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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1963 volume:

 IAdministration ATHOL SAYEE Superintendent-Principal HAZEL REED EUNICE BURNS English, Guidance Counseling Frosh Advisor, Advisor Husky Howls JAMES KEEF Social Science, Science, Driver's Training. Advisor Sophomore Class Faculty HELENA EDWARDS Vice Principal, Business Education. Advisor Husky Tracks, Husky Guards ANTHONY MARKS Band, Chorus, OrchestraLEE ELLEN COE English and Homemaking Advisor - GAA, Pep Club, Thes- pians, Cheerleaders, FHA, Drama Coach DON HENDRICKS Industrial Arts, Guidance, Co-Advisor Junior Class MARGUERITE CROGHAN LIBRARIAN High School and Stella Mayfield School PHILLIP ZURBRICK Agriculture, Science, Math Advisor - FFA Co-Advisor Junior ClassDALE HARGETT PE Health, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach JOE MILLER Math Physics Football Coach, Baseball Coach JV Basketball Coach, Advisor VERN HARGETT Lettermen’s Club PE HealthHonor 1963 Students SUE PARSONS DELORES ADAMS THREE SENIORS HONORED Out of the class of 29 members, these three students ranked highest in their class scholastically. Be- sides gaining these scholastic honors, they each were active in many student affairs throughout the four years. Commencement 6BETTY LOU ADAMS "Twistin' U.S.A. " OAA 1,2,3.4 (Pres. 4) Volley Ball 1.2,3.4 Pep Club 1.2.3,4 Photo Club 3.4 (Sec. 4) The plans 3. 4 Carnival Queen 3 Bull In China Shop 3 Senior Class Vice Pres. FHA 4 Paper Staff 4 Husky Guards 4 TOM BLANCHARD "See The U. S. A. In Your Chevrolet" Football Manager 1,2,3 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4 Photo Club 2,4 Thespians 3,4 Bull (n China Shop 3 Sec. -Treas. Lettermen's Club 3 Football 4 Annual Staff 4 Honor Society Sec. 4 Senior Class Pres. 4 DELORES ADAMS "Buttons and Bows. " GAA 1.2.3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Honor Society Pres. 4 Honor Society 2,3,4 Paper Staff Editor 4 Paper Staff 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Photo Club 4 Class of '63 PAULA MAY CONLEY "Ain't She Sweet" GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice Pres. 1) Drill Team 1.2,3,4 Photo Club 1,2,3.4 (Sec. 3) Sophomore Class Secretary FHA 3, 4 (Pres. 4) Student Council 3,4 (Sec. 3) Thespian Chib 3,4 Miss Merry Christmas 3 Volleyball Team 3,4 Play "Me and My Shadow" 3 Play "My Lady" 4 Honor Society 4 JOHN ANDERSON "Johnny Reb" Photo Club 2,3,4 Basketball Manager 3 Thespians 3,4 Bull In China Shop Husky Guard 4 Lettermen's Club KENNETH CROSS "Walk on the Wild Side" JV Basketball 1,2 Football 1,2,3.4 Baseball 1,2 Freshman Class President Lettermen 1,2,3,4 (Sec. 4) Sophomore Class Secretary Annual Staff 2,3,4 (Editor 4) Thespian Chib 3.4 Track 3,4 Student Council 1,4 Varsity Basketball 3,4CARLENE CULVER "Ramblin' Rose" VICKI DeLONG "Anchors Aweigh" RON DOL'D Tm Tired. " Transfer from Imblcr Homemaker Award 4 GAA 3 Pep Club 3 Photo Club 3, 4 Paper Staff 3,4 FHA 3.4 Thespians 3,4 Transfer Orflno, Idaho GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1.2,3,4 (Sec. 3) Paper Staff 2.3.4 Chorus 2,4 Drill Team 3,4 Thespians 3,4 (Pres. 4) Junior Class Play Junior Class Treas. Football Princess Cheerleader 4 FHA Thespian Play Miss Merry Christmas 4 Photo Chib 1 Baseball 2 Husky Guards 4 Class of ’63 SANDRA HALLGARTH My How the Time Goes By" MILTON ERICKSON Monster Mash" Paper Staff 1,2,3 (Asst. Ed. 3) Basketball Manager 1 Photo Club 1,2,3,4 Husky Guards 3,4 Thespians 4 Beat It Bealnlck 4 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 3,4 Paper Staff 3 Husky Guards 3,4 (Sec. 4) Thespians 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Bull In China Shop Track 4 Honor Society Beat It Beatnick DEANNA HOLUNG6WORTH "Who" GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1 Drill Team 1 Husky Guards 2,3,4 Husky Guards (Pres. 4) ThespianJOYCE FRENCH "Sign Post. " Volleyball 1,2,3.4 Thespians 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Princess 2 GAA 1.2,3 Pep Club 2,3,4 Vice Pres. Pep Club 3 Paper Staff 3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 FHA 3,4 Drill Team 3,4 Secretary FHA 4 Girls' Track 4 Sec. -Treaa. Thespians 4 NORMAN HURST "Norman" Freshman Class President JV Basketball 1,2, Varsity Basketball 3.4 Husky Guards 1 Track 2,3,4 Play "Bull in a China Shop" 3 Football 3,4 Letter men 3,4 Thespian Club 3,4 Music Club 3.4 JAMES KNIGHT "The Wanderer" Baseball 1.4 FFA 2,3,4 Track 4 Class of '63 JoANNE MAHON "The Red-headed Stranger. " GAA Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drill Team Carnival Queen 1 Photo Club 2.3 Photo Club Secretary 2 Inner Willy 2 Student Council 3 Bull In China Shop 3 FHA 3,4 Thespians 2,3,4 Class Treasurer 4 BARBARA McCLURE "Keep Me In Mind. " GAA Pep Club 1 FHA 2,3,4 Husky Guards 3,4 Thespians 3, 4 Volleyball 3,4 Husky Guards Treas. 4 Track 4 STEVE MORTON "Only the Lonely. " Transferred from Lebannon Boys' League 1,2,3 Freshman Football Mgr. 1 FFA 2 Football 4 Track 4 Lettermen's Club 4PRISCILLA MORRISON "Half Way to Heaven" Transferred from Union FHA 2,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Photo Club 3.4 Music Club 3 (Treaa. 3) Thespian Club 3,4 Volleyball Mgr. 3,4 JUDY SIMMONS "Whispering. " Transferred from Wallowa Girls' League 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 2,3 Secretary Junior Class 3 Valentine Sweetheart 3 FHA 4 Paper Staff 4 Secretary Senior Class 4 SUSAN PARSONS 1 Wanna Be Bobby’s Girl" FHA 1,2,3,4 (Treas. 2) GAA 1.2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 (Sec.-Treas. 2) Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Drill Team 3,4 Honor Society 2,3,4 (Sec. -Treas.) 4 Student Council 2,3,4 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4 Student Body Pres. 4 Student Body V. P. 2 Homecoming Queen 1 Thespian 3,4 Bull In China Shop 3 My Lady 4 Photo Club 3,4 Class of '63 JUDY SKELTON "You're In the Army Now. " Pep Club 1 GAA 1,2,3.4 Drill Team 1 Band 1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Husky Guards 4 Thespians 4 DEE ANN SCOUBES "Marine Hymn" GAA 1,2,3,4 (8ec-Treas. 