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iSfe -.3If one stands up and is counted from time to time, one may get knocked down; But remember this- a man flattened by an opponent can get up again, a man flattened by conformity, stays down for good. Life does not consist mainly, or even largely of facts and statistics. It consists mainly of the storm of action that is forever blowing through our hands. 6kf. Will summer change the freshness of spring? Today our feelings are so beautiful but what about tomorrow? summer loneliness letters and uncertainty, Not knowing tomorrow' holding on to today, but wandering what September will bring.Table of Contents Photo Essay 2 Faculty 12 Classes 22 Organizations 44 Sports 62 Student Life 82“Take my hand my child and I will show you the morning sun. I will teach you all I know and you will share with me the secrets of the heart. It may not be a fair exchange, but it is all that I have to offer” Faculty 12Verle Bechtel - SuperintendentLeft: Ray Blaylock, Vice-Principal, and Music Carol Fulmer, Home Economics Malcolm Cameron, Social Studies Center: Art Boss, Science Don Hendricks, Industrial Arts Right: Lee Ellen Coe, English 16Top: John Paul, Study Hail Supervisor Nancy Reding, Reading Bottom: John Ray, Vocational Ag. and Forestry Bert Sarff, Business Patty Price, Librarian 18Top: Karen Sorensen, Business Bud Scoubes, English and Driver’s Ed. Robert Thomas, Mathematics Bottom: John Sprcnger, Counselor Kathy Weatherspoon, Asst. Librarian.Seniors I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence; two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Pictured at center-senior class officers Rick Smith-Secretary, Jim Davis-President Liz Bates-Treasurer, Stan Barnes-Vice President Twelve year seniors: Judy Thoren, Cathy Croghan, Bruce Rogers, Teresa Higley, Kevin Heasty, Jan Rysdam, Sherry Duffy, Leon Lund, Roselyn Smith, Pam Botz, Jan Sasser, Patty Swisher, Diane Scott, Lillian McLaughlin, Sherri Evans. Below-Finger-lickin’ good! 221974 Valedictorian - Diana McVey 1974 Salutatorian - Janice Denny 23Mark Bates Stanley Barnes Class Motto— "Today’s generation, tomorrow’s future” Lillian Anthoney McLaughlin Elizabeth Garber Bates Jackie BuchananAnna Plummer Delbert RysdamPatricia Swisher Ivan Weller Ix u Ann Hardy Thamert Allen Williams Judith Thoren Rebecca Wilhelm Michael WilliamsSenior Class History One far-out day in September 19G2, Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Carroll were blessed with 32 beautiful shining faces, which consisted of .Jan Fruitts, Kevin Heasty, Lou Ann Hardy, Cathy Croghan, Stan Barnes, Lester Easterly, Risa Clum, Lillian Anthoney, Andy Stanley, I'am Botz, Raymond Garrison, Sherry Duffy, Sherri Evans, Rick Weatherspoon, Roselyn Smith, Teresa Rysdam, Jan Rysdam, Diane Scott, Leon Lund, Patty Swisher, Blaine Harms, Linda Little, Judy Thorcn, Susie Morton, Bruce Rogers, Linda McCann, Jerry Waxbom, Carol Roberts, Jerry Doud, and Jolinda Buck. Talk about a wild class, we used to really think we were cool if we could say something for show and tell time. Most of the time we would just make up something. Once in a while the teacher would ask us questions and that would really put us on the spot. Believe me, those were ticklish situations, but to get out of them, we'd just tell her we didn't remember. Second grade was a year to remember. First of all, two new students, Mark Bates and Jim Davis. That was just the beginning. Andy Stanley broke her leg in P. K., Judy Thoren