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PWMNHXVV QW? 1. 1 0 L., iw: Aw we V: k 2555 ivy: 1 .gz 2 E iss? 3? ,gf Z? iw ia, V 5, . nf rx , iz I-5.1-lk, E, u 1+ ' f .f.,. H - Li x 4- ..-....A.-o.-s. will ltlltllll The staff of l94l offers in this Maroon a presentation ot the airn ot Elgin , High School: to encourage indi- viduality by instilling in each stu- dent faith in himself and confidence in his ability to Win happiness g and success in life by the develop- ment of his talents and initiative. 'A' if 'k 'A' ' , HEY PUT THHIH FAITH Foreseeing the nee tor an advancing educational system, they made sacrifices that We might have the opportunities which only an expanding program can give. While planning a more comprehensive curriculum, they realized that a school must otter adequate training in academic, vocational, and social activi- ties. Consequently, they made provision tor enlarging all ot these fields. For their tarsightedness in providing the facilities and personnel that would insure a broader educational program for present and future generations, We, the Senior Class, dedicate this l94l Maroon to the citizens of Elgin. " if 1 town H' x 11' Q Q? QW Que? Nw Q ,,,., L W AN,L my W wmv? 'ww fy im wi W IW This school year marked several new and im- portant advances in the curriculum of Elgin High School. There was a very definite development of an orientation course in the industrial arts depart- ment, a Pan-American unit introduced into the American history course, and a year in Spanish added to our foreign languages. Visual Education, also, made a step forward in the progress ol our school. if C U R R I C U L U M ENGLISH FINE ARTS FOREIGN LANGUAGE MATHEMATICS SCIENCE BUSINESS SOCIAL SCIENCE HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS PHYSICAL EDUCATION vii. X Q V j gawk-' -1 S- vga f Q --1 . if R -LQf- - - NF Q, ' V - X ' vi-'xfgg kk gi lk"Vxf x 5 'J A V , -V -- S - ,, wffym., Y I 'F' .Qi-.V W- N V m,,,,,. My V .., 1 3-5 l V V .. T753"'W1Vzf-. -. if V Vx ,, fl-21 J . ,,.V,wF3mimNm V K Vtsfixggi Q 1 ,, nm in , Egg., kim ' ' WSKK -Q ff '.7?1f7J:' ,JN Y . 'fw?2zI'5f LN' A k .VF 'L 3- x wumf If 15.2 1 'W 554 -13 'V - X - - V fa . A rw fm 'sg ggi 1, Wg., -L , ' A 'TMJ . E' . -ft: .X :f Q I , . r1.5-Lair r 4 Nw., M ..-V -1,V "mV " ' Xi' , A X -- - 5- - MWA 7, wmjilj k Q VL" ,bps -'milf' 2 k -1 -' -. ii Sf ' f. - f , -' -V. , M flf'Ei2z?H Q ' - -, Q -. 1 R, gg V. K 1 Q ,Q . ,. 'Q W A . A 1 X Q V if 13. -1- .Vgi E V Q A . A V , M V fri?-Zdevhvnhlmg . ns VV " W Q 1 , , .6 fx ' . K' '- A ilk 1' :xf"'-L'vm" Wwe-Q , -- X,- " -13 4- f Q -1,31 ei-in K k VA A K L'Q"'l"' "f'15P'if?" ' f I J it ii-fa -V- gi li' S' tiff A - ' ' k .W - V V- VV J,:A,1x, V -. . . - Q ,QV 5 ' 5' ' QV, .K .- , . 5 X L' Q' Y 4' 'IV 'Q V1 ig!-', ' 2 V K - A if 1 pr Q gi G5 S Mi Q 2 V f fi? ' 5 if VW T '- 'E ' Q S- 5 ' V . A V V, W . ,L ,W V, A V- - gf V ' my 1 ' ik gy. M ' V L,A.,. A,,. V. A ,, U . .. A ff K W - . ...,, V Mm-fVf1w2f-' ' 'V ' ' . V 1 ,L V 4 4 ' 5,15 Uwwmimimwg mV5,.MiTg - v W V, V . .,::: V .l. ,, M I K f' f -A' ' A.,A ,M f M M V VVVVV S in .J 'iam ,M , ...- ,N,,.W,,,,,, Wffwflw , H ff M' L ,if ' mf? 'iw 'f f , ,K .5 ,MZ ,U M, M W ,, ,,,, .,,,, 7, ,,,,,, ,W ,,,,,, ,, , :M if M V J V ,l My , , 4 WLWAX www, ,Wm ,,,,,,,M v 0 "4 , V, f "?"",,f me Q if mm , f I ,I , f' 2 e f A ' ' A ' ii' Z 5 i I1 ZA 5 fy W X g MM. AUWWA N' ' 5 ff f 'f W f,.f M ,,,, W ff f' f : ,WL W, ' A, f .mmm -411, f ' gag . 1 -va A wif' + 1 f A fm, MM A .W f 4351! . Q, 2 w ,wmfdkfw ' bf x ep - ,Aw ...-f- fwwm K- -,N , K --mga Y., . ' , A 4 , , 'HA ! H r , , at f--"' xl , ad.,- 'I Ei 2 E? a --""'n" X N f , T if ,..,.,..--v-4"" ' ... M , H-, Sf... -- ...,,.,..as.-f-f -- y V . . . 9-.M 11:2 1-Hx-M """' , ,W W UMW N, N.-a ...M 4W,,..,,k.wLq.x 'fl-Q-QA E N 3 . x:.:T.I. yr, fi 5 .2 Tv' , -5 A W ,QM,,. . 5 w-1-1f Q??Mx '- K 'M M' Q Q V., . ,mW, W L, , . , A , 'W' K N f wM.:f-1' M . - ' , f -f My-M WM M ' H ' N ,, ' A . . , 1 . I xr , ,,- -- was f QF' f F - , - - - . V ffv-fm2,mrL5axmwQ.L?,g'i:g,fg, ., .. My-f,fw.g1gQ,,f: ,Q ,. ,Q Q .- - 1 I ' L,-:MA - K Nw ff fl nv: Qgwf .- - ' f Q11 1 - ,- .5 A- A. ,- - Mmtg - . ' - f ww A-1,5 -was o wi ix WML Vliwl 6 ORVV1-XRD! let us have new ioleas, initiative creative ability-that is the cry at Elgin High School tor these are the things which make tor progress ESS I I Through them we find new discoveriesg new inven- tionsg and opportunities for better, happier living. Through them America marches on. ' - qv , ,o,Q A J ' A Al. Y g1 V., 'L-. E T gf 'Q fx f pw- , SK f' V, ii l -inn! I i-Qi-Qi ""w. 5 ' a Ne X , I 5 7 1 1 , - Oral F. Patterson Superintendent B. S., M. S. University of Illinois Allllll l 'l'llA'l'l0 Guiding students and teachers in' making Elgin High School better and more effective are the main duties of our efficient administrators. Mr. O. F. Patterson, our superintendent, and Mr. Merrill R. Stephan, our principal, labor untiringly in suggesting new plans and improving existing conditions in our Alma Mater. We can always rely on their friendly co-operation and understanding. Mr. T. A. Larsen, our assistant principal, shows a real interest in his Work as boys' adviser. Our director of pupil adjustment, Mrs. Nellie Drysdale, helps students to solve their problems by conferring With them personally. The Student Council, our student-governing body, is very successfully directed by Miss Adah Pratt. itll Merrill R. Stephan Principal B. E. Illinois State Normal University M. A. University of Chicaffo University of Illinois BOARD OF EDUCATION Secretary Willard Beebe, Harry Mattocks, Charles Flora, S. Mills Eno, C. H. Apple, Superintendent C. F. Patterson, Burt Phillips, Mrs. Miriam Pearsall, President C, Roy Dougherty, Iames M. Stewart, Frank D. Urie, Vincent Coleman. A. Larsen Nellie M. Drysdale Atlah H. Pratt Assistant Principal and Boys' Director of Pupil Adjustment Student Council Adviser Adviser B. A. Wheaton College B. A. Wheaton College B. A. Olivet College University of Southern Cali- University of Southern Cali University of Wisconsin fornia fornia University of California University of Chicago University of Vermont 15 ..i. 4 . ' X K ? Claudia V. Abell W. O. Bcckner Martha E. Black Frank R. Briggs f xx Q C. E. Adams Marge Biersach Elmer R. Bohnert R. S. Cartwright F LLC ,LT Y vat Wi' N 16 9 CLAUDIA V. ABELL, Normal Art, Chi- cago Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Arts, Art Adviser tor Maroon. 0 CLIFTON E. ADAMS. B. S., Lombard College, Sci- ence, Ir. lzaak 'Walton League, Wres- tling Coach. 0 W. O. BECKNER, M. A., U. ot Chicago, Science. 0 MARGE BIER- SACH, M. A., University ot Wisconsin, English, E. H. S. Players, Assembly Pro- gram Committee, Dramatics Director. 9 MARTHA BLACK. M. A., Northwest- ern University, English. 0 ELMER R. BOHNERT, B. S., Stout Institute, Indus- trial Arts, Teachers Load Committee, National Defense Classes. 0 FRANK R. BRIGGS, M. A., Indiana State Univer- sity, English, Maroon Business Adviser, Publications Board, Student Council As- sistant Sponsor, Mirror Adviser. 0 ROS- COE S. CARTWRIGHT, M. A., Creighton University, Head ot Social Science De- partment, Director of Forensics, Assem- bly Program Committee, Sponsor of National Forensic League. 0 ANNE CRAIG, M. A., University of Chicagq Foreign Language, French Club Sponsor. 9 HERBERT R. DAMISCH, M. S., University of Illinois, Science, Adult Evening School, Rural Youth Day Committee, F. F. A. Sponsor. 0 KATHERINE H. DAVERY. M. A., Northwest- ern University,1Siucial Science, Freshman lew- elry Committe'elf"0 ELEANOR H. DORSETT. M. A., University of Illinois, Science. U ELMA C. ENGELBRECHT, M. A., Northwestern Uni- versity, English, College Day Committee, Ir. Literature Club Sponsor, 1940 Frolic Social Committee. 0 MABEL A. ENGELBRECHT, 2 X 2' M. A., Northwestern University, Foreign Lan- guage, German Club Sponsor, Mask and Bau- ble Club Sponsor. 0 DONALD E. ESWORTHY, M. S., University of Illinois, Science, Com- mencement Program Committee. ' MICHAEL A. FARROH, M. A., University of Iowa, Social Science, Football, Basketball, Track. 0 ELSIE H. FLETCHER, M. A., Northwestern University, English, l944 Class Sponsor, Class Day Committee, Follow-up Guidance Committee. 0 FLORENCE H. FLETCHER, Bradley Poly- technic Institute, Home Economics, Home Economics Club Assistant Sponsor. : Craig tert R. Darnisch erine H. Davery lor H. Dorsett 1 C. Engelbrecht el A. Engelbrecht lld Esworthy : A. Farrah H. Fletcher :ncc H. Fletcher it.i.im,, fyyf,KuC1'?f0-rmflt' 'jfyiflfjf' Og ,- 0 P. D. HANCE. University of Chicago, lndus- trial Arts. 0 ELVIN L. HEDGECOCK. M. A., Colorado State College ot Education, Social Science, Freshman-Sophomore Forensics, Co- sponsor ot Cheer Leaders, Assembly Commit- tee. 0 ETHEL HOAGLUND. B. A., University of Nebraska, Library, Library Council. 0 HELEN L. IOCELYN, B. S., Northwestern University, English, Mask and Bauble Sponsor, Freshman Induction Program Committee, As- sembly Committee. 0 CLEORA E.IOHNSON. M. A., University oi Missouri, Home Ec., Home Ec. Club Sponsor, Home Ec. Department Rejuvenation Committee. 0 MARTHA IANE IONES, M. A., Northwestern University, Eng- lish. 0 HELEN C. KETTERING, M. A., North- western University, Science, G. A. A. Treas- urer, Co-sponsor ot Cheer Leaders, Student Social Chairman. 0 IOHN A. KRAFFT. M. A., Columbia University, Business, Athletics, Na- K F 'Y P. D. Hance Elvin L. Heclgceock Ethel Hoaglunrl Helen L. Iocclyn Cleora E. Iohnson Martha Iane Iones Helen C. Kettering Iohn A. Krafft W. A. Kumpi ' Marion Laffey W Mary Louise Lavery Edna Lewis Hazel Linkfield C. A. Lloyd Wilda L. Logan E. G. McLean tional Basketball Tournament Student Com- mittee. 9 W. A. KUMPF, M. A., University of Chicago, Head ot Business Department, 1942 Class Sponsor, Director ot Elgin High School N. Y. A. Work. 0 MARION LAFFEY. M. M., Northwestern University, Music, Director of E. H. S. Orchestra, String Ensembles, Small Orchestra from E. H. S. Orchestra. 0 MARY LOUISE LAVERY. Ph. B., Loyola University, Sightsaving. 0 EDNA LEWIS. B. A., Univer- sity of Iowa, Business. 0 HAZEL F. LINK- FIELD. M. A., University ot Wisconsin, Head ot Foreign Language Department, Sponsor ot Latin Club. 0 C. A. LLOYD, Northwestern University, Industrial Arts, Co-sponsor of Pho- tography Club. 0 WILDA L. LOGAN. M. S., Northwestern University, Physical Education, Girls Athletic Association Sponsor, Elgin Girl Scout Council. 9 E. G. MCLEAN. M. A., Northwestern University, Science. r: 2, Xa . if ll f'fl'T??FQ lfllv W ly Art Class I ULASSRUUM AUTIVITIE lf 1 C! Foods Class Q! f " Social Problems Hobby Show Sewing Class J! ,J ' I I 19 ? 4 n as V TS, 15 FAU LTY 0 KENNETH A. MONTGOMERY. M. A., Uni- versity of Wisconsing Social Science, Secre- tary-Treqsufer of Athletic Board, Rifle ciub Sponsor. 0 LEO C. MONTGOMERY, M. S., University of Illinois, Industrial Arts. 0 CHARLES L. MORRILL. B. S., University of South Dakota, Social Science, "E" Club As- sistant Sponsor, Varsity Football Line Coach. 0 GLENNIE E. MORROW, M. A., University of Iowag Business, Class Supper Committee. 0 DOROTHY MURRAY, Illinois State Normal W K. A. Mont mery Leo C. ntgomery Charles L. Morrill Glennie E. Morrow Dorothy Murray Myron C. Myers Margaret E. Newman George W. Peck Mary Peters Adah A. Pratt Nellie E. Purkiss U. K. Reese G. I. Renner L. V. Robinson Arthur Roggen Mary Louise Smith Elizabeth Stearns Nora B. Stickling University, Business. 0 MYRON C. MYERS, M. A., University of Minnesotay Science, As- sistant Football Coach, Teachers' Load Com- mittee. 0 MARGARET E. NEWMAN, M. A., University of Chicagop Head of English De- partment, Secretary-Treasurer of Scholarship Fund, Secretary oi Publications Board. 9 GEORGE W. PECK, M. A., University of Chicagog Business, Commercial Club Sponsor. 0 MARY A. PETERS, M. S., University of Iowa, Mathematics, 1943 Class Sponsor, Mathemat- ics Club Sponsor. 0 ADAH A. PRATT, B. A., Wheaton College, Head ot Mathematics De- partment, Student Council Adviser, College Day Committee. 0 NELLIE E. PURKISS, Ph. B., University of Chicago, Social Science, Na- tional Education Week Committee. 0 U. K. REESE, M. A., Northwestern University, Music, Band Master, National High School Band As- sociation Music Committee, Public Relations Committee. 0 GILBERT I. RENNER. M. S., University ot Illinois, Science, Girls Science Club Sponsor, Tennis Coach. 0 L. V. ROB- INSON. B. S., University oi lowa, Business, School Treasurer. 0 ARTHUR ROGGEN. M. A., University of Iowa, Physical Education, "E" Club Sponsor. 0 MARY LOUISE SMITH, M. A., Northwestern University, Library Council. 0 ELIZABETH STEARNS. B. S., Lewis Insti- tute, Home Economics, Cafeteria Manager. 0 NORA B. STICKLING. Ph. B., University of Chicago, English, Maroon Adviser. ,A K . Q bio IF 4 s-u E . f S- Q V' . ' 4.4 t .If ,4L.. . , gm., -4 FAUUL Y 9 MARIORIE E. STOFFREGEN. B. A., Univer- sity of Iowa, English, Iunior Tri-Y Sponsor, lunior Literature Club Sponsor, Maroon Assist- ant Adviser. 9 LILLIAN L. TAYLOR. M. A., Northwestern Universityg Foreign Language, Freshman Induction Ceremony, Latin Club Assistant Sponsor, G. A. A. Treasurer CSe-cond. Semester. 9 P. E. Taylor. U. ot lllinoisg Head ot Industrial Arts Department, National Defense Classes, Chairman of House Committee. 9 ADELE THOM. M. A., University of Chicago, Mathematics. 9 CLIFFORD V. THOMAS. M. A., University ot Iowag Fine Arts, Director ol Mu- sic Education. 9 MAXINE VINCENT, Library Science, University of California, Library, Li- brary Council. 9 I. NEWELL VONCKX. M. A., University ot Chicagog English, Lions Club Ticket Salesman, Aero Club Sponsor. 9 E. C. W'f.,.0.1-f . - - ,ftffr MJLWN C' .iigtif .gtg , sx WAGGONER, B. S., University of Indiana, Head of Science Department, l94l Class Sponsor, Director ot Visual Education. 9 HORTENSE A. WILSON, M. A., University ot lllinoisg Math- ematics, Co-sponsor of Mathematics Club. 9 WALTER M. WILSON. B. A., Grinnell Col- legeg English, Publications Board, Attendance Director. 9 NOEL E. WINN, B. S., Stout Insti- tute, Industrial Arts, Varsity Golf, Freshman Football and Basketball. 9 ROBERT T.WINN. B. A., University ot lowag Science, Photogra- phy Club Sponsor. 9 MARGARET LENTZ. B. E., Northern Illinois State Teachers' Collegeg Home Economics, Co-sponsor of Home Eco- nomics Club. 9 GERTRUDE CARR MEAD- OWS, B. A., Cornell College, Mathematics. 9 MARY E. REESE. B. A., University of Iowa: Social Science. arjorie E. Stoffrege Lillian L. Taylor P. E. Taylor Adele Thom Clifford V. Thomas Maxine Vincent I. Newell Vonckx E. C. Waggener Hortense E. Wilson Walter M. Wilson Noel E. Winn Robert T. Winn Margaret Lentz Gertrude Meadows Mary E. Reese D Lois Stinson Helen L. Revett Mabel E. Silliman Evelyn L. Boettcher Thomas Merritt SON B S University of lllinois, Foreign 0 LOIS STIN , . ., Language and English, Director of Girls Noon Hour Recreation. 0 HELEN L. REVETT, R. N., Charing Cross Hospital, London, England, School Nurse. 0 MABEL E. SILLIMAN, R. N., Sherman Hospital, School Nurse, Attendance Officer. ' EVELYN L. BOETTCHER: Sec- retary--registrar. 