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L MAL.-2 . '- V V 4 V, my ,XZ 7'?5?:, M V , ' 'fl- V gm mf.- fi, .V sb if , pf V ' 5+ JIT! -,. .V 11,5 VJ' 4 ,Hb 5:3 ' ua Y if ww V, "1 'EL . . ,Q-. 2 v' -fi " ' f,. ff Viyfl. Nitfif V ,1 r. 4.5 'Vi-V '-.M 11 -,- T Hg- Q 5? , ,V wi QT. 'flu ,jf ' 1 ' .- 91 ' Vp? - A V 74,5 ai' . ff .M ...Ax hi , . A ,5 V.,, , ,- .u 'h -. ,V f flif., Vf .nv-:' V K 4 ,V V..,.:1. . 2--V 4. . Effl- K-x',J' M5-V L!-fffkfg Q! '- 1VL",5i,V- Q' Mfg' , MFE? ff 11,3 1,1 4 , ,Qs ixj -V.-yn , QQ.-M 4., .. 'V--rn. .,, jg: .V , fu f . 15. . E5 mg, zu, , QV ,' :I 4. , 'V : 1 'cy , . ,. . . ,. ,, - -fciwffg Aj: W. .im Ay.. V-V I j V ,Q V V , " b' vV'fa,gV5,g2 A- -PM 1- Z7 Qffff- Lv? " -' iEP,' ""'Q-115 Vw 1 ' z 3'i2' sf ..,V. f2:'V f2 1 V ' 1"" f '1V2Q3iJ 'K5Q3'2 fb- fF.gs f , ,fw1 z f fZrj'??fT1"f"- CL -' , I MV.-ag-V, 1 0525? 4 pq: '-'rar-411.-,QV-G-gym". wif?-.-AV-g,1fV - V VW- 1 'V ,. 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Shit , K - ,JA H 'TIZE lf. fgfzffi , - 4, ' 'l3Ff?T:5 " ' .:2,V 1 :IS L N lv:-' :Q , ..4:k1::7:'?'c-:I M. . g:--- .- '-.::-:- 'XWHHBM-A -- Q .-.-5:5-5233225 ' '-:-:5::5:2T:1:-:251Ef:1:5:52-"" 14.:.g.:.5:3:-:--.- - , . -.--ness?" ::::::::'. ' EEEEEEE3' :SWF :::!'f , . S' 'X .-.-.f:-.-:-:IAQEEEIEIESIE5 -:1:1:I:1:-2g2:1:E:1:C:2:!:1:g:g:g: j , ,.:.:.:::5:g:g::.,.:.:.:.:g:g:5::::.:.1.- 1 ' .3153Zg.g:::::1gZ':-Z-I+.-.' ' - -:'f- V " K J F .4 7' Q X if V I 1 1-V ' '-f V V . ., V5 . ., V V , ,4 -,, ' , , V. -.,V..,3V-mn ' V ...cm:,m.u,L:s.QmMf...1a..:..-.:,..4-.haaifu-N-V--in -...pw H.. Sigma-fm-mann-nwwzs-be-M41--1-1-Onan:--1-V-11-QL1wM-H 'V 1' 'A ' 1 - " ' 5 , f ,Ji g .2 ' -Q C' V Vfu ,V 53 ' ' " VV, 1- :i 3-., VV. , V" gfgin Shoo! gygin, ,gfhnoifi :Mill 'E X Elgin High Schoo Elgin, Illinois May l-946 To the Students of' 8119. Mr. Lincoln really had something when he introduced into his famous speech the phrase, 'government of the people, by the people, and for the people." We liked Abe 's democratic phrsseologyg so we adopted it. Inside these covers is pictllred Elgin High School and all the phases of its veri- colored life. This UQ. book to treasure through the yeers. Here is e book of the students, by the students, and for the students N the Maroon of the Class of' l '-Q 3 C C7 ealif 3 f l -946. I -1 H I eruicem en 0 ,4 6 I Iijitfwwy 'ilu 'IQ JA' mlllniallf' THE HONOR ROLL World War II ended last August in a decisive victory for the allies. This Victory Was Won with the aid of the American boys who fought, and often died, on the battlefields across the seas. Now, these and other young Americans are helping to keep the peace. Here are the members ot the class of l946TlTo' are now serving in the United States armed forces. HOWARD BAGLEY ROBERT BROEKER PALMER BROWN BERNARD CAVITT CHARLES EMMERT SHERWIN FISCI-IER IAMES GALLAGHER DOUGLAS GIESKE WALTER GRAF JOHN GUPTAIL RICHARD HARRISON GERALD HIPPLE 4 ROBERT IAHNKE RAY IOHNSON TOM KEMERLING IACK LEITNER KENNETH LORANG DARWIN MICK IOHN MINK CHARLES ORBAN IACK RUST FLOYD SMITH CHARLES SWANSON DONALD SWENSON Cm fen ff, Here is cz guide to what this book contains. If you cdn't locate Susie Smiths picture, you'H find her listed in the picture index ot the bctck ot the book. O UU ouernmenf . . . 6 ' ss? vi? ltif 7 5 J fu enff5.....f2 ,il Q25 f ia 62 elaar men ,tg ii1 91 19 f 119 -e a I C C I I p D it fl 5 Through Wise guidance, the gov- ernment - representing students, faculty, and townsmen-helps make Elgin High School a better school. 0U8I"l'll'l'l9l'L f V q , 432 112 ' ' acukg .xdclminizifrccfion oarcf of glclucafion Maintaining the highest possible edu- cational standards in the Elgin school system is the purpose ot the Board ot Education. This governing body, repre- senting the citizens ot Elgin, manages tinances, legislates tor, and promotes the interests ot the schools. Four pro- posals are under consideration at pres- ent by the Board ot Education: com- pletion ot the junior high school systemg O. lf. ll.-XTTERSOXT S 11 fll'I'f71ll'lIIff nl ORRIN G. THOMPSON ,-I.-Nrffzzzz Slfpczzzztrzzzfcfzf replacements ot old elementary schools establishment ot a junior college and extension ot adult education. VINCENT COLI-.MA N, Prfsizlcill DONALD lf. MELMS IJONALIJ VV. VALI-QNTINE S. MILLS IENO FRANK lb. URIE C. H. Al"Pl.li CHARLES FLORA ROY K. l'li'I'ERSON L. O. SOUTHARD R. M. PEARSALL R. S. CARTWRIGHT Principal Beginning his second year as princi- pal of Elgin High School, Roscoe S. Cartwright is now aided by the newly appointed co-assistant principals, Miss Elma C. Engelbrecht and Iohn Kraftt, who also serve as deans of girls and boys. Gilbert I. Renner assists Mr. Kratft, who' retains his position as varsity basketball coach. Acting as Hthe clearing house" for all school problems, the Administrative Council determines school policies. Mr. Cartwright, the assistant principals, de- partment heads, class sponsors, and two elected faculty representatives forrn the Council. MR. IOHN KRAFFT, MISS ELIVIA ENGIlI.BRECI'I'lI, and MR. GILBERT RIQNNER, ,flxfllvltllzl Prir1r1'pnf.f Cltzff advisers MR. WILSON, MISS PETERS, MISS WILSON, and MR. RENNER Administrative Council Meeting 9 .gguclenf .fdolminidfrafion Service Commission "Buses to Aurora for the basketball game to- night leave EHS at 5:3O." Making possible this announcement and many others like it is the job of loan Schaaf, student chairman, and the members of the Service Commission. Service to school and city is the objective of the group, whose faculty adviser is Louis Robinson. Assembly Commission The assembly commission, with Miss Marge Biersach as adviser, plans assemblies through- out the year. Roger Rieckman, student chair- man, and his commission provide a variety of programs: pep meetings, patriotic productions, Red Cross campaign boosters, designed to meet the varied interests of every student in high school. Social Commission "lnjun Summer," a dance held in early Octo- ber in the new north wing recreation center, set off the activities of the Social Commission last fall. Sponsoring all-school dances is the main function of this commission, which was headed this year by Barbara Burmaster and Charles Silliman. Miss Mavis Conlee and Harold Fearn were the faculty advisers. Research Commission "How do other schools solve their problems?" Answering this question is the objective the Research Commission sets for itself. Corre- spondence is carried on with other schools, and the exchange of ideas results in better student-faculty administration. Miss Helen Ket- tering recently assumed the advisership of the Commission. No chairman has been appointed. L l Representing the student body in the EI-IS government is the student council, with its members from each homeroom and its executive council, consisting of the four student council officers, four runnersup, the class presidents, and the chairman of the Iunior Red Cross. Miss Adah Pratt and Gilbert Renner are faculty advisers. In the induction ceremony before the student body these members make the following pledge: "Ax a student council mcnzber I plczlge zo do all that I um Io help nzalqc Elgin High Selma! a lvfiler ffhoolf' Members GLORIA HOST ROGER RIECKMAN IAMES NICOLL ROBERT SCHAEFFER LORRAINE HEIDE MIRIAM DURSTOCK GENE MAYER MARGE FRISBY GENE CARPENTER PAUL KILBURN ALLEN ATCHISON ALENE VVILKENING PAUL STAGER DICK SMITH CHARLES SILLIMAN STEWART EGGERT WILLIAM PEARSALL RICHARD XVALLACE RONALD FOELL CALVIN PERKINS LEON SCHAEFFER ROBERT FARNEY BARBARA HOLDEN BARBARA NICKEL HAROLD MADEEN LOIS SCHAAF LHVERNE CHASTAINE ROBERT LIND PATRICIA EADLER DAVID ARNOLD DOUGLAS BIELENBERG WALLACE RUDOLPH DIANA MARTIN IOAN IOHNSON ROBERTA STOVVELL DELORES HOLTZ WILLIAM KAKAVAS VIRGINIA VOSS IAMHS GIPFORD Executive Council IACK CHAPMAN BARBARA BURMASTER MARY CATHERINE CARLSON GRANT STEFFEN PATRICIA BLACKMAN GORDON MUELLER EDWARD TWEEDIE STANLEY SPHATT LCROY BRUBAKER DAVID BRACKETT IOAN SCHAAF ESTHER HOLMQUIST SUE COLLINS MARTIN HARMENING CARLENE MILLER IAMES HUDGENS MARY CAMPBELL RICHARD SPEARS SHIRLEY SNVENSON GALE BRITTIN IEAN MEIGHEN ANGELINE ALBERT DON ANSEL, President DICK SWENSON IOHN HADDICK Executive Council Council Advisers ll An Elgin High School student gripes o little, learns CI lot, cmd has C1 wonderful time doing everything. .szwlen fa M gi f 1 N l. Senior Class Officers lune graduation Writes the final chapter in the history of the class of 1946. With the last strains of Pornp and Circumstance, the deeds of the class become past history and the basis for many pleasant recollections. ln the fall of 1942, 365 students en- rolled in Elgin High School to form the class of 1946. Elected to lead the class during their freshman and sophomore years Were Wally Graf, president, Bob Schroeder, vice-president, Mary Carl- son, secretary, and Nancy Rorneis, treasurer. During their sophomore year, the United States entered the second World War, and '46 entered wholeheartedly into all activities which would bring about a speedy victory. With the ranks increased by the arrival of the sopho- 1 14 we C 6l56 0 more Abbott students, the class of 1946 then consisted of more than SOO. A hobo party held by these sophs gained for them the title "Hicks of '46." Walter Wilson became class sponsor, replacing Myron C. Myers. With the arrival of the '46 royal blue and white sweaters in their junior year, the class of '46 became distinguished upperclassmen of EHS. Their class play production, "The Great Big Doorstep," a Cajun comedy, was lauded for its beautiful stage set and excellent acting. "The Hicks" became the "Dudes" When, as juniors, they staged a Western party in the boys' gym. The pennant, designed by joy lohnston, was unveil- ed and presented by Charles Orban, president of the junior '46ers, at the '45 Senior Class Council X16 .911 Quiew class day program. Roy lohnson was vice-president, Barbara Burmaster, sec- retary, and Harold Wendt, treasurer in their junior year. "The Bat," the annual senior class play, was rated high by local critics. The class party, called l'Suspense" to correspond to the play theme, was held in November. Climaxing three successful years, TB tests, hotdog sales at Maroon field, col- lege English, and basketball tourna- ments filled '46ers' senior year. As the war ended and the reconver- sion to peacetime schedules began, Ronnie Foell led the class as president with Roy Iohnson, vice-president, lean Lawson, first semester secretary, loy lohnston, second semester secretary, and Helen Siems, treasurer. The class of '46 saw many of its class members depart for the armed services and the war. lts enrollment dwindled. Now, with the returning of many serv- icemen, at least 400 '46ers will receive diplomas at commencement. The class of l946 thus completed its four-year educational trek. There were numerous faculty changes. R. S. Cart- wright accepted the position as princi- pal when F. B. Dixon resigned. T. A. Larson, beloved EHS figure, retired in lune, l945, The war called some, most of whom have now returned to their classes. An impressive record in speech, dra- matics, athletics, journalism, and other fields is left by the class of l946, whose motto is 'The Future ls Ours To Conquer." are gmt ra 00I"i5fQl0 v An unusual Cajun comedy, "The Great Big Doorstep," was the junior class play given May 3 and 4, l945. A striking exterior set, de- signed by Bruce Belshaw, combined with the rollicking comedy of the colorful Crochet family rnade the play an S. R. O. hit for two nights. Miss Marge Biersach directed the production, Ska Kao! Mrs, Crochet ,,,,.,,...t........... .....,t N ancy Romeis Commodore Crochet .....,, ,,.,,.Y,,, H erold Rifken Evvie Crochet ,,,... , ,,t,, ,,,.Y,, M ary Lou Tracy Topal Crochet ,,,.. ...,.,,,, V irginicl Shflrp Uncle Dewey ,,,,,,r,, ,v.,,,, .....,.v..v G e ne Moyer Mrs. Dupre ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,., , , ,..,, ,.,,,, , .lean Lawson Mrs. Beaumont Crochet ,t,,,,,, ,,,,,t,t, L ois Ganter Fleece Crochetw, ,,,,,t,t,,,,,,.., .. ,,.. ,,t,,,,,,, I oan Boeman Etna Crochet ,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. ..,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,, .,,. G 1 o ria Perry eeeeeeeess eesess t Etffsisgzldvzigtsggzfx TGYO fffir W M 1 ifiiyryfiifrirr tTh-urs.-loe Nerotre lFr1.+Tom Kemerling Mr. Tobin ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,i..,, S tanley Bittinger ,r ,A- f7Ae Buff A spineechilling murder mystery, 'lThe Bat," a Mary Roberts Rinehart drama, was the senior :lass play presented on the enlarged audito- rium stage November 29 and 30. Miss Marge Biersach capably directed the drama, in which stolen bank funds hidden in the lonely country home ot a wealthy old woman attract a criminal and plenty of excite- ment. For the first time two sets, Belshaw creations, were used in staging an Elgin High School production. jke gags! L. , - - V - nSTh.urs.floan Boemari time lFI'IdQY+-Sl'11I'l9Y Hedblade 5Thurs.--Carol Thurnau Miss Cornelia Van Gordon IFTMGY-Nancy Romeis Billy ---- - - lack Wentworth Bmoks S"l'hurs.-Torn Kemerling Miss Dale Ogden Doctor Wells Anderson Q - Richard Fleming Mr. Beresford - An Unknown Man - lFridaye-Dick Swenson SThurs.-Ioy Iohnston IFriday-Virginia Sharp - - Gene Mayer - - Torn McBride - Ioe Nerove - Bruce Belshaw - Stanley Bittinger Q?-'ar Ffa' , W ' wggil '7'5fS?i .Mw ,. ixfgf " kk iff 5, Y vm' ' ,jwgwujm Wgwf IA -11.5, f S -I x U, 7 gzvgff ., -mf 15. ,W A - ,W ,V ,g. A V ,gh I , ,iigisff ' ,Af -, , 1. K , , J V513 V ,A , . V ,fx 'Kai' , , .',, XX H xx' .. f , .41 ,I A ik xx.. Q R ' ww -fx:.4::g-:aa 4 ,Q , 'X ' A fktmffifm'-V ,f 5 Mil, 1 '. ,- 9 M . fm- A ':: ' , . Ffusaizkwfrzmh it 1-4 l ' fi f . ,.L.... ., X V , ,-s ,i -' ., my ,, in .. Sq, . 1' ,. , wr ,. , , , 6, L , i J - 3: --Q , 35:11 V- .- f ff f 'Neuse-Z.-.25 T ' . ' 5 xg. 4' - - ,Q yy' if :1w ,,-fqgzra'-:HV ' 'K "' , -L'XwQii'Q1,,. A 1 ' X . , ' -g 5,-L-3 Y x xx," k is 9 . ..A. . I fi , Q-ff . . f ii -' w Q . -wagf 'Ti :fx fg w H I- X ,H -,ww ff? Jw MSP fhfw' ' 7 V151"!'W 'f '.,:!,,-:v.YfVer- R., A 1 Ea fs J, I UMM-.5 . 1 f new L 1 Mg: Hijkw? , X .WJ 11, .-1 . T MFL,-1.2! --vw X 29 Marilyn ' 1 L, J3. .L ' 5 M ,, Mmm' 5 -' 19 469' Wwwg All L 1. 7. Q- ? My gp- - , E f 3 ,aw M mr 2f?!f'25f:? 'f::--g:g. ,v1. ww A , ..., ..... , , ,. wb f is 2 ! E If 1+ QB fx 4514.19 s A my kd A if 5? Mi ,A A- S 20 s fix, I H . , , 3... f ' 1 LA 4:23 x lqggmw 3 ,, '. sa 1 If Q 1 5 A WF, J I K wk K w W www EA ,N , Win, 4 H SQA 'LM R .Q 5-S' in gi 5553? f 3 ' AFQU E? I , . ki? 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My ' ' 7 Y' " - 1 " f W ,111 26 1 'i ,, "r r U,--ffef,-.szwgf if Q ew X Q 1 E N Xa xx ,W , Us JEL: IL --G 'fl xv '., , I NJ L" A" N'.4CIJ'1Ll!,Z?I5 b f ,pl Lois? MI5YL,T A ,L . Y' W1 'Q v Rqlpjff W C , 'Qlrff' M. lv ,. . rx' lush A. 1,. . ., A543 J., ' Q- 5 Lgqgg,:.v:,.z,s: in Q 5 Q N 3 S Q if .1 ...ii R .ffigg x is A 5 5 5 A R 35 gpm Q Q X in 2 S k 3 K 'Nr r Xa, f S: w SK Tia '-if .J iii: KP-923 "H fa . ,L - N.. A,,L A Q J", 7- -'pwf'5 - fv 'iii' fi? W '45 .gy 3 7CffsxQ1:3H New iw ' fjwiflvu 1' if ' Na ' X' 1 4 f Ncwd DFI? Vqlug ' www im 'w 24 flwiwmv 57ie1zQxm ?Wm'1:y ,mm fi 'T fm If ,e w . A Q - as A-Q, A i ' 8 A A5 ,f fm l : uv .F , H4 T if 1,2 ,f, Q mf . A gn ,- 1. 5 P h..., f h '. .1 .'f',g"."5ff-' '. H A r. -1 L. 'L Hf.,,, . vm.--W .z'., - ' mr , - f mf .- . Q JM. .w Q, ,vt ff ,ff V, f ...ff 6, . LV ,,...! 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Me, 'i"'-- W F -naman. lun ,mm 11 5-an 'Q 1-.av -6? 4 9 ,ff S -ff T .nv , ,ff F .gig 1 L. 5 5 V. , s . ,fl 4- kb qv, ,, y 'Q .4.-. Q if 'K ' ' i S . ,. Mi ii g L f ,fn Xb QSM Q NH ff in -ar- 3 Betty Will Bernice Wille Betty Williams Shirle Will' A l y mms my QWH E Q '- Wggwrgl I Nancy Wilson Phyllus Wilson Ruthy Woods Robert Wright Charlotte Young JUAWUK My 1946 eniorfi Erwin Ziegelbein Gerald Hipple David Siurseth Seniors Not Pictured RAY ANDERSON BARNHART SHIRLEY DELORIS HEDBLADE ROBERT E. BECK LAVERNE SHIRLEY LEI-IKY PATSY LEE I-IEDBLADE NAN MYERS EVELYN KATI IERINE ABBOTT G.A.A. EDWARD THOMAS ADERMAN DELORES IEAN ANDERSON Twirlcr in Band. G.A.A. IEANNE ESTH ER ANDERSON G.A.A. STANLIQY ALISERT SMITH enior .fdcfiuifg .gnclex IOHN RAYMOND ANDERSON ltzmcl: Q.M. Orchestra ROSE MARIE ANDERSON CHARLES ARTHUR ANDRESEN LOIS IANE ANDRESEN cs,A.A, 34 DON ANSEI., Student Council: Pres. 4. Victory Corps: 3. EHS Players LUCILLE BAUNITA APP Maroon 3-4. Freshman Ensemble Treble MARILYN LOUISE ASCHERMAN - 4 ALLEN IOHN ATCHISON Golf IOHN HAROLD AXFORD HOWARD MELVIN BAGLEY Football. Track. Wrestling CHARLENE ANN BARNETT G.A.A.: Pres. 4. Class Council Student Council RAY BARNHART FRANK ADAM BAUMAN VIRGINIA LEE BAUMGARTNER SHIRLEY ANN BAXMAN ETHEL MARIE BAYL-ESS Latin Club. German Club. French Club ROBERT BECK BONNIE LOU BEGALKA G.A.A. BEI IY LOU BEHRENS VELMA MAE BELLOWS Band. G.A.A.: Treas.4 BRUCE OWEN BELSHAW Student Council. Sr. Class Council. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays BEATRICE RUTH BENNETT G.A.A. Mask and Bauble. EHS Play- ers. Slide Rule. Aeolian. A Cappella. Verse Speaking RICHARD STEWART BILISOLI Wrestling. Slide Rule. E Club STANLEY BITTINGER Contest Speech. Spanish Club. Slide Rule. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays CHARLES LYMAN BLACK Mirror: Feature Editor 3. Co-Editor 4. Track BONNIE ELLEN BLAKEMAN G.A.A. BARBARA ANN BOEHNING IOAN CLAIRE BOEMAN EHS Players. Spanish Club. Mask and Bauble. G.A.A. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays BEI IY IANE BOTTERMAN G.A.A. ROSE HELEN BOTTERON G.A.A. LOUIS MAURICE BRENNER Slide Rule. Maroon MARILYN LEE BRIDGE Spanish Club: Sec. 3. EHS Players. Orchestra. A Cappella. G.A.A. Senior Activity Index-fContinuedD OLIVE ROSE BRITTON G.A.A. ROBERT HENRY BROEKER Football. E Club PHYLLIS V. BROMAN Student Council 2. G.A.A. Spanish Club PALMER BROWN MARY FRANCES BROWN Spanish Club: Treas. 