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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1961 volume:

Dedication We, the Staff of the 1961 Husky Tracks wish to take this opportunity to thank you and to ex- press our appreciation for the many years you have devoted to making our school a success. In the school year of 1952-53 you became Librarian for both grade 100I and high school. Previous to that time, you taught classes in the Stella MayfieltJ-''"' Grade School. We salute you for 14 years of continuous service and we hope your re- maining years in our schpol will be filled with pleasan -memories.Left to Right: Ken Cross, Dee Ann Scoubes, Bob Showers, Sharron Roulet, Larkin Conatser, Jordyce Tameris, Mike Spikes, Jana Holowitz, Mrs. Edwards, Advisor. Jana Holowitz Co-Editor The publication of an annual is never a one or two-man job and it is only through the untiring efforts of the staff members and our advisor, Mrs. Edwards, that this book is a success. We have had a lot of fun and done a lot of work putting out this year's HUSKY TRACKS. We hope that you'll enjoy it and look with pleasure on the events that have happened dur- ing this past year at Elgin High. Jordyce Tameris Co-Editor The Annuel Stuff Ptesents... 2 Sponsored by PERRY'S STUDIOAdministration ATHOL SAYRE Superintendent Principal HELENA EDWARDS Vice Principal JOSEPHINE WARREN Office Secretary Clerk, School District 23HELENA EDWARDS Vice Principal, Business Education, Guidance, Sponsor Husky Tracks, Husky Guards DON HENDRICKS Industrial Arts Junior Class Advisor MARGUERITE CROGHAN Library EUNICE BURNS English, Guidance and Counseling, Frosh AdvisorMARION MORGAN Homemaking, General Business, Orientation, FHA Advisor LEE ELLEN COE English, Spanish Girls’ PE, Advisor - GAA, Pep Club, Cheer Leaders, National Thespian Society, Director of Inner Willy. JOE MILLER Math, Physics, Football CoachREX JOHNSON Vocational Agriculture, Frosh Math, FFA Advisor PAUL STOFFT Band and Chorus, Senior Class Advisor, Business Law and Speech DWIGHT BURTIS Science, Photo Club AdvisorHANFORD REED Social Science CAROLINE SAYRE English TED SCHADEWITZ PE Health Drivers’ Training Coach - Basketball Track Advisor E Club Commencement Program Processional ............. “Pomp and Circumstance” Invocation ........................... Dale Johnson Salutatorian Address ................. Wayne Cross Valedictorian Address ............. Celia Colclasure Organ Solo ........................... Dick Lyman “Meditation, from Thais,” Massenet Graduation Address .............. “Into Your Hands" Dr. Carlos Easley, Professor, Eastern Oregon College Presentation of Awards................ Athol Sayre Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Billy Hindman Chairman of School BoardSTANLEY JOE ALLEN "Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes." Transferred: Bernie, Missouri Band 4 Chorus 4 Basketball 4 Lettermen's Club 4 SHARON RED BARNES "She gave him a smile with a future in it." Transferred: LaGrande LORRAINE GAIL ANTHONEY "Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits." Pep Club 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 1,2 Volleyball 2,3,4 Photo Club 3 Drama Club 2 Thespians 4 GLENDA ANN ANDERSON "I never met a man I didn't like." FHA 2,3,4 Photo Club 