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. A . . Y l 1, 1 -M MW ipsum-qllll. Q MMM WVWF-A 5' 1-7439 ix xg 1 TK ki CTW W WJ, Q Q' Jw PMP Rx 4 W W we W Tis W W N 5 Rwag swf ff QR rf" v1 0 ef - n . an , . 'v- r il: 4 ' 1 4 , 1' " ' 7 .rr "5 , N pn . 1 p I JH: x xc 1 N C Ai it ,ggi lil' 5,15 . M, Q. ! Q' . 5 0 i n 4 . s V " ' ' . x 1554 ' fs .ff"X"' 4,4 . ..- GH 1 'Rs ' , 4 o Q v a A f' . ,.s 5 i 5 K :Q X .lla W fi 11.3 'RFQ' G vw, wail -ww ,mkxwwf ,. . + k"k1-'wa 'W . . M . Q W A 'UN' ' . Y? Aiugg ' S! 'V W9 WSW ss MM -wmfj-Qi..-X4 X ' A ..,+.m- . Q 0 fb, s Q 'n 0,4 X l 33 'X m M- B gy. s Rf sl vs., 1. ,l .fm i vw, l Q F1 .' FQ' ' - .QI U' fn., V o 'ffm' QW? 4 WlWf",. xf xx ff Z' ,,.- ff-rr 3 Z 2 2 Zz pf 1944 maroon "Efficient universal education is the mother of national prosperity." So said Emerson one hundred years ago and so say all those who are vitally interested in our country today. We of Elgin High School who are profiting by a carefully planned educational system are realizing more than ever that tomorroW's World depends on today's education. We know that We must become intelligent, useful citizens: that as well as preparing for a life occupation and home making, we must prepare and train ourselves in the social graces and in culture so that our country reaches that place of fine leadership in the World for which we hope. Perhaps in the years to come this book will help us understand what this school has done with its broad curriculum and its varied activities to prepare us for that tomorrow. 4 to the Logs of Elgin High School Who would have received their diplomas with us, but now are gone to serve their country, we dedicate the l944 Maroon. ANDREWS, DONALD BALDWIN, WALTER RAYMOND EENHART, MILA LEROY BOPPRE, EDWIN RURRURY, NORMAN DANIELS, IAMES ELORES. IOE FRISBY, VINCENT IRVING GORMAN, IOI-IN GREENBERG, IOSEPI-I GULLETT, GARY HARDING, DANIEL I-IOLTZE, I-IELMUTH ILLA, RAY KENYON, RAYMOND KNEIPPER, PETER JOSEPH KOEHLER, CHARLES LOEK, ALFRED LUSCHER, FRANK MCGILL, DAVID NICI-IOL, IOI-IN PETSCHOW, ARTHUR PORTER, ROBERT RICE, DONALD ROSE, WILLIAM SCI-IEELOW, EVERETT STOLT, RICHARD SWINYER, CHARLES VALDIVIA, MARSHALL WASMOND, ROBERT lames Tuthill gave his lite in service of his country. conten ts Students Facility Activities Athletics Honors and Awards Patrans apaae 7 ,paae 47 ,page 59 page 79 at '43 paae IUQ opaae 103 compifecf Ltjin Hiatt Scticfl Staff Heal: FU' Editor-in-chief Grace Szosz Associate Editors Barbara Nelson Margaret Darnisch Business Manager Iaccb Pollack Associate Business Manager Doev Cohen New.: Printing Corrzpariy Engraving by Pantiar CCvf,r.s by Kinaskratt 1 stuafen ts senior story J- The Class of l944 entered Elgin High School in l94U and soon if A became active in school functions. They began to organize in -. 5- their first year. Arlie Rein was elected presidentg Walter Rust, vice-presidentg lack Burmaster, secretaryg and Paul Ciraulo, treasurer. Miss Elsie Fletcher was their adviser. 2 il 5.1, W A class council, composed of homeroom representatives and class officers, was formed. This council was active throughout the four years. The class constitution was written by this group. During their sophomore year they numbered 460. They were the largest sophomore class that E.l'l.S. had ever had. They participated in the tubercu- losis test, which was given by the Kane County Medical Association. Officers were Walter Rust, president, Nelly' Ventress, vice-presidentp and Bill Snell- grove, secretary. The juniors, with their kelly green and white class sweaters, began to accept new responsibilities. The class was lead by Lloyd Rudolph, president, Nancy Meagher, vice-president, and Carolyn Hameister, secretary. The class play this year was "Ever Since Eve" and was presented in May. The class pennant, designed by Carolyn Hameister, was presented. The junior year came to a close with the junior-senior prom. This last year was a busy and eventful one. The class was lead by Austin Hansen, presidentg Bill Snellgrove, vice-president, and Nan lean Hansen, secretary. For their service project, the class cleaned all the old banners. The seniors managed the selling of refreshments during the football games and sponsored a class party in the boys gym. Tuberculosis tests were again taken by the seniors. ln November the class play, "The Late Christopher Bean," was staged. Many seniors benefited by Career Day and vocational guidance lecturers. Green and white carnations were chosen as the class flowers and "Onward, Forward, Upward" as their motto. 8 Edward lohn Abbott, Ir., "Ed" Edward George Adamek. Ir. Robert W. Albee. "Babu: Track, German Club, Class Council. Rosemary Albertson. "Flosie": A Cappella, German Club EHS. Players. Iune Elaine Anderson, "Andy": Band. Ralph A. Andreasen. "Andy": Football, Track, Golf. Donald I. Andrews, "Bozo." Ioan Apgar, "loey": G.A.A., Student Council, Girls Club Cabinet. Ralph Eugene Apple. "Rufe": 0 4944 Hi-Y, El-l.S. Players, A Cappella. Richard Eugene Bailey, "Dick": Golf, "E" Club. Walter Ray Baldwin. Ir. Richard Harold Banks. Bernice Lucille Bartels, "Mutt": GAA. Mildred Adelia Bartels. "Millie": GAA. Shirley lean Bauer. Beatrice R. Becker, "Beau: A Cappella, Tri-Y, EHS. Players. Charlotte Mae Beck- mcmn, "Chuckie". Dorolyn Mae Behling. "Lynn: A Cappella, Commercial Club, GAA. vm "' li. Abbott li. Amlamck R. Alben R. Albertson I. Anderson R. Amlrc-.iwn I7. Andrews I. Apgar R. Ample R. Bailcv W.'B.1lclwin R. Binks ll, Burn-I5 M. Hartcls S. Bauer lt. Bt-ckcr C. lk-ckniunn D. Hchlim: .S'Q4'll.O4-E 1 - Louise Clara Benn. "Weege": E.H.S. Players, Tri-Y, G.AA. Geraldine Berg, "lerry": Maroon Staff, GAA., Commercial Club. Edwin Ber- ner. "Bernie" Marjorie Ann Blank. "Marge": Class Council, GAA., Literature Club. Marian Lois Bogert. "Bogey": A Cappella, French Club. Kenneth Earl Bonner. "Ken" Edwin Robert Boppre, "Orville": Tennis, UE" Club, A Cap- pella. Betty Mae Brackett. "Bessie": Band, A Cappella, Student Council. Iayne Gloria Brandes. GAA. Esther Ianice Brenner. "Es": GAA., Maroon Staff. William Iames Brinker "Bill": Band. William Roy Buck, "Buck": Band Student Council. Elvira Louise Buchholz, "El"' Commercial Club, Norman Ernest Burbury. "Burb": Club, Football. Ianet Eileen Burkart, "Ian": Commercial Club, First Girls Glee. Iohn Burmaster, "Iaclc": Basketball, Hi-Y, Track. lla Dean Carpenter. Robert F. Christ. "Bob" Paul L. Ciraulo, "Dinl-:": Latin Club, I licnn G. Burg li. lit-rncr M. Bogart K. Hunner E. Boppre li Bracket: I. Brtinclus F. Hrcnncr lt. Brinker VV. Huck Ii. Buchholz Nl llurburv I. liurkart I. Hurmuster I. Carpenter R. Christ P. Ciraulo Nl Clark L. Cook I. Crafts R. Crccml I. Curcc V. Dailcv M Damiscli M. Daniclck I. Daniels ll. Darlisnn F. Davis I. Davis S Dcwcv F. Dohcrtv P. llorscv ll. llmvcll C. Drago M. Ilmuglit Wrestling. Nancy lean Clark, "Nan": Tri-Y. Aeolian. Lois Eleanor Cook, "Cookie": Or- chestra. Ioan Craits. "Ioey": A Cappella, Tri-Y, EHS. Players. Robert Edward Creed, "Bob": A Cappella, Boys Glee, German Club. Io- sephine T. Curce. "Iosie." Virginia Ann Dailey. "Ginnie-"1 GAA., Student Council, Sec. in '44, Tri-Y. Margaret Claire Damisch, "Maggie": l.atin Club, G.A.A., Maroon Staff. Margaret Elizabeth Danielek. "Midge": G.A.A., 1 Maroon Staff, Class Council. Iames Edward Daniels. "Danr1y": l-li-Y. Betty lane Darlison. Florence Helen Davis, "Sis": G.A.A., Tri-Y. luanita Marilyn Davis. "Tiny." Sue Ellen Dewey. Ermalee Doherty, Band. Patricia Ann Dorsey, "Patrish": Band, GAA., Tri-Y. Dolores lane Dowell, "Dee" Constance Drago. "Con- nief' Mary Lou Drought, "Drought": Tri-Y, E.H.S. Players, G.A.A. 0 4944 A. Eagle I. liggert C, Emingcr R. Erickson G. Fzulwr I. Fay C. Fr-cs R. Foes M. Fchrmaxn li. Fletcher I. Flurcs C. Fowler I. Fowler N. Frans V. Frishx' S. Funk I. Fuqua R. Gardner srl' Alyce Mae Eagle, "Ame": Band, GAA., Li- brary Club. Ioan Lou Eggert, "loey": Class Council, Tri'Y, Mirror Stall. Carol lean Eminger. Roberta Ioyce Erickson, "Bobbie": Latin Club, GAA. Gerald Allen Faber, "Ierry." lean Ann Fay: Mask 5. Bauble, El-l.S. Players, Tri-Y. Carol Gene Fees: Tri-Y, GAA., El-l.S. Players. Roger A. Fees, "Rog": Football, Basketball, Hi-Y. Marilyn Margaret Fehrman. "Fel'irmie": SQfllOI'.S- - - - I Q. , i ., x GAA., Tri-Y, Band. Robert Fletcher, "R.T.": Hi-Y. Ioseph Martin Flores, "loe": Basketball, "E" Club, Football. Chauncey Fowler, Ir., "lunie." lay Ernest Fowler, "l'lacker": Hi-Y, Aero'Club. Norman Walter Fraas, "Norm": PFA. Vincent Irving Frisby. Shirlee Iune Funk, "Shan: Student Council, Tri-Y, GAA. Irene L. Fuqua: Tri-Y, GAA. Robert Arthur Gardner, "Bob": Band. Lucille Marie Garrelts, "Lucy," Raymond Leslie Giddens: School Photographer. Barbara Ann Giertz, "Barb": Tri-Y, G.AA., Student Council. Iune Darlynne Gissler. "Iunie": Orchestra, Aeolian, Tri-Y. William Charles Goedert. "Moon": Football, Basketball, Track. Bethany Ioan Goldsmith, "Beth": GAA., Library Club, Latin Club. Dale Ioe Goldsmith. Shirley Sylvia Goldstein. "Shirl": EHS. Players, Contest Speech, GAA. Mariory Ann Graf. "Marin: GAA., Tri-Y. Virginia Amelia Grafiana, "Ginny": Tri-Y, 4 49-'f-ff El-l.S. Players, GAA. Robert LaVerne Grams. "Bob," Ioe Arm Gray, "Ioe": Student Council, Tri-Y. Ioseph Stanley Greenberg. "Sleepy Ioe": Football, Track, Basketball. Howard S. Greiner,"l-lo '.t.' ie":Bancl. Ronaldlames Grimes. "Bonn: lntramural Basketball, Class Council. Walter Iames Grisham. "Walt": Mirror Statl, "Spring Reignsf' Statt, Intramural Basketball. Robert Iames Groneman, "Bob" William B. Gross. "Bill": Hi-Y. L. Gnrrclts R. Giddcns B. Gicrtz I. Gisslcr W. Gocrlcrt lt. Goldsmith D. Goldsmith S. Goldstein M. Graf V. Graifana R. Grams I. Gray I. Greenberg H. Greincr R. Grimes W. Grisham R. Gmncmnn W. Gross SQIMOI' William Ioel Gudeman. "Bill": A Cappella, German Club, Basketball. Lois Delphine Guertin. "Lo." Gary Carrol Gullett, "Goofy" Carol Helen Gurnett. "Kay": Aero Club, French Club, Latin Club. Eugene Henry Haase, "Haase." Carolyn Ruth Hall. "Carol" Caro- lyn Mae Humeister, "Connie": G.A.A., Student Council, Pres. in '44, Secretary of class in '43, Glenn Morris Hameister: E.H.S. Players, Hi-Y. Theodore Frederick Hammerschmidt. Ir.. "Fred": Student Council, Latin Club. Virginia Lou Lee Handy, "Ginny": G.A.A., Aero Club, French Club. Shirley Mae Hanneman. Austin Con- rad Hansen: Pres. of class in '44, Student Council, Tennis. Nan lean Hansen. "Nan": E.H.S. Players, Band, Sec. of class in '44, Dorothy Marie Hansing. "Dot": GAA., Home Economics Club. Roland Christ Hansing. Daniel Walter Harding, Ir. Naomi Lee Harney, "Doodle": G.A.A., TrifY, Aeolian. Violet Fran- NV. Guclcmnn L. Gucrtin G. Gullclt C. Gurnctt li. Himsa C. Hall C. llnmcistcr G. Hamcislcr T. llmntitcrschlniclt V. Handy S. Hxinnumnn A. Hnnscn N. llalnscn ll. Hansing R. Hnnsing ll. Harding Nl. llurncv V. Hartmann Ni. lliirtlui' I. ligimsclqiiisi I. llgivcrcrnfl N. lluliciscn li. llccht R. llcirlu . llvim ll. Hcinickc li. I'lC'llllIl l. llclm .X. lliltli-I G. llimwlu . lim-iimirr R. liullz ll. Holly ll. llumv M. llrmp ll. llmipml 3 1 A .'. -c-. ces Hartmann, "Vi": Home Economics Club, G.A.A. Marlowe Hartzer: Track, Maroon Staff, Slide Rule Club. lean Ruth Hasselquist: Aeo- lian. Ioan Havercroft: A Cappella, Maroon Staff, French Club. Neil C. Hebeisen, "Merk": Ma- roon Staff, Elmer William Hecht. Raymond A. Heide, "Ray" Loraine Emilie Helm, "Rainy": Aeolian, Herbert Raymond Heinicke, "Hi- Nicke": Senior Sales Committee. Elmer Charles Heinitz, "Heinie": Bond, A Cappella, Glider Club Irene Elizabeth Helm. "Red": Tri-Y, Amy Rose Heltzel. George Irving Hippie, Ir., "l-lip": Hi-Y. Shirley lean Hoeppner, "Shirl": Band. Robert Vincent Holtz, "Bob" Helmuth William Holze, "Ham": El-l.S. Players, Dolores Dorothy Hopp, "Doddie": Commercial Club, G. A.A. Marilyn lean Hopp. EHS. Players, G.A.A., A Cappella, Bernice E. Howard, "Barney" 0 4944 M. Hubbell K. Illa I. Isclwcrg C. Iucobs li. Iohnson I. Inhnson P. Iuhnsnn R. Iohnstun ll. Ioncs M. Innes F. Kanturwitz XV. Kcistler R. lqClLlll1Il'l l.. Kcllcnlmcrgcr L. Kcllcy R. Kcnvnn G. Kilgore I. Kirklzmcl Mary Lane Hubbell. "Hub-": Student Council, A Cappella, German Club. Kathleen L. Illa. "Kay": G.A.A., Tri-Y. Ierrol Lyon Iseberg: Debate, German Club, Sr. Literature Club. Everett T. Iohnson. lr.. "l-luck": "E" Club, Wrestling. Iames Bertine Iohnson. "I.B.": Aero Club. Phyllis Ann Iohnson. "Phi1": Student Council, Girls Science Club. Robert Raymond Iohnston. "R.R.": Student Council. Bette Lou Iones. "Ionesy": Tri-Y, G.A.A., E.H.S. Players. Margaret Stewart Iones. "Peggy": G.A.A., Tri- SQ-fLlOIf.S' Y. Florence Kantorwitz. "Flow: GIAA., Tri-Y, Class Council. Wilma R. Keistler: GAA. Roland A. Kelahan. Lyla Mae Kellenberger. "Kelly": Tri-Y, GAA., Cheerleader. Lois Marie Kelley: Tri-Y, G.A.A. Raymond F. Ken- yon. "Ken": "E" Club, A Cappella, Basketball Manager. Glena Dean Kilgore. "Gliss": A Cappella, E.H.S. Players, Cheerleader. Iohn Leonard Kirkland. "Kirk": Student Council, EHS. Players, lr. Class Play. Carol lean Kleiserz G.A.A., Tri-Y, Class Council. Mary lane Klinger: German Club, Tri-Y, Maroon Staff. Betty Lou Koch. "Realm: GA.A., Band, Commercial Club. Charles Ernest Koehler. "Chuck": Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball. Ray- mond O. A. Krenz. Gladys A. Kruger. "Gus": GAA., Iuriior Literature Club, Student Coun- cil. Elaine Ioanne Lagerstrom, "Kitty": Com- mercial Club, Tri-Y, Band. Shirley Marie Lamp. "Shirl": Commercial Club, GAA. Ed- ward Paul Landwehr, "Edclie": Band, Rifle Club. Ralph William Lange, "loe." Marion I lean La Pointe, "Deed": GA A., EHS. Players, Aeolian. Roberta Mildred Lawrence, "Bobbie": EHS, Players, A Cappella, Tri-Y. Richard Gordon Leitner. "Diclc": EHS. Players, A Cap- pella. Intramural Basketball. Alfred Louis Loek, "Alu: Basketball. Margie Iune Loigren. "Ivlarg": GAA. Dolores Carolyn Lohrmann. "Lohrm": Band, Orchestra, Commercial Club Robert William Lohse. "Robin": A Cappella Barbara Iean Ludwig, "Barb": Tri-Y, GAA., EHS. Players. C. Klciscr M. Klingcr li. Koch C. Km-lilcr R. Krt-nz G. Krugvr li. l.ni:t-rstrulii S. lnimn li. Lnnmlwchr R. Lange M. Lxilluintc R. Laiwrcnct R. Lcitncr .