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 Dedicatiatt In grateful recognition of his work as Vocational Ag teacher, advisor for F.F.A., and his interest in adult farmer education, we, the Staff of Husky Tracks, dedicate this 1957 edition to "Fergie." We trust that he will find within these pages, happy reminders of the ten years spent among us, and that as he retires from duties as a teacher, he will glance through these pages and recapture pleasant moments at Elgin High School.RAY B. OSBURN Superintendent - Principal 4cU Uuict%ati(Ui. aud acuity SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Noel Scott. Francis Miller. Delmer Snyder, Chairman; Clarence Calder, Josephine Harris, Clerk; Dora Parsons. 2 HELENA EDWARDS Vice-Principal and Business Education Advisor - Annual Staff Husky GuardsLORENCE SAVAGE Social Science Boy s P.E. Health Football. Track Boxing Coach "E" Club Advisor Senior Class Advisor EULA JONES Girl's P.E. Health Advisor Pep Club, G.A.A., Cheerleaders, Girl's Basket- ball and Volleyball Coach ALAN CASEBOURNE Music - Band Chorus Sophomore Class Advisor DON HENDRICKS - Industrial Arts 3EVA CLAY English History, Ad visor Drama Club, Frosh Advisor, Ad- visor of Husky Howls OSCAR SHOEMAKE Science, Co- s[)onsor of Sci- ence Club, Jr. Varsity Basket- ball £oach, Assistant Foot- ball Coach MARGARET CHENEY Home making F.H.A. Advisor FRANK PARK Science Math. Co-Sponsor Sci- ence Club, Jr, Class Advisor MARGUERITE CROGHAN Librarian Geogra phy(?tad i '57 CLASS OFFICERS Betty Jean Hays . . . Secretary Bob Townsend .... President Dale Mattson . . Vice-President Irma Lindsay. .... Treasurer LARRY STEPHEN PARSONSPROGRAM Processional ................ “Pomp and Circumstance" R. E. Lyman Invocation ............................. Lester Wells Salutatorian Address ................... Irma Lindsay Vocal Duet ........ “The King of Love My Shepherd Is" Daisy and Warren Good Valedictorian Address ................... Dean Kennedy Organ Solo ........................... “The Holy City” R. E. Lyman IRMA UNDSAY Salutatorian High School Chorus........"Will Ye No Come Back Again" Graduation Address ......................."Life Is An Echo” Dr. Virgil Bolen, Instructor, Eastern Oregon College DEAN KENNEDY Valedictorian Vocal Duet .............................. "Graduation Day” Mrs. Ona Harwood and Mrs. Thordis Whittemore Sponsored by WAYT'S STORE Presentation of Awards ................... Ray B. Osburn Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas Delmer Snyder Chairman of School Board Benediction ................................ Lester Wells Recessional .................. "March From Tannhauser" ('(yrtuftettccMteat CLASS MOTTO "One Step at a Time, But Always Forward" CLASS FLOWER - Rose CLASS COLORS - Blue Whitefltcttiax BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Corky .Hunt, Earl Anthoney, Laurin Davis, Nathan Coe. Jerry Showers, Dennis Trump, Don Elliott, Jerry Shafer, Mr. Park (advisor). SECOND ROW: Barbara Gekeler, Gayle Osburn, Sandra Carroll, Sharon Calder, Frankie Shafer, Cynthia Sutton. Sharron Shields, Elma Jean Hicks, Annette Churchill. BOTTOM ROW: Arlene Weatherspoon, Janet Lyman. Darlene Coles, Carol Jean Johnson. Daisy Good, Pat McClure, Sandra Tucker, Margaret Mattson. NOT IN PICTURE: Larry Gilliam and Steve Thompson. CLASS OFFICERS Jerry Showers .... Vice-President Corky Hunt........................President Elma Jean Hicks...................Secretary Cynthia Sutton....................Treasurer 11 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Hurt. Wayne Uehlin, David Owen, Bruce Kennedy, Bemis Canatser, Ellis Cheney, David Warren, Russell Kennedy, Arlyn Churchill, Jim Witherspoon. Bill Dyer. SECOND ROW: Sliaren Land, Deanna Faught, Lilas McColm, Haroldine Hopkins, Wavel Hunt. THIRD ROW: Warren Good. Arthur Gilliam, Sandra White, Marvalene Simmons, Nancy Gulick, Pat Gallagher, Christy Butler, Helen Lou Mason, Carol Krause, Sharon Jones, Myrna Waelty, Mr. Case- bourne (Advisor). FRONT ROW, SEATED: Jim Griffin, Judy Beels, Janice Phillips. Mona Watkins, Bettie Bartlett, Beverley Scott, Janita Croghan. Neva Elliott, Pat McClure, Bill Barlow. NOT PICTURED: Don Arbogast. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Wavel Hunt..............President Sandra White.........Vice-President Neva Elliott............Treasurer Marvalene Simmons .... Secretary 12 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Riley, Bud Wade, Jerry Crouser, Nathan Kennedy, Johnny Breshears, Jim Witty, Larry Nelson. John Williams. Darrell Cason, Tony Weaver, Tommy Hunt, Lee Ray Hollingsworth, Glen Standley, Robert Lyman, Terrel Croghan, Ed Gekeler. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Clay (Advisor), Linda Trump, Marie Clum, Kitty Kennedy, Phyllis Eckstein, Connie Spikes, Helen Bryant, Agnes Cosner, Zelma Bunyard, Donna Follett, Jo Ann Bright, Pearl Mattson, Stuart Croghan. THIRD ROW: Larry Hurst, Darlene Harris. Linda Witty, Marilyn Sherwood, Jean Gordon, Barbara Trump, Janet Osburn, Katherine Golihar. Sharen Stine. Barbie Owens, Bonnie Tucker, Wynona Lindsay, Bruce Reed. FRONT ROW: Carl Witherspoon, Dick Kennedy. Gary Roberts, Cecil Churchill, Ronnie Snyder, Bob Trump, David Foster. a A. zj mi CLASS OFFICERS Jean Gordon........................... Treasurer Stuart Groghan.....................Vice-President Bob Trump...............................President Janet Osburn............................SecretaryJ j m» DOCK ictuictte6 14 t. s4. ictcvitcc i Spike It' 15 on behalf.Sponsored by H.A. "STUB" KRAUSEali nU 17CORKY BILL GAMES AWAY Elgin 0 Pilot Rock 14 LARRY Elgin 6 Union 19 Elgin 12 Umatilla 34 WALLYBACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Townsend, Chuck Whittemore, Ken Witty, Warren Good. Bill Bartlett. Larry Gilliam, Ellis Cheney, Bern is Cana tser, Dean Kennedy. Wally Moore, Bob Blanchard, Coaches Savage, Schadewitz. and Shoemake. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tony Weaver Manager. Ted Miller. Jim Witherspoon. Ed Gekeler, Darrell Cason, Jerry Crouser, Glenn Standley, Tom Hunt. Lee Ray Hollingsworth, Bruce Reed. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Carroll Manager, Nathan Coe. Steve Thompson. Wayne Uehlin, Jim Witty. Carl Witherspoon, Bud Wade, Corky Hunt, Larry Nelson, Dale Coles. Sponsored by WESTERN STUD MILL Ted Schadewitz - Lorence Savage - Oscar Shoemake Pat Carroll Tony Weaver. ManagersScu et aM Sponsored by RICHFIELD SERVICE JERRY HOME GAMES Dec. 8 lone 70 Elgin 49 Jan. 5 Joseph 41 Elgin 47 Cove 58 Elgin 56 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 Enterprise 69 Elgin 61 North Powder 50 Elgin 63 Jan. 26 February 9 lmbler 44 Elgin 52 February 12 Wallowa 52 Elgin 50 Union 65 Elgin 42 22 February 15 BOB‘3 6et6aU Sponsored by ELGIN TEXACO SERVICE ELLIS GAMES AWAY Dec. 7 Jamboree ai Union Dec. 14 Elgin 41 Heppner 38 Dec. 15 Elgin 49 lone 69 Jan. 4 Elgin 35 N. Powder 46 Jan. 18 Elgin 50 Imbler 24 Jan. 19 Elgin 55 Wallowa 77 Jan. 22 Elgin 38 Union 47 Jan. 25 Elgin 35 EOC, Frosh 74 Feb. 1 Elgin at Joseph. (Not Played) Feb. 2 Elgin 50 Cove 53 Feb. 8 Elgin 60 Enterprise 77 Feb. 21- 22-23 - Sub-District Tour- nament Elgin 48 Wallowa 72 Feb. 28. Mar. 1-2 - District Tour. March 7- 8-9 - State at Bend. 23 CENTER BACK, Coach Schadewitz, (CLOCKWISE): Bob Townsend, Ellis Cheney. Jerry Showers, Dean Kennedy, Corky Hunt. Ted Miller. Bob Blanchard, Dale Mattson, Dale Coles, Ken Witty. Coach Ted Schadewitz Varsity Coach Oscar Shoemake Junior Varsity Sponsored by SNYDERS CAFEBACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Russel Kennedy. Darrel Cason. Bemis Canatser. Coach Oscar Shoemake. Glenn Standley, Terrel Croghan, Bou Trump. KNEELING , LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Hunt, Jerry Crouser, Wavel Hunt. Bob Lyman. WHITTEMORE LUMBER CO. Sponsored by TEAL'S SERVICE STATION ELGIN CASH STORE VARSITY MANAGERS Jerry Shafer Earl Anthoney JUNIOR VARSITY MANAGER Jim Witherspoon 25(2£e i- leacte% CYNTHIA JANET GAYLE 1957 Sponsored by BOB'S GROCERYSponsored by M.J. GOSS 27SANDRA DAISY CYNTHIA Sponsored by ADAMS SUPPLY Ben Jordon Charlie Anson SHARON GAYLE JANET“Pefr D%tCC 7eatK Sponsored by WESTERN STORE BILL DYER CHEVRON STATIONSTUDENT BODY OFFICERS Pat McClure, Treasurer Sharon Calder. Secretary Bob Blanchard, President Ellis Cheney, Vice-President Student @ouuciC Barton Harris, F.F.A.; Corky Hunt, Junior Class; Chuck Whittemore, Husky Tracks; Dean Kennedy, Band; Betty Hays, Husky Guards; Wavel Hunt, Sophomore Class; Deanna Perry, G.A.A.; Pat McClure, Treasurer; Sharon Calder. Secretary; Mr. Osburn. Advisor; Bob Blanchard. President; Ken Witty, "E" Club; Stuart Croghan, Science Club; Ellis Cheney, Vice-President; Mike Jones, Drama Club; Bob Trump, Frosh Class; Bob Townsend, Senior Class; Cynthia Sutton, Head Cheerleader; Gayle Osburn, Husky Howls; Elma Jean Hicks. F.H.A.BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Jean Hays. Frankie Shafer, Carol Jean Johnson, Sandra Tucker. Margaret Mattson, Irma Lindsay. Annette Churchill. KNEELING: Jerry Shafer. Laurin Davis. Don Stroeber, Larry Parsons, John Hurt, Wally Moore, Bob Blanchard, Nathan Coe. Science STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Park (Advisor); Stuart Croghan, President; Ronnie Snyder, Laurin Davis, Pat Carroll, David Warren. Vice-President; