' X ' 'slifx x -fv 4? - New XI V E vi. r g - Q .. . Ef5 Q5 ' .. X E. Q. - 43 1 .. -N ...TSM Q 5 aim W - .y A i x 1 i :Sw N . 3 . -f N' X b f Q - .. X " J . 1 - . . a...,gf . gh .. Q 5.5312 . .1. .ggi-ix. ' - ' A ' .X ,Q ., x f x Qwsqxi- - .. -5 S , M -,pu 1. f1S.1Mg gg ff' N ? 'I .Qjjfg ffm: " gy R 5' b ak .X 'xx g W --Tx"5f1Wlll rf-f :- Y f fg i ,Q X' .al Q L 5 3 -5? S Qi' YP! -. if 15 X in Q51 if A if Q J , if f 1 3 f . if-'iigisigf fig . Q i SFS A 1 , E . S 5 .gg i S .. xx 3335 5 . fi 'z r h 53355 K , K , QQ QE? 1 lf:-f. is . Q i-gkkx 4 1. S '- -sk.. fx ifqf- 3 'x' 4' wi. ii. X Q .. .. xx kk ' as Q K 'K Ns Q W k ... 'L N + A 'L ' Ewfgiilgrf f f 'Q' Q -w if :Q f , .. N,--fx.. ' x. -v --Q3-fx. '- , . . - ., V W NQNQ '- ' 5 5 , ' - V XN2"XiXf1-'Q' . 'M' -2 . ., N .- .x,, X - - K , mgq' .,,. , X1--, ., 4 M., X ,E .L .M k v-S H' .HA- W CC 7? 0l'lfU6Ll" QUQP, La CLLUCLI' liellel' Class of 1957 Oilicers Ioan Richards, treasurer Dick Partridge, president Bill Martin, vice-president Carol Schubert, secretary SENIOR CLASS HISTORY "Forward ever, backward never" has been the basis of all the projects and activities of the Class of 1957. Entering EHS as sophomores the class quickly adapted to the new situation. Their sophomore get-acquainted party, "Getting to Know You," proved that the Class of '57 was headed for great success. In their junior year the class presented the delightful play What a Life. At Homecoming the class worked determinedly on their class float and received the first-place award in the "most beau- tiful" division. The Homecoming activities presented by the senior class were outstanding. The suspenseful Senior class play Kind Lady, the rousing class song, the colorful class pennant, and a championship basketball team illustrate the exceptional achievements of the Class of 1957. Everyone in the class will look back to the senior class supper, the Prom, and Commencement with wonderful memories of their days at EI-IS. Class council members: First row: Sandra Hankins, Suzanne Duval, Carolyn Forgan, Carol Davis. Iim Payne. Second row: Edward lodges, Io Ann Braun, Ioan Richards, Mary Luscher, Craig Kowalski, Gary Kane. Third row: Ioan Allbee. Carol Schubert, Iudy Robbins, Iody Sternberg, Tom Thies, Sally Shaw, Pat Wright. Page S6 LOIS IOAN ALLBEE Ambition-To be a medical x-ray technician Class Council 2.3.4: Modern Dance 2.3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: Iunior A Cappella 3 BETTY LOU ANDERSON ,- Bets F.H.A. 3.4: Mirror 3: G.A.A. 2.3: Bowling 2,3 IOYCE ALLENE APPLEHOFF Ambition-To be a secretary Senior A Cappella 4: Girls' Club Council 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.43 Spanish Club 2.3 KAREN ARNOLD G.A.A. 2.3.43 Bowling 2: Girls' Club 2.3.4 IIM C. ASHLEY - I. C. Football 2: E Club 2.3.43 Swimming 2.3.43 Track 2.3.4 MARTHA IEAN AUBLE ' Ambition-To be a receptionist Aeolian 2: Iunior A Cappella 3.4: German Club 4: Pep Club 4 STANLEY P. BAHWELL -f Stan Ambition--To be a telephone lineman Basketball 2 RICHARD BAKER GORDON RAY BANWART Basketball 2: Baseball 2: German Club 2.3 ARDEN MORRELL BARCKLEY -- Art Ambition-To be an auto dealer gtfrgsslgig 2: Homeroom Basketball 2.3: Industrial Arts U v IUDY LEE BARRINGER Ambition'-To be an airline stewardess Modern Dance 2.3: Iunior A Cappela 3: Girls' Club 2.3 KAREN L. BARRY ROGER LEE ABBOTT - Rog Rodo Ambition-To be a contractor Football 2.3.4: Basketball 2.3.4 GLORIA ANN AGUINIGA Ambition-To go into detective work EILEEN RUTH ALBRIGHT Ambition-To be an airline stewardess Bowling 2.4: Tennis 4: Spanish Club 2.3: Iunior A Cappella 3.4 LARRY I. BARTLETT Ambition--To be a livestock producer F.F.A. Treasurer 2: F.F.A. Iudging Team 2.3.4 RICHARD LEE BECKER - Dick Ambition-To get a college education Football 2.3.4: Basketball 2.3.41 E Club 2,3,4 IIM LEROY BEHRENS ,- Scrappy A Ambition-To play professional baseball FcHotgall12,3.4: Baseball 2.3.4: Student Council 2.3.45 Basket- ba l ,3, Page S7 IAY LEE BELL - Iaylec Ambition-To be an insurance agent Projection Club 2.3.43 Intramural Basketball 2.3,4: Industrial Arts Club 2.3 CHARLOTTE LOUISE BENNER Ambition-To be a secretary F.I'I.A. 2.3.43 Archery 2 CHARLES WILLIAM BIERMAN - Chuck Ambition-To be a professional printer Industrial Arts Club 2.3.4 DENOVA ANN CAIREL - Dee Bowling 2.3: F.I'I.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 DAVID EUGENE CAREY Ambition-To be a civil engineer Indian Dancing 2.3.43 Spanish Club 2 KEITH INGVAR CARLSON -- Cazmo Ambition-To be a master plumber Student Council 2.3: Senior A Cappella 2.3.41 Football 2.3.41 Basketball 2.3.4 Page 38 VICTORIA LEE BIGGERS -- Vickie ggdig 32434: Maroon 2.3: Class Play Committee 4: Club .l . . DcWAYNE LEE BLIETZ - Bullets Ambition-To run a large printing business Intramural Basketball 2 GERRY L. BONKOSKE - Bon Eolotball 2: Basketball 2.3.4: Baseball 2.3.4: Cross Country CATHERINE ANN BRADLEY -- Cathy Bowling 3: G.A.A. 2.3.4 CHARLES C. BRANDT - Spook Ir. Basketball 2.3.45 Baseball 2.3.43 Cross Country 2.3.42 E Club 3,4 IOANNE LYNN BRAUN -1 Braunic Girls' Club Council 2.3: Class Council 4: Class Play Com- mittee 3,4: Radio 2 HARRY S. BRODDE Wrestling 2.3: Track 2.4: Swimming 4: German Club 3 BETT'Y IANE BROWN - Bea Modern Dance 2.3: Senior Girls' Choir 2.3: Spanish Club 2.3: Girls' Club Council 3 BRUCE S. BURNIDGE Ambition-To do art work F.F.A. CHARLES HUGH BURNIDGE - Chuck German Club 2.3: Class Play 3.4: Student Council 4 PHOEBE ANN BURT Ambition'-To enter into the Held of science German Club 3.4: Latin Club 2: Girls' Club Representative 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 RUTH BYRD -- Ruthie G.A.A. 2.3.-4: F.H.A. 3.4 IERRY LEE CIRRINCIONE '- Bubbles Ambition'-To join the army Football 2: Baseball 2: Wrestling 3: Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 DAVID A. CLARK -- Throttle-jockey Ambition-To enter the 500 mile race at Indianapolis Football 2.3: Wrestling 2,45 Baseball 2.4: E Club 2,3,4 DONNA MAE CLARRISSIMEAUX Ambition-To be a secretary Spanish Club 3: Bowling 33 Aeolian 2 IOE W. CLUCHEY --f Ma Phron Track 2,3.4: Wrestling 29 Intramural Basketball 3,4 DUANE N. CLUTE -- Du Ambition-To go to Alaska Class Council 4: Wrestling 2.3,-4: Football 3,4: Homeroom Basketball 2.3.4 RAPHAL DEE COLE - Rat Entered from West High, 1956 MARY COLLINS Ambition-To become a nurse Student Council 2,3.-1: Secretary 43 Class Play 3.4: Foreign Exchange Student 4: Senior A Cappella 4 MARGARET ANNE COOK A- Molly Ambition-To help physically handicapped children Maroon Staff 2,3,4: Editor 4: Homecoming Dance Chair- man 4: Class Play 3.4: Senior A Cappella 4 EVELYN MARIE COON Ambition'-To be a missionary Spanish Club 3.4: Girls' Club 4: G.A.A. 4: Aeolian 2 BOB GENE COQUILLETTE -- Coke Ambition-To be a butcher Homeroom Basketball 2,3 MERRILL L. CORK Ambition-To be a mechanic Football 2: Homeroom Basketball 2.3.4 EVELYN L. COUMOUNTGIS -1 Eve A Ambition-To be a private secretary Entered from Kemper Hall-March 1956 I GARY A. CAUL - Gar Ambition-To become a professional musician Football 2: Band 2,3,4: Orchestra 2,3,4 IONATHAN STEVEN CHARNESKY -- Lefty Ambition-'To become a minister Intramural Sports 2,3,4: Ping-pong champ 2: Badminton champ 2.3: Hand-ball champ 2 GERALD FRANK CHRIST -f Ierry Ambition-To be an electrical engineer Spanish Club 2,3: Wrestling 3: Track 3,4 IAMES ELBERT CROWFOOT Ambition-To be an electrical engineer Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3: Radio 2,3: Club 88.1 2,3,4 KATHERINE R. CULVER -- Kathie Ambition-To be an ellicient secretary G.A.A.: Bowling: Business Council 3: Aeolian 2 SANDRA LEE CULVERSON - San Ambition--To be a deaconess Band 2,3, 45 G.A.A. 2,3.4: German Club 3,4 ' Page 39 P RICHARD LEE DAHN - Dahmer Ambition-To go into the navy or the air force Football 2: Wrestling 2: Intramural Basketball 2.3.45 Home- room Basketball 2.3 THEODORE K. DAU - Big Ted Ambition-To be an accountant Senior A Cappella 2.3,4: Student Council 4: Homeroom Basketball 2.3,4g Class Play 3,4 CAROL ANN DAVIS - Pug Ambition-To be a social worker Cheerleading 2: Class Council 2,3: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Stunt Nite lDon't Laugh Ladyl 3 - MARLISA ANN ERDMANN .- Mar Ambition-To go into the art field Dramatics Club 2: Modern Dance 2,3,-43 Spanish Club 2,3 RICHARD WALTER ERDMAN -- Dick Homeroom Basketball 2,3.4 IACQUELINE LOU ERSKINE i- Iackie , Mirror 3.4: Latin Club 3,45 Senior Prom 3: G.A.A. 2.4 Page 40 BARBARA ANN DIERKING Barb Ambition To be an elementary school teacher Spanish Club 34 Girls Club Council 2 Aeolian 2 Pep Club 3 PHILIP EDWIN DIERSCHOW -' Killer Ambition-To enter some field of the transportation system Homeroom Basketball 2 SUSAN BATES DODD - Sue Ambition-To be a commercial artist Iunior Red Cross 2.3.4-President 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4-Presb dent 4: Maroon Staff 2,35 French Club 3.4 - Secretary 4 ANNETTE LOUISE DODDS -- Nettie Ambition--To enter the business field Girls' Club Cabinet 2: Girls' Club Council 3.4: Iunior A Cappella 3 DANIEL DONNER - Dan Homeroom Basketball 2.3 DON IOHN DORWALDT - Door Ambition-To be a painter Baseball 2: Spanish Club 2: Intramural Basketball 2: Prom Decorations 3 IANET ELAINE DOWELL -- Ian Ambition-To be a secretary Girls' Club Representative 2: Band 2,3,4: Volleyball 4 MILLARD G. DuNToN - M410 ' Ambition-To get a college education Wrestling 2,3,4: Class Council 2: E Club 3,42 German Club 2.3 SUZANNE ROSE DUVAL -f Sue Ambition-To become an elementary school teacher Class Council 3,4: Senior A Cappella 4: Iunior Red Cross Executive Council 43 German Club 2.3 WILLIAM EGGERT .- Bill Wrestling 2.3: Swimming 4: Homeroom Basketball CHARLYN ANN ELLIOTT - Char Ambition-To be a Public nurse Cheerleading 2: Spanish Club 2,3,4g Future Nurses' Club IOHN LOUIS EMRICH Ambition-To be a Music teacher Band 2,3,4: Swimming 2.3,49 E Club 3,49 Orchestra 3,4 WILLIAM DAVID FISHBURN -- Fish Ambition.-To play in a professional dance band Band 2,3,4: Class Play 3: Maroon 2,3,4 - Sales Manager 3,4: Spanish Club 2,3 ELLEN FLOWERS -f Ellie Aeolian 2: Spanish Club 2: G.A.A. 4 GEORGE HARRISON FOELSCHOW Ambition-To be a commercial artist Maroon 2 3 4 -Business Mana er 2.3: Latin Club 2: Chem- , . Q Phys ciub 3 KAREN PHYLLIS FOLLMANN ,. cashew Student Council 2: Sophomore Dramatics - Vice President 2: Girls' Club Representative 3 KEITH PI-IILLIP FOLLMANN - Pancho Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Golf 3,4: Class Council 3 MERILYN KAY FOLTZ .- Emmy Band 2,3.4: Orchestra 3,4: Bowling 3.4 CAROLYN LOUISE FORGAN ,- Carol Indian Dancing 2,3,4: Class Council 4: Class Chairman 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4 -W ILIDITH ANN FRAME .- Iudy Ambition-To travel Senior A Cappella 4: Spanish Club 2,3 -Vice President 3: Indian Dancing 2,3,4: Maroon Staff 3,4 GAIL ELLEN FRANK G.A.A. 2,3,4 -Representative 3: Girls' Club 2,3,4-Repre- sentative 4 IAMES I. FREDERICKSEN - Fred Ambition-Store Manager Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Bowling 2 BARBARA IEAN FREY - Barb Ambition'-To be a nurse G.A.A. 2,3,4: Latin Club 3: Future Nurses' Club 4: Indian Dancing 2 EVERT CARL FREY Ambition'-To be a chemist Track 2: Cross Country 3.4: Wresding 3 SHIRLEY MAE EWING - Red Ambition-To be a missionary Aeolian 2: Iunior A Cappella 3,4: Entered from Dixon High School 1955 DENNIS D. FEUCI-IT Ambition-To be a mechanical engineer German Club 2 I-IILDEGARD ELSA FIEDLER -- Hildy Ambition-To become a social worker German Club 2.3: Maroon 2.3: Iunior Red Cross - Executive Council 4: Girls' Club 3,4 IANICE ELAINE FRITZ - Franice Ambition-To teach math Band 2,3,4 - Secretary 4: Student Council 3: Indian Dancing 2.3,4: F.T.A. 4 HARRY RON FRITZ Ambition--To be a mechanic Intramural Basketball 2.3,4 GARRY LEE FRY -Garr Ambition-To be an Aircraft mechanic Intramural Basketball 2: German Club 3,4 Page 41 MICHAEL ARTHUR GALLAGHER - Mike Ambition-To be a top notch actor Student Council 4: Senior A Cappella 2.3.4-President 4: Class Play 3.4: Class Party 2.3.4 ROBERT BLAKE GATHMAN - Bobby IOHN CLINTON GEBELT Ambition-To join the navy Wrestling Manager 2: Iunior A Cappella 2,4 VIRGINIA MARGARET HA.AS - Ginny Girls' Club Representative 3.4: German Club 2.3: G.A.A 2.3.4: Business Council NANCY LUCILLE HABERSTICH - Nan Ambition-To work in a beautiful oliice G.A.A. 2.3.4 NANCY SUE HACKLER Band 2.3: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Class Council 2.3: Radio 2.3.4 Page 42 LOIS ANN GERBERDING -f Loic Ambition-To have a successful college life Modern Dance 2: Senior A Cappella 3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: Aeolian 2 DARLENE SANDRA GERSHICK --1 Dar Ambition-To see the world a better place Forensics 2.3.4: Modern Dance 2.3.4: French Club 2.3: Spanish Club 4 MADGE ELEANOR GILMORE -- Mim Ambition-To have a successful college education Class Council 2: Aeolian 2: Spanish Club 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2,3.4 RUTH DIANE GENZ - Pork Ambition-To be a cartoonist Elgin High Majorette 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Class Play Com- mittee 3.4: Prom Decorations' Chairman 3 IANET ELAINE GOEBBERT Ambition-To own my own beauty shop Square Dancing 2.3: F.H.A. 3.4: G,A.A. 2.3.4 GAIL FRANCIS GOMERSALL Ambition-To be an advertisement designer Rad5o32,3: Modern Dancing 2.3.4: French Club 2.3.4: Bowl- ing . DONNA MARIE GREEN -- Donnie Ambition--To be a private secretary French Club 2.3: Debate 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 IACQUELINE M. GREENAWALT - lack Ambition-'To travel through Europe Girls' Club Council 2: Class Council 3: Senior A Cappella 4: French Club 2.3 - Vice-President 3 PAUL STEVE GRGURICI-I Ambition-To be a telephone lineman Entwed from Austin High School. Chicago. Ill.