2) Pep Club 1,2,3.4 (Pres. 4) Drill Team 1,2,3,4 (Pres. 4) Photo Club 1,2 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4 FHA 2,3,4 (Sec. 2) Honor Society 2,3,4 (Vice Pres. 4) Thespian Club 2,3,4 (Sec. 2) Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Head Cheerleader 4) Annual Staff 2,3.4 Volleyball 3.4 Snow Queen 4 Girls’ Track Team JUDY TRUMP '1 Wish I Could Be Anybody But Me. " Class Treasurer 1 FHA 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Pep Club Pres. 3 Drill Team 1.2,3 Drill Team Pres. 3 Cheerleader 1,2 Photo Club 2,3,4 Thespians 2,3,4 Student Council 3 Paper Staff 3 Homecoming Queen 4CHARLOTTE GAY THOMPSON JOHN TUCKER MEL WAYT "Wedding Bells." "Big John" "Charlie Brown" Band 1 Baseball 4 Football 1,2,3,4 (Mgr. 1) GAA 1.2,3.4 FFA 1,2 JV Basketball 1.2 Pep Club 1,2 JV Basketball 1.2 Varsity Basketball 3,4 FHA 2,3,4 Football 3 Lettermen 1,2,3,4 Photo Club 2 Varsity Basketball 3,4 Photo Club 2 Husky Guards 4 Track 3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 (Pres. 4) Music Club Sophomore Class President Student Council 2,3 Junior Class President Annual Staff 3,4 Thespian Club 3,4 Class of '63 NANCY WEBSTER •Parly Doll" GAA 1,2,3, 4 Pop Club 1,2,3, 4 Drill Team 1,3,4 Photo Club 2,3,4 Carnival Queen 2 Play "Bull In A China Shop" 3 Junior Class Secretary Thespian Club 3,4 FHA 4 Play "Beat It Beatnik" 4 TOM WITHERSPOON "Born to Lose" JV Basketball 1.2 Baseball 1 FFA 2,3,4 (Sentinel 3.4)COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Thursday, May 23, 1963 Will the audience please remain seated during the processional and recessional Processional ---------------------------------------- "Pomp and Circumstance" Invocation ------------------------------------------------- Leonard Gallivan Delores Adams Senior Addresses............................................Dee Ann Scoubes Sue Parson Organ Solo.......................................................Dick Lyman "The Lost Chord” by Arthur Sullivan Graduation Address................................"The Hole In The Doughnut" Dr. W. Douglas Spear, Professor, Eastern Oregon College Presentation of Awards-------------------------------------------Athol Sayre Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas----------------------------------- Glenn Kirkeby Chairman of School Board Alma Mater......................................"Here We Have Elgin High" Benediction...............................-.............. Leonard Gallivan Recessional---------------------------------------"Pomp and Circumstance"President Sue Parsons Vice President Don Cross Secretary Laurel Laird SPONSORED BY CITY DRUG STORE 14 ELGIN GREENHOUSE Treasurer Anita ScottSTAFF STANDING, L. TO R.: Tom Blanchard, Don Cross, Rick Taylor, Mel Wayt, Michele Henry, Mrs. Edwards (Advisor). SEATED: Dee Ann Scoubes, Ken Cross (Editor), Cheryl Crouser, Toni Wetzell. 