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r 1 -if ' I' X f X G x 1' A P f A X A . K .,, al 1 1? 1 1 . F A - L Y , T ' 174291 f L Q, '1' A . If N V'1"1 fr ' ,e6'4,"?. r L2 "I via ' 3 'sw , -W new f. 'ff gl f 4. . f , 1 1 'x"+' vm gf iw. ' 1 Jv . 11 f.a,.C'ifL L 5 Iv, . .. J' .Q 6, U' Y A - - Q fi ' ' Q.-. 'ibn K ' 7' V, .N F,-iv 1 , - - I l .- gli, V.. l - , i. " ' U. xt 'yy ' if '- ' ' ,-I U jf ,r , O ' K' ky r 4, 'lll b, ,IV A ' iN-f ,3'f'1?'::a ' VI., ."' ' . . .. i. v .W 3 4 1 bn-P' A W . , -1f1g5g'fg-gfa,giafff-Af..' M Q ' lu! ' . - ' 'Q' uh' 1 ' h 05,1 Vs V Q V ,F I 'F' 'fl ' ll Pr lj ' 'fl -. , 9' '. ' 'rf 1' 2. rgL35w'Mgf-'.il ' i 1 ' ' 9' ,A '. D K A ' ' , ..1' 5' -, V K' '.-ggi, 1-X-rr V -:f '- L . n . 1 , 4 .Q., 1 , i " ' ' 1 fu--A C631 - V 1. fflf ,-fn x :1 ,Q 1. 5 1 ,.- I '4 e W A - 'i1.94t- :M-rg'5j,, 5 , L' a , 6 ' s 1 ".-A A ull ' 4 1- , . M,."x-V 33,5 4: air I . ' fx- 4' , ', .5 A ' I H' fr' -- 45 ' , 'V' M 4 , ' -A f , ggefw , A M f r, O ,- ll: I I , .uw-r' - . l i 4 'X 1 ' , ,na -' ,. 1 -- A K, ' R' .AA . A 1 ,J is X IQ- 4 - fr ,. ' I L X X ' ,-' . ' A X ... Q - - A. , K ,4 :if ' . ls 1' ' lla lf'- wx AJ v . '. e f Q FK, I ya.. 'v 1 If if fr. fl W. 3 . ' :annie-I ,r ,H . ,. Q- 4 ,HW I, - 1 ' 1 ' A 1 V ' ' 'I 1 .' ' ' ,, K ' X , . UZ- K , X' K"'?-v I N Lf' . X 1 X . . J ' 4 Q ' ' ' " REPS?-' ' '. ', "-TL" 3'1'fii'a"f,f".Q '11- 'T' ' f ' mwiiffciaf-ii - Y -s.x..214-1. x R' I-iixd' ,. - , .. , A . ,I N. , in vu . in '. ..f- ' ' . lm 6 5 E I, ' 7 J . ': ' .RQ ,' .W vb - 5 4 V - . " - . .' - X F 7' ' - - ,. Q Y s 1 1 an '.,-ff Q. 1.4 .Q 7 - -.3 fx f i f 4 - - wif 'Q , R ' Wm '- ' : ,Ll fi. gn , 1 , :- , , ar L X 'w , ,. Vs 'hula 4. -W1 N ., 5.4 , ,1,,,.v?'-. V. b 1 iqvv My ,X I k ..-, , I 1 Q ..- ' . V: X ', P rx Y 'far f. A 1 - CE El Willllllf ws Q XA AS N fF? F MN NX fx X 5 1 M2 W Q The 1943 arunn Baflafa SCLGG! am! Eff, ECM, N I Co gahlom f W in 'N Q 1 f Z A J ,Q Q C G 1 6, ' Wg! ' X Q j 14 ,Val z f M LP ' 'Q ,-':-ix 'ffl X. r 1 A :Kim 7 71 fsizny V? Ziff? . X' r .g.-gg Q NS, mllll-I hi?- ,aWo2'QfilQ!x.,: rn! L V ' mm- e 2 ' 3 5 War. War! lnto all our plans and activities this year has extended the second World War. Our brothers and fathers are in the armed services, and are being joined by our sisters and aunts. Our parents are Working long shifts in Elgin's defense plants. More are Working part or full time in factories and stores, doing our share to achieve a final victory over the Axis forces. War! We have talked victory, We have made sacrifices, We have carried scrap, We have bought bonds. And most important of all, We are discussing the post-War World, preparing for the day when we will assume our duties as citizens of a democracy. 2 Theme What the students of Elgin High School have done during this school year ot l942-43 is pictured in this book. lt is a record ot scrap drives and Career days, of senior parties and basketball games. lt is the story ot some six- teen hundred students, sharing experiences ot all kinds as they prepare for the future. f 1 ' , J,Lffr,, 4 A h e loreaenf f e ff v :' wfgkrl' - y ' 6 19113 arnnn l l f f ! g. f ,f f G 'P 'flmlllllllll 3 FRED B. DIXON We Hedicate this book to Fred B. Dixon, our principal, Whose coming to Elgin High School last fall was the most important event of the year. He has proven to be a real friend, ready at all times for serious counsel or friendly conversation and guidance. His fine leadership of the high school is recognized by students, faculty, and corn- munity. Above he is seen "in action" with Dr. Clifford Erickson of Northwestern University, one of several excellent speakers he has helped bring to us this year. 4 .gn flgifs 600A DEDICATION - Page Eour ADMINISTRATION - Page Nine EACULTY - Page Thirteen ACTIVITIES - Page Twenty-One SPORTS - Page Forty-Five SENIORS - Page Sixty-One UNDERCLASSMEN - Page Eighty-Eive CALENDAR - Page One Hundred Three PATRONS - Page One Hundred Eight 123. 5 ani W ,.,. , SQ Mania , V , ' E , -- g 5 ,bm I ,k,, , I NWA ww .. K - I Y VV 3 , .,f, , W . wwflw-Fwy ai '.,y3f" if i S ,I 1 R PM fiifi iii -Qfiixwi, M ' me gg af . 1 f 'V ' L f' ' K ,Z m QN5' 12, 1 M'-assay v ,1 'L 'KV' ' V V 1 ii , Q, M' 5 ffi A I A 3 5 1 In VIH mr.-:urea-NVQ lt, 7 M S Lk f 4 Q ff H, 'vw , I -1 E 2 ii xv L. I . i . is K , f, ii .K L4 l?33WP-KNMQ ,vw W , ima img ,Q Ax 3 V si Q 5 5. V ki . ea- 5 i , I 5 ' 1- QP if . W Q K K i w Q I , Q . 5 E Q 1 If Q 'JM Q 1 ' Y in - 1 5 Q s 1 . E 3 ,2 I A. T A sf E A IL LX-- 2 g 3 1 5 ,wa . am l Q . ' T,.."'f M.WM '17 ,, 'M' A ,K ' V 7 My . X V U A I .L,.L M , , 'ff 9 'Vile ew A ' ,mwfuffiwfw ' 9' - x at 'VVA 3 "2" wt i 'K' R131 5 Q, :ij 9 W U .M V 1 K3 If lk . I T L Q 5,22 ' .ay 'win M. ., 1 t - ag 2 j . , M ,.V 4 ,. I R I gif 4.2. f 1 EQ. ,Q nys. . WAV, r A- 1 H A .W M A? E fc? N, .mf 1. -'lf 'fg5,gj5,Qf .5 A-'-L. 3 , Q, W W' jig.. pmzqdqg 1 fm ,W ,y . Y f 'wi zzz? V ,gg if ,Q 4124 ' sw aw 2:3 T Sf , Us 3? ' f IQ lf- V as A' - ,iv ' VA ' 'ag' YVAV ' ' ."""""" " F'-'Q ,- , , M W " M ,.... an ww I , wk- Aqua 'A , Q 4' A sp. f . ' fn ' 1 H' K W , 2.Q1gQ i X150 ' 4 W 3 fi -K'.g 5 -swf 5 , '5 g,:474f"3Qf A v 3 UW? 1' xpv If . fig'-?"X'l 'Agr wif , , I ii:-i + W., S' " ' 15 V - ix. N517 VA -4 f VJ" ' 3 + xg, P' 'wg' HE? jssqix ei fl 9913! ag-X lgfilif rss' , Us 4 gJj,Qm."Q Wig fm Q Je. ,lfs 'Bm 5? ffimalfxl i . 'QV Q 'va ff 1 ,aff f ' ,L ibjqfjhi I :xml akygqimv 441-sf ft-, QL , .Av ' fs M A w ,W Q, 7 ,A vi , Q ff. i.g,L,u M 4,3 5' 6 Q. I f ' f'gf"fN mm, Fw V " fm f ul? ' Q W , 43 3 I A :A ', 'tn ,fl '21 Aww ' ,M on T Q :y,'iuPuv A xi Nw ' as . , W f, an gqa 1 was W Ninn l W. O. BECKNER We acknowledge a debt to W. O. Beckner, who is retiring on pension from active service with Elgin High School this spring. His years of varied experience gave him a Wisdom and generosity which made him one of our most valuable school citizens. His eagerness to help young people is well illustrated in his organizing the Map Reading club this year, to help prepare boys for Work in tl'1e armed services. Our debt is one of gratitude for years of such unsellish service. 8 The Administration x W2 ' Z nw i miiivl nlg 4 9 The Administration ORAL I". PATTERSON ORRIN G. THOMPSON HS., M.S. University of Illinois M.S, Northwestern Univcraity Supcrintcncicnt uf Suhuol, Assistant Supcrintcmlcnt of Sulmuis FRED B. DIXON BS., M.A., Ed. D. University of Missouri Principal IU lffl In rigfzlf lflurgi. Mitsui, Viilcntiiic, Uris, limi. Auliciimii. Colt-iimii. Sulit. liitlvrsoii, sLCl'l'ILll'l' liuclic. My-llusi, l'.1tlurwi1, f,L'U'l'fiUll. Applr. Behind the smooth running Elgin Public Schools is the Board of Education whose members have been elected by the people of Elgin. Meeting regularly as a group and in committees, the Board controls finan- cial and educational policies which affect the lives of all students in Elgin. , f as ,. N Q' Q if 'V 'Rakim K. IARSKN lil.MA C. lCNGliI.l5RliCll'l' BA. Olivet Cullv.-gi' M.A. NllI'lilXX'l'Slk'I'l1 Unixursiti fxwistzint l'rincip.il ami lima' Aslviwi' Girls' Amlxiscr ll if In Memory MISS HELEN REVETT Miss Revert and Her Two Adopted Sons Her devotion to duty was her first thought always. Coupled with this, or the reverse side of duty, was her love for humanity which gave her moral strength to keep Working long after her physical strength was gone. Every child in the public schools was her trust. Never did she feel that her day's work was done until every call for every sick child in town was answered. She Worked with every charitable organization, every hospital and every doctor to get medical aid for all chil- dren who needed such care. lt was often discouraging work but she kept on because she believed in the joy and happi- ness that goes with good health. Her life was a success for she brought new courage and faith to hundreds of young people and their parents. Mary Louise Smith The Facult ! X I ? N: A cw' V- .if mr Tllllilliml .WWQ4 X L! Qixl I Q Z1 if J x X X I ak Q , fa'- f Z X 'fill' , M My Q NY NES' Q19 Yr Q. .4 X: N e. ff : y'lX fy Q ,f Q X JN 37,6 NW ? f-Lfn fr DV? . N xjmg , fzgxnxxz 1 Z -- 297. vw 'llIII1lllf'5MZ"S "-ml J I," - 2 , , -A -, I-Al ta-. -ng Q 13 Fauult lVl Abell Adams Bcckncr Bicrsach Black Bohncrt Carnvright y embers Claudia V. Abell, University ot Chi cago, Chicago Academy oi Fine Arts, Fine Arts, . Clifton E. Adams. B. S. Lombard Colle ton mund lllinoisg Physical Edu C. Alexander. A. B. Normal Universit ' P League, Wrestlin Ahecrn. M. A. Un geg Iunior Izaak Wal- iversity cation. Illinois S tat g Coach. Ed- of Chester 9 y, hysical Educa- tion. Iames E. Baxter. western nalism, Mir Beckner. M. A. U ror and Maroon M. A. North- Universityg English and laur- .W.O. niversity of Ch' icagog S . cience. Marge Biers versit Dramatics Black. M. A. Northwestern English. Elmer R. Bohnert. lnstituteg Industrial Arts. Cartwright. M. A. Creighto sityg Head of ment, Director of Forensics H i-Y. Muriorie Ditiu X I K KJJ - H1 - 5 63-6 ,7 f 'N xu y oi Wisconsing E , E. H. S. Players. Social Studies De uch. M. A. Uni- nglish and Martha Universityg B. S. Stout Roscoe S. n Univer- part- . N. F. L., S. A. B. Hanover g Collegeg Assistant Librarian. Anne Craig, M. A. University of Chicagog Foreign Language, French Club. Katherine H. Davery. M. A. North- western Universityg Social Science. Eleanor H. Dorsett, M. A. University of lllinoisg Science. Mabel A. Engel- brecht, M. A. Northwestern Univer- sityg Foreign Language, German Club, Mask and Bauble Club. Don- ald M. Esworthy. M. S. University ot lllinoisg Science. Michael A. Farroh. Golclstcin Gumz Kettering Purkiss Inhnsun Innes Lewis Raplus Lawrance Lumz McLean Sqhmm Logan Mc-arlmvs M. A. University ot Iowag Social Sci- ence, Football, Basketball. Harold Fearn. B, Ed. Eastern Illinois Teach- ers Collegeg Industrial Arts. Elsie H. Fletcher, M. A. Northwestern Univer- sity, English, l944 Class Sponsor. Florence H. Fletcher. Bradley Poly- technic lnstitute, Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Maxine Gold- stein. B. S. in Physical Education, North Central College, Gym. Marion Gumz, B. E. Superior State Teachers Collegeg Assistant Librarian. Marvin I.. Hosting, A. B. University of llli- noisg Assistant Bandrnaster. Ethel Hoaglund, B. A. University ot Nebras- ka, Library. Helen I.. Iocelyn. B. S. Northwestern University, Speech and Davcry Dorsctt Craig English, Mask and Bauble. Cleora E. Iohnson. M. A. University of Mis- sourig Home Economics, Home Eco- nomics Club. Martha lane Iones. M. A. Northwestern University, Eng- lish. Helen C. Kettering. M. A. North- western Universityg Science. Iohn A. Engclbrccht, li. Farroh Fletcher, E. Fletcher, F. Engclbrrrchl, Esworthy M Montgomery, K. Montgomery, L. Morrill Pratt Reese a,a..-'ue'ti'V""J Krafft, M. A. Columbia University, Commercial, Athletics, "E" Club. Marion Laifey. M. M. Northwestern University, Music, Orchestra Director. Inez Lawrance. A. B. University of Illinois, Religious Education. Verne Lentz, M. A. Northwestern University, Social Science, Freshmen Sports, Hi- Y. Edna Lewis, B. A. University of Iowa, Business. Hazel F. Linkfield. M. A. University of Wisconsin Head of Foreign Language Department, Latin Club. C. A. Lloyd, Northwest- ern University, Industrial Arts. Wilda L. Logan, M. S. Northwestern Univer- sity, Physical Education, Girls Ath- letic Association. Gertrude Carr Meadows, B. A. Cornell College, Eng- Morrow Murray Myers Rcnncr Robinson Roggen l7 Q 7l,r,1-'f"W-'WN Newman Peck Peters Smith Stcarn Stlglxllll lish and Mathematics, Iunior Litera- ture Club. E. G. McLean. M. A. North- western University, Science. Allen Metcalf, B. M. Ed. Northwestern Uni- versity, Band. Kenneth A. Montgom- ery. M. A. University of Wisconsin, Social Science, Secretary-Treasurer of Athletic Board. Leo C. Montgom- ery. M. S. University of Illinois, ln- l Shelby Thomas 'I hom VVils0n, H. dustrial Arts. Charles L. Morrill, B. S. DePaul University, Social Science, Varsity Football Line Coach, "E" Club. Glennie E. Morrow. M. A. Uni- versity of Iowa, Business. Dorothy Murray. Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, Business. Myron C. Myers. M. A. University of Minnesota, Sci- ence, Assistant Football Coach. Mar- garet E. Newman. M. A. University of Chicago, Head of English Depart- Stollrcgen Taylor Vonckx Waggener Winn, R. Baxter ment, Publications Board. George W. Peck. M. A. University of Chicago, Business, Commercial Club. Mary A. Peters. M. S. University of Iowa, Mathematics, 1943 Class Sponsor. Irene Pielemeier, B. A. Indiana Uni- versity, Latin and English. Adah A. Pratt. B. A. Wheaton College, Head oi Mathematics Department, Student Council Adviser. Nellie E. Purkiss. Ph. B. University of Chicago, Social Science. Harry Ruplus. B. S, Iowa State Collegeg Agriculture. U. K. Reese, M. A. Northwestern Univer- sity, Music, Banclmaster. Mary E. Reese. B. A. University of Iowag So- cial Science, Speech. Gilbert I. Ren- ner. M. S. University ot lllinoisg Sci- ence, Student Council. L. V. Robin- son, B. S. University of Iowa, Busi- ness, School Treasurer. Arthur Rog- gen. M. A, University of Iowa, Physi- cal Education, Track and intra-Mural Sports, "E" Club. Marjorie Scott. B, S. I lnkficlcl Lloyd Piel emexer Reese Siren Fearn Alexander Ahearn Iowa State College. Homer H. Shel- by. M. A. University of lllinoisg So- cial Science, Assistant Forensic Coach. Mabel E. Silliman. R. N. Sher- man Hospital, School Nurse. Theresa Siren, Ph. B. University of Wisconsin. Mary Louise Smith. M. A. Northwest- ern Universityg Social Science. Eliza- beth Stearns. B. S. Lewis lnstituteg Horne Economics, Cafeteria Manager. Nora B. Stickling, Ph. B. University of Chicago, English. Marjorie E. Stoiiregen, B. A. Univer- sity of lowag English, Iunior Litera- ture Club, Tri-Y. P. E. Taylor, Uni- versity of Illinois, Head Industrial Arts Department. Adele Thorn, M. A. University of Chicagog Mathematics. 