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! 21 EG 3 t :E 'F 3 2 3 I .4 w I I 0 9 4 F 'J PM 4 I 5 E a . a I Qffa-VOM.. rj!!-fflliy ma .... Q-a,., Wg? "'W""m QI 5 .W ', A' 1-w ,L w 4-,1f.Iv'Q', L . - Us . .,Nmwmm WKggvgwpgygyrq-?'jf-,.f,,5aT-5555935 ..,.9W45f'f1Yv'fqgj':!f,If5gFg31'r:g5Ej5N..?:135 "F M' If M M ' EH W3 I M 4 N , 1 , 4 K 5 1 1 3 , fi 'Q' . , U , 1 -J 1 V Y 'V - 1 i A 6 v.' x K l I., 1 i :WJ ' 2 P . -1 J. - I 'L .!. D X ly' g, .1..,,,-4 1 'QQ .-F . f 4 1 1 ' f.':j f l 31.4- ' .3 12' . If- N -1 af - If J 3. If e. ' ' ' , " W . 5 , A , n ,. , ' 1?.,f' ' '.. FV' -ii: 1 "f'i , .QgrQ. 1'-7: ,-fp., ",-w-y 5,4 W If' QQ vi-fi ' iffy- 5,1 yin- WV Af Zi' ' Qk L , an., H i , , w W Q 1 E 1 1 5 v a ,v V v. pu V . H. 1 w ,I+ 'Er r -,I 1 a ..' 1 1 1 " 1 V .., ' - V1 II. E . 4 p . ,.w. , , I ...A - 'f ' :Uma " f .ff .. 19.5 K."'m 'I f 'lf 41 V.. ,si .' ,w 1 iv 1 in .2 4 Lf" QQ' ,inf ., X-,V- A , + H4 i i 5- 4 i11.,. x , V V. 'HA " 5' 17 f.,wxN:': z 'lf-"" HT 1 v ' Y., A F- Ks.: 41-,1 . if .Q . mqj..-fm ,W-Y ,- an 'Z-V!-A . ,lf-y ,nu .u ', 11, .V 3-. i: ., J' 1. V H 1 'i fr 5 w ' sx. ,, , , , . 5 a fi 1 , 1 1 ' ,A ,f, - .-w.wwwmpj Wwmwh , ,, 55, rn i.,,.7, 5 1 ' ' ff"-gf., I, ...H-., ,- f2v:'..:.- 1. -. .' - - ---.uf V V.: 3. .:, -1 , ' Q.. .sf .giwlv , -71 ' Nu , . ' .' -1.', . '.-K. sf, " ff .. .. VV: 4-.3 q'.,A:-.1 - f'i?Qj'V"' "P ' - ' r " 1 .fi '.' . L A "fr, ..' .157 -1 . H . . V , ' IH 1 ., H " " V 1 . k . .f . -' -I 1 ' 1 '. - 1 ' W- F,-..- f . '- -x'75:f2'e+'. . -f .f :.- --xv Q 121 "1 ' , Q .,.. -- A ' . 1 .".. M---"C '. . , ir. , I. - - Y- b fd - . 2 ,- A I. .,...f1-N, 1 w.'f--- 1 ,gr p.w.' I, X ' ':'1.:- -., ,f . H .. , .. ...V , . .. 1 ,. -3 -. ,., f v - . Q ' V ,lun . 1 1 :, L . . . ', J. .4,. - o . '-.v.f- 1 A . I . . ' Q X 1 E , f 1 ,4, V. 1 .LP ' , I .r.. .1 1 ,..mwqy Q ' - mf. V , 1 1 f v , x , , , A , 4 A . I . 5 A' s O w , 1 ' Q I 1 . x x V , , - K f y 1 1 4 ,. sl . , s 1 2 ' gf, v 5 f r ' , ra.-s 2 X E- ... il ' K' . V., 2-li: ,f A , -,N I 4 2 -7 -.'b,'yFf" Wfwwwmw L I . .., ,, gi' Q-.-4' 5' 2: .I 9--v..,r-,-eT5Y93v25f1,"v " 9 ll , '74 ,'.f. i'2a,f f1i11. . 1 fa. .I -5 7. .if U 'Ja' . 4 wi' 13' if f-- H, . -z?,f'Qg5'.s,3' 4 wfrifpaw i'ilz,i"' . I ff.: I Q EN, ,Q Q ,w.. . C. . , ,-.- S, .ix 14: 44. : -f M, 1-A fp-- .Jg gaf-45:.g"Bf'f.-, ,,,1 ' H ' . v 1 a W 1 x .5-:4"f1.. .. ' V ff'-M, - 'f ' :".1,-- -.4 , If-13 925, vs-U -'7'g,4 1.,,-- hy' ,M ' W- gl,-'.f-w.,g.x Lfg.: 4. ,.. , .. Y . ,ry w- 5: gi ggi '. i:.,,.L..kr,4..h1ix, ggi,-gfnxgz-314 3, Y 3 , ga - N , .JI- 2-1 ,7-mg - na N ,ji L-,V , ' I'-km -.E . ,1. dai., ,g1 f ,, ,ei ,i.f,-fn. : 1- . -3-, ,ff . .A Q -.,.-in 5 if. 'lr ' in QRLIA' J ha . L 2711 iii "7 " gfH' - '4 V' Q Q 2.5. :ggi 'EZLQ4 A 5 7, ' 31:5 .Sli " ' . 4 7' I' ' , fx--.5 "gf ff . hge '. ' y -5 .' .- ':- .uw X. ' . -. A 1. ni: V ' 3, - ,-ff.:z.g. :- m2g..m .wg N 4 1' fmwqgaqmf--f-Q . . . , . . rw J Ji? wiv.-4 fig. -y QL, .-:cr5",,x.v1-. wx, , . . 1.-.-Mfsft... Yr. -1, '- '-'1' g,'15 - 1 Q . 1 f. I jg- rpg-'fcyl--' 'KH' ' a!ir.-47,f,y1"Sy-'v-.'-,:'f' i fr, bw - YJ. - . 1 , A .'-f . -,rf'3rLi!:gJE"' ,'-Q5 1'. ' ' M' '- -"'m',,2"q-'f Z f X1 wi-"fH'-1.5-1f"f?51.1?FMl"'i: 'vfligf-1-W' VT:-7 vf uf ' ' " ' ' ' f+'x-awYU.-lfff 5 1 11 8 4 '-'ff.44-f'f'ss'-..w.w.wf -wh 'fb -1 2 la ... ' w w' - ' .. :1-gpspg .,. -'1 M 4.5: P 4-'f.Q'sf5: , 'Q-A ,i':-?.-,f7?- 'H-'wg ul -7.5: up -1,1255 1. 1 ,3-434355, -4 . . i 1, .H ,-1 4 J.-. .w. ,rim JR -v'L'W ., " M w IJ "'1.r ' ,1,,.N,, mg." . rr, V .UT V H. 5 AE - 'eff .I Tp V15 N .5 , f nx- 1.995 ,-5 " ri 1 Li! Q," '. m : :2r..w"'c,-Q 1 3' 7-:Fa Yue? '- x ,wwgn . JT..-2: - .- , 'A il 155' -, 1-"1-K M" 1.73 ' " .kxl - 3 j-14 ' " . 1 ' 1'-' i l ' '-' aiu' r., . ww". 7 ' ' V- -U4 I ""- ,I ' w-4'--.far-,.,.J V 1..!-if-m,,H , .X , .,,. :1,g-I, -1 as L, ' '21 '. V fl ' ,Jf'fw'A'f'..ff3i3 ' .r' ,f V on "' , Sv' ' 1 4, ,, ' 4 N., 532 ., ..u.. , - 1. -.F F'-,,-:Q H fa. 'n M, . . ' .Sf il.: I, Gif? iw- 1 - .,.'- ,. ' "HS V,, Q. wig", E'-5l'?1"f :fm .EL eff 1' 4 Q, M, 1 ' - , -. hr! 1- , - V .Y ......, ,.. M J ., .N - - 67.1,-.-,... , .... -x -. .., ,--..-..... vi ' " f-'Q-g.Mfgw,.1. 1 7 .. ....-..- '. 1 'hi v V,.1f, . q , ., N. ,,4 W ' iv .'3'A N tg .. ,L-, V I. ,. A LH? WFWE. L 1 L14 H? n w .- ..,, -. ,,,. . , ,.,., , , A- ,,--.-.... ... '53 MAROON STAFF Co-editors Ann Foelschow Ruth Wilson Editorial Staff Carolyn Gromer Gwen Kautz lean Muirhead Business Manager Harold Horne Sales Manager Barbara Host Sales Stat! Ronald Burstein Bill Collins Sara Dodd Margene Fricke Sports Editor Norman Spears Assistant Wayne Reinking Art Staff Karen Hanson Gordon Phelps Barbara Rakow Photographers Roger Houdek Henry Hunter Richard Larson Typists Donna Sitter Audrey Whalen Luna Wright Iames Pilcher Barbara Ross Ianice Sokody Spencer Swinton Faculty Adviser Mrs. Gertrude C. Meadows CONTENTS Presentation ot the Theme , Pages Our School , , , , Pages l. Administration and Faculty: Source of Power and Program Directors Pages 2, Otiices and Library .. Page 3. Classroom Scenes Pages 4. Maintenance , Page Class oi '53 ,Pages Completion ot the Program Underclassmen Pages In Preparation Activities . ., Pages 68 85 Recorded in Our Memories Athletics . ,Pages 86 l On the Beam Our Teams The Years Calendar of Events . Our Patrons ,Pages 1 Pages l X HEX I VI X J ffm xx mf 'ng f 1 Zl fx I : by ?IE X 1. :J jf X "9 ff , xws ! X .X X ll l J11 dl Un glue .1404 The station break for our radio station-"This is W.E.P.S. -the Elgin Public Schools radio service-the newest tool in education," characterizes our school radio station, as well as our school. Elgin High School is literally "on the air" to offer students and adults service by this new me- dium, so new it is one of twelve of its kind in the United States. We are very proud of the fact that when W.E.P.S. first went on the air Ianuary 13, 1950, it was the first high school station in Illinois. While getting acquainted with W.E.P.S. it is easy to sense that our administration, faculty, and students reflect the kind of spirit which has made W.E.P.S. possible. W.E.P.S. is typical also of modern classroom techniques used in our school. The E.H.S. Maroon has as its policy to offer the best serv- ice in presenting news of high school activities to students and friends of the school. We desire some aspects of "newness" in each annual edition: hence when you look through the Maroon you are "On the Air with E.H.S. on W.E.P.S." 4 ?fI!ci'l9S Since E.H.S. is on the air on W.E.P.S., it was proper for E.H.S. students to assist in celebrating the third birthday of the station on Ianuary 13, 1953. Overcoming the Fri- day 13th jinx of its anniversary, the E.H.S. student staff Went all out for a rousing birthday party. Planning programs for the period 9:00 A.1V1. to 8:00 P.1VI., representing all phases of school activities and grades, presented a formidable problem which was solved by eager co-operation. 6 jimf in Anoiri Upper lelt Angel or Devil's Food? ask studio workers Barb Butterfield. Dick Pierce, Mary Rausch, Shirley Windau, and Iohn Taylor as they watch Mr. Waggonner and Mr. Hoke. Center-Mr. Waggonner and Mr. Hoke adjust the transmitter. Center lett Discussing Student Council work with their adviser, Mr. Wil- son, are some of its members ADick Fritz, Nancy Iohtiston, Sue Leonard, and Ted Wilson. Center right Planning tor the future is this committee composed ot Pat Dlouhy, Mr. Cartwright. Wes Foell, Miss Peters, Miss Englebrecht, and Nan Melms, dis- cussing College Day. Lower- -Student announcers and engineers who have participated in pro- grams throughout the year are: Seated around the table: Pat Dlouhy, George Bohlig, Sara Dodd. Dick Pierce. and Carolyn Gromer. Standing: Carol Hecker, Barb Butterfield, Charles Dunning, Ernest Broadnax, Iean Muirhead, Ierry Gold- stein, Virqinia Lowman, Bill Hayward, Iohn Battin, Lois Lant. Iack Di Fulvio, Carleton Rogers, Shirley Windau, Barry Danielson. Iohn Taylor, Kenneth Lloyd, Phil Harwood, and Charles Brandner. .I ' Carb H Xgw 4 62 at KX - , 'x XXX 'BV' E x .x4o!mini5frafi0n ana! gateway .gimme ofpower ww! Mogram lil"QCt0I"6 DW' Upper-Mr. Raymond Pearsall, Mr. Chauncey H. Wells, Mr. Donald W. Valentine, Mr. S. Mills Eno, Mr. Frank D. Urie. Mr. Orrin G. Thompson. Mr. Vincent Coleman. President: Mr. Willard Beebe, Secretary: Mr. Donald F. Melms: Mr. Al- bert F. Billings: Mr. E. O. Southard. Lower 1eitAMr. Orrin G. Thompson, Superin- tendent oi Elgin Public Schools. Lower rightAMr. Marvin L. Berge, Assistant Superintendent and Director oi Curriculum and Instruction. we Z?0arv! of gbvlucafion The Board of Education of the Elgin Public Schools is composed of civic leaders, elected yearly by the people of Elgin and near-by communities. lt is their responsibility to plan ahead for the future years, and to provide for the necessities of the present. Each problem of the entire school system is carefully weighed and given the consideration that it needs. This group of men has under its jurisdiction, not only the grade and high school system, but also the Elgin Community College and the evening classes. The Board realizes that today's students are tomorrow's citizens, and We deeply appreciate all that they are doing to prepare us to take our places in the community. 10 .---"""' i l .7Ae .x4a!mini5frafi0n Throughout the school year Mr. Cartwright is a matchless friend and superb adviser. His kindly suggestions and helpful criticisms are much appreciated W AW. W...-.., ..., by the student body in guiding them through the school year. Miss Elma C. Engelbrecht, As- sistant Principal and Dean of Girls, and Mr. Iohn A. Kraft, As- sistant Principal and Dean of Boys, ably assist Mr. Cartwright and consult with students con- cerning scholastic problems. 4v"""i,- rogram irecforri How one---Don Arnold, Head of Commercial Department: Louis Bauer, Com- mercial: Miss Marge Biersach, English, Director of Plays: Elmer R. Bohnert, In- dustrial Arts: Miss Enid Burns, English. Sponsor oi the Mirror: Ioe Cantrell, Science. Row two Miss Faith Cavell, English: Mrs. Bess Chapman, Assistant Librarian: William Chesbrough. Boys' Physical Education, Basketball Coach: Iohn Conzelman, Social Science: Ronald Cook, Science: Miss Katherine Davery. Social Science, Sophomore Class Sponsor. Row three,-Emery Ebbert, Boys' Physical Education, Football Coach: Miss Mabel Engelbrecht, German, Head of Foreign Language Department: Kenneth Ettner, English, Senior Class Sponsor: Mike A. Farroh, Boys' Physical Education. Intramurals: Miss Elsie Fletcher, English: Mrs. Florence Fletcher, Home Economics. Row four -Arthur Grafiam, Industrial Arts: Paul Green, Social Science, Track Coach: Howard Greiner, Industrial Arts: Byrus Hall, English, Tennis Coach: E. Arthur Hill. A Cappella, Head oi Music Department: Miss Ethel Hoaqlund, Librarian. How five Ellison H. Hoke. Radio Program Director. 12 fail . How one-Miss Helen Iocelyn, English: Miss Cleora 'Iohnson, Home Econonics: Miss Martha I. Iones. English: Arthur Kanies, Industrial Arts: Miss Helen Kettering, Science: Marvin Kuhlmann, Science. How two--Miss Marion Laiiey, Music, Director oi Orchestra: Karl Lehr, Social Science: Miss Edna Lewis, Commercial: C. A. Lloyd, Industrial Arts: Miss Wilda A. Logan, Head of Girls' Physical Education: Mrs. Gertrude C. Meadows, English. Sponsor of Maroon. Row three-Miss Rose Marie Meyer, Girls' Physical Education, Cheerleading: Miss Glennie Morrow, Commercial: Miss Dorothy Murray, Commercial: Miss Margaret Newman, Head oi English Department: Emery Nowak. Department of Child Study, Hard of Hearing: Mrs. Dora Pasel, Foreign Language. Row four-Miss Alice lane Payseur, Art, Home Economics: George W. Peck, Commercial: Miss Mary A, Peters, Mathematics: Ralph Phillips. Science, Iunior Class Sponsor: Miss Irene Pielemeier, Foreign Language: Mrs. Charlene Phelps, Girls' Physical Education. Row five 'Harry E. Raplus, Head ol Agriculture Department: L. V. Robinson, Commercial, High School Treasurer. 13 auumwvf We IMA"-7"'W'7"rr f W. l A 5 v ' I I. A ,I . acu Row one4Arthur Roggen. Head of Boys' Physical Education, Cross Country Coach: Albert Scharf, Boys' Physical Education, Wrestling, Baseball Coach: Nor- man Scibetta, Industrial Arts: Homer H. Shelby, Head oi Social Science Department: Miss Theresa Siren. Mathematics: Herschel Smith, Mathematics. How two-Miss Mary L. Smith, Social Science: Frederick Spiegel, Social Science: Miss Lucille Stansell, Head of Home Economics Department: Douglas Steensland, Music, Director of Band: Miss Nora Stickling, English: Miss Marjorie Stofiregen, English. How three-G. B. Stuart, Science, Golf Coach: Mrs. Amelia Tetzner, Study Hall Teacher: E. M. von Isser, Head oi Art Department, Swimming Coach: E. C. Waggener, Head oi Science Department, Visual Aids Director, Director of Radio Slation WEPS: Mrs. Clara Wilson, Sight Saving Teacher: Miss Hortense E. Wilson, Head of Mathematics Department. Row four- 'Walter M. Wilson, Social Science, Sponsor oi Student Council: Robert T. Winn, Science, Athletics Ticket Manager: Mrs. Elizabeth Hallett, Home Nursing: Mrs. Marie Schramm, School Nurse: Mrs. Eva Hopkins, Secretary to Mr. Cartwright: Mrs. Beulah Lueck, Attendance Director. Row five-Miss Norma Willaert, Clerk: Miss Eileen Schiiierer, Clerk. 14 553 I1 'WY JJ sjvfega in ime of Weev! Upper left Mr. Robinson checks a list of figures while Donanne Boothby. one of his helpers, types. Upper right Here a group of students study or relax with a good book. Center Ie!! Besides tending the school telephone, Mrs. Lueck is kept busy checking on absentees and issuing admit permits. Center middle Mrs. Chapman and Miss Hoaglund are kept busy checking books in and out. Center right Mrs, Hopkins corrects a program error for Donna Chapple. In the background are Miss Norma Willaert and Miss Eileen Schifferer, office workers. Lower left Oh. what wonderful books there are in the library! Miss Hoaglund checks out two books for Sheila Keegan and Tom Hanchett. Lower right Library helpers are shown here replacing books that careless students misplace. They are Jerry Levine, Dick App. Lois Chandler, Nancy Hay- ward, and Barbara Moore. ibeuegnping Uma jadnfd Upper left-DBC Z A--Prove it by geometrical logic! Nancy Grant, Iohn Friedland, Ralph Bartels, Lynne Lagerstrom. Upper center-Danger-10,000 volts! Gary Fairchild, Elwin Price, Dave Iohnson, Ken Barnhart, Bob Probst. Upper right--Surveying latest business trends. Donna Wacker. Paul Wil- liams, Nancy Marxen, Karen Andresen, Bob Edwards, cmd Barbara Ritter. Lower left-A cafe scene in France, Room ll6, French 3. Betty Young, Rheta Oogjen, and Shirley Karle. Lower centerffMaps are indispensable in world geography class. Bob Iensen, Mike Szula, Iohn Broeker, and Ioyce Kruse. Lower right-The other side of the "chow line." Sandra Price, Lois Drummer. Ioy Koehnke, Pat Blietz, and Ioyce Reily. Opposite page Upper-Practice makes perfect in an orchestra. E.H.S. orchestra. Center left-An art genius at work. Don Iohns. Center right-Listen to the music oi the chimes. Elaine Behling. Lower left-Biology, the study of living things. Beverly Way, Ioe Ceresa, Iudy Gans, Weg Thomas. Lower right--"All the wor1d's cz stage." Vida Altom. Elaine Thomsen, Mary Lawerence, Lynne Lagerstrom, Nancy Stone, Bev Dawson, Nancy Cremeens, Iackie Price, Dee Ann Bellows, and Nancy Bellows. LJ 4 Nj--an 'Qs-,.5,,,,,m -41'-Lvunm V' .v M., ,W 4 'f H. .J wwf' -I Q f .,, ? M Q -21- U H M. M A . w'fHfw ,- :B -W ,1g 's,ii' . m ,' x ' SW " 1-'avr -1 Av 4- mfw K W W ,gy ,Q ' - . .. , , M 4 A, 12,5 J 'B gxe,1.'f5fi4.eQ rg A"I:4 ,, ,- W , wL"' .. ' ' -e-, . , ff .33 A I' - .. , .. 13 A' ,xgiiglfk , 'ff , ' .L 5 Q' ,af-, - ffxiasg W1 ' , 1, ,4-:f A 'P' . ' me 'ffl .X Mi' , N 'i'.1f+5 'ffivf My nm-65? d'S4Q3?fMf V f .1-fm F 4 1 A HX :ww 1 ,r. , X V, ,, ww bzkmwgijiwih ,- , fa . . ' ' um, W -i relaarin or ur jufurea Upper left-" . . . presented by the Radio Speech Class of Elgin High Schoo1." Charles Dunning, Ken Barnhart, Betty Hilmer. Diana Miller, Tom Lyon. Lower left-Who knows, someday these fellows might print the "Maroon." Marvin Pfortmiller, Tom Gafford, Iirn Iohnson. Lower center-How's your dress coming along? Oh, sew, sew! Beulah Roberts, Ruth Petersdori. Lower right-Solving home problems! Seated-Kathryn Scheit- lin, Delores Zehr, Pat Schwartz, Darlene Dickhaut. Standing- Mary Demler, Ioyce Lancaster. Opposite page Upper-Neutralizing NH4OH with HCI-secret iormula? lim Rosenberger and whole class. Center Ieft-A skit is presented in German class, please trans- late! Muriel Fern, Betty Tweed, Vernon Sveinson, Riley Holtz, 40' Barbara Eells. Center righi-Punching their way through Economics class-- by a Kuder test. Whole class. Lower left-Our experienced cooks fthe seniors? prepare a buffet table. Iudy Miller, Lenora Haas, Pat Kenyon. Barbara Moore, Monica Santurro. Lower right-These cooks begin their careers in Foods 1 class. Barbara Ritter, Beverly Leetzow. 4 Mg 'fa 1 Q I H H3 ' .u, 5 S E Qemgw if Nb U 'Nix Q? WWW A ., , A 1- ' 7' 1 Sw XXX 'x ' "Six NA 4 f 1 ff jk' ., ,..'- , , . 4 I H ., . ' 1' 5 W w' fix Wy' ' ' .2 q V -- our Y N ef It wwf " 5 ' z ' '-W WX V? ' L ' W m W U -Q ,N K , ,wg ,514 yf I if ' Q ...., Q 4 fax , , 1:8 n W 1 , 0l"Lil'lg ogefllle xx it UPPER We wonder what we will ever do without Mrs. Tetzner next year? Beverly Way, Nancy Grant, Kenneth Wilson, Lenny Jones, Mrs. Tetzner, and Carol Knee. CENTER Cafeteria Capers! David Young, Roger Plagge, Anita Fees, Bob Martin, Winchell Reber. LOWER Working this machine in shop looks mighty complicated. Gene Kuntz and Chuck Hutton. OPPOSITE PAGE UPPER LEFT Modern History students look at the world. Seated-Don Laseman, Pat Dlouhy, Nancy Nohl. Standing-Ron Helder, Ioan Burkhart, Carleton Rogers. UPPER RIGHT Aeoleans harmonizing! Entire chorus and Miss Engelbrecht. CENTER LEFT At last the books balance! Connie Alkire, Ken Andresen, Wava Kinsinger. UPPER RIGHT CENTER The wizards of Physics are experimenting with centrifugal force. Dudley Switzer, George Bohling, Ted Wilson, Wes Foell, Dick Larson. LOWER RIGHT CENTER Future foreign correspondents prepare in lournalism class. Iohn Morton, Barry Pucklin, Nora Lambke, Sally Schmidt, Bill Tobin, Bar, bara Ioerns, Nancy Neville, Margaret Law- rence, Doug Koch, Barbara Loek, Lucillle Plagge, LaVerne Landwehr. LOWER LEFT Using a transit in Trigonometry class-- Whatt??? George Bohlig, Wes Foell, lack Garland. LOWER RIGHT Latin lives today. Denny Vollmer, Henry Hunter. Ion Schurmeier, Marianne Lamz, Bar- bara Fisher. W9 SWWAWNW 35 ww KNQMUPVW Ie W ...pq- Alum 19.- X 1 X W """Ug,3H W 525g'5a'A S? ,HV ,X Nfl 4. ww' 1 043"2f5FW ' ,ex , 0l'lCQIflil"6lfllflg OH Cl,pI"0LAl'YL Upper left'--Quiet please-these stenographers are taking diclation. Claire Borrud and whole class. Upper center- A table nears completion in Wood shop. Iack Steele, Lewis Wendt. Upper right-Bookweek in College Prep. English class. Bob Dierking. Barry Danielson, Stan Crane. Back row-Gordie Phelps. Ken Pfort- miller, Doris Payne. Lower left--Future office workers learn to work a comptomeler. Mr. Peck. Elaine Iohnson, Carol Zimmerman. Second--Sally Hodge, Pat Kenyon. Third-Verlys Wilharm. Background-Nancy Voltz, Donnann Boothby, Agnes Doherty. Lower right-Our "South of the Border friends" plan a fiesta. Stan Iurgens, Ann Spuelher, Marilyn Ward. Iim Pease, Eddie Miller, Daniel Lee. Wim' 0141161 jk? ml' QP5 These are the men who keep things humming at E.H.S. Although they receive little recognition, they are responsible for keeping our school clean, warm, and in good repair. Upper left---Mr. A. E. Schmidgall. Supervising Engineer. Upper right -Mr. Ralph Helm and Mr. Leonard Hanchett keep our supplies in order. Center leftfMr. Albert Ultes has quite a col- lection ol waste paper there. Middle le!!