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 - Class of 1954

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Q 5 E 1 3 Q I A . E 5 E E 'Y if ff :i 5 2 1 ,4 9 'fi 9? E up 3 3 1- S E 5 'Bl 'N ,Q '? 5 - an Q i . 5 : I .. 3 x 'Sis 4. ' fl J, R f Ll I -, l. X ,,. Aa A , I . ' P s 5 , N , 1" 'I' i1 0 wx' W 7 41,2 W 7' v 'f'! , ,, . 1954 num. 5:45 Co-editors Ruth Wilson Spencer Swinton Editorial Staff Mary Bramer .Io Ann Deuterlnan Gwen Kautz -lean Muirheacl Business Ilfannger Ann Foelschow Sales Ala nagm' Margene Fricke Sales Szafj jean Burger Ron Burstein Joanne Dillow Sara Dodd Jim Dow lone Hedstrom Lyle Herschlag Leonard jones Rhoda Melberg Diane Nelson Darwin Phillips Janice Sokody jackie Williams Sporfs Editors Jerry Mills -john Morton A rt Staff Arlene Dodds Karen Hanson Barbara Rakow Marion Scholl Siudent Plmtogmphffrs john Broeker Roger Houdek Typist Joanne Race Sponsor Mrs. Gertrude C. Meadows AdZ'f"7'fiS1.7lg Adviser Marvin Kuhhnann THE MAROON Watch 1954 ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL ELGIN ILLINOIS Womb MSMS TWC ! 141 flgin Watclne To all of uA the Watch ?dCf0l'lf clock memw - flgin. f,,, ,T far-at our if . S entertainmentat l.1m'r'rr1'gl1l-at ln searching lor a thetne lor this years Maroon the stall weighed carelully and linally selected l'..ll.h. lVatch XVords. Since the High School is a very complex organization, the year book is divided into lour inain parts. The lirst ol' these parts is devoted to the administration. This grottp ol' administrators is composed ol the Board ol' liducation, the principal, and the laculty. In keeping the watch thetne in mind, we have linked the Board ol' Education to the inain spring ol' a watch. Surely it is the necessary part to keep our school rttnning. Then the principal and stall' ol teachers are our "Balance Stall," necessary to keep our school running elliciently. Ol' course the nlosl important part ol' any school is the students. To our seniors we have given the honor ol' being "Lords and Ladies." The underclassnten are the "jewels," Both are symbols ol' line watches, and both line groups. The complete hartnony with which both upper and lower classinen work together is a credit to the school and city. Our activities section is under the heading "Escape.'l This is just what is says and deals with the extra- curricular activities ol' the students. The clubs, soeials, dances. band, orchestra, newspaper, and all other outside interests are covered here. The fourth and last section is devoted to sports. lt. is cleverly called "Tinting." The victories and losses, the great and the sntall, boys and girls, and those who have carefully coached the various teatns are all pic- tured here. XVe hope that to both students and their laniilies this Maroon will express the interest and spirit that has gone into prodttcing it. Elgin High is a progressive school and proud ol' its citilens who have ntade it so. Our slogan bears in ntind these factors: "All Elgin Wlatches E.H.S, and Clocks its Progress." 14nd Clocla 0ur Froyreu ?or many of uA, ?oun tain Square cloclw and timeA our daily arrival at Aclwol Right- ,411 flyin watclcu our ganna loyally. 'l'a6le of Con tentA Presentation of the Theme . . . . Our School ........,. 1. Administration and Faculty ........ The Main Spring and Balance Stall 2. Oflices and Library ..............., 3. Classroom scenes of all departments .... Class of '54 .......... Our Lords and Ladies Underclassmen Our Jewels Activities Escape Athletics . . . Timing The Calendar Our Patrons of Events . Pages Pages .Pages .Page Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 4-7 8-27 8-17 18 19-27 28-53 54-75 76--95 96-1 12 113-117 118-120 6 ww QW F -fojip THE MAIN SPRING AND BALANCE STAFF QE 6-fax 5.3 S Q ddminin tration and ?aculty 'QM Q gf' !"" 4' M, .D flgin lf Koa:-4 of fdacation lffl In nigh! - XII: Rziynionrl I'c'znszlIl. Nlr. Otrln C.. llltllllllxtlll. 5lllli'l'llllL'llllL'lll. Nlr. .llllfll lu llllllllyf. Mr, f.ll1lllllt'Cy ll. XX cllw. Hr. llonzxltl NN. Y2llL'llllllC, Mr. lfrztnk ll. l7riC. Nlr. S. Milk lxno. Nlr. xllltflll Lolcinzln. l'l'K'Sllll'lll. Ifrrml - XII: li. 0. Slllllllilftl. Nlr. XVilI:l1'tl llcc-Inc. St't'l'ct1ll'y, Thr' llllllll-Sllflllg ol' thc lilgin school systcnn is its lioztrcl ol' Ellllfilllllll. Thcs l'lYll'-lllllllllil IllL'll Lira' clvftcfcl hy thc pvoplc ol' this City :incl giyc l'i'ct'ly ol thcit tintc :incl knowluclgc- sc-rying on thc- school hozn'd. They hclp in xt nionicntons task, that ol' Cllllfllllllg thc youth ol' Elgin. This has ntczint thc llCl'L'SSlly, in tht last law yours, ol' lllillilllg possihlc thc huilcling ol' two junior high schools, thrct ClCIllClll1ll'y schools, :incl scrvcfml niajot' ztclclitions to other c'lc'n1cntziry schools Lilac- thc tnttin-spring oli Il watch, they :irc not as wcl! known, hut :irc clcpcnclccl upon for smooth opciuttioit. NVQ :nr zill cle-cply gl'2IICl-lll lor thc sc1'yic't's which thcsc mon lmyc rcnclcrcd. lfl 010' Chief 14 mini tr tor-A Mr. Orrin G. Pi'll0IIll7S0Il, Superintendent ol' the Elgin Public Schools. Mr. lN'Iarion l,. Berge, Assistant Superintend ent and Director ol' Curriculum and Instruction The Elgin Public Schools are Iortunzite to have the men pictured above :ls part of the ul'll2llIlSlJl'lIlg'l ol' our system. Mr. 'lhonipson and Mr. lierge ZISSIIIIIC jointly the responsibilities that confront. them :ts our chiel' zuhninistrzltors. High school, however, constitutes only part, ol' their job: ull elenientziry schools, the three junior high schools, and the Connnunity College :ire under their jurisdiction. Their wisdom, understanding. and experience, denionstrztted over the years they have been at the head of the Elgin Public Schools, lutve done much to account lor the splendid accord which exists between the ad- nlinistrzuion and the large corps ol' Elgin teachers. These nlen are largely responsible, too, for the high rank Elgin holds znnong our nations public schools. ll 010' Princqnd Iltr. Kmcoe S Cartwrigh t As principal of Elgin High Mr. R. Cartwright is unbeatable. His interest in and love of young people, combined with his abilities make him a constant lriend to the entire school. VVith his ready smile and friendliness he has brightened and counseled many a student's life. Quietly efficient and thoughtful, he carries on his gigantic task of guiding and governing Elgin High School. I2 The p4da1iAorA and Zzcultq 0 S . S Hr. .john .X. Kmlil. .XSSISIQIIII I'rim'ipzll :uni Dunn of Buys. Bliss lxlmal L. l'.llf,fl'HJl'L'l'lll. .Xssislaml l'1'im'ip:ul llllil IM ln of Gills. Run' mn' -- li. KI. Xlfl, licullolllics, .xIlll'l'ii'2ill fQUXCl'lllIll'lIlI Mzlrguc1'ilc lkurrn, Clothing, livery lilly Lixing, Sponsor ul' lf.ll..K.3 Louis B1lllL'l', liusim-ss Surxcy, Uiiiu- l'l'Zlillillg'. Slmnsm' ol' l".l5.l,..X. Rum Inv: - Nlurgv l5ivl's:l1'l1. Dl'2llll2lliK'i. llil'L'l'I0l' uf I'l1n'sI lilmcr liuhm-rl. xllllllilll' Shop: liniml Burns. f'1llgliSIl, Sponsor nl' xIil'l'Ul'. Hou' Illrrr' - 'loc f11Hlll'L'H. Physics. Sponsm' ul' l1Ilcn1vI'Ins illllbg lfllilll Clalvcll, lillglislmg Mrs, lim-ssiIl1:1lnl1ul1. .Xssislzllvll l.ihrzu'i:m ffirsl SL'lllCSll'l'j, lf! flgin Hi In School Teaclnel-A Ron' ni-l'lIllC'I'y I-lbbcrl. Boys' Physical Fcluna- lion. Football Coachg Mabel EIlgCll7I'l'l'ill. UL-rlnan. Hcaul of Foreign Language llcparl- lncnl, fil'l'Ill1lIl Club Sponsor, Director of Ymfl'sc- Speaking Choir: Kt'llllClll l'lIlllL'li. linglisb. Ron' 4 3 Nlikc l'i3ll'l'0il, Boys' Pliysical liclucauion lIlll'1lIllllI'1liSC Nlrs. llclb Ferguson. Girls' l'hxsic'al Ellllfilfillll. junior Rm-cl Cross Sponsorg Elsin- lflvtdicr, English. Ron' I-XVilli:nn Cbcsbrougb. Boys' Emlufalion, Basketball Coacbg john R. Coil, Business Survey: john Clonlelman. American History. Ron' 2-Ronald Cook, CllCllllSll'y. Sophomore Class Sponsor: Kalllerine Davery. Social Prob- lems. Psychology. junior Class Sponsorg IIZIUIIIC' linc llcvanny, Girls' Physical Education. Ifrm' 5- Mrs. Florence Flctfhcr. Clotbingg Ar- lbnr Ciraffain. Crafts, Wood Shop. .Xssislanl Sponsor of junior Clzlssg Paul fiI'CCIl. .Xnlc-riman Ilislory. World Clcograpliy, 'l'ra1k filbllljll. Hon' 6- Howard Creiner, Draflingg Byrus Hall. English, Sponsor of Sophomore Drznnalics Clubg Mrs. Elizabeth Hallcl. Girls' Physical Education. 14 ?r lend Well a C'ounAelo Rau' I- IC. Arthur llill, Hczul of Music llcpurl- ment. A Cuppcllzig lillxcl Huzngluml, l.iln'zn'izm Helen jurclyii, linglish. Row 2 - Cleom lolmsfm, Ifomls. Hmm' l'rulrlcn1s MarLl1a jones, l'lllgllSll1 :Xrlliur Kzuiics. l'rintingl lVnmls. Row 5-liclnai Lewis, l'm0kkL1'piiig: Pzilricizl Locks, Typing: Wilmlu I.og:m, ll:-:ul ul' Girls' l'l1ysi1'ul lidiiuniioii, Now 6 - Mrs. Cctlrllnlc Nlczulows, l-Inglisli, Spun- sor of Mziromig Ulcnnic Murrow. SlCIl0gl'2lllll?. lypingg xl2ll'gZll'Cl Nc-wmzm, HL-:nl nl' linglisli Dcparlim-nl. Run' 7-Ilclm-11 Kvllcring, Biulogyg Marvin KL mmm. Biology Nlllfllbll l.zillc-y, f,l'I'llL'Sll'1l, llu IIIUIH. l,ll'l't'lUl' ul' fJl'l'lll'Wll'2l. limi' -I-I4-slic IJIINUII, Biulogyg Km-I Lili' .Xllll'l'll'2lll Hiwlnryg llviivcl' l,cl1n'no, Clic,-nxis Rau' 3-Carl Pride, Geoinetry. Algebra: Harry Raplus, Agriculture. Sponsor of Future Farmers of America: L. V. Robinson, High School 'lll'l'1lSllfSI', Study Hall. Row l-- Richard Roen, General Metals, .Xrthur Roggen, Head of Boys' Physical Education, Spon- sor of Eecllllk Albert Seharf. Boys' Physical liducation, Wrestling. Baseball Coach. 010- ? cultq Ron' I-Emery Nowak, Department of Child Study. Hard of Hearingg Mrs. Dora Fascl, French, Spanish, French Club, Spanish Club Sponsor, George Peck. Typing. Ron' 2 - Mary Peters, Geometry, Assistant Spon- sor of Senior Class: Ralph Phillips, Living Chem- istry. Senior Class Sponsorg Irene Pieleineierg Latin. Spanish. Latin Club, Spanish Club Spons sor. Ron' 5- l-Ioward Schulte, Social Problems, American History. Sponsor of Senior Hi-YQ Nor- man Scibetta. Head of Industrial Arts Depart- ment. Woods: Homer Shelby, Head of Social Suit-tire Department. l'lCOIl0lllll'S. lion' 6-Tliereszt Siren. Geometry, Future 'llC2lCllCI'S Club Sponsorg Herschel Smith, Geom- etry, Sponsor of Chess and Checker Club: Mary I.. Smith, American History. u , , n Keep S . S: Zak ng Row l-Lucille Stansell, Head of Home lico- nomics Departmentg Douglas Steensland. Nlusir. Director of Band, Sponsor of Nlotlern Music Masters: Nora Slickling, English. Row 2-Marjorie Stollregcn, linglislrg KL. li. Stuart. Biology, Golf Coach, Sponsor of Pho- tography Cluhg Mrs. Norma Ilnrlc-rhill. Study Hull, Library. Ron' 3- li. CI. Wnggoncr. Ilczul of Sricucc Dc- ll1ll'llllClll. Yisuul .Xiils Director. llircclor of Radio Stallion XV.Ii.l'.S.. Sponsor of Projection Ciluhg li. Max von lsscr, Hczul of Art Depart' nicnt, Swinuning Cloztrlig Mrs. Clara Wilson, Sight Saving 'l'c:u'hcr. Rim' J- Hortcnsc lf. Wilson, Head of Mathc- niulics DL'lJ2ll'llllClli. lrigonoiuetry, College All gclxrzig Walter M. Wilson. lironomifs, Sponsor ol Sluclcnl Council: Rohr-rt il'. Winn. Biology, .Xthlvlirs lirltcl xi2llliIgt'l'. Row 5-Iillison H. Hokc, Radio Progrnln lli- rcctor, W.li.l'.S.g Mrs. Marie Sclnininn. l'nlJlir School Nurse: Mrs. lim Hopkins. sf,'l'l'l'l1ll'y lo Mr. Cartwright. Row b- Mrs. Beulah Lueck, Attendance Oiliceg Eileen Schilferer. Oiiice: Norma XN'illaerl. Ollifc. 1 l I 7 I'jrpf1' Vllfllf - Shzmm l'L'L'. -In ,Kun Ilicrking. ami Iiznl l.2lflCIlillg Iwzld for lhv libl'zu'x In lilllill up mx f1lI'g1lIlCll fzlrls during study pcfiurl, f.'1'H!1'r riglll - Xlisx filiilgllllltl Llllll Nlrm. Ullzllmlllalll rxplzlin smm' rvl'Clcm'cx In Ruse Hcrlcl. Svlxial NvC'I'l1Clg. xlllfil' Vlszucr, :xml ,, lauk llllflxillk I I,vm'r1' ligllf - Xlnkiug uw nl' gum! xczulillg buulu :nv .lim llcmmil, jim Quiglv. l.:lYr'rl1c l.z1mlnL'In'. Hairy l,Ull l.oul'l, zlllcl Ilmmic Yzlnclcrfmxl. llw vfflllilll uillu xl :ff Nils, ltul llopklux llllkll Sflxiffcrw. :xml NHHIIZI N xllzxcll. XII. RnImins1m. lilgin High School III mum Xhs. B01 lcxuIv11c'c' rlllulm Slwen tial Pa tA - the Uffice and lib a 9 :lah lug-1 L. ill- 4.4 Luni uil- Q Q' il if Qin i.. in inks V193 3 Qwiigg 53555552 X ei Z al-ning or Tomo:-ro Ifpfwr Iefl: "Steaclv. now." While Norma Dunn looks on, Margie MfNutt and .loyre Hendrickson mark the htm of a skirt worn hy Mary lleinler in ai senior clothing class. l,nn'f'r lrfl: Members of a social prohlc-ms class listen to a report given hy Ruth Wilson, Sealed. left to right: Gloria Annindsen. Leslie Gzilfortl. Kathleen llurke. litlwzml llorwzildl, -Iohn Hayden. and Connie Fayne. lI1'nl1'r: "lt must he true, hut how will we prove it?" Geometry poses prohlems for Arlyn Weiss. Ray johns. Martha West. and .lim Anderson. Right: john Lange, Maxine Murphy, Roger Soderhurg rseatedj and Bill 'Klderman ron- sidcr a prohlcm in economies on the hlaekhozird. Lmurr righl: Char NVet7el, june Wolff, and Shirley Windan prepare food for the deep freeze. I"pjn'1' rmfrr: 'liming Miss Locks' typing rlziss in a speed lest is Kathryn llevereaux. First row: Pat Behrens, Violet Behrens. Emily Bochning. Rita Cox. Dale Mcuser. Semnd row: Anita Fees, Sharon Ferris, Carolyn Funk. Phylis Hopp. Tliirri min: Shirley Logan, Ann Mangum. ,lo Anne Nlzirkovich. Pniirih row: Mary Ann Ortmann, Loretta Sterling. I'f717I'1' right. opjmxilrr page: A disrussion ahout lypw of feed and corn takes place among llriire Rt-inlting. Mike Perrin, Cllniclt Hutton. and .jiin johnson. 21 l11'fl.' u1111s1111. X1111'1'i11111 1461itb e K1-o dened liII'lIlll11llC .X11l11111 111111 f12ll'01y1l f1Zll'1't'1lQ1lC1lb Nl111'i11c1lc .Illi11l1I lic-:1111-11, 1llll1 RRI? S1I11'icl11'1' .11 1111: 1111111 111 I1isl111'y. l'll1f1r'1' Viglll: Dllllg' XYi11i11111s points 11111 l'112ll'2lKklCl'1Sl1t'S uf l1lL' llllIU1'11l 111 81111111 5C1ll 1111111 N11111 S11 1 .'1 1 '1 . .' 1 ."1111i111, .lllllll Ross.1111c1 Xnlis Sl11111'l. l,n11w'r 1ighl: R1-1111111 Sl1'11w111'i1lgQ, lJ11w11 Nlillcr, 1111111111 l.Zlgt'l'SlI'lllll. N12ll'l1l1l SQIISUI' 111111 .Io111111c R1111: 111-1111111s11'11lv 1110 l11111isl11wu1I11-. Ky Many Type of C'laAA1-vom fxpel-ienceA Ilpprr Irlt: CZISIIIIIIF! Xinrilwcllc llulnmm, Hub lx umm Lynn HLTHCIIIQIIIII, flzlwlu Nllllzncc, ,lumix Ifzllmluk :ml Nm C.rzml ulrcfllllv llil victim Slllllllil lhxrluzmk 1111 lrfl Cilll llllvlllcl' Iczulw an mliscllsslull Ill an Y I lsh ulh ru l'4'l'lllllllli'l'. Dzlllus l'ull'L'l, liolm 1 I L kllkll Ixllkllllfl, lzllli Rilil'IlZll'll. :mml Klum Slus lll nr: lzjl Sully .luncs gives smnc fzlflw of Ins s sul 'rm 1 1 ,. -x' lhnsun IH IYIII ckgll. , ' 'ml 4' 1' ark ' ' A " ',', 1 mcrls. 1 4 ' nut. -nl lea n 61, fxperience and 5' 3- 311. w. ,X , MMA -em I'j1l'n'r lrjfi: j1111111z1!is111 class gels lo work folding Xliurrv rckwisc 1l1cy z11'1' S1'l111z1 NIi1c'l1L-ll. lmflllllkl K11ll1111111. 61111111111 fnll'l'l'IlS. vl,Cl'I'Q l51l1111i11g, Mnrcizl Kzlplnin. Bz11'l1111'11 Ciriwmmn Nancy Serin, 12111111 KCIIYUII. Nl:11'i:11111c l.:1m1. Inis Knzxuk z1111l KIT? CL1rl1ls1ci11. l.'l'IlfI'l lwll: Sue l1t'1lll2ll'Il puiuls 11111 :1 11111111 in fL1'1111.111 lioris R1-i1lc111z11111. I,fm'r'1' lwjl: xfllilb H1-11lz1h Rolxvrls pulx ll 1l1c'1'111mm'1c'1 111 ldlj LXIJIIIIIN IIN PIIIN 111 wrk, l'Nl'2llIl'CS Xx'0l'l1Cl' f5C1'0llil 1111111 -' -' 1' J 1' 1 Lmc, fXl:11'1I1z1 CIi11i11c'io11c. Sl1z11'o11 SIOIIC. 