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1 P a Ebalum .. XOUVUVXJ .Y X- lx 51 F Q A Q 5, .- ,, F x ? 5 S . X. X. 5 . L r x F1 ? g l Q, QT 5, 5 L he P r iw r r .! , , I, 1 N R Ll 3: F' 5 4 s I 24 'I' '1 'x 3 J 11 E fe Q. ' 1 I X - w ' T' Y. . q,. x x S i 'igai .i :th E 1, uf 5 - ,. ,, L it N .-:A k 1 gi ,J S sXi9,,f- E X ii , S 5 , 1 X 5 ' ,fixef . ' I 1 x fy .J K 4 l I X i . A A' 5 I L 1 ' h. . ., , bb Ni 1 xx N F i - 'YQ ' v f 1-B sf i . T . 'A S fix -. Nw jx r, g .NL "' -vp f -f -A + H4 -fx - -5 x - K N '-wi EN X . i K YS K ,QQ . , QQ 4, A SSW' -5 M N. 5 - if F -v J X M K H Q 1 4? I " g ' Wxfixk 7 v k x X R X f 1'1' Q'- Q K x - . .kt .L if X , Q, . 7 X S-gk X WS, .. . . . x 9 1 . X W gs- X x , S ,ig NS 1" Y f X3 3 X X X R f vs' W sw N... X xsv 14' .Qi egt s .s Vw si' 'X .. A X Q sf ' iiniit ,Q ,K , 'J R in xiii , ,. X f QF, -'Sf as V 1355 x 2835- ' Q N3 ,xg -. e Stud nt Bod inf... s , if S. R w '- S-li 5' 5, f 5 3 5, 'mf :Sv .,-.gk ix .nr SN if S' in X 3 aff 3 ,mx 3' 9? 9 I X 'M ,Q S .few I Q' ,ws kms F1 -6? Q S IP f N A li . S, XA 1+ www .A -ff-5 Qvfd' a. if O 1 1 NQ x . X X QRS X QIXSQNX X sa Q' 'gggg Sf N XXAQM X 'TYASS' N X Sig N3 5 QKNNRX Rv? SEXY ,Q X Yr 3 K x X5 NS gffvi 4 S' w X SQXQ ,xx f fxfiwwiww ,X X X ANNQS x XNQY -if HY fr' an me Xxx xe Ni N X w .KX .1 A - v w QQ . Pi xg. gk , , 2 , Q- P? Q Ni 5 X N , Q, fi . K N, 6, M ,, i QQ .4 -1 K XE f s - FX, 5 ' T35 ' . , .ff wx , Mk,?-QF-W Afmrv 1 W' 5' . . ft:f'm 5 X.-ffi+Q X im. NN-Hiiggbix-, .. 5 5 ,V , My Q - -gh N:,f.x5,Q .3 x ll - - 4 . W5 5.,.,,+Ai MI- Q - ' Q K Q A ' -f i is +' ' 1 ', 4 f ,.f:N-2A ty -1 x if K my f - 45? A w - H K , N sf nv- f Q f N 'N 4,4 nf, ,- , . . .g 4.4 , - W 1 - K V 1 k L E ,MN Tlx Q1.'3g??Qi', v imfig k X - 1, 3 ww' ffi' ... X . Nw ' fav , K ' , 6 gf x . ,VN X - - .. 1 r. wg x .N 0 ge I N xx' 55 K rf . at . , . K I . ,X I N - if ' I SQ' N, X V f I W- M - w Mg ps . H. S F n I I - 5 i E 2 Q E s P l i I N TABM' 0F 6'0NTENTS Page Elgin High makes an introduction ........ 2 To boast of its administration ......... ...... 1 2 Its outstanding faculty ....... ....... 1 5 Its varied classes ,.... ............ ....... 2 2' The Seniors graduate with honors ...... ...,... 3 4 Underclassmen rate recognition ....... ...... 6 0 Our activities keep us busy ....... ...... 8 0 Athletics are rewarding ....... ...... 1 08 The school year in review ........ ...... l 103 Our patrons are generous ......... ...... 1 24- X J 1 ,. x ' . - 'X . . N v . N : xf Q. Y . N x A 5. Q' K .. v . . wx . I Q 3, , , T - K - ' 'A ' ' 4 ' " Q . .. x "V X K ' K ? X it , Q: , -'U' X . . WN m .3- X , I1 A . I , ,- - 1 h . E A H M X ., I . - A f. , 1 - 1 f- f 5 - . ,- .Q ., , - .I f v . T' - ' 'x 4 N' , V' 'vi K Q . v ' f - . ' ' , L 71 Y. , ' x NM h K 13 . h, d,. 3 , A - K . , , K ' A ' K 5 r ., , -Q Q. --,A . . 5 U - - x W ' - ' 1 ' R ' ,M M . ' ' - , ,M . V - -tg ff, , .- M Sy.. 'X 4, , . , .',- .' .1 5 gy' QNX , he' A . X 1 ' fx " ' ' 'T' --"' K Q ' . . R H W' -x Q. - N , A L A -' , f Ay . ,S . . . ' ' - , . - ' - -' 5 ,A . A - 16 f , ' ,. 'W fu - . . A ,. F... , 2, - M 1 Q-. N l QR ,.A lx ,Q , 5.3, ,Q ' .l ,. ' . A " . '- ' v J' -4.5-' - WJ' .:. ' V. , - , " F ' ' if , . 'K -'W 1 .. Y . - . , - . . 5 4 ,F . f - I 1 A - ?,,gw,Jw - S , 'X N 4- Q J.-N. - 'Q' ' gf 1 f ,A " x X xt- , gn, P X. 4 . I . F, b . ,W ,sg .. A ., . . -. . f 4 x '. .4 - ,. I-,fm . .L t Q 1 , ,Q , ' , , ... , . Q I - H , , ,- , - 'fx ...N Q! C, ' t K lx QL' . :kv ' X 1 4 , ' ,Q W ,..r Q " 'FT .- X . ' 5 '31 -2 f " ' 1 Y. -4 I ' . . ' 45' ,f- V I R. I A V' . J ' f ' 1 ,, 3 . , . Q h V. ' x 1 e. 1' r f ' 'E , ' . I . gt .U Q :Q 1: . x, J ' - Y .-in ' . ' V ' . , sph- - - Q . . .ff - Q. ,' , "1 I 8' ' A :5' Q, " -1 ' . , 1 ' , - .N xv' 9 f.v?f..fQ x k Q ii ' L: U V '4 'xx X , M- fi ., .. mix ' , 2. ' .YP 1 ., 'N' W' E-N' QW, . . 1 x ' "z'e'f ii- k'7'JfAl ', ' " ' ' P 4 5' Nr ' f 1' u - . f - ' . - - - 4 +4-Q-1 . me - -- . .5 . x 1' . if " - " . ' x- M1 '11 V21 , 4.4 - .- SQ , .- "Q .NSA . , P .A ,... , . Q . V . ., mf ws 2- . Q..-a . . . . . , - P 3 . Vi-W - ' f f ' ' 59, . . W it x 3 1 K! K. L A, .V 4 ?..3.-.2 --it Q vx ,Ke L f W i 4 f:4S' X. , , X . i ' Q A ,.Q'f:-a.:2Ffi5f': 4.-.gg w Riff- ' . ' - wwf Riu- 3' ' 'X W? .j+:73z, Sigh 'aw Agf . ff" se W . 'Rv 'Lf' . " A T' :f -' A 55 LSA? 'NN ie' A a?,5pi'1m: ' :sg -: ' X' f ' - :ff-: . - mvqaeef .am K , Nm ,- ., W.. - .nga ' 1, M . ,- ,,. M ,f f-1 - 5 ' ' . -' 1 25 t A 1 - h e k:::.1g-is - 'V -s :qv f. V A u. " 4 . --A " S Z.i1f2?2Ti':f :2if:?5: .. ' N . ,ll K 4. Q .. .i g 1 A 'Y yi W V . N, ,Q fy KW J - N , ' ' u . ' - -' , F .W Yi. hu S . . . 'X K + - , , -3' I4 .5 if X . A :MEX he A , 4 .K 4 M. VV .V f . 1 5:1 .Wh . 5 x ' . 1 ' ,, 5 5. 1 . R - V 3 M . .' ' ' .-- . , ' Q ' R -...Q if ' ' YU ' , x- 0 A D . il - .. ' ' -- ' A . Y i 3 :ff . a 1 . Q 1 F ?s , Y . - 5 . . .. gl , 3 W Q ' ,B s . iw' Q - ' ' x ,- t. XE Iv 3 1? A fr A . i f , fa f if -' K ' ff . , I . v ' k Q . - w ' . 4 - jg il I ug,-':4.1"N ' ' " Q1 . ' ,Q - 1 . wh' W l I - 4' . . . - , 9 P 1 .' A pf -. . 1 .K W In 4. 4. . x ' ' "5 " 1 -,q if . A .2 L' :IQ f Q ' ' ' , 4. , in e .- . j ' . ,B 3 .Sf'.'?f5 cps. -'11 gqiff " - K' Sung' "Un 'P '59 Qi" ' .,iL-i.,-,xsv-r,Q , f- a -M gm, ! Q L+ 'ii ku- 'fa x N Q Roscoe JI Uariwrgfbi 6198-1.9 6' Shortly after celebrating the anniversary of twenty- Hve years of service in the Elgin school system as a teacher and administrator, our principal, Roscoe S. Cartwright, died. ln the quarter century that he influenced life in this city, his principles and ideals became an integral part of the school and community. It is unnecessary to reiterate his many activities and contributions, since these are well known by those who came in contact with him. He is best remembered for the personal interest that he showed in all of his work. No doubt he was the busiest man in our school system, but he was never too busy to offer a congenial handshake and a warm greeting. Mr. Cartwright's main interest in life, persistent even through his long illness, was the students of Elgin High School. This is exemplified in his constant atten- tion to the curriculum, vocational guidance, and the devotion of much time to the securing of scholarships. Even though Mr. Cartwright is gone, he lives on in the traditions of good education that he established and made a part of the daily life at Elgin High School. Rx . QA'3.Sff.mW:gAg,fQE922 A K . . X -ww.. :M 1 Q Nlfggfx W.-. M X W ,, x M I -'19 , '11 . my im X Xigxgxsyxvx gk, wxv Skip-wx . Se swaps X X M .m v X xg is xl xx lx X XXX N XX Q , Y X X ix SVN? X X Ni 5 Q Nw Q Q XXWX xg x . . . . . Y' . X N MS '- f i' x , .- Q N -V ws.-.xr mx 51:55 X X W x X -. .Q -W -xx- .9 fxifxkik xfxfx Im.. 4 1 gs gigs' N QS' Q X k X -Q Q S X rx X KN XQQSXQSM QS: Q X NSY W X SQXQR SN: ,Q Q X K5 yi 2 XX b X X 1552 wx M -S-SES? is -XF ls '-xi.'g4'E-. . X ws X fs. NWMWW ' U is R X- iv...-swf. . . X. R sw., , Yi Q fem.- Qd v Q02 i N. :ax-HR X Q X - X X N . :zrskv lm Q.-ws. sm k..1bfw.sx.Q if 5 -'www iw- SSN? 25-'Nigga .gat Qwffxiziliiff ' - 1292. feqifwk? 125325251 rzt?.fxi.it1-Vi 4 A-1 5: - - f K X W Qiilxfi XC .Li'fqmi'Wx1-NQS' 5913911 'iid X- X ,NMEX A . X. . .. . Q? ?.i'fi'4S?i-55N , 1. ff-1.1. K.--X .., . in-N f.f,w.f.g.. f.. 'xv X .15 1421.-,.a X . Qlyfszfx, Q. A if X -- . we J ix. .N .v ...N .. s X1 sgs: NN 5: xwsziw-. . al Nag X 5 XS Nm w 5 Q? 5 N GK . Q .N ..., lx,V ... g ..p:1gz.5v 5,.,:.fS X X- Q . :N Qfiiffi-vs-x 2 Q X xsKE3P5.-Q-N"!S+!11f'1f.' ' Q MX NW 10 S- X - N i X15-ggi was - 1 t' 'gs NffQ'...3ii. gg. 5 S x 1: E 'S . ,W sf 2 x war 4 S i if ,f we ,ef"'KMgiw" ' zubi f fi ,gf E F . ff' i . - K Ku + S-sxfx-sq . rig, A is Q YS 15 3 L. SA - - W x fi K Rx. K S X sw . A31 A lifqf X , X x xi K .- , L k if 'VSQQNSNwww-favs-Qffiiwz. ' S, X ki 9 pg, . 35 1 , - ge-f Q - K K - 2 K fb' X 3 S K 1 X, i X q K X .... W 5 S x N . f, ' Nll!Qmv . X :X X .V-01,5 ' Ax Wx - xg M,-" " F' i ff' , Q, ,,., v v ., ' k I 5 ' ' S SX . f -Hwti if , V . if 1 x Wk xx x iz X : .fx S, ' , x i v-,E . .JFK N . X .R X W pw I M- f wkq N X - X - Q X D, - wlfilffif - . X . x X K ' .X Q ' A' X vw QW EX , xx xx 5 1 ws Q X x 55 ,353 Xxx ' 4 Y K f, WNW 2 N E xi UQ for tile Blgflll pubhv salma! sysiem MISS MARGARET R. FOSBERRY Dean of Girls and Girls' Club Sponsor. The Elgin Public School System is well-known as maintaining high standards. The fiue reputation of the Elgin Public School System is largely due to the distinguished group of gentlemen that comprises our Board of Education. Affecting not only the faculty, but the students as well, the decisions of these nine play an important part in our school lives. They are responsible for the selection of our teachers and administrators. Any changes and improvements made in the school buildings are made possible by them. They serve as Willing advisers when the need arises, solving the various problems that come up. We are very fortunate to have such a well-chosen Board of Education. MARGARET R. FOSBERRY No school can truly benefit its students without having an Adminis- tration whose sole interest lies in the welfare of these students. Elgin High School is especially fortunate in having Margaret Fos- berry as its Dean of Girls. Miss Fosberry is not only interested, she goes out of her way to help each and every E. H. S. student, by always being available to help with programs, college applications, and scholarships. Her genuine concern and untiring efforts have inspired many students to continue their education and make a success of their future lives. Miss F osberry, along with being a successful administrator, is also a very successful person, commanding a deep measure of gratitude from every graduating student. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Xvillard Beebe, secretaryg Mr. Albert F. Billingsg Mr. VVillia1n M. Brandes, Mr. Orrin G. Thompsong Mr. E. O. Southardg Mr. Theodore Ackemanng Mr. Howard F. Lewisg Mr. john S. Pageg Mr. Raymond Pearsall, president. HOME-SCHOOL COUNCIL Seated-Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard, Principal R. S. Cartwright, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Flora. Standing-Mr. and Mrs. Paul Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Green, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brandt and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hartman. Page 13 111 the 01500 tile se reiaries are busy I THE TREASURERQS OFFICE Mr. L. V. Robinson and his assistant, Mrs. Arlene johns THE ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE Donna Zimmerman, Mrs. Nonna Utt, Mrs. Eva Hopkins ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs. Beulah Luck, Gail Frank, Iuanita Byrd, Jackie Wallace, Ruth Byrd The responsibilities' of Treasurer of Elgin High School, keep Mr. L. V. Robin- son and his assistant, Mrs. Arlene johns, very busy. A high school cannot function without efficient office employees. At Elgin High School, we are especially fortunate. Donna Zimmemian, Mrs. Norma Utt, and Mrs. Eva Hopkins are not only efficient but also glad to help each Elgin High School student. Q ' Our attendance director, Mrs. Beulah Luek, shown with 'a few of her helpers, d R th B rd ltee s her oflice run- Gail Frank, Juanita Byrd, jackie Wallace, an u y , ' p ning smoothly. Page 14 The 0 12 e 0l1I' ieachers ELMER ALFT 1958 Class Sponsor, American Government, Economics VVARREN ANDERSON Drafting DON ARNOLD Head of Business Dept., Business Survey IVIARCUERITE BAHRA Clothing, Everyday Living, Sponsor of F. H. A. LOUIS BAUER Business Survey, Stenography, Vocational Typing, Sponsor of F .B.L.A. MARCE BIERSACH English, Play Director, Sponsor of E. H. S. Players ELMER BOHNERT Machine Shop ENID BURNS Journalism, Sponsor of Mirror JOE CANTRELL Physics, Sponsor of Chem-Phys Club LILYAN 'CARLSON Clothing FAITH CAVELL English Page 15 KENNETH ETTNER Head of English Dept., English MIKE A. FARROH He ld of Boys' Phys. Ed. Dept., Boys' Phys. Ed., Intramural Sports, E-Club Sponsor BETH FERGUSON Girls' Phys. Ed., Co-Sponsor of jr. Red Cross RALPH F IALA Business Law, Business Survey, Business Organization and Operation ELSIE FLETCHER English ARTHUR CRAFFAM Drafting, Crafts, XVoods oi 0111 01l1' lI1Sfl'l1f01'S XVILLIAM CHESBROUGH Phys. Ed., Varsity Basketball Coach Sophomore Football Coach, Assistant Sponsor of E-Club RONALD COOK Head of the Science Dept., Chemistry, 1956 Class Sponsor. KATHERINE DAVERY Social Problems, Psychology. ROBERT DUFFIELD Boys' Phys. Ed., Assistant Football Coach, Assistant NVrestling Coach, Assistant Track Coach EMERY EBBERT Boys' Phys. Ed., Varsity Football Coach, Sophomore Basketball Coach, -Assistant Track Coach MABEL ENGELBRECHT Head of Language Dept., German Club Sponsor, German Bllf al 0 our Friend PAUL GREEN American History, World Geography, Varsity Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach THOMAS GREEN Audio-Visual Aids ELLEN HACKMAN Library BYRUS HALL English, Sponsor of Sophomore Dramatics ELIZABETH HALLET, R. N. Girls' Phys, Ed. DALE HELGESEN English Page 17 Head of E. ARTHUR HILL Music Dcpt., A Cappell Sponsor of 3M's ETHEL HOAGLAND Librarian ELLISON H. HOKE Director of XVEPS HELEN IOCELYN English, Speech CLEORA JOHNSON Foods, Home Problems MARTHA I. JONES English a Choirs F0111 Ib 111 We lea ARTHUR KANIES Printing, W'oods HELEN KETTERING Biology MARVIN KUHLMAN Biology EDYVARD LACKEY American History, VVorlcl History MARION LAFFEY Harmony, Director of Orchestral LESLIE LARSON Biology KARL LEHR Aniericaln History, 1957 Class Sponsor DENVER LETURNO Chemistry EDNA LEXVIS Bookkeeping, Personal Typing XVILDA LOGAN Head of Girls' Phys. Ed. Dept.. Girls' Phys. Ed., Sponsor ol G.A.A. CLIFFORD MARTIN General Metals, Electric Shop JAMES MARTIN Matliemntics, Cross Country Coach Page 18 Fundamental and apphmiion EDWIN NIEMI Art RUTH NORK Spanish, German, Sponsor of Spanish Club MARIETTA PARR Business Survey, Vocational Typing, French, S Stenograpliy DORA PASEL panish, Sponsor of Frc GEORGE W. PECK Vocational Typing HENRY PEDDLE American History nch Club ,. . 6 .,i-gow,-.-.-1.1c Page 19 MARY PETERS Mathematics RALPH PHILLIPS Chemistry IRENE PIELEMEIER Spanish, Latin, Sponsor of Latin Club CARL PRIDE English, Sponsor of Maroon HARRY E. RAPLUS Head of the Agriculture Dept. Agriculture L. V. ROBINSON Treasurer Per onalii llabi and fd1l'I16SS Mi, 2 Q RALPH E. SMITH Mathematics JUNE SODEHSTROM Girls' Phys. Ed., Cheerleading, Modern Dance LUCILE STANSELL Head of Home Economics Dept., Foods, Vocational Home Economics, Sponsor of F.H.A. DOUGLAS STEENSLAND Music Appreciation, Director of Baud BETTY STEPHENSON Stenography, Office Training NORA STICKLINC English ALBERT SCHARF Boys' Phys. Ed., Varsity Xlfrcstling Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach LOXVDEN A. SCHLACEL American History, Modern History, Sponsor of Current Events Club, Tennis Coach HOWARD SCHULTE Economics, Social Problems, Forensics NORMAN SCIBETTA Head of Industrial Arts, Xlfoods H. H. SHELBY Head of Social Science Dept., Social Problems THERESA SIREN Mathematics, 1956 Assistant Class Sponsor, Sponsor of Future Teachers Club VN. Page 20 311111101 0 all dlvcphize MARIORIE STOFFREGEN English G. B. STUART Biology, Golf Coach, Sophomore Vlfrestling Q Couch, Co-sponsor jr. Red Cross NORMA UNDERHILL Librarian E. MAX VON ISSER Head of Art Dept., Photography, Ceramics, Varsity Swimming Coach PETER VVALSH English CLARA VVILSON Sightsaving Director HORTENSE E. VVILSON Head of Mathematics Dept., Mathematics WVALTER VVILSON Economics, Sponsor of Student COIIHCII ROBERT VVINN Biology, Athletic Ticket Manager EVA HOPKINS Secretary to Principal BUELAH LUECK Attendance Office NOR MA UTT Office DONNA ZIM MERMAN Office Q .Q :-N51 QR- iii A X '- X N' g3'L'Q'- fy. I ' f ,Iiff -A sis wigs F 1 . 'H' X: E+s?fSix5NSf- ' S NXXN-r :Rau W k L K Q . is 1 Sf W M ,K . NWN. - X s:Q:1xiQ.gS,gXg-r.,-I --Q g. E - 55 K X1 XWMR wi :Q-X: -X mx fx flxv- fx , x - X Q I Evzwfffi W- :E giai N. Sei. Q-1 qfvQ2,w,. -s r Y M Q ii 'S 5 X X W x E S nw E 3 2 s Q Q 1 X S Q 5 ,.. ,Q . 1 , X -5 . Q '5 XRM SANS! MW .Sz if I xfX .L wX :X fxtfff S . 1 X Q-af X xl 3' E fi l W2 X X K O W X f x XXX X S X X X X X N 'Q Xt 5 A X x QX IN SX 5 XS 15335 . W? 4 X X X KX 42- Fi ' X 2 f LW' X E iii ' ' Upper left--Four general nlf-tails students fonts-lnplate self destruction. Upper right--ln woodshop three students rleverly' Saw llu-lnselvvs in half. Upper center--The English department uses a projector to nmgnify their English thvnws. Center left--ln the art department two pyromaniaes prac- tice their art. Center right -- Four hardworking Spanish students busily study their English. Lower right--The photography class works influstriously all year turning out striking and unusual studies. i OPPOSITE PAGE Upper---Mr. Greenk 4-lass :lisa-overs, uf ter ull, that the world really is flat. Lower-W'ire tapping is exposed in Mr. l'ri1le's English classes. A swan. 3 w S fs X I 5 s . X k gn K , Z-f. X X Q ' , ,H X L N NX J Xt? X ,X-X S, SAX X - ,e Y 1 ' X 5 A FX it SQ' Q 1' fp-X., X V X ' i .2 . ,X-e X . X f g i n , K t . K X ., X L ' 1 .Q X K 4. K - on Q -.