stapled her thumb to her paper, and the teacher wouldn't excuse Patty Swisher to go to the bathroom so she wet her pants. Yes, those were really and truly the days. Also Carol Robertson, Brad Nasura, Delbert Rysdam, Roberta Erickson, Dan Iooslie, and Shelley Banister joined us. Mr. Easterly was our principal for these first two years. Finally, the third grade, and with this came the privilege of going to the ball field. Hey, like we really liked that. I remember we'd always build little houses out of rocks and play house. We used to argue about who would get the corner house cause we would only have to build two walls. ..And somehow Mark Bates would always manage to lx' the husband. T wonder why? New students this year were Harry Foreman, David Wise, Dan Carver, Edward Tibbs, Clay Spangler, Lillian Ward, and Daryl Schimanck. Mrs. Whittemore and Mrs. Buseke were our teachers anil Mr. O'Connor became our principal. The next year we got to go to the national assemblies. We were really getting tough. Some of our choice couples were Bruce Rogers and Jan Rysdam, Jan Denny and Delbert Rysdam, and Jim Davis and Mouse. Remember when Bruce Horn kissed Andy Stanley "on the lips." Shocked everybody to death. Some new students were Debbie Faber, Jan Denny, Diana MeVey, Lindsey Peirce, Carolyn Miller, Cathy Mansfield, and Judy Tucker. Mrs. Bowman and Lynn Anderson were our teachers. We had Mr. Hargett and Miss Croghan for our fifth grade teachers. Remember when Lou Ann brought fake vomit to school! We put it on the floor and Miss Croghan tried to wipe it up with a kleencx. Or how about the time Mr. Hargett was sitting on his desk, when he crossed his legs and ripped the crotch out of his pants. That was really a far-out year! The boys got to start a basketball team this year and some of the girls wanted to be cheerleaders, but we all know what became of that! New students were Jan Follett, Paula Hunter, Candy Koont ., Allen Williams, Chuck Ferguson, Debra White, Robert Greniger, Carla Showers, Walter Price, Linda Hickman, Robert Hunter, Tonja Sebastian, Terry Mort, and Mitchell Hendrix. Sixth grade started us off well. Mrs. Drake and Miss Sawyer were our teachers and they were the meanest ones we had ever had. We were used to giving orders rather than taking them. Now if we ever said anything out of turn, we had to put our noses in a circle at the blackboard. Remember when Brad Nasura had to sit in a big lx x in the back of the room! Miss Sawyer's room had to go through their Social Studies book twice. New students were Jackie Buchanan, Jim Esters, Brad I,ovan, Dean Way, Glenn Way, Rex Brown, Cathy Mansfield, Paul Pengelly, Leo Smith, Bill Morris, and Becky Wilhelm. Remember how Rex Brown used to chase Andy Stanley and Danny Garver would get pig-shaves. Andy's artistic talent developed whin she drew an uncomplimentary picture of Miss Sawyer and she found it. And some girls were going to run away from school, the nuts! Sixth grade was surely a year to remember! This year we lost Chuck Ferguson, Debra White, Carla Showers, Paula and Robert Hunter, Tonja Sebastian, Terry Mort, Melvin Clack, and Mitchell Hendrix.By seventh grade we were really getting cool. We got to change classes just likp the high school and that was really with it. Mr. Saunders and Mr. Donigian were our home room teachers. One day Mr. Donigian's class played an April Fool’s joke on him by hiding in the storage closet in the science room. No one went to class except Brad Ix van! But Mr. Donigian didn’t