3. Sr. Literature Club. French Club GERALD RAYMOND BRUBAKER E Club. Football ROB ERT ALFRED BRUNEMAN GORDON OTIS BRYANT Basketball. Track. E Club. Class Council 3-4 CHARLES DAVID BUECHE Band. Spanish Club SHIRLEY MARIE BURKE G.A.A. Spanish Club BARBARA ANN BURMASTER Student Council: Sec. 4. Girls Club: Vice-pres. 3. G.A.A.: Sec. 3. Class Sec. 3 MARIORIE LUELLA BURNIDGE A Cappella. F.T.A. ALAN THEODORE CARLSON MARY CATHERINE CARLSON Student Council 3-4. Mirror 3-4. Band: Sec. 33 Pres. 4. Orchestra. A Cappella: Sec. 4. Class Sec. 2. G.A.A. Sec. 2. Debate RICHARD ARTHUR CARLSON Debate. Mirror: News Editor 3. Ma- roon: Co-Editor 4. Spring Reigns: Co- Editor 3. Sr. Literature Club. German Club: Pres. 4. Latin Club: Pres. 2. A Cappella GENE CARLTON CARPENTER Basketball. Student Council ARLENE VIVIAN CATAVU G.A.A. BERNARD CAVITT DONALD OSCAR CHRISTENSEN EDWIN BRODER CHRISTIANSEN Football. Wrestling. Track. E Club JAMES ROBERT COLLINS Mirror Staff 3. Football PHILIP RAYMOND COSGROVE Mirror: Reporter 35 ARLENE OLGA CREED THEODORE REINHOLD CREMER E Club. Wrestling HAZEL FERN CRICHTON Class Council. A Cappella. Orchestra Latin Club. German Club. Aeolian Sr. Literature Club IRIS IOANNE DAHLSTROM RICHARD LEROY DARLING Golf BETTY IANE DAUEL BILLIE ANN DAVAT I Band. Latin Club. Student G.A.A. Council MARIORIE JEAN DIERKING Aeolian. A Cappella. F.T.A. G.A.A. PATRICIA ANN DIETERICH Maroon Staff. G.A.A. WILLIAM ARTHUR DOHM Band. Orchestra MIRIAM DOROTHY DURSTOCK A Cappella. Student Council. Contest Speach DONALD DUVAL ROGER IOHNSON DYER Boys Glec Club. A Cappella. German Club. Truck EDWARD WALTER EARDLEY ROBERT LEE ELKINS GERALD MORRISS ELLIOTT CHARLES F. EMMERT Band. Orchestra. Football CURTISS GRANT ERVIN Basketball. Golf DICK FARNEY RICHARD R. FERRIS FLOYD HARVEY FEUERHAKE LORAE IOAN FEVRIER Aeolian IEAN LIZETTE FIERKE Sr. Literature Club: Vice-pres. 4. Band Orchestra. A Cappella. German Club EHS Players. Maroon Staff. Aeolian Latin Club. Mask and Bauble. G.A.A. LOIS ELAINE FILLMORE SHERWIN IRA FISCHER Frosh-Soph Football. Frosh-Soph De- bate. Maroon RONALD ROY FOELL Pres. of Sr. Class. Football. Track E Club. Student Council l l l 4 Senior Activity Index-IContinuedD DONNA -MAE FOLEY IOHN OLIVER HALIGAS G.A.A.. Executive Council. N.F.L.: Pres. 4 Debate Club: French Club: Vice-pres. 3 MARIORIE ELAINE FRISBY G.A.A. LAVONNE IOYCE HALVERSON G.A.A. ELIZABETH GAEDE G.A.A. IOAN ELAINE HAMEISTER IAMES WELDON GALLAGHER Football. E Club: Vice-pres. Track Student Council LOIS MAE GANTER EHS Players. Debate. Ir. Class G.A.A. HELEN AGNES GARBRECHT G.A.A. ROSEALIE MARIE GARRETT G.A.A. LORRAINE EVELYN GATZKE G.A.A. WARREN LEE GERBER French Club: Treas. Golf ROLAND GAEDE GERBERDING DOUGLAS NEIL GIESKE Track ETTA MARIAH GILL MELVIN LEROY GLASE WALTER MORRIS GRAF Play Track. Football. Basketball. Class Pres. 1. Student Council. E Class Council HENRY WILLIAM GRAFF SHIRLEY MAE GRAMS BARBARA IEAN GRANT CLARENCE COLE GRIFFIN Class Council. A Cappella IEAN E. GRIMES Class Council. G.A.A. GEORGE EDWIN GROH E Club. A Cappella. Boys Glee Football. Track IOHN RAYMOND GUPTAIL PATRICIA IEAN GUSTAFSON LEROY C. GUY THOMAS PHILIP GYLLECK RICHARD GEORGE HAAS ELAINE HABERKAMP IOHN STOEHR HADDICK Latin Club. Band. Tennis. Executive Council Club Club Maroon G.A.A. EHS Players PHYLLIS C. HAMEISTER G.A.A. LAWRENCE GEORGE HANSING DONALD CHARLES HARDING BETTY ELAINE HARLOW G .A .A . ELAINE MARGARET HARNEY MARILYN HARRIS Band. G.A.A. RICHARD M. HARRISON Track. E Club CLARENCE ARNOLD HARTMANN F.F.A. IOHN WESLEY HAUER Basketball. Track SHIRLEE DELORIS HEDBLADE Latin Club. G.A.A. EHS Players Mask and Bauble. Sr. Class Play LORRAINE DORIS HEIDE G.A.A. Student Council. German Club LEO EUGENE HELGERSON F.F.A. LESTER WALTER HELLMUTH SHIRLEY BETTY HERBERT G.A.A. Orchestra MARILYN IUNE HEROLD G.A.A. EHS Players. Freshman En- semble EMMY LOU HILL G.A.A. Mirror: News Eclitor 4. Co- Eclitor 4 HERBERT LLOYD HILL MARY ANN HILTON Latin Club. G.A.A. PEGGY IEAN HINES Student Council 5. EHS Players: Pres. 4. G.A.A. Spanish Club GERALD HIPPLE ROGER LEE HITZEMAN Frosh-Soph Basketball. Track NANCY ANN HOLLIDAY Aeolian. G.A.A. 36 ANN ELIZABETH HOLMAN G.A.A. Latin Club SUSAN IEAN HOLMGREN French Club: Pres. 4. Aeolian: Pres. 3 A Cappella. G.A.A. Spanish Club IOYCE LEE HOLTZ German Club. G.A.A. Latin Club SHIRLEY MAE HOLTZ German Club DELB ERT LEROY HOPPER GLORIA G. HOST G.A.A. A Cappella. Student Council WILLIAM HAROLD HUFFSTUTLER ALICE IEAN HUGH EHS Players. Maroon Staff. G.A.A. RICHARD M. HULKE LOIS IEAN ILLA G.A.A. DONNA ROSE ISEBERG G.A.A. Mask and Bauble. Sr. Litera- ture Club. Maroon Staff. Verse Speak- ing. Spanish Club ROBERT LEROY IAHNKE KATHERINE LORRAINE JENNY G.A.A. Spanish Club MARTIN RAYMOND IEPSON Track. Wrestling ROY ARTHUR IOHNSON Sr. Class Vice-pres. RAYMOND IULIUS IOHNSON Football. E Club. Track IOY MARIORIE 1oHNsToN G.A.A. Maroon Staff. Spring Reigns Staff. EHS Players. Class Council. Sr. Literature Club. Sr. Class Play IOYCE NEWANA IOHNSTON Spanish Club. French Club. G.A.A. F.T.A. BEN MARTIN IONES German Club RUTH IONES G.A.A. CHARLES KALTENBACH BETTY LOUISE KAMMRAD NORMA EDRIS KEENAN Aeolian. Mirror. G.A.A. GERALD RUSSELL KELLENBERGER WILLIAM HENRY KELLENBERGER Senior Activity Index-QContinuedI BARBARA IEAN KELLEY G.A.A. Aeolian BETTY IANE KELSEY G.A.A. THOMAS EDWIN KEMERLING Football. Track. E Club. Varsity De- bate. Ir. and Sr. Class Play MAX KENNETH KERCHER PAUL DAYTON KILBURN Basketball. Tennis. Student Council E Club DOROTHY LOUISE KIRK Verse Speaking. Commercial Club G.A.A. BEVERLY DIANE KLAUS Verse Speaking. Spanish Club. Aeo- lian. G.A.A. AUDREY ANN KLEINSCHMIDT G.A .A. ARLYCE MARTHA KOBEL French Club ADRIA E. KOEHLER Student Council. G.A.A. Spanish Club: Vice-pres. 3. Aeolian MARGARETE MAY KORTE G.A.A. German Club. F.T.A.: Treas. and Sec. 4. Freshman Ensemble MARILYN LOIS KRAMBEER G.A.A. IAMES PHILLIP KRAMER Football. E Club. German Club. Ir. Isaac Walton. Latin Club. Track IOHN PAUL KRAMER Football. Track. E Club. Ir. Isaac Walton: Pres. German Club. Latin Club RUTH VIRGENE KRAMER G.A.A. MARGENE IOYCE KRICH G.A.A. Class Council. Student Coun- cil. Aeolian IEANNE LEE KRUEGER G.A.A. VVARREN CHARLES KRUEGER MARGARET ANN KUESTNER German Club. G.A.A. EVELYN ANN KUSCHMIRZ G.A.A. ANN LOUISE LADWIG Debate. G.A.A. Class Council EDWARD DUANE LAGERSTROM Football. E Club HAROLD FRANK LAGERSTROM EHS Players. Maroon Staff. Sr. Liter- ature Club. Ir. Class Play. Track ELAINE IOY LALLEY G.A.A. PHYLLIS IEAN LANG ARLENE RUTH LANGE SHIRLEY ANN LANGE LOIS IEAN LARSON G.A.A. Library Club IEAN PATRICIA LAWSON Mask and Bauble: Vice-pres. 2. EHS Players. Latin Club: Sec. 2. Spanish Club. N.F.L. 2-3-4. Debate 3-4. Girls Club: Pres. 3-4. Sec. of Class 3-4 N.F.L.: Vice-pres. 3-4. Verse Speaking: Pres. 2-3-4-, G.A.A. Ir. Class Play French Club: Sec: 3 LOIS KATHLEEN LAWSON LAVERNE LEHKY VERONICA GRACE LEHMANN IACK CHARLES LEITNER PHYLLIS JUNE LITERAL G.A.A. Freshman Ensemble LAWRENCE ELLSWORTH LOFGREN VALERIE IEANETTE LOHBAUER KENNETH LORANG LOIS KATHERINE LORENZ G.A.A. MILBURN KEITH LYNN Projection Club 2. A Cappella MARILYN LOU MANN G.A.A. Latin Club I-2. Senior Class Council 4. Aeolian: Treas. VIRGINIA EILEEN MARTIN G.A.A. I-2-3-4. Latin Club I-2. Span- ish Club 2-3. Aeolian. A Cappella JUDY ANN MASON French Club 2. Sr. Literature Club 1 Latin Club I. EHS Players IOHN LEONARD MATTESON GENE HAROLD MAYER E Club. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays. Stu- dent Council 3-4 THOMAS FREDERICK MCBRIDE Sr. Class Play. French Club. EHS Play- ers. Spanish Club. F.T.A. Sr. Litera- ture Club 37 DAVID KENNETH McCALLUM PATRICIA ANN McCARTHY G.A.A. Mirror Staff ALICE K. MCCUE G.A.A. Spanish Club. Maroon Stal? MERALOU McDONALD ' IEROME FUQUA McGILL German Club: Treas. I. Photographer ROBERT NEIL McGRAW IANET LANORE McLEAN G.A.A. MARIANNE REBECKA MEDAU G.A.A. Sr. Literature Club CELESTE FREDA MEHLBERG Spanish Club. G.A.A. Cheerleader LOIS ARLENE MENKE German Club. Sr. Literature Club FRANK PAUL MERLAK Student Council WILLIAM FRANK METZGER Student Council IAMES FREDERICK MEYER MARIORIE IEAN -MEYER RALPH MEYER Slide Rule Club DARWIN G. MICK Band NEIL EVERET MICK E Club 3 WILLIAM MIDDLESWORTH Student Council 2. Orchestra 2 DOROTHEA IEAN MILES G.A.A. Spanish Club. Cheerleading: Pres. 3-4. Vice-pres. 2-3 IOHN ROBERT MINK Football. Track. E Club: Sec. and Treas. 3-4. Class Council. Football: Capt. 3. MAX WALTER MOELLER F.T.A. F.F.A. LYDIA ELIZABETH MOLNAR VERNA ELAINE MOODY Spanish Club. G.A.A. F.T.A. ELSIE MARIE MORITZ German Club. Aeolian. Orchestra. A Cappella ROBERT WARREN MUELLER Senior Activity Index-tConti.nuedJ IACQUELIN MUNTZ Verse Speaking: Vice-pres. G.A.A. Lat- in Club. Spanish Club. EHS Players IACK RAYMOND MYERS A Cappella. Student Council NAN IEAN MYERS RUSSELL NELSON Basketball. Track. Student Council IOSEPH BERNARD NEROVE Band. Publications Board: 4. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays. EHS Players. Maroon: Bus. Mgr. 4 Vice-pres. One Acts. DELORES PEARL NEUKOM IAMES FRANKLIN NICOLL Orchestra. Spring Reigns: Editor 4 Sr. Literature Club. Spanish Club EHS Players. Student Council RAYMOND WALLACE NIEDERT IRIS IOAN NORD EHS Players DALE ROYCE OERGEL Basketball. E Club PETER KONSTANTIN OGLOBLIN E Club. Football. Track ARLENE EDITH OLESEN G.A.A. Basketball Shooting Contest MARY LUCILLE OLLIS G.A.A. SHIRLEY LOUISE OLSON Commercial Club. Spanish Club G.A.A. CHARLES STEPHEN ORBAN Football. Basketball. Class Pres. 3 E Club: Pres. IRENE ANGELINE PAPPAS Aeolian. A Cappella. G.A.A. RICHARD DONALD PAULUS German Club DONALD IAMES PENNIALL EHS Band. Tennis MARIORIE ELLEN PERKINS Latin Club. Freshman Ensemble G.A.A. Treble ELIZABETH LOU PETERSON Senior Class Council. G.A.A. Spanish Club. Latin Club. Girls Club Council GERALDINE IRMA PETERSEN G.A.A. IEAN SHIRLEY PETERSON Latin Club. G.A.A. FRED RAYMOND PFLEDERER , Slide Rule. German Club. A Cappella LaDEMA MARIE POLLWORTH BARBARA CAROLINE POOL G.A.A. IAMES RICHARD RAKOW Football: Mgr. Golf. E Club MARLO CHARMAINE REAZER G.A.A. ROBERT EDWARD RICHARDS Freshman Ensemble. Boys Glee. A Cappella. Maroon DOLORES DOROTHY RICHARDSON G.A.A. Student Council. Band ROGER ALAN RIECKMAN Band: Q.M. Student Council. Golf HEROLD LOUIS RIFKEN Varsity Debate. Ir. Class Play. EHS Players MARILYN BLANCHE RITTIS G.A.A. BETTY IEAN ROHR NANCY RUTH ROMEIS Student Council: Treas: 2. Treas. of Class 2. Girls Club Cab. Mask and Bauble: Pres. 2. 'Ir. and Sr. Class Plays LEON ALVIN ROMMEL SHIRLEY LAVINA ROTH G.A.A. Orchestra MARILYN SYLVIA RUBENS IACK A. RUST Student Council: Vice-pres. 3 WAYNE ALBERT SAUER A Cappella. Sr. Literature Club: Pres. 2. Mirror: Bus. Mgr. 4 ROBERT OLLIE SCHAEFFER Basketball. Football. Track, E Club ROBERT GEORGE SCHAMBACH F.F.A.: Treas. ARDELL ROBERT SCHMIDGALL ELAINE BARBARA SCHMIDT G.A.A. IOHN CALVIN SCHMIDTKE Band. Orchestra. Sr. Literature Club German Club: Pres. 3. Asst. Photogra- pher, FRANK JOHN SCHOCK Student Council. Mirror LILLIAN ELSIE SCHOCK German Club. Sr. Class Council IAMES HUBERT SCHRADER Band LORETTA IUNE SCHRADER 38 PHYLLIS LENORE SCI-IROEDER German Club. Aeolian. A Cappella Student Council ROBERT ELLSWORTH SCHROEDER E Club. Tennis RALPH WILLIAM SCHUFFT F.F.A. MARILYN IEAN SCHULT G.A.A. DORIS LUCILLE SCHULTZ G.A.A. LAWRENCE E. SCHULTZ F.F.A. BEVERLY LEE SCHWARTZ G.A.A. Latin Club NANCY ANN SCHWARTZWALDER Orchestra. A Cappella. G.A.A. Aeolian EHS Players ELAINE ELVA SHALES MARILYN IEAN SHALES G.A.A. Aeolian VIRGINIA CAROLYN SHARP A Cappella. Cheerleader. Ir. and Sr. Class Plays BYRON STANLEY SHERMAN BETTY ELAINE SI-IOLES G.A.A. HELEN LUE'I'l"A SIEMS G.A.A. Mirror: Editor. Class Council Treas. of Class 4 RAFAELA IUILA SIETE Spanish Club. German Club. F.F.A. Debate DAVID SIURSETH EDITH PATRICIA SMARDON ROGER WALTER SMITENDORF German Club: Treas. 2. Slide Rule Sr. Literature Club ARTHUR NEIL SMITH FLOYD ANCIL SMITH Football. Basketball. Tennis. E Club MARILYN IEAN SMITH Latin Club. French Club: Vice-pres. 3 G.A.A. RICHARD EVAN SMITH Basketball. Spanish Club: Pres. 3 Student Council. Slide Rule Club STANLEY SMITH MATTHEW JOHN SOMERS Spanish Club LENA SORENSON Spanish Club. G.A.A. GRACE EVELYN SPARANO G.A.A. LOIS -MAY SPENCER Latin Club. G.A.A. EHS Players. Ir. and Sr. Literature Clubs ELLEN NADINE SPORTSMAN Commercial Club HELEN MAXINE SPORTSMAN Commercial Club PAUL B. STAGER NATHAN E Club. ball. A MARILYN Ir. Class ROBERTA EDWARD STEFFEN Class Council. Tennis. Foot- Cappella: Pres. 4. Wrestling MAE STETTNER Council. G.A.A. MARGARET STEWART Band. G.A.A. Spanish Club ANNA ROSE STONE Latin Club. Spanish Club DONALD ELMER STOREY A Cappella. Football. E Qub LILA IANE STOWELL MILDRED IRENE STRAHL Band. Spanish Club THEODORE BERNHARD STRASEN Sr. Literature Club. Entered from Con- cordia, Minn. 4 DONNA IEANNE STRUBING IOHN FREDERICK STRUVE Student Council RUTH MARIE STUMPF Debate Squad: Sec. N.F.L. Chapter BETTY GAIL SUTER G.A.A. Commercial Club. Cheerlead- ing RUTH ELAINE SVENDSEN A Cappella. Sr. Literature Club. G.A.A. Spanish Club. EHS Players CHARLES E Club. Council ELROY SWANSON Basketball. Track. Student DON SWENSON RICHARD E Club. HERBERT SWENSON EHS Players. Spanish Club: Vice-pres. 3. Sr. Class Play. Maroon Staff. Ir. Red Cross Council DOROTHY LOIS SWITZER Spanish Club. G.A.A. Verse Speaking Senior Activity Index-CContinuedJ ARTHUR WILLIAM TAYLOR Latin Club. Slide Rule Club. Debate Football. Class Council BEVERLY LORRAINE TERRY Spanish Club. German Club. G.A.A. EDNA MAE THOMAS G.A.A. French Club. Mask and Bauble Debate ALICE IUNE THOMPSON Aeolian. A Cappella. German Club: Vice-pres. 4. Sec. 3. G.A.A. Verse Speaking: Treas. 23 Vice-pres. 3. Mask and Bauble. Latin Club LAVERN ARNOLD THRUN CAROL FLORENCE THURNAU Mirror: Editor 3. Maroon: Co-editor 4 Latin Club. German Club: Vice-pres. 2 EHS Players. Sr. Class Play. Mask and Bauble. Sr. Literature Club: Sec.-Treas. 4. A Cappella MARY ANN TOBLER Ir. Class Council. G.A.A. FRANCIS WILLIAM TOWNER Band. French Club. Sr. Literature Club MARY LOU TRACY Band. A Cappella. French Club. Players EHS ARTHUR EDWARD TRAUB Track ELMER LOUIS TREDUP IEANETTE MARGARET TREMEL German. Club. G.A.A. GLENN IRVING TYSON Football. Slide Rule MARILYN MAE UNDERWAGER Commercial Club DONNA IEAN VAN BUREN EHS Players. G.A.A. DOROTHY IEAN VILLARS Mirror: Bus. Mgr. 3. G.A.A. Latin Club. Freshman Ensemble GLORIA ANNE VITALES G.A.A. Spanish Club. Maroon MARGARET ANN VOLLMER Orchestra. Maroon. G.A.A. Latin Club Mask and Bauble: Treas. 2. Mirror: News Editor IEANETTE ARLENE WAGNER NONIE LOU WAHLSTER MARI LOU WARNER G. A .A. 39 CLARA LOUISE WATERMAN IEANNE ANN WATSON EHS Players. Aeolian. Verse Speaking RICHARD LESLIE WEDDLE Band MARIORIE IEAN WELLS Commercial Club HAROLD LEWIS WENDT E Club. Student Council. Class Treas. 3 IACK ROBERTS WENTWORTH Football. EHS Players. Class Council Sr. Class Play LOIS ELAINE WESTBERG EHS Players. G.A.A. MARY' ANN WETZEL WANDA ZENOBIA YVHEELER WILLIAM ROBERT WHITE Golf VIOLET MAE WIDDER AUDREY C. WIEWEL ROGER CARL WILHARM ALENE WILKENING Student Council. G.A.A. Spanish Club GLORIA IEAN WILKUS BETTY IEAN WILL BERNICE ARLIN WILLE G.A.A. Spanish Club BEI I Y I. WILLIAMS SHIRLEY MAE WILLIAMS Freshman Ensemble. G.A.A. Latin Club German Club AMY LUCILLE WILLIS NANCY RUTH German Club. Maroon Staff. A Cap- pella. Debate, WILSON Sr. Literature Club PHYLLUS ELAINE WILSON G.A.A. Speech Club RONALD WOLFF RUTH LA VONNE WOODS ROBERT WILLIAM WRIGHT Football CHARLOTTE LUCYLE YOUNG G.A.A. Freshman Ensemble ERWIN A. ZIEGELBEIN , , 4 jke Cam 0 7947 President ,,,,,,,,,, , UHic'c1'x ......................CALVIN PERKINS Vice-prcsiilcnt ,,,,.,,, DONALD GELDMACHER Secretary .......,.., ,,....,,,,, BARBARA LEITNER Sophomore officer: President ........,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..... D ONALD GELDMACHER Vice-president ,,,., ,DONALD SUNDERLAGE Sccrcta ry ,...... Sponsor ,...,.,.. ,,,..,..MERLE BENDEWALD MISS MARY PETERS 2 ' ' I 7 ' "' -I ly.: W I -ai 2 if Z ' Z ,V I . , I ZA- - s ' V. W -9 Y ' A ,f f i 5 'f s .YR K nt. 'i ' f I s 3" I ii x ' I A-1 - W . 8' Al! H Q 4 g A V- 4 'V 40 Home Room 339 Miss Mary Pctcrs Firfl row: Miss Peters, W. Abts, G. An- ilcrson, B. App, D. Arnold, D. Bcnhart Second row: L. Bernstein, H. Blackman IJ. Bluy, H. Bokelmann, M. Boxan, B Brammcr. Third row: B. Brandes, N Brinkman, A. Brittin, L. Buehlcr, A. Carey, M. Cassell, I. Chirieleison. Fourth row: ID. Chouinard, E. Christenson, B. Christen- sen, F. Ciacco, B. Citizen, I. Collins, Ph Cook. Fifth row: P. Crane, I. Crawford N. Crichton, D. Fowler, A. Martin, L. Martin, G. Martens. Not picfrzred: H. Byrd, C. Conway. r Home Room 321 George Peck First row: C. Carney, D. Chapman, I Chapman, L. Chastainc, D. Christensen, I. Christiansen, Mr. Peck. Second row: B. Leitner, D. Lessly, C. Lester, H. Lincler, O. Mager, D. McGonagle, C. Meuser, M. Olson. Third row: B. Pillinger, D. Pizar- ro, D. Schmidgall, M. Southarcl, I. Studcr, M. Trent, L. Turner, N. Unclcrhill. Fourth row: B. Washington, G. VVebb, B. Weber, M. VVilkening, R. Wilms, F. Young, R. Young, VV. Zickcrt. N01 picfzzrczl: K. Lundin, B. Scdclon, E. Thiedc, V. Was- singer. 1947 Home Room 327 Mrs. Ella Prutzman Firxl row: B. Anclcrson, B. Anderson, S. Bargholz, I. Bnustcrt, M. Behrens, Mrs. Prutzman. Srmml row: M. Bcnclewalcl, D. Bielcnhcrg, P. Bittingcr, K. Bohlin, B. Booth. Third row: E. Borter, H. Gahl- heck, D. Geltlmuchcr, G. Gerztrcl, R. Gould, I. Iorclan, I. Kappcn. Fonrfh ww: I. Kappcn, M. Kczirby, D. Keegan, A. Klopp, D. Knecht, M. Knott, M. Olinger. Not pfdzrrcfd: R. Drago. Z W V ,L K I ... , 2 Is' 594' Q ., V H' my tri I, I, it , M ss 1115? gg if N Q , , 1 in , if his M ,N . L . fx?-L lk 3-P K Y: vi. +1 ,I - 1 .L if 4 Il f 1, .Q -Q ' 4- X .Ai- x 9' lk. S in A' ... ,- ... ll' ' 1- xw I W QI- I 1947 Home Room 214 Miss Katherine Davery First row: Miss Davcry, R. Bchm, P Bryan, R. Buechc, B. Burke, A. Graf. Sn' ond row: VV. Graf, M. Hansing, D. Han son, B. Harrison, D. Hizcroth, B. Hoffman Third row: C. Knowles, I. Kraut, I. Kruc gcr, I. Lambkc, I. Landis, D. Lawson B. Nichol. Fozrrtlz raw: B. Nickel, I. Niss, A. Ogloblin, D, Rahn, A. Ruhlcs, N. Ros borough, M. Russell. Na! pfcmrcd: D Kruger, L. Rahn, I. Rnsengarden. Home Room 113 Miss Hazel Linkficlrl First row: Miss Linkhclrl, C. Dack, B Damisch, R. Daly, I. Davis, R. Dccgan Srvonzf row: I, Donlca, D. Dopkc, G Downs, M. Durham, I. Dusck, S. Fggert Third row: C. Eiscle, P. Ernicl, B. Far- ncy, G. Follows, L. Flctchcr, O. Flores H. Floycl. Fonrlh row: D. Freedman M. Fritz, B. Gicrtz, W. Ginthcr, E. Gray W. Gray, B. Brccn. Fiffh row: G. Green H. Griffith, R. Griffith, M. Groth, L Guertin, D. Ham, R. Homuth. No! pic- tured: D. Dolby. Home Room 141 P'. F. Taylor First row: YV. Nichols, P. Nitz, I. Os- borne, M. Palmer, O. Paris, Mr. Taylor. Sccond raw D. Paul, B. Pcarsall, B. Peder- scn, H. Pcrcyma, C. Perkins, B. Perkins. Third row: C. Petersen, E. Pfterscn, D. Petty, V. Pfortmillcr, YV. Philippscn, P. Pichik, E. Pluss. Fourih row: R. Prcscher, C. Price, G, Rausch, R. Rcu, C. Richard- son, V. Rimlinger, IJ. Rigor, B. Riker. Fiflh row: F. Rogers, P. Roscnc, M. Rows, I. Runge, R. Nutt, N. Stsvcns. Not pic- fllfflllf D. Peterson, C. Runge. I947 ., it 43 Home Room 320 Miss Wiltla Logan First row: G. Ranclall, P. Rasmussen, R Rcicly, M. Rcincrt, G. Rotnour, Miss Logan Sffona' row: L. Schaaf, PL Schuring, M Smith, G. Soclt, A. Steele. Third row F. Thics, I. Thornton, F. Tracy, M. Trupp D. Umbdcnstock, G. Undcrwoocl, M 'Wclch. Fozrrlh row: M. Wcightman, VV Vvl-tzul, C. XVilcox, D. YVilson, L. XVitt M. Wolcbcn, Ican Wright. N01 piclzrrcd. P. Rossow, P. Schrocclcr. P. XVeiclncr, F. Tyson. 