-...F , 'xi SIX 'X V21-' lk'- Ne 4' , X N. XMXLW . ,NW X OPPOSITE PAGE M' Upper--Attainment of diversified skills is the goal of these gym stu- dents, taking their navy tests. Lower - Dale Ewert and Dennis Reber are engaged in preparation for a project in the murhinc shop. Upper left---Four pliysics students calmly :want the unlutbh ing of scientific forces during lub period Center right--Singer's invention proves u boon to the gtrle pushing the needles in clothing class Lower left-Students in foods class practice the axiom that an ingenious table setting complements at taslv repast Lower right-The techniques of ptonuune poisoning me con templnted by food students. 'QM' wild' A ..., T ivy X . N .:- R .X Q w x k X R R XX X N X XS XC . S5 wX Ex -- Ax. s S-wi f' M N.:- - . .55 ,a A z . ,. X. . . N6 X X 'XX' x X . . X X X X .T X X K. N . X X 3 xx X ig Q Q X X X iw E . A Q. Him W Jgwii QQ-. s - .QQ . .. . X .Q ... ,MMM -- " . .. 5 N' k 'X . , X wg xi X S ww 9 " N M YN 1 ' .N N .l .. I K Q , 1 N 2'-.fif-2-3 5 .X K F35 mam ...E ,f Q- .. -. sgfvs,-,kim . .. .....,., . , .,w.,H5E,, . .M.,..5.. . A X Q X lx Q . .5 X X X 2 'X X. X 3 MQW M ..x.Q,M. .. x.x. f A ' '- . , A - my k " . Q Nw. M . QQgviQR6..Q' - X .1 .- M - - - 1 - s g -.-is . 2 Ly. .s sri ' -m -5 ix . . Nas? -' . AQYW., W s YW, Q., x Q N X Wi SQ NY fx wig. X X. A X- Q 1 Xa: v X X Y VX 3 A X W X X wig Q x N is W XX X V NA X NX Q X X X X . gf Si? .5 5 -252:1 1 X X Q' Q. X 3.3 . Q. i Li-sl . ' Y M x S X X X X XS N X N x Q ,z wx- .- Q Q 1. .,. M X ,O L S is .. .. -, Sw 5 QP' M v X -. -31.- ? E M, f Q. 5. , in 5 s 4' NFB , q ,W YY' .- ' Iliiwzx ' I-R. . 1 Nw xX X R N f . f x , X 8 .siz- ff S ay 92. N - h -- SAX ' , -- in ' ,. I Q ' X 7 - ffm. 1 - . . i ' . . 1 we-ww X . 12 A K , I xy 1 ya! 3 x X Q- Q f-vw , 4 ,X , WM X .. TQ? 'vial X 'ti ff JM 4, - - ' 1, Hx NE? x M f . . ' T K ml -"W A ev , W x Q - O , - I. 'Q V X r ' wi'-122323 S,gZf..KS. if M it I s I' F' Nil? "if5"'Q'h'7Y""'J5k g V ., Q 1.. . -. -- gif' -'-wg' 4 W A Y' Q- , ,Q L , T -,sm .34 K RSSQY , Y.. 4. L...-viigfrgigggiagsjggtiwi 1 N - -22119 -Www. 1 f 'ff . ' V, " f - A , ,,. Zgwewigg-M 5, X? L5-if . -.Q- f.. ' 'FIPS U1 wr-'l'hv canurru fu I I tha- nmliuns of sc-vm-ral drai- mulir slush-nls as lhry rv- lwursc lu ' 1 I -in mnlomine in class. Comer left--Carolyn Peirce ossrs an look of pain D4 dd practices as Susan n suppr in-r first uid. Cculcr right--'l'lw huhils of our alrc studio ml agriculture class. fcullu-red friends ll in first peri- Lowcr - Nvurking for YVEVS, lin- radio sla- lion, ruquirvs pre-vision timing lil ro n gh I ii 4- 150-0D Pl' il I Von of slu- sh-nt hroudcuslcrs. .,... .M ,,,, nw, . If 1 SQEA 3 fm SJW Y-QA, 4234 X A W ,V -X-qs ss , , . f as sf -fix 'X X Yi, . ,3g1,Q sms . ,X . ...Mx . . gs X . . .2 - is X -.sl -- i.-s s S ggi Jw X 195 115253 if L..x L. 'Y l- 'al T QC'-'L X QN"k'X'Q'wmh+ s IQQ 4 i W X w. S ' is - fl,:Ifi"N':ivE-wifi xxxx xx z'jiQss,,, - 'P my . X all s X 3 Q v- 5 5 Q bfi, so dig if' - QX ix? L is of NJ ff - ay We Upper right--A stale of hypnosis andlor sleep is induced by u movie in physics. Upper lvfl--German students realize they need to learn to tell lime, as it is xi gradua- tion requirement. Center Inf!--How to photograph an effective rulcndar plroio is obviously the topic of con- versation in this discussion group. Lower left--The boys in the projection club view u new film for thc family living vourse. Lower right-Tennis, anyone? .S J. 5 ,Q K XS VR ,W W Z 3 E ' If? V. 53 X , sg 5 ,f ,. 1 ' isf"Q 5512 exif ws -Qi SEQ: A r X 'X' 'WL S Q " 'iw X1 - :rg 2 X x M 'A X ,M 5 .5 V10 x 3 - ' L M sf :.., g-gw:-1. f Q way wmixx ,. 32- Q.. ,, W S? V 4 Q 1 A 3'- ,, 5 'r Q , A SA x kk 5 :Xi N ,, . ' I fl rx, , 4- -, X. 'fm N - ,A wgwi, K I wggxgf xfj-, - , W S ,N :mf RSM , vfex?,M.awxM X Q N V L 5 wi' I , ' L N 3 , i 5 K Y . 55 I i 5 X sf x fql 3 5 ' f X . Fx A s if - f 2 f 2 1 x K 1 S1 A3 T 5 5 Q f ,K V V - - - x ff- - x x - xp Q ffl ,I A I R S15 X . .5 m ,. N - : ' K . V X E V W, .Q 5 Y . K 5? . fn V N X 3 ' 5 lfl Q 'Si 1- ,fi?f 5 X F Top picturf'--Here' wv sec fum' vlurmistry students about to split the atom. Canter right--Six cool charuvters in svarrll of a melody. Cvnler left--Note the calm in Mr. S1-hulte's :social problems class. This is a posed picture. Lower right--Dovs 1:3 fl' hz rvnlly equal cz? 'X OPPOSITE PAGE lfppvr---Putting members uf the Hora fam- ily without spilling dirt is accomplished through the vulopvrative efforts of several biologsy students. Lowm---Tln'cv fellow French students acl- mirv tht- hamrlworla of ,lo Ann Rifkcn, hold- ing hvr vnrrsiun of the Eiffel Tower. QSxt 'N N -, it i taryb' F Nxw wkss Nwixw " -ww V ,W if-'wi xv " XTR X Q . ,ix Le-fl-Diauw llugc-nmn cle-nionsh-:m-s ilu- funclunn-ntals of typing lo Put Marquis in swnography vlass. Upper right--Conquering the challenge posml by an intricate lwylmard ure llnesv girls in oflice training. Center--A facet of a lrigunolnetry problem is pointed out by Jerry Boundy be-fore the class. Lower right-An American History class listens to an outside report. an ss i MX wx Q 4' S53 V iblkxi SAR -1-W . 'C Q: x K A X w 4 t 1 X sn 2 A X -.MQYWQ wmmgwmmias., sawn. 3 QQ k M':x.Wxxx 5 K X Q ....-: X RW V X N I X X XNQ X Y N K x if .sim-Km K 1 .. , Q 151 -, .ximg , . NNW 1 YQ 3' A - ,lf. , K 2 ix - . s 1 ix 5-- U X, -- AQ- --3 . AFX . W - W P' N X . 1 X 'fs , 'sv 4 - W . gf .Qi S Y gf. 3 S: , i 5 nun QE --p-... Upper right--A sophomore English vlass' is interested in Xl panel discus- sion on speech techniques. Center right-English 5 places em- phasis on an good vocabulary, as Cordon Rutzen points out to u class of juniors. Center left--The importance of dia- gramming is realized by these soph- omores as they correct their daily assignment. Lower -- W'hvlher you're dashing off the last sentences of that re- search theme, or just reading for pleasure, the library is an excellent place to be. . WX Xww. x . -. ,, , 5 Q' K sf fl My ,,., Mfwyma -is U fm 5 "G ,2 W ,i 5 wi , ,Q I w iff! v var is X Y s 1. jf QI! wma it sa ol -. NN .a egis . . ., Q ,l s , -1 . N A me .5 -: X t-. Q 'if' Ek K ,.,f' sf X , if Q I.-X an K . ,K -A wx J . Q au- 5 N , . -fs whim T5 X . L . W., X N N 1--f 531,311 gg 'gg,:gvi,,,,:f11f- W..f1f,f-F-:Mi XMx2'.Jr'f-5' 'f.-eric , rw ,, H'f.,,wsfv1,tfw,.,,,.., , , L . fs 'Rv I WMM kk .....t ........ ,, ...NAT gm ff ..f F gfXs'-N'-., im., .. , A gm Q -ww Www me ., j .w:,,f.nwqmaslff'X N K .. W ,lkogfmwmwwwwviiw K' , mgumse.. .:.+wvsww+ :QW ,ww -9 i as , "i5...w g , gs. :.:'I'aas-w -- .... - -- . -wsm.s.,.:Y.sm:s.1s.,s:f..+f:s QRS - x .Ms i i N: . Y . 5 .1 Ww..! ,,,.,.l".-'-5 was N- Exlrvnw upper left--Tlwsv.sophomore English slu- sh-ms urn- rlisvussing thc- nwrils uf literaturm- for onjoylnvul. U p vr ri hi--Bm-li Feil as 1 leurs lo bv ready' for lwr I F , part of u Spanish vlnss acl, what with her sparkling 1-ye-s .und milling nlzwau-us. Uppvr lvfl -- Thi' provcfl llwory that the world is round is uccoplvd by ilu-se modern history sludvnls studying ilu- globe. Cvnlvr right--Dirk Chu-cio xlistrawls his fellow slu- dn-nls in an sovial proble-ms 4-lass for a moment whilv llwy urn- preparing ll group rc-port. Luwvr left--Mr. Alftls :xllll'l'i1'1lll Cove-rnnu-nl vlaan- visils llu- rourlroom. Wx SQ 'Si i wk x NQSXEXQS xx Q . . i . - 3 ii rm' is no .lo.. ' E K , xg- K X, Q' . i i SMX ? i I i V .Xxx X iiii A 5 NMS? ' ig ,g,,,::r1 4 ' x Q. 2 ' W-A W if X 'Y .L X X W5 K - X was ., Q-Wm,-l gm x xl 5 - Q l 3- ii Y, 3 Ski gs X K , k: S-SW'-1. .TNI W K - Q xxx W g Lf X f ,Q X s - x ffw .sk A NA , x ,wwxi . X , mwwm. . xw New wi. -, . -. . .mi ' WA, Y X N21 ' ., t Hass laazlars plarr Ilia arriar program SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ardis Stuart, Eddie Stewart Gail Andrews, Gary Flora SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL Prcsiding at left-Eddie Stewart How One-Joyce VVeisner, Jerry Hudgens, Ardis Stuart, Gary Flora, Gail Andrews, Dick Lubbers Dick Grotelueschen Row Two-Dorothy Mauck, Lois Kaptain, Helen Theis, jo Ann Dierking, Justine Kuhlman loc Gizlmbelluca, Larry Christenson. Row Three-jill Zimmer, Kay Bremer, Dorothy Stone, Dorothy Roth, Lenny Smith Page 36 NANCY LOU ADAMS "Nan" To succeed in everything I do Aeolian 25 jr. A Cappella 35 Business Council 45 Class Play 3,45 Ir. Red Cross 2,3 RUTH MARIE ADKINS "Ruthie" To be happily married Spanish Club 2,35 Aeolian 25 F.H.A. 45 Class Play 4: Mother and Daughter Tea Committee 4 DEAN ANDERSON "Andy" To graduate Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 F.F.A. 3,4 JAMES CRAIG ANDERSON To learn to live life and like it Class Play 3,45 Jr. Red Cross 3, President 45 Student Council 2,45 Forensics 2,3,45 Prom Chairman 3,4 RICHARD DALE ANDERSON "Schnoot" To be an automobile mechanic Intramural Basketball 2,35 Intramural Bowling 2,35 Intra- mural Baseball 2 SHARON KAY ANDERSON To travel in a Safari across the Sahara Desert G.A.A. Representative 35 Ir. A Cappella 35 Sr. A Cappella 4 GAIL ANDREWS To be successful at college Sr. Class Secretary 45 Girls' Club Cabinet 45 Class Play 35 Student Council 35 Indian Dancing 3,4 MELVIN ANDREWS "Melorandy" To be a draftsman Basketball 3,45 Track 35 Entered from Crane High, Chi- cago, September 1954 CAROL YVONNE AURAND To travel Cheerleading 25 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Bowling 3,45 Red Cross 45 G.A.A. 2,S,4 JOE LOUIS AVERAINO To make a million before I am 30 years old Ir. A Cappella 35 Class Play 35 VVrestling 35 Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 GLENDA ANN BAKER . . 1 To be a nurse Cheerleading 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Class Council 2,35 Student Council 45 Girls' Club Cabinet 4 JOSEPH LEROY BAKER "Joe" To be a farmer Band 23,4 CAROL JEAN ABBOTT ' To get married and raise a family G.A.A. 2,S,45 Girls' Club Representativeg Library 2,8,4 DARRYL KIETH ABBOTT "Red" To own my own Restaurant Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 3 DAVID LEE ACKMANN "Dave" To serve Uncle Sam RONALD LEE BAKER "Ron" To be an engineer Chem-Phys Club 3g German Club 2,35 Track 35 Homeroom Basketballg Class Play 4 VIRGINIA MARY BALL "Ginny" To get married Modern Dance 25 Bowling 25 Orchestra 3,45 German Club 2,35 Aeolian 2 PATRICIA ANN BARBER "Trish" To swim across the English Channel Modern Dance 2,3,45 Girls' Club Representative 3,45 Ma- roon Sales Staff 45 Class Council 2g Verse Speaking 3 Page 37 JOHN GLADDEN BA RR "John" To teach in the Held of music Operatic Nights 35 Production of the Messiah 35 Orchestra 2,35 Solo-Ensemble Contest 35 Contemporary Arts Festival 3 LINDA LOU BARTELS "Blondie" To get out of Elgin G.A.A. 2,3,4g Acolian 25 Class Party 45 Class Play 3,4 BONNIE JEAN BAUMANN "Bon" To always he happy F.H.A. 45 Class Play 45 Style Show 2,35 Mother and Dau ghtcr Tea 4 KAY JOAN BREMER To be happy and successful in whatever I decide to do Modern Dance 2,3,45 Class Council 3,45 Red Cross 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Business Council 3 CHARLES W. BRINKLEY "Chucky To see the world through a porthole BONNIE C. BRITTENUM To be happy and successful in life Modern Dance 2,3,45 Girls' Club 2,35 Aeolian 25 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Page 38 RICHARD LEE BELTZ "Rick" To succeed in life DALE LaVERNE BENTLEY "Bent" To be a high school music teacher Jr. A. Cappella 2,3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Organ in Assembly 45 Class Play 3 SANDY JEAN BERMAN "Bermingham" To succeed in whatever I do Indian Dancing 3,45 Class Play 3,45 jr. Red Cross 25 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,3 HARRIET LEE BERNSTEIN To be a social worker Girls' Club Representative 45 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Aeolian 25 Current Events Club 35 Class Play Committee 3 ANNE VIRGINIA BLAIR To do good in whatever I do Square Dancing 3,45 F.B.L.A. 25 F.H.A. 45 Sr. Girls' Chorus 45 jr. A Cappella 3 LARRY EARL BOBSIN To be a printer ROBERT MARTIN BOHLIG To contribute to the posterity of all mankind Student Council 2,3,45 Latin Club Vice President 25 Track 35 Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Class Play 3,4 MARILYN ANN BONKOSKI To be happily married Aeolian 25 jr. A Cappella 3 ALICIA A. BORRUD To graduate from college Mirror Staff 3, Feature Editor 45 Aeolian 25 jr. A Cappella 35 German Club 2,35 Chem-Phys Club 3 GERALD CHARLES BOUNDY "Jerry" To be successful as a chemical or civil engineer Band 2,35 Baseball Manager 35 Intramural Bowling 2,35 Intramural Badminton 2,35 PIOIH Decorations Committee 3 ROBERT EARL BRADLEY L'Bob" To be an engineman in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve RUTH MARGARET BRAUN "Ruthie" To live a life free from worry Sr. A Cappella 35 jr. Red Cross 3,45 German Clubg Future Teachers of America ROBERT BUEHLER To own my own dairy firm RONALD WILLIAM BUHMANN "Ron To play professional baseb ill Football 2g Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Class Council 2 NORMAN CROSBY BURCH To succeed EDWARD R. BURKE "Sunshine" To own a very large modern home jr. A Cappella 2g Chem-Phys 3 LETA KAY BURNIDGE To be successful in whatever vocation I choose German Club 2 35 Modern Dance 2,3,4g Indian Dance 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Chem-Phys Club S SALLY JOANN BURTON "Shadow" To be a teacher in the elementary grades Sr. Girls Choir 4: jr. Red Cross 2,3g Modern Dance 253,43 Spanish Club 3,4 JUANITA MARIE BYRD "Nita" To work with children G.A.A. 25 Mother and Daughter Tea 3g Dad and Daughter Date Night 3g Concessions 4 PATRICIA ANN CAREY "Pat" To be a nurse Modern Dance 2,33 Class Council 3g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,3 JOANNE CARLSON To be a secretary Aeolian 25 Bowling 2,3,4g Girls' Club Council 3,4 WILMA CARTER To be a Registered Nurse F.H.A. 3,45 Nursing Club 4 JOYCE ANN CHAPMAN Entered from Mt. Vernon High School in 1954 SANDRA JEAN CHAPPLE "Sandy" To go to California Aeolian 23 Bowling 2,3,-43 Indian Dancing 3g Ir. A Cappella 3 ECKHARD R. BRODDE To get all the education that I can Chem-Phys Club 35 Intramural Golf 45 Track 2,35 E Club 3 4 Swimming 2,-3,4 JACK BROWN To go into service until retirement JOHN KENNETH BROWN To enter the medical research field Cross Country 2,-3,4g Track 2,3,4g E Club 3,4g Chem-Phys Club 2,3,4g Maroon 4 GEORGE HOWARD CI-IISLETT "Chiz" To be a professional diver Swimming 2,3,4g Trampoline 3,4 HAL EDWARD CHRISTIANSEN "Swede" To join the navy Homcroom Basketball 2,3g Intramural Wrestling 3 LARRY ALAN CHRISTENSEN "Christy" To be successful in life Student Council 2,3g Class Council 43 Golf 3,43 Spanish Club S Page 39 PHILLIP ROBERT CHRISTENSEN "Phil" To go to I.l.T. and study- atomic physics Tennis Team 2,3: Tennis Intramural 2,35 Square Dancing 2.35 Chem-Phys Club 2,3,4 IWARLENE JUNE CHRISTENSON Indian Dancing RICHARD JOSEPH CIACCIO "Dick'! To enter the field of coaching Class President 2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Student Council 253,45 E Club 3,4 JIM ROBERT DEMMITT To go into the coaching field Football 2,3,45 NVrestling 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 2,S,4 JEAN CAROL DEUTERMAN "Mabel" To be a nurse Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Modern Music Masters 2,8,45 jr. A Cappella 8g Girls Club 4 GWENDOLYN JANET DEYOUNG "Gwen" To be a physical education teacher Class Conucil 2,3g Cheerleading 2,45 C.A.A. 2,'-3,45 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Class Play 4 Page 40 KATHERINE .IAYNE CLUTE "Kathy" To get to Hawaii sometime during my lifetime Class Council 2,35 French Club 25 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Business Council 45 G.A.A. 2,3,-1 KEN CHARLES COLLINS "Chance" To get out of school BETTY CHRISTINE CONDOS "Koula" To bc successful and happy Modern Dance 2,35 French Club 3,45 Chem-Phys Club 35 Aeolian 2 SAM CORAPI "Corp" To join the navy Homeroom Basketball 2,3 MARY LOU COURT "Kitten" To become an airline hostess G.A.A. 2,3,4g Archery 2,35 Modern Dance 2 JUDITH LYNNE COVEY "Judy" To get married and always be happy C.A.A. 2,S,45 Indian Dancing 35 Spanish Club 3 LINDA LEE COVEY To be a private secretary Aeolian 25 Jr. A Cappella 35 Modern Dance 2,35 Spanish Club 25 Bowling 2,8,4 RICHARD LARRY CREMEENS "Creamy" To be an architect Basketball 25 Baseball 23,45 Hoxneroom President 25 Sr, A Cappella 2,354 FLORENCE SUE CROWE To be happy Indian Dancingg C.A.A. 2,3,4 JUDITH ANN CULVER "Judy" To be a secretary Sr. A. Cappella 45 Jr. A Cappella 3g Business Council 45 Modern Music Masters 4 WILLIAIVI EDWARD CULVERSON "Bone" To be a good mechanic Homeroom Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Cross Country 35 Horneroom President 3,4 RON DAUFENBACH "Daufie" To own an electronics store Class Play 35 Club 88 l,4g W.E.P.S. 4 ROGER STEVEN DOTY "Roig" To be happy Football 25 Swimming 2,45 Track 2,45 Cross Country 3 JUDITH ANN DOUGHERTY "Judie" Spanish Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Mirror 45 Aeolian 2 WILLIAM ROBERT DOWELL Band 2,3,4 LYNDA ANNE EGGEBRECHT "Stinky" To write the great American novel Girls' Club Treasurer 25 Latin Club Secretary 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maroon 4g Class Play 3,4 HAROLD LEE ERBOE To be a farmer JOHN FREDERIC ERICKSON To be a music teacher German Club 2,35 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 3M,s 33 Class Song Committee 3 DORIS KAREN ERICSON "Dory" To attend college Aeolian 25 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,4 GAIL CHARLOTTE ETTNER To be a bookkeeper Spanish Club 2 DALE LEE EWERT "Satch" To be a machinist F.F.A. 2,3,45 Homeroom Basketball 2,8 SHARON JEAN FEE "Fifi" To be a nurse Modem Dance 2,S,45 Indian Dance 2,3,4, Girls' Club 2,3,45 Red Cross 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 