2,3 Husky Guard 4 THOMAS EUGENE BARNES "An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less." FFA 1,2 (Sec.), 3 (Pres.), 4 Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 2 Lettermen's Club 2,3 Photo Club 2,3 Student Council 3ROBERTA JEAN BENNETT "Common sense is not so common." Husky Guard 3,4 (Pres.) Junior Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer GAA 3,4 Paper Staff 3 DALE LEO CARLSON "No one makes money like the fellow who invents our fads. M FFA 1,2,3,4 Photo Club 2,3 Drama Club 2 Chorus 2 JANICE CAROL BROWN 'The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do." GAA 1,2,3 FHA 1,2,3.4 Band 1,2 Paper Staff 2 Photo Club 2 DEANNA ADELE BOTZ "Be not the first nor the last in fashion." FHA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2 (Sec.), 3,4 Drill Team 1,2 GAA 1,2,3 Paper Staff 2,3 (Ass. Ed.), 4 (Ed.) Majorette 2 Drama Club 2 Student Council 3,4 Secretary of Student Body 3 Honor Society 3,4 Photo Club 3 Thespians 4 CAROL ANN CLUM "A woman generally speaking, is generally speaking." FHA 1.3 GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Paper Staff 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2 Volleyball 2,3,4 Drama Club 2 Honor Society 3 (Sec.), 4 Thespians 4KENNETH DALE COE "His studies were pursued but never overtaken." Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Chorus 1 Photo Club 2,3 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Baseball 2 Drama Club 2 Student Body President 4 Track 4 Student Council 4 JOHN FRANKLIN DAVIS "Sarcasm is the sour cream of wit." Baseball 1 Football 2,3,4 Lettermen’s Club 2,3,4 Photo Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 2 Paper Staff 4 Chorus 4 WAYNE LEE CROSS "My theory is to enjoy life." Freshman Class Vice President Football 1,2,3,4 Lettermen’s Club 1,2,3,4 Student Body Vice President 2 Student Council 2,4 Honor Society 3,4 (Pres.) Junior Class Vice President Photo Club 3 (VP) CELIA KAY COLCLASURE "Kind words never die. " Freshman Class President FHA 1,2,3 (VP), 4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1,4 Drill Team 1 Pep Club 1,2,3 (VP), 4 (Pres.) Volleyball 2,3,4 Sophomore Class Treasurer Honor Society 3,4 (VP) Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Head Cheerleader) Paper Staff 2,3,4 Drama Club 2 (Treas.) Thespians 4 ARLEN JAMES DURFEE "I can live two months on a good compliment. " Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,3,4 Track 2 Photo Club 3,4 Lettermen’s Club 3,4 (Sec.) Paper Staff 4 Thespians 4 (VP)EDGAR NOLAN GRIFFIN "I like criticism but it must be my way." Football Manager 1,2 Track 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4 (Treas.) Sophomore Vice President Junior Class President Photo Club 3,4 (VP) Student Council 3 Paper Staff 4 Chorus 4 Thespians 4 JOYCE RALAE HOLLINGSWORTH "A woman on time is one in nine." Drill Team 1 Pep Club 1,2,3 GAA 1,3,4 FHA 1,2,3 Husky Guard 2,3,4 (VP) Chorus 2,3,4 Photo Club 3 Senior Class Secretary Volleyball Statistician 3.4 JEFF KENNETH HALSEY "His cares are all now ended.'1 Baseball 1 FFA 1 Football 2,3,4 Photo Club 2,3,4 Lettermen’s Club 3,4 Thespians 4 (Pres.) Student Council 4 DONNA JEAN HALLGARTH "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." FHA 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 