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jauj Mila ,lj-fn Thr I94 I Wlaroon fx ,J ' J 4. Igirzy'-'f"' 4 ,swf , F-6:56, , ,, .- .f,-14552 . :F 1,1-1923? PE :ii Jas' . 1 m fi? f,,-my ,, ,.. I 1 Arfi'ro' hun :SME Wifi ,f , .- cry 3 N ARUUND I I 0 1 I X U fl! X ff 1 1 X l I X f 'x yttlllll ' 1 NIH :mv 1 x E almanac was once a ry lmportant trad1t1on 1n f, Amenca for It not onlgxrecorded what hd happe before but forecast what I was ltlof lcbhid Wwe preserrtx 1n tl'us volime a 'b I rhdqefrr ?1liI1fII?qCx tethxng what hagNhappened X X 1n the past year and foreslxqblowlng even XX 1 NN lo!rtdl6Y911lSll1UwH1b:h youth as sh here w1l1 play an ever mcreassm xportant part -1Il me ' U UNH o J 4, 'nf XUX HIIIUIH HH Q GNN ff 1 'f 2 Xugulllfhl '90 16 X f f XX ,ff 6 'Q , 1' ff xx ffl 1 2 G X f ' I Q X f I S wx 11,0 4 2 1 l X Q-X I I 0 2 f 'L q S . Z 1 1 :Z U 5 3 E I I Q I ' . E - - : N 2' ' 5 I E 'W . .. . Z ' ' S X 2 ""f tx X 3 2 I I X X x lf, XXX SX I Q I ' X X f If xx Qx X9 xx 5 ,ffl ' ' 510 1 .x 95 C I XXI, ,,,. . fl, zijn' AIAK' , A.,,, , xi!! fa J ,f Xi V44 . 4,4 4 ROM "Libra" full oi interesting events: highschool presentation game, and stepped out record every important af.. - 'gif F " J Mfg, V ,M A 8 ,,., Q Cie Gi xh 605 00 Axxaxsifx d 0 Yr through Cancer reg1strat1on to graducttlon th1s has been cr year new happenrngs and new vers1ons of old ones You saw the f1rst of Out of the Frylng Pan munched hot dogs at a iootbcxll at the V1CtOIY Ball We ve put words and plctures together to event 1n 1tS chronologlcal sequence 1n The Cycle of the Seasons. ' THE EDITORS N U . C 4 vx .J 05, " F ,,s,'f f , ll ll I ' ' ' I I . ll I ll I . , . . . . . . H , 'Q' f n' 'P 4. 1- 43. " cf' Q'-Q. is -X ' I ' " T . ' Q3 'Wi X' M ff-'Y' 5 3' 0 :VP f lk QQ! E- ? , 1 .f, 'Q - ' - df 1 . . . I t, Q 3 'x fi' Q . u I 1 .... Av 1 .M E -3' .'q ' 4--lie Q 1. ,, 1 . ,f ,,. -I Q ' pi . we R, 'r , 5 Q 1:f YW! a'Jr-4 - 1x Q " Q fi 'RK' J' 4 A' ' A ,K ' W, e1 , x 1 52 t 4.2 It an ,Wg Q. 1. xx 4 an YN 1 M, . , 1 1 My Q ,ff af--A - Wlwgw NP-w fv- w -MQ: V I 2fQq,."s5 Q 'N ' 'i f - vwfggt' 5, 74?5'5 5 ,, , J, A .,,, - ' , ff ., . Y. A M -x -, -, K ,145 " QF:- ,, L F1 iSLx1HY ,Kv : ig 5 '7H""'H K 'E I , J VOL UME 0 rj- ..-,I f if II M'-I T' 'T Jul.,.s, 'Q 'qi V 3 -feixgzu 11 I ll J 4 X X X X X 1 . X X X X xx XXXX111II11 1 X X 1 X XX D' X X X .' xx XX XXXXUXHIIIII X X X x XX X X GX QNX 11111 N X X jx 11111 1111 S H -, .. Z " f f 1 4 , f f f I , ,- , -Q Zf , f W f , 2 Z, Wfflllllllh f f 0, W111111111 X ff ff 1 ff ff fffflf 0 f f, flll 1 1 1 11 .-' X . ', ff fx ff!! lf! l f , I I 1 1 1 1 1 X I I M X f f ,Aw XTX 1 fl f If I x 1 ,xi I I I I I I l 1, '1 ndian Xummer- W00 i' " 2 Q Q 1 11 .Ma---" 4-QQ sk :..ea5i4..a -' ' Af Q, . 'ir 118.1 ' P f 1 'i 1 , 1 ' ' f 04: lx I N awww nun-WM" "5 , , .1wf1W'if'1fW4r2ff'f W4 A A M ,V ,QM-,., 1 , add 0W:'f"1,,ggfg!,w45 -ew A W'P"w,rM,, A, it C x 'ffl W X Q i , I, 4.1 ,ia , 1 46 ,., , ,,.,,g do ' K 1 l , fi The A dl11l?1l'Sfl'iifl,0l1 1 lttuw Illmms L Suparum mh nt HH 4 S Xu mgur Lnxu Sl xxlSIllH Sun I 4 nt mllofwk Mnrrlll R Supl! ln LIIULVNIU r Ihl 1 x rr n 'I -X I.nrxcn Yyllic M.Drysclt1lc Atldh X Ir R .-X. Oliut C llcgt' H. A. XVhcxtor1 Culltgc It. X X inf 1 Co sismnr l'rim'ip.1l giml Boys lktin of Girls Stuctnt C un I .Mli iwr Elgin High School is fortunate in having a staff of men and women who possess executive ability and a tine spirit ot co- operation. Mr. Patterson, our superintendent ot schools, and Mr. Stephan, our principal, are constantly striving to improve the school tor both the students and the faculty, T. A. Larsen is assistant prin- cipal and also the boys adviser. Well-liked among the students, he is always willing to give ad- vice to those boys seeking it, Mrs. Drysdale, director of pupil adjustment, assists the students in solving ditticult problems in personal confer- ences With them. Board of Education H941-l942j Rui Ihiiighcrty, Prwimlmt Hurt Phillips C. ll. .Xpplc Roy I, NIAW1 Ltigirlu Hom IJun.ililN1t-lim Fmnk IJ. Crit- S. Mills firm l'.iul C. l'.lllL'l'xiiIl XVill.ml ltrrhc. Sugritiry Varsity Football iki' luirroli. hipt. Nlcnilt-ll Pnrkins. lim- ljmirli 'tCliiick" Morrill. HT" is for touchdown, at least it was for the Maroon Varsity in their first season's experience with the famous UT" formation. linxed by the weather, Elgin fin- ished in third place when play- ing conditions made double handling in the "T" treacherous. Coach Mike Farroh called the varsity the "best team in six years," adding, "our line was speedy, which helped the "T" a great deal. To perfect the forma- tion there must be a quick- thinking, fast-acting line com- bined with a speedy, wide- awalce hackfield. This year El- gin had both." Best news of the year came when Maroon guard, Gordy Surber, was named on the As- sociated Press All-State football team. Surber was the first El- ginite ever to receive this honor. Gordy said about his good for- tune, 'lThe other fellows deserve iust as much recognition." Many other varsity men re- ceived praise for fine playing: Captain Perkins, Denk, Hage- man, Michael, Flaherty, Palmer, H1 nmlrll l':'r' I onli III . l'f7K H Itlhfl l Dunk 9 Schroeder, Bosynak, Kilburn, Funk, and lohnson, Maroons might well have punned that "these must be nights our 'mudders' warned us about," ln four out of seven conference battles they flound- ered through rain and mud which bogged down the assem- bly line precision with which the "T" must necessarily function. The Elgin line, although out- weighed in almost every game showed the training it had re- ceived by overwhelming their opponents with few exceptions. The Varsity Team gg ,K I , Q WM in . i M 'Y K 7 f " L ff Wm . N R, U ' N 4 " .ii 16 '4 L , X Xe L Q. l Y W .Ar ,ffe-JZ 1 mi Q1 Lg rp 'hm 'I' A us K wi. 1 ,- a 1 .. 'i X Ex gi N N. ,, w ,w f M' ' auf f tap fm f, In . 0 H ms i Q' 'in' Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Ciimliiii Surlwr ,Xll1Sr.1u Ciimril Scores Standings Moine 0 loliet 5 loliet ,, , , West Aurora 6 West Aurora l..oSolle-Peru 6 Elgin ., ,, , Eosl Aurora 6 LaSalle-Peru Freeport 0 Eost Auroro Thornton 7 Ereeporl ,,., Pci. 1.000 .750 .600 .500 .200 .000 lull Silimitz Iwlin Stolg Willrml Piilmcr lim Waiggnni-r Huh llllj1i'lU.II'l lull Srlirwulcr limi lflgilicrty Xvilllltllllll' l.urpki Williur Millir liill Rnclmrclwn Norm liurliury Frosh-Xoph Football The Erosh-Soph football squad overwhelmed their opponents with a total score of 72-27. The first victory was a non-confer- ence game against Maine. The next week the Maroons defeat- ed Ioliet in the first conference game of the season. Freeport was outscored on the Elgin gridiron. Coach Krafft's absence for a Week was a draw- back, Elgin losing to West Au- rora. The Creams couldn't break into the East Aurora stronghold, and the LaSalle lncas tied El- gin in a O-U deadlock. Then in the final game, Elgin defeated Thornton Fractional, closing the season with four victories, two losses, and one tie. Sixteen players were employ- ed regularly in the seasons grid battles. Four ends who saw much action were Dick Stolt, Ralph Andreason, Austin Han- sen, and Ioe Greenberg, Han- sen suffered injuries early in the season and Andreason fill- ed the vacancy effectively. Elgin's hard hitting tackles who packed an enormous amount of power and weight were Charles Smith and Ernie Kaptain. Bill Goedert, Adolph Goldenstein, and lim Tuthill were the guards, stopping many heavy, plung- ing ball carriers. The centers, Bob Smith and Wayne Mische, filled that key position expertly with very few opponents pene- trating the line at that point. Bill Herrin, Munson Anderson, Sam Sauceda, Paul Turner, and Captain Don Anderson were the tricky, speedy backs of the freshmen-sophomore eleven. Pick Smit Nh inwn ,Xmlnrwn Sim S.llICk'lll Scores Elgin 7 Maine O Elgin 26 Ioliet O Elgin 6 West Aurora 7 Elgin O l..c1Solle-Peru U Elgin 14 East Aurora 20 Elgin 13 Freeport U Elgin 6 Thornton U llun .Milli-rwii, mpt. tlfklChL'S Iulin Kriitft. Myron Myers The Frosh-Soph Team l7 W .unc 'Vllmhn Pull I oudcrt Rustm Hm LD f .lf Sm' Ifrnic Knptain . ph Andrc ' -ill Hu' ,MM Iph fx: liICIl.li.iIl , , . I.1ul lLIl'l1L'I' R- In rt Smith Inc C 1 Tu mil Iran nberg 'West Aurora East Aurora LaSalle P ru Elgm Freeport 01191 Standmgs C D0 wn The Field Scenes durmg practlce cmd the blg game Xa 19 L 1 M W at W f A . . u . G A A X tate Emblem Winners fi" rmrx Hun HIIXII Hun hw ll L I R llllll C rupu I rm Hd lg L Hum an IW ms HL m ullxs Holland C RX an Vxruul lxlrkpxunk Ruth Nux omo Fmmu Plxtlx Dorothx l'uHl'1H Hdnn Ru N ll HIL Rupp Ruth XX autumn Luu le NX nmlm'1 L m VSh1pplL IH ll X L lpllll G1r1s keep ht by competmon ln hockey cmd basketball 21 lXlIl Girls Xports Elgrn Hrgh School G1rls Phy slcal ljducatron Department burlds tts program around a core of act1v1t1es tor all The obrecttves ot the department are to provtde act1v1t1es for all at the students level ot rnterest Furtner rt arms to help form good habrts attltudes and slcllls and asststs 1n bulldtng character C1t1zensh1p and rn upholdmg health standards The program for the gym classes cons1sts ot games team sports dual and mdwrdual sport self testlng aCt1v1t1es body 1'HGCl1GI'11CS and rhythm Eacn student rs gtven an egna chan e to develop her abrlrt e Elgtn High School grrls are also offered a wellroundea program m extra curncula sports At the begtnnmg ot the season the grrls can be seen hhrrvrng down to Maroon trela to engage 1n a hockey garne speed ball Basketball IS one the mam mdoor attracttons When weather perrnrts many grrls turn out for 1ce skahng at Lords Park or tobogganlng at the Country Club Other sports offered are volleyball captam ball table tenrus shuttle board are now able to attend swrrn rn ng classes at the Y W C A thrrd perrod on Frrday Pomts are earned for these 'sports Iumors are given a State Award 1n the form ol a block l lor a total of lo00 pornts Semors are grven a State Award tor collectrng 2000 actr v1ty and health pornts Under the drectron ot MISS Wxlda Logan Frrst Ard I-tome Nursmg courses swrrnrnrng classes were ated th1s year and and 1n1t1 23 I Q A -- archery, and badminton. Girls 4 - - i f ' 1 A The Maroon Th1s year the Maroon staff has oubhshed a yearbook that IS drfferent from all of 1ts pre decessors Burldtng the mam theme around the srgns of the zodlac havmg 1nd1v1dual plc tures of the underclassmen and more mformal snapshots throughout the enttre book were only a few' of the many new thfngs that they drd Several unforeseen obstacles presented themselves that had to be olved before the book vas Maroon ready to go to press Among these were the r1s1ng cost of paper prtntmg and supphes and the resfgnatlon of Frank Brfggs the adv1ser However the subscr1pt1ons were taken ea l1er to combat r1s1ng pr1ces and MISS Margaret Newman and lames Bayter Capably took over the task of advrslng the students about the completxon of the book Students who composed the edrtorlal staff were lames Chap , . I - .. r' " ' , X .. . L .' . SA I . . - 24 Edxtonal Staffs 'nan executlve edrtor Horner Drrce photography edrtor Bob ert Torngurst lrterary edltor Cele Eshelman Dons Helm and Sylv a Frsher assocrate edxtors Boger Lrvesay photographer Brchard Clendenmg and B1ll Flood artrsts lane Coleman Glorra Lehman Mary Ann Damelek Manlvn Myers loan Brggrns Shlr Lee yohnson Bar bara Schaaf Iohn Dam1sch Charles Lrndaurst Margaret Damelek ass1stanted1tors lo leanne C1raulo Betty Brckler Carlrss Carlson typrsts and Peg Kelley Marrlyn Grertz Marge Beverly May Schrader Charlotte Churchlll Ruth Mc Chesney Marllyn Porter Brll Snellgrove loyce Bamft Ioe Ann Gray and Pat Tastad VVh1le thls group worked rn dust rously on mater1al for the book the bus1ness stafl was not rdle s1nce 1t sponsored a hne subscrrptron dnve The1r effort Nas rewarded by the large number of books purchased by the student body and by the gratrtymg patronage of the Clll zens of Elgm Members of the buslness staff were Brll Fhchard son busrness manager layne Nerove l-larnett Baxter Esther Brenner Luc1lle Woodnch Shrr ley Beck Drck Banks Frances Plath and Fern Schoonhoven Maroon Edltors Maroon Busmess Staff , ' ' Y - 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ,L , , , . 1 1 ' 5 . .