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9 4 E Q 1 r f A li as Ni egg igs V4 W P I Qgkngalgy A ,Ai Q," A W sf ,wh , ?v:'? ,,p . vi .P A -W -: ..,: cisvf X L h'L Q X ,aAgg'f' New 'QW' ' tg .N ww gh gigs N K ., - q- ,yy ,.q. W, -N, 'mba ggxeiwwgg ,aff ,f ,naw . X 4, 'rg H 235, KQNQJQXQ gig 5, 5 .Hg 659. fxw Ax 4 x. 'R , ii. 'fi-nfiyly , , ,, k 'A , , . ,. . x ,qi f, g xvx. . S S, ,N f , ,Fi-: YR, it g:..a,'Aj,? 3. .P -P H f I' , -as ww: if 5 , jigs, 'Q 5 lkkx it :Qi A vii? 1 -,, if!! usa . Q' Q tx xii 4 x flfggk'-:MESH S551 Q 5 --. 1 ig: gs! ag f P 2- ' f..v.'1f2i?jE2f3 QEMQQ . -Q--mum, 'Y x-fu.. 5.31 7 R in ., .gl . g1hE,y,sgk W lx ,E AVF V, Q . 'W :ff f- 2 f W f A QQ' fi i 1 .. , Q ,SA 2? 5? X W, in M. Mi Y K o .Q :fig sing x NQA ytvkfs is . M 1, ,Y QA gi X X 1 Y iw ' S11 -:-' '- f A rr Q2-QR X w . nf, 'A" - ,K 3 X ,x Wim? af' S if 5' Sgssgq 'Sb ' Q wg 'N -N... L Q wwf K Q gs- ' - A ' gli " 1 V tw' --1 rw.: , - -Mil 3' XV """' '-M Q. x g K I r -W. -My- -Q .L .. gn-N ' . 9 X X' Y S KF ' 7 'g,f'33Tsy7G?,X"gQ7.gl gff',fa:i'v1ff'2"Qg?." . W wx 4 F xw 14. ,wg . -W Q 3 Q N K Q -5, 'f Av Q. 'f X 'MKQQA M 5 JL .rf Q 9 N 'x mgzbg " K. n yi -'f . ' Y Qs w i iw' 1 1i 3 ' Z' x ' ?iQL' 2 - 1' . . an :Lil W' 'Q filkkfwmwwfws J .wi Li,X,,,z,,5gjfi lm KSN? . wk, N7 1 Q 55 , 'l1ii'E3'L14fN J Xe? N A- 5 f5Y-MI' Mu i Pffzzfw 4 x K Q 1' ., 'S "" Z 'Q 1' tiff? sl" Qlwfzff ,Q -2 i ' 2-P5 ' ff mvmx R, .,, M L 3. in - mm ,M 5 E i lx Q - K y 1 NW ,,,.b.,,gg,,, my bw XR , ,QI ff! K A ' if was-,..M4fQ , g,.,,mLQQ 5 ir : '-:, V A uf 1 w , nfs, - k f 5 f' 1 Q? wil 3 -w ,Y ,ggaf 4 A , St Q 1 ,ff . .ivfwjig -1 5, ., I- F.. : jf 5 W' W. Y - -. 1 V-V-w ..,.,......, V- -V--yn, V vu, - 1955 maroon Sfallf Co-editors Peg Emrich Spencer Swinton Editorial Staf Margaret Cook Pat McKeown Business Manager George Foelschow Sales Manager Janice Sokody Sales Stag Vicky Biggers John Broecker Mary Collins Sara Dodd Susan Dodd Hildegarde Fiedler Bill Fishbum Bill Gieske Lyle Herschlag Betty Hopp' Deanna Rogers Marceline Sadler Aff stag Pat Demmitt Denise Burton Frances Wemer Sports Editors Ierry Allen Paul Auvil Weg Thomas Photographer Phil Nowak Typists 'Marie Collier janet Tazewell Sponsor Mrs. Gertrude C. Meadows Advertising Adviser Marvin F. Kuhlmann THE MAROON 1955 549414 SCAQQI Elgin, Illinois ,an cp all .wah , 5 Vg ,.wa0P' t. W4 ,,XA W f . ,lf ' " Y lflg2in's famous pageant, The Song of lliawatha. in- volves many students and alumni of Elgin lliaih School. ere e ive o on DAQ Sfoziy if 2 ' 5. ,J-Wag 5 l xl ' Fx... .Q U'lllllIS our sons and daughters leave us. Those we love and those who love us." The Ancient Arrow Maker and his t.lillllfllICl', Minnehalm. who were immortalized hy l,oni2fellow, live again on the beautiful natural stage of The Somi of Hiawatha. mmfww mmw f W A 1 1 ,xxx x iam, n Pic "Should you ask me whence these stories? Whence these legends and traditions, I should answer, I should tell you, From the forests and the prairies, From the land of the Dacotahsf' The Song of Hiawatha, greatest of Indian pageants, is an Elgin institution. Since it made its humble beginning in 19:27, hundreds of E.II.S. students have practiced long hours at school, and come pageant time, have felt the thrill of re-enacting the legends of the first Amer- icans under the inspired guidance of Mr. Carl H. Parlasca, master of Indian lore and dramatic artist. Based on Longfellowis immortal poem, the pageant transports audiences back to the days when moeeasinned feet silently trod this unspoiled land. The feeling the pageant gives to performers is indescribable. It has become almost a religion to many. Once under the spell of Hiawatha, there is no escape. We believe the profound effect it has made on its ulnjunsv has made them better citizens of E.II.S. and of their community. The 1955 Maroon, in presenting the epic of this year at E.II.S. will parallel Elginis true epic of American Folklore. VVC are proud to present the 1955 Maroon - "An Epicf, NOKOMIS PRESENTING THE PIPE OF PEACE T0 THE WARRIORS QQ ., 9-112 . . f A -, 1 -, .... .. tr 3: ri- rf. z , P. s ' 5""""" vi 'S x.. Above: Hear our legends and traditions G GMP SCAQQI adm! jfs mem TABLE OF CONTENTS Presentation of Theme ....... ,,,,,,,, The School .............,.... The Class of '55 ...... Underclassmen Activities ........ Athletics ......................... ,,,,,,,, The Calendar of Events Patrons ....,, Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 4-7 8-27 28-49 50-73 74-97 98-113 1 14- 1 17 118-120 ACYS 424140, fjzose we ave nsloire This bust of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who penned "The Song of Hiawatha" one hundred years ago, has an interesting history. Sculptured from life by the great American sculptor, Samuel -I. Kitson, it is said to be the best likeness of the great poet in existence. Shortly after the dedication of the Goble library, it was given to Elgin High School by the sculptor's family and is now one of our most prized possessions. A TRIBUTE "Daughter of the moon, Nokomis . . .U These words cannot fail to conjure up Hoods of warm memories in the hearts of countless people whose lives were made more worthwhile by their aequaintanceship with Mrs. E. Maude Parlasca, beloved Elgin lligh School teacher, friend of white man and Indian alike, and superlative performer in the Song of Hiawatha,-a friend who was called away by the Great Spirit on August 31, 1954. This book does not pretend to be a memorial to this great woman. Her memorial is in the lives of the many young men and women to whom she helped give direction. Her life was truly, "like a lovely tree that fell and left an empty place against the skyf, Page 7 N 1 Admin isfraiion 547161 ij-aculfcy "We have listened to your message, We have heard your words of wisdom, We will think on what you tell us. It is well for us, O brothers, That you come so far to see us. Longfellow we 4 V UQ, .A .TW .,,,,M .M QS, W vm, A 'CM - ,A r , 4 Q F' P- l E 5 .ggi 5.2 fab? 4,3 zfrfmh' 57"r Q ,i ,Q 'KP' 'Hx -'G' The Board of Education: Secretary, Mr. VVillard Beebe, Mr. Brandis, Mr. E. O. Southard. Nlr. Orrin C. Thompson. Mr. A. E. Sclnnidgall. Nlr. Chauncey II. YVells, Mr. Albert F. Billings, Mr. John S. Page. President, Mr. Raymond Nl. Pearsall, Nlr. Mills Enoe. Aese rovi e MV Schools 6741461 kj-IQHJ Q-A2144 The Board of Education is a very important part of the Elgin School System. The Elgin citizens have wisely chosen men who cooperate to further the educa- tion of young people in the community. XVith their knowledge and guidance ...J ""'f'-E Elgin continues to have a high ranking school system in our nation. These men are largely responsible for the new buildings and additions which have been constructed to enable students to receive the finest education possible. NVe all greatly appreciate the time and effort which they spend helping us. Mr. Orrin G. Thompson Superintendent of Elgin Public Schools Mr. Marvin L. Berge Assistant Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Page 10 I Y I I I wwf vw-f 5-fdfvxmf K i i W i i I I I ,W ., i A ww, A i 5 i fwiiiiw' Xi :,.,,: i . w as www Q mis ur ell-love! Ckiefodncl good Q-ifien lfigin lligh Sclmol is i1Ol'tllIl2ltC imicvci to il2lYK' gi lllilll as iivcliciitvii to thc' task oi' hiiiiciinq youth into usviiui, wvil ccillcaltvci citizviis as is Mr. li. S. fiilI'fXYI'iQilt, priilcipali ami will iirivml to vxvry stmiciit. llis wzirlil pwsoiialiity' ami QL'lliLli good humor hvip guicii' us along thi- trail. XVhc'ii wa- ix-zu-ii its vinci. his tirvlvss vllorts lo plum- thc! right stiimivnt in thc' right juh or 4-will-gv pay oil in inippiiivss. Xlguiy will always think of him 11s gi tim' liimici. Pago 11 fjzese gmc ive 5 inclly gui ance . EY-'H' 'W-1.f Wee : fJ"" M:...:,.-- '- 5 Nh: john A. Krallft Nliss Nlargarct li. l"oslwi'i'y Assislanl l'rin1'ipal anml Dvan of Buys Dm-an of Girls anrl Girls' Chili Spnnsnn' Tha- mlvans arc' always willing to lcncl a hvlping hancl or listvn syinpathvtically wlicm-x'm'i' thc' case' may arisc. Thvy iic-vm' fail to havv timc to give- aclvicc' when it is aslwcl nl' tlicni. tlwy sign for vxcnsccl ahsviicc-s, they aicl ns in applying fm sn-linlarships. ancl tht-y hc-lp ns to plan mn' program carcls to comply with fntnrc- nvvcls. .-Xniong thc-ir loss plvasnrahlo clntics is that nl talking to stnclm-nts who fail in lu-vp thvir graclvs np. Thx- ch-ans arc' trnc lrivncls to all of ns. whcthvr wc- arc- ahovc avvragc oi an-i'agc' stnclm-nts. I I mf, y - , V I, r 5 3 ,X 11, 4 fl E , ? 'lliuss' pnplllni' anll vlll rn-nl pi-mph' who hvlp km 1 lz.Il,S. rnnnnng sninnlhlx tln' ollicl' stall. llnnna fini invrnian. Nnrina XYill1'anl ancl Xlrs. liva llnpltins. Xlrs. l1lIl'C'lx. .'Xll4'lHlilllll l7ir4'c'lui'. with lwn ul' lui lic'lps'i's, lhnniix- llll'lll1'llllIll anrl llnth Us-nz. Nlr. llnlmlnsnn, High Svlinnl 'l'i'm'aslii'm'r, :null Ins 5l'l'l'l'llll'f'. Xlrs. nhlviim' .lnhns lwm-p hnsy with high sn-lu wainpnni. l LOIIOINILS lx ll Ill Ill f OVl'l'I1ll1l'llt 04 eac ers 04 J vdolvisors C ICNIID BURNS l':llIlhSll, Spcmsm' ul xHl'l'OI' DIOIC CAN'l'IiICl,l. xsics, Sponsor of Clic-ln-Pllys Clulm l"AI'l'I I CAYICLI, Ifnglisln NVILLIAM CIIICSBROUCII xs Phys. lid., Varsity Baskvllmall Cuan-In SODIIOIIION' lfocmllmallll c:OLIl'Il Assistant Spfmsur of IC-Clulm RONALD COOK 956 Class Sponsor, Clll'llliSlI'y KATIIICIRINIC DAVICRY 155 Class Spmnsor, Psyclmlogy Arm-rin-an llislury 11113 P-.. :Kun rsity' SIIUIISUI m m u I HHS wA1'le 5 rien 5 Aecy 0147156 Iwsecy UIANIWI' IIICIAIS .-XIRTIIUIR IC. IIILL qjI.,ll,i,,w II1-:ul of llu- Ml P. I'1'I'lllCl. lIU.Mll.l'XIJ I .Hll'1ll'illIl I'II,l.lSON ll. IIOKIC ,4- nsic IM-pa11'tlyw ,X Lalppvllal Fluwirs, Sponsor of SMR Haullu l'rugl':llll l,ll'l'L'tUl'. U l I S IIICLICN QIOCIICIXN IZIILIIISII ffl.I'XNi.'X -IKYHNSUN Ifumls. llumv l,l'Ul5ll'lllS NlAli'l'll.'X A14 -IOXICS lnllgllsll .-XIi'l'I I UH KAXIICS llrinliug. XYumls if 4' ,L X xx 5 m 9' E.- ,ff Y., -., . . V5- yfsg . 'N X ,Q - x J? X me 7' V Q-sf 79 0-1- 5 X Nm if lllil ,ICN Kl'f'lvl'I'1lilNC Biology NI.-XHYIX hUIIl,fXlfXXX Biology. .-Xssvt. Xlalrcnm SITUIISUI TNIANIUN I,.'XI"I"l'lY f,l'1'lll'Sll'1l, IIill'lIlUll3', lJilAl'L'lOl' ui On- I.lCSl,lIC IAHSOX liiulugy RMU, LICIIH 15157 Class Spunsm: Arm-riuxn Ilis IJICNYICH l,l'1'l'l'liXU Ulnvlllislry' l lm- In In xlm lurv 541461 gjfnowleclge liU'l'll NOHK ICDNA LEXVIS Bookkm-ping, Bllsim-ss Survvy C umm Spzmislm, Sponsm' ul' Spamisll Clulm NlAlillC'l"l'A PARK Mu llunml Typing. l'c-rsmnnl 'l'yping MHS. DORA l'ASl'll,. I la lllll Sl5lllllSll, SIHIIISOI' of l"l'4'l1c-ll Clulm KIICUIIGIC XY. l'lCClx lyping, llusim-ss Survvv MARY lllC'l'lCllS NlllfllK'lll1lllL'S ll.'Xl,l'll l,llll,l.ll'S l,ix'il1g Clu-mislry lhga- Hi Miele ur oofsfelos NYILIJ,-X IKXIAN llm-acl of Girls' Phys. licl. Ilupurllm-nl Girls' Phys. lid., Spfmsm' ul' QI.A,A. Cl,ll"l"0llll Nl.'Xll'l'lN Xlbmls. Cm-m-lull Nlvtalls VIANIICS Nl.-XR'I'lN xlilllll'llllllll'S Spm1srn'ul'Cl1vss :xml Clwc-L1-r Clulm . Varsity Cross Cmmtry Cmxvll 3 MRS. CIl'Ill'IlliUDl'I NIICAIJOXYS liuglislu, Spmnsrn' ol Nlalrmm CILICXNIE MOHHOXV NlARC1ARlC'l' NICNYNIAN 1' 'di Sh-xmgralplmy, llusillcss l,:lw, I'v1'smml 'Vypin llvaul ul tln- lznglxsll De-pm'tnu-nl, lungllsln ps 1 any easons, IRPNI PIELICINIEIEH Sp ll1lSlI L ltlll Sponsor of Latin Clulm 4 K IIONVAHD SCllUI,'l'l'l Alncrican llistory, Social Prolvlcms Forensics Ass't., Varsity Colt Coach NORMAN SCIBli'l"l'A llcatl of tlic Industrial Arts lJt'D1ll'tllll'l1t Electric Shop, Vifoocls, Art II. H. SHELBY Ilcacl of thc Social Scicncc Dcpartincnt Social Prolmlcnis, Forcnsics 'l'llEl'lliSA SIREN Matin-inatics, Asslt. 1956 Class Sponsor Sponsor of Future Tcaclicrs Club LUCILE STANSELL Hcacl of tlic llolnc Economics Dc-partmcnt Foods, Sponsor of l".lI.A. DOUGLAS STEENSLAND Band, Music Appreciation, Dircctor of Band Pago 17 XX'.'Xl,'l'I'IIi Xl. XYILSOIN I'1m-rumnnicw. Suvizll l,l'Ullll'IllS Sll1lllN0l'U' SfllKll'lll CTUIIIIVH INJISICIVIA T. XVINN Biology HHS. ICY,-X HOPKINS S1'K'I'I'lill'y to XIV. Cmlwriglml NIHS. Hl':Ul,:Xll LUICCK AHl'llil2lllL'l' Ollivc NURNIA NVlI,I.MCli'l' Oflicc- IX 3XX.'X flNlNll':liH,'XN Ollicv Classes OV acA 9 GVSOVIG Imfl: l,zn'ry .Iurku uncl Put Rolmlmins arc displaying a clmri wliicli tllcy luwc lnnclc on connnunity planning for social prolmlcins. Looking ut tlic chart ure: BLll'lJi1I'L1 Kran- winklc, Dick Dillow, Mikc Lyons. I,ou'z'r lmfl: A junior Aincricun history class shows L'llill'lS rcprcscnting tlicir stnclics. standing: Dick NVciss, jolin Pctcrs- scwtccl- Iovcc C'li'1pin-1n Donna Thoinnson, Bcttc Stringcr. llppcr liigllls .loan Ilciclcn inixcs lmttcr us 21 prcrcqnisitc lo lmking, tliosc watching arc scutccl: xl1ll'Clil Ilcutli, Cutlicr- inc liraullcyg shnicling: Linclu Tlirnn, .lo Ann Curtcr, joan, Donna kilill'l'lSSllI1l'illlX. C1'n.f1'r liiglzl: A soplioinorc English class prcpurcs skit ultcr rcauling liooks. Scutctl: Gail Coincrsull, Donna Pcak, kvilllllll kvilllflllg staxnclinff: Nlolly Cook, C'n'ol fll XV' ff .Indy lfrznnc. ,, i . 3 llC.,Il0l', I,o1vf'r liiglzl: Trigonoinctry class is clcinonstrnting tlic lzlw ol sincs, tliosc looking on urcg Xluric Kzlllcnlmcli, Ernic llnnn, Paul Anvil. Alanicc Torling. X by R Hpilxxikil K QSZQQ i iw' V' YJ 2 KSU 'Sis iii Xx"'H"YS'fA"::.w,.3. 1 ...Nl i s' F -' .4 H-2-iw waif qalenfs an rngifions l'ppz'r Lwfl: Slllll x'0Ilfl'll'0lll'. :Xl flfillltllillll B1-ttv c1l'iSSOII1. llllll l.2lI'I'V S1'l11'11111111 disc-1155 ll cl1'z1fti11g 1114111111-111. C1'llfl'l' Alim lDl'lI1llliff. limi! l'z1sl141Ilx. Nlurx Sc'111c'11y. -IORIII ll11sk1-111111 thx- I-OIITHI pc-rind ill'ilII11ltil'S c-lass look on as CZQIYV Cough. f:llllCk Sc-1114111111-1'. Ui l,llkl'l'. Nlurcim' 8111111111 c:l'l'1lIililll l'0r1'y'. -Indy l'ilcl1c'1'. Sandy l31'1'111:111 and K11rv11 Km'11cs not out 11 Sl'i'lll from Misx l3rm1lfs 111111 'l'l1f' Clzris mas Carol. f:I'lIfl'l' lmfl: Xlrs. llalllvt. HN.. I1111111- lllll'hl illStl'llCt0l'. cl1'111o11st1'11tvx IH111111 lllll'S .'7 lwrs: Lois Vvstwc . 'Q Bl'CkIillgl'l', illlll -l02lll YV1'ig1'l. 1111f t1'cl1111c1111's to Cllllll' slzlll 1114-111 ' xml llc 111111 I.r111'z'1' Lvfl: NI1ll'CilI Kilpfilill. Nllll'Ql'IIl' Svll Nlury 1-M1111-1's1111. 11111111 l,ii'I'lxillg Sl1z11'011 llillqllistQ111clCi11yl,i11cl111'1 fl'l' work cliliqvntlv in IlOUkk1'l'IJillSL Page- 20 5 A qi' e emger 'rows gn Sfafure X 1.4 X 1 .fr I f 1 il' a 1:1 n fi x llppwr Lvfl: Tlic living L'lIl'lI1iStI'y class ClllStl'l'S ill'0lllICl il lll'Ill0IlStI'iltlOIl of 11 principla- ol' Clll'llliStI'y usvcl in 0Vl'l'y'll1ly liiic. S1-utvcl: ,Indy XV1llZl1lXVll'li. 1111cl Artis NVoolcott. Stllllllillgi Don Stcw111'l'. joycv XV2lllil'I', Nlury Kotvlcs. Cuil Ettiivr. 1.1-t11 l3111'11iclg1'. l,il11 livlwii- storf, .lolin Likliitv, Sully Sll1llUS. C1111'ol llc-ml. B111-li row: Dick Aiiclifrsoil. lCkl1111'clt BI'0Kllll', l,111'ry.Iol111so11, l.loy1l KL'lll'IllJ0l'Q'0l'. Ccfnirfr Lwfl: "lt clovs it lay osmosis." Biology stu- clvnts Carol Scliiilwrt, .lim B1'l11'1'11s, Nancy ll11lw1'- stitch, Hogvr Alilmotl. 111111 .Illllt'Ill' Schultz olisc'1'v1- 1111 0X1J0l'illlOllt. Cmilw' Iiiglil: Cary Smitli, Ninrgc- -loplin, l'11t Knip- t11i11, lC111'l l,klIlll7, Zlllll lJ11x'icl l"1111l4 stucly US. prici- fl'CIlllS in 1-coiiomics. I,Ull'l'I' lmfl: Nam-y NVoocl wivlcls ll comli on H11- twssvs ol NllllL'y' Kocli in 1-x'1'1'y1l11y living class. as l,111'o11i11 lJ2lIlCl. So11j11 Il11ll.1111cl l'lSfllK'l' Ilull look Oll. 1 P11111- 21 ss 1. A3-fri 045 e Sfnafes greaf CDI igence llppvr Imfl: XVith .Indy blohnston ut thc piano, French stnclcnts, llctcr Nnvotny, Nlairy Collins, Snc K1'aclJlwi', Pann Cruwforcl, Alicia llnrkins, Aluckic Crccmlwailt, uncl Don Portcr sing ll ronsing chnrns nl' MI ,in iXllll'Sl'lllillS0.u l,on71'r Imfl: Unn Hrucllcy, jcrry Cirrincionc, and Dick VVillis pnt thc finishing tonchcs on Cl0C0l'2ltlYC uncl nscfnl articles in woods 1. Xa 1 Page 22 B1'lnu': Ccnrgc Foclsclmw points 1 ' ' ' cl in ix crycluy sp:-cch tn othcr mc-nilwrs nl' the Latin class: Nlurv Kon-los. Yiclxv lliqu, lintl c ol thc IIIIIIIV lrllflll worcls nsc 1 .-Xnn llukow. and Dong NVilliz1 118 IHS iggaf as l'pp1'r lmfl: ln this .'xlllCl'iL'1lll gm crninn-nt conrsa- tlu- stndcnls liclcl il inock 1-In-ctimi. 'l'l1c stnclc-nts I3'll'iit'ilJ1liillg :mn Mika- Zilnnivr. l.llllIlll Cicrtz, Dick Cfonnv1's, Put Dcnnnit. lippwz' liiglul: Cary XVnrrvn and Curl Munch opcrutv thc' milling innchinv in machine shop. lln an QVL can ell Be 4 eVlJeJ l,nu'1'l' lmfl: 'lilu-sv stlnlvnts uri' wooclcanving in nrt class. thvy an'0: Allvn Kcnt. Nancy Kam-I, In-lx C111-xlnwlus. l,n11'1'1' lizglzl: ln Cl'I'llIl1lL' class. Stcwnrt 'l liortnn nncl lunnl Ihislwlk uso tin' pottvry win-1-I, wink- .lu lv UllKiK'l'XYllgl'l' wntn-livs tllvln. F M it Nw lx is.. WAN ..,NNNTXa1'i . fwor ing Sale By Sicle gn rienclsAiP unnullxmx IHHHHHHHHUI 1' , , ,gs wi W . ' fs? ig Uppffr Lcfi: Lincla Eggchrccht and Lynn Ilcijcmnn discuss oil painting. Lowvr Lcff: Scatcd: Mikc Ilcnncsscy and judy jcnkins dClIl0llStI'kltC unglc mcusurcmcnt to Don Stikkcns, Shirlcy Kcnyon and jack Slliidcihlgc. Uppvr Right: Linda Switzcr lcucls ll discussion on harmony pattern. Class mcmhcrs are: joletu Sabin, john Erickson. john Burr, Adoric jcun Conghlos fstunclingj. Ann Nlillcr. Dolorcs Lumhkc und Virginia Bull. Lowcr Higlif: john Brockci' clcmonstratcs an K'llj2ll'gi'l' to Lynn Ilcilcmun and liitu Barron in photography class. Page 24 SL QLJV13' ore 7orefafAers Upper Left: A sophoniorv spccch class dcinon- strutvs spvuking fnrins. Nancy Tnrnvr stands ut tlu- rostrinn. othvrs urv: first row, Dave Curvy, Bud B1i0hlc1', Eilvvn Alhrightg svcond row: llilunv Cihvrt- son, Linn' Ilollnuln, Ilvlvn Smith, Engcnc Lznnl. l,c0nzn'cl Dorsvtt. 12' X. C1'nf1'r Right: Koc-hn, Don Bannngzn'hu'r. Boffonl liisuili XVIHICC is showing Miwino lx nn how to work 1 lxnottv IILHIJIJ prom cm. msc Watching nc H1ch.ud lIutm.1nn ind This gronp of English students are discussing scntvncv prnhlvn s Thvy urv: 'll'llll0ttU Rvzl, Frank XV n nvr, Earle ClI'lll'l'. blndy Ganz. Svhnl Mitchm-ll. liichurd Maxgnnu, Marvin Bu V014 fin cg rom SMA ew xlserience lllv l'1lfl'tt'l'lil llc'lpc'rs c-IIici1'nt- lx' pr1'pa1l'c' llllll WH food in uw during flu- nor 1 nknski holds plutx' she' llvlpvcl pl'c'pa1rv. ,lulm l,iHlitc'. Clm'o1'g1' cwlscll '. I 4 4 . - mm CIIJIIKS xltllfflll I I lvlv lI'lI'fll1'lII SIN'IlL'l'l' Swinton. fdmjl I ulcl I UXXIIIIII Killllilll Holm lg 4 Top: luck Duum, Tom Ilozicr, Bob Palllsvn, and Iam' llvzlth wmik on tlu-ir projvcts in crafts class. A Sfwrnzl l"rmn Top: Slmrcm Strmc dl'lN0lISl'l'ilt0S thc' llsv of ll lmookkcf-ping nmcllim- to Nlmlc-11c Iloth. john Bvlchcr, .mal Doris lirickson. Cwzlw' liiglll: Paul lluclgvns. Alia-4' Carlson. Linda l,c-wis. -Iolm I"rivnHuml, Carolyn flI'OIIN'l' and -Ioycv BLISCINLIII IILIYK' il lin-ly discussion in nmclvrn history class. Iiollmn: Nll'l1llll'I'S of thc- clothing class busily mark and fit projvcts. shnucliug: llorotlly NIQIIICII and Bn-via YVhitnoy. Smtc-cl: SIILITOII If:-v. Bmmic Brittvnum. and .Ioyce Naylor. ff .gh N p, Lx'-41 'ble x ' lirowll. q of fubrifs 1 A Pngm- 26 I W"--ui 'flnwl YN J -QNX , , A roof ening nowleclge, aiming I-bibs om Uppm' Lvfl: Tlivsv lnvlnlwrs of tliv jonrnulisin class url' cann- pzligning for tlu-ir m-wspupc-r, thi- Mirror. Tlu-y nrvz blncly NVvlls, Dick Clinic-cio, Margin- Nlolitor, l,2ll'l'y llolinson. Stow- .Iaum-s, Dorotliy llflfll. Loufvr Loft: 'l'lu-sv stnclc-nts are trunscrilming ut tln' typv- writcr. Front row: .Io Anno UllCll'l'XVllgt'l'. Svconcl row: Emily Bocllning, Rita Cox, .Io Anna- cll'2lNVl'0l'Ll. Tliircl row: Mzlrlvllv llotli, Eilvcn Grail, Nancy Sipplv, Doris Scrunnn. Fonrtll How: Aclorio -In-un Ql0llglll0S. Dcfunnu Bvckliiig,cr, Kay XVoolcott, .lunic-0 SCll2ll'il'll'l'. Fifth row: Put B1-ln'cns. Phyllis Ilopp. l'l1JIJf'l' Iiiglzl: .luck Daunn uncl Bill l'a1rla1scn arc preparing ll layout in print shop. IJUIUUI' Higlzf: A psycliology class listcns to rm-cords of nioocl music. Those' listvning mv: Phyllis Cvnz. Donnlcl l,i1SlICl'. Szlmlru Bllfllilllli, uncl -lim -lolnison. avurxih n.,-sv eniors On the birch-bark and the deerskin Songs of war and songs of hunting, Songs of medicine and magic, All are Written in these figures, For each figure has its meaning, Each its separate song recorded." - Longfvllou Sf! X xx K 5 Sl - 5 X . . M N L, ik Vx A 5 1' . ., . , B KW xx ik A s S X Q1 5? Xe 1 ix" Q, ..... 