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, . ' , A, ' 3,3 mmmwxngwwg 'E 1?-I fs.-.MW Magma . 4 , 4. . 1-,U M wwwqw M' Wifi-2: .gm 1 , k ' rw Q V as f . .. I I I . i M .AM 132. Q Lk eff ' ., g . V f . K , 4 - f L- QMS f A , if dry? ' 5' K . f:Jv.JV- . A X :fy f'?EM' 35525 .. M 'Z W' ' R mvfitfjifgfjfv tsp A gb' , 1. . ., , ,, K , Lim? 32? FQM 'gf , Qlfff Q al .54 f M E . 4 gy, -,f,lQ,4',. .h fa. M-.. .-, . N Q 1 ,L - , Q2 5 HQ. ..- ' -A-1 '2- 'W . 2 x-e.- g g - ,, . v - r' we-s:::. Lf 125511 W -, 5 f - Y 'gl f .. N., . 2 . 3.2 , 5, 5 .g ,. , A - +4 A gf x Q.,-'. , ff M, ,,, gy, m K if A H . A ig. - I - A K 2 W -I V i gig H - A Ywi: N, -if Aff 3 7' I . R349Qffi52Fflfi5ilwz,vmii5L,1was, 21 law 'lf' f 4,112 ,Lg,v15Qjwy,u.M,5411, : ,Chl Q I I' Qyfgg5.5wg,4 35:53 K . ,. , .gf . ,gang .xx , . .. X ,f I AM ,w, Qgggg 'fig-.,i.Q. 4, f , ima. WMM. 'K V 55, 4524 4. ,ex il. . 5 45 . Q , in. 21459, -53:1 ' fx -f ,Q .V -. W i X :Xl fdim fi L, ,, gf, f .K -.1 ., gag .3QQw2+ Q? g . 8 3 V K 'sewn-gf' f 'A ' f A 8 W V9 4722, . ,, - . 1iLf4'.:f f,v' A' N i..gYIZl,Jf14. , h , , ..,, .. 1 A W, f -"Wg H Mfrmlf. ,Q 5. .5 T xg M,.,A .wp-, f v . f- f K ,K 5 L -1 - 1 ww 'QQ- S ' 2 2 , x 15 , ,,q" . "l J J " zu gras we ,S .rem- , Lk ,. ,ran . A 5, df JM? W! ? 71 I S- -x .J my S56 W -I , GQ MfJf'y'q3O ,, , L, -T C' -f 1 fxf- '+, A-7,1 I 1 'D W V M.. 11, 45? A X I-,1fQ ?j9 Q D L, . 0-5 C .,, ,f , I , C we f K-Z XJ, M Q7 'ff 5453 S4351 WX Xxx 'K QW X X f f vow., ' 0 X QE P . X 0 Zglzfgy , o X, V i G- X , ig- 'X '05 -Qi f M Qxpk q 2 W q - 1 - MII 'Y A s ml greg, Mug., me .X f, Rx F K xww. 'NW XXYRXXK Y R K N 7 x f " 'I' gi, X in f f i x KN , If X yi ? X X . . ,1 V ,if X Q 3 ' L2 ,R 'F ' O 'x'7""'h'f4'?"li FX Rx 59 f if , X V X f N Q k V VLgQL fi 'X V 1 X XX ix 1 ff x ll Z- I we maroon gin My SACD! fginv -gfgnoia i950 J 0" , Ns 62' W 9 W. was fullllalvlrlwnrdfzzllllllllzmffffwwf X IIIIIIIIIIIIWWW WIIUIIIIIIWWIWWMWI Q 11 ? 'E f WWIWWI rrrmnl Q Q t 15 51 1'L1c50t 166 stgmbcgit tvIaX11a BX eca e a cXass t stavdaiq We baXt at astoa X t e ceatmq pap as o me s1x1e t e g1eg.sf1Xaae11s due 1o11 111112 'be ast t1tt 16615 1X to pee1 Btwn me baset at GXVIGXOQGS X1 0X0-16 18615 dom ate atw-a 16500151 ato 1 esaa1c t 1s tboo attain to 11101 eXq X10 gaso 1 X611 1 111 001060-X010 ct1 nas -N1 s e 111-stea o 111 to two Wy, X. X ' Xttq co1tta1x. aitmat XXI 'lou ' ca b Xafiis. 0? ' X app1o acv.X oit 11: 1 e1s ! o X em IS a1cXas me cbea sX111 s bow t1 cs 9 M 111 Xace t t P1 eX1:Xe XX am 50 Xovl We neg bone c.1 14101 SXG1 c a1acte11S ao mes t 61 at a111Xo111-1.11115 we appe a abou s 151119 sott s 111taaX 1151-11 15111111111 o1t at 1111s1,1X otba o aste1 qea ou MAX sae we team tba oo ba 65 t1ac s packs ca1e e 511 etepswa Xa s 'Ona o6a11X 01511 as ste aosco 1s 1 o one xt Q 024' XO' O ou1 baske aXX pXa-gate otteaew s1aa mea +za1s1o1s o spo11s bac. ou 1saaX e acat1o1t Am statxoa t Aa soctcif an Xe-ns ba11110 11-19 at avlaqs s i s X o1x1 N595 1a Nov! 'Ma bobbx Xammaa bats cXe1b1as 11 X968 aa X956 X X ff WIIIIIIIWH ,X 1 x 1 p p 1 1 , 1, X X '-,lv U, tg-fn..f-.s. W 5 Q1 u!'n1v,m'J ' pfullllflllllll.fflullffgn I - 54 K Q V ,f V ' n "" 'XX 5 h 1 A Q V t Iva Q i N XX X-ggi", , i -Y Y may -K 1' 11 mess. P1 ' " 1 "1 ,X '94 Q, 100 Xtsb us 'RX o '50, ' at - L31 Z 'axe H waq 1X e o Xt . s t a b X Q QQQ X p1o ' e at 6 ' q p ' 1 Q 9 a 6 gb b t at 15 ,QQ I t . ut 6 p 1661 Xu. . Q ' X11 t Xi '50 qea XR pts af We '1' X pastux pa tpxn Apct es ', Q f 5 'cts 2 Y x ' A f Ps 'fff 1 Vx YQ A 13 A 5 afsp 5. '11 ef A 1 1, Q 1 XX ' 1 , 'as. Goa b q X s 'Xt 1 . 'ik Q ' .1 11 ' 11 ot X9 o. e 91411 511115. ma X, Q Q01 11 5 0 sxts' -'sm X9 p 0 We vw X1 ', ,Q A 1 2 qv t b ' ' "5 a 6 ' " -415 atqe We 'VZ Q Q53 PL c 11 ' K9 ' a V 10 '-3, Q0 xy , I p' za b' 'qt XX b " q. - ack- "1 Q QQ X Xirqt XX' tq - 1. q ' Xl 'nb Y, X otb 11.1 1 11- a XL Q 111 - -. 'QQ 1 11 A ' aa ' p 1. 19 1, ' K 1 1111 ' 1 . ap ' 1, pe 1, 6 1 ba ome 1 11' A ' 1 Xi 9 apb pb . 3, ' Q KX ' ' ok o 11. fb, 1 , 1 - 1-.W-1 an 1 X 1 Q . '..1aQ- .11 1.115.111 1 6 . ' ,X kj' X , Xi o X an Q, ' at 1 X XXX 1 'Z XM Z 111 ly ff W! I QQMP ffQ , E M1467 my A, , iff 9406 f , ,f J nNv,.,...- -cg... . , X N K 1 Q Q- Wzwmmw, X, X 9 UU. ' I. SENIORS ,CURRICULUM 1 1 I 5 ACTIVITIES UNDERCLASSMEN I sux WE.. SPORTS mxxxxxuvxxxg 3.55, if Fi F 2 Q11 "1 3' 0 C! I" U-I '4 Oi: f 1 f 1 Im E Q S E 3 E N 3 S S S S E 3 5 0 S N S be S N S mN9 fy Z 4 X f 7 Z f Z f f f Z RX Qi gf' " ll- - LY, . iff rf? H M, N X3 N vff Mu V54 A Z! g lui 0 Q wk 4 A S If , QR f x f V if , ,,, .msg ' Q ,pl PM Tl' fldi Twen- Wnw w ,,.v' 4,.w-:mu .-4, x HN Lvwww 35 Mm Effg ggf ,.,. .- .uv I 'rrglhlsv Q!nQi?1ii-'?e is fi U fu 'fl' f-53fwmfWQMm 2-,,,,,,,...,,.W 1 ul' ' .. , A--...M-.....i...,.......,, O .tl en iam gg lfffjlreegs " progreaa mm gffea fo jagzlaiea SENIOR CLASS LEGEND Were this fifty years ago, a gay tin- type world of high-buttoned shoes and handlebar mustaches would stretch be- fore this graduating class and lure them through the old-fashioned perils of life. That strange, popping, new-fangled contraption, the uhorseless carriage" would be uppermost in the minds of all graduates. The gasoline motor would completely change their way of life! But it isn't 1900. It is 1950, and the gray and red clad Nifty-Fifties are beginning their race for the pot of gold at the rainbow's end with thoughts of atomic research revolutionizing the 1950 way of life. In September of 1946, this class of 161 girls and 169 boys entered EHS and was greeted by the class sponsor, Miss Helen Kettering. That first fall a get- acquainted party displaying the hidden talents of these new freshmen was held. At the turn of the century there was no such organization as a class council. Unaltered by this inglorious reminder, the Nifty-Fifties during their sophomore year doodled their X on election ballots and placed Bruce Hansen, Virginia Landwehr, Audrey Hammen and Steve Morse into positions of class president, Iohn Thornton, president: Barbara Seyller, vice-president: V1Ce-president, SeC1'6fCt1'Y, and treasurer Barbara Loveday, secretary: Erhard Moosmann, treasurer: respectively. A representative from Miss Helen Keltedng' Sponsor' each home room was chosen and this completed the class council. The "Lumberjack Brawl," Mary Haas out-spelling every EHS brain in the spell-down assembly, and the entering of Abbott Iunior High School students are events to be remembered. The delivering of the flashy '50 rings and the gray and red sweaters during the junior year was the responsibility of the newly-elected officers Neil Morton, president, Barbara Seyller, vice- president, Maryann Pate, secretary, and Sheldon Westerback, treasurer. Under the direction of Miss Marge Biersach the class presented "Dear Ruth." X At last the half century year rang in-the year of many activities for the seniors. Iohn Thorn- ton, Barbara Seyller, Barbara Loveday and Erhard Moosmann guided the reins. Garth Dufield and Ianice Fishburn supervised the selling of refreshments at the football games. The Homecom- ing of '50 featured an assembly portraying a football game of 1900, a parade of floats through Fountain Square, a football game against East Aurora, and the Half Century Huddle dance. December l and 2 were the nights of "The Dead Sister's Secret," a hilarious comedy under the direction of Miss Biersach. The class selected for its motto, "Within ourselves the future lies." The class song to the tune of "Great Day" was written by Neta Reber and Iack Radke. Pat Akins designed ,Q ,A the pennant. Tify' ' K A' 1 To many the events which carry along with them the ff 5 1 best and yet the saddest memories come near the close K 'D of the school year--the Senior dinner, Class Day, Awards rg? K Day, Honors Day, the Prom, Baccalaureate services and 4- ' ,"?' 5 ff at last Commencement. To all the teachers and friends 9, f vsiho hciviolent us it hlelpmg hand, from our hearts the 7,5-Q- S ' - cass o ' say "t an you." ' t 6 Audrey Marie Abbott Charles I. Adamek Patricia Arlene Akins Iames K. Albert Mary Ellen Alkire Iames E. Allegretti Barbara lean Anderson Iames Harold Anderson Ioyce M. Anderson Robert Bruce Anderson lean Barbara Andres Pauline L. Andrews Robert E. Andrews Ianet Elizabeth Apple Ruth Audrey Baker AUDREY MARIE ABBOTT "Aud" G. A. A. l. 2. 3, 4. Pet Peeoe: Cracking gum. Ambition: Dress making: modeling. Likes: Michigan. IAMES EDWARD ALLEGRETTI Intramural sports 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: People who think they are better than others. Ambition: Woodworking. Likes: To eat five times a day. GENEVIEVE B. ANDRES "lean" Pet Peeve: Book worm. Ambition: To graduate in H503 Likes: Roller skating. 5 CHARLES I. ADAMEK "Bunky" Goll: Glee Club: Pro- jection Club: A Cap- pella. Pet Peeue: Assignments. Ambition: Mortieion. Likes: Swimming, girls. BARBARA IEAN ANDERSON "Audy" German Club 2. 3, 4: Girls' Club Council 3: G. A. A.: Aeolian 2, 3. Pet Peeoe: Apple polishers. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Long skirts, boys in leois, eanteen, sports. PAULINE LENORE ANDREWS "Paula" Student Council l: Class Council 1. 3. 4: Latin Club l, 2. 3: G. A. A. Pet Peeoe: People who are 7l6l!L'f 071 UMC, Ambition: Be a teacher. Likes: Swimming. PATRICIA ARLENE AKINS ' "Pat" G. A. A.: Maroon 3. Co-editor 4: Girls' Club Council 4: Mod- ern dance 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: Coneeited boys. Ambition: Designer of wom- en's apparel. Likes: Art, swing, cooking, swzmrning, traveling. IAMES HAROLD ANDERSON "Tex" Track 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 2: Intramural sports. Pet Peeoe: Surprise tests. Ambition: Make a million. Likes: Sports. ROBERT EDWARD ANDREWS "Bob" Intramural basket- ball. Pet Peeoe: Short assemblies. Ambition: Retirement. Likes: Everything that is free IAMES K. ALBERT "lim" Student Council 2: Wrestling l: Spanish Club 2: Chem-Phys Club 4. Pet Peeoe: Loud-months. Ambition: Be an engineer. Likes: Women, singing, ana Peter Lorre. IOYCE MARILYN ANDERS ON "Io" Glee Club: Aeolian: French Club 1. 2: G. A. A. Pet Peeoe: Waiting. Ambition: To be o nurse. Likes: Good music, football, skating. IANET E. APPLE Iunior Class Play: Or- chestra l .2. 3: A Cap- pella 3. 4: Student Council l. Pet Peeoe: Too mach work. Ambition: To find time. Likes: Travel, fun, people. MARY ELLEN ALKIRE Verse Speaking 4: Latin Club l. 2: Ger- man Club l. 2: Ma- roon 2. Pet Peeoe: Hypoerites. Ambition: To be a doctor. Likes: The finer things of life. Transferred from North Dallas, Tcxzls, High School, Scplcmbcr, l949. ROBERT BRUCE ANDERSON "Andy" Intramural basketball 2. 3: Football l: Intra- mural bowling 4: In- tramural baseball 3: Basketball 1. Pet Peeoe: Out of gas. Ambition: To sleep and ettt. Likes: Sports, and when the Bears lose. RUTH AUDREY BAKER "Audy" Mirror 3: Class Coun- cil 4: Senior Literature Club. Secretary 4: Fu- ture Teachers 4: Span- ish Club 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: Anklets with high heels. Ambition: To become a teach- er. Likes: Watermelon. ,ff l , , .' Tae 4. A f ',:x Y K 7 in . A . veg CHARLOTTE MARIE BAHKE "Chuckie" Pet Peezre: Studying. Ambition: To be a teacher. Likes: Red hair. IOAN KAY BAYLOR "Ioey" Student Council 2: Girls' Club Represen- tative 3, 4: Chem-Phys Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3: Latin Club 2: Span- ish Club 3. 4. Pet Peeee: People who think they know more about my business than I do. Wolves. Ambition: Medical laboratory technician. Likes: Working in a labora- tory, fried shrimp. RALPH WILLIAM BENSTEIN "Benny" Pet Peeve: Sottr people. Ambition: Own tz grocery stare. Likes: Hunting. -55 ' s n o RONALD RAY BALL "Ronnie" Intramural basket- hall. Pet Peeve: Class of "Sl" sweaters. Artzbitinn: Tn be a boiler nzaker' and ttteltler. Likes: Playing pool, bowling. DOROTHY LORRAINE BECK "Dot" Girls' Club Council I, 2: Spanish Club 3: G. A. A. Pet Peeue: People that talk too much. Ambition: Huyrides every Sat- urday unite." Likes: Boys ruith dark eztrly hair. BONNIE DEE BIERMAN "Mullin" Spanish Club: G. A. A. Pet Peeue: People who whistle 017 key. Ambition: He a good secretary. Likes: Vacations in Hayward, Wisconsin. PATRICIA MARTHA BARNES "Pat" Girls' Club Council: G. A. A.: Spanish Club. Pvt Peeoe: Poor sportsnmnslzip. Ambition: Retire at 25. Likes: Sports. LEONARD WILLIAM BEHLING "Len" Track l, 2, 3, 4: Ger- man Club 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Chem-Phys Club 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Boys Glee 1, 2, 3: A Cappella 4. Pet Peeue: Noisy girls. Ambition: To live a quiet life. Likes: Quiet girls. WALTER ELLIS BILIOSOLY "Eli" Wrestling 2: Chem- Phys Club 3. Pet Peeue: Things in general. Ambition: Get azttay. Likes: Esoteric Aesthetics. 8 ROSALIE ANN BARTELT "Ros ey" Volleyball: G. A. A.: Basketball. Pet Peezte: People who snap gum. Ambition : Secretarial work . Likes: lee cream, tlancing, roller skating, horseback ritling. LOWELL IOSEPI-I BENSON "Bubs" Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: Ir. Red Cross l, 2 ,3, 4, President 4: Football 1. 2. 3, 4. Captain 2, 4: E-Club 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4. Pet Peeae: Satttrtlay mortzirig qttarterbacks. Ambition: lie zz gym teacher. Likes: Freshmen girls, food, sleep. NANCY LEE BLACK "Nan" Orchestra l, 2, 3: Stu- dent Council 3: G.A.A. Pet l'eet'e: Conceited boys. Ambition: To be it secretary. Likes: Baseball, games, dane' ing. Charlotte Marie Bahke Ronald Ray Ball Patricia Martha Barnes Rosalie Ann Bartelt Phyllis Ann Baumruck Ioan Kay Baylor Dorothy Lorraine Beck Leonard W. Behling Lowell Ioseph Benson Niles Walter Benson Ralph William Benstein Bonnie Dee Bierman Walter Ellis Biliosly Nancy Lee Black Beverly I. Bloemke PHYLLIS ANN BAUMRUCK "Phyl" Volleyball: Baseball 2, 3. Pet Peetfe: Giving oral reports. Ambition: Telephone operator. Likes: Baked ham sandwich nn toast, roller skating. NILES WALTER BENSON "Bud" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra l, 2. 3: Stu- dent Council Rep.. Pet Peeae: People who change their minds. Ambition: To go hunting and jishing whenever 1 feel the urge. Likes: Dancing, roller skat- ing, hunting, fishing. BEVERLY IEANNE BLOEMKE "Bev" Bowling: G. A. A. Pet Peeve: Cigars and mus- taches. Ambition: To be a secretary. Likes: Roller skating. rv! X 'f A4 E1-F 21 . f f f K C f IUNE LORRAINE BLOODWORTH "Iunie" G. A. A. Pet Peeue: Senior boys who act like gradeschool kids. Ambition: Save money to buy a convertible. Likes: Convertibles, parties, dancing with Red. GALE MARIE BRITTIN "Windy" Cheerleading 2. 3. 4: Class Council 1. 2. 3: G. A. A. Pres. 4: Span- ish Club. Pres. 3. Pet Peeue: Stacks with heels, hat, and for coat. Ambition: Be a teacher. Likes: Dancing, bowling. IOHN CHARLES BROMAN "lack" Glee Club 1. 2: Intra- mural 1. 2. 3: A Cap- pella 3. 4. Pres. 4. Pet Peeae: Stupid women and hot rod Fords. Ambition: Engineer or natur- alist. , Likes: Food, small Saturday night parties, nice cars. Iune L. Bloodworth Wayne Edward Bohlin Betty lean Bone Walter Iames Borne Dean Louis Boswell Gale Marie Brittin Orva Iames Broadnax Ioyce Elaine Brockner David Lee Brodsky Aylene Marie Broker Iohn Charles Broman lane Ann Bryant Phyllis Mae Burbury Iames Ierome Burke Mary Ellen Burke WAYNE EDWARD BOHLIN F. F. A.: Baseball: Vol- leyball: Basketball. Pet Peeue: To lizre in the city. Ambition: To be a farmer. Likes: Everything about the farm. ORVA IAMES BROADNAX Pet Peeoe: Wise cracks, Ambition: To become a radio repair man. Likes: Radio repairing. IANE ANN BRYANT "Ianie" G. A. A. Rep. 3: Girls' Club Council 3. 4: Knitting Club 4. Pet Peeae: Teen agers drink- ing and smoking. Ambition: To work in an o17icc and to be mai't'iz'd. Likes: To dance. BETTY l'EAN BONE "Slim" G. A. A.: Spanish Club. Pet Peere: Nosy people, noisy classes. Ambition: To work. Likes: Movies, sports, records, music. I OYCE ELAINE BROCKNER "Ioyce E" Band 2. 3. 4: Class Council 3: G. A. A. 2. 3. 4: Aeolian 2. 3: Class Play. Pet Peeife: People who don't answer when I speak to them. Ambition: Be an airline hort- GTS. Likes: Kittens. PHYLLIS MAE BURBURY Q "Phyl" G. A. A. 2. 3: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeoe: Too long skirts. Ambition: Nursing. Likes: Dundee, thick steaks. 'X xt X N it WALTER JAMES BORNE "Wally" Intramural basketball 3. Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke and drink, Ambition: To graduate. Likes: A good time. DAVID LEE BRODSKY "Broad" Spanish Club 2: Intra- mural basketball 2: Chem-Phys Club 2. Pet Peeoe: Girls who smear. Ambition: To pass College English. Likes: Good-looking girls, easy teachers, A's. IAMES IEROME BURKE "lim" Student Council ll: Basketball 1: Intramu- ral boxing 2. 4: Intra- mural wrestling 3. 4. Pet I'ee1fe: One black 1937 De- Soto. Ambition: To get a diploma. Likes: Steaks, fast cars, good fL'!17I1.5'. DEAN LOUIS BOSWELL "Bosie" Track 2. Pet Peeue: To miss rabbits. Ambition: To Graduate. , Likes: Anything under the sim. AYLENE MARIE BROKER "Candy" G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Aeolian 2: Girls' Club Rep. 2. 3: A Cappella 4: German Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeue: People who gossip. Ambition: Be a pharmacist. Likes: To sing, dance, sleep. MARY ELLEN BURKE PetPeez1e: Bobbie socks with play shoes. Ambition: To be an artist. Likes: Art, tennis. W-s ws. , X-N, 7 AQ 'TTS 1 PATRICIA ANNE BUSHAW "Pat" Pet Peeue: To be teased about my hair. Ambition: To be a nurse. Likes: Malteds. CAROLE T. CHAVEY Pet Peeve: People without a sense of humor. Ambition: Get married. Likes: Boys. Transferred from St. Ed- wards High School, Elgin, Ianuary, 1949. MARY COLEMAN Pet Peezfe: People who tease me. Ambition: To be happy in my work after high school. Likes: Everything. GENE WILSON CALLANS "Limpy" Intramural basketball 1. 2. 3: Intramural baseball 2. 3. Pet Pecue: People who pull into the left lane and then go straight. Ambitions: Be a farmer. Likes: Hunting, fishing. GERALD ALLEN CHOUINARD "Frenchey" Pet Peeue: Alarm clock. Ambition: To have lots of money. Likes' Mechanics, television, radio, ice skating. IANET IUNE COLLINS "Ian" French Club 3: Mir- ror Staii 3: G. A. A. Pet Peeve: Homework. Ambition: Undecided. Likes: Football games, writ- ing, swimming. VIVIAN PATRICIA CANE "Viv" Pet Peve: Stuck-up girls. Ambition: To learn how to drive. Likes: Blonde hair. ROBERT LAVERN CHRISTENSEN"Chris" Intramural basketball l. 3. 4. Pet Peeae: School. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Sports. TOM COLLINS Intramural basketball 1. 2. 3. Pet Peeue: Girls who smoke. Ambition: To be a watch- maker. Likes: Me. CYNTHIA HELEN CARLSON "Cyndie" Band 1.2. 3. 4: A Cap- pella 4: Aeolian I. 2: Girls' Club Cabinet 1. 2. Pet Peeae: Cigars. Ambition: To learn how lo drive. Likes: Sports, to cheer "50." MARY ALICE CLUTE "Mac" Treble Choir Accom- panist 1: Aeolian 2: A Cappella 3. 4: One Acts: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peene: Calisthentics. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Music, dramatics. DONNA IOY CONKLIN "Don" Varsity Debate 1. 2: Spanish Club 1: Class Play. Pei Peeue: Days that aren't long enough. Ambition: To become a law- yer. Likes: Sports, art, music, reading. 'f.q4.fse.:fsezs:+fes-1.-:renee more : ROBERT TEAL CHAPMAN "Pres" Pet Peeve: English class. Ambition: To leave school. Likes: Sleep. IRENE ELIZABETH COLEMAN G. A. A.: Girls' Club. Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: Always to be happy. Likes: Swimming, canteen, movies. WANDA ANN CONKI.IN "Ann" Aeolian 3. 4: Girls' Club Rep. 1. Pet Peezfe: People who gripe at teen-agers. Ambition: Be a sales clerk. Likes: Dancing, swimming, singing. Patricia Ann Bushaw Gene Callans Vivian Patricia Cane Cynthia Helen Carlson Robert Teal Chapman Carole T. Chavey Gerald A. Chouinard Robert L. Christensen Mary Alice Clute Irene E. Coleman Mary Ethel Coleman Ianet Iune Collins Tom Walter Collins Donna Ioy Conklin Wanda Ann Conklin Fay Cork Lella Mae Cork David H. Coulson Iames R. Covey Walter Ronald Cramer Daniel Alvin Darling Genevieve Dauksavage lane Harriet DeYoung David Lee Dierking Dorothy C. Dorwaldt Margaret I. Dorwaldt Nancy Lee Doxey Garth L. Dufield Mary E. Durrenberger Wesley Allen Dusek FAY EDWARD CORK "Corky" F. F. A. I. 2. 3. 4: In- tramural basketball 2: Intramural volleyball 2: State Livestock Iudging Contest 3. Pet Sieve: Women who talk, ta . Ambition: Retirement. Likes: Money, women, a new Cadillac. DANIEL ALVIN DARLIN G "Sec" Baseball 2. 3. 4: Bas- ketball 1. 2. 3: E-Club 4: Student Council 2. 4. Pet Pcezfe: Long assignments in College English. Ambition: Get 017 the bench in baseball. Likes: Athletics, girls. MARGARET IANE DORWALDT"Maggie" Iunior Class Play: Senior Literature Club 3. 4: Commerce Coun- cil 4. Pet Peeae: Blundering fresh- men. Ambition: Be a success in life. Likes: Reading. LELLA MAE CORK Library Page: Glee Club: Aeolian. Pet Peeae: People who chatter, chatter, chatter. Ambition: Be a secretary. Likes: Sports, good books. GENEVIEVE DAUKSAVAGE "Gennie" Girls' Club 1: G. A. A.: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peez1e:Being called Robin. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Dancing, swimming, boys fF.0.E.l. NANCY LEE DOXEY "Dex" Aeolian: Girls' Club Council: G. A. A.: Spanish Club. Pet Peeae: Unexpected tests. Ambition: Be a secretary. Likes: Music, food. DAVID HUGH COULSON "Pres" Track 3. 4: Football 4: Student Council. Pres 4: Sr. Class Play. Pet Peeae: To be "lectared." Ambition: To learn to drive. Likes: Athletics, girls, "A" grades. IANE HARRIET DeYOUN G Bowling League 4. Pet Peeae: None in particular. Ambition: Go to college. Likes: Reading, sewing, sports. GARTH LEYSTER DUFIELD "Dule" Co-Chairman Sr.Sales 4: A Cappella 3.4: Boys' Glee 1. 2: Track 2. Pet Peeae: Big assignments. Ambition: Commericial pilot. Likes: Females, enough mon- ey to finance dates. ll R. IAMES COVEY "Goup" Track I. 2. 3. 4: Class Council 4: E-Club 3. 4. Pet Peeae: Skirts that dust the floor. Ambition: Be a 50 seconds quarter-miler. Likes: Blondes. DAVID LEE DIERKING Intramural basketball 1. 2. 3. Pet Peeae: Sophisticated girls. Ambition: To travel. Likes: Athletics, music. MARY ELIZABETH DURRENBERGER ..DopeY.. G. A. A.: Senior Lit. Club 3. Pet Peeve: Boys who think they can date any girl. Ambition: To own a car. Likes: Black wavy hair. RONALD CRAMER "Ronnie" Basketball 1. 2: Base- ball 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeae: Girls with short hair cuts. Ambition: Go to college. Likes: Fried chicken, choco- lates, sports, sleep. DOROTHY CAROLINE DORWALT "Dottie" Library Page. Pet Peeae: Bleached hair. Ambition: Be a fountain man- ager. Likes: Good books. WESLEY ALLEN DUSEK "Duce" Football l. 2: Basket- ball I. 2: A Cappella 3: Student Council 2. Pet Peeve: Pow' sportsmanship. Ambition: Go to college. Likes: Athletics. Wim Q55 lit l ?' RONALD DUANE EADLER Football 1, 2. 3. 4: Bas- ketball l. 2, 3: Base- ball 2. 3: Track 1. 47 Student Council 2. Pet Peeve: Blttnt-spoken peo- ple. Ambition: Take it easy. Likes: The name Phyllis. BEVERLY IANE FERN "Bev" G. A. A.: Maroon Stall 2. 3. 4: German Club 2. 3. 4: Sr. Lit. Club 4. Pet Peeve:People who call me by my last name. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Brown eyes, dimples. IEROME WARD FISK "lerry" One-act plays: Intra- mural goll 2: Varsity golf 3. 4. Pet Peeve: People who tell me the some thing again and again. Ambition: Get a college de- gree. Likes: Sports. Sal J IAMES ALLAN ECKOLS "Eck" Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Foot- ball 1, 4: E-Club 1, 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeue: Most females. Ambition: Be an "A" stu- dent. Likes: Athletics, history. CHARLES WILLIAM FISCHER "Chuck" Wrestling 1. 2. 4: Intra- mural wrestling cham- pion 2: F. F. A. Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke. Ambition: Farming or a mechanic. Likes: Mot orcyele. IOANNE ELAINE FLENTGE "lO" G. A. A. Pet Peezfe: Necking in the hall. Ambition: Be successful in my vocation. Likes: Sports. RICHARD PAUL ESTERGARD "Gobbler" Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Bas- ketball I, 2. 3. 4: Track Z, 3. 4: E-Club 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeue: Women smokers. Ambition: Never to smoke or drink. Likes: Girls, sports. IANICE MARIE FISHBURN "lan" E. H. S. Players 4: Spanish Club 3: Sr. Sales Co-Chairman 4: A Cappella 4. Pet Peeae: Men. Ambition: Get married. Likes: Fun. RALPH EMIL FLENTGE "Ra1phe" Band 1. 2. 3: Sr. Sales Committee. Pet Peeae: Rainy days. Ambition: Aeronautical en- gineer. Likes: Planes, c rs I' 12 H ,-:iq 2 lf I ' ' 1 1 e BETTY IANE FEHRMANN "Cadet" Aeolian 2. 3: Chorlets 4. Pet Peeve: For River Grove. Ambition: Be a flying farmer. Likes: 'A farmboy from Wis- cousin. HELEN LORRAINE FISHER "Freckles" G. A. A.: Knitting Club 3: Sr. Literature 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peezfe: Boys who say they ean't dance. Ambition: Ee a director of plays. Likes: Cooking, dancing, bowling, parties. ROBERT WILLIAM F LENTGE "Bob" Pet Peeoe: Money. Ambition: To be an aviator. Likes: Airplanes. Ronald Eadler James Allan Eckols Richard Paul Estergard Betty lane Fehrmann Betty Lou Fellows Beverly lane Fern Charles W. Fischer Ianice Marie Fishburn Helen Lorraine Fisher Edward Keeshan Fisk Ierome Ward Fisk Ioanne Elaine Flentge Ralph Emil Flentge Robert W. Flentge Dorothy C. Fletcher BETTY LOU FELLOWS "Bets" G. A. A. 2, 4: Bowling 2. 4. Pet Peeae: Homework. Ambition:To be a nurse and housewife. Likes: Blondes, soft music. EDWARD KEESHAN FISK "Ed" Frosh basketball: Frosh-Soph track: De- bate l. 2. 3: Intramu- ral basketball 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Pool-room owners. Ambition: Be a tradesman. Likes: Women. DOROTHY C. FLETCHER "Char" Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Aeo- Iian: French Club: Mirror Editor 4. Pet Peeve: People who talk wig." Ambition: Write a book. Likes: Grand Canyon Suite. gl-I i hav 'pg X "q, , 4 Ilill HAROLD EDWARD FREDERICK "Ed" Student Council 3. 4: Mirror 4: Bus. Mgr. Mirror 4: Intramural Track 3. Pet Peeoe: Yellow and brown. Ambition: Accountant. Likes: Food, women. ROBERT BRUCE GARLAND "Stupid" Spanish Club 2. 3: Sr. Lit. Club 3. 4: Chem- Phys Club 3. 4: Track 2. Pet Peezfe: People who ask "How tall are you?" Ambition: Be a chemist. Likes: Good books. DELORES RAE GINTHER "Snookie" G. A. A. Pet Peeoe: Those who think they are big wheels. Ambition: Patricia Stevens Modeling School. Likes: Philosophy. Harold E. Frederick Gordon Meerle Frey David Alan Pyle Margie Ann Galbreath Iohn Milton Gantz Robert Bruce Garland Lylas Irene Genz Marilyn lean Genz Carolyn Sue Gibson Vivian Iune Gilbertson Delores Rae Ginther Harold LeRoy Goll Marion Louise Goll lean Lois Gromer Shirley Ann Gruer GORDON MEERLE I-'HEY Basketball 1. 2: Base- ball 3. 4. PetPee1fe: People who wise crack. Ambition: To have no trouble. Likes: Holidays. LYLAS IRENE GENZ "Liza" German Club 2. 3: Mirror 3. PetPee1fe: Big wheels. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Varsity to win its games: Dick. HAR OLD LEROY GOLL Basketball. F. F. A. Pet Peeue: Alarm clocks. Ambition: Go to a trade school. Likes: Television wrestling, basketball. DAVID FYFE "Tex" Class Play 3. 