Band 1,2 Husky Guard 3,4 JANA MARIE HOLOWITZ ”1 am saddest when I sing; so are those who hear me. " Paper Staff 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2 GAA 1,2,3,4 FHA 1.2,3,4 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Co-Editor of Husky Tracks 4 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 4 Thespians 4 Volleyball Manager 3ELLEN MARIE HULSE "She would rather be looked around at than up to. " FFA 4 GAA 1,2,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Thespians 4 Chorus 4 JUDITH ANN PARSONS "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." FHA 1,2,3 (VP), 4 (Pres.) GAA 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1.2,3,4 Drill Team 1,2 Drama Club 2 Husky Howl8 2,3,4 Photo Club 3,4 Volleyball 3,4 Honor Society 3 (Sec.) 4 (Sec.- Treas.) Junior Class Secretary Thespians 4 (Treas.) Student Council 4 Chorus 4 (Sec.) JOHN THOMAS MAHON "He did nothing in particular ROSEMARIE KENNEDY "Always do right. This will gratify some people and aston- ish the rest." FHA 1,4 Husky Guard 2,3,4 GAA 2,3,4 DALLAS LOUIS PHILLIPS "You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy. " FFA 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1 Basketball 2 Track 2 Boxing 3 but he did it well." Basketball 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 2 Photo Club 2,3,4 Student Council 4 Senior Class PresidentSTEVE L. JOHNSON ”A man always has two rea- sons for doing anything—a good reason and the real rea- son. ” Transferred: Forest Grove MARILYN NOLA SCOTT "My memory is what I forget with. ” Treasurer of Freshman Class GAA 1,2,3,4 (Pres.) Band 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2 FHA 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 2,3 Drama Club 2 Honor Society 3,4 Thespians 4 Student Council 4 LARRY DEAN SCHIED "If you don’t say anything you won't be called on to repeat it.” Transferred: Hermiston Track 4 FRED LEWIS SAYRE ’The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. ” Transferred: Adrian Photo Club 3 (Pres.), 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 4 Lettermen'8 Club 3,4 (Pres.) Band 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 3,4 Thespians 4 Husky Howls 4 Senior Class Vice President BILL LEE SHOWERS ”He gave her a look that you could have poured on a waffle. ” Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,3,4 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4 Photo Club 3,4 Sophomore Class President 7 MICHAEL DAVID SPIKES "A true artist takes no notice whatever of the public. " Baseball 1,3,4 Husky Guard 3 Paper Staff 2 Photo Club 2,3,4 Football 3 Annual Staff 3,4 Chorus 4 (Pres.) Thespians 4 Student Council 4 TERRY PHILLIP THOMPSON "Ambition couldn't be made of a sterner stuff. " Drama Club 2 Photo Club 3 Chorus 4 HAROLD GENE THOMPSON "Silence is one great art of conversation. FFA 1,2,3,4 JORDYCE KAY TAMERIS "The course of true love never did run smooth." FHA 1,2,3,4 GAA 1.2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drill Team 1,2 Paper Staff 1,2 Freshman Class Secretary Head Majorette 1,2 Honor Society 3,4 Volleyball 2,3,4 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Co-Editor of Husky Tracks 4 Sophomore Class Secretary Drama Club 2 Cheerleader 4 Student Council 4 Thespians 4 JUDIE CAROL