Elgin High School - Maroon Yearbook (Elgin, IL)

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ur--Q, .. I' ' 4. 'w w -' L. ,.-'. . "Q A .U fh 2' 1 9 W X I Y' f SA i v R. .3- 31 ,., . 3 'N 1 X ku 1' E -1 . l S' U ,qv 51, ., ,..., A Q-'TE 3' El . 1 IM. 'ff ' :fig . , ,Wg FK.. 2 I-VA1. . :J f .gf ' 'A' xaf' A"'1w,. ,- .,, . 1 .P -, f n .N-,Q 'Vi irxin NSE .' 3:1 551.1 yu ,f Wi!! "f-J 4f.,1 IH' N I . ' L 'T A er T J"' 1 L , U : n P G I a EMM . , ff? ffN4fs:fe,,.L. 3 The Ei l'0 on of 'la' 7 GIN HIGH SCHOOL ELGIN, ILLINOIS , LX f Iarz few ,rieps in I nm a gfzllfllclfllllg fenior takifzg H13 , high .crhool and p1'c'pa1'1'11g myself for the future. I'II llt"Z't'I' forgrt af! Ihr HL'IIl'I'fI't'.f in which I participated, Ihr' fcm'hcf1v ufilh whom I workrd, and Ihr 5611001 uwfrh wifh :uhh-h I x11'11ggIf1I'. A: I Imwf, I mlqc' ' and nwmorir: of foul' colorful years. :wth me Ihc I 2 3 MISS ADAH A. PRATT In lllemof-ia EHS. has lost a friend. Miss Adah A. Pratt, who taught mathematics in our high school for forty-one years, will long remain a guiding memory to thousands of students and teachers. Their relationships with others will have the indelible stamp of her line teaching and ideals. Miss Pratt gave her students more than a knowledge of mathematics. She instilled her Wisdom and kind spirit into a whole generation of students. ln fact, everyone who knew her received a deep impression of her friendly and helpful personality. The service she gave can not be estimated now, for it is not ended. The many contacts wlich she made with her students and friends Will live on to color their lives. Miss Pratt Won our lasting admiration and thanks for a great Work Well done, 4 faculty Con ten M ?reAlnmen - Soplwmoru . . 14ctil7itieA Janivm ' Seniom . . Patrvu O 0 O 6 acuity Tlzrre ix in cwcry ,-'clmul a felecr gronfr of inflizfidmzl.v t't!H!'If tr'11c'hf'r.f. Wflhanf this group fha xfhrwf rnnla' noi lmzfliorz. Ax II fmvhnlflrz, I uw.: lIJ'f0IIl',fh!'!l In frurn Ihut Ihrfc llf'!'I'f' Nxiy-Il11'rr of thaw' mighty and uuffzmnzr people. Afrn' fam' vfur: I have mme m rmlizr that I 'fu will nmx the cv-ofrcrzllizfc mm' mpafflc fllflllly of EHS. :TG an . L. ,NM , . I x f - 6' 2 Q Q 7 MARVIN BERGE .'I.f.f1'f1r1l1l Slrprlilrfflzdcfzf 5llflf'l'illfCl1tl!'lIf 14 mini tration With a view towards offering Elgin the best school system available, the Board of Education has labored this year to improve and augment present educational facilities. Elected by the citizens of Elgin, the Board determines city educational policies and conducts the finance and management ot public school affairs. Confidence in the present board is shown by the fact that there was no opposition to those members up for re-election this spring. While the Board decides issues, actual execution of these decrees is charged to the superintendent and his assistant. Orrin G. Thompson was appointed to the superintendency this year, after serving several years as assistant superintendent. To till his vacated position the Board chose Marvin Berge, formerly of Eveleth, Minnesota. Board of Education Members VINCENT COLEMAN, P1'rffdc'r1l CHAUNCEY WELLS DONALD l-'. MELMS ROY K. PETERSON DONALD W. VALENTINE E. O. SOUTHARD S. MILLS PNO RAYMOND M. PEARSALL FRANK D. URIE EARL SHOPEN WILLARIJ BEEBE, .Sz'c1'r1ury 8 ORRI N G. THOMPSON Ready-willingeablez these three words most perfectly describe the ad- ministrators of EHS. lf the many and varied Works, classes, and activities of the school are to be co-ordinated and correlated to accomp- lish the most good, they must be regu- lated and supervised by efficient lead- ers who fully realize their obligations to care for the welfare of the student body. Ready-willing,-able. Elgin High can be full proud of these officials, Principal Roscoe S. Cartwright and the two assistant principals, Miss Elma Engelbrecht and lohn A. Krafft, Added to their other duties they have also shouldered the burden imposed upon them with the opening of the University of lllinois college extension courses, but they have always found time to devote to aiding the individual student in solving his problems. Miss Engelbrecht also serves as girls adviser, while Mr. Krafft, aided by G. l. Renner, acts as dean of boys. R. S. CARTYVRIGI l'l I'1'i11cz'1,'t1l 9 ngli lu IVIISS IVIARIORIIJ. S'I'UI'II5RI"IUI'lISI. II. A. ling fiffz IVIISS MARGARIVI' NIIQYVMAN, MUN. Hzwlrf MISS of Eugllslz I7f'pm'm1n1l, fklnmon ,-l1l1'1'fw HI",I-IfN I.. IOCI".I.YfSI. M.A. 1:'11g!i.fl1, Spfrrlz BIISS NOR,-X S'I'ICKI-ING, II. I'h. H11 14 1 is I1 MISS I1I.SIIf I"I-I5'I'CIII2R, M.A. lfzzgljxlz MISS MARCH BIIERSACH. NIA. lflzgliyfz, llranlrlfirf MISS IANE LOGAN, KA. lfngfiflz MRS. GIiR'1'RUIJli MPQAIJOWS, ILA. Hllgll-ffl, .IIf11l1f'nmI14'f IEYRUS HALL, ILS, Iizzglixlz MISS MURIIQI. VVIiIiKS, IIA. lfnglix MISS Iinkgfz ll, lom'm11i,fm, .Wirror Jj1i1'l-A'l'l' MARTHA I. IONES, M.A. .ffl Science l.IlUN.'XRIJ IIRUVVN. II. S. f,'h!'DI1.fl'l'I' l.II.I'3l'.RI' I, RI'.NNl'.R, M. S 17Il't'l'fUI' uf Vffmll llvlfllfllfllilll Ilrml of A'r'1'r1n'r Dfpfzrfnzrzzl f,'hf'lPllvff1'1 IJONALI7 IiSW'OR'I'IIY, M.S. l'l1yxn f, fft'lI!'VfI, Xr'1'f'11c':' MISS IIIiI.I"N lf. KIi'I"l'ERING, M. A. Iflrlfulq y ROIIIQRII' I. WVINN, II. A. Hlvufnlgy II. Ii. RAI'I.US, ILS. ,'fjU'llIllfIll'!', Biology MISS VIRGINIA XVIHIIQR, B firm ml .S'1'fz'111 r .A. IIYRON IIIQMING, ILIZII. Cruz mf Sr'14r'114 c' MARVIN KUIII.M.'XNN, M.A. lilznlrfyy, f:f'lIl'I'tIl Sflflifr I.IiSI,IlC LARSUN, M.,-X. Hfofugy lllatlnematmf MISS MARY A. IIITIAICRS, M.S. .4lgz'f'fr'41, fIL'0lIIl'f"j', 'TI'I-gUNUl7Il'fI'V MISS HORTENSE XVILSON. M. .X .-Ilgrflml, CIf'U!!Il'fI'j', Trigw1on1f'!ry MISS TIIIQRIQSA SIREN. IH.Pl1. Illgrfmz, Germzcfry MISS ADIQLA TIIOM, M.A. ,'IfgI'f7I'Ll, Gz'an1f'lry MISS VIRGINIA VVIQISHR, Ii.A. fffllfflll Mutlzcrmriivx, Geonzfvry MRS. SHOOII, PILII. Gwztrul IIf'1L1Illl"NILIlIC,f, fllgfbra MISS CLAUDIA V. ARELI., Dip KuAineAA 1II:UIi1lI', IIIQCK, M..'X. ,lvVI'f7lHg, Ujffrr' Tvlllllllllfy, .Mfllf I.IaXX'IS Y. IIOIIINSON. ILS. M firm! 'l'rm.f111'cf' .'I1l1u1fl1r'1l lfm,fI'kr'rf'1'11y, .Wlriv NIISS I JURUII IY INIURRAY IIIIIIIIIKQ YIISS I'.IlY,X I.I'.VI'IS. II, .Y lifmA'4f'1'fv1'r1g 'XIISS M.'XR!i.XRIQ'I' l4RIfI:N, ILS. TI'fI1I1g, l'n'.-'mmf H11,r1'11r'.f.-' MISS CiI.I',NNIIz MORRUW, M.:X. .Sfnmgnljvllu lf11.rn1r',f.r l.uu' Ngricultu e I IISRIII-',R'I' IJQXMISCTI I. M, S. ,'!grl'r11ff1r1'f', l'1lvl'.fI Xt'lHf'.ffl'I' II. If. R.'XI'I.I'S, ILS. .'Iyr1'411f.'l11'c-', .Yu mmf S1Hlf.I'f!'I' Xanga g MISS MAISIYL A. IiNGIiLHRIiCII'I', M. A Germ ll ll MISS HAZIIL LINKFIELD, M.A. Hmm' of Foreign 1.Iz11g11I1gr Depurlnzenr Latin, Sfmnish MISS IRHNE I'IF,LEMIlIIiR. HA. Ldfllll, Spmzfrh MISS MARGARIi'l"I'Ii CAMPBELL, M. A I"l't'llL'!1, Sfwziflz Ilia ic LLOYD SYVANSON, M. M. Hfad of .Vzzxic IJFPLIIYUIFIII fl Cupprlla, Boys Glcr, 'l'rcbIz' Chair GORDON I3UI'1SCHI'.L, HM. HI11111, Hurnzony MISS MARION I.AFFIfY, M. M. 0l'c'f1z',rlrfl Yndcw trial 14rtA I-'.I.Ml'.R !1UllNl'.R'l', ILS. llmflzryg, lrlffrf.-'t1'1'nf .If',',r, ,XI1n.f11'11f' Shop lI.XRUI.ll li. FIQXIQN, ll, IMI. l1'f:'flH'f' Afmfv, li'uf1ff,rf1wf1 l'. If. 'IQXYLOR llznnf nf lmf1r.frf'l11l .lflv lh'fm11'r1uz'zll llmflzfly AR'l'IiL'R CQR.Xlfif.XM, IS. liml. ll'rJrnl,fhnf', Illflllfffllllf qlflf C. .X, I,l.fJYIb U'f1mf,rfIUf' l.XMl".S I'XI'NI7I.Ii'I'ON. Iiliml. .Xlurhzflr Xlmfv, Ilumf' lfmfmnzfrx Home fcvnvmic MRS. l"l.URI-',NliIi l"l.l",'I'Iflll',R. llip. .W11 'Ing MRS. M.'XL'lbIi I'.XRl..X5lf,X. 15.5. f.'1lfr'lr'Vl!11, l"rm1f,u' MISS lfI,IfOR.-X IOIINSON, M. A. lfrmfl,-', Ilnnu' l'mff!f'n1.f MISS l'.l,If.UiI','l'll S'l'l'..XRNS, 15.5. SFI! 'ing QI wwf. 1 V fducation MISS SHIRLEY I. YIQRMASEK. KS, Hrulflf, I'hy.fIn1l Ellllfllfllfill MRS. MAXINI2 TLTRIQK. HS. liz-111111, I'hy.fiz'.1l I:'1f1ru1I1'm1 MISS WILIJA IIXSAN. NLS. l'Imlfl of G1'1'ff l'lYy.fiu1l Elfllclflffill lIl'f71li'II7I!'I1l H1'm'lf1, l'f1y.fl'u1l ljrlzmllmzl E 01,4 plllflib' I fducation Mllili I-'ARRUIL M. A. CIHliS'l'liR C. Al.liX.XNIJER, M.S. .'XR'I'l1UR ROCKSEN. M.A. llmrl of Hoy.: 1'hy.f1'm1l ElII!l'tlfI-1171 lJ!'f7KH'IlI7F71l BICRTRAM NAFZICJFR, B. S. HJMUNIJ R. AHEARN. M. A. Sl'IiNlTliR MORRES, lilkl. IQLLISON H. HOKE, B.licl. IOIIN KRAl7F'l', M.A. S vcial Science IlOMI'.R II. SIlIiI.IiY, M.A. l'ir'Il1f of .S'm'iul SKI-!'lIIkl' llrfuzrflrzrllf Snrml I'mf1lcn1.f, l"w'1'11.fi1'.: W.fXI,'I'IiR M. WILSON, ILA. iff ummm 5 MISS MARY L. SMITH, M.A. .-I1m'rl'm11 HI'.f1lll'j,', .'IlmI1'r11 lf11rc1l11Iu1 I'If,flfH'j', 1.411151-.lnmrfullz H1'.flm'y MISS KA'I'II,XRINI" II. IIAVFRY, M..'X. fIn11'r1'1'u1l HI',K'ffII'j', llfyrhrnlrzgv, Sodulogv I.I,UYI7 XVAI.I,IINI, II. Iiml. ,fI121z'l'l'u111 l11'.-'low I'.I.I,I5ON II. IIUKIC. M. S. .Alnmrlmn Hi.fIm'y, lI'm'l1l H1'.fmry S tudq S apenlid MRS. IfI.I.A IIRU'I'ZM,'XN, Iiip. .Yfllzlv Hall SlIf7I'I'I'1..f0I' MRS. AMICLIA 'I4Ii'I'ZNI3lR Slmly Hull .SIIf7l'I'I'l'j0f Wu AeA MRS. M.XHl',l, SILLIMAN. RN. Snfu-1'z'1f1'11g Fvlllffl' MRS. MARIIQ SCHRAMM, R. N. Hrmzr' N11r1f1'11g, Sfflfllll FNYIIVNC' librar- MISS IiTIIF.I, IIUACZLUNID. ILA., l.,S. l.if'111Vfu11 Special lie? MRS. CLARA VVILSON, Ph, H. Siglzt Sdlfflg KF.NNlf'I4H l'fl"l'NI7.R, PMA. Sp1'z'c'l1 !,'UI'Vl'LflvVI7I Cafe teria .'XM.'XNZIJ.X SNYIDICR MISS IIIi'I"I'Y IiIf.IIRIiNS MRS. M.-XUIDIQ II.XRI,.'XSC.X MRS. IIAZIQI, ITRICKIC ma 1. office LUIS O'I'I'INGIiR I.m'A'1'1' C'lr'rk MISS IQVI-,LYN I,. IIOIi'I"I'CHIiR .Yu'lwhlry---IUf'giflfmlr 14 ttendance Uffice IJIJLORIQS IiAR'I'IiI,'I' lfilc I,'!r'f'k MRS. K.X'I'IIRYN I,UNIJIiIiN .Illz'111fI1m'r lJ1'1'1'f'1of E I 20 e lnmen ' Soplwmv Y' L 'M VIH! be -n v 1 QM' 34 A ff l , V I ii? f' Q71 ,' 11.47 ,Lew vi rw A .AA 4,, A :f 4 v' 11 ,JB I Q 'J v ,fr CN! W '01 1, 'tNg'.,Q4 4,0 .nl .bt i ', 'Qs' 1 Q09 nl X 2 44 Q 6'f ng , 3 gtpilm , 4 3 UI I N ' V Ir sf-nm as if only yrxlrrduy I wa: zz frcxhman. ' ' ' in my own mbcr that whzlc lzzfuzg I rcmz' gay Iilllr' world, I worldrrnl if I wauld ever Ifrconzc a ,fz'n1'm'. Before I knew it, I wax LI xophorrzofw. This b11.rz'nc.v.f of going fo high ,vchool um' .rd in a prolly fart pan' Home Room 230 Mr. Elmer Bohnert Fiffl row: L. Allen, A. Anderson, M. Anderson, W. Anderson, I. Andrews, M. Atchisson, Mr. Bohncrt. Second row: R. Ballsmith, I. Banwart, P. Batt, I. Bauman, D. Bennorth, P. Botteron, F. Bruncman. Third row: A. Byrd, D, Byrd, P. Carlson, G. Chapin, G. Chapin, R. Daly, M. Depew. Fourfh row: I. Driscoll, E. Ehlers, G. Elliott, D. Eno, R. Ferguson, I. Fiddler, I. Flynn. Not picfnfed: I. Blackman. Home Room 118 Leslie Larson Firxf row: D. Giertz, G. Giertz, I. Grant, I. Grocsser, I. Harrison, G. Hewitt, Mr. Larson. Serond row: B. Homfeltlt, R, Hopp, P. Hoyt, R. Iohnson, R. Iolly K. Iones, I.. Kammrad. Third row: S. Klinnert, K. Kneicc, B. Lagerstrom, F. Lawson, L. Leman, D. Manning, M. McGraw. Fourth row: M. Melville I. Mollitor, D. Nash, T. Nelson, L. Osterman, R Palm, T. Pitus. Filth row: A. Priester. Home Room 315 Miss Margaret Breen Firxz row: M. Rasmussen, A. Reuter, D. Robinson L. Rovelstad, Miss Breen. Second row: A. Scheitlin A. Schmidt, L. Schrieber, N. Schroeder, F. Schultz I. Schultz, R. Short. Third row: D. Smith, N. Smith W. Steele, G. Steffen, M. Stephens, R. Strickland E. Surbcr. Fourth row: C. Vege. C. Wahlster, R Ward, W. Wewetzer, C. Williamson, I. Wilson, C. Wright. Not picmrcfl: R. Sandburg, C. Shock, N Switzer, R. Tolley, C. VVinn. Cla Av I9 I 1 x a l"1r.fl four Miss Kcttcring, A. Brokcr, liurhur IJIYHII 1'rm'.' Miss Kcltrring, AllIII't'Y Ham- mnml, Mairv Ann Pzitc, Pgiulim- Amin-ws, Urcltzi Wisc, Icain Luvck. lftlflf muff Izimcs Burke, Virginia Laimlwvr, Lnwcll Henson, Clmrluttc Fi:-Iclu-r, Vrrinm Stuclt. Claw 0 I9 0 Home Room 119 Min Hr-Icn Kcttcring x, I. Burkc, li. Ciivirt, C. Cgivitt P. XV, Cligincc, R. Cliqipmnii. Srmml row: X Fhqnrki A Cllin I Cllin 'I' Crillim, NI, Umm-rn-r, IJ. llmnklin, N. Cu nfll M C . .ii 5, . ,ci rs, . furspur. Thirr1'mu': I. Cnvcy, W. n. liiuiim-r, li. Dzihn, D, Ilgilcy, ll. Darling li. IJ:-ivuy, M. Iimwiilzlt, N. lluxcy. Irllllfffl !'UI1'f . lickulx, R. Iistwuircl, H. I-'Q-Iiriiuin, I 1. H. lfuiluws, M. Fin-im, C. Fischcr. IJ. Griffin, IJ. I'IL'Il1I'l5IL'2lLi. 1:1-flhl'!lll'.' Ii. Hulrz. li. Iuiinsmi, li. Iulux, G. VV1iscliL'r, U. Lange' C. Nclmn, I. Rgiclkc. Nui p1'r'I1n'nl: CI. IJuficImI. Home Room 340 Miss Shirley Yermasek First row: A. Abbott, C. Adamek, I. Albert, M. Alkire, P. Allen, B. Anderson, Miss Yermasek. Sec- ond row: I. Anderson, I. Anderson, R. Anderson, I. Andres, P. Andrews, R. Andrews, I. Apple. Third row: A. Baker, D. Baker, R. Ball, P. Biiumruek, D. Beck, L. Behling, B. Bierman. Fourth row: E. Bilisoly, D. Bird, N. Black, D. Blakemun, B. Bloemke, I. Bloodworth, T. Bonn. Ififllz row: V. Boehning, B. Boint, I. Holger, W. Bowlils, T. Spradlin, I. Survzlnt, E. VVheeler. Nor piz'im'czI: H. Andrykow- ski, M. Bognur, VV. Bohlin. Home Room 121 Miss Marjorie Stoffregen First row: I. Fishburn, H. Fisher, E. Fisk, C. Fletcher, M. Frost, I. Gantz, Miss Stoffregen. Second row: T. Gzlrrelts, D. Ginther, S. Gruer, E. Gudeman, A. Gutierrez, I. Hallman, A. Hammen. Third row: B. Hansen, M. Haas, L. Heiden, M. Heine, I. Hen- driekson, I. Hobbs, C. Hoefs. Fourih row: B. Hoth, C. Howard, I. Huber, B. Hurst, R. Iaiyne, H. Iensen, R. Iordan. Fifth row: I. Ioseph, R. Iudkins,' C. Kevern, L. Kruse, W. Thompson. Not pictured: H. Frederick, R. Iohnston, W. Hitzemzin. Home Room 225 Miss Virginia Weber Insert: Miss Weber. First row: L. Petersdorf, D. Phillips, F. Ruhn, Pl. Riniildo, C. Robbins, A. Rowe, I. Russell. Second row: L. Schaaf, P. Sehicker, R. Schlief, D. Sehnulle, E. Schramm, R. Schroeder, R. Simonsen. Third row: I. Smitendorf, E. Smith, M. Smith, M. Sorensen, I. Spurloek, C. Stonehocker. V. Studt. Fourth row: C. Swanson, M. Tesehl-ze. S. Thompson, K. Travis, B. Vollman, B. Wacker, D. Vlfalters. Fiflh row: M. Wusham, E. Watson, R. Weigel, R. Weisner, D. Whalen, O. Wheeler, D. Vlfilkinson. Nov picfzfrrzli K. S1ll'lL'I', B. Schneider. Home Room 240 Mrs. Ann-lia Tetzner I"ir.-'1 mum' Mrs. Tctzner, R. Riermann, I. Custom, M. Coll, R. Gallina, G. Griffcth, IS. Haincr. Sammi row: I.. Scliroeclur, C. Hansen, I. Harper, I. Hclsilon, IJ. Hill, IJ. Hollantl, M. Iakes. Third row: C. Kaiser, D. Kaiser, I.. Lira, I. Lui-ck, V. Luscher, G. Madsen, VV. Mcalmgin. Fourth row: I. Hall, E. Mcnke, I. Meyer, S. Meyer, S. Morse, I. Naylor, G. Nichols. Fifth row: D. Olusen, L. Olinger, A. Parsons, IJ. Pease, R. Suheitlin, O. Smith, L. Tyson, R. Wemlt. Nor 1'1'c'r1u'nl: A. Abbott. Home Room 120 Marvin Kulilman lfirxr rum: Mr. Kulilman, li. Abbott, L. Adams, P. Ailu-ns, ll. Altlien. Scmnn' row: H. Anclcrson, I. App, l'. Barnes, M. Hartels, L. Benson, R. Henstein, H. llonc. Third row: G. Britton, I. liroman, I. Bryant, P. llusliaw, G. Callans, V. Cane, C. Carlson. Fourth row: ll. Carrier, C. Chouinartl, R. Christianson, V. Cliristcnson, M. Clute, I. Coleman, M. Coleman. Fifth row: G. Diiukszlvagc, M. Uewces, R. Eatller, H. Fisher, G. Frey, R. Galbraith. Nor piclzzrczl: N. H4-nson, I.. Hcverlv, O. Iiroadnax. Home Room 325 Miss Adela Thom l"ir'.r! row: Miss Thom, V. Smith, Ii. Sorenson, R. Stark, M. Straub, A. Sullivan, B. Suntlerlage. Second row: Il. Tews, D. Thicmnnn, I. Thornton, B. Torling, F. Tutcll, R. Tyson, R. Ulsaver. Third row: R. Ultcs, D. Vcuve, L. Vogt, D. Wainscott, W. Walker, F. NValz, B. Weaver. Fourth row: I. Weirich, L. Welch, S. Wcsterbeck, M. Weatherbee, U. Wheeler, P. Witlmann, L. Wilharm. Fifth row: R. Wires. G. Wise, D. Wolf, F. Worm, R. Wulff. 25 - if .if 2' , 3" ' ":, 1.' -ff 1 .sr ' ... . ' I - I ii' I I . sn, A sf! ,:,,, . . ,. 1 , w, -. - ' . sl . . by ' ..-, 1-' V . A A .E -,,-., a ' E' ,.., -'Mb 7' 5 ,i X XE I X ' Q ? ,K L . . , A - Q .Q:..,,, . . . -'-- I "A"I N , C ' , . 'AIV .A'- . ' , i -f-ery , X s ',.. . -, k 4 gg , - , if , , i1,,...,,w . . ' 'P -P . t 'V A xr .. , ' . fi .effgg Q 3 A ,, ,- if x - W, B k M K bi Y, . .,, I I I .f. ,qt Home Room 239 Miss Muriel Weeks Firxt row: G. Menke, I. Menz, L. Merrill, D. Miller, W. Minehart, W. Misner, E. Moeller, Miss Weeks. Second row: E. Moos- mann, V. Morgan, N. Movitz, D. Mumme, B. Naker, P. O'Neill, P. Oogjen, M. Phte. Third row: R. Paulsen, I. Peabody, C. Pearson, R. Peters, N. Petschow, G. Pfort- miller, K. Plauck, G. Rager. Fourth row: N. Reher, C. Rehbcrg, R. Rehhurg, I. Reichwein, M. Rice, B. Richards, W. Wil- denradt. Not pictured: I. Medley, G. Mol- nar, M. Pester, G. Pierce. Home Room 321 George Peck First row: B. Rinne, P. Rogalski, P. Rueif, G. Sampson, M. Schambach, R. Sehield, H. Schifferer, Mr. Peck. Second row: L. Schleif, M. Schmidgall, R. Schmidgall, W. Schmidgull, R. Schmoldt, S. Schroeder, B. Schuck, B. Schuld. Third row: R. Schur- ter, C. Sell, L. Serio, B. Seyller, M. Seyller, M. Shirley, S. Singer, I. Siste. Fourth row: B. Siurseth, D. Siurset, D. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, L. Sophr, I. Stettner. No! pictured: R. Russell, R. Schmidt, I. Schurmierer, M. Smith. Home Room 201 Ellison Hoke Firxl row: D. Dierking, W. Dusek, R. Flentge, R. Flentage, E. Kane, I. Kenyon, L. Kenyon, Mr. Hoke. Second row: E. Kercher, I. Kertner, I. Kidd, N. Kobel, M. Koehring, R. Kovalik, D. Krueger, R. Kuestner. Third row: G. Landis, V. Land- wehr, Y. Leach, D. Ledbetter, R. Ledbetter, C. Leitner, K. Leonard, I. Lenhart. Fourth row: I. Lenz, C. LeVault, P. Lincloerfer, B. Lohse, B. Loveday, P. Luscher, I. Mag- nusen, S. Mangum. Fifth row: L. Mar- golin, R. Markovich, G. Mason, R. Mather, R. Maynard, I. McDonald, G. McRoberts, I. Meighen. Not picfuredf C. Ellis, W. McCullough, C. Kornie. 26 Cla A 1949 Home Room 323 Mrs. Clara VVilson l"1r.f1 row: Mrs. Wilson, M. Kocllring, F. Kunitzki, l.. Kruckclbcrg, I. Lanclwchr, ll. Lunilv, M. Mackcrr, M. Martin. Srczmzl rout li. Maynarcl, I.. Mclntirc. C. Mcycr, R. Miller, IJ. Miller, D. Millcr, G. Mink, N. Mum. Third row: P. Neil, ll. Nelson, IJ. NL-lmn, R. Patton, ll. l'l'tcrs, M. Plots, I. Prickctt. Nur pictnrrrf: I.. Knccht, V. Lamz, l'. l.nhl1aucr, R. ML-tzlcr, C. Millrr. Home Room 140 licrtram Nafzigcr Ill-l'.VI raw: Mr. Nafzigcr, I. lirlwarcla, S. Fabrick, S. Fisher, M. Flores. V. Foltz, W. Fmtcr, I. Frank. Srwnrl row: I. Frickr, C. Gahlcr, li. Gacclkc, S. Gannon, li. Gar- lwrccht, M. Gates, l.. Gatzkc, S. Ginsberg. Third row: G. Giamhclluca. W. Gibbons, M. Gilcs, ll. Gough, I. Grcincr, I. Grcvu, I. Groh, ll. Groth. Ifonrth rout' R. Gmvus, I. Giuliano, A. Gunclr-non, N. Harlclick, li. llaligas, W. Hallock, I.. llansing, M. llarmc-ning. Ififrli mm: l.. Haworth, I. llcirlc, M. Hcrrin, P. Lind, S. Schurtl. N01 p1r'tm'r'r1.' D. lfruy, H. Gull. 27 PRliSllJliN'l' l'li.fXRS.-Xl MR. RENNER SIQCRIQTARY IJAVlS Home Room 123 Edmund Ahearn First raw: H. Heine, R. Helm, O. Heneise, G. Hill, R. Mouslcy, M. Mueller, Mr. Ahearn. Second row: D. Ncukom, L. Rube, R. Rahn, G. Read, D. Reeves, N. Riemsnycler, V. Roberts. Third row: D. Rochen- bitch, E. Rochensoek, D. Rogers, I. Rohr, B. Rovel- statl, D. Rowe. G. Ryclell. Fourth row: L. Satter- Waite, A. Sauccda, I. Saunders, V. Schaeffer, B. Sehzimbach, F. Schmitenclorf. Home Room 335 Mrs. Maxine Turek Firxt row: R. Swanson, S. Svendsen, M. Taylor, W. Theilman, F. Thompson, D. Trentlage, Mrs. Turek. Second row: S. Turk, I. Tyk, L. Unruh, P. Valen- tine, M. Vankirk, R. Von Lanken, L. Vitales. Third row: M. Volkening, R. Wacker, W. Wahl, C. Walch, M. VVells, G. White, I. Whitmer. Fourlh row: L. Wicklund, A. Wires, M. Yonker, L. Zickert, L. Zimmerman, D. Troyke. Home Room 231 Byrus Hall Insert: Mr. Hall. First row: R. Begalka, P. Block, A. Boehning, G. Botteron, I. Bramer, R. Britton, A. Fellows. Second raw: M. Brocker, W. Buehler, C. Bull, B. Burnidge, R. Burtnette, K. Busche, M. Campbell. Third row: T. Campbell, L. Chamber- lain, T. Chambers, I. Chouinard, I. Cook, I. Cork, H. Cremeens. Fourth row: H. Cullins, S. Dab, R Danner, L. Danner, C. Darling, E. Daus, C. Davis. Fifih row: W. Dawson, E. Deak, H. Dolby, H Drews, M. Duell, L. Eaton, B. Ehlert. Not pictured: D. Dauksavage, C. DeWitt, F. Drago, F. Coquillard. Home Room 233 Miss Martha Ioncs l"ir.v1 row: Min Ionus, IJ. Carlson, I. Ciafcu, R. Copley, ll. Ilrwnovan, P. Downs, N. Ebert. Serum! rmv: li. litlgingtnn, ll. Fallstczl, I. Fischer, I. Frcuntlt. R. Gurhcrding, L. Hamcistcr, L. Hanchctt. Third row: N. lluflman, H. Honi, R. Iepstm, I. Itrhnson, li. K1lCllL'lll!llS5, I. Kammin, C. Kirkhull. Fonrfh row: A. Leonard. C. Mamscn, L. Moser, li. Miller, R. Miller, Ii. Miclkc. No! pict1n'cvl': M. Clark, R. Klciscr, li. Miuklcwright. Home Room 227 Miss Margo BlCl'SilCll lfirft row: Min liicrsach, A. Savage, IJ. Schicrlitz, R. Schlucmcr, I. Shalt-5, L. Sicgrist, M. Sims. Srconrl rout M. Slccman, C. Smith, NV. Starling, IJ. Stung- lanrl. S. Stickling, M. Strahl, W. Strantlt. Third row: Il. Stretch, XV. Struhmaicr, R. Strung, l". Struvc, S. Struvc, W. Surhcr, R. Survant. 1:UIll'lh row: H, Swamun, I. VVatcrwn, C. Wittcnstrum, T. NVultl, C. VVultl, IJ, Zirk. Nw ffl'c'11n'1'zf: V. Wciscnharn, Home Room 202 Mrs. Gcrtruclc Mt-acluws Ifirxf row: Mrs. Mczulmvs, G. liiklor, A. Emrry, S. limrich, I. lirmcl, S. Faircliilcl, R. Field. Sfcoml ruuf: R. Fillmrnrc, R. Flory, R. Goff, I. Kricn, K. Krusc, S. Lang, R. Larson. Tlzird row: S. Lawson, R. Leith, W. Lcinan, R. Lcmkc, li. Lichthartlt, R. Lichthartlt, M. Lucas. Fourth row: R. Lucas, N. Lucck, C. Lund, F. Magcr, l'. Marchand, C. Marsh, M. McLean. Fifth I'0H'I VV. M,cMurry', D. Mcnsching, G. Mcnz, R. Mnrria. Nut f7l't'fIll'l'lf.' A. Lantlwcr, I. Lawrcncc, If. Marclc, I. Marck, ri ,V . 9,41 'R , , 2- 4 r In 14' . .- . f " ' -fl . I .4 Y " , .ff ' ft W " I . ,,.' . ai, -. 1- ' x A C I' Q . Q 1- , 3,-il. sf. : ,jig 3 gi . 2... Q.. do 2 it 2- '- Q . . .2 ' A , 'wr 1 if ' I ...' f, gym Q . A. I I in ' an -v -I Q R I no Q.. . - , v 1 , Q. .A ya A Q a . It .,." W I "Z 1 .T fi:-.. 'V '-,... Jig, i I 29 Home Room 313 Miss Glennie Morrow First row: R. Lenart, M. Svendsen, B. Suhmidtke, B. Schrader, I. Schroeder, P. Schroeder, Miss Morrow. Second row: C. Schultz, IZ. Schultz, N. Schultz. D. Scott, R, Seivers, K. Sell, K. Sensor. Third row: G. Shales, B. Shanks, B. Sholes, T. Smith, D. Socha, M. Sorensen, D. Sphatt, I. Spohn- holtz. Fonrflr row: I. Stallbaum. H. Stein- mann, ll. Taylor, B. Tews, E. Tobler, F.. Tolley. Nor f7iCI!Il't'l1f H. Kruger, I. Scbalf, ll. Schmidt, L. Schroeder, D. Spears. Home Room 122 Miss Iane Logan Firsf row: R. Alberding, I. Allcgrctti, IJ. Allen, L. Anderson, M. Anderson, N. An- derson, I. Andresen, Miss I. Logan. Second row: R. Anclrcsen, C. Balding, H. Hallman, M. Barry, O. Bauer, M. Bauman, W. Baumann, W. Baxmann. Tlziru' row: N. lieebe, A. Bramer, W. Broekner, B. Brown. D. Bruce, P. Brvan, ll. Byrd, I. Cockrcl. Fonrtlz row: S. Collins, Y-. Crain, R. Drake, P. Gablcr, G. Warren, N. Willacrt, D. Yarwood, G. Ziegclbein. Not f1fC'flH'C'1If F. Harman. M. Collins, M. Connery, M. Young, L. Andresen. Home Room 39 H. E. Raplus Fir.-'I row: E. Abbott, R. Abbott, R. An- derson, M. Andres, F. App, A. Arps, IJ. Arps, Mr. Raplus. Srfomz' row: N. Ball- smith, V. Bartleson, IJ. Bauer, K. Beck, L. Heggs, R. Berna, H. Berry, C. Flsholtz. Third row: S. Fnoe, I. Freeman, M. Frost, W. Mangum, R. O'Malley, B. Ongalo, C. Palm, M. Payne. Fourth row. D. Petschow, M. Phelps, I. Pichik, H. Rausch, I. Schaaf, W. Schmidt, R. Schrieher, M. Schuld. Fifllz row' R. Sherwood, S. Sodt, VV. Stephens, 12. NVasham, B. Zarndt. Not pidzlrrd: D. O'Lez1ry, W. Porter, P. VVLll.lCllUlK'. Home Room 219 Donalil liwvortliy I"1'r.vf row: Mr. lisworzhy, IJ. Hattemlorf, VV. Hawking, ID. Helberg, li. Hernandez, IJ. Hoffman, li. Holmquist, l.. l'Iolmquist. Scmnzf mzu: G. Hoppensteadt, A. Hubharcl, R. Iluske, I. llla, T. Ireland, I. Iayne, L. Iohnson, C. Iohmton. Third row: I. Ior- gens:-n, R. Kahle, S. Kakavaa, P. Kammrucl. M. Kane, S. Kaste, I. Kastning, K. Katz. Fourth row: R. Keegan, B. Kellcnberger, N. Kinney, M. Knappen, W. Knuth, IJ. Krahn. Home Room 305 Miss Clcora Iohnson Firxl muf: Miss Iohnson, I". Green, R. Hart, F. Heckmann, R. Henclrikscn, D. Hersch- leg, R. Hoke, C. Hubrig. Sl'l'UIId row: R. llulke, I. Heinieke, A. Iahnke, D. Ohcrst, R. O'Malley, I. Osborne, M. Parli- inson, R. Parrish. Third raw: D. Paxton, S. Pearsall, H. Pearson, R. P'epple, I. Peter- son, R. Pelernon, I. Piske, P. P'ool. Fourlh row: R. Price, L. Prowsc, G. Rahn, I. Ravis. N01 fl!-L'fIll'!'ll'f I. Neukom, A. Pap- pas, I. Pate, L. Petersohn. NV. Raclke, R. Richoz. Home Room 215 Mins Elsie Fletcher l'iil'.fl mfr: Misa Fletcher, N. liemler, Il. Berlin, R. Block, R. lloe, M. Christensen A. Coulomlve, P. Covey. Secorzfl row: IJ Crunk, Ci. Creed, ll. llahlstrom, ll. lla- miseh, F. Harper, IJ. Hokc, I. Huclgens, li. liiitlstiitter. Thin! row: C. Iverson ll. Iaekwn, ll. Iohmton, A. Kellenherger, ll. Kellev, I. Knowles, R. Koch, M. Kramer. lfolrrfh row: H. Lalley, K. Lanml- wer, C. Leach, ID. Madsen, li. Mnrgolin ll. Mick, I. Nutt, R. Voegeli. Fifth row: N. Wells, R. White, H, Wieklanml, I. WVrighr. LYUI pi1't1H'z'1l: ll. Boswell. . s 4 32 146 fillit ll 09' he ,., 456' , ' ' GW 9 AQ' ffl 5' 1 " K 11 A, t'?f3f?5'? l vii? I 25 239. .-.sy .- 1 ,,. L If 55' '1' More fimr, lhufx what I'zfc alway: ufunicd. There was never enough time to do all the things I wanted zo do. Sports, clulvx, f7IlfIliC'llli071.f, and -of wzu'.rc'-Qxcbovl uforlqg how dir! I ever crowd all Ilzofz' Ihingx in iboxf' four shorf yearx? I ufon't ever forget all Ihr fun I had at "old Elgin High." 33 Student Council Otlicers Executive Commission Student Council lt the Student Council hadn't been tunce tioning this year, Elgin High would not have had any dances or student assem- blies, The student body would be neither co-ordinated nor co-operative. The school would still be on the music union s Ublack list." But the student government did tunctiong in tact, this year it was a highly organized government. The Council was divided into tour commissions. The Program Commis- sion sponsored entertainment at basketball games and assemblies. The Social Com- mission had charge ot the dances, School pennants were secured and school drives were held through the tunctions ot the Service Commission. The members ot the Research Commission corresponded with other schools with their aim being the def velopment ot a Hgood-neighbor policy." This year some of the representatives had the splendid experience of attending the district meeting at Morton and the state convention at the Sherman Hotel, EHS. salutes the Student Council on a job well done, Executive Commission IACK CHAPMAN DICK WALIMXCIQ lJAVli l3R,tLTKkQ'l"l' GRANT STIEFI-'AN Pliti GAl.l.AGl'lliR BARR l-lil'l'NliR DICK IOHNSTON Cll.'XRLO'l"l'l2 IOHNSTON CAI. PERKINS lOli CIACCIU I XXVI" ARNK BLD l 1 i CAI, PERKINS Cu-Clmirrmu1 LUIS IiMMIiR'I' I ,'r1 -Chuirnmn IIM BURKE DON YARWOOD SIIIRLIEY I.ANG IIELEN IACKSON IIOIS KEICGAN AI, OGLOISLIN Chairman PAULINE ANDREWS VIRGINIA LANDWEIIR MARYANNE FATE AUDREY HAMMER GRETA WISE IEAN MEIGLEU Program Social 'VOM SMI'l'II BARBARA LUNDY IIILI, WAHI, PAT LAMPI IERE' I-'RANK HOPI' FRANK VOIGHT STEWART EGGERT ROR AI.I.ER'I'ON Research IOAN SCHAAF MARY CAMPISEIJ, LORIE WILKENING MARY WOLEISEN ISARII LIQITNER DOUG RIELENIIERG I,OIS LAUDERDALE I JA V If ARNOLD CII-Chxlfflllilll IOAN OSISORNE Cn-Cluzilvmzn BARBARA LUNITY IJOLORIQS REEVIQS CHARLO'I"I'Ii IOIINSTON IAUNITA GRHVI2 STEVIQ I'IfARSAI.I.. MARSIIALI. SKIIINEIDER L1-ROY I'O'I'l'I-IR IACK STONE IOYCE IIOIfIiI.ANDI-ZR DONNA TYSON DOROTHY SCIIULTZ FRANCES SORN ROI! McCOY AI. SAUCEDA Service GRANT STEIJEAN Chizirrmnl IERRY SCIIURMEIER LOWELI. BENSON KEN SANIQR IACK SHALES DICK IOHNSTON IOE CIACCIO ROI! IIRE'I"I'MAN I.cROY IIRUIIAKER DAVE I5RACKE'I"I' Program and Research Commissions Social and Service Commissions ww.. wwuwsqg SA Mask and Bauble Frosh-Soph Debuie Treble Choir Ilia le and Kau6le The Mask and Bauble is an organization for freshmen and sophomores who wish to further their interest in dramatics. The twenty members met every two weeks for a social get-together. When they were working on a play, however, they met about three nights a Week. This year, they produced a very successful play called "Snow Bound." Between plays they found entertainment in producing pantomimes ?l-041:-Supl: befate The frosh-soph debate team is primarily a training squad. The twelve members were augmented by five others at the be- ginning of the semester, although degrees were granted to only twelve of them. The purpose of this group is to teach the funda- mentals of debate and effective speech. H. Shelby, their coach, has been emphasiz- Treble czeff Students with outstanding voices are recommended to the Treble Choir by their grade-school music instructors. Besides en- joying the experience together, the girls gain voice training that may help admit them to the Aeolian . The choir participated -L ,Q and puppet shows. Although the produc- tion of these plays and puppet shows re- quired hard work and often necessitated after-school or evening sessions, the mem- bers enjoyed it and worked with enthusi- asm. The sponsor of the club was Miss lane Logan, and the officers were Phoebe Downs, president, Sally Emrick, secretary, and Eleanore App, treasurer. ing the proper use of words in debate eti- quette and the value of constant training before the other members of the class. The tournaments participated in were the fol- lowing: Harvey, February l, third placeg East Aurora, March 22, first, Elgin Invita- tional, Ianuary ll, fourth, and New Trier, March 22, first. in the Christmas Vesper program and sang at the Mothers and Daughters Tea. This choir was under the direction of Lloyd Swanson, and the accompanist was Eleanor Surber. Coaches Bertram Nalziger Edmund Ahearn Ellison Hoke ?l'0 In - Sepia We Mal The frosh-soph gridders, an excellent group of boys, fought hard in every game but had difficulty in balancing the won and lost columns. The Ponies' coaches, Ellison "Doc" l-loke and Edmund Ahearn, fashioned a team that concluded the season with two triumphs, six losses, and one tie. ln the season opener against Riverside they were held to a 6-6 tie and then dropped the next one to York of Elmhurst 7-O. They began conference play by falling before East Aurora 14-20. Next came a 6-25 loss to Ioliet. The following week LaSalle- Peru dealt the minors their third straight conference setback, 7-20. Next they met defeat at the hands of West Rockford U-13. Suddenly the boys came back to smash Freeport 12-O and West Aurora by the same count. The minors dropped the season final 6-25 to our ardent rival, East Rockford. Coach Hoke had only one letterman around which to shape the squad, Bob Sur- vant, who, teamed with Bob Peterson, came through with some sparkling end play. Other boys who showed up well were Carver Leach, Ralph Sherwood, and Louis Mclntire. At the close of the season the team chose Ralph Sherwood and Louis Mcintire as honorary co-captains. Frosh-Soph Football Scores Iflgin Riwrsiclc lilgin York H lilgin Ii. Aurora ,, lfhgin lnlitt ,, lilgin I,nSnll:--l'cru lilgin XV. Rockford Iilgin Frcclwrt lfllgin VV. Aurora ., tflgin Ii. Rrvckfurtl Frosh-Soph First String zzrkfizfri: 13. Wahl. S. Pcnrmll, I Mt n I 1 u mon mrnzrn S Xl I5 Xu ll. ROL'kL'I1l52lCl1, R. Shcrwmul, D. Spurs I' I7r15.,o Il Pittrmn Fresh-Soph Basketball Third row: Coarlu Hokc, M. Svrrnrlscn, R. Survunt, R. Peterson, R. Simonsun, R. Estcrgzird, Manager R. VVhitc. Srczmd row: Manager I. Falwarils, C. Miirsch, R. Wcisncr, R. Schrichcr, E. Rockensock, R. Miller, F. Drago, S. Pczirsnll. lfirft raw: R. Eiuller, R. Weigcl. L. Adams, L. Bcnson, VV. Gibbons, Manager F. Hopp. Sli-0 In-Sepia Ka leet6al The Elgin frosh-soph team, coached by Ellison "Doc" Hoke and Bert Nafziger, came through with a good season of sixteen vic- tories and four defeats. They began the campaign by downing Maine 36-30, Proviso 35-16, and Belvidere 49-2l, in three non-conference games. The Maroonettes whipped loliet to begin Big Eight play successfully, but were smoth- ered at the hands of Morton. The following Week they lashed back to crowd out West Aurora. Then hitting their stride, the minors rolled over Glenbard, West Rockford, and East Aurora. ln one of the most thrilling games of the season, l-loke's cagers lost an over-time bat- tle to East Rockford 50-48 after four of the local boys had gone out via the foul route. Coming back strong, the minor quintet took two games, from DeKalb 48-32 and from Ioliet 57-41. Then in two conference games West Au- rora and Freeport edged the boys 46-48 and 35-41 respectively. The frosh-soph team successfully closed conference play with wins over East Aurora and LaSalle-Peru. The Maroonettes tied for third place in Big Eight standings and claimed the lead- ing conference scorer, Bob Survant, with 146 points. Six boys advanced to the Varsity squad at mid-year. They were Ralph Sherwood, Carver Leach, Ioe Ciacco, Dick Schrieber, Louie Mclntire, and Iohn Kammin. After the close of the regular season, the Maroonettes won the Belvidere Invitational Tournament, topping Marengo 46-27 and Big Eight Champs West Aurora 35-30. They avenged an earlier loss to East Rockford 45-44 and then took the final over Dundee 35-30. 1 .4 I E ,, I pi , w 40 J' F Frosh-Soph Basketball Scores lilgin , 36 Mninc .V Y, 50 mm is ss l'r 1,x' iw B lf, lilgin 49 Hclxillt-rc Y 21 lflgin ,, S6 lulicm 26 lilgin , , 53 Morton .W lilgin 'll W. ALlI'IlI'Ll , 55 lilgin -lf: tilt-nlwglnl , ,,,, 21 lilgin -H4 W, Rfrckfwlxl 2-l iilgin , ,, 55 li, Aurum ZW lilgin -IH li, Ruckf 11l'1 l SU lilgin 4X llcligillv S2 lilgin , 57 Iulict , 41 lilgin -H3 XV. Aurmxx , -H4 Elgin ,, ,, ,55 Freeport nn,-ll lflgin GI! li. .'xUl'Ul'Ll 27 lilgm 34 l.LlS.lllL'-l,L'I'll 57 Belvidere Invitational Tournament lzlgin 46 lVlllYCl1H0 27 lilgin , 55 NV, Aurum ,, 50 lflluin , , , -45 li. Rlltllil-Ul'Cl 44 lilgin , 35 llumlct- ,, 50 Frosh-Soph Basketball Standings XVUNI .Xlll'ul'.1 lfrccpurt lilgin lfglst liillflililfll XVCM Rucklinrfl linst lxllfflfll Iulicr l.LlS1lllL'Al,l ru IV. H Pi 1 4 w J v 5 U 7 ll! Pd. ,XUU .Xllll .TIJIP .THU .400 .5041 .SUM .000 A Winning Combination Suspense N-I Heolian The Aeolians, under the direction of Miss Elma Engelbrecht, have contributed much to El-IS in the way of music. The members of this choir must have had preliminary training in the chorus or Treble choir before they become eligible for try- out. The Aeolian choir is a preparation for A Cappella choir. The main event for them this year was Uel-Ae Speaking The Verse Speaking choir is a group organized to help its members develop a greater appreciation for poetry and to interpret it artistically for public perform- ances. Unless a performance was pending in the near future, meetings were held on the third Thursday of each month. The group gave several performances, the most important being "The Christmas Story" pre- 509 glee Harmony and choral work are only two of the various types of musical education offered to members of the Boys Glee Club. Most of the members of this group have had at least two years' experience in choral singing. Because this is a group which pre- pares students for admission into the A Cappella choir, their voices must be mature and rich in tone quality. The Boys Glee the All-Girls Concert, which was held May 8. They also participated in assemblies, church affairs, and concerts. Each year at Christmas the Aeolians decorate the Christ- mas tree that stands in the auditorium. The officers for this year were Eleanor Haligas, president, Peggy Banwart, secre- tary, and Naomi Lueck and Charlotte Fletcher, treasurers. sented at the December meeting of the Elgin Musician's Club. They also appeared on the program of the A Cappella's Christ- mas Concert and before civic and church organizations. The adviser was Miss Mabel Engelbrecht, and the officers were Carol Dack, president, Betty Manley, vice-presi- dent, and Frances Lou Som, secretary- treasurer. Club, under the direction of Lloyd Swanson, is especially noted for the harmonious blending of the many male voices. During the past year the boys have par- ticipated in the Christmas Vespers and have appeared in numerous concerts, Of- ficers for the year were Oscar Heneise, president, Bill Strandt, vice-president, and Dick Hart, secretary. Aeoliun Verse Speaking Boys Glee Club Kane! How could anyone attending Elgin High School ever forget the stirring marches and the popular melodies played in our assem- blies and on our football field by members of the band? The band offers more than just musical advantages to those interested in it. Mem- bers of this organization gain a better ape preciation of music and an increased knowl- edge of instrumental music from the best band literature available and, as well, have an opportunity to build up new friendships. During this past year the band played at all athletic events including the East Aurora football game. Highlight of the season was the band participation in the opening of the Rockford Christmas season. The Elgin High School Band led the parade, which was broadcast over a national hook-up and pictured later in Life Magazine. At the Highland Park district contest, four ensembles of Elgin High band members won the first division, Two outstanding con- certs, one in the fall and one this spring, were presented to evereincreasing audi- ences. Members also participated in the Fox Valley Music Festival. Officers for the first semester were Paul Rosene, president, Dorothy Samuelson, vice- president, Peg Gallagher, secretary, Louis Fletcher and Gale Randall, quartermasters. Second semester officers were Donald Rahn, president, lim Ziegler, vice-president, Pat Blackman, secretary, Gale Randall and Fred Ottinger, quartermasters. Band members include: oboe-Robert Swanson, loan Blackman, flute-Charlotte Wyman, Roland Russell, clarinet- Pat Blackman, Donald Rahn, Shirley Howard, Earl Gomersall, Alyce Carey, LaRae Tur- ner, Gloria Madsen, Robert lackson, Rosa- lyn Goff, Robert Anderson, Royal Pepple, Donald Krueger, Robert Levine, Marion Atchison, alto clarinet-lames Griener, Mary Mullikan, bass clarinet-Bruce lor- dan, Richard Starin, Charlotte Fletcher, alto saxophoneMGordon Read, Bob Flentge, Ralph Flentge, tenor saxophone-Lewis Fletcher, baritone saxophone-lim Ziegler, lean Stallbaum, bassoon - Verlin Foltz, French hornel-fenry Kaiser, Dorothy Sam- uelson, Peg Gallagher, Warren Radtke, Cynthia Carlson, Cornet-Bruce Sandberg, Gordon Krunnfusz, Gordon White, Robert Buesche, Orville Pelletier, Donald Stang- land, Ronald Bierman, lohn Schaff, lohn Driscoll, Dennis Robinson, baritone - Sally Emrick, Herbert Pflueger, Walter Nutting, trombone-Fred Ottinger, Richards Spears, Laverne Schwartz, basses-Gale Randall, Giles Dawson, Paul Rinaldo, lohn Hubert, drums-Paul Rosene, David Mumme, Niles Benson, Gene Rahn, cymbals+Nancy Kin- ney, bells-Virginia Lightbody, tympany- Barbara Southard, twirlers-Mary Bow- man, Mary Grace, Mary Switzer, Barbara Booth, Barbara Schuck. 