0 THOMAS MERRITT, M. S., North- ' western University, Science. Zin S w . Witte 23 emmftam CHARLES SEROCK February, l876-October, l94U Unassurning, but always depend- able, quiet, but always courteous, faith- ful, and honest-Mr. Charles Serock, our E. H. S. night watchman for thirteen years, deserved the respect which teachers and students had for him. His passing brings sorrow to all ot us. Our best tribute to Mr. Serock is in our ' ' ' ' t es. His was the recognition ot his v1r u task of watching while others slept ' tch Now he sleeps while others wa X ,Q 4 'uw- uf' We Wi G Ji CAMP LEAD ll Gordon Banks Marilee Born George Coleman Marilyn Daniels Leonard Fisher Virginia Garber Iames Nesler Marjorie Nish Betty Poole Milford Rein Dorothy Rovelstacl lack Traeger 3-., l , 4 gov 3 j' -Mr. E. C. Waggoner, adviser Virginia Garber, secretary Bob Connell, president lim Butler, vice-president E llllt CLASS Hl'I'0llY "The best claw of Elgin High School!" announced senior class adviser, E. C. Waggoner. The future class of 1941, numbering two hundred and ninety-five students, entered the doors of E. H. S. in 1937 and soon took active part in athletics, debate, and music, and on the school publications. Marilee Born, Courtney Krich, Dorothy Radke, and Howard Wilbern represented the freshmen on the Student Council. As our Alma Mater expanded, our class expanded, toog seventy-five mid-year stu dents entered from Abbott School. Ours was the first sophomore class to organize. Milford Rein was chosen president, Dick Dorsey, vice-president, and Mary Lynn Miller, secretary. Student Council members were Tom Bonnike, Marilee Born, Court- ney Krich, and Mary Lynn Miller. Reinforced by one hundred and ten Abbottarians, the juniors, in their navy blue and gold sweaters, accepted new responsibilities, The class was led by Gordon Banks, president, Howard Meadows, vice-president, and Melba Perry, secretary. Mil- ford Rein served as vice-president on the Student Council. The thespian production, "Mystery at Greenfingersf' was presented in April. The lunior-Senior Prom brought to a close the activities of our third happy year at high school. ln our last, but most enjoyable year, the officers were: Bob Connell, president, lames Butler, vice-president, Virginia Garber, secretaryg and Mr. Waggoner, adviser. As evi- dence of their fine school spirit, every member co-operated in shattering all records for class play attendance when the dramatics hit, "Y ou Can't Take lt With You," was staged. Later in the fall on College Day, many of the seniors had helpful conferences with representatives from the different colleges. Gordon Banks headed the Student Council, and Betty Poole was treasurer. As our high school days came to a close, committees for the special senior activities were named. Class day, the class supper, baccalaureate, the prom, and commencement ended activities in Elgin High School for the four hundred thirty-five students grad- uating in the largest class in the history of the school. 25 LeRoy Abtsy Dorothy Adamek Donald Adkins Don Ahle Gwendolyn Albert Franklin Alexander Edward Anderson Leroy Anderson Mabel Anderson Rita Anderson Virginia .X 'Anderson Warren Anderson Robert Andresen Charlotte Andrews Jannette Andrews Alvin Awe ' Eileen Ball Gordon Banks James Barker Irwin Farnsworth Barlow Genevieve Bartelt Robert Bartelt James Becker William Begalka Rolland Behling Marjelaine Benedict Audrey Berlin?a.u.l F1-wir Donald Berna . R b t B 0 er erry Clinton Bidwell Bob Bielenberg Lillian Bierman Richard Bingaman Doris Blank Webster Blazierbvsl wk'--X Bn George Boe lllli 0F LeROY ALBERT ABTS. "Lee", Football. 0 DOROTHY ADAMEK, "Dodie", A Cappella, E. H. S. Players, Commercial Club. 0 DON- ALD LQVERNE ADKINS, "Bud", lst. Band, French Club, lst. Orchestra. 0 DON VIN- CENT AI-ILE. "Spider", lzaak Walton, Aero, Club, Football. 0 GWENDOLYN IUNE AL- BERT. "Gwenny", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Geography Club. 0 FRANKLIN B. ALEXANDER, "Alex", Geography Club, Znd. Band, Glee Club. ' EDWARD ARTHUR AN- DERSON, "Cooley", lst. Band, Maroon Staff, Mirror Staff. 0 LEROY ANDREW ANDERSON. 435 Graduates Make Class "SWede". 0 MABEL IRENE ANDERSON, not graduating. 0 RITA CAROLYN ANDERSON. "Mush", Girls Science, G. A. A., Latin Club. 'VIRGINIA LOIS ANDERSON, "Gin", G. A. A., German Club, Latin Club. 0 WARREN CHARLES ANDERSON. "Andy", Hi-Y, E. H. S. Players, A Cappella. 0 ROBERT H. ANDRE- SEN, "Andy", Basketball. 9' CHARLOTTE ELAINE ANDREWS, "Andy", Maroon Staff, French Club, Latin Club. ' IANNETTE AN- DREWS, "Nettie", G, A. A., French Club. 0 ALVIN W. AWE. "Al", lst. Band, Iunior Hi- Y, Geography Club. ' EILEEN IESSE BALL. 1941 Largest In "Boots", Commercial Club, Home Ec. Club, Senior Literature Club. 0 GORDON LESLIE BANKS. "Gord", Football, Student Council, A Cappella Choir. 0 IAMES RICHARD BARK- ER. "lim", "E" Club, Mask and Bauble, Tennis Club. 0 IRWIN FARNSWORTH BARLOW: Iunior Birdmen. 0 GENEVIEVE RUTH BAR- TELT. "Gen", A Cappella, Orchestra, G. A. A, 0 ROBERT SMITH BARTELT. "Bob", lst. Band, lst. Orchestra, German Club. 9 IAMES FEN- WICK BECKER. "Fredeck", Senior Hi-Y, A Cap- pella. 0 WILLIAM ERNEST BEGALKA, "Bill". ROLLAND BEHLING. "Rollie". 0 MARIELAINE History Oi School BENEDICT. "Marie", Tri-Y, Commercial Club, Geography Club. U AUDREY G. BERLIN, "Aud", Orchestra, A Cappella, E. H. S. Players. 0 DONALD PAUL BERNA,"Don". 0 ROBERT GENE BERRY. 0 CLINTON CLAUDE BID- WELL. "Flint", Football. 0 BOB HENRY BIE- LENBERG, "Boots", Senior Literature Club, Agriculture Club. 0 LILLIAN BELLE BIER- MAN: Home Economics Club. 9 RICHARD ALVIN BINGAMAN, "Binge", Geography Club. 0 DORIS MARIE BLANK. "Gus", Home Eco- nomics Club, G. A. A., Tri-Y. 0 WEBSTER WIL- FRED BLAZIER, not graduating. ' GEORGE WILLIAM BOE, "Bill", Band, Boys Science, Hi-Y. 27 arsity Bctsketbal 9 ROBERT CLAUDE BONE. "Snatch", Basket- ball, Track, "E" Club. 0 THOMAS ANTHONY BONNIKE. "Took", A Cappella, "E" Club, Bas- ketball. 0 WALTER WALLACE BOOTH. "Wal- ly", Basketball, E. H. S. Players. 0 DeLORES BOPPRE, "Dee", First Girls Glee, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 MARILEE KATHERINE BORN. "Kit", Student Council, E. H. S. Players, First Girls Glee. 9 HELEN LOUISE BORN: G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Tri-Y. 0 CHARLES ELMER BRACKEQTT, "Chuck", Aero Club, Abbott Band. 0 HELEN LOUISE BRADY: E. H. S. Players, A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y. 0 RICHARD HARVEY BRANDES. "Dick", 1 28 Team Shares Three lzaak Walton, Football, Iunior Birclmen. 0 VIOLET LUCILLE BRITT. "Pinkie", Tri-Y. 0 VERNON LGMONT BRUNNER. "Gunner", Iunior-Senior Boys Glee. 0 MARGARET LU- CILE BRUSH. "Margie", Girls Glee Club, Home Economics Club. 9 VELMA IUNE BRUSH. "Vell", Commercial Club, G. A. A., Home Eco- nomics Club. ' MELVIN S. BURNIDGE. "El- bow", lst. Band, Iunior Hi-YA 0 ALVIN H. BURSTEIN. "Virgil", Student Council, Latin Club, Mathematics Club. 0 URSULAX CHAR- LOTTE BUSSAU: Aeolian, French Club, G.A.A. 9 IAMES REID BUTLER. "l. B.", EHS. Players, Science Club, Basketball. 0 BOB CALDWELL. Way Tie For Conference Title not graduating. 0 ELLEN ELOISE CALLISON. "Ella", G. A. A., Latin Club. 0 AUDREY IUNE CANE. "Nicki", Mirror Staff, G. A. A., Tri-Y. 9 VINCENT ARTHUR CANNAN. "Vince", lun- ior Tri-Y. 0 GLADYS CARR: E. H. S. Players, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 ORA CASTRUP, "Wings", Intramural Basketball, Hi-Y, Math- ematics Club. 0 SALVATORE CERASA."Sam". 0 DANIEL EARL CHAMBERLAIN. "Danny Boy", Izaak Walton, Iunior Birolmen. 9 CLIF- FORD LYN CHANDLER, "Cliff", Basketball, Baseball. 0 PAUL BURDELL CHAPMAN. "Shor- ty", Basketball, Track, "E" Club. U RENELVA IUNE CHELLOW. "lohnnie", Treble, Home Eco- Robert Bone Thomas Bonnike Wallace Booth DeLores Boppre Marilee Born Helen Born Charles Brackett Helen Br d sri Violet Britt Vernon Brunner Margaret Brush Velma Brush Melvin Burnidge Q3 Alvin Burstein Ursula Bussau James Butler Bob Caldwell Eloise Callison Audrey Cane Vincent Cannan Gladys Carr Ora Castrup Salvatore Cerasa Daniel Chamberlain Clifford Chandler Paul Chapman Renelva Chellew Russel Christensen George Coleman'k Mary Coleman Robert Connell Richard Cook Qian Bessie Cordogan Patricia Cosgrove John Craddock a y un- xl. Qalqe. Richard Brandes 0.5: , xcxxv M52 C R' Ce. lt 0F 194 nornics Club, G. A. A. 0 RUSSEL CHRISTENSEN. "Chris", Rifle Club, lzaak Walton, Geography Club. 0 GEORGE ROY COLEMAN. "lee", Football, "E" Club, Maroon Staff. 9 MARY G. COLEMAN, "Navy", G. A. A., German Club, Literature Club. 0 ROB- ERT EUGENE CONNELL, "Noodles", Football, Basketball, "E" Club. 0 RICHARD EDGAR COOK, "Gook", Senior Sales Committee, E. H. S. Players. 0 BESSIE CORDOGAN, "Bess", Commercial Club, Orchestra, Glee Club. 0 PATRICIA MARY cosanovrz. "Pat", French Club, Senior Tri-Y, G. A. A. 0 IOHN CARL CRADDOCK, "Gootch", Basketball, "E" Club, lzaak Walton. -X Ki Worx le..-a..e xg A lon 0 1 L , Robert Cranef Charles Crawfordtkeivml' Calvin Cyka Philip Dahlby Marilyn Daniels James Dannhornli-'GHG We Wallace Darling Leonard Degener Alfred Demien Donald L. Diekman Dorothy Dierking John Dillon George Dittman Richard Dorsey Marvel Downs Gerhard Drews Ver Jean Dueringer Dave Duewel Lois Duewel Donald Dunning Edith Dunning Catherine Duppler Walter Durham Paul DuSold Marilyn Ebel Robert Egyedi Karl Ehlers George Ehorn Roland Ekstrom Myron Elliot LH' CAQN bee H .l Ernst are Shirley Erdmann Hermine Feldman Jack Felton Lenore Fischer Ethel Fischer F 1941 Senior Class Play Presented Before 0 ROBERT LELAND CRANE, "Bob", Band, Golf, "E" Club. 0 CHARLES BYRON CRAW- FORD. "Chuck", Band, Basketball, Latin Club. 0 CALVIN CHARLES CYKA, "Cal", Boys Glee Club, German Club, Basketball. 0 PHILIP CHALMERS DAHLBY, "Phil". 0 MARILYN IEAN DANIELS. "Tubs", Maroon Staff, Girls Science Club, Publications Board. 0 IAMES LOUIS DANNHORN, "Danny", A Cappella, Geography Club, Commercial Club. 9 WAL- LACE DARLING. "Wally", Golf. 0 LEONARD L. DEGENER. "Dag", Aero Club. 0 ALFRED R. DEMIEN, "Al", Football, Basketball. 0 DON- ALD L. DIEKMAN. "Diesel", Boys Glee Club. 0 DOROTHY DIERKING, "Dot", Commercial Club, Maroon Staff. 9 IOHN EDWARD IAMES DILLON, "lon", "Melody Mixers", Band. 0 GEORGE B. DITTMAN. l'Dit", Rifle Club, Aero Club, Izaak Walton. 0 RICHARD IAMES DORSEY, "Dick", Football, Hi-Y, "E" Club. 9 MARVEL LOIS DOWNS, "Shorty", G. A. A., Home Economics. 0 GERHARD WALTER DREWS. "lerry", Basketball, "E" Club, Ger- man Club. 9 VER IEAN H. DUERINGER. "Vera", E. H. S. Players, Tri-Y, French Club. 9 DAVE EDWARD DUEWEL. "Demon", Foot- ball, Golf, Basketball. 0 LOIS IULE DUEWEL. "Laddie", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. XS!! 28 29 wo Capacity Audiences November . 0 DONALD LLOYD DUNNING, "Don", Hi-Y, Mathematics Club. 9 EDITH LOUISE DUN- NING, "Edie", Maroon Staff, Geography Club, Literature Club. 0 CATHERINE MARIE DUP- PLER, "Katy", G. A. A., Commercial Club. 0 WALTER THOMAS DURHAM, "Bull", Golf, Basketball, "E" Club. ' PAUL ESMOND DU SOLD, "Slim", F. F. A., Glee Club, Orchestra. 9 MARILYN IRMA EBEL, "Molly", Maroon Staff, Commercial Club. ' ROBERT LOUIS EGYEDI, "Bob", A Cappella, Second Band. 0 KARL EUGENE EHLERS: A Cappella, Iunior- Senior Boys Glee. 0 GEORGE W. EHORN. "Blue", Track, Hi-Y, Geography Club. 9 RO- LAND EKSTROM, "Mus", Football, "E" Club, Boxing. 0 MYRON EUGENE ELLIOT, "Gene", lunior Birdmen, E. H. S. Players, Mathematics Club. 0 HAZEL MARIORIE ERNST, "Blondie", French Club, Aeolian Glee Club. 0 SHIRLEY AUDREY ERDMAN. "Shirl", A Cappella Choir, French Club, E. H. S. Players. 0 HERMINE MARGARET FELDMAN. "Herclle", German Club, Home Economics, Glee Club. 0 IACK FELTON, "I. F.", Football, Track, lzaak Walton. 0 LENORE VIRGINIA FISCHER, "Lee", Ger- man Club, G. A. A. 0 ETHEL RUTH FISCHER, "Fishie", Senior Sales Committee, Aeolian, Home Economics Club. 4' J ef tudent Council Handles First All-Schoo 0 LEONARD L. FISHER, "Lennie", National Forensic League, French Club, Senior Hi-Y. 9 EMILY ANNA FLENTGE, "Em", Mirror Staff, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 ALICE CATHERINE FOHRMAN, "Lefty", Home Eco-- nomics Club. 0 LOIS ELIZABETH FORCE, "Lizzy", Senior Class Play, Iunior-Senior Tri- Y, A Cappella Choir. 0 DOROTHY IEAN FORGUE, "Smallfry", Home Economics Club, Senior Library Staff. U BETTE B. FRANK- FOTHER, "Polo", G. A. A., Commercial Club. 0 LOIS MARIE FRITZ. "Fritzie", Senior Tri-Y, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 COR- DELIA MAY FUNDERBURG. "Pete", E. H. S. Players, G. A. A. 0 GERALDINE ANNE FUNK. "Gerry", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 RUSSEL A. GABLER. 0 MAXINE Pl-IYLLIS GAEDE, "Mac", Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 ROSEMARY GALLINA, "Rosie", Band, Sen- ior Tri-Y, Maroon Staff. 0 VIRGINIA LEE GARBER, "Ginny", Tri-Y, Maroon Staff, G.A.A. 0 THELMA LANITA GATES, "Snip", Literature Club, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 BARBARA ANN GEISTER. "Barb", Student Council, Tri-Y, E. H. S. Players. 0 IOHN HENRY GEISTER. "I", A Cappella Choir, E. H. S. Players. 0 PETER GEORGE GIARDINO."Peclo". 0 HAR- RISON LELAND GIERTZ. "Blitzkrieg", Izaak ct1vity Ticket With Great Success Walton, Rifle Club. U SHIRLEY FLORENCE GIERTZ. "Shirl", Tri-Y, G. A. A., Home Eco- nomics Club. 9 VERA MARIE GIRTON. "Gertie", G. A. A. 0 MARY BARBARA GOLD- NER. "Betty", Girls Science Club, G. A. A.. Senior Tri-Y. 0 LEOTA ELIZABETH GOLD- SMITH, "Goldie", G. A. A., Glee Club. ' IAMES RICHARD GOODWIN. 0 GENEVIEVE G. GORDON, "Gene", Rifle Club, E. H. S. Players, G. A. A. 0 BETTY IANE GRAENING. 0 DUANE NUTTING GRAF. "Dewey", Rifle Club, Intramural Basketball, Izaak Walton. 0 RUTH THERESA GRAFFANA. "Ruthie", Ma- roon Staff, Literature Club, G. A. A. 0 IRENE Leonard Fisher Emily Flentge Alice Fohrman Lois Force Dorothy Forgue Bette Frankfother Lois Fritz Cordelia Funderburg ld' F k Virginia Garber Thelma Gates I Barbara Geisterieobeff F5195-' John Geister Peter Giardino Harrison Giertz Shirley Giertz Vera Girton Mary Goldner Leota Goldsmith James Goodwin Genevieve Gordon Betty Graening Duane Graf Ruth Graffana Irene Greve Henry Grishman lone Groneman Howard Gronemeier Dorene Grosmann Arthur Gross Delores Grupe Roy Gudeman Harold Guptail FLORENCE GREVE: G. A. A., Club, Economics Club. U HENRY CLAY GRISHAM. "Iumbo". 0 IONE LUCILLE GRONE- MAN, "Onie", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, E. H. S. Players. 0 HOWARD IOHN GRONE- MEIER. "Howie", German Club, Mathematics Club. 0 DORENE R. GROSMANN. "Doclie", Mirror Staff,G.A.A. 0 ARTHUR NOLAN GROSS. "Doc". 0 DELORES IANE GRUPE. "Group", G. A. A., Commercial Club, Tri-Y. 0 ROY HENRY GUDEMAN, "Goodie", Intramural Bas- ketball, Boys Glee Club, lunior Birdmen. 0 HAROLD FRANCIS GUPTAIL, "G-up", Com- mercial Club. Gera me un Russell Gabler Q Maxine Gaede Ledger' VACNL le-4-X ' Rosemary Gallinaqekgfxg, Qfkukktxy "NB Leota Gustafsonwffwwwf ml Dorothy Haas John Hammond Virginia Hansen Thomas Hansen Shirley Harmon tflghubfsv Milton Harney Mabel Hartmann Evelyn Haut Frank Havel Willard Heath Shirley Heckman Robert Heimannliwfzf-42+ Myron Heppner Donald Hernandez Margery Herrin Florence Hess El H'll mer 1 Lyravene Hitzeman Vernon Hoffman Gloria Hogrefe Frank Holdenkax-Qkis Q99 5 Karen Holmgren LLUA n Tre. cx Norman Holtz Tressa Holzman Evelyn Hoover Harold Hoppe Bernice Horn Virginia Howard Jean Hubrig Dean Huffstutler . Wesley Hulke Maxine Humbracht Walter Jahn Arlene Jenny Darlene Jensen RUTH GUSTAFSON. "Lea", First Girls Glee Club, Girls Science Club, G. A. A. 0 DOROTHY GWENDOLYN HAAS. "Tootsie", G. A. A. 0 IOHN BURNIDGE HAMMOND. "Happy-lack", Band. 9 VIRGINIA AGNES MARIE HANSEN, "Iinnie", Ir. and Sr. Litera- ture Clubs, G. A. A. 0 THOMAS HANSEN, not graduating. 0 SHIRLEY MILDRED HAR- MON. "Pat", G. A. A., Tri-Y, Commercial Club. 0 MILTON ROBERT HARNEY. "Chug", Foot- ball, Track, lzaak 'Walton League. 0 MABEL HELEN HARTMANN. "Toots", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 EVELYN MARIE HAUT. Hill 0F 1941 "Evie", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Com- mercial Club. 0 FRANK IULIUS HAVEL. "Frank", Mathematics Club. 9 WILLARD AARON HEATH. "Willy", Baseball. 0 SHIR- LEY MARIE HECKMAN, "Shirts", Hockey, G. A. A. 0 ROBERT WILLIAM HEIMANN. "Bob", Hi-Y, Band. 0 MYRON RONALD HEPPNER. "Heppie." 0 DONALD HERNANDEZ: Foot- ball, "E" Club, Boys Science Club. 0 MAR- GERY LOUISE HERRIN. "Marge", A Cappella Choir, First Girls Glee Club, G. A. A. 0 FLORENCE VIRGINIA HESS. "Sherry", Mir- ror Statt, French Club, Commercial Club. ld A1 g1n High School Two Consecutive Years 0 ELMER RAYMOND HILL: F. F. A. 0 LYRA- VENE MAY HITZEMAN, "Cuz", Mirror Staff, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 VERNON ARTHUR HOFFMAN. "Sparky." 0 GLORIA LOUISE I-IOGREFE. "I-IOQQYH: Commercial Club, E. H. S. Players, G. A. A. 0 FRANK HAROLD HOLDEN, A Cappella Choir, Student Council. 0 KAREN HOLMGREN. A Cappella Choir, Mirror Staff, G. A. A, 0 NORMAN IOHN HOLTZ, "Norm", Baseball. 0 TRESSA ANN HOLZMAN. "Tess", Glee Club, Commer- cial Club, G. A. A. 0 EVELYN IRENE HOOVER. "Ev", Commercial Club, G. A. A., Home Eco- nomics Club. 0 HERMAN HAROLD HOPPE. "Hoppe", Track, Geography Club, Football. 0 BERNICE LUCILLE HORN. 0 VIRGINIA ANN HOWARD. ' IEAN MARTHA HUBRIG: A Cappella Choir, French Club, GAA. 0 DEAN MARQUIS HUFFSTUTLER. 0 WESLEY IULIUS HULKE. 0 MAXINE HELEN HUMBRACHT. "Max," 0 WALTER H. IAHN, "lohns"g A Cap- pella Choir, Sr. Sales Committee, Basketball. 