'Q 2 ,A 3 X 1'-v gf X 4 x S E: Ref W' iv 1 is if A , wa' s SKY 55 We w X N 4 -'Wx 0 R195 1 for Nw' NN? if XE' ' X lg Me' X K Sb' 1, f-Q. 5 1 N A ' bn vas S 1 " X v if Y as A I R f li -Fi sf 5 Scqix Q fi, ki , 6 wg . ii i Y Q E A Y. xx 5 E X i 4 . ix X -WK 'N if 4...-3... 5 JL.. X I ,F A 1 425 X S Q vw' - A1 x- Mimf M , H :easy 1-N. -K 1 -1,1 Qqgw M , K 3 'Q Ex sg 5 Nana ,,,, - . ,SL all if mags 5 w 'Yi X , Y S Si Q 4. 14. ,,.- ,E fy K ' .. fx, w' W1 3 X, 5 ,Q 'T a e .gn , ,wc .M A. Q. -R 1 , .L,, Q t A X . X . WMASW' Vx LX 3, 6+ 98" onoreal 04m fjle fzflforfay eniors CLASS OFFICERS: Seated: NVcndy VVithc-rs, Secreturyg Earl Lannp, Treasurer. Standing: Ernie Dunn, Vice-Presidentg Boll Kennedy, President. The Class Council, under the leadership of president Bob Kennedy. discusses a problem. Row IVXVPINIY XVitln-rs Itowfl-Dawn Biittvr. Cert Ilzlus, Cheryl Schultz, Donna Loliliunvr, Lyle Ilerscli- lug, I1l'lll't' U'ConneIl ltowS-Mnrizuinc lfritz, Sharron Braulen. joan VV:-igel. Sandy Pratt, Mzirtliu Cirrin- cione, Nlzngarret Ilorne Itow4-Iirnic Dunn, Put Kziptuin, Mike Zinn- Y mer, Toni Aley, Earl Launp, Bruce Sonnners. 7 ' w ' , his si SENIOR CLASS HISTORY "The past Il foundation, the future a C1l2l11.CllgC.v XVitl1 its motto as its lmusis, the class of 1955 prepares to retain memories of past success and to advance beyond the doors of E.II.S. into at promising future. As sophomores, the class grasped its new situation, and its first party proved the class one of ability and determination to do a superior job. In 1953, a group of enthusiastic juniors presented its first play. "Men are Like St1'1'1'1f'11r'.s'.v At Ilomecoming, 1955's Hoat tied for Hrst place in the most beautiful division. Proud we can he of the senior class of 1955! The play, the Hoat. the song. ll clizunpionship lmsketlmll team, and 11 state champion debate team combine to spell out the success of 1955. With memories of the class supper, the Prom, and graduation still lingering, the class of 1955 looks forward! Page 30 Ji.- IIUANE ROBERT ALVINE Ilomcroom Easkctball 2.3.41 Iutraumral Bascball 3. Ambition: 'I'o bc a draltsmau. EMIL JOIIN ANDERSEN "Chief" Indian Dancing 23.4, Ambition: 'l'o bc a ccramic dcsigncr. LEAII RAE ANDERSON "'I'ootie" Acoliau 2g Alr. A Cappclla S3 Cirls' Club Council 3,45 Indian Dancing 2,31 C.A,A. 2.3.4. Ambition: 'l'o always bc bappy. MARY JOAN ANDERSON "Andy" Acoliau 2, Ccrmau Club S, jr. A Cappclla 3: Sr. A Cap- pclla llg Dramatics Club 3. Ambition: 'I'o bc a good typist. RUTH ANDERSON "Andy" C,A.A,g Bowling 2,331 Baskctball 2. Ambition: 'l'o bc a nursc. WILLIAM IIENRY ANDERSON "Bill" Intramural Sports 233,44 Latin Club 23 Cllcm-Plays Club -lg Class Play Committccg Coll' S. Ambition: 'I'o work or scll in tbc cllcmical cnginccr ficld. KAREN MAY ANDRESEN "Little One" Indian Dancing: lXlodcru Dancing, Class Play Couunittcc 3,45 Squarc Dancing. Ambition: 'l'o makc my lioncymoon last all tbrougb my marricd lilc. DAVID WAYNE API' "Dave" llomcroom llaskctball 3,43 Intramural 'l'ablc 'l'cunis 3,414 Intramural Badminton 3,-1. Ambition: 'I'o bc succcsslul in anytliing I do, JANET VIRGINIA ARNOLD "Jan" Orclucstra 23,14 Ccrman Club 21 l".lI.A. Al, Acolian 2, String Quiutct S,-1. Ambition: To graduatc from collcgc. GLENN M. AUBLE "II.If." Stud:-ut Council 2,3313 Ifootball 223,-ll Sr. A Cappclla 2,3- I'ri-sidcut 4. Ambition: 'l'o bca good pilot or tcst pilot. MARY KATIIRYN AUSTIN C.A.A. 2.f3.Al: Acolian 2: jr. A Cappclla 3, Class Play 3243 IJI'illllilIIt'S Club 3. Ambition: To work in an ollicc. PAUL REEVES AUVIL "Pablo" Class Council 2, lXIaroon Stall' 4, Spanisli Club 2,35 Clicm- l'llys Club S, 'l'raclQ 2. Ambition: 'I'o bc wt-ll likcd and wcll Iiwd. Pagt-31 JACQUELINE JEAN ABBOTT "Jackie" Vollcyball 24 Softball 2. Ambition: To work as a tickct agcnt for 'I'.W.A. Airlmts ROBERT CARL AHRENS "Slim" llomcroom Baskctball 2,34 Intramural Baskctball 8 Int11 mural Bascball 3. Ambition: To bc a larmcr. O. 'FHOMAS ALEY "Tom" Baskctball 2,3,4g E Club 3,-1, Class Council Cross 2: Ili-Y 3. 3,4g Ambition: To bc succcssful, happy, and to livc 'til Im 0 FRED EARL ALLEMANN "Fritz" Ilomcroom Baskctball, Intramural Sports. Ambition: To visit California and llawaii. GERALD ASHLEY ALLEN "Jerry" Indian Dancing 23,45 Football 2,f3,4g E Club 4, M noon Staff 4: Latin Club 2. Q Ambition: To graduatc from collcgc. RODNEY WAYNE ALLEN "Road Rover" Ambition: To bc a profcssioual motorcyclc raccr lf 'hr Tr N fl IIUYVARD JAMES IKANWART "Howie" llomz-room Basin-tball 314. Ambition: To do TV anti raclio work. RITA K. BARRON C.A.A. 253,-Ig I"l't'lIL'Il Club 3,44 Cbcm-I'l1ys Club 3: jr. limi Cross -I. I Ambition: 'I'o gracluatv lrom colin-gt-. JOYCE ELAINE ISASEMAN A Cappvlla 3.4: Vvrss- Sp:-akimg 2.3,-Ig Cirls' Club Council 2: lim-tl Cross Counvil II: lfuturi- 'l'vaclu-rs 2.34. Ambition: 'I'o bv a t0arlu'r. JOHN WILLIAM BATTIN liaclio Station 2,3.4: Clu-m-Pliys Club 4: Ilonu-room Bas- ki-tball -I: Clu-ss and Clu-vkc-i' Club 2. Ambition: To bt- an vlvctroiiic-s 1-ngim-cr. DONALD ALBERT IIAUMOARTNER Coll' 3: Intramural Coli' 2.3: Basm-ball 2: Clu-m-Pbys Club -I: Intriunural Ilaskt-tball 2.3. Ambition: 'I'o bt-coinc a inc-cbanical t'IIHlllt'K'I'. DEANNA SUE ISECKLINCER "Dee" Studi-nt Council -I: Itt-cl Cross Council 3,-I: Class Play Coln- nuttm- 3.4: C.A.A. 2.3.4. Ambition: To bv a privatv Sl'L'l'l'IilI'y. 'TQ JUDITH MAE BEDWELL "Judy" Girls' Club 2253.41 Spanish Club 2: At-olian 2: jr. A. Cap- l pvlla 3: Sr. A Cappvlla LI. Ambition: To bt- happily inarrit-cl. PATRICIA ANN REHRENS "Pat" Girls, Club Council -I: Bauul 2.3.41 fJl'L'Il1'SlI'ltf3.'IQ Bowling AI Ambition: To do gt-nvral ollict' work. VIOLET JEAN HEHRENS "Vi" Bowling: Danvv Pam-ant. Ambition: 'l'o bt- an airlinc luostc-ss on tlu- Anu'rit-an Airlint-s CAROL RUTH BERNDT Vollvyball 4: Bowling 4: l".iI.A. 'Ig Apolian 2, Ambition: To stay at my gi-nm-ral ollicc- work. BEVERLY ANN REU "Rev" Ccrman Club 3: Cirls' Club Ai: Avolian 2: -lr, A Cappc-lla 3 Ambition: To lc-acl a normal, happy Iii-in RICHARD EUGENE BLOIEMKH "Dick" E Club SA: Track 253,41 Ili-Y 23.-1: Football Managm-r 2,3 Prom CIOIIIIIIIIICK' 3. Ambition: To gracluatt- from L-ollt-511: EMILY ROEHNINU "Em" Cirls' Club 2,3,AI: At-olian 2. Ambition: To bt- bappily 1n:u'riL-tl, DUANE BOLLICISR Ambition: To bi- an accountant. SHARON RAE ISRADEN "Bubbles" Orclu-stra 2,3,AI: Cc-rman Club 33: NVICPS AI: Latin Club '7 Prom Connnittm' 3. Ambition: 'l'o bs- an acc-oniplislu-cl c-vllist. .41 DAVID W. HRADLIEY "Dave" Cc-rman Club: XVl't'SIlIIIi.2,'Q Spanisb Club. Ambition: To bc a coinuu-rt-ial pilot. BEVERLY JEAN RRANDT "I5ex"' Auolian 2. Ambition: To bv bappily marrit-tl. JOHN L. BROEKER Radio 2,3,4: Maroon Stall' SVI. Ambition: To own a tvlr-vision station. Page 32 WALTER RICHARD CAMl'liELL "Wally" Ambition: 'l'o Iran- a gooml job. ALICE REYERLY CARLSON Moclc-rn Dana-v 2,35 Class Council 2.3.-I5 Orclicstra 253,45 PAUL JOHN RROTZMAN Bowling 2,35 Class Play Connnittuc 3,45 I"ootball and Bas kc-tball IAIIIIOIIIICUI' 45 Latin Club 25 llrauualivs Club 351. Aiubilion: To own an automobile- ag:-iivy. LARRY C. RROVVN l"1'i-in-li Club 2.3: IJITIIIISIIICS Club 3,45 Class Play Com inittcv 3,Al. Ambition: 'l'o bc' an arcliitvct. KAY IRENE RUEL lf.Il.A. 4. Ambition: 'l'o go to cln-lws sp-bool anal bc- a L-ook in a big bot:-l. SANDRA LEE BURBANK "Sandy" ClIl'l'I'lK'llllIlIf.f 25 Class Play 3: Moll:-rn Dann' 2.3.45 Cirls Club 2: Stuclcnt Council 3. Ambition: 'I'o clo airline- work. ROGER ALLEN BURNIDGE "Rolf" Football 2.3.41 Yl'rcstli11g 2.3.45 'l'rac'l4 2.3.45 Class Conn L'lI-XIICL'-IlI'l'SlllUlIlI 2,35 Stuclvnt Counvil 2. Ambition: To ln- a vi-lc-rinarian. DENISE IRENE BURTON "Dee" Girls' Club 35 Orclwstra 2,3.4: Vvrsv Clioir 3,45 Ci-rxnan Club 3.-I3 Maroon -I. Ambition: 'l'o bv an art ti-in-luw. Spanisll Club 3: C.A.A. 23.4, ARTHUR GERALD CARLSON "Gerry" lfoolluall 35 Track 3: liancl 25 A Cappella 3.45 E Club, MA RY KATH R YN CARPENTER "Mare" jr. A Cappvlla 35 Sr. A Cappella 45 Ili-nl Cross 45 Future 'l'1'aL'lu'rs fl,-Ig SDLIIIISII Club 3.4. Ambition: 'l'o bv a nursu. Elnlvu-el from Elgin Avail:-:ny in I953. GAIL LOUISE CHARLES "Guilper" l".ll.A. 3.4. Ainbition: 'l'o lu- a bcautician. MARTHA .IANE CIRRINCIONE Yi-rsv Cboir 2.3.-1: Bowling 2.3.45 Class Council 45 Moclcrn Dauu- 3,215 LIOFIIIIIII Club 2.3. Ainbiliou: 'l'o got IIIAIITIUKI, RICHARD DALE CLUTE "Clutie" l31lSl'b4lll 2,35 Football 3.4: E Club 3,45 Class Council 2,35 Intramural Baslwtball 2.3.4. Ambition: To rvtirm' at 45. MARIE ANN CULLIER "Iiunnie" C.A.A. 2.-lg Cirls' Club 3, Ambition: 'l'o continuo living a succcssful and happy life. HENRY RICHARD CONNOR "Dick" Cross Country 2: Proji-ction Club 2g Intramural Basket- ball 253. Ambition: 'l'o own a nu-u's clothing slorv. JAMES RICHARD COQUILLETTE 'iSonny" llonn-room Baskvtball 2,3. Alnbilion: To own niy own brancl new car. FLOYD ALBERT CORK "Corky" llonn-roorn Baskutball 2.3.45 Squarc Dancing 4. ADORIE JEAN COUGHLOS "Dody" Moilcrn Dancv 2.45 Square Dancc 2,-1: jr. Rccl Cross 45 A Cappvlla 3,45 Modern Music Mastvrs 3,4. Ambition: To get marrivcl. Page RITA MAIVCOX "Rlontlie" C.A.A. 2.3: Stutlent Olliee XI'ork 3: l".Il.A. 3: F.l3..L.A. 3. Ambition: 'l'o be a seeretary. .IOANNE YALERIE CRAWFORD "Jo" G.A.A. 22: Business Couneil 4: l".l5.L.A. 35 Stutlent Olfiee YVork 3: Raclio 4. Ambition: 'l'o tlo secretarial work. DENNIS NIICHAEI, CREADON Intramural Basketball 2.3.4. Ambition: To be an eleetrieal engineer. JACK LEE CREMEENS "Crenmy" junior Recl Cross 22: 'l'raek 2.3,-4: Sr. A Cappella 4: Jr. A Cappella 3. Ambition: 'I'o be a barber. SHIRLEY JUNE DARNELL "ShirI" Latin Club 2.3: Stutlent Couneil S: Cirls' Club 4: C.A.A. 2.3.41 Spanish Club 4. KAREN RAE DAVIS Cerman Club 2,533 Girls' Club.2.3.4: Aeoliau 2. Ambition: 'l'o bave 11 sueeesslul marriage. i. si 'QR DAVID WILLIAM DAY "Chip" I XVrestling 2: Intramural Basketball 2,3.4: Intramura NVH-stling 253. PATRICIA ANN DEMMITT "Pat" Sophomore Dramaties Club 2: Radio YVorksliop 25 C.A,A 2,3,4g Class Play Committee 3,43 Maroon Stall 4. Ambition: To be a eouunereial artist. KATHRYN NIARIE DEVEREAUX "Kathy" Indian Daueing 22514: Cirls' Club 35 C.A.A. 2,34 Ambition: To be bappily marrietl. CAROL I'. DIERKING "Dierk" Student Couneil: German Club: Dramatic Clubg C.A.A. jr. A Cappella. Ambition: To be sueeessful. JOHN LAURENCE DIFULVIO "SIUE-off" Football 2,3-Co-Captain 4: VVrestling 2.34: IC Club S- Viee-Presiclent 45 Intramural Basketball 2,3.4. Ambition: To leacl tbe Demoeratie Party to vietory in Kant County in twenty years. DALE RICHARD DILLOW "Dick" Ambition: To be an automotive engineer. SARA ROGERS DODD "Bomber" Junior Heil Cross-Presitlent 3,-4: Stuclent Couneil 4: Cbeer- leading 2,45 Girls' Club Couneil 2: Danee Steering.: Com- mittee 3-Secretary 4. h Ambition: 'l'o leatl a happy lite. MARY CATHERINE DOWNES "Mare" Bowling 2,45 Aeoliau 2: G.A.A. 2.3.41 Class Play Coni- mittee 3,4. Ambition: To be a nurse. NANCY ANN DREWS "Nan" Aeoliau 2: -Ir. A Cappella 3.4: Cerman Club 2.3: C.A.A 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a nurse. JOHN ERNEST DUNN "Ernie" Class Viee-President. Ambition: To be 11 cloetor. ROBERTA JOYCE DURRENBERGER "Birdie" C.A.A. 23,43 l".II.A. 3.4: Tennis 3.49 Baseball 23.4. Ambition: To work in an olliee as a bookkeeper. LEO .l. EBERT Bowling Ambition: To own my own bakery. Page 34 a Football 253,44 Basketball 2: 'l'ennis 73: Stutlent Couneil 2: SHARON MARY FERRIS Class Council 3: Cirls' Club 4: Latin Club 2,3: Orchcstra 2,3,'l, Ambition: To bc a tcachcr. l'ATRlClA ANN FLORA "Pat" Class Play 3.4: Cliccrlcaclcr 2.3: Cirls' Club Cabinet 4: jr. A Cappt-lla 351: C.A.A. 2,3.-l. Ambition: To cntcr thc liclcl of connncrcial home ccononiics. CAROLYN SUE FLORY C.A.A. 253,-lg Cirls' Club Council 3: Latin Club 2: jr. A Cappclla 3: Acolian 2. Ambition: To stay happy and makc othcrs happy. MARY RUTH FREEMAN C.A.A. 2.3,-lg Motlcrn Music Mastcrs 2:3,4: Acolian 2: Sr. A Cappclla 3,-1: Cirls' Club 23,-1. Ambition: 'l'o tcach organ. GEORGE ARTHUR FRIEDLAND "Bison" Baskctball lNIana5.5cr 3,41 Intramural Baskctball 2,4. Ambition: To bc a tool ancl clicmakcr or a machinist. JOHN EDWARD FRIEDLAND "Ace" Stuclcnt Council 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Mirror 3. Ambition: To gratlnatc. MARIANN FRITZ "Fritzie" Class Council 4: Cirls' Club Council 2: Red Cross Conn- cil 4: Moclcrn Dancc 2,3,4: Class Play 3,4. Ambition: To bc a clramatics tcachcr. CAROLYN JOYCE FUNK "Ozzie" C.A.A. 2,3,4: Jr. Rctl Cross 3. Ambition: To bc happily marriccl, DAVID PAUL FUNK "Butch" Mixccl Chorus 2. Ambition: To bc happy. JUDITH NATALIE GANS "Judy" jr. ltccl Cross 2: Moclcrn Music Mastcrs 4: French Club 3,4-ViewPrcsitlcnt 3: Latin Club 2: Jr. A Cappella 3,4. Ambition: To bc a fashion motlcl. MARJORIE ANN GAZDIK "Marge" Band 2,3,4g Orchcstra S,4-Vicc-Prcsiclcnt 4: Spanish Club 3: Future Tcaclicrs 4: Chcm-Phys Club 3. Ambition: To bc a succcssfnl tcachcr. ROBERT E. CEBELT "Bob" llomcroom Baskctball 2: Chcm-Phys Club 3,-4. Ambition: To succcccl in a scicntitic cart-cr. Page 35 J. ROBERT EDWARDS "Monk" Intramural Baskctball 2,4: A Cappella 2.3. Ambition: To lcarn to Hy an airplanc. PEGGY JEAN EMRICH "Peg" Band 2,3,4: Orchcstra 2,3: Sr. A Cappclla 4: Mirror Staff 3 Maroon 4-Co-Editor. Ambition: To obtain a good collcgc ctlncation. CAROLINE ANN ERICKSON "Carol" Sqnarc Dancing 4: Tuinbling 2,3: Bancl-Twirlcr 2,3,4 Motlcrn Dancing SA: Motlcrn Music Mastcrs 4. Ambition: To work in the music ficlcl. Entcrctl from Dcnlicltl, Minncsota in 1954. JUDITH LEE FABRICK "Judy" Class Council 2: G.A.A. 2,3,4: Latin Club 2: Acolian 2 Sr. A Cappclla 4. Ambition To bc a music tcachcr in thc public schools. GARY THOMAS FAIRCHILD "Torquer" Chcm-Phys Club 3,-4: Stnclcnt Council 3. Ambition: To havc a wifc and a ncw car. ANITA LOUISE FEES Square Dancing 2: F.lI.A. 2,3: C.A.A. 2,3,4: Tcnnis 3. Ambition: To gct marriccl and go into nurscs' training. RUIHERT PETER UERIIARIJ "Pete" .'xllIl!lIlI7llI 'l'o join tllsr Navy. l'IIYI.I.IS JOAN CENZ "l'hyI" Xloclcrn Nlusic Nlaslcrs -lg Cirls' Club Coin ail -43 Ccrniui Club 2,33 Sllllilfl' Dancing il C.A.A. 2.5331 Anibiliong 'I'o bc a lxinclcrgarlcn tcacbcr, CAROLYN I.. UERIIER llauml 233.-lg Urcbcstra 22323.-lg Cbcui4l'bys Club 33 Spanisli Club 23 C,A.A. -nl. Ambition: 'l'o go to coll:-gc. LUANN CIIERTZ "Lou" 7 Cbvcrlcacling 1.53.43 Cirls' Club Cabiuct 2-Council m l'rcsitlcuI -I3 II,A.A.-Yicc-l'rm-simlcnt 'l3 Dcbalc 2.33,-13 cll ' .n iuau Llub Zn. Ambition: 'l'o bc a pliysical lllcrapist. WILLIANI Llili CIIESKE Stumlcul Council 2,533 lr, Rccl Cross 33 Class Play 43 XV1'cs- fling 2.3: Maroon -I, txllllllllfllli 'I'o cxplorc tbc country. ROIIIERT CI IARLES GORDON "Roh" Football 2.533 Baslsctball I2.5Ii.'l1 liascball 2,3343 mlcnl lfig Stuxlcnt Council 22.3.-1. Ambition: 'I'o bccouu' a missionary aviator. Class Pr IUDITH ANNF I RAII Judi mc un Dlnu 3 lution 1 It lllt 1 MARK ARILT l.lLI1I1N CRAPI -o ian 23 lf. . .93 3 . -A 1 "I',-. NANCY I. CRANT "Nan' Class Council 21 Cirls' Club Council 533 Spanish Club 2,3- Yicc-Prcsiflcnt 2g lfuturc 'I'caclu-rs llg Acoliau 2. Ambition: To bc a succcss in wliatcvcr I attclupl. ALFRED L. GRANTHAM "Al" Iloincrooiu Baskctballg Bowling. Ambition: 'I'o bc a clrattsman in tbc Navy. .IUDITH M. GREENAYVALT "I'ridence" Class Council 2,13-Sccrctary 23 Cirls' Club Cabinet 233,4- '1'rcasurcr 2g Sr. A Cappclla 3,4-Sccrctary 43 lloniccoining Quccn 4. Ambition: To grzuluatc from collcgc. CAROLYN RUTH GROMER "Smiley" Stuclcnt Council 2,3-lst Yicc-Prcsiclcut of NE-NXV District of Stullcnt Councils in Ill, 3,41 CIlll'l'I'li'llCllllll 2.3.43 lforcn- Sits 253,43 1i.II.S. Playcrs 3,413 Vcrsc Cboir 25334. Ambition: To work in tlic spcccb-clraniatics ficlcl. RAY JOHN CRUISER Ilomcrooni Baskctball 2, Ambition: To own a storc. WILLIAM EARL GRUER "The Earle" Bascball Managcr 3,43 Cross Country Nlanagcr 4g Projec- tion Club 2,3,-13 Maroon -13 Bowling 334. Ambition: To bc a pliotograplicr. GERTRUDE VIRGINIA HAAS "Gert" Ccrman Club 2,33 Stuclcnt Council 3.-13 Jr. A. Cappclla 33 Sr. A Cappclla 4. Anibition: To bc a grcat succcss in wlialcvcr I mlo. DARLENE MARIE HAGNER "Bunny" G.A.A. 2.3.43 Ccrnian Club 2.3. Ambition: To tcacb pbysical education in a liigli scliool. .IAMES CLARENCE HAMBY "Jim" Baskctball 23 Track 22914. Ambition: To clo clrafting. RICHARD EARL HANSEN "Dickiehird" Ambition: To gct a job. Page 36 CARL LAYERN HENDERSON IAIIIDIIIOIIZ lu ilu lavlury work. Iiiili-1'i-ll lirmri Curl-x'ill1' lligli iu ISJSAI. WILLIAM DAVID HENDERSON "Hill Auilriliou: 'lb uialw a n'arm'r ul' tlu- postal svi'x'in'i-5 Ifliilvrml lrmu Cuwxillv lligli iu ISIS-I, RICHARD LEROY HENDRICKS "Bud" Ir 'X Cappvlla 2,341 Coll Sq Iutrzuuural Coll 7 1 rmuii llaski-tlwall 2.3. Auilmiliuu: 'lb work with ilu- tc-ln-pliuuc .IANET MARIE IIENNING "Jun" 'l'uuuis 21 I".ll.A.: Ilasm-lmall 2. Auilwiliou: 'l'u gn to work. I ' gf: Iloiuv- cuiupauy. LYLE EDWARD HERSCIILAG "I lersch" A Cappvlla 253,-lg Class Council 3.-Ig Class Play I3.4g Iu murals 253,-Ig Maruuu Sql. Auilxiliuuz 'l'u lwcmiu- a uiillimiaire-. ALICE EAYE IIILL Mumlmwi Dauu- 21 Yolla-ylwall 2,31 An-oliau 2. .AIIIDIIIOIII To In- au air liuu liustvss. SHARON LEE IIILLOUIST Illlllllll Dam' lf LJ .-1 . ' , - Howling 2:53. Q Q Auilmiliuu: 'Ili lw SllL'4'I'SSlIll iu lih-. SIIARUN I,IfIf IIINCII "Shar" M." . , . .n - V V. Lula Lluli c.OIIlIt'Il 2,-1,45 l'uluiv Iva Cluli 21 C1-riuau Clulm S,-Ig XY.l'I.I'.S. S. RICIIARD CARL IIOLMCREN "Dick" Spauisli Clulv 2,21 Clu-zu-Pliys Clulw 4. .Alllllllllllll 'lb Ilan- a ui-w var. SHEILA MARIE IIOISINOTON Q-Iii-rs 2,fI.'Ig Laliu K-.A.A. 2.6.-lg l'ri-uuli Llulm -Ig Mirror SLI. Auilsiliuu: 'l'u lw au airliuv liustcss. MARILYN .IOYCE IIOIIREINE "Shorty" C.A..-X. 21 Class Play Cuuunittvv 3.-lg jr. A Ciippi-Ilii S,-I. ,Allllllllkllli 'l'u Irv a IIIIIIISICIJS will: ARLENE Ii. IIOLMOUIST "Ar" Ci-ruuiu Clulv 2,31 Qlr. A Cappm-lla S31 Sr. A Cappi-lla -lg u Nlmlvru Music' Nlaslvrsg Am-uliau L. Aiulxitiou: 'l'u lx' al DlIlll'lIIilL'ISt. KENNETH MYRON HANSON "Hans" Ilaumllmall 253.43 Clwiii-Pliys Clulm C31 lutrauuual 1 Auilvitiuu: To iuakx- a L'2lI'l'l'I' nut ul' ilu- Air lfu RICHARD PAUL HARRIS "Abe" IIIII'LIIlIIlI'lll Baslwtluall 2,3g Intramural Coll' 2. Aiulmitiou: 'lb got ricli quick. PETER ARNOLD HARTMAN "Pete" liauul 2.3.'lg O11-lu-sliul 2.53,-I: l"uull1alI 2: 'l'rac'lx 2 m I Illll lu - n Clulm 2,-1, Auilviliuu: 'l'u lu- au assi-t lu sm-in-ty, THOMAS FREDRICK HARWOOD "Tom" Class I'lay 3.4: Iutriuuural Ilaslwllmall 2.53.-I: Lilllll Cluln 7 lluuu'rmnu Iiaski-tlmll 253. ,AIIIDIIIOII2 To Simca-L-ll. WILLIAM EDWARD HAYWARD "Monk" I'uotlu1ll2,3.4l1 A Cappella 23 Swiiuuiiug 53,-lg Spuusli C lull G1 Iutraimu'als 2.3,4. .AIIIDIIIOIIZ 'l'n go Oll lu L-Ulla-gig DORIS LYNN HEILEMANN lfrcm-li Clulm II.