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I. v -D 1 gm MA f'T"'X A MW - 6 , . I, ' ' Q42 ' of X O V Q' Q - VX A ii. Q42 A .4553 A A P e W ' Q1 X A 'fl' 5 1 . f 'ff X Z, X2 A 4 4 I , , ,r A A f 5 4 A , ' fl - I 2' 1 Q " HI! I W' A i! A W5 3 A x f 2, - Q A A 3 W MW? E f Q if ,!' E A THE MAROON GF 1934 OR ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN HIGHSCHOOLAND THE MAROON OF 1934 OR ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN HIGHSCHOOLAND P bl h d By THE CLASS OF 1934 ELCIN HICH SCHOOL ELCIN ILLINOIS mgun . . , " il .Q 1 -,I .- 'W ,. ,, , - ,.. ,. - - ' H '.," ' Q , -1 fs 'cl f ga ':. '12 K , ' Y V In . - 'Y . - " . ljiy..:' , .fa n-'t Q J. I LA. Y f 1 . -5: 1--f "9 jk- 'Q . ' , 'V fs' .1 4. me Tal ' a ' 1 sir Sth j EX' , 1 Tiff J J - QQ, ' nf' V Q 4 Q my 151, flff., -f f -n , r . 1 V , - L . ,tp .Mu 1 . ?. - P 5 Computed by " QL Z 6 g ' Burn F. Lum ,Q Editor-da-Chia! 1 J ' f ,Mfr-': B M ' . V q b lie' A, Photographs by i ' 3 e , A. G, Burn! ' . Q, 379511. Illinois - " 0 Engravings by A I+ Enom Pxmo-Enauvnra Go. 5' 519510, llwtab . 1 mmm by l ff ' Nurs Pam-nm 1:zm,mwa E Ea V ' 1 4 ' " "hi: H+ . .,1... 3.1 1, ' ' 1 nz -. M M ,, -.W .Q-M f r ' ' T' 'ity ' i f ' "" " QM" ju ,I , - U -'Ii .I ' ,H ' , Q, Mm G , . L -.!1x.A5., ,, n H H-H,' . r CONTENTS Chapter Page I "Advice from a Caterpillar ",,, -. ..... 12 II Alice Growing .,......,....., .,...CC. .,.,. 1 9 III Alice Grown c.,,c.,.ccc..... c,... 3 3 IV On with the Heads ....,.......,c,.......... ...c. 5 4 V "Tweedledum and Twcedledee "... .- ..,, - 59 VI A Royal Clash ...,.,.,.,....,....,,,,,cc..., .,rc. 6 4 VII "The Looking Glass House "cccc, .ccc. 6 7 VIII "A Song, Please" ..,.........c....,...., .,... 7 1 IX Mad Tea-Parties ..,,..,c........cc..,c.,.,.,c. ..... 7 7 X The King's Croquet Ground. ......,... ..... 8 7 XI "The Queen's Croquet Ground" ......... ,.,,cc... 1 13 XII Putting the Pieces Together vcvr....c ......... l 20 XIII Announcing ....c,.,.......,...,........., 133 PREFATORY NOTE Iust as Lewis Carroll's Alice meandered through the wonderland of dreams, so the graduate recalls his high school adventures as though they were dreams, real though they seemed at the time. As Alice rollicked through her whimsical experiences of dreamland, so the student, often forgetful of an underlying seriousness, plays through the ups and downs of school life. The adventures of Alice form a delightful memory for all who read them, and so the high school days have their own corner in the hearts of all graduates. Now, gentle reader, if you will once more view the past year, as Alice must have recalled her beautiful dream, you shall see again in memory those charming events of your own adventures in your very own wonderland. I is "Child of the pure unclouded brow And dreaming eyes of wonder! Though time be Heet, and I and thou Are half a life asunder, Thy loving smile will surely hail The love-gift of a fairy-tale. "I have not seen thy sunny face, Nor heard thy silver laughter: No thought of me shall Hnd a place In thy young life's hereafter- Enough that now thou wilt not fail To listen to my fairy-tale. days, were glowing- served to time rowing- memory yet, would say 'forg A tale begun in other When summer suns A simple chime, that The rhythm of our Whose echoes live in Though envious years 5: "Come, hearken then, ere voice of dread With bitter tidings laden, Shall summon to unwelcome bed A melancholy maiden! We are but older children, dear, Who fret to find our bedtime near. "Without, the frost, the blinding snow, The storm-wind's moody madness- Within, the Hrelight's ruddy glow, And childhood's nest of gladness. The magic Words shall hold thee fast: Thou shalt not heed the raving blast. "And, though the shadow of a sigh May tremble through the story, For 'happy summer days' gone by, And vanish'd summer glory- It shall not touch, with breath of bale, The pleasance of our fairy-talefl -Lewis Carroll 1 in x ff? 2. 2, A , , r. I 1 ij, lf CHAPTER I "ADVICE FROM A CATERPILLAR" LICE reflected, long after her encounter with the caterpil- lar fas we likewise recall our meetings with our teachersj, b such a bad Worm, he that that worthy personage had not een ' f course, and doubtless not a little was a trifle pompous, 0 ' b his sage advice to her con- querulous and sarcastic. But, y cerning the beneficial properties of the mushroom in controll- ' d h l ed her to discover her limita- ing her proportions, he ha e p t' lities And after all, one should not criticize tions and poten 1a . , ' l f a person so learned and extin- too harshly the m1nor fau ts o ' h d fand Alice felt very glad that no one was listening gurs e for that didn't seem at all the right Wordj. . X x X s i f ' . V Q r 'H ., l Yin E S' , XX Nw 'M K ,V ,A I x l Xl xxlm X XX AW iilitm 2 I gl 4 Nl ll"' M XX X hid X I at lm R, 5 ' " ' " l M l I mal 1 t li u ,fm 'xx I -ll v ii 12 Mr. Leitner, Mr. Mattocks, Mr. Krumm, Mr. Hart, Mr. McGill, Mr. Beebe. Mr. Iarrett. Mr. Gardner, Mr. Schickler, Mr. SAKIIT1, Mr. Abell, Mr. Chacldock. Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Kirkland, BOARD OF EDUCATION Elgin is very proud of her school systemg and the pride she takes in it is very justifiable, for the system has maintained a high standard in comparison with other schools. Responsible for much of the advancement made is the school board, which has accomplished its business so efficiently that the average student is hardly aware of the machinery which smoothes his path. The board is entirely responsible for the routine Work of hiring faculty, selection of text books, controlling school property, and handling school Finances. Elgin is fortunate in these trying days to be Without financial difficulty in the field of education, In order to cut the membership of the board from 12 to 9 members besides the president, only two men were elected this term to take the place of three retiring members. Messrs. Ralph E. Abell, Lynn McGill, and Paul Schickler are retiring this spring, and will be succeeded by Messrs. Ray Geister and Charles Flora. Dr. O. C. Prideaux, also a retiring member, was re-elected for another three-year term. 13 THEODORE SAAM Superintendent B. S. Lenox College M. A. University of Iowa Columhia University T. A. LARSEN Assistant Principal B. A. Olivet College Universities of Wisconsin, Cali- fornia, aml Iowa CLAUDIA V, ABELL Art Normal Art, Chicago Acatlemy of Fine Arts University of Chicago lioothhy Harhor, Me., School of Painting Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design antl Color, San Fran- cisco, California W. O. BECKNER Geography Ii. A. McPherson College M. A. University of Chicago University of Chicago ELMER R. BOHNERT Machine Shop B. S. Stout Institute Iowa State College Universities of Wisconsin and Michigan ROSCOE S. CARTWRIGHT Head of Social Science Department Il. A. Simpson College M. A. Creighton University University of Chicago KATHERINE H. DAVERY Social Science B. A. Beloit College Columbia University University of Wisconsin W. L. GOBLE Principal B. S. University of Chicago University of Chicago Northwestern University NELLIE M. DRYSDALE Director of Pupil Adjustment H. A. Wheaton College Universities of Southern Cali- fornia, Chicago, and Minne- sota CLIFTON E. ADAMS Director of Athletics B. S. Lombard College University of Illinois Northwestern University Superior Normal MARGE BIERSACH English and Drainatics IS. A. Carrol College M. A. University of Wisconsin IRENE ROVELSTAD BRINKMAN Latin B. A. University of Southern California Universities of Wisconsin antl Southern California MARJORIE CHURCHILL English H. A. Knox College Columbia College of Expres- sion University of Chicago ELEANOR H. DORSETT Biology B. A. University of Illinois M. A. University of Illinois University of Chicago 4 ELMA C. ENGELBRECHT English and Music Ph. B. University of VVisconsin Northwestern University American Conservatory of Music ELSIE H. FLETCHER English B. A. Oberlin College Universities of Chicago and Wisconsin Northwestern University CAROLEEN HALLER Latin B. A. North Central College BESS HANIGAN Social Science Ph. B. University of Chicago Colorado State Teachers College Creighton University CLEORA E. JOHNSON Home Economics B. S. University of Illinois M. A. University of Missouri HELEN C. KETTERING Biology and General Science B. S. Monmouth College University of Wisconsin Columbia University JOHN A. KRAFFT Commercial Ph. B. University of Chicago University of Illinois Northwestern University Columbia University 9 MABEL A. ENGELBRECHT German Columbia College of Expression Ph. B. University of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin FLORENCE H. FLETCHER Home Economics Bradley Polytechnic Institute University of Chicago P. D. HANCE Mechanical Drawing University of Chicago W. H. P. HUBER Physics and General Science B. S. Ohio Northern College Universities of Chicago and Illi- nois Northwestern University GRACE M. KEATING English B. A. University of Wisconsin Northwestern University EMMA KNUDSON Music Supervisor B. S. Drake University B. M. American Conservatory of Music Bush Conservatory Columhia and Northwestern Universities HAZEL LINKFIELD Head of Foreign Language Department B. A. University of Wisconsin American Academy in Rome M. A. University of Wisconsin C. A. LLOYD Manual Arts University of Illinois Northwestern University KENNETH A. MONTGOMERY Social Science B. A. DePauw University University of Wisconsin GLENNIE E. INIORROW Commercial Ph. B. University of Wisconsin State University of Iowa M. C. MYERS General Science B. S. University of Minnesota NORMA NUERNBERGER Commercial B. S. University of Nebraska Universities of California and Southern California ADAH A. PRATT Hea-cl of Mathematics Department B. A. Wheaton College Universities of Chicago, Coln- raclo, antl Southern California U. K. REESE Band and Mathematics B. A. Iowa State Teachers Col- lege University of Chicago Chicago Musical College Northwestern University XVILDA L. LOGAN Physical Education Chicago Normal School of Physical Education Universities of Wisconsin, Colo- rado, and Iowa Northwestern University VEGA MOREHOUSE French B. A. Drake University Alliance Francaise, Paris M. A. Drake University DOROTHY MURRAY Commercial Illinois State Normal University Universities of California and Colorado MARGARET E. NEWMAN Head of English Department B. A. Lombard College M. A. University of Chicago University of Michigan Harvard University MARY A. PETERS Mathematics B. A. Iowa State Teachers Col- lege M. S. State University of Iowa NELLIE E. PURKISS Social Science B. A. University of Chicago University of Chicago GILBERT I. RENNER Chemistry B. S. Eureka College University of Illinois Illinois State Normal University L. V. ROBINSON Commercial B. S. Commerce State Univer- sity of Iowa MARY L. SMITH Social Science B. A. Lake Forest College University of Chicago Harvard University W. A. STUMPF Head of Commercial Department B. S. University of Illinois Northwestern University Gregg Normal School ADELA M. T1-ioM Mathematics B. A. University of Kansas M. A. University of Chicago E. C. WAGGONER Head of Science Department B. S. University of Indiana Universities of Indiana and Michigan Northwestern University WALTER M. WILSON English B. A. Grinnell College University of Chicago LILLIAN HURv1'rz GOLDWYN Assistant Librarian University of Illinois ARTHUR ROGGEN Physical Education H. A. Hope College M. A. University of Iowa University of Chicago NORA B. STICKLING English Ph. B. University of Chicago University of Chicago P. E. TAYLQR Head of Industrial Arts Department University of Chicago Northwestern University University of Illinois J. NEWELL VONCKX English Iamcs Millikin University B. A. University of Illinois University of Chicago HORTENSE E. WILSON Mathematics H. A. Knox College M. A. University of Illinois University of Colorado CARRIE K. WILLIFORD Librarian Gail liortlen Public Library, Elgin Universities of Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin ELVAJEAN HALL Assistant Librarian B. A. Oberlin College University of Wisconsin Library School Luke Forest College HELEN L. REVETT Supervising N urse R. N. Charing Cross Hospital, London University of Chicago CLARA A. REINKE R. N. Hamilton Normal School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Battle Creek Nurses Training School University of Chicago EVA MAE JOHNSON Assistant Secretary 18 AUGUSTINE M. GOTTA R. N. Battle Creek Sanitarium Nurses Training School, Battle Creek College EVELYN L. BOETTCHER Secretary-Registrar CHAPTER II ALICE GROWING LICE alternately atc the remarkable cakes and drank from the bottle labelled, singularly enough, "Drink Me." She grew alternately large and small. Sometimes she was able to reach the door leading into the beautiful garden, but she had always forgotten the key. It was only after a long period of striving and expermenting that she succeeded in attaining th . . . e correct he1ght and entering the beautiful garden. Likewise, the underclassmen of the Elgin High School ex- perience a period of ad coming high school seniors. justment and preparation before be- xgUH,,,Ug1f.H1y1L1rILLIU1 .rmngzgu :ml ii 'i'i S221 1 Tm-U-m7-W l , J! x S 3 L W " 4 E L T S 'xi x gmlnni X i Ffrfffmrfe A ll I ,J E - if 4' 5 S 3 5 rf' e 5 0: iw 19 9B Top row: C. Haumiller, E. Bocttcher, B. Beckman, W. Beam, W. Daly, G. Chamberlain, D. Connell, M. Gilday, C. Behm, R. Fay, M. Ehorn. Third row: Miss Morrow, D. DeTar, R. Fields, V. Fay, A. Bender, H. Berndr, I. Churchill, R. Frcdcrickson, G. Fischer, B. Elvey, V. Davis. Second row: E. Gustafson, F. Broderson, G. Elliot, M. Bohncnstengel, N. Boumann, P. Bongard, M. Dauel, R. Glissman, D. Brown, M. Beam, V. Burnidge, G. Dueringcr, R. Hameistcr. First row: M. Gerber, G. Fricke, H. Burburg, F. Burmeister, F. Anderson, I. Heine, I. Haverkampf, R. Esterle, H. Henisc, V. Fohrmnn, R. Hull. 9 Top row: I. McPherson, A. Leach, W. Kcllner, B. Richman, R. Roth, D. Sund, P. Mocklcr, E. Lange O. Schrieber, R. Wahl, Miss Dorsett. Third row: V. Schafftes, L. Lund, P. Herman, E. Keeney N. Lundh, I. Pachter, P. Schumacher M. Paulson, V. Pearson, B. Wilcox, M. Wheeler, D. Ollman. Second row: E. Spencer, E. Iohnson, M. Wahl, G. Swanson, N. Niss, I. Warner, L. Van Vleet I. Sanfratello, M. Struckmeycr, K. Sanfratello. First row: H. Murphy, E. Lane, C. Schrieber, R. Solbeck R. Wingate, B. Singleton, C. Webb, E. Phelps, L. Rohrer, E. Metzger. 20 Top row: R. Dieterich, D. Bue, D. Beal, M. Ansel, M. Bell, C. Caul, M. Batt, W. Ashman, F. Broaclslreel D. Blietz, M. Childs. Third row: Mr. Taylor, R. Fierke, R. Flood, R. Gibbs, M. Badgrow, K. Andresen R. Ehorn, I. Bloemke, I. Applehoff, C. Burke, C. Bosio, R. Britton. Second row: T. Gleason, I. Bolle F. Clucas, T. Fischer, P. Eames, A. Diekman, D. Gilomen, T. Duewel, M. Canfield, V. Featherkile W. Fees, D. Adams. First row: M. Fox, N. Bassett, V. Botteron, G. Danner, E. Fohrman, G. Davis H. Flora, D. Brewbaker, C. Burbury, C. Drennan, A. Eiehorst. l Top row: R. Maas, E. Heim, C. Meldau, A. Langhorst, D. Hintz, N. Miller, H. Mathcws, D. Gordon, M. Kennedy, B. Heldt, L. Goll. Third row: M. King, D. Horton, W. Heinrich, W. Ireland, L. Hitzemann, L. Hitzemann, R. Kramp, R. Horn, D. Keller, M. Keller, C. Kammrad. Second row: R. Larson, H. Gross, A. Hale, O. Gothier, D. Iosephson, R. Nelson, C. Kloridis, M. Miller, D. Nass, S. McLean, D. Harms. First row: I. Leach, R. Iacobs, C. Kanies, I. Hajdu, O. Kochring, H. Nerge, D. Kawal, M. Coggin, D. Grupe, R. Helm, L. Goll, E. Heinemann. 