0 ARLENE PEARL IENNY: French Club, G. A. A., Tri-Y. 0 DARLENE A. IENSEN, "Dar", Tri- Y, Commercial Club, Glee Club. E lgin Bands Take 0 ELMER WILLIS TENSEN, "Elm." 0 HILMA IENSEN: not graduating. 0 LORRAINE IEAN IERNBERG, "leannie", Home EconomicsVClub, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 DELBERT G. IOHNSON. "Del", Football, "E" Club, lzaak Walton League. 0 LOIS IRENE IOHNSON. "Yonse", Band, Tri-Y, G. A. A. 0 MILA AGNES IOHNSTON. "Iohnnie", E. H. S. Play- ers, Tri-Y, Maroon Staff. 0 ANNE FOSTER IONES, "Ionesie", Tri-Y, French Club, Latin Club. 0 ELAINE IORDON. "Laney", E. H. S. Players, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 ROB- ERT CLIFFORD IUBY, "Skipper", Orchestra, lzaak Walton League, Literature Club. 0 DAR- Top Honors In State WIN ELDEN KAISER. "Kybo", Basketball, Hi- Y, "E" Club. 0 BLANCHE ANNA KASTNER. "Bobby", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 RAYMOND PHILIP KAWA, "Gus" 0 AD- RIAN HENRY KELLENBERGER. "Kelly", Sec- ond Band, Aero Club, Mathematics Club. 0 KATHERINE ELIZABETH KELLY. "Kelly", First Girls Glee Club, E. H. S. Players, Tri-Y. 0 ROBERT HACHTEL KERRUISH. "Bob", First Band, Boys Science Club. 0 THELMA LU- CILLE KIBLE. "Thal", G. A. A., Home Eco- nomics Club. 9 ROBERT EUGENE KILLMAN. "Ace", Basketball, "E" Club. 0 ELIZABETH ANNE KING, "Sugah", Tri-Y, French Club, E. H S Players 0 ROBERT FRANKLIN KNUTH Elmer Jensen Hilma Jensen Lorraine Jernberg LDn.xe D-.rx Delbert Johnson Lois Johnson Mila Johnstoni-ht'-rx M +011-NN Anne Jones Elaine Jordon Robert Juby Darwin Kaiser Blanche Kastner Raymond Kawa Adrian Kellenberger Katherine Kelly Robert Kerruish Thelma Kible Eugene Killmanf' Elizabeth King Robert Knuth David Koch Doris Koester Dorothy Kohzer Edward Konstanzer William Kramer Courtney Krich Connie Kroeger Edward Kruger Florence Krueger Lois Kurt William Kurth Gordon Lamp Wesley Landwehr George Laurishke Patricia Lawrence Martin Linder Elizabeth Livesay 0 FLORENCE KRUEGER Tiz G A A First I1 ll lil ll Contest For The Sixth Year E X "Coach", Izaak Walton League, Football. 0 DAVID FREDERICK KOCH. "Irish", Football, Band, "E" Club. 0 DORIS LOUISE KOESTER. "Kess", Latin Club, G. A. A. 0 DOROTHY KOHZER. "Dot", E. H. S. Players, Mirror Stall, German Club. 9 CHARLES EDWARD KON- STANZER. "Stinger", Hi-Y, Basketball, Student Council. 0 WILLIAM VERNON KRAMER. "Scratch", Band, Rifle Club. 0 COURTNEY WALTER KRICH. "Corky", Football, Basket- ball. 9 CONSTANCE MAY KROEGER. "Con- nie", A Cappella Choir, E. H. S. Players, Sr. Tri-Y, French Club. ' EDWARD KRUGER. Girls Glee Club, Commercial Club. 0 LOIS IANE KURT. "LoWie", G. A. A., Home Eco- nomics Club, Commercial Club. 9 WILLIAM WALTER KURTH. "Bill", Legion Baseball, F. F. A. 0 GORDON ROBERT LAMP, "Gordy", Baseball, Softball. 9 WESLEY FRED HENRY LANDWEHR, "Red", F. F. A., Aero Club, Re- ligious Education. 0 GEORGE LAURISHKE. Ir.. "Bud", Izaak Walton League, Orchestra. 0 PATRICIA IOYCE LAWRENCE. "Pat", E. H. S. Players, Tri-Y, Student Council. 9 MARTIN MICHAEL LINDER. not graduating. 0 ELIZA- BETH ANN LIVESAY. Latin Club, Literature Club, G. A. A. if - , T99 5X9 N x Verlin Loek Delores Lohse Faith Lonnquist John Lord Marjorie Lucas Betty Ludwig James Lullie Earl Luscher Jack Major Philip Manntmecuw Arthur Mapes Frederick Massa Bernice Mattke Thomas Maule Walter McBride Georgia McCarty Robert McDonough James McLaughlin 3-'if' Gloria McLean KK'.q.Nx-.rg Sr- Robert McMaster William McMaster Barbara McQueeney Betty McQueeney Howard Meadows Donald Mehlberg I in Q. Ss-vs Floyd MeyerLN Ralph Meyer Anne Michel Marjorie Miller Mary Lynn Miller R' h d M'll k IC al' l el' Virginia MillerLCnbf.vT QA-s Richard Mills tc. as 'NCS-rx Donald Mink Russell Mink Ardyne Mirs if Q 'L ?'X 'tx V ,etE IUR, 0F effu- Goble Library all E o vznun HERBERT LOEK. "Bud", Mask and 1941 Wins National Recognition Club, Aero Club. 0 ARTHUR BERT MAPES. Bauble, Aero Club. 0 DELORES IOSEPHINE LOHSE. "Dee", A Cappella Choir, German Club, Commercial Club. 9 FAITH RUTH LONNQUIST, "Lonnie", Maroon Staff, German Club, G. A. A. 0 IOHN GILBERT LORD, "Iohnny"g E. H, S. Players, Aero Club, Rifle Club. 0 MARIORIE LUCILLE LUCAS, "Mud- gie"g Tri-Y, Maroon Staff, French Club. 0 BETTY RUTH LUDWIG: Glee Club, Tri-Y. ' IAMES LULLIE."Chick." 0 EARL F.LUSCH- ER, "Can." 0 IACK ARNOLD MAIOR, "lake", Basketball, Student Council. 0 PHILIP WIN- FIELD MANN. "Phip"g Tennis Club, Geography "Irish", 'Football, "E" Club, Basketball. 0 FREDERICK WALTER MASSA. "Fritz," 0 BERNICE ELAINE MATTKE: German Club, E. H. S. Players, G. A..A. 0 THOMAS MAULE, "Tom", Band, Football, Hi-Y, 0 WALTER HENRY MCBRIDE. "Mickey", E. H. S. Players, ACappella Choir, Hi-Y. 0 GEORGIA ULAINEE MCCARTY, "Mac", Tri-Y, E. H. S. Players, A Cappella Choir. 0 ROGER M. MCDONOUGH. "Mac", Football, Basketball. 9 IAMES VAL- ENTINE MCLAUGHLIN. "Red", Ir. and Sr, Class Plays, Rifle Club. 0 GLORIA CLARE Mc- LEAN, "Mac"g Tri-Y, Maroon Staff, E. H. S. l M ' VW? At Administrators Convention In Atlantic City Players. 0 ROBERT THOMAS McMASTER. 0 WILLIAM IAMES MCMASTER. 0 BARBARA IUNE McQUEENEY. "Barb", Home Economics Club, Commercial Club, G. A. A. 0 BETTY IANE McQUEENEY. "Betts", Commercial Club. 0 HOWARD MEADOWS. "Howie", Basketball, Student Council, Mathematics Club. 9 DON- ALD CHARLES MEHLBERG. "Don", Library Stall. 0 FLOYD ARTHUR MEYER: Izaak Wal- ton League, Football. 0 RALPH LEO MEYER. "Tubby", Mathematics Club, Boys Science Club, Aero Club. 0 ANNE MARIE MICHEL. "Mike", Commercial Club, G. A. A., Ma- roon Staff. 9 MARIORIE BEATRICE MILLER. "Marge", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 MARY LYNN MILLER, "Rusty", Tri-Y, Ma- rooni Staff, E. H. S. Players. 0 RICHARD HENRY MILLER, "Dick", A Cappella Choir, Boys G-lee Club, E .H. S. Players. 0 VIRGINIA CATHLEEN MILLER. "Ginney", Dramatics Club, Mask and Bauble, E. H. S. Players. 0 RICHARD WILLIAM MILLS, "Dick", Cross Country Track, Hi-Y, Izaak Walton League. 0 DONALD HOWARD MINK. "Don", Sr. Hi-Y. 0 RUSSELL MINK. "Russ"g F. F. A., Rifle Club. 0 ARDYNE AUDREY MIRS, "Deonie", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. D ebate Squads Captu 0 IOHN LEO MISSELE. "Muss", lr. and Sr. Class Plays, Intramural Basketball, Glee Club. ' IULIANNE OLIVE MOELLER. not graduating. 0 DONALD HARRY MORTON: German Club, Mirror Staff. 0 PAUL WAR- REN MOULTON, "Moe", Aero Club. 0 MARY MOZELY. "Mase", German Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Commercial Club. 0 IOHN H. MUETTERTIES. "Mutt", "E" Club, Ir. and Sr. Class Plays, Mgr. Football and Basketball. 0 KENNETH I. MUHR. "Hawkeye", Football, Basketball. 0 IAMES THOMAS IOHN MUL- LEN, "Moon", M. A. C., Football, Geography Club. ' MARY YVONNE MUNTZ: E. H. S. Players, A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y. 0 ROBERT Ie 40 National Forensic L IRVING NAROFSKY, "Bob", French Club, Foot- ball, Mathematics Club. 0 FLOYD ELSTON NASS, "Shorty." 0 SHIRLEY IRENE NELSON. "Shirl", Orchestra, Mirror Staff, Mathematics Club. 0 EVELYN IUNE NERGE, "Evie", Mir- ror Staff, Commercial Club, First Girls Glee Club. 0 IAMES I. NESLER, "Bud", Football, F. F. A., "E" Club. U LOIS MARIE NESLER. "Susie", E. H. S. Players, G. A. A., Commercial Club. 0 ROBERT WILLIAM NEWMAN, "Bob", Band, Intramural Sports. 0 KENNETH DWIGHT NICHOLS, "Nick", Boys Science Club. 0 MAR- IORIE IANE NISH, "Midge", Mirror Stall, French Club, G. A. A. 0 GENEVIEVE DOROTHY NISS, "Red", Commercial Club, Second Choir. eague 3, 5 si Io f i "R nf f X, JM" John Missele Julianne Moeller D ld M t ona or on Q Paul Moulton Mary Mozely John Muetterties Kenneth Muhr James Mullen Mary Muntz Robert Narofsky Floyd Nass Shirley Nelson Evelyn Nerge James Nesler Lois Nesler Robert Newman Kenneth Nichols M ' ' N' h arjorle is Genevieve Niss Helen SKNIQ Shirley Nitz gin-xiae-xe.ek..0 Ruth No f fs Roger Nolan James O'Flaherty James O'Leary Stanley Olenzak Della Olesen Fern Olson Ruth O'Malley Virginia Osborne Lenora Ostdick Ruth Owen Patricia Owens John Paar Frances Page Mary Patterson Anne Pearsall I DISIIICI Championship For Second Year 0 SHIRLEY DORIS NITZ, "Shir", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Tri-Y. 0 RUTH LOR- RAINE NCI-TS, "Pattie", G. A. A., Hostess Club, Home Economics Club. 0 ROGER RAY- MOND NOLAN, "Poke", Second Band, Mirror Staff, Basketball. 0 IAMES ROBERT O'FLA- HERTY, "Stud", Boxing. ' IAMES FRANCIS O'LEARY: Commercial Club, Boxing. 0 STAN- LEY ALBERT OLENZAK. "Stan", Second Band, Photography Club. 9 DELLA MARGARET OLESEN, "Del", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 FERN ELAINE OLSON: Literature Club, G. A. A., Geography Club. 0 RUTH LORRAINE O'MALLEY. "Ruthie", G. A. A., Treble Choir, Aeolian Choir. 0 VIRGINIA BELLE OSBORNE. "Aeena", Mirror Staff, G. A. A., Choral Groups. 0 LENORA CECILIA ROSE OSTDICK. "Lenny", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 RUTH ELIZABETH OWEN. "Ruthie", A Cappella Choir, Maroon Stall, E. H. S. Play- ers. ' EMMA PATRICIA OWENS. "Pat", Ma- roon Business Stail, E. H. S. Players, Orchestra. 0 IOHN LEWIS PAAR. "lack", E. H. S. Play- ers, Ir. and Sr. Class Plays. 0 FRANCES ELLA PAGE. "Fran", A Cappella Choir, Ma- roon Staff, E. H. S. Players. ' MARY ROSE- MOND PATTERSON, "Pat", A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y, E. H. S. Players. 0 ANNE PEARSALL. "Annie", First Band, G. A. A., Tri-Y. a ll or 194 5 Robert Pease Virginia Peitsch Bettie Perrine Melba Perry Serena Petersdorf Ethel Petersen Ralph Petersen Lois Petschow Marilyn Pfaffun ob . mu Ruth Phelps Walter Phiuipstsewtx Laura Piazza Richard Pierce Betty Poole Lucille Popp Nancy Pratt Loretta Quirin DeLoras Radde Dorothy Radke Howard Rahlfs Dale Ramft Jesse Ramsey Lorraine Rasmussen William RasmussenL Lois Rathke Richard Rebenstorf Jim Reese Paul Reidy Milford Rein Dorothy Reinert Frederick Reine1't Frank Reuter Eunice Rhymes Marcelle Rice , Harry RichardsonQ:ue"' Marjorie Ridinger l Q7 . ..- Sa QV? ll lllll llll F f f . . l f ,gi Mi ow 'f'4i Hi 'Il' P31 Cy! n, 9:12 -gi .tw ' er 1 xxx 3 .. 0 ROBERT LEWIS PEASE, "Bob", lr. and Sr. Class Plays, Hi-Y. 0 VIRGINIA BERTHA PEITSCH, "Ginny", Home Economics Club, G. A. A. 0 BETTIE LEA PERRINE. 0 MELBA SALLY PERRY, "Sally", Student Council, Tri- Y, Sr. Literature Club. 0 SERENA ROSE PETERSDORF, "Snorkie", G. A. A. 0 ETHEL LUCILLE PETERSEN. "Pete", G. A. A., Aeolian Choir, Commercial Club. 0 RALPH CHRIS- TIAN PETERSEN. "Pete", Maroon Staff, Pho- tography Club, Izaak Walton League. 0 LOIS ELAINE PETSCHOW. "Snooks", A Cappella Choir, First Girls Glee Club, German Club. 0 MARILYN MAE PFAFFLIN, "Fuzz", G. A. A., "Bored" of Education" Breaks German Club, Sr. Class Play. 0 RUTH ELIZA- BETH PHELPS, "Rufus", G. A. A. 0 WALTER DEAN PHILLIPS. "Walt", Band, Photography Club, Sr. Class Play. 0 LAURA ROSE PIAZ- ZA, "Shorty", A Cappella Choir, Home Eco- nomics Club, G. A. A. 0 RICHARD STEPHEN PIERCE, "Perce" 0 BETTY IANE POOLE. "Pudclles", Debate, G. A. A., Student Council. 0 LUCILLE MARY POPP. "Lucy", Home Ec. Club, G. A. A. 0 NANCY CORDELLIA PRATT: E. H. S. Players, Commercial Club. 0 LORETTA MARIE QUIRIN: G. A. A., E. H. S. Players, Commercial Club. ' DA LORAS I. RADDE: "Dodie", G. A. A., Home Economics ,W "?' 1cket Sales Record For Publications Shows Club, Commercial Club. 0 DOROTHY MAY RADKE. "Dot", A Cappella Choir, E. H. S. Players, G. A. A. 0 HOWARD G. RAHLFS. "Howie", F. F. A. 0 DALE RICHARD RAMFT. "Blast", Hi-Y, E. H. S. Players, Football. ' IESSE DONALD RAMSEY, "Don". 0 LOR- RAINE MARTHA RASMUSSEN. "Roz", Tri-Y, G. A. A., Latin Club. 0 WILLIAM M. RAS- MUSSEN, "Bill", Maroon Staff, First Band, Pho- tography Club. 0 LOIS E. RATHKE. "Stub", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 RICHARD CARL REBENSTORF. "Re-be", "E" Club, Foot- ball Mgr., Izaak Walton League. 0 IIM ERNEST REESE, "Scratchy", Band, Football, Hi-Y. 0 PAUL REIDY, "Ice", E. H. S. Players, Sr. Class Play, Intramural Basketball. ' MIL- FORD LESTER REIN. "Milt", Football, "E" Club, Track. 0 DOROTHY MARIE REINERT. "Dot", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. 0 FREDERICK REINERT. "Fritz", Geog- raphy Club, Izaak Walton League. 0 FRANK DAVID REUTER, "Abe." 0 EUNICE MARIE RHYMES: not graduating. 0 MARCELLE IONA RICE, "Marcel", Home Economics Club, Stu- dent Council, Treble Choir. 9 HARRY KEITH RICHARDSON: Football, "E" Club, A Cappella Choir, 0 MARIORIE CAROLINE REDINGER. "Marge", Aeolian Choir, G. A. A., German Club. and And Orchestra 0 MADELINE LOUISE ROBINSON, "Dopey"5 E. H. S. Players, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 PHYLLIS INEZ ROBINSON. "Pil1"g A Cappella Choir, Mask and Bauble, G. A. A. 0 ROSEMARY RODER: Commercial Club, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 9 RICHARD WALTER ROHR. "Dick" 9 HILDA ELAINE ROHRER, "Blimp", G. A. A., Commercial Club, Geography Club. 0 HOWARD IOHN ROHRSSEN: not graduating. 0 ROLLIE PERCY ROHRSEN. "Iackson", Football, Geography Club. 0 HELEN LOUISE ROSSDEUTCHER. "Babe", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Glee Club. 0 DOROTHY INGA ROVELSTAD. "lg- Ensembles Win H gie", A Cappella Choir, G. A. A., E. H. S. Players. 0 ARLEEN DELORA ROWE. "Shor- ty", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Commer- cial Club. 0 RICHARD GILLIS RUFFIE. "Ru- fus"g Senior Hi-Y, First Bancl, A Cappella Choir. U IOHN SANDAKER: German Club. 0 IEANNE ADELLE SCALES, "Ieannie", Ger- man Club, G. A. A., Tri-Y. 0 DONALD WIL- LIAM SCHAAF. "Don" 0 HELEN SCHEELE. "Scheele"g E. H. S. Players, G. A. A., Tri-Y. 0 DORIS MARIE SCHEITLIN: German Club, G. A, A., Home Economics Club. ' LOIS MILDRED SCHELLENBERGER. "Sche1lee", Sen- ior Tri-Y, G. A. A., German Club. 9 LOIS OIIOIS Madeline Robinson Phyllis Robinson uffu. mms-Q-4 any Rosemary Roder Richard Rohr Hilda Rohrer Howard Rohrssen Rollie Rohrsen Helen Rossdeutcher Dorothy Rovelstad Arleen Rowe Richard Ruffle John Sandaker Jeanne Scales Donald Schaaf Helen Scheele Doris Scheitlin Lois Schellenberger Lois Schick Richard Schif Erwin Schmidt Gladys Schmidt Eloise Schmitz Russell Schneider Dorothy Schrader Donald Schultz Fred Schuhknecht William Schultz Elva Scollay Harold scott LSe--t Lorraine Scott Marion Seegert Irene Seligson Fred Sell Mary Ann Sensor William Sensor Therrien Seymour 1'- S X ll lllli 0F 194 Q n District. State. Contests IEAN SCHICK. "Loie", E. H. S. Players, Com- mercial Club, Tri-Y, 0 RICHARD EUGENE SCHIP. "Dick", Glee Club, F. F. A., lzaak Wal- ton League. 0 ERWIN E. SCHMIDT. 0 GLADYS RUTH SCHMIDT. "Schmitty", Mirror Staff, A Cappella Choir, Tri-Y, G. A. A. ' ELOISE ADELE SCHMITZ. G. A. A., French Club, E. H. S. Players. 0 RUSSELL F. SCHNEIDER. "Buck", Band, Orchestra, lzaak Walton League. 0 DOROTHY IANE SCHRADER: First Band, Mirror Staff, French Club. ' DONALD L. SCHULTZ, "Schlitz", Cross Country Track, Football, Aero Club. 0 FRED WILLIAM SCHUHKNECHT. "Freddy", Aero Club. 0 WIL- LIAM L. SCHULTZ, "Bill", "E" Club. 0 ELVA SCOLLAY. "Shorty." 0 HAROLD C. SCOTT. "Scotty", Sr. Literature Club, Photography Club, Baseball. 0 LORRAINE ELLEN SCOTT. "Scottie", Sr. Tri-Y, G. A. A., E. H. S. Players. 0 MARION ELIZABETH SEEGERT. "Seagar", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 9 IRENE BERNICE SELIGSON. "Skelly", Ir. and Sr. Class Plays, E. H. S. Players, Mask and Bau- ble. 0 FREDERICK WILLIAM SELL. "Fritz", Band, Student Council, Baseball, Basketball. 0 MARY ANN SENSOR. "Annie", G. A. A., E. H. S. Players, Home Economics Club. 0 WILLIAM SENSOR. 0 THERRIEN SEY- IVIOUR. "Terry", entered from Dundee High School, Football, Mirror Staff. Sewage x w'u.kA.r.rl Richard Shaw Anna Shull Carole Siegel Loretta Skibeli Donald Smith Frances Smith M S ith ary m John Somers Genevieve Spencer Bob Sperry Robert Spinner Barbara Spitzer George Spoo Alice Sporleder Adolph Stadler Dorothy Stansell Margorie Stanselllexabe, 4 K Bernice Sttark Bruce Stark Eddie Steele Elmer Steinman Marge Spohnholtz ' ' I' Q 5 Osh Marilyn Sterricker John Stettnertfiwn -le-nm H' June Stettner Robert Stevens Arthur Stoll Doris Streit Laverne Studebaker Edmund Stumme Barbara Sullivan Florence Sullivan Terry Sullivan Fred Summers Doyne Sunderman Walter Templeton Il lllll 0F I94I 0 RICHARD W. SHAW, "Mase", Mirror Busi- ness Staff, Photography Club, Track. 