-Ianuary 28, 1956 DAVID DALE GROENINGER - Ioe ?g1s?ball 2.3.4: Basketball 2.3.4: E Club 3.4: Cross Country NEIL EUGENE GROSSNICKLE Ambition-To be a doctor Biarad 2.3 - Treasurer 4: E Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Class Coun- ci IEROME DUANE GROTH -f Ioe Ambition-To be a radio-TV serviceman Radio 2.3 CHARLES D. HANKS -- Chuck Football 2: Industrial Arts Club 2, Entered from Marion High School Iunc 1955 MARTHA IANE HAMMOND -- Mimi Ambition-To go into teaching Student Council 2,3.4: Orchestra 2: Spanish G.A.A. 2,3.4 ALECIA MARGARET HARKINS I- Yankee Ambition--To teach mentally retarded and children Club 2.3.-1: handicapped G.A.A. 2,3915 F.H,A. 2.3.4-Secretary 4: French Club 2: Red Cross 3 GEORGE WILLIAM HARMS Cross Country 2,3g Wrestling 2,3319 Track 2,3 DONALD EUGENE HARRISON - Harry Ambition-To own a window business Basketball 2,3,4: Cross Country 2.3,4: E Club 4: Track 4 RICHARD GLEN HARTMAN - Rich Ambition-To be a rotogravure photoengraver MARCIA LYNN HEATH Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2,3 DAVID CLINTON HECKERT -1 Dave Ambition-To be a research chemist PAUL LEONARD HECKMAN Class Council 2,331 BETTE ANNE HEMPT - Bet Ambition-To be a beautician German Club 2,3: Girls' Club Representative Club 2: Iunior A Cappella 3 IEAN ELLEN HEMPSTEAD -- Ieannie Aeolian 2: Spanish Club 3: G.A.A. 4 LOGAN B. HENDRICKS - Capper Ambition--To be an aeronautical engineer Entered from Barrington-September 1956 3: Dramatics IOANNA HAGAN - I0 G.A.A. 2,3,4: Bowling 2,3,4: Girls' Club 2,3,4g German Club 3 ROBERT RAYMOND HALL -- Bob Ambition-To do more in less time Projection Club 2: Bowling 2,3 SANDRA LEE HANKINS - Sandy Ambition-To take a trip to Europe Class Treasurer 2.3: Class Council 2.3.41 Girls' Club Coun- cil Treasurer 2: G.A.A. 2.3 FRANK GEORGE HENKEMEYER -- Henkie Ambition-To be a successful corporation lawyer Latin Club 2, Chess Club 2,3,4 - President 3: Mirror Staff 'lg Forensics 2 MICHAEL QUIN HENNESSEY - Mike Ambition-To be an accoustical engineer Big Timber Dancers 2,3,'lg EHS Band 2,3,4: Student Coun- cil 2,3,4 BETTE DAWN HESS Ambition'-To be a beautician Bowling: F.H.A. Treasurer Page 43 RUTH ANN HILL - Annie Ambition-To be a laboratory technician French Club 2,3: Iunior Class Play 3: Girls' Club 2,3.-1: G.A.A. 2.3.4 RUTH ELIZABETH HILL - Betty Ambition-To be a nurse Class Council 2: G.A.A. Representative 2: French Club 2.3 Treasurer 3: Senior A Cappella fl TRUMAN GEORGE HIX -1 Trum Ambition-To be a successful lawyer Projection Club 2: Bowling 2: Class Play 3: Spanish Club ROBERT EDWARD HUMBRACHT - Bob Ambition--To be a success in agriculture F.F.A. 2,3: Basketball 25 Track 2 SANDRA LEE HUMBRACHT - Bracht Ambition-To be a nurse Modern Dance 2,3.4: German Club 2,3: Girls' Club 2.3.4 - Representative 2.4: Cv.A.A. 2,3,-1 IIM LEWIS HUMPHREY - lim Football 2,3,-lp Track 2.3.41 E Club 3,45 Hi-Y Club 2.3.4 Page 44 EDWARD A. HODGES -- Eddie Class Council 4 Entered from-Narimaso High. Ianuary, 1956 LANE BUCK HOFFMAN ... Buck Ambition-To be a professional golfer Golf 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Cross Country 3.4: Senior A Cappella 2,3 RONALD F. HOLLAND - Dutch I Ambition--To do drafting Iunior Class Play 3 - Stage Crew CECIL FRED HOLTZ - Cec Ambition-To be a disc jockey Band 2.33: Wrestling 2.3.43 Track 3: Orchestra 3 RAY A. HOLMQUIST -- Homer Football 2,3,4 KAY LYNNE HOMFELDT - Sparky Ambition-To become a stock broker Bowling 2,3.4: G.A.A. MARY ANN HOPP Ambition-To do teaching or secretarial work Spiinigh Club 2,3: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Aeolian 2: Iunior A Cap- pe a BARBARA IANE HOPPE -- Barb Indian Dancing 2,3,4g Modern Dance 2,3,4: Girls' Club 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,3 CAROLE DeANNE HOPPE -1 Hop Ambition-To be a secretary German Club 2.3: F.N.C. 3,4 GEORGE TREVES HORNE -- Shorty Ambition-To be a butcher HARRIETTE IEAN HORNE .- Harri Ambition-To join the service-or go on into the Held of American History Forensics 3: G.A.A. 2.3.45 Chess Club 29 German Club 3 IOHN ROBERT HOY -- lack Bowling 2 DION W. HUNDLEY - Deacon Homeroom Basketball: Intramural Basketball IANE MARIE HURD - Ianie Girls' Club Council 3.4: Modern Dance Chairman 2: Senior A Cappella 3.45 F.T.A. 2.3.4 - Vice President 3, President 4 BERNIE IAMES IDSTEIN - Bernie Ambition-To be a mechanic Football 3: Intramural Basketball 3 RUSSELL FRANK IHSSEN - Russ Ambition-To be a let pilot EVA IAKOBSSON Ambition--To be happy and successful in my whole life Exchange student from Sweden: Student Council 3: Senior A Cappella 4 RUTH MARIE IAMES - Ruthie Business Council 2: Bowling 2,4 IUDITH ANN IENKINS - Iudy Cheerleading 2: Class Play 3: Class Council 3 ALAN LEE IOHNSON - Big Al Ambition-To be an auto mechanic Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 IUDY IOHNSTON - I. Iohn Ambition-To graduate from college Student Council Qexecutive councill 3.-1: National Forensics Leagug 2.3: Homecoming chairman 4: French Club Secre- tary 2, KATHLEEN MARY IOHNSTON - Iohnnie Bowling 4: Entered from St. Edwards-11954 SUE ELLEN IONES -- Sue Modern Dance 2,3,4 IOANNE DOROTHY IURS - Io Ambition-To do secretarial work Band 2,3,4: Girls' Club Council 2:3 - Cabinet 3: Business Council 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4 NANCY ANN KADOW - Nan Ambition-To become a registered nurse Modern Dance 2.3: Senior A Cappella 4: Latin Club 3: G.A.A. 2,331 GARY KANE Ambition-To be a rich lawyer Football 2.3,-lg Basketball 2.3,4g Track 2,3,-i: Student Council CHARLES STEVEN KAPTAIN - Chuck Ambition-To be an engineer in the field of television repairs PEGGY IOLENE KASULES - Peg G.A.A. 3: Spanish Club 4 MARILYN IOYCE KEEKER - Keek Ambition-To raise a happy Christian family G.A.A. 2,3,-l: F.H.A. 2: Girls' Chorus 2 CAROLYN RUTH KELLENBERGER - Kelly Ambition-To do elementary teaching Class Council 2: Student Council 3.4: Senior A Cappella 3,45 Orchestra 2,331 Page 45 SHIRLEY LEE KENYON - Shirl Ambition-To go to colleoe Senior A Cappella 3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: Girls' Club 2.3.-4: Homecoming Chairman 4 WARREN MANLEY KENYON Ambition-To be a farmer Football 2 ANN ELIZABETH KIELSMEIER Ambition'-To be a nurse F.N.C. 3,4fPresident 4: German Club 2.3: Prom Decora- tions 3: Senior A Cappella 4 I, ,, ROBERT DALE KRIICKEBERG -- Kruck Ambition-To become a CPA Homeroom Basketball 3: Chess Club 3.4 VIRGIL GLEN LAMBERT -- Virg Homeroom Basketball 3.4 RONALD CHARLES LAMZ -f R. L. Ambition'-To be a pilot Wrestling 2: I-Iomcroom Basketball 3 Page 46 IOAN MARIAN KLEIN Ambition-To be a nurse Latin Club 3: Girls' Club 2.3.4: F.N.C. 4: Pep Club 3.4 MAXINE DIANE KLEIN - Max . Ambition-To be a physical education teacher Modern Dance 2.3.41 Volleyball 4: Bowling 4: Spanish Club 3,4 ILIDITH ANN KLINE - Iudy Ambition-To bc an up to date secretary Business Council 2: G.A.A. 2.3: Chairman of Folclerettes Committee 3 PHYLLIS M. KOBEL - Phyl Ambition'-To be a good photographer Bowling 3: German Club 3: F.N.C. 3: G.A.A. 2 RONALD DALE KOEHN Ambition-To be an aviation engineer Cross Country 2.3: Homeroom Basketball 2.3: German Club 2.3: lunior A Cappella MARY LOU KONEN --1 Mary Lou Ambition--To be a nurse F.N.C. 4: Business Council 3: Girls' Club 2.3.43 Bowling 3.4 IANET CAROL KORNMAN - Ian Ambition'-To be an elementary school teacher Indian Dancing 2.3.43 Modern Dancing 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: German Club 2 TOM MERRILL KOSEK Ambition-To be a Sports announcer Intramural Basketball 2.3.4 CRAIG IAN KOWALSKI Ambition--To be a mechanical engineer Ilflocgball 2.4: Baseball 2.3.45 Homeroom Basketball 3.4: i- 3.4 IUDITH ANN KOZLIMPLIK - Iude Ambition-To be a nurse Latin Club 2.3: Class Council 3.4: F.N.C. 3.4: Pep Club 3.4 SUSAN MCKENZIE KRAEBBER - Sue Ambition-To be a primary grade-school teacher French Club 2.3 - Vice President 2: Senior A Cappella 3.4: Class Play 3.4: Student Council 3.4: Executive Council 4 DONALD HAROLD KRAMER -- Deac, Cracker Ambition-To enter some form of engineering Wrestling 2.3.49 Baseball 2 DELORES ANN LEE - Dee Ambition-fTo go to college Iunior A Cappella 3: Latin Club 2,3: Entered from Thorn- ton Township High school-September 1955-Havard. Ill. IUDITH ANN LeLIEVRE -f Iudy Ambition-To be a nurse Class Play 4: G.A.A. 2,3,'i - Secretary 3 - Vice President -1: Senior A Cappella 4: Girls' Club Representative 3,4 VIRGINIA LEONARD -f Ginger Ambitionf-Primary Teacher German Club 2.3: Class Play 3,4: Senior A Cappella 3,4 - Treasurer 3: Student Council 2,3 SHARON LEE LeVINE -f Sug Ambition-To be a school teacher Spanish Club 2,3: French Club 4: Girls' Club 2,3,:l: F.T.A. 3.4 RICHARD PAUL LITTLE -- Dick Ambition-Civil engineer Entered from Santa Fe High School, September 4, 1956 RUTH ANN LLOYD - Ruthie Ambition-To travel Baton Twirling 3,'i: Class Play 3,4: Modern Dance 2.3: Square Dance 2 CAROLE IOAN LORENZ Bowling 2,3.'i: Modern Dance 2 ARTHUR EDWARD LUDWIG -- Art Ambition-To learn a decent trade Track 3: Wrestling 3: Intramural Basketball 2.3: Spanish Club 3 RICHARD LEE LUNDY -f Dick Ambition-To join the navy - Football 2: Intramural Basketball 2 MARY ELIZABETH LUSCHER Ambition-To be a secretary G.A.A. 2,3.4: Spanish Club EDWARD ARNOLD MACKERT -- Mac Ambition-To be a construction engineer Homeroom Basketball 2: Intramural Bowling 2,3.4 LARRY ROBERT MADES - Madies Band 2,3,4: Homeroom Basketball 2.3: Intramural Golf 23: Homecoming Assembly 4 DUANE M. LANDERS KAREN BARBARA LANGOS -- Kar Pep Club 3.4: Red Cross 4: Bowling 4: G.A.A. 3,-1 PETER ROBERT LARSON - Wease Ambition--To be a millionaire Intramural Basketball 2,3,4: Intramural Bowling 2.3,-I - Team Captain 391: Intramural Golf 2,3 KENNETH CHARLES MAGOWAN - Ken Ambition-To be a professional engineer Track 2 LEO MANOLIS - Greek Ambition'-To go into the restaurant business Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4: E Club 33: Track 2.3: Wrestling 2.3 ROBERT RAE MARQUIS - Marky Ambition-To go into the service Page 47 smlrzgii spa MARSHALL - Sharry Elifaela from Washington High, september 1955 WILLIAM GEORGE MARTIN -- Marty Ambition--To serve God and my Country Maroon Staff 3,4 'Sports Editor 3,4: E Club 3,43 Student Council 2,33 Class Vice President -4 CHARLOTTE CAROL MCALPIN, -f Char Girls' Club 4 MARILYN IEAN MINER -- Marc Ambition'-To become a private secretary G.A.A. 2.3,-lg Indian Dancing 2: Iunior Red Cross 2,3,il RICHARD EARNEST MOONEY - Moon Basketball Manager 2: Baseball Manager 2: Homeroom Basketball 3 ANN MORGAN Ambition-To be an airline stewardess French Club 2.3: Future Nurses' Club 3.4: Bowling 2: G.A.A. 2 Page 48 ROSEMARIE McCRACKEN Entered from Dundee Community High September 6, 1956 BOB RUSSELL McCURDY Football 2,3: Wrestling 2,3 KAY LYNN MCDONALD -1 Kay-z Cheerleading 2.3.45 Spanish Club 2,3: G.A.A. 2.3,4: Class Council fl TERRY IAMES MCDONALD -1 Mick Ambition-To own a construction company Track 2: Football 3,-1: Baseball 3 CHARLES DWIGHT McGOWAN - Chuck Football 2.4: Wrestling 2,3,-1: Class Council 2,3 CHARLENE MARIE MEYER - Char Kwo-ne-she 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3.4: French Club 3 SANDRA LEE MEYER - Sandy Ambition-To be a secretary German Club 2: Iunior A Cappella 3: G.A.A. Representa- tive 3: Girls' Club 4 VERIEAN CAROL MEYER - Ieanie Indian Dancing 2,3,4: Latin Club 2,3 ROGER MICHOLAS -f Mickey Ambition-To be a chef Cross Country 2: Wrestling 2: Track 2 DOROTHY ANN MICKLEVITZ -f Dorie Ambition-To be a secretary Spanish Club 3: Bowling 2 IANET ARLENE MILLER - Ian Ambition,-To be a teacher Latin Club 2,3: Girls' Club Representative: Mirror Staff 3,4 LINDA KAY MILLER Ambition-To graduate from college Summa Cum Laude Band 2,3,4: Student Council fl: Latin Club 2.3: F.T.A. 2,3,4 CORLEE FRANCIS MOUSEL '- Cor Indian Dancing 3,4 DAN MUELLER - Dan Ambition-To be an electrical engineer VIRGINIA ELLEN NELSON -- Ginny Ambition-To become a nurse F.I"I.A. 2.3.4 - Secretary 39 Latin Club 2 CAROLINE ANNA NEMITZ - Carol Ambition-To teach swimming in the Waves Bowling 2.3.43 Senior A Cappella fl: Iunior A Cappella 3: German Club 3.4 BARBARA ANNE NERGE .