01-clue tra The Elgin High School Concert Orchestra, which consists of forty members, has suc- cessfully finished a very active season. The purpose of this group is to provide instrumental training for students who are advanced enough to play orchestral music, Students also gain a better appreciation of good orchestral literature through this or- ganization, Some of the events in which the orchestra was active were the spring and fall con- certs, the school assemblies, and the Fox Valley Music Festival, which was one of the high spots of the season. Selected rep- resentatives from all eleven Fox Valley high schools combined to form a marvelous six-hunclredfvoice choir. Three hundred concert musicians were also chosen from the Fox Valley schools and were brought to Elgin for this event. The entire musical group was under the leadership of natione ally famous musicians, Olaf Christiansen, Merle lsaac, and Gerald Prescott. Many of Elgin's citizens turned out to acclaim this striking achievement of work and organif zation, The small string ensemble participated in the Christmas assembly and the commence- ment program. Other small ensembles and soloists from the orchestra attended the annual district contest and participated in various community affairs. The officers of the group this season were President Frances Lu Sorn, Vice-president Paul Rosene, and Secretary Elizabeth Miller. The following were members for the year: violin-Elizabeth Miller, Frances Lu Sorn, Doris Carlson, Elaine Kolbe, Carol Mamsen, lean Lueck, Beverly Henke, Walter Kaste, Wilfred Ziekert, Harlan Fallstad, Irene Cork, Gracie Downs, Nancy Black, violakl-lelen Marschke, lanet Apple, Sue Fabrick, Flor- ence Marek, cellof -'-- Floyd Gilles, Bud lver- son, Laury lsrael, bassfGale Randall, lim Heinicke, Eileen Schifferer, flute-Charlotte Wyman, oboe f Robert Swanson, loan Blackman, clarinetefpat Blackman, Donald Rahn, Lewis Fletcher, bassoon --- Verlin Foltz, French horn -- Henry Kaiser, Raul Roseneg trumpet-Gordon White, Robert Buesche, tromboneeDick Spears, percusf sion-Dave Mumme, Gene Rahn, Virginia Lightbodyg tympanyf Barbara Southarcl- pianof Bonnie Gylleck. I uture farmel-A Une ol the iiiost active clirhzs in lflgin Hiah School is the FFA tts participation rn inany agricultural sliows and contests througliout the state is a credit to its rnern' bers. This year tlie Plil-X. coisisted ot sixty-live boys These irienihers niet ance o incntli to faster tlie ideals o' agriculture N.F.L. and to learn to till their countrys need tor good tarmers. This year the grain team won tirst place in a sectional judging con- test, and other individuals won several hundred dollars in prize rnoney. The suc- cess ot the club was due largely to the eff lorts of President Robert Haas, Viceepresif derit Bill Wright, Secretary Walter Kaste, Treasurer Fred Ottinger, and Reporter Tames Gittord. Congratulahon Teachers oi Tomorrow F A Interviews national ?ol-en ic lea ue The National Forensic League was form- ed With the purpose of combining programs of contest speech throughout the nation. Elgin's chapter this year led the state's nineteen chapters in total members and degrees attained. A degree is awarded a debate student when he reaches a certain number of speech points. lt is necessary to earn fifty points for the first degree, Degree of Merit, one hundred for the Degree of jlature Teacher-A The Future Teachers of America is a nation-Wide organization, chartered by the National Education Association. Our branch of this association consists of fifteen stu- dents under the direction of Miss Margaret Breen. These students plan to fill a vital need in America by learning to be capable teachers. This club is very active in visiting various schools, investigating outside proj- ects, and learning from numerous guest Honor, one hundred and fifty for the De- gree of Excellence ,and two hundred for the Degree of Distinction. Points are earned by speaking in contests or before assem- blies, announcing games, and appearing in other speech events. Officers elected this year were Marge Russell, president of lo- cal chapter, George Greene, vice-presi- dent, and Al Holt, secretary. speakers. The main objects of ETA. are to fit intelligent young men and Women for the teaching profession, to acquaint them With teachers' problems, and to Widen their knowledge of the scope of education in our school systems today. Gracie Downs is the president of the Elgin chapter, which has been named the 'tl-farriet Gifford Chapter" after Elgin's first teacher in l835. lui Ur: 'dsl They Serve Biologists O O O Pnyectwn clllb The Projection Club is organized for the purpose of serving the school. At the pres- ent time visual education is one of the rnost important and progressive methods used in Elgin High School, Without the aid of the Projection Club, many fine films supple- menting school subjects could not be shown. The group consists of fourteen boys un- der the advisership of Gil Benner, head of the Visual Education Department. Every period of the day two boys must be on duty in room 222. The showing of educa- tional films for teachers at all times is their primary duty, although many other tasks are performed, such as, the making of pic' tures, the lubricating of the machine cords, and the outside showings given in the "Y" and the post office, and before the Boy Scouts andthe Safety Council. Malaga, C7116 The interesting meetings of the Biology Club were usually held in room 116 to carry on experiments or to exchange views on recent assignments. The club's main purpose was to further the interests of the students in biology, but very often bedlam prevailed. At one of the most recent meetings a party was held, complete with refreshments and entertainment. The guest of honor was a frog which the group had raised from its infancy as a tadpole. The last meeting is always a picnic held at Lord's Park. Sponsor of the club was Leslie Larson and the officers were Bob Micklewright, president, Charles Darling, vice-president, Barbara Miller, secretary, and Bob Voegeli, treasurer. umvr fed C'1-MA ' W cw The EHS branch of the Iunior Red Cross has undertaken several successful projects in the past year. One ot these was the pres- entation of entertaining programs, given monthly by our students, at Downey Hos- pital tor recuperating veterans. These pro- grams were designed to strengthen the pa- tients' morale and were enthusiastically received. The lunior Red Cross did not limit their work to the Elgin area. They sent clothing and gift boxes to Europe and iapboards and tables to surrounding hospitals. The council, which governs this organi- zation, is composed of eight members, two representatives from each class. Heading this council were President Dave Arnold, Vice-president Grant Steftan, Secretary Bar- bara Leitner, and Treasurer Steve Pearsall. Mrs. Albert Ansel, Red Cross chairman of Elgin, served in the capacity of adviser, with Mrs. Amelia Tetzner as sponsor. Considering that the Girls Club is still in its infancy, for the club has been in exist- ence only tive years, a great deal has been accomplished. This year as its major project the club adopted the Hixon School in Tennessee, sending S100 to the school for educational purposes and for hot lunches for the many underprivileged children. Because of the enormous success ot the Curtis drive this year, tive radio-phono- graphs were procured ior the school. The Girls Club this year sponsored the Mother and Daughters Tea, the annual style show, and the incoming freshman party. The club is governed by the council, which consists oi the homeroom represen- tatives, and the cabinet, which has the important job of initiating the business. The officers were Carol Dack, president, Lois Lindgren, vice-president, Betty Manley, sec- retary, and Delores Svensen, treasurer. Red Cross Transaction Girls Club Pack Boxes German Club Box Supper german C7416 At the meetings of the German Club, which were held approximately once a month, the forty to fifty members of the or- ganization were entertained with both in- teresting and educational programs. At the valentine social an original play, given by some of the club members, was the main feature on the program. Each year at holiday time an annual Christmas dinner is held. This year the guest speaker was Keith Nelson, an aviator from the European theater, who told some of his experiences, The whole program, in- cluding the songs, was presented in Ger- man. During this season club members caroled in the halls. The club hopes to conclude its year with the annual German Club picnic. The clubs sponsor was Miss Mabel Engelbrecht. lts of' ficers were Calvin Wilcox, president, Phyllis Broderdorf, vice-president, Lois Emmert, secretary, and Al Oglobin, treasurer. French Club Officers ?l-enclc C1116 This year, in order to become more acquainted with their "fellow Frenchmenu and to further their own knowledge of the language, students joined the French Club. The informal meetings of this club were held once a month. Often the students celebrated birthdays of the members of the club by singing songs and serving refreshments. During the Christmas season the mem- bers sang the old, yet very beautiful French carols in the halls. The club was sponsored by Miss Marga- rette Campbell and headed by President lack Truman, Vice-president Lois Eaton, and Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Smith. W fl all Q i' , t N 3rXXlX lllll tiff it W '- tt it ..- mt xli lqjliucg Spanidu C7116 ' Do you enjoy Spanish customs? lf so, the Spanish Club should be of special impor- tance to you .This club's activities provide a more enjoyable understanding of Spanish as well as being a fine social organization for students of that language. Miss Hazel Linklield reports that the club's activities varied from word games to parties. Presi- dent Marshall Goldman, Vice-president Georgia Webb, Treasurer Angeline Albert -first semester and Bud lverson-second semester, and Secretary Carol Iohnson have ofliciated at the meetings. This group also serves the student body with the sing- ing of carols in the corridors at Christmas time. Spanish Club in Action atm 61116 "Sa1ve!" li you know your Latin termi- nology, you will say 'lhello," for this is the Roman's greeting. The Latin Club supple- ments the regular course by supplying to members of Latin classes an interesting idea of old Roman customs and ways of life. Miss Pielemeier, as the club's adviser, helped to increase her students' knowledge of Latin by directing games at their meet- ings based on Roman history. Even the club officers held Roman titles. There were fifty-six members in the club this year. ln October, new members were initiated into the group, putting into practice their motto, "Inter Nos," meaning "Among Us." Acting officers were Sue Collins, first counsel, Ray- mond Kohout, second counsel, Sally Schroe- der, quaestor, and Kay Leonard, praetor. Latin Club Entertainment Bowling Boys Thrill-packed Action In tr mural Sperm COURIER NEWS PHO O Tennis and Golf Champs Under the direction ot "Mike" Farroh, the Physical Education Department this year launched the most extensive intramural program in the history of Elgin High School. Mr. Farroh devoted much time to making schedules, handling events, and compiling results. Every boy was to have participated in at least one ot fourteen activities offered. Such a diversified program ot events met, as nearly as possible, the interest and need of every boy in high school. Under this program the boys were di- vided into groups according to their class in school, and the best in each group was found by a competitive process of elimination. W ALL R0 lntramural activities began last fall with forty-eight boys signing up for golf and twenty-four for tennis. The field was nar- rowed down to Bruce Sandburg, senior, and lack Bauer, sophomore, as golf champs. The tennis championships went to Dave Keegan, senior, and lim Hudgens, sopho- more. ln pre-season basketball, Don Sunder- lage's team copped the Iunior-Senior Championship in the playoff with Barry Pillinger's team. A bowling league was formed, which operated two rounds, and lim Gifford was high man for both circuits. Pingpong enthusiasts completed two rounds of competition with Lyle Tyson, freshman, lim Hudgens, sophomore, Leo Walsh, junior, and Bruce Sandburg, senior, winners. The Wrestling champs were Tom Hill, Dick Umbdenstock, Elroy Thiede, Bobert Boint, Ken Landwer, lim Edwards, Herb Donavan, Rudy Wendt, and Don Bocken- bach. The boys that slugged their way to the boxing championships were lim Naylor, Bob Kleiser, Ken Travis, Don Smith, Buss Drago, lohn Goll, Dick Parrish, Lowell Hill, Tony Ceresa, Gene Fellows, and Dick Metzler. At the inauguration of the free throw tournament 131 joined in the competition. lack Collins swished through to the senior championship. HRicky" Koteles, junior, Bob Huffstutler, sophomore, and Bob Christian- son, freshman championships. The highlight of the year was the horne- room basketball game in which the Taylor senior homeroom defeated the Winn- Wahlin juniors 12-lO. There were several spring sports with results too late for publication, such as swimming, handball, volleyball, badmin- ton, track, and baseball. Director Mike Farroh Intramural Winners 1946 Squad Pole Vuulter Becker Howie Wins Tfddl? The EHS thinclads, under the competent leadership of coaches Art Roggen and Spencer Morris, had a very successful 1946 season coming through with four wins and two losses in six dual meets. The captains for the year were Ronnie Foell, varsity, and Francis Benthuysen, frosh-soph. Chuck Black, a senior, was sent down state to represent Elgin in the high jump at the state finals. ' One of the astonishing discoveries of the year was freshman Bill Gibbons, Who ran the mile faster than any body on both the varsity and frosh-soph, and won most of the meets in which he ran. Elgin placed second in the Kane County track meet, which was an excellent rating. Boys who were awarded track and field varsity letters were William Becker, Gordon Bryant, Edwin Christansen, Phil Cook, Roger Dyer, Charles Black, Robert Farney, Ronald Foell, Keith Lynn, Calvin Perkins, and Robert Schaeffer. Minor awards went to Donald Duval, Richard Rutt, and Edward Tweedie. Managers were Robert Legler and lay Vandertoll. 5 y X -3' 49 'ci - !. ' H! AT 4, 54 ' It Wre fling The Elgin matmen, with the aid of only three returning lettermen-Bud Madeen, who graduated at mid-year, Phil Bergholt, and Bay Prescher-salvaged two wins out of ten meets. They lost to Maine of Des Plaines, 32-14, and to a powerful LaGrange squad, 34-6. The Maroons dropped a decision to East Bockford, 19-17, and received another de- feat at the hands of loliet, 30-10. The local boys broke in to the win column by swamp- ing Maine, 26-6. Then Riverside dealt the squad a 24-9 setback and LaGrange fol- lowed with a 24-7 blow. The EHS musclemen avenged an earlier loss to the East Bockford Babs in a close contest, 23-21. They finished the season with losses to Riverside 18-14 and to loliet 25-IO. Bay Prescher in the 133 lb, class won second in the Sectionals and advanced to the State Finals. He was also voted honor- ary captain of the wrestling team. The letter winners of this years team are Phil Bergholt, LeRoy Brubaker, Neil Crigh- ton, Charles Darling, Arthur Funk, Weyland Ginther, Bob Kerber, lim Kleiser, Bill Knick- rehm, Bud Madeen, Bay Prescher, Don Bockenbach, George Smith, Grant Steffan, and Wally Wetzel, Manager was LeRoy Stone. The Maroon grapplers have good pros- pects for a successful season next year as they'll lose only five graduating lettermen: Madeen, Ginther, Crighton, Prescher, and Kleiser. ..vf Spence Morris and his musclemen Tenni With Chet Benner again at the coaching helm, the Maroon netmen swept through the l946 season undefeated in dual play. Those seeing action last year were Bob Schroeder, Bob Bennorth, Wally Rudolph, Dick Bahwell, Paul Kilburn, lohn l-laddick, Stewart Eggert, George Marten, and Harold Lalley. Tennis Scores Elgin Aumrgi ,,,. ,,,,,, , , lilgin Aurora W Elgin Rockford Elgin Rockford Elgin Iolict ,,,,,, Elgin Oak Park Elgin Marmion Elgin Iolier ,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,. ., Elgin Rockford Golf Enthusiasts go! Last year's golf squad, coached by Edmund Ahearn, competed in four quad- rangular meets with East Aurora, West Aurora, and loliet, and placed third twice, second, and fourth. Elgin came through with a second when they competed in a triangular meet with McHenry and West Rockford, but returned to defeat Belvidere twice and McHenry once. The captain of the squad was lim Rakow. Other members of the squad included Bill Leith, Dick Darling, Dick Wilson, lack I-laligas, and Allen Atchison. 