7947 Home Room 207 Miss Mary Smith Pllfil row: Miss Smith, R. Haas, B. Hanks, P. Hauptly, B, Hcnkc, C. Henning. Src ond row: N. Hernandez, T. Hill, C. Hoff mann, B. Holden, L. Holmquist, I. Hoyc. Tfzirrf row: B. Ives, M. Iacob, I. Iacobs M. Iafle, S. Iahnke, D. Iessien, R. Iohnson Fourih raw: VV. Iohnston, S. Kalclenber ger, F. Kcllcnherger, F. Lasher, L. Lauder dale, I. Lawson, G. Ncwlin. Not flfdlllffd L. lloke, M. Iohnson, I. Kleiser, R Kohour, M. Heaton. Home Room 239 Miss Dorothy Hanlon First row: Miss Hanlon, I. Doyle, E. Eik- Ior, H. Feldman, I. Gurnctt, P. Head, D Ilcbciscn. Second row: L. Hopp, E. Hunter M. Illyes, R. Kaptain, D. Kimmel, R Krogh, H. Lang, B. Lock. Third row. B. Madsen, B. Mapes, I. Markee, S. Mason li. McCoy, D. Mensching, C. Meyers, R Meyer. Iforrrfh row: C. Michel, PX Mills IJ. Mock, I. Mollitor, I. Morris, G. Moscato C. Nelson, E. Pester. r x 7 Home Room 42 Harold Fcarn First row: F. Samples, D. Samuelson, li. Sandberg, L. Saxon, R. Saxon, R, Scar- brough, Mr. Fcarn. Second row: D. Schei- bcl, B. Scoggin, L. Scott, C. Scuddcr, D. Seelhoft, M. Scnne, M. Scrio. Tlzirrl row: C. Silliman, E. Sjurseth, F. Small, I. Smedlcy, F. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, B. Sponhultz. Fourth row: S. Stcttncr, P. Stewart, B. Stickling, D. Sundcrlagc, D. Svcnmlscn, N. Swanson, A. Swenson, D. Tews. Not pic'111re11': H. Schubert. 1947 Home Room 142 Arthur Graffam 1"ir:1row: I. Thomas, M. Thruman. I.. Tud- mn, I. Trcilup, S. Unclcrwagcr, Mr. Graf- fam. Second row: F. Voight, I. Wacker, II. VValtlbsur, D. XVallacc, F. Wartl. Third row: S. Wccltlle, D. VVcnLlt, R. Whitccmllill. N. VVhitmcr, R. XViu5e, I. YVircs, M. Wishon. Fourth row: A. Witt, M. XVitt, A. VVright, VV. Wright, C. VVuthrick, C. VVyman, B. Zicrkc. Nut picfzrred: C. Wilharm, N. Ziegler, H. Zimmerman, A. Vuight, T. YVorlamg1n. 7947 Home Room 330 Miss Theresa Siren Iflifil row: Miss Siren, Pt Aclreon, NV. Alile, M. Andres, H. Ballman, I. Barton. Second row: li. Becker, D. Beltz, V, Bennett, M. Berks, E. Bluy, R. Coates. Third row: V, Crowfoot, M. Dahlgren, I. Dewees, I. Driseall, L. Dunn, P. Eacller, R. Fall- stecl. Fourth row: R. Frerlerickson, M. Gallagher, W. Garrclts, M. Garrison, C, Giambelluca, V. Glissendorf, M. Graf. Not pldurcd: E. Arps, IJ. Dolby, M. Faetly, I. Fuqua. Home Room 322 Miss Edna Lewis Ifirff raw: Miss Lewis, M. Allerton, E Andrews, I. Burton, I. Cheperka, P. Coffey Second row: B. Kruse, B. Lawrence, B Lind, VV. Luncly, G. MCAlpin, C. Miller N. Miller. Third row: W. Moeller, B Naylor, li. Newby, W. Sorenson, P. Sparks I. Spracllin, M. Spring. Fwxrfh row: G Sunclerman, T. Tiffany, D. Tillman, E Timm, li. YVilclhagen, G. Wishan, D. Zie- gelbein. Not pictured: L. Allen, P. Kap- pen, B. Leith, D. Mayberry, li. Miklielson jke Cocoa o!79 8 : 1. we-.rg 55 Ogicfrs President ,,,...,.... ,,,Y,,,,,,,,..,,,.A. L EON SCHAEFFER Vice-president .,..,. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,, D AVID BRACKETT Secretary ,,,,,,,,... ...,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, L OIS LINDGREN Sponsor.. ,......,, MISS HORTENSE WILSON l l w L ' as ' ll -V -t iq.. '55 H " - g l L I. . Qi M.. J Ei im 1 ' Home Room 314 if f ' - 4 ', Miss Hortensc Wilson A - Ifirsf row: L. Lascoc, B. Lcmbkc, H. Love- ? ' V E' . . I . A'v. joy, B. Markwardt, L. Moody, Miss Wilson - -,,V Y 1 . 1 'E Q Q I . V -. ff 1 Second ww. M. Moody, G. Mueller, M . 'A' - 1 1, Mullikcn, D. Myers, C. Nudcn, I. Nakar '1 v ' , - -1 A A " Third row: C. Neal, G. Noirfalise, M ' , . V I , Nymun, I. O'Leary, M. Oswald, F. Ottin- , 5- in ,. xr . 1, Q, -'H .5 gcr, H. Ovcrstrcet. Fourth row: I. Parr, - P- . .AV 1 g - 4 . h 6' ".' 5 ' - - I. Peck, P. Peck, M. Pbltsch, O. Pellctler, , W ' - C. Petersen, M. Peterson. Fifzh row: R. V V I I Pttschow, H. Pflueger, I.Pierce, N. Plagge, S 5 z Q if b I ,,,' A ' ,L ' li. Plsth, G. Underwood, L. Wilkcning. V y V . Y- Ivor plcmrcll: B. Lorang. 'I v-., - . X .1 1' 47 Home Room 120 Arthur Roggen Firsl row: B. Atlums, li. Agnew, C. Air hart, M. Airhart, H. Albee. Semin! ron' A. Albert, B. Allen, D. Anrlt-rson, I. An tlerson, V. Anderson, IJ. Anclresen, B Antlresen. Thin! row: B. Anrlrt-sen, R Anclreykowslai, V. Apgar, R. Ariuns, IJ Bahwt-ll, K. Bull, R. Bull. Fdllffh row L. Bunwurt, P. Banxvnrt, L. Bartels, R Bartels, C. Batt, H. Becker, M. Behling Fifth row: B. Behrens, S. Bell, F. Benthuy sen, R. Bently, E. Bowman, D. Brzxckett. R. Brettmzxn. No! P7't'fIlI'C'df B. Bull. Home Room 315 Miss Flora Bieber First TOIUS Miss Bieber, A. Arehert, C. Biekler, N. Biertlemann, A. Broekner, W. Oergcl, C. Phelps. Second row: D. Schultz, E. Schulz, I. Schultz, N. Sch- ultz, N. Schultz, P. Schultz, R. Schultz Third row: B. Siegrist, D. Thompson, M. Torling, A. Turner, A. Tutell, E. Tweeclie, M. Van Kirk, Villclla. Ifozlrlh row: B. Vogelman, IJ. Whalen, IJ. Warren, M. Wenzel, K. West, B. Yunker, I. Ziegler, R. Zornow, Nut pir- Inred: I. Walker, C. Willignmn. Home Room 318 Miss Dorothy Murray First row: I. Bennett, R. Bennorth, M Benson, PL Bergholt, I. Berna, E. Berner Miss Murray. Second row: B. Beu, R Dewis, G. Dierking, G. Dohl, R. Downey K. Egger. Third row: I. Giuliano, I Gramstad, D. Groneman, G. Gudeman L. Israel, B. Iensen, E. Iepson, G. Iervcy Fourtlz row: E. Ioerns, D. Iohnson, D. Sommer, D. Sorenson, F. Sorn, B. South ard, S. Sphatt, R. Stuart. N01 pifrnrfd D. Bettett, R. Dibler. I9 Home Room 301 Mrs. Florence Fletcher First row: G. Coffey, C. Copley, D. Crabtree, E. Crew, C. Daguc, Mrs. Flet- cher. Second row: M. Dierking, M. Drake, D. Duffy, C. Erlandsen, L. Emmert, V. Emmert. Thin! row: I. Ervin, I. Estergard, R. Fabrick, P. Factly, R. Fairchild, D. Fierke, L. Finley. I"am'tfz row: P. Firth, N. Flory, B. Frank, A. Funk, D. Garrison, B. Gaston, I. Gathman. Fifth row: G. Gibbs, M. Gieslie, Gifford, IJ. Giles, F. Gilles, B. Goldstein, XV. Goodwin. No! pictzlrrd: F. Goinersall, D. Gough. If?-if Home Room 205 Miss Helen Iocelyn Ifzrxz ww: Miss Iocelyn, L. Fletcher, E. Fritz, li. Greenwald, D. Guctschow, Bill Gylleck. Second row: Bonnie Gylleck, T. Hadie, D. Hageman, B. Harbertm, N. Har- bcrts, G. Harms-ning. Third row: I. Harriaon, M. Hartmann, B. Harvey, V. Hebeiaen, D. Hedley, S. Heiden, D. Her- man. Fourth row: G. Heine, B. Helgcr- son, Helm, C. Hendricks, R. Harold, I. Herrin, L. Hoagland. Fiflh row: I. Hofflander, VV. Holland, A. Holt, D. Holtz, V. Homeyer, S. Howard, R. Iarka. Not pictzrifd: B. Frey, D. Hastings, M. Holm . Home Room 302 Miss Elizabeth Stearns Firft row: Miss Stearns, G. Black, P. Blackman, C. Dorwaldt, H. Eiklor, H. Gustafson, W. Gutschow, M. Haas. Second row: E. Hall, D. Hammer, M. Hansing, M. Lange, D. La Pointe, V. Leisburg, B. Lernan, D. Lenz, Third row: D. Lesser, V. Mitchell, I. Monroe, I. Pratt, C. Reazer, D. Router, R. Richoz, M. Schultz. Fourth row: B. Shoop, L. Schwartz, C. Smith, G. Smith, B. Sohn, L. Stallbaum, I. Travis, I. Tremel. Noi pidnrcd: B. Bingaman, M. Guth, M. Ilansing. Home Room 333 Miss Mavis Conlee First row! E. Blum, W. Boelkins, M Bowlcls, L. Bl'2l1l5Ch, P. Broederclorf, M Bronk. Sccomf row: L. Brubaker, R. Bruncmzln, V. Bucholz, R. Bunte, C. Burn imlge, B. Butler, E. Carapanos. Third row I. Carlson, T. Cussens, T. Ceresa, C. Chris tensen, R. Christensen, C, Christiansen, D Christensen, M. Clark. Fonrilz row: M Clute, D. Coakley, C. Colcorcl, I. Comer er, L. Dzihlstrom, H. Darnell, C. Day, H Detloii. Nlot picmrcfl: B. Brown, L. Cavitt. Qin.. sag' A A R -.VL 5 ., -I I i , fc. Q 2.5 . A 'i" 1 ii A H V' if Y 'f-- 3 3 S- U if N I 948 Home Room 118 Robert Winn Ifirxt row: V. Marquis, I. Martin, I. Mc- Iiritle, I. McNutt, B. Meyer, Mr. Winn. Second row: E. Miller, I. Millikun, M. Rinne, B. Roessler, M. Rogers, L. Rohrsen, Shirley Roth. Third row: Sylvia Roth, D. Rozak, W. Rudolph, P. Rust, M. San- turro, R. Schuaf, L. Schuefier. Fourth row: R. Schellcnberger, I. Schick, Schiifernr, I. Schleif, O, Sehloemer, A. Schmiclgull, C, Schmitz. Fifth row: D. Schmolclt, M. Schneider, E. Scholl, H. Schramm, M. Schrieber, E. Schubbe, M. Sever. N01 f7it'fIll'C'I1,f I. Ryon, D. Sclpien. I9 Home Room 125 Miss Margaret Newman Firx! row: Miss Ncwmun, F. Iolinson H. Iohnson. I. Iohnson, M. Iolmson, S Iolinson, R. Kotclcs. Sl'z'w11f1'014': C. Krunn fusz, I. Kuslimirz, B. l.2lll1Z, D. Lz1nclis,L. Meyer, C. Miller. Third row: M. Miller, S. Miller, G. Moran, L. Potter, D. l"riggc, E. Rzulloff, I. Rua, B. Rcusc. Fonrlh row S. Russell, S. Scarritt, C. Schumann, K. Sunclcrman, C. Swanson, M. Switzcr, H. Tolcr, I. Vunclertoll. X01 picturrfl: H. Kos:-li, D. Prchm, R. Purkcy. Sf L Home Room 219 Leonard Brown First row: Mr. Brown, R. Brodsky, T. Cordogan, C. Holmbcrg, B. Holtz, VV Holtz, D. Hood. Second row: F. Hopp,A Huber, B. Iohnson, C. Iohnson, I. Ioncs B. Iones, B. Iordan, P. Iorclan. Third row. C. Iuby, M, Iudkins, S. Kacmpfer, H Kaiser, B. Kakavas, E. Katcnsky, M. Kcl- lcy, B. Kellogg, Fourth row: R. Kcmcrling R. Kerbcr, P. Kcstncr, I. Klinnert, B Knickrehm, G. Koclinke, E. Kolbo, F Koonce. I9 L ,gg ,:, Home Room 201 i L. . I ia f in Chet Renner H ' Q ' Firxz row: A. Mittlestudt, B. Nelson, W. -- Q H X lyun Y Nelson, C. Newcomer, I. Nicoll, W. Sim- -' E E '. 1:2 mons. Secoml row: A. Siurseth, V. Sjur- L. : I ' 3- seth, P. Smart, I. Sommers, L. Sommer, Q lzi, -.--f--x1': ' M M. Summers, I. Sopczak. Third raw: I. H" , A Statller, R. Starin, I. Steele, G. Steffen, ft, 'iv,. F 'Egg 53.-. z I. Stemwedel, M. Stickling, I. Stone, L. K i li I , gy, "' xg- X Stone. Fourth raw: R. Stowell, M. Swain, , 1 i' ' Sf E. Swentek, Turro, M. Taylor, D. Tegt- . AQ meier, R. Thiemun, D. Thies. Not pir- : xg Q 'it ""- ' Iv. 'L .C ni Izzrcff: B, Stroeher, D. Sunderlage, M. 1 -AS' ' H -11'..." Swanson. Home Room 220 Leslie Larson Firrf row: D. Nish, I. Pktce, V. Perkins, G. Prouty, M. Schumbuch, Mr. Larson. Second row: C. Schubert, D. Tyson, I. Valentine, B. Volkening, E. Volkening, L. Van Arsclall. Third' raw: I. Van Buren, V. Voss, L. VVacker, L. Walch, F. VValker, B. Washer, I. Waterman. Fofzrzh 1'0WI C. VVeber, D. Webber, D. Week, C. NVell' nitz, XV. Wetzel, S. Whipple, D. XVhite. Fifth raw: D. Wickham, E. Wilkening, D. Wilson, I. Wisser, G. Witt, C. Young, S. Young. Not pirfzzred: F. Wdibillllll, L. VVise. .n 7 Q5-Q4 fs -1' hi' Qs f vi Q 3 V' fi' ' I II in rr I.. ' if., A ix E W , ,, ,. ,,-v I . , - , ul ' ' " ggi ,A" "A"f 1 A:, . J I , , 'I E in L. I ':'-,, I r ' "T if an ,E f W.. , 5-... lx ' it 5' In ,I 5 I. fi , , ' rv .1 5 -r '-1 :' R 1 . i ',:, " f .' 5 K, 1 4 VQ., w 1 ,.k -.:, , ' S , ,.l Alt' - . I Home Room 123 Miss Irene Pielemeicr First row: Miss Pieleliicier, C. Iewell B. Kerr, I. Kimball, I. King, G. Knauck P. Lamphcre. Second row: I. Larson, I Lee, B. Legler, D. Lehman, R. Levine R. Lichtenstein. Third row: V. Light body, L. Lindgren, F. Listy, N. Literal, A Lofgrcn, R. Lullie, V. Malley, R. Mang Fozrrlh row: B. Manley, P. Mapes, M Marchand, H. Marschke, N. Marsh, R Mackenstaclt, D. Marlin, G. Mzittocks Fifth row: M. Mattoclcs, V. May, C Mayes, L. McEwan, G. McRobcrts, B Meek, H. Menke, D. Mcuser. Not pictzlrczl' E. Manning. we C055 9 Home Room 231 Byrus Hall Firfl row: Mr. Hall, D. Bcgalkc, R. Burtnette, P. Block, A. Bochning, G. Bor- teron, I. Brammer, M. Brockcr. Second row: W. Buchler, C. Bull, B. Burnidge, K. Busche, M. Campbell, T. Campbell, I. Catuvu, L. Chamberlain. Third row: T. Chambers, I. Chouinarcl, I. Cook, B. Cork, B. Crcmccns, H. Cullins, S. Dah, C. Darling. Fourth row: B. Dawson, H. Donovan, P. Downs, N. Ebert, B. Eiling- ton, H. Fallstad, I. Fischer, C. Wulff. Not pirlured: D. Balcs, A. Fellows. 54 Home Room 122 Miss Martha Black and First raw: D. Alhcrcling, I. Allegretti, D. 'O'A1 Q 8- Miss Pearl Schroeder Allen, I. Andresen, L. Anderson, M. Anclcr- son, Miss Black. Second row: N. Ancler- son, R. Anmlrcsen, C. Balcling, H. Ballman. F. Batman, O. Bauer, M. Baumann. Third row: W. Baumann, XV. Baxmann, N. Beebe, D. Bird, C. Blakeman, B. Blegen, H. Brockman. Ffllifffl row: B. Brown B. Byrrl, I. Cochrel, S. Collins, A. Conro, Y. Crain, R. Drake. Filth row: C. Elsholtz, S. Enoe, I. Freeman, M. Frost, I. Frucndt, F. Gabler, R. Gerbcrtling. Sixth row: L. Hameister, L. Hanchett, B. Strandt, G. W'arrsn, I. Watcrson, N. Willert, D. Zirk, Not piffzrfed: S. Brunner, V. XVeisenbarn. "HM 1 .. sr'-rr ,V -. ,N Q 'z it 1 rl' 4' Q 55 2 'Q B 2 . ...Q 'S Lg - .2 I I H e K . Egg. ., . . , -. sus. ,ax Q s 5 ,L " Q- Vs ls. , . is ei. t as as is fi. if . . , - qi . ,,-,, K, I' 'F . , if Q g ag if . LE- . I: 1-if . M A . . 49 e t 4 4 f 1 49- 1. . m 1 ,ni is ,bfi :K 55 3' 94 ' .. Q. .. . .F m ist-21:45-iw ii 3 .r:1. li.. gi ,iii it . .. I , as ... Q 2 4 5, .M . 1 . ' . . A 5 it :-' lg , -15.-,:.,f5,:i-ga., . :i,?.ik,w in - . , Y 3'3'I K Du wi ? '. Home Room 202 Mrs. Gertrude Meadows First row: Mrs. Meadows, D. Carlson, I Ciaeeio, R, Copeley, S. Fairchild, G. Lan- caster, A. Lanwer, S. Lang. Scconzl row R. Larson, I. Lawrence, P. Leith, W Leman, R. Lemke, E. Lichtharmlt, R. Lich- tharzlt, M. Lucas. Third row: R. Lucas N. Lucck, C. Lund, F. Mager, V. Mann F. Marchand, C. Marsh, M. McLean Fonrlh raw: G. Menz, D. Mensching, R Metzlcr, C. Meyer, D. Miller, R. Morris M. Mueller, D. Newl-zom. Nor picmrfd VV. McMurray, C. Miller. Q , . 'ab s ,X 1019 Home Room 39 H. E. Raplus lfirxz row: D. Allen, E. App, V. Bartelcson, D. Bauer, H. Mangum. Scculzd row: I. Olesen, L. Olingcr, C. Palm, M. Payne, D. Petschow, I. Pctschow. Third row: M. Phelps, I. Pichik, YV, Porter, H. Rausch, I. Schaaf, VV. Schmidt, R. Schricbcr. Fourth 7'UWZ M. Schuld, R. Sherwood, S. Sodt, Ii. Stephens, L. Struhl, D. Strascn, W. Strohmaicr. 1'-liffh F0101 R. Strong, VV. Sur- bcr, R. Survant, B. Swanson, P. 'Wuuchope, T. Wold, B. Zarndt. N013 picfzzrfd: R. O'Lcary, E. Wusham, C. Wittcnstrom, H. Smalley. Home Room 305 Miss Cleora Iohnson Ifirst raw: Miss Iohnson, D. Hart I Heinicke, D. Oberst, I. Osborne, D. Par- rish, I. Parc, D. Paxton. Second row: S Pcarsall, H. Pearson, R. Pcpple, L. Pbtcr sohn, I. Peterson, R. Peterson, I. Piske,I Pittenturf. Third row: I. Pluss, P. Pool P. Price, L. Prowse, W. Raclkc, G. Rahn, I Ravis, R. Richoz. Fourth raw: V. Roberts C. Robinson, D. Rockenbuch, E. Rocken- sock, D. Rogers, V. Schaeffer, B. Scham- bach, B. Schubbc. N02 picnfrfd: I. Neu- kom, A. Pappas. n f 5 ., in i is is A I if ge , N A'QE ' V A ?zL,z.- .R lr K . Lf ,. VLK ., 11 'L fi? s un z Z :.' 'Q' 1 1 I S izlvy . Home Room 119 Miss Helen Kettering First row: D. Hattendorf, E. Hattendwrf. W. Hawkins, D. Helberg, E. Hernandez D. Hogrcwe, E. Holmquist, Miss Kettering Second row: L. Holmquist, A. Hubbard R. Huske, I. Illa, T. Ireland, I. Iayne, L Iohnson, C. Iohnstorl. Third row: R. Kahle S. Kakavas, P. Kammrad, M. Kane, M Kane, I. Kastning, K. Katz, B. Kellen- herger. Fozzrih row: N. Kinney, R, Kleiscr, L. Knecht, M. Koehring, F. Konitzki, L Krueheberg, C. Kirkhuff, I. Landwehr, Not pidlzrfzf: D. Hoffman, S. Kaste, K. Landwehr, B. Iorgenson. s a 31 ! W- ZZ2 V --.Q 5 sm f f f i X049 Home Room 215 Miss Elsie Fletcher First row: N. Bender, R. Benhart, H. Bef lin, R. Block, R. Boo, Miss Fletcher Second row: D. Boswell, F. Harper, I Hudgens, R. Huifstutler, B. lllycs, C Iverson. Third row: H. Iackson, I. Ian kanske, R. Iohnston, A. Kellenberger, D Kelley, I. Knowles, R. Koch. Fonrlh row M. Kramer, K. Landwere, H. Lalley, C Leach, P. Lnhbuuer, B. Lundy, M. Mac hert. Fifflz row: D. Madsen, B. Margolin L. Mclntire, B. Mick, R. Miller, R. Mous- ley, I. Nutt. Not p1'c1111'ed: N. Harz, R Hulse, E. Markwardt, D. Miller. 57 rm gi . .s s . . K . Q 'Q .I 25,1 'E 1.,. fii l 1 A - WQ A',,.2 I .4 . if Q 35 y 'Q v ' Q.. 25,4 ,Wi f 1 A t X 'gf 4-' 1? Q My ' L in A ii 'M R' Home Room 313 Miss Glennie Morrow Firft row: Miss Morrow, I. Kammin, B Kruger, R. Lenart, I. Rohr, I. Rovelstacl Second row: R. Rovelstad, L. Saterwaite A. Saucedeu, A. Savage, D. Schierlitz, R. Sehloemer. Third row: B. Schmidt, B. Sehmidtke, B. Schrader, I. Schroeder, L. Schroeder, C. Schultz, E. Schultz, N. Schultz. Fourth row: D. Scott, L. Scden berg, B. Sholes, R. Sievers, T. Smith, D. Socha, M. Sorenson, R. Spears. Fifth row I. Spohnholtz, I. Stullbaum, H. Stcinmann, M. Svendsen, E. Sylvester, B. Tews, E. Tobler, E. Talley. Not picfured: V. Lamz, H. Seddon, D. Splmtt. Home Room 335 Miss Maxine Goldstein Mrs. Betty Stevens First row: Mrs. Stevens, B. Iepson, I Iohnson, E. Kgiehclmuss, F. Steffen, S Stiekling, M. Strulil. Second row: S Struve, S. Svenzlsen, YV. Theilmann, R Thies, S. Turk, D. Trentleclge, D. Troyke: Third row: I. Tyk, L. Vitules, M. Vol- kening, R. VonLnnkCn, R. XVaeker, B XVuhl, C. VValch. Fourfh row: M. YVeher M. VVells, G. WVhite, I. Whitmer, L. Wick- lund, L. VVinner, A. 'Wires. Fifih row: B VVishon, M. YVright, M. Yonker, I. Yurs H. Znmuclio, L. Ziekert. L. Zimmerman Home Room 140 Bertram Nafziger Fir!! row: I. Eclwarcls, S,Fubrick, S. Fisher, M. Flores, I. Frank, I. Fricke, Mr. Nafziger. Second row: C. Gabler, B. Gaedke, L. Gatzke, B. Gibbons, M. Giles, N. Ginthcr, H. Goll. Third row: D. Gough, I. Greve, I. Groli, D. Groth, A. Gunderson, I. Grciner, R. Haberkamp. Fourth row: N. Haddick, E. Haligas, W. Hallock, L. Hansing, M. Harmening, L. Haworth, I. Heidc. Fifth row: B. Heine, ' R. Helm, O. Henesie, V. Herrin, G. Hill, N. Hoffman, B. Holm. Sixlh row: P. Lind, M. Martin, G. Mink, I. Saunders, F. Schmitcndorf, S. Schuett, I. Shales. Not pictured: P. Graber, R. Groves, H. Harberts, H. Heine. No class officers have been elected by the class of 1949. The recently elected class council consists of Nancy Kinney, Bill Wahl, Tom Smith, Stephen Pearsall, Bill Gibbons, Fred Mager, Bill Stephen, Iune Freeman, Anne Kellenberger, and Betty Edgington. 59 1949 l.l4 31. cz... .fn 0 Home Room 340 Marvin Kuhlman First row: E. Abbott, L. Adams, B. Antler- son, I. App, B. Althen, P. Barnes. Second row: M. Bartcls, L. Benson, R. Benstein, B. Bone, G. Britten, O. Broaclnax, I. Bro- man. Third row: I. Bryant, G. Callans, C. Carlson, R. Christensen, V. Christensen, M. Clute, I. Coleman. Fozzrfh row: M. Coleman, G. Dauksavage, M. Dcwees, R. Eacller, B. Fisher, G. Frey, R. Galbraith. Not piclllrczl: L. Beverly, R. Brunner, B. Carrier. Home Room 306 G. I. Renner and Mike Farroh Ifirst row: Mr. Farroh, R. Gallina, M Goll, G. Griffeth, R. Hajncr, Hull C. Hansen, Second row: I. Harper, A Harris, I. Helstlon, D. Hewitt, D. Hill D. Hollancl, M. Iakcs. Thin! row: C Kaiser, D. Kaiser, L. Lira, V. Luschcr G. Madsen, I. Mcighen, E. Menke, I Meyer. Fourth row: I. Meyer, S, Meyer S. Morse I. Naylor, G. Nichols, W. Nut- ting, D. Olesen, D. Pease. Not picfzzrcvl. A. Parsons. 