15Honor Society First Sem. President DELORES ADAMS Paper Editor Lt i — J xsr u' ;;;. ilk' ; Second Sem. President ARLEE MYERS Husky Howls SPONSORED BV ELGIN RECORDERChorus BACK ROW, L. TO R.: Tom Witherspoon, Doug Moore, Ron Doud, John Tucker, Barbara McClure, Vicki DeLong, Kenna Jean Adams, Joyce French, Sandra Hallgarth, Verda Kay Olsen, Anthony Marks, Director. FRONT ROW: Tamara Trump, Joellen Clark, Karla Lund, Shirley Wilson, Connie Allen, Joyce Olsen, Claudia Thompson, Kathy Morton, Sue Hunt. SPONSORED BV ELGIN ELECTRICHusky Guard SPONSORED BV DORIS and KERMIT MYERS SPONSORED BY HELEN and CASEY KEEFER Photo ClubPresident Betty Lou Adams Secretary-Treasurer Paula Conley Vice President sponsored by Laurel Laird WISE’S JEWELRY MORTON'S FOOD STORELettermen’s Club BACK ROW, L. TO R.: Jack Shaffer, Dan Cable, Joe Carroll, John Anderson, Tom Clum, Bud Scoubes, Brian Reed, John Parsons, Don Cross, Mike Beem. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Morton, Norm Hurst, Mel Wayt, Rick Taylor, Dick Barnes, Steve McClure, Kim Tameris, Chet Churchill, John Tucker, Lloyd Reagan. FRONT ROW: Mike May, Larry Hays, John Hays, Tom Blanchard, Doug Moore, Bill Roulet, Don Gla8Son, Gene Hartley, Ken Cross, Coach Miller. SPONSORED BY - STUB KRAUSESPONSORED BY L and W MEAT WHITTEMORE LUMBER CO Paula Conley President Mrs. Coe Advisor 22Junior Class Gary Miller President Dick Barnes Vice President Andrea Conn Secretary Rickey Taylor Treasurer Linda Allen Mike Beem Bonnie Brown Cheryl Crouser Shirley Clark Chet Churchill Charlotte Culp Patricia Curry Shirley Durfee Ronna Follett Donald Glasson Fay Hartley 24Kim Tameris Lee Wagner Donna Lou White 25 Shirley WiseSophomore Class President Jack Shaffer Vice President Sandra Rutherford Secretary Carol Griffin Treasurer Julia Hulse Teri Adam 8 Kay Adams Pat Beem Maria Byrd Royce Anthoney Dan Cable Joe Carroll Tom Clum Lynne Conley Hank Cox Don Cross Keith Davis 26Judith Waelty Laura Waelty Toni Wetzell 27Celas Hug President Freshman Robert Sallee Vice President Kenna Jean Adams Dennis Culp Gene Hartley Linda Anderson Billy Coe Carolyn Hartley Harley Churchill Raymond Goyen Larry Hays Joellen Clark Marvin Erickson Sandra Howell Dell Wiles Sec. -Treas. Connie Allen Larry Hallgarth Sue Hunt 28Class Travis Kennedy Karla Lund Ben Luse Lewis May Virginia McClure Bill McDowell Kathy Morton Joyce Olsen Brian Reed Bud Scoubes Claudia Thompson Tam era Trump Ray Tucker Shirley Wilson 29Senior Football DeeAnn Don Weather spoon Full Back Co-Captains Ken Cross Left Halfback SPONSORED BY BUD'S CHEVRON Norm Hurst Left End Joyce Tom Blanchard Guard Mel Wayt Tackle Vicki Steve Morton GuardFootball-Fall '62 Dale Hargett Joe Miller Assistant Coach Head Coach Managers: Joe Carroll Ben Luse VARSITY SCORES OPPONENT Joseph 22 Enterprise 42 Wallowa 12 Joseph 31 Wallowa 24 Union 20 De Sales 60 Union 34 JV SCORES La Grande La Grande Enterprise Enterprise Union 34 7 6 6 13 Home Games SPONSORED BY GLOBE FURNITURE ELGIN 7 0 21 6 13 7 7 0 7 18 0 12 1 i 33Rick Taylor Guard UNION GAME - NOVEMBER 9, 1962 Dick Barnes Tackle 34Bud Scoubes Quarterback Chet Churchill QuarterbackFinders CreepersWINTERVarsity Basketball TOP ROW, L. TOR.: Kim Tameris, Chester Churchill, Dick Barnes, Melvin Wayt, Norman Hurst, Steve McClure, John Tucker, John Hays, Don Cross, Ken Cross. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Dale Hargett, Bill Roulet, Managers Rick Taylor and Tom Clum. SPONSORED BY KEN'S PAYLESS The Husky basketball team, even though their goals were not obtained, had a rela- tively successful season. Little hope was given by the speculators of Elgin producing a victorious squad. Ignoring the doubts of the fans the team finished in second place, 2 1 2 games out, in Tu-Valley League com- petition; in second place in B-8 sub-district, 2 games out; and gained second place in the Tu-Valley, B-8, sub-district tournament by losing the final game by a heart-breaking two points. 43Randy Simmons Manager Joe Miller Coach SPONSORED BY 11 WjliS SNYDER'S CAFE (h) Elgin vs Union (h) Elgin vs Condon (h) Elgin vs Powder (a) Elgin vs Union (h) Elgin vs Enterprise (h) Elgin vs Wallowa (a) Elgin vs Condon (a) Elgin vs Cove (h) Elgin vs Joseph (h) Elgin vs Union (a) Elgin vs Enterprise (h) Elgin vs Cove (a) Elgin vs Union (h) Elgin vs La Grande (Soph) (a) Elgin vs Joseph (a) Elgin vs Wallowa 5 Losses Elgin Visitors 52 32 48 44 52 33 40 42 35 34 40 46 39 47 39 37 43 34 52 43 50 40 43 13 45 34 41 44 33 47 40 39SPRINGTrackSteve Morton Discus Norm Hurst Hurdles Shot Senior Field and Track Joyce French 440 Ken Cross 880 Mile John Tucker Shot Javelin Jim Knight DiscusBOTTOM ROW, L. TO R.: Brian Reed, Chester Churchill, Kim Tameris, Harley Churchill, Tony Nash, Danny Cable. TOP ROW: Coach Joe Miller, Don Cross, Lee Wagner, John Hays, Norman Hurst, Joe Carroll, Jim Knight. Baseball "1963"LEFT TO RIGHT: Paula Conley, Sandra Hallgarth, Laura Wealty, Hariene Horn, Sue Parsons, Maria Byrd, Mrs. Coe, Barbara McClure, Vicki DeLong, Joyce French, Teri Adams, DeeAnn Scoubes, Betty Lou Adams, Cheryl Crouser, Carol Griffin, Statistician Lynne Conley; Manager Priscilla Morrison; Assistant Virginia McClure. SPONSORED BY ADAMS SUPPLYBERNHARDT'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP LA GRANDE LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIAL- HARDWARE LUMBER, COAL, PAINT LA GRANDE phone WO 3—31 1 3 ELGIN CASH STORE DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES FURNI SHI NGS SPORTSWEAR LETTERMEN1S SWEATERS WESTERN WEAR WATERPROOF WEAR KNITWEAR COWBOY BOOTS RUBBER FOOTWEAR CANVAS SHOES K.K. HENRY HARMON MOTOR HIWAY CAFE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH VALIANT AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 1607 ADAMS LA GRANDE PHONE WO 3-6366 EAST ADAMS LA GRANDE OREGON CARROLL'S BARBER SHOP BAKER'S MENS WEAR ELGIN GEORGE CARROLL, PROP. OREGON ADAMS AVENUE LA GRANDEHYDE’S SUPER MARKET FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE ISLAND CITY. COMPLIMENTS OF| DR. E.E. STEARNS SACAJAWEA HOTEL SERVICE WHOLESALE ARCTIC CIRCLE GATEWAY AUTO COMPANY VALLEY SAUSAGE CO. . INC RAMBLER SCOUT