VAN DUSEN "My idea of an agreeable per- son is one who agrees with me." FHA 1 GAA 1,2KENNETH ARNOLD WAELTY JEFFERY NORMAN WATKINS "Why was I born with so many "Be not simply good; be good for something." Track 2,3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 FFA 1,2,3,4 (Sec. 3,4.) Lettermen’s Club 4 GEORGIA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS "Happiness is not something you get but something you do." FHA 2,4 Drama Club 2 Paper Staff 2,4 Thespians 4 Chorus 4 Husky Guards 4 WESJ. WHITTEMORE "Money is a man's best friend. contemporaries. " Track 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4 (Pres.) Student Council 3,4 Paper Staff 3,4 CARL JOHN ZEAMER "I will never let my schooling interfere with my education." Photo Club 1,2,3,4 Football Manager 1,2 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 2 Baseball 3,4 Thespians 4 FFA 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,3 Lettermenf8 Club 2,3,4 (VP) Photo Club 3, (Treas.), 4 (Pres.) Chorus 4 Student Council 4 Baby Picium Sponsored by WAYT'S INC.Junior Senior Prom Blue Hnuuii 18 April 22, 1961 TERRY AND MARILYNSeniot Sneak at 6:30 AM and in 9 cars, left for the Tri- cities in Washington. The day was spent in many different ways. Shopping, driving around, airplane riding, boating, and even swimming were enjoyed by all. That night a luncheon was prepared for us by one of the restaurants. After the banquet, we took in a show. Most of us returned home around 1AM. 1»Junior Larkin Conatser President Jesse McCall Vice President Dana Lee Henry Secretary Gary Kennedy Treasurer Barbara Lynn Ardith Sandra Bennett Blickenstaff Churchill Conley Gerald FerrisClass Joyce Linda Arnie Shirley Sylvia Kennedy Kennedy Krause Miller Morrison Bessie Ken Sharron Larry Bob Owen Renoe Roulet Shaffer ShowersSophomore Melvin Wayt President Ben Hays Vice President Kenneth Cross Secretary Paula Conley Treasurer John Anderson Ronald Doud Tom Blanchard Betty Lou Adams Delores Adams Randy James Deanna Erickson Fruitts Hollingsworth 22Class Don Weatherspoon Tom WitherspoonLinda Allen Michele Henry Treasurer Michael Beem Bonnie Brown Donna Lou White Vice President Andrea Conn Cheryl Crouser Charlotte Culp Faye Hartley Terral Trump Secretary Chester Churchill Shirley DurfeeBill Hayes John Hayes Beth Hug Rita Hulse Christine Kennedy Dennis Kennedy Laurel Lee Laird Steve McClure Gary Miller Doug Moore Arlee Myers Charles Paxton Darlene Paxton Bill Roulet Anita Scott John Scott i ' 4 25Student Council The Student Council is the governing body of Elgin High School. It is made up of the of- ficers of the student body, presidents of classes, and various clubs. Once a month, with Mr. Sayre as their advisor, they meet to discuss problems of the students, school policy, and ways of improving "life at Elgin High". Ken Coe President 28 Sue Parsons Sharron Roulet Lynn Blickenstaff Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsored by ELGIN CLEANERS CITY DRUG STORE ADAMS SUPPLYHonot Society These students have been chosen as members of the National Honor Society for their Leadership Character Scholarship Activities Jeff Watkins First Semester President Wayne Cross Second Semester President 29Husky Howls Sponsored by ELGIN RECORDERSponsored by MYERS SUPER MARKET HOUSER’S