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I . ,' ' ' 1 7 , , 4 1 X -LJ. nxff THE 1945 MAROON 0111 ELGIIN E-HGH SCHUOL SlERVllCClE LOYALTY SONG Were loyal to you, Elgin High! We're Maroon and Cream, Elgin High! We'll back you to stand 'Gainst the best in the land, E or We know you have sand, Elgin High! Rah! Rah! Urrah! Urrah! Rah! Rah! Team! So smash that blockade, Elgin High! Go crashing ahead, Elgin High! Our team is our fame protector, On, boys, for we expect a victory From you, Elgin High! TO lillcilfl l N lfllCilH SClHOUfl, I Sf W lFAllll'll-lllFlUlL SERYECE YESTERDAY BECOMES ElRM LOYALTY TODAY Who comes first to the mind of the old grad as he recalls his happy days in E.H.S.? Who has given service of many kinds for more years than we can rernernber? Who is it whose very name spells school loyalty? Probably no one has stood out through the years in all these respects more than T. Arthur Larsen. l-le is as much a part ot El-l.S. as are the school colors, Maroon and Cream. A graduate ot the school himself, Mr. Larsen came back to teach in l9U8. He first taught science, then mathematics. Varied interests have stimulated his service to the school in many activities besides the classf room. His value was recognized by making him assistant principal in l924, in which position he has helped carry on the best EHS. traditions. Though he may be the symbol ol discipline to some, to most ot us and to our older brothers and sisters' yes, and to our mothers and dads, too he means Elgin High School. We salute you, Mr. Larsenl 'lf .XR'l'llL'R IHXRSIQY 7 ,QQ - was ' -. J .fgfiii3ii'W'fE?, , g -I Q.. s, yt., .-5 X s -sw. ...X - H CONTENTS BOOK ONE The School - - page 7 BOOK TWO The Activities - - page 63 BOOK THREE The Athletics - - page 85 PATRONS - - page 104 s .ri rg," 0 av 'QL .L , ' rats. K " S ff w' -rx- 7: , . -A . As. .ix . k K qqxsa xv ' 441 'F -.1-, w--. f-Q, qv , 3.-7, .,. Q 'tw 4. 'A xi 3.-, - -UZ' :W 'So in 1 Hawk Once THE SCHUU 02 J i 4-LA' W i,iT-qui' Y, i itil- Q , . 3lpy jiff' fs ,v L xr if 5 b . -Q-' X ' W Ll 2 xg! i , 417 X 4 .. I A .A I, i i 'gif w 1 n ew ..., , if'n I' 1 421' nn - F- ' -f7,,5f45' Q J ssss rx , - 5 1 X Mr. Larsen taught science first, then math. Until 1924 he was head ot the math depart- V ment, and then was made -I X I assistant principal. 'LS X X X in H L, I - I o o o ,- Administration O. lf. IH-YI"l4liRSON Szzpcrirzfnzflz-nt ORRIN U. 'HIOMPSUN ,-In-1'.t'li111z Sn prri 21101111 ful BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board ot Education and their administrators, Superintendent Patterson and Assistant Superintendent Thompson, have given great service to the schools of Elgin again this year. With the maintaining and improving educational opportunities tor Elgin's young people in mind, they have Worked untiringly to provide the means and the organization to give Elgin the best possible school system. VINCI-QN'I' COLEMAN, President C. ll. APPLE IJONALID lf. MKLMS CII.-XRLIQS FLORA DON.-Xl,lJ W. VAl.IiN'l'lNI2 ROY K. l'Ii'I'IiRSON S. MlLl.S KNO Ii. O. SOUTHARD FRANK IJ. URIE R. M. PEARSALL 8 IQLMA liNGliLliRliCll'l' R. C. C,'XR'l4XYRlGll'l' Prizzrifml ,gs -...,,,..-Q 1 i- 1 Mr. Cartwright, newly chosen principal, with Mr. Larsen and Miss Engelbrecht head the faculty ot Elgin High School. With the assistance ot the Administrative Council they set the guiding principles and decide issues which arise. l l'. .-KRTI ICR LARSIZN .'1,l'.1'i,1'flIIIf Pfillfffllll IJlAI'!'L'fIll' of Pupil 1lIljIl.w'fN1l'I!l 4 9 I I aicullity Il Il 1 MISS CLAUDIA V. AIIIQLI., Dip. Art MR. EIJMUNIJ R. AHIZARN, M.A Physical Iiclucntifm MISS CLARA BERGHOIQFER, M.Ecl. Science MISS MARGIZ BIERSACH, M.A. English, Drnnmtics MISS MARTHA E. BLACK, M.A. English, Grade School Tasting MR. ELMFR R. ROHNERT, B.S. Industrial Arts MISS CATHERINE BRANDES, B.S. Fnglish, Iournalism, Mirror' Adviser MR. GORDON BUESCHEL, B.M. Band Director MISS KATHERINE DAVERY, M.A. Social Science MISS ELFANOR DORSETT, M.A. Science I L MISS M:XllIf.L IfNGliLl5RECI'IT, M.A. lfurcign Language, English MR. HAROLD G. FE.-XRN, B.Ecl. Industrial Arts MISS FLSIIC FI.li'l'CI-IER, M.A. English MRS. FLORENCE FLETCHER, Dip. Home Iicunomics MRS. ANNE GOODVVIN, M.A. Foreign Language MR. BYRUS HALL, B.S. English, Physical Education MISS RUTH HELM, B.S. Social Science, Varsity Debate Coach MISS Ii'I'I'IEL HOAGLUNI7, B.A., L.S Librarian MR. ELLISON IMI. HOKE, B.Ecl. Social Science, Athletic Coach MISS HELEN L. IOCELYN, M.A. English, Speech Faculty II II MISS QLRORA Ii. IOIINSON, M.A. Ilumc Iicunrnnics MISS INI1XR'I'IIA IONES, M.A. ICngIisI1 MISS IIIiI,IiN C. KIi'I"I'IiRING, M.A. Sricncc MR. IOIIN KRAI-'If'I', Ilcgul nt' 15113-5 I'I1ysic11I Iiclucntiun Department MRS. CIiI.Ii KROI., ILS., II,I".F1I. I'hysIcuI Iicllmntirwn, fZIlCL'l'ICll1Il'I' Conch MISS MARION I,AFFliY, M.M. Orchcstral llircctnr MISS HIJNA I.IiYVIS, ILA. Commcrcinl MISS HAZITI. LINKFIELD, M.A. I'IcmI uf Furcign Language Dcpartmcm MR. C. A. LLOYD lmlustrial Arts MISS WILIIA LOGAN, M.S. H4-11:I nf Girls I"I1wic:1I Eclllcatiun Department I! Il 12 MR. E. G. McI.IiAN, M.A. l'l1x'sic:1I Education MRS. GERTRUDF MFADOXV5. ILA English, Mathematics MR. LEO MONTGOMERY, MS. Scicmc, IIltIllslI'i.ll Arta MR. CHARLIQS I.. MORRILI., ILS. Iicnul of llusinn-as Dcpnrtmcnt MR. SPIZNCIZR MORRIS, Bliml. Physical Iidlxczltiulm MISS ULTQNNIIQ MORROXV, M.A. Cummcrciul MISS I X JROTI lY MURRAY Cmnmcrcixll MR. MYRON C. MYERS, M..-X. Scicncc MISS M.AXRf9.XRIi'l' lf. NFXVBLXN, MUN. Head of iillglisll lJL'I1LlI'Ill'lCIll, Maroon Aslvixcr MRS. MAUDE PARLASCA, ILS. Home Fcnnnmics, Cafeteria IHEIICUI MR. GEORGE PECK, M.A. Commercial MISS MARY A. PETERS, M.S. Mathematics, Sponsor of Class of '47 MISS IRENE PIELMEIER, B.A. Foreign Ixtngtuige MISS ADAH A. PRATT, B.A. Hentl of Mathematics Department MRS. I-QLLA PRUTZMAN, Dip. Clerical Assistant, Study Hull Supervisor MR. GILBERT I. RENNER, M.S. Science MR. L. V. ROBINSON, B.S. Commercial, School Treasurer MRS. MARIE SCHRAMM, R.N, School Nurse, Home Nursing MR. HOMER SHELBY, M.A. Heatl of Social Science Department, Frosh-Soph Debate Coach MISS THERESA SIREN, B.Ph. Mathematics MISS MARY L. SMITH, M.A. Social Scicncc MR. ELY M. STANNARD, M Agriculture MISS ELIZABETH STEARNS, B.S. Home Economics MRS. BEIIY B. STEPHENS, Mathematics MISS NORA STICKLING, B.Ph. English MISS MARIORIE STOFFREGE English, Spring Reigns Adviser MR. I". E. TAYLOR Head of Industrial Arts Department MRS. AMELIA TETZNER Study Hall Supervisor MISS ADELA THOM, M.A. Mathematics MR. C. V. THOMAS, M.A. Head of Music Department .A. B.Ed N IN II Faculty Il Il MR. Ii. C. XV.-XGGUNICR, ILS. I'Iv:uI of Scicnrc Dcpalrtmcnt. Spnmur nf Class n Visual Iiclucutinn MRS. CIJXRA WILSON, ILPII. Fnglixh. Sigln-Snvim.: MISS I'IORTIfNSIi Ii. YVILSON, M.1X. Mzltllclnxltics, Sponsor of Clans of '-I8 X MR. XV.'II.'I4IfR M. XVILSON. B..-X. Social Scimcc, Spunwr of Clnsg of '-I6 MR. ROBERT T. WINN, ILA. Science MISS IiVIiI.YN I.. IIOIi'I4'I4CIIIiR St'CI'L'IlIl'I"RCQISIFQII' MISS CARLISS CARLSON Clerk MRS. KATHRYN LUNI JIQIQN .-Xltumlulwc Iiircclur MRS. MAIIICI. If. SILLIMAN, R.N. School Nurse Parents confer with faculty The Quiririicullunii The work of all departments this year has been geared to a year shortened, be- cause of the war, to the minimum. The Physical Education Department has an all-around program to fit the present needs. The boys gym classes include calisthenic conditioning exercises, military drill, and Navy fitness tests, as well as the usual activities. Many health meas- ures are added such as health lectures and tests. The promotion of recreation and ath- letics and the organization of special classes in health, first aid, and home care of the sick are all methods ot contributing to the health interest and knowledge of the highschool girls. This is the goal of the Girls Health and Physical Education Department. The Mathematics Department this year is stressing more than ever the vital need for advanced mathematics for those who will go into the armed forces. This train- ing is essential as a background for future academic and practical work, Because the war has shown us the sort of training necessary in carrying on such branches as Radar, Nursing, Navigation, Chemical Research, as well as that need- ed for everyday living, the Department of Science in the high school has rededicated itself to the training of boys and girls in fundamentals of science. Better than ninety-five per cent of the senior and junior students in the Business Department are employed in jobs after school. This department sponsors a dis- tributive education program, students em- ployed in downtown retail establishments, and also directs a temporary employment bureau for the school to help meet the local manepower shortage. The Home Economics Department helps students learn to use to the best advan- tage the things available in war time, and to conserve and share. The student learns to serve and select meals, utilize rationed 'and unrationed foods, use new products, practice short cuts, and contribute to Red Cross clothing projects. Industrial Arts offer an educational field in which pupils develop a proper under- standing of manufacturing industry and the relationship of manufacturer, Worker, and consumer. These courses serve as try- out courses to discover students Who are capable of following industrial pursuits. Throughout high school the agriculture student is supervised in farm practice. ln this the boy develops those skills and capacities for making judgments essential in farming. Vocational Agriculture tries, therefore, to evolve an integrated indi- vidual capable of carrying on farming as a whole. ln the English Department, students are aided in perfecting their ability to com- municate more effectively. Development of a better appreciation of good literature through an extensive reading program and emphasis in the junior year on speech, dramatics, journalism, and literature add variety and interest. The Foreign Language Department of- fers as electives during any year of high school French, German, Latin, and Span- ish. Class room instruction includes read- ing, Writing, and speaking the language, in the case of modern languages, as Well as background work regarding the coun- tries using the languages. The Art Department endeavors to lead the student into the appreciation of beau- ty in living and good taste in the selection of the essentials of everyday life. lt also affords a means of expression and gives experience in the handling of the mediums through which art results are obtained. The Music Department offers instruction in vocal music as Well as in Wind and string instruments. The vocal Work con- sists of students in four organizations, so registered according to class and ability. Band and orchestra are offered to further instrumental instruction, perfection, and playing technique. No school can function Without effi- cient handling of business routine. Miss Boettcher and Miss Carlson in the office and Mrs. Lundeen, attendance director, have successfully carried on this part of the school. Administrative Council 18 Physics Experiment Seniors Scan School Events Top to bottom: Daisy Mae party Senior Class Council. Snowflake Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae. T.B. Tests Preparation for Tests. Senior' Story IM L " IR.. IJ 1 , -2? Class officers and adviser The Class of 1945, numbering 360, en- tered into the school activities soon after their arrival in 1941. Mr. Shelby was the adviser. About thirty students entered the class from Abbott in the- sophomore year. At that time, too, Mr. Waggoner, better known as "Wag," became class sponsor. The class officers were Ioe Ladd, presi- dent, Pat Dougherty, vice-president, Bar- bara Anderson, secretary, and Chuck Becker, treasurer. The Snowflakes, with their purple and white class sweaters, began their third year resolving to help get the war over, and so aided in the Bond Drive and the Scrap Drive, some even left to fight for our country. Their class play, Hlunior Miss," fresh from Broadway, was a smash- ing hit and a sellout both nights. Snow- flake Flurry was the name of the junior party. The class officers were Howie Foell, president, Ed Franzen, vice-president, Connie Bendewald, treasurer, and Eleanor Davis, secretary. During the all-important senior year the if ' sk class was led by Ed Franzen, president, Ioe Konitzki, vice-president, Pat Dougher- ty, secretary, and Connie Bendewald, treasurer. The new upper classrnen par- ticipated in the Sixth War Loan Drive and managed the selling of refreshments at the football games. Sadie Hawkins Day was the theme of their class party, with a contest for Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae won by Ioe Ladd and Peg Miller. "Skyroad," another Broadway hit, was the class play of the year. The Snowflakes topped all other attendance records by scoring a complete sellout the day the tickets came out. The senior class is truly a war class. lt entered in September, 1941, with the threat of war, and then in three short months found itself in the midst of a global war. Many of the class upon reaching 17 left school for the service. The honor roll of '45 numbered about 30 before the last semester. Soon after graduation the ma- jority of the boys will leave for service or for the short-time advanced education allowed them. SIENIIORS m , BGORIJON DON AI'vIlU'I'il4 "Dot" 2, 7 Ifmrtlnill: Iuninr and Senior Class playsg " 73CInss Council .Q 1: 17 iiucsigxiz Liao ,mfxms "Iri:h" ' F. F. A. og pn 5 MARILYN IIIQLLII ALEXANDER "Lynn" U. A. A. CIIARLIiNli RUTH ALLISON "Chiu" A Cappella: Senior Tri-Yg E. H. S. Players NAN IICAN AMIS "Null" A Calppcllziz G. A. A.: Class Council IIARIIARA IANE ANDERSON "lliH'lv" A Cappella: G. A. A.: Student Cnuncil CLARK l.IfS'l'liR ANIJURSUN ".