Wl LLYS JEEP I NTERNATIONAL SALES AND SERVICE phone! office WO 3—2548 home WO 2—2209 806 ADAMS AVE. HOME OF SWEET'S "little pig" BRAND WHOLESALE LUNCH MEATS CUSTOM SLAUGHTER LA GRANDE BOB GOSS P.O. BOX 581 LA GRANDE PHONE WO 3-4909 UNION COUNTY GRAIN GROWERS DANIELS FUNERAL HOME jHATBUIUtSPMfftL phone WO 3—5332 ELGIN SLAND CITY WO 3-5851 LA GRANDE 1502 7th STREET UNION COUNTY GRANGE SUPPLY LA GRANDE AT .fSSiy BOX B SALES AND SERVICE MASSEY-FERGUSON ISLAND CITY 1704 2 ADAMS NELLS - N - OUT take-out service STEAKBURGERS, MILKSHAKES, HOT DOGS, KURLEY FRIES WO 3-5733 WE USE 100 PER CENT GROUND STEAKBURLEIGH R. HYDE DEMPSEY'S FUNERAL CHAPEL AGENT FOR RICHFIELD OIL PRODUCTS P.O. BOX 721 LA GRANDE, OREGON M. J. GOSS MOTOR COMPANY BAILEY FARM EQUIPMENT CO. CHEVROLET AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE 1415 LA GRANDE SALES SERVICE ISLAND CITY OREGON WO 3-5023 ELGIN FLOUR MILL INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND SUPPLY COMPANY INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SAWMILL SUPPLIES LOGGING SUPPLIES PHONE WO 3—4623 p.o. box 775 LA GRANDE CLARKS DAIRY BUY HOME PRODUCTS HOME OWNED AND PROCESSED IN UNION COUNTY AT YOUR DOOR OR AT YOUR STORE HUB CITY FOOD CENTER GROCERIES AND MEATS LOCKER SERVICE - CUSTOM CUTTING AND WRAPPI NG PHONE WO 3—3811 LA GRANDE OREGON LA GRANDE OREGONHAND FORD SALES SALES and SERVICE TOWING CHESTNUT and JEFFERSON LA GRANDE, OREGON FALCON COMET JAMES KEEF DRIVER'S TRAINING INSTRUCTORRAY C. BAUM M. JEANNETTE BAUM DAVID C. BAUM BAUM INSURANCE AGENCY fCWe c%suu £vetything’ 105 Depot Street Phone: WO 3-2125 LA CHAMIE, IIHEGOfXi MILLER'S CABINET SHOP MELVILLES GLASS WORK OF ALL KINDS ARMSTRONG WALLBOARD FIBERGLASS INSULATION GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CHINA HOUSEWARE CRYSTAL TOYS 217 GREENWOOD LA GRANDE PH. WO 3 2614 LA GRANDE OREGON ROY FARNAM SUPPLY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MACHINE SHOP WHOLESALE RETAIL ESTABLISHED IN 1927 WHERE SERVICE IS A FACT 1414 ADAMS AVE. LA GRANDE t OREGON WOoland 3—21 23 LENTZ BODY WORKS ORVILLE LENTZ. PROP. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ISLAND CITY OREGON PHONE WOODLAND 3-4642J and E ELECTRIC PHONE WO 3—5587 111 DEPOT ST. l A GRANDE OREGON ESTIMATES GIVEN RESIDENTIAL., COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WIRING TROTTER’S MEN'S SHOP BOY'S SHOP TOP SHOP FOR WOMEN LA GRANDE WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATES STORES GEORGE LETELLIER 1012 ADAMS LA GRANDE WO 3-6448 COMPLIMENTS OF REYNOLDS INSURANCE DOLVEN'S APPLIANCES COAST TO COAST STORE DON’S PLUMBING PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION HELPING TO BUILD A BETTER UNION COUNTY BIRNIE'S JEWELRY LOREN W. HUGHES HOME OFFICE BAKER LA GRANDE OFFICE 1112 ADAMS PH. WO 3—6112 p.o. box 867 »'THE BEST FOR LESS" ARNIE and RENA HALLMARK A. PALLEY $500.00 WEDDING RING $87. 