0 ANNA MAE SHULL. "Benny"g First Band, Glee Club. G. A. A. 0 CAROLE LORRAINE SIEGEL. "Cottie"g First Girls Glee Club, G. A. A. 0 LORETTA IONE SKIBELI, "Snookie"g Home Economics Club, G. A. A. 0 DONALD LISLE SMITH, "Smitty", Geography Club, F. F. A., Intramural Basketball. 0 FRANCES BETTY SMITH. "Honey", Home Economics Club, G. A. A. 0 MARY LOU SMITH. "Mary", Tri-Y, G. A. A. 0 IOHN M. SOMERS, "Lover"g Basket- ball, Track. 0 GENEVIEVE MARILYN SPEN- CER. "Gennie"g A Cappella Choir, Commer- cial Club, Literature Club. 0 BOB H. SPERRY, "Sparrow", Band. 0 ROBERT SPINNER. "Bob"g Sr. Class Play, E. H. S. Players, Ir. and Sr. Hi-Y. 9 BARBARA IEAN SPITZER. "Barb"g lr. and Sr. Class Plays, Sr. Tri-Y., E. H. S. Play- ers. 0 MARGE ELIZABETH SPOHNHOLTZ. "Peg", Mask and Bauble, E. H. S. Players, G. A. A. 0 GEORGE A. SPOO, "Spooky", Geography Club, Football. 0 ALICE ANNA SPORLEDER: G. A. A., Girls Science Club. 0 ADOLPH E. STADLER, "Abe"g Orchestra, Band. 0 DOROTHY IOYCE STAN.SELL,"Stan- nie", A Cappella Choir, E. H. S. Players, Sr. Tf1-Y. v MARIORIE IANET STANSELL. "lan- o 1650 On New nie", A Cappella Choir, E. H. S. Players, Sr. Tri-Y. 0 BERNICE HAYLE STARK, "Bunny", German Club, G. A. A., Geography Club. 0 BRUCE ROBERT STARK. 0 EDDIE CHES- TER STEELE. "Dee", G. A. A., Commercial Club, Home Economics Club. 0 ELMER LEONARD STEINMANN, "Red", Football, Track, Basketball. 0 MARILYN STERRICKER. "Shorty", G. A. A., Girls Glee Club. 0 IOHN IACOB STETTNER, "Chuck", Mathematics Club. 0 IUNE LORRAINE STETTNER, "Stett", G. A. A., Commercial Club. 9 ROBERT HAR- OLD STEVENS, "Stuie", Basketball, First Band, A Cappella Choir. 0 ARTHUR CARL STOLL, Activity Ticke "Tissue": Track. 0 DORIS IEAN STREIT. not graduating. 0 LAVERNE STUDEBAKER, "Stude", Football, Track. 0 EDMUND ARTHUR STUMME, "Ed", First Band, First Orchestra, Rifle Club. 0 BARBARA I. SULLIVAN, "Punk", G. A. A., Home Economics Club. U FLOR- ENCE CATHERINE SULLIVAN, "Sully", G. A. A. 0 TERRY MICHAEL SULLIVAN, "Irish", Track, "E" Club, A Cappella Choir. 0 FRED SUMMERS. "Pete", Football, Basketball, Track. 0 DOYNE GOULD SUNDERMAN, "Sur1die", Track, Rifle Club, Basketball. 9 WALTER H. TEMPLETON, "Wallis-." BH rs' . .U .sy Oberlin Choir ' RICHARD OTTO THIES. "Dick" 0 DO- LORES IEAN TIMM. "Timmie", Debate, Home Economics, E. H. S. Players. 0 IOHN EV- ERETT TRAEGER. "lack", Mirror Stall, "E" Club, Student Council. 0 DORIS LEE TRA- MELL: G. A. A. 0 EVELYN MARIE TREYER. "Em", German Club, Literature Club, Glee Club. 0 CHARLES WILLIAM WAGNER, "Chuck", Track, A Cappella Choir, Hi-Y. ' ROBERT EDWARD WARD. "Bob." 9 MAR- GARET PEGGY WARNER, "PegQY": G. A. A. 0 DONALD BALDWIN WEBB, "Baldy", Drum Major, First Band. 0 ROBERT BENIAMIN WEHRLE. "Speed", Track, Football, First Or- oe College B chestra. 0 ALICE MARY WELCH: Mirror Staff, Home Economics Club, G. A. A. 0 ETHAN RANDALL WELD. "Mac": Basket- ball, "E" Club, Student Council. 0 CLYDE ROY WELLS, "Gozzy", Hockey, Intramural Basketball. 9 BETTY IANE WENDT, "Betts", G. A. A., Home Economics Club, Geography Club, Glee Club. 0 DORIS IRENE WENDT, "Stubby"g G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 GEORGE CARL WENDT: Football, Track. 0 DOROTHY IRENE WENZEL: not graduating. 0 MARIORIE GLADYS WENZEL. "Peggy", Sr. Tri-Y, Sr. Literature Club, G-.A.A. 0 MARY LOUISE WHEELER: Mask and Bauble, G. A. A. and E Presented By Music 0 NANCY WHITCOMB. "Nan", Maroon Staff, Tri-Y, G. A. A. 0 HOWARD FREDRICK WIL- BERN. "Howie", First Band, Student Council. 9 ROBERT M. WILKINS, "Wilkie", Football. 0 IAYNE ANNE WILLIAMS. "Willie", Tri-Y, Girls Science Club, Photography Club, 9 LLOYD EVERETT WLLIAMS, "Butch" 0 MARY LOIS WILSON, "Mugs", E. H. S. Players, Tri-Y, G. A. A. 9 BERNADINE TULIP WINNER, "Bea", Ir, Tri-Y, G, A, A., Home Eco- nomics Club. 0 MARIONLOUISE WOHLFEIL. "Shorty", German Club, G. A. A., A Cappella Choir. 9 PHYLLIS ANN WOLEBEN. "Phil':, First Girls Glee Club, Sr. Tri-Y, G. A. A. Richard Thies John Traeger Q Dolores Timm g?-n...x Sie eq inf ,NB Doris Tramell Evelyn Treyer Charles Wagner Robert Ward Margaret Warner D ld W bb una e Robert Wehrle en Wuxw.-we Alice Welch 1.6 A-. Mo.-Xe A Ethan Weld Clyde Wells Betty Wendt Doris Wendt George Wendt Dorothy Wenzel Marjorie Wenzel Mary Wheeler Nancy Whitcomb Howard Wilbernf Robert Wilkins Jayne Williams Lloyd Williams Mary Wilson Bernadine Winner Marion Wohlfeil Lu-A-5 lXe'-Sfsvsvs gtk Qxenilitmnx Phyllis Woleben L9 --nu Hu KA.: my Craig Woodcock Iris Wyman Robert Yaeger Arlene Ziegelbein Donald Ziegler William Ziegler John Zimmerly Marvin Zimmick Department KC GGGC R 0F l94if Q H. CRAIG WOODCOCK. "Woody", Basketball, French Club. 0 IRIS MAE WY- MAN. "Erich", A Cappella Choir, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 ROBERT IOSEPH YAEGER, "Bob", Hockey, F. F. A. 0 ARLENE MARIE ZIEGELBEIN. "Ziggie", German Club, G. A. A., Home Economics Club. 0 DONALD IESSE ZIEGLER. "less", Sr. Literature Club. 0 WILLIAM MACK ZEIGLER. "Bill", Track, F. F. A., "E" Club. ' IOHN FRANCIS ZIM- MERLY. "lack", Aero Club, First Boys Glee Club, Photography Club. 0 MARVIN GEORGE ZIMMICK, "Zim", Glee Club. Richard Broeker Fl d Edd Oy Y Joseph Goldner Robert Hedley George Loechner Jack Ross Jacqueline Stringer n es ' - vim' 1941 Il 1011 0F ' RICHARD BROEKER, "Dick", Tennis, 0 FLOYD EDDY. "Herby", Boys' Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Rifle Club fDundeeJ. 0 IOSEPH GOLDNER. "Ice", Football, Track, Aero Club. 0 ROBERT HEDLEY, "Bob", E. H. S. Players, Football, Boys' Glee Club. 0 GEORGE LOECHNER, "Dody." 0 IACK ROSS: not graduating. 0 IACQUELINE STRINGER, "Iackie", Tri-Y, French Club, German Club. 0 IAMES BAZOS. 0 HAROLD DEEGAN. "Deeg"g Iunior Izaak Walton League. 0 AXEL GORDON. "Iune"g Rifle Club, lzaak Walton League. 0 BETTY RANGE. 0 RICHARD SHAW. 0 GEORGE VLASAK: Golf, Football. 0 ROBERT WILDHAGEN, "Bob", First Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Choir. L'DefeYk.x OQQ1-ff 35 9 BETTY WILSON. "Bets", Home Economics Club, G. A. A. Zin illllvnrnriam RICHARD KEEKER December 8, 1921 -December 23, 1939 MARlOR1E VON LANKEN V Iune 7, 1923-December 5, 1939 50 ll C011 I Ill F our Year Awards Dorothy Bonin Kathryn Micklewright Three Year Awards Helen Louise Brady Marilyn Danlels M son Frances a Two Year Awards Marilee Born Robert Kromhout Lois Lavina Lawrance Roger Livesay Patsy McKay English Dorothy Bonin Marilyn Clark Kathryn Micklewright Dramatics. .Robert Broitzman 'tz Paul Orkfri lane Wilson Social Science Dorothy Bonin Kathryn Micklewright Kathleen Rogers Frances Livesay ROTARY AWARDS Althea Nelson h rine Nelson Cat e William Rasmussen ood Marilyn Underw Iane Wilson One Year Awards ' " ' Bill Allerton ' ' Carolyn Bennorth Gordon Burton Sylvia Fisher lanet Lee Fredrickson Lee Gabby Barbara Geister Ruth Graffana Frances Heinicke DEPARTMENT HONORS Foreign Language Frances Livesay Althea Nelson Science Dorothy Bonin Warren Culp Merrill Forney Charles Schumacher Commercial Marilyn Clark Floyd Eggen Virginia Gurtner 51 Ruth Helm Arthur Iacobson Eileen Klinger ' d ehr Richard Lan W Gloria Lehman Elizabeth Livesay Frances Livesay Faith Lonnquist Cecil Meacham Shirley Miller Paul Moulton Robert Rudolph Irene Seligson lack Snellgrove Iune Szosz Mary Lois Wilson Helen Worthy Agriculture Willis Volkening ' Music Stewart Ruth Ellen Robert Broitzman Ruth Rouley l VALEDICTORIAN Dorothy Bonin 1922 HONOR M Frank Bonnike Ruth Helm EDALS U nnnmssmm Www Iunior C1asswfThespic:ns Present "Pride an 'Q 4 M5 Prejudice As Annual Production Iunior Class Officers Mr. VValter A. Kumpf, adviser Dick Peterson, president Dick Clendening, treasurer Cecile Eshelman, secretary Doris Helm, vice-president 7 NMS 7 First Row: D. Cossman, L ritt, E. Campbell, M. Boppre, I. Coleman, I. Ciraulo. Second Row: C. Cerasa, E. Brartdes, M. Burns, B. Copley, M. Cole- man, D. Bruening. Third Row: I. Burkhart, R. Chandler, A. Boncosky, M. Brinker, F. Breum, G. Crichton, D. Burke. Fourth Row: C. Christensen, I. Denk, W. Burmeister, A. Brown, G. Burton, R. Feuerhaken. Fifth Row: R. Cassell, B. Cavitt, I. Brucker, S. Fischer, I. Chapman, D. Clendening. First Row: P. Fuller, R. Grupe, R. Giardino, M. Gmur, I. Gibbs, D. Gillion. Second Row: I. Gerdau, I. Foltz, H. Gross, L. Garbrecht, F. Goldman. Third Row: G. Funk, H. Gerber, D. Gilliam, I. Forster, C. Gillette. Fourth Row: R. Gilomen, N. Hinrichs, I. Freyer, B. Gardener, R. Livesay, R. Gabler. Fifth Row: D. Giertz, V. Forst, E. Gieseke, R. Hachtel, D. Hendricks, G. Hoerner. First Row: M. Kelley, S. Iohnson, E. Iennejahn, B. Horn, E. Iohnson, L. Kernan. Second Row: H. Huffstuttler, I. Katopodis, D. Iay, L. Keistler, M. Giertz. Third Row: L. Katz, G. Iohnson, I. Iohnson, M. Iohnson, I. Kaptain. Fourth Row: C. Iohnson, L. Huber, B. Kawa, E. Iensen, L. Hugh. Fifth Row: A. Hoye, W. Iohnson, W. Iervey, D. Hulke, D. Huckstedt, R. Iohnson. lx VI' LW 4 2 My .ll fi 5 ? s-: IUNIORS First Row: M. Beverly, B, Begalka, B. Ballard, A. Anderson, E. Barnett, M. Bartelt. Second Row: E. Bauman, I. Biggins, H. Berman, F. Barnwell, R. Anderson, E. Beyer. Third Row: N. Badgerow, M. Atchison, V. Anderson, A. Blietz, B. Allerton. Fourth Row: R. Becker, W. Bender, R. Barth, K. Affeld, R. Turnquist, L. Allison. Fifth Row: I. Blizek, R. Ahle, A. Annis, N. Arthur, C. Aderman, H. Bartels. First Row: V. Dickerson, H. Dooley, C. Flora, C. Fairchild, C. Eshelman, C. Dittman. Second Row: M. Daly, H. Darr, I.. DeTar, S. Fisher, M. Doiel, E. Fletcher. Third Row: L. Ekstrom, C. Economy, M. Crawford, M. Danielek, M. Garrelts, H. Dieckhoff. Fourth Row: D. Dunlap, R. Eldredge, B. Dieterich, R. Ehorn, I. Darnell, R. Davis. Fifth Row: W. Flood, S. Fisher, I. Duval, I. Groves, B. Generaux, R. Hageman. !3f1.wafc- First Row: D. Hoffman, V. HoEman, E. Hajdu, D. Helm, M. Hill, I. Hansen. Second Row: C. Hei- man, F. Heinicke, P. Holland, H. Hoffman, S. Hameister. Third Row: M. Herbert, D. Hintt, S. Heinl, A. Hennings, E. Hecht. Fourth Row: D. Hill, D. Hendricks, L.. Heflick, R. Hoagland, I. Hoffman. Fifth Row: E. Hoppe, D. Iohnson, N. Heckmann, R, Hallock, I. Hillier. Sf! :A filvvs V Q. Y' First Row: L. La bke, L. Lay, M. Kirkpatrick, L. LaBrash, H. Koehring, R. Kluender. Second Row: D. Krambeer, D. Lindemann, L, Kobel, L. Lawrance, E. Lascoe. Third Row: D. Koch, L. Knapp, H. Kleiser, R. Landwehr, R. Laird, S. Kramke. Fourth Row: D. Kothe, G. Lehman, D. Krea, B. Lange, S. Klabuncle, A. Krautz. Fifth Row: B. Krueger, H. Leschke, C. Lindquist, R. Kromhout, A. Krich, R. Koch. ZW 53 4 UNIIERCLASSME Lions Club Gives Proceeds Oi Annual First Row: S. Miller, I. Miller, D. Lorang, P. McKay, M. Millard, E. Marshall. Second Row: R. Meyer, S. Luecht, L. Mirrlesreadr, S. Mock, G. Kilgore. Third Row: YV. Miller, M. Mertes, V. Masi, L. Muhr, L. McBride, Y. McCackey. Fourth Row: E. Miller, R. Mason, B. Metz, I. Lindoerfer, M. Munch. Fifth Row: L. Lenart, I. Lindberg, W. Luepke, I. Mooney, H. Michael, M. Micklevitz. First Row: V. Reinking, E. Radde, M. Romero, E. Rakow, S. Robbins, D. Rouley. Second Row: N. Roberts, W. Radtke, M. Riepl, L. Reche, O. Robinson, D. Puffpaff. Third Row: B. Rinne, H. Real, E. Prouty, E. Porter, M. Rovelstad, A. Rosen. Fourth Row: R. Paulson, H. Price, G. Priegnitz, D. Price, M. Radloif, D. Radloff. Fifth Row: R. Rinne, O. Reuter, R. Randel, G. Rickert, M. Richardson, L. Rebenstorf. 021. Wgp irst ow: B. Tobin, D. Tucker, F. Straub, D. Tobler, D. Vollman, A. Steffen. Second Row: V. Tracy, I. Stringer, B. Steffan, I. Smith, I. Voigt. Third Row: S. Spohnholtz, I. Thomas, L. Thiede, I. Tazewell, F. Swanson. Fourth Row: D. Unruh, B. Tornquist, D. Taske, E. Thies, D. Sunderman. Fifth Row: I. Udesen, R. Struckman, H. Svendsen, R. Strohm, B. Thoren, A. Stadler. First Row: I. Nelson, M. Noffs, A. Peven, I. Nerove, M. Perkins, I. Peterson, Second Row: I. Plote, L. Olney, G. Newcomer, C. Nelson, I. Ogden, S. Phillips. Third Row: M. Olwen, D. Niedert, F. Plath, M. Myers, R. Newcomb, D. Olsen. Fourth Row: B. Parrott, R. Pech, W. Perkins, C. Norlander, W. Palmer, L. Nufer. Fifth Row: L. Pelletier, B. New- man, . Peterson, I. Neil, I. Mitchell, D. Pearson. I First Row: V. Schick, L. Schliep, I. Scharzwalder, B. Schmidt, H. Shull, L. Sisti. Second Row: C. Schubbe, F. Schultz, C. Russell, HB. Schultz, M. Schrader, P. Rodgers. Third Row: B. Schmokel, N. Siers, L. Shamberger, D. Schnefi, I. Schuman, P. Scranton. Fourth Row: W. Schmitz, E. Segerson, W. Shales, D. Sharp, C. Schroeder, K. Sack. Fifth Row: W. Schuchert, C. Schroeder, R. Schwartz, B. Sinko, D. Schultz, D. Schmidt. Kao-P+' 'X9"".- rw" First Row: V. Wicknick, L. Yanko, G. Voltz, I. Whipple, D. Wascher, N. Wallmuth. Second Row: H. YVilson, If VValker, L. Wainscott, F. Witt, R. Waterman. Third Row: S. Wimpelberg, I. Weed, C. Westphal, H. Worthey, I. Young, D. Zoll.Fourth Row: L. Wacker, R. Wade, R. Wilson, D. Weddle, K. Wesemann. Fifth Row: V. Volkening, T. Walters, G. VVitthuhn, D. Voss, R. VVilkin, W. Williams. .W may SOPHOMORES First Row: D. Bauer, E. Bagley, M. Bauman, S. Adams, L. Anderson, M. Barth. Second Row: M. Bartleson, M. Ayers, N. Arthur, S. Barnwell, E. Bayless, G. Ahrens. Third Row: R. Austin, E. Barn- hart, H. Bargholtz, P. Tastacl, E. Ackemann. Fourth Row: D. Ballard, R. Bailey, G. Asher, R. Allen, E. Backus. Fifth Row: F. Banker, D. Apple, P. Bazsali, E. Anderson, H. Barlow, A. Antclilf. s' " , ,a First Row: R. Begalk, I. Boettcher, S. Beck, M. Booth, M. Bolger, L. Buhrow. Second Row: L. Bergfors, P. Breslich, L. Brunner, A. Brown, P. Brown. Third Row: G. Taylor, M. Bickler K. Bier- man, R. Buehler, C. Brandes, D. Brown. Fourth Row: E. Brubaker, W. Behm, A. Bosnyak, W. Bohlin, D. Bennett, R. Brown. Fifth Row: C. Tazewell, M. Bcgalka, M. Beckman, B. ickler, C. Bennorth. I. Benhart. f aft . V ng ?yjfyxyJ4vf ,pff,7y,ff., f 6 Show For New Band Uniforms. 0 f' 9 'Y ww!! MW' C 29 Q UNDERCLASSME l Sophomore Class Enrollment Hits All V 1 ' ' g ff. ff' - u tr 397 Time High With 480 Registered JW' treats First Row: M. Carrier, I. Conway, V. Buiack, R. Butler, E. Collins, C. Carlson. Second Row: R. Giambelluca, B. I. Cochran, B. Conrad, C. Churchill, E. Burgeson, R. Carney. Third Row: I. Castillo, G. Cordogan, B. Darling, D. Cheperka, M. I. Chapin. Fourth Row: D. Chamberlain, L. Carlsen, G. Coxe, I. Coulombe, G. Cannon. Fifth Row: E. Christenson. I. Campbell, E. Conner, G. Carapanos, F. Termini, R. Covey. v Q Q ! K xvtq c.- Q P' 'T I5 First Row: D. Grewl, G. Goll, F. Goll, C. Hansen, H. Vollmer, B. Harney. Second Row: E. Hack, D. Gudeman, I-. Gylleck, G. Iames, M. Hall. Third Row: I. Haan, D. Gough, A. Hansen, I. Hamilton, S. Gould. Fourth Row: R. Haligas, B. Hameister, I. Goll, T. Hansen, P. Gubbins. Fifth Row: R. Tipple, E. Geske, L. Groneman, K. Gruno, R. Greiner, R. Graeber. 