-!mfy" If. li. A. IQVA MAI41 ANIHIZRSON "Fl'r"' Scnior Tri-Yg G. A. A. ROBERT Llilf ANDERSON "Hoff" VIOLIYI' INGRIQIJ ANDERSON "Vi" C. A. A. IQRVVIN IIENRY ANIJRESIQN "fluffy" MAXINI2 ARIANS "Mac" G. A. A. DIiI.ORIiS MAF IIAR'I'IiI.'I' "Dr1"' IfRIiIJ BARTII "Cfmr1i1"' Traickz Stuilcm Cnuncilz Rillc Club RONALD IJOUGLAS IIARTII "Squirt" I.OIS lIiAN II.-X'I"I' "I.o1'c" G. A. A. SIIIRLICY MARIE IIAUMAN "Skill" C.. A. A.: Ilumc Fconmnics ROIIIERT L. IIAUMGARTNIZR "link" 21 'P' 3 VIRGINIA FERN BECK "Ginnie" xy G. A. A.g Scnior Litcraturc Club: German " 77 Club J CHARLES THoMAs BECKER "Chunk" n E Club: llanal: Stutlt-nt Council I ,- W ff? vuY1.I.1s MARIE BECKER 'U ELAINE DORIS BECKMANN "Becky" DONNA LEE HEGALKA G. A. A.g Slitlc Rule Club CONSTANCE E. IIENDEWALD "Connie" Class officer CScc. 8: Treasjz Iunior and Senior Class plays: Student Council QSCCQ RICHARD CARLETON BENNETT "Dick" RALPH YV. IXENNORTH "Benny" Bandg Footballg Soph. Basketball PI-IYLLIS MAY BENTLEY "Phil" Acolian: C. A. A. IRENE MARION BERLIN "Balm" Gurman Clubg G. A. A. LAVERA LOIS BERTSCH "Bertxchir"' G. A. A.: Tri-Y SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BEST G. A. A.g Spanish Club "Bessie" IAMES A. IIIELENBERG "lim" Baskctballg Tennis BEVERLY HELEN BLEGEN "Bern Girls Science Clubg Latin Clubg Maroon Staff THELMA LOUISE BOELKENS DONALD EDWARD BOHLIN "Don" IACQUELINE IOY BRAMMER Ull1Ckl'8H , A Cappvllag Acolian: Latin Club ELIZABETH LOUISE BRESLICH "liz" Chccrlcadcrg Tri-Yg Class Council 22 MARILYN LAVON ISRIiTTMAN "Bren" G. A. A.: Avnlian ADA IVIARIIf IKRITTON "Ur" G. A. A. MARY DAYTON IIRUCKNIQR "larry" Gbccrlcamlcrg G. A. A.: Tri-Y HAROLD GEORGE BRYANT "Rai" Class Cbuncilg Stumlcm Council: Ilaskctball MYNA RUTII IIUCKIQNIDAIIL G. A. A.: A Cappella: Gorman Club ALVIN KURT IIUIACK "Bud" Track: Slidc Rulc Club IVIERRILI. IJUANIQ IIURNIIXIIQ "SHUI" F. F. A. QVicc-prcsj IIIZTTY IIURSTIQIN Mask anal Ilaublcz G. A. A.: Latin Club MARGARIZT ANN IIYERS "Peggy" Scuiur Class Plav Qcnininittcciz G. A. A CLARICI2 CATHERINE CAIIILL "Kuy" G. A. A.: Tri-Y: Girls Glcu Club DOROTIIY MAI2 CAIN "Dol" G. A. A.: Trcas. nf Ifrcsb. Class: Glu- Club LORNA IUNIZ CALAMI2 "Lora" Tri-Y: Iianilg G. A. A. FIDRENKIIZ LOIS CAMPER "I'r1111iz"' Latin Club: G. A. A.: Trcblc IJOROTI IY ALICI5. CARSXVHLI. "Dat" Mirror Staff: Scninr Litcraturc Club fI"rcs.J: IOAN CAVITT Pup Club: Spauiah PHYLLIS CLIiNl7IiNING "l'hy " Banclg Orchestra Ii. H. S. I"laycrs ROBERT B. CARTWRIGIIT "l"rr:f'r" Club LOIS IICAN COLEMAN "Lois" Tri-iz G. A. A.: F. II. S. Player. Scinuibirs fa I 1 .S W X3 fr J' 7' -I 2 fm go Seniors IOAN A. COLLINS "lo" IACK MIQRRILL COSSMAN "l3m'lq" Ii Club: 'll-nnis: Student Council MARY IA NE COULOM llli Tri-Y: C. A. A.: Acolinn MARILYN Al ,lCIi COC NTRYMAN Tri-Y: C. A. A. RAYMOND LIE ROY CROXVI"UO'I' "lCl1v" Nlalronn Vlxotogruphcr PA'l'RlCA M. I7AILIiY "Fur" 'l'ri-Y: C. A. A.: li. Il. S. l'l.ucrx RICHARD lAMliS IPAMISCH "Dick" Maroon Iiflitorg Class Councilg Hi-Y RUSSELL Il. IJAMISCH URIIVSH CARI. LEO IIANNFR VVrustling 1Mgr.D: Golf pol l il LUCILLIQ IiS'l'IlliR IIAUS "Ln" G. A. A.: SL-nior Litcrzlturc Club: A Cap- IiLIiANOR FERN DAVIS "El" Clu-vrlcaulcrg Tri-Yg Stuclcnl Council IANICE LFIZ DAY "DllI',:y" A Cuppcllu: G. A. A.: Tri-Y IVILLIAM ICIDVVARII IJIQARLOVIZ "Hill" Class Council: Projection Club FIJWARII IIAROLII IIEMMIN "H11Jrly" Ilnml: Orchestra: Clcc Club CURTIS FREIIITRIC I7If'I4IfRS "Curl" llnncl QXIICL'-III'C5.J1 German Club: Or cluwtru DONALD V. IIIi'I4l-Ol"I: "Dull" Library Club: Sunior I.ircruturc Club: Ii. II. S. I,lLlyk'I'S I:RI'll7 IVILLIANI IIICKIQRSON "Chip" A Cappella: lioys Glcc Club IlORO'l'I'IY DIEKMAN "Dirk" C. A. A.g Acoliun: Tri-Y A-J ,ATI 'Z I I M1 IV-. K - 1 li f 1 -- RICHARD OWIIN IJIICRSCIIOVV "Frm" Ii Club: Ilalskctlmll QMgr.D: Ir. Literature Club HAZIQI, VIRGIQNIQ IJOIIQI. IACQUIQLYN IJOLIIY "I1ICkl'c"' Mirror St:1iI: F. H. S. I"l:nyL-rs: A Cappella PATRICIA ANN IJOUGIIIQRTY "Pill" Class officer 1Scc.D: Student Council: Girls Club QPrcs.j ANNA MARIIi DOWNS "Ann" G. A. A.: 'liri-Y CAROLYN ANN IIOYLIJ. 'I'ri-Y: G. A. A.: li.'II. S. I,lLIj'L'l'5 IRVING GIiORCiIf. IJRALLIZ "Hon11y" IOIIN IIICNRY IJUERINKQIZR "Dill" lknml: Stumlcm Council: IIifY IIOROTIIY IILINNING "lIOIIl'z"' A Cappella: G. A. A. FIJXVIN VVILLIAM IFUPIILICR "Duff" IRAN LOUISII DYER Latin Club: I.II7l'2lI'I' Club: G. A. A, IQLAINIZ ECONOMY "Econ" Latin Club: Tri-Y: G. A. A. FLORENCE I.IiAI.A Iil.lJliR "l"1ossir" IIQAN CLAIRS IiI.I BISR RICIIARID VVARRliN Ifl,I3RlilXIlf, "Dick Ilnml XVANIDA IIIZLLIQ IQNGLIQ Mirror lliusim-as Mgrj: Class Cuunril: Tri-Y IJONALID RUSSIQLL LRICKSON "1:'1'irlq" GLORIA MAIQ LRICKSON "GIo' A Cxlppg-ll.1: Gcrmgm Club: Ilnmc Fco- nmnica Club QI'rcs.j r 1 5 5 RICHARD D. ERVIN "Baldy" SARABFL FVICLIIZN US1Il'I'I'!'U E. H. S. Players: G. A. A.: Tri-Y IOHN G. FELIJMAN "Clem F. F. A. FUNICIL ELAINE FEVV MARILYN IHANII FILLMORE ALVIN HERBERT FISHER "I'l1.,fh Slitlc Rule Club: German Club VIRGINIA VARNEY FI.li'l'CHER "l1'11I1y" Bamlg Stumlcnt Council: Tri-Y PETER RICHARD FLORES '1Pe1c" HOXVARD GLENN FOELI, "Hooker E Club CP'rcs.J: Funtlmall: Track BEVERLY JANE FOXVLER "La-e" Tri-Yg Sr. Literature Clulag Latin Club RALPH T. FOWLER "C0rny" Track: E Clubq Basketball CCO-captain '40 BARBARA ANN FOY "Barb A Cappella: Tri-Yg E. H. S. Plnycn EDVVIN HIQRHERT FRANZEN "Sfqz'c'll'l"' E Clubg Student Council: Pres. of Class of '-ls IERRY ED FREYER "lay-C" Stumlent Council: Latin Cluli RICHARD CHARLES FRICKE "Daddy Band: Glider Club VIOLA MAE FRITZ "Vi" G. A. A. NORMAN FUCATE "Senator" Mirror CHARLES HENRY GARRETT "C1mclq' Footluallg E Club ROMONA GATES Acnliang Vcrsc Speaking HENRY FORIQMAN GAY "Hunk" Band: Slide Rule Club l'A'l'RlClA LOUISE GEISTIQR "Pal" Girls Club Cabinet: Tri-Y: G. A. A. RUSSELL LLOYD CELDMACHER "Huey" Basketball: F Clubg Stuilenr Council LORETTA ANN GlAMllliLl.UCA 1'l.w'r" C. A. A. MAURHQN ANN GIERTZ "Gila", Tri-Y: A Cappella: Class Cuuncil BARBARA GILES German Club: Debate LLOYD FIJXVIN GLANCY GORI JON G. GONDOS llalml IOYCE MURIEL COULD "lay" G. A. A.: Stuclcnt Council: Class Council VANCE MON ROIZ GRAEBER RICHARD CHARLES GRAFFANA "Dick" Ili-Y: Stuclent Council ROBERT EARL GRISHAM "Buff" French Clubg Mirror IEAN CA'l'llliRlNli GROSSKOFF "G1'0.c.c" Sr. Literature Club qSecy.D: Orchestra UONVARU GUDENIAN "H01l'ff"' F. ll. S. Players: Debate MARY KATE GUPTAIL 'tGl1f7" KENNETH l0Slil7'll HANSING "Kl'lI'l MARY LOUISF. HATCH ULOIIH G. A. A. Seimimfs IP 'ws 341, Selmlmfs IJOROTHY IIAWORTII "Dania" Sr. Litcraturc Club: G. A. A. AIJI'1I,I, M. IIIiIM "DH" A Cappella KA'I'I IRYN IiLIZABIi'1'II IIEINIT "Ku!f1y, U. A. A. IOIIN IEIJWARIJ IlliIS'l'IfN "P1'n.ky" Ir, Class Play SIDNEY IIICRMAN "SHI" llancl: Orchestra: Mirror Staff XVII.l.I.-XM LEA IIFRRING "l71',rfI Ilanml MARILYN INIAIQ IIOIFITMAN "Pz'pp6I"' Trcblr: U. A. A. RICI IARIJ M. IIOIIFMAN A Cappullall Boys Glu' Club IiI.INOR FAITH IIOLMAN "Cmhl.'r.r Ifrcnclm Club IEANNE MABFL HOLTZ MARY I3I.I.IiN HOWARD f'.x1I1ppy" Ii. II. S. Players: G. A. A.g Tri-Y IIAROLI7 R. HURIIE MARY ICLICANOR IIUI3IiR "Mar" Ilamlz fl. A. A.: Dcbatc IUNF LOUISE HURST "I1r11i0r" G. A, A.: Tri-Y TIIIQODORIQ C. IVIQRSON "Tal Mirror StaH: Library Club ROIIIQRT CLINTUNI IAKITS "Bob" VIOI.If'IA MAIC IIiNSIiN "Vi" Library Club: Ii. II. S. Players VVAI.'I'IiR Ii. IITNSEN "Il'uIly' A Cappella X1 Z, . In . A. Q . I VMI . W . ALICE VIRGINIA IOHNSON nlfllllyll Clwcrlczulcrg Class Cnuncilg A Cgnpprlln DONALD IOI INSON "Hun" IRICNE Ii'I'IIIiI. IOIINSON "lf1hnl1ic" Acolinn: 'I'ri-Y: G. A. A. XVANDA IULANE IOIINSON "law" MARIORIIQ CAROL louxlsrw ".IlIn'gv" Tri-Yg Glcc Club IUARLIQIQN IONIQS "!,'o.f1'y" Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Stumlvnt Council SI-IIRLIZY IUNIQS "fw1m'y" Rillc Club: G. A. A.g Acnlinn DON M. IONSON "Y0g1"' CONRAD KAARIHSIQN "Cuff VIRGINIA MAY KATZ "KiI1y Ku!" SHIRLEY KIiI.I.ENIlIiRGIiR "K:'Ily" MARY IZLLIQN KIiI.LY "I.iflle Orff" G. A. A. NINA MARIIZ KELLEY "Irish" G. A. A.: Home Ecnnmnics Club fTrcns.j: Commercial Club AGNES IfLIZAI3IE'I'H KICMIIIK ".lgglz"' Acolizlnz Gcrnmn Club: G. A. A. IOHN A. KERSHAW Hlaclq' SUEANN MARY KIRBY "Suv" G. A. A. ARLETTA IOANNI2 KLAGIQS II. H. S. Playcrsg Tri-Yg Ilnml CLARIGH LINN KNUTSIZN "Kuy' Frcnch Club: Stuclcm Council: G. A. A 1 I fir , ll'lARRH:D "lcv-ll," CHESTITR IIONALIP KOISIQI. "Chf'f" IIARIIARA MARION KOCH "Barb" Latin Clulwg G. A. A. IOSFPH FRANK KONITZKI "loc" Basketball: A Cappella: Vicc-Pros. Senior Class Student Council ARTHUR H. KOI'I"ERDAI.Ii "Html" GLORIA IT. KORTIZ 'IK0I'k1'C" Gorman Clulvg G. A. A. IZIJYVARIJ P. KOTISLITS "Katz" Football VIRGINIA MAIQ KRUNNFUSZ "Ginny" Trcblc GLORY MAE KRUSF "Glo" Gorman Club: Orchcstra: A Cappella MARY FLLIQN KUGATH "K1rgic"' O. A. A.: Crmimcrcial Club IOSFPH C. LADD "lor" Class Council: Ii Clulsg Pres. Claw in Suph. year ROBERT G. LAFORCIQ "FI'f'rlc'hy" Mirmr Staff: Spanish Club LOIS LOUISE LAMP "Lo" G. A. A.: Tri-Y IIOROTIIY IIEAN LAVVRENCI2 "Dash" Tri-Y: G. A, A. SHIRLEY ANN I.IiIiI5IIAIVi "Sul" Tri-Y RICIIARI7 MYRON LEHMAN H,lllj'l'0lln Hi-Y: Ilancl: Student Council VIVIAN LIZMKIZ "If'iz"' A Cappc-lla: Orchcstra: Sr. Litcraturc club KIiNNI'1'I'Il l.lIil7'I'l'Z "Kfnt'1"' IIQRRY Ii. LINIPIIERG "l.fl1rfy" Track: Plmtngraphcr for Maroon: Ii Club I HELEN LOUISE LOEK Aculiamc Spanish Club IJELORES MARIE LOIIBAUER "Dc" A Cnppclln Qc sq I nv xg- E -ic : Q 95 5 it "I" ... CT 252 : E U gi ' ,,. In ...,. 73 55 Q CC , .4 2-1 ' 'fi 277 f'5 'I FQ W P! if EE . 'L lf gd :ig 5 QZ FTF 2 E3 545 QQ 5 U-2 A: 'G 5'-4 N: l Q S ES Q: 2. 5 2 f TANTFMQRD 75:5 KEBWEIEE .4 li'-I-'5 DAVID IIALL LONNQUIST "Dali" IILIIMI D U IOYCE ELAINE MASON G. A. A.: Acolinn MARILYNN MAE MASSA ".XI1'kr" Mirror: G. A. A.: Band DOROTHY IIZAN ANNIE MAYER "Dolly" Ucrmun Club ELOISE ARI WINE McCLOUD "Do1ly" BARBARA IEAN MQGINLEY "BI1rl1" CDFCIICSIFLI GEORGE CHARLES MEAIJOVVS "ltr" Mirror SIQIIII Victory Corps MARY ESTIIER MEADOWS ".'IIw1,fr" G. A. A.: Tri-Y: li. II. S. I'Iuycrs CAROLYN ANN MENKE "Connir" Tri-Y FRANCES ELAINE MEYER "I7m11111'c" 31 Seniors Seniors GLORIA GERMAINIQ MICIIIiL A Cappella MARGARIQT .-XRLIQNIC MILLICR "l'z'ggy" A Cappella: Stumlwnl Council MARILYN SUE MILLICR "Sur-2 Cl. A. A. XVARRIZN RICIIARII MOGLICR "Hog" IJOUGLAS IQIJXVARIJ MOIQLLIQR "Dong" Golf' I2 Club: Claw Council IUNI2 MORSE LORRAINIE IANICE MORGAN "R.11'11ir Slumlcnt Council: Cirb Club Council 'rl-idx' G. A. A.g Tri-Yg Sr. Liu-raturc Club FARI. LICONARIJ MUIi'I"I'IiR'l'IICS ".II11t1" Ii. II. S. I7lllI'CI'SC Iiaskctball: Iunior anml Scmor Plays DORIS LOUISIQ IVIUSIKICII CI. A. A. DFLXVIN SIMMONS NEIL "Del" Banclg Student Council MARGIZNIZ RUTII NICRGIQ ".Ill1rgf"' MARGARIYI' Llili NISS ".IIl1rgc GLORIA GAYLIQ OGIPICN "Og" G. A. A.: Clans Councilg Sr. I.IICI'2llllI'k' Club DELORYS OLIVE OKERSON "Dre" P.. H. S. I"laycrsg Sr. Literature Club: Maroon Staff ICLAINE BIZTTY O'MAI.I.EI' G. A. A. ROBIiR'l' LOUIS PAULUS "Bal," I Sr. Litcraturc Club: German Club: Stu- dent Librarian RICHARD E. l'IiCK "Dirk" Debate: A Cappella: Spucch MILTON GIiORGIi PICIJIHRSON "Milf IDITHCII Club ,gb AC 2.1-7 lk' 5-'X Qv 3 . I 'uv l N1 X 14 LZHARLIQS IIIQRMAN l'I'.I'.I.YfR "!.'f1m lfmrllxlllz Slide Rule Clulw IOHN ClIARl.l-IS l'IiNNlAI.I. Tennis LORIQN IQIISON PERKINS "l'l'lIky' Iffmllmll: 'l'r.u'k: IC Club IRIQNV, I,UL'ISI2 l'lf.'l'IfRSIJORlf "Ir1kir" CIIARLIQS FLOYD l,lf'l'V.RSON Hffflff SIUKIFIII Council Ql'ru.j: Rumi: I,I'1lll1.lllC" ICNIMA LOU I'IlIl.ll'S Tri-Y: Cl. A. A.: Mirrmu' Stuff VLOYI3 L. l'INGRIlli MARIORIPQ MAH PKZARRU ".H.ll'j" Band: Tri-Y FRANCICS MARY l'I,ACliNClO "Sh0rlic G. A. A.: Slulc Rulu Club .AUIPREY IAYNF l'RllflQNl'l'f ".l111f" Iuuim' und Snuiur Class Plum RIiT'l'Y IANIZ RAIKIC "Im11r1ir" G. A. A. VICRNA ROBIQRTA RADIJE G. A. A. IRIS ANN RAIIN "I" li. A. A.: Truhlc IOHN RORIiR'l' RAHN "luhm1y" Truck: Scniur Cl.1w l'l.n: li Club I.URRAINli III-1l.l",N RAKOW "l.uinir' ARLENIC RUTH RAYWUUIJ IZILIQEN RIZIDY Ulc!'Uil'H Ci. A. A.. Tri-Y RICIIARIJ LARRY RIKIQR "Dick 1 ll.: 'Ji Eifwr N-'lc' cfld' 'Z - wa IANE ANN RIPPBERGER "Rllf7f7" Student Councilg Tri-Yg Spanish Club IRVIN GLENN ROBERTS "Irv" Slide Rule Club STANLEY E. ROCI-Ili , "Red Slide Rule Club 4 RICHARD VV. ROCKENBACH "RaL'ky" HW, F. F. A.3 Football: Wrestling 6 Q ACG D HOWARD EUGENE ROGERS "Tomi" . 