21 Top row: R. Warner, W. Thomas, R. Young, E. Reinert, G. Alexander, L. Voigt, L. Schmidt, L. Spohnholtz, L. O'Connor, M. Runge, B. Smith, C. Roefer, P. Robinson, R. Wcwetzer. Third row: R. Wright, E. Voight, I. Tredup, R. Rosenthal, C. O'Farrell, R. Reinert, W. Rahn, R. Reed, V. Pilchcr, G. Rovelstatl, R. Seimer, I. Westerman. Second row: R. Kellogg, V. Taylor, I. Ollman, L. Scott, I. Reinert, M. Schneider, W. Schlie, E. Wilke, D. Palmer, G. St. Iohn, L. Steinmann, D. Palmer, R. Massey. First row: R. Warner, W. Seegert, F. Schlie, D. Pilcher, M. Serock, R. Pelletier, B. Schroeder, B. Parr, M. Raclke, H. Schultz, R. Studer, E. LeRoy, R. Lea. B Top row: D. Anderson, M. I. Anderson, L. Buckhahn, W. Dower, I. Conner, F. Hameister, I. Fuller R. Anderson, F. Bohnc, C. Barnett. Third row: R. Chelseth, R. Eberly, R. Choitz, D. Dunlap, V. Busse, D. Graupner, E. Hajdu, I. Beck, M. Havermann, Mr. Bcckner. Second row: V. Benz, L. Bargholtz G. Dirter, M. Cook, B. Atterbury, M. Baldi, D. Anderson, L. Althen, M. Gabler. First row: M. Anselman P. Farley, E. Ehlers, R. Fuller, R. Christensen, R. Bain, D. Biesterfeld, R. Contoise, I. Butler, D. Bradley 22 v 1 Top row: L. Lagerstrom, L. Lamp, T. Iacobs, H. Hughes, R. Heubaum, L. Iurs, M. Iurs, R. Hoagland, I. Moore. Third row: G. Muntz, B. Manougian, E. Kaptain, F. Huckstedt, L. Kowitz, M. McAllister, R. Lawrence, R. Mann, E. Hedley, M. Morey, R. Mansfield. Second row: B. Monroe, A. Long, F. Klick, D. Kasules, A. Luscher, R. Lindberg, F. Michel, F. Iacobs, B. Killman, M. Miko. First row: R. Mondy, D. Malone, C. Kleiser, P. Hoagland, E. Minster, I. McCall, F. Mousley, R. Lamprecht, M. Iohnson. B Top row: A. Schmidt, C. Stanford, R. Siers, I. Schmidt, C. Voights, P. Schroeder, W. Otta, I. Walter. Third row: R. Rifken, K. Peabody, P. Thies, V. Seaburg, D. Richman, B. Vale, E. Raue, W. Reber, R. Schmidt. Second row: M. Nacha, M. Shaw, H. Wheeler, E. Zimmick, D. Neve, G. Reber, E. Wagner, A. Roe, M. Swanson, I. Schultz, Miss Hanigan. First row: R. Swanson, O. Norton, I. Stickling, R. Stickling, A. Smith, V. Schuman, P. Watson, M. Sommers, R. Yarwood, L. Warner. 0 23 B OA Top row: L. Carvey, R. Elvey, N. Bloomfield, L. Bauer, G. Campbell, D. Behm, D. Blietz, I. Bruening, N. Burnstein, D. Barker, H. Bosio. Third row: Miss Wilson, F. Anderson, V. Cover, A. Culberson, S. Calloway, I. Carretto, L. Carlson, I. Coon, I. Brady, A. Bierman, W. Bell, L. Batt. Second row: D. Bchm, R. Brandes, R. Berner, G. Barnwell, M. Burnett, B. Amis, V. Burdick, I. Bayer, C. Eichcr, E. Bartclt, W. Beissert. First row: A. Becker, L. Bohner, R. Blish, H. Ball, D. Clark, R. Gracer, W. Boehm. L. Bruhn, H. Bcrtseh, C Bonin, R. Allen. 10A Top row: C. Dickmann, L. Grupe, R. Getsch, W. Homfeldt, M. Hoar, M. Iden, E. Heinrich, D. Ehleart E. Graf, Miss Biersach. Third row: Miss Fletcher, I. Gleason, G. lkert, W. Iohnson, G. Kawa, I. Hansen K. Frink, A. Fay, R. Iosephson, R. Iakeway. Second row: D. Fisher, D. Fischer, A. Holmgren E. Hawkins, G. Kanies, L. Iessien, B. Davis, R. Iames, L. Gould, I. Hendrickson. First row: F. Handler S. Goller, I. Iame, A. Goll, P. Hedblade, M. Fuller, L. Iohns, C. Iones, I. Ebel. 24 Top row: D. Brown, R. Reinert, D. Meyers, C. Nelson, I. Pundt, E. Nesler, A. Luepke, W. Niendorff, R. Ringeisen, I. Coleman, R. Krueger, Miss Kettering. Third row: R. O'Leary, L. Mills, C. Mann B. Newlin, I. Merrick, R. Marsh, R. Nolan, T. O'Leary, E. Robinson, C. Rickert. Second row: C. Phelps L. Moyer, M. Nicoloff, T. Ream, M. Meyer, M. Last, I. Rogers, L. Plaster, M. Logan, D. Larson F. Kramer. First row: I. Sarto, B. Leonard, L. Lullie, C. Kyle, B. Lill, R. Ollman, I. McEwan, R. Parr I. Nichols, I. Lenz. 10A x Top row: D. Trost, L. Woodrieh, R. Van Wambeke, W. Walters, E. Schmidt, A. Sturlt, H. Seimer C. Smith, R. Scherf, W. Schmidt. Third row: R. Thies, E. Sollenberger, R. Spcckman, I. Trent, A. Thrun, V. Starriman, L. Wheeler, A. Svenscn, N. Schenet, C. Thrun, R. Waggoner, Mr. Meyers Second row: E. Schreiber, A. Ward, H. Wcnte, L. Smith, R. Sauer, H. Solbeck, D. Sarych, D. Scales I. Schellenberger, L. Schaif, L. Skinner. First row: A. Smith, M. Schroeder, D. Weichert, K. Smith M. Sternberg, E. Wickmann, L. Schneif, I. Wright, I. Waterman, F. Van Vleet, M. Smith. 25 1 u a OA B Top row: R. Carlson, H. Brights, P. Alleman, li. Brady, A. Bolz, D. Dewey, B. Boldt, R. Badcndick, M. Carlson, W. Doergc. Third row: L. Benedict, F. Ilemien, I. Bruckner, E. Boncoski, L. Brown, G. Crow, F. Burkland, B. Burdick. Second row: R. Bryant, H. Brunzell, R. Dabb, F. Dietrich, C. Breslich, B. Bochum, C. Austin, D. Ackemann, A. Ammon, G. Albright, M. Adams. First row: R. Boxleitner, F. Begalka, E. Castle, R. Carlson, W. Bean, I. Boothby, G. Adams, R. Baer, A. Cohen, M. Basile. , B l Top row: O. Knickrehm, P. Kolwalski, N. Klemm, R. Keegan, R. Fritz, W. Hughes, I. Gordon, R. Egler A. Hcistcr, C. Cromer, M. Fehrman. Third row: L. Kolberg, M. Eckert, W. Koch, E. Iernberg, R. Gracer I. Egyedi, G. Freeburg, H. Grant, R. Heckmann, R. Iuenger, R. Henning. Second row: E. Hill, C. Gannon M. Fay, I. Drahota, R. Durkc, H. Gibbs, M. Ehlenfelclt, K. Keller, M. Goldstein, A. Epstein, I. Hamcister First row: I. Fabian, D. Humbracht, A. Hayes, B. Hayes, C. Engdahl, R. Giertz, E. Hattendorf, H. Hecdley, H. Gondos, E. Halvorsen, M. Gustler. 26 9 s 1 Top row: A. Moglcr, H. Kruse, R. Miller, R. Mink, C. Nelson, H. Pearson, F. Paulus, O. Meusser, D. Martensen, H. Moltzen. Third row: E. Mock, M. Lindquist, I. McQueeney, E. Mock, S. Papageorge, W. Mitchell, D. Pate, I. McKeown. Second row: R. Leonard, G. Papageorge, A. Nelson, I. Leach M. Miller, S. McBurney, I. McLaren, G. LeRoy, W. Noonan. First row: M. Lenz, G. Krause F. Leiseberg, F. Murphy, H. Martins, L. McNichol, C. Nelson, E. McDonough, I. Lescher. B Top row: K. Schermeicr, G. Rieback, A. Tanner, I. Stringer, G. Steffen, E. Stohr, K. Rapalee, E. Schroeder. Third row: A. Perky, D. Schmittendorf, M. Peterson, M. Shine, R. Peterson, M. Schreiber, R. Struckman, K. Yarwood, D. Stalions, C. Wakcley. Second row: M. Rottier, H. Sullivan, I. Sterricker, T. Reinert, V. Schropper, A. Samuelson, G. Smith, R. Prescott. First row: B. Wilkins, D. Seeliger, D. Von Arco, E. Warner, A. Washer, I. Shales, I. Voltz, B. Wahl, M. Ponsonby. 27 B Top row: R. Brown, W. Brown, K. Cahill, A. Billings, R. Akemann, R. Carlson, L. Anderson, E. Blackford, A. Cahill, R. Brown, Mr. Bohnert. Third row: E. Brown, I. Bero, B. Bain, H. Brown, A. Bronson, M. Beyer, M. Bennett, E. Bender, G. Boettcher, V. Awe, M. Berman. Second row: G. Bloemke, E. Andresen, G. Bruns, A. Brown, E. Burnidge, N. Bumsted, G. Carlson, I. Betts, R. Andrews, M. Abelman. First row: E. Bruens, L. Ackcmann, M. Blanchard, M. Adamek, L. Bonkoske, B. Banker, V. Bertsch, M. Dietrich, B. Berman, V. Brewbaker, B. Bellows. Top row: W. Conner, N. Davis, F, Funk, G. Childs, R. Engelke, R. Fowler, G. Fields, F. Dwyer A. Elvin, N. Demler. Third row: S. Chaney, I. Conrath, R. Frisby, L. Egoroff, M. Ehorn, M. Crandall D. Dcwees, B. Gettle, M. Ccderwall, W. Coombs, F. Funk. Second row: T. Coleman, I. Coughlas S. Feinstein, R. Corson, I. Ginnell, K. Erickson, G. Cooper, R. Dierker, E. Fore. First row: M. Gillilan P. Gifford, L. Elliott, I. Dillon, C. Erboe, D. Freed, L. Ciraulo, H. Biggers, S. Gencrcaux, I. Fisher 28 Top row: G. Goddert, W. Geisler, M. Holtz, H. Haumillcr, E. Graf, R. Hcflick, A. Hassman, W. Garrelts, M. Holtz, E. Heine, W. Hodel. Third row: D. Gray, M, Graupner, I. Grimes, A. Goll, P. Goggin, W. Hallock, M. Hamlin, R. Grote, H. Gromer, L. Graffana, G. Bctz. Second row: W. Gray, I. Henard, C. Haller, R. Hayward, R. Greiner, W. Grehn, M. Girton, A. Gillilan, I. Hamilton. First row: E. M. Green, P. Hansen, L. Heinemann, C. Held, L. Hameister, M. Hall, M. Hanson, M. Haase, D. Gough, E. Dcxter. Top row: G. Lindgren, T. LaRoy, G. Leigh, C. Hunter, G. Kromhout, K. Korbachcr, E. Lindbergh, R. Krueger, K. Kastner, W. Iakeway. Third row: R. Krumfuss, L. Hothan, B. Householder, R. Hopp, P. Leach, L. LaVine, A. Lloyd, L. Lenz, I. Lamb, R. Logan, E. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Montgomery. Second row: S. Kilgore, L. Kernau, F. Lund, O. Iverson, R. Lay, W. Kollman, L. Kowert, L. Humbracht, A. Kirkland. First row: H. Lane, D. Koch, A. Icssien, F. Kenyon, K. Kinney, M. Lemon, M. Koch, D. Kuehl, F. Kribbs. Z9 Top row: P. Niles, M. Orkfritz, I. Moelieh, C. MacDonald, A. Michell, G. Milner, W. Meek, R. Montieth, R. Monroe. Third row: B. Nichol, I. McCarthy, E. O'Neil, G. McTavish, I. Maule, I. Manny, M. Loek, F. Marquis, A. Papziy, B. Overeash. Second row: A. Miller, W. Meyers, I. Nerove, R. McDonald, D. Mallory, M. Marks, A. Mueller, E. Nottolini, G. Munch, H. Nelson, K. Parrott. First row: li. McDonough, R. Maris, E. Mayer, R. Moseman, H. McElroy, A. McCormack, B. Osburn, H. Metz. l l l Top row: R. Pompa, I. Robinson, H. Roth, I. Prycle, G. Peterson, E. Sales, D. Rottier, E. Schmidt Mr. Robinson. Third row: I.. Pelletier, A. Seheele, R. Plote, M. Ross, D. Popp, E. Rydell, E. Reimer H. Schmallbeek, W. Raclke. Second row: K. Schenet, G. Peterson, E. Rees, W. Rubnitz, W'. Pierce W. Rausehenberger, R, Phelps, W. Schaeffer, R. Pileher. First row: H. Peterson, G. Ponsonhy, E. Pierce M. Rabe, L. Reber, B. Peterson, R. Peterson, E. Reichoff, I. Schmidt. 30 y Top row: D. Senger, F. Seyller, I. Smaycla, W. Stonebreakcr, R. Sterricker, O. Shaw, G. Sipple C. Speieher, L. Struckman, W. Shuely. Third row: C. Sorcc, N. Schroeder, L. Schncff, W. Stuart M. Struckman, A. Steinke, E. Stettner, E. Sponholtz, B. Stewart. Second row: R. Schultz, W. Steinmann R. Swain, E. Smith, G. Snpcr, R. Shaw, W. Sprehn, B. Stevens, W. Seilkopf, G. Smith. First row M. Smith, L. Stcblein, G. Sill, C. Swanson, L. Shoals, F. Spohnholtz, E. Schumacher, P. Spalding D. Smith, V. Sund, D. Spurling. 2 Top row: L. Wilson, G. Talley, E. Vuight, H. Wagner, I. Thisell, L. Tyrell, C. Theil, L. Trost, W. Symons. Third row: A. Voss, O. Thrun, P. Wagner, M. Wallis, E. Vranka, L. Wright, M. Wcsterman, B. Wolff, G. Volpp, R. Wolff. Second row: R. Van Natta, M. Wilkcning, E. Whalen, R. Ziegler, D. Walbaum, M. Wundcrlicht, E. Werner, M. Wise. First row: I. Wagner, D. Zwicky, M. UH:-md D. Taylor, E. Voltz, I.. Yourd, B. Wcchter, E. Wingate, V. Watson. M. Wolff, M. Wyman. 31 1 Miss DAVERY A. KIRKLAND G. GOEDERT J. YOURD Adviser President Vice President Secretary IUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the spring of 1931, 146 freshmen entered Highschooland. Although many were very "green," they soon learned the ways of high school life, entering into all ac- tivities and maintaining a good scholastic record. Donna Folkman and Robert Fritts were chosen members of the Student Council. In September 339 more freshmen entered to form the complete junior class of 485. In their sophomore year Robert Geister, Helen Nelson, Iunior Pryde, and George Soper served on the Student Council. Other members won honors in the field of athletics, music, and scholarship, and the whole class continued to back all school enterprises. The class, on entering its junior year, chose as president, Alfred Kirkland, George Goedert as vice-president, and Iean Yourd as secretary. Iunior Pryde, Robert Geld- macher, Helen Nelson, and Iean Yourd were the Council representatives. All mem- bers of the class made rapid progress in school life, winning further honors in music, scholarship, and athletics. In the second semester came the 1935 junior class play, "Tom Sawyer." The title part was played by Roy Swain, with Pauline Gifford as Becky Thatcher. Scenery, lighting, and sound effects were splendid, and the whole play was a grand success. The year ended with the Prom. Departing from custom, the Iuniors and Seniors combined their proms, having only one. Pooling financial resources, they were able to secure a much finer orchestra and have a party grander and better in every way. So the Class of '35, with such an auspicious introduction into the wonderland of high school, is anticipating its last year and hoping to match or exceed in accom- plishment all the great classes which have preceded it. 32 CHAPTER III ALICE GRowN LICE found that the inhabitants of the garden were amusing people-in spite of their question- able grammar fin the case of the Gryphonj, their casual treatment of animals fas exemplified by the redoubt- able Duchessj, and the hypersensitiveness of some of their number, notably the Mock Turtle. But she enjoyed her many intriguing adventures, just the same. To an equal degree students Hnd opportunities for achievement, enjoyment, and leadership all the way through high school, especially in their senior year. The Class of ,34 had begun its adventures in High- schooland by electing to the Student Council Iean Farmiloe, Robert Kramer, Lois Powell, and Robert Sterricker in their freshman year, and Iean F armiloe, Pruden Ballard, Ianet Hawkins, and Carol Seymour in their sophomore year. At this early date a high standard in scholarship, music, athletics, and other school activities had been set. Under the leadership of Ralph Leach, president, john Tobin, vice-president, and Alice Glashagel, sec- retary, the class's junior year had passed successfully, reaching its peak in the colorful prom. Student Coun- cil members had been Wilma Hahne, Robert Ster- ricker, Earl Marquis, and Verne Pate. To lead its last year of adventure the Class chose William Brown, Gareth Barnes, and Mary Bennorth. Robert Kramer, president of the Student Council, was capably assisted by Neill Em- mons, Ralph Leach, Iohn To- bin, and Gregory Wellnitz. 1 The prominence of its mem- Q .,. f bers in all activities has made the year a happy and busy one climaxed by a combined junior senior prom. 2 - :C 'Rf 3 33 L i 1 T I f , ily? f 73' x X f X X X X x at au , 'lj I f 4 WILLIAM BROWN Bill College Preparatory Sr. Class Pres.g Ir.--Sr. Class Plays: Mirror Staff 4: German Club 3-4, Vice Pres. 43 Drama Clubs 3-4. GARETH BARNES College Preparatory Vice Pres. Sr. Class: Mirror Stafffg Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Pres. 2, Treas. 4g Ir. Class Playg Varsity Debate. AUDREY MAE ABELL Audie College Preparatory Ir.-Sr. Class Playsg Mask Sc llauble 1-2: H. S. Players 3-4: French Club 2-3g G. A. A. l-4. CAROL JEAN AMIS Amos College Preparatory French Club 3-4, Pres. 4: Latin Club l-23 Mask St Bauble 2: Girls Science Club -lg Sr. Class Play Com. PHILIP WAYNE BADGLEY Phil Practical Arts Geography Club 1-2-3: E. H. S. Players 4: Sr. Sales Com.g Sr. Class Play Com. ROBERT BARKER Bob General Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Sec. 4: E. H. S. Players 3-4: Science Club 43 Sr. Class Play. LAWRENCE BARTELT Bart Practical Arts Geography Club 1-2-3g Intra- mural baskctball 1: Sr. Class Play Com.g Rifle Club 2. Miss MARY L. SMITH Senior Class Adviser MARY C. BENNORTI-I College Preparatory Sec. Sr. Classg Mirror Staff 4g Mask 8: Bauble 1-2g E. H. S. Players 3-4, Sec. 4g G. A. A. l-2-3-4. WILLIAM W. ABELMANN Bill College Preparatory Ir.-Sr. Class Playsg Drama Clubs 1-2-3-4g Boys Science Club 3-4, Sec. 4: Hi-Y 4: E. H. S. Chapter Natl. Forensic League 4. GERALD A. ARENS Jerrey General LOREN BAKER, JR. Bake Practical Arts Geography Club 23 Orchestra 25 Band 1-2-3-4g Track 2-45 Commercial Club 3-4. MARY NELL BARNETT College Preparatory Mirror Staff 4g Chairman Booster Club 4g G. A. A. 3-49 E. H. S. Players 3-4g French Club 3. DEANE O. BARTLETT Barty Business Entered from Woodstock, Ill., 1. WALTER BAUER Walt General German Club 3-4g Sr. Class Play Usher. IRENE H. BAZSALI Rene Business Treble Choir lg Aeolian 2-35 Commercial Club 3g Ir. Class Pennant Com.g Ir. Class Playg Mirror Staff 4. MARIANA BERGMAN Marnie General G. A. A. I-2-3-4: Commercial Club 2-3--lg Aoelian 23 H. E. C. 43 Chorus 1. ROBERT BIESTERI-'ELD Betzzie College Preparatory Board of Directors Pub. Assoc. 4, Vice Pres. 43 E. H. S. Play- ers 3-4g Ir. ts: Sr. Class Play Com.g Intramural Sports I-2- 3-4. MARTIN L. BLIZEK Marty General Entered from Bartlett, Ill., 25 M. A. C. 4g Geography Club 25 Track 3. HAROLD BORN H al College Preparatory M. A. C. I-2-3-45 Football 1-2- 3-43 Basketball l-Z-3-43 Ir.-Sr. Boys Glee, Pres. 43 Hi-Y 1-2 3-4. PAUL BOSNYAK Bozzie Business Football 2: Intramural Basket- ball Zg Commercial Club 3-4. HELEN BAz0s College Preparatory Mask Bc Bauble 1-25 Treble Choir lg Commercial Club 3-44 Sr. Class Play Usherg Mir- ror Staff 4. HOWARD BELL0ws Pete Practical Arts Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 Basketball Zg Geography Club 1. CHRISTINE D. BIEDERMANI: Fiddie College Preparatory Maroon Staff 3-4, Associate Etlitor 45 First Glee 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4: German Club 2-3-4, Treas. 