-I. .Alllllltllllli To gm-t as uiuvli lvaruiug as pussilwlm- ""vavX W... PHYLLIS JUNE HOPI' "Touts" liancl 253,-l. Ambition: To bm- a st-crm-tary. MARGARET ANN HORN "l'eg2y" At-olian 2: Latin Club 2: Cvrnian Club 3,41wX7ICl'-PTl'SIflC'I'lt l Cllss Council 'I I Alubition: To bi: a uursv. MAROUERITIE FRANCES HORNE "lN1ar2e" linsiui-ss Count-il 4: Spanisb Club 3.4. Ambition: To lin- a lumpy lift-. MARLENIE JEAN HOTH "Marnie" Af-olian 12: -Ir. A Lappc-lla fa: hr. A Lappt-ll:1 4: C.A.A, 2.14: Class I'Iix Coiunuttu 1 I ii., 4 I -.'. Ambition: To bi' a sm-rotary, ROGER J. HOUDEK HROLQIIEH Nlirror 2.3.41 Nlaroon 2.3: lfootball 2.-I: XVl't'SIllllj.f 23,4 Stuilvnt Council -I. Ambition: To bv a nn't-lianit-al 1-ngim-1-r ancl builcl a sports l'1lI'. YALIERIIE LIEAH HUIBIER "Val" C.A.A. 22.-1. Ambition: To bt- a liooklwt-por. 'S I MMA! i : I 2' PAUL JAY HUDCENS A'Comrade" Class Council 2: E Club 3,41 Baskvtball 2.3.Al: 'll-nnis 2,351 Cross Country 3.4. Ambition: To bc a coat-li, NEIL ROBERT HUNT llomt-room Basketball Ambition: To gm-t into a good nuult- of printing or to bc an vlvctrician. RICHARD DONALD HURLEY "Smiley" Ort-lu-stra 2314: Spanish Club 253: Bowling 3.4: XYrvstling, lt 3 1 2: Co Ambition: To fly an airplano. LAWRENCE ROBERT JARKA "Larry" Ambition: To bv a ministm-r. CARL WILLIAM JOHNSON "Huge" F.B.L.A. 2.3. Ambition: To bc a groclwy Storm' IIl2lIIilj.It'l'. JAMES EDWARD JOHNSON "Jim" Stnclm-nt Council 2: Intramural Baslcvtball 13.4. Ambition: To L-nlist in tlu- Navy ancl lvarn a traclc. NIORLEY FRED JOHNSON "Red" Indian Dancing 2: Bancl 2.3,-1: cilli'lIl-I,llyS Club: Spanisli Club 73-'l'1't-nsim-1' 4: Intramurals 23.4. Ambition: To get goocl graclvs in vollvglv. ROBERT MERRILL JOHNSON "Bob" Ilomc-room Buskotlmll 3. Ambition: To graclnatv. LEONARD RICHARD JONES "Lenny" Maroon 3: Stuclvnt Council 3: Clit-in-l'liys Club 3. Ambition: To bn- a sale-sman. DAVID ROGER JONSON "Butch" Intramural Basketball: Bowling 41 Class Play si. Ambition: To get tbrougb collt-gm-. MARGARET ELLA JOPLIN "Tooter" Cirls' Club Council 2.3.-1: Spanisb Club 2: Squaw- Dancing C.A.A. Ambition: To wait for a 4-4-rtain boy go tlirougb svrviui' RICHARD EDWARD JURGENS "Dick" Basketball 2: Swimuiing 3,-1: IC Club 391. Ambition: To bv a carpvntz-r or a lu'it-klaym-r. Pagv 38 BETTY .IEANNE KENYON Spanish Club 2-Prvsiclvnt 3: Junior Rvcl Cross 3: Stuclcut Council 4. Ambition: To havv pvacc of mind always. NIARY LOU KENYON Draunatics Club 2g Futurv Tvachvrs 2,41 jr. A Cappclla 3: Mirror 3: Spanish Club 3. Ambition: 'l'o bv a primary tcachvr. ROBERT EDWIN KERN "Bob" Basvball 2,3,4: Class Council 3: Cvrman Club 253: E Club 4: lnti'amu1'al Baskvtball 2,3,4. Ambition: To bv an automotivv vnginvcr. WARIIEN K. KIEI. l"ootball 23,41 Track 23.4, VVrvStling 2.3: Stuclcnt Council 2: IC Club 3-Prvsiilvnt 4. Ambition: To gct out of school. LOIS ANN KNAAK C.A.A. 23,45 Cirls' Club 23,45 Sr. A Cappvlla 4: Ir. A Cappvlla 3: Avolian 2. Ambition: 'l'o bv a physical thvrapist. CAROL RAE KNEE C.A.A. 2.3: Inclian Dancing 2,3: Spanish Club 3: F.B.L.A. 2. Ambition: 'l'o marry a ccrtain "Lug". CAROLE ANN KOEHLER "Mike" -Ir. A Capps-lla 53: Sr. A Cappclla 4: Busincss Council 4. Ccrman Club 2,33 C.A.A. 2.3. Ambition: To always bc happy. MARVIN A. KOEHN "Maw" llomvrooln Baskvtball 2. Ambition: To bc a tclvvision scrviccman. RICHARD l'. KONEN "Dick" Football 2,3,4: E Club 3.4: Track 2.3: F.F.A. Ambition: To gct out of school. SALLY MAE KRAHN Girls' Club Cabiuvt 3: l".B.I..A. 3: Businvss Council 4, C.A.A. S. Ambition: To bv a svcrvtary anal inarry my boss. BARBARA JEAN KRANWINKLE "Barb" Class Council 3: Cirls' Club Council 2-Cabinct 4: Vcrsv Choir 3,-4: Avolian 2: Latin Club 2. Ambition: 'l'o bv a nursc. DONALD R. KRAUSE Ambition: 'l'o havv a igoocl paying job, Pagv S9 MARIE LOUISE KALLENBACH Class Council 2: F.'l'.A. 3,45 jr. A Cappvlla S: Dramatics Club 2: Cvrman Club 2. Ambition: To rccvivc a collcgc cliploma. IWIARCIA ANN KAPTAIN Avolian 2: Mirror S,-1: jr. A Cappclla 3, C,A.A. 3. Ambition: To makc othvrs happy. PATRICIA ANN KAIITAIN "Pat" Girls Club Council 2: Class Council 4: C.A.A. 2,3,4: lfrvnch Club-Prvsiclcnt 3: Ir. A Cappvlla-Prvsirlcnt 4. Ambition: 'l'o succcctl in tliv profvssional ballct. SHEILA ANN KEEGAN "Keeg" Cvrman Club 253: jr. A Cappvlla 3: Mirror 34Busincss Managcr 4: Co-Chairman of lficlcl Conccssions 4. Ambition: To bc a succcss in whatvvvr I clo. MOLLY JEAN KELAHAN Spanish Club 2.3: Mirror 3,-ig Class Play Committvv 3,45 C.A.A. 2. Ambition: To bv a psychiatric nursc. ROBERT MCCURDY KENNEDY "Hob" Class Prvsiclvnt 4: Stunlcnt Council 3,4: E Club 3,45 Ili-Y 3.4: junior Rvcl Cross 2. Ambition: To bv a suvcvssful cloctor. I.aYIiRNIE KRAUSE KISNNIETII RAYMOND KROCH Baslwtl 4 Z.: 'A 'A if ' z L,-"Q : " lo- b: 2.53, 3 u raniura :b - - s 9: u ri n 'z - A CARUI, ANN KUR'III'I Bowling 2.53.41 CA.A, 2.73.43 Spauisli Club 3,41 A' l': Class Plav Committw 4. Ambition: To in-t twi'nty-l'our liours of slim-p somvtims IJUNNA NI.-Xli I.AUI'fRS'I'RUiNI "Lai" A Cappi-lla II: Sr. AlCappc-lla 4: junior Hi-tl Cross Z.. Anibi' :H : 1 "1 .' 4 'g IJELURIES YENIJLA LAMBKE "Dee" Cvrman Club 2.53. Ambition: lo gin' a I'1'L'II1lI iu Caruvgii' Ilall. EARL WIl.l.lAfVI LAMP "Chief" Baslwtball 22.3.11 'l'rai'k 2.3.-I: Stuclc-nt Council 2: Cliss V- -, 4 - - 4 lri-asurf-r 1.,fm.'l: In Club 51.4. Ambition: 'l'o bv a goocl l'IlilIlIt'4'l'. DONNA .IEAN LAMZ Bowling 2. Ambition: To bi- liappily marriml, ANNE LEE LANDWER Band 2,S+PI'l'SIill'IIt 4: Stuclvut Council 43 Cirls' Club Council 3: Cvrman Club 2.34 Currvnt livviits Club- Prcsiclvnt 4. Ambition: To bc succi-sst'ul in somu Iii-lil ol' motlc-rn niusii-. DONALD LEE LASHER "Don" Businvss Count-il 4. Ambition: To bn- a comma-ri-ial pilot. Entcrc-cl from XVisconsin Iligli in 15154. 15 FRANCES ELIZABETH LAZZARA "Fran" Bowling 2: l".B.L.A. 2.3: I".II.A. 53. Ambition: To bi' liappily niarrivcl. THOMAS P. LEA "Lea-dad" Sr. A Cappclla 2.3: Intramural Baslu-tball 2.53.41 Xlirror I3 Sports Editor 4: Latin Club 2: Class Play 3.4. Ambition: To bi- sports cclitor ot tln- Chicago 'l'rilmm'. CAROL FRANCES LEMON Girls' Club Council 4: Ac-olian 22: C.A.A. 2.3.41 Laliu Club 2: Futura- 'lic-aclwi's 4. Ambition: To bc an 4-lc-im-lita1'y ti-au-In-r. DONNA NIARIE LEYERENZ Class Play 3.4: Stuclvnt Council 535 jr. A Cappella 53: Sr. A Cappolla 4: Cvrman Club 3.4-'I'i'i-:1siii'vi' 3. Ambition: 'l'o bi- an s-It-iiiviitary tc-at-lu-i'. LINDA LOUISA LEWIS "Lindy" jr. A Cappi-lla 3: Currc-nt lin-nts Club 4: lt:-il Cross SLI: C.A.A. 4. Ambition: To work with small iliilrlrvn. Entvri-cl trom Elgin .'xl'ilIll'Illy in 19553. BARBARA JUNE LIESSNIANN "Barb" V Bowling 2.-m.4: C-.A.A. 2.o,4: SDRIIIISII Club Fm,-lg .AUUIISIII 2: Class Play Committvc- 4. Ambition: To inaki- tlu- bvst of iny lift-. DOROTHY MAE LINIJ "Ilotty" l'.II.A. -1. Ambition: To bc- a lioiisvwilv. VIRGINIA MAE LINIJUERFER "Ginny" Bowling 2: lnmlian Dann-iml 23,41 I".B.l..A. 2.53: Businvss Council 4. Z Ambition: To bi- an vlc-iiiviitaiiy tvat-In-i'. WAYNE W. LLOYD "Walt" Swinnuiug 2: Nlicstling 3: Trampolinc 'I'vani 41 Intra- mural Baskc-tball 253,41 Intramural Colt 2,f'i,4. Ambition: To bv a boy in blnv. Pagv 40 LIEWIS THOMAS LUKER "Louie" lllll'1lllIllI'lllS 2.3,-I. IXIIIIYIIIUIIZ 'l'u ln-11 n-u1'pn-1111-1'. MICIIAIEI. GEORGE LYON "The Hear" lfmmllmll lil,-lg llalsolmll 2,3343 I" cllllli 3.4: ll Allllrilimwluz To play mllvgr- llootlmll. RICIIARIJ MAGANA "Dick" Alr. A Cuppvlln 43 'l'rau'l4 224 lIlIl'llIlIllI'2ll llaxslwtlmll 23.4. Amlmiliun: To mallw ilu' Navy ll C1ll'l'4'l'. .-XNNAIIICIIIE MANGUM "Ann" Ac-ulizul 21 CA..-X. lil,-Ig Ulr. A cl1lDlR'llll 3.-I. .-Xnnlmitimu 'llu liw il lumpy zlml iuyful lilk-. Jo.-KNNIE ISICYICRLY MARKUYICH "Ju" C.A.:X. 253,-I. Amlmiticm: 'l'u lu- lmppily llllll'I'll'Il ln' lflrufm. KAREN JEAN MARVIN l".ll.l,..'X. 2: C,A.:X. 2. Allllviliullz 'lb gm-t IlI1lI'I'll'll. NANCY .IIQAN MARXIEN "Nun" ,-X1-ulizln 121 C.A,.'X. 2g l".ll.A. .Xlnllmllrlnlxz ln ln- 11 prixzllv sm-rn'ta11'x'. MARY IEI,IlAIlI'I'I'I I MATISON Q '. Rn-nl Cross. lmlizlu lialnrillg 22.1 Clzlss flllllllbll flg Cirls' Clulm 21 jr. A Vnpprllx 3 Swmisln Ululm 3 I l Amlmilimr: 'l'u luv AIIIIIIIIIUIIS. II.-XRI. IEUGIENIE NIAUCK Slunlvul flUlIIll'll 2, l"nullv:1ll22,fl.-Ig If C'lul1i3'I. Amlsiliun: To own il glass IIUIISC. RUIEIZRT Ii. lNIcliRIAR'I'Y "Roh" llllI"IIlIlII"ll Ilwslwtlrlll 3 I' Sqnrlrvl I K I. I -.' . I I txlllllllllllli 'l'n mallw ll lllilliml. IIAIQIIARA Iil.l.IEN McKlNNEY lD..'X.:X,g llr. .X Chrppr-lla. nhlllvilimnll: 'l'u marry' il K'k'l'IillIl g JAMES RUSSELL INIIENGLIER ' "Barbie" 'llY. 'Menp.Eunuts" Jilllflllf I3 I Iinullmll 23 Iutrmmlrul NYM-stling 21 XYrcslling :Z.3g Squurv Dum-ing rl, txlllllllllllli 'l'u lallw Nlr. Slum-llwyls alclvivum' auul IIUYUI' gvl lllill'l4I1'll. llllgl' -Il ROY ALAN LOBBEN "Al" Intrzummul Bglslwtlmll 2.33. Amlmitilm: To lu- ll tool auul clic-mallwr. SHIRLEY ANN LOGAN "Slogan" l'l3l X O Vollulmlll '3 '..,..'...g ga -. Amlxitimm: 'lb sllrmvocl in lillv. DONNA CIECELIA LOHBAUER Lutin Clulw 2: Orclwstru 233.45 F3NI's 2---llishwiam 3. SK'l'l'4'- tary 4g Class Play 3: Class Comm-il 4. Amluition: To lu- il sucu-ss in XYIIZIIUYOI' I llu. LHYERNE ANN LOVE "Ann" ,APOIILIII 2: jr, A Cuppvllu 53.-I1 Class Play Cmnnlillvc- 3,-Ig Imlizxn lJilIlL'lIlj.I 2.f3,lIg Spamisln Clulm 2.3.4. Ambition: To lu- SllL'4'1'SSlllll in wlmtm-x'm-1' I mln. THONIAS VANCE LOVED.-KY "Torn" lflllllllilll 2-XIRIIIRIQIUI' 33 XVITSIIIIIM 2.3.-I: IC Clulm 3.111 Clalss Cuulu-ll 21 Sr. A Calppvllzl 253-View' l'l'c'sicl1-nl ll. Amlmiiiun: 'l'n lmw- lmppinvss uncl sm-uvss, ALBIERTA L:lVONNE LOWIE "Luvle" .-Xvoligln 2: lr. A CilI11U4'llil 53: CA..-X. 2.34. Amlwililmp To llc ll guml IIUIISUXYIIQK' :mal mulln-r. 4 l r l A 1 1 l I DALE HENRY NIEUSER "Mouse" Cross Country 22: 'lincli -1. Alnlntion: lo llvc Ill f,.1lilornizl. VVILLIANI WILIIUR MEYER "Moose" Ainlmilionx To grauluntc. IILUREN.-X .LANE AIILLER "Elo" jr. A Cuppi-Ilan llirls' Cluli Council Z'l.3.'lg llnslictlxlll 4 K.A'l'IlI,EEN .IUY NIILLER "Kathy" Acoliqui 21 -lr. A Cnppcllu 3: Sr. A Cnppclln 4g Girls' C C'ouncil 'I 1' Clues Pl'1Y 'S l Alnlnlionz Io succcccl in wlmlcvcr I clo. NANCY LOU MILLER "Nan" C..A.A.: Lnls C,lulw, .Allllillllllll To gc! lll2lI'lill'Il. l'.A'I'RICI.A ANN MILLER "Put" Acolinn 21 l".lI.l.,A, 2: Alr, llcml Cross 3,41 lf.II.A, 4. Anilwiiion: 'l'o cnioy lili- nlllcr Qlllilllllllflll. QQ ,nm if uv- nd?" SELMA ANNE MITCHELL "Sum" Mirror Stull' 3-Eclitor Alg Shulcnl Council Aly Ercncli Clnli 3,41 C.A.A. 3.4: Inmliun Dancing.: 2. DAWN ELAINE MITTER "Porky" Class Play 53.-4: Shulcnt Council 531 Clnss Council -lg jr. X Cuppclln 3: C.A.A. 2.53. A Ainlntion: To lic sncccsslul in wlnzztcvcr I mlo. .IOANN YIOLET MURSEWICK "Jo" C.A.A.g Ir. A Cnppcllal 3.43 Acolinn 21 Illillilll Dancing 3 I A o clo x x c nilmitionz 'I' x 'cll in x 'luitcvcr I cl w. PHILIP RAY NELSON lloincroom Bziskctlmll 2.3,-1: Spanish Clulm F31 Clicin-Plus Club 3. I Aniliitionz To mlo aircraft cnginccrinil. SUZANNE NELSON "Sue" Girls, Clulm Council 2,31 jr. A Calppclln Gig ACUIIZIII 2. Axnlxitionz To lcaul an succcssful lilc in tln- Iuturc. PEARL ANGELA NITZ "Angie" bqunrc Dancing 2.53.4-Sccrctzlry -11 l'rcncl1 Clulm 23 C.A.A. 23,41 Cirls' Cluli Council -1. Ambition: To lic ai lnsliion mlcsigncr. GARY G. NUHL "George" lloincrooin linskctlmll 22,5-5,41 fIlli'lIlfl'lly5 Cluli 33. AllIl3ltlflIl1 To lic nn zuitoniolwilc llll'C'lIilIIlL'. DONALD MARVIN NORLANDER "Don" Stuclcnt Council 3,'lg Cross Country 3.-lg Class Council 7 cl1'l'lIIlllI Clulm-Prcsimlcnt 4. Anilmitionz To llc an inccliczll cloclor. PHILIP WILLIAM NDWAK "Phil" Spnnisli Cluli 22,31 Clicss :incl cVIllL'Clil'I' Clulb 2.3.-lg Proju J tion Clulx 3.-lg Swinnning 33,41 Clicin-I liys Cluli 3.4, Arnlmition: To ncliicvc all ol my goals. BEVERLY .IOANNE OBERC "Bev" lfrcncli Clulm 3,41 C.A.A. 3: Nloclcrn Dzxncc II,-lg Claws Pl IX Conunittcc 53,41 EIIS Plnycrs S,-I. Anilwition: To lac n llNKlK'l. Entcrccl from XYlu-nton lligli in 1953. BRUCE EDWIN 0'CONNELL "Joey" Class Plny -lg IlIll'illIlllI'ill linskctlmll 2.3.-11 licml Cross 2 I Class Council 41 Sr. A Cnppcllzl 2.3.4. Anmlmilion: To win tllc Pun .'Allll'l'IL'llll lloncl llzicc in I Lincoln. MARY ANN ORTMANN "Moe" I".ll.A. SgSl'L'I'l'l2ll'j' 41 I.iln'an'y Assistant 2.3: Currc Evcnts Cluli 41 Acolinn il C.A.A. 2. Ainlmitionz 'l'o lic ll scliool tcm-ln-1' with ll scnsc ol' luunol Pngc 42 DONALD RUSSELL PETRY "Don" I".I".A. 2.8,4. D Ambition: To 1-ntvr into IIIIYIIIIIIQ' attcr Sl'l'YIL't'. CHARLES WENDELL EDWARD PETSCHOW "Chuck" llomt-room Baskvtball Captain 23334. Ambition: To work tor tlio tulopbonv company. ROBERT EUGENE PFISTER "Hi-Fi" Ambition: 'I'o clo ramlio work, NORMAN WALTER PFLUECER "Norm" Ambition: 'I'o bt- a printvr. MARVIN LLOYD PFORTMILLER "Fort" Football 23 Baskctball 23 Track 33 llomuroom Baskvtball 3,4. Ambition: 'l'o bt- a liricklayvr. DARWIN RAY PHILLIPS Maroon Stall: 33 Clit-m-Pbys Club 33 Cvrman Club 33 Stu- tlvnt Council 23 Class Council 3. Ambition: To Iivt- in soutlu-ru California. CHARLES GERALD PIERSON "Chuck" Football 2,3343 Basc-ball 233,43 Basketball 2: Class IC Club 334. Ambition: To bv a millionaire- anal Iiavv st-von wi WILLIAM JAMES POWERS. .IR. "Bill" Bast-ball 2: Track 334: IC Club 4. Ambition: 'l'o bv a painting L'onti'at'tor. SANDRA LEE PRATT "Snndy" Play 3 VOS. Class Play 3: Class Council 3,43 Sr. A Cappi-lla 4: Spanish Club 2: E.II.S. Playvrs 334. Ambition To bc a nursc. LORAH MARIE PREHM Cc-rman Club 23 C.A.A. 233,43 Bowling 2.3341 I".II.A, 3. Ambition: 'I'o got IlI1ll'I'Il'lI this ycar. ELWYN ARTHUR PRICE Class Plav Committcc 43 Ilomt-room Baskctball 234 II'v't-stliiiglllg Bowling 234, Ambition: To bi- a pliotoi.:raplior. .IANICE RUTH PRICCE "Susie" ...,1 , At-olian 23 jr. A Cappt-lla S: Bowling 4: C.A.A. 23 Inclian Dam-ing 2. Ambition: 'I'o bv liappily marrivcl ancl to travvl. Pago 4:3 WILLIAM EUGENE PAAR Band 4g Orcbcstra 4. Ambition: To bc a football ancl bask:-tball voacli. Entcrc-cl from Central Iligli in 1954. V. WILLIAM PATE "Bill" Spanish Club 334: Class Play Coimnittm- 334. Ambition: To gratluatc and bc a millionairo. HOWARD MERLE PEITSCH "Howie" Swimming 2,3343 Indian Dancing 2,3343 Intramural Basket ball 3,43 E Club 3,4. Ambition: To bc- a fort-st rangvr. BARBARA CAROL PELLEY "Barb" jr. A Cappt-lla 3.4: C.A.A. 2.3.4. Ambition: To bc a sucuc-ss in lift- in wliatt-vol' I clo. Ente-rocl from Dunclcv Community lligli in 1953. RICHARD DALE PELLEY "Dick" Ambition: To bc a construction fora-man. Entc-rvcl from Dunclcc Community Iligli in I953. SHIRLEY MAY PETERSEN "ShirI" Q Ambition: To travol and liavc a liappy futurc. DONNA LEE REEYES Bowling.: 25 Latin Club 2: Mirror 3,-I1 Bul Cross K Club Council 3. Ambition: To bv a Stl'Il0gIl'Al17ll1'I'. DEANNE REICHEL "Dee" Jr. A Cappc-lla 3,41 F.B.L.A. 221 A1-olian 7 Ambition: To clo pliysical tlivrapy xvoilx IVAN REID "Iv" Intranun'al Baslu-tball 2,31 Intramural Boxxi 5, 2.3.41 xVl'CSllIIIg 4g Class Council 3. Ambition: To bi- a niillionairc. BETTY .IO REUTER "Bet" C.A.A. Ambition: To bc a stvxvarclz-ss, LOREL JEAN RICE "I.0lly" Stuclont Council 3.4: Indian llanving 3 I Oulu Ir. Ri-cl Cross :Zg Class l'lax' Ambition: To tt-at-li pllysitial vclucatiou NOIIMAN CARI, RIPPBERUER "Rip IIOlIl1'l'OOlIl Baslwtball 22.3.-I: Square- Duu Ambition: To bit a quartf-1' at txx'o luinmluml x ncls xx a tour poxvvr scope in a .22 c-alibi-r rillm BARBARA MARLENE RITTER "Barb Band 253,-1: Mirror 3.4g fJl't'lH'SII'il 41 Box Ambition: To bc a nurse and lu-lp lianmlit ippul mln PATRICIA LEE ROBBINS "Pat" Girls, Club Cabinct 2.3.41 C.A.A. 23,4 D1 nn ities C lub 7 Cunnan Club 3,41 l".II.A. -1. Ambition: To bc a I'K'l'I'l'IltIOIlZll CllI'l'C'IOl BEULAH MARIE ROBERTS Clu-c-rlm-aclc-1' 233g A1-oliau 2g Sr. A Cappm 1 m Ambition: To go to Canacla anml ln-aru box xx MARLENE ANN ROHR "Mar" Ambition: To got inarrivcl. DARLENE MARIE ROHRSSEN "Dar CIUTIIIZIII Club 2.3: livtl Cross Ill: CA. 3: Sr. A Cappella 4. Ambition: To zlo inorc in lm-ss tinw. ALBERT CHARLES ROSS "Al" Football 2.3.42 Basvball 22.3.41 IC Club 7 m I IIOIINIOOIII Basketball 2.3,-fl. Ambition: To play prof:-ssional basi-ball Pagv 44 UIIURUIINII SCIIlVIUI,IYI' "Jenn" A4-uliuu 2. AIIIIYIIIUIII 'l'o 1-ull-r iulu thi- slam' of lluly Nlutriuluuy, DORIS RlVI'II SCIIRAMM Class Cuuuvil 2: Rowling 22.34. AIIIIIIIILTIII 'l'u lmwl 300. RAYMDND LIEIE SCIIRIIEIIIER "Rapid Ray" llmm-mmu lialslwtbull 2.3.-I: IIlIl'illllllI'ill lIa1slii'Ilmll 2,391- 7 IuIr:uxuu'ul Ruwliug 2.53. Ambition: To bc sn lwnvy vquipuu-ut npr-1':1ful', CIIIERYL .IICAN SClIUl,'l'Z "Scl1ultzie" C.A.A. 233,11 AUUIILIII 2g Class Cuuui-il '11 jr. A Cnppi-lla 33: lC.ll.S. umm mn. AIIIIHIIIDIIZ 'lla bv il Y.XY.C.A. wurlwr. NANCY .IIEAN SCIIULTZ "Nun" Avoliaur 21 jr. A Cuppi-lla 31 lfmslwtlmll 2,31 C.A.A. 2.3,-11 Yolli-yballl 253. Arubiliuu: 'l'n gvl lIl1ll'I'IL'II, .I ON LeROY SCI IU R M Iilli R "Schwuz" Sluilvul Cuuuvil 2--Yiwul'rvsillvul 33-l'l'm'sicl0l1l -1: A Cup pi-lla 22,31 llalskvtlmll 2,3.AI: Crusx Cuuutry 31 'IR-uuis 2. Alubiliim: 'l'u bc ar lR'lll'USlll'Ql'DII. N. CIIARLIES SCOTT "Scottie" lfmrllmll 2,111 llmuvromu liarslwtlmll 2.3,-lg Tralck 1253.45 I Club 2.3.-1: IllII'1lllllIl'Sll Bowling 253. IAIIIIIIIIDIIZ 'l'u bi- ll tool uuil elim- marker. .IUIIN .l. SCRDGCINS "Rig John" Spaurislr Club :lik jr, A CIIIDDCIILI 2.31 Swimming IAILUI- ugur S,-1, Ambition: To work in rzulio auul tvlvvisimr, MARUIENIZ LOUISE SELL IIIKIILIII IJAlllL'Illj.L' 23,-41 Stumlcut Cuuucil S,-I: Sr. A Calppcllal -lg C.A.A. 2,fI.Alq Cirls' Club Council 2. Aurbiliuuz 'I'o gc-I il gmail jub iu ullicc work. MARTHA ANN SENSOR "Mart" Ambition: 'l'u bc- ll slum-vc-ss in llllyilllllg I ilu. CARY FRANK SIEGMEIER "Simi" lialski-lballl 2,3911 IC Club 23,-lg 'llruuis 2.3.4g Cross Coun- try 3,-lg lfoutlmll 2. Alubitiou: To bi- an slum-cc-ssfill llorist. MARJORIIE ROSE SIMS "Margie" Acoliuu 2g jr. A. Cnppi-lla 8.4. AIIIIDIIIIJIIZ To llllllii' an L'l'l'ILlIll SOIIICDIIL' lulppy. Pugv 45 LeRUY U. SAMUIQLSON "Sznnmy" liusiuvss Cuuuvil -1. .AIIIIBIIIUIIC To :Lvl 4-ight buurs ul slr-vp. .IUDITH ANN SANDERS "Judy" Cirls' Clubg Yclllvylnlll 53. AAIIIIIIIIDIIZ To gilt Ll guml Sl'L'lil'I2Il'l2ll pusiliuu. KAY FRANCES SCIIAIIIIRT "SiSsy" Bmrliug 2: Rm-il Cross 3. .AIIIIIIIIDIII 'lb llllllilj' :1 l'K'l'IilIll DllAlI'Illi1l'ISl, .IANICI2 LEE SCHAIQIIITIER "Jun" R4-ml Cross 23 Ac-ulizxu 21 Ir. A Carppi-Ilan 3. Ambition: 'lb bv uu tlu' lmuur ruli- all Xlbsl l'u MICHAEL GIEDRGIZ ZIMMIER "Mike" Class Cuuucil 4: Balslci-tlmalll 22.33,-I: 'Il-uuis 33,-lg l' K lub K3 1 Spuuisb Club 3. ,AIIIIIIIIDII1 Tn bi- Rl suc'L'i'ss. DONALD LIZIE SCIIMICKIER "Don" IIDIlIl'l'DUlll llzlslwflmll 2. Ambiiiuuz Tu bc u priulvr. JAMES WILLIAM SPONHOLTL Sponnw otbill 7,3 iiskttbill .2 3 5 .chill .14 E Club 2,3,4g Student Council 2. Ambition: To be successful. JAMES DALE STADING "Jimbo" A Cappella 3,4g Cliem-Phys Clubg Mirror 3. Ambition: To be a photographer. LORNA ROSE STEFFEN Student Council 'l'reasurer 2-NE-NIV Convention Secre- tary 3,45 Acolian 25 jr. A Cappella 35 Cerlnan Club 2-Vicc- l'resident 3. Ambition: To live each day as if it will be my last. JOHN WILLIAM STEINMEYER Ilonleroom Basketball 3. Ambition: To always do what I want. DONALD DEAN STEWART "Junior" French Club 24 Class Play Committee 3,4. Ambition: To be an electrical technician. ROSENIARY LEORA STOERMER "Rose" Bowling 2,3,4g Volleyball 2g Softball 25 Modern Dance 24 C.A.A. 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a success in anything I do. SHARON LEE STONE "Rockie" Indian Dancing 2.3.41 Drainatics Club President 24 Busi- ness Council President 4g jr. Red Cross 2,34 A Cappella 3,4. MICHAEL BRUCE SUSMAN "Mike" Business Council 44 Spanish Club 2,34 Intramurals 2,3,4. Ambition: To be a good lawyer. SPENCER S. SWINTON "Spence" Maroon 2-Co-Editor 3,41 Orchestra 3.43 Student Council 35 Class Play f3,4g Indian Dancing 3.4. Ambition: To be an engineer. LINDA LOU SWITZER "Switz" Square Dancing 2.3.