4 5' rw ' ' w First Row: N. Iewell, V. Keeker, D. Sarah, M. Iohn- son, M. Irish, V. Kaclow. Second Row: H. Iohnson, A. Kaiser, V. Iohnson, C. Kelahan, D. Kible. Third Row: D. Kenyon, B. Iordon, H. Iohnson, I. Iacob, F. Kappen, R. Kellenberger. Fourth Row: E. Kellen- berger, N. Kleiser, I. Traub, D. Iackson, N. Iohnson. Fifth Row: F. Iorclon, D. Kilburn, M. Toppel, L. Iochum, A. Iacob on, R. Illa. f 'ffl 1, L ,fr , x' r if First Row: A. Milbrath, R. McQueeney, E. Movitz, P. Miller, N. Morton, D. Mooney. Second Row: D. Miller, M. Matulka, W. Morrison, D. Meyer, E. Mc- Million. Third Row: A. Miller, M. E. Murray, M. A. Murray, M. Miller, M. Nelson, S. Murray. Fourth Row: H. McNutt, H. Michel, W'. Miller, F. Misscle, B. Morlancl, H. Minehart. Fifth Row: B. Morton, E. Myers, M. Wallis, C. Miller, E. Mellen, C. Nelson. +......L.r..L First Row: D. Creamer, I. Damisch, F. Dunbar, L. DeMien, R. Gertlau, F. Dolby. Second Row: M. Dibler, W. Dauel, E. Garrelts, S. Eberman, L. Davis. Third Row: C. Davis, D. Thornton, Horace Gates, Harvey Gates, A. Dopke, F. Doiel. Fourth Row: R. Thrun, R. Gieske, S. Dierschow, P. Dreyer, I. Cron- enberg. Fifth Row: D. Dreyer, E. Duewel, C. Geistcr, L. Dralle, M. Gerberding, R. Dauel. First Row: R. Huske, M. Henley, E. Hoffmeier, B. Hearn, E. Hopp, I. Harris. Second Row: L. Herter, G. Hunter, S. Hofflander, D. Hitzeroth, I. Hughes. Third Row: W. Herron, D. Hulke, C. Helper, D. Huckstedt, L. Hulke. Fourth Row: A. Hughes, G. Hartman, K. Henning, T. Holtz, I. Howard, H. Holmes. Fifth Row: I. Hickey, D. Holtz, R. Holden, D. Hopp, K. Hoke. First Row: M. McLean, I. Klinger, B. McDonald, M. McKay, D. Kline, E. Klinger. Second Row: N. McDonough, G. McCormick, B. Kramp, D. Kruse, B. Kirmse, C. Maule. Third Row: R. Kramer, F.. McBride, R. Koehnke, -M. McArthur, B. Kopperdale, I. Krabbe. Fourth Row: M. Kult, R. Tucker, D. Mc- Gill, R. Kramka, W. Treadwell, K. Kramke. Fifth Row: K. Kramp, C. Koloridas, C. Massa, I. McCue, R. Menke, R. McCarthy. First Row: S. Ohms, B. Parrott, I. Peterson, M. Reese, L. Nesler, A. Newby. Second Row: K. Parrish, D. Nohl, R. Reinert, M. Rahn, A. Reimer. Third Row: L. Reinert, G. Rabe, L. Ostclick, M. Rakow, D. Peck. Fourth Row: I. Rahn, F. Pogotla, K. Nerge, I. O'Rourke, B. Peque. Fifth Row: F. Trupp, C. Peter- son, R. Udesen, B. Oehler, R. Reimer, H. Richmann. I' 57 ll DERCLASS ll Comedy Concert Goes "Bored of Educc:t1on" d3LU,,I2,,.QwU5 First Row: B. Schaaf, L. Rippberger, L. Sheaifer, V. Reuter, V. Rohr, G. Underhill. Second Row: G. Russell, M. Sarto, P. Rinne, P. Ryan, P. Richards. Third Row: R. Richardson, I. Schaiiter, R. Ryburn, W. Schaible, O. Riebock. Fourth Row: R. Schellow, P. Rogers, E. Richert, T. Rogers, B. Roberts. Fifth Row: R. Roth, R. Russell, R. Rudolph, B. Richoz, R. ScheHow, R. Ronn. Itllzwe First Row: R. Wilkey, L. Wcyer, I. Warner, R. Walker, S. Zierke, R. Whipple. Second Row: M. Zirk, D. Waterman, B. Werrbach, M. Wiese, S. Wilkins. Third Row: G. Zigler, B. Wenzel, G. Zimmick, M. Zuckerman, E. VVille, E. Warner. Fourth Row: B. Williams, M. Whipple, I. Zend, R. Wolfe, E. Christ, L. Whalen. Fifth Row: I. Westerman, W. Wilson, C. Wright, P. Young, K. VVhite, E. Weidner. First Row: N. Fehrman, M. Foley, A. Fierke, A. Fillmore, L. Frick, H. Filson. Second Row: R. Galske, V. Garner, L. Feldmann, S. Fritz, E. Lalleman. Third Row: L. Erdmann, G. Fritz, H. Lehman, I. Waggoner, VV. Egoroff, I. Engle. Fourth Row: E. Ehlert, I. Gaede, A. Lang, P. Fisher, F. Lagerstrom. Fifth Row: G. Van De Voorde, K. Ehorn, I. Fretty, R. Funk, I. Gabler, W. Fischer. First Row: G. Seyller, K. Seyller, D. Skinner, A. Van Buren, M. Turner, I. Schramm. Second Row: M. Smith, V. Schmidt, R. Scranton, D. Schrader, R. Schock, C. Sjurseth. Third Row: D. Schuring, F. Schifferer, M. Schutlin, D. Schild, I. Silliman. Fou.rth Row: I. Schmitt, G. Schultz, R. Schnulle, W. Shales, I. Schultz. Fifth Row: R. Smith, P. Smith, W. Smith, A. Schroeder, G. Schnadt, L. Simpson. .F gk. f First Row: H. Steele, V. Studebaker, M. Squires, I. Von Lanken, L. Stewart, B. Starman. Second Row. D. Stettner, R. Stumme, R. Sunderman, I. Szosz, I. Solyom, M. Surber. Third Row: I. Stahl, L. Wahl, S. Stepanek, F. Schumacher, D. Spencer, D. Stone- breaker. Fourth Row: S. Robert, K. Sodt, E. Swentek, G. Sportsman, G. Starling. Fifth Row: N. Stonum, C. Sterricker, C. Sollenberger, I. Stolt, R. Voss, R. Sund. xi , jmfylg ff, Q1 AVKN. , 1 - . I First Row: L. Lueck, H. Masi, E. Leiseberg, M. Lohman, D. Leuthold, I. Martin. Second Row: M. Markovich, S. Lawrence, G. Mason, M. Liessmann. Third Row: H. Liebig, N. Van Fossen, F. Magden, M. Lane, D. Maas. Fourth Row: V. Lemon, H. Liepitz, R. Lindemann, D. Leuthold, R. Lamprecht. Fifth Row: R. Leuenberger, I. Luepke, C. Martin, C. Landis, R. Lange. FRESHMEN First Row: E. Boppre, I. Gissler, F. Davis, I. Crafts, B. Althen, D. Goldsmith. Second Row: I. Boehm, B. Cole, D. Dowell, H. Allison, M. Bogert, B. Brinker. Third Row: M. Anderson, B. Buck, D. Andrews, E. Adamek, I. Daniels, I. Flores, R. Albertson. Fourth Row: B. Becker, B. Darlison, M. L. Drought, B. Carlson, M. Felten, I. A. Fay, L. Benn. Fifth Row: M. Anderson, C. Crouse, A. Goldenstein, F. Baumann, B. Fidler, D. Breslich. First Row: F. Luescher, V. Burnidge, I. Helm, M. Knutsen, S. Goldstein, R. Crichton. Second Row: R. Leitner, M. Hopp, M. Pearson, L. Kellenberger, L. Cook, I. Burkart. Third Row: W. Gudeman, R. Lawrence, M. Lund, S. Hover, C. Kleiser, I. Kirshaw, D. Groesser. Fourth Row: S. Block, D. Grim s, I. Gorman, R. Harris, W. Herrin, M. LaP 'nte R. Carlson. Fifth Row: R. Grimes, R. Kenyon, ap- tain, D. Harding, B. Groves, N. Heheis , . und. - 'S if crea V ourt Sits In Iudgment 45 -2- El J ' ' J 99. av P5 Qjy .. - ... - Fi Freshman-Sophomore Sports Inaugurated In Big w I E 3 3 E 1 X Elght Conference In 1940-41 Season First Row: F. Peters, M. McAllister, B. Plote, K. Russell, S. Nelson, G. Noffs. Second Row: I. Nichol, D. Robbins, B. Rigor, G. Michel, I. Reese. Third Row: B. Moore, D. Rice, A. Rein, D. Scott, R. Lamb, I. Pierce. Fourth Row: D. Shales, P. Smith, S. Sheffner, M. Fehrman, D. Fritz, B. Koch. Fifth Row: A. Petschow, D. Smith, W. Rust, R. O'Leary, V. Remmers, K. Pool, H. Martin. First Row: P. Ciraulo, N. Harney, S. Dewey, I. Curce, S. Bradley,'G. Dahlby. Second Row: V. Dailey, P. Chapin, E. Deak, A. Cramsey, P. Czischke, I. Costello, E. Brenner. Third Row: E. Buchholz, B. Dunn, M Chapman, B. Iones, M. Danielek, I. Brandes. Fourth Row: N. Burbury, W. Day, M. Claire, L. Heim, B. Helms. I. Burmaster, E. Comerer. Fifth Row: R. Brown, R. Burke, G. Danner, R. Holtz, R. Lenz, H. Holze, R. Coats. First Row: C. Hall, M. Harris, V. Handy, O. Peder- son, M. Pierson, I. Iseberg. Second Row: A. Mink, I. Mills, B. Hummel, D. Hansing, C. Gurnett, K. Illa, E. Holman. Third Row: O. Myhre, G. Hameister, W. Heltzel, I. Iohnson, E. Iohnson, G. Guillett. Fourth Row: M. Hubbell, L. Petschow, S. Hoeppner, V. Hartmann, C. Hameister, P. Iohnson, Fifth Row: D. Hudson, I. Hansen, R., Hansing, A. Hansen, C. Hansing, R. Heide. First Row: I. Piazza, M. Porter, L. Ottinger, I. Pelletier, L. Miller, B. Metzger. Second Row: B. Rachner, R. Schock, W. Mulliken, K. Montgomery, I. O'Rourke, L. Mensching, F.. Prescott. Third Row: H. Paar, G. Shales, N. Millikan, B. Phelps, U. Olson, D. Porter, I. Nelson. Fourth Row: I. Miller, G. Orban, I. Metz, K. Plath, R. Real, I. McLean, D. Oehler. Fifth Row: R. Melahn, R. Olson, R. Nielsen, R. Nufer, W. Mische, O. Shelton, I. Pogoda. I First Row: E. Villars, I. Anderson, B. Brack, M. I Trout, G. Ward, M. White. Second Row: S. Torling L. Bost, C. Swinyer, R. Bailey, P. Wimpelberg, C Beckmann. Third Row: I. Zimmerman, E. Wheeler G. Von Arco, M. Allbee, M. Bartels, B. Bartels D. Behling. Fourth Row: C. Swanson, B. Wahl D. Blazier, C. Anderson, M. Andres, B. Baustert H. Tejes. Fifth Row: K. Bonner, R. Anderson H. Winter, B. Albee, M. Benhart, I. Bowlds First Row: C. Fees, L. Garrelts, S. Funk, I. Eggert, C. Eminger, W. Gentry. Second Row: B. Grenda H. Hansen, H. Greiner, R. Gould, I. Kirklandi I. Fuqua. Third Row: B. Ludwig, N. Meagher, R Erickson, D. Lohrmann, M. Graf, H. Grisham, B Goldsmith. Fourth Row: P. Floods, N. Fraas, C Koehler, D. Frost, R. Fees, G. Faber, E. -McLean Fifth Row: I. Fowler, W. Goedert, G. Faust, R Featherkile, V. Frisby, W. Gross. First Row: M. Ioy, B. Saxe, F. Kantorwitz, M. Iones M. Klinger, D. Katzensky. Second Row: L.. Kelley I. Lange, R. Iohnston, R. Keever, R. Lowe, M Sandberg, R. McChesney. Third Row: M. Leighty D. Reed, D. Katzensky, R. Krenz, R. Mann, R Magden, P. Kempek. Fourth Row: R. Kroeger, R Lange, D. Lissell, R. Mann, A. Lira, E. Scheflow L. Kleinschmidt. Fifth Row: Pearce Larson, G Mclntire, E. Landwehr, A. Loek, R. Lohse, P Kneippen, W. Kroeger. First Row: L. Rudolph, B. Rice, G. Seymour, C Southard, D. Swanson, B. Schultz. Second Row: E. Schultz, M. Sunderlage, B. Rovelstad, I. Salisbury F. Sever, I. Salisbury, S. Schroeder. Third Row: I. Stewart, E. Steinmann, M. Stewart, E. Stickling, R. Schuring, G. Szosz, L. Schauer. Fourth-Row: W. Roberts, M. Rohling, A. Thicman, F. Schoon- hoven, D. Smith, I. Sullivan, A. Roe. Fifth Row. E. Schuber, R. Smith, R. Rasmussen, K. Schaaf D. Stolt, I. Roger, D. Seyller. X s 1 1 1 a y m ll DERULASSME Eight Lyceum Programs Featured By Student Counc1l First Row: E. Wishon, M. W'ainscott, G. Westbrook, I. Vasquez, E. Weightman, V. Williams. Second Row: D. Wienholtz, D. Wetzel, P. VVienke, T. Yanko, I. Weidner, P. Walker, M. Thiemann. Third Row: A. Warner, B. Wells, D. Zornow, L. Wasinger, K. Werner, L. Worthey, M. Tobler. Fourth Row: E. Vlfoleben, W. Volkening, R. Thrun, P. Wright, G. Wiese, M. Wilharm, E. Wille, R. Timm. Fifth Row: H. Wasingcr, B. Wasmond, C. VVatts, H. Wright, YV. VVolf, T. Tracy, I. Tuthill, C. Trout, H. Wolff. First Row: D. Carswell, V. Beck, D. Dunning, Naomi Coliingbourne, Nancy Collingbourne, I. Danner. Sec- ond Row: R. Casey, I. Day, L. Calame, P. Clenden- ing, N. I. Amis, B. Brown. Third Row: R. Broker, B. Anderson, C. Cahill, V. Brady, D. Diekman, B. Burstein. Fourth Row: L. V. Bertsch, P. Dougherty, R. Bennorth, W. Dearlove, H. Bryant, R. Brady, WI. Benedict, F. Barth. Fifth Row: R. Brauthauer, M. Byers, D. Bone, B. Bedwell, P. Carman, R. Diershaw, V. Dellar, I. Bohlin. First Row: M. Mayer, G. Erickson, L. Morgan, M. Gilliam, I. Iohnson, L. Batt. Second Row: L. Krue- ger, G. Helm, R. Hoffman, H. Irish, E. Koteles, W. Keller, R. Gabler, V. Graeber. Third Row: M. Miller, D. Haworth, A. Kempik, E. Krogh, B. Haut, A. Heim, I. Morse, M. Howard. Fourth Row: L. Gabler, R. Frieke, A. Britton, E. Meuser, M. Huber, S. Kellenberger, D. Iohnson, P. Freyer. Fifth Row: G. Lindberg, E. Manley, R. Fowler, C. Edgington, G. Heine, R. Katan, R. Iohnson, N. Fugate. First Row: B. Sommers, L. Steffen, I. Sralen, E. Wetzel, G. Steele, I. Savage. Second Row: R. Scheit' len, S. XVebb, M. Paulos, M. Sjurseth, A. Selpien, A. Steffen. Third Row: W. Williams, R. Paulus, F. Novean, A. Priegnitz, F. Werner, I. Traub, L. Wilson, W. Sullivan. Fourth Row: B. Stanfill, S. Westcrbeck, S. Steffen, E. Schaaf, F. Todd, I. Smith, I. Wahl, B. Zirk. Fifth Row: E. Peabody, E. Termini, C. Smith, B. Schnulle, -M. Scherschel, D. Ross, A. Pcrly, R. Olesen. 62 QR , . W I kg p f v t n MW W V W TRIANGLE with one side missing is not a triangle, ancl a person who has never thrilled at being a part ot some sport is missing a vital siole of lite. Our physical fitness helps us to "play the game" as this game ot lite becomes more complex. r S 2 5 5 5 S e 2 z 5 3 I L ! E 2 5 24 ? 5 ? 2 3 Iohn Kraiift Arthur Roggen Mike Farroh The coaching ability of our athletic directors has placed E. H. S. in top positions in most sports. Without these men to "oil" the parts, the "machinery" of our athletic department could not run so smoothly as it does. Arthur Hoggen, athletic director, has the management of all intramural sports and track. lt is due to his efforts also that the gym classes and health classes operate so efficiently. "Mike" Earroh produces our fast- moving, fighting varsity football squad and coaches our frosh-sophbasketball team. His basketball team won the Big Eight championship this year. lohn Krafft coaches our important varsity basketball squad. During the football season, he is on the gridiron with the freshman-sophomore football boys as their director. Both of these 'I'0ll teams tied for the Big Eight champion- ship. "Chuck" Morrill lends ct hand in training the fellows to become expert players in varsity basketball, Varsity football, and track. Myron Myers shares the big task of training freshman-sophomore football squads to take the place of varsity boys some day. Each spring on the tennis courts, one sees "Gil" Benner training his team to hit that elusive ball over the net. Noel Winn has charge of freshman football and basketball and shows our varsity golf team how to shoot low scores on the fairways. Cliff Adams coaches wrestling, this year introduced for the first time in the history of E.l-l.S. as an inter-school sport. Gilbert Rennei Myron Myers Clifton Adams Charles Morrill Noel Winn Punt formation I VAR l'I'Y Il00'l'IiALL "Hope springs eternal in the human breast," and the opening of the l94U-4l school year brought with it high hopes for a successful varsity football season. For the first game of the season, a heavy Glenbard squad invaded Elgin, but the Maroons, led by co-captains Gordon Banks and George Coleman, unleashed a strong running attack to crush the enemy. Next, Elgin played host to Maine Township High and defeated its team by a large score. Elgin's hopes for the first Big Eight Varsity Championship were handed an early setback when the Maroons lost a heartbreaker to Ioliet. lt was in this game that ends l-larry Richardson and Leonard Rebenstorf were injured. This further dashed Elgin's title hopes. Against West Aurora, Rein and Company struck fast and furiously to take an early lead, but late in the game, West Aurora's Blackhawks pushed over for the winning touchdown. Traveling to LaSalle-Peru, the Maronons expected to lose by a wide margin. They fought the highly touted Cavaliers to a standstill, and emerged with a 68 TAR llll THE Gltllllltll Rein, quarterback Banks, Michael, encl halfback Coleman, tackle Mapes fullback scoreless tie. George Coleman's fine defensive play was greatly responsible for Elgin's splendid showing. Returning home, the Maroons lost another close game to the East Aurora Tomcats, by a single touchdown. Next, Elgin traveled to Freeport. There, sparked by Milt Reins long runs, they twisted the Pretzels decisively. At home again, they played West Rockford. This game marked the return of Gordon Banks, and al- though Banks had not fully recovered from an in- jury received at LaSalle-Peru, he went into the game and threw a 45-yard pass into the arms ot Milt Rein, who raced the remaining distance to the goal tor what proved to be the winning score. Elgin closed the football season by traveling to East Rockford and tying the lighting Rabs. This game marked the final appearance of four- teen varsity letter winners. They are Gordon Banks, George Coleman, Harry Richardson, Del lohnson, Perkins, quarterback Bonnike, center Hernandez Lmrd Johnson, tackle Dorsey, halfbick Koch, fullback Ekstrom, guard Dcnk, guard Richardson, end Bob Connell, Milford Rein, Don Hernan- dez, Art Mapes, Bill Schultz, Ronald Eckstrom, Iirn Nesler, Dave Koch, Tom Bonnike, and Dick Dorsey. Milford Rein, the first Elgin player to be so honored, was for the second time chosen the most Valuable player on the team and was also selected as All-Cork ference quarterback. Co-captain George Coleman was selected as an All-Con- ference tackle, Bob Connell, as center on the All-Conference second team. lunior end, Hawley Michael, Was ac- corded honorable mention. , Although the squad did noi make the best record in scores in the history of Elgin High, it was one of the best spirit- ed teams the school has ever seen. Elgin High School has a right to be proud of her fighting Maroons. The Varsity Team Connell center Neslcr guard Hageman, tackle Schultz, guard Funk, halfback Richardson incl OR0urlxe mana urs LaSalle-Peru ., Standings W. L. T. Pct. 5 l l .835 West Aurora .,,,,.,,.. 4 2 0 .657 East Aurora .. Ioliet ..,.,. .....,,,, West Rockford 4 2 0 .667 4 3 0 .672 3 4 0 .429 ELGIN ,v,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. 2 3 2 .400 East Rockford Freeport ......... 3 2 .400 0 6 l .000 Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Scores Glenbard Maine Ioliet West Aurora LaSalle-Peru East Aurora West Rockford East Rockford Scrimmage Here lt comes' Kilburn, halfback Waggoncr, tackle Vaughn, tackle Funk, end Oehler, tackle Ring, halfback Stolt, tackle Bosnyak, cml J ,fi FRESHM The year 1940 saw Elgin represented by a Freshman-Sophomore football team for the first time, as the Big Eight Conference, formerly the Big Seven, abolished Lightweight squads and sub- stituted Freshman-Sophomore teams. lohn Krafft, former lightweight men- tor, coached the Prosh-Sophs to a three-way tie with LaSalle-Peru and West Rockford for the conference championship. ln the season opener, the Frosh- Sophs justified pre-season hopes when they played Glenbard. Although they failed to score, they played a strong defensive game and held the more ex- perienced Glenbard team to a scoreless tie. ln the next game with Maine they showed a marked improvement by holding their opponents scoreless. These two games showed that the Frosh-Sophs had great possibilities, which raised high hopes that a Krafft- coached football team would win its third consecutive conference cham- pionship. Elgin opened the Big Eight campaign in the game against loliet, and started on the way to the conference title. The team held the opposition scoreless while running wild themselves to swamp the Steelmen by a large margin. The following week West Aurora in- A The Frosh-Soph Team UPHO 0li ll00'l'llALL vaded Maroon Field, but although the Maroonettes played a fine defensive game, fumbles kept them from scoring. ln the next game Elgin's championship hopes were handed a setback when the favored Maroons bowed to a fighting team of lncas, Returning to Maroon Eield, the Maroonettes bounced back into the conference when they unleashed a swift attack and Whipped the East Aurora Kittens by a substantial score. Next the Maroonettes traveled to Ereeportg and While they scored only one touchdown, it Was all that was needed to turn back the determined Pretzels. Eighting to stay in the championship race, Elgin earned a victory over a strong West Rockford team. The Erosh-Sophs rang down the curtain on a most successful season by traveling to Rockford and beating East Rockford by a large score, to clinch a share of the Big Eight Championship. Q4 WWW Weidner, quarterback Iohnson, fullback 73 'l'l'I'Lll HOLllIlll Anderson, center Flaherty, center Miller, guard Dralle, end Mellen, guard Scheflovv, end Nufer, manager W ' 1 Signals! Hike! The Freshman Team Standings W. L. T. ELGIN ...... ..,. ,,,., . . 