- Barb Ambition-To be an interior decorator French Club 3.4 IUDY ANN NEIISCHWANGER - Ncusch Ambition-To be an airline stewardess Spanish Club 2.3.4: Modern Dance 2: Volleyball 2.4: Bad- minton 2.3.4 IACKIE IEAN NICHOLS -1 lack Nick Ambition-To be a professional dancer G.A.A. 2.3.fl: Spanish Club 3 IOANN GALE NIEMANN - Io Ambition-To be a secretary LaVONNE DIANE NITZ - Vonnie G.A.A. 2.3.43 Square Dancing 2.3: F.H.A. 4: Volleyball 2,3 GILBERT HENRY NORE --f Gil Ambition-To become a CPA Swimming 3.4: Track 3.4: Current Events Club 2 RODOLFO M. OCHOA - Rudy Ambition-To go into business Spanish Club 2 ALICE MAE O'CONNELL - Al Ambition'-To meet a lot of wonderful people lunior A Cappella 3: Bowling 2.3.43 Girls' Club Representa- tive 3.'l: G.A.A. 2.3.-1 IOAN IAY MORLEY - Ioanie Ambition-To graduate from college Radio 2.3,'l: Girls' Club Council 2.3.-4: Modern Dance 2.3.4 G.A.A. 2.3.4 IAMES MORTON - Mort Football 2.3.43 Track 2.3.4 WILMA ALICE MOSER - Wilbur Ambition--To be a secretary Student Council 2: Aeolian 2 MARY ANN O'HAIRE Ambition-To be a commercial artist G.A.A. 4 ALVIN GEORGE ORR - Robin Ambition-To be a mechanic Swimming 2.3: Basketball 2.3.43 Handball 2,33 Wrestling 4 ROBERT KENT OSER - Bob Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 2,3 Page 49 LYNDA LEE PALMATIER - Lyne Ambition--To be a surgical nurse Nurses' Club 4: Latin Club 3 LOLA MAE PARR - Lo Ambition-To do secretarial work Volleyball 2,3,-4, Badminton 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 BARBARA DIANE PARRY -- Barbie Indian Dancing 2.3.-4: Volleyball 2,3.4g G.A.A. 2.3,4 CHARLOTTE LORRAINE PREISS -- Char Ambitionf-To become a nurse German Club 2,3: Mirror Staff: Volleyball 4 THOMAS WARREN PRICKETT -- Tom Ambition-'I'o be an automotive engineer LEOTA BETH PRIES -- Otie Ambition--To be a well-trained secretary Aeolian 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Girls' Club 2 Page 50 0 RICHARD ALLAN PARTRIDGE -- Dick Ambition-To be a sports announcer for a big radio station Class Council 2,3,4 -Class President 4: Student Council 4: Class Play 3,41 Homecoming General Chairman 4 SANDY LEE PAULUS - Sand Paul Ambition--loin the service G.A.A. 2,3,4: Latin Club 2: F.T.A. 23 Pep Club 3,4 IIM ARLAND PAYNE - I. Payne Football 2.3,4: Basketball 3,43 Class Council 4: Wrestling 2 DONNA IEANNETTE PEAK -- Sugar Modern Dance 2,3,4 CAROLYN BARRETT PEIRCE - Peircie Ambition-To be a medical missionary Student Council 3,43 French Club 3,4 - Vice-President 3: G.A.A. 2,3,4 RANDAL DEAN PERLY -f Whizz Football 2: Intramural Basketball 2,3 RONALD KEITH PETERS -- Pete Ambition-To do construction' work Contemporary Arts Festival IAMES RONALD PETERSON -- lim Ambition-To be an auto mechanic Homeroom Basketball 2.3,4: Intramurai Bowling 2.3 CAROLYN PHILLIPS -1 Carey Indian Dancing 2.3.4, Student Council 2: lunior A Cappella 3: Latin Club 2 ELMER PLUSS -f Elm Ambition'-To be an airplane mechanic PERRY POPE Ambition-To be a marine DON KEITH PORTER -- Poi-tes Football 2,3.4: French Club 2,3: Iunior A Cappella 2,3,4 - President 3,45 Basketball 2 ' r. RUTH ANN RAKOW Ambition-To graduate from college Senior A Cappella 3,4: Class Council 2: Girls' Club 2- Secretary 2 IERRY RAMAGE - Doc Ambition-To be a mechanic Industrial Arts Club BARBARA ANN RANGE - Barb Ambition-To become a secretary G.A.A. 2.3.4 ROY RICHARD RASMUSSEN - Bob Football 2,3.4: Basketball 2: Baseball 2,3,4: Senior A Cap- pella 3.4 MARGARET A. RATEIKE - Margie Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2,3,4: Aeolian 2: Iunior A Cappella 3 FREDRICK REED --f Rick HERMAN AUGUST REHBERG - Herm Basketball 2: Football 3 DALE KEITH REINKING -- Corky Ambition--To be in some art corporation Square Dancing 2,3.4 WILLIAM HOWARD REUTER -- Bill Ambition-To be a mechanic Wrestling 2: Intramurals 2.3: Homeroom Basketball- Captain FREDERICK DALE RHOADES -- Fred Ambition-To go to college next year Football 3,4: Baseball 3.4: Basketball 2 Entered from Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis, Ind. IOAN IRENE RICHARDS - Ioanie Ambition--To be a teacher Student Council 2: F.T.A. 2,3 - Secretary: Gi net: Senior A Cappella 3,4 ART H. RICHARDSON - Red Ambition-To graduate Wrestling 2: Club 88.1 2.3: Spanish Club 2 rls' Club Cabi- LARRY RAND PRITCHARD -f Stein Ambition-To be an architect Track 2: Football Concessions 4 GARY ALLEN PUFFPAFF - Puff Ambition-'To be a professional baseball player Easebgll 2,3.-I: Wrestling 2.3,4: E Club 2.3.4: Spanish lub .4 BERNICE SHIRLEY RADDATZ - Burdy Ambition-To be a good and reliable secretary Aeolian 2: Bowling 2.3: G.A.A. 23,4 EDWARD H RICHARDSON Eddie Ambition To be a photographer Baseball 2 Spanish Club 3 Pro1ect1on Club 2 3 Bowling 3 IoANN RIFKEN Ioni Ambition To become a medical artist Maroon 3 4' French Club 2 3' Red Cross Art Chairman 4 Current Events 3 NANCY IEAN RILEY -1 Nan Ambition-To contribute to the welfare and happiness of mankind F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. 2,3.4: Iunior Class Play Committee 3 Page 51 -- CARL KENNETH RIPPBERGER -- Ripp Ambition-To join the coast guard Homeroom Basketball 2: Baseball 2 ROGER PAUL RITTER - Tex Ambition-To be a Radio-TV technician Band 2,35 Homeroom Basketball 2.3.4 1uDY ROBBINS - cuz Class Council 2.4: Girls' Club Council 3: Club 88.1 2.3.41 Spanish Club 2,3 ROBERT PAUL SCHERF - Schnitz ' Ambition-To have a career in the navy IEFFERY PAUL SCHIFFMAYER - Shifty Ambition- Foreign missionary Senior A Cappella 4: Swimming 4 Entered from Baraboo High School. September 1956 THERESA ANN SCHMIDT - Terry Ambition--To be a secretary French Club 3: Latin Club 4 Page 52 THELMA ROBBINS -- Sis Ambition-To go to Fairmont, Indiana Girls' Club Council 2.4: Club 88.1 2.3: G.A.A. 2.35 Mirror 3 IACQUELINE ELAINE ROCKWELL -- lack Modern Dance 2.3.41 Bowling 2,35 Mirror 3.4: Business Council 2 DEANNA IOYCE ROGERS - Dee Forensics 2.3.41 Class Council 3: Maroon Sales Staff 2.3: Spanish Club 2,3 DONALD HOWARD ROHLWING -- Don Ambition-To be a mechanic Wrestling 2 BENNETT EDWIN ROYER - Ben Football 2.3.43 Baseball 2.3.43 Basketball 2.3.4 CAROL FRANCES RUMMELLS Band 2.3.41 Bowling 45 Spanish Club 2.3: Maroon Staff 3 GORDON ERNEST RUTZEN - Rutz Ambition-To be an engineer Intramural Basketball 2.33 Swimming 4: Student Council 3: Chem-Phys Club 3 PHOEBE STEWART RYERSON -1 Bunny Ambition--To do well in college I Modern Dance 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4 - President 4: Senior A Cappella 3.41 G.A.A. 2.3.4 Entered from New Trier Township High School February 1955 HELEN SAIBERT DONNA MAUREEN SCHABERT - Donnie Ambition-'To work in an office G.A.A. 2.3.4, Future Nurses Club IACQUELINE IUNE SCHAEFFER -- Iackie Ambition-To be a dress designer F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. 2.3.4 CAROL IEAN SCHEITLIN Red Cross: Aeolian 23 G.A.A. 2.3.45 German Club M IUDENE KAY SCHULTZ -f Twerp Ambition--To be a secretary Homeroom Representative 4: Bowling 4 TOM WILLIAM SCHIIRING - lol-in Ambition-To do farming Entered from Maple Park High School. March 1. 1955 IERRY CARLETON SCROGGIN - Otto Ambition-To be a journalist Football 2.3.43 Track 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: Mirror 4 IAMES EDWARD SHALES - Iimmy Ambition-To be an electrical engineer Senior A Cappella 3.4 -Vice President 4: Football 2.3: In- tramural Basketball 2,3,4: Student Council 2.3.4 SALLY I0 SHAW - Sal Class Council 2,3,4: Modern Dance 2,35 Latin Club 2.3 LOWELL WAYNE SHELTON Ambition-To be a geologist Track 2: Current Events' Club 3 BRUCE SHIRLEY - Booz Basketball 2: Track 2.3 ROGER LEE SHIIRTLEFF -- Rog Ambition-To be a draftsman Industrial Arts Club 3.4 SUE ANNE SIMMONS - Susie Ambition--To enter the business Held Band 2,3.4: Tennis 2.3: Girls' Club Representative 3: Bowling 2.3.4 DAVID LEROY SINNETT - Dave Ambition-To be an engineer Football 2.3.41 Homeroom Basketball 2.3.49 German Club 2.3 EVELYN MARIE SITTER - Evie Girls' Club 2,3.4g G.A.A. 2,3p F.H.A. 2,3.4 GORDON LEE SKINNER - Gordie Ambition-To be a carpenter I-lomeroom Basketball 3 Entered from Dundee High School. September. l955 BETTY IEAN SCHUBBE Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2.4: G.A.A. 2: Volleyball 2 CAROL IEAN SCHLIBERT - Shoebox Ambition-To be a nurse G.A.A. Class Chairman 3.4: Iunior A Cappella 3-Secre tary 3: Girls' Club Cabinet 3: Class Secretary 4 ROGER DALE SCHUELKE Ambition-To join the Air Force Bowling 2: Intramural Basketball 2 GWENDA LEE SMITH - Gwen Ambition-To be a secretary Indian Dancing 2: Bowling 2.3.4: Dance Pageant 2 IAMES AMOS SMITH -1 lim Entered from Forrest City, Arkansas, 1955 MARY EDITH SMITH Ambition-To be a nurse F.I'I.A. 4: Future Nurses' 3.4: Dance Pageant 2 Page 53 'V RAY LIGHT SMITH - Smitty Ambition-To do architecture Spanish Club 3,4: Band 2,3,4 ROBERT LEE SMITH - Bob SHARLENE MARIE SMITH -- Shar Ambition-To be a child psychologist Modern Dance 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2,3,4g Class Chairman and G.A.A. Representativeg Aeolian 2 IO ELLEN STERNBERG .- Iody Ambition To be an elementary school teacher Modern Dance 2 3 German Club 2 3 Class Council 4 Latin Club Vice President 3 KATHRYN ANN STEVENS .- Kathy Ambition To be a private secretary Bowling 2,35 Square Dancing 2: Aeolian 2: Iunior A Cap- pella 3 LOUISE BARTLETT STEWART - Tinker Ambition-To be an elementary teacher Orchestra 2.3.43 Student Council 4: Modern Dance 2.3.4 g Page 54 GAY ANNE SNYDER -- Gay Ambition-To be a nurse F.l-I.A. 3,4 PHILIP KENT SOKODY - Soke Basketball 2,3,4g Cross Country 3,43 E Club 3.4: Student Council 2,3 DENNIS SOMMERS STEPHEN CHARLES SOPER -f Soap Football 2: Wrestling 2.3,4g Intramural Wrestling 2,3,4: Homes-oom Basketball 4 WILLIE LEE SPATES -f Spates Ambition-To be in professional football or a mechanic Football 2,3,4: Basketball 2 AUDREY IOYCE SPELLMEYER Ambition--To be a nurse Latin Club 2,33 German Club 43 G.A.A. 2,3,4 RONALD IAMES SPINKER -' Spink Ambition--To sell insurance Football 3.4: E Club: Basketball 3,45 Track 3 DAVID RONALD STARIN Ambition'-To be in business for myself Football 2,4: Student Council 2,33 E. Club 2,3,4: Wrest- ing 2 IAMES ALAN STARK Ambition--To go to college Football 2,3.4: E Club 2,3,4z Senior A Cappella 2,3,4g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 DAVE PAUL STARR Ambition'-To be a printer Football Manager 2.3,4: Wrestling Manager 3: E Club 2,3.4 ELEANOR RUTH STEFFEN -- Ellie Ambition-To become a graduate nurse Girls' Clubg Class Council 35 Senior A Cappella 3,4: Cheer- leading 4 MAVIS ANNETTE STEINMEYER - Mavc Ambitionf'To be a secretary G.A,A. 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4g Bowling 3,4 IACK WILBERT SUNDERLAGE Ambition-To go into business administration Student Council 3,4 - Vice-President 3 - President 4: E Club 3,43 Football 2,3,4: Baseball 2.3.4 RON SWAIN Ambition-To be a pharmacist Wrestling 2: Intramural Wrestling 3.4: Homeroom Basket- ball 2.3,4 HAZEL LEE SYMONDS - Bebe G.A.A. 2 RUTH F. SYMONDS G.A.A. 2: F.l-l.A. 2 CARMEN LOUISE TACASON ... Carm Ambition-To major in secretarial work at lVIacMurray College Bowling 2,43 G.A.A. Class Chairman 2: Aeolian 2 TED TAMMEARU Ambition-To be an aeronautical engineer Cross Country 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4g Track 2.3,4: E Club 3,4 DELORES ANN TEETS - Dee Band 2.3.4 MARK IAMES THELEN -- Eight-ball Ambition--To own a ship bigger than the Queen Mary THOMAS WILLIAM THIES - Tessmo Football 2.3: E Club 2.3,4: Class Council: Wrestling 2.3.4 IUDITH ANN THOMPSON - Iudy Indian Dance 2.3.43 French and Latin Club 2.3,4g Girls' Club 2,3,4: Iunior Red Cross 2.3 LAVONNE IOYCE THOMSEN - Mug Class Council 2.3: French Club 2.34 G.A.A. 2.3.43 Iunior A Cappella NANCY ANN TOROK - Bermudia MARY BELLE STEWART Ambition-To be a boolckeeper Bowling 4 BOBBETTE IEANNE STONER - Bobbe Orchestra 25 Latin Club 2: Bowling 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4 IAMES T. STOWELL -- Carlos Class Play 3 GERMAINE KAY TREADWELL - Maimi Ambition-To do airline work Cheerleading 2,3,4: French and German Club, Senior A Cappella 4: Class Play 3,4 IERRY RUSSELL TROTTER ,- Trotts Baseball 2: Homeroom Basketball 2.3,4: Indian Dancing 3 IOANNE MARIE TROTTER -- Io Ambition-To work in an otlice F.H.A. 2: G.A.A. Page 55 IAMES EDWARD TUCKER -- Iim Projection Club 3: Homeroom Basketball 3 SHARON KAY TUCKER - Tuck Ambition-To be a nurse G.A.A. 2.3.4: Class Float 2.3.4: German Club 2.3: F.N.C. 3.4 NANCY LYNN TURNER Modern Dance: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Spanish Club: Iunior A Cappella KATHLEEN WATSON .