43 Drama Clubs 1-2-3-4g Girls Sports. JANE LOUISE BLACKBURN College Preparatory Ir. Class Play Com.g Tri-Y l-2-3-4g G. A. A. 1-2-3-41 Mask 8: Bauble 2-35 E. I-I. S. Players 4. J OE R. BORM Spider Business Sr. Sales Com.: Geography Club 1-25 Commercial Club 4. HERMAN J. BORN Boy Practical Arts Geography Club 25 Intramural Baseball l-3. CHRISTIAN BOXLEITNER Powder General Intramural Basketball 3g Band l-2. Louis BRANDRS 99 Practical Arts FERN V. BRINK Fernie Business Iinterecl from Ioliet, Ill., 2g G. A. A. 2-3: Commercial Club 2-3--l. IDA BRITTON Business Aeolian l-5-4: Commercial Club 3--l: Girl Scouts lg Treble Choir 2. BRUCE O. BROADSTREET College Preparatory Entered from Linden High School, Linclen, lmlianag Bas- ketball 1-2: Manual Training Club 1-2. ROLAND BURDICK College Preparatory Ir. Hi-Y 2: French Club 4: Mathematics Club 1-2: Geog- raphy Club 2. PAUL BURLINGAME Gus College Preparatory M. A. C. 2-3--lg Football 2-3-4g Basketball I-2-5: Golf l-2-3-'l. AUDREY J. BURNS Andie General lr. Class Play: li. H. S. Players -l: Tri-Y I-2-5--l, Treas. Y. Vice Pres. el: G. A. A. I-2-3-el. Corr. Sec. 4: Comedy Concert . 2-J. MYER BREEN Mike College Preparatory German Club 4: Sr. Science Club 45 Mirror Staff -lg Ir. Class Play Com.: M. A. C. 1. CLAUDIA BRITTON Tull College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Latin Club I-2g Aeolian 2--l, Sec. 23 H. E. C. 'lg Tri-Y 1-2-3--l. Pres. I. VERA D. BRITTON College Preparatory Maroon Staff -lg E. H. S. Play- ers 43 First Orch. l-2-3--l, Vice Pres. 43 Natl. 64 All State H. S. Orch. 5--lg Sr. Class Com. MAR.r0Rr1-3 BROWNE Marge College Preparatory Drama Clubs 2-5--l: French Club el: Aeolian 5-4: Ir. Bc Sr. Class Playsg First Orchestra 1-3. PAUL BURKMEYER Bm-kie College Preparatory Sr. Hi-Y 4. MARION L. BURMASTER Brownie Business Maroon Staff 4: First Orches- tra 1-2-3g H. Ii. C. 2-3-4, Pres. -lg G. A. A. 1-2-5-elg Sec. Pro tem. Sr. Class. EVELYN BURT Evey Business Mirror Staff -l: Commercial Club 1-2-3-4: Tri-Y 1-2-3--lg G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 May Festival 1-2-5. BARBARA ANNE BYRNE Barbs College Preparatory Maroon Staff 4: Ir.-Sr. Class Playsg Drama Clubs l-2-3-43 Sr. Tri-Y 3-4, Pres. 43 First Glee 2-3-4. GEORGIA BERNICE GATES Bernie Business G. A. A. 4: Commercial Club 2-3-43 Mathematics Club 13 Geography Club 2-3. MARION CIRAULO Circle General Mirror Staff 43 G. A. A. 1-2- 3-43 Comerly Concert 1-33 Tri- Y l-2-3-4: Latin Club l. HAROLD COCHRAN Hal General Intramural Sports 3-43 M. A. C. 43 Basketball 3. WILLARD M. CORNELIUS College Preparatory Entererl from Wheaton Com- munity Higb, Wheaton, Ill., 4g Band 43 Sr. Hi-Y 4. DOROTHY BERYI, DAMISCH College Preparatory Maroon Staff 4: E. H. S. Play- ers 3-43 Mask 8: Bauble 23 Fresh.-Soph. Reading Contest 23 Aeolian 3. WILLIAM DELANCEY Bill College Preparatory Entered from Elgin Academy 2: General Manager Mirror 3-43 Ir.-Sr. Class Playsg E. H. S. Players 3-43 Hi-Y 3-43 Sr. Science Club 3-4. EVELYN CARLSON Ev Business Sr. Sales Com.: Ir. Class Play Usher3 G. A. A. l-2-3-43 Geog- raphy Club 2-33 Commercial Club 1-2-3-4. FRANK E. CHATTERTON, JR. Chattie Practical Arts E. H. S. Players 3-43 M. A. C. 3-rl: First Band l-2-3-4: First Orchestra 3-43 Ir. Class Com. MARIAN CLARK General G. A. A. l-2-3-43 Commercial Club 3-43 H. E. C. 1'2Q Com- erly Concert 3. WILLIAM GEORGE CORDOGIAN Corky College Preparatory M. A. C. 1-2-3-43 Mathematics Club 3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Sr. Hi-Y3 Football 1-3-4, Capt. 4g Basketball l-2-3-4. CASPER D. CRONENBERG Cap Practical Arts In-and-About Chicago Chorus 3-43 Ir.-Sr. Boys Glee 3-43 First Boys Glee 2-3. JOHN E. DARMER, JR. Jack College Preparatory Entered from Senn High, Chi- cago, 33 Maroon Staff 4: E. H. S. Players 43 Sr. Hi-Y 43 Sr. Class Play Com. DELMAR DEMING Delm General Band 1-2-3-43 Geography Club 13 Orchestra l: Intramural Basketball l. JANE REGNA DEWITT Jaydee College Preparatory Fnteretl from East Aurora High 21 G. A. A. l-2-3-4g Ir. Class Play Usher: Tri-Y 3-4g I-I. E. C. 4, Sec.-Treas. 4. ELSIE LOUISE DIETRICH Al Business H. E. C. 1-2: Commercial Club 4. ROBERT W. DUGAN Bob College Preparatory Mathematics Club 1-2-3-4g Science Club 4: Hi-Y 43 Ir. Play COm.g Football 3-4. MAXINE ELLIOTT Max College Preparatory G. A. A. I-2-3--l: Latin Club l-2-5-45 H. E. C. l-2-5-4g Tri- Y l-2-3-4: First Glee 4. OLIN NEILL EMMONS College Preparatory Boys Glee Club l-2-5-4: Bancl l-2-5-4: Student Council 4: Chairman Sr. Sales COm.g Bus. Mgr. Sr. Class Play. GERALDINE EPPENSTEIN Gerry College Preparatory Entered from Elgin Academy 4g G. A. A. -lg E. H. S. Players 4: Tri-Y 4. JEAN FARMILOE General Chairman Ir. Prom Com.g Stu- tlent Council I-2, Treas. 2g Latin Club 2, Vice Pres. 25 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. WILBUR DIBLER Skippy Practical Arts Geography Club 1-2: Rifle Club I-2: Commercial Club 1: May Festival 2. WINIFRED DIETRICH Winnie Business G. A. A. 2-3-4: Second Glee 1-2: Commercial Club 3: H. E. C. 4. GRANT EICHAR Sully College Preparatory Football 2-3: Basketball 33 Track 2-3: Intramural Baseball 3: M. A. C. 2-3-4. GORDON WILLARD ELRICK Butch General Spanish Club l. RUTH ENGELBRECHT Ruthie Business G. A. A. 1-2-3-45 Commercial Club 3-4g H. E. C. lg Tri-Y 2-3. ELSIE LUCILLE ESHELMAN Business First 8: Second Band 1-2-3-45 First 5: Second Orchestra 1-2- 3-4g G. A. A. 2. GEORGE FEHRMANN Fairy Practical Arts Band 2-5-43 Sr. Hi-Y 4. RAULAND CHARLES FISCHER Rolly College Preparatory Sr. Class Play: First Band 1-2- 3-4g Sr. Science Club 3-43 Mirror Staff -lg Sr. Hi-Y 3-4. HARRIS M. GIDDINGS Hodge General GLENN E. GISSLER, JR. Gissy Practical Arts First Orchestra 2-33 M. A. C. 2-3--lg Football 3g Basketball 2-3. ALLAN IRWIN GOLDMAN Goldie College Preparatory Mirror Staff 49 Sr. Hi-Y 4g E. H. S. Players 3--lg First Band 2-35 Varsity Debate 2. DEWITT C. GOULD Dit General Football 1-2-3-4: Intramural Sportsg Ir. Hi-Y 1-23 M. A. C. 2-3-4. CARL GREINER Grindy Business Geography Club 1-23 Commer- cial Club 4g May Festival 3. VIRGINIA MAE GRUNO Jinny Business G. A. A. 2-3--lg Commercial Club 2-3-4. EDWARD JOHN GETSCH, JR. Big Ed Practical Arts Football 1-2-3-4g Basketball 1-2-3--lg Track 1-2-35 M. A. C. 1-2-3--l. DAVID V. GILLES General ALICE M. GLASHAGEL College Preparatory Ir. Class Sec.g Maroon Staff 4g Drama Clubs 1-2-3-4, Pres. 39 E. H. S. Chapter Natl. Forensic League 3-4g and State Awards. KENNETH E. GooLEY Skippy General Basketball 2g Track 2. JOHN F. GRAY Johnnie College Preparatory E. H. S. Players 5--lg Ir. Sc Sr. Class Playsg German Club 45 Mask 6: Bauble 1-2. ORVILLE GROMER Orv General Band 2-3-43 Tennis Club 1-2- 3--l: Varsity Tennis 3-4. RUTH C. GUGE Skippy Business H. E. C. I-2-3-43 Commercial Club 2-3-4. ARTHUR GUTTKE Archie Business ANDREW J. HAJDU Andy Practical Arts ANDREW W. HALLER, JR. Andy College Preparatory Maroon Staff 4: Basketball 1-2- 3-4g Ir. 8: Sr. Class Play Com.g Mathematics Club 2-33 Latin Club l-2. DON R. HARGRAVE Don General Entered from Herrin 'Township High School, Herrin, Ill., 45 Basketball 4. ROBERT G. HATCH Bob General Spanish Club 25 French Club 45 Intramural Basketball 1-4. EVA JANE HEAD Janie General Rc-entered from Corpus Christi, Texas, 4: Commercial Club 43 G. A. A. l-4g Basketball 1-4, Capt. 1: Latin Club l-43 Com- edy Concert 1. ARTHUR F. HEINE Art College Preparatory German Club 3-4: Mathematics Club lg Latin Club 2. WILMAJEAN HAHNE Willie Business G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Pres. 45 Commercial Club 2-3-4, Pres. 45 Sr. Class Play Usher: All Athletics l-2-3-45 Student Coun- cil 3. ROBERT LEE HALL Bob Business Commercial Club 1-2-3-4g Var- sity Golf 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3-45 M. A. C. 1-2-3-43 Mathematics Club 1. RICHARD HAMILTON Dick College Preparatory First Band 2-3-43 First Orches- tra 3g German Club 33 Mathe- matics Club 2g First Glee 1. E. ROBERT HARZ Oz General Intramural Basketball 1-2-3-43 First Glee Club lg Track 3-43 Basketball 3-43 M. A. C. 3-4. JANET HAWKINS Jan General Student Council 24 G. A. A. l-2-3-45 Tri-Y I-2-3-45 Com- mercial Club 4. RUTH HEATH Ruthie Business Mirror Staff 4g G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4g Commercial Club 2-3-4. HERBERT HELM Herbie Practical Arts Stamp Club 2-3, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Sr. Hi-Y 3g Mgr. of Track 4: Asst. Mgr. of Track 3. LEONARD H. HELPER Len Practical Arts Sec. of Tennis Club 3-45 Mgr. Basketball 3-45 Football, Asst. Mgr. 3, Mgr. 45 M. A. C. 1-2- 3-45 Commercial Club 1-4. ALBERT W. HENNING Hines College Preparatory German Club 35 Ir.-Sr. Class Play Com. ROSA HILL Rosy Business G. A. C. l-2-3-45 Commercial Club 3-4. EDYTI-IE HOAGLAND Edy Practical Arts Geography Club 25 H. E. C. 2-3-45 Commercial Club 45 G. A. A. 45 Sr. Tri-Y 3-4. EDWIN J. HOOD Eddie General LILA C. HOWARD Bobby Business Mirror Staff 45 G. A. A. 1-2- 3-45 H. E. C. 1-45 Commercial Club 2-3-4. RUTH M. JACKSON Ruthie College Preparatory Latin Club 25 G. A. A. l-2-3--lg Comedy Concert 2-35 Tri-Y I-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3. HENRIETTA HELTZEL College Preparatory r Latin Club 35 Maroon Sat? 4. GEORGE W. HENRYSON General Intramural Basketball. MORRIS C. HINTT Moses College Preparatory Hi-Y Vice-Pres. 4, Sec. 25 Sr. Science Club 45 Head Usher, Sr. Class Playg German Club 2-3-45 Mask and Bauble 1-2. LUELLA V. HOLMES Sherlock General G. A. A. I-2-3-4, Vice-Pres. 45 Geography Club 4, Pres. 45 Sr. Class Play Com.: Comedy Con- cert 35 All Athletics 1-2-3-4. RICHARD HOPPE Dick Business Commercial Club 45 M. A. C. lg Sr. Hi-Y 35 Football 25 Track 1. ROBERT HULL Bob Practical Arts Sr. Hi-Y 3-45 German Club 25 Ir. Class Play Usherg Sr. Class Play Com. GEORGE W. JACOBS Jakie May Practical Arts HARRY MARVIN JACOBS, III F0999 College Preparatory Entered from Elgin Academy 23 E. H. S. Players 3-4, Pres. 43 Maroon Staff 4: Sr. Hi-Y 49 Ir. and Sr. Class Plays: Nat. and All-State H. S. Orchestra 3-4. GERALDINE MARIAN JAIINS Jerry General Commercial Club 1-2-3-45 Mathematics Club 29 Music 1-2- 3-4g G. A. A. 1-2-3. ROBERT L. JOHNSON Bob General DON L. KIENLEN Stubby College Preparatory Football 1-2-3-4g Track 3-43 M. A. C. 1-2-3-43 German Club 2-3: Sr. Class Play. HARRY E. KLUENDER Spike College Preparatory Sr. Hi-Y 43 Hockey 1-2-3-45 Intramural Tennis 1-2: Varsity 3-43 Track 39 Football 4. DONALD A. H. KLUG Don Practical Arts ELDINE L. KOSCHNICK Eddie College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Rec. Sec. 3, 2nd Vice Pres. 4g German Club 2-3-43 Mask and Baublc 1-2-33 Interscholastic Activities 1-2-3-4. BEN A. J AOOBSON Benny Business Commercial Club 2-3-43 Ir. Class Play Usher: Tennis Club 2. ROBERT B. JOHNSON Bob General SYLVIA W. KAUFFMAN Syl Business First Band 3-4g Commercial Club 1-2-3-43 Mirror Staff 3-43 Second Orchestra lg Second Band 2. ELIZABETH A. KIRKLAND Kirk College Preparatory First Glee 35 E. H. S. Players 3-43 G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Comedy Concert 1-2-3-45 Latin Club 2. ARLETTA KLUG College Preparatory Ir. Class Playg Maroon Staff 45 Comedy Concert 35 German Club 2-3-43 Drama Clubs 1-2- 3-4. ELIZABETH M. KNOTT Betty College Preparatory Latin Club 1-25 G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4. LOIS G. KOSCI-INIOK Loie College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 German Club 2-3-45 Comedy Concert 1-2-35 Mathematics Club l-25 Inter- cholastic Activities 1-2-3-4. ROBERT B. KRAMER Bob College Preparatory Student Council 1-4, Pres. 45 Ir.-Sr. Class Playsg Football 1-2-3: Hi-Y I-2-3-4g Ir.-Sr. Boys Glee 3-4. LESTER J. KRUSEMEIER Krusie Practical Arts Commercial Club 4g Geography Club 2. DOROTHY MARIE LANGE Dot Business G. A. A. 1-2-3-49 H. E. C. 45 Commercial Club 2-3. RUBY ANNETTE LANGE Giggles Business Commercial Club l-2-3-41 Geography Club 2: Tri-Y 43 G. A. A. 3-43 Second Orches- tra 2. MARY LA RoY College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Latin Club l-25 Ir. Class Play Com.g French Club 2-3-41 Tri-Y 4. OLIVE LAUTERBACH College Prapara tory Latin Club 1-2-33 G. A. A. 1-29 Girls Science Club 45 German Club 4. VERLE LEE General Entered from Pekin, Ill., 4g Sr. Hi-Y 4g Glee Club 4: Varsity Debate -lg Nat. Forensic League 4. VERNON M. KRUSE Krusie Practical Arts Intramural Baseball lg Intra- mural Basketball lg Basketball 1-2. JOHN LANG Johnny Practical Arts IRENE MARGARET LANGE Renee College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 German Club 53 H. E. C. 43 Interscholastic Activities 1-2-3-43 Second Or- chestra 1. RICHARD F. LANTz Dick General Entered from Kirkland, Illinois, 4: Orchestra 4: Glee Club 45 E. H. S. Players 4g Sr. Hi-Y 4. PAUL LARSON General Sr. Hi-Y 4: Football 1-2-3-45 Track 1-2-3-4g Basketball 1-2- 3: M. A. C. 1-2-3-4. RALPH F. LEACH Daas College Preparatory Maroon, Ir. Rep. 3, Editor-in- Chief 4g Ir. Class Pres.g Class Plays: Student Council 4: Ro- tary Medals I-2-3-4. VIOLET R. LEHMAN Vi Business H. E. C. lg Commercial Club 3-4: G. A. A. 4. HARRIET LEISEBERG Hattie College Preparatory Latin Club 2-3: German Club 45 H. E. C. 1-4: G. A. A. 1-43 Glee Club 1-2-3. CHARLOTTE M. LEVERENZ Charlie College Preparatory Maroon, Ir. Rep. 3, Associate Editor 4: Varsity Debate 3-4, Capt. 45 Drama Clubs 1-2-4g H. S. Chapter Nat'l Forensic League 3-4, Pres. 43 Rotary Medals 2-3. ELIZABETH LUTz Betty General H. E. C. 25 G. A. A. 4g Sr. Tri-Y 4: Sr. Class Com.g Ir. Prom Com. BEATRICE VIVIENNE MARSHALL Beaty Business G. A. A. l-2-3-4: Commercial Club l-2-3--lg H. E. C. l-2. FRANKLIN MCGINLEY Frankie College Preparatory Ir.-Sr. Class Plays: Drama Clubs 3-4: Cheer Leader 2-4: Science Club 4: Three One Act Plays 3. GEORGE A. M1140 Anton Practical Arts Track. MARY MILLER Tillie Business Commercial Club 4g G. A. A. 2g Treble Choir 2. CLAIRE JAMES LEITNER Jim Practical Arts Geography Club 2-3-43 Booster Club 'lg Football 2. FREDERIC C. LOCHNER Count College Preparatory Entered from Dundee, Ill., 4g E. H. S. Players 4: Football 4: Basketball 43 Sr. Hi-Y 4g Sr. Class Play. RAY MAILLER Bob College Prepa ratory M. A. C. l-2-3-4: Football 1-2- 3-43 Track 1--lg Basketball I-2. MARGARET ELYZABETH MCBRIDE M u ggs College Preparatory Ir. Sr. Class Plays: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: German Club 4: Mask and Bauble 1-29 E. H. S. Play- ers 3-4. ROBERT MCLAUGHLIN Red Practical Arts Intramural Basketball 1-23 In- tramural Baseball 1-2. GEORGE F. MILLER, JR. Chuck College Preparatory Mathematics Club 1. ROBERT C. MILLER Bob College Preparatory Re-entered from Portland, Ore., 45 Maroon Staff 45 Sr. Playg Science Club, Pres. 43 E. H. S. Players 45 Ir.-Sr. Boys Glee 4. SIGMUND MILLER Sig College Preparatory Geography Club 4, Vice Pres.5 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 In- tramural Baseball 2-3-4: Cheer- leader 4: Debate I. MARJORIE MoRRow Margie General Entered from Dundee, Ill. 4. ARTHUR MURPHY Waldo College Prepara tory HELEN MARIE NELSON General G. A. A. I-2-3-45 Mirror StafT 45 German Club 3-4. DORA NIcHoL Dodie General G. A. A. I-2-3-45 H. E. C. 3-4: Sr, Tri-Y 3-45 Commercial Club I-2-3-45 Aeolian Z-3. LUCILE NIETHAMMER N emie General Glee Club I-2-3-4: Sr. Class Sales Com. ELVIS L. OFFNER Elvie General Geography Club 25 Intramural Basketball 2-3-45 Glee Clubs 1-2-3-45 Commercial Club 45 Sr. Hi-Y 4. WILLARD EDWARD MILLER Bill Business Mirror 45 Ir. Hi-Y 25 Varsity Golf 3-45 Intramural Sports 2-3-4: Commercial Club 2-3-4. RosA ELIZABETH MOUSLEY Boobs General Commercial Club 2-45 G. A. A. I-4. EARL H. NEAL Granny Practical Arts Comedy Concert 35 Science Club 4. ELIZABETH CORNELL N EWMAN Betty College Preparatory E. H. S. Players 3-45 French Club 3-4, Sec. 45 Mirror, Asso- ciate Editor 45 "E" Awardsg Latin Club 1-2. ESTHER M. NICHOLS Babe Commercial Commercial Club 3-45 G. A. A. 3-4. MAURICE NORLING ROBERT J. O'LEARY Bob General Commercial Club 2-3-45 Geog- raphy Club Zq M. A. C. 2-3-45 Lightweight Basketball 1-2-3-4. RUTI-I AILEEN PAINTER Rudy Business Mathematics Club l-4: Comedy Concert 2-3: Commercial Club 2-3-4: Basketball 1-Z-3-4: G. A. C. 1-2-3-4. MARGARET PATE Margie College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: E. H. S. Players 3-4: Tri-Y l-2-3-4: First Glee 2-3-4: "E" Awards. KENNETH PIERSON Practical Arts MARGUERITE PONSONBY Business Maroon Staff 4: Ir. and Sr. Class Plays: Drama Clubs 1-2- 3-4: Three One Act plays 2-4: First Glee 4, Sec. 4. SIDNEY RAI-'EEI,soN Sid Business First Band 2-3-4: Assistant Ed.. Mirror 4: National Student Clinic Band 4: Commercial Club 3-4: Intramural Sports. Domus MARIE RAUE General Latin Club 1-2: French Club 4: G. A. A. l-2-3-4: Mask and Bauble 3: Tri-Y l-2. DORIS M. READ Dee Business Geography Club 2: Commercial Club 2-3-4: G. A. A. 2: Ma- roon Staff. FLORENCE HELEN PARKIN Pat Business Sr. Sales Com.: Glee Club 1-2- 3: Hockey 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4: Comedy Concert. VERNE E. PATE Cy General Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball l-2-3-4, Capt. 3: Track 1-2-3- 4: Student Council 3: M. A. C. 3-4, Sec. 4. ALICE PLOTE Plotz College Preparatory Mirror 4: G. A. A. l-2-3-4, Cor. Sec. 3. Pres. 