1 1.3 f we ft' if A with Coach Rhea f C7116 The purpose of the NE" Club is to encour- age athletics in school, promote good sportsmanship, and develop school spirit. ln order to be a member, a student must obtain an "E" in at least one interschool sport. Although this is a "tough" require- ment, there are at least fifty to seventy members each year. The monogram on the maroon club sweater is symbolic of a sound mind, a healthy body, and strong spirit. lt is the emblem of leadership, en- deavor, and achievement. The "E" Club operates the gymnasium check room at school basketball games, and is responsible for presenting a gift to the athletic depart- ment each year. Sponsor of the "E" Club is Arthur Boggen. Officers for this year were President Bob Farney, Vice-president Buss Drago, Secretary-Treasurer Bob Bret- man, and Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Dopke. ln addition to the GAA, an athletic board was formed this year of representatives of each of the athletic groups in school. The purpose of this board was to determine the policies of the gym and health classes and to help plan the extra-curricular activities of the GAA. The officers were Barbara Southarcl, president, Virginia Apgar, vice- president, Eleanor I-laligas, secretary. Other members this year included Nancy Beebe, Pat Blackman, Marilyn Broker, Lois Chamberlain, Davona Coakley, Carol Daclc, lane Davis, Phoebe Downs, Pat Eadler, Lois Emmert, Charlotte Fletcher, lo Gannon, Bose Marie Griffith, Bonnie Gylleck, Ruth Kuestner, Virginia Landwehr, Patsy Leith, Barbara Leitner, Phyllis Lind, lean Lueck, Gloria Madsen, Barbara Margolin, Mary McLean, lane Osborne, Sue Scarret, Mary Lou Smith, Gerry Sunderman, Eleanore Surber, Nancy Underhill, Gwen Under- wood, Lorrie Wilkening, Margene Wilken- ing, Norma Willaert, and Greta Wise. "E" Club Leaders Girls Athletic Board Hockey Heroes Down the Line Q I Spa:-M For the past few years the theme ot the gym classes has been "Keep Fit in Wartime." This year, however, the theme was "Postwar Fitness," During the war, conditioning exercises had been stressed for physical fitness in time ot need more than team sportsg but once again more activities such as bas- ketball, volleyball , and dancin considered g were to be ot prim ' e importance. Basketball and volleyball of the were two most popular gym activities this year. Teams were orga ' ' clas . ' nized in ever s Besides l Y paying basketball and volleyball in classes, th ' pat ' e girls pa t' ed in bask r ici- etshooting k Some of s ill tests. the girls entered the Ill State Lea inois gue basketshooting contest. G 58 S V Y - -, Dancing was another activity that was enjoyed in every class. Many of the popular dance steps were taught to the girls. Besides the regular gym classes, classes in health, first aid, consumer education, and home nursing were given to all the girls. A class in first aid was conducted by Miss Wilda Logan to teach the care of simple wounds and what to do before the services of a physician can be secured. A class in home nursing was conducted by Mrs, Marie Schramm to teach the girls how to care for the sick at home. Classes in consumer education were taught by Mrs. Maxine Turek. After-school activities have always been very popular at EHS, and this year was no exception. Hockey was one of the first activities of the year. Teams were formed in the fall and weekly hockey sessions were held at Maroon Field. Bowling was another of the popular after-school activities. Iunior and senior girls bowled in the Senior League and freshman and sophomore girls partici- pated in the Iunior League. These groups were divided into smaller teams. A tournament was held to determine the team with highest team average and medals were awarded to members of the high team and to the outstanding individual bowlers. The bowlers also entered the lllinois League contest. Graceful Volleyball Basket-shooting Art State Competition Up cmd Over Our Pepsters Another outside activity ot Elgin High was tumbling. The girls met in the gym once a week to learn the fundamentals of tumbling and later mastered some of the more advanced forms. ln the Winter a skating school was conducted by the physical education department and the Skating Association at Lord's Park. Both boys and girls were taught how to skate. Figure skating was taught in special classes. Other outside activities included volleyball, basketball, basketshooting, bowling, tennis, table tennis, badminton, baseball, and speed skating. C'laeel-leadiny The cheerleaders in their white skirts and sweaters with large maroon letters were always a welcome sight at games. They were constantly seen at all the football and basketball games and at many ot the assemblies held in school. They helped spur our football and bas- ketball teams on to many victories this season, The girls who received letters this year were Lois Emmert, Barbara Southard, Claire Davis, Lorrie Wilken- ing, and Peggy Rust. 5411 QIVT5 xv' it Q 60 i X- Pu6licationA Koa d As in previous years, the success and linancial budget of Elgin l-ligh Schools two publications were ot prime importance to members ot the Publications Board. This year, because ot printing ditticulties, lSpring Beigns' was dropped trom the list ot school publications, and in its place, a column ol the "Mirror" was devoted to publishing student literary contributions. The problems of the "Maroon" and the 'Mirror' stalls were discussed and policies for publication procedures were set at monthly Tuesday meetings conducted by President Boscoe Cartwright, The Publications Board is composed ot the editors and business managers ot the publications, their advisers, a representa- tive from the Student Council, and Principal Cartwright. Members representing the Mirror stall were Miss Muriel Weeks, adf viser, Naomi Swanson, editor, and Donn Dolby, business manager. Prom the Maroon stall were Miss Margaret Newman, adviser, who served as secretary-treasurer ot the group, Betty Burke and Dave Knecht, co- editors, and Bob Washington, business manager. Lois Schaal was the Student Council representative. Dave Knecht and several statt members attended the Big Eight Publications confer- ence at West Aurora, and Naomi Swanson with several others attended the l.S.H,S,P.A. conference in October at Champaign. A publications dinner and the awarding of pins closed the year, N1lxxu.ulxK.l7.I5r1llWX. if, Xvvlllllll, Miss Nvwiiriii. IJ, Kiivclil. li. liiiiktf. Il. XV1isliiiigf llill. Mr. il.irxwi'igliI. Editors Burke and Knecht. Business Managers Head and Washington. and Ad- viser Newman. 62 Maroon Through a medium of pictures and print the Maroon presents the highlights of the year at Elgin High. Headed by coeeditors Betty Burke and Dave Knecht and super- vised by Miss Margaret Newman, this year's staff has labored since early Septem- ber to produce an attractive, interesting volume. Emphasis has been placed upon the reminiscences of the 'tgrad" as he ree calls those four happiest years of his life, the ones spent at EHS. Editor Knecht served as this year's phoe tographer while editor Burke produced the many fine sketches which grace the pages of this volume, Caryl Knowles directed the editorial staff, aided by Sports Editor Les Martin and Activity Editor George Greene. Other writ- ers were Nan Haddick, Wilfred Ziekert, Louis Bahn, Howie Gahlbeck, and Bay- mond Kohout, while Don Lesser and Earl Gommersal assisted in the taking of pic- tures. Delores Seelhoff and Mary lo Dur- ham were typistsg and Doris Lawson, Elaine Hunter, Audrey Bohles, and Pat Eadler handled the sorting, mounting, and alpha' betizing of student pictures. The task of keeping the Maroon Hin the black" was assigned to Business Manager Bob Vilashington, along with his assistants Norm Plagge, Pat Head, Bob Gerberding, Carol Copley, lim Edwards, Virginia Kees ney, Lucille Dahlstrom, and Helen Detloff. Maroon Staff Plans and Poses lliirro Although maintaining normal staff ar- rangement throughout the first semester, this years Mirror adopted a new plan for the second half of the year, in which de- partment editorships are circulated among staff members. The staff was divided into groups, each with a specific section of the paper, and editorship of each department was done in turn by members of the de- partment. Miss Muriel Weeks, new journal- ism teacher, was appointed to supervise this year's staff. Co-editing the first semester were Naomi Swanson and lean Wright, while the finan- cial angles of newspaper production were handled by Donn Dolby. Assistant editors were Nan Underhill, news, LaRae Turner and Ann Wright, clubs, Donna Rigor, fea- ture page, and Leo Bernstein, sports. Bruce Brammer handled circulation, and the re- porters were Norma Literal, Chas. Wellnitz, Gwen Underwood, and Ruth Young. Under the editorship-circulation plan the second semester, groups were news, Nan Underhill and La Rae Turner, features, Ann Wright, Naomi Swanson, and Iacquie Pratt, clubs, Darlene Weck and Donna Rigor, ex- change, Marge Lange, LaVilla Kirsch, and Iune Nicoll, and sports, Lyall Guertin and Chas. Wellnitz. Gene l-linman was type editor, and Dave Bennett and Laurine lsrael filled the vacated post of Bruce Brammer. Reporters were Nancy Anderson, Sue Collins loan Schaaf, and Don Lesser. Mirror Staff W Plots and Acts l 'FQ' Co-editors lean Wright and Naomi Swanson Foto Fans Chem Consultants Muster Mouthpieces Flwto raping C7116 This year an old activity was reinstated at Elgin High. The Photography Club, non- existent during the war because of film shortages, was back under the leadership of Marvin Kuhlman. Twelve boys interested in photography received much enjoyment from pursuing their hobby in this school organization. The group met once a month Cluemi try C7116 One of the newest clubs in EHS is the Chemistry Club. This organization, con- sisting mainly of underclassmen, has been under the direction of W. B. Fleming. lts purpose is to further science outside of class. By performing experiments and ob- serving movies ,its twelve members have shown additional interest in chemistry and related subjects. Floyd Giles acts as president, and Don lla:-Aitq be6ate l-lomer H. Shelby has again brought his debaters through for a fine record. The group, although small in size this year, has made a number of public appearances and participated in several tournaments. The squad, consisting of four experienced and seven non-experienced debaters, placed high in every meet of the season. Elgin began the debate season by winning first place at the LaPorte invitational in Indiana. to discuss such things as speed of various films and types of camera lens. For several months a nation-wide contest was open to all high-school students who own cameras. The club worked on this contest as one of its projects. Such activities helped to fur- ther interest in the important graphic sci- ence of photography. Hoke as treasurer. A fee of twenty-five cents is charged as dues so that there will be ample funds to purchase chemicals for experimentation. Twice a month is the usual meeting for all members. This or- ganization is useful to future doctors, nurses, and chemists, as well as to certain types of engineers. All people interested in delving into the mysteries of science are welcome. The squad has achieved seven first places and four seconds in an excellent rec- ord. At the annual Big Eight tournament Elgin took undisputed second, losing to Freeport by only one debate. To complete its season, the squad has appeared in vari- ous public performances. These entertain- ing and educational engagements were highly appreciated by the audiences. "rx run .' M, 'I'i'i'iit. G. R.llIxCIl. fi. I.igIitIwiIx, I.. Iiriiiiiurt, M. Mumlx, M. Swg1iii,fG. Muixiii, IJ. Cuatliluy, I5. XVL-ck, IJ. III.ix itr It XVuIwr ll I I. llcrriii, N, Swgiiiwii, li. Iiiiuwlis .Wi-ffffif ww: I'. Sparks, C. lim-Iv, R. Iigilx, I.. I.imIgi'cii. M. MII', . II. Ik-ii, IP. IiIII'INIt'IINL'I1, I.. 'I'iinIwii, C. I'4-tcm,-ii. II. I.ciliiui', II. Iliirriwn, M. Ham, II. Iilzickiiigin. 'I'l1fr1f rozrf R. Citilrn ti. Sutlliii, I. O I.u.ti'i, II, Spnlllinilll. I. llgivts, IJ. Ixmii, H. Ioliiisuii, Il. Ggillgiglicr, I". llriinc, I. Iiurtun, I-. I,lllIlICI'LILlIL', N I7 I I Ilililstrni I7 ilu I f I I3 xl I H II L'niIni'IiiII, II. Iloltlcii, ID. S.iliitiL-Iwii, If. Siiiiiplcx, II, I-Intl, .. 1 . i 1, . ii "f111rt11'ozv.' . ojc, . Irciui LT, XVL-Ilmtz. .X. Itriltiiii, I. Iiiiiilmill, I-'. Ottiliutr. I. Ii.ilIiiii.tii. IC. tiiiiiit-mill. II. Kn'i'Iwi', H, Cigilillx-ck. ID. Suhiiiiilgiill, Ii. VViIkcn ing, I. Miiiiiwxu, XV. Inliiistim. 14 Cappel a Ch oi The A Cappella choir is the 'nost ad- vanced vocal music group in Elgin I-hgh School. The choirs members are chosen tor their excellence in tone guality and voice control trom those enrollec in both the boys and girls glee clubs Although rigid tryouts are reauired, sixty-tive stu dents were able to guality tor rriembersliip this year. This group was first organizzecl in I935 and has, since then, been noted Ibr its outf standing choral woiili in school assembly programs' and in programs outside ol the school. It has also been noted tor the ex' cellent training and experience given to individuals lor solo work as well group participation. ln the past year the choir, under the die :ection ol Lloyd Swanson, presertecl selec tions at the Christmas Concert, before the Rotary Club, on church programs, and in the Fox Valley Musical, which was under the direction ot Clat Christianson. The most outstanding undertaking ot the year was the appearance ot the A Cappella choir on the WGN program, 'Citizens of Tomorrow." Howard Gahlbeck served in the capacity ot president this year, with Charles Sillif man as vice-president, Lois Lindgren as secretary, Dorothy Samuelson as treasurer, cnd Iim Tredup as librarian. '- - Nf- U lk Ji ff i I ' ,I , X,n5X1,Qy:' Gum , ,, is ' fy!!! I l I 4 I I I f Christmas Assembly Program SWS FIaqerA The EHS Players is a group of juniors and seniors who are interested in dramatics, Often hidden talents are discovered through this club of almost sixty members. This year in the one-acts they presented the play "Finders Keepers," which took fourth place in the sectional tournament at East Rockford. Highlights of the year were a trip to Chicago to see "l Remember Mama" and a masquerade banquet in the cafeteria. The club, sponsored by Miss Marge Bier- sach, was led by Peg Gallagher, assisted by Vice-president Barbara Southard, Sec- retary Lois Lindgren, and Treasurer Helen Blackman. ,Q ' , ffm. 1 f f' 3351 , 1 L 'K X L... , Senior literature 61116 The Senior Literature Club is an organi- zation for juniors and seniors. The purpose of this club is to assemble interesting books, take excursions to educational perform- ances, and make arrangements for public speakers to appear before the student body once every year. Besides the monthly meet- ing, the social gatherings have been limited to a successful Halloween party and a very cold-weather Christmas party. Presi- dent Charles Silliman, Vice-president Donna Giles, Secretary Naomi Swanson, and So- cial Chairman Bill Pearsall have led their group into the many activities which filled the school year. One-Act Preparation Senior Lit. Members .--11, Varsity First-string Burlqfifllfi F. Vnlght, M. Coffee, B. M2lfllNN'2lfLlI R. D COURIER , rago. Linrmcn: I. Chapman, D. Dupkc, R. Zornow, ll. Wallace, YL. Schultz, A. Sir.-grim, R. Furney. "Red" Forney, All-Slate Un ity ?oo t6 ll .lf ln l945 the Maroons stctrted crnd finished the secrson with decisive victories. lt wcts between these gcrrnes thot the difficulties occurred. Cocrched by Spencer Morris ond Chester Alexander, the Mcrroons won their two pre- conference tilts, rolling over York of Elm- hurst l3-7 cmd downing Crone Tech of Chicogo l4-13. lourneying to Eost Aurorct for their first conference motch, the Morrisrnen hod their hopes dirnrned sornewhctt by ct heclrtbreok- ing 6-O loss, The following week Ioliet's Steelrnen invoded the locctl ccrrnp ond left with ct 14-6 victory. Bouncing bock, the Moroons submerged West Rockford 20-19 but bowed out to Freeport 6-2 ond were over-powered by Coaches Morris and Alexander Crashing Ahead The Water Boys: M. Senne. D. Anderson, D. Brackett the West Aurora squad 34-O, the last game played in fog so dense that the players were scarcely visible to the spectators. Finis Was written to the season with a positive 6-0 victory over a highly rated East Rockford team. The squad was built on six returning let- termen: Bob l'Red" Farney, Russ Drago, Frank Voight, lack Chapman, Dick Wallace, and Dan Dopke. Recognition for his outstanding play was given Red Farney by positions on the All-- Conference first team and All-State second team. Red Farney and Russ Drago Were chosen co-captains by their teammates in an election at the end of the season. The outlook for next season appears hopeful with fourteen lettermen returning. Major lettermen returning are Bob Brett- man, lim Estergard, Lloyd Banwart, Bob Siegrist, Ed Schultz, Al Turner, Lyle Finley, Mike Coffey, Bill Markwardt, Ron Zornowg minor lettermen are LeRoy Brubaker, Lee Shaeffer, Carl Dorwaldt, and Stan Sphatt. Bricks .ffllllflfl-llgf F. Vcright, M. Collet, L. Finlay, R. Drago, W. Mnrkwurrlt. Kneeling: C. Perkins, A. Turner, A. Saiuccdn, A. Koch. if 'cnlzwz-': IJ. Wullacc, I., BTlIbllkL'l', I, Mc- 'l'urklcy: li. Schultz, ID. llopkc, H. lirctl riclc. h'.'1d,v: IJ. 