4: Goll 2. 4: Spanish Club 2: Intramural goll 2. Pet Peebe: People who gripe. Ambition: Be another Don Shaw. Likes: Highway 58 going to Park Ridge. MARILYNN IEAN GENZ Aeolian 2: German Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Knit- ting Club 4. Pet Peeue: Corky boys. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Knitting, football, base- ball games, nzirse's aide. MARION LOUISE GOLL G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4: Ger- man Club 2. 3. 4: Aeo- lian 2. 3. 4: Sr. Lit. Club 4. Pet Peezfe: Dress shoes with anklets. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Dancing, sports, class ..4-A.. MARGIE ANN GALBREATH "Red" Cheerleading 1: Danc- ing 2: Bowling 3: G. A. A. 4. Pe! Peeee: To have nothing Io do. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Sports, cooking, sew- ing. Entered from Cenlrnliu Township High School, Sep- tember, 1948. CAROLYN SUE GIBSON "Giz" Latin Club: Spanish Club: Aeolian: Stu- dent Council: Ir. Class Play: A Cappella 3. 4: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeoe: Boys who think 1hey're God's gilt to wo- 7?lf71. Ambition: Win an argument from Ginny. Likes: Sports, dancing, eating. IEAN LOIS GROMER "Jeanie" Aeolian: G. A. A.: Class Council Rep.: Girls' Glee: Spanish Club. PetPee1fe: Studying. Ambition: Secrelary. Likes: Tap dancing. Transferred from shire High School, ler, 1948. Hamp- Septem- I OHN MILTON GANTZ Boys' Glee l. 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Chem- Phys Club 3. 4. Pel1'z'eoe.' Hot-foil drivers. Ambilion: Go to college. Likes: Science, the hardware business. VIVIAN IUNE GILBERTSON "Viv" G. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Knitting Club. Pet Peezfe: Nosy people. Ambition: Raising horses. Likes: Horses, knitting, the farm, music. SHIRLEY ANN GRUER "Shirl" Latin Club l. 2: Sr. Literature Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. Pet Peeue: Freshmen. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Football games. , . 6'-1533 K Q55 if o 24 " e Lb k - QQ. Q 9522? t an IJ' ELLA MAE GUDEMAN "Ellie Mae" Latin Club 1. 2: Ger- man Club 3. 4: Aeo- lian 2. 3: Girls' Club Rep. 4. Pet Peeve: People never on time. Ambition: To have brains. Likes: Food, vacations. IOHN EDWARD HALLMAN Track l. 2. 3. 4: E- Club: Student Coun- cil 2. 4: Spanish Club. Pet Peeve: Taetless people. Ambition: Get my homework done in school. Likes: After hours stud. KENNETH E. HEINICKE "Ken" Intramural 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: Take a trip around the country. Likes: Traveling, fun. MARY KATHERINE HAAS German Club 3. 4: Sr. Literature Club 4: Commerce Club 4: G. A. A. 3. Pet Peeve: Never get peetfed. Ambition: Be President Tru- man's secretary. Likes: Long vacations AUDREY MAE HAMMEN "Aud" Student Council l: Class Council 2: Sec. of Class Z: Girls' Club Cabinet 3: Girls' Club Cabinet Pres. 4. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Ambition: Social work or dental technician. Likes: Catsup, hamburgers, vacations. IACK GRIFFETH HELSDON "Iackson" Football l. 2. 3. 4: Mir- ror 3. 4: Intramural l. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Women who wear levies. Ambition: See every state in the United States. Likes: Good times. CLARENCE WILLIAM HAHN "lr." Intramural 2. 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2. Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Baseball, h1tnting,fsh- ing. BRUCE WESLEY HANSEN "Han's" Football l. 2. 3. 4: Class Pres. 2: lr. Class Play: E-Club 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Nothing in partic- ular. Ambition: To go straight. Likes: Girls. DONALD HARRY HEMPSTEAD ..HempY.. Baseball: Intramural basketball 2. 3. 4: F. F. A. 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Girls who bring their girl friends along on a dale. Ambition: To be or not to be married. Likes: Nice girls. ROBERT IOSEPH HAINER "Bobby Io" Football l. 2. 3: Bas- ketball: Track. Pet Peeve: Working. Ambition: To get married. Likes: Television. CAROL ANN HAN SEN Class Council 2: Girls Club 2: G. A. A. Pet Peeve: Loud screaming in the halls. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Dancing, swimming, baseball games. IAMES P. HENDRICKSON "Henry" Football 2. 3: Track 2: Intramural sports. Pet Peeve: Chattering girls. Ambition: Live in the North Woods. Likes: Hunting, fishing. IANET GWENDOLYN HALL "lan" G. A. A.: Bowling: Volleyball: Girls' Club. Pet Peeae: An unfinished story. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Swimming, dancing, vacations. MERI ANN HEINE G. A. A. l. 2: Cheer- leading. Pet Peeve: The smacking of someone eating. Ambition: To take a tour through Europe. Likes: Roller skating, movies. IAMES ARNOLD HOBBS "lim" Track l. 2. 4. Pet Peeve: To be "broke." Ambition: To find Shangri La. Likes: Money. Ella Mae Gudeman Mary Katharine Haas Clarence William Hahn Robert Ioseph I-Iainer Ianet Gwendolyn Hall lack Edward Hollman Audrey Mae Hammen Bruce Wesley Hansen Carol Ann Hansen Meri Ann Heine Kenneth Heinicke Iack Helsdon Donald Hempstead Iames P. Hendrickson Iames Arnold Hobbs Charles William Hoefs Neil Fredrick Hoffman Deloris lean Holland Ianice Elaine Holtz Marjorie Ann Holze Betty Lou Hoth Carol lean Howard Earl Henry Hubbe Donald August Huber Iohn Wendell Huber Barbara Ann Hurst Mary Lou Iakes Ruth Ellen Iayne Hans Eric Iensen David Carl Iepson CHARLES WILLIAM HOEFS "Bill" Maroon 3. 4. Co-editor 4: Sr. Literature Club 4: Publication Board 4. Pet Peevc: Girls who don't wear socks. Ambition: Retire at 35. Likes: Wine, women, song. BETTY LOU HOTH Spanish Club l. 2: E. H. S. Players 4: Girls Club Rep. 2. Pet Peeve: Short weekends. Ambition: To get through college. Likes: Driving ta out-of-town games. BARBARA ANN HURST "Bobbie" G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls Club Rep. 1. Pet Peevc: Getting up early. Ambition: Commercial artist. Likes: Driving a car. NEIL FREDRICK HOFFMAN Football: Baseball: Track 2. 3: Class Play 3. 4: Class Council 4. Pet Peeve: Work. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Anything to eat. CAROL IF-AN HOWARD G. A. A.: Class Coun- Rep. 2. Pet Peeve: Boys who drink. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: French fries and cat- sup. MARY LOU IAKES Pet Peeve: Red heads. Ambition: To trabel. Likes: Basketball, football, games. DEL ORIS IEAN HOLLAND "Dee" Pet Peeve: When the women don't remove their hats in the show. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Baseball, basketball. EARL H. HUBBE "Hub" Band Z. 3: Tennis 3. 4: Intramural Golf 2, 4. Pet Peeve: Assignments. Ambition: Play golf like lim- my Demaret. Likes: Everybody, everything. RUTH ELLEN IAYNE "Iaynie" G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4: Class Council 4: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeve: Cockey boys. Ambition: Be a good secre- tary. Likes: Fried chicken, dances fwith right fJc'f'501Zl. 15 IANICE ELAINE HOLTZ "Ienny" Pet Peeve: Show-ofs. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Music, drawing, read- ing. Transferred from Plato Cen- ter High School, March, 1949. DONALD A. HUBER ' "Hube" Track 2, 3. 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Chem.-Phys. Club 4: Intramural basketball I. 2, 3. 4. Pet Peeve:Cor1zy jokes, tests. Ambition: Be a scientist. Likes: School, people, sports. HANS IENSEN F. A. A.: Intramural basketball. Pet Peeve: Girls combing their hair in my face. Ambition: To be a farmer. Likes: Money. MARIORIE ANN HOLZE "Peggy" G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4: Girls Club Council 3: Spanish Club 2. 3. Pet Peeve: People snapping gum. Ambition: Be a beautician. Likes: Dancing, bowling, ice skating, swimming, music. IOHN WENDELL HUBER "lack" Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: Racing mechanic or driver. Likes: To drive crazy. DAVID CARL IEPSON Football I. 2, 3. 4: E- Club 2. 3. 4: Student Council 3. 4: Hi-Y 4. Pres. Pet Peeve: Girls who giggle. Ambition: Get a college de- gree. Likes: Sports, social events. Fil Z5 IX 'l QF Q I 3.13 ee fl len BEN WEBER l OHNS ON Football l. 2: E-Club 2: Student Council 3: Hi-Y 4. Pet Peeue: Girls who keep me waiting. Ambition: To get on! of school. Likes: Ice cream, women. BARBARA IEAN IUBY "Barbie" Glee Club: Aeolian 2. 3: G. A. A.: Mirror Stall 3. 4. Pet Peeve: People who tele- phone and don't give their names. Ambition: Field of journalism. Likes: Swedish foods, dreamy dance music. MARILYN IANE KENYON Girls Club Council: Class Council: French Club secretary: G. A. A. Pet Peezre: People who don't tell you what they want and then expect you to do it. Ambition: Physical Education teacher. Likes: Baked apples, black co17ec', modern dance. is J llgxl hy x y gg M425 NANNETTE IONES "Nan" G. A. A. l, 2. 3, 4: Girls Club Council 3: Girls Club Cabinet 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeve: Sloppy dressed boys. Ambition: Stenographer. Likes: Holidays, class activi- ties, meeting people. CAROL IEAN KAISER "Curly" G. A. A. Pet Peezfe: Reckless drivers. Ambition: Be a secretary. Likes: Music, sports. EDWARD KERCHER, Ir. "Iunior" Intramural basketball l. 2. 4: Basketball 3. Pet Peezfe: Girls smoking and drinking. Ambition: A good job that pays well. Likes: Food, sports. ROBERT LYMAN IORDAN "Bob" Pet Peezfe: Nosy people. Ambition: Own a modern bil- liard palace. Likes: Television , wrestling. DELORIS MARIE KAISER "Dee" Class Council 1, 3: Girls Glee l: Aeolian 2. 3: Spanish Club 2. 3: Class Play 4. Pet Peeue: Long assignments. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Sports, Miss B. IACQUELINE KETTNER "Iacque" Class Council 4: Cheerleading 3. 4: A Cappella 4. Pet Peeue: People who walk slowly down the street when I'm in back of them and in a hurry. Ambition: Be a food demon- strator. Likes: Food, cheer at games. ALLEN WAYNE I ORDI Pet Peeve: The subjects I don't get A's in. Ambition: Be an accountant. Likes: Business subjects, a certain girl. LOWELL VAUGHN KAMP Three One Acts. Pet Peeue: English tests. Ambition: Enter business col- lege. Likes: Reading, drawing, typ ing, basketball games. IOANN KIDD Aeolian 2. Pet Peeve: Cross people. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Music, nurses's aide. ice skating. Ben Weber Iohnson Nannette Iones Robert Lyman Iordan Allen Wayne Iordi Duane Leland Iorth Barbara lean Iuby Carol lean Kaiser Doloris Marie Kaiser Lowell Vaughn Kamp Lila Ann Kenyon Marilyn Iane Kenyon Edward Kercher Ir. Iacqueline Kettner IoAnn Kidd Phyllis Klotsch DUANE L. IORTH Class Council 3: Base- ball mgr. 3. 4: Intra- mural basketball 2. 3. 4: E-Club 4. Pet Peeue: Tests. Ambition: Go to college. Likes: A good time. LILA ANN KENYON Latin Club 2: Riding Club 4: Basketball 3. Pet Peere: Disturbance while I am listening to the radio. Ambition: To see colored tel- evision. Likes: Celery, horseback rid- ing. PHYLLIS KLOTSCH "Phil" Band: Glee Club. Pet Peeve: People who can eat without gaining weight. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Ted, bananas. Transferred from Fisher High School, Minnesota, Sep- tember, 1948. f NANIEAN FRANCES KOBEL "Ieaner" Girls Club Council 1, 2, 4: Aeolian: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Class Coun- cil 4. PetPee1te: People who crash parties. Ambition: Graduation and leave for California. Likes: Song, "Saturday Night Fish Fry." NAOMI IEAN KULP "Nomi" Spanish Club 3, 4: Chem-Phys. Club 4: Student Council 4: Tennis 4: G. A. A. 3, 4. Pet Peeue: People who talk too much. Ambition: Observe and under- stand people. Likes: Baseball, A Cappella. Entered from los, Nigeria, British West Africa, Septem- ber, 1948. IOHN LAWRENCE LAWSON "Moose" Track: Class Play: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeue: People that disagree with me. Ambition: To have an easy fob with a good salary. Likes: To hunt. Naniean Frances Kobel Marilyn Iane Koch Donald F. Krueger Lester Kruse Ruth Marion Kuestner Naomi lean Kulp Dale Russell Kuntz Virginia F. Landwehr Blaine Francis Larson Marlene Iean Larson Iohn L. Lawson Viola Yvonne Leach LeRoy Leman Ioan Marie Lenz Kay M. Leonard MARILYN IANE KOCH "Cookie" Aeolian 2: German Club 2, 3, 4: A Cap- pella 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Pet Peezfe: Homework. Ambition: Office work: music teacher. Likes: Sports, parties, dances. DALE RUSSELL KUNTZ "Buck" Football 1: Intramural basketball 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeoe: Snapping gum. Ambition: Machinist. Likes: Football, basketball. VIOLA YVONNE LEACH "Vonnie" Aeolian: G. A. A. Rep- resentative: C h e e r- leading. Pet Peeve: Girls who show-01? in front of boys. Ambition: To be a dancer. Likes: Sports. DONALD KRUEGER "Don" Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orch. 3, 4: German Club: E. H. S. Players: Track 2. Pet Pcelte: Homework. Ambition: To be a bandleader. Likes: Music, television. VIRGINIA FLORENCE LANDWEHR "Ginny" Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3: Vice Pres. Class 2: Debate 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: G. A. A. Council 1, 2. Pet Peeve: When I lose some- thing and people say "Where did you lose it?" Ambition: Be a millionaire. Likes: Ta27y apples, French fries, vacation. LEROY ERNEST LEMAN "Lee" Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 4. Pet Peezfe: Slouchy girls. Ambition: Raise a family. Likes: Good looking girls. LESTER WAYNE KRUSE "Les" Pet Peezte: First day at school. Ambition: Fishing, hunting. Likes: Vacations. BLAINE FRANCIS LARSON "Lars' Basketball: Track. PetPee11e: Alarm clock. Ambition: A good jolt. Likes: Vacations, sleep. x JOAN MARIE LENZ Aeolian 2: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ir. Musicians 3 Pet Peeoe: A stuck up boy. Ambition: Go to Europe. Likes: To play piano, sports. RUTH MARION KUESTNER "Kes" G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. Pet Peeae: Boys who don't act their age. Ambition: Teaching in ele- mentary grades. Likes: Sports, ice skating, swimming, tennis. MARLENE IEAN LARSON Spanish Club 2: G. A. A. 3. Pet Peeae: Alarm clock. Ambition: Ofice work. Likes: Basketball games, ua cations. KAY LEONARD Latin Club 1, Pres. 2: French Club, V. Pres. 1, 2: Class Council: Girls Club Council 3, V. Pres. 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Class Play 3: Aeolian l, 3: A Cap- pella 3, 4. Pet Peeoe: Boys who dress as if it were hobo day every day. Ambition: Piano teacher, mn- sieal comedy productions. Likes: Vacations. Q. -M ssswiaret:.w.,s,:a1 :tenet ww.-,.11':. .wif r smwwa wseamoenzzcmsreve:u mswwrawQ1 CHARLES G. LeVAULT "Chuck" Intramural basketball 1, Z ,3, 4: Football: Class Plays 3, 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeve: Sweets in my lunch. Ambition: All-American full- back. Likes: Girls, pickles, Arthur Godfrey. BARBARA IANE LOVEDAY "Barbie" Latin Club: Cheer- leading: Aeolian: Spanish Club: Latin Club: Treas. of Girls Club: Secretary of Class: Student Coun- cil 1, 4. Pet Peeue: Conceited people. Ambition: Get through col- lege. Likes: Shrimp, boys, "Tea for Two." IEANNETTE FERN MAGNUSEN "Ioey" Maroon 2. 3: G. A. A. 2, 4. Pet Peeue: None! Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Marshmellow sundaes with chocolate ice cream. CAROL RUTH LIND "Lindy" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Girls Club Rep. 3: Aeolian 2, 3. Pet Peeue: Cocky big wheels. Ambition: Get along with my boss. Likes: People, sp orts. WILLIAM WAYNE LOVEIOY "Bill" Intramural sports. Pet Peeve: High hats. Ambition: To get married. Likes: Girls. SHIRLEY IANE MANGUM "Butch" Pet Peeue: People who talk too much. Ambition: Be happy. Likes: Vaughn Monroe, dill pickles. GLADYS MAY LIND "Gina" Mask and Bauble 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: Knitting Club 3: G. A. A. 2, 3. Pet Peeue: Anklets with dress shoes. Ambition: Be iz teacher. Likes: Music. IEAN ANN LUECK "leanie" G. A. A. President: Cheerleading: Orches- tra: Iunior Red Cross: A Cappella. Pet Peeve: Pet peezres. Ambition: To donate enough money for a swimming pool in E.H.S. Likes: To eat ice cream. LIONEL NORMAN MARGOLIN "Buzzy" Freshman basketball: Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeve: People without a sense of humor. Ambition: Have the faculty feel sorry Io see me grad- uate. Likes: Everyone PHYLLIS ANN LINDOERFER "Lindy" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Aeolian: State Basket Shooting Contest: Ger- man Club 2, 3. Pet Peeve: Noisy people. Ambition: Swimming instruc- tor. Likes: Swimming, horses Ronnie. VIRIEAN LUS CHER "lean" Girls Club. Rep. 4: Verse Speaking 2, 3. 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. Pet Peeve: My stomach after a Thanksgiving dinner. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Music. CAROL MARIE MARKER "Bubbles" Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: German Club 2, 3. Pet Peeve: Borrowing people. Ambition: Have friends. Likes: Music, cheeseburgcrs. 1 l BARBARA AILEEN LOHSE Aeolian 2: A Cappel- la 3, 4: Business Com- merce Council, Pres. 4: G. A. A. 2. Pet Peezfe: Seventh periods. Ambition: Bookkeeper, seam- stress. Likes: Bell at 3:35. GLORIA IUNE MADSEN "Gooey" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Sec.- Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: Spanish Club l, Z: Girls Club Council 1, 2. Pet Peezre: People who gripe. Ambition: Career in the math. field. Likes: Travel, excitement. RICHARD FRANK MARKOVICH "Markie" Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural volleyball 3: Football 2. Pet Peeue: Hill billy songs. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Going to Star View. Charles G. LeVault Carol Ruth Lind Gladys Mae Lind Phyllis Ann Lindoerler Barbara Aileen Lohse Barbara Iane Loveday William W. Lovejoy lean Ann Lueck Virlean L. Luscher Gloria Iune Madsen leannette Magnusen Shirley lane Mangum Lionel N. Margolin Carol Marie Marker Richard F. Markovich Patricia M. Marsh Elbert Ray Mather Ray Maynard. Ir. Wallace E. Mealman Iohn Charles Medley Iean Ann Meighen David Lowder Mengler Ellen Louise Menke Gloria Mae Menke Ierry Gene Menz Leland William Merrill Richard Metzler Ioanne Marie Meyer Sharyn Ann Miles Doris Ruth Miller PATRICIA M. MARSH "Pat" G. A. A. 3. 4: Cheer- leading 2. Pet Peeve: "Buttons and Bows." Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Sports. IEAN ANN MEIGHEN "Buster" Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4. Social Commis- sion Co-Chairman: E. H. S. Players 3: G. A. A. Pet Peeoe: Long hair. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Dancing. LELAND WILLIAM MERRILL "Skinny" Pet Peeue: Show-of: with a car. Ambition: Cabinet maker. Likes: Rifle shooting. ELBERT RAY MATHER A Cappella 2. 3. 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Bowl- ing 1. 2. 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Boys Glee 1. 2: Latin Club l. 2: Ger- man Club 4: Mask and Bauble 1. 2. Pet Peeuc: Waiting for people. Ambition: Do sound eject: for movies. Likes: Bowling, swimming, hamburgers, milkshakes. DAVID L. MENGLER "Zeek" Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 3: Intramural 4. Pet Peeue: Monday mornings. Ambition: Get married. Likes: Girls. RICHARD IOSEPH IVIETZLER Football 1: Wrestling 2. 3: Track 2. 3. 4: In- tramural boxing 3. 4. Pet Peeve: People jumping on my car. Ambition: Professional wres- tler or izandbalttncer. Likes: All sports, a 36 Chry- sler custom built Conner!- ible. RAY MAYNARD. lr. Intramural basketball 1. 2. 3: Boys Glee 2. 3: Commercial Club 4. Pct Peeue: Studying, Ambition: To spend a sum- mer in Alaska. Likes: Cbocolate cake, week ends. ELLEN LOUISE MENKE "Chicken" Aeolian 2: A Cappel- la: G. A. A.: Girls Club Rep. Pet Peeae: Snobbish girls. Ambition: House wife. Likes: Music. IOANNE MARIE MEYER "Sparky" Girls Club 1: Spanish Club 2: G. A. A. Pet Peeae: A dripping water faucet. Ambition: Nurse or secretary. Likes: Vacations. 19 WALLACE EARL MEALMAN "Red" Intramural 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 2: Basketball 1: Track l. Pet Peeae: Teachers who er- pect too much from me. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Five foot one inch blonde. GLORIA MAE MENKE "Dewey" German Club 2: Span- ish Club 3. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Maroon 2. Pet Peezfe: Transferring to Glenbard and back. Ambition : Teach. Likes: Soup. SHARYN ANN MILES "Shez" Dramatics Club: Girls Club Rep. Pet Pe-eve: Dieting. Ambition: To travel. Likes: Chocolate mtzlteds, French fries. IOHN CHARLES MEDLEY Proi. Club l. 2: Var- sity Wrestling 3. 4. Pet Pecve: English class. Ambition: Get out of school. Likes: Any thing. IERRY GENE MENZ Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 3. Pet Peeve: Girls smoking. Ambition: To get ahead. Likes: Fun. DORIS RUTH MILLER "Iunior" German Club 1. 2: G. A. A.: Iunior Play: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeve: Our "50" sweaters. Ambition: Stenographer. Likes: Sleep. 7010 6 MA 3 -fr., if ' l sl if f f .V A nv ' If . lik .rw Fx ml 4 at ll W HARRIET MILLER "Shorts" G. A. A. 1: Girls Club 2. 3: Aeolian 3. Pet Peeoe: My nickname. Ambition: Attend college. Likes: Swimming, picnics, friends. VALERIE ANNE MORGAN "Val" Aeolian 2. 3. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2: Spanish Club 1. Pet Peezfe: People who have fteenes. Ambition: Improve in short- hand. Likes: Skating, golfing, bowl- ing, plus iz certain fellow. BETTY LOU NAKER "Lefty" Pet Peene: A few boys from Dundee. Ambition: To get out of school. Likes: Certain boys from ont- of-town. fff S 'Qi It 3 RICHARD EDWARD MILLER "Mayor" Football 1. 2. Mgr. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2: Wrestling 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4: Class Coun- cil 2. 3: Sec. of Stu- dent Council 4: Intra- mural: E-Club 3, 4: Hi- Y 4: Three One Acts l. Pet Peeue: Late people. Ambition: Professional foot- ball team trainer. Likes: Girls, sleep, food. STEVE MCQUEEN MORSE Intramural basketball: Class Treas. 2. Pet Peeoe: Seventh periods. Ambition: Druggist. Likes: Good dancers. CAROL MAE NELSON "Nellie" G. A. A.: Mirror Stali: E. H. S. Players. Pet Pecue: Old gasy cars. Ambition: Housewife. Likes: Club eoupes, shrimp, archery , Stan Kenton reeorzls. WAYNE IULIAN MILLER Pet Peeue: Yellow sweaters. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Short school year, long assemblies, 3:35 on Fridays. NEIL ALLEN MORTON "Mort" Baseball I, 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Stu- dent Council l. 3: Class President 3: E- Club 2. 3. President 4: Hi-Y 4. Pet Peeife: Seventh periods, homework. Ambition: Be iz big league baseball player, Likes: Food, sleep, going out with the boys. ROBERT EMIL NEMETZ "Dewey" Football 1. 2. 3: A Cappella 3. 4: Intra- mural basketball 2. 3. 4. Pet Peetie: High-classed girls with high hung noses. Ambition: To walk the track with Mort. Likes: Food, sleep, going out Z? , gg . - sf 2 xl ff . with the boys, a X , ,f 7 z A, 20 GEORGE DAVID MOLNAR Intramural 1. 2. 3, 4. Pet I'ee1.'e: Yellow and hrounn. Ambition: To own a trucking company. Likes: Blondes, brunettes, and reds. N ORMA LOU MOVITZ "Blondie" Girls Club Rep. 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Mirror 3: Senior Lit. 3. 4: Future Teachers 4. l'etl'ee11e: People that eat randy before school in the morning. Ambition: Teacher. Likes: Strawberry sodas. IOANNE PATSY NESLER "Ice" Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4: German Club 2. 3. Pet Peeoe: When a girl makes a fool of herself over a boy. Ambition: To pass College English. Likes: People, music, dune- ing. Harriet Miller Richard Edward Miller Wayne Miller George David Molnar Erhard Carl Moosmann Valerie Anne Morgan Steve M. Morse Neil Allen Morton Norma Lou Movitz Walter David Mumme Betty Lou Naker Carol Mae Nelson Robert Emil Nemetz Ioanne Patsy Nesler Gordon Dale Nichols ERHARD CARL MOOSMANN "Air-Man Football 1, 2. 3. 4: Treas. Sr. Class: Stu- dent Council 3. 4. Co- Chairman Social Com- mission 4: Basketball l. 2: Wrestling 2. 3. 4: Intramural baseball: Track 1. 2. 3, 4: E-Club 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 4. Pet Peene: Girls that give me the cold shaft, Ambition: To score a touch- down against a soft foliet team. Likes: Un zlerclassmen , girls, free food . WALTER DAVID MUMME "Dave" Band l. 2. 3, Pres. 4: Orchestra l, 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: E-Club 3-, 4: Spanish Club 1. 2: Football 3. Pet Peene: Nagging women. Ambition: Play with a big name band. Likes: To laugh, the com- panionship of friends. GORDON DALE NICHOLS "Lippy Leo" German Club 3: Foot- ball l. 4: Photography Club 2. 3: Intramural l. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: Women driversp teachers ufithout a sense of humor. Ambition: Be a television teehnirian. Likes: Brooklyn Dodgers, Chi- cago White Sox, hamburgers, horses. n TW' Xin IIZ1 i Ri 57 lllllnmn 6 lc :QI DARRELL DEAN OLESEN "Olie" Intramural basketball 1. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: Seventh periods. Ambition: To gratluate, Likes: Women, food. MARYANN IEAN PATE Student Council 1: G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4: Class Sec. 3: Girls Club 3. Pet Peeue: Sitting in the Co- lonial with Carolyn. Ambition: Become a nurse. Likes: Hamburgers, French fries, chocolate malteds. WILLIAM HOWARD PEDERSEN "Bill" Band 4. Pet Peezte: Sophisticated girls. Ambition: To be a success in the musical field. Likes: Food and plenty of it. Darrell Dean Olesen Leon Phillip Olinger Neil Carl Olson Maureen Iean O'Neill Patricia Oogien Maryann Iean Pate Richard E. Paulsen Iames Oliver Peabody Robert C. Peabody Donald Charles Pease William H. Pedersen Theodore Strout Peek Arthur W. Peters Roger Lee Peters Gloria Mae Plortmiller LEON PHILIP OLINGER "Lee" Mask and Bauble. V. Pres. 1: German Club 2: Boys cheerleading 3: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeue: Giggling girls, English classes. Ambition: To own n station wagon: to go to Italy. Likes: Blondes, Mint lttlips, Santie. RICHARD EDWARD PAULSEN "Dick" Intramural 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 2: Baseball 3. 4: E-Club 4. Pet Peczte: People who think they are better than others. Ambition: To own ten Cadil- lacs. Likes: Sports, people with nice personttlities. THEODORE STROUT PEEK "Ted" Intramural 2: A Cap- pella 2. 3. 4: Boys Glee: Class Council 4. Pet Peeoe: Cowboy drivers. Ambition: To join the Fed- eral Bureau of Investigation. Likes: Most all girls. NEIL CARL OLSON "Swede" Baseball 2, 3, 4: E- Club 4: F. F. A. 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 2. Pet Peeve: The hard seats in 200. Ambition: Be a millionaire Likes: Girls. IAMES OLIVER PEABODY "Quigley" Mask and Bauble 1. 2: Spanish Club l, 2: Varsity Debate 2: Fu- ture Teachers 2: French Club 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Three one acts 3. 4: Class Play 3. 4: Senior Lit- erature Club 4. Pet Peeve: Chaperones. Ambition: Retire at twenty with a million. Likes: Little shrirnps fgirlsl. ARTHUR W. PETERS "Art" Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. Mgr.: Football Mgr. 2: Baseball Mgr. 2: Chem-Phys Club 3. 