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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1960 volume:

;'Dedication TO MRS. EDWARDS: For the past nine years you have spent many hours apart from your regular school work and activities to guide and direct the Husky Tracks Staffs. We, the Staff of the 1960 Husky Tracks, wish to take this opportunity to thank you and to express our appreciation by dedicating the 1960 Husky Tracks to you!Commencement PROGRAM JANET OSBURN Valedictorian Processional "Pomp and Circumstance" Invocation Carlyle Engleking Salulatorian Addresses. Stuart Croghan and Larry Hurst Valedictorian Address Janet Osburn Organ Solo Dick Lyman "Erotik." Grief Graduation Address "America Needs Maturity' iUy B. Osburn. Oregon State Department of Education Presentation of Awards Athol Sayre Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Noel Scott Chairman of School Board LARRY HURST Co-Salutatorian Benediction Carlyle Engleking Recessional "March From Tannhauser" Class Flower Rose Class Colors Blue and Silver Class Motto "We Leave No Stones Unturned" CLASS OFFICERS President Jerry Crouser Vice President ...............................Ken Henry Secretary Janet Osburn Treasurer Connie Spikes EVA ELLEN BLICKERSTAFF "Quick with the answers". Transferred: The Dalles - 1958 Pep Club 2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Honor Society 2,3 (Pres. 59) Drama Club 2,3 Volleyball Team 4 Student Council 3,4 Chorus 3 Paper Staff 4 DARRELL KEITH CASON ••The king can drink the best of wine, so can I". Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 (Editor f60) Basketball 2,3,4 Football 2,3,4 (Captain 60) Class President '58 Student Council 1,2,4 Track 1,4 Baseball 1,2 E Club 2,3,4 (Treas. '59) Drama Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4 Senior Class PATRICK GEORGE CARROLL "Not to know me is missing one of the greatest opportunities of life". E Club 1,2,3,4 (V. Pres. 59) Drama Club 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 Science Club 1 Ski Club 1 Photo Club 3,4 JOHN HENRY BRESHEARS ’•He who is tall, sees all". Band 1,2,3 Boxing 2 Football Manager 3 E Club 3,4 CECIL CHARLES CHURCHILL "A pal to many, a friend to all". E Club 1,2,3,4 Husky Guards 2,3,4 (Pres. '59, '60) Student Council 3,4 Photo Club 4 Drama Club 2 Boxing 1,2 Baseball 1 Football 4 FFA 3, 4 3JUANITA MARIE CLUM "She 8 always on time; never late". Pep Club lt 2, 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 (Historian 58) Drama Club 2, 3 Volleyball Team 1,2,3 Girls' Basketball 1,2 Paper Staff 2,3,4 AGNES LAURA COSNER ’ Soft-spoken plus sparkling blue eyes". G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 4 STUART MITCHELL CROGHAN "Wonder is the seed of science". Science Club 2 (Pres. '58) Husky Guard 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2,3 Paper Staff 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 1,2 Frosh Treasurer 1 TERREL JOHN CROGHAN "The quiet always seem innocent". Band 1,2,3,4 Football 1 F.F.A. 3,4 D. JEAN CORDELL "Hope well and have well". Transferred: Coeur d' Alene, Idaho Pep Club 3,4 Drill Team 4 Chorus 3,4 4GERALD LEROY CROUSER "Love conquers all". E Club 1.2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 Pres, of Senior Class Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,4 Football 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2,3 Vice Pres. Soph. Class FRED KENNETH ERICKSON "It isn't the common man at all who is important; it's the uncommon man". Transferred: LaGrande '57 Husky Guards 3,4 E Club 3,4 Drama