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Mask and Bauble 2-3: German Club 2-3-4. MARY LOUISE QUINN Quin College Preparatory Entered from University High, Chicago, 3: Ir.-Sr. Class Plays: Assistant Editor Mirror 4: E. H. S. Players 3-4, Treasurer 4: Tri-Y 3-4: G. A. A. 3-4. DONALD RASMUSSEN Rasa Practical Arts EVA RAUSCHENBERGER Business Commercial Club 3-4, Sec. 43 Mirror Staff 4: G. A. A. 3: Geography Club 2-3. JOHN READ Johnny General Ir. and Sr. Boys Glee: Sr. Class Play: Sr. Hi-Y 4: E. H. S. Players 4: Intramural Basketball -l. BETTY LOUISE REASON Business G. A. A. 1-2-3-4g Commercial Club 2-3-43 Geography Club 3-4g Girls Sports. DOROTHY REICI-IERT Dot College Preparatory G. A. A. 2-3-43 Commercial Club 4g Treble Choir 1. MARIE RICKERT General Entered from St. Francis Acad- emy, Ioliet, Ill. 3: G. A. A. 3-4g H. E. C. 4. RICHARD B. ROBERTS Richie College Preparatory LYLE ROCKWELL Rocky College Preparatory CLARA H.ROSs General G. A. A. 1-2-3-4g Geography Club 3-4, Sec. and Treas. 23 Commercial Club 2-3-43 Home Ec. 3-4g Aeolian 3-4. IVADELL ROUSE Ivy Business Commercial Club I-2-3--lg Geography Club 2. CAROLYN LEE REBER Cary Business Mirror Staff 4g G. A. A. 1-43 Commercial Club 2-45 Geog- raphy Club 2-4g Mathematics Club 3-4. DORIS RICHOZ College Preparatory First Glee 43 Treble Choir Ac- companistg Rotary Medal 3g Girls Science Club 43 E. H. S. Players 3-4. THOMAS RIDGE Tom College Preparatory Hi-Y I-2-3-4, Pres. 45 Bus. Mgr. Mirror 3-4: Rifle Club 2-43 Science Club 3-4g Glee Club 3-4. ELLEN ROCHE College Preparatory Ir. and Sr. Class Plays: First Glee 3-43 Ir. and Sr. Tri-Y, Vice Pres. 2, Treas. 35 French Club 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Rec. Sec. 4. BERNICE ROSENGARDEN Bee College Preparatory Sr. Class Playg G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Tri-Y l-2-3-45 Mirror Staff 45 First Band 1-2-3. DONALD ROSS Don General IRVING ROWE Ironfoot Practical Arts MARIE ELIZABETH ROWE Spulpean Business Commercial Club 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-Z-4: Tri-Y 1-2: H. E. C. 4: Aeolian 1-2-3. WINFIELD RowE, JR. Winnie College Preparatory Hi-Y 1-2--l, Sec. 2: Mask anal Bauble 3: German Club 3-4: Basketball 3: First Band 1-2. DoR1S RYAN Business Mask and Bauble l-2: Second Glce l: Chorus 2. HAROLD SAMUELSON Sam College Preparatory Second Band l-2: Mirror Staff 4. ALTHEA SAUER Al Business Maroon Staff 4: G. A. A. 1-2- 3-4: Ir. Class Play Com.: Girls Sports: Commercial Club l-2-5-4. HENRY ALBERT SCHOCK Heinie Practical Arts Geography Club 2: Commercial Club 3-4: Ir. Class Play Com. MARTIN SCHROEDER Matz Practical Arts MARJORIE H. ROWE M arge College Preparatory E. H. S. Players 4: Varsity De- bate 3--lg Latin Club 1-2-3-4: Student Director Sr. Class Play: B. I-I. S. Chapter Nat'l Foren- sic League 3-4, Sec. 4. GRANT JOSEPH RUMPLE Tacket Commercial CHARLES H. SAMUELSON, JR. Chuck General Commercial Club 2-3-4: Ir. Sweater Com. ALBERT SANDERS Al Practical Arts RAY SCHAEFFER Peter College Preparatory Ttack 3-4: Football 4: M. A. C. 4: Commercial Club 4: In- tramural Hockey 1. RUBY SCHRIEBER Rubin Business Commercial Club 4, Vice Pres. 4 G A A 123-lt' "E" Y. ' I ...y Award: H. E. C. l. RALPH C. SCHUETT Shzstsky Practical Arts L. PHILLIP SCHUMAN Phil College Preparatory E. H. S. Players 4: Ir.-Sr. Class Play Com.: Sr. Hi-Y 4. JOSEPH P. SEMEIZER Joe Practical Arts WILLIAM J. SHIMP Cody College Prepa ra tory Second Band 3: First Band 4: lr.-Sr. Boys Glee 4: M. A. C. 3-4: Football 3. JOHN SKEELS Johnny Practical Arts Intramural Basketball l-2-3-4. GERALD SMITH Jerry Business Maroon Staff 4: Commercial Club 3-4, Treas. 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Sr. Hi-Y 4: Ir. Prom Com. LOIS CAROLYN SODERSTROM Lo College Preparatory French Club 3-4: Girls Science Club 4: G. A. A. 4: Band 3-4. DORIS SPERRY Dorie General Mask and Bauble l-2-3: G. A. A. l-2-3-4: Tri-Y 1-2-3-4: H. E. C. 1-4: Commercial Club 1-2-3-4. HAROLD F. SEELIGER Practical Arts CAROL V. SEYMOUR College Preparatory Maroon Staff 4: Girls' Science Club 4, Pres. 4: First Orch. l-Z-3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4: Rotary Medals l-Z-3: Student Council 2. RUTH SHINBERGER Skinny Business Commercial Club 2-3-4: Geog- raphy Club 2-3: G. A. A. 1-2- 5--lz H. E. C. DOROTHY MARIE SMITH Smythe Business Commercial Club 2-3-4: Tri- Y 3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: Mathe- matics Club 4: Ir. Prom Com. STANLEY ROYCE SMITH Stan General Geography Club 3: Commercial Club 2: Intramural Basketball 2-3: Football I-2-3. HELEN RUTH SOMM1-:Rs Babe College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4: German Club 4: Latin Club I-2: French Club 3: Sr. Tri-Y 3-4. CAROL JANE STANFORD Business G. A. A. I-2-3-4: Aeolian 3: Commercial Club 3-4: Tri-Y 1-2-3,43 H. E. C. 2-3-4. INEZ LAREDA STANLEY General Commercial Club 3-45 H. E. C. l-29 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4g Aeolian 1-2-3: Tri-Y 1-2-3-4. LOUISE HARTON STEVENSON Stevie College Preparatory Tri-Y l-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3- 4: Cometly Concert 2: Mathe- matics Club 3-45 Sr. Class Pla: Usher. JANE SYLLA College Preparatory Mask and Bauble l-2: Latin Club l-21 French Club 3-4: First Bantl 2-3: First Orchestra 3-4. CHARLEEN E. THIELE Charly Business Commercial Club 3-4: G. A. A. 41 H. E. C. lg May Festival l-2: Bancl l-2. VERNETTAH.THURNAU Dete General Entered from Bartlett High School, Bartlett, Ill., 3: H. E. C. 4: Commercial Club 3. LAVERNE LEWIS TIMM Timmie Business Golf l-2-3-4: Intramural Bas- ketball l-2-3-4: Track 2-3--lg Geography Club 2. RUSSELL TYNER Russ Practical Arts Basketball 2: Intramural Bas- ketball 2-4. LAURA A. STETTNER Larry Business Chorus lg Commercial Club 2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. DOROTHEA A. STUDT Dot Business Geography Club 45 G. A. A. 4. MARJORIE THERRIEN Marge College Preparatory Ir. Class Playg Tri-Y 1-2-3-43 G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 E. H. S. Players 43 Comedy Concert 1- 2-3. EMIL THIES Thies College Preparatory HELEN LENOLA TILLERY Tillie College Preparatory Tri-Y l-2-3-4g Mathematics Club 3-4, Sec. 3g German Club 3: G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Ir. Class Prom Com. JOHN R. TOBIN Rosy College Preparatory Football 1-2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-4g Vice Pres. Ir. Classg Stu- tlent Council 4g Ir. Class Play. RUTH URIE S7486 College Preparatory Maroon Staff 43 E. H. S. Play- ers 3-4g First Glee 1-2-43 For- eign Language Clubs 1-2-3-4: G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. MARIAN B. USHER Mafrney Business Entered from Ianesville High School, Ianesville, Wis., 4. EDWINA R0sE VIRGIL Eddie Business Editor-in-Chief Mirror 4g Latin Club 1-23 Girls Science Club 45 Ir. Class Play Com.g Mathe- matics Club 1-2-3-4. EVELYN R. VON ARCO Skipper General Latin Club 2-3g Sr. Class Playg E. H. S. Players 4g Second Or- chestra 1-Zg Aeolian 2. MARJORIE JEAN WAKEFIELD Midge General Mask and Bauble 1-2: Latin Club 1g Mathematics Club lg G. A. A. 1-2-3-4. RAY WALKER Red College Preparatory Sr. Science Club 3-4: Spanish Club 13 Intramural Basketball 2-3-4. ARTHUR WATERMAN Art General Second Band 1-2-33 Commercial Club 2. GREGORY WELLNITZ College Preparatory Maroon Ir. Rep. 3, Mgr. 4g Drama Clubs 1-2-3-4, Vice Pres. 45 Intramural Sports 1-2- 3-49 Science Club 4, Vice Pres. 43 Student Council 4. MILDRED F. VAN HORN Midge College Preparatory Girls Science Club 43 Mathe- matics Club l-2-3g Latin Club 1-2. ELIZABETH LLOYD VOGT Betty College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-45 Latin Club 1-2: Tri-Y 1-2-3-45 Mathematics Club l-2: Ir. Prom Com. ROSELLA MAE WAGNER Rosie Business Commercial Club 1-2-3-43 H. E. C. 2-3: Geography Club 1-25 May Festival 1-23 Second Or- chestra 1-2. RALPH WALKER Practical Arts LOUISE R. WARNER Weezie Business Commercial Club 2-3-45 G. A. A. 3-41 First Banrl l-2-3-4. WILDA ELAINE WEEKS Willie College Preparatory G. A. A. 1-2-3-4g French Club 2g Comedy Concert 2-3g Ir. Class Play Com.g Tri-Y 1-2- 3-4. MAY E. WERRBACII College Preparatory Ir. Class Playg E. H. S. Players 3-4: Tri-Y 1-2-3-4g G. A. A. 1-2-3-43 Latin Club 3-4. LAWRENCE WESTBURG Larry General Ir.-Sr. Boys Glee 3-4: E. H. S. Players 3-4g Ir. Class Playg Cometly Concert 33 "Three One Acts" 3. WILLIAM WIENHOLTZ Bill Practical Arts German Club 2. JOAN WISE J O College Preparatory French Club l-2-3g G. A. A. I-2-5: Editor-in-Chief Mirror -l. LUCILLE WOLEF Cille College Preparatory linterecl from Ioliet, Ill., 5g G. A. A. 3. ELEANOR DOROTHY WRIGHT Speed Business G. A. A. 4: Aenlian l. FLORENCE ZIMMICK Zummie Business Commercial Club 2-3-4: Senior Sales Com. RICHARD KELLER Dick Practical Arts Football 2: Geography Club 5. DOROTHY E. WESTON Dot Business Secontl Orchestra lg Commercial Club 2-5-45 H. E. C. 1-2-3-4. PAUL E. WINDAU Windy Business Ir. Prom Com.: Sr. Class Play Com. MARION WOLENS M ick-5 College Preparatory Entered from Michigan City, Indiana 1: Girls Science Club 4, Sec.-Treasurer -li German Club 4g H. S. Players 4: French Club 2-33 Mask and Baublc 2-3. DOROTHY FRANCES WRIGHT Dottie General G. A. A. l-2-3-42 Chorus 1-23 Aeolian 1: H. E. C. 1. FRANCES ZIMMERMAN F1-an General Entered from Woodstock. Ill., 5: H. E. C. 4. RUSSELL E. ZORNOW Bud Practical Arts Football 2-3-43 Basketball 4: Sr. Class Play Usherg Mask and Bauble 2: Boys Glee Club 1-2- 3-4. LOUISE SKELLEY Skelley Business G. A. A. 2-3-4: Commercial Club 3-4. CYRENE SMITH Business G. A, A. 2-4g Commercial Club 4 MILDRED SODT Millie Business H. E. C. 2g G. A. A. 1-2-33 Tri-Y 1-2-3-4g Commercial Club 3: Aeolian and Treble 1-2-3. MILDRED TOPPLE Milly Business Commercial Clubg Geography Clubg H. E. C.g G. A. A. 1-25 First Orchestra 2. LORING C. SMITH Smitty General Hockey 3-4g Golf 3-4. J. HOWARD THOMAS Howy College Preparatory linterecl from Strcator Town- ship High School, Streator, Ill., -l: Band 45 Orchestra 43 French Club 4. ELOISE WORMWOOD Dot General Geography Cluh 23 Commercial Club 2. LUCILLE BRESLICH DELWIN CARLSON General Practical Arts RAYMOND ENGSTROM WALTER HEUBAUM Practical Arts Practical Arts ENID MANLEY LUCILE MAPES Business Business ROY MILLER General ilu illllrmnriam The loss of Elda Schwab in 1931 and Iohn Raland in 1933 was deeply felt by all who knew them. Each had won a place in the hearts of his fellow classmates. CHAPTER IV ON WITH THE HEADS! N THE Wonderland kingdom it was customary for the Queen of Hearts to order the beheading of distinguished personsg in opposite manner we "head" the leaders in scho- lastic attainment of the Elgin High School. These students have maintained superior standards in academic subjects. The importance of their contribution to the high achievements and renown of the high school may not be minimized. It is Worthy of the most distinguished recognition. f If Z Lal -gb 1: , I is 3' f Z 'QQ f - . 4 , Z X fi Q :':" f 1 f y '-Fm 4 a s f ff 'lf W Z jx mb l X f , Q l 2 l 5 xl f Qlff xxx 5 54 Top row: I. Tobin. R. Leach, G. Wellnitz, E. Pryde, T. Iacobs. Second row: H. Nelson, D. Adams, G. Adams, W. Drawer, N. Fmmons, R. Waggoncr. First row: M. Fox, I. Yourd, R. Kramer, R. Geldmacher, I. Rogers, Miss Pratt. STUDENT COUNCIL President ,,.,.,....... ............ R obert Kramer Vice President. ...... .,.... R obert Geldmacher Secretary ........... .............. I can Yourd Adviser .,,,,,, .......... M iss Pratt l'The purpose of the Student Council shall be to provide an effective means through which the Student Body may express itself and through which it may cooperate with the faculty in any way for the good of the school." With this in mind the Student Council began another school year. Members super- vised halls and lockers, insured the safety of students' possessions during classes. They regulated stair traffic to reduce the confusion between classes, and they checked people leaving the building during the eighth period to maintain quiet for those who were still working. Besides these routine duties, the Council presented for the enjoyment and edification of the student body a fine Lyceum Course of six numbers: Zellner, character artist, presented the first program of the course, portraying for us characters of history, romance, and the scriptures. He was followed, a month later, by Howard Cleaves, naturalist, writer, explorer, and photographer, who presented an illustrated lecture about the South Seas. Other programs of the course were presented by George F. Morse, zoologist and authority on animals, Geoffrey O'Hara, composer and musical authority, Mardoni, a follower and student of the great magician, Houdini, and Barnes, with his trained dogs, the dog stars of Hollywood. 55 SCHOLARSHIP DAY Top row: C. Meyers, M. Harvey, I. Olhaber, R. Akemann, R. Leach, E. Pryde, I. Miller, F. Marks, R. Corson. Second row: B. Davis, M. Logan, C. Amis, C. Seymour, V. Frautnick, G. Bocttcher, D. Richoz, L. Wright, O. Lauterbach, M. Brockmeier, R. Frantz, D. Palm. First row: H. Heltzel, I. Younl, M. Cerlerwall, C. Leverenz, L. Seyller, E. Virgil, C. Holden, M. Lisor, R. Frisby, I. Rogers, R. Logan. HONOR MEDALS Rotary Club Medals were presented Iune first, 1933, by Mr. Glen R. Beverly, President of the Elgin Rotary Club, to those on the Honor Roll each report period. RICHARD W. AREMANN C21 CAROL JEAN AMIS Q21 GLENROSE E. BOETTGHER 421 MARIAN W. BROCKMEIER 125 NORTON BURSTEIN 115 MARION D. CEDARWALL Q25 RICHARD V. CORSON Q13 D. BETTY DAvIs Q13 VELDA L, FRAUTNICK Q31 RUTH A. FRANTZ Q35 RUTH G. FRISBY Q11 MAURICE E. HARVEY Q15 HENRIETTA E. HELTZEL CU CHARLO G. HOLDEN 125 OLIVE L. LAUTERRAOH fly RALPH F. LEACI-I 135 CHARLOTTE M. LEVERENZ Q25 MARIAN C. LIsOR Q31 MARGARET M, LOGAN K3J RUTH A. LOGAN 111 FREDERIC S. MARKS Q31 CHARLES F. MEYERS 415 JAMES C. MILLER 141 JOHN H. OLHABER 141 DORIS I. PALM Q33 EVERETTE H. PRYDE, JR. Q25 JEAN M. ROGERS Q15 MARY JANE SCHRIEBER Q15 LEONE A, SEYLLER 125 CAROL V. SEYMOUR Q33 EDWINA R. VIRGIL Q35 LENORE J. WRIGHT QZI JEAN YOURD Q25 AWARDS DAY Top row: D. Welling, C. Meyers, W. DeLancey, F. Ackmann, L. Harris, R. Leach, E. Gross I. Olhaber, M. Harvey, T. Iacobs. Second row: F. Marks, M. Logan, L. Boettcher, V. Frautnick N. Seimer, D. Palm, R. Frantz, F. Bongard. First row: C. Leverenz, H. Heltzel, M. Lisor C. Holden, F. Andrews, R. Frisby, A. Miller, M. Brockmeier. WILLIAM DELANCEY MARY HOWARD MARION LISOR BENJAMIN RIFKEN ROBERT BURSTEIN ALICE MINK MORTON WEBSTER FRANCES MILLER MARGARET GOGGIN ROYAL SPEAR MARGARET LOGAN GLADYS HEDBLADE KATHERINE OLWIN MARJORIE OERGEL THOMAS BURNETT CHARLO HOLDEN ROBERT MILLER VELDA FRAUTNICK MIRROR AWARDS JAMES MILLER GARETH BARNES WESLEY MOVITZ ELVERA STUMME LEONE SEYLLER J EAN NE VOLPP ESTHER EDWARDSON DORIS PALM MAY O'BRIEN LUCILLE HOPP RUTH MCCLANATHAN THOMAS RIDGE CLARENCE HALL EDWARD POPP SYLVIA KAUFI-'MAN RUTH LOGAN ALFRED KIRKLAND QUILL AND SCROLL HONORS GARETH BARNES ROBERT BURSTEIN WILLIAM DELANCEY MARGARET GOGGIN 57 CHARLO HOLDEN MARY HOWARD MARION LISOR FRANCES MILLER RUTH FRANTZ CHARLOTTE LEVERENZ BENJAMIN RII-'KEN FREDERIC MARKS CHARLES MEYERS JAMES MILLER DEBATING HONORS DORIS PALM MARJORIE ROWE RUTH FRISBY WOODROW BOYER ALICE GLASHAGEL CHRISTINE BIEDERMANN LENORE WRIGHT DEPARTMENT HONORS Faculty members from each department chose those students who had done outstand Ing work in their respective departments. Engllsh Science LEORA BOETTCHER WILLIAM DELANCEY MAURICE HARVEY HENRIETTA HELTZEI. RALPH LEAGI-I NORAINE SEIMER Foreign Language LEORA BOETTCHER CHARLES MEYERS MARIAN BROGKMEIER JOHN OLHARER VI-:LDA FRAUTNICK MARGARET LOGAN Soclal Science RUTH FRANTZ CHARLOTTE LEVERENZ FREDERIG MARKS CHARLES MEYERS JOHN OLHABER Mathematics JOHN OLHABER FREDERIC MARKS RALPH LEACI-I MARGARET LOGAN LEORA BOETTCHER FREDERIC MARKS Home Economics ALMA MAY MILLER Commercial In Bookkeeping : LAWRENCE ANDREWS ERNEST GROSS In Stenography : RUTH GREVE DORIS PALM Manual Arts FREDERICK AOKMANN Freehand Drawing FRANK BONGARD MELVA JEAN LOGAN FLORENCE ANDREWS CHARLO HOLDEN DAVID WEIILING LYLE HARRIS ARLETTE ABELL J K ?' is ' 5 'T P ' 6' ., N Qs -v 3 1 ' ' 1 E V , 'nj Y A Vg- -J X Q ll ' . 