'I'humpmn, I, Guilinmw. man, I. Wmur, Grmrrix, .CIKHIIII-Ilgf R. Zur H. lfurm-v, I. Chapman. now, K. liuhlin I. lim-rgnrdg kllfffllllg R. Sicgrist, I.. linnwnrr. 71 IFYYIIII I'Utl'.' .Msn Concim Alxcnrn, H. Fnrnuy, I. Chapman, D. Hiclcnbn-rg, F. Voight, D. Sumlcrlgxgc, Conch Kmfft, Scwnnl muf: D. Brzuckclt, il. Sillimnn, F. Ramlloff, B. Griffith, D. Wzxllacc, L. Banwart, Ii. Twccclic. Tflml mm: li. Pillinqcr, D. Thumpson. B. Mglrkwnmlt. H, Nichul, S. Sphzxtt, L. Putty-r. Mgr. lixlxrick. U4 ity Ea leetbal xx ' if K I' ' fy x X Q X ff. 3 X 5 . yi. f XX ffk ef'f',,,, Q lj r ' A AA 1 49?-N.. N! 72 "V il ir, QI 5-a 40 SH il Si M ,IH ill nl l,, .X11ml.1 t Varsity Basketball Scores .nnv .VW l'rf1x1m H li-'I X llll'I'L' ir Iullrl ffl :VIUI1 42 VN . .'xlIl'UI'Ll 34 l7L'k'.lllII' 49 mnlillglfmn 45 XV Rugl-tlrxlll ii' iN l.. R4lnlilrll'4l all llm'li.1llu Vw Ixlgnn 54 lwlirt W7 l'lQlIl 56 XV. .xllfitlll ll lxlsin 47 Mfmlmm- -l I I- I-'in SW l:l'L'Cll4ll'l 45 Num 33 lx, .xllflrlll 43 llgm T2 l,.tS.lllL'-l7L'I'll iv Woodstock Regional Tournament Iflgin 57 l'.1l.1r1m' 25 llvin Oli I lulwwm ill l,l,lll lit Varsity Basketball Standings Iilvin l'..1xt Rm'lxl'ul'ml l".2lNl txtllfllftl In xllvt lil' c-4- gn wrt Xlkwt Rllxlilvllftl l..u5.1Ilc-IR-V11 XVQI .Xumr.1 Up. Up and Away Close Quarters Hot Shot . f.. l'c'f. tl l.llllll ,Ullll ,Ill Ill .Still ,illll Still .SIIKI .lllll Ilumlcc 57 73 The l94Ei-117 Krottt Kids, cooched DY lohn Kroflt ond Hdmund Aheorn, riointoined Hlgins reputotion for fine bosketooll teoms with eighteen wins ond two losses ogoinst some of the stotes finest teonts. They opened the seoson ogonst Moine by eosily winning Sl-35, Then, in o thriller, they nosed out Proviso 36-34. ln the follow- ing contest the lvloroons defeotec. Belvidere 5-'I-37, They opened the conference ploy with o successful stond ogoins' loliet The first jolt of the yeor come from Mor- ton in o rugged LIU-42 contest. Our teom bounced bock, took West Auroro ond then conquered Decotur. Continuing their win- ning streok, the Moroons whipped Bloom- inoton ond VVest Bockford. The Krofft Kids tripped the Tomcots in the Host Auroro Crocker box 40-38, ond in ploying one of the best goimes of the seoson they downed Host Bockford SU-44. Morching on, the high-tlying Moroons swomped DeKolb, loliet, ond West Auroro Goining further revenge on Moline, the Kroflt Kids come through witi o 47-Ill triumph. Continuing with conference victories over Freeport ond Host Auroro, the '47 Moroons clinched the Big Hight crown by sloughter- ing LoSolle-Peru 72-33. ln this gome they put into proctice their tricky boll hondling ond shooting which roted them second in stote. They olso showed off, for the first time, their floshy, white sotin worm-up suits, The '47 Moroons, led by Coptoin "Bed" Forney, cloimed the first undeteoted Big Hight Chompionship, Hlgin High olso boost- ed the leoding conference scorer, Don Sunderloge, who compiled o second oll- time high of l83 counters. The Kroflt Kids went into the Woodstock Hegionol, co-fovored with Dundee. They chorged post Polotine 57-23 ond Hebron 80-36, only to be holted by Dundee on on Wolf" night 26-37, Hvery one of the first string ployers lond- ed o berth on on oll-conference teom: Don Sunderloge, the scoring oce, ond "Bed" Horney, forword ond guord respectively, first teom, Doug Bielenberg wos nomed second teom guord ond lock Chopmon ond Hronk Voight third teom. Don Sunderloge wos olso norninoted to the second teom in on oll-stote poll con- ducted by the Chicogo Doily News, f5'?'? Thi Iittle Hand The mystery play, "This Little Hand," was presented by the class of 1947 last May. lt was unusual in that it had an all-girl cast. The play, capably directed by Miss Marge Biersach, was a murder mystery with the title role played by Georgia Hausch. Nlury , livc Frietlgl , Line Sharon Alice , Stella Shirley ,,,. ,I4L'I1llQ5StL Phyllis ,, The Cuff , ,GEORGIA RAUSCH ,, PEG G.Xl.I.AGl'lliR HBEVIQRLY WEBER . ,, HELEN ISLACKMAN ORRA MAGER IANH DAVIS MARY LOU SMITH NAN BRINKMAN .,,i..,GRACE MOSC.-RTO , , ,,,,,,,,,, MAXINE TRENT BARBARA Wll,l5llAGliN ANN VVRlGH'l' The ?i9la ting fittleA "The Fighting I.ittles," directed by Miss Marge Biersach, climaxed the senior dra- matic achievement on November I4 and l5. This play told the story of the Little family and its many problems. The little brother, Filmer, continually getting into trouble, i Thr Carl i Almzllinn ,MARY LOU SMITH Olital , . I'II'1I.IiN IILACKMJXN I'IIlI1'lL'f , V . . IIRUCI5. RIKIQR Ilann Iallcrs Mu. Linh- , ,, DAVE ARNOLD ,, , DICK NVILSON G frfrc lx' V, PHI GALLAGHIQR Mrs. Little W GEORGIA RAUSCII Antuinm-tu' MAXINIS TRIiN'I' Iiunicc , W H ANN WRIGIIT Piitricizn M MI'fRI,Ii HIHNDEWALD Norman l'z'cl , CALVIN WILCOX Dicky Ilzirpcrldlc H , ,GIiNIi SCUDDER Mrs. Ilnrpulrllc DFIIORAI-I IIANSEN Mixs Ililllbjlil HIQVIQRLY WEIIITR added much zest to the play and contrasted well with Goody's attempted sophistication. The scene was the Littles' living room in midsummer. The capable backstage crews helped to make the play a great success. 78 unior ' Senio A as iv- ,,, N. -v- , W M5 ,4 1 1' I Q1 ,D , ' ', ' is ,T . I N pf 1 At lux! I was an upper clusxnzmz. No more would I br Ir'c'aiz'1I' us an infufll. It uw: now my duly fo lrrronzz' tl lz'un'z'r of Ihr srlzool. I l1I.SC0l'l'fl'l1 that my lifr had ffrconzc rr complrx mixlnrf- of xlzzzlfcx, xportf, cnllnnzl and main! m'riz'itiz'y. C7444 .if 1943 Home Room 102 Arthur Roggen I"ir.f1 row: B. Adams, E. Agnew, C. Airhart, M. Airluart, E. Akins, A. Albert, Mr. Roggen. Second row: ID. Anderson, V. Anderson, B. Andresen, B. Andresen, D. Andre-sen, V. Apgar, R. Bahwell. Third row: R. Ball, L. Bunwart, P. Bnnwart, L. Barrels, R. Hartels, C. Batt, H. Becker. l"0m'Ih row: li. Behrens, S. Bell, li. Henthuysen, E. Bowman, I7. lirackett, R. Brettman. Home Room 220 Byron Fleming.: Firxt row: D. Nish, I. Pace, V, Perkins, M. Scham- bach, C. Schubert, D. Tyson, Mr. Fleming. Second' row: I. Valentine, I. Van Arsdull, li. Volkening, V. Voss, L. Wacker, F. Walbaum, L. Walsh. Third row: li. VVasher, I. WVaterman, D. Webber, C. Wcllnitz, W. Wctzel, S. Whipple, D. White. l'I0IH'fl1 row: E. Wilkening, D. Wilson, L. Wise, G. Witt, C. Young. Home Room 318 Min Ilnrutliv Murray Ifngff row: Min Murray, IJ. Bennett, I. Bennett, R. liennnrth, M. 1'1l'l'I5Ul'l, R. liergholt, I. llerna. Snwnl 1'un': li. lierncr, li. lleu, G, llierking, R. Dewis, G. lluhl, M. Goldman, I. Grenlin. Tfzirzf row: IJ. linmttinan, I. Grzunstatl. L. Israel, R. Iacksnn, li. Iepmn, U. Iervev, li. Im-rm. Fflllffll mum IJ. Iuhnmn, lf. Snrn, H. Snutliartl, S. Spatt, R. Stewart. Home Room 327 Chester Alexander l'n'.vt mm: Mr. Alexantler, A. Archcr, C. Hickler, N. liicrclemann, A. lirockncr, I. Giuliano, W. Ocrgvl. SKTIIIIIX rout I7. Schultz, li. Schulz, I. Schultz, N. Schultz, N. Schultz, R. Schultz, M. Torling. Third ruuf: A. Turner, A. 'I'utt'll, M. Van Kirk. E. Villella, I, Walker, IJ. Warrcn. K. West. lftiurfh row: C. Willigman, li. Yunker, I. Ziegler, R. Zornnw. Home Room 115 Robert Winn lfirri mul: Mr. Winn, V. Marquis, I. Martin, I. Mc- Britle, R. McMurry, I. McNutt, B. Meyer. Second row: li. Miller, IJ. Rittmiller, B. Rocaslcr, I.. Rohrson, S. Roth, S, Roth, W. Rudolph. Third row: R. Ruascll, P. Rust, M. Santurrn. L. SCl'lLlL'FfCl', R. Schel- lenherger, I. Schick, 12. Schifferer. Fonrlh row: O. Schloemer, A. Schmiclgall, C. Schmitz, D. Schnmlclt, M. Schneitler, M. Schreiber, M. Scvcr. Home Room 301 Mrs. Florence Fletcher Fifi! row: K. Conley, C. Copley, E. Crew, M. Dierking, M. Drake, D. Duffy, L. Emmert, Mrs. Fletcher. Second row: V. Iimmert, C. Frlandsen, I. Ervin, I. Ester- gard, R. Fahriek, R. Fairchild, L. Finley, N. Flory. Tlziwi row: B. Frank, A. Funk, D. Garrison, B. Gaston, I. Gathman, D, Gough, G. Gibbs, M. Gieske, Fourffz row: I. Gifford, F. Gilles, B. Goldstein, F. Gomersall, B. Goodwin, M. Grace. N01 p1'crf11rfzf: P. Faetly. Home Room 125 Miss Margaret Newman Ifirfl row: F. Iohnson, H. Iohnson, I. Iohn- son, M. Iohnson, G. Krunnfusz, R. Koteles, I. Kuslimirz, Miss Newman. Second' row: V. Lamz, D. Landis, L. Meyer, C. Miller, M. Miller, S. Miller, C. Moore, P. Poclolsky. Third row: L. Potter, D. Prehm, D. P'rigge, R. Purkey, Ii. Radloff, I. Rea, B. Reese, S. Searritt. Fourfh row: C. Schumann, K. Sunderman, C. Swanson, M. Switzer, H. Toler, I. Vandertoll. Home Room 314 Miss Hortense Wilson Firsl row: L. Laseoe, W. Lembke, B. Lorang. H. Lovejoy, R. Markwardt, L. Moody, M. Moody, Miss Wilson. Second row: G. Mueller, M. Mulliken, D. Myers, C. Naclen, C. Neal, M. Nyman, I. O'Leary, M. Oswald. Third row: F. Ottinger, H. Overstrcet, M. Pape, I. Peck, Pl Peck, M. Peitsch, O. Pelletier, R. Petschow. Fourfh row: C. Petersen, M. Peterson, H. Pllueger, C. Phelps, D. Plath, G. Underwood, L. VVilkening. No! pirlzzrrzl: F. Lasher, I. Naker, I. Parr. Home Room 114 Miss Irene Pielemeicr lfirxt row: Miss Pielcmeicr, C. Iewel, li. Kerr, I. Kimhixll, G. Knzuik, P. Lnmphere, I. Larson, li. Legler. Second row: R. Levine, R. Lichtenstein, C. Lighthotly, L. Lindgren, N. Literal, I. Lofgrcn, R. Lullie, R. Mung. Thil'!1I'Oll'f B. Manley, P. Mapes, N. Marsh, M. Murchancl, H. Mairschke, D. Martin, G. Mzittocks, M. Mattocks. Fourfh row: V. May, K. Mayes, L. Mcliwun, D. Mezilman, li. Meek, L. Mercuri, ID, Meuscr. Nur f7j!'flH'l'l1f H. Menkc. Home Room 205 Miss Helen Iocelyn lfirrf row: Miss Iocclyn, L. Fletcher, IS. Frey, li. Fritz, li. Greenwald, li. Gyllcck. li. Gylleek, IJ. Hngemzin. Second rowf G. Hairmcning, I. Harrison, M. Hgirtmzin. li. Harvey, V. Heheiscn, D. Hctlley, S. lleimlen, G. Heine. Third row: B. Helger- son, li. Ht-lm, C. Henmlricl-gs, B. Heroltl, I. Herrin, li. Hinman, L. Houglzintl, I. llfIfIl2lI'l1lL'!', Frmrfh row: W. Holland, A. Holt, ID. Holtz, V. Homcyer, S. Howarcl. N01 frifl11l'1'1l: U. Guetschow, L. Hill, L. lloppensltzlclt. R. Illflill, F. Henderson. Home Room 302 Miss lilizubeth Stearns I-'izxvl row: Miss Stearns, R. Bingamon, C. Black, C. llorwartlt, H. Iiiklor, H. Gustaf- son, M. Guth, W. Gutsehow. Srcoml row: M. Haus. lf. Hull, M. Hnnsing, M. Lange, D. LnPointe, V. Lcischcrg, B. Lcman, D. Lenz. Third row: D. Lesser, V. Mitchell, I. Monroe, C. Reazer, D. Rcuter, R. Richoz, L. Schwartz, ll. Shoop. Fourth row: C. Smith, G. Smith, B. Sohn, L. Stallboum, I. Travis, I. Tremel. 2: -', SB I Jia ,. YS A ,.,., i 96:25:21 Q W l ...Q 'Rf ,W .- ,J ,Lis-ll gm 4 wi an 83 . . , ,ni L' Nga: ' -S" gm . --4.3 I - . w 1 ,N vi ' -.R -. sw Y , 1 4 i Fl l .nf .qs lf QE X ha Y A if-.2 ' ,,, is, tm s . 595' 7' . FQ lf W gf it 5 4, Home Room 200 Lloyd Wallin Firrt row: D. Tegtmeir, A. Mittlcstcailt, B. Nelson, W. Nelson, C. Newcomer, I. Nicoll, Mr. Wallin. Second row: W. Simmons, A. Siursct, P. Smart, M. Sommsrs, I. Sopczak, I. Statller, R. Starin. Third row: I. Steele, I. Stcmwedcl, M. Shielding, R. Stowcll, I. Stone, L. Stone, I. Sommers. Fom'tl1 row: M. Swain, E. Swcntck, M. Taylor, I. Tarro, R. Thieman, IJ. Thics. N01 picIm'm': V. Sjurscth, R. Thiemun, I. Sprzitllin, G. Steffen. Home Room 203 Homer Shelby Firfi row: E. Blum, L. Braasch, P. Brodertlorf, M. Bronk, R. Brown, L. Brubaker, Mr. Shelby. Second row: V. Buchholz, V. Buchholz, C, Burniclge, R. Butler, E. Carapanos, T. Czissens, C. Christcnscn. Third row: C. Christiansen, D. Christiansen, R. Christensen, M. Cluts, C. Colcord, A. Collingbournc, I. Comcrcr. Fvurlh row: L. Dahlstrom, I. Davis, C. Day, H. Dctloff Home Room 218 Lconartl Brown Fine! row: R. Brodsky, C. Holmbcrg, B, Holtz, W. Holtz, D. Hood, F. Hopp, Mr. Brown. Second row: A. Huber, B. Iohnson, C. Iohnson, W. Ioncs, B. Iorclan, P. Iordzin, C. Iuby. Third row: M. Iudkins, H. Kaiser, W. Kastu, V. Keeney, M. Kelly, R. Kcmerling, B. Kerber. Fourth row: P'. Kestncr, I. Klinncrt, B. Knickrchm, A. Koch, G. Kochnkc, E. Kolbc, I. Ioncs. Not pifmrcd: S. Kacmser. 6 XX 1 N XXN x 5 Y rl .-X Ni -x:.T T' xi- 4Yx:ufYv-Xe K 5 T. . K? 0 .L 'et 'X 'N X i N - Seniv Il .rccmx impoxxilvle fhiiz I lltllll' lwrn unending Elgin High School for four y!'lll'.f. fly I cfztrrnl my .renior year I 7l0flL'l'll among my rlim'n1izIe.f im iiir of xolfricly. The .rcniorx srrnzcd fo realize than they were t'HfC'l'l,ll,Q' the lax! and Ihc mort inzpornmt plmxe of their high .fvhuol lik. The yawn' xrcnird Io :peril hy mul lu-fore I knew if, gruzlmziiorl, Ihr greatest flay of my life, had come. 85 if , W Ki QE 45:g,.:,ngMzsf -, -1 , ., , . .5 ,'-Sfi-'dpi ' ffl!" i C ,ffil x J ' 5 . lj.: X 1' .,- ,- w W -I er 4,5 cm, ., ,ff 'ffwi Q' V- ,, -,f m Q . -, liv3!S'l ,,,,wngM 25 X, N if K el SW 5 is .s...'i.x S 3' A' . af N , X X ,F HK X Z E we Q 1 . M . A . H af.: -:sz -'E K N m' 4 1 i . Y 4, pun: eg Vi A f ri 2 i g 4 .f , ,My ? Y it H j f 5 Jie' 'N if 5 1 wg my HXIMTL- f . : Q 'J 1 If, Q , 'Hr 1, -pm., -445. 3535 .k', 5 'UK 'Tb 0'9- .. .,,.. iz. ,J ,-X .. an , 5 4 33 vi M 1 an - .4-'E JN . 532:1 5 ,. - SQ K, , t- K wcvfzisvssff s . f ah 'ff fi' , v K ' I V - , T 4? T5 1 Q f , ' Y 3' D , , K ",, , , K A . .1 f QL' , . 5 I k V, ' . ,Q f f 'Y rf-E . A - 'f , Xkgzggggx I 1 5 , .V f' , . , ,,, L ij ? if "fi . S? 4131- Nw QW Nu 'W xv, me xl A X ww BA ff. ,ww-. 1,00-.t, , ., .419 m""" I-.,.XNa ' ff ii 4 .gf J 4. 'JQ1 . ' 1144, , AMI. 1, ,'.ff:' .lf f f ,Isl ' 1" . ."' 1 " I J' x ,ff vita? 1 W1 ,Q Q 'W "1?w5sy f fu.a.:Qg if-Q, Q 1-9,3 f H ,K . Q.. h 'K'-f.. fu. ffk' x . M -5: 3, P15535 ii? x :L V 1 S i 2 .V +L ' X - -gijzf 153 ,, E1 4 ik K k Q H .df wi J'- , Q4 ,w U .- ,M 3 .3 -4' ,,.--1 ,411 4 Q ' wr .4 . 2 - Q., 1 f " - -8' JK F3 53 m 3 N , 'f - , ,,-,' ,- . . 3555 ,,?3KJ'i'v K q. 1 .gig . .N 5 QQ J.-v ,HQ-Fizz, , 4 y if -w, , '12 Jn' , A ' 5' x .L f f-F' 733,-'-'I'Z'+' ':"1", 5' 1,2-.1 J 5 9' 14 Q"-4' ' 'I 'I X Qi-'w,.'.if F "' ' "11lzfv':"4'p' "HI-, fi, ' f , Y . . :ff eiggxfkiif 2 V, YE "Wu" 1 , 4 7 f flin- ww S x , 5 Z Q QQ 5, mgisl' H 5 2 5 , , A 3 xi VUE Hi!" QQ y W- gg ' -M. .,. 3 gk +9 Q 4 gf 4 5 KJ iff J S 983 ' , ,ms A ig L35 A 5 1 N42 S 5 4 2 Q X Q Q jg Dgsidaff. J' he 'Q gmmof v' x S Pi, ' Dorothy Samuelson Bruce Sandberg Alfred Saliceda .if , ,W K , M . .. L 'fa' f, . v - 1 JN' 9 f Ruth Saxon Lois Saxon 1. -4 1. 'Seq is su. ,ISV ?b S r . D 25525 X it 1 .5?Q?Pi4f?5?'2l'54? 1 Russell Scarbrough Lois Schaat Dolores Scheibel b of J' flu David Schmidgall Harriet Schramm Pauline Schroeder Phyllis Schuring Betty Scoggin Eugene Scudder Robert Sedden Dolores Seelhoii Melvin Senne W' ll97'MgSf I A ,wf?fsf,:i M- ' 4 'xii' - , . ' Ai V 5 WE 4 :Z 2' l A lf Hi Marilynn Serio .L K. only . ra 5 . gt gg' . , K ,.,, 'tk - ,Q y I H if P A gil V Charles Sillimank Elizabeth Siurseth Floyd Small , H Mary L. Smith Mary M. Smith' 'J W-WM aw A-A! ,Q r 3 'W 6 if Q -f W E if N , W . k.., . S is ' yn. A lf 5' a. mi: m,Q r One - Two - Three - ?our In February, 1943, one hundred freshmen entered Elgin I-ligh. This group, increased by two hundred and fifty in September, 1943, became the Class of 1947. In Septem- ber, 1944, one hundred from Abbott joined N our ranks. To lead us through our freshman year, we chose Bob Farney for president, Bob McCoy for vice-president, and Bob Behm for secretary. The Freshman Frolic was our first mixer. Our talents were already be- ginning to show themselves. For our second year Don Geldmacher was president, Bob F arney was vice-presi- dent, and Merle Bendewald was secretary. We chose red and white for our colors and the red and white carnations for our SENIORS NOT PICTURED Robert Allerton, Melvin Andres, Robert Bauman, LaVern W. Cavitt, Vivian Crowfoot, Dorothy DeWitt, Curtiss Erwin, Lewis Fletcher, Ieanne Hedstrom, Charles Kaltenbach, Ir., Iohn Kappen, Richard G. Kruger, Dolores Mayberry, Clifford Mullin, Ray- mond Prescher, Gloria Rotnour, Wallace Rudolph, Elroy Thiede, lone VanBuren, Royal Visgar. flower. Our class motto -- "Not only to equal, but to excel"-became our guide. Two parties, one of which was the "Barn- yard Brawl," were our chief social events. September, 1945, came and we were juniors . Cal Perkins became our president, Don Geldmacher vice-president, and Bar- bara Leitner our secretary. "The Static Stomp," our class party, explored the pos- sibilities of the north wing for social events. Spring, 1946-Our junior play was "This Little Hand." For the first time in EHS his- tory an all-girl cast presented a class play. And then we were seniors. Cal Perkins continued as our president, Bob Farney be- came vice-president, and Audrey Swenson our secretary. lack Chapman was Student Council president. The lunior Red Cross, under the leadership of Dave Arnold, did outstanding work. Our Sales Committee directed by lack Collins functioned at the football games to add to the pleasure of the spectators and to increase greatly the balance in our treasury. "The Fighting Littles" went down in history as one of the best senior plays. Our hobo convention- new version of hobo day--with faculty ap- proval scored for us again. The hobo pa- rade, at which prizes were given for the most original costume, attracted a crowd to the boys gym. "The Rainbow Club"-our "going away party" under the direction ot Barry Pillin- ger, Carol Dack, and LaVerne Chastaine- will long be remembered by all of us. ln quick succession came a bigger and better Class Day program followed by a tea dance, Baccalaureate with Reverend Ker- mit Peterson as our speaker, the Prom, and Commencement. Awards Day and Honors Day impressed the underclassmen with our scholastic achievements. The names of those who have excelled in music, dramatics, speech, debating, athletics, and high-ranking schol- arship are too many to be noted here. The standards set and the achievements of the Class of lf-347 will long be remembered by El-IS as we go into the World determined "not only to equal but to excel." Adviser Wilson. President Perkins. Secretary Swenson. Vice-president Farney. Adviser Peters Class Council S ' m n '4 The following students will graduate with the Class ol l947, having completed work in the Armed Forces Institute or having successfully passed the General Educational Development Tests. BERNARD LOUIS ANDERSON ARTHUR ARNOLD ATCIIISON ROBERT WILLIAM ISALES IOHN LAWRENCE BOEHM ROBERT GEORGE BOLGER LAWRENCE M. BRIGGS DELWIN EARLE BROWN GEORGE F. BROWNE RICHARD HAROLD CHRISTIANSEN EDWARD VVALTER EARDLEY RICHARD REED FERRIS RICHARD H. FREDRICKS STANLEY CHARLES GINTHER LCROY ROBERT HEFLICK RICHARD QUENTIN HITZEROTII IACK EDWARD HOYE CLAYTON CHARLES IENNY DELWIN YVILLIAM IOIINSTON CHARLES DARWIN KOEHNKE BERNARD W. LOHIIAUER GEORGE XVILLIAM MARTENS IAMES F. MEYERS RICHARD OLAF RUDIN RICIIARD DRAKE SCIIEELE BYRON RICHARD SCIIUETT OTTO SHELTON, Ir. IOI-IN LESLIE WATERMAN IOHN COLIN WERRIEACII KENNETH ERNEST WOLFF In ll! em of-ia Laurence Melvin Kearby, who was a member ol the class ot IQ47, met his death in a motorcycle accident last autumn. Melvin, or 'IKirby" as he was known to his friends and classmates, was very active in intra- mural sports. He was an enthusiastic and industrious member of the Projection Club, and was on the varsity wrestling squad. He was also very much interested in the Dramatics Workshop. The class ot IQ47 will always remember Melvin Kearby. 