1 1 ' , ' . uv" rik' 1 1 N 'I ' 'K'l'lll. ' " ' A' ll i 1 ics " ' 5lllJL'l'XiSi0Il ' ' mv H ' N ' ' 5 1 1' YI ml 1 'Ck 1 ic1"'. H Q I 1 v 1 ,1 A-151 W. ,,,." We 11 e 7lceAe fxperiencw in fi Tag I'11p1'r lrfl: 2 'l 2" I ziml ilu-ii iUlIll'l .lim lii':icIxlwi'. lll'I'l'l llnppv. :mil Claiml Xxiilllllll lry ilwii' liaiml an lczirliiug liig. I,1m'1'r lrfl: llmm- prulwlnwiis ollcii siigguslirms lin' llmvcr zn'i'1iiigc'lnL'lils lu Nami Nlillcr. Rilzi Klux, Nzmu C1i'1'ii1c4-iw. :mil lQlm'iz1 Aiiiiiiuleeli. fjrulrr: "Q'uc'- lmrzi vw? Oli. just gin- mu llic liiiivf' explains hluslim- Kiililmzui, l.CUIl2ll'Cl l.q-lnm, Klziml bliiigviis. llill llZlllY2ll'4l. :iml -lllllV Vorcis. I'j1j,v'r riglll: .lim l'ilclic'i. -Ioliii Nlnrluii. Billie Nlilfllll, l,0lllSC Xflllll, full sczilcclb, llzirry l'iuklin, zlml Nunn Ncxillc IHZIIISC isliilc' workiiig i'cw0xii'c'li in lllUllC'I'll liisloiw. l.uz1'rr righl: .loziii Sziflwll limls lfi':im'c- on Llic unzip while follow lfrcncli ClllllllSl2lSIS l.:1i'i'y lhmsii :mil I':il Kilplilill look on. Zz many flectiziu 70 C7100 ef mul Ilan id lfruil, , X l'zlllI NlitcI1cll,K'l1z1rlcs Nlurgzm. lolln xllblltbll. Dam IIZHINVH. :lml xY2l!'l'L'll llcnrx zu hc wurks lhv Imml szlw in wouclxlmp. uma' Ruth XYilson. lilzxim- ,lllUlllSL'll, CQIIUIYII Hillel, llmmzl l,ul1lxalucr. :mm Dum Mlkinw. .Nrmml umm' Clzlmlu Wullzuc. .xllll l.zlmlxwl'. llcnm YUIIIICIQ Igrmy VIUIHISUII, Bill I-in-skv. Ilimk .ln-mmm. :uni Nc-il Illml WQIUKII. kir- vlif x 3""l? al' ,nw Kwai' z I'pju'r' lwfl: .Xrlisl Salllx Iklllllllilll displays hm l1llL'lll lu xlcn Kun lvIlilL'lNilgl'l lrrzlrr lf!! lh :fling flzlsw axlformls lilllc time' fm' ltiSlll'L' lo YUIH SXiL'llNUll I,un'1'r lrfl: Chuck R2llx0N' :mal C1113 Cuugll Wlllfll lin-11 Hmmm illll'IlllX l'l:ju'V Viglll: Du, lic. mv . . . Hlllkllllillf rlzzss LU-U!7L'I'2IlL'K on il pmhlum. lfmnl l,u:1'1'r rilqlllt Ray cgl'llIK'l' wvlcls with zm zlwlxlcm' IUIXII als Kan Nic-nglux' What ?un he e C'laAAeA 14 e. lfvlflflfl' riglzl: lzmifc Sokucly ulmsclwcs lhu fCl'lllllif V " ' , 1 hulms. .rmwr 1'i1'flff ' 4i1l'Cl', 1 Q' 2 , 1 'zlzlwc' ay Sfhriclmcr, ,uwrc ". : .' ' 1 ' 's ' ' -' "llll9 uf p inli ff-"" l'j1pf'1' lrfl: llilljp work umlcrfmml! Nlzlry .xlI4lill. Dunn l,uhImuucl'. M:1l'jm'y Gzmlick mul Dun Slcwzul llfilllllllill' ll Slllrx as Paul Bflllllllllll 2IIl!lL'2ll'S nlisilllcrvslvd. I.r1u'1'r' lr!!! Pill SIIUCIJCI' lltlillli - A " .' 1 'z - out the x umm Inyux ul lll amficnl Romain maui to john I1-lllllzlll. Xlilvs lfrallcl, .lim .Xmlcl son. Xlllll lsidllllilll. Doug Qlcnwn. Dun Yullu. :uni l':ll Nlfkm-mx'n 1 1 QUR LORDS AND LADIES Tb 4532- X Q W Seniom - 'dw a E21 2 22 S 01 wg: 'lv f '1 K? ,. x Ei , Q 1 awww' K 'z fw Q ' ' 14-f - 5.64 fa' 5 Q, , W W' .. M X I , w1fw. ? W'3f6H?3f5v - www The lord and Zadie I9 4 at S . S CLASS OFFICES .Slrmrling - Barbara Rakow. Treasurcrg Bob tiillam, Presi- dent. .Sealed - Nance Braddock, Vice-Presidentg Ruth Wilson, Secretary ' CLASS COUNCIL Row mu' - Margaret Lawrence. Ruth Wilson, Nance Braddock. Bob Cillam, Barbara Rakow, Elie Bernstein, lone Hedstrom. Row two - Margene Fricke, Carole jones, Virginia Russell, Karen Coodnow. jackie W'illiams, Elaine Behling. Row three - Don Koch, Bill Tobin. -lim Pease, Dick Moore, Arnie Dauk- savage. As the members of the senior class fastened the hooks of their gowns and straightened the tassels of their caps. they thought of all the fun and good times that they had experienced dttring their years at E.H.S. Many remembered the day in 1950 when they had timidly entered these balls as freshmen. awed and scared. "5'f," the last class to enter as freshmen because of the new junior high system, was on its way up the long ladder to success. The first fourth of the ladder was gained when "Buster" Leach was elected president. Ierry Mills, vice-president, Mary Lawrence, secretary. and -lim Blum, treasurer. The members of the new class danced under multi-colored umbrellas at their first party-"April Showers," ln the sophomore year, Abbott joined forces to create one of the largest classes eye: to enter E.H.S. Wayne Larson, Art Greene. Mary Lawrence. and Ralph Kallenbach took over the reins as president. vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectivcly.They. with Mr. Ralph Phillips. class sponsor, and Miss Mary Peters, assistant sponsor. aided the class in the successful party-"Heartbeat." It was during the sophomore year that beige and green were chosen as the class colors. Soon after the junior officers were elected, NVayne Larson. president: jerry Mills, vice- president: Linda Sokody, secretary. and Barb Rakow. treasurer, the stork of '54's Homecoming float flew away with first prize. The members could be seen in their new beige and green sweatersg the halls rocked with the arrangement of "Down Yonder," the class song. l'hat was the year in which the rose was chosen as the class flower: the motto, "Less than our best is failure," and the winning pennant plan of Dick Moore were also chosen. Who will cyer forget the fun at "Stardust Swing," or the beautiful presentation of "I Remember Mama." or the dreamy time at the Prom? How quickly that junior year slipped away. how mysteriously '51 found themselves as seniors. There were so many things to be done in such a short time. Homecoming "Night of Knights," will long be remembered. The football and basketball games, the dances and Saturday-night parties, the hurriedly eaten hamburgers and malls all combined to make a fast moving year! '54 again forged ahead when "Goodbye, My Fancy" scored a complete success. The year went faster and faster: "Crystal Ball," the senior class party. the tournaments and music contests, Stunt Night and the Sock Hop: each activity pushed the previous one into a memory. YVith spring came the class supper. the never-to-be-forgotten Prom. finals. report cards. Baccalauratc. and. . .Commencemenr For the class of '51, commencement marked the beginning. not the end. College and professions beckon, now. But no matter what the fttture holds. Elgin High will be long remembered in the minds of the metnbers of '51, just as '5-l will be remembered in the history of E.H.S. 30 7lne Clam I9 4 EDIVARD ALAN ABBOTT - "Ed" Intramural Bowling 2: Intramural Basketball 2. Ambition: 'l'o be an engineer. DIANA LOU ADKINS - "Di" German Club l. 2: 'nt-inc Choir I: junior .X Cappella I Itcncli Club .5 I -. I-. . ' 1 Ambition: 'l'o be a surcess in music. .IOANNE LOU ALBRIGHT - "jo" ilillllll flllllll l I' X K 2 3 I Ambition: lo live in Caliloruia. BILL WALTER ALDERMAN - "Bill" l'lroto Club l. 2, 3. I: President 3. I: Proicrtion Club 4 4 . f-, - A - ' 4 I l. 2. 5. I. Xue President I: junior .X Cappella 2, 5. I: President I: Student Council l. Ambition: 'l'o be an engineer. ANNE MARGARET ALEY Entered from Elgin .M'adeiny in IQS2. Mixed Chorus Il: I'il'L'llC'll Club 3: Senior A Cappella -I. Ambition: 'lio graduate from rollege. VIDA RAE DONNA ALTOM Modern Ilanee l. 2. 3. -I: German Club 2, 3: Indian llanre 3. Al: Mirror Stall' Pl. Ambition: 'lo gradtsate from Alabama l'nivcrsity. GLORIA A. AMUNDSEN - "Glo" .Xt-olian 2: G..-LX. 2. 3. l: Mixed Chorus fl: junior .X Cappella -I: lf.H.A. -I. Ambition: 'l'o stay happy. WILLIAM A. ANDERSEN - "Andy,' Entered from I-Ilmliurst in 1952. Stage Crew 23 German Cltlb 2. Ambition: 'l'o be a captain on an ocean liner. YVONNE HENNY ANDERSEN - "Peanut" Red Cross 2, I: Class Council 3: A Cappella fl. I: Stu- dent Council -I. Ambition: 'l'o be happily married. JOHN RICHARD ANDERSON - "jack" German Club 2: .X Cappella 2: I'rojection Club 2 4 Band 2. l: Orchestra 3, -I. i Ambition: 'l'o be a line musician. KEITH KENDON ANDERSON - "Andy" Class Council 2: Basketball Manager 2 'l I' lndtm lnmt-mg 2, 3, t, ti emi, 3. t. I i M U ' RICHARD LESTER ANDERSON - "Andy" Ambition: 'l'o be a good marliiuisl. GORDON DALE ANDRESEN - "Andy" Intramurals 2, -I: Red Cross fl. Ambition: To be a Cabinet maker. KENNETH WVAYNE ANDRESEN - "Andy" I.atin Club 2. MARSHA RUTH ANDREWS - "Marsh" Student Council 2: .Xeolin 2: Girls Club Council I Mirror Stall' 3. -I. Ambition: 'I'o be ll nurse. GEORGE ROBERT BAILLEAUX Class Play Committee 2. l: Wrestling 2. fl. I: li llub 6 . . gl. I: I'. Club Ilsher -1. Ambition: 'l'o own :ny own gilt and bobby sltop RODNEY XVILLIAM BATT - "Rod" Bowling 2. 3: Ambition: 'l'o go to Soutlt .Xtneritzr ELAINE ADRIENNE BEHLING German Cltlb .21 Band 2. fl. I: Orrltestra Il: llrss I Council .Xmbition: 'l'o be a ronnnertial artist. 'flue C1444 0 I9 4 DEE ANN IIELLOIVS - "live" RONALD LLOYD BjICK - "Ron" lIzuul I. 2: IlIIl'llIIlIlI'1ll Sports l 2. QI, I1 Hi-Y II. IZ Slumlcul Cmulfil I: Scuiol' Class I'l:1y I. .AIIIIIIIIOIIZ 'I'u get n IIIZISICIIIS xlcgrcc. CAROL jEAN BLACK - "Blackie" Ira-lwlc l: C.A.A. l, 2. LI, I: c:ll'lS Clulm I. 2. II. I,l'0SI' ml:-ul I: Curluzlu Club I. 2, ZI. I2 .XL-olluu 22 Slumlcul Council 2: Ycrsc Speaking 2. II. I: If.II.A. 'I I1-:1sll1'cl' II: Class Cuuuril 31 A Cuplzcllu II. l. .Xmlxiliuuz In llc 21 sflmnl lC1lt'lICl'. JACQUELINE JEAN BLAZIER - "jackie" CAA. l. 2: Rccl Cross 2: Isilllil 2. il, I.llbI'1Il'l2lll I: Clwlu-l'Ilys Club I. Amlmiliou: lu ln- ulmlc lo wigu my uzuux- willl ZIII RN. CAROL .IUNE BLIETZ - "Kay" C X X 2 3 I .Xullullimult Ilu lunrry. JAMES ARTHUR BLISCHKE - 'IlSIish" SIJIIIIISII Clulw 2: I"m'cl1sics 2: IIIllIllllIlll'2llS 2. TI. I: Curumu Clulz 1I. I: CIHSIII-l'llAS Clulm 3I.I. .Xmlniliom In lrc an IIIIIIIOIIIIIII' lwuclu-lm. j.-XNIES LOUIS IILUM Class lll'L1lSllI'ClI I: SIIIKICIII Cuumil I. 2, Iiu'ullix'c Cuuunil LI. l'x'csi1luul I: bluuim' Rc-ml Cruss I, 'ITL-a1s111'c'1 2. II: Ifoullmll Xlulxalgvr 2. EIL lizlsc-Imll Nlnllugcl' 2: Iizlslwllmalll Nlzulzlgrl' 2. II. I: Ii Clulm 2. II, I: Ili-I II. I Amlmilinuz 'lu llc' zxu 1'llg'illccx'. GARY LEE BOCHUM - "Moose" lfoollmzlll I: lhlskcllulll I. II:1scImIl I. 2. II. I1 Iulrzl- uuuul lIz1sI4cll1A1II 2, 3. bl. .AIIIIJIIIOIII Io ln' QI lclcvisiuu t'dIIICl'1lllI1lll. CHARLES CONRAD ROCK -- "N0lJbu" IllII'1lIlllll'.ll Iknsclmll 2. 3: Illlllllllllllll liuskcllmull 2. FI IZ junior Class l'la1y. CHARLENE FAY IIONNER - "Cllall"' 'l'l'L-lmlv I. ,Xculinu 2: C.A.A. I. 2. lI. I: .Iuuior Rccl Cross -I. .AIIIIJIIIOIII 'Io grxulllnlc' zuul ln gm an gmnl july. Spuuislm Clulm 2, II: U.X..X. I. 2. 3. I: .X Cnppm-ll'1 'I I AIll'lOl'5l1lll !. .AIIIIIIIIOIII In hc Rl 1Dl'Illl2II'Y grzulvw u-zuluw. MARY ALICE BELLOWS Q.. ' fI I NIIILILIII LOIIIICII I Illtlllll Nlmlcru IIQIIICC L. '. Z f ' I " fi Dzxnccr EI. I: Ccrumu Cluh EI, I. Summary I: Sou Class Play. .AIIIIIIIIOIII To llc :1 KIZIIICC lcuc'I1cl'. NANCY LEE BELLOXVS - "Nan" . , . 0 , ,. ,h . Acollu Clumu' -1 Sluul NIglIl ,ll Nllxvcl Clmrus I 1 X I lppcllzl I Class Plzn' 3. I: Hmnccomiuq I: Iuuio' . ig .Xmlmilioulz I0 go Illmugll clullcglv. NETTIE MAE IIELLOWS Ambition: Io SIIIIAI il cI1iIcI's IIIIVSCIY llI'lL'l' I 9,l.llllI.ll4 NORMAN DALE BELLOWS - "IIulc'h" IIIII'llllllII'lll II:1skc'llJz1lI I, 2. 3. !. .AIIIIJIIIOIII To lac illl 1u'my gcucml. DONNA KAY BENSON Acolizul 23 Soplmluorc- IIl'1lIIl2llll Clulm 2: IIISIJIIIC I C,A.A. 2. 3, VI. Amlyilion: lo IIC lmppy :mal s1u'c'cssI'l1l lIu'oug'lmu my life. KATHLEEN VICTORIA BERKE - "L0llyI' CA..-X. 2. 3. I. Ambition: In lralvcl lo Africa and lo look au slux lllmugll lclcswpcs. ELYNOR AUDREY BERNSTEIN - I'EIie" SIIIKICIII Council I: Scc'1'clzu'y Dclnuc I, 21 Rcml Crux Council 31 Verse Spcukiug I, 2. 3: Cllcffrlcauliug I ' I1 Ci.A.A. I, .2. II. I: Sccrclzlry A Cappella II, I Stull .I. I. Izclllol' I: Clzlss f.OllII1'Il -Il 5IlllIL'lII Committee AI. Nlil Du .Xullmiliuui I'u lllillil' pcuplr luurc lolcrauu ol n-ull olllcr. GERALDINE MAY BIRD - 'III0nls" or L'-lerry" .AIIIIIIIIOIII In uwu Rl rzulclx. C.A.A. 2. The C1444 I9 4 MARA ANN BOONE - "Hey You" I'IllIL'lCIl Elgin Iliglu Srlmul in IU52. KJHIICYIILI 2. -I: P .ml J. ,I. I, Ihnwllng I: I-xrls Llulm C.mlllc'lI I. Allllriliml: 'lo Ivarn lo llmlcrslaml pcuplv. SHIRLEY CLAIRE BORTER - "ShirIcy Bell" Irclmlc I: .Xculian 2: b..I..X. I. 2. II: .I Cappella II, I. .Xmlniliunt 'lu trawl. NANCY -IO BRADDOCK - "Nam"' I.lIlQII4..IlllIlg 1, Ialm Llulx I. J: .Iculxan 3: I-..X..X. 1 K , . . . . . . I. -, .I. I: Sllulcnl fllllllllll I. Ixxcmulnc Council II, I. Nlixccl Clmrus II. I".H.,X. SQ'Ll'CI1lI'Y XII Class Yirc'-I'rL'si- mlm-ul I. Llass Lullncll I: A Lappclla I. Imluilion: 'lu trawl. RAYMOND TILFORD BRADLEY - "Ray" ..m4 .- lxack 3. .I. I, Llosa Lollnlxx .I. I. MARY LOUISE BRAMER AIIIITJOII I: Mirror Stall I: Nlarmm Assn-mlmly I. AIIIIJIIIUIII IU gvl a unllcgc Il:-gum-. CHARLES JOHN BRANDNER - "Chuck" SIJIDIIOIIIUIK' Ilramalims fllllll 2: I"IIl,.X 2. 33 Vin I'rL'sulc'nl II Ial S .I. .Imluilirmz In Inc SIIK'l'1'SSI1lIl in Rarliu or II' proc Iiull. MARLA SUE IIROY l"rankI'0r4I High Sclmol IEI52. Amlmilimm: 'lo Inc a sccrclarx PATRICIA A N N BRYER SUIIIUI A Cappella I: Girls Clull f1UllllI'II 2. II. I: Or mln-slra I, 2. EI: Spanish Clulm I. 2. .Xmlniliunz In Inc a scorn-tary lo a IIIIIIOIIS pcrsun. CARL ARTHUR BUEHLER IIawIwlImIl 2. QI: Irark 2. II: IICIIIIZIII Clulm 2. II: Class . , L Lmlmll 1: IIIIHIIIIIIIYIIS il. II. I: .X Cappvlla I, Xmluilirm: Io In- a u-rlilic-II pulmlic lllililllilillll. luv SHARON ANN BURBANK C.A.A.: IICIJIIIL' 2: l'.H.A. I: I-Icons II. I: Acnlinns I Amlmilirmi Sllu'cssI'llI aml happy no IlIIIlIl'I IYIIIII I mln JEAN CAROLYN BURGER lml' ' " "' ' I ' ' 'I ' l.llI Dammg -. J, I: Spalllmlr C.IuI: -. .IQ I X I l. 3. I, C-nla I.luI1 Uuxmll I, Nlarmm NILIII I Amlmiliunr 'Ib lc-afll srlmul. BEVERLY ELLEN BURKE Irclmlc I: Mirror Stall' fI. Ambition: I0 gcl lllIll'l'IL'1l. RONALD BRUCE BURSTEIN - "Maxi1"' Senior Class Play: CIIL'l'I'IC1lIlIllI.f LI: .X Ilappclla 2 I I LIIICIIVIIIIIS Clulu I3 Spanish Clulm 2: IIaalilllli IIIHIII urs 2. TI, I. AIIIIJIIIOIII To lmcwlm' a Iawyvlx RAYMOND VINCENT BURTON - "Ray" Spanish Clulm I. 2: Gorman illulr II: I'lmlugrapIn I Iulm I-.. Ig.-,x.'-' I, Z. 5, I. IIaml I, 1, .I. I, I.I1cln-I Ins Llulm ,I, I. In IN urvr I: Intramural Sports I. 2. II. I: Ifuullnall ' .Xlnlxilimri Clrclnical Iillg'illm'c1'. GLENN HOYVARD BUSHMAN Sr. A Cappella I: LlIl0l'lIS 2. iI: Ihnrlillp, II. I: l.nII I IYIIIJRIIOII High Sclrunl SI'IJIl'lIlIIl'l. IEIQIZ. Amlxiliunz I.awyvr. SHIRLEY MAE CAVITT ju. R1-ml Lum I: I-lu-ns l.2.1I1Ii..X..X. 1.2: In Amlmiliun: Huly AIIIIVIIIIOIII. jO ANN LOUISE CHAPPLE - "ju" Rccl Cross 2: Y-Ibclls I. 2: Nlixvll I.IIIbl'II9 I ,Xmlmilinnz Io get marrival. DOROTHY -IEAN COMBS - "Dol" SPZIIIISII I. 2: .I Cappvlla II. I: lIuwIing' I. 2. I I Acuhaxxs 2. .Xmlmilionz I'armn-r's will-. he C7444 I9 4 JOEL ANN DEUTERNIAN - "Jo" Aeoliau 2: A Cappella 3. I: Maroon Stall' I: Latin Club 2 Yice-l'ics.:ASmanisli Clttb I: lmlian Dancing I 2. 3. -I: Raclio IYOYIQSIIOJJ 2, 3: CA..-X. 2, fl. I. Ambition: 'l'o become a nurse. DARLENE MAE DICKHAUT - "Dicki" Y-Teens 2: Mirror Stall' 3: Square Dancing 3, I: .X Cappella 3, I: C.A..X. I. 2, 3, -I. .Xmbitionz Elementary leaclter, JOANN MARDELLE DILLOW - "Jude" - A . . ., . - - ., lncltan Dancing 2. 5: Ilancl I, -, 5: l.atm Club I. ..: . , - , . , . ,, Class Council 22 Maroon hlalln -I: C..-I..-X. I, 2, 5. I, Ambition: 'l'o go to college. A RLENE JOANN DODDS C..-XA. I, 2. 35. I: Nlaroon Stall' I: Cirls Clttb Cottncil 2. ll: Sophomore Dramatics 2: Treble l: Acolian 2: Homecoming l: Prom Decorations 3: Class Party I. 2, 3, -I. Ambition: 'l'o be an 1Il'l teacher. EDWARD JOHN DOWALDT - "Ed" Home Room Basketball 2, fl. JAMES NEAL DOW JR. - "Jim" Maroon Sales Stall: lntranutral Sports: Lake I-'orest .Xcatleiny Jan.. IQG3. NORMA ELIZABETH DUNN 1' X X I 2 'I I' Stnclent Council 94' Girls Club Cab- inet 2: Clieerleacling I, 2, -I: I.atin Club I, 2: Span- isli Club 3 Presiclent. Ambition: 'l'o be a veterinarian. CHARLES PHILIP DUNNING - "Terry" Student Council I: Intrznnural Sports 1. 2, 3, -I: A Cappella 2. 3: Latin Spanish Club I. 2. fl, -I. .Xmbitionz Live to make at million DAVID LYON DUVAL - "Duv" f".,.. .,.. .' ' I Class Council 3. -I: .-X Cappella 2. 3, sl: German Club I Itctsuict litm Klub I I . .. . .. . ,-. .Itnbition: Io become a Doctor. EVONA FERN CORK C,.I..X. I. 2, 3, -I. Ambition: Secretary. IWAX KIRK CRAINIER - "Max" Football I, 2, 3. PI: Intramural Basketball l. 2. fl. ll Baseball 2. 3. -I: Student Council I: Social Connnission "E" Club -I: Class Cotlncil 3. Ambition: Engineer NANCY CAROL CREMEENS - "Nam" Ifreslnnan Class Council I: Soplt. Stutlent Council C-.A..X. I, -I. ,Xmbitionz 'l'o marry a certain bloncl. CLYDE HARRISON DARNELL - "Curly" IVrestling 2. 3. -I: Club 3. I: Class I'lays fl. I A Capella 3. AI: Intramural Sports. Ambition: 'l'o grow another 3 feet. ARNOLD JOSEPH DAUKSAVAGE - "Duck" Basketball I. 2. 