4. Pet Peetze: Gossips. Ambition: Archeologist. Likes: Classical music. MAUREEN I EAN O'NEILL "Peggy" G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeve: Short boys. Ambition: Stenographer. Likes: Food. ROBERT CHARLES PEABODY "Bob" Pet Peeoe: No comedies in movies: women drivers. Ambition: Career in the Navy. Likes: Parties, long assemblies. Entered from St. Edwards High School, 1949. ROGER LEE PETERS "Red" Football 2: Track 2: President Boys Glee 2, 3: Intramural bas- ketball champs 2 A Cappella 3, 4. Pet Peezte: Having a girl tease me. Ambition: Be a singer or own a grocery store. Likes: Singing, dancing, go- ing to Waukegan, grocery bnsiness. PATRICIA OOGIEN "Pat" G. A. A.: Modern dance: Latin Club l. 2: French Club l. Pet Peeae: Boys who can't dance. Ambition: Stay single. Likes: Hot trumpet players. DONALD CHARLES PHASE "Be-Bop" Football 2: Track 2. 3. Pet Peeoe: High School kids who drink. Ambition: To work as a tele- phone cable-splicer. Likes: Parties and people. GLORIA MAE PFORTMILLER "Lorrie" Aeolian 2. Pet Peette: People who think they are better than others. Ambition: To be a star of the W.L.S. National Barn Dance Show. Likes: Western music, cow- boys, rodeos, singing, yodcl- ing western songs. F-71 Z t. .,-. I if gf -ff A-J fe' ff rw. fr fy e uri' .uv ff 'ii' f f ,. flier , u- i" .-21515.-L - I axsgfffe ,- 4 - fir get V 'lm "f,:'4- ..., nf 57232: E15 - 'f'?5?5Q, --I HAROLD EUGENE PFORTMILLER "Plort" Intramurals 1. Z: Var- sity baseball 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Hillbilly songs. Ambition: To loaf. Likes: Women and ice cream. IACK WALTER RADKE "Skeet" Intramural 1: Spanish Club 1: Football 1. Pet Peeoe: Yellow and Brown. Ambition: To top a Boober party. Likes:To crash Saturday night parties. ROBERT REHBERG "Bob" Baseball 1, 3. 4: Intra- mural 2. Pet Peeve: Know-it-all people. Ambition: Escape taork. Likes: To loaf. HOWARD MERL PHELPS Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: To learn a trade. Likes: All sports. GORDON LEE RAGER "Rags" Basketball 1, Z: Base- ball 4: Intramural 3. Pet Peeve: People who leach. Ambition: loin the Navy. Likes: To travel and see the world. IOHN CHARLES REICHWEIN "lack" Band 1. 2. 3: German Club 2. 3, 4: Chem- Phys Club 4. Pet Peeve: Smart alecks. Ambition: To grow tall. Likes: Mr. Cantrell's "lil ole demonstration." DONNA MAE PHILLIPS "Donnie" Spanish Club 2: Aeo- lian 3: G. A. A. 4. Pet Peeve: Someone constant- ly telling me that I look tired when I know it. Ambition: To finish knitting something without help. Likes: Dancing, eating beef and dumplings. EUGENE MAURICE RAHN "Swede" Band 1. 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Projection Club 3. 4: Intramural 4. Pet Peeve: Yellow and brown. Ambition. To make money fast. Likes: Blondes. MARY ANN RELLIHAN "Relly" Pet Peeve: Book reports. Ambition: Be a successful nurse. Likes: Chocolate eclairs and Mel Torme. WILLIAM KENYON PIERCE "Willie" Football I. 2. 3. 4: Track 2: E-Club 2. 3. 4: Student Council 1. 2. 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Insincere people. Ambition: To find my ambi- tion. Likes: To see my future plans come true. DAVID NEIL RANDALL "Bud" Baseball 4 Intramural 2. Pet Peeve: Sleepers in study halls. Ambition: To get a new car. Likes: To travel. Entered from Glenbnrd High School, September, 1948. MARY FRANCES RICE "Polly" G. A. A. 1, 2: Ir. Class Play: E. H. S. Players: Sr. Play. Pet Peeve: My mother calling me at 7:00 in the morning. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: To sleep and eat. IUNE ALICE PRICKETT "Bugs" Speech Club 1: Glee Club l: Orchestra 1. Pet Peeve: Gossips. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Boy from Louisville. NETA IOAN REBER A Cappella 3. 4. V. Pres.: Girls Club 1. 2. 3. 4: German Club 3. 4, Sec.: Student Coun- cil 2. Pet Peezfr: People who mis- understand everything I say. Ambition: Public school music teacher. Likes: Music, dancing, dra- matics. BARBARA IEAN RICHARDS "Barb" Mirror 3, 4: G. A. A. 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Rid- ing Club 4. Pet Peeve: Questionnaires. Ambition: Marry a million aire. Likes: Everything, everybody. Harold E. Piortmiller Merl Howard Phelps Donna Mae Phillips William Ken Pierce Iune Alice Prickett Iack Walter Radke Gordon Lee Rager Eugene Maurice Rahn David Neil Randall Neta Ioan Reber Robert Gustal Rehberg Iohn Charles Reichwein Mary Ann Rellihan Mary Frances Rice Barbara lean Richards Ambition: Become a research Ierry Lee Roberts Maynard Louis Roberts Phyllis Elaine Rogalski Robert William Rohr Barbara I. Rosborough Irving Ross Barbara Ann Rouse Alvin F. Rowe Roger Raymond Rowe Paul Ezra Ruelf Roland Doyle Russell Mary Lee Sackett Guyette E. Sampson Richard Levi Sandberg Kenneth Eugene Saner IERRY LEE ROBERTS "I eb" Basketball 1. 2: Foot- ball l. 2: Track 2. Pet Peeue: Girls drinking, Ambition: To join the navy or work for Bell Telephone Company. Likes: Good times. IRVING ROSS "Doughhead" Pet Peeue: People who think they are "big wheels." Ambition: Retire early in life. Likes: Cheeseburgers with onions: humble people. ROLAND DOYLE RUSSELL "Rusty" Band 1. 2. 3: Orches- tra 2. 3: Chem-Phys. Club 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Those "little ole' problems. chemist: liue to be a uerv old bachelor. Likes: Girls. . l 1 I MAYNARD LOUIS ROBERTS "Fargo" Intramural 2. 3. 4: F. F. A. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club l. Pet Peezfe: Smoking, drink- ing. Ambition: To Iarm. Likes: Trips. BARBARA ANNE ROUSE Ir. Play: A Cappella 3. Sec. 4: E. H. S. Play- ers, Sec. 4. Pet Peeue: Loud-mouthed people. Ambition: Own a record and book shop. Likes: Books, people. MARY LEE SACKETT "Bee" German Club 2- 3. 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Indian dancing 3. 4: Girls Club 4. Pet Peeve: Orchestras that take sueh frequent and long intermissions. Ambition: To work with han- dicapped children. Likes: Spaghetti and "Peg 0 My Heart." PHYLLIS ELAINE ROGALSKI "Phil" German Club l: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeve: To be teased by my younger brother. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Square dancing, mys- tery programs, hot-dogs. ALVIN F. ROWE "Al" Spanish Club 3. Pet Peeue: Yellow and brown sweaters. Ambition: Be a millionaire. Likes: Food. GUYETTE ELEANOR SAMPSON "Red" Pet Peeae: School. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Al lolson. 23 ROBERT WILLIAM ROHR "Burdocks" Pet Peeue: People who drink. Ambition: To get along. Likes: Plenty of money. ROGER RAYMOND ROWE "Wogh Wowe" Football: Class Coun- cil 2: Intramural sports 3: Class play 4. Pet Peeue: Neil Hoiman call- ing me "Ermer." Ambition: To see a Rose Bowl game. Likes: Girls. RICHARD L. SANDBERG "Sandy" Student Council l. 2: Class Council 3. 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 1. 2. 3: E- Club 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeue: Girls smoking. Ambition: Operate a business. Likes: Play baseball and other athletics. BARBARA IANE ROSBOROUGH "Barbie" G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4: Aeolian 2. 3: Spanish Club 2. Pet Peeve: Bud drivers. Ambition: Own a motorcycle. Likes: Sports, driving. PAUL EZRA RUEFF Boxing 1. 2: Wrestling 3: F. F. A. 1. 2. 3. Vice-Pres. 4. Pet Peelfe: English classes. Ambition: Be a farmer. Likes: Field trips from agri- culture class. KENNETH EUGENE SANER "Sundance" Football l. 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Basket- ball I. Pet Peezle: Girls who drink. Ambition: Draftsman. Likes: Kicks. .-,...fl 2 'I if f"7'NQl'fa5-4 T T 4 LIBBIE LOU SCHAAF "Lou-Lou" G. A. A. 1: Spanish Club 2: Girls Club 3. Pet Peeve: Slacks and high heels. Ambition: Be a nurse, Likes: Fried chicken, French fries, Frankie Lane records, Aurora. RICHARD MARTIN SCHLEIF "Dick" Spanish Club 3: Intra- mural l, 2, 3, 4: Wres- tling 3. 4. Pet Peeue: Wise guys. Ambition: Technical engineer. Likes: Sports. SALLY IEANNE SCHROEDER Latin Club 1, 2: Aeo- lian 2: Cheerleading 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeae: Undignilied seniors. Ambition: Physical education teacher. Likes: Boys. ,E, , f PAUL WILLIAMS SCI-IAFF Football 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: A Cap- pella 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: E-Club 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeue: Political argu- mfnlf. Ambition: Commercial or air line pilot. Likes: Athletics, science MADELYN RUTH SCHMIDGALL "Mike" Field hockey 1: Latin Club 1: Aeolian- 2, 3: Spanish Club 3. Pet Peeoe: Gossip: stuck np people. Ambition: To jind lost arti- cles. Likes: Dill pickles: swim- ming. BARBARA ANN SCHUCK "Bobbie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: German Club 2, 3, 4: Chorolets 4. Pet Peezfe: Waiting for people. Ambition: Designer. Likes: Pro-riding. MARGARET C. SCHAMBACH ..Marge,, German Club 2, 3: Senior LiteratureiClub 4: G. A. A. 2: Com- merce Council 4. Pet Peeue: Show-offs. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Dance, sports. RAYMOND WALTER SCHMIDGALL "Ray" Basketball 1: Intramu- ral basketball 2, 3, 4: Intramural bowling 4. Pet Peeue: Economics. Ambition: To work. Likes: Aviation. BEVERLY l'EAN SCHULD "Bev" G. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Girls Club Cabinet 2: Aeolian 2: Girls Club Council I, 3: Student Council 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeoe: When your escort won't talk to yon. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Food, dances. X 24 X 'I 'V I ,V , A W., 'l'n15 ..... -- im' tif" A N X S HOWARD SAM SCHIFFERER "Howie" F. F. A. 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Student Coun- cil 2: Intramural l, 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeue: Gossip. Ambition: Be a farmer. Likes: Women, dancing, swimming, basketball. WILBUR CHARLES SCHMIDGALL "Willy" Intramural basketball 1. 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeoe: English: economics. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Girls, sports, Oldsmo- biles. IERRE HENRY SCHULTZ Intramural basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3. 4: Square Dance 3, 4. Pet Peeee: Women smoking and drinking. Ambition: Singer. Likes: All sports. Libbie Lou Schaal Paul Williams Schaif Margaret C. Schambach Howard Sam Schilferer Lois Mae Schleit Richard Martin Schleit Madelyn R. Schmidgall Raymond Schmidgall Wilbur C. Schmidgall William A. Schneider Sally Ieanne Schroeder Barbara Ann Schuck Beverly lean Schuld Ierre Henry Schultz Betty Ann Schuman LOIS MAE SCHLEIF Latin Club 1, 2: Aeo- lian 2: Mirror 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Certain people. Ambition: Dress designer. Likes: To watch wrestling matches, basketball games. WILLIAM ALFRED SCHNEIDER "Spider" Football 1: Spanish Club 2: Camera Club 1: Homecoming coun- cil 4: Commerce coun- cil 4. Pet Peeoe: Sarcastic, indider- ent women. Ambition: Television, elec- tronics technician. Likes: Good food, Cuba, swimming, good women. BETTY ANN SCHUMAN Pet Peetfe: People who do not listen when I'm talking. Ambition: To like my life time work. Likes: Dancing. 1: e N -.,-.u X -gy' V ,r L ,Jw Q fgg A i s f-L I JERRY SCHURMEIER Student Council 1: Class Council 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: E-Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 4. Pet Peeve: The brush o17. Ambition: To own Texas oil wells. Likes: Riding, listening to the car radio, sports, most girls. DONALD EUGENE SHERMAN "General" Intramural basketball 2, 3: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeve: Hot-rod drivers. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Sports: money. BRUCE DALE SIURSETH "Norweg" A Cappella 4: Foot- ball 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Glasses. Ambition: Go to college. Likes: A girl named Barb. Ierry Schurmeier Nancy loyce Seagren Shirley Ann Senger Leonard Anthony Serio Barbara Ann Seyller Donald E. Sherman Mary Frances Shirley Richard C. Simonsen James Anthony' Sisti Donald Iames Sjurset Bruce Dale Siurseth Ioan Marie Smitendori Audrey lean Smith Dave Lee Smith Marlene Lois Smith NANCY I OYCE SEAGREN "Nan" Aeolian 2. 3: A Cap- pella 4: Spanish Club 2. 3: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeve: People who ask for my pet pe-eve. Ambition: See Elgin beat West Aurora. Likes: The unusual. MARY FRANCES SHIRLEY "Maggie" Aeolian 2: Girls Club 4: E. H. S. Players. Pet Peezfe: Sticky lockers. Ambition: Interior decorator. Likes: Everybody. IOAN MARIE SMITENDORF "Ice" Pet Peeve: Seats in auditor- ium Ambition: To tvork hard. Likes: Band, orchestra music SHIRLEY ANN SENGER Treble Choir. Pet Peeve: Smeared lipstick. Ambition: Private secretary. Likes: Fun. RICHARD C. SIMONSEN "Punjab" Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Base- ball 4. Pet Peeve: Alarm clocks. Ambition: To find one. Likes: Me. AUDREY IEAN sM1'rH "Smitty" Pet Peeve: General English. Ambition: To exist. Likes: Graduation. LEONARD ANTHONY SERIO "Len" Football 1, 2, 3: Intra- mural basketball 3: Track 4. Pet Peeve: Bad manners. Ambition: Be a millionaire. Likes: Girls: sports. IAMES ANTHONY SISTI "Sonny" E. H. S. Players. Pet Peeve: Short hair on boys and girls. Ambition: To do art work. Likes: Certain blonde 5' Z". DAVID LEE SMITH "Smitty" Pet Peeve: General English. Ambition: To exist. Likes: Graduation. BARBARA ANN SEYLLER "Barb" G. A. A.: Girls Club Rep. 2: Aeolian 3: Class Council 3, 4: Class Oflicer V. Pres. 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Grandstand coaehf ing at football, basketball games. Ambition: Graduate and leave for California. Likes: Saturdays, singing, fumes. DONALD IAMES SIURSET "Doc" F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. Pet Peezfe: Women drivers. Ambition: Be a farmer. Likes: Southern girls. MARLENE LOIS SMITH Volleyball 1: Baseball 2. Pet Peeve: Slacks with heels and anklets. Ambition: Beautician. Likes: Food. 3933 W -cj'-"'f K.. 1 sk - -1:5 N 1 ll 227-1 m fr-WSW 5 WE qw MURIEL ANN SMITH "Midge" G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeoe: Oral book reports and redheads. Ambition: Get out of school. Likes: Baseball, horseback- riding, basketball games. LUCILLE MARY SPOHR German Club 1. 2: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Senior Lit. Club 4: Knitting Club 3. Pet Peezfe: Last minute rushes. Ambition: Ojice work. Likes: Parties, sports. GEORGE RICHARD STEVENS Student Council: Three One Acts: Sr. Class Play: A Cappella 4: E. H. S. Players, Presi- dent. Pe! Peeoe: Women blowing smoke in my lace. Ambi1ion:Sing like MeRae, dance like Gene Kelly. Likes: Music, dancing, dra- maiics, one certain girl. Transferred from Lindblom High School, Chicago, Sep- tember, 1947. VIRGINIA RUTH SMITH "Vergie" Aeolian 2: G. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: E. H. S. Play- ers 4. Pet Pecoe: Last-niinnle dalers. Ambition: Odin' worker. Likes: Sports, parties. JERRY G. SPURLOCK E. H. S. Players 4: Maroon Z. Pet Pceoe: A11zlituriz1l11, Ambition: Live in the North Woods. Likes: Banana splits, choco- late cake. RICHARD IAMES STEWART "Blacky" Baseball. Pet Peezfe: The dip in the first floor. Ambition: To be a commer- cial pilot and to get oc- qizainled with Miss Gorham. Likes: S11 or-is. RUSSELL L. S OHN Pet Peeue: People who make lun of others. Ambition: To enjoy my work after graduation. Likes: To gel out ol think- ing. FRANCES DAVIS STALL "Fran" Riding Club 4: Chem- Phys. Club 4: Tum- bling 4. Pet Peeize: Tight skirts. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Elgin High kids who have been so friendly. Transferred from Big Horn, Wyoming, September, 1949. CAROL IEAN STONEHOCKER German Club 3, 4. Pet Peeae: People chewing gum as cows chew ends. Ambition: Nurses training. Likes: Friends. MARY MARGARET SOMMERS "Sum" G. A. A. 3. Pet Peeve: Home work over week-ends. Ambition: To work. Likes: Boys. RAYMOND ROBERT STARK "Bob" Intramural sports l. 2. 3. 4. Pe! Peezfe: Girls. Ambition: To be a machinist. Likes: Play baseball. MARVIN HERMAN STRAUB "Red" Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. Pet Peeue: Noisy study hall. Ambition: Be a millionaire farmer. Likes: Girls. fgilg gs: , - MARY BETH SPERRY "Beth" Glee Club 1: G. A. A. 2: Band 1. 2. 3: Span- ish Club 1. 2: Mirror Staff 3. 4: Aeolian l. Pet Peeve: Bleached hair. Ambition: Be a nurse. Likes: Sports. IOANNE STETTNER "lo" Basketball 2. Pez Peebe: Gossip, conceited people. Ambition: Go to Kansas. Likes: Swimming, dogs. VERNON LEE STUDT "Vern" Student Council 1: A Cappella 3. 4: Boys Glee 1, 2: German Club 1, 2. 3. 4: E. H. S. Players 4. Pet Peeue:s Girls who drink and smoke. Ambition: Be a teacher. Likes: Good music. Muriel Ann Smith Virginia Ruth Smith Russell L. Sohn Mary M. Sommers Mary Beth Sperry Lucille Mary Spohr Ierry George Spurlock Frances Davis Stall Raymond Robert Stark Ioanne Lou Stettner George R. Stevens Richard Iames Stewart Carol lean Stonehocker Marvin Herman Straub Vernon Lee Studt Arden Harriet Sullivan Iames Albert Sunny Iay C. Survant Shirley Ann Svendsen Carol lean Swanson Robert Dean Talbot Mary Catherine Teeter Donald Walter Tews Donald A. Thiemann Robert W. Thompson Iohn Stuart Thornton Barbara I ean Torling Kenneth Richard Travis Robert L. Treiber Iames Harold Trotz ARDEN HARRIET SULLIVAN "Ardie" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls Club Council 2: Class Council 3. Pet Peeoe: Arguments. Ambition: Secretary. Likes: Sports, monies. ROBERT D. TALBOT "Bob" Pet Peeoe: People who keep me waiting. Ambition: Become iz million- aire. Likes: Basketball, buseboll. IOHN STUART THORNTON "Honest I ohn" Football Mgr. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Presi- dent Senior Class. Pet Peebe: People who gripe. Ambition: To earn 41 good lining, Likes: Fair-minded people. IAMES ALBERT SUNNY Intramural sports l, 2, 3, 4. Pet Peere: Fifty-one's colors. Ambition: Make money. Likes: Apple pie, fried chick- en, smell of good food cooking. MARY CATHERINE TEETER Photography Club 2: G. A. A. 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Mask and Bauble 2: Senior Lit. Club 3, 4: A Cappella 4: Aeolian 2, 3. Pet Peeve: Men that are wom- en haters. Ambition: Registered nurse with a musteriv degree. Likes: Good books, basket- ball, singing, folk dancing, medical work. BARBARA IEAN TORLING "Barb" Aeolian: German Club Z, 3: Archery: Volley- ball: Badminton. Pet Peeoe: People who stare at me and say nothing. Ambition: Norse. Likes: Swimming. IAY C. SURVANT "Iosh" Football I, 2, 3. 4: Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 4: E- Club 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeife: Not baoing time to loaf. Ambition: To be president of the Bzrrliers. Likes: Fried chicken, out-ol town girls, Spring Creek. DONALD WALTER TEWS "Don" Intramural basketball: Intramural ping pong: Home Room bowling. Pet Peeee: Getting up in the morning. Ambition: Bookkeeper ar au- ditor. Likes: Basketball, malteds. KENNETH TRAVIS Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: E- Club. Pet Peetfe: Girls tuba diet. Ambition: To be a forest 7'!l7Z.I,7ff. Likes: To hunt. 27 SHIRLEY ANN SVENDSEN "Swede" Student Council 1, 2: Girls Club Cabinet: Bowling: G. A. A.: Modern dancing. Pet Peezre: Tight levis. Ambition: lump on skis from Cory Hill Ski lump. Likes: Nice juicy steaks, French fried potatoes. DONALD ARTHUR THIEMANN "Don" Intramural ping pong 1, 3, 4: Intramural badminton 2, 4: Intra- mural basketball l, 2, 3. Pet Peezfe: Getting np eorly C'Ufl'4V 7710l'7Z171g. Ambition: Be iz farmer. Likes: Hamburgers, hunting, basketball. ROBERT LAWRENCE TREIBER "Ox" Home room basket- ball 2, 3. Pet Peeue: Cowboy drivers. Ambition: Be on aviator Likes: Hunting, sports. CAROL IEAN SWANSON "Swanie" Girls Club Cabinet I, 2: G. A. A.: Commer- cial Council 4: Span- ish Club 3. Pet Peebe: Lack of good taste in grooming. Ambition: Secretary to the President of the United States. Likes: Dancing, skoting, eat- ing, sports. ROBERT WAYNE THOMPSON "Bob" Football 1, 2: Track l, 2: Glee Club 3: One Acts: Chemistry club 1, 2, 3: German Club: Projection Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball Mgr. 3, 4: Intramural sports 2, 3, 4. Pet Peeue: Oral reports. Ambition: Physical education teacher. Likes: Studies, someone who likes me, sports. IAMES HAROLD TROTZ "Hot Rod Harry" Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4: Football I: Track 2: Class Council 3. Pet Peeee: Blue and gold. Ambition: To make a fortune Likes: Gray and red. ug E mil 5...- lf .. --its I ,L-lgjf-r l was 1 l fo iff' 'QW Mx MARY IEANNE TYRRELL "Pokey" Orchestra 2. 3. 4. Pres. 2. Sec. 4: Student Council 4: French Club 3. 4. Sec. 3. Treas. 4: Latin Club 2. 3. Pet Peeve: Dateless Saturday nights. Ambition: To ind the right man. Likes: Music, dancing, sail- ing, swimming. RONALD RUSSELL ULTES "Ult's" Football l. 2, 3. 4: Bas- ketball 1. Z. 3. 4: Base- ball 2. 3. 4: Class Council 3: E-Club 3, 4. Pet Peeve: Girls who talk all the time. Ambition: To get ahead. Likes: Sports, good Iood. LORRAINE HARRIET VOGT "Lorrie" Tumbling 1. 2: Arch- ery 4: German Club 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 1. Pet Peeve: People who crack their bubble gum. Ambition: Have a dancing school. Likes: Dogs, horses, dancing. LYLE IOHN TYSON "Ty" Intramural sports 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Council 2. Pet Peeve: Early to rise. 'Ambition: To have a store of my own. Likes: Slick chicks. ELLEN LOUISE UTEG Aeolian: Latin Club: Verse Speaking: Stu- dent Council. Pet Peeve: Constant domi- nance and intrusion into my personal ajairs. Ambition: To make the most of my senior year. Likes: Football, basketball, letters from Bermuda. ROBERT LEE WACKER "Bob" Pet Peeve: Freshmen. Ambition: Otvn a trucking concern. Likes: Driving. .1 45 IRIX I H130 - tn 0 .1901 'Q 1 W , 0 x 1 - 3 ROBERT WALKER TYSON "Bobbie" Basketball l. 2: Intra- mural sports l. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 1. 2: Ten- nis 2. 3. 4: Maroon 3: Spanish Club Pres. 3: Senior Class Play: E- Club. Pet Peeve: To break a shoe lace when I'm in a hurry - Everybody wears levis and I'm the only one dressed np. Ambition: To be a Dise- jockey. Likes: The song "Lucky Ole Sun," sports, the rumble- seat in Covey's car, to howl and ftrowl at night. DIANNE MARGARET VEUVE "Peanuts" Basketball: Volleyball: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Girls Club Rep. Pet Peeve: Girls with too much make-up on. Ambition: To sleep and Edt ICC' Cffllfn. Likes: Roller skating and ice cream. DIANE AUDREY WALTERS "Dee" Verse speaking. Pet Peeve: Dull men. Ambition: Be a career girl. Likes: Good looking clothes, interesting men. , f za i HERBERT CARL UDESEN "Herb" Pet Peevc: Freshmen. Ambition: Spend three hours on a masterpiece and get a UD... Likes: Food, sleep, money, females. MICHAEL LEE VILLELLA "Mickie" English Lit. Club 4: Class Council 4: Ma- roon 3. 4: G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4. Pet Peeue: Colors that don't match. Ambition: To buy a car. Likes: Nice cars. FRED L. WALZ Football: Wrestling: Track 1. 2. 3. 4: E- Club: F. F. A. Club. Pet Peeve: Fords 60's. Ambition: Traveling salesman, forest ranger. Likes: People. Mary Ieanne Tyrrell Lyle Iohn Tyson Robert Walker Tyson Herbert Carl Udesen Robert Kenneth Ulsaver Ronald Russell Ultes Ellen Louise Uteg DiAnne M. Veuve Mickie Lee Villella Marilyn Anne Vlasak Lorraine Harriet Vogt Bob Lee Wacker Diane Audrey Walters Fred L. Walz Iris Iewel Watson ROBERT KENNETH ULSAVER "Bob" Pet Peeve: Women. Ambition: To live in Canada. Likes: Hunting, fishing. MARILYN ANNE VLASAK "Lynn" Pet Peeve: People listening in on my telephone conversa- tion. Ambition: Interest in photog- raphy. Likes: Mel Torme, roller skating. IRIS IEWEL WATSON "Iudy" Ir. Red Cross: Girls Club Rep. 4. Pet Peeve: Boys complaining about girls spending too mitch money on dates. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Sports. MARILYN IEAN WEATHERBEE "Bee" Volleyball 1, 2: Bowl- ing 1: Student Coun- cil 2, 4: Executive Council 4. Pet Peeue: The sloppy may boys dress and some people's driving. Ambition: To graduate. Likes: Sports, loads of sleep. LYLE DEAN WELCH Boys' Glee 1, 2: A Cappella 3, 4. Pet Peere: Blondes, brunettes, red heads. Ambition: Be a bachelor. Likes: Singing, eating. LAWRENCE E. WILHARM "Larry" Tumbling. Pet Peeve: Unfriendly people. Ambition: To End the type occupation I should follow. Likes: To sleep in study halls. Marilyn I. Weatherbee Beverly Iean Weaver Robert Edward Weigel Iames Henry Weirich Ronald Weisner Lyle Dean Welch Ichn Thomas Westby Patsy Anne Westphal Donald Earl Whalen Dona lean Wheeler Lawrence E. Wilharm Doris Vivian Wilkinson Robert R. Wilkinson, Ir. Iames William Wilson Robert lames Wilson l W' aim W BEVERLY IEAN WEAVER "Bev" Girls Club Rep.: Span- ish Club. Pet Peeve: Men who complain about women drivers. Ambition: Invent something original. Likes: Song "Baby, It's Cold Outside." IOHN THOMAS WESTBY "Wes" Football: Basketball: Glee Club 1, 2: Var- sity Golt 2, 3. 4: Intra- mural sports 2. 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: E- Club 3, 4. Pet Peeue: Women who smoke and drink. Ambition: Become an execu- tive. Likes: Sports, good women, going out with the boys. DORIS VIVIAN WILKINSON Girls Club Rep. 1: Baseball 2: Dramatics 3: Field hockey 4. Pet Peeve: High heels and anklets. Ambition: Nurse. Likes: Dundee-Class of '49. ROBERT EDWARD WEIGEL "Wiggle" Track 1, 2, 3: E-Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Council 2: Student Council 3, 4. Pet Peeue: Smoking women. Ambition: To get into work I like. Likes: Quiet women PATSY ANNE WESTPHAL "Pat" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Aeolian 2, 3: Class Council 3: Maroon Stall 4: English Lit. 4. Pet Peezfe: Too heavy assign- ments. Ambition: To have a home of my own. Likes: Sports, fried chicken. ROBERT RALPH WILKINSON "Quaker" Football 1, 3: Basket- ball l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 4. Pet Peeue: Women. Ambition: A successful bachelor. Likes: Glenbard. Entered from Iohn Harris High School, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1948. U M IAMES HENRY WEIRICH "lim" Intramural sports. Pet Peeoe: To be called by my middle name. Ambition: Become a printer. Likes: Bowling, baseball, bas- ketball. DONALD EARL WHALEN "Don" Latin Club 2: Intramu- ral basketball 3. Pet Peeve: Work. Ambition: Railroad man. Likes: Women, food, sleep. IAMES WILLIAM WILSON "Willy" Pet Peezre: Old men and women dritfers. Ambition : Watch repairing. Likes: Football, baseball, driv- ing, hotdogs, hamburgers. RONALD WEISNER "Al" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: E-Club 2, 3. 4. Pet Pceae: Women smoking and drinking. Ambition: Professional ath- lete. Likes: Athletics, food, sleep. DONA IOAN WHEELER "Ioey" Field Hockey l, 4: Club 3, 4: Softball 3: G. A. A. Pet Peetfe: Book reports. Ambition: Kindergarten teacher. Likes: Horses, food. ROBERT IAMES WILSON "Bob" Intramural sports. Pet Peeve: A car that won't start on a cold morning. Ambition: Plenty of money. Likes: Girls, sports. 