1 Boettcher Hoaglund Lafiey Krafft Clifford V. Thomas. M. A. University ot Iowa, Director ot Music Education. Harriet Vinograde. M. A. University ot Illinois. I. N. Voncks. M. A. Uni- versity of Chicago, English, Aero Club. E. C. Waggoner, B. S. Univer- sity ol lndianag Head ol Science De- partment, Director of Visual Educa- tion. Walter M. Wilson, B. A. Grin- nell Collegeg English. Hortense A. Wilson. M. A. University ot Illinoisg Mathematics. Noel E. Winn. B. S. Stout Instituteg Industrial Arts, Varsi- ty Golf, Freshmen Sports. Robert T. Winn, B. A. University of lowag Sci- ence, Photography Club. Evelyn Boeticher. Secretary-Registrar. t-M Silliman Scott Winn N Vinogracic 3 locelyn Schnnl Activities iif-4' ,lf .xdcfiuifiefi an mr More important than ever before were our activities this year. Nearly all were designed to actively aid the War effort. All aided our morale problem as We faced day after day of War news. New clubs such as the Slide Rule and the Aero groups have come into being to meet needs brought on With the War. Our older clubs have functioned as smoothly as possible, their activities often limited by the demands of the emergency. One group, the Rifle club, strangely enough, has passed into oblivion because there was no ammunition to be passed for practice. School life has its serious and its lighter sides. Our club meetings have helped us enjoy both more. 22 WB. . Prnqram Gfizenfi 0 jomorrow Under the direction of Phillip Maxwell, genial master of ceremonies, "The Citizens of Tomorrow" came to Elgin High School this year. After a practice session in which students surprised even themselves by getting up and sitting down noiselessly, a final recording was made. The following Sunday all Elgin listened to the result as broad- cast over radio station WGN. Mr. Maxwell and Principal Dixon briefly reviewed the history and life of the high school. Students cheered themselves hoarse and applauded loudly for the come edians, limmy and ferry, and groaned or cheered as the quiz contest brought defeat or glory to six students. The A Cappella choir sang two numbers which brought high praise from the radio officials present and radio listeners. Carolyn Bennorth was named Elgin l-ligh Schools honor citizen. The future destiny of America depends upon its 'Citi- zens of Tomorrow," we high school students, for we will play a major part in deciding our country's policies in the hectic years ahead. The Chicago Tribune reemphae sized that fact for all of Elgin as it visited our school. 23 Iimmy and Ierry Editorial Board Left-Editorial Staff Right-Mr. Morrill's Salesmanship Class HI'lllJIl Yearbooks are hard Work, nice to look at and "ah" over but very hard to plan and complete. Write-ups, make-up, mountings, engravings, headlines- these with a generous portion of elbow grease, all mixed Well and brought to a boil at deadline tirne, resulted in the 1943 Maroon. Betty Bickler and Barbara Schaat worked as co-editors. Betty Cochrane was underclassrnen editor, and Edgar Backus sports editor. Bernard Wahl and Dick Leitner Worked together on photography. Gordon Coxe produced the sketches which have enlivened the pages. Carl Swanson, Marjorie Sandberg, Carol Rhoades, Kathryn Seyller, Shirley Torling, Richard Damisch, Ruby Carlson, Mary Lund, Margaret Danielek, Grace Szosz, Shirley Hotilander, Blanche Saxe, loan Silliman and Carliss Carlson were editorial assistants. Under direction ot Bill Richardson, the business management was taken care of by Mr. Morrill's salesrnanship class, which successfully sold over one hundred patrons tor the book. lames E. Baxter was editorial and business adviser. 24 irrur Operating successfully on a closely figured budget and striving to publish interesting weekly newspapers has been the difficult task faced by the Mirror statt this year. The total number of issues was cut to twenty-four from last year's thirty when Student Activity receipts fell below what had been expected. Adver- tising receipts dropped slightly. Engravings were cut by government order, Aided by special feature material and spiced by gossip, the Mirror struggled on under the direction of Patt Dreyer and lim Howard, co-editors. Charlotte Churchill edited the second page during the entire year. Helen Pata became third page editor the second semester, succeeding Eileen Klinger. Charles lacobs succeeded Robert Bailey, who became a sports writer for the Elgin Courier-News. Shirley Lawrence and Edgar Backus enlivened the general atmosphere with their columns ot tid-bits and juicy gossip. Staff writers were Walter Grisham, lack Pauly, Len Wahl, Marilyn Moore, and Gene Thompson. Mitchell Weisner and Beginia Eitzsimmons were reporters. Walter Grisham became business manager after Ray Kenyon quit at semester time. Bill Roberts worked as circulation manager the entire year. fs. .UPN 1 J ff The Fourth Estate 25 The Executive Council Miss Pratt Conlers with Mr. Benner and Dave Kilburn OFFICERS Dave Kilburn ,,,,,,,, A,,, . ,. . ,,,,,, President Bill Rovelstad ,,,,,, ,,,,,, V ice President Shirley Barnwell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. .Secretary Bob Cartwright .. . . ...Treasurer Student llnuncil Do you know where Nigeria is? Can you pull a rabbit out of your hat? Would you like to take ping pong lessons from experts? Answers to these intriguing questions and many others have been solved at the lyceum programs sponsored by the council. The Student Council for the past year has again, as many times before, led our school in successful activities. This year we have again a near 100 72, subscription for the Student Activity Ticket sponsored jointly by the Student Council and the Mirror. During the Curtis Drive in October, E. H. S. students proved their ability as junior salesmen under the leadership of the council. Kay Kyser, Harry lames, Wayne King, Gene Krupa, Glenn Millerethese names remind E. H. S, students of the Student Council dances. Forensics You've heard of people who talk a lot and still don't say much or get any- where. But the Elgin High School debaters did. They tied for second place in the state tournament and the Big Eight Con- ference and Won the Conference championship for original speech. ln the Augustana College Speech Tournament they won fifth place out of twenty-four schools entered. To become a good debater one must have a quick thinking mind and must have the ability to reason. These are two important things a debater must possess. VARSITY DEBATERS Francis Dunbar Charles Petersen Carolyn Bennorth Keith Montgomery Iune Szosz Iames Waggener Sponsors: Roscoe Cartwright, Homer Shelby Prnjulzlinn There was recently a construction project under way in room 222. lf you have dropped in there lately, you certainly must have noticed the beautiful new booth which the Projection Club has built to house their films and equipment. The club is not big, in fact the whole mem- bership consists of eight boys, but it cer- tainly gets around. Some of its projects this year Were: setting up and controlling the sound system for assembly programs, show- ing movies to grade schools, helping make it possible for the student body to hear the Champaign Basketball Tournaments in the gym, and last but not least playing records for all-school dances. Slide Hula 'll-ley, that's no fair. Wahl can do these problems in half the time with his slide rule." "Well, if you weren't so lazy you could learn how to use one of these things too." Yes, every Tuesday noon in room 339 Miss Mary Peters, Miss I-lortense Wilson, and about tifteen seekers of knowledge delve into the mysteries of the slide rule, while chewing their peanut butter sandwiches. The club was organized last semester at the request of several interested students. Knowledge of the slide rule can be very helpful and is required in many technical jobs. Slide Rulers know this. They will be ready. I-iern Cluh All model airplane builders and students interested in aviation have had a chance to use their skill and gain more knowledge of flying in the Aero club. Their sponsor is Newell Vonckx, teacher of aeronautics. Methods ot building and flying models have been discussed at meetings. Records of na- tional flying contests have been studied closely. Climax ot the year came at the model plane contest lanuary 23 in which solid scales, flying cabin models and stick models were shown. OFFICERS President .. .......... .Robert Groneman Vice President.. .... ...... E lmer Heinitz Secretary-Treasurer .... .... H elen Pata lap Heading The purpose of this club is to familiarize students with navigation over land, sea, and in the air. The students are being taught how to read maps accurately, identify the topography of the land and its elevation at any point. At the present time the club has fourteen active members which meet every Monday noon. They are now plotting aerial courses allowing for magnetic declination and drift. Many are determining distances between two points on the arc of a great width. Sec- tional and regional charts mercatur and cinic projections are the type of maps that are being studied. The members are now capable of determining the exact latitude and longitude of any particular position or building. Mr. Beckner is the adviser. F.F.A. The Future Farmers of America serve to- day as much as they will tomorrow. During the past year, many things have been done by the F. F. A. to help the war effort. Among their many participating activities were: field trips to help better their knowl- edge, test soil and milk for the individuals of the community, raise animals to help the food shortage. Every year, ribbons have been won by the participating members who entered the Grain and Poultry show. The club adviser is Harry Raplus. Their motto is: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve. OFFICERS President.. , ..... .... , , .Walter Kroeger Vice President. .Norman Fraas Secretary .... .... . .. Lowell Hill Treasurer. .. ...... . Peter Pratt Izaal-Q Walton There's nothing "fishy" about what this club is doing, but they are doing a very good job of keeping our streams well sup- plied with fish. They hardly ever "shoot the bull," be- cause it is their policy to preserve animals and wildlife. They do their level best to keep plant life preserved and there isn't a bit of "corn" in the things they are doing in the conserva- tion program. Know what club this is? You guessed it. lt's the lzaak Walton Club headed by Mr. Adams. President .... ..... . . ..Ioe Cronenberg Vice President .... .. .... ..Iohn Kramer Secretary ...., ............ . .Palmer Brown Treasurer .... .............. I ames Kramer The Band M-at Director Allen Metcalf Obligingly freezing at football games, peering through and over the balcony at basketball games, and parading miles in black shoes and stiff uniforms, we have kept our public happy this year. After all, of course, what's a football game or a parade With- out a band? After Director U. K. Reese left us last fall for a captain's commission in the United States Army, the direction of our organization was capably handled by Allen Metcalf. Under Mr. Metcalfs direction We took part in several school and civic ceremonies, one of them being the awarding of the Army-Navy "E" for ex- cellence to the lllinois Tool company. A check for S150 was the reward We gained for this concert. 30 livu 1 ,Hg Qfli if 1,1 tw I a H' fi Q I fm F 1 A s Fw 'as KM 1-if 1 1 ff w X , I K , A-,1 - A , I f., ff dj Li' 2 fill Y V S iw, , if g,. ,,,f, y YJ! Q 'i' S L '12 K .' K Wi N25 y K, if . . . FS, . , Q . -i..- ,' 1- 5 5 1 at " mf gk Z, Yr' 5' Ei' ,, 5 gg i J xx W n A ' if 9 F, 1 ff as inf :gk 'V v A X 2 Q i In 7, df. . Q FE t. my ,,..- i mf . ff 1. Y' - Q. f if Q M , fx 5 'www-. 5 yn. 6- 4,-7 11 fail: ,"?3 ' It W 5? Y .si , Erx V5 , I gk 4,tig,' I s f W gg f' if W fi 5? 5 W 5 N ini , 1 ,- X ' 1 ff K., gm, f 'EX . l fy lf "' ' " x, S H -9 Msgs , , . ,, ' M f ff ' F diy V f f " 'figf IH V Q W X' QWRWSQ xwwfm 1. ik .7 W- 1 Pr . -5. .. , -.f.--1 ww .. ., - Uruhestra Would Beethoven recognize his "First Symphony" as played by the E. l-l. S. Orchestra? Maybe not, but any change from the original only makes it sound better in the hands ot OUR orchestra. Aspiring and perspiring musicians under the direction ot Miss Marian Lattey have blended their instruments together to make our Christmas vesper, Martha Concert and assemblies a huge success. ln addition they went to Chicago to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and presented a concert at the Elgin State Hospital. The orchestra and vocal groups combined in presenting a Spring Festival which climaxed the year's activities. E. H. S. STRING QUARTET OFFICERS Gus Cordogan President ........ . .... .. ..... Gus Cordogan Bob Wilkey Vice President... .. .. ..... Ioan Silliman Ianet Stewart Secretary-Treasurer Elaine Ackeman Marge Iohnson Librarians .... .... ...... A 1 ice Van Buren, Mary Ellen Murphy, Vivian Lempke 32 Get in the Scrap! Tires, stoves, pans, pots, cars, tractors, trucks, irons, safes, coaster Wagons, scooters, beds, loicyclesiall these and hundreds ot other junky items were hauled, lugged, dragged to Elgin's huge scrap pile, Little children from the grades hauled wagon loads of iron, old people cleaned out their basements, and we high school students rode through the town, gloriously and pre- cariously perched on loaded trucks as we piled the junk higher and higher, Scrap Uri H effi in flue crap! 7, Elgin High School 170.5 tons Elgin Schools Total 422 tons This was the best ton- nage for any city-Wide school system in down- state Illinois. Once upon a time on a cool October day in the year l942, a baby thermometer was born. Because of the task ahead of it in the war effort they named it Victory. Because the baby thermometer thrived on only scrap food, the E. H. S. students went out to help the victory thermometer by collecting scrap. As a consequence, the baby Victory grew, and grew, bigger every day. The two student co-managers and the stu- dent chairman committee heads laid the plans for Baby Victory's life, and the students by feeding her scrap made the plans Work. Baby's diet after being weighed and record- ed, was put in the city park until it could be fed her, but alas, the food was too much- Baby Victory was overfed and the thermometer died after a short life of about a week and a half. Yes, Baby Thermometer Victory died, but her life will live on. lt will not stop! Not until this scrap is over, and the husbands and wivesp the brothers and sisters come marching home will she really have died. CDUR The ilztnr Eurps "Remember Pearl Harbor and the Alamo!" "Five Ieeps or Bust!" "Buy, Buy Bonds or Bye, Bye Liberty!" These are only a few of the slogans that typity the E. H, S. Victory Corps and their determination to help assure that final day ot triumph. Members are interested in all activities that will help the War ettort, but one of their main jobs this year was the all-school Bond Drive. The slogan that started this drive, "Dig, Dig Deep, You Have Victory in Your Pocket," spurred students on to greater ettorts that put over this drive and brought Victory closer. "Remember Pearl Harbor and the Alamo?" "Five Ieeps or Bust?" "Buy, Buy Bonds or Bye, Bye Liberty?" Betore, these slogans may have been of a questionable nature to E. H. S. students, but alter Working and accomplishing their part in assuring victory they remain no longer a question but slogans that spell Victory. 