1950 Home Room 225 Donald Fsworthy Fllllff row: L. Pctursdorf, D. Phillips, C. Robbins, K. Sancr, L. Schuuf, R. Schlcif, Mr. Eswortliy. Sammi row: R. Schocdcr, E. Schramm, R. Simonscn, M. Sorenson, I. Smitenclorf, O. Smith, Smith. Third 4 7'0lUI C. Stonchackcr, V. Stuclt, C. Swan- son, S. Thompson, M. Teschkc, L. Tyson, B. Vollmun. FOIH'fh row: Ii. YVackcr, D. Walters, M. Wusliuin, B. VVcigcl, R. VVsnclt, D. Whalen, D. NVilkinson. Not piclzzrfd: D. Schnulle, S. Sinclair, K. Travis. iv" Preparation for a full, etticient, and happy lite is the aim of the Varied courses offered by the EHS departments. 62 2l06Ll"tlfl'l8l'L iii S 5 Q. 9 6 QQ. 5 aes 8 "-'if 12i22222i2".zsgiiizeaeezasn ' D- 1' 'I fox 0 Y gricu fare rib' Ss T Mr. Raplus Champion Grain Iudging Team Q" Q" Ju flfLI"2 Cl,l"l'l'lel"5 The Work of the vocational agricul- ture department is incorporated in the F.l:'.A. The true spirit and aim of the Future Farmers ot America at EHS are embodied in the motto of this organiza- tion: "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve." The farm practice programs oi the members help to correlate the theories with the practicalities of agriculture. Attending conferences, competing in sectional contests, and carrying on co- operative projects have added much to the interest in FFA. activities and to the broadening ot horizons. This year's grain-judging team com- prised ot Max Moeller, Carl Wilharm, and William Wright was the champion team of Section Ill. Another highlight this year was the Parent-and-Son Ban- quet held in the cafeteria. The F.F.A, organization boasts 100 per cent membership among the boys taking agriculture in school. OFFICERS President ,,Y,,Y,,,,,r..................Y,,Y,,,, Iohn Runge Vice-president ,Y,Y.r.,.............. William Wright Secretary ...v,,,,Y,,Y, ........ M arshull Schneider Treasurer ....,Y,,. r.i.,..,. R oberr Schambach Reporter ,.......,....... Robert App FFA Banque! Art Class Artistic ability finds many means of expression in the EHS art department. Classes are under the direction of Miss Claudia Abell, and eight semester courses are offered. Charcoal, pencils, pen and ink, crayons, water colors, and poster paints are utilized in the teaching of figure and portrait draw- ing, cartooning, perspective, and so forth. The art department serves EHS through- out the year, making posters illustrating Book Week, Fire Prevention Week, and other campaigns. Career Day exhibits were also done by art students. All the illustrations for Spring Reigns. the EHS creative Writing magazine, are done by young artists. Staff artists on the Mirror and the Maroon are also from the art department. B Q 2, .xdrf E, 4 as b Last spring all the art classes entered vehicle tax designs in a contest sponsored by the city. The entry of a l945 graduate, Violet lensen, was adjudged the best, and her design for the 1946 vehicle sticker may be seen on car Windshields each day. Courses offered in the art department are vital to those Who Wish to become commer- cial artists, designers, interior decorators, and kindergarten teachers. Miss Abell f Art Display Q I :E--f ozzqo . agp l29geQo2,:'e, 'jf' udcnedfi Center ot much ot the activity ot the com- mercial department is the office of Lewis Robinson, school treasurer. To Mr. Robinson and his statt ot student helpers come people to turn in money for book rentals, club fees, and other activities. The knowledge ot business method and man- agement is becoming increasingly important to those who must soon earn their living. Sec- retaries, stenographers, clerks, salespeople, and business men must have practical com- mercial training. To supply this training, a variety of courses are offered, including per- sonal business, bookkeeping, business law, economic geography, stenography, advanced bookkeeping, personal typing, vocational typ- ing, ottice training, and sales. Miss Lewis and Miss Bieber Miss Morrow and Miss Murray Mr. Robinson "l'l1 never get this budget finished." "Can you type 60 words a minute?" Familiar are these sentences to anyone who is completing a course in personal or vocation- al typing. Typing is not only an essential ot business training, but a valuable asset to those who plan to attend college. Lending, a hand to EHS activities, commer- cial students mimeograph assembly programs and book lists and type Maroon copy. Those enrolled in office training class work in the highschool ottices several periods a week. Sales classes take over the sale to Maroon patrons. All these activities aid students in securing that necessary practical experience employers desire. The Commercial Club did not meet this year, as most ot the business students have been working in downtown stores and ottices atter school. Faculty members teaching commercial courses are Miss Flora Bieber, Miss Edna Lewis, Miss Glennie Morrow, Miss Dorothy Murray, George Peck, and Lewis Robinson. For the last halt ot this semester, Mrs. George Underhill has substituted tor Miss Murray. Qf 2' p 9 faces: 9 90 ? . X 3 f' on 9092921025 J Mr. Peck Typing Class Wat Miss Newman No matter in what field your chosen career is, a knowledge and good use of English will be invaluable to success. ln order to provide everyone with a Working knowledge of English, three years are required for highschool grad- uation. Miss Margaret Newman, head of the English department, and her teachers have outlined a comprehen- sive course. ln the senior year, college English, a course designed to perfect the tools of communication for academ- ic college needs, or general English, perfecting the tools for actual life, may be chosen. How to read, write, speak, and listen effectively are the essentials of communication brought out in Eng- lish courses required in the freshman, sophomore, and senior year. Mr. Hall, Miss Black, and Mrs. Wilson For students interested in receiving a general overview of special fields of English, other elective courses are available during the junior year. Iuniors aspiring to theatrical heights are in their glory in dramatics. Under the direction of Miss Marge Biersach, these classes offer the principles of stage techniques, study famous plays, and so forth. ln the second semester workshop course, production problems are studied and plays are presented. Practical problems are encountered in producing the one-acts and many as- semblies. lf speechmalcing in class presents ter- ors to a student, a course in speech un- der the direction of Miss Helen Iocelyn is a great aid. Techniques of speech Z Mig? Miss Schroeder V Mrs. Meadows and Miss Iones Miss Fletcher and Miss Stickling organization and practical experience are gained in the classwork. The work- shop speech class provides further op- portunity tor speakers to help present and prepare assemblies and programs for other school activities throughout the year. journalism is an invaluable course which presents an overview ot the newspaper field. Not designed to pre- pare students for newspaper jobs but to acquaint them with journalistic pro- cedure, techniques, and terms, the course provides students with the op- portunity to do writing for the school newspaper, the Mirror. One ot the tirst things taught by Miss Dorothy Hanlon, instructor, is how to read a newspaper. The literature course, taught by Miss Marjorie Stottregen, gives the student an appreciation ot the major types of literature. A variety ot reading is done, with occasional writing of the students' own ideas. Many extra-curricular activities stem from the English department: Mask and Bauble, EHS Players, the three publica- tions, Senior Literature Club, the plays, and some ot the contest speech work. Instructors of the department are Miss Newman, department head, Miss Biersach, Miss Martha Black, Miss Elsie Fletcher, Mr. Byrus Hall, Miss Hanlon, Miss jocelyn, Miss Martha jones, Mrs. Gertrude Meadows, Miss Nora Stick- ling, Miss Stottregen, Mrs. Clara Wilson, and Miss Pearl Schroeder, who took Miss Blacks place after March tirst. f Miss Biersuch 5 JJ 5 fvfaw The EHS Players, the dramatics club for juniors and seniors, is under the di- rection of Miss Biersach. A major proj- ect of the club is the presentation of two of the three one-acts, presented each spring. This year's productions were "Sunday Costs Five Pesos," a Mexican comedy which Won first place in the sectional speech meet at East Rockford on March l3 and "A Wed- ding," Much of the Work of the one-acts is done by dramatics Workshop stu- dents and Player members. OFFICERS President ..,..,....,,,,,.,,,...,...., Peggy Hines Secretary-president ,...,.,,,, Iacky Muntz Social Chairmen ,,,,,,,,,, Lois Ganter and Bruce Belshaw WML ana! gaugd To promote interest among freshmen and sophomores in dramatics, and to study acting, prompting and make-up are the purposes of the Mask and Bauble. This dramatics club, with Miss locelyn as adviser, has held several interesting Mask and Bauble Officers EHS Players Practice Miss Iocelyn programs this year. A talk and demon- stration on make-up by Bruce Belshaw was one of the highlights. The Mask and Bauble's play for the Three One-Acts, presented in early spring, was "Willie's Lie Detector." OFFICERS President .......,......,.,,,,....,,,.,,,. Betty Helm Vice-president ,,,,,,,. Davonna Coakley Secretary .,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,., Weston Schmidt Treasurer .,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,..,, I e on Stolbcium l Publications Board 44, , .KX pughcafiond govern! To the Publications Board falls the task ot sponsoring and supervising the three student publications of El-lS: the Maroon, the Mirror, and Spring Reigns. The editors and business managers ot the publications, their advisers, a rep- resentative trom the Student Council, and Principal Cartwright comprise the board, which meets once each month to report on publications' progress and discuss policies. The Big-8 Press Conference, resumed after the war years, was held October 13 at Elgin High School. Representa- tives trom the eight schools attended. Keynote speaker Watson. and son A luncheon was served in the cafeteria climaxing the general meeting and morning workshop discussions. Speakers Watson and Bittinger captured interest with their addresses. The annual Publications dinner held each May in the cafeteria is awaited by student writers, tor at this occasion, pins for service in publications are awarded. OFFICERS President . ,,,,,,, , ...,,,,,, Mr. Cartwright Vice-president , ,,,,,...,, loseph Nerove Secretary-treasurer ,, ,Miss Newman Big-8 Press Conference meeting ,A Miss Hanlon "To serve the student body to the best of their ability" has been the aim of this years Mirror staffs, under the advisership of Miss Hanlon. Helen Siems headed the first semes- ter staff as editor-in-chief. Assisting edi- tors were Iean 'Wright, feature, Emmy Lou Hill, news, Norma Keenan, club, Mary Carlson, service, and Lyall Guer- tin, sports. Feature writers were lim Nicoll, Chuck Black, Frank Schock, Margy Ann Vollmer, and Peggy Rossow. Appointed Editors irror as news reporters were Edna Thomas, Carol Thurnau, Dorothea Miles, and Phil Cosgrove. Bob Earney, Gene Mayer and Dennis Iessien assisted with sports writing. The second semester saw the ap- pointment of co-editors to the Mirror, Emmy Lou Hill and Chuck Black hold- ing these key positions. Other staff edi- tors assuming second semester duties were lim Nicoll, feature, Gene Mayer, sports, and Margy Ann Vollver, news. lean Wright, fim Nicoll, Carol Thur- nau, Naomi Swanson, Ruth Young, Donna Rigor, and Nan Underhill have done feature writing, while Helen Siems, Lyall Gurtin, Leo Burnstein, Norma Keenan, Edna Thomas, and Dorothy Villars have reported the news. Holding the positions of managers for both semesters were Wayne Sauer, business, Shirley Weddle, circulation, and Don Dolby, advertising. lere McGill acted as this years pho- tographer. Stall Writers Cl,I"00I'l Elgin High Schools yearbook, the Maroon. was published this year under the advisership ot Miss Newman. The task ot editing the Maroon is a huge one which begins in early tall with the tirst picture-taking and con- tinues until the dummy is complete and the last proof is read. Carol Thurnau and Dick Carlson headed the editorial stait, assisted by associate editors Donna lseberg, Margy Ann Vollmer, and Harold Lagerstrom. The assistant editors were Lucille App, Pat Dietrich, lean Fierke, George Groh, lohn Haddick, Pat Head, Carol Knowles, Doris Lawson, Alyce McCue, lohn Schmidtke, Fern Tracy, .Calvin Wilcox, and Nan Wilson. Also assist- ing were Gordon Kruntusz, Naomi Swanson, Corky lohnson, Elizabeth An- drews, and Betty Burke. Chairman of typists was Ruth Svendsen. Other typ- ists were lackie Muntz, loyce Lotgren, Dorothy Samuelson, and Virginia Sharp. Business staii f Conference of advisor, co-editors, and business manager Staii artists were Gloria Vitales and Bob Richards, and the photographer was lere McGill. The business of the Maroon was managed by loe Nerove assisted by Bob Washington, Stuart Russell, and Louis Brenner. More than 1250 Maroon subscriptions were sold to students this year, a record number. The selling ot Maroons to patrons was carried on by the salesmanship class. Wally Graf was highest sales- man, Doris Friedman, second, and lim Doyle, third. Art and editorial staff f an Miss Stoffregen ,aiding eignd Spring Reigns. a creative Writing magazine published each spring, af- fords student Writers an opportunity to express themselves in essay, story, po- etry, or biography. The magazine is sponsored by the Senior Literature Club. Miss Stottregen is adviser of Spring Reigns and the club. lames Nicoll was this year's editor, and Iere Spring Reigns co-editors Senior Literature club officers McGill was assistant editor. Senior Lit- erature Club members attended Dark ot the Moon, a stage play in Chicago, participated in the Big-8 Press Confer- ence, and held several parties and a sleigh ride. OFFICERS President ......,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,. Wayne Sauer Vice-president r,.... . ...,....,. lean Fierke Secretary-treasurer .,.,,, Carol Thurnou Miss Davery and Mr. Shelby To acquaint the student With the fundamental factors underlying the functioning of our society in America and the World is the purpose of the so- cial science department. Courses are offered to provide the historical founda- tion for our ideas, ideals, and events, and to stimulate an objective interest in the principles of economics, govern- ment, psychology, and geography. The head of the social science de- ociafgience ,, X partment is H. H. Shelby. Teachers of American history are Walter Wilson, Miss Mary Smith, Miss Kathryn Davery, Mrs. Mary lane Stickles, Chester Ren- ner, Ellison Hokeg of economic geogra- phy is Miss Flora Bieber, of social prob- lems are Mr. Shelby and Miss Davery, of economics are Mr. Wilson and Mr. Hoke, of applied psychology is Miss Davery, of World history is Mr. Benner, and of modern history is Miss Smith. Miss Smith Mr. Hoke, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Benner v Y lf fs fl li . -e..,,,sh muh! I A Varsity Debate Squad Fresh-Soph Debate Squad C I OPQIQJLC5 Contest speech is divided into tour parts: debate, individual events, dra- matics, and the community speakers' bureau. H. H. Shelby coaches the de- baters, extemporaneous speakers, oratorical declarnation, and original oratoryg Miss Helen Iocelyn, serious, comedy, and verse readers, and Miss Marge Biersach, dramatic work. The debate team this year consisted ot Marge Russell, Herold Hitken, and Al Holt for the attirrnative, and Ruth Sturnpf, lack Haligas, and Morton latte tor the negative, 76 The record tor this year was as follo' : A ff N . . NS . l, f,2'3 ov. l7 Clark Invitational, 4th place CIO Wins, 6 Iossesl Dec. I DoWner's Grove Invitational, lst place C14-21 Ian. 5 Elgin Invitational, lst place C7-ll lan. 12 LaPorte Invitational, 2nd place C5-ll Stanley Bittinger-2nd in original oratory Torn Kemerling-4tl'1 in oratorical declarnation lan. l9 West Rockford Invitational, 2nd place C7-lj Feb. 8-9 Augustana, 5th place C6-Sl Eelo. I6 Big 8, 3rd place C5-71 Herold Ritken-2nd in externporaneous speaking Stanley Bittinger-5tl'1 in original oratory Mar. 9 District meet at Elgin Nancy Wilson-lst in serious reading Nancy Wilson-2nd in verse reading Al I-lolt-lst in comedy reading George Greene-lst in oratorical declamation I-Ierold Rilken-2nd in extemporaneous speech Stanley Bittinger-lst in original oratory Mar. 23 Sectional meet at East Rockford-lst "Sunday Costs Five Pesos"-lst in one act plays Debate-tie for Znd place Nancy Wilson-2nd in serious reading I-lerold Ritken-2nd in extemporaneous speech George Greene-2nd in oratorical declarnation Stanley Bittinger-4th in original oratory Nancy Wilson-5tl'1 in verse reading Al I-lolt-7th in comedy reading NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,.....,.,,,,........,,,,...,..,.,,, lack Haligas Vice-president .....,. .........,, H erold Rifken Secretary .i...,,,,.., ,........ R uth Sturnpf N.F.I.. Officers and Coach Shelby Orators 77 A Mrs. Parlcsca and Miss Iohnson Ckfkiffzg Knowing how to make her own cloth- ing is a Valuable asset to any girl. ln the EHS clothing department, under the guidance of Miss Elizabeth Stearns and Mrs. Florence Fletcher, girls learn to wield a needle for their own wardrobes. Fashionable pleated skirts, smart blouses, and checked suits and dresses are made by the girls, who model the "finished product" at style shows which are held from time to time in the sew- ing classes and in girls assemblies. ome conomicd 51,05 "Two cup.: of f70ur." "A zmspoon of baking soda." When foods classes don their aprons and consult recipe books, it is not long before tantalizing aromas Watt from the cooking rooms and from the cafeteria. With Miss Cleora lohnson and Mrs. Carl Parlasca as instructors, girls en- rolled in foods classes learn the scien- tific and practical phases of the cul- inary arts. The cooking classes canned fruits and vegetables last year and did Work for the Red Cross. A fine preparatory course for girls interested in becoming dietitians and cooks is offered by the home economics department. Miss Stearns and Mrs. Fletcher 1 .9nc!u:5fria!.f4rIf:i The aim of the industrial arts depart- ment is to turn out skilled and semi- skilled workmen for the future. Voca- tional shop skills are valuable training to young men entering industry. Four shop courses are offered: Wood- shop, machine shop, electric shop, and drafting. Industrial arts, offered to the freshmen When they enter EHS, con- sists of six Weeks of Woodshop, six weeks of drafting, and six weeks of electric shop. ln the second semester the student can choose any of the fields he Wants. Machine shop is the only shop course that is restricted, only juniors and seniors may elect these courses. P. E. Taylor is the head of the indus- trial arts program. Under him are C. A. Lloyd, Woodshop, I-larold Fearn, elec- tric shop, lames Pendleton, machine shop, and Arthur Graffam, drafting. Woodshop Class l Mr. Taylor mail., Hospitals across the nation last year received bed tables and magazine racks made by the EHS Woodshop classes and distributed by the Ameri- can Red Cross. Bookcases, records cab- inets, and children's novelties are other products made by boys enrolled in the Woodshop course. There are eight general Woodshop classes, two industrial arts classes, and one vocational Woodshop class. Mr. Fearn, Mr. Graffam, and Mr. Lloyd in- struct all Woodshop classes. Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Feam Wackine .Slain Six periods a day motors hum in the machine shop of Elgin High School where Mr. Pendleton teaches juniors and seniors various operation skills necessary in making useful products, Boys do most of their Work on grind- ers, drill presses, lathes, and at the bench during the first semester. The second semester introduces shaper Work and the best heat treatment of steels. Advanced classes operate mill- ing machines, surface grinders, and other useful machines, making many repair parts. Mr. Pendellon and Mr. Grallam gdcfric .Slap Have you a broken electric toaster, fan, or other electrical appliances? lust take it to the EHS electric shop where boys will make simple repairs, apply- ing practically the training they have received in the shop. Mr. Fearn instructs the seventy-five boys enrolled in the electric shop courses. Since many boys enter the army soon after completing high school, courses in the fundamentals of electri- city are excellent preparatory training. :braking All of the drafting classes at Elgin l-ligh are instructed by Arthur Graffam and P. E. Taylor. Drafting is the mechanical language of every shop course. Every student must have an understanding of draft' ing before he can take machine shop. Every article that we use today comes directly or indirectly from the draft- men's drawing boards. lndustrial arts offer a six-weeks' in- troductory course teaching fundamen- tal technique in drafting, and in the use of the equipment. The student then can enter a drafting l course that teaches lettering, geometric construction, and accuracy. Next, drafting ll is presented in which the student starts working drawings and the method of inking and reproduction. A vocational drafting course is off fered which is two hours in length. Here the student encounters the prob- lems facing a mechanical engineer. Drafting Class Machine Shop Class Clflgudge laanid 'lBuenas Dias, senorita," say Spanish students each morning to Miss Hazel Linkfield, head of the foreign language department, Mrs. Anne Goodwin, and Miss lrene Pielemeier, all three Spanish instructors. A three-year Spanish course is offered at EHS. Activities of Spanish students are continued at meetings of the Spanish Club, whose members carol in the halls at Christmas. Miss Linkiield is sponsor of the club. Miss Linkfield and Mrs. Goodwin l"el'lC "Parlez vous francais?" tCan you speak French'?l If you have completed the two-year French course with Mrs. Goodwin as teacher, you can. The two French clubs, one for first- year students and the other for ad- vanced pupils, joined this year in send- ing Christmas boxes to poor families in France and in caroling through the halls. Members held a gay Mardi Gras with a costume party complete with confetti and serpentine. OFFICERS OFFICERS lst year Advanced President .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,i.,..,,,., Dick Smith President ...,,,...,. ,,.Susan Holmgren ,.,....... Peter Oglobin Vice-president ................ Dick Swenson Vice-president ..- ....... Marilyn Knott .......... Marilyn Smith Secretary ,.,.........,................... Iane Davis Secretary ...,.....,... Barbara Southard ........... Lois Lindgren Treasurer ...................... Nancy Underhill Treasurer ......,,......... Connie Balding ............... lClI'1e Barton Spanish Club Officers French Club Officers Miss Engelbrecht Miss Pielemeier German Club Picnic Latin Club Officers 2l"l'l'l6Ll'l Necessary to anyone entering medi- cal, scientific, or engineering fields is a knowledge of German, two years of which are offered, with Miss Mabel Engelbrecht the instructor. Last fall, new German students were welcomed into the German Club at a picnic at Lord's Park. Highlighting the club's activities was the impressive German Club Christmas banquet, held on December l2 in the cafeteria. Ger- man students caroled "Stille Nacht" and other songs at Christmas time. OFFICERS President ...,.,,.,,,,,,.....,,, Richard Carlson Vice-president .,.,..,,,,i,,, Alice Thompson ffirst semester? Lillian Schock Csecond semestert Secretary ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C argl Dqck Treasurer , ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Roger Schmitendorf Cfirst semesterl Richard Bahwell Csecond semester! ollafin Conjugation of Latin verbs may seem complicated, but Latin is a valuable subject to those entering nurses' train- ing or planning to continue with lan- guage courses. Miss Pielerneier teach- es the two years of Latin offered at EHS. The Latin Club got things off to a "red-hot" start last fall by initiating new members in a "visit to Hades." A Christmas program celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Latin Club was held, Latin students caroled in the halls at Christmas and held a Valentine party. OFFICERS First Consul ,,,..,,,.,.,,,,, Merle Bendewald Second Consul ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,, lack Collins Praetor .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, I oan Schaaf Cfirst semesterl Shirley Sodt Csecond semesterl Quaestor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, .....,,, I im Hudgens X Q e.e ft ill ll al! I Wafkemaficd Miss Pratt Miss Thom and Miss Siren 84 "ln a 300-600 right triangle, the side opposite the 300 angle equals V2 the hypotenuse." "Two lines perpendicular to the same line are not necessarily parallel." These are phrases familiar to every student Who has taken mathe- matics. Mathematics is essential in en- gineering, sciences, and other occupa- tions. Elgin High offers tour years of mathematics: algebra l and 2, geome- try l and 2, algebra 3, geometry 3, trigonometry, and algebra 4, popularly called college algebra by students. Trigonometry and algebra 4 courses are given two and three hours' credit respectively at the University of lllinois. Also mathematics l and 2 are offered to students Who Wish refresher math instead of algebra l and 2. Miss Adah Pratt is the head of the mathematics department, and joining her in proving angles equal and tri- angles congruent are Donald Esworthy, a returned serviceman, Miss Mary Pet- ers, Miss Theresa Siren, Mrs. Betty Stephens, Miss I-lortense Wilson, and Miss Adele Thom. Returned servicemen, Who Will guar- antee the value of math, are enrolling in these courses preparatory to enter- ing an occupation. Shale IZA The Slide Rule Club is an organiza- tion of students who Wish to learn the mechanics of the slide rule. The slide rule is an instrument on which it is pos- sible to compute rapidly mathematical problems. Engineers, scientists, and other professional men use the slide rule. Miss Mary Peters and Miss Hortense Wilson, the club's faculty sponsors, in- struct the student in the use of the slide rule in computation so that they may be used in their Work in mathematics and science in high school as Well as Work they may encounter outside of school. The club meets for fourteen Weeks. At the end of this period the students who have successfully completed the course receive a diploma signed by Mr. Cartwright and Miss Adah Pratt stating that they are capable of using a slide rule. ill ll tl Miss Wilson and Miss Peters Slide Rule Meeting ufiic lffrff mu'-llt-ft tn rlyulitj I.. 'I'mls4m, I.. Linalgrun, Ci. Riiusuli, U. llost. M. Tracy, I.. Spencer, V. Martin, M. Ilnrr-tuck, I.. Sulmtif, I. Flcrkr, ll. VVcbcr. N. XVilson, Il. lxitncr, C. Knowles, M. Carlson. Srcomf ww-I.. Ennnnrt, ll. Crichton, C. Thurnxiu. S, Holmgren. R. Daly, M. Trent, l.. Laiumlurdulc, R. Svcnrlscn. li. Morritz. li. Amlrt-ws, R. lit-nnctt, li. Will. B. llirrisun. N. Swzuiwn, ll. Blzicknigm, TNI. Umlt-rlnll. 'l'lIfl'l1,l'IIMf-R. Riclmrils, R. Citixcn, li. Perkins, N. Sulnviirzwiilmlrr, M. Iiriclgc, Ii. Ilulilcn, M. Hcntlcwalll. I. Davis. I'. Clzilluglicr. P. CIXIIIV. F. Szlnipl-ss, G. Ncwlin, .-X. Swrnscn. C. Cnrncv. l'. Cook. H. Ggililbrclx. XV. Sgiucr. l'lUIH'IfI mu'--I. Myurs.. I. lrctlup, l'.. lilgiy, G. Stcflcn, A. Ilfllllllt, R. Schrocclcr, N. Stcffnn. Il. Storcy, R. Carlson. R. Swcnscn, IJ, Sclilniilgalll, CI. Clroh, K. l.3nn. lt. ltrznnmcr, I3. Amlcrmn. Mr. Swanson .fd CCLIQIQQK a C400 The A Cappella choir, composed ot sixty-tive voices, is under the direction of Mr. Swanson. The choir meets daily, rehearsing classical, novelty, and semi-classical music. The group is otten called upon to sing at local churches, clubs, and community gatherings, in addition to regular scheduled concert Work throughout the year. The Christmas and spring concerts and commencement are highlighted perform- ances each year. OFFICERS President .... . . .Nathan Steffcm Vice-president ..,. Robert Schroeder Business manager.. . ......., ..... . .Don Storey Secretary-treasurer.. .Mary Catherine Carlson 86 Violin: Iames Nicoll, Marilyn Bridge, Elizabeth Miller, Frances Lu Sorn, Bettv Will, Merrill Benson, Beverly Henke, Doris Carlson, Barbara Southard, Walter Kaste, Gracie Downs, Wilfred Ziekert, Harlan Fallstad, Irene Cork. Viola: Hazel Crichton, Helen Marschke. Cello: Nancy Sehwarzwalder, Floyd Gilles, Bud Iverson, Laury Israel. Hussey: Gale Randall, Iames Heinicke, Eileen Schifferer, Helen Albee. Clarinet: Patty Blackman, Mary Catherine Carlson, Donald Rahn, Lewis Fletcher. Flute: Charlotte NVynian, Naomi Swanson. Trumpet: Bill Dohm, Audrey Swenson. F7'671L'l1 Horn: Henry Kaiser, Peggy Gallagher. Tromlvone: Dick Spears. Pl'I'Clla'!l.0lIf Iohn Sehmidtke, Paul Rosene, Piano: Dick Carlson. Sr1x0f1lmm': Ieanne Wright. OPCLQJ ffa Another very important branch ot the music department is the orchestraQ which consists ot forty members. These members, under the direction of Miss Marion Laftey, have specialized in solo and trio Work. Besides their concerts and additions to the assembly programs, they gave a program at the Old Peoples Home. OFFICERS President ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,.. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,. Henry Kaiser l Vice-president ,, ,,,,., , ..,.,,,,,,, ,,,Frances Sorn M155 I'aHeY Secretary ,,,,i.i. ,,,,,,,,,,,, N ancy Schwartzwalder Student director .,,...,,.,,,,,,,,,.... ..,,, .,,, I a mes Nicoll 87 Mr. Bueschel Ban 88 One of the most active branches ot the music department is the band, which consists of sixty-one members under the direction ot Gordon Bueschel. Besides its own concerts this organi- zation has given a big share of its time to making our football and basketball games more interesting by playing snappy marches and going through dit- ticult formations between halves of the games. lt has also taken a large part in the assembly programs and in com- munity parades. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,....,r,..,,,,, Roger Rieckman Vice-president ,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Bill Dohm Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,......,,,, Iohn Anderson Publicity Head ,,...,,,.,..,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Don Rohn Quarter Master ...,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, Paul Rosene Librarians ,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Shirley Howard and lean Fierke ljfllff' .Hzxrf CHA RLO'l 'TE XVYMAN NANCY STEVENS NAOMI SWANSON 01106 IEAN FIERKE fY4l7'l-lII'f MARY CATHERINE I'A'I' BLACKMAN SHIRLEY HOYVARD LEWIS ELETCI IER CARLSON If' CIIARLES BUESCI-IE MILIJREIJ STRAHL ALYCE CAREY LA RAE TURNER EARL GOMERSALL ROBERT LEVINI-1 IAMES GREINER DON RAIIN IEAN XVRIGHT SUE 'IIIOMPSON IACK ANDERSON BILLIE DAVAT IEAN STAHLBAUM 'sinh Horn HENRY KAISER I JOROTI IY SAMUELSON PEGGY GALLAGHER XVARREN RADTKE CYNTHIA CARLSON Cornrf and Trumprz MORTON ROVIiLS'I'AI7 ROYAL PEPPLE GLORIA MADSEN Buss C llIl'l'l1l'f BRUCE IORDAN RICHARD STARIN BILL DOIIM AUIJREY SXVENSON BRUCE SANDBERG GORDON RRUNNFUSZ ROBERT BUESCHE ORVILLE PELLETIER IEAN FRICKE GORDON WHITE MARILYN STRAHL 89 lfmiznflz' PAUL ROSENE HERB ELUEGER PAUL YVAUCI-IOPE Tromfvone FRED OTTINGER DICK SPEARS LA VERNE SCIIVVARTZ Hawk: ROGER RIECKMAN XYALTER NUTTING GILES DAWSON l'rf'c11x.vion IOHN SCHMIDTKE GENE MAYER SHIRLEY LANG GINI LIGIITBODY NANCY KINNEY BARBARA SOUTHARD TIM!-!'1l'J'5 MARY ANN SWITZER PEGGY RUST MARY LOU BOWMAN Boys Glee Freshmen Ensemble Aeolian Z variety of music. Members are pro- I ee Ogri Although the Boys Glee Club is pri- marily a training group in preparation for entrance into the A Cappella Choir, never-the-less the boys do appear at concerts and school assemblies through- out the year. Their main appearance this year was at the Christmas Concert. The twenty-one members, directed by Lloyd H. Swanson, sing typical rousing boys glee numbers. Gini Lightbody serves as accompanist for the choir. fl' Lf P25 l'l'lel'l l'l52l'l'l 6 The Freshmen Ensemble is entirely a training group. The forty-five members learn to use their voices correctly, to read music, and in general to prepare for membership in either the Boys Glee Club or the Aeolian. They sing at con- certs, their main appearance this year being the Christmas Concert. Mr. Swan- son, their director, leads the ensemble in singing a broad variety ot music. Accompanist for the organization is Naomi Schutz. .fdeogan The Aeolian Choir has been one ot the most popular vocal groups in EHS. This year the choir has appeared sev- eral times in assemblies and before church and civic groups. The ninety voices blend in singing a moted from this group into the A Cap- pella Choir. Miss Elma Engelbrecht serves as the choir director. OFFICERS President ................... ........ C arol Nelson Secretary ......... ........ B everly Sponholtz Treasurers. ........ Donna Chapman and Angeline Albert errie Ioeaging The aim of the members ot the Verse Speaking Choir is to give an artistic interpretation of poetry emphasizing rhythm, articulation, and pronunciation. The Choir appeared this year at the Christmas concert, the spring concert, and before several church and social groups. OFFICERS President ,...................,....... Betty Manley Vice-President ..,,......,..... Ianet Thornton Secretary-treasurer ............ Carol Dock Director ..........,. Miss Mabel Engelbrecht Verse Speaking dence As our post-War World progresses, We Will use many products which have been just talk tor the last several years. Helping to pioneer and produce these products Will be our highschool class- mates Who, perhaps, took chemistry un- der E. C. Waggoner, head ot the EHS science department, or Gilbert Renner. Our family physician may have had his start in Miss Eleanor Dorset's or Miss Helen Kettering's biology class. ln our post-War atomic energy World, physicists will play an ever-increasing role. A student in Leonard Browns Mr. Waggener Mr. Brown and Mr. Benner physics class may become an authority upon atomic energy. To understand the products and de- velopments in this new world, general science plays an important part. Rob- ert Winn, Leslie Larson, Donald Eswor- thy, and Marvin Kuhlman can all say they have had a hand in teaching younglAmerica to comprehend the de- velopments which have been brought about tor the benetit ot mankind. Science goes hand in hand With the post-War World ot tomorrow. Mr. Kuhlman. Mr. Larson Miss Dorsett. Miss Kettering and Mr. Esworthy and Mr. Winn Chemistry Class Lab Experiment 9 3 eruice Girls Club Cabinet ir!! Every girl in Elgin High School is a member of the Girls Club, with a cab- inet elected by the girls and a council made up of one girl from every home- room, This year Carol Dack and lean Lawson were presidents, one each se- mester, Barbara Leitner, vice-president, Lois Lindgren, secretary, and Merle Bendewald, treasurer. This year the girls sponsored the Red Cross Educational Gift Box drive for needy children. Among their other ac- tivities are a tea for the faculty, an annual mother and daughter's tea, a magazine subscription drive to provide money for 139, an annual style show, dances for all students, a friendship committee, special assemblies for girls, and a party for freshmen. Miss Elma C. Engelbrecht' advises the group. Iunior Red Cross Officers Educational Box Workers unior Qc! 64056 The Iunior Red Cross 'is composed of two representatives from each class: Iohn I-laddick and Margy Ann Vollmer, seniors, Barbara Leitner and David Ar- nold, juniors, Virginia Lightbody and Howard Eiklor, sophomores, Charlotte Iohnston and Stephen Pearsall, fresh- men. The annual drive for Iunior Red Cross dues was opened this year with an im- pressive assembly, displaying the many useful articles made by the home eco- nomics and shop classes for use in hos- pitals. Greatly appreciated by the Sen- ior Red Cross chapter of Elgin was the service the highschool members gave collecting for the national fund in Elgin's movie houses for a solid week. lunior Red Cross Assembly College Day Conference Dr. Hamrin gives advice c,,fz.,, ay College Day is an annual event at Elgin High School. This year 54 schools sent representatives. The purpose of College Day is to inform the juniors and seniors about the different types of schools and educational opportunities, and to help them decide what kind of education they want. ln the assembly program which pre- ceded college Day, Dr. l-lamrin of .itfufe .Zac 2125! ln order to create among students of higher scholastic ability more interest in a teaching career, the Future Teach- ers Club ot EHS was organized under the direction ot Miss Elma C. Engel- brecht. lt has a charter from the Na- tional Education Association. Discus- sion meetings are held at noon to give students information about teaching, its possibilities, and training schools. OFFICERS President ......,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,, Max Moeller Vice-president ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lois Schaaf Secretary-treasurer, ,,,, Margaret Korte Northwestern spoke to the students on the need for further education through- out our lifetimes. He also spoke to groups ot juniors and seniors in the auditorium answering questions about colleges, requirements, entrance fees, best schools to attend for different courses, and many other questions the students asked. On College Day there were representatives from all types of schools: trade and business teachers' colleges, junior colleges, liberal arts colleges, and universities. FTA Meeting Cafeteria Workers Library Workers Proiection Club Ca eferia mr era The vocational foods two classes, un- der the direction of Mrs. Maude Par- lasca, prepare and cook the food served in the cafeteria. Color, as well as nu- trition is stressed. The cooking staff is assisted by hired student help. The experience of cook- ing in large quantities is helpful in obtaining a restaurant position after graduation. .S?uc!enf rariand The library Workers under the super- vision of Miss Ethel Hoagland check out books, serve as monitors, and shelve the books in their proper places. This group is purely voluntary. Each Worker gives his school study time so that one is in the library each period. lgroiecfion The Projection Club members are "behind the scenes" at many school functions. Running the projectors for classroom movies and managing the amplifying systems at programs in the boys gym, projection boys, under the direction of E. C. Waggoner, are kept busy during their free periods, after school, and many evenings. Full-length movies such as "One Million B. C." were sponsored and shown after school in the club's headquarters, room 222. 