-lg Nlodern Music Masters 2,3,4g Girls Club 3,41 Orchestra 253,43 Band 3.4, Ambition: To do well in everything I undertake. JOHN WARREN TAYLOR "Fritz" Radio 2.3,4g Spanish Club 2: Club 88.1 44 F.F.A. 3. Ambition: To become a history teacher. ALAN LOUIS TEMPLIN "George" Cl1em4Phys Club 3,44 XV.E.P.S. Engineer 2. Ainbiti-rn: To own a Ford Thunderbird. Page 46 SALLY GRAY THURNAU "Sal" Slumlm-ul KiOlIllK'll--'llI'l'IlSlll'K'l' I3-Si-ci'ctai1'y -l: Ds-lwalc 2.3.41 Cirls' Club Council 04 lfrviu-li Club 'S l'rq-siilviit 1' If ll S I'la5ivrs Yic'vll'i'vsiclviit 53, I h Ambition: 'l'o 4-utm-r tlu' lit-lil ol spvvcll cclucation. JANICE EILEEN TORLINC "Jan" l'll't'lIQ'll Club 253g Cc-rmau Club 3,-lg l".'l'.A. 2,3,Al. Ambition: 'l'o ln' a ll'ill'lll'l' ill l'llll'ODl'. JANICE LOUISE TURNER "Janie" , 4. .. . Xloilm-ru llauvc- 2.53,-lg Spanish Club 2.31 Girls' Club Coun- Q il l Ambition: To bm- happily uuu'ril-ll aiul carry out our plans. JoANN TYSON "Jo" Ai-ol-ian 2g Sliulvnt Counvil Al: l".lI.,'x.YWvll'l"l,I'1'SlQll'Ill 3- l'n'suh-nl Al: Oi'clu'slra 21 l..A.A. 2. Ambition: To mlo souivlhing worth whilt-. TE RR Y l,eROY ULSAYER llasm-ball 2g Intramural Baski-tball 3: Projvction Club Q. Ambition: 'l'o graulualv. JoANNE BETH UNDERWAGER "Jo" n On-lu-slra 2,3,Alg Moth-i'n Music Blasters 253.-l: Acolian 2g l".l5.L.A. 23: C.A.A, 2,-l. Ambition: To lu' a privati' s4'c'i'vlai'y. JOHN MAX UTEC "Jack" Ambition: 'I'o conu- out of thv Navy with a good rating. JUDITH KAY YICR "Vicky" Clin-rlvzuling 2,3,4g Class Counuil 3g lr. Rm-al Cross 2: Span- v i ish Club :.,f3g Class llay 3,-l. Ambition: To jllilllllllll' from collvgv. RICHARD JOSEPH YITALES "YRS" Spanish Club 2.3g lfoolball 23 Iutranuual 31 Class Play Commitlvv 3,-lg Clu-m-Phys Club 3. Ambition: 'l'o gracluatm- from collcgv. CAROLA ANN WALLACE Latin Club 21 On-oliau 25 -Ir. A Cappella 3: Sr. A Cappvlla -lg l-irls Sm-xlvt 3.-4. Ambiliou: 'l'o bv an vlm-lm-ntary school tn-aclu'1'. GARY LEE WARREN "Gunner" llonulroom Baslictball 253,-lg Basvball 25 Football 25 E Club -l. Ambiliou: To lvarn how to mambo. FRANK GEORGE WASINGER "Tinv" Iiulian Ilanving 253g Swiiniuim.: 233.11 E, Club 3.4. Ambition: To lu- a llIK'L'll1lIlll'lll t'll2llll'k'I'. Page 47 BERNARD JOSEPH THIEL "Joe" Latin Club 2,31 Chem-Phys Club 4g Class Play Com mittcv 34. Ambition: To bc- a millionan'0. J. PHILIP THIEL "Phil" Spanish Club 2,51 Intramural 2,3,Al. Ambition: To grauluatv from pliarmacy school. JACOUELINE LEE THIELE "Jackie" t 4 Class Council Sq Class Play 3g l".'l'.A. 2,3-l'1'1-simlm-ii lQ.ll.S. 33,-lg CL-rman Club 3,-l. Ambition: To lu' ll goocl English tm-aclu-r. KAY FRANCES THIEMAN AL-olian 25 C1-rinan Club 253g l".Il.A. Alg C.A.A. 2.3,-1. Ambition: To clo olliu- work. WILLIAM ELLIS GILWORTH THOMAS "Wen" Swimming 2.3,-lg A Cappc-lla 253,43 lfoolball 2,-lg Class Pl ly 3g li Club 2,3,4. h Ambition: To l'Illl'l' thc lit-lil ol nu-cliciiu' or CllQl!IK'l'l'lllj.f STEWART WAYNE THORNTON "Stu" xl Football 2.3.4lq Baseball 23,-lg Swiiuminu 3,-lg E Club 3 1 Baskvtball 2. I Ambition: To live- a good lilc. 'M' all RONALD GENE WESTNIORELAND "Ron Football 2: WVI'CSlllIIjl 2.3: 'I'I'ilL'li 2: E Club 'S 1 llusm Council 4. Ambition: To livc a llappy lift-, LOIS LYNNE WESTWOOD "I,oie" Ccrmau Club 3,45 C.A.A. 3: lr. llvcl Cro Ambition: 'Io rcacll all my Qoals. ELEANOR DIANE WHIPPLE "Diane" Latin Club 4g Avoliau 2: C.A.A. 4. Ambition: To lw a stvnograplu-r. EDWARD ALLEN WHITCIOMB "Ed" Spanish Club 2,39 Clll'lII'I,llj'S Club 23-I' Ambition: To bo n plmarmacist. ROGER EDWIN WHITE "Slugger" Football 2: Base-ball 2514: Class Plav 41 C um m Cl lb Band 3,4. i Ambition: To bc- a psychiatrist. KENNETH EDWARD WILSON "Ken" Inclian Dam-ing SA: Track Ambition: To bc wt-ll oll. GORDON LEE WINDAU "Windy" Ilomcroom Baskctball 2514. BRADLEY C. WINCERT Ambition: To bc an uuclcrtalwr. WENDY CAROLINE WITHERS "Skeeter Class Secretary 3.4: Imliau Dancing 2,3 4 Stmliut Conn cil 4: Sr. A Cappvlla 4: C.A.A. 23,4-Suimtlrx 'In ISI! cr 2,3-President 4. KAY LORETTA WOOLCOTT Latin Club 2: G.A.A. 253,43 Cm-rmau Club 4 Acolim 0 Orclicstra Ambition: To bc 21 top sn-crctary. PATSY ANN WOOLCOTT "Pat" G.A.A. 2,3,4g Acolian 25 jr. A. Cappella 3 4 Ambition: To bc ll succvssful bn-auticialu. JOHN SHERMAN YELTON "Yeh" Spanish Club 3g Sr. A Cappella 3,-1. Ambition: To be Z1 success in wllatm-vcr I do Page 48 rw? CACVISA 650143 L7AeSe 2144 V165 The "Top Eight" scholastically, in the class of 1955 include: llow l-.loln1IC.I71n1n,CalrolynCrolnvr, liolu-rt Kcnnc-dy, Sully Krailm. llowi-Spm-1lca'1' Swinton, Sully 'l'llIII'- nun, l"1'ul1cn-s XV:-rnvr, VVc-ntly XVitlu-rs. Middle' Right . . . The keynotes en- tertain ut the Senior Class Party. l'it'tnri-cl arc: Ln-nny Smith, Melvin Anclrvws, 'I'o1n lloosivr, XVillic Spam-S. JUDITH JUNGE "Judy" fll'l'Ill1lll Clnlmg Girls' Ch Cuppm-Ilan. Ambition-'l'o lw il success PAUL WILLIAMS junior llc-cl Cross 21 Spunis Ainlmition-To lx- ai lmnkcr RICHARD BEHRENS LOUIS BERTENSHAW JAMES CIACCIO lllxrldle left Although he passed away early in his sophomore year Gordon Kane will not be forgotten bw his classmates of the class of 1955 1 Council CAA junior WCJGVCICZSSWQCH Out of childhood into manhood, Now has grown my Hiawatha, Skilled in all the crafts of hunters, Learned in all the lore of old men, In all youthful sports and pastimes, In all manly arts and labors." - Longfellow X :L .gm , A9 if w QQ ,Aw v ...H-iii Top . . . The class council discusses plans for school year. i,l't'Nllll'lll limi How-r is I4-'ulmg mhsaussion. lfirst row: B1-tty llill, Sally Shaw, joan :Xllluw-, Cm-ol Dalxis, Xlalrhlm' fillIlltlI'l', ciilflllyll K4-llm-nlwrgf-r. Svconcl row: Pal Xliiglnl, ,Imly llUl5l7lllS,s1llllly llzmkins, Carolyn XVagm'r, Ruth Ami llaltow, Nanvy - , 5 Ilan-ltlvr, l,aYomw 'l'llUlllS1'll, 'l'l1i1cl row: Philip Solxotly, Paul Koch Nlillarll Dun- . ton, a"'j-,IV 1 . 1 1 OPe1OWt1Ol'QS Ollfle 2 S Q L 3 iff 3. I 7 . S A VOEIVIJ Ae QVVIIDIILVG 1 4? v . 1 f A ,fy e l S HK ' ' x ' ' X K 'rf , Q Q 'r .av L . A . N ' 'Sf' , X X' , -1 in L ' img- ' blib 1'3- ' .1 s X ,, 6 f 1 X f 5. f 4 4 i 1 . gf-N c, .2 , we-Q f57'p A f 'if T ' 3 L A 5' 2' U -4 .3 in , .3 In ,. 'gg' ,,t,, 11:9 5 f A ix, f '-,, '. f Q ' Q sg K 9,1 1 ' sw. Page 52 Cvnlffz' . . . The class ollicers look at pamphlets which they have received concerning the class activities. Fuolxn NX: 1 1 Su t Bu A 'Q fl 14-1 .' ' -rv ary: '1 lloyvr, l'1'1-simlvnlg 'I'm'ml lamim-aru, Yin--pn-siclm-ntg Samlra llamlxins, 'l'i':-asm'1-r. llow l How 3 llow 3 -lil Row A1 Row 5 --llogvr Almlmotl, cllllflil ixlllllllljlll, Sonia Aj.flIllll1..fll llim-liarcl Almms, liilm-on Alliriglll -Ioan Alllu-v, Lowm-ll Alll-n, lliII'l12ll'1l Anrls-rsvu B1-tty Amlc-rson, -loyw' Apple-holl' Catlu-rinv Arnold, jim Ashlvy, Nltlflllll Anlmlo llul ml A tl mio Stmlu Il "ia ' x' -'Q' , .' 4 lialiwv 'cliarml Baku-r, Norma Baku-r, Conlon lianwari Artlvn ll2ll'L'lxlt'y, -Iuclith ll1ll'l'lllgl'l' Karvn lie-1'ry, l,:u'ry Bartla-tl. -lanws Iiassvlt. Ilia-li ml Be-vlan-r, jim Bt-lm-ns jo ma e gmw riencls, jo aim ew QMS om , f ei' 'QE' PM 'rr ak .,- in 'R' G- C... A 1. -Q ,, j 'en--1 R 'M W '53 "' -:if 'V My K 4 N X figs C 15. if v K - wi.. f B f."" J f' " Q ' ' f B 4 f ..- r QQ .gr K V , :ara Y XV . ff , I , HS, . ,xr X I 4 ,E A , X A - I -Y! - ,yu W, B i .C .... . " 2 in B J" 5 " :L v 3: g vw ,. X, if C 7 in X4 xi K 1 . , A -1, was l f fi- -mf N Q :S , A K . X . Af I- '. ff 'Y , 1 'TA I 0 ' ' '1 W ..- ' 1 ' A - , ., X C " 5 5,2 'S ' 1 v v X A I A M -Y' i 'r-- rf? 'S Si" ' ff 'NJ SOPA0l11OVC5 Bowl jay Boll, Charlottc Bcnnvr, Charlcs Bierman, Vicky Biggcrs. Norton Blank, De VVaync Row 2 How 3 Bow 4 Row 5 Blivtz, Gerry Bonkoskv, Bobby Braasch, Cathvrinv Bracllcy, Don Bradlvy lNIargI,a1'ct Bradshaw, Bvtty Bramer, Charles Brandt, Joanne Braun, Eunice Broaclnax, Harry Broclclc, Bruce Burnidgc. Bcity Brown, Charlvs BurnidgJ,v, Phovbe Burt Ruth Byrd, Dcvona Cairvl, Dave Carey, Keith Carlson, jo Anne Cartcr, Cary Caul, Doris Chandler, Rosctta Chandler, jon Charnesky, -lvrry Christ .lorry Cirrincionv, Davicl Clark, Donna Clarrissimvaux, bloc' Clnchcy, Dnanv Clutv, .Indy Coffin, Donna Collins, Mary Collins, Margaret Cook, Lucillc Coombs Evelyn Coon, Bobcrt Coquillcttc, Morrill Cork, jamvs Crowfoot, Katherine Cnlvcr, Sandra Cnlvcrson, Dick Dahn, Theodore Dau, Carol Davis, Charles Davis Page 53 fjzi es nifecl qzarmevl 494 ounci "' A W 'T ' How 1-lXlichac-l Davis, Barhara Die-rking, Philip Ng, '4-.. Dicrscliow, Kathy Dittmcr, Susan Dodd if ' , P ' " A r I 4 How 2-Anncttc Dodds, Daniel Donnvr, XVillialn Dorsctt, Donald Dorwaldt, Charlotte' Douglas T 1 Q- .av l K 'U' "' lnz, ,A 'F if-T! 1loW3-jane-t Dowcll, Mc-lvina Dowty, Millard f "Af A , j E H A 'I 'J Dunton, jerry Dnrrcnhcrgcr, Suzanne' Dnval , f, it it gf A, f ry F F K I' h lik X. -inf l 4, D' by iff Q' , ., ,, ' , Q 3, :L 3 A . A in ,gk Y'-gg' . at ra vf if ' ff.. SOPAOl1'1OVC5 x y s . liowllfliclwarcl Dwan, Dvnnis Dzivwior, Bill ,J , W' I ljggc-rt, Charlyn Elliott, Nancy Ellison I f 1 ' ' 1 '1 ' ' L 9 l ' U lloxy J--Io in Lnnlc 1, lilllllllylll' lL.Ilg5wtl0lll, Duc my A ' 1 1,6 lzrdnian, xl2ll'llSS2l lgrdinan, 'I1lCkll' Lrslunc , b Y it ::,! xg , -, ,pigezi f ' ' ' 1532? HOXVD-Illlllll' Fm-s, Dcnnis Fl'llClll', llildvgard H I l"ic'cllvi', Bill Fisllhurn, lille-n Flowcrs b -M rf' Fla ik 'Gif I J s wi llow TACvorgLc Foc-lscllow, Kari-n Follmann, Kvitll Follinann, Nh-rilyn Foltz, Carolyn Forgan llow8f.Indy Framc, Gail Frank, blames Frcde- V'b' ' rickscn, Linda Frm-rnan. Barham Frey gm? M F ,., liow9-lix'urt Frm-y. .Indy Frishic, janicc Fritz, 5 55 llonald Fritz, Cvrald Frost Q at ' -J? 1 -vi A ., 3 ff ,J -, JI 'fy' Page 54 l I l i "" ,Finn nowing mf fjle Qdncienf fjifi es arys -4 'J Q 73 'Cl' l ' 1" Q I .I X W G' ft' 1 H A rv, , Q, or , i ,Q V 3 A , H , 1 ,le N Q ex . I ls A :gi i L2 ,D I . q,,. 7 1 Q. e Q Q 4 - , ,if, 1 M V ef , uw i v ---' X G . Es L i at Dlx R K ..:, , ew 5 4- , ' i if . "" it e 5' q K ' Eff- .',- ,.,.,, ,. x W ' lu f' ' m V if If i- If .idk , Q- 1 A . H I K 7' gg 'LN 'R L KF- "' X G gi as .U li 5? J gf, N v V li L. "Z: 'I .- i ' .. e : X N-X. - WX 5 ' 1 in 1 X N it , . ,,,,, , te . is x. x . , I V K .. , , - i' 'W Q W all X. ' . - .N 2 "" 31,1 1133- ,ggi Q ,X L: zz if A, V "E""'i G Q W il .ff Vi H-ft'-A I 1 5 ' ' , '.', - ' - ' '--- X an ' ' 5 Q5 K' A , " f .... -ni, -2 A 5 m N , -af '.,,, Q ,, I- Q , e Af ggigs , NJ . ell N - Q s E , EY g .ry SOIJAOITTOVCS llow 1 fflarry Fry, janet Gaelic, Mike Gallagher, Boh Gatlnnan, john Gehelt, Ruth Genz, Lois Gerherding, Darlene Gershick, Madge Gihnore, janet Goebhert llowi-Gail Goinersall. Sally Goodyear, Donna Green, jackie Grcenawalt, David Groeningcr, llow llow liow 3 4 5 ltalph Gross, Neil Grossnickle, jerome Groth, Allan Gnrnett, Virginia Haas -Nancy Haherstich, Nancy Hackler, Joanna Hagan, Gerald Hall, llohert Hall, Parker llall- herg, Nlartha Hammond, Sandra Hankins, Margaret Harkins, George Harms -Don Harrison, Agneta Hart, Neil Hart, Dick Hartman, Marcia Heath, David lleckert, Paul Heckmaim, Joan Heiden, Jean Hempstead, Bette Hempt -Frank Ilenkemeyer, Michael Hennessey, Dawn Hess, Ann Hill, Betty Hill, Truman Hix, Lane Holliman, Ronald Holland, Hay Holmquist, Cecil Holtz Page 55 I '41 Q' .6 er C? AIWGMS Gafning F0144 qzeil' VOf'ACl"S Row 1-Kay Honifc-lclt, Mary Ilopp, Barbara sf, Iloppc, Carole Iloppv, Cvorgc llornc 1 PV' - How 2-Ilarricttv Horne, .Iohn Iloy, Sandra lllnn- hracht, james llinnphroy, Dion lluncllcy xx-'Z' , -3 1 How 3-blanc Hurd, Bvrnarcl Iclstvin, Rnssvll llis- scn, Lclioy Isilmuc, Ruth jaincs Q if 9 Q , , 1 -K av' V90 0 ia 3 mn. .sl f M if Q K K .I if T :'-Y - ' SOPAOl41OVC5 2 'I Cf' -...A Q , Q' 1 Iiow-1--lnmly nlvnkins, llavicl -Ivnsvn, Alan john- V son, Sandra johnson, -Indy -Iohnston 49 Q r ,, - V f ,,., I Q, ' f Row 5-Larry -Iollifl. Susan jones, Joanne Iurs, 1 ' I' Nancy Kadow. Gary Kane K, fl if K f l ,T O , ' A A ' 1 f Q 1, 1 Row fifliogvr Karstvn, Pvggy Kasnlvs, Marilyn ' Koa-km: Carolyn K0llL'lllJl'l'g0l', Charlcs Kaptain U , -? J ' s i . - , All T How T-Sliirlvy Kc-nyon, VVill'l'0ll Kcnyon, Ann ' ' Kivlsim-ic'r. .Ioan Klvin, Maxine- Kline 0"'P ., ta R-4 K Q .3 How 8-Thomas Kleisvr, .Inclith Kline, Robert Klinnc-rt, Phyllis Kolx-I, Paul Koch ,,,,' liow 9-lionalcl Kochn. janut Kornlnan, Tom Q , . H Kosvk, Craig Kowalski, jucly Koznmplik 1 Q? ., S 1? 'S V5 S fi J . , , Page 56 if iii S' 0' -.gy si 113' 1:9 iv oon fAe rpaffern gmafcAeJ fjzeir insmang 11 .F A i , .W rl i y ia R l 16 I 9' Q R ' wh! i I 1 kai D 4- C 'W "2 - M ff ' -Q" -J V L ,E ' dj . J h' M .ff 4. ,ff ,KI Q .ff 7 A I ' i , ,, , SA ,fr D r fer a x . Y sg v,:. - .f,., ' 1 11 A " x ,Q ' it s 1. .,, , J, A, xx:-' 'I' Ty ,, A ' SOPAOVHOVC5 How 1 liow 2 liow 3 Row -1 liow 5 Sue Kraelilmer, Donald Kramer, Robert Kruekelmerg, Eugene Lainz, Ronald Laniz, Pat Lan- caster, Duane Landers, Peter Larson, Sandra Laseman, George Anne Leach judy LeLievre, Ginger Leonard, Sharon Levine, Ruth Lloyd, Carole Lorenz, Art Ludwig, liieliard Lundy, Mary Luscher, Edward Mackert, Larry Mades Leo Manolis, Robert Marquis, Bill Martin, Charlotte MeAlpin, Bob MeCurdy, Kay Me- Donald, Terry McDonald, Chuck McGowan, Barbara Meller, Charlene Meyer -Sandra Nleyer, Ver jean Meyer, Roger Micholas, Dorothy Micklevitz, Carolyn Miller, janet Miller. Linda Miller, Marilyn Miner, Dick Mooney, Ann Morgan joan Morley, Mary Morris, Harry Morton, Wilma Moser, Corlee Mousel, Dan Mueller, Virginia Nelson, Caroline Nemitz, Barbara Nerge, judy Neusehwanger Page 57 mile fjzecy Iwo 'ss fr!-5 lf 11 , 61:11 x1 1 1 1 X' x"""" in Q P I- J In A 2 . W' K' . 1 '2. ,,."',.: f SOPAOVVIOVQS linw 4-Donna 1,I'2l1i, Carolyn 1'0i1'cv, 11111111111 Pcrly, lionnlcl 1'c'tm's, Carolyn Philips Row 5-Elnwr Plnss, Pc-rry Pope, Don Porter, Charlotte Prciss, Tom Prickett How 6-1,1-otu Privs, Larry Pritcllurcl, Cary Puff- puff, Put Purdy, Bernice 11z1c1dz1tz Row 7-Ruth liukow, john lhumlgc, Barlmzlru Runge, Judy llusmnsscn, Roy 112lS1HllSSCll How S-K11ll'gHl'l't Rutvikc, 1,e'ci1 Huy, F1'cc11'ick Hoc-cl. 11Cl'll1illl lh-lmbcrg, 131116 Hvinking Row 9-.lim 114-nwick, Bill 110111011 Bill Rhymes, joan l1ic1mrc1s, Art 11ic1uu'c1s0n :feel ana! rplacyecl Ij-ogef ,A 110W 1-Anita N1-wcmnvr. .luckiv Nichols, blllilllll How 2-Gillmcrt Nora-, Hoclolfn f1C1l0Ll, Mica' Row 3-110111 PZIIT, BZ1I'1Di1l'il 1'an'ry. 11ic1un'c1 Pau'- , ' X Fi' 1 1 l I W Q? " fs N . l 1 il ' N ve- Q ..-f U x,l0clclen Ijalenfs 041' GDSG' lWNDVQq qZ7qg9PMl S. 1 ' , , c 11 1 c 11 -1 1 1 1 1 cw c alll? ' lzblv f' 1 A Y 'Y I X F Y V , ,Q l . K I .1 N . . ,.- - ' " 4' Azl, 7 I fl , ' vl Q Il , ' 1 ' 1-h I -r Sf lit! f 'S , """b X 24 X , - 1 ll A 1 1 A l Q c 1 1 'if 1 11111 11 1 1 1 1 if , 1 1 1 " , 1, J f, c 1 llllc f 1 D Q . ' 'QV i n K , 1 Y , x 3 L l lf 1 4. . ,.x, .K -JZ -- 132. : li f l :Lk "',- """ 5 Ellli ..'v 1 iw is l?lli.1r'I 'K 'Bi SOPAOITQOYQS liow 1 Row 2 How How Row 3 4 5 liclclic lllL'llLll'llSUll, tlfllllllll' liil'lac11, Nancy llilcy, liurl llipplmcrgcr, liogcr llittcr, blumly Holm- l1i11s, Tl1cl11111 liolmlmins, .lllCl1llCllllC Rockwell, 13011111111 liogcrs, lllllllllil llolllwing 151-vm-ly llolng B011 lloycr, Carol ll11111111clls, Cc11'clo11 lllltZi'll, IDUIIIILI SCl11llX'l'l, 'I1lCllll0lllll' SCl12lll:Cl'. Carol Scllcitlin, liolncrt Scllcrf, 'IOLIIIIIC SCllllllllt, 'Tll9l'CSkl Sclnniclt XVill111'cl Scl11'0ctlc1', Bcity Sclullmlmc, Carol SClllllJl'l'l', llogcl' SClllll'lliC, Sllirlcy Sclmlcl, Su11cl1'z1 SClllllf. ,Iuclcnc Schultz, .Icrry Scroggin, l,Ul'l'lllllL' Sclpic-11, 'lim Slmlvs -Sully Shaw. Lowcll Slu-lto11, Brucc Sllirlcy, Bill Shultz, liogcr Sl1111'tlcll', Suc Si111111o11s, Duvc Sinnctt, lin-ly11 Sittcr, Put Slicllcy, Cwcn Smith llclcn Smith, Nlury Smith, Put Smith, Huy Smith, Sllllfllxlll' Slllllll, Guy Allll Snyclcr, Pllil Sokocly, lDl'IllllS So111111c1's, Slff'PllUIl Super. NVillicSpa1tcs mmmx Q 5 fjzecy laces, G7Aeir esf oof orwar , Q' 'A Q A K 4, .j fx lx' ikffifffx Ziyixflii Q Q , 'Is a A X ' ,mn '33 1 .s . f n f-'H ...ff V A - fi n ,x f 2,41 ' "fm 1 V. 4 1 , f :f A-Q' - SOPAOITQOVCS . How 4-lluzvl l.c'v Symonds, llnth Symonds, Cur- xncn Tucusun. Tod Tannlnvurn, Dclorcs Tccts Row 5-Nlurk Tlwlvn. Tom Thivs. Alndith Thomp- son. Luvonm' Thnn1sm-n, Linda Thrun How 6-Nancy Toruk, C:l'l'll'l1lilll' "I'l'0adxvvll, Icrry Trottvr, 10 Ann Trotfvr, jim rI1llCk0l' How 7-Sluxron 'l'llc-km-l', Nancy Turnvr, Kay Un- lll'l'NV2lQl'l', Phyllis Yun Bllrvn, Tom Van Bnrvn How S-.Iannvs Van Flcct. Hllylilfllld V4-llingu, Nliriann Volk: Nancy Vollmun, Ron Voltz Row Qfflurolyn XVz1gnvl', Nancy Wagner, joy XVuicllc-11 Priscillzl XVullac4'. Slmrml VVz1lsl1 Q Huw 1-Andre-y Spcllrlle-ya-1'. David Sturin, James Stark, David Starr, Elvzlnm' Stvffcn How 2-Mavis Stt'illlll0yi'l', bln Elle-n St0l'llb0l'g, Kathryn Sh-vcns, Louise Stvwurt, judith Stojcntin Row 3-Boblu-tw Stone-r, .lznncs Stnwvll, HiCllill'd Strnvc, .luck SllIlilCl'll1gl', lion Swain . use -d we .J 'G' if x I ffm. v "'L ---Q 1 'Q 1 , qs J K, A I 'fix y gig, yg ggi- " ': 95 .V A E N! Mfr.,-M, . ., Y K V' f x x," . ,..: R X y y f ww Q. y 1 x w f"" , f K N' 1 ,'!'?'g4f'Lss?!fiJ 'al f Page 60 5? ver olaeful gov f:.7Ze ufure E , wk , t . " V Y 5' A ,.L,q ,, A ,M - P , P -Q - X' fs. 'lf' .,.. A X , E . I . X X - H, S1 4 , ., -.1: ""Q- . V .J Y Q 1 'ilu .5 2. A' V A ' ...1 : "-- fi. X 5 Qs " K ' nnrb l , I 'Q ' Q' 4 ' Q? ft fi.. U 51 ' . , .Q h 4 .T a . 'OW Q V I ... . 1' wi it ' i . 1 M A In .. 4' 'P E I .ik . ww 5019A OIMOYCS How l.-Xvilllllil xvlllfflll. Holmcrt VVzu'nick, Don NVz1ucliopc, Philip XVl'llCl'li. jzxcqiieliiic xVL'llfllOI', Nancy NVvrrlmcli. -IOAIIH NVOstcrmzui, Bai'lmui'u XVliipplm-, Dave NVicklui1cl, Lois WVilliz11'm How 2-Gvuvllv XVilliums, liicliurcl XVillis, Gayc XVii1lmiglc-r, Sully Vvlllllllll, Nun jc-aui Wolfo, EllQ,0ll0 XVoolcott, .Iucly YVriglit, Put YVrigl1t, Tom XVi'igl1t, Evolyn Yzuikc How 3HBc'tty Zulmin. Fayette' Zimimwimui, james Ziiiimi-rimm, Carol Zornow .. N of Ar' M NBR - . Ra tkwww N .gg . X Yi "sv ii E THESE PEOPLE HELP KEEP E.H.S. RUNNING SMOOTHLY Uppcr Left: Mr. VVilliz1m Sommm-rs, clay janitor. Loww' Lvft: Mr. Paul Shultz, fircmxm. Upper Right: Mr. Allmcrt Sclimiclgull, supvrvising cngim-cr. Canter: Mr. Charles Pzuilin, inuintcuaulcc. Lower Right: Mr. Auron Neil, clay janitor. Page 61 Top . . . Snpl1on1ores dunce and enjoy entertainment ut their class purty. "Getting To Know You." 1 1 If 1 11l111d11str1o11slx w1tl1 H1111 tll cff IS to inalkt- 1-xt-1-llc-11t 1 JI1 tt cl Lf I 1t11'11t'0 111111 L'ill'l'IilIl llllllllg 111 s s x 1 lll 111111111111 skit t111'St1111t 1,1 H 111tu111111Q llss ot lf 3 ' to 1u111111ttl11111xx1t1111111school,'l'I11'1111gl1- 4 IIS mn tht H1 t 1 1 11 1t11cl.1i11l1ty tllvy possvss. Hotlom . . . An 111111511111 pro- gram wus planned fur the party. A skit was one of the hiplhlipihts of the entertain- ment. Svxltwiz Dxlvitl XYi1'lxl11111l. -lane-kiv C In-1-11:1w11lt, Carol lJllYiS, Stzlmlillgz lJt'1lllllil R11111-1's, Alunly I.1'l,i1-1'1'1'. Philip Sukmly. Mary C.r1ll111s l'a1g1' 62 Top .... IUNIUR CLASS COUNCIL SWL.. SILIIIKIIIIQZ Din-L Cialcvin. Swllm-ml, Huw l: -lvrry' Ilmlgcns, Lu- sparks, CIIUIIIIZI lialkvr. Calrnl Hl'1'lI,cI1ll'X Iflmul, 1,1-muml I,m-4-tvmv. Iimx' 2: Iiugn-1'Cr:1I', llm-Ivn 'I'l1ivs, -Iumly Yum-is, Luis Kalplalin, lIill Salllmllwm-lu. I,vmm1'cI Smith, linw 3: -Iuyuv NYvism'r, IILIIIIILIIYI Kvrlin. kllf' Iirm-lm'r, I'a1I Cam-y, -Iuyu' Naylor, f:IOI'I'l Yiv51Im'r Huw '3' Alill ZIIIIIIIUII Ixallluy' Clutv, Cwvu IX OW me Yu IIIIQ, Dimmu Dilluw, Iiclmliv Slcwzlrl. O , 2 MVIIOVS O I f 3 Ac 1 - F oln f In M' 4' Q, I' If li I ZIV' I V, as faq 'ka Ia X I q , -- fr A-: , 5 5 7 I . a Q - T n X K 0 In , -- I I "' F' ,ff -xv' xv-.