5 l l LaSalle-Peru ........,. 5 l l West Rockford ,,.... 5 l l West Aurora ,....,,.,, 3 2 2 East Aurora .. Freeport ..s,,,..,,,,,,,-,, 2 5 U East Rockford Ioliet ..,... 4 3 U 1 5 l O 7 0 Pct. .835 .835 .835 .600 .572 .286 .167 .OOO Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Scores Glenbard Maine Ioliet West Aurora LaSalle-Peru East Aurora Freeport W'est Rockford East Rockford Diershaw, manager Right tackle smash Varsity Team Opposition lump ball Iunior Varsity Team Dorsey, guard . ii x' A ' Rv, gf z L x nn, ' 9 a ,f 'fa a , XX xi 1 A Frcycr, guard Rein, forwarcl 5 4' E b 'A V 5 XX, E X i F ' 5 .. . 1 V 5 I if 5 ":"' V 76 Lucpkc, center '51 . V 'IT 'bi , J' XXX' V if gt-ll. A Q I f W H W' x X sf ia J Till' 0'I'CHEIt The E. H. S. basketball team won another championship, but this time they had to share the honor with East Rockford and Ioliet. Al- though this was the first year that Krafft coach- ed the major team, it was his third champion- ship in four years. After losing the season opener to West Madi- son, Wisconsin, the team won nine out of the next twelve games, eight of these in the con- ference. The only conference defeats came from LaSalle-Peru and loliet. They beat loliet in their first encounter. The team also lost to Decatur but defeated the strong Proviso team. Probably the main reason the team won the championship was through the scoring ability of Paul Chapman. He not only set a new E. H. S. scoring record but also Won the "Big Eighti' scoring crown by tying the all-time conference record of l40 points in ten games. Standings W. L. Pct. P. O.P. ELGIN .................... 8 2 .800 341 278 loliet ........................ 8 2 .800 339 282 East Rockford ........ 8 2 .800 351 224 LaSalle-Peru .......... 6 4 .600 292 278 Freeport .................. 5 5 .500 269 271 Vfest Rockford ......., 2 8 .200 211 331 East Aurora ,,...,,,,,,, 2 8 .200 277 335 West Aurora .......... l 9 .100 291 372 Weidner forward Kaiser, forward Craddock, captain Chapman, center fail. onnike, guard Killman, forward Connell, forward Stevens, forward 77 Kilburn, guard UHAMP This is the first year that a minor basketball team of Elgin High School has Won an undis- puted championship. This year is also the first that both teams have Won a championship in the same year. The Erosh-Soph team Won ten out of twelve gamesg eight of these victories were Won from conference teams. They were defeated only by Freeport and loliet, although they won their first game With the latter. The loss to loliet was the first time in three years that a team coach- ed by Mike Earroh was defeated on the home floor. That defeat ended a string of twenty-two consecutive victories. The boys all Worked together, and with this co-operation, team Work, and fine coaching they turned out a successful team. To Dave Kilburn Went the honor of being the honorary 533353 captain of the Erosh-Soph champs. Standings W. L. Pct. P. O.P. ELGIN ...................... 8 2 .800 310 209 West Rockford ........ 7 3 .700 313 235 Freeport .................. 7 3 .700 252 252 Ioliet ........................ 6 4 .600 297 276 East Rockford ........ 4 6 .400 297 337 LaSalle-Peru .......... 4 6 .400 279 277 East Aurora .......... .2 8 .200 215 281 Carapanos West Aurora .......... 2 8 .200 224 320 forward Menke, Morton, center forward Nelson, forward Bau, uarcl 78 . VW. ff? Vf rf-Zf .W if f I x'q3 Frosh-Soph Team Fingertips A crucial moment Freshman Team M91 ",i NN Q KEN , N, Sund, guard Apple, forward Roth, forward Drahlc, forward W 79 Duane Mull Ray Strohm Iames Barker lack Traeger Dick Price Roger Livesay Charles Lindquist Norman Iohnson C0 RT A Il FAIRWAY ln l94U Elgin's tennis team, coached by Gilbert Benner, had championship possibilities, but it was unable to com- plete its schedule because school closed a month early. Out of five conference meets, the team won a total of twenty- one matches to its opponents' four. The l94U net men were Captain Duane Mull, Captain-elect Dick Price, Charles Lindquist, lack Traeger, Iim Barker, Roger Livesay, and Lawrence Allison. Ray Strohm, Norman Iohnson, and Bob Parrott also saw action. The outlook for the l94l season is bright with all but three letterrnen re- turning and all the players improving under Coach Benr1er's all-seeing eye. ln the fall intramural tournament, Dick Price came out on top. The Maroon and Cream golfers had a successful season in 1940, but be- cause ot the curtailed school year, the team had a shortened schedule and could not compete in the conference tournament. The Elgin High School golf team was coached by Noel Winn. lt was made up of Captain Dick Haligas, Captain-elect Bob Thoren, Walter Durham, Bob Crane, Bill Rasmussen, and Bob Stevens. On our home courses, the Maroon swingers beat both East Aurora and West Aurora, but in return matches, they lost to these teams. Elgin placed second in the district tournament, the meet being won by Rockford. Walter Durham qualified for the state tourna- ment at Peoria, where he finished llth. Bob Newman Billy Rasmussen Bob Thorcn Dick Haligas Bob Crane Bob Stevens Dick Wilson 80 CI DER Elgin's track team, directed by Arthur Roggen and Charles Morrill, Won three of the four dual meets, losing to Rockford, the conference champion team, 591A to 53121. The track results for l940 were as follows: April 16 East Aurora-42 points Elgin-71 points April 23 Glenbard-45 points Elgin-73 points April 27 Rockford-59M points Elgin-53M points May 4 DeKalb-43 points Elgin-70 points May 7 Elgin Won second place in the County Meet. May ll Elgin came in sixth in the District Meet. Proviso, the state champion team, won first place in the District, Oak Park, second, Morton, third, York, fourth, and La Grange, fifth. jack Bryson with 48 points can be rated as one of the greatest dash men in the history of Elgin High School. lf he had not been injured during the Rockford meet, he undoubtedly would have set new records in the later track meets. Other outstanding men were Paul Chapman and Milford Rein with 55 and 53 points respectively. "Milt" Rein, pole vault, broad jump, and relay man, returned as captain of the l94l team. Other lettermen included Paul Chapman, broad and high jumps, Bill Ziegler, broad jump, dashes, and relay, Charles Schroeder, relay and half mile dash, Cliff Schroeder, dashes, and Mike Sullivan, holder of the county record for low hurdles. A ten-meet schedule was planned for l94l, and Mr. Roggen and Mr. Morrill predict a successful season. 81 Spikes A Record? A Down the Stretch f O Z O. :Ti 5 124 s,' GIRLS From the first day of the school year to the last, auvaried and Well-planned program of extra-curricular activities unfolds under the excellent leadership of Miss Wilda Logan, director of girls' athletics, and Miss Helen Kettering. The season is officially opened with a mad dash from the high school building to Maroon Field, Where the girls can be seen Warming up for a swift and ex- citing gaine of hockey. The cry of "ground-sticks" is heard, and the game is on. As the sports program continues, a Winter season of basketball is in order. The inter-class tournament and the tele- S PUHT graphic shooting contest are annual events that all the girls look forward to. Whenever "Old Man Winter" smiles on Elgin, the girls take advantage of the Weather and turn out for ice skating at Lord's Park and tobogganing at the Elgin Country Club. Many are the spills and thrills, but E. H. S. girls can take it. Other sports offered during the Winter season include volleyball, table tennis, captain ball, shuffle board, and bad- minton. On Friday afternoons table tennis and badminton are enjoyed co- educationally, the venture proving to be a decided success, judging from the large number of boys and girls Who take advantage of this ideal recreation. Miss Helen Kettering Miss Wilda Logan 82 TAT E 83 MBLEM WINNE Virginia Garber Deln Iune Stettner Alice Welch Phyllis Woleben R Mary Golclner Lcota Goldsmith rcs Grupe Elizabeth Liveszly Gloria McLean Virginia Miller Shirley Nitz Mary Patterson Anne Pearszlll Ruth Phelps Marilyn Pfaiflin Betty Poole ilda Rohrer Dorothy Rovelstad Lorraine Scott Mary Sensor Volleyball Ping Pong Basket Shooting ga bv Z ' ...J Xl! -aa 'f- A 84 GIRLS SI'0ll'l' ln the tall when the new term begins, girls may be seen dashing to their lockers in the girls' gym, scrambling into their play clothes, and scurrying down to the gym tloor for team games. One hears the blast of the whistle as Miss Logan assembles the girls tor the season's opening game ot basketball. Soon anxious shouts of "Shootl Shoot!" are heard as someone crouches under the basket with the ballg and the blood- tingling game is on. On the other side of the gym a game ot volleyball is underway. As the girls become more and more excited and eager to slap the ball over the net, they literally dive over each other to reach the ball first, and then with a show of good sportsmanship, characteristic ot our high school girls, they straighten out their teams and continue with this exciting game. Not only may the girls participate in team sports, but they may also enter individu.al sports. "Keep your eye on the birdie" is a popular phrase ot badminton players as girls challenge one another to play the game. Co-ordi- nation ot mind, eye, and arm is a neces-- sary quality, soon developed by good badminton players. Whether beginners or experts, girls always enjoy this game. The "Modern Miss" may also try her hand at table tennis, tor this, too, has an important place in girls' sports. The continuous program in- cludes other activities such as acrobat- ics, shuttle-board, archery, and hockey. ln tact, there is something to do in the girls' gym tor every girl. The latch- string is out, so come one, come all! Zouave Drill Tea-Time Minstrels Close Order Formation Badminton 85 li v 1 1-1 ,fl 1,1 XX Aff 5. tl 9 GIRL FIELIIHUUE When school re-opens in the fall and the girls are getting back into the swing of sports, the fieldhouse at Maroon Field is officially opened by Miss Logan. Again it becomes the center of sports activities, its walls echoing with the cheerful chatter of the girls as they rest after a few hours of play, while outside, the more energetic carry on with cries of 'Strike three! You're out!" and "Batter up." These informal and friendly gatherings, whether out in the field or in the cozy room of the fieldhouse, allow the girls to exchange their ideas on many subjects. A few of' the more domestic seniors often fix up a snack for the group in the well-equipped kitchen. With the coming of spring, the girls once again troop down to Maroon Field, where fun for everyone awaits, in the form of archery for junior and senior girls, and the ever popular baseball and hockey for everyone. Here again sportsmanship and friendly co-operation prevail. 67776113 Mi eb, W f Q,2ff' Efeffm ffmwslc 'gb' QU ocgchsl W, M - OUNG enthusiasts intently Working on their hobbies, young couples smiling as they dance, and youthful choristers singing are a few of the scenes that make the picture of our school complete. Such Wholesome cornradeship helps to make lite happier and more Worth While. L A fa 1 1 PllllLlCA'l'l0 THE MAROON Under the helpful guidance ot Miss Nora Stickling, adviser, and Miss Marjorie Stoftregen, assistant, the Maroon editorial staff manages the entire editing of the annual. The work is divided into tour main groups: lay-out, write-up, art, and photog- raphy. Student leaders of the editorial staff were Marilyn Daniels and lim Chapman, co-editors, Marjorie Lucas, Virginia Garber, and Homer Price, associate editors, Bill Bassmussen, head photographer, and Eddie Anderson, head artist. Cther members of the staff were as follows: Charlotte Dittman, Faith Lonnquist, Fern Schoonhoven, Mila lohnston, Edith Dunning, Cecile Eshelman, Charlotte Andrews, Sylvia Fisher, Guy Asher, Warren Iohnson, Gerhard Drews, lohn Mitchell, Bill Ziegler, Bob Tornquist, Ralph Petersen, Rosemary Gallina, Marge Beverly, Ruth Gratiana, Doris Helm, Betty Poole, Marilyn Ebel, Nancy Whitcomb, Roger Livesay, Frances Page, Dorothy Dierking, Gladys Kilgore, Ruth Owen, and Anne Michel. Under the direction ot Frank Briggs and Walter Wilson, business advisers, and George Coleman, manager, the business stait kept up a relentless campaign for pa- trons and student subscriptions. The business staff included Vincent Forst, Lois Force Barbara Spitzer, Mary Lynn Miller, Gloria McLean, Barbara Schaat, Darleen Cook, Lucille Woodrich, Harriet Wilson, Patricia Owens, Patricia Tastad, and Ora Castrup. 1 91 Maroon Editorial Staifs ws, fs f rra gg me I 1 'AVI '. f iw '19 Wifi x. f x 5 , Maroon Co-editors Marilyn Daniels, James Chapman. Mirror Ediiors Marjorie Nish, erlitorg Catherine Nelson and Virginia Osborne, associate editors. Maroon Business Staff Publications Board Publications Board Officers Frank Briggs, Miss Margaret Newman, Merrill R. Stephan, Leonard Fisher. Mirror Editorial Staff Mirror Business Staff THE MIRROR What goes on here at Elgin High? The students and teachers of E. H. S. have only to read the Mirror to find a highly satisfactory answer, for this weekly paper presents the news of events as they take place. lt requires a great deal of co-operative work on the part of staff members to accomplish this. The staff this year was as follows: Marjorie Nish, editor, Catherine Nelson and Vir- ginia Osborne, associate editors, Evelyn Nerge, Bill Hansing, and Elizabeth Fletcher, editorial assistants, Marilyn Bovelstad and lames Lynch, feature editors, Lawrence Allison, sports editor. lean Nelson, Charlotte Helper, Lucille Bippberger, lean Miller, Marilyn Mertes, Dorene Grosmann, Wanda Lee Miller, and Shirley Nelson were staff writers, and Marilee Born, special writer. Mary B. Coleman, Robert Parrott, lames Howard, and Dewey lay were sports writers. Fern Lagerstrom, Lyravene Hitzeman, Florence Hess, Pamela Ryan, Patt Dreyer, Arleen Rosen, Melva lean Bakow, Ralph Keever, Eileen Klinger, Iuanita Vasquez, Tressa Holzman, Iohn Damisch, Roma Austin, and Dorothy Kohzer were the reporters. Eddie Anderson, Lois Shamberger, and Dick Clendening were the cartoonists. lack Traeger, was business manager, Ellen Hadju and Anne Peven, advertising managers, Anne Steffen, Margene Burns, Shir Lee Mock, Darwin Schmidt, and lane Schrader, advertising associates. Bob Kromhout was circulation and exchange man- ager, Bob Dieterich and George Cox, assistants. Gladys Schmidt, Alice Welch, and Virginia Anderson were typists, and Pearce Larson, copy boy. PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board supervises the activities of the Maroon and the Mirror. This year they sponsored a novel program, "Bored of Education." The officers were Merrill R. Stephan, president, Leonard Fisher, vice-president, Miss Margaret Newman, secretary, Walter Wilson, treasurer the first semester, and Frank Briggs, the second. Other members were Miss Nora Stickling, George Coleman, Marjorie Nish, Marilyn Daniels, lames Chapman, and lack Traeger. 