-X. Luck M. Lufgrcn ll. Lulirmnnn R. Lulisc R. Ludwig 49-,E semqs - - Harold Henry Lueder, "Hal," Iames Lund. Mary Emeline Lund, "Mar": Commercial Club, Maroon Staff, Tri-Y. Ralph Howard Magden, "Mag": E.H.S. Players, Student Council. Rus- sel Mann. Herbert H. Martin, "Zombie" Iames David Martin, "luice." Mariorie McAllister, "Marge", Band, EI-I.S. Players, Tri-Y. Betty Lou McBride. Mary Ianet McBride, "Mac": G.A.A., Tri-Y. Ruth Ellen McChesney: Girls Science Club, Slide Rule Club. Gloria Ieanne McElwain. "Mac": G.A.A., Class Council. David Lynde McGill, "Mac": Basketball, "E" Club. George Iohn Mclntire. "Mac": Hi-Y, BHS. Players. Everett McLean. "Mac, Bud": Basketball, Hi-Y. Nancy M. Meagher, "Nan": Student Council. Leonard Arthur Mensching, "Lennie": Basketball, Student Council. Iames Edward Merlak, "lim": Tennis, Basketball. lack Metz, "Solomon": Wrestling. Bonnie Iean Metzger, "Metz": GAA. Yvonne Meyer, . l.ut-alrr I. Lund M. Lunrl R. Mumlcn H. Martin R. Mann Martin M. Mcxlllistcr H. Mcllriclc M. McBride R. McChc-snev G. Mcfilwain ll McGill G. Mclntirc li. McLean N. Meagher L. Mcnsching I. Mcrlak TYNH I. Mr.-lx li. Mctzgcr Y. Muvcr L. Miles I. Millcr I. Mills W. Mischc K. Montgomcrx' G. Mundi' li. Moore M. Murphv li. Nelson I. Nelson I. Nichol lf. Nish G. Notts R. Nufcr M. Olson "Clec": Band, A Cappella, Tri-Y. Laurel Miles: G.A.A., Aeolian, Tri-Y. Iohn D. Miller. "Iohn- ny." Ieanne Lucille Mills. "Ieannie": G.A.A. Wayne F. Mische. "Misch": Football, "E" Club, Hi-Y. Keith Montgomery: A Cappella, Student Council, Iunior and Senior Class Plays. Ger- ald Wayne Moody, "Ierry": Aero Club. Betty lane Moore: A Cappella, G.A.A., Class Coun- cil. Mary Ellen Murphy. "Murph": E.H.S. Players, Orchestra, Aeolian. Barbara Ann . Nelson. "Barb": A Cappella, E.H.S, Players. Maroon Stoll. Ioan Nelson. "Ioey": EHS. Players, GAA., Aeolian. Iohn Nichol. Elaine Nish. "Suzy": El-l.S. Players, G,A.A., Latin Club. George William Noifs, "Geo" Ralph Iohn Nuier. "Nul": "E" Club, Boys Glee Club, Manager ol Football and Basketball, Martin N. Olsen. "Martyn: Band, Orchestra. 0 4944 Q of 1 INK' R. Olwn Lf Olson I. 0'Ruurkt' l.. Uttingcr Ci. Oxlrx' ll. Paar ll. l'.ltg1 li. llnulstn I. lk-llctit-1' M. Perri' .-X. l'ctscInm' Ci. l'llc4lcrcr ll. lllu-lm M. Pierson K. l'l.lll1 I. Pollack K. lluul M. llurtcr nd. Ronald Clyde Olson. "Ronnie": Football, Bas- ketball, Track. Ulla Olson. "Cl'xris": Home Economics Club, Iames M. O'Rourke, "Iim": Basketball, Track, "E" Club. Lois Geraldine Ottinger, "l.oie": Aeolian, Home Economics Club, GAA. Gloria Marie Oxley. "Old Glory." Helen Margaret Paar. "Marge": G AA. Helen Mary Pata. "Tailspin": Mirror SQIMOI' ' Staff, Cheerleader, Tri-Y. Esther Marie Paul- sen. "ESM: A Cappella. Irene Pelletier, "Renew: Aeolian. Mildred Iacquelin Perry "Iackie": Aeolian. Arthur Paul Petschow. "Art": Intra- mural Basketball. Galen Kenneth Ptlederer: EHS. Players, Track, Slide Rule Club, Bettie I. Phelps, "Flips": Student Council, GAA., Class Council. Marilyn lean Pierson, "Piercy": A Cappella, Class Council, GAA. Karl Plath. "Bud": Football, Basketball, Tennis. lacob Pollack. "Iake": Student Council, Maroon Staff. Kenneth A. Pool. Marilyn Iune Porter. Robert Iohn Porter. "Legs": Hi-Y. Ernest Fred Prescott, "Ernie": Boys Glee Club. Barbara Priller. "Barb," Bernard Charles Rachner. "Ranch" Iames Ioseph Hager. "Iirn": "E" Club, Hi-Y, Basketball. Ioyce Lorraine Ramtt: El-l.S. Players, Tri-Y, GAA. Carolyn Bausch: GAA., Tri-Y. Robert Ioseph Real, "Bob." lane E. Reese: Band, Student Council, Class 49-'f-'f Council, Vincent Reidy. "Vince," Arlie Rein. Carol Rhoades. "Nonnie": Maroon Stall, Band, Class Council. Bruce Edward Rice: Aera Club, Rifle Club, Football. Donald Worth Rice. "Carlos": Latin Club. Betty Mae Rigor. "Rig": A Cappella, GAA. Mildred Evelyn Roberts. "Millie" William Edward Roberts, 'tBud": Wrestlina, Football, "E" Club. Mary Lou Rohling. "l.ou": El-l.S. Players, Girls Science Club, French Club. it ' -f far Q I. y j ' wilt 1 It 1 R. Porter li. Prescott Il. Prillcr li. Rnclinur I. Raul.-r I, R.1ml't C. Raiusch R. Rt-til I. Rccsc V. Rcimlx .X. Rein C. Rlnuiclc li. Rice ll. Ricc li. Riunr M. Rubvrts W. Rnlwrtx M, Rnlilim, .S'Q4'llOI'.S' William Irving Roveltad, "Bill"1 Student Coun- cil, A Cappella, Football. Lloyd lrving Ru- dolph, "Rudy": Tennis, Maroon Staff. Walter William Rust: Track, Student Council, Basket- ball Manaaer. Iames Wirt Salisbury, "Iim": Wrestling. Track, Hi-Y. Iohn Charles Salisbury. "Iol'mny": Wrestling, Track, Class Council, Leroy Wesley Samuelson, "Sammy": Band. Mariorie lean Sandberg, "Marge": Bancl A Cappella, Girls Science Club. Samuel Paul Sauceda, "Pablo": Football, Basketball, Tennis. Iacquelynn Kay Saunders, 'lIackie": Tri-Y, G.A.A., Mask and Bauble. Blanche Carolyn Saxe: A Cappella, Girls Science Club, Ma- roon Statf. Louise Schauer. Everett C. Scheflow, "Etcl'1": Hi-Y, Football. Oliver Scheflow, "Ollie": Hi-Y. Lois Schlecter: Band, Orchestra, Tri-Y. Harley Ray Schneider, "Her- manf' Rudy Henry Schock, "Hen Nubbinf' Fern R. Schoonhoven, "Schoony": Student Council, Mask and Bauble, Maroon Staff. Shirley Maxine Schroeder, "Shirl": Tri-Y, Aeolian. Annette Louise Schultz, "Annu: Maroon Staff, Class Council, Iunior and Senior Plays. Edith lil 1 W. Ruvclsttul I.. Rudolph W. Rust I. Salisburx' I. Salisbury I.. Samuelson M. Snmllvcrg S. Snucccln I. Snumlurs H. Suxe I.. Schnucr E. Schctlow U. Suhctlmv I.. Schlcchtcr H. Schncitlcr R. Schock F. Scliminhovcn S. Schroeder A. Schultz li. Schultz ll. Sexton D. Scvllci' U. Shalcs G. Shnlcs M. Shcaihnn S. Shcffncr I. Shcpiird l.. Sicms C. Sill C. Smith ll. Smith P. Smith VV. Sncllgrovc C. Soutlmrml ll. Spinner lf.. Stcinmginn Schultz. Donald lack Sexton. "Don." Donald Eliwishes Seyller, "Si": Football, Basketball. Dorothy M. Shales, "Dot": Tri-Y, GAA., A Cappella. Gloria Peggy Shales, "Lucky": GAA. Marilyn Sheahan. "Susy": Aeolian. Shirley Margaret Sheftner, "Shan: Tri-Y, Iunior Class Play, A Cappella. Ioseph Vance Shep- ard: Orchestra. Lucille Mae Siems, "l..ucy": Band, Maroon Stall, GAA. Carol Georgia Sill: Commercial Club, GAA., Maroon Staff. Charles Iohn Smith, Ir.. "Chuck": Football, Basketball, Track, Dorothy Smith, "Dot: Cheerleader, Aeolian, Tri-Y, Phyllis Marie Smith: Tri-Y, E,H.S. Players. William Francis Snellgrove, "Snelly"1 Football, Wrestling, Vice- presiclent of Senior Class. Carolyn Rae Southard. "Connie": Band, Orchestra, 'Tri-Y, Donald Burke Spinner. "VV'ilbur": A Cappella, BHS, Players, Senior Literature Club. Evelyn Bernice Steinmann, "Evie": A Cappella, Corn- mercial Club, Maroon Staff. 0 4944 l. Stewart M. Stvwiiit li. Stiukling R, Stolt Z. Sullivan M. Sun4lcrl.ip,4 ll. Swiiiisoii R. Swciitck C. Swinvcr G. Szosz A. 'lliicmgin M. Thiciuiinii C. 'l'limmison R. 'lilirun M. lulwlcr S. Turling ll. lrcxiclwcll ll. Trent Ianet Marilyn Stewart. "Stewy": Tri4Y, Orches tra, A Cappella. Muriel Stewart, "Myri" G.A.A., Band, Tri-Y. Elaine I. Stickling, "Sticky": G.A.A. Richard Fred Stolt, "Dick" Football, Track, Wrestling. Zenas Sullivan Ir.. "Sully" Marion Irene Sunderlage: Stu- dent Council, Orchestra. Darlene Swanson, "Darn: GA A. Ray Chester Swentek: Litera- ture Club, Wrestling, Basketball. Charles H. SQI'llOI'.S' .,,-Qlh Swinyer. Grace Ethel Szosz: Girls Science Club, Maroon Staff, Iunior Red Cross. Alice Ann Thieman. "A": G.A.A. Marion Louise Thiemann: GAA., Commercial Club. Curtis Gene Thompson: Mirror Business. Ruth Mabel Thrun, "Mickey" Magdaline Elizabeth Tobler. "Mag": German Club. Shirley Arlene Tor- ling. "Shirl": Maroon Staff, G.A.A. Barbara Treadwell, "Barb": G.A.A., Tri-Y. Betty Pearl Trent: Orchestra, Library Club, Tri-Y. Kathleen Lorraine Tyler. "Kathy": Senior Lit- erature Club, Commercial Club. Marshall Valdivia: Basketball, Football. Nelly Ventress, "Nell": Student Council, Class Council, Tri-Y. Elaine Ruth Villars, "Shorty": A Cappella Or- chestra, E.H.S. Players. Warren Carl Volken- ing, "Felk." Gloria lean Von Arco, "Geena GAA., Aeolian, Student Council. Iacquelyn Wagner, "Iackie": Aeolian. Marilyn Wain- scott, "Scott": Class Council. Margaret Alice Walker, "Peggy": GAA., Tri-Y, Class Council. 0 49-'fir Gertrude Amelia Ward, "Gert": GAA. Au- drey Warner, "Aud"t Student Council, GAA. Richard Ernest Way, "Dick": lzaak Walton League, Basketball, Track. Ieanette Weidner, "Daisie." Eleanor Iean Weightman: Tri-Y, GAA. Betty lean Wells, "Wells": GAA., Tri-Y, Band. Kathryn Werner. "Kay" Gloria Iune Westbrook, "Glo": Cheerleader, HHS. Players, A. Cappella. Gene Westphal: Cheer' leader, GAA., Tri-Y. K. Tvlcr M. Vzxldivin N. Vcntrcss li. Villurs XV. Volkl-ning CP. Von Arun I. Wagner M. Wuinscott M. Walker G. Ward A. Wnrnvr R. Win' I. VVcidncr F. XVCl51i'1llllHI1 ll. Wells K. VVcrncr G. NVcstlwmuk G. VW-stphall SQHIOI' Evelyn Eugene Wheeler. "Evy": G.A.A. Mil- dred Lillian White. "Mil1ie": Tri-Y, G.A.A., Class Council. Phyllis Marie Wienke, "Wink"2 Senior Literature Club, Latin Club, Iunior Class Play. Geraldine Wiese, "Ierry." Shir- lee Louise Wilcox, "Lee": Senior Literature Club, Student Council, Forensics. Marilyn lune Wilharm: Latin Club, Aeolian. Earl Clif- ford Wille: Aero Club. Peggy Iean Wimpel- berg. "Peg" La Verne Charles Wilson. "Verne": A Cappella, German Club, Senior Literature Club. Edward I. Woleben. "The Bunn: "E" Club, Hi-Y, Slide Rule Club, Libbie Catherine Worthey: A Cappella. Theresa Helen Yanko. Irene Zimmerman, Iean- ette Annie Zimmerman, "Net" Carl B. Swan- son: Boys Glee, German Club, Aeolian. NOT PICTURED-Marjorie Ann Blank, Iune Elizabeth Darr, Vernon George Egger, Don Wilbur Graham, Ben Griffith, William Henry Hetzel, Ir., Richard Arleigh Knappen, Howard Iohn Kugath, lane Elaine Lange, Frank Wil- liam Luscher, Alan Richard Mink, Lillian Mae Petschow, Herbert Roy Piper, Iames Clifton Robar, Lowell Eugene Scarbrough, Glenn Frederick Scheitlin, Freeman David Sever. Don Hilton Smith, Robert Anthony Staehler, Merle Wayne Surber, Leroy Arthur Thaub, Minna lane Traub, Bernard Carl Wahl, Ir., Robert Wasmond, Arthur Glen Wilkening. li. Wheeler M. White P. Wienkc G. Wicsc S. Wilcox M. Wilharm li. Willc l'. XVimrvclbcrg l.. YVilson li. VVolcbcn L. NVortl1cy T. Ynnko l. Zimmerman I. Zimmerman C. Swanson CC ever since eve M The lunior Class Play given in May, 1943, was "Ever Since Eve." lt is a story ot highschool students and the trouble in which they find themselves. The play was a great success and provided two evenings of fun and laughter for the class members and their friends. The student actors were well directed hy Miss Marge Biersach. THE CAST Mrs. Clover Shirley Shetlner lohnny Clover Keith Montgomery Mr. Clover Ralph Magden Spud Erwin lohn Kirkland Susan Blake Marjorie McAllister Betsy Erwin Nan lean Hansen Martha Willard lean Ann Fay Qlficer tCoppyl Simmons Glenn Harneister Henry Quinn Don Smith Lucybelle Lee Annette Schultz Preston Hughes, George Mclntire The Track Team Robert Albee, Raymond Swentek, 27 Donald Spinner, Herbert Piper ..alPt' c2ll8 fate clzrlstoplzer ean For their Senior Class Play, given November 18 and lQ, the Class ot '44 presented a different type ot comedy. "The Late Christopher Bean" is the story ot a New England tamily and the ettects that the chance of easy money has upon them. Again the student actors turned in a tine performance under the direction ot Miss Marge Biersach. THE CAST Dr. Haggett, Susan Haggett Abby ,,,,. , , Mrs. Hoggett Ada Haggett Warren Creamer Tallant ,,,,,,,, , , Rosen .,,,,,. , , Davenport , , , ,, ,, ,,.,,, Keith Montgomery , , Clfriday nightj Annette Schultz fThursday night? Fern Schoonhoven , ,,,,, , ,,,, , ,lean Ann Fay , , . Mary Lou Rohling Roberta Lawrence , Ralph Magden , , , Herbert Piper , Don Spinner ,,,,, George Mclntire 28 un ercfassmqn s 1 if Class of 1945 President ------ Howard Foell Vice-president - - - Eddie Franzen Secretary - - - Connie Bendewald Treasurer - - - - Eleanor Davis Sponsor - - Mr. E. C, Waggoner i i f --9 if 3 .W it s ,gt 1 1 V if uf? Aa "" 29 Q9 Class of 1946 President ------ -Wally Graf - Bob Schroeder Secretary - - Mary Catherine Carlson Vice-president - - - Treasurer ----- Sponsor - - Nancy Romeis - Mr. Walter Wilson Class of 1947 President ---- - Bob Farney Vice-president - - Bob McCoy Secretary - - - - - Bob Behm Sponsor - - - Miss Mary Peters C CZSS l'11'.ff 7'01l'f 11. Al1Imtt. I'.. A1I4uns. M. .xICX.ll'lLIt'l', II. AIIL'rtnn, C. AIIIaun, N. Amif, Ii, Amh-rmn. .N'1'f'm1zf mnt C. .'XmIr1'w11. If. .'XmIcrmn. A. .'XIcI11sm1, IS. IIZILIINVQLII' V. .XmIcrwn. If. ,'xl1lIl'L'SL'I'l, M. Ariglns, tncr 'llflfnf mln ID. Iiglrtclt, If. Iigxrlh, R. Iigltt, I.. Iiatnn, S. Igdlllllllll, V. Ii:-ck. C. Hcckor. l"um'fl1 1'u1z'.' M. Ilcckcr. I'. Iiuckcr, Ii. I'IL'CIiIll.'I1II, C. I'ILXI1ClIL'W1lI1I, XV. IICIIC- dirt, I.. IIL'I1I1Lll'I, P. Iicntl CY. fflflfl mn? II. Iiwgllult, I. Ilcrlin, I.. I5c'1'tscI1, 9. Iicst. IIIc'I1'l1In-1'g, II. Blcgcn, 'I'. Bm-Ikcm. Szlvlh 1'un': IJ. Iiolllin, I. III'1ll1lllICI', li, IIFCAIICII, M. Iircttnmn, A. Iirittnn, I. III'llCI'iI'lL'I'. II. Iirvunt. S1'1'1'1lfb I'Ull'.' .X. IILIILICIQ. M. I'h1r11i1Igc'. M. IIXKIS, L. l,q1InII. I.. IALIILIINU, If. Camper, P. fILll1I1UIl. lnghlb mfr: In Lglrncx, Il. KIQIYSXVCII, 13. fI.lI'UYl'ILfIlf, Il. CIH'I5II1ll1SL'll. I'. Clan- mlcnmg, I.. Cola-xnz1l1. I. C1 ws IIHIII. Xinlfz !'flIl'.' M. Cuulmnlwu, M, IIULIHIIW' man. R, Cmwllmt, P. llgailrv, ID. Ifalnlisull, R. Dglnmulm, if. IJ il I1HL'l'. Trllfh 1'Ull'f I.. Ihllli, If. Iklxis. I Ilglx' NV. I7c'11rImn'. V. IJ:-II.1r, Ii. I5c'n1n1in, Il, I5L'tI0f'I. l1'l1'1'f'11If1 !"lll'f If. Ilifkcrsmm, I7. Ilick- nmn, R. Ilicrsclmw, II. Ilrwivl, I. Ibfvllmy, I'. IIHLI-QI1L'I'lY, A. Downs. 'I'1r'z'Hll1 rrmw C. Ilmlc. .. I IIFLIIIV, xx. Ilrc-scIlc'I, I. IIIILTIIIHCV, I7. Dunning, Ii. Ijll17I7ICl', I. Ilxrr. Thfr'f1'1'11r6 l'Ull'f IQ. Ifuxnmlw, If. I'IlINV1lI'CIS, I I'I1Iu XV I'n In I5 Ixsun f . - .,,. .. . ..,. A Ifrickmn, R. Frvin. Iiric ' ' 2 . , . lvflb l'flll'.' l"1r.fl runx' I. I'-CILIIIIQIII, S. Iivclicn. If. Ii-xx M. I:lIImurc, X', I5Ia'tcIu'r. l'. Iflnru II. I"m'I I. SITIHIII rung' li. Ifuwlcr, R. Fuwlcr, li lfuv, Ii. lfluuwrn, I. F1'rx'cr. R. Ifrickn XI. I7l'Il7. Y'f11'rfl mfr: i,.u'rctt, R. Khulna. l'. Cluster, R. iw Ill.lx'Ili'I'. I.. I-unrlh mlth' IXI. Cm-rtx, P, fvHIlIL'l1xIL'll1 KJ. G4-mlm. I. Guuld. X'. Grnclvcr, ID iir.1lI.ul1.1. I I I.lI'l'lY. M, I I Ilmm. lx. II . tinmkf aff. II. h1uIun1.1n. M, K-upl.uI, Il rim: .Xlzlfll l'1lll'.' I. IlcistL11.G. Ilflm, S, IIl'l'l1l.lIl IS. llvrrmu, I.. lllll. M. Ilutfmnn. R IIuIIm.m. .Vr'I'.'rllf1 fwfr: I. IIUIII, XI. IImrW.11'4I, Il Ilulwlw. M. Ilulwnr. I. Ilurxt. II. Irixlm 'I'. IXQTNAIII. fvlgfllfl l'ult'.' Imnwn. I. IUI II. IJIQLN, Y. Icllsrll. mmm. M. Iulmnmn, IuIll1xull. IH, Ioncs. .Yinlll mfr: S. Immw. IT. Ionwn. C. K.I.lIL mn. R. Ixnmn. X. lynx, 5. lxnllvn lvu'Qn'1'. M. Ka-IIX. 