- . , C , 1 A 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 , . ' 1' ' 1 1 4 1 . , . f 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 M 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 -' 1 1 J. , - , - The Mirror The Mrrror tw th the coopera trod o' the talll present the events ot the school as they take place oonslde ed one ot the out standlng papers rn the Blg light Cont rence and second vrce presldent of the llhnols l-hgh School Press Assoc1atton the lvhrror has hrst rattng by the Natronal lournahstrc Socrety and the Qu1ll and Scroll Marrl n Rovelstad Cathartne Nelson B111 l-lansrng and Law rence Alhson made up the board ot edltors thls year Other mernbers of the staff were as follows Ehzabeth Fletcher news edttor Charlotte Helper Patt Dreyer and ll1'I'1 Hora d pa e eartors Erleen Knnger Harrvet Wrl son Melva lean Ralcow lean lfhller and Luctlle Rrppberaer x re the reporters Drck Clendenrng Btll Flood and Gordon Coxe were the cartoonrsts Anne Peven was buslness nanager Marvel Lea Srnrth advertlslna rnanager layne Ne r ve bookkeeper Qobert Kromhout Robert Dle terlch Howard Holman and Btll Roberts were in charae ot ctrculatton Alva Hughes and l arylee lrrsh were typlsts Frank R Brtggs was past ad user and larnes E Baxter pres ent advl er Mlrror Ed1fOIS 1rror Ed1tor1al Staff lrror Busmess Staff Publications Board Tne Publrcatron Board dr rects the polrcres of the lnglr scnool publrcauons and p prov s the budgets and expen dll.,1T9S Tae ooard 19 fnacle up s rs edrtors and busrnes managers of the publrcatrons nd senror cla s advrser and tudent representat1ves Both publrcarons are attrlr ated wrtln two natlonal pres assocratrons tne Qurll and Scroll and the Natronal Scholatrc Dress Assocratron Tl'11s vear Catherrne Nelson Brll I-an rng La fvrence Allr on Marr va Bovelstad and Anne lames Chapman Homer Prrce and Brll Brclrrardson the Ma roon Balplr Peek was chosen to represent the senlor class M ss New rnan Mr Baxter Mr Brrggs lJl1SS Strcklrng Mr Kumpl and Mr Stephan were the faculty rrernbers on the Board ,fn l l , , ' ' ' s F ' sf 9 f ' A I s' , ' 's,, . 'u .. I ' Q r X 'I A A A of the principal, faculty advlf Peven represented the Mirrorg ,e , ' , ,' s - , ' , a . A ' . ' V A f , , . h 5 l. YJ 1 - I A . I l ll . , V n- ' A ' 1 27 Izaak Walton Future Farmers The Izaac Walton League ot Amerlca has for some of rts purposes the creatlng of 1nter est 1n outdoor act1v1t1es and the Conserv1ng ot Wrld hte and game In the sprmg ot the year the Ikes carrled out therr usual tree plantlng servlce Whrch has gaxned tor them a great deal of deserved recognltlon Much has been satd tor th1s rndustrrous group Wrth 1ts me 1deals To carry out these ldeals the club chose the tollowtng group of students as thelr leaders Robert Becker presrdent Rob ertEldr1dge vrce presldent and 'Earl Muettertres secretary treasurer C E Adams dlrected the group 1n all of 1ts successful undertakmgs The Future Farmers ot Amen ca IS a Natlonal tarm youth or gan12at1on The purpose ot the group can be best expressed 1n ther motto Learnrng to do dotna to learn Earnrng to hve hvmg to serve The club trtes to brmg the school and home closer togeth besrdes promotmg htgh standards ot scholarshlp and hvmg among 1ts members Thrs year the Elgrn chapter mon prtzes at the Agrlcultural tarr rn the hvestock 1udg1ng con test and m the publlc speaktng contest The tollowtng group ot boys Nere ottxcers tor the past year Don H111 Herbert Dleckhott Lee Wamscott Norman Fraas and Walter Kroger Advlsers Herb ert Damrsch and Harry Raplus 1 Literature Clubs Members of the luntor Lttera ture Club 1o1ned wrth much v1m and enthusrasm rn wrrtma poems and prose for a month ly maaazme called Sortna Rergns The purpose ot the rnaaazme was to strrnulate or1 grnalrty tn better wrrtlng At the end of each sprrng prrzes are awarded tor the best artrcles submttted Several other act1v1t1es were see1ng the play Papa ls All selhng refreshments a one o the basketball games and par trcrpatmg rn many events whrch we e conducted wrthm the club ttsell The o trcers lor the year were Don Graham prestdent Mar Jorre Blank vrce presrdent Ph ,fl 11s Iohnson secretary Grace Szosz treasurer Mtss Maryorle Stoftregen acted as advtser for the club I Lookmg back through the school ye r we tmd the zodrac stan for each month has favored the Semor Lrterature Club 1n many successful acttvlttes Un der the gurdance of Capncorn us the club took the goat by the horns and celebrated the yuletlde season Wrth a Chrlst mas flrng Precedmg events evrdenced more partlaltty from the stgns of tate when the club had book drscusslons guest speakers one of whom was Mrs Robert Schofreld Wtth South America as a subtect p1cn1cs and parttes Prestdmg thls year and keep mg the club s actlve enthustasm rn common channels were Catherme Nelson pres1dent Mar1lyn Rovelstad vrce pres1 dent Carley lohnson secretary Iohn Darnell treasurer and Mtss Elma Engelbrecht sponsor 2 E Club To promote an interest in school athletics and in clean sportsmanship the E club has been organized for a number of years in the high school Thus boys Who have won E s have the glory and acclamation Won not only by the letter itself but also from their qualifications as athletes lor an organization which upholds athletic ability. However, the purpose of the club is not only to promote an interest in sports, but also to give boys witn athletic ability Harold lohnson ,,,,, , Chuck Schroeder Clill Schroeder lchn Denk Arthur Roggen 30 a chance to voice their opinions in athletic administration From the treasury of the E club comes pecuniary aid for financing grade school athletics as Well as special events in high school Ushering and op erating a check room at bas ketball games is also a part ol th, boys yearly work. lnitiation ol nevt members is held twice a year, in the tall and in the spring, so that boys are not kept waiting a long time after obtaining "E's" join the club. , President Wendell Perkins H , ,Vice-president Secretary Treasurer rgeant-at-arms Sponsor H1 Y Trl Y The purpose of th1s outstand 1ng boys club IS to create ma1nta1n ard extend through out the school and commun1ty h1gh standards of Chr1st1an character Throughout the year the club held numerous educat1onal ac l1V1ll9S the h1ghl1ght ot Wh1ch was the Older Boys Conference held 1n the latter part ot Novem ber Part1c1pat1ng 1n th1s con ference were leaders from the Northeastern sect1on of lll1no1s About 550 fellows attended 1he exght H1 Y chapters were ta1thfully and ably led through the year s act1v1t1es by the Elg1n H1 Y counc1l made up of D1Ck PTICG pres1dent lack Freyer v1ce pres1dent Iohn Dam1sch secretary Iohn K1rkland treas urer and B1ll Bovelstad ser geant at arms under the gen eral guldance of C L l-lorsley Boys Work Secretary Y M C A each chapter hav1ng 1ts own sponsor Th1s year Sag1ttar1us approv d the d1str1but1on of Thanks gvmg oaskets by the Semor Tr1 Y to needy Elgm fam1l1es The1r suppers dances meet IHQS Wrth the H1Y and Bed Cross work were l1kGW1S9 suc cessful Adv1sed by Mrs D C Cook and MIQS Cleora lohnson the govermng counc1l was Wanda Lee M1ller Mar1lyn Myers lane Coleman and lo leanne C1raulo No less tnumphant was the lun1or Tr1 Y 1n 1lS lur1ct1ons ln genu1ty was dlsplayed by these freshmen and sophomores 1n the1r Battlesh1p Bounce dance held 1n November Other uccesslul ventures were sup pers D1rected by MISS Cleo Krogsrud and MISS MarJor1e Stotlregen the oftlcers for the year were Sh1rley Sheflner Nancy Meagher V1rg1n1a Han dy and Mar1or1e Blank Wh. Commercial Prlmauly the Commerclal Club has beer organ1zed to promote lnterest ln the busmess vtorld to encourage a soclal sp1r1t among commerc1al stu dents by opportunmes for so ctal contact and to make 1ts members conversant wlth mod ern buslness methods Wlth these axms the club has en deavored to ratse and malntaln a hlgher standard of etl1c1ency Thrs vear the members spon sored typmg de-monstrat1ons by expert typ1sts and thelr own monthly paper The Buslness Whlrl The ofhcers Io leanne Clrau lo Dorothy Tucker Mary Ro rnero and Beatrlce Horn der the guldance of George W Peck have helped make thrs year s program a success French Th1s year members ot the French club enloyed soc1al and educat1onal events a Hal lowe en party part1c1pat1on ln pep parades and travel talks on the Gaspe reg1ons of Can ada on Mexlco and on French quarters o' Amencan C1ll9S The clubs float 1n the pep parade featured a French chef Melvm Garconne Luckerman rad1ator cap ot a decorated car All ldallows Eve was g1ven due recogn1t1on Nhen the French1es held a gay cele bratlon at the home of Manlvn Fiovelstad Mlss Ann Cra1g advlser Ruth Newcomb Cathenne Nelson lean Vo gnt and Robert Storey led the club thls year I . - N L . , . 4 . , ,V r-y l H V balanced precariously on the tt - ' ' 1 - , A , un- ' 4 , ' , D . X M 1 - 1 - I 1 VUL UME TWQ S5 ii: f V .-xx 1' -Xu Jf 1 5.0. J, 7 Q J' 1.'.5' 19" ' fx- 'if a Rb kL,v 2 IX iiamf' X X X I I x X X 1 X N X ., X X X - x 1 I I x xx x X X x U X N XX W X 0 x X XXX x xx x XX XX x X xx XXX WUI! X f 3 S Qxww x X Q X K X x I Q Q .- T ..- .i -- ..- ,- - -' ' Z Z f -4 ,Y , , f , 4 Q I' f f f I 4 , f 2 Q! Wfflllllllh , j ,G fffffff f C ff, ffflllllll f f O fffllllill 5 f If ' If f ff!! fx ff f fl 1 2 I I 1 ff ff 1 , I, ' I I 9 2 I fn, I Frosty-ni his, Gliding 37461 wlgmgfigy Sz ,M f S, fun and laughter rv rv The Faculty Claudxa V Abell U'llVSTSllY ol Ch1 cago Ch1cago Academy of FlT1S Arts Flne Arts Art Adv1ser for Maroon Clxfton E Adams B S Lombard Col lege Sc1ence lun1or lzaak Walton League Wf6SlllWG Coach W O Beckner M A Un1vere1ty ot Ch1cago Y :1u1l11 Y -Xu X1 1111 VK O Bal-.mr Mar L H1rrv1Ll1 Mlrtlm lr Blade Hmqrt R Bohnut lrmlt R in S Karrxxr 36 SCl nce Marge B1ersach M A U 1 vers1ty of W1scons1n Enghsh and Dramahcs E H S Players Martha Black M A Northwestern Un1vers1tv Enghsh ElmerR Bobnert B S Stout lnsutute lndustr1al Arts Frank R Briggs M A lnd1ana State Un1ve Slly Enghsh MITTOT and Maroon Ad VISST Publ1cat1ons Board Roscoe S Cartwrxght M A Crelghton Un1ve s1ty Head ot Soc1al Stuches Depart ment D1rector of l:orens1cs N F L H1 Y Maxme Goldstem B S 1n Ph s1cal Educat1on North Central Co lege Gym Marvm L Hastmg A E Jn1vers1ty of lll1no1s Ass1stant Ban master Marlon Gumz B E Super1o State teach rs College Ass1stant L1 brar1a1'1 Ethel Hoaglund B A Ur Jers1ty ol Nebraska L1brary Helen L Iocelyn B S Northwestern U vers1ty Speech and Enghsh Maslf and Bauble Cleora E Iobnson M A Un1vers1ty of M1ssour1 Home Eco nom1cs Home Econom1cs Club Mar tha lane Iones M A Northwester U"llX6TSllY Enghsh Helen C Keiter mg N' A Northwestern Un1vers1tw Sc1ence Iohn A Krall! M A C lumb1a UHIVGT 1ty Commerc1al At l9l1CS E Club W A Kumpf M A Un1vers1ty of CLIICQQO l-lead of Bu ness Department 1942 Clas Sponso Inez Lawrance A B Un1ver1ty lll1no1s Rel1g1ous Educahon Verne Lentz M A Na thwestern Un1vers1tv SOC1Ql SCIGWCG Freshmen Sport l'l1Y Edna Lewls B A Un1vers1t of Iowa Busmes Hazel F Lmkheld M A Un1vers1ty ol W1scons1r1 Hea at Fore1gn Language Departme Lat1n Club C A Lloyd Narthvtet rr, U:i'.'efiit',', inciastriol Arts, Ph: 'cgfophy Cluli Wilde I.. Logan, lvl S flcriliweszlern Univerrsityg Pliyziccii Ffiucoiion, Girls Athletic Aianccioficn Gertrude Curr Meadows, B A Ccr iell Cclleqeg Fncrlmli one lffiztlte- ::.o1ic.:, liimor Literature Club E. G. McLean, l-fl. A. ilcrthwesslern Univer- rity, Science Irene Pielemeir, B A Indiana Univerzzityg Loiiri cmd Eig- Lf lcwog Scciill Science, Speech Erijzlizah Anne Craig. lf A Univer- xity of Cliiccvzc, Fcreifm Lonfgiicxfxe French Clxil, Herbert R. Damisch, lf S Uriivf,-r.':f'f if lllincisag Afiriciil- Are, F F A Katherine H. Davery, 'A A l-lortliwezsferri Univerfsilyg Sc- czcxl Science Eleanor H. Dorsett. M A Urzive-r,aL1y cf lllinoiszg Science Elma C. Engelbrecht. M A, North- . ' iirlg ,Mary E. Reese, B A Univexaity western Univerglityg Frifgliuh cmd Mw- -ffj:4,",' 'jf' ,'h ern -ff Ill . uf ,si '3- xim rn X iriun C unix rtlii ri Q 1 mriml Num Icnrf li L uali :nfl -G- N irxin Hi n in 4 ni c Ne ii 37 lI'1 the lltllklllllll ri X kr nl I ink 1 1 i m lxuiii 1 irx R 'f x I D l ""' +0 A -P. -ar . 3 A f' A A ' I' vw l ifl A ' I Q - L l 31.1 - Gulmlx in .L ' L '. .ig " .xli 1 lf l .1 Ili-lin l.. Imilxii Nl:-1-r.i Ifilinwn Nl.: . I. l n N Ilil- C, K rt ii Q lfih .- . ' aff! XV. .L ' g lm . l.. '. 7 - .' '. lzil . I.-wie ll.i' ' . fi ll lf. .X. l.l' xml WM l.: I.. lJ','.lll ficrtr ' N14.iilfm'- lf. li. .1'l.