-v R S X, S' ,NWI 4 1 ig 'L I X if rl Ik fx' I in . if K ix I sw " W "' D kg xi K I sg? Ig , .fp I I ,, ,J N. gl' Xl f i Msnwkx I 'fv- pl ':A??45.x - S if I ' qt XM -Q' f i W Wg I TN- ' -s-. Ixilfl' 63 I Ss-" Cvnnfr . . . CLASS OFFICERS Svallc-LI: jill Zillllllvxg 'I'l'1'1ISlII'1'l'Q Imu' xYl'ISII1'I', Sm-m'l'1'I:llN Stzxmling: lCcIcIi4' SI4-wart, XZIUII'-lII'l'SIlIl'III1 Ilivk Cizu vin, I'l'1-sich-Ili Row I-Cuml Almlmtt, lD:1rl'yI Alwlmll. Ilalviml INCLIIIQIIIII Hmm Nilllfy .'xlI1lIlIS, IIIIIII Amlkins 'O I,l'1lIl AIliIl'I'SUIl, .IZIIIIVS Amie-rsml, lIi1'I1:mI Amla I 1. Slmrun Am vrsmm, Cuil AIIKIITXVS Huw 3- Nlvlvixl AlliII'4'NVS, Ilia-lxalrcl A1'lmIcI, Calrul ,'xIII'Il1lIIII Nay Austin, -luv Avvrixm IIUXY-I-KIIOIICIAI lIzlIw1', Ulm- IIzxIw1', Iifnmlcl II:lIx1-13 X'vII'jlIIIll J IIAIII, Iall Iialrlu-1' IImv5-Iulm llalrr, I,IlllIIl II:11'I1'Is, Bmlllic' IIIIIIIIISIIIII clrvy lhfuk, Alulm IIt'It'Il4'l' xX Xdqi fme years Ljzai fjzecy re Bow 1-Bicliarcl Beltz, Dalv Bentley, Sancly Ber- man. llarrict Bvrnstvin, -Innc Bierman Bow 2-Anna' Blair, Larry Bolisin, Sandra Boeli- ning. liolwrt Bolilig, Marilyn Bonkoski Bow 3-Alicia Borrncl, .lorry Bouncly, Bolmert Bracllvy, Bntli Braun, Kay Bruner F' no kg Ai ,Q , 'A V J' A+.. B ,5 A f ' K-at f' -f f. ,I Ai Ap- ' Q N , 1 "1' I Y ' . ,Q 0 . ,,-' ., B gi 'Q ' : K, . -4. S. I f EV Si ...'-, In I f f 5 A i.:i,aa0iA ' z ' " Q Q -uv, 'j , . x . . Page 64 'SP B in I ,,""'wN J, B uniors Bow 4-Cliarlos Brinkley, Bonniv Brittmnnn, L0- roy Broaclnax. Eckliarcl Broclclv. ,lack Brown Bow 5-Kcnnctli Brown, Boli Bum-lilcr, llolwrt Buetow, llonnic Bulnnann. Eclwartl Burke Bow 6-Lcta Burniclgv, LL-0 Bnrnsinivr, Sally Bur- ton, Don Byrcl. 'Inanita Byrd Bow T-Patricia Carey, Joanna- Carlson, VVillic' Cartvr. nloycc- Chapman, Sandra Cliapplv Row 8-George Cliislctt, Larry Cliristoiisvn, Pliil- lip Christensen, Marlcnc Cliristcnson, Bicliarcl Ciaccio Bow 9-Katliy Clntc-, Nancy Coffey, Kcnnvtll Col- lins, Bctty Conclos, Sain Corapi SAaring mnfies qzeir rofAers , " X 'A -A .F 9 Kg-Eff" Q Q V ' 'If' rr .,,.i X s , gf Q:-f ' Q -'X - VR J I gig, lp ian N G ,f . . l if 2 ,Q Q "', d A A A - 'J .., F F ff iw 2:.'- if-1' i M l ,. X . ' 4 f F . K fi X' N, - .. is 'wr 'rf ' -'N 17' + - ft 2' l , V , , , :-- ,,, ' 9 -6 r - 'E i ' 3 , .s i , ' if 35 W --zl , t . . .,, xx- TJ ,sq .sa V If Aj r t I 46, , Q. - .F swf' . ' ff- L .hr-if f"sX ff uniors How 1-Mary Lou Court. judy Covey, Linda Covey, Pam Crawford, Richard Gremeens, Florence Crowe, judith Culver, XVilliam Culverson, Billy Danner, Lavonia Dauel llow 2-Roland Daufenhach, jack Daum, james Demmitt, jean Deuterman, Gwen De Young, jo Ann Dierking, Diann Dillow, Carol Dittnier, Roger Doty, judith Dougherty How 3-Boh Dowell, Antoinette Dwan, Linda Eggehrecht, Harold Erhoe, john Erickson, Doris Ericson, Ronald Ermel, Gail Ettner, Dale Ewert, Sharon Fee Row -1-VVayne Fees, Barhara Feil, Paul Ferguson, Alan Fishman, Gary Flora, Gregg Fohrmau, Sandra Forrester, Miles Frazel, Donald Freeman, janet Fritz How 5-Mary Funk. Ralph Garhreclit, joy Gaede, Forrest Gates, joe Giainhelluca, jack Giesecke, Duane Gilhertson. Ray Giles, Leon Gilles, Ruth Golf Page 65 orwarcl 345 goo J Leaders l Olng 1 l BOW 1-Beverly Goodyear, Gary Gough, Russell r ' A Gould. Robert Graf, William Grail: :SY ,'f",J I HOW 2-Tom Grant, Walter Green, jane Green- f I awalt, Betty Grissom, Karen Gross l HOW 3-RiClll1l'll Grotelueschen, Betty Guge, 1 F David Ilaacker, jack Ilaacker, Dianne .3 ' Hagemann gd W ff I' Q 3 Aw T' .Q A :an 3 Q' , I 'A -:sf ess i .5 :V ,f j 2 Q' 1 L , :- ,Tff an' , ,, 1' X ,, P ,. il 3 J 'Al i ' -::- Y l I I Ly - l 'W J e W' -' .1 Hg I , K1 -1 P-, uniors Row 4-Russell Hall, Sonja Hall, Marilyn Hall- man, Robert Ilamlrock, jim Harvey Row 5-jane Heath, Sandy Hecht, Garol Hedrick. Connie Hein, Richard Hendrickson How 6-Ray Heneise, ltolmert Ileneise, XVarren Henry, Cyrene, Hernclon, Peter Ht-th Row 7-Thomas Hickey, Vivian Ilileman, XValter Hirshlmerg, Genie Hotlock, Tim Iloillancler B'll Ilolle, Mary jane Row 8-Gail Ilolcliman, 1 Holtz, Marcia Honert, Betty Hopp How 9-XVilliam Horn, Tom Hozier, Glen Huber. jerry Huclgens, Esther Huff Page 66 . Q 'P X KS Always sing CW OMVIJ xKnOWlCC!ge x N I N pa :Q A.: K Z , gas' .V ,Sa K M Q QW . nr- ii' 'f wi , ,'-M ' -- L ..- , ' 'D .f,7 ,j XZ! XR, . 1 A i W s 'T-v X jfs XZ, K ku ' ' - r' F i 5' iw... . .. l had ij , 'nz 'dv T? I sw, . ,, 0 J LJ ,, el xv, , Q uniors uw hr 3 . 1 , N -. ' .., 5 f f Neg D "'2 l N' if' ', .. , . .4 x .,. . 1. gr, 3: H 52 K Y ' ji at ' -. 5, l fee? NJ , vI- V' wt , Li Af W , . 1 ' . E 1, 4 J C: :ZX N x my gr j 5, 3, :L Q L f-'ws ,i 'X A. X -Q :..2 E , I V if fn N, ' ,R X . R a as K i l 'KIQ Row 1 How 2 How 3 Row 4 Row 5 jerry llulke, jon IIll1I1l7I'2J.Cllt, jacquelyn Hnske, joan Huske, Karen lrps, Carol jahn, jeanne jahncke, Steve james, Carol janssen, Louise jarka joy jennings, judy jenny, Barbara jensen, Douglas jensen, janet joerns Irene johns, Lawrence johnson, Richard johnson, Sally jones, Carol jorgensen Marlene josephson, Maureen judkins, Carol jurgens, Nancy Kagel, VVilliam Kalclcnher- ger. Lois Kaptain, Denton Karle, Lloyd Kellenherger, Allen Kent, janicc Kenyon joe Kerher, Barbara Kerlin, George Kible, Nancy Klein, jerry Kline, Nancy Koch, Gregory Koon, Mary Koteles, Karen Kovacs, Ralesa Krainp jack Krich, Robert Krnnnfusz, Leonard Kuhiak, Karl Kuehner, justine Kuhlman, Barbara Kuhn, joan Lacey, Donald Lalley, Mary Landwehr, liohin Lanclwer Page 67 FUIAIFA qleir CAanfing 541401 fjideir imaging Row 1-Michavl Langdon, Nancy Lange, Frank 4, " Lazzara. Boh l,vathc-rhy, Leonard Leetzow L ,W f vi . ,, I i 11 ! g. I, I A How 2-Shirlc-y Lvctzow, john Lehman, Dian ' 'A s ' L:" ' ' Lvhniann, Toni Le-ith, Shirlvc' Lick . ' "' . How 3-john Likhitc, Richard Lloyd, Jeanette "Y" 6:1 :J Lohhaum-r, Hoscmaric Lord, Dick Luhbers , fix XX ,., 5- L ,n SN.-1 1 Q N " , .A- Q A 'G' , n ' , ga "'T'...' ur 'J 'L' Q ' H 3 i -- 4 iw' ,ff , 1 ,, gr i . ', 1 i ,I N 1 I ' " V' 'XX IDL ,z. if ., 4 Q 5, A uniors , M yfgg, 35 How 4-Hans Llwdtko, Frcda-rick Lugar, XVillia1n E Luker, Kennvth Lund, Sherry Lund Q, 24 u it 6 my .5 f K qilu P Q 6' I' Row 5-Lois Lundy, Douglas NlacKinnc'y, Pat Q " a ig I 1,2 F A "" ' Marquis, Thomas NIkll'tl'llSt'll, Iinth Martin J '1' 7.1 , W 4 I 1 1 ,... fi. I 'E' " M gf ,. V i ,iiija.,1..lt Page 68 How 6-jack Matison, Dorothy Nlauck. Patricia Mayer, Boh Nlayvs. liohc-rt NIL-Arthur How 7-john ML-Calif-. 'lack NIL-Carty. Pat Mc- Keown. Richard NIcKinne'y, Parkvr Nlchlahan Row 8-George ML-Nahum-y. liohvrt Mvsslciy Ann Miller, David Nlillvr. Carol Niink How 9-Paul Nlitchvll. Nancy Nloglc-r, Margarvt Molitor, Maria' Nlontclvonv, Sain Nlontvlc-onv gzeir erif Ijzeir ames ecorcl - ok , . :it l - . , " ' , is u 4 " f f- "" ' .e R' : ' .... , - ' ' if , 1 f ff if I J , 1, . xl X t'- ea ,R r' -Q' J ' J 5 g. , , J ' I 'A , U - :ilu J I K V - is 5. Q . J n 1-31" J -I , E J J i ,Qs at M isa - ,J , N J . - W tif ev fi ' - .ga I X 5 '1 W .vi C7 'fa 'rn' 3.5! l :gl Q .", 1: :,, .. J 1 L.,,. ,J is XX - S 1' :-- -N + 2 s . ,i LMA, J, -- uniors Row 1 Row 2 Row I3 Row 4 Row 5 David Montgomery, Charles Morgan, Thomas Morkemo, Herb Mullinax, Keith Morton, Robert Murphy. Jerry Nash, Joyce Naylor, Brinda Neidigh, Roselincl Newcomer Judy Nickels, Cary Norling, Ralph Northcutt, John Noto, Peter Novotny, La Verne Olson, Audrey Orhan, lVayne Otte, William Parlasca, Mary Lou Parrish Emil Pasholk, Robert Paulsen, Robert Pawlak, Eleanor Peirce, Diane Perkins, Geraldine Perry, John Peters, Sharon Peters, Joanne Petersen, Dorothy Peterson Ronnie Peterson. Bruce Phelps, Judith Pilcher, Bonnie Potter, Beverly Price, Fritz Prigge, Keith Rahe, Charles Raehow, Iva Rakow, Susan Range Curtis Ransom, Rochelle Reason, Nila Rebenstorf, Dennis Reber, Carol Reed, Barbara Rees, Barbara Reiehelt, Charles Renwick, James Reynolds, Doris Riedemann Page 89 JY' ,tx X., i X' I, 'ts reaf raise as How 1-Donald Rippherger, Ben Rocha, Patricia Rockwell. Phil Hooker. Paula liosene Row 2-john Ross. Dorothy Roth, llarold Bow, .lean Russell, Judith liydell Row 3-liohert Saaek, .Ioleta Sahin, lN1arceleue Sadler. Pat Salishury, VVilliam Sandberg I: L A zq in In 1' fx . .33 wg-Lf ,f 5 if .Z SAOWQVG MPGYI qzenfl een .. ks: Mi .Qi K vi fr' ,.,E ' V Vg ,Q A ' '.-' -Z .4Ax QN-.f X WI it ff' A tp if N NJ -,sr MJ ug. 1 K 5. v . ' 1 uid! KU Jw '7 nt' ' . if X Q PIAI r g A l Page 70 uniors Row 4-james Sayers, NVilliam Scarritt, Karen Schaede, Andrew Schaus, Philip Schmidgall Row 5-Probert Sclunidt, Terry Sclnuidt, Allen Schneider, jean Schneider, Marlowe Schneider Row G-Larry Schramm, Sandra Schramm, Chuck Schroeder, john Schudel, Carol Schult Row 7-Betty Schultz, Frank Schultz, Gerald Sea- grcu, Mary Semeny, Sally Shales Row 8-Leona Shepard, Phyllis Showmaker, Sandra Shumilak, Karen Siegal, Shirley Singleton Row 9-Wilma Singleton, Donald Slauhaugh, Rohert Small, Leonard Smith, Boh Smith .WAV , V1 Ijze ejbawning If fjze ufure wc! V ir , txt? "T-'S I 7, "1" '. A .,:Q P A S "". -me-. TSM N 'Q l ar r ,K , ., ,,,,, Z Q P t ,.... , ,,-vi- , Q 53- uh 'i' S 'q :'LV' I Y f l bkvn S 3 it ff , , ' ' I ., A .5 c s Q 2 rf' T B 'P ,g 3, V S , , ,sf 4 Us v Xv fa, S , , it ff, s ' , 'Q' S., , W--' H 1, ,, 5 2' X . ' .:2' ' ' f ii if K A if i N' l uniors Row 1 Row 22 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 .f . ' .,-: Q I I , t .-M, I' I 1 ,. S at r f A 1.1 .,, a , T 'Q - T ' H , T' k,q a , ' , L 'Q ' RT 1' Isl l . ..... M.: Robert Lee Smith, Nancy Soclerberg, Judith Somers, Geraldine Sorn, Lee Sparks, Barbara Spates, Ron Spinker, Paula Staclc, john Slanforcl, jane Starr Harvey Steen, George Stephens, Mary Stephens, Dennis Stewart, Eddie Stewart, Frank Stewart, Donald Stikkers, Dorothy Stone, Lillian Strahl, Bette Stringer Rebecca Strowbriclge, Ardis Stuart, Nan .lean Sunny, Sandra Swain, Harold Swanson, Angie Szula, janet Tazewell, james Teets, jacky Thelancler, Helen Thies Donna Thompson, P21tTll0ll1pSOIl, Richard Ticknor, Richard Tilqany, Robert Tillotson, Emily Tohler, Marilyn Tolley, julia Trotter, Irene Trotz, Eulaine Tucker Lois Tucker, Marie Ulsaver, jim Van Buren, joseph Van Den Bosch, Connie Vanclerford, lXlarjorie Van x'V1l1l'llJGliC, Alcla Vece, Iudith Voreis, Aloycc Walker, Douglas Wallace Page 71 fjley fwff 72,4 Row l-james NVallace, -Iolm Walters, Gene lValz. Diane NVard, james Warner How 22-jnditli XVatzlawick, Ann Weber, Harlenc more onors rlfljaifincq , " M- .T 'j G i a as ', 2-11 1 1 , tfvfx , 1-Q ' ff XVm-intrauli, -Ioycc VVcisncr, llicliard Weiss ltow S-.Indy Wells, Dawn VVendler, Sylvia Wcr- W ner. xillftllil XVest, Marlene Wetzel K M F . 1-,, - , A ' vo U1 :i 8 1 W 'gif :-'L x -fi-ff :1 -- . - -. it f i T G idii ,i A a Q ,iff ff in is L G W ' x, 1.49 J ff' N, V A Ii' W g it ,W uniors YT' 25 ' X 4 'uk X f ' K HOW 4-jim VVewetzer, Larry VVl1alen, joseph Wheeler, Janice NVhitcomb, john Whitmer 2 a If. E ' ,rs Y Row 5-Bevia Whitney, Marilyn NViesc, Charlene A ' 1 A fn' W Wilcox, Douglas WVilliams, Douglas XVilson K. .0 zz-: N ' ff-'-' in 'Z' - A M an 6 'Q 41.5 Page '72 Row 6-Dean VVinebrenner, Nancy NVires, james Wissman, Eugene WVittenstrom, Gene Wood Row 7-Nancy Wood, Gail Woods, Artis Wool- cott, Charlotte Yarwood, Peggy Yarwood Row 8-john Yohnke, Barbara Zickuhr, Nancy Zickuhr, Gloria Ziegler, Indy Zierke Row 9-jill Zimmer su. 'fr' Top . . . A group of energetic juniors do the "hunnyhop" ut their class party, while others look on. N, Bottom . . . Guy times ure evident in this picture of the frolicking juniors gathered around Liheruce at their class party. In thc front row nrc: Curt ll2lllSUlIl, .lint Cnlvorson, Carol Rcctl, Ccorgc NlcNzllmncy, Lu Ycrnc Olson, L OLVOMS CZLVS O 0143 91446144 CV .ll'NlUR CLASS HISTORY In Sf'Illl'llllN'l' ol' '53 thc class of '56 cntcrccl tht- halls ol' lC.ll,S. us own-cl sophomorcs. llnnlcr tht- lcnclcrsllip of Xlr. Cook nncl thc ncwlv clcctccl olliccrs: Dick Cinccio prcsiclcnt- .loc Clinnllmcllncn. xicc-prcsiclcntg hlill Zinnncr, trcnsnrcrg uncl Cwcn Dc Young, sccrctnrvg ull coin- lminccl cllorts on thc llUlllCC0llllllL: llout, thc clnss party uncl tht- choosing ol- clnss rings, swcutcrs. :incl colors. 'l'hc '56 llonu-coming llont was choscn "most lH'21lltlllIlu, il grnncl start for tht- junior your. ln co-opcrution with Nlr. Cook, Nliss Sircn anal its oiliccrs. Dick Cinccio. liclclic Stn-wort. .Iill Zinnncr nml .loycc XVcisncr: Prcsiclcnt. Yicc-prcsiclcnt, Trcusnrcr, nncl Sccrctnry rcspcctivclv, lllc class hcgnn prcpnrution lor thc class ploy, followocl lay thc sclcction ol' class llowcr, motto, I song. llllil lmnncr. Tho junior-Scnior Prom climnxccl ll lmusy your Pago 73 adcfivifies Round and round they wheeled and darted, Filled the Evening Star with music, With their songs of joy and freedomg Filled the Evening Star with splendor, With the fluttering of their plummagef' - Longfellow 'www Q f -xii 1 .ef ,Ex Us Q x:'- - ffhxfrq' fwg f 'Q J 3' ' A"'.. 'f?'5 ' 3, 32' - , ng if ,X 'fc ff + ww a Q as, W- 4'-Q, Q, A N w I .d 4' '-'41 , fs. wi 5 M A Wh 1 , H, Y ' X' Q ,L F .'. - ' J' - .3 ' W 'wa i f ' 'Y' 'N ' 0 iv , 9 e f Q ig, "bv .Q 0, Q. Q du ' is 3 'ff' "Vg 'W 'gms 35' '. ff X fe ', Q ,k5.fn,7.rA 'xl-bg. , 3 is Q 1, Q cy.. W ,V P do 3.1 5,,. Uv-x . we 1' i l xg 1 N 9 Q , ,:f. Q .Q A -- , sw . 11,5 ans ,QW J ' , 0 Wx? f Q 'wvj i Q rw- . aw 3 . Q Q' M -'QW ff iff' ' ' ' 5 X 8. ,W N N Q Q 4 'J,r.J' ,xl ' K ' wg if 4, gpx' I 1. ,rx af if if 'af' . ,fy . 4 . Y R WM wwf rp! A N31 ' , -V ' .KH .1 ,, Iv x 4 - :- f ' 4. A62 it S lm, M' A A N N .ye , -4, W Sw we-ins' X :Ti ' A Q ww . gvg m'J f R yvnw? x . X fd ig X. . Y. - he Q' ' ,KM Sul' ffm tau Q K W! 545. 1 .ig M V... M N ,I . ' fP'i'M,a A 's Y U . 1 ' f i f Ex. ,H is Vx ,fv- 7'.rF"'?'+' ' "?'KU'21f Q .N Q vang.. . xr' "'5'!""" Hlinnunainuu-w,,.,g,. oufA5 541461 ai ens If fjle ounci fo WWC A-1'4" ,f Ilppvr lmfl . . . Tlll? COUNCIL llow4-Pllyllis Vam Bnrcn, Bolm Bolllig, Bill Cicskc, Mika' llcnncsscy, Larry Cliristcnscn, Tom Lcitli, Gail Anclrcws, Allnn l'llSllIlHlIl, llow lr NYQ-ncly Nlitlncrs, jamicc Sokomly, Knrcn lfollmnn, llilclcgairml Carolyn Phillips, Nilu llclvcnstorl, Palm Crziwlorcl Ificcllcl' lnltcrnntcj, Mui Collins, Lorcl llicc, Holm Cordon, Nllly 'l'1,,,,-,mu llow5-Czu'ol jnlm, Nancy Zicknlny Nlzlrtlm llanmnoncl, Cingcr ' Lconnrcl, Dick Ciziccio, Dong jcnscn, jcrry Scangrcn, jim How if Sann XV:-rncr, Dano Monlgmncry, liogcr llonmlclf, Dzlvc Stzlrin, llmnplircy, Tom llickcy, Holi Kcnncmly, Allcn Kcnt, jim Km-illn Carlson, Hill NlQll'llll, jcrry Nash, jo Ann Tyson, joan Slmlcs lliclnmls ll0XV6-Sllilfilll Ilillqnist, K1lI'l'Il Kovacs, Dong Wallin-1-, jolm Ifriccl- llow:3'XYilnm Nloscr, l'axl 'l'lnompson, Sann Milcllcll, Lorna Stcllcn, lzmcl, 'I'om XVrigl1f. Bcn lloycr, Cary Kamc, jim l3cln'cns, Don xlEll'ill'lll' Scll. Slwrry l,nnil, Bclly Kcnyon, Sami Dodd, Glenn Norlzmrlcr Anlmlc, Armlis Slnanl, Ccrzilclinc Sorn ,fm-1 Page 76 Elgin lligll Scllool is clcscrvcclly proncl ol' its finc stnclcnt council, un Klllfilllllllflllll tlmt luis compilccl un cnviululc rccorcl of scrvicc to tlxc scllool and tlic community. Tlic Stnclcnt Council functions as il go-lmctwccn, liclping to minimifc rnlcs. Prolvlcms ol' EHS urc l7l'0llj1llt lmclorc tllc conncil amcl arc solvccl tlirongli coopcrntion mtlicr tlmn tlll'0lljlll cocrcion. llcprcscntutivcs arc clcctccl lay can-li ol' tlic 52 liomcrooms. It is tllc clnty ol' tln-sc rcprcscntu- tivcs to rc-port procccclings ol- tllc conncil lmck to tlwir liomcrooms nncl to hllcc :my qncstions or snggcstions from tllc liomc-room to tlnc conncil. 1.141 . . . vnooimm Palm Crzlwlorrl, Allzm lfislnnam, jim Sllnlcs, Mikc llcnncs- scy, Bolv Kcnnccly, Ann I,annlwcln', Nilzl llclvcnslorl, Sclmn Mitclicll, Carolyn Phillips, 'l'om Ilickcy, Kam-n Kovacs fzfljorli fjogeifer or ne urloose Upper Cvvxtvr . . . BUILDING AND GROUNDS Upper Right . . . SOCIAL Sliziron llillquisl, Cary Knnv, Phyllis Yun 131111-ii, joan Iiichairds, XVihnzi Moss-r, Iivtty Kvnyon, Km-ith Curlson, Bill Cin-ski-, Pall Nancy Zivknlir, Carol iluhn, jo Ann Tyson, jiln llninpliroy, Tlioinpson, liolm liohlig, Slwrry Lnnd, Don NIll'IilIIIll'I Holi Cordon, Dong Wallin-1-. .lim Bt-lm-iis, Toni Lvilh Silfll Dodd 'l'h0 Studvnt Council is dividccl into five connnissions: Scwicv. which succvssfully cur- rivd through such projvcts as thc Student Di- rc-ctory, Cliristinas Dm-orutions, the Citizen- ship Codv, and ziimiiigviiiciits for the foreign 4-xt-Imngo studvnt lor nc-xt ycurg IICSL'ilI'CI1 und Publicity. which mlvsa-i'ws crvdit for tho Sports- nninsliip Codvg Building and Grounds, which dial nnich to iillm-vizitv thi- trzilfic prohlvmg Pro- grann, which conclnctvd tht- highly sllccvssflll Courtm-sy, Elm-tion, and Induction Asst-inhlivsg and Social, whose- Stunt Night progrzun will hc-lp finance' tlu-1-xt-Iimigv stndunt. The Coun- cil also sc-nt lla-lc-gutvs to state' and national conv1'ntions. The' Maroon is happy to sulutv ll hvzids-up orgauiizaitioii. 0 T7 WSF Lower Right . . . COUNCIL OFFICERS Sally llxllllfllilll, Sl'CI'i'I1lI'y1 Ion Sc-lnirnu'iur, I'rm'simlz-nt Toni Ilim-kc-y. Yin- Pre-simlt-ntg Kurt-ii Kovacs 'I'i'e-usuirvi' Solving Iproglems or LT.7'!1eir rofAers The conncil's higgest activity this year was acting as host to the Northeast- Northwest District Convention of the Illinois Association of Student Councils. Over six hundred student leaders from all over Northern Illinois assembled in the E.lI.S. gymnasium to discuss problems and exchange ideas. Elgin was fortunate to have the world-famous Olympic athlete, jesse Owens, to deliver the keynote speech. Elgirfs Carolyn Cromer, Second Vice-President of the District. related her experiences this summer as an exchange student in Europe, and panel discussions were held on specific student council prohlems. The convention closed with the announcing of the winners of the vigorous election campaign. Much credit is due to Lorna Stellien, convention secretaryg Mr. XVilson, stu- ' dent council adviserg and the whole council for the success of this conven- tion, one ofthe liiggest student council conventions in the nation. Upper . . . RIESIEARCH AND PUIILICITY Seated, eloeltwise -Karen l"olhnann, -Ianice iioltody, Clail Andrews, l,orel lliee, Mary Collins, l,arry Christensen. llildegard l"ied ler Csulmstitulel. lloger lloudek, Dave Stariu, filamling-Dax'e hllllllj.fUIlIL'l'y, VVendy Withers, Sain XX'erner 4 6 5 fp!-1, J .Q '4 ff L Lower . . . SIZRVICIE i ' Martha Ilanunond, Geraldine Sorn, Ben Royer, Margene Sell, jerry Seagren, Ardis Stuart, Clenn Aulile, Doug Jensen, Deanna Beekliuger, Diek Ciaeeio, 'I'on1 XVright, t Ginger Leonard Page 78 WWW' 'Cin G65 Qrls ao QVL fy-or un 547161 Service 'I'lii'oiiglioiil ilu- sa-liool yvuix tlii- Girls' lfliilm is vcry uctivc. The cliilm, in wlm-li vx'1'l'y' girl iii sf-limil is ll lll1'IlllM'I', is iimlcr tlu- spmisorsllip of Miss xlill'Q21l'l't l"uslwi'i'y, D1-xiii ol' Clin-ls. Dual :xml lliiiiglitvr lJz1tcNig,lit, tlic Nlotluwuiicl Diuiglitvi' 'l'1'ai, :xml lu-lpiiig lu siipport in iiiuiiiitaiiii sc-lmol arc 31 lbw ol- tliv lllllllllll projvc-ts iimlwtiilwii liy ilu' Ul'Q2llllf1ltlUll. Higlrl . . . Models for the 1054 Mollier :ind llklllgflllel' Ten Style Show l"i'mil wiv: limi- llm-slslmiii, -Immun XXI-igvl, lX1lI'l'Il SL'llillll', Silllllfil 'lbnlllg Bzlcls row: Xliirilyii Nia-lxlv, Naiiivy Xlairxvii. l.imlii Cmvy .lliilfllr . . . GIRLS' lflllli CUUNCII. l"ii'sl rmv: l5:ii'lmr:i llii-ilsiiig. l.i-Ulu llrivs, llaiiiiui- 'l'iii'm-ig lA'llll Amlm-i'son, Sliimm Q l"i-iris, Carol lmiiiuii. Svruml rim: lbllllllil lim-xc-s, ,lu Aim lirauiii, vlualll Nlurlvy, llvllbllllil llulsliiiis, Siimlm lllllIllil'Llk'lIl, .l1lt'l'xlL' lll'l'L'IlLlXY2lll, l'llQ'1lll0l' St1'H,l'll, -llimly Hiiglil, ,liicly lfixiim-. lxaiy Xlvliuiizilal, -Iiicly -liiiigv. 