-Keeping the lloor and blackboards clean are the duties ol Mr. Francis Pierce and Mr. Ray Phillips. Middle right Mr. William Sommers has to be sure to remove all crumbs from cafeteria tables. Center right Mr. Iohn Keenan and Mr. Donald Martin are trying very hard to clean up after us. Lower left Mr. Harold Otte is getting a new bookcase in good form to be placed in someones room. Middle Ielt Keeping us warm and cozy is the job of Mr. Paul Schultz. Middle right Mr. Albert Sponholtz and Mr. Harvey Swanson are about ready to start sweep- ing up the long halls. Lower right Setting up equipment for the music department is one of the jobs that keeps Mr. Charles Paulin very busy. L. Cfcm of 53 Comlaifion of jA8u.Mf'0glf'6tlfl'l 1491 iS3x Z '5""'!-53 5 M 5 1 s 5 N w' -zzzz 2 THE CLASS OFFICERSABarry Danielson. Vice-president: Wesley Foell, President: Ioanne Schmidgall, Secretary: Donald Toppel, Treasurer. THE CLASS COUNCIL-Don Ienkins, Happy Robarts, Mary Struckman, Barry Danielson, Iulie Eggert, Ioachim von Elbe, Marilyn Ciraulo, Bill Kampmeyer, Barbara Butterfield, Nancy Sommers. Dick Val- entine, Ruth Haas. Martha Mason, Don Toppel and Rheta Oogjen. Ioanne Schmid- gall recording and Wes Foell presiding. 7 Cfaaa 0 5 Honors Day, Senior Supper, Baccalaureate, Prom, Graduation .... and the Class of '53 ends its high school days with a whirl. The 53'ers have been busy with many activities, but one and all, they have been swept into the ever increasing whirl of class doings. As timid, innocent freshmen, the class got off to a good start by electing Barry Danielson, Norm Spears, Helen McCormick, and Dick Va'entine as president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer re- spectively. The class council arranged two parties that year: one a ''Hallowe'en-get-together'' and the other "April Antics." Looking ahead to the next school year, they invited the freshmen from Abbott to "April Antics," and for the first time, the Class of 1953 was completely united. Under the direction of Wes Foell, president, Barry Danielson, vice-president: Nancy Iohnston, secre- tary: and Don Toppel, treasurer, the sophomore year sped quickly by. Class rings were selected, and the class colors, blue and white, were chosen. The cfass accepted "Not Finished, Iust Begun" as their class motto and a special arrangement of "Goofus" by Gail MacMann as the class song. Although there were many things to decide, every '53'er will agree that "Soph Pacific" was the highlight of the year. Sporting new class sweaters, the Class of '53 had a busy junior year. With Wes Foell, president: Barry Danielson, vice-president: Nancy Iohnston, secretary: and Pam Weeks, treasurer, at the reins, '53 forged ahead. "Iunior Iubi1ee" was the festive class party, and "Our Town" was the class play that will never be forgotten. The class pennant, by Clair Borrud, was simple yet striking. Beating the seniors in the junior-senior basketbafl game and working on the junior-senior prom ended the school year. Class activities began late in the summer of '52, Led by Wes Foell, president: Barry Danielson, vice- president: Ioanne Schmidgall, secretary: and Don Toppe', treasurer, the class presented "Homecoming Special." The seniors then went on to present their class party, "Crystal Twir1," and an all-school SockHop. Miss Biersach and the '53'ers presented another outstanding class play, "The Rivals." The seniors also helped arrange the first Post-Prom party this year. From these activities to the final whirl was a short step. Long after the '53'ers have parted, they'll remember, with mixed thril's of joy and excitement, the four years that so molded their lives. So here's one final tribute to Mr. Kenneth Ettner, who did such a wonderful job as class sponsor, and to Miss Theresa Siren, who did a good job as assistant sponsor. "Thanks" to all who helped to make the Class of 1953 "tops." 26 fjlw CJ arid 0 1953 CONSTANCE IEAN ALKIRE - "Connie" Entered from Barrington I-Iigh School in 1951. Speech Club l: Spanish Club 2, 3: Girl's Club Council 2. Ambition: To be a C. P. A. and travel. GARY LEE ALLEN Football l5 Football manager 2, 3, 45 E Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 25 Class Play 3. Ambition: To get out of school. MAYNARD MONROE ALLEN - "Rusty" Football I5 Track I5 Class Council lg Iunior Red Cross 25 Swimming 3: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: Pharmacist. EILEEN IUNE ANDERSEN fs "Andy" French Club I, 2 vice-president G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Club Council I5 Indian Dancing 2. Ambition: Go to college. SHIRLEY ANN ANDERSON - "Butch" Class Council I5 Cw.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: loin the Vifaves. RICHARD AUMAN APP - "Dick" Intramural basketball 2, 45 Varsity track 3, Ambition: To succeed. WILSON EDWIN APP - "Spike" Basketball l, 2, 3. Ambition: To succeed in anything I go into. NANCY IO ARNOLD Y - "Nan" Latin Club l, 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a "private" secretary. MARION MARTHA BALL G.A,A. l, 7, 3, 45 Aeolian 2. Ambition: To be a dresstnaker. IACK R. BALLSMITH Spanish Club I5 Glee Club I, 25 Basketball manager 25 Chem-Phys Club 35 Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a study hall teacher. NANCY BARBER IAMES A. BARMAN --- "lim Bunqo" Basketball I5 Boy's Glee I5 Intramural sports 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Cross country manager 35 Class Play 3, 45 Track 2. Ambition: Musician. 'uf' KENNETH EUGENE BARNHART - "Bennie" Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Boy's Glee I5 PEA. 2, 3, 4: Cross country 4. Ambition: Be a success, RICHARD W. BARTH - "Dick" Chess Club 25 Class Play 3. Ambition: To become a printer. MARY ANN BEGALKA G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Band-twirler l, 2, 3. 4: Indian Dancing 2, 3, 4. Ambition5 To be a professional advertiser. GLENDA IEAN BEAVER - "GIen" G.A.A. l, 25 Treble Choir l. Ambition: To graduate and get married. BEVERLY ANN BEGALKA - 4 "Bev" G.A.A. l, Z, 3, 45 Girl's Club Council 3, 4. Ambition: To be a Phys-Ed teacher. RALPH WILLIAM BARTELS - "Ralfus" Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 EPA. 2, 3 reporter. Ambition: Be a success. 27 MARIANNE BOSWELL - "Mari" Photography Club l: Spanish Club l, 2: Girls Club Council 2, 4: Tennis 3, 4, Ambition: To aet married. DAVID EUGENE BRAASCH e- "Dave" Basketball 2. Ambition: loin the Navy. RICHARD ALLEN BRAASCH - "Dick" Football 2. Ambition: Mechanic. BILL BRANDES Band l, 2, 3, 4: French Club l, 2: Chess Club 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 3, 4: intramural bowling 3, 4. Anitvition: To be an engineer. DARLENE MARY BRIGHTBILL Y "Dar" Aeolian Choir 2: A Cappella 3, 4. Ambition: To make a success out oi life. ERNEST LEE BROADNAX Q "Ernie" Track l, 2, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l: Mirror Stati 3, Aniltition: To live to an old age. 28 jig Claw CHARLES FRED BEHRENS, IR. Y "Chico" Football l, 2, 3 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To sing in a championship quartette. DONALD EUGENE BENDEWALD - "Don" Class Council 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 3. Ambition: To sing in a championship quartette. LYNN ERWIN BLANK e "Len" Track l: Baseball 2: Intramural sports l, 2. Ambition: To sing in a championship quartet. PATSY ANN BLIETZ - "Stormy" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Stay ambitious. WILMER ERWIN BLIETZ Ambition: Draftsman. DUANE THEODORE BLOEMKE Intramural basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Hoklwy Club l: Chem. Phys. Club 3: Hi-Y Club 4. Ambition: Civil Engineer. GEORGE EDWARD BOHLIG Spanish Club l, 2: E Club 2, 3, 4: Proiection Club l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: President Chem. Phys. Club 4: Radio Engineer 2, 3, 4: I-IieY 4. Ambition: Chemical Engineer. MIKE P. BOLGER W "Bo1q" Football l: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Cross country 3, 4: E Club 3, 4. Ambition: To earn a goocl living. DONANN MARY BOOTHBY - "Donnie" G.A.A. 2, 4. Ambition: To be a bookkeeper. CLAIRISSA LILA BORRUD - "Claire" Girl's Club Council l: French Club l, 2: Class Council 3: A Cappella 3, 4. Ambition: To be successful. LOUIS AMBROSE TIMOTHY BOSCO - "Louie" Football l, 4: Basketball l, 2: Swimming 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Ambition: Throw naturals. NANCY B. BOST - "Belle" Ambition: Have twins. 0193 GERVAISE ALINE BROCKNER ---- "Chiz" Ambition: To travel around the world. RUTH ANN BROTZMAN -- "Ruthie" Speech Club l: Special Choir I: G.A.A. 2, 3: Square Dancing 3: Indian Dancing 3. Ambition: To be a teacher. IAMES ROBERT BURGER -- "lim" Cross country 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: E Club 3, 4: Wrestling 3. Ambition: To be happy, liked by people, and rich. IOAN MARIE BURKART - "Ioanie" Speech Club I: Mask and Bauble Club 5 Aeolian 2: Iunior Class Play: Modern Dance 3, 4. Ambition: To teach speech. RON BUHNIDGE Football l, 2: Glee Club I: Mixed Chorus 2: A Cappella 3: Band 3, 4. Ambition: To graduate. BARBARA ANN BURSTEIN - "Bobs" Ambition: Singer. SHIRLEY BURT - "Burt" Debate I, 2, 3: Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4: Square Dancing 4. Ambition: To be my own boss. BARBARA ANN BUTTERFIELD 3 "Barb" Speech Club l: Class Council 2, 4: Latin Club 2: Girls Club Council 3: Aeolian Z. Ambition: Happiness and security. LOIS ESTHER CARLSON Spanish Club I, 2: Treble Choir l: G.A.A, l, 2. Ambition: A happy life. SANDRA LEE CHAPLAIN - "Sandy" Student Council 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Club Council l. Ambition: Business Education teacher. DONNA LEE CHAPPLE 4 "Rabbit nose" G.A.A. l, 3: Class Council 3: Mirror Stall 4: Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition: Secretary. IOHN W. CHISLETT M "Iohn" Tumblinq 7: Swimming 3, 4. Ambition: To have a long, happy life. MARILYN ANN CIRAULO - "Twerp" Treble Choir l: Aeolian Choir 2: C1irl's Club Council Z: Mixed Chorus 3: Class Council 4. Ambition: Have Iun. ELAINE B. CLUTE Spanish Club l, 2: Treble Choir lg Aeolian Choir 2: G.A.A. 3, 4. Ambition: To get to Florida. BARBARA LOU COLEMAN - "Barbie" Treble Choir l: Mask and Bauble 2: Aeolian Choir Q: Latin Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3: A Cappella 4: Iunior Red Cross 3: Music Club 3: Girl's Club Council 4. Ambition: To write a book. WILLIAM PERRY COLLINS - A "BiIl" Boys Cilee I: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Swirnmina 2, 3: Class Council 3: Maroon Staff 4. Ambition: Pharmacist. IUNE ELAINE COMERER "lunie" Treble Choir l: German Club l, 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 3: Aeolian Choir 2. Ambition: To travel. ROGER A. CONRAD - "Hog" Iunior Red Cross 2: Intramural Bowling 3. Ambition: Pharmacy. 29 IAMES ROBERT DOSS - "Jimmy Boy" Entered trom Barrington High School in l95l. Class Play 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Square Dancing 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, I-Ii-Y Club 3, 4, Cross country 4, Wrestling 4, E Club 4: Student Council 4. Ambition: 8 hours of sleep. TOM ROGER DOXEY - "Dox" Football I, 2, Track I, Student Council l, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. Ambition: Automotive expert. PAUL ALLAN DRAPER - "Drap" Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Class Council 2. Ambition: To go on to school. LOIS ANN DUMMER - "Susie" Ambition: To prove to Mr. Shelby that l'iu not getting married. BARBARA IANE EELLS - "Ba1b" Entered from the Elgin Academy in I95I. German Club 3, 4, Iunior Red Cross 4, Mixed Chorus 4. Ambition: To learn something. IULIE ANN EGGERT - "Egg" Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Club I, Spanish Club l, 2, Indian Dancing I, 2, 3, Class Council 3, 4, Class Play 3. Ambition: To travel. 30 jf.. C an RICHARD DAVID COOK - "Cookie" Photography Club I, German Club 2, Iunior Red Cross 3, Bowling 4, Bank I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Fabric designer. ANGELINE MARIE KATHERINE CORAPI - "Angie" Student Council 2, F.B.I...A. 2, GirI's Club Council 3, G.A.A. 4. Ambition: To travel. RAY P. COULOMBE - "Co1umbo" F.F.A. 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To travel. ALAN IAMES COULSON - "Cou1s" Glee Club I, Manager football 2, 3, 4, Manager basketball 2, E Club 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 2. Ambition: To be a bachelor. STANLEY R. CRANE E "Stan" Cross country 2, Track Z, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Swim- ming 3, 4, Chem. Phys. Club 3, 4, E Club 3, 4, Iunior Red Cross 4. Ambition: To see the year 2000. IUNE MARIE CULVER - "Babe" Entered from Chicago, I95I. Swimming I, Student Council 2, Volleyball 4. Ambition: Private secretary. BARRY KENT DANIELSON Class President I, Class Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 4, Track I, Football I, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Chem. Phys. Club 3. Ambition: To have people like me. MARY ALICE DARLISON Treble I, Aeolian 2, Spanish Club I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To get married. ROBERT RAY DIERKING - "Bob" Ambition: To be a pilot. PATRICIA IANET DLOUHY - "Pat" Debate 2, German Club 3, 4, Verse Choir 2, 3, 4, Aeolian 2, A Cappella 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Girl's Club Cabinet 3, 4, vice-president, Modern Dance 3, 4. Ambition: To be a famous TV and stage actress. AGNES MARIE DOI-IERTY - "Aggie" Band I, 2, Bowling 3. Ambition: Bookkeeper. SHIRLEY IEAN DONNELL - "Tex" G.A.A. l, Class Council 2, Modern Dance 3, 4, Indian Dancing 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition, To travel. 0193 SHIRLEY ANN EGLAND - "Shirl" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Club Council 2. Ambition: To travel. RALPH EDWARD EHORN - "Ed" Student Council 1, 2: Boy's Glee l: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: German Club l, 2: Chess Club 3: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To go to college. ROY NORMAN ERBOE - "Roy" Chem. Phys. Club 2: Class Play 3. Ambition: To be a furrier. LILA ALMA ERICKSON - "Kitty" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club l. Ambition: To go West. NORMAN RICHARD EWERT - "Norm" Basketball 1, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: E Club 3, 4: Football 4: Wrestling 4. Ambition: To be a P. E. teacher. ROBERT ALAN FISCHER - "Fish" Spanish Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a businessman. WESLEY FOELL - "WeezIy" Football 2: Basketball 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Class President 2, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4- Cross country 3, 4: Tennis 2. Ambition: To go to college. i ROGER FRANZEN - "Hog" Spanish Club l, 2: Track 3. Ambition: To be an engineer. MARSHALL ALAN FRIEDMAN - "Marsh" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a big time radio announcer. GERALD L. FRIEDRICHS - "Dynamite" Photography Club l: Glee Club 1: Intramural basket- ball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To finish college. GEORGE LAWRENCE FRISBIE - "Frizzy" Swimming l, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 1, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural handball 3, 4. Ambition: To hold a swimming record. RAYMOND IOSEPH FRISBIE - "Frizzy" Swimming l, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Chorus l: Boy's Glee l: Track 2: Cross country 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3: E Club 3, 4: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To be an engineer. IOAN ELIZABETH GAHLBECK - "loci-mie" G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Latin Club 1: German Club 2, 3: Aeolian 2: lunior Red Cross 2, 3: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To get through nurses training. PHILLIP LYLE GALLAGHER 3 "Phil" Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3. Ambition: To be a television technician. ROBERT DUANE GARBER --- "Tiny" Football l, 2: Glee Club 2: Intramural wrestling 3: Square Dancing 3, 4. Ambition: To be a farmer. HAROLD LEROY GARBRECHT Football l. Ambition: To graduate. IOHN KENNETH GARLAND -- "jack" Swimming 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: E Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Chem. Phys. Club 3: Cross country 3, 4: Clet Dwellers 2. Ambition: To be a scientist. HARRY IRVING GATES - "H, I." Class Play 3, 4: Chess Club 2. Ambition: To be an artist. 31 ROBERT CHRISTIAN HAASE -- "Bob" Track 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Student Council 3: Swimming 4: E Club 4: Cross country 4. Ambition: To have a successiul college career. DUANE CALVIN HAGEN -e "Gabby" German Club l: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4. Ambition: To graduate. ELAINE SUE HAINER Latin Club l: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Aeolion 2. Ambition: To be a success. GERALD RICHARD HAINER - "Hay-do" Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Intramural Track 2. Ambition: To learn a trade. IUNE IVIARLENE HALL - "Mar" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: G.A.A. Representative 3, 4. Ambition: To be a successful wife. EARL ALFRED HAMANN M "Herman" Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2: Intramural Bowling 3. Ambition: To graduate. 32 jk? Cfddzi LUANN GESINGER - "Lu" Modern Dance l, 2: Spanish Club 2: Aeolian 2: Girl's Club Council 3, 4: Indian Dancing 3, 4: Square Dancing 4. Ambition: To travel. BARBARA ANN GILBERTSON - "Barbie" Ambition: To learn to keep my temper. EVA LAVANNE GILLETTE - "Eve" Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition: To be a good Wife. LYNN GLOVER - "Gin Lover" G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To specialize in some field of nursing. ROBERT DONALD GOLL e "Bob" Track l, 2: Intramural basketball I, 2: Wrestling 3. Ambition: To find an ambition. MYRANNE M. GRAFF German Club l, 2: Photography Club l: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Red Cross 2, 3: Indian Dancing 3, 4: Class Council 3: Girl's Club Council 3. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. IO ANNE MARILYN GRANDLE - "Jody" Entered from Mitchell, South Dakota in l952. Band 3, 4: Girl's Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Girl's Dance Band 4. Ambition: To be a social worker. MARYAN GRENLIN - "Tootie" Entered from Barrington in 1952. Iunior Red Cross 4. Ambition: None. ERWIN EUGENE GROENINGEH - "Corky" Intramural basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4. Ambition: To loaf. LESTER GROTH M "Les" Track I, 2: Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To graduate. LENORA ELISABETH HAAS - "Lenny" German Club l, 2: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls Club Council 4. Ambition: To become a nurse. RUTH ANN HAAS e- "Ruthie" German Club l, 2: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Class Council 4. Ambition: To become a nurse. 