322911 . GRETA RUE WISE "Gret" Student Council l: Cheer Leader l. 2. 3: G. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 2: Class Council 2. 4: Girls Club Council 3: De- sign class play set 3. 4. Pet Peeve: Clocks. Ambition: Successful art c recr. Likes: Beauty, life, color. ROBERT RAY WIRES Pet Peeue: '51 sweaters. Ambition: To surcecd. Likes: Golf. .gn Memoriam FLORENCE FAE WORM "Fluffy" French Club 3: Litera- ture Club 3, 4: G. A. A. I. 2. 3. 4: Maroon Staff 4. Pet Peeue: Intalerunt people. Ambition: To be an interior decorator. Greta Rue Wise Robert Ray Wires Florence Fae Worm Robert Leo Wullf ROBERT LEO WULFF "Bob" Intramural wrestling 2: Varsity wrestling 2: Golf 3. Pet Peeue: The new look. Ambition: Work far the rail- road. Likes: Spaghetti, driving mv dad's '47 Buick. Likes: Swimming, hiking, sewing, painting. alnefa William E. Althen Ronald Eugene Bierman Gary Glenn Griffeth Duane Irvin Hulke Donald Iverson Richard Elwood Iohnston Kenneth La Veme Kruse Michael David Seyller Thomas Twyman Richard Dale Van Kirk On August 15. 1949, before he had a chance to experience the exciting sensations of com- pleting his high school life. Iames App died from a leg injury. Iim was a fine student but above all he was a true friend to each of us. His happy youth and lovable personality will live with us forever. ff HQ fit? 11, .K Wx if C ff' 9 EX 1,41 I 1 FN n i, -6 Q ' -S A l 1 XX FJ-1.. ,S I tl l LS . 30 Zena, Orrin G. Thompson Marvin L. Berge Superintendent Assistant Superintendent M-.sk Avi Iif 'X ,,tv .. ,,-. . ifggf 1 X Frank D. Urie Reading the E counter clockwise. Mr. Marvin Berge, assistant superin- tendent ol schools. assists Mr. Orrin G. Thompson. superintendent and the main executive oi our Elgin School System. Members oi Elgin's Board of Education are Mr. E. O. Southard. Mr. S. M. Eno. Mr. C. H. Wells. Mr. R. M. Pearsall. Mr. I. W. Bridge, Mr. D. W. Valentine. Mr. A. Y. Kirkland. Mr. D. F. Melms, Mr. W. Beebe. sec- retary. Mr. F. D. Urie, and Mr. Vincent Coleman. president. lust as the board ol education at the turn of the cen- tury aided hundreds oi students. so do these men aid thousands. The idea and spirit are old: only the in- terpretation is new. Leading Elgin High in its daily routine of activities is our principal, Mr. Roscoe Cartwright. Roscoe S. Cartwright Principal Vincent Coleman. President Iohn A. Kraiit Miss Elma Engelbrecht Miss Claudia Abell Assistani Principal-Dean oi Boys--Coach Assistant Principal--Dean of Girls Art Chester Alexander Don W. Arnold Miss Marge Biersach Boys Physical Education-History Commercial Head Dramatics-English Elmer R. Bohnert Gordon Bueschel Miss Enid Burns Industrial Arts Band Iournalism-English 33 Qi- William Chesbrough Boys Physical Education Miss Katherine Davery Social Science Kenneth Ettner English-Freshmen Counselor Mike Farroh Boys Physical Education Miss Phyllis Gorham Girls Physical Education Arthur E. Hill Music Head-Vocal Miss Elsie Fletcher English Arthur Gratfam Industrial Arts Miss Ethel Hoaglund Librarian PM mmf ,- is lag.. Mrs. Florence Fletcher Home Economics Byrus Hall English Ellison H. Hoke Social Science K' 3 fi-N QJWX Miss Helen Iocelyn Miss Cleora Iohnson Miss Martha Iones Speech, English Home Economics Head English-Sophomore Counselor Arthur Kanies Miss Helen Kettering Marvin Kuhlmann Industrial Arts Science-Senior Counselor Science Miss Marion Latiey Leslie L. Larson Karl Lehr Orchestra Science-Iunior Counselor Social Science ..8?f 'mis Mrs. Francis Leonard Vocal C. A. Lloyd Industrial Arts Gertrude Meadows English Miss Edna Lewis Miss Hazel Linkiield Commercial Foreign Language Head Miss Wilda Logan Frank I. Marquis Girls Physical Education Head Mathematics Merville Meverden Miss Glennie Morrow Mathematics Commercial 37 R :Wm f" - Zfz 2 J' Miss Dorothy Murray Commercial Mrs. Maude Parlasca Home Economics Miss Mary Peters Mathematics Miss Margaret Newman Samuel Nicholas English Head Printing-Industrial Arts Mrs. Dora Pasel George W. Peck Foreign Language Commercial Miss Irene Pielemeier Mrs. Ella Prutzman Foreign Language Study Supervisor 38 Harry E. Raplus Agriculture Arthur Roggen Boys Physical Education Head Norman Scibetta Industrial Arts-Crafts Gilbert I. Benner Science Head Miss Betty Rupp English Homer H. Shelby Social Science Head-Forensics Director Lewis V. Robinson Commercial-School Treasurer Albert Schari Boys Physical Education Miss Theresa Siren Mathematics -V .,.L L. f . Miss Mary Smith Miss Elizabeth Stearns Miss Nora Stickling Social Science Home Economics English Mrs. Gene Stoerzbach Miss Marjorie Stoflregen Gus B. Stuart Girls Physical Education English Science P. E. Taylor Mrs. Amelia Tetzner Miss Adele Thom Industrial Arts Head Study Supervisor Mathematics 5 BQ: pig 'F' 'N Mm hi ww ig fnfbf. E. C. Waggoner Mrs. Clara Wilson Visual Aids Director-Radio Station WEPS-FM Sight Saving Walter M. Wilson Robert T. Winn Social Science Science Mrs. Lois Lauflenhurger Miss Delores Bartelt Office Secretary Secretary 41 ix " 1 'mm 1 , use ,X km. A . K, -it i 1 3' A F 1 ffm A fi' Q , .QW Miss Hortense Wilson Mathematics Head Mrs. Marie Schramm School Nurse-Health Miss Eileen Schiflerer Secretary In the early 1900's the princi- pal of E.H.S., Earl I. Kelsey, was the registrar, clerk, secre- tary, attendance checker. nurse, dean of boys, dean of girls, and the public relations co-ordinator all done up in one big package! He must have been the "Super Man" of 1900. In 1950 ueiiiciency plus" is the label for the two E.H.S. ofiice statis who manage the intrica- cies ot our school program. From a students' first big mo- ment as a ireshrnan to his tina! departure on graduation the main oflice has planned his schedule of classes, recorded his credits, efiected any pro- gram changes, handled locker keys, completed college tran- scripts and many other duties. Assisting Mrs. Lois Lauilenbur- ger, secretary, are Eileen Schii- ferer, clerk, and Dolores Bartelt, secretary. In the attendance oitice Mrs. Eva Hopkins checks each stu- dent's class attendance every hour of a school day. If a stu- dent has been absent, she is- sues a permit to readmit him to his classes. Watch out! Please don't give me a pink one! I've got a date with my girl sev- enth period! 222, l BACQ Ex: aff Z W, ! Mrs. Eva Hopkins Attendance Secretary Mrs. Bess Chapman Assistant Librarian Umficu um Foreign language, chemistry, trigonofmetry, commercial art, drafting ma in, nfin, mflzmefic algae! fo lildkhld Before the turn oi the century the old Elgin High School Building also housed the eighth grade. The seating capacity was insuiiicient to accommodate the 320 students and more room was a necessity. The basement oi the Little Norwegian Church was used tor classrooms. To relieve this situation the eighth grade was removed from the high school building and in the tall ol 1899 the freshman class was placed on the second floor ol Franklin school. This became known as the Branch High School. Freshmen had to run trom Branch High to Old High lor some oi their classes and only three minutes were allowed. Students had no lockers in which to place their equip- ment-merely desks for their books. There was no water in the building except in the old physics and chemistry labs. The library housed about twenty stu- dents at a time: the largest classroom in the school served for the auditorium: and the boys used a hall on Chicago Street for a gymnasium ior basketball. Gym classes for girls were unheard of: yet there was a girls' basketball team. Class plays were discontinued be- cause of the inconveniences encountered in putting them on in the old Opera House. No music organiza- tions existed except a girls' glee club. The school's only publication. the MIRROR. was issued once a month in a small magazine form. Manual training was iust not thought ot and domestic science fcookingl was a great attraction when it was oiiered in an old brick house standing about where the west part of the boys' gym is now. If Z .fb At noon students ran to catch the Chicago street car Cthere was only one for all who wished to ndel to Fountain Square where all students transferred West siders had to dash across a lootbrxdge to reach their homes Ten mstructors composed the high school teach ing stall The sublects offered to the students were Latin German Greek history English composition ture physical sciences and mathematics That was EHS ln 1900 VW Q08 J ti xl 4,2 'VI - I I I u MJ' Q- ' ' biological science, cominercial subjects,.English litera: X ! W 1 'X ' W it fl X N ' do 44 K' ' if 'Q Sewing, Machine shop, crafts, printing, cooking lvfAoclcLolaloing ecomea 'yfAocLiAolalain9 With the passage of fifty years of time improvements have come into the curriculum of E.H.S. In 1950, three main channels of academic study are offered: college preparatory, business, and vocational. To students seeking higher education, the list of college prepara- tory subiects, from which they may choose, is varied. The specific requirements are three years of English with the senior year College Preparatory English, and two years each of mathematics, foreign language, sci- ence, and social studies. The two years of required math involve a choice of algebra, plane geometry, advanced algebra, trigonometry, solid geometry or advanced math. The two years of a foreign language may be taken in French, Spanish, Latin, German. To meet the requirements for two units of science, a stu- dent may select from such subjects as general science, biology, physics, chemistry. The junior and senior years receive the brunt of the social studies require- ments, made up of American history, social problems, and economics. Through the medians of aptitude, mental, and achievement tests, plus a personal study of the stu- dent's ability and personality traits. faculty advisers counsel a college preparatory student in the proper preparation. U In 1950, educators believe that students should be doing things closely related to the occupations they will follow when they are earning a living. Elgin High offers courses for this purpose. They are building trades, cafeteria service, vocational printing, household arts, and crafts. Probably the most popular of these courses is the building trades. This includes machine, mechanical, and architectural drafting, electric work, welding, wood work, and machine shop. t I A, The printing course creates a desire for further knowl- ,flgv - edge along this line. The boys in the print shop classes kms ,fffj if give much service to the school by completing orders ffl' E-it in a professional manner ' I ,V gf A new course added to EHS's curriculum this year jg Egzgg was crafts. An art course is a prerequisite. Individual H -f proiects in plastilcs, metals. leacther tooling are an im- wg, 5.1. j--'p.-nxfpgij' A por ant part in t e year's wor . lllfyhigiffg The cafeteria course has increased in popularity each ' 1 sqft' succeeding year. Cafeteria and lunch room service If and management are taught. The "proof of the pud- li ding" that students have learned their theories and .N '24 if l R l "E . Bookkeeping, typing, stenography, filing principles "is in the eating" of the delicious food served daily in the cafeteria. In household arts, clothing and home management prepare girls for intelligent purchasing of clothes and for dress making. The study of foods in connection with home management also prepares girls for later life. The general requirements for these courses are com- posed of three years of English with General English in the senior year: one year of mathematics: two years of social science composed of American history in the junior year and social problems and economics in the senior year: two years of science, one of which is general science. Related subjects of mathematics and science are required for the vocational shop courses. In 1896, a commercial course was added to the cur- riculum of E.H.S. It consisted of bookkeeping, com- mercial law, stenography, business practice, and type- writing. In 1950. personal business, typing, business law, bookkeeping, stenography, office training and salesman- ship are choices for the student following this course. During the last half of the sophomore year students may select a few exploratory courses in bookkeeping. personal typing, personal business to get a general understanding of the commercial field and its scope. Upon entering the junior year a student begins his commercial course in earnest. Shorthand, vocational typing, vocational bookkeeping. business law, sales- manship are offered as optional credits. A peek into the typing or shorthand room reveal intensely inter- ested students, conscientiously filling every moment. During their senior year, the advanced students receive first hand experience in putting into practice their acquired business knowledge and skill. Many of these students assume various duties around school. Oppor- tunities are provided for training in advanced short- hand, typing, duplicating. filing, personality develop- ment and office procedures. ranolmoffzer IMAJLLKJ .Have a udinedfi i e f Y-v ll s? Meg.. f 1 Hut' f Pt 4 ' I El its 1 -5 . , f'f-ff , ...rl- W V 2 - XS fff 'lllli -Z Q X X -"' Elff.- A .. J tr The office training class is the final step in the prog- ress of the commercial students, familiarizing them with office routine and etiquette through job assignment. A student is sent to some office to work as an assistant. Additional skill mastery is acquired through training in comptometry, calculating machines and filing tech- niques. Upon graduation Mr. Robinson helps the student to be placed in an office position through the cooperation of down town business men. 46 -17 ' "' .3 H .N eilfq . ,fx uzl' ' F' 5 M55 .fgcfiuified fl? r .McLorg .SZCL QIQKGCQLJ dy ave Dr. Winters speaks at induction assembly. No Skid Row here: clean up drive! Harvest Dream dance. Executive Council of Student Council: Dave Coulson, president, Donna Lawrence. vice-president, Dick Miller, secretary: Henry Pearsall, treasurer: John Thornton, president, class of 19505 Bob Daly, president, class of 1951: Donne Plote, president, class of 1952, Barry Danielson, president, class of 1953, Virginia Landwehr, Beverly Tyson, Barbara Loveday, Donn Valentine. COMMISSIONS-BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Jack Hallman. Mildred Davis, co-chairman, Niles Benson, John Thornton, Jay Survant, Ed Frederick, Willard Schuldt, Jeanne Pace, Sue Brinkman, Evelyn Raplus, Charles Ward, Ed Ehorne, Nancy Peirce. RESEARCH AND PUBLICITY: Marilyn Weatherbee, Bill Pierce, co-chairmang Dick Miller, Mary Tyrrell, George Arnold, Joe Ann Bryan, Ronald Sopczak, Peter Gilles, Marie Mel- ville, Marion Howard, Alan Granskog, Nancy Summers, Barry Danielson. PROGRAM: Gini Landwehr, Barbara Loveday, co-chairman, Beverly Schuld, Bob Weigel, Jerry Shott, Bruce Homefeldt, Mary Rausch, Donna McCall, Claudette Seymour, Nancy Johnston, Lee Kirkpatrick, Nan Jean Melms. SERVICE: Dave Jepson, Nan Jean Wilson, co-chairman, Naomi Kulp, Dick Jonson, Bob Daly, Joanne Schultz, Donne Plote, Carol Davenport, June Gerberding, Dave Nelson, Pamela Weeks, Norma Spears. SOCIAL: Erhard Moosmann, Beverly Tyson, co-chairmang Jean Meighen, Dan Darling, Bill Morton, Kathleen Russell, Henry Pearsall, Marcia Balding, Mary Larsen, Marlene Yarwood, Beverly Steffen, Carol Bird, Tom Doxey. JUNIOR RED CROSS: Lowell Benson, presidentg Jeremy Wilson, vice-president, Jean Lueck, secretary: Donn Valentine, treasurer, Donna Lawrence, Pat Weeks, John Thornton, president, class of 19503 Dave Coulson, president, student council. In 1900 students were seen but seldom heard. In 1950 students are not only seen but clearly heard. The council gave us numer- ous line assemblies: an induction assembly with Dr. Carl Winters of Oak Park as guest speaker, the dedication of radio station WEPS, and pep assemblies. It sponsored the Harvest Dream dance, the taculty-student basketball game, the Iunior Red Cross State Hospital trips, the clean up drives, courtesy campaigns, safety pro- grams, charitable drives ior T.B., infantile paralysis, Red Cross, and the sending of 110 educational giit boxes overseas at Christ- mas. We're proud oi our Student Council and think it has been a grand success but due tribute cannot be paid to its two able advisers, Miss Irene Pielemeier and Ellison Hoke. 48 L ll lt:-it ralakolnkone laroufd agnfo L agifafion WU IOS The "wireless telephone"-we call it radio. now-was actually invented about 1900. It wasn't until after 1920 that people gave it much thought. That year the first broadcasting station- KDKA-Pittsburgh began operation. In the twenties families gathered around their crystal sets-many of them built at home from mail order parts. "DX"-distance Knot quality ol receptionl was the thrill and pride of the early radio bug." C"At 2:30 this morning I picked up Chicago!"J Earphones were standard equipment. Ianuary 13, 1950, radio station WEPS-FM-Illinois' first public school owned and operated radio station, was born at Elgin High School and was dedicated at an impressive assembly program to the following uses: C11 to broadcast instructional programs to the seventeen schools in the Elgin system C21 to provide students experiences in the organization and production of radio programs Q33 to help students develop attitudes ol critical listening to radios in an era of mass communication C41 to give realistic motivation to classroom activities 151 to re- broadcast worthwhile programs from outside sources C61 to broadcast special events of interest to the community U1 to disseminate information pertaining to the operation of the schools. The staff of radio station WEPS is composed of E. C. Wag- goner. director of Audio-Visual Education: A. C. Kadow. techni- cal supervisor: and Roland Fenz. program chairman. The pictures at the lelt show KU a group of tirst graders speaking into the mike 125 Commerce Council broadcasting 131 Hi-Y boys explaining the features of the youth and govern- ment day in April when some Hi-Y boy acts as governor of Illinois and other Hi-Y boys fill legislative offices 141 Lionel Margolin. Ierome Fisk and Don Huber operating the controls C51 Cat the bottom, rightl Mary Tyrell. Iane Kenyon, Iean Grom- er, Mildred Davis and Gale Brittin, informing the listening audi- ence of the different phases of GAA activities. its history and objectives. and the meaning oi the point system in difterent sports. Ulm lbw! .Slifer 3 ecref THE CAST Prologue .,,,.......,......,.......,,...... ...............,... B . Hansen The Professor ...... ,..,.,,,, J . Radke Lizzie Jones, housekeeper ......, ...........,,........... M . Clute Bill the Dip ,....,.,,..... ,,,,,, N , Mm-ton Barbara Stanley, Nell's sister ,.....,. B. Rouse, N. Reber One-Punch Dugan ....,,,,,......., ,,ii,, R , Nemetz Hiram Stanley, farmer .......,.,... .,.,.., .,..... E . Moosmann Chuck Conners .i...........,,.......,.,. ,,,,,. D , Coulson Nell Stanley, his daughter ........,...... B. Loveday Reginald Vanderlop, a swell ..,... ....., R . Miller John Dalton ............... ....,.,. , ,. G. Stevens Mrs. Vanderlop .............,..,...... ..,,.. C . Gibson Richard Murgatroyd ......,. ....... ...., D . Fyfe Edith Vanderlop ,........., l...... ,,,,., A . Hai-ni-nen Sam Slade .................. . ..... C. Le Vault James H. Glue .,,........,.......,.. .................,,.,,,. Y V, K. Travis Jenkins, constable ..,... .,..... B . Tyson Rose Robinson .......,.,..,,..............,,,,.,.,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,. B, Seyller A Derelict ...,............, ..... L . Olinger Bowery Girls and Boys ....,..........,.,.. D. Kaiser, D. Beck, Big Mike Slattery ..,,. ,....... R . Rowe G. Brittin, M. Tyrell, M. Shirley, J. Pete the Rat ..........., ...., D . Sherman Schultz, B. Johnson, R. Mather, W. Old Kate .....,..... ..... D . Conklin Dusek, D. Hempstead, J. Eckols, and Slick Steve ..,...... .....................,,.. N . Hoffman L. Kamp. Little Tommy .,,,. ........,,A.,............... B . Fishburn The set and costumes were designed by Greta Wise. eme lnealing ogfi Le V QOACUQ has loveliness to sell zautiiul and splendid things - - " vor1te poem This group was gamzed in 1944 by M1ss Mabel brecht to help students appre and mterpret poetry more fully roup gave several periorm , durmg the year, appearing he musical organizations in the 1 Christmas concert, presenting usual program at the Mothers' Q Verse Speaking choir chants r - . I I 9 I ' 1 1 J aughters' Tea, and broadcast- . fifteen minute program over I. founder ot the Boys' Glee Club, oyd Swanson, discovering that enjoyed singing male choral , formed the first such group r says the boys not only sing asure but also to become ac- ed with the best choral litera- he boys are usually available blic performances. Require- lor membership in the group e a good voice, ability to read , and the ability to stay on 5. Mr. Leonard, the present in- : , ' e 1 . . T . u l dxtonum during the noon hour Aeolians llmber their volces mg for work on concert music oi the events to which the Aeo contr1buted music were the as concert, Dad and Daughter ite, the Spring Festival, and rmistice Day Assembly. Miss -ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-" floats lrom 1 . . . r. . I m N Engelbrecht is the director. f , X . 1 1 , t Qgtft basl tl X v - ,g:- -,ig if F5 t num is-'ATI 5' I in , Clmrud randi :S f is RF At the turn of the century the first singing group at Elgin High School was started-a girls' glee club. Its instant popularity grew through the years: now, at the mid-century mark our high school boasts of five singing groups-Treble Choir. Boys Glee, Mixed Chorus, Aeolian Choir, and A Cappella Choir-with the acme of achievement being membership in the A Cappella choir. This group was founded in 1935 by Miss Alma Schock for the purpose of entering a field of mixed a cappella singing heretofore untried in Elgin High School. This year the choir began its busy whirl of activities with eighty-one members under the direction of Mr. E. A. Hill. To pilot the organization through the eventful year of 1949-'50, the choir elected lack Broman to be president: Neta Reber, vice- president and business manager: Barbara Rouse. secretary: Barbara Lohse and Mary Rausch, librarians: Mary Clute and Marilyn Koch, robe custodians. Accompanists Vern Studt, Ioan Hardy and Kay Leonard have given valuable service to the group. The choir meets every day fourth period in room 343 where members endeavor to become acquainted with the best of old and modern compositions, both sacred and secular. Be- cause the main purpose of the club is to maintain a well- balanced choir which will present programs throughout the year, a good voice, ability to sing on pitch, good musicianship, and a willingness to sacrifice for the betterment of the group are essential requirements for membership. School had hardly begun when the A Cappella Choir, jointly with the orchestra, presented a fall concert "Operatic Nights." Front Row, l to r: Barbara Rouse, Mary Rausch, Mary Stephens, Neta Reber, V-Pres., Kay Leonard, Acc. Second Row: Nan Kobel, Carol Welch, Billie Leach, Pat Barnes, Ellen Menke. Third Row: Willene Steele, Janet Apple, Darlene Bennorth, Naomi Kulp, Nan Seagren, Nan Carver. Fourth Row: Willard Beehe, Fred, Steffen, Jerry Shott, Philip Hudgens, Fred Burns, Robert Rebensdorf. Fifth Row: Lyle Welch, Ronald Goff, Charles Werner, William Nitz, Bruce Pillinger, Douglas Hurley, Alan Anderson. Sixth Row: David Long, Morten Anderson, Garth Dufield, Robert Nemetz, Lyle Schroeder, Donald Bohlin, George Stevens. Not Present on picture: David Eno, Ray Mather, Joan Copley, Jean Lueck, Eleanor Surber. fo 24 Cl, f xx f ' y lf The two pictures at the left are from this operetta. Since that time the choir has appeared in concerts all over the city-the Thanksgiving Festival of Song at the First Methodist Church: Christian Youth Federation Council Service at the First Congre- gational Church: Vesper Concert at the Epworth Methodist Church: Vesper Concert at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church: the Christmas street broadcast sponsored by the Iunior Chamber oi Commerce of Elgin: Concert for the Woman's Club at Polo, Illi- nois: the dedicatory program for the public schools radio station, WEPS: the Sunrise Easter Service sponsored by the Youth Fed- eration of Churches. In addition to these services to the commu- nity. the choir has participated in its own school activities: a high school assembly program of song: the high school festival given jointly with all the other high school musical organiza- tions: the Fox Valley Musical Festival: Baccalaureate Service: Commencement. This year the choir has rendered fifteen public appearances in and about Elgin. Each year a few outstanding members, who win ratings in the district contest, are eligible to go to the state contest. Those receiving first division ratings as vocal soloists were Neta Reber, Nan Carver, Mary Stephens, Ianice Towner, Ann Thurnau, Sharon Hedblade, Meredith Parsons, Ianice Voltz: as a boys' octet fpictured at the leftl were Lester Ottinger, Donald Worm, David Long. Wendell Schmidtke, Lyle Welch, Leonard Behling, Alan Andreson and George Arnold. We at Elgin High are justly proud of a fine organization which has accomplished such exceptional work. The quality of this year's choir gives promise of a fine talented group for next year. Front Row: l to r: Mildred Davis, Mary Clute, Marilyn Koch, Joan Hardy, Acc., Mary Teeters, Eleanor Wright,. Second Row Barbara Loveday, Carolyn Gibson, Marlene Pentz, Dorothy Wilcox, Janice Fishburn, Mary White, Jane Kenyon. Third Row Delores Sell, Barbara Lohse, Sally Schroeder, Carole Nelson, Cynthia Carlson, Jacque Kettner, Jeanine Lamz, Delores Schick Fourth Row: Garth Steffen, Jack Broman, Pres., Wendell Schmidtke, Vernon Studt, Acc., Richard Bryant, Jeremy Wilson. Fifth Row: Donald Templin, Donald Westphal, Donald Worm, James Stevens, Robert Hoke, John Gantz. Sixth Row: Leonard Behlmg Wendell Ravelstad, Bruce Sjurseth, George Arnold, Richard Akins, Charles Adarnek, Lee Templin. VIOLIN: Jean Lueck, June Battin, Carol Crichton, Lois Holland, Morla Kruse, Marlene Schultz, Marilyn Israel, Pat McCarty, Shirley VVeiss, Freda Cork, Betty Stowell, Nancy Dall, Peggy Halen, Pat Semler, Grace Switzer. VIOLA: Nancy Peirce, Marilyn Ward. CELLO: Mary Tyrrell, Carol Marker, Janice Towner, Don Spuehler, James Prickett. BASS: Beverly Baxman, Joanne J. Towner, C. Crichton, K. Vollman 7' 2 fm FL We eww 'sas 'X l m al.