103 ',' 1 ,V-t' . .. 2, Y-.. - , . . - Y -V ?A?g,,,,T,E-n',-N... J? , N - A ' .Y 4 ..,-1 1 bepartmen t Nano Agriculture Max Moeller Business A Stenography: Marjorie Wells Bookkeeping: Marjorie Perkins English Richard Carlson Creative Writing: Carol Thurnau Dramatics: Bruce Belshaw, Thomas McBride, Nancy Ro- meis Speech: Stanley Bittinger Foreign Language ' Richard Carlson, Peter Oglobin, Rataela Siete, Anna Rose Stone, Alice Thompson, Carol Thurnau Four-Year Awards Richard Arthur Carlson, Roy Arthur Iohnson, Dorothy Lois Switzer Three-Year Awards Don B. Ansel, David Iordan Knecht, Alexander Konstantin Ogloblin, Alice lane Thompson Home Economics Dorothy Switzer Clothing: Iean Grimes, Nancy Holliday, Arlene Olson Industrial Arts Ronald Foell, Roy A. Iohnson Mathematics Paul Dayton Kilburn, Roy Arthur Iohnson, Dorothy Lois Switzer, Alice Iune Thompson Music Marilyn Bridge, Mary Catherine Carlson, Richard Carlson, Iames Nicoll, Nancy Schwarzwalder, Mary Lou Tracy, Betty Will ROTARY AWARDS Two-Year Awards Gordon Russell Krunnfusz, Bar- bara Lee Leitner, Peter Konstan- tin Ogloblin, Eileen Rose Schif- terer 104 Physical Education Boys: Edwin Christiansen, Ron- ald Foell, Walter Graf, Iohn Mink, Charles Orban Girls: Mary Catherine Carlson, Nan lean Myers, Arlene Olson, Nancy Romeis, Alice Thomp- son, Nancy Wilson Science Iere McGill, Iohn Schmidtke Social Science Stanley Bittinger, Mary Brown, Mary Catherine Carlson, lack Haligas, Emmy Lou Hill, Peter Ogloblin, Herald Rifken, Dorothy Switzer One-Year Awards David Arnold, Otto Frank Bauer, Nancy Annette Beebe, Suzanne Nancy Fabrick, Paul Norman Gabler, Robert Edwin McCoy, Calvin Charles Perkins, Elaine Ann Petersen, Frances Lu Sorn , , " , Senivr dctivitq index - - - WILMA CLARA ABTS G.A.A.: Sr. Literature Club: Spanish Club RICHARD SAMUEL AHLE WILLIAM HENRY AHLE Football: Wrestling: Track LELAND RAYMOND ALLEN Freshman Ensemble MARY FERN ALLERTON Cheerleading: EHS Players ROBERT PERRY ALLERTON Student Council: Band BEI IY RUTH ANDERSON GLADYS IUNE ANDERSON Girls Club Council: G.A.A. MELVIN GEORGE ANDRES EIJZABE'I'I-I I. ANDREWS Girls Club Council: A Cappella ROBERT M. APP Class Council: F.F.A. DAVID IA-MES ARNOLD Student Council: Sr. Class Play: Ir. Red Cross Chr. EMIL W. ARPS BARBARA ANN BALLMAN German Club: Poetry Club: Library Club: F.T.A. SHIRLEY MAE BARGHOLZ ROBERT CHARLES BAUMAN Basketball IAMES LOWELL BAUSTERT German Club: Proiection Club MARILYN ANNE BEHRENS G.A.A.: Mask and 'Baubleg German Club DOROTHY MARIE BELTZ MERLE IEAN BENDEWALD Class Council. Sec. 2: Girls Club Council: Sr. Class Play: E.H.S. Players: Mask and Bauble: Latin Club, Pres.: Spanish Club DARLENE MAE BENHART G.A.A.: Spanish Club VIRGINIA IO BENNETT Freshman Ensemble MARY IAYNE BERKE Spanish Club LEO BERNSTEIN Football: Track: Mirror DOUGLAS OWEN BIELENBERG Student Council: Basketball: "E" Club 2-3-4 PATRICIA LOUISE BITITNGER Spanish Club: F.T.A. HELEN ETHEL BLACKMAN Class Council: Ir. and Sr. Class Plays: EHS Players: A Cappella DELORES MAE BLAY G.A.A.: Aeolian: A Cappella MARGARET SHIRLEY BOAN G.A.A.: EHS Players KEITH LEROY BOHLIN Football: "E" Club HELEN LOUISE BOKELMANN BARBARA IEAN BOOTH Class Council: G.A.A.: Band: Spanish Club BRUCE HENRY BRAMMER Boys Glee: A Cappella BEVERLY IOYCE BRANDES G.A.A. CHARLES ARTHUR BRESLICH NANCY LUCILLE BRINKMAN Ir. Class Play: EHS Players: Band ARTHUR TRAVIS BRITTIN IR. Student Council: Football: Track: A Cappella PATRICIA MERLEEN BRYAN Latin Club: Spanish Club ROBERT FORBES BUECHE Band: Orchestra: Spanish Club LOIS ELAINE BUEHLER G.A.A. BETTY IEAN BURKE Maroon, Co-editor 4: Spanish Club 2-3 IEAN DELORES BURTON HELEN LOUISE BYRD G.A.A. ALYCE MAE CARY G.A.A.: Band 4 CHARLES H. CARNEY MARY GRACE CASSELL G.A.A. LAVERNE W. CAVITT DONNA DELORES CHAPMAN G.A.A.: Ir. Class Play: EHS Players: A Cappella: Girls Club Council IOHN WILSON CHAPMAN Student Council, Pres.,.4: Football, 2-3-4: "E" Club: Basketball 2-3-4: Track 4 LAVERNE ALLEN CHASTAINE' Track . 105 IOHN LOUIS CHEPERKA DONALD ARCHIE CHOUINARD DELORES GRACE CHRISTENSEN G.A.A.: A Cappella: Aeolian IOHN HALE C1-IRISTENSEN FRANK STEVE CIACCO Class Council 3: Wrestling 2: "E" Club ROBERT HENRY CITIZEN A Cappella: Boys Glee: Freshman Ensemble DAVONA IEAN COAKLEY F.T.A.: Latin Club: EHS Players: Mask and Bauble: A Cappella: Aeolian: Verse Speaking GEORGE ROBERT COATES Student Council: Band PATRICIA ANN COFFEY Glee Club 1: Aeolian IOHN M. COLLINS Class Council: Latin Club, Vice-Pres. CAROL CATHERINE CONWAY THEODORE WILLIAM CORDOGAN PHYLLIS IEANNE CRANE G.A.A.: A Cappella: Aeolian: Spanish Club IOAN FAY CRAWFORD G.A.A.: Verse Speaking NEIL THOMAS CRICHTON Wrestling: German Club: Band: "E" Club VIVI AN MAY CROWFOOT CAROL IEAN DACK German Club, Sec.: Latin Club, Vice- Pres.: Girls Club Cabinet, Vice-Pres.: Verse Speaking. Pres. MAVIS LORRAINE DAHLGREN Class Council: G.A.A.: Freshman Ensemble: Treble RUTH SHIRLEY DALY G.A.A.: French Club: A Cappella WILLIAM MCKELOEY DAMISCI-I IANE ELLEN DAVIS Class Council: Girls Club Council: Spanish Club, Sec.: EHS Players RICHARD IAMES DEEGAN IAMES EDWARD DEWEES DOROTHY IEAN DE WITI' DAVID ALLAN DOLBY DONN DOLBY Slide Rule Club: Mirror IAMES RAY DONLEA DANIEL EDWARD DOPKE Footballg "E" Club 2-3-4 GRACIE RUBIE REBBECA DOWNS Freshman Ensemble 13 Orchestra 1-2- 3-43 F.T.A., Pres. 43 Spanish Club 3 IAMES EDWARD DOYLE Class Council 43 A Cappella 43 German Club 1-2 RUSSELL FRANCIS DRAGO Football I-2-3-43 "E" Club, Vice-Pres. 4, Sgt. at arms 3. LARRY IOHN DUNN Basketball 23 Football 2-33 "E" Club MARY IO DURHAM G.A.A.3 Orchestra 13 Maroon 43 Spanish Club 2-3-4 IAMES GLENN DUSEK PATRICIA LOUISE EADLER Student Council 33 G.A.A. 43 Aeolian, Sec. 33 Maroon 4 STEWART CLARENCE EGGERT Student Council 3-43 Class Council 13 Tennis 3-43 Latin Club3 German Club EUGENE WILLIAM EIKLOR EHS Players 3-43 Boys Glee Club 23 A Cappella 3 MARY CAROLYN EISELE G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 A Cappella 43 Spanish Club 3-43 Latin Club 1-2 CURTISS GRANT ERVIN ROBERT EVERET1' FARNEY Student Council 1-2, Vice-Pres. 33 Class Council, Pres. 1, Vice-Pres. 2-43 Basketball I-2-3-43 Football 2-3-41 Track 2-3-43 Baseball 43 "E" Club 2-3, Pres. 4 HERMAN RICHARD FELDMAN Football 13 Glee Club 1-2 WALLACE EUGENE FELLOWS Track 13 Tumbling 43 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 DOLORIS LORRAINE FIERKE PATRICIA LOU FIRTH LEWIS VINCENT FLETCHER Band 1-2-3-43 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 ONORIO FRANCIS FLORES HAZEL FLOYD RICHARD EUGENE FOWLER Football MARY ANN FRANKLIN ROGER ALLEN FREDERICKSON DORIS RUTH FRIEDMAN Orchestra 1-2 ERNEST GUSTAV FRITZ Glee Club 13 Tumbling 1-2 Senior Activity Index--Continued MURIAL IUNE PRITZ G.A.A.3 Sr. Literature Club 3-43 Spanish Club 3-4 HOWARD EDWARD GAHLBECK Football 3g Maroon 4g A Cappella 3-43 Boys Glee Club 2-3 MARGARET RUTH GALLAGHER Student Council, Sec. 4g Ir. Class Play 33 Sr. Class Play 43 EHS Players 3-4 MARGERY VIRGINIA GARRISON GILBERT DALE GERARD CLARA MARIE GIAMBELLUCA Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 3 HELEN LOUISE GIERTZ G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Speech 13 Glee Club 13 Band 1 VIRGINIA MAE GIER'I'Z Class Council 2-33 G.A.A. DONNA GILES Freshman Ensembleg Aeolian WEYLAND RICHARD GINTHER Wrestlingg Track IOHN SAMPSON GOLL Football RAYMOND C. GOULD Proiection Club ARNOLD WILLIAM GRAF MARILYN IUNE GRAF Glee Club 13 Latin Club 2 WILLIAM DOUGLAS GRAF Band 13 Proiectioin Club 1-2-3-4 ELINOR IOYCE GRAY G.A.A.3 Latin Club I-23 Spanish Club 1-23 Sr. Literature Club 3-4 WILLIAM EDWARD GRAY Footballg Baseball 2 BARBARA IEAN GREEN G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 1-23 Sr. Literature Club GEORGE NOEL GREENE Football 1-2-33 Head of Sports Announcing 3-43 Batnd 13 N.F.L., Vice- Pres. 43 Maroon 4g Slide Rule 23 Sr. Literature Club 4 ROSE MARY GRIFFITH G.A.A. I-2-3-43 Acolian 1-23 Club 23 German Club 3-4 Latin WILLIAM RUSSELL GRIFFITH Football 13 Basketball 1-2-3-43 "E" Club 3-4 MERLIN LORN GROTH LYALL WILFRED GUERTIN Student Council 13 Football I3 Mirror3 Club 2-3-4 IOHN ALDEN GURNE'I'I' Chemistry Club 4g Camera Club 43 Proiection Club 4 106 ROBERT CARL HAAS F.F.A., Pres. DARLENE IOYCE HAM WILLIAM DEAN HANKS MILDRED CAROLINE HANSING DEBORAH ANNE HANSON Senior Class Play 43 EHS Players 4g Aeolian 3 ELIZABETH BEACH HARRISON Class Council 23 A Cappella 43 G.A.A. PHYLLIS ARLENE HAUPTLY PATRICIA MAY HEAD G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Maroon 3-43 Spanish Club 3-4 IEANNE FLORINE HEDSTROM BEVERLY LAVERNE HENKE G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Aeoliang Orchestra CAROLYN OPAL HENNING Sr. Literature Club 3-4 IOSEPH HERNANDEZ NATIVIDAD IANE HERNANDEZ THOMAS HENRY HILL F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 CHARLOTTE MARIE HOFFMAN LENORE VIRGINIA HOKE BARBARA LEE HOLDEN Student Council 33 G.A.A. I-2-3-43 A Cappella 3-4 LESTER EDWIN HOLMQUIST RUSSELL WALTER HOMUTH Football 1-2-3-43 "E" Club LEROY KENNETH HOPP LOLA ELAINE HUNTER Student Council 1-23 Aeolian Z-3, Pres. 33 Verse Speaking I-2-3-43 Maroon 43 Girls Club Council 43 Sr. Literature Club 33 Spanish Club 33 German Club 4 MARGARET ELIZABETH ILLYES G.A.A. BARBARA IEAN IVES G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Mirror 33 Sr. Literature Club 4 MARILOU IANICE IACOB IOANNE IACOBS MORTON IAFFE N.F.L. 2-3-43 Debate 2-3-43 Sr. Literature Club 2-3-4 SHIRLEY MAE IAHNKE Class Councilg G.A.AaQ Latin Club DENNIS IULIUS IESSIEN Mirror RUTH ELEANOR IOHNSON WENDELL GRAHAM IOHNSTON Tracl-:5 French Club5 Slide Rule BILL GUS KAKAVAS Student Council 2 SHIRLEY ANNE KALDENBERGIER G.A.A.5 German Club CHARLES FREDERICK KALTENBACH IOAN FLORENCE KAPPEN IOHN FLOYD KAPPEN RICHARD PAUL KAPTAIN Class Council 1-3 ROBERT LEROY KROGH F.A.A. 3-4 IACK HOWARD KRUEGER RICHARD G. KRUGER DAVID CHARLES KEEGAN Tennis 2-4 ELVIS MERLYN KELLENBERGER LYLE ANDREW KELLENBERGER IAMES EDWARD KLEISER Wrestling 4 CHARLES ALLEN KLOPP Latin Club 1 DAVID IORDAN KNECHT Maroon, Co-Editor 45 Photography Club, Sec. 45 German Club I-25 Slide Rule 3 MARLYN IUNE KNOTI' Aeolian 2: French Club, Vice-Pres. 3 CARYL RUTH KNOWLES Class Council 45 G.A.A. 1-2-3: Mask a.nd Bauble I-2: A Cappella 3-45 Maroon 3-4: Sr. Literature Club 3-45 Latin Club I-2 RAYMOND IEROME KOHOUT Maroon: Latin Club IANET MARIE KRAUT Ir. Class Play: EHS Players5 Sr. Literature Club 3-45 Spanish Club 3-4 IEANETFE MARIORIE LAMKE Latin Club 1 IO ANN LANDIS Student Council I-25 Class Council I: Sr. Literature Club 45 Spanish Club 3-4 BARBARA IUNE LANG G.A.A. I-2-3-45 Latin Clubg Spanish Club LOIS LUCILLE LAUDERDALE Student Council 45 Class Councilg A Cappella 3-45 Spanish Club 3 ROBERT LAWRENCE Student Council: Band: German Club Senior Activity Index-Continued DORIS IRENE LAWSON G.A.A.: Maroon 2-3-45 Spanish Club 2-4 GERALD IOSEPH LAWSON DONALD CLARK LEHMAN Basketball I-25 Football I-2 WILLIAM LEITH BARBARA LEE LEITNER Student Council5 Ir. Red Cross Councilg A Cappella DOROTHY IEAN LESSLY G.A.A.5 Spanish Club CAROLE IEAN LESTER Aeolian ROBERT GEORGE LIND Student Council 3: Spanish Club 2-3 I'IARRIE'I'I' L. LINDER Basketball 3-45 G.A.A. BYRON DUANE LOEK KENNETH H. LUNDIN HAROLD LLOYD MADEEN Student Council 35 Sr. Class Play5 Wrestling ORRA ADELE MAGER Girls Club Council I-2-3: Sr. Class Play: Ir. Class Play: EHS Players: Verse Speaking 2-3 WILLIAM CARL MAPES Football I-2-3-4 IACQUELYN EDNA MARKEE G.A.A., I-2-3-45 Freshman Ensemble: Aeolian 2-3 ANTHONY CHARLES MARTIN LESLIE ALLEN MARTIN Basketball: Wrestling: Golf: -Maroon: Spanish Club lg Sr. Literature Club SHIRLEY ANN MASON G.A.A.5 Verse Speaking KEITH VICTOR MATHER Band 1-25 Projection Club 2-3 DOLORES LOUISE MAYBERRY G.A.A. GLENN McALPIN ROBERT EDWIN MQCOY Student Council 4: Class Council, Vice- Pres. 25 Wrestling 2-3: Football I-2 DOLORES MARIE McGONAGLE G.A.A. DOLORES DARLENE MENSCHING G.A.A. 4: Freshman Ensemble5 German Club .. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH MEUSER G.A.A.: Freshman Ensemble: Sr. Literature Club 45 Spanish Club 3-45 German Club 1-2 107 ROBERT W. MEYER CARL IOHN MEYERS CHARLES A. MICHEL Football 2 CAROL GENE MILLER Cheerleading, Pres. I5 Verse Speaking 1-25 Girls Club NAANN MARIORY MILLER Class Council 35 G.A.A.5 Aeolian 3 PATRICIA LOU MILLS G.A.A.: Latin Club 1, Sec. 2 DORIS ARLENE MOCK Girls Club Council: G.A.A.5 Spanish Club 3 WANDA LYDIA MOELLER G.A.A.5 F.T.A. IOHN EUGENE MOLLITOR IEAN MORRIS Spanish Club 3-4 CLIFFORD IAMES MULLIN EI-IS Players 35 A Cappella 2-35 Literature Club 2-35 German Club 2-3- 4 BONNIE MARIE NAYLOR EHS Players 4: G.A.A. CAROL IEAN NELSON Class Council 25 Girls Club Council 45 G.A.A. ROBERT TODD NEWBY Football: Basketball: Wrestling ROBERT CORIWICK NICHOL Football 1-2-3-45 Basketball I-'2-3-45 Track l-3: "E" Club 2-3-4 WANDA FAYE NICHOLS BARBARA IANE NICKEL Student Council 3: G.A.A.5 Spanish Club 3-4: Latin Club I-2 IOHN CURTIS NISS PERLEY LESTER NITZ ALEXANDER K. OGLOBLIN Student Council 45 Football I: Tennis 3-45 German Club 3-4 MAIORIE PHYLLIS OLINGER MARY LOU OLSEN MELVIN GERALD OLSON IOAN OSBORNE Student Council 45 Class Council 35 G.A.A.5 Girls Club Council 35 Latin Club I-2 MAIZIE VIRGINIA PALMER G.A.A.5 Maroon 1-25 Spanish I OWEN HENRY PARIS WILLIAM WRIGHT PEARSALL Student Council 33 Class Council 43 Golf 2-3-43 Basketball, Mgr. 23 Sr. Literature Club 4g "E" Club 2-3-4 CALVIN CHARLES PERKINS Student Council, Pres. 3-43 Football l- 2-3-43 Track 1-2-3-4: "E" Club ROSE MARIE PERRY Class Council 23 G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Speech 1: Tennis 4 EDITH FRIEDA PESTER CAROL LOIS PETERSEN G.A.A.3 A Cappcllag German Club DOROTHY L. PETERSON RICHARD HERBERT PETTY VIRGINIA LEE PFoRTMII.I.ER WERNER CHRIS PHILIIIPSEN Mirror 43 German Club 3-4 ROMUALD PETER PICHIK BARRY WI-IYTE PILLINGER Class Council3 Basketball, Mgr. 43 Latin Club 1-2 RICHARD ARTHUR PIZARRO Band, Vice-Pres. I3 Orchestra, Pres. l EVELYN ALICE PLUSS RAYMOND EDWARD PRESCHER Wrestling CHARLES FRANK PRICE DONALD ARWIN RAHN Band l-2-3-43 Orchestra 2-3-43 Sr. Literature Club 4 LOUIS SYDNEY RAHN Maroon 43 Freshman Ensemble 13 Slide Rule 2 GALE HOMER RANDALL Band3 Orchestra PHYLLIS ANN RASMUSSEN Band l-23 Aeolian 33 Spanish Club 2-3 GEORGIA RAUSCH EHS Playersg Aeolian3 A Cappella RICHARD ROBERT REA RAYMOND EDWARD REIDY CHARLENE RICHARDSON MARY VIRGENE REINERT G.A.A. 2 CHARLENE DOLORES RICHARDSON VELMA LOUISE RIDINGER G.A.A. 3-4 DONNA IO RIGOR Orchestra. 1-23 Mirror 4g Latin Club BRUCE RIKER " EHS Players 3-43 French Club.2-3 Senior Activity Index-Continued FLORENCE ROGERS Student Council lj G.A.A.3 Latin Club l-23 Girls Club Council AUDREY CHARLENE ROHLES Aeolian 2-33 Freshman Ensemble 13 Verse Speaking 3-43 Maroon 43 Spanish Club 33 Sr., Literature Club 3-4 NANCY ADELINE ROSBOROUGH Girls Club Council 43 Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 2-3 PAUL EARL ROSENE Bandg Orchestra3 Ir. Literature Club 4 MARGARET R. ROSSOW G.A.A.3 EHS Playersg Mirror GLORIA LEE ROTNOUR MARY MARGARET ROWE G.A.A. WALLACE MORTON RUDOLPH CARL RICHARD RUNGE IOHN O. RUNGE MARGARIE IANET RUSSELL Freshman Chorus 13 Aeolian 2-33 Verse Speaking 2-33 N.F.L. 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4 STUART WARREN RUSSELL EHS Players 43 Maroon 33 German Club 3-4 RICHARD RUTT FERN MARIE SAMPLES G.A.A.3 A Cappella 3-43 Latin Club 1- 23 German Club 3-4 DOROTHY IEAN SAMUELSON G.A.A.Q A Cappella, Treas. 43 Band, Vice-Pres. 4 BRUCE LEROY SANDBERG Band I-2-3-43 Track 2-33 Golf 4 AI.FRED SAUCEDA Student Council3 Footb:mll3 Basketball LOIS MARIE SAXON G.A.A. RUTH LORRINE SAXON G.A.A. RUSSELL DUANE SCARBROUGH LOIS IANE SCHAAF Student Council 43 Girls Club Council 23 A Cappella 3-4 DOLORES MARIE SCHEIBEL G.A.A.: Mask and Bauble I DAVID I. SCI-IMIDGALL A Cappella HARRIET LOUISE SCHRAMM VPAULINE GERTRUDE SGI-IROEDER G.A.A. 108 PI-IYLLIS IEAN SCHURING G.A.AQ Aeolian3 German Clubg Latin Club BETTY IANE SCOGG-IN EUGENE FAY SCUDDER Track 2-33 EHS Players3 Senior Class Play DOLORES MARY SEELHOFF G.A.A.3 Aeolian 23 Maroon 4 MELVIN HAROLD SENNE Track 3-43 Football, Mgr. 4 MARILYN IUNE SERIO G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 Spanish Club 2-3 CHARLES B. SILLIMAN IR. Basketball 2-3-43 Track 3-43 A Cappella3 Sr. Literature Club ELIZABETH ANN SIURSETH Girls Club Council 43 Aeolian 33 Sr. Literature Club 4 FLOYD EDWARD SMALL MARY LOU SMITH Ir. and Sr. Class P'lays3 Baubleg EHS Players 3-4 Mask and MARY MARGARET SMITH Girls Club Councilg EHS Players ROBERT GLEN SMITH Wrestling WILLIAM SORENSEN IR. MARY LOU SOUTHARD Girls Club Council3 G.A.A.3 F.T.A. PATRICIA LOU SPARKS A Cappella 43 German Club 2-3 BEVERLY MAE SPONIHOLTZ G.A.A.3 Aeolian3 Poetry Club 1-2 MARY ALICE SPRING F.T.A. 2-45 Spanish Club 4 AGNES PEARL STEELE GIA.A. SHIRLEY LOIS STEI INER G.A.A.3 Verse Speaking 33 Mask and Bauble l-23 Germain Club 1-2-3-4 NANCY LEE STEVENS Band 1-2-3 PATRICIA ANN STEWART Sr. Literature Club 3-43 Spanish Club 4 WILLIAM REINERT S'I'ICKLING Class Council l3 German Club 3 IACK ERWIN STUDER Tumbling 43 EHS Players DONALD IAMES 'SUNDERLAGE Student Council 13 Basketball GERALDINE MADGE SUNDERMAN G.A.A. DOLORES MAY SVENDSEN Girls Club Cabinet, Treas. 