Club 3 Football 3,4 Track 3 PHYLLIS JEAN ECKSTIEN "Sing away sorrow, cast away care". Chorus 2,3,4 Photo Club 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2, 3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 BETTY MAIE CUMMINGS "Her fabulous smile is always in style". Transferred: LaGrande '59 Chorus 3,4 Paper Staff 4 DONNA FAY FOLLETT "An ingenious gal who will always be a pal". Volleyball 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Drama Club 1,2,3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Pep Club -.2,3,4 Drill Team 1,2,3 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Honor Society 4 5EDWARD ARCHIE GEKELER "It matters not how long you live, but how well". F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 (Treas. 3) Football 1,2 Track 1,2 FREDA MAE HAYS 'This gal has her future planned and I think it includes a man". Transferred: Athena Chorus, 2,3,4 Drama Club 3 Pep Club 2,3,4 Drill Team 3,4 G.A.A. 2 Carnival Princess 2 Junior Class Treas. DARLENE RAE HARRIS "It is not every question that deserves an answer". Chorus 2,3 JEAN FAYE GORDON "A good reputation is more valuable than money". Volleyball 1,2,3 Paper Staff 1,2,3,4 (Editor '60) Band 1,2,3 (Treas. '58) Student Council 3,4 Student Body Sec. f59 Vice Pres. Frosh Class '57 Drama Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 3,4 (Vice Pres. 59) Drill Team 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,4 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 KENNETH DUANE HENRY "Quiet and shy; a wonderful guy". Drama Club 2,3 Track 2,3,4 Husky Guard 3,4 6BEN HIATT 'Don't tell a girl you're tired, unless it's of her". Transferred: Baker '58 Paper Staff 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Track 4 E Club 3,4 Husky Guard 4 Drama Club 4 LEE RAY HOLLINGSWORTH "The logical goal of life is suicide". Boxing 1,2 Football 2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 E Club 1,2,3,4 LARRY GORDON HURST "The man who wakes up to find himself famous has not been sleeping long". Science Club 1 Baseball 2,4 Chorus 1 Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Track 4 Honor Society 3,4 Drama Club 1 JOHN THOMAS HUNT "What? No girls in heaven, then just leave me here". E Club 1,2,3,4 (V. Pres. '59) Student Body Pres. 4 Junior V. Pres. 3 Basketball 4 Football 2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 (State '58) Baseball 1,4 Science Club 1 Drama Club 2, 3 Student Council 2,3 7 KITTY KAY KENNEDY "The smile that won't come off”. F.H.A. 2NATHAN LEE KENNEDY "Depend on the rabbit's foot If you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit". F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Husky Guards 3 ROBERT BRYAN LYMAN "Pity the popular man, the man of whom all men speak well". E Club 3,4 Band 1,2,3 Chorus 2,3 Drama Club 2 WYNONA ANN LINDSAY "Short and sweet". Husky Guards 4 F.H.A. 2 RICHARD EARL KENNEDY "Speech is silver, silence is golden". Husky Guard 3,4 (Vice Pres. 4) Chorus 2,3 F.F.A. 4 Track 1,2 Boxing 1,2 PEARL IONE MATTSON "So sweet the blush of bashfulness". G.A.A. 2 F.H.A. 2,3 Husky Guard 2,3,4 (Sec. Treas. 3,4) Carnival Princess 4 8 LARRY BRUCE NELSON "Life is not so bad, if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination". Basketball 3,4 Football 2 Track 2,3,4 E Club 3,4 Photo Club 4 HANFORD BRUCE REED "I know what s what". E Club 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2 Baseball 1,2,4 Football 2,3,4 Photo Club 4 Track 3,4 JANET KAY OSBURN "A personality with laughter and fun". Pep Club 1,2,3,4 (Pres. »59 60) G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 (Sec. Treas. 