- Eff , l . lt J ll- r fc! juned win At the turn of the century there was no orchestra at E.H.S. Since its birth in 1912 with ten pieces. it has steadily grown in popularity because it consistently broadens its range ol music and increases its playing ability. As proof that "music hath charm" all iorty-one orchestra per- sonnel give up many of their noon hours and all study periods in order to retain their chairs in this excellent playing group. The ability to play an orchestral instrument and a vacancy in the orchestra are requirements for membership in the Elgin High School Orchestra. Fair competition is displayed when the members challenge one another lor first chair positions. The "chairs" are open for competi- tion every two weeks when each member plays a certain passage ol orchestra music that is currently up for rehearsals. The decision ol pro- motion to a higher chair is made by the complete sections of string players who listen to each other in these tryouts. By this means. new talents and abilities are discovered. The string section. tor the most part, meets each day to Work on new numbers and to perfect the older ones. Other sections likewise have their individual instruction. When the orchestra is asked to per- form publicly. Miss Marion Lailey, their very competent director, joins all the instrumentation and thus the concert orchestra is complete. Then the auditorium is a merry sight as the familiar "A" is sounded. Soon work gets under way and the beautiful orchestration of "The Knightsbridge March" by Coates tills the room. This year the group's activities have been many. During November the entire personnel went to Chicago to hear the performance of the Youth Orchestra of Greater Chicago, in which organization three Elgin High School students are members: Peter Giles. Beverly Baxman and 54 9 Nesler, Evelyn Best, John Wissmuth. FLUTE: Marcia Bailey, JoAnn Rogen. CLARINET: Leonard Behling, Mary Jane Heaton, Donald Krueger, Claudette Seymour. HORN: Peter Gilles. TRUMPET: Lester Ottinger, Bob Bellows. TROMBONE: Paul Wilken ing, Gordon Murray. PIANO: Dolores Kaplan. PERCUSSION: David Mumlne, Janet Krumnfusz, Niles Benson. in ag may mixed Iean Lueck. During this month the orchestra also furnished the instru- mental background ior "Operatic Nights" presented by the A Cappella choir. In December, iointly with the E.H.S. choral groups, the orchestra assisted in presenting the annual Christmas concert. For the month ol March two outstanding events filled the orchestra calendar: The annual spring orchestra concert in the high school auditorium and the district contest tor soloists and ensembles at Arlington Heights. A string trio composed of Carol Crichton, Ianice Towner and Karen Vollman won first rating: a string quintet, Beverly Baxman, Mary Tyrrell, Nancy Peirce, Carol Crichton and Iean Lueck also had a tirst rating. These groups competed at the state contest held at Quincy, Illinois, on April 28 and 29. On May 2, the combined music organizations presented their Elginland Music Festival and on May 8 the Fox Valley Music Festival was held. Because of the outstanding work accomplished by the concert orches- tra, it was called upon by many local organizations to provide music. Particularly active in giving service to the public were the two stringed ensembles. The string quintet performed at the following: Music Parents Association, Home Economics Tea, Cosmopolitan Club, American Asso- ciation of University Women. Chamber oi Commerce broadcast ot Christ- mas music at Fountain Square, Rotary Club, Elgin Musician's Club, Lin- coln P.T.A., Mission Union M. E. Church, Lenten noon services at Cook's Publishing Plant, and the Women's Club ot St. Paul's Church. The string trio had an equally active calendar, periorming at the Business and Professional Women's Tea, Sherman Hospital nurse's party, Kiwanis Club, Lion's Club, Congregational Church morning services, Masonic Order, Sheridan P.T.A., Elgin's radio station at Fox Hotel, Catholic Daughter's Tea, Grace M. E. Church, and Cook's Publishing House Lenten Services. 55 Officers: P. Gilles, Pres: J. Lueck Vice pres M. Tyrrell, Sec.-treas if ff! KV if frv? 5-fig 'Qtr'-13 .- g- -135: ., . ,:,QLs,-. , .s -- .....,..-.,,..., fsf 1 - ' ,4 5e'. l H. 2? ffff ft 'lg ? KL- ir" '::fgf.",1 - -1--T fi . -1 ,, -n wl' If .l"l-.w .ff-"' , li ,f -1' 4 f ' ref' i' ' .- 5, ffk... jedfiuaf The twentieth Fox River Valley Music Festival was held in the Elgin High School Gymnasium on April 25, 1949, with one thousand students representing fifteen different towns of the Valley participating and 2,500 patrons listening. Except for two years during wartime the Fox Valley Music Educator's Club has sponsored the Festival which has gained national recognition- a fact which is borne out by the top-notch conductors who come from distant points to serve as guest con- ductors. In the past these groups have been thrilled and inspired by such leaders as Noble Cain, Oscar Anderson, Ray Dvorak, Dr. Frederick Toenniges, Olaf Christiansen, George Dasch, William Revelli and Herbert Huffman. Personnel for the various Festival groups is usually distributed by giving each school percentages of the organization enrollment, thereby giving each school its iust share of participants. There are two rehearsals with the guest conductors. One is on a Sunday after- noon and the second on the following Monday after- noon, with the Festival concert on Monday evening. These rehearsals form the finest of the educational fea- tures of the Festival, as the guest conductors work with the students of their groups for four hours of each of the two days. The Festival Orchestra performed the following pro- gram: March of the Meistersingers - - - Wagner-Herfurth Sailor's Hornpipe -------- De Lamater Romance, from Woodland Pictures - - - Fletcher Pixie Dance ------ - - Langlitz Hungarian Comedy ----- - Keler-Herfurth El Relicario -------- Padilla-Isaac Of special interest on the program, the "Pixie Dance" composed for orchestra by the Festival's Orchestra Chairman, Vincent Langlitz of East Aurora, drew equal appreciation from performers and audience. Already 150 band students are learning parts to be ready to play under the direction of Colonel George S. Howard from the United States Air Force Band: 135 orchestra students are eagerly looking forward to their guest conductor, Iohn M. Kuypers of the University of Illinois: and over 700 high school vocalists are antici- pating the rich experience which will be theirs when Maynard Klein of the University of Michigan conducts the huge chorus for the May 8, 1950, Festival. JZ 1 I' Ivl sa n,-. OX Q 5 ",n gen lg ,. f 5 li f I 47 2 f X It 6 I Z 'Q lg x X ,.,. 2 in X 47 :5 ?9Q1,v, H 2 v ,f K 4 M XXKGZQQQ A X 'A 1 f f I UW Q 1 A ' 05. I 1 asa .rw ,V AE! yu r 1 ' J ililpllll mg ,fgijlay A 'Eel f 2 53 lv' N Y I I 93 . H1940 ,Q Q51 A .gfv ,xg 4 , Q A . Y' Ah ,, Q - - x, ' ,X 3. f ' WL H g x i if! gg 75 K4 V5 Tggllgk J Qi gmh4i:,25'gAi N,:x?Qe ,f Q 53 2 -s if -12 1 . 3,3 .fE.,,5 55 fit- ,Rf ..,, A V kv, gg ,ip , .M X Y .. tt' nfs J.. ,, ini MP L Q fi fx A . ,, ' i :,. . Q M . R: xx Q y Q kiwi . Ji M b fg 3, M.-,I A5 if I S2 if n fr pr, -9 W Affqfi' 4 ' 3 K F- L f M 233. M' A, H H i V ,, L.. I - W Q bw 3 V W , ,. M iz K al .gg A rl , I LN-A-. wmf A Q Q A-A " 'W '- A 1' 'ffxtgp' 1 7 Af 'WWA . TA ,Q - .. ,- Q' v- AA' .X A ff 1- ,Ar Aff LQ -M f- ff A ' M -A ,. W W4 1' W 3 Q! U? ' r,gf"" .'- Q' wil if '41 5 .A qw 5. ' A 4 K . I , , fix , K ,v" da- Q :ax rg M K - J yi F M - 1. ' - Q A M Af? ff?"" Q MW A T, i-M ,, ' ' Vi- ' X f ff at , m A ,. fi A af -Q. y?,ff?b vw' I .W ..,:, . 2 EL! ' YL m. Af? A f Y A . Q fiiff A A L A ,' 'R' m. 1 V 'WA ' , ' .f HX Q. by V H As -lj f , Q1-M NI 5 x 4 Y . f Nm Q tif?-5. A w Y X ""' .M W f AA' X' A 1 054 ,. ,X AA 45 ff MQSARM nw fn 'A A A V W ' YQQXJ 'f I A i T' 4 7 2 k A I 'W X z .3 K,-7 Afhr 51 as Q. X K Am J Q x t K' fr Nryg' I :V fy 'aff N f I . 3-SK Q l 5 ' ,' K V. LEEKQR5- My J' 1 by ' V -1- .E is lg' n A Mfg. M ' M 'W' Q A " ff' A, l ,R ff I EA A 9 55' SX ' Wg, Lf I , :'.'Hf Afrfv gf' A-f A A 5 -Q A' W, V A ' I, ' Q A K ' Z. X'AAAAAi2 g-1, f' V A li AAA Q M ggi, ' VA KAQQ 7 - V X, , 1 w.S4' wx- -Sh K f, , ' 5 eff? Nm . H X V' if Q Ng ,, ., x Mix? . i 3 2 w A ,,.-f f Y: A ,QSM f A , 3 5 I ", Wk 1-Sgwhsis K X A , 5' ' f- W' QISHM-...,' ' K 'I I 4, I A :fi g , . A B JA as ,M , S, 5 W V . ..,. 2 .., , L ff N4 'ff . gig ,.r,,l, ...., 5 xx kv .B nj Tai! Xfvj' hy x g? S as 'lt 5 i1fQHk!'s?5 x Mfg' 1511 ' ,iii 1 '1 , ' - W, Q5 I - 'XX - X 8 ' 1 'Wwilfgv' X .MN- 'Sf X . H535 WK' f 5 Q .. v ' ' ' .X " mm, G X ,R 3 1 Q ..Mz..V, ,T , ' x Y. J X ,Aw Y I 'w 1 yr L i 4 5 All -45- 346i e ore rum aforeffefi is E.H.S. Band is noted for its marching and playing and the drum maior- ettes, who are Barbara Schuck. Mary Ann Begalka. Ioyce Brockner, Virginia Leetzow, Ianet Stettner and Ioanne Bennett. The pageantry staged at each football home game as well as at Rockford formed an integral part ot the sport. Following the lootball season the band directed its activities toward the Christmas parade and three assembly programs. The opening ot spring brought the annual spring band concert and contests. At the district contest held at Arlington Heights lirst ratings went to Frederick Wyman, saxophonist: Mary Heaton, Claudette Seymour, Nan Turnquist. a clarinet trio: Lester Ottinger and Robert Bellows, a trumpet duet. These students completed in the state finals at Quincy, Illinois. Near the close of the school year the Fox Valley Music Festival and the Elginland Music Festival occupied the band's musical skill. An Abbott assembly and the Memorial Day Parade completed the year's activities. All civic parades require the performance of these Musicians who march and play along whether it's in the beating sun, cold rain, sleet, or October's bright blue weather. First semester officers were Dave Mumme, president: Gloria Madsen, vice-president: Charlotte Fletcher, secretary-treasurer: Dennis Robinson, Peter Gilles, quartermasters: Ann Kempik, librarian. Second semester officers were Dave Mumme, president: Leonard Bhling, vice-president: Gloria Madsen, secretary: Ann Kempik, librarian: Peter Gilles, Bill Peder- sen, Dennis Robinson and Donald Krueger, quartermasters. V Many oi the recent graduates ot the band are now playing in college and university bands, studying to become bandmasters themselves. ffls ' V 1 it Ie. ,X 7 1 First Raw, l to r: Marcia Bailey, .lo Anne Roggen, Robert Christiansmn, Dennis Robinson, Lester Ottinger, Robert Bellows. Sec- ond Row: Edward Poole, Byron Anderson, Dick Vogle, Howard Narofsky, Richard Larson. Third Row: LeRoy Baker, Charles Ander- son, Charlotte Fletcher, Alfred Kempik, Ann Kempik, Cynthia Carlson, Peter Gilles. Fourth Row: Rodney Wallace, Virginia Sparrow, Barbara Broadnax, John Bogart, Gordon Albright, Paul Wilkening, Gordon Murry. Fifth Row: Carl Schloemer, John Driscoll, Ronald Bierman, Roger Mueller, Lowell Reinert, Lloyd Reinert, Glenda Miller, Janet Krunnfusz. Thursday, I took a snoopervising tour of the clubs owf E.H.S. I snapped some pictures, too, treading from L. to RJ First I stumbled into the Collector's Club where J. Voltz, president, and Miss Rupp, sponsor, were poring over a "Jenny, put-the-kettle-on" doll, one of B. I-Iost's collection. In the hall again I met B. Lohse and G. Gabler who escorted me to the business and machine demonstration sponsored by the 'Commerce Council. Mr. Arnold let me tinker with a comptometer but it was all Greek to me, so I hastened to the Spanish Club. "Habla usted espanol?" asked D. .Ioerns as I entered 114. I went blank on that one. A group of young people from Mexican families was pre- senting some Spanish dances. Feeling like Fibber McGee in Molly's closet I took off for the Latin Club. Here N. Murphy, president, invited me to join the grofup in singing songs in Latin! Since the only Latin I knew was "Ego ammo te," I greeted Miss Linkfleld and hurried to the German Club. A group of eighty students, captained by W. Schmirltke, was planning a banquet. Miss Engel- brecht sponsor, said "Werden Sie mit uns zu dem Weihnachtsfest kommen?" Not knowing what she said I guess I won't go. By accident I stumbled into 120 where E. Walker and J. Benson were demonstrating the operation of the steam engine to M. Klatt, J. Rockwell, and Mr. Larson, sponsor, of the Demonstrator's Club. Next I hlusterecl into the broadcasting station. The Hi-Y boys were on the air describing Youth Day when Hi-Y boys from all over the state take over the state government for one day. I almost joined this club for politi- cians drive Cadillacs! I tip-toed out of there and meandered into a dark room. Mr. Stuart, the Photography Club sponsor, was explaining to A. Granskog, president, that one usually put film into a camera to take a picture. .lust as I came out of the dark room I bumped into D. Wilcox with some other future teachers and Miss Siren. They were on their way to visit the Harriet Gifford Elementary School. Since I have too much school with E.H.S. I declined their invitation. It was then that I noticed a "brain" carrying a copy of Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" in his hand. He sauntered into Mr. CantreIl's room and I put two and two together that he must be Fred Burns, president of the Chem-Phys. Club. Next I met the Senior Literature Members who were Chicago hound to see the play "Kiss Me Kate." Charlotte Fletcher, president, invited me to go, too, but I didn't have a ticket. Next I went in search of Miss Stearn's knitting Club where a group of girls were jiggling needles like puppets on a string making mittens for the Hixon orphanage. Eileen Oeschle was the president. "Farley-vous francais," called Mary Tyrrell as I passed Mrs. Pasel's room where the French Club members were packing boxes to send to needy families in France. I hastened on to the Future Farmers Club meeting in Mr. Raplus' room. Here Howard Schifferer, president, explain- ed how to notch pig's ears. Last but not least I came upon Neil Morton, president, and the E Club boys in Mr. Roggen's room planning a dance. Thus ended my snoopervising tour. E Parkin Sociazi guofue X, f f C6 W 50 'X , au! 'bi n elsif, if ,, f 53 , A , . i s 55' 'nu :AA 1' TT 'Q :gf A R A KAY kF" 3 if ', nv Q 'W' fi' , zv, we 2? Ev, 'Y SV ,AA 1 'W f N fi 2 ,V f'ffAf M V! xg 4 wk ,A A, , f 9 Av v Aa F49 W' fini, T551 . an .U .,: "Af A7 1 gf . f 91X"3, - 5 .- aww' 5,15 5' " Q' LR f - f'W'3? N' AA , A A A -A , " '-' W 3 O x Q ,N A . A , ,, - f X Y W' rf' . Lt' 5' X 'ii Q Nm . :AAL . Q AAQAW, I , .4 N A rw, E' 5' f 'Vi A iz Q n I1 girdf Wrror fgldinfecl in f 97 C. Fletcher-Editor. E. Frederick- Business Manager. Flashback, MIRROR, September, 1898. Nearly a year has elapsed since the class of '98 published the first issue of the high school paper and its founders have now passed beyond the walls of the high school, leav- ing as a legacy the result of their effort-the MIRROR. In the fifty years of progress E.H.S.'s MIRROR has grown from inconsequential "literary efforts" issued monthly to the carefully organized student newspaper of today. The basic platform upon which the paper is built is that of democracy. Effort is made to get news stories about all the students, not iust a clique, with the staff remaining anonymous. Deadlines, roaring presses, clacking typewriters, the smell of fresh black ink, the thrill that comes with a "by-line," the democratic plat- form upon which the paper is founded-all these have lured many students to work on E.H.S.'s MIRROR. It is printed bi-weekly during the school year except Thanks- giving and Christmas vacations and during semester examinations by the students of E.H.S. under the direc- tion of Miss Enid Burns, adviser. The editorial board consisted of C. Fletcher, chairman and editor first se- mester: I. Fiddler, L., Schlief, co-editors. second semes- ter: L. Kenyon, B. Richards, associate editors. News reporters were I. Bryan, B. Barnhart, E. Best, I. Kammrad, P. McBride, I. Schultz, I. Thorwalden, C. M. Nelson, M. Atchisson and C. Moss. Feature writers M. Friedricks, D. Scarbrough. N. Therien. Sports writers were G. Steffen, editor, D. Kovacs, B. West- lund, I. Helsdon. C. Wright. Business manager was E. Frederick. Adver- tising department consisted of L. Schrieber, B. Lohse, B. Iuby. Circu- lation was maneged by L. Vogt. The life of a MIRROR staff mem- ber is, however, not all work. Here and there throughout the year are bright spots that definitely spell fun. One of these was the trip to Chicago to enioy "Kiss Me Kate" at the Shu- bert Theater. Another of course, was the annual Publication Board ban- quet at which time the faithful and conscientious were awarded pins. and attending high school press con- ferences. ..- -, l'4 u t I Il I in 1 I H .A e 5 First semester staff prepares copy. Second semester class folds MIRROR. Class interviews visiting student. Cfafw o 1917 lgudgziecl .Emi maroon Artists and staff plan the Maroon. Sales crew turn in money to business manager Jerry Schurmeier. Photographers D. Larson, C. Roessler, A. Granskog pose for their picture! 5- Q Eye :S 5-Q aw in C. Hoefs-Co-Editor. J. Schurmeier- P, Akins- Business Manager. Co-Editor. The MAROON was first published by the class of 1911. Since that time the policy ol this publication has been to give to our high school and community the maximum standard of quality at the lowest minimum cost. In 1933 a Publication Board was organized. Be- fore this time the MIRROR and MAROON were publica- tions independent oi each other, but under the man- agement ot the Publication Board they have been brought into one strong organization. The Publication Board consists of our principal, the head oi the English department, the advisers of both MIRROR and MAROON, the print shop instructor. editors of MIRROR and MA- ROON, business managers of both publications, and a Student Council representative. This board has gen- eral supervision over both publications. No yearbook was ever published without months of planning and hours of hard work that can be termed nothing but drudgery. Seldom, however, do the read- ers have a chance to look behind the scenes and watch the people responsible for its publication. Head- ing the editorial staii as co-editors were P. Akins and C. Hoeis. On the iinancial end oi the book was I. Schurmeier, assisted by a large sales crew: B. Fern. D. Akins, B. Hooper, K. Iones, P. Lasher, P. Westphal, I. Newby, M. Parsons, M. Christensen, M. Wood, V. Burnidge, K. Chapman, H. Horne. Wielding the camera were W. Rovelstad, I. Humphrey, C. Roessler, H. Hunter, D. Larson, A. Gronskog. Mr. Stuart assisted with the photography. For those of you who read the print C. Hoels, I. Thorwalden, H. Pearsall were the people behind the write-ups. Pounding the typewriters hours on end were M. Villella, M. Pentz, D. Parrish, K. Kin- singer. M. Weatherbee. Credit also goes to K. Bryer and F. Worm for the art work. Miss Stoifregen was yearbook adviser. The 1950 MAROON has had as its aim the recording of growth at E.H.S. from the turn of the century. We have worked toward the goal of giv- ing to the students a yearbook that not only will be valuable now but also during the future years. We hope our students will treasure it as a memento oi a high school year tully lived. 5 , .6 , .- XI I i' 1 rl I .If 'sf gwccrrowt 0!6!.!4l"9lfLl'l'LQlflf5 810185 Ll' 6LfQ Elgin High School believes that the art of public speaking is a definite asset in every- day life, so for years a course in debate has been offered to students of any class or cur- riculum. This year fourteen students advanced in the debate class for instruction under var- sity coach H. H. Shelby while seventeen en- rolled in the Frosh-Soph squad under the guidance of Iohn Conzelman. The topic for this year was-"Resolved That the President of the United States Should Be Elected by Direct Vote of the People." Georgia Gabler and Ed Walker represented the affirmative side with Donna Lawrence and Ginny Land- wehr representing the negative side. At the Big Eight conference meet held at East Au- rora, Elgin placed second in debate. second in extemporaneous speaking. and third place in oratory. At Augustana on Ianuary 27 and 28. Elgin placed fourth in debate. This was the first important tournament in which schools from Illinois and Iowa took part. Our individual stars had a chance to shine when the Illinois district tournament was held at Elgin on February 25. Elgin placed first in oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and ora- torical declamation: third in comedy: seventh in serious reading and verse. At the Illinois sectional held at Rockford's West High School, one of six such tournaments throughout the state, Elgin swept through to win the section- al championship. Elgin High's affirmative team, Georgia Gabler. Ion Warner and Ed Walker merited decisions over New Trier, Sandwich and Evanston. The negative team, Donna Lawrence and Ginny Landwehr, won from Waukegan, Niles Township and Rochelle. This gave Elgin first place in debate. Ginny Landwehr won second place honors in ex- temporaneous speaking. Her subject was "Should More Displaced Persons Be Admitted Into the United States." George Stevens merited second place in original oratory. His oration regarding the Hoover Commission re- port was entitled "That All May Benefit." Ad- vancing to the Illinois State Finals at the University of Illinois our debate squad placed fourth in the individual contests. and George Stevens won second place in original oratory. Virginia Landwehr won first place in the state of Illinois in extemporaneous speaking. As a fitting climax to Virginia's four years in speech competition. she advanced into the national tournament at Kenosha, Wisconsin. In competition for three days with twenty-six of the top ranking speakers among high school students from all parts of the United States fall boysl, Virginia won first place. It was the first time in the twenty-five years of existence of the National Forensic League that a girl was declared winner. The six topics upon which Virginia spoke were "Federal Aid to Educa- tion," "Is Socialized Medicine the Answer in America?" "The Hoover Commission Recom- mendation for Reorganization of the State De- partment." "Should We End the Occupation of Iapan?" "What Can Be Done in Our Com- munities to Thwart Communism?" and "Should the Communist Party Be Outlawed in the United States?" to Varsity debate sqwaclg Virginia Landwehr, .lon Warner, Georgia Gabler, Eddie Walker, Donna Lawrence. Frosh-Soph Debate. Front Row, l to r: Carol Kemerling, Eileen Hoban, Nan Melms, Pam Weeks, Paul Carrier, Winchell Reber, Jerry Levine. Second Row, l to r: Betty Young, Sandra Chaplain, Shirley Buob. Gail McMann, Patricia Dlouhy, Nancy Johns- ton, Gordon Philps, Sam Wray, Harold Zabolsky, Stan Crane. of Ufwlerc 6i5Jl'l'L8l'l OU, ere my Queen in agen Receiving class rings. JUNIORS Bob Daly. president Ed Walker. vice-president Leslie Larson, adviser Nan Wilson, secretary Mildred Davis, treasurer Taking Illinois test. f ffl! fi? '-IW 1, ALI 1 y 1 x , 66 lllqlmm I HOME ROOM 42 Mr. Scibetta Evelyn Best Danny Bjick Barbara Blevins Norma Blietz Tommi Braddock Duane Brockner Evan Brown I ohn Bruderer Fred Bruneman Wayne Brunner Ioanne Bryan Dick Bryant Ken Bryer Marvin Buchholz Fred Burns Arlene Byrd Charles Carlson Don Carlson HOME ROOM 120 Mr. Larson Warren Ahrens Dick Akins Mary Ann Albert Gary Allen La Vonne Allen Shirley Allison Allen Anderson Charles Anderson Clarence Anderson Ioan Anderson Dorothy Anderson Morton Anderson Marion Atchison Warren Anderson Ianice Andrews George Arnold Donna Aurand George Aurand LeRoy Baker lim Ball Richard Ballsmith Wanda Banty Ioan Banwart Bob Banwart Nancy Barman Barb Barnhart Kenneth Bartels Ioanne Bauman Phyllis Batt HN '5- HOME ROOM 113 Miss Linkiield lim Hahn I-lrlis Ham Ioyce Hansen Romayne Hartwick Carol Heath La Verne Holland Bruce Homleldt Gordon Honert Edward Hood Nancy Hopp Margaret Hornbeck Pat Hoyt Robert Hugel lack Humphrey Marilyn Israel Ronnie lakes Charmaine Iapp Bob Iensen Delphine Ioems Tad Morgan Don Moring Ieanie Thorwalden HOME ROOM 141 Mr. Taylor Ioel Van Buren Kyle Iones Dick Ionson Pat Iunod Merrill Kallenback lack Kammrad Ioyce Kammrad Norma Kane Barbara Keller Iack Kennedy Kathryn Kinsinger Ken Kniece Dick Kovacs Dan Koyn Edward Kral Ioyce Krebs Helen Kroeger Bob Lagerstrom Ieanine Lamz Richard Landwehr Barb Landwer Fred Lemon HOME ROOM 200 Miss Davery Carole Nelson Tom Nelson Ralph Nestmann Victor Nitz Shirley Orton Don Oswald Bob Palm Ianet Payne Marlene Pentz Harold Peterson Marlene Petersen Shirley Piortmiller Clarence Pfortmiller Tom Pitus Elmer Prehm Carol Quandt Harrison Race Richard Radloif Mary Rasmussen Mary Rausch Al Reuter Gloria Ryburn HOME ROOM 339 Miss Peters Nan Carver Ken Chance Ierri Chapin lean Chapin Dora Christensen Audrey Cheperka Ann Connell Delores Cook Ioan Copley Bob Daly Hildred Dauksavage Mike Davidson Mildred Davis Marvin Depew Iean Diebert Melvin Downey Mary Drake Iim Draper I ohn Driscoll Beverly Ehlenberg George Elliot Ioan Emmert Lane Osterman Carol Vege LeRoy Vogt .fv- HOME ROOM 213 Miss Stickling Elaine Fairchild Ralph Ferguson Io!