think it was very funny when he found out where they were. We lost Jim Esters, Dean and Glenn Way, Hex Brown, Cathy Mansfield, Paul Pengelly, Leo Smith, and Dan Carver this year. With the eighth grade came promotion exercises, seniority over the rest of the grade school, and Jeff Seelnacht, Ivan Weller, Hazel Vaughn, Milton Clack, and Diane Smith joined us. This year Hick Weathersooon and Diana McVey were our "salutatorian and valedictorian.” But that didn’t mean everyone studied. We went to Whitman Mission and the Washington State Prison, and actually managed to stay out of trouble. Of course, with Jeff S. along w'e had a lot of fun. The l»ys had a really good season in basketball and football and they w'ere feared by all. Yea, team! Mr. Blaylock, our music director, also, had girl’s ensemble for us. Remember those neat blue dresses, girls? Starting off the freshman year, Mr. Sarff and Mrs. Coe were our advisors. This was the big year for initiation, painting the ”K", and just general chaos. Remember when some girls tried to throw' Cathy Croghan in the sprinkler? And when we painted the ”K” we got as white as the rocks? It was funny watching a bunch of bums come back to school. That was the hardest year as far as work was concerned. I mean the seniors really made us slave for them, but 1 think it was the most fun. As sophomores we managed to keep our sanity, but that was only because we didn’t know what w'as going on. Remember parents’ day, when the parents eame to school instead of us? They didn’t know either. Or spirit week when we all dressed up like hippies and put on a skit for the game with Joseph? We lost Susie Morton this year, but joining us were Cheryl Agnor, John Colkitt, Sherry Hurst, Scherrili Kennedy and Ray Rose. With these guys you can bet our sophomore year was far-out. Our junior year was most surely the busiest. What with the prom, junior-senior banquet, concessions, and who knows what all, we really w'ere kept hopping. And we had the good fortune to Ixjcome acquainted with Maki Fushimi, the foreign exchange student from Japan. Judy Thoren went to Japan while she was here. Along with Maki, lx rretta Anglin, Susie Morton, Jim Trudeau, and Gary Sherwood came to lx with us. We lost Scherrili Kennedy, Gary Powers, Risa Clum and Andy Stanley to the Class of ’73. So now we’ve made it to the year of 1974. We lost Brad Nasura, Brad Ix van, and Susie Morton during the year, but most of us are still hanging in there. Some of us have changed our names or else decided to in the near future: like Lou Ann Thamert, Teresa Higley, Liz Bates, Lillian McLaughlin, Jan Sasser, and Lorrctta Bieren. We’ve managed to keep our heads together through freshman initiation (which we waited four long years to do), football season, basketball season, and track and baseball. These gave us some mighty good games, like the time we beat Prarie City in basketball. Now that w'e are here I’m sure there’s not one of us who doesn’t feel a kind of nostalgia toward Elgin High. Thank you, parents and teachers, for helping us through this first stepping stone of our lives. We’ve finally made the year of 1974, history—history which will always be alive in our hearts. Looking back we can remember these things and laugh at how’ silly we w'ere, but one thing the Class of ’74 and all future graduates should remember is: ”It’s not w'herc you’ve been that matters, it’s where you’re going that counts.Junior class officers-Ken Sprenger- vice president; Jill Parsons-secretary; Debbie