59) Class Secretary 57 and '60 Drill Team 1,2 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 (Parliamentarian 58) Annual Staff 2,3,4 Paper Staff 2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3 Chorus 4 Basketball 1,2 Volleyball 1,2,3 Student Council 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 (Treas. '59) Head Cheerleader 3,4 9 DAVID DALLAS OBERT "Destiny is always a woman". Transferred: North Powder E Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 2,3 Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 2,4 Track 4 F.F.A. 4 MARILYN FAY SHERWOOD "Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid". F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Drama Club 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Drill Team 1,2, 3 Basketball Team 2 Volleyball Team 1,2 Soph. Class Treas. Paper Staff 2, 3,4 Pap Band 1,2 Student Council 3,4 Student Body Treas. 3,4 Band 1,2CONNIE MARIE SPIKES "Good natured and full of fun". F. H.A. 1,2,3,4 (Pres. 4) Pep Club 1,2,3,4 (Sec. Treas. 4) Volleyball Team 3 Majorette 1 Drama Club 1,2, 3 Paper Staff 2,3 G. A.A. 1,2.3,4 (V. Pres. 3) Sr. Class Student Council 4 ROBERT LEON TRUMP "Eat, drink and be merry . E Club 1,2,3,4 (Pres. 4 V. Pres. 2) Student Council 1,4 Frosh Pres. Drama Club 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3 Captain 3 Paper Staff 2,3 BARBARA ANN TRUMP ’•Spare your breath to cool your porridge". Pep Club 2 Drama 2,3 Paper Staff 3 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 BONNIE BELLE TUCKER "She looks shy but don't let that fool you". F. H.A. 2,3 Pep Club 2, 3,4 Drill Team 1,2,3 G. A.A. 1,2 Chorus 2,3,4 Drama Club 2 LINDA LEE TRUMP "Love is blind". Pep Club 1,2,3,4 F. H.A. 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2,3 Drama Club 2,3 G. A.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2 Class Secretary '59 10DENNIS LEROY WADE "A little work, a little sleep, a little love and it's all over . Track 4 Basketball 4 Drama Club 1,2 E Club 2,3,4 Boxing 1,2 CARL DEAN WITHERSPOON "The size of a man can be measured by the size of the things that make him angry". F.F.A. 2,3,4 Band 1,2 Football 2, 3,4 E Club 3,4 I TONY WELDON WEAVER "In spite of everything life is good". Football Manager 1 E Club 1,2,3,4 Boxing 2,3 Husky Guard 2 Track 1,2 Drama Club 1,2,3 Chorus 1 LINDA LAURELL WITTY "Laughter is the female of tragedy '. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 (Sec-Treas. '58) F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2 Volleyball 1,2,3 Drill Team 1,2 Drama Club 1,2,4 (Sec. '58) Class Secretary '58 Football Princess '59 Pep Band 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2,3 11Junior Dale Carlson i » Arlen Durfee David Gould Donna Hallgarth Celia Colclasure Jeffrey Halsey Bobby Bennett Treasurer Janice Brown John Davis Joyce Hollingsworth 12Class Jana Holo witz Betty Owen Ellen Hulse Gary Prince Harold Thompson Phillip Simmons Terry Thompson Rose Kennedy Michael Spikes Lance Tucker Thomas Mahon Jordyce Tameris Ken Waeltv Wes Whittemore Mr. Miller e Advisor 13 Marilyn Scott rr Steven Terry Jeffrey Watkins Carl ZeamerSophomore Gerald Arbogast Lynn Blickenstaff Ardith Churchill Sandra Conley Linda Duncan Gerald Farris % Karen Gilliam Sharen Gilliam Dana Lee Henry James Hicks, Jr. 14Class Larry Kuehn Virginia Pedersen Joe Sallee Patsy Waelty Linda Kuehn Carol Potter Cheryl Potter Shirley Miller Kenneth Renoe Larry Shaffer Janice Simmons William Smith Mary Anne Townsend A 'A-- Tim Waller Sally Warren 15 