96 , l ain W ice Miss Evelyn Boettcher is in charge of the main office. All program cards and class schedules clear through this office. Great care is taken to make all classes as uniform in size as possible. All visitors' passes are issued by the main office. Phone calls, of everything from tickets for games to weighty ad- ministrative appointments, are answer- ed promptly and courteously. .xgffendance ice "lll." "Attended a funeral." These are among the most common excuses heard each day by Mrs. Kathryn Lundeen and her helpers from Mr. Peclc's office training classes. ln the attendance office Mrs. Lundeen records all absences. All call slips are deliv- ered by this office, which also houses the lost-and-found department. .gzwfy Supervidord Study halls 240 and 340 have their own full-time supervisors, Mrs. Ella Prutzman and Mrs. Amelia Tetzner. Regular teachers are each assigned one period daily to study halls 140 and 306. Magazines, dictionaries, and news- papers are supplied in some of the study halls for student use. An atmos- phere conducive to study is attempted by the study-hall supervisors. Miss Boettcher and Miss Ottinger Mrs. Lundeen and Miss Bartelt Mrs. Prutzmun. cmd Mrs. Tetzner eakk ancllgkgdicaf givlucafion Physical Education Teachers In Elgin High School the aim of the girls and the boys programs in health and physical education is fitness for lite in the American democracy. De- veloping a sense ot teamwork and good sportsmanship and promoting normal physical development help in accomplishing this aim. At the head ot the boys department is Arthur Roggen. He is assisted by Spencer Morris, Edmund Ahearn, Ber- tram Natziger, Mike Earroh, lohn Kraftt, and Everett McLean. Miss Wilda Logan is the head of the girls department. She is assisted by Miss Mavis Conlee and Miss Maxine Goldstein. gm Gym "Get aboard the streamlineru sings out the music as a girls physical edu- cation class starts conditional exercises for the day. ln addition to these exer- cises, the girls take part in different forms of rhythm dancing and rhythm marching. Also included in the curric- ulum are such athletics as volleyball, cageball, and basketball in which com- petition is high among the different squads in a class. Basketball 99 Tumbling Girls The purpose of the Red Cross Home Nursing course directed by Mrs. Marie Schramm is to teach the girls the fun- damentals of caring for the sick in the home. The Red Cross First Aid course taught by Miss Wilda Logan teaches the girls how to care for simple Wounds, burns, and broken bones that must be taken care of When a doctor cannot be summoned immediately. Conditioning Exercises Hockey Practice Bowling Team in Action Cheerleaders QA .spaorffi lncluded in the girls extra-curricular activities are the junior-senior girls bowling teams. The girls bowled Week- ly and played in several tournaments throughout the year. Basketball is a favorite sport of the girls. Spirited in- terclass games were played nightly. Other interclass activities were volley- ball, ping-pong, and badminton. Girls hockey teams Were organized this tall with Weekly hockey sessions at Maroon tield. Throughout the football and basket- ball season our teams were cheered on to victory by the students led by the enthusiastic cheerleaders. This year the cheerleaders who received letters were Dolly Gieske, Dodie Miles, Celeste Mehlberg, Dindy Sharp, and Phil Cook. C. Barnett R. Bennett M. Carlson li. Davat M. Frisby li. Gaedc L. Canter S. Hetlhlatlc li. Abbott C. Barnett V. Bellows R. Bennett M. Bridge 0. Britton I'. Bromun S. Burke M. Carlson li. Dnvat P. Dicterich l.. Fevricr M. Frisbv I. Ficrkt' li. Guetle l.. Canter I. Grimes P. Humt-ister li. Harlow S. Hctlbladc S. Herbert M. Herold gi J4. A G.A.A. Officers EHS All Around GJLA. Senior Girls G. Host A. Hugh D. Isebcrg K. Icnny I. Iohnston V. Martin D. Miles A. Oleson Romeis Siems Schwarzwnlclcr Svendsen Switzer Thompson B. Will Wilson GJ-LA. State Award Winners Oi 1946 M. Hilton F. Hines A. Holman G. Host A. Hugh ll. lseberg K. Ienny Ing' Iohnston Ioycc Iohnston R. Iones A. Koebel A. Koehler M. Kucstncr A. Lange M. Mann V. Martin A. McCue ll. Milt-s V. Moocly I. Muntz A. Olsson E, Petersen 101 Romeis Siems Schultz Schwarzwnltlcr Sharp Smith Sparano Stewart Stumpf Svcndsen Switzer Terrx' Thomas Thompson Tremel Wagner Will VVilliams NVilliams VVilson Young Ogif An extensive gym program was emi ployed during the past year to aid both the health and the physical develop- ment ot EHS boys. Many activities were participated in by each ot the several hundred boys in gym classes. Among them were Wrestling, boxing, track, basketball, tumbling, and handball. Each student is tested and graded on his work in Intramural Basketball gm these activities as Well as in class at- tendance and attitude. This year, after a lapse of several years, the boys had an extensive and Well-planned intramural program. lt Was under the direction of M. A. Farroh and included such sports as basketball, ping pong, baseball, Wrestling, track, and golf. All activities Were divided according to classes. The freshrnen's basketball crown was Won by the E. Fletcher homeroom, and the F. Fletcher-Larson team took the sophomore champion- ship.: the junior victor was the Siren- Prutzman homeroom, and Shelby's quintet captured senior honors. Siren- Prutzrnan defeated Shelby l2-lU for the upper-class championship. In ping pong the Winners were as follows: freshman - Lenny Winner, sophomore-Frank Hoppg junior-Bob Lawrence, senior-Bob Schroeder. This tournament was played off the same as was Wrestling and golf, with the Winner advancing and the loser dropping out. Results of all sports other than bas- ketball and ping pong were not avail- able in time for publication. Intramural Ping Pong 103 Coaches Morris and Ahearn aroifg fybodaf The '45 football squad was built around ten returning lettermen from last year's varsity team. Spencer Morris and Edmund Ahearn took over the job, building a Winning combination around these boys. Our Maroons opened the season with non-conference games against Maine and Proviso, Winning the former and losing the latter. They defeated Ioliet 12-U to open con- ference play, but dropped a 19-13 de- cision to a strong West Aurora eleven. Our fellows then tied LaSalle-Peru, the conference champions, 12-12 and com- pleted their conference schedule With 5 r . :Wi . . .sTw'- pt r. X a 19-O verdict over East Aurora, to finish second in the standings. The gridders brought their season to a close with non-conference victories over Freeport and West Rockford by scores of 28-0 and 26-6. The Big 8 conference was the Big 5 this year because the Rockfords and Freeport experienced polio epidemics and had to postpone practice for about six weeks. A post-season poll conducted by a New York newspaper rated the Ma- roons as fifteenth best highschool team in Illinois, despite the fact that they finished behind LaSalle-Peru in the Big 5. Signals! 1-2. 1-2 Ifirxz' row: R. Foell, G. Martens, I. Trenclup, L. Bernstein, D. Cclclmachcr, Mascot Bulger, N. Steffen, P. Oglohlin, R. Nichol, G. Greene E. Mick. Second row: T. Kcmcrling, R. Brooker, F. Smith, I. Mink, I. Brubaker, I. Gallagher, R. Iohnson, VV. Graf, L. McLean C. Orban, Third row: Coach Morris, R. YVullace, Iames Kramer, I. Chapman, R. Lincl. R. Furney, IJ. Storey, H. Gahlhcck, Iohn Kramer R. Wright, W. Mapes, E. Christiansen, li. Lagerstrom, R. Homuth, K. Bohlin, D. llopke, R. Schroeclcr, R. Schaeffer, I. Hoye, C. Perkins Coach Ah:-arn. Last minute instructions Big 8 Conference 105 Elgin ...., .,.. l 3 Elgin .l2 Elgin ..., , .19 Elgin ....,, N27 Elgin .... ..,. 2 6 Team W. L. T. LaSalle-Peru .,... .....,. 3 U 1 ELGIN i....,. .... . 2 1 l W. Aurora ., ,... .... . 2 2 U E. Aurora . ,, ...,,. l 3 U Ioliei .... , .. ...... l 3 U Scores Elgin ...., .... l 4 Maine ...., Elgin ...,, .,.. 7 Proviso ....., Elgin .....,.... l2 Ioliet ...., .....,. W, Aurora . LaSalle-Peru E. Aurora Freeport ....,,. W. Rockford Ierry Brubaker. All-conference. All-state Four EHS gridders received special recognition at the close ot the '45 season. Wally Graf Was honored on several All-State elevens at fullback and also on the Big 8 All-Conference First Team. lerry Brubaker was placed at guard position on the Chicago Daily News' All-State Second Teamg while he and Ray Iohnson Captain Iohn Mink Wally Graf, All-conference. All-state Ronnie Foell Were named at guard and end respectively on the All-Conference eleven compiled by radio station WIOL of loliet. lohn Mink, who played a line game at guard all year, Was elected captain by his teammates at the conclusion of the season. Varsity managers I. Rclkow cmd G. Groh 107 !!"""' Frosh-soph managers D. Brackett and D. Anderson C' C' l"0ffA'.S,0l0A .Jloofgaf Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Frosh-Soph Football Scores 0 Maine Proviso Ioliet G W. Aurora U LoScllle-Peru 7 E. Aurora 2 M20 Freeport O .. ,,., l2 W. Rockford ...,,..,, , O 's 108 T-Formation The Maroonettes had a very success- ful season in l945, finishing first in the Big 5 with a perfect conference record. Ellison Hoke and Bertram Nafziger coached the team, The frosh-soph gridders opened their schedule With two non-conference de- feats by Maine and Proviso. They then bounced back to Win all of their remaining games, including victories over East and West Aurora, Ioliet, and LaSalle-Peru in conference play, and Wins over Freeport and West Rockford in non-conference battles. At the conclusion of the season Lloyd Banwart and Bob Siegrest, both guards on the minor eleven, were elected hon- orary co-captains for the past year. Init row: C. Schmitz, C. Dorwaldt, C. Leach, NV. Wctzcl, L. Brubaker, A. Turner, R. Sic-grist, S. Sphutt, I. Vimdcrtoll. Second row L. Stone, T. Ccrasa, D. Garrison, E. Twecdic, L. Finley, L. Schaeffer, R. Fabrick, B. Rocssler, C. Bicklcr, G. Mueller, G. Steffen R. Sohn, WV. Markwardt. Third row: Coach Hoke, R. Sherwood, G. Koehnkc, F. Benthuysen, D. Lehman, R. Zornow, L. Banwart E. Schultz, R. Survant, E. Blum, M. Benson, I. Giuliano, R. Brcttmun, C. Holmberg, D. Plath, G. Coffey, I. Estcrgard, K. West 109 . ,, arriify gadkfgaf Big 8 Conference Team E. Rockford , ELGIN .,,,,,7 loliel .,,,,,,,,,, Freeport ..,.,, LaSalle-Peru W, Aurora , E. Aurora ,,,,,, W, Rockford W. . 9 6 2 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Planning for the big game! Pci. .900 ,800 .700 .600 .400 .300 .200 .lOU Proviso W ,.,,, ,, Maine ,,,. Belvidere ,, ,..,, ., New Trier W. Aurora ,,,,,,,,,,,,.r Morton ,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,,, W, Rockford ....,,.r,, E. Aurora ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E. Rockford , ,,,,,,,, , Scores llU Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Ioliei .,,,,,,,,, Moline ,,,,..,,, W. Aurora DeKalb , ,... , Freeport ,,,.,,, E. Aurora LaSalle'Peru loliet .,,, ,.,..,,, The l945-46 edition of the Krafftkids fin- ished second in the Big 8 race, winning eight games and losing two. To open the season, the Maroons dropped a thrilling 46-44 battle at Proviso, they then proceeded to pulverize Maine, Belvidere, and New Trier. They opened their conference schedule with a victory over West Aurora, took time out to smash Morton in a non-conference tilt, and then swept four more conference victories. At this point our varsity cagers took re- venge on Moline for the defeats that they had handed us in the State Tournaments. West Aurora was beaten for the second time, and the following night four members of the first-semester quintet-Wally Graf, Chuck Orban, Chuck Swanson, and Floyd Smith-were lost by graduation after a 58-32 non-conference victory over DeKalb. The second-semester five edged Freeport 45-48, lost two heartbreakers at the hands of East Aurora and LaSalle-Peru, and con- cluded their regular season with a 38-32 decision over loliet, thereby finishing as runner-up to the East Rockford Babs in the Big 8. Chuck Orban and Chuck Swanson were elected co-captains for the first semester. lohn Krafft and Edmund Ahearn coached the team. First raw: VV. Graf, R. Fnrncy. C. Swanson, C. Orhan, F. Smith. SFCUIIKIY row: Coach Kraflt, I. Chapmttn, R. Nt-lson, D. Slll'1llCI'l21gl', IJ. Ocrgcl, R. Smith, G. Bryant, W. Becker, Munagcr K. Lynn, Coach Ahcarn. Tlzird row: I. Hauer, F. Voight, G. Carpcnter, C, Silliman, D. Biclenberg, R. VVl1llZlCC, XV. Griffith, P. Kilburn. 0lfLl'lfl6Ll'l'l2l'l tif The Maroons opened the Regional Tournament by defeating Palatine, 424 28, then they outlasted Crystal Lake in a thrilling 32-31 battle. However Dun- dee defeated our lads 45-30, bringing a halt to our three-year reign as King of the Regional Tournament. Five boys from this years tournae ment squad will return next year. They are lack Chapman, Bob Farney, Doug Bielenberg, Don Sunderlage, and Dick Wallace. 112 -gmglif' Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Coaches Hoke and Nafziger F Proviso ,,,,.... Maine .,,,,, New Trier ., W, Aurora .,,, , ...,,,. . Morton .,.....,,,,i.,,,,,,, W. Rockford E. Aurora ,,,,,,,,....,. E. Rockford I f.,J1,15i,,,i Haileflaf Scores 1 14 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Ioliet .,.,.,,.. Glenbord .,,,. W. Aurora DeKalb ,,....,, Freeport ....,, E. Aurora LaSalle-Peru loliet ,i,,,,.,,.... Our frosh-soph cagers, coached by Mr. Hoke and Mr. Nafziger, compiled eleven victories and five defeats during the 1945- 46 season, Seven of the triumphs and three of the defeats were in Big 8 contests, the Maroonettes finishing second in the loop race. The minors opened their schedule with a setback at Proviso and then defeated Maine, New Trier, West Aurora, and Mor- ton before dropping a contest to West Rockford for their first conference loss. East Aurora Went down in defeat, then East Rockford Whipped the Maroonettes for the second setback in four loop games. Coach Hoke's lads Won seven of their last eight contests, the only defeat coming at the hands of the Freeport Pretzels. Three members of this year's starting five will return to next year's rninor quin- tet: Ralph Sherwood, Louis Mclntire, and Bob Survant. Several more boys should be good varsity material. Among them are Ed Schultz, Stan Sphatt, Bill Markwardt, Al Huber, Al Turner, lim Estergard, Leon Schaeffer and Lloyd Banwart. FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL SQUAD First row: S. Sphutt, C. Iuby, R. Sherwood, R. Schricbcr, L. Pkmttcr, R. Bennorth. Second row: Manager G. Mueller, A. Turner, E. Twcedic, L. Schaeffer, L. Banwart, P. Peck, D. Bmckett, D. Thompson, Manager R. Fabrick. Third row: I. listergard, R. Survant, E. Schultz, YV. Mzxrkwardt, E. Raclloff, A. Huber, D. Lchmzxn, Coach Hokc. ll5 W-eafgng Weighing in! VVRESTLING SQUAD Ivrxt raw: A. Funk, P. Bergholt, G. Smith, C. Darl- ing, I. Edwards, D. Rochenhach. Sfrofzzz' row: B. Rocssler, N. Steffen, D. Gcldmacher, T. Cremer, G. Steffen, R. Bilisoli, E. Christiansen. Thin! row: R. Metzler, L. Brubaker, H. Madeen, R. McCoy, G. Underwood, R. Wilson, W. Cinther, Manager R. Smith. Fonrlh row: W. VVctze1, I. Klciser, N. Crichton, R. Brcttman, G. Coffey, D. Hopper, Coach Morris. h The EHS grapplers grunted and groan- ed through the 1945-46 campaign, failing to salvage even one victory. ln all, the wrestlers, coached by Spencer Morris, competed in seven meets. New Trier came here to open the season and defeated the Maroons 29-14. Riverside was the next opponent and Won 26-19. We traveled to New Trier for a return match and were pinned by a 32-8 county then to Riverside again, where We were edged 19-16. The closest meet of the season brought loliet a 17-16 victory over our Maroons. The grapplers then completed the season with 28-7 and 33-3 drubbings at the hands of a powerful LaGrange team. 116 ln tournaments Dick Bilisoli, Philip Berg- bolt, and Mike Coffey advanced to the sectional semi-finals in their respective weight classes. Bilisoli finished third in the 154-pound class, Coffey and Bergholt placed fourth in the 165 and 103-pound weight divisions respectively. Individual records, with won-lost records in parenthesis, follow: 103 lbs., Bergholt C3-41, 112 lbs., Wetzel CO-31, Funk K2-25, 120 lbs., Madeen K3-37, Ginther CO-lj, 127 lbs., Cremer C3-2-ll, Prescher fO-11, 133 lbs., G. Steffen CU-6-ll, 138 lbs., N. Steffen C4-31, 145 lbs., Geldmacher CO-5-21, 154 lbs., Bilisoli C3-3-ll, 165 lbs., Brubaker CO-ll, Underwood CU-2D, Coffey C3-ll, heavy Weight: Christensen fl-31, Crichton fl-21. ennid ana! gay The tennis team that Won the Big 8 championship in l945 included Floyd Smith, lst singles, lack Cossman, 2nd singles, lack Penniall, 3rd singles, Bill Leonard and Bob Schroeder, lst doubles, and Paul Kil- burn and Nathan Steffen, 2nd doubles. The only two meets that were lost were Oak Park and Proviso. The returning lettermen are Bob Schroeder and Paul Kilburn, While Bob Bennorth, Dick Bahwell, Wallace Rudolf, Iohn Haddick, Dave Plath, and Al Cgloblin are returning squad members. The 1945 golf team completed a suc- cessful year under the guidance of Harold Fearn with a record of five firsts, a second, and a third place. The team consisted of B. Leith, I. Rakow, B. Geldmacher, l. Hipple, and C. Becker. These boys took third place in the Big 8 and second place in the dis- trict as Well as Winning every other match. Returning squad members for this spring included Leith, Bakow, Pearsall, Rieckman, Blay, White, Athison, Wilson, and Dar- ling. Edmund Ahearn coached the team this year. TENNIS TEAM First row: R. Bennorth, D. Pcnniall, R. Schroeder. Srcorzd row: P. Kilburn, I. Hacltlick, N. Steffen, D. Buhwcll, Coach C. Rcnncr. ' GOLF TEAM Lcfl I0 right: E. Blay, B. Pcarsall, W. White, W. Leith, I. Rakow, Coach Feam. 117 flue Coaches Morris cmd Ahearn Co-captains H. Foell and W. Grcii The El-lS thinclads experienced a fairly good season in 1945, winning two of four dual meets and placing fourth in the Kane County meet and fifth in the Big 8 meet. They failed, however, to qualify anyone for the state finals at Champaign. To open the season, the Maroons travel- ed to Hinsdale for a dual meet and lost 63 to 50. The thinclads showed promise, especially in the weight divisions. The boys then traveled to W. Aurora and gave them a sound beating. E. Aurora came here and Won in a close meet, lout Elgin administered another sound shel- lacking to W. Aurora to regain some prestige. Wally Graf and Howie Foell were elect- ed co-captains for the 1945 season in a post season election. Spencer Morris and Edmund Ahearn coached the thinclads. The frosh-soph thinclads finished their 1945 dual meet schedule with a two won and two lost record, thereby equaling the Varsity. Several promising lads advanced to bolster the 1946 varsity team. Hof' TRACK TEAM Firxt row: YV. Perkins, C. Perkins, D. Turnquist, I. Mink, L. Perkins, E. Gnldcnstciri, D, Huffinxin. Second row: R. Cartwright, G. Bryant, E. Christiansen, C Swanson, VV. Graf, R. Focll, H. Focll, T. Kemcrling. Third row: Coaches E. Ahearn, S. Morris. 