-. n In ' Picluiicinr 31. l', uw sic, Senior Literature Club, Mabel A. Engelbrecht, M. A. Northwestern University, Foreign Language, Ger- man Club, Mask and Bauble Club. Donald M. Esworthy, M, S. Univer- sity of Illinois, Science. Michael A. Farroh, M. A. University of Iowa, So- cial Science, Football, Basketball, Track. Elsie H. Fletcher, M. A. North- western University, English, l944 Class Sponsor. Florence H. Fletcher, lx :X Nlumgrmiiiwi l.u' C. xllllllitllllk Vx Charles L. Morrill , Q Glcnnic li. Murrow linrotlu Murray My run C. Mycrs MLlTHLlI'L'I li. lXL'XVll1AlI1 W Ucurgc lf. l'L'i5li MAH .X. l'L'tL'l'S Ml.ili A. llfllll Yvllit- lf. l'urlgiw U. li. Rui-si '23 ii, l. Ri'mii'r l.. X, llivlummi Arthur Ruggcn Huy l.uL11si' Slllllll l'.l1z.1linLli Sta-arm Num li. Stiuliling Bradley Polytechnic Institute, l-lorie Economics, Home Economics Club Kenneth A. Montgomery, M. A. Uni- versity ot Wisconsin, Social Science, Secretary-Treasurer of Athletic Board, Rifle Club. Leo C. Montgomery, M. S. University of Illinois, lnclustrial Arts. Charles L. Morrill, B. S. DePaul University, Social Science, Varsity Football Line Coach, "E" Club. Glen- nie E. Morrow, M, A. University of .,,..s Anno Craig llurlvuri R. lliimisc liitlicrim- ll. llnvc l'.lL'.llllrl' ll. llmwutt .zcllvrcc incl X igcllmrcc lbonalcl Fwvortliv Mike A. Farroh Elsie H. Fletcher Florence lol. Fletch ., 'wr I l Ii Q x s 'I Ut w i Iowa, Business Dorothy Murray. Il- linois State Normal University, Busi- ness. Myron C. Myers, M. A. Univer- sity of Minnesota, Science, Assistant Football Coach, l942 Class Sponsor. Margaret E. Newman, M. A. Univer- sity of Chicago, Head of English De- partment, Publications Board, Ma- roon Adviser, George W. Peck, M. A. University of Chicago, Business, Commercial Club, N. Y. A. Super- visor. Mary A. Peters. M. S. Univer- sity of Iowa, Mathematics, 1943 Class Sponsor. Adah A. Pratt, B. A, Whea- ton College, Head of Mathematics Department, Student Council Adviser. Nellie E. Purkiss. Ph. B. University ot Chicago, Social Science. U. K. Reese. M. A, Northwestern University, Music, Bandmaster. Gilbert I. Benner. M. S. University ot Illinois, Science, Stu- I -If f if' dent Council Co-Advise' L. V. Rob- inson. B. S University of Iowa, Busi- ness, School Treasurer Arthur Rog- gen. M. A. University of Iowa, Physi- cal Education, Track and Intra Mu- ral Sports, UE" Club, Mary Louise Smith, M. A. Northwestern University, Social Science. Elizabeth Stearns. B. S. Lewis Institute, Home Eco- nomics, Cafeteria Manager Nora B. Stickling. Ph. B. University ot Chi- cago, English, Publications Board Marion Laffey. M. M. Northwestern University, Music, Orchestra Direc- tor. Evelyn L. Boettcher, Secretary- registrar. Homer H. Shelby. M, A University of Illinois, Social Science, Assistant Forensic Coach, l945 Class Sponsor, I-Ii-Y, Helen L. Revett, B, N Charing Cross Hospital, London, Eng- land, School Nurse. Mabel E. Silli- Ja U Ill ID I4 cm nr man B lx Sherrrari I-Iospiial Scho l u se A leridarice Office Marlorxe E Stoffregen B A University c I Wa Engli H Iariior Lite ature Club T1 Y P E Taylor University ol Illi Head of Industrial Arls Depart 'rent Adele Thom M A Unive sity IChicago Mathematics Tri Y Clif ford V Thomas M A University o Iowa Director ol Mu ic Educalior Maxine Vincent Library Sclence Uni ersity OICGl1IOYHlCl Library I N Voncks M A University of Chicago English Aero Club E C Waggener B S University of Indiana I-lead ol Science Department Director of Vis ual Eaucalion Walter M Wilson B A Grinnell College English At endarice Direcfo Hortense A Wil son M A Uriiversi y ol Illinois Math matics Noel E Winn B S Stout Institute Indu tial Arls Va sity Golf Freshman Sports Robert T Wmn B A University of Iowa Science Photography Cub Iames E Baxter M A Northwestern University Eng lish and Iournalism Mirror Adviser Bus ness Adviser lor Maroon Publi cations Boa ci Not Pxciured H E Raplus B S Iowa State College Vocational Agricul tu e F F A Chester Renner A B Eureka College Mathematics Tennis Coach Physical Eaucation Dorothy E Stoehr B A St Olaf Col eg Sight Saving f-'-M? Hmnvr Shelby Iiclrn I.. Revolt Mabel Sillimiin Mariuric Slurlrcgcn P. Ii. Taylor Adele Tlioin Clifford 'I'limngis Maxine Vincent I. Newell Vonckx li. C. Xlliggnncr XX iltcr M. Wilson Horn-nsc XVilmn Nucl IQ. Winn Ruben T. Winn Iamu Ii, ligixtcr 40 CLAXX OF 1943 my 41 11111111 III mn X cn X 4 v I 1 cu XHIL1 1 1 111r X cr 1 Il n Xllxl It llrzr lg 1 U 1rf 1 ll'I'lIlI'I I IVFIXNL R sn lllll un um .11 ux 1 N 1 B .1 I H1 l1I'1lI'I L, n nrt 1 I B11 1 ou Hr 0 ID Hmm 1 I' IINILN rn s 11 Iirmx n fm II P Bmw Iiru ,1 nr Immh nr uun R Hutlnr an lllfl TL mmm 1111nu r mn 1rIs1 u I KI11 1 It KIA I Flxl 1r xunspn C CI1ur111 in nnmr H CODY l H I Z H XX X IH an :ALI UII1 TL OXLX KXC ll 1 Crunch xr st I5 .1r FI Dax 15 1 1 1 11:11 1 111 IJ1 L lar 1 4 x 11 X Dupkc 1 Ibmur mr ll 1 1 J un umm Lur Ihhrt Ix Exorn I I I Ivuf M114 .' .I . I. .XlI. ICIQ. I .X1I.1111N. S. .fX1I.1111x. G. .XI N. Cf. q II R. . II 11. lvu nfi IH. ADI mm. .X. . III. R. .XgpI-. N. I, ."1rtI . ii. .wh- NI. .XII N11 . R. 1 IAII. -L lm ' I' 5 If. Ii. IIQIN. II. II.lI'l5lII Il. II. " II. I1x'. Ii. B1 I. . S. I. "II. I ' NI. . II.1rtIu n. M. I. II. 1.1r1. i U ' ' .sg 1 ll If Ii 11.1, s. 111 11. .1, HQ. ggllkg. R. cg Ika. . ' . . 1. Be - n I. I , I. "kI 'r. lx' 1 I" : XV. B hI' , A. . gk, C. II1 P. B -.I'-k, A. ' , D. Iir ' . . 'n. lmzz' .-'1.1'.' If. b Ii' . R. ' ' I' . V. IILIIJCIK. NI. Bolgur, L. IILIIITIIXY, Il. Iiur- lx xr' " J I. c:LIII1I7I -II. U. C. I1.fI. C11 .51 s. C. Ca I. , I.. C. .1n, R. CAITII B. I. f 11111. Ko "1lI.' IP. CI1cpcrIi.1. If. CII' . G. CI 1 . . I. I 'I'II, I. Illinw, Ii. Cl ' . . , 11rI. lwf' 11'.' I. C n '11 . fi. lIf1rI g , I. C I I-. R. C Ci. CMA, D. Cry. lI'I'. I. 'I - I 'g. Iwn H115 I. IJ11111i 'I1, I. IL11111-IX, . D - Ii g. C. Ihuix. IJ. IJ.111X. I.. ', R, IJ.11 I. Iwi: f .' I.. Ii NI1' . XI. bl 1', S. Ib vI1 rv. If. IJUII . .. ', I.. Iir.II1. IJ. I . lwu I ' I'. Ilr 1 r. I'. I Ll "I, E. Il'-mr. S. I'.I .1n. XY, IA' MII, Ii. 'Q . '. 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NI. 11111 XV. 11.1 ' 11-1'. I' 1 .1"'1.' .X. 11.111.1'11. C. H11 ' . 11.11111-1. I. 1I1ll'l'lN, Ii. 11L'.lI'l1. C. 111-11111 K. - ning. lx' ' 5 X1.11-11v.1..111 . 11:11 . 13. 1111'."111. R. 111 .1g1. S. 11 11-1.11111 1'. ,X. H 111111411 11, Rflll' K. 11I11iL'. R. 1111111u11. 11. 11111 111.1 , R. 11 11x. IJ. H 1'.. T. 1 111 IJ. 111 111. 1' ' ' 5 1'.. 11111111. 1'. 111111. 1. 11111131111 IJ. 111111111-11. .X. 1111g1111. 1. 1111g111 Il. I.. 11 1111-. l1'11n' '11--1111: 15. 11111 1'. R. 111111. R 111.1. NI. 111111, I. 111511, C. 1.l11111N. X I. 111 111. Nou' "l1'1'.' fi, l.11111s. N. Inu'-11. 11 111 1 . 11, 111111111111 NI. I111111111. N. I .Xr11 '. R. I111'1.111. I ll! ll X R II L F III I IIL VIII VIII L LI Ll' III II lx I ll 111 11111 Ill S Ix1111t111111 11 111118 Ixr11 Ix IXFIII Ix -15,2150 MH wu 11111 rum u t I Lx ll .1111 11 ll 1 L I1h111.1nn I ICISCIJLFAI, M I L11sQ111.1n I111111n R I1u1nI11r 1 X Ill If 1 I IU 1 I 11I11 IL 1 1 LILQ UL I11 N wa 11111 IIIIT IIIII XIILI L 1111 11511 1 ur N1 1r N 1 rvr1111L N 1 11111 ll 1 31111111 1 NI Ix IX wx' pr!! I1 I l k K K l 111k1 X 1 I 1 1 X 11 Ill If k I IILX rffl Ill 1 I 111,111 11' I". I111'1If111. Y. K.1I 111 .X. IQ11 sLI'. V, K11Ix'1', if. K1'l.I.111. R, KII:-:1 I11 Agar. Il. K1 1111, I011 11111: Il. KII. IP. KIII 11, Ii K1 N. Y. KI 'N , Ia. KI Q1-13 I KI1 Qnr. R. '11-l1k1'. I1'f ' If. K11Io" Im, I fl. II. K111yL'r1I.1IL'. II. K1 I . ' .Ibc II, Kr. r. '. ' . 1'1- W. ' . , I' ' I Il. K 1. NI. K I, Ii. I-.1IIc 11111n. R. I..lIl1Il"'III. C. I.111liN. NI I.' ', .'X. I.1111gu. IC 11' f"': S. I..11vrcr1cc. H. cI1l11.111. M X.. 4' ,...A.4.. I . I'I ' il.l'.' IP, I.L'llII rII. II. I-Cl tl II. II . - II. I. -11t'.. I.. I. "IQ, I I. 'p ' '. IJ. .I.111x. I' 1 .1 -"1 5 lf. MJ' , II. Mm . K. Martin. Il. NI.lxI. li. Mgumn. C. N'I.lNN.l. C. . . In I'r ' 'UI 5 NI. NI .XII1N '. NI. .I'.X1'tl111r. R. NRC. IIII, ii. .III 'k, N1'I 1 I1. M. ML -' -. SI . E '. ' ICf111 ll'.' Ia. xIiI.L'.lII. NI. I.. NILI.L'.IZ1. II. NI Nutt. I. NI'l1u'. I'.. NI Ilf111, R. NI' IJ, ,I11'r, l1'f111' 11-11: II. NI11I1'I. fx. RIIIICF. KI, NI1II1-:. IJ. NI1II1'r. NI. NIIIIT. NI. NI1II11'. XI. NI1Il -r. I'. .I1II lwn 'I' 111: XV. NI1Il . I.. NI NI II11-11. I'.. KIINWIIV. II. NII141 '. II. NI11I'I.lIl1I, IV. SI, K1111. R. 5I11rI+111. IU111' 'I11'.' N. I, NIf1rtf111. I'.. NI1I5r11I:-. NI. N11111II1.1. I..NI+11111.NI. .X. XIIIIIII . If. N1'Iv111. NI. Nrlwn. 1 L1 X Lxxvx 1 Clk un 111 11 O R11 L II L I nn 11111 WL Ln L L 1 LrI R RL1nLr I nm IIIIILI' LLIILI 1rLI5 I5 R1LI11rLsL1n RIL 1L1 1111 III 0 RIL u mn 111 Rlpwur Lnnr 1LL1w 1 J nmux R Rnnn R Rf Ih 11111 llx ll S 1 SLLII 1 1 L nu zzz 1 L II mx SL IL 1111 H1 ll I I1 II IUFNI k I 11111111 X S hr11LLLr SLIILIIII IIIIII ll' I H Il 11 1 Lr 1 L Ll ll I I I1 1111 SILIIWL If S 1nnLr 1 11II1 11II1 1 S111 S1L11L SpL11L 1 II S511 rIs111111 N SI Lllfl In IH II L L N NILIYIII V IH! XXI 1 LIL LI Slam ILI 1 ,n 11111: S.XIN1n. K. YLrgL'. l.,.'LNIL1'. A. N 'I . Il. Y1hI. R. .VIII 1. S. fIh111N. R' 5 I. OIingL'r. I. ' urk. Ii. II.1rrL1 , M. I'.111I7. I. I'L"I4. C. I'L'IL'rw11. I. I'LILrL111. lx f : Ii. R.1I . NI. I. R.1k1 '. NI. RL X . X. RLI111L'r. R. RL-1111Lr. I.. RL f II . . 'I ' I. 'Oli' f : Y. RL1 '. V. R' '. II. Richg , . "4 IL , F. "I-A1 II. R1LI 1 . . -L11Lk. I If 5 I.. II gur. Ii, R I ' Is. II Rf," . Y. RL hr. I . R . I fn: R. R NLII. I'. Rx. 1. 51, .'.11'I1 If I. II. ScI1..I. I. Sch.1III'1'. XY SL'I1.11IsIn. IL' 1 11: R. S11-II '. R. ."I 'II ' M. SLI1LiII111. If. ScI11HL'rL'r. V. Sch1111III li. SLI .I. N. I. Sch L I .. Rmv Light: R. SL'I'111'Ii. II. SCI11'.I1L'I'. I SLI. . .. fc 'I'. I. ' If. 5.11 .ILIQ . II. SfIIll'I lwn' ll1r.' R. SL'1'.111I 11. Ci. S1 II' . K SL II 1. I., SI1 -.II O. SI1'I11 . I S1II .ll1. C, wt. 141,11 1 1: II. QIL' . NI. S1' . NV S11 . K. SLLII. I. ff IA 1111. Il. fp mr R. f LI'. Kell I 1115 U. .K Q . , .I. .II N I. SI.1I1I. Ii. S. I H. SI.1r1.111. II SIL I. .I . L'Ii. I1 In 111: Il. SIQII11L1'. I.. SIL .1'I, I 51 1II. Il. SI ll I11'.ILL1'. Y. .Ill I I1.Iv' R. SI11111111L. Z. S11II1x.111. 11 nil! uml R M 91111111 r1111n 'XI Surhcr L Lk S fl r I 17uull fu mo lllll1l lhf1r11tu11 on L vm lrnulxxdl 'Iru nu KL X Ill Bunn n more L X IH l'flNS Y IIILI' D L gumr IRI' lfnkl' lLrIl ll XXLIIIHLI' H XXLIIILI 1 Ill XX uturm 111 XX Munn ur XXh11n M XXh11uL R XX h1ppl1 R XX ntc 1 1 1 1 111V X V1Il1 lllls mn X 1 R VX nlfu 1 In run rn II Luk S Lrkn nr 1111 11111 M fu km rm 111 WINTER .YPUR TX n an KI l' 'S R. S , . . . ' . , . . I , Ii. Sw'11t-'. I. ff NZ. G. 'I'.1yIn, C. "1 .' " . R1 ' ' : Ii. Ter ' ', F. Tur1111111. IJ. ' ' , M. 'I' II! -I, R. IIIII I I '. B. M 'L " . F. ' pp. Ao ' ' I G. U11 l -rhill, A. '. ' , G. V11 111- X' I-, N. '1 ' Hun. H. V1 ll - . I. V1 I1I.L1l'lI'i'l1. I. XVJQ- Kou' four: I.. XV11l1l, R. XX'11lkcr. Ii. XX'11r- ', XV: '. IJ. XXILI' 1. 1. If. Rfu' f"': C. ' a . I. '- ' .111. I.. XVCIN , I.. ' QI' . . ' 'gglg lv 11' fix: R. XV'Ik-, , S. XX'1Ik' ,, ff. X'1lIu, D, X ' Al ,, XV. XVil. , M. Viv, l'f ' 5 C. XV 'gl , P. XVrigl1t, I. Z- f, Zi- CQ. Zigl-, CQ, Z' - "k, . '. c ' - 1 . lll'l1 Varsity Basketball lil XX mlm: W.1l4lrm.ir lmcplit With only two mojor letter- men returning tor the l94l'42 bcrsketlocrll seoson, Elgin's hopes for cz chompionship seemed doshedg but the Motroons come through with ci victorious teom, finishing in second ploce. The highlight ot the seoson was the deteot ot Freeport, which teom wos the greot fg- vorite of the Big Eight Contere ence ond which loter plcrced third in the Storte Conference. The Moroons opened the seo' son with victories over Glen! bard and Hinsclole, but suc- cumbed to Morton the follow- ing Week, Then they took CI de- cision trom Riverside, which concluded their pre-conference schedule. The Varsity Team fr lfldrccn gers 1 e ererce lohet e Teen corne o nxsref' rxrndrw dndt e e vrcurrs rncluded West Aurord loSdlle Peru the Dret zes rom Freeport ond o re we .ge vrctor over lol el l-lo 1 ex er West Roma ord sfopp d the uclu streolc ond Host Aurord dsc upset lglgn for o econd loss the one tndt tooa them out o the cholrnpronshlp roce The Mdroons concluded the sedson Wlth ci vrctory over Host Roclclord whrch gdve thern seven V1CfOTlGS ond three losses for the conference schedule ln d nnol non conference gorrne El grn d9lGGlSd LGGYGHQG to brlng the sedsons record to CI close wrth twelve vlctorres ond hve losse ar 1 L, url. Niwrrl mlm kr xtlt v , ,, ,fl lllnx lrlrn l 1,31 l.ulx lr: rr 4- l 1 Z 4 fl l rllrxl R4 Nu In 1 llnlx Ruth l I 1' l um fl'1rlNrlv-11 .rlu Nlmlw 4. 'B Frosh-Xoph Bask etball ,. r :aff Bill G4 igdyrt Sim S.1uccd.1 Karl Plath 48 Elgin EroshfSophs ended the l94lf42 season in possession of third place with the loest oflene sive and defensive records in the Big Eight Conference. The underclassrnen played their best games against Morton and East Rockford, and Elgin administered the only two con- ference defeats to an otherwise undefeated conference charn- pion, West Aurora. However a lack ol height and speed hin- dered their chances for a cham- pionship team in first place. Maroons opened their season with three consecutive victories over Glenbard, Hinsdale, and Morton. They lost to Riverside, but recovered with victories over loliet and West Aurora. The Frosh-Soph Team Elgin then started the last half of the conference by downing loliet and West Aurora, the lat- ter being in a second overtime, They lost a close game at West Rockford and Wound up the season with conference victo- ries over East Aurora and East Rockford. The Maroons suc- cumbed, however, in a non- conference tilt with LaGrange. Coach Mike Farroh com- mented on the team by saying that this year's squad would have captured the conference crown if they had taken more time in practicing accuracy in shooting, He went on to say that the experience gained from coaching and playing develops the player for future varsity competition 'M Varsny Basketball Standmgs Et? Frosh Soph Bcxskeibcll' Standmgs M TANF fi e 1Ro to 1 Rock Ord 1 LOSQHQ Pe 1 'E A C C' C O 3 2 W. L. P t. Praf-pct? E ff '00 Hkzxr. 