Sharon Robbins William Stark Brenda Trump % Lee YaringtonKenneth Norman Nancy Hicks Cross Hurst Secretary President Vice President Betty Adams Paula Conley Delores Adams Charlene Cordell Diane Crippen James Cummings Randy James Erickson Fruitts Jerry Sandra Gollihar Hallgarth Freshman Judy Trump Treasurer Tom Blanchard Ronald Doud Bennie Hays 16Class Hixson Joann Mahon Deanna Hollingsworth Mr. Colclasure Advisor James Knight Jerry Moss Barbara McClure Kim Parsons Susan Parsons Margie Rachaw Dee Ann Scoubes Judy Skelton Judith Simmons John Charlotte Tucker Thompson 17Sponsored by CITY DRUG STORE Deanna Botz Marilyn Sherwood Secretary Treasurer Husky Howls The Husky Howls Staff is comprised of a group of interested students who faithfully attended noon meetings each week to plan and prepare each edition of the Husky Howls. All of the work was done in their free time. As editor of the Husky Howl I would like to express my thanks to my staff for a job well done and also to the student body for their wonderful reception of our paper. G I hope the Husky Howls will continue to function as a source of news and entertainment for the student body in the years to come. I would like to thank my editors and their staff, also Mr. Lyman and his helpers who have cooperated to get the paper out this year. May we always meet our deadline is my sincere wish. -QsCXyYU Sponsored by ELGIN RECORDER 21Honor Society President Eva Blickenstaff Vice Pres. Jean Gordon Secretary Carol Clum Treasurer Janet Osburn Library Staff Sponsored by WAYTS 22Band Sponsored by MEYERS' SUPER MARKET HOUSERS’ HARDWARELettermen Club Top Row, left to right: Carl Zeamer, Larry Kuehn, Ed Griffin, Tom Blanchard, Melvin Wayt. Second Row: Lee Ray Hollingsworth, Arlen Durfee, Fred Sayre, Ken Henry, Cecil Churchill, Jeff Halsey, Ken Cross, Tony Weaver, Bob Lyman. Third Row: Arnie Krause, Dave Obert, Fred Erickson, John Davis, Steve Terry, Carl Witherspoon, Ken Coe, Bill Stark, Bob Trump, Jerry Crouser, Darrell Cason. Fourth Row: Ben Haitt, Bud Wade, Tom Hunt, Wayne Cross, W’esley Whittemore, Bill Showers, Bob Showers, Pat Carroll, Larkin Conatser, Bruce Reed, Larry Nelson. Sponsored by STUB KRAUSEJanet Vaught Advisor Eva Blickenstaff President Sharron Roulet Secretary-Treasurer Girls from all classes may join the G. A. A. They become a member by choice, and are required to compete in three sports throughout the year. Emblem awards are given for points during the first three years. Pin awards are given only if a girl has completed four years as a member. The G. A. A. sponsors the Varsity Volleyball Team, and a booth at the fall Carnival. Twirp Season is climaxed by the annual Levi Brawl. 26Who’s Who Queen Susan Parsons and Princesses Marilyn Sherwood, Sharron Roulet, and Judy Parsons appear with Darrell Cason and Bob Trump. SUSAN PARSONS Football Queen Queen Joann with Princesses Pearl Mattson, Sandra Conley and Bettv Owen. r m % (I JOANN MAHON Carnival Queen The Queen and her Court with escorts Melvin Wayt, Fred Sayre, Bud Wade and Terrell Croghan.! I i’ ' v » % r 1?PV c 0 0K vc V 30Football Dale Hargett - Coach Joe Miller - Assistant Coach Elgin 41 Union 0 Elgin 19 Enterprise 0 Elgin 55 Burns 0 Elgin 27 Heppner 6 Elgin 19 Joseph 13 Elgin 52 John Day 12 Elgin 21 Enterprise 13 Elgin 27 Wallowa 33 Elgin 13 Mac Hi 25 Tommy Blanchard (Managers Melvin Wayt ( Sponsored by ELGIN ELECTRIC WHITTEMORE LUMBER CO. 33 BEN JORDANBruce Outstanding Seniors . 