35 Aeolian usil: Groups Freshman Chorus Treble Me-MefMe, Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do, LafLa-La, rings out vibrant and clear down the halls of E. H, S. disturbing the peace and quiet ot a typical noon hour. Yes, it is one ot our vocal groups at one ot their regular rehearsals. All during the noon hour you can hear these ambitious singers exercising their vocal cords. Between Crescendo and decrescendo, these tolli remind themselves that Lily Pons and Nelson Eddy went through this too before they became opera stars. Step by step up the ladder of musical organizations, from Freshman Chorus to A Cappella, these singers advance quickly and surely. ln time, one of them might become the future Lily Pons or Nelson Eddy ot Opera, 36 Boys' Glee fl Cappella ' 'Tis the Holy Hour ot Evening - - " Yes, were the A Cappella Choir singing our marching theme. We have sung tor school concerts, the Christmas pageant, for clubs, and We have even sung on WGN. We have worked under the direction of Mr. Thomas, learning to sing harmoniously together and learning to get along with each other to be a successful ensemble, OFFICERS President, , ,, , , Dick Apple Vice President , Don Spinner - fs Secretary-Treasurer, , lane Peck XS" N 5-f-3' 'A Librarian . , Roma Austin -1 I' Director C. V. Thomas Leads the Choristers E.H.S. Players Rough riders of the West, rootin'- tootin' shootin', and bronc busting de- mons were brought to us by E. H. S. Players, lnc., in Summer Comes to the Diamond O as a part of the three one acts. Another Hwonder production" un- der the direction of Miss Marge Bier- sach was "So Wonderful in White, a timely play featuring the struggles in- volved in becoming a nurse. That's not all the "Players" accom- plished this year. They found time to take a few journeys to Chicago to see some "Big Town" stage plays. In a few years or so, we may have the oppor- tunity to see some E. H. S. Player mem- bers as stars of these plays. OFFICERS President . .. Don Cheperka Vice President. . .. Charles Martin Secretary . . . .Shirley Barnwell Treasurer. . . Walter Wilson Mask and Hauhln Throughout the year our varied tal- ents as Mask and Baubler's added up to make novel meetings and programs. Acting, prompting, studying make-upg these are only a few of our yearly ac- tivities. Although not quite as experienced in stage production as the "Players," we "masked and baubled" to our hearts' content in the Three One-Acts. Our play, "Let's' Make Up. was a great success. lf you see any of us on the stage or screen in the future, remember we got our start in Mask and Bauble. OFFICERS President .... .. ...... .. . Charles Petersen Vice President ...... .Constance Bendewald Secretary ..... .. . .. Virginia Fletcher Treasurer ...... . ...Elmer Shock vt' Girls' Council Girls' Eluh Something new has been added to the harmonious lite of Elgin l-lighl Yes, you guessed right, that something new is the Girls' Club and it you belong to the fairer sex you are automatically a member. Life is just a melody and so is the Girls' Club. To prove this we will take you up their scale of activities. With the strike of do, the various dances the Girls' Club has sponsored comes forth, for there is always dough in more ways than one where dances are concerned. The assemblies and panels they sponsored come up next with the sound of re for everyone lets out a ray tor these. Me suggests the get-togethers in the library for the freshmen and sophomores sponsored by the juniors and seniors tor these are definitely for me. Fa-r from last is the opening ot l39 tor noon gab-tests. We said it was tar from last so we add the style introductions and the courtesy campaigns to our list. Lcz la la rings out across the halls when pupils look at the various exhibits in the halls, some funny, some serious. Te-what does that suggest-why of course, the Mother's-Daughter Tea which was such a great success. The scale is ended, the melody finished, but not so the Girls' Club tor it will live on year atter year. OFFICERS PTeSide1'1t ....... .... ....... ....... .... ........ . . . C a rolyn Bennorth Vice President. .... . .. .Carolyn Hameister Secretary .... .. iMarjorie McAllister Treasurer... .... ........ .... P cm tricia Dougherty Club Sponsor .. Elma C. Engelbrecht 39 Hi-Y Eight chapters of the Hi-Y organiza- tion are to be found in Elgin High School. Senior chapters are the West and the Hauter groups, both of which are now disbanding after tour years of active work as council members. Charles Peterson, president of the Hauter chapter, is president of the Hi-Y council, which governs the work of all the chapters. The meeting plan follow- ed this year brought counselors and leaders together during the first week of the month, individual chapters in home meetings the second and fourth weeks, and the entire Hi-Y in a group meeting the third week. National theme tor l-li-Y is "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high Christian standards of living." Senior Tri-Y Tri-Y "Did you see the darling new boy at school?" l'She's got a date with lohnny and l don't know what to do." "l-laven't you seen Parn's new sweater?" "Doesn't he look won-der-ful in a football suit?" "Doesn't she . . . etc." All this and more, too, might be heard outside the door at one of the Tri-Y's annual teas. As you might Well guess, the Tri-Y is a group of high school girls. These girls hold suppers, dances, luncheons, teas, sleigh rides, conferences, giving baskets, Red Cross work, and donating money to needy organizations. Affiliated with the Y.W.C.A., these girls try to promote mutual feelings between girls of high school age. SENIOR TRI-Y OFFICERS President ...., , ,, , .... Lucille Rippberger Vice President ..., ., ,,.,.. .,,, I oan Eggert Secretary .,,,, . ., ..., loan Sillimcin Treasurer ,,,, .,,.,,,., ..,,. .,,,,,,,, . . . . . Marion Weise IUNIOR TRI-Y OFFICERS President .... ..... , ,, ,,,, Lorraine Morgan Vice President .,,, ,,,Mary Ann Stewart Secretary , ,, Treasurer , , ,,,,Nancy Romeis , Virginia Iohnson cyaufer CL,6ll0f6I' MLM Ckalafer "Se en lie s Tn Baldpahf' Seven Keys to Baldpate is one ol the most thrilling plays ot recent times, written by the late, ingenious and resourceful George M. Cohan. A writer goes to a mountain inn tor a plot and what with all the exciting and thrilling things that happen to him, he gets more than he bargained tor. This mysterious, melodramatic farce was staged by the senior class on December third and fourth, l942. Cast Elijah Quimby, the caretaker of Mary Norton, the newspaper reporter Pamela Ryan Baldpate Inn. ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, Bill Richardson CThursdayJ Mrs, Quimby, the caretaker's wife Shirley Lawrence Mcfgcfel W00d lFTidQYl William Hallowell Magee, the novelist Don Cheperka Mrs' Rhodes, the Charming lohn Bland, the millionaires Widow ,,,,, ,,,, , -Catharine Westerman Thursdayl right hand mans, , , , ,, Arthur lacobson Mary Lou Bartelson CFridayl Peters, the Hermit of Baldpaten, ,,,, , Robert Wilkey Myra Thornhill, the blackmailer, . . , , ,,,,, Shirley Adams Lou Max, the Mayor's man, "Friday ",, Charles Martin lim Corgan, the crooked Mayor of Reutonn, Gordon Coxe Thomas Hayden, president of R. and E. Suburban Railroad ,,,, .,,,.,,..,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , , ,,,Walter Wilson liggs Kennedy, chief of police of Asquerwan Falls .,,,,, , ,,,,,, , H A ,,,,,,,, Richard Apple The policeman ,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, , , ,,,, ., ,, ,Gus Cordogan The owner of Baldpateu, Edward Anderson, Richard Thornton Ghost Scene Warming Up Terror '17 QW f, I i YQ? ie QQ,-Dofafin Counsul ,,,,,,.,,.. ..,,,,A,,.,,,, S id Herman Pro Consul ...,, ,,,,,,,, ,.,..,,.,,, D on Ansel Praetor .,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,., C onnie Benclewald Iuaestor ,,..,,., ,,,,,,,,.,.. L ysle Swinyer Iunior Literaiure Club 42 President ,,,,,,,,, QI"I'l'ldl'l President., ..,,.,,,,, ,,..... W alter Wilson Vice President ,,,i,,,,..,,,,,, Blanche Saxe Secretary ,,,,,,,,,., v ,,,,,i,,.... lune Szosz Treasurer ..,,.,.., .....,, B ill Snellgrove I"8l'lC H ,Lucile Rippberger 'V ice' Presrdent ,,,,,,. ,,.,,,,i,,, E laine Villars Secretary .,,,,,.,,..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y vonne Meyer Treasurer .... Melvin Zuckerman Literature Illuhs President ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,. L loyd Rudolph Vice President ,,,,,,,, .,,.,i,,,,,,, D on Spinner Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,.... ,,,,,,,,, A nne Hoisington Treasurer .,r,,,,,,,.....,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,, Don Graham IUNIOR OFFICERS President .r,.,,,,,,,,,, ...,,,,,,,,, ,,.. D 1 ck Carlson Vice President ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,..,, I une Morse Secretary ,,,,. .,,, . ,,,,,,,...,,, M ary Tracy Treasurer ,,,,, . ,,,,,,,, Virginia Beck Senior Literature Club "To stimulate interest in reading good books" might well be the motto of the Iunior and Senior Literature clubs this year, as all their activities centered around this theme. Book week, current book reviews, student talent programs and a marionette show were only a few of their activities. In addition, they journeyed to Chicago to see the stage play "Iunior Miss." Main project of the year was their new publication "Spring Re-igns," offered to the student body for the first time. The purpose is to give students an opportunity to show their talent for creative writing. The aim of the clubs was accomplished as members became better acquainted with well known authors of the literary world and spent several pleasant hours reading their books. Lauquaqe Illuh ln far flung battle posts, in far distant lands, many Americans are finding how essen- tial it is to be able to speak in some other language than Yankee slang or with a soft southern drawl. Modern transportation and communication enables one to visit or talk to Europeans within a very short time. ln order to do this, a knowledge of the language and cus- toms of the country is required. American schools, realizing this, have included foreign languages as a part of the regular school program. ln or- der to apply what was learn- ed in the classroom to every- 'W day use, language clubs were organized. They aid the stu- dents to better understand the language and know the coun- try they are studying. French, German and Latin Clubs are now a part of our club program. ln l943, when many Ameri- cans are making history in foreign countries, in distant corners of the world, we real- ize anew the part our lan- guage clubs play in a Modern World. French Club 43 i Songs at Christmas Party Planning New Activities Enmmerclal Students of Elgin High School: ln answer to your inquiry of the ac- tivities of the Commercial Club for the year l942-43, we report as follows: During the year the club has enjoyed guest speakers, talent programs and a yearly party and picnic. The club has also been active in school affairs, par- ticipating in the pep parade and sell-' ing candy at the basketball games. We sincerely hope this information will be of help to you. Very truly yours, Commercial Club OFFICERS President Imogene Gaede Vice President Bob Schock Secretary. Barbara Schaat Treasurer .. leanette Engle Girls' Slzinnlze Euture "Madams Curie" of E.l-f.S. Girls' Science Club have one thing in common. They know the meaning of such mystic formulaes as T.N.T. and l-LO. Maybe this is due to 'iMaster Scientist" G. l. Renner, who keeps the girls working. Anyway, members are gaining helpful information for when they go out into the 'iBig, Wide World" to take their places in defense indus- tries and other occupations that de- mand some knowledge of science. OFFICERS President . . Betty Bickler Vice President loan Silliman Secretary . Elaine Ackemann Treasurer Geraldine Zigler 44 Hume Ecnnnmllzs "Oh, l smell something burning!" "Gee, a ripped seam!" Sooner or later you may have to say this, but not those belonging to the Home Economics Club, But all work and no play is not good for anyone so the homemakers of to- morrow also have their fun. The main activity during the past year was the sewing of card table covers for the Red Cross and the U.S.O. Centers here and abroad. With play and work mixed they're always in a good mood and good homemakers they'll be too for they will have no burned food nor ripped seams. Science Club arunn Sports -s 1 l 45 Q wi I-I lun' lx f 7 X V1 x ' w W . w 'AX ZQ ,- rWL'K'avR?WL'. 'WS C wt QT' M 10 Jw E: K , V . af fv QD I f AK ll W9 Mm. ...,frw14KX1K9f 45 Tournament Squad "Doug" Mills Comes Home .S7fCtl'l6hl'lg5 W. Elgin . , H H , 9 East Aurora ,,,, 7 West Rockford . , ,, 7 Freeport ,, ,,,,, , 4 West Aurora . , ,, 3 East Rockford , , 3 LaSalle-Peru , ,, 3 Ioliet .,.,,,, H , 3 Pct. .900 .700 .700 .400 .300 .300 .300 .300 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin 45 29 51 39 37 35 49 49 47 51 43 43 57 C0l"e5 Riverside-Brookfield 47 Glenbard l9 Morton 54 East Rockford 24 Ioliet Z9 Freeport 34 East Aurora 42 LaSalle-Peru 46 Ioliet 45 West Aurora 34 West Rockford 42 East Aurora 46 LaGrange 37 The Big Eight Champs COURTESY OF YHE ELGIN C0 R En NEWS In or Out? Menke Takes Another! Capt. Dave Kilburn Bob Menke Ed Weidner Karl CBudl Plath Cliff "Speed" Nelson l'., ff! 