93 5 N. ix x X X .x fa N, tx Fllltll SIUS K , . . . orensic squad has had a succ f ' ess ul season, both in debat d . e an in individual speech events. Their achievements were especially note- worth b y ecause every member was relatively inexperienced, having never before been in varsity competition. However, this success would not have been possible without the guidance and direction of Roscoe Cartwright, head coach and El' , vin I-ledgecoclc, assistant. Elgin attended a number of invita- tional debate and speech tournaments in addition to participating in the Big Eight Conference Debate and Original Speech Tournaments, the Northern llli- nois District National Forensic League Tournament, and the Illinois High School Speech League Tournaments, showing splendid records in all. The squad won second place in, the Big Eight Conference with nine vic- tories and three d f - e eats. Their peak performance r vias reached- when they captured the National Fore ' nsic League District Championship and defended their title which had been Won the pre ' VIOLIS YGCIT. 43 gk , N rsity Debaters K . Frosh-Soph Debaters Individual Speech Events Big 8 Conference Debaters Forens1c Othcers Leonard Fisher Lois La- vina Lfmwrance, Betty Poole Mr Roscoe Cart- JW AZ ll'P'I0 AL NRE IC LEAG E ln recent years an organization little known to those not connected with forensics has come into prominence in the United States. lt is the National Forensic League. The League is the largest national high school speech organization in America, and Roscoe Cartwright is one ot the two national directors elected by the tive hundred chapters. The activities sponsored by the N. E. L. are debateg externporaneous speak- ingg original oratoryg and oratorical, dramatic, and humorous declarnations. Participation in these events merits credit points tor each individualg and it is not necessary to win in order to get credit points, as credit is given tor participation. These credits are kept on tileg and as each member acquires a sutticient number ot points, he receives advanced degrees: twenty points gives the Degree ot Meritg titty, the Degree ot l-lonorg one hundred, the Degree ot Excellenceg and one hundred and titty, the Degree ot Distinction. Events Number ot schools Won Lost Elginfs participating place Elgin Invitational Speech Meet 17 2 Big Eight Conference Debate Tournament 8 9 3 2 East Aurora Invitational Debate 18 6 2 2 N. F. L. Northern Illinois District Speech Tournament 15 l 95 C I M ap ig 'X Q'-,. - 0 N, if I 5 , Rx , ltr. s Q I W' li X I XL g, c W' if i A .. . l M 4 ,J - .- U. K. Reese, conductor ' 'iii 77 3 ,151 T National Champs 1939, 1940 1 xi' w uf, I ds ,,, 'Ln ,ruff "' I' i -'a - U1 . 4.1 9 v ' U lllilll ' UW The Elgin High School Band under the direction of Mr. U. K. Reese is an organization of which We may justly be proud. lt has been undefeated in state contests for the past six years, and last year received superior rating at the national contest in Battle Creek, Michigan. The band is divided into two groups, the first or concert band, and the high school junior band, which plays as a unit and often augments the concert band. Both the students and the public are given many opportunities to hear the band. lt plays at all football games and at the home basketball games, and this year it took part in such civic affairs as the Community Chest Parade, the Defense Day Program, and holiday parades. ln addition, the band has three formal concerts every year, the fall concert was held on December 3, the midwinter concert on February ll, and the spring concert on March 25. New uniforms were purchased this year for the concert band from the proceeds of the Lions Club Show. The band provided music for the show, and the Lions Club members Were guests at the midwinter concert. The officers for the past year were Fred Sell, president, Richard Peterson, vice-president, Ann Pearsall, secretary-treasurer, Robert Dietrich, manager, Ruth Kluender, loyce Ogden, and Barbara Copely, librarians, and joyce Ogden, drum major. 97 iff! Treble Choir X K ,,1'2i il Boys Glee Club uimwo WWW THE ORCHESTRA Along with steady advances in musical experience and knowledge, the E. H. S. orchestra enjoyed an abundance of good times showered upon its members during the past year. Under the competent direction of Miss Marion Laffey, members have made increasing gains in individual skill, resulting in an ever-better orchestra for our school. The activities for the year were begun in September, with a scavenger hunt and supper. November brought a thrill to two of the E. l-l. S. orchestra mem- bers, who, along with the best players from all the state high school orchestras, were selected to participate in the All-State Orchestra Concert held at Urbana, lllinois. The orchestra played at the Musicians Club and presented a formal concert at the school in December. A trip to Chicago to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was the main event of Ianuary, this was followed in February with participation in the student night program held by the Musicians Club. March brought forth an evening concert, a concert for the student body, and the district contest for orchestra soloists and string ensembles, at Elmhurst. During April the E. l'l. S. Spring Concert was held, followed by the Fox Valley Music Festival in May. The new uniform blouses acquired this year marked a step forward in appearance for the members of the orchestra. The presiding officers of the senior orchestra were: president, Ioanne Weed, vice-president, Guy Asher, and secretary-treasurer, Carolyn Bennorth. 98 A CAPPELLA CHOIR When singers perform Without instrumental accompaniment, they are said to sing A Cappella, from the Italian, meaning Hin choral style." Those making up the chorus should think and act together as one instrument. The balanced blending of voices, to harmonize with a keen and definite musical inflectiong the attaining of a high standard of singing, the achieving of an enthusiastic attitude toward singing and of close co-operation in singing are some of the attributes of vocal training acquired in ensemble, or A Cappella, singing. The E. H. S. A Cappella choir, composed of about sixty upper-classmen, has been singing to appreciative audiences in Elgin and in surrounding cities, spending a very busy season entertaining at banquets, assemblies, and pro- grams. The choral repertoire includes compositions of varied types. Clifford Thomas, head of the music department, is the director, and the officers of the choir this year Were as follows: president, Bob Stevens, vice- president, Mary Patterson, secretary-treasurer, lanet Stansell. Orchestra A Cappella Choir fl 'xrsfa' Aeolicm GLEE CLUB A good school music program is vital in promoting love for fine music. lt of- fers opportunities such as group sing- ing of many beautiful songs, listening to the World's best musical composi- tions, learning to read music, discover- ing talent, and encouraging the de l- ve opment of talent. Music is fun. The Treble Choir opens a path to the higher glee clubs and gives experi- ence and training to persons with good voices. This group, with the Aeolians and the Boys' Glee Club, gave a Christ- mas program at the Old Peoples' Home. During the year the Boys' Glee Club also sang for the orchestra con- cert and for the Perry and Mathean Literary Societies and various churches and clubs in town. The Mixed Chorus, composed of boys and girls sin 1 QS many lovely compositions. All these groups are directed by Miss Elma Engelbrecht. At several assemblies the student body had the pleasure of listening to the combined voices of the First Girls' Glee Club and the A Cappella Choir. Both groups, directed by Mr. Clifford Thomas, also have appeared in con- certs and before civic groups of the community. Together With the Aeolians they took part in the Fox Valley Music Festiv l ai on May l9, at Elgin High School. S . km fftts Y? X Ex. 100 3-'-'Q Vxfv-""'E First Girls Glee Club 'P ll CUUNUIL T Miss Adah Pratt, Gordon Binks Mr Frank Briggs The Student Council is made up of the executive council and representatives selected from every home room. The executive council includes the four runners-up and the presidents of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Members ot the executive council this year Were Gordon Banks, president, Cecile Eshelrnan, vice-president, larnes Waggoner, secretaryg Betty Poole, treasurerg and George Coleman, Dick Peterson, Shirley Adams, lack Traeger, Bob Connell, Dick Apple, and Arlie Rein. The sponsors were Miss Adah Pratt and Mr. Frank Briggs. There were two main projects ot the Council this year, one, promoting and handling the student activity ticket, which included a subscription to the Mirror and to the lyceum programs, the other, joint editing ot a student hand- book with the journalism classes. The Council has sponsored a dance a month tor only high school students, and every dance has proved successful. The lyceum programs Were very interestingg the entertainers were Miss Arlite Smith, Olympic diving champion, Nilkanth R. Chavre, who told about lite in lndia and displayed native lndian costumesg Iesse Phillips Robertson, demonstrator and lecturer on ancient musical instruments, Karl H. Maslowski, naturalist, who lectured and showed technicolor movies ot Wild lifeg Georgia Ballina, demonstrator ot Latin folk songs and dancesg Robert Kazmayer, who gave a talk on Americanismg and Captain Theodore Stern, who gave an actual demonstration of the lie detector. 5 Student Council Ar if I' V v Detective Crowther questions Is it loaded? "MY 'PERY AT GR ENFI GER " "Who killed Cock Robin?" Maybe not this question but many others were answered in the junior play, "Mystery at Greentingersf' a comedy of detection Written by I. B. Priestly, which was given on April 26, 1940. The story centers about an ultra-modern hotel in the Peak District of England. The characters are marooned in the hotel by a snowstorm, shortly they hear shots and find that an old lady has disappeared. Much confusion follows. Ten persons are present in the hotel at the time of the murder. They supply the answers. The cast included Miss Tracy, a lover ot detective novels and sleuthing, lrene Seligson, Edna Sanders, the hotel's bookkeeper and secretary, Helen Scheeleg Helen Tennant, the social hostess ot the hotel, Dolores Timm, Sally Phillips, the more experi- enced maid, Phyllis Robinsong Clara Packer, another maid rather dazed by everyone except men, Barbara Spitzer, Mrs. Rose, the hotel statt manageress, Helen Louise . Braclyy Robert Crowther, the hotel com- T - pany's detective, lames McLaughlin, Fred Poole, the cocktail barman, lohn Muetterties, Arnold lordon, hotel chef, Walter McBride, Keith Henley, assist- ant hotel manager, Robert Pease, and a voice oil stage, lohn Geister. Credit for a tine performance went not only to the cast but also to the backstage committees tor their co- operation. The play was selected because it was a strictly modern play with a dit- lerent mystery angle and also because ot the short time needed to produce it. Much credit is due Miss Marge Bier- sach for her excellent directing of the cast. Quizzing the cook lU2 RY Certainly, my deah! Lawseyl Heroine Rovelstad Suspense 0 CA "I"l'All I'I' WITH Y0 "You Can't Take lt With You," the comedy by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, was presented by the class of 1941 on November 28th and 29th with great success, When Helen Scheele, who was to act the leading part of Alice, became ill the last day, Dorothy Bovelstad came to the front and carried the part with remarkable success. The play shows the philosophy of the lovable Sycamore family-you can't take things with you at death, so enjoy yourself now. There is "Grampa" Vanderhof, Who refuses to pay his income tax because he doesn't believe in it, Mrs. Sycamore, who Writes plays because a typewriter was left there one day, an ex-iceman who dropped in and never left, a strange ex-Russian, and Mr. DePinna and Mr. Sycamore, who experiment with fireworks. There is the love affair of Alice and Tony, son of the wealthy Kirbys, and its outcome. The cast was as follows: Penelope Sycamore, Irene Seligson, Essie, Barbara Spitzer and Lois Force, Rheba, Audrey Berlin and Barbara Geister, Paul Sycamore, Walter McBride, Mr. DePinna, Iohn Missele, Ed, Walter Phillips, Donald, Robert Spinner, Martin Vanderhof, lames McLaughlin, Alice, Helen Scheele and Dorothy Bovelstad, Henderson, Paul Beidy, Tony Kirby, Robert Pease, Boris Kolenklov, Iohn Lord, Mr. Kirby, lohn Muetterties, Mrs. Kirby, Mary Patterson and Marilee Born, Olga, Helen Louise Brady, and four detectives, Robert Egydi, lohn Geister, Paul DuSold, and lames Butler. l03 E. H. S. PLAYERS The Elgin High School Players' main project for the year was the making of a dramatics workshop out of the old library. All expense involved in the change was paid out of the Players' treasury aided by gifts from the Mask and Bauble and from the Elgin Busi- ness and Professional Women's Club. New and outstanding activities of the year Were: a costume dinner party, a social meeting with square dancing and a review of "Life with Father," the pro- duction of two of the Three-One-Acts, and two theater parties in Chicago. The officers were: Mary Muntz, presi- dent, Audrey Berlin, vice-president, Mila Iohnston, secretary, Walter Mc- Bride, treasurer, Dorothy Rovelstad, so- cial chairman, Mary Lois Wilson, pro- gram chairmang and Miss Marge Bier- sach, sponsor. 104 The Romancers Call Her Oscar E. H. S. Players Officers Thursday Evening 'PAGE MASK AND BAUBLE The Mask and Bauble, the dramatics club for the underclassmen, is spon- sored by Miss Helen Iocelyn and Miss Mabel Engelbrecht. The student officers this year were Charles Peterson, presi- dent, Francis Schumacher, vice-presi- dent, Shirley Lawrence, secretary, and Shirley Ohms, treasurer. The objectives of this dramatics club are to make possible the study of the theater, as well as to teach students more about different phases of stage work, such as acting and make-up. The members also study the various kinds of plays, impersonate people, and give group and individual panto- mimes. Besides this, the members found time to present one of the Three- One-Acts, "Call Her Oscar," and to plan a successful social evening in the gym. Lllllll LITERATURE CLUBS To develop in the students a deeper appreciation of fine literature, by doing things they like to do but may not do in English classes-this is the purpose of the lunior and Senior Literature Clubs. Attending a stage performance in Chicago, caroling at Christmas time, and having a party and joint Christ- mas program were three special activi- ties enjoyed by the members of both clubs during the past year. Miss Elma Engelbrecht heads the Senior Literature Club, and Miss Mar- jorie Stoftregen, the junior Literature Club. Literature Clubs Commercial Club l U 5 ADL V- 1 1 9 ASX! X ff sk EIIGEH ss. COMMERCIAL CLUB The aim of the Commercial Club is to bring together socially those students who are interested in the business field. Membership is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are taking at least one commercial subject. This year the club completed a project started several years ago, the purchase of a mimeoscope. "The Business Whirl," a monthly newspaper, was also edited by members. Under the able sponsorship of Mr. George Peck, the following students served as officers: Dorothy Dierking, president, Gladys Carr, vice-president, Bessie Cordogan, secretary, and Eileen Ball, treasurer. Hu Qxi legal' 74 SW y Plttll' A AERO CLUB The thrills and chills, stories and glories of aeronautics hold an attrac- tion for young people having a mind for romance and excitement. The E. H. S. Aero Club helps develop this at- traction into real interest by making flying models, visiting airports, and listening to aviation talks. The meetings feature model airplane demonstrations, reports by the mem- bers, and aviation movies. This year the club sponsored two outdoor model flying contests and, with the Elgin Y. M. C. A., it co-sponsored an aviation day program held in the Y boys' division. During the 'second semester a training program was followed on the funda- mentals of aviation and the recent de- velopments in the airplane industry. An innovation this year was the ad- mission of girls to club membership. The officers for the first semester were Charles Brackett, lack Zimmerly, and Virginia Handy, who were president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer, respectively. The second semester of- ficers were: president, Charles Brackett, vice-president, Bud Roberts, secretary- treasurer, Marilyn Porter. 