4: Class Council 2-3-43 G.A.A. NAOMI ANN SWANSON Mirror, Editor 43 Band I-2-33 A Cappella 3-43 Sr. Literature Club, Vice- pres. 4 AUDREY LUCILE SWENSON Class Council, Sec. 43 G.A.A., Sec. 33 Band: A Cappella RICHARD HENRY TEWS ELROY EDWARD THIEDE IACOUELINE LEE THOMAS Band 1-2 VIRGIL LEE THOMPSON IANET MARGARET THORNTON Class Councilg G.A.A.g Verse Speakingg Spanish Club DONNA MAE TILLMAN Glee Club I-23 G.A.A. 2 LORAINE ELIZABETH TODSON G.A.A. 1-2-3-43 A Cappella 3-43 Spanish Club 3-4 IAMES FRED TREDUP MAXINE IUNE TRENT lr. and Sr. Class Plavsg EHS Players 3-43 Mask and Bauble 23 Aeolian 33 A Cappella 3-4: Latin Club 2 MAURICE ROSXVELL TRUMAN LARAE IUNE TURNER Band I-2-3-43 Aeoliang Mirrorg Sr. Literature Club: Spanish Club RICHARD IOE UMBDENSTOCK NANCY ANN UNDERHILL A Cappellag Mirrorg Sr. Literature Clubg Spanish Club GEORGE COOPER UNDERWOOD Student Councilg Football 23 Wrestling 32 Latin Club 1-2 IONE VAN BUREN ROYAL VISGER FRANK VOIGHT Student Council 4g Basketball 2-3-43 Track 2-3-43 Football 2-3-4 Senior Activity Index-Continued IOYCE H. WACKER HAROLD CHRIS WALDBUSER RICHARD BRUCE WALLACE Football 1-2-3-43 Basketball I-2-3-4 FRANK LAWRENCE WARD ROBERT LEE WASHINGTON Maroon 3-4 GEORGIA RAE WEBB G.A.A.: Verse Speaking: Girls Clubg Latin Club: Spanish Club BEVERLY RAE WEBER EHS Players 3-4: Ir. and Sr. Class Playsg A Cappella 2-3-43 French Club DARLENE HELEN WECK EHS Playersg Freshman ensemble3 Aeoliang A Cappellag Latin Club SHIRLEY' MAXINE WEDDLE G.A.A.3 Mirrorg German Club 2 PAUL ANDREW WEIDNER Football 1-2 MARIAN EMILY WEIGHTMAN G.A.A.: Aeolian 2-33 Spanish Club MARTHA LOUISE WELCH DOLORES MAE WENDT G.A.A.g Bandg Latin Club 2 MARY EDITH WENZEL Aeolian WILLIAM CARL WETZEL F.A.A. RUTH ELOISE WHITCOMB G.A.A. 23 F.T.A. 4 NORMA IEANNE WHITMER Class Council 3-43 Sr. Literature Club 3-4 RICHARD DALE VVIESE CALVIN WADE WILCOX EHS Playersg Sr. Class Playg A Cappellag German Club BARBARA LEE WILDHAGEN G.A.A.3 EHS Playersg Band l-2 109 CARL EMERSON WILHARM Wrestling 43 F.F.A. I-2-3 MARGENE ELAINE WILKENING G.A.A. 2-3-43 Acolian 33 Spanish Club RUTH SOPHIA WILMS RICHARD HULLINGER WILSON Student Council, Treas. 23 EHS Players 43 Sr. Class Play IEANNINE MARIE WIRES GLORIA MARIE WISBAR Glee Club lg Aeolian 2-3-4 IOHN EDWARD WISSER Class Council: Foothallg Basketballg Track LOIS LAVERN WITI' G.A.A.: Glee Club lg Sr. Literature Club MARILYN IEAN WITI' MARY LOUISE WOLEBEN Student Council 4: G.A.A.3 Girls Club Council: Latin Club THELMA IEAN WORKMAN G.A.A. ANN LOUISE WRIGHT Student Council l-23 EHS Players3 Mirrorg Spanish Club NORMA IEAN WRIGHT Bandg Orchestra3 Mirror, co-editor 43 Latin Club WILLIAM L. WRIGHT F.F.A. l-2-3, Vice Pres. 4 CHARLES EDWARD WUTH RICH CHARLOTTE ANN WYMAN BHIILIQ Orchestrag Sr. Literature Clubg German Club FLORENCE RACHEL YOUNG RUTH EARLINE YOUNG Mirror WILFRED LEONARD ZIEKERT Orchestrag Maroong German Clubg Slide Rule Pat om ACE STORE OE ELGIN ACKEMANN BROS. WARREN AIKEN STUDIO A. ci P. SUPER MARKET BAIERS HATCHERY BAND BOX CLEANERS BARNETTS BECK'S BILL'S SHELL SERVICE MICHAEL BIRCH STUDIO BLACKHAWK RESTAURANT BLOCK CS KUHL BLOEMKE'S LUGGAGE QS LEATHER GOODS BLUM'S THE BORDEN CO., Special Products Division WILLIAM BRADY COAL CO. SAM BRENNER MEN'S WEAR BRETHREN PUBLISHING HOUSE BREWBAKER BAKERY BRITTON DAIRY BROTZMAN 61 MELMS BUNGE'S KAY CAMPBELL'S SPORTSWEAR GEORGE D. CARBARY CARSWELL FLOORS CHICAGO METAL HOSE CORPORATION Maroon staff interviews Chuck Kaltenback concerning graduation College Day Conference in the Library Girls in Drafting Boys in Cooking IIU THE COLONIAL DRIVE-IN COMMUNITY IEWELERS CONN FUNERAL HOME DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO, DR. W. COOPER THE COTTON SHOP CROCKER CANDY SHOP DANIELS ci CLARK DANNER'S CLOTHES FOR MEN 51 BOYS DAUM DRUG SUNDRIES DAVISON MOTOR SALES DEL'S BICYCLE SHOP DON'S CANTEEN DOUGLAS AVENUE FOOD SHOP C. N. DOYLE INSURANCE DREYER 51 DREYER W. A. DUERINGER STUDIO EGGERT COAL CO. ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN AUTO SUPPLY CITY LINES INC. CLEANERS ci FURRIERS CLINIC COAL CS OIL CO. CORRUGATED BOX CO. DAILY COURIER-NEWS DENTAL SOCIETY FEDERAL SAVINGS G L FLOUR ci FEED FRUIT 5 CANDY FRUIT ci PRODUCE CO OAN ASSN. DeKalb Student Teachers Big Eight Press Conference Dinner at East High. Aurora Cafeteria Scene Library Scene Expert Wrestlers 111 , . I Nurses: German Club Dinner Pep Assembly: Red Cross Contributions of Sewing Classes Armistice Day Assembly Santa Arrives ELGIN GRANITE WORKS ELGIN HOMES DAIRY ELGIN MACHINE WORKS ELGIN NATIONAL BANK ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH CO. ELGIN OIL CO. ELGIN SOFTENER CORP. ELGIN STEAM LAUNDRY ELGIN WASHER :S POULTRY SALES ELGIN WATCH REPAIR SHOP ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE CLAYTON I. EVELIEN FAIRCHILD'S RADIO SERVICE THE FEDERAL BAKE SHOP FIRST NATIONAL BANK FISHBURN'S PAINT ci WALLPAPER CO FOX FOX FOX FOX ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. GARAGE HOTEL RIVER VALLEY ICE CREAM CO FRICK REALTY EXCHANGE FRIESE'S MARKET A. L. GABBY, IOELL DEUTERMAN, MD s GEORGE'S CLOTHES SHOP THE GERARD CO. A. GIERTZ GOOD ci HESS BARBER SHOP F. B. GOODRICH TIRES, TUBES, GRAENING G RAUSCHERT W. T. GRANT CO. FRED GREINER'S GROCERY FRANK GRIMES G CO. GROMER'S GROCERY THE HAEGER POTTERIES INC. AUSTIN I-IANSEN, Atty. at Law DR. K. HANSON-Chiropodist WILLIAM HARMENING 5' BATTERIES HARMENING BOWLING 45 BILLIARDS HAUMILLER'S GARAGE HEATH cSf CO. HERMAN'S STORE FOR MEN HIGHLAND MOTOR SALES HUBBELL MOTOR CO. ILLINOIS CLEANERS ci EURRIERS ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS ILLINOIS WATCH CASE CO. C. E. IAKES PAINT CO. MISS ANNETTE H. KAISER KARMELKORN SHOP KEENEY'S SPORTS SHOP KERBER'S PACKING CO. KLINES S. S. KRESGE'S STORES KUESTNER'S GROCERY HARRIET LANE STUDIO LANGHORST 6. LESCHER, M.D.'s THE LEHMANN INSURANCE AGENCY LEITNER'S BARBEQUE LEITNER BROS. MARKET ci GROCERY DR. VICTORIE D. LESPINASSE LEONBURGER-ANDERSON AGENCY W. E. LINDOERFER INSURANCE LORRAINE STUDIOS LOUIE ci VEL'S GROCERY LUDWIG MILK CO. L. S. K. RADIO CO. MRS. W. E. LUCAS McBRIDE'S PHARMACY McLEAN'S GROCERY MAIESTIC RADIO Iunior Hobo Day Class Party More Party And More 113 MAPLE LANES BOWLING ALLEY MILBRANDTS PHARMACY MAYOR WALTER E. MILLER MOSIMAN'S MUNTZ ci LEA MUETTERTIES SUNLIGHT BAKERY CARLTON D. MYERS NATIONAL MODEL BAKERY NEIL'S PAINTS CS WALLPAPERS NELSON'S PHARMACY NEWS PRINTING CO. D. W. NISH INSURANCE NOLTE BICYCLE SHOP OLYMPIC CLEANERS PAESLER COAL CO. PARKER SHELL SERVICE PARKVIEW GROCERY PARKWAY TRANSFER I. C. PENNEY CO. H. L. PIERCE MOTOR SALES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. PONTIAC ENGRAVING ci ELECTROTYPE CO. POWELL MOTOR CO. PROGRESSIVE SIGN CO. RAKOW'S GROCERY STORE RAYMOND STREET GROCERY 61 MARKET RELIABLE WHOLESALE RIEKIN FURS RINEHIMER BROS. MFG, CO. ROVELSTAD BROS. ROWE MOTORS INC. ROYAL CIGAR STORE R. ci S. SHOE STORE A. G. RUFEIE STUDIO ORLO E. SALISBURY SAUBER CS PAYNE TEXACO SERVICE STATION Famous Football Scenes 114 SCHICK DISTRIBUTING CO. PAUL E. SCHICKLER SCI-INEFF BROS. SEARS, ROEBUCK 5 CO. SHALES MOBILE GAS STATION SHERMAN HOSPITAL THE SHOE BOX THE SHURTLEFF CO, SMART-FORM SHOP SMITH BROS. CLEANERS SPALDING'S STROHM COAL CO. STRYKER DRUGS THOMPSONS SUNDRIES THREE SISTERS INC. WILLIAM TRENTLAGE UNION NATIONAL BANK VALLEY PAINT CO. VIC'S ROYAL BLUE STORE VILLA STREET SPORT SHOP VOGLE AND WILSON THE WAFI-'LE SHOP WAIT-ROSS-ALLANSON FUNERAL SERVICE CO. WALK-OVER SHOE STORE WENTWORTH'S STORE FOR MEN WESTERN SHEET METAL WORKS WESTERN UNITED GAS ci ELECTR WILCOX CLEANERS CS FURRIERS VERNON WOLEF FUNERAL HOME WOODRUFF 6. EDWARDS INC. I. W. WOOLWORTH CO. WRONA BROS. . Y SANDWICH SHOP B. I. YAFFE PURRIERS LLOYD ZIEGLER HARDWARE ZIEGLER BROS. HARDWARE IOHN ZIMMERLI, IR. The Gyro Arrives Girls Club Cabinet Honors at 4-H Freshman Party Class Intramural Leaders Studen t Ficture Yndex IC CO Abbott, Audrey Z-l Abbott, Edward 25 Abbott, Elmer 30 Robert 30 Abbott, Abts, Wilma H6 Adamck, Charles 2-l Adams, Barbara X0 Adams, l,ero'y 25 Agnew, Elaine X0 Able, Richard X6 Ahle, William 86 Aikens, Patricia 25 Airhart, Charles 80 Airhart, Mary H0 Akins, Edward X0 Albcrding, Richard 30 Albert, Iames 2-I Albert, Rosemarx' H0 Alkire, Mary 24 II5 Allegretti, Iumes 30 Allen, Dawn 30 Allen, IaiVonne 22 Allen, Leland 86 Allen, Patsy 2-l Allerton, Mary 86 Althen, Bill 25 l' 22 Anderson, A an Anderson, Barbara 25 Anderson, Betty 256 Anderson, David 80 Anderson Gladys X6 Anderson, Iames 24 Anderson, Ioyce 24 Anderson, Lois 30 Anderson, Mae 30 Anderson, Morton 22 Anderson, Nancy 30 Anderson, Richard 24 Anderson, Ronald 30 Anderson, Virginia 80 Anderson, Warren 22 Andres, lean 24 Andres, Marion 30 Andrescn, A d s llarbara 80 Il X0 n reen, ettv Andresen, Daniel 80 Andresen, Ieanette 30 Andresen, Roy 30 Andrews, Elizabeth 86 Andrews, Ianice 22 Andrews, Pauline 2-l Andrews. Robert 24 Apgar, Virginia 80 App, Eleanor 30 Ann, Iames 25 Aop, Robert X6 Apple. Ianet 24 Student Picture Archer, Alice 81 Arno-ld, David 86 Arps, Anne 30 Arps, Dorothy 30 Arps, Emil 86 Atehisson, Marian 22 Bahwell, Richard 80 Baker, Audrey 24 Baker, Don 24 Balding, Constance 30 Ball, Richard 80 Ball, Ronald 24 Ballman, Barbara 86 Ballman, Howard 30 Ballsmith, Nancy 30 Ballsmith, Richard 22 Banwart, loan 22 Banwart, Lloyd S0 Banwart, Peggy 80 Bargholz, Shirley 86 Barnes, Patricia 25 Barry, Monica 30 Bartels, Lois 30 Bartels, lvfarilyn 25 Barrels, Ruth 80 Bartlcson, Virginia 30 Batt, Carol 80 Batt, Phyllis 22 Bauer, Dietrich 30 Bauer, Otto 3 0 Bauman, Ioanne 22 Baumann, Mary 30 Baumann, Walter 30 Baumruck, Phyllis 24 Baustert, Iames 86 Baxmann, Wayne 30 Beck, Dorothy 24 Beck, Katherine 30 Becker, Helen 80 Beebe, Nancy 30 Begalka, Richard 28 Beges, Lowell 30' Behling, Leonard 24 Behrens, Betty S0 Behrens, Marilyn S6 Bell, Shirlee 80 Beltz, Dorothy 86 Bender, Norma 31 Bendewald, Merle 36 Benhart, Darlene 86 Bennett, David 81 Bennett, Iohn 81 Bennett, Virginia 86 Bennorth, Darlene 22 Bennorrh, Robert 81 Benson, Lowell 25 Benson, Merrell 31 Benstein, Ralph 25 Benthuysen, Francis 80 Bergholt, Philip 81 Berks, Marv 86 Bcnnorth, Darlene 22 Berlin, Howard 31 Berna, Iacquelinc 81 Berna, Richard 30 Berner, Evelyn 81 Bernstein, Leo 86 Berry, Ir., Hylas 30 Senior Personalities Index-Continued Beu, Beverly 81 Bickler, Charles 81 Bielenberg, Douglas 86 Bierdemann, Nancy 81 Bierman, Bonnie 24 Biermann, Ronald 23 Bilisoly,El1is 24 Binrzaman, Robert S3 Bird, Delores 24 Bittingcr, Patricia 86 Black, Gloria 83 Black, Nancy 24 Blackman, Helen 87 Blakeman, Dollie 24 Blav, Delores B7 Block, Plivllis 28 Block, Ralph 31 Bloemke, Beverly 2-1 Bloodworth, Iune 24 Blum, Edmund 84 Boan, Margaret B7 Boan, 'Pom 2-l Boe, Robert 31 Boehning, Audrey 28 Boelining, Vernon 24 Bohlin, Keith 87 Boint, Robert 2-1 Bolkelmann, Helen 87 Bolger, Iames 24 Bone. Betty 25 Booth, Barbara 97 Botterson, Gerald 28 Botteron, Patsy 22 Bowlds, Mary no picture Bowlds, NValter 24 Bowman, Edward R0 Braasch, Leonard 8-1 Brackett, Davies H0 Bramer, Alvin 30 Brammer, Bruce 547 Brammer, Ioan 28 Brandes, Beverly X7 Breslich, Charles 87 Brettman, Robert B0 Brinkman, Nancy 97 Brittin, Arthur B7 Britton, Gale 25 Britton, Rollin 28 Broeker. Marlene 28 Brorckner, Arnold X1 Bruckner, W'endell 30 Brodsky, Robert 94 Brocderdorf, Phyllis S4 Broker, Aylenc 23 Broman, Iohn 25 Bronk. Mayabelle 34 Brown, Barbara 30 Brown, Robert 84 Brubaker, LeRoy 9-1 Bruce, Iolin 30 Brune1nan,Fredrie 22 Bryan, Pat X7 Bryan, Phyllis 30 Bryant, lane 25 Buchholz, Vernel 8-l Buchholz, Vernet 8-1 Bueche, Robert X7 Buehler, Lois S7 Buehler. VVilford 28 116 Bull, Charlene 28 Burbury, Phyllis 23 Burke, Betty 87 Burke, Iames 23 Burnidge, Betty 28 Burnidge, Carolyn 84 Burtnette, Ralph 28 Burton, lean 87 Busche, Kenneth 28 Buschaw, Patricia 25 Butler, Robert 84 Byrd, Arlene 22 Byrd, Betty 30 Byrd, Helen 87 Byrd, Dorothy 22 Callans, Gene 25 Campbell, Mary 28 Campbell, Thomas 28 Cane, Vivian 25 Carapanos, Elaine 84 Carey, Alycc 87 Carlson, Cynthia 25 Carlson, Doris 29 Carlson,Patty 22 Carney, Charles 87 Carrier, Barbara 25 Cassell, Mary 87 Cassens, Thomas 84 Castoro, Iames 25 Cavitt, Barbara 23 Cavitt, Carmialita 23 Chamberlain, Lois 28 Chambers, Terry 28 Chance, Wanda 23 Chapin, Geraldine 22 Chapin, Georgiaina 22 Chapman, Donna 87 Chapman, lack 87 Chapman, Robert 23 Chastine, LaVerne 87 Cheperka, Audrey 23 Cheperka, lohn 88 Chouinard, Don 88 Chouinard,Gerald 25 Chouinard, Iune 28 Christensen, Carol 84 Christensen, Delores 88 Christensen, Iohn 88 Christensen, Muriel 31 Christensen, Robert 25 Christensen, Robert 84 Christenson, Varnar 24 Conklin, Donna 23 Conley,Kathleen 82 Connell, Norma 23 Conway, Carol 88 Cook, Ilene 28 Cooper, Milton 23 Copley, Carol 82 Copley, Roberta 29 Cordogan,Theodore 88 Cork, Irene 28 Coulombe, Cecile 31 Covey, Iames 23 Covey, Phyllis 31 Crain, Yvonne 30 Cramer, Walter 23 Crane, Phyllis 88 Crawford, Ioan 88 Creed, Gail 31 Cremeen, Bill 28 Crew, Ed 82 Crichton, Neil 88 Cronk, Darlene 31 Cullins, Hazel 28 Dab, Shirley 28 Dack, Carol 88 Dahlgren, Mavis 88 Dahlstrom, Donna 31 Dahlstrom, Lucille 84 Dahn., Ronald 23 Daley, Dolores 23 Daly, Robert 22 Daly, Ruth 88 Damisch,Donald 31 Damisch, William 88 Danner, Leo 28 Danner, Robert 28 Darling, Charles 28 Darling, Daniel 23 Dauksavage, Donald 25 Daus, Edna 28 Davis, Claire 28 Davis, lane 88 Davis, loan 84 Dawson, William 28 Day, Cynthia 84 Deak, Eleanora 28 Deegan, Richard 88 DePew, Marvin 22 DetloFf,Helen 84 Dewees,1ames 88 Dewees, Marilyn 25 Dewey, Barbara 23 Christiansen, Carolyn 84 Dewisv Richard 81 Christiansen, Donna 84 Di,-3rkin55,D3vid 26 Ciaccio, Ioseph 29 Ciacco, Frank 88 Citizen, Robert 88 Clute, Marilyn 84 Clute, Mary 25 Coakley, Davona 88 Coats, George 88 Cockrel,1ack 30 CoHey, Patricia 88 Colcord, Connie 84 Coleman, Irene 25 Dierking, Gerald 81 Dierking, Marian 82 Dohl, Gloria 81 Dolby, David 88 Dolby, Donn 89 Dolby, Hugh 28 Donlea, lames 89 Donovan, Herbert 29 Dopke, Dan 89 Dorwaldt, Carl 83 Dorwaldt, Margaret 23 Collingbourne, Albert 84 Downs, Gi-gcc 89 Collins, Albert 23 Collins, Ianet 23 Collins, Iohn 88 Collins, Sue 30 Collins, Tom 23 Comerer, Iohn 84 Comerer, Nancy 23 Downs, Phoebe 29 Doxey, Nancy 23 Doyle, Iames 89 Drago, Russell 89 Drake, Marion 82 Drake, Ronald 30 Drews, Harriet 28 Student Picture Index-Continued Driscoll, Iohn 22 Duell, Martha 28 Duffy, Doris 82 Dunn, Lawrence 89 Durham, Mary 89 Dusek, Iames 89 Dusek, Wesley 26 Eadler, Patricia 89 Eadler, Ronald 25 Eaton, Lois 28 Ebert, Norman 29 Eckols, Iames 23 Edgington, Betty 29 Edwards, Iames 27 Eggert, Stewart 89 Ehlers, Edward 22 Ehlert, Bonnie 28 Eiklor, Eugene 89 Eiklor, Gail 29 Eiklor, Howard 83 Eisele, Mary 89 Elliott, George 22 Elsholtz, Charlene 30 Emery, Alvina 29 Emmert, Lois 82 Emmert, Verna 82 Emrich,SaIly 29 Eno, David 22 Erland sen, Charlene 82 Ermel, Iuilienne 29 Ervin, Iames 82 Estergard, Iames 82 Estergard, Richard 23 Fabrick, Ronald 82 Fabrick, Suzanne 27 Fairchild, Richard 82 Fairchild, Shirlee 29 Fallstad, Harlan 29 Farney, Robert 89 Fe.hrman,Betty 23 Feldman, Herman 89 Fellows, Audrey 28 Fellows, Betty 23 Fellows, Wallace 89 Ferguson, Ralph 22 Fiddler, Io 22 Fiehn, Melvin 23 Field, Robert 29 Fierke, Dolores 89 Fillmore, Ruth 29 Finley, Lyle 82 Firth, Patricia 89 Fischer, Charles 23 Fischer, Harry 29 Fishburn, Ianice 24 Fisher, Betty 25 Fisher, Helen 24 Fisher, Sheldon 27 Fisk, Edward 24 Flentage, Ralph 26 Flentage, Robert 26 Fletcher, Dorothy 24 Fletcher, Larry 83 Flores, Margaret 27 Flores, Onorio 89 Flory, Nancy 82 Flory, Robert 29 Floyd, Hazel 89 Flynn, Iac 22 Foltz, Verlin 27 Foster, William 27 Fowler, Richard 89 Frank, Barbara 82 117 Frank, Ioyce 27 Franklin, Mary 89 Fredrickson, Roger 89 Freeman,Iune 30 Frey, Donald 83 Frey, Gordon 25 Fricke,Iean 27 Friedman, Doris 90 Fritz, Eleanor 83 Fritz, Ernest 90 Fritz, Muriel 90 Frost, Marcella 24 Frost, Mary 30 Fruendt, lane 29 Funk, Arthur 82 Gabler, Carol 27 Gabler, Paul 30 Gaedke, Betty 27 Gahlbeck, Howard 90 Galbraith, Ronnie 23 Gallagher, Margaret 90 Gallina, Ronald 25 Gannon, Shirley 27 Gantz, Iohn 24 Garbrecht, Barbara 27 Garrelts, Theo. 24 Garrison, Dave 82 Garrison, Margery 90 Gaston, Billie 82 Gates, Milton 27 Gathman, Iames 82 Gatzke, Lawrence 27 Gerard, Gilbert 90 Gerberding, Robert 29 Giambelluca, Clara 90 Giambelluca, Grace 27 Gibbons, William 27 Gibbs, Georgia 82 Giertz, Dennis 22 Giertz, Gwendolyn 22 Giertz, Helen 90 Gieske, Marilyn 82 Gifford, Ir., Iames 82 Giles, Donna 90 Giles, Mary 27 Gilles, Floyd 82 Ginsberg, Seymour 27 Ginther, Stanley 24 Ginther, Weyland 90 Giuliano, lohn 81 Giuliano, Ioseph 27 Goff, Rosalyn 29 Goldman, Marshall 81 Goldstein, Beverly 82 Goll, Iohn 90 Goll, Marian 25 Gomersall, Earl 82 Goodwin, William 82 Gough, Delores 27 Gough, Douglas 82 Gould, Raymond 90 Grace, Mary 82 Graf, Arnold 90 Graf, Marilyn 90 Graf. William 90 Gramstad, loan 81 Grant, Iacquelin 22 Gray, Elinor 90 Gray. William 90 Green, Barbara 90 Green, Phyllis 31 Greene. George 90 Greenwald, Elroy 83 Greiner, lames 27 Grenlin, Ierry 81 Greve, Iuanita 27 Gritteth, Gary 25 Griffin, Donald 23 Griffith, Rose 90 Griffith. William 90 Groesser, loan 22 Groh, Iohn 27 Groneman, Doris 81 Groth, Dennis 27 Groth, Merlin 91 Groves. Richard 27 Gruer, Shirley 24 Gudeman, Ella 24 Guertin, Lyall 91 Gunderson, Alfred 27 Gurnett, Iohn 91 Gustafson, Howard 83 Guth, Mary 83 Gutierrez, Alphonse 24 Gutschow, Warren 83 Gylleck, Bill 83 Gylleck, Bonnie 83 Haas, Margaret 83 Haas, Mary 24 Haas. Robert 91 Haddick, Nancy 27 Haxzeman. David 83 Hainer, Robert 25 Haligas, Eleanor 27 Hall, Elaine 83 Hall, Ianet 25 Hallman, lack 24 Hallock, Warren 27 Ham, Darlene 91 Hameister, Lois 29 Hammen, Audrey 24 Hanchett, Lenota 29 Hanks, William 91 Hansen, Bruce 24 Hansen. Carol 25 Hansing, Lois 27 Hansing, Merwyn 83 Hansing, Mildred 91 Hanson, Deborah 91 Harmening, Gloria 83 Harmening, Martin 27 Hgaroer, Fred 31 Harper, Iohn 25 Harrison, Elizabeth 91 Harrison, Iean 22 Harrison, Ioyce 83 Hart, Richard 31 Hartmann, Melvin 83 Harvey, Barbara 83 Hattendorf, Dorothy 31 Hiauptly, Phyllis 91 Hawkins, Warren 31 Haworth, Leslie 27 Head, Patricia 91 Hebeisen, Viola 83 Helm, Betty 83 Helm, Robert 28 Helsdon, lack 25 Hempstead, Donald 23 Hendricks, Carol 83 Hendrickson, Iames 24 Hendriksen, Ruth 31 Heneise, Oscar 28 Henke, Beverly 91 Henning, Carolyn 91 Hernandez, Elanor 31 Hernandez, Nati 91 Hernandez, Ioe 91 Herold, Charles 83 Herrin.. lean 83 Herrin., Marilyn 27 Herschleg, Donald 31 Hewitt. Grace 22 Hill, Dorothy 25 Hill, Grace 28 Hill, Thomas 91 Hinman, Eugene 83 Hoa2land,Laurence 83 Hobbs, Iames 24 Hoefs. Charles 24 Hofl'man.Charlotte 91 Hoftlander, Iovce 83 Hoffman, Donald 31 I-Iol'1'man, Nancy 29 Hoke, Donald 31 Hoke, Lenore 91 Hoke, William 31 Holden, Barbara 91 