'r,xQA1zlf C41 George Caraponas Bob Morton 47 Remember This One? The Tipofl Varsit Basketball The l942-43 varsity basketball team will go down in Elgin sport history as one of the greatest cage teams to ever represent dear old Elgin. Real com- petitors, the boys worked hard not only while in action, but before, as that is really when most games are won. ln the early part of the season, the squad showed only average ability, winning two of four non-conference games. However, as the season rolled along the team gained momentum and their last quarter drive and fight proved the deciding factor in a great number of games. Few coaches have ever gone through more exciting, thrilling moments than Mentor lohn Krafft was forced to survive this campaign. ln too many games, the fighting Maroons came from behind when things looked darkest and turned defeat into victory. The last quarter drive is a symbol of a great team, and Elgin was just that this season. After winning the Big Eight Conference championship the local quintet cap- tured both of their Regional and Sectional titles in the usual thrilling style. Elgin staged one of the most spectacular rallies ever witnessed by local sport fans in the Regional final with Hebron. Another thriller the boys pulled out of the fire was the Sectional final with Oak Park. After eighteen years Elgin was finally represented at the state cage tourna- ment at Champaign. Here, the Krafftmen met for the second time in the "43" half of the season, the strong West Rockford aggregation. Elgin came out on top with a last minute drive in the Rockford encounter, and duplicated the feat in the quarter-final game with Wood River. The Maroons never gave up in their two heart-breaking losses in the semi-final and consolation games at the state tournament. Four seniors ended their sport activity for Elgin high at the state meet, and it will be many years before these cagers, Dave Kilburn, Bob Morton, Bob Menke, and Cliff Nelson, will be forgotten. 48 Frusll-Snph Basketball An overlooked but amazing sequel to the champion varsity team was the outstanding Elgin Frosh-Soph outfit that rolled up the excellent record of 14 wins and one defeat. The recognition that was their just due, was not offered because the Erosh- Soph competition this year was not official, The reason of course is the war and its various difficulties. Regardless of this, in Elgin at least, the boys are rated real champions. Provided with all a coach can ask for, speed, height, and the ever essential teamwork, the three coaches who alternately directed the squad shaped a beautiful team. Coach Mike Earroh, who had the boys first, started them on their road to victory with wins over Glenbard and Hinsdale. Then came the heart rending two point loss to Morton of Cicero. Coach Earroh went to war and number two, Coach Vern Lentz, took over. Under his tutelage the team swept on with thundering defeats over East and West Aurora, LaSalle-Peru, Ioliet, and East Rockford. Well, before we knew it, Coach Lentz Went to war. The third and last coach was Orville Peterson, who directed the team to wins over West Rockford, the Aurora's, and loliet. Sparking the cagers in their triumphs were Bill Turner, Tom Parker, lim Bielenberg, Bill Myers, Ralph Fowler, Paul Swenson, Cecil Edgington, Walter Graf, Russell Geldrnacher, Howie Foell, and lack Cossman. We can say with confidence that things are looking up for next year's basketball team with these young champions entering the varsity field. They can't help but make the team. Scores Elgin 30 Riverside-Brookfield ll Elgin 40 West Aurora 37 Elgin 37 Glenbard l7 Elgin 42 East Aurora 21 Elgin 39 Hinsdale 32 Elgin 29 Glenbard 26 Elgin 26 Morton 28 Elgin 45 loliet 29 Elgin 32 East Rockford 21 Elgin 47 West Aurora 36 Elgin 36 Ioliet 25 Elgin 39 West Rockford 23 Elgin 571 Y East Aurora 28 w 4- .. ' The Frosh-Soph. It " I A SCOYG9 .iff 49 Fnnthall This just wasnt Elgin's year in football. For while the team was just loaded with fight, they seldom won. The final figures show that the Maroons won two games, lost six, and tied one, for seventh place. This includes two pre- season contests, one a l9 to U victory over Maine, and the other a 3 to U loss to East Rockford. The team was something of a mystery. They could outplay almost every team in the conference, and still lose. ln tough games with opponents that were supposedly stronger, the Maroon's would run all over the enemy, and then lose in the last quarter. ln games with soft touches, the boys would manage to give the game away somehow. They were consistently inconsistant. One of the nice things about this year's football team was their offense. Spectators were never bored when the Maroons had the ball. The model T formation, though confusing both to Elgin and to its opponents, worked for considerable yardage. The facts are that the boys outscored their opponents, 109 points to 87, which isn't so bad. The loliet game, wherein the team ran up a 41 to nothing count, is an excellent example of their scoring ability. Unlike some of the other conference teams which featured a one man offensive, Elgin was an eleven man effort all the way through. There was no one outstanding player that could be singled out for special honors, Every- body did his bit. The backfield operated on this pattern. Quarterback Dave Kilburn did the passing and punting. Ed Weidner and Ken Bau working at the halfbacks were used considerably on end sweeps and off tackle plays. Fullback Harold Iohn- son made like a .battering ram rnost of the time, going through the middle for that all important yard or two. The assistant backfield was made up of Marvin Toppel, quarterback, Bill Herrin and Dick Stolt, halfbacks, and Munson Anderson at fullback. The line was medium sized and average in ability. The regular ends were Art Bosnyak and Lefty Funk, plus Les Dralle in a subbing capacity. At the tackles were hefty lohn Iacob and the equally hefty Iohn Stolt. Reinforcements for these positions were Eric Schubert and Chuck Smith. lim Waggoner and Wilbur Miller held the guard posts and were assisted by Ed Mellen. Don Flaherty was the regular center, and Wayne Mische his regular assistant. The Varsity Team C U 0 COURIER-NEWS CUURYISY OF YHE ELG N COUIIIE .S7fdl'l06l'lg5 COPQ5 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin East Rockford 3 Maine U East Rockford 18 Ioliet U West Aurora 13 LaSalle-Peru 20 East Aurora 12 Freeport l4 West Rockford 7 Frnsh-Suph Fnnthall The Frosh-Soph football team was made up of a marvelous bunch of fellows, regular guys, everyone of 'em. So far as We know they only had one fault. They couldn't win. They started the season out okay, winning 13 to nothing over Maine, and they ended up alright, too, with a 13 to 12 victory over West Rockford. lt was in between these two games that they had all their troubles. They lost five games, which gave them complete control over the very undesirable cellar. Following the Maine triumph, the boys were knocked off by East Rockford for a count of 15 to U. Still groggy, the team met the champions to be, West Aurora, and lost again, 12 to 6. Next came LaSalle-Peru, and again the little Maroons were beaten, this time 12 to U. By now it had become a habit, and so they went down in succession to East Aurora, l9 to 6, and to Freeport, 25 to l4. Throughout their conference contests, the Minors scored 39 points and their opponents counted for 95. As the Minors coach, Mr. Krafft had many problems, and one that comes around every year, is the shortage of experienced players. He hardly has the boys trained, and away they go, off to the Varsity ranks. This year he had only one second year man, Captain Paul Turner. The usual starting lineup is hard to pick, because most of the time it varied. There were four ends that saw a lot of action, Tom Parker, Chuck Orban, Don Westphal, and Howie Foell. Chuck Shoop and Stanley McDonald Worked together on the left tackle position, while Gene Termini and Chuck Garret took turns on the right tackle. Gerald Iohnson held down the left guard and Don Strohm and Russell Geldmacher struggled for the right guard. Phil Golden- stein and Toe Ladd were the centers, regular and otherwise. ln the backfield, Paul Turner played quarterback, Gerhard Heine and lake Downs ran from the halfbacks, and Ronald Krieger was regular fullback. Capable substitutes were: Paul Scheele, Loren Perkins, and Dick Munroe. I Ljjx but-I xi ' 6' V ,a R yr H 5 J "',i"'?. The Minor Squad U m l , -f ..fWi..... ...J nhl. -f , A . Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin I '5 0 C 0l"e5 Maine U East Rockford 15 West Aurora 12 LaSalle-Peru 12 East Aurora 19 Freeport 25 West Rockford 12 FRESH-SOPH FOOTBALL i . 1. 'I .H " - " 5 , , . ,iz Captain Turner Coach Kraift 53 gbllliflgif W. L. West Aurora ,,,, .. 5 Freeport ,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,, 4 LaSalle-Peru . . 3 East Rockford ,,,,,, .. 3 East Aurora . ,,,,,, .. . 2 West Rockford 1 Elgin .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, . . l URTESV DF THE ELGIN COUIIER-N S T. Pct. U .825 U .667 1 .600 U .500 U .400 1 .167 U .167 CUUFTESY OF YNF ELGIN COUKIER-N Wrestling The war spoiled a lot of things this year, and in a small way it bothered the wrestling team. Never more than a baby sport in the 'iBig Eight," it came into its own in 1942 as a Major sport. But this year the war with its transportation difficulties, man power difficul- ties, equipment difficulties, and a hundred other difficulties shoved wrestling back on the minor sport shelf. This didn't hamper competition though. While wrestling was confined to neighboring cities like Geneva, East Aurora, and LaGrange, it still brought all the usual thrills to the spectators. Elgin had five meets and won three of them. There were two matches with Geneva, finishing with an even split, two with East Aurora, both of which we took, and one contest with LaGrange which we lost. lt was a satisfactory season, with average results. Coach Adams had material which was on the whole above the average. The big three, Captain Bud Eogerts, l45 lbs., Glen McCormack, 135 lbs., and lim Coulombe, l55 lbs., made up a large part of the team's strength. All together, they won 21 out of 28 matches. The rest of the boys were all fair wrestlers, Paul Svendsen in the 95 lb. class had a rec- ord of four wins and two defeats, Ted Kramer, lU5 lbs., won one match and dropped four, lohn Salisbury, ll5 lbs., had one win against five defeats, lames Salisbury, l25 lbs., won three and lost five, Bill Snellgrove, l65 lbs., won two and lost three, Dick Stolt, l75 lbs., had three wins and one defeat, and heavyweight Chuck Smith finished with an aven 500 ave- rage, winning three and losing three. With most of the boys returning next year, things look pretty good for the team. War permitting, they should have a successful season. The Musclemen Perform and Pose 54 BUS,HIll lf you took gym, and you probably did, you've heard this one, "Boys, army life is tough, plenty tough. Get ready now, and save your- self some suffering." So the gym classes harkened to these words and did their suffering ahead of time. Tough- ening exercises meant to develop every muscle in the anatomy were prescribed and admini- stered. Such things as the bear walk, push ups, situps, Burpi tests, and Various stretching exer- cises, carrie into the picture and aided students in their suffering. l-land in hand with the calisthenic program, competitive sports were practiced. One court basketball, emphasizing team work and agility, came in the early part of the year. Wrestling, boxing, and tumbling, all meant to develop self-reliance and fitness, held forth for some time. Then track, baseball, and softball took over. Tug o' wars, handball, and touch football also were part of the training, stressing foot- work and balance. The war was hard on instructors. Mr. Roggen went to the army, Mr. Farroh and Mr. Lenz, to the navy. That left Mr. Krafft. Replacements were found in a short time however, Mr. Alex- ander from Maywood, and Mr. Aherne from the grade school system here in Elgin. ln no time at all, the physical fitness department had be- come adjusted and was working efficiently. Comparing this year's gym program with those of the past is like comparing an old "flyin' machine" with a P-40 of today. Where before gym classes met twice a Week, they now meet three times a Week for under class- men and five times for Seniors. Classes are at least a third larger than before, and now it takes three gym instructors where it used to take only one, One thing for sure, war cer- tainly can change things in a hurry. ln this case, haste didn't make waste. 