WAYNE RICHARD FEES To live fast, love hard, die young Intramurals 2,8,45 Cross Country 35 Baseball 2,-3,4 BARBARA KAY FEIL "Barb" T 0 be a successful stage and TV actress Modern Dance 2,3,45 Indian Dance 2,3,4g Cheerleading 2,44 Business Council 35 jr. Red Cross 2,S,4 JOANN LOUISE DIERKING "Dierk" To be a success as a teacher Class Council 3,45 Girls Club 2,3,45 German Club 3,4 Maroon 45 Modem Dance 2,8,4 DIANN CHARLOTTE DILLOW To be a secretary Class Council 2,3: Student Council 45 Cheerleading 2 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Red Cross 2 CAROL JEAN DITTMER To be a success in whatever I do G.A.A. 2.3.4 PAUL JAMES FERGUSON To be about one-half as good as I think I am Wrestling 25 German Club 35 Latin Club 4 ALAN LAWRENCE FISHMAN "Al" To go to college and become a successful architect Latin Club 2, Forensics 2,8,4g Student Council 3 GARETH DONALD FLORA "Car" To be an engineer Radio 35 Spanish Club 3,4 Page 41 9 Football Manager 2,3,45 E Club 2,3,45 Class Council 2,3g GREGG N. FOHRMANN "Fohrski" To be a man with a million Football 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,44 E Club 2,3,4g Track 3,49 Student Council 2 SANDRA MARY FORRESTER "Sandy" To be a private secretary German Club 2,34 F.B.L.A. 25 Hall Monitor 3 MILES FRAZEL "Inches" , To be able to think objectively German Club 3,4 ROGER LEE GRAF "R0g" To be a mechanic Intramural Basketball 2,S,4g Homeroom Basketball 253,45 Class Council 3 WILLIAM ALBERT GRAFF "Bill" To be an Air Force Lieutenant F .F.A. 2,3,4g Volleyball 2 TOM INIARTIN GRANT To play pro baseball Class Council 23 Football 2g Baseball 2,S,4g Spanish Club, Treasurer 3 Page 42 JANET FRITZ To live a full and useful life Bowling 8,4g Spanish Club 2.5 Aeolian 25 Student Librar- iang Clinic 4 IWARY LOU FUNK To be happily married Bowling, Dance Assembly Joi' DONNA GAEDE To lead a long and successful life Bowlingg Basketball FORREST NIALCOLM GATES uFory" To live in Germany German Club 2,3,4 JOE GIAMBELLUCA To be a successful insurance man Class Council 3,4g Latin Club Treasurer 35 Class Play 4g Homeroom Basketball 45 Maroon Assembly 2,3 JOHN RAYMOND GIESECKE "Jack" To have the same job as jack Brickhouse Radio 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4g Student Council 4 DUANE ROBERT GILBERTSON To own my own farm and train horses F.F'.A. 2,3g Track 3,4 RAY THOMAS GILES To live in Bartlett until it goes over four figures in population Intramural Baseball 25 Intramural Basketball 4g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 LEON O. GILLES To become an engineer Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4 BEVERLY DAWN GOODYEAR "Bev" To get married G.A.A. 2,3,4 GARY ALAN GOUGH "Goose" To be a mechanic Football 2,S,4g Baseball 2,3,4g E Club 2.,3,4g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 RUSSELL GEORGE GOULD "Russ" Football 2,3,4g Basketball 25 Baseball 2,3,4g Hi-Y 45 E Club 3,4 BETTY JANE GUGE To be a friend of everyone Aeolian 2, Girls' Club 33 Business Council 3g F.H.A. 4 DAVID CHARLES HAACKER To be a successful business man Intramural Sports 2,3,4g Latin Club 2g Student Council 4 JACK FREDRICK HAACKER To be an airplane mechanic Football 2,3g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4g E Club 3,4g Basketball 2 DIANE PEARL HAGEMANN "Haggie" To be happily married Modern Dance 2,3,4g Indian Dance 25 Student Council 3 RUSSELL LEON HALL "Lee" To do things that are worth while Football 2, Homeroom Basketball 25 Homeroom Vice- President4 SONJA MARIE HALL To go to dancing school Girls' Club Assembly 3g Volleyball 4 MARILYN HALLMAN To lead a happy and successful life Student Council 2, Modern Dance 25 Bowling 2,4g Aeolian 2g G.A.A. Representative 4 ROBERT FRED HANDROCK "Bob" To be a successful engineer German Club 2, Chem-Phys Club 8,-4, Homeroom Basket- ball 3,4 JIM CLARK HARVEY "Haru" To judge a beauty contest Football 2,3g Baseball 2, Track 3,45 E Club 3,45 Intra- mural Basketball 2,3,4 JANE HEATH "Janie" To be a successful dress designer G.A.A. 2,3,4g Bowling 2 SANDRA LEE HECHT To be happily married Checergeading 2, Bowling 2,3,4g Aeolian 2, Square Danc- mg ..,, CAROL ANN HEDRICH To be a teacher in the elementary grades G.A.A. 2,3,4g Mirror Staff 3 JANE MARGARET GREENAWALT "Janie" To be a success in whatever I do G.A.A. 2,3,4g Girls' Club 2,3,4g Sr. A Cappella 4 BETTY S. GRISSOM "Griss" To be a success Girls' Club 43 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g F.H.A. 4g jr. Sr. Prom Committee 3,4 RICHARD ELMER GROTELUESCHEN "Grote" To be a successful teacher NVrestliug 24 A Cappella 2,3,4g Baseball 2g Class Council 43 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 CONNIE ELAINE HEIN To do oiiice work Modern Dance 2,3,4g Indian Dance 3,44 G.A.A. 2,3,4 EUGENE FREDRICK HEINE "Mo" To be a mechanical draftsman Entered from Mercy High School, St. Louis, Mo., 1954 ROBERT WILLIAM HENEISE "Bob" To get through one class without sleeping Football 2,34 Track 2,35 Student Council 25 Indian Danc- ing 2,3,4g Intramural VVrestling 2 Page 43 TRAY PALMER HENEISE To be an artist Band 2,3,45 Square Dancing 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,4 -CYRENE ANN HERNDON "Tootie" To be a secretary Bowling 2,3545 Square Dancing 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 jr. Red Cross 2 'WARREN VERNON HENRY To be a diesel mechanic Band 2,3,45 Spanish Club 35 Homeroom Basketball 3,4 WILLIAM GEORGE HORN To own my own Cadillac agency German Club 3,45 Sr. A Cappella 2,3,-45 Red Cross 3g Homecoming 4 'TOM GORDON HOZIER "Sir Tom" To be a lawver Intramural Table Tennis Champ 25 VVrestling 3,45 E Club 3,45 Homeroom Basketball 'GLEN C. HUBER "Burly" To study criminology Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 E Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3,4 Page 44 PETER DAVID HETH To become a second Marlon Brando Class Play 3,45 Swimming 3,4g Homecoming Assembly 45 Entered from NVelliston Academy, East Hampton, Mass., during jr. Year THOMAS A. HICKEY "Tomas" To lead a long and leisurely life Student Council 2, Vice Pres. 3, President 45 Forensics 3,45 Dance Steering Committee 35 Public Address 2,3,4 VIVIAN JEANETTE HILEMAN To be an elementary school teacher Orchestra 2,3,4g Future Teachers Club 3,45 Latin Club 2,35 German Club 4g 3M's 2,3 WALTER MATHEW HIRSHBERG "Wally" To play professional baseball Football 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,45 Sr. A Cappella 2,3545 XVrest- ling 3,45 Hi-Y 3,4 TIM HOFFLANDER To be a successful nuclear physicist Radio 2,35 German Club 2,35 Chem-Phys Club 3,45 Track 25 Tennis 3 GAIL HOLDIMAN To be happy and successful in whatever I do Indian Dancing 3,45 Bowling 2,45 Modern Dance 2,35 C.A.A. 2,-3,4 RICHARD DALE HOLLAND To be a printer Square Dancing 35 Intramural Volleyball 3 WILLIAM E. HOLLE To learn a good trade MARY JANE HOLTZ "Janie" To be an elementary school teacher Future Teachers 2,3,45 German Club 3,4g Bowling 3,45 Band 3,45 Aeolian 2 MARCIA LYNN HONERT "Marcy" To be a registered nurse Latin Club 25 Aeolian 2g G.A.A. 2,3-,45 Future Nurses Club 45 Mirror Staff 3,4 THOMAS B. HOOD "Hood" BETTY ANN HOPP "Punchy" To be an airline hostess . Baton Twirling 2,35 Girls Club, Maroon staff 3g G.A.A. 2,3,4 JERRY ALAN HUDGENS "Hudge" To get a college education Class Council 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Football 2,-3,45 E Club 3,45 Spanish Club 3 ESTHER T. HUFF "Halfpint" To be a beautician G.A.A. 2,3,4 JERRY MARTIN HULKE "Marty" To be a bricklayer Intramural Basketball 3 JACQUELYN LEE HUSKE 'Jackie To do secretarial work Bind 7 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Archery 9 3 4 Tumbling French Club 2 JOAN L. HUSKE To be successful in whatever I do G.A.A. 2,3-,4g Square Dancing 23,45 Bowling 2,3,-45 Moc- em Dance 29 Aeolian 2 KAREN ANN IRPS To obtain a degree in music Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Indian Dancing 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,s,4 CAROL MAY JAHN To be an airline hostess Student Council 3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4 JEANNE JOY JAHNCKE "Boots" To be a writer G.A.A. 2,S,4g Aeolian 2 STEVE K. JAMES To be a sports editor of a well-known paper Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4g Bowling 2,3,4g Intramural Baseball 2,44 Mirror 3,4 CAROL JEAN JANSSEN "Johnie" To raise and train horses G.A.A. 2,3,4g F.B.L.A. 2 LOUISE ANN JARKA "Lou" To have a successful marriage and have live kids G.A.A. 2,3,4 JOY JOANN JENNINGS "Jo" To be a success in the business world G.A.A. 2,3,4g Aeolian 25 F.H.A. 4 JUDITH MARIE JENNY "Judy" To have a successful marriage Modern Dance 25 Bowling 3g F.B.L.A. 25 G.A.A. 2,3,-4 BARBARA JOAN JENSEN "Barb" To lead an African safari Ir. Red Cross 3,43 Aeolian 2g Ir. A Cappella 3g G.A.A. 2,3,4 DOUGLAS WARNER JENSEN "Doug" To be an aeronautical or mechanical engineer Student Council 2,3,4g Homecoming Committee 4g Indian Dancing 2,3,4g Cross Country 2 IRENE EVELYN JOHNS To have a business career after college Chem-Phys Club 3g Hall Monitor 35 Entered from Jamaica High School in New York, September 1954 LOWELL EUGENE JOHNSON "Buddy" Bowling 4 Entered from Carrollton Public High in 1955 RICHARD LAVERNE JOHNSON To drive a car in the Indianapolis 8500" Projection Club 2,3,4 Page 45 , M4 LAWRENCE HAROLD JOHNSON "Larry" To get through college Football 35 Bowling 3,4 'SALLY ANN JONES "Sal" To be a social worker Girls, Club 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,35 G.A.A. 2,S,4g Jr. A Cappella 35 Spanish Club 4 CAROL LEE JORGENSEN To be a commercial artist French Club 45 Spanish Club 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,4 NANCY RAE KOCH To be happy forever Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Girls' Club 2 'GREGORY KURT KOON "Magoo" To become a CPA Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Tennis 45 Student Council45 Class Council 2 MARY EILEEN KOTELES To be a nurse Latin Club 2,35 German Club 45 G.A.A. 2,-13,45 Chem-Phys Club 35 Maroon 4 Page 46 Q NIARLENE ANN JOSEPHSON To be a happy and successful therapist Modern Dance 2,3,45 Future Teachers 2,3,45 E.H.S. Play- ers and Class Play 3,45 Homecoming Dance Chairman 4 CAROL CARLENE JURGENS To be an interior decorator Bowling 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Forensics 25 G.A.A. 2,3,4 NANCY LEE KAGEL "Nan" ' To own a dog kennel Student Council 25 Business Council 35 Ir. A Cappella 35 G.A.A. 2,3,4 WVILLIAM CHARLES KALDENBERGER "Peck" To be a lino-type operator Intramural Sports 2,3,45 Track 2,3 LOIS JEAN KAPTAIN To be a home economics teacher Class Council 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Sr, A Cappella 3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 German Club 3,4 LLOYD PHILLIP KELLENBERGER To retire at 35 and have a million dollars Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Track 25 NVrestling 2,3,4 ALAN STANLEY KENT "Al" To become a commercial artist Band and Orchestra 2,35 Swimming 2,3,45 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Tennis 2,3,4 JANICE CAROL KENYON "Jan" To enter the Held of nursing Spanish Club 2,35 Girls Club Council 3,45 Mirror Staff 4 JOE KERBER BARBARA JEAN KERLIN To enter the field of commercial home economics Bowling 2,3,45 F.H.A. 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Red Cross Co-chairman 4 NANCY ANN KLEIN To be a teacher in the elementary grades Spanish Club 3,45 jr. Class Play 35 F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 GERALD EDWARD KLINE "Jerry" To be successful Homeroom Basketball 35 President of F.F.A. 3,45 Intra- mural VVrestling 35 Track 2 JACK EDWARD KRICH To be an architect or designer 'Class Play 3,45 Maroon Staff 45 Homecoming Publicity Chainnan 45 Latin Club 35 Prom Decoration Committee 3 CAROL JANE KRUMBHOLZ To be a typist Girls' Club 45 Entered from Senn High School in 1955 ROBERT WILLIAM KRUNNFUSZ "Bob" To graduate from college Baseball 253,45 VVrestling 2,35 Cross Country 35 German Club 2,35 Intramural Sports 2,3,4 LEONARD PAUL KUBIAK To be a commercial artist Golf 35 Intramural Basketball 3 Entered from Mannion in 1954 KARL FREDERICK EUGENE KUEHNER To be a success in agriculture Homeroom Basketball 2,35 Vice-president of F.F.A. 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2 JUSTINE M. KUHLMAN To be a home economics teacher Aeolian 25 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 F.H.A. 45 Organ for As- semblies 2,3,45 Class Council 3,4 JOAN ELLEN LACEY To be the inspiration of a certain Denny Bowling 2,3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 Indian Dancing 35 Modern Dancing 45 Homecoming Assembly 4 DONALD P. LALLEY To own my own roofing company Band 2,3,45 Student Director of Band 35 Football 2,45 VVrestling 2,3,4 MARY ELLEN LANDWEHR To be successful as a private secretary Hall Monitor 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Club Assembly 2,3,4 ROBIN LANDWEHR MICHAEL JAY LANGDON "Prestige" To be a success Band 2,3,45 Class Play 35 NVrestling 3,45 German Club 2,3 GARY L. LANGE "Aggy" To become a pharmacist Baseball 3,45 Entered from Lynwood, California, in 1954 KAREN ELIZABETH KOVACS To live a happy and successful life Student Council 2,3,45 Business Council 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Future Teachers 2,3,4 RALESA ANN KRAMP "Binkie" To get married G.A.A. 2,3,45 German Club 2,35 Student Librarian 2,35 F.B.L.A.2 LORE KREBS To be the secretary for foreign languages Sr. A Cappella 45 Student Council 45 Girls, Club 4 Entered as a foreign exchange student from Austria in 1955 NANCY LUCILLE LANGE "Nan" To be happy and successful Class Council 25 Ir. A Cappella 35 Sr. Girls Choir 45 Aeolian2 FRANK JOSEPH LAZZARA To make as much money as I can Track 2,3,45 VVrestling 2,3,45 Football 25 Spanish Club 3 ROBERT R. LEATHERBY To go into the Air Force Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 Page 47 LEONARD ERMOND LEETZOW, Jr. "Lenny" To be a success in business Band 2,3,45 Intramural Bowling 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Class Council 3 SHIRLEY ANN LEETZOW To be a nurse Aeolian 25 Business Club 25 Jr. A Cappella 35 French Club 35 Sr. Girls' Choir 4 JOHN CHARLES LEHMANN To teach high school Big Timber Dancer 2,3,45 Forensics 2,3,45 Ir. Red Cross 3,45 German Club 35 Latin Club 2 LOIS LOUISE LUNDY "Loire" To become a nurse Indian Dancing 3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Girls' Club 35 A Cappella 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 DOUGLAS PIPER MacKINNEY To travel around the world Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Track 3,45 E Club 2,3,45 Student Council 4 PATRICIA LEE INIARQUIS "Pat" To be happy G.A.A. 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Girls Club 3,45 A Cappella 35 Modern Dance 2 Page 48 DIAN GALE LEHMANN "Danny" To become well liked as a home economics teacher Band 2,3,45 Modern Dancing 2,35 Archery 2,3,45 Class Play 3,4 THOMAS G. LEITH "Willie" Basketball 2,35 Golf 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 Cross Country2 SHIRLEE YVONNE LIEK "Shirl" To become a nurse Indian Dancing 3,45 Modern Dancing 2,3,45 Girls' Club Council 25 A Cappella 2,-3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 VIVEK V. LIKHITE "John" To major in agriculture Cross Country 3,45 Track 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 3,45 Or- chestra 2,3,45 Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 JEANETTE L. LOHBAUER To be a grade school teacher Modern Music Masters 35 Future Teachers 2,3,45 Square Dancing 2,35 Orchestra 2,3,4 DAVID EUGENE LOWMAN "Dave" To be a chemical engineer Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Intramural Handball 2,3,4 RICHARD FRANK LUBBERS "Shiloh" To be a rancher Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Home- room Basketball 2,3,4 HANS T. LUEDTKE To become an oiiicer in the merchant marines FREDERICK PAUL LUGAR "Fritz" To be an aircraft mechanic Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 35 Track 2,35 E Club 2,3,45 Student Announcing 2,3 FREDERICK EUGENE LUND German Club 35 Chem-Phys Club 3 KENNETH JAMES LUND To be a draftsman on the West Coast Student Council 25 Intramural Basketball 2, Intramural VVrestling 2 SHERRY MARLENE LUND To be a success Girls Club Cabinet 25 Student Council Co-chairman 3,45 G.A.A. 3,45 Band Secretary 3,45 Class Play 3 PATRICIA ANN MEYER "Trish" ' To be a Registered Nurse German Club 2,35 Chem-Phys Club 35 Latin Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 BOB JEROLD MAYES "Mutter" To be an engineer Football 25 NVrestliug 2,35 Intramural Table Tennis 2,3 ROBERT ELMER McARTHUR "Mac" To be a printer Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Bowling 25 Industrial Arts Club 4 JOHN MOCABE "Scotsman" To own and sail my own boat Debate 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Class Play 3,4 JACK EDMUND McCARTY To be a successful commercial florist Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4g Latin Club 2 PATRICIA JEAN McKEOWN "Pat" To be a teacher Latin Club 25 Spanish Club S5 Future Teachers 2,3,45 Girls' Club 25 Maroon Staff 3,4 Co-editor 4 PARKER FRANK MQMAHAN, JR. "Pat" To be editor of the Chicago Tribune Band 253,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Chem-Phys Club 35 Latin Club 25 Mirror Staff 3,4 GEORGE F. McNABNEY "black" To be in the Navy band Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Homeroom