Hendricks-treasurer; Lonny Watne-president. Miss Adam's Radio and TV class 32Juniors I hope we get this ready in time for the prom. Time's racing by I know, but as this crossed my mind I thought the times we spent in love were the best. Silent sunlight, rising, revealing. Welcome in—there is work I must now begin.Robert Baker Jeff Broughton Max Daggett Jan Dayton Mike Grant Gail Hays Debra Hendricks Rick Houston Peggy Miller Jill Parsons Teresa Howell Linda Little Cindy Marks Gary Matteson Keith McGuiness Kayla McVey Bob Miller Debbie Reed Mary Scott Terri Sebastian Karen Seelnacht Kim Seelnacht Greg Simons Mark Simmons 34 Kevin Southard Ken Sprenger Bob Swalberg Neil Thompson Eddie Toney Ixjnny Watne Barbara Wilhelm Mark Brown Jim Case Bob Chandler Valerie Clark Dennis Crisp Norman Croucher Chris Daggett Jerry Doud Judy Dyer Linda Estes Randy Finley Joyce Follett Denise Fortenberry Robert Freeman 35Sophomore class officers-Vice president-Gary Martinson, President-Mark Ratzlaff, Secretary-Treasurer-Cindy Simmons. So on and on I go the seconds tick the time out, there's so much left to know and I'm on the road to find out.'Sophomores Gilbert Gordon Soph, won the 73-74 chess tournament. 37Mitch Bates Kathleen Doherty Neil Burck Donna Doud Jesse Chandler Delbert Durfee Linda Chandler Shannon Eckstein Euvira Croucher Donna Culver Rodney Emmons Hazel Eoff Duane Hardy Ricky Hays Kearns Heasty Lori Meyer Ronald Parsons Gregory Peterson Patricia Scott Cindy Simmons Jesus Sotomayor David Hendricks Sally Johnson Malissa Lund Michael Mahon Gary Martinson Melvin McGinness Dawn Powers Dona Ratzlaff Mark Ratzlaff Peggy Rogers Gene Rysdam Doug Scott Philip Thoren Wanda Weatherspoon Aladine Williams Charles Williams Harold Wolford 38Russ Evans Melvin Falk Jerry Fisher Deeann Fruitts Cheryl Garber Larry Grant Butch Gresham Steve Gresham Richard Gribling Gilbert Gordon Jamie Guisto Jacquelyn Hallgarth 42Freshmen Freshman Class officers Mark Follett-vice president Kelly Wllliams-sccretary-treasurer Eddie Adams-presldent The journey has started, as we sail on these coming years, we shall gain wisdom and knowledge of our world, and most important of all, knowledge of each other. 4041Eddie A am s Carl Daggett Richard Galloway Steven Hardy Brian Paul David Baker Vickie DcVore Colleen Gerber Susan Hays Billy Peterson Shellie Bechtel Jenny Dyer Merril Gordon Kathy Hoffman Kathy Reed Cindy Botz Dan Doherty Helen Hardy Joel Hug Kim Rose 39 Camie Brown Stacie Elmendorf Mike Burnett Rick Fisher Curtis Hurst Jess Rysdam Elizabeth Tennis wood Melody Kildew Tammi Rysdam Teresa ThompsonGuy Gar ret son Ricky FI intoff Leslie Case Mark Follett Dana Crabb Therese' Fortenberry Cheryl Crichton Terry Franke Tammy Croghan Teresa Frcels Stanna Knapp Marie Scott Randy Townsend Danny Lowe Teresa Sebastian Byron Williams Mike McVey Noni Shaffer Kelly Williams Steve Milton Ronny Smith Hoby Wilhelm Susan Mendenhall Mike Sprenger Cece Wilson Mathew Miller Barry Thomas Dan Wright44Organizations Together we travel, each with one thing in common yet each uniquely different, knowing each other’s company and feeling the power of our unity. Together we fly. Together we are— Mark Bates—Student Body President For 1973-74. Mark was eighteen. . . Pictured at left—Peggy Miller-assistant treasurer; Lou Ann Hardy Thamert-treasurer; Debbie Hendricks-secretary; Peggy Rogers-vice president; Mark Bates-president.46 Student Government. . . Rick Smith; Peggy Miller; Debbie Hendricks; Peggy Rogers; Mark Bates; Ix u Ann