HARDWARE ChomsHusky Guutd Sponsored by CONLEY’S VARIETY REX THEATER PAUL BETTY CONLEYLettemen Club Bottom Row, Left to Right: Ken Coe, Carl Zeamer, Jeff Halsey, John Davis, Bill Showers, Bill Stark, Larkin Conatser, Bob Showers, Arnie Krause, Melvin Wayt. Second Row: Mike Spikes, Ben Hayes, Arlen Durfee, Fred Sayre, Ed Griffin, Wes Whittemore, Tom Barnes, Wayne Cross, Tom Blanchard, Ken Cross, Tim Waller. Third Row: Jim Hicks, Mike Schultz, Steve McClure, Bill Hayes, Tom Mahon, Ken Renoe, Dick Barnes, Dave Johnson, John Hayes, Ken Waelty, Joe Allen. Advisor Ted Schadewitz. Sponsored by STUB KRAUSE 33Advisor Lee Ellen Coe President Marilyn Scott Vice Pres. Paula Conley Sec. -Treas. DeeAnn Scoubes 34These girls, dressed in their at- tractive purple and white outfits, took 35FootballBob Showers Larkin Conatser Co-Captain Bill Stark Ken Coe . - , i r r T • • + ■ - .: a Edgar Griffin Arlen Durfee Jeff HalseyLeft to Right: John Hayes, Bill Hayes, Dick Barnes, Melvin Wayt, Dave Johnson, Steve McClure, Mike Schultz, Ken Cross, Ben Hayes, Ken Renoe, Chet Churchill. Count-down Pansy ? 4319 Basketball 61 Left to Right: Bill Stark, Bill Showers, Ken Waelty, Tim Waller, Joe Allen, Coach Ted Schadewitz, Bob Showers, Larkin Conatser, Edgar Griffin, Fred Sayre, Tom Mahon, Arlen Durfee. Coach Ted Schadewitz 44 Sponsored by KEN'S PAYLESS Tom Mahon Sponsored by ELGIN TEXACO 4« Joe AllenJuniot Varsity Left to Right: Dick Barnes, Curtis Williams, Melvin Wayt, Mike Schultze, Norm Hurst, John Tucker, John Hayes, Don Glasson, Bill Roulet. Bottom Row: Richard Taylor, Mike Beem, Kim Tameris, Chet Churchill, Ken Cross, Tom Witherspoon, Coach Dale Harget. Wins Imbler (Varsity) Lostine (Varsity) Enterprise Wallowa (2) Joseph (2) North Powder Union (2) Cove (Varsity) Losses Imbler (Varsity) La Grande (2) Baker (2) Enterprise Mac Hi (2) Sponsored by SNYDER'S CAFETtaek Coach Ted Schadewitz, Bob Showers, Gary Kennedy, Arnie Krause, Bill Showers, Ken Renoe. The 1961 track season was short as far as wins and losses goes, however it was a long season for individual performances. Elgin was never beaten and the team managed to score a number of points. There were six members and they averaged over 5 points each. At the Mac Hi Carnival of Speed, Arnie placed second in the Javelin. He competed against schools in Eastern Oregon and Western Washington. At the Track Meet in Wallowa, our "Fat Man's Re- lay" took second. The track meets in which we competed were as follows: Mac Hi, Tu Valley at Elgin, EOC Invita- tional Track Meet, District Track Meet at Sherman Hi where Arnie managed to qualify for the State Track Meet by taking first in Javelin. 48 "680 Pounds of Pulsavated Bouncing Baby Flesh.Baseball Standing, Left to Right: Mike Spikes, Mel Wayt, Arlen Durfee, Coach Joe Miller, Carl Zeamer, Mike Schultze, Bill Showers, Lee Wagner. Front Row: Lynn Blickenstaff, Bill Stark, Fred Sayre, Bob Showers, Ken Cross, Dick Barnes, Doug Moore.Volleyball Left to Right: Judy Parsons, Betty Adams, Barbara Bennett, Carol Clum, Lorraine Anthoney, Mary Anne Townsend, Sue Parsons, Joyce French, Marilyn Scott, Celia Colclasure, Jordyce Tameris, Judy Skelton. Standing: Lee Ellen Coe, Coach; Judy Van Dusen, Manager; Joyce Hollingsworth, Statistician.LTza a. 7 koudLCaacJx SA V CJO fcc c te»i 