President ANN ELIZABETH MILLER To be a teacher in the elementary grades German Club 2,35 French Club 45 Future Teachers 2,3,-'15 Sophomore Dramatics 25 Girls' Club 3 DAVID ARCHER MILLER "Dave" To be an aeronautical engineer Cross Country 2,35 Swimming 3,45 Basketball 25 Track 3,4 CAROL JEAN MINK "Pee Wee" To be successful in everything I do Tumbling 2,35 Indian Dancing 45 German Club 2,35 Chem- Phys Club 3 PAUL DOUGLAS MITCHELL "Mitch" To be a multi-millionaire Class Council 25 Student Council 45 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Chess Club 2,3,45 Chem-Phys Club 3,4 RUTH ANN INIARTIN "Martyn To marry a boy in the Air Force Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Bowling 2,3,45 Modern Dance 25 Square Dancing 2 JOHN WILLIAM MATISON "Jocko" To be a success without working for it Football 25 Basketball 2,-3,45 Baseball 253,45 Cross Country s,4, E Club 23,4 DOROTHY LOUISE MAUCK "Dottie" To be happy Class Council 3,45 Jr, Red Cross 2,35 Modern Dance 25 Spanish Club 35 jr. A Cappella 3 EVELYN ANNA MOELLER To be a teacher Entered from Kinmundy-Alina High School in 1955 MARGARET MOLITOR "Margie" To contribute something worthwhile to future generations French Club 35 Mirror 3,4 NIARIE ANN MONTELEONE To be a nurse Girls' Club 45 Bowling 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Future Nurses 45 Badminton 2 Page 49 .J SAM JOSEPH MONTELEONE To be a success in life A Cappella 2,3 DAVID CAREY MONTGOMERY "Dave" Student Council 2g Executive Council 8g Track 2,Sg Chem- Phys Club 4 Treasurer Sg Latin Club 2 DAVID G. MOORE "Moose" To join the Navy Intramural Cross Country 2g Intramural Sports 3,4 NVAYNE CLARENCE OTTE "Sonny" To be a civil engineer Football 233,45 Swimming 2,3,4g E Club 3,45 Homercom Basketball 4 WILLIAINI CHARLES PARLASCA "YVirsh" To own a 1956 Lincoln Band 2,35 Golf 2,3,4g Projection Club 2 EMIL JOE PASHOLK Hsluggy-" To operate heavy machinery Baseball 29 NVrestling 29 Intramural Golf 2,3g Intramural Basketball 2,3,-4 Page 50 CHARLES MORGAN "Charley" To go into the drafting or engineering field Tennis 3,45 Chem-Phys Club 4 KEITH WILBUT NIORTON f'Mort" To be a music teacher Orchestra 253,45 Square Dancing 3: Indian Dancing 3,4 NERLIN L. MULLINAX "Herb" To be a photographer Swimming 2,S,4g Square Dancing 2,3,4g Trampoline Clown 3,4 ROBERT LEONARD MURPHY "Murph" To be a doctor or engineer Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Ir. Red Cross 25 Homecoming Committee 2,3,4 WARREN GERARD NASH "Jerry" To own a speed shop in California Student Council 3,45 Basketball 2g Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g E Club 2,3 JOYCE IRENE NAYLOR "Waddle'i To accomplish anything I start out to do Q Modern Dance 2g Indian Dancing 2,35 Class Council 3,4g Spanish Club 2,3 BRINDA GYVYNNE NEIDIGH "Lolla" To live in Texas Modern Dance 2,3,4g French Club 25 Chem-Phys Club 39 Cv.A.A. 2,351 GARY EUGENE NORLING "Car" To be a commercial artist Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4g Intramural Golf 2,34 Bowling 25 Homecoming Committee 3,4 RALPH ARTHUR NORTHCOTT "Northie" To be a success Homeroom Basketball 2,S,4g Intramural Baseball 2g Indus- trial Arts Club 4 JOHN F. NOTO "Noodle" To be a scientist Tennis 25 Square Dancing 2,3,4g Homeroom Basketball 24 German Club 4 LAVERNE ROBERT OLSON "Ole" To be a coach Basketball 2,3,-45 Baseball 2,3,4g E Club 3,44 Football 25 N Hi-Y 3,4 AUDREY JUNE ORBAN "And" To be a nurse Cheerleader 23 G.A A. 253,49 jr. A Cappeia 3g Sr. Girls Choir 4g Pied Cross 2 a DIANE SANDRA PERKINS "Perk" To be a nurse Dramatics 25 Class Council 25 Girls' Club 35 Bowling 2,3,45 Spanish 2,3 GERALDINE JOYCE PERRY "Gerri" To be a success Indian Dancing 2,3,45 German Club 2,35 Student Council 25 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Bowling 3,4 JOHN ELBERT PETERS To be a history teacher German Club 2,3 SHARON KAE PETERS "Pete" To own a restaurant and be the chef Baseball 2,35 German Club 45 Indian Dancing 45 Sr. Girls' Choir 45 Ir. A Cappella 3 JOANNE ELIZABETH PETERSON "Jo" To own 1ny own beauty shop Maroon 45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.H.A. 4 DOROTHY CLARALYN PETERSON "Dotty" To be a music teacher 3M's 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Aeolian 25 Jr. A Cappella 35 Sr. A Cappella 4 RONNIE GRANT PETERSON "Pete" To be a success in life Intramural Basketball 2 JUDITH DIANE PILCHER To go to college Bowling 253,45 Indian Dancing 3,45 French Club 3,45 Modern Dance 45 F.H.A. 3,4 BONITA ELAINE POTTER "Bonnie" To be a secretary G.A.A. 2,3,45 Class Council 45 Girls' Club 25 Aeolian 25 German Club 3 BEVERLY LEE PRICE "Bev" To succeed G.A.A. 253,45 Red Cross 3 FRITZ PRIGGE Cross Country 253,45 Basketball 2,S,45 Track 2,35 E Club 3,4 KEITH HAROLD RABE "Dink" To own my own service station ROBERT CHARLES PAULSEN "Pouch" To make a million Baseball 25 Cross Country 2,35 Track 3,45 Homeroom Bas- ketball 2,-3,4 ROBERT JAMES PAWLAK "Chinn" ' To play for the Minneapolis Lakers Baseball 2,3,45 Cross Country 2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 E Club 203,45 Hi-Y 3,4 ELEANOR J. PEIRCE "Ellie" To enter some field of medicine Orchestra 2,3 Secretary 45 Sr. A Cappella 2,35 Dramatics 25 Future Nurses 4 CHARLES WILLIAM RACHOW "Chuck" To go to college Basketball 2,3,45 Track 35 Baseball 25 Cross Country 3,45 E Club 3,4 IVA MAY RAKOW "Ivy" To be in the Air Force Square Dancing 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Current Events Club 35 Latin Club 25 jr. A Cappella 3 SUSAN IRENE RANGE "Susy" To succeed in anything I attempt to do German Club 2,35 Latin Club 45 Tumbling 35 Bowling 45 Tennis 4 Page 51 CURTIS CLARENCE RANSONI "Curt" To be a ditch digger - E Club 243,44 Wrestling 2,3,44 Intramural VVrestling 24 Intramural Baseball 2 ROCHELLE REASON "Rocky" ' To be a teacher Class Council 2g Spanish Club 2,34 C.A.A. 2,344 NILA GAY REBENSTORF To be a nurse and get married Modern Dance 2.3444 Student Council 2,3,44 Spanish Club 2,34 Forensics 2,3,44 Future Nurses 4 DOROTHY LEE ROTH To be successful and live a happy life Class Council 4g Ir. Red Cross 34 Indian Dancing 3,44 Business Council 3,44 Mirror 3,4 Editor 4 INILLIANI HAROLD ROW "Harry" To be a research scientist Football 2,34 XN'restling 3,44 Tennis 3,44 E Club 3,44 Stu- dent Council 2,3 INMAN R. RUSSELL To be satisfied Football 24 A Cappella 2,34 Homeroom Basketball 2,344 Page 52 DENNIS RICHARD REBER "Denny" To work for Commonwealth Edison Company Football 2g Intramural Basketball 2,344 CAROLL LYNN REED "Tokyo Rose" To be an interior decorator Class Council 34 Homecoming Assembly 44 jr. A Cappella 34 Sr. A Cappella 44 Spanish Club 2 BARBARA SUSANNE REES "Bobbi" To be a fashion illustrator Girls, Club 3,44 Spanish Club 2,34 G.A.A. 2,344 BARBARA ANN REICHELT "Blondie" G.A.A. 2,3,44 Maroon Assembly 34 Bowling 4 CHARLES EDWARD RENWICK "Charlie" To graduate JAMES DONALD REYNOLDS "Jim" To join the army Track 3,44 Intramural Basketball 3,4 DORIS ANITA RIEDEMANN To be a success in everything I do Girls' Club Cabinet 4g Business Council 3,44 Jr. A Cappella 34 Student Council 44 Modem Dance 2,3,4 DON F. RIPPBERGER "Ripp" To live in Califomia Orchestra 2,34 Intramural Badminton 2,34 Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3 BEN F. ROCHA "Roach" To be a barber Wrestling 2,3444 Golf 2,3,4Q Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 PATRICIA GALE ROCKWELL "Pat" To help others see the important things in life Bowling 24 Dramatics 2g Aeolian 2 PHILLIP WARREN ROOKER "Rook" To hold a swimming record Swimming 2,3444 Orchestra 2,3,4Q Band 34 E Club 3,4 PAULA MAE ROSENE "Doll" To be a professional ice skater oBwling 24 Orchestra 2,34 Spanish club 2 MARCELENE MAE SADLER "Marcia" To be happy with a certain person Indian Dancing 2,3,4g jr. A Cappella Sg Bowling 2,35 Maroon 3g G.A.A. 2,3,4 PATRICIA JEAN SALISBURY "Put" To make myself and others happy Dramatics 23 Modern Dance 2,S,4g French Club 2,3g Forensics 25 Class Play 3 WILLIAM LEE SANDBERG "Bill" To get a college education Class Council 3g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 JIM ROBERT SAYERS To wash enough windows to retire VVrestling 2,3,-4g F.F.A. 2,-3,45 Homeroom Basketball 2,S,4 WILLIAM ELWOOD SCARRITT "Bill" To graduate from college Chem-Phys Club 2,35 Spanish Club 3g Wrestling Man- agers 3,4 KAREN MARIE SCHAEDE To graduate from college Modern Dance 2,34 Girls Club 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,S,4g Latin Club 3,45 A Cappella 4 ANDREW M. SCHAUS "Andy" To run my own store Baseball 2,3,4g E Club 2,3,4g Basketball Manager 2,3,4g Football Manager 2,3,4g Projection Club 2,3 PHILIP ROY SCHMIDGALL To get away Football 25 VVrestling 2g Intramural Volleyball 3 ROBERT ALLEN SCHMIDT "Smitty" To graduate and join the Marines TERRY EUGENE SCHMIDT To be a scientist German Club 35 Chem-Phys Club 45 Tennis 4 JEAN MARIE SCHNEIDER "Jeannie" To always have a lot of friends F.B.L.A. 25 Class Council 4 LARRY WILLIAM SCHRAMM To be happy and successful Intramural Basketball 2,3,4 .IUDITH ANN RYDELI.. "ProX" To be a nurse Aeolian 2g jr. A Cappella S ROBERT EDWARD SAACK "Bobber" To own an auto repair shop Wrestling 4g Homeroom Basketball 2,3,4 .IOLETA ANN SABIN "Jo" To be happy in the future Girls' Club 23 Spanish Club 2,35 Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Bowling 25 Mirror 3 Assistant Editor 4 SANDRA LEE SCHRAMM To be a nurse Modern Dance 2,-3.45 Sr. A Cappella 53,44 Latin Club 2,35 Class Play 3,4g Girls' Club 2 E. CHARLES SCHRODER "Chuck" To be a poultry husbandry man Football 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g E Club 2,3,4g VVrestling 2,4g Sr. A Cappella 2,3 JOHN WILLIAM SCHUDEL To graduate and go into service Track 2,3,4 Page 53 BETTY LOU SCHULTZ "Schultzle" To live a long happy life with lots of friends C.A.A. 2,3,45 Aeolian 25 F.B.L.A. 25 Gemian Club 45 A Cappella 3 CAROL ANN SCHULT To be a nurse Aeolian 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Modern Dance 2,35 G.A.A. 253,-4 MARVIN F. SCHULTZ To go into a trade NANCY JO SODERBERG "Sody" To become a nurse Jr. A Cappella 35 Modern Dance 2,3545 C.A.A. 253,45 Bowling 25 Latin Club 2 JUDITH ANN SOINIERS "Judy" To be a telephone operator c.A.A. 23,4 5 GERALDINE ANN SORN "Gerry" To finish nurse's training Forensics 25 3M's 25 Student Council 35 French Club 3,45 Girls' Club 4 Page 54 GERALD R. SEAGREN "Sig" To be an engineer Football 2,-3,45 XVrestling 253,45 E Club 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Student Council 2,3 NIARY ELIZABETH SEMENY "Little Soup" To never grow old Cheerleading 25 Student Council 45 German Club 2,35 Future Nurses 45 A Cappella 3 GARY L. SHALES To go into a trade SALLY LUE SHALES "Sal" To live a happy life G.A.A. 2,3,45 Aeolian 25 Latin Club 2,35 Gemian Club 45 jr. A Cappella 3 LEONA ANN SHEPARD To go to college Bowling 25 Aeolian 25 G.A.A. 2,3,4 PHYLLIS ANN SHOWMAKER To be a nurse Latin Club 25 Current Events Club 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 A Cappella 35 Modern Dance 2,3 KAREN F. SIEGEL To graduate from college Modern Dance 2,3,45 jr. A Cappella 35 French Club 25 Class Play 3,45 German Club 4 DONALD RAY SLAUBAUGH To graduate from college Band 253,45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Intramural Basket- ball 2,3 ROBERT JOHN SMALL "Bob" To join the Navy Band 2,3,45 WVrestling 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4 LEONARD WALTER SMITH "Lennie" To own a night club Football 25 Class Council 2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Sr. A Cappella 2,3 President 45 Track 3 ROBERT LEE SMITH "Bob" To own a business of my own ROBERT LEE SMITH "Bob" To be a doctor of medicine Latin Club 25 German Club 3,45 Golf 3,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Intramural Bowling 2,3,4 I --- JANE HEATHER STARR A To go to Hawaii Spanish Club 2,35 F.B.L.A. 2g Bowling 25 Class Party Committee 4g G.A.A. 2,3,4 HARVEY CONRAD STEEN "Stretch" Latin Club 2.5 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g XVEPS 2,3 GEORGE ARTHUR STEPHENS To be a printer Mirror 3,4 Entered from Joliet Township High School during junior year DENNIS D. STEWART To be a great photographer Mirror 3,4g Maroon 4g Intramural Basketball 233,45 Home- room Basketball 2,3,4g Intramural Free Throw Champion S EDWIN E. STEYVART "Stew" To be an Engineer Student Council 2,49 Class Council 3,4 Vice President 3 President 4g Class Play 3,45 VVrestling 253,45 Baseball 2,3.4 DON EUGENE STIKKERS To be a forest ranger DOROTHY ANN STONE To live a long happy life Indian Dancing 2,S,4g G.A.A. 253,45 A Cappella S4 Class Council 4g Aeolian 2 CHARLES EDWARD STOPHLET "Chuck" Entered from VVest Frankfort Community High School April, 1955 LILLIAN DELORIS STRAHL To move to California BETTE LEE STRINGER To be a secretary to a large firm Girls' Club 39 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Spanish Club S5 Homecoming Assembly 4 REBECCA ANN STROWBRIDGE "Becky" To be a secretary G.A.A. 2,3,4g F.B.L.A. 25 F.H.A. 4g Homecoming As- sembly 4 ARDIS JEANETTE STUART "Ardie" To graduate from college Class Council 2,45 Treasurer 4g Student Council 35 Modern Dance 2,3,4g SMS 2g G.A.A. 2,3,4 LEE ARTHUR SPARKS To become a certified public accountant Football 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Class Council 34 Student Council 4g E Club 3,4 BARBARA DELORIS SPATES To be a singer Homecoming Assembly 4g G.A.A. 2,3,4 PAULA MAE STADE Bowling 2,3,4g G.A.A. 23,4 NAN JEAN SUNNY "Sunnyi' To be a beautician F.I-I.A. 3, Treasurer 4g Class Play 3,43 G.A.A 2.,3,4 SANDRA REA SWAIN "Sandy" To do bookkeeping and office work Modern Dance 2,3,4g Latin Club 2g Bowling 8,4g Girls Club 3g Class Play 3,4 HAROLD DEROY SWANSON "Swany" To live happily ever after Football 253,43 Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 3,4g Student Conn. ,cil 4g E Club 3,4 Page 55 JACKIE ANN THELANDER To travel Spanish Club 3, Modern Dance 3,4g Class Play 3,45 Aeo- lian 25 Current Events Club 3 HELEN LAURA THIES To be a secretary Class Council 3,45 Student Council 2g Modern Dance 2,3,4g French Club 3,45 Sr. A Cappella 4 DONNA DAE THOMPSON "Thomps" To be a private secretary Dramatics Club 2g Girls' Club Cabinet 3,4 Secretary 3: Modern Dance 2,3,4g Sr. A Cappella 3,43 Spanish Club 3,4 JOYCE KATHLEEN WALKER "Joie" To travel Girls' Club 3, G.A.A. 2,3,4 DOUGLAS A. WALLACE "Doug" To he happy in my chosen occupation Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Student Council 2,3,4g E Club 2,3 Secretary-Treasurer 4 JIINI BLAIR WALLACE To put myself through college Track 2,3,4g Basketball 25 Class Council 4g Intramural Basketball 2,3,4g Latin Club 2 Page 56 PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON "Pat" To be a teacher in the elementary grades Class Council 2g Student Council 3g Girls' Club Council 4, Maroon Staff 4, Modern Dance 2,3,4 ROBERT WHITTEN TILLOTSON "TilIy" To graduate Latin Club 25 Chem-Phys Club 3 EMILY JOSEPHINE TOBLER To travel Bowling 2,S,4, Baseball 2 MARILYN LAVONNE TOLLEY Sr. A Cappella 45 jr. A Cappella 3, Aeolian 2, Girls' Club 4 JULIA KATHERINE TROTTER "Judy" To do oflice work and bookkeeping Modern Dance 2,3,4g Spanish Club 3g Bowling 4g Class Play Committee 3,45 Current Events Club 3 EULAINE JOYCE TUCKER "Eu" To be a professional accordionist jr. A Cappella S1 Sr. Girls Choir 45 Aeolian 2, 3M's Sec- retary 4, Class Play 3 LOIS TUCKER To be happy Spanish Club 2, Bowling 3,45 F .H.A. 