Hardy; Judy Thoren; Rosi Smith; Jan Denny; Liz Garber; Stan Barnes; Eddie Adams; Mark Ratzlaff; Mike Williams; Mike Grant; Ken Sprenger; Jim Davis; Lonny Watne; Mr. Bechtel; Mr. Blaylock. These people made up the 1973-1974 student council. Elgin High's "Bridge over Troubled Water". Student CouncilF. H. A. Future Homemakers of America. . . They are shown here trying to cut one of their better cakes. K was a really good year for them—only 12 broken blades! They are pictured as follows: Sally Johnson; Leslie Case; Susie Hays; CeCe Wilson; Lori Meyer; Teresa Freels; Stanna Knapp; Helen Hardy; Barb Wilhelm-secretary-treasurer; Marie Scott; Judy Dyer; Cheryl Garber; Linda Little; Kathy Reed; Cindy Botz; Patty Scott; Vickie DeVore; Colleen Gerber; Shellie Bechtel; Liz Garber Bates-president; Susan Mendenhall; Miss Fulmer-advisor; Therese’ Fortenberry; Non! Shaffer; Kim Rose; Kelly Williams; Jenny Dyer; Wanda Weatherspoon-vice president; Tammy Rysdam; Teresa Thompson.These are truly smart people—after all, they got out of school to get their picture taken didn't they? Honor Society was an active club this year. They sold raffle tickets for the score clock, sold pens to earn money, and had a booth at the carnival. This is onlj the surface of the club. There were at least eight probationary members who helped work. Inducted members pictured are: Jud Thorcn-president; Ixju Ann Hardy; Lilli Anthoncy; Mark Bates- vice president; Roselyn Smith-secretary treasurer; Diana McVey Jim Davis; Cathy Croghan; Bud Scoubes-advisor; Jan Denny. Honor SocietyRodeo Club 1973-1974 was the first year for this club. They sponsored a junior rodeo in the fall of the year and plan to make it tradition. Members are: Pam Botz, Lou Ann Hardy, Toni Thompson, Noni Shacffcr, Barb Wilhelm, Kim Seeinacht, Rick Hayes, Jeff Serlnacht, Russ Evans—vice president, Jim Case—president, Shelly Bechtel—secretary, Jan Kysdam—treasurer, Teresa Howell, Bud Scoubes-advisor, Karen Seeinacht, Tari Burnett.Lettermen Lettermen: These guys have given a lot of themselves to E. H.S. Sweat, blood, pride, and sometimes even a few tears. Through it all they have come out ahead—maybe not in scoring, but in self respect. Seated—Gene Rysdam, Dennis Crisp, Norman Croucher, Kevin Southard, Jerry Doud, Rick Smith. Standing—Ivan Weller, Bob Miller, Brent Williams, Kevin Heasty, Forest Farris, Lyle Follett, Neil Burck, Phil Thoren, Larry Grant, Jamie Guisto, Steve Horn, Gilbert Gordon, Ken Sprengcr, Bob Chandler, Jim Davis—president, Mitch Bates, Neil Thompson, Russ Evans, Allen Williams, Mike Grant, Dave Hendricks, Kearns Heasty, Mark Bates—secretary-treasurer, Jim Case, Gordy Simons, Greg Peterson, Randy Finley, John Colkitt, Bob Swalberg, Bud Scoubes-ad v iso r. Husky Howls You see here the members of the Husky Howls news staff. They are: Jamie Guisto, John Colkitt—sports editor, Lonny Watnc-ed- itor, Rosclyn Smith, Steve Horn, Kim Seclnacht, Tari Burnett, Lee EUen Coe (advisor), Lilli Anthoney, Linda Little, Debbie Reed, Mary Scott, and Linda Estes. Why are they in the Hay? Well, you can never tell where a hot news item might turn up. 5051Husky Guards Here we have our MATURE(?) Husky Guards at the play ground with Mr. Sarff supervising their game of follow the leader. Pictured: Kathy Reed, Debbie Reed (secretary-treasurer), Colleen Gerber, Sally Johnson, Cheryl Crichton, Roselyn Smith (president), Randy Townsend, Linda Little, Mary Scott, Linda Estes, Sherry Hurst, Judy Dyer, Alan Williams, Norman Croucher, Mike Grant, Bob