0793 CAROLYN HAMM German Clulv l, 2, lunior Red Cross 2, 3. Ambition: To be a success. IEAN MAY HANSEN Amlritmnz To graduate. IERRY CHARLES HANSEN Ffrntlwall l, 3, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Arnlvitiwn: Tr, -graduate. CAROL HAUSER CAROL JEAN HECKER Treltle Choir l, Stuclent Council 2, Aeoliari 2, F.E.L.A. 7, Radiat 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 3. Arnltitrcfn: Tw he an art teacher and tell the studenrs, "Gr-t tri w-'rrkl' DON EARL HEDBLADE "Hed" l-'fwtlrall l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, E Clulf Z, 3, 4, A Cappella 2, li, 4, Class Ctruncrl l, 2, Tennis 3, 4, lunior Red Crass 4, Class Play 3. Arnlwitrtfn: Tri srnrr in the Natirnal Charugriwn Earlier Sh-tit Quartet. RON L. HEIDER "Ron" Basl-:etltall l, 3, Track 2, Class Play 3, 4. Arriifrti-tn: Tri maize money. MARLENE IOAN HELBERG -- "Mar" Gfvrrrran Clul' 12, Aewlran 2, Mixed Chttriis 3, Class Play 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Arriltrtifwn: Tv lfe a Mrssianary. IOYCE MAE HENNING -- "Mazie" Arrilfitirrrrj Tw jet ritarrienl strrrieday. PRISCILLA EILEEN HENRY - "Perce" C1.A.A, l, 2, J, 4, Aealran 2, Musrciaris Clulv l, 2, Nltxed Chorus l, 3, 4, Che-rn. Phys. Clulv 4. Arrrlfitrrrriz Dfvinfr what comes naturally. SALLY MAE HODGE "Sal" G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Iuniur Red Crass 2, Aeolian 2, , Spanish Clulr 2, lnclran Daricinq 3, 4. Arrrlrition, Tw ire happily married. MARY LOU HOEGER f A "Lou" C1.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Mirror Stall 4. Arnlvitwn: Tw travel. , SANDRA ANN HOKE - "Sandy" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Aealian 2, Latin Clulv 27 Cherrr. Phys Club 3, Indian Dancing 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Rand l Ambition: To ily. HERB R. HOLLISTER - "Cuddles" Faotlwall 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, -1, lzitrarriurrrl l.'lQ121lCGllWCIll 2, 3, Wrestling 4. Arnlnitionz To he happy. GENE EDWARD HOLTZ - "Gena" Entered from Barrington, lllrnfris, l95fZ. Football l, 2, Track l, Square Dancinrr l, 3, 4, EEA 2, 3, Glee Cluh l, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 4. Ambition: Tu get through Calle-tie. MORGAN GRAHAM HOMFELDT f- "Morgue" EEA. l, 2, 3, 4, Arulntion: To he a farmer and raise quarter lrarst-us rrritl mare l-lamfeldts. CLYDELL IEAN HOOD "Cidd1e" C1.A.A. l, 2, 5, 4. Ambition: To lre a success. BEVERLY IEAN HOPP "Bev" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Arnlqitiori: Tu lve a lieautician. 33 DAVID IOHN 'IENSEN e "Emil" Basketball l: F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, J, 4. Ambition: To be an auto race driver. WILLIAM F. IEPSON e "Bill" Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Bowling 4, Ambition: To live in Florida. BARBARA IANE IOERNS - "Barb" Mirror Stati 4. Ambition: To attend college. ELAINE VIRGINIA JOHNSON - "Shorty" G.A.A. 3, 4: Aeolian 25 F.B.L.A. 2: Class Play 4. Ambition: To be a success in what I do. NANCY IANE IOHNSON NANCY SUE IOHNSON M "Nance" Future Teachers Club I, 2, 3, 45 Iunior Musicians Club I, 2, 3, 4: Treble Choir I: Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Latin Club I, 2: Radio Work Shop 4. Ambition: To be happy and to make others happy. 34 jig CEM BONNIE LEE HOPP S "Ponchie" G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Aeolian 2: Iunior Bed Cross 3. 4: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To attend business school. HAROLD IOSEPH HORNE e- "Ice" Maroon Staff l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: Chess Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. Ambition: To become a teacher. BARBARA IEAN HOST A "Bobbie lean" Girls Club Council l, 2, 3, 4: Archery l, 2: Treble Choir l: Aeolian 25 Hobby Club I: Maroon Staii 2, 3, 4: German Club I, 25 Secretary 2. Ambition: To be happy and make others happy. WAYNE H. HOTH - "Clouse" Entered from Bensenville, Illinois, l952. Ambition: To be a bum. V. ALBERTA HOWARD - "Bertie" Aeolian 2: Verse Choir 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4. Ambition: To be a Missionary. GERDA MAY HUBER - "Gert" Entered tro'n Barrington, Illinois, Senior year. Girls Glee Club l: Pep Club l, 2: Girls Club Council 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To have a rest home for retired millionaries. LOIS 'IEANETTE HULKE f "Lo" Spanish Club I5 Treble Choir I: Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3. Ambition: To own a Chartreuse Ford convertible. IAMES ARNOLD HUMBRACI-IT - "Humphrey" Bowling 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 4. Ambition: To be an auditor. HENRY WILLIAM HUNTER - "Hank" Football l: Maroon Staff l, 2: Photography Club l, 2, 3, 4: E' Club 3, 4: Class Play 35 Swimming 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be happy and to someday own a Cadillac. LORRAINE E. IARKA W "Lol" Entered from St. Charles, Illinois, February, l952, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance 4. Ambition: To be an artist. DONALD RAY IENKINS - "Don" Entered from Mullens, West Virginia, Iunioi year. I-Ii Y l, 2: Student Council l: Basketball I, 2: Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 3, 45 Latin Club 3: Class Council 4. Ambition: To be a success. IANE ELLA IENKINS - "Janie" Spanish Club 2: Class Council 2: Aeolian 25 French Club 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4. Ambition: To go through college. 0793 EILEEN ANN IOHNSTON f- "Ei" Bowling l, 47 French Club l, 47 Aeolian Choir 27 Chem. Phys. Club 4. Ambition: To be a writer and to travel. NANCY IANE IOHNSTON - "Nana" lunior Red Cross l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council I, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club lj Class Secretary 2, 37 N.F.L. I, 2, 3, 47 French Club 3, 47 Prom Committee 3. Ambition: To travel. NORMA IEAN IOHNSTON -7 "Ieanie" German Club 2, 3, 47 Mask and Bauble 27 F.B.L.A. 27 Mirror Stall 37 Iunior Red Cross 4. Ambition: To be happy. GLORIA LEE IONES e "Laurie" Spanish Club 27 Girls Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a fashion designer. HOWARD WILLIAM IONES - "Howie" Track 27 Intramural Basketball 3, 47 Student Council 4. Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer at General Motors. DENNIS R. IUNOD - "Dennis the Menace" Track l, 2, 3, 47 Football I7 Basketball l, 27 Class Council 35 Intramural Basketball 4. Ambition: To have an ambition. MARY ELLEN KAEMPFER - "Me-Me" Treble Choir' lg Latin Club l, 27 Class Council l, 2: Aeolian Choir 27 Student Council 2, 37 Modern Music Masters 47 Maroon Stail 37 Mirror Stali 47 A Cappella 3, 4. Ambition: To be a success. WILLIAM EDWARD KAMPMEYER A - "Bill" F.F.A, l, 2, 3, 47 Wrestling I, Z, 37 Intramural Basket- ball l7 Cross Country 3, 47 Class Council 47 Hi Y Wrestling 4. Ambition: To be wealthy. SHIRLEY ANN KARLE "Pinkie" Cheerleader l, 27 Speech Club 37 Mixed Chorus 37 French Club 3, 47 A Cappella 4. Ambition: To get married. MARLENE FAY KEENAN -- "Mar" Ambition: To be a nurse. DANIEL IOHN KELLY - "Dan" Entered from Fenwick I-lrgh School in Oak Park in l95O. Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 47 Student Council 4. Ambition: To see the world. CAROL IOAN KEMERLING - "Kem" Bowling l, 2, 3, 47 French Club l7 G.A.A. 4. Ambition: To live in the North Woods. ALFRED CARL KEMPIK "AI" Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club l, 27 Rand l, Z, 3: Che'n. Phys. Club 3. Ambition: To be a civil engineer. PATRICIA ANN KENYON - "Toots" Treble Choir lg G.A.A. 4. Ambition: To get married. BONNIE IEAN KERR Cheerleader I7 Speech Club l: Latin Club l, 27 lunior Red Cross I7 Girls Club Council 27 Girls Club Cabinet 3, 47 Aeolian 27 Mixed Chorus 4. Ambition: To be happily married. RONALD BRYANT KILGORE - "Ron" Football lj Basketball l, 27 Baseball lj Track l, 27 Class Council 37 Intramural Baseball 27 Intramural Track 3, 4. Ambition: To be a store manager. DIANE PATRICIA KIRKPATRICK - "Di" Latin Club 1, 27 Treble Choir 17 Aeolian 27 Mixed Chorus 37 Chem. Phys. 3, 47 A Cappella 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. ELLEN LEE KIRKPATRICK - "Leesa" Student Council l, 27 Class Play 3, 47 A Cappella 4, Ambition: To be a millionaire. 35 WALTER A. LAMPRECHT, IR. e "Wallie" Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be happy. IOYCE IRENE LANCASTER - "Irene" Baton twirling l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader lg Girls Chorus l: Aeolian 2. Ambition: To get married. LOIS IEANNE LANT - HLUILISU Latin Club ly Treble Choir lp Girls Club Council 2, 3, -1, German Club 2, 3: Aeolian 2: A Cappella 3, 4, Modern Dance l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To have a happy lite. RICHARD E. LARSON - "Dick" Track ly Football l: Photography Club l, 2: Latin Club l, 2: Maroon Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4: Mirror Stall 3. Ambition: To be a commercial photographer. RON E. LASEMAN -- "Rabbit" Football Manager ly Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Bowl- ing 27 Tennis Manager 3, 4: Mirror Staff 3: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To be a basketball coach, LORETTA ROSE LAZZARA Cass Council lp Treble Choir lp Aeolian 2, Modern Dance 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Ambition: Tc be a dancing teacher. 36 1746 C an CARL H. KLEINSCHMIDT - "CuIIy" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: E Club l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball 4, Ambition: To be a coach. CAROL I. KLEINSCHMIDT Treble Choir lg lunior Red Cross 2, 3: Aeolian 2, Mixed Chorus 3: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To get the mate to the ring I already have. THERESA ANN KLEISER - "Terry" Tennis 2, 3, Bowling 4: Table Tennis 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. IAMES WILLIAM KNAAK - "lim" Track l, 2: Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Badminton 3, 4: Table Tennis 3, 4. Ambition: To be a millionaire. IOY LOU KOEHNKE - "Louie" Ambition: To get married. BARBARA ANN KOHN - "Barb" Bowling l, 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Treble Choir lg Maroon Staff 3, 4: Mirror Staff 4. Ambition: To get married. BARBARA IEAN KOZUMPLIK - "Barb" G.A.A. l, 27 Forensics l, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a high school teacher. BKRBARA. IEAN KRAL Bowling 3, 4. Ambition: To get married, DONNA IEAN KRUEGER Ambition: None. IOYCE DIANE KRUSE - "Io" Treble Choir lg Tumbling ly Table Tennis 4, Ambition: To be a professional figure skater, EUGENE DAVID KUNTZ f "Bird" or "Kwence" Band l, 2, 35 Projection Club 2. Ambition: To be an electronical engineer in missionary radio. NORA DONNA LAMBKE Aeolian 2: Mirror editor 4. Ambition: To graduate from college. 0 1953 IENNIFER LEA e "Ienne" Orchestra l: Latin Club l, 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Varsity Forensics 2, 3, 4: Square Dancing 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3. Ambition: None. HOLLIS C. LEACH - "Holly" Class Council 1: Aeolian 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance l, 2, 3, 4: Treble Choir lp Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Ambition: To become a successful model. RENE RADCLYFFE LEBLANC -- "Duke" Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Intramural Ping-Pong 2, 3, 47 Intra- mural Wrestling 3, 4. Ambition: To live a long and happy life. SAUNDRA LEE LEETZOW S "Sandy" Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: lunior Red Cross 2, Spanish Club 3. Ambition: To be a private secretary. BEVERLY ANN LEICHT - "Bev" Treble Choir lp Aeolian 2: lunicr Red Cross 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 35 Modern Dance 3, 4: A Cappelela 4: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To be happy. IUDITH SHARON LEOPOLD - "Indy" Latin Club 2, 37 Deck Tennis 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. IERRY GENE LEVINE i "Levineey" Spanish Club l, 2: Mask and Bauble 25 Latin Club 3, 4: Tennis 3: Intramural Bowling 3, 4: Chess and Checker Club 3, 4. Ambition: To lose twenty pounds. KENNETH ARNOLD LLOYD --- "Ken" Projection Club l, 2, 3, 4: Radio Engineer for WEPS 2, 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a radio and television repairman. IOHN EDWARD LOHBAUER Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2: Wrestling 3, 45 Class Council Z: Baseball 3, 4. Ambition: To be a bachelor. GLEN EUGENE LOSE e "Hugo" Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2: Cross Country 3, 4: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: E Club 3, 4: Baseball 4. Ambition: To lay a gold egg. VIRGINIA RUTH LOWMAN - "Ginny" Modern Dance l, 2, 3, 45 Aeolian 2: Class Council Z7 Spanish Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3: Square Dance 3, 4: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To be a Religious Recreation Director. THOMAS IOHN LYON - "Moose" Football l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella l, 2, 3, 45 E Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4: Modern Music Masters 4. Ambition: To be an opera singer. GAIL ELIZABETH MUCMANN G.A.A. lg Cheerleading ly Girls Club 2, 37 Class Play 3, 45 A Cappella 4. Ambition: To have lun and be happy. DONALD LEROY MAPES - "Don" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4, E Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2. Ambition: To make "All American." ROBERT IAMES MARTIN - "Martini" Ambition: None. MARTHA IANE MASON - "Puddy" G.A.A, l, 45 Iunior Red Cross 2: Class Council 2, 3. Ambition: To acquire an ambition. FRANK LORENG MAYER W "Otto" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Vifrestling 2, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2. Ambition: To be an Admiral in the United States Navy. GLENNETTE RUVENE MAYES -f- "GIen" Treble Choir lg Aeolians 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. 37 KAY IOAN MORGAN - "Katie" Treble Choir I: Spanish Club l, 2: Modern Dance I, 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Bowling 3: Girls Club Council 4. Ambition: To acquire the virtues that make people successful. DONALD GENE MORRIS --,-- "Don" Boys Glee l: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Intramural Wrestling 3. Ambition: To be a machinist. ROGER LEE MUELLER -f "Tex" Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To keep out of the Army. HOWARD NAROFSKY - "Howie" Football I: Band I, 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Tennis 3, 4. Ambition: To stay a bachelor. ROGER ARTHUR NEBERMAN - "Hog" Entered from Blue Island, Illinois, in I95l. Chem. Phys. Club 3, 4: Iunior Red Cross 4: Projection Club 3. Ambition: To attain my goals of success. MARVIN LEROY NELSON - "Nellie" Football l: Basketball l, 3, 4: Baseball l: Golf 4. Ambition: To be a plumber. 38 Ulm CAM HELEN MCCORMICK - "Mickey" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Secretary: Class Council 2: Square Dancing 3, 4. Ambition: To indulge in Holy Matrimony-once! RICHARD DUGENE MCEWAN - "Mac" Ambition: To be a machanic. NAN IEAN MELMS Student Council I. 2: Spanish Club l, 2: G.A.A. l, 3, 4: Aeolians 2: Verse Choir 2, President 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Secretary 3: President 4: Iunior Red Cross 3: Class Play 3, 4: Girls Club Cabinet 4. Ambition: To decide on a definite career. W. CHARLES MENKE W "Menk" Football l: Basketball l, 2, 3: Track 3: E Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a success. GERTRUDE LYDIA MEYER - "Gert" Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Modern Dance 3. Ambition: To travel. EDMOND F. MILLER - "Ed" Entered from McLeansboro, Illinois September, l95l. Spanish Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be a Missionary. IARRETT PAUL MILLER - "Baldy" Track 1, 2, 3, 4: I-Ii Y 2: Student Council 2: lnlramurai Basketball 2: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To be a chemical engineer. IUDY MAURICE MILLER Badminton I: Basketball 2. Ambition: To become a partner in "I-Ioly Matrimony." RONALD E. MILLER - "Tex" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Boxinq l, 2: E Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a body and tender man and raise quarter horses. CARL FRED MISSELE A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: None. BARBARA IEAN MOORE - "Barb" G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: None. EUGENE NEAL MORGAN 4 "Gene" Football I: Intramural Basketball I, 2: F.F.A. 2, 3: Square Dancing 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 4. Ambition: To become a Naval Air Force Pilot. 0193 NANCY ANN NELSON -- "Nan" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: German Club 1, 2: Aeolian 2: Girls Club Council 4: Modern Dance 4: Mixed Choir, Secretary 4. Ambition: To graduate from college. NANCEE IANE NEWCOMER -- "Newc" F.B.L.A. 2, 3. Ambition: To go to Lake Forest. MARIORIE NICI-IOLSON - "Nicky" French Club l, 2: Secretary 2: Girls Club Council l: Indian Dancing 2: Square Dancing 3: Class Play 4: lunior Red Cross 3: A Cappella 3, 4. Ambition: To be a veterinarian. DONNA MAE NITZ - "Don" G.A.A. l, 2: Aeolian 2. Ambition: To see a certain sailor again. NANCY IANET NOHL V- "Nan" Verse Choir 2, 3: Class Council 2, 3: G.A.A. 4: Aeolian 2: Mixed Chorus 3: A Cappella 4: Class Play 3, 4: Girls Club Cabinet 4. Ambition: To be a kindergarten teacher. DICK ARLEN NORDENFELT -- "Swede" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l: Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4: Baseball l: Track l, 2, 3: E Club 2, 3, 4: President 4: Student Council 3, 4. Ambition: To make something of myself. ROBERT A. NORGARD --A "Bob" F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: President 4: Wrestling 2, 3: Baseball 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 4. Ambition: To be an Ag. Chemist. GERALD WAYLAND OGDEN - "Grampa" Football l, 2: Basketball l, 2, 3: Track 1: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: E Club 3, 4: Chem. Phys. Club 3, 4: Modern Music Masters 4. Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer. RHETA R. OOGIEN Entered from Barrington High School in l95l. French Club 3, 4: Vice President 3: Chem. Phys. Club 3: Secretary: Modern Dance 4: Secretary: Class Council 4. Ambition: To be a social worker. MARY ANN PAHL G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To see a certain Air Force boy. IACK KENNETH PALM fe "lc1ckson" Boys Glee l. Ambition: To join the Air Force. RICHARD P. PARKER -H "lai1bird" Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. Ambition: To ride the waves. I-IARRIET IEAN PASI-IOLD - "Proxy" Cheerleader lg F.B.L.A. 2: Ir. Red Cross 4. Ambition: To be a nurse and wife. DONALD PATTON 4 "General" Intramural Basketball 2, 4. Ambition: To explore space. DORIS ELAINE PAYNE Treble Choir l: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Aeolian 2: Maroon Staff 2: Future Teachers 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Verse Choir 3, 4. Ambition: To succeed as a teacher and become a house wife. NANCY PIERCE -e "Nan" Student Council l, 2: junior Musicians Club 1, 2, 3: Girls Club Council 3: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Secretary' Treasurer 3. Ambition: To take another year ot math without the grade. LYNDA LEE PERKINS - "Lyn" Special Choir l: Aeolian 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Verse Choir 3, 4: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To teach music. RICHARD CRAIG PERKINS e "Dick" Entered from South Bend Central in September 1951. Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Glee Club l: Swim- ming Team 2, 4: Intramural Basketball 3: A Cappella 4. Ambition: To make a million in two years and retire while I'm in my 20's. 39 ROBERT SHELDON PROUTY - "Bob" Football l: Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4: Secre- tary 4. Ambition: To be a farmer. WALTER CLAUDE OUANDT - "Wally" Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2. Ambition: To own a iactory. GERALD FRANKLIN RAKOW - "Big Ier." Intramural Basketball I, 3: Intramural Badminton Z: Intramural Baseball 3: Intramural Bowling 4. Ambition: To I:e Mechanical Engineer. IEAN RANDALL - "Randy" Entered from Barrington, Illinois, junior year, September l95l. Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Baton Twirling I, 2: Ambition: To meet some guy who won't flirt with my sister. BOB CURTIS RANSOM - "Ranz" Football l, 2, 3: Basketball l: Intramural Sports l, Z, 3, 4: Class Council 2: Wrestling 3, 4: Baseball 3: E Club 3, 4. Ambition: To marry a certain blonde. IAMES WILLIAM RAYNER - "jim" Football l: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: A Cappella 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Student Council 4. Ambition: To be a civil or electrical engineer. 40 Ulm Cf.-.M LOIS RAE PFAFFLIN - "Piaff" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a good driver. KENNETH PFORTMILLER - "Fort" Track 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Wrestling 4: Cross Country 4: E Club 4. Ambition: To be a lawyer. GORDON NEAL PHELPS Debate l: lunior Red Cross I: Mirror Staff 3: Maroon Staff 4. Ambition: To be a Missionary. IOHN CHESTER PHELPS - "lack" French Club l: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4: Wrestling l: Intramural Baseball Z. Ambition: To be a millionaire. IANICE MARILYN PLAGGE - "Ian" Treble Choir 1: German Club l, 2: G.A.A, l, Z, 3, 4: Aeolian 2. Ambition: To have success and happiness in what I do. PAUL ION PLATH - "Pl" Football l, 2: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: lunior Red Cross l, 4: German Club l, 2: Class Council 2: E Club 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Student Council 3: I-li Y 3, 4. Ambition: To be a coach and teach. BETTY IANE PLUSS - "Pooch" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: German Club I. Ambition: To go to Switzerland. YVONNE DELL POHRTE - "Bonnie" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Debate l: Latin Club 2: Aeolian 2. Ambition: To see the world. EDWARD DAVID POOLE - "Ed" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Intramural Volley- ball 3. Ambition: To be a machinist. LYLE LINCOLN POPE Bowling 3. Ambition: To be a railroader. SANDRA RAE PRICE - "Sandy" Volleyball 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To have a nice home oi my own. ROBERT W. PROBST - "Bob" Entered irom Barrington in September, 1952. Track l, 2, 3, 4: Football Z: Cross Country 4. Ambition: To get out of high school. 0fl9 3 RICHARD ARNOLD RAYNER - "Red" Gymnastics 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be an electrical technician. WINCHELL SAGER REBER f- "Win" German Club I, 2, Square Dance l, 2, 3, 4, Debate l, 2, Class Play 3, 4, Modern Music Masters President 4. Ambition: To be a success. IOYCE BEATRICE REILLY Ambition: To oet married. WAYNE FREDERICK REINKING Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, E Cub 2, 3, 4, Mirror Statt 3, 4, Maroon Staii 4, Ambition: To be a chemist. CHARLES EDWARD REUTER - "Red" Wrestlina l, 2, 3, 4, E Club 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2. Ambition: None. HERBERT IASPER RIEDEMANN -- "Herb" Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, E Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 3. Ambition: To lie a mechanical enqineer. HENRY ST. ALBANS ROBARTS -s "Happy" Gorman Club l, 2, Boys Giee l, Intramural Sports l, 2, Paslzetltall 3, 4, Student Council 2, Class Council 4: Hi Y 4. Ambition: To be a successful accountant. SHARON LEE ROBINSON G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2, Treble Choir l, Aeolion 2, Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Ambition: To get a good Job. CARLETON CARSON ROGERS, IR. Band I, Orchestra 1, 2, Latin Club l, 2, Intramural Tennis 2, 3, 4, Radio 3, 4, Modern Music Masters 4: Chem-Phys Club 4, Mirror Staff 3. Amliilion: To be a television producer. IO ANN ROGGEN -- "lo" Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Club Council l, 2, 4, Spanish Club l, 2. Ambition: To work in clothinq and textiles. BARBARA IOAN ROSS - "Bobbie" G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treble Choir 1, Iunior Red Cross 3, Mirror Staii 3, Maroon Staii 3, 4. Ambition: To be a fountain manager. KRISTIN ANN ROVELSTAD - "Ann" Entered irom Elgin Academy, September 1952. French Club 4, A Cappella 4. Ambition: To be a writer. A 5 KAY NELL RUGH - "Nellie" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2. Ambition: To be a social worker. PHILIP ALAN RYSTROM Ambition: To drive a big racer. MONICA IDA SANTURRO - "Monie" Class Council l, Treble Choir 1, Aeolian Choir 2 Mixed Chorus 3, Girls Club l, 2, 3, Student Council 4 Ambition: To win my bet from Mr. Stuart. KATHRYN ANN SCHEITLIN e "Katie" G.A.A. l, 2, 4, Girl Club 3, Mirror Stait 3. Ambition: To be a secretary. DONNA SCHIEB - "Blondie" Class Council l, 2, 3, Treble Choir l, Girls Club 4. Ambition: To be a successful secretary. IANET LEE SCI-IMICKER German Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Club l. Ambition: To succeed in my Work. 41 MARGARET L. SMITH A- "Skeets" C.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 27 Maroon Staff 37 Mirror Staff 3. Ambition: To get rich., NANCY CAROL SOMMERS - "Nan" German Club l, 27 Student Council l, Z7 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, President 47 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 47 Class Council 4. , Ambition: To be a physical education teacher. RICHARD LEE SOMMERS - "Dick" Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 47 Intramural Wrestling 2. Ambition: To get out oi school. NORMAN DIXON SPEARS - "Abe" Class Vice-President 17 Spanish Club l, 27 iunior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 47 Football l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball I, 2, 3, 47 Tennis l, 2, 3, 47 E Club 2, 3, 47 Mirror Staff 37 Maroon Staff 47 Student Council l, 2, 3: Ambition: To be happy and a success. ROBERT E. SPELLMEYER Ambition: None. TOM SPRING - "Iffie" Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To move to California. 42 wee C4154 IOANNE Lois SCHMIDGALL ee "lo" German Club l, 27 Mask and Bauble 27 Student Council 37 Class Secretary 4. Ambition: To become a well paid secretary. SALLY ANN ELIZABETH SCI-IMIDT - "Sal" Aeolian 27 Verse Choir 2, 3, 47 Debate 2, 37 Iunior Red Cross 47 Co-Editor of the Mirror 4. Ambition: To be successful. IIM F. SCHROEDER - "Iunior" Boys Glee I7 Intramural Tennis 3. Ambition: To be a Mechanic. ROBERT L. SCHROEDER - "Bob" Cattle Iudging 3. Ambition: Be a bum, and ride the rods. CAROL LEE SCHULTZ f "Kay" Treble I7 Aeolicin 27 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Ambition: To be a good wite. SALLY ANN SEEGERT G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: None. IOANN SHAFFER f "Io" Basketball 17 Bowling l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To live in Monte Carlo. IEAN ANN SIEVERS - "Jeanne" Speech Club lj Spanish Club 2, 37 Chess Club 3, 47 Iunior Red Cross 37 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To run my own nursery school. DONNA MARYLIN SITTER - "Butch" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Class Play 37 Maroon Staff 47 Choir l. Ambition: To be a iashion designer and go to ALONZO CLINTON SMITH - "Lonnie" Iunior Red Cross l7 Football l7 Boys Glee I7 Chorus 27 A Cappella 3, 47 Radio Workshop 47 Party Chairman 4. Ambition: To be a businessman. GORDON G. SMITH - "Smitty" Ambition: To make a million dollars. HERBERT EDWARD SMITH Track 1, 2, 37 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3. Ambition: To be a food sampler. Treble Texas. Mixed Class 0 7953 ANN ESTHER SPUEHLER G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Girls Club 3: Iunior Red Cross 4. Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and happy. IACK EARLE STEELE - "Iron" Football I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball lp Track 2, 3, 4: E Clul: 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 4, Ambition: To be a furniture desiqner. ELLEN MARIE STEWART - "Bunny" Latin Club 3. Ambition: To qraduate and to travel. MAXINE ELIZABETH STRAHL - "Macky" Girls Club Council l, 27 Student Council 4. Ambition: To marry a millionaire. ROBERT RONALD STROHMAIER - f "Yoh" Football l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball lg Track lg German Clul: l, 2: E Club l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4. Ambition: To be a streetcar conductor. MARY IOYCE STRUCKMAN G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Class Council 4. Ambition: To marry a millionaire. NORENE IUNE STUDEBAKER - "Reenie" Volleyball 4. Ambition: To work in an office. DUDLEY CHARLES SWITZER - "Fritz" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2: Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Class Council 2: Basketball ly E Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 37 Golf 4. Ambition: To be a midget. GRACE MARIE SWITZER - "Gracie Allen" Baseball 35 Volleyball 4: Bowling 5. Ambition: To be an airline hostess. MICHAEL PAUL SZULA -- "Mike" Football lg Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To make money. RONALD ALLEN TILLEY A - "Guv'no1" Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 German Club 2, 3, Che-mAPhys Club 3, 4: Chess and Checker Club 3, 4. Ambition: To be an automotive stylist. LARRY MAX TOLER Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a minister. ff' DONALD LEROY TOPPEL - "Tip" Football 2, 3, 47 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2: Class Treasurer 2, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: H1 Y 3, 4. Ambition: To play professional baseball. CHARLES IOHN TORLING - "Chuck" Intramural Basketball I. Ambition: To be a mechanic. BOB GENE TUCKER -- "Tuck" Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football ly Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To graduate. BETTY ANN TWEED - "Betts" Aeolian 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Verse Choir 3, 4: German Club 4, Vice-President 4. Ambition: To be a success in life. RICHARD WHEELER VALENTINE nf- "Dick" Class Treasurer lp Student Council l, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, VicesPresident 35 Basketball lp Football l, 25 Spanish Club 2: E Club 2, 3, 43 Swimmina 3: Class Council 4: Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To own a Cadillac agency. DELBERT HAROLD VOLKENING - "Del" Intramural Basketball 1, 2. Ambition: None. 43 MARILOU ELLA WESTBROOK - "Lou" German Club l, 27 Modern Dance 17 Treble Choir 17 Mask and Bauble Club 27 Aeolian Z7 Verse Choir 2, 3, 47 A Cappella 47 Modern Music Master Club 47 lunior Musicians Club 37 Volleyball 4. Ambition: To be a window decorator. CATHLEEN ALICE WESTBY - "Katie" Aeolian 27 Verse Choir 27 Spanish Club 2, 37 Mirror Staff 37 A Cappella 47 Mixed Chorus 37 Girls Club 3. Ambition: To own a Cadillac convertible. IOSEPH IOHN WESTWOOD - "foe" Band 1, 2, 47 Football 17 Track 37 Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To be a lawyer. AUDREY ANN WHALEN - "And" G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Modern Dance 1, 2, 37 Latin Club 17 Treble Choir 17 Girls Club Council 2. Ambition: To go to Texas. WILLIAM ROBERT WICKLUND 7 "Wick" Band 17 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 47 Intramural Wrestling 3, 4. Ambition: To be a draftsman. PAUL DONALD WILCOX - "Cautious" Band l, Z, 3, 47 Football 17 Intramural Basketball 3. Ambition: To be an aeronautical engineer. 44 f7!.e C' M ARLAN W. VOLLMAN - "Ar1ie" Basketball 17 Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Ambition: To make a million dollars. KAREN MAE VOLLMAN Spanish Club 17 Class Council Z7 A Cappella 3, 47 - Orchestra 3, 47 German Club 3, 4, Vice President 3. Ambition: To have fun. NANCY ANN VOLTZ - "Nan" Band 27 G.A.A. 2, 3, 47 Bowling 37 Class Council 17 Secretary-Treasurer. Ambition: To travel. IOACHIM VON ELBE - "1oe' Entered from Germany, March 1950. Class Council 4. Ambition: To be a food technologist. THOMAS FRANK WAGNER - "Wag" Basketball 2, 3, 47 Track 27 Baseball 2, 3, 47 Cross Country 3, 47 Student Council 3, 47 E Club 3, 47 I-ii Y 3, 47 Mirror Staff 4. Ambition: To be a coach. DUANE THOMAS WALTERS Intramural Basketball 2. Ambition: To be a carpenter. SHELLA BONDELLE WALTON - "Shorty" Class Council lj Orchestra 2, 37 Volleyball 4. Ambition: To grow big. A. MARILYN WARD - "Mare" Latin Club 1, 27 G.A.A. lj Orchestra l, 2, 37 Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4. Ambition: To be happy and have fun. RALPH CLIFFORD WEAVER -- "Hot Rod" Intramural Basketball 2. Ambition: To get married. PAMELA IOAN WEEKS -- "Pam" Student Council lj Latin Club l, 2, Secretary l, Vice- President 27 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Dramatics Club 3, Vice- President. Debate l, 27 Class Treasurer 37 Chern'Phys Club 37 Chess and Checker Club 3, 47 Girls Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 47 Square Dancing 2, 3, 47 Class Play 3, 4. Ambition: To always be happy. CHARLES WILLIAM WENDT - "Chuck" Boys Glee 17 Chem-Phys Club 3, 4. Ambition: To keep out oi the draft. DOROTHY MAE WESEMANN - "Dori" G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 47 Girls Club 17 Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary 37 Aeolian 27 Class Council 37 Modern Dance 47 German Club 4, Secretary 47 Iunior Red Cross 4. Ambition: To be a "Good" teacher. of 1953 VERLYS IANINE WILHARM Treble Choir l: Bowling l, 2: Red Cross 3. Ambition: To be a dress designer. IOAN ELINOR WILKINSON - "Io" Latin Club l: Girls Club Council l: G.A.A. l. 2, 3, 4: Mirror Stall 3, 4: Indian Dancing 2, 3, 4: Iunior Red Cross 4: Treble l. Ambition: To be a kindergarten teacher. WESLEY CLAUDE WILLIAMS S "Wes" Ambition: To join the marines. IO ANN WILSON -A "lo" Volleyball lp Treble Choir lg Baseball 2. Ambition: To be a secretary, THEODORE ALEXANDER WILSON -- "Ted" Class Council 2: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3, President 4. Ambition: To discover a substitute for sleep. LUNA DORIS WRIGHT - "Lou" Girls Club Cabinet l, 2: Spanish Club I: Treble Choir lp Maroon Staff 4. Ambition: To get a good paying job. MARY IANE WRIGHT - A "lanie" Aeolian 2: Girls Club Council 3, 4: Spanish Club 3. Ambition: None. FREDERICK STEARNS WYMAN - "Fred" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club l, 2: lunior Red Cross 2: French Club 3, 4: Class Council Ii: Student Council 4. Ambition: To do well, everything I undertake. BETTY IEAN YOUNG -- "Boots" Cheerleading l, 2, 3: Forensics l, 2: Girls Club Cabinet fi: Indian Dancing l, 2. Ambition: To graduate from Northwestern. DELORES MAE ZEHR - -- "Dee" Ambition: To be a secretary. ARDITH YVONNE ZIEMAN 3 "Ardy" Ambition: To be a stenograbher, IOHN ALBERT ZIMMER - "lack" Class Council lg Football l, 2: Basketball l, 2: I, 2, 3, 4: E Club 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To retire. CAROL IEAN ZIMMERMAN Treble I: Bowling l, 2, Ambition: To be a dressmakei. DAVID CLARENCE ZIMMERMAN --- "Dave" Track 2: Indian Dancing 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Chem-Phys Club 4. Ambition: To see the world. ROBERT EDMUND ZIRKEL - "Bob" Basketball lp Track l: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Class Council 4. Ambition: To be a singer or a draitsrnan. IOYLENE ZWEIFEL - "Icy" Treble Choir I: Volleyball 2. Ambition: To clerk in a store. Seniors not pictured: Donald O. Kappes Erma May Lohse Track Although they will not be graduating with the class of 1953. lout of our members will be living in the hearts oi all their classmates on graduation day and for a long time to come. One member, Gordon Range, died during the soph- omore year. Connie Walker and Dale Ream passed away during the junior year. Early in the senior year. Philip Iohnson los? his lite in an automobile accident. Dale Ream Connie Walker W Gordon Range T 1 I Philip Iohnson .ll - X X.. T ,X kr .. N V Q ' ' V i' ,F T -u--Q.. ' f ,- 'g -X 5" E-1 Mnclercfazirimen Ifl fqfelacwa fion 46 Q W' N , 1' :w .5 P-3?5f1v1Q4f:wxl?r12M9 ff' J NA: '-fr . wi MM:-fh 'Vai' nf 1 " ' . if W x sv 'Si - . f. 4 . fx ' v. 1 .Z , 1 -??f.,':: ,,,, 13.4 ' 'w,,.v 'R wif my Jw F., WM, , 3, nl r A -Ur M K-H' u. . 1: nw W".-1' 'L ,3f1eis.m 'l , , 9 v W2 vg W , ,Wm - f g .- 'Q Ziyi QM LA 'bi we .c' f' 1 '-fi My Eff, wx , my " xl :.w-M1243 , g',f',Eg lx' 214' Y' R mg L g , M, 1 ww.-'H gm. 4 -,W ' wgiwe. . -vp" m4'f,4f!g1,4' N H 1' , 1 , ' P? U? -,A 1 595 ' .1 , gg, ' -1 'fa 4 MXN lt ,XX 11540 15 ,, tv Upper-Class Officers: Ierry Mills, Vice-President: Barbara Rakow, Treasurer, Linda Sokody, Secretary: Wayne Larson, President. LowerAClass Council. Row I-Elaine Thomsen, Wava Kinsinqer, Iean Heckert, Darwin Minehart, Max Cramer, Yvonne Andersen, and Mary Lawrence. Row 2fBarbara Rakow, Ralph Kallenbach, Morey Weiss, Dick Sinnett, Allan Hahn, Iohn Rosenthal, Dave Duval, and Marion Scholl. Row 3fMr. Phillips, Miss Peters, Ierry Mills. Linda Sokody, and Carol Black. Standing-'Wayne Larson. Right-Shirley Kaempert and Mary Bramer, because of polio, have been tutored this year. The second semester Shirley has been at school part time, four days a week. x '37 s... v-.,,,,,Q iv 'gr-Q-. ..f' 5 'R y ' -1, r n , 4. 48 Row one - Edward Abbott, Diana Adkins, Ioanne Albright, William A1- derman, Anne Aley. Row two-Vida Altom, Gloria Am- undsen. William Andersen, Yvonne Andersen. Richard Anderson. Row three-Keith Anderson, Gordon Andresen, Kenneth Andresen, Marcia Andrews, Carol Atchison, Iohn Ander- son. Cfafw of 154 Row one-George Bailleaux, Marliss Ballard. How two-Rodney Batty, Elaine Behl- ing, Carol Behrens, Dee Ann Bellows. Mary Bellows. How three -- Nance Bellows, Nettie Bellows, Norman Bellows. Donna Ben- son. Kathleen Berke. Row four - Elynor Bernstein, Gerri Bird, Ronald Bjick, Carol Black. How five-Iacqueline Blazier, Carol Blietz. Iames Blischke, Iames Blum, Gary Bochum. Row six - Charles Bock, Charlene Bonner, Mara Boone. Shirley Borter, Nance Braddock. Row seven-Ray Bradley, Charles Brcmdner, Marla Broy, Patricia Bryer. Carl Buehler. Row eight -- Sharon Burbank, lean Burger, Beverly Burke, Ronald Burstein, Ray Burton. Row nim?Glenn Bushman, Shirley Cavitt, Anthony Centanni Ir., Ioseph Cerasa Ir., Joann Chapple. .fs I R 'mira fb, fbi, ,, , 'X md' , 1 arf" . af , ,, sv f 'rd 5 A i 5 f Q t F-for-. , A ,f f,Tf'2Jw. 