- Kay Orchestra 2.3: F.T.A. 2.3: Pep Club 2.3 Entered from Vienna High School 1956 DONALD EDWIN WAUCHOPE - Don Homeroom Basketball 2.3.4 PHIL IOHN WENCEK Ambition-To own my own farm E Club 2.3.4: Cross Country 2.4 Page 56 KAY IANICE UNDERWAGER - llndie Ambition-To enter the field of Foreign service German and Latin Club: Girls' Club Cabinet 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 PHYLLIS ROSE VAN BIIREN -- Peach Ambition--To graduate from nurse's training Student Council 2.3: Iunior A Cappella 3: F.N.C.: Latin Club 2.3 THOMAS DAVID VAN BUREN - Tom Ambition-To be a farmer Football 2.3.4: Indian Dancing 3.4: Wrestling 2: E Club 3,4 IAMES FRANK VAN FLEET '- Reggie German Club 2.3: E Club 2.3.4: Basketball Mgr. 2.3.4 RAY VELLINGA Ambition-To make it through college VVrestling 2.3.4: Projection Club 2: E Club 2.3.4 NANCY KAY VOLLMAN - Nance Ambition--To become a medical technologist Girls' Club Council 4: Modern Dance 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3: German and Latin Club CAROLYN WAGNER -f Butch Ambition-To be a nurse Class Secretary 2.3: Student Council 4: Cheerleading 2.3.4: Girls' Club Cabinet 3.4 NANCY CAROL WAGNER - Boots Ambition-To go into the field of modern music Girls' Club Cabinet 2.3.4 - President 4: Band 2.3: Indian Dancing 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 IOY LOUISE WAIDLER -f Happy Ambition-To be a receptionist Radio 2.3.4: Latin Club 2.3: Class Play 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 PRISCILLA MARIE WALLACE -- Pris Orchestra 2.3.4: Modern Dance 2.3: Senior A Cappella 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4 WANDA IOYCE WALTON Ambition--To be a spanish teacher Aeolian 2: Senior A Cappella 3: Spanish Club 2: Volley- ball3 LINDA ARLENE WARRINER Ambition-To be a stenographer Bowling 4: Iunior A Cappella 4: Modern Dance 4 Entered from Hammond High School 1956 BARBARA IEAN WHIPPLE -- Barb Ambition-To be a secretary Bowling 2: Aeolian 2 DAVID IOHN WICKLUND - Dave Football 2.3.-19 Wrestling 2: German Club 2.3: E Club 3.4 RENEE GAIL WILCOX -- Rennie Ambition'-To be a nurse - Archery 3: Mirror Business Manager 4: F.N.C. 3.4 Entered from Glenbard High School GERALD LEROY WILLEY -- Gerry Ambition-JTO be a commercial artist Operatic nights 2: Entertainment for Iunior class party: Don't Laugh Lady 3 LOIS MARGARET WILHARM - Putz GENELLE DEE WILLIAMS - Nell Ambition-To be a successful Stenographer Modern Dance 2.3.49 G.A.A. 2.3.4: Girls' Club 2.3.4 DICK LEE WILLIS -- Big Dick Ambition-To go into service ROBERT ALLEN WILLS - Bob Ambition'-To be a Butcher Intramural Sports Entered from Glenbard-1955 GAYE ANNE WINBIGLER Ambition--To be in the Held of merchandising laflodcan Dance 2.3.43 Bowling 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: Spanish lub .3 SALLY IO WINDAU -f Sal Indian Dancing 3: Intramural Sports 2,3 LAWRENCE EDWARD WISHON - Larry ILIDITH LYNN WRIGHT -- Iudy Ambition-To be a speech correctionist Girls Club Council 3.4: French Club 2.3: Senior A Cap- pella 4: Class Play 3 IACQUELINE LEE WENDLER -- Iackie Modern Dance 2,3.4: Iunior A Cappella 3: Aeolian 2: Class Play Committee 3 NANCY CAROL WERRBACH -1 Peanuts Ambition-To be a teacher F.T.A. 2.3.43 G.A.A. 2.3.43 German Club 2.3: Homecoming Assembly 4 IOANNE MARIE WESTERMAN - Pete Ambition-To be a Wav: G.A.A. 2.3.4 PATRICIA ANNE WRIGHT - Pat Ambition-To go into the Held of journalism Spanish Club 2.3.43 Class Council 2,3,4: Mirror 3.4 - Editor and Chief 4: Iunior A Cappella 3 THOMAS MELVILLE WRIGHT -1 Tom Band 2.3: Student Council 2.3.4 EVELYN GRACE IDA YANKE - Eve Ambition-To be a bookkeeper German Club 2.3 Page 57 KEITH AUGUST ZEIGLER -- Zig Ambition--To be a commercial pilot Football 3: Wrestling 3 FAYETTE MARIE ZIMMERMAN - Fayzie Ambition-To be a secretary F.N.C. 4 IAMES ALLEN ZIMMERMAN -f Zimmie Ambition'-To become a good printer Square Dancing 2.3: Industrial Arts Club 3,4 CAROL DIANE ZORNOW Ambition--To be a private secretary Aeolian 2: Homecoming Assembly 4: G.A.A. Club 3 RICHARD E. ZVARA 2,3,4 Cfaaa o 158 Throughout the year, the Iunior Class, sponsored by Mr. E. C. Alft, has devoted its time to numerous projects and activities. The pro'ects undertaken by the class were the sale of '58 emblems, '58 buttons and lilgin buttons. ' All participating class members enjoyed working on various committees for the class play, class luncheon, and the Iunior-Senior Prom. The all-school dance sponsored by the Iunior Class also proved to be very successful. Bowling 2: Square Dancing 2: Iunior A Cappella 2,3: German Class Council Members: First row: Ioan Thompson, Ann Glashagel, Lynn Danford, Mary Kay Howard, Iackie Wallace. Barbara Bowles. Second row: Roberta Liden, Bob Swanson, Lois Dye, Ieanette Chislett, Iudy Hall, Margo O'Brien. Third row: Dick Robertson, left Reinert, Bob McGarry, Don Iohnson, Craig Abbott, Ierry Simpson. Standing: Ianice Mock, Saundra Fabrick, Dale Iohnson. Page 58 66 we Cjfafifi 0 158 ia rea g greaf v Class of 1958 officers: Saundra Fabrick, treasurer Dale Iohnson, vice-president Ianice Mock, secretary Doug Kranwinkle, president Q3 XR N ..,. aww + wb. t rf X rf - - a- Q si X X S5 x x xgr S Q Snr it rx A kwin N455 ini A X iss . all gf.. X X R x Rx X. is f1e A it as -1 , 3 Y-5 ' 3 Page 59 Craig Abbott Marlene Abbott Terry Abern Leilana Ackman Sandra Ackmann Iohn Adams Gregory Aeschliman William Ahrens Charles Althen Hedy Andersen Craig Anderson Doreen Anderson Lynne Anselman Gerald Ashby Iudy Atchison Barbara Auble Bonnie Auble Patricia Auble Karen Aylward Gloria Bagby Ioyce Baker Sharon Ballard lane Batman Mary Bartoziwicz Ralph Bauman Roger Baumgartner Ieanne Baxman Dawrin Begalka Larry Behm Brenda Benner Iames Berna Vivian Beu 66 we? :fllfe 0 Pate H Suzanne Bushaw Margaret Calhoun Linda Cantrell Bob Cantrell Nancy Carey Charles Carlson Dick Carlson Ierry Carlson Rose Carlton Lynda Cartwright Sal Castoro Gene Cavitt Iudy Chatterton Iudy Cherco leanette Chislett Iames Christle Michael Coburn Iris Collier Danny Collins Donna Collins Martha Cook Leland Cork Bonnie Corey Mary Ellen Cowan Ianice Crain Ken Cronk Bob Cutler Lynn Danford Warren Danielson Don De Foy Nancy Dellinger lim De Mien Tim Devine Phillis DeWanz Iucly Dierking Barbara Beverly Nancy Bierman Ianice Blaha Bruce Blosat Iudith Bolerjack lohn Bolz Richard Boncosky David Bouque Kenneth Bourke Barbara Bowles Donna Bown Iames Brockman Ellen Broski Iohn Brown Daryl Buerk Gordon Burkart Robert Burney Iudy Burnidge Iudy Burt Suzanne Burton Leonard Busche Page 60 Q .fee mr ing in unify Dorothy Dodds lean Dorwaldt Diane Dueringer Bob Durrenberger Lois Dye Marilyn Elliott Lin Elswick Bob Emmons lrmy Engmann George Ensign Elna Erdman Marilyn Ermel Lloyd Etter Shelby Ewert Saundra Fabrick Iohn Fairchild Bill Fee Ioyce Flentge Barry Fohrman Lois Follman Vera Forbes iss, as - Q e e as Y S e , 5 s re r if X X X SSX X S X X X x X X Y if YW-Q X XXQ 1 sxxx 3 X W WS t Y Q 2 . XSL X f .Q r-mul' X X S X S lx R 5 X X X X NW X.: ,f -rf :X , U' . X is we . : ws . Q S EELTE. . X X xx W X 0- ws ,z me X S . xiii K X s K si Nxfwi l"i.: Q 1 sw I TNR use . Page 61 Mary Forrester Lucille Freise Elaine Friedman Connie Garrelts Dick Genz Mary Lou Gillespie Ann Glashagel Ray Goff Kay Gohrsch Euginia Goroschkin Wally Gray Marcia Green Karen Gregg Audrey Greve Mary Gromer Donna Gustafson Paul Haas Richard Haase Avis Hahn Beverly Hahn Ken Hahn Iudy Hall Lynn Hampel Fred Hanley lack Harms Pat Harris Ruth Hartman Ralph Haseman Barbara Hayes Sharon Hayward Larry Heath Violet Heath Sally Heine Marilyn Henderson Ralph Henderson F l n our c aria farofecffi lackie Humbracht Connie Iscaro Ianis Iacobs Pat Iaskula Tina Iennings Ruth Iensen Wayne A. Iensen Wayne M. Iensen Edna Iepson Dale Iohnson Darlene Iohnson lack Iohnson judy Iohnson Larry Iohnson Richard A. Iohnson Ricke B. Iohnson Tom llohnson Don Iohnston Herb Iohnston Lester Iones Harold Kaiser Francis Kallina Iudy Kampmeyer Rosie Kaptain Pat Karsten Gloria Kelem Marcia Keller Diana King Susie Kirkpatrick Carol Kisselburg Karen Klein Billie Kline Glen Koehler Iudie Kotchuck Carolyn Koyn Carolyn Henninger Richard Hensley Don Hess Tom Hettinger Virginia Hileman Ioyce Hilty Toby Hines Ted Hodges Carol Hoffman Ion Hoffman Catherine Holderman Barbara Hollister Iudie Holtz Larry Hornfeldt David Hopp Karen Hopp Ron Hoppe Mary Kay Howard Dan Howe Bruce Hudgens Edna Hulsberg Page 62 aining Lnowiclge Doug Kranwinkle Lola Krause Glen Kreinbrink Stephen Kroll Iohn Kuschmirz Paul Kvistad Rae Ann Lacey Verne Lagerstrom Iim Lamp Norma Landis Carol Lange David Langurn Iohn Lapp Diana Larson Ianis Larson Iudy Laseman Iohn Lawrence Bill Lea Bob Leith Barbara Lemke Larry Leuallen Si se X X Pat Le Vine Roberta Liden Iudy Lindoerfer Mary Lindoerfer Mary Lee Lohbauer Doroth Long Glenn Lovejoy Gail Lowry Fred Luedtke Ioanne Lullie Clark Lund Bill Luscher Rose McConney' Dennis McKay Iames McKelvey Peg Manuel Gary Manzow Mike Marisic Ianice Markowitz Peg Marquis Mildred Marvin Sandra Marxen Clara Mauck Gail Mayers Udo Meissner Erika Melchior Bill Menke Lorelei Mercer George Metzger Larry Michelson Mary Lee Micklevitz Gary Miller Mike Milligan Bill Minehart Ianice Mock 6 we ificurifi our laro Ama Q X fi? X W 3 Sandra Orban Herbert Parrish Roger Parsons Norman Paulin Allen Perry ludy Peters Barbara Petersdorf Lincla Peterson Marilyn Petry Mitzi Pfeiffer Richard Pfister lack Pflederer Suzanne Preiss Gary Prell Robert Pritchard Hattie Prochnow Gene Puifpaff Mona Rafter Clara Raplus Dave Rasmussen Margaret Rea Carol Rediger Michel Rehberg Sandra Reichel Ioanne Reid Ieffrey Reinert Aarne Reinsalu Carole Renwick Susan Renwick Ierry Reuter Peter Reynolds Sally Reynolds Margaret Rhoades Larry Rhymes Marilyn Richards Rr+5Xl'S--cz 5 David Morley Carol Moss Bonnie Mumme Mike Musikich Pete Neal Barbara Nelson Karen Nelson Melvin Nelson Raynor Nelson Stephen Nelson Rick Neumann Roy Nickel Terry Nitz Roger Norden Larry O'Brien Margo O'Brien Bob O'Connor lack Oehler Ioyce Olesen Darrel Olson Corinne O'Neil It ,gl P is , . . U" 1'-xc Page 64 e gafker enfkufiiarim Ianet Ricketts Mary Ripperger Dennis Roach Dick Robertson Philip Robinson Helen Rogers Howard Rohm Charles Rosene Shirley Ross William Rubenstein Nona Rushing Leonard Russell Ianice Rydell Paul Saindon Norman Sanders Iames Sarto Earl Saunders Sally Savegnago George Saville lack Scherf Carol Schleif Page 65 Allen Schmidt Diane Schmitt Patsy Schultz William Schultz Salley Schurmier Roger Schwanke Ronald Sensor Steve Shaw Gary Shelby Lawrence Shinnall Roger Siegmeier Frank Sieroslawski Ierry Simpson Sally Sinko David Sipple Barbara Smith Beverly Smith Charlene Smith Ion Smith Mary Ann Smith Norma Smith Mary Sue Sommer Larry Sommers Ieannne Stark Sonja Steen Ieanne Steifen Neil Steifens Carol Stevens Bruce Stevenson Doris Stewart Sxgycle Stieber enclel Stokes Allan Stonehocker Betty Strackany Renald Strackany A we LOL fowarnii My future Robert Trolson lune Ulsaver ' lane Valentine Iudy Vanderford Dick Vaughan Carol Villars Yvonne Vogelmann Bett Vogt Bill Wlogt David Volmer Diana Wacker Sandra VVagner Bonnie Walker Iackie VVallis Carole Ward Cindy Watermann Gary Weiss Dave Wells Nancy Wendt Io Ann Wetzel Marilyn Whitcomb Barbara Wilkinson Larry Williams Merry Wilson Roger Wineinger Iudy Winje Charlotte Wires Mary Withers Iudith Wood Dick Woolcott Owen Wright Sandra Young Ramona Ziegler Pat Zirk Io Ann Zwiefel ix Y X X X N X R W ,I I X R 1 e Q M " . - A 1 s X wi X 'isis c ik X as Q . C ef, fax . case, e .X 'ixvxuk x .mrs ,. . ..t.,.,..,t K F K X Q sv.. Ns. X- E , .. . .LS a ii br-is .sv X X is wiv' 'VN R ,X xg 2:2 Merlin Strahl Gene Stuart Margaret Stuart Gordon Swaback Wyn Swainson Linda Swanson Bob Swanson Ruth Sweet Indy Taylor Phyllis Taylor Barbara Teschke Clarence Teyler Kirby Thomas Ioan Thompson Helen Thorne Tom Thrun Iames Tilley Les Timms Sally Tompkins Reid Tonkens Erma Toppel Page 66 , Our Aorizond wi en aa we Class of 1959 officers: Sarah Pierson, secretary Larry Rich, vice-president Dave Covey, president Hank Leach, treasurer Cfaaa o 7 95 9 The class of 1959 has accomplished much in its sophomore year. The class song, mascot, and colors were well chosen. Their originality was shown in their bi-annual class newspaper called The Fifty-Niner which contained sports news, gossip and current events. The '59 class float was rated outstanding and received the award for the "most appropriate" float. The class party and the get-acquainted party for the incoming sophomores were very successful. The class of '59 has shown its leadership, originality, and talent throughout the year, Class council members: First row: Hilda Von Holwecle, Gail lden, Sue Dye, Ioyce Smith, Barbara Brackett, Sandy Salin, Nancy Baumgartner, Ioann Lamp. Second row: Diane Iurgens, Mr. Paul Green, Dan Peterson, Chuck Hess, Larry Powers, Bill Sponholtz, Dave Trumbo, lay Graening. Fred Arnold, Ierry Mitter. Page 67 ll OLLI' Duane Ackmann Denis Adam Arnold Adams Doris Adamson Iocelyn Aikin Charles Akemann Kenneth Alford Karen Allen Ronald Alvine Duane Andersen Alice Anderson Donald Anderson Iames Anderson Larry Anderson Robert Anderson Sanford Anderson Sharon Anderson Iudy Archer Frederick Arnold Ronald Aromi Alfred Auer Rosemary Averaino Larry Backus Barbara Baker Dorane Baker Kay Baker Marvin Baker Warren Baker a Don Barber Bob Barron Ion Bauman David Baumgartner Donald Baumgartner Nancy Baumgartner Gordon Bazsali Lester Behnke