5 1 ■» 4 I Darrell (Capt ain) Sponsored by WESTERN STUD MILLS Jerry CecilFred Fred Sponsored by BUD'S CHEVRON' Left to right: Arlen Durfee, Jeff Halsey, Philip Simmons. Standing: Ken Cross, Mike Spikes, Ken Renoe. Sponsored by WILLIAMSON'S FOOD STORE CARROLL’S BARBER SHOP ADAM'S SUPPLY 37Basketball Left to right: Tom Barnes, Larkin Conatser, Larry Nelson, Coach Ted Schadewitz, Jerry Crouser, Darrell Cason, Tom Hunt. Kneeling: Fred Sayre, Bob Lyman, Bill Showers, Dave Obert.Junior Varsity Left to right: Tom Mahon, Ken VVealty, Arlen Durfee, Norman Hurst, Edgar Griffin, Gary Kennedy, Steven Terry, Bob Showers, Tom Barnes, Arnie Krause, Lynn Blickenstaff. Kneeling: Don We at her spoon, Tom Witherspoon, Jim Hicks, Bill Stark, Louis Colclasure, Coach Melvin Wayt, John Tucker, Ken Coe. Coach Louis Colclasure Manager Milton Erickson Sponsored by SNYDER'S CAFE TERRY'S REPAIR SHOP ELGIN CLEANERSTrack Back Row: Ken Henry, Bill Stark, Ken Coe, Fred Sayre, Jerry Crouser, Darrell Cason, Bud Wade, Bill Showers, Lee Ray Hollingsworth, Jeff Watkins. Front Row: Arnie Krause, Ken Waelty, Larkin Conatser, Bob Showers, Pat Carroll, Tom Hunt, Larry Nelson, Steve Terry. Coached by Dale Hargett, the Elgin High School Track Team took third in the Eastern Oregon Invitational Track Meet, first at the Invitation meet at Wallowa and first in the dual meet at Enterprise. They placed third in the Sub-District A2 meet, later attended the district meet at Vale. Amie Krause (javelin) and Pat Carroll (pole-vault) attended the State Track Meet.Baseball Back Row: James Knight, Fred Sayre, Jerry Crouser, David Obert, Bill Showers, Larry Hurst, Ken Coe, Bruce Reed. Front Row: Mike Spikes, Bob Showers, Tom Hunt, Tom Witherspoon, Carl Witherspoon, Arlen Durfee, Carl Zeamer, Wes Whittemore, Larry Shaffer. 43Left to right: Jana Holowitz, Manager; Lorraine Anthoney, Celia Colclasure, Betty Adams, Jordyce Tameris, Marilyn Scott, Judy Skelton, Janet Vaught, Coach; Barbara Bennett, Sue Parsons, Eva Blickenstaff, Mary Anne Townsend, Carol Clum, Joyce Hollingsworth, Statictician; Judy Parsons (not pictured). WINS LaGrande (2) Imbler (2) North Powder (2) LOSSES Cove (2) Union (2) Sponsored by REX THEATE RSchool Board ELGIN SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 23 School Board Members Left to right: Clarence Calder, Josephine Warren, Clerk; Noel Scott, Chairman; Dora Parsons, Francis Miller, and Billy Hindman. Budget Committee Budget Committee Del Parsons, Eldridge Tameris, Ken Henry, Wiley Gordon and Glenn Parsons. 45Administration ATHOL SAYRE Superintendent Principal JOSEPHINE WARREN Office Secretary Clerk, School District 23 46 HELENA EDWARDS Vice PrincipalMARGUERITE CROGHAN Library TED SCHADEWrrZ PE Health Drivers Training Coach - Basketball Baseball Advisor E Club DON HENDRICKS Industrial Arts LARKIN MAZER Ag. Chemistry Advisor F. F. A.JOE MILLER Math, Ass t. Football Coach, Junior Class Advisor MARION MORGAN Homemaking, General Business Orientation, F.H. A. Advisor EUNICE BURNS English, Speech Business Law. Guidance and Counseling. Advisor Senior Class and Husky Howls. Director of The Ghosts Go West. GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH Science, Sophomore Advisor. Assistant Director of The Ghosts Go West 49✓ HELENA EDWARDS Vice Principal Business Education Sponsor - Husky Tracks Husky Guards LEWIS COLCLASURE Social Science Jr. Varsity Basketball Frosh Advisor JANET VAUGHT Girls PE Health Volleyball Coach Advisor - Pep Club GAA Drill Team CheerleadersAnnual Staff Lett to right: Jordyce Tameris, Donna Follett, Mrs. Edwards, Advisor; Jana Holowitz, Janet Osburn. Standing: Mike Spikes, Darrell Cason, Editor; Larkin Conatser, Bob