'I'1'111f1 rffnx' N. KI-llw. R. RI-num. ,X Ku-rxI1.lw. I. KL'l'NI1.lXX'. ,X. KI.l,:w. K Ixnlwl, IX, Kngh. III! KUIIIIZIU. ll, Knppn' 1,lt'I'l'lIfh V sI.lIl', Ku. Ix Uflll II. Kfm'Ii. If. KUIVIQ X'. Iirunnfmx, G. Kruse. f 1 M. KIIIELIIII, I. l..uI1l. I4 'l'lr'r'lfl1 rf nf I..lI'llI'L'l', M. I4.lQCSCIIllIU'. I.. I.LlIllIV, I7 I..lXXlL'IhIl'. S. l.u-mllmun. 'l'hirtr'rr11h Vlllll' C. I.u't7mv. R. I.CIllllLlII X'. l.c'll1lu', R Il ', .with G, I.imIluur, II. I.m'Ix, I7. I.UI1I7.lllCl'. N. Iflllmtc, L. Gublcr, C III Gi1u11IwIIL1cu. I .lIx'Il. IJ, IILlXX'Hl'IIl. .X XX X 1:1-l'.i'f rrmf: IJ. Imiiiiiiiiixt, lb, Lmvc, B. Liingrcn, I. M.ilthx, G. Mgiiilcv, R. M.inii, L. Mqirtciis. Scmrizl row: A. M.isi, I. Miisfm, M. Maasai, IJ. Mnrcr, P. Mcliriilc, G. Mcaulows, M. Mciidmvs. Third mm: C. Mcnkc, lf. Mciisvr, If. Mawr, G. Michel, P. Milli-r, M. Miller, D. lWOCllCI'. l'.UIll'Ih mir: NV. Mugler, I.. Murggiii, R. Mfwkciiio. I. Morse. li. Miicttwtics, IJ. Munrcwc, B. Mvcrs. Fifth VOIP! Il. Ni-il, M. Nlvrgc, M. Nixs, XV. O'Briun. G. Ouilcn. B. Ohlingi-r. IJ. Okcrmn. Sixlfz mm: R. fJlL'SL'll, 'l'. Pgirlicr, R. Paulus, R. Pak, K-. lk-ck, C. Pcclcr, I. Pcnnigill. Sl'l't'l1ffI rruv: I.. Pcrlainx. li. Peters, l. Pclcrsclorf, C. Pctcrson, li. Philips, M. Piziirro, F. Pliiccncio. lfighffl mir: A. Pricgnilz, IS. Ruhr, Y. Rzimlclc, li. Riihn, l. R.ihn, l.. Raikuw. lf, Rcinlx. .X'.'11ff1 l'I1ll'f I, Rimilwrlucr, I. Ruhcrts, S. Rmliu. R. Ruukviilmcli, II. Rogcrs, I. xlUlNL'lN ,CL Rilsivli Trix!!! rum! P. Rmilrx, IJ. Rriwl, II. Ru- dulplii, R. Ruffic, li. Schgigif, D. Sclii-vlc, R. Schcitlin, I:'l1'1fr'l1tf1 muff M. Schcrsclicl, C. Schmislt, F. Schmolmlt. M. Schuctt. R. Schultz, R. Smit, B. Shirlcv. Twrlflh 1'0ll'f C. Shoop, M. Shull, M. Siurscth. H. Smith, U, Suri-men, Il. Surcn- wn, B. Spclliiicwr. 7-'1IiI'ft'I'lIflI 7'0lL'.' P. Squires. I, Stalcn, B. Stimfill, G. Steele, Ii. Stvffcn, M. Starf- fcn, M. Stewart. C CZSS Fir..-1 VOIUI D. Strohm, B. Stroming, D. Studebaker, M. Stumnf, L. Stuerz- bcchcr, L. Svcnclsen, P. Svcndscn. Srcmzd row: B. Swanson, H. Taylor, E. Tcrmini, V. Thompson, H. Toppcl, R. Torok, I. Trnuh. Third row: I. Trcvino, B. Turner, D Turnquist, D. Turnquist, M. Tysver, I. Valentine, A. Van Alstinc. I:UHl'fh row: G. Vaughn, E. Von Lnnkcn NV. Voss, D. XVanck, G. Wacker, I XVnhl, R. XVnlclbuscr. Fifth row: B. Warner, G. Wascher, S VVchb, M. NVcisncr. D. Wcrfclmunn F. Werner, I. Werrbach. Sixfh row: S. Wcstcrbcck, D. Westphul F. WVCWCIZCF, N. Whcclcr, S. 'VVl'1cCIcr H. xvilhllflh, W. XVillinms. St'l'l'l1Ih row: B. VVilsun, M. Wold, P Wilson, I. Wright, li. Yucgcr, G Zornow, B. Zwicky. 4945 C CZSS l'IH'.fl I'r1ll'.' Ii. .-Xhlmtt, 'I'. iXlIL'l'III.lI1, II. .Xlln-11s, C. .-XIII-mann, IH. .'XI1lIL'I'SHIl, I. Amlcrwn, I. .'XmIcrwn. Sc'1'r1111f rum: R. An1Ic-rwn, I. Amis, IP. Amcl, I.. App, M. .'xNCIK'l'Il121lI, II. I!z1gIcv, Y. Iinkcr. 'IWIHI mfr: II. IIAIFIQIIHIZ, C. Iiglrm-tt, R. Ilnrnlmrt, VV, Ihnrlvls, II. IILILIIILIII, R. IIQIUIIIAIII, V. IILlllIlIlI.lI'll1Cl'. I-ourrh muff S. II.lXll1Lll1. Ii. Iiglvlcm, B. Iicck, li. IIL'gAlIIiil, IJ. IICgg1Ikg1, li. IIL'I1rL'I1s, V. In-Ilmu. Ijlflfl rum: Ii. I3vIsIlg1w, R. Iicnnctt, V. IIurIu', I.. IILTIILI, Il. Iiicrdcnmn, VV. IEIL-1'1I4-1114111, Il. Iiiliwlv. .Yixrh wuz' C. Iilnfk, Ii. BI41kcm1u1. D. ISIQIIQCNIQV, Il. Iiuvlming, IT. IIucI1l1im.f, I. lim-umm, Ii. Iiulgcr. .Yl'I'l'lIllI mfr: II. Iiuttcrmgm. R. Rum-run, C. Iin-sIicI1. M. Iirinlgr, O. Britton, M. IIl'U.ILIIIAlY. Ii, Iirmkcr. lffyfnlx I'UIl'.' I'. Iirumgln, M. Brown, P. Iirmvn. I. Iirulmkcr, IS. Iirum-man, U. Iiruumt, C. Iilwcllc. .xvlvlllfl l'IIl!'f IS. Iiurnngmcr, M. Iiurninlgc, .X. Cnrlwn, M. Cnrlwn, ID. Carlson, G. 9.11111-11t4'x', A. Lzltaull. Tf'I1f.0 rnnx' Ii. mm-inn. IJ. Clwistcnscn, If. CIxrixri.1mvn. IJ. Culu-n, A. Colling- I1UllI'Ili', I. Cullinx. II. Cmuruw, f1'l!'If'lIlf7 I'fllt'.' .L Crncsl, 'I'. Crulnc-r, H. Crirlmtnn, I". f:llI'LlL', I. IJ.1uIi. R. Darling, Ii. IIIIAICII. 'l'n'r'lflf1 mmf C. I R-xvcx . II. I Yip-rkc-l', M. IJ14 rkinu. I'. Iiic-lc'riQIx, II. Iluhm. M. IIUINIHCIQ, IX IIlIN.II. Y'hir'1fr11lf1 1'uzf'.' R, Ihvr. R. IiikInr, I. IfIIIulI, R. IfIIIr1It. C. I'IIlllI1CI'I, C. Iirickwn, C, Iirvin. 1946 lffnf l'1lH'f I. I".u'1'L'lI::, IX Illrncx. Il. I'l'I'I'llILI, I'. I'K'llk'I'I11lIiL', I. I'n'rIw. I.. I:iII1mu'L'. S. Ifischrr. Xrffffffl mfr: IJ. Ifnlrx. M. Ifrisby, I.. Ifri5Iw, Ia. hu-llc. I, C..1II11gI1rr, I.. ifnlmtvr, Il. ligu'Iw1'rcI1I. Tlffrfl IYIIIY I.. Ggltlkc, XV. Gcrlwcr, R. lIL'I'Iu'l'1IIlUI. II. UIa'sIi1.'. II, GIICN. If. Gill. lf.tmrm.u1. 1'.f71Il'I!I mfr: XV. IIIXIII, Il. UIZIII, S. KIIIIIHS. K.. l.r:fI1n. I, lfrxrllvs. iv. Cmwh. I, Guxmuil. lfftlf HIIVI I'. Gmlgxfsmu, 'If CMIIL-ck. I. II.xcImI, I. II.nImI1ck, I. Ilulxgns, I.. Il.1Ixuwn. I. I IAlIIIL'INIL'I'. .xlllfl ruff .' l', II.lll1l'h!1.'l', I.. IIJFINIIIQ. IW. II.u'sImu. Ii. II.ll'IHXV, Ia. Ilnrncx. NI. II.u'm. R. II.1rrimn. S!'l't'Hf!I fwfr: C. IIgu'tm.1nn, I. IInucr, I' IIc'mIIvI.uIc', 5. IIUIIHIQIIIC. I,. IIQ-i1Ia', S IIL-1Iu rt. I. Ilcrngmmlcl. Iilglllll 7YlH'.' M. IIL'l'uIcI, II. IIIII, M. .X IIIIIUII. X. IIIIILS. II. IIIlla's, C. IIIINIHIQ' I. IIn1upIm'. .Yffffff mfr: R. IIit7cm.ln, If. IIuIIi4I.1x N. IIrwIIuI.xx, S. Ilulmgrcn. 5. Ilulw. If IIUI-pnI', II. IIuxI. Il-Iliff! mfff R. Ilmfl. Ii, IIIIII-sIllIIK'I'. .X IILLQI1, I.. III.l. C. Ivnnx. Ii. Icnnx NI. In-Imm. l',l1'I'!'lllfI NIMH' NI. Ifvlmsun, R. Iwlmwn R. InIII1xul1. I. Iullmtun. I. IuI1mI1m Ii. Ium X. Il, Ifmrs. I'14'f'lfIf1 l'r1H'.' R. Iunrs, II. Ii.l1!lK'I1. Y IRKTILIII. KJ. IQlIIK'I1IN'I'l24'l'. I.. Kc-Ilrn I-1-rglr. II, IN1L'IIl'IlI1t'I'-21'I'. II. Km Ilu . '1'hff-trfuflz l'IlIl'f 'I'. Iicmcrling. l'. RII Ivurn. Il. Kirk. II. KIg1ns, A. Iiluin NCIIIIIICII. lf. Knutsrn, .-X. Kfflvcl. .l. I l'n'.-1 I'I1ll'f .X. Ixwclx, In. Ix-mlm. .X. lx-u-Ixh-r, C. I'QKl4'IlI1I'i1'. R. IQmwI1x'l'. R. IiuIL'ICx, NI. Klxlmlucr. Xrnnlff mfr? I. Krznnvr. I, KI'.lIllt'I', R. Ixmxm-V. NI. Ixrlclm, I. Ixrm-gcr, XX. IiI'llCQCl', I. Krumm. 'l'!11'rf! mfr: NI. Kucsrnur, If.. IRIINCIIIIIIVI, .X. I..uIw1.!, IL. I..l,QUl'KII'HI1l. II. I..lgCI'- slrwml, Iz, I..nIIvx, II. I..lI1Q, Fflllflh I'fI!I'.' A. I.11ngc'. S. Immluc. IJ, I..nrwn. I.. I..u'mn, M. I..ux4Iu'ml.1Iu, I. I.LlWNOl1. I.. IAIXYSYIII. fifth ww: V. I.c-hnmn, I. I.K'lIllL'I'. R. I.CXIl'KIlIC. I'. I.itcr.1I, I.. IAPI-.QI'Cl'1, V. I.ul1lw.1l1cr, K. I.or:1m5. S1'.rlf: run? R. I.nrcI, I.. I.rn'cnz, M. I,vnn, M. Munn, V. Martin, .L M.1wn, I. Manta-son. Nc'1'r11fl1 rum: G. Mawr, 'l'. Mcllrielc. ID. Mcllnllum, P. A'IEC.lI'fIlX', .X. Blciillc, M NICITHDQIIII, INICGIII. - . z.. 1 lf" '- I-71 N. . lzlyhllz r'uu': II. fviciilnlw. I, NI4'I.K'.lH, I.. McI.4-un, M. Mcclnu, C. Mclxlhcrg, D. ML-Igxlm, I.. ML-nkc. .Yinlfl mir: If. Mcrhk, M. Nivxcr. R. Mme-r, I7. Mick, If.. Mink, II. NHIIIIICN- wurllm. I7. NIIILK. FII!!! mm: R. MiIlcr, I. Mink. .X, Nhswlv. I.. Misxc'IL', M. MucIIc'1'. I.. NIuIl1.ll'. Y. N11IINIX'. Izlrzwlzfz mm: II. MucIIcr, C. MuIIin, Munlf, I. Mu-1's. M. Mwrx. IC, NuI:'l'- g.mI. If.. Na-Iwn. 'I'1r'r'I!lf1 I'fIl!'f R. Nclwn. I. Nl'l'UXi'- IT, Yuukfnn, I. NicuII. NY. Niulrrl. IJ. Ourgm-I, P. Ogluhlin. 'l'f11'l'n'1'r1lf1 mfr: R. UI1IlI1.I4U1'. N. UIPSHII. NI. Ollie, S. Olwn, C. Orlmn. II. Um-r. I. Orrinuw. C CZSS Iflrxl rout R. Oxlcx, L. Pace, G. Pago, I. I'.mp.is, I. Pnttim, R. Pqiulus. ID. Pcnninll. Sfmml' mfr: M. I't'1'kins, G. Pcrrv, lf. IR-tt-mm, G. Pctt-rscn, I. Peturscn, D. I't-tsulmw, F. l'lIult-1'c1'. 'liflfrff mlwf I.. II, l'cwllwui'tlt, II. lmul, IW. Pruitt. R. lJlll'l'iCY, H. Rngt-r, I. Rgikmv. R. Riclmrtls. 1"11n1'ff1 1'u1r'.' I7. Ricllglrtlmn, K, Richatrtl- mn, R. Ritckmaln, II. Rifkcn, Rinal- ilw, M. Rittis, R. Rohn. Ififrfl I'r1lt'f G. Rolirsacn, N. Rumt-is, L. Rummcl. M. RlllYL'lI5, I. Rust, S. Rlltt. W. S.lllCI'. Sixffz rrur: R. Sclmvift-i', R. Sclmnihuch, R. Sclicrf. A. Schinitlgtill, Ii. Schmidt. If. Schmitlt, I. Schmicltkc. Sr'1'r'f1ff1 mir: R. Schngttlt, F. Schock, L. Sclmclx, I. SfllI'1ltlL'l'. L. SCIIIXICKICF. P. SClIl'UL'llL'l'. R. Scl1mt'tlt'i'. Ifiy 0111 1'o11': II. Schubert, R. Schnctt, R. Smhulft, M. Schult, II. Schultz, I.. Schultz, R. Suhwzirtz. Xflllfl mfr: N. SClINVLlI'ZXVLlltl1'IA, Ii. Smtt, I". Schiicn. If. Shnlns, M. Shnlvs, V Slmriw. li, Shcrmnin. TFIIIII mm: R. Slmlt-5, Il. Sicnis, R. Sictc R. Sinitt-mlm'f, A, Smith, R. Smith If. Smith. l1'lr'1'f'11lf1 r'11n'f M. Smith, R. Smith, XV Smith, N. Somers, L. Sorcnmn, G Sorter, ti. Spnmmm. ,lill'!'Hf!I l'Ull'f L. Spttiicw, M. Sportsman N. Spurtslnnn, N. StcHit'11, M. Stcttnfr R. Stt-wntrt, A. Stunt: T1Iil'fl't'lIlh mir: II. Sturm, l.. Stnwvll M. Stmhl. I. Sti'ui't', R, Stlllhlif. II Sutcr, R. SYCINISCII. 4946 7946 Ifirxf rout C. Swan, C. Swanson, D Swanson, IJ. Swcnsun, L. Swinycr, D Switzcr, A. 'I'ax'lnr. Svwrzd row: C. 'l'ax'lor, li. Thmnas, A Tliuinpson, l.. ,lillTlll1, C. Thurnau, M 'l'olwlcr, ll. Tuwncr. Third rozv: M. L. Tracv, A. Trauh, li Trcclup, I. Trcmcl, G. Tyson, I. Un- tlcrliill. IJ. Van Burt-n. Ifonrth milf: C. Vanicv, D. Villars, ll Visgcr, C. Vitalcs, M. A. Vollmcr I. VVa1tsnn, D. Wcmltllc. lfiffh raw: I. Wait, M. Warncr, R Waschcr, C. Waterman, I. xV1lICl'Il1Z1I1, I. Watson, D. Wcrlrllc. Sixfh Vow: M. XVclls, H. Wcntlt, I XVt'lllNVflI'Il1, I. VVcst, L. Wcstlwcrg, M A. Wctzcl, W. Wheeler. Sr'1'r11lf1 row: ll. VVhitcuml1, V. VVitltlcr A. XVicwcl, R. Williarln, A. Vlfilkcn- ing, G. YVilkus, ll. NVill. liigfzrh ww: B. Willc, B. Williams, R. VViIliams, S. Williams, A. VVillis, N VVilson, R. VVolfc. Ninth row: C. Young, N. Ziegler, I. Axforcl, L. Hcllmuth, I. Wold. 4947 Iflzgcf mfr: YV. ,XI1ls, M. ,'XIIcl'tun, I. .Xltlu-n. II. .Xmh-rs4m, II. Amlcrwn, G Amlcrwn, M. Amlrcs. Srwmlfl rnlrx' lf. JXIILIITXVS, II. App, IJ. .-Xrnulml. Ii. IILIIIIIILIH, 0, Rglrtclt. I. Ihr- twm. I. II.IlINICI'I. Tlzinl I'l7H'f R. Iinwkcr. P. Ik-.u1m4mt II. Ilrckcr. C. Iicckmzmn, ll. IICIIIII I7. II1'IlIl.ll'l. V. Rcxumctl. lfnnrllz mnz' M. Burke. I.. Iicrnstcin. Il III.lx'IiIll1ll1. ll. IIl.lx', If. Illqlx. M. Iimmn II. Iinkn-Im.1nl1. Iflfrh wma' G. Rumx T. Iiungqml, I3 IIl'.mnm'r. II. III'LlI1LIL'5. I.. 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Ginthcr, M. Glaze, E. Gnlclenstein, R. Gould, A. Graf. Semin! row: B. Grgirl, li. Gray, G. Green, M. Gmtli, A. Grupe, L. Guertin, I. Guge. Third row: I. GUFIICII, I7. Hum, M. lI.rnsini.f. N. Harding, li. Harrison, N. I Igirtle, P. Hnuptly. 15011116 row: P. Hencl, M. lleilton, D. Helweisen, S. Heine, N. Hernandez, T. Hill, R. Hilleshicm. Fifth row: D. Hintz, R. Ilitzerutli, ID HoHm.1n, M. Hoisington, ll. llolmlen, L. Holinquist, F. Hnltgren, Sixth row : L. Honp, Ii. Hunter, R. Hur- witz, K. Hyde, M. lllves. IJ. lselx-rg B. Ives. v Srfnztfz row: M. Iucnlw, I. Izieolms, S. Ianssen, B. Inhnson, N. Inhnson, R. Iohnson, VV. Iuhnson. liighlh row: I. Iordon, B. Iorgcnscn, S. Knlmlenberger, G. Kzimmeyer, I. Kup- pen, I. Knppen, R. Kaptzlin. Ninfh raw: M. Keurbv, li. Kellenberger I. Kellenbergcr, D. Kimmel, A. Klopp, D. Knceht, M. Knott. 1 Tenth row: M. Korte, I. Kruut, R. Krugli, I. Krueger, B. Kncckcr, I. Lznnhkc, I. Lzimpley. l1'1f'l'l'1lffl row: I. Landis, B. Lung, D. Lawson, ll. Leitncr, A. Lelnml, D. L4-ssl V, B. Liglltle. Tufrlfih row: H. Linder, B. Luck, H. Lohse, C. Luccltke, K. Lunilin, H. Maclean, O. Mugler. Thf1'fcz'11Ih row: li. Mapes, I. Malrkec, F. Marshall, S. Maison, R. McCm', Il, McGonngle, ll. Mellwurn. C CZSS l-'inf rmr: ll. Mumcllilmpl. C. INIVIIWI1 C, INIYL'I's. X l. Millcr, S, Millar. Xu'rn14I' rnny' I'. NIIIIN. XV BInIIItur, If. Nuritl, calm, IX. N.1x'Iu1'. Tllfrfl VHIII' C, Yrlwn. Ya-wlm. R. Xiulmlx. I. II. O'I.c.u'x', I'r1m'fh l'llI!'f NI, IIIIIIQLCI I,.lIllIil'. R. l'.u'wnK. I'rrrx . I. I'c1'rxumn. 1 . I.. IQILIN. IIl'll'l'51'Il, II. IIL'IL'l'Null. Ifllffh mln' IIUIIX, 'I'. III4ul'IIl1IIILl'. Ii. Mm l7gL'l'. . Mikkvlwn. Moeller, I. Morris. iv, Mus- I. Ni I LT. li. XUWIH . Ci, Ns, R. NUIINII. Oxlv. ll'llL'. . Pcrkinx. C. I'n'tux'sL11. li. I. I'clwI1mx'. R. If. I'Iuv, I'. SI-Af!! I'Ull'f X. IIIUIIIIIIIIKI- I'mIuIskx, C. I'1iu'. IX R.1I1n, I.. R.xI1n. R. Rm. 5f'1'f'r11h wut M. Rumor, KT. RIk'IlLll'lI5tlll , X. RIKIIIIHLT, In RUQLLTN, X RuI1Iu I R-wmv. Ci. Rulnuur. lfiglillz F'tl!l'f M. Rmw. I.. Run. C. Rungc I, Runge. NI. RuwLII. If. SLIIHIWIKN. li S.mmI4-rs. .xvflllll mir: .X, S.lll4.'c'nI.l. I.. SJXUII. R Saxun. R. Sxk.ll'Ill'llllAQIl, SfIl.l.lI4, II. ScIn'iIwI. Trlllll rnu'.' I.. ScIxIiIL1'. L. Sclxgmf. R Il. 5cI1mnIs:.1II R. Sclnrm-.IL-r, I.. ScI11'uuIc'r. I'. S.-Imuc , . Ihr. l'. 5cIu11'1n:. Iv. Smuglm. l'll'I'l'HI!I !'ulr'.' I.. Stull. If. SyllLI4Ic'l', R 5L'sImIrrll. NI. SLIIU, I".. SIKIINCIII. SIUI' X1 II1. If. Sl11.lII. TIITIIIII rozvi I. S111uIIux', M. Smith. M Smith. R. Smith, U. Smll. W. Spicer II. SIHHIIIIUIIY. Y'f1f1'r.f'f'l1lf1 I'Illf'.' M. SIHIYIIIILI. .X. Slvclc If. Stcilllmdm, S. Stcttm-r, I'. Stuwnrt W. Sricklinu. I. Suulrr. 494 ,l f-, y'f X ' 6 . FW ,N D 2,3 5. w. Q 1 a I s 3 D Q 9 ' J ! Q fef 20 Q J' " if ' f ,ki 8 11. f N , g.,.9 F... X ui 4 T ,f FIT T 1 , a ga Jn J .- I N .TR aw Q J . R sa 1' f, AX 4947 lfilzff rfuu: D. SLIHKICFILIQC, D. Svcndscn, R. Swanson, T. Swanson, A. Swenson XV. Tcjes, R. Tcws. SI't'UlIlf row: F. Thics, R. Thorne, I Thornton, T. 'l'ilfum', F. Timm, F Tmcv. E. Troll. Thin! row: L. Turner, ID. Umlnlcnstuck , S. lIl'lClLTXV1ljJCI', G. Undcrwmul, R. Van- Alstinc, F. Voight, G. Wnckcr. lfmzrrh row: H. XV1xlclhuscr, R, Wallace, F. WVarcl, S. VVcclmllc, P. Wciclncr, M. VVcightmnn, Il. YVcmlt. lfillh row: VV. XVctzcl, R. XVhitcumb, N Whitmcr, IJ. VVicsv, C. XVilcux, L.. XVillmrm, R. XViIsnn. Sixfh row: I. Wires, G. Winlmn, M. YVishun, .-X. VViIt, M. YVitt, M. XVolcl1c'n A. XVright. a Swffnrfz row: I. Wright, W. NVright, C. XVuthrich, C. XVx'n1nn, F. Young, R. Yuung, B. Zarnclr. lfigllfh mzr: D, Zin-gclbcin, W. Zickcrt C. Zuuk. J 1 494 I-111-'f mm: II. .XsI.um. A. .-XIIwrl, Il. .XIII-n. II. .-Xmlrcwn. Ii. .'Xl1mIrusc11, I5. .Xmlcr mn, Y. .XncIcrwn. .N-11711111 ruff! V. Alvgxlr. I.. Ilgmwglrt. C. Ii.1II. NI. liulmling. R. l3rum'm.m. li. i,.ul.m.1l1us. I, Lglxlll. 