3, I: Football I. 2. 3. IZ Baseball I. 2 fl. tl: Club 2. 3: Vice-Ptesixlent I. Ambition: 'Ilo succeed in life. RICHARD LEE DAUM - "Dick" Home Room Basketball 2. 3. -IZ Assemble fl. ROBERT EDWARD DAUM - "Bob" Home Room Basketball: Tennis: lntrznnnral Basket ball. Ambition: To become a Businessman. BEVERLY ANN DAWSON - "Bev" G..-LA. Ambition: 'I'o be at successful Airline Hostess. MARY MAY DEMLER - "Mary May" CA..-X. I, 2. 3. l: lrcble I: .Xeolian 2. .IIIIIIIIIOIII Secretary or 'l'eacbez'. The Clam I9 4 CAROLE JEAN EBERLY - "Ehbic" I'BlXI'IuI1ln Cla' I VXI l 2 'I I UII' I .XnlI1ilion: 'llo get llllll'I'IL'lI. DICK BLAIR EH LERT Cross Connlry I: 'I'l'z1c'k I. 2: Ifoollmll 2: I'l'UWIL'i'lIUIl Club I. 2. EI, 1. AIIIIIIIIUIII 'I'o lmccoinc ll llI'IlfISIIIl!lI. SUZANNE EMERY - "SusicI' Clln-crlcznling I. 2: Modern IIlIIIl'C 2. 3: Inclizin Dann'- ing 2. 3. I: IIilIIlllIlIlIg ll: flies Iirlwls fl. .XnlIwilion: Io scc llic worlil SHIRLEY AN NE FAIRCHILD Xlomlcrn llznnl- 2. 3. .XIIIIJIIIUIII 'l'o nlwzlys Inc liz CONNIE MASON FAYNE nppy Innililing' I. 2. 3: Class I'In 3: 'l'rc-Imlv I. Nlixcml ' . I I - illiorns Il: NIUKICVII Dancing I. 2. 3. II: Inclizin Dann- ' X lippclll I ing -. 5, It junior . .I .2. ,Xlnlmilionz 'l'o lic sncccssfnl and Inlppy. DOLORES MAE FEES - lrclmlc Llioni I: Ccrnna Real Cross VI. UDCCQV n Llnll 3: Class l'I:1x' EI. I .XIIIIIIIIOIII Io livc ax sixc'c'cssI'lll Iifc IIIHI :llwzlys In Imppy. DAVID EARL FIELD - 'LDave" llznnllmll 2: Inlr:nnnr'1l lrwlgcll I .- null 2. 3, I: Home Rooln IILISI-QCIIILIII -I. .AIIIIJIIIOIII 'I'o llc silcccssflll in lift. DUNALD A. FISCHER - "Don" lnlrannnrzll Iiznskcllmzall 2: Home Room Balskcllmll 2. .Xinliiliont 'Io Inc SIILCCSSIIIII in lifv. BARBARA JEAN FISHER - K'Barhie" XL-olianl 2: Girls Cllnlm RL'lJI'CSl'III1lIIYL' 3: A Czlppcllu 5. Scc'l'cl:n'v VI. Il. I1 Nloilcrn Nluwic' NILISICIN ,Xinlnlxonz Io alo work in sonic Iiclal of sciciicc. ANN FOELSCHOW' I . A -i V., . I.z1lin Llnlm 2: Nluroon 2. 3. I, Rcml c.lUSS 5, LIN Play I. Ambition: 'I'o Irccoinc il nursing anlminislrznor. RILEY DEAN FOLTZ I I . - I Bzlncl 2. EI, I, Lllcss Club 2. ,I, I1 K,c'i'nlnl1 Llulb 1, I Bowling PI. Ainlnlionz lo In- :nn c-lig'i1n'm'. YVONNE JUAN FORCIER .Xcolian 2: C,..-XA. 2. 5. I: Inrlmn Dannnxg 2: Rul Lross 2: Class Plan' EI: Mixccl Lliorns .51 .X Lzippcllan I .Xinliilionz To Il'2lI'L'l. FRANCES ELAINE FREY - "Frankie" C,..X..X. I. I: Bowling I. 1. ,AIIIIIIIIUIIZ 'I'o lrccolnc ll good prixalll' Sl'l'I'l'I2Il'Y. MARGENE M. FRICKE I.2lIlIl Llnlz l. 2: Orclicslru I. 21 Clam Lonnul I. I C..-LX. I. 2. 3. I: Innlizin Dznning I. 2. fl. I1 Ru Cross 2: Sllllllll' Dancing 3. I: Nlnroon Slull' fl, I Clicin-Pliys Cllnli l. .AIIIIJIIIUIII 'lio liuconic Il IIlll'Sl'. RICHARD BLAIR FRITZ - "Dick" ' - - I 1 , - 3 4 I . ' in I'rolcrlion Llnlm 2: Slnilnnl Lonnul 3. 3. I. I..IlIlI Linh 2. SL'i'l'CI1lI'Y 3: I'i'o1n CUIIIIIIIIICL' filllllflllllll fl. .Xinlmilionz 'lio do inorc in lvss linn-. DAVID LAWRENCE FROST - "jack and Frosty" I'liologr:1pI1y Clnlm 2. I .Xinlmilionz 'I'o lic an pIiologrupIn'i, GARY BASSETTE GABLER Bow Cilvc Cllnlm I: Spzlnis I L. T: . :Ill - 2. fl. !: lfrc-mln Clnlm I, I1IInIm'l X Camilla .Xinlmitionz 'I'o Innfc people like inc. NANCY LEE GABLER - "Pee Wee Lee" IIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ I: .ACOIIIIII 2. NIixc1lCI1oi'nsEI: IIIIIIZIII Dann IH?-I 2' 31 'IZ Orclicslrzl 2. 3. -I: A Cnppcllu -I. ,AIIIIDIIIOIII 'l'o misc an lzlrgc family willlonl spoili lhcln. he Claw JERRY LEE GOLDSTEIN - "Irish" lf.B.1..A. Treasurer l, State Convention Committee 2: I'hotog'raphy Club 2: Intramural Bowling I. 2: In- tramural Basketball 1. 2: Varsity Iforc-nsits I. 2. 55. 4: I'.A. Announcing for Basketball and Football I. 2. 3, I: Radio Workshop 2. 3. I: Square Dancing 2. II. 4. Ambition: To do advertising work. MARY KAREN GOODNOWV - "Karen,' Cirls Cltlh Council l: Spanish Club I. 2: Aeolian 2: Red Cross 2: Class Play 3. I: Nlixed Chorus 3: Class Council I: C.A.A. l, 2. 3. Representative -I. Ambition: To learn to cook. n.....,....'.1. .2 'l:.. JUDITH MARIE GOUGH - "Judy" C' X X I 2 I5 I X Ctpptllt ki I Ambition: 'l'o travel. NANCY JEAN COULD - "Nan" C.A.A 2. 3. -I: Bowling 2. EI, I. Ambition: To work for a good paying Iirm. MARLENE MAE GRAF - "Mar" Bowling l. 2: Cirls Club Council 2' C-.A.A. l. 2. PI. -I. Ambition: 'l'o get married. ARTHUR WILLIAM GREEN - "Art" Class Council l: Class VicefI'resident 2: Football 2. 3. I: Basketball 2. I: Track 2. 3. VI: E Club 2, II, Ig Student Council 3: Red Cross Vive-I'resi4Ient -I. Ambition: 'llo be a eoaeh. PATRICIA ANN GREEN - "Pat" Bowling I: Aeolian 2: Modern llauee l. 2. fl: C.A.A. I. 2. 3. I: Class l'Iav 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls Club Counril 3, 'I. Ambition: To get my driver's license. BARBARA JEAN GRISSOM - "Barbie" C..X.A. l. 2. 3. VI: Modern llanee 2: Bowling 2. Ambition: To learn to drive. YVAYNE CAMPBELL GUNDERSEN - "Gundy" Basketball I. 2. 32 Track l. 2. 31 Cross Country EI. I: Baseball I: E Club ll: Hi-Y -I. Ambition: 'I'o be a stu'cessfuI engineer. 194 LESLIE THOMAS GAFFORD - "Tom" Boy's Clee Club I: Mixed Chorus 2: llomeroom Bas ketball 2. Ambition: To be an upholsterer. WVALTER GARY CANNON - "Paisan" Intramural Basketball 2. 3, -I. Ambition: 'l'o be a plumber. JOHN HOWARD GAYDEN - "Big John" Football l. 2: Mixed Chorus 2: .X Cappella fl. VI. Ambition: To be a store manager for Sears. JAMES ARTHUR GENZ - "Jim" 'lrack 2: Intramural Boxing' 2: Mixed Chorus 2. FI Intramural Basketball 2. 3. I: Junior A Cappella I Ambition: To be an air foree pilot. JAMES N. GESKE - "Jim" Intramural Basketball 2. 3. I: Intramural Badmin ton 3. Ambition: To be a good worker. CAROL JEAN GEWEKE Entered from Luther High. North Chicago in IEISII C..-LA. VI: Junior A Cappella rl. Ambition: To fly in a plane. JOHN RICHARD GIARDINO Football 2, 3, HI: Basketball 2. 3. fl: E Club 2. fl. I Red Cross 3: German Club VI. Ambition: To Ily a jet faster than sound. ROBERT WVILLIANI CILLAM - "Bob" Golf 2. 3, -I: Basketball 2. 3. I: Student Counril EI. I Class President 4. JUDITH ANN GILMORE - "Judy" G.A.A. l. 2. 3. YI. Chorus. Ambition: To go to Catalina. 36 The C1444 I9 4 DONALD E. GUPTAIL - "Cup" lIIll'2IIIIIlI'2Il Sports. JAIIIIIIIIOIIZ To die of old age. BETTY ANN HAAS - "Haasie" flCl'III2lII CI11b l, 2: CAA. I. .2. 3, I: Aeoli1111 2: Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition: 'l'o be ZI suc't'essful SCll'CI2lI'J'. MILDRED LOUISE HAAS - "Milly" fiL'I'lII2lll CI11b 1. 2. 3: CSKA. I. 2. 3. -1: ACOIIZIII 2: Junior A Cappella -I. An1bitio11: 'l'o become II private serretztry to some fsnnous person. RUSSELL DALE HAGEMANN - "Hagie" Coll 2: lIIll'2llIIIII'ZIl Bowling 2. 3, -l: lIIll'2IIIIIII'2Il Bas- ketb11ll 2, 3. -1: I'111seb11ll 3, -l. JXIIIIIIIIOIII 'l'o be il success i11 business. JAMES HAGNER - "Perce" Wrestling l. 22 Cl11ss Council l, 2. :XIIIIIIIIOIIZ 'I'o own Il C11dill11e. ALAN L. HAHN - "Al" IIIlI'2IIIIIlI'2Il Sports 2. 3, -1: II11seb11ll 31 CI11ss Council 3: Student Council 11. .AIIIIJIIIOIII 'l'o be Z1 pI'OfCSSlOIl2ll b11seb11ll player. GLENN LESLIE HALIGAS - "Les" lIIll'IIIIIlII'iIl Golf l. .'X111bitio11: To sell cars 111 II gztruge. LE ROY I-IANDROCK fICI'III2III Club lg IIIlI'ZlIIIllI'1IlS 2, 3. I: CIICIII-l'lIJ'S Cl11b 11. .AIIIIIIIIOIII 'I'o be 1111 engineer. KAREN RAE HANSON - "Han's" C.A..X. I. 2. 3, 1: IIIIIIZIII D1111c'111g I. 2. 3, I: Student Council I. 2, 3. Service KIO-fillilllllllilll l: A Czlppellu 'S I .XIIIIIIIIOIII 'I'o be 1111 Ill'l lC2Il'llCl'. JERRY DEAN HARDING - "L11g' IIIll'IlIIIlII'1Il Basketball. Alllllllllllll 'llo be II pilot i11 the 1111' l.t7l'l'l'. JOHN ALBERT HARKINS - "Jack" SIJIIIIISII Club 21 Mixed Cborus 22 lIIlI'.lIlIllI'1IlS 2. 25. -I Square IIZIIICC fllllll 2. 3. ll: A Cuppellzt fl, I. A111bi1io11: 'I'o enter i11to the IlIlIIlSlI'y. CHARLES T. HARMS - Uchlllfku Spanish Club: KIIICIII-l'lIJ'S Club: llIll'lllIIlII'iIl Ilztslwt b11II. A111bitio11: To be RI JJlI2II'III2ll'lSl illltl retire 111 35. JOHN F. HARRISON - "Fas" F.l".A.: fQCI'lIIZIIl Club: IIllI'2IIIIIII'1Il ll2ISld.'ll7llll1 IIIIHI IIIlll'2Il Wrestling: CI1e111-l'I1ys Club. .AIIIIIIIIOIII 'l'o be n IIIICIUZII' 11l1ysit'ist. DIARY ELIZABETH HORSHAYV - "Lil" 'I'1'eble I1 C.A..X. I, 2. 3. I: Modern IJ111111' I, 2. II A111bitio11: 'l'o be ll IIllI'Sk'. PHILIP CHARLES HARWOOD - "Phil" I'1'o'crtio11 Club I. 2. 3. SCl'l'L'lkII'Y-Il.I'l'2ISIII'L'I' -I: fllIK'llI 2. 3. -!. AIIIIIIIIOIII 'l'o be Zlll elect1'o11i1's engineer. PATSY ANN HAYNIE - "Pat" SJJIIIIISII Cl11b 2: Red Cross 3: llllllllllllllg 2, fl: Yolley b:1lI 2. fl. ll: Illtllilll D11111'i11g fl: llllwllllg I. .XIIIIIIIIOIIZ To be LI private SL'C'l'Cl1Il'J'. DIANE MARY HECHT - "Deen AeoIi1111 2: Mixed Chorus 3: cllIL'lIIfl'llJ'S Club 3 Class l'l11y 3. -I: Tennis ll. Ambition: To always be lnmppy. JEAN LOUISE HECKERT - "Jeannie" ACOIIZIII 23 l,11ti11 Cl11b 2: A C11ppell11 3, -I: CI11ss Council 3: Folk lJ1111t'i11g EI: SIJZIIIISII Cl11b 3, I: Ret Cross Executive Council -I. A111bitio11: 'Io go to college 11nd llIClI . . . ,I . l'l1ys Club 3. Vice-l'1'esi1le11l I: Sllllll Night l'l2lIIlIllIg he C7444 0 I9 4 NANCY JOAN HIX - "Nall" lf.l5.l...X. 2: Latin Club 25. Ambition: 'l'o be a navy nurse. CARL RICHARD HOFFMAN - "Burl" Nlixed Chorus l. 2. 31 Chess Club 2. 32 XYrestIing 2. 3. sl. Ambition: 'l'o be a bachelor. HARRY YVESLEY HOFFMAN - "HOW, Intramural Basketball 2. 3. 1: Intramural Baseball 2: Intramural Wrestling -l. Ambition: 'l'o become a professional organist. IIERYLDE ANNE HOISINGTON - "Balls" . ,. , , . 0 lreble I: I-irls Club Council I: Modern Dance l. -. 3: Red Cross 2: German Club l. Xnibition: 'l'o have a good job and be happily married. ROBERT GERALD HOPPE - "Jerry" Class Council 2: Track 2: Herman Club 2. President Il: Cheni-Phys Club 3, -l: Hi-Y bl. Ambition: To become an engineer. ANN RUTH HORWVITT - "Dollyl' I.atin Club Vice-President 2: Student Council 2. 3: Varsity Forensics 2, 3. 4: German Club 3. I: Verse Choir 3. sl: Cirls Club Vice-President l. Ambition: 'lio go to Europe. BARBARA JEAN HOY - 'fBarb" l.atin Club l: Treble l: Aeolian 2: Cirls Club Council 1 Ambition: 'lo become a successful private secretary. WILLIAM STOVER HUBER - "Kid" Band l. 2. 3. l: Class Party Committee, Chairman 3. Ambition: 'l'o be a racing driver or mechanic at the Indianapolis 500. CHARLES LEE HUTTON - K'Chuck', Baseball .2. 3: Football 2, 3. l: Square Dancing 2, 3, -lg Mixed Chorus 2. 3. 4. Ambition: 'l'o chow cattle for some big farm. IONE GLORIA HEDSTROM Entered from Glenbard High, January l95l. Maroon Sales Stall -1: Class Council 4. DONALD LOUIS HEINE - "Rocky" Basketball l, 2: Track 2: Football l. 2. 3. Al. Ambition: To be a frogman in the navy. DAN HEINEMAN Entered from Wheaton High School in junior year. PA. Announcing for Football and Basketball -1: Wrestling l. 2. 3. l: Homecoming Committee l: Class Party Committee -1: Armistice Day Assembly Commit- tee. Chairman -1. Ambition: 'l'o become an extremely wealthy trial lawyer. JUDITH MARILYN HENDRICKS - "Judy" 'l'reble Choir l. Archery l, Red Cross l: Cirls Clul: Council 2. 3. Ambition: 'l'o be a housewife and mother ol' six. JOYCE MARILYN HENDRICKSON Treble Choir I: Latin Club l: C..X.A. ll Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition: To become a pediatrician. JOHN WESLEY HENSLEY Glee Club l: Intramural Basketball l. 2. 3. sl: Home coming Publicity l: Class Play Tickets and Publici- ty -1 RUSSELL XVALTER HERTEL - "Gus" Golf 2. 3. -1: Intramural Basketball 2. 3. -l: Intramu- ral Bowling 2. 3. -4: E Club -1. Ambition: 'l'o be happy. MARCIA ELIZABETH HIGGINS - f'Hig" Entered from West Aurora High in junior year. Indian Dancing 3. Ambition: To leave Elgin and travel. BETTY ANNE HILLMER Indian Dancing l: G..X.A. l: I.atin Club l. 2: Class Council 2: Orchestra l. 2. l. Ambition: 'l'o play in a professional orchestra. The Cl AA I9 4 FLORIDA ISIBUE IL..X.A. .Xtnbitionz 'lo be a WAC. DOROTHY CAROLYN .IAHN - "Dink" Illllllltl I' l,llIllIlL Higl in IW2 I' I X I 2 "' l'Olll 2 2 ' l .J7L. v.. .. . I I-nls Club Council AI: junior .X Cappella -I. Ambition: 'I'o be a secretary. ARLIN DALE .IAMES - "Ar" Football 2: Intratnural Basketball 2, 3. I: Wrestling .5 , .Xtnbitiont l'o make an easy million. ALICE CATHRINE .IENSEN - "To0lie" Cernian Club 2. 3: Inclian Dancing 3. -I. RICHARD LEE -IENSEN - 'IDick" Ambition: 'l'o be a construction contractor. DONALD ARTHUR JOHNS - "Don" llasketlfall 2: 'l'rac'k 2. 3. I: Ifootball 3, -I: Student Council II. qhnbition: To be a cerznnic' designer. ELDON LLOYD JOHNSON - i'Tony" linlerecl from St. Charles in September 1952. Wrestling fl: lntratntnal Wrestling 3. I. .hnbitioni 'l'o be a bachelor. CAROLE jONES - "jonesy" lntlian Dancing 2. il, 4: tQ..X..X. 2, 3, I: Class Council -I. .Xtnbiliont lo be a private secretary. C. STANTON JURGENS - "Stan" Intratnnrals I. 2. 3. I: Spanish Club 2, fl: Chem-l'ltys Club 5 . I .Xinbition: 'l'o be a pbartnacist. MILDRED LOUISE KADOW - "Milly" G..X.A. l. 2, 3. I: .Xeolian 2: Red Cross I. Ambition: 'I'o travel to Hawaii. SHIRLEY ANN KAGEL - "Shir!" Verse Choir 2. 3: Drantatics Club 2: C..X..X. 2. fl. Ambition: 'l'o be a designer. ROBERT B. KAHL - HC. A." Track 2: Real Cross Council 2: .X Cappella 2. Il. I: Class Play 3. Ambition: 'l'o be rich. RALPH M. KALLENBACH - "J0ckamos" Basketball l. 2: Football l. 2. 3, Pl: Baseball 2. 'liaek l. 2. 3. NANCY LEE KAMMRAD - "Nan" Volleyball 1. Ambition: 'I'o alteml I'atrit'ia Stevens School. THOMAS ALFRED KASTEN - "Thom" Football 1.2: 'l'rat'k l. 2, 3: Band l. 2. fl, I: Class Play 3. 21. Ambition: 'l'o get a good job teaching. GWENDOLYN MAE KAUTZ - "Gwen" French Club Vice-Presitlrnt 3. Presiclent I: lntlian Dancing Z. 3. I: A Cappella J. -I: Maroon htall 5. I. Ambition: 'lio go to eollege. BILL KEENEY ELIZABETH I. KELLENBERGER - "Beth" Orchestra 2, 3: AI: Incliau Dancing 2. 3. I: Cirls Club Council S: C..-X..-X. 2. 3. Representative -I. Ambition: To be a teacher. The C7444 5 I9 4 DOUG DALE KOCH Basketball 2. 3. -1: 'l'rack 3, -1: Mirror 3: Student Coun- cil -l. MARILYN ALICE KOPPING - "Mare" C.A.A. 2. 3: Modern Music Masters 3. 1: Aeolian 2: A Cappella 3, -1. Ambition: To live a happy normal lile. JAMES MONROE KRAEBBER - "Kraeh" H.Y. El. I: Swimming 3: Golf 2. 3. I: "E" Club 3, -1: Chem-Phys 3. l: Latn Club 2: German Club 3: Class Council Student Council 3: Home Room Presitlcnt 2: A Cappella 2. 3, '13 Mixed Chorus. Ambition: To understand all women. EARL LADEWIG -- "Erk" Football 2: 'lrack 2. 3, -1. Palatine High School, September, 1952. LOIS LYNNE LAGERSTROM - "Lag" Class Play 3: Cirls Club Councl 2: Aeolian 2: Sr. A Cappella 3, el: Latin Club 2: Square Dancing 2, fl. -l. RONALD NORMAN LAGERSTROM - "Legs" Dundee September, 1953. Ambition: 'l'o lead a good life. MARY ALICE LAMP - "None" Dramalics Club Vice-President 2: Spanish Club 2: Modern Dance 1: Mixed Chorus 3: Aeolian 2: C.A.A. -1 1 ,,, .. Ambition: To be a success in lfe. MARIANNE GLADYS LAMZ - "Marianne" Latin Club 2. 3: Bowling 1: Volleyball 23 C.A.A. 2. Treble Choir 1. Ambition: To be sucessful in everything I do. LA VERNE WALTER LANDWEHR - "Whitey" jr. Red Cross 3: Tennis 3: 1Vrestling 3, lg Cross Country -1: Hi Y 4. Ambition: Architect. NANCY CAROL KELLEY - "Hanky Square Dancing 3. Ambition: Be a housewife and be happy. CAROL MARGARET KENYON - "Ken', Cheerleading 1. 3. fl: Girls Club Cabinet 1, 2. 3, 4: C.A.A. 1. 2. 3: Class Play 3. -1: A Cappella 3, Al: In- dian Dancing l. 2: Latin Club I, 2: Mirror Stall -l: Aeolian 2: 'l'reble l. Ambition - 'l'o be a success in life. LESLIE KERBER Mix Chorus 2. Ambition: To get a real estate business. MAE WAVA KINSINGER Aeolian 2: junior Class Council Mixed Chorus junior A Cappella. Ambition: To travel. KAREN MAE KIRKHUFF - "Kirk" -Ir. Red Cross 1. 2: G..-LA. 1, 2. 3, rl: Indian Dancing l. 2. 3: Class Play 3. -l. Ambition: Psychologist or be a music: major. SARAH GLEN KIRKPATRICK - "Toga" Student Council 1: Class Council 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Class Play 3, Al: Cheerleading 1. 