55 Senior Emblem Winners E. fl. fl. The WAACS aren't going to get ahead of us. We, too, are helping Uncle Sam by keeping physically tit. Our annual play days and Telegraphic Basket Shooting tournament were threatened by war restrictions, but We solved this problem in short order. Because we enjoy dancing, We sponsored a school dance, which Went over with a bang. With all this advance training we may be able to serve our country in the very near future, OFFICERS President , , H , , Carolyn Hameister Vice President , ,,,Nila McDonough Recording Secretary ,,,, , , Pat Dougherty Corresponding Secretary, H , Lorraine Morgan 56 V . ,I ' T .X .ff "Coaches" Some Pep! Girls' Sports The same old theme song holds true in girls athletics, just as it does in all the rest, 'iThere's been some changes made." ln the dear dead days of old, the girls were given an informal sports pro- gram that seldom Worked up a real sweat Everything Went slowly and comfortably. Now, the program has been pepped up considerable, and the girls are "Working like Trojans." A constructive physical fitness training keeps them busy both on the athletic field and in the gymnasium, This program was recommended by the Office of Civilian Defense in Chicago, and the Office of Education in Washington, DC. A part of the training included First Aid and home nursing Over a hundred girls passed tests for these and received certificates. The war has practically made these subjects a must in preparing for the future. With positions in the WAVE's and VVAAOS beckoning, the girls found them very helpful. Miss Wilda Logan supervised the gym classes and Was assisted by Miss Maxine Goldstein, Miss Chaland, and a student teacher from DeKalb, Miss Annie Lou Simpson. A general list of the activities of girls in sports Would include: exercises, basketball, hockey, speedball, volleyball, captainball, table tennis, shuffle board, archery, badminton, and dancing. Under a program of this type, Elgin's girls not only should develop physically, but also as citizens for tomorrow. Q 57 A m 3 is Q as E we A4153 1 , Q ., r JW 4 M S 1 fb W 1 S i R95 ,., " , fm grim. .fa 11..l'4 ::n:'. Hz. 5 1 K ..,, .01 nm wwf ' I ,VADGQ ,. ,wid 5' ' .,f " if H., A Q34 ii ii-I Qs if is 3,5 ,fx 4 ' 'W if ggi 1 M, 'Qvx 5 Q-, .N ' Q fir' 354 f W Lx N, fr v 5, sf: MEX ' Q Track The track team of 1942 was pretty good, and so was their record. They captured the county track title for the fourth time in five yearsg they Won four dual meets, and they placed fifth in the Big Eight tournament. Running down their seasonal calendar, first they met East Aurora and Won 72 to 41. Then they defeated West Aurora, 83 to 30. Next, East Aurora came back for a sec- ond beating, this time to the tune of 57 to 36. ln a triangular with Rockford, the Ma- roons came out on the bottom, with West Rockford on top with 54 points, East Rock- ford second With 45Vz points, and Elgin with 41V2. Lastly, they defeated Hinsdale, 60 to 51Vz. Big men on the track team were: Bob Becker and Captain Chuck Schroeder in the half mile, Don Leuthold in the high jump and broad jump, Walter Rust and Ralph Fowler in the pole vault, Dick Stolt in the hurdlesg Cliff Nelson, Steve Stepanek and Munson Anderson in the quarter mile, Morrie Whipple in the high jump and broad jump, and Willard Palmer and Waldemar Luepke in the Weights. With most of the regulars graduating, the team of 1943 Will be made up of young and inexperienced men. We lose Bob Becker, Chuck Schroeder, Morrie Whipple, Waldemar Luepke, and Willard Palmer. Boys Who don't live here any more are Mun- son Anderson and Steve Stepanek. Coach Roggen has gone to War and Assistant Coach Morrill is now business manager. The boys will be coached by Chester Alexander. 1943 Team ? 5 1 1 .. ,.. .. 59 COUIIESV OF THE :Lam CCURIEI!-NEWS Tennis The tennis team of l942 was a great one. They were undefeated in league competi- tion, and were very decidedly champions. They won seventeen of eighteen matches, losing only to the state champion Oak Park outfit. The boys took 40 of 46 individual matches and won five of nine matches by shutouts. l-leaded by Captain Chuck Lindquist, they swept over all opposition. Behind Lindquist were Roger Livesay, Dick Price, Bud Plath, Freshman lack Cossman, Ed Boppre, junior, and Ray Strohm. ln the conference tournament at Rockford the Maroons ran away with first honors. One of the most exciting parts of the compe- tition was the dual for the singles title be- tween Lindquist and his teammate Livesay. Lindquist won, but not without a struggle The doubles combination of Dick Price and Ray Strohm likewise walked off with the doubles title. Livesay was the surprise of the year. Where before he had been rated promising, but not quite ready, he fooled everyone by winning every singles match but one, which was his affair with Lindquist. Price carried on with his fine record, losing only one doubles match and doing the same thing in the singles field. With the big three gone, the team of l943 will have to start from scratch. Also, Coach Chet Renner has joined the army and spring sports have been cancelled in the conference for the duration. Regardless, we still have a sweet memory to hang on to till the Armistice. Gulf Golf is a crazy game, only confirmed lu- natics and millionaires play it. lt takes an angel's disposition, a special type of vo- cabulary, and a strong back. You chase a silly little ball for about five miles, wind up right where you started, and gain nothing but a lot of sore muscles. Yet, you can't help but enjoy it. - Put five of these lunatics together and you've got a team. Elgin did that in 1942 and won the conference championship. They piled up what probably was the best record in golf that Elgin ever made. Over the last two years, Elgin has won l6 out of 20 contests. This year, they dropped only two of lU duals, triangulars, and quad- rangulars. Said lunatics were: Captain Art Bosynak, who had a seasonal average of 80.9, Bob Thoren, the teams mainstay with an average of 77.7, Ralph Turnquist who averaged 82.9, Herb Lehman with a consistant 84.3, Mel Atchison, Bartlett boy who averaged 84.8, and Cliff Watts with an average of 85.5. The team of l943 will and is having plenty of difficulties. For one thing there is no of- ficial season due to the war, then to, Mr. Winn, the coach, has gone into a defense plant, and finally, equipment is scarce. CDURTESY OF THE ELGIN CDU!!! H Seniors I The Senior Star Four years ago, an ambitious group of students entered Elgin High School and began the four year struggle towards graduation. lt Wasn't long before We freshmen were participating in all school activities. Getting off to a good start, We were the first freshman class to organize. james Waggoner, president, Shirley Eberman, vice-presidentg Shirley Barnwell, secretary, Robert Rudolph, treasurer, and Miss Mary Peters, adviser, led us through the first year. ln our sophomore year, reinforced by 91 students from Abbott, We continued our work. The class colors, blue and beige, were chosen. Officers for that year were Richard Apple, Shirley Barnwell, Rose Walker, and Don Cheperlca. That year our first class party was held. Arthur Bosnyak headed the junior class. He was assisted by Shirley Barn- well, vice-president, Betty Bickler, secretary, and Don Cheperka, treasurer, The spring of our junior year, the junior Class Play, "june Mad," was termed a huge success. The senior year brings us almost to the top of the ladder. The entire year from September to june has been packed with activities for the seniors. ln November we had a class party. The first part of December, the play "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' was given by the Senior Class. Many seniors benefited by College Day, Career Day, and the vocational guidance lectures given. Red and White carnations were chosen as the class flowers. Now the top of the four year ladder has been reached, but each senior is reminded as he goes on into life of our motto, "Not finished, just begun." The E. H. S. Hotshots Zin jltlvmnrimxt WALTER WILLIAM BEHM CHARLES GRIFFIN. IR. 62 , -Q.. -4 August 27, 1925-October 12. 1941 December 3. 1925-December 27 1939 1 FERN LOIS LAGERSTROM November 6. 1924-Iuly 16, 1941 Electives QZQ The Curriculum FIRST YEAR SECOND YEAR THIRD YEAR FOURTH YEAR SUBJECTS SUBIECTS SUBIECTS SUBIECTS Required: Required: Required: Required: English 2 English American Hist. 2 English 2 General Science 2 Physical Ed. Physical Ed. Z Economicsfl semjl Math. or Alg. 2 Physical Ed. F6 Electives flj Agriculture 2 Art 2 French, German, Latin or Spanish 2 Industrial Arts 1 Electrical Shop 1 Drafting l f2nd semesterj Wood Shop 1 f2nd semesterj Foods 2 Clothing 2 Minor Electives Music: Freshman Ensemble Second Orchestra First Orchestra Second Band Fresh.-Soph. Debate Bible 1 and 2 Electives f3j Agriculture Art French, German, Latin or Spanish World History Geometry Physiography- CGeographyj Biology Foods Clothing Pers. Business Pers. Typing Wood Shop Drafting Electrical Shop Vocational Typing f2nd semesterj Minor Electives Aeolian Treble lst Boys Glee lst Girls Glee lst or 2nd Orch. lst or Znd Band Bible l and 2 Electives Q 31 Dramatics 2 Literature 2 Soc. Prob.f1 semj 1 Physcial Ed. M Iournalism Basic Ir. English Speech Aeronautics Agriculture Art French, German, Latin or Spanish Alg. 3 fl semesj Geom. 3 C1 semesj Trig. l C1 semesj Chemistry Physics Physiography- fGeographyj Home Problems Foods Clothing Voc. Home Econ.- 2 Hrs.-l sem. Electric Shop Drafting Wood Shop Machine Shop Pers. Type C1 semj Voc. Typing Voc. Stenography Voc. Bookkeeping Voc. Draft C2 HLD Voc. Wood Shop- 12 Hrj Voc.Machine Shop C2 Hr.D Business Law Voc. Salesmanship Aeronautics Agriculture Art Chemistry Physics Modern History f 1 semester? French, German, Latin or Spanish College Algebra C1 semesterj Geom. 3 fl semj Alg. 3 C1 semj Trig. 1 fl sem.j Foods Clothing Voc. Home Econ. 2 Hrs. fl sem., Pers. Typing Voc. Typing Voc. Stenography Voc. Bookkeeping Business Law Voc. Salesmanship Voc. Office Tr. VVood Shop Machine Shop Drafting Electric Shop Voc. Machine Shop Voc. Drafting Voc. Wood Shop Minor Electives Music: lst or 2nd Band lst or Znd Orch. lst Girls Glee lst Boys Glee A Cappella Choir Aeolian Bible 3 Contest Speech D ,, mm GSJY Elaine Louise Ackemann ff' Iames Edward Adams h '-- Shirley Mae Adams X ,- i Charlotta Lee Allen 1 ' Edward Mortimer Anderson Lyles Marie Anderson 1 Arthur Edwin Antclifl Richard Frank Apple Norma Iane Arthur Marian Mae Athison Roma Ieanette Austin Mary Frances Ayers -yvx Edgar Earl Backus Robert Frank Bailey Todd Ioseph Banker Helen Iosephine Bargholz Harry Earl Barlow Ellen Shirley Barnliart Shirley Mae Barnwell Milton R. R. Barth 1 Mary Ruth Bartleson . is 1 ' K , 'K Kenneth M. Bau ' A Darlene Luella Bauer 'TQ A-f'f4""""4' lane Bauman km -XX Elaine Iulia Bayless 81-W' 'EZ Shirley Hazel Beck ' Marilyn Mae Begalka Ruth Marie Begalka , ' Irene Emma Mathilda Benhart ' f,,' Carolyn Anne Bennorth 5' fl -' Cordigun at the Piano! Lorraine Evelyn Bergfors I Betty Iane Bickler fi' n X Martin Harley Bickler A Wallace Bernard Bohlin A Mary Catherine Bolger Arthur Michael Bosnyak Clayton Russell Brandes l Ruth Alice Breiner rtivfvni Phyllis Marie Breslich , --js' Richard Louis Breslich by Alice Marie Brown R Patricia Ann B own 65 Q7 ,..--. h I I J sl Delwin Earle Brown ' , ' - ' Edward Leland Brubaker -I H A' K Robert Paul Buehler Ellen Burgeson Vera Irene Burnidge lack Brown Campbell LaVon Buhrow Virginia Ioyce Bujack Gordon Iames Cannon, Ir. I George Evans Carapanos R. Carliss Carlson Lyle Gilbert Carlson ,QQZC Ruby Lou Carlson f ,. - Xfogi Rosella Edith Carney Mary Iane Chapin Donald Michael Cheperka Edward Karl Christ Gloria Irene Christensen wx J'V'V1.. X3vWf"b'V Charlotte Churchill Betty lane Cochran Elizabeth lane Collins Edmond Elmer Conner August William Cordogan Iames Ralph Coulombe Betty Marie Conrad Marguerite lean Conway Doris Ieanette Creamer Ioseph C. Cronenberg Royal Glenn Covey Iames Gordon Coxe P.s.-1' O1 R B 1 .. . if is ny col ee' Iohn William Damisch 645986 William Alfred Darling Q93 an Russell William Dauel Wanda Mae Dauel Claire Antley Davis David McFarland Davis Laurette Elizabeth Davis Leo Fredrick Demien t Mary Iane Dibler 9 Shirley Marie Dierschow vb Frederic Paul Dolby ,-Peg' Althea Carolyn Dopke 66 W' fA...!, f 5 -S HQ E 1- SX x 2 x 'D C xx 'W I H14 km 1 ,-'L N i .,,-kf :.,gV: ig, K Q' If Kecvcvaf- UA.. Gb C'l"'v'+ de 'Sz'wol max. Lyla Patricia Dreyer Eugene Carl Duewel K Francis Ierome Dunbar X-5 esuuelr.-4 V-WOM' Shirley Elizabeth Eberman Walter Egorolf Eleanor B. Ehlert Q l Jeanette Ccllioilxiriiengieances Erdmann S Louise Meta F eldmann Marjorie Ioe Ann Felten Robert E. Ferriss Arlene Mae Fierke sl U v Mildred Audrey Fillmore ll ' Harvey Simpson Filson -9 LQ KM T, Ioseph Edmund William A. Fischer Patricia Fern Fisher Donald Elwyn Flaherty Fretty Lois Iane Frick Harvey Paul Ga Gerald Thomas Fritz Shirley lean Fritz Marian Delores Foley Imogene Ruth Gaede tes Melvin Ray Gerberding Robert Henry Gerdau Rose Loretta Giambelluca Donna Mae Charlene Giddens Russell Emmett Gieske Carl Geister Y Darlene Mildred Gough Shirlee Mae Gould Ralph Perry Graeber Robert Lloyd Greiner Keith Gerald Gruno Delores Ruth Gudeman Iane Gylleck Iune Ch arlotte Haan Eileen Katherine Hack Doris Huckstedt Robert Haligas 69 Emilie Elfrieda Garrelts Santa Charles Morrill Shows Again That He Is a Good Man vdc Maurice Lee Hall Arlene Mae Pearl Hansen Charlene Audrey Hansen Betty Lorraine Harney Betty Colleen Hearn Charlotte Lucille Helper Iack Harris Theodore Arthur Holtz Marilyn Elizabeth Henley Iames Hayes Howard Pearl Iune Hoth Seniors Kenneth Iohn Henning ly Lorraine Margaret Herterff i Gerald Fredrick Hickey Raymond Leonard Hoagland Kenneth Charles Hoke Robert Charles Holden Shirley Ann Hofflander Ann Elizabeth Hoisington Howard Enock Holman Howard Marselles Holmes Donald Ralph Holtz Serious Work Afoot Gloria Louise Hunter Ray Illa Donald McLane Hopp Eleanor Louise Hopp we 74,439 Marylee Irish Iohn Pilcher Iacob - Arthur Emile Iacobson Neva Iewell Harold Lloyd Iohnson Harriette Ioyce Iohnson Marge Anne Iohnson Norman Edward Iohnson Virginia Louise Iohnson Francis Ioseph Iordan Lawrence Alfred Iordan V iolet Marie Kadow Arletta Mae Kaiser Ernest Ioseph Kaptain Vivian Arlene Keeker 70 'T H 4 , hL Q. P af as Q . Clairece Iane Kelahan Os - ' Robert Nathan Kellenberger - M A Cb G' David Henry Kenyon A NL X Dorothy Elizabeth Kible wg ji BJP' David Graham Kilburn ,D William Thomas Kirmse l Norbert Geor e Kleiser S Dorithy Iean Kline Eileen Mary Klinger Ruby Mae Koehnke Connie George Koloridas Sarah Anne Kantorwitz Betty Iune Kopperdale Robert Donald Kramer Kenneth Charles Kramke Robert Raymond Kramka Kenneth Wayne Kramp V Milton Louis Kult Roberta Phyllis Lamb Darwin Leroy Kruse Elaine Catherine Lalleman Richard Wesley Lamprecht Clayton Dallas Landis Muriel Opal Lane Audrey Mae Lang Shirley Edith Lawrence Herbert Charles Lehman Eloise Iune Leiseberg Virginia Louise Lemon Lois Margene Lueck ' Gosh! It's Chuck Marlin! Dan Wahlster Leuthold y Doris Vergean Leuthold Helen Mae Liebig Harold George Liepitz Margie Iean Lohman I Richard Leo Leuenberger W Irvin T. Luepke li Delores Mae Maas Florence Mary Magden Charles Merrill Martin CJ Helen Mary Masi Gloria Iune Mason 73 idk WN V mmm .,. , 5 --fa: wt, .f rx, , ,.... Calvin Coolidge Maule Mary Louise McArthur Phyllis Eilleen McBride Richard C. McCarthy Glenn Paul McCormick Iames Edward McCue Nila Florence McDonough Marian Eleanor McKay Mary Lou McLean j Eva May McMillion Harry Edison McNutt, Ir. A Minute Later She Painted Ruth Mary McQueeney Edward Albert Mellen Robert Louis Menke Virginia L. Metcalf Dorothy Helen Meyer Arthur Frank Miller Charles Paul Miller, Ir. Delores M. Miller Margie Theresa Miller Minnie Lee Miller Patricia Ann Miller Wilbur Lewis Miller Herman Richard Michel Melvin George Micklevitz Fred Francis Missele Bruce Berrwyn Morland ir Wanda Morrison Nan Iean Ruth Morton Robert Earl Morton S I Mary Pauline Motulka S Eileen Mae Movitz Mary Anne Murray Clifford Nelson Marian Ruth Nelson Kenneth Fredrick Nerge Karolyn LaVon Nesler . Vw Erba Arline Newby ,fl M Donald Eugene Nohl I 3 ,. Robert Felix Oehler Q 'YJ 0 Shirley Marian Ohms 'r 75 Betty Marie McDonald 'i High Time at a '43 Party Merilyn Ruth Reese Iohn George Olinger Iohn Iames O'Rourke Lois Katherine Ostdick Betty Marie Parrott Marilyn Leanne Pautz Dorothy lane Peck Charles Andrew Peterson Irene Iewel Peterson 3 Frank George Pogoda f"' L , . I - W' Peter Elwood Pratt ' Gladys Ruth Rabe Melva Iean Rakow Arlene Margaret Reimer Loretta Frances Reinert William Evans Richardson Raymond Leroy Reinert Viola Caroline R ter 0-X Paula Ia ' Elmer Louis Richert '. ' Herbert Charles ichmann VVilliam Harry Roberts Ox WWW? .J Otto Riebock, Ir. Phyllis Ann Rinn Lucile lean Rippberger aff Paul Quinn Rogers David Hugo Romeis Pamela lane Ryan Barbara Leone Sc Robert Austin Ronn Richard Harold Roth Robert William Russell haaf George Iack Schailter I Seniors George Robert Scheflow William Lydon Schaible Louise Iane Sheaffer Richard S. Scheflow Marian Iane Scheitlin Florence 76 Mae Schifferer Virginia Ruth Schmidt Glenn Howard Schnadt Normagene Lydia Schnathorst w .. , ik s 1 2 ,, , iffy ff- m . 