Showers. We the Annual Staff have worked hard this year trying to capture a chapter in Elgin High School's history labeled, the year of 1959-60. It's been an event filled year and trying to convey the activities of the year into words and pictures in this book has not been easy. We feel we have completed the task and hope you will feel the same way. Sponsored by PERRY’S STUDIO 52 Darrell Cason EditorM. J. GOSS MOTOR COMPANY LA GRANDE, OREGON BASCHE - SAGE DISTRIBUTORS OF AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL. SUPPLIES LA GRANDE, OREGON INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY ROY FARNAM SUPPLY ATLAS HOME WORKSHOP TOOLS GENERAL ELCTRIC MOTORS DISSTON SAWS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MACHINE SHOP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PHONE 1414 ADAMS AVENUE WOODLAND 3-2123DANIELS FUNERAL CHAPEL WOODLAND 3-5332 CRAIG’S NU-WAY CLEANERS LA GRANDE, OREGON DELIVERY SERVICE IN ELGIN LA GRANDE, OREGON BURLEIGH HYDE APPROVED SANITONE SERVICE PHONE WO 3-2311 FALK’S I. D. STORE DISTRIBUTORS OF RICHFIELD PRODUCTS TIRES BATTERI E S RICH HEAT HEATING OILS OREGON EVERYTHING IN SCHOOL WEAR LA GRANDE, OREGON ARTIC REFRIGERATION SALES AND SERVICE ELM AND JEFFERSON WOODLAND LA GRANDE, OREGON 3-5642 SPORTING GOODS TARPS COM PL I ME NTARY TENTS CLOTHING LA GRANDE OUTDOOR SUPPLY "EVERYTHING FOR THE OUTDOORS" 1212 ADAMS REXALL DRUG ZIONS GRAHAMS DRUG ERNIE’S SHOE STORE CITY FINANCE PALMER PRINTING LA GRANDE, OREGONHI-WAY CAFE STEAKS BREAKFAST CHICKEN LUNCHES SEA FOOD DINNERS OPEN 24 HOURS EAST ADAMS OPERATED BY LA GRANDE, OREGON BILL AND NEOMI AVERY TURLEY'S TIRE SERVICE GATES QUALITY TIRES 4th AND ADAMS ST, LA GRANDE, OREGON UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND LA GRANDE BRANCH AN OREGON BANK SERVING OREGONHALL’S TYPEWRITER SERVICE CALIFORNIA PACIFIC UTILITIES COMPANY 109 DEPOT STREET L A GRANDE, OREGON PAYLESS DRUGS "THE MOST COMPLETE STORE IN THE GRANDE RONDE VALLEY." FIXTURES AND HEATING LA GRANDE, OREGON 214 ELM STREET LA GRANDE, OREGON WOODLAND 3-2424 ANN JOHNSONS LA GRANDE, OREGON GERARD'S JEWELERS THE FINEST IN STERLING DIAMONDS WATCHES LA GRANDE, OREGON HILLS OFFICE MACHINES YOUR AUTHORIZED SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE DEALER SALES, SERVICE AND RENTALS PHONE WO 3-3531 1 2 1 4 4 ADAMS LA GRANDE, OREGONLOCATED ON THE TOLLGATE HIGHWAY ELGIN, OREGON phone HE 7-3902 ELGIN VARIETY STORE CHERRYfS FLORIST FOR COMPLETE SELECTION OF PERSONAL, HOUSEHOLD, GIFTS, AND SCHOOL NEEDS. ELGIN, OREGON LA GRANDE, OREGON PHONE WO 3-5932 ELGIN CASH STORE SPORTSWEAR YOUR FAMILY STORE WESTERN WEAR WATERPROOF WEAR KNITWEAR COWBOY BOOTS RUBBER FOOTWEAR CANVAS SHOES K.K. HENRY HE 7-2682 E.M. HENRY DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES FURNI SHI NGS FIRST NATIONAL BANK BAUM INSURANCE LA GRANDE GRANCH 105 DEPOT STREET HOURS lOlOO TO 5:00 THROUGH SATURDAY n WE INSURE EVERYTHING" LA GRANDE, OREGON LA GRANDE, OREGONCOMPLIMENTS OF KLBM RADIO SHORBS - TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE ANDERSON SHOE REPAIR GRANDE RONDE COLD STORAGE TOP NOTCH CAFE LA GRANDE SHOE STORE BERNHARDT’S SHOE SHOP SHOE REPAIRING WORK SHOES RIDING BOOTS RIDING EQUIPMENT SADDLES DYE WORK BOHNENKAMPS ZIMMERMAN’S COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 5 COMPLETE FLOORS OF HOME FURNISHINGS FURNITURE HARDWARE FLOOR COVERINGS APPLIANCES TV—Gl FTWARE FURNITURE HARDWARE FLOOR COVERING APPLIANCES DRAPERIES LA GRANDE, OREGON LA GRANDE, OREGON PHONE WOODLAND 3-5250 McDonald electric company INLAND MACHINERY CO. UNITED