'vs 7 CN IOYCE VIRGENE ROMEIS "Joy 'lri-Y, E. H. S. Players GNVENDOLYN IANE ROSIER "Gwynne" Mirror Staffg Forensics: Latin Club PHYLLIS IEAN ROULEY "Phyl" G. A. A.g Band: Tri-Y DORIS LILLIAN ROWE Spanish Clubg Sr. Literature Clubg Fu ture Teachers Club BETTY IEAN RUDOLPHI "Barr" G. A. A. ROBERT G. RUFFIE "Ruff" Hi-Yg Maroon Stuffg Band JANE VICTORIA SAMUELSON "Ianie ELEANOR M. SCHAAF "SrhaafIc"' E. H. S. Playersg French Clubg Tri-Y ROBERT WILLIAM SCHEITLIN "Bob" Projection Clubg A Cappellag Boys Science Club MARGARET A. SCHERSCHEL "shud G. A. A. CHARLES E. SCHMIDT "Chuck" FLORENCE BETTY MAE SCI-IMOLDT German Clubg Verse Speakingg G. A. A. MARLENE MARION SCHUETT "Marty' G. A. A.g Tri-Y 34 Seniors ROY WALTER SCHULTZ ROBERTA HELIQNE SCOTT "Ci1z1m1'u" Student Council: Tri-Y: Latin Club ROBERT GLENN SHIRLEY "Squirrrl" Football: Wrcerlingz Tumbling CHARLES ALllliRT SIIOOP "Chuck" Hi-Y: Music: Athletics MIQRLIN G. SHULL IR. A Cappella: Iunior Class Play: Spanish Club MARGIF LOUISE SIURSETH "Bi1f'y" Ii. H. S. Players: Iunior :incl Senior Clas. Plays VVILIBIQR CIiORCli SMITH "Sn1i!ty' Stuclcm Council: Fresliman Ensemble: A Cappella DOROTHY MAE SORENSEN "Dot" A Cappella: Tri-Y: Mask and Bauble HENNY SORENSON Banclg Tri-Yg German Club PHYLLIS ANN SOUIRES "Phil" Maroon Stall: E. H. S. Players: Mask and Ilaulile IACLYN NAN STALFN "liek" A Cappella: lunior and Senior Class Plays: Student Council BETTY LOU STANFILL "Lou" G. A. A. GIQRTRUDIE DORIS STEELE lKGFI'fiF" C. A. A.: Mirror Stal? BARBARA ELIZABETH STEFFIQN "Surf" Senior Class Play: A Cappella: Mirror Staff I MARIAN RUTH STFFFAN "Std" F G. A. A.: Tri-Y: E. H. S. Players DONALD P. STROHM "Zon1lvir" Football: Ii Club: Iiancl llliA'I'RlCli LOUISIZ STROMING "Bm" IQ. A. A.: liaml 35 BETTY CLARICE SPFLLMEYER .T ,,. . . Seiniinirs DONALD Ii. S'I'UI7liIiAKIiR "Snmgz"' LUCILLIQ Ii. STL'If.R'4IiI3IiCKIiR "limi" MARCARITI' ANNIC S'I'UMl'If "Sully" Murmni Skill-I Stuzlcnt I.IlTI'LlI'I.llIC Ccrmgin Club LORIZNE NOIIRLY SVIQNIJSHN NSll'l'!'IIj'H G. A. A.g Trcbli-3 Sr. I.itumtl1ru Club PAUL N, SVICNIUSHN "Sl4'1'1ff"' VVi'cstling: IC Club: Score Iinqinl Opcrnliir III'i'I"I'Y ANN SXVANSON "Brie" Latin Club: A cI1I17llCllII1 'I'riAY HIZLIEN I. TAYLOR Music EUGIQNIQ IOSIQPII TIZRMINI ".IIillin" Iirmtliailli Mirror Stull.: Ii Club IIOWARIJ MAX TUI7'I,IfL "Top" ROBERT ANTHONY TOROK "Hoff" IUNE MARILYN 'IRAUB G. A. A. RAYMOND G. TRAUI4 "Ray" Iiamilg Vlfrcstlingz Orclimtrn XVALT C. 'I'RIilIlliR "l1111ioV' IACQUI-ILYN IO ANNE TRIQVINO "I:n'qI4li!"' Iunior :mal Senior Plays: Tri-Y: Spanish Club PAUL BILL TURNIQR HHIYIIFII AIU.-T" Fuutluill: Sluclvm Cnuncil: Ii Club DONALD A. TURNQUIST HTIII'IIj", E Clubg Slllllblll Council: Truck DORIS ANN 'I'URNQUIS'I' "lJw'1'1"' Sr. I.itcrzituru Club: G. A. A.: Mannion Stuff MILIJRIQIP I-II.IZAliIi'I'H TYSVICR "Milly" Latin Club M3 is 45 --.5 5 x , - , wi - , ar. x.:l i y X,- ,H IIYAN MARION VALIZNTINIZ "I'ill" Iuniur :intl Si-niui' Class Plays: A Ciippcllnz Tri-Y ARLICNIQ IIliLIiN VAN Al.S'l'INli "Mc" Rillc Club IQIAVYN lf. VON IHXNKIQNI "El WILSLEY EARL VOSS "lI'c.-" Stuclcnt Cuuncil: Pmicctiun Club: Laltin Club DONALD XVILLIAM XVAACK "lI'mkn" lrzickg A Cappella: li Club GLORIA AMIQLIA VVACKIQR IOAN l5LAlNli WAIIL "lo" G. A. A. ROSE CLARA YVALIDIXUSER German Club Vw'ILI.IAM M. YVARNICR "RHI Mirror Staiflg Sliilt- Rulc Club: Intriunuml sports XVILLIAM S. YVARNIZR "I.1'fly" Mirror Stuff: Latin Club GLAIJYS LOUISE WASCIIHR HBIIJIIIIIAIC' Library Club: G. A. A. SHIRLIQY MAIC NVHIIII "Sflirf Iiil. of "Spring Rcigmu: Sr. I.iti-r:iIurt- Club IOSICPII R. NVEIIJNIQR "fat" Pmicctirm Club: Sr. Sxilcs Coin. MIICIIIZLL VVIQISNIQR ".llfkF" Mirrur Stuff: Student Council: Sr. Sales Com. ROGER ll. WIQNIYI' IJOROTIIY L. WERFELMANN "Dol" Girls Club Cnbinct: A Cappella FLORENCE CAROLINE YVIQRNIZR "FIU" Latin Club: G. A. A. DONALD VVICSTIIIIAL "Dull Football: li Club: Ili-Y .SQ - lA1gQ!1Av Quzu gg 20 D1 Sbhsbfl N of 1'ir11irz'd WARREN CHARLES Al.l5RlGll'I' "Bud" FLORENCE ISAIKELLE EDWARDS "Penny" DELORES CAROLYN Fll.l.MORli "De PHILIP GULDICNSTEIN RAY IIEIDE THOMAS LANGHORST VVILLIAM FREDRICK MYERS "Bill" ELEANORE HELEN WETZEL G. A. A. EILEEN ROSE WEWETZER "l::iz"' G. A. A.g Tri-Y: GI-rman Club NIOMA VIOLA WHEELER "Ni SHIRLEY MAE WHEELER "Sl1ir'l" G. A. A.g Tri-Yg Spanish Club DAVID C. VVHITCOMI5 "Dave" CAROL R. VVILIIARM "Prim Iuninr Class Play HARLAND K. XVILHARM "Gus" CARL WINSTON WILLIAMS "lVlII!1l'C'U Proicction Club WILLIAM DALE WILSON "Bill E. H. S. Players: A Cappella: Hi-Y MARGARET MARIE WOLD "llI41rg" LA RAY I. VVOODS "Splin1cr" EDWARD THOMAS YAEGER "Ed Class Council: Sr. Sales Com. IRENE G. YORK "Cookie" G. A. A. GENEVIEVE B. ZORNOW "Ginny" A Cnppcllag G. A. A. BETTY ZWICKY "Zwifk German Club: G. A. A. THOMAS FRANKLIN PARKER "T" IOSEPH G. SAVAGE "foie" GLEN DALE SPERRY RICHARD H. STARK "Dick" WILLIAM SUNDERLAGE "Bill" IOHN COLIN WERRBACH "Blau-ky" FRANK VVILKEY I SERVICE BOYS By the time the Maroon went to press April I, these boys in the class had already entered the armed forces to help preserve our World tor all people and to make possible for future highschool students the opportunities now available. SERVICE MEN OE l945 ROBERT ALLERTON FRED BARTH ,,,,,,, GAIL BRONSON ,v,,,, HAROLD BRYANT ,,,r,,, ....Y.,,,NAVY ....,...,NAVY NAVY ,,,,r,.,,NAVY WILLIAM DEARLOVE .,......,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, NAVY EDWARD DEMMIN . ,.,, , RICHARD FRICKE .,,,., NORMAN FUGATE ...,.,. CHARLES GARRETT AIRCREWMAN ARMY ARMY ,,,,,,,,,ARMY WILLIAM HERRIN ..,..,..,,, ,,Y,,,,,, N AVY HOWARD KOPPERDALE ..,Vv,,, Y,,Y,,,Y N AVY EDWARD KOTELES ,,,,, NAVY PAUL TURNER KENNETH LIEPITZ ....... Seniors GERALD LINDBERG ,,,,Y.,.,l. ..V,.,,,,,,, N AVY IOSEPH LADD ..,,,,, EUGENE MANLEY ,r.,,, RICHARD MANN ..,,,,.. PAUL NAGEL ....... STANLEY ROCHE ,,,,,.,, DALE SPERRY ...,...,........ DONALD STUDEBAKER PAUL SVENDSEN ,,,,,,,, AIRCREWMAN ,,,,,,,rr,NAVY NAVY ARMY MARINES .....-...NAVY . ,,,,.,,,,, ARMY ,,,,,,,,,,NAVY EUGENE 'IERMINI ,Y.,,Y,,Y,, COAST GUARD RAY TRAUB ....,,, .,.,,,,,,,MARINES ,,,.,,,,.,COAS'I' GUARD E E S E E E E E E 5+ W C :Qs Harry Graves oe H114 a Graves ludy Graves Plullv Adarns 1 B Curiss E11 n Curtis 111111 Reynold Bar aw Adams CHAQACTERS Earl Muetterties Bill Wilson Audrey Preignitz fThurs nightl lacky Trevino Carol Wilharrn CFr1 nightl laclyn Stalin Marge Syurseth Roy Morkerno lean Valentine Dick Scheele Merlin Shull We tern Union Boy Bill Wilson N' rrl Feubach Howard Gudernan Ste ling Brown CThur rughtl lohn 1-leisten CFU nightl Douglas Moeller Albert Kennedy B111 Wilson Tornmv Arbuckle Gordon Abbott Charles CThurs nightl Douglas Moeller CFU nxghtl lohn Heisten Henry Dick Lehman ln the spring ot 1944 the class ot 45 chose llunior Miss' as their first play. The play told ol a young highschool girl and all her troubles including her ophicticated sister. Under the capable direc- tion ot Miss Marge Biersach this play demonstrated the talent to be found in the class ot '45. - if ' 'Zi 1" ' ' 'J 'J J mg .Lf .sir , if-l .1 -""- .X " ' 1 '1 ifoixrts' -Sf -A 1 t 1 .rx pn- .:i"f11 1511. 1 'F -'I .Fl '- 'jk . fini' yu. . ,.,. N 51 ' + fs' Am- , . 1 J ., s i V V h ' . Grace Graves ,,,,., . , , ,, Connie Bendewald ,, . , . Lois ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.. . , , , .. i, ,........ , , e ' s ,,,,,,,,,,, H H' 's s ,...,,,,, , ' u 1, , ,,A, 7 AY,Y,,,A,, ,, , , ' N 'Q ,e i ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,, r ' s,...... ' Q .' . . . . 1 C 1 5 C , 1 .XXL Mabel Clark Connie Bickell ,,,,, ,, Sue Lamb . . Carrie Evansw, Sally Barton ,,,,,,A.A,, Steve Hamlcnd ,,,, , Midge Saunders ,, Buddie Walters Lucy Parker , Ann Rogers Andy Saundersn, Thompson .,.,,,,. Bill lanes ,,., .. Miss Fielding ,,,,.,, McFarland ., . CHARACTERS ,,,,Audrey Preignitz Connie Bendewald . ., Marge Sjurseth Iackie Trevino lean Valentine ., .,,,,,,, Earl Muetterties Patricia Dougherty . , ,, Bill Wilson ,,,. Iackie Stalen ,..,,,Barbara Steffan ......,,,Gordon Abbott ,..,,.Y,,,,,,,,,,lohn Hahn , ,,,, Charles Peterson ,,,,..,,.,,,,Eleanor Schaaf Howard Gudem an For the senior play the class ot '45 presented "Sky- road," a very modern story of the trials and romances connected with a smaller commercial air line. The play took place in the stewardess lounge of a municipal airport. Miss Marge Biersach was the able director. lt was the first time in the history of the school that a class presented a play that had a complete sellout the first day. 4l Class of 11946 Firsf row: li. Abbott, T. Arlormxln. Il. Ahrcm, ll. Amlcrson I. Anmlcraon, R. Anmlcrxon, I.. Amlrcscn. IJ, Amcl, L. App M. Aschcrmgm. A. Atchison. Srfwzd row: I. Axfonl, II. I4.lgIcx'. C. linrnctt. R. I5g1rl1hg1rt V. B.llll11Q1ll'U1CI', S. Hqlvlmgln, Ii, lhylcss. Il. Hchrcm. V. Bel lows, li. lkclslmw, R. licnm-lt. Tfzirrl mm: A. Berg, I.. I4Cl'l1.l. IJ. IIIR'f1IL'I11LlIlI1, R. Bilomly S. Bittingcr, B. IIIZIRUIIIAIII, li. Houhning. ll. Iiochning. I Bocmnn, B. Beck, Il. llottvrmgln. Ifazrrfh row: R. Hom-ron, C. Black, I.. Ilrvnmr, M. Bridge O. Britton, Ii. lirockcr. P. IIFHIIILIIL M. Brown, I'. Brown I. Brlllmkcr, Il. Iiruncmgm. lfifllz rruzf: G. Bfjillll. C. IILICCIIU. IS. Iiurrnastcr. M. llurnimlgc A. Carlson. Sixlh row: D. Carlson. M. C.lrIson, I". C.urm-5, G. fj.ll'IYL'I'lIL'f A. Cntnvu. Szwvzzfb raw: H. Cquvitt, ll. CI14ur5'. IP. Christcmcn. IC. Cllrix tialnscn. I. CoIlins. Ifigflfh rmv: P. Cmgroxc. A. Crcul, 'I'. Crcmcr. II. CYICIIIHII F. Curcc. Ninih raw: I. Duck, ll. Hum-I, C. Iicwm, M. llicrking I". Dictcrich. Tenth 1'0lt'I B. llohm. U. Dmxxl. M. llurz-lock. R. Iiycr Enrdlcy. l:'lf'1'fz11h rozv: H. lilkins. I. lilliott. G. Iilliott, C. limmcrt I. Everett. l"ll'.fl rrur: C. Iirxin. D. Ifcrriss. Il. I3nrIIng. IF. IJLITIICX I". I"r1lcrImkc. I. Ificrkv. I.. Ifillmorc. S. Fixclwr. R. Ifm-II I7. I"uIL'X'. M. I7l'IsIvy'. Srmzlfi l'Ul1'f If. Khmlu, II. Gnrlmrvclmt, I. ULIIILIQIICF, I.. fI1II1Il'I' R. Garrett. I.. Ggntnku, XV. fIQ'I'IX'I', R. Gcrlwring, I3. Gcisku I'.. IIIII. In Cmrnnm. 'I'f1ir4l r'ru4': NV. Graf. II. CIYAIIII. S. Grams, R. Grunt. C. Griffin I. Grilmw, G. Kimh. I. Ciupluil, I'. GL1sl.1I'mn, I.. Klux R. II.ms. 1-'Um-fl: mfr: I. Ihflllick. I. lI.nIig.1s, I.. II.1Ivu-rwn. P. II-lINl'INIl'l' I.. II.msmg. IU. Ilnrchng, II. II.u'Imv. Ia. Ilnrncy. M. IIQIVIAIN IW. II.ll'I'INHI1. C. II.1rtm.1nn. 1'lflfl mu'.' I. II.Illx'I', I'. III-1IIvIanIc, S. III-4IIwl.uIc. I.. III-IIIL I.. Ilvllmuxh. Sl'.I'f0 r'nn': S, IICI'ITl'l'I. I. IIn'l'n.1IuIc'l. M. IIcmI4I, If. IIIII M. II1Itun. S."1'.f'11rl1 mfr: C. Ilipplc. I. Ilipplv. P. Ilingc. R. IIitzum.m I'. I IuIIimI.ly'. 'fl-Qflffl mn? N. IIuIIicI.1y. QX. IIuIm.m. S, Ilulmgrcn, I. IIUIU 5. IIUIIZ. .Yinlfi rrur: IJ. Ihyppur. G. Ilmt. li. IILII'I.mTLIlICl', A. Iluglm R. Ilulkc. 'llwllz mfr: I.. IIILI. Ii. Inlmkv. C. Icnny, K, Icnny, M. Icpsnn lilcrrrzrh rnrr: M. Iullnwn. Ray Iulmson, Roy Iuhnson, Icy Iulmstun, Iuycc Iullnstnn. Class mf IIQMII6 lffr,-'f l'lIlt'f II. Inncs, II. Kqmppcn, N. Kcungu1, II. Kullrnlwrgnr, I, Kt'IIt'I1ITL'l'gL'I', I.. IiL'IIl'IlI3L'FQt'I'. II. KUIIL-y, II, Kvlwy 'I. Kcnurling, M. KL-rcllcr, D. Kirk. .Ynmnl I'fll1'f A. KIcil1ScI1lnimIt, A. Kobe-I, A. Knclalur, C.KruI111kL' M, Knnnlm-r, I. Krgnnf.-V, I. Kr.1mfr, R. Krxnncr. I.. Kr.unk.l, I, lun-grr. R. Kl'lu-gcr. T0n'1frr1n'.' W. Krmgur, I. Krumm, M. Kun-stncr. Ii. Kuwlnniry A. I..llIXVl-2, II. I.LII,1L'INIIllIlI. Ia. I.aIIcy, .-X. Lungs, I'. I.llI'lQl', S, I..m,Qr. I.. I.1uwn. lfnnrffz I'llIl'.' M. I.Qlll4IC'l'lIilIL', I. Lawson, I.,I..1wwn, Y. I.cI1mg1nn I. I.c'nncr, Ii. I.cnn.mI, I'. I.itvmI, L. Lufgrcn, V. I.nI1lv.1uc1', Ii. I.'lI'AlIlIL, I.. Lorvnl. 151110 l'UIl'.' K. I.ynn, M. Munn, V. Martin, .-X. RILINKIII, I. IXI.lIIlwnIl. Shih rrflrx' U. Mglycr. 'I'. McI4riuIC, I7. McCallum. II. IXICC4ll'IIl5, .-X. Nhlillr. Sr'1'r'11fh l'1ll1'.' M. Mcl7un.lI1I, Mdiill, II. Mclimw, I. MrI.n.ln. M. Mc1I.uu. lfigblfl l'fm'.' C. Mchllmcrg, I.. Mcnkc. If. Mcrlak, M. x'IL'IL'I' R. Mr wr. Niufh NIMH' II. Mick, N. Mick, D. Miles. I. Mink. I.. Miasvlc. Trulll mir: M. IWWIIL-1', V. Moody, R. Muulh-r, C. Mullin, N. Mvcrs. l:'l1'1'r'11lh rnur C. NnyIor, R. Nelson, I. Ncrnw. IJ, Ngukmn I. Nimll. u I ol I-nl-'I wut XV. NcimIi'rI. I. Nuril, IJ, Ourgi-I. A, Ohwn. M. OIIIX 5. Olwn. K.. Urhiin, I.. I'.lci-, I. Piippgis, R. I,illIIllx. IJ. I'i'nni4iII Samui rout M. Pcrkim. I.. I'nti-mlorf. G. l'vu-m-li, Ii. I'i't4-mm I. I'utL-rmii, If. I'IIccIi-rvr, I.. Pnllwurtli, II. IMUI, I.. I'i'cwIii-r, R. I'urkci', I. Rgikuw 'l'ln'r11' frm! M. Rciizcr, R. RicIiiiriIs. R. Rim-ukmiin, II. Riikn-ii M. Rillis. Ii. Ruhr, N. Rumcis. L. Rmmm-I. S, Rinli M. Rubens. I.. Rimi-II lffmrflz ww: I. Rust. XV. Sqlurr, R. ScIi.n-tIcr. R. SuI1.ili1Is.irIi Ia. Schmidt, I. Sclimiahkc. F. Scliouk, I. SuIir.i4Ii'r, I.. Si'Iir.uIi'i' I.. Schock, I'. ScIiruciIi-r. lflfllz row: II. ScI1rm'aIcr. M. Schuh. IP. SCIIIIIII. I., Srhultf Ii. Sdiuctl. Sixth IYJIUI R. SuhuiIt, II. Sflm M, Sh:iIL's. Srzwifh 7"lll'f V. Sharp. II. R. Sistc. lfighllz I'Ull'f IJ. Siumih, R. ID. Smith. Xinrli mm: F. Smith. I.. Spencer. xirlx. N. Schw.irfw.lIcI4-r. IC. Slmh-5 Sliuiinin, II. Sliwmlw. II. SIUIIM Siiiiu-mIm't'. .X. Smith. II, Smith, Smith. S. Smith. U, S1i.ir.u1iu Tfllffl raw: M. SINlI'I'SIIl.lIl, N. SINIVISIIIIIII. M. Sniiicix I.. Sorcnmn. N. Stutfnn. l1IIl'l'l'lIf!I row? M. Stcltncr. R. Stcwnrt. .X. Stmiv. II, Sliiiu, L. Stuwr:II. Class nf H9416 Ifirfz row: M. Strnhl, ID. Struhing, I. Struvc, R. Stumpf, B. Sutcr, R. Svenclsen, C. Swanson, D. Swenson, D. Swenson, L. Swinycr, D. Switzer. Scfond row: A. Taylor, B. Terry, E. Thomas, L. Thrum, C. Thurnuu, M. Tobler, B. Towncr, M. Tracy, E. Treclup, I. Tremcl, G. Tyson. Tlrirn' row: M. Umlerwuger, D. Van Buren, C. Van Fossnn, G. Varney, D. Villzlrs, G. Vitalcs, M. Vollmcr, I. Wagner, M. Wahlster, M. Warner, R. Wuschcr. Fonrfh row: C. Waterman, G. Watson, I. Watson, D. Wcclclle, M. Wells, H. Wendt, I. NVentworth, L. Westberg, M. Wctzcl, W. Wheeler, W. VVhitc. Fifth row: V. Wicldcr, A. Wicwcl, R. Willmrm, A. Wilkcning, G. Wilkus. Sixth row: B.VVill, B, VVille, B. YVilliums, S. VVilliams, A. YVillis. Srrfnzh row: N. XVilsnn, P. XVilsun, R, YVolfe, R. VV00ds, C. Young. Eighffz row: 17. Zenk, Ii. Ziegelbein, N. Ziegler. l"ir.ff mu: WV. Abts, B. Ahlc, L. Allen, B. Anderson, B. Andcrmn. SI't'Ul11f rum: U. Andcrson, M. Andres, E. Andrews, B. App, E. Arps. Tlzirrl row: R. li11ll111ai1, I. Barton, I. Baustert, B. Becker, C. Ik-ck111an. Frmrflz I'!Ill'f I. Rvcckc11, B. Brhm, L. Behrens, M. Behrens, 15. Brill. lfliflfl wut A. l31111l1c1', M. Bcndcwald, D. Bcnkart, M. Bcrkc, L. liwllstcill. Sl'.l'fh ruff: D. RiL'iL'I'llJL'l'g, P. Bittingcr, II. Blacl-u111111, D. Blay, In. I-klay. S!'I'l'llf6 rout M. Brian, II. Boki-I111111111, G. Buns, 'l'. Bongard, H. limmlll. Iiiglzfb row: li. Bortcr. N. Bl'illl1l11Cl', N. Brinkman, A. Britton, li. Ihicclic, L. BllCili1.'l', B. Burke, I. Burns, I. Burton, ll. Byrd, L. Ca11111l1rll. Nmrh rmv: A. Carey. I. Chailcu, D. Cl1ap111a11, I. Chapman, L. Cliastainc, I. Chcpcrka, I. Chiriclcison, D. Chovinard, IS. Chris!cns11n. D. Christvnscii, I. Christensen. Tenth row: F. Ciaccu, R. Citizen, B. Coates, P. Coffey, I. Cullins, C. Conway, P. Crunk, P. Crane, I. Crawford, N. Crichtun, V. Cruwfoot. l:'lc'1'r'l1tf1 mu! C. Hack, M. Dahlgren, R. Daly, B. Damisch, I. Davis, R. Uccgan, I. I7cLcon, B. Davat, I. Dswccs, IB. Dullvy, I. Donlca. Class nf 19417 3 3 nv Class of 11947 Iflrxl l'Ult'I U. Ilnpkc. G. Downs, I. I'3o3'lC, lJl'if-cull, L. Dunn Srmuzl row: M. Iyllflhllll, P. Iigullur. D. Hlxv.ml5. F, Fiklnr C. liisclcf. Tfzizvl mzw: P. If1'1m'l. R. Iilllstglml, H. Fnrncy, H, Fc-hlmgln Ci. Fpllmvs. I"r11n'fh 1'rm'.' I.. I7m'wicl'. I.. I:1L'IChL'l'. O. lfhrrcs. ll. Flrmul lf. lfcmsrcr. Ififlh l'Ull'f R. I-'nwh'r. R. F1'vs1vl'icksnl1. D, Fl'iul111g1l1. lf. Muricl H. Uglllllvffk. Al.Yf!I row: P. C9.1lI4ugl1cr. M. Cinrrimn. D. Ciclnlnmqlwvr, CS. Uillwrt C, ffi1lllll7CHLlC1l. Sc'1'f'11ff1 mfr! Il. Uivrtz. V. Gig-rtz, P. Giffnrml. S. flilllhbl' W. Gimhcr. lffgbfh r'rm': M. Glam. V. CJlimcl1mI:m1'f, If.. c:UIlll'I1NIL'iIl. R. Guulml A. C-rzlf, B. bmi, M. 111111. lu. lmly. fl. C.1'vc11c. Il. ifrnffntll R. Ciriffctll. Avfllfh wmf: M. Gruth. I.. Gun-rnn. I. Clurnurt. R. Hans, IJ. Il.nn I I M. Hnnsing, N. Harding. B. Hnrrimn. I. Hgluptly, l. Haul M. Heaton. Tfwffz mu! IJ. Hcbcifcn. S. Heine. C. Henning, I4. H1-nkc, N. Ilcrnnndcz, T. Hill. ID, Hitxumtlm. Ii. Hfmffnngnn, C. Huff' nmnn, D. Hoffman, L. Hokc. l:'lv1'w1fl1 raw: R. Hnldun. I.. Ilulnmquist. R. Hfnnuth. I.. Hupp I I. rluyc, If. l'lLlIlY'.'l', M. Ilycs, ll. lsclwrg, Ii. lvus, M. Ixluwls I. lucolms. I'1I'I'.ff rum: S. I.lhnkv, IP. Icsxicn, N. Iulmwn, R. Iulmsun W. lulmtwn. I4 IHl'lIllI1, Il. IUl'j.fl'lI5A'Il, S. KLlIlIK'l1IX'l'gL'I' G. K.umm'x'rr. I. Kapprn, I, Kxlppvlm, R, Kzlptnin. I.. KKx.lI'I1j' Sf-4-mul wmv: ID. KL-cgnn, Ii. Kcllcnlwrgcr, Ii. Krndull. I1.KimmcI A. Klnpp. IJ. Knruht. M. Knott, C. Knmvlvs. M. Kurtc A. Kr.mk.1, I. Kmut. R. Kmglu, I. Krucgur. Tlxfrfl mum I. Kamhkc. I. I..1mIis. Il. I..mg, I.. I..lll4IL'l'1I.lIL' R, l..m'runcc, D. I.11wwn. I. I..1wmn, Ii. I.LIlU'!l'l'. ID. I.cssI5 C. I.4-xu-r. II. I.imIcr. R. Lind, K. Lumlin. lfozzrflz l'Ull'f XV. Lumlx, II, Mguln-cn, O. Mugcr. li. Mapu I.. INI.u'kvc. A. Mutin, I.. Martin. G. Marlins, S. Mnwn K. Mgltlmrr. G. Mcfklpin, R. Mcllrulc, li. Muifm. l"l',".'fI ww: ID. Mcnxclming, li. hivllgcr, C. Mruscr, Ii, Mikkn-Iwn I. Miller. .Nlrlh l'u1l'J I'. Millx, Il. KIJCK. XV, IXInL'IIc'I'. Ii. Nillflff, Mlvrris X4-11-111fy rr111'.' G. Mnw.ltu, II, N.lXIl!l', C. NUINUI1. G. NVXYIIII. II. YcwIwx. Yi lffgfllh mn .' II. Niulwl. II. NRIIHI. IV. Ni.-lmls. Niv. I. XIII. .xvllfh H1142 R. NUIIUII. NI. UIsul1. OxImL1rnL'. BI. I'.1IxnL'l', O. Iinrix. Tfllfh rfur: Ii, I'u.ux.1II, II. I7L'tICI'SL'll, li. Ikrkim. C, l'1'rk111s If. I'CSIL'I'. lflr'1'z'f110 mir: lf. I'uu-rwn. II. I"ctL':'w11, If.. I'rtc1'wn. IT. Fully. 'If I,IUI'fIl1II'L'l'. CCIIQLSS mf 19417 I ,.. Q l'II'5f rout V. I'I'nrtmilk'r. li. Pillingrr, IJ. Pnfglrrn, lt. P'lu5s P. lkulcrlmky, R. Pruchtr, C. Pricc, S. Rmllntf. IJ. Rzlhn G. Rnnalzlll, P. Rnmlulswn. Srcmnl rf1u': M. Rtincrt. C. Richnrzlmn. V. Ritlingrr, ll. Rngur Ii. Rikcr, F. Rogers, A. Rohlcs, N. Rmborrnlgh, P. Ru cnc I. RuscngnrtIcl1, G. Rutnzmur. Third fwfr: I. Rungc, M. Russcll. R. Rutt. lf. IJ. S1lIl1llCl5Ill1, Ii. Sunclbnrg, A. Sgulculn, I., Snxnn, R. Sczxrhrough, L. sflmf. Sunmplcx R. Snxnn Fourth l'Ull'f P. Schrncclcr, Il. Schubcrt, I". Schuring, li. Stuggin L. Scutt, IJ. Set-Ihoff, M. Scnnu, M. Surin, li. N. Slmlcs, C. Silliman. lfiflfz rum: B. Smith, F. Smith, M. Smith, M. Smith, Sixlll ruff: VV. Sorensen, M. Snuthurtl, P. Sparks, I. B. Spmunholtl. S!'l'!'Ylf6 row: A, Stcclc, Stcttncr. N. Slrwm, li. I. Stutlvr. Eighllz raw: D. SllI'KICl'IIlQL', G. Sunmlcrmnn. ll. A. Swcnsnn, R. Tcws. Ninth row: P. Stewart, I. 'l'h1-Inns, I. Thnrntnn. I, Ii. Timm. Scumlclt-I' U. Small Sprgullin, Stickling Svcr1clm'n I'hrum.m Tenih row: F. Tracy, I. Tremlup, M. Trent, M. Trupp, L. Turnur. E1fl'!'1If.h row: D. Umbdcnstnck, M. Umlcrhill, S. Umlunvugcr, G. Underwood, F. Voight. 1 , l"ir.ft row: I. Wacker, H. Wuldbuscr, R. Wullncc, F. Ward, R. XVashingtun. Srmml ww: G. W4-lah, S. Wcddlc, P. Wcidncr, M. Wcighlmnn, R. VVv:Icl1. Thin! rrmf: IJ. We-mit, VV. XVctzcI, R. Whitcnmb, N. XVhitncr, IJ. Wicklalnd. I"Ulll'I,l row: D. NYicsc, C. XViIcux, B. XVIIKIIILIXCII, C. XViII1lll'l11, Il. Wvilsun. 1'.ff.'h row: M. Wilkcning, R. Wilmn, I. VViris, G. Xvibbilf, NI. XVisI1oI1. Sixth l'!1ll'I A. Witt. I.. Wilt, M. XVitt, M. XVolclwn, T. NVornI- man. Sl'l'l'lIIfl mir: .X. Wright. I. XVright, XV. XVrigl1t, C. XVuthrich, C. Xvylllllll. Ifiglzrh rant F. Young, II. Young, R. Young, B. Zarndt, IJ. ZIL',11CII1CII'l. Ninfh mfr: W. Zin-kvrt, II. Zin-rkc, G. Zook, R. Run, R. Rcicly. Tflllh rout M. Ruwc, C. Rungc, ID. Schcibez, I.. Schroulcr, If. SIlll'5l'III. IfIl'l'l'lIl,l ruff: IT. SmuII. Glass of H948 lfirxt row: B. Aclams, li. Agnew, C. .'xll'l11ll'f, M. Airlmrt, H. Albee, A. Albert, li. Allen, 17. Amlerwn, I. Anmlermn, V. Anderson, B. Anclrescn. Scrnml' row: B. Anllresen, D. Anclresen, R. Anmlrykuwslxi. V. Apgar, R. Bahwell, P. IILIDXVLITI, U. llgnrtels, I.. Barrels, R. Barrels, C. Hutt, H. Becker. Third rum: M. Behling, B. Behrens, S. Bell. li. lieu, IJ. Bennett, I. Bennett, R. Bennorth, M. Benson, PL llergholt, I. llernn, K. Iierna. Fomth rom: Ii. llerner, C. Bickler, N. Biermla-lmnnn, R. llinggn- mun, G. Black, P. Blackman, E. Blum, XV. Buelkrm, M. Bowlcls, L. Hrgmscll, A. Bruckner. Ififlh row: P. Rroeclerdurf, R. Browne, R. IIITIIICIULIII, V. Iluclm- holz, V. Buclmlz. Sixlfz row: R. Hunts, li. cj1ll'1lIV1ll1ilS. I. Cnrlwn. T. Cnw-rms, L, Cavitt. Srwcrlzh I'0ll'f B. CllI'lNlL'l15L'I'l, C. Clwistcmen, C. lflxristinmcn, M. Clark, M. Clute. 1 Eighth row: D. Cunliley, Cumerer, C. Crvlcrml, lf. Cuqllillnrcl, T. Cnrclngzm. Ninfh row: I.. lD2llllSIl'OlN, Il. Iinrnell, C. llny, Il. IM-tlntf, R. Dcwis. Tflllh row: I. Ilicrking, T. llietx. Ci. Dulll. C. llurwulmlt, R. Downer. Elcrrzzfh mu: ll. liiklur, l.. limmcrt. V. lilllllwff. C. lirlalmlsell. I. Ervin. llnifl mfr: I. Iku-rg.ml. R, Iulhrlck, I'. Ifnctlv. R. Iiurchmlml, 'r' 4'r:r1. I 1'r1 u': I5. fI1II'l'ISUIL II. Gaston. I. Gzltlmlnnlm. CI. GIIwIn, l'l1irr1' mir: IJ. Gough, M. Graco, I. Graumlaul, IJ. Gruncmnn. 'rmrllz row: M. II.1nsin5.:. IJ. Ilnmmcr, II. II.u'Iwru, N. II.1rIu'rts. 'ilfh rr'n': S. IIL'i1Icn, Ci. IIcivr, II. Ilrlggrwli. II. IIrIm, 'ighlli l'flll'f Y. Ilu1m'ycl'. S. IImv.1r1I. I.. Ixmul. IR, Icnscn, Ymlll mfr: G, Iirwx. If.. Imwm, IS. IuI1mun, C. IuI1mun, .l'lIllI mu? If, Inlnmm. II. Iuhnwn, I. Iulmwn, NI. Iuhnwn. ID, Ificrkc. Ii. Ifxlwn. I.. Ifinlcy, I'. Firth. N. Iflnry, Ii. Frank, .-X. .Xrfln-r. I. Girilml. NI. Gin-skc, IJ. Gilcs, F. liillw. I. Guilinnu, Ii, Kinlmlstcill, II. Gumlwilm. li. Uu1Icm.m, II. limmfwn. XV. Cilmclmmv, II. Gxllcck, II. CINIIIIIK. BI. IIAIAI5. I.. II.lII. li. IIgu'mn-ning. I. Ilnrriwn, M, IILITIIHAIIIII, Ii. Ilnrvcy, ID. Ilmtings. V. Ilclwiscn. ID. Hrdlvy. ID. IIcrm.1n. " irrfz rnzr: C. Ilundricks. II. lIcroImI, I. IIurrin. I.. Ilsmglnml, I. IIuH'I:lmIc'r. l'l'!IIllI mir: XV. Ilullgmal. M. IIuIm, XV. IInImIu-rg. A. Iiult, II. IIoIt7. Ii. Icpwn. ID. Iulmmmx. S. Iuhnwn. I-ll'l'l'lIIlI mu: I. Iwmw. XV. Inns. Ii. Iurmlsm. I'. IuuI.m. XI. In-vga nmn. 53 CCHQLSS mf' H9418 f'- I x L ms fx ly M lm s lx l4,l11pfll xg 1 lX ls lx 1 ILIIN x lx lllCI1NlxX ru I Q U Y lxa .umnl mu IH 4 xg lx w . W Lx I. , Y 4c"c , IK 'llll'C, .K R. Kun- 'l'fn'r'1 l'I7Il'f '. 'ru I1.lNZ, .Iill5hl11iI'Z, . .L my '. . .' A , Y. .c'iL'lwrg.,. , .LW Ixcsrmr W lung, Kr wr. L. Ku4r'lC0 IJll1j,L', VN. Lanz L-man, D, cnz "r1m'lh r'n11': . l.ir.vsci1l. . .iA1Jr ,. I.incl3,rcn .. f gr 7. f ' . . f U1 , .I.rmfg..rcI R.I.ullfc, R.Mn A ll. M.mlcx'. Ii. Manning. Iflfffz mfr: P. Mnpus, M. N11lI'CllLll'lI, ll. Mnrschkv. N. Marsh Il. Marlin. .S'i.rl6 l'17H'f M. Mqlltucks. U. Muttucks, V. Mau. l.. Mclixvnn U. McRuI1crts. 1 Sz'1'r'l1ll1 mir: 14. Muck, H. Mrnkv. U. Mucwr, I.. Mvycr, If.. Miller. l:'f4q.6rf0 r'ffn'.' M. Miller. M. Millrr. N. Miller. S. Miller, I. Milliknn. Niurl: mm: V. Milchcll, I. Munms. M. Mundy, Ci, Moran C. Mglws. FFCIIIII row: G. Mucllur. U. Myers. M. Myers, I. N.1kcr, C.N.1dcn s l:'lr'1'r'11lh rum: C. Null, K. Nuwcll, G. Nuirfgllisc, NV. Ocrgcl, I. O I.L'AlI'Y dv .4 55 lfirxf rum: M. 0sw.1I4I. If. Utnngvr. II. Ourxtxm-vt, I. I'.u.1r I. ITCIQ. I'. I"'.'LIQ. IVI. I'L'1ln'LI1. K.. I'LKu1wL'l1, M. I'nIL'lNul1 I Y R. Ictmchuw, 0. Icllcticr. Xrmml 1'UIl'f II. l'IIm'gcr. KT. I"Iu-Im. I- Picrcv, N. Vlnggc IJ. Plnllx, I.. I'nlul'. ID. IIITIIIH. I. I'rnu'. Il. Vrnggu. R. I,lll'IiL'f Ii. R.uIlutI. 'l'f1ir'fl1'f1u': I. Run, C. Ra-nfcr. II. Ile-uw, IJ. Ruutrr. R. RICIIIIY INI. Rcnnc, G. Rnlwluins, II. Rm'wIL'r. M. Rfmgorx, I.. RuIIl'xn'I1 S. Roth. 150111-111 wuz' S. Ruth. XV, Rumlulplm. R. Ruxwll. l'. Ruwll I' Rust NI XII lrm N N mm I Nlnuthr R Nlullnn . .,...11Ill'i,...A.' '...1" Iwrgrr. I. SQIMIQ. Ii. ScI1iIIurun. lfiflll mm: I. Sclmlumi, QX. SCIIIIIIII-2.lII. lf. SIIIHIIII. II. Sxlumuhll NI. bclmcuh-r. Sirih mfr: If.. Schull, II. Sdxrgnmllu. KI. SLIH1-ilnr. IP. SxIlllIIl II. Schultz. .N'1'1'1'11lh rnlrh' I. SCIHIII7. N. SCIHIII7. N. SCIIIIIIZ, I'. SIIHIIU R. Schultz. lfiyfnh mir: IQ. Suhulv, C. SCIIIIIIILIIIII. Y. Sl'kIl'IlIYl'I'4Q. M. S1 xr XV. SI1crw:mmI. .xvflllfl mu? II, Siuuuixt, XV. SIIIIIIIHIIN. .X. Siurwl. V. Siurwllx I. StumwuIcI. 'l'r'l1lf1 r'f1n'.' II. Smart, I. Sunlnmvrx. I.. S1lI1ll1Il'I'N. XI. SVIIIIIIILIN I. Staldlur. lflz'1'f'n1l1 J'UIl'f I.. Stnlllmum. R. Smrin. Ki. SIQIIUH. Ci, Su-III-ll I. Stcclc. Glass uf 1943 4 Ifiz-.cf mm: M. Stickling, I. Stunc, I-. Stone, R. Stowcll, L. Stmming, M. Struck, D. Sunclurlagc, M. Swain, M. Swan- son, li. Swcntck, M. Taylor. Second row: D. Tcgtmeicr, R. Thciman, IJ. Tl'1ompsnn, I. Trcamlgill, M. Torling, I. Trcmvl, A. Turner, A. Tutill, D. Tyson, A. Tysvcr, G. Unilcrwuucl. Thirrl row: I. Valentine, I. Van Arsclcll, I. Van Buren, M. Van Kirk, R. Vccc, F. Villcllo, li. Volkcning, V. Voss, L. Wacker, L. VValcl1, F. VValkcr. 170111711 raw: D. VVarrcn, H. XVashcr, I, WVatcrman, C. Wcbc, D. Webber, D. Wcch, C. Wcllnitz, M. Wenzel, W. Wctzel, S. Whipple, ID. White. Fzflh row: D. VVickham, E. Vllilkcning, D. Wilson, L. Wise, C.. Young. Sixth row: S. Young, B. Yunkcr, I. Zicglcr. l"ir.ft mu? IJ. AIIK'I'lIlI1Il. II. Allen, N. .'XmIurwn, I. .'xl1tILT5Hl'I, R. Andrucn. SITUIIII rrmw If. IIJFIILIII. M. II.lllI11Lll1I1. W. II.lllIl1.llII'l, N. Iiuqlw, II. IIIcgn'n. Thin! mfr: II. IIuwkrr, Ii. Ikrmvn, S. Iirumu-r. Il. Iiynl S. Cnllim. Class mf I9 19 Q v , .A L ' I IJUIIVYA nur: Y. Cxxuin. I. Ihvis, I". l3rI.nnL-5. II. IIUTIILIII R. IIIIIIQC. lfllflfl mir: C. I:.I1CI'IILlI'I. C. I".IaIluII7. S. I".nm'. I, I:fL'L'IIILlIl, I. I7rucmIl. Sink mir: I'. Unblcr, R. licl'Iu-rsIil1g. I'. Cirgxlwr, G. GuImIL'11slci11 I.. II.IIllL'INICI'. Sl'I'l'lJlfI mum' I.. Ilnlnclu-tt, I". Ilnrpcr, N, Ilnrx, Y. Ilcrrin ,- .xi Qu' Q 'Htl . , Q., IJ, IIQIIIIIIHCYQ. liigfzfll wir: I. Ilmlgcm, II. lllycs, II. Incksun, I. Igmknnski M. Kramer, I. Knmvlvs. N. Inlmnsun, R. Iuhmtun, A. Kullcnlx-rgcr, IJ. Km-IIuy, R. Kochi Avfllffl mn: II. I,.1IIcx', K. I.41mIwcr, C. I.v.nuI1, I". I.uI1Imucr, I3. Mnalwn. II. Mnrgulin, Ii.MLlFkXX'1ll'lII, I.. Mclnrirv. II. Mick, , R. MQIIIRIUX, R. Miller. 6 Tuul: mm: I. Nutt. R. O'I.c11ry. I. IIIUSLIII. C. Palm. M. l'11ym-, 'x ID. I'vlscI1mv, I. I'rlscImw, M, Plu-Ip., I.. l'I1iIIi1u. W. Pnrtur. II. Rnuach. I:lr1'c'l:l!1 l'UH'f I. 5-ulmni. IX. 5cI1mnII. R. 5-cI1rlrI1ur. M. ScI1uImI, V R. SI14-rwnml. IJ. Slcumgm, II. Sum-mllu. S. Smlt, B. Stn-plmuns. X I.. SIIXIIII. W. StmInn.1i:-r. I xx . I r -1? Q Q Q D Y x' -.lv Q s N 39 -7' X . Q A. 6? il Q Q N 'li E M 4 H.. 7 G 'S' 'lr X My X' LQ x f A J I ' fs x sz ., . B .N Lf gh if' H , ' :Q f 1"fI'A'f row: R. Slfllllll, XV. Surhcr, H. Swgxnsun. lf. 