2. 3, All Orchestra l. 2. 3. 4. Ambition - Physical Therapist. PETER JABIES KLASSEN - "Etzio" Football 1, .2. 3. 4: Track 1, 2: XVrest1ing 2: HE' Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. Ambition: Play professional baseball. FRANK ROBERT KNIZEK Football 1. 2, -1: Square Dancing. Ambition: To raise horses. DONALD FRANK KOCH - "Cookie" Basketball 2: Class Council -1: Home Room Basket- ball 2. 3, fl: Intramural Basketball 3: German Club 3: Assemblies. Ambition: To Gnish college. he C1444 I9 4 CHARLOTTE MARY LANGE - "Char" If.II.I...I. 22 GA..-X. 2. 31 Mirror Slnfl' II I .Xmhitionz 'Io Ivzlrn lo pilot un zlirplzlnc. -IOHN RICHARD LANGE - "johnny" . . ., . Ccmlzul Club I. ..: Orclu-slrzx I, 1. 3, Big ' Ilzuucrs I. 2. 3, I: Class l'I:1y 3. I. Mnlmiliou: 'I'o In- an pI1:u'mzu'isl. MARION -'EAN LANGE Ilmlmcr .Xvolizm 2: Suuzlrc Ilzulcing EI, I1 Inclizm IIZlIlI'Illg 'I I: .I Cappella 3. I. .XIIIIIIIIUIII 'I'o llc an IDVIYZIIC sccrclury. KEN CRAIG LAPI' - "Amos" Smnislx Clulw 2: Golf 2, II, I: llIII'IIIIIllI'2lI Iizlskcllmzlll I 2. 3. I: Rccl Cross Council I. .XIIIIIIIIOIII 'I'o IJL' Il gl'L'CIl'S kcvpcl' of il golf COIIISC. WAYNE ORVAL LARSON - "Orv" I Class I'1'csicIcnl 2. 3: Ii Clulm 2. 3. I: Ifoollmull I. 2. fl. I1 Ilalskcllmzlll I. 2. 3. I. JIIIIIIIIIOIII 'I'o Imuilml my own IIOIIIC. MARCIA LEE LASEMAN - "Bunny" Council I. .XIIIIIIIIOIII 'Io get ZI lol of cnjoynu-ul oul of life. .ACOIIZIII li I'.II.l..,-X. 'IZ I-n'Is Llulm MARGARET LOUISE LAWRENCE - "Marg" C'Ilss founmil I 2 3 I l'I1u.1IcuIing2 II I I II.. . .-.. . I I 1 -... Dunning' 2. fl. I: Co-cflilol' of Illc UAIII'I'OI'.l' .IIIIIIIIIOIII 'Io glilllllllll' from collcgc. MARY ELIZABETH LAWVRENCE - "Marc" Llzlss 5c4'l'c'lzll'x' I, 2: f,ITIIL'SII'2l I, 2. 3, I: Rcml Council 3. I: CA..-X. Yic'cAI'u-simluxl I. .Xmlmilionz 'I'o lx' ll homo cfonomisl. DOUGLAS C. LEA - "Dug" IIIIIIII Cross I.:u1n Clulr I, 2: IIIII'2IlIIIIl'2II Iiuskc-llmzlll I 3. 3, 1: Rzulio null I'l'OjCC'IIOII Clulz I. 2. 3. 'IZ Cllcm-I'I1xs Clulm II. I. .XIIIIJIIIUIII 'I'o llc nn vIcc'll'ic'zlI cngi11cc'1'. Xl DANIEL GEORGE LEE - "Dan" w I ., - - I . . Lllcss l.IuI1 ..: SIJZIIIISII Club 2. 5, .IIIIIHIIIOIII I'o Imcc'o1m' u I'1Ii'IIPl'I' IlI2lll2Ig'l'l'. FRANK DAVID LEE - "EII'c" Ifoollmull I. 2. 3. I: II'l'cslIiug 2, II. I. ff Amlmilion: Io Irv :l lnillionalirc. JER RY IVILLIA M LEETZOIV fICI'III1lll I. 21 I'I1olog1'alpI1y Clulr 2. fl. Yifc'-I'l'L'sicIc'llI I I'1ojuIionI'luIy2 'I l'xnsi1I1nl I .IIIIIIIIIOIII Io study l'ICC'II'0IIIIS in Ilu' lIl2ll'IIIl' morps ISARIIARA ANN LEITNER - "Barb" Irclmlc I: .Xvolinn 23 G..X..X. I. 2. .Imbilionz 'I'o remain Il In-Icplnouc' olmcrzllor mul gm mzll'1'u'rI. AVON ROBERTA LENZ , , ,, . - . , . 4 , f...I..X. 2. 3. I: I-u'Is I.IuIm I.IlIlIlI'II J. 5. I. .Imlmiliouz 'Io get ulzuriccl. SUE LEONARD Slurlcnl Council I. 'I'rc:lslllcx' 2. Yin'-I'l'c'sicIclll fi ,X Cnppclln fl. I: Nfmlvm Music' Hzlslc-rs Yin'-I'wsi IICIII 3, I'rcsi1Icnl I: Class I'l11v II. I. Ambition: 'I'o lu- SOIlIl'WlICI'I' iuxolvcml in IIIIISIHII IJITIKIIICIIOIIS. CARYL ELAINE LIEK - "Carol" Iluncc 21' 1 ' 2. . Ccrlnzm Clulm 2: SOIDIIOIIIOIL' Ilrzunauims Z: NIo1Ivru I I Rulxl I I .XIIIIJIIIUIII Io lu' :ul IIIICIIOI' llCl'0I'1IIOI'. VILAS V. LIKHITE 1 1 - ,. ..., , I 1 -.g. , 3 .. 1 -... . .AIIIIJIIIOIII Io In- am :u'c'I1ilL'c'l. BARBARA JEAN LOEK - "Bunny" Spzmislu Clulr 2, Icmuis II. I: Iulrzunurall IIlISIxl'IIHIII ' I I I'IlIlIiIOOIII Blskmllnll ' I I I: Chem-I' I ', . I.1lIIlI Club I. 2: Nllxccl c.IIUl'llS ,I3 lllllllill' .I I.upIn'IIal Ins Club 3 I Amlmition: 'I-'o Inc :1 lm'cIic'zlI lcclmologisl. The Clam I9 4 STANLEY F. LUNDINE - "Deacon" RHODA ANN MEHLBERG Cliern-Pbvs Club Secretary 33 Mirror Stall' 31 Class Play 3. I: Maroon Sales I. Ambition: To go to Paris and buy clotbes. KEN MILTON MENGLER - "Red" Irack 2: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. l. Ambition: 'I'o be a farmer. STEVE WVELLS MENGLER - 'ljessen Band 2: Spanish Club 2: Student Council 3. I: In- dian Dancing 1. Xinbilion: Io be ll l'lllIlIllL'li'l2ll artist. MARY LOU MENKE - "Bubbler', .Xeolian 2: Bowling I. 2: .X Cappella 3. I. .Xmbitionz lo be a nurse. MARSHA jEAN MERRIMAN - "Squirt" Entered from Rushville High in October. I952. .Xmbitionz 'I'o live to see the year 2000. PAUL D. MEYER - "Pete" Intramural 2. 3. I3 Ambition: 'I'o be an independent ship owner. CAROLYN RUTH MILLER Cirls Club Council 2: Orchestra I. 2. EI. I: Verse Choir 2. 3: German Club 2. 3. Ambition: 'lio lead Il successful life, DAVID CLARENCE MILLER - "Skip" Band 2. 3. I: Orchestra 2. 3. VI: 3 NI! 3. I: Indian Dancing I, 2, 3. -I. Ambition: To woik in National Park Service. LEON CLAIR MILLER - "Sam" Band I: Intramural Basketball I. 2: Wrestling 1. 2. 3. I: E Club 2. 3, 1. Ambition: To get nmrried. German Club 2: Intramural Prasketball I, 2. 3. I I I lrojeclion Club I. 2. 3. I: CliemfI'bvs Club L. MARCIA ELAINE MANN Modern Dance 2. 3: F.B.l,..X. 2. Secretary 3: Sqn Dancing 3. -I: C..-X..-X. 2. 3, PI. Ambition: To live in Florida. ARLENE SOPHIE MARROS - "Ar" Smanisb Club 2: CARI. 2. 3: l".ll.l ...' X. 3, President I Cilass Play llsher 3, I. Ambition: 'I'o do secretarial work in an oilice. BILLIE DIANE MARTIN - "WVillie" Entered from llellerson High in September. IS Mixed Chorus 3: Bowling 3. -I. Ambition: To own my own car to travel. MARY KATHERINE MCBRIARTY - "Mary Kay" CAA. Representative I. 2. 3: Cirls Club Council ' Indian Dancing l. 2. 3, -I: Class Play 3. Ambition: 'l'o travel. NANCY LOU McKAY - "Nan" . . K . . I . , . . Latin Club 2: Mixed Clioius 5: Cliem-lhvs Club 'f 1. .. . . 'c lreasurer 5: Cirls Club Council 3. I. Ambtion: 'lo travel. KATHLEEN ANN MCKEOWN - "Kay" ' 'lub 2 C X X 2 3' C BI X 3'i'l'1ssl'I'iv fl I l,atmC ,.: ...'..v.- '. ,. .V . .Xmbition: 'l'o be a nurse. MELVIN MeMURRAY - "Mac" Intramural Bowling 2. I: F.I"..X. 3: Square Dam A1 Ambition: 'l'o be an engineer. MARJORIE RUTH MQNUTT - "Margie" Red Cross Council 2: .ICUIIZIII 2: Illirror Stall I junior .X Cappella 3, I. Ambition: 'l'o travel. lee 6fdA.6 I9 4 RONALD FRANK MILLER - "Ron" .I Cappella 2. 3. I: Mirror 3. I: Pliotograpliy Club Il. Secretary -I: Class l'lay fl. I. Ambition: 'l'o be a radio announcer or journalist. RONALD LEE MILLER Baseball 2, 3. I: Bowling 2. 3. I: Intramural Bas- ketball 2. ll. .Xtnbilionz lo be a forest ranger, GERALD ALLAN MILLS - "Jerry" Football I. 2. 3. I: Class YICC-I,l'C5llIl'IIl I. 3: 'l'rac'k I, 2. 25. I: .-X Cappella 2. 3. Presiclent I. .Xntbitionz 'l'o be a cbentical engineer. DARWIN JAMES MINEHART - "Miney" Class Council 2. 3: Football l. 2. 3: Track 2: It Club 3 I Ambition: 'l'o take a foreign opportunity JACQUELINE ELAINE MISNER - "-lackiel' Stutlent Council: C..-LA. I. 2. I: .Xeolian 2: Treble I. .Xnibitionz lo bare twins. JOAN MARIE MITCHELL C..I..X. I. 2. 3, I: German Club 2. 3: Indian Dancing fl. I: Girls Club Cabinet I. .Xtnbitionz 'Io be happy. IVILLIAM CHRIST MOELLER - "Bill" Dctnonstrators Club I: Hotnerootn Basketball I. 2. 3. !: .Inibitiont To be a cliescl nierlianic. RICHARD WALTER MOORE - "Dick" 'I'rac'k I. 2. 3. I: Homerooni Ollifer I. 2. 3: Class Play 3, I: .X Cappella fl. I. Atnbition: lo be a manager for Scars. Roebuck ancl Cotnpanv. GENE LELAND MORING - "Ugc" Hoincrootn antl lntratnural Basketball 2. 3. l. .Xtnbitionz lc. throw lliree straight naturals in a row. JOHN KENNETH MORTON - "Mort" I ' .5 I Ioolbllll ' .I I Iflppcllt Baseball . L. I. 2 " 1 . L. i. 2 I 11 : 2 3.1: Maroon Stall' PI. Atnbition: 'l'o be a SIICCCSS in rollvge anal in lalet life. GERALD LEE MOSER - "Mo" Football l. 2. 3. I: Student Council 3, I: Ii Club 2. 3, -I: Gertnan Club fl. I. Ambition: 'l'o be a business tnanager. SALLY ANN MUETTERTIES - "Sal" Dratnatics fllllll 2: Retl Cross Council I: Class Coun' nil 2: GAA. Atnbition: 'l'o be a pliysiral education tcaclier. JEAN ELIZABETH MUIRHEAD I4rencb Club Treasurer 3. Sn-cretarv I: Class Plat II, I: Maroon fl. I: Girls Club cztttmtdt I. I CLINTON GEORGE MUNCH - "Clint" I 5 . Photo Club I: Spanish Club 2: II'reslling 3: liatul I Z 3 I Ambition: 'l'o be a pbarmacist. FRANCES MAXINE MURPHY I.atin Club 2. 3: Client-Pltys Club 3. Ambition: lo be a laboratory lemlitticitu. DEBORAH LOU NASH - "Debby" G..-LX. I. 2. 3. II: Orrliestra I. 2. 25. I: Pltolofra mln In I Club 2. 5: Ctrls Club Council I. Ambition: 'lio be a teacher. DAVID JOHN NELSON - "Dave" Gertnan Club 2, Treasurer Musicians Club Treas- urer 2: A Cappella 2. 3: Orfltestra 2. 3, -I. .Xmbitionz 'l'o be a cotuert accompanist. DIANE MARQUERITE NELSON - "Di" Girls Club Council I: l.atin Club 2, EI: Modern Dance 2. I: Nlixed Chorus 3. .Xinbitionz 'lo become a nutse. The Clan v I9 4 GEORGE PAYNE - "Hammer" Intramural Sports 2. 3. l: Basketball 2: Student Council 3: Football I. Atnbition: To become a carpenter. JOAN MARIE PAYNE - "Joanie" Band l. 2. 3. I: Orchestra l, 2, 3, I: G.A,A. 1.2.3, ig Pliotograpliy Club 2. 3. Ambition: 'l'o be a good l'.E. and music teacher. JAMES ROBERT PEASE - "Goose" Spanish Club Treasurer 23 Vice l'resident 3: Intramu- rals 2. 3. tl: Class Play 3. -I: Class Council 1. Ambition: 'l'o own a billiard palace. LOIS KAY PEEK - "Louie" Dramatics Club 2: German Club 2. 3: G.A.A.: Junior A Cappella 3. ei. Ambition: 'l'o be a teacher. DONALD EDWARD PELLETIER - "Red" Band l. 2. 3. -l: Orchestra 2. 3. 3: Pliotograpliy Club 2 'l I' Chem Phvs Club 3 t -... . i I. t . . Ambition: To be a carpenter, CLARENCE HENRY PERFORS - "Clem" Entered from Mooseheart High in September 1952. Track 3: Intramural Basketball 3. I: Hotneroom Bas- ketball 3. l: Red Cross Council 3. JOSEPH AARON PERLMUTTER - "JI-rryt' A Cappella 2. 3. l: 3 NI's 3, tc Red Cross Council I: Intramural Sports l, 2. 3, l. Ambition: 'I'o he a music teacher ot some licld of music. MIKE DAVID PERRIN - "Hunce" If.F.A. 2. 3. 4: Homeroom Basketball 2. 3. 4. INGER BRIGITTA PERSSON Entered in September, 1953 as an exchange student from Sweden. Student Council 4: Red Cross Council 4. Ambition: 'lio get an occupation I like and he able to be independent. DONN SPENCER NELSON Latin Club 1. 2: Class Council l. 2. 3: Homecoming Chairman Tickets and Publicity I. Ambition: 'l'o own a Porsche tGerinan carj. NANCY JEAN NEVILLE - "Name" Entered from Arlington Heights Township High in sophomore year. Red Cross Council 2: Spanish Club 2: Indian Dancing 2. 3: G.A.A. 2. 3. I. Ambition: To do physical therapy work. MARILYN ANN NICKEL - "Mare" Entered from Bensenville High in sophomore year. Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls Club Council fl. l. Ambition: '1'o he a lawyer. PATRICIA ANN O'BRlEN - "Peanuts" Girls Club 2. 3, el: Bowling l. Ambition: 'l'o get married and be a liottsewife. DOROTHY ANN OLESEN - 'tDot', Entered from St. Charles High in December, ltl5Il. G.A.A. 3. 1. Ambition: To marry a "certain" boy. DONALD ARTHUR ORTON - "Don" ll 1 German Club 1. 2: Mixed Chorus l. .22 A Cappe 2 3. -lp Wrestling 2. Ambition: 'l'o be a landscape operator or florist. MARILYN JANE OTTE - "Mar" Girls Club Council 2: Square Dancing 2. l. JAMES LAWRENCE OVERSTREET - "Jim" IVrestling 2. 3. fl. Ambition: To he a farmer. DANIEL E. PARKS - "Dan" Intramural Sports 2. 3. l: lfoothall l: Stttdeut Cottn cil Al. Ambition: To be of age. he Clam I9 4 RUTH JANE PETERSDORF - 'Il'ete" German Club l. 23 l".H.A. 3. Ambition: 'l'o be at llI'CSSlllilliCl'. RICHARD WVARREN PIERCE - "DiCk,' l".B.l..A. 2. 3: Radio 2. 3. I: Class Play 3. Ambition: lo be a radio. 'IA' engineer. JAMES GORDON PILCHER - "Jim" Baseball 2. 3. I: Student Couneil 2: Nlaroon Stall' 2. fl: German Cltlb 3. -I. Ambition: 'lo graduate from college. LUCILLE JEANETTE PLAGGE - "Lucy" Aeolian l: C.A.A. l, 2: Girls Club Couneil l: lfreneh Cltlb fl. Ambition: 'l'o be a secretary. ROGER ALAN PLAGGE - "Rug" JAMES PREHM - "Jim" Ambition: 'l'o go to Greer Tech Institute. BOB PRIGGE Basketball l. 2. 3. -I: 'lraels l. 2. 3, -I: Cross Cottnlry l. 2. 3. I: E Club 3. I. Ambition: 'l'o be ll well payed cabinet maker. see the world. DALLAS RYAN PUFFER l'llllClACtl from Palatine Township High in junior year. Ambition: 'l'o be a good ineehanif. BARRY EDWVARD PUKLIN I-'ootball 2. 3. I: 'track 2. I: li Club 2, fl. I: Swimming I. Ambition: 'lo study dentistry in the navy. DONALD RALPH QUANDT Football I, 2. 3: 'l'raek 2. 3. I: Wrestling 2. Il. I: Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3. I, Ambition: lio he a well payed carpenter. JAMES RAY QUIGLE - "Quig" Student Council l: Latin Club 3. PI: Intramural Bowl ing El, I. Hoineroom Basketball l, 2, 25. PI. Ambition: 'l'o be lilthy rieh. JOANNE MARIE RACE - "Jo" Red Cross Council l. 2. 3: Spanish Club l. 2: tiirls Club Lllllllfll 'lc Maroon Stall I, Ambition: 'l'o enjoy life. BARBARA MAY RADDATZ - "Barbie" G.A.A. 2. 3. I. Ambition: 'l'o be a beautirian and get married. BARBARA ANN RAKOW - "Barb" . .. K . 1 .. , Class lreasurer J. -I: Maroon Stall 3. I: Cirls Club I Couneil L, 35: A Cappella 3. I. Ambition: 'l'o be an :nrt teacher with a good sense of lnunor. JOHN WILLIS RAKOW - "Red" Intramural Basketball I, 2. ll. I: Homeroom Basket- llllll 1- 21 3- IZ fiCl'lllllll filllll 2. 31 lnlramtnal Bad- minton l. 2. fl. I. Ambition: 'l'o heroine a good lawyer. RON E. RANGE - "Reggie" l'lomeroom Basketball 2. 3. I: lrark 2: Wrestling -I: German Club 2. 3. Ambition: 'l'o become a Cl'A. SHARON LEE REHBERG Band 2. Ollieer 3, I: Spanish Club 2. Il: Junior Musicians Club 2: Class l'lay 3. I. Ambition: 'l'o teach English in a publit' school. ROBERT ERWVIN REIMER - "Bob" Bowling fl: Chess and Checkers Club 2. il. Ambtion: 'I'o be a garage owner. The C7444 0 I9 4 DUANE ALFRED ROSSITER IIllI'1llIllII'lIl liaskclball 2. .I111bili1m11: To be II C,l'..X. LOIS jANET ROTH f,l'i'lICSII'2l 2. 31 .Xeoliau 21 Girls fllllll C1111111'il Ll' Cer111a11 Club 3. .Xml VIRGIN milion: To be SLICCCSSIIII. IA LOUISE RUSSELL - "Ginny" ' 1 1 1111cil .21 Recl Cmss Cu11111'il 3: Class fnlI'lS Klub Co Co11111il I: -IIIIIIOI' A Cappella 3. I. .Xml miliun: 'l'o go lo College llllll malae ll s11cc'css 11 of llfe. jOAN SACKETT - Ujoaniel' SIIIIICIII Co11111'il 2. 3, I: I'll'Clll'lI fllllll 3. I: Class Play .Xml DAVID 3. I: ClICL'I'lCilklIIIg I. miliou: Io be i11 "Wh0's Who in .X1111-11i1'11." LEE ST. JOHN - I'Sainl" IlIlI'2IlIIlll'2ll Sports I. 2. 3. I: Baseball 2. 3. AI: Nlirrur Stall' 3. I: GL-1'111a11 Club fl. .Xml VIRGIN year milimi: To play p1'ofessi01111l baseball. IA FOSTER SAUM - "Ginny,' l'1.IIlCI'L'll Irwin IVIICQIIOII KIOIIIIIIIIIIIII High i11 killlllill' . I'll'CllClI flllllb 3. I: junior .-X Cappella 3, I' 1 . - 1 .' A CMI..-X. 15. I. fxlllh Club flllllltll J. I. .X111biliu11: To be s11c1'cssf11l, LARRY Fool KENT SCHAFFTER ball l. 2. 3, I: Class Council I. 2: Wrestling 7 3. I. In Club 3. I. .-I111biliu11: To be a c011se1'v111i011is1. FRANCES ANN SCHMITENDORF - "Frannie" llowliug 2. sl. .'I111bilio11: 'l'o be RI legal SCCl'CI1ll'I'. DOLORES INIARLENE SCHNIEDER - "DCC" Spanish 2: G..'I.A. 2. 3. I: A Cappella I: Class Play 3. AI. .-Xml 1ili1111: To be a nurse with Zl IIS. degree. BONNIE JEANE REINKING G..'I.A. l. 2. 3. PI: NIOCICVII llance SCl'l'CI1ll'I' 3: Illlllilll I,2llIl'IlIg 3. I. A111bi1io11: To be 21 pliysical ecl111'11lio11 IC3H'lICl'. BRUCE ERVIN REINKING .fX1nbili1m11: To be 11 success in life as ZI person. CONSTANCE MAE RICHARDS - "C0nnie', Class flOlllll'Il AI: A Cappella 3. I: lIr11111ali1's Club 21 Class Play 3. JXIIIIJIIIOIII To SCl'llI'C happiiiess lllliililgli lbe 111112 suance of my ambitions. ROBERT WILLIAM RIEDEMANN - L'Bob" E Clllll 3. VI: Foolball 2: Wrestling 2. fl. I: IlIll'1llIIIll'2ll Volleyball. Ambition: To be 21 1'I1emi1t11l eligineer. PATRICIA AUDRY RITSCHARD - "Patti" A Cappella 3, AI. Ambition: To be happy. HARRY L. ROOKER - "Rook" 'l'rac'k sl. Ainbition: To be a research chemist. JAMES MARTIN ROSENBERGER - "Rosy" CIICIII-PIIYS Club 3, l'1'esi1le11l I: lIa111l l. 2. 3. -I German fllllll 1. 