50 B. CATHAY $200 $100 KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS THE PERFECT SYMBOL OF LOVE ISLAND CITY HIGHWAY LA GRANDE OREGON LA GRANDEROYAL CAFE FALK'S I. D. STORE EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL- WEAR LA GRANDE OREGON TREAT THE FAMILY TO DINNER EAT OUT TONITE UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND LA GRANDE BRANCH TRY ONE OF OUR DINNER STEAKS HI-WAY 30 DOWN-TOWN AN OREGON BANK SERVING OREGON LA GRANDE RIVER PRODUCTS HOTEL FOLEY PHONE WOODLAND 3 2 1 84 WHOLESALER OF CUT MEATS CUSTOM CUTTING POULTRY ADAMS AND CHESTNUT WO 3—4214 LA GRANDE, OREGON LA GRANDE ARCTIC REFRIGERATION SALES AND SERVICE PH. 3-5642 LA GRANDECOMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON SHOE SHOP REXALL DRUG ROBERT L. STUART, M.D., F.A.S.C. PRETTY QUICK BEAUTY SHOP LA GRANDE 1301 ADAMS BOHNENKAMPS FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS WO 3-3146 RADIO and MUSIC SUPPLY CO. FIRST NATIONAL BANK RCA PHILCO RADIO AND TV RADIO AND TV PIANOS AND ORGANS OF PORTLAND, OREGON LA GRANDE, OREGON BRANCH GEORGE J. TISS, OWNER HOURS 10:00 10:00 - 5: 00 MON. - TUES. - 6.00 FRIDAY FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING LA GRANDE OREGON BASCHE - SAGE DISTRIBUTORS OF DRAPERIES LA GRANDE WOODLAND OREGON 3—5250COMPLIMENTS OF WILKINS REAL ESTATE RAINBOW CAFE LA GRANDE OBSERVER CONTEMPORARY SHOP GERARD'S ELGIN, WYLER ETERNA-MATIC S AND H GREEN STAMPS LA GRANDE RED CROSS DRUG CALIFORNIA PACIFIC UTILITIES COMPANY OREGON C. LES KIMBREL YOUR PARTNER IN WESTERN PROGRESS PRESCRI PTIONS LIVE BETTER....ELECTRICALLY 1302 ADAMS LA GRANDE WO 3-5741 OREGON ELGIN LA GRANDE 107 ELM LA GRANDE OUTDOOR HE 7-2423 WH 3-3155 SUPPLY SPORTING GOODS BROWNING COLT SAVAGE BAUSCHE AND LAMB RELOADING WEAVER REMINGTON WINCHESTER LEUOPOLD RUGER 1212 adams WO 3-5106 LA GRANDE CRAIGS CLEANERS CLOTHING CARE CENTER SANITONE CLEANING PLUS GOLD STRIKE STAMPS PH. WO 3-2311 LA GRANDE, OREGONStella Mayfield Cafeteria Betty Erickson Alta Bennett Ida Schnore Eloda Blickenstaff Ken Cross and Tom Blanchard ready for "chow".Farewell CLASS OF 1963 BETTY LOU ADAMS DELORES JANE ADAMS JOHN DALE ANDERSON THOMAS DEAN BLANCHARD PAULA MAY CONLEY KENNETH ERWIN CROSS CARLENE CULVER VICKI SUE DeLONG RONALD WAYNE DOUD MILTON RANDY ERICKSON JOYCE FAYE FRENCH SANDRA SUE HALLGARTH DEANNA FAYE HOLLINGSWORTH NORMAN EARL HURST JAMES ALEXANDER KNIGHT NANCY JOANNE MAHON BARBARA MARY McCLURE PRISCILLA IRENE MORRISON ROBERT STEVEN MORTON SUSAN ARLENE PARSON DEE ANN SCOUBES JUDITH LEOMA SIMMONS JUDY LA WANNA SKELTON CHARLOTTE GAY THOMPSON JUDY ELVIS TRUMP JOHN RUSSELL TUCKER MELVIN ORVILLE WAYT NANCY LEE WEBSTER THOMAS RICHARD WITHERSPOON CLASS OFFICERS President------ Vice President Secretary — Treasurer------ Tom Blanchard Betty Lou Adams - Judy Simmons - JoAnne Mahon 68 Class Flowers Class Colors - Class Motto - -----------Apple Blossoms -----------Pink and Silver Pick Your Peak and Climb” + -Tr - •1 I 'Sr 2w. Uti V ■ « »ir 7 %■ ks v,' • . „ kiwMr;'HAlf i i: . ,7 5 K • 1 y-,WM iV ' »■ «ft k£ Y FIL i fifr ■-■■■ Ad B Tl 4 . vii « ■ 'M ■Biv M 

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