-lnne Fiddler Ken Field lack Flynn Mary Friedrichs Henry Funk Georgia Gabler Gladys Garbrecht Arliss Gerberding Dennis Giertz Debbie Giles Peter Gilles Rhoda Goldman Ronald Good Sandra Goodnow Iackie Grant Raymond Grap Richard Green Louis Miller Gary Miller Bruce Miller HOME ROOM 330 Miss Siren Marion Hess Carol Hinch lim Hoffman Bob Hoke Maryellen Holtz Dick Iohns Roger Iohnson Flora Kelem Ioan Kelly lim Mollitor Kathleen Russell Barbara Teeters lohn Teets Lee Templin Nancy Therien Donald Thomas Robert Tolley Ioyce Torok Bev Tyson Iohn Ulrich Phyllis Van Arsdall Pat Van Dunsen Henry Van Wambecke Lynn Von Lanken Irene Vranka HOME ROOM 340 Mrs. Prutzman lim Mariini Walter Minehart Roger Rydell Iohn Schil Beverly Schuldt Chuck Schulz Pamela Shearer Darlene Stokes Thomas Stolt Bill Strowbridge Ieanetle Sund Eleanor Surber Arline Sveinson Phil Svendsen Marston Swamberg Darrell Swanson Willard Swanson Eddie Walker Barb Walters Ralph Ward Sally Warner Gene Watkins Carol Welch Pa! Wengert Charles Werner HOME ROOM 335 Mr. Marquis Norman Begalka Gerald Benthusen Nancy Biggins Patty Carlson Iuanita Cullins Ted Dusek lean Eisenmann Ioan Hardy lean Harrison Leon Hayes Wayne Henke Bill Hooper Doug Hurley Ioyce Kellenberger Cris Kobel Billie Leach Marie Melville Claude Moss Barbara Muetterties Marlyn Schalf .qs-f, ,gr-f-1+ HOME ROOM 322 Miss Lewis Gwyneva Gayden Bob Genz Bob Gerdau Delores Greiner Gene Guetschow Adolph Gutierrez Louise Hallock Ioyce Harms Bill Heine Yvonne Helgerson Bob Short lerry Shott Bob Simpson Roland Smart Nancy Io Smith lack Stallbaum Garth Steffen Vivian Stege Mary Stephens Iim Stephens Ruth Stewart Eva Strahl HOME ROOM 320 Miss Logan Marilyn Roth Dolores Paris lean Pace Clayton Parks Ken Parks VVilliam Rinne Dennis Robinson LeRoy Rogman Welda Parkinson Larry Rovelstad Wendell Rovelstad Glen Rudolphi Carol Rugh Bonnie Ryan Mary Ann Saville Donna Scarbrough Dolores Schick Mary Schieb Carl Schloemer Audrey Schmidt Kay Schmitendori Christian Schock Lois Schrieber Lyle Schroeder Mary Schubbe HOME ROOM Mrs. Fletcher Bev Baxmann Bob Beggs Darlene Bennorth Ioyce Benson Iohn Bergholt Dave Berna Don Bohlin Charlene Boswell Pat Botteron Mary Fink Don Johnson Roberta I ohnson Mary Io Larsen Donna Lawrence Fred Lawson LeRoy Leman Amos Mainard Bob Marshall Henry Marvin Pat McBride Doug Nash Phyllis Naylor Al Scheitlin Ioanne Schultz 301 HOME ROOM 250 Mr. Graflam Ieanette Krueger Marilyn Kruger Marilyn Lange Sonya Lapp Doris Littlefield Iohn Lloyd Kenneth Lohbauer David Long Iean Mackert Bob Malohn Betty Mapes Gene Matison Pat McCarty Margaret McEnern Marilyn McGraw Linwood Mengler Marlene Merkle Phyllis Messier Mary lo Miller Betty Moffat Bill Morton Mark Murray SY tv- T f"N ,ws iaith '15 HOME ROOM 243 Mr. Kanies Maxine Davis Iudy Erlen Ron Galbraith Evelyn Garbrecht Dorothy Parrish loan Parsons Bob Paulus Evelyn Peters Alvin Petersen Virginia Preiss Carol Reuter Darwin Reuter Charlene Schultz Florence Schultz Ioan Schultz Ioanne Schultz Marlene Schultz Wayne Schwartz Deloris Sell Bill Sensor Marjory Smith Ronald Sopezak Donna Stowell Elizabeth Stowell Bruce Struckman Nancy Struve HOME ROOM 225 Miss Cavell Bob Westlund Bill Wewetzer Marilyn White Mary White Carol Wiese Dodie Wilcox Carol Williamson Bob Wilms leremy Wilson Nan Wilson Iohn Wold Iules Wolfe Don Wolil Don Worm Quintila Wray Carleton Wright Eleanor Wright Rudy Zabran Roger Ziegler Donna Zierke Bob Zito Bonnie Zweiiel JVIXIL5 SOPHOMORES Donne Plote, president Donn Valentine. vice-president Miss Martha Iones. adviser Sue Moriell, secretary Rosemary Mortelluro, treasurer Oul' gabkfflf g6ll"eA0t Mau Class council plans party. HOME ROOM 43 Mr. Raplus Don Heneise Wallace Hilleshiem Eileen Hoban Denny Hodge Bob Hoffman Lois Holland Edna Holmberg Kenneth Holtz Tom Hopp Norma Horn Marion Howard Marilyn Hubbard Phil Hudgens Karen Huske Sandra Iohnson Esther Huston Barbara Irving Ronald Iohnson Margaret Iohnson Violet Iensen Marlene Ienny Irma Iahn Betty Iacobsen Maragaret lorgensen HOME ROOM 123 Mrs. Pasel Bernice Kaiser Charles Kallenbach Mabel Kampert Deloris Kane Bob Kane Dolores Kaplan Richard Katz Lillian Kawa Marlene Kelley Ann Kempik Rosemary Kerber Carole Klages Mariorie Klatt Ioyce Kobel Sharon Koertge Lois Koonce Ianet Krunnlusz Betty Kruse Marilyn Kruse Morla Ann Kruse Charles Lancaster Mary Larsen Ron Larson George Lee Barbara Leetzow Gale Leetzow Virginia Leetzow Terry Krumm HOME ROOM 140 Mr. Schaarl Don Eberly Louis Edwards Virginia Emery Bill English Arlene Enoe Gloria Erdmann Ioyce Erickson Fred Ermel Gordon Farrell Carol Fehrmann Alan Ferriss lim Finley Phyllis Fischer Peggy Fritz Iim Fruendt Phyllis Funk Don Garland Barbara Garrison Carole Gebhard Ioan Gerberding Iune Gerberding Wallace Giflord Morris Gillespie Bob Ginther HOME ROOM 203 Mr. Shelby Tom Collingbourne Dolores Meyer Ioanne Miko Glenda Miller Dennis Miller Nancy Miller Clark Mills Marilyn Misner Doris Mitchell Marie Morrell Sue Morlell Rosemary Mortellaro Robert Muirhead Neil Murphy Gordon Murray Seymour Naroisky Gordon Nash Dave Nelson Ianice Newby Nancy Nielsen Donna Ninneman Clark Niss Will Nitz Donna Nui! ,glue ga-.. HOME ROOM 205 Miss Iocelyn Gordon Albright Betty Io Allen Byron Anderson Evelyn Anderson lanet Anderson Marlene Andresen Melvin Anliker Lois App Donald Austin Darlene Bacak Theo Bahlwell Marcia Bailey Marcia Balding Peter Bang Ianet Banks Bob Barnwell Sharon Bartelt Darlene Bartholemew Iune Battin Helen Baukin Lois Becker Willard Beebe III Ioan Behrens Gene Beltz HOME ROOM 220 Mr. Stuart Velma Schramm Shirley Schubbe Duane Schuldt Lavon Schultz Mariam Schultz Shirley Schultz Dick Schumacher Shirley Schumacher Barbara Schuman Bob Seliridge Pat Semler Claudette Seymour Geraldine Shepard Dale Sherwood Iohn Sherwood Marilyn Shine Nancy Shott Carol Simonsen Nancy Simmons Ioyce Simpson Rose Sisti Alan Skioldager lean Slaubaugh Iohn Smitendorl HOME ROOM 215 Miss Fletcher Gene Burkhart Betty Buhrman Marlene Buhmann Sally Bruderer Barbara Brodnax Sue Brinkman Barbara Brines Nancy Bradley Mary Braasch I oan Bowlds Stan Boncosky Elaine Bollnow Pat Bolger Shirley Bognar Iohn Bogert Barbara Boe Arnold Bochum Gordon Bloomfield Duane Block Lindy Blakeman Ron Bierman Elaine Bernstein Barbara Berndt Ioan Berke Victor Bergholt Iessie Berg Gerry Benstein Ioanne Bennett HOME ROOM 230 Mr. Meverden Richard Gnekow Betty Goeltenboth Ron Gott Iim Gough Alan Granskog Richard Grant Dorothy Green Iim Greene Iim Grotemeyer Donna Gutschow Don Hahn Margaret Halen Roberta Hamby Shirley Hamilton lim Hansen Sylvia Hart Gari Head Mary lane Heaton Sharon Hedblade Gloria Heine Leesa Heinrich Iudy Helman Karin Hendrickson HOME ROOM 323 Mr. Chesborough Ianet Thurlwell Annie Thurnau Yvonne Todd Margie Tolley Ianice Towner Lorraine Treadwell Mary Lou Trygg Wanda Tucker Nancy Turnquist Charles Unruh Donn Valentine Mary Van Fleet Charlene Van Kirk Tony Vecchio Betty Vellinga Ianice Voltz Pat Wahl Rodney Wallace Mary Waterson Pat Weeks Shirley Weiss Rudy Wendt Ioyce Wenzel HOME ROOM 241 Mr. Lehr Iim Burnidge Virginia Burnidge Dorothy Bushaw Bill Byrd George Campbell Dave Chamberlain Marion Chance Karen Chapman Don Cherco Io Anne Ciacco Delores Clausen Don Coester Edwin Coombs Alfred Cork Delmar Cork Freeda Cork Nan Covey Carol Crichton Yvonne Culverson Carol Davenport Donald Deak Dan De Young Iohn Dickson Iudy Docka Lloyd Dolby Dolores Dralle Edwin P. Driscoll Nancy Drought Bob Eaton HOME ROOM 302 Miss Stearns Bob Smith Edith Sorensen Virginia Sparrow Bertha Sportsman Don Spuehler Iohn Stadler Ron Stark Fred Stelfen Beverly Steftens Bill Stephens Lois Stephens Ianet Stetiner Dale Stevens Dorothy Stevens Charles Stewart Darlene Strahl Barbara Strong Carol Struckman Elinor Svendsen Shirley Taylor Don Templin Richard Thelander Iames Thornton HOME ROOM 313 Miss Morrow Iohn McMahon Margaret McLean Clara McCormick Dale McCallum Donna McCall Sally McBride Charles McBriarty Floyd McArthur Della Maynard Louise Martin Dean Martin Dave Martin Margie Martensen Lola Mapes Iohn Malone Nancy Ludwig Iohn Lohbauer Charlene Lehmann Robert Leland Iames Lenz Edna LeVault Don Lichthardt Earl Lind Barbara Loigren Sue Linder Wm fi' my HOME ROOM 315 Mr. Arnold Evelyn Raplus Bob Rebenstorl Iames Reuter Richard Rice Margery Roath Ioyce Robbins Rodney Roberts Ioanne Rockwell Carl Roessler Ierry Roller Betty Ross Roy Russell Viola Ryall Wilma Sabin Lorraine Salmon lack Satterwaite Iohn Sauceda Carole Savage Carol Saylcmd Ioanne Schaeffer Bob Schalf Loretta Scheerer lack Schlaelli Ioan Schmidt Elizabeth Schock Shirley Schrader HOME ROOM 233 Miss Iones Carolyn Zunkel Norman Zierke Kay Young Darwin Young Charlene Young Nancee Yelton Ioyce Yeagley Marlene Yarwood Ruth Woolcott Everett Woods Mary lane Wood Iohn Wissmath Betty Wishmeyer Floyd Will Gerald Wilkinson Elsie Wilkinson Paul Wilkening Philip Wicklund Colleen Wickland Carole White Carol I. White Harold Westphal Ron Werrback Kay Werling HOME ROOM 327 Mr. Alexander Bob Ransom Darlene Purkey Nancy Prigge Donne Plote Bruce Pillinger Robert Pihl Iim Philips Donna Petersen Bob Petersdort Lloyd Peters Nancy Peetz Lewellyn Pedersen Henry Pearsall Meredith Parsons Alfred Parr Lester Ottinger Carl Orton Muriel Orban Tom O'Neil Lois Olesen Carol Ohe Eileen Oechsle Barbara O'Brien Remember ? e Kliih if W ' Z ,fa P e e I:-91 83 eine Cl, 014,04 0 J I 4 J' A X 'gg xx, f ,,, XX! FRESHMEN Barry Danielson, president Norman Spears, vice-president Kenneth Ettner, class adviser Helen McCormick, secretary Dick Valentine, treasurer Bewildered freshmen enter EHS Mr Ettner counsels us. med at lockers Wow' Tao much home work. HOME ROOM 121 Miss Rupp Iulie Eggert Shirley Eglund Edward Ehorn Roy Erboe Lila Erickson Norman Ewert Diana Forcier Marshall Friedman Jerry Friedrichs Sue Galbreath Phillip Gallagher Harry Gates Luann Gesinger Bob Goll Gordon Goodyear Bill Grap Clyde Greisrud Corky Groeninger lim Groneman Lester Groth Dave Grozis Margaret Gutierrez Lenora Haas Ruth Haas Elaine Hainer Gerald Hajner HOME ROOM 214 Mrs. Wilson Phillip Rystrom Monica Santurro Katherine Scheitlin Donna Schieb Ianet Schmicker Ioann Schmidgall Delores Schmoldt Carol Schultz Sandra Sederlund Sally Seegert Nancy Selpien Ioanne Shatter Frank Sherwood Charles Singleton Dorothy Sinn Donna Sitter Alonzo Smith Darlene Smith Gary Smith Gordon Smith Herbert Smith Margie Smith Nancy Sommers vi" fab? if 2 Pin r K E f .g Pwr R me an dim 'Iv We-in QV' mt 09' 'MPH '?b1 -I YY' fiflfvf we if HOME ROOM 102 Mr. Roggen George Bradley Eleanor Bramer Bill Brandes Ernest Broadnax Gervaise Brockner Don Broker Iames Burger Ann Carlson Lois Carlson Paul Carrier Sandra Chaplain Marjorie Christensen Marilyn Ciraulo Elaine Clute Bill Collins Iune Comerer Richard Cook Alan Coulson Norman Covey Nancy Dall Barry Danielson Mary Darlison Glen DeMoulin Agnes Doherty Shirley Donnell Bob Dougherty Tom Doxey Lois Dummer Alice Dumprolf HOME RO OM 385 Miss Iohnson Dale Ream Bill Kampmeyer Mary Kaempler Dennis Iunod Nancy Iohnston Eileen Iohnston Nancy I ohnson Barbara Ioerns Lowell Huske Henry Hunter Lois Hulke Barbara Host Harold Horne Clydell Hood Morgan Homleldt Evelyn Holtz Sally Hodge Priscilla Henry Don Hedblade Carol Hecker Ierry Hansen Earl Hamann Duane Hagen HOME ROOM 202 Mrs. Meadows Richard Parker Billy Parker Doris Payne Nancy Peirce Lois Pialflin Ken Plortmiller Iohn Phelps Ianice Plagge Paul Plath Betty Pluss Edward Poole Sandra Price Ierry Rakow Winchell Reber Ioyce Reilly Lloyd Reinert Lowell Reinert Wayne Reinking Charles Reuter Henry Robarts Alice Robertson Sharon Robinson David Rogalski Iol-lx-me Roggen Marilyn Rohr Barbara Ross Kay Rugh HOME ROOM 223 Mr. Cook Ioylene Zweilel Robert Zirkel Carol Zimmermann Iack Zimmer Delores Zehr Betty Young Fred Wyman Luna Wright Io Ann Wilson Ioan Wilkinson Henry Wilke Verlys Wilharm Melvin Wiewel Bill Wicklund Myrtle White Audrey Whalen LeRoy Wetzel Marilou Westbrook Dorothy Wesemann Chuck Wendt Pam Weeks Ralph Weaver Marilyn Ward HOME ROOM 219 Mr. Cantrell Dick Sommers Walter Sorensen Norm Spears lack Steele Iohn Steffen Rosemary Steffen Donald Stewart Maxine Strahl Myranne Strausbough Bob Strohmaier Dudley Switzer Grace Switzer Mike Szula Don Thompson Larry Toler Charles Torling Bob Tucker Floyd Uphoff Dick Valentine Io Ann Van Dusen Sylvia Vano Delbert Volkening Arlan Vollman Karen Vollman Mary Wahl Russ Wahl Connie Walker Duane Walters Sheila Walton HOME ROOM 314 Miss Wilson Darlene Agnew Gary Allen Eileen Andersen Shirley Anderson Richard App Wilson App Steve Atkins Iudy Baldivia lack Ballsmith Kenneth Barnhart Ralph Bartels Glenda Beaver Mary Begalka Lillie Belle Belew Carole Bird Patsy Blietz Willmer Blietz Duane Bloemke George Bohlig Clair Borrud Marianne Boswell David Braasch Richard Braasch HOME ROOM 244 Mr. Ettner Don Kappas Dave Kasten Iean Kavanaugh Marlene Keenan Vernon Keller Carol Kemerling Alfred Kempik Patsy Kenyon. Dale Kevern Diane Kirkpatrick Lee Kirkpatrick Carol Kleinschmidt Arnold Klotsch Iim Knaak Barbara Kohn Barbara Kozumplik Barbara Kral Ioyce Kruse Phyllis Kunz Nora Lambke Manley Lange Lois Lant Dick Larson Loretta Lazzara Hollis Leach Beverly Leicht Ierry Levine Kenneth Lloyd HOME ROOM 231 Mr. Hall Martin Logan lohn Lohbauer Erma Lohse Glen Lose Virginia Lowman Don Mapes Pai Mapes Nancy Markee Frank Mayer Glenette Mayes Helen McCormick Dick McEwan Nan Melms Charles Menke Gertrude Meyer Barbara Moore Kay Morgan Roger Mueller Howard Naroisky Thelma Nelson Margie Nicholson Bob Norgard I ack Palm Noon. hour recreation in lounge. Packing Christmas gifts for Europe are Audrey Baker, Norma Movitz, Nan Covey, Lois App, Mary Teeter. The obiect of this organization is to further the democratic spirit of EHS. to give all girls an opportunity lor service to the school and to promote a wholesome spirit of friendliness. Per- haps two of the greatest services to the student body is the maintenance of room 139 as a social lounge for all girls and the maintaining ol a supply store all periods of the day where stu- dents may replenish their pencils. theme paper. ink. etc. -:Z 453 IK '7 J D- 2 1 ,Q ILL 3 cm Breathing the dust from the old 1900 Mirrors. we've tried to find a mention ot a Girls' Club at the be- ginning of the century, but we guess there iust wasn't any such animal. But from all the reports given at the EHS Girls' Club meeting last week it would seem the 1950 club has been exceptionally alive. Alter Geor- gia Gabler had read the minutes and Sue Linder had finished her treas- urer's report. their president. Audrey Hammen, asked different chairmen to give accounts of their Girls' Club work for the year. Cindy Carlson and Neta Reber reported that the annual magazine drive had brought in S350 to support the club's biggest yearly project, the Hixon School in Tennessee. Nan Covey told of the successful party given the incoming freshmen girls. Beverly Baxman re- ported on the Mother-Daughter tea and the faculty tea. Kay Leonard de- scribed the Dad-Daughter Date din- ner. Cabinet members attending the Girls' Club conference at Calumet City told of Dr. Carl Winter's address on Youth in Mid-Century. Cabinet. Seated 1 to r-Kay Leonard, Audrey Hammen, Georgia Gabler. Stand- ing 1 to r-Sue Linder, Beverly Baxman, Neta Reber, Nancy Shott, Nan Covey, Sally Warner, Luna Wright, Betty Young, Nan Jones, Hildred Dauksavage. .Sanrio 91 Jil QLQL4 an I9 0 It's 1950. Let's scan the G.1-LA. calendar. It was filled with major activities such as volleyball, basketball, and softball, and numerous individual sports, some of which were archery, table tennis, bowl- ing, badminton, track, golf, ice skating, horseback riding, modern dance, tum- bling, and cheerleading. In order to be an active member of the GJ-LA. each girl must participate in two major activi- ties and one team activity per year. Reading from left to right, the first row pictures the G.A.A. officers Mildred Davis, Sue Martell, and Gale Brittin: a co- recreational ping pong game: square dancing, co-educational, which has brought many boys to the girls gym: and a gym class. The second row features tennis, calisthenics, and field hockey. Row three shows archery fmodern William Tells?J, modern dancers fHollywood bound?J, basketball, and cheerleading. Q' 'k 'k W Flashback. 1t's 1900. Let's scan the Girls' Athletic calendar. It was filled with one event-basketball. The following article was clipped from an E.H.S. "Mirror," dated February, 1900. The first public game of basketball of the high school girls at Columbus hall Friday evening, February 19, 1900, was a decided success. The girls showed that it was possible for them to play football on occasions. A foul fin the football sensel was occasion- ally noticed, but on the whole the girls were quite good natured. The seating and standing capacity was fully taxed. At times the girls displayed more vim than the boys in previous games have shown. Some of the spectators nearest the fracas were severely handled by the girls in their frantic plunges "after the ball." We have the unpleasant duty of observing that some of the players were seen to slap and notwithstanding many admonitions from kind friends not to scratch, some of this latter feminine weakness was indulged in. However, this was undoubtedly done by the girls in total unconsciousness. Some of the girls displayed remarkable agility and pres- ence of mind. Miss Bertha Hammond and Miss Ida Kleiser distinguished themselves and did much for their cause. No shriek- ing was indulged in-by the players. lt would seem that these girls, part of whom are timid, would have been dismayed by their vociferous surroundings on this their first appearance as basketballists, but on the contrary, they intimidized some of the people on the inner row of spectators. The game was fast and furious and com- paratively devoid of fouls. The general opinion promulgated that evening by all was that the girls were all right and a large number of cheers and some cat calls were freely administered. Needless to say the Orange won from the Reds by a score of 6 to 4. ,.. 'fix N E. QU 045330 fgflf' rig Q , 1.1 iw- r f ' f -.1 .NU I l?1'.JfJ Li- bf , ,t 1 , v 4 x . A V rg iq' QW Q9 92 kg,g?5AfSS,, Y. ax? K. 'A E ah 1,32 V f A fi- EE, dig 0 5 ":" :x f' f ,wi S' Vx Q 1 I 4' .V I T Q yr M lg, S 1 JK , U it ' C " 'vl ,- :-' 4 as 1 A A 3, f Q L ,E Q I, .,,X Q V. Y 'WGBH Bob Daly A' , George A Elioi' I Ke n Saner A2 Q 'ba , 5? , A V' ,rn Szmonseh 'N an ' AQ ww'- v, If ON A 7 R . Wallis r We 1 s ne r 1 in V 5 V-5' N s n e. har x , . V 1 ":, -,',..-', Q, A V+ rj? -g V - a a5 D1 ck A 1 . ,. , f K V 4 ..,, 5 ffy- 4, V V 1 ' EQ QV 'Q gT'4 gin eu-ry 1 v ,bw . f M X 5 X wi Hard enz lj e4 Vg 1 B1 ll Sc lm UL l H o I A' V w Ps e r-ce 1 K 1 Lowe ll A k Benson ri ff A SEASON'S SCORES VARSITY BIG EIGHT STANDINGS Elgin ..... .,..,.......,,,,,.... 2 0 Maine ..,,,,,,,,. W L T P OP Pct. Elgin ,,... .......Y....,... 1 8 York ........ West Aurora 5 1 0 191 102 .833 Elgin ..... 18 Juliet ..,,.... Elgin 5 2 O 157 129 .715 Elgin ,..,.,... 14 E. Aurora LaSalle Peru 5 2 0 121 51 .715 Elgin .,,,,,... 20 Leyden .... W. Rockford 4 2 1 161 90 .677 Elgin ..,.. .. 0 LaSalle .... East Aurora 3 2 1 101 64 .600 El i .,,,. H13 W. R kfo d J li t 2 4 1 98 130 333 Eliiii ..,., 38 Freepciztift ..,,, F0 eport 1 5 1 63 185 167 Elgin ..... .539 W. Aurora E t Ro kf d 0 7 0 45 186 000 Elgin .,,,. 35 E. Rockford 94 1764644 gucki, ine .jwlurclgng Maine-September 16. Opening their grid season with one of their traditional rivals, Elgin's Maroons pulled through to a 20-7 victory. York-September 23. Elgin proved it had a quick, powerful backfield and a strong line. Dick Simonsen smashing his way for two touchdowns and Ken Saner adding a third crushed the York team by a score of 18-0. Bob Sandberg. Elgin's "fifth" backfield man, suffered a broken leg. Ioliet-September 30. Playing their first Big Eight Conference game, Elgin scored an 18-14 win over Ioliet. The first half of the game was tight: in the last half Elgin scored. East Aurora-October 7. Before a record Homecoming crowd Elgin trampled the East Aurora team with a score of 14-6. Ken Saner and Dick Simonsen made the touchdowns and Willard Schuldt kicked both conversions. Leyden-October 14. Although the Maroons had an easy time subduing their opponents with a score of 20-U, there was a casualty. Bruce Hansen received a head iniury. LaSalle-Peru-October 21. The first team of the season to bury Elgin in the muddy field and to hold the Maroon's yardage to 44W was L-P with 18 points to Elgin 0. A terrific downpour flooded the field and drowned Elgin's chances against L-P's consistent attacks at every play. West Rockford-October 28. Not having recovered from the LaSalle-Peru loss the Maroons suffered their second defeat by a score of 42-13. Freeport-November 4. A recharged EHS eleven outscored, outrushed, outfought. outran Freeport on Maroon field racking up a 38-12 win. Dick Simonsen scored three touchdowns while Ron Weisner, Roger Zeigler and George Aurand scored once and Willard Schuldt made the conversions. West Aurora-November 11. Lashed by determination, charg- ing like mules the Maroons whipped W.A. into a 39-31 sub- mission. Punjab Simonsen made four touchdowns and added a point after each touchdown. Roger Zeigler accounted for two. Willard Schuldt converted by placement twice. East Rockford-November 18. The Maroons concluded the sea- son with a 35-6 victory over East Rockford. It was Mom and Dad's night. Punjab Simonsen plunged his way to two touch- downs. breaking all Big Eight individual scoring records by bringing his season total to 73 points. Ron Weisner, Ken Saner and Ron Ultes each tallied one touchdown and Willard Schuldt took credit for five conversion points. Coach Alexander, Co-captains Jerry Menz Lowell Benson, Coach Ebbert. Get 'em, Ron 1331. Simonsen plunges through. Front row, 1 to r--R. Ziegler, K. Field, J. Menz, W. Schuldt, R. Weisner, C. Kobel, L. Benson, D. Coulson, G. Aurand. Middle row, l to r-Bl. Strowwbridge, B. Daly, B. Homfeldt, G. Allen, B. Pierce, B. Lagerstrom, G. Elliot, D. Huber. D. Jenson, K. Saner Back row, l to r-Coach Alexander, K. Travis, D. Hulke, D. Westphal, R. Ultes, B. Struckman, D. Estergard, W. Minehart D. Simonsen, R. Schaff, B. Hansen, Coach Ebbert, E. Moosmann 13.--',',,,.., joofdaf E001 of 1 l .Qafe The following excerpts were taken from the "Mirror" issues of 1898, 1899 and 1900. The return oi our soldier boys fSpanish-American Warl brings to town some of our old comrades in ioct- ball. If Graham, Ioslyn, Batterman and Randall appear in alumni games, they will make it interesting for some of our teams. tk 'k k k The faculty are taking hold and helping the boys in their work. Mr. Bebout has taken the team under his guidance. Castle, Newman, Landborg, Briggs, Hynes. O'Connell, Dakin and Hammond of last year's team are back. Brenner is in school and the boys are laboring with him so he will come back into the game. At the beginning oi the year Crafts was elected cap- tain but as he was not sure of coming back Castle was chosen to fill his place until he should return. 'i' Q i 'k If a team has no support from the members oi the school how can that team be expected to win. Should we not try and make it less hard for them to bear defeat than to roast them at every misplay? When they arrive home from a hard game defeated and used up we should not line up on the sidewalk and make them run the gauntlet oi abuse - - - attend the games. Where, O where is the lad with his best girl friend? Let him bring her. Surely she deserves it. If I were a girl and were fortunate enough to possess a best boy friend I would see that he had life enough to take me to a game or else I would try to find one who would. it, Ken ? What's so funny, fellas? Put your arms around him-hold him tight' Benson goes boom' Can't ya Alabama shake , Let's have a touchdown! .M A Skov! Kkam ionfi cya --lf? I M A-,J 'l Elgin vs. Hyde Park. In the second half Crafts. who had come only as a spectator, was persuaded to enter the game, taking Dakin's place, who was sick. Within eight minutes, thanks to Hammond and Crafts with their grand efforts at tandem buck, the ball was pushed over and people brightened .... The wonderful, good right leg of one of Hyde Park's illustrious sons served her well. Hyde Park's attempted end runs didn't run and kicking was resorted to. - - - Everyone was silent now. Faces lengthened and serious thoughts filled their minds but the game went on. Finally time was called preventing Elgin from scoring, which she surely must have done for our boys had come to life again. i 'R' 'k 'k Lake Geneva vs. Elgin at Lake Geneva. We can take credit for having played against five ringers, one of whom has played two years on the University of Wisconsin. Notwithstanding their great size of body and advance in years, they would have to acknowl- edge, if they told the truth, that they were not equal in playing our team. Their best player was their referee who showed great proficiency in doing his part of the game. The game ended, so the Genevas say, with a score of 5 to 5 in their favor. if it 1: i' Our Lake Geneva friends were very kind in return- ing to us our football which strayed away, probably among their numerous apple orchards. It arrived home on Tuesday following our game with them. 'R i' 'k 1 Saturday, October 22, 1900. About half our high school team and three or four of our other boys ften in alll lined up against the East Ends at Trout Park and defeated them to the tune of 15-5. That was where Briggs received his beauty spot from coming in con- tact with Green's block Cheadl. it 'R i' it West Aurora vs. Elgin. Elgin kicked off to Aurora, but Hart got the ball on a fumble. It was given to Hammond for a tackle play but he never stopped run- ning until after he had crossed the goal line for Elgin. ir k k i' Elgin is now the undoubted champion of the High Schools oi Illinois. Great credit is due Capt. McNerney for the work he has done for the team, not only as captain and quarterback, but as coach, which place Coach Ebbert briefs the squad. he has been compelled to fill at times. Lower left: Fresh-Soph are lectured on football tactics. A A A A Lower right: Receiving a Weuwamed letter E' On the evening of Thursday, December 13, 1900, the Senior class gave a reception at the Spurling for the football team who had brought honor to E. H. S. in winning the high school championship for the state of Illinois. The evening was spent with occasional foot- ball songs, guessing games, dancing and crokinole. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. FRESH-SOPH FOOTBALL. Front row, l to r: J. Lohbauer, J. English, H, Pearsall, N. Spears, F. Steffen, D. Thelander, D. Mapes, J. Stadler, A. Ferriss, B. Ransom. Seco-nd rotw: M. Gillespie, D. Rice, D. Austin, C. McBriarty, J. Roller, C. Kleinschmidt, B. Lehky, P. Hudgins, C. Stewart, D. Broker, G. Nash, S. Boncolsky. Third row: Coach Scharf, R. Strohmaier, R. Russell, D. McCallum., J. Satterwaite, D. Miller, J. Gough, B. Mruirhead, DL Heneise, D. Block, J. Hansen, B. Pillinger, E. Behrens, Capt., Coach Chesborough. eserxt Maroonites caierxdar, ior it October seventh was the red ietter date on every past and pr marked Homecoming. The vveatherman co-operated and sent a perfect iaii dav. A sizziing pep assemhiv in the morning. ieaturing a toothaii game oi 1900. put everyone in the right mood. During the attemoon every club and organization at E..H.S.. ati decked out in its home- coming giorv, tried tor the coveted tirst prize in the huge parade compiete with the baton twiriers. the band. tortv iioats. and gorgeous gais. The Future Farmers oi America ciub came out on top with its interpretatioa oi what Bossie, the cow, thought oi the Elgin vs. E-ast Aurora tootbaii game. The ciass ot '51 had worked iong and hard and copped second piace in the tioat parade with its wash out oi East Aurora. Z t Yfgy 5 fuDof2"Vf5?QRA IAN i "B . 1 THE US :TS IN J of? EAST AU 'M 532555 QWQW Ni In the evening cc: score of 14-6 battle me the big event wit the Maroons throwing the East Aurora elevens wit cmd everything was going our way. The EHS. bond contributed lustily throughout t e , and through it all alums spotted olunms. and between tbites into hamburgers and gulps ot ho coffee they relived happy memories of the high school days they love so well. Then ot lost come the Homecoming dance. Nine hundred crowded into the gym lor the announc- ing ot the homecoming king and queen. Iecrn ueclc looked like something to come home to and evident! Lowell Benson thought so too. The evening was all Moonlight and Roses to Al Rcrymonds' mooth music. The EJ-LS. boys' gym resounded that night as it never had before. Followlng the dance. reunion parties were numerous and the homecoming of '50 was ov r Orchids to NESS Helen Kettering Q11 her committees for thrills excitement r d orncrn EA5' U E e wig! I nlshe ,gtevjard Z?a5LefLaf 'IXUM Wm JL, 1900 Ron ' Wzesner XS,XYs 'fm-4 J' Die K Jerry Schumeier Ronny lilies Jay Survant 100 -Q 5 ig S if A i 9 K Wi Sch ulf' ,aw X4 Q G if . , af, , ' ,-.1551 ' 1 1 V s f K 'NSW 61,23 f E? 51 QE 5 55: f g -af, , Q, 1 55 W ,g--., 52 ,ew 'ff : QE Uv 1 n 4 . QS, we if 'Q gs X E15 nO W Q , - x mm KB , X 7' ?' g Im, , 'J- .Q Q, I vf Mm? 1? .4 -"Z: 12: ef? ff ,. 2 1 shim 2'Q, 1, if I, 1, Qs W Y 53 -If Q i n K ' X if gf X M 1. 2 . K J 4 5, , W if v 5.0 UNM I' xx Wailea wg 655 , ww 2' ,W 15 ""-or 'sr' V ef' i 37? I sag, F X Mi? 'Y 4 2 tw Q, L.-..- , , J - . , Q if ,X ww 4, r if xi 5 .Lf A - I-13 ,,. 