Karen Behrens Tom Behrens Norine Belcher William Belcher Iudy Beldin Ronald Bently Nancy Berna Phyllis Berry Vernon Berry Ed Billings Verlon Bimhall Ierry Bizzak Winston Blakely Leonard Blakesly Bill Blum Becky Bohlin Kaaren Bolliger Ianet Bonkoski Larry Bonner Doug Booth I e ma e new g'i2I'lLAq95 Diane Carlstrom Rick Caul Luanne Cevela Bob Chamberlain Sharon Christensen John Christenson Kathy Clark George Cluchey Ken Coester Michael Collin Mary Cook Patty Ann Cook Linda Cooper Bob Cooper Laurie Costa Rica Dave Covey Tom Crane Ioel Creel Pat Curtis Marge Daneau Susan Daniels Deanna Gail Danner Alice Darnell Ietf Darnell loyce Darr Bonnie Datisman David Kent Davis David Dever Iohn Bowman Kenneth Braasch Barbara Brackett Alfred Braden Dave Bradshaw Ierry Brierly Faith Brightbill Sherwood Brinkley Arlene Broadnax Donna Broecker Betty Bross Sandra Browne Dennis Brunschon lim Buetow Mickey Bufkin Bonnie Bullock Iohn Bunge Ramon Burch Will Burrow Gene Busche Donald Butler Gary Butz Sandra Cahal lim Cahill Barbara Carlson Danny Carlson Karen Carlson Mike Carlson Genie Dorene Dillow Normen Dillow Linda Divan Sandy Dodge Deane Dorman Iudy Doss Donna Duensing leanne Duer Sue Dye Don Edwards Rita Eggerstedt George Emrich Brian Enos Lloyd Erboe Dick Erickson Bonnie lean Ernst Lane Fabrick Carol Factly Gloria Farr Bob Farrell Linda Farroh Lucienne Favret Carol Fellows Mary Feuerhaken Barbara Fischer lack Fischer Marilyn Fitchie Carolyn Fleenor new lllteferi fa I P82070 Bob Fleury Wilfred Follman Barbara Fox Sheila Fredericksen Patricia French lim Frey Sylvia Fry Cheryl Furness Karen Garrison Indy Genz Lauralie Godfrey Gregory Goodsell ludy Goodyear lim Gordon Irina Goroschkin lay Graening Gary Graf loAnne Grail: Morgan Graham Iohn Gra Alberta Glreen Dorothy Green Mike Green Doroth Greve Marie Grgurich Bill Griflin loan Griswold Ioy Grossnickle LEAP Olll' Faye Hoth Gary Houdek Iell Howell Annetta Howerton Mike Huber Margaret Hulsberg Gordon Humbracht Lynn Humbracht Wes Hunborg Gayle Iden Edith Iahn Howard Iakeway Lola Ieffers Mary Ellen Iens Ed Ioerns Thelma Iohnsen Betty Iohnson Carol Iohnson Ray Iohnson Sharon Iohnson Sharyn Diane Iohn Irwin Iohnston Larry Iohnston Sandy Iohnston Bonnie Iones Larry Iones Barbara Iordan Bruce Ioseph S011 Marion Gruber Larry Gunn Donald Gustafson Karen Gustafson Robin Gutshall Carol Hagan Ellen Hagelow Gordon Hameister Sue Hamilton Gay Hamlin Bert Harris Gerald Hartman Iohn Hartman Alan Haseman Mike Hayward lim Heath Anna Heidenreich Susan Helper Beatrice Henning George Henryson Iohn Hernandez Charles Hess Shirley Hieber Richard Higgins Ruth Higgins Gary Hirshberg Hilari Hodgson Edwin Hoefer Page 71 eruing on commiffieerf Diane Iurgens Kenneth Iurs Roger lurs Sally Iurs Diane Kachelmuss Ed Kacllec Iohn Kagel Larry Kagel Bill Kappler Carol Katz Ianice Katz Kay Kellermann lim Knake Tom Knecht Ieanne Koehring Indy Kohlhagen Iudy Kolling Dave Konen Barbara Konitzki Dick Kosterman Larry Koth Dennis Kowal lack Kozumplik Nancy Kraebber Dick Kral Larry Kramer Louis Kramer Harry Krasnick Page 72 Barbara Krog Ted Kruse Henry Krusemeier Theresa Labriola Pat Lake Leanne Lamp etty Lamp Iudy Lamphere Ianet Lamz Phyllis Landers Lamonte Larson Bob Lauder lack Layman Hank Leach Nancy Leather-by William Lee Charles Leetzow Gordon Leetzow Linda Leiseberg Bill Leonard lulie Leuallen Iulianne Leverenz E3Lene Levey ynn Levey Anabel Lewis Bill Lewis Carolyn Liepitz Iames Liessmann ,mr ing on larofecffi Martha Molitor Kathryn Moody Iacquelyn Moore Marvel Morey Virginia Morrison Ion Mortellaro Ron Mortensen Pat Morton Patricia Moser Edwin Munson David Muntz Milo Nadler Sandra Nagel Mary Nelson Anna Nemec Thomas Nitz lim Nold Arnold Northcutt Myrna O'Brien Alan Odell Terry O'Farrel1 lean Olving Iohn Osmun Bob Otte Kathleen Owen lim Paar Dolores Palochko Cliff Papacek Marcia Lind Dick Linder Iudy Lindorfer Ruth Ann Lobben Peggy Logan Larry Lowe Steve Lucke Mike Ludwig Ingrid Lukas Ierry Maas Dennis McDonald Steve Mann Margaret Mapes Bill Marlow Dick Marsh Bobbye Martin Tom Marvin Barbara May Iudy McGraw Barbara Mengler Iudy Mengler Dorothy Mensik Charlie Miller Gloryann Miller Keith Miller Linnea Miller Ianet Mischke Ierry Mitter Page 73 Buifckng our LGCJBPJAQO Floyd Parker Ieanne Parry Shelly Paul Chuck Peabody Mary Pease Darlene Petersdorf Beverly Petersen Raymond Petersen Dan Peterson lim Peterson Wilma Peterson lim Pfortmiller Rae Ann Phillips Virginia Phillips Sarah Pierson Valerie Pilcher Captola Pitts Carol Plagge Larr Powers Ioe Poziemski Cynthia Preis Richard Quandt Robert Quayle lim Raao Fred Raddatz David Radloff Sandra Raeske Carol Ralf Page 74 Kathy Rakow Anna Ramsey Donna Ranallo Iohn Range Pat Rankin Norman Reed Io Anne Reese Sharon Reilly Dale Reimer Ruth Ann Reinlein Pat Renouf Nancy Rice Larry Rich Beverly Riley Hobart Riley Ianet Roach Gayle Robbins Lynette Robbins Donald Rodholm Ken Rohlwing Ierry Rohrssen Frank Rosborugh Ieannine Rosenthal Darlene Ross Ron Rovelstad Bob Rullman Nancy Rust Sandra Sabin .4 .griuing or new wifi om Lois Sorensen Mary Sorensen Elaine Sparrow William Sponholtz Charles State Dee Ann Stambazze Tomas Starrett Mary Steffes Eugene Stemwedel Mary Sternberg Roger Stettner Sylvia Stevens Charles Stewart David Stewart Deanna Stewart Leonard Stewart Paul Stewart Richard Stewart Wa 'ne Stikkers William Stilwell Roberta Stinson David Stowell Ianet Stowell Charmayne Straka Eileen Streit Ierry Studt Fred Sunderlage David Sutton Ray Salter Vernon Sapp Robert Sarto Dennis Schabert Karen Schmidt Linda Schmidt Margaret Schmidt Kurt Schmeer Sally Schramm Bud Schrieber Susan Schroder Carolyn Schultz Thomas Schuring Sue Seiler Ethelda Self Roberta Shaw Iudy Shrader Paula Shults Iames Siokos Nancy Siokos Kathleen Sipple Patricia Skinner Terry Smiricky Ioyce Smith Roger Smith Glaclalon Snowwh jerry Snyder Alex Solcolov ite Page 75 6 e6ll'l'l fo LIQOLU QGCA 0tA2I' Iackie Sutton Ralph Swainson Iulie ,Tarnawski Phyllis Tarnow Mary Teas Thomas Tennent Charles Terry David Teyler Iames Thiel Robert Thiel Sandra Thiel Marjorie Thompson Dwayne Tison Delbert Todd Ioanne Treon Carla Troyke Dave Trumbo Edward Tucker Rosalie Tucker William Tucker Ianice Turner Lynne Turner Carol Tweed Diane Llnruh Ioan Van Fleet Ioel Van Wambeke Ion Van Wambeke Barry Vecchio fd . ,, -xy . -s H wr X E if N Mx spans, Page 76 Fred Vollman Rita Vollman Georgia Volpp Hilda von Holwede Barbara Wacker Patrick Walker Marlene Wallack Sandra Warrier Susanne Warner Norman Watermann Gary Wauchope Bruce Webb Ianet Weisinger Grant Welty Dorothy Wendler ohn Wendler udy Whipple Louis White Constance Wiese Carol Wilkins Carol Wilkinson Gene Wilkinson Erna Wellnitz Ierry Witt Betty Wolthausen Elva Wright Betty Zimmerman Sandra Zoellick xx xg ' 1 QS k .N s 5 s Egfr' in q Si- Q if is NX . V A X xg - - . vifiiflxx X 'K f -sf 'A Y grip? H15 1 -1 Sims f.vfxPR--RZSR Xxwmvww-X X- , X XXMX Q9- X i x Q sz W QSM FY Y 2 3 Q X Q N sw K 1 .X HN Mm f X R f, 1 L' ,. , fX.w, M , , Ai-N gl 2 L! J. N- I' X " .X M' A - - X, 5 x' -XX f N ' N ,Q by +R, N L 'Kiwi f .. -Nmswgx E , L' ' A -A 3 1 X' QS 5, - g-'f'iQ.x.iSQ N 1. ki ff 'Qf?'::f'7 S . , N .M 3 X ww . . 1 -x xx A . 6 wx W X x E , . MM x ,W .A,:. X .hqz , ,M . it 'X Sf -1' 'M' --x- . - 3 ' :A ,.xX 15' f A- 0 . X- .N b S ,w,i,,1.,fiE: Q, f,J,? gg-i3,Q,f' Xa' bfi SSR E f x . K ks my k x if i X Q 2. ,f viitv -X cw S A Q 5 - QQ MQ - Q Q- X E l ,Q .3 ?I.,,,.3f, NNW! E, Qgxwxx gil A ,if Wsfslgwxss K2 v PJ' .fl 1 14' 3 35 ' is -S Www 'Ni gg XX x ww 9 X ,j jp f1 ggi --M-mfg, 55, .SN NN ,X sp, N HQ fs. :x if E :Y fa- Q1 Q x , 3 -.mrsisfl i S Q. S3 . xx V QW- as-A 5: Xe Q .Agia- X ,A X .f4cfivifie5 M' w N LU' 0l'CA26tI"a I0 Clwyrf Row one, left to right: lane Barrnan. lanet Ricketts. Francis Kallina. Charmayne Straka, Virginia Hileman, Louise Stewart. Priscilla Wallace, Marcia Green Row two: Edith lahn, Mary Withers. lack Fischer, Ellen Hagclow, Marilyn Foltz, Beverly Smith, Linda Miller, Sandra Cahal, Lynn Levey, Iohn Gray, Carolyn Peirce, Myrna O'Brien Row three: Shelley Paul, Nancy Vollman, Linda Cantrell, Henry Krusemier, Margaret Schmidt. Bill Blum. Dorane Baker, Janet Kornman, Carolyn Henninger, Fred Arnold, Pat Auble Row four: Betty Bross, Iudy Burt. Sue Burton. Barbara Hollister, Phyllis Landers, Ianet Mischke. Mike Coburn, Ianice Fritz, john Emrich, Gary Caul. Roy Nickle, Bill Martin Standing: lane Valentine, Leilana Akeman, Elmer Rullman III, Bill Fishburn, Carolyn Kellen- berger. Iudy LeLievre, Mavis Steinmeyer Page 80 SSS? .Q zsgif' -'I 5. 'ef 5 1: SFI'-X ,. X x JSPNWZ S X? X xv xx Q . X- IX X X X X Xf XXX Q59 'Q Q. : if? fl?-Ifffliffffw. ifxswwk: Ni X Xa X .. XXXAXX X fa X N I Nwacf -. X Q ' X 5 is X N ., S N Q Ns X X X X X .XX ,X Q f .. Reg , NX S s 3 X X X X X x .: 3 X if ' wi X 1 x X X 3 ' -MQXXX 9 'ik - xi- Nfgjxi K -- fy RQX 3 RFEYE- X X XX f 1 X ruma Leafing, eef marc ing, Ruth Genz, Pat Karsten, Ruth Lloyd, Sharon Reilly Row one: Rita Vollman, Linda Miller, Beverly Smith, Sarah gierson, Merilyn Foltz, Sue Simmons, Clara Raplus, Martha ook Row two: Dorane Baker, Dick Pfister, Bill Blum, Carol Rum- mells, Barbara Bowles, Iudy Beldin, Carl Zocholl, Carolyn Henninger, Stephen Kroll, Ieanine Rosenthal, Sandra Cul- verson, Betty Strackany Row three: Mike Hennessey, Sheila Fredrickson. Ioanne Iurs. Ianet Kornman, Larry Mades, Phyllis DeWanz, Ioel Van- Wambeke, Gary Wauchope, Nancy Rust, Ianice Fritz. Larry Homfeldt. Neil Grossnickle, Mike Coburn, Roger Wineinger. Roger Ritter, Warren Baker, Iohn Wendler, Frank Sieroslawski, Dick Robertson Row four: Karen Schmidt, Pat Skinner, Iolene Levey. Iudy Mengler, Dee Ann Stambazze, Faith Brightbill, Bonnie lones, Allan Odell, Iohn Nickles, Ken Hellmuth, Dick Erickson, Larry Anderson, Gary Caul, Dick Kosterman, Bob Swanson, Iohn Emrich, Delores Teets, Bob McGarry, Mike Green, Rick Johnson. Ion Hoffman, Bill Leonard, Larry Iohnston, Ernie Akemann, Bill Martin Row five: Bob Rullman, Keith Ziegler, Cecil Holtz, Bill Fishburn, Arnie Adams, Larry Lowe, Hank Leach, Ray Smith. Raynor Nelson, David Bouque, Diane Schimtt, Mavis Steinmayer. Leilana Ackman, Elmer Rullman, Ruth Genz, Ruth Lloyd, Pat Karsten. Sharon Reilly, Fred Ufland. Page 82 wx . f t .wr Q N s-3 K , - ANNA KS' Si 1' 7 0? - L t-rf, X -,wg . f Ax F' I j R A R X K H- ' , 1 Q ix ,MA ':f' ' ' A fi f X ' ki k . ' x Q. ,S J Z - -V' mx? 0 " -, K ' H . v 1 x , Q S S w s. Q R., g S Q . QS W. .. is v .1 C s . .Ag H N X . A x wif? A 1 X f N Q ki Wiz-Q-QQ A X R M X . 5 . x- ' NHS wg M' 4 . kb f ix f ix Q X Q is X " ii, K X XM X 5 x sg, P . . .Q N - X I -.sw - .1 Q r - I - if . 'N 1 L: X V. if Tkfei. 'W' 5 5 f ' MT ' 151952: ..,-xiii NX Q 2 :E -Q l 57 J, A - fi H i , X 1 sw Q L , F Q .. L -V , :,, i s M . ' N ' iv ' 4+ '-X-wt-I-' ' sig- .33 A ' A Q W., SS X, . 'FEW Wd. . ' Q 35-5. ,4 fx? Q . X L' 53 YY 'As H "' E ' S 'W Q Xi W, 3 iw ' 4. Y A... 5 x f- E xx Q v . Q X 1 X ,mfg - -.fun x 2 S3 , X 1, 1 K+ X Q 1 gf, , f az f 5' ' x Q 2 5 'ww 2 fs f 3 ' 4 , .. 12 . W x .. .max -X x X N Y A i , ' U W' ix 4-:X 's 'P gin: . 