'l'fu1'fl mn: R. lfIu'ixti.1mrl1. IJ. I-'11-rkn , . . .I V , I. I'nth. 5. imtlllngln, M. lm-NIXU. Iv UuI1INIx'Il1, I7, UI'uIlL'Il1.ll1. Ifffllrlll wiv: If.. IIQIII, I. II.n'riwl1, Y III-Iwnwn, li. Ilulm. I. IILXITIII, XY IIrlII.lI14I. 5. IIUWLIHI. I-fffh funn' lf. Iwlmsmm, I. Inhnson, S Iulnmm, XX. Ium-s, M. Iurgcmcll. 5 Km-l11IwI':'l'. II. Kaiser. .Yfllh mn? XV. K.1I4.n.ls. If.. IQJIYCIISIQX Ii. K.1t7cmkx. If. Kullw. Y, I.igI1tImnlx II. Manlux, IJ. NI.u'tin. .Nf'1'm1l1 !'lIIl'f I. MiIlik.1n. IH. Umm. I Pllilluu. M. l'iurcL'. G. Rnlvlaim, R Ruclin. I. Schick. lflgfllfl rfur: .-X. Sclmmiwlgnll, C. Suhmitl Il. SKIHIIIIIIIII, N. Schultz, V, Sulcn In-rg. I.. Sl.lIIIV1lllIl1. G, Su-Ifcn. Xinllz wuz' I. Su-rnwulrl. I.. Stumx R Slum-Il, Ii. Struclm. V. Swan, R. Tln-.I Ilnrc. I. 'I'IlI'L'.l1IgLIII. 'I'.f'nf!1 rnnt M. Turling, G. Umlcrwuml I. Mm MIIQIII, I. Mm IILIIUII, X. Mm II. XVLlI'I'k'I1, Ii. Waslmcr. , v I V v 1 l:'lr1'1'11ff1 mfr: IJ. NVQQIQ, D. XVl1g1Icn, S XVI1imxIu, I.. VVurIicr. , A. stucfent councz' The purpose of the Student Council is: Cal To promote school spirit and encourage loyalty to our school. tbl To provide for the correlation and super- vision of the student activities. Ccl To Work for the general welfare of the school. lts members are four officers, home-room representatives, and class presidents. Two members of the faculty, Miss Pratt and Mr. Renner, act as advisers. This year commissions were formed to study various problems. Every member of the coun- cil is assigned a commission, and each com- mission has a student chairman and a faculty adviser. After these problems have been studied, they are brought to the Student Coun- cil for suggestions. The commissions are the Assembly, Re- search, Victory Corps, Safety, Social, and the Activity Ticket. The Assembly Commission has as its adviser Miss Biersach. Through this commission as- semblies are studied in regard to their edu- cating value, and the type of assemblies to be presented at BHS. is decided upon. After the presentation of each assembly, the commission studies its good and bad points so as to im- prove the future ones. Roberta Lawrence is student chairman. Officers. St-iilurl: Mr. Rcnncr. C. Hu- mcistcr, prcsiclcnt: Miss Pratt. Standing: N. Romcis. ll'lllSlIl'L'I'2 C. Pctcrson vicc- cntg V, llxiilcy, secretary. Home Room Representatives The Research Commission Writes to different schools and carries on research for various problems. A handbook is being composed for students. Mr. Dixon is adviser and Chick Peter- son is chairman. Mr. Larsen is the adviser and lack Burmaster the student chairman of the Safety Commission. They study problems on safety both in and around the school premises. A safety booklet was published for the purpose of helping the students to be more safety minded. Under the Victory Corps Commission prob- lerns of patriotic concern are studied. A con- tinuous Stamp Drive has been established and a Victory Week project was sponsored at which SSlU,UUU Worth of stamps and boncls were sold. Mr. Cartwright is faculty adviser and Fred Hammerschmidt is student chairman. I 3 . '-ang. ' Zgiitligi j ti!! f":. i" - Assembly Commission. I. Ilucringcr, B. Manley IJ. Turnquist, R. Lawrence, chziirman, IJ. Albert D. Gmffana. Not pictured: lt. Farncy, M. Drought Victory Corps Commission. Scam-rl: W. Mischc S. XVcstcrlncck, F. Ilalmmcrschmirlt, chairman, V Imilcy. F. Rogers. Standing: K. Plath, R. Iolinwn I. llnligzis, Il. XV1-nill. Safety Commission. lt. Miclrllcswortli, I. Gallagher P. lolxnson, I. Ripplwcrgcr, l. lturnmsrcr. fli.uirm.in M. Sunmlcrlugc, I. Ilcrnaimlcz, XV. Graf. Nm pic- turul: IJ. 1.4-lnnnn, A. Hansen. v v The Social Commission with Miss Kettering as adviser studied and sponsored all school dances. Ioan Apgar is chairman. The possibility ol having an activity ticket which would include activities of the school, such as publication, sports, dances, etc., is be- ing considered. The Activity Ticket Commis- sion has Mr. Benner as adviser and Nan Meagher as student chairman. The Student Council has sponsored other projects such as the infantile Paralysis Drive, Iunior Red Cross, T. B., and the Thanksgiving collection. A new constitution was written this year, also. Besides the four oiiicers, the class presidents -Austin Hansen, Howie Foell, Wally Graf, and Bob Farney-and Bill Rovelstad, Pat Dough- erty, Roberta Lawrence, and Iack Haligas make up the executive council. Social Commission. Scatud: A. Wright, I. Apgar. chairman, N. Romcis, Ii. Hunter. Standing: I. Rakow, I. Rust, ll. ltclahaw, C. Becker, I. Haligas, F. Smith. lt. Paulus. li. Turner, C, Swanson. Not pictured: D. Sundcrlagc, M. Drought. Research Commission. I. Nicoll, M. Carlson, I. Landis, C. Pctcrmn. chairman, G. Underwood, R. Iohmon, li. llchm. Not pictured: A. Hanscn . Activity Ticket Commission. Seated: C. Knutscn, V. Dailcv, N. Meagher, chairman, P. Miller, V. Voss. Standing: R. Gcldmachcr, D. Graham, H. Focll. li. Schcclc, D. Duval, li. liclshaw, D. Arnold. R. Schneider. if cz mlm' t ation ORAL l". l'.Yl"l'liRSON 5llUL't'lllk'l1tlt'l'II of Sclmulx Mb. L,iiivci'siIx' ui lllinrmit ORRlY U. 'l'llUNll,SUN .Mxiwuiit Siipvrinu-mln-nr ul' Sfllflttlx NS. Nrn'lliw:'sIcl'n llllivt-l'sitx' The administration of the Elgin public schools is in the hands of the Board of Education, elected by the citizens. These men entrust the actual management and direction of educational policies to the capable hands ot Superintendent O. F. Patterson and Assistant Superintendent O. G. Thompson. We are fortunate to have such capable men to act upon our problems and further our interests. By looking ahead and plan- ning for the future, their decisions will benefit the present students as Well as those ot the future. BOARD OF IillL'CXl'lON- P145-fl VINCENT COl.liM.XN, Prcsiilcnt C. ll. APPLE IBUNALIJ lf. MFLMS S. MILLS FND PAUL C. l'.'Yl'l'lTRSON CII.-XRLES Fl.0R.X ROY K. I'li'l'l',RSONI ROY I. MASSA FRANK Ib. URIF IJONALIJ XV, V.Xl.FNTlNF XVIl.l,l.-XM BEFRE. Sccrctnry FRED B. DIXON Principal MA., Ed.D. University of Missouri Elgin High School is very fortunate to have supervisors Who have the directive ability, ini- tiative, and spirit of cooperation which are necessary in a school of this size. Mr. Dixon, our principal, is constantly striving to improve conditions at Elgin High School for the students and faculty. The position of assistant principal and boys adviser is held by Mr. Larsen. l-le is always Willing to give counsel to those boys who seek his guidance. Miss Elma Engelbrecht, able and cooperative director of student adjustment and girls adviser, has personal conferences with the students to assist them in solving difficult problems and gives advice to all girls who seek it. The administrative council is composed of those already mentioned aboveg Mr. Orrin Thompson, representing the all-school admin- istrationp the department heads-Mr. R. S. Cartwright, Mr. I. A. Krafft, Miss Hazel Link- field, Miss Wilda Logan, Mr. Charles L. Morrill, Miss Margaret Newman, Miss Adah Pratt, who also represents Student Council, Mr, P. E. Taylor, Mr. E. C. Waggonerg class sponsors- Miss Elsie Fletcher, Mr. E. C. Waggoner, Mr. Walter Wilson, Miss Mary Peters, and class- room teachers elected by the faculty-Miss Mary Smith, Miss Hortense Wilson, and Miss Glennie Morrow. This council meets weekly and helps plan important school activities. I'. A. LARSIYN Assistant Principal iinil Boys Aclviscr ILA. Olivet College liI.MA C. RNGELBRIZCHT Director of Pupil Acliust- mcnt Girls Aclviscr MA. Nortliwcstcrn Uni- versity 1'lI-ffl Row: Miss Marge liit-i's.1rl1, M.,-X., Miss Mairtlm Black, l'h.l4., Miss Catlin-rinc lirzimlcs, BS. Srmnd Row: Miss Mabel lingcllwrcclit, M.A., Miss Elsie Flctclu-r, M.A., Miss Mary Lino Frazier, BS. Third Rauf: Mr. liirus lliill, MS., Miss llclcn Iocclyn, M.A. 1'l0IlI'l,I Rum: Miss MllVtll1l Ioncs, M.A., Mrs. Gertrude Mcxuluws, l5.A. Fiffh Row: Miss Mzirgiirct Newman, M..-K., hczul. Miss Num Stickling, Ph.l'l. Sixth Row: Miss Mzirinric StoHr:'gc'i1,l3..-X., Mr, XV1iltvr YVilson, AJS. QfLg!l..S'll English is the basic subject for all studies, for if a man can't express himself well and has little knowledge of his own language, he can not be very successful. Many officials in the armed forces of our country have stated that English, vocabulary in particular, is one of the factors seriously considered when determin- ing promotions. ln an eltort to tit students not only for their com- municational needs in business and in college but also for these requirements in the armed forces, the English department this year has laid added emphasis on vocabulary and other reading and writing skills. A sound English program is of the utmost value to the student, and such a program is stressed at Elgin High School. Three years of English taken during the first, second, and fourth year are required. During the third year a student may take speech, dramatics, journalism, or literary types. 50 p ysical education and laeaftlz The physical education department has worked out a well-rounded plan that will keep students physically fit and mentally alert to meet arising problems of life. ln the boys gym classes the boys learn the different commands and drill exercises. They also receive a little training in basket- ball, boxing, tumbling, wrestling, and base- ball. At different times throughout the se- mester, tests are given to determine if the boys are in good condition, for the most part they are in very good condition. The gym classes meet three times a week for underclassmen and daily for seniors. The girls physical education program has changed from a three-year course of two hours per week to four full years of three hours a Week. The gym classes offer an interesting program of calisthentics, sports, rhythm exercises, and modern folk dancing. ln addition to gym work, courses in health are offered to freshmen and sopho- mores, first aid to juniors, and home nurs- ing for seniors. lf the girls qualify in the last two courses, they receive American Red Cross Standard Certificates. The prevention of disease in the Elgin Schools is stressed by Mrs. Mabel E. Silli- man, supervising nurse, and her assistant Mrs. Marie Schramrn. On lanuary ll the Kane County Medical Association offered a free tuberculosis test to any teacher or senior wanting it. The re- sults have proved helpful to many students. l"1'r.ff Razr: Mr. limlmuml R. Ahcarn, M.A., Mr Clie.-star C. All-xnnmlcr, M.S., Mr. luhn A. Kraft! M.A., hcaul. Srrond Row: Miss Wiltln Logan MS., haul, Mr. livcrclt G, MCl-t'LlH, M.A., Mrs Muric Schrgunm. RN., Mrs. Mabel E. Silliman RN. Noi fffffllfffff Mrs. Cclc Krul, ILS., l5.P.lid. l"ir.vl Row: Mr. Clifton E. Ailiims, BS., Mr. Robert L. Brown, B.A., Miss Eleanor H. Dor- sctt, M.A., Miss Hclcn C. Kettering, M..-X. Srrond Row: Mr. Gilbert I. Runner, M.S., Mr lirncst C. Wnggoncr, l5.S., head, Mr. Robert T. XVinn, B.A. .S'C'LQ4'lCQ This year the science department has strived to make its program more concen- trated and better fitted for both wartime and peace time needs. Fundamental sci- ence is becoming more valuable to the in- dividual who will immediately take his place in the industrial World after gradua- tion and to the student who will enter col- lege or any branch of the armed forces. The physical sciences, such as chemistry and physics, are now used as the basis for teaching these fundamentals. All freshmen are required to take general science, a study of our environment and its effects on us. It also includes a general study of all the sciences. The composition and functions of plant and animal life are studied in biology. Biology is an important foundation for the study of medicine, as Well as healthful, everyday living. Physiography is a study of natural re- sources, meteorology, land locations, and rock formations. Some time is also spent in learning the principles of global map- reading. ln chemistry the student learns about matter and its changes. ln the laboratory he proves for himself the reliability of facts established by someone else instead of ac- cepting as infallible everything he learns. The principles and practical applications of heat, light, mechanics, sound, and elec- tricity are taught in physics. This training will benefit the student in all types of work, matlzematics Are you planning to be a bombardier, a meteorologist, an astronomer, an architect, or an engineer? If you intend to follow any one of these vocations, you must take mathematics. Mathematics furnishes a good foundation for any type of work, The mathematics department offers busi- ness arithmetic, algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry. Business arith- metic affords excellent training for the stu- dents interested in bookkeeping. Elemen- tary, advanced, and college algebra fur- nish the fundamentals for more advanced mathematical studies. Geometry is the study of the properties and measurements of lines, angles, surfaces, and solids. An intensive program of the practical applications of mathematical laws and theorems is offered to students who soon plan to join the armed forces. Advanced slide rule instructions are also '-H A- 'ffrf,',vj,1w: t' offered to the students under the direction of Miss Mary Peters. U.S'M'LQ.S'S Elgin High Schools business department offers typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, busi- ness law, salesmanship, and office training. Through these many students find the type of work they are most interested in doing. Upper classmen are employed in part time jobs after school as typists, stenographers, bookkeepers, and other office assistants. Approximately 96 per cent of the business students have work experience in conjunc- tion with their business subjects. The department also sponsors a distribu- tive education program, which is made up of students employed in downtown retail establishments, and also directs a tempo- rary employment bureau for the entire school to help meet the local man power shortage. The highschool treasury serves as a de- Ifirxt Razr: Miss Edna Lewis, B.A., Mrs. Cer truclc Mczulows. ILA., Miss Mary Peters, M.S. Sccuncl Row: Miss Adnh A. Pratt, BA., hcnrl Miss 'llicrcsn Sircn, Pli.ll., Miss Aclulzr Tlinm MUN., Miss Hortrnsc Vtlilsrin, M.A. . . , . . . IIIZVI Ixuuw Miss lnclnii Lcwis, ILA., Mr. Chzirlt-5 Morrill, ILS., licncl Miss Glcnnic Murrow, M.A. SKTIJIIHI Kunz' Mr. Gcurgc Peck, MA., Mrs. llln lyfllllllhlll. Mr. Louis Rulnnwn. IRS, posit agency for money from clubs and school ac- tivities. Orders for checks to pay bills are drawn on the business treasurer, Mr. L. V. Robinson. The recording of victory tax, monthly reports for government administration tax, reports to each of the one hundred different school funds, money obli- gations connected with the basketball games and tournaments are only a few of the responsibilities of this phase of business. 