'Q ' ' f' ii is 1, ,J S Ng g t K f .9 i A inf, fvzqwfwklf -'ffl M :Wk ' I , nik ' . if 2521 . ,AA CHAPTER V HTWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE' HE amiable cavortings of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, including their adventures with the chimney pot, provided innocent amusement for Alice during her stay in the Wonder- landg in a like manner the dramatic organizations of the Elgin High School present worthy examples of dramatic art for the enjoyment of the student body. Besides the regular activities of the individual dramatic organizations, junior and senior class plays are presented each year, as well as elaborate pro- grams sponsored by official and scholastic groups. 59 IUNIOR CLASS PLAY Cast of Characters: Adam Trueman ,,,.,.. ...,... Count Iolimattre. ...,,..,.,..... Colonel Howard .,.,.... ......, Mr. Tiffany ....., , .....,.,,.,,.,.,,.. T. Tennyson Twinkle. ..,, .. Augustus Fogg ..........,......... Snobson ....... - ,..... - ....,. - ...... Zeke...- ...... MAY "FASHION" Robert Kramer Wood row Boyer Ralph Leach Gareth Barnes Iohn Tobin ' William DeLancey William Abelmann P William Brown lLawrence Westberg lHarry Iacobs Franklin McGinley Iohn Gray SENIOR CLASS PLAY Cast of Characters: Mrs. Tiffany ..,..... ..... Prudence...- ........., - .,..,..,,. -.. Millinette-.- ...,.,.... -- .,.. . Gertrude ,..... - ,........ ...... - Seraphina Tiffany...-...-.... Ladies of the ensemble... ' 1' or - er--g pw I 18 and 19, 1933 Mae Werrbach Barbara Byrne Arletta Klug Audrey Burns Ellen Roche Marjorie Therrien lMary Lou Quinn lMargaret McBride iLois Powell lAudrey Abell Marjorie Browne Irene Bazsali Marguerite Ponsonby DECEMBER 8, 1933 "REMOTE CONTROL" Walter Brokenchild...- ...... --William Brown Dorothy Doyle...- ........ - ........ Bernice Rosengarden Ralph Shugart...- ..... - ........., Ralph Leach Helen Wright..-. ................. Margaret McBride Charles Golden ....... --- ........ Iohn Gray Moran ..... - .... - ......... . Robert Miller Bert Rupert ......................... William Abelmann Doctor A. P. Workman ......... Iohn Read Agnes Ioyce ........... - ............ Barbara Byrne Betty Blair ...... .......... ......... A u drey Abell Norraine Winthrop ............... Cynthia Carr Beatrice Allen ........... ........., E llen Roche May Prescott .............. ...... M arguerite Ponsonby Iane Carter--- ......... - ............. Marjorie Browne Pete ....... - ......... --..-. Franklin McGinley Ioe ......... - ....... ........... R obert Kramer Ed .......... ....... - - ........ Robert Barker Iack ................. - ......... - ........ Rauland Fischer W. L. Oakwood- ................ Harry Iacobs Sergeant Devine ........... - ...... -William DeLancey Burke .............. .-..-..-.. ...-..-.. Slattery ...................... .- .... Don Kienlen Gregory Wellnitz Professor Murrey ...............1... Frederick Lochner Ruth ........ - ..... - ..... . - .... - .... Evelyn Von Arco HFASHIONU 1 Upper group: W. DsLzmccy, VV. Boyer, A. Burns, R. Lunch, M. Thcrricn, A. Abell, H. Byrne, I. Tobin, M. Mcllridc. Lower group: E. Rocha, I. Gray, A. Klug. W. DcI.anccy, W. Abclmunn, M. Bmwnc, I.. Powell, R. M. Ponsonby, L. VVcstlwcrg, I. Bnmuli, G. Barnes, M. Quinn, R. Kramer. Seated: M. XVCITIMIC 61 Leach, F. Mcllinlc h. REMOTE Upper picture: W. Brown, R. Leach, R. Miller, M. McBride, VV. IJcLunccy, D. Kicnlcn, I. Gray, W, Abclmzmn, H. Iacob5. Sea ted: I. Read. Lower picture: M. McBride, H. Incobs, W. Abclmann, F. Lochner, I. Read, W. Delancey, IJ. Kicnlcn, M. Ponsorxby, R. Miller, li. Roscngnrdcn, B. Byrne, E. Roche, M. Browne, E. Von Arco. Seated: W, Brown, C. Carr. A. Abell. 62 CONTROLN 2 Upper picture: G. VVclInitz, F. McGinley, W. DeLancey, W. Brown, I. Gray, M. Mcliriale, H. Iucobs, D. Kienlen, W. Abclmann Lower picture: R. Leach, R. Barker, W. Brown, M. McBride, F. McGinley, W. Abelmnnn, R. Fischer, R. Kramer, I. Gray B. Byrne, E. Roche, A. Abell, C. Carr, M. Browne, M. Ponsonhy. Seated: I. Read. 63 CHAPTER VI A 1zoYAL CLASH HE Wonderland was frequently enlivened with spirited disputes between the King and Queen of Hearts, the rnost frequent subject being that of decapitationg to almost as great a degree, the Elgin High School is entertained and instructed with official and unofficial debates between groups of students participating in forensic activities, which are frequently ex- tended to participation in interscholastic and other contests. 64 C. I.cx'cl'cl1x, XV. Alwlmzlnn, M. Rowe, Mr. C.lrtwrigl1t DRAKE TEAM BIG SIX CHAMPIONS Top row: Mr. Cnrtwriglxt, VV. Abclrnalnn, VV. Buyer, V. Lcc. First row: C. Lcvcrcnz, R. Frislay M. Cerlcrwull, M. Rowe. 65 Standing: fi. linrm-5. W. Ilahnc, VV. Pmycr. Seated: R. Waggoncr, M, VVcrrlmcl1. C. BiCllt'I'I11Lll'1I'l. FORENSIC ACTIVITY WINNERS DEBATE SQUAD Top row: W. Alwlmann. R. Ilvflick. A. Glnshagcl. W. Buyer. Second row: M. Marks. R. Frislvy, M Cartwright, C. Hin-a!crl11g1r111. M. Culurwull. First row: II. Brown. Ci. Iignrnca, C. I.Cx'crcnx. V. Luv, M. Rowe 66 CHAPTER VII "THE LooK1NG GLASS HOUSE" ff ,ff s 5 'Q l I lx X ea f + 1 Nw f for t X , if f' I i t i ' 4 if . ma A Q ,g,,s,, ,,,, 3 Vi -- :'5T.2,cq E, --1-,.i...z?'l T,..- g"""": ,1 ' - r at-seam, gijf E? I a X 'fe -2 ' - - "T-i ' I J Q :Y Yflmp 'Q-xr -Q HROUGH the Looking Glass Alice saw the room she was used to, only everything looked a trifle queer-more intriguing, more unusual. She looked and looked, discovering that, after all, everything was familiar, and as she entered and became involved in the happenings of the strange place, well-known things kept bobbing up. So in the Mirror and the Maroon, official school publications, does one find fa- miliar faces and familiar activities-sometimes things one had forgotten and even occasionally in queer and unfamiliar situations. 67 VV. DE LANCEY E. VIRGIL T. RIDGE General Manager Editor-in-Chief Business Manager MIRROR STAFF I. Wise, Feature Ed., M. Quinn, Asst. Ed., E. Newman, Assoc. Ed., G. Barnes, Subs. Mgr., H. Samuelson, Asst. Ed., S. Raf- felson, Asst. Ed., A. Plote, Girls Sports, M. Ciraulo, Girls Sports, M. Bennorth, Personal Ed., M. Barnett, Personal Ed., C. Reber, Personal Ed., E. Nichol, Personal Ed., W. Miller, Boys Sports, M. Breen, Asst. Boys Sports, R. O'Leary, Asst. Boys Sports, W. Brown, Boys Sports, I. Nerove, Exchange, E. Burt, Exchange, H. Nelson, Exchange, L. Howard, Exchange, A. Goldman, Adv. Mgr., R. Fischer, Asst. Adv. Mgr., W. Rub- nitz, Circ. Mgr., T. Coleman, Ir. News Rep., E. Gray, Rep., P. Goggin, Rep., W. Gray, Ir. News Rep., D. Spurling, Ir. News Rep., E. Rees, Rep., W. Iakeway, Rep., F. Spohnholtz, Rep., M. I. Miller, Rep., H. Bazor, Typist, R. Heath, Typist, B. Rosengarden, Typist, I. Bazsali, Typist, E. Rauschenberger, Typist, E. Stewart, Typist, S. KauHman, Librarian, R. Logan, Copy Reader. 68 MAROON STAFF G. Wellnitz, Bus. Mgr.g R. Leach, Ed.-in-Chief, H. Iacob-s, Asst. Bus. Mgr., C. Biedermann, Assoc. Etl.g C. Leverenz, Assoc. Ed., D. Damisch, Asst. Ed., H. Heltzel, Asst. Ed., R. Uric, Asst. Ed., V. Britton, Photo Ed., A, Klug, Photo Ed., C. Sey- mour, Photo Ed.g R. Miller, Boys Sports, G. Smith, Boys Sportsg I. Darmer, Snapshots, A. Glashagel, Girls Sports, A. Sauer, Girls Sports, B. Byrne, Arty M. Burmaster, Typistg M. Pon- sonby, Typistg D. Read, Typistg E. Mason, Ir. Rep.g E. Pryclc, Ir. Rep.: W. Sprehn, Ir. Rep. The Maroon wishes in this Way to voice its appreciation to the following people who have done outstanding work but Whose names have not appeared on the staff: Miss Abell, director of the art Workg Ellen Roche and Dorris Raue, artistsg Miss Stickling, copy readerg Mr. Robin- son and Mr. Stumpf, who provided salesmen 3 and salesmen Loren Baker, Mary Nell Barnett, Iay DeWitt, DeWitt Gould, Ben Iacobson, Lois Koschnick, Laura Stettner, Marjorie Therien, Mildred Van Horn, Leroy Wilson. 69 i l . , E Top row: Mr. Goble, president, Miss Smith, secretary. Second row: W. DeLaneey, Mirrorg R. Biesterfeld, Senior Class, R. Leach, Maroon. First row: Miss Newman, editorial adviserg Mr. Wilson, business adviser. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Alice found several changes in lesson land this year, only one of which was the change in administration of the jour- nalistic enterprises. Both Mirror and Maroon are now gov- erned by the new Publications Board, which takes the place of the former Mirror Board. Thus the policies of the publi- cations are more unified. The Board decides the policies of all school publications, passes on expenditures, and sponsors the annual Comedy Concert. Both staffs have found the new arrangement to be much more satisfactory than formerly. 70 CHAPTER VIII "A soNG, PLEASE" HE Mock Turtle, between sobs and gulps, described with rapture the happy hours which he had spent under his remarkable teacher, the Conger Eel, who had of- fered instruction in such intriguing subjects as "Reeling, Writhing, and Fainting in Coilsf' No less vividly do the students of music in Elgin High School recall the enter- tainment and instruction derived from the pursuit of some one of the musical subjects . . . Harmony, Dissent, Orna- mentation, Composure, and Embar- rassment .... An opportunity is offered to every interested student to partici- pate in some musical activity, whether 1 X vocal, instrumental, or academic. S 'Q ll' i Um., 'I E ,, , ll Y- L X K N ff y 4, yi! XM MWA! yu - 5-A ff NX of il X , W all ii S i llln mllllll .of X Qfllmg ,, f c f SM MEX V J 'xr 71 President ,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,, Secretary ,,,A,.. .. . , l.ibrari:1ns ,,,,, First violins: M. Hamlin, V. Britton, R. Lantz, R. Miller, B. Manougian, I. Hameister, I. Oll- man, E. Mock, E. Mock, B. Banker. Cellos: C. Seymour, C. Breslich, R. Frcdrickson. Hom: H. Iacohs. Tromboncs: G. Fehrman, B. Vale. Corners: W. Sprehn, H. Thomas. Bass: I. Lamb, R. Hoagland. M. Hamlin Britton C. Seymour ...li Wahl, l.. Egoroll Top row: W. Cornelius, T. Coleman, S. Kauffman, L. Soderstrom, R. Akcmann, W. Rubnitz, M. Holtz, G. Stephen, R. Wright. Third row: L. Warner, W. Boehm, R. Eberly, I. McCarthy, R. VanNatta, I. Walter, D. Koch, M. Eckert, I. Beck, R. Lay, H. Wheeler, R. Bain. Second row: W. McDonough, N. Emmons, R. Fischer, G. Kromhout, W. Freclrickson, E. Iernberg, B. Mon- roe, R. Swanson, I. Brady, R. Helm. First row: B. Bain, T. Iacobs, G. McEwan, I. Nerove, A. Hayes, M. Holtz, D. Senger, L. Buckhahn, C. McDonough, F. Chatterton, I. Hennard. FIRST BAND Second violins: W. Brown, L. Egeroff, E. Voigt, L. Kernan, M. Miller, I. McLaren, I. Schel- lenberger, M. Schroeder, T. Reinert, D. DeTar. Violas: B. Hayes, P. Spaulding, S. McBurney. Clarinets: T. Iacobs, M. Holtz, D. Sengcr. Flute: M. Holtz. Bassoon: D. Koch. Drums: A. Langhorst. Director: Miss Knudson. FIRST ORCHESTRA Top row: M. Batt, R. Henning, S. Raffelson, G. Fricke, R. Mondy, C. Voights, Mr. Reese, D. Morse, R. Pompa. Row three: H. Iacobs, L. Kowitz, C. Boxleitner, R. Chelseth, R. Britton, O. Gromer, G. Milner, D. Dunlap, D. Beverly, D. Scales, W. Stonebreaker. Row two: W. Symons, W. Shimp, G. Fehrman, W. Sprehn, L. Baker, W. Koch, R. Anderson, I. Smayda, H. Thomas, I. Bero, K. Parrott. First row: I. Moore, D. Walbaum, M. Gilday, G. Dueringer, E. Iohnson, R. Greiner, B. Vale, D. Hinz, W. Hodel, R. HeHick. President ........... ....... ........ G . McEwan Student Director ............................ I. Iacobs Secretary ................... , ........... R. Hellick Drum Major ......... .................. B . Bain ' Pro pcrty Man ...... C. McDonough Top row: L. NVestbt-rg, R. Geltlmiielicr, R. Lzintz, R. Kramer, G. NVellnitZ, E. Vuiglits. F. lleine, VV. Brown. Second row: R. Ilnywnral, ll. Morse, V. Lee, I. Griiy, T. Riclgc, I. Tobin, Miss Engellwreelit. First row: ll. Nelson, R. Zurnmv, N. EIIIIIIUFIS, N. lluinstegul, H, I2nUl'Il, M. Wiillis, R. lirmvn. E. Yeiitun. OFFICERS President ..... . . ....... . ..H:1ruld Born Seen-tary ...., .... . .Gregory Wcllriitz llirt-elm' . . . Miss Engellwreclit FIRST BOYS GLEE Top row: F. Ilameister, R. Eglcr, R. Carlson, VV. Thomas, C. Caul, F. Paulus, L. Baker, R. Elvey. W. Aslinuin. Third row: R. Fuller, A. Samuelson, W. Scliaerler, L. Skinner, V. Fay, I. Mctrick, R. Stone, 'l'. Ream, 'lf Fischer. Second row: li. Nelson, C. Drenricn, D. Clzlrk, R. Larson, NV. Singleton, R. Iuengcr, l". Selilie. R. Len, Miss Engellwrcclit. First row: Ii. Mason, N. Sclienet, M. Cliilils. I. O'Le41ry, I. Kenilnill, Ib. lielini, I. Mcliwzin. R. XVAIFHCF, H. Hcnise. Top row: VV. Hallock, R. Uric, IJ. VVright. li. Ilyrnc, L. Nictluiinincr. Second row: II. Nclson, II. Brown. ID. Richoz, M. Elliott, B. Bunker, P. Spalding. First row: li. Roche, M. Pomonhy. I. Conrath, Miss Knud- mn, C. Bictlt-rrnimn, M. Putt-, P. Citlortl. OFFICERS President ,.,.. ,..,............... , C. Ilicilcrlnzilm Vice-prcsiclcnt. ......,,, I. Conrath 5?C'ft?fl' FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFF M i1'0'Wbi FIRST GIRLS GLEE CLUB I.1lDI'LlI'lLll'!S .... ...... E . Roche. M. Pure OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER H. Brown ....... ... .. ...... Prcsiclcnt .... .,......... . .B. Banker R. Logan ....., Vice-president ...... ...... R . Logan H. Nelson ....... ... ........... Secretary .,.............................. M. Ross I. Manny, P. Spalding .. . Librarians ....... D. Smith, L. Egoroff Top row: C. Swanson, L. Nia-tlinmincr, C. Britton, C. Iiocttchcr, C. Ross, R. Logan, A. Mucllcr, E. Kirk- patrick, E. Rydell. Fourth row: R, Blihh, B. Banker, I. Svcnson, I. Grimes, C, Hclcl, L. Scholcs, E. Voltz, M. Ross, D. Smith. Third row: M. Ailamck, M. Illaiicluiral, H. Nclsun, Il. Wilkin, M. Koch, H. Brunzcll, A. Warner, R. Durlccc, L. Egororl. Second row: M. Fuller, L. Pfister, A. Holmgren, M. Lindquist, P. Spalding, D. Freccl, I.. Ht-incmun, M. Ccilcrwull, B. Cray, Miss Knumlson. First row: II. Pctcrson, M. Rotticr. I. liritton, C. Cannon, M. Miller, Il. llrown, M. Shins, IJ. Schmittcnclorf, M. Fay, L. Elliott. String Quartet M. Ilaunlin, first violin, IS. Hayes, violag C. Sey- mour, 'cr-lloq V. Britton, second violin. Elgin Members of In-and-About Chicago Orchestra Standing: W. Brown, G. McEwan, M. Holtz, Miss Knudson, M. Holtz, R. Miller, R. Lantz. Seated: V. Britton, C. Seymour, M. Hamlin, B. llnycs. Elgin Members of In-and-About Chicago Chorus Top row: L. Niethummcr, R. Urie, W. Thomas, I. Conrath, H. Born, B. Byrne, W. Hallock. Third row: C. Britton, M. Browne, C. Bieder- mann, H. llrown, D. Freed, M. Ponsonby, Miss Iingelbrecht. Second row: H. Nelson, D. Morse, B. Banker, N. Bumsteiul, M. Elliott, R. Zornow. First row: P. Spalding, A. Samuelson, M. Pate, N. Emmons, C. Held. M. Wallis, R. Blish. IN XND ABOUT CHIC 'XGO MUSIC FESTIVAL liecluse ot its tremendous success list year the In and About Chicago Music Festivaln was again pre- sented in two concerts this spring The First of the e was given at the Auditorium Theatre on April II ind thc second on April 77 it I Sterling Morton High School ot Cicero. The orchestra was directed by Wilhim D Rexclli musit superxisor it Hobart Indiana, and guest conductor was Walter Damrosch, dean of Amcric in musicians The chorus was under the di ection of R Lee Osburn of Maywood, and the guest conductor Sir Hugh S Roberton who directed Celtic Hymn, his own composition. The opportunity of singing and pl lying under such great irtists was given twelve instrumentalists from Elgin and thirty E. : fi 1 I -J Y H " - T gi i if 1 i vi I 7 l' 1 fi i 5 I f ffdyl -T' , xg ? gl JE if -K I I if-lil T , WW Gab Q Ilia ii fxgx gn 7111! X 53 f X ,gt X 9 k M X ag- 1 aj a ' il 1 I-1 s , m"E1'12f'lL t in X K-,, , X!! Z 3 X Q M" Q3 XXNXXXXXXXXXVXIX xx M X ix xx CHAPTER IX MAD TEA PARTIES HE Mad Tea Party, described by Alice as the "stupidest I ever was at in my life," was a gathering both instructive and enter- taining-after a fashiong equally entertaining, although more sedate are the meetings of the academic and social clubs of Elgin Hi h g School. These clubs are in many cases affiliated, some with the regu- lar classes, others with the athletic department, still others with interscholastic organizations. At the regular meetings, subjects of the widest variety are discussed, such as Elements and Examinations and Earliness ..... 77 Top row: IJ. Raue, NV. Ilallock, R. llatcli. C. Swanson. M. LeRoy. Second row: M. Marks, H. Brown. Miss Mort-liouse, R. Melbonougli. M. llrowne. First row: Il. Wechter, l. Conrath, li. Newman, C. Amis, I. Yourd, I. Nerove. OFFICERS Prcsiclent ,,,,, ,,,,,,. C iarol lean Amis Vice-Prcsitlent. ,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,, I e an Yourd Y Secretary-Treasurer..., Elizabeth Newman Sponsor ,,,.,,,,,.. ,,,,,, . .. ,,,,,, Miss Morehouse OFFICERS President . ,,,,,, ,,,, . ,,,,,,, . .. Robert Kramer Vice-Presitlent, .,,,,, ,... ,,,,, William Brown Secretary ',,,, ., ., . , ,,,,,.,.,, Carol Seymour Treasurer ,,,, . ,,,,, Christine Bietlermann Sponsor ,,,, ,,,,,, . .. ,,,,,. Miss Engclbrecht Top row: H. lacobs, E. Graf, R. Miller, R. Akemann, A. Billings, E. Voights, W. Rowe, W. Wienholtz. Fourth row: IF.. Schumacher, Miss Iingelbrccht, I. Tobin, M. Hintt, R. Krueger, I. Gray, M. Breen, L. Ilumhracht. Third row: Greene. li. Gray, M. Graupner, H. Martens, R. Urie. M. Schreiber, C. Held, M. Miller, IJ. Zwieky. Second row: I.. Iahns, A. Plote, A. Klug, C. Seymour. W. Brown. C. liietlcrmann, A. Glashagel. Ii. Kosehnick. First mw: Il. Nelson, l.. Kowert, li. Mason. M. lk-ilerxvall. V. Suntl. A. Heinrich. Ii. Schreiber. l.. Leiseberg. 'Icp row: E. Oflner, C. Ross. VV. Miller. IJ. Reichert. C. Cireiner, G. Cates, II. Selinek, F. Zinimiek. Third row: S. Raffelsun. R. Ilall, I.. Stettner. R. Heath, IJ. Reaml, A. WNIAIICTINZID, I,. linker, L. Krusemier. Second row: D. Weston. C. Reber, I.. VVarner, R. Lange. Ii. Burt, Ii. Virgil, Ii. Nichols. M. Ponsonby, IJ. Smith. First row: lf. Parkin. R. Huge, Ii. Carlson, W. Haline. G. Smith. R. Selireilwer. V. Gruno, Mr. Stumpf, B. Rosengartlen. OFFICERS President ....... ,.... . ................. W ilma Hahne Vice-President ..... ................ R uby Schreiber Secretary '.... .......... ...... E w 'a Rausclienbergcr Treasurer. ..... ........... G eraltl Smith Sponsor ...... ....... M r. Stumpf OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Ruth Logan ...................... First Consul ............. William Meyers William Meyers ...... ...... S eeond Consul ..., ...... G erald Petersnn Norton Iiurstein .... . ...... fietlile .... ............... N orton Burstein ' Ruth Frisby ......... ..... . Quaestor ........ ...... I Jordon Peterson Miss Linkfielcl ................. Sponsor ..... ....... M iss Linkneld Miss Hallcr .... .............. , .Sponsor ...... ............ , .. Miss Halle: Top row: R. Wewetzer, M. Miller, R. Iilvey, R. Dugan, R. Keegan. A, Lloytl, M. Fillmore, H. Gromer. Fourth row: E. Voight, D. Gilivmen, W. Sehlie, I. Wright, M. Fuller, D. Richman, I. MeI.aren. Third row: V. Benz, I.. Spoonholtz. W. Grey, R. Swain, F. DeMien, W. Rausclienlverger, P. Spaulding, B. Banker. Second row: Miss Ilnller, A. lleine, W. Sprehn, G. Peterson, W. Myers. N. Iiurstein, C. Caul, Miss Linltneltl. First row: lf. Van Vleet, M. Fmt. li. Ileineman. I. Allman, S. Mclaztn, M. Ansel. 1 r Top row: C. MeFxvan, II. McElroy. I.. Bartelt, F. Baumgartner, W. Homfeldt, I. O'Leary, R. Marsh, L. Buckhahn, R. Stone, L. Grupe, D. Blietz, D. Martenson, R. Krueger, E. Blackford. Third row: L. Batt, ID. Studt, C. Ross, I. Fabian, II. Wentc, M. Iihlenfeldt, A. Ward, If.. Schreiber, L. Wheeler, A.. Svenson, H. Solbeek, C. Iiicher, R. Blish, I. Rogers, C. Reber, P. Schroeder. Second row: A. Bierman, I. Beck, L. Bargholtz, E.. Ilill, Ii. Halverson, C. Rickert, R. Ringeisen, L. Iessien, L. Holmes, R. Sauer, B. Bochum, G. Albright, G. Kanies, W. Schaeffer, Mr. Beekner. First row: E. Ehlers, L. Warner, V. Starman, Ii. Green, Il. Wahl, B. Wilkins, D. Weichert, L. Bruhn, R. Iosephson, I. Trent, R. Contoise, C. Ehlen- feldr, L. Carlson. OFFICERS President. ....... ,.... .......... ...... L u e lla Holmes Vice-President ............. A ....... Sigmund Miller Secretary-Treasurer ............ LaVerne Iessien Sponsor.. ....... .....,.. ......... M r . Beckncr OFFICERS President ................. ...Marion Burmaster Vice-President ....... ....... . Effie Mae Green Secretary-Treasurer... ...... ..... .... I L xy DeWitt Sponsors ..... Miss Iohnson, Mrs. Fletcher Top row: R. Nelson, R. Ringeisen, L. Wright, E. Bruens, I. Lange, L. Schmidt, R. Grote, C. Riekert. Third row: I. Grimes, M. Serock, L. Scott, M. Smith, E. Lange, Ii. Schreiber, Ii. Heinrich, M. Elliott. Second row: I. Fabian, F. Zimmerman, L. Smith, M. Iden, N. Schroeder, M. Rickert, R. Guge, L. Acke- man, R. Blish. First row: B. Schroeder, Miss Iohnson, C. Reber, I. IJeWitt, M. Burmaster, Ii. Green, D. Lange, D. Smith, Mrs. Fletcher, D. Weston. E I i I Top row: W. Abelmann, W. Badgely, W. Brown, Pryde, I. Tobin, R. Leach, R. Akemann, R. Kramer, I. Read, R. Fischer, A. Kirkland, M. Holtz, M. Holtz, L. Schumann, R. Brown, IJ. Kienlen. Third row: L. We-stburg, R. Biesterfeld, R. Miller, M. Mcllride, E. Kirkland, E. Gray, B. Byrne, G. Wellnitz, M. Werr- bach, A. Glashagcl, A. Plote, E. Newman, I. Conrath, VV. Hallock, R. Urie, M. Wolens. Second row: Miss Biersach, I. Coughlas, N. Emmons, G. Peterson, W. Gray, T. Coleman, A. Goldman, B. Gettlvc, H. Iacobs, M. Quinn, IJ. Richoz, A. Abell, M. Barnett, E. Mason, R. McDonough, G. Eppcnstein, A. Klug, W. Sprchn. First row: R. Barker, M. Ross, D. Taylor, M. Browne, B. Hayes, H. Biggar, H. Nelson, Blackburn, V. Britton, I. Yourd, E. Roche, M. Therrien, A. Burns, li. Rosengarden. M. Ponsonby, M. Pate, R. Corson. , OFFICERS E. H. S. PLAYERS President .......,..,.,.....,,.,,,.,.,,,,, Harry Iaeohs Vice President ....... ....... G rcgory Wellnitz Secretary .....,.,,.,,, ..,. M ary Bennorth Treasurer ....,,,,, Mary Lou Quinn Sponsor ...,,, ...,.. M iss Biersach OFFICERS President .. ,,...,,.. ....,,,,...,, G ordon Adams Vice President ......,,,. . ..,, Phyllis Spaulding Secretary .,...... .... .,.,,... ..., R u t h Logan Treasurer ........ ........ ......,... I 1 lmes Sterriker MASK AND BAUBLE S"""5"'5 ssrsss"ssssrsrsss'trsssssr""srtr Miss Engelbrecht and Miss Churchill Top row: N. Schenet, G. Kromhout, W. Ashman, T. Iaeobs, Stohr, D. Harker, R. Eglcr, C. Caul, W. Thomas. Fourth row: M. Schreiber, R. Plote, I. Pundt, Ii. Raue, G. Muntz, B. Manougian, L. Egoroff, D. Ackcman, L. Pfister, M. Fay, B. Smith, I. Voights. Third row: Miss Engelhrecht, M. I. Fuller, IJ. Von Arco, C. Gammon, A. Miller, H. Gromer, S. Mcliurney, li. Banker, L. Iuhns, P. Eames, A. Dickman, H. Wheeler. Miss Churchill. Second row: A. Holmgren, Ii. Ilawkins. M. Sternherg, I. Stcrriker, P. Spaulding, G. Adams, R. Logan, D. Larson, M. Ansel. C. Held, M. I. Fox. First row: M. Miller, I. Wright, R. Rovelstad, R. Lea, li. Mueller, R. Larson. I. McCarthy, R. Wamer, W. Rauschenherger. F. Schlie, A. Samuelson, R. Iuenger. Top row: I. Pundt. V. Awe. lb. Folkmun. M. 'l'herrivn, VV. Hallock, R. Logan, li. Gt-nltf. C. liritton, L. Stevenson. Third row: IJ. Koch, R. Frislwy, M. Ciraulo, R. McDonough, M. Elliott, P. Spaulding, L. Bohncr, L. Cirnulo. Second row: I. Dt-Witt, B. Hayes, I. McLaren, M. Rotticr, H. Biggnr, E. Roche, D. Smith, M. liurrnnster, M. Ponsonhy. First row: Mrs. Shippzim. M. Browne, I. Conrzlth, B. Byrne, A. Burns. F. Mason, IJ, Ackcmann, Miss Iohnson. OFFICERS President .......... .....,........ . Barbara Byrne Vice President ....... , ....... ...Audrey Burns Secretary .............. ....,,..,..... E leanor Mason Y Treasurer ...... , ........................ lane Conrath ' Sponsors W- .... Miss Iohnson, Mrs. Shippam OFFICERS President .... . .. ....... Ruth Lawrence Y Vice Prvsidcnt ...... ...,..FIllL'llTlLlC Rziuc Secretary ....... ....... . .Inna Schultz Trczisurcr . . .. .. Mzlybcllt- McAllister Sponsors ..,... Mrs. Shippnin, Miss Krogsru-l Top row: li. Attchcrry. L. Kowitz, M. Miller, li. Rillmnn, B. Xfvlllii, M. Wright, R. Munouginn. Third row: G, Muntz. R. Hain, M. Miko, 'l'. lbucwcl. R. Iihorn, I. VVcstermun, li. Monroe. Second row: li. Rt-inert. M. Gnlilnr, I.. Scott, V. lit-nl, li. Minster, ll. Anderson. I. Churchill. First row: M. Fox, Miss Krogsrutl, I. Schultz, R. l.1uw1'cncc, ll. Raiue, M. McAllister, Mrs. Shippzim, P. VVLitson. Top row: F. Loclmcr. XV. Brmvn. R. Leach. I. Rcacl. Il, Ilurn, VV, Rowv. VV. Alwlmann. R. Dugan, Il. Klucmlcr. E. Orlfncr. Fourth row: R. Fischc-r, A. Gulclman. I. Gray. G. Fchrman, ll. acolws, E. Pr 'dr l X 4- XN. Buyer, ll. Scngur, NV. lit-isu-i'. Third row: VV. Gray, R. Ilull, VV, liruwn. R. liarlu-r, U. ll.ll'lll'5, T Rial L M Hintt 'I' Crlnmin R lil I . . . . ,i' . , . wiwn. I. Darmcr. Second row: W. Crmlogiari. R. Akuinann, ll. llvlliuk, N. lfiniiimis. R. Millcr. R, Kramer, V. lm-. G, Smith. Mr. Cartwright. R. liivstvrfclrl. First row: R. Larson, P. Ihirknicysr. R. Lantx, F. Mdiinlcy, VV. I5cl,ai1cvy, R. Gclclmacluicr. G. Milncr. P. Schumann. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Thomas Riclgc' ..... Prcnitlcnt .. Rulmcrt C. Millar Morris Hintt . . .. .Vicc Prcsimlcnt .. .... . Vcrlc Luc Robert Barker. ..... Sccrctary ..... Ncill Emmons Gareth Barnes .... .... ' l'rc:tsurcr... .....Rolwcrt Kramer Mr. Cartwright. . Spnnwr . , .. Mr. Cartwright IR. HI-Y OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Erwin Mueller Prcsiclcnt .... . . ...Neal Schcnct Rohcrt Keegan.. Vicc Prwiclcnt. .. .Theodore Iacobs Frank Millcr ....... .Sccrc-tary ..... Robert Chclscth Donald Barker... . .Trt-asurcr... . .. William lbowcr Mr. liohncrt. ...... Sponsor . .. ...... Mr, linhncrt Top row: R. Keegan. E. Stzilir. ll. Harker, T. Iacolis. Second row: A. Saiiiuclsmi, li. Cantlc, Mr. Hohnurt, G. Adams. First row: K. Rapalcc, R. Cliclnctli, N. Schcnct, VV. Ilmvcr, lb, Aclamh. Top row: I. BL-ck, M. Miller. L. Soclcrstrmn, ll. Davis. R, Blish, ll. Harms. Second row: A. Dickmgin. C. lihlcnfclclt, P. liunics, S, McLean, I. Ncrnvc, l. Wntcrinnii. First row: R, Gibbs, li. Wcclitcr, H. Gibbs. IS. linnkcr, I. Rogers, V. Iihivis. OFFICERS Ikitrul lcgiclcrs ........... ..... ..... ..... Ianc Syllu, Ican Beck, Ican Rogers 'l'r4-asurcr .,......., ..... ..... ............... I c 2 ln Heck Scribe .... .... . .. ..... ....Mnrgaret Ansel Lcziclcr .. Miss Margaret Crocker GIRL SCOUTS OFFICERS GIRLS SCIENCE CLUB Prcsimlcnt . . Czirul S4-yniuu Vice Prcsiclcnt ..... liliflllllll' Mgisun SCCI'CI2ll'f'-'l'l'L'1lHllI'Cl'. . Muriun VVulcns Sponsor . Mr. Rciinw' To mw' C Nmis l Smlcrstmiii M lliimlin R. Uric. A. l.lm'il, IJ. Ricliox. Second row: D. Smith, li. Virgil, C. p . ,. , ., .. . . , . , 1 Sn-yiiimuiiy ll. Yultz, ll. Cirzii, M. Vzln llurn. First row: M. Marks, ll. liruwii. li. Mgisrm, M. Wulcns. V. Sunil, M. Ccslurwalll. FIRST SEMESTER Alice Plotc' . . . . . Luclln Holmes ,,,,,,, .. Eldinc Knschnick .. .. Audrcc Burns ,,,.,,,,,, Ellen Roche . Miss Dnvcry ,,,,,, .. .. Miss Logan ,,,,,, SECOND SEMESTER Prusiilcnl . . . . ,,,,,,,, ...Louise Kowcrt First Vicc Prcsiclcnt .. Donna Folkmnn SL-coml Vice Pr:-sialcnt ,,,, ,,,, I .cone Cirnulo Corrcsponcling Sucrclnry . . . ..Rutl1 Sauer Recording Secretary ,,,,, Gwendolyn Muntz Trczisurcr .. .. .. . Miss Dzivcry Soonsor . . ,,,,, ,,,, . Miss Logan G. A. A. OFFICERS BOYS SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS l'r1-siiln-nt..... .. ,,,,, . Robert C. Miller Vicc Prcsiclcnl Gregory Wcllnitz Sccrctalry-Trczisurvr ,,,,,, William Abclnmnn Sponsor.. ,,,,,, ,,,, . Mr. Wziggoncr Top row: W. Gcistcr, I. Giuiy, G. Harm-s. R. Lcgicli, XV. l?cl,4inucy. R. Ihigzin. Second row: T. Colcmzin, XV. Brown. Mr. Wnggoncr, T. Riclgv. R. Iigirkcr. N. Emmons. First row: R. Hicstcrfclrl. R. Fisclicr, G. Wvllnixz, R. Millcr, M. Ilintt, lf. Pryclc, I". Mcliiinlcy. Top row: Ii. Iluiluy. M. II.u'crmnn, I.. Sicvcnsuii, I. Iirucning, R. Dugan, I. Kendall, IJ. Dcwcy, R. Fritz. Third row: Y. Iiurilick. I. lhycr. I. Huticr, S. McI.cun, V. Benz, M, Sdircibcr, H. Monroe, G. Iizirnwcll. Second row: Ii. Virgil, I. Ilcmlricksnn, IJ. Ik 'I1n'. Miss Pctcrs. Miss VViIson, C. Nelson, R. Insi-plismi, A Cnliuii, I.. Kmvilv.. First row: II. Gibbs, F. Xyllll Vlci-r. A. IIc'inc, W. Corilogizin. M. Milicr, NI. IIllI"SlL'III, I. NIcl'uvi:. ID, Smith. OFFICERS Prcsiilcnt .. .... . .... XViIliam Cormlogian Vicu President ..... ......,......... D ix Dewey 1 1 1 Y W N Sccrctury-'lircgxsurcr .... .. ..... Marian MiIIcr Sponsors ...Miss Pcicrs, Miss Wilson OFFICERS l'rCsidcnt . .'liiIUIIILlN Rinigc Yicc I'ri'sidcm . Mau Iicrmam SL'Cl'Cl1lI'5' George II.1rt ii-I'CllhLlI'Cl' Robert XVgiggoiu-1' Ifxuciitixu O1IicL'r . Glen Gisslcr Sponsor Mr. Montgmncry liimcli Mr. Ilnwlliornc Top row: Ii. Sullcnlucrgcr. R. Mmitiuth. Ii. Imulincr, I. Gurdon, Ii, Suliniidl. W. llnliiitin-Init. Second row: 'If Coleman, R. Ii. lrilinsun, M. Iiilll, Mr. Mrmtgmncry. ID. liclim, I. Kundnll, R. Mansnclri. First row: R. Chclscrh. M. Berman, '1'.Ridgc, ii. llqul, G. Ciisslcr, R. Im-iigcr. CHAPTER X THE KINGS CROQUET GROUNDS ITH her Hamingo tucked under her arm, Alice roved about the Croquet grounds and watched the players gallantly attempting to overcome the obstacles of elusive hedgehogs, Wandering wickets, and Haccid Harningoes. In Highschooland comparable difficulties are faced cour- ageously: bouncing footballs, elusive baskets, and haphazard hurdles demand the spirit of good sportsmanship and the maintenance of the high standards E. H. S. has always upheld. NE f . fm Ak I Wgliwfffflx ffl' nv H" X ., 2- I M X v,f1'i X -C 1, X Www. X rf 2 f ' , if f ,Y Ire 4 2, 7 ,f I l ' f f X j X II twill.- 7 I f 0 f X 'Nl' 1 1 f X 7 f f X hlaiw I X f . 4 Q y V Z ' 4 will ' W 4 iff' X mu 1 A , i X 4 f pl' ll -N - 4 l ll idx 1 S' ? A 1' U' N X? 87 I Top row: Coach Adams, E. Getsch, W. McMahon, E. Graf, W. Martens, W. Geister, E. Schmidt, Asst. Coach Krafft. Second row: W. Boyer, O. Knickrchm, F. Hameister, H. Brights, G. Talley, R. Dugan, E. Voights, C. Carlson, I. Schmidt. First row: R. Mailler, R. Andrews, R. Sterricker, E. Whalen, V. Pate, C. Smith, I. Hamilton, M. Koteles, I. Tobin. HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL Elgin opened its 1933 football season with a scoreless tie with Morton High School, of Cicero. Elgin failed to scorerseveral times due to incomplete passes in the end zone. The next game was also a tie, 6 to 6, with an always formidable opponent, Maine Township High, but with the Adamsmen showing a remarkable improve- ment over the previous game. "Cy" Pate scored Elgin's touchdown. Elgin succumbed to Proviso in the last pre-season game by a score of 13-0. The first conference game was played with Rockford, and the Elginites gained a moral victory by achieving a 14-14 tie. A heartbreaking last-minute drive netted a 6-0 victory for the Ioliet eleven over an COACH ADAMS Elgin team that fought like demons all the way. Led by McMahon, the Adams- men fought a losing but stubbornly con- tested battle with Freeport, the final score being 13-0 in favor of the Pretzels. Then at last the offense clicked, and a strong West Aurora eleven was downed 10 to 7. McMahon was again the spark plug of the Elgin team. The most thrilling and wildly exciting game of the season was witnessed by a lucky few at East Aurora, where, despite the back-to-the-wall defense of the Ma- 88 Heavyweight Standings 1933 W. L. T. Pct. Ioliet ..,,..,, ,,..., ,,,,.. . 3 0 2 1.000 Rockford ....,,,,, ,..,.. 5 0 Z 1.000 East Aurora ,....., .ew 3 l l .750 Freeport ..,,,,,..,. ,,,,.. 2 3 0 .400 Elgin ...