4, -wr: A AM ' -J : QI. ' ,. l 'K Q.:-QV: R ,55 3 A ' 5' . 1 . Q 4 Richard Fredrick Schock Irene Marie Schramm Ruth Iane Scranton David Hawley Schrader Arnold Charles Schroeder Eric Aron Schuber Francis Ioseph Schumacher, Ir. Dorothy Schuring Seniors Iohn A. Schultz Evaline Mae Scott Guyla Marie Seyller Kathryn Rose Seyller Ioan Marguerite Silliman Clinton Ray Sjurset Marvel Lea Smith Kenneth Iohn Sodt Ioanette R. Solyom Clifford Edward Southard Glenn Edward Stading Iames Edward Stahl, Ir. BRS Darrell Frederick Spencer J 'sry F . Largs Robert William Spencer by xg 1 Glenn Willard Sportsman S F, Mary Louise Squires X J' ,J ,' Betty Ann Starman 5' " Helen Inez Steele . 4 Ah! Eats! Donald W. Stettner Lois Mae Stewart Donald Bruce Stonebreaker Virginia Ruth Studebaker Ruth Stumme Iohn George Stolt Robert Earl Sund Merle Wayne Surber Edward Theodore Swentek Iune Irene Szosz Patricia Elaine Tastad Gwendolyn Iune Taylor Betsey Claire Tazewell Frank Ioseph Nicola Termini Harold Iohn Tejes Richard M. Thornton Mya 1 S43 -uf' if QW: 5 .rv pw., 'W' ...-in . K Xi! R ull? ,Jw Tb' , Richard Arthur Tipple Marvin Herman Toppel William Hale Treadwell, Ir. Frank W. Trupp Georjean Underhill Alice Elizabeth Van Buren I George Van de Voorde I df' Natalie Iean Van Fossan Iean Elaine Von Lanken Helen Lucille Vollmer A Iames Norman Waggoner N115 ' ' Leonard Fredrick Vgilpxrylill' dy 3 JM . This is Q Dill lPickleJ! Rose Margaret Walker I ' 4, Everett Ralph Warner C' W , 3M Ianis Eileen Warner Url ua Dorothy lane Waterman Edward Ioseph Weidner Beatrice Lois Wenzel Catherine lean Westerman Iohn Arthur Westerman Lois Helen Weyer Leslie Frank Whalen Kendall Derward White, Ir. Marian Carol Wiese '1 I ' ' Robert Eugene Wilkey J- if I' li' Shirley Mae Wilkus ' -li' Galen Richard Williams , l Walter West Wilson Russell Bryce Wolfe Margaret Ellen Wood Clayton Wallace Wright Margaret Louise Wright Iohn Francis Zenk Shirley Iane Zierke Geraldine Zigler '0 Dorothy Louise rno Seniors X GRADUATES-NOT PICTURED Melvin Gerald Zuckerman , . . Bazali, Paul Elizabeth Ann Goldenstein Bennett, Donald Warren Robert Lee Funk gf0WHHfi0l1CXWi'li23t13 +A . urg, een gnes Elmer Paul Edward Wille Cashykobertlq. Dralle, Lester Charles Fehrman, Norman Richard Gabler, Ioseph Walter Goldcnstein, Adolph William Hameister, William George El Huske, Richard William Krabbe, lack VV. Massa, Charles Donald Peek, Ralph Bernard Pierce, Juanita Ieanettc Reimer, Russell Paul Ryburn, Robert Ray Santurro, Ioseph Iohn Whipple, Maurice Howard Whipple, Roy Mead leloarfm en fa! .jvlonom AGRICULTURE Donald V. Hill ART Audrey Hennings BUSINESS Io Ieanne Ciraulo Shirley Miller Betty Schmokel ENGLISH Lois Lavina Lawrence DRAMATICS William Allerton Richard Clendening HOME ECONOMICS Lucille Woodrich INDUSTRIAL ARTS William Burmeister Lawrence Nuter Gerhard Witthuhn LANGUAGE Duane Dunlap Margaret Gmur Catharine Nelson Robert Tornquist MATHEMATICS Robert Kromhout Roger Livesay MUSIC William Allerton Helen Dooley Doris Helm Barbara Tobin Ioanne Weed SCIENCE Robert Kromhout SOCIAL SCIENCE Lois Lavina Lawrence Robert Tornquist Roger Livesay Frances Heinicke D. A. R. AWARD Doris Helm AMERICAN HISTORY AWARD Lois Lavina Lawrence HTWENTY-TWO" HONOR MEDAL Rhoda Grupe Richard Peterson P '-Q 1 35,5 wards 4 3 2 l 82 glial? .fdulaflf YEAR AWARDS Frances Heinicke, Robert Kromhout, Lois Lavina Lawrence, Roger Livesay, Catharine Nelson. YEAR AWARDS William Allerton, Carolyn Bennorth, Ei- leen Klinger, Richard Landwehr, Iune Szosz, Helen Worthey. YEAR AWARDS I loan Apgar, Robert Brown, Gordon Coxe, Margaret Damisch, Louise Feld- man, Elizabeth Fletcher, Margaret Gmur, Amy Heltzel, Barbara Nelson, Ann Peven, Carol Rhoades, William Richardson, Lois Schlechter, Ioseph Vance Shepherd, Carol Sill, Robert Tornquist. YEAR AWARDS Shirley Adams, Ruth Broker, Vera Burnidge, Dolly Cossman, Helen Dooley, Duane Dunlap, Gloria Erickson, Doris Gilliom, David Iohnson, Marjorie Mc- Allister, Earl Muetterties, lean Nelson, Richard Peck, Mary Lou Rohling, Glenn Schnadt, Lucille Sisti, Dorothy Smith, Kenneth Sodt, Iaquelyn Stalen, Grace Szosz, Barbara Tobin, Dorothy Tobler, Gloria Turley. G. A. A. Roma Austin Ellen Barnhart Shirley Barnwell Mary lane Bauman Carolyn Bennorth Lorraine Bergfors Betty lane Bickler Mary Bolger Ruby Carlson Rosella Carney lean Collins Doris Creamer Althe Dopke Shirley Eberman Pat Fisher Marion Foley Rose Giambellucca Elizabeth Goldenstein Darlene Gough Delores Gudeman lane Gylleck Arlene Hansen Lorraine Herter Arletta Kaiser Roberta Lamb Shirley Lawrence Eloise Leiseberg Virginia Lemon Lois Luck Gloria Mason Nila McDonough Minni Miller Wanda Morrison La Von Nesler Marian Nelson Shirley Ohms lane Peck Paula lane Richards Barbara Schaaf Mary Louise Squires Lois Stewart Virginia Studebaker Iune Szosz Guen Taylor Georjean Underhill Alice Van Buren Lois Weyer Peggy Lou Wright Dorothy Zornow "E" CLUB Ed Anderson Art Bosnyak George Caraponas Les Dralle Don Flaherty lim Howard Harold Iohnson David Kilburn Don Leuthold Ed Mellon Bob Menke Bob Morton Cliff Nelson Bob Oehler lack O'Rourke Dick Roth Dick Scheilow Iohn Stolt Eluhs lames Waggoner Ed Weidner Bob Fu nk FOOTBALL Ed Anderson Marvin Toppel Don Flaherty Ed Mellen Eric Schuber Wilbur Miller Ken Bau lohn Iacobs Iohn Stolt Bob Sund Dave Kilburn Bob Funk lim Waggener Les Dralle Ed Weidner Art Bosnyak Harold Iohnson Edgar Backus BASKETBALL Dave Kilburn Cliff Nelson Bob Menke Bob Morton Ed Weidner George Carapanos Dick Roth WRESTLING SQUAD lim Columbe Glen McCormick Clayton Landis TENNIS Ioe Fretty TRACK Don Leuthold Clif? Nelson Don Holtz Harold Liepitz COMMERCIAL CLUB Lyles Anderson Ellen Barnhart Shirley Barnwell lean Conway Shirley Dierschow Ieanette Engle Imogene Gaede Charlotte Helper Marilyn Henley Lorraine Herter Marilee Irish Eloise Leiseberg Helen Liebig Eileen Movitz Wanda Morrison Barbara Schaaf Florence Schiffer Dick Schock Louise ShaeHer Len Wahl lack Westerman 83 GIRLS' CLUB CABINET Carolyn Bennorth Betty Bickler Shirley Barnwell Lucile Rippberger Shirley Lawrence A CAPPELLA Ed Anderson Dick Apple Roma Austin Mary Bartleson Dick Breslich Patricia Brown Ruby Carlson Gus Cordogan Royal Covey David Davis Shirley Eberman Lorraine Erdman Betty Hearn Gloria Hunter Eilleen McBride Mary Lou McLean Marian Nelson LaVon Ncsler lane Peck Bill Richardson Barbara Schaaf Iune Szosz Patricia Tastad Harold Teies Walter Wilson Geraldine Zigler BAND Ellen Barnhart Betty Bickler Rosella Carney Gus Cordogan David Davis Donald Holtz Charles Martin Gloria Mason Richard McCarthy Nila McDonough Marion Nelson Frank Pagoda Darrell Spencer Donald Stonebreaker lames Waggoner ORCHESTRA Rosella Carney Gus Cordogan David Davis Ruby Koehnke lane Peck loan Silliman Frank Termini Alice Van Buren Robert Wilkey AEOLIAN Dorothy Kline Helen Vollmer SENIOR TRI-Y Ellen Barnhart ' Carolyn Bennorth .gd .tg K H ,-.T .. 1-.ff-,V-1 CLUBS-Continued Betty Bickler Mary Bolger Ruby Carlson Marion Foley Delores Gudeman Betty Hearn Dorothy Kline Gloria Mason Virginia Metcalf Shirley Ohms Barbara Schaaf Lucile Rippberger Kathryn Seyller loan Silliman Ruth Stumme Iune Szosz Natalie Van Fossan Marian Wiese Geraldine Zigler HAUTER HI-Y CHAPTER Royal Covey Ioe Fretty Laverne Groneman Howard Holmes Don Holtz Iames Howard Alva Hughes David Kilburn Robert Menke Robert Morton Clifford Nelson Charles Peterson David Romeis Francis Schumacher Steve Stepanek Iames Waggener Edward Weidner Robert Wilke Walter Wilson WEST HI-Y Dick Apple Ed Brubaker Iack Campbell lim Columbe Gus Cordigan Iohn Damisch Carl Giester lack Harris Ierry Hickey Clayton Landis Dick Lueinburger Chuck Martin Glenn McCormick lack O'Rourke Peter Pratt Bill Richardson Bill Roberts Paul Rogers Bob Scheflow Darrell Spencer Warren Smith STUDENT COUNCIL Dave Kilburn Shirley Barnwell Ed Brubaker Ellen Burgeson Patt Dreyer Shirley Eberman Charles Martin Gloria Mason Cliff Nelson t vu-:th C Arlene Reimer Lu Rippberger Don Stettner lim Waggener Ianice Warner FORENSICS Carolyn Bennorth Francis Dunbar Charles Peterson Iune Szosz Iames Waggoner SENIOR LITERATURE C Betty lane Cochran Gordon Coxe Patt Dreyer Charlotte Helper Anne Hoisington Eileen Klinger Ken Kramke Marvel Lee Smith Patricia Tastad E. H. S. PLAYERS Edward Anderson Shirley Barnwell Mary Ruth Bartelson Ellen Burgeson Don Cheperka Gloria Christensen Gordon Coxe Kenneth Ehorn Howard Holmes Art Iacobson Howard Holman Eileen Klinger Betty Hearn Charlotte Helper Shirley Lawrence Charles Martin Mary Lou McLean Wanda Morrison -Marion Nelson Shirley Ohms lane Peck Bill Richardson Lucille Rippberger LUB Pamela Ryan 9 Barbara Schaaf Francis Schumacher Marvel Lea Smith Mary Louise Squires Patricia Tastad Dick Thornton Alice Van Buren Natalie Van Fossan Helen Vollmer Catherine Westerman Robert Wilkey Walter Wilson Margaret Wood MIRROR Iim Howard Patt Dreyer Ed Backus Charlotte Churchill Gordon Coxe Shirley Lawrence Lucille Rippberger Bill Roberts Len Wahl 84 , MAROON Betty Bickler Barbara Schaaf Edgar Backus Betty Cochran Gordan Coxe Kathryn Seyller Ruby Carlson loan Silliman Shirley Hofflander Carliss Carlson Bill Richardson LIBRARY CLUB Vera Burnidge Marion Foley Ruby Koenke Shirley Lawrence Wanda Morrison Mary L. Squires Georiean Underhill GERMAN CLUB Carolyn Bennorth Martin Bickler Ioe Cronenberg Louise Feldman Don Holtz Arthur Iacobson Eileen Klinger Ioan Silliman Iune Szosz Walter Wilson Geraldine Zigler FRENCH CLUB Mary Lou McLean LATIN CLUB Arlene Reimer MAP READING CLUB George Van De Voordc Connie Colaradus Ed Swentek Don Stonebreaker Darrell Spencer Clayton Landis GLIDER CLUB Ed Swentek Bob Russell Ralph Graeber Calvin Maule Arnold Graf GIRLS' SCIENCE CLUB Elaine Ackeman Betty Bickler Shirley Ohms Lucille Rippberger Kathryn Seyller Ioan Silliman lerry Ziegler IZAAK WALTON Ioe Cronenber FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Delwin Brown Wallace Bohlin Connie Koloridas Kenneth Kramp George Schaffter Harvy Philson Everett Warner Th K Vx 1 3 Ggwxrwzszum 95' I H ndlarclassmen I !JIX,YQflg,4 A xx g ' 1 l A5503 It ' .7 ' 'Y' 'Q . 4 -if "MIX We 611 H hi- W,, '. OW' ' . . 4 hx ftvvk ff?-wi ovjxgsjf' 612' fn fgy. Q31 :LOA 4 xlib fiwfwf 454 fcffxff- Y N llwlfwnhg - 4? .1 I az, ZW? 2 ,QW ,lmljg 7 y? Z W id. f M9 4 f 1 -Z , I 7 I 1 I X QQ Q f sf-gf' . ' X, 1 V1-, .ff - -L-, f. -if 111777 Z Q Z2 fwzf 14, 561 4 w A ,I ,, 85 Class nf '44 Rauf 111112 Ii. Alwlmrl. li. .MI.1n1uk, R. Albus, R. Albertson, R. Althcn, I. An- alcrsnn, R. Amln-glwn. Nou' 11111: 13. Amlrcwx. I. Apgar, R. A11- plc, R. Halilcy, R. ligllclwin, IJ. Ranks, II. Iinrtcls. Ron' fhl'lJf'f M. Hxllicls, S. II.IllL'I', II. liuustcrt. R. R.nXn1z1n, Il. Baxter. R. Rn'ckvx', C. B1'LfRI11.lI'I. Run' four: ll. Hg-hling. M. lin-nl1.u't, I.. Ik-nn, G. Burg, M. lilgmk, I. Nm-hun, M. Iingcrt. Ron' ff1'f': R. liunnur. Ii. Rnpplr. I. liuwlclw. R. Rrslckutt. I. Rrglmhs. F. lircnm-r. Ii. lirinkur. Row .f1.r: R. limwn, lt. Hllcklmlx. li. Huck. N. IgLlI'I1lll'f'. I, Burch. I. liurk- hart, I, I5Ll1'111.mL-1'. Rrm' .fl'I'!llf l. l:ilIIM'l1ILIl', M, lflmpmgln. . - v . . - - li. l,hl'lSI. TN. c,Illl'R, I.. KAIUR, Ii. Lu- ?-rcr. I. Cmftx. E ' ' figflli A. C1'.ln15uy, R. Crnul. R. 1 frichtrmn. C. Crmlsc. I. Cruw. D. ' Ilnhllay, V. lklilcy. Nou' 111110: M. IJ1IHlL'IL'R, I, lT.1n1L'ls. R. I1zu'liwn, I. Ilnrr, If. Imvis, I. Davis VN. Day. Rauf Iwi: S. Ucwn-y, G, llzmlcy. P. Dur- scy, ll. llmvcll, C. Ilrngu, M. Drcycr, M. IJIAULIQIII. Rau' z'f1'1'1'11: A. IQLIQIC, I.. Ifbcrt, V Iiggur, I. liggcrt, C. Ifxningcr. R lirickmn, G. lfnhcr. Row Ill'l'fl'f'Z G. Faust, I. Fay. C. Fccs R. Fuss, M. Fchrmnn, R. Fletcher II. FIUUII. v Nou' our: I. Floru, H. Fohrman, C. Fowler, I. Fowler, N. Frans, H. 7 Frank, N. Friaby. ' l L KQLRRLQ' Rau' I'lt'0f IT. Frost, k, B. Gnrrlncr K fl -K cl -lm Sgflll Q 4 L Grrrclls L Cicrolll R. Gialrlcns, noimz. W. Ron' fh1'z'f'! M. Gilliam, I. Gisslcr ll Gocrlcrl, H. G1.l1ls1nith, IJ. Ciolmlsnlntli, S. Golclslcin, R. Goulrl. Ron' four: M. Graf, V. fll'L1H,2lIlL1, ID. lQfLlll1lIYI, I. Gray, H. fiIL'lI'lL'I', R. CQTIIIILW, VV. Grishznn. Rau' fini Il. Grousscr. R. Croncnmn, VV. Gross, VV. Gumlcmnn, l.. liucrtin, G. Cullctt, C. Gurnctt. Ron' .rlxf li. Hgmsc, C. HnnuixIr'1', CI. Ilgnm-imtcr. F. Hanwrmrschnmimlt, V. Hancly, A. Hansen, H. Ilansrn. Row .fr1'r11: N. Hnmcn, C. llaming, ID. Hzmsing, R. Hunsing, N. Harney, H. Harrim, V. Hurtnmn. Ron' r'1'yhI.' M. Hurlzur, I. blgxowlnllliml, I. Hznu-ruroft, IS. H4-nth, li. Hccht, L. HL-im, R. Hcinikc. Ron' nmr: li. Hcinitz, Ii. Hcllnx, I. Helm, A. Hrltzcl, XV. Hr-frm-I, F, Hemphill, G. Hipplu. Ron' 70115 S. Hop-ppncr. B. Holtz, H. Holla, Il, Hopp, M. Hoop, li. How- nrrl, M. Hubbell. Rau' 1'lz'1'f'11: K. Illal, Il. Irish, I. Isclwrg, C. I2lCUl7N, A. Icwrll, li. Iolmmn, Iolmson, Row twclvn: l'. Iohnmon, R. Iohnmon, I ly. Ionc:-, M. Ioncs. F. Kuntorwilz, W. Kcistlcr, R. Kcluhan. Class nf '44 M7 QL- x' +7 Qsymf Class nf '44 lfrmf wir: L. KL'llCI'll3L'I'gCI', l.. Kcllcv, R. Kmiyon, G. Kilgore, I. Kirklginll. C. Klciscr, M. Klingt-r. Nou' info: H. Kugzith, G. Kruger, C. Koehler, VV. Krocgcr, P. Kncippt'r'. IJ. Knaippcn, B. Koch. Row Ilzrcr: li. Lngcrstrom, S. Lamp, F. Lzimlivclir, R. Lungs, M. l.aiPointc. R. Lnwrcncv, R. Lcitncr. Row four: U. Lichtruc, IT. Linscll, M. Lofgrcn, R. Lohsc, IJ. I.ol1rm.m, Pm. Ludwig, H. Lucmlcr. Row five: I. Lund, M. Lund, F. I.uscliur, K. Tyler, R. Mngclcn. R. Munn, H. Martin. Row fix: I. Martin, M. McAllister, M. Mcliriclc, R. McClicam'y, G. Mclilw.iin, E. MCl,Cl1l1, G. Mclntirc. Row Sl'l't'l1. N. Meagher, D. Mclnlin, L. Mcnsching, B. Metzger, Y. Mcycr, L. Miles, I. Miller. Rau' z'1'g'f1I: I. Mills, A. Mink, VV. Mischa, K. Montgomcry, I. Moomly, B. Min1wi'c, M. Minors. Rau' nmr: I", Mosh-y, M. Murpliy, P. Nzlgcl, B. Nclaon, I, Nelson. I. Nichol, F.. Nish. u 214-.K -.. A.:-..