'l'liii'cl row: -'ilIllC1' Kvilycm, llJll'lllll'1l lie-vs, l.i111l1i liggm-lii'vvl1t, llialm- llwlsiiis, Aluyvc- NYalllu'r, .Al't'fll Smith, Ilniiiiiv llI'llll'IlllIll, Iliisly' llilllllllllitlll, l'liy'llis Slimmwiiiqikvr, Kziiwii SL'll2llll', Slizlroii lfvv, l'.1l Nlzlrqliis, l'.1l ll1ll'lH'l', S.llly llimiivs. lfmirtli ww: -Io.-Xnii -IIITS, Aiigii' Nitz. ,I.iiu-I Umm-ll, Szuiilixi Sxxgiiii, -Iuycv 4-Xppli-lmll, Carol Sa-lniln-1't, Cv Uv 1,0111-li, l'vI'1lllxYL'l'Ill'li, l,iml:i Sxxiifvr, l'1il llt'lll'l'llS, ,-Kim Nlillvr, Nllllby XYuml, Bvtty llopp, Alu .xllllfl1ll'lSlllI,Slllll'lHl llim-li, lxaltliy' Xlilli-r l,n:m'r Iwfr , . . ILXNCIC lilli-XIRM.-KN Ol? "UNCH UPON A TIME." Si-nt:-il: Alu .-Xml ll.u-iz Ninn-3' Si-rin, -liuly' lfiilwii-L, IH-gp' llurii, Shuimliug: B4-x' Xylly. Carrol lllxlvlx, l"l'1lll Xxl4'I'lll'l4, llilIllL'l' Sulsmly, xlilllvllt' l"ric'lw, Ciiyln' 'l'imm l,o1m'r Ifiulil . . . GIRLS' CLUB CAISINIYI' Si-all-il: Alllllj' Qli'4-viialwalll, l.li:1mi fllt'l'l!, l'4il l"Ioi'.l. l'all liuliliilis, l'll4'11i1m' l'c-iwv, Donna 'I'liuiiipsmi, Naiiivy Xl'.lui1vi'. Slxiiicliiig: .Xiiiivllv Iimlmls, -Iiiiiv Kin-4-iiiiwiilt. Szmclril llaliilxim, llqii'lniral lXl'JlIlXYllIlxlA', bluyu' XYl'lSIlt'l' if S 1 3 .I , K XV 1 . .g - i W:W,3 - ' 4nql4 111:11 zrrorecl xgs Il7Zze Complefe SCAQQI ews '1'111'o11g111111t t111- y11111' t111' 1X1i1'1'o1' 1111s of SL'1l001 111'1'11ts i11t1'1'sp1'1's1-11 with 1i1'111y i11t 11-11111'1's11ip of 80111111 Mitc111111 111111 1x1111'gL' 1'11sp1-1-tiv1-1y, 111111 Miss E11i11 B111'11s, its Extra work 1-11111111-11 11S to 1111v11 1111 iss111- to c1'111111'11t1' 111111 1'1'1111'111111'1' 11118 v1'111' s o111'1' 111111111 13l'OllQ1lt IIS its 1-110111111 I'1'l30I'tS 111'x'i1'ws 111111 1-111111111-11t111'y. l1l1t1l'l' t111- 11111111-, 1i1'st 111111 s1-1-111111 s1-1111'st1-1' 1-11ito1's 1:11p111111' spoiisor, t111- Nlirroi' St1111 11115 wo1'111111 1111111 to gin- you 21 x'111'i1lty of 1111111111-s. s1-1-111111 111111-1' st11t1' 10lll'Ill'y 1111s1111t111111 t1'11111. cJt1lt'l' .l'X1l'klS' w1-1'1- Ll sp1'1-i111 lI111'ist11111s iss111' 111111 11 1'Ot0L':l'tlX'l11'0 s1'1-tion i111-111111111 o111-1- ll 111o11t11. T111- 11111111-1' 11'1l11ll'l'i1 t111-11111s of 1i111L1is11 st11111'11ts. T1111 1111111-1' 11ig111ig11ts st11111'11t p11otog1'11p11y, 111'ti1-11's, 111111 1111' t111' first ti1111- , st11111-11t 111'x'1'11111i1111, Wo1'11. A11 i11 1111 t1111 x11l'1'0l'.S 11iw111'111y iss111's 111'1- 11111' 111' o111' 11111111 so111'1-1-s of 1111joy1111'11t t111'0ll1l11Oll1 t111- yl'211'. 419451 M' ,XX KY!-41. J rf 's 3 -1-f .,,: 'QFER1 Hx ,JP1-1. Top . . . Getting cupy read for the print- St111111i1111: 111111 llillllll, 71111111 111111. A1lll1y A . A ' ', . 111111- 11Ultll1', 1911111111 111-1-11-S. N1ilI'S1l21 1x11pl11111. hil- ting: 811111111 111l1S1ll1.f1l1ll. .1111 li1111111'1'. S111-1111 K1'1'g1111, 1111111 XY1'iss 11li1lrll1' . . . .'xSSEl111111lUf papers for dis- trih11ti11n ure: 5111111111113 11111111 1,1'11. -1111111 171llllll. Sitting: S111-1111 K1-1-g1111, 1711111111 111'1'1'1's. N1ill'S1li1 K1lD1i11ll, -111111 Clams, S1-111111 M111-111-11. 5111-1111 I1oisi111.511111, N1ill'j.I1' 11Ul'l11'. Al'1f'Il '11iss, 41111 Zi1111111-1' Bottom l,1'ft . . . Re1111yi111i the p11per for S111-i111 K1-1'111111, S111-i111 IIoisi111Llo11, Molly lfoltnm l1'i,1'l1t . . . Utiicers 111111 speaker 111 t11e 1'111'1Iic11tions liourd liunquetz 1111111 XXv11SUlI, xY1'l1I1j' XYit11- 1-rs, S111-1111-1' Swiiiton, N111 f11'U1'j.fl' B1'1lIll1l'll17llI'jl, M111- 1x'1-st1-1'11 1C11i1or 111' lfzlitor 111111 I'1ll1li.vl11'1' 1X111g11zi111', 1111111 KI'2lIlXX'1ll1x11', 1'11j'll0l' 111111- s11'i11. 111111111 S111111113' '1 Top . . . The editorial stuff confers over matters of great importance. l't'g l'Iuu'it-h, tit-orgv l"ot-lst'how, l'axul Auyil, XXX-g 'l'houms, -It-rry :Xllt-u, l':1l Nlt'lu'owu, Spi'ut'i'r Swiu- lou, Nlolly Cools Jml from Top . . . The sales stuff under .luuice Sokody pfets the result of their lulrd work. Sluutliug: Bill l"ishluu'u, lliltlvgalrtl Ifit-tllt-r, Sui' Uotlil, llill ilit-slw, Sum Dotltl, l,ylt' ll4'I'S4'lllilQ. .llllllL't' Solxotly. Silliug: hltll't'L'- lvui- Sutllt-ig Yivlsy lliggi-rs, Nlzlry liolhus luxvrf , . , The nrt stall goes over some linul pictures and sketches. .llllllt'L' Soltotly, l'hil Nowzllx, llvuisi' lhutou, l'l'llllt'IS XM-rin-r lfnllom . . . The Maroon Stuff lmrd at work. l'roul: kI:uut't- Soltotly, l'a1t Umu- xuill, C11-orgv l"ot-lsuhow, Spa-ut-1-1' Swiutou, Molly Cook. lluuls: l'c'g lCuu'it'li, l'ul hlC'Kt'UXYll, llillll .-Xuxil emorzes af ere measure ,lr'r'z'pl1'1l. r1'j1'c'l1'1l - tht tu o xxolcls ht ntl most tluouqhout tw xt ll iu loom 00" l 'lst spring itlms lor tht thuut ....4. ii. . K t. sor, thcu tossvtl urouutl uutl l l,lilllS wvri' lllllill' lor I3lLl'lllt s to ht t tivs. atutl sports. OI' the mtux tlut yum tl 1 ttw W mu m m. Ill wvrt' l't-jvc-tt'tl. l,lL'llll't'S out stut ul lnouts stut ln s t too untvtl uauuvs, pit-turcs, rooms lllil tt uus tual tiutl t tluulx ot IPPIO L lious. Copy was aultlvcl to this tt Lf lu lt tu .1.,. tl post xx on-1'lozult'tl. 'l'hi'u prvstol lilgiu llig In illSllll3lll t to waiting stutlt-uts. rllllSlSlll0llll1ll test, lucl ut lu 1 is mu tc 1 ug' Slll A Cl ,T D hy you. ervice en erecl al gjvaclgj Thc .Iunior llccl Cross has unclcr- takcn niany worthwhilc projects cluring thc ycar. To financc thc activitics thi- council sponsorccl a ltccl Cross llrirc. Each month a group ol stuclcnts inakc a trip to tht- Statc llospital. ln thc Vctcrans XVarcls thcy put on a program, clancc with thc paticnts. and scrvc rclrcslnncnts to thcni. Aicl was givcn to ncccly orphan- agcs annl rcliorniatorics. Gifts of clothing anal supplics wcrc scnt to Nlr. Sta-wart, a liorincr faculty incin- hcr of Elgin lligh School. who is now tcaching in japan. Thc liccl Cross incnihcrs havc kcpt up an intcrc-sting corrcsponclciicc with hiin. Thcsc things ancl othcr im- portant scrvicc projccts havc niatlo a full program lor thi- nu-nihcrs of thi- council. Top . . . The .lnnior Red Cross Christmas State Hospital Party. Scatcmlz tlail Hilwarlls, Suv Dotltl, Sara llmlcl, Mariann Ifrilf. Slancling: Illllllil la-iris, Nlrs. l"1-rgusnn, Mrs. f:ltlSlliIjll'l. ,Inn .-Xnrlcrson Zml from Top . . . Planning Bulletin Board. Carol Sclu-illin, Dorothy Roth, jiln Anmlcr- son. l.inila Frccnian, Burl: Ali-usa-n, jini lllIlIIDlll'l'X, l'al Nlillcr Jml from Boimm . . . Packing Clothing To He Sent To Mr. Stewart. Scala-cl: ,Iuily Vick, I.intla IA-wis, Luann Cu-rtx. Sally Burton, Kay Brclncr, Staniling: llarh Ifcil, -lackic 'I'hicl, Xlary Carpcntcr, Darlcnc Rohrsson, jill fillllllt'l', lJt'Illlllil llcclilingcr Iiorlom . . . lixeeutive Committee meets to plan year's program. jun Anrli-rson, Puhlicity cllllllfllllllll Sara Dotlml, l'rcsiclcntg Dorothy Nlauclt, Vicc- Prcsiclcntg Mariann Fritz, l'rogr:un Chair- inang Susan Domlil, Sccrctary. Pagc 82 Wm Upper I1'1g'l1t Members of the l lllllfe Homemlkers of AIIICFICI new tl1e1r embelm 1 ul ll ll c ll 1 ll 1 o c ltolu 1 fu Io 1 lxl x 1 f 1 1 ' 1-11 -, ' o11111s, ln-su 1- , envy Yoom s, "' " .' ' ' . " .'11111y, . '1-i'1 1 ' S111' , 1 L- "1' xvllllClll , - ' .' - "v ilI'y, Ni1'gi11i'1Nv s , A y .'s1- , 1 ' ' ' l1l'llIlt'l', f11111i1' " ' , 1 ' O1't11'1 , . arg- 'a fa A , - , 1 ' X 'L-111 -' 1,o1c'1'r lfiglzl . . . Members of the lf11t11re 'l'e11cl1ers of America looking Illftblllfll :1 textbook. S1-:1l1-ml: x'll'l'-l,l'L'Sllll'l1l, 1blill'll'llC 4ltlSt'l1llSUIl. l,l't'SlKlt'lll, -Iatckic 'l'l1it'1L', blilflllil Ci1'1'i111'io111-, Sll1ll'0ll llinn-11, Nun flfilllf, -Ioyvc 111151-111c11, Carol l,t'lllOll, Mary -lilllt' lloltz. Stanmlingz bloyu- xVt'lSllt'I', x'lVlSlIl ll1ll'Illllll, AIa111i1'1- 'l'o1'li11g, Ala-11114'tt1' 1111111111111-1', St't'l'l'lilI'j', l'z1t blK'Kl'4NVll, 1blill'2,'l' llatmliuk. 1311111111 1.ol1l111111-1', Allll Millvr, llll'l'ilSlll'l'l', NilIli'y xVt'I'l'l'l1lCli, Cllilflllllt' Ilonglats, l,i111l11 Miller lilljlt' S51 C6465 ncourage any Ijalenis Upper Left . . . Mr. Shelby presenting the trophy for first place in extemporaneous speaking to Sally Tliurnau, while part of the debate squad looks on. First row: Alolin 1A'lllIlllll, Alilll Anclurson. Scconcl row: CllI'lllQ'll c:l'0lIll'l', 'l10lll llickvy, 1J3ll'll'Ill' C1-1's11ick. 'l'l1ircl row: Bcvvrly XVz1y, 1111111111 Gin-rtz. l"o111'tl1 row: -ltlllll 1blL'CilllL', Alun l'1lSllIll2lll. l+'iftl1 row: ljllllllil cll'l'l'll 11.115111 1111111 lb utiuncly plllllfl of tlu fine stnclcnts who have lJl'0llg11t it so 111111y 11o11o1s Clllllllg 1111 195-1 1975 SLl1UOl your. Among tllcsc students was the clvlmtc' tcuin, whose t1'i111npl1 i11 the State Spcccli Tou1'11111nc11t c1'oWncc1 1111 im- pressing year. Sally Tl1111'11z111's second i11 CXtClllP0l'ilI100115 sp011ki11g l7l'0llgl1t the Elgin 1011111 Within one point of winning the sxvccpstalws trophy. T110 tl'illIl'S llll- c1cfez1t0c1 1'c-00111 i11 the Illinois co1np0titio11 11111111505 tl1vn1 for the llllfllllllll to111'1111- 111v11t i11 c1illll:0l'l1lll NVllt'l'G tlic- 1xll1l'00Il wishes tl1c111 thc lwst of lllCk. Pict111'cc1 arc' Clll'O1yll f:l'0ll1l'l'. Wl1o won the district l'Xtl'l11170l'11.1lt'0llS speaking title, Sully T11111'11z111, llllilllll Civrtz, Ben-1'ly XVay, -Iolin l1l'l1l11illl, and Elginis 0lltStllllC1lllQ,' spc-on-11 coz1c11, Mr. Slwlby. :rw 1,-A 1 NW x"'hu- 1 vw Pv- 'MQ2 nm? ' W Jap " Y 1-sw Q 2 s lfll' ff A, .f 0 s 4 U, ,pf -. 1 wily living Top . . . The French Cluh nt their Christmus celehrution. Fi-out row: jumly Thoiupsou. llvlty llill, Vlll'4'ZlSlll'l'l' jutly XYright, Nlairy Collins, Auu Nlorgaui, livw-rly Ulu-rg, -lucly c:illlS. Svvoiul row: .Iucly illlllll- slou, Alicia ll2ll'l'illlS, llouuzi Crm-vu, Put Sailisliury, jo Aunt- llrauiu, xvlC'l'-l,I'l'Slill'lll Susuu Krau-lmlwr. -lucly l.vl,it-we-, Auu llill. Tliircl row: Miss Pusvl. Lnvouus- Thompson, .lzivkiv C11-vtmwult, .lutly Collin, Shir- Ivy Lvcllow, llilal lll'lll'K'llS. Fourth row: Kay l3rvuu'r. Sully Tliuruuu, Shi-rry l,uucl, Svhual Mitt-lu-ll, Alwsm-ul wvrm' l'rcsiclvul hlllflllil XV1'sl, uucl Sc-c'rvtalry l,iu1lu l"n-4-iiiziii Cl'ntf'r Left . . . Modern Music Masters enjoy u vuriety of programs. Sc-alta-cl: joym- ll2lS0lIl1lll. .lm-:ui llc-1111-rlluui, Sllillilll lliucli. Stzuuliug: AilUl'll"l1'lllI Cough- los, Maury l'll't'l'lllilll, .-Xuu Nlillvr, llorothy Pvlm-rsou, Douuzl l,ol1lmuvr Center Righl .... lncl-tie Green- uwult. Put Sulishury. Sully 'l'hur- nnu. und Betty Hill dip their hands in the grub hug ut the French Cluh Christmas party. Hotlom . . . The Current livents Cluh meets to discuss current political problems. Sm-atm-ml: ll:u'rim-t llc-ruslviu, Nlilfj' clfllllilllll, Vic-v-l'r1-sitlvut Gil- ln-rt Norm-, I'rz-sith-ut Slim-rry Luuti, :uul St'K'l'l'l1ll'y Auu l,zii1clw4-r, Stnucliug: lloh llt-ilvisv, Kaur:-u lrps, Miki' lniugclou, lvu Mau- liukow, Tht- lfrvuch Cluh uuclvr tht- sponsorship of Xlrs. Dora l'z1st'l haul aiu vvviitflil ya-ar, putting thc-ir luugliugc' to usv iu purtivs uucl uicctiugs. Tho Nloclvru Nlusic Nlustc-rs am' nu vxtrc-ilivly active orgziuizutiou, Q'Xl3l'l'SSlllQ tht-ir low- ol music iu pc-i'loi'i11z1m-vs uucl group activities. A uc-w orguuizutiou which is iuulxiug ll strong hicl for popularity is tht- filll'I'l'lll Fvvuts Cluh, which uttrzic-ts stuclcuts who lilac 11 goocl cliscussiou. Tlic-se organizations arc l'l'l5l'l'Sl'lll1lllYl' of tho lim- groups that lu-vp lilgiu lligh Stuclc-uts husy uucl happy. A i'vprvsvi1ta1livc- group ol llu' "lf" Clulv post- with tha-ir oiuuiprvsvut syiuhol, Km-a-liug: ,Iiiu Smith. l'rosich'ut Xllirrvii Kit-l, Boh Knu- iu-cly. Tom l,ox'c-clay. Stiuuliug: Hoge-r Buruimlgv, liurl Lauup. Spousor Miki- lfurroli, XYll'L'-l,l'l'S. Alzick Dilulvio, Churlvs l'i4-rsou 1515.50 S-1 QC WCS cydgouf Ms Members of the Chem-l'hys Club meet in the labs for experiments and science movies. The club took a trip to the Museum of Science and lndustry during the year. l'it-nm-tl are slancling: Alan 'lil'llll3- lin, Nancy Soclt-rlwryl, llwrnarcl 'I'l1it-I, .lim Slatling, lax-siclviil lCml xvllllt'UllllD, 'lll'l'llSlll'l'l' Davt' Nlonlgoini-ry, llvggy Yarwootl. Don Dillllll2lll'lllt'l', llolv Cvlmcll, l's4'lllIQ'lll lirown, llonaltl liakvr. Svalvtl: l'Iilw:n'1l lllIl'lit', Cary Vain-luilcl, Mary Koi:-los. licltlianl llrochlv, lllllll llolllan4lm-r. Almsmil W1-N' Xlll'4"l,l'4'SlKll'lll llill llorn and St-t'i't'la1ry Lois ldlllily llfvlwr l.'1'nt1'r . . . Members of the Sophomore Dramatics Club practice posture by balancing books on their heads. They have given a play for a sophomore assembly. 'l'hv ollit-1-rs an-z l'rt-sith-nl hloannt- Alurs, Yin--l'rt-sicla-ill Kart-n lfoll- niann, Sm'ri'lal'y-'l'i'c-as:nw-r .lncly l,m'l,im-x'i'm'. 'l'host- acting are-1 Cingvr l,t-onarll, -laulxit' lloclx- wt-ll, -Ioanno blurs, cll'l'llllllllt' 'l'rva4lwt'll, l'al Partly. lfront row: Molly Cook, -lnily l.t'l,im'vrm', Cail Conwrsall, Karon l"olhnann, Vicky lliggors. Sc-4-oncl row: llvltv llltllllll, Carol Davis, llarlmara lloppv, Carolyn N4-initz. Darla-no Cvrslnit-k, Marliss lffrchnan, 'l'hircl row: l'll4'anor Slvlliltll, Ann Kiols- llN'lI'I', Nancy llat'lflm'r, Cayo NYinlmiglia', l,ois flt'l'llt'I'illIlLf. -Inily -It-nkins, -Iucly lfrainc. l,4m'1'r f,l4'?lfl'I' . . . The l7.l5.l,.A. or Business Council is an active or- ganization in preparing young peo- ple who are interested in ollice work for future positions. Sz-ati-il: -lncly Vick, Jo Ann Craw- lortl, Carol Davis, jackie Rock- wt-Il, Karon l"olhnann, .lucly Klint: x'll'l'-lll'1'Slllt'lll Doris Ilivcln'rlnan, 'l'rt-asuror Sandy Cllapph-, St-4-1't'tai1'v Karon Ko- vacs, Nancy Kagvl, ancl Bcity cllllI4'. Slanlling: flll1lI'lt'lN' Moyer, Kathy Sl:-vi-ns, Carol Dim-rlxing, llarlwara lff-il, Kay lin-im-r, ltorvl llicc, lNlargi- llornc, l'rc-siclviil Sharon Slonv, anml Sally Krahn l,u:m'r , , , The German Club is pictured enjoying its annual Christ- mas Dinner. The Club boasts a membership of well over sixty active members. l,ozc'rr' lfihgfht . . . Ollicvis ol lla- Ct-rnian Claim arc: Doug ji-nsm-n, 'l'rvasur4-i'g Pm-gay llorn, Yin--l'i't-sicli-iitg Lois Kap! lain, Svci't'lai'yg anal Don Nor- lantlvr, l'rt-sitlcnt Pago 85 2 VO V655 FWOVL AVI!! KFCQSMVC 17 1' l1ilIlQll1lQl'CllllJSpl1lyi1 big p1n't in the social life of many l'l.ll.S. students, Zlllll 1lso hclp inuc ISC interest in lilllgllllglli 1 I ltlll club entered 21 fluut in the llonic-cfnning ccnnpc-tition, haul ll Valen- 1 Spunsh Club1'i1j0y1'cli1i0x'i1'son Nlvxicn. had ll culmlnl Cliristniais l"i1-stu 1 .' - ' v"1 .' ' K Th ' 11 ' - - Z QQ f tine Su J wr, and 21 nicnic. Their skit in thc All IAIIILUILILIK' l'1u'tv wus 111151-11 urunncl ' l ' ' ' rl T ' II i ' '- ' b " ' 11' l'0l2lll orse. -' Th ' .' 1 col - ' ' i AJS Y Y Page 86 nplctc with pinatcs, gave ll Valentine party. and ln'm'i1l1-cl Spaniisli-sc-11511111-1l 1-ntc'rt11inluent at the All llilllgllllfll' Party. T111-All l,11ngu11geP1u'tyincl1icl1'cl11prugiunnul'i'1-lrvsliiiic-nitsuncl1l11n1-ing.:incl E hclpecl to bring out CllllvL'I'0lICl'S and siiniluritic-s in the lllllQllilQ,'l'S taught ut lil LS. Top . . . The officers of Latin Club are pictured at the Christmas party. lncly XXyillZlklXVlL'li, Vicm--l'1'1-siclviilg N1-il Crossnicklc-, l'r1-sich-nlg -luv cll2lllllN'llllL'kl, 'I'i'1-:1mni'vl'1 Ruth Ann Rzlkow, Svcret111'y Uppvr f,ll'llfl'l' . . . The l,1ltin Club imbibinpi some typically Roman refreshments alt their Christmas party. Front ww: Sllllllfll Sm'ln'zunni. Sully Slinw, Nzinvy Yulllnzin. Ilnlu-ttv Stcnu'l', l'l1m'lw1- lilII'lM', Aiulrvy SlN'llllll'f'1'l', llalrlmm Zi1'lxuln'. Smwmul row: ,Iunvl lfritz. Ilauu-I Xlillvr. Nanny l.a1ng1', .Incly sllilllllllll. Nlnlly Cook, Alncly Kllllllllplllx. 'I'hir1l ww: l,1niis4' Sim-walrl. Sully Shulvs, flilfillyll Phillips, Yix- iun llilvlllilll. kalrvn Solnu-cle. l1lIHlil Nlillvr, xvl'l',ll'1lll xl1'y1'l', Sanulru Paulus, l"fnn'th ruw: Cm-4n'gc' Ifm-lsf-lmw, -Im' Ciznn- lwlliivzl. lllllll l"1-i'gl1sm1, 4l1ll'lx Krivh, Iiuth Ann llzxlunv. Yim-ky Iliggq-rs, Cnil Nlkmcls, Nlzxry Kntm-lm-s. IH-ggy Yur- wmul, Srnnlm llzinkins, I'ln'l- lis Yun lllll'l'Il, N1-il Cross, nickle, Nlilw II:-inn-ssy, Miss l'i1-ln-im-im-r. lfiltli rmv: Hung XYilli:uns, .lucly YY:1l7l:1wim'L, Czurnlyn Nvniilf, -lm' xx'illllll'l4. :incl l',lllll'l' llnllnnin l,n:m'r f,'1'nt4'r . . . Spanish Club members "bunnyhop" around the gym alt the Christmas purty. l,112z'1'r . . . Members of the Spanish Club nt il meeting. lfrinii' row: Iurly llubbinS. l'zll XVright, Inrly l'll'ilIIll', lCilm-1-n Albright, jumly BilYl'lIlQt'l'. Niuclge-Clilinm'1'. lic-tty Iiruwn. C1131 XVinbiglm'. Carol linin- 1-lls. Sc-1-mul rmv: NililR'f' 'Vin'- nvr. Cv Cm' l,m'zu'l1, hluyu- AppIvlmII', Slxirlvy Kl'llX'1Jll, Anita Nvwumm-r, Alim- O'Crn1nvll.llanivllurcl,Slizlmn lA'x'llIN'. lflllvn Flowers, Nlaui- lynNIin1'r, Vive-l'i'm-sicl1-nt Cuil Alicli'c-ws, Pl'K'Sl4ll'lll -Inyu' XV1-isiuvig P111 'I'lm1nps11n, 'I'hi1'rl row: joan Allln-1-, .Immun Nlorlvy, Luis Cvrlwrfling. Xvilllllil YVult1ni, Mnrlisw Ilfrml- niun, Ian-kiv VV1'i1cll1'r, Bill Sl'lll'l'llt', Bill lfislulnun, Dun Iifwwulrlt, Art Hiq-Inn-alsmn. Carol jnrgz-nS. Nilu Ilvlwn- Slurl, Ucn'utli3' l,K'll'l'SUll. Sanuly Clnipplv. llurburn Kvrlin, Ilulh Aclkins. Sully llnrlnn. .'xllSi'IllZ Sl'l'l'l'l1ll'y Indy Vo- rvix. :incl 'l'1'1-alsim-i' Tmu Cralnl. orging on 5 of eepesf rienclskilo 'l'l1c Projvction Cllulmls niaiin tasks of tlic yvzu' :uv showing, tht- inovivs for vis- uall-uids c-dun-ution, assisting, in tliv prvp- ill'1ltl0Il0l'fllCl1ll7t' rvcordings. und talking mn- ol' tht- pulmlic uddrt-ss systcin. Tlic clulfs sponsor is Xlr. li. C. XVRIQQOIIUII l"roui row: Kvillu lfollnmnn. l'urkc-1' Ilulllwrg, llolwrt llalll, -luy lit-Il. llaivlx row: Amly Scllzlus, Hill l':u'lusc'u, Bill Clruvr, linux' Clark. llc-rlm Mulliuzly. Tlu- l".l".A. is ai clulm consisting of lmoys intc'rvstvcl in tllv ncccssury tvclinicpivs ol' lIl0tll'l'll 2lQ'I'lL'llltlll'l'. Tlu' lioys arc picturcd vxuniiuing tlic types and quali- tivs of good grain. Undvr tliv sponsorship ol' Mr. llziplus. tht- clulm pmticipiitvs in nizuiy agricultural projc-cts llll'0llQ,ll0llt ilu' yvur. Svnlvcl: llurold lirlmov, Duzuic Cillwrtson, l'lllQ,'1'IlC XVood, Bolm Blu-lilvr, Vim'-l'1'csiclc'11t Karl Kun-lun-r, Dun' Clazrlc. Second row: Dc-nn Audt-rson, llllllll St-luulvl, YVzxrrvn Kc-nyon, 'I'i'v:nsim'r l,:u'ry Bzutlc-tt. l'rcsidmit It-rry Klint-, Ilogt-1' llurnidgu. Jiin Saiyvrs, Sl'L'l'Ul.1ll'y Hoge-I' Alilmotl, I'liil Wt-nt-1-k. Alllll -lm-olmsvn, 'I'llird row: Don Pt-try, Divlx Konvn, Svntinol, Bill Crulli, lvzux lim-id, lticlmrrl Allrcns, and Bill llllyllIt'S Tlu- l.iln'zu'y Assistants livlp tht- main lilnurizins, lay scving tlmt tlic lmooks and riizlguziiic slit-lvvs aux- in proper ordvr, liy taking liln'zu'y notices around to the study lmlls, and lay liclping other stu- dents locate' reading inutvriul. Lvft to lliglit: -Ialckiu vVl'llilll'l', Ann lXl0l'Lf2lIl, Carol Sclivitlin, Sully Slmw, Pzun Crawford, Ralc-su Kraunp, Nancy YVQ-rrlmck, Kay Under- wager Page 87 Q1 '-1 ll ' : . Q, ,+-.ww-asv.-af ,v -1 l4u1l'1'1' lmfl . . . Yiviaul lIiIl'lll2lll. KQIITII Si'lI1ll'll1',JII4Ij' Yurviw, Pwlty Hill l,m1'1'r High! . . . Viviun IHIUIIILIII, .Imly lsfillllt' ,Xliflfllw lm!! , . . U 4v11ll zz I,llIlIlllllI'l4, I.l'Ull flillm, I,illKlAl Swiln-11 .lilIl1'l .'Xl'lu1lml, Slll'lIN4'l' Suilllwm .Uirlfllr High! . . , l'l'isc'ill:1 NY:lllzu'4-, Kamp' XYmmIn-nit, -lulm lialrr 1.011 . , I Howl llunrm lnlllvzllu-l', I.l'4lIl Cillm-s, -In xxllll l711fl4-l'wngv1'. Yirgiuial Ilalll, -In ,xllll VIQBMHI. I'1ll'1lIlUI' l'c'irvm-, Iivilll Nlurlml, 4'11Il1'l .