- ,,.,,....... ....,. l 3 l .250 West Aurora ,...... ..,,,, 0 5 0 .000 roons, the Red-and-Black heavies man- aged after several attempts to make a touchdown. Immediate retaliation was madeg but the extra point was lost, and the score remained 7 to 6 until the final COACH KRAFFT gun. In a post-season contest the Adams contingent easily demonstrated its superior- ity over Dundee by a score of 13-0. Never for one moment was the contest in doubt. Three Maroon men were elected to positions on the All-Conference Eleven: "Big Bill" McMahon, an almost unanimous choice for half-backg Mailler, a scrappy guardg and Ed Getsch, once before an All-Conference selection. A well- rounded and fairly successful season was ended by electing Bud Geister to succeed Captain Bob Sterricker. "B" HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL Top row: E. Voights, W. Boyer, I. Schmidt, H. Brights, H. H-aumiller, Coach Krafft. Second rofw: E. Heine, G. Papagcorgc, R. Carlson, G. Talley, G. Sipple, R. Anderson, A. Luepke. Bottom row: I. Hcnard, N. Klcrnm, H. Mathews, H. Kluenclcr, E. Bartclt, C. Smith, A. Bolz. 89 Furl XVIILIICIT G. "Iunic" Graf Ia. "Hull" NICB11lllUll F I3 iilirulf' killilltl' fr. Hhlltln Gcixlu' I. "Cx H l'.llm' Q. la. "Bob" Sterricker H. B. 'LRcd" Andrews H. B. HIM.. Getsch C ulohnny.. Hamilton E. Iohnny Tobin T "Ed" Schmidt G. i ? . 5 4 -. - A 2 A ,M l , Q Top row: Mr. Myers, asst. coach, G. McTavish, L. Helper, mgr., I. McKeown, G. Kromhout, R. Gelclmacher, D. Dewey, E. Struve, G. Goetlcrt. O. Matteson, mgr., A. Cahill, Coach Roggcn. Second row: G. Soper, W. Corclogian, D. Kicnlen. E. Marquis, Il. Born, P. Burlingame, G. Adams, A. Nelson, P. Larson, A. Voss. First row: F. Miller, XV. Pierce. A. Papay, R. Phelps, R. Zornow, W. Kollman, R. Allen, P. Hcrold. E. Robinson. LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Champs againl After a lapse of one year the Maroonettes have returned to the top of the conference as champions of the Big Six for the sixth time in the last seven years of competition. During this seven year period they have lost only two games, both to Rockford, for one of the best records of football teams in the country. Although they were tied twice in the 1933 season, it was one grand year for the football warriors and fans. On September 15 they opened the season by taking a 13-to-O clash over Morton. Not content with the job the Spanish did at Manila, Elgin did twice as well and sunk Maine with a torpedo in the form of an 18-to-9 defeat the following Friday night. Exhibiting a fine running and passing attack, the high-stepping Maroonettes won a well-earned victory. They made it three straight the next week, squashing Proviso of Maywood 31 to 0. It was those kick-blocking linemen who stood out both on offense and defense in giving Elgin its well- H . CCAC ROGGEN earned victory. First conference game, and the foe, Rockford-Boy, what a combination! With revenge in their hearts the ponies ran up a 19-to-9 score to avenge last year's defeat at the hands of the Rablets and to win their Hrst conference engagement. Ioliet 6-Elgin 6 in a punting duel. Elgin came to a quick stop, and a dazed and broken team went home holders of an unexpected tie with Ioliet. Quickly recovering from the hard fought game at Ioliet, they traveled to Freeport on the night of October 20. For the Hrst time in seven years they entered the game as underdogs. However, what did that mean to an up-and-coming light- 92 Lightweight Standings 1933 Elgin ., . ,,,,,,, 5 0 2 1.0110 Freeport ...W .,,,.. 3 1 l .750 Rockford i........Y ,,,,.. 2 3 0 .400 West Aurora ...... 2 3 0 .400 Joliet ........ ,,,,,.. 1 2 2 .333 East Aurora ....,, 0 2 3 .000 Weight squad? Exhibiting a dazzling running and passing attack, they turned back the crestfallen Freeport lights 19 to 6. It was a perfect attack led by a bunch of roaring linemen who bowled over the speedy opposing team to lead their mates to victor y. They easily took West Aurora in their COACH MYERS next conference tilt 13 to 0. In their last conference game of the season they clinched the championship, although held to a 0-to-0 tie by a fighting East Aurora team. Earl Marquis, probably the best back in the conference, dashed 87 yards to a touchdown, but it went for naught as the referee called back and penalized Elgin for clipping. With the championship safely tucked under their belts they engaged their arch- rivals, Dundee, in a post-season game and came out ahead 14 to 0. Every man on the squad saw action in this game, which closed down the lid on the 1933 season. Before the Rockford game the squad had elected Bill Cordogian and Earl Mar- quis to lead them through the season. Under the supervision of Coach Arthur Rog- gen, a truly great coach, the boys may call the year an extremely successful season. Five men were placed on the All-Conference team. They were Burlingame, Adams, Larson, Born, and Marquis. Next year Coach Roggen will lose Burlingame, Struve, Larson, Cahill, Born, Marquis, Cordogian, Kienlen, and Zornow, all great players. "B" LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Top row: H. Helm, mgr., Coach Myers, C. Haller, W. Ashman, D. Stalions, G. Soper, R. Keegan, A. Heister, E. Robinson. Second row: C, Wakeley, L. Carlson, F. Demien, D. Bain, W. Grehn, I. Boothby, E. Mueller, F. Iacobs, W. Koch. Bottom row: S. Chaney, I. Fuller, F. Miller, H. Grant, I. O'Leary, D. Parc. 93 " limlu Zurnow H. B. "Hal" Burn Q. IR. 'Gordyn Aclnnw C 1. 'EIol1I1ny" Mclicown Art P41 pay G. Al Voss T. Dix Dewey E Don Iiicnlen T. B. Pnul BlllAliI1g1llT1C Ia. "Flash" Marquis F. B, Earl Srruve T. Paul Larson C. .kcorkyu Ccmloginn H. B. Art Nelson T. Bob Gclmlmnchcr C. "KrumiC" Kmmhaut Q. B, A1 Hcincr G. Mu nrzgv rs L. HELPER F. MEUSER Assisfu nt Mfzzmgers R. JOSEPHESON C. JONES H. HELM J. WALI.IS "ELGIN'S OWNM Clmm'Ivr1cZvrs F. DICGINLEY R. VVAGGONER Sporf Reporters R. O'L1-:Any W. MII,LER W. BROWN M. BREEN 3 'Aly 5 1 E - 5 E - F A i s 2 1 . 1 2 ? .M-.vi A 5 1 1 Q -,i .. ! . Q J . 1-511 98 -X1 ' . 1 ' - l g-I Top row: I. Thisell, Graf, W. McMahon, W. Hughes, A. Billings, E. Getsch, W. Geister, captain. Second row: G. Goedert, V. Pate, H. Born, F. Lochner, H. Haumiller, Coach Adams. Bottom row: I. Tobin, G. Kromhout, K. Cahill, M. Ableman, W. Boyer, A. Voss. Heavyweight Standings 1933-34 W. L. Pct. Ioliet ...... .,,..,.. 9 1 .900 Elgin ...,, , ,.... W8 2 .800 Freeport ..... ........ 6 4 .600 West Aurora ........ 4 6 .400 East Aurora ....,.. 2 8 .200 Rockford ....... nl 9 .100 HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL The heavyweight basketball squad has an enviable record. The team coined second place in the Big Six, and won a third place district rating, ending the season with a total of 16 victories against 5 defeats. The only two conference losses were administered by Ioliet and Freeport. The other three were by York, Alumni, and Huntley. Some of the notable triumphs were the 74-17 drubbing given to Plato Center, the 52-27 whipping given to Freeport, and a 42-28 victory over East Aurora. 100 Among a number of hard-fought battles, perhaps the most breath-taking was the one with Ioliet at Elgin. The game was one of the fastest and closest in the conference, with Elgin finally nosing out the Millsmen by two points. Graf, new Big Six scoring champ, and Pate, fourth in the race for high point honors, received berths on the All-Conference Team. McMahon, sixth in the list of scorers, received honorable mention. A goodly group of basketeers will return next fall: Geister, this seasonls captain, Iunior Graf, who set a new conference scoring record of 105 pointsg Thisellg Ablemanng Hughesg and Cahill. With such a nucleus the next season will be sure to produce a team of champions. "B" HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL Top row: I.. Grupe. R. Shcrf, A. Lipke, B. Boldt, E. Voights, R. Hcliick, D. Harker. Second row: R. Iosephson. mgr., D. Blietz, D. Blietz, G. Adams, C. Voights, Conch Kraft. Bottom row: E. Bartelt, I. Moore, I. Schmidt, I. Fuller, R. Keegan, R. Anderson, C. Caul. lOl "Manic" Alvlcmnn "Al" Voss "Iuhnnic 'llhisell ulmnic 'Ibbin Uliillici' Hugluw 'AKcnnic' Cn hill nlunieu Graf ..Ed-. Cclsch Nllig Bill" McMahon "Bud" Gcister UCY, Pntc KLHLIIW Born Top row: R. Mosiman, L. Helper, mgr., F. Miller, C. Tliiele, Coach Roggen, E. Brady. Second row: R. Allen, W. Walters, R. O'Leary, Chonorary captainj, I. Conner. Bottom row: R. Hall, P. Windau, C. Haller, R. Zornow. Lightweight Standings 1933-34 W. L. Pct. Ioliet .......... W., ......... 7 3 .700 Elgin ............. .....,.....,.. 6 4 .600 West Aurora . ..,......,.,... 6 4 .600 Rockford .............. 6 4 .600 Freeport ......... .............. 3 7 ,300 East Aurora .............. 2 8 .200 LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL This year Coach Roggen put an entirely green team on the court. As only one experienced man returned, he undertook the task of making a typical Elgin, "terror- of-the-Big-Six" team. The season consisted of sixteen games. It was opened at Crys- tal Lake, from which game the Maroonettes emerged 33 to 11 to the good. The next game was with York. The lights won in the last minute of play on a free throw by Cordogian. The first home game was with Graysville, Indiana. Our boys also emerged from this game easy victors by a 40-to-28 score. The conference was opened at Ioliet with the Maroonettes getting their first taste of defeat at the hands of WykoFf's boys, 24 to 25. Following their first defeat was another one at the hands of the Alumni, 34 to 27. They also took it on the chin, 37 to 39, from the Pretzel Benders from Freeport. A revamped team fell in the clos- ing minutes of play, and West Aurora whipped them 29 to 24. It had to stop some time, so the boys ended their losing streak by defeating Rockford 25 to 24. This game was won by a bucket in the last minute of play by Wayne Conner. Old rivalry was renewed when Elgin took over Dundee in the last minute of play, 23 to 21, by a long shot by Bob O'Leary on Dundee's own floor. They then adminstered a 30- 104 to-23 defeat to the fellows from East High. This, as were practically all their wins, was one from which they came out from behind to grab a victory. Revenge! Ioliet in our gym before a capacity house! Both teams played a rough and tumble game, but it was crammed with thrills. With too short a time left to write about, Ioliet tied the score up, and the teams went into an overtime period. Elgin emerged victorious, 30 to 29, on a free throw by Thiel. A heart-breaker was taken from Freeport on their own floor, 16 to 14, the next week-end. Walters sank a basket in the last minute for the victory. They evened the score the next week with West High, defeating them 37 to 32. After these six straight wins the boys were taken over by Rockford on our floor, 29 to 24. Inability to get the ball in the basket lost the game for them. The last conference game was a thriller. The Roggenmen won, 30 to 29, over the East High five. The season was formally closed with a 38-to-22 defeat administered to Dundee on our floor. This squad is one the school should be proud of. There was no individual star, they all were stars. Ioliet took both championships, but both teams received a beat- ing from Elgin. Elgin Hnished in second place. Wayne Conner was awarded All- Conference center. Through graduation Coach Roggen will lose five good players: Honorary Captain Bob O'Leary, Bill Cordogian, "Flash" Marquis, "Bud" Zornow, and Paul Windau. "B" LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Top row: W. Newlin, I. Boothby, E. McDonough, E. Brown, H. Matheys, C. McDonough, R. Reinert, W. Ashman. Second row: Coach Meyers, W. Koch, R. Rovclstad, G. Smith, V. Pilcher, W. Ireland, D. Murtenson, C. Ioncs. asst. mgr. Bottom row: T. Fisher, C. Nelson, F. Demien, S. Feinstein, R. Water- man, A. Fay, E. Icrnbcrg. 105 106 'kChuck" Thiel "Bud" Zurnmv Paul Wi mlznu limb O'I.c:u'y "XYL'lWlx" XYRIIICFS "junkie" Crvnnor N931 x5fN XVz1ync Conner Russ .XHCII Ullixisli. R, I,e.u'h. l.. VVilson, G, Wellnity. O, fiiwmincr. R. Miller, ll. liluender, R. l5iestt'rlt'ltl KG. I. RIQNNITR TENNIS Despite the fact that Coach Gil Renner had no lettermen returning as ll nucleus upon which to base his hopes this year, the prospects seem very hright for the Elgin netmen. In the first meet with Riverside, ll highly capable ind experienced team, the Elgin squad came through with ll draw. The chances for winning the district meet at Rockford, May 5, are good, especially in the singles department. At time of going to press the schedule is not complete, but Elgin expects to compete in approximately seven or eight meets. INTRAMURAI. TENNIS Top row: R. llall, R. Muslllmll. I. Smith. First row: II. Iiiirlinganie. W. Milltr, I. 'lihisell IUX R. Hall, W. Miller, I. Thisr-ll. P. liurlingamu VARSITY GOLF With one of the best golf teams in the history of the school, Elgin I-Iigh's veteran quartet of mashie-wielders jumped to the front in the season of '35 and '54 as one of the leading prep teams in northern Illinois. Under the direction of Coach Gil Ren- ner they have built up an impressive record of victories coined in county, district, and state tourneys. Early in the first semester the quartet was battling in defense of their Kane County Championship. After the smoke of battle had cleared, Elgin led the pack with a low total of 325 strokes, paced by Iohnny Thisell, who carried oFf individual hon- ors. It was the lowest team score ever shot and marked the third consecutive time the boys have brought home the trophy. INTRAMURAL GOLF The annual fall golf tournaments run off in two classes again attracted a large number of entries. Varsity men and experienced players competed in Class Ag while the Class B tournament, composed mainly of underclassmen, was the scene of a number of thrilling matches. These tournaments help to select the squads for the following year and are important in this respect. ifop row: li. Silpltli, ll. Horn. I. Thisell, I. lliimiltou. First row: R. Yan Nalin, W. Miller, R. llall. lui '. 'ingaim-. . Mosimnn. 109 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL C. Knnics IJ. Clark lf. Sclllic R. I4rsL'plmml1 I. Mc-trick R. XVarncr INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL I.. Lagcrstrum C. Vulghts NV. Slllilll R. XVLIVIIVQI' l.. Mawr INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL G. Ficlsl C. llaclcmlick A. Billings F. Sclmllxlt G. Gucmlcrt INTRAMURAL BASEBALL Top row: S. Rzitfclxon G. Smith I. Tliisi-ll II. Burn I. Hamilton First row: C. lluxlcilncr R. Hall VV. Miller R. Mosimzm P. Burlingiimn' INTRAMURAL BASEBALL K, Carlson l'. Allcriiiinnl R. Vim Nitin N. liiiiiistcgul II. I!lY5ill I.. Skinm-r INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL P. Mocklcr G. Campbell V. Pilclicr K. Frink IZ. Lang R. Fay Top row: Coach Krafft, E. Brown, G. Miko, S. Chaney, I. Pachtcr, I. Tanner, R. Struckman, B. Thomas, I. Gordon, I. Henartl, M. Childs, W. Schaeffer, I. Metrick, G. Horton, C. Roger. Second row: O. Matteson, mgr., C. Diekmen, I. Boothby, G. Goedert, VV. Ashman, E. Mayer, L. Buchan, L. Batt, O. Knickrehm, A. Fay, I. Sterricker, E. Smith, N. Bloomheld, G. Rahn, H. Helm, mgr., G. Monday. First row. C. Stanford, asst. mgr., P. Larson, B. McDonough, B. Overcash, F. Dwyer, G. Peterson, D. Stalions, W. Meek, M. Blizek, K. Peabody, W. Steinman, D. Kienlen. TRACK The spring of the year brings about track. This year the track team is stronger than last year's. In the field events the gain is very noticeable. Earl Marquis is a sure point winner in the broad jump. Cy Pate is also a sure point winner in the javelin throw. Wayne Conner and 'cWoody" Boyer are also good for points in the pole vault. Mr. Kraft, who coaches these events, states that this year's team is the strongest yet in the field events. In the running events Mr. Roggen's squad is about the same as the previous year's. The squad is green. But who knows, there may be a star hiding in the group not yet discovered. The track schedule was started at an indoor meet in Oak Park. Elgin did not place in any event but gained some very valuable experience. The next meet was also indoors but took place at Naperville. Elgin emerged with fifteen points. The rest of the schedule, which is to be followed after the book goes to the printer, is: April 14 Glenbard, here 21 E. Aurora, here 28 Rockford, here May 5 County meet at Batavia 12 District meet 19 State Finals 26 Big Six, here 112 CHAPTER XI "THE QUEENS CROQUET GROUND" NLIKE Alice of Wonderland, who went to her first game of croquet completely ignorant of the methods of playing but serenely confident that she would find instructions "written up somewhere," the participants in girls' athletics contribute to their playing enthusiasm for sports, skill in their chosen field of activity, and a thorough knowledge of the technique of the game. Moreover, their equipment, not being composed of live fiamingoes and hedgehogs, seldom runs away, their playing is not overly erratic, and, unlike the Duchess and the Queen of Hearts, they observe rules carefully. X? ff t L- X f s 66 vxy! iffy! 