Holland, Deloris 25 Holland, Wallace 83 Holm, Billy 29 Holmberg, Charles 84 Holmquist,Esther 31 1-Iolmquist, LeRoy 31 Holmquist, Lester 91 Holt, Albert 83 Holtz, Betty 23 Holtz, Beverly 84 Holtz, Delores 83 Holtz, Wanda 84 Homeyer, Vernette 83 Homfeldt, Bruce 22 Homuth, Russell 91 Hood, Donald 84 Hopp, Frank 84 Hopp, Leroy 91 Hopp, Roland 22 Hoppensteadt, George 31 I-Ioth, Betty 24 Howard, Carol 24 Howard, Shirley 83 Hoyt, Patricia 22 Hubbard, Amanda 31 Huber, Albert 84 Huber, Iohn 24 Hubrig, Carolyn 31 Hudgens, Iames 31 Huffstutler, Robert 31 Heckmann, Frederick 31 Hulke. Ruth 31 Hedley, Donald 83 Heide, loann 27 Heiden, Lois 24 Heiden, Shirley 83 Heine, Gloria 83 Heine, Helen 28 Heine, Mary 24 Heinicke, lames 31 Helberg, Donald 31 Helgerson, Betty 83 Hunter, Lola 31 Hurst, Barbara 24 Huske, Ray 31 Illa, Ioan 31 Illyes, Margaret 92 Ireland, Thomas 31 Israel, Laurine 81 Iverson,Clarence 31 Ives, Barbara 91 lackson, Helen 31 Iackson, Robert 81 Iacob, Marilou 92 lacobs, Ioanne 92 Iade, Morton 92 Iahnke, Arlene 31 Iahnke, Shirley 92 lakes, -Mary 25 Iayne, Ioan 31 Iayne, Ruth 24 Iensen, Hans 24 lepson, Elaine 81 lepson, Robert 29 lervey,Glenn 81 lessien, Dennis 92 Iewell, Charlotte 83 Ioerns, Eugene 81 Iohnson, Ben 84 Iohnson, Bonnie 23 Iohnson,Carol 84 Iohnson, Donald 81 Iohnson, Frank 82 Iohnson, Helen 82 1ohnson,Ioan 29 Iohnson, loanne 82 lohnson, Lois 31 lohnson, Marilyn 92 lohnson, Maxine 82 Iohnson, Roberta 22 Iohnson, Ruth 92 lohnston, Charlotte 31 Iohnston, Delvin 31 lohnston. Wendell 92 lolly, R. 22 lones. Harrison 22 lones,1ohn 84 Iones, William 84 Iordan, Bruce 84 Iordan, Paul 84 Iordan, Robert 24 Iorgensen, lean 31 Ioseph, lack 24 Iuby, Barbara 23 luby, Charles 84 Iudkins, Mariorie 84 ludkins, Robert 24 Kachelmuss, Ed 29 Kahle, Raymond 39 Kaiser, Carol 25 Kaiser, Dolores 25 Kaiser, Henry 84 Kakavas, Bill 92 Kakravas, Steve 31 Kenyon, Marilyn 26 Kerber, Robert 84 Kercher, Edward 26 Kerr, Robert 83 Kestner, Phyllis 84 Kettner, Iacqueline 26 Kevern, Geraldine 24 Kidd, Io Ann 26 Kimlgx1ll,Iack 83 Kinney, Nancy 31 Kirkhuff, Curtis 29 Kleiser, Iames 92 Klinnert, Iosephine 84 Klinnert, Shirley 22 Klono, Charles 92 Knaak, Galen 83 Knappen, Marilyn 31 Knecht, David 92 Knickrehm, William 84 Knott, Marilyn 92 Knowles, Caryl 92 Knowles, Iohn 31 Knuth, William 31 Kobel, Naniean 26 Koch, Arthur 84 Koch, Robert 31 Koehnke, Gordon 84 Koehring, Marlin 27 Koehring, Martin 26 Kohout, Raymond 92 Kolbe, Elaine 84 Konitzki, Frances 27 Koteles, Richard 82 Kovalik, Rosanne 26 Krahn, Dick 31 Kramer, Marilyn 31 Kraut, Ianet 92 Krien, loanne 29 Krogh, Robert 92 Kruckelberg, Lois 27 Krueger, Donald 26 Krueger, Iack 92 Krunnfusz, Gordon 82 Kruse, Kenneth 29 Kruse, Lester 24 Kuestner, Ruth 26 Kuschmirz, Ieanne 82 Lalley, Harold 31 Lambke, Ieanette 93 Lamphere, Patricia 83 Lamz, Virginia 82 IA-indis, Darrell 82 Landis, Gordon 26 Landis, Io 93 Kaldenberger, Shirley 92 Lrlfldwfhfi 1l11'lC 27 h 1 0 Kaltenbach, C ares 11 Landwehr, Virginia 26 Kammin, Iohn 29 Kammrad, lack 22 Kammrad, Patricia 31 Kane, Edward 26 Kane, Marlene 31 Kanpan, Ioan 92 Kaste, Sara 31 Kaste, Walter 84 Kastning, Irene 31 Katz, Ken.neth 31 Kearby, Lawrence 103 Keegan, Robert 31 Keegan, David 92 Keeney, Virginia 84 Kellenberger, Anne 31 l..andwer, Kenneth 31 Lang, Barbara 93 Lang, Shirley 29 Lange, Marjorie 83 Lange, Gordon 23 Lange, Ruth 23 LaPointe, Donald 83 Larson, Ioarm 83 Larson, Richard 29 Lascoe, Lois 82 Lauderdale, Lois 93 Lawrence, Robert 93 Iawson, Doris 93 Lawson, Ierry 93 Iawsont Shelia 29 Kellenberger, Barbara 31 Leach, Carver 31 Kellenberger, Elvis 92 Kelle'y, Donald 31 Kelley, Mary 84 Kemerling, Richard 84 Kenyon, Lila 26 Leach, Viola 26 Ledbetter, Donald 26 Ledbetter, Ronald 26 Legler, Robert 83 Lehman, Donald 93 Student Picture Index-Continued Leiseberg, Vivian 83 Leith, Patsy 29 Leith, William 93 Leitner, Barbara 93 Leitner, Carol 26 Leman, Leroy 22 Leman, Robert 83 Leman, Willis 29 Lembke, William 82 Lembke, Ronald 29 Lenart, Robert 30 Lenhart, Iames 26 Lenz, Dolores 83 Lenz, Ioan 26 Leonard, Alice 29 Leonard, Kay 26 Lesser, Donald 83 Lessly, Dorothy 93 Lester, Carol 93 LeVault,Charles 26 Levine, Robert 83 Lichtenstein, Rosalie 83 Lichthardt, Eugene 29 Lichthardt, Richard 29 Lightbody, Virginia 83 Lind, Donald 93 Lind, Phyllis 27 Lind, Robert 93 Linder, Harriett 93 Lindren, Lois 83 Lindoerfer, Phiyllis 26 Lira, Lupe 25 Literal, Norma 83 Loek, B'yron 93 Lofgren, Alice 83 Lohse, Barbara 26 Lorang, Barbara 82 Loveday, Barbara 26 Lovejoy, Harry 82 Lucas, Maynard 29 Lucas, Richard 29 Lueck, lean 25 Lueck, Naomi 29 Lullie, Rosalie 83 Lund, Charlene 29 Lundin, Kenneth 92 Lundy, Barbara 27 Luscher, Peggy 26 Luscher, Vir Ioan 25 Mackert, Mariorie 27 Madeen, Harold 93 Madsen, Dorothy 31 Madsen, Gloria 25 Mager, Orra 93 Mager, Walter 29 Magnusen, Ieannette 26 Mamsen, Carol 29 Manig, Rosemarie 83 Mangum, Shirley 26 Mangum, William 30 Manley, Betty 83 Manning, Don 22 Mapes, Patricia 83 Mapes, William 93 Martin,,Les'lie 93 Martin, Marilyn 27 Martin, Rhea 83 Mason, Gail 26 Mason, Shirley 94 Mather, Ray 26 Mather, Keith 94 Mattocks, George 83 Mattocks, Marion 83 May, Vera 83 Mayes, Catherine 83 Maiynard, Dorothy 27 Maynard, Ray 26 McA1pin, Glenn 94 McBride, Wesley 81 McCoy, Robert 94 McDonald, Iohn 26 McEwan, Lucille 83 McGonagle, Delores 94 McGraw, Marilyn 22 Mclntire, Louis 27 McLean, Mary 29 McMurry, Revetta 81 McMurry, William 29 McNutt, Iohn 81 McRoberts, Gladine 26 Mealman, Dora 83 Mealman, Wallace 25 Meek. Betty 83 Meighen, Iean 26 Melville, Marie 22 Menke, Ellen 25 Menke, Gloria 26 Mensching, Dolores 94 Mensching, Donald 29 Menz, Gordon 29 Menz, Ierry 26 Mercure, Lucy 83 Merrill, Leland 26 Meuser, Charlotte 94 Meuser, Donald 83 Meyer, Barbara, 81 Meyer, Clarice 27 Meyer, Iohn 25 Meyer, LaVerne 82 Meyer, Suzanne 25 Meyers, Carl 94 Michel, Charles 94 Mick, Betty 31 Mielke, Ellen 29 Miller, Barbara 29 Miller, Carlene 82 Miller, Carol 94 Miller, Dale 27 Miller, Don 27 Miller, Doris 26 Miller, Elizabeth 81 Miller, Mariorie 82 Miller, Naann 94 Miller, Robert 27 Miller, Ronald 29 Miller, Sharon 82 Mills, Patricia 94 Minehart, Walter 26 Mink, George 27 Marchand, Marguerite 83 Misner, William 26 Marchand, Patricia 29 Margolin, Barbara 31 Marolin, Lionel 26 Markee, Iacquelyn 93 Markovich, Richard 26 Markwarrlt, William 82 Marquis, Virginia 81 Marschke, Helen 83 Marsh, Charles 29 Marsh, Nancy 83 Martin, Anthony 93 Martin, Iames 81 118 Mitchell, Vera 83 Mittlesteadt, Audrey 84 Mock, Doris 94 Moeller. Elmer 26 Moeller, Wanda 94 Mo1litor,Iames 22 Mo1litor,lohn 94 Monroe, Iames 83 Moody, Lloyd 82 Moody, Mary 82 Moore, Catherine 82 Moosmann, Erhard 26 Morgan, Valerie 26 Morris, Lou 94 Morris, Ralph 29 Morse, Steve 25 Moser, Lois 29 Mousley, Roland 28 Movitz, Norma 26 Mueller, Gordon 82 Mueller, Marlene 28 Mulliken, Mary 82 Mumme, Walter 26 Muse, Nancy 27 Myers, Dick 82 Naden, Clifton 82 Naker, Betty 26 Nash, Douglas 22 Naylor, Bonnie 94 Naylor, Iames 25 Neal, Carol 82 Neil, Patricia 27 Nelson,Barbara 84 Nelson, Carol 94 Nelson, Carol 23 Nelson, Charles 27 Nelson, David 27 Nelson, Thomas 22 Nelson, Wilbur 84 Neukom, David 28 Newby, Robert 94 Newcomer, Carol 84 Nichol, Robert 94 Nichols, Gordon 25 Nichols, Wanda 94 Nickel, Barbara 94 Nico11,Iune 84 Nish, Donald 80 Niss, Iohn 95 Nitz, Perley 95 Nutt, Iuanita 31 Nyman, Mary 82 Oberst, Delbert 31 Oergel. Wayne 81 Ogloblin, Alexander 95 O'Learry, Ioanita 82 Olesen, Darrell 25 Olinger, Leonard 25 Olinger, Mariorie 95 Olsen, Mary 95 Olson,Melvin 95 O'Malley, Robert 30 o'1vn1lev, Ronald 31 O'Neill. Mawreen 26 Ongalo, Beth 30 Oogien, Patricia 26 Osborne, lane 31 Osborne, loan 95 Osterman, Lane 22 Oswald, Marilyn 82 Ottinger, Frederick 82 Overstreet, Homer 82 Pace, Iames 80 Palm, Carl 30 Palm, Robert 22 Palmer,Mazie 95 Pape, Mary 82 Paris, Owen 95 Parkinson, Mildred 31 Parrish, Richard 31 Parsons, Art 25 Pate, Maryann 26 Patton, Roland 27 Paulsen, Richard 26 Paxton, Darrell 31 Payne, Mary 30 Peabody, Iames 26 Pearsall, Stephen 31 Pearsall, William 95 Pearson, Clifford 26 Pearson, Howard 31 Pease, Donald 25 Peck, Iohn 82 Peck, Phil 82 Peitsch, Marilyn 82 Pelletier, Orville 82 Pepple, Royal 31 Perkins, Calvin 95 Perkins, Vivian 80 Perry, Rose 95 Pester, Arita P? Pester, Edith 95 Peters, Donald 27 Peters, Roger 26 Petersdorf, Lois 24 Petersen, Carleton 82 Petersen, Carol 95 Peterson, Dorothy 95 Peterson, Iames 31 Peterson, Marilyn 82 Peterson, Robert 31 Petschow, Darwin 30 Petschow. Nancy 26 Petschow, Ronald 82 Petty, Richard 95 Pflueger, Herbert 82 Pfortmiller, Gloria 26 Pfortmiller, Virginia 1 Phelps, Charles 82 Phelps, Merl 30 Philippsen, Werner 91 Phillips, Donna 24 Pichik, Iohn 30 Pichik, Romuald 95 Pillinger, Barry 95 Piske, lune 31 Pitus, Thomas 22 Pizarro, Richard 95 Plath, David 82 Plauck, Kara 26 Plote, Marion 27 Pluss, Evelyn 95 Podolsky, Phyllis 82 Pool, Patricia 31 Potter, LeRoy 82 Prehm, Dorothy 82 Price, Charles 95 Price, Robert 31 Priester, Annette 22 Prigge, Donna 82 Pritchett, lesse 27 Prowse, Lola 31 Purkey, Ruth 82 Rabe, LaVerne 28 Radke, Tack 23 Radloff, Edward 82 Rager, Gordon 26 Rahn, Donald 96 Rahn, Eugene 24 Rahn, Gordon 31 Rahn, Louis 96 Rahn, Richard 28 Randall, Gale 96 Rasmussen, Mary 22 Rasmussen, Phyllis 96 Rausch, Georgia 96 Rausch, Herbert 30 Ravis, lane 31 Rea, Iohn 82 Rea, Richard 96 Read, Gordon 28 Reazer, Coral 83 Reber, Neta 26 Reese, William 82 Sunderman, Kenny 82 Veuve, DiAnne 25 Reeves, Delores 28 Rehberg, Carl 26 Rehberg, Robert 26 Reichwein, Iack 26 Reidy, Raymond 96 Reincrt, Mary 96 Reuter, Allen 22 Reuter, David 83 Rice, Mary 26 Richoz, Richard 83 Ridinger, Velma 96 Riemsnyder, Nancy 28 Rigor, Donna 96 Riker, Bruce 96 Rinaldo, Paul 24 Rinne, William 26 Rittmiller, Dorothy 81 Robbins, Carolyn 24 Roberts, Velda 28 Robinson, Dennis 22 Rockenbach, Donald 28 Rockensock, Edwin 28 Rocssler, Bill 81 Rogalski, Phyllis 26 Rogers, Donald 28 Rogers, Florence 96 Rohles, Audrey 96 Rohr, Iames 28 Rohrsen, Lola 81 Rosborough, Nancy 96 Rosene, Paul 96 Rossow, Margaret 96 Roth, Shirley 81 Roth, Sylvia 81 Rovvelstad, Iames 28 Rovelstad, Lawrence 22 Rowe, Alvin 24 Rowe, David 28 Rowe, 4Mary 96 Rudolph, Wallace 81 Ruetf, Paul 26 Runge, Iohn 96 Russell, lack 24 Russell, Margarie 96 Russell, Richard 81 Russell, Stuart 96 Rust, Peggy 81 Rutt, Richard 96 Rydcll, Geraldine 28 Samples, Fern 96 Sampson, Guyette 26 Samuelson, Dorothy 97 Sandberg, Bruce 97 Santurro, Mary 81 Satterwaitc, Lois 28 Sauceda, Alfred 28, 97 Saunders, loanne 28 Savage, Arlene 29 Saxon, Lois 97 Saxon, Ruth 97 Scarbroughg Russell 97 Scarritt, Sue 82 Schaaf, Ioan 30 24, 97 Schaaf, Lois Schaeffer, Leon 81 Schaeffer, Virgenc 28 Schambach, Barbara 28 Schicker, Phyllis 24 Schierlitz, Delores 29 SchiHerer, Eileen 81 Schifferer, Howard 26 Schild, Renee 26 Schleif, Lois 26 Schleif, Richard 24 Schloemer, Oswald 81 Schloemer, Rita 29 Student Picture Index-Continued Shoop, Betty 83 Short, Robert 22 Siegrist, Leland 29 Silliman, Charles 97 Simmons, Ward 84 Simonsen, Richard 24 Sims, Marilyn 29 Sisti, Iames 26 Siurset, Anita 84 Richards, Barbara 26 Schmidgall, Albert 81 Siurset, Donald 26 Richardson, Charlene 96 Schmidgall, David 97 Siurseth, Bruce 26 Schmidgall, Madelyn 26 Siurseth, Elizabeth 97 Schmidgall, Raymond 26 Sleeman, Merilda 29 Sc,hm.idga1l, Wilbur 26 Schmidt, Audrey 22 Schmidt, Westin 30 Schmidtke, Ben 30 Schmitendorf, Frank 28 Schmitz. Carl 81 Schmoldt, Dorothy 81 Schmoldt, Raymond 26 Schneider, Marshall 81 Schnulle, Darlene 24 Schrader, Barbara 20 Schramm, Edward 24 Schramm, Harriet 97 Schreiber, Metta 81 Schreiber, Lois 22 Schreiber, Richard 30 Schroeder, Iames 30 Schroeder, Lillian 30 Schroeder, Norma 22 Schroeder, Patsy, 30 Schroeder, Pauline 97 Schroeder, Richard 24 Schroeder, Sally 26 Schubert, Carolyn 80 Schuck, Barbara 26 Schuett, Shirley 27 Schuld, Beverly 26 Schuld, Marilyn 30 Schultz, Clarence 30 Schultz, Dorothy 81 Schultz, Esther 30 Schultz, Florence 22 Schultz. Iean 81 Schultz, Ioanne 22 Schultz, Nancy 30 Schultz, Naomi 81 Schultz, Norman 81 Schultz, Ronald 81 Schulz, Edwin 81 Schumann,Carole 82 Schuring, Ph'yl1is 97 Schurter, Ruby 26 Schwartz, Laverne 83 Scoggin, Betty 97 Scott, Donald 30 Scudder, Eugene 97 Seddon, Robert 97 Seelhoff. Dolores 97 Seivers, R. 30 Sell, Carolyne 26 Sell, Kenneth 30 Senger, Shirley 26 Senne, Melvin 97 Sensor, Kathryn 30 Serio, Leonard 26 Serio, Marilyn 97 Sever, Marilyn 81 Schambach, Margaret 26 Seyller, Barbara 26 Schambach, Martha 80 Scheibel, Delores 97 Scheitlin, Albert 22 Scheitlinl, Ronald 25 Schellenberger, Richard 81 Schick, Iris 81 Seyller, Michael 26 Shales, Glenn 30 Shales, lack 29 Shanks, Bonnie 30 Sherwood,Ralph P? Shirley, Mary 26 Sholes, Barbara 30 Small, Floyd 97 Smart, Phyllis 84 Smitendorf, Ioan 24 Smith, Carolyn 83 Smith, Chapman 29 Smith, David 26 Smith, Donald 22 Smith, Everette 24 Smith, George 83 Smith, Marilyn 24 Smith, Marlene 26 Smith, Mary Lou 97 Smith, Mary 97 Smith, Nancy 22 Smith, Ovia 25 Smith, Robert 98 Smith, Ruth 26 Smith, Tom 30 Smith, Virginia 25 Socha, David 30 Sodt, Shirley 30 Sohn, Robert 83 Sommers,Iames 84 Sommers, Marilyn 84 Sopczak, Ioyce 84 Sorensen, Esther 25 Sorensen, Marge 30 Sorensen, Marie 24 Sorensen, William 98 Sorn, Frances 81 Southard, Barbara 81 Southard, Mary 98 Sparks, Patricia 98 Sphatt, Donna 30 Sphatt, Stan 81 Spohnholtzjlames 30 Sponholtz, Beverly 98 Sophr, Lucille 26 Spradlin, Iohn 24 Spring, Mary 98 Spurloch, Ierry 24 Stading, Wayne 29 Stadler, Ieanette 84 Stallbaum, lean 30 Stallbaum, LaVon 83 Stangland, Donald 29 Starin, Richard 84 Stark, Raymond 25 Steele, Agnes 98 Steele, lames 84 Steele, Willene 22 Steffen. Garth 22 Steinmann, Herbert 30 Stemwedel, Io-yce 84 Stephens, Mary 22 Stephens, Williams 30 Stettner, IoAnne 26 Stettner, Shirley 98 Stevens, Nancy 98 Stewart, Patricia 98 Stewart, Russell 81 Stickling, Mary 84 Stickling, Shirley 29 Stickling, William 98 Stone, lack 84 Stone, LeRoy 84 Stonehocker, Carol 24 Stowell, Roberta 84 Strahl, Marilyn 29 Strandt, William 29 Straub, Marvin 25 Stretch, Helen 29 Strickland, Robert 22 Strohmaier, Walter 29 Strong, Robert 29 Struve, Phyllis 29 Struve, Sally 29 Studer, lack 98 Studt, Vernon 24 Sullivan, Arden 25 Sunderlage, Betty 25 Sundarlage, Don 98 Tyson, Robert 25 Ulsaver, Robert 25 Ultes, Ronald 25 Umbdenstock, Dick 99 Underhill, Nancy 99 Underwood, George 82 Underwood, Gwendolyn 99 Unruh, Lois 28 Valentine, Iames 80 Valentine, Paul 28 Van Arsdall, Laura 80 Vandertoll, Iay 82 Van Kirk, Marilou 81 Van Kirk, Melva 28 Sunderman, Geraldine 98 Vege, Carl Z2 Surber, Eleanor 22 Surber, Warner 29 Survant, lay 24 Survant, Robert 29 Svendscn, Dolores 98 Svendsen, Morris 30 Svendsen, Shirley 28 Swain, Marilyn 84 Swanson, Betty 29 Swanson, Carol 24 Swanson, Carolyn 82 Swanson, Naomi 98 Swanson, Robert 28 Swenson, Audrey 98 Swentek, Eleanor 84 Switzer, Mary 82 Tarro,1osephine 84 Taylor, Helen 30 Taylor, Mary 28 Taylor, Minerva 84 Tegtmeier, Doris 83 Teschke, Mary 24 Tews, Beatrice 30 Tews, Donald 25 Tews, Richard 98 Thielmann, Ward 28 Thieman,Ralph 84 Thiemann, Donald 25 Thies, Delores 84 Thomas, 'laokie 98 Thompson, Florence 28 Thompson, Sue 24 Thompson, Virgil 98 Thompson, William 24 Thornton, Ianet 98 Thornton, Iohn 25 Tillman, Donna 98 Tobler, Elaine 30 Todson, Loraine 98 Toler, Helen 82 Tolley, Elberta 30 Torling, Barbara 25 Torling, Mary 81 Travis, Iune 83 Travis, Kenneth 24 Tredup, Iames 99 Tremel, Iames 83 Trent,Maxinc 99 Trentlage, Dolores 28 Troyke, Deloris 28 Truman, Maurice 99 Turk, Shirley 28 Turner, Allen 81 Turner, LaRac 99 Tutell, Ann 81 Tutell,Florence 25 Tyson, Donna 80 Tyson, Lyle 25 119 Villella, Edward 81 Vitales, Lois 28 Voegeli, Robert 31 Vogt, Loraine 25 Voight, Franklin 99 Volkening, Edwin 80 Volkening, Marlowe 28 Vollman, Betty 24 Von Lanken, Royce 28 Voss, Virginia 80 Wacher, Bob 24 Wacker, Ioyce 99 Wacker, Leon 80 Wacker, Ruth 28 Wahl, William 28 Wahlster, Carolyn 22 Wainscott, Dale 25 Walbaum, Forrest 80 Walch, Carol 28 Walch, Leo 80 Waldbuser, Harold 99 Walker, loyce 81 Walker, Wayne 25 Wallace,.Richard 99 Walters, Diane 24 Walz, Fred 25 Ward, Frank 99 Ward, Ralph 22 Warren, Dale 81 Warren, Gloria 30 Wascher, Gordon 23 Washam, Ellen 30 Washam, Mildred 24 Washer, Bert 80 Washington, Robert 99 Waterman, lanet 80 Waterson, Iames 29 Watson, Essye 24 West, Kenneth 81 Westerbeck, Sheldon 25 Westphal, Gene 25 Wetzel, Walter 80 Wetzel, William 99 Wewetzer, William 22 Whalen, Donald 24 Wheeler, Dona 25 Wheeler, Eugene 24 Wheeler, Oliver 24 Whipple, Shirley 80 Whitcomb, Ruth 100 White, Dorothy 80 White, Gordon 28 White, Robert 31 Whitmer, Ioanne 28 Whitmer, Norman 100 Wickland, Bonnie 31 Wicklund, LaVerne 28 Wiese, Richard 100 Wilcox, Calvin 100 Wildenradt, Wayne 26 Wildhagen, Barbara 100 Wilharm, Carl 100 Wilharm, Lawrence 25 Wilkening, Eugene 80 Wilkening, Lorie 82 Wilkening, Margene 100 Wilkinson, Doris 24 Willaert, Norna 30 Williamson, Carol 22 Willigman, Chester 81 Wilms, Ruth 100 Wilson, Delbert 80 Wilson, Ieremy 22 Wilson, Richard 100 Wires, Allen 28 Wires, Ieannine 100 Wires, Robert 25 Wisbar, Gloria 100 Wise, Alta 80 Wise, Greta 25 Wisser, Iohn 100 Witt, Gloria 80 Witt, Lois 100 Witt, Marilyn 100 Wittenstrom, Clarence 29 Wittmann. Philip 25 Wold, Thomas 29 Woleben, Mary 100 Wolf, Donald 25 Workman, Thelma 100 Worm, Florence 25 Wright, Ann 100 Wright, Carleton 22 Wright, lanice 31 Wright, Norma 100 Wright, William 100 Weadierbee, Marilyn 25 Wulff, Carlyle 29 Weaver, Beverly 25 Webb, Georgia 99 Webber, Donald 80 Weber, Beverly 99 Weck, Darlene 99 Weddle, Shirley 99 Weidner, Paul 99 Weigel, Robert 24 Weightman, Marian 99 Weirich, Iames 25 Weisner, Ronnie 24 Welch, Lyle 25 Welch, Martha 90 Wellnitz, Charles 80 Wells, Mary 28 Wells, Nancy 31 Wendt, Dolores 99 Wendt, Rudy 25 Wenzel, Mary 99 Wulff, Robert 25 Wuthrich, Charles 100 Wyman, Charlotte 100 Yarwood, Donald 30 Yonker, Myron 28 Young, Carmen 80 Young, Florence 100 Young, Ruth 100 Yunker, Billy 81 Zarndt, Betty 30 Ziegelbein, Gerald 30 Ziegler, Iames 81 Ziekert, Lenore 28 Ziekert, Wilfred 100 Zimmerman, Lois 28 Zirk, Delores 29 Zornow, Ronald 81 PUBLISHED BY E dilor:-in -thief BETTY BURKE DAVID KNECI-IT Bzzrinexr Manager: PATRICIA HEAD ROBERT WASHINGTON A dzfixer MARGARET E. 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Suggestions in the Elgin High School - Maroon Yearbook (Elgin, IL) collection:

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