'v H, ygQLg5q5QiLg,,: M. ix r' Q ,535 I' ,K 1 t fE?f, w X Q Ni A S xii Q E 5 . E' if F X 5 X 5 L3 3 E ,E ...Q f x fx ! s if 'lyk I E ' it ,eg my G! if x 5 me We v ww , V mf ' L .s-L., sg . A vii ,511 is A. 0 ' N I .4 ' 'fsafil . :M A . :SSX f 4' V, sf 11 i W , 1 nw-w - E 'S 'L' fu LFE? f V' , ,klrv A I W , .:f-, ,.,A, 2 5 3 .gk F Vbr... Q 5 1 . ,, , 79 ,S ' K ,,: i L, W ' K f an , 5 ff -- X ,sf W .Af Front row, 1 to r: Jim Grottemeyer, Don Thompson, Henry Pearsall, Alan Granskog, Norm Spears, Dale McCallum. Second row. l to r: Carl Roessler. John Stadler. Duane Block, Terry Krumm, Don Austin, Jack Satterwaite, Gordon Nash. Back row, l to r: Wallace Gifford, Allen Skioldager, Bob Schaff, Jim Gough, Phil Hurlgens, Don Plate, Jerry Roller, Coach Ebhert. Egin's frosh-soph team had a 13 win-7 loss season. Coach Ebbert began with a green crew and gradually molded them into a fine ball team. Their conference record stood at six wins and four losses, good enough for third place in the Big Eight. The first conference loss was to LaSalle-Peru by a count of 21-32. Then followed three close battles- one to West Rockford in overtime which the yearlings dropped by two points: another, a one point decision to East Rockford: finally a 42-45 beating at the hands of Ioliet's Steelmites. Conference victories were at the expense of Freeport by a ten point decision: East Aurora, two games. with scores of 43-19 and 58-21: West Aurora, two games: Ioliet by a. six point decision. The non-conference regular reason record of the under- classmen shaped up with wins from Leyden, Maine, Proviso and Oak Park and losses to Morton and DeKalb. With tournament time upon them the yearlings ventured to Belvidere to play their first game of the 16 team invitational meet. That Saturday they were subdued by Sycamore 29 to 52. Since it was a double elimina- ion tournament, Elgin's next game was with Genoa, a game which they won 37-34. The third game found Elgin winning a close one, 37-33. ln the final game for the consolation championship, the Maroons turned in a record breaking performance. downing Woodstock 71-45. I"06A - Zgaffeldaf Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin 35 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,, M orton 39 43 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, M aine 33 33 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,, L eyden 32 22 ,,,,,,. ,,,,,, D eKalb 29 47 ,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, F reeport 37 43 ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, E ast Aurora 19 Z1 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. L aSalle-Peru 32 46 ,.,,,,, ,,,,,. I oliet 40 34 ,.,,,,, ,,,,,, W est Aurora 30 30 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, W est Rockford 32 58 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, E ast Aurora 21 46 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, P roviso 39 36 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, E ast Rockford 37 51 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, O ak Park 49 42 ,,,,.., ,,,,,,, I oliet 45 46 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, W est Aurora 37 29 ,,,,,,, ..... S ycamore 52 37 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, G enoa 34 37 ...,,,,,,,........, Rochelle 33 71 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,Woodstock 45 Grand Total: Won 13: Lost 7 No. 53 Jack Satterwaite. Jack Satterwaite hanEs onl Krllmm catches the ball- No. 59 Don Austin. No. 45 ffallingj .lim Grotomeyer. BADMINTON, front row, l to r: Ralph Tug-o'-war, gym class. Ward Jerry Schurmeier. Melvin Anliker. Back row. l to r: Glen Shales. Lee Sie- grist Doug Nash, Dan DeYoung. r: Chuck LeVault, Dave Meng ler, Lyle Benson. Back row, l to r: Wayne Bohlin, Ray May- nard. Ken Heinicke. Wm. Love- joy. Oyff 0l'YLl08t0 ,gil .9l'lfl"CLl'l'Lll,l"CL! .SQOPLS With the start oi the fall session at Elgin High. one other year-round activity starts. Intramural sports is an extensive program lor boys who do not participate in varsity competition and covers a range of sports that encompasses almost every type. Directed by Coach Mike Farroh. the program usually takes in hundreds of boys. Golf and tennis start the year. This fall eighteen boys participated in the golf tournament which was won by Bob Westlund in the junior-senior division: Dave Nelson won in the lrosh-soph division. Twelve boys participated in the tennis tournament with Iohn Sherwood winning in the frosh-soph class while the junior-senior class was taken by Ken Bryer. Pre-season basketball is the third intramural sport to open. Eight junior-senior teams and eight frosh-soph teams played in the pre-season league. The play is alter school hours. In the iunior-senior league Ed. Kercher's team took the championship with a record oi seven wins and one loss. Wallace Gitlord's team with a record of six wins and one loss took the champion- ship in the trosh-soph league. Next on the intramural sports program at EHS is the homeroom and class basketball tournaments with over 400 boys participating. Congratulations to Miss Mur- ray's and Miss Stollregen's senior homerooms, Mr. Scibetta's and Miss Stickling's junior homerooms. Mr. Raplus' and Mrs. Pasel's sophomore homerooms and Mr. Cantrell's lreshmen homeroom for winning class homeroom championship. Class basketball was cli- maxed by an exciting senior win over the iunior team. Wrestling and boxing are also on the agenda ol the winter intramural sports events. In the tree throw basket shooting contest one hundred eighty boys par- ticipated. The Iour class winners were Don Mapes of the freshmen class who connected with 35 out oi the TABLE TENNIS, l to r: Henry Pearsall. HANDBALL, front row, l to r: Ralph BASEBALL. front row, l to r: Clarence Ken Bryer, Ron Weisner. Leonard Peter- Ferguson. Ed. Hood. Dick Radloff. Back Hohn, Wayne Bohlin, Leonard Moeller, sohn row, l to r: Lyle Welch, Steve Kakavas, Chris Kobel, Dick Nelsown. Back row, l Rich Schlief, Jim Weirich, Henry Pearsall. to r: Jerry Wilkinson, John Malone, Phil Wittman. Herb Steinman, Dan Koyn, Dick Landwehr. ' 1 ' ' '-"f VOLLEYBALL. front row. l to . .mix-w 4 f 1? if if Q 22 www: Mfg? J 'Eff W Q Nix. , ,,.. g:,,k:f.., .hm I.. - z QV, fif- ,., , 9 , , 1, T f'!?3IWf5 Z S if , , ,.. , , W an f ' ,, K :QQ f 2 if L f 1 W, , ' 1 '-1'- ' s.:. ' x- , -0 ,W 5 if Q f"""' WMEuiE,- K i 0 u fi 1, iv va... W f MQ if W , 'F 52 ,w,"i "'gf,ff,!s:' 'wif f f- eMif.Vv 'Qi 3 9 4,4 . IM.. 2 .f'.f'2l'mZ,Sff',f, iff - FWS: 1' f:+'M MM. ' YW Lk g?Qff:l5iE.2 "' ' fm? if 1 7' 9 Q 71 .K Q W L 5 ff? am sa . . 2:5 ,V 'iii ww? , Y E. . W 5 ir XV Q W ga 9 G, af' -,Q f ' , A. , Y-5 - 5 5 1 5 wg Q ,X ,xl I First row l to r N Begalka Mgr D Martin D Robinson J Trotz C Kobel E Moosmann G Elliott R Wendt F Radde Second row l t Coach Scharf T Dusek R McEwan L Leman R Hofpp R. Strowbridge, J. Nitz, J. Bruder, M. Murray, J. Reuter. Back row, l to : J. Medley, F. Steffen, R. Tillman, W. Nitz, J. Bergholt, W. Kampmeyer, C. Reuter, W. Henke. N. Murphy, J. Schif, Mgr. Wdeafgng The Elgin matmen of 1950 had a six win five loss season. The wrestling team began by beating Whea- ton 29-11, East Rockford 34-10, Hinsdale 34-10, East Rockford 33-10, but in the fifth meet Proviso succeeded in defeating them 32-5. The next two meets went to Elgin by a great majority, York 29-7 and Riverside 24-8. Although the Maroon matmen lost the next lour contests-Thornton 27-8, Ioliet 22-9, Waukegan 21-19, Evanston 17-15, they gave their opponents a scrappy battle. Many honors came to the team at the sectional tour- nament held at New Trier. Elgin placed iourth with 17 points. Individuals who received honors were Iim Trotz, a senior, who took second at 127 lbs.: Dave Martin, 103 lbs.: Denny Robinson, 120 lbs.. and Rudy Wendt, 154 lbs., took third place medals. Floyd Radde. 112 lbs., Mark Murray, 133 lbs., Iohn Bruderer, 138 lbs., and Chris Kobel, 165 lbs., won fourth place medals. Although Capt. Iim Trotz was deleated in the semi- finals at the state tournament held at Proviso, he did an exceptionally line iob. When Coach Scharl was asked about the season, he said, "We had a satisfactory season but we couldn't pull the close ones out ol the fire." QW E.H.S. golf squad ended its 1949 season by taking filth in the Big Eight tourna- ment and closed its season's record with four wins and tour losses. The team con- sisted ol freading lelt to right, lront rowl Coach Stuart and Jim Spohnholtz: Cback rowl lim Lenz, lack Westby, Iack Bauer and George Hoppenstead. Not pictured are Ierome Fisk and Bob Wulll. The sea- son's record was as follows: Elgin 9.5 ,......., McHenry 5.5 Elgin 6.0 ..,..... .... E . Rockford 12.0 Elgin 1.0 ..........,. Joliet 14.0 Elgin .0 ............ E. Rockford 15.0 Elgin 9.5 ........,,.. McHenry 5.5 Elgin 11.5 .....,...... Joliet 3.5 Triangular meet: at Aurora. Elgin 339, W. Aurora 326, E. Aurora 353. Triangular meet at Elgin. Elgin 338, W. Aurora 340, E. Aurora 373. Robinson downs opponent from Riverside Wrestling is noon-time recreation, too. Over the hurdles go Ken Saner, George Arnold and Bob Sandberg against E. Aurora. FRESH-SOPH, front row, l to r: John Bruder, Roger Tillman, Bill Morton, Bob Beggs. Norman Begalka, Ken Bryer, Stan Bon- cosky, Harrison Race, Roger Rydell. Middle row, l to r: Charles Kallenback, Marston Swanberg, Seymour Norofsky, Don Austin, Bill Sensor, Don Mays, Dicl-C Akins, Mark Murray, Roy Russell, Phil Hudgens. Back row, l to r: Clarence Pfortmiller, Charles Carlson, Vernon Wisbar, Willard Schuldt, John Teets, Gordon Honert, .lim Gough. Tom Stolt, Bruce Struckman. as Willard Schuldt throwing discus 150 feet breaks record. Champaign bound are Ed Rockensock, Bill Gibbons, Coach Alex ander, Dick Simon son. VARSITY, front row, l to r: John Thornton, Carver Leach Ed Rockensock, Jim Covey, Gale Eicklor, Jim Edwards. Middle row, l to r: Boh Sandberg, Walter Minehart, Ken Saner Dave Mumme, Ken Travis, Jerry Botteron, Bob Flory. Back row l to r Coach Alexander, Erhard Moosmann, Dick Simonsen, Leonard Behling, George Arnold, Coach Ebbert. l"6lC The report of a gun. the click oi a stop watch. the cheer as the winner breaks the tape. the thud as a iumper hits the pit-these are familiar sounds to Elgin's "Thinclads" and to those who follow track each spring. Last spring as usual Coach Alexander turned out a sterling array ot track ability. In the Big Eight Championship meet the Frosh-Soph tied lor first with E. Aurora and Ioliet. In the same meet the varsity lost only to E. Aurora. Several records were set: Ed Rockensock jumped 6 tt. lVz in. to set the Kane County record and Willard Schuldt. a sophomore. neared the state record by throwing the discuss 150 feet. Captain Gibbons. Carver Leach and Ed Rockensock qualitied to compete in the state championship meet. -lr Q 'I R fMirror. May. 18993-Bicycle races. shot putting. pole vaulting, running, jumping and relay races are the events to be held at the Elgin Driving Park between EHS and YMCA. Saturday. Iune 3. 108 F. Y Front row, l to r: Ron Cramer, Don Iverson, Dan Darling, Leon Hayes, Dick Miller, Dave Smith, Neil Olson, Bob Zito, Don Scott. Second row, l to r: Coach Art Roggen, Capt. Ralph Sherwood, Dick Sandberg, Paul Schaff, Neil Morton, Steve Pearsall, Bob Peter- son, Ron Ultes, Ron Weisner, Douglas Gough, Coach Al Scharf. Back row, l to r: Duane Morse, Dick Paulson, Managers, Bob Qlbbott, Harold Pfortmiller, Dick Kovacs, Gene Lichthardt, Bob Voegeli, Jerry Schurmeier, Gary Allen. John Wold, Bob Thompson, anager. The Maroon baseball squad had a fine season last year with a record ol 10 wins. three losses and two ties. Highlights ot the season included a no-hit, no-run game by Ron Weisner. Elgin High's first night game, and Ron Ultes winning the batting championship tor the second straight year. Weisner's no-hit game came against Wheaton in mid-season. He won it by a 3-0 margin. The night game was the final game ol the season. Ron Weisner faced Iim Schuldt and the Dundee team who previously in the season had lost to the Maroons and then shut them out in the district tournament, 3-0. Both teams, playing under lights lor the lirst time, obviously under the influence ol the iitters, committed an ample allotment oi errors in the game. Elgin was credited with eight miscues, while Dundee fouled up six chances. Although the Maroons could only gather two singles from the right arm oi Schuldt, they used them to good advantage as Elgin went on to win 5-3. Ron Ultes led the Maroons in batting tor the second straight year with a .312 average. In 1948 he hit .358. Coach Roggen has six returning lettermen on this year's squad. afiedaf enniri The Elgin tennis team, coached by Mr. Byrus Hall. had only a iair season in '49, winning five, losing six, and tying one. Team members were Iay Survant, Buzzy Margolin, Bob Keegan, Otto Bauer, Henry Pearsall, Bob Tyson and Wes Dusek. The schedule was made up of games with Ioliet, West Rockford, East Rockford, West Aurora, East Aurora and Leyden. In the big eight meet Elgin placed fourth. lay Sur- vant by placing second in singles was the only man earning points. At the district meet Buzzy Margolin and lay Survant, as a doubles team, were nosed out ot going down state by being defeated by Oak Park, the champs, in the semi finals. For the entire season Buzzy Margolin had the best average. winning eight and losing four. The 1950 team is bolstered by the return oi tour letter winners: Iay Survant, Buzzy Margolin, Bob Tyson and Henry Pearsall. Jay Survant plays ' net. Returnine' letter men: .l. Survant B. Marzolin H. Pearsall B. Tyson In grateful appreciation we acknowledge the support of those merchants and industri alists and citizens ol Elgin whose generous patronage has aided greatly the publication of our yearbook Ace Store of Elgin 9 E. Chicago St. Ackemann Bros. 168 Highland Ave. Acme Food Locker Plant 120 Division St. Adams Sunset Park Sundries 1100 South St. Aikin, VVarren Studio 23 Douglas Ave. Allerton. Perry 825 Dundee Ave. Anderson Flowers 776 Bluli City Blvd. Andresen. George 78 Hubbard Bldg. Badger. E. L.. Real Estate 305 E. Chicago St. Baier's Quality Hatchery 164 Douglas Ave. Band Box Cleaners 210 DuPage St. Barnett'5 10 S. Grove Ave. Barron Bros. 408 Brook St. Bartelt's Grocery 1060 Larkin Ave. Beck. S. W.. Co. 21 Douglas Ave. Beier's Bakery 348 N. State St. Bendtsen Dairy 130 Vine St. Berna. I. F., Transfer 218 Wellington Ave. Berner Motors 114 Douglas Ave. Beverly. Glenn R. 418 Courier-News Bldg. Birch. Michael 164 Division St. B K Photo Hobby Shop 159 E. Chicago St. Blanche's Beauty Shop 71 S. Grove Ave. Blum's 15 Douglas Ave. . Borden's Ice Cream 420 McBride St. Bowlway Rec.. Inc. 810 Villa St. Brady, William H., Co. 7 S. State St. Braun, C.. Dairy 866 St. Charles St. 110 Brewbaker's Bakery 61 Douglas Ave. Brotzman 6 Melms Chev. 227 S. Grove Ave. Bunge's 280 S. Grove Ave. Burnidge Bros. P.O. Box 122 Burnidge. Stan 6 Son R. R. 3. Elgin Burren Transfer Co. 156 S. Melrose Ave. We arrive. Sales, Inc. Burstein Bros. Food Market 805 Walnut Ave. Burstein Brothers Store For Men 205 National St. California Food Market 61-63 S. Grove Ave. Campbell G Ladd Real Estate 108 N. Spring St. Campbell, Kay Shop 28 S. Grove Ave. Carbary :S Carbary. Lawyers 501 The Tower Bldg. Publication Board Banquet. Cafeteria-lunch time. Measured for cans and gowns. E Club-initiation. FLASHBACKS: CMirror, April 19011 Franklin Sorn, '04, took a lishing and during vacation. He bagged a sparrow and two suckers. Carswell Floors 225 E. Chicago St. Chicago Metal Hose Corporation 840 N. State St. Chuck's Standard Service 800 Dundee Ave. Colonial Drive lnn 802 Villa St. Colony Shop, The 162 E. Highland Ave. Community Iewelers 79 S. Grove Ave. E Club initiation. Book Week Assembly. Mr. Stuart's car-too bad! Cook, David C., Publishing Co. 850 No. Grove Ave. Costell's Coffee, Donuts and Bakery 1058 Dundee Ave. Cotton Shop, The 16 S. Grove Ave. Culverson, Lester E. City Hall Daniels 6. Clark 221-223 E. Chicago St. Daniels, Harry C., Iudge 401-4 Professional Bldg. Tantrums! We don't want to go. Publications Assembly. Mr. Stuart's birthday Darty. hunting trip to South Elgin Danner, Charles M., Clothier 52 Douglas Ave. Daum's Drug Sundries 1046 N. Liberty St. Del's Cycle Shop 266 Dundee Ave. Deuterman, Dr. and Mrs. Ioel L 101 N. Spring St. Dexter Thread Mills 615 Page Ave. Dixie Cream DoNut Shop 193 S. Grove Ave. Dueringer Studio 51 Douglas Ave. Eagles, Watch City Fraternal Order 209 E. Chicago St. Economy Oil Co. 151 N. Spring St. Eggert Coal Co. 106 National St. Elgin Association of Commerce 178 E. Chicago St. Ellis Business College 101 N. Spring St. Esquire Candy Shop 12 S. Grove Ave. Elgin Cigar and Tobacco Co. 162 Brook St. Elgin City Lines Inc. 222 S. Grove Ave. Elgin Clinic 710 Professional Bldg. Elgin Corrugated Box Co. 824 Raymond St. Elgin Daily Courier-News 164 DuPage St. Elgin Dental Society 102 N. Spring St. Elgin Flour 6. Feed Co. 70-114 N. Grove Ave. Elgin Fruit 6. Candy Co. 70 S. Grove Ave. Elgin Fruit 5 Produce Co. 108 Dexter Ave. Elgin Homes Dairy, Inc. 1000 Preston Ave. Elgin Lincoln, Mercury Inc. 173 Dundee Ave. Elgin Loan 6. Homestead Association 14-16 N. Spring St. Elgin Lumber 6. Supply Co. 222 Douglas Ave. Elgin Metal Casket Co. 363 Blutt City Blvd. Elgin Motor Club 102 N. Spring St. 111 FLASHBACK-CMirror. Iune 1899l Ralph Crocker is undecided whether to engage in the livery stable business or attend college. Assemblies: Modern dance: Latin American countries. Elgin National Bank 24 E. Chicago St. Elgin National Watch Co. 107 National St. Elgin News Agency 155 North St. Elgin Photo Engraving 51 North St. Elgin Sandwich Shop 11 N. Grove Ave. Elgin Sheet Metal Co. 922 Dundee Ave. Elgin Softener Corporation 134 N. Grove Ave. Elgin Stove and Oven 675 N. State St. Elgin Sweeper Co. 5 Oak St. Elgin Window Cleaning Co. 217 E. Chicago St. Elgin Yellow Cab Co. 264 Prairie St. Evelien. Clayton I. 213 E. Chicago St. Fairchild Radio 6 Television 620 Wright Ave. Father 61 Son Shoes 169 E. Chicago St. Fin 'N Feather Farm Rt. 1. Dundee. Ill. First Federal Savings 5. Loa 100 Douglas Ave. First National Bank 6 S. Grove Ave. Fischer's Grocery 699 Forest Ave. Fishburn Paint Co. 165 E. Highland Ave. Forbes Laboratories Inc. Elgin Ave. 112 n Assn. Fox Electric Supply Co. 67-69 N. State St. Fraas 6. Olesen Standard Service 401 Villa St. Fred's Grocery 258 N. Gittord St. Freise Market 4 N. State St. Friedland. Iohn C. 1400 Wing St. Gabby. Dr. and Mrs. S. L. 101 N. Spring St. George's Clothes Shop Inc. 158 E. Chicago St. George's Service Station 152 N. Spring St. Gerberding Press. The 363 Lovell St. Giertz. Luther B.. Insurance 17 Douglas Ave. Gillilan, Ray.. Real Estate and Ins 726 Dundee Ave. Good G Hess Barber Shop 163 E. Highland Ave. Graening 6 Rauschert 176 E. Chicago St. Grant, W. T. Co. 62 S. Grove Ave. . Greenberg's Grocery G Market 750 Dundee Ave. Grimes Sunset Super Market 1110 South St. Groh Leather Goods 111 Division St. Gromer G Brady Suite D. Tower Bldg. Gromer's Grocery 820 N. Liberty St. Haeger Potteries. Inc.. The Dundee. Ill. Hansen, Austin 701 Elgin Tower Hanson. Dr. Knute H. 5 Douglas Ave. Harmening Bowling 5. Billiards 56 S. Grove Ave. Haumiller's Garage 147 S. Liberty St. Helene Beauty Studio 58 Douglas Ave. Heater. lohn-Tailor 67 S. Grove Ave. Herman's Store for Men 11 S. Grove Ave. Hubbell Motor Co. 163 Douglas Ave. fMirror, April 1901! Kirkland wears a horseshoe. He thinks it will give him good Huber. Ioseph G. 200 Grand Blvd. Hurley, Douglas C.. M.D. 100 E. Chicago St. luck. Illinois Cleaners 6- Furriers 55 Douglas Ave. Illinois Hydraulic Stone 61 20 N. Crystal St. Illinois Watch Case Co. 853 Dundee Ave. Inland Supply Company 60 Ann St. lakes. C. E., Paint Co. 163 Dundee Ave., lens, O. A.. Potato Chip C Larkin :S Aldine Aves. Ioe 6. Doris 165 S. Grove Ave. Iohnston. Dr. Kenneth P. 402 N. Spring St. Kagan Optical Co. 59 S. Grove Ave. Kaiser, Miss Annette, Real 6 S. Spring St. Kaptain. Iohn-Tailor 452 Bluff City Blvd. Kasser, Victor H. 202 E. Chicago St. Keeney's Sport Shop 19 Douglas Ave. Kerber Packing Co. 56 S. Grove Ave. Kettner's Flowers 680 Page Ave. Kirkland. Alfred Y. 305 Tower Bldg. Kirkpatrick. W. B., Agency 22 E. Chicago St. Kitchen Mart, The 101 W. Highland Ave. Knaak, Mull 6 Young 313 Dundee Ave. Knight. Howard. M.D. 216 Hamilton Ave. Real Kramer's Grocery 134 S. Melrose Ave. Kramer 6 Kramer 5 Douglas Ave. Kresge. S. S. 61 Co. 32-36 S. Grove Ave. Krumm's Bakery 809 St. Charles St. Kuhn-Matthes Chiropractic 620 W. Highland Ave. Lane, A.. Harriett 168 E. Chicago St. Langhorst :S Lescher. M.D.'s 164 Division St. Launderette. The 1063 N. Liberty St. Const. Co o. Est. 6 Ins. Estate Clinic Lawrence Avenue Grocery 216 Lawrence Ave. Lea Company. The 156-160 Brook St. Leitner Bros. Market 6 Grocery 201-203 E. Chicago St. Lespinasse, Victoire D.. M.D. 164 Division St. Louise Beautitorium. The Room 412, Courier-News Bldg. Loveday. Thomas M.. Real Estate Courier-News Bldg. 113 Scenes from "Dear Ruth". Marlow, Dr. Wm. R. 48 Hubbard Bldg. Martin, G. F., Floor Coverings 165 E. Highland Ave. McBride Bros. Co. Inc. 156 S. Grove Ave. McBride Pharmacy 119 W. Chicago St. McClure 61 Struckman Co. 42 Kimball St. McGraw Electric Co. St. Charles St. Hl,iI"0lfl,6 FLASHBACK-tMirror, 18993 The principal, Prof. Lewis, woe eo pleased wiih ine general appearance of the new freshman class that he decreed that at the end of every hour the freshmen should pass through every room in the building to the wonder and admiration oi all. Milbrandt Prescription Pharmacy Pate, V. W., Barber Shop Rauschenberger Furniture Co. 101 Douglas Ave. 512 Bluff City Blvd. 407-411 Bluff City Blvd. Miller, Mayor Walter E. Pat's Super Service Raymond St. Food Market 1300 Larkin Ave. 50 Division St. 659 Raymond St. Milligan, I. Donald, M.D. Paulson,Morgan 5- Iordan Refine- Eidward S-- Organizalian 164 Division si . 100 E. Chicago si. 13 E- Chwugo St- Mitchell, Austin A., Real Estate 6- Ins. Pearsall's Foods, Inc. Rifken's Furs 113-115 E. Highland Ave. 19 Union si. 50 Douglas Ave- Mo'Del Studio Peek's Auto Service Rinaldi Dinelles 75 S. Grove Ave. 181 S. Grove Ave. 98 S- Grave AVG- Modern Dairy Co., Inc. Penney. I. C. Co. Rineliirner Bras- Mig- C0- 1002 N. Liberty St. 51 S. Grove Ave. 240 N- Grove AVG- Modern Foods P1ister's Mobilgas Service Rosene- Earl N- 281 Raymond St. 325 W. Highland Ave. 771 W0-lnlll AVS- Monsen's Dress Shop Pierce, H. L., Motor Sales Inc. R0VelSlad Bros- 13 S. Grove Ave. 250 S. Grove Ave. 162 E. Chicaga Si- Morgan's Flowers Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ROWS M0l0rS lnC- S. State Si. Rd. 210 E. Chicago Si. 174 S- Grove Ave- Mosiman's Plymouth-DeSoto R0Yal I-Onnge 160 E. Chicago St. 138 S. Grove Ave. 152 E. Chicago Si- Muetterties Sunlight Bakery Poulsen, Dr. C. M. R 5: S Shoe Store 205 E. Chicago St. 118 Villa St. 24 S. Grove Ave- Nelson's Pharmacy Progressive Sign Co. Ruffie Studio 229 National si. 848 Villa Si. 229 E. Chicaga St- News Printing Co. Pro Paint Store Runge- Marlin F- 8 S. Spring St. 436 Dundee Ave. 216 Dundee AVG- Nish, D. W., Insurance Quality Print Shop Russell- R0lG1'1d Du lVl-D- 120W S. Grove Ave. 11 N. Grove Ave. 164 DiVlSiO1'1 Sl- Niss, Harold, Men's Wear Rakow's IGA RYburh Electric 113-115 E. Highland Ave. 415 Dundee Ave. 118 S. Grove Ave. Nolte's Bike Shop Ralph's Cash Market Schickler, Paul E. 513 Franklin Blvd. 813-815 St. Charles St. 5 E. Chicago St. North End Super Service 1073 N. Liberty St. North End Tailors 6 Cleaners 356 Dundee Ave. Nonh SL Grocery 6 Market Christmas assembly-"The Littlest Angel." 228 North St. O'Connor Funeral Home 364 Division St. Olympic Cleaners 157 Douglas Ave. One Stop Garden Shop Route 31, South Edge of Elgin Open Book Shop 15 N. Spring St. Paesler Coal Co. 167 Prairie St. Paragon Food Mart 23 N. Spring St. Park View Grocery 326 DuPage St. 114 We commence fall over againl. Schmidtke, Dr. I. C. 101 N. Spring St. Schneit Bros. Iewelers 161 E. Chicago St. Schneiders' Recreation 111-113 S. Grove Ave. Schultz, Wm. A. 373 Dwight St. Schurmeier, Frederick A., 102 N. Spring St. Sears-Roebuck G Co. 51 S. Spring St. Sensor 6 Bartholomew 438 S. State St. Shalceprooi, Inc. 1001 Grace St. Shales Service Station 110 Villa St. Shedd-Bartush Foods, Inc. 51 N. State St. Sherman Hospital 934 Center St. Shoe Box, The 21 S. Grove Ave. Shopen, Earl R. 704 Tower Bldg. Shurtleit G Company 75 S. State St. Sievers Drugs 72 S. Grove Ave. Singer Style Shop 45-49 S. Grove Ave. Smart Form Corset Shop 8 N. Spring St. Smith Bros. Cleaners 283 Raymond St. Souster's Flowers 167 DuPage St. Spalding's 9 S. Spring St. Spiess, Ioseph Company 38-52 S. Grove Ave. Sportsman's Lodge 106 Douglas Ave. Squirt Bottling Co. oi Elgin 901-905 Elizabeth St. Stark, David E.. Pianos 21 N. Union St. Stettner's Apothecary 164 Division St. Strohm Coal Co. 20 N. Grove Ave. Stout Funeral Home 252 S. State St. Suburban Music Studio 500 Dundee Ave. Suds Laundry 229 N. Grove Ave. Sunderlage, Mrs. M. 170 Division St. Superette Food Market 301 E. Chicago St. Surber's Restaurant 17 N. State St. Swain's Service 836 Walnut Ave. Thompson Engineering Co. 11 N. Union St. Thisell, Iohn T. 8 N. Spring St. Tobin, Elmer 164 Division St. 