99 Qotn.Q , - Qonc. '-yvrascac ” « Q ■»! OOH.' ? b A CUtHou QkJ»tj‘ On tV e u»y +♦ -VVje. ««-■ Tt«Ket .. as Picas t- 'Bes-f- S9a fy it- Pea cA e-£- V«pe Htf 4HAND FORD SALES Ford Is Built for People SERVICE SALES FALCON FORD AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE IT PAYS TO BRING YOUR FORD "BACK HOME" FOR SERVICE YOUR FORD DEALER KNOWS YOUR CAR BEST. HE USES GENUINE FORD PARTS AND FORD-APPROVED METHODS AND EQUIPMENT PHONE WO 3—2161 LA GRANDE, OREGON •vCOMPLIMENTS OF W 1CKMAN—THORN LUMBER AND BOX COMPANY ELGIN, OREGON MANUFACTURERS OF - BOX SHOOK, CUT STOCK, FURNITURE PARTS, TOY STOCK. PHONE HE 7-2912 ELGIN CASH STORE DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES FURNISHINGS SPORTSWEAR WESTERN WEAR WATERPROOF WEAR KNITWEAR COWBOY BOOTS RUBBER FOOTWEAR CANVAS SHOES K. K. HENRY E. M. HENRYARCTIC REFRIGERATION SALES AND SERVICE ELM AND JEFFERSON LA GRANDE, OREGON WOODLAND 3—5642 BURLEIGH HYDE DISTRIBUTORS OF RICHFIELD PRODUCTS TIRES BATTERIES RICH HEAT HEATING OILS LA GRANDE AND ELGIN HUB CITY FOOD CENTER GROCERIES AND MEATS LOCKER SERVICE CUSTOM CUTTING AND WRAPPING PHONE WO 3-3811 l A GRANDE, OREGON MILLER'S CABINET SHOP PITTSBURG PAINTS ARMSTRONG'S WALLBOARD FIBERGLASS INSULATION 217 GREENWOOD LA GRANDE PHONE WOODLAND 3—2614 LENTZ BODY WORKS ORVILLE LENTZ, PROP. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ISLAND CITY, OREGON PHONE WOODLAND 3-4642 RIVER PRODUCTS .AIB' ttKCS WHOLESALER OF CUT MEATS CUSTOM CUTTING POULTRY WO 3—4214 LA GRANDE, OREGONTWO GTS SUPPLY CENTER lightest big tree power HOMELITE CHAIN SAW phone WO 3-5431 1 003 ADAMS LA GRANDE, OREGON FIRST NATIONAL BANK LA GRANDE BRANCH HOURS 10 TO 5 THRU SATURDAY LA GRANDE, OREGON CARROL’S BARBER SHOP YOU GROW IT, ELGIN, WE MOW IT COMPLIMENTS OF ERNIE’S SHOES OREGON HYDE’S SUPER MARKET L AND W MEAT COMPANY QUALITY MEATS AT LOW PRICES CUSTOM KILLING AND CUTTING FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, SERVICE SLAND CITY phone HE 7—2473 ELGIN FIRST STATE BANK OF ELGIN YOUR FRIENDLY HOME TOWN BANK C fCKt 6 ccoo r ELGIN PHONE HE 7-2161 LA GRANDE LUMBER CO. COMPLIMENTS OF BUILDING MATERIAL- LUMBER COAL- RAINBOW CAFE PAINT HARDWARE ANDERSONIS PHONE WO 3—31 13 REXALL DRUG L-A GRANDE OREGON CONTEMPORARY SHOP MELVILLES ZIMMERMAN'S GIFTS FOR ALL- OCCASIONS COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS CHINA FURNITURE HARDWARE CRYSTAL TOYS FLOOR COVERING APPLIANCES HOUSEWARES GIFTS DRAPERIES LA GRANDE OREGON LA GRANDE WOODLAND OREGON 3 5250 BERNHARDT'S BAILEY FARM EQUIPMENT CO. SHOE SHOP WORK SHOES Jj l' RIDING BOOTS SADDLES LgJjfKi JM RIDING EQUIPMENT DYE WORK LA GRANDE OREGON SALES SERVICE ISLAND CITY WOODLAND OREGON 3—5023 NELLS - N - OUT BOHNENKAMP'S FIVE COMPLETE FLOORS OF HOME W Ir'lWy FrV 1 I. IbIIIe FURNI SHINGS TAKE-OUT SERVICE FURNITURE HARDWARE STEAKBURGERS 1704 ADAMS FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES MILKSHAKES LA GRANDE hot dogs WO 3—5733 TV GIFTS KURLEY FRIES LA GRANDE OREGONHILLS OFFICE MACHINES YOUR AUTHORIZED SMITH—CORONA PORTABLE DEALER SALES, SERVICE, RENTALS. PHONE WO 3—3531 1214 ADAMS LA GRANDE. OREGON COMPLIMENTS OP PAYLESS DRUGS KLBM RED CROSS DRUG MTHE MOST COMPLETE STORE IN PALMER PRINTING THE GRANDE RONDE VALLEY.