'iff Miz" x ' .5 K We A seveiiii fa "' , , 1 Q C we ,, if le A 'ff Cfaaa of 15 Row one-Margaret Christ. Shirley Christensen. Row two - Dorothy Coombs, Evona Cork. Max Cramer, Nancy Cremeens, Clyde Darnell. Row three -- Arnold Dauksavage. Richard Daurn, Robert Daum, Beverly Dawson, Mary Demler. How four-JoAnn Deuterman, Darlene Dickhaut, Ioann Dillow, Evelyn Dobbert. Arlene Dodds. Row five-Edward Dorwaldt. Norma Dunn, Charles Dunning, David Duval. Carole Eberly. Row six-Richard Ehlert, Sue Emery, Shirley Fairchild, Connie Payne, Dolo- res Fees. Row seven-Muriel Fem, David Field, Donald Fischer, Barbara Fisher, Ann Foelschow. Row eight-Riley Foltz. Yvonne For- cier, Donna Ford, Margene Fricke. Richard Fritz. Row nine-David Frost, Gary Gabler, Nancy Gabler, L. Thomas Gafiord. W. Gary Gannon. Cfaaa 0 15 Row omkludith Gans Csophomorel, Iohn Gayden. Row two - Iames Genz, lim Geske. Iohn Giardino, Bob Gillam, Judy Gil- more. Row three - Ierry Goldstein, Karen Goodnow, Ierry Gosse, Iudy Gough. Nancy Gould. How four - Marlene Graf. Michael Graff, Arthur Green, Patricia Green, Barbara Grissom. Row five-Wayne Gundersen. Donald Guptail, Betty Haas, Mildres Haas, Dale Hagemann. Row six-Iames Hagner. Alan Hahn. Glenn Haligas, LeRoy Handrock. Karen Hanson. Row seven -- Gerald Harding, lack Harkins, Charles Harms, Iohn Harrison, Elizabeth Harshaw. Row eight - Philip Harwood, Pat Haynie, Diane Hecht. Iean Heckert, Don Heine. Row nine - Lorraine Heine. Daniel Heineman, Iohn Hensley, Russel Hertel. Marcia Higgins. l tv , .,.v ', f if - .,r ' or M , . 5 , - f '-,' - -if W ..,, " -f' 'ff " ,- ' " I ' ":' by '52 '-- .,,. . 1 2 r " fiafldmiz' -I A 112254 W Q, KW' te- W l E 51 Q wif lr lm ,r"l X I ti. May 0 .. ., .U . 5 r , ,pfv if D: zu: 'fig D Q , J 64444 o N5 Row one - Iudy Hendricks, Ioyce Hendrickson. Row two-Betty Hillmer. Nancy Hix. Harry Hoffman, Beryl Hoisington. An- nette Hollingsworth. How three+Don Holtz, Douglas Holtz, Robert Hoppe, Ruth Horwitt, Barbara Hoy. How four - William Huber. Charles Hutton. Florida Isibue, Dorothy Iahn. Arlin Iames. Row five - Alice Iensen, Richard Iensen, Bob Iensen, Donald Iohns, Del- ores Iohnson. Row six - Eldon Iohnson. Carole Iones, Stanton Iurgens, Mildred Kadow, Shirley Kagel. Row seven-Robert Kahl. Ralph Kal- lenbach, Nancy Kammrad, Thomas Kasten, Lois Kastning. Row eight-Gwen Kautz, Bill Keeney. Beth Kellenberger, Nancy Kelley. Carol Kenyon. Row nine-Leslie Kerber, Wava Kin- singer, Karen Kirkhuff, Sarah Kirk- patrick, Pete Klassen. Cfaaa of 15 How one-Frank Knizek, Don Koch. Row two - Douglas Koch, Marilyn Koppinq. Iim Kraebber. Earl Ladewiq, Lois Lagerstrom. How three - Mary Lamp, Marianne Lamz, LaVerne Landwehr, Charlotte Lange. Iohn Lange. Row tour-Marion Lange. Ken Lapp, Wayne Larson, Marcia Laseman, Mar- garet Lawrence. Row tive-Mary Lawrence, Douglas Lea, Willard Leach. Daniel Lee, Frank Lee. Row six Ierry Leetzow, Barbara Leitner, Avon Lenz, Sue Leonard, Velas Likhite. Row seven- Barbara Loek, Stanley Lundine, Marcia Mann, Arlene Marros. Billie Martin. Row eight-Mary McBriarty, Nancy McKay, Kathleen McKeown, Iohn Mc- Kevitt, Melvin McMurry. Row nine - Margie McNutt, Rhoda Mehlberg, Ken Menqler, Steve Mengler, Mary Lou Menke. 415 qui uf , """ , ,,. Q ,aj .... , , Q5 1.g'V'1,N Gi: A X if Q f, w H ' .J 'Q 7txxx ffm! Q' f E A z ! ' xx A A - i ti.- . X 5 vs ? , V A xTvg?Ji'CQi,Ui' Nl as Cfaaa of 15 Row one - Marcia Merriman. Paul Meyer. Row two -- Carolyn Miller, David Miller, Diana Miller. Leon Miller, Ronald Miller. How three - Shirley Miller, Gerald Mills, Darwin Minehart. Iaclcie Misner. loan Mitchell. Row four-Norman Moeller. William Moeller. Patricia Montonye. Richard Moore, Gene Moring. How iive - Iohn Morton. Gerald Moser, Sally Muetterties. lean Muir- head, Clinton Munch. How six -- Maxine Murphy. Odell Murphy, Deborah Nash. Donn Nelson. Nancy Neville. Row seven-Marilyn Nickel, Patricia O'Brien. Don Orton. Marilyn Otte. Iames Oversireet. Row eight-Dan Parks, George Payne Ir.. Ioan Payne. M. Dean Payne. lim Pease. How nine - Lois Peek. Donald Pel- letier, Clarence Periors. Ioseph Perl- mutter. Mike Perrin. Cfaaa 0 N5 Row one-Ruth Petersdorf, Ed Petges. Row two-Richard Pierce, Iarnes Pilcher, Lucille Plugge. Roger Plagge. LaVerne Pope. Row three-Iames Prehm. Iacquie Price, Robert Priqge. Dallas Pufier. Barry Puklin. Row four-Donald Quandt, Iim Quig- le, Ioanne Race, Barbara Raddatz. Bar- bara Rakow. Row five-lack Rakow, Ron Range. Sharon Rehberg. Robert Reimer, Bonnie Reinking. Row six-Bruce Reinking, Connie Richards, Robert Riedemann, Patricia Ritschard, Harry Rooker. How seven-Iames Rosenberger, Iohn Rosenthal. Virginia Ross. Duane Ros- siter. Lois Roth, How eight-Erl Runge, Virginia Rus- sell, Ioan Sacketi. David St. Iohn. Ginny Saum. Row nine--Larry Schaifter, Milford Schmidt, Frances Schmitendorf, Dolores Schneider, Marion Scholl. M, . l wav' 3 Q N 4 I S: . , A l n T -nk . ,.. vm gM' .Q K , - ,:,v,uw,,.f . ' if 1' f fr in i if , K , 5 ,W . W..- Ml' 'fin 4 ,gf Q if X ew - 'S' ah ' 15 55 I S is Q Lil ll F xi 'krcx .l .hai ge , 1 if. r 1- fiat!! QQ f . 1:. 2 ' ,, I 2 ici fi if a 1' -HQ tml Cjfaafs 0 15 How one-Richard Schroeder. Carol Schuldt. Row two-Iim Schult, Albert Schultz. Pat Schuman, Leon Schwartz. Pat Schwartz. Row three-Nancy Serio. Monroe Shales, Phil Shaw, Ioyce Sides, Dick Sinnett. Row Four-Mary Skiokos. Don Skjol- dager. Beverly Smith, Charles Smith. lean Smith. Row five - Mary Smith. Nancee Socha, Roger Soderberg. Linda Sokody. Helen Sparrow. Row six-Norman Stallbaum, Barbara Stcmgland, Nan Stanleigh. Melvin Stark. Dorothy Starr. How seven-lim Steele. ludy Stetlen, Charles Stewart. Mary Stewart, Nancy Stone. Row eight - Iames Stowell. Pat Stroeher, Vernon Sveinson, Iim Tedrow, Iames Tennison. Row nine+Mary Teske, Sandra Tess- man, Toby Thomas. Elaine Thomsen, Gayle Timm. gfadri o 15 Row one-lack Tison, William Tobin. Row two-Sandra Todd, Larry Turk, Marvelene Turk, Mary Turner, Edward Tweed. Row three-Nancy Umberger. Gerale dine Unruh. Don Versluys. Fred Vogt. Delores Volkening. How four-Dennis Volmer, Homelle Volsch. lan Wagner. Louise Wahl. Carol Wahlin. Row five-Ronald Warren, Wayne Webb, Maurice Weiss, Chauncey Wells. Shirley Wells. Row sixfBetty Welton, Sue Wendler. Lewis Wendt. Charlotte Wetzel. Iohn Whitney. , Row seven - Roger Wiechmann, Ioe Wilkins. Sharon Wilkinson. Iacqueline Williams, Ruth Wilson. Row eight - Shirley Windau, Emil Wolff, Iune Wolff. Richard Wood, Roger Wuilleumier. Row nine-Victor Yost, David Young, Sandra Zeimet. Iim Zickuhr, Donna Zim- merman UQ' 'G ff ak. 1 'aw ! gli' A 1 X ,Q f. e ' 3 ne. Ia 'ff' ff f D "' kitties 03 ,Q .,,, . -avi! gif' ,P , 5 5, ii Q.. 'I kyfig Z' ,Z A, ' ,,.. 4 ,I 1 A Z Q 1-ff 1- sa Q V X " fLK.'f25W ,I Li ' . H if up x tc. k. 3 Q1 V84 if.. , S si .. 'Q 'F ,R , 5, ' 5 W J, xr as Q ,..,. ,A AH, X .- . 0 '. S '52 3 .".:I . ., .V , ,Q ,,., -r , y 5 ffl: ,av SOFA 0171 0l"815 Left+Sophomore Class Officers-Roger Burnidge, vice-president, Earl Lamp, treasurer: ludy Greenawalt, secretary: and Bob Gordon, president. Lower-Class Council. lst row-Roger Burnidge, Iudy Fabrick, Alice Carlson, Don Norlander, Tom Lea, Nancy Grant, and Kstandingl Iudy Green- awalt. 2nd row-Paul Hudgens, Marie Kallenback, Tom Loveday, Paul Auvil, lean Pryde, Bill Hayward, Earl Lamp, and Dick Clute. 3rd row-Bob Gordon. Ron Westmoreland, Weg Thomas, and Walter Streit. .pf Row 1-Lynn Aaron, Iacqueline Abbott. 5 ,,, A- .. ,, Q in Row 2-Robert Ahrens, Ronald Ahrens, Tom X il Aley, Fred Allemann, Gerald Allen. su: 55: - ' 3 ,Q-nt' ua ' ARK., Row 3-Rodney Allen, Diane Alvine, Emil ,A . Andersen, Iohn Andersen, Iames Anderson. . .,, A wa zlll A fig mail f ll' - P . A H' , . ,Q V ff A-iii Row 4-Leah Rae Anderson, Mary Anderson. J I . nj- J ,N ,I 'L Ruth Anderson, William Anderson. Karen H ..,. " R Andresen. ,.t.. Q. . ,,M,, A ,., 'Z' L 4 M How 5-- David App, Ianet Arnold, Ivan Atchis- son, Glen Auble, Mary Austin. 2 1 ' r , A . Ji QI . ,.-' , --,-:, ,L ,. V rf 1 3 1 I 58 K ,.,..,,. , W' it .S?0l9AOI'n ored Row one-Paul Auvil Ir., Howard Banwart. Rita Barron. Row two-Ioyce Baseman, Iohn Ba!- tin. Donald Baumgartner. Carol Beach, Deanna Becklinger. Row three-Judith Bedwell, Patricia Behrens. Richard Behrens, Violet Behr- ens. Carol Berndt. Row four -- Beverly Beu, William Blaha. Richard Bloemke, Emily Boehn- ing, Duane Bolliger. How five - Sharon Braden, David Bradley. Beverly Brandt. Linda Brooks. Paul Brotzman. Row six-Larry Brown, Diana Bryan, Kay Buel. Sandra Burbank. Roger Burnidge. Row sevenADenise Burton. Walter Campbell Ir.. Alice Carlson. Gerald Carlson, Lois Chandler. Row eight - Gail Charles. Martha Cirrincione. Richard Clute, Gene Coes- ter. Marie Collier. How nine - Richard Connor, James Coquillette, Floyd Cork, Adorie Cough- los. Rita Cox. no no 5 ,,..- pr is Y 1 M K Arai x , , if X V wig: ,I Q f "'- """ x ' X sr rr 4 ..,. ."5 I ' 'fi'5," ' Jw: . gfle, "' " 2'- f 'iir A Tir? .Ear fl V5,r :, A I ,, X, Q v i , 33 - ., , 1 1 S ffl if Wfg ' s B . y if D ,C .0 af' 1 1 I if 5 " if 59 . Q 3 1, arf: i YA .SJOIQAOITL 0l"25 Row one - Ioan Cravens, IoAnne Crawford, Dennis Creadon, Row two - lack Cremeens, Shirley Darnell, Karen Davis, David Day, Roh- ert Deaton. Row three-Patricia Demmitt, Kathryn Devereaux, Carol DeWolf, Carol Dierk- ing, lack DeFulvio. Row four-Richard Dillow. Sara Dodd, Mary Downes, Nancy Drews. Iohn Dunn. Row five-Roberta Durrenberger. Leo Ebert, Robert Edwards, Peggy Emrich, Iames Everett. Row six - Iudith Fabrick. Edward Factly, Gary Fairchild, Anita Fees. Diane Felber. How seven - Sharon Ferris, Iudith Fischer. Patricia Flora. Carolyn Flory. Barbara Forgan. Row eight - Ioyce Frank, Arthur Fredericks, Donald Freeman, Mary Free- man, George Friedland. Row nine-Iohn Friedland, Mariann Fritz. Carolyn Funk, David Funk, Vir- ginia Gaebe. .SDOIQAOIWL area Row oneFCarolyn Garrelts, Nancy Garrison, Marjorie Gazdik. Row two - Robert Gebelt. R. Peter Gebhard, Phyllis Genz, Carolyn Gerber, Luann Giertz. Row three-Bill Gieske, Melva Good- year. Robert Gordon, Iudith Graff, Eileen Graff. Row four - Bernice Grant, Nancy Grant, Alfred Grantham, Iudy Greena- walt, Carolyn Gromer. Row tive-William Grozis, Ray Gru- ber, Bill Gruer, Gertrude Haas, Larry Hackett. Row six - Darlene Hagner, lim Hamby, Tom Hanchett, Don Hansen. lack Hansen. Row seven-Richard Hansen, Kenneth Hanson. Richard Harris, Peter Hartman, Thomas Harwood. How eight--Arthur Haynes, Bill Hay- ward, Nancy Hayward, Betty Heiden. Doris Heilemann. Row nine-Richard Hendricks, Rob- ert Heneise, Ianet Henning, Lyle Her- schlag. Alice Hill. ,El 91' M. . af I l . I U. 2 -. , ,I fx-?':" .f 5' Q, -5 t: i . LU i W, sw wx- ' .. f. v5 Q! V J H we 1 .4: gif 4, , 3 Q 1 A! ,Q -I SOPAOM 0I"e:5 Row one - Sharon Hillquist. David Hills. Sharon Hinch. Row two-Marilyn Hogrewe. Sheila Hoisington. Richard Holland. Richard Holmgren, Arlene Holmquist. Row three - Thomas Holtz, Phyllis Hopp. Margaret Horn, Marguerite Horne. Marlene Hoth. Row four-Roger Houdek. Valerie Hu- ber, Paul Hudgens, Neil Hunt, Richard Hurley. Row five-Eary Isibue, lames Iacob- sen, Gerald Iarka. Lawrence Iarka. Iack lohnsen. Row six-Carl Iohnson. Iarnes Iohn- son. Iames H. Iohnson. Morley Iohnson. Robert Iohnson. Row seven - Leonard Tones. David Ionson. Marge Ioplin, Judy Iunge, Rich- ard Iurgens. Row eight-Marie Kallenbach. Marcia Kaptain, Patricia Kaptain. Henry Katz. Robert Kay. Row nine - Sheila Keegan, Molly Kelahan, Janice Kellermann, Robert Kennedy. Betty Kenyon. .SDolaLom 0l"25 Row one-Mary Kenyon. Robert Kern, Warren Kiel. Row two-Alta Kline. Iack Klingler. Lois Knaak. Ianet Knappen. Carol Knee. Row three-Nonnan Koehring. Donna Kollmarx. Marvin Koehn, Carole Koehler. Marie Kobel. Row four - Richard Konen, Sally Krahn. Barbara Kranwinkle, Donald Krause. LaVeme Krause. Row live -- Kenneth Krough, Carol Kurth, Donna Lagerstrom, Delores Lambke, Earl Lamp. Row six-Donna Lamz, Anne Land- wer, Norma Lange. Frances Lazzara. Thomas Lea. Row seven-Beverly Leetzow, Ianet Lembke. Carol Lemon. Donna Leverenz, Barbara Liessmann. Row eight-Virginia Lindoerfer, Rich- ard Lloyd. Wayne Lloyd, Alan Lobben, Shirley Logan. Row nine-Donna Lohbauer, Sharon Lohman. Ann Love. Tom Loveday, La- Vonne Lowe. wa JN' in is 4 'IQ 4 ' ,FUR , ., .F new me l M . .wa A 5 ? I . 4? L., -sg x gi lg W 1 4' i ef y , 1 4 L la 4 1., V , K t . X Q . A A 4 V ., 5 S 5 fu 1 lax: ey" -4 .S70l0A0lfYl0l"e5 Row one - Michael Lyon, Richard Magana, Annabelle Mangurn. Row two-Tina Mann, IoAnne Marko- vich, Karen Marvin, Nancy Marxen, Mary Matison. Row three - Carl Mauck. Robert McBriarty, Barbara McKinney, Fritz Melchior, 'Iames Mengler. Row four - Dale Meuser, William Meyer. Pete Michaels, Florena Miller, Kathleen Miller. Row five-Nancy Miller, Pat Miller. Selma Mitchell, Dawn Mitter, Lawrence Muetterties. How six-Ioanne Mursewiclr. David Nelson, DeMaris Nelson, Philip Nelson. Suzanne Nelson. Row seven-Gene Nesler, Pearl Nitz. Gary Nohl, Donald Norlander, Philip Nowak. Row eight - Bruce O'Connell, Mary Ortmann, Diane Otte, Gail Parchen, Barbara Parren. Row nine-Sally Pate, William Pate, Howard Peitsch. Shirley Petersen. Charles Petschow. SOFA 0l'l'l 0I"25 Row one - Robert Pfister, Norman Pilueger, Marvin Pfortmiller. Row two -- Darwin Phillips, Charles Pierson. Charles Pluss. Bill Powers, San- dra Pratt. Row three - Lorah Prehm, Ianice Prigge, Ron Prouty, Iean Pryde, Mar- jorie Puffer. How four - Roger Quandt, Iames Range, Betty Ransom, Warren Rasmus- sen. Ieannette Rea. Row five - Delwin Ream, Robert Reese, Donna Reeves. Deanne Reichel. Ivan Reid. How six H Betty Reuter, Ken Reuter, Lorel Rice. Glen Richardson, Norman Rippberger. Row seven-Barbara Ritter, Patricia Robbins, Beulah Roberts, Keith Rock- ensock, Marlene Rohr. Row eight-Eugene Rohrsen, Darlene Rohrssen. Albert Ross, Leroy Samuel- son, Iudith Sanders. Row nine - Kay Schubert, Janice Schaeifer, Donald Schleif, Donald Schmicker, Doris Schramm. -. A ,,,,, I l , .'- f kf gg "if A , ' "-Q, JJ' X' ' "' 13, .,,-V 'a . M1 , N ",, It I Q V W? " . f' Q . V .AW X , 1, ' y . ,s '- ig. - in -3, .,,.- '- r Q Y , K y Ln, ,Q C if A TO. V , 1-' i , ssr. si .If 51' ' I I , . I W I. . .." . ., lzx 1 wi .,,. Y .,,. 'Q It Mia, .,... X, AJ' 1 V K I Q? mf 65 all Q-14 'N y yrny X if 'P' Y' M5 sg N 6, J j,5.,y 3 J A E 'I' .Q as . , M as rv' SOFA Olflfl ored Row one-Raymond Schrieber, Cheryl Schultz, Gordon Schultz. Row two - Jon Schurmeier, Charles Scott, 'John Scroggins, Margene Sell. Martha Sensor. Row three-Gary Siegmeier, William Siegrist, Marjorie Sims, Nancy Sipple, Jean Sjoreen. Row four-Areta Smith, Gary Smith, James Smith, Janice Sokody, Bruce Sommers. Row five - James Sponholtz, Peter Stade, James Stading, James Starin. Lorna Steffen. How six - John Steinmeyer. Loretta Sterling, D o n cz 1 d Ste w a rt , Rosemary Stoermer, Sharon Stone. Row seven-Walter Streit. Michael Susman, Spencer Swinton. Linda Swit- zer, Joseph Tait. Row eight4John Taylor, Boyce Teas. Alan Templin, Gary Thelander. Bernard Thiel. Row nine - Philip Thiel, Jacqueline Thiele, Kay Thieman, William Thomas. Stewart Thornton. I SOFA Olfn 0l"86 Row one - Ioyce Thurlwell, Sally Thumau, Ianice Torling. Row two-Ianice Turner, loAnn Ty- son. Terry Ulsaver, IoAnne Under- wager, Iohn Uteg. Row three -- Ianet VanCleve, Iudith Vick, Richard Vitales, Donna Wacker, Carola Wallace. Row tour - Frank Wasinger, Nancy Watson, Beverly Way, Suzanne Web- ber, lane Weigel. Row five-loan Weigel, Arlyn Weiss, Mary Wencek. Frances Werner, Samuel Werner. Row six-Tom Wessel, Ronald West- moreland, Lois Westwood, Ioseph Wheeler, Diane Whipple. Row seven-Edward Whitcomb, Roger White, Carol Will, Paul Williams, Ken- neth Wilson. Row eight-Bill Winchester, Gordon Windau, Bradley Wingert, Patricia Wiss- man, Wendy Withers. Row nine-Kay Woolcott, Patsy Wool- cott, Marylynn Worthen, Ierry Zabran, Ronald Zoellich. 1 an 1 U WWI 1 'ia item! 67 5 r 55 , 3 llfgfif 'Fi A. W A . .xdcfiuifiefi mcorvlecl in Quin 68 emoried if Q Jbkf. 5 If if, . QQ f 'Y 'af 3? mf 'A R Q H' 1 H1111 jkefelf Wo WIIALL The E.H.S. Band, provides good music for many activities including football games, pep assemblies, the annual band assembly, community parades, and political rallies. Of course the baton twirlers are on hand for football games, and parade for the little added "something." oglfe Kane! ma ic Row one lean Smith. Anne Landwer, Ieannette Rea, Iol-lnn Roggen. and Elaine Thomsen. Row two Marshall Friedman, Iohn Anderson. Bill Brandes, Bob Reimer, Phyllis Hopp, Mara Boone, lim Rosenberqer, Ioann Dillow, Iack Tison, and Mary Teske. Row three' Marjorie Gazdik, Iody Grandle. Iackie Blazier, Bill Huber, Richard Cook, Louis Wendt, Pat Behrens, Gerry Carlson, Dave Miller, Barbara Ritter, Ron Proudy, Clinton Munch, Sharon Rehberg, and Fred Wyman. Row tour--Peggy Emrich. Ioan Payne, Ed Poole. Paul Wilcox, Marylynn Worthen, Ed Ab- bott. Peter Hartman, Ioe Westwood, Ron Burnidge, Howard Naroisky, Don Schleif. Ray Burton, Riley Foltz, Carolyn Gerber, and Gerry Ogden. PERCUSSION--Don Pelletier, Dennis Volmer. Thomas Kasten, Roger Houdek. Morley Iohnson, and Elaine Behlinq. 'E TWIRLERS --Ioyce Lancaster. Nancy Stone, and Mary Ann Begalka. Left-String Quartet-Sarah Kirkpatrick, Ruth Wilson, Alice Carlson, Betty Hillmer. Olaf jjlzere E ufiic THE ORCHESTRA How one 'Betty Hillmer, Ruth Wilson, Nan Watson , lanet Arnold, Dick Perkins, Nancy Peirce, Kay Woolott, Carolyn Miller Row two-Donna Lohbauer, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Elaine Thomsen, IoAnn Roggen, Anne Landwer, Iohn Anderson, Denise Burton, Pat Bryer, Lorel Rice, Sharon Ferris. Row threwlilice Carlson, Iohn Lange. Mary Teske, Fred Wyman, Dave Miller, Ierry Carlson, Io Tyson, Sandra Leetzow, Nancy Gabler. Row four-IoAnn Underwager, Dick Hurley, Peggy Emrick, Ioan Payne, Ierry Ogden, Carolyn Gerber, Ronald Tilley, Mary Lawrence. Row five--CStandingl Elaine Behling, Don Pelletier, Dennis Vollmer, Sally Thurnau, Lois Roth. Linda Switzer, Beth Kellenberger, Debby Nash. At piano-Karen Vollman, Dave Nelson. 72 I St ng tri Betty Hillmer, Nan Watson D Nl n, llfliflz we Koncerf Orckefifra The Elgin High School Concert Orchestra, under the direc- tion of Miss Marion Laffey, contributes many fine programs throughout the year. Operatic Nights, the Christmas presenta- tion of The Messiah, and a fine assembly presented at both E.H.S. and Maine Township high schools are but a few of their accomplishments. In May, the string players participated in the Annual Fox Valley Festival Orchestra, which was held in Batavia. The Festival Orchestra was directed by Mr. Paul Herfurth. District contest, also held at Batavia, enabled several solo- ists and ensembles to compete in the State finals in Peoria. 73 'MTR as savory e . Qi ,"" . if .-,gif . r Y ,K SW in- Leit The Girls' Quartet prac- Borrud, Doris Payne, Barb Cole- man, Lynda Perkins and Lois Lant. tices a melody. They are Claire , Q , -K W, k- ' an ,, . .. .-.r . ig y ' A Right Preparing for a pro- gram of choral reading is the Verse Speaking Choir, directed by Miss Mabel Engelbrecht. Seated are Sally Schmidt. Iean Muirhead, Ioan Mitchell, Pat Dlouhy, Carol Black. and Betty Tweed. Those standing are Ely Bernstein, Ioan Burkhart, Linda Sokody, Martha Cirrincione, Carolyn Miller, Shirley Kagel, Doris Payne, Nan Melms, Marilou Westbrook, Ruth Horwitt, Frances Werner, Alberta Howard, and Lynda Perkins. 