2: IIlII'2lllIlll'2ll Basketball I. 2, 3. 'I Ambition: To be Il cliemisl OI' 1'l1e111ic'11l CIIglIICI'l 111111 travel. JOHN MICHEAL ROSENTHAL - "Rosie" I'l'X I 9 C'l1ssC1m1111cil 2 3 Football I 'P 'I . . HI 1 ' -. , ' 2 . -. :I E Club 3. ,AIIIIBIIIOIIZ 'l'o be il l!l'OSlJCl'OlIS 111111 s111'1'essf11l I1:11'l1 elor. VIRGINIA LEE ROSS - "Ginny" Nlirror Stall' 3: CA..-X. I. 2. 3. I: Srl11:11'e lI11111'i11g I Red Cross Co11111'il I. A111bilio11: To visit Rmne. lXIOllCl'Il Dance 2. 3: FI'ClIL'lI Club 2: Class Play fl: MARION LOUISE SCHOLL - "Mur Mur" , , , . C IllIl"I 3: Nlixccl Clmrus C-t'x'ul:u1 Clulm I. 1: Class 0 1 fl: Nlzlwnm Stull' I. .Imlmiliunz 'lu Imc Imppy :mtl stiru-ssflll. JAMES DALE SCHULT - "Acc" ' ' lling " 'I I' Ifoutlxzlll I, 3. J. PI: Wrcs -, .. , Ii Clulm 3, -I .X CJ 1 Jcllzl I. I I .Xmlmilionz 'I'u lic an l'OIISCI'Y2IIIOIIISI. ALBERT MARTENS SCHULTZ - "Burl" Inlrznnurul Ilziskcllmll I. .Xmlmilioxu 'l'n ln- :1 iiicrliznlmic. PATRICIA IANE SCHUMAN - "Pat" .Imlmilimu Io lmc at lu-znuly 0lJL'l'2ll0l'. LEON LOUIS SCHIVARTZ - .Xmllilirmi 'Io prospect in AUDREY IRENE SEDDON - :'Bahc',' Alztskzl. ssculsv Iilllclul from Glcnlizlrtl High in NOI'CIIIIll'I'. HI52. .IIIIIIIIIOIII In go tu Czllifurnizl. NANCY IEAN SERIO - "Ted" D II- C..X..K. I, 3, 5. Il, Avolmn 2: Rctl Cross Cmmcil L, Spanish Clulm 2. 3. Amlmiliou: To ln: successful MONROE ELIVIN SHALES - "Butch" Inlraunurzll liziskctlxull -I. ,XIIIIIIIIUIII 'l'n llc il t'2ll'1JClllL'l'. PHIL E. SHAIV - "IVilber" Buys Ulm' I: IIRISCIHIII 21 liowling 31 Ilomt-romll Bus- lwllmull I, 2. 3. .IIIIIIIIIUIII Io smllctluv mvn ll liltlc IIZIIIIIII. .IOYCE FLOWER SIDES - "lo" IIFRIIIIIIIIQ' Clulm Sct'rctzn'y-2: I.ulin Clulm 22 Cirls Club ci0lIIIl'II I. Amlxiliun: 'l'u lic hcznllliy, wczlllliy, :mtl wist-, RICHARD CHARLES SINNETT - "DickI' Ifoullmll 2. 3, I: E Clulm 3. I: Class Council II: vII'1Il'Is 'P fI I Ambition: To llc lizlppv :mtl play smut- nmrc fool- lmll in coll:-gc. A MARY ELIZABETH SIOKOS .Xmlmiliunz To work in un ollirc. GEORGE IVAYNE SKINNER - "Sam" Iintcrccl ITUIII IIRIIIIIISIIITC High in Sc-plt-lnlnw, IIISII. 'llulcnt Show 2. DONALD LEE SKJOLDAGER - "Deacon,' Ihlskcllmull 2: Sluclcnl fiUlIIIl'Il 2. 3: IIIIl'1llIllII'2lI Sports I: Class CIOIIIICII I. .Xmlmilimiz In grzullizllc I'rom mllt-gc. BEVERLY MAE SMITH - "Bebe" Motlcrn Dunn- I. 2: At-oliuu 2: .X Cappella II, l: I-..'X..iI. I, 3. gl. I. .Imlmilimu In lic :l smu-ss in wllzllt-wr lit-Itl I go into. GARY EVANS SMITH - "Itch" 'I'1'zu'k I1 Ii Clulm 2. 3: Cross Country 3, I: llnskctlrzlll I " 3 1 .-.,'.'. Amlmtionz 'I'0 cuter tlic zulvcrlising lit-lil :mtl g't'l IIIIIITICQI. JEAN ELLEN SMITH - "Smitty" Entcrccl frmn Cruyslakc Community High in Novi-nr her. 1952. liznul -I: Class Play 3, I: C..I..X. SI. I, Amliilionz To he ZI pllysifzll l'tIlIt'2llIOIl lc:lc'l1t'r. MARY BELLE SMITH - "Blondie" Spanish Cluli 1. 2: Mixed Clmius 3: C..X.,X. 3. Ig .X Cappcllu I. .-Xmlnilion: 'lb lx- happy. The C1444 I9 4 jACR EARL STEELE - "Iron" Football l. 3. l: lrack l. il. 3, ll E Club 2, 55. l. Ambition: 'I'o join the air force and to he an ar- chitect. jlM GRAHAM STEELE Football 2. 3. ll 'l'l'uc'k 2. 3. l. Ambition: To be a success. jUDY ANN STEFFEN Aeolian 2: junior A Cappella 3, li C.A.A. 2. 3, 'lg Mirror Stall. Ambition: To go to Paris. MARY ELIZIBETH STENVART - 'fStewic" Entered from Sl. Helen's Hall in Portland. Oregon in September. lEl52. Class Play 3, I: Mixed Chorus Il: junior A Cappella ,lg Girls Club Council 3. I. Ambiliont To be ll fashion model. NANCY jOANNE STONE - "Nance" Red Cross Council 2. 3, -l: A Cappella 3. lg C.A..X. 2. 3. el: Square Dancing 3. -l. Ambition: 'l'o he a registered nurse. FAITH ELIZABETH STOREY Entered from Wheaton College Acatletuy in senior year: C.A.A. I. jAMES KENT STOWELL - "jim" Football l, 2. 3. lg Basketball l. 2. 3. l: 'l'rack 2. Fl. l: In Club l. 5. l. Ambition: 'l'o become at famous scientist. PATSY jANE STROEHER - "Pat" Aeolan Choir 2: Chess Club 3: l.zttin Cluh 3. Atnhition: 'l'o be a nurse. VERNON HAL SVEINSON - "Swede" A Cappella 2. 3. 'lg German Club 2. 3: lntratuttral Basketball 2. -fl: President ol' Home Rootn. Ambition: 'l'o btlild my own ranch home. NANCY PAULINE SOCHA - "Nana" Mirror Stall' 3: E5 Mk -I: junior A Cappella fl: A Cappella l. Ambition: 'l'o have a happy, SllCCCSSl.lll marriage. ROGER HAMILTON SODERBERG - "S0dy" Chem-Phys Club 3. -1: Basketball 3. 'll Student Conn, eil l: junior A Cappella Vice-President l. Ambition: To be an engineer. LINDA JEAN SOKODY - "Tod" Student Cottncil 1. 2. Secretary ll Red Cross Cottncil l. 2. Secretary 3: Class Council 2. Secretary Il. Anthition: 'l'o be a success. HELEN RUTH SPARROW - "Bird" C.A .A. Ambition: To be a success. NORMAN EARL STALLBAUM BARBARA ANNETTE STANGLAND - "Barbie', C.A.A. 2, 3. 4. Ambition: 'l'o have a happy and successful married life. HARRIETT ANNETTE STANLEIGH - "Nan" Aeolian 2, Mixed Chorus E53 junior A Cappella All Mirror Stall 3, l. Ambition: 'l'o be a commercial illustrator and go to Arizona. MELVIN STARK - "Mel" Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. l. Ambition: '1'o live in Arizona. DOROTHY JEAN STARR - "Deity" 3: Modern Dance. 3. Ambition: To travel. The C1444 I9 4 -'AMES VVARREN TEDROIV - "jim" liiucrccl ITOIII IVZISIIIIIQIOII Higb in IIll'2IlllCl'Il. Miimc- . -4 snla 111 libl. .'X111bilio11: 'Io bc a SIICCCSS. RICHARD CARL TEETS - "Little Carl" lfoulball 2. II. I: 'l1':11'I4 2. 3, I: Wrcsllilig fl, I1 llasc- ball I. IIIIIJIIIOIII 'lb llllllxi' Ii1's1 string 1111 a cullcgc l1'a111 Im' IlIl'l'L' ycars. jAMES GRANT TENNISON - Hklllllg, .XIIIIXIIIOIII Io SIICCCCKI. MARY .IOAN TESRE - "IIcany" llllllllll llaiiriug 2. 3. li lillllll l. 2. 3. ll CJl'CllChll'2l 2. fl, I: I'llllIII'l' 'l'ca1'l1c1's 2. .X111biliu11: lo bc a publin' scllool 11111si1' ICZICIICIA. TOIIEY DELL THOMAS .Xi-11111111 2: .X Cappella 3. I: I'Il'L'lIl'lI Cilllll 3. .XIIIIPIIIOIII In bc an upcxa sillgur, ELAINE JANE THOIVISEN - nsllgglliy, lucliau II2IlICllIg I. 2. 3. I: llaucl I, 2. 3. I: Class C111111- 1'iI 2. 3: Class Play fl. -I. .X1ubi1i1111: In gn lo c'0llcg'1'. GAYLE BEVERLY TIINIM - "Til11l11cr" Class Play 3. li Cirls CI11b CIOIIIICII 2. 3: Spauisll CI11b: SK'fI'l'l1ll'f 3: I.2lIlll Club 2. .XIIIIIIIIUIII Io IIUCUIIIL' an 1-I1-111c11l:11'1' grades ICZICIICI JOHN FRANKLIN TISON - "jack" C1'1'111a11 Cl11b I. 23 Cl11'111-l'l1ys Club I: Balul l. 2. fl, I Sllllllli' llaiuuig 5. I. .llllllllltlllf 'Ib bv a mlculisl. WILLIAM CHARLES TOIIIN - "Willie" Coll 2. J. I: Ia Club I: Class C.0IlIIl'Il I: Class l'la1' I XIIIIDIIIUIII Ncxvr lo bc IIIIIIDIIIOIIICSS. JW' Is... . . SANDRA ANN TODD - "Sandy" lIil'l'lPlC I: .M-uIia11 2. .IIIIIJIIIOIIZ Io got a good jul: RIIIICI' glilllllllllllll aiu have llllll. LARRY IVADE TURK I'rolcc'l1u11 Club 2. 3. I. .AIIIIDIIIUIII 'lo glllllllllll' Zllltl lu l1'a11'l. MARVELENIE -IOY TURK - "Marl1'm"' or "Turkey" lrcblc' I: .M-olau ll Nlxxccl C1lIUI'llS .I: I'I'l'llCll Cl11b .I .xlllllllllllli 'lo get lIl1II'I'lL'll aucl bv llilllllll MARY jUDITH TURNER - "j11dy" Rcml Cross Cillllllfll 2: AIHlll'l'II I7111111' II. I: I'ilit'lIllI Club 3. I: Class Play 2. .X111bilio11' In bc llll l'lClIIl'IIllIl'I' srlluul l1'Zll'lICI'. ED ALLEN TWEED .X111bilio11: In bc il s111'1'css al NlllllClllllIg. NANCY VIRGINIA UMIIERGER Rml Cross Cillllllfll 3. SL'K'I'1'l2lI'I' I: I.z1li11 Club I. 2 Nlarucm Niall I: Nlxvml CI1urus II. I. ,X111b1l11m11: lu bc' Zlll m'c'11pz1l11111:1l llIl'l'lIlJlSl. DON RAY VERSLIIYS . I . . . I 1 Class l'Ia1 3. I: Cllcss llllll ClICl'lU.'I' Clllll 2. .ll l'l1u I Iilgfilllllf 'Club 2. 5: Cl11'111-I his Club II. I. .l111bilin11: In bc a l7I'II'LIll' 1l1'l1'1li1'c. DELORES TERESA VOLKENING - "T00tic" 'Ircblc Cbuix' I: YuIIcvl1.1Il 2. .XIIIIJIIIOIII In work iii an ollicc auul lu gc-I llI2ll'l'lCll JOHN DENNIS VOLMER - "Denny" SIIIQICIII CIOIIIICII 2. 3. I: Iiuwliiig II: Baud 2. 3, I O1'1'l1csl1'a 2. 3. I. JIIIIIJIIIOIII 'Io bc a PlI1lI'lII1lClSl. he C1 an I9 4 CHARLOTTE RUTH WVETZEL - "Char" C.A.A.: Indian Dancing 2. Ambition: 'l'o be an airline hostess. JOHN ALBERT WHITNEY - "Road Rover" Homeroom Basketball 1. 2. 3. Ai: Red Cross Council 3: Class Play 3. ei: Square Dancing 2. 3, l. Ambition: To own my own car, home and bttsiness. ROGER PAUL WIECHMANN - "Rug" Student Council 2. 3: Football 2. 3, lg A Cappella 2. 3, ll E Clttb 3, 4. Ambition: To be an industrial designer. jOE WILLIAM WILKINS I-lomeroom Basketball 2, 3, fl: Cross Country il: 'lrack 'I Ambition: To run a four-minute mile. SHARON WILKINSON Bowling 2, 3. Ambition: To be happy and a success in life. JACQUELINE JOYCE WILLIAMS - "jackie" Entered from NVest Frankfort Community High in junior year. Cheerleading 3: Girls Clttb Council 3: Class Council fl: Maroon Sales Stall' fl. Ambition: 'l'o be an airline hostess. RUTH ALISON WILSON - "Eater" Class Secretary 4: Girls Club Council 'l, Treasurer 2. Secretary 3: Orchestra l, 2. 3. President Pl: Maroon 2. 3, -1. Ambition: To be a success as a teacher. SHIRLEY ILENE WINDAU - "Shirl" Class Play 3, 4: Indian Dancing 2. 3, il: Radio Workshop 2. 3: German Club ll. Ambition: To go to Europe. EMIL SEPTHEM WVOLFF Red Cross Council 2. 3: Square Dancing 2. 3, 43 Intramurals 2. 3. 4: Mirror C0-Editor. Ambition: To be a professional movie director or cameraman. JANETTE CAROL WAGNER - "jan" Mixed Chorus 3: Square Dancing 3, il: Aeolian 2: F .H.A. 11. Ambition: To live a long and happy life. free from worry. LOUISE MARIE WAHL - "Lou" Modern Dance 2. 3: Latin Club 2: Spanish Clttb 3: Class Play 3. fl. Ambition: 'Io be a retail merchandiser. CAROL ANN WAHLIN Entered from Oak Park High in September. 1952. Spanish Clttb .25 Girls Clttb Council 4. Ambition: To be a biological chemist. RONALD EUGENE WARREN - "Bugs" Intramural Basketball fi: Homeroom Basketball 2, 3. 4: Intramural Baseball 2: Football 2. Ambition: To turn all plans into reality. WAYNE LEE WEBB Intramural Basketball 2, 3, ii: Homeroom Basketball 2. 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: E Club -4. Ambition: To be a big league baseball player. MAURICE VIRGIL WEISS - "Morey" Basketball 2, 3: Track 3, 4: Cross Country 3. Ambition: 'I'o go to college and do well in sports. CHAUNCEY HAMMOND WELLS, jr. - "Bud" Football 2, 3, 4: Ivrestling 3. il: Spanish Clttb 2: li Clttb 3, 4. Ambition: To be a teacher. BETTY ANN WELTON - "Liz" Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3: G.A.A. Ambition: To make a successful business career. LEWIS WALTER WENDT -- "joe" Bowling 2. 3. 4: Intramural Wlrestling ei: Homeroom Basketball. Ambition: 'l'o enter a music Held. Wee 614,64 I9 4 LOLA JUNE WOLFF - "june" llowlin 2: Souhomore lll'2llll21liCS Club 2: Student H I Council -l. Ambition: 'lo travel. RICHARD EARL woou - '-xvtmay" rrx -2 'l '.'..' . -. 4. Ambition: 'I'o be a farmer. ROGER ARTHUR WUILLEUMIER - "Willie" Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3, -13 Homeroom Chain man 3: Class Play 3. Ambition: 'I'o oxrn my own business. VICTOR LA VERN YOST - "Vic" Square Dancing: Intramural Basketball. Ambition: 'l'o bc an automotive or diesel engineer. DAVID ARTHUR YOUNG - "Dave" Projection Club 2, 3, Al. Ambition: 'lo get a good job in the audio-visual held. SANDRA MAE ZEIMET - "Sandy" Entered from St. Edwards in junior year. GAA. 2. 3, -4: Class Play 2. 3. Ambition: To be a housewife and artist. jIM ROGER ZIRKUHR - "Zeek" Ambition: 'l'o be successful at a profession 1 enjoy. DONNA LEE ZIMMERMAN G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 G.B.L.A. 43 Red Cross Council 4 ,Xeolian 2. Ambition: 'l'o be a private secretary. BARBARA MAE SCHAUER - "Bobbie" Entered from Evansville, Wisconsin, February l, 19.1. Ambition: 'l'o be a private secretary. Seniors pictures not taken: james Boyer, Ronald Dawson, Michael Grail, XVillard Leach, Gordon Peters. Sterling Warren. I y . IN MEMORY '54 was unfortunate to have lost two ol' its members. Carole Fischer passed away during the summer of her sophomore year. Wfayne VVatkins died from a fatal fall early in his sophomore year. Though they are not with us, they will long be remembered by their classmates. S4 Salutu mr. Phillqu and mi A ete lzillxing ln unions im'mIiL'l's of IIN' flzisx, Ilnnmlcv II. S. Hix xxilv. Ilalfcl. lIn'cv mllilclrrn. Clznwilxn. Yiiginizl. znnl fllialrlcw. znul C.incIa1. lIn- mm in Ilia lnnilx xzml lookin 1' :il slum llirnnvli Im Iulcsuu xc. muhwk Ilia mlixs nf :I IN 1IupIx nnI1Iilul in Nl: Ilnllnms IInnngIi lln xm in uc Inu Immun 'mul I'IiL'IllIS. Him znlxiu- animl QIIIIIRIIICC Iizlw Iivlpcml mann ni ns mlvuclu mn' Illllllk' plzunx, lIn claw nicinlniix glAIll'IlIIIX lip llicir Inns znnl my UIIIZIIIIQN-. Nh. I'I1iIIips." .XnulIn'1 pvrwii uliu Inn :mlm-LI llic IIQINN ul .-I IN Xlrw Xlanx I'm'lc-rs. Nllw I'clvu, Immun in Imxal. iucixvml Iwi lI:nIicIm' nl .Xiu clvglu' Irwin Imxui Slillt Iil'lll'Ili'l'SI C1uIIcgc. IIICII unnplclul unrk Im Iwi' XIZISICI' of Srivlnc' iIm'glL'c :ll lIn- Vnixwxilx uli Irma. llci' Izlunilc pzwliinm- is Klilblxillfl. znnl Incl' mzikcs znnl In1'a1cIw :nc mid In rixzil lhnm- ui wcII Ixiimxn qliufw. In thc SIIIIIIIICI' nf I952. Nlixs I'vl4-rs ll'2lXk'Il'lI lo Xluskzi. Xliv l'cIm's' uilling Iiclp in gill ui llic clusx zuliiilics anicl Iivi Iivlpilll zlclviu' is ilIll1lK'LiI1lIClI In :III ui lIlC iiicnllwrs of lIic claus, WIN, uiII mtl' Inrgvt Alum' II. Iilifil XICIIIUIICF than Imlml lI1c spcll ni clanlcing in ilu' I'im1: und nf I1IllgIlIllg III lIic Pm! I'min I':n'lx wiII aww: Ianlc. 'I In- I2lIlgI1IL'l znnl singing, IIn' mary ru-II Imvkx lI1:n wciv cxmlinligc-ml. IIN' MUlltIL'l'I'lII :mail xnicl lJL'lll7I' ciilvrIz1i11iilc'iil will long l'L'Ill2lIIl ill lliv IIIIIIKIY HI mann: Im' on lIlis nigln L'll4II girl um :ni Ul'Il'l1lllI prixiuws, l'1l1'Il Imi Ll ln'inu'. 9lII'I'UlllllIC'iI In llic IIIXIIIIVS ni lI1m'n' rvallln, . X Q 11 if-1114-nu 1.3. W. r.-Wim f ww- , -,,,,1,,-,,,,m,,x I ln llic wznx thc claw ni qvI Iizix Iwi-n in l'..Il.S., lln-ra' Inu Iicm-n um- mann uhu Inns gnnlul znnl uilliiwlwml ns, XII: R1iIpI1 I'I1iIIips unlhl Inn' Iunnml Iil1'lllIl'IlIIf in 223 cn um- ul' llic Illrx XII, I'InIInmx. lmrn in 1,4-IIXIIIC. Cnlurznln. mmul ln Smith lhilmlu, ixIn'u' Iic unnplnlul high xnlinnl. Ilc 11-cc-ix:-II Ins II2ll'IIl'IllI'N llcgwv Ircnn Nznnun Ckrllcgc' all S. IJ, I"l'0lll lIu-14 In IZIIIQIII an nninnx xmlnmls. licfmc ruining lu Elgin in 1950. XIV. l'IiiIIips IZIIIQIII lIli'IllINlIX n uniiplclv Iiiw Iannilx. Wlivn Inv 1Iucwn'l Il2lXL'V2l lust IIIIIL' in IiiQ lizniml. XII. I'IiiIIipx mann lic- IUIIIIII 'mu- The I9 4 'lla von Salute ou! Diana Adkins james Blum Richard Fritz Robert Hoppe Suzanne Leonard Marsha Merriman joan Mitchell Barbara Rakow Chauncey Wells, J I2 Linda Sokody Ten of the class ol' '54 tied lor lirsl plziee with il straight record for four years. Linda also was awarded the l7..X.R. Medal. :iwurclecl lor Hclependzlbililv. service, leadership, and patriotism." These spaces are reserved lor the mosl eovetecl awnrcl ol' ull-the I9-ll medals, given lo the boy and girl selected for 0lllSl2llllllllg' seliolzirsliip, lL'llilCl'SlllIJ, extra-curricular activity, and chzlracler. 53 CUR JEWELS X X an W X - x AVA X X f i ' X X X W9 fx X X X fi? Zlnderclafwmen R ? 2 is Lf E., , . y 44 3 3 -. QQ gf! Q! .4451 mf ' Ymxrxfxvkw 3? w i,g:f?'?w ,amp ,K MQ, ,Q , , 1 M ...q S QM , ya f i., . ,..uw"' wmv! 1444 5 - the Sophomore Row one - Carol Abbott. Darryl Abbott. David Arkmzinn, Nancy Adams, Ruth Adkins. Row two - Louisa Aquinigu, liurlmuru .XlltlCl'A son, Dean Anderson, james Anderson, Richurtl Anderson. Row three - Sharon Anderson, fillll .Xnclrews, Carol Aurand, Ray Austin, joe Averiue. 'l he Sophomore Class oflicers ure: Dick Cizlerio, presi- tlenlg joe fil2llIllJCllllC'2l. vice-president: Gwen Detoung, secretary: jill Zinnner. treasurer. THE CLASS COUNCIL Rmu mu' - Put Tliornpson, Cathie Cilute, joe Giannbelluca. jill Zimmer, Gwen DeYoung, Dick Ciaceio, Lois Kuptuin. Row Mun - Rochelle Reason, Doris Reidenmnn. Pat Barber. Gloria Ziegler. jncly Voreis, Arclis Stuart, Diane Perkins. Raw llzref' - Paul Mitchell. jim Dennnilt, Gary Flora, Ron Buhmann, Greg Koon, Dick Lubbers, jerry Hutlgens, Toni Grunt, Leonard Smith. 