04718 QCO4'lO4'l'LlCS The two foremost objectives of the home eco- nomics department are to develop the students ap- preciation of home making responsibilities and to familiarize her with the most effective usage of those things found in both home and community. ln the foods classes the necessity of a balanced diet is stressed. The girls are instructed in the plan- ning, purchasing, and serving of point-saving meals. 54 Students who take clothing are instructed in the quality and tex- ture of materials, they are taught the importance of style and color in dress. Besides sewing garments for the lunior Red Cross, the cloth- ing classes have dressed dolls re- presenting famous women of the world and also in the different uniforms of the Women's armed services. t'Learn to do by doing" could well be the motto of the Home Prob- lems Classes. The girls learn how to make new clothes from olcl, knit for the Red Cross, make candy and cookies to send to the boys in serv- ice, and plan and help prepare nourishing point-saving meals in the cafeteria. I"ir.-'I Roni: Mrs Florcncc lflctclicr. Miss Clt-uni Iulmsun, MA. 50601111 Row: Mrs. Marggirct I.cntZ, li.li., Mrs. E. Mnuclt- Pzlrlzlscti, ILS. Nu! f11'f'l111'r1l: Mrs. Raiclmt-I Gt-4i1'li11rt, IRS. inofustriaf arts The great demand for skilled and semi-skilled help during the present emergency has greatly emphasized the importance of industrial arts. We have cooperated with local industrial, state, and federal agencies in providing the type of training needed to further the War effort. Young people with shop experience have been in great demand and have been found most satisfactory. When this War is successfully concluded, the people with mechanical ability and training will find many new fields and opportunities available, which at present are unknown to the general public. agmicufture The study of vocational agriculture in Elgin High School is concerned with the practicalities of learn- ing to farm as well as learning how to farm. The theories studied in the classroom are correlated with actual practices on the farm, and in this way the directed and planned discussions are of more significance and value. A program of directed or supervised farm prac- tice provides for the application of knowledge and skills as an essential and final step in rounding out a boy's training. Records are kept of all proj- ect Work by the student, thus adding to his experi- ence and aiding him materially in determining wherein he was successful and wherein he must modify or alter his operations. Then, too, some consideration is directed toward arousing avoca- tional or leisure-time activities. Vocational guidance is incorporated into the study of agriculture in order that each pupil may derive a greater benefit from the skills he masters. Thus his education for economic productiveness will be more efficient and fruitful. 55 First Row: Mr. Elmer R. Bnhncrt, ILS., Mr. C. A. Lloyd. Srmnd Row: Mr. Hairnlcl Ci. lfcurn, lificl., Mr. Myron C. Mycrs. M.A. Third Row: Mr. Lon C. Montgfnncry, M.S., Mr. P. Ii. Taylor, hcucl. Mr. ll. li. Rziplus, ILS. Fix-iq Row: Mr. Roscoe S. Cart- wright, M.A., head, Miss Kath- crinc Davery, M.A., Miss Mary Innc Frazier, B.S., Mr. Myron C. Myers, M.A. Second Row: Miss Nellie Purkiss, Ph.B., Mr. Homer H. Shelby, M.A., Miss Mary L. Smith, M.A., Mr. Wal- ter M. Wilson, A.B. .S'OCl.Cl .S'Cl.Q4'lCQ The aim of this department is to give the students an understanding of past and present civilizations and to present courses that will prepare them for the future. The social science department offers to the students a Well-rounded group of studies. In the psychology classes the stu- dents are given aptitude tests to determine in which vocation they are interested. They also study many personal problems of psy- chological principles. ln the world history and modern history classes courses are offered which will acquaint the student with the activities of mankind from the beginning of recorded time to the present day. American history classes study the development of our coun- try and attempt to gain a better under- standing of our government and a fuller appreciation of the rights and privileges which are ours. All the history classes have recently placed more emphasis on Latin America and the Far East. Through the study of economics the stu- dent is given a better understanding of the economic and business World. I-Ie also learns the fundamental problems of con- sumption so that he may be a more intelli- gent consumer of economic goods. He is also taught how various types of economic organizations operate and how our capi- talistic system functions. The purpose of social problems is to develop an understanding of the major problems of society through wide reading of current material and frank, free class discussions. First Row: Miss Anne Craig, M.A., Miss Mabcl Engclbrccht, M.A. Scvond Row: Miss Hazel Linkclrl, M.A., hcacl, Miss lrcnc Piclcmcicr, HA. liO4'Ql.g4'L CZHQUCZQQ Through international communication and transpor- tation the United States is being brought closer to the other nations of the world, thus making a knowledge of foreign languages play a more important part in understanding the Work. Four foreign languages are offered in Elgin High School, each making its particular contribution to the student. Some background in German helps a great deal in music, the ministry, science, aviation, and nursing. French is often desired for art, architecture, music, and science. With the stressing of friendly relations with South America, Spanish is valuable in Pan- American business and communication. Latin is considered the basic language for such professions as law and medicine. Ifirxt Row: Miss Claudia Abell, art, Miss Elma 1-lngclhrcclit, M.A., Mr. Robert H. Garritson, A.B. Second Row: Mr. Byrus Hall, B.S., Miss Marion Laflcv, M.M., Mr. Clifford Thomas, M.A., hm-acl. l 57 L ine arts The music department offers many opportunities to students who are interested in instru- mental or choral work. This year a semester course in har- mony Was offered. In the or- chestra, band, a cappella choir, and glee clubs, students find valuable training and have the opportunity to learn good mu- sic. Throughout the year the music department keeps the public's morale high by fur- nishing entertaining assemblies and concerts. Art for everyday living is of- fered by our high school art de- partment. Besides learning the basic elements of art, the stu- dents endeavor to develop their creative ability and to learn to appreciate beauty in all its forms. The art department fur- nishes many murals and other art work to help make the school interesting and beautiful. Miss Intl llumtliv bmi-ltr, B..-X.. H.Eil.. Mrs. ixlllflitl Tcrzncr. Miss livclvn I.. lint-ttclicr, Registrar, Miss Lunrlt-cn, Attcntlnincc Director. R. Lnrliss Carlson. Clerk, Mrs. Kathryn nfl Ilugigluml, AB., LS., Miss "ls it too late to put this announcement in today's bulletin?" "Will you give me Patricia Iohnson's record for last year?" "May l have an admit card for last Friday?" These are common questions in the Elgin High School ottices. Miss Evelyn L. Boettcher, registrar and Mr. Dixons personal secretary, gives ines- timable service in executing the adminis- trative duties. Each semester she Writes out a program for every high school stu- dentg all records and files are kept under Sf9QCl'Cl The library is under the supervision of Miss Ethel Hoagland, assisted by a student library staff. Miss Hoagland keeps the stu- dents constantly equipped with the newest books and magazines. The sight-saving department under the direction oi Miss Stoehr aids students in studying subjects that might have been im- possible. Special lighting, adjustable tops on desks, a recorder, and a typewriter with large letters are the equipment be- longing to this department. Mrs. Amelia Tetzner has charge of the 240 study hall each period. cz mints tra tive assistants her proficient system. Miss R. Carliss Carl- son is her capable assistant. The main purpose ot the attendance ot- tice under the direction of Mrs. Kathryn Lundeen is to encourage students to ap- preciate the excellent opportunities that the school has to offer and to discourage avoidable absence. All attendance records are kept here, and all excuses for tardiness and absences are issued. Miss Martha lones assists Miss Engel- brecht in keeping Working sheets for the student and the employer. The directive Work done in these branch otlices enable our school to operate at a high degree of efficiency. aCtlm'tz'eS .S'Q4'VlCQ clubs Iunior Red Cross The junior Red Cross is the American Red Cross in the schools. This year the Elgin High School Chapter boasts a one- hundred-per-cent membership. The mem- bership drive collections were in turn con- tributed to the National Childrens Fund, which gives help to children in all parts of the world. One hundred small garments were made by the clothing classesg and puzzle books, short story books, holiday menus, and tray favors were created by the art classes. The Iunior Red Cross Cabinet Working on the Paper Drive Woodshop classes made twenty bed tables, titty bed-side tables, and fifty smoking tables. "Cookies for the Rookies," a junior Red Cross project carried out by the Girls Club, met with great success. They also made squares from old bath towels for the navy hospital and rescue ships. The highschool girls also helped with the collections at the theaters during the Na- tional Red Cross drive. Chairman, Grace Szoszg junior represen- tative, Edward Franzen, sophomore repre- sentative, Richard Swenseng freshman re- presentative, Barbara Leitnerg adviser, Miss Adah Pratt. Library Club The library club assists students in find- ing books, magazine articles, and other material that is available in the library. The club consists of sixteen members, and three meetings are held each semester. Two or three members are in the library each period to discharge and shelve the books. The chief social activity of this season was an educational and enjoyable field trip to the Chicago Public Library. Betty Trent acted as president this year, with Robert Paulus as secretary, and Don- ald Detloff as treasurer. Miss Ethel I-loaglund is sponsor. Cafeteria Workers Students working in T the cafeteria not only help prepare and serve the meals, but also help plan the meals and bud- get them. This group has learned to serve nourishing well- balanced meals on the few points that they are allowed. They learn how to select wisely and serve the correct way. They have served luncheons and three evening dinners, in addition to helping at noon. Each of them made a booklet ex- plaining and illustrating food costs, marketing, menu planning, salesman- ship, and development of personality in serving the public. Mrs. Parlasca is in charge of the cafeteria. Projection Club Showing educational movies to dif- ferent high school classes and grade schools, mending torn film, repairing projecting machines, and showing films during the halves of the basket- ball games were a few services ren- dered to Elgin High School by the Projection Club. The boys also managed all the pub- lic address systems in the school. This spring they made possible the broad- Librnry Club Cafeteria Workers Proiection Club casting of the Champaign Tournament bas- ketball games to students remaining at school. The tense, exciting moments of those games will also be remembered, since recordings were made. Their most outstanding service was the making of Elgin High School's film, "Elgin High School in Action." This film is 1,300 feet long and is in technicolor. It was pre- pared so that new shots can be added. Sound is also connected with this film. The members of the club are A. Mink, B. Graf, W. Voss, W. Williams, B. Dearlove, B. Scheitlin. Mr. 