106 Aero Club Future Farmers oi America ll Cltlll' F. F. A. "Oats, peas, beans, and barley grow." The question now is, how do they grow? Don't fret or worry, ask the Future Farmers of America. The Elgin chapter won a number of prizes this year, one of which was awarded to two of its members for the neatest exhibit in the Elgin Agricultural Fair. The chapter has encouraged the raising of better livestock by the pur- chase and farming out of a pure-bred animal. An attraction of the year was the annual Parent and Son F. F. A. Banquet, which is always looked for- ward to as an interesting and enjoy- able affair. A representative of the Elgin chapter participated in a sectional F. F. A. pub- lic speaking contest. A livestock judging team from Elgin has for the last two years participated in a Northeastern Illinois high school judging contest. The Elgin team, par- ticipating in the spring of 1940, carried away top honors. 'PACKLE A ll TARGET IZAAK WALTON With the rapid disappearance of our wild life, the lzaak Walton League of America has been established to study methods of preserving nature's children and to carry on programs by which all types of wild life may be re-established in woodlands and streams. With these ideals and purposes in mind, a group of Elgin High School students has focused attention upon it- self by its affiliation with and member- ship in the lzaalc Walton League of America. Under the able supervision of Mr. Adams, their adviser, and through their own initiative, the members have carried out their part of the program. Their greatest achievement for this year was beautifying the school by planting ivy vines. RIFLE CLUB The E. H. S. Rifle Club, in good stand- ing with the National Rifle Association, is under the supervision of Kenneth Montgomery. The purpose of the club is to teach its members the care and use of fire- arms, good sportsmanship, and accu- racy. Safety precautions are stressed at all times. At their weekly meetings, the boys practice marksmanship in the rifle range in the north Wing of the new building. Although the members must furnish all their ammunition, the club has its own rifles, telescopes, and targets. The organization had that capable sharp shooter, Iames McLaughlin, as its president and Frank Swanson as its sec- retary-treasurer during this past year. Izaak Walton Club Rifle Club FACT A Il GIRLS SCIENCE CLUB l-low do textiles obtain their beauti- ful and varied colors? What kinds of crystals are formed by the many dif- ferent chemicals? The answers to these and similar questions are What the members of the Girls Science Club are interested in learning. Through the club's activities the girls increase their practical knowledge of chemistry and physics, and follow the progress of science today. During the past year club members learned how to use the analytical bal- ance, made chemical smoke rings, dyed cloth, and made soap. They also Worked with crystals and studied their formation under the microscope. A so- cial highlight of the year was the pop- corn party in the chemistry laboratory. Meetings are held twice a month, and a committee appointed by the group plans the activities for each meeting. The Girls Science Club is a small but active organization under the guidance of its faculty sponsor, Gilbert Benner. ' FIG RE MATH CLUB The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to further the interest of the student in the mathematics of the modern sci- entific World and to aid him in enjoying activities and recreation of a mathe- matical nature. One activity theclub entered into was a detailed study of the slide rule and its uses, another Was the study of the stories and locations ot many stars and constellations, with the aid of the school's telescope. Among other things, the members Worked puzzles, played mathematical games, and used a simple transit which Was presented to the mathematics de- partment by the club last year. Further interesting activities of the club Were a trip to the Elgin National Watch Fac- tory Observatory and a party. The Mathematics Club is under the sponsorship of Miss I-lortense Wilson and Miss Mary Peters, and it is open to anyone who is taking mathematics or Who is interested in mathematics. The officers this year were: president, Robert Tornquist, vice-president, War- ren lohnsong secretary-treasurer, Char- lotte Dittman. Mathematics Club Girls Science Club RUMAU I LA Inter Nos ln its meeting , sents educational material in a delight- ful manner. Through student-directed programs, ancient Rome is made to live again in the minds of the members. During the past year a variety of en- tertaining programs Were given, out- standing among Which was a skit pre- sented by one of the Latin classes. An interesting event Was the singing of carols in the halls at Christmas time. ' ' Hazel The sponsor of the club is Miss ' assisted by Miss Linkfield, Who is Lillian Taylor. s the Latin Club pre- Der Deutsche Verein The German Club's most interesting . activity this year was the Christmas dinner, at Which time German customs prevailed in music and program. Der Weihnachtsmann C Santa Clausl brought gifts for all. Club programs included speakers, music, and movies. Special recognition Was given to the five hundredth anni- versary of lohannes Gutenberg. Mem- bers participated in the all-language club party and Won first place in the Pep Parade The presi F nces Page' secretary vice-president, ra , Carolyn Bennorth, treasurer, Lois Force, ' lb ht. and sp dent was Raymond Strohm, onsor, Miss Mable Enge rec Le Cercle Francais The aim of "Le Cercle Francais" is for members to learn more about French life, customs, and arts. Through- out the year the social life of members was enriched by various activities, among which Were programs at the regular meetings, the annual French Club banquet at which the customs of Twelfth Night were observed, partici- pation in the Pep Parade, and the sing- ing of Christmas carols in the corridors at Christmas time. This year's officers Were: Leonard t Anne lones vice- Fisher, presiden, , president, Patricia Cosgrove, secretary, treasurer, Marjorie Lu- Robert Brown, cas, social chairman, and Miss Anne Craig, sponsor. Nllll All Latin Club German Club French Club 109 Photography Club Home Economics Club AP All ACK PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club, under the sponsorship of Robert Winn, proves very interesting to camera "fans" in our school. Lectures were given this year by professionals, concerning pho- tographic apparatus, movie series were presented, and picture-taking contests were held in which the best "shots" were rewarded with prizes. Discussions were carried on so that experienced members might relate their problems and remedies to the beginners. Stu- dent-taken pictures were turned in at each meeting and commented upon. Members range from persons having only inexpensive box cameras to those possessing valuable and complex equipment. When the new dark room becomes a reality, the club will be able to offer valuable information to those interested in developing and printing pictures. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Aside from the satisfaction gained through concocting delicious pastries, the Home Economics Club members have gained practical experience from the work entailed, and much benefit from interesting social-educational ac- tivities. These experiences are a val- uable asset to future homemakers. As is customary, the club's main project was centered on a contribution to the home economics department. This year the department has been ex- panded to include a group of home management rooms, two foods labora- tories, one of which is set up in unit kitchens, two clothing laboratories with fittina rooms, and the new cafeteria. Among the many interesting pro- grams enjoyed by the club were talks on health and personality, and demon- strations of Christmas dainties and of sewing machine attachments. G. Ice carnivals, playdays, mother-and- daughter teas, and sports tournaments all help to make up the interesting year's program of the Girls Athletic Association. This organization extends a hand of Welcome to all high school girl entrants, especially those interested in athletics. Awards are given on the basis of par- ticipation, health, sportsmanship, and athletic proficiency, and they are cher- ished by all who receive them. This year Mary Ann Sensor was president. Other officers were Cecile Eshelman, first vice-president, Doris Helm, second vice-president, Margaret Daly, third vice-president, Audrey Ber- lin, recording secretary, Shirley Barn- well, corresponding secretary. Commit- tee chairmen Were Ann Pearsall, Rhoda Grupe, Frances Plath, Dorothy Rovel- A. A. stad, Betty Poole, Delores Grupe, and Mary Patterson. Social talent and outside speakers are presented by the G. A. A. at the regular monthly meetings. The Tea- Time Minstrel proved most entertaining, with its humor and its musical selec- tions. This enthusiastic organization of five hundred members is sponsored by Miss Wilola Logan and Miss Helen Kettering, Whose fine cooperation and assistance have made the year so successful. The season of 1940-41 marked a mile- stone i.n the history of the G. A. A. Elgin, along With four other charter members, received a State certificate for belonging to the Illinois League of High School Girls Athletic for the past twenty years. G. A. A. "E" CLUB President ................. ......... D el Iohnson Vice President ....... ......,...,....,..... I im Nesler Secretary .........,... ....,...,,, G erhard Drews Treasurer ,..,,..,...,.... ...........,..,..,.,,.,. A rt Mapes Sergeant-at-arms ,.... ........,.. G eorge Coleman Sponsor ..........,,....... ,,.,,...... A rthur Roggen One of the most popular and influential organizations in Elgin High School is the HE" Club. Membership in this group is open to any boy who has Won an athletic monogram. The purpose of this organization is to promote athletics in the school, to afford the monogram men a voice in the administration of athletics, to foster good sportsmanship, to encourage the development of a proper school spirit in the student body, and to perpetuate the symbols for Which the monogram stands in order that it may be Worthy of the school it represents. The outstanding activities of the "E" Club during the past year Were usher- ing at the basketball games, running the check room, and officiating at track meets. The club also gave the athletic department a much needed Wrestling mat. The annual initiation of new members in the fall is an event always eagerly awaited by the entire school. E Club Officers H "E" Club ll2 Senior Tri-Y Hi-Y Council officers HI-Y A Of all the organizations which give young men the chance to show their capacity for leadership, the 1-li-Y is one of the foremost. As it has for its aim the preservation and maintenance of high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community, one may easily realize the extent of the programs which such an organiza- tion might undertake. Exercising lead- ership, however, is only one of the many advantages the l-li-Y has to of- fer, fellowship is another, created among the members through a friendly atmosphere. These, then, and many more, are the profits which have been reaped from the l-li-Y through the in- vestment of a little interest and time by its members. ll 113 Tlll-Y To encourage spiritual, physical, and mental development is the aim of the Tri-Y. Two clubs are organized for the benefit of all girls in high school, the lunior Tri-Y being composed of fresh- man and sophomore girls, the Senior Tri-Y of juniors and seniors. Both clubs are affiliated with the local Y. W. C. A. This year the girls rendered fine serv- ice to the community by distributing Thanksgiving baskets, and giving pro- grams for "shut-ins." The present adviser is Mrs. Melanie Dasler assisted by Miss Cleora Iohnson and Miss Marjorie Stoffregen. Senior officers include Marjorie Lucas, Vir- ginia Garber, Anne King, and Lorraine Scott, officers of the lunior club are Shirley Laurence, Marion Hahn, Lucille Rippberger, and Fern Schoonhoven. fill llzllflllll KLIX 4? gl Importan n n1mportctn Competition Autumn E. II. S.-Rah! Rah! The Brawn Trust Flashing Blades Spring The Clowns Big Business? The Winnah Donkey Business Get Your Slips Here Up and Over Foul? Desert Drums Romance Forces Home Sweet Cheerleaders Yours truly x A fa ' Events Of The Year As A Grand Finale FV ,M L. AU'l'0GliAP IIS J Why Tp Book ? QM WWW ,MC fjM9"'E2g5Q W! U' +U?ff5fff2 SW In JZ Tbfwyqimm Qi? W fNMW , S ,gf 2 uf Q Q My Mjwf G?M,"X 'ib wp Qwbm-f six Xf W S5 3 www! Wfffw PATRO Allerton, Perry KM. DJ lack Abarbanell Cleaners Abbott, Gordon CM. D.l Ackemann Brothers Allied Shoe Company Art's Food Shoppe Balding, B. N. KM. DJ Band Box Cleaners Beier's Bread Beverly, G. B. Billy's Michael Birch C2l The Boroco Store Louis Blum Co. BreWbaker's Bakery Britton, Walter A. Buerk's Cafe Bunge's Cars well Floors Chris Castrup and Sons Dreyer and Dreyer D. ci W. Ice Cream Dunn, E. H. CM. DJ Eggert's Coal and Coke Elgin Auto Mart Elgin Butter Tub Company Elgin City Lines Elgin Cleaners and Furriers Elgin Coal and Ice Company Elgin Courier-News Elgin Flour and Feed Co. Elgin Fruit and Candy Elgin Loan and Homestead Association Elgin Lumber Co. Elgin Oil Company Elgin National Bank Elgin National Watch Co. C31 Elgin Steam Laundry Co. The Elgin Tribune Ellis Business College Coleman, Roy D. Fi Mrs. CoWlin's Open Book Shop Daniels, l-larry C. Cludgel Daniels and Clark Q29 1. 4U shburn and Martin Fox Valley Beauty School Fox Hotel Fuqua, lohn W. CD. D. SJ Co George's Clothes Shop Graening ci Rauschert, Iewelers Hanson, Knute H. CD. S. CJ Herrnan's Store for Men Hubbell Motor Co. Illinois Cleaners and I-'urriers PA'I'll0 Illinois Hydraulic Stone and Construction Co. Illinois Watch Case Co. G. R. Kinney Co., Inc. Kline's Department Store Kerber Packing Co. K4 S. S. Kresge Red and Green Front Stores C. H. Leitner W. E. Lindoerfer Masters Shoe Co. Elmer McLean, Grocery and Market McClure and Struckman Co. A. L. Miibmndf ' Modern Dairy Company, Inc. George M. Morgan Mosiman's Mulliken, C. D., and Partridge, M. H. Muetterties Sunlight Bakery Neil's, Inc. D. W. Nish News Printing Co. Page, Charles D. Uudgel I. C. Penney Co. Pelton Clinic Perry's Beauty Shop CM. Dfsl Phillips Auto Parts, Inc. Ed V. Price and Company Publix-Great States Theaters, Inc. Putman, Lynn I. CM. DJ Refiners' Pride Super Service Station Rovelstacl Bros., Iewelers Royal Cigar Store Orlo E. Salisbury P Schafiter and Darlison Sharp, B. R. CD. D. SJ Sherman Hospital Paul E. Schickler Schneli Bros., Iewelers Schneider Brothers George Souster Co. Ioseph Spiess Company Strohrn Coal Company The Shurtletf Co. Treadwell Boats and Motors Wrn. H. Trentlage Wagner Drug Store Wait-Ross-Allanson Co. Walk-Over Shoe Store Wentworth's Men's Wear Western United Gas and Electric Wolti, Raymond A. CAttorneyl Vernon Vifolff Funeral Home Underwood, P. B. CD. D. SJ Union National Bank Lloyd Ziegler, Hardware c-29 'Z , 'vs ,Af x C k,,f I XT f :mx n, 'J jfL! L.fC QW, SJ'-J If Q W C50-,,,,,,i BMA ffvawiy EQKWQ qvfkiiwf 35 Uwiwll if TN ' WWW way X AM WW 'W' 5 6 W UTM ' 1 fl!! S I I M M 4 Q M gg W Q W I 1 R xy x ,... s s SV! STX '3 Q, ,, f ,g ME U0llll'lL ll RY Co-editors: Marilyn Daniels and Iames Chapman Business Manager: George Coleman Associate Editors: Virginia Garber, Marjorie Lucas, Homer Price Artists: Eddie Anderson, Mila Iohnston, Ruth Gralfana Photographers: Michael Birch and Billy Rasmussen Editorial Advisers: Nora B. Sticklingg Marjorie Stoifregen, assistant Business Advisers: Frank R. Briggs and Walter Wilson News Printing Company Pontiac Engraving and Electrotyping Company Kingscraft Covers

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