56 Ire e 44 lllucln to fed n vr Wee e Studentif Row um' - filljllllil BLIliQ'l',.l0SC1Jll BLlkl'l', Rolmsrl liukcr, Ronald Baker, Virginia Bull, William llz1lI111'1l. Pill l5111'l1c1'. john lizxrr. l.i111la1 l3:11'1cls, Bonnie Blllllllklll. Ifllll' lim A- .X111l1'cy Beck, Nlllfl BL'llI'CllS. Ricl1z11'1l llclll, llulc llcnllcy. Sandy l51:r111z111. H2ll'l'lL'l lla-1'11s1ci11, .X111111 l'1lz1i1'. l.:11'1'y lSol1si11. S11111l1'11 l3o1:l111i11g', Rolmcrl llolilig. Run' llzrw' - Nl:n'ilyn lionkoski, Alicia BOl'l'llll, -larry lioundy. Ronalcl ll1'aasl1. Robert lS1'z11ll1-y, Rlllll ll1'1111n. Kuy lil'ClllCI', k1l1:11'lcs B1'i11klcy, Bonnie l51'itlL'11111n, Leroy li1'oz11l11ux. Row four N El'lill2ll'Il Broclclc, jack Brown, Kenneth llrown, Bob Bnelow, Ronnie Blllllllilllll, Nllflllllll l4111'1I1, l'i1lW1ll'll BllI'liC. l.clz1 l,bllI'IllllgL'. l.cc lilll'llSllllL'I', llorolhy l511141'is. 1f01IV Inv' - Sully lillflllll, Don llyrd. Alllilllllil Byrml, l'z111'i1'i11 Carey, Joanne fi1ll'lSOIl, 5111111111 Cl111ppl1-, George lll1isl1-11. l,1ll'l'y fillI'lSll'llSCIl. l'l1ilip CllI'lSlCllSl'll, Mzirlcnc CllI'lSlCllSOIl. SCPHOMORES ffl 11 Q 11 ,,.,.li1511 My .Z ge .,l1 -flV'f+w ,,,Yi:w'l .gl f. fir! rf? 1 57 7lce Soplw ?vund Many Jctialit iz He e . Www ,. I , s ,ff K tw, Row live - Robert Destino. jean Deuternlan. .IUAIIII Dierking. Diunn Dillow, Carol llllIIlll'l'. Nun' six - Cary Ditto. Roger Dothy. -lllllllll Dougherty. Robert Dowell. Antoinette Dwun. Row seven - Linda Eggehrecht, loin linoe. Harold lirhoe, john Erickson, Doris Ericson. Ron' eight - Gail Elllltf, Sharon Fee. Wayne lfees, liarhmzi Ft-il, llurol Felher. Run' nine - l'uul Ferguson, Alan l'llSlllI12lll, jcanne Fletcher, Gary Flora, Gregg FUlll'lll2lIl. Q Him' mn' - Harrold Christianson, Dick Ciuuio. Katherine Clute, Nancy Coffey, Kenny Collins. Row two - Betty Condos, Sam Corapi, Mary Lou Court, Judy Covey, Linda Covey. Row three - Pam Crawford, Richard Cre- nreens. Judy Culver, William Culverson, Pattie Dahn. Rim' four - Billy Danner. Levoniu Dzluel. jack Dauni, Charles Davis, james Dellllfllll. View 9 P l"" J Wea: Studenta We e Soon or Pa t of School Zi e Huw um' - .lcarnu-llc l"m't'ier. Sandra lfm'reslcr. Miles lfrzuel, janet Frill. Mary Funk. Joy Gaede, Ralph Garhrecht, Forrest Gates, joe fil1illlll6llllC2i, jack Giesecke. Row tum - Gerald Cilhert, Duane Gilhertson. Ray Giles, Leon Gilles. Ramona Goar, Ruth Ann Golf, Bev Goodyear, Gary Gough, Russell Gould, Roger Graf. Ruw three - William Grail, james Granskog, Turn Grant. Walter Green, jane Greenawalt, Betty Grissom, Karen Grosw. Richard Grotelueschen. lltlly Guge, Mary Gutierrez. Run' luur - llavid llaarker. jack Hacker. Donna Hagan. Diane Hageniann. Leon Hall. Sonja Hall, Marilyn Hallman, Roherl Handrock. jim Harvey, jane Heath. Row five: - Sally Heath, Sandra Hecht, Carol Hedrich, Connie Hein, Eugene Heine, janet Heinelnan, Richard Hendrickson. Ray Heneise, Bula Heneise, Warren Henry. le fn--t-x..f' ll Kia ,X ia wr at K' 59 R if vers The Claw 0 I9 6 Slwalde ed itA Part ' E-gg X 5 Q gk finqgvk 4, 2 V f .Mg- ,. Mg. ik , fi iw W Q X W gm if 535, gi ii is . - Hou' ffiglzl - Donna jones. Sully jones. Carol ,, 5 I SOPHOMORES Ron' our - Kiyrcnc Herndon, Tom Hickey Vivian Hilcmam, XVzilter Hirshbcrg, 'l'im Hoff- lzimlcr. Row Iwo - Gail Hlllilllllllll. Bill Holle, Hairy .lime Hulll, Nliifflkl Hmicrl, Belly Hopp. Ron' tlnw' - William Horn. Earlene Howie. Glen Hulwr. jerry Hudgens. Esther Hull. Run' four - jerry Hulke, Jon Hu11ilu'uc'lit Alzlcqiielyli Huskc. juani Husker .Kumi Hutson. 3 JNILIILC JU YIISUII llllll JU HISOII l ll H' V. :.- 1,- -- i .- ,R'lz'l 1 .- ,w'1lu ., M f X F 1 ilf , .4 A , V if l Y, ix lm W S ?ew Soplwmo e 0laAAeA 144114364 So Quickly lfllll' mu' Y Yl'l'llUIl Kzlslllillg. Lloyd Kcllcllllclgcl: .xllCll Kclll. llillllil' kflllllll. ,loc KCl'lll'l. llzll'Ilall'al Kcrlill. QIUITK Klillc, l'zlll'ici:l Klulscll. Nall.--5 Knoll. Greg Knoll. Run lulu 4 Mary Kcltclcs. George Kolll, Kzllc-ll KUVZICS, Rrllcszl Kfalllll. jack Kricll. Rullcrl Kllllllllllsl. Kzlrvll Klllsc, Kzlrl KllClllICl', lllslillc Kllllllllzlll. -IOLIII l,zlc'c'y. lfllll' lllrrr - llllllillll Lzlllvy. Mary l.zlll4lwclll-. Rollin l.2lllfllVCl'. Nlicllzlcl Iliillgllflll. Nlllllif' l,2illg'l', lffilllli llilllilfil, Rollcrl l.C2IlllCl'lll'. Lcollzlld l,cclmw. Shirley l,cctmw, llfbllll l,Clllll1lll. Ifilll' four - lllilll l.c-Illllzlllll, ilfllll l,cilll. Sl1ll'lL'l' Lick. Vivek Likllilc. .ll'llllll' I,ocllcl', NICZIIICIIL' l.0llll2lllt'l', RllSK'lIlHTlL' l,ord. Dzlvill lmlwlllllll, Ricllarcl Llllillcrs. Hans l.llcr Ieillll fl1'l' - lfl'c4lcl'i1k l.llg2lI'. llilly Lllkcr. l:I'CilLl'lllK lllllll. KCllllClll l,llllll, SllCl'l'y l,llllml. Luis Llllllly, ll0llgl2lS Nl1lt'KlllllCy. Mlclc Nl2lIlS2lllC. Pill lVlkllilllllS, 'l llmllllzls lxl2ililCIlll'll SOPHCMORES WT 1 l l l-' 2 l,,. , f il-Qi .f ill 7' ' ly i ,- I .im 5 .QW l 'll 61 :Q 'sw - ,..., 14 a CIMA, They lbinpl qed Ke I Promi e x ,,,,, ? it P M a P ,. "-' - at . 4 a t R , R' 1 Wt to S MH' Q a E X ta soPHoMoREs Ron' one - Ruth Martin. Loretta Marvin, jack Matison, Dorothy Mauck, Patricia Mayer, Ron' lzvo - Robert Mayes. john McCabe, jack McCarty, Patricia Mclieown, Richard McKinney. Rau' three - Parker McMahan, George McNabney, Robert Mcssler, Ann Miller. Carol Mink. Row four - Paul Mitchell. Nancy Mogler, Marie Monteleone, Sam Monteleone, David ml Ron' flzfe - David Moore. Charles Morgan, Tom NIOYRCIIIO, Herb Mullinax. Bob Mur- pliy. Ron' six - Carol Myrtle, jerry Nash, Joyce Naylor. Brinda Ncidigh. Roselind Newcomer. Ron' .w'w'11 - Judy Nickels. Jeanette Nilsen. Gary Norling. Ralph Northfutt, John Noto. Ron' fight - Peter Novotny. La Verne Olson. .Xudrey Urban. NVayne Ottc. William l'arl:1sc:1. Row Him' - Mary Lou Parrish. Emil Pasholk. Robert Paulsen. Robert Pawlak, Eleanor Peirce. Montgomery. ...,. P QQ! is xii 5. Ni T if if gif 'Gr gx tj N gg f fx ' f "V L ,.,. 3, ,',,:i Li ggd ,wwf . lg 5 P fm' if if ff 62 The Clau f 56 Ha Shown Ability in Sparta! Rom one - Diane Perkins. Geraldine Perry, john Peters, Sharon Peters, Joanne Petersen, Dorothy Peterson, Gerald Peterson, Ronnie Peterson, Bruce Phelps, Aludy Pilcher. Row two - Bonnie Potter, Beverly Price, Fred Prigge, Keith Rabe, Charles Rarhow, Iva May Rakow, Susan Range, Curtis Ransom, Lecil Ray, Rochelle Reason. Row three - Dennis Reber, Nila Rebenstorf, Carol Reed, Barbara Rees, Carol Reese, Barbara Reichelt, Delores Rhymes, Doris Riedemann, Donald Rippberger, Ben Rocha. Row four - Patricia Rockwell, Eugene Rohrsen. Phil Rooker, Paula Rosene, john Ross, Dorothy Roth, XVilliam Row, Inmann Russell, Roland Ryall, Judy Rydcll. Row five - Robert Saack, joleta Sabin, Marcelene Sadler. Pat Salisbury, William Sandberg, Donna Sanders, James Sayers, WVilliam Scarritt, Karen Schaede, Andrew Schaus. SOPHCJMORES 4' I 'Al' 4 .. 'B uf 'iq- .ffil Tl ' 'P' i ,f f .-J " k 2, X N 'Sir A vs fwdvy-fi , f I Qs-'a ,r Y ah M. ik . V17 5 63 i ' I W Se 15 1 X i , , The Soplwmo e Ha e P1 nned Well 5.2 Ron' hw - Karen Siegel. Shirley Singleton, VVilma Singleton, Ray Slauhaugh, Robert Small. Row six - Leonard Smith, Rohert Smith. Rohert I.. Smith, Nancy Soderherg, .lutlith Somers. Hou' .wwrz - Geraldine Som, Lee Sparks. Bar- hara Spatcs, Ron Spinker. Paula Stade. Row eight - john Stanford, jane Starr, Har- vey Steen, Joyce Stege, Mary Stephens. Ron' nine - Dennis Stewart. Eddie Stewart. Frank Stewart, Dorothy Stone, Seth Stowell. if-5 it 64 SOPHOMORES Rua' one - Philip Srhmidgall, Robert Schmidt. Terry Schmidt. Bettie Sfhmoldt, .Xllen Schneider. Row mo - jean Schneider. Marlow Schneider. Larry Schramm, Sandra Schramm, John Schutlel. Row ihrec' - Carol Schult, Betty Schultz, Frank Schultz, Marvin Srhultl, jerry Scagren. Run' four - Mary Semeny, Gary Shales, Sally Shales, Leona Shepard. Sandra Shumilak. Wlci e bving much, 'flaeq femem6e ed Tlaei Studie L fi , , ww .P ,1 Ron' mu' - Lilian Slrzihl, Bolle Stringer. Rclmcrrzi St1'owln'iclgc', Arclis Slllilll, Clzmml Snfln. Nun .ln-:ni Sunny, Sznnlrzi Swain. Hznnlrl Swanson. Nancy Swanson, Xngelinu Sllliil. Run' lim - llilllljl 'l'z1lcwcll. jznncm 'lu'ls. slaicqiicliiic 'l'l1vlzimlc1'. Hclcn lhics. Donn.: 'l'humps0n, Put llimnpsun, Dick licknnr. Riclxznd Tillziny, Robert Tillntsnn, Emily 'l'ohlcr. Hou' 'I ni kvl Run' Vnrics, lion' Joyce lhrrr' - Marilyn Tullcy, Mary 'l'mrcs, julian lliollcr. Irene 'l'rou, liulninc Tucker, Luis ', Nlznii- lflsuvcr. .liin Yun Buren. juss-plm Yun Dcn lloscll. fiilllilllllll' Yzimlcrforil. your - Nlzn'jm'ic Yun NYQIIIIDCIQC. Nlzmizi Yznmcr. Mila Yccc. Dzniicl Yollc. hllulilli Iloycc Walker, Douglas Wzillau-. 'lznncs Wzillarc, luhn Walters, Cicnc Wzili. hw - Diunc Wand. .lznncs Wzlrilcr. ,Indy XV2lIliZlWil'k. Ann Wclmc-li, llzirlcnv We-inlrunlm. WL-isncr. Dirk Weiss, .Iudilh YVclls, Dawn W'cnLller. Sylvia Werner. I 'Si , 1 i f 7 AQ SOPHOMCRES M M' if W. X ,.'-- I iiii i i i i i D . M Q: ,1 J x ,, Jiylkqv gi ij K iirili it in . .HI aiif ' il Y 'iii i if J iff, . at , ,,, if i n i f iill ll ., j if i M, W .3 i. 'fi' .- :., l ip . . 5: 65 S . Si Zeal: to tlai C' au a ?uture Ze der Ron' one - Martha West, Marlene Wetzel. Ron' izvo - Iames XVCWCUCI' Larry NVhalen Janice lvhitconib, 'l'ony Whitnier. Bevia Whit: ney. Row three - Marilyn Wiese, Charlene Wilcox. Doug Wilson, Herb Windau, Dean Winebrenner. Hou' four - Nancy lVires, james lVissman, liugene lVittenstrom, Nancy lVood, Artis Wool- colt. How jim' - Gail XVoods, Charlotte Yar- wood, Peggy Yarwood. joan Yohnke. Barbara Zickuhr. Ron' six - Nancy Zickuhr. Gloria Ziegler, .Indy Zierke, jill Zimmer, joseph Wheeler. 'All it One of the largest sophomore classes in li.H.S. history assembled in the :ulditorium on a September day in l953. 'Ihey showed promise of becoming one of the finest. This was indicated by the splendid spirit ol cooperation shown their sponsor, Mr. Cook, in this first meeting and in the school year that followed. Wasting no time, lliey immediately embarked on their first project, a class float for Homecoming. The float required many hours of labor, but it was a credit to the new students when it was completed. It depicted an Elgin player riding a plow which was on an unfortunate East Rockford player, with the slogan, "We'll Plow 'em Under." Following this, they elected class officers: Dick Ciacco, president: joe Giambelluca, vice-president: Gwen De Young, secretaryg and jill Zimmer, treasurer. The class's next venture was a tremendous success. The class party, "Gathering Inn," featured a Colonial Inn as the theme. Dancing to music provided by a student band, the Sophs had a wonderful time and were justly proud of the rcsults of their preparations. Following their fun at the party, the class of :56 overcame the problems faced by all other sophomore classes, by selecting class colors, rings, and sweaters. To climax a promising first year, the class held a May-Day dance at which the class of '57 were guests. Thus far, '56 has shown remarkable aptitude in everything which they have attempted, doing an excellent job in scholarship, athletics, and social activities. As Elgin watches E.H.S., it will follow with interest the progress of sponsor Ron Cook's clans of 1956. 66 Spouom of 55 and 56 ga We Tlnei C'laAAeA What would as Mutt without Miss llavery a great deal of l'nit'crsity of Wi Miss Davery has l.istening to of the activities The class of N55 owes Miss llavery a debt of gralitttde for het' wonderful help atul Cll- couragcutent. Under hcr guidattce, "55" promises to be one of the best classes ever? the class of IQH5 be without Miss llavery? Why, that wottld be as unnatttral Alefl' or hatn without eggs! attended Beloit College whtre she received her BA. degree. She has done post-graduate work at several different schools and among these are the sconsin and Oxford in England. She earned her MA. degree at Northwestern. visited most of the European eottntries and Mexico. music, knitting, and playing with her black cocker spaniel, Imp, are a few that occupy her time when she's not teaching psychology or social problems. Mr. Ronald Cook, sponsor of the class of I955. has gained the honest admiration of everyone with whom he has cotne in contact. It isn't diflicttlt to admire a man sincere as the big friendly top athlete of a few years ago. who now initiates sttldents into the world of the test tttbe in the chem lab, which doubles as his home room. Born in Vermont, Illinois. in l920, he graduated from his town's high school and enrolled in Western Illinois State 'l'cacher's College in l938. When the war came, he joined the Coast Guard. ln 1945, Mr. Cook, hack in civilian garb, taught in a small high school. 'I'he students began asking "good" questions, so he returned to Macomb to learn the answers. He was awarded his M. S. in ISH7. He catne to Elgin in 1949, and, judging from the impression he made here. E. H. S. would he happy to have this most recent move be his last for a long, long time. 'nw Iii to t, the C1444 fI955 In September of l952, the doors of EHS opened to 421 eager yet timid students who were to make up the class of I955. This was the first year that any class had entered EHS as a unit, for in previous years the Abbott junior High students had always joined their class as sophomores. Now with the two new junior high schools, Larsen and Ellis, contributing students, members of the class of 1955 became sophomores together. Nvith its class sponsor. Miss Katherine llavery, and the newly elected class officers. Bob Gordon-president, Roger Burnidge-viceapresident, .Indy Ureenawalt-secretary, and Earl Lamp- treasurer, "55" tackled its first big project-a float for the homecoming parade. In keeping with the theme "Homecoming Special," a caboose was constructed. To be sure it sagged in the middle and bulged a little around the edges, but nevertheless it held together for the required length of titne! Humorous relays, tempting refreslnnents, and social dancing totaled up to an evening of fun and the forming of many new friendships at the first class party-"55 Frolics." The class colors, hunter's green and light green, were formally announced at this time. After weeks of extensive planning, presented a humorous skit about a sailor inarooned on a tropical isle as its contribution to Stunt Night. An "all star" cast as well as a clever plot and sparkling music fmusic?j made the stunt a hit. Drama critics hailed it as a "howling" SIICCCSS. The junior year started ottt with a bang when the l955 class float tied for first place in the "most beautiful" category. finder the guidance of Miss Davery. Mr. Arthur Graffant, the new assistant sponsor, and class officers Bob Gordon-president, Roger Burnidge-vice-president, Wendy Withers-secretary, and Earl Lamp-treasurer, "55" held another successful class party. "Scarecrow Spree" inclttded sqttare dancing, community singing, and social dancing to the mttsic of an electric organ. A class motto, "'I'he past a foundation, the future a challenge," was voted upon as was the song. A class pennant contest was organized and the winner was chosen by a board of teacher judges. With a very successful class lay and junior-senior prom behind them and their junior year drawing to a close, the mem ers of the class of l955 look forward to a senior year that will he Hlled with the tnany metnorable events that crowd a happy high school year. 67 7he C1444 j 55 Ha Paued the mid aint Q 1, . ., is lloli Cormlcn, prcsialcmg Earl Lump. ll'621Slll'ClAj Roger BlllilllllgC, Ylfl'-lDl4L'SlKlCIll. Wendi Withers, scfrclzlry are ihe class officers. THE CLASS COUNCIL Run' our - Ann low, liurl lilllllll. Bull Conlon. Wcmly Willicrs. Ruger liurnidgc, Sliurml lfcrris, -Indy Crccilzuvull. Razz' Iwo - Mary NiilliSUll, jllcly Vick, Peggy Horn, jackie lhiclc. Skllllll l'l'2lll, Alicx- Carlson. B2lI'Il2ll'2l Krunwinklc. Ron' lhrm' - Dick Clulc, Lyle Hcrsrlilug, 'Ibm Alcy, lloh Kcm, Ivan Reid. C7444 5 - the unior C i fi I ,. 