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 MARIE LORRAINE ULSAVER To marry a certain mid-shipman Spanish Club 2g Archery 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Hall Monitor 3 JAMES RICHARD VAN BUREN "Jim" To own a burlesque show Football 23 WVrestling 2g Class Play 3g Student Council 2, Cross Country 3 CONSTANCE JEAN VANDERFORD To have a happy marriage Modern Dance 2,3,-45 Archery 2,3,4, F.H.A. 3,4 MARIORIE CLAIRE VAN WAMBEKE To attend college Aeolian 2, Ir. A Cappella 3g Sr. A Cappella 43 Latin Club 25 Archery 2,3 SARAH JUDITH VOREIS "Judy" To be a teacher Maroon Editor 45 Sr. A Cappela 4, Orchestra 2,3,4g Class Council 2,35 Spanish Club 2 Secretary 2 JUDITH LYNNE WATZLAWICK To always be happy Latin Club 2,35 Bowling 2,3,45 Girls' Club 45 Ir. A Cappella 3 DIANE EVELYN WARD To make life a success Sr. A Cappella 3,45 Cheerleading 25 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Class Play S ANN JEAN WEBER To be a nurse Aeolian 25 Ir. A Cappella 35 Sr. Girls Choir 45 Bowling 2,3,45 Nurses Club 4 I-IARLENE JOY WEINTRAUB To go into the Held of radio Mirror Staff 3,45 Spanish Club 35 Indian Dancing 2,35 Modern Dance 2,3,45 Girls, Club 2 JOYCE HARRIET WEISNER "Joycie" To live a happy contented life Girls' Club Cabinet 2,3 President 45 Dramatics Club 2 President 25 Class Secretary 35 Class Play 3,4 RICHARD D. WEISS "Dick" To get through college a bachelor Baseball 2,45 Football 35 Basketball 45 E Club 45 Hi-Y 4 JUDITH ANN WELLS To always have those moments to remember Band 2,35 Square Dancing 253,45 G.A.A. 2,S,45 Mirror Staff 3,45 French Club 2 DAWN ELAINE WENDLER ' To be happily married to a certain Doug Bowling 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.H.A. 3, Vice President 45 Business Council SYLVIA JILL WERNER To work on the Airlines Square Dancing 2,3,4 MARTHA GRAHAM WEST "Mae" To get through four years of college G.A.A. 2,3,45 Radio 253,45 Class Play 3,45 French Club 3,-4, President 35 Latin Club 2 NIARLENE EMILY WETZEL To be an airline hostess Cheerleading 2,3,45 Ir. Red Cross 3,45 Indian Dancing 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3,45 jr. A Cappella 8 JAMES LEE WEWETZER To be a farmer VVrestling 2,35 Intramural NVrestling 2,45 Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3,4 1 l i ,,, L , W JOHN PHILLIP WALTERS To be a research chemist Football 25 German Club 3,45 Hi-Y 3, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Chem-Phys Club 4 GENE JEFFERSON WALZ To be a forest ranger Football 25 Chess and Checkers 35 Intramural Sports 35 NVrestling 2 JIM WEBSTER WARNER To be a success in whatever I do Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Bowling 2,3545 Baseball 25 Football Manager 25 Spanish Club 2,3 LARRY MITCHELL WHALEN To hunt polar or grizzly bear Intramural Badminton 25 Intramural Volleyball 35 Indus- trial Arts Club 4 JOE WILLIAM WHEELER "Century" To own a Buick Century Intramural Basketball 253,45 Homeroom Basketball 2,-3,4 IOHN ANTHONY WHITMER "Tony" To be a construction engineer Intramural NVrestIing 2,3,45 Intramural Baseball 2,4 Page 57 JANICE KAY WHITCOMB "Jan" To be a secretary Jr. A Cappella 3g Sr. A Cappella 45 Girls' Club 45 Bowling 2,3,4 BEVIA JEAN WHITNEY "Bev" To marry a certain soldier Square Dancing 25 Bowling 3,45 G.A.A. 2,S,4 CHARLENE ANN WILCOX "Char" To be happily married Bowling 2,35 German Club 3 NANCY CAROL ZICKUHR "Zickie" To design and help build a home l Student Council 2,35 Modern Dance 2,3,-lg Indian Dancing 2.33: Class Plax' 3,43 Bowling 2,4 GLORIA JEAN ZIEGLER "Glo" To have june 25th come in a hurry l Class Council 23,45 Bowling 2.3: Indian Dancing 25 G.AlA. 2,145 Modern Dance 2,3 JUDITH LEE ZIERKE "Judy" To always be happy with a certain blond Spanish Club 23 Bowling 2: G-A-A. 23,4 JILL ANN ZIMMER To go to college and bc successful Class Council 2,3,45 Treasurer 2,35 Student Council 43 jr. Red Cross 3.45 Mirror Staff 3,4 Business Man- ager 4: G.A.A. 2,3,4 Page 58 DOUGLAS ALLEN WILLIAMS To be an engineer Class Play 3,45 Basketball 25 Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Dra- matics Club 25 Latin Club 2,3 DOUG ALAN WILSON "Wils" To be a butcher Sr. A Cappella 2,3,45 Class Play 3,4 DEAN E. WINEBRENNER "Winey" To be successful in a trade Football 2,3g lVrestling 2,3,45 Track 2.5 E Club 2,S,4 NANCY ANN WIRES "Nan" To get married Bowling 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 JAMES FRANCIS WISSMAN "YVissy" To become a mechanic ' Projection Club 2,3,45 Indian Dancing 3,45 Square Danc- ing 2,35 Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4 EUGENE CARL WITTENSTROM ' To be a Doctor Class Play 3,45 E Club 3,45 Swimming 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Sr. A Cappella 2,3,4 GENE GLEN WOOD "Freckles" To be a member in a big business firm Intramural Basketball 35 Football 3,45 Class Play 8 NANCY CHARLENE WOOD To be a successful homemaker Girls' Club 2,35 F.H.A. 3,4, President 45 Dramatics 8,45 G.A.A. 23,4 ARTIS MAE WOOLCOTT "Art" To be a nurse Latin Club 2,35 Ir. A Cappella 35 Sr. A Cappella 45 Class Committees 3,45 Business Council 4 A PEGGY ANN YARWOOD "Peg" To be a good nurse G.A.A. 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 German Club 45 Hospital Committee 2 JOAN ELAINE YOHNKE To go to comptometer school Indian Dancing 2,35 Bowling 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Modern Dance 2,3 BARBARA JOANNE ZICKUHR "Barb" To be a registered nurse Modern Dance 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 Band 253,45 Orchestra 4 The ear re ordea' Ill phoiqgfrapb Upper Left-The last milestone in the high school career - commencement Upper Center-Outstanding seniors receive recognition on Honors Day Upper Right--Mr. and Miss Courtesy from each of the classes - part of the Student Council's courtesy campaign Center Left-Poster art by Krich advertising the homecoming dance is absorbed by two sophomores Center-Our exchange student, Lore Krebs, is introduced by Tom Hickey, student council president Center Right-The debate champions return to their alma mater Lower Left-The mimeograpli machine affords a chance to catch up on the latest news Lower Center-A taste of socialized medicine Lower Right-Prom night - foolish but fun 51. Juniors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Bight Carolyn WVagner, Sandra Hankins, Ben Royer, Ted Tamereau Q. Q Page 60 Roger Abbott Gloria Aguiniga Sonja Aguiniga Dick Ahrens Eileen Albright joan Allbee Barbara Anderson Betty Anderson Joyce Applehofl Karen Arnold jim Ashley Martha Auble Dick Averaino Stanley Bahwell Dick Baker Norma Baker Gordon Banwart Arden Barckley Judy Barringer Karen Barry Dick Becker jim Behrens jay Bell Charlotte Benner Charles Bierman Vicky Biggers Norton Blank N l The Hass of 1,957 Keith Carlson JoAnn Carter Cary Caul Doris Chandler Rositta Chandler jon Charnesky jerry Christ Jerry Cirrincione Dave Clark Donna Clarrissimeaux joe Cluckey Duane Clute Donna Collins Mary Collins Margaret Cook Evelyn Coon Bob Coquillette Merrill Cork jim Crowfoot Sandra Culverson Dick Dahn Ted Dau Carol Davis Michael Davis DelVayne Blietz Cary Bonkoske Bobby Braascli Catherine Bradley Don Bradley Margaret Bradshaw Betty Bramer Charles Brandt Joanne Braun Eunice Broadnax Harry Brodde Betty Brown Bruce Burnidge Charles Burnidge Phoebe Burt Ruth Byrd Denova Cairel Dave Carey Jean D'Camp Barbara Dierking Kathy Dittmer Susan Dodd Annette Dodds Daniel Donner Page 61 Juniors Leonard Dorsett Donald Dorwaldt Janet Dowell Mellard Dunton Suzanne Duval Edward Dwan Dennis Dziewior Bill Eggert Charlyn Elliott Nancy Ellison John Emrich Dick Erdman Marlisa Erdmann Jackie Erskine Shirley Ewing Diane Fees Hildegard Fiedler Bill F ishburn - Page 62 Ellen Flowers George Foelschow Karen Folhnann Keith Follmann Merilyn Foltz Carolyn F organ Judy Frame Gail Frank James Fredericksen Linda Freeman Barbara Frey Evert Frey Judy F risbie Janice Fritz Ronald Fritz Jerry Frost Garry Fry Mike Gallagher Bob Gathman John Gebelt Lois Gerberding Darlene Gershick Madge Gilmore Janet Goebbert Gail Gomersall Donna Green , Jacque Greenawalt Betty Gregory David Groeninger Ralph Gross Tie Hass of 1.9 Paul Heckmann Jean Hempstead Bette Hempt Frank Henkemeyer Michael Hennessey Dawn Hess Neil Grossmickle Jerome Groth Allan Gurnett Virginia Hass Nancy Haberstick Nancy Hackler Joanna Hagan Gerald Hall Robert Hall Martha Hammond Sandra Hankins Charles Hanks Alicia Harkins George Harms Don Harrison Richard Hartman Marcia Heath David Heckert Ann Hill Betty Hill Truman Hix Lane Hoffman Ronald Holland Ray Holmquist Cecil Holtz Kay Homfeldt Mary Hopp Barbara Hoppe Carole Hoppe George Horne Harriette Horne john Hoy Bob Humbracht Sandra Humbracht James Humphrey Dion Hundley jane Hurd Bernie Idstein Russell Ihssen Charles Isibue Ruth James Judy Ienkins Page 63 Juniors David Jensen Alan Johnson Sandra Johnson Judy Johnson Kathleen Johnston Larry Jolliff Sue Jones Joanne Jurs Nancy Kadow Gary Kane Charles Kaptain Roger Karsten Peggy Kasules Marilyn Keeker Carolyn Kellenberger Shirley Kenyon Ann Kielsmeier Charles King Page 64 Joan Klein Maxine Klein Tom Kleiser Judy Kline Bob Klinnert Phyllis Kobel Ronald Koehn Mary Lou Konen Janet Kornman Torn Kosek Craig Kawalski Judy Kozumplik Sue Kraebber Don Kramer Bob Kruckeberg Virgil Lambert Eugene Lamz Ronald Lamz Marlyn Land Duane Landers Karen Langos Sandra Laseman Ge Ge Leach Deloris Lee Tile Hass of L9 Charlene Meyer Sandra Meyer V erJean Meyer Roger Mickolas Dorothy Micklevitz Janet Miller Linda Miller Marilyn Miner Judith Moeller Dick Mooney Judy LeLievre Ginger Leonard Sharon LeVine Carole Lorenz Art Ldwig Dick Lundy Mary Luscher Ed Mackert Larry Mades Ken Magowan Leo Manolis Bob Marquis Sharon Marshall Charlotte McAlpin Robert McCurdy Kay McDonald Terry McDonald Chuck McGowan Ann Morgan Joan Morley Caroline Nemitz Wilma Moser Corlee Mousel Dan Mueller Virginia Nelson James Morton Barbara Nerge Judy Neuschwanger Jackie Nichols Joann Niernann Lavonne Nitz Gilbert Nore Page 65 Juniors Rudolfo Ochoa Alice O'Connell Alvin Orr Robert Oser Lynda Palmatier Lola Parr Barbara Parry Dick Partridge Sandra Paulus jim Payne Konna Peak Carolyn Peirce Randy Perly Ronald Peters james Peterson Carolyn Phillips Elmer Pluss Perry Pope Page 66 Don Porter Charlotte Preiss Tom Prickett Leota Pries Larry Pritchard Gary Puifpaff Patricia Purdy Bernice Raddatz Ruth Ann Rakow Ierry Ramage Barbara Range Indy Rasmussen Roy Rasmussen Margaret Rateike Herman Rehberg Dale Reinking Bill Renter Fred Rhoades Bill Rhymes R Joan Richards Art Richardson Eddie Richardson Joann Rifken Nancy Riley The Hass of L9 Theresa Schmidt Betty Schubbe Carol Schubert Roger Schuelke Sandra Schult Iudene Schultz jerry Scroggin jim Shales Sally Shaw Lowell Shelton Bruce Shirley Bill Schultz Roger Shurtleif Sue Simmons Dave Sinnett Evelyn Sitter Patricia Skelley Gordon Skinner Gwen Smith Helen Smith james Smith Ray Smith Sharlene Smith GayAnne Snyder Carl Rippberger Roger Ritter Judy Robbins Thelma Robbins Cyndy Robertson Iacqueline Rockwell Deanna Rogers Donald Rohlwing Beverly Rohr Ben Royer Carol Rummells Gordon Rutzen Bunny Ryerson Donna Schabert Jacqueline Schaeifer Carol Scheitlin Paul Scherf JoAnn Schmidt Page 67 Juniors Phil Sokody Dennis Sommers Stephen Soper WVillie Spates Audrey Spellmeyer David Starin James Stark David Starr Eleanor Steffen Mavis Steinmeyer JoEllen Sternberg Kathryn Stevens Louise Stewart Mary Stewart Judy Stojentin Bobbette Stoner Jim Stowell Jack Sunderlage Page 68 Hazel Symonds Ruth Symonds Carmen Tacason Ted Tammearu Delores Teets Mark Thelen Thom Thies Judy Thompson Lavonne Thomsen Linda Thrun Sharron Thurnau Nancy Torok Germaine Treadwell Jerry Trotter Joanne Trotter Jim Tucker Sharon Tucker Nancy Tumer Kay Underwager Phyllis VanBuren Tom VanBuren James VanFleet Ray Vellinga Miriam Volle Nancy Vollman Carolyn Wagner Nancy Wagner Joy Waidler Priscilla Wallace VVanda Walton The lass 01" 1,9 Tom Wright Donald Wauchope Phil Wencek Iacqueline VVendler Nancy Werrbacli Joann VV6StBl'Il13l1 Barbara WVhipple David Wicklund Renee Wilcox Lois Wilharm Cenelle Williams Richard WVillis Robert Wills Gaye Winbigler Sally Windau Lawrence WVishon Nanjean Wolfe Judy Wright Patricia Wright Evelyn Yanke Fayette Zimmerman jim Zimmerman Carol Zornow Richard Zvara The Marionettes recreate a dance from "Brigadoon" for the Junior Class Party. Page 69 Sophomomv SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Row One-Saundra Fabrick, treasurer, Janice Mock, secretary Row Two-Doug Kranwinkle, president, Bob Swanson, vice president SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL Row One-Paul Haas, Ralph Haseman, Lynn Danford. Row Two-Bill Rubenstein, Roberta Lidcn, Barbara Bowles, Jackie XVallis, Bob Swanson, Doug Kranwinkle, Janice Mock, Saundra Fabrick Row Three-Lynda Cartwright, Mary Kay Howard, Joan Thompson, Bonnie Auble, Mary Ann Smith, Sally Scllurmeier Row F our-Larry Michelson, Don Johnston, Mike Rehberg, George Palmer. Craig Abbott Marlene Abbott Terry Abem Leilana Ackman Sandra Ackrnann john Adams Loretta Aguiniga William Ahrens Ernie Akemann VVesley Alkire Lowell Allen Charles Althen Hedy Andersen Doreen Anderson Lynne Ansehnan Gerald Ashby Judy Atchison Barbara Auble Bonnie Auble Patricia Auble Karen Aylward Florence Baellr Gloria Bagby Ioyce Baker Sharon Ballard Raylene Banwart Jane Barman Mary Ann Bartosiewicz Ralph Bauman Roger Baumgartner Page 70 The Hass of I9 6' Jeanne Baxman Darwin Begalka Larry Behm Bill Belcher Brenda Benner Dave Benson James Berna Vivian Beu Nancy Bierman Carl Bittinger Caroline Bittinger Judy Bittinger Janice Blaha Richard Blank Bruce Blosat Judith Bolerjack John Bolz Dick Boncosky Page 71 David Bouque Barbara Bowles Donna Bown Kenneth Braasch Herman Braun Sandra Breeding James Brockman Ellen Broski John Brown Donald Bruneman Cordon Burkart Robert Burney Judith Burnidge Judith Burt Suzanne Burton Leonard Busche Durward Cain Margaret Calhoun Linda Cantrell Robert Cantrell Nancy Carey Charles Carlson Richard Carlson Rose Carlton Lynda Cartwright Sal Castora Gene Cavitt Judy Chatterton Judy Cherco Jeanette Chislett Sopllomores Nancy Dellinger James De Mien Joyce Demien Joyce De Mille Jack Deuterman John Devine Phillis De NVanz James Christle Michael Coburn Frank Collier Gail Collier Danny Collins Martha Cook Jeffrey Cooke Leland Cork Bonnie Covey Mary Cowan Hershel Cowsert Janice Crain Kenneth Cronk Leon Cullins Bob Cutler Lynn Danford Warren Danielson Donald De Foy Barbara Dewis Judy Dierking Dorothy Dodds Jeanette Dorwaldt Frank Dowty Diane Dueringer Robert Durrenberger Lois Dye Margaret Ebeling Clifford Edwards Marilyn Elliott Lin Elswick Robert Emmons Ed Engelbrecht Irmy Engmann Thomas Enoe George Ensign Elna Erdman Marilyn Ermel Lloyd Etter Shelby Ewert Saundra Fabrick John Fairchild Page 72 The Hass of 1,9 X Bill Fee jerry F ehrnian Joyce F lentge Barry Fohrman Vera Forbes Mary Forrester Lawrence Franzen Delbert Fredericks Lucille F riese Elaine Friedman Florence Garcia Connie Garrelts Richard Genz Torn Geske Fred Gibbons Mary Lou Gillespie Ann Glashagel Ray Goff Eugenia Goroschkin Earl Grantham Sharon Grap NVally Gray Page 73 Marcia Green Karen Gregg Audrey Greve Thayne Grolf Mary Gromer Donna Gustafson Paul Haas Richard Haase Avis Hahn Beverly Hahn . Judy Hall Lynn Hampel jack Harms Pat Harris Neil Hart Ruth Hartman Ralph Haseman Barbara Hayes Sharon Hayward Larry Heath Violet Heath Sally Heine Linda Helsdon Carolyn Henninger Richard Hensley l Don Hess Sophomores N Connee Iscaro Janis Jacobs Howard Jakeway Patricia Jaskula Dianne Jennings Ruth Jensen Wayne A. Jensen Wayne M. Jensen Edna Jepson Dale Johnson Darlene Johnson Jack Johnson Judith Johnson Larry Johnson Richard A. Johnson Richard B. Johnson Toni Johnson Donald Johnston Joyce Joiner Lester Jones Steve Jones Francis Kallina Judy Kampmeyer Donald Kane Rosemary Kaptain Karen Karsten Nancy Karsten Gloria Kelem Marcia Keller Lance Killman Thomas Hettinger Mary Highland Virginia Hileman Joyce Hilty Frances Hines Toby Hines Edward Hodges Jon Hoffman Barbara Hollister Judie Holtz Lawrence Homfeldt David Hopp Karen Hopp Ronald Hoppe Mary Kay Howard Bmce Hudgens Edna Hulsberg Jackie Humbracht Page 74 The Hass of 1,9 X Diana King Susie Kirkpatrick Carol Kisselburg ' Karen Klein Billie Lu Kline Glen Koehler Indy Kotchuk Larry Koth Carlyn Koyn Douglas Kranwinkle Lola Krause Clen Kreinbrink Urbane Kunz john Kusclimirz Paul Kvistad Rae Ann Lacey Verne Lagerstrom james Lamp Page 75 Norma Landis Carole Lange David Langum John Lapp Diana Larson Janis Larson John Lawrence Judy Laseman William Lea Robert Leith Pat Levine ' Eleanor Lewis Roberta Liden Xvalter Liepitz Judy Lindoerfer Mary Lindoerfer Mary Lohbauer Dorothy Long Beiiha Lopez Glen Lovejoy Gail Lowrie Manfred Luedtke Bob Luker Joanne Lullie Clark Lund David Lusclier William Lusclier . Peggy Manuel Gary Manzow Mike Marisic Jophomores Richard Moore David Morley Carol Moss Bonnie Mumme Mick Musikich Thomas Neal Barbara Nelson Karen Nelson Melvin Nelson Raynor Nelson Stephen Nelson Richard Neuman Roy Nickel Gerald Nitz Roger Norden Larry O'Brien Margo O,Brien Bob O'Connor Jack Oehler Joyce Olesen Darrel Olson Sandra Orban George Palmer Judy Parren Herbert Parrish Roger Parsons Leonard Pasholk Norman Paulin Indy Pentz Gail Perkins Ianice Markowitz Peggy Marquis Mildred Marvin Sandra Marxen Clara Mauck Rose McConney Bob McG'a1'ry Dennis McKay Erika Melchior Bill Menke Yvilliam Merriman George Metzger Larry Michelson Mary Lou Micklevitz David Miller Mike Milligan Bill Minehart Ianice Mock Page 76 The Hass of 1,9 fi' Allan Perry Judith Peters Barbara Petersdorf Linda Peterson Marilyn Petry Mitzi Pfeiifer Richard PHster Jack Piiederer Suzanne Preiss Cary Prell Cordon Prigge Bob Pritchard Hattie Prochnow Gene Puffpaff Clara Raplus David Rasmussen Margaret Rea Carol Rediger Page 77 Michael Rehberg Sandra Reichel Joanne Reid Jeffrey Reinert Aarne Reinsalu Carole Rewick Norma Renwick Susan Renwick Jerry Reuter Sally Reynolds Margaret Rhoades Larry Rhymes Marilyn Richards Janet Ricketts Mary Rippberger Dennis, Roach Dexter Roberts Richard D. Robertson Richard G. Robertson Phil Robinson Helen Rogers Charles Rosene Shirley Ross William Rubenstein Nona Rushing Janice Rydell Helen Sajbert Kay Sanders Norman Sanders Jim Sarto L Alopllolnores Sally Sinko Dave Sipple Barbara Smith Beverly Smith Charlene Smith John L. Smith Jon R. Smith Mary Smith Norma Smith Mary Sommer Lary. Sommers Lynda Sonneborn Minnie Spates Elvin Spicer Jeanne Stark Sonja Steen Jeanne Steifen Neil Steffens Karen Stege Carol Stevens Bruce Stevenson Doris Stewart Allan Stonehocker Betty Strackany Ronald Strackany Merlin Strahl Gene Stuart Margaret Stuart Wyn Swainson Bob Swanson Linda Swanson Ruth Sweet Phyllis Taylor Wayne Taylor Barbara Teschke Clarence Teyler Page 78 Earl Saunders Sally Savegnago George Saville Iack Scherf Carol Schleif Allen Schmidt Diane Schmitt Delbert Schrieber Sally Schurmeier Roger Schwanke Steve Shaw Gary Shelby Lawrence Shinnall Barbara Showmaker Roger Siegmeier Jackie Siegrist Frank Sieroslawski jerry Simpson The lass of 1,9 Dale Thomas Kirby I. Thomas Larry Thomas joan Thompson Helen Thorne Tom Thrun james Tilley Sally Tompkins Reid Tonkens Ennadean Toppel Robert Trolson Gerald Trygg 6' June Ulsaver WVarren Unruh jane Valentine Judy Vanderford Dick Vaughan Carol V illars Yvonne V 0 gehnann Betty Vogt Will Io iam Vogt el V olle Dave Volmer Diana VVacker Sandy Wagner Bonnie VValker jimmy Waller Ia cqueline Wallis Carole Ward Linda Waterman Meredith Watts Barbara Watzlawick Gary XfVeiss David Wells Nancy Wendt jo Ann Wetzel Indy Whipple Marilyn Whircomb Barbara Wilkinson Larry Williams Joyce Willis Merry Wilson Roger Wineinger Charlo tte Wires Mary Withers Ju dith Wood Richard Woolcott Gene Wright Owen Wright Sandra Young ' Fred Zimmerman Louis Zimmerman Page 79 Pat Zirk joann Zweifel -1 J ,- ' Q, X Nffxi - is - QNX xx x wxbf X Xxx XS Q2 wa XM x N wx X YQ NN WX EX X ix xx 'W . .QF Q xv Q RSX Q R Q X xg 5 . Tfxzig k ff .i :f x S5 5 , ', " fd- K a 41, XX Q X - f sisgsv x --Qfwafl N. . - ' ,re ' w Y -3 J S 'Q E. Q n g .. 