118 l pa fronri s i , : Q Supporting the Maroon are the patrons, busi- nessmen of Elgin, Whose co-opera- tion makes the publishing ot this Maroon possible. Abbott, Edward 60 Abbott, Evelyn 18 Abts, Wilma 40 Adams, Barbara 48 Adams, LeRoy 60 Aderman, Tom 18 Adreon, Phyllis 46 Agnew, Elaine 48 Able, William 46 Airhart, Charles 48 Altlien, Bill 60 Anderson, lune 48 Albee, Helen 48 Anderson, Barbara 60 Anderson,Lois 55 Alb rd'n DA k 55 Ander'o Bfrn rd 41 A d r' Mae 55 ACKEMANN BROTHERS WARREN AIKIN STUDIO ALYCE MAE BEAUTY SALON BAND BOX CLEANERS BARNETT'S BARNEY'S SNOOKER BIRCH STUDIO BLOCK ci KUHL WM. H. BRADY CO. BRETHERN PUBLISHING HOUSE BREWBAKER'S BAKERY SAM BRENNER, MEN'S WEAR BUNGE'S CALIFORNIA FOOD MART GEO. D. CARBARY CARSWELL FLOORS CHICK-EN CHARLEY COMMUNITY IEWELERS CONN FUNERAL HOME THE COTTON SHOP DANIELS ci CLARK DAVISON MOTOR SALES INC. DAUM DRUG SUNDRIES I. A. DOWNS-UPHOLSTERY C. N. DOYLE INSURANCE DREYER 6, DREYER GROCERY W. A. DUERINGER STUDIO EDWARDS IEWELERS EGGERT COAL CO. Student Picture Index Andresen, Charles 18 Andresen, Daniel 48 Andresen, Ieanette 55 012, If sn,La neson, Albert, Angeline 48 Anderson, Betty 41 Anderson, Nancy 55 Andresen, Lois 18 Allegretti, Iames 55 Anderson, David 48 Anderson, Rose 18 Allen, Barbara 48 Allen, Darlene 56 Allen, Dawn 55 Allerton, Mary 46 Andresen, Roy 55 Andrews, Elizabeth 46 Andrykowski, Richard 48 Ansel, Donald 18 Apgar, Virginia 48 Anderson, Delores 18 Anderson, Virginia 48 Anderson, Gladys 40 Andres, Melvin 46 Anderson, Ieanne I8 Andresen, Barbara 48 Anderson, Iohn 18 Andresen, Betty 48 120 DANNER'S CLOTHES FOR MEN GLEN O. BAKER-INSURANCE G REAL ESTATE BORDEN CO., SPECIAL PRODUCTS DIV. KAY CAMPBELIJS SPORTS WEAR SHOP AND BOYS App, Eleanor 56 App, James 60 App, Lucille 18 App, Robert 40 Archert, Alice 48 Arians, Richard 48 Arnold, David 40 Ascherman, Marilyn Atchison, Allen 18 ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN CIGAR QS TOBACCO CO. CITY LINES INC. CLEANERS ci FURRIERS COAL ci OIL COMPANY CORRUGATED BOX COMPANY DAILY COURIER-NEWS DENTAL SOCIETY FLOUR cSf FEED FRUIT 61 CANDY CO. FRUIT ci PRODUCE CO. HOMES DAIRY NATIONAL WATCH CO. SOFTENER CORP. CLAYTON I. EVELIEN FIRST NATIONAL BANK FISHBURN PAINT of WALLPAPER CO. C. A. FOLTZ MARKET FOX ELECTRIC CS: SUPPLY CO. FRED'S GROCERY A. L. GABBY, IOEL L. DEUTERMAN, M.D.'S GEORGES CLOTHES SHOP GOOD-HESS BARBER SHOP GRAENING QS RAUSCHERT IEWELERS W. T. GRANT FRANK GRIMES CS CO. GROCERIES ci MEATS DR. KNUTE HANSON HERMAN'S STORE FOR MEN MAX HERMAN- FLOOR SANDING CONTRACTORS HUBBELL MOTOR CO. ILLINOIS CLEANERS of DYERS ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS Axford, Iohn 18 Banwart, Loyd 48 Banwart, Peggy 48 Bagley, Howard 18 Bargholz, Shirley 41 Bahwell, Richard 48 Barinan, Frances 55 Balding, Constance 55 Barnes, Patricia 60 Ball, Kenneth 48 Barnett, Charlene 18 Ball, Richard 48 Barrels, Lois 48 B ll B b 46 B l M r'lxn 60 a man, ar ara arte s, a i j Ballman, Howard 55 Bartels, Ruth 48 Student Picture Bartleson, Virginia 56 Barton, lane 46 Batt, Carol 48 Bauer, Dietrich 56 Bauer, Otto 55 Bauman, Frank 18 B M L 55 aumann, ary ou Baumann, Walter 55 Index-Continued Baustert, Iames 41 Baxman, Shirley 18 Baxmann,Wayne 55 Bayliss, Ethel 18 Becker, Bill 46 Becker, Helen 48 B b N 55 ce e, ancy Begalka, Bonnie 18 Baumgartner, Virginia 18 Bcgalka, Richard 54 Bchling, Mary 48 Behrens, Betty 18 Behrens, Betty Mae 48 Behrens, Marilyn 41 Bell, Shirlee 48 Bellows, Velma 18 Belshaw, Bruce 19 Beltz, Dorothy 46 Bender, Norma 57 Bentlewald, Merle 41 Benhart, Darlene 40 Benhart, Richard 57 Bennett, Iohn 49 Bennett, Ruth 19 Bennett, Virginia 46 Bennorth, Robert 49 Benson, Lowell 60 Benson, Merrell 49 - Bcnstcin, Ralph 60 Bcu, Bt-vcrly 49 Bcnthuyscn, Francis 48 Bicklcr, Charles 48 Bentley, Robert 48 Biclenbcrg, Douglas 41 Bergholt, Philip 49 Bicrdemann, Nancy 48 Berks, Mary 46 Bilisoli, Richard I9 Berlin, Howard 57 Birml, Daviil 55 Bcrna, Iacic 49 Bittingcr, Pattie 41 Burncr,Evcl5'n 49 Bittingcr,Stanlt-v 19 Bernstein, Leo 40 Black, Charles lf! MISS ANNETTE H. KAISER- REAL ESTATE ci INSURANCE KEENEY'S SPORT SHOP KLINES S. S. KRESGE STORES CLARENCE ci FRANCES KRUSE, CIGARS ci CIGARETTES LANGHORST ci LESCHER, M.D.'S LEIPOLD'S GROCERY LEONBERGER - ANDERSON AGENCY LUDWIG MILK CO. MCLEAN GROCERY CLAUDE MANNING PAINT SHOP MILBRANDT PHARMACY MAYOR WALTER E. MILLER MODERN DAIRY CO., INC. MOSIMAN'S MUETTERTIES SUNLIGHT BAKERY NATIONAL MODEL BAKERY NEIL'S PAINTS CS WALLPAPERS NELSON'S PHARMACY NELSON'S WATCH REPAIR NEWS PRINTING CO. NOLTE'S BIKE SHOP PARKVIEW GROCERY I. C. PENNEY COMPANY PIERCE MOTOR SALES PITTSBURG PLATE GLASS CO. POLLY PRIM SANDWICH ci WAEELE SHOP PONTIAC ENGRAVING ci ELECTROTYPE CO. RAKOW'S GROCERY STORE RELIABLE WHOLESALE RESTHAVEN SANITARIUM RINEHIMER BROTHERS Student Picture Index-Continued Black, Gloria 50 Blackman, Hclcn 40 Blackman, Patricia 50 Blakcman, Bonnie I9 Blakcman, Charles 55 Blay, Dolores 40 Blay, Eugene 46 Blsgcn, Barbara 55 Block, Phyllis 54 lock, Ralph 57 luni, Izdmuncl ul oan, Margarct 40 oc, Robert 57 oehning, Audrey 54 ochning, Barbara l'l oe1kcns,WcsIcv 51 oc-tman, Ioan 19 ohlin, Kit-th 41 Bowman, liilward 4 8 Bukclmann, llclcn 40 Bonn, Betty 60 Braasch, Lconarcl 5l Booth, Barbara 41 Brackctt, David 48 Bortcr, Iiclwin 4l Boswell, Dean 57 Bom-rmxin, Bcttv 19 Bottcron, Gcralrl 54 Botturon, Rose ll? Buwlds. Marv 51 Bramnier, Bruce 40 Brammcr, Ioan 54 Branclcs, Beverly 40 Brenner, Louis 19 Brcttnian, Robert 48 Bridge. Marilyn 19 ROVELSTAD BROTHERS ROYAL CIGAR STORE RUFFIES STUDIO MARTIN F. RUNGE SCI-INEFF BROS. IEWELERS PAUL E. SCHICKLER SCHNEIDERS BOWLING ALLEY ERNIE C. SCHUTTE SHALES SERVICE STATION THE SHOE BOX SMITH BROS. CLEANERS SPALDING'S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RAYMOND STREET GROCERY ci MARKET STROI-IM COAL CO. TED'S CANTEEN THOMPSON'S SUNDRIES THREE SISTERS INC, WILLIAM TRENTLAGE THE WAFFLE SHOP WAGNER'S DRUGS WAIT-ROSS-ALLANSON FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. WALK-OVER SHOE STORE WATCH CITY GRILL DR. HENRY LEE WENNER WENTWORTH'S WESTERN UNITED GAS ci WILCOX CLEANERS WITTHUHN'S GROCERY WOOLWORTI-I'S YAFFE FURRIERS Y. W. C. A. ZIEGLER BROS. HARDWARE LLOYD ZIEGLER HARDWARE Brodsky, Robert 52 Broekcr, Robert 19 Broman, lohn 60 Broman, Phyllis 19 Bronk, Mavabelle 51 Brown, Barbara 55 Brown, Mary 19 Brubaker, Gerald 19 Brubaker, LeRoy 51 Brinkman, Nancy 40 Brittin, Arthur -lll Brittin, Cale 60 Britton, Olive 19 Broarlnax,MilclreLl 19 Broadnax, Orva 611 Brocker, Marlene 54 Brockman, Helen 55 Brodertlorf, Phyllis 51 ELECTRIC CO. l . I A , 1 'fl I 5 . I I E Student Picture Index-Continued Brunenian, Richard 51 Buehler, Lois 40 Burnitlge, Marjorie 20 Campbell, Marx' 54 Bruncman, Robert IU Buehler, Wilfortl 54 Burtnette, Ralph 54 Campbell, Thomas 54 Bryan, Pat 42 Bull, Charlene 54 Burton, lean 46 Carapanos, Elaine 51 Bryant, Gordon 19 Bunte, Ronald 51 Busche, Kenneth 54 Carey, Alyce 40 Bryant, lane 611 Burke, Betty 42 Butler, Robert 51 Carlson, Alan Z0 Buchholz, Vernel 51 Burke, Shirley 19 Bvri1,Betty 55 Carlson, Cynthia 60 Bucholz, Vcrnette 51 Burlnaster, Barbara 20 Carlson, Doris 55 Bucehe, Charles I9 Burniclge, Betty 54 Carlson, lean 51 But-elle, Robert 42 Burninlge. Carolyn 51 Callans. Gene 60 Carlson, Marv 20 123 Student Picture Index-Continued 15211'1S11Il,R1L5111l1'11 211 C111'111-1, C11111'1cs -11 C:11111'11t1'1', 1i11g1'111 20 Cz1s11'11. MLl1'1' 411 C11111111.11111111111 51 f:Lll1lYll, A111110 211 f12111lXLlC, 111114 54 Cc111111, 1-X11l1111n1' 51 C111111111c1'1111l1, 1.1115 54 1fh1111111c1:. '1'c111 54 C1111111111111, 1111111111 41 c5111l11I1111I'1,1l1C1'i 41 C111111111111-,1.11V11111' 41 C111111-1'kz1, 1111111 411 C1111'11'1c1s1111, 1111111 411 c11l11ll11lllf11, 111111 411 C11111111111111, 111111 54 C111'11tc1111111.11111111 51 Ch1'11tc11s1'11, 11C'111l'L'S 51 C1111st1'11s1'11. 11111111111 211 f21lf1S1CI15C1l, 1111111 41 C111i1t1-1111-11. R11111-11 1111 C111'11t1'11s1'11. XV1111.1I1l 411 C11111t1-1111111,121511- 41,1 C1111st111s1111. V1111111' 1111 f111I'1N11i1I1MI1, C111111111 51 C111'1st1z1m1'11.11111111 41 C111'11t111m1'11. 141111111 211 c512lCC1l1,1:1A1l111i 411 C11lCC111.111xl1111 55 C111!1'11, R1111111 411 f11lll'1i. 1V1Ll1'11X 11 51 1111111 . K1Ll1'11X I1 51 11111l1'. M1111 1111 l5111l1'i1l'Y. 11111'111111.1 51 C1111I1w. Ci1'111',Qc 411 C11c1i1'111, 111c1i 55 C1111'1'1'.li111111 -111 f111111Y,17ll11'1C1l1 411 C1111'111'11, C111111111' 51 C1111111.1I1.11'1'111- 1111 f51111.1I11lll,1x'11ll'X 1111 C11111111. 111111111 211 C11111111, 1111111 411 C1111111s, Sue- 55 c2111I1t'1'C1', 1111111 51 c2I1I11'11. ,'1I'11lLll' 55 C111114.111-111- 54 C111111.1711111111 -111 C11111K'1'1c1111'111 -111 C111111'1'. 111111111111 55 C111'1111g1111, '1'c11 52 c2l11'1i. 15Css1L' 5-1 C111g1'111'1 . 1711111111 211 c1I'll1111'CC, 1111n 411 C1'Ll11l, Y1'111111L' 55 f:1'll11L', 1'111111s 411 C1'g111'111111, 1111111 411 f11'11l1. .Xrlcnc 211 CI'L111L'Cl1S,11111 5-1 c11'L'111C1'. '1'11c1111111c 20 C11-11', 1511 49 C1ic11t1111. 113101 211 C11c11t011. NC11 411 C1111vfo11t, V11'11111 46 CLl111DS.112lZ61 54 111111, S111111-1' 54 I'J11ck,C11r111 42 1711guc,C111111c111- 49 IJ11111,f11cn, Mavis 46 1J111'11str11111.1r1s 211 1J11111st111111, 1.11ci11e 51 111111, Ruth 42 124 l11111111g11, 111111121111 42 1J1111111u, C111111c1 54 111111i11g, R1c111111l 211 11LlI'11L'11, 111111111 51 1JL1L1L'1. 151111 21,1 1J1111k1.11'11g1-, Gc11c1'1c1'1 17111'g1l, 1111111' 211 IJ11111, 1111111 42 IJ1111111111, 157111121111 54 1131, 11111111111 51 11111gu1111,R1c1111111 -12 IYLT11111, 1'1L'1L'Il 51 1J1'11'1'cs, 1.1Il1C5 411 13111111-s, M111-11111 1111 Ucwis. R111111111 41' 11111ki11g1.C91-1111111 49 1311-rkiny. M111111111' 211 111L'1'1i1IlIQ, 51.lI'11111 -19 1lc111'1'1c11,1'11l1'1c1g1 211 1D11111.G1111'1.1 49 171111111, 11111111111 211 1J111111'z1,111111us 42 171111111'11I1. 11111111-11 54 1J11111iL', 121111 42 1211I'XK'il1111. 111111 511 111111'11c1, R11111 4" 1111XVl1S, G1'11c1' 42 111111'11s. 1,1111L'11C 54 1111111', 11111 44 111111413 h'11l1'111l1 -1'1 111.11Q1'. R111111111 55 1J1'1sC1111,1:11111's 411 1111111 .1111111 49 1J111111. 1..111'1'1-1111 46 11llI'111lll1. 111Ll1'X 42 11111w1111,14.f1111111111 211 1111s1'k,1111111'1 -12 1D111111.111111.1111 21 111111, R11Ql'1' 21 11.11111-1',1'11t1'1c111 411 111.11111 1'. R111141111 1111 1-1.11'11111',1",1111'111'11 Z1 1i111'11I, N1111111111 54 1-Q11g111gt1111. 1111111 54 1'i1111'.1111s, 11111101 51 1Qguc1',K1-11116111 -19 1'..u,:1'11t, Sl111'111t 42 1211q1111',1C11g1'n1' 44 1511111111 111111111111 511 I'515K'1Cw 1V11l1'X' 1511i1111, R1111c1t 21 1511111tt.Cc'1'11111 21 151s11111tZ,1111111111111 55 13Q111111u1t. C1111111-1 21 12111111u1t, 1,1115 49 1':1111116'1'1.Xv1'I'1'lLl 49 11,11111'. St11111c1' 55 1"1I'12lI1C151'11, C11111'1c11c' 49 1i1'1111-1,1"111111s 42 1511111, Curtiss 21 1i1'1'111, 11111105 49 151r1'1,Qn1'11,1111111s 49 1'1111111c1i, R11n11111 49 F111111ck,Suz:1nn1f 59 Fnct11', P11t11c1:1 49 F:111c1111c1, Ric11:1r11 49 1-'11i1'c11i111, Sh1111-c 55 F1l11SI311, HH111111 54 141111sta11, Russell 46 F111nev,R1ch11111 21 F11rne1',Ro1'1c1t 42 Fc111m1111. HC11111111 44 1'1L1111XV5, 1Ykl11LlCL' '12 1:t'1'I'15S. R1c1111111 21 1"'L'l1L'l'111l1iL',15111111 21 141'1'11c1', 1.111'111- 21 1"i1'1'1ie.IJ1111-111 49 1411'1'1ic, 1L'llI1 21 1'1111l1lOl'C,1.l115 21 1"1111C1',1.X1C 49 1fir111,P11111' 411 1"11c11c1,1111c1111 54 1f11c11cr, S11L'1'XY111 21 1f1s11cr, 111-111 1111 1f1111c1, S111-1111111 59 1f11'tc11e1', 1.111111 511 1"11'tc11c1,1.c11'11 42 1'11111'L'3, M111'g1111'1 511 1:1111'CS1 011111111 42 1-'1111'1,N1111c1 49 1'1111Xl1, l111zQ1 -12 1'111L11, R11l11l1C1 21 1f1111'1', 111111111111111C 21 1:11XV1C1', R1C1l2lI'11 41,1 111111i, 1111r11.11'11 49 111'1111k,1111cc 59 14' 1'1'L'11I'1C1i51111,RIFIUCI' -16 1-'1'1'1'1114111. 111111- 55 1"1'1'1', GUV111111 1111 1-'11c1i1', 1111111 511 1"1'11-11111:111, 1511111 42 151111111 1114111111111 Z1 1'1'11z,1i11'1111111- 511 l'11'Z, Ml11'1C1 42 1"1'111t. 1511111 55 IA. 1'1'llL'Ill11, 111111- 55 1:ll111i, ,'XI'l1'1l1l' 49 Ci111111'1.C11r111 59 1i11111c1, 11.1111 55 1i111'11C.1C11Z11111'111 21 C'.11'11k1-. 111111 511 C111111111'c14. H1111'11111 '11 f1ll1111'k11111. R1111111c 1111 f1L111l11l1lltl', 1111111-1 21 1 fi111111g111'1', M:11g111'1'l 46 1511111111 R1111.1111 1111 15 ' 11111013 1.1115 21 CIg11'111'cc111. 111-11-11 21 Ci.11'rc1t1. 11111113111 411 1i111'rclt, 1111511111 21 f11l1'1'l511I1. 17111 1 49 G1111511111, N1111'g1 11' 411 11111t1111, 1111111' 49 f11lI11I111lI1. 1.11111-1 49 fi41tZ14c, 1.1111'11'11cc 59 1?11tZ1Q1'. 1.0111111111 22 191-11111111c11c1, 111111 41 f1L'I'2lK1, 1111111-11 41 f1L'I515C1'. XY11111 11 22 11L'l'1DL'1'11111.LI, 1i1111c1t 55 C51-1'bc111111,11, 11111511111 22 CD1nn1111'11L1c11. 11111111 -16 f111717C1l'15, 117111111111 59 11111113 CIc1'1rg111 49 Ciie11z,Vi1g111i11 42 Gicsku, 171111111115 22 f11CS1'il'.N1211'11X'l'1 49 CiiEr1r11,1r.111111cs 49 1D11es,1111111111 49 111105, M1111 59 Ui11,li1t11 Z2 Gil1c1,1f1111-11 49 f11l'1l11L'l', N1111c1' 59 f11I'1I1'lfI', XV1'1'111n11 42 f11U11All'l11,1111'111 49 G1:1zc,Mc11'i11 22 Student Glissendoef, Virginia 40 Goldstein, Beverly 49 Goll, Harold 59 Goll, Marian fill Goodwin, William 49 Gough,Douglas 59 Gould, Raymond 41 Graf, Arnold 42 Graf, Marilyn 46 Graf,VValter 22 Graf, William 42 Graff, Henry 22 Grams, Shirley 22 Gramstad, Ioan 49 Grant, Barbara 22 Gray,Eliner 42 Gray, 'William 42 Green, Barbara 42 Greene, George 42 Greenwald, Iilroy 50 Greiner, Iames 59 Greye, Iuanita 59 Grirfeth, Garry 60 Griifeth, Clarence 22 Grirlith, Rosemary 42 Griffith. NVilliam 42 Grimes, lean 22 Groli, Iolin 59 Groh, George 22 Groneman, Doris 49 Groth, Dennis 59 Groth, Merlin 42 Gudeman, Glenn 49 Guertin, Lyall 42 Guetsehow, Donald 50 Gunderson, Alfred 59 Guptail. lolin 22 Gurnett,Iol1n 44 Gustafson, Howard 50 Gustafson. Patricia 22 Gutsehow, VVarren 50 Guy, Leroy 22 Gylleck, Bill 50 Gylleck, Bonnie 50 Gylleek, Thomas 22 Haas, Margaret 50 Haas, Richard 22 Haas, Robert 44 Haberkamp, Elaine 22 Haberkamp, Riehard 59 Iladdiek, Iohn 22 Haddiek. Nancy 59 Hadie, Tom 50 Hageman, Dayid 50 Hainer, Robert 60 Haligas, Eleanor 59 Haligas. lolin 22 Hall, Elaine 50 Hall, lane! 60 Hallock, XVarren 59 Halverson. Layonne 22 Ham, Darlene 42 Hameister, Ioan 23 Ilameister, Lois 55 Hameister, Phyllis 23 Hammer. Doris 50 Ilanchett, Lenota 55 Hanks, Bill 44 Hansen, Carol 60 Hansing, Lawrence 25 Hansing, Lois 59 Hansing, Merwyn 50 Hansing, Mildred 42 Hanson. Deborah 42 Picture Index-Continued Harberts, Betty 50 Harberts, Norma 50 Harding, Donald 25 Harlow, Bettie 25 Harmening, Gloria 50 Harmening, Martin 59 Harney, Elaine 25 Harper, Ifred 57 Harper, lohn 60 Harris, Angeline 60 Ilarris, Marilyn 25 Harrison, Elizabeth 42 Harrison. Ioyce 50 Harrison, Richard 25 Hart, Dick 56 Hartmann, Clarence Z3 Hartmann, Melvin 50 Harvey, Iiarbara 50 Hattendorf, Edward S7 Hattendorf, Florenee 57 Hauer. Iobn 25 I-Iauptly, l7'hyllis 44 Hawkins, XVarren 57 Haworth, Leslie 59 Head, Patricia 44 Hebeisen, Dolores 44 Heheisen. Viola 50 Hedley, Donald S11 Heide, Ioann 59 Heide, Lorraine 25 Heiden, Shirley 50 Heine, Iiob 59 Heine, Gloria 50 Heinicke, lim 56 Helberg, Donald 57 Helgerson, Betty 50 Helgerson, Leo 25 Hellmuth, Lester 25 Helm, Iietty 50 Helm, Robert 59 Helsdon, lack 60 Hendricks, Carol 50 Heneise, Ir., Oscar 59 Henke, Beverly 44 Henning, Carolyn 44 Herbert, Shirley 25 Herman, Doris 50 Hernandez, Eleanor 57 Hernandez, Nati 44 Herold, Charles 50 Herold, Marilyn 25 Herrin, lean 50 Herrin, Virginia 59 Hewitt, Dwain 60 Hill, Ilorthey 00 Hill, Emmy 23 Hill, Grace 59 Hill. Herbert 25 Hill, Thomas 44 Hilton, Mary 23 Hines, Margaret 23 Hipple, Ierald 54 Hitzeman, Roger 25 Hitzerotli. Richard 42 Hoagland, Laurence 50 Hofflander, Ioyee 50 Hoffmann, Charlotte 44 Hoffman, Nancy 59 HofIman,VVilliam 42 Hogrewe. Dorothy 57 Holden, llirhara 44 Holland, Deloris 50 Holland, XVallaee 50 Holliday, Elaine 25 Holliday. Nancy 25 Holm. Billy 59 Holman, Ann 24 I lolmberg, Charles 52 Holmgren, Susan 24 Holmquist, Esther 57 Holniquist, LeRoy 44 