7 2 '00 13116 2 -1 E00 'Next Rcckfffz C 4 E00 GI . Cfkffffg -1 S 400 East Amare w 5 400 Vxfesft Aurcrcl J f 300 LQSQIIQ-Per: 7 F Q00 W. L. P I. W Fil Cro 3 Q :100 Prfepcrt 7 3 000 E1 in 5 1 000 W f Ckfcrd 5 5 500 .. ss f N. 5 5 .'00 Iolket 4 E 400 -- .ra 3 300 .G 'Q ,Merc 2 3 Q00 Wrestling After much dtscussron the Brg Etght conference voted to make wrestltng a mayor sport The wrestlrng teams ftrst sea son has proved a huge success Wrestllng IS a sport for small fellows as well as b1gger boys Many werghlng under l4U pounds may earn letters be cause they wrestle boys therr own werght Coached by Cltfton Adams the squad won two meets from Rockford and from East Aurora Iohet Rtverstde Geneva and placed thrrd 1U the drstrtct meet at Stockton They lost meets to Rrvers de East Aurora and loltet Thus a splendld record was made Captalns lohn Denk and Bob V-lagernan won thetr respectwe champ1onsh1ps rn the sectronal meet and were called the out standing matmen ln the State Meet Denk lost tn the ftnals whtle Hageman was defeated IH the prellmlnarles Wrth many veterans comrng back the Maroon wrestlers are looklng forward to a better sea son next year Forensics The achievements ot the Elf gin l-ligh School varsity debate squad have been exceptionally outstanding this year. The squad gained superior ratings in every tournament in which it qualified. At the Augustana College lnvitational Debate Tournament, in which thirty- tour schools had entries, Elgin went to the finals and attained the high rating ot third place. At the Big Eight Debate and Original Speech Tournament Elgin Won second place in each division. With the acquiring ot these goals, Elgin was qualified to go to the State District Speech Tournament, where they were lirst place Winner. The squad was then sent to the State Sectional Speech Tournament. There the participants again won lirst place in debate and also tirst place in individual events. ln all its history this is the tirst time Elgin l-ligh School has had such a large number of cons testants qualified for the state finals. ln the preliminaries at state three Elgin contestants qualified lor the linals in indie vidual eventsg debate teams won live out of six victories. A large portion ot the success obtained by the varsity debate team this year should be at- tributed to their coach, Roscoe S. Cartwright, who was assisted by Horner Shelby and Miss Marge Rowe. Also bringing honors to E. H. S. was the Frosh-Soph debate team, coached by Homer Shel- by. These debaters came forth with a victory at the DeKalb Debate Tournamentg but they gained higher acknowledge- ment at East Aurora where they were not only the highest tour- sorne, with no defeats, but also had the highest percentage of victories over losses of any school. 025 figs? State High School Speech League District Tournament Elginetirst place Sectional Tournament Elgin-first in all events com bined Augustana Tournament Elgin - 34 schools entered - Finalist Big Eight Debate Tournament Elgin-second place Big Eight Original Speech Tourna- ment Elgin-second place State Finals at Champaign Elgin Debate Team-third place in State All-State Finalists Bill Allerton-third place in hu- morous reading Iirn Waggoner-third place in original oratory Lois Lavina Lawrence - fifth place in extempore Xtudent C0unc17 Officers 1941-1942 Ri li ircl llctcrw n ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,, l ,I'L'SitlC'l1I Iimts Wgiggim r ,,,,, Vice-prcsimlciir ic Rrin , Stcrctgirx ll ru llclm 'l4l't'LlsllI'L r 'Vins .Xil.ili l'i'.1tt, fiillnrt RCIIHCI' Amlxiwi' The Student Council is made up entirely of students and con- sists of two main bodies the executive council and the rep- resentatives from each home room, The executive council is formed by the four class presi- dents, the four officers of the council, and those who were runnersfup in the election of officers. One of the best ideas formu- lated by the Student Council was that of the activity tickets. This campaign Went over al- most lOO7g. Since the war the Council has instituted a Red Cross drive, a Memorial Fund drive, and the sale of Defense Stamps. The Student Council also promoted the year's ly- ceum programs. "0ut of the Frylhg Pan" The eighth sign ot the zodiac is the foundation ot many leg- ends. One such legend, the su- periority of the class of '42 over its predecessors, was born Noe vember 13 and 14, 1941, when the Senior Class presented for the first time on a high school stage Francis Swanns Broad- way hit l'Out of the Frying Pan." Like a true child ot Scorpio it was of a robust na- ture, playing to capacity audi- ences. Unlike its birthsign, how- ever, the play's punch was not limited to the end, but was in evidence from the opening scene to the final curtain. THE CAST George Bodell Keith Atteld Norman Reese Bill Allerton Mrs. Garnet Rosemary Reidy Tony Dennison Wallace Williams Muriel Foster Barbara Tobin Kate Ault tThurl Dolly Cossman CFri.J Lois Shamberger Marge Benson tTl'iur.l Gloria Lehman tFril Mary Coleman Dottie Colburn lean Nelson Mr. Colburn Charles Aderman Mr Kenny loe Neil Mac , , llorrnan Badgerow Ioe Dick Petersor Director Miss Marge Biersach Drama Clubs Two of the plays presented at the Three One Acts are only two of the many projects under- taken by the El-l.S. Players an- nually, Another event of this year in which the members of the club participated was a trip to Chicago when they saw the famous Ethel Barrymore in 'The Corn ls Green." The officers this year are lean Nelson, president, Dick Clen- dening, vice-president, Pat Mc- Kay, secretary, Charles Ader- man, treasurer, and Marge Biersach, adviser. 'To learn by doing" is the motto ot the Mask and Bauble, portrayed when members have opportunities to do the types ot stagework they like. This year a variety of pro- grams was held: quizzes, panto- mimes, and a Walking-rehearsal of a play, While the club also presented patriotic tableaus in the Three One Acts. The officers have been Dick Leitner, Patricia Dougherty, Marjory McAllister, and Donald Graham, with Miss Mabel Engelbrecht and Miss Helen locelyn as sponsors. GAA The G A A Whrch IS a mem Der ol the llllHO1S League of the H1gh School Glrls Athlet1c As soc1at1on IS a character and fun bu1ld1ng organ1zat1on srnce 1t provrdes tor a monthly get together of all hrghschool grrls Several ot he more outstand mg and lnterestlng programs presented throughout the year ere polrcemen demonstratrons cl trrst ard a com1cal quartet ketches grven by the drarnatlcs classes p rels on proper et1 cuette ard We part1c patron of atrl nwty s namg and dancrng In May under the srgn of Taurus Whrch pertarns to ath letrcs the annual play day for surroundlng schools and therr grrls athletrc groups Was held at Whrch the Elgrn l-hgh School G A A acted as hostess The oltrcers tor the past year have been Rhoda Grupe lane Coleman Manlyn Brmker Shrr ley Eberman Ruth Waterman Carolyn Hamerster Mary Lane 1-lubloell Sh1rley Barnwell and lflargaret Daly The sponsor been Wllss Vlfllda logan R1 Ie The R1tle Club attrhated wrth the Natronal Rrtle Assocxatlon has been organrzed ten years Anyone may try or membershrp at the begmnrng ot the semes ter by compet1ng rn rrtle con tests but only the twenty hrgh est are elrgrble There are tour medals to stnve tor for marksmanshrp for sharp shooter tor expert and tor dls trngurshed rrtleman The club possesses 1ts own ranges IH the new north wlng Purpose of the club IS to teach good sportsmansh1p care and use ot trrearms accuracy and satety Thrs year Frank Swanson IS presrdent wxth K A Montgom ery advrser Q56 A ero The major prolect ot the Aero club rn 41 42 was to construct three hundred model arrplanes tor the Unrted States govern ment Although not compulsory each member was encouraged to bu1ld one ot these planes so that he mrght tully understand the pnncrples ot tlyrng Possessrng books on branches ot aeronautrcs the members also obtarned t1rst hand rntorm atron through lectures by pllots rnstructors and crop dusters Thrs knowledge was obtarned when the club vrsrted several a1rports At the st1ck thxs year was Bud Roberts wrth co pllots Ed ward Swentek and Carol Gur nett I Newell Vonckx advxser kept the club on a level plane Photography Home EC VV1th photograpry as the most pr mtnent h hhy tn the coun r years photography clup devoted most of tts ttme and effort to developlng sktll 1n that teld Tnroughout the year expenenced photographers pre sented lectures to the club on therr expenences Because ot the war the clulo Nas mformed by the Eastman Kodak Company that they would have to save all metal eau1pment used 1n photography next year The club selected the follow 1ng group ol students as the1r offtcers Roger Ltvesay pres1 dent Shrrley Beck secretary and B111 Lowry treasurer Spon sor for the club was R T Wlnn Tre Home coromtcs Clup lcomes all ghscnool arls and especta J trrose ntere ted ln foods and clothlng mg departments carned on sev eral war t1me protects The clothmg classes made Red Cross garments for chrldren and krvt ted squares tor afghans Dunng thts trme the foods classes were busy maktng cookres whlch were sent to the soldrers The club had the tollowlng otlrcers Lots l-letlrck presrdent Ramona Chandler vtce presr dent Glor1aEr1ckson secretary and Sue Dewey treasurer Sponsors for the club were Mrs Florence Fletcher clothmg teacher and M1ss Cleora Iohn son foods teacher P C . A , A , T . A , o .' . o ' - 1-.fe . , hi . ' Ji , t.y, this ' T ' A ' Ili . i ' T ' This year the foods and cloth- L . 1 ' I r '- ' - s LA I L 59 German Latin ln learn1ng about German contrlbutlons to World culture the German club held many programs of muslc speakers and prctures thrs year Use of the language was made m play lets readtng contests and spell downs Th1s year the club cele brated the l5Uth anntversary of Mozart At Chmstmas t1me the annual banquet was held wh1le m February a valentme party was entoyed Thus a busy year was favored by the monthly s1gns and the German club supervlsed by M1 s Mabel Engelbrecht suc Cessfully carr1ed out 1ts purpo e The othcers were Wallace Wll hams oan Slll man Ma aaret Cmur, and Ger ldzne Ztegl r. lnter Nos IS one ol the oldest clubs m the school The purpose of the club 1S to further the stu dents mterest and understand mg ot the Romans and therr cus toms These are th1ngs for whtch t1me IS not found tn class One meetmg thls year was devoted to Roman hol1days when members of a panel com pared anc1ent hol1days wth urs Another meetmg featured Latm baseball game and Cell ng r lay hrs year s othcers were loan A JGF pres1dent Mary Lane L obell JICG prestdent Marx Vtlen lla phy secretary W t re D lo VG treasurer miss . :e'L1nlct1eld as ., VUL UME THR EE A f' - .ggi af' Jf S-5-I ,, f' 'f 14 '4-4' 2. .5 ' I-Vg 14' '92 gb.. -3 Ei xl Il x X X X X ' x X x xx X ull ll x XXNXX xx Xxx eff X 0 , x X XX XXX x X x XXX x xx XX XXXXXXUHHHH X x X XXXX X N. X NH X X 5 S S .. ,- " , f 5 4 , f ZQjvv ' 1 3 W f , Q Z, Wfflllllllm 1 f f 1 ff , f f fff ' XO ffffflllllm X X f X ff ff!! ' X X f ff ff! f ff!!! f fflllll f f f V V '.?V17 ff XDR NG .NIXT fflll"l , 7 QQ? ' And a youn man' A 1 ! X x , I X 1 x 4 il nt lli rtii Sctrtrtairy Clrupc. Vicr-pruiclciit Fslirliiigin The class of l042, numbering 400 students, entered E. H. S, in l938 and soon became active in school functions. loan Weed, Marion Boppre, Bill Allerton, and Cele Eshleman represented the freshmen on the Student Council. Later l08 students were added to the class from Abbott. Our sophomore class then be- gan to organize. Dick Peterson was elected president, Dick Clendening,vice-president, Doris Helm, secretary, and Bob Torn- guist, treasurer. The juniors, with their red and white class sweaters, began to accept new responsibilities. The class was again led by Dick Peterson, president, with Doris Helm, vice-president, Cele Esh- lernan, secretary, and Dick Clen- dening, treasurer. The class play this year was "Pride and Prejudice," presented in May, all previous attendance records were broken. The lunior-Senior The Senior Story l Prom brought to a close the year's activities. In the last year the officers were Bob Thoren, president, Cele Eshleman, vice-president, Bhoda Grupe, secretary, Keith Atfeld, treasurer, and Mr. Walf ter Kumpf acting as adviser. After Mr. Kumpf resigned, Mr. Myron Myers became the new class adviser. The play 'Out of the Frying Pan" was staged. This year the class voted to have a class party instead of a supper. The party was a com- plete success. College Day was very successful in helping many of the seniors choose colleges. Dick Peterson headed the Stu- dent Council with Doris Helm as treasurer. As the year end- ed, committees for special senior activities were named. Class Day, Baccalaureate, Prom, and Commencement ended func- tions in E. H. S, for the 400 stu- dents graduating in lune, l042. 