•• TOP NOTCH CAFE LA GRANDE OREGON ZION'S M. J. GOSS MOTOR COMPANYTROTTER’S MENIS SHOP BOYS! SHOP LA GRANDE, OREGON TOP SHOP FOR WOMEN BIRNIE’S LOREN HUGHES KEEPSAKE STARFIRE DIAMONDS 111 NTE RLOCKI NG DIAMOND RINGSU BULOVA WATCHES HAT THE SIGN OF THE CLOCK!» 1108 ADAMS LA GRANDE MC GLASSON’S STATIONERY SEE MC GLASSONIS FOR ALL YOUR WRITING NEEDS 1104 LA GRANDE COMPLIMENTS OF CITY FINANCE SPAETH PLUMBING DOLVEN’S REFRIGERATION GRAHAM’S DRUG ELECTRIC SERVICE OOOO UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND LA GRANDE BRANCH AN OREGON BANK SERVING OREGON BAUM INSURANCE I WE INSURE EVERYTHING!» LA GRANDE FALK’S I.D. STORE EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL WEAR LA GRANDE 105 DEPOT STREETINLAND MACHINERY CO. CATERPILLAR JOHN DEERE LA GRANDE COMPLIMENTS OF REYNOLDS INSURANCE CHERRYS FLORIST SHORBS' TYPEWRITER SACAJAWEA HOTEL BILL'S A AND W DANIELS FUNERAL CHAPEL WOODLAND 3—5332 LA GRANDE, OREGON LITTLE PIG DRIVE IN FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE BURGERS FRIES ORDERS TO GO| PHONE WO 3-4804 DELICIOUS CHICKEN IN A BASKET LA GRANDE HWV. 30 E CALIFORNIA PACIFIC UTILITIES COMPANY LA GRANDE 107 ELM WO 3-3155 INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY ATLAS HOME WORKSHOP TOOLS GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTORS DISSTON SAWS LA GRANDE, OREGON WO 3-2614CRAIG'S NU-WAY CLEANERS LA GRANDE, OREGON DELIVERY SERVICE IN ELGIN GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY THE STORE OF COMPLETE APPROVED SANITONE SERVICE PHONE WOODLAND 3—231 1 SELECTION 1520 ADAMS WOODLAND 3—4144 GETTINGS—LYNCH MOTOR CO. 1602 ADAMS G. M. C. TRUCKS FOR 1961 POXT AC A flat t r mmdm four ■ 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE LA GRANDE, OREGON CLARK'S DAIRY BER VAN PETTEN LUMBER COMPANY HOMOGENIZED iHH PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS mi NEED- IIE VERYTHI NG TO BUILD ANYTHIilGH AT YOUR DOOR OR AT YOUR STORE LA GRANDE, OREGON PHONE WOODLAND 3—2101 GRANDE RONDE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION MEMBER OF BLUE CROSS STATE APPROVED LABORATORY STANLEY E. JOHNSON, ADMINISTRATOR APPROVED BY AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION WOODLAND 3-2151 LA GRANDE, OREGONHI-WAY CAFE STEAKS ERVKE WfTM A 'mile.. SEA FOOD CHICKEN LUNCHES FEATURING PIZZA PIE EIGHT DIFFERENT KINDS OPEN 24 HOURS EAST ADAMS OPERATED BY LA GRANDE, OREGON BILL AVERY FIRST STATE BANK OF ELGIN WILLIAMSON'S FOOD STOREfmmll Class of 1961 STANLEY JOE ALLEN GLENDA ANN ANDERSON LORRAINE GAIL ANTHONEY SHARON RED BARNES THOMAS EUGENE BARNES ROBERTA JEAN BENNETT DEANNA ADELE BOTZ JANICE CAROL BROWN DALE LEO CARLSON CELIA KAY COLCLASURE KENNETH DALE COE CAROL ANN CLUM WAYNE LEE CROSS JOHN FRANKLIN DAVIS ARLEN JAMES DURFEE EDGAR NOLAN GRIFFIN DONNA JEAN HALLGARTH JEFFERY KENNETH HALSEY JOYCE LARAE HOLLINGSWORTH JANA MARIE HOLOWITZ ELLEN MARIE HULSE ROSEMARIE KENNEDY STEVE L. JOHNSON JOHN THOMAS MAHON JUDITH ANN PARSONS DALLAS LOUIS PHILLIPS FRED LEWIS SAYRE LARRY DEAN SCHIED MARILYN NOLA SCOTT BILL LEE SHOWERS MICHAEL DAVID SPIKES JORDYCE KAY TAMERIS HAROLD GENE THOMPSON TERRY PHILLIP THOMPSON JUDIE CAROL VAN DUSEN KENNETH ARNOLD WAELTY JEFFERY NORMAN WATKINS WES JOHN WHITTEMORE GEORGIA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS CARL JOHN ZEAMER

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