'Naggoner is their sponsor. Recreation in 139 Girls Club Cabinet gl.I'!S' Club Every girl who enters E.H.S. automatically becomes a member of the Girls Club. The purpose of the club is to bring about coopera- tion and friendliness among all the girls. lt also aims to be of service, not only to the girls, but to the school and community as well. The busi- ness of the club is decided on by the cabinet which is made up of representatives from all four classes. The big project for the year has been the furnishing of room l39 as a lounge for the girls during the noon hour. l'Cookies for the Rook- ies" was another project that was done in cooperation with the Iunior Red Cross, as was also the towel square project for navy hospitals. Once a month the girls have an assembly in the auditorium, at which they have pre- sented style shows, skits, and a Christmas program. Each year the upper classrnen give a party for the freshmen to help the new girls get acquainted. Officers: president, Nan Meagher, vice-presi- dent, Pat Dougherty, treasurer, Connie Bende- Wald, secretary, Phyllis Iohnson, sponsor, Elma C. Engelbrecht. O4'QI'l.S'l.CS The National Forensic League helps to spon- sor and stimulate interest in all speech and debate. There are four degrees which students can work for through participation in debate, dramatic reading, humorous reading, oratori- cal declamation, original oratory, extemporan- eous speaking, and verse speaking. The first is the degree of merit, which counts for twenty points, the second for honor, count- ing fifty pointsg the third for excellence, which counts for lUC points, and the fourth for special distinction, counting for l5U points. At the debate tournament at LaPorte, lndi- ana, the debate squad tied for first place with six wins and no losses, and placed second in both the Elgin tournament and the Rockford meets. ln the Augustana invitational debate tournament El-l.S. tied for fourth place, com- peting against twenty-two schools from lllinois and Iowa. ln March the Elgin High N.l:.L. chapter, sponf sored by Mr. Cartwright, was awarded a tro- phy by the National Forensic League and was honored as the best and most active chapter in the state of lllinois. Several individuals went down to the state tournament. N. F. L. Chapter Officers The EroshfSoph squad, composed of fifteen members, meets daily with Mr. Shelby. They have appeared before various community or- ganizations and grade schools and have held practice debates with other schools as well as the varsity team. ln the VVest Rockford invitational tournament they won first place, and in the East Aurora tournament they placed second. Marge Rus- sell, Audrey Grupe, Lois Ganter, and Helen Blackman have one hundred or more N.F.L. points to their credit already. Qfficers. president, Pat Dougherty, vice- president, Keith Montgomery, secretary-treas- urer, Miriam Durstockg adviser, R. C. Cart- wright. Varsity Team Frosh-Soph Debuters Land Can you imagine what BHS. would be like without a band playing at our football and basketball games, marching in our parades, and thrilling us in assemblies? Of course you can't. And this year the band has again put in a busy and successful year under the direction of Mr. Robert Garritson. They participated in the Community Chest parade, the Army show, and other parades. They held fall, winter, and spring concerts, and played at the Universalist Church April 30. ln their concerts the band has played such selections as the 'Unfinished Symphony," "Pathetique Symphony," and music from 'll-lansel and Gretalf' "Stardust," "Getting Sentimental Over You," and "Stormy Weather" are only three of the many popular numbers the band has played. Because of transportation difficulties and other problems, there was no lllinois Band Con- test this year. However the band did take part in the presentation of the Army-Navy "E" Award at McGraw's. Officers: Charles Peterson, president, Charles Becker, vice-president, Betty Koch, secretary, Mary Lou Tracy, librarian. 1:1.U'1'1:. 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STRI I'1'Rl U11r111111 ii11111I11a M1'1'1'111 1,Lllll11'I'L1l1L 111111 1'1't1'1's RUQ1-1' R11'1'k111g111 lJ11n.111l XY11s1111111 NU HASS 011.1111-1 1'.Ill11IL'l'l ll11II11 l1.1I'111'. I1 Sul 1 11'SS1fDN 111111 111'.IL 1x1'1l .X111111'1 lJ11x1'111'1 l.l11Ilx Ki,111.1q111' l.1l.Il'11'x 111'1L'I's41Il l111111 S1111111111111 11lL'11Q XV111111L' 51.lI'X 1.1111 1I'.lx' lar.-'f lwnz' X. NIi'yvr. I. Izggcrt, S. IR-wi-3, Ci, Wcstlimok, IS. Ilriickrtt, I. Ciimciitcr. I, 'I'rc'x'inu. I. Stalin NI l'm,iit M lhniwii It SILIICII C lxilg 1 f1,l'.l'lx'NUIl... vA'2'. '. " , .. ' ', S. " I'U'L', lf. Villzirs. I. Su-wxlrl. .S'z'uu11fl IQ11142' M. Ilulalwcll . IJ, Iliinmnlg, I, Crafts. I.. Wurrlil-5, It. lllurwrc, R. llmkcr, S. Sclicttiisr, C. llrmlcwiilil. R. I.iuwn-licc .X. Illini. lf. SIVIIIIIILIIIII, M. Ilupp, It. Rigur, li. Snxu, N. Amis. IJ. Ilcliling. Thin! lCon'.' V. Inlinmn I. lmllvx. R. .Xllu-rtwii, IJ. Slmlvs, If. Ilickcrsun, R. Apple, ID. VV4inck, VV. Wilson. R. Pr-ck, C. Griffin NI. S.lIltllWL'l'g, ll. I.r1lll11lllL'l', IJ, W1 I'lit'llll.llll1, If. Paulsen, ll. Amlcrwn, Il. Nvlwn, V. I.crnlic'. Il, Itcclacr. l'HlIl'f!I li'rln': I. II.lwrci'utAt. C. Alliwln. I. Ilziuk, I.. XVilmn, N. Stcflvn, Ii. Ilcinitl. M. Sliull, I.. fiilltlfl' r v ll. Mui-lluig II. Swanson, R. Imlm-. R. Cru-tl, XV. Rmxlstzul, I. Iimiitskc, Ii. Ilupprc, VV. Guclcmiin, W. It-:ist-n, R. I.ciuu-r, P. Ituiiglit-i'1y, ll. Swgmson. No! 1'irlm'1'1l: C. Ilrulicli. M. Mc.-Xllistfr, K. Mont- giaim-rx, R. Riuliqmls. R. lit-iiyoti, l'. Killwurn, R. Sclirrmlm. IJ. Spvi'i'y, IJ. Spinmr. O Cl QVOUPS A Cappella The A Cappella choir is the top sing- ing group of the school and is made up of juniors and seniors. Under the able direction of Clifford Thomas, A Cap- pella has appeared at concerts, assem- blies, Christmas and church programs, and local clubs. The foremost project of this year was the singing of the "Song ot' America" on October 26. The officers are as follows: president, Keith Montgomery, vice-president, Ro- berta Lawrence, secretary, Marian Bogartg and librarian and student manager, Ray Kenyon. Freshman Ensemble The main purpose of the Freshman Ensemble is to encourage the freshmen to sing. From this group of students, whose personnel changes each semes- ter, come the students that make up the major divisions in all the singing groups. Helen Blackman acted as presi- dent this year, with Mr. 'Thomas as director. Aeolian Fresh. Ensemble Treble Boys Glee Treble Choir Treble Choir is the next stage up the musical ladder. The choir is com- posed ot freshmen and sophomore girls and is under the guidance of Mr, Byrus Hall. Aeolicm Aeolian is the top girls singing group and has sung for girls assemblies and various clubs. lt has also sung with the A Cappella for Christmas Vespers and in the presentation ot the ' Song ot' America." lt may be said that Aeolian recruits girls tor A Cappella since this group is the last stop before entering the top organization. Miss Elma Engelbrecht is sponsor. Officers' president, Sue Holmgreng sec- retary, lanice Dayg treasurer, Adria Kohlerg librarians, Betty Bauman, Lois Spenser, Gloria Michel. Boys Glee Freshman and sophomore boys who are planning to enter A Cappella begin their path upward by becoming a member ot the Boys Glee. Mr, Hall directs the glee club. The president is Wayne Sauer and the secretary is lack Myers, 0 cfzestra Participating in 'Song ot America," Christe inars vefspers, and assemloliesg playing for varif ous: community oraanizationsg and attendina the "Pop" concert all add up to a successful year for the EHS. Qrchestra. lvleinbership in EH S, Orchestra has proved to be valuable to many recent graduates. Miss Marian Lattey directs this everfsuccesslul aroiip. liininy Nicoll and Hazel Crichton are the student conductors. Gllicers: president, Marilyn Bridgeg vice- president, Sid Hermang secretary, Elaine Vil- larsg librarians, Hazel Crichton, Vivian Lernke, ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL l 94 31944 YlOl..X lll..XRlNl"li l'i'iniip.1ls M.1r1in f,lNL'll ll.lfi'l lfilililun l,i-wix lflrlvllvl' llcllx 'lll'L'l1I Nl.lllUl'lk' lliirniilgr ILXSSOON l'.Iif.ilu-Ili .Km ' lflxii' Moritz linux lmlx 5L'l1lL'iIn'l' 'l'Rl.'Mltl"'l' t'l",l,l.U Plixllix iilrmli-min hm! Suyw-In Sulnvx lli-rm.iii li.ll'lT.lI'.l Mqumli-x Ynitcx Sk'l1XY1lI'lXV.ll1ll'I' IROMWJNL Marx lillvn lluislngtmm Qjumx Iydws lilqrim' Villglrs ltill MiclillL'swm'll! HORYQ Gloria Mac Kruse QTRING RASS lflialrlus Slimm llnlurrx Lnlirmal R.ilph Rcnnortli Viviun Swain X lOI,lN 'l lit-mlm-Q Sw.insun Clmlhn Sumlmnl , llunnn Riqm' s 1 K. in ' -rl-mn t'l' ' Lligirlra lzmmcrl , N , 1 , Y 4 ul- N N Sliirlu' Ruth V, A - Pl'-RLL 55lON lW.lIllX n liiuluc , , W .lltci lilk'l'lll.lIl j,,,,,m Nik-ull cinilsli Iltllirlwll M.1rx Luu 'l'r.iux l,r,m,mlI l4'l'Z"l"lh c't""l' Virginia liglitlmilx i 'A ltg'YL'rlY ciHlllsIL'll1 llvllx' XX ill Y, l'l,l7'l'l". llrxllx l'lli'illn.il1 I v .Xli-nr xvlllxL'I1ll1! lL'.lI1 Kelli-iilwluci' Mgu'iurii' lxiuxllixlyy' NANO A1-ll'lUl'il' .Kim Vullmi-1 Ima Iuluixtuli Rm Trgiulu Viwi.in l.k'l1llxL' Publications Board puofications oar The Publications Board directs the policies ot the highschool publications and approves the budgets and expen- ditures. The board is made up of the principal, the faculty advisers, editors, and business managers of the publica- tions, and a Student Council represen- tative. The annual publications dinner Was held early in May, served by Mrs. Par- lasca and the cafeteria group. Besides a talk of publishing interest, awards were presented. This year Charles Iacobs and Curtis Gene Thompson represented the "Mir- ror", Grace Szosz and Iacob Pollack, the "Maroon", Shirley Webb and Rob- ert Paulus, "Spring Reignsf' Carolyn Hameister was chosen as representa- tive for the Student Council. Miss Brandes, Miss Newman, Miss Stollre- gen, and Mr. Dixon were the faculty members on the board. il- 4'l'lCl4'OOfl Under the helpful guidance of Miss Margaret Newman, adviser, and Miss Hazel Linkfield, assistant, the Maroon editorial staff manages the entire edit- ing of the annual. This year several problems presented themselves that had to be solved before the book was ready to go to press. Among these were the shortage and rising cost of paper, printing, and supplies. However a plain, but attractive, inexpensive yearbook was completed. Students who composed the editorial staff were Grace Szosz, editor-in-chief, Barbara Nelson and Margaret Damisch, associate editors, Ray Giddens, student photographer, Richard Damisch, layout artist, Dick Swenson, cartoonist, Carol Rhoades and Lloyd Rudolph, sports Maroon Making Patron Sales Winners I. Robar. C. Menke. E. Duppler. editors, Blanche Saxe, Mary lane Kling- er, Mary Lane Hubbell, Annette Schultz, Mary Lou Rohling, Mary Lund, and Margaret Danielek, assistant editors, Carol Sill, Evelyn Steinrnann, Elaine Lagerstrom, typists, and loan Haver- croft, Marilyn Pierson, Marilyn Hopp, Robert Creed, Lucille Sierns, Neil He- beisen, and Mary Ann Stewart. While this group worked industrious- ly on material for the book, the busi- ness staff was not idle. An assembly program launched their campaign for student subscriptions, while Mr. Mor- rill's salesmanship class successfully sold over one hundred fifty patrons for the book. lacob Pollack was business manager, and Doev Cohen was asso- ciate business manager. During the past year first Charles Iacobs and then Shirley Westerbeck served as editors-in-chief and Gene Thompson as business manager of the "Mirror," Page editors were Shirley Westerbeck and Helen Pata. The sports staff included Walt Grisham, editor, as- sisted by Bill Warner, Gene Termini, Bill S. Warner, lim Rager, and Mitch Weisner. Special writers were Norm Fugate, loan Eggert, Sid Herman, Pat McCarthy, and Shirley Webb. The re- porters were Iackie Dolby, Ioan Haver- croit, Roy Morlcemo, Wanda Engle, and Gwen Bosier. Mirror Staff 4'l'lM'I'O4' This year the record for the most sub- scriptions was set with about 1550 sub- scriptions being sold to students. About 125 copies of each issue of the "Mirror" were mailed to servicemen, and 20 issues were mailed to people working or otherwise. Some of the credit for this year's suc- cessful paper should go to the advertis- ing staii, which was composed of Emma Lou Phillips, Marilyn Massa, Ted Iverson, George Peek, Arlene Haywood, Ioan Collins, Bob LaForce, and George Meadows. The circulation manager was Iackie Dolby, and Miss Catherine Brandes was the adviser. fitem ture cfuhs Senior Literature Club "Spring Reignsf' a collection of crea- tive writing by the students, was pub- lished for the second time this year. Again it was successful, and the Litera- ture Club hopes that the magazine will become an established tradition. "Spring Reignsu was the main project of this club, but not the only one. A trip to Chicago to see a stage play, their annual spring picnic, and other activi- ties high-lighted their get-togethers. The officers were Lloyd Rudolph, president, Shirley Wilcox, vice-presi- dent, Vivian Lemke, secretary, and Don Spinner, treasurer. Miss Marjorie Stoffregen was adviser. Verse Speaking Verse speaking is one of the newest sophomore activities in Elgin High School. lts purpose is to do verse speaking as a group. At the meetings the students practice reading together, stressing the interpretation of the se- lections and emphasizing improvement in enunciation, pronounciation, and tone quality. The club appeared at the Girls Club assembly and the Freshman party. ln the future they hope to make public appearances. The officers were lean Lawson, presi- dent, Iackie Muntz, vice-president, Marilyn Bridge, secretary, and Alice Thompson, treasurer. Miss Mabel En- gelbrecht was sponsor. Poetry Club "l think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as a tree." The Poetry Club was organized this year to help the younger students en- joy and appreciate poems for their own amusement and for entertainment pur- poses in public. One of the main objects of the Poetry Club has been to collect poems about the war. Officers: president, Orra Mager, vice- president, Audrey Grupe, secretary- treasurer, Barbara Leitner, sponsor, Miss Mary lane Frazier. Senior Literature Officers Verse Speaking Group Poetry Club Mask and Bauble Officers E.H.S. Players ramatic cfubs Mask and Bauble To promote interest in the many phases of dramatic art and to partici- pate with the EHS, Players in the pro- duction of the One-Acts: these are the two main purposes ol this Fresh-Soph club, the Mask and Baulole. Some very unique programs were presented this year: pantomimes and characterizations, as well as special features stressing original talents in the group. Officers: president, Nancy Romeis, vice-president, lean Lawson, secretary, Genevieve Newlin, treasurer, Marge Volmerg sponsors, Miss Helen Iocelyn and Miss Mabel Engelbrecht. E.H.S. Players "Friends, Romans, and countrymen, lend me your ears - - " The EHS, Players and the Mask and Bauble presented the One-Acts this spring as has been the custom for many years. The Players also sponsored a trip to Chicago to see the Broadway hit, "Oklahoma" Scenes from various plays were given in the dramatics room at special meetings. A make-up crew was also formed. Officers: Ralph Magden, president, Roberta Lawrence, vice - presidentg Marge McAllister, secretary, Elaine Nish, treasurer, Marge Biersach, sponsor. CZHQUCZQQ Clubs Latin Club The Latin Club, also well known as "Inter Nos," meaning "among our- selves," had Miss Irene Pielemeier as sponsor. The officers were Ray Barn- hart, president, Dick Carlson, vice-pres- identg lean Lawson, secretary, and Robert McCoy, treasurer. According to tradition, they initiate all new members at their first meetings. Discussions of Roman customs and the caroling of old Latin carols in the halls of El-LS are the favorite activities of its members. Latin Club French Club German Club German Club Through round table discussions, dramatic skits, talks, and singing