-, ' ...H V. . 'C Rau' inn: R. Nutcr, IJ. Ochlcr, M Olscn, R. Olsen. U. Olsen. 0'Ruurkc, I.. Ottingcr. Ron' rlfrrni H. Parr, H. ljilfll, E. Paul- sen, I. PL-llcticr. M. l'ci'1'y. A. Pctschow B. Phelps. Row Iufclzw: M. l'ic1'son, H. Piper, K Plath. I. Pogomlai, K. Pool, D. Porter M. Porter. Rum our: li. Prucott, B. Prillcr, R RllClll'lL'I', I. Ruger, I. Ramft, C. Rnusch R. Real. Run' Iwo: I. Reuse, V. Rcirly, A, Rrin V. Rcmmcrs, C. Rlmntlcs, B. Rice VV. Richfml. Now Ifzrrci B. Rigor, M. Rnhcrts. XV Rolwrts. A. Roc, H. Rm-, M. Ruhling ll. Rfiyclslad. lion' four: L. Rudolph, NV. Run, I Salisbury. I. Salisbury, L. Samuelson M. Sandberg, S. Szulcctlzl. Ron' fizr: I. Saunders, B. Suxc, I., Scar- lwrough, L. Schuucr, F. Schclslow, O Schcllow, G. Schcitlin. Run' six: L. Schlcchtcr, R. Scliuck. S Schrot-dar, A. Schultz, E. Sclyultz L. Schultz. R. Schumanf I' K' J I I Ivy 41'-I ' Row .ff1'z'r1: F. Scycr, IJ. Sexton, D. Sayl- lcr, U. Shalt-s, G. Shalt-5, Sheffncr V, Shuparcl. Row wighf: C. Sill, N. Sinn, C. Smith IP. Smith, IJ. Smith, P. Smith, Bl Sncllgroyc. Rau' nim: C. Southarcl, IJ, Sp'nncr li. Stcinmunn. I. Stewart, M. St v li. Sticliling, Ii. Stmlclurtl. Run' If-11: D. Stult, B. Sturt-y, Z. vim. M. Sunclt-rlngc, NV. Su a C. Swanson, IJ. Swansnh-. I . Nou' l'fFl'l'l1f R. Swuntck, C. Swinycr, U. Szmz, A. Taylor, A. Tliiumtin, R. Thrun. H l Y ' .15 'ig' J X.X'q'pl-J' f I Rau' Ilt'!'1l'l'f M. Tcflmlcr, S. Tfrrling, L. Tmulv, M. Tmub, B. 'l'i'ca1clWcll, H. Tum, XV. Tuchol5ki. n s Class nf '44 Row our: I. Thuthill, M. Vluclivia, N. Vcntrcss, Ii. Villars, XV. Volkcning, G. Von Arco, I. Wrrgnur. Razr' Info: H. Wahl, M. VVuinscott, P VVulkcr, G. Ward, A. Warner, 15 Wummnncl. D. Way. Rauf llzrrc: I. VVciclnur. Ii. Wuightnmn H. Wells, G. XVL'stbrr11mk. U. xvcslllllill F. VVl1ccIcr. Row four: M. VVhitc. G. WVcisc, M. NWI harm, A. Wilkcning. S. XViI:ux. E VVIIIC. I.. Vvilsun. Rauf ffm: P. Wimpclbcrg, Ii. Wnlcbcn L. WVurthcy, T. Yzlnko, I. Zimmerman I. Zimmerman, I. Metz. The Dunce Nou' nur: P. Ackcmzmn. Ii. AnI.m1s, I.. Albrecht. II. Allerton, M. Alcxnmlcr, C. Allison, Ii. Anclcrmn. Kun' Iwo: C. AmIurmn. If. AmIL'rml1. R, Amlcrmn. Y. Amlcrwn, II. .XmIruss. G. Annis. N. Amis. Kon' fh1'l'l'.' M. .xl'ILlIlN. A. .'XlcI1Isrrl1. II. liunwznrt, Il. I4:u'tL-Il. F. Barth, I.. Hulk. I.. Hnuin. Run' fwfr: S. IIlllIIlLlll, Ii. II1llllllgLlI'lllUI'. V. Huck, C. Iiuckrr. M. IIUCIQLT, I'. Rucker, Ii. IICCIQIULIII. Kult' ffw: R. Iicclcwcll, C. IICIMICXVLIILI. W, Iicm-clict, C. H4-um-tt. R. ISL-nnutt R. Iivnnurtli. I', Iicmluy. Kon' .fl-.I'.' Il. lhxglmrmlt. I. Berlin. I. Iicrlsch, S. Ikwt. 'If Iiuqlkcm. IJ. Hull- lin. IG. Iilugvn. Ifnu' .fz'1'vl1: I. lirz1l1nuur, If. II1'unIIcIl. M. IIITIIIIILIII, A. Iirittun. R. Hrokcr H. Rmwn. I. IIl'LlxIIil1LT. I Run' !'l-Lffllf H. Iirynnt. M. ISurIwml11I1i A. Iiuiuul-Q, II. IiL1l'Ntuin. M. Iiurnimlgc M. Iivcrf. C.. LLIIHII. Kun' f11'11z': I., c:.lILlllli', If. CIQIINIYLT, I7 Carney. R. LI.ll'UYI'Ill1III, IJ. lfurswcll II. Cllguuy. R. CI1ristI11mc11. lion' Im: l'. Clumluning. C. Klum. l. QZUICIIILIII, I. Cullinx. I. Crm11141l1. M CuL1Icr111I1u, R. Crrm'fruvL, Kun c!f'1'c'11: I'. lluiluy, R. IPLHIIISCII. R Ilgummulx. C. llgmm-r. F. Ibnrliwn. I.. linux, Ii. Ilavis. Ron' fll'l'Il'l'f I. IJ.1y, XV. Ilcurlmu. R Ilicbcrt, If.. IICIIHIIIII. C. I 7L'IL'I'5. I7 DclIrmIIA. If. I3ickcl'wn. lflass nf '45 Class nf '45 Row 111116: R. fil'ill'l1ll'l2l, B. Grccn, Row wir: D. Dickmzm. R. Dicrschow, I. lbullvy, l'. Ilnughcrty. A. Downs, I. Duwns, C. Doyle. Row zum: I.. Drnllc. I. Ducringcr, D. Dunning, Ii. Dupplcr, I. Dyer, Ii. liconrmiy, C. liclgington. Row Ihrrrt I. Elclcr, F. Flmlcr, R. Eld- rulgc, F. Iiclwzmls, D. Iirickson. G. liricksun, WV. Engle. Nou' fwfr: R. Iirvin, S. livclicn. I. Fclml- man. H. Follows, li. Fcw, D. Figgins, ll. Fillmore. Row fin? M. Fillmore, A. Fischer, Fitzsimmons, V. Flctchcr, P. Flores, H. Fncll, B. l':llVVlCl'. Rum six: R. Fowler, B. Foy, D. Frans, F. Frunzcn, I. Frcycr, R. Frickc-, E. Fritz. Row Sl'l'l'1II V. Fritz, N. Fugzitc, D. Gn- lilvr, C.. lfurntt, P. Cynulthicr, C. GC:-r, L. Uicmlwclluca. Rum ziglzf: M. Gisrll, l.. Gcistcr, ll fiHltll'HSlCll1. R. Gclmlnmchcr, G. Gun- clus. I. Uuulcl, V. Grucbcr. Griffith, R. Grisham, I. Grus5kui'l, H Gurlcmnn, M. Cluptzlil. Row ICIII ll. Halligus, I. llzlllinun, K Huming, M. Hutch, D. Haworth, I. Hristcn, A. Hcim. Row c'lc'1'z'11: G. Hcim, B. l'lv.'rring, Hill, M. Hoffman, R. l'lUf'l-INLIH, H. Huflmcicr, I. Hulz. Run' I!t'FfI'l'J D. Holtz, R. Hnpp, M Hnwgirnl. H. llulwlic, M. llulwcr, I Hunt, C. lluslie. R. D. L. Row one: T. Ivrrwn, Ii. Iukes, V. Ien sen, VV. Ie-men, M. Iines, II. Inlmmn, G. Ifrhnson. Rauf neu: I. Iuhmfxn. M. Iuhnsun, V Inhnsun, IJ. Innes, S. Innes, I7. Ionson I. Inrmlu. Run' ffzrer: C. Kgmresen, R. Karan, V Katz. S. Kellenberger, N, Kelley, A Kempik, R. Kenynn. Ron' four: A. Kershaw. A. KI:1ges, K Klingberg, C. Kobe-I, H. Kuch, I. Ko nirzki, H. Kopperclnle. Ron' fizfrf Ii. Kuteley, Ii. Krugh, I.. Kru yer, V. Krunnfusz, G. Kurle, G. Kruse, V. Lollbawer I'-IGI. Ron' fix: I. Kershaw, I. I-mI4I, IS. Igllfnree, IJ. Lunnquisr, I.. Lamp, K. I.r1I7luca1 IJ. Lawrence. Row seem: S. Leerllmm, R. Lehman VV. Leisebcrg, V. Lemke, K. Liepitz G. Linclberg, II. Luck. Row right: ID. I.uhImuer, ID. Lowe, I3 Lungren, I. Mzlllhy, G. Manley, L Martens, A. Mem. Razr' III-IIFI N. Maui, I. Mason, M. Mgmu IJ. Mnver, Ii. McHricIe, I'. Mclirirle S. Melmnalml. Ron' Im: Ii. McGinley, G. Mezulnws, M Meacluws, Ii. Meuser, IT. Meyer, F Meyer, A. Miller. Nun' Ffl'l'!'l1.' M. Miller, I'. Miller, IJ Y Moeller, M. Mugler, I-. Morgan, R Ivhfrkenw, Morse. Run' Ilt'f'fl'f'f IS. Mrwwry, IQ. Muelterlics, IJ. Munroe, IJ. Murikich, II. Meyers, Il. Nail, I". Nesler. Class nf '45 Class nf '45 Rauf one: M. Ncrgc. G. Ogden. D. Okcrsun, R. Olcacn, B. Ohlingcr, M. Olingcr. li. O'MuIIcy. lfozv Iwn: 'l'. I':1rkul', M. Pzmlus. R. Paulus, I. Pauly. li. I'L-ubmly, IJ. Peck. G. Pack. Row f!II'l'FI C. I'uulL-r, I. Pcnniall, I.. Perkins. A. Pcrlcy. R. Pctcrs, I. Pctcrs- durf. C. Pstcrsun. Row faint Ii. Philips, R. Picrcc, F. Pin- grcc. M. Pizzum, F. l'lncL'l1ciu. R. Pram-r. A. Pricgnilx. Rau' firc: H. Rulw. V. Rauldc, Ii. Ruhn. I. Rnlm. L. Rnkuw. li. Ruimly. ll. Riclu-rt. Ruzz'.f1,xf I. RII7I7I'lCI'QCl', I. Rcmhurts. H. Rnbimun. S. Rczchc. R. Ruckcnlmck. H. Rogers. I. Romcis. Nou' .fz'z'f'11: G. Rcmzsiv.-l', I. Rows. R. Roulcy, R. Rurlin, H. Rumlulphi. H. Ruffin. Ii. Sclmalf. Rauf Flvglllf Ill. Schcclv, R. Schuitlin. C. Schmidt. I. Schmidt. F. Schumldl. L. Sclmmlcr. M. Sshuctt. Now ninr: S. Schuldt, R. Schult, H. Scranton. li. Shirlny. C. Slump. M Shull. M. Siurscth. Row fl'lIf II. Smith, Ii. Summurs. ll Snrcmrm, H. Sorcnwn. H. Spcllluryur ID. Sperry, H. Spuhr. Row rlrzfcu: G. SIUIIITSIULIII, P. Squires I. Stzllcn, H. Stzmflll, G. Slcclu, M Stn-i"fa1n, II. Steffen. lion' tzv1'1z'r: R. Stephan, M. Stcwurt IJ. Stony. li. Struusluxugh, M. Strcit IJ. Struhm, H. Stmming. Kan' our: IJ, Stumlclmkcr, M. Stumpf P. Svcnzlscn, I.. Sw-mlscn. B. Swall- mn. I.. Swnmmm. H. Tzlylor. Ron' nw: lt. ILTIIIIHI, IJ. lhurntull. Ia. Toppcl, R. Iumk, I. IVLIUIT. R. Trnuh, VV. Triebcr. Nou' lhrrfi I. ,I'I'L'XII1fl. Ii, Turncr. IJ. Turnquist. IJ. Turnquixt, M. FI'yn'cr, fi,XvLlLlQI1l1. ll. Van Kirk. Kun' fwfr: I. Vulcntim-. A. V.1nAIstim-. Ii. YunLnnI-icn, NY. Vuss. G. XVLICKCV. I. Wahl. R. Wnlmlbuwr. Kun' firr: I. Ward, H. Warner. XV. Wm- ncr. Ci. XVILISCIILT. S. NVQ-hh. I. xRIL'IlIIlKl', M. WL-isncr. lion' fix: R. XVL'mIt. ID. XVcx'fcIm.u1n. If. YVcrm-r. I. XVL'I'l'IT1lCI1, S. XVustu1'- heck. IP. XNICSIIIIILII. li. XVQIZUI. Kula' .ffz'z'11: li. XVL'XVClZL'l'. I. XVIILIICII. N. Whculur, S. Whculcr, C. Wilhnrm H. VViIllg1rm, VV. VVilIiums. Run' righl: XV. Wilson. I. Winn-r. M. VVUIQI, K. Wulff, I, Xvflglll. Ii. YAICQVI. S. Zchr. Kun' 111'f1z'.' A. ZIl11IHL'I'lUilI1. CI. Zrwnuw. IS. Zwicky, C. Mcnkc, l.. Gnlvlcr. Ib. VVLIAICK, I. AmIcrmn 1'-IGI. Nou' 11-11: R. Anmlcrmn. M. A5CIICl'll1All'l, H. Hugh-3, R. B.lI'l1I1lll'I. M. HVILIIQC, I. Brubulw1'. S. Ciaccin. Ron' clf'z'f'11.' C, Crcul, I. Gnlln-glmcr. I. Cruptiul, I. Hacktcl. li. Hagen. I' Harris. P. Hincs. Run' fuf1'lz'z': I. Hipplc, I. Hultz. S. Holtz, R. Iuhnkc. R. Iuhmon, IJ, Kirk. H. Klaus. Class uf '45, '45 Ill:-155 uf '45 Underclussmen are Posed and Snapped ior the Maroon Kun' um-: A. Koehler, li. Km-Imkc. I.. Lurwn, I. Lguvsmm, A. Mlssvlc, I Muntz. IJ. Oglublis. Raw lzzw: li, IlK'l'l'Y, I. Rinnlalu, R. Russ I. Sihllllillllll, li. Slmhk. M. 51111108 li, Smith. Rau' lfIl'!'f'I M. Umlcrwagcr, C. V.m Fug- scn, A. Villclhl, I. VVnLmn, I3. VVccI1Ilc' R. VViIIia1ms, R. Wolff. lffm' four: M. I-.1mIL'rcIzlIc'. Rau' mm: Il. Ahrcns. C. Allcnunn. I Antlt-rmn, L. Antlrn-mn. I. Annis. IJ Anscl. l.. App. Run' Iwo: I. .'xYl.Ul'Cl, C. llaltlwin, C. Burnett. VV. Iiartcls, R. Bt-txmun. R Rgiwkcr. S. Rnxmunn. Kon' Yfll'l'l'f F. Bnilws. B. Beck, ID. Bc- gzilkn. R. Bennett, V. Rcrkc, R. Rcu R. Bit-rclcmxln. Razz' frmr: L. Bitsos. H. lglbCl1I1lI'lg. I7 linclming, I. BUQINLII1. R. Buttcrmil B. Ruwlrls, C. lift-slicli. Rau' firc: U. Britton, M. limgicliiglx. I' lirmmin. P. Brown, R. lirunuman. G Rruint. B. Hurmaistcr. Ron' .fi.t'.' R. Cglrlsrmn, C. Carlson. A C,11tz1x't1. R. Cgtvitt, IJ. Cliristcnst-n, Cn. Clwristcnscn. li. Cliristiunscn. Kon' .fl'l'l'l1I lf. Coleman. I. Collins, T. i:I'L'lI1L'l', I. lhlclc. li. lJ1lLlL'l, S. l5z1x'iS. C. Ilcwcy. Rau' ciglzi: li. Ilicrkcr. M. llurstock. Il. Ilulirn, 'l'. lltlffcy. IJ, l,llV.ll. li. Iiarmllt-y. G. lillintt. Row nine: G. Elliott, R. lficlm, F. Feuer- lmlic. R, Fcrriss, C. l'iI'Yll'l, C. lirick- ml1.C.Iin1lm-rt. Ran' rm: I. lficrlac. A. Fcinzcl, S. lfisclicr, IJ. I-'wlt-y, M. Frishi. li. Gait-tlc. I.. fi11I1ICI'. Nou' !'fl'l'!'lIf H. Gttrlvrccllt, R. Ciurrctt, li. Gilt-S. ll. Giuskc, R. Uvrlmcrtling, VV. Garber, L. Gutzkc. Row In':'lz'z': S. Gultlmnn, F. Gorman, W. Graf. II. Graf, li. Grunt, I. Grimes, R. Grrlcsscr. Elziss nf'1lE 97 Class nf '45 Row our: H. Gram-mcir, P. Glmqifmn L. Guy, FI. hyllcck, I. Huligns, L llLllVL'l'5UI1, I. Ilalincistcr. Kun' Ill'!1f P. Hgnnuistc-1', L. Haxming IJ. Harding, V. Hauling, R. Harrison C. Hgirtmzm, I. Hauer. Nou' lfIl'f'f'I P. Hcmllwlnxlc. S. I lunllvlgulc R. llL'l'licli. L. Hcimlr, K. Hvinc, P HL-lni, R. Henry. Row fllllff S, Ilcrlu-1-1, I. IIL'I'l1Lll1llL'Z M. Hcrulal, G. Hcwitt, ll. Hill, M Hilton. T. HitZum.1n. Kun' fll'l'f N. Ilullitlgly, R. Hrlvct, Il Hntlstutlcr, L. Illu, C. Iunny. K. Iunny I. Inlinmn. Kun' 51.11 M. Iolinmn, Irmlinstnn, 15 Ium-s, C. Kultciilmcli, N. Kuvrmii, VV KL-llrnlwcrgcr. lx'1,z1' ,fCl'l'I1.' G. KL'llQI1l7L'I'QL'I', l.. Kcllcn- licrgn-1', B. KL-llcy, 'lf Kcnicrling, P Kcrliur, T. Kcrn, P. Klihurn. Ron' fffgfzt: S. Knight, C, Knuucn, A Knlwcl. li. Rock, R, Kfmliur, R. KH tclcs. I. Kramer. Rau' ninu: R. Kramer, M. Kricli. I Kl'LIl',QL'T, M. Kucstinc, I. Krunini, Ii Kuschmirw, A. Laulwig. Rau' rm: H. LklQCl'5II'lll11, li. Lnlluy, P Lung, A. Lungs, P. Lalngc. 5. Lange li. Lnqllcst. Kun' l'll'I'l'll.' L. LAIXVAOII, C. lxctzmv I. Luitnvr, P. Literal, M. Kugatli CHI L. Lurcns, T. Lullic. Row fll'l'll'f'f IJ. Lnsclicr, M. Mann, V Martin, G. Mayer, A. McCue, M. Mc Ilcznalcl, I. McGill. lJ11u' nuff R. Mcilmw, lf. Mchllwrg. If Mt-rluk, M. Moyer, R. Mvyt-r. IP. Mi-LIL, N, Mick. Hou' fl!'U.' R. Mi1IcIIuwm:1'II1. R. MiII"'. II. MIIIIRAIII. I. Mmk. II. M1IIN, M. Mrrullcr. A. MuIn:1r. IJ1111 f!II't'l',' I.. Mulnnr, L. Mfmtulnglytx' O. MlllIlL'lIILlXtI', V. Mfzmlv, II. INIuf1z1-. III. Mrmrc, R. MllL'IIl'f. IQ1111' fwfr: S, Nnkt 13, P. N.IIIllI', R Nulsfsn, I. N4-rm Q, XV. NiuIL-rt. .X Olcscn. M. Ollis. R1111' fII'f'. cf OrIw.m. Ci. Pglgt-, Ii. PAIN I. II.lp1v.u, R. II.lllIlIS. Il. IILIIIILIII, M IIUIQIIIK. ICU11' ,r1'.x': I.. IRtc1'uIr11'1', Ii. I'ula1w11. I l't-turmn, Ii. I'ctc1'wn. I J, Iktwlluxn' I". I'fIc1It'rc1'. M. I'furtmiIIcr. Nou' .f1'l'1'11: II. Ihml, .-X. IIHI'IL'I', I. I,I'L'hCI'IL'I'. M. Pruitt, I. Rglkow, II. Ru' Qtr, II. Runwick. Kon' right: G. Rvutur, R. Riclumls, Ki. Ricbock, R. Ricckmun, II. Rifkcn, P. Rr,himnn, Ii. Ruhr. lfflll' Ill-l1l'f N. Rumcis. S. Rath, M. Rubens, Il. Rumrll, I.. Ruwcll, I. Rust, I-E, Salter. Kun' flllf W. Suu-r. R. Sclmt-fcx', A. Schmiclgnll, Ii. Schmiclt, I. Schmitltku, H. Schnzult. F. Shock. I81111 f'lr1'1'11: I. ScI1r.uIcr, l'. Scllruulw, R. SCI1I'llL'lIL'l', R. Schufft, M. Schuh, I-. Schultz, Ii. Schwnrts. Now 111'f'l1fr. N. SCIIXVgl1'ZVV2lIlIL'l', C. Scott, Ii. Sott, Ii. Sclpirn, V. Sharp, R. Sictc, V. Singlctun. M., Ktwlz . 'lfkbf-ll" I1 Class nf '45 Class nf '45 Row mic: IJ. Siuixctli, R. Smitlicntlurt A. Smith, F. Smith. R. Smith, XV Smith, M. Scmicrx. Rau' Iwo: C. Sl111l'llI'lIi, Ci. Sptirgino. L Spunccr, li. Sportsliigin. Nl. Spmtsiiigiil N. Stcfft-ii, VV. Steffen. Row rfzrrr: R. Stewart, A, Stonc, I3 Sturcy, L. Stowcll, M. Srrnhl, R Swmlacn, G. Swim. Rau' fUlII'f C. SXVLIIISIIIT, D. Swainscm IJ. Swenson. R. Swenson, L. Swinger IJ. Switzer, A. Tiiylur. Run' lint: F. Tugtmt-icr. VV. Tcws, lx Thumiis, A. 