64 r ,. ,W vm, I , YM , ,, ,,,,,.3 fax, 45524, , 1 F J , s 1 Av wud 4 zz .f-'N W 'fi ff is w ,Q,.N-.,.. M ' 'iw 6 ag ff 5' A SEQ x 4 Y X if lg ' 'L - , 'idx ,- f gi ' Q ' h V f 2 've 6 B if gg. yi W1 "9 zf' iq 5 . -.f .ef X. JV! sag, x . XENIORX CHARLES ADERMAN Cwuck lu lor awd Semor Plays H1 Y A Cappella KEITH AF FELD All EHS Players Band Iu'11or and Semor Plays ROBERT AHLE Bob Wres tlmg WILLIAM STEWART ALLERTON B1ll NFL Student Counctl EHS Players LAW RENCE ALLISON Larry Tenms M1rror Band ARLINE MARION ANDERSON Anche A Cappella EHS Player Tr1Y IEROME ANDERSON lerry lzaak Wallort Rllle Club RUTH CAROLYN ANDERSON Ruthre GA A G1rls Glee RUTHL ANDERSON Ruthle GAA VERN ANDERSON Artdy EHS Players H1 Y ALVIN VERNON ANNIS Al IAMES NORMAN ARTHUR Norrr Mgr Hea vywelght Football NORMAN BADGEROW Dmk Mask and Eauble Intramural Basket ball Semor Class Play BARBARA IEAN BALLARD Babs jumor L1terature Club GAA ELAINE MARION BARNETT LULA FAYE BARNWELL ou GAA lst G1rs Glee HAROLD FRED BARTELS Bartels FFA MARILYN IUNE BARTELT Ktttert GAA Home Lconormcs Treble RICHARD NORMAN BARTH Dxck ELAINE CLAIRE BAUMAN Corrmerclal Club Tr1Y GAA LYLE BAXMANN 'flfll m In -llfrll I1 4111167 on 'flllllfl 0 BIIALFVUII Bulnurll Bulb ljfrlrl -1111 Inzin Anm Ballm rf H 11161 B mm IH -izr 'index K7 'index r flrthur Bar nrt! Barrel! Baxman 77 ' Q ROBERT H BECKER Allah Club Fo tball Basketball BETTY IANE BEGALKA Trr Y G A A WIL BUR EDWIN BENDER Wrbbs tered from Bartlett I-hgh FFA GENE KENNETH BENNER Gene Football H1 Y HELEN BERMAN Sberry G A A Tr1 Y MARIORIE LOUISE BEVERLY Bev Trr Y Band Maroarz Statf ELAINE MARIE BEY ER A Capp lla GAA lumar Cla Play IOAN MARIE BIGGINS Eta A Cappella Maroorr Tr1Y ALVIN RUSSEL BLIETZ Blrtzkrea Freed Soph Basketball Track IAMES BLI ZEK Irrr Basketball Track ALICE LUCILLE BONCOSKEY Barrme G A A Trl Y F1r t Grrls Glee MARIAN IANE BOPPRE A Cappella Stuae t Courtcrl GAA I lx B11 If HU, IM 1 lf Hcmfn I' Hmmm Brlnmn II Hn nlx I' Hun Hrggm B III H11 1 I B II ESTHER VERA BRANDES GAA Aealta Home Economlce Club FERN IUDITH BREUM GAA MARILYN ANN BRINKER Lynn G A A Home Ecanorrtcs Club LORRAINE HAR RIET BRITT Cammerctal Club GAA Trt Y ELMER CALVIN BRITTON FF A lzaalc Wal ton ARTHUR S BROWN Art Boys Glee Club ROBERT WILLIAM BROWN Ba A Cappella French Club EHS Players IAMES RONALD BRUCKER Itm Math Club Gal' E DORIS BRUENING Dory GAA l-lorre Econormcs Club LUCILLE MILDRED BRUN NER A HELEN BURG Btrdte GAA Corn merctal Club Home Ecanomtci Club IOYCE BEVERLEY BURKART lunror Ltterature Club bemar Ltterature Club DOROTHY LOUISE BURKE Dot Geography Club WILLIAM ARTHUR BURMEISTER Burrnte E Club Basketball Tenms LOISP BURNIDGE Com merc1al Club Home Econom1cs Club GOR DON LEE BURTON H1 Y Lat1n Club ROBER TA ELAINE CAMPBELL Werffte Orchestra German Club GAA MARSHALL CARTIER Mtclc BOB CARTIER Frog Tranqferrea to lollet RHENE CASSELL Blfdle Basket ball BYI-'ORD EUGENE CAVITT By Bas ketball Student Councrl Sens Q ITIIIIP -Jj,,k I -:r Vx ,J B: md: Burl B1 ou ll Ba 11111161 Bm Lf Bmfon funn I Brcum I Burton I Bum r H Brut li BIHNIFI lm I Ffmplvf-ll fl Il Bllllf ll I H1 ou ll IJ Bl 111 111111, I H1114 UI Hmrml f If I I II I AQ CHRISTINE CERASA Chrre G A A bla e Eco'1om1cQ Club RAMONA IUNE CHANDLER Mona G A A T 1 Y Home Ecc'1crr11c2 Club IAMES CHAPMAN Studerv Cour1c1l Ma oort Salf Band CLYDE CHRISTENSEN Swede Glee Club F' FA IO IEAN NE CIRAULO Io Seruor Tr1 Y E H S Players A Cappella PAUL RICH ARD CLENDENING Fuzzy E H S Player Math Club H1 Y IANE ELIZABETH COLEMAN Crra Seruor Tr1 Y G A A E H S Players MARY BALCH COLEMAN Tr1 Y A Cappella EH S Players GERTRUDE COLLINS Curly Entered from Tarty WIS IACK COOK L1ttle Buzz Fresh Soph Basketball Debate BAR BARA IANE COPLEY Barb Band Student Cour1c1l T 1 Y DOLLY MA DALYN COSSMAN Martha E H S Players. TIIY Debate .0 l F fr: :fa A fh zmllrf I I hzpnzm I F1111 Im an r ml1t r 4 III mm blmu .1 hft Irum U fn mfo I I Iflllitfllllk f flrm H1 II I olfm U1 l I I 1 for H I IX I fu mlm MARY IEAN CRAWFORD: lunior Lit- erature Club, Commercial Club, Tri-Y. GRACE ELIZABETH CRICHTON, "Liz": Tri-Y, Band, Orchestra. MARGARET HELEN DALY,"Marnie": G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. MARYANN MAGDALENE DANIELEK. "Dannie" G A A E H S Players F ench Club IOHN WOOD DAR NELL DIZZY E H S Players Senior Literature Club Debate HELEN EILEEN THERASE DARR Left school RENO ALBERT DAVIS IR.. "Dave": First and Second Boys Glee, Geog- raphy Club. GEORGE DIEBERT, "Dib": Iunior Izaak Walton League. IOHN DENK. "Hans": Wrestling, Foot- ball, Track. VIRGINIA DICKERSON, "Ginny"' GAA Aeolian Tri-Y HERBERT DIECKHOFF Herbie Geography Club FFA IAMES WARREN DIERSHAW lim Football Manager E Club German Club I Dlrnell H Dm 1 C Dzrbwl I Dunk I Dzf er I1 H Dleikhiff I Dm lmzc V If zu 0 d G. Criclzfon ll. Daly JI. Dizrzirlflq The brasscs pep up the tmp . t " R. D.: 'ix I. ' A '. 'kwa . "'f . 's ' 7 1211101411 I1 ex f llund Ilfrrzfgf Izumi: :L ll I1 her ll 1 1' yu- D tim 171 1111111 lp Dm ll If nz If Ill I ll 1 1 I: lzrlm III I 111111 UH fr 1 her c llclz hcl 1 1 1 I 1 ROBERT BENIAMIN DIETERICH. Bob Band Mrrror Stott Orchest a CHARLOTTE DITT MANN PODSIQ Maroon Staff StudentCoun1 c1l Matlf1en'at1cs Club DUANE SHERBERT DUNLAP Wayne F1rstBand German Club Orchestra HELEN ELLEN DOOLEY Orches tra DeBate T 1 Y IOHN NICHOI. DUVAL Beezte Football l-l1Y Basketball CHRIS ECONOMY Econ Football H1Y Boxing CHARLES EDWARD EDLUND Chas Track F F A A Cappella ROBERT CHARLES EHORN Bob Aero Club FITSI Boys Glee ACappella LESTER EKSTROM Les Math erratrcs Club ROBERT ELLIOTT ELDREDGE Red E Club Izaak Walton Aero Club CECILE KAY ESHELMAN Cele Student Counc1l GAA Maroon CHARLOTTE FAIR CHILD Babe Maroon EHS Players Home Econormcs Club ROBERT C FEUERHAKEN Bob A Cappella EHS Players SHELDON S FISCHER Frsh lzaalc Walton HERBERT SIDNEY FISHER Srd Basketball A Cappel la SYLVIA MARION FISHER Sylv1e a roon FHS Players GAA ELISABETH E FLETCHER LIZ Band Mrrror Tr1Y WIL LIAM EDWARD FLOOD Zeke E Cub M1 or Ma o n CHARLOTTE IEANNE FLORA Char GAA Tr1Y A Cappella IOYCE MARILYN FOLTZ Bana Student Counc1l T 1 Y IAMES CHARLES FORSTER Ivnrrf Ba d Football Che-erlea'11 j ROBERT IACK FREYER lack Bas ketball H1 Y Student Councll KATH RYN PATRICIA FULLER Pa Trl Y G A A RODNEY GABLER La m Club Band LUCILLE GARBRECHT Lue G A A German Club BENNY CLYDE GARDNER LILLIE ALINE GARDNER L11 Commerclal Club MARVIN WILLIAM GARRELTS Track ua' BRUCE D GENEREAUX Moose E Club French Club A Cappella CHESTER HOWARD GERBER Ches ty Band Photography Club Rllle Club ROSE MARIE GIARDINO Cornmercxal Club IEAN DOLORES GIBBS G1bby French Club Com merclal Club F1rst Glrls Glee DONALD VERNON GIERTZ lx llryn I lull, 1 1 NIH h1 R Axxml nmr H lm 1 as r L lHlLl'.1 H laminar I 11111 In V Gmelt H ffllflftlllf C Fnler lx flu nm l H I Cm! Ll Us C nv f :Umm fl If H :Lenz H1 H 1lI1l71l'l 4 hmufl H num ff r I IIUDIIVI l 1 on I :npr H lllocfl H 111 611 Hut I I an f 1111111 fn 1 H If hlrf Hlmu In HAIII mg Hu ht MARILYN IEAN GIERTZ. 'lGiertzski": EHS Players, A Cappella, Tri-Y. ELLREY FRED GIESEKE, "Kayo": Geography Club. CAR- RELL GILLETTE: Geography Club. DORIS IRENE GILLIOM: A Cappella, Commercial Club, G,A.A. ROBERT GILOMEN, "Gil": Izaak Walton EHS Players Bttle Club MAR GARET MARY GMUR Marg Student Coun crl A Cappella German Club IACK GOLL Iackson Student Councll IANET GORDON ROBERT C GRAF Bob Football Basketball HELEN GROSS Sandy GAA Home Eco normcs Club RHODA MAY GRUPE GAA JPL Student Counc1l RICHARD S HACH TEL D1ck Intramural Basketball ROBERT HAGEMAN Hootch Football Track Wre thng ROY C HALLOCK IR Aero Club Ere h Soph Basketball Track SHIRLEY RAE HAMEISTER Shtrl GAA Tr1Y Commer clal Club BARBARA GAIL HAMMERSCHMIDT Bark Entered from Elg1n Academy Corn rr ctal Club GAA IUNE MARCIA HANSEN Ccrrfrerctal Club E each Club Seruo L1t ra u e Club WILLIAM IOHN HANSING Blll lfrror German Cl b Photograph: Club ROBERT ROSS HARNEY Bob Basketball CARL L HART ll EVELYN C HECHT G . , . Q' A . " "1 , , s- X y . T N .A . - EXW, uc, , . . . . Y , ' , ra. , ' r ' e - f er A ' ' ' 1 . . "Co, . . A. 'lEvie": A A. I , ' if i . .lI. I 'IZ lf. I Lvflqr ff. I ' ' II. iv ' K, I l. im' I. fi Il l. in '11 IC. fflllf H. GUN R. I' lf. I ' ' R. 1 ' 4 1 ' 5. 1 'J' ' H. t if ' I. I .f l'. .f K. I ' j ff. t ' If. 73 LOIS HEFLICK Lo Latxn Club GAA Home Econornrcs Club CAROLIEANE MAE HEI MAN Punk GAA HomeEconorn1cs Club Comr'1erc1al Club FRANCES MARIE HEI NICKE Franme GAA Home Economrcs Club German Club DORIS MAE HELM Dor Student Counc11 Maroon A Cappella DAVID HENDRICKS Dave Band Orchestra R111 Club DON IAMES HENDRICKS Don FITSI Band R1lle Club Aero Club AUDREY HENNINGS Aud GAA Hostess Club Stu dent Counc11 MARY IANE HERBERT EHS Players Iunlor Class Play GAA VIRGINIA HERMAN VITQIS Basketball Badrnmton DON VICTOR HILL D1mp1es FFA Aero Club MARILYN HILL French Club EHS Players Flrst Glrls Glee NORMAN ARTHUR HINRICHS Norm Band DORIS IANE HINTT Kxtten Glee Club GORDON IOHN HOERNER Gordy Frrst Band Football DO Aeol1an Treble HELEN ANNETTA HOFF MAN GA A IOHN ELMER HOFFMAN Iohn VIRGINIA LOUISE HOFFMAN Gmny GAA Semor and lumor I.1terature Clubs PHYLLIS ANN HOLLAND Phxl GAA Home Econormcs Club VERDELL IANE HOMUTH Del Trl Y G A A Aeollan EUGENE FREDERIC HOPPE Gene German Club Boys Glee A Cappella Hffln It Hrlm Hrmznzg H1 Hmlt Hu mlm Holland I I Hum 111 Hflltflltkf Her I rr! H1 Hom nw Hognmn Hrmmfh H: mn kr Hmzrlllt Hunlulz Hnnzclz Hoffman HOHIlZ!Ii1 Hoppe LORES LUCETTA HOFFMAN. "Deen: G.A.A., ny", . " ' ": 1.. - C. -' I 1f. -A 11. U, - D. f A A. I 5 H, 'v - V, " IJ, 'Il Al. 'll N. ' " .v D. ' G. - - D. H. 17 . V. P. '. E. 74 BEATRICE MARION HORN Bea ulrls Glee Club Lueruture Club Commercxcl Club ALVA HOYE Al Boys Glee Club LOIS HUBER Ger mon Club G A A Lcltm Club DON ALD HUCKSTEDT Huck Basket ball HELEN K HUFFSTUTTLER Huffy G A A LUCILLE MARGUE RITTE HUGH Lou Orchestra Moth er'-cues Club DELBERT WILLIAM HULKE IANE HUMBRACHT lame DOROTHY HUTSON Dot Home Economlcs Club Commerclul Club Glee Club LORRAINE RUTH IAHN KE Entered from Bcxrrmgton EDE LYN LOIS IENNEIAHN Ecld1e AA French Club Tr1Y ELAINE SERENA IENSEN B H ll n H HHH 11111111 IJ Hu! in I Hoyt I Huff: D Hmlclrdt rm llnnrlnulu N mn DI lu 'llnn nm I Hn 1 U Hulk' I Hl!I?IlIlthl luslxcts I Izmir' F lfllllfllhll L Iflllll . . . , H 4 "I G Q 33' ' r . 1 1 ff' 'My ,, n 5 A .Q X la . 1' ' .. 1 A . ' 5 ALI xx-T " '. ' .lvl . J' " ., gl , ' . 71 ' ' " . ,ff .. If ' ,. ll 3. S' 75 DAVID VALENTINE IOHNSON Bovs S ence Club EHS Players lf ro Sail EMGARD ANN IOHNSON le y GAA GRACE O IOHNSON Iunlor Llterature Club l-lorre Economlcs Club IACQUELYN IOHN SON Iaclcle GAA TrlY Band MARILYN I IOHNSON Mlckey Band TrlY GAA RUTH CARLEY IOHNSON Cubby Lltera 'ure Club G A A Trl Y SHIR LEE IOHNSON Lee TrlY GAA Latln Club WARREN H IOHNSON Mathemailcs Club Maroon Staff IULIA E KAPTAIN Iulle GAA Comrner clal Club Trl Y IRENE HELEN KATOPODIS Plrlcey TrlY GAA Student COUNCII LUCILLE ALICE KATZ Blonclle GAA Mathematlcs Club BERNICE IOSEPHINE KAWA Bernle GAA Home ECODOITIICQ Club LOIS GERALDINE KEISTLER LOIS Orchestra GAA TrlY MARGARET IEAN KELLEY Peg GAA A Cappella Maroon ntafl LENORE WILDA KERNAN Blondle AA French Club GLADYS KATHRYNE KILGORE Rlcky GAA Maroon Staff Trl Y OLIVIA CHARLENE KING MARION LUCILLE KIRKPATRICK Kay GAA Home ECOWOIT Club Trl Y HOWARD KLEISER HOW16 LOVIFSYCIOI Club Qenlor Llterature Club RUTH EILEEN KLUENDER kllnk Band Trl Y A dent COUHCII LLOYD A KNAPP Slcld ack lntrarnural Baek tball Rllle Club IJ nhn III I Iulm on I Iolm on i I lKIfAlf7UII1 lxrl IIN IKIIHUIC' H IxIf1 II Inhn un IOIIII 1111 Iulm 011 All! Kellry lung IKIIIFIIIIFI f I 11,111 1111 111111 1111 lx11pI1111 lxau 1 A6111 111 Kllkflllltlx Knapp Q K . "Tino 2 A we . ci . , . . . ., .ir r t . . K' rl' "2 . . . H , - I A V - l - -I ,f Q 1 I I I I . -f I ILL ,N ,A I I , K1 I I 'V-1 ' . . . A' ' "2 Tr , . e , A ' ,f . I xr 1'. .f I. I 5 I. 5 .I , 5 R. I ,c x, 1 1 5 1. ' I ' . '1 -5 I.. ': B. ' fl I.. ' lf ' Il. 1 L. ' ' l ci, " - 11. " Al. '- I . ' R. ' ' .. ' 76 LUCILLE KOBEL 1. G A A I-lorr E ooo me Club DARLENE ELLEN KOCH Dor Tr1Y Maroon Stoll l-lorre Econormc Cluo DORIS IUNE KOTHE Dorry G A A Germo Club l-I rrelfconorfrc Club DORO THY KRAMBEER Dot Tr1 Y G A A Flrst Glrlb Glee AGNES CHRISTINE KRAUTZ Germcm Club GA A Trl Y DOROTHY ELIZABETH KREA D row Club G A A ARDELL PAUL KRICH Bu ketboll Truck Studen Cou c1l ROBERT ANDREW KROM HOUT Krummy Bond M1rror Stoll KENNETH KRUEGER BOB KARL KRUEGER Krueg Rlfle Club MIFIO Stoll G og ophy Club LUCILLE LA BRASH Tools GAA French lub ROBERT IAMES LAIRD Pow erhoube Lcltm Club EHS Player Motherrcvlcs Club Ki .4xA ,ws 'Rx f I lx az I1 A1164 U lxmnzlu: Ro rnun C rpg L Iv IJ Ixzrz I Iv: lz lx Iv mzlz nz clue. fprmnt A1114 1 lx It I IH I1 1 li? LORRAINE CORA LAMBKE GA A Home Economms Club RICHARD FREDERICK LANDWEHR Drclcle German Club Vlatherraucs Club BETTY LOWISA