'I'uHL'V. Sflkflllll l'lI!l'f Ii, XVg1sh.1m. P. XV.1l1clmpc. i 'Xi O. Wlu-rlcr, N. Znrmlt 58 Uffirrrf of Cfnx: of I9-16: Ilnmhl XVcmlr. vice-prmialclmt: Ihr- bara Ilurmnsrcr. -ccrvtnryg Chnrlm Orlmn. prcxidcxmtz Mr. XVilsnn, adviser. Offirrrx of Cl.1,:,A of I9-17: Rubcrt McCuy. vice-prcsimlvntz Ruh- crt Fglrncy, prcsimlc-nt: Rnlwrt HL-lam. sccrctnry: Miss IR-tors. zulviscr. Offcrm' of Cfiux of I9-MS Miss YVilsrm, zulviscr: IAIIIICS Gif- ford, vice-prwiclcntz Grunt Strtfnn, prmiclmt: Holly Mnnlvy, SL'Cl'Cl1lI'y. llnlliontors and Wairds DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Agriculture- Norman Eraas Art- Carolyn Harneister Business- Carol Sill, Evelyn Steinman English Barbara Nelson, Mary Lou Rohling, Marjorie Sandberg, Elaine Villars journalism---Shirley Westerbech Speech-La Verne Wilson Foreign Language- Errther Brenner, Amy l-leltzel, Mary Blanche Saxe Lou Rohling, Home Economics- Clothing-Lois Ottinger Eoocls---loan Nelson Industrial Arts- Robert Fletcher Mathematics- Ralph Andreasen, Robert Fletcher ROTARY Four-year awards- Barbara Nelson, Carol Sill Three-year awards- Ioan Apgar, Amy l-ieltzel, Richard Peck, Mary Lou Rohling, Mar- jorie Sandberg, Merlin Shull Two-year awards- Ralph Andreasen, Richard Carl- son, Robert Fletcher, Roy lohn- son, Phyllis Schroeder, Dorothy Switzer, Alice Thompson 59 Music- Rosemary Albertson, Betty Brackett, Marjorie McAllister, Martin Olsen, Carolyn Southard, lanet Stewart, Elaine Villars, Robert Kenyon, Marjorie Sandberg Physical Education- Boys-Karl Plath Girls-loan Apgar, Carolyn Hameister Science- Ray Heinicke, Robert Peters, Grace Szosz Social Science- Ralph Andreasen, Mary Lou Rohling, Blanche Saxe, Carol Sill, Grace Szosz D. A. R. Award- Carolyn lclameister American History Award- Herbert Piper "Twenty-Two" Honor Medals- Carolyn l-larneister, Karl Plath AWARDS One-year awards- B. Stanley Bittinger, Beverly Ble- gen, Miriam Durstock, Edwin Franzen, Helen Garbrecht, Ioy Iohnston, David Knecht, Barbara Leitner, Ruth McChesney, Iere McGill, Alexander Ogoblin, Betty Ohlinger, Herbert Piper, George Sorter, Evelyn Steinman, Theodore Swanson, Carol Thur- nau, Elaine Villars, Richard Wilson l . 'iff k is b ff? gf Q, ' fy Lg " ' , wi iv? -V f :' - - J fav V 9 Wi fi I Q wr-ui'-7-A f W f F35 5 N gm S. 'Q 'RQ-.., 'Q X ,, 1 'g d' W 53 fe 5 ' Barak Two TH T VIITIUES Always interested in all school activities, Mr, Larsen was Maroon adviser for several years and on the Mirror Board. 51 1 wi ... J X " 9 j . '31 z t ff gap t i 4" u,'Kf,i 6 1' ' 's T" A o I V M X. ,P 'fi ' t ,kv nf i out, Qgwam,-.- Student Council UfIfr'r11r: Clinrlcs lhclcrsnn, president: Connie lit-nmluwgilil. secretary: Dick YVilson, U'C1l5lll'Cl'Z luck Rust. vice-prvsirlcnt. The Student Council, representing as it does the entire student body, has tried this year to promote friendliness and co- operation between the faculty and the students. lt has been active in promoting the Community Chest Drive, the Iunior Red Cross, the T. B. and lnfantile Paralysis drives, cmd War Stamps and Bond drives. The Council aided materially in the Sixth War Loan Drive. New this year were the movies during the noon hour, which the Council initiated and continued until spring weather inter- fered. A Council committee worked with a faculty committee to set up the stand- ards for the '44 honor medal awards. The Social Commission has sponsored Cabinet five dances, one with the dramatics classes following the one-acts, "Four Skits and a Skip." The Research Commission has been sending Mirrors to service men overseas and has completed plans for an EHS. handbook, to be printed this summer. From the evaluation sheets one learns that the Assembly Commission has seen that the assemblies have been interesting and worthwhile. The Victory Corps has sold War Stamps and has brought the Service Flag up to date, besides aiding in the Sixth War Loan Drive. Officers of the Council have been Charles Peterson, president, lack Rust, vice-president, Connie Bendewald, secre- tary, and Dick Wilson, treasurer. DON ANSEL VIRGINIA APGAR HELEN BLACKMAN VIRGINIA BECK BILL BECKER CHUCK BECKER CONNIE BENDEWALD DOUG BIELENBERG BARB BURMASTER IACK CHAPMAN BOB CHRISTENSEN ELEANOR DAVIS PAT DOUGHERTY DON DUVAL IIM DUSEK BOB FARNEY VIRGINIA FLETCHER ED FRANZEN RONNY FOELL ARTHUR FUNK RUSS GELDMACHER Commission Heads COUNCIL MEMBERS DICK GRAFANA HOWARD GUSTASSON LENOTA HANCHETT PEGGY HINES IACK HOYE IOAN IOHNSON ROY IOHNSON DOYLE IONES SHIRLEY KAEMPHER ADRIA KOEHLER IOAN LANDIS ROBERT LAWRANCE BARBARA LEITNER BETTY MANLEY FRANK MERLAK BILL METZGER IACK MYERS DEL NEIL CHARLES ORBAN TOM PARKER BILL PERKINS Student Council DELORES RICHARDSON DAVE PLATH NAN ROMEIS IACK RUST IOAN SCI-IAAF IRIS SCHICK FRANK SCHOCK IOHN RAHN CHARLES SILLIMAN IACKIE STALEN GRANT STEFFAN IOHN STRUVE CHUCK SWANSON MARGARET STUMPF GEORGE UNDERWOOD VIRGINIA VOSS DICK WEDDLE MICK WEISNER DICK WILSON ANN WRIGHT 63 Minute Men Chairman Bendewalt is congratulated on behalf of the Navy. The students of Elgin High School, Elgin Academy, St. Edwards, and Abbott very successfully handled our city's Sixth War Loan Drive. The project was handled through a committee headed by Connie Bendewald, consisting of the students from each of the four schools. The drive was launched at the Armory through a fine program presented by the Glenview Avengers. lt was announced at that time that the twenty students with the greatest number of pledges and the five U S NAVY PHOTO with the greatest amount of money in pledges would be awarded a trip to Glenview. The students of the four schools col- lected 35530760 worth of bond pledges, going over the top of their goal of pur- chasing four Navy Avengers. The drive was climaxed at the Victory Ball held at the Armory, where the Avengers again played. Awards were presented to the schools for their efforts. ilD'LQll3ilT5litrgQ?1FS To guide the policies, oversee the finances, and generally supervise the acti- vities ot the "Mirror," the 'lMaroon," and "Spring Beignsf' the Publications Board meets once each month. This Board repre- sents the faculty and the student body, who together make up the Publications Association. Mr. Cartwright, president ex-officio, edi- tors, business managers, and sponsors ot all publications, and a representative from the Student Council make up the Board. This year's activities were more or less routine because all of the publications were in such good financial condition that no program nor magazine drive had to be sponsored. The Annual Big 8 Press Con- ference Was again postponed because of the War ban on conventions. The Board presented pins in recogni- tion of service to the various members, I-111-'I mfr: Prix. Cgirtwriglit, W. lingcl-Mirim Src. Nuxvrimliflvfgirmun, IF. Vill1lrs4Mirmi Miss Stutfrugm-Sprimr Ri-rum. Srmnzl mu I, Ilullux'--Mirrur. Miss liF.ll1ill'N'-Mlffllf. 5 W1-lib-Spring Rcigns. IJ. Ihiniiscli-Mgirurm, D. Cgu'lwn--Spring Ruignw. lf. 'llllllI'Il1lll"' Mnrmr lalliistoriiatns Editor Damisch Instructs His Writers Artist Swenson Demonstrates Technique One of the most important activities is the publication of Elgin High's yearbook. This year's Annual was edited by Richard Damisch, who was capably assisted by his associate editors, Beverly Blegen and Doris Turnquist. Miss Newman was the adviser. Realizing wartime restrictions, they com- plied with Wartime priorities, deadlines, and depleted facilities, their work begin- ning back when the football team was out for its tirst practice. Sorting, alphabetizing, and mounting 1297 pictures in one week set one ot the many records in handling material through the Maroon ottice. The book was completed in its preparation tor the printer two months before it was to be distributed. Others assisting in the task were Calvin Wilcox and Robert Ruttie, sports editors, Richard Swenson, cartoonist, Ray Crow- foot and lerry Lindberg, photographersg Doris Lawson and Maizie Palmer, editorial assistants, Lorene Svendsen, typist, Mare garet Stumpt, Phyllis Squires, Lois Ganter, Marge Vollmer, Lucille App, loy lohnston, and Alice Hugh, assistants. Financial transactions were managed by Doev Cohen, loe Nerove, as associate manager, and Sherwin Fischer. They set a record high in selling l425 yearbooks. Mr, Morrill's sales class aided mightily by selling 203 patron subscriptions, another record. High salesmen were lackie Bram- mer, tirst, with 21 sales, Violet Anderson and Richard Lehman, tied tor second, with l9 sales, and Lydia Molnar, third, with l7 sales. A plan to appoint a new Mirror staff each semester has been introduced this year for the first time in the history of El-lS. Such appointments afford more stu- dents an opportunity to have the experi- ence of staff positions. fackie Dolby headed the first semester staff. Wanda Engle was business man- ager, Dorothy Carswell, news editor, Mar- ilyn Massa, club editor, and Wanda Engle, rewrite editor. Mitch Weisner and Bill M. Warner served as co-sports editors, and on the sports staff were Gene Termini First Newsirneiri and lack Penniall. Special writers were Sid Herman and Barbara Steffan. Report- ers were Chuck Vanfjossan, Gwen Rosier, Chuck Black, Carol Thurnau, and Dick Carlson. "Every paper out on time" might well have been the motto of the first semester staff, for, though it often meant a terrific struggle, the Mirrors WERE always out on time! With the new semester, Carol Thurnau was appointed editor, Dick Carlson, news editor, Dorothy Villars, business manager, Mary Catherine Carlson, service editor, Chuck Black, feature editor, and Chuck Vanlfossan, art editor. George Meadows became the new sports editor, and assist- ing him were lim Collins, Mitch Weisner, and Bill S. Warner. Special writers were Sid Herman, Helen Siems, and Norma Keenan. Reporters were "Corky" Cos- grove, lackie Dolby, Dot Carswell, Don Dolby, Barbara Nichel, Don Penniall, Wayne Sauer, Frank Schock, lean Wright, and Wanda Engle. Ray Crowfoot and ferry Lindberg were this year's "flash" boys. Circulation editor was Ted Iverson the first semester and Chuck VanFossan the second. Semester Staff Heads Second Semester Staff Heads Stuff Retideirs grind lwirfiteirts Verse Speaking Club The Verse Speaking Club meets for the purpose of gaining and giving artistic in- terpretation of verse with a group through the presentation of public performances. This group, under the able direction ot Miss Mabel Engelbrecht, has met faith- fully each Tuesday and Friday noon. Their two outstanding performances were Christmas programs with the Aeo- lian group, one at the First Baptist Church and the other at the Presbyterian Church. They also presented a spring concert with all the music groups. A trip to Chicago to see Helen Hayes in "Harriet" was the main event of the social program. Officers were lean Lawson, president, Alice Thompson, secretary, and Elaine Hunter, treasurer. Senior' lLllTfCTElTt1lI'.C Club As a group the Senior Literature Club has several goals to reach. First of all the magazine l'Spring Reignsu comes out each year built from the creative writing of our Readers-Verse Speakers Writers-Senior Literature Club own Elgin High students and pictures done by our art students. The co-editors this year were Dick Carlson and Shirley Webb. ln Ianuary the club attended the play "Winged Victory" in Chicago, which they enjoyed very much. The club was led by President Dorothy Carswell, Vice-President Betty Ohlinger, Treasurer Doris Turnquist, and Secretary lean Grosskott. Miss Marjorie Stoftregen advised the group. - . - Ainfii The Girls Club is an organization of which every girl in high school is a mem- ber. The purposes of the club are to unite the girls in a spirit of cooperation and friendliness, and to give service to the school and community. The executive group of the Girls Club is the cabinet, made up of girls elected from each class. This cabinet meets peri- odically with their adviser, Miss Elma Engelbrecht. Many problems are handed Girls Club Home Room Representatives Cabinet from the cabinet to a larger group made up of a representative from each home- room. Various committees are appointed by the cabinet to carry out the projects of the club. The Curtis Drive, held just before Christ- mas, was put on very successfully by the club. Charlene Barnett won first in the contest. Dorothy Kirk came in second, and Gwen Underwood third. Throughout the year room 139, the girls' lounge, has been more completely fur- nished. The girls of each class have been knit- ting squares for afghans as their Red Cross project for the year. Annual events of the Girls Club are the style show assembly, Mother and Daugh- ter tea, and the spring dance. The officers who have guided the club through this successful year are president, Pat Dougherty, vice-president, Barb Bur- master, secretary, Connie Bendewaldg and treasurer, Carol Dack. Linguists 49 Latin Club Officers Spanish Club Officers lL.:-attain "Inter Nos" meaning "among ourselves" has been very active under Miss Irene Pielemeier. At Christmas time in the halls they sang the beautiful carols of Yuletide in Latin. At their meetings programs were planned to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of Roman life and mythology. The meetings included these programs: a play entitled "A Football Rally" in Oc- tober, in February--"Pyramus and This- be"-Cupid initiation, records of Shake- speare's "Iulius Caesar" in March, in April, a mythology quiz meeting. The seventy-six members were ably led by their officers, Iohn I-Iaddick, First Con- sul, Carol Dack, Second Consul, Ruth Iohnson, Praetor, and Barrie