-Xrrmlcl Iimx 2 'Xilf' XYrmI1-ull, ICIIQUIIK' XYiHt'llSll'Ulll, l,m'm-I liiug -Iulm lianrr, .lI'2lIl4'tll' limi. l':ll'k4fr Nlv- Xlzxlum, K2ll'l'll lrps, IJ:-misc' HIITIUII, lmluism- Slm'wgll'i. SITVIISPI' Swinlml, l5vll3 llill, Prism-illzl XYnll11m- limvfl K1ll'l'll Sn'h:u'4lm', ,Iucly Yun-is, SIILIYUII l"4'l'1'is, ljlllllil Nm:-rlv limv'1 .lx-gun-llv T,ulllva1llm'l', Bula liulllig, Nancy YUHIIILIII, Aim Ilill, xlilfllhl lllllllllllilld. Din-L Hlll'll'j', SIIJIYUII 'I1lIl'lx1'l', l,m-mnaml I,w'tmm', XIzu'im'ic' ilawclivk, Blll'Ilill'il liillvlg l'all Hvlnxmxs, N4-il ilrusllivklv, -Illcly Tlmmpsruu, wlucly lm l,is'N'rc'. czilfillyll l'im'x'n-1-. Iiulvlwvlh- 510111-1' l2mx'3 llmmlcl llippIn'1'm'l', Alisa- c:Ell'ISHll, Bill lyzlrr, f:l'Ul'Lfl' XIVNAIIN11-yy Klum Iikvmly, Xlzniw Sft'illIIlL'j'4'l', I'vtvr llanrlmzul, Mlm-11 Kvnl, Sm- llmlcl, f:1lI'1lh'Il f:l'I'lll'l'. l'I1il liunlwr. I,i1uln 5xx'1lm'r, Sllilfllll liralclml, cjllflllyll Kl'H4'llIllll'Ql'l' l'z1gv8S az ecrs eloahous usic Unu' again. a1nollu'ra1clix'ity-p1u'lxc'll sc-uson luis Conu' to ll close lor tlu' lflgin lligln Svliool Orc-lu-slru. 'l'lu- cxvr-growing organization. llIlllUI' tlu' clirvction of Nliss Xlllflllll li1llliK'y' znul tlu' nlulv lvzulvrsliip ol Prvsiclcnt lilllllll Switxvr. Yicv l'rc-sulm-nt Nlanrgc- ihmlu-k. Sc-crctmy-'l'i'vns1irc-r lilc-unor Pvil'cc', lillJl'21I'l2lIl Virginia l5z1ll.znul'l'ypist -Io.-Xnn UIllll'l'XYllQl'l', luis lu'c-n oiu' participating in nuiny uctivitivs llll'Ull"ll0lll flux voir K., ' 4. ln Now-nmlurr tlu' orc-lu'stru znul lnnul nuwnlurrs fl'ilYl'l0ll to Cliu-ago to illll'lIQl . - . . . - . - , , - , ,. ,. . llu Inst pulornunuw' in tlu- Unitccl 5l1ll1'S ol l,u-lu'rinz1nns C,oncc-rto Grosso lor .Inzzlunul inul Symphony f,I'L'llCSlI'il ln' tlu- rn-nownvcl Cliicugo Synipliony anul tlu' popnlnr Silllll'l'-lV'wllll'gilll f,l'L'lll'Sl'l'1lS. .-Xftvr suu-li nn mann ala' ol' fiiu- innsiciiinslii 1, tlu' orclu-stru sct to work irc' mr- l l ing lor ilu' annnml Opvrntu- Xigllts wlncli took plau-v in Octolurr. anul tlu' niora- sc-rions lylu- ol' nnisu- lor tlu' .llrussirlll in IM-wiuilu-1-. XYitli tlu- lulginning ol' tlu- ru-xv yculr. prvpamltions wvrv ulrcauly niulvrwny lor llu- Spring Cfolu-vrt gixvn in Nlaircll anul tlu' C0llL'lllKllllgf clistinction of tlu- svn- son il lrip on Xlill'L'll Slltll to Norllulrn Illinois State- 'l'1'nclu'rs Collvgv at Normal. lllinois wlu'rc' ilu' Ul'L'lll'Sll'll 13l'K'SOIllL'll il c'o1u'n-rt fortlu'1-ntirv collvga- Slllill'Ill luuly. l':1gc89 fjze Jfalls SounaJ5 arrnonious ,,,,,,,...Q-.1--v"""w f W ' .af . JS?wT24.ag5,,.wfaw'W' Q C, 's', ,i5i'Zf?,Q.f,,ewewfffi-K, 1 . , if 'f 2' ff-K iz A f. - if C f .i+"". ' Ilowl-Ic'am-llv llca, Mvrilyn lfoltz, Nancy llaclxlcr, Linlla Milla-r, Sm' Sinnnons, l'2ll'lil'I M 1' lxlllllflll. llowflilavliiv Ilnslw, Anna- Lanclwcr, Margc Camlik, Barlm Zivl4nln', Nlilw Ilm-ruin-ssvy, Nl-il Crossnicklv, Pat Bc-lircns, Art Lnclwig, Daw: Milla-r lE.C.C.j, .Indy NVQ-lls, Sanmly Cnlvvrson, Karon Irps. llow3-Slwrry Lnncl, Carol Rnnnnvlls, L1-onarcl 1.1-1-tzow, Pllyllis llopp, joannc jnrs, -Im lialwr, llogc-1' llittvr, lion Pronty, liogvr XVliitv, Boll Dowr-ll. llarlwara llittm-r, llvlorvs I 1 Fc-vtz, Bc-n lloycr, Allcn K1-nt, Toni Vllrigllt, Cary Canl. .lolniny l'lIlll'll'll, lvlm-1' llart- inan, Pi-g lCnn'icl1. llowll-Bill Martin, XVarrvn Ilvnry, Sancly llankins. Carolinv lirivlcson, -land Kllflllllllll. Larry Maclc-S, janvt jon-rns, Carolyn Vlfagm-r, All-rry Bonncly. Don Lally, jail Cin-sl-ulw, Nay itll Ianiw Van l"l1-vt Dick Balu-r lam-t Fritz, llav Slangliangln, .Ianvt Iloxw-ll. Sin , A . , , Q I Marion Vollc, Ray Ilcnvisv, Miki- Langdon, Torn 'l'l1i1-S, Carolyn Clvrluw. llow5-Dick LnlvlwrS, Cvcil lloltz, llill Fislilmnrn, Gm-orgv N11-Nalmm-y, Bill Paar, l'llllll'l' llnlllnan, Lincla Switzer, Mr. Douglas Sh-c-nslancl, Carolyn XVagnc-r. BAND OFFICERS: Annv I,amlwvr, prcsiflcnt: llonalml Pronly, Yll'l'-l1l'l'Sllll'Ill1 Slwrry l,nnfl Si'i'l'0f2ll'yg Allvn Kvnf, trvaSnr1-rg Don Lally, stnclvnt clirvclorg l,m'onarml I,m'lzow, rlrnni lnaior, lack c:ll'S1'l'lii', qnartvrinasti-rg Annv Lanclwvr, Margv Cazclilc, Carolyn Clwln-1', lilwrarians Barlvara Rittvr, typistg Ronalcl Pronty, XVarrvn ll:-nry, Cm-orgv M4-Nalmcy, llogr-r XYl1itc sctnp crew, Page 90 ease Us fjzeir c7Qeecls 04 al ,Brasses V6 The- lQ.ll.S. Band nnclcr the clircction of Mr. Douglas Stccnslancl has increas- ctl in its mcnnbcrship as wcll as improving its ability and tcchniqnc. Thc band givcs two complctc conccrts annually, onc in inidwintcr and thc scconcl in the spring. It participatccl in asscniblics, anal paraclcs as a scrvicc organization, pcr- forlnccl on thc football Hcld during thc half-time at every homc gamc. and oilfcrcd an outstanding show at Ilomccoining. This ycar tht- bancl jonrncyctl to ltoschcll, Illinois and was thc gncst of thc high school band in that city. Anothcr trip was takcn, during the football scason, to l.a Sallc-Pcru whcrc thc band was put through its paccs in thc half-timc show. ln April and May. scvcral banclsincn cntcrccl tht- district and state solo antl cnscnnblc innsic contcsts. Thcrc wcrc nnlncrous honors won as a rcsnlt of much harcl work and toil. Aftcr complcting thc ycar's activity packctl agcncla, thc band cnjoyccl its annual cncl ol' tht- ycar picnic. Page 91 Aarrn MS HA Blended Qjoiccs 'LJ lJ.nxuI l,mxm.u1, Almly X nt-L, .lusty CZl'w'llzm'alIl, LIIHI IA-mn A - t.1IIt-N Iurm l-'Ivin Ilifflfw Xlixt-fl Un'u't4't IIOW I-AcIm'iv CUIIQIIIUS, .Ioyvv Ilalsvlllalll, IQLIIIII' CI11ts', Ij1ll'Il'Ilt' IIUIIIASNUII, IIIIIII I'n':um, ITIL I'IllII'I4'II, Ummm I,1lj.l'l'I'5Il'UlIl, Marry Ifrw-m.m. Xtznry fI1lI'lN'IlIt'I', Kulluy Nlillvr, Samcly I'1'a1tt, Yirginiu I,IlNIUt'I'IL'l', Almty IS:-mIxn-II, .IuIvtzl S.1lwin. Ituwilr--ImIy I"1lIn'irI4, VIIIIIQ' Cll'1'1'llalw:1It, tlxvvn Ill' Young, Clvrt llams. Ummm I.vu'l'4-Inf, IIUIIIJIII ltulwrts. Bctty KVIIYUII, fIlll'tlI1' Km-InI4'r, cIill'llI1l YYa1II.1u-, XYMNI5 XI'itI1m'1's. Nlqlrgvm- Sf-Il, S4-Ima IXIitc'Il1'II, AVIMI1' IIOImquist. IIUWS-SIm1'm1 IIim'Il, I'Il'llllk't'S XYc'l'l1v1', SI1.mm Stmug Sguutru SUIIIARIIIIIII. luis kluanzlk, Iinlu xIl'tXI'IIllll', .IIISIIIIU KIIIIIIIIAIIIII, Nlury .'xllKI1'I'N1lll, IJIRIIH' Xtkml, I'alt IIIIIHIIIITMIII. Il:ll'x'i4-I IIi'l'llSIl'III, -Imly Yick, Lois Ktlpttltll. rIIIlS st-Im-t group ut slnqt-rs. umlvr tI1n' 1nIvIc' clirvction ul' XII: IC. .-X1'tI1llr IIiII. Inns 4-ontriImtr'cI - . 1 1 N to il I1m'z1mI OIIISILIIIKIIIIQ X't'llI' 01 IIIIISIC' alt I'..II.S. ., . - I . - - 'l'lu- groulfs SCIIUCIIIIL' was pau-Ita-cI with l1t'l'I.0I'llI- tlIlCt' nttcr I7t'l'I-tII'IIItIllC't'. l'1lt'Il of c-qu11IIy fim- Q-uIiIx-r. , , . . llu- st-I1o0I ytill' stzlrtt-cI out III fmt' styIc' :ls tIu' :X KIQIDIDUIIQI gnu' its first major lH'0QI'1lllI in tIlc' lJl'0lIlICI'IOIl ot tJlX'I'2lIIl' Nights In Ovtolwr. Ill flu- In-xt lbw ww-Its lJI't'l7ilI'2lIIUIlS wc-rv umIc'r- tnlwn I10I'IIlt'illlIllIilI I7t'l'I.UI'lIIilIlt't' of tln- ,II1'.s'.s'i11f1 nl lla-cvlmlln-1'. Ifuur rvnoxwwct. IHITDIUSSIIIIIAII solo- ists wcrc- ussistt-tl Ivy tI1c- ,X Ck1pp1'IIa1 aunt m'c-I14-s- tm in tht- lN't'Sl'llIilIIt7II. whim-I1 pmvmt to Iw vc-ry sllc-cvssttlnl. I,'I"l' 00 tl., ,.. 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Ili-rv, lim Lfruiip snug for ilu' villirn' Stllliixlli TIN- muli- qimrlvt is rilw ll wry popular mmii' 1-nm-in l i I' In X I XY I ut YI S I I' 7 N Ss-zihwi: .liilm l':l'il'ixSUIl, Slzllltiillgi l,i-mi lliilvs, liulw limmli NH H 5 0 IN "wt LUN Q5 lg I 'Q 'UO 5' Xu H iig, Dxuiii lmiwiluzlil. llii-L Cli'm1lm'iili'Si-iivii, cwmlimliivlmi mi ll guiclvil tour of tin' vaipilui, aimi inzulm' ll lnpc- i'vcm'iliiug oi Sl'Xl'I'2li svivctioiis for f . 1 iilii iuiiu lim l s 1 1 " 'a ' ' an c-aixt. Q ln Nlzuy :xml hlum' tin- .-X fi2ll5lN'ii1l coiiipivtvcl i, if its si'ili'iiiiim'xx'ill1lin-iIuiili'll1pm'z1l'i .Kris lfvsiixxii if ' 9 :ami lim-czllailiwillv. P- ' ' ' ,Nil in :ill ilu- cliuir viriuyvmi il iim' Svasmi i oliivring wol'llixx'liil1' miisicuii l'Xl3Ul'Il'llL'K'S ami illi- 1-ilwilli 1-uiiliiiiimis au-lixily. ' K J Si-niur .X Chippi-ilai uiiicws for tiw l95-1-H355 3 sm-asm' im-luimlc-ilg prvsiniviit, Climin .Xillmivg vim'- pn-simlviil. 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The Verse Choir 1 r Ax if Howl l.ms-l xllllL'I', llulx Iiulvlwmx, Xl.lIIllIlll I'lilf V111-lun 1-l'HIIl4'l', 5ll.lI'HIl Illmln,l'l.um'1wXM'1m1,l..ul Xml:- ljlllllhl llllllllpvill, Imlx lvlllxlllxk luxu' Il.uwm,m. xxx, llmmi lJ1lI'll'lll' ilm'1'slniL'lx. Ii.ulm lXl.llIXXlIIlxl4. inn XxIlIllI1'Ll1'l. llllll'lllll'1l.5.lll1ll'.lf,lI.ll1lll1', XI.uiIl.1XM-NI llvuw- lim lllll, Xl1lI'lll.lf.1rrlm1rmm-,l7mnll.ll,1-xx-11-Inf lll'X1'IlX XX IX l'.lLi4'lll llulx Xurn-N, lin! I'Iul.l. 3 1 x ,www MMM 3 1 , K it . Q-t . SP N , ' s . X- if ' 1. X , 5 'K 1 - Q 'NP x S A S f'- nf? 'U or raining of ine ingers .bllmvig Uppnsitr l'uga' .... lunior .AX Cappella lloxx' l Ilorolliy Nlani-lx, llarlm -IUIINVII, Nlargm- Xlolitnr, Sliirlvy lmvll llvlly S1-linlln, lxarvn Sir-gi-I, l'al Can-x'. Ll:-nmla liillxl'l', C nl .'xINll'l'XX'S, -lop 11- Naylor. llowi lk-anim Ili-ivlu-I, Dawn Xl'L'1ltllL'l', Nancy Nloglcr. l'll4illlL'l'S Laz- fara, Carol llii-rising, .-Xrcliss Xllvolrolt, -Ioan llnslw, Ann N ' Lois l.llll1lj', l,IllClLl l.ou'y. lilli-1' llow S Nam-y lin-us, Doris llll'ilk'lllilIlll, Dorotliy l'1'ln-rson, Sally Hur l'al llioinpson, Alo .-Kina' liivrlsing, 'lnmly cllIlX'l'I', Ann XV1'l1lJc-r, Slnirlw- l,is-lx, Nana-5 Kllbll. lliil limi' rl llarlsara l'vllm-yy lJlilIlll1'xllIIl1l3l1', l'l1y'll1s SllOXK'Illlllil'l', Jillllli' X ' llllllli Iuulx NN ilfl mink Snuli 1 C I111 ' ' " joriv Yan ll'llllllN'l'xl'. I pil-, l',llllllll1' ln1'lwr, lxlill- llowrw lll'l1'I'l.lll'SUll, lJll'lx ljllllll, lllnl Nvlson. D1 guns, l',llQ,l'lll' Xloolvoll, lloy ll11s1nnss1'11, Norinan lllll'l'll. lon. au' llramllvy, 'lllllll Sa-rogs GI nm- llirls' Sextetlc Sm-alml: Nlarlvm- llolli. Slanllingg llonna l.ll!l'l4SllAUlll, Carola Xl'allac'm' Clin-in IM- Young, Carol lxovllli-11 lxallilvvn Xlillvr, Xlary ,'xllllt'l'SUll. .4 bow' .... lunior A Cappella llow l--Xlaliwiv Saillvig Sanmlra Swain, Nancy Kagi-I, llarlbara Ki-rlin, Mary SPIIIUIIY, -lill Ziniini-r, Nlarlvnm- NVQ-lxvl, Sharon Ifvv, Pat Kaplain, l'al l"Iora, Sharon l'm-lvrs. llow QV' Nlariorii- Sims, Pal XX'ooluolt, Nancy Allllllli Nlarilyn 'l'rol- lvy, Nancy l,anm', -In-an lJll1'll'l4lllilll, Xlarlvin- .lose-plison, Carol llvml, Ann l,ow', Dorotliy Stonv. How I3--Nlary Lon l,2ll'l'lSll. Alimlix-y Orlian, fllllll'll'lli' Xl'ilrox, Alicia Borrnml, Marilyn llonlxoski, lva llakow, Nanny Soclurlu-rg, Sally -lonrs, Aloann Nlnrsc-wick, Ann Blair. limi'-1---lac'liy Ylllll'l1llIilL'l', llianv l,i'I'lxlIlS, Nancy Sipplv, lXl2ll'lt'lll' llotln, Nlarilyn llogri-wv,AIl1cly llymlm-ll, llosvlinrl NL'NYt'UllIK'l', Cviiii' llollock. 1-Xnn xlilllglllll, Nlarli-iw Xl'i4'sn'. lloxx' in lnnlan llnssvll, llivllarcl Ili-ml, Sain Nlllllll'll'Ulli', l,m'm'Spa1'lxs. Din-L Nlagona, K1-itll Carlson, .lov Axvraino, llalv Ili-lille-y, .Inn llllIlllJllI'l'y, Allillll Cla-lwll. Clllll,S' SlCX'l'l'I'l"l'lC f 'l'l1is popular singing group lias lim-n organim-ml lor two yvars. Vlllll' girls lxavv l'llll'l'l'il clistrict anal stata- ninsic conlcsts anal llilYK' sung lor many civic organizations. VERSE Cllfllll S Thi- Yvrsc- Cflioir pa1'tic-ipatvs in many scliool programs 1-acli yvar. 'l'l1c clioir, wliicli lias annually grown largn-r. la-arns anal rucilm-s as a group many typos ol' rc-aclings. AICULIAN llllillll - Vlllll' :Xvolian flllilll' consists ol- soplioinorv girls. 'l'l1is l'Xl5l'I'll'llCl' givvs tliv girls a lwttvr opportunity to join tlic' niorv ailvam-4-cl organizations. AIUNIOH A CI.-Xl'l'lCl,lA - 'lllllx .Innior A Cfappvlla consists of lIll'Illlll'l'S of all tlircv classm-s and sings nioclvr- atvly clillicnlt typos ol' ninsic. Nlvnilwrs lor tllm' 2lClYilllL't'Cl S1-nior A Cfappvlla arv usually sn-lvc-tc-cl lroni tliis group. uniors ef rj-Ae fjiasfe fygofbglcfs M rs. Mason ..,,,,A ,A.,,A..4,,A,,,,AA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,, 4,,,,,,, Mr. M arson hiilllllil' ...,.,..,. ,,,,,,,, Sylvia ........ jay ,....,,. Alix julie ......... Lyslmvth .,.. Mrs. Xvhitc- Mr. Allvn ,vv,,,,4A,,,,, Mrs. Day .. Davy ..,..., Chi ...,,,, .I vrry ..,,,,i. 'IR-rl .......... Margaret . Upper Right . . . Maudie, unaware of Unvys presence plots her revenge in front of Julie, Lysbeth, and Alix. Upper Left . . . "You?!" Ted, Sylvia, and Maudie in a humorous scene. frnter Left . . . Maudie, 'Athe girl with a line." tries it on her parents. Bottom . . . loy n willing student of Maudies' tech- mque. finds that it pays off in boys. Davy, Tom, Chi, and Bill. MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS .Donna Lcvcrcnz ,Charles Picrson ,Carolyn Cromer ..,.......Putriciz1 Flora ,.,......Sanclra1 Pratt .....,..Dawn Mitter lvlariunn Fritz .,.,............I11cly Vick Sandra Burbank .......,..,....,..,.,........,jacq1u-llne Tlnelc . ,,.,.. ..Wc-g Thomas - Spencer Swinton .Lorcl Rico Tom Ilarwoocl .Tom Len Lyle- I Icrschlag fiii1fiS2lQQLQQf'LLQiQiQLiLQQlI'ft..t1.1t-.in Mm.-f Nic-liolas l'arlu-r . Pt-nny Martin ll! llal Phillips ,.,,,, ,, Clicrry l'atym-, ., , Stanley l'rost. llvllal NVAIHS ,.,.. .,,,,,, lloszunnncl Clan' Burton Ianni-s ,,,, , Nlagtla Swanson ,, ,. Nlatlclinc Duvzlnxn, Shi-rill' Parsons ,, lfot- l'il0llllllg,i, , Ds-xlvr lloss ,,....,, Dr. Law .,,,,.,, , Pau enior ayers C n ferfain Top . . . "Vishnu, your servant Calls!" Rosamond summons her favorite dietv to a rite. lmft . . . Magda accuses Madeline of snooping in her diarv. a mysterious black hook around which much of the suspense of the tight little "who dunit" revolves. lmww' Cvntw' . . . "W'hv its - its BLOOD!" Cherry shrieks as she sees the stained smock held out hy Burton. Sheriff Parsons does not appear sur- prised. I,ozw'r Righl . . . "This proves that llexter's the murderer!" Penny evclaims to the shocked Della in the final minutes of an exciting and enjoyable production. THE S'l'RAVVHA'l"l'ERS' CASE A Nlystery Play CAST UI" CllAll.'XC'lil'illS ., ,, . ,...I,ylc llvrst-lilag lUl'l'll Carolvn fil'Ullll'l' , , ..., 'lllllll llatrvvootl , Donna l,l'YL'l'l'lll VVilli1un Clit-slw , ,, Mariann lfritz . ..... Alutly Vick Toni lata .. ,,,, l'zlll'icia lflora ,,, ,Sally 'l'hurnau .,,Spt'in-1-r Swinton ,,l7:tvc -Ionson , , , llI'llL'l' O'Connt'll . liogt-1' XVhitt- 04fA lefics "Skilled he was in sports and pastimes, In the merry dance of snowshoes, In the play of quoits and ball-playg A Skilled was he in games of hazard, In all games of skill and hazard." - Longfellow 7 x ., -. x x, . ' 'fiifl X M y X X. ?iiQ"" :c .. :ggi x -,. Y' .A-.si x +. Wx N X-fp. mb N 551- QX NS .wks-f f. Qw- wgwk A WM A- aw xx - 1 El SQ 2 ia R N gk XXX Q Q N X xx xv w X' X A13 MQ k Q Q. "-NN N X m 1Sl 'ii ,,,.I.'x'mi .235 x A X v I "Q N ,ii- 'Q- 'Nx 1. 5 -.NSM QM N, 1X X x xx .-.., x X N E x is Effkmi ,lKH"F lllllp llou lion' 2 liighf rx , 'S l:lL'lxl4'g l llrl Nlt lil XY:-g lllonlas, cnd .Ion ltoss, hacltg lack Ililnlvio, All-statc ccntcr m Clcnn .'Xnl1lc,cnll1 Nlilw Lyon, guard lion' Pl awiilwtf llowl lliclx Clntci gnardg D1 lx nn n il" K4 ' . :Xll-4-olllcrcllcc tackli- liowi NYally llirsluhcrg, hackg D1 rllnr lnlx :ng NV: a ma " Howl? Carl Nlanclx, taclilcg If-rry Allcn, cnd .ggvv W L Qu E 1 ' A as N 1' 9 How lvklanagcr Gary Flora, ,lorry Nash, Carl Manck, Dick Clntc, Mikc Lyon, Co-captain Iulx Ditnlvio, VVally liirshhcrg, Jcrry llndgcns, Dc-an XVinchrcnncr, -lack Ilaackcr Inn Dcnnnitt, Ccrry Carlson, Rogcr llondck liow 2-Co-captain Rogcr Bnrnidgc, Eary Isihnc, jon Ross, Clcn llnlmcr, Charlcs Scott, Al 1 Alcrry Cilhcrt, lion Spinkcr, Fritz Lugar. jcrry Allcn, Boh Mcslcr, Rnsscll Could lu Sparks, Ccnc XVood, Managcr Andy Schans MPAOICI nr ine Qyifacffions mv- Pagc 100 'Q in X. 'N This ycafs finc Elgin lligh School lfoot- hall Tcam provcd to hc thc snrprisc of thc Big Eight. Slatcd for scvcnth placc in thc confcrcncc hy many prc-scason polls, thc Nlaroons finishcd in a tic for sccond placc with pcrcnially strong l,aSallc-Pcrn. Thr- ontcolnc of thc Big Eight was not dccidcd until thc final gun of thc scason wcnt oil, and Elgin and l.aSallc had ground to a 6-6 deadlock. Thc tic. plus East Anrora's final gamc victory. gavc thc Tolncats. thc prc- scason favoritcs, a clcar claim to thc titlc. Elgin opcncd thc scason with a solid win ovcr a highly tontcd York tcain. Ncxt thcy crnshcd a hadly nndcrlnanncd Napcrvillc tcaln 45-7 on a rain soakcd ficld. m 1 l4111l1 I Ivln-rl, 6111.11-I1 c:I'l'4'll, IJi1-lx IKUIIUII, Doug XYLIIILILT, Ale-rry Sl'1lQI'l'll, Bulr IIv11is1-, K IIX SIIIIIII, IMIIIQQ NI.11Ix111114-5. l',IIllt' lyllllll, 1.111111 1-Xulmlv, Hvg ll1c1111z1s, C.l1a11'l4-s I'11-r- wn I III I..1111p, l:Il'Q,j.1 I"11l11'111q111, 110.1111 I711IIivl1I, xlllllilgfvl' Bill IIllf'XY1ll'Kl 111 I I11 S11 IIISUII, l,I1'Ix 'X1'1141I1I, lI.11'11l4I Iimxw, I,:11'1'y l41I111s1111, llnxid Millm-13 II111 Il:11'u'x. In K IIN I 1IIl,Il1 IJll'Ix Nvlss, li11lwl.11141l1111. XX .1y11v Ottv, St4'XYLII'l ll1111'11t4111, XXa11'1'1-11 Kim-I fi S gxfcnv 'III I5 'S-I 10 lb I2 I3 ti 'llrp Hun Iimx Iimx' 1 xl, J 4 N 1.1 lin Hmm ? 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IIlN'I'xI.Ul'fl I4 xl I4 'I Yorlx NI. ,Nnrorai Nlolina- SCURIIS 4 II.-XSKIf'I'I1AI.I, , FII Ifllgin .. , HTS I'l'1'4'lTUI'I , , ,, GU , -III Iflgin , 65 Nlilllll' M47 ,, 351 Iflgin , , ,GS If I-Xnrorn , , ,, 3,1 , , 55 Izlgin ,GSI I,:l Szlllm- .,,-16 H2 Itlgin ,, , ,Iii IIIIIUTIIIUII , , .. 58 :nfl ICIgin ,, ,GH nlolivl ., , ,,,,, 55 ' 75 Iflgin , 57 I'IX1llISIUIl ,, ,, 53 ,lil Ifluin ., GSI NV. AlII'UI'il , , A 52 , 60 Iilgin GSI Crain! , I M28 G6 Iilgin ,, , 50 Crystiil I,nIw , , . ,-13 , 53 Iilgin , , TT Sl I'fcIwn1'cIs ,, -53 35 I'IIQin ,HEMI Arlington Ilgls. , -H ,, S-I 111.4111 .... V Xley Hunters around the rim for another two points us Iilgiin ruvznfes lf. Aurora: on their home court. I'z1g, rv IU5 lfiullr .... Nley Icupa from under the hoard to score. I X..-fl-LILI1' I if QVAQ . if ii. . 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Xxl11l1' Sl1l111'5, c,11J111l 1.111111 aCedJersA IP anal Semrebance. 9 li LZGIN tm N UNBEATEN ELGIN BASEBALL SQUAD Lett to right-Cfrontj-Al Hahn, Bob Kern, Buster Leaeh, Mike Lyon, Dave St. John, Bob Cordon, Cseeond rowj-Cary Flora illllllllljll'I'l, Cary Boelnnn, Jim Pileher, Al Ross, john Morton, john Ciarclinog Lthircl rowj-Coach Al Seharf, VVayne VVebb, VVayne Gunderson, Pete Klasen, Dale llagemann, Arnie Dauksavage, Ron Bulnnzum, and Bill Gruer Cnianagerl. The nation's most popular sport enjoyed a good season here at E.H.S. lust year. They started the season eowing Dundee 7 to 1, followed up by defeating WVheaton 8 to 0. These wins typified the type ol' season the team had last year. Coach Al Sharfis swinging nine suffered a close defeat at the hands of VVest Rockford Q3--lj. Last years team, which was comprised of twelve seniors, four juniors and one sophomore, could not leave much of their wealth of experience behind. ELGIN FROSH-SOPH basehallers, unbeaten through the 1954 season: Left to Yijllll-if-l'l!lltl-Elllil Pasholk, manager, Cary Cough, VValter llirshberg, jack Matison, Bob Paw- lak, john Ross, Dave llaaeker, and VVayne Fees, fseeond row-Lee Sparks, jim llarvey, Chuck liaehow, Andy Schaus, Dick Crenieens, Greg Koon, and Diek Ciaeeiog Cthircl row -Art Boggen, eoaehg jack Krunn- fnsz, Laverne Olson, Dong MacKin- ney, Robert Paulson, Russ Could, Dick Croteluesehen, -laek Ceiseke, Tom Grant, and Harold Lathrop, manager. B a Us. L all ., PITCHING STAFF mann, Bob Kern, and Bob Gordon. Page 107 Left to right-Arnie Dauksavage, jim Pileher, Ron Buh- D AIS ear in ana es, ecfs, Q NUKISHI 1 ana mafcAc-, I Ins um I,I1'lx1II1ffll Svll . IJOLISIPII ax NIIIIIIU' mul splrllul SXYIIIIIIIIIIQ' squaul. Clmninq un SWIM NIINIZ 'I'Ii.