1 .-su wif, 5 N S-QM ix F S if Xi QM is w ,Y 'YQ VXI: 'Y if xx S x , 3 5 E J f S ij QS XE A QE 3 .S Q S? 3. X gli if 5. X fx . 'H ix W ir. X X XX X X N5 M S X X XNQ X X xx X X X X ,,,. Q 5 X fx X Xwwg SNNE SSN? ' iiffgsxl. wiv i N W . 5 K Ss w -,JN xg gSA4 45535 1ESf3H R ' . 4334 Q K 'M ' "Q fi WTS, aw 2 :Qin ,,5 f A N X X X S Q A i ' ., Q1 X Q, X Ng Q X XX X 5 N55 i ENS X Q Q X 5 px ,M . I. ,.x. x X X E5 Q 5 S XG ' ir xx RS Q Q xx A ,... ' T i? xi wi 'V 5 X X X K Q X EX X X X X X X5 A xx 4 5. X A i ,J K v s x X Af A' W f ff, ' wh. X X9 W X X X 5 X ....,...J4., ,.,..- f f --1 . ...TM K A 1 J, f, LE .mg in X .RV 4 5-5-' ,..,,A.,g.....,h,,,,Q... ..,. ,,,,,- M,,..-.1.M.. " X-'W - X, .g::::1' MWL X' 'TWffYAk'w .lf 3 F LAM, X, ,.X. ...z Q, 2 xnx- N u p di X Q xii Q Q if .fm 'WY K X the M001 ilh music SENIOR A CAPPELLA CContinuedJ Row One-Harriet Bernstein, Ruth Ann Rakow, Marilyn Tollcy, Artis Wfoolcott, Eleanor Steffen, Dorothy Peterson, VVanda XValton, jane Greenawalt, Kathy Clute Row Two-Roy Rasmussen, Bob Bohlig, John Erickson, Lloyd Kellenberger, Mike Gallagher, Bill Horn, Lenny Smith, Richard Grotelueschen Row Three-Margie VanXVambeke, Judy V oreis, Helen Theis, Justine Kuhlman, Gwen DeYoung, Shirley Kenyon, Eleanor Peirce, Priscilla VVallace, Ann Hill, jolita Sabin, Ruth Martin. Row Four-Ted Dau, Keith Carlson, George Palmer, Lane Hoffman, Doug Kranwinkle, Jim Stark, Gerry VVilley, jim XVissman, Gerry Bonkoske SENIOR A CAPPELLA . . . The Senior A Cappella Choir is composed of about eighty select members under the direction of E. Arthur Hill. Some of the activities they participated in this year include the annual Operatic Nights performance, the Messiah, and the F ox Valley Music Festival. Also, the choir joined with the other music groups in the Contemporary Arts Festival. VVith the coming of spring, the A Cappella eagerly awaited their trip to VViscousin. , The high point of the year was in February, when the Cappella went to Springfield to sing for the State Music Educators Convention. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS . . . This is the first year the Senior Girls, Chorus has been in existence. It is made up of about thirty girls under the direction of Miss Marjorie Keener. They presented an assembly this fall and sang at several other occasions. Page S3 JUNIOR A CAPPELLA Row Oneflbat VVright, Judy Barringer, Eileen Albright, Carol Davis, Betty Hempt, Joan Allbee, Shirley Ewing Row Two-Carol Nemitz, Marge Reteike, Barbara Liden Caecompanistl, Nancy Xverrbaeh, Barbara Hoppe, Molly Cook, Suzanne Duval Row Three-Martha Auble, Virginia Haas, Annette Dodds, Jody Stcrnberg, Carolyn Phillips, Peggy Ebeling Row Four-Gary Norling, Ronald Koehn, NValter Liepietz, Peter Larson, Don Porter, Larry Jolliff, Herman Braun Enthusiasm b11170' at JUNIOR A CAPPELLA . . . The Junior A Cappella Choir, under the able direc- tion of E. Arthur Hill, is becoming an increasingly important organization. Members of the Senior A Cappella are chosen from this group. The choir presented assemblies at both Larson and Ellis Junior High Schools. Also they sang for a P.T.A. group this year. At Christmas they joined the Senior A Cappella in giving the Messiahg and in the spring, the two choirs again com- bined to sing in the Fox Valley Festival and the Contemporary Arts Festival. AEOLIAN CHOIR II Row One-Doreen Anderson, Sharon Crap, Barbara Smith, Mary Kay Howard, Lynda Cartwright, Raylene Banwart, Linda Cantrell, Rosie Kaptain, Margo O,Brien, Pat Auhle Row Two-Joanne Lullie, Pat LeVine, Bonnie Auble, Jackie Humbracht, Barbara Anble, Pat Harris, Connie Carrelts, Sandra Reiehel, Marilyn Xvhitcomb, Linda Helsdon, Connee Iscard, Ruth Sweet Row Three-Joyce Hilty, Nancy NVendt, Erma Toppel, Suzanne Preiss, Linda Peterson, Kay Richards, Janice Blaha, Jeannie Stark, Sharon Hay- ward, Judie Kotehuck, Donna Bawn, Jo Ann Zweifel Row Four-LuAnn Freise, Jean Dorwaldt, Terri Burnidge, JoAnn VVL-tzel, Karen Nelson, Ellen Broski, Mary Sue Sommer, Joyce F lentge, Marilyn Elliott, Jeanette Chislett, Nancy Dellinger, Yvonne Vogelmann, Jacque NVallis, Judi Laseman Row F ive-Carol Schleif, Urbane Kunz, Judy Lindoerfer, Donna Gustaf- son, Mary Ann Highland, Judy Bittinger, Helen Sajbert, Sandy Ackmann, Judy Chatterton, Mary Ann Forrester, Sally Heine, Dorothy Long 1-"Ffa s W -' A l'T SPSS-N Ni 97'mXNl1'-3-Q f- JUNIOR A CAPPELLA CContinuedJ F'- Row One-Joyce Applehoff, Delores Lee, Mary Collins, Fayette Zimmerman, Carol Schleitlen, Gail Gomersall, Karen Follman Row Two-Nan Jean VVolfe, Kathy Stevens, Sandy Laseman, Judy Xlfright, Germaine Treadwell, Nancy Turner, Carol Schubert Row Three-Sandy Meyer, Lavonne Thomsen, Jackie YVendler, Mary Hopp, Ann Kielsmeier, Alice O'Connell, Judy LeLievre Row Four-Aarne Reinsalu, Dale Bently, Jeff Reinert, Robert Pritchard, Dick Dahn, Eugene every performan 0 AEOLIAN CHOIR . . . The Aeolian Choir is composed of sophomore girls. After they spend a year in Aeolian they advance to one of the senior organizations. Miss Marjorie Keener is the director. This year the group has been split into two divisions that alternate their meeting time sixth period. AEOLIAN CHOIR I Row One-Barbara Dewis, Ruth Jensen, Sandy Young, Marcia Keller, Minnie Spates, Norma Landis, Diana King, Tina Jennings, Carol Recliger Row Two-Mary Ellen Cowan, Meredith VVatts, Frances Hines, Joan Thompson, Linda Swanson, Sally Reynolds, Bonnie Mumme, Rose Mc- Conney, Mary Lindoerfer, Jackie Siegrist, Gloria Kelem, Eugenia Coroschkin Row Three-Carol Kisselburg, Sonja Steen, Sandy Marxen, Mary Ripp- berger, Rose Carlton, Hedy Andersen, Shelbie Ewert, Lynn Hampel, Pat Karsten, Sue Kirkpatrick, Carol Stevens Jan Crain, Judy Dierking Row Four-Carol Lange, Gail Lowry, Janice Markowitz, Janice Mock, Cindy VVatermann, Bonnie Covey, Norma Smith, Peggy Manuel, Judy Vanderford, Judy Hall, Barbara Nelson, Sandy Orban, Karen Hopp. Row F ive-Sanndra Fabrick, Lois Dye, Susan Renwick, Judy Kampmeyer, Ruth Hartman, Judy Pentz, Joyce VVillis, Judy YVood, Mitzi Pfeiffer, Judie Holtz, Gail Collier, Nona Rushing, Sandy XVagner, Nancy Karsten, Nancy Carey Pla the f 21111 , 0 at the 0'1'llIII , The Elgin High School Concert Orchestra under the direction of Miss Marion Laitey has, as usual, been verv busy this year. They have participated in a variety of the schoolis activities. In the fall, a great deal of fun was had in preparing for the animal Operatic Nights performance after which work was immediately begun on the Messiah, which was presented in December. YVitl1 the onset of the second semester, the students began preparing for the annual Spring Concert and the district contest which both took place in March. During the year, the orchestra played in various con- certs for several schools throughout the state. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Phil Booker, President Louise Stewart, Secretary Leon Gilles, Vice President Virginia Ball, Librarian Page 86 ,X- w We-N N N5 fi E3 m SL? 35253 s.,+.AN.xy.. . ' ' y :QT W 5-'E " X 'X A . ..., Si X Mg ..i' . .f S i f I S. .x Q X .,i ffgf1QQQTQ. L - QQ xx.,x x F H - N Q 'X s' Q 'ig ,ff X , N Z E f Q . . Q kk 3 wi f x 6' K lla' x ' Q' lx! ' Q 3, i X Y 3. ' A I 'ff -'S Xhgn X I ' 3' " I 2 'V 5 4 . 5 A 1' v 55 NF .S i u Q, S Q X gf - 2 , N -X v 9 ' 5 xx? 3 ' 3 x ' ' x X 1 5 - - Q xii - 3 q A g S M , gg , .1 gg i Q5 X , ug Q z ' 3 QF -M f A 'Q N lik fi I f , Xff X . L R: S A v , S AKLL K g X M QQ in W YK X. , ef XM QNX. - f QM . ' S 1 Ng SN 'X K S .A .W '35 1 -: .. lx if 1,1 Q, X f i s ul Mig is his Q 5 S K K 1 ' 1 4 ' 1 ' -- ,. L ' :Sy .5 A ' . 2 . 1' 1 : . Live' . 4 I, 4 rg? X1 V .K ffl, ' W., Sw v -L-R A5 , i 1 k, ' Xi , 83 B w...N,. --L 3 S . 3 . ' 'K fx A i , - , xbfi S Q' f gn f ' s X Q . w A Cgff b A x Y 2 W . i . 4. :N Y XX i E fix 9.53 QXX XXX X N sf Q Rf'-1 1' ts? S1Q: ...4.1 . fsf X X N .,.. . - ,, ., . 1 ' -X X X' L ' Q . SW F ' gi-'W WSP - "K ' -. KX . X i . z -- X- - x I F .- - f-f'XXXXga'i fi . . 1. . . - ' . XXX- - ' R K ""k' E X ' X ' X X - F. ' w i 7 SVS! Lk Vs . 7-X fx... . Q - . -1 :X- X6 . fx XX-.swf . .X . -X.. . - -- . ' ' . -4 ' ' ' , -S . . . 5? - ' 1. . f NSS XXi'xXXX-.5 . X, X .. -f X ,M . -Q--. - if NXEQSXQP - . .XM . ..- 5---Q ' . E' . ii- X' , , .u X. 5 5 X. s . 5 - xg' .fi -If .. . X . N ' .. ' I k W' Y- is 4 s -. . gf fx N Q d X x x .-1 . 'L A X N ' -. v Q- ' X 'is 5 "' 2 - 'N 'x' ix . 1 W, xi .X . . f . . . X x .X X. l. - .Q X- . .V rv. Nik? X .Q ' LP - X, .. f i - + g ,Q X X X. P . A 4 1 Q - - A W kg A rf' Q 1 X Sy 1 ix X N Q - X . ' . 9 . X -X ' - . . XX..X-1--.X.-.M-...wg . . x, 'Q f X .. A f if Q X I X 'N ' 49 'f- ' . - f 'f - 2 K P ' I 'X , !,-' ' X- x 3 W 5 - .5 ,. lf? -' ' X ., . X. ' - ' V X ' ' -X ff " I ' X " - ' 72 k - 1 X ' s.Qi5XQff-IQ?-. ,- -. n f . X 5 Sb .' n ' 1 : X-.XS ' X-fx .-:s QXSSJ A .X-X t' , 1 K X , X 'X X, f , X X f ' iff! X55-T5-f5ffEifi7if?fifki- - Q, - ii . , .AK , 6 , E K X. x L N 5 Q 1. .3 Q. A -.-. - I if., E' , xx- K I Y 5 F M it , X K x 5, 5 - y x X-x.-K .STEM -- fx ' X I' , ' F .' 2 1 ' . ' WN x XG' -. Q -+ - - F Wg- C . K X XX' 'X in Q -5 ' 4' -' -' ' X. 1 f ' E fg v. 'XF X . . X f . - X X N X , " - . SX 1 ' EY - ' Q I .4 Q ' 'X 45 - ' . ' . A X 1 ,, - . N V A- - ' . f Q . . Q- ' 5 :H ' 3 F ig 9 L 'Q . - QE X. we X .- 5 2 5 ' ' X . f :J 'ff' . -- .Q X w' - X. - N Q . . . ,km I 1 . . K K . 5. i 1 5 .1 V ,lf A NS . 9. Q1 gk: ,AQ-' Qs-v 1 I X xg: A 1. My x , x - . 5 . X - .. iff. ' WX if .X M X. k A . fl, 5 N X In . .X X f X K X Riff-M. . A A X .1 Q 'K SE !f t iii X -X , . ' ,, Q 3 . jf' -- X xx . X R NN gs Z X . .K x l-sw N. 'WS K. . F . xmiwmsmm H... 14 x Hg x ef Qt :X X 9 fr My - X gf- Q , N 7 sf' - ix ' +,w,wmMk W- ae x 3 irk K 5 2 -Sign 1 Q .i :-' v ' Q I . W T f ' . K ' "A' uf I ' ' ','-' Ii. Q., . Q 5 n,i, l I 2 M 'f -1' 1 Q - 3 . - - - - . -.f-S k Klux Q A -I K -"' X X u T1 ' . 1 S in 1 5 X 3' M A g' M 1 kk xx .5 l 1 Y L I -..,2'A'ga VW- ' x ' X 151 ' f xx ' i - XX . '57 ' N . ' I x-Q, . ' ,X sf Q X '. PX xy .-,... : - 4 k , A Q, gg 6 VA. S ESX R -is, ?'k::1Y,' , .... 1 X-ra 5 A .,x., ktb. . X .X XX X MX X XXX XX -:AE ,X X ii RSX.. NX ,X X Y: X . 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Seated-Joletu Sabing assistant editor Standing-Dorothy Roth: editor-in-cllief Hunting for the most timely and interesting news and feature articles is the task of the students working on the paper. The pictures help to give 21 running account of the current events in news, sports, and trends. Miss Burns is the able sponsor of the bi-weekly paper. The paper is self-supporting with the advertising staff contacting the businessmen of Elgin. Left to Right-George Stevens, Parker McMahon, Harlene YVeintraub MIRROR STAFF Judie Dougherty, Ioleta Sabin, Judy NVells, Margie Molitor, Janice Kenyon, Steve james, Alicia Bourcl Bonnie Potter, Marcia Honert Frequently resource people visit the Journalism classes. Page 92 MABOON STAFF . . . Throughout the year the Maroon Staff has worked in unison to produce the kind of book we thought the students would enjoy most. First, it was decided that we would produce this book without a theme. After this, the Work began, de- signs and layouts were selected, the copy was written and typed, class and activity pictures were scheduled, sports scores collected, and patrons contacted. Near the end of March, the book began to take form. Even after the book had been sent to the publisher our work was not done, for when the completed books came 511107011 Ma 0017 undertake iaslrs back, they had to be counted, grouped, and delivered. Upper Left-Judy Voreis, co-editor, George Foelscliow, business manager, Pat Mclieown, co-editor, Bill Fishburn, sales manager. Upper Right-Mary Koteles, Pat Thompson, Joanne Dierking, and Joanne Peterson. Center Right-Molly Cook, JoAnn Rifken, Ken Brown, and Judy Fame. Lower Right-Mary Collins, Ted Dau, Hildegard Fiedler, Pat Bar- ber. Seated: Bill Fishburn and Carol Runnnells - sales staff. Lower Left-Lynda Eggebrecht and Jack Krich, art editors. Page 93 fi We mlm pa 1121 schoo STUDENT COUNCIL . . . The Student Council may well be proud of the fine work it has done in maintaining law and order in the halls and classrooms of Elgin High School. Acting as a mediator between the faculty and the student body, the Council is organized to minimize prob- lems of the school and to make it operate more smoothly. Very important because it represents every homeroom and every student, the Student Council is directed by an Executive Council, which is chosen by the students, and advised by Mr. VVilsou, who represents the faculty. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Seated-Karen Kovacs-Secretary Toni Hickey-President Standing-Jack Sunderlage-Vice-President Ginger Leonard-Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL ' Row One-Phyllis Van Buren, Elmer Rullman, Martha Hammond, Tom Hickey, Mary Collins, Cindy VVatermann, Lynn Hampel, Sue Kraebber, Row Two-Karen Kovacs, jack Giesecke, Jim Anderson, Robert Bohlig, Ben Boyer, Lee Sparks, Doug Jensen, Lary Somniers, Bob Cutler. Row Three-jack Sunderlage, Dave Starin, Gordon Rutzen, Dave Haacker, Dick Ciaccio, Jim Shales, Keith Carlson, Mary Semeny, jane Valentine, Gail Lowry, Carolyn Peirce, Marilyn Elliott, jeff Reinert. Row Four-Carolyn Kellenberger, Ginger Leonard, Judy Johnston Sally Reynolds, Glenda Baker, Lee Swanson, jerry Nash, Jackie Siegrist, Richard Genz, Allen Kent, Doug VVallace, Tom NVright. Row F ioe-Eddie Stewart, Paul Mitchell, jim Behrens, Lore Krebs, Jill Zimmer, Diann Dillow, Barbara Auble, Doris Rieclemann, Carol Jahn, Donna Bown, Janice Mock, Nila Rebenstorf. Row Six-Phil Sokody, Sherry Lund, Janice Fritz, Michael Hennessey, Rickey Johnson, Glen Koehler, Mary Lincloerfer, Douglas MacKinney, Greg Koon, Doug Kranwinkle. YVith the addition of a special Stunt Night Commission, which has done an exceptional quality of work in producing a musical, "Don't Laugh Lady," that replaces the former Stunt Night, there are now six commissions: Research and Publicity, which services the school and Student Council Bulletin Boards and records annual achievements of the commissions, Social, which was responsible for the Homecoming float, Christmas decorations, and publicity for the Mid- WVinter Indian Dance Ceremonies, Building and Grounds, which has done much Page 94 gin Ve1'111111'11l ill ougb 0llI' flI0'6'1IlL 01111617 STUDENT COUNCIL RESEARCH AND PUBLICITY Clockwise- Sherry Lund jack Sunderlage Paul Mitchell Dave Starin Gordon Rutzen Bob Cutler jackie Siegrest Barbara Auble Mary Lencloeifer Janice Fritz Standing- Carol jahn Doris Riedelnann Page 95 COMMITTEE Sitting- Diann Dillow Sue Kraebber Lynn Hampel Cindy VVater1nann Lary Sommers Mary Collins Bob Bohlig Stanrling- Jeff Reinert Ben Boyer jerry Nash Lee Sparks Doug Jensen STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE COMMITTEE Row One, Reading left to r Marilyn Elliott Carolyn Peirce Judy Johnston Allen Kent Elmer Rullman Gail Lowry Row Two- Keith Carlson Richard Genz Eddie Stewart Tom YVright Mary Semeny Doug Wallace STUDENT COUNCIL BUILDING AND GROUNDS ight Wlze elre preelem emi plen new prejeeis PROGRAM COMMISSION Glenn Koehler Phyllis Van Buren Donna Bown Mike Hennessy Martha Hammond Janice Mock Ricky johnson jill Zimmer Greg Koon Doug Kranwinkle Doug MacKinney Phil Sokody Nila Rebenstorf SOCIAL COMMISSION Dick Ciaccio jack Giesecke Carolyn Kellenbergcr Glenda Baker Lee Swanson Lore Krebs jim Shales jim Behrens jane Valentine Sally Reynolds Ginger Leonard Dave Haacker to reduce the traffic problem, to maintain cleanliness of halls and grounds, and to enforce the up and down stairs systemg Service, which produced a fine Student Directoryg and Program, which is responsible for well-planned Induction, Courtesy, and Election Assemblies. Representatives have also attended the Big Eight-Little Seven, District, and State Conventions of Student Councils. A special emphasis has been placed on courtesy in order that we may uphold the high standards of our High School. We are reminded that our school is judged by the principles and manner of courtesy and citizenship which We, the student body of Elgin High School, set up through the Student Council and carry out. VVe are very fortunate to have Lore Krebs, our Foreign Exchange Student, to share the culture of Austria with us. The Foreign Exchange Student is chosen through the American Field Service in the hope that it may create a better under- standing between nations. We congratulate Mary Collins, who isill represent us as a Foreign Exchange Student to Europe this summer, and the Student Council of Elgin High School. , Page 96 -fs Sr Q4 , if sf , ff 'si' 'N We erwf ilze 011111111111 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Row One-Mary Kay Howard, Linda Freeman, Susan Dodd, Mary Gromer, Lynda Cartwright, Jo Ann XVetzel Row Two-Carol Aurand, Sharon Fee, Barbara Feil, Jill Zimmer, Marlene NVetzel, Kay Bremer, Erma Toppell, Mary Rippberger, Alicia Harkins Row Three-Ruth Braun, Clara Mauck, jim Anderson, Barbara Jensen, Donna Bown, Sonja Steen, Lucille Friezie, Ann Glashagel, John Lehman, Peggy Manuel, Sandy Marxen, Dorothy Dodds, Barbara Kerlin, Phyllis DeNVanz, Judy Thompson, Pat VVright, Dorothy Mauck JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS AND CO-CHAIRMEN Row One-Lynda Cartwright, Linda Freeman, Ruth Braun, Jill Zimmer Row Two-Jolm Lehman, Barbara Kerlin, Susan Dodd, jim Anderson, Kay Bremer, Dorothy Mauck Mr. Stuart and council members packing boxes to send to japan. The junior Red Cross has always been a very active group at E.H.S. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Gus Stuart and Mrs. Beth F erguson, many worthwhile projects have been carried out. The councills pet project has been the sending of clothes to the Sendai Mission in japan. Regular trips are made to the Elgin State Hospital, in which both Red Cross Members and students participate. Because of the student spon- sored entertainment, these programs are eagerly anticipated. The Red Cross has rendered great service to its members and the community. Page 97 Hubs I 6616 ery IYIIHIY9 FORENSICS Clockwise- David Langurn, Jim Anderson, John McCabe, Donna Green, Jerry Boundy, Harriet Horne, John Lehman, Deanna Rogers, Ann Glashagel, Alan Fishman, Darlene Gershick, Judy Johnston Wirlrxcrs of "I Speak for Democracy" contest Left to Right- Jim Anderson. John Lehman, Judy Johnston GIRLS' CLUB A REPRESENTATIVES Row Unv- Virginia Haas, Annette Dodds, Ruth Ann Rakow, Louise Stewart, Karen Schaedc, Nancy Bierman Row Two- Sandra Reiehel, Sally Savenago, Yvonne Vogelman, Janice Crain, Peggy Manuel, Karen Nelson, Linda Swanson, Sharon Fee Pat Thompson, Pat Barber Row Three- Diane Jennings, Barbara XVilkinson, Judy Laseman, Susie Kirkpatrick, Doreen Anderson, Linda Cantrell, Jean Deuterman, Gerry Sorn, Glenda Baker, Barbara Rees, Dorics Riedernalm, Joanne Carlson, Joyce Appleholl Row Four- ' ' Judy VVright, Judy LeLievre, Saundra Fabriek, . Alice O'Connell, Jane Hurd, Karen Follnrann, Bette Hempt. Janet Miller, Sandra SCllYillTlllL Janice VVhitcomh, Janice Kenyon, Sally Jones, Molly Cook GIRLS, CLUB CABINET Row One-Donna Thompson, Janice Mock Row Two-Carolyn XVagner, Joyce XV:-isner Nancy Wagner Row Tlzree-Carol Sr.-lruhert, Sue Renwick, Gail Andrews, Glenda Baker, Joanne Jurs, Lois Dye, Sandy Hankins On entering EHS every girl has the privilege of becoming a member of the Girls, Club. This club is sponsored by Miss Margaret Fosberry. A few of the activities the club sponsors are Dadin Daughter Date Night, Mother and Daughter Tea and the annual Girl ask Boy Dance. Page 98 Parties fo 1111211 FRENCH CLUB Row One-Betty Hill, Jacque Greenawalt, Gail Gomersall, Mary Collins, LaVonne Thomsen, Margie Molitor, Gerry Som, Molly Cook Row Two-Sue Kraebber, Ann Hill, Mrs. Pasel, Helen Theis, Martha VVest, Theresa Schmidt, Linda Swanson, Ruth Ann Rakow, Barbara Nerge, Ann Morgan 0 various GERMAN CLUB F font-Jolm Lehman First Row-Lyn Anselman, Bill Horn, Lois Kaptain, Saundra Fabric, Ellie Steffen Second Row-Karen Siegel, Hedy Anderson, Neil Steflens, Joliim Adams, Chuck Burnidge, Kay Underwager, Nancy Vo man LATIN CLUB Row One-Joan Klein, Audrey Spellmeyer, Judy Johnson, Kay Unclerwager, Jody Sternberg, George Palmer, Mike Coburn, Larry Sommers, Jack Deuterman Row Two-Nancy Kadow, Sonja Steen, Lucille Freise, Gail Perkins, Janet Ricketts, Barbara Hollister, Judy Burt, Karen Nelson, Diana King, Joyce Flentge, Mary VVithers, Linda Miller, David Langum Row Three-Linda Freeman, Judy Thompson, Karen Schaede, Pat Mayer, Susan Range, Miss Pielemeier, Janet Miller, Mary Ellen Cowan, Jeanie Meyer, Marcia Green, Audrey Greve, Mary Ann Smith, Sandy Young, Beverly Smith, Reid Tonkens, XVarren Unruh, Bob Emmons, John Geay SPANISH CLUB Row One-Steve James, Bruce Hudgens, Jerry Scroggins, Bruce Stevenson, Dick Ciaccio, Garry Kane, Steve Shaw Row Two-Jack Pflederer, Jim Lamp, Bob Swanson, Eddie Richardson, Keith Follman - Row Three-Carol Ross, Vera Forbes, Hattie Prochnow, Carol Rummells, Arthur Ludwig, Alvin Orr, Gary Puifpatf, Judy Laseman, Barbara Wilkinson, Janice Mock, Carol Rediger, Lynn Hampel, Diane Jennings Row Four-Jamcs Tilley, John Brown, Charles Rosene, Marilyn XVhitcomlJ, Joyce Baker, Vivian Beau, Irmy Eng- mann, Judy Nauschwanger, Eileen Albright, Joyce W'eisner, Pat XVright, Jackie VVendler, Judy Barringer, Cyndy Robert- son, Evelyn Coon, Dianc Larson, Bonnie Covey, Linda Can- trell, Yvonne Vogelmann Page 99 32 Wi 2 sf' 1.8 I Q-X X 65, Uk ska Q15 S ffl mx A N wi Q YF "'L1 L Q Q Q WM. Q . Y' X KX R 23512: . X ,. 'Q fx fii -an -pun FN ,X 5, We avhie Ve lemleryhjn MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Eulaine Tucker, Dave Lowman, Jeanette Lohbauer, Marcia Green, Dorothy Peterson, Mary VVithers, Virginia Ball, Judy Culver, Janet Rickctts Seated-jolux Erickson - BUSINESS COUNCIL Row One-Kay Richards, Joan Richards, Lore Krcbs, Kathy Clnte, Carol Schubert, Ellie Steffen, Dawn llfendler, Indy Culver, Donna Thompson, Justine Kuhlman Row Two-Carol Schcitlin, Thelma Robbins, Helen Rogers, Janice Rydell, Susan Renwick, Nancy Dellinger, Sally Reynolds, Sharon Smith, Joanne jnrs, Karen Kovacs, Nancy Adams SOPHOMORE DRAMATICS CLUB Row One- Carol Kisselburg, treasurer, joan Thompson, secretary, Peggy Rhoadesg Helen Sajbertg Susie Kirkpatrick Row One, standing- Vera Forbes, Hattie Prochnow Row Two- Linda Swanson, president, Martha Cook, Mary Kay Howard, Mary Cromer, Peggy Manuel, Lynda Cartwright Row Three- Mary Lee Lohbauer, Roberta Liden FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Standing Marlene Josephson Row One- Nancy Klein, Jo Ann Dierking, Ioan Richards, Jane Hurd, Vivian Hilemann, Kathy Miller Row Two- Ruth Sweet, Mary Sue Sommers, Carol Rediger, Sall Sinko, Janice Jacobs, Carol Ann Hedrich, Harriet Horn, Sally Burton, Jeanette Lohbauer, Marcia Keller Row Three- ' Ruth Braun, Karen Kovacs, Joyce Weisner, Pat Thompson, Mary Ellen Cawan, joan Morley, Mary Jane Holtz, Sharon LeVine, Gay Winbiggler, Hedy Anderson, Ann Miller, Pat McKeown FUTURE NURSES - Row One- Sharon Hayward, Jeanne Stark Sonja Steen, Sandra Young, Pat Zirk, jean Deuterman, Diane Perkins, Pat Mayer, Cyndy Robertson, Sally Shaw Row Two- Renee VVilcox, Phylis Robel, Cerri Perry, Judy Watzlawick, Ann Weber, Marie Monteleone Gerri Sorn, Annette Bodds, Donna Schabort, Ellie Peirce Row Three- Charlene Meyer, Sharon Tucker, Sandy Orban, Pat Auble, Peg Yarood, Barb Zickuhr, Joanne Klein, Mary Smith, Sandra Schramm, Ardis NVoolcott, Mary Koteles, Wilhna Carter Page 101 3 r Ab orblilgf new idea FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row One-Alecia Harkins, Nancy NVood, Dawn Hess Row Two-Evelyn Sitter, Nan Lean Sunny, Justine Kuhlman, Helen Thies, Dawn VVendler, Ioan Lacey, Sandy Berman, Bar ara Dewis, Brenda Benner, Gay Snyder Row Three-Anne Blair, Joanne Petersen, Karen Hopp, Betty Lou Anderson, Virginia Nelson, Charlotte Benner, Barbara Kerlin, Judy Rasmussen FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA, Row On.e-Vifilliam Graff, Larry Bartlett, Dean Anderson, jerry Kline, Karl Kuehner, Bruce Burnidge Row Two-John Likhte, Charles Schroeder, jon Smith, Dave Benson, Ken Hahn, Leonard Dorset How Three-Bob Buehler, Tom Van Buren, Fred Gibbons CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Standing-Lynda Eggebrecht, Joanne Rifken, jim XVallace, Sherry Lund, Mr. Schlagel Seated-Brinda Neidigh, Lowell Shelton, Karen Kovacs E CLUB Row One-Ben Rocha, Eckhard Brodde, Viially Hirshberg, Dick Ciaccio, Phil VVencek, Bob Pawlak, Tom Hozier, jim Harvey, George Harms, Fritz Lugar, jerry Nash. Row Twn-James VanFlcet, Lloyd Kellenbcr- ger, Gary Flora, Dave Clark, Tom Grant, Harold Row, jack Haacker, Chuck Schroeder, jack Matison, Gary Gough, Russ Gould, Eugene Xvittenstrom, Doug XVallace, jerry Hudgens Row Three-Dave Starr, Jim Demmitt, Lee Swanson, jerry Seagren, Greg Fohrman, John Ross. Bob Messler, Ben Boyer, Jim Stark, Toni Theis, Andy Schaus, XVayne Otte, Lee Sparks, Ron Buhman, Greg Koon, Chuck Rakow, Dick Becker, LaVern Olson, Doug MacKinney, Bob Heniese, Phil Hooker, Jim Behrens, Gary Kane, Mr. F arroh a 1 Page 102 M1211 av ivities lil! the calendar sa Upper-Business Organization off on a field trip Middle Left-Sr. A Cappella performs in Operatic Nights Lower Left-Donna Thompson, Sue Renwick, Gege Leach, and Joyce Vllcisner plan Mother and Daughter Tca Lowcr Cvntcr-Boys receive E-Letters on awards day Lower Right-Agricultural judging committee Bottom Left-Class of '55 makes plans for Sr. week Bottom Right-Girls' club presents their annual Dad and Daughter Date Night 6011121 drum , rla hlizlgf r mba! - Hom 01111?1gf The weather was wretched, but enthu- siasm was running high at our annual homecoming festivities, especially as our late principal, Mr. Cartwright, was hon- ored for his twenty-five years of service in the Elgin schools. Upper-Our one unposed photo of the home- coming. Upper center-Five miles of tissue complete a picture of beauty. Lower left center-Tense. Lower right center-Capers during the home- coming assembly. Lower-Candid views of the parade. OPPOSITE PAGE Upper left-Rush hour traffic is disrupted in a riotous manner. Extreme upper right-The assemblage of the queen's court. Upper right-Our own little drum and bugle corps. Lower center left - The king and queen of homecoming, jerry Nash and Glenda Baker. Center-American imitation of Japanese imita- tion of American football. Center right - Members of the court Karen Kovacs, Gwen de Young, Doris Reidemann, Gail Andrews, and Ardis Stuart congratulate Glenda Baker, queen of homecoming. Lower left-Big Brother is watching. Lower right-The lights blink on for our photo- graph, Page 104 A' fi sv Q 53 was 5 ax- s " G NE Q, 9 'E I 4 R, 5 Y K 3 he 7- :- , v 1. --S k , - eff 1 'TE' f V -A X my as E xi 3 Aeiivii Ps all ear 1011 Upper Left-Assembly Center Left-Faculty Tea Lower Left-Music Field Trip Bottom. Left-1929 Football team congratulates 1955 Football team Upper Right-Inclian Dance Assembly Center Right-Indian Dance Assembly Lower Right-Art Students prepare for Contemporary Arts Festival Center-jack Cicske announces in assembly Page 106 OPPOSITE PAGE Upper Left-Courtesy Assembly Center Left-Co-Ed dance class Lower Left-Dental Survey Bottom Left- Upper Right- Mr. Stuart speaks about Japan in Assembly Indian Dance Assembly Center Right-Maroon Field Gate after football game Center Right-Modern Dancers Lower Right-Sr. Cheerleaders for the Jr. vs Sr. Basketball game Bottom Right -Christmas Assembly, "Littlest Angeln 1 , 5 N as Eff iii , 'lllf'f'i?'k f fi ' - 'Q g 5 if 'xfisf-A ' 'g 5' . if 'M Q- V , N ings Q, : . S 4-b Q.. EE. L Y F? 2 'iv fin 525 f t E, X ., S Y S isa Q ,gg ,ws . . s",+ S L 5-X ie." S4 W Q . art .5 Q. gf 4 , mfhxx 2 '- E ig . . A ':'I.w'x'm ' Wg , 3: -if .rf ,- 'fi' if " XX . ,R -QA! . .. 'if' K t L W , f l . x ,ky M i. i- , w w , , ,gkQn1w:A..M.. wgiwifi fff sx, " 'i 5 f , M X X X , .A - - . Q wi. .. X S grwqg is . . -X- i 1 ,X K.. . ,,- I- w-. 'SS , f ,M fi VCX v-:M-f-rcauxzwfewmanfiaaa wwmwxwawb 4 www 1miuu 1-uns Q., A' R 1 . ' 'if N x -3 4 'G -' J N -- OID P. f i WV, 5 ff' 3 N . ', F. , 1 E sl h 4- -M., in x , 2.9- , , v as AA Ai 2 'ir gms f gag ' .1 :'. 1 Y 1 ff N A, A Q 3 P i 2 i f I 1 QHAQWIHNSEW Sififfalx gig sv' if wv .MM-A A -m..5w-f-'W-Hg, , . , f xQ..,,,,Mxfi gs: .mf-gf, E, Y af: Jfsffw Q --N.-...... ur . XXX V . .. A ,.:,,.,1N, Y f 1. 'T ' 3 k..w , T'g - , :g - -X is ii Lqbq I n 1 N Q X XQHQY x M x R A X w' X Q X My Y 5 X WX .. ' M Giga. - , 'R xx 3 R NK A X Xt N X Xe x 5 J X W E wt , , X xx KE xfy X X X 'X xx SX x s N N E ' H fx lx X X x X, E Q ' X N X X 5 x N'X"?" 3 3 37' ' w, ff: , -, ':aL..: - . . Q , :hwy 1 w.. Taxis, ' "SP ve.. if vfw Wig 1 0111' undefeated ehempiens sei new VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . Victorious not only on the scoreboard, but on the Held of sportsman- ship, the Elgin High School Football Team may wellbe proud of its outstanding record. Taking each game as it came, they constantly revised their plays to meet the various opponents. 'Modest in victory', the Maroons didn't receive the opportunity to taste defeat. Elgin High witnessed its first undefeated football team since 1929. Yardage and pass completion proved further their superiority. Placing eight players on the All-Conference Squad and Huber and YVallace named to the All-State Eleven, the Maroons showed outstanding individual character as well as teamwork. K . pk K Q lc X Q r Q 0 , se A . ,N e - P X.. - ee- . . . , N 3, 1.-4 - ,.,. , - 41 Xl . 5 . PSS? N5 Q x . ..., Q S 2 is L Q t -' W '- x X . iw I F FOUTBALL TEAM First Row-Gary Flora fMgr.l, XVayne Otte, jim Demrnit, Co-Captain Jerry Seagren, Glen Huber, Lee Swanson, VVally Hirshberg, Dick Arnold, Roy Rasmussen, Chuck Schroeder and Dave Starr C Mgnl Second Row-Jim Morton, Russ Gould, Norm Birch, Duane Clute, Fred Rhoades, Don Lalley, Toni VanBnren, Bernie Idstein, Hcrm Hehberg, Terry McDonald, Ray Holmquist, and Dave Sinnett Third Row-Head Coach Emery Ebbert, Line Coach Paul Green, Gary Kane, Don Porter, Co-Captain jerry Nash, jerry Hudgens, John Ross, Doug VVallace, jim Humphrey, Gregg Fohrmann, Lee Sparks, Gary Gough, Fritz Lugar, Bob Messler, Mike Davis, Backfield Coach Bob Duflield and Andy Schans CMgr.D Fourth Row-Keith Carlson, jim Stark, Larry Pritchard, Dick Becker, jim Behrens, Jim Payne, Doug Macliinney, Bob McCurdy, Tom Thies, Dave A Jensen, Ben Royer, YVillie Spatcs, Dave WVicklund, Jack Sunderlage Reading from Top to Bottom Russ Gould Jerry Nash Doug MacKinney Gary Kane jim Behrens jerry Seagren VVillie Spates jerry Hndgens Lee Swanson john Ross Page 110 ialzdards of acl: Zfvemeni Varsity went undefeated through season. - Ax . . A Elgin .......... 32 Freeport .,,.....,...., 0 Elgin ..,....... 20 E. Aurora .............. T Elgin ......,... 13 E. Rockford ........ 6 Elgin ...,...... 24 WY Rockford .....,,. 2 Elgin .......... 33 YV. Aurora ..........,. 7 Elgin ...,...... 25 LaSalle-Peru ........ 6 Elgin ,,,....... 34 joliet .......,............ O Won 7 Lost 0 7 ""f X- Q . ' Q 1 t-l. is K x 5 Q 'N .ji , gi ' it '- E. E: 1 it Jim Demmitt Glen Huber Doug Wallace jerry Seagren 3 L! ' W' SI -bfi , ' .qua ' V if 1-f,..""" :ff EL 'fu ' w-.-Q :Q '-Q -f fm Q 1 . KW ' ' mx.. My PW X' wks f 5 X-S ..,e - x ye V XJ , X X -N ? if N - 57' -if - . 1 fm -I . - Sm fm' J 4,0 . Q ,K , v., Sf R A . S, , fn . QFNPM W 1 S., A X M- . get T J, -:ff 9 :Z Q Af' it X 'X rg 1 T 5 3, l K 2 ' ATN Q ago Q ..x, N Q, N m .Q x, wg . , 5 A XR W 'G' svn A Qi N y .J A K M LL i L X Q- "- ,W5 ' 6 'No "" F' ff --X f J ,... 'N N' ' Nw-QB wr? - X- .Q s . - fx f -PA ' -R-QQ - "X wi - f Q X 4 1 - ,WX . ' yx l x K 'X :D w . x X Q. R yi fu Q ks : A, A Mk -L kxyk 5 ff- ', ff. lg",-v 4 , . N A ' -.1-fax. SNS . ,.., K -- - - QQ.. XTR, .fu k 9 X X. . -X .. sk, .- X ,- , aiS? f .X ,x , L ' 1 m 1 - fgvlii ' .,x - . .- Q , 1,,f X 'Q LL f I-'Z S igg , had T ' I M m . S of 3 A f. SQ- ws ' TX , was YS 5911299 S dl""h-Q alla an-an Q if www- -,...,-f ki H- .ik 5 K Page 113 0l1I' 03111 ii lit for Vi tory Rachow tries a jump shot VARSITY SCOREBOARD Elgin .....x, ....,.. 5 6 W. Rockford ..... ......... 7 7 Elgin ,,..... ....... 7 1 E. Aurora ........ ,......... 5 3 Elgin .,..... ....... 8 4 E. Rockford ....... ...... 7 2 Elgin ...,... .,,..,. 5 3 Joliet ................ ...... 54 Elgin ....... .,,.,.. 7 9 W. Aurora ...... .,.... 6 0 Elgin ...,... ....... 9 0 Freeport ....... ....., 6 5 Elgin ...,i.. .,..,.. 7 8 E. Aurora ........... ...... 8 0 Elgin ....... ....... 66 LaSalle Peru ..... ...... 8 1 Elgin .,..... .,...., 7 5 Joliet .........i...... .,.... 6 0 Elgin ....... ....... 6 1 W. Aurora ...... ......... 5 0 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom Row-Roger Abbott, Jim Payne, Ben Roycr, Bob Pawlak, jack Matison, Gerry Bonkoski, Phil Sokody. Second Row-Dick Grotelueschen, manager, Gary Kane, LaVcrne Olson, Doug VVallace, Don Harrison, Dave Groeniger, jim Van Fleet, manager. Third Row-Coach Bill Chesbrougll, Lane Hoffman, Chuck Brandt, Greg Koon, Ted Tam- mearu, Dick Becker, Doug McKinney, Coach Bob Duffield, Andy Schaus, manager. QLSHQ . .YX X Q ' N K N QX Qs x JS X 5 Q 2 Y X L X X X Q X X 15 "- X E +, X X Q X X wr 5 X we NX X 3 Q lg Y X A3 X Q QM X ww WE if Q F X Xx X xxx J J Q MQ Q xx S 5 .wawf.., W 3 axle, Y I x 55: .fx . wb' Q K a ' 'P Im .W we V Q A X , . sp 'BR .fi -lg, R I , 6 m . my 2-A 'svn 'E X gli z ENS! ix is rf' S . A ub- QA 5,1 M-g,:T5...,.1fQ.. Tm .rx-a ww X Wi Iggx w A f 1 ,Af A 1 W N i ix x , :ig I , sw " .2 'GDM - :iss S x fx N-.Lg m . X 2.39 ,-: Ni . gui- Q, W. X, 7. .Q X ,.k1:g- 5 x x x MQW, . uf! A41 X W g .