'I'l1o1nivwi1, L. Thrun, C Thurnuu, F. Tilchc. Row fix: M. Tfihlcr, li. Tuwiicr, M Tracy, P. Trinklmrn, G. Tyscm, I7 Villzirs, G. Vitnlea. Nou' .l'!'l'C'lIf M. Vollmcr, N. Wluhlstcr I. VV1iit. M. XVLIFIICT, R. xvLlSCllCl', C Wiitcrmain, I. Watt-i'ii1xii1. Rua' vighf: I. XVcntwm'th, l.. NVcsthci'g y VV. Wliuvlcr, M. VVhipplc. ll. VVhii- cumh, V. XVitltlui'. A. Wicwcl. Rua' nine: R. Wilh.irm. B. Willc, B VVilli:ims, S. XVllllLll11S, Z. Williams A. Wlillis, N. Nvilsun. Rau' twlf ll. Yixung. li. Zcnli. li. Zicgcl- hcin. v Rnn' am: Ii. Anclerson, Ii. Anclerson, Ii. Andrews, I. Hgulslert, VV. BAXICTI B- Becker, R. He-hm. Rau' Iwo: V. Bennett. li. Blat, I.. Iiren ner, N. Burger, M. Huselte, II. Gump lwcll, R. Coates. Ron' fhfrr: V. Croxvfoot, M. Ikthlgren I. Dewecs, IJ. Dolby, I. Driscoll, P Ifmller, R. Fullstalcl. Row four: I.. Fevrier, R. Fretlrickson I. Fuqua, M. Garrison, M. Glaze, Ii. Goltlcnstein, G. Sanders. Row firr: A. Graf, H. Graf, I. Guge I. Gurnett, P. Hentl, IH. Ilelwelmcn I.. Hopp. Row fi,t': Ii, Hunter, M. Illyes, Ib. Ise- luerg. IJ. Zink, IJ, Knpmin, D. Kim- mel, R. Krogh. Ron' fc'z'z'11: IS, Lung, Pr. I.ock, H. M11 nleen, I. Market-, S. Mason, R. McCoy B. Metzger. Row eigfzf: S. Miller, P. Mills, I. Mollitor, Ii. Moritn, G, Nelson, IS, O'I.enry. R Orlxtn. Row lIllIIl'f C. Perry, I.. Peters, Ii. Peter- son, L. Rztlm, A. Rollles, P. Roasow G. Rotnour. Kon' ll'lI.' P. Selluring, P. Schroeclcr H. Schroeder, L. Sclllifcr, I.. Schrulfj A. Suueetlu, H. Tejcs. Row C'll'l'l'lIf M. Smith, G. Sotlt. A. Stef- fen, A. Steele, G. Stone, T, Sxvumnn, R. Gould. Row fll'f'fl'Ff I. Thornton, F. Tracy, G. Webb, P. VVeiclner, M. Weiglmtmam, R. Unclcrwnger, G. Umlcrwood. n 1 Class nf '47 Row our P: Wil Row I M Zarnclt Wetzel, W. White, C. Wolf-ben, H, Young, B. Class nf '47 Class llfficers CLASS OF '44 President ,,...,.,...A........,............. L. Rudolph Vice President ..,.Ae.,,....... Nancy Meagher Secretary ,,,,,,,AA ......, C arolyn Harneister Sponsor ..,..e.. ..,.er..,. M iss Elsie Fletcher CLASS OF '45 President ,,,.,...,.,s.,.,,,.....Y.,........,... loe Ladd Vice President .,4,.., .L....,L P . Dougherty Treasurer ..,.VV,..,,c,,,.,,,,...,,.,,,.,, B. Anderson Secretary-Treasurer ........,.......,, C. Becker Sponsor ...,.,oo.o.r..,oo.,. Mr. E. C. Waggoner CLASS OF '46 President .................,.............. Walter Graf Vice President .........,..,. Robert Schroeder Secretary .....,... ......,, M ary Carlson Treasurer ...,...... ........... N ancy Rorneis M. Myers Sponsor .......... CLASS OF '47-EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President Class Council .............. Bill Graf Vice President .......... Ralph Underwager Secretary ..,...... ............... G ene Stone Sponsor .......,. ......... M iss Mary Peters el' lf What we dill Q wif r.Q Eg If I September Tuesday, 8: School opens for freshmen. Wednesday, 9: School opens for all. Fri- day, 11: East Rockford Ctherel. Friday, 18: Maine Township Che-rel. Friday, 25: East Rockford Cherel. October Thursday, 1: Aero Field Trip to Forest Pre- serve. Friday, 2: loliet ltherel. Student Council lnduction. Friday, 9: West Auro- ra Cherel, Tuesday, 13: Sophomore class party. Thursday, 15: All school dance. Friday, 16: LaSalle Township Ctherel. Teachers' Institute. Tuesday, 20: Martha concert Cchorus and orchestral. Thursday, 22: French club dinner. Friday, 23: East Aurora Cherel. Monday, 26: Lyceum, table tennis. Economics trip to Chicago. Tues- day, 27: Lyceum. Thursday, 29: E.H.S. Players party. Band association. Friday, 30: Freeport Ctherel. November Tuesday, 3: Economics trip to Chicago. Vlfednesday, 4: lzaak Walton. Thursday, 5: Dr. Erickson, Vocational Guidance. Fri- day, 6: Dr. Erickson, Vocational Guidance. West Rockford Cherel. Monday, 9: Ly- ceum, glass blowers. Tuesday, 10: Latin club dinner. Armistice program. lunior- senior party in boys' gym. Wednesday, ll: Holiday. Friday, 13: 1944 class party. Monday, 16: GAA. party. Wednesday, 18: Book talks in home rooms. Thursday, 19: Freshmen theatre party. Friday, 20: Riverside Cherej. Saturday, 21: Glenbard Ctherel. Monday, 23: Fall band concert. Tuesday, 24: Hinsdale Cherel. Registra- tion for next semester. Wednesday, 25: 1943 class party. Thursday, 26: Thanks- giving recess. Monday, 30: Assembly, class play preview. H December Tuesday, l: Grade school orchestra. Thurs- day, 3: Senior class play. Friday, 4: Senior class play. Saturday, 5: Morton Township ttherel. Tuesday, 8: College day. Wednes- day, 9: Northwestern University debate. Thursday, 10: Commercial club party. Fri- day, ll: East Rockford Ctherel. All school dance. Sunday, 13: Christmas Choral con- cert. Monday, 14: Girls' Assembly, Mrs. Myers. Tuesday, 15: German club dinner. Friday, 18: loliet Cherel. Saturday, 19: De- catur Ctherel. Monday, 21: Class ot 1944 Christmas Sing. ...N . ' . A 1 ' A XQ Cute Ianuary Tuesday, 5: West Aurora Ctherel. T.B. tests. Friday, 8: Freeport Ctherel. All school dance. Saturday, 9: Aero club model air- plane show in gym. Tuesday, 12: F.F.A. parent and son banquet. T.B. tests. Wed- nesday, 13: 1944 class assembly. Thurs- day, 14: T.B. tests. Friday, 15: East Aurora Cherel. Assembly program. Monday, 18: Youth Victory night. Wednesday, 20: 1943 class assembly. Friday, 22: LaSalle-Peru fherel. Wednesday, 27: Broadcast for WGN. Friday, 29: loliet ttherel. February Thursday, 4: Assembly program. Friday, 5: West Aurora lherel. Kane County ln- stitute at East Aurora. Wednesday, 10: 1944 class assembly. Thursday, 11: All school dance. Friday, 12: Holiday. West Rockford Cherel. Wednesday, 17: Dental examinations. Friday, 19: Assembly pro- gram. 1944 class party. East Aurora ftherel. Monday, 22: Holiday. 'Winter band concert. Friday, 28: Girls' and boys' assembly. LaGrange Cherel. March Tuesday, 2-Saturday, 6: Regional basket- ball tournament. Wednesday, 3: Choral concert. Friday, 12: Assembly program. Sectional basketball tournament. Satur- day, 13: Sectional basketball tournament. Thursday, 18 One act plays presented. Fri day, 19: Girls' assembly. 1947 class party. Friday, 26: A sembly program. S c h o o 1 dance. Tuesday, 30: 1943 class party Apnl Friday, 2: Elementary chorus and orchestra program. Navy tests. Monday, 5: Lyceum Gitta Sereny. Tuesday, 6 Commercial club party Wednesday, 7: Meeting with WAACS. Tuesday, 13: Ca reer emphasis day. Keep America Singing. Friday, 16 All school dance. Tuesday 20: Spring band concert. Pan American day. Tuesday, 27 Girls' assembly style show Thursday, 29: 1946 class par ole ty. Friday, 30: Assembly pro JN-Nt' X N f 5 , f www I P10 ex O I. WG JL, 1 Wi lla Mvnrlllllli it f , a :' ?f,',?,.' . - fl ' gy 7? 'Rx . -l IN - I' J ' . xl, t0 :Nl x 4: 9 Q, N : tr f f , V' rtr x ' 1 'j if , ,lj 0 . to si . , ,,- . lzijillfx- JC K ix ,-.1 V f I f ull? ll 'i f:1:lf1lT.'. 1 X f ' 1 lt ll 'fr' A - 1 t ' Vfgliiiunt W - .--:gf-:TN X .- "" ' l"".,G 1 M AZT. ""lfglxQl'4 I' J' 1-"lah A . -2 0 wr nz mlll lf A Q I 1, r, r t' N XO Q . 'IMI tvs V .ww.,N f J 1 A I 'lily tl , 'v. l 1 E A . W 1 ., 1- xx f X W A " -. y' 4 0 5 ' .1 "" D , ' o -fsif "' f at Q will - o - 1' - 4 't A N' . U rx ' va M 'mv Cr 5" fir 1 0 ,'i 'gg Q l . if ,y , i - 'li YA 0 -155 Lx, 4x -: -- gram. West chapter Hi-Y ' 0 S S 'l'ol'ch',, dance Bday Monday, 3: Musicians' club. Friday, 7: Assembly program. Monday, 10: May Festival at St. Charles. Thursday, 13: lun- ior class play. Friday, 14: Lyceum. lunior class play. Tuesday, l8: Sing, America, Sing. Thursday, 20: Annual Hi-Y mother and son banquet at YMCA. Friday, 21: Assembly. Tuesday, 25: Mother and daughter tea. lunior high festival. Fri- day, 28: Assembly program. Monday, 31: Holiday. Iune Thursday, 3: Honors and awards day. Friday, 4: Senior class day. Sunday, 6: Baccalaureate service. Tuesday, 8: Se- mester tests. Wednesday,l 9: Semester tests. Senior grades due. lunior-senior prom. Friday, ll: Graduation. Close of school. Patrons ACKEMANN BROTHERS ALLIED SHOE COMPANY BAND BOX CLEANERS BEIER'S BREAD BERNHARDS DRESS SHOP BEVERLY, G. R. BIRCH, MICHAEL BOROCO STORE WILLIAM H. BRADY COMPANY SAM BRENNER-Mer1's Wear BRITTON, WALTER A. BUERK'S CAFE BUNGE'S 106 CARSWELL FLOORS COLLIN Sf SPALDING, Inc Patrons COLLINGBOURNE MILLS, Inc. DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO. DANIELS CS CLARK DREYER ci DREYER W. H. DUERINGER STUDIO EGGERT COAL CO. ELGIN CITY LINES, Inc. ELGIN CLEANERS QS FURRIERS ELGIN COAL cSf ICE CO. THE ELGIN COURIER-NEWS ELGIN FLOUR ci FEED CO., Inc. ELGIN FRUIT ci CANDY CO. ELGIN HOMES DAIRY ELGIN LUMBER SUPPLY CO. ELGIN METAL CASKET CO. IU7 iqcfure o a loicfure For once we have our photog- rapher on the other side of the picture-taking fence. Hundreds of people pictured in this book have seen him making these calcula- tions and watched him as he squinted through his sights. He has been faithful and hard Working in his Work, dropping in at Hi-Y meetings and hustling to G.A.A. get-togethers for the "flashes" in this book. Thanks, Bernie. ELGIN NATIONAL BANK Patrons ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY ELGIN SOPTENER CORPORATION ELGIN STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY ELGIN WATCI-IMAKER'S COLLEGE ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE EISI-IBURN'S AND MARTIN'S W. T. GRANT DEPARTMENT STORE GROMER'S GROCERY GUDEMAN'S COAL 51 ICE THE HAEGER POTTERIES, Inc HERMAN, MAX HERMANS Patrons HOPP'S BAKERY ILLINOIS CLEANERS ci FURRIERS ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS ILLINOIS WATCH CASE COMPANY W. H. IENCKS COMPANY THE KARMEL-KORN SHOP KERBER MARKET G. R. KINNEY COMPANY KRESGE STORES THE LEA COMPANY LEITNER BROS. MARKET 61 GROCERY W. E. LINDOERFER INSURANCE MAPLE LANES BOWLING ALLEYS McBRIDE'S BUICK COMPANY MCBRIDE, WALTER H. 109 ? - n rgfggl fc I 3' A x Q5 -- K 'ff My 7' I ff. ..,. X 7 5 ,ZX XXX s. 1 : 3 I N wjgfl w g, ry, 'iz 4- S I Kiwi? I Z ' .lil 7 V ' -, . I W kwx' 'JW Ifffiggi ! M Cue ow abosfr 'H1a'l'JeEQge s-12? Patrons McLEAN'S GROCERY MCCLURE 61 STRUCKMAN COMPANY MILBRANDT PHARMACY MOSIMAN'S MUNTZ ci LEA COMPANY MUETTERTIES SUNLIGHT BAKERY NATIONAL MODEL BAKERY NEIL'S PAINTS ci WALLPAPER NEWS PRINTING COMPANY NISH D. W. NOLTE'S BIKE SHOP OLYMPIC CLEANERS PARK VIEW GROCERY I. C. PENNEY COMPANY THE PEOPLE'S STORE IIU Patrons H. L. PIERCE MOTOR SALES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY C. L. RAUSCHENBERGER FURNITURE COMPANY REA, DR. R. S., D.DS. RICHARD'S STORES RIFKEN FURRIER RINEHIMER BROTHER S MANUFACTURING COMPANY ROYAL CIGAR STORE RUFFIE STUDIO ORLO E, SALISBURY SCHICKLER, PAUL E. SHARP, B. R., DDS. RICHARD G. STONE INSURANCE SCHNEIDER'S "28" ALLEYS Mirror Art Work 111 SEARS ROEBUCK 61 COMPANY Mirrorj Mlrron Uvn der vall Q Who's de. CY'C3.'f'cS+ Qvf dgm all . Patrons SHERMAN HOSPITAL SHURTLEEF COAL 6. LUMBER CO. GEORGE SOUSTER CO. IOSEPH SPIESS CO. STROHM COAL CO. THREE SISTERS INC. UNION NATIONAL BANK ci TRUST CO. OF ELGIN THE UPTOWN CONFECTIONERY WAIT-ROSS-ALLANSON CO. WAGNER DRUG STORE Stylish "Mac" 52 IX Q IFHIIT Tgiih f Ll 3, 7 XIX 759 CIIWQ I' '5 fx? .-:L-LI H I A M IIIIII an I ,if I We gm I re mjou Qonzvaealfz MIAQ f? XXNX gl Tr ---...., am jg fc: if fm. on F afsxmmlesw wg Rf Y fjiyzg IES-E Read D1?edo6ir4le 66 wi s ' L- ' f-if C g oi Gym .- 'Tb -the. A- W i In ?7 Rear.: '4 2Ji f in ox ' D X, Uh xg Q ,...... ' I QQ. S 03 . 03 CB' X I Patrons WENTWORTHS-Men's Wecrr INGA A. WEST HEALTH SYSTEM WILSON SHOES VERNON WOLF? FUNERAL HOME WOODRUFF df EDWARDS, Inc. O. H. WRIGHT G COMPANY YAFFE FUR SHOP Y. W. C. A. ZTEGLER BROTHERS COMPANY LLOYD ZIEGLER HARDWARE 113 ZIEGLER, LYLE A. Individual Conferences with College Representatives ljnllnqe lla How much is tuition? Can I get a scholarship? Do you have special work in dramatics? Can l get a part-time job at this school? These were a few of the hundreds of questions asked during the six hundred conferences which took place on College Day, December Sth, when representatives of mid-western universities and colleges met prospective students in the library. Seniors left their study halls to quiz the college people for fifteen minutes, Contrary to general belief that the war would reduce the number of inter- views desired, it was found that interviews requested had actually increased this year. The representatives were busier than ever, answering questions and describing campuses. An annual affair planned by the school and the Elgin American Association of University Women, College Day again proved its value for EHS students. 114 Career Il Every student participated in Career Emphasis Day April l3, which brought dozens of speakers into our school With special in- formation, experience, and advice in regard to choosing an occupa- tion. Future farmers, electricians, journalists, teachers, hairdressers, engineers, scientists - - - these and many others spent the fifth period discussing their occupational choices with men and women ac' tually Working in the field. Dr. Clifford Erickson of North- western University headed the day's program with an assembly address during the morning and individual conferences later in the day. The day was planned by the school with the help of the Elgin Kiwanis club. Special library displays had highlighted the day for a Week before. Students thronged into the Goble library to obtain in- formation as to possible vocations, to listen to their speaking voices on the telephone, and to study exhibit material. Movies were shown in the auditorium and the visual aids room to help students understand their problems and choices. The general agreement was that Career Emphasis Day had been very valuable and that it should be repeated. ...1.,,. gary,-1'-M , averse I Fir X '13 if Els ll5 mfur' ' A Variety oi Exhibits in the Library Studying in Library Sight Saving Class Dental Week Teachers' Meeting Enmpiled hy Cer-c1liU:i's: Partly Hicklcr, H11l'i1Lll'll Scliniif Amwciutc Iimlimr: Hurry Izinu Cuclirnnc Sports Iiclitcir: lfmlgiir Backus Stuff Pliutwgixiphcrz Bernard W'gilil Stuff Artixtz Gordan Coxe Hlisincss Munzigcr: Bill Riclizirdson Fmlituriui :incl Busiiims Aclviacr: Ixuiics Ii. Buxtcr Prufcpsiunnl Phrilugnipliy: Michael Birch, VVultcr Ilucringcr, A. G. Rulfic, NVarrcn Aiken Ncws Printing Company Pontiac Engraving and Elcctrntypc Company Kingskrzift Covers 116 tg-bvwvvg V' I ' UQ., ,MTW1 W 4....,4wf.L IfM+"1'5 'Z""ef4"f' u.g,,,,W ,QA P y9w,M,o4,,,Qj,,,,-W-x,QMj! bljmw .-LMfbw..,,D-Q-UU GM-fwQtwL."fQo fa!-.YBMN Aww., 'idwq ' KA! 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