Holmquist, Lester 57 Holt, Al bert 50 I Ioltz, lieyerly 52 Holtz, I I-Ioltl. I Delores 50 oyce 24 Holtz, Shirley 24 Holtz, VVanda 52 Homeyer, Vernette 50 Honiuth, Russell 42 I-Iood, I Donald 52 Hopp, Frank 52 Hopp, Leroy 44 Hopper, Delbert Z4 Host, Gloria 24 Howard, Shirley 50 Hoye,I11cli 44 Hubbard, Amanda 57 Huber, Albert 52 Iludgens, Iames 57 Hullstutler, Robert 57 Hullstutler, W'illiam 24 Hugh, Alice 24 Ilulke, Richard 24 Hunter, Elaine 44 Huske, Ray 57 Illa, loan 57 Illa, Lois 24 Illyes, Margaret 44 Illyes, XVilliam 57 Ireland. Iseberg, Thomas 57 Donna 24 Israel, Laurine 49 Iverson, Clarence 57 Ives, Barbara 44 Iackson, Helen 57 Iacob, Marilou 44 laeobs, Ioanne 44 IafIe, Morton 44 Iahnke, Iahnke, Robert 24 Shirley 44 lakes, Mary 60 Iankanski, Ieneya 57 Iarka, R obe rt 5 0 Iayne, lean 57 Ienny, Katherine 24 Iensen, Bonnie 49 Iepson, Elaine 49 Iepson, Martin 24 Iepson, Robert 53 Ieryey, Glenn 49 Iessien, Dennis 44 Iewell, Charlotte 54 Ioerns, Eugene 49 Iolinson Iohnson ,Bonnie 52 ,Carol 52 Iohnson, Donald 49 Iolinson, Frank 52 Iohnson, Helen 52 Iohnson, loan 52 Iolinson, Ioanne 58 Iolinson, Lois 57 Iohnson, MLIXIIIL' 52 Iohnson, Raymond 24 Iolinson, Roy 24 Iolinson, Ruth 44 Iolinson, Shirley 54 ,W ji-V? Fx Iolinston, Charlotte 57 125 hx HN lohnston, Ioy 24 Iohnston, loyce 24 Iohnston, Richard S7 Iohnston, Wendell 44 Iones, Ben 24 Iones, Iohn 52 lones, Ruth 24 Iones, William 52 lordan, Bruce 52 lordan, Iacqueline 41 Iordan, Paul 52 luby, Charles 52 Iudkins, Marjorie 52 Kachelmuss, Edwin 58 Kaempfer, Shirley 52 Kahle, Raymond 57 Kaiser, Carol 60 Kaiser, Dolores 60 Kaiser, Henry 52 Kakavas, Bill 52 Kakavas, Steve S7 Kaldenberger, Shirley 44 Kaltenbach, Charles 24 Kammin, Iohn 58 Kammrad, Betty 24 Kammrad, Patty 57 Kane, Marlene 57 Kane, Maylund 57 Kappen,loan 41 Kappen, Iohn 41 Kaptain, Richard 44 Kastning,1rene 57 Katz, Kenneth 57 Katzensky,Elnora 52 Kearby, Lawrence 41 Keegan, David 41 Keenan, Norma 25 Kellenberger, Anne 57 Kellenberger, Barbara 57 Kellenberger, Elvis 44 Koehring, Marlin 57 Kolbe, Elaine 52 Konitzki, Frances 57 Koonce, Lloyd 52 Korte, Margarete 25 Koteles, Richard 52 Krambeer, Marilyn 25 Kramer, lames 25 Kramer, Iohn 25 Kramer, Marilyn 57 Kramer, Ruth 25 Kraut,Ianet 42 Krich, Margene 25 Krogh, Robert 44 Krueger, Bob 58 Krueger, Iack 42 Krueger, lean 25 Krueger, Warren 25 Krunnfusz, Gordon 52 Kruse, Bill 46 Kuestner, Margaret 25 Kuschmirz, Evelyn 26 Kuschmirz,Ieanne 52 Ladwig, Ann 26 Lagerstrom, Edward 26 Lagerstrom, Harold 26 Lalley, Elaine 26 Lalley, Harold 57 Lambke, Ieanette 42 Lamphere, Patricia 54 Lamz, William 52 Lancaster, George 55 Landis, Darrell 52 Landis, Io Ann 42 Landwehr, Iune 57 Landwer, Alfred 55 Landwer, Kenneth 57 Lang, Barbara 44 Lang, Phyllis 26 Lang, Shirley 55 Kellenberger, Gerald 25 Lange, Arlene 26 Kellenberger, William 25 Lange, Marjorie 50 Kelley, Barbara 25 Kelley, Donald 57 Kelley, Mary 52 Kellogg, Bill 52 Kelsey, Betty 25 Kemerling, Richard 52 Kemerling, Thomas Kerber, Robert 52 Kercher, Max 25 Kerr, Bob 54 Kestner, Phyllis 52 Kilburn, P'aul 25 Kimball, lack 54 Kimmel, Donald 44 King, Iames 54 Kinney, Nancy 57 Kirk, Dorothy 25 Kirkhuff, Curtis 57 Klaus, Beverly 25 25 Lange, Shirley 26 LaPointe, Donald 50 Larson, Ioann 54 Larson, Lois 26 Larson, Richard 55 Lascoe, Lois 47 Lasher, Frank 44 Lauderdale Lois 44 Lawrence, Iacqueline 55 Lawrence, Bob 46 Lawson, Doris 42 Lawson, lean 26 Lawson, Ierry 44 Lawson, Lois 26 Leach, Carver 57 Lee, loyce 54 Legler, Robert 54 Lehman, Donald 54 Lehmann, Veronica 26 Kleinschmidt, Audrey 25 Leiseberg, Vivian 50 Kleiser, Robert 57 Klinnert, losephine 52 Klopp, Charles 41 Knaak, Galen 54 Knecht, David 41 Knecht, Laurance 57 Knickrehm, William 52 Knott, Marlyn 41 Knowles, Caryl 42 Knowles, lohn 57 Kobel, Arlyce 25 Koch, Robert 57 Koehler, Adria 25 Koehnke, Gordon 52 Leith, Patricia 55 Leitner, Barbara 40 Leitner, lack 26 Lcman, Robert 50 Leman, Willis 55 Lembke, William 47 Lemke, Ronald 55 Lenart, Robert 58 Lenz, Dolores 50 Lesser, Donald 50 Lessly, Dorothy 41 Lester, Carol 41 Levine, Robert 54 Lichtenstein, Rosalie 54 Student Picture Index Lichthardt, Eugene 55 Lichthardt, Richard 55 Lightbody, Virginia 54 Lind, Phyllis 59 Lind, Robert 46 Linder, Harriett 41 Lindgren, Lois 47 Lira, Lupe 60 Listy, Fannie 54 Literal, Norma 54 Literal, Phyllis 26 Loek, Byron 44 Lofgren, Alice 54 Lofgren, Lawrence 26 Lohbauer, Phyllis 57 Lohbauer, Valorie 26 Lorenz, Lois 26 Lovejoy, Harry 47 Lucas, Richard 55 Lueck, Naomi 55 Lullie, Rosalie 54 Lund, Charlene 55 Lundy, Barbara 57 Lundy, Wilber 46 Luscher, Virlean 60 Lynn, Milburn 26 Mackenstadt, Roger 54 Mackert, Marjorie 57 Madeen, Harold 44 Madsen, Dorothy 57 Madsen, Gloria 60 Mager, Orra 41 Malley, Virginia 54 Mang, Rosemarie 54 Manley, Betty 54 Mann, Marilyn 26 Mann, Virginia 55 Mapes, Patricia 54 Mapes, William 44 Marchand, Marguerite Marchand, Patricia 55 Margolin, Barbara 57 Markee, Iacquelyn 44 Markwardt, Bill 47 Marquis, Virginia 51 Marschke, Helen 54 Marsh, Charles 55 Marsh, Nancy 54 Martens, George 40 Martin, Anthony 40 Martin, Dianna 54 Martin, lames 51 Martin, Leslie 40 Martin, Marilyn 59 Martin, Virginia 26 Mason, Ann 26 Mason, Shirley 44 Matteson, lohn 26 Mattocks, George 54 Mattocks, Marion 54 May, Vera 54 Mayer, Gene 27 Mayes, Catherine 54 McAlpin, Glenn 46 McBride, lames 51 McBride, Thomas 27 McCallum, Dave 27 McCarthy, Patricia 27 McCoy, Robert 44 McCue, Alice 27 McLean, Ianet 27 McLean, Mary 55 McNutt, Iohn 51 McRoberts, Gloria 54 Medau, Marianne 27 Meek, Betty 54 Mehlberg, Celeste 27 Meighen,Iean 60 Menke, Ellen 60 Menke, Harold 54 Menke, Lois 27 Mensching, Dolores 44 Mensching, Donald 55 Menz, Gordon 55 Merlak, Frank 27 Metzger, William 27 Metzler, Richard 55 Meuser, Charlotte 41 Meuser, Donald 54 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Barbara 51 Clarice 55 Iames 27 Ioanne 60 Iohn 60 Laverne 52 Marjorie 27 Ralph 27 Robert 44 Suzanne 60 Meyers, Carl 44 Michel, Charles 44 Mick, Betty 57 Mick. Darwin 27 Middlesworth, Willia Miles, Dorothea 27 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, 54 Miller, Charles 52 Dale 55 Elizabeth 51 Marjorie 52 Naann 46 Robert 57 Sharon 52 Millikan, lames 51 Mills, Patricia 44 Mink, George 59 Mink, lohn 27 Mitchell, Vera 50 Mittlesteadt, Audrey Mock, Doris 44 Moeller, Max 28 Moeller, Wanda 46 Mo11itor,Iohn 44 Molnor, Lydia 28 Monroe, Iames 50 Moody, Lloyd 47 Moody, Mary 47 Moody, Verna 28 Moran, Gloria 52 Moritz, Elsie 28 Morris, lean 44 Morris, Ralph 55 Morse, Steve 60 Moscato, Grace 44 Mousley, Roland 57 Mueller, Gordon 47 Mueller, Marlene 55 Mueller, Robert 28 Mulliken, Mary 47 Muntz, lacqueline 28 Myers, Myers, McDonald, MeraLou 27 McEwan, Lucille 54 McGill, Iere 27 McGonagle, Dolores McGraw, Robert 27 Mclntire, Louis 57 41 Dick 47 lack 28 Naden, Clifton 47 Naker, lane 47 Naylor, Bonnie 46 Naylor, Iames 60 Neal, Carol 47 126 -Continued ffl 53 Nelson, Barbara 53 Nelson, Carol 44 Nelson, Russell 28 Nelson, Wilbur 53 Nerove, Ioseph 28 Neukom, David 55 Neukom, Delores 28 Newby, Bob 46 Newcomer, Carol 53 Newlin, Genevieve 44 Nichol, Bob 42 Nichols, Gordon 60 Nichols, Wanda 43 Nickel, Barbara 42 Nicoll, Iune 53 Nico1l,Iames 28 Niedert, Wallace 28 Nish, Don 53 Niss, Iohn 42 Nitz, Perley 43 Norifalise, Gerald 47 Nord, Iris 28 Nutt, Iuanita 57 Nutting, Walter 60 Nyman, Mary 47 Oberst, Delbert 56 Oergel, Dale 28 Oergel, Wayne 48 Ogloblin, Alexander Ogloblin, Peter 28 O'Leary, Ioanita 47 Olesen, Arlene 28 Olesen, Darrell 60 Olesen, lean 56 Olinger, Leonard 56 Olinger, Marjorie 41 Ollis, Mary 28 Olson, Melvin 41 Olson, Shirley 28 Orban, Charles 28 Osborne, lane 56 Osborne, Ioan 43 Oswald, Marilyn 47 Ottinger, Frederick 47 Overstreet, Homer 47 Pace, lames 53 Palm, Carl 56 Palmer, Maizie 43 Pappas, Irene 28 Paris, Owen 43 Parr, Iohn 47 Parrish, Richard 56 Pate, lack 56 Paul, Richard 43 Paulus, Richard 28 Paxton, Darrell 56 Payne, Mary 56 Pearsall, Stephen 56 Pearsall,William 43 Pearson, Howard 56 Pease, Donald 60 Peck, lohn 47 Peck, Phil 47 Pedersen, Bill 43 Peitsch, Marilyn 47 Pelletier, Orville 47 Plenniall, Donald 28 Pcpple, Royal 56 Pereyma, Helen 43 Perkins, Calvin 43 Perkins, Marjorie 29 Perkins, Vivian 53 Perkins, Ir., Willard 43 Pester, Edith 44 Petersdorf, Lois 61 42 Petersen, Carleton 47 Petersen, Carol 43 Petersen, Elaine 43 Petersen, Geraldine 29 Peterson, Elizabeth 29 Peterson, Iames 56 Peterson, lean 29 Peterson, Marilyn 47 Peterson, Robert 56 Petschow, Darwin 56 Petschow, Iames 56 Petschow, Ronald 47 Petty, Richard 43 PHederer, Fred 29 Pflueger, Herbert 47 Pfortmiller, Virginia 41 Phelps, Charles 48 Phelps, Merl 56 Philippsen, Werner 43 Phillips, Donna 61 Pichik, Iohn 56 Pichik, Peter 43 Pierce, Mary 47 Pillinger, Barrie 41 Piske,Iune 56 Pittenturf, Ioanne 56 Pizarro, Richard 41 Plagge, Norman 47 Plath, David 47 Pluss, Evelyn 43 P1uss,Iohn 56 Pollworth, LaDema 29 Pool, Barbara 29 Pool, Patricia 56 Porter, Wanda 56 Potter, LeRoy 52 Pratt, lune 50 Prescher, Raymond 43 Price, Charles 43 Price, Robert 56 Prigge, Donna 52 Prouty, George 53 Prowse, Lola 56 Radke, Warren 56 Radloff, Edward 52 Rahn, Donald 42 Rahn, Gordon 56 Rakow, lames 29 Randall, Gale 43 Rasmussen, Phyllis 43 Rausch, Georgia 43 Rausch, Herbert 56 Ravis,Iane 56 Rea, Iohn 52 Rea, Richard 43 Reazer, Coral 50 Reazer, Marlo 29 Reese, Bill 52 Reidy, Raymond 43 Reinert, Mary 43 Reuter, David 50 Richards, Robert 29 Richardson, Charlane 4 Richardson, Dolores 29 Richoz, Raymond 56 Richoz, Richard 50 Ridinger, Velma 43 Rieckman, Roger 29 Rifken, Herold 29 Rigor, Donna 43 Riker, Bruce 43 Rinne, Marilyn 51 Rittis, Marilyn 29 Robbins, Carolyn 61 Roberts, Velda 56 Robinson, Cora 56 Rockenbach, Donald 5 Rockensock, Edward 5 Roessler, Bill 51 Rogers, Donald 56 Rogers, Florence 43 Rogers, Mary 51 Rohles, Audrey 42 Rohr, Betty 29 Rohr, Iames 58 Rohrsen, Lola 51 Romeis, Nancy 29 Rommel, Leon 29 Rosborough, Nancy 42 Rosene, Paul 43 Roth, Shirley Ann 29 Roth, Shirley 51 Roth, Sylvia 51 Rotnour, Gloria 43 Rovelstad, Iames 58 Rovelstad, Robert 58 Rowe, Mary 43 Rozak, Donald 51 Rubens, Marilyn 29 Rudolph, Wallace 51 Runge, Iohn 43 Russell, Margarie 42 Russell, Stuart 52 Rust, lack 29 Rust, P'eggy 51 Rutt, Richard 43 Samples, Fern 45 Samuelson, Dorothy 45 Sandberg, Bruce 45 Saner, Kenneth 61 Santurro, Mary 51 Satterwaite, Lois 58 Sauceda, Anna 58 Sauer, Wayne 29 Saunders, Ioe Ann 59 Savage, Arlene 58 Saxon, Lois 45 Saxon, Ruth 45 Scarbrough, Russell 45 Scarritt, Sue 52 Schaaf,Ioan 56 Schaaf, Libbie 61 Schaaf, Lois 43 Schaaf, Raymond 51 Schaeffer, Leon 51 Schaeffer, Robert 29 Schaeffer, Virgene 56 Schambach, Barbara 56 Schambach, Martha 53 Schambach, Robert 30 Scheibel, Delores 45 Schellenberger, Richard 51 Schick, Iris 51 Schierlitz, Delores 58 Schifferer, Eileen 51 Schleif, Ieannette 51 Schleif, Richard 61 Schloemer, Oswald 51 Schloemer, Rita 58 Schmidgall, Ir., Albert 51 Schmidgall, Ardell 30 Schmidgall, David 41 Schmidt, Elaine 30 Schmidt, Weston 56 Schmidt, William 58 Schmidtke, Ben 58 Schmidtke, Iohn 30 Schmitz, Carl 51 Schmoldt, Dorothy 51 Schneider, Marshall 51 Schock, Frank 30 Shock, Lillian 30 Scholl, Erwin 51 Schrader, Barbara 58 Schrader, Iames 30 Schrader, Loretta 30 Schramm, Edward 61 Schramm, Harriet 51 Schreiber, Metta 51 Schrieber, Richard 56 Schroeder, Iames 58 Schroeder, Lillian 58 Schroeder, Phyllis 30 Schroeder, Richard 61 Schroeder, Robert 30 Schubbe, Bernice 56 Schubbe, Emma Iean 51 Schubert, Carolyn 53 Schuett, Shirley 59 Schufft, Ralph 30 Schuld, Marilyn 56 Schult, Marilyn 30 Schultz, Esther 58 Schultz, Clarence 58 Schultz, Doris 30 Schultz Dorothy 48 Schultz lean 48 Schultz, Lawrence 30 Schultz, Marjorie 50 Schultz, Nancy 58 Schultz Naomi 48 Schultz, Norman 48 Schultz Schultz , Patricia 48 , Ronald 48 Schulz, Esther 48 Schumann, Carole 52 Schuring, Phyllis 43 Schwartz, Beverly 30 Schwartz, Laverne 50 Schwarzwalder, Nancy 30 Scoggin, Betty 45 Scott, Donald 58 Scott, Ir., Lloyd 45 Scudder, Eugene 45 Sedenberg, Leroy 58 Seelhoff, Dolores 45 Senne, Melvin 45 Serio, Marilyn 45 Sever, Marilyn 51 Shales, Elaine 30 Shales, lack 59 Shales, Marilyn 30 Sharp, Virginia 30 Sherman, Byron 30 Sherwood, Ralph 56 Sholes, Barbara 58 Sholes, Betty 30 Shoop, Betty 50 Siegrist, Bob 48 Siems, Helen 30 Siete, Rafaela 31 Sievers, Ruth 58 Silliman, Charles 45 Simmons, Ward 53 Simonsen, Richard 61 Siurset, Anita 53 Siurseth, David 34 Siurseth, Elizabeth 45 Siurseth, Victor 53 Small, Floyd 45 Smardon, Edith 31 Smart, Phyllis 53 Smedley, Iohn 45 Smitendorf, Ioan 61 Schmitendorf, Ir., Frank 59Smitent1orf, Roger 31 Smith, Arthur 31 Smith, Carolyn 50 Smith, Everett 61 Smith, Floyd 31 Smith, Fred 45 Smith, George 50 Student Picture Index-Continued Smith, Marilyn 31 Smith, Mary Lou 45 Smith, Mary 43 Smith, Ovia 61 Smith, Richard 31 Smith, Robert Glen 45 Smith, Tom 58 Socha, David 58 Sodt, Gordon 43 Sodt, Shirley 56 Sohn, Robert 50 Sommer, Donald 49 Sommer, Louise 53 Sommers, Iames 53 Sommers, Marilyn 53 Sommers, Matthew 31 Sopczak, Ioyce 53 Sorensen, Marge 61 Sorensen, Marie 58 Sorensen, William 46 Sorenson, Dorothy 49 Sorenson, Lena 31 Sorn, Frances Lu 49 Southard, Barbara 49 Southard, Mary Lou 41 Sparano, Grace 31 Sparks, Patricia 46 Spears, Richard 58 Spencer, Lois 31 Sphatt, Stanley 49 Spohnholtz, Iames 58 Sponholtz, Beverly 45 Sportsman, Ellen 31 Sportsman, Maxine 31 Spradlin, Iames 46 Spring, Mary 46 Stadler, Ieanette 53 Stager, P'aul 31 Stallbaum, lean 58 Stallbaum, LaVonne 50 Starin, Richard 53 Steele, Agnes 43 Steele, Iames 53 Steffen, Earl 58 Steffen, Grant 53 Steffen, Nathan 31 Steinmann, Herbert 58 Stemwedel, Ioyce 53 Stephens, Williams 56 Stettner, Marilyn 31 Stettner, Shirley 45 Stevens, Nancy 43 Stewart, Patricia 45 Stewart, Roberta 31 Stickling, Mary 53 Stickling, Shirley 58 Stickling, William 45 Stone, Anna Rose 31 Stone, lack 53 Stone, LeRoy 53 Stonehocker, Carol 61 Storey, Donald 31 Stowell, Lila 31 Stowell, Roberta 53 Strahl, Lois 56 Strahl, Marilyn 58 Strahl, Mildred 31 Strandt, William 55 Strasen, David 56 Strasen, Theodore 31 Strohmaier, Walter 56 Strong, Robert 56 Strubing, Donna 32 Struve, Iohn 32 Struve, Sally 58 Stuart, Russell 49 Studer, lack 41 Studt, Vernon 61 127 Stumpf, Ruth 32 Underhill, Nancy 41 Sunderlage, Don 45 Underwagger, Marilyn 32 Sunderman, Geraldine 46 Underwager, Shirley 45 Sunderman, Kenny 52 Surber, Warner 56 Survant, Robert 56 Suter, Betty 32 Svendsen, Dolores 45 Svendsen, Morris 58 Svendsen, Ruth 32 Svendsen, Shirley 58 Swain, Marilyn 53 Swanson, Betty 56 Swanson, Carol 61 Swanson, Charles 32 Swanson, Naomi 45 Swenson, Audrey 45 Swenson, Richard 32 Swentek, Eleanor 53 Switzer, Dorothy 32 Switzer, Mary 52 Sylvester, Eugene 58 Tarro, Iosephine 53 Taylor, Arthur 32 Taylor, Minerva 53 Tegtmeier, Doris 53 Terry, Beverly 32 Teschke, Mary 61 Tews, Beatrice 58 Tews, Richard 45 Thielmann, Ward 58 Thieman, Ralph 53 Thies, Delores 53 Thies, Floyd 43 Thies, Roger 58 Thomas, Edna 32 Thomas, lackie 45 Thompson, Alice 32 Thompson, Donald 48 Thompson, Sue 61 Thornton, Ianet 43 Thruman, Maurice 45 Thrun, Lavern 32 Thurnau, Carol 32 Tiffany, Thomas 46 Tillman, Donna 46 Timm, Elmer 46 Tobler, Elaine 58 Tobler, Mary Ann 32 Todson, Loraine 45 Toler, Helen 52 Tolley, Elberta 58 Torling, Mary 48 Towner, Bill 32 Tracy, Ferne 43 Tracy, Mary Lou 32 Traub, Arthur 32 Travis, Iune 50 Tredup, Elmer 32 Tredup, Iames 45 Tremel, Iames 50 Tremel, Ieanette 32 Trent, Maxine 41 Trentlage, Dolores 58 Troyke, Deloris 58 Trupp, Marvin 43 Turk, Shirley 58 Turner, Allen 48 Turner, LaRae 41 Tutell, Ann 48 Tweedie, Edward 48 Tyk, Ioan 58 Tyson, Donna 53 Tyson, Glenn 32 Tyson, Lyle 61 Umbdenstock, Dick 43 Underwood, George 43 Whalen, Dorothy 48 Wheeler, Wanda 33 Whipple, Shirlee 53 Whitcomb, Ruth 45 Underwood, Gwendolyn 47White, Dorothy 53 Valentine, Iames 53 Van Arsdall, Laura 53 Van Buren, Donna 33 Van Buren, Iona 53 Vandertoll, lay 52 Van Kirk, Melva 48 Villars, Dorothy 33 Villella, Edward 48 Vitales, Gloria 33 Vitales, Lois 58 Vogelmann, Barry 48 Voight, Franklin 45 Volkening, Edwin 53 Volkening, Marlowe 58 Volkening, Robert 53 Vollman, Betty 61 Vollmer, Margaret 33 Von Lanken, Royce 58 Voss, Virginia 53 Wacher, Bob 61 Wacker, Ioyce 45 Wacker, Leon 53 Wacker, Ruth 58 YVagner,Ieanette 33 Wahl, Bill 58 Wahlster, Nonie 33 Walch, Carol 58 Walch, Leo 53 Waldbuser, Harold 45 Walker, Frances 53 Wallace, Richard 45 Walters, Diane 61 Ward, Frank 45 Warner, Mary Lou 33 Warren, Ir., Dale 48 Warren, Gloria 55 Washam, Mildred 61 Washer, Bert 53 Washington, Robert 41 Waterman, Clara 33 Waterman, Ianet 53 Waterson, Iames 55 Watson, Ieanne 33 Wauchope, Paul 56 Webb, Georgia 41 Webber, Donald 53 Weber, Beverly 41 Weber, Charles 53 Weber, Mary 58 Week, Darlene 53 Weddle, Richard 33 Weddle, Shirley 45 Weigel, Bob 61 Weightman, Marian 43 Welch, Martha 43 ' Wellnitz, Charles 53 Wells, Marjorie 33 Wells,Mary 58 Wendt, Dolores 45 Wendt, Harold 33 Wendt. Rudy 61 Wentworth, lack 33 Wenzel, Mary 48 West, Kenneth 48 Westberg, Lois 33 Wetzel, Mary 33 Wetzel, Walter 53 Wetzel, William 43 Whalen, Donald 61 White, Gordon 58 White, William 33 Whitmer, Ioanne 58 Whitmer, Norma 45 Wickham, Deloris 53 Wicklund, Laverne 58 Widder, Violet 33 Wiese, Richard 45 Wiewel, Audrey 33 Wilcox, Calvin 43 Wildhagen, Barbara 46 Wilharm, Carl 64 Wilharm, Roger 33 Wilkening, Alene 33 Wilkening, Eugene 53 Wilkening, Lorrie 47 Wilkening, Margene 41 Wilkinson, Doris 61 Wilkus, Gloria 33 Will, Betty 34 Willaert, Norma 55 Wille, Bernice 34 Williams, Betty 34 Williams, Shirley 34 Willis, Amy 34 Wilms, Ruth 41 Wilson, Delbert 53 Wilson, Nancy 34 Wilson, Phyllus 34 Wilson, Richard 43 Winner, Lenny 58 Wires, Allen 58 Wishon, Betty 58 Wishon, George 46 Wishon, Marilyn 45 Wisser, Iohn 53 Witt, Arnold 45 Witt, Gloria 53 Witt, Lois 43 Witt, Marilyn 45 Wold, Thomas 56 Woleben, Mary 43 Woods, Ruth 34 Wright, Ann 45 Wright, Margaret 58 Wright, Norma 43 Wright, Robert 34 Wright, William 45 Wulff, Carlyle 54 Wuthrich, Charles 45 Wyman, Charlotte 45 Yonker, Myron 58 Young, Carmen 53 Young, Charlotte 34 Young, Florence 41 Young, Ruth 41 Young, Shirley 53 Yunker, Bill 48 Yurs, Ieanette 58 Zamudio, Henry 58 Zarndt, Betty 56 Ziegelbein, Douglas 46 Ziegelbein, Erwin 34 Ziegler, Iames 48 Ziekert, Lenore 58 Ziekert, Wilfred 41 Zierke, Betty 45 Zimmerman, Lois 58 Zirk, Delores 55 Zornow, Ronald 48 i h '7, , , PUBLISHED BY Editor:-in -chief CAROL TI-IURNAU RICHARD CARLSON Business Manager IOSEPH NEROVE Adviser MARGARET E. NEWMAN NEWS PRINTING COMPANY PONTIAC ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY KINGSCRAFT COVERS 1 T 2 Q l 2 W f I I 3 "'-x Q - 21535 1 L I la Q 33 WX 1 I X MQW 5. A my ,N D 5 1 M i ,Q X

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