Chandler, and Mr. Sarff (advisor). Some kids NEVER grow up. 52Girls’ Husky Club These girls along with the Lettermen, and cheerleaders, represent the school and community more openly and more often than probably anyone else in Elgin. It must be said that they have done a good Job. They are one reason to be proud to be an Elgin Husky. Members: Tammy Croghan, Cindy Marks, Rosi Smith (president), Teri Adams (advisor), Sally Johnson, Kathy Reed, Stanna Knapp, Peggy Rogers (secretary-treasurer), Judy Thoren, Debbie Reed, Teresa Howell, (vice-president), Cheryl Garber, Donna Culver, Colleen Gerber, Cheryl Crichton, Kim Rose, Cindy Botz, Pam Botz, Liz Garber, Lou Ann Hardy, Jan Denny, Tari Burnett, Val Clark, Debbie Hendricks, Tam mi Tysdam, Kathleen Doherty, Toni Thompson, Kelly Williams, Wanda Weatherspoon, Cathy Croghan, Joyce Follett, Karen Seelnacht, Shellie Bechtel, Denise Fortenberry, Therese’ Fortenberry, Annie Plummer, Donna Doud, Kim Seelnacht, Jan Rysdam.54Husky Tracks "Its for you Mr. Thomas". The yearbook staff is shown here 'on call'. Members pictured are: Judy Thoren (editor), Malissa Lund, Roselyn Smith, Cindy Simmons, Jill Parsons, Debra Hendricks, Lonny Watne, Ken Sprenger, and Robert Thomas (advisor). "Oh wait a minute, its for you Lonny." Thespians The Thespians (Drama Club), got a little of the track here. The Thespians sponsored two plays this year; the club's own production and the Jr. Class play. After the Jr. Class play, more members were inducted. Pictured here are: Lille Anthoncy, Diana McVey (vice-president), Cathy Croghan, Lou Ann Hardy, Jan Denny (president), Mrs. Coe (advisor), Roselyn Smith, Judy Thoren, Debbie Hendricks (secretary-treasurer).Chorus - Cindy Marks; Sam Munoff-student teacher; Shannon Eckstein; Mr. Blaylock-director; Teresa Freels; Dana Crabb; Diana McVey; Liz Garber Bates; Marsha Fromong; Mitch Bates; Kathy Reed; Leslie Case; Cindy Simmons; Jan Denny; Dawn Powers; Cindy Botz; Phil Thoren; Forest Farris; Helen Hardy; Lou Ann Hardy Thamert; Judy Thoren; Colleen Gerber; Linda Chandler; Neil Thompson; Marie Scott; Stanna Knapp; Donna Doud; Kim Rose; Tammy Chroghan; Denise Fortenberry; Kayla McVey; Sally Johnson; Pam Botz; Cheryl Crichton; Teresa Thompson; Cathy Croghan; Aladine Williams; Butch Gresham; Vickie DeVore; Mike Grant; Ivan Weller; Jenny Dyer; Debbie Reed; Byron Williams; Susie Hays; Mike McVey; Mark Simmons; Linda Estes; Steve Melton; Bob Chandler; Allen Williams. 56Band and Chorus Band - Mr. Blaylock-director; Sam Munoff-student teacher; Susie Hays; Kathy Reed; Robin Reed; Sandy Townsend; Kathy Walker; Karlyn Adams; Debbie Bechtel; Keith Hescock; Butch Estes; Sandy Kennedy; Charlene Rayborne; Rick Hays; Tim McVey, Dan Wright; Judy Thoren; Richard Galloway; Carol Anderson; Emma Evers; Kanda Williams; Cindy Botz; Linda Estes; Ken Sprenger; Dino Thoren; Stanley Longwell; Rod Weatherspoon; Noni Shaffer; Carl Daggett; Randy Townsend; Reese Braughton; Alberta Thompson; Kari Sprenger; Gilbert Gordon; Greg Grant; Larry Grant; Linda Chandler; Cheryl Crichton; Colleen Gerber; Marty Burck; Bobby Funkhouser; Wayne Herron; Tina Tolley; Cathy Croghan; Bill Peterson; Jess Rysdam; Eddie Adams; Mike Sprenger; Phil Thoren; Merrill Gordon; Vickie Garrettson; Brian Young; Tom Carter; Scotty Payne; Harold Wolford; Greg Peterson; Max Daggett; Neil Burck; Mike Burnett; Brent Williams; Dana Crabb; Mike Grant; Duane Hardy; Joel Hug; David Hendricks.58‘What we do for our- selves alone dies with us; what we have done for others