LANGE Lett If Bang German Club GAA F G Glee EILEEN LASCOE l GAA French Club LOIS LAVINE LAW RANCH IN F L Orcllest Cl French Club LILA OPAL LAY Dlrr ples GAA Home Econonwcs Club GLORIA GAIL LEHMAN GO Band Semor Cla Play lfa aan Stall HOWARD RICHARD LESCHKE I-lawle A Cappella lzaak Walton F t Bovs Gl e IOHN ARTHUR LINDBERG lack Pbatoa aphy Club DORIS MAE LINDEMANN Do le GAA Harre Econorruc Club Tre ble CARL GEORGE LINDOERFER lake Football Baeketball E Club CHARLES LINDQUIST Chuck Ten me Student Cauncll H1 Y 2.9 I II I 1 1111114 11 R 11151 Il nmur Mr Ixun 1 I 1141 11 1 1 lrhrmm I 111 11n1'f mg IJ 1111111111 11111 f Innif 11111111111 1 78 L K I l LII e my Llzcpk f Ilntfr r ll IIrKa3 I Ilxfhnfl I Ville: Illtz lzfll I I Ol mg Vail Ilflirufe Ilfllem 1 Ilzllurd Illllff Illflfr 161111 I 1161 hz Vu on IlcC1 key EI Ilzllrr Illllrr Il 1 GEORGE ROGER LIVESAY Tennt Marorsn Staff Orchestra DELORES LORANG T b by Tr1Y EI-IS Players Mask QS Bauble SHIRLEY IEAN LUECHT GAA Glee Club Aeoltan WALDEMAR LOUIS LUEPKE Lup Football Basketball E Club VICTOR MASI Vtc Basketball ROBERT MASON Bob H1 Y Latm Club DARWIN PAUL MATTESON Matt1e Aero Club Izaak Walton Basket ball LOIS KAY MCBRIDE Lole A Cappella G A A Tr1 Y YVONNE VIOLET MCCASKEY Mac PATRICIA IEAN McKAY Pat E H S Players Tr1 Y French Club VERONA MEL LEMA Oney GAA German Club Com merclal Club WILLIAM METZ Wllly E H S Players WILLIAM HAWLEY MICHAEL Mlke Football E Club MARY FRANCES MIL LARD GAA Commerclal Club Home Eco nomlcs Club EDWIN IAMES MILLER IEAN HELEN MILLER Mlrror Stall Ftrst Gtrls Glee G A A Tr1 Y WANDA LEE MILLER Wendy Lee Student Councrl M1rror Staff Tr1 Y IOHN DAVID MITCHELL LEORA DOROTHY MITTLESTEADT Lee GAA Tr1Y Glee Club SHIRLEYH MOCK Shlr GAA Mlr ror Staff A Cappella : 's, , l H - HI . , H HI G.A.A. SHIRLEY MARIE MILLER, "Shirl": I. 7 ,rzr D. - 1 5. . ' ' IV. f V. . ' R. , 5 IJ. . if I.. . " Y.. 15 ' P. . ' '. . t IV, .Il 3 IV. . ' .I . . ' ' E. . ' . . ' ' S. , A A IV. . ' . . G ' .. , I J' 1 . U If 79 LLOYDG MUHR Hawkeye Geog raphy Club Boys Glee Club Foot ball MAURICE EDWARD MUNCH Crunch Plrst Band MARILYNN IUNE MYERS Mmm Tr1Y EHS Players Maroon S'aff RICHARD E NASS IOSEPH FERDON NEIL II Ioe A Cappella lurno and Se lor Class Plays H1 Y CATHERINE NEL SON Kay lyrrr Staff Llterature Club Fre ch Club CHARLES H NELSON Chuck IEAN EDYTHE NELSON Ieam El-IS Playe Cheerleadrnq Mlrror IAYNE R NE ROVE Iaynre M1rrorStafl AC p pella French Club RUTH FRANCES NEWCOMB 'l'r1Y Perch Club G AA GERALDINE NEWCOMER le ry Tr1 Y GAA A Cappella WIL LIAM L NEWMAN Bmg H1Y Photography Club Basketball I 'S hw NI llnmh I l rf X rr 1 1 I A911 F Nfl on Kr fm 1 Nfl an I Nfwze A 'Xrumnrf Ncumnzrz 'Xzumrn l Xznlrzi X Il cr 111 111 P11171 P1111 JII Irllrflrr Peter 011 Il I Ugrfzvz flllllll H P1 mm 11 Per 111 F11 X 11l1111lr1 Olney O lI1Ilq P111 111 Ire 1:1 111 P11111 , 4 DOLORES RAE NIEDERT Sts Trl Y GAA La m Club MABLE NOFFS GAA Home Eco'tom1s Club Gle Club CARL R NOR LANDER Corky I-l1Y Student Councrl M1r ror Staff LAWRENCE IOSEPH GEORGE NUFER Nuff Orchestra Football Manager E Club IOYCE CAROL OGDEN Band T 1 Y Orchestra LOIS RAE OLNEY DONNA OLSON Commercxal Club HELEN MAXINE OLWIN Max GAA Tr1Y German Club BILL OMALLEY Ir1sl'1 FIFSI Band DORIS MAXINE PALM Palmsey Entered from Ge neva I-hgh School Home Economtcs Club WILLARDL PALMER Wtlly Wrestlmg Foot Bob M1rrorStaff H Y E Club ROBERT I PAULSON Football Basketball Wrestlmg MARVIN RICHARD PEARSON Dtck EHS Players Basketball lumor Class Play RALPH B PEEK PUIDIICQIIOIIS Board H1Y ERNEST LEROY PELLETIER Pelle MARILYN IEAN PERKINS Perky Treble Ftrst G1rls Glee GAA WENDELL LOUIS PERKINS Wenme Football Fxrst Band E Club IOYCE CHAR LENE PETERSON Blondte Mtrror Staff Trl H GAA RICHARD PETERSON Pete Stu dent Councll Band Iunlor and S n1or Class Play ANNA RACHAEL PEVEN Semor Ltt erature Club M1rror Staff tg A I C 'Nd ' R3 tl , : . . ., ,I A . P' a " " , g , ,I 1 'Y"j'. I H5 TF ' ' ' ' .. ' : ' . -,zuyih A , .. . . lg. . , . I ball, "E" Club. ROBERT LESLIE PARROTT. 'Q ', , . . . " "z - D. . H ' . . Nuff: C, , '1 'L ' I.. .' I ' . I I.. IJ. ,sf H. " IV, ', 1 ' ll. 1 '. tl ' R, 1 '41 R. I .rf .ll. Pen S1111 R. ' L' I.. ' ' Xl. 5 IV, . 'f K. I'1'fr11ff111 .l. 'f 81 SHIRLEY MAE PHILLIPS First Band GAA Tr1Y FRANCES DOROTHY PLATH Fran A Cappella Maroon Staff GA A DOROTHEA CLARA PLOTE GA A Home Economrcs Club ELMARIE ARDITH PORTER Orchestra Latm Club Gxrls Sc1ence HOMERPRICE George I-l1V Maroon Pubhcatrons Board RICHARD FRANK PRICE Dlck Basketball Tennls H1 V GEORGE WILLIAM PRIEGNITZ Frrst Boys Glee MARILYN LUCILLE PRILLER Freckles GAA Tr1Y Aeollan ELAINE LOIS PROUTY GAA Comme-rcral Club Home Econom1cs Club DOROTHY MAE PUFFPAFF Pullre GAA German Club Home Economrcs Club ELINOR M RADDE Shorty GAA German Club Commerclal Club DONALD RADLOFF Don Band Aero Club Rfle Club MARVIN E RADLOFF Marv Basketball WILMA MARGARET RADTKE GAA Lrterature Club German Club ELEANOR MARIE RAKOW Lefty Treble Aeoltan GAA ROBERT DARWIN RANDEL Bob HELEN MAE REAL l-lerdre Fu' tG1rls Glee Gerrran Club GAA LEON ARD PERCY REBENSTORF II Doc Football Student Councll Basketball ROSEMARY IRENE REIDY EHS Players Iuruor and Sen ror Plays G A A RICHARD CHRIST REIMER Dlclc Aero Club German Club Seruor Class Play VIRGINIA MAE REINKING Grnny Home Econormcs Clul: GAA fxn.3n 'wa I lnllrp I will Inf mf I 171' 17 lx llflog lxanzffl Reilly I R I 1 Ima' Puller A 111116 A nflfxf Ar 1 Rrrmcl lluic' Imc lumix lx rzilofi A11 ou Relen rwf Aflllklilg OLIVER CHARLES REUTER Oll1e GEORGE FRANCIS RICKERT Rrck MARY IANE RIEPL Rrp GAA Lotm Club Home Economrcs BETTY IANE RINNE Red Home Economlcs Club GAA ASOIICIYI RICHARD WILLIAM RINNE Pmky NORMA IACQUELINE ROBERTS Punk E I-IS Players Tr1Y FIISI Glrls Glee ORVA IEAN ROBINSON Corky G AA Tr1Y Aeol1cm LOUISE MARY ROCHE Lou GAA Tr1Y Ger mon Club DOUGLAS BONESTEEL ROGERS Bonesteel H1Y Student Counc1l Lutln Club THOMAS ED MUND ROGERS Iumor Llteroture V-lub Lofm Club Frosl1Soph Foot bo FELICIANA MARY ROMERO Ecormomrcs Club Commercncl ROBERT MARSHALL ROSEN Home Club GARDEN Rosy Entered from Ch1 cogo lll Bond L if U lxrmn lv ll lvrpl H lunnr II lunnr N lv H1 lx ln I lxu zz' D lx gn lx gr: fx mr I lv Fllglllffll 83 S um l un nl In nlnm lntmrsr n Lnpms lm: DOLORES ROULEY, "Squeak"p Band, Orches- tra, A Cappella. MARILYN GALE ROVEL- STAD. "I.ynn": Mirror Staff, A Cappella, Tri-Y. CATHERINE DORELLA RUSSELL, "KaY": G. A.A., Commercial Club, Home Economics Club. KENNETH REUBEN SACK. "Gunny": Aero Club Photography Club R1'le Club DANIEL ANTHONY SANTANNI IR Dan VIOLA MARIORIE SCI-IICK V Home Econormcs Club GAA IEANNETTE MARIE SCHILKE lean Entered from Chlcago lll GAA A Cappella LUCILLE ERNA SCHLIEP L GA A A Cappella BETTY IEAN SCHMIDT B tts Commercxal Club GAA Treble DARWIN BLAKE SCHMIDT Schrnutt Su dent Councll Band Mlrror WILLIAM A SCHMITZ Sm1tty StuaentCounc1l Football Track BETTY IANE SCHMOKEL Smoky GAA Home Economlcs Club Comrnerc1al Club DOROTHY MAE SCHNEFF Dot Band German Club Tr1Y VIRGINIA MAY SCHRADER Band Maroon Staff GAA CHARLES WILLIAM SCHROEDER Chuck Track E Club CLIFFORD EARL SCHROE DER Cl1t Football Track E Club CURTIS EDWIN SCI-IUBBE Curty Mlrror Staff FFA Geography Club WILLIAM ROBERT SCHUCI-I ERT Brll H1Y Lat1n Club BEULAH RUTH SCHULTZ Boo lumor Llterature Club Tr1 Y GAA FRANCES BERTHA SCHULTZ Fran y A Cappella GAA Fxrst G1rls Glee VELMA MARY SCHULTZE Shorty G1rls Glee Mnced Chorus GAA lv nlu S11 Sclnlltr Sz hnmft St hneff YKIHOFIIIFV 91 5111! tl I u r mi' IJ 81111111111 .St lzlup I gchlllll Ya hz Irfw ifhullr Yrhulf dw Sflu l Slfllllllff hu 1 cl N1 hz :Ulm Srfzmhnl K fm 1' 'Si T IEANETTE SCHUMAN G A A Trl Y VIRGINIA ALICE SCHWAB Gvmy ROBERT BARWIG SCHWARTZ Bob Ce-rman Club Geography Club IEAN BETTY SCHWARZWALDER lean e German Club T 1 Y Home Eco cm1cs Club PATRICIA MARY SCRANTON a A Tr EDWARD FRANCIS SEGERSON Ed ack Football KENNETH SEYLLER 5-...rf " 2 4- I -1. Her: WALTER R SHALES l l Basketball Boxmg LOIS E SHAM oon DEAN BERGER l. e M1 rcr Na Sludenl CGUHC1l RICHARD SHARP Moldy A Cappella Cheerleadmg E Club HELEN LOUIS Latm l orrr G A A E SHULL O chestra G A A Club NORMA IUNE SIERS or e Ecunormcx C D 2 I N Vx U XIII Nhzm an Nlznf N11 85 I P : A , '- , ' rlf . . 'AYVGY . H X y"Z 5 , ' . . .H "1 . A' Oi "1 'r , . - J , . T , l . Til "1 , r'- , - ' ' , 'I " , . "P IHC G.A. , i-Y. H . . ,N "2 N 'C If H r. P ' : lu', T. A I ' ' 3 V ,. K U' fm Q , G' Z -rf . , I 3' 5 'lb ' Q . if ' 'S- I I A - . . l f , Q Y xl 0 A. . I Q - g f A 4 ' - T V .,-1 , I. , N hz m.u1 If Xfhurlfr ll. .Nfhnmls 7. S1h14llr:1z.1f1fu' llllxlllix- l.4.nl:r Shri lurnx ur rlr ll ur IIN!! Ii, .Vg -.-'fm K, . ll ll', .lrlxf lr Wg! K. . I ff. ff :ff AG. Sl't'l'i LUCILLE MARIE SISTI Srs A Cap pella Commerclal Club GAA IO SEPHINE MAE SMITH I GAA Commercral Club SHIRLEY ANN SPOHNHOLTZ ARTHUR STADLER Art Basketball Football Student Councll ROBERT ANTHONY STAEH LER Lnhsted 1n Marlnes BERNICE CAROLYN STEFFAN GAA Glee Club FLORENCE EMILIE STRAUB Flossre GAA Treble Chorr Aeo l1a'1 BERNICE MARION STROEHER Bea Home Econom1cs Club Geog raphy Club RAYMOND WILLIAM STROHM Ray German Club Ten ms Basketball RICHARD EUGENE STRUCKMAN Drck Track DEANE SUNDERMAN Sunny Football Aero Club GORDON EDWARD SURBER Gordy Football Wrest lrng Track -4 424 1 ymfh 5 ,gpolmlmlf 5111110 L :mr rm ur nu tt NI rr n aux I Sldlflftl H Stcffll 1 Snr f B .Slloehrz Sn nz I 811111 mm D .Szmrfcnmrn Smlr: ,Q FQ. H Nllillf' rn l fl ru I fhf ma ffflm fznllx I Xu Ill un I-lllflit' flmrrlz fnnqru I 1'mnqm I fllrmln lf un ur! I' fur' fflm fur AU Lmnfz I ,ll nun Ii 1 HOWARD SVENDSEN Sw ae Band Ba k tball Football FRANK CURTIS SWANSON Rtfle Club DONALD LEWIS TASKE Dorm IEAN RAE TAZEWELL Tazy GAA LAW RENCE CHARLES THIEDE Larry Band Ba ketball Track ELMER R THIES Rocheeter IOHN THOMAS Iohrtny F1rst Band I-ItY ROBERT VERNON THOREN Bob Golf Ba ketbalt H1 Y BARBARA IEAN TOBIN Barb EH S Players A Cappella Orchestra DORO THY LAVERN TOBLER Toby GAA ROB ERT ARTHUR TORNQUIST Bob Maroon Staff Debate H1 Y DOROTHY MAY TUCKER Do Commerctal Club GAA Wrnntng Glo GA A Mask and Bauble Latm Club RALPH CHARLES TURNQUIST TSSS19 B netball Golf E Club DAVID CHARLES UNRUH Curly FFA IEAN VOIGT EHS Playerf: French Club Tr1Y DOROTHY AR LENE VOLLMAN Dot GAA Home Eco norrucs Club VICTOR VOLKENING VIC Boy Glee Club LESTER LAUREN WACKER Waclc Bard Track LEE REYNOLD WAIN SCOTT FFA IAMES IORDAN WALKER IIITI Football Basketball Wreetlmg ' e , . : , , , 5- , A ' ' A ' ' frhig ' 1 -- y M I UI , , -. . , I ' I magazine salesman, GLORIA GAE TURLEY. fs, .2 L I . " ' "5 as- 54 'Q , .. tt . . . . 1 , s . . '9 4 " ' "1 , . , . ' . . . .r I". Q 't 5 II, ' ut.-ka' . ' t: 'rl I.. ' ' H. ' I' ,r I. ' 1 5 K. ' ' H. ' f v' IJ. ' f v ' R, ' f ' 'x D. ' ' ' rp, ' ' 14. ' - 12, ' - I, Vnigl II. l'f l'. 'f f A ,g I.. Ii'.tL'rr I.. I ' fu l, llkm- 87 Ii 111111111111 uc 111511 If crd NORMA IEAN WALLMUTH, "Norm": GAA, Iunior and Senior Literature Club THOMAS ROBERT WALTERS Terr DOROTHY LOIS WASCHER I-larre Econanrics Club GA A VIR GINIA WASINGER Ginny G A A T 1 Y ANNIE LAURIE WASSINGER Eahx G A A Ge-rrran Club Tri Y RUTH LOUISE WATERMAN Ruthie G A A DONALD HOWARD WEDDLE '21-9 ,. AM ff! 5 'lDon": Hi-Y, Band, Student Council, RALPH HERMAN WEDE. "Whitey": Boys Glee IOANNE WEED I ' Farid Orchestra Student Council DAVID GEORGE WENTE ESTHER WERFELMANN Etta A Cappella C A A KENNETH RICHARD WESE MANN Ken Ba d Wrestlina If H S Playe s U1 Him ll IIII 4 L r lair U 111111 IJ li 111111 U r I HIIIF H11 1 1 1 11111 . . 1 O I it 1' , , . . . - 'A , . 1 . U' ' ' Q as-' 1 Z! Aa' . 5 , I , I1 11 A .W Tj" 5 ,, ,, -0 ii 1 I ' t ' A ' A--' f 45 V 'fi g N. ' 'fl 'Alfa-I U, ' V, 1, ,- If li',-,-' gn- 'l'li Zngti lil girlx gt, intl ll sl. U' .5 1" K, '1 " 11111 . 'I - IQ, ' dr I. ' J. " I If. fmt 1111 K, li' 5 11111 88 Y Ii 6 lfvfr ll II :Mm I! zftlmhn '7 1114 1.1 I2 H hlpplf 1 1 H1 IIIPI 1 S Iiinzpflfu 111 zz ll 1 I 1 K I I l I 1 1 In Memonam CONSTANCE IEAN WESTPHAL Connte EHS Playe s luntor Class Play Tr1Y IEAN WHIPPLE St ky GAA Band VIRGINIA WICKNICK Slow Gln GAA Orche tra RONALD WINSTON WILKIN Ron Band Mathemattcs lub WALLACE WILLIAMS Wally tumor and Senlor Class Plays Ger fran Club HARRIETT EMILY WILSON Hat Maroon MIYTOI Tr1 Y ROBERT SPENCER WILSON Bob Band Student Counc1l SHIRLEY DOLORES WIMPELBERG W1mpy GAA Aeollan FIST Glrls Glee FRED WITT IR Ntt H1Y EHS Players Gernan Club GERHARD IOHN WITTHUHN Gay Rllle Club Izaak Walton LUCILLE MAY WODRICH Lucy Maroon Staff GAA HELEN MARIE WORTHEY French Club EH S Players Lat1n Club LILLIAN REBECCA ROSE YANKO l..l Ge man Club Orchestra IO SEPHINE YOUNG I GAA Home Eco 'IOTHICS Club DOROTHY ZOLL Dot EHS Players Tr1Y Band RUTH DANIELSON Ruthl Tr1Y GAA French Club REVA IOSEPH Pr1s Entered from NIOIIIS C1ty Ill X I Ilfflllllf MELBOURNE ATCHISON Mel Band ROB ERT MARCUS DAMISCH LAVERNE EUGENE FU K Gene Football H1 Y E ub IEANETTE LOIS GERDAU Ienny Home Eco orrtc Club GAA HARRISON GIERTZ Izaak Walton Football R1fle Club FERN FROOMA GOLDMAN IOHN GEORGE HILL IER IOE HUGHES ROLAND ROBERT KOCH U S N ARLINE LOUISE KUGATH Entered rorn L1bertyv1l1e Ill DOROTHY MAE MILLER D ttv Moe G A A Corrnrerctal Club ELSIE MAE SPEYERS Entered trorr Rockford Ill ROBERT IOSEPH WHALEN L .' . 