7 HJ" C Oll'5 IOBI' Ol'l'l'lal'lC25 SENIOR A CAPPELLA The Senior A Cappella choir has approximately eighty select members who are under the direction of E. Arthur Hill. The choir is composed of the most talented voices in Elgin High School. The choir participates in many high school and local activities. A few of their activities this year include the annual Operatic Nights performance, the Messiah, the Christmas Assembly, the Fox Valley Music Festival, and Bac- calaureate. The choir made a trip to Champaign where they presented a pro- gram at the University of Illinois and performed on a television program. are AQAQ IQOAAAMJ Senior A Cappella Choir Members Front row: Ruth Ann Rakow, Nancy Kadow, Ginger Leonard, Eva Iakobsson. Sandy Reichel, Iudy Hall, Iudy Vanderford, Molly Cook. Betty Hill, Lynda Cartwright, Ann Hill, Eileen Albright, Saundra Fabrick, Suzanne Duval, Ellie Steffen, Carolyn Kellenberger, Iudy Frame, Shirley Kenyon, Peggy Manuel Second row: Caroline Nemitz, Roberta Liden, Lois Gerberding, lane Hurd, Ioyce Applehoff. Iudy Wright, Mary Collins. Carol Schubert, Germaine Treadwell, Bunny Ryerson, lanice Crain, Carol Stevens. Pat Karsten, Iacqui Greenawalt, Ioan Richards, Susan Kraebber, Carol Renwick, Ann Kielsmier Third row: Dick Dahn, Lester Bimke, Gary Houdek, Ierry Mitter, Mike Rehberg, Eugene Walcott, John Ryerson, Ierry McGraw, Larry Kagel, Mike Gallagher. Kay Rasmussen, Gerry Willey, leff Schiffmayer, Cliff Papacek, Charles Carlson, Tinker Stewart. Prisilla Wallace, Iudy LeLievre. Fourth row: Keith Carlson, Gary Kane, lim Stark, Ieff Rinert. Gary Ripley, Roger Parsons. Arnie Remsaly. Denny McDonald, Bill Rubenstein. Rich Caul, Kirby Thomas. Chuck Akemann, George Palmer. Doug Kranwinkle, Ted Dau. Aeolian Choir First row: Kathleen Sipple, Barbara Fischer, Alice Darnell, Kathryn Moody, Nancy Berna, Sylvia Fry, Iurgens, Mary Sternberg, Ruth Ann Labben, Carol Wilkins. Phyllis Berry, Pat Morton, Sandy Thies, Marion Gruber Second row: Sandy Browne. Gay Hamlin, Bonnie Ernest, Carol Tweed. Dorothy Greve, Karen Gustafson Rice, Carolyn Liepitz, Nancy lVlcKelvey, Sue Hamilton, Iudv Wright, Indy Archer, Barbara lordon, Reilly, Beverly Riley, Gloria Farr, Robin Gutshell, Donna Broecker, Alberta Green Third row: Linda Leiseberg, Kay Kellermann, Sally Iurs, Dorothy Green. Iune Fraser. Linda Divan, Sylvia Nancy Kraebber. Mary Io Pease, Ianet Bonkoski. Luanne Cevela. Linda Farroh, Mary Feuerhaken. Ginn Ioy Grossnickle, Bea Henning. Barbara Brackett, Letty Lamp, Iudy Kolling, Linda Cooper, Darlene Petersdorf, Barbara May Sandy Iohnston. Diane Pat Cook, Pat French, , Iocelyn Aikin, Nancy Iackie Sutton. Sharon Stevens, Barbara Baker, y Phillips, Carol Plagge. gkoraf gl'0l,Ll0.'i AEOLIAN CHOIR The Aeolian Choir is composed of sophomore girls under the direction of Miss Emily Martin. The choir is divided into two groups that meet alternately during the sixth period. This year for the first time the choir participated in the Messiah and gave a special evening Christmas program with the Iunior A Cappella Choir. IUNIOR A CAPPELLA The Iunior A Cappella choir is an enthusiastic group which is under the direction of Miss Emily Martin. This year the choir pre- sented an assembly program at Abbott Iunior High School. At Christ- mas time they joined the Senior A Cappella and Aeolion Choirs in presenting the Messiah. They also presented an evening Christmas program with the Aeolian Choir. The choir joined the Senior A Cap- pella to sing in the Fox Valley Festival. Page 86 2 Fourth row: Dorothy Wendler, Irina Goroschkin, Annetta Howerton. Carol Fellows. Lynne Turner. Iulie Tarnawski, Hilda Von Holwede, Iudy Genz, Barbara Kroy, Bobbye Martin, Rosalie Tucker, Pat Renouf, IoAnne Lamp, Phyllis Tarnow, Delores Palochke, Sandy Nagel, Shirley Hieber, Ieannie Duer, Iudy Doss, Barbara Konitzski, Valerie Pilcher, Kathleen Owen, Ruth Higgins, Barbara Mengler Fifth row: Peggy Logan. Mary Ellen lens, Sandy Warriner, Marjorie Thompson, Indy McGraw, Mary Cook, Sandy Sabin, Donna Duensinger, IoAnn Graff, Laurie Costa Rica, Sandra Zoellick, Ioyce Smith. Arlene Broaclnax, Anabel Lewis, Sally Schramm, Iackie Moore, Carla Troyke, Ianice Turner, Wilma Peterson, Diane Kacehelmus. :Sc oo wifA :Singing Iunior A Cappella First row: Mary Lee Lohbauer, Sally Sinko. Iudy Kotchuck, Sally Reynolds, Marilyn Elliott, Nona Rushing, Gary Hirschberg, Iohn geliellt, Ierry Werrbach, Philip Dierschow, Pat LeVine, Ellen Broski, Carol Kisselberg, Ianis Iacobs, Mary Rippberger, ai owry Row two: Meridith Watts, Ianice Blaha, Barbara Nelson. Nonnee Iscaro, Dorothy Long, Yvonne Vogelmann, Donna Bawn, Ioyce Willis, Lucille Freise, Gordon Burkart, Dave Hopp, lack Deutermann, Nancy Wagner, Iudy Lasernan, Linda Peterson, Barbara Auble, Bonnie Auble, Lois Dye. Row three: Mary Kay Howard, Iudy Chatterton, Marilyn Whitcomb, Sue Renwick, Sandy Ackmann, Karen Hopp, Mary Sue Sommer, Gordon Humbracht, Herman Braun, Dave Holland, Charles Hesse, Warren Unruh, Bob Fleury, Ed Kadlec, Ruth Hartman, Diana King, Suzanne Preiss, Rosemary Kaptain, Gloria Kelem. Row four: Mary Ellen Cowan, Hedy Anderson, IoAnn Zweifel, Walter Liepitz, Don Porter. Greg Goodsell, Ray Iohnson. Tom Thrun, Dwayne Tison, Dick Woolcott, Bill Sponholtz, Fred Vollman, Ierry Brierly, Marcia Keller, Doreen Anderson, Sandy Orban, Shirley Ewing, Mary Lindoerfer. V X A V. S VN L :Kg 5, .K Q 3 .x -W I SSXSQ X X X 'Q Q ii 4 , f i -N A ' .fi x ff? . K 5 ' 51 - X ii . N H A ' 1 X K. s 'R X. .3 N ' K T six? Q1 We-f wisi x - ' f Y V -- . . . K..,,::, 513 FQ- , 1- x f 25- xx X i. ' QA 1,5 S . x xx x? Nw: 1, Q fEKxn5K.f? 5+ .f say- K A .- K .L as ., fl A X 1 A W N k ' ' Q' ,KX KJ sxzgfwi 5 Msgszf. f .ww X Q- V 35 v ' '- 'KX S S X Ag 2S?2S31fii:T We 1 ' ' R ' 'ff' MWF? s ' f Q if .LK KK K ' ,x v Ng, ' x .sQQ3,xlASS'Q xifRifQff:sLifsaw,x:1.A. XK K' N-fl NN q,xK3iN5,K,x .K . . 8:55. .. K , WK .xp,N?w . fyw - .Q Ax my 3 S X 1 x . H f K, . 1 fx fa if Qrfifiiij x 1 fs - W Q ., F 521 ' 's S g if wash--s - K .v -X A- X sig: ,X Mf- Q xii ax Q Kxgts . Q S sg X V X x xx X qf.,X .fxwxwxm B --W-W 1 QS wmv his ' 9' e ffl- L Rex S: X wb x X Q5 N i 1 K N X .mr .N X1 1 fs ' W ' si' .SQ 'ff E . I X . EE? mi' N QISENX . WN S . X Q EY 4 Xs gwsg X Sw XX: M K f S Qi., X -. X x S li ecor ing fAe gear-is euenfd THE MAROON STAFF This year the Maroon staff have combined their efforts to give you, the student body, an original and interesting yearbook. At the begin! ning of the year we planned the ideas and theme for the book. New artistic designs and layouts were drawn up by the art staff. The information for the book was compiled and we set to work. The photographers busily snapped pictures to portray the activities of Elgin High School. The staff began to write and rewrite the copy to be printed on the pages of the 1957 yearbook. In March we saw many of our ideas ac- tually pictured on the printed pages. Then came the days of proof reading to make sure that our book was accurate. Now we have completed our book, and we are presenting it to you for the final judgment. We hope you like it. Upper left: Molly Cook. editor-in-chief, and Reid Tonkens, business manager, study appropriate pictures. Middle left: Iudy Iohnson types while Mary Ellen Cowan and Bob Cantrell select pictures for this year's book. Lower left: Art editors George Foelschow and IoAnn Rifken plan layouts. Lower right: Bill Martin looks over pictures for the sports section, while Bill Fishburn and Iim Lamp study sales receipts. Page 90 je I"l'0l' OCUJQ5 ficdoof elfeflfii Upper left: lerry Scroggin: Miss Burns, ad- viser: Pat Wright, editor: Ianet Miller: Iackie Rockwell: and Sharlene Smith make plans for the next issue of the Mirror. Upper right: Members of the staff type articles for publication. Lower left: Audrey Greve, Martha Molitor, Pat Curtis, Frank Henkemeyer. Ioan Lamp, Ion Christenson, Sharyn Iohnson, and Marge Daneau work with enthusiasm to produce a good paper. THE MIRROR STAFF The Mirror Staff searches for EHS news and unusual feature articles for our bi-weekly high school newspaper. The staff produces a paper of the highest caliber. It presents sports news, current events, and opinions of the student body. Miss Burns is the Mirror sponsor. The paper is self-supported and is partially financed by the local businessmen of Elgin. Page 91 Ute dfmfmf ADJ, iaLe4 Student Council is a very active and progres- sive organization at Elgin High. The council is responsible for many activities which are sponsored at E.H.S. This year the foreign exchange student program was very successful: this is the biggest project of the year for the council. The council again sponsored a musical production Without You, which the student body planned. produced, and played. Under the capable leadership of lack Sunder- lage, assisted by the rest of the officers, Mary Gromer, Mary Collins, and Bob Cantrell, the council was able to promote good feelings between the stu- dent body and faculty. The prime object of the coun- cil is to maintain the high standards which Elgin High School is known for. Student Council Ofiicers Mary Collins, secretary lack Sunderlage. president Mary Gromer, treasurer Bob Cantrell, vice-president Research and Publicity Commission Seated: Barb Auble, Bob Cutler, Fritz Liepitz. Martha Hammond Elmer Rullman, Marcia Green, Mike Gallagher Standing: Edith lahn. Charles Stewart, Carl Zocholl, Ellen Hagelow pdf! in g,0Uel'I'lil'lg OUJ' dcdoof Research and Publicity Commission Seated: Iohn Bunge, Cindy Waterman, Barbara Fox, Lynn Hampel, Bob Cantrell, Sue Kraebber Standing: Mike Hennessey, Linda Miller, Larry Michelson, Myrna O'Brien, Rita Vollman, lim Shales Page 92 gk QQ xxi S . . X an N QS: X . . .T xfk. ,E 3 W Q4'NffXXWw?XwfKvX--X 1-wi.-. . Q . is 5 V X K X x ws' .g h kb 3255 . fgkgzgg-1: H N. K .. :W .rw Q X -- . 1 -.k Q-cm Q... x ' W X 'Q -NS wx w X 5492 N ' w' I 3 QNX? .X X Q E F .tki5SSE+"q- 'P 52,5 S A Wwwxk Q ve- Saw O s Y tg? -if Q wx. .. gf.. q. .iq 1. Qxiwib wfigqi . A .. Q S wx -Nur Tir. xq ,:: vez. ..x. . .. N Wf' XW2.fmfs.11fts ima 1, A X . " . . . 1 My N X . X 2:13 X- Jai.. ww .4 . F X W A s ws. 1 m 5- XR.. X. X SCX Q E. in 5 ig? - ur councif dozferi our laroddmd Social Commission Seated: Martha Molitor. lane Valentine, George Palmer, Chuck Burnidge Standing: Marcia Lind, Eva Iakobsson, Ben Roycr. Roberta Liden. Charlyn Elliott Service Commission Indy Iohnston, lim Behrens. Luanne Cevela, Glen Koehler, Sue Seiler, Sally Reynolds, Ierry Rohrssen, Louise Stewart, Carol Rediger, Carolyn Kellenberger, David Covey, Carolyn Peirce The Council is divided into five commissions. Each one has a certain purpose in the whole organization. - Research and Publicity commission is responsible for bulletin boards and research on different projects. Social Commission is responsible for the council float for Homecoming and the dances which are held at school. The Service Commission's biggest project is the directories which are made each year. Building and Grounds Commissions sponsor clean-up days in which the council members clean up the grounds. Program Commission is responsible for the assemblies which are given during the year by the council. Page 94 jdroug our acfiuifieri French Club Olliccrs German Club Officers Molly Cook, president: Diane Iurgens. treasurer: Dick Vaughan, Edith Iahn, Susan Dodd. secretary: Mary Grover, vice-president Mary Lindoerfer, Nancy Vollman Latin Club Ollicers Spanish Club Ollicers Sanford Anderson. Mary Sternberg. Sharon Hayward. Charlyn Elliott, Milo Nadler, Linda Farroh Suzanne Warner, Bunny Ryerson Red Cross Council Chess and Checkers Club Shelby Ewert. Susan Dodd, Hildegard Fiedler. Ann Glashagel, Frank Henkemeyer, Terry O'Farrell, Lester Munson Carol Tweed, Carolyn Kellenberger, Suzanne Duval. Robert Kruckeberg, Larry Luellen, Pete Neal Page 95 MA Laid! our AQCJQFJAQH adigfy Cafeteria Kitchen Helpers Chem-Phys Club Fred Raddatz, David Sutton. Charles Peabody, Kathy Clark, Sandra Culverson, Phoebe Burt. Iudy Burt, Reid Tonkens, Norman Reed, Evelyn Yanke, Bob Gathman Gordon Rutzen, Roger Baumgartner Future Homemakers Projection Club Denova Cairel, president: Ianice Crain, vice-president: Alicia Seated: Larry Behm, Keith Follman, Cecil Holtz, Thom Crane, Harkins, secretary: Dawn Hess. treasurer: Karen Hopp, Degrees Dick Erickson, Dave Bouque Chairman, Mary Smith, Historian: Gay Snyder: Pamela Blake: Standing: Gary Puflpaif. Ronald Strachany, Warren Danielson, Sharon Anderson Merlin Strahl, Iohn Bunge Future Nurses Seated: Pat Zirk, Sandy Humbracht, Sharon Tucker. Pat Skinner. Mary Ann Smith, Audrey Greve Second row: Mrs. Hallet lR.N.D. Mary Sorenson. Jackie Moore, Ioan Lamp. Sharyn Iohnson, Ann Kielsmier, president, ludy Genz, Ruth Ann Lobben. Ianet Bonkoski. Carla Troyke, Becky Bohlin, Sylvia Stevens. Barb Baker. Iudy LeLievre, Phyllis Van Buren, Sandy Hankins. Char Elliott, Clara Mauck. Ruth Sweet, Ieanne Stark, Sonya Steen. Carol Tweed, Sandy Orban. Karen Plagge, Bonnie Vtfalker Page 96 .gzarlaening our imaginafion Forensics Speaking: Darlene Gcrshick Seated, clockwise: lim Gordon. Kay Baker, Ann Glashagel. Deanna Rogers, Larry Rich, Mr. Schulte. Edwin Hocfer, Donna Green, Dave Langum, Milo Nacller. Denis Adam, Iucly Kolhagcn Forensics Front: Darlene Gershick Back: Denis Adam. lim Gordon. Donna Green, Milo Nadlcr. Dave Langum. Deanna Rogers. Kay Baker. Larry Rich, Indy Kolhagen. Ann Glashagel, Edwin Hoefer Fixture Teachers of America Seated: Miss Siren, Virginia Hileman, lane Hurd, Nancy Werrbach Standing: Gay Ann Winbigler, Mary Ellen Cowan, Carolyn Liepitz, lanfce Fritz, Pat Lake, Deanna Danner. Kathy Clark, Iody Sternberg, Rarlwara Hollister, Ieannc Stark. Ruth Sweet Library Assistants Miss Hoaglund, Pat Morton. Ioyce Darr Pat Cook, Deanna Larson, Mary Ann Smith, Ruth Higgins. Iucly Cherco, Edna Hulsberg Page 97 G.A.A. Ofliccrs Seated: Mary Gromer, lane Valentine, Susan Dodd, Hilda Von Holwede, Judy LeLievre Standing: Butch Wagner, Susie Kirkpatrick, Cindy Waterman. Molly Cook. Suc Kraebber e enfer larojecfd wifA enfAu6iaf5m E-Club First row: Ray Vellinga. Dale Iohnson. Phil Wexicek, Duane Clute. Millard Dunton, Aarne Reinsalu, Owen Wright, Bob McGarry. Dick Vaughan, Gene Stuart, Bruce Hudgens, Jerry Scroggins. Clark Lund, Dave Starr Second row: Gary Puffpatf, Willy Spates. Rick Reed. Terry McDonald. Dale Thomas. Kirby Thomas, Ieff Reinert, Tom Iohnson, Iohn Emrich. Toby Hines. Frank Seiroslawski. Ronald Hoppe, Don Iohnston, Mick Musikich, Rick Iohnson, Dave Volmer Third row: Iim DeMien, Bob Cutler, Larry Michelson, Iohn Lawrence. Dave Groeniger, Ben Royer Dick Pfister, Gerry Bonkoske, Iim Humphrey, Keith Carlson, Doug Kranwinkle, Bruce Blosat, Ted Tammearu. lim Behrens. Lane Hoffman, Neil Grossnicl-cel, Bob Cantrell, Dick Genz, lack Sunderlagc, Tom Thies, Fred Rhoades, Dave VVickland E.H.S. Pep Club gy lddffierf ana! Ufanced Girls' Club Cabinet Seated: Sarah Pierson, Nancy Wagner. Lois Dye, Roberta Liden Standing: Ioan Richards, Kay Underwager. Ellie Steffen, Mary Withers. Sue Renwick. Nancy Baumgartner. Luann Cevela, Butch VVagner Future Farmers of America Seated: Iohn Kagel, Bill Eggert Standing: Bruce Burnidge. Ken Hahn, Wilfred Follman, Lloyd Erboe. Gary Butz, Floyd Parker Club 88.1 Seated: Vicky Bigqers, Marcia Lind, lim Crowfoot, Mary Gromer. Ioan Morley. Iudy Lamphere Standing: Bill Lewis. Gordon Bazali, Larry Heath, Roger Stettner, Ken Bourke, Tom Knecht, Charles Stewart, Bill Lee, Lou Zimmerman. Sanford Anderson. Dick Partridge Dramatics Club Seated: Connie Wiese, Letty Lamp, Pat Morton, Alice Darnell, Barbara Fox, Barbara Brackett. Iulie Tarnawski, Iudy Lamphere Standing along side: Ellen Hagelow, Virginia Phillips, Carla Troyhe. Nancy Rust Sitting: Gail lden, lulie Levernz. Barb Baker, Indy Kohlhagen, Bonnie Ernst, Barb Fischer. Hilari Hodgson. Nancy Rice, Linda Farroh, Carolyn Liepitz, Diane Iurgens. Marcia Lind, Sheila Frederickson, Gay Hamlin, Karen Allen, Karen Garrison, Mike Hayward, Lynne Biakesley. Tom Knecht Standing along side: Dee-linn Stambazze. Iocelyn Aiken Sue Seiler Page 99 W www xxx Swim 5 NSN XTSFM is lNUIAN 4-Hamm nepams 'N s Q53 gg: .M i Ri ., , XQNQQ fiiww Tiilii x ' x XX X XFN" ' Q5 K X Q f "" ' ,SXSW M .QP N , M.,-ysvsmsz XR, Q, :R . X f- f x A M N 'N x A Rial- E. wa f f X 'K - xg il 5 5. 