remains immortal Forestry-Eddie Toney, Forest Farris, Jerry Fisher, Lyle Follett, Mr. Ray-Advisor, Deb Rysdam, Neil Thompson, Dennis Crisp, Jim Case, Keamie Heasty, Mike Mahon, Ray Chenowith, Robert Baker, Jill Parsons, Gene Rysdam, Ronny Parsons, Doug Scott, Bruce Rogers, Gordy Simons, Gary Matteson, Kevin Heasty, Ivan Weller, Russ Evans.Fred's men.Why do I compete? For the glory? Perhaps. But more than this, I compete because there is a chance for me to make a small mark on a world that otherwise seems to pay no attention. 6263Cheerleaders Wrestling cheerleaders are shown holding down the fort . . . or up the fort ? ? ? Wanda Weathcrspoon; Shannon Eckstein; Roselyn Smith-head. Without these girls, our J. V.'s could never have had such a good season. Thanks for your support, girls! Therese' Fortenberry; Kelly Williams; Shellie Bechtel. 65Strength united is more powerful. . . John Colkitt; Delbert Durfee; Kevin Southard; Jim Case; Lyle Follett; Russ Evans; Kevin Heasty; Gene Rysdam; Steve Horn; Jaime Guisto; Kearns Heasty; Mark Bates; Neil Burck; David Hendricks; Larry Grant; Jesus' Sotomayor; Steve Gresham; Phil Thoren; Mitch Bates; Dan Wright; Guy Garrettson; Jess Rysdam; Curtis Hurst; Tim Horn; Joel Hug; Mark Follett; Hobey Wilhelm; David Baker; Mike Sprenger; Byron Williams; Mike Mahon; Duane Hardy; Butch Gresham; Brent Williams; Jim Davis; Bob Chandler; Ken Sprenger; Norman Croucher; Gilbert Gordon; Bob Swalberg; Mr. Cameron-assistant coach; Mr. Scoubes-coach; Ivan Weller-statistican; Doug Scott-manager. 66FootballVolleyball Varsity players: Coach Terri Adams, Donna Doud, Peggy Rogers, Wanda Weatherspoon, Pam Botz, Lis Garber, Joyce Follett, Rosi Smith, Denise Fortenberry, Toni TTiompson, Judy Thoren, mgr., center- Jan Rysdam, Lou Ann Hardy Thamert J. V. players: Linda Chandler, Kelly Williams, Therese' Fortenberry, middle row- Cheryl Chrighton, Shelley Bechtel, Toni Thomspn, Karen Seelnacht, Kim Seelnacht, bottom row- Cheryl Garber, Cathy Croghan, Teresa Rysdam, Colleen Gerber, Kathy Reed, Coach Carol Fulmer, Tammy Croghan, Sally Johnson, Kim Rose, Judy Thoren- in gr. 68 Lou Ann Hardy Thame rt was the high point volleyball player for the year 1973-74. Congratulations, Lou!VVarsity Basketball Bruce Rogers, Jim Davis, Chris Daggett, Bob Chandler, Jess Chandler, Russ Evans, Gene Rysdam, Neil Thompson, Stan Barnes, Jesus' Sotomayor, Manager David Hendricks. Coach Jim Anderson. Jim Davis Bob Chandler, Gene Rysdam 7071 Starting Five Bruce RogersGirls’ Basketball Jan Denny, Liz Garber, Wanda Weathcrspoon, Kelly Williams, Stacie Elmendorf, Debbie Hendricks, Lou Ann Hardy, Non! Shacffer, Colleen Gerber, Susie Hays, Marie Scott, standing Rosi Smith, Judy Thorcn, Brenda Bieren, Manager Malissa Lund, Coaches Carol Fulmer, Teri Adams. Pictured at right Brenda Bieren high point player. Peek-a-E Gotta Basketball Jones? Chosen for all-Star Team Peggy Rogers, Jan Denny. 72Wrestling Left to right: (back row)-Richard Galloway-mgr., Rodney Emmons, Rick Hays, Dana Crabb, Allen Williams, Dennis Fulk-coach, (second row)-Guy Garretson, Dan Lowe, Steve Gresham, Hoby Wilhelm (front row)-Melvin Falk, Melvin McGuiness, Rick Flintoff, Terry Frankie. Way to switch, Melvin!J. V. and Frosh Basketball Coach Bud Scoubes, Philip Thorcn, Delbert Durfee, Jim Case, Russ Evans, Gilbert Gordon, Greg Peterson, Neil Burck, Norman Croucher, Brent Williams, Larry Grant, Steve Horn, Manager Eddie Adams. Keep on Truckin’, BillFrosh Basketball-(back row) Jess Rysdam, Mark Follett, Bill Peterson, Merrill Gordon, David Baker, Byron Williams, Max Daggett, (front row)-Mike Sprenger, Curtis Hurst, Randy Townsend, Carl Daggett, Tim Horn, Ronny Smith. Pictured at left-David Baker. 