MOTOR SERVICE CARBURETOR REPAIRS MOTOR TUNE UP AUTO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE PHONE WO 3-2133 CATERPILLAR ELM AND JEFFERSON LA GRANDE LA GRANDE, LA GRANDE LUMBER CO. OREGON MELVILLES LUMBER COAL GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS BUILDING MATERIAL HARDWARE PAINT PHONE WO 3-31 13 CHINA CRYSTAL TOYS HOUSEWARES Gl FTS LA GRANDE, OREGONME GRANDE RONDE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION M8ER OF BLUE CROSS STATE APPROVED LABORATORY WOODLAND 3-2151 APPROVED BY AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION LA GRANDE ( OREGON COLONIAL HUT 1526 JEFFERSON BREAKFAST LA GRANDE DON DEMPSEY FUNERAL CHAPEL LA GRANDE, OREGON AMBULANCE WO 3-5022 1602 ADAMS GETTINGS - LYNCH MOTOR CO. FOR 1960 PONTIAC A flat i'sr filter 24-HOUR TOWING SERVICE LA GRANDE, OREGONMcGLASSON'S STATIONERY VALLEY DAIRY FRESH PASTEURIZED Kllf SEE MCGLASSONIS FOR ALL YOUR WRITING NEEDS. 1 1 04 ADAMS AND HOMOGENIZED MILK AND CREAM 1112 JEFFERSON LA GRANDE BIRNIE’S LA GRANDE, OREGON WOODLAND 3-3914 GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS «INTERLOCKING DIAMOND RINGS» BULOVA-EARNEST BOREL WATCHES «AT THE SIGN OF THE CLOCK» 1 108 ADAMS LA GRANDE •WHERE THE GRANDE VALLEY SHOPS W CONFIDENCE" LA GRANDE, OREGON ITH MEN» S SHOP TROTTER'S BOYS» SHOP LA GRANDE, OREGON TOP SHOP FOR WOMEN MILLER’S CABINET SHOP PITTSBURG PAINTS AR MSTRONG » S WALLBOARD FIBERGLASS INSULATION 217 GREENWOOD LA GRANDE PHONE WOODLAND 3-2614 COMPLIMENTS OF SPAETH PLUMBING TWO GPS SUPPLY CENTER DOUG HOLMAN INSURANCE H and H SUPPLY BURLING'S REAL ESTATE• • t HAND FORD SALES is built for people FALCON LINCOLN FORD AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE IT PAYS TO BRING YOUR FORD "BACK HOME"FOR SERVICE YOUR FORD DEALER KNOWS YOUR CAR BEST. HE USES GENUINE FORD PARTS AND FORD-APPROVED METHODS AND EQUIPMENT PHONE WO 3-2161 L-A GRANDE, OREGONLENTZ BODY WORKS BAILEY FARM EQUIPMENT CO. ORVILLE LENTZ, PROP. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ISLAND CITY, OREGON SALES SERVICE ISLAND CITY WOODLAND PHONE WOODLAND 3-4642 OREGON 3-5023 H.L. WAGNER and SONS, INC. HUB CITY FOOD CENTER TURF FORAGE LEGUME SEEDS SEED MERCHANDISING SEED PROCESSING FERTILIZER GROCERIES AND MEATS LOCKER SERVICE CUSTOM CUTTING AND WRAPPING PHONE WO 3-381 1 phone IMbler 242 LA GRANDE, OREGON HYDES SUPER MARKET ISLAND CITY COURTEOUS, FRIENDLY, SERVICE VAN PETTEN LUMBER COMPANY "EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING" PHONE WOODLAND 3-2101 RIVER PRODUCTSAround School COOKS CUSTODIAN r V BUS DRIVERS "The Husky Team Warms Up". "Hey Lynn, We Didn't Know".✓ Senior Class Sneak iFarewell CLASS OF '60 EVA ELLEN BLICKENSTAFF JOHN HENRY BRESHEARS PATRICK GEORGE CARROLL DARRELL KEITH CASON CECIL CHARLES CHURCHILL JUANITA MARIE CLUM D. JEAN CORDELL AGNES LAURA COSNER STUART MITCHELL CROGHAN TERREL JOHN CROGHAN GERALD LEROY CROUSER BETTY MAIE CUMMINGS PHYLLIS JEAN ECKSTEIN FRED KENNETH ERICKSON DONNA FAY FOLLETT EDWARD ARCHIE GEKELER JEAN FAYE GORDON DARLENE RAE HARRIS FREDA MAE HAYS KENNETH DUANE HENRY BEN HIATT LEE RAY HOLLINGSWORTH JOHN THOMAS HUNT LARRY GORDON HURST KITTY KAY KENNEDY NATHAN LEE KENNEDY RICHARD EARL KENNEDY WYNONA ANN LINDSAY ROBERT BRYAN LYMAN PEARL IONE MATTSON LARRY BRUCE NELSON DAVID DALLAS OBERT JANET KAY OSBURN HANFORD BRUCE REED MARILYN FAY SHERWOOD CONNIE MARIE SPIKES BONNIE BELLE TUCKER BARBARA ANN TRUMP LINDA LEE TRUMP ROBERT LEON TRUMP DENNIS LEROY WADE TONY WELDON WEAVER CARL DEAN WITHERSPOON LINDA LAURELL WITTY

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