Pillinger, Quaestor. Spanish La Tertullia was formed at the begin- ning of this school year. All the students enrolled in the Spanish classes are eligi- ble for membership in the club. Its pur- pose is to provide interesting background material about Spanish speaking coun- tries ior which class time does not permit. Some of the interesting programs have been talks given by Miss Black on Mexico and by Mrs. Chirieleison, a teacher at Gar- field School, on Chili. Caroling in the hall at Christmas time was another of the projects of the club. The officers of the club are Mary Lou Tracy, president, Adrea Koehler, vice- president, Marilyn Bridge, secretary, and Mary Brown, treasurer. Miss Hazel Link- field is the club's sponsor. French Now that so many of our boys are actu- ally over in France, Le Cercle Francais has a double meaning and purpose. The club studies French customs, their life, and their country, this study seems to bring our boys a little closer to us. During the Christmas season the mem- bers packed Christmas toys and candies for little French children. They also sang carols in French during caroling time, Throughout the year the group has cor- responded With former French students now in service. Le Cercle Francais is guided by Mrs. Anne Goodwin, and the officers are Eleanor Shaaf, president, Iack I-laligas, vice-president, lean Lawson, secretary, and Warren Gecker, treasurer. Germain The activities of the German Club vary greatly, from caroling German songs in the halls at Christmas to helping in the war effort by sending donations for rec- ords to be used on submarines. Entertainment at these meetings con- sists of skits, music, games, and films on Germany. Part of the social program was a picnic in the fall and a Valentine's party. The sixth annual Christmas dinner, the highlight of their social activities, was held in the school cafeteria on December 9. The officers are lohn Schmidtke, presi- dent, Carol Thurnau, vice-president, Dick Carlson, treasurer, and Alice Thompson, secretary. French Club German Club Officers ,Wm . N5 4 ,,,N'- .,1 4 , . . . . 1, , .lar tins la ti ttoiis The Band this year tried several new things to improve their work together. The players sight read music every day and worked on many exercises. They played between halves ot both football and bas- ketball games and furnished the accom- paniment lor our loyalty song. One ot their concerts was given April l9, rendered jointly with the grade schools. May ll marked another concert with the Abbott school. On May l5 the high school had their big music festival. When the Maroon went to press, Richf ard Fricke and Ray Koonce were already in the service, and others expecting to go into service before the year is over are Ed Demmin, Sid Herman, and Dick Eldridge. The ofticers are Dick Eldridge, president, Bill Towner, vice-president, Don Hahn, secretary, and Mari Pizarro, treasurer. The librarians are Mary Lou Tracy and Virginia Lightbody. The twirlers are Peggy Rust, Gloria Perry, Nan Meyers, Roberta Stewart, Delores Anderson, Delores Richardson, Marilyn Harris, and Barbara Booth. If LU 'I 'I-I Charlotte VVx'man Nancy Stevens CLARINET AL IIA A L TE IIA Mary Cathcrinc Carlson Patti' Blackman Iackit- Thomas Bill Towncr Lt-wis Flctchcr Bt-tty Spcllmcycr Marjorie Pizarro Don Pcnniall I'hx'llis Roulcv Charles Bouchc La Rau Turncr Milclrt-tl Strahl Alyuc Carey 1 Shirlcv Howard Rolmcrt La Vine TO CLARINIQT Phxllis Rassmussen Marilvn Pictsch SS CLARINET Nanci' Brinkman Iirucc Iorclon Richard Starin TO SAXOPIIONE I bona Ivan Ivan NOR Dick lack l.uit' RITO Iiillic III Rahn Wright lficrkc SAXOPI IONE Eldridge Amlurson Stroming NE SAXOPIIONIC Davat FRENCH HORN Dorothy Samuelson Velma Bellows Peggy Gallagher Henry Kaiser CORNITI' Simlnt-y Herman Charles Iicckur Ralph Iivnnorth Ed Dt-mmin Audrey Swenson Iirucv Sanderson Gordon Krumfuzz Bill Iiohm TROM BONE lfrccl Ottingcr RASS Mcrrill Lauelcrclalc Rodger Iiucknian DRUM Iohn Schmitltkc Paul Roscnc Gcnc Mawr Kr-nncth Ncwcl Don Anclcrson IIELL LYRE Virginia Lightbncly TYMPANY Mary Lou Tracy XYLAPI IONE Ioan Thrcaclgill 111.117 X 1 ,1.,,., ,K.4. . 11.111 1 1 1+ yf Q 1 tvs X11"1,1N 111155 '.11111s Y111111 l11111.11'11 1'1f.11'111 111.11111 1111111111 N1.111l111 111111u1' 1'1.11111- 1i111111 fi.111' 11LlI1Ll.l11 '11111 W111 17llllI1.l R1Q111' X IX 1.111 1.C11l1iL' 111111111 111 1.11111 lJ111'1s 1-'111-11111.111 1..111111 11111111 N11111l1 1111111111 S1lll1l'Y 1111111 1.111111 S1'111il'1'1'1 'Z111111 11111111 f1I.l1'IL' 11111111s l'1.l"11 X l1J1,.X 11.11 ,1'l'.lll13 f 1,11.11'111111' XX1111 11.1f1-1 11111111111 X1.111111'11 .X11l1 111111111111 1'11f.11111l1 .X111111 1,1NI1' 111111111 L11-llilxl'-1 HN 11.1111 111.1r14111.111 XI.11'1 1,.11111'11111 1.11ll1X l'l1CIC111'1' 11.lI'll.II'.l 5116111111-1 '!.11111 51'1111,11f11.11111'1 , Q 1-'I11111 1111111 N1V31'11f7N1' . . , . 1.11111.1 31.11 lx1'1111- 111.111 111'1g111 11U1iY 1 17111111111 5.11111111111:1 1'1Qq1 11.111.1u111'1 '1Rl'N11'1.1 I, 5111 111'11Il.II1 1l11.l111'N 11111111 '1'1l1JN1131JY1f -11111 1111111 1111111 1'I1l111'SS111XI 1111111 S1111111111111- qjyl,-1N,.H 11:lll1, 1t11s1111' XIl'2Illl.l 1.14u1111111111 1'1.XYU 51.111 1,1111 11.111 .x1lx'l' '1 11111111111111 Because of the splendid work of Miss Marion Laffey, the orchestra has accom- plished much during the past year. Beside their spring and fall concerts, they have participated in several assemblies and other occasions with the Aeolians and the Verse Speaking choir. 74 Small ensembles from the orchestra have filled many engagements for com- munity and civic meetings. The officers of the orchestra are presi- dent, Charles Emmertg vice-president, Ray Traubg secretary, Elsie Moritz, student die rector, 1ames Nicoll, program committee, Nancy Schwarzwalder and Marilyn Bridge, ihtoriistezrs ll Ixuu R. I.vnn. I. Kunitzki, IJ. Mueller, C. Griffin, If. l'tlulcrcr, I. Duck, N. Slt-Ili-n, lb. Slum-xg Smith IJ. llcllutl, IJ. NVniick, R. Riclurtls, C. I.. 'l'lltlIllLlS, tlircctnr. Third VUIUI G. Miclivl, R. Citizen, Ntliull W. Sinner. Ii. lllqiy. ID. Swcnwn. II. Sclmvulur. G. Gmli. Il. XVilsnn, ll. IIutTm.m. IJ, Loliliiiut-r, winsnn Srmml row: I. llrnmmcr, G. Kruse, ll. Foy. S. Iivulicii. I.. Martens, G. Znrnmv, M. Gicrtl, Btu, X. l.umlwkc, A. Ilcim, I. Valentine. 1"l'I'fl mfr: V. Inlinson. I". lhniglivrty. C. Ilvmluvziltl, mltmm. I. Smlun. I7. Surciimii. I'. Millcr. I. ltnv. N. Amis, G. Iirickson, I7. Dunning. A Cappella Elgin High Schools A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Clifford Thomas, has received recognition for its excellent performances. The choir has earned high praise from many audiences throughout the city. The choir has selected voices from the junior and senior class. It rehearses daily, participates in vespers, appears at music assemblies and many civic and commu- nity events. The members gain experience in vari- ous kinds of vocal music, sacred motets, and chorals by the old masters such as Bach and Palestring, and in modern com- positions by Fred Waring and Lynn Murrey. One major production was the cantata, "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whit- man and George Kleinsinger. Throughout the school year the choir made twenty appearances. The officers are Ioe Konitzki, presidentg Pat Dougherty, vice-presidentg Connie Bendewald, secretary-treasurerg Virginia Iohnson and Iackie Stalen, librariansy and Nathan Steffen, student manager. Aeolliiaigri E. H. S. is proud ot Miss Elma Engel- brecht for the splendid work she has been doing with our only girls glee Club-the Aeolians. This outstanding group has ap- peared in assembly for our Christmas skit and also for the Armistice Day program. Outside of EHS. halls, the Aeolians sang for the Business and Professional Womens group. They also performed with the verse speaking choir several times. The E55 members of the glee club are promoted from the Aeolian to A Cappella. The officers include president, Susan Holmgren, secretary, Lois Schaafg and treasurer, Marilyn Mann. The accompan- ist is Richard Carlson. Boys G lice The Boys Glee, composed of boy music lovers in the sophomore class who have had experience in the freshman ensemble and Abbott ninth grade chorus, meets twice a week fourth period. Boys Glee is a pre-reguisite for membership in A Cap- pella. This group of 35 to 40 singers stand and sing lustily as men love to sing. Favorite selections are some negro spir- ituals and improvised barber-shop har- monies of tunes on the hitfparade, for ex- ample, 'Dont Fence Me ln." The officers this year are Bill Perkins, president, lack Truman, vice-president, lim Treadup, secretary-treasurer, and Don Hoffman, librarian. Mr. Thomas directs the group. , - , - l Aeolicm Boys Glee Varsity Debattce The E. H. S. Varsity Debate squad, coached by Miss Helm, came out on top in almost every meet this year. They won the Big 8 championship, this being the seventh time in 13 years Elgin has won it, they placed first at the invitationals at Beloit and Hammond, and they won the sectionals, thus qualifying for the state finals. The squad placed second in the Elgin invitational and took third in the Augus- tana invitational, ranking highest of the illinois schools entered there. The Varsity debaters were Tom Kem- merling, Pat Dougherty, Harold Bifken- affirmative, Ruth Stumpf, lean Lawson, and lack Haligas-negative. 1QllTfW'QllV4B5 Officers of Elgin Chapter of National Forensic League Contest speech students coached by Miss Iocelyn also participated in tourna- ments for individual events. At the sec- tional contests they captured four firsts and two second places. The firsts were Torn Kemmerling, oratorical declamation, lean Lawson, verse speaking, Harold Rifken, extemporaneous speaking, and Gwen Rosier, original oratory. The sec- onds were Gwen Roster, comedy reading, and Pat Dougherty, serious reading. lBroshfSoph Debate The Prosh-Soph team, coached by Mr. Shelby, serves as a training ground for a future varsity squad. This year six tour- naments gave opportunities for practice and training, and in these our Frosh-Soph team made excellent showing. Besides home tournaments they placed second at Hammond, Indiana, third at East Aurora, fourth at East Rockford, and fifth at Beloit, Wisconsin. Both at Ham- mond and at Beloit they were debating against varsity teams. The highest point winners for the year were Marge Russell and Helen Blackman. Varsity Squad Frosh-Soph Squad . PFW!! Tlllliespiiaiiris " 3 :Q x .N . Q-f---"' Q Players Perform Musk and Bauble Officers E ll-ll S Players This dramatic group had as its big project a dinner during which a floor show was presented with a master of ceremonies, a group of instrumental and vocal renditions, and dramatic students in bits of drama. A student of Northwestern, by means of clever bits from parts she had played, gave a twenty-five minute biographical account of her appearances on the stage. The group saw "The Student Prince" in Chicago. Together with the workshop classes, the players finished a busy year by present- ing four skits for the public: "Wild Party," an original play by Carol Thurnaug l'Mad Hatters Tea Party" from "Alice in Won- derland"g a scene from "Our Town" by Thornton Wilderg and a cutting from "The Man in the Bowler Hat" by A. A. Milne. The officers are president, Earl Muetter- ties, secretary, Bill Wilsong and treasurer, Howard Gudeman. Mask and Bauble The purpose of Mask and Bauble is to give freshmen and sophomores an oppor- tunity to express themselves in various phases of dramatics. The programs are arranged so that each student is given an opportunity to appear before the Club. The officers are Genevieve Newlin, presidentg Barbara Leitner, vice-presidentg Fern Tracy, secretaryg and loan Thread- gill, treasurer. Miss locelyn is sponsor. G. A.,A. Elgin High School G. A. A. is a member of the lllinois League of G. A. A.'sg in fact, it is a charter member. The aim is to pro- mote participation in athletics and to fos- ter sportsmanship. Each gym class has active and associ- ate members and G. A. A. representatives. Meetings are held in the physical educa- tion classes and during the noon hour recreation period. Elgin Was Play Day Center for schools in this area on October 14. Sycamore, DeKalb, Kaneville, Batavia, West Aurora, Abbott, and Elgin Academy Were guests. On March 13, E. H. S. girls scored first in district ten in the State Telegraphic Bas- ketshooting Tournament, and also took third place in the state. The officers are Charlene Barnett, presi- Some G.A.A.'s 'PAGHTTSHITBHH dent, Barbara Burmaster, vice-president, Virginia Apgar, secretary, and Barbara Leitner, treasurer. HE" Club The "E" club of Elgin High School is an organization to promote interest in school athletics and clean sportsmanship. Boys after winning letters in any sport are eligi- ble candidates for this club. The boys are initiated twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This is done so the boys are not kept wait- ing after obtaining "Es" to join the club and enjoy the gruesome fun obtained from initiation. The boys usher and operate a checking room at the basketball games. Officers are Howard Foell, president, and Don Westphal, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Krafft was their adviser. "E" Club Officers lpepsilieirs Junior Red Cross Officers Cheerleader Letter Winners lliuunuioir Red Cross The Elgin High School Red Cross chap- ter membership drive collections went to the National Children's Fund, which gives aid to children over all the world. Comfort kits, housewives, and utility kits for the Armed services were made by the sewing classes, the Art classes created puzzle books, short story books, tray fa- tors, and menu covers, and the wood shop classes made light book carts, shoefshine stands, diet card holders, and watch holders. Afghans were knitted by the Girls Club. The council members are Ed Franzen, chairman, Dick Swenson, Barbara Leitner, Virginia Lightbody, and Miss Pratt, adviser. Cheerleaders The cheerleaders this year for the first time formed a club the purpose of which is to foster good sportsmanship and to encourage good cheering at all the games. The officers of this club are Eleanor Davis, president, Dorothy Miles, vice-president, and Virginia Iohnson, secretary. Major letters were awarded to Eleanor Davis, Elizabeth Breslich, Virginia Iohn- son and Dorothy Miles. Minors were awarded to Celeste Mehlberg, Virginia Sharp, and Phillip Cook. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Krol. We www Cafeteria Workers A group of students under the guidance of Mrs. Parlasca serve in the cafeteria every noon. This group not only serve the food, but they help plan and prepare the meals. They have clone an excellent job despite the scarcity of many foods, serving attractive and appetizing meals at a minimum cost. llnibzratry Club The Library Club consists of student librarians who spend part of their time 81 Helpers Cafeteria Helpers Check Trays Library Helpers Aid Study Library Club in the library assisting students in finding books, magazine articles, and other ma- terial available there. The discharging and shelving of books is also done by the Library Club. The Club holds its meetings three times each semester, and as their extra social activity this season all sixteen members and Miss I-loaglund enjoyed a Christmas party. Violet lensen served as this year's presi- dent, Gladys Wascher as secretary and Clifford Mullin as treasurer. Miss Ethel Hoaglund is sponsor. .,... ,ts u it u ir cs Tails? .1 I Ita QL ii -2 'Sai FTA. Members F.F.A. Officers lli. T, A, Something new has been added! Last November a group of Future Teachers of America was organized into the Harriet Gifford Chapter. They received their charter from the National Future Teachers Organization in December. The purpose of the E. T. A. is to give general information on the teaching pro- fession and prepare the students for their future Work, this is accomplished by some training and also background Work in their subjects. About 25 members are in the highschool branch. lts officers are president, Dorothy Cars- well, vice-president, Betty Burnsteing sec- retary, Iackie lordan, and treasurer, Doris Rowe. Miss Elma Engelbrecht is sponsor and Miss Martha Black is co-sponsor. Pr lF., A. This year the Elgin Chapter of the Eu- ture Farmers of America With Max Moeller as president, Merrill Burnidge, vice-presi- dent, Clark Anderson, secretary, Tom Hill, treasurer, Richard Wascher, reporter, and Mr. Stannard adviser has had the follow- ing topics for its program: supervised practice, earnings, recreation, leadership, community service, scholarship, coopera- tion, and projects. The chapter partici- pated in the Bond Drive, the Poultry and Grain Show, and a Public Speaking Con- test held at Elgin, in addition they owned and operated an incubator, did milk and soil testing, and had a successful basket- ball team. All of these activities carry out their motto and their goal-Future Farm- ers of America: Learning to dog Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve. Projection Club This club, consisting of eleven members led by Winston Williams under the guid- ance of Mr. Waggoner, has made life bet- ter for all of us by showing movies to us in various classes and keeping the projec- tion room, 222, for movies. They built booths for the movie showing in room 222 and in the auditorium. They showed movies not only to E. H. S. students, but also to various community groups such as P. T. A.'s, Kiwanis, etc. Alter the Student Council closed its noon movie season, the Projection Club took over, furnishing entertainment Fri- day noons. Projection Club lf',3x'per'ts Slide Rule Club The Slide Rule Club is an entirely vol- untary organization that came into exist- ence in response to a student demand. The slide rule is a tool much used in busi- ness, industry, and science. The group meets once each week. Upon the satisfactory completion of one semester of work, a student receives a certificate indicating his proficiency in slide rule fundamentals. As soon as a student has had trigonometry, he is ready for advanced work with the slide rule. Girls as well as boys are usually in the group, although twelve boys received certificates the first semester. The Slide Rule Club is sponsored by the Department oi Mathematics under the direct sponsorship of Miss Hortense Wilson and Miss Mary A. Peters. Slide Rule Club 3 xr. ,L. XX af .L , L. 4 4 B wits if Sr F ,W 'M C , L - Qi S k N fx xg, - Qi! as -yiggff .' y IX ' K LQ ' :gs 3 X. wi ,mfg N Wish I., 'Tiki ha ff- fl sf 1 Q . L .L 4 is XX as v. 'R 49 f W L.v. L 2,6LV.1L,,L L .m - .. ,. . . V . , .. L. M6-1 V+. Q - 12' -. mr , A .,-Y Hn . W5 f 4+ - 1 2 L ' - f- fs, LTS'5Yf'M1,e .L ' 2 wk .M x mg? fit ' 536 'W T xii 'iiil BJ H f Y 1 W N J -' Xl"1'fxT1'f ' ,Lg Wim L - - za. ,- wifi 53 yiwav- .7.,5Ngiv:5, ' ' .Q :Q .L .M - ,I ..,A r CA 54 Q . L KL L. Q fs' Lg? My ' 1435523 LN LLLLL ,W LALLL A L LL L - W A X . I I IQ, nw F 4' Q3. 1 9 , .A 5: J , Qy, 57. L, .ZA it ,A Q - as K :G 1 ,wg vw-was L WLLVA 1 H L- ,Y ' i in Aw H . N Q war 1 gg g sk? Q2 5 o 1 wg 4 Ky ' if L Q is Q LL .f Q L L if 'Q L L, X S 'Sw lw ix 2 QL' , ff ff Q C 3 5 N ii xx. Book Three ATlHllLlETllCCS Ever since his arrival at Elgin High, Mr. Larsen has been a member of the Ath- letic Board, and he even coached football and base- ball in his early days here. I Y 'I 1 1 'xfillx K , 4 J, X, X A i f' ry X 3 - N ff " 3' is l 3165 A- V I X ,I .Y ilifi 452 N J Aw 4 1? X ,v Xl EW " gl" ,. w X- Wlmvfhk es., , '-Halas M., 7 Q 1 ' . -'J 'ff ,wr , 1 X ,. ,ey-:ef-ijfw., sz , J , -, - X . I . , H- , , , I . - S5 . ' NT ' l Swwbw, S.-"fg?, Varsity Football Coach Hoke. P. Goldenstein, C. Garrett. Couch Morrill. BIG 8 CONFERENCE East Aurora Iolie! ..............., West Rockford East Rockford Freeport . .,.o,, ,. LaSalle'Peru .,,., ., , , ,, ELGIN ........,,,., West Aurora ....,, , W. L. T. Elgin 1 1 Elgin 4 2 1 Elgin 4 3 U Elgin 4 3 U Elgin El ' 3 4 0 gm Elgin 3 4 0 Elgin 2 3 2 Elgin . 1 6 0 Elgin 86 SCORES Maine . ,, Waukegan ,, , Proviso East Rockford Ioliet .,,, , West Aurora , LaSalle'Peru . East Aurora ., Freeport .. , .. West Rockford Coach Morrill. Manager Turnquist. Couch Hoke. I'irfr l'Ul1'f IJ. Slmhm, ll. XVcstpl141l T. Parker H. Fucll, F. Franzcn, C. Guru-rt, fi. 'l'urnur, P. Ciuldcmtuirm. ll. 'l'urm uixt, lllillllllklfl 1 V I ! rr, rmmf mm: 'l'. KL'llIL'I'IiI1Q. I. llcrnnmlcs. assistant manager, R. Iohnwn, IJ. Rmgkcnlmclm, R. luhnwn. IJ. Spcrry. H. Ilruckcr. I. Gallagh- I. Mink. li. lfhrim-mum, W. Graf. C. Icnny, B. Schzxcifcr, C. Orbnn. R. Mu-yur. R. For-ll. N. Mick, H. SlIliIIl.Zl55iSl1lIlI rnnngrgvr. 'l'l1inl mu Tu.1cl1 Morrill. Ii. Hulgvr. ll. Inner, L. McLc:1n, D. Swenson, F. Snmlm. I.. Tcrmini. Crmclr llukc. 87 B41cklTf111': W. Graf, B. Turner, IJ. Irmncs, N. Mick. R. Iohnsun, R. Iulmmn, F. Smith, li. lfrnnzcn. I.'r111rr,-': R. Bulgrr, P. Gohlcmtvin, I. Gallnghcr. G1n1r1l.v: C. Icnnv, li. ML-yer, IJ. Stmhm I. Mink, IJ, WL-stplml. Emlx: R. Fm-ll, C. Kuclmkc, C. Orhnn Iql'.C!'l'l'f,ff T. K:-mcrling, P. Oguhlin, I. Kramer, I. Iirubnkcr, R. Sclmcffcr I. Kramer, D, Sp:-rrv, I.. Mclmzln. 88 9, :ui ie F5 D.- Varsity Squad Our '44 team started off the season in good shape until several key men met with unfortunate injuries. This injury "jinx" was not thrown oft until the final game. Hard work made up for early losses. The returning letterman from last year's team were Phil Goldenstein, Chuck Garrett, Bill Turner, Tom Parker, and Don Westphal. Recognitions were bestowed upon Phil Goldenstein and Tom Parker. Phil was selected for the All-Illinois Prep team, which is selected by coaches and sport writers throughout the state, for fourth All-State team center. ln the Third All- State team, which is chosen by the Chi- cago Daily News, Tom Parker was named end. During the season Elgin's eleven won tour games out of ten, lost four, and tied two. The Challengers who yielded to our hard fighting team were Maine, Wauke- gan, West Aurora, and West Rockford. Our conquerors were Proviso, East Rock- ford, LaSalle-Peru, and Freeport. Those good enough not to lose, but not good enough to win were loliet and East Aurora. Our fellows showed a commendable fighting spirit. They went into each game with the determination to win and with confidence in their team mates, their coach, and themselves. Spirit and de- termination were the outstanding charac- teristics of the 1944 team. The managers were Don Turnquist, Ioe Hernandez, and Bob Smith. ", - '1 Au- - L, , . ' 'l 'l l "Vos ltf artist ii lwwoft lift it Coach Morris, Co-Captains Don Geldmacher and Bob Forney, Coach Al-learn. The fresh-soph football squad of l944 was composed of a fine group of highly spirited fellows. They started the season by tying Maine, only to lose the next four games, A change occurred after these loses, With a few shifts in the lineup and all ine juries healed, they started giving instead of taking. East Aurora fell first and then Glenbard. The boys ended the season in grand style by beating the unbeaten West Rockford minors. Mr, Morris was confronted with many problems, as most coaches are, and the greatest was that of having inexperienced material to work with. The team, which had no letter winners from last year, lost lack Chapman early in the season. Chuck Silliman replaced him at end. The other end was supported by Bob Farney. Doug Bielenberg and Larry Dunn furnished the competition for these posts. Dan Dopke, lack I-loye, and Bob Lind worked together. Don Geldmacher, George Underwood, Lyle Guertin, and Keith Bohlin covered the guard position. The backlield was SCORES Elgin Maine . handled neatly by Russ Drago, Al Turner, . Elgin Proviso. . Cal Perkins, and Al Sauceda. These boys were ably assisted by Bob Behrn, Frank Elgin East Rockford Voight, and Dick Fowler. All the boys, Elgin loliefe E - with the exception of Al Turner, will go Elgin West Aurora on to the varsity next year. Elgin EOM Aumm Y g Don Geldmacher and Bob Earney were Elgin Glenbqrd ' selected by the team as their co-captains. Elgin WEST Rockfofd Mr. Morris was aided in the handling of these boys by Mr. Ahearn. 1 ff rrm': ll. MfCm', B. Amlcrsnn. C. llnrwnlmlt, F. 'l'wcccllc', B. llutlmam. .X. 'l'llFI11'l'. l. Niclllrls. ll. Par 1.4 ll L nluhcr. Sewnzzf row: Cunclm Almcarn, l.. llunnc, F. Foster, L. Gucrtin, l.. C3lI!llllYCll, ll. Wilson, lt. Pairs 1 irunu C Perkins, ll. Mcwgcr, lt. ltr-clccr. Tlzirzf mnf: I. Rnknw, D. Whlllxlcu, lf. Vmgln, ll. Liml, R. llilllllllll li llrnu 6 Umltrxvum I l llAlllXVllI'f. K. linhlin. IT. Dupkc, I. llnvc. A Ps aw - I 1 P' 1 . 3 --- 1 "3 K Pip ,cgi A 4 H lg ml 1 "D X'1L7l'l si 'tv l 'xi 5 l' X BIG ELGll'l lfozft llwclcforrl Eror-port lfgluft , Wewl Rockford LQSQIIO-Peril 'Neal Aurora EGM Aiirorci fl I , X L E lm Coach Krcxift advises Captain Parker 8 CONFERENCE W. 9 B 6 6 5 3 Z l Pct. 900 ,800 .600 ,600 .500 300 200 .l00 Elciin Elciizi Elciiri Elfiiri Elgin Elgin Elqin Elfiirz Elcgiri Elgin Elgin Elqiri Elnrizi Elqifl Elvin Elqin SCCDRES Hinsdale Provi.-fo Pfilviciwc- lxlcrtcn . West Roclcfcr EC1,sf Aurora New Trier Ecnt Rcckfcr' Joliet ,, l.lVe11t Aursrn Fri-eport , E051 Aurora Glfsrili Jril Lofkille-Perri rlifrt l. ir Vlfoizt Aurora Graf reaches for the basket 'fgXRSl'I'Y SQL'.XIJ Im-'f 7'0I1'f Cmxcll Kmtft, I. Kunntxki. lf. Smith. CE. Mnnlcx. KI. Iiukvxg ,XNNINIJIII muh .Xin-.u'n. Srraml l'!lll'.' NLIILIQCI' l3ll'l'N'llHXY, R. ffl'ItlIl1.lx'llLI'. lf. Suxuwm. I IJ.lI'kl'I', IJ. hwvlmsfmrm, XV. limi, lf. fufllilll, h1.ll!.lgL'I' lfutws. 