68 Nan' vm' - luckic Xlmlioll, Rohm-rl .llirc-ns 1 .Xlm-3. Ceriilcl Allen, Rodney Allen. I 1 .Xmlc'l'sm1, Lczlll .Xmh-rsxm, Nlury .-Xmlcwsml Row llnw' - Ruth Fkndcrsuni, William An mlcrson. Karen .Xmli4.scn. David App, janet Ar mild. mv Izwu - lluunc- Alvinu. limil Andersen fn S3 Time We e the Wide-flied Svplwmo e K vi nh I'. X P ff' I' 9 x fr-J M.- I, ,, nd , I :ff I Q ,-V' -1 . '- H, fi.-,gy Q ,,.,,f- , , 519 Q0 i 1 . I .L ,QV F , , ,.,.. M f SAIJS3 af 'wiv its ,R 4 rl' ix i 155 5 E 5 B! Run' nm' - Clcn .-Xuhlc, Marv Austin, Paul Auwil. Howard llniiworl. Riln lkairron, .loin- llzm-iiiziii. Alzniics Bzilcs, jolm Billliill, Don n2llllIIg1l!lIlCI'. lbczninu Bccklixigcr. Run' Izm - llulilli llcclwcll. l'1llI'il'i2l Behrens, Roger liurnimlgc, Yiolcl Bc-li1'c-11s, lluml Hermit, Hcxcrly lieu. Dick lklucmkc, Emily liochning. Dunne liulligcr. Slizirmi Brzidcn. limi' lhrw' - lk-vcrli Ihuimll, Paul nI'0lllll1lH, lmry Bmwii, llizllla Bryzni. Kay lhlcl, sillltifil lhlrlmnk, Richard Bl'ilfCllS, Dcnisc Bllflllll, NVZIIICI' Clnmphcll, .Xliur Carlson. Rim' four 4 Gcrrv Curlsoii, Mary C2ll'1JClllCl', Gail llhailcs, ixlllflilll CilI'illL'iUllC. Richzml lilulv. Hvnrx' Cimiiimzi lzimcs Kioquillcllc. .Mlm-ic iloiiglilus. Rita Cox. Nlzniiiic Cl'2lWiUlili. Hun' fiw' - llvmiis Circzuluii. jmk CICIIIUCIIS. Shirley llzirncll, Kurcii Davis. Ilzlvicl Day, Pal nv Dlfllllllill, Kaillnync llcvcrcuux. Baird Dewitt, Carol lliciki 5, jack Dikiuliiu, 69 .J 44 fri A L I' -- k Y . .- . ,. , V if ' 2 .3 xi i Y f x 4' X .iff 1 i iw. si' nw, iii, 1 ,H I ,Q ii 'ii:i" A .,-t ' 'Goff X ' as .IUNIORS K -,g,. sf" 'mr Q I f 'W .5 4 XR W In I9 4 time univl-A We ized lla 4 Preparing .IUNIORS Row um' - Richard Dillow, Sara Doxlil. xlillif lJownc's. Nancy Drews, Ernest Dunn. Ron' lzvo - Rolmcrta Durrcnlmcrger. Leo l'il1L'l'l. Pcggv limrifh, jllily Falmrick. linlwarcl lfumlly. ww f mf' fx X Ron' lhrrr' - Gary l"zlirc'l1il1l. .Xnilzi Iwcw - Sharon Ferris. l'z1t Flora, Carolyn Iflory. . - i s an 5 Ifou' four - Barlmzlra Forgan, Mziryl FrL'einan. 7, K 'Z George Fricdland, john Friccllancl, Nlklflilllll Pl'll7. "" ' - K ki, rf h 3355 'iv' 'F .. f , . -,.. .4 -:2., N' i WA! , .,fQ , fu i if-is i r rrrr M ' rr M iw'-If A' ..,' :S 5 70 Run' Kim' - Carolyn Punk. Ilziviil Funk, .Indy Hams. Carolyn Gzlrrelts. Marjorie Galilik. Ron' six - William Gieskc, Mclva Goodyear, Bob Gordon, -Indy Graff, Margaret Graff. Run' Sl'1'l'H - Bernice Grunt, Al Grantham, Judy Grcenznvzrlt, Carolyn Cromer. lion' vigil! - Ray Gruber, 'William Gruer. Gcrlruclc Haas. Larry Harkclt. Run' nina' - Rohcrl Gclmcll. Phyllis Ganz, Carolyn Gcrhcr Darlene Hagner. Robert Gebhard. I,uann Gicrtz. 14 1411.1 q , The e We e fe AMA, and 14ctiitlzA, l- I Q lkqn ,':"',.' W ' -:.' ., "Q W i W Q 1. . ff 5 5-N U ls ,Pg y 554 it Us if gf v Y 4 ,wiv-H E ' 3:5 X-if ""' Q ' Wifi, -iii' I hifi I H I 4 " 23. W' - as ii l aw f. . g f . 3 ,-iff " f f . .... "2 ' ..- ' l f ' ' P ..... ' - it J -1 , Nj" ag if pw ' --2 v,.,-v , A 5133" " H W'g:,1,x.. - ' i l - ' , ' . - A .... r' 'V m , r-"f , A Q - ' - f . -' 1 l 5 W , lk ' Ron' rmf - lim l'lZlIlllN'. 'loni Hanrhc-ll, Don Hansen. Richard Hansen, Kcnnvth Hanson, Richard Harrii, Peter Hartman, Tom Harwood, Art Haynes, Bill Hayward. Hou' lim - Nancy Hayward, llclly' Hcidcn, Doris Heilcnrann, Ricllurd Hendricks. janet Hcnnings, Lylc Hcrshlag, Alice Hill, Sharon Hillqnisl, Marilyn Hogrcwc, Sheila I-loisingmn. Ifuu' llmv' - Rimhard Holland. Richard Holmgren, .Nrlcnc Holmquist. Phyllis Hopp, Nlargarcl Horn. Marguerite Horne. Nlarlcnc Holh. Roger Houdck, Valerie Hnhcr, Paul Hudgcns. Run' four - Nc-il Hunt. Dirk llnrlcv, liarv lsilmnc. lamcs lacnhscn. Gerald larka. lawrcncc jarka. Carl johnson. james li, johnson, -linr H. johnson, Marihcllc johnson.. Row lim' - Morley johnson, Rohcrl johnson, Leonard jones, David jonson, Marge Hoplin, lllllllll jungv. Richard Alnrgc-ns. Marie Kallcnlwach, Nlarnia Kaplain. Patricia Kaptain. 71 it H, V A f 1, . -,, . X, +.. X V... :ik "9 1 ' 2. F vi' 'Y iw W W , iv' as fy, 3 M 2 Y ., if .A al If 'S L A ' gf2s lx ii i if in? , 3 Pv N, I "' yi-av , .gi . rf -' was . p -fi , , 3 vi x', '--gf lid wg A 'aw' , g fn: Q, - ' - f . 1-if si in Q '44 xqyky X12-.J 1 sie .IUNIORS The Pa t School Yfea Ha Keen ?ull of ?un .IUNIORS Row one v- Henry Katz, Roherl Kay. Sheila Keegan, Molly Kelahan, Roherl Kennedy. Ron' two - Betty Kcnyon, Mary Lou Kenyon, Roherl Kern, Warren Kiel. .Xlla Kline. Run' Illrffr' - Lois Knaak. .janet Knappen, Carol Knee, Marie Kohel. Carole Koehler. Ron' four - Marvin Koehn, Norman Kochi- ing, Donna Kollman, Sally Krahn. Barbara Kranwinkle. ww' -di was? x A . 'lille :1 :" 72 R 1 xii' iff 5 S 'X .,.::: 5X i L N 3, , , R K -l-' K if 555525, a f ..i. ::5f Q Q W L' ' .V-5f1555"35g'f5 5555555575552 X 5 J vii? R af f:ssw51"': 4 x, Q. J S I 55? .Al . i v Run' Inu' - Donald Krause, l.aVernc Krause. Ken Krogh, Carol Kurth, Donna Lagcrstrom. Row .six - Delores Lamhke, Earl Lamp, Don- na Laml. Ann Landwer, Norma Lange. Ron' seven - Frances Lazzara, Tom Lea, Bev- erly Leetzow, Carol Lemon. Donna Leverenz. Ron' nigh! - Linda Lewis, Barbara Liess- mann. Virginia Lindoerfer, Richard Lloyd, Wayne Lloyd. Row nim' - Allen Lobhen, Shirley Logan, Donna Lohhaner, Judy Longa, Ann Love. The e Staden t4 Ha repared or the Yuta 5 P f ': 1 -- f lxj:".TI' " Q 3 lm' P Q-.1 er? ' 1, f K W A M ,lm 'M an ' ' af " 5 N 9 .q.' ."' Q 1 ,QE ::A A , Q , I .,,. 'V , , f Q 2. 6 2 e jf, n -A' - V7 h t 'Hd , Q Q V X at 5 A I I Iv V A,., i ,A,:, Iilb , , ...guise J. i Y I ti A ! ,K . yy, f :J x i f 'f .. "-NL. f 'a -if . - Q .P 4 , ' P P ii P Q- -P -'- P P if ,P P - bq- Q P P i P .. 2 i. 2-: 1 ...V ":' .,,y H , P ., I . e -lf AP - r I '2" e ,,.. . fl P ' W J ' I, f -,1"" 1" A ' 2 F f ff 'K 'I -A 1 . f": i -"'1 'W 3 WE 2 'fra I V . , N3 x lim , rx - F-'91 if Q 5' P E , ml 1 i , had -Q W 5 Xl J ,,, . V Q. ,Y V XM.. , ., ., W' , .. W x 3-dr ,M x 'ii A QM - i- " .. A ' " X fe, R 'll is 9 Q12 V ziainiiifiiqigiilmm, ggi: V xy il ll --:ss A ,iw limi' um' - I'nn1 l.nre4lax'. Lurnnne l,nwe. Lewis Luker, Micllzrcl Lynn Rirlrzml hl2lg'lll'l .Knnzrlmclle Nlzingnin, AIUXIIIIC' Nlzn'km'ifl1, Karen Nlzrrvin. Nancy Blurxen, Mary Mzitisnn. Rau' lim - Curl Mznifk. Robert N1cBrizn'ly, Bzlrhara McKinney. jzrmes Mcngler, Dale Nlenser. Williann Meyers. Iflorenzr Miller, K2lllllCL'll Miller. Nancy Miller. Pat Miller. Row tlzrr-1' - Selina Mitchell, Dawn Mittcr, JoAnne Murscwick, David Nelson, Philip Nelson, Sllllllllll? Nelson, Garry Nuhl, llnnzrlcl Norlznnler. Philip Nowak, Beverley Oherg. Ron' four - Marry Orlnrann, Gail Pzrrchen, linrharxr Pzirren, Sally Pale, William Pnlc, Howard Peilsch, Shirley Petersen, Donald Pclry, Charles Pclschow, Robert Pfister. Ron' fnv' - Norman Pllneger, Marvin Pforlmillcr, Darwin Phillips, Bill Powers, Sandy Prull lurzrll Prelnn, lilwvii lriu' 1 " - ' ' " ' HW' ' . jininc Priggc. Ron Piouly, Marjorie lu Ll. 73 ,,. ew ,, 'uv Wi l w ff' i I 1 fr vi 1 4 'S X- H '.,' m P ..,., A s ,AA Xxx b J, .,, lie Junivl-A j S4 WW 6e the fender f 5 .IUNIORS Nou' mir - Roger Quamlt. jim Rangc. llctty Ransom, Warren Rasmussen. Jeanette Rca. Rua' lim - Ruhcrt Rccsc, llmma Rccxcs. llcaimc Rcichcl, Ivan Rcitl, llctly Rcutcix limi' Ilfrn' - l.m'cl Rice, Clcn Rll'llHl'llSllll. ttci Piiiicii Norman Ripphcrgcr. llarhara Ri Rohhins. Ron' four - Beulah Roberts. Nlarlcnc Ruhr. llzlrlriic Rolirsscll. l.cRoy Samuelson. lliiclith Samlcrs. , W, 'iw A ,iq 'lf' 133 -Q. Q w- Z ...ni L Run' jim' - Kay Scliahcrt. .lanicc Schacllcr. Dim Schlcif, Dun Schmickcr, Geurgenc Schmulclt. limi' six - Doris Schramm, Ray Schrichcr. fllicryl Schultz, Ciorclon Schultz, Nancy Schultz. Rim' Al"lVl'7I - Alun Sclmrincicr, Charles Scott. John Scroggins. Nlargcnc Sell. Martha Sensor. Ron' wiglzl - Gary Sicgmcicr, William Sieg- rist. Margoric Sims. Nancy Sipplc. Lorna Siorceli. Ilan' nine' - .Xrcla Smith, jim Smith, janicc Sokucly. llrucc Smnnicrs. lim Sponholtz. if O 1 Q Y X' ,ii The Glam of S5 fool: dine d with Confkfence :Q . sjfx 3127 ni W. ..?'l::- 'Q A - - W wfffw ,- 'W Vi nf D W .Qlif R1 .W AZ' M fr I 'Til Him' um' - Pclcr Slzirlt. ,Iznncs Standing. Lmnu Slcllcn, john Slcinnicycr. l,0l'Cllil Slcrling. lSL'lllill'f SlUL'l'lllK'li. Slizlrun SIOIIC. Nlikc Snslnzin, Slxcnccl' Swinlun. I.inclzi SWlllCl'. Hon' luv: - john Tzivlnr, Gain Thclanclcr, Bcrnznwl 'l'hicl, Philip 'Ihicl, jackie lhiclc, Kali 'I hiclnzln. 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Many noon hours ol' diligent practice resulted in 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ln lelnttht, the Xtolinis Jcrliornictl 'lt the fllll'lSllll'lS contrit line sounding organization. llnder thc direction ol Miss Ennnz C g - . ' 1 .' 1 ind the l7ad'n Daughter Date Night. 'l'his year, a new project was attempted. The Girls Cluh. assisted hy thc .'Xeolians, presen in liaster assetnhlv, a perlorniance which many hope will hecotne a tradition at E.H.S. The choir also appeared lor vnu 1 tradition at li.H.S. 'l'hc choir also appeared lor various organizations i11 the connnuni Another group that participates actively throughout tl1e year is tlunior A'Capptrlla. F0l'lIlCI'ly known as Mixed Chorus the group actpnrcd its new name at the beginning ol' the school year. ln alternate years, thc organization presents an opere or the grade school children ol' lilgin. Mr. Hill directed the group at the 'llll2lIlliHglVlllg assenlhly as well as the Chris n. concert. .xS5CllllJllCS were also precnted lor l,arscn and Ellis junior high schools. 'l'he. lt'llX ltlcs hy participating nl thc Fox Valley lfestixal which was held this spring. lunior X l'1pptll1 coinplettd its vt n ol 1 Verse Speaking Choir is another popular organization in E.l-I.S. Organized hy Miss Mabel linglchrecht several yt-:ns ng this group t-ndearors to hetter understand and interpret poems and readings. 'l'he Christinas season proved to he the husicst ti lor the verse speaking girls. 'l'htry presented a program at the Y.XV.C.A. and their presentations at the Clhristnias concert ut enjoyed hy all. 'l'he choir also perlornicd a short program at the Mother and Daughter 'l'ca, held in May 'l'he highlight ol tht wear was a trip to Chicago to witness the stage perlornlancc ol' U'lllIllC out lor Ginger." 80 fr School and Community itla fnjoqment YI-'.RSlf. Sl'l". 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Run lmulx 1 :null SI1 lflillilll 1 bllll ku Q., w l.nllL'x RL l"ifllr 1 Kung XImN.1lmu llanm Xolnur Don PLHLULI lcklg HUG L RHI l'llllNll Duck l Sixlfl llllfkil' .Sr'1.'1'1ll janv! .Yinlll Marge Ninth High! u ic ?iI1 the Ni at S: .S 'l'hroughout the year, various musical groups are called upon to pcrlorni lor social allairs. Most popular ol' these groups are the string ensembles. contposecl ol tnenihers ol' the orchestra. The various conibinations continue to please and delight all Elginlancl. These groups also represented in the district contest, this year held at Geneva, Illinois. Receiving superior ratings here, many were qualified to continue to state finals. helcl at Bloomington, where they again displayed their ability ol' winning top honors. I.nzrr'r left - The popular string trio consists of Keith Morton. David Nelson, antl Bettx Hillnier. I.ozt'er right - Mixetl string quintet tneinhcrs are I.eon Gilles. Spencer Swinton, Donna Loluhauer. I.iutla Switzer. and janet Arnolcl. with tice Concert 0 clam tr and nAem6le .Xs thc smhool your clrcw lo an 1-nil, thc mcmhfrs ol' lhz' Ii.ll.S. c'onu'r1 Ul'1'llihll'll rlosul thcn' Illllxllf lolios :incl lclt room 342 lo slrzlngc sill-ncc ,Xnolhcr suc'c':ssl'ul YCLII' was ovcr. .Xl the lxginning ol' ilu- your, Ruth XVilson, Dura- Nelson, Mary l.z1wi'cl1c'L', :incl Lindam Switzer werc ClCl'lCtl :is ollircrs. llncler the direction ol' Miss Marion l,znll'cy, thc orc'l1cslrz1 lmcgznm its Concert yczn' hy pzn'tic'ipz1Ling in Opc-rzllici Nights. Hcrc the IllllSlC znssuinccl ll guy :incl light Ill00Cl. 'l'hc morn- scrious lypc was lznlcr shown in thc L'0ll1lJll1Cll IJLfl'liUl'lll2lIlCC ol' thc rhorus and oirlinstru :nt thc Cllnislnms prcscntzltion ol thc lXl1'SSl2lll. .xSSL'llIlJlllS were prcscntcd ill two ol' thc junior highs us wcll as 211 high srhool. 'l'hc znnnnznl Fox Vznllcv lfcstivznl. prcxccclccl bv thc spring' confort . . . ' . ' ' ' lirlnu' - Rulh Wilson. ,Xlimc iiaulson. San uh lnglillglnccl :incl c'lnnuxc'cl thc orclieslms ycznp V- - V i ORCIIlICS'l'R.X PICRSONNICI, Hon' nm' - Bully llillnxc-r. llllllllll l.Ullll2llICl', l'll1llllL' ilill0IllSl'll. 'lC1lllL'lll' Rui. -Io,Xnn lyson. lilcainor llL'lI'l'C. Hou' Izro - Ruth Wilson, Clan-olyn Miller. Sznuli Kirklmzllrifk, .Xlicc Carlson, l'zn'kcr NIcNl:ihon, john liricson. llcnisc llurlon, hlllflill' l'iUlTlL'l', Nun XVZHSUII. -llllll'I .XI'l10lCl. Hum' llmv' - lic-on fiillcs. Kay Woolroll, KZIYCII Sfllalulc, .,k'1IllL'llL' l,0lll71lll1'l', 'john .Xnmh-rson. xlllfll lloonc. UICZIII Slllllll, Nluriory Gzmlik. Kzxrcn lrps, Nlllly ililSlil', Slmron lirznlcn. Kcilh Nlorlon. Hun' four g lloknn lfmlcrwzlggcr, Alllcly Yorcis. l,orcl Rico. Virginia llzxll, Donnlll Ripp- luclgcr, I':111l:l Roscnv, l'1ll llclncns. llslviml Nlillcr. Hrm' lim' - Nanny Gzllmlvr, SIJCIIKUI' Swinton. Sharon lfcriis, llolm Bohlig, Dick HllI'lL'f', Xlznx lnwrvliu-. llon I'cllcl1-il, lilziinc llchling. llc-nnis Y0lllIlCl'. IR-g' limriclx. .loam Pzlync, l'm'Ic-r llillllllilll. llznolxn flcrlrcr. I'hil Rookcr. llc-lmln Nash. I.in4lu SWllll'I'. YlYl1lll llcilc- lllllll. lXll'lxP2llI'lCli. anul kay Hoolcoil comprisn violin qnurlcl. 9 Eemem6e Mamd- 54 ' junior CIMA P ay I fur VI lil g NILIIIIZI lmlmls llli' Iz11111lx s l11'1w1111'1l lllllv lramk, .-. ll I l1'11lw' - lilgllllll. xlkllllll. IE11111. Katrin. Nvlx. ,lllfl Cilniwlim- Iiill'Il illll'lllly uw Xl1'. Huh- rc-:uls I,m1'1'1'l1'fl - nt umm, Ixulfirz ,.. .Xlunm ... l,fl!7Il ,... llflgflnlr .., f.'lIP'i.X'lfIlI' . . .UL lfVlI1' . .X1'f.x ,..... .-111111 'l'7'illII .-1:1111 81.31111 .-lun! Ic'l1l11' l111l1'f,lnl.s .-I llvlllllllll , Xlr. I lim l:1'l 1I'UIIl llu' Irllr my l11'11 Llllfzx, Xlllll .lm-11111 is 111111114-ml 111111 I1'i1111 NCVIIIN llllllll'4l 115 Sigricl l1CliXL'lgS ll Slliilkillg piece THE CAST ..... Nluricl I'-l'l'll ... lL':111 NIllll'lll'llll l .,.. Duck I lcru' ..,.... l'z1l Ci1'c'c'11 ... C.u11111c RIlll2ll'lli .,..... lim l'L':1w -Ilkbllll I,z111gc . . ...... Dlilllt' I"ll'l'lll .. ... Il1ml11l'L's S4llllL'illL'lk ,. .,. Slllllll Ki1'kl1a1l1'i1'k ., .,v.... ,IQUIII K2lNlL'll .,.... . . , .I'1l1lillL' lullillllhfll ,mu ,.,......... Llymlc l3z1111L'Il IM. 1411111.11111 filillllit' Bock flfriclzly Nilcj Holm Killll 1Sz1l111'cla1y Nilvj dmv ....... ,. .,,.4....,.. l.z111rc Hz111sc11 .-I ,X'1n.w' ....... ...... S llllfflll Rcl1Im111'g ,-Irmilzrr .X'ln.w ., xllllf K. NIclS1'iz11'l3 Snrln lllrrl: .,.....,..........., Dick Nloml' Ilmullzv ,Srllillrr ...........,........,.... . RIIOIIZI Nlnlllln-lg qAlf1'icl11y Xilub SI1i1'lc'x' XVil11l11l1 4511111111211 Nilvj Alllilflilll' ,....... E ....,... K1ll'L'll CQm1mI11ow Illmrmf' llrllm Mnmr'l1r'nrl .,,..,.......,.. Lynnc l.ilgCl'Sll'0lll lfrll-lim' 1...... f1ll2ll'll'S ll111111i11g Nrlzzlnwmfzmz ......,,....,...., Allllll Smith GOODBYE I cgm, of N Rklfgimgn ff, ik VN 1 ff HG If II 1 1 , govd6qe, my ?ancq, 54 Senzor I7 ay .'1l1111v': ,X 111111111111 111111110111 1110111 'AfL111111l111- X15 1111111111 1ll'11Xl'K'I1 1:1l111'1, ,l11ll 1'1-:1s1-. 111111 1l11g11ll'l. ,I111111 S:11111'll, 111111 Slll' 1,l'K1ll21I'l1 1111111111114 , . . l11gl1l,' -1111111 5111111-11 111111 -111111 1llI1ll'l' 11111111- Iul 11111111111 111'1l1z11:11i1111 1-111 g1':11111:1li1111 All 11111111 1111I11- 1111111'1.g1'. 