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'- - -I - ' 89 Departmental Honors English Mar1lyn Dantels Edtth Dun ning Martlee Born Dramatrcs Dorothy Rovelstad Irene Seltgson Forelgn Language Donald Adktns Marrlee Born Leota Gustafson Forth Lonnqurst Socxal Scxence Elrzabeth Lrvesay Marrlee Born Leota Gustafson Ealth Lonnqulst Mathematics Donald Dunnrng Vera Grrton Donald Hernandez Paul Sclence Mary Lols Wllson Agncilture Elmer Hrll Iames Nesler Business Rosemary Galhna Irene Greve Dorothy Radlce Art Edward Anderson Industrlal Arts Wtllram McMaster Paul Moulton Muslc Audrey Berlm Fred Sell Robert Bartelt Frank Holden Helen Brady R otary A wards Four Year Award Martlyn I Danrels Three Year Awards Mar1lee K Born Edr h L Dunnrng Leota R Gustat son Robert A Kromhout Lols La vma Lawrance Roger C Lrvesay Patr1c1a I McKay Mary Catherrne Nelson Two Year Awards W1ll1Gm S Aller ton Carolyn A Bennorth Gordon L Burton Luann E Detar Eranoes M He1n1cke Erleen M Klrnger Rrchard E Landwehr Earth R Lonnqurst Robert M Rudolph Iune M Worthy One Year Awards Charles W Ader man Donald L Adktns Audrey C Berlrn Robert VV Brown Edmond E Connor Iames Gordon Cox Margaret C Dam1sch Erancls I Dunbar Mary Ann Domelek Mor garet C Gmur Rhoda M Grupe Charlotte L Helper Amy R Helt zel Anne E Iones Constance M Kroeger Rrchard L Peterson Anne R Peven PamelaI Ryan Marlorre I Sandberg Glenn H Schnadt Dorothy M Schneft Iames E Stahl Ir Robert A Tornqulst DonaldI Weddle Dorothy Wells VALEDICTORIAN 1922 HONOR MEDALS Marrlyn Dantels Gordon L Banks Dorothy Rovelstad , . .I . 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R' RI11 1I R I . II. RKl:IHII3III- II. R II' ', II. R I I . .X. SLIVI . I. S1 .131 . IQ. ScI1.1.1f, IJ. . Sul I1. R. S-I Illl. li. .II Iy.lI. I 1' ' Q , , 0 1 ,141 I111 ' 11111115 C. SfI1Il 11I1. I. SCIIIIII Il. I". SCIIIII II1. II. I. ScI11111II1'. II. SLI1111 1I1r. l'. Srl 11S1I1 ', Ni. S1'I tl. S. S1'I11I1Il. R. .KI uII. R. S1'I1uIIf. NI. f I1u111g11111. Il. f 1 . . '- - 1 11 5 J- I , 'M o ' J, I fl.- v ' , - ' I I I ' I , - ' 4 . hw: :I ., k U . .1 A , Q T ,f , .X 71. 'I' U . u , V . 1 1 1 ' 1 I , ' 1' I 11 'II" ' i 3 f ' . I -- . ' If f I ' . ' L! 4 f If ' " -' 1"1 .1-' ll . 'V . 5 5 . V , 8 6 6' x . 3. . I 1 . n . 5 , 1 I, , K 1 1,1 I 4 1 ' 1 111 I "J 4 . . 1 1' . .. 1 I 5 Q 1 3 ' - v U .1 A I A 1 'Y f I la ' i, -,yi sv P . I I' 1 1' . -. 1 If 1 1- I ...3 I '13 132,21- - : 1. - , , ' ' ' 'K K ' " 1, 1' :C ' ' 3- K ' - x -- -ff f . .. .. .. - ' I 3 I. ' ' . xl. 112 " .L 36 ' ' -1 . ' 'H' I V 3 "gg ' L :Z if ii i: .S S R . . I F A A I 9 I ' . - " , 2' I. 'Q . . I Q I ' - ' 'J 'I . 1 f 1 xl l I 1 ' A J xx wx., I 1 K . T K I ' I I ' Q ' - I '1 - ' ' 4 J- - 1 AI ' I M - Y 1 I 51 "1 ' I 6951, l ' - 5, . 1 . - G . I , , I f - 1 X ' ' . 6 Y ,xx ,V A X, Q V. . I K' I G! I ., 521- P I V :I I I' I' I I . , N X-B 98 - 1 L 3' K Q 7'f11L4-6',J 'M Av '- ,ffg K 4 -. Ha ' X J 1 'I 4 l 1 J' Q I-,L I' V, 1, If , XVII D 'lf I r lvfn ffm. .X.SnI1v1:x1.i'.Su'K1u.IJ.SuI Img Ii. Slnrlu. Ki. SIIIHII-. NI. SHINII1 I.. Slnmrl. lwn ,nm C. SIIIIIII. Il. SUIIIIIILIN. Il. S1-I crml1.Il.S1wl1'x. NI. SIYMLI. I'. Squmx I. Bmhn. l!! 1 l!fwn lflnzf II. I., St.1t1'n . .. S. m'rI,I 1 I II I lm! 5IlIlI1. R. NMI., I'.. SIQLIQ, fr. SILTIL. .X 5IlII.lll, A lnl . ' RAM' fwfr: Ii. .X, SIQIIQH1. M. Stn-ffun, R StcpI1.1n. M. .X. Stuw.u1't. Il. Stum. Ii Str.1L1xIw.1llgI1. M. Strait. Kun' flu! IJ. Slmhm. II. Stm111ill,:. NI. Stumpf. W. Sullium. I.. Svcndscn. I' Sundwn. II. AX. SXYLIHNUII. ll , . 'v ' lwn' .-'Ill' Il. Suyuwm. IJ. Swcnmn. I.. 5XYlI1XQI'. II. I.uIur. IJ. 'I'I1urI1u1, If, . 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Brununigm. I. CLr.ix.1. I. K.lii'ixtc-mi-11. I. Corbin, H. I. IJ.1ucI. G. IilIiot X q Run' Ilzrrr: C. Iimmcrt, S. Ifwliui R liirncv, R. Ferris, I. lriurkv. S. Ifixgliir, ID, M, Fi, I. Grimm, P. Hnmcixtcr. lcv. Ia. Khiuli-. II. lurhrulil. R, fhilu Kun' four: V. Hauling, R. llurisun, l'. lk-4IIiI.uIC, S. Ilwilulgimlu, S. Hmrlurl. NI. I. lla-rcvlil. H. Hill. M, A. Hilmn. R. Iluu-I X C, In-nm, K. Icnny, I. Inlinw Kon' fin? I., Inhnsun, II. Iuncs, 'I' Kmiiinrliiig. IX KL'I'ITL'I'. R. I.. KL-rn, C. Knutwn. .X. K4 Ixrgimcr, I. Ixrucgcr, lx. I.1ilIcy. 'ln-I. R. Kmrmc, Lime. Kizimcr. Iulm Kun' .f1.r.' C. l.u-lzuw, I. Imitncr, M. NIfI5ui1.1lnl. ID. Mick, li. NIisl1Iluwm'tIi. Ii. Millikan. I. Mink. I'. Nmlur. I. Nriwuc. .X. Oiuwn C. Orlxin, I. Overmann. Kun' .ff'l'z'11: YV. I'qtcrmn, R. l'L1rIcy, I. Rzuliscli. R, Ruger, II. Renwick, G. Rin-buck. I. Ru X. A. Scliwgirzwgilmlcr, lf. Suu Knn'f'igf1I: ll. Siursctli. R. Siniluulurf, If. Smith. N. Smilli. XV. Smith. il. Sw.1n. lf. Sxuinwii. 17. Switznr. A. 'I'I1uI1lj1vll1. IJ XYliitcuii1lw. R. M. XV1ir1l. I.. Warburg. 4 ., ,270 xt. R. Ruwuil, IJ. Ruilc. li. SCIIXVAVIZ 100 SPRING XPOR TS an an wwf AA Rim t 141 t JK hm 9 rrr 1 1 Lrndqul I TX Tennis The 1941 campargn of Elgln Hrgh Schools tenms team should be marked down as one of the most successful seasons ever partlcrpated 1n by the net men They were represented by Captaln Drck PFICG Captarn elect Chuck L1ndqu1st Roger Llvesay Ray Strohrn B111 Bur merster Larry Alllson and Bob Parrott After losrng the1r hrst two dual meets of the season the team blazed rn Wlth sweeptng vrctones over thetr remalnrng n1ne matches Whlch mcluded the wlnnlng of the D1S1f1C1 Champ1onsh1p and a thlrd place 1n the Conference meet D1ck Pnce and Chuck L1ndqu1st Won both the 1nd1v1dua1 and doubles 101 champlonshrps at the Drstnct and Conference meets and also qLlCll111ed for the State Champlonshrps at Champargn here they were ehmmated 1n the f1rst round of play Thrs was the thrrd tlrne 1n hve years that Maroon raqueteers have Won the Drstrrct Cham pronshrp under the successful coachlng of G11 Renner Wlth four lettermen returnrng for thrs years squad coupled Wrth the add1t1on of some hlgh ly touted freshmen and sopho mores to take the place of the graduatlng lettermen Elgm s prospects for the 1942 season represent what rmght be the greatest team that the Maroons have had ln years I 1 -A tfmnrlm "Gill" ' 1 tr 14111 rrmt-is ur, R' j Stm . lint lk ult. C h Z1 r ' s ' Is . 1,.1r I' Allison, Rogur 1 l.1Ycs41x. ' A . , . f I l - . . . . . 1' l ' ! I I - U ' - I f , , 1 I Track the 1941 track season was the most successful of all The team not only won the Brg Erght Conference and the Kane County charnplonshrp but also smashed f1ve records The Maroons opened the sea son Wrth an rndoor meet at Na perv111e Where they scored 14 pornts A conclusron to the IH door season at Oak Park gave Elgln flve more pomts Elgln downed Palatlne 60 53 1n the frrst outdoor contest then conquered East Aurora 88 26 They parttclpated IH a trlanqu lar meet Wrth East and West Rockford m1ss1ng frrst place by the scant rnarg1n of 1 1 6 pornts The1r second tnangular meet however was a Maroon vrctory Elgln acqurred a total of 63 3 5 pornts to W1n the Kane County champ1onsh1p over West Aurora Then 1n the Drs tr1ct meet at Rockford they scored 37Vz polnts to take sec ond place behmd York of Elm hurst and quallfred erght men for the state frnals In the State meet at Cham palgn the team was led by Mxke Sulhvan who took second place among all hurdlers 1n the state The Maroons closed a spec 102 tacular season by accumulat- ing 6l points to break Rock- ford's ten-year domination of the track crown. The Frosh-Soph track squad must have contracted the "championship fever" from their older teammates, for they came through four meets victorious, They defeated Wheaton to open the season. They followed with successive victories over East Aurora, Palatine, and Wheaton. On all championship teams there is a record-breaker, and Elgin was no exception for they had Mike Sullivan, that hur- dling ball of fire who set no less than four records. His record- breaking feats included a new Conference record in the low hurdles, a new county record in the high hurdles, another county record in the low hur- dles bettering his own record, and he also broke the Rockford record in the high hurdles, The relay team also set a new county record, breaking a rec- ord held by Elgin since l932. Thus a very successful track season came to a close at Elgin High School. High hopes for a repetition of, or an improve- ment of scores and records in the 1942 season are held by the squad and school. With several high pointers returning, these hopes have a good chance of becoming realities. iff? swift- sf if NN .42 t , 'QV vi rx. The Band 'Busy as a liddler's elbow" is an apt description ot an or- ganization as active as "Elgin's own," the EHS band. A group mixing business with pleasure, the band attracts over one hun- dred students each year, and is one ot the rnost popular activities. Although they did not corn- pete in contests this year, bandsmen showed talent in their three annual concerts, at tootball and basketball garnes, and by participation in civic events. An exchange concert replaced contest trips, curtailed because ot business conditions, The junior band, supplement- ing the concert group, trains if 'Swami 'Q' ll.lI1lllT'l.lNll r R the inexperienced players. Mem- bers of the prep band join with the concert players to form the football unit which specializes in military formations and music. During basketball season the band is divided into two small- er units, the "Maroon" and "Cream" bands, which alter- nately play for basketball games. The "popular" concerts, so- called because of the nature of music played, were presented November 25, February 17, and March 24. Under the direction of Bandrnaster U. K. Reese, they featured an increased number of popular and semi-classical compositions. September l-Labor Day Parade September 20 - Community Chest Parade November 25-Fall Concert October 9-Fire Prevention Parade February l7-Winter Concert February 28-District Solo and En- semble CDeKalbD March l4-District Band CDeKalbl March 28+District Grade Band Conf cert CAbl:ottl April 2l-Spring Concert April ll-District Grade Solo and Ensemble COttawal April l8wSectional Solo and En- sernble May l-Z-Sectional Band Contes tOttawaJ May l6-State Final Contexts ll.aSalleJ May 3Oel-fferrcrial Day Parade fd J 6395532 The Urchestra The highschool orchestra has presented numerous concerts this past year with the idea of improving and developing the playing ability ot the individual and helping him to appreciate good music, With these objec- tives in mind, the orchestra has completed another successful year under the able direction of Miss Marion Lattey. Public appearances this year were at the Elgin State Hos- pital, the Sears Art Gallery, the Kane County Teachers lnstitute, and the Musicians' Club. The orchestra also played for our school Christmas program. Ac- cording to custom, they had their annual spring and winter concerts While, in place of their tall concert, they presented the opera Carmen. The high spot of the year came when the or- chestra assisted Percy Grain- ger, the famous musician, in presenting a concert at the Uni- versalist Church for the second district ot the Illinois Federation of Music. The orchestra selected the following students to lead them through the year: Helen Dooley, president, and Carolyn Ben- north, vice-president. A great deal ot credit should be given to Miss Marion Lat- fey for her excellent direction of this talented group. A Cappella The A Cappella choir is made up ot titty upperclassmen who have done much in presenting many varied musical programs during the past year. They have presented concerts for the gen- eral public, performed innu- merable times at our school as- sembly programs, and appear- ed at many other out-ot-school functions. This group ot singers perform entirely Without musical accom- paniment. lt is the pertect blend- ing of voices to harmonize with penetrating musical intlections. lt is an achievement attained by enthusiasm and coherent co-operation li' The arrangement that has been used to make it a more outstanding organization is the use ot sectionals. This gives each division ot the choir add- ed attention and instruction. During the year the choir sent representatives to solo contests all ot Whom returned With high ratings. On April 26 the Whole choir participated in the Fox Valley Music Festival at Aurora. The following people are the otticers tor the group: Charles Aderman, president, loe Neil, vice-president, and Doris Helm, secretary. The choir is under the direc- tion of Clifford Thomas. Clee Clubs Mlxed Chorus The Mrxed Chorus composed of freshmen and sophomore boys and g1rls smgs many lovely composlttons Thls chorus provldes excellent tralnmg 1n cho1r s1ng1ng for underclassmen who later may wlsh to Jom such older groups as Treble Chotr promotes mterest m the World s better mus1cal compos1t1ons of ters an opportumty to learn to read muslc and encourages the development of talent Thxs group has proved very popular because of the enthus1asm ot the underclassmen Under the d1rect1on ot Chftord Thomas members of the mlxed chorus learn to appreclate classlcal composltlons and enjoy good mus1c Aeohcm has been qulte actlve durmg the past school year They par t1c1pated ln the annual Chrlst mas program and also the Sprlng Festlval Several patno t1c numbers ln the Three One Aeolian, and A Cappella. lt also Ae-olian, a girls singing group, 108 Ac' 'D e e inf b 'te a t C Joca fed u lffexican on in an a er pl to o 4 a celebrating P Amer can eelc Gt ce r the ye r ere f ar o fc rtri r prej de-'it Grey treaeurer The accom anit 4 Carl Swanson ara S it and Helen lcii mer ere l prariane Th 5 r i under the direction o l Flma Tnaelprecht Treble Chou' The reehrr W and Soph 'n girle who are lanning to erit te cho r activit es ol LH S oe gin their pati up yard bw he comma a memper of the Treble Choir They are under the epe cial guidance ot Miss Elma Engelbreclnt Their activites or the wear in the E H S Christmas program and performing in the Sprina Veetixal h ch 5 put on oy al tie choral arcups of Elgin High School the officers tor the club are Patricia Douglerty preeident lla Carpenter secretary and Nan lean Arnis treasurer Mar, Ellen Murphy is tfie accompanist or flay.: 1-.pro si 4 y .li m, ii i r " i . T A ' - nd ii ' lit popfdr " A ' E 2 1 Q - . . is gs ri' .' T A' ' Jr cr,m 'f an- .', . - fi rs fo ' i' a V I lf :ry LA J, fic, " 'Qi.f A' lflarilyn Hopp, secretaryg lo Ann have consisted of participation O 3 '.