'CXWW7 I Effff A 6 If ll Z ffmrl X? I X 3 IWW' X X 5 71 S fg 2, 32 113 Miss Kettering, Miss Logan, Miss Morehouse Top row: B. Newman, A. Plote, L. Kosehnick, A. Steinke, B. Stewart V. Awe L. Holmes, D. Raue, C. Seymour, A. Sauer, B. Reason, I. Head, M. Ciraulo, A Burns, li. Koschnick, W. Hahne. Third row: C. Sorce, M. Pate, F. Kribs, L. Hum- hracht, R. Plote, Schumacher, D. Popp, C. Swanson, H. Brown, L. Kowert, L Bonkoske, I. De Witt, M. Browne, B. Berman. Second row: B. Smith, D. Kuehl D. Schmittenclorf, l. Nerove, S. Papagcorge, L. Ciraulo, I. Maule, V. Lutz, E. Kirk patrick, li. Smith, B. Householder, D. Dewees, V. Sund, G. Ponsonby, M. Lemon V. Brewbaker. First row: B. Wilkins, V. Stzirman. S. Calloway, V. Benz, B. Mon roe, I. Beck, E. Ruue, G. Muntz, L. Kowitz, R. Frisby, L. Iessien, M. Schreiber H. Solheck, C. Eichar, R. Sauer, I. Rogers, I, Me Laren, C. lihlenfeltlt. "E" AWARDS "Ev Awards are given to girls who have made the required number of points by participating in various athletics Be sides the local letters, state awards and emblems are given to those who have acquired 1600 and 2000 points 114 BASKET SHOOTING The Basket-shooting contest was held on March I9. This is a state contest, sponsored by the Illinois League of High School girls Athletic Associations. Our girls were awarded First place in the district. TENNIS The girls were very successful in tennis this year, winning 21 out of 28 matches played. Such teams as Oak Park, Barrington, East Aurora, and Mooseheart are representative of the competition encountered. Top row: R. lfrishy, I. Heck, R. Plote. A, l'lotc. I. Lange, M. Sclweilicr, .-X. Sauer. Third row: Robinson. lf, Graf. R. Sauer. Il, Brown, A. Steinkc, C. Swanson. ID. Popp, l.. lluuihracht. Seton row: I.. Row:-rt, G. Muntx, li. Koschnick, li, Raue, lf. Krihs, I.. Icssicn, IJ, Dt-wees. First row: lionkoskc. l.. Ciraulu. G. Ponsonhy. M, l.eiuon, V. Suncl. V. Benz. Top row: lf. Koschnick, CJ. Munlz, Miss Mortlioiise, li. Rauc, l. l.angt'. Second row: I.. Kowcrl. l' Ansel, R. llrquntles, XV. Ilahne, M. Marks. First row: ll. lfreual, C. llit I., lessien. ilermann, ll. lirown, R. lfris 115 A Y aiiifir.. .. HGCKEY IUNIORS Top row: IJ. Popp, Capt., I. Maule, E. Kirkpatrick, C. Swanson, I.. Kowert, D. Kuehl, B. Householiler. First row: V. Lutz, A. Steinke, M. Koch, F. Kribs, R. I'lote, II. Iirown, Capt. SENIORS Top row: II. Newman, A. Burns, M. Cir- aulo, M. Pate, C. lliedcrmann, M. Bur- mastcr, R. Painter. Second row: A. Plote. C. Seymour, V. Awe, Ii. Burt, F. Parkin, A. Sauer, Capt. First row: E. Koselmick, I.. Bonkoske, M. Ponsonby, E. Carlson, IN. Hahnc. SOPHOMORES Top row: L. Iessien, A. Hayes, I. Glea- son, R. Frishy, II. Hlazicr. First row: K. Smith, V. Starman, I. Rogers, Capt., R. Sauer, Capt., I. Waterman, A. Thrun. FRESHMEN Top row: P. Eames, B. Monroe, I. Beck G. Muntz, Capt., I. Schultz, V. Benz Second row: D. Brzirllcy, R. Wcwetzer A. Diekman, E. Raue, Capt., I. Ollman P. Minster. First row: N. Bassett, P. Rob- inson, I.. Kowitz, E. Zimmick, R. Bain D. Iosephson. Over eighty girls participated in the hockey tournament which is the major fall activity. The iunior team won the inter-class games by defeating the seniors. ll6 Top row: YV. Ilzxluir. I. Lange, C. Iiiuluv IIIRIDU. I. Ilunkmluz I.. Ilnlinw. .X. l'ltm', .X. Sauer. Top row: M. I.n-mon. K. Kuclil. Il. I'upp. C. Swglnwn, II. liruwn. CQ. I'unmnIu. Second row: M. f:L'tlCl'XYQlII. R. Plutc. .X Stcinlic. If. Iirilv-. Y. Sunil. First row: I. Mnul Top row: I. Rrwgcrx, M. Ifillnn1rc'. M. Sclircilvc-r, H. IIUCIIIIIN. I.. Itwsiun. Sccund row: Ii. tirgaf. R. SLILICIQ R. Ifrislmy. First row: I. MuI..u'tn. Y. Slllflllllll, M, l.1ut. A. 'Ilu Tcp rcw: II. Rulwinsnn, I.. IRIIXVIII, li, Vnlc. K VV Sclilic, S. McI.L41n, I4. IN1m11'm', IJ. Gilm- mrn. First row: IB. NAM. X, llvnl, I Schultz. IIII. 9. Muntz. li. Rnuc. Second row: . , . . I I3AbIXIifI BALL Inter-class Imskctlvull nttrxlctccl nmny girls from ezicli class. In tcrcsting and exciting gzuncs wcrc plnyctl, the senior girls win ning tlic title with the juniors ns runners-up. SENIORS R. Pquntcr. First now: Ii. Ruxwn. IUNIORS cg I.. ciiflllllll. I.. Ruwvrt. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 117 Volley Ball Top row: A. Steinkc, I. Heck. I.. Boliner, M. XVrigl1t, IJ. Neve, R. Ilranrlt-s. Third row: R. l.awr- tnet-. R, Young, R. Ifrislwy, ll. llrown, D. Popp. C. Swanson, I.. Spohnholtx. Second row: IJ. llarms, 5 - -rt K' lfirlrur I7 Sell -s If Klili V. llunz. First row: D. llrwicllcy. N. liasst-tt. I.. Ciraulo, l..Rum.,.......L.. t, M. l.t-mon, Baseball Top row: I1 Nt-slr-r, I.. Iioliner, R, Iflrandvs, IU. lfhlert. I.. Ilumlwracht, A. VVard, I.. Gould. Third row: Il. Wheeler, Ii. Iioettclier. A. Steinke, R. I.awrence, I.. Spohnholtz, I. Rogers, P. Ansel. Second row: I. VVrigl1t. IE. Rt-inert, IZ. Rauc, G. Muntf, I.. Iessien. IJ. Popp, C. Swanson, D. Kasules. First row: S. McLean, N. Bassett. D. Iosephson, I.. Ciraulo, M. I.emon, li. Pettcrson, F. Van Vleet. VOLLEY'BALL Volley ball is an activity which found much favor this year with the girls. Teams were formed and a very interesting inter- gymfclass tournament was held. BASEBALL Baseball is not an intra-mural sport, but is much enjoyed by all the girls, especially in the spring. About 200 girls participated this year, at the held and in the gym-classes, where regular teams are organized. 118 PLAY DAYS E. H. S. girls were hostesses in Ianuary at a bas- ketball play day here with East and West Aurora as guests. Seventy-Five girls were included in the games. Last fall twenty-Five Elgin girls Went to East Aur- ora for a play day of speedball, hockey, and basketball. Red Team White Team 119 CHAPTER XII PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER HE redoubtable Humpty-Dumpty was renowned for the amusement which he afforded the Wonderland king- dom with his periodic tumbles from the wall. His many pieces, put carefully together by the brave king's men, made him whole and jolly again. School life is composed of many piecesg and when all are put together, the Whole is both as entertaining and as inspir- ing as Alice's Humpty Was. X9 vw T , 'Q -.I ,VTX 1 e lllll X V i gg l14lmi1ul.nl,,,lf ,,,l,,,'pll4 'Nl J l ' i i I 120 l I l Upper picture: May I-icstival, IU53 Lower picture: Queens, IUS-l Top row: M. Pmmsorilmy, I. llgiwkins. M. I.. Quinn, A. Abell, A. Plnte, I. Head, M. Mcliritlc. Seated: M. Iiurniaster, M. Cirgnilo, I. Fariniliw, M. Pate, M. lit-nnortli, lf. Rntlic. THE MAY FESTIVAL Not a little of the glamour which is inevitably associated with the annual May Festival may be due to the many centuries-old tradition which it inherits. Fven more definitely, the May Festival provides a welcome note of color to enliven the last drab days of the school year. Although students of all classes participate in the May Festival, it is a particularly senior project. The May Queen and her twelve maids of honor are chosen by popular vote from among the feminine members of the Senior Class. 121 s--,egg CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 4. 148 Freshmen enter Elgin High. 11. School approves new merger of Mirror and Maroon. 18. Wm. Brown elected Senior Class President, G. Barnes, vice-president, and M. Bennorth, secretary. Maroons open season with 0-0 tie with I. Sterling Morton. 25. Maroon Staff headed by R. Leach, Editor-in-Chief, G. Wellnitz Business Manager. OCTOBER 2. Iuniors elect A. Kirkland, president, G. Goedert, vice president, and I. Yourd, secretary. Adamsmen succumb to Proviso, 13-0. 9. Mirror decides to change date of publication from Monday to Friday. C. Leverenz elected head of National Forensic League. 16. "Remote Control" to be Senior Class Play. Ioliet beats Maroons, 6-0. 23. All-American rating awarded 1933 Annual by National Scholastic Press Association. I. W. Zellner opens 1933-34 Elgin High Lyceum Programs. Wm. Brown, R. Leach chosen for leads in Senior Class Play. 30. W. Aurora falls to E. H. S. Maroons, 10-7. NOVEMBER 10. Girls form Science Club. Dr. Lui, President of Shanghai University, speaks in auditorium. Maroonettes win Big Six Championship. 17. Commander Donald B. MacMillan lectures on Science Club Program. 24. Twenty-live students and faculty members journey to annual conference of Illinois High Schools at University of Illinois. DECEMBER 8. "Remote Control" smashing success. W. A. Stumpf weds Oak Park girl. Purple Ir. Class sweaters appear. 15. George F. Morse, animal authority, speaks on Lyceum Program. Maroons open basketball season by defeating Crystal Lake, 32-19. 21. Music units of E. H. S. combine for Sunday Vesper program. IANUARY 12. Miss Rovelstad, deciding marriage is better than teaching, is replaced by Miss Caroleen Haller. Ioliet defeats Maroon heavies 33-24, first conference game, lights lose 25-24. 21-22. Exams. 29. New semester. FEBRUARY 2. Elgin Maroons beat Ioliet lights 30-29, heavies 22-20. 7-8. Towner talks on Lawrence College in auditorium. 9. Ponies victorious over Pretzelettes-heavies lose. 15. Iournalists inspect Chicago Newspapers. 16. Magician Mardoni presents lyceum program. Elgin quintets victorious over W. Aurora. 122 CALENDAR FEBRUARY 17. Carleton Symphony Band presents concert in E. H. S. auditorium. 21. Wheaton College Glee Club presents auditorium program. 23. Rockford visits E. H. S. in Good Will program. Maroons defeat Rabs-lights lose 27. Three one-act plays. Senior Class selects flower and motto. 28. Maroon launches sales drive. MARCH 2. Maroons win at East Aurora. 3. Elgin whips Dundee. 7. Mrs. R. A. Harcourt in auditorium. 8-9-10. Three Seniors represent E. H. S. at Drake debate tournament. 13. Report cards. 16. Geoffrey O'Hara, composer, presents lyceum program. 20-21. Comedy Concert Tryouts. 22. Band presents Spring Concert. 26-27. Iunior Play Tryouts. 24. Oak Park Relays findoorj. 31. Naperville Relays findoorj. APRIL 6. Tri-Y Spring Dance. 6-7 Band Concert at Ioliet. 11. "In and About" chorus and orchestra presents concert at Auditorium in Chicago. 13-14. Comedy Concert. 14. Track-Glenbard here. 20. Hi-Y Spring Dance. 21. Track-at West Aurora. 28. Track-Rockford here. MAY 4. May Festival. 5. County Meet at Batavia. Fox Valley Music Concert. 7-10. Elgin runner-up in National Debate Tournament at Topeka, Kansas. 12. District Track Meet. 19. State Meet at U. of I. 25 Iunior Class Play. 26. 30. IUNE 1. 3. 5 8. 11 Big Six Meet here. Award Day. Class Day. Baccalaureate. Ir.-Sr. Prom. Commencement. Alumni Prom. 123 GC X JD-VVILL PROGRAMS One of the assembly programs heralded months hefore is the Rockford- Iilgin Good-Will tour. This exchange has hecome more and more interesting, until now it is regarded as something of a milestone in the school year. These assemblies are the one link between the ordinary students who are not in interscholastic competition with the other school. Elgin is proud to he asso- ciated with Rockford in such an enterprise and would endorse ioining the whole Big Six in like manner. 124 --M AMW.,- PROGRAMS Gcuffrcy O'Hara and Robert Kramer Donald B. Macmillan Gmrgc F. Morse B111'nc's Movie Dogs Dr. Herman Chen-cn Lui with Mr. Goble Howard Clcavcs with interviewer Hill Gray 125 MISCELLANEOUS We want water! Buchclor limb On thc bridge Silhoucttc Who let him nut? Shams! illc gut an LIKLVLIQC uf "N 126 .,.g ' I 511. . f,5Lw,f 4, s N. R. A. PARADE The watch factory float "Three of Us" Nunn Another Hunt Nm the "Easter Parade" PEOPLE "SL1.c"' Pvtitc M.mmu Ihlxixlcss MLIIIZIQCFC Twins Prcmicrc Iigxmcusc? More Maroon Stuff Now unc from thc Mirrux 128 HIKES Young Nim-md Did hc ranch his "Guolcy"F Cyrur, Stum pcd The big mix 'l'licy'rc both nice l'hL'y full for this one LN70ll'VC gotta: lwml clown, lllisltl 129 PEOPLE liuclicl Sllljlllll lmc here! This is L1 SLILICCZC play Young l.ucl1im'g1r The morning uftcr Hu' Man' Quccn Huw do you like the Class mu ltux Nice cur! 130 SPORTS Nice form? The tl1l'cL' bzlskctucrs Tlu-5' llillllil know about this unc ctHl1CL'IllI'2lliflIl Bcnchcml! Mammoth uruwml Hlls st.uliumU 131 AROUND TOWN The vastness of it all Look at that smile The Vanishing Man You name me l'd rather use thc horse Pals. for the time hcing On icc 132 CHAPTER XIII ANNOUNCING- HAT our patrons, a most necessary part of High- schoolandis annual, have helped greatly to produce this book and are worthy of your sincere appreciation. Without their help, we could have hoped for little success. We take this means of thanking thern. ' xx , f 4 . Er A fu 1 7' v 1 V, Q "wr W- V01 any x 4' mm' . ,I ,, is-I I' I iv ' 4 ' Q i. 3 .ff 'Vw -r if . E Jlmypf ii X- 7 '39 NX A ZW t, Rf, i 40" 5 - I 4 I I '.. , mu i 0 P'+'M'os-.4gl.x-A,if'lF", ., 3- , - ' "'-" L" "' ' "' 'sgmai - PATRONS Abbott, Gordon W. QM. Dj Ackemann Bros. Allied Shoe Co., Mrs. B. Rudolph Anderson Co. CThej Artcraft Press CThej Banker's Life Co., I. M. McClenaghan Beck, S. W., Company Becker and Leverenz Company Belmont Permanent Wave Shop Beverly, G. R. Blum, Louis, Company Boldt Paint and Wall Paper Company A Boroco Store fThej Byrne, W. I. Carbary, G. L. Cloudman, M. M. Daniels, Harry C. Danner's, Clothes Shop for Men and Boys Dreyer and Dreyer Elgin Business Men's Association Elgin Butter Tub Company Elgin Flour and Feed Company Elgin Loan and Homestead Association Elgin Machine Works Elgin National Bank Elgin National Watch Company QQ Elgin Oil Company, Elgin, Illinois Elgin Photo-Engraving Co. Elgin Steam Laundry Company Fuqua, Iohn Gar Elgin Sweeper Company Elgin Washer and Poultry Sales Company Elgin Watchmaker's College Ellis Business College First National Bank Fox Valley Publishing Company W. CD. D. SQ dner, Edwin F. George Souster Company CThej Gorecki's 'KStore for Men" Hansen, O. M., Tailor Shop Herbster, E. N. Herman Bunge Service Stations Hintz, Harry Illinois Cleaners and Dyers 134 Illinois Watch Case Company Iackson, W. N. CD. D. SQ PATRONS Ienks, W. H. Company Kcrber Packing Company Lindoerfer, W. E. Kienzle Bros., Woodwork Kresge, S. S. Company Lake Street Cemetery Company Lehman, Myron M. Lithotype Company fThej McClure and Struckman Milbrandt's Prescription Pharmacy Page, Charles D. Mosiman and Knott Mulliken, O. D. CM.D.j - Nelson Brothers News Printing Company Piggly Wiggly, Elgin Company Richard's Credit Clothing Store for Men and Women Rinehimer Bros., Mfg. Company Scheele, Aug., Company QD Schickler, Paul E. Schneff Bros. Ritschard Painting and Decorating Co. Rovelstad, Henry R. CD. D. SQ Rulfie Studio Salisbury, Orlo E. Seymour, C. H., Company Sherman Hospital Swan, Theo. I. Trentlage, Wm. H. Shopen and Paulson Spiess, Ioseph, Company Strohm, H. A., Coal Company Union National Bank Wait-Ross-Allanson Company Wentworth, W. F. Western Casket Hardware Company Wilson and Smith Wright, Iohn A., Company 135 ua nk' ,A T' n 1 n, we ?3?' Q gganf., .gm dmv cw: n ,Q e 4.. f ff . v lf.- l, -W' ff: L-- ' 'ff - f'f'11s..5,f4 ,.,- , 4- J, a wr, 17 -R-'-.glrfx -1w.."' fu . ff? A4-:-ff' ' rv. ,ww M4926- .- F M A G -v M V XY. A QQ A .123 A V W' ' is A KQXZ A fvrrffwirf 1 1 f R if I I A ' 3-I-,44- I -F - .- il? -T---11.- - v -it 717: I ,-L A, 1 1-if-'El' 4 J w ffff 0 -I"5i.. 'x -51- ... ui w -gm , . A Q f X f z, 4 ' f -.s,f,,?' .,.f 1 ,., Z W2 Qi, ! . n f ,Qi-ms 4

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