1 X ' ,af . v,. xsmmww .R , M xv,: SW-1 xx "Pi wkx 5 k K Sm e . . L- Siw 3355 .Uv X 3-'R x -It OGC Xi if ' 5 X 5 A . . K 'Nw K V . B , is .. is . QQ - ' S NX wi-1151 fm , S My " .lzgsg kk . y X 4 i X - ' X X L F -- -X 'k k 1 " Jfsififi A ' gif ,W g fx K5 A as f v i v. . 5 i xg 3 Xg x X? S 'fx Q, f x x 1 F1-FW . : Q-ww ? 3 Q mf. : 2, 'Ni X- ., W X 3 x X fx 5 SE X X - AMX :za - K V Q,-5 limi, . X, wi 15 5' X if N - f' ix 3 sg VL.. Qi 5 f X 5 5 X N. Q xx XXX xgg ii 'S Q2 W ., Yr ' .11 2 sg? . N, .fgcfiuifieri are caugAf Lg fke camera Future Farmers Iudging Committee meet with Mr. Raplus. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Brandes welcome Mr. Alexander as high school principal. I The Red Cross plans a fund-raising dance for after a football game. College Day proves successful. Page 101 The Indian Dancers present their annual assembly. L l I Homecoming assembly participants gather in a pow-wow The Indian Dancers perform for a Red Cross state hospital trip EHS presents an introduction assembly we :Sla0f6gAf dlzined on our acfiuifiefi G.A.A. and E Club prepare for the "Fall Fantasy" The prom planning committee underway for "Carousel Girls' Club welcomes the sophomore girls to EHS Page 102 I"0gl'6ll'l'Ld an 6l652l'YlLA185 OUP CGAHJGF Recognition i s given on Awards Day. Modern dancers prepare for Operatic Nights. Speech class presents the Armistice Day assembly. Page 103 Student Council members carry off the injured in the courtesy assembly. The Maroon assembly is dramatized by the dramatics classes. W Sporfa X X 1 'iiifki ' y ' FF? f N ' NN ,2ss:.::X-X.. A if XX X ,X f XA: xx V Xg l X XXX- A ,X X -X-X. ks: 'K A X Xx FK was X-Q - 5 ilsXS33fQ 41 yy, ' xi Q X -:I 2 S 'MX A Jfgx, ,, 1 Q , 4- , X 2, 2 wr ' X5 5 - 311 'Jw , Tm Q 1 '. H I Q1 ,1 -',, ' V K ' It 4 .Li ,, ' ""'3"'-Q Si' xl Xwx We fl' f"x ww 'QS fm -in 'MS N x K Xw NX 5:- . fx -X- xs. Q- -X SX '1 2 aw S3 1 as MX ff 3' X XX K X - x v X i xX LP X X Y f 12 xx T STZXKS w-xf' X3 X X NXXK ' -.X X NN .X - V H 'W 5 :X Q K ' X M X X. ff A 1 --l -1: ex me--X1 X .XX :XX XX .X S? . X XS XXXQXXSX Q., K 355, ii, K X .X X A XX Q 0 -- xx X . X X X X S X f 1 X X v-.ex-,,fgX.gjgi X- XG 5 if -X 1'fsgx.Qf.f-X is - - x I 5 - - X bl. - - iT5Xg"5X Xflilxxksslffk Q X f - . X - A . X XXL 5 XX .Q X A KX X X - 1 X L X X + Q X X-X 1XfggX:g XX--KXQX-:ix - X9 k x X, X ' W- X - X M X, - - . xxx X 5, XX XX,. Ng,XXRfg QNX-Xgqfggvgx, ,XKUA X X XX X X X XX. X gf X fix vw Don Porter Ben Royer Keith Carlson Willie Spates Iim Payne Dave In-nsen lim Humphrey Roy Rasmussen Ernie Ackemann Dick Becker Gary Kane Ron Spinker lim Behrens Dave Sinnett lim Stark Lower left: Kane executes kick-off return perfectly. Page IOT amifg amiga! VARSITY FOOTBALL A seventeen game winning streak . . . an 8-1-0 season mark . . . second place in the Big Eight Conference standings . . . these are records in which the members of the Elgin High School Varsity Football Team can take justifiable pride. Springing the "belly series" for the first time in our first two games, non-con- ference affairs with York and Thornton, we rolled to over- whelming victories. Fresh from our non-conference successes we roared into Big Eight Conference play, downing five straight opponents in preparation for our climactic showdown battle with East Aurora. In one of the most exciting gridiron battles ever staged between Elgin and East Aurora, East managed to eke out a 23-13 victory to end our seventeen game winning skien and cop the Big Eight Crown. ln our final game the boys came back to crush the West Rockford Warriors in one of the most devas- tating offensive displays ever seen at Maroon Field. Although we failed to win the conference title, Willie Spates, scoring 30 points in the finale, copped conference scoring honors. Individual bril- liance was a trademark of the varsity eleven as demonstrated by five of our players appearing on the all-conference team and Gary Kane being named on various All-State Teams. Scores Elgin ............ 45 York .,...... ...... Elgin ............ 20 Thornton ....... ...... Elgin ..........., 44 Freeport ............ ...... Elgin ............ 14 East Rockford ........... Elgin .,,,..c..... 26 West Aurora .........,.., Elgin ............ 53 Ioliet ................., ...... Elgin ..........., 37 La Salle Peru ........... Elgin ,........,.. 13 East Aurora ......,.....,.. Elgin ....,.... 54 West Rockford ......,.. Page 108 .5210 0l'l'l0l'2 Sophomore Football First row: Ed Kadlec, Bill Stillwell. Ioe Poziemski, Ierry Brierly, Bill Trumbo, lim Anderson. fgrg Hirshberg, Hank Leach, Dave Covey, Dwayne Tison, Mike Hayward, Pat Walker. e owell Second row: Bill Blum. Fred Arnold, lay Graening, Ion Van Wambeke. Lester Behnke. Dick Kosterman, Irwin Iohnson, Ierry Mitter. Ramon Burch, Iohn Ryerson. Gordon Bazali, Bob Chamberlain. Iohn Osmun, Ierry Moas, Barry Vecchio Third row: Coach Cheshrough. Assistant Coach lim Kuntzmiller, Keith Miller, Wesley Hunborg, Mike Ludwig. Bill Griffin, Larry Bachus, Charlie Ackmann, Ioel Creel, Norman Dillow. Frank Rosborough. Terry Smiricky, David Muntz. Coach Quillman SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Opening the season by mauling York and coming from behind to defeat Thornton, the Sophomore Football Team then swept past two conference opponents before falling before East Rockford. A hot and cold team there- after. the boys compiled an overall season mark of 6-3-0. Lower left: Payne skirts end --f first and ten. Lower right: Sophs jubilant over victory. Right center: Tuck that ball in, Willie! Elgin 32 West Rockford ' Elgin 12 East Aurora Elgin 38 Ioliet Elgin 0 West Aurora 1 Elgin 13 East Rockford W Elgin 14 Freeport Elgin l-4 La Salle Peru Elgin 26 Thornton Elgin 33 York Page 109 rx- W QNX XQ- 1-e 5 , xx 1 Y Q 'Q xx Q 'iiii N ' ini? E X NY it Q : -:Q K .L SMS-1 , y is X N gf 5 x x Q s fi- Q ,HQ , M .A kj .,., ,R N 5 X J Q. ' Q sk Lm L' 5 li: Q xg gg w k, , H R - - gl K f X .1 ivy, 55 " f D M i Q1 X Av ix X X . Q , X x N S 5 if Num. . 1 NK fr fa YQQ 'vb wg Q : tg it 'K 'X Q if f , X 1 ' I 1, X 4, is " R xg 9515 ' Q Q Hs 1 Q :gm . Q 5 ww' if . 5:-g i. ' . L M - X wiv ' gi-fl x A se! " L UN- N QSM Q X 5opAom0reA g,a,U'le6! SCPHOMORE BASKETBALL The Elgin High School sophomore basketball team opened the season by dropping its first few ball games because of inexperience and lack of team familiarity. By the time Big Eight Conference action had started. the team had rounded into a coherent unit. The boys combined a tight defense and clutch scoring to ride to the top of the conference standings in the first few weeks of the campaign. A midseason slump hit the team and caused them to finish well down in the con- ference race. In the Belvidere Tournament the sophomore quintet came back strong to defeat three powerful opponents and lose to a tall, talented West Rockford team in the cham- pionship game. All in all, it was a successful season giving the sophomores, who showed great promise for the future, much valuable experience. Upper right, Front row: Tammearu hauls in a crucial rebound. The Sophomore Squad Row one: Sherwood Brinkley, Hank Leach, Ioe Poziemski, lay Graening, Ierry Bizzak. Larry Powers, Ion Van Wambeke Row two: Dave Trumbo, Carl Zocholl. Rick Caul, Ierry Rohrssen, Bill Kappler, Bob Chamberlain, Chuck Akemann Row three: Coach Emery Ebbert, Manager Don Edwards, Gordon Bazsali, Fred Arnold, Frank Rosborough, Bill Griffin, Iohn Bunge, Brian Enos, 2Xl0el"lel'lC0 Larry Backus, Larry Anderson, Manager Barry Vecchio Q: M Q E f 3 . XS Q Q aww? -s f Xwb ?Qw fi Lg- - fan.. S :gl Q 5 N Sq 5 33 'ilu Q 9 Q 6 Q X 3 x X Q x S X XS i s X M X Sv xg wx k A X ... 'Wm W Q' K -'W itvss: fm 1 0641 ,Sf WSG.. 'Q s , ,1 X QR 'ii X .. 5 xii . dig L . , ' -H si - ' Z Q f 5 K -X xg. X Q T 251 i w - W 5 X5 -W X -Q . 1 fl:- 'S 5:53 . ' .L 7? P. 11 .X NS. i zfff? iff? 3 l4:"?' :-wi? 5 4' K MW X E - - , -+-5-f1:v.,,:: I 2 X x N NN , f 3 N '- 1 X Ni' gig R ik . amifg Laffefgaf Left: Kane leaps to register a bucket Right: Sokody goes underneath for a layup VARSITY BASKETBALL Guided by the inspiring leadership of Coach Chesbrough and displaying outstanding teamwork, the team roared off to a fantastic start. In the first eleven games, the squad won every game by a margin of no less than thirteen points as they averaged well over eighty points a game. The high point of the streak was the sweet revenge victory over West Rockford by a score of 103-79. The boys were momentarily halted in the "deep freeze" game at East Rockford but managed to eke out a 16-15 win. The rest of the regular schedule was completed in record fashion, bringing with it the championship of our own Holiday Tournament, the Big Eight title, and Elgin High School's first unbeaten regular basketball season. The red-hot Maroons roared through the Regional averaging ninety-three points per game and limiting three oppo- nents to only fifty-three points per game. After out-maneuvering DeKalb in Page 113 amify Larfefgaf another attempted "deep freeze" in the opening round of the Sectional, the EHS quintet bowled over West Aurora in the finals to get a crack at Bloom in the Super-Sectional at Hinsdale. Trailing most of the way, the boys Hnally rallied to win on Gary Kane's clutchlbasket on the final minute and continue on the march Udownstatef' In the first game at Champaign against a hot-shooting, smooth-working ball club from Herrin, the Maroons dropped a see-saw tilt 66-60 to the eventual lllinois state champs: and thus completed Elgin High School's most successful basketball season in history. Although teamwork was probably the key to Elgin's success. individual brilliance shown brightly on the team. Chuck Brandt broke most of the existing Big Eight records and became not only an all-stater. but also Elgin's Hrst All-American High School basketball player. Dick Becker and Gary Kane also made various all-area and all-state teams. Gary also had the added honor of being selected for the all- tournament squad in recognition of his clutch performances. Left: Kane exhibits perfect form on a lump shot - Right: Brandt fakes smoothly and lays it up r Page 11-1 WM Jfrugg e or vicforg Wrestling Front row: Don Kramer, Bob McGarry, Gene Puffpatf. Duane Clute. Coach Al Scharf. Larry Rich, Dale Iohnson, George Ensign, Larry Holmfeldt, Keith Follman Second Row: George Harms. Steve Soper. Tom Iohnson, Don Kane, Gary Caul, Russ Shinnall, Iohn Bolz. lim Tilley. Pete Neal, Gary Puffpaff, Charlie Althen, Leo Manolis, Greg Aeschlimann, lack Sunderlage, Keith Carlson, Tom Thies, Kirby Thomas, lim Berna, Willie Spares, Elmer Rullman. Herman Braun Middle left: Willie Spates pins another opponent. Middle right: E.H.S. wrestling team captures second in the sectional., Bottom left: Dale Iohnson in trouble. WRESTLING The Elgin wrestling team had a very successful season. The team won ten and lost four in dual competition. The team also Won the Big Eight conference meet, the first time an Elgin team has done this. The team, coached by Al Scharf, also placed second in the sectional held at Arlington Heights. Five boys qualified for the state meet. Willy Spates, placed third in the state 165 lb. bracket. 4 Page 115 WMM dldfillg comefi Lafieda! Varsity Baseball Team Front row: Left to right, Ierry Boundy lmgnl. lack Matison, Dave Groeninger. Fred Prigge, Bob Pawlak. Dick Ciaccio. Wally Hirshberg, LaVerne Olson. lim Behrens Back row: Assistant coach Harlan Clausen, Tom Grant, Andy Schaus, Fred Rhoades, Dick Cremeens, Gary Lange. Chuck Brandt. Ron Buhmann. Ierry Bonkoske, Eddie Stewart lmgr.l, Head coach Al Scharf Bottom: Wally Hirshberg, Coach Scharf. lim Behrens, and Ron Buhman discuss the coming campaign. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Elgin's varsity nine opened the season by suffering three straight losses but roared back strong to cop seven consecutive victories. A late season slump caused our boys to close out the regular season with three losses in a row for an overall record of seven wins and six losses. ln the district tournament, Elgin broke even, defeating Wheaton, 2-l, and losing a tough decision to Glenbard, 8-7. Page 116 .gnframura comlaefifion Au' a Page 117 GOLF Golf Team Rayner Nelson. Bob Leith. Bob Smith Coach Gus Stewart, Tom Leith, Lane Hoffman, Bill Parlasca, Ben Rocha The Elgin High School golf team, led by Tom Leith's 82.1 average, compiled a fine 905 record while taking 4th place in the District meet and 7th in the Big "8" Confer- ence meet. Tom Leith was the only member of the team to qualify for the State Tournament. Intramural Winners Darryl Carlson, Deane Dorman, Iohn Adams Winners of the Football Test Tom Wright. George Harms, Ieffrey Darnell, Iohn Smith, Bill Minehart, Steve Shaw jAincfacL5 Cbrfpfdy agigfy VARSITY TRACK The varsity track team of Elgin High School experienced one of its most successful campaigns in recent years. Well-balanced in both track and Held manpower, the varsity thinclads rolled to victory in a majority of their dual meets and placed well in triangulars and other meets. Three boys--Ierry Huclgens, Glen Huber. and Ken Brown-qualified for the state meet. Ken Brown, our brilliant miler. placed fourth in his specialty. SOPHOMORE TRACK Elgin High School's sophomore track squad enjoyed a successful spring season while gaining valuable experience for varsity competition. ln the Blackhawk Relays, Ernie Akemann set a record for the shotput in winning both the shotput and discus events. Varsity Track Team-Middle First row, left to right: Gilbert Nore imgrj. Iohu Stanford, Ken Kuehner. Duane Gilbertson, Eugene Wittenstrom, Ierry Hudgens iCapt.J. Glen Huber, Iohn Likhite. Bill Shirley, Frank Lazzara, Iim Christ, Evert Frey. and Charles lsibue. Middle row: Leo Manolis, Chuck Schroder. Doug Wallace, Ierry Nash, Lee Swanson. Ierry Seagren, Bob Small, lim Morton. Ioe Cluchey, Bob McCurdy. lim Warner. and Iohn Reynolds. Back row: Assistant coach Emery Ebbert. Gary Flora lmgnl, lim Payne, Neil Grossnickle, Ken Brown. Iim Harvey. Doug Macliinney, Bob Paulsen, Leon Gilles, Ted Tammearu, Chuck Holtz, Dick Willis, George Harms, Fred Lugar, Iim VVallace, Fred Schultz. Assistant coach Bob Duffield and Head Coach Paul Green. Sophomore Track Team First row: lim Berna, Ron Hoppe, Wally' Gray, Bill Fee, Roger Par- sons, Lester Iones, Iohn Argo. Francis Kallina. Dick Robertson. Middle row: Dave Volmer. Iohn Bolz, Bob Swanson, Kirby Thomas. Aarne Reinsalu, Bob McGarry. NVayne Iensen, Bill Luscher, Wes Alkiare. Back row: Coach Ebbert, lim Christle. Tom Thomas, Bob Cantrell, Dave Morely, Bruce Huclgens icaptainl. lack Harms. Mich Musikich. Iim Lamp, Ray Nickle, Coach Duiiielcl. Owen VVright lMgr.l, Coach Green. Lower right: Leon Gilles, star Maroon hurdler. n Oufdfaning gear in :Swimming Larry Michelson Standing: Gilbert Nore, mgr., Harry Brodde, Greg Goodsall, Bill Martin, Larry Michelson. Tom Hettinger, Rick Reed Standing on board: Gary Hirshbcrg Not pictured: Bob Cutler This year's swimming team compiled an impressive record of seven wins and three losses. Coach Von lsserfs team also placed second in a triangular meet, and third in the conference, and ninth in the state. Elgin was led this year by the tremendous swimming of Larry Michelson, who set a new state record in the hundred yard breaststroke in l:0O.2. Elgin ...,..........,. 23 W. Rockford ...... 54 Elgin ..........,...,. 53 Elmwood Park 24 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin ..,....,........ Elgin Leyden ...,............ Waukegan .......... DeKalb ................ Riverside , ......,...... E. Rockford ........ Page 119 Elgin ................ Elgin ................ Elgin ..,,....,..,..,. Elgin ................ Lockport ......... Thornton ......... DeKalb .,.,....... Riverside .....,... s 4 . pg' mm 4 is s? X 'X Ew,3RxS .LL.L. L- ' N: xx 1-' si Rf EQ any wi sf it X 3 , 3 , .V 5 S NW M S N tw ., SSS gg S V Q X S Q Qdf Q55 Six W Q QS -132' Q xi M'si . Q' Nr AX GS 5 il. " S llll 1 I X XX K X X xx X XXXL i is X X X X ,,XX,.X.X.w X 55 K 2 X X E FN .S f V, :gh Z X59 XX -XX. XX E ig. F' Q5 , nf X Q X X- . lm Q if ' XX f X 1' i f H '- KX X L ,K Sag a , iff X9 5 XX XXX FHSX msg -wb 1. lg X -Qskauii:'QZ5EX"-E582-l 5 25511 X X 1 X- Y ,W M If ff ,iv Q ,f : N ,X . X X 9 is 4, XX Q X X Xgexgm X A .X .XX X EN , V g XXYAXXSW X N X ' X u. X- is , ' N .X XX X -f. A 'sl . 'fir QXXXX, kv X54 S' -'T 3 X R X X KX 5 5,- X X X XX XX X N , . ,,,L K, y ,E .XX 5 53 5 F- 5' AQ . - 'W' , ' 'YX X Best Wishes BROTZMAN 81. BIGGERS CHEVROLET SALES ELGIN Congratulations to the Class of 1957 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ELGIN ILLINOIS Member F.D.I.C. ELGIN NATIONAL BANK ELGIN, ILLINOIS Growing With Elgin Since T892 Member F.D.I.C. Compliments of LAMP CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I 'I2 DIVISION STREET Good Luck to the Class of '57 ELGIN SWEEPER CO. SALISBURY'S DESOTO PLYMOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS Smartest of the Smart Cars J' 0' Q, O THFIG ELGIN LINCOLN MERCURY Dundee and North Compliments of FRED R. LAMP HEATING AND SHEET METAL Compliments of THE EVERGREENS 203 NORTH 8TH St. DUNDEE, ILLINOIS 9-'Q' IBB WV This is the 83rd Anniversary Year of your "Good Neighbor and Friendly Servant" THE COURIER-NEWS . . . 83 years of remaining youthful vigorous, and in step with EIgin's progress. Page 122 UNION NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY OF ELGIN The Friendly Bank For Friendly People Member F.D.l.C. ELGIN WATCHES The Beaufiful Way To Tell Time Good Luck fo The Class of '57 DO IT THE AMERICAN WAY SCIENTOLOGY PARAGON THE PROBLEMS OF WORK By L. Ron Hubbard WHOLESALE PLUMBING AND HEATING 51,00 -H80 DUNDEE AVENUE The Technology that gives you the HOW of the human being with the exactness of a blueprmi ELGIN, ILL. Phone SH 'I-4836 .!4lftf0g.l"6ll0 5 Page 123 Ace Store 9 E. Chicago Ackemann's Dept. Store Elgin Aikin Studio 23 Douglas Ave. Ernest W. Ackemann 100 E. Chicago Anderson Flowers 776 Bluff City Blvd. Artistic Carton Co. 66 N. Grove Ave. Barnetts 10 South Grove S. W. Beck Co. 21 Douglas los. F. Berna Transfer 218 Wellington BBK Photo Hobby Shop 159 E. Chicago Dr. E. S. Blair Tower Building Blum's 15 Douglas Brady Ready-Mix Corp. Brenner's - Since 1885 Men's Wear -- 10 Douglas Brethren Publishing House 22 S. State Street California Food Mart 61 S. Grove Carbarey 8 Carbarey 501 Tower Building Chuck Hines Store For Boys 20 Douglas Ave. Community Iewelers 60 S. Grove Mr and Mrs. D. C. Cook III David C. Cook Publishing Company 850 Grove Cooper's Pharmacy 113 Walnut Ave. Daniels and Clark Inc. 221-223 E. Chicago pairona De1's Cycle Shop 266 Dundee Dixie Cream Donut Shop 193 Grove Ave. Doyles Grocery 475 Walnut Ave. Dueringer-Williams Studio 51 Douglas Ave. Economy Oil Co. 151 North Spring Eleanor's Dancing Studio 260 National Street Elgin Area Council Boy Scouts of America 173 East Chicago Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 South Grove Avenue Elgin Coal B Oil Company 24 Kimball Street Elgin Federal Savings and Loan 100 Douglas Elgin Flour 8 Feed Co. Inc. 72 N. Grove Avenue Elgin Linoleum Mart 203 F.. Chicago Street Elgin Lumber 8 Supply Co. 222 Douglas Ave. Elgin Quality Laundry 1273 Dundee Ave. Elgin Softener Corporation 134 N. Grove Elgin Window Cleaning Co. 15 N. Grove Avenue Exclusive Cleaners 1061 N. Liberty St. The Fabric Shop 57 Douglas Ave. Fishburn's Paint 8 Wallpaper Co. 165 E. Highland Fox Electric Supply Co. Elgin, Illinois Iohn A. Fraser 5 Douglas Ave. Freise's Market 4 N. State Page 124 Frey 8 Hanchette Insurance 229 Chicago A Friend A Friend George's Clothes 158 Chicago Street Michael I. Go gin 450 Dundee g Grimes Sunset Super Market 1110 South Street Hammond Organ Studios 115 Highland Herman's Store For Men 11 Grove Illinois Cleaners 674 Dundee Avenue Iacobs jewelers 82 Grove Kewpee's Colonial Drive In 802 Villa Street Kramer 8 Kramer Lawyers 5 Douglas S. S. Kresge Co. 32 Grove Edith Kruger 157 Chicago Lads and Lassies 10 E. Chicago St. H. Lane Studios 168 E. Chicago St. Launderette 1063 N. Liberty St. Lazzara Pizza and Grill 258 National St. Lesco Auto Seat Covers 1050 Dundee Ave. Lloyd Hardware 60 Douglas Avenue Lochner's Pharmacy 1100 South St. Ludwig Milk Company 200 N. Spring St. McBride Pharmacy W. Chicago E1 S. State McCarthy, McCarthy 8 Meyers Elgin Tower Bldg. McQueen, Churchill, Kirkland, 8 Brady 303 Elgin Tower W. R. Meadows, Inc. 18 Kimball Street Milbrandt Drug Stores 101 Douglas, 370 Summit Modern Dairy Company 1002 N. Liberty St. Modern Foods 281 Raymond St. Loyal Order of Moose 70 N. State Sr. Morse Drug Stores 221 National St. Mosiman's 160 E. Chicago St. Muetterties Sunli ht Bake 205 E. Chicago St. O. D. Mulliken, M.D. 112 N. Spring St. Nish Insurance 119 S. Grove Ave. Norris-Reber -Mortuary 266 E. Chicago St. Papes' Barber Shop 256 N. Grove Ave. p6lfI'0l'l:5 Paragon Food Mart 23 . Spring St. Parkview Drugs 326 DuPage Street I. C. Penney Co. 51 S. Grove Ave. H. H. Pillinger, Ir., M.D. 1100 Larkin Ave. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 210 E. Chicago St. Pro Paint Store 436 Dundee Ave. Public Service Company 18 N. Spring St. Edward S. Reque Organization 211 E. Chicago St. Rifken Furs 122 S. Grove Ave. Rodholm-Edward's Iewelers 6 E. Chicago St. Rovelstad Bros. 162 E. Chicago St. Roland D. Russell, M.D. 317 E. Chicago St. Roth Pharmacy 175 E. Chicago St. Ioseph Spiess Company 38-52 S. Grove Ave. Page 125 Strohm Coal Co. 20 N. Grove Ave. Schneider Recreation 113 S. Grove Ave. Earl R. Shopen 704 Elgin..Tower Spalding's 458 Dundee Ave. Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Ave. Stettner Drugs 1100 Larkin Ave. Richard I. Stromberg 117 S. Grove Ave. S. W. Tonkens,..M.D. Wait-Ross-Allanson Funeral Service, Inc. Wentworth's E. Chicago 6 S. Spring Lloyd White 219 E. Chicago St. White's on the Hill 219 E. Chicago St. Yalfe Furriers 59 S. Grove Ave. Younl-Eg Women's Christia 220 . Chicago St. Association 5414 f0gl'aPA5 I .1 y.I,I.w 1 'I n -I .6 Q- . -:a'3EIJ- I- H -"'-III.-'I ' ' of- IIII .III-I -2,5 I- III. I I II - :I .Ig I I I ,,,.-Ighijg II I,-Ir, I-.III II.,-Ip. Z II II i It ""-L' 7 - .v I . ' "Fla ' "' ' ' ,"!' I 'I- I . I'-..N1-' Izf- I, ' I. ' . " ' ,-I '- "I ffbii.. ' I I ' 3: I ' I I ' ,Lf " if I1.g, X. , I 1 . '- ' . .. " QI -.--ww. I1 ' . ' - A--I:'I'-:f:-1-I.-XI-f- - .I-.iz I- " .- IIIIIIIIII . I I. . . 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Q 'T If "4 " I I .-1 Tl I' I A I I. : I7 .' ' I . ' l - II II' II HI, I I . KI - . I5 ,I I I -- ' I I II -I2,I:I'. .-'I 5- ...Zn I I 7 , I -J VIII.. :RHI II - I..l.I ' - -. 'f ' I - ' ' if:-J"-I--'.'3".fff' 15- "1" 5'-'ZNZ . fl-.-. I . 1--I 'I + "'1'-I ' I-. I. ' pp' . I -I . 1 I3.,1-I---"E, -II I' I-TJ-'.f"f:Ia I - II, I I - , I I I, I I , AIR, I gI,-. I . f fa- III' - . I-.' I :II I .., I, In I, r,I IIIII III IIIUI ,I 'I Q,-II II. .I II -I-Iwr -.f-'-5.-"wil-2.2 I I Lf' ' I,I'E' .ij '- 'f - ' ' 'I.I.3f,IQ,I ggfir. ' I I II J "fi E 'III .- 1: QI .',I-Ing SSI ' ,ILL-I "1::,II H - " .gg 'z Ifgf,,,I.. -. , r,- I 3 III -.II :I ...- I.I,:. -II- I, II .I I. -7' I J III:-Lf iff-,"'I ' j I 'Qi :VIII llc' ' 11 I I I HA., I-II-I IA .Ii 5'I., I - I-'HI I-.II I III I , I II r. . flyff'-'m'fI Ij.II.,",.I ' II I II .Ii .I L q' Q' Ji' , ' -I 1' A"J"Q -Sa.-':'.p'1f"" x1'j.,1'. I ' I X 4, HIL' ' N- - I. -tv-4. - . .' if".-I V .f . M I iz- . I. I' .- I I - .f," ' . "Q 3' Ev . 1 Fr- ' -I, . 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II- ,II I .I N: "II,-YV I :I I - I . I '1I':1 ug 1' Ii I I. I'-'FH MY" '71 11" k ev I' ' V 1. ' ' 'I L'- I. I' ' I!:, " .g'+I11,": I 1 '. f4Ii':-'i"'i.Y3'I1 wi '-LII.. I' . ,. ' 'Ig' "ah , ' -' J ' ' .".'i'-I" IV.. . 'HJ sg if--,5IL.'1.,I'.. 31.23 -'11, 'Ii I -I -"II I - "" ff- ' I:"'I K . ,I FJ- ' - -I I','1'-"I'-.QSVI1 JI,-'gff 15" - - Y IIT 'I -- I ' ' ' ' I' .. ' ' IIQI aA..I1.1I5'f- rifg- . '-3,-f ..I .I , 'LI V I I A I ' in I j wjII5--1:-QI, - rlihf jp,-.-I d II LI ' ,I,I.-'.F:- II: ug -- I -- 31 " . I I - . j IL - :- .. '.-II' .Ia .I.,!'f7iIi,VM.fr-Irfgii.IIW'-3-2, 1,1 -' - aI-I" L. -' - .. I ' - '-:I . " I- " . g 'fV3'fi1"-IT"': -'f-iw -wi '-'ETP : . - V J ... -- I -v- I I . II,Iv'I 1... .4 . .., -I If . ,fI'- Y I- . II -I4 - 4- I F L , ,IE jrlpr, ' -, I --S4-JI :::I1...-.-M-1 '1r:1-1"." . I -I "'+.- '-' 1 11'-50' Ig ' 3.-Izfmge. I1 .I-I '- I I - H- rr-. g II..'.3--If-:.Ig'- .q'f- I I-"FfIaIfIQ V - -. 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