-,YS - l P . A' . i . ' A f Phyliit ri i fjlf . F ' f w i if L ' ' l . 1' 7 f, a out E o , ' ' .. 'S . ' ' f xiii' . ., Q ' , U' ' .J ,F 1 ' V . H f f T. .a. . homore K . ' . ' f f p ' get 1 ' l l l i i lU9 "aku,-, Wife " ride and Prejudice" "Pride and Prejudice," a comedy written by lane Austen, was presented by the lunior Class May l and 2, l94l. The play concentrated on Mrs. Bennet's determination to get her daughters married. lane, Elizabeth, and Lydia were the daughters, living in a pe- riod when a Womans one pos- Charles Aderrnan Mr. Bennet Hill lohn Darnell Lois Shaniberger Mary lane Herbert lean Nelson Mrs. Bennet Lady Lucas lane Bennet Elizabeth Bennet Barbara Tobin Lydia Bennet Constance Westphal Mr. Darcy loe Neil Mr. Bingley Keith Atteld Mr, Collins Richard Clendening Amelia Mary Coleman sible career was matrimony. The story was about the duel between Elizabeth and her pride and Darcy and his preju- dice. Each gave in before the evening was over, pride and prejudice met halfway. The play was under the di- rection ot Miss Marge Biersach Mr. Wickham Wallace Williams Belinda, Marilyn Giertz Amanda , Cele Eshelman Agatha , lean Voight Three Young Men Robert Ehorn Richard Pearson Robert Gilornen Captain Denny Vernon Anderson Miss Bingley Frances Plath Charlotte Doris Helm Mrs. Lake Marilyn Myers Lady Catherine de Bough Rosemary Reidy EVENTX UF THE YEAR September WEDNESDAY 3 Classes re sume after sumnaer vacatton FRIDAY l9 Maroons trounce lflalne 1n 1rst grtdtron battle ot season MONDAY 22 Class of 43 starts battle to elect olhcers Etnal results .Art Bosnyak prest dent Shtrle, Barnwell vtce prestdent and Betty Btckler ecretary WEDNESDAY 24 Class o elects Walter Rust prestdent Charles Sm1th vce prestdent Rtll Snellgrove retary October THURSDAY 2 E rst day ot Cur t1s Vocat1onalRlan whlch erases Mlrro debt IH tffo weeks cam patgh Dorothy Tucker wlns contest wtth SMU 1n subscrtp Counctl pr s rt Rhllharmonc Quartet a lyc um show ERl DAY IU State Press Conference at Urbana THURSDAY lb All school dance the Rumpktn Prance sponsored by Student Counctl SATURDAY l8 Bg Elght press con erence at East Htgh Aurora MONDAY 27 Sentor class elects otflcers THURSDAY 3m Student al nt makes now el assembly program Eeatured are tv tn ptanos cor ne solo ballet and other mu tcal numbers Also Cla s o f3 holds aala party tn aym November MONDAY 3 Burton Lynn lack son plus a martmba plus some perky tunes equal the second tn a sertes of fme lyceums MONDAY lU ERlDAY lil Amer can Educatlon Week MONDAY lU Armlstlce Day program sponsored by Amer can Legton THURSDAY ld ERlDAY l S ntors break all product on records Ntth cla s lay Out ot tte Erytnq Par en r rt tlme on tart school stage MONDAY l7 Safe drvnd dscus ed embly b, Sergeant fence 4 State Rollce TUESDAY l8 Sophomores l old ttrst class p ty ERlDAY 2l luntor Tr1Y sweater clanc Communttf rlouse St Cwarles TUESDAY 7 Rands ore ent stxteenth a nua p c cert 1n rn WEDNESDAY 2 Ere hmen tnroff trst pcxrtv complete t ,fame cl X eie rs ' i , s ' e : ' . f . . , , A . .I - A . . A ' I . ' O j ' ' f ' . , 3 l' , A g E . f . . .. . , - ' , 4 V , . . ' I . . , . . I ' . 1, of l 9 S ' ' I , ' ., I 'ffl ' l L:-1 . , , , J' V A j . . . , I - + ' - ' V ' ' Sec' s' , . .. ., 3 s, f A I I ' J I , , 5 1 . f . t ' r ' 1 .' A h O ' A4 4 1 ' 5 Y A 1 . tions, MONDAY, 6: Student 5 ' - A ' 1 ' Q, . ,. A I . 4 , ' 345 , 4: e A t , t ' vs X , L ' " It-' 1 1 - M glv . to fl Q h'Jl f , l , T f , . l , , 3 . l t f 1. .51 ln ars- J U - f ' f V R o. xl ' '. " . 1 A Q . ., arf Q ' 1 . , c, A ,Si A . A s . n- l ' op" on ' gy l . " Q ,- . ' h Q .. s an food. . Ill Decenqbef ClSl'tGlls 17 BCI Ci T B l JIONDAJ l Student Coun l r r ,41o1t ot rare docu ment soape s letters tor ull d g '11 TUESDAY 2 n r a em rs nter represent tves at annual Col lege D TUVSDAY 9 Ger man club dtnner SUNDAY l4 F1rst o hohday act1f1t1es Cl Tl tnas Muxslcale teaturma vocal ard ochestral groups MONDAY 22 Classes d1sband torhohaays l-lex Skmnay no school t1l lanuary 2l FRlDAY 25 Sen1or Tr1 V and dates dust otl 'ormals or the Belle Ball Ictnuctry MONDAY l2 Thr1ll1ng story ot human leopard soc1ety 1n Atr1 ca 13 told by loseph Ell1ot Jungle author1ty 1n lyceum assembly FRTDAY lo lam sesston starts new year nght Students get hep at t1rst CO.lHCll dance ot lQ42 THURSDAY 22 Semors throw class party barbecued hamburgers punch danctng the Ze1g eld G1rls D1ck Peter son as naster o ceremon1es and a mag1c1an all rnake up a gala evemng February 1UESDAY 3 S pbs choose Kelly areen and rhtte as class color alter col rtul elect1on WFDNVSDAY A Cla s ot 3 meet to cl e TllCl lbanner MONDAY 0 Duer Robert l. Z1mmerm ft tells I strange ey per ence n ala on t1e ocea u T QS ,s everxthmg rom a 1 t g1e OOQlS a spnna cor cet l7RlDAY 20 Dr Arm1 l ra tell ltttle known acts out Ao aharr l ncoln t E ssemol March O DAY 2 o nMoyer tl t Y1derm ul o' Fteld Museu colored t1lm and te1l an1ma1s are made to llXG n tn museum sets FRl .JAY o One Acts feature tl1ree t es ol drama patr1ot1c tab leaus shox 1ng The B1rtb o' tl1e F o Tne Splfll ot l77o and T e Sp1r1t ol l942 open shox t en aud1ence has chance to oned mellerdrammer T1e Reunlon lastly the problems a rmssmg collar button and a to e v edd1ng scrap are unrav eled1n The Weddtng Tl-TURS DAY l2 lxlLlSlC department pre s nts Spr1ng S1ng w1th Ma con and Cream teams v1e1na or largest number ol guests VRTDAY l3 Sen1or Trl Y det es ay ot ths day by holdmg nx Tump complete W1th black c ts a ladder to walk under nd broken mtrrors MONDAY Student Counc1l sponsors School tor Drama lyceum Whlch reveals hov rad o mv tery program lS produced A1so Faculty reta1ns 1ts t1tle of amp1on donkex 1ders 1p 1ng sen1ors Thex an ed up on u ellasl VOA 23 Clas 44 mwe arert N gl1t c t on 5 7 Q I ' I - nw l - T 1 y-, ' clay. j ' 1 c11 o T "N X 1 Q I I I 1 1, 1. 1' 1 1C1 SCG 1-415 1 V , spo 1so s e' t 1 - f - A T'19'.'.'f'A rs, f 1 'Ve AJ S ' 1, 3 by I ,, L , , . , 1 1 Gi 1? YH- 1 - ab " r 1 -1 1 o . Tu 11o s nd so o 1 v1ew y 3 QM A ' N i Y - 1 A A . a 1 1 GY. 1.1 , I - . , . V .X . 1 , ., 1 1 lS 1 1 T ' ' , . ,A Q N. w .C 1 H 1 . N , .5 11 , .1 a. l ' C1 1 1 A1 1 l , T11, X' . v ' ' ' ' . - ' sgicws ' , 2. ,. . ,NV . , - f ,,- , . v E , . ' ' -' ,, ' aaaa . . i. f ' A , - 1 ". - 1 . ' 1 1 1 C Y, . ' ' ' 4 A ' T A - 11 - 1 , 1 111 . W U A . ,. , 1 1 . A ,, 11og, , . li ' A . 11' . , . , . . 1 A I Q I n1ss the VlllG1H 1n an old-lash! . . 1 , ' 1 1 l V - I I ' V ' I - of ' ' , . , . . . . F 1 , . I I' A . x - 11 11 . . ' T , . . f ' ' Y .1 g T L A g f I I-V 'f ' 1 1 1 , 3 - 1 , , - 1 - . 1 . .1 . 1 1 1 1, no L. N 1 F. fY V' 1 1 1 A . .1 1 . . .1 . ,,,. B ,, 'T - -. ff 1 ' 3 1, . o 1 :new 1 1 J 1 s 1 o ' ' 11 T ' 1 A , ' 1 ' U1 1 . - 'A ,Q ' A Y ,- 1 ,. .O 1. 1, 1. S., -1 C., 1 Y' 1 ,, D3 1 s 1ocs o ' 'a '.-in' p' , Q f 1 . . l ' .1 1. , ui 1 1 . . 1 ,. 11 1+ ' 'W - ' -.-. 1 ' ' ' ,. 1 a1 . 1. o1 1 1- DAY, . .s o. 1 it : 1 N .,. l 5 . - A Q wr ' l 1 s11 ,. 1 1:1 n cc 1 s to Farnly 1 e1ef . .W 1' ' 2 :.. ' Y L bottom, exn1o1t. st an t,sh 51a 1 . ll! April f!fQNDAY, l3' Geoffrey Morgan, iyceum speaker, gives his eight points which make up The Marks of a Man." TUESDAY, ll: Pan American Day program produces festive spirit with ccsf tumes and music in the South .American manner, MQNDAY, 20 - FRlDAY, 24: Social science department sponsors Victory Week with Charles Lindquist as general chairman. Special prof grams, air raid drills, balloting for liUncle Sam" and ' Miss Lib- erty." TUESDAY, 2l1 Last band concert of year places emphasis on popular numbers, THURS- DAY, 23: Publications staffs hold annual banquet, are given awards for work during year. FRIDAY, 24: Victory Ball tops off week of preparedness. Top- hatters furnish music, Chuck Martin and Cele Eshelman crowned 'Uncle Sam" and 'Miss Liberty," MONDAY, 27: Fox Valley music festival. Elgin sends three busloads of vocal- ists, instrumentalists to Aurora, THURSDAY, 30- FRIDAY, l: lun- iors prove real threat to senf iors' play records with 'Tune Mad," presented to capacity houses two nights. May SATURDAY, 2: Kane county track and field meet at Maroon field. SATURDAY, 9: District golf meet. FRTDAY, 29: Memorial Day program. SATURDAY, 3Ui lflemorial Day, parade. Iune FRlDAY, 5: l-lonors and Awards program. Department and Ros tgry honors recognized, Mas roons distributed. SUNDAY, 7: Baccdlaureate exercises, TUES- DAY, 9. Seniors have one last fling in Class Day program, turn scepter over to class of Also. tzge big event of the year, the Prom, Bolo Strong and his odna FRIDAY, l2: Seniors bid :drewell to fil'g7flSCflCCl days witti 'ilerzgn grdduatlon exercise" Aclcernann Bros. Warren Aiken, Photo Allied Shoe Co. Arts Food Shoppe Band Box Cleaners Bartelt's Grocery Beier's Bread Beverly, G. R. Michael Birch Louis Blum Cc. Boroco Store Bowlway Recreation grapher William H. Brady Co Brethren Publishing Britton Dairy Carbary, George Carswell Floors Cloudrnan Coal Cc. Collins, C, E, Conn Funeral Home Daniels ff Clark Cc Patrons ll4 Dreyer of Dreyer Dueringer Studio E. l-l. Dunn, M. D, Economy Oil Co. Eggert Coal Co. Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Butter Tub Company City Lines, lnc. Cleaners and Furriers Coal ci lce Company CouriereNews Dress Co. Flour of Feed Co, lnc, Fruit and Candy Co Homes Dairy Lumber Co. Machine Works, lnc. National Watch Compan Steam Laundry Co., lnc The Elgin Tribune, Vfalter T, VVo Ellis Business College FQ-LC ,Y 'S X 'flnl-tim - i ,b.LDL,.ifl, of ,Jia ... f Fox Hotel Fox Mu rcal ln tru nen C Fr edlancl lohn C loftn W Fuqua D D S Georges Clothes Shop Cxraenrng 6 Rauschert Graf Motor Sales The Haeger Potterles lnc Walter Haertel QS Co Monuments Knute H Hanson D S C Hermans Store for Men lll1no1s Cleaners and Furrrers lllrnors Hydraulrc Stone 61 Constructron lllrnors Watch Case Co R H Iohnson Ieweler W S Keller leweler Kerloer Packrng Co Klrnes Dept Store Ludw1g Mrlk Co Masters Shoe Co McBr1de Bros Co lnc McBr1de Pharmacy Elmer McLean Grocery and McClure of Struckmann Co Mllbrandt A L Market Mlller Fuel Co Mos1mans Muettertles Sunlrght Bakery Mulllken of Partrrdge CM D sl Nell s lnc Ne .vs Prrntrng Co Nlsh D W Olfrrwprc Cleaners Op n Book Shop Charles D Page Pelton Cl1UlC l C Penney C Pnllllps Auto Part C Pont1 F A Prlce Stun C pl olrx Gre t State Tfteatres lnc R1 e urner Bros l anu acturrnq C t uldge R r De V ocalat Shoop Ro e Bud Beauty Sato Rovel tad Bros Royal Ctgar Store Royal Cro NH Nehr Co lnc Ru 19 Studlo Orlo E Sahsbury Paul E Schlckler Schnelder Bros Bowlmg A eys Schnefl Bros le Nelers Sears Roebuck and Co Sharp B R Sherman Hosprtal The Shurtlelt Coal and Lumb Ioseph Spress Company Strohm Coal Co Treadwell Boats CS Motors Trentlage Wm H P B Underwood D D S Walt Ross Allanson Co lnaa A West Health System Vernon Wolff Funeral Home Wentworth s F W Woolworth Co el' ll5 3 t n - ' .- 1 3 f- S S I r O. S .. i . , T v , , ,V . . Il T Co. . , - . , , t H ' ' r X . 1 A e fr, r ' ' , ! . V. O. , . . A A - 5 XJ, Rag' . ac Co , f o. .' '- f-, ,. ' ,4 .A C4 A . ,, . . L, I , . YZ . . Vx l Y C. W1 oo Ch . e e , . lnrla x f Ullllllll rl In X I - , 1+ . M ,- -. sk 1, .1

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