1111' l11lSS 111 411 1111111111111-11 111511111 1sil11 X 15i1'1'sa1111 111 111'1s1'11l 11111sl 9lIll'l'WS1'1111N 1111111111111 N11 1'z1111'N. ll CUllll'l1N Ill l1ll'l'1' 11115, 1111.11 111 llIIH'IlI'fl'l'A' 11111111 511-11111 ... . .....,, -1111111 S1ll1xl11 .X1lll'1I21 ......,. .... R 11111111 311-1111- Cl1:11'is1' ,.,....... ...1i:11'1'11 0111111111111 xllllkf N1-11 ........ ,... X 1l1l'X 11111111 Miss S11:11'1x11'1'11111 .... 11.111 x1l1ll1ll.l11 kl1llll111l'i ,. ...... ... 11-11-1111111111 X12lll 11111111118 KZINIK ll 11111111111 1'1'111'li1l ... ....... R1111a1111 1111111 S11s:111 ......,.... .,.5.ll'lI11 Ki1'1111a111'1111 c1l'2lL'l' xv4lI1I1S .. 1-.111'11 C.1'1ww11111 ..... ...111 ....,.R11l11 Wi1s1 .xg2l11l1l lll'l'K1 ..... ..,. . Slllillllll' 1,l'4lllQlll1 111111'a 51111101111 l'1'111'1'ms111' 1511l1t'N1l2lN ,. ...... 1J1a1111- I11'1I1l 12111111 ..,....., KI11 ...,... ...1",12l11ll' '111111111s S11i1'11'x 111111111111 N:1111'1 1'11'1l111xs 111. 1'lll .... 11111121111 11111111 -1111111 1.z111g1 1z11111s N11'1'1'i11 .... ...-l:11111w 1,l'1INl l'1'111'1-xs111' 11111g11'x ... ..... 1.Ix111- 1111111111 NI1111 C1111- .,...... .,... R i1'11:11'11 111111111 1112111110 191'isw1111I ,. ...R1111:1111 1111Illill'I1l wwf . HM--H-1-. - -L -.num nr 1-1.1,wn1u1n -1 1:,v,4f-1mw11::1Qmme .f1 Ins 111 ivlny Of Walking Upfaer left - Building and Grounds Commission with their pet project- driving safety. Standing: Jon Schurmeier-Co-chair WW' man, Dan Parks, jerry Seagren, Ron Bjick, Bob Gordon, Doug Wallace, and Don Hansen. Seated: Margene Sell. june Yvolff, joan Sackett-Co-chairman, and jerry Moser. tNot pictured Dean WVinebrenner.j lower lr!! - Research and Publicity Commission, whose varied duties include keeping the Student Council Bulletin Board up to date. Left to right: Spencer Swinton, Harold Row, Doug Koch. Dick Fritz and Sally Thurnau-Co-chairman, Dennis Volmer. Shirley Darnell. Roger Soderhurg, Yvonne Andersen, Inger Persson, Nancy Kagel, and Marilyn Hallman. Cenler - Progranr Commission plans for the Courtesy Assenrbly. one of many projects during the year. Left to right: Glenn Auhle, Bob Bohlig, Bill Alderman, Carolyn Ilrorner-Clo-chairman. Bob Gillam, Tom Hickey, Bob Kennedy- Co-chairman, Dick Ciaccio, -and Gary Fairchild. Student Zeade Today The Elgin High School Student Council serves an important function in life at E.H.S, This organization acts as a go-between in stttdent'faculty relations. Students learn democracy by practicing it. and l'1lgin's students have an exceptionally good opportunity to practice democracy in this. the ollicial voice ol' the student hotly. Each of the 62 members is elected directly by the student body. Every homeroom has its own representative, who is responsible to the students who elected him to inform them of what takes place at the weekly meeting and to vote in their hest interests. The four ollicers are elected through a primary and a general election after a vigorous campaign in the spring. 'l'he three class presidents. ex-oflicio nretnhers, round otlt the list. Not only does this organization act as a co-ordinating link between students and faculty. and a democratic opportunity for students to voice their opinions and ideas, but it has an outstanding record of service to its school and cornrnunity. The success of the Student Council can largely be credited to the fact that both students and faculty support it whole-heartedly and are willing to coaoperate with it in every way. 83 Hational leade A Tomo:-r w Iht- Slllllvlll flllllllll is at tUlIllIll5Sl0ll lnrm ul glHCI'llIllL'lllI lmssilily lz.ll.S. is olml-lziwliiuxtctl Ihr' Int' l4llllIlllSSlUIlN pitturvtl on lhcst- pztgcw lINCI'Zlgt' Ztllthlll lt'tl llli'llllll'l'i vault. ill iltlllllltlll lu thc twu UI-tll2Ill'llll'll. lilllll umunissmii has llS at-pzlrzltc lt1ntllu11s.c:lt'lr ul whith is usnt-uliul to tht- prnqrnirr ul tht tvlgllllllxllltlll, lugctllur tht-3 tnztkc at suiuullrly llIlIl'll0l!lllg ttttil whith hzls aittulllpltsirutl siltlr ll'lllN tluriug tht- your as llllllglllg an Swv,-tlish cxtlizlngc Sllltll'lll lu li.H,S. lllrotiglm tht' XlllCliltllll l'1t-lil SCIXICC. lllllllllg' lt!gt'llICl' tht' lz,Il.S. lllllIlllJU0li. marrying cllll ll tulm 1lllXlllg' Ill'lPgl'lllIl. xt will-lung U7lllll'Sl' Hllllllillgll. zmml lllilllglllllllllg' scverul nc-w st-rxltrs. uutslalmllng lllllllllg' which wut- tht- l1Ill'lll SIIIWCQ :tml tht- Slllllkflll lBirc'ctmx'. 'I huugh imlixicltlztl l'llIllIlllSSl0llN haul tliatrgt ul thcw prult't'tS, thc whulc' l'0lllll'll ll'lll an hzlml to matlw thcm SlIl'L'L'SSllll. Pezssilnlr thc twu things that will hc lclm-tl1lmc1't'tl zilmut this your! Sllltlblll tollmil will ht tht- 5llltlClll'l'1Il'lllly Stunt Night, lor which tht' b0lI2ll f.tllllllllNSIUl1 cslmccizllly tlcwviwctl praise, tml llli'1llllltlSl mztgitztl Il'llIlSli0l'lll2lllllll ol' spcrtzttnr SIJUl'lSlllilllillll1. inzliuly ll1lYliClll2lll gzunvs in whith lhc Nllltlllll toilnril lcll thc Wil, to thc point whtrc lhc sltttlciits wurc svtlitlg lm txttmplt- for tht' attlult lilllli. lhis won lilgiii at SlJClILll lClll'l' ol' 4'0lllllll'llll2lllHll lrum tht' xitc iwsitlt-nt ul' tht' l.ll.S..X, l mlcr thc llllKlL'l'Sl1llllllllg g'llltl2llllC ul thvtt' spmtsur. Nlr. Hxtllcr Nilwii, :hc illl4ll'Ill Ubllllfll ltmlts lurwqirnl tn :mutlrvr yvzlr ln mzitcli this truly grunt miv. I'Nrrr lwjt A Iht- li.H.S. Stutlc-nt iluiiticil with their apuiiwig Nlr, Wztltcr Wilwir. in tht-it l1ll'i'llllgl'HtlllI. l'j1jn'r righl - Slllllblll Clmimil 0llitrt't's-jim lgllllll. l,l'i'Sl1lL'lll1 Sztllr lhllritalll, 'l1c'11stt1't'ig lot hlllllllllt'lt'I', Yin--l'lt'sitlt-iilg lSL'IllCllj l,it1tl1t Sulxmly. SL't'l'L'lill'f. l.mvrr lrfl - 'l ht- Smizil tlmnmissimt hurtl ill work ht-ing sucizilxltn Stumliiigi Sum XVl'lllL'l. Iitlmlit- Stt-want. l'1llll Clrznwlurtl. tiivgg l'1HllI'lll2Ill. -IZIIIICS Yam llhlIl't'll Xlux tlrztillcr. Svztlctli llzrrry Puklitr, limi N0l'l1lll1ll'I', l.flI'll2l Stcllclr-tio-4liziirmztii. Kzrrvll limzltrs, Szmtlx llurlumk, jzim' Wt-igt-I, :mtl ilu-rliatiiiltaiit Nlllllt' Pnxitltlmk. I,nzw'z riglll - lhc Svrxiu' citllllllllvllllll lllillllllllg for tht- Stlltlt-nl Ilirvtturx. l,t'll to light: lbcrtrutlc- lllllli. Stl-xt' Nlcnglcr, Kcii Llllltl. Init-l Riu: 'lim .Xrrtlt'rst'n. lizlw Xltml gmriurx. l,:lllx tllriislciiwlr. K1ll'l'Il llztlmuil-611.4listirmam, l,t'mi:u'sl ,juni-s. .Xlzm llzthii -tin mlmilmam. limi blulriiw, Xilal Rt-In-1mlm'l'. 4 ' - .l ,fr ..., slung.: mf:- The lllirr - To Pro 21 With School We A "Mirror's out today. Please return any extra copies to room 259 so they can he mailed to ahsent suhsc'rilJers." This announcement was heard in all second period classes on alternate lVednesdays throughout the school year. Under the guiding hands ol' Miss Enid Burns, faculty advisor, the first semester Co-editors, lilie Bernstein and Emil XVolll', and the seeond semester editors Barb Kranwinkle and X'Vendy lX'ithers, the paper put out a special Homecoming edition, a welcoming edition lor the soph- omores, several six page papers that contained literary supplements, a Christmas issue, and a ,junior and a senior issue, as well as many other "Specials," The Mirror, in eo-olx-ration with the lXIaroon, was host to representatives ol' the Big 8 Press Association at its annual Conl'erenee on December 8. 5' I'j1jn'r rigfll: .Xn overall View of the Big liiglil Press lIonl'erenee held in li.H,S. ljenirr righl: Judy citjlll. Bill Anderson, llarh Kranwinkle qseeond semester eo-editorj lfranres Werner, Don Orton. Marsha Amlrews. thnsiness managery and Wendy Withers, qsee ond semester eo-editorj observe the "clothesline of lll'W5lJ1llJCl'S." l.ozt'a'r right: First semester eo-editor liniil W'olll explains the eoireet procedure ol' sales- manship to Vida .Xltoni, -loan Payne, Bonnie Reiukiug, Ron Miller, Datid St. -john. llee ,Xnn Bellows, and Elie Bernstein. Iff'lnzi'.' lilwin l'rire. Fran Werner. -john Cireedland. and lilie Bernstein Hirst semester to-edilorl paste the duinniy as lom l.ezt and .Iohn llattiu ehetk the tops. iw fi 2 The ma von- To Hel 11 Rememhe lung lat-l'ut'v stltmtl stn I , : -tt-tl lztst l:tll, tltt' st.tll' nl' tltt- M:trtmtt wzts wutkittg nn tltis yt-:tt"s ltottlt. lclczts lm' :t tltr-ntv wcrt- sttggcstctl l:tst spitng, :tml :ts soon :ts :t tlt-linitt' um- wats cltustttt it wzts t-nl:tt'gt'tl ttpon. Wltt-n scltnol lx-gztn in tltt- l':tll, tltvst' pl:ttts wt-rot-:tt't'it-tlttt1t,Smnt tltt- :tc:ttt:tl pmclttrtiutt wzts stztrtccl. 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Compliments of Lamp Construction Company II2 Division Street KW This is the 80th anniversary year Union National Bank and Trust Co. 9 Q Elgin Illinois of your "Good Neighbor and Friendly Servant," The Courier- youthful, vigorous and in step with EIgin's progress. 5 3 17 5 ' D ' News . . . Eighty years of remaining Member F. D. 1. c. inf! Pat om Ace Hardware 9 East Chicago Street Ackemann's Dept. Store Elgin, Illinois Warren Alkin Studio 23 Douglas Avenue A 6 P Super Market 205 South Grove Avenue Balo. Denes Studio 229 East Chicago Street Bamett's 10 South Grove Avenue Bendtsen Dairy 130 Vine Street Ben Franklln Store 1120 South Street Bergan-Wolff Funeral Home 310 South State Street loseph F. Bema Transfer 218 Wellington Avenue Glenn R. Beverly 418 Courier-News Bldg. B K Photo Hobby Shop 159 East Chicago Street Blum's 15 Douglas Avenue Britton Dairy 219 Walnut Avenue Brotzman and Melms Chevrolet 227 South Grove Avenue Bunge's 280 South Grove Avenue Stanley Burnidge 6. Sons South Street and McLean Blvd. Bursteln Brothers Food Market 805 Walnut Avenue Bursteln Brothers Store For Men 205 National Street Carbary 6 Carbary 501 Tower Bldg. M. G. Carpenter. M.D. 402 Fliverbluft Road Daniels 6 Clark 221-223 East Chicago Street The Colonial 802 Villa Street The Colony Shop 162 East Highland Avenue David C. Cook Publishing Co. 850 North Grove Avenue Danner's Clothing Store 52 Douglas Avenue Davison Motor Sales. lnc. 222 South Grove Avenue Del's Bicycle Shop 266 Dundee Avenue Dueringer-Williams Studio 51 Douglas Avenue Economy Oil Company 151 North Spring Street A Friend Elgln Business Men's Association 16 East Chicago Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 South Grove Avenue Elgin Coal and Oil Company 24 Kimball Street Elgin Corrugated Box Company 824 Raymond Street Elgin Federal Savings 6 Loan Ass'n. 100 Douglas Avenue Elgin Flour 6: Feed 72 North Grove Avenue Elgin Fruit and Produce 304 North Grove Avenue Elgin Homes Dairy 1000 Preston Avenue Elgin Loan and Homestead Ass'n. 14-16 North Spring Street Elgin Lumber and Supply Co.. Inc. 222 Douglas Avenue Elgin Metal Casket Co. 363 Bluff City Blvd. Elgin News Agency 155 North Street Elgin Sheet Metal Co. 922 Dundee Avenue Elgin Sottner Corp. 134 North Grove Avenue Exclusive Cleaners 106 North Liberty Street Fin 'N Feather Farm Dundee, Illinois l-'ishburn Paint Co. 165 East Highland Avenue Iohn A. Fraser. Insurance 5 Douglas Avenue Fred's Grocery 258 North Gilford Street Frey-Hanchette Insurance Agency Hubbard Building lohn C. Frledland 504 Tower Building George's Clothes Shop. Inc. 158 East Chicago Street Good S Hess Barber Shop 163 East Highland 119 Graenlng 6 Rauscher! 176 East Chicago Street Grimes Sunset Super Mkt. 1110 South Street Gromer's Super Market 820 North Liberty Street Elmer Gylleck. A. I. A. 191 South Grove Avenue Dr. Knute H. Hanson 110 Hill Avenue Harmenlng Recreation 56 South Grove Avenue Hendrlksen Radio G Television 269 South State Street Higgins Food Shop 134 South Melrose Avenue Highland Motor Sales 192 Wellington Avenue Highway Lumber Co. Lake Street Road Douglas C. Hurley. M. D. 100 East Chicago Street Illinois Cleaners and Furrlers 55 Douglas Avenue Inland Supply Company 60 Ann Street lens Potato Chlp Co. 155 North Aldine Avenue Kenneth P. Iohnston, M. D. 402 Spring Street "K" Kountry Kure P. O. Box 78 Miss Annette H. Kalser 6 South Spring Street Kaptalns Men's Wear 452 Bluii City Blvd. Kay Campbells Sportswear 150 East Chicago Street Keegan Brothers Mtg. Co. South Elgin, Illinois Keeney's Sport Shop 19 Douglas Avenue Kimball Auto Parts Co. 59 Kimball Street The Kitchen Mart 101 West Highland Avenue Kramer 6 Kramer. Attorneys at Law 5 Douglas Avenue S. S. Kresge Co. 32 South Grove Avenue Lads 'N Lassles Footwear 10 East Chicago Street Fred R. Lamp Sheet Metal and Heating 214 North Street Fat vnA A. Harriett Lane 168 East Chicago Street Lawrence Avenue Grocery 216 Lawrence Avenue The Lea Company 158 Brook Street Myron M. Lehman 234 McClure Avenue Lesco Auto Seat Covers 1050 Dundee Avenue Victoire D. Lespinasse. M. D. Suite 508, 164 Division Street Lochner's Pharmacy 1100 South Street Thomas M. Loveday Courier-News Buildings The Marison Company South Elgin, Illinois George C. Neadows 6 Company Specialized Engineering 884 Blutt City Blvd. W. R. Meadows. Inc. Elgin, Illinois McBride Pharmacy 119 West Chicago Street McQueen, Churchill. Kirkland 6 Brady 305 Tower Building Mllbrandt's 101 Douglas Avenue I. Donald Milligan. M. D. 164 Division Street Modern Dairy Co., Inc. 1002 North Liberty Street Mosiman's 160 East Chicago Street Muetterties Sunlight Bakery 205 East Chicago Street 0. D. Mulliken, M. D. 112 North Spring Street Henry Muntz G Sons Company 150-54 Brook Street Nelson's Pharmacy 229 National Street D. W. Nish 119 South Grove Avenue Norris-Reber Mortuary 266 East Chicago Street North Street Grocery 228 North Street Oberg Motor Sales 116 South Grove Avenue Dr. Charles M. Pahlsen 118 Villa Street Papes Barber Shop 25V2 North Grove Avenue Park View Drug Store 326 DuPage Street Paulson 6 Iordan, Attorneys 100 East Chicago Street Peek's Auto Service 181 South Grove Avenue I. C. Penney Company 51 South Grove Avenue H. L. Pierce Motor Sales. Inc. 250 South Grove Avenue Pinkey's Sunset Dress Shop 1106 South Street Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 210 East Chicago Street Signs For Every Purpose Progressive Sign Co. 848 Villa Street Public Service Company of Northern Illinois 76 South Grove Avenue Radio Station WRMN Fox Hotel Harold Rapalee, Insurance 209-210 Professional Bldg. Edward S. Reque Organization 13 East Chicago Street Reynolds Drugs 1046 North Liberty Street Riiken Furs 122 South Grove Avenue Rinehimer Brothers Kimball :St North Grove Avenues Rosene's Service Station 771 Walnut Avenue Roth Pharmacy 175 East Chicago Street Rovelstad Brothers 162 East Chicago Street Rowe Motors, Inc. 174 South Grove Avenue R G S Shoe Store 72 South Grove Avenue A Friend Roland D. Russell. M. D. 317 East Chicago Street Salisbury's 138 South Grove Avenue Paul E. Schickler 5 East Chicago Street Schneif Brothers Iewelers 161 East Chicago Street F. A. Schurmeier. M. D. 102 North Spring Street Sears, Roebuck and Co. 51 South Spring Street Shales Service Station 110 Villa Street A Friend Sherman Hospital Association 943 Center Street Earl R. Shopen 704 Tower Bldg. Singer's Style Shop 5 South Grove Avenue Sousters Flowers 167 DuPage Street Ioseph Spiess Company 38-52 South Grove Avenue Sportman's Lodge 106 Douglas Avenue David E. Stark-Pianos 21 Union Street Stout Funeral Home 252 South State Street Strohm Coal Co. 20 North Grove Avenue Talk Ot The Town Beauty Salon 112 East Highland Avenue A Friend A Friend F. R. Towner. M. D. 202 Cooper Avenue Don Traub 201 National Street Valentine Insurance Agency Courier-News Building Valley Stamp G Printing Company 5 Douglas Avenue Wentworth's Store For Men Chicago G Spring Streets West Side Hardware 13 North State Street Villa Food Mart 875 Villa Street Wait-Ross-Allanson Funeral Service Inc. Elgin, Illinois The Walsh Agency 905 Tower Building Dr. Henry Lee Wenner 100 East Chicago Street A Friend Dan B. Withers. Ir. Y. W. C. A. 220 East Chicago Street The Maroon Staff Wishes To Express Its Apreciation To The Associated Studios of Elgin 120 '41 ,W v A E.: .4.. . r ' 1 L. .r n In" w ' f-iw ' ' ,gf : - r .1 . ,fr - ity 4.1 Zgrjt . Q A . - W. - if ' V I ',H. fy , . ,KN in . N 1-3 'LZ fm 2 KF 3.1 . -if 5' mf .1 '- . J ,- mfs Av." ,. , I, 'lm f -v S' 'P-. , W .1 . 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