'K up our oice in on Yes, there is music wherever E.H.S. students go. During the year Mr. Hill and Miss Engelbrecht have given several fine programs. A Cappella participated in Operatic Nights, assembly programs, "The Messiah," and a program at the Morrison Hotel. First row 'Barb Fisher, Bonnie Hopp, Cathy Westby, Darlene Dickhaut, Carol Kenyon, Connie Richards, Lynne Lagerstrom, Yvonne Anderson, Marjorie Nicholson, Karen Hanson, Barb Bakow, Carol Black, Karen Kirkhufi, Elaine Behling, Alberta Howard. IOAIH1 Del-Herman. Marilou Westbrook. Virginia Lowman, Lynda Perkins, Doris Payne, Barbara Coleman, Mary Lou Menke, DeeAnn Bellows, Iudy Gough. Patti Richards. ' B S 'th, B L i ht, Pat Dlouh , Nan Melms, lean Herkert, Second row- Gwen Kautz, Toby Thomas, Nancy Stone. Ely Bernstein, Sue Leonard. ev mi ev e C y Darlene Brightbitl, Marilyn Kopping, Diane Kirkpatrick, Claire Borrud. Marion Lange. Dolores Schneider. Shirley Karle. Ann Rovelstad. Nancy Nohl. Gail MacMann, Lee Kirkpatrick, Nancy Socha, Shirley Borter. Third row- Ioan Gahlbeck, Lois Lant, Dorothy Coombs. Carol Kleinsc ml . ai , , , . Winchell Reber, lim Rayner, Bob Zirket. Iack Harkins, Bob Kennedy, Ioe Perlmutier. Charles Dunning. Tom Lyons. Ion Schurmeier. Art Green. Don Orton. Fourth row -Mar Kaempter, Eileen Anderson, Karen Vollman, Alonzo Smith. B013 Gillflm. WCIYHG LCIYSOH. lim PSCISG. lefry MillS. DOD TOPPGL Gary Y Gabler, Tom Loveday, Clyde Darnell, Vernon Sveinson, Tom Doxy, lim Barmeil. Bruce 5il'11CkmC!Il. Lyle HGISChlGg. Bob EdWCIICl. TOXI1 l.-SCI. ' ' ' ' ld B h K hl, R Wiechmann, Dick Moore, Keith Fifth row fWeg Thomas, Glenn Auble. David Nelson, Don Hedblade, Huy Fflsble. Don Bendewa . O U Ogel' Anderson, Ron Miller, Dave Duval, lack Garland, Ed Ehorn, Barry Danielson. lim Kfflebbef. Bill CO11i1'1S. Dudly Switzer, Chuck Behrens-. h 'dt El 'ne Hainer Carl Misseli Iim Doss 'Iohn Gayden Ron Burstein. "Shreds and Patches," an operetta, was the main project ot Mixed Chorus. They combined with A Cappella to sing at Batavia in the Fox Valley Music Festival and took part in the Contemporary Arts Festival put on annually by the E.H.S. Music Department. Center First rowfBonnie Kerr, Loretta Lazzara, Marg Lawrence, Vidda Altom. Ioan Sackett, Darth Starr, Marvelene Turk, Marion Scholl, Iudy Turner, Annette Stanleigh, Nancy Bellows, Nancy McKay, Barb Eells, Mary, Stewart, Barb Burstein. Second row Diane Adkins. Hollis Leach, Sharon Robinson, Marilyn Nickel, Mary Bellows, Mary Lamp, Margie McNutt, Connie Fayne, Ioyce Hendrickson, Ann Aley. Billie Martin, Diane Nelson, Betty Tweed, Nancy Nelson, Gloria Amundsen. IN Left Sounding a chord is this trio consisting of Dolores Schnei- der, Gwen Kautz, and Nancy Stone with Diana Adkins as ac- M companist. Hiqht Don Orton, Chuck Behrens, Don Hedblade, and Don Bendewald harmonize under the name of "The Lullaboysf' Third row Nance Braddock, Mary Smith, Pat Green, Nancy Iohnson, Glenette Maynes, Mildred Haas, Betty Haas, Lois Peek, Diane Hecht, Barb Loek, Ian Wagner, Ginny Saum, Karen Goodnow, Charlene Bonner. Iudy Miller, Nancy Umberger, Ginny Russell. Fourth row Art Haynes, lim Quandt, Iody Grandle, Eileen Iohnston, Iune Commer, Iean Randall, Ioan Mitchell, Yvonne Forcier, Sandy Hoke, Iulie Eggert, Dorothy Wesemann, Marica Andrews, Carol Schultz. Betty Welton, Gertrude Meyer, Wava Kinsinger, Iudy Steffen, Patricia Henry. Fifth row Roger Soderberg, Iim Koehring, Iack Cremeens, Ivan Atchisson, Iohn Scroggins, Dave Funk, Bud Hendricks, Glenn Bushman Bill Alder- man, Chuck Hutton, Dean Payne, Iohn Morton, Ierry Rakow, lim Schuldt, Don Morris, Gene Holtz, Paul Draper, Bob Martin, Carl Hoffman, Gordon Peters, Iim Genz. The Aeolian Choir, directed by Miss Engelbrecht, presented their annual Thanksgiving Assembly and Christmas programs. They, too, sang in the Contemporary Arts Festival. First row Pat Robbins, Alta Kline, Iudy Greenawalt, IoAnn Underwager, Diane Whipple, Adorie Coughlos, Shirley Darnell, Carol Koehler, Io- Ann Crawford, Kay Woolcott, Bev Leetzow, LaVone Lowe, Eilleen Graff, Iudy Gans, Iudy Graff, Beverly Beu, Marie Kobel, Mary Wencik, Pat Wess- man, Marjorie Simms. Second row Sally Thurnau, Gail Parchen, Ianice Schaffer, Nancy Grant, Nan Watson, Pat Flora, Ianice Priqge, Ianet Arnold, Iudy lunge, Lynn Aaron, Iudy Fabrick, Mary Downs, Karen Davis, Deanna Becklinger, Betty Kenyon, Donna Wacker, Nancy Sipple, Sally Kralin, Pat Woolcott, Ann Landwer, Deanne Reichal, Ann Love. Third row Sue Nelson, Cheryl Schultz, lean Pryde. Betty Ransom, Cheryl Schultz. Frances Lazzara, Donna Reeves, Sheila Keegan, Marie Kallenbach, Mary Lou Kenyon, Nancy Schultz. Bev Way, Sandra Burbank, Pat Kaptain, Gert Haas, Mary Freeman, Lorna Steffhen, Sharon Stone Iackie Theile, Luann Giertz, Kay Thieman, Ianet VanCleve, Beulah Roberts, MCIIY Lynn Worihen. Fourth row Ioanne Mursewick, Ianet Knappen, Alice Hill, Areta Smith, Dawn Mitter, Sandra Pratt, Margene Sell, IoAnn Tyson, Iudy Bedwell, Ruth Anderson, Ianice Sokody, Donna Leverenz, Emily Boehning, Pat Miller. Fran Werner, Karen Andiesen, Peggy Horn, Wendy Withers, Marilyn Hoqreve. Beverly Brandt, Marcia Kaptain. Sharon Lohman, Iudy Vick. Carol Lemon, Donna Lagerstrom, Barb McKenney. Fifth row Sara Dodd. Lois Knaak, Arlene Holmquist, Leah Rae Anderson, Mary Austin, Ioyce Baseman, Marlene Hoth, Carolyn Flory, Ginny Lindoerfer, Linda Switzer. Carola Wallace, Selma Mitchell, Mary Ioan Anderson, Ann Mangum, Kathleen Miller, Carol Bernt, Carolyn Gromer, Carol Kurth, Barb Liesman, Carol Dierking, Ioan Weigel, Peggy Emrich. .Slrwlmf Student Council Officers-Sue Leonard, Vice-President: Ted Wilson President: Sandra Chaplian, Secretary. Not picturedfLorna Steitan, Treasurer. L ' CENTER LEFTAThe Building and Grounds commission First row4Ernie Dunn, Howard Iones. Maxine Strahl, Carol Dierking, Dan Kelly. lane Ienkins and lim Blum- Co-Chairmen. Second row-Don Skjoldaqer, Barry Pulkin, Dick Nordenielt, Carl Mauck and Bob Gillam. CENTER RIGHT-The Social commission First row4Carolyn Gromer, Lorna Steiien. Sue Leonard and Mary Kaempler-Co-Chairmen. lim Doss, Karen Hansen. Second row-Iohn Schurmeier, Iim Kraebber, Glen Auble, George Payne. Fred Wyman. Corky Groem- inger. fNot pictured, Bob Reesel. LOWER LEFT-Program commission First row--eRuth Horwitt. Nan Iohnston, Co-Chairman, Monica Santurro, Steve Mengler. Second row-Dick Fritz. Co-chairman, Darwin Phillips. Iim Rayner, Carl Misselle. Third row-Sam Werner. Earl Lamp. In Elgin High school the Student Council is considered among the most profitable and worthwhile of all organizations. It could really be called the voice of the student body, or the "opinion box" for students. The Student Council itself is composed of 58 representatives who represent the homerooms oi the school. In addition to these are the presidents of each class. The council is divided into five major commissions. They are: Service, Program, Social, Research and Publicity, and Building and Grounds. Each of these commissions has two cn chairmen and approximately ten members. 76 0U8I"l'll'Yl0l'li Ui UPPER'---The entire Student Council and Mr. Wilson, sponsor. LOWER LEFT' The Service commission First row Norma Dunn, Nan Watson. Second row--Bob Gordon, Paul Draper, Tom Hanchett, Dick Larson, Roger Wieckmann, Denny Volmer. tNot picturedl Nancy Braddock and Barry Danielson-Co-Chairmen, Tom Wag- ner and Wes Foell. LOWER RIGHTeThe Research and Publicity. First row--Mary Bellows, Ioan Sackett, Co-Chairmen, Cliare Borrud. Second row-Chuck Behrens, Co-Chairman Dick Larson, Gerry Moser, Warren Kiel, Bill Gieske, Iim Iohnston. fNot picturedl Roger Burnidge, The duties of each commission are wide and varied. The Service commission, for in- stance, gives service to the school, student body, and other commissions whenever needed, Its main jobs this year were to put together the E.H.S. handbook and to work with the Ameri- can Field Service for an exchange student next year. The Program commission has charge of all assemblies given. An induction assembly, several pep assemblies, and a well-organized election campaign are all in a year's work. The float chosen the "most beautiful" in the Homecoming parade, and the Thanksgiving dance entitled "Harvest Dream" were but two of the Social commissions activities this year. The Student Council bulletin board is the responsibility of the Research and Publicity commission, and the driving problem and Clean-up drives come under the Building and Grounds commission. 77 Kilim! Ze mrror Upper left-Checking the copy for errors are Ioan Wilkinson. Mary Hoeger and Mary Kaempfer. Upper right-The veterans of the staff: Wayne Reinkinq, Barbara Ioerns, Tom Wagner, Sharon Robinson, Sally Schmidt, Nora Lambke, Donna Chapple, and Barbara Kohn. Lower--The rookie journalists: Annette Stanleigh, Charlotte Lange, Shirly Miller, Ginny Ross, Darlene Dickhaut. Barry Pulkin, Bill Tobin, Margaret Lawrence, Iohn Marion, Barbara Lock. Beverly Burke, Barbara Hoy. Nancy Neville, Margie McNutt. and Nancee Sacha. Recording on paper is the job of this staff that presents the students with a news-packed paper by-weekly under the able supervision of their sponsor, Miss Enid Burns. These are the stu- dents who hurry from place to place looking for news and spicy feature articles. 78 raind and sjilafcl mr : M0 What can we use for a theme? Doesn't anyone have any ideas? We'll never make the deadline! These dire comments were heard in Room 202 for the first three months of the school year. At last the theme was chosen and the real work began. There were pictures to be taken, copy to be written, and pictures to be identified, to mention only a few jobs. Yes, it was Work, but it was fun. Developing an idea is always fun. The Maroon staff is deeply grateful to their adviser, Mrs. Meadows, for her expert guidance. It is their hope that this year's Maroon has lived up to your expectations. Upper left-sBarb Rakow and Karen Hansen, staff artists, watch the birdie tor Hank Hunter and Dick Larson, Moroon photographers. Lower Iefts Staff writers, Gwen Kautz, Carolyn Gromer. and lean Muirhead consult with typists Luna Wright and Audrey Whalen. Upper riqhtsI.ooking over pictures are Harold Horne. business manager: Barb Host. sales manager: Ruth Wilson. co-editor: Norm Spears and Wayne Reinking, sports edi- tors: and Ann Foelschow, co-editor. Lower rightXBarb Host gives a pep talk to her sales staff consisting ot Margene Fricke. Spencer Swinton. Ronnie Burstein, Iim Pilcher, Bill Collins. Barbara Ross, Ianice Sokody, and Sara Dodd. miwiatq Upper-Girls' Club Cabinet. Seated-Alta Kline, Iudy Greenawalt, Pam Weeks, Nancy Nohl, Ruth Wilson. Linda Sokody. Standing-Bonnie Kerr, Nan Melms, Pat Robbins, Pat Dlouhy, Carol Kenyon, Carol Black. Lower 7-Girls' Club Council. Row one-Marsha An- drews, Gayle Timm, Donna Schieb, Mary lane Wright, Lois Lant, Pat Kaptain, Iudy Hendricks, Pat Green. Row two-Barbara Rakow, Marianne Boswell, Gloria Iones, Lenora Haas, Luann Gessinger, Barbara Host, loan lVl.itchell, Sandra Burbank, Pat Bryer, Nancy McKay. Marianne Fritz, Barb Kranwinkle, Sue Nelson, Margaret Ioplin, Ioyce Baseman, Beth Kellenberger, Barbara Fish- er. Row three-fstandingl Myranne Graff. Nancy Nel- son, Bev Begalka, LuAnn Giertz, Sara Dodd, Sally Thurnau, Ianice Sokody, Margene Sell, Wendy Withers, Ianice Prigge, Mary Matison, lol-inn Roggen, Barbara Coleman, Gwen Kautz, Lois Roth, Iackie Williams, I Marilyn Nickel, Dorothy Starr, Gerda Huber, Arlene Dodds, and Sharon Hinch. TNQ.. Every girl who enters E.H.S. is automatically a member of Girls' Club. During the year, each girl is given opportunities to work on committees for dances, teas, and other activities. The Dad 'n Daughter Banquet, the annual Style Show, the Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Spring dance are just a few of the highlights of the C1ub's year. The governing body of the Girls' Club is composed of two groups-the cabinet, and the council. The cabinet consists of twelve girls, elected by the entire club. The council is composed of one representative from each home room. gn. Left-Doris Payne, Marliss Ballard, Virginia Burnidge and Mrs. Frank Erdmann, Spring of 1952. Right-Sandra Leetzow, Mary Lamp, and Bev- erly Way with their fathers-Mr. L. H. Leetzow, Mr. F. R. Lamp, Mr. E. A. Way. 80 'rx Mi Qing we ?!ILr!ol For the year 1952-1953 the Iunior Red Cross theme has been "Bridging the World." Under their capable sponsor, Mrs. Phelps, I.B.C. has completed such successful projects as: monthly state hospital trips, an album for Europe, a prize Winning Homecom- ing float, fund drive, and gift boxes. Gfficers for this year were: Norma Spears, president: Nan Iohnston, vice-president: Linda Sokody, secretary: and Iim Blum, treasurer. Upper Ie!!--Members of the Service Commission work out council projects. Nancy Stone, Mary Lawerence, Norm Spears. Beverly Leicht and Ann Foelschow. Standingeludy Vick, Stan Crane, Arnie Dauksavage, Ralph Bartels, Clarence Pertors, Ann Spuehler. Left center--The Social Commission buys refreshments and plans the program for state hospital trips. Nancy Johnston, lack Cremeens, Dorothy Wieseman, Harriet Pasholk, Arlin Iames, Pat Flora, Norma Johnston and Ioann Race. Lower leftiThis commission's main function is publicity for I.R.C. projects. Sally Schmidt. Lorel Rice, Pat Haynie, Donna Lagerstrom, Barb Eells. Standinge--Paul Plath, Gordon Andresen, LaVerne Landwehr, Roger Nieberman, Iim Blum. and Don Hedblade. Upper right-'The Executive Council-Beverly Leicht, Linda Sokody, Ellie Bernstein. Standing-Norm Spears, Iim Blum, Dorothy Wieseman, Nan Iohnston, and Paul Plath. vi V5 5 i Q 'E 1 g '5 Lower right-'The Foreign Correspondence Commission writes to other fi if .,,, V 5 it 1 1 countries about E.H.S. Ginny Russell, lean Muirhead, Linda Sokody, Ellie 1 Q I 1 f Bernstein. Standing -Iohn Giardino, Nancy Umberger. Bonnie Hopp, Nancy ,Q 5 ' 52 ff . 'ff 1 Stone, Bruce O'Conne1l. ' :wi 1 ' f 1 .1--1"f 1. 'A 1 5 . i 'flu te' l l 1, .7 ' S '. .- x 81 CAL Am flm Upper Lett- 3 M's ofiicers Mary Kaempier, David Miller, Fred Wyman, Winchell Reber, Sue Leonard. Upper Right-F.F.A. members Ken Barnhart, Ray Coulombe, Bob Schroeder, Bob Prouty, Roger Burnidge, Bob Tucker, David Iensen, Morgan Homfeldt, Bob Norgard, Bill Kampmeyer. Center Left-Projection Club members Larry Turk, David Young. Bill Gruer, Ken Lloyd, Doug Lea, Phil Harwood, George Bohlig. Spencer Swinton, Larry Hackett, Bill Alderman, Ierry Leetzow. Center Middle-3 M's members. First row, Ierry Ogden, Tom Lyons, Fred Wyman, Carleton Rogers, Delores Schneider, IoAnn Deuterman. Marylou Westbrook, Marilyn Kopping. Second row, Winchell Reber, David Miller, Linda Perkins, Gwen Kautz, Pat Dlouhy, Barbara Fisger, Mary Kaempfer, Sue Leonard. Center Right-Members oi the Photography Club. Debby Nash, Charles Dunning, Ioe Perlmutter, Ray Burton, Phillip Nowak, Ron Miller. Ierry Leetzow is seated at the table. Lower LeftAHi Y members. First row. Ralph Bartels, Don Toppel, Norm Spears, Dick Nordenfeldt, Bill Kampmeyer, Duane Bloemke. lim Doss, Wes Foell. Second row, Mr. Hill, Glen Lose, Paul Plath. Ron Laseman, Iim Blun, Ted Wilson, George Bohlig, Ierry Levine, Morey Weiss, Ioe von Elbe, Chuck Behrens. Lower Right-Members of the French Club. First row, Nan Melms, Ioan Sackett. Rheta Oogjen, Marvelene Turk, Shirley Karle, lane Ienkins, Iackie Thiel, Fred Wyman. Second row, Iudy Turner, Anne Aley, Yvonne Forcier, Eileen Iohnston, lean Muirhead, Gwen Kautz. Nancy Pierce is at the piano. i....a gxfra- urricufar .fdcfiuifieri JQ2 agzwlenfzi gud? Upper leltiMembers ot the E Club seem pleased after counting money. Front rowfDon Topple, Paul Draper, Alan Coulson, Don Hedeblade, Dick Nordentelt. Back rowiflrnest Broadnax, Iack Zimmer, Dudley Switzer, Louis Bosco, Chuck Behrens, and Ted Wilson. Lower le!!--Barbara Eells points to a move that Harry Gates should have made as Chess Club enthusiasts -Bill Brandes, Ronald Tilley, and Mr. Smith look on. Upper rightelkdorie Coughlas and Marge Ioplin do the Mexican Hat Dance for the Spanish Club. Lett to right-Philip Nowak, Dick Bloemke, Dianna Becklinger, Karen Kirkhuft. Iudy Bedwell, Barbara Forgan, Nancy Sipple, Ruth Anderson. Sharon Lohman, Ioan Weigle, Betty Kenyon, lane Weigle, Philip Thiel. Center- Latin Club members listen as Ierry Levine and Sara Dodd describe the Homecoming iloat. Row one-Donna Reeves, Shirley Darnell, Carolyn Gromer, Donna Levernez. Row two-Nancy Hix, Carol Lemon. How three -Iudy Fabrick, Bev Way, Sharon Ferris, Ioyce Thurwell, Ruth Wilson, Donna Lohbauer, Margie Gazdik. Pegge Horn, Barb Kranwinkle. Standing-Spencer Swenton, Don Norlander, Wendy Withers, Ierry Le- vine, Sara Dodd. Lower right-Carolyn Gromer volunteers at a meeting oi the Sophomore Dramatics Club. Front row Sally Thurnau. Sandra Bur- , bank, Lynn Aaron, Ioyce Base- man. Marie Kallenbach, Mary Ann Fritz, Dawn Mitter, Sara Dodd. Row two -Mary Mattison, Sheila Keegan. Francis Warner. Sandy Pratt. Pat Flora, Donna Levernez. Mary Lou Kenyon, Ann Landwere, Lorna Steiian. Luann Giertz. I' we X85 .gzwlenfd .jvlaue cr ariefy ofngnferefiffi H456 lam' Upper left: GERMAN CLUB MEMBERS Ierry Hoppe, Barbara Eells, Betty Tweed, and Dave Duval observe a heart held by Luann Giertz. Upper right: CHEM-PHYS CLUB examines various types of electrical equipment. In the foreground are George Bohlig, Diana Kirkpatrick, Rhoda Mehlberg. Center-Harry Gates, Gary Gannon. David ' M Young, Bill Brandes, Ronald T1lley, Carol Whalen. Lynn Lagerstrom, and Dick oore. Center: F.B.L.A. CLUB demonstrates various jo s o ar . Io Tyson, Charles Brandner, and Arlene Morros. Seated are Kathie McKeown, Sharon Stone. Frances Werner, Donna Lagerstrom. Standing are Karen Marvin, Deanne Reichel, Dick Pierce. Sharon Hillquist, Pat Miller, Ginny Lindoerier, Carol Knee, and Mr. Bauer. ' b bt 'nable through oiiice work At the files are Lower left: HARRIET GIFFORD F.T.A. CLUB studies several text books. Seated are lean Seivers, Betty Kenyon, and Ruth Wilson, Standing are Mary Lawrence, Pat Flora, Iackie Thiel, Iane Weigle. Donna Leverenz, Maryanne Fritz, Mary Mattson, and Nancy Ionnson. Lower right: Sally Thurnau, Beverly Way, Ruth Horwitt, Luann Giertz. Nancy Iohnston, and Linda Sokody admire a certificate won by the Debate team. 84 ' i SW wr ,G Q M new Ii EST-GPF!! 5" 1 :ca il mayb fo glflflelffl QI' OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder Directed by Marge Biersach Stage Manager .,,, Winchell Reber Dr. Gibbs ,.,,........,,,, Louis Bosco Ioe Crowell, Ir. .. Duane Bloemke Howie Newsome. ,,..,. Iames Doss Mrs. Gibbs ,...,.,.,.....,.., Pat Dlouhy Mrs. Webb ....... .Lee Kirkpatrick George Gibbs .,.........,.. Ron Heider Rebecca Gibbs ............ Nan Melms tThursdayl Rheta Oogjen fliridayl Wally Webb ....,,,,.,.,,, Carl Missele Emily Webb. ......,,.. Nancy Nohl Professor Willard ....., Iim Barman Mr. Webb ,,.,.,,,..,, Barry Danielson Woman on the Main Floor, ,,,,.. Gail MacMann Man on the Main Floor ....,, Don Bendewald an N ff- fllixfw, Simon Stimson, ...Maynard Allen Mrs. Soames ........,.,, Ioan Burkhart Constable Warren..Ron Laseman Si Crowell ..... ,...... D on Hedblade Sam Craig ....,,,....,,...,. Ray Frisbie Ioe Stoddard ....,.....,, Henry Hunter lst Dead Woman..Gail MacMann 2nd Dead Woman.,Beverly Leicht lst Dead Man ..,,.. Don Bendewald 2nd Dead Man ....,,,.,... Gary Allen Assistant Stage Managers Iim Barman. Don Bendewald People of the Town: Tom Doxey. Iulie Eggert. Beverly Leicht, Io Ann Roggen, Donna Sitter, Nancy Sommers THE RIVALS by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Directed by Marge Biersach Fag, a servant ,..,,... , . .,.,,.,,,,,,. ,..,,,,,,. I ames Doss Thomas, a coachman .....,, ...., ,.., R on Laseman Captain lack Absolute, in love with Lydia .Y.....,..................,..,,. Ron Heider Faulkland, in love with Iulia ..,,...... .... G ene Holtz Bob Acres, a country bumpkin ,,.... Winchell Reber Sir Anthony Absolute. Iack's father ............... , , .... ..,. M aynard Allen Lydia Languish, who is romantic .,., Lee Kirkpatrick Lucy, Mrs. Malaprop's Maid ,,..,... Marge Nicholson Iulia Melville, Sir Anthony's niece .,.......,...,..,..,,.., ..., , Gail McMann tFridayJ Nancy Nohl lSaturdayl Mrs. Malaprop, Lydia's aunt ......,., . ..,, Pat Dlouhy Sir Lucius O'Trigger, an Irish baronet..Louis Bosco David, a servant ,,,,,,,,..,.,,, ,,,,. .,..., .,.,. C a r l Missele Chambermaicl ,... .,,,., N an Melms E. Ii if fl' During their Iunior year the class of 1953 presented Our Town. They gave The Rivals as their Senior class play. Both were outstand- ing. Miss Biersach de- serves a round of applause lor another season of fine performances. Uppers-Our Town. Lee Kirkpatrick. Ioan Burkhart, and Pat Dlouhy. Upper Center- Our Town. Winchell Reber mixes an imaginery soda lor Ron Heider and Nancy Nohl. Lower Center' The Seniors work on scenery for The Rivals. Lower-The Rivals. Mar- jorie Nicholson, Nancy Nohl, Lee Kirkpatrick, Pat Dlouhy. and Carl Misseli. ff X , .W ,bl lj si J4f!,LfzC4 Un ffm ZZ OW .7 YA an x Q I 5 P va ,J 559'5f,' r 144' '.-,.l',v 'U' r ,Nu J' f 2- .2-, , 'w if ' 'SAW xx , - , , f QR' QM af ., .VJ .aa fy 4 , ,N Nw N5 5? Q T 5 Qi' K - - 5 , "Q x SY .Q Eziiizin V A j QV 1 571 ,x , K ik Q 5 S Si ,' .i g fm ' fi.N,M f Q 'H 4.54. ,Qi f fwwwf fgigfzfing cwoonfi 0 1952 A group of outstanding individual stars developed into a polished football team to make up the 1952 edition of the Elgin Maroons. Under the able guidance of Coaches Emery Ebbert and Paul Green, the team rolled to seven victories and two losses. The mainstays of the squad were Co-captain Iohn Lohbauer, Herb Hollister, Bob Strohmaier, Co-captain Don Topple, and Don Mapes, all of whom were selected to the all-conference first team, Mapes being honored by selection on the all-state squad. Anchoring the line were Carl Kleinschmidt. Frank Lee. and Dud Switzer. Rounding out the backfield were Wayne Reinking, Dick Norden- felt, and Norm Spears. The Maroons started shakily with a loss to the Maine Demons but followed with an impressive win over York of Elmhurst. The squad started the Big 8 Con- ference race with a bang as they swamped West Aurora and continued their merry chase by whipping the E-Rabs of East Rockford. Ioliet's Steelmen upset the Maroons in the annual Homecoming game, but East Aurora's Tomcats were the victims of a rebounding Elgin team. The Maroons continued to threaten in the Conference with wins over La Salle-Peru and West Rockford. The season finale was a typical Elgin game as they stampeded the Pretzels of Freeport. Upper left lohn Lohbauer throws a vicious block as Don Mapes gets away to a long gain in the LaSalle- Peru game. Upper right -Haltback Don Mapes runs into trouble in the Ioliet game. Lower-West Aurora surrounds Wayne Reinking but Elgin went on to win 49 to 13. Upper right opposite Row one All-conference guard. Iohn Lohbauer: End, Barry Pucklin: Quarterback, Norm Spears: Fullback, Ralph Kallenback: All-conference End, Bob Strohmaier. Row two All-conference guard. Herb Hollister: End. Iohn Morton: Tackle, Frank Mayer: All-conference haliback, Don Topple. Row three--Tackle, Carl Kleinschmidtg End. Chuck Behrens: All-state haliback. Don Mapes: Fullback, Wayne Reinking: Quarterback, Dick Nordenfelt. Row four- Center, Dudley Switzer. Lower left opposite A West Rockford back is about to be smeared by Maroon mainstays. Lower right opposite- A Maine pass goes astray as Lohbauer and Mapes follow-up. ' 44l I if i E . 1 M" I4 4 Q Q U-hA1'JvJ" ' K eC0l"6! 0 Cl, Pea! iam Row one-Don Quandt. Ierry Moser, Larry Schafiter, Max Cramer, mascot Terry Ebbert, Buster Leach, Dick Sinnett, Don Hedblade, Iim Schult. Row two-Manager Iim Blum, Don Mapes, Dick Nordenielt, Bob Strohmaier, Co-captain Don Topple, Norm Spears, Frank Mayer, Carl Kleinschmidt, Herb Hollister, Darwin Minehart. Chuck Hutton, Manager Gary Allen. How three-Charles Harms. Coach Emery Ebbert, Pete Klassen, Bud Wells, Frank Lee. Ralph Kallenbach, Tom Lyon, lim Stowell, Paul Draper, 'Iohn Morton, lack Steele, Co-captain Iohn Lohbauer, Chuck Behrens, Dudley Switzer, Coach Paul Green. Row fourfWayne Reinking. Roger Wiechmann, Don Iohns, George Bohlig, Ron Miller, Barry Puklin, Ierry Mills, Louis Bosco, Wayne Larson, Roger Mueller, Arnold Dauksavage, lack Rosenthal, Manager Alan Coulson. VARSITY Elgin 7 Maine .....25 Elgin ..... 27 York ..... .....l4 Elgin ..... 49 West Aurora .....l3 Elgin ..... 21 East Rockford ..... O Elgin .. 6 Ioliet .....l3 Elgin ..... 20 East Aurora ..... .....l3 Elgin ..... 20 LaSalle-Peru 0 Elgin ..... 35 West Rockford .... ..l4 Elgin ..... 32 Freeport .... .....20 90 I9 2 ngyololzomore Sloofooffjjooool Row one-Manager Gary Thelander, Glen Auble, Peter Hartman, Bill Powers. Bill Hayward. Torn Loveday, Frank Wasinger, Eary Isibue. Art Haynes. Row two-Bill Streit, Warren Kiel, Ron Westmoreland, Don Hansen, Henry Katz. Mike Lyon, Chick Scott, Ierry Carlson, Dick Konen. Manager Tom Lea. Row three-Coach Al Shari, Ernie Dunn, Ierry Allen. Chuck Pierson, Carl Mauck, Ron Prouty. Bob Gordon, Roger Houdek, Stewart Thornton, Roger Burniclge, Coach Bill Chesborough. Row four-Manager Leroy Samuelson, Gary Warren, Gary Smith, Marv Piortmiller, lim lohnson, Bob Heneise. Ierry Iarka, Captain A1 Ross, lack Klinger, Iim Mengler, Gary Siegmeier. Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin .. ..... 21 FROSH-SOPH SCORES .. ..... 12 Maine .....13 .. ..... 6 York ..............,. ,.,, , 0 .. ..... 0 West Aurora .......... 13 .. ..... 13 East Rockford ........ 25 .. ..... 0 Ioliet .... . . ...,.27 .. ..... 0 East Aurora ..... .,... l 2 .. ..... O LaSalle-Peru .....12 .. ..... 13 West Rockford ....... . 7 Freeport O we 1953 gcbfion offlze gfrin aroond This year's varsity basketball squad started very slowly, dropping four of the first six games. However, Coach Chesbrough soon found the proper combination and the boys started to click. About midseason Elgin was again a name feared by rival squads throughout the state. The team finished sec- ond in the conference with an exciting victory over West Rockford. 92 Upper Ist row--Coach Bill Chesbrough. Arnold Dauk- savage, Captain Glen Lose. Morey Weiss, Marvin Nelson, Buster Leach, Coach Paul Green. 2nd row -f-f Tom Wag: ner, Art Green, Norm Spears, Ralph Kallenbach, Mike Bol- ger, lim Stowell. Ken Barn- hart, Wayne Larson, Wes Foell, Iohn Giardino, Paul Plath, Don Topple. Lower Jett- Captain Lose flips a pass to Morey Weiss under the DeKalb basket. Lower right In the York game, Weiss lets go with a jump shot. fjlle .iam wifi: Mae ucgiglzfing earffi U As is usual in "tournament town," a fever pitch grew as the tournaments progressed. The Maroons started the regional with a win over Woodstock and followed this first victory by beating our traditional rival, Dundee. Elgin won their own regional tournament by whipping Crystal Lake. In the sectional tournament the Maroons continued their winning ways by trouncing Barrington. The final victory of the season was an upset of New Trier and gave the team a berth in the "Sweet Sixteen." Although beaten by West Frank- fort in their first game at Champaign, the squad gave a fine showing of themselves. Upper right Tom Wagner, guardy Arnie Dauksavage, guard. Middle Marve Nelson, center: Morey Weiss, centerg Buster Leach, guard. Lower left--'Captain Glen Lose, forward: Wes Foell. forward: Paul Plath, guard. E 5 Lower right Decatur saw a little too much of Glen Lose's jump AX shots early in the season. Lldxx 'ft' l, Et N-...I-4. 93 glue 6 fo l v l"0blgAf Mcforiea In characterizing this YGCIIIS team, Coach Bill Chesbrough stated he would never forget the 1953 squad because of their "fighting hearts." The team never gave up even when behind and the "will to win" turned many likely defeats into victories. Elgin ..v..... .,ci... 5 4 York .,i,... .cc..., 5 5 Elgin ,c,,w,,c ,ci..,, 6 8 Proviso i,c,w,, ..i,,,, 6 5 Elgin ,c,,c,,. ,,,,,,, 5 3 DeKalb ,,tic,c ., A... 63 Elgin .....,,. ,,,..,, 4 5 Leyden ..,,... ,,,i,,c 5 l Elgin Decatur ..,,.i.c, Elgin East Rockfordr Elgin Ioliet ,c,..i.ii,c.i. Elgin Morton Y,cY,cc Elgin Hinsdale ..,..i,.,wc Elgin West Aurora ,, Elgin South Shore V ,, Elgin Freeport ,V,Y,,.. Elgin East Aurora ,cc,, Elgin Moline .c,,,,...... Elgin Lasalle-Peru .. Elgin Ioliet .,,,.,r,i..t , Elgin Maine ,,ii..,.,,,, Elgin West Aurora ,,c, Elgin La Grange ,.,,.. Elgin West Rockford Elgin East Aurora ,,,,, Elgin Woodstock ,....c Elgin Dundee . ,,,.. , , Elgin Crystal Lake t.i. Elgin Barrington .c,. , Elgin .vY,,,c, ,,,..,. 7 3 New Trier .. . . .... H470 Elgin ,,,,,c, ..,,,,, 6 4 West Frankfort ,...,...., 67 Upper-Wes Foell lights Barrington for a rebound. Elgin playersAArno1d Dauksavage, Wes Foell, Glen Lose, Tom Wagner, Marvin Nelson. Lower--flt's curtains lor New Trier as Elgin scores another impressive victory. Elgin players-Arnold Dauk- savage, Marvin Nelson, Glen Lose, Wayne Larson, onkrence SopA0m0re Clamlaionfi anal a gina! ucforg Coach Emery Ebbert again did an outstanding job coaching the sophomore basketball team. The squad won the conference championship and proved to be one of the most well- rounded teams Elgin fans have seen for a long time. Elgln ,..,... ..a,... W est Aurora ,,ei...,...i Elqin ....... ,a....,. S Outh Shore ,,e,..,,,.,i Elgin ,..,... .c,c.w. 5 0 York ......Yr,V.. ......., 3 7 Elgin ...,,.,. ..r.... 4 9 Proviso ..,,... ...,.V, 4 6 Elgin ...,,.. i.,.i.i 4 7 DeKalb ,,Ai,ii, iii,ii,w 4 O Elgin . ..... ,.,i.., 5 l Leyden ,,A,.,,i,,, .,..... 4 2 Elgin . ,r... i..r,,, 4 8 Decatur ..,i...Ai,.i,i,..... 40 Elgin . ...,, ,r...... 4 5 East Rockford ,,Y,....., B3 Elgin . ...i. ..,Y... 5 7 Ioliet ,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,,,A,,A,,,,A 36 ' 45 39 49 41 37 35 Elgin ..,..., , Freeport ,,,V,,,,,,,,,,,, Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin East Aurora v.v.,io,YY..,r Lasalle-Peru oirr..c,.o.Y Ioliet ,,,,......,,..r.oY..,o,... Maine ,.....ioo.o,...,w....,.. West Aurora ,o.v.....,.. La Grange ,,..,...i,,i,,.o West Rockford East Aurora ....,.ir.....i Marengo .o,,...,,,......oi Sycamore VwvV.o. ..,..ww. .fl gtlilh Upper First row-Marvin Pfortmiller, Paul Hudgens, Ion Shurmeier, Tom Aley, Gary Siegmeier, Earl Lamp, Gary Smith, Sam Werner. Second row-Coach Emery Ebbert, Iim Hamby, Ken Grough, Iim Sponholtz, Ernie Dunn, Mike Zimmer, Bob Gordon, manager Bill Hayward. Third row- Coach Dorian Smith, Bob Reese, Eary Isabue, Chuck Peir- son, Bruce Sommers, lack Cremeens, Bob Kennedy, man- ager Mike Susman. Lowers,-kneeling--Tom Wagner, Buster Leach. Front row--standing -Paul Plath, Arnold Dauksavage, Coach Bill Chesbrough, Captain Glen Lose with trophy, Wayne Larson, manager lim Blum. Hear--standing-Manager Keith Anderson, Marvin Nel- son, Wes Foell, manager Happy Robarts Cbehind arml Morey Weiss, lim Stowell, Coach Paul Green. 95 4 .. Q me CF055 Olftlflflag CUT, gdffegllf QCLIWLZS Sitting-Bob Norgard, Tom Wagner. lim Doss. Bob Haase, Iim Burger, Kneeling-Wayne Gunderson, Mike Bolger, Captain Wes Foell, Paul Plath, Bill Kampmeyer. Bob Prigge. Standing--Coach Art Roggen, Glen Lose, Bob Probst, Morey Weiss, lack Garland, Ken Barn- I hart, manager Ken Pfortmiller. In the three years that E.H.S. has had a cross-country squad, the team has never been beaten in a dual meet. Although competing against top teams, such runners as Captain Wes Foell, who qualified for the state finals in his junior year, Mike Bolger, Glen Lose, and Tom Wagner could always be depended upon to bring Elgin victory. The 1952 baseball squad was one of the finest in E. H. S. history. A Well-rounded squad, the Maroons were very strong defensively with a fine pitching staff, alert infielders, and more than efficient outfielders. The pitchers were led by Duane Block, who hurled two no-hit ballgames and two one-hitters. Rounding out the mound staff were Dale McCallum, lim Grotemeyer, and Tom Wagner. The infield was anchored by Captain Alan Granskog at shortstop. Don Topple, second baseman, was the leading hitter and was elected to captain the 1953 squad. Bob Strohmaier in center field was the team's long ball hitter. The season record was thirteen wins, two losses, and one tie. The team beat many fine teams and lost only to Proviso and Waukegan. The Maroons were only one game away from qualifying for the state finals. Needless to say, Coach Al Scharf and Coach Art Roggen did a marvelous job guiding the 1953 baseball team. hitter at first base. Granskog and Don Topple. 'H' Al Sharf. ,, ,gggsisi SFX 1,51 5 A i N gakiiltq ELQGIN LEW ,S N sk t-' w-- f- X 1 Upper left-Iohn Morton's stretch nips a West Rockford Upper right--V-An efficient keystone combination was Al Lowerffirst row-Iohn Lohbauer, Corky Groeninger Donne Plote, Tom Wagner, Don Topple, Gary Bochum, Wally Gifford Bob Ransom, Dave St. Iohn. Second rowgllllanager Clark Niss Ron L. Miller, Ralph Kallenbach, Bruce Lehky, Captain Al Gronskog, Iim Pilcher, Norm Ewert, Herb Hollister, Iohn Mor ton, Arnold Dauksavage, manager Iim Blum. Third row Coach Art Roggen, manager Bill Collins, Iim Grotemeyer Ted Wilson, Gary Smith, Dale McCallum, Gordon Nash, Bob Stroh maier, Alan Ferriss, Duane Block. Coach Sam Rebecca Coach we 1952 .inlaid ans! goygguada Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin District Elgin 3-Proviso 2 3-Wheaton 2 5-East Aurora O 2-Glenbard 3 3-West Aurora 2 4-McHenry 1 2-Wheaton 3 5-East Aurora U 3 -Second place -West Aurora 2 The season record of the E.H.S. tennis team was, as usual, very impressive. In ten dual matches, the Maroons were defeated only twice. Led by captain Hank Pearsall, Norm Spears, and Vernon Kors the team placed second in the tough Oak Park district and finished the season impressively by placing second in the Big Eight Conference. The squad was coached by Byrus Hall. Playing a very tough schedule, the golf team won only three of seven dual matches. However, near the end of the season, the squad defeated East and West Aurora in a three-school meet. Coached by Gus Stuart, the outstanding golfer was captain Dave Nelson. 1952 TENNIS RECORD Big Eight Conference-Second place Elgin 3-McHenry 2 1952 GOLF RECORD Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin lVz-York of Elmhurst 8Vz V2-West Rockford 14Vz , 3 -DeKalb 2 , 0 -East Rockford 15 9 -DeKalb 6 13 -McHenry V2-East Rockford 14 V2 l first place-4 East Aurora 365 IElgin 360 lWest Aurora 373 Big Eight Conference-Eighth Place Upper front-Manager Ron Laseman, Howard Narosky, Vernon Kors, Norm Spears, lack Shaefli. Tow Lyon. IHear2 Don Hedblade, Paul Plath. Ierry Levine, Captain Hank Pearsall, Bud Wells. Coach Byrus Hall. Lower-Don Valentine, Bob Gillam, Bill Tobin. K' L C t ' D N 1 ,R Heftel, Dick in app, ap am ave e son uss Perkins, Dick Brant, Dale Hagemann, Iack Gar- land, Don Garland, Coach Gus Stuart. me CAamlai0n5 offlze .gnframuraflgrogam Euan, EL-GrN nw ,Q LPM., 1 QR at-G si Q W us .'.f"f X f"isf3 'iv ll' ELGQN PHY Speed and Strength. Upper left' -in front'-lim Tennyson. Kneeling-Gene Kuntz, Ivan Reid, Dick Nordenielt, Dick Daum, George Baileauz, Dennie Iunod. Standing-Tom Hanchett. Bill Grozis, Tom Aley, Bob Gillam, Wayne Webb. Fall Ir.-Sr. B.B. Champs. Upper centerekneeling--Ray Burton, Bob Gillam. standing-Dave Miller, Roger Soderburg. Wes Foell. Ping Pong, Badminton and Handball. Upper right-sitting-Rene LeBlanc, lack Schaelli, Paul Meyer. Kneeling-Bob Gillam, Lloyd Dolby, Paul Plath, lack Rakow. Dave St. 'Iohn. Standing4Don Lichtardt. Clark Mills, George Frisbie. Dean Martin, Duane Rossiter, Dave Fields. Arlin Iames. Free Throw Champs. Lower left-front-Dick Bloemke. Middle-Don Topple. Rear-Dale Hagemann. Wrestling. Lower center-sitting-Bob Kay, George Baileaux, Iim Smith, Dave Day. Second row-Iim Mengler, Rene LeBlanc, Bob Riedermann, Mike Grail, Iim Starin. Standing---Barry Puklin, Bill Streit, Iim Schuld, Dick McEwan. Pete Klassen. Fall Soph B.B. Champs. Lower right-kneeling-Dick Clute. lim Iohnson, Tom Hanchett. Standing-Bill Anderson, 'Ion Shurmeier. Don Baumgcrrtner. For the past several years, E.H.S. has been known for its very fine intramural program. The purpose of the program is to give those boys who don't compete in interscholastic athletics an opportunity to enjoy the competition of sports. The highlights of the intramural program this year were the annual junior-senior basketball game in assembly which the juniors won, the fourth badminton championship in a row for Paul Plath, and the volleyball victory chalked up by the faculty over the school champions. 98 medfgng unc! Swimming The wrestling squad had a fairly successful season. Bob Ransom was elected captain of the team and carried Elgin's name to the state finals. In the sectionals at New Trier, Herb Hollister and George Bailleaux won thirds in their weight divisions, while Bob Ransom won second. The swimming team lost only to Maine, East Rockford and VVest Rockford. George Frisby was elected captain. Outstanding swimmers Louie Bosco, George Frisby, and lack Garland went to the state meet to compete. The medley relay team consisting of these three set a new record at the pool. Upper lott Bottom row George Frisby, Weg Thomas, Stan Crane, Don Hanson, Tiny Was- sinqer, Wayne Lloyd, Howard Pitch. Top row Max Von lsser, coach, Louis Bosco, lim Kraeber, Ray Frisby, Bob Haase, Bill Collins, Iohn Chislett, Hank Hunter, Dick Perkins. Upper center Bob Haase starting in meet with Harrison High School. Upper right Iohn Chislett opening from a one and one half tuck somersault. Lower right Bottom row Bill Kampmeyei, Bob Riedemann, Herb Riedemann, George Barlloaux, lim Smith, Clyde Darnell, lVlilf:e Graff, Leon Miller, Bob Ransom, and Herb Hollister. Second row Frank Lee, Barry Pukiin, lack Di Fulvio, lim Doss, Arlin Iames, Rene LeBlanc, Larry Schatfter, Iirn Schuldt, Carl Tee-ts, and John Lohbauer. Third row Roger Burnidge, Ron West- moreland, Iarnes Ovorstreet, Tom Loveday, Roger Houdek, Iim Mengler, Don Quant, Whitey Landwehr. Top row Al Scharf, coach, lim Pilcher, manager, David Day, Warren Kiel, Bill Giosko, Bob Kay, lVlike Lyons, Bud Wells, manager, Ken Pfortmiller. Lower left Returning lettermen, Red Reuter, Herb Riedemarin, Leon lVli1ler, Bob Ransom, and Bill Kampmoyer. Center Bob Ransom pinning an opponent. Nlicldle right Bill Karnpmeyer repeating the feat clone by Bob Ransom. END 5 . ...sr 1 K .3 ..-nu.: fffy I' 1 L . L L . . . 19 2 306' .SQGJOIQ The track team suffered in the 1952 season, however they made a fair showing in the Big 8. Ioliet, the Big 8 track champs, met Elgin five times during the year. lim Green, high point man, was selected captain by the team. Don Austin and Chuck Kallenback helped hold the honors for the class of '52.' Even with the unsuccessful season, the Iuniors received much experience which will help them during the 1953 season. Upper left -Varsity Track Team-Seated: Iarett Miller, Don Mapes, Bob Haase, lim Barman. Iirn Burger, Wes Foell. Second rows -Roger Franzen, Dennis Iunod, Mike Bolqer, Iim Doss, Don Austin, Stan Crane. Third roweManager Kenneth Piort- miller, Charles Kallenback, Iack Steele, Don Heneise, Louis Bosco, Wayne Reinking, Coach Paul Green. Last row--Terry Krumm, Charles Menke. Charles Behrens, Carl Kleinschmidt, Dick App, and Bob Leland. Middle left--Sophomore Track Team--Seated,-Carl Buehler, Steve Mengler, Larry Schaliter, George Bailleaux, Dick Ehlert, Ronald Range, and Ray Bradley. Second row-Iohn Baylor, Iames Genz, Wayne Gunderson. Ierry Mills, Don Iohns, Don Quandt. Iim Stowell. Third row--Manager Iim Rayner, Iames Brocker, Carl Teets, Bob Prigge, Dick Moore, Art Green, lim Steele, Coach Emery Ebbert. Fourth roW-- Bob Hoppe, Tom Kaston, Ierry Moser, Barry Puklin, Roger Soderberg. Dean Payne. Charles Harms, Pete Klassen. Lower left- Kane County track meet. Chuck Kallenback pulls ahead in the 100 yard dash finals. Chuck qualified for the State track meet in his specialty race. Right Iim Green clears the bar in the high jump with his butterfly style. High jumping took Iim to the state finals with Chuck Kallenback. J 5 f 3 e . w.. 'S .K - -..Allah E... . 7, A I, U, 1z,,,f iw In the early part of Ianuary the Girls' Physical Education Department presented its an- nual assembly. Because this is a coronation year in England, they based their assembly on this theme. Nancy Sommers, the president of the G.A.A., represented the Queen. Before her and her court, representatives of the various countries presented typical dances for her enjoy- ment on May Day. At the upper left, the Queen leads the square dancers in a rhumba. In the picture at the upper right, a group of girls perform the traditional Maypole Dance. At the upper center the Queen poses with her court. At the lower center, the representatives from Israel perform the Hora. It has a series of chants that signify an expression of hope for the future. At the bottom, a group of American Square Dancers dances for Her Majesty. NJ 4 Ywykf me , , A OMIM a Uariefg ofxdcfiuifieo Upper left Maypole dancers pertorm lor the Coronation dance assembly. Center Kilted girls dance the Highland Fling at the assembly. Upper right Varsity cheerleaders Carol Kenyon, lackie Williams, Nancy Sommers, Iulie Eggert. Margaret Lawrence, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Ron Burstein, Bob Kahl, and Dick Moore pep up the games. Lower lett' Sandra Leetzow, Carol Knee. Nancy Schultz, Lynn Glover, and Barbara Eells work on the speedball schedule. Lower right Sophomore cheerleaders make a snappy formation. Kneeling Sandra Burbank. Standing Carolyn Cromer. Beulah Roberts, Sara Dodd, Luann Giertz, and Pat Flora. Opposite page Upper left Elie Bernstein and Pam Weeks enjoy a game of ping-pong. Upper right- 'Debby Nash hopes that hers will make the basket. Lett to right Bev Begalka, Lois Knaak. Debby Nash, Shirley Darnell, IoAnn Tyson. Upper center Volleyball attracts many girls. Lett to right Nancy Sommers, Marylou Westbrook. Doris Payne, Donna Sitter, Bev Begalka. Lower center Sally Hodge and Lois Piafflin vie for batting and field positions as Donna Chapple. Kay Hugh, Mary Kaempfer, Shirley Karle and Angie Corapi look on, Lower left Ioanne Albright demonstrated how to hold a bowling ball. How one Doris Schram, Rosemary Stoermer, Deanna Becklinger, Betty Kenyon, Darlene Rohrsen. Iacky Thiel, lean Pryde. Row two Kay Schaebert. Mildred Kadow, Carol Lemon, Arlene Holmquist, Rita Barron. Donna Reeves, Martha Cirrincione. How three Francis Lazzerra, Carolyn Gerber. Sally Muetterties, Mary K. McBriarty, lane Weiqle. Row four Carol Kemerling, Gervaise Brockner, Donann Boothby. Lower right The "old speedballn gets pumped up by Sharon Holmquist. Standing Marlene Hoth, Laura Prehm, and Shirley Darnell. 'YQ we 5 .A it 5 it . . A , 1 A , .,.. . W by 4 A . 13 1 . , 02 32929 QS' '52 525,53 M IE' 1 3 Q N It 'ah H ae, mmvgvgw 'QQ Us O L7 'Q QGQQQQJ. 9 9 oo Ga, 'f fm, QFQQHQSV 0006 0 4? Qfgpfl pd- 0 :J 2,'5n15 5 an 9,1 Q oo v H 4 A, Q x oagaqiiggg ge- Q if gf E f P I 1 f aff' pdf' W 5w'5'?1gak Www? 19690 lllll5'Z37II 6 BWUEIUDM IBIBIBGMEE YBEMMBEQG qmmman O 905 47 3555 J 5552.-,B Ill Ki ' 4:9 X A, ,Q I ."B:2i':' SEEEH' 511 pffiv' 1.1f,,,, FE N ' Left Top to bottom: Second floor looks bleak a lew minutes before the bell rings. Is that the same hall now? Must be. This picture was taken a minute alter the bell rang. Sue Leonard, Sandy Chap, lain,Iim Rayner, Corky Groen- inger, Iim Doss, Don Skjol- dager, Carl Misseli, and Fred Wyman listen to Ted Wilson describe his summer trip to Germany. Iuniors take the Illinois tests in 240. The spirit of E.H.S. is all boxed in by the cheerleaders at a Pep Assembly. That's our band in the background. Right Top to bottom: Last minute program card changes are made in the ot- tice by Mrs. Hopkins and Miss Schitlerer. The students are lack Ballsmith, Duane Garber. Angie Nitz, Mary Darlison, Corky Groeninger, Luna Wright, and lack Cremeens. Ted Wilson watches as Dave Nelson, president of the class ot 1952, presents the Sue Linder Memorial check to Mr. Cartwright. Another Pep Assembly stunt the monkeys are as- sisted by Coaches Ches- brough and Ebbert. ornecom ing Left Top to bottom: Seniors sell refreshments at Maroon Field. F,F.A,'s Homecoming float. Admiring some Homecom- ing decorations are seniors Harry Gates. Rita Oojgen. Mary Begalka, Paul Plath. Iane Ienkins, Howard Iones and Barb Kozumplik. "Touchdown Terminal" -- looks like some very amusing stories are being told. Right Top to bottom: The Iunior Red Cross car- ried out its theme for this year on its Homecoming float. Advertising their dance in assembly, the seniors sing their praise tor "Touchdown Terminal", Ioann Schmidgall and Dick Nordenfelt reign as Home- coming King and Queen, Win Reber and Pam Weeks demonstrate a step for My- ranne Graft, Gene Holtz. Marion Lange, and Rusty Al- len, waltzers for Operatic Nights. Left Top to bottom: A Capella members in cos- tumes lor Operatic Nights. November fourth was the day that the seniors received T.B. tests like Marlene Hall is getting. Iim Blum, Ted Wilson, and lane Ienkins. student council members. discuss the respon- sibility ol high school stue dents to their community with Lt. Kenneth Lloyd ol the Elgin police department. Maroons from years gone by are on display in this bul- letin board during sales pro- motion week. Right Top to bottom: Miss Laftey directs the or chestra during an Operatic Nights performance, Completing details lor the Iunior Red Cross enrollment drive are sponsor, lVlrs. Char- lene Phelps: viceepresident. Nancy Iohnstong treasurer, lim Blumy and secretary, Lin, da Sokody. Sophomoies dance at their class party, Lee Kirkpatrick, Pat Dlouhy, Rusty Allen, and Ron Heider are hardly recognizable as seniors in this scene lroin The Rivals. modify .fdddem geo Left--Top to bottom: Adestes Fideles cmd other traditional Christmas Carols were some of the carols sung by 'Ierry Allen, Spencer Swin- ton, Dick Fritz, Bob Kahl, and Lorel Rice, Latin students. Letter winners get their awards lor fall sports in as- sembly. COLLEGE DAY Mr. David Wolff, counselor from the University of Illinois. speaks to students in cr Col- lege Day interview. The stu- dents are Bob Zirkel, Dee Ann Bellows, Iulie Eggert, Betty Young, Barry Danielson, lack Steele. Preparing for "Harvest Dreams," the Thanksgiving dance sponsored by Student Council, are members Sue Leonard, George Payne, Ion Schurmeir, Mary Kaempfer, and Carolyn Gromer. RiqhtYTop to bottom: Iulie Eggert and Myranne Graff do a mean "Charles- ton" in assembly. Taking part in the Maroon assembly are lean Heckert, Marilyn Nickel, Dick Pierce. Marg Lawrence, Bob Gillam, and Russ Hertel. The Pilgrims' Thanksgiving is reenacted by Nancy Gab- ler. Steve Mengler. Carl Beuhlar, and Wayne Larson lor the annual Thanksgiving program. Wnief, K fWQUQl" CL Q K 0l'l'lQl'lf Left Top to bottom: Mr. Hill directs the band and a Capella Choir during the Christmas assembly. Pam Weeks at the Senior class party. Eavesdropping for the stu- dent team, Dick Nordenielt hears Coach Iohn Kraitt dis. cuss strategy with Bill Ches- brough and Hon Cook. The students won. Class stunt chairmen Paul Hudqens, Elaine Thomsen, Ann Rovelstad, Marg Law- rence, and Don Hedblade make a trial voyage in "Ohnono" as they prepare for Stunt Night. Right Top to bottom: Elgin High students are homeward bound via school bus. Participants in the Spring Concert of the E.H.S. orches' tra-- Nancy Peirce, Alice Carl- son, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Ruth Wilson, Betty Hillmer, and Sue Leonard. It's a jump ball during the Iunior - Senior basketball game. Who got the ball? The basketball squad and coaches are Champaign bound with their candidate for Queen of the Sweet Six- teen. Mary Begalka. plans or with Bill Kampmeyer, Dick ' n Valentine. Herb Riedeman, Ken and Bob Haase. .fgncl Zen .913 .Staring Lett Top to bottom: Glen Lose accepts the Sec- t Tro hy at tional Tournamen p Arlington Heights. Alan Coulson discusses f the "E" Club dance Pfortmiller, Bill Collins, Honors Day-f--May 29, 1952. Fred Steffen and Pat Weeks, 1944 Honor Medal Winners: Mr. Cartwright, Miss Iones, '52 class sponsor: Mimi Par- sons, DAR Good Citizenship award winner: Mr. Thompson: Peggy Fritz, DAR American history award winner: and R bert Rebenstorf, Adah A. o Pratt Memorial award winner. Iune 6. Commencement - 1952. Left to right are Orrin Th m son the Reverend G. o p . Glenn McFadden, Dave Nel- ' H son, Doctor Shirley A. am- ' Roscoe Cartwright, and rm, Vincent Coleman. Right eTop to bottom: Tom Kasten advertises the ' 'or class play-I Remem- juni ber Mama in an old fashioned CC I'. Exhibiting leather work technique at Open House is Ron Miller. Watching are Mr. Ken DeLester Sackett and Mr. Ettner. Harr Gates displays his Y mural for "Prom Paree to e LaVon Schultz, Duan B1 emke, Don Plote, Nancy o Iohnston, and Norm Ewert. ""-n-...W nn... --'v-w-,...,,,A ae-t 'Wwe Ace Store of Elgin 9 East Chicago Street Ackemann's Dept. Store Elgin, Illinois Warren Alkln Studlo 23 Douglas Avenue George H. Andresen Hubbard Bldg. A it P Super Market 205 South Grove Avenue Balo, Denes 229 East Chicago Street Barnett's 10 South Grove Avenue Bendtsen Dairy 130 Vine Street Joseph F. Berna Transfer 218 Wellington Avenue Glenn R. Beverly 418 Courier-News Bldg. B K Photo Hobby Shop 159 East Chicago Street BIum's 15 Douglas Avenue Mr. 8. Mrs. W. A. Britton 221 Walnut Avenue Brotzman 81 Melms Chevrolet Sales 227 South Grove Avenue Bunge's 280 South Grove Avenue Burger Nursery 8. Garden Center Route 31 South Edge of Elgin Stanley Burnidge 8 Son South Street 8. Mclean Blvd. Bursteln Bros. Food Market 805 Walnut Avenue Burstetn Bros. Store For Men 205 National Street Kay CampbeII's Sportswear 150 East Chicago Street Carbary 8 Carbary 501 Tower Bldg. M. G. Carpenter, M.D. 402 Riverblutt Road Chuck's Standard Service 800 Dundee Avenue Colontal Drive-In 802 Villa Street The Colony Shop 162 East Highland Avenue N. P. Colllns, M.D. 302 Professional Bldg. Davld C. Cook Pubtlshtng Company 850 N. Grove Avenue Cooper's Pharmacy 113 Walnut Avenue Cramer's Master Cleaners 226 North State Street Lester E. Culverson City Hall Daniels 8- Clark 221-223 East Chicago Street Judge Harry C. Daniels 410 Professional Bldg. Danner's Clothing Store 52 Douglas Dairy Queen 704 West Chicago Street 727 Villa Street Daum's Sundries 1046 Liberty Street Davison Motor Sales, Inc. 235 South Grove Avenue Del's Bicycle Shop 266 Dundee Avenue Dr. 81 Mrs. Joel L. Deuterman 101 North Spring Street Dueringer-Williams Studio 51 Douglas Avenue Mme. Dulcey Cosmetics B North Spring Street Economy Oil Company 751 North Spring Street Eggert Coal 8. Oil Co. 106 National Street Eteanor's Dancing Studio 260 National Street Elgin Association of Commerce 178 East Chicago Street Elgin Business Men's Association 16 East Chicago Street A Friend Elgin Coal 8. Oil Company 24 Kimball Street Elgin Camera Shop 65 South Grove Avenue Elgin Corrugated Box Company 824 Raymond Street Elgin Daily Courier-News Elgin, Illinois Elgin Dental Society 164 Division Street Elgin Federal Savings 8. Loan Ass'n. 100 Douglas Avenue Elgin Flour 8. Feed Co. 72 N. Grove Avenue Elgin Fruit 8- Produce 304 N. Grove Avenue Elgin Homes Dairy 1000 Preston Avenue Elgin Loan and Homestead 14-16 N. Spring Street Elgin Lumber Supply Co. 222 Douglas Avenue Elgin Metal Casket Co. 363 Blutt City Blvd. Elgin National Watch Company Elgin, Illinois Elgin News Agency 155 North Street Elgin Sheet Metal Co. 922 Dundee Avenue Elgin Softener Corp. 134 North Grove Avenue Elgin Washer 8. Poultry Sales 110 South Grove Avenue Exclusive Cleaners 1061 N. Liberty Street Fin 'N Feather Farm Dundee, Illinois Fishburn Paint Co. 165 East Highland Avenue Flexonlcs Corporation 840 N. State Street John A. Frasser 5 Douglas Avenue 111 OMF pa fl'0l'l5 Frey-Hanchette Insurance Co. 5 Douglas Avenue John C. Friedland 504 Tower Building A Friend Dr. 8- Mrs. S. L. Gabby 101 N. Spring Street George's Clothes Shop, Inc. 158 East Chicago Street Good 81 Hess 163 East Highland Avenue Graening 8. Rauschert 176 East Chicago Street Fred Greiner Grocery 258 N. Gittord Street Grimes Sunset Super Mkt. 1110 South Street Groh Awning Company 111 Division Street Gromer's Super Market 820 N. liberty Street Elmer Gylleck AIA 191 South Grove Avenue The Haeger Potteries, Inc. Dundee, Illinois Dr. Knute H. Hanson 5 Douglas Avenue Harmentng's Recreation 56 South Grove Avenue Hendrlksen Radlo 8. Television 269 South State Street Higgins Food Shop 134 South Melrose Avenue Douglas C. Hurley, M.D. 100 East Chicago Street llllnols Cleaners and Furrlers 55 Douglas Avenue Illlnols Hydraulic Construction Co. 20 North Crystal Street Illinois Watch Case Co. 853 Dundee Avenue Inland Supply Company 60 Ann Street Jens Potato Chip Co. 155 N. Aldine Avenue K. P. Johnston, M.D. 402 North Spring Street John Kaptain 452 Blutt City Blvd. Miss Annette H. Kaiser 6 South Spring Street Keegan Bros. South Elgin, Illinois Keeney's Sport Shop Elgin, Illinois Keller-Blrch Studio 164 Division Street Kerber Packing Co. South State Street Road Kimball Auto Parts Co. 59 Kimball Street The Kitchen Mart Corner ot N. State 8. Highland Kramer 8. Kramer 5 Douglas Ave. S. S. Kresge Co. 32 South Grove Avenue Krumm's Bakery 809 St. Charles Street Fred R. Lamp 214 North Street A. Harriett Lane Studio 168 East Chicago Street Langhorst 8- Lescher, M.D.'s 164 Division Street Launderette 1063 N. Liberty Street Lawrence Avenue Grocery 216 Lawrence Avenue The Lea Company 158 Brook Street Myron M. Lehman 234 McClure Avenue Vlctolre D. Lesplnasse, M.D. 164 Division Street Arthur R. Levine, Insurance 8- Real Estate 123 Brook Street Lochner's Pharmacy 1100 South Street ULU' pd tlt'0l'l6 Thomas M. Loveday, Real Estate Courier-News Bldg. Ludwig Mllk Company 200 N. Spring Street The Marlson Company South Elgin, Illinois G. F. Martln 135 Highland Avenue McBride Pharmacy 119 West Chicago Street McQueen, Churchill, Kirkland, 81 Brady Tower Building George C. Meadows It Co. Specialized Engineering 884 Blufl City Blvd. W. R. Meadows, Inc. 2 Kimball Street Mllbrandt Prescription Pharmacy 101 Douglas Avenue J. Donald Mllllgan, M.D. 164 Division Street Modern Dairy Co., Inc. 1002 N. Liberty Street A Friend MosIman's 160 E. Chicago Street Muettertles Sunlight Bakery 205 East Chicago Street O. D. Mulliken, M.D. 112 N. Spring Street Nelson's Pharmacy 229 National Street D. W. Nish 119 S. Grove Avenue Norrls-Reber Mortuary 266 E. Chicago Street North Street Grocery It Market 228 North Street E. I. Otto Insurance Agency 102 N. Spring Street Pape's Barber Shop 25111 N. Grove Avenue Park View Grocery 326 DuPage Street Pat's Super Service 50 Division Street Paulson, Morgan 8. Jordan, Attorneys 100 East Chicago Street Peek's Auto Service 181 South Grove J. C. Penney Company 51 South Grove Avenue Ptister's Mobilgas Service 325 West Highland Avenue H. l.. Pierce Pontiac Sales 250 South Grove Avenue Pinky's Sunset Dress Shop 1106 South Street Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 210 East Chicago Street Dr. Charles M. Paulsen 118 Villa Street Progressive Sign Co. 848 Villa Street Public Service Company of Northern llllnois 76 South Grove Avenue Radio Station WRMN First With The Local News Harold Papalee 517 Professional Bldg. Edward S. Reque Organization 13 East Chicago Street Reinert Nash Sales 118 Division Street Leo D. Richey, M.D. 255 N. Spring Street 112 Rlfken Fur's 122 South Grove Avenue Rlnehlmer Bros. Kimball 8. N. Grove Roland Russell, M.D. 317 East Chicago Street Rosene's Servlce Station 771 Walnut Avenue Roth Pharmacy 175 East Chicago Street Rovelstad Bros. 162 E. Chicago Street A Friend Rowe Motors, Inc. 174 South Grove Avenue R It S Shoe Store 72 South Grove Avenue A Friend SaIisbury's 138 S. Grove Avenue Paul E. Schlckler 5 East Chicago Street Schnetf Bros. Jewelers 161 East Chicago Street Schneiders' Recreation 111-113 South Grove Avenue Schuchert Motor Sales 1050 Larkin Avenue F. A. Schurmeler, M.D. 102 North Spring Street Sears, Roebuck and Co. 51 South Spring Street Shakeproof St. Charles Road A Friend Shedd-Bartush Foods, Inc. 51 North State Street Sherman Hospltal 934 Center Street Shales Service 110 Villa Street Earl R. Shopen 704 Tower Bldg. Singers Style Shop 5 South Grove Ave. Sousters Flowers 167 DuPage Street Spaldings 9 South Spring Street Joseph Spiess Company 38-52 South Grove Avenue Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Avenue Squirt Bottling Company Elgin, Illinois David E. Stark-Pianos 21 Union Street Stettnor's Drugs Elgin, Illinois Richard G. Stone 8 N. Spring Street Stout Funeral Home S. State 8. Standish Streets Strohm Coal Company 20 North Grove Avenue Swain's Servlce Walnut Avenue 8- South Street Talk of the Town Beauty Salon 112 East Highland Avenue A Friend LeRoy W. Thompson, AIA 355 Congdon Avenue Dr. F. A. Towner 202 Cooper Avenue Don Traub 201 National Street Valentine Insurance Agency Courier-News Building Valley Stamp 8- Printing Co. 5 Douglas Avenue Villa Food Mart 895 Villa Street Wagon-Wheel 959 Villa Street Wallace Television 285 South Aldine Avenue The Walsh Agency 303 Tower Bldg. Wait-Ross-Allanson Funeral Hoi Elgin, Illinois Henry Lee Wenner, M.D. 100 East Chicago Street Wentworth's Store For Men Chicago at Spring West Dalry Equipment Co. 356 Willard Avenue West Side Hardware 13 North State Street A Friend Wllllams Mfg. Co. Inc. 166 North Edison Avenue Dan B. Withers, Jr. Vernon WollT Funeral Home 310 South State Street Y. W. C. A. 220 East Chicago Street Mr. li Mrs. Bob Zenk 1203 Sherwood Avenue John Zlmmerll 364 Gertrude Street "Sign here, please!"-Dave Jensen obliges hall moni Marlene Helberg. Sharon Wilkinson and Emil Andersen take advantage' special equipment in the sight saving room. gg! ii W4 wg? ,, Qiglwf sf'!5?'f'v'f""f ,f W' iff , +fi3,if7Mfi5M,!5y.ff.' 12. ,QQ ..,., ...N X pfk-W. 'N' ...wwe f 7 tw, in ,W sw - ,I V . . 1 'H -Q-elf 1 W ,. M . 1, Lk .gm www? g Aw,,0.M M.. A A W U ' A N ,. x ,,,w0""k My: , x , A, x ...Nmm.,,,,. new - 3 mf Mmm, MQ?-W S' M ' fy mf' " VA L,w,,.,w- WWE R xv ' f1 ff ,W , . - ,, .ga 'N gl '. , . Hr , --- g.:'5 'Y 253,11-..g:g ' ' - 'sk lpkdfz., 1-. . if V,-53.-m. ' 1 v Q 2 1 4 Y, 1 1 I

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