- 11 'NK S If 12- -" . ex k W' "1 -5' ii QS Eg' ,sk ., Q K 1 Q: I K i f: S gfx . Y Q 9 ti gs KQQQ- Sy , qi N . f X WIA Q h . ' ,'g-195' S . mi S+Q5 wugg A N- .' - ,lfsf ff. L Q Y 'L X: , tif' ' i ' X x 1 Y' Q 5 S lv' A :X 0 5 TQ , - ff K ' Q E! F" Q 1 X W f' g i X .Q .,kA X x --:A-. M . X X T, K X S SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom Row-Dennis Roach, john Fairchild, Dick Vaughan, Jim DeMien, Gene Stuart, Ron Hoppe, jerry Fehnnan. Second Row-Owen VVright, manager, Rick Johnson, Fritz Leepitz, Darwin Begalka, Glen Kreinbrink, Steve Shaw, Fred Rhoades, Craig Abbott, Bill Lusher, manager. Third Row-Coach Emery Ebbert, Bill Menke, Bruce Blosat, Doug Kranwinkle, Ernie Akemann, jack Pfiederer, Ron Sensor, Roger Parsons, manager. The opllomoras' come ib 011 h for E A' SOPHOMORE . . . The Sophs did it again! Starting the season with a defeat fol- lowed by six victories, the Maroons started to roll. Joliet and West Aurora offered opposition, stealing victories. Upholding last year's tournament stealers, the Sophomore Basketball Team poured on the steam in the Hinsdale Tournament. Their efforts were not in vain as they won the 1956 trophy. The sophomores offer strong additions to next yearis varsity team. VARSITY . . . Stopped short by a defeat from VVest Rockford, the Elgin Maroons rolled over East Aurora and East Rockford. As Elgin slowed its defenses, Joliet stole a close victory. Hitting a hot streak, the cagers pulled off two victories over West Aurora and Freeport. Recovering from their previous defeat, East Aurora came back to defeat Elgin. Then followed a series of hit and miss victories and losses. The EHS Basketballers took the first game at Crystal Lake over Grant, but lost the second to Elgin's own St. Edward's. Page 116 ,N A 3 me 0111 0 tim ball game VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM First Row- Tom Grant, Al Ross, Bob Pawlak, Dick Cremeens, Mike Lyon, john Ross, LaVerne Olson, Bob Gordon, Bob VVhite Second Row- Bob Krunnfusz, Andy Schaus, Stew Thornton, Gary Gough, Bob Kern, Jack Haacker, Russ Could, Lee Sparks Third Row- Coach Al Scharf, Eddie Stewart CMgt.l, VVally Hirshberg, Cary Lange, Jack Gieseke, Ron Bulunann, jack Matison, Jerry Boundy QMgr.Q VARSITY BASEBALL . . . Starting the season with a victory over Hinsdale, 3-0, Elgiifs diamond-rum ners swung on to win all four District ball games. The Baseballers closest victory was against VVheaton, 5-4, and their greatest margin of points was over Dundee, 15-6. Both were Conference games. Their closest defeat was given by Marmion, 1-0, and North Chicago chalked up the greatest number of points against us with a 13-6 victory. The Maroons split in the Sectional, defeating West Rockford, 4-O, and being defeated by North Chi- cago, 3-1. The Hurlers in their prime Center Left- Jack Matison, Bob Pawlak Inset- W ally Hirshberg Bottom Left- Jack Matison, Mike Lyon, Al Ross, Bob Gordon Page 117 J'W1Y11111171,gf I0 Viviory In the five years that Elgin has had a swimming team, this yearis team has produced the most outstanding record. Although inconvenienced by the lack of their own pool, Elginis Mermen finished the season with 9 wins, 2 defeats, a 2nd place in the triangular meet, and :Znd place in the conference. Coach Max Von Isser was very happy over this year's success, but was the most pleased when Elgin defeated its rival of long standing, East Rockford. Upper Right--Row Onc-Merlin Niullinax, Bill Martin, Bob Cutler, David Hopp, john Emerich Row Two-Rick Reed, XVayne Otte, Eugene NVittenstrom, Dave Miller, Phil Rookcr, Ekkart Brodde, mgr. Gerald Nitz, and coach Von Isser Row Three-mgr. Gilbert Norc, Tom Gettinger, Larry Michelson, Don Lalley, Allen Kent, Jim Ashley, Neil Crossnickle Lower Right-Larry Michelson, who placed 2nd in the state 50 yard frce style competi- tion, docs a daily workout. Larry also placed 6th in the individual medley and equalcd thc conference record for the 50 yard free style. Lower Left-Merlin Mullinax, George Chis- lctt, Davc Miller, Larry Michelson, and jim Ashley, strong ziziramu al program FALL INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Row One-Doug VVallace, Jim Behrens, XVally Hirschberg, jerry Nash and Ben Roche Row Two-Dick Ciaccio, Dave Clark, Fritz Lugar, Greg Koon, Chuck Schroeder, and Tom Hozier Mr. Scharf coaches wrestling JUNIOR CLASS VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front Row-Gary Gough, Dick Ciacco, Tom Grant, Bob Pawlak and Jim Harver Back gow-Pliil Schmidgall, Russ Gould, Greg Koon, Gary Flora and Inman Russe SPRING INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Front Row-Marv Koehn and jim Jacobson, junior-senior badminton doubles, and Bill Renter and j. Cirrincione, sophomore badminton doubles Back Row-Doug Jensen, junior-senior table tennis singlesg Jerry Boundy, junior badminton singles: jon Charnesky, sophomore badminton and table tennis singles and school handball singles, and Mike Lyon, senior badminton singles SENIOR HOMEROOM CHAMPS jerry Hulke, Lee Sparks, Harvey Steen, Dennis Stewart, Tom Hozier, XV ally Hirshberg INTRAMURAL GOLF AND TENNIS CHAMPS Athletic Director Mike F arroh, Raynor Nelson, sophomore golfg Tim Hoff- lander, junior-senior golf and jon Hoffman, sophomore tennis. Not present when picture was taken was Harold Row, junior-senior tennis champion INTRAIIIURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS john Adams, jim VVallace, Leon Gilles, Tom Hozier and Robert Durrenberger FREE-THROW CHAMPS Tom Kosek, Bill Culverson, john Adams Page 119 We grapple for Victory YVRESTLINC . . . The Elgin High School grapplers came through with a highly successful mat season this year. Losing only two dual meets, the squad ranked second in the Conference, being beaten by Joliet. Improving in the Sectional, they took a well-earned first. Not only strong as a team, several champs devel- oped. Six mat men wrestled in state competition. Individually, jim Demmit went undefeated, Tom Hosier lost one, and Lloyd Kellenberger lost two. Congratula- tions to an up and coming sport! Top right, First Row-Mgr. jerry Seroggins, Dale johnson, Ray Vellinga, Co-captain Lloyd Kellenberger, Co-captain Ben Rocha, Harold Row, Mgr. Bill Scarritt Second Row-Jim Sayers, jim Demmitt, XYillie Spates. Don Kramer. Tom Jozier, Coach Al Scharf, Fritz Lugar, Dean NVinebrenner Middle right, First Row-George Harms, Curt Ransom, Ray Vellinga, Lloyd Kellenberger, Harold Row, Tom Hozier Second Row-Ben Rocha, jim Demmitt, Dean XVine- brenner, Fritz Lugar, jim Sayers, jerry Seagren Middle left-Ben Rocha, Lloyd Kellenberger, Coach Al Scharf Bottom left-Tom Hozier, Lloyd Kellenberger. jim Demmitt Bottom right, Fisrt Row-Keith Follmann, Ben Rocha, Dean VVinebrenner, George Harms, Curt Ransom, Fritz Lugar, Ray Vellinga, Dale johnson, Bill Scarritt Second Row-Don Kramer, Harry Brodde, Dick Arnold, Vt-'ally Hirshberg, Lloyd Kellenberger. Tom Hozier, Harold Row, Tom Grant, Jim Sayers Third Row-Evert Frey, Jerry Cirrineione, Tom Thies, Don Kramer, jim Demmitt, jerry Seagren, Bill Huber, Bob McCurdy Fourth Row-Coach Al Scharf, Jerry Christ, Steve Soper, Millard Dunton, Jack Sunderlage, Lee Swanson, Bill Eggert A Varied apart program TRACK TEAM for all First Row-Bud Johnson, Dave Miller, Ron Baker, jack Cremeens, Fred Lugar, Jerry Hudgens, Dick Amold, John Likhite, Fred Prlgge and Bill Powers Second Row-Gary Flora CMgr.D, Dave Montgomery, Warren Kiel, Glen Huber, Chuck Scott, Chuck Schroder, Roger Bumidge, jim VVall- ace, jim Harvey, Bob Paulson, Doug NVallace and Jim Reynolds CMgr.J Third Row-Assistant Coach Bob Duliield, Assistant Coach Emery Ebbert, Bob Bohlig, jerry Nash, Lee Swanson, Gene NVittenstrohm, Frank Lazzara, Leon Gilles, Earl Lamp, Ernie Dunn, Doug MacKinney, Melvin Andrews, Ken Brown, Greg Fohrmann, Duane Gilbertson, jerry Seagren, John Stanford, Bob Heneise, and Head Coach Paul Green Though the Elgin High School track team experienced a mediocre season, the squad was loaded with talented juniors who showed great promise for the future. The sophomore squad also looked hopeful during a rewarding campaign. A typical scene at the spring track meets. SOPHOMORE TRACK TEAM Front Row-Duane Clute, Joe Gluchey, Lowell Allen, Roger Micholas, George Harms, Evert Frey, Lowell Shelton and Dave , s n lah? Row-Jerry Scroggin, Tom Thies, Larry Pritchard, jim Morton, Jim Humphrey, Gary Kane, Ted Tannnerau, Keith Carl- son, Dick VVillis and Harry Broode CROSS COUNTRY TEAM First Row-Everet Frey, Gene Stewart, Neil Grossnickle, Bill Martin, and Phil Sokody Back Row-john Likhite, George Harms, Ted Tammearu, Ken Page 121 Brown, Glen Kreinbrink and Coach Jim Martin In the fall of 1955 the Elgin High cross country team produced a great individual runner, Ken Brown. Ken Brown ran third in the state meet behind last year's state mile champion and the pre- vious year's cross country winner. TENNIS SQUAD . Sam Werner, No. 1 singles, Bob Kennedy, No. 2 singles, jon Schur- meier, Mike "Pedro" Zimmer, Paul Hudgens, and Ricky Reed, doubles. The 1955 Elgin High School tennis squad enjoyed a very successful season. They were unbeaten in 11 dual meets and cliinaxed the campaign by tying East Rockford for the Big Eight tit e. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADINC Lynda Cartwright, jackie Wallis, Mary Kay Howard, Carol Renwick, Susie Kirkpatrick, Mary Cromer, Barbara Bowles. VOLLEYBALL First Row, Left to Right-Sally Schurnieier, Peggy Manuel, Leilana Ackman, Betty Strackamy, Mary Ann Bartowisewitz, Judy Burt, Rae Ann Lacey, Mary Lindoerfer, Sandy Orban, Suzanne Burton, Carol Kissclburg. Second Row, Left to Right-Nancy Riley Sandra Cnlverson, Carolyn Kellenberger, Kay Underwager, Audrey Spelhneyer, Phoebe Burt, Gege Leach, Barb Range, Barb Nelson, Linda Swanson. Third Row, Loft to Right-JoAnn Thompson, Bevia XVhitney, Dawn XVendler, Bette Stringer, Patti Dier- king, Helen Thics, jean Schneider, Mary Semeny, Diane VVard, Mary Kotcles, Lore Krebs. 01111 jo 11 Ill 1111111 port' ARCHERY Kneeling-June Ulserver, Sonja Steen, Nancy XVendt, Betty Shacknay, Peggy Rhoades, Iackie Huskie, Brenda Benner. Standing-Violet Heath, Ruth Hartman, Judy Burnidge, Lucille Friese, Jeanne Stark, Sally Tompkins, Dian Lehmann, Mary Lindoerfer, Sandy Young, Cindy VVaterniann. SQUARE DANCERS 1 Iva May Rakow, Ann Blair, Alicia Borrud, Judy XVeIls. BOWLING Barbara Reichert rolls 200. GIRLS' TENNIS Row One-Sandy Paulus, Phoebe Burt, Gay Ann Wrin- biggler, Audrey Spellineyer. Row Two-Barbara Range, Nancy Riley, Sue Simmons, Irmy Engman, Linda Miller, Sandy Culverson. MODERN DANCE Front Row-Karen Seigel, Nila Rebenstorf, Ianice VVhitcoinb, Sally Shaw, Doris Reidemann. Middle Row-Ardis Stuaii, Maxine Klein, Darlene Ger- shick, Marlisa Erdmann, Nancy Zichuhr. Back Row-Kay Underwager, jackie XVencller, Helen Thies, Judy Trotter, Pat Thompson. as . .xx. K. M - A g W Xxkx XR Q S N E 3 WWWAW W iff X- -XXQS X UK Z Q gif Es? RQ 1 ,N gsm. k as . Nw . SX Xe , Nlkx X. w .3 .lm ski. S' S ,Y N35 P X S.. , 3 V v . e xx X X wx S R Q A Sw -3 Q, i -N A xg Y '-:.: N X k 5 X, K X .T .-: NN Xb N ki A X gy-:L .-if QQ ASSOCIATED STUDIOS OF ELGIN Warren Aikin Studio Dueringer-Williams ' Studio A. Harriet Lane Studio Studios of R. L. Giddens Best Wishes BROTZMAN 8g BIGGERS Congratulations to the Class of 1956 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ELGIN, ILLINOIS Member F.D.I.C Compliments of L LAMP coNsmucrloN COMPANY CHEVROLET SALES II2 DIVISION STREET ELGIN ELGIN NAnoNAL BANK 5 A L ' S B U R Y 5 DESOTO PLYMOUTH ELGIN, ILLINOIS Growing With Elgin Since T892 Member F.D.I.C. Good Luck to the Class of '56 ELGIN SWEEPER CO. ELGIN, ILLINOIS Smartest of the Smart Cars Compliments of FRED R. LAMP HEATING AND SHEET METAL is 3 This is the hiv-I 82nd Anniversary Year V of your ELGIN LINCOLN MERCURY 1-LSE: Dundee 8g North aw, e C R AS m ms Hwy, .. "Good Neighbor and Friendly Servant" THE COURIER-NEWS . . . 82 years of remaining youthful vigorous, and in step with Elgin's progress. wary Page 124 xr'- 'XT L I l l UNION NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY OF ELGIN Tl1e Friendly Bank For Friendly People Member F.D.l.C ELGIN WATCHES The Beautiful Way To Tell Time Good Luck to the Class of '56 A PARAGON Gonzplinzents WHOLESALE PLUMBING AND HEATING of a 1180 DUNDEE AVENUE . Q71-Lena' ELGIN, IU.. E Autographs 1 Page 125 A 81 P Super Market 205 South Grove Ave. Ace Hardware 9 East Chicago St. Ackemann's 168 East Highland Ave. Barnett's 10 South Grove Beck's 21 Douglas Ave. Beier's Bread 348 N. State Street Bergen Memorial Chapel 810 S. State Sf. Bloemke's Leather Goods Store 167 E. Highland Ave Blum's 15 Douglas Ave. Braeburn on-the-fox 1151 N. State St. Road Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Britton 221 lfValnut Avenue Bunge's Appliances 280 S. Grove Ave. Burren Transfer Company 156 South Melrose Burstein's Store for Men 205 National Street California Food Mart 61 S. Grove Ave. Carbary and Carbary 501 Tower Building Carswell Floors 225 E. Chicago St. Chuck Hines Store for Boys 20 Douglas Ave. Community Jewelers 60 South Grove Ave. Cook Publishing House 850 N. Grove Ave. Cooper's Pharmacy Elgin Del's Bike Shop 266 Dundee Pa iron Daniels and Clark, Inc. 221-223 E. Chicago St. Danner's Clothing Store 52 Douglas Ave. Dixie Cream Do-nut Shop 193 So. Grove Dueringer's Karmelkorn Shop 258 National St. E. H. Dunn, M.D. 212 Division Street Economy Oil 151 Spring Eleanor's Dancing Studio 260 National St. Elgin Business Men's Association 16 E. Chicago Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 S. Grove Ave. Elgin Coal and Oil 24 Kimball Elgin Corrugated Box Company 824 Raymond Elgin Flour and Feed Co. 72 N. Grove Ave. Elgin Fruit and Produce Co. S04 N. Grove Ave. Elgin Linoleum Mart H, Craig Vtfoodcock, Prop. ' 203 E. Chicago St. Elgin Loan 81 Homestead Association 14-16 No. Spring St. Elgin Lumber 8 Supply Co. Inc. 222 Douglas Ave. Elgin Metal Casket Co. 363 Bluff City Blvd. Elgin Quality Laundry 1273 Dundee Elgin Softener Corporation 134 N. Grove Ave. Clayton J. Evelien 213 E. Chicago St. Fishburn's Paint 8 Wallpaper Co. 165 East Highland Ave. Page 126 Ben Franklin Store 1120 South Street John A. Fraser Insurance 8: Real Estate Fred's Grocery 258 N. Gifford John C. Friedland 504 Tower Building A Friend A Friend Freise's Market 4 N. State St. Frey-Hanchette Insurance Agency 229 E. Chicago sneer George's Clothes Shop Inc. 158 E. Chicago St. Michael J. Coggin Good 8 Hess 163 E. Highland Grimes Sunset Super Market 1110 South Street Grimmer's Flowers 956 Bluff City Blvd. Gromer Super Markets 707 VV. Chicago Street 820 N. Liberty Street Hammond Organ Studios 115 E. Highland Dr. K. Hanson 110 Hill St. Helene Beauty Studio 58 Douglas Ave. McBride Pharmacy Comer of VVest Chicago St. and State St McClure and Struckman 42 Kimball McQueen, Churchill, Kirkland H Brady 305 Tower Building W. R. Meadows 18 Kimball Dr. C. E. Mensing Professional Building Milbrandt Drug Stores ' 370 Summit and 101 Douglas Modern Dairy Co. Inc. 1002 N. Liberty St., Elgin Morse's Drug Store Elgin, Illinois Mosiman's Ollice K School Supplies 160 E. Chicago St. Muetterties Sunlight Bakery 205 East Chicago St. O. D. Mulliken, M.D. and W. D. Mulliken, M.D. Henry Muntz 8 Sons 150 N. Brook St. Nelson's Pharmacy 229 National Nish Insurance 119 S. Grove Ave. Norris Reber Mortuary 266 E. Chicago North Street Grocery 228 North The Old Hickory Farm House Rt. 72 Dundee Park View Drug Store S26 DuPage Paulson and Jordan, Attorneys 100 East Chicago Street J. C. Penney Co. 51 South Grove Pittsburgh Plate Glass 210 E. Chicago St. ' Pro Paint 436 Dundee Progressive Sign Co. 850 Villa St. Tom Porter and Sons 454 Villa St. Public Service Co. 76 So. Grove Pa iron R N S - Elgin's Family Shoe Store 72 South Grove Rauschenberger Furniture Co. 407 Bluff City Blvd. Edward S. Reque Organization 13 East Chicago St. Reynolds Drugs 1046 N. Liberty St. Rifken Furs 122 So. Grove Ave. Rinehimer Bros. Mfg. Co. Kimball at No. Grove Rodholm Edwards Jewelry 18 S. Grove Ave. Dr. Roland Russell 317 E. Chicago St. Roth's Rexall Pharmacy 175 E. Chicago Street Rovelstad Bros. 162 E. Chicago St. Rowe Motors lnc. 174 So. Grove Ave. Paul E. Schickler 5 E. Chicago St. Schneff Bros. Jewelers 161 Chicago St. Schneider Recreation 118 So. Grove Ave. F. A. Schurmeicr, NLD. 102 N. Spring Street Scotts 66 1 North Liberty and Slade Sears Roebuck and Co. 51 So. Spring St. Sherman Hospital 954 Center Earl R. Shopen M. J. Silber-t Co. Souster's Flowers 167 Du Page Page 127 Spaldings 458 Dundee Avenue Joseph Spiess Company 38 South Grove Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Ave. Stout Funeral Home 252 S. State Street Talk of the Town Beauty Salon 112 E. Highland Ave. Three Sisters 21-27 So. Grove F. R. Towncr, M.D. 212 Cooper Triangle Plumbing 8: Heating Co 313 Dundee Ave. Tru-Value Shop 54 S. Grove Valentine Insurance Agency 164 Du Page St. Villa Food Mart 895 Villa St. Valley Stamp and Printing Companw 5 Douglas Avenue Wait-Ross Allanson Funeral Serv , Inc Elgin, Illinois W'entworth's Store for Men Chicago at Spring West Dairy Equipment Co. 356 11Villarcl Ave. Williams Manufacturing Co. 166-170 North Edison Avenue WRMN First with the local news Young Women's Christian Association 228 East Chicago Street Lloyd Ziegler 60 Douglas Avenue , N Aix NL ,2 J 5 zydufograpke 'Vt 'gmjf .W- Zlwbfgiikf M GQ of I wi fwi5W25WwWf W Sf W W yfffamij, .xx . . -wi? . 'LA Rx- . . '--.tswrcj X mm 1 '-5 ' x K 5 'x -fx -5 f k 1,4.k ,Af5 "W Tw sz... 123' 'X?"" nz 5 ' 1' N5-,Mft "1 ,,N'h'7A,O H- -Q-3,0 """":-.x ,zz 1? . fx - K 'A V "r g',"""., ff-K 0 233 . 4 I-- "L -XY? ,ff . N, RL-'iq X .A .av 7-5. X :ax ' f, ...N liffijgwg Www - 56 W pf ' of? ., .CK J WU H 1 1 S r E, E E E i . E H Ki 1 1 'I E F R. 5 5 1 s

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