-XXI nwvt was Ihp nm: XM-Q IIIIIUIILIN, I-.nplniug Ilowgml IH-itsrlu. CAIDIIIIIIL Dia-k -IlII'LIl'IlS, lickllzllwl Iirmlalv, strong lIl'ilI' ilu- 1-ml ul thi I tlux IIIIISIIVKI XYIIII lm , , . prvssiu- Xll'I0l'Il'H mu II.1l1l s01I'I'l'cIl. Ilixwsiclm'-I31'mmlxIi1Ill 1 Ilmllvr III XYIIILII I I',IQIIllIIlIlIxlIIIlXUI'l'II l1.I5.lvx IH-lm' II1-III. I"l-lllIx Xhnsimgf-n', XI'uy1n- Oth-. Nliclcllv row: -Iulm SL-roggins, IlI2lllkljlk'I'1 1.4-fvms' I I Il IIIII Ilnu ual Bill Xlulm Ilulm Llmlf-tl, XII1-n Ixvnl, Izuxgvm- XXIIIVIINIITIIII, .Xlxll J--, ai' I . Xlullnmx. XI.1x um I5N1'I',l'U.lL'II. Ilmllmn rmv: I'I1lI Nrm':1Ix,AIuIn1 I',IIll4Il'II. ,pl- ,,,,...-fn M,..4--' ,,,,.-f Jr' ' viii? ' ,.......---""3 f DEEP' P, n-"I L 1 WP mM 'Ilu' iulgmt spurt 11l'L'l'41sS 4-uunlry is rolling. Cfmnpul'z1tix'c'IX nmx. Inglvlu Xlgxrtm clrvxx' ll scllmcl ol IUII Imoys XVIIIIIIQ to run lIlc'irQ':llliIc'wIu'l'cIz1y.'I'Ilc'irwill1ulclI0ssrm'c'm'tIwglslltilllpws sixvlmllllviruuul'g1lc'wz1s. UIUISS lfIlllN,I'IiY 'I'Ii.-XNI SIJIHIIIIQL XI.un.ug:-1' XIiII.mI Dumllm, Tum ,-Xlvy, K4-n ' ' , mmm, 11.113 SII'QIlII'Il'I', lfmu-In Almm-S NIIIVIIII, NIicl4II4-1 I'IliI XV4-:lu-Ii, CI--ww' Il,umx Ilznu- Xlillvr. Iiultmnz Ilugvl' IDUIY- Bula I'z1wIzlIs Ilugwl' XIIL'IlruI.lx. Puge- -Mlw fs l Iupslclm ml -I5-71 SCUH' I08 Z7 gn ur 04fAleiic onfesfs l'pp1'rI,r'ft . , . limi' I llill l'al:lr, llill Crm-r, l,t-mnml l,t-vtmw llmv 12- l'Icl1lia- lNl:u'kvrt, Holi Smitli, XYAIITUII lialsnilisst-in .lli1lrllc'l,4'ff , . . i I On malt - NX silly lll'l'SlllH'l'j.f1lllll l'i'ltf liugur lxm-1-lim.: Louis Lulwr. Alulm xYlllllllt'l', Bula Kriiniilusx, Clmt-lx Svlimvtlt-l', 'llim l.t':l. amtl Dick lllm-mkv Stzmcling Gary l'ullp41ll, llurultl Clii'istizms4'n, Lzirry l'ritn'liau'cl, Stvu' Sopvig Mairlmvt- SL-lim-iclt-1' l,u11'4'rI.r'ff . . . lluli Krllt'lwlwl'g, llvimis Sll'XY1ll'l. Ilmviml l,1'll5C'l'. Holm Murplly, l':llQK'IlL' XYittt-u- strum, .lmm-s llalssvtt Twp High! , . , limi Skiolclnga-r, Italy Gilt-s, Holm Nlt'Ai'tlm1', l7zu'r3'l Alilmtl, N011 L2l5.Cl'I'Sl1'Ulll. 'lilllll 4 Nl ll'lit'lllU, ltllllilll llllssvll, Stvw' Almiivs Srrmlrl from 'l'np Right . . . ltuw l 'xyilyllt' l"m-vs, .lim llm'x'm-y, Dain- lliltll'l'xl'l' lluw 2- llulm llamclrovlx, ltugt-1' flllllll, llaly Gilt-s, xylllllllll Cmll' Svvnlirl from liutlnm lliglil' . . . limi' l 'l'um lluzivr, Kvn Kmugli ltmv 2' jim Ciuiiislmg, XVani'i't-in kit-I, linlv lit-itlvmam. lilly lfmrttm lintlmn Right . . . Sitting Italy Gil:-s lim-vling Ilan- linullm-y. 'l'nm l,m't-clay, l,4'lmy Smith, lluwlmi l3umx':1i't, liill Nlztrtiii, ltullmzm Slllllilllljl l'4l'2llllx l.alzz:n'zl, limi Nvl'SlIllUl'llllltl, llzms 1,114-tltkt-, Nivl llalrt, Czirry Fry, -Inlm Ut:-3.1, Dit-It llill'xl'l' ,llirlrllr Top . . . Item Swain, Dick Blot-nilw, Dvmiis Stn-wart if ,,f" L, 10 zuzm 5,504 Upon Il--up ,,u. Of" f QVC ll V canzs PAQAJ ijzis O M O V Xl.m.ng-lr Ima Xrulvumm. lilllliv fNlvxx.lIlxCLwwl!1'll.lIxlnx.ll1ly XMI lIIIEHl,ll1'Illl1N'lI.l.fllIIlINll.lllNUIlI. Xlnlmu- Sllmrlcls-1, Xl.lln.u:14-I lllll 51.lYllll. l.Il-nl lv-Illll-In-ml-1. I.1-1-Sxmmwuu.I,4-mn Sllnitll. ll.ll- 1-Ill Iimxng XX.1llX Ilirsluln-lg, -lim Hmnmslll, Ummm: XYl11vlm'n11vI'. lun: Ill-fu'1 IirlnXM-xx.llf1-1,'l'4v1lu I,ux1-ml.ly, llnlv Xll-xxlwl, lffmlln Nl'llllll, Hon l,.1IIm. .I!'I'If Xmlx, lmlx IM l'-lllllilk l,m-xxlx I.1ulx1-1, ff.1pl.riu llrvum-1 lllll'lIlllQ.1', l'klll! 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Marv Pfoifiiiillvr, Curl Nlauxvk, -lim Stowvll, llivlx Nloorv, Ilzilpll Iizillviilizivli, I'c'l1' llziilmam, IAIITY Sclizic'llt1'i', llogvr Ilon- clvvk, :xml .Iolin Yvlloiig llliircl rowl-Don llLlIlSi'Il, Holm Priggv. Cary Smilli, lffilllli Kiiisvk, Kvilli .'Xlllll'I'SUIl, livin Nl'ilson, -lim lliuiiliy, Don blolms, -Icrry Mills. xxvilylll' l,ZlI'SOll. Nlorcy NX'm'iss, lframlx lmv, NYliili- I,:1mlwv1', lion Bijin-lx, -lim C11-nz, lizlry Isilmc, jim Stn-vlv, zuicl Assislaml Com-li l'illll'l'f' l'Ilmln-rl. ln H15-1 lilgiu proclucvcl its usual strong truck ll'lllIl. Tllvy CUll1plli'll il lim' rvguliir swisoiis i'm'L-oral. 'Flu-v took sam-oml in tllc' Stull' District Nlvvt. tliircl in tlu' lS1llll'llUlIllly Nlvvl. :xml l'oui'tli in ilu' Big liigllt. Raw Li --5 'flu' H154 Elgin lligll Scliool lvmiis ll'illll provc-rl an surprisc' to its oppoiiviits. Clomposc-cl mostly of juniors, tlw iivtiiivii took solicl svn-oiicls in tlic lliiisnlulc District 'lwOlII'Il2lllN'Ill iuicl tln- Big Ifiglit, tlw latter to top oil' :ui llIlllK'lii'illi'll SUIISOII. IZLUIN TENNIS SQUAD L4-it to riglit llroiill- Holi Kvilm-fly, Sami Nv1'l'Ill'l'. Holi Daumi. Nlzumgvi' liucl XY:-llsg Clmvlxl Coawli llim-lizml llovii, -lon Sn-liiii'1m'im'i', Tom All-y, limi lliimlgm-ns, Quill Miki- Zimim-r. I -K lflgiiils 1954 goll' lczuii wus om' of tlu- lwst vvul' to play tllv coursv. Uiiclvi' tlic' coucliing, ol' Gus Stvwurt, tlic' tvuin firm-cl con- sistciit pairs to compile- 21 iwair rc-corcl scusoii witli 13 wins uncl only om- loss. ELGIN GOLFHRS Kvii Laipp, lim kim-lain-i', 'l'4 , I3 I il C :zulu Sluzlrl. Lvlt to rigliis-Holm Clillzzm, lliiss Ili-iii-l. 1 aio ons oo, uilcl xjaalfky kgoche 'l'ln- llirls' .M'tix'ity ASSUl'lklll0ll is un m'gzuriza1tim1 to promotx' intvrvst in girls ltlilm-tics. lt is m'g,zxniz1'cl to glivc' tllc- girl il XVl'll-l'0llIllll'Kl prograin in sports :mil rliytlnms. .M-tivitivs im-luclm-: 1111-lu-i'y, fJl'Clll'SlS, soltlmull, vollcylmull, lmskctlulll. lrowling. lmaulminton. sqlizm- IlllllL'lIll.f, tK'IllllS. illlil Clll'l'l'll'21lllllll. llvcnnisc- ul' tht- lnrgm- intc-rm-st, Cl.A.A. luis lim-n almlv to pmticipatv in nmuy iirtf-i'sa-lmol plziycluys auucl sc-liool programs. Two ol' tlu-sv school progrzuns wvrc- Olwrutic Nigllts :mtl tlu- Cmltviilpmzlry Arts Festival, in Wllicll C.A.A. Sllil1'l'il tlu' sputliglit with tln' music- 1lc'p11i'ti1w1lt, as wcll as tlwir own clc'purt1m'nt clalmw- lJklLfl'2lllt. Ulliu-rs im-lucl1': lirst-sc'mc-stc-r pri-siclc-nt, W'1'11cly XVitlu'rsg svcmurl-sviiwstvi' pri-siclm-nt, Slim-rry l.unclg lirst-sc-mc-stc-r vice--pi'vsiclc'iit, l,uzum Cie-rtzg svcoilcl-sw im-stvr x'ic-4--pwsicllhuts. .Iucly lm l.ic-x'l'1'. Suv Doclclg sccwtury-trvzlsllrvr. Cwvn 131- lmlllff. NIH DIERN ll.-XNCIE I,uuis4' Sh'wqli't, llllllf' l,l'lrl1'Nl'1', lllllll Ann llzxlmw, 'lunar Alln-4-, Alflilll Nlurly, Ummm l'c-fly Sum lrzl lIuml1rau'lit. SUIWIUNIORIQ lfllIiliRl,liADliRS l'r1ml row: llutrli XXQILIIIVIQ tmgv In-an-li, lxxly Nlcllcmallcl. lieu-lx row: .Iucly Alt'lllilllh, f,llillilt'llt' lulluxl, Lalrnl lD2lYl5. Q-l'l'Il1illll4' ll'vzlclw1'll, SI'.NlUR lllllflfRl,lfAllliRS I'.m1 Cr4rwI'mxl, Ulm-mln Bailwr, Xlaurlvm- XX'vll4'l, l,u:um Clic-rtf, jmly Vick, Carolyn cll'llIlll'I'. 5:1111 llmlfl. Vault' H2 .N , - yi' f C K-in cnnfwzasfics, ames, 0414! Obancincq l7j1p4'r lmfl . . . Uirls enjoy a close haskethall game. llarlvnv llllLfIIl'l'. .-Xmlri-5' 5l3l'llIllt'X1'l', l'l1oi-lu' Burt, Almly N4'llSL'llXX'1lIlLf1'l4. Ilaurivllv Ilormn I' ran Xl vnu 11 llpp,-y lfitychl , , , Ollicers work together planning G.A.A. activities. Il Ili hllllllll xiii pusiilmnt NYQIIQIX XYitl1 1 'I Kiwi' - ' ,. ' Q ' Q 1-As, pn-sum-litg :ual lillilllll Cin-rtx, Sl'l'l4t'lill'j', Vppw' l.'4'nte'r .... I X group of sophomores gather for howling. I'll I lllKlNl1l clllllllll 'lin 1 on II lliimlim ll .a' ' a -as , a"- - ornv, Alllillllll' -Iurs. S1-vonml row: Alam' llurcI. Iwnvllm- AIIIlIIlK'l'lllZlIl, Sallulral Calm-rson. :Xllll lQIL'lSllll'Il'l', l.nzm'r l,'4'uI1'r . . . Senior giirls' cllampionship volleyhall team Surround Marie Collier after their victory XM-mly Xlllluws, l'al llvlm-urs, Carol B4-rmlt, Sally rlillllfllilll, janiu' SL'll1ll'IlK'l', Nlarlvm- llolll. l .llIl'l'l lllvv, l7al'I4-m' llllLIll1'l', Nlalrgm' llornv. l.oH'4'r l,f'f1 , . . Members of the square dancers watch others dancing. Ilnosi- xxalvlninp, arv: Aloanm' l'i'lm'svil, lfloycl Cork, Cill'1fllIll' l'il'lL'liSUll, -lim hli'llMlk'l', lxa Klau- lialxow, l'Inil filll'lSlt'IlM'll, Sylxia xYL'l'll1'l', Kcitll Morton, ,Ioan Iluslw, Linmla Swilfvr, Alan 'I' llll Inn llllll I' A l in lim NYi 1 1- m',- -' 'I'lS7 -, A SSIIIAIII, lfaiyvllc' ZllllIIll'l'lllllll. Conpls-s :Iam-ing: aw: .-Xlic-in llIIl'lxIllS, lllll Ilrmr Alolm Nolo, Kathy SIUYUIIS, Angii' Nilz, llvrlw hllllllllilX, Yxonm' Nitf l,ozm'r Right . . . 'lille archers aim their hows carefully at the target. Iulxii llnxli Vlunloth Don In XII' UINIXQI N1 n 4 Yun NYunl lx Co ' Y aliiloul U, A 2 ' ' gif, . AI'l1' .ii "i, . 1 Ag' 'R I N' 'l'., I lllllk' ill " 4 , May Lou Lonrl. I X521 X 5 JBHQ From his pipe the smoke ascending Filled the sky with haze and vapor, Touched the rugged hills with smoothness, Brought the tender Indian Summer. Oh, the long and dreary Winter! Oh, the cold and cruel Winter! Ever deeper, deeper, deeper, Fell the snow o'er all the landscape.. Came the Spring with all its splendor, All its birds and all its blossoms, All its flowers and leaves and grasses. - L ongfellow f CVC Im See Ill' Cal' V1 lCflfll"CS as 5 "ss -4-Q1 T111 S Yours ur us. F M- CJ' ' e E I ,.f, . if ' nd.: in 'Q ' at 1, Page 115 I.r'fl . . The summer excllalugie slu- dents enjoy ai picnic. A group of senior purtici- punts gather nfter the llome- coming nssemhly. Professionals perform on our trnntpoline, Manny student delegates ais- semhle for the Student Coun- cil district convention. "This is Your Life" wus the theme chosen for the Maroon ussemlwly. l,'t'nlc'r . The llotneconiinpj committee chairmen gluther to discuss pluns. 'lille hamd's homecoming float was ai big hit with till. Connie lumkeller presents il bouquet to llomecotninii king und queen. Roger Iiurnidgie und .ludy Creenuwzilt. Yisitors durinif the :mnuul liducution-Business lluy stop to :lttend clnss. Night . . Candidates for llomecoiningi king und queen. Committee lor the dunce given for lust yeair's incoming sophomores. Operatic Niiihfs principal cliurueters. .lon Schurmeier presides over the Student Council Induc- tion nssemhly. v wr-'K . 570' SNK ,ggi-Qu wr? '-5 . ,viii gh Ni I 21 fff ,S , 1 I r A Q53 A is Vw ig if M, H? Q X 'i X gi.i ii? Q llI ELGIN -I- av kv E.x'P 'Q .aaagqoe 16 4.8 X4kQirif A . ,af D tx 2 5'-W-.S I qwQ'Q, an WPQW' A .43 'TQ M'-Q nik I 2z Lehi-Um el ia.. ii 'I ' 4 W Q L gi, L. .5 I 5 L P1 IN 1.t'fl . QJIIIIIIIIIICU t'llillflllL'Il for Stunt Night malte linal plans, Loaehes and captains of the swimming, hasketlwall, wres- tling, and cheerleading squads at the Vl'inter Awards assembly. tllass slipper plans are made as the year draws to a elose. l'areuts and teachers get lo- iiether at the sear's last open house. l,ast xear's foreign exchange student, lniier l'erssnn from Sweden, lwids l'i.ll.S. a fond farewell. f,'4'ntt'r . "Nlr. and Miss Courtesy" from each of the classes part of the Student lIouneil's courtesy campaign. liIi5in's candidate for Sweet Sixteen Queen. Sara llodd, with Mr, lfarroh and the trophx that lnade her eliafihle for the honor. The hand ollivers prepare for the W'inter lfoncert. 't'iQlll .AX thrlllinif moment in the Illinois State liaskethall 'l'ournament at llhampaiiin: .-Xley iloes up for another two-pointer in the Lfatne whieh put lflgin in the finals, Norma llnnn, 'Sfs lf-Cluh Queen, with the team cap- tains. Annual Mother and llauiihter lea. Urehestra students listen to a recording of a contest piece, llih 'l'in1her Ilaneers do the lfaiile dance at the Mid- W inter lntlian Ceremonial. Paige l IT ,x sg-it v SCSENCE its ,, K Q Y. V532 file tn ELGIN WATCHES The Beautiful Way To Tell Time Good Luck to the Class of '55 ELGIN SWEEPER COMPANY Congratulations INLAND SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesalers of Plumbing and Heating Supplies SIXTY ANN STREET ELGIN, ILLINOIS THE ELGIN NATIONAL BANK ELGIN, ILLINOIS Growing with Elgin since l892 Member F.D.I.C. Shakeproof Division of Illinois Tool Works ELGIN, ILLINOIS Best Wishes DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO. Congratulations to the Class of T955 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ELGIN, ILLINOIS Member F.D.I.C. Compliments of LAMP CONSTRUCTION COMPANY II2 Division Street This is the SI t A ' Y uNloN NATIONAL BANK AND if Xe si 5 "n"e'sC"Y Qu coupe? X of your co. Sq "Good Neighbor and 'E' M Friendl Servant" x I Y ' ELGIN ILUNOB UR THE couRlER-NEws.. ' 81 years of remaining youthful Member F.D.I.C. vigorous, and in step with EIgin's progress. Page 118 Ace Hardware 9 East Chicago Street Aekemann's Elgin, Illinois Warren Aikin Studio 23 Douglas Avenue A 8: P Super Market 205 South Grove Avenue Baier's Quality Hatchery 159 Douglas Avenue Barnett's 10 South Grove Avenue Bartelt's Grocery 1060 Larkin Avenue S. W. Beck Company 21 Douglas Avenue Bendtsen Dairy 130 Vine Street Ben Franklyn Store 1120 South Street Bergan Wolff Funeral Home 310 South State Street Glenn R. Beverly 418 Courier News Bldg. Bl um's 15 Douglas Avenue Brinckley Displays 630 Congdon Avenue Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Britton 221 Walnut Avenue Brotzman and Bi ers Chevrolet 82 227 South Grove Avenue Bud Knott B-K Photo Hobby 159 East Chicago Street Bunge's 280 South Grove Avenue Stanley Burnidge 8: Son South Street and McLean Blvd. Burstein Bros. Food Market 805 Walnut Avenue Burren Transfer Company 156 South Meh-ose Carbury 8: Carbury 501 Tower Building Carswell Floors 225 East Chicago Street A Friend The Colony Shop 162 East Highland Avenue Community Jewelers 79 South Grove Avenue Coopers Pharmacy 113 Walnut Avenue Sales afrons Craig's Standard Service 800 Dundee Avenue Judge Harry C. Daniels 410 Professional Bldg. Daniels and Clark Inc. 221-223 East Chicago Street Danner's Clothing Store 52 Douglas Avenue Dels Cycle Shop 266 Dundee Avenue Joel L. Deuterman, M.D. 411 West Highland Avenue Dixie Cream Donut Shop 193 South Grove Avenue Dueringer's Drive In Dundee and Liberty E. H. Dunn, M.D. 212 Division Street Dunning's Auction Service 416 Dundee Avenue Economy Oil Company 151 N. Spring Street Edward's Jewelers 18 South Grove Avenue Elgin Business Men's Association 16 East Chicago Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 South Grove Avenue Elgin Coal 85 Oil 24 Kimball Street Elgin Corrugated Box 824 Raymond Street Elgin Dental Society Professional Building Elgin Federal Saving 8: Loan Ass'n 100 Douglas Avenue Elgin Flour 8 Feed Company 72 N. Grove Avenue Elgin Lincoln Mercury Inc. Dundee at North Elgin Loan and Homestead As ociation 14-16 North Spring Street Elgin Lumber 8: Supply Co. Inc. 222 Douglas Avenue Elgin Motors Inc. 235 South Grove Avenue Elgin Quality Laundry 1273 Dundee Avenue Elgin Sheet Metal Co. 922 Dundee Avenue Elgin Window Cleaning Company 4 North State Street Elgin Yellow Cab 314 West Chicago Street Page 119 Exclusive Cleaners 1061 North Liberty Street Fin 'n Feather Farm R. 2, Dundee, Illinois Fishbum's Paint 8: Wallpaper Co. 165 East Highland F lexonics Corporation 840 N. State Street Fox Electric Supply Co. 67 North State Street John C. Friedland 100 East Chicago Street George's Clothes Shop 158 East Chicago Street George's Service Station 152 North Spring Street Michael J. Goggin Good 8 Hess 163 East Highland Avenue Graening 8: Rauschert Jewelers 176 East Chicago Street Greenberfs Grocery 750 Dun ee Avenue Grimes Sunset Super Mart 1096 South Street Grimmers Flowers 956 Bluff City Gromer Super Markets 820 North Liberty Street 707 West Chicago Street Hammond Organ Studios 115 East Highland Hecht's Bakery 169 East Highland Avenue Hendriksen Radio and Television 269 South State Street Higgins Food Shop 134 South Melrose Avenue Highway Lumber Co. Lake Street Road Chuck Hines Store For Boys 20 Douglas Avenue Douglas C. Hurley, M.D. Elgin, Illinois Jefferson Ice and Fuel 857 Hendee Street Jen's Potato Chip 144 North Aldine Jewel Paint Store 11 Douglas Avenue Dr. Kenneth P. Johnston 402 North Spring Miss Annette H. Kaiser 6 South Spring Street F min... T"-.. Kaptains Men's Wear 452 Bluff City Keegan Bros. South State Street Keeney's Sporting Goods 19 Douglas Avenue Kimball Auto Parts 59 Kimball Street The Kitchen Mart 877 Villa Street Kramer 8: Kramer 5 Douglas Avenue S. S. Kresge Co. 32 South Grove Avenue Lada 'n Lassies 10 East Chicago Street Fred R. Lamp Heating 8: Sheet Metal 214 North Street Harriet Lane Studios 168 East Chicago Street Lawrence Avenue Grocery 216 Lawence Avenue The Lea Company 158 Brook Street Leeds Shoe Store 22 South Grove Lesco Auto Seat Covers 1050 Dundee Avenue Lockner's Pharmacy 1100 South Street Thomas M. Loveday Real Estate Courier News Bldg. Loyal Order of Moose 70 North State Street Ludwig Milk Co. 200 North Spring The Marison Company South Elgin McBride Bros. Co. Inc. 156 South Grove Avenue MeBeide Pharmacy 119 West Chicago Street McClure and Struckman Co. 42 Kimball Street McQueen, Churchill, Kirkland 8: Brady Towe Building George C. Meadows 81 Company Specialized Engineering 884 Bluff City Boulevard Milbrandt Pharmacy 101 Douglas Avenue The Milk Pail Route 25 Dr. J. D. Milligan Professional Building Modern Dairy Company 1002 North Liberty Street afrons Morse Prescriptions 221 National Mosiman's 160 East Chicago Street Muetterties Bakery 205 East Chicago Street 0. D. Mulliken, M.D. 112 North Spring Street North End Auto 8: Appliance Congdon, Dundee, or Liberty Ave. North End Barber 8: Beauty Shop 571 Keep Avenue North Street Grocery 228 North Street Nish Insurance 119 South Grove Oberg Motor Sales 116 South Grove Avenue Pape's Barber Shops 2534 North Grove Street Paulson 8: Jordan, Attorneys 100 East Chicago Street J. C. Penney Company 51 South Grove Avenue H. L. Pierce Motor Sales Inc. 250 South Grove Avenue Pinkey's Sunset Dress Shop 1106 South Street "Pro" Paint Store 436 Dundee Avenue Public Service Company 76 South Grove Avenue Harold Rapalee Insurance 209-210 Professional Bldg. Reber's 226 East Chicago Street Edward S. Reque 13 East Chicago Street Reynolds Drugs 1046 Liberty Street Rifken Furs 122 South Grove Avenue Rinebimer Bros. Mfg. Co. 240 North Groye Avenue Rosenes Service Station 771 Walnut Street Roths Pharmacy 175 East Chicago Street Rovelstead Brothers 162 East Chicago Street Roland D. Russell 317 East Chicago Street Salisbury's 138 South Grove Avenue Schickler's Tobacco 8: Hobby Shop 5 East Chicago Street Schneli Brothers 161 East Chicago Street F. A. Schurmeier, M.D. 102 North Spring Street Scott 66 871 North Liberty Street Shedd Bartush Inc. 51 North State Street Sherman Hospital 934 Center Street Earl R. Shopen 104 Tower Bldg. M. J. Silbert 8 Co. Elgin, Illinois Singer's Style Shop Sousters Flowers 167 DuPage Street Spaldings 458 Dundee Avenue Joseph Spiess Company 3852 South Grove Avenue Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Avenue Squirt Bottling, Company 901-905 Eliza eth Street David E. Stark Pianos 21 Union Street Stettner's Drugs 825 Dundee Avenue Suburban Music Studio 500 Dundee Avenue Talk of The Town Beauty Salon 112 East Highland Avenue Thiel's Drug Store 161 Dundee Avenue A Friend Valentine Insurance Agency 174 Du Page Street Valley Stamp 8: Printing Co. 5 Douglas Avenue Dr. Henry Lee Wenner Summit Medical Building Wentworth's Store For Men 181 East Chicago Street A Friend West Dairy Equipment Co. 356 Willard Avenue Williams Manufacturing Company 166-170 North Edison Avenue Dan B. Withers, Jr. Lloyd W. Ziegler The Maroon Stal? Wishes To Express Its Appreciation To The Associated Studios of Elgin I ll 1 1 w rm, P 1 . 5. lv 1 5 A " 1, vi 1 4 ' mi I1 r ga. aw. 4- 9 ,..4vs.. X xx , ,vm QW' - ,. ,Q ......... Q... ll: nw- .N,W..,, ,.....,, 0 ,.,.-.aux 'in in ual' ff -0-U X .1 HP' 3' on '14, ...sms--m ,vb V lf' ir- of-9

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