93 comms: Nrws M1010 W. Graf. I. Konitzki, H. Geld- C Becker. G. Manley macher Tlp ofi Riding high Orban. Swanson Recovery by Grai Tlie Elgin Varsity team started their vice tcrious season in a wonderful style. The boys first met and defeated Hinsdale and tfzen won from Proviso and Belvidere by large margins. Elgins first defeat came when Morton downed usa. The tirst Conference game was one of the best of the season as Elgin defeated the powerful West Rockford quintet by one point. Elgin came through again with an exciting contest against East Aurora. New Trier, however, gave us a jolt. The mighty Maroons, playing good basketball, took the next tliree games from East Racke ford, foliet, and West Aurora, Ereebort defeated us on their floor, but X fi.' e made up for this blow by taking East Aurora, Glenbard, and LaSalle-Peru. At loliet a rooffraising game brought us a Win, and at home the next week We beat West Aurora. This game made us the Big 8 Champs. ln the Dundee regionals the boys beat Palatine, Crystal Lake, and Dundee, thus being entitled to play in the Elgin sec- tional. The best thriller of the regionals was Elgin's comeback in the game with Dundee when in the first guarter Elgin was losing by twelve points. ln the sectionals they beat Waterman and Wheaton. ln Elgin's first sectional game with Waterman, a comparatively small school, Elgin led all through the game. ln the last quarter Waterman made a daring comeback only to be beaten by tive points. Parker Conquers the Ball Fl1O't1lTFHLliFIftlC?H ts With the Sweet "l6" at Urbana the boys took a favored East Rockford team 44-39, but the next night in a last-minute thriller Moline sank a basket the last few seconds, making the score Moline 4l, Elgin 39. The boys, however, brought home a tie for the 5th place. Tom Parker, who played excellent ball all season as well as through the tourna- ment, was named center on the second tourney team and Wally Graf was given honorable mention. Manley in Close Quarters ltjiroshfgoph Basketball 1-'ROSI I-SOPI I SQUAD 1"ir.f1row: F. Vuiglit, C. Silliman, D. Biclenberg, I. Chapman, B. Metzger, B. Fairncy, R. Griffith, R. VV:lll4lcc. Sl'L'071IZl'0Ilf'f B. Poarsall. manager, ll. Nichols, A. Turner, IJ. Gclilniziclicr. li. Becker, L. ltiinwzlrt, ll. Sumlcrlzlgc. IJ. Wilson, manager, Couch Hula-. The Erosh Soph Basketball team coach- BIG 8 CONFERENCE ed by Mr. l-loke started in glorious style by defeating Hinsdale, but were set back when they lost to Proviso 19-25. ln the thrilling games against Belvidere and Morton the team made a good showing, winning both games. The boys lost their first conference game to West Rockford, 28-33, when Coach Hoke kept several of the first string boys from playing for disciplinary reasons. The rest ol the season, however, shaped up very Well, the team Winning nine out of eleven games, tying the last one With West Aurora 43-43. All ot these boys except Al Turner will be on next year's varsity squad. Wert Rockford ELGIN . East Rockford West Aurora Freeport .. LaSalle-Peru loliet . .. .. East Aurora Pct. .875 .800 .700 444 .444 .300 .222 .200 Wrestling Coach Morris weighs Captain Frcmzen First row: E. Franzcn, T. Crcmcr, P. Svcndscn, B. Madccn, F. Ciacco, R. Traub. Second row: D. Hopper, B. Shirley, P. Berglmlt, R. Bilisoly, B. Perkins, N. Mick. Third row: Coach Morris, F. Christcnsnn, W. Icnsen, I. Hipple, N. Stcifan, R. Harrison, IJ. Rockenbach, C. Icnny, C. P'ctcrson, Manager Danncr. 97 Wrestlel The 1944-45 wrestling squad with their new coach Mr. Morris had a very suc- cessful season, winning five out of six rnatches. At mid-year the squad suffered the loss of Ray Traub from the 45 lb. class, with a record of eight wins and five losses, and Chick Peterson from the 165 lb. class, with a record of 13 wins and no losses. Later in the season Clayton lenny, unde- feated heavyweight, joined the service. Escape! These places were filled by Bob Shirley, Neil Mick, and Ed Christianson, all new' corners to the squad. The squad is looking forward to a good season next year as only four veterans are seniors. They are Paul Svendsen, Ed Franzen, Bob Shirley, and Dick Rocken- back. The honorary captain for the sea- son was Ed Franzen. Tennis and Go it Tennis Mr. Renner's tennis boys began the sea- son with three smashing victories. ln their later games they Won four and lost three making a total of seven Wins against three losses. The boys captured first in the District meet and second in the Big 8 Conference in 1944. Doubles Games Points Kugath and Rudolph .,.,, . . 7 76 Schroeder and I. Bielenberg 10 106 Kugath and Cossman . ,,,,,,,. 3 33 Singles Games Points Plath ....,,,,,,, ,,,.,,, . 10 116 Smith ..,,,.,,, ,,,,, l O 114 Cossman ,,.,i ,,., ,..., 7 7 5 Rudolph .sss,ss sssrsss. .,..aa,aas.sss . . 2 27 Those not returning this year are I. Bielenberg, Kugath, Plate, and Rudolph. Golf The 1944 golf team, under the guidance of Mr. Fearn, took fourth place at the District meet, and fourth place in the Conference held at Elgin. The team proud- ly Won second place in the Quadrangle held at Aurora. Last year's coveted "E" awards were presented to Ralph Andreason, Iim Rakow, Douglas Moeller, Dick Bailey, Ed Woleben, and Ierry Hippie. Since most of the boys are in the class of '45 and '46, they will be back again this year. The Maroon goes to press too early even to forecast the 1945 season. 1945 Golfers First row: Coach Foam, D. Mocllcr, R. Gclclmachcr, B. Schnatt. Hack row: A. Atchison, C. Ervin, I. Rnkow, D. Darling. Track Coaches Morris and Aheclrn The '44 track team came through a suc- cessful year by finishing second in the Big 8 Conference held at Maroon Field. Elgin was represented at State by Chuck Smith and lim O'Rourke. Chuck won the county title in shot putg While O'Rourke, our lion-hearted distance man, qualified for the state meet by an heroic exhibition db- fe-fwmfl at the district meet held at East Aurora. Ralph Fowler rates high praise for his versatility in the high and low hurdles and also pole vault. Smith, O'Rourke, and Fowler Will be greatly missed this year. Chet Alexander had charge of track men While Edmund Ahearn coached the weight men. 4- The boys gym classes have done much to assure highschool youth an opportunity for sound physical training, benefiting them for future military service. Colis- thenics, tumbling, wrestling, basketball, and boxing are a few of the many sports offered each student. Thus training is di- vided so that the student not only gains skill and aptitude for one but is adjusted to a wide variety of sports. Allotment of Boys Daily Routines part of the gym period for each sport is the method by which this is carried out. A student's Well-being is also checked by frequent eye-tests, weight require- ments, and general health. High points of the year are the taking the US. Ndvy fitness test each semester. Mr. Krafft su- pervises the program, assisted by Mr. Ahearn, Mr. Morris, Mr. McLean, and Mr. Hall. Girls Sports Exercise for Health This year, as for the past two years, the theme for girls sports was "Keep Fit in Wartime." More time was added to the course, which made it possible to include more activities in the regular gym period. The program was built around calis- thenics with baseball, volleyball, basket- ball, and dancing added. Also the Physi- cal Pertormance Level tests were taken at the end of the semester. ln addition to the physical fitness pro- gram there are First Aid and Home Nurs- ing, two courses taken in the junior and senior years respectively. The girls taking these courses were awarded Red Cross Certificates. These classes have become a 'lmust" in the athletic program. Miss Logan and Mrs. Krol together di- rected the classes through the splendid program of "Keeping Fit in Wartime." GI, AQ, A, Winners CHARLENE ALLISON NAN IEAN AMIS BARBARA ANDERSON LOIS BATT SHIRLEY BAUMAN CONNIE BENDEWALD IRENE BERLIN LA VERA BERTSCH BEVERLY BLEGEN ELIZABETH BRESLICH ADA BRITTON CLARICE CAHILL FLORENCE CAMPER DOROTHY CARSWELL LOIS COLEMAN MARY COLOUMBE ELEANOR DAVIS IANICE DAY DOROTHY DIEKMAN JACKIE DOLBY PATRICIA DOUGHERTY ANNA MARIE DOWNS CAROLYN DOYLE DOROTHY DUNNING IEAN DYER FLORENCE ELDER SARABELL EVELEIN BEVERLY FOWLER VIOLA FRITZ PATRICIA GEISTER IOYCE GOULD DOROTHY I-IAYWORTH MARY ELLEN HOWARD VIOLET IENSEN VIRGINIA IOHNSON ARLETTA KLAGES GLORY MAE KRUSE IOYCE MASON MARILYN MASSA MARY MEADOWS CONNIE MENKE LORRAINE MORGAN IO3 G.A.A. State Award Winners GLORIA OGDEN EMMA LOU PHILLIPS MARIORIE PIZARRO BETTY RABE IANE RIPPBERGER GWEN ROSIER PHYLLIS ROWLEY BETTY RUDOLPHI ELEANOR SCHAFF FLORENCE SCI-IMOLDT DOROTHY SORENSEN BETTY SPELLMEYER IACKIE STALEN MARGARET STUMPF LORENE SVENDSEN DORIS TURNOUIST FLORENCE WERNER NIOMA WHEELER SHIRLEY WHEELER GENEVIVE ZORNOW BETTY ZWICKY Ipalfcrwns I I I Familiar scenes ACKEMANN BROS, ACME PRESS WARREN AIKEN STUDIO ANDY'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP A. ci P. SUPER MARKET AUSTIN HANSEN BAIER'S QUALITY HATCHERY BAND BOX CLEANERS BARNETT'S INC. BECK'S BEIER'S BREAD GLENN R. BEVERLY MICHAEL BIRCH STUDIO BLACKHAWK BLOCK AND KUI-IL BLUM'S THE BORDEN COMPANY WILLIAM BRADY COAL COMPANY SAM BRENNER MEN'S WEAR BREWBAKER BAKERY BRITTON DAIRY DANIEL BROADNAX SHOE RE-BUILDER BUNGE'S BURNS' DRUG STORE BURNS' GROCERY 6. MARKET GEORGE D. CARBARY CARSWELL ELOORS CENTRAL GARAGE CHICKEN CHARLEY COMMUNITY IEWELERS CONN FUNERAL HOME DAVID C, COOK PUBLISHING CO. DR. COOPER THE COTTON SHOP CROCKER CANDY SHOP CRYSTAL BARBER ci BEAUTY SHOP MARCUS W. DAMISCH DANIELS AND CLARK DANNER'S DAVISON MOTOR SALES DEL'S BICYCLE SHOP DOUGLAS AVENUE FOOD SHOP I. A. DOWNS- UPHOLSTERER C. N. DOLYE DREYER 6. DREYER W. A. DUERINGER STUDIO Student Council dance Leaving the library Gay Nineties dancers Maroon editor in a tough spot Carver Leach Ir. working Manager Cohen congratulates high Maroon patron salesmen EDDIE'S SANDWICH SHOP EDWARDS' IEWELERS EGGERT COAL COMPANY ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN BUTTER TUB COMPANY BONDED OIL COMPANY CITY LINES INC. CLEANERS CS FURRIERS CLINIC COAL AND OIL COMPANY DAILY COURIER-NEWS FLOUR AND FEED COMPANY FRUIT AND CANDY COMPANY FRUIT ci PRODUCE HOMES DAIRY Mr. Benner demonstrates light prisms Mr. Shelby observes a teacher-pupil situaiion ELGIN METAL CASKET COMPANY ELGIN NATIONAL BANK ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY ELGIN OIL COMPANY ELGIN SOFTENER CORP. ELGIN STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY ELGIN STOVE 6. OVEN COMPANY ELGIN WASHER AND POULTRY SALE ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE CLAYTON I. EVELIEN SCO FISHBURNS PAINT ci WALLPAPER CO. FOLTZ'S MEAT MARKET FOX ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY FOX HOTEL FREISE'S MARKET GEORGES CLOTHES SHOP THE GERARD COMPANY CHAS. E. GIERTZ 6: SON GOSPEL BOOK STORE GRACES RESTAURANT GRAENING ci RAUSCHERT TPQLTTOHS DR. K, HANSON - CHIROPODIST HELENE BEAUTY SHOP MAX HERMAN HERMANS STORE FOR MEN I-IOPP'S BAKERY HUBBELL MOTOR COMPANY W. T. GRANT COMPANY FRED GREIMERS GROCERY FRANK GRIMES 61 COMPANY GROMERS GROCERY GROVE RESTAURANT THE HAEGER POTTERIES INC. Iuniors' hula entertainers Senior party hobo band Iunior party in full swing Daniel Boone LaForce Senior party songsters 7 X.4 Nb Palmtnfoms Sophomore party scenes ILLINOIS CLEANERS G EURRIERS ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS IACKSON GROCERY O. A. IENS MISS ANNETTE H. KAISER 'KARMELKORN SHOP" KERBERS PACKING COMPANY KLINE'S S. S. KRESGES STORES KRICI-I BROS. CO. KUNKES GROCERY FRED R. LAMP HARRIET LANE STUDIO LANGI-IORST 61 LESCI-IER, M.D.'s TI-IE LEA COMPANY LEECI-I AUTO PARTS TI-IE LEHMANN INSURANCE AGENCY LEITNER BROS. MARKET G GROCERY S. E. LEMON COAL COMPANY LOUIS LEONBERGER DR. VICTORE D. LESPINASSE LLOYD'S HARDWARE LUDWIG MILK COMPANY L.S.K. RADIO COMPANY MALTBY SERVICE STATION MASTER SHOE COMPANY MCBRIDE BROS. CO. INC. I. V. MCCARTHY MCLEAN GROCERY A. L. MILBRANDT WALTER E. MILLER MODERN DAIRY COMPANY MODERN FOODS-L. GROMER MOSIMAN'S MUETTERTIES SUNLIGHT BAKERY MUNTZ 6. LEA NATIONAL MODEL BAKERY Chairman Bendewald congratulates h NELSON'S DRUG STORE NEIL'S PAINT SHOP NEWS PRINTING COMPANY D. W. NISH NOLTE BICYCLE SHOP OLYMPIC CLEANERS ORLO E. SALISBURY PAESLER COAL COMPANY PARKVIEW GROCERY I. C. PENNEY COMPANY PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO POLLY PRIM SANDWICH cSf WAFFLE SHOP "MOM AND POP" PORTER T0l'7f:lbCl'llj muh Curr on Earth COUIII 1944 Iunior-Senior prom Grand march Adviser Fletcher thanks class for her gilt Principal-elect and Mrs. Cart- wright Faculty stag line Mr. Cartwright is pleased with the news RELIABLE WHOLESALE SHALE'S MOBILE GAS STATION RICHARD'S SHERMAN HOSPITAL RIFKIN FURS THE SHOE BOX RINEHIMER BROS. MANUFACTURING CO. SHURTLEFF COMPANY ROBINSON AUTO SUPPLY SMART-FORM SHOP ROVELSTAD BROS. SMITH BROS. CLEANERS ROYAL CIGAR STORE SPALDINGS RUEFIE STUDIO IOSEPH SPIESS CO. MARTIN E. RUNGE STROHM COAL COMPANY SCHICK DISTRIBUTING CO. TED'S CANTEEN PAUL E. SCHICKLER THREE SISTERS INC. SCHNEFE BROS. TRIEBER SERVICE STATION SCHNEIDER'S RECREATION WM. H. TRENTLAGE SCOTT'S "66" CATHERINE TUCK TEA ROOM SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY TURNER PRODUCTS IIO 1 UNION NATIONAL BANK VOGLE ci WILSON "RB" SERVICE STATION VOLBERDINGS GROCERY WAFFLE SHOP WAGNER DRUG STORE WAIT-ROSS-ALLANSON CO. WATCH CITY GRILL HENRY L. WENNER, M.D. WENTWORTHS STORE FOR MEN WEST SIDE CLEANERS WESTERN UNITED GAS CS ELECTRIC CO. WILCOX CLEANERS G FURRIERS CHARLES H. WILLIAMS VERNON WOLFF FUNERAL HOME WOODRUEE ci EDWARDS INC. F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY O. H. WRIGHT G COMPANY YAFFE Y.W.C.A. ZENK BROS. ZIEGLER BROS. COMPANY IOHN ZIMMERLI IR. Action on the gridiron Four horsemen All-State Parker Barbershop chords Managers Hernandez, Turnquist, and Smith Ioe sings at the Bond Drive dance Basketball in the 90's Paxfurione I9 l IIEYI QISIII uri I I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Richard Damisch ASSOCIATE EDITORS Beverly Bleqen Doris Turnquist BUSINESS MANAGER Doev Cohen ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGER Iosseph Nerove ADVISER Margaret E Newman NEWS PRINTING COMPANY PONTIAC ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY KINGSCRAET COVERS

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