songs, German Club members have accom- plished their club's objective, which is to acquaint its members with people who have made contributions to the world in music, art, science, and litera- ture. Highlighted on the club's program this year was their annual Christmas dinner. The club also gave contribu- tions to the servicemen's record fund and sang carols in the halls. Officers were William Wilson, presi- dent, Mary Lane Hubbell, vice-presi- dent, Margaret Stumpf, secretary: Iere McGill, treasurer, and Miss Mabel Engelbrecht, sponsor. French Club The main project of the Le Cercle Francais this year has been the corre- spondence with an American soldier somewhere in Europe. All correspond- ence was done in French. The club also caroled during the Yuletide sea- son and had a spring picnic. The officers were Mary Lou Rohling, loan I-lavercroft, Mary Lane Hubbell, and Miss Anne Craig, adviser. "E" Club The mighty "E" club was organized for the purpose of promoting an inter- est in school athletics and in clean sportsmanship. Thus boys who have won "E's" have the acclamation and glory won not only by the letter itself but also from their qualifications as athletes for an organization which up- holds athletic ability. Ushering and operating a check- room at basketball games is part of the boys' yearly Work. Initiation of new members is held twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, so that boys are not kept Waiting a long time after obtaining i'E's" to join the club. Officers: Karl Plath, president, Bud Roberts, vice-president, Bill Snellgrove, secretary, and Chuck Smith, sergeant- at-arms. Mr. Krafft was their adviser. Some G.A.A.'s if Vx, 4' C i t Q 1 l I "E" Club atlzfetic CZULS G.A.A. The Girls Athletic Association, one of the largest organizations in El-l.S,, was quite active this year. All girls interested in sports and the "ideals of health and sportsmanship" belong to this club. Play Day and Awards Day made May the busiest month on the GA A. calendar. All the girls who had suc- cessfully completed the various tests of the State and National Association and all the girls who took an active part in the basket-shooting contest received awards. Officers: president, Beth Goldsmith, first vice-president, Ioan Apgar, sec- ond vice-president, Eleanor Davis, cor- responding secretary, Mary Catherine Carlson, treasurer, Virginia Iohnsong adviser, Miss Wilda Logan. Girls Science Club Girls who are interested in doing ex- periments in chemistry and physics that can't be done in class belong to the Girls Science Club. Any girl who has had or is taking chemistry or physics may use this opportunity to further her knowledge in science. This year the club sponsored a trip to the Museum ot Science and lndustry, opening this to all chemistry and physics students. Ollicers: president, Phyllis lohnsong vice-president, Grace Szoszg secretary, Blanche Saxeg treasurer, Carolyn Ha- meister, adviser, G. l. Benner. .S'Cl.Q4flCQ C!U'6.S' Slide Rule The Slide Rule Club is a voluntary organization of those students Who realize the importance of learning all they can about math. Other students who have learned the use of the slide rule are now using it in Work in de- tense plants and in the services. The club did not elect any officers, but they did meet once each week. Miss Peters and Miss Wilson were the instructors. Girls Science Club Slide Rule Iumor Izuak Walton Future Farmers Iunior Izaak Walton The lunior lzaak Walton League Works to preserve Wild life and create an interest in outdoor activities. The program consists of instructing boys in better living outdoors, of helping to protect all forms of outdoor life, of aid- ing in the conservation of the few natural resources we still have, and of teaching appreciation through knowl- edge. The club again sponsored its annual tree-planting campaign, a project for which they have received deserved Commendation. The officers of the League were Pal- mer Brown, president, lames Kramer, vice-president, and lohn Kramer, sec- retary-treasurer. Mr. Adams was the club adviser. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America car- ried out a practical program this year in cooperation with the war effort. Their program was more extensive and more diversified than it ever has been, in- cluding the raising of sheep, dairy and beef cattle, swine, and poultry. During the year they attended ex- hibits at fairs, and took part in a judg- ing cor.test at the sectional conference at which they placed sixth in the grain division. They were hosts to a section al public speaking contest in April. The club, boasting lO0'7Q member- ship among the boys taking agriculture in school, selected the following offi- cers: president, Richard Rockenbach, vice-president, Norman Fraasg secre- tary, Lowell I-lillp treasurer, Clark An- derson, reporter, Thomas Hill, adiser, Harry Raplus 4 br. bn-v..., ., el ,, L Si? 4 ' i F if I X 5 Commercial Club Officers Mr. Robinson and His Helpers C During the times of the game when the boys are fighting their hardest, it is the yells that cheer them on to even greater effort. Without the cheerlead- ers, there would be no organized cheer- ing to give the team the confidence they need. Besides leading yells at every basketball and football game, these leaders give time and energy for practice. The cheerleaders were Eleanor Davis, Glena Kilgore, I-lelen Pata, Virginia lohnson, Dorothy Miles, Pat McBride, Gene Westphal, Gloria Westbrook. Nu CO4'l'l47'LQI'Cl.Cl JUL "Efficiency" is the key-note in becom- ing a good typist, stenographer, book- keeper, or any kind of office worker. All students Who have such a common interest enjoy the Commercial Club meetings, at which one may hear speakers, take field trips, and make statistical studies of various businesses. Another and very important part of the Commercial Club is the publication of the paper "The Business Whirl." This years officers are Shirley Lamp, president, Carol Sill, vice-president, Elvira Buckholtz, secretary-treasurerg and Mr. George Peck, sponsor. QQTZQCZJQTS atfzfetics varsity fu Q9 4 S24 I if L, X1 Chuck Smith All-Siute football! Capt s Stoll and Smith d Coach Morrill 80 lff-f lwn: R. .Xu S1'z'f1711f lx'r111.' ll, Sm' g' '. i, . . Big 8 Conference W. . vcr., 5 2 H r,-pnm rv ,a,, 4 vw 1 . .NHTOTLI 4 ' 3 li IJ Floclilonl La all'--Perll 1 Wait Aurora l - ' ' x . lll'l'.lNL'll. K. 5IlllIll. lx. fvllkllfll. Nl. Mmlir. l'. lmlmllllxlmll. lb, fu.llILI. l, Inlay. ,.. ll mu lx lllllll lx. Iurm-x' ll. Stull. lun hlfqm lxin lqm lim lllqziru lim flmin Scores Main- E East Hockfcri C lolifrt C WQ.1l Alllr,XTJ 1 l.aS1ll+--Perl U East Aurora , l9 Fmwpo W VVQJT Rcvfl-:lofi I9 Varsity Coaches Alexander and Morrill Backiield Boys S. S.nmwI.z. Ii. lll.lIIl, IZ. vIvlllI1ll'. li. Stull. ll. Smlllvrsm, XV. Rust. T.. l'mx'14im. Flank Men Guards R. .Xl1clnxml1, 'l'. l'.1vkL'1', IU. XVCSIPIILII, if. f3I'l5LlI1. ll. Smllgmw, H, U4mlu1'l. ll. Struinn, li. Ruin-I N - - - - - - - 82 Prospects for a winning foot- ball combination weren't Very bright at the beginning of the '43 season. There were no reg- ulars back from last year's team, and the four remaining lettermen were the only nu- cleus for the team. After the season started this nucleus plus the other new material proved to be a winning combination. Tough Tackles , ..i, . , Managers Barth and Kenyon The lack of reserve power was telling in several games. After losing the traditional Maine game, 6-U, the Maroon pig-skin pushers rallied by tip- ping the first three conference teams into the cellar position before dropping their first league game to East Aurora. The injuries of Dick Stolt, the Maroon halfback, affected the Centers . , . . In I lwrr: lx. l1'l'lHll1l. t,, Slmup, .XITUIIII lwn l C ul tt I. imrlnzlll. l. Kmlmlnlnltiu XX Nlrmlxt-, C. Smith. Capable Reserves Roberts and Rust team's success because Dick had triple threat duties. The team was at full strength in the tinal game against W. Rock- tord, conference champions, and did themselves proud by tying the champs in a rugged scoring battle, l9-l9. Elgin Was the only conference team that came near beating West Rock- ford in league competition. Several members of the team made special recognition. Chuck Smith made all polls picking all-state teams as tac- kleg Stolt and Sauceda made honorable mention in all-stateg Smith and Sauce-da made first team all-conference, and Gold- enstein and Mische made the second conference teamg hon- orable mention was given to Stolt, Plath, and Goedert. ll Inn u ti .Xli-xiimlcr, llcrkins, fiUltlCl'l5lL'lIl, ltiilrlwin, Strohm, Mcllungilcl, Stolt, ll1ll'l'iCI', XVcmtpligll, Downs, Cuitli Murrl mmf Ixru In nun, 'I'urm-r, Rohn-rts, Plath, Orlxin, Rust, Smith, Mischu, Saluccclii. Thirrl Now: Amlrciiscii, Shoup, Sperm lxcm n urm 1 irtli lcrmini, llutcrs, Sm-llgrmn, llcimx, Gnrrc First String Frosh-Soph l'1'V.fI H1111 .' Sllllfil. Ivnlly. Mxlvw, Inllmmmn. Bulger, Mink. lfnrll. .Yftflfllf lCr1n': Iwluwnm. Ih'11l1.1krl'. Mu jpros -sop ootbaff Captain Ienny 85 Elgin's froshesoph team this year proved to be a very wine ning combination, ending the season with a record of five wins, one tie, and one loss. These Maroonettes had a high scoring punch which is proved by the fact that they averaged 20 points per game to their op- ponents 5. The outstanding feature of the team was the fact that there were two squads of boys Frosh Soph Squad that received letters. This is significant because it means that twenty-two players had capabilities enough to earn letf ters. This promises a good team in the next few years. Elgin 12 Maine ,,,,,, ,, , U Elgin 26 East Rockford U Elgin 13 East Aurora , l3 Elgin 24 West Aurora l2 Elgin East Aurora Elgin Glenbard Elgin West Rockford Rough varsity 5 basketball The Ball Handl --,,, lr, 17, L87 lack Burmaster Howard Kugath Sam Saucedcx lim Hager The Elgin Varsity team start- ed the season with one return- ing first string member, Captain Karl Plath. There were a num- ber of lettermen, including six members of last year's tourna- ment squad: lack Burmaster, Sam Sauceda, Howard Kugath, Bill Myers, Bill Goedert, and Karl Plath. lim Bager is a name that broke into the starting line- Captain Karl Plath up after the season progressed, along with junior Tom Parker. The first game with Glen- bard, this year's suburban league champs, proved to be a close one, but we won 3l-30. ln the next four games Elgin looked very good, defeating New Trier, Hinsdale, Belvidere, and Morton by large margins. The first conference game was one of the best of the sea- son as we beat the powerful East Aurora quintet in a last quarter rally 49-47. Elgin came through again against the po- tent East Bockford five, but in Captain Plath and Couch Kralft Tom Parker and Bill Goedert the next game against under- dog loliet Elgin was handed a jolt 39-37 - being beaten in the last minutes of play. The Maroons, playing good basket- ball, took the next two from West Aurora and Freeport. When Elgin traveled down to East Aurora to play the ques- tionable Aurora line-up, we suffered our worst defeat of the season, although the boys were fighting until the last basket. Elgin came back and won four in a row: LaSalle, revenge on loliet, West Aurora, and Maine, When the Maroons went to Rockford, they met a team that was all set for them and were red hot whereas Elgin couldn't hit much of anything. Results: West Rockford--54, Elgin-39. Coaches Ahearn and Kralft Discuss New Plays Managers Rust and Kenyon Rebound Guard Him Close! Up for a Shot Season Record I W Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Varsity Squad , l3 Glenbarcl New Trier Hinsdale Belvidere Morton East Aurora East Rockford loliet West Aurora Freeport , East Aurora LaSalle-Peru loliet , West Aurora Maine West Rockford Big 8 Conference Elgin ,,,, L w. 3 7 30 East Aurora East Rockford Freeport West Rockford Ioliet LaSalle-Peru West Aurora Pct. 700 .700 .700 .700 .600 .500 .100 ,000 Second in State- lti1riii.istt-r, l'l.iIli, kugiirli, Ring:-r, Sgii1cul.i. the Lrajpjq Lids As the state tournament be- gan, Elgin took McHenry and Crystal Lake by large scores and won a scorcher from Dun- dee 44-42. ln the sectionals, Elgin won over Sycamore with ease. ln the finals against Pro- viso, Elgin played the best game of the year to beat a very good Proviso team 44-42, ln the first game down at Champaign, Elgin pulled a nip and tuck struggle out of the bag with a last minute basket and free throw by Bud Plath to beat Pekin 39 to 38. Annaf lonesbore stuck with Elgin for halt' the aame, but then Elgin get hot especially lim 'Rip' Hager to put the game on ice with a 85 39 count. The South Shore game was one of the best staged at the tournament with Elgin overcoming a large half- time deficit and putting on a stall in the last minute ta win lf?-47, Against Taylorville Elgin lookd very good the first auarf ter, outscoring them lfl 9 At the half Elgin was behind five points. The second half prom! ised to be a good one, but El- gin came back "cold", and when lack Burmaster fouled out, We were sunk. Tournament outcome: Taylorville first, Elgin second, South Shore third, and Champaign fourth. Elgin fans will never forget Bud Plath with his fighting spirit and Winning buckets, lim Rae ger and his beautiful long shotsp Sam Sauceda with his Wonderful ball handling, set up passes, and tricky short shots- lack Burmaster, the rebound kid, who also made some verv nice baskets and was a demon on defense, lloward Kuaath, whose cool head and accurate shooting helped spell fzuccewz for Elgin, 'loin Parker wlifizze lanky frame helped take dox-sr: plenty of rebounds and put in a lot of tip ins, and Bill 'llloon Goedert whose work at reserve guard very capably fill the shoes of an absent member Fresh-Soph Squad I-mul lx'nn'.' Graf.. Su'-lllvtll. SWL-men. Urlvin. Smith. Rink Krall! Niulcrt, xlCl.LAll1, l'l.lI'llL'f. 5tlt.1c'f1'r, Ntflwn, Ut rgcl, Sqt11tul.1. The fellows that turned out for practice at the beginning of the season looked like a prom- ising outfit. The first two games, however, didnt look so good although they were won by fairly large scores. The team hit their stride against Hinsdale winning 4218. The Frosh-Sophs played their best pre A conference g a m e against Morton, which was a tough team to crack. jgfos -sop hasketoaff The nonexistent Big 8 Frosh- Soph League would have end- ed up with Elgin and West Rockford tied for first with a 7-2 rating. Elgin probably could have won clear title if the whole team hacln't graduated into the varsity. These boys were good and in no time at all could pile up a big score and let the reserves carry on from there. Their abilf ity, however, took no credit away from the second semester team, who were very capable but lacked experience and a little heiaht. Their loses to West Rockford and West Aurora would prob- ably have been erased if these two factors were supplied. All Coach Alexander in all Coach Chet Alexander turned out a miahty fine teaiii, winning 13 and losing 2, Thats a very good first year record. Elain 40 Glenbarii Elain SO New Trier Elain 42 Hinsdale Elain 42 Belvidere Elain 38 Morton Elain 47 East Aurora Elain Sl East Rockford Elain 57 loliet Elain SG West Aurora Elgin 57 Glenbard Elgin 40 East Aurora , Half Year Elgin 35 loliet . Elgin 34 West Aurora Elgin 47 Maine Elqin IQ VVest Rockford Graf , ,, Swenson , Scoring , llU Smith, E , 85 Kilburn , Orban , 80 McCle-an Swanson . 