75Coach Mai Cameron; Gene Rysdam; Neil Burck; Rick Smith; Greg Peterson; Bruce Rogers; Bill Peterson; Gordy Simons; Merrill Gordon; Richard Gribbling-mgr.; David Baker; Phil Thoren; Randy Townsend; Doug Scott; Larry Grant; Mike Sprenger. These boys finished second in the league, but next year we'll be first! ANOTHER HIT!!! What happened to that no-hitter?Rick Smith steals another one. Safe! I think? Rick Smith”Give up pitcher. . . I’m going to hit this one. 77Girls9 Track EIIS's fast women. . . Cece Wilson; Wanda Weatherspoon; Cheryl Crichton; Donna Doud; Denise Fortenberry; Joyce Follett; Kelly Williams; Lou Ann Hardy Thamert; Colleen Gerber; Cindy Botz; Therese' Fortenberry; Non! Shaeffer; Shellie Bechtel; Miss Adams-coach; Miss Fulmer- assistant coach; Judy Thoren; Marsha Fromong; Tammy Croghan; Susie Hays; Linda Estes; Tammy Rysdam-Manager; not pictured- Toni Thompson-manager. 79Boys’ Track SB 1 w , I % 80Student Life As students of life we are constantly learning. The world is at our reach to grasp, to experience, to live... Students turning the pages of time, we grow older and more mature. But for a few moments the world is ours, to experience to learn, to live... Rosi Smith and Melody Kildew 82Jim Davis and Who knows Who! Homecoming Queen-Toni Thompson 1973-74 Homecoming Court Princess Shannon Eckstein Princess Rosi Smith Queen Toni Thompson Princess Shellie Bechtel 83Thespian Play: "Off The Tracks" Cast-Ivan Weller, Stan Barnes, Lou Ann Thamert, Denise Fortenberry, Cindy Simmons, Lillian McLaughlin, Valerie Clark, Norman Croucher, Jim Davis, Mark Ratzlaff, Judy Thoren, Jan Denny, Rosi Smith, Rosi won the best actor’s award. Congratulations!85Decbft. X'H feeifOla HeR.e XU TV i£ TbuOlJj butv . . rvi l£ OT S»Ca XO HMT, £ =££(- W'VsfcL £U iVj VrOWf u va uwt mod xnxv G.oox) £ eu ot e X X xg TU ‘b • •• coders KvJtu tvt cvj»o, X xovt. TW b tscvxoo two Klx xwe tAoBetJT . X ueo EXffeftiexjce MW C k "W X sRX) To t»OOD- 5S k OD 1. 1-Ov fr Vao 'MW'c.vU 00 - C vM T i, T tVA XO Je TWfcH. G»ooC uicVk fcrufc V )€ W, i-ovj t or ( cjc co£ T ve fl sx d£ x £€ b .X'll R.GVAtOitie yc ) €U€ 1 . D e e.S05 XooRaqocThe Junior Class Play this year was "Dear Diary”. Cast- Lonny Watne, Debbie Hendricks, Ken Sprenger, Mike Grant, Jill Parsons, Valerie Clark, Mary Scott, Brenda Bieren, Norman Croucher, Mark Simmons, Jan Dayton, Peggy Miller, and Denise Fortenberry. Norm was presented the best actor’s award. 87Master of Ceremonies for the Junior-Senior Banquet was Ken Sprenger. I guess when Lonny is tired not even hard-rock will keep him awake, especially after working on that Prom. 88 Try to find the garbage can!! Prom Queen-Sherri Evans: pictured at right Diane Scott and escort Chris DaggettPictured above- representatives to Boy’s and Girl’s State; Lonny Watne, Kayla McVey, Debbie Hendricks, Ken Sprenger. At right- newly inducted Honor Society Members; Lonny Watne, Ken Sprenger, Mike Grant, Greg Simons, Norman Croucher, Debbie Hendricks, Peggy Miller, Kayla McVey, Jill Parsons. 90"fff-space-jjj-space-f-space-fjf-space—I think?" Is it really you, Debbie? We Love You, Huskies! 92Freshman Initiation■HI HUSKIE TRACKS ANNUAL SPONSORS.! 9495 •

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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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