'Town And Country Shop 13 Ziegler Ct. Towner, F. R., M.D. 202 Cooper Ave. Traub, Don 317 Fulton St. Union National Bank G Trust Co. 1 S. Grove Ave. 115 CMirror, Ianuary 19011 Pupils of Sheridan School are rejoicing in the fact that S78 has been cleared. This means a fine stereopticon for the building. U.S. 20 Cafe 11 N. State St. Valentine Insurance Agency 164 DuPage St. Valley Engineering Co. St. Charles St. Valley Paint Co., The 13 N. Spring St. Vick's Drug Store 175 E. Chicago St. Villa St. Sport Shop 932 Villa St. Vogle 6. Wilson 300 S. State St. Wait-Ross-Allanson Co. 51-55 Center St. Walsh Agency, The 303 Tower Bldg. Weichert's Market 67 S. Grove Ave. Wentworth's Men's Wear 181 E. Chicago St. Wessel Grocery 307 N. McLean Blvd. Western United Gas 6 Electric Co. 76 S. Grove Ave. West Side Cleaners 271 S. State St. West Side Hardware Co. 13 N. State St. Wilcox Cleaners, Furriers 103 S. Grove Ave. Williams Manufacturing Co., Inc. 166-170 N. Edison Ave. Withers, Dan B., Ir. 803 Tower Bldg. Wolff Funeral Home, Vernon 310 S. State St. Woodruff 6. Edwards Inc. 119 N. State St. Woolworth, F. W. 6. Co. 31 S. Grove Ave. Y.W.C.A. 220 E Chicago St. Ziegler Brothers Co. 171 E. Chicago St. Zimmerli, Iohn 364 Gertrude St. Jaffa Abbott, Audrey 7 Adamek, Charles 7, 53 Agnew, Darlene 88 Ahrens, Warren 67 Akins, Patricia 7 Akins, Richard 53, 67 Albert, K. Iames 7 Albert, Mary Ann 67 Albright, Gordon 78 Alkire, Mary Ellen 7 Al1egretti,Iames 7 Allen, Betty Io 78 Allen, Gary Kay 67 Allen, Gary Lee 88 Allen, LaVonne 67 Allen, Patsy Allison, Shirley 67 Althen, Bill Anderson, Alan 52, 67 Anderson, Barbara 7 Anderson, Byron 78 Anderson, Charles 67 Anderson, Clarence 67 Anderson, Dorothy 67 Anderson, Eileen 88 Anderson, Evelyn 78 Anderson, lames 7 Anderson, Ianet 78 Anderson, loan 67 Anderson, Ioyce 7 Anderson, Morton 52, 67 Anderson, Robert 7 Anderson, Shirley 88 Anderson, Warren 67 Andres, lean 7 Andresen, Marlene 78 Andrews, Audrey Andrews, Ianice 67 Andrews, Pauline 7 Andrews, Robert 7 Anliker, Melvin 78 App, Lois 78 App, Richard 88 App, Wilson 88 Apple, Ianet 52, 7 Arnold, George 53, 67 Atchisson, Marion 67, 58 Atkins, Steve 88 Aurand, Donna 67 Aurand, George 67 Austin, Donald 78 Bacak, Darlene 78 Bahke, Charlotte 8 Bahwell, Theo 78 Bailey, Marcia 78 Baker, Audrey 7 Baker, LeRoy 67 Bakke, Charlotte Balding, Marcia 78 Baldivia, Beatrice 88 Bal1,Iimmy 67 Ball, Ronald 8 Ballsmith, lack 88 Ballsmith, Richard 67 Bang, Peter 78 Banks, leanette 78 Banty, Wanda 67 Banwart, Ioan 67 Banwart, Robert 67 Bargholz, Donna Barman, Nancy 67 Barnes, Patricia 52, 8 Barnhart, Barbara 67 Barnhart, Kenneth 88 Barnwell, Robert 78 Bartels, Kenneth 67 Bartels, Ralph 88 Bartelt, Rosalie 8 Bartelt, Sharon 78 Bloomfield, Gordon 79 Bochum, Arnold 79 Boe, Barbara 79 Bogert, Iohn 79 Bognar, Shirley 79 Bohlig, George 88 Bohlin, Donald 52, 73 Bohlin, Wayne 9 Bolger, Iames Bolger, Pat 79 Bollnow, Elaine 79 Boncoskey, Stanley 79 Bartholemew, Darlene 52, 78 Bone, Betty 9 Bates, Iohn Batt, Phyllis 67 Battin, Iune 78 Baukin, Helen 78 Baumen, Ioanne 67 Baumruck, Phyllis 8 Baxmann, Beverly 73 Baylor, Ioan 8 Beaver, Glenda 88 Beck, Dorothy 8 Becker, Lois 78 Beebe, Willard 52, 78 Begalka, Mary Ann 88 Begalka, Norman 71 Beggs, Bobby 73 Behling, Leonard 8, 53, 58 Behrens, Elwood Behrens, Ioan 78 Belew, Lillie 88 Bellows, Robert Beltz, Eugene 78 Bennett, Ioanne 79 Bennorth, Darlene 73 Benson, Ioyce 73 Benson, Lowell 8 Benson, Niles 8, 58 Benstein, Gerry 79 Benstein, Ralph 8 Benthusen, Gerald 71 Berg, Iessie 79, 58 Bergholt, Iohn 73 Bergholt, Victor 79 Berke, Ioan 79 Berna, David 73 Berndt, Barbara 79 Bernstein, Elaine 79 Best, Evelyn 67 Bierman, Bonnie 8 Bierman, Ronald 79 Biermann, Ronald Biggins, Nancy 71 Bilisolv, Ellis 8 Bird, Carole 88 Biick, Danny 67 Black, Nancy 8 Blakeman, Lindy 79 Blank, Lynn Blevins, Barbara 67 Blietz, Norma 67 Blietz, Patsy 88 Blietz, Wilmer 88 Block, DeWayne 79 Bloemke, Beverly 8 Bloemke, Duane 88 Bloodworth, Iune 9 Borne, Walter 9 Borrud, Clairissa 88 Boswell, Charlene 73 Boswell, Dean 9 Boswell, Marianne 88 Botteron, lack Botteron, Patsy 73 Bowlds, Ioan 79 Boyer, lim Braasch, Mary 79 Braasch, David 88 Braasch, Richard 88 Braddock, Tomalene 67 Bradley, George 86 Bradley, Nancy 79 Bramer, Eleanor 86 Brandes, William 86, 58 Brines, Barbara 79 Brinkman, Lois 79 Brittin, Gale 49, 9 Broadnax, Barbara 79 Broadnax, Ernest 86 Broadnax, Orva 9 Brockner, Duane 67 Brockner, Gervaise 86 Brockner, Ioyce 9 Brodsky, David 9 Broker, Aylene 9 Broker, Donald 86 Broman, lohn 9, 53 Brown, Evan 67 Bruderer, Iohn 67 Bruderer, Sally 79 Bruneman, Fredric 67 Brunner, Wayne 67 Bryan, Ioe 67 Bryant, lane 9 Bryant, Richard 53, 67 Bryer, Kenneth 67 Buchholz, Marvin 67 Buelting, Iannece Buhmann, Marlene 79 Buhrman, Betty 79 Burburv, Phyllis 9 Burch, David Burcham, Edwin Burger, lames 86 Burkart, Gene 79 Burke, lames 9 Burke, Mary 9 Burnidge, Virginia 80 Burnidge, lim 80 Burnidge, Walter Burns, Frederick 52, 67 Bushaw, Dorothy 80 116 Bushaw, Patricia 10 Byrd, Arlene 67 Byrd, Bill 80 Byrd, Margie Callans, Gene 10 Campbell, George 80 Cane, Vivian 10 Carlson, Ann 86 Carlson, Charles 67 Carlson, Cynthia 10, 53 Carlson, Don 67 Carlson, Lois 86 Carlson, Patty 71 Carrier, Paul 86 Carver, Nan 52, 69 Cassens, Andy Chamberlain, David 80 Chance, Kenneth 69 Chance, Marion 80 Chapin, Georgianna 69 Chapin, Geraldine 69 Chaplain, Sandra 86 Chapman, Karen 80 Chapman, Robert 10 Chayey, Carole 10 Cheperka, Audrey 69 Cherco, Donald 80 Chouinard, Gerald 10 Christensen, Dora 69 Christensen, Mariorie 86 Christensen, Robert 10 Ciaccio, IoAnn 80 Ciraulo, Marilyn 86 Clausen, Delores 80 Clute, Elaine 86 Clute, Mary 10, 53 Coester, Donald 80 Coleman, Irene 10 Coleman, Mary 10 Collingbourne, Tom 77 Collins, Ianet 10 Collins, Tom 10 Collins,William 86 Comerer, Iune 86 Conklin, Donna 10 Conklin, Wanda 10 Connell, Ann 69 Cook, Delores 69 Cook, Richard 86, 58 Coombs, Edwin 80 Copley, Ioan 52, 69 Cork, Alfred 80 Cork, Delmar 80 Cork, Fay 11 Cork, Freeda 80 Cork, Lel la 11 Coulson, Alan 86 Coulson, David 11 Covey, Iames 11 Covey, Nan 80 Covey, Norman 86 Cramer, Walter ll Crichton, Carol 80 Cullins, Iuanita 71 Cullins, Shirley Culverson, Yvonne 80 Dall, Nancy 86 Daly, Robert 69, 66 Danielson, Barry 86, 84 Darling, Daniel 11 Darlison, Mary 86 Dauksavage, Genevieve 11 Dauksavage, Hildred 69 Davenport, Carol 80 Davidson, Michael 69 Davis, Maxine 74 Davis, Mildred 49, 53, 69 66 Deak, Donald 80 deForest, Elizabeth Deibert, lean DeMoulin, Glen 86 DePeW, Marvin 69 DeYoung, Dan 80 DeYoung, lane 11 Dickson, Iohn 80, 58 Diebert, lean 69 Dierking, David 11 Docka, Iudith 80 Doherty, Agnes 86, 58 Dolby, Lloyd 80 Donnell, Shirley 86 Dorwaldt, Dorothy 11 Dorwaldt, Margaret 11 Dougherty, Bob 86 Downey, Melvin 69 Doxey, Nancy 11 Doxey, Tom 86 Drake, Mary 69 Dralle, Dolores 80 Draper, Iames 69 Driscoll, Edwin 80, 58 Driscoll, Iohn 69 Drought, Nancy 80 Dufield, Garth 52, 11 Dummer, Lois 86 Dumproff, Alice 86 Durrenberger, Mary 11 Durrenberger, William Dusek, Ted 71 Dusek, Wesley 11 Eadler, Ronald 12 Eaton, Robert 80 Eberly, Donald 77 Eckols, lames 12 Edecker, Donald Edwards, Louis 77 Eggert, Iulie 85 Eglund, Shirley 85 Ehlenberg, Beverly 69 Ehlers, Edward Ehorn, Ralph 85 Eisenmann, lean 71 Elliott, George 69 Emery, Virginia 77 Emmert, Ioan 69 English, Iohn 77 Eno, David 52 Enoe, Arlene 77 Erboe, Roy 85 Erckfritz, Betty Erdman, Gloria 77 Erickson, Ioyce 77 Erickson, Lila 85 .QIQJQX Erlen, Iudith 74 Ermel, Frederick 77 Estergard, Richard 12 Evitts, Imogene Ewert, Norman 85 Faber, Ieanne Fairchild, Elaine 70 Farrell, Gordon 77 Fehrman, Betty 12 Fehrmann, Carol 77 Fellows, Betty 12 Ferguson, Ralph 70 Fern, Beverly 12 Ferriss, Alan 77 Fiddler, Io Anne 70 Field, Ken 70 Fink, Mary 73 Finley, Iames 77 Fischer, Charles 12 Fischer, Phyllis 77 V Fishburn, Ianice 12, 53 Fisher, Helen 12 Fisk, Edward 12 Fisk, Ierome 49, 12 Flentge, Ieanne 12 Flentge, Ralph 12 Flentge, Robert 12 Fletcher, Dorothy 12 Flynn, Iack 70 Forcier, Diana 85 Fortuna, Sylvia Foster, Margaret Frederick, Edward 13 Frey, Gordon 13 Friedman, Marshall 85, 58 Friedrichs, Gerald 85 Friedrichs, Mary 70 Fritz, Peggy 77 Fruendt, Iames 77 Funk, Henry 70 Funk, Phyllis 77 Fyfe, David 13 Gabler, Georgia 70 Galbraith, Ronnie 74 Galbreath, Darlene 85 Galbreath, Margie 13 Gallagher, Phillip 85 Gantz, Iohn 13, 53 Garbrecht, Evelyn 74 Garbrecht, Gladys 70 Garland, Donald 77 Garland, Robert 13 Garrison, Barbara 77 Gates, Harry 85 Gathman, Howard Gatzke, Franklin Gayden, Gwyneva 72 Gebhard, Carole 77, 58 Geldmacher, Don Genz, Lylas 13 Genz, Marilyn 13 Genz, Robert 72 Gerberding, Arliss 70 Gerberding, Ioan 77 Gerberding, Iune 77 Gerdau, Robert 72 Gesinger, Luann 85 Gibson, Carolyn 13, 53 Giertz, Dennis 70 Gifford, Wallace 77 Gilbertson, Vivian 13 Giles, Deborah 70 Gilles, Peter 70 Gillespie, Morris 77 Ginther, Bob 77 Ginther, Delores 13 Gnekow, Richard 79 Goeltenboth, Betty 79 Goff, Ronald 52, 79 Goldman, Rhoda 70 Goll, Harold 13 Goll, Marian 13 Goll, Robert 85 Good, Ronald 70 Goodnow, Sandra 70 Goodyear, Gordon 85 Gough, Iames 79 Granskog, Alan 79 Grant, Iacquelin 70 Grant, Richard 79 Grap, Raymond 70 Grap, William 85 Green, Dorothy 79 Green, Richard 70 Greene, Iim 79 Grefsrud, Clyde 85 Greiner, Delores 72 Griffeth, Gary Groeninger, Erwin 85 Groesser, Darlene Gromer, Iean 13, 49 Groneman, Iarnes 85 Grotemeyer, lim 79 Groth, Lester 85 Grozis, David 85 Gruer, Shirley 13 Gudeman, Ella 14 Guetschow, Gene 72 Gutierrez, Adolph 72 Gutierrez, Margaret 85 Gutschow, Donna 79 Haas, Lenora 85 Haas, Mary 14 Haas, Ruth 85 Hagen, Duane 86 Hahn, Clarence 14 Hahn, Donald 79 Hahn, lim 68 Hainer, Elaine 85 Hainer, Gerald 85 Hainer, Robert 14 Halen, Margaret 79 Hall, Ianet 14 Hallman, lack 14 Hallock, Louise 72 Ham, Arlis 68 Hamann, Earl 86 Hamby, Roberta 79 Hamilton, Shirley 79, 58 Hammen, Audrey 14 Hanchett, lim Hansen, Bruce 14 Hansen, Carol 14 Hansen, Ierry 86 Hansen, lim 79 Hansen, Ioyce 68 Hardy, Ioan 53, 71 Harms, Ioyce 72 Harrison, lean 71 Hart, Sylvia 79 Hartwick, Romayne 68 Harvey, Richard Harvey, Ronald Hattendorf, Ralph Hayes, Delbert Hayes, Leon 71 Head, Geraldine 79 Heath, Carol 68 Heaton, Mary 79, 58 Hecker, Carol 86 Hedblade, Donald 86 Hedblade, Sharon 79 Heine, Bill 72 Heine, Gloria 79 Heine, Mary 14 Heinicke, Kenneth 14 Heinrich, Leesa 79 Helgerson, Yvonne 72 Helman, Iudy 79 Helsden, lack 14 Hempstead, Donald 14 Hendrickson, Karin 79 Hendrickson, Iames 14 Heneise, Don 76 Henke, Wayne 71 Henry, Priscilla 86 Hess, Marian 70 Hilleshiem, Wallace 76 Hinch, Carol 70 Hitzeman, William Hoban, Eileen 76 Hobbs, Iames 14 Hodge, Dennis 76 Hodge, Sally 86 Hoefs, Charles 15 Hoffman, Iames 70 Hoffman, Neil 15 Hoffman, Robert 76 Hoke, Robert 53, 70 Holland, Deloris 15 Holland, LaVerne 68 Holland, Lois 76 Holmberg, Edna 76 Holtz, Evelyn 86 Holtz, lanice 15 Holtz, Kenneth 76 Holtz, Marilyn Holtz, Maryellen 70 Holze, Mariorie 15 Homeyer, Harold Homfeldt, Bruce 68 Homefeldt, Deane Homefeldt, Morgan 86 Honert, Gordon 68 Hood, Clydell 86 Hood, Edward 68 Hooper, William 71 Hopp, Nancy 68 Hopp, Roland Hopp, Thomas 76 Horn, Norma 76 117 Hornbeck, Margaret 68 Horne, Harold 86 Host, Barbara 86 Hoth, Betty 15 Howard, Carol 15 Howard, Marion 76 Hoyt, Patricia 68 Hubbard, Marilyn 76 Hubbe, Earl 15 Huber, Donald 15, 49 Huber, Iohn 15, 58 Hudgens, Philip 52, 76 Hudgens, William Hugel, Robert 68 Hulke, Duane Hulke, Lois 86 Humphrey, lack 68 Hunter, Henry 86 Hurley, Douglas 52, 71 Hurst, Barbara 15 Huske, Karen 76 Huske, Lowell 86 Huston, Esther 76 Irving, Barbara 76 Israel, Marilyn 68 Iverson, Donald Iackson, Charlotte Iackson, Ethel Iacobsen, Betty 76 Iahn, Irma 76 lakes, Mary 15 lakes, Ronald 68 Iapp, Charmaine 68 Iayne, Ruth 15 Ienny, Marlene 76 Iensen, Hans 15 Iensen, Robert 68 Iensen, Violet 76 Iepson, Beatrice Iepson, David 15 Ioenns, Barbara 86 Ioerns, Delphine 68 Iohns, Richard 70 Iohnson, Ben 16 Iohnson, Donald 73 Iohnson, Margaret 76 Iohnson, Nancy 86 Iohnson, Roberta 73 Iohnson, Roger 70 Iohnson, Ronald 76 Iohnson, Sandra 76 Iohnston, Eileen 86 Iohnston, Nancy 86 Iohnston, Richard Iones, Kyle 68 Iones, Nanette 16 Iones, Richard Ionson, Richard 68 Iordan, Robert 16 Iordi, Wayne 16 Iorgensen, Margaret 76 Iorth, Duane 16 Iuby, Barbara 16 Iunod, Dennis 86 Iunod, Patricia 68 Kachelmuss, Don Kaempfcr, Mary 86 Kaiser, Bernice 76 Kaiser, Carol 16 Kaiser, Dolores 16 Kallenbach, Charles 76 Kallenbach, Merrill 68 Kammrad, Iack 68 Kammrad, Ioyce 68 Kamp, Lowell 16 Kampert, Mabel 76 Kampmeyer, William 86 Kane, Delores 76 Kane, Norma 68 Kane, Robert 76 Kaplan, Dolores 76 Kappes, Donald 89 Kasten, David 89, 58 Katz, Richard 76 Kavanaugh, lean 89 Kawa, Lillian 76 Keenan, Marlene 89 Kelem, Flora 70 Kellenberger, Ioyce 71 Keller, Barbara 68 Keller, Vernon 89 Kelley, Marlene 76 Kelly, Ioan 70 Kemerling, Carol 89 Kempik, Alfred 89 Kempik, Ann 76 Kennedy, lack 68 Kenyon, lane 49 Kenyon, Lila 16 Kenyon, Patsy 89 Kenyon, Marilyn 16, 53 Kenyon, Renee Kerber, Rosemary 76 Kercher, Edward 16 Kettner, Iacqueline 16, 53 Kevern, Dale 89 Kidd, IoAnn 16 Kinsinger, Kathryn 68 Kirkpatrick, Diane 89 Kirkpatrick, Lee 89 Klages, Carol 76 Klatt, Mariorie 76 Kleinschmidt, Carl Kleinschmidt, Carol 89 Klotsch, Arnold 89 Klotsch, Phyllis 16 Knaak, Iames 89 Kniece, Kenneth 68 Kobel, Christian 71 Kobel, Toyce 76 Kobel, Naniean 17, 52 Kobs, Muriel Koch, Marilyn 17, 53 Koertge, Sharon 76 Kohn, Barbara 89 Koonce, Lois 76 Kovacs, Richard 68 Koyn, Danny 68 Kozumplik, Barbara 89 Kral, Barbara 89 Kral, Edward 68 Krebs, Ioyce 68 Kroeger, Helen 68 LQIQJQX Krueger, Donald 17, 58 Krueger, Ieanette 73 Krueger, Marilyn 73 Krumm, Terry 77 Krunnfusz, lanet 76 Kruse, Betty 76 Kruse, Ioyce 89 Kruse, Kenneth Kruse, Lester 17 Kruse, Marilyn 76 Kruse, Morla 76 Kuestner, Ruth 17 Kulp, Naomi 17, 52 Kuntz, Dale 17 Kunz, Phyllis 89 Lagerstrom, Robert 68 Lambke, Nora 89 Lamz, Ieanine 53, 68 Lancaster, Charles 76 Lanwehr, Richard 68 Landwehr, Virginia 17 Landwer, Barbara 68 Lang, Arthur Lange, Manley 89 Lange, Marilyn 73 Lant, Lois 89 Lapp, Sonya 73 Larsen, Mary Ioanne 73 Larsen, Mary Margaret 76 Larson, Blaine 17 Larson, Marlene 17 Larson, Richard 89 Larson, Ronald 77 Lasher, Phil Lawrence, Donna 73 Lawson, Fred 73 Lawson, Iohn 17 Lazzara, Loretta 89 Leach, Billie 52, 71 Leach, Hollis 89 Leach, Yvonne 17 Lee, George 77 Leetzow, Barbara 77 Leetzow, Gale 77 Leetzow, Virginia 77 Lehky, Bruce Lehmann, Charlene 81 Leicht, Beverly 89 Leitner, Carol Leland, Robert 81 Leman, Leroy 17, 73 Lemon, Fred 68 Lenz, Iames 81 Lenz, Ioan 17 Leonard, Kay 17, 52 LeVault, Charles 18 LeVault, Edna 81 Levine, lerry 89 Lichthardt, Donald 81 Lind, Carol 18 Lind, Earl 81, 58 Lind, Gladys 18 Linder, Sue 81 Lindoerfer, Phyllis 18 Littlefield, Doris 73 Lloyd, Iohn 73 Lloyd, Kenneth 89 Lofgren, Barbara 81 Logan, Martin 89 Lohbauer, Iohn 89 Lohbauer, Iohn 81, 58 Lohbauer, Kenneth 73 Lohse, Barbara 18, 53 Lohse, Erma 89 Long, David 52, 73 Lose, Glen 89 Loveday, Barbara 18, 6, 53 Loveioy, William 18 Lowman, Virginia 89 Ludwig, Nancy 81 Lueck, lean 18, 52 Luscher, lean 18 Mackert, lean 73 Madsen, Gloria 18, 58 Magnusen, Ieannette 18 Mainard, Amos 73 Malohn, Robert 73 Malone, Iohn 81 Mangum, Shirley 18 Mapes, Betty 73 Mapes, Donald 89 Mapes, Lola 81 Mapes, Patricia 89 Margolin, Lionel 18, 49 Markee, Nancy 89 Marker, Carol 18 Markovich, Richard 18 Marsh, Patricia 19 Marshall, Robert 73 Martensen, Margaret 81 Martin, David 81 Martin, Helen 81 Martin, Leo 81 Martin, Robert Martini, Iames 71 Marvin, Henry 73 Mather, Ray 19, 52 Matison, Gene 73 Mayer, Frank 89 Mayes, Glenette 89 Maynard, Della 81 Maynard, Ray 19 Mays, Ronald McArthur, Floyd 81 McBriarty, Charles 81 McBride, Patricia 73 McBride, Sally 81 McCall, Donna 81 McCallum, Dale 81 McCarty, Patricia 73 McCromick, Clara 81 Mengler, Linwood 73 Menke, Ellen 19, 52 Menke, Gloria 19 Menke, William 89 Menz, Ierry 19 Merkle, Marlene 73 Merrill, Leland 19 Messler, Phyllis 73 Metzler, Richard 19 Meyer, Dolores 77 Meyer, Gertrude 89 Meyer, Ioanne 19 Meyer, lohn Miko, Ioanne 77 Miles, Sharyn 19 Miller, Bruce 70 Miller, Doris 19 Miller, Gary 70 Miller, Glenda 77 Miller, Harriet 20 Miller, Lee 77 Miller, Louis 70 Miller, Mary Io 73 Miller, Nancy 77 Miller, Richard 20 Miller, Wayne 20 Mills, Clark 77 Minehart, Walter 71 Misner, Marilyn 77 Mitchell, Doris 77 Moffatt, Betty 73 Mollitor, Iames 70 Molnar, George 20 Moore, Barbara 89 Moosmann, Erhard 20, 6 Morgan, George Morgan, Tad 68 Morgan, Valerie 20 Morgan, Kay 89 Moring, Donald 68 Morrell, Marie 77 Morris, Donald Morse, Steve 20 Morrell, Sue 77, 75 Mortelloro, Rosemary 77, 75 Morton, Neil 20 Morton, Willard 73 Moss, Claude 71 Movitz, Norma 20 Mueller, Roger 89 Muetterties, Barbara 71 Muirhead, Robert 77 Mumme, Walter 20, 58 Murphy, Neil 77 Murray, Gordon 77 McCormick, Helen 89, 84, 58 Murray, Mark 73 McDonald, lohn McEnerney, Margaret 73 McEwan, Richard 89 McGraw, Marilyn 73 McLean, Margaret 81 McMahon, Iohn 81 Mealman, Wallace 19 Medley, lohn 19 Meighen, lean 19 Melms, Nan Iean 89 Melville, Marie 71 Mengler, David 19 Myers, Glenn Naker, Betty 20 Narofsky, Howard 89 Narofsky, Seymour 77, 58 Nash, Douglas 73 Nash, Gordon 77 Naylor, Phyllis 73 Nelson, Carol 20 Nelson, Carole 69 Nelson, David 77 Nelson, Richard 118 Nelson, Thelma 89 Nelson, Thomas 69 Nemetz, Bob 20, 52 Nesler, loanne 20 Nestmann, Ralph 69 Neukom, Iohn Newby, M. lanice 77 Nichols, Gordon 20 Nicholson, Mariorie 89 Nielsen, Nancy 77 Ninnerman, Donna 77 Niss, Clark 77 Nitz, Victor 69, 58 Nitz, William 52, 78 Nordenfelt, Iohn Norgard, Robert 89 Nutt, Donna 78 O'Brien, Barbara 83 Oechsle, Eileen 83 O'Farrell, Ioyce Ohe, Carol 83 Olesen, Darrell 21 Olesen, Lois 83 Olinger, Leon 21 Olson, Neil 21 O'Neill, Peggy 21 O'Neill, Tom 83 Oogien, Patricia 21 Orban, Muriel 83 Orton, Carl 83 Orton, Shirley 69 Osterman, Lane 69 Oswald, Don 69 Ottinger, Lester 83 Pace, leanne 72 Page, Helen Palm, lack 89 Palm, Robert 69 Paris, Dolores 72 Parker, Richard 87 Parker, William 87 Parkinson, Wilda 72 Parks, Clayton 72 Parks, Kenneth 72 Parr, Alfred 83 Parrish, Dorothy 74 Parsons, Ioan 74 Parsons, Meredith 83 Pate, Dale Pate, Maryann 21 Paulsen, Richard 21 Paulus, Bob 74 Payne, Doris 87 Payne, Ianet 69 Peabody, Iames 21 Peabody, Robert 21 Pearsall, Henry 83 Pease, Donald 21 Pedersen, Lewellyn 83 Pedersen, William 21, 58 Peek, Ted 21 Peetz, Nancy 83 Peirce, Nancy 87 Pentz, Marlene 53, 69 Peters, Arthur 21 Peters, Evelyn 74 Peters, Lloyd 83 Peters, Roger 21 Petersdorf, Robert 83 Petersen, Alvin 74 Petersen, Donna 83 Petersen, Harold 69 Petersen, Marlene 69 Petschow, Nancy Pfafflin, Lois 87 Pfortmiller, Clarence 69 Pfortmiller, Gloria 21 Pfortmiller, Harold 22 Pfortmiller, Kenneth 87 Pfortmiller, Shirley 69 Phelps, Iohn 87 Phelps, Merl 22 Philips, Iames 83 Phillips, Carol Phillips, Donna 22 Pierce, Bill 22 Pihl, Robert 83 Pillinger, Bruce 52, 83 Pitus, Thomas 69 Placencio, Lola Plagge, lanice 87 Plath, Paul 87 Plote, Donne 83, 75 Pluss, Betty 87 Poole, Edward 87 Prehm, Elmer 69 Preiss, Virginia 74 Price, Sandra 87 Prickett, lames Prickett, Iune 22 Prigge, Nancy 83 Purkey, Darlene 83 Quandt, Carol 69 Race, Harrison 69, 58 Radtle, Floyd Radke, lack 22 Radlolf, Richard 69 Rager, Gordon 22 Rahn, Eugene 22 Rakow, Gerald 87 Randall, David 22 Ransom, Robert 83 Raplus, Evelyn 82 Rasmussen, Mary 69 Rausch, Mary 52, 69 Ream, Dale 86 Rebenstorf, Robert 52, 82 Reber, Neta 22, 52 Reber, Winchell 87 Rehberg, Robert 22 Reichwein, lack 22 Reilly, Ioyce 87 Rellihan, MaryAnn 22 Reinert, Lloyd 87 Reinert, Lowell 87 Reinking, Wayne 87 Reuter, Allen 69 Reuter, Carol 74 Reuter, Charles 87 Reuter, Darwin 74 Reuter, lames 82 Reyes, Richard Stewart AQIQCIQX Rice, Mary 22 Rice, Richard 82 Richards, Barbara 22 Rinne, William 72 Roath, Margery 82 Robarts, Henry 87 Robbins, Ioyce 82 Roberts, Ierry 23 Roberts, Rodney 82 Roberts, Maynard 23 Robertson, Alice 87 Robinson, Dennis 72 Robinson, Sharon 87 Rockwell, Ioanne 82 Roessler, Carl 82 Rogalski, David 87 Rogalski, Phyllis 23 Rogers, Donald Roggen, loAnn 87 Rogman, LeRoy 72 Rohlfing, Richard Rohr, Bob 23 Rohr, Marilyn 87 Roller, Ierry 82 Rosborough, Barbara 23 Ross, Barbara 87 Ross, Betty 82 Ross, Irving 23 Ross, Ioe Roth, Marilyn 72 Rouse, Barbara 23, 52 Rovelstad, Lawrence 72 Rovelstad, Wendell 53, 72 Rowe, Alvin 23 Rowe, Roger 23 Rudolphi, Glen 72 Rueff, Paul 23 Rugh, Carol 72 Rugh, Kay 87 Ruiz, Ralph Rush, Bobby Russell, Kathleen 70 Russell, Roland 23 Russell, Roy 82 Ryall, Viola 82 Ryan, Bonnie 72 Ryburn, Gloria 69 Rydell, Roger 71 Rystrom, Philip 85 Sabin, Wilma 82 Sackett, Mary 23 Salmon, Lorraine 82 Sampson, Guyette 23 Sandberg, Richard 23 Sandberg, Robert Saner, Kenneth 23 Santurro, Monica 85 Satterwaite, lack 82 Sauceda, Iohn 82 Savage, Carole 82 Saville, Mary 72 Sayland, Carol 82 Scarbrough, Donna 72 Schaaf, Libbie 24 Schaaf, Marilyn 71 Schaeffer, IoeAnn 82 Schaff, Paul 24 LMMWM, , Schaff, Robert 82 Schambach, Margaret 24 Scheerer, Loretta 82 Scheitlin, Albert 73 Scheitlin, Bill Scheitlin, Kathryn 85 Schick, Dolores 53, 72 Schieb, Donna 85 Schieb, Mary 72 Schif, Iohn 71 Schifferer, Howard 24 Schlaefli, lack 82 Scheif, Lois 24 Schleif, Richard 24 Schloemer, Carl 72 Schmicker, Ianet 85 Schmidgall, Ioann 85 Schmidgall, Madelyn 24 Schmidgall, Raymond 24 Schmidgall, Wilbur 24 Schmidt, Audrey 72 Schmidt, loan 82 Schmidtke, Wendell 53 Schmitendorf, Kay 72 Schmoldr, Deloris 85 Schneider, Bill 24 Schock, Christian 72 Schock, Elizabeth 82 Schrader, Shirley 82 Schramm, Edward Schramm, Velma 78 Schrieber, Lois 72 Schroeder, Iames Schroeder, Lyle 52, 72 Schroeder, Sally 24, 53 Schubbe, Mary 72 Schubbe, Shirley 78 Schuck, Barbara 24 Schuld, Beverly 24 Schuldt, Beverly 71 Schuldt, Duane 78 Schuldt, Willard Schuldt, Willis Schultz, Carol 85 Schultz, Charlene 74 Schultz, Charles 71 Schultz, Florence 74 Schultz, lerre 24 Schultz, Ioan 74 Schultz, Ioanne Gladys 73 Schultz, Ioanne Ruth 74 Schultz, Iune Schultz, Lavon 78 Schultz, Mariam 78 Schultz, Marlene 74 Schultz, Shirley 78 Schumacher, Richard 78 Schumacher, Shirley 78 Schuman, Barbara 78 Schumann, Betty 24 Schurmeier, lerry 25 Schutz, Charles Schwartz, Wayne 74 Seagren, Nancy 25, 52 Sederlund, Sandra 85 Seegert, Sally 85 Selfridge, Robert 78 Sell, Deloris 53,74 Selpien, Nancy 85 Semler, Pat 78 Senger, Shirley 25 Sensor, William 74 Serio, Leonard 25 Seyller, Barbara 6,25 Seyller, Michael Seymour, Claudette 78 Shaffer, IoAnn 85 Shearer, Pamela 71 Shepard, Geraldine 78 Sherman, Donald 25 Sherwood, Dale 78 Sherwood, George 85 Sherwood, Iohn 78 Shine, Marilyn 78 Shirley, Mary 25 Short, Robert 72 Shott, Ierry 52, 72 Shott, Nancy 78 Simmons, Nancy 78 Simonsen, Richard 25 Simonsen, Carol 78 Simpson, Ioyce 78 Simpson, Robert 72 Singles, Arnold Singleton, Charles 85 Sinn, Dorothy 85 Sisti, Iames 25 Sisti, Rose 78 Sitter, Donna 85 Siurset, Donald Siurseth, Bruce 25, 53 Skiolrlager, Allen 78 Slaubaugh, lean 78 Smart, Roland 72 Smedley. Harold Smitendorf, Ioan 25 Smitendorf, Iohn 78 Smith, Alonzo 85 Smith, Audrey 25 Smith, Darlene 85 Smith, David 25 Smith, Gary 85 Smith, Gordon 85 Smith, Herbert 85 Smith, Margie 85 Smith, Mariory 74 Smith, Marlene 25 Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Muriel 26 Smith, Nancy Io 72 Smith, Robert 81 Smith, Virginia 26 Sohn, Russell 26 Sommers, Mary 26 Sommers, Nancy 85 Sommers, Richard 88 Sopczak, Ronald 74 Sorensen, Edith 81 Sorensen, Walter 88 Sparrow, Virginia 81 Spears, Norman 88, 84 Sperry, Mary Beth 26 Spohr, Lucille 26 Sportsman, Bertha 81 Spuehler, Donald 81 Spurlock, lerry 26 119 ,58 Stadler, Iohn 81 Stall, Frances 26 Stallbaum, Iack 72 Stark, Raymond 26 Stark, Ronald 81 Stelle, lack 88 Steele, Willene 52 Steffens, Beverly 81 Steffen, Fred 52,81 Steffen, Garth 53, 72 Steffen, Steffen, Iohn 88 Rosemary 88 Stege, Vivian 72 Stephens, Bill 81 Stephen s, Lois 81 Stephens, Mary 52, 72 Stephen Stettner s, Thermon , Ianet 81 Stettner, IoAnn 26 Stevens, Stevens, Dale 81 Dorothy 81 Stevens, George 26, 52 Stevens, Iames 53, 72 , Charles 81 Stewart, Donald 88 Stewart, Richard 26 Stewart, Ruth 72 Stokes, Darlene 71 Stolt, Tom 71 Stonehocker, Carol 26 Stowell, Donna 74 Stowell, Elizabeth 74 Strahl, Darlene 81 Strahl, Eva 72 Strahl, Maxine 88 Straub, Marvin 26 Strausbough, Myranne 88 Strohmaier, Robert 88 Strong, Barbara 81 Strowbridge, William Struckman, Bruce 74 Struckman, Carol 81 Struve, Nancy 74 Studt, Vernon 26, 53 Sullivan, Arden 27 Sund, leanette 71 Sunny, Iimmy 27 Surber, Eleanor 52, 71 Survant, lay 27 Sveinson, Arline 71 Svendsen, Elinor 81 Svendsen, Philip 71 Svendsen, Shirley 27 Swanberg, Marston 71 Swanson, Carol 27 Swanson, Darrell 71 Swanson, Willard 71 Switzer, Charles 88 Switzer, Grace 88 Szula, Michael 88 Talbot, Robert 27 Taylor, Shirley 81 Teeter, Mary 27, 53 Teeters, Barbara 70 Teets, lohn 70 Templin, Don 53, 81 Templin, Lee 53, 70 71 Tcws, Donald 27 Thelan, Leslie Thelander, Richard 81 Theren, Nancy 70 Thiemann, Donald 27 Thomas, Donald 70 Thompson, Donald 88 Thompson, Phil Thompson, Robert 27 Thornton, Iames 81 Thornton, Iohn 6, 27 Thorwalden, Hope 68 Thurlwell, Ianet 80 Thurnau, Ann 80 Tillman, Roger Todd, Yvonne 80 Toler, Larry 88 Tolley, Margie 80 Tolley, Robert 70 Torling, Barbara 27 Torling, Charles 88 Torok, Ioyce 70 Torok, Mary Towner, lanice 80 Travis, Ken 27 Treadwell, Lorraine 80 Treiber, Robert 27 Trotz, Iames 27 Trygg, Mary 80 Tucker, Bobby 88 Tucker, Wanda 80 Turnouist, Nancy 80, 58 Twyman, Thomas Tyrell, Mary 28, 49 Tyson, Beverly 70 Tyson, Lyle 28 Tyson, Robert 28 Udsen, Herb 28 Ulrich, Iohn 70 Ulsaver, Robert 28 Ultes, Ronald 28 Unruh, Charles 89 Uphoff, Floyd 88 Uteg, Ellen 28 Valentine, Donn 80, 75 Valentine, Richard 88, 84 Van Arsdall, Phyllis 70 Van Buren, Ioell 68 Van Dusen, Ioanne 88 Van Dusen, Patsy 70 Van Fleet, Mary 80 Van Kirk, Charlene 80 Van Kirk, Richard Vano, Sylvia 88 Van Wambeke, Richard Vecchio, Tony 80 Vege, Carol 69 Vellinga, Betty 80 Veuve, DiAnne 28 Villella, Mickie 28 Vlasak, Marilyn 28 Vogle, Richard Vogt, Leroy 69 Vogt, Lorraine 28 Volkening, Delbert 88 Vollman, Arlan 88 7 CQFLUIQX Vollman, Karen 88 Voltz, Ianice 80 Von Lanken, Lynn 70 Vranka, Irene 70 Wacker, Bob 28 Wahl, Mary 88 Wahl, Patsy 80 Wahl, Russel 88 Wahlster, Carolyn Walker, Constance 88 Walker, Edward 71, 66 Walker, Wayne Wallace, Rodney 80 Walters, Barbara 71 Walters, Diane 28 Walters, Duane 88 Walton, Sheila 88 Walz, Fred 28 Ward, Charles Ward, Marilyn 87 Ward, Ralph 71 Warner, Ion Warner, Sally 71 Waterson, Mary 80 Watkins, Gene 71 Watson, Iris 28 Weatherbee, Marilyn 29 Weaver, Beverly 29 VVeaver, Ralph 87 Weeks, Pamela 87 Weeks, Patricia 80 Weigel, Bob 29 Weirich, Iames 29 Weisner, Ronnie 29 Weiss, Shirley 80 Welch, Carol 52, 71 Welch, Lyle 29, 52 Wendt, Charles 87 Wendt, Rudy 80 Wengert, Patricia 71 Wenzel, Ioyce 80 Werling, Kay 82 Werner, Charles 52, 71 Werrbach, Ronald 82 Wesem ann, Dorothy 87 Westbrook, Marilou 87 Westby, lack 29 Westlund, Robert 74 Westnhal, Donald 53 Westphal, Harold 82 Westphal, Patsy 29 Wetzel, LeRoy 87 Wewetzer, William 74 COMPILED BY - Whalen, Audrey 87 Whalen, Donald 29 Wheeler, Dona 29 White, Carol 82 White, Carole Lee 82 White, Marilyn 74 White, Mary 53, 74 White, Myrtle 87 White, Robert Wickland, Colleen 82 Wicklund, Billy 87 Wicklund, Philip 82 Wiese, Carol 74 Wiewel, Melvin 87 Wilcox, Dorothy 53, 74 Wilharm, Lawrence 29 Wilharm, Richard Wilharm, Verlys 87 Wilke, Henry 87 Wilkenina, Paul 82 Wilkinson, Doris 29 Wilkinson, Elsie 82 Wilkinson, Gerald 82 Wilkinson, loan 87 Wilkinson, Robert 29 Will, Floyd 82 Williamson, Carol 74 Wilms, Bob 74 Wilson, Bob 29 Wilson, Io Ann 87 Wilson, William Wilson, Ieremy 53, 74 Wilson, Nan Iean 74, 66 Wilson,Robert Wires,Robert 30 Wise, Greta 30 Wisbar, Vernon Wishmeyer, Betty 82 Wissmath, Iohn 82 Wittman, Diane Wittman, PhiliD Wold, Iohn 74 Wolf, Ada Wolfe, lules 74 Wolff, Donald 74 Wood, Mary 82, 58 Woods, Everett 82 Woolcott, Ruth 82 Worm, Donald 53, 74 Worm, Florence 30 Wray, Quintilla 74 Wright, Carleton 74 Wriht, Eleanor 53, 74 Wright, Luna 87 CO-EDITORS: Patricia Akins, Charles Hoeis. BUSINESS MANAGER: Ierry Schurmeier. ARTISTS: Florence Worm, Ken Bryer. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Wendell Rovelstad, lack Humphrey, Carl Roessler. Dick Larson, Alan Granskog, Henry Hunter. PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISER: Mr. Gus Stuart. Wulfl, Robert 30 Wyman, Frederick 87, Yaeger, Mariorie Yarwood, Marlene 82 Yeagley, Ioyce 82 Yelton, Nancee 82 Yonker, David Young, Charlene 82 Young, Darwin 82 Young, Elizabeth 87 Young, Katherine 82 Zabran, Rudy 74 Zarndt, Frances Zehr, Delores 87 Ziegler, Roger 74 Zierke, Donna 74 Zierke, Norman 82 Zimmer, Iohn 87 5 Zimmermann, Carol 87 Zirkel, Robert 87 Zito, Robert 74 Zunkel, Carolyn 82 Zweifel, Bonnie 74 Zweifel, Ioylene 87 SALES COMMITTEE: Beverly Fern, Dick Akins, Bill Hooper, Kyle Iones, Ianet Payne, Phil Lasher, Marjorie Christensen, Mary Wood. Virginia Burnidge, Henry Pearsall, Karen Chapman, Harold Horne. ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Pat Westphal, Ianice Newby, Meredith Parsons, lean Thorwalden. TYPISTS: Mickie Villella, Marlene Pentz, Dorothy Parrish, Marilyn Weatherbee, Kathryn Kinsinger. ADVISER: Mariorie E. Stoltregen. News Printing Company Pontiac Engraving and Electrotyping Company Kingscraft Covers 120

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