71 Schaefer , Earney , Sl Sauceda, A lleidert ,, 48 Richardson Nelson 37 Frosh-Soph Squad First String Squad First Row: Mzulccn, Swenson, Kral- mer, lolm Salisbury, Ianncs Salis- bury. Srcwnl Razr: Snellgrove, ltriilmkur, Smith, llctrrson, Fmnxcn. wrestling This year's wrestling team proved to be a fairly successful aggregation. lt Won three matches and lost tive, but this doesn't tell the full story. Sev- eral matches Were lost only by a few points. By far the most successful man on the squad was lohn Salisbury, who was captain. He Won seven matches and lost one, scoring 31 points to his op- ponents 3. Brother lames improved as the season went along and lin- ished very strong by placing second in the state meet at Champaign. He scored 29 points to 5. Swenson, the lU5-pounder, had a record of 13-14, and Kramer at 115 had a record of 13-22. At the 145-pound level Ed Franzen very capably filled Bud Roberts' shoes, ending the season with a 13-14 record after Roberts retired with a 3-3 score. At 155 three different boys wrestled: Traub U-5, Snellgrove 0-8, and Peterson, who did well Coach Adams Captain Iohn Salisbury i E 3 1 'Rl Wrestling Squad for his tirst year, with a 15-20 record. Shoop, with O-11, and Gold- enstein, with 5-11, wrestled 165. Brubaker, another successful first year man, ended the sea- son with a 13-8 record. Madeen, the so1ution to the pressing 95-pound division problem, came through With a 3-6 record. Dick Sto1t wrestled two heavweight matches, Win- ning both for a 10-O rating. Coach C1ifton Adams has hopes for a successful team next year. Record Opp. Elgin LaGrange 26 15 Ioliet 32 13 LaGrange 25 9 Geneva , 20 18 Riverside , 11 26 Riverside , 18 25 Ioliet ,, 23 19 Geneva , 19 20 174 145 Action on the Mats 1943 Tennis Team 1943 Golf Team 1944 Tennis Squad Coach Renner tennis Last springs tennis sguad finished the season with a 5-3 record. The sguad, after the graduation of the previous year's great team with such members as Lindguist, Price, Livesay, and Strohm, was rather de- pleted but came through in great style. Karl fBudl Plath, playing number l sin- gles, finished the season with a 7-4 record. Floyd Smith, first year man, came through against strong competition with a 6-3 stand- ing. lack Cossman, the steady number three man, had a record of 7-4. The doubles team of Kugqth and Boppre finished the season with 3-Qqecordf The second doubles team had severallchanges during the season. The following boys played: Stone 3-2, Sauceda 3-3, Rudolph l-2, and Pretty U-2. The team placed third at the district meet in Oak Park. "Prospects for the coming year are rather bright," says Coach Renner as the Maroon goes to press April l, All team members will be back except Boppre, Stone, and Pretty, Qflfff liast years golf team got off to a slow start because of the lack of a coach. After this space was capably filled by lohn Her- nandez, things progressed. Elgin won the first match with Belvidere and lost the second, The meet with the Academy was played to a tie. At the dis- trict meet, Elgin placed fifth out of six. Members of the squad were Andreasen Woleben, Gerber, Bailey, Menlce, and Roberts, Hffrk lQf1n': P. Killvurii. YT Nt t fun, li, Sglirnult-r, l,. Ruff hh lx. lfopprc. l'f'r1l1l lx'wn': I. l m.m. ll. lxilgntli. fx. PI.nI1 l Smith, S. SLlllCCll.l. .Vai f7lft'llH I. lJk'I1lll.lll, li. l'unm.nll, I. lh luiilwrg, A. Siiilawl.z. .X. ll.1u I1 trac The track team of l943 was highly sucf cessful. They won the Kane County meet for the third continuous year. They won their one and only duel meet, and captured a second in a triangular meet with a strong Oak Park team. Finally, they took second in the district meet, qualifying six men for the state finals. The six who went to State were Dori Holtz, Cliff Nelson, Dick Stolt, and Captain Don Leuthold in the relay, and Ralph Fow- ler and Walter Rust in the pole vault. Rust ran in the relay for Stolt who received a bad back at the meet. Outstanding seniors were Don Leuthold in the dashes and high jump, Dick Stolt in the dashes and hurdles, Don Holtz in the dashes, Cliff Nelson in the dashes, Eugene Termini in the high jump, and Walter Rust in the pole vault. Returning this year are Ralph Fowler in the pole vault and hurdles, Chuck Smith and Bill Cwoedert in the weights, Ralph Andreason in the dashes, lim O'Rourke in the distances, Loren Perkins in the dashes, and Don Turnqfuist in the distances. S P 00 v J Track Team Coach Alexander One great loss to the team of l9fifl will he Pete Kneipper, who has gone to the Armed Forces. Pete was an excellent hurf dler and high jumper. Much credit is due to Coach Chester Alexander, who took inexperienced maf terial last year and made a smooth running team, ,Q uw ta gif 5 sports The approach this year in girls extra-curricular sports was one that was in keeping with the war effort. Outside sports were brought into the regularly scheduled gym classes, made possible with more hours add- ed to the required course. The gym schedule Was built around a program of calisthen- ics varied with dancing, bas- ketball, volleyball, and base- ball. At the end ot the semester achievement tests were taken to determine each girl's athletic ability. Volleyball Eight Weeks ot basketball were followed by the Tele- graphic Basketball Shooting Tournament sponsored by the Illinois League of Girls' Athletic Associations. ln this tournament Elgin placed fourth in the state with an average of l.72 points. This average Was better than that ot last years team which won third place in state. Miss Wilda Logan, assisted by Mrs. Krol, directed the class- es through an interesting and varied athletic program. Coaches Mrs. Krol and Miss Logan Basketball Shooting the Spots Badminton Ping P0119 Q9 Tumbling Squad Bowling Team Tumbling had an important place on the list of activities. A group of girls presented an ex- hibition of their tumbling skill during the halves of one of the basketball games. After school, one day a week, senior and junior girls bowled at a local bowling alley. Gladys Kruger won this tournament with a score ot l75, CHARLOTTE BECKMAN DOROLYN BEHLING BETTY BRACKETT IANE BRANDES NANCY CLARK IOSEPHINE CURCE PATRICIA DORSEY CARYL FEES SHIRLEY FUNK IOANN GRAY DOROTHY HANSING MARY LANE HUBBELL Q. Cl. Cl. Wl41flQfS G.A.A. State Emblem Winners KATHLEEN ILLA FLORENCE KANTORWITZ WILMA KEISTLER MARY IANE KLINGER GLADYS KRUGER ROBERTA LAWRENCE MARGE LOFGREN DELORES LOHRMAN MARY LUND GLORIA MCELWAIN IOAN NELSON MARILYN PIERSON IOYCE RAMFT MARY LOU ROHLING LOIS SCHLECTER EERN SCHOONHOVEN CAROL SILL MARION SUNDERLAGE BARBARA TREADWELL NELLY VENTRESS GLORIA WESTBROOK GENE WESTPHAL SHIRLEY WILCOX Senior Girls Who Were Outstanding in Interclass Activities loan Apgar. Virginia Dailey, M.lfQ.lfl'l Daniel- Ck, Mary Luu llrought, Rcthzmv Gulclsmith. Carolyn l'lilI1lL'lbICI'. Nun lean llamscn. lllxyllis Iuhnson, Glenn Kilgore, Cnrnl Klciscr. Rem' Lou Korli, ltunnic lean Mctzgcr, Laurel Milos, lilainc Nish, Halen Pam. Carol Rliomlcs, Dorothy Smith, Muriul Su-wart, Grace Swv. P c g g y XVnlkcr. WW 1 IQ 101 OHOTS Clfl Cl CU' Agriculture- George Schatiter Art- Alice Brown, Don Cheperka Business- Ellen Barnhart, Shirley Wilkus English- Creative Writing - Edgar Backus Dramatics-Don Cheperka English-Gordon Coxe Iournalism-Patricia Dreyer Speech-lames Waggoner Industrial Arts- lames McCue Four-year Awards- Garolyn Bennorth, E i l e e n Klinger Three-year Awards- Gordon Coxe, Louise Feld- man, Barbara Nelson, Wil- liam Richardson, I. Vance Shephard, Carol Sill Departmental Honors Language- Carolyn Bennorth, Vera Burn- idge, Gordon Coxe Mathematics- Milton Kult Music- Edward Anderson, Mary Ruth Bartleson, Rosella Carney, Gus Cordogan, David Davis, Marjorie Ann lohnson, Wil- liam Richardson, Robert Wil- key, lames Waggener, Wal- ter Wilson Science- Milton Kult, Raymond Reinert Rotary Awards Two-year Awards- Vera Burnidge, Gloria Erick- son, Richard Peck, Mary Lou Rohling, Marjorie Sandberg, Kenneth Sodt, Grace Szosz One-year Awards- Ralph Andreasen, Don Ansel, Richard Carlson, R o b e rt 102 3015143 Social Science- Carolyn Bennorth, Gordon Coxe, Eileen Klinger, David Romeis, Pamela Ryan, Iune Szosz D.A.H. Award- Shirley Eberman American History Award- Gordon Caxe, David Romeis "Twenty-Two" Honor Medals- Carolyn Bennorth, I a m e s Waggoner Fletcher, Ramona Gates, Iac- quelin Muntz, Raymond Rein- ert, Blanche Saxe, Phyllis Schroeder, Merlin Shull, Dor- othy Switzer, Alice Thomp- son, Mary Ann Tobler, Betty Zwicky patrons FAIIOUS WOMEN' OF Tl!!-I WORLD nv., I ACKEMANN BROS. ACME PRESS AIKEN STUDIO, Harriet Lone, Mgr. ALYCE MAE BEAUTY SHOP E. F. ALLEN, INS. BAND BOX CLEANERS BEIER'S BREAD BERNARD'S DRESS SHOP G. R. BEVERLY BILLY'S MICHAEL BIRCH BLACK HAWK RESTAURANT BLUM'S WILLIAM H. BRADY COAL COMPANY BRITTON DAIRY BROTZMAN AND MELMS BUNGE'S GEORGE D. CARBARY CARSWELL FLOORS COMMUNITY IEWELERS IU4 CONN FUNERAL HOME DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING COMPANY DR. N. D. COOPER DANIELS AND CLARK DANNER'S C. N. DOYLE DREYER AND DREYER W. I-I, DUERINGER STUDIO ECONOMY OIL COMPANY EDWARDS IEWELERS EGGERT COAL CO. ELGIN BUTTER TUB COMPANY ELGIN CITY LINES, INC. ELGIN CLEANERS G EURRIERS ELGIN CLINIC ELGIN COAL df OIL COMPANY ELGIN COURIER-NEWS WAC! WAVES SIAIS 105 5 IAIINIS ELGIN FLOUR ci FEED CO., INC. ELGIN FRUIT G CANDY CO. ELGIN HOMES DAIRY ELGIN LOAN G HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION ELGIN LUMBER SUPPLY COMPANY ELGIN METAL CASKET COMPANY ELGIN NATIONAL BANK ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY ELGIN OIL CO. ELGIN SOFTENER CORPORATION ELGIN STEAM LAUNDRY ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE EPSTEIN'S FISHBURN PAINT STORE FOX HOTEL T.B. Tests Dental Examinations IU6 FREISE'S MARKET DR. S. G. GABBY Q GEORGE'S CLOTHES CHARLES GIERTZ cSf SON 1943 Iunior-Senior Prom GRAENING G RAUSCHERT IEWELERS W. T. GRANT FRANK GRIMES cSf COMPANY GROMER'S GROCERY THE HAEGER POTTERIES INC. AUSTIN I-IANSEN, ATTY. DR. KNUTE HANSON MAX HERMAN HERMAN'S HELENE BEAUTY SHOP HOPP'S BAKERY HUBBELL MOTOR CO. ILLINOIS CLEANERS ci FURRIERS ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS W. H. IENCKS COMPANY O. A. IENS ANNETTE KAISER THE KARMEL KORN SHOP KENNEY'S SPORT SHOP S. S. KRESGE STORES 107 KLINE'S KRETSCHMERS FRED R. LAMP LANGHORST ci LESCHER, M,D.'s L ci B STORAGE ci TRANSFER CO. THE LEA COMPANY LEITNER BROTHERS MARKET LLOYD'S HARDWARE MAPLE LANES MASTER SHOES McBRIDE'S PHARMACY MCCLURE 6. STRUCKMAN CO. MILBRANDT PHARMACY MORGAN FLOWERS MORRISON COMPANY MOSIMAN'S MUNTZ dk LEA COMPANY Senior Class Party 108 MUETTERTIES BAKERY NATIONAL MODEL BAKERY NEIL'S PAINT STORE Iunior Class Party I Freshmen Party Sophomore Party NELSON DRUG STORE NEWS PRINTING D. W. NISH INSURANCE NOLTE'S BIKE SHOP O'CONNOR FUNERAL HOME I C. PENNEY COMPANY PICADILLY HAMBURGER SHOP H. L. PIERCE MOTOR SALES PITTSBURGH GLASS CO. F. A. PRICE SIGN CO. DR. L. T. PUTMAN RALPH'S CASH MARKET RELIABLE WHOLESALERS RICHARDS STORE RIFKEN FURRIER RINEHIMER BROS. MAN. CO. ROVELSTAD BROS, ROYAL CIGAR STORE RUEFIE STUDIO IU9 Cookies for Rookies MARTIN F. RUNGE ORLO E. SALISBURY SCHICK DISTRIBUTING CO. PAUL E. SCHICKLER SCHNEIDER'S RECREATION SEARS ROEBUCK ci COMPANY SHERMAN HOSPITAL SHURTLEFF COAL cl LUMBER CO. SOUSTER FLOWERS SPALDINGS IOSEPH SPIESS STROHM COAL CO. SWAIN'S SERVICE STATION TED'S STATION TINKER OIL BURNERS THREE SISTERS, INC The Thinker Rhythm Swing 110 Song of America TREIBER'S SERVICE STATION UNION NATIONAL BANK 6' TRUST COMPANY VOLTZ MEAT MARKET THE WAI-'PLE SHOP WAIT-ROSS-ALLANSON WAGNER DRUG STORE HENRY L. WENNER WENTWORTHS MEN'S WEAR INGA A. WEST HEALTH WEST SIDE CLEANERS WESTERN UNITED WILCOX CLEANERS WOODRUFF cSf EDWARDS O. H. WRIGHT G CO. YAFFE FUR SHOP Y.W.C.A. ZIEGLER BROTHERS HARDWARE 111 , , g . 1 .xl .al . s -,x 1 - ', 17? xx' - ."'1:". -'S' zhffl.. X v ,ini K . ," " ' Y . -' 'sv . .D U-N Q' " 'V 1 , , J P - I , I . 1' ' ' ' x , . - 1 ,V K, .r., ,H - -.I , 45' Q4 .iw 1 ff fggff-'L ' ,'.'1,l'-1 , A . ,A . I. 57, -. 1 fjyiyy ", 'ik-as. :Na ' .X ' ',x'. x-,Y K 'xhkj' - ' , 'dx . Q' .yn .. . - V. . .rw te' A ,' .I at v ' -EQQT' ' 1 f '92, 4'-1 . my ,I i 'f-301-',f Xe' a?",.4, ww f"f"1' N 'Ci' fm? W. ' sn, 'v , 1 Tab' K' VN., ,gina P.. r W.. , j-yx ', f 1,51 , fjE1.' - ..,.y., f 4, 9 K1 ' 1 ,film "' ' ' 1 p 9 11.4 X ,. Q' A -17, .L'f".-f"'- ... . fm N, .gv' 'fa al L -. 'LSA U .Z..L.. , Q nt, - :An P'Q,.f.f-Q V. . . -TK '1 -'glyx ' "e:5H,1' Wk. , U ,J - 5 ,Wx :Q .v. : ,aim xgxfsa 4' 1 Pufp I . A-Lev.: . ,. . f 1 . ,Q . , ,v. IKNJX f s ' J ' A . 0 X Y Au 1 .tha -s J. 's 1 . 4 f X V . . x f , 'a N , .ho I -I - ,, x4 , I 1 I ,. , J. X ' 1 I x Q 'P ,!. 1 1 4 X 1 ' v 1 f , f af 4 ' x ' P KA , xx ' x 1 I . 1 1 , . f 1 ' I 1 x I f . . 4 I 1 4 I XII x , 1 .', x f v. x , 1 I . A 4 X . . , , X ,,. x -x , N. . . f w 1 - X n :-- W nr!-,.-w - ': - ruff' " -'Hi 'f '-1"T""'::1'f-1?-177 'E-F1?5"'-3-' ,L 2iv'I-T1"',-.-Tf'f-i- -'-'-'-TIG'1f+.i!x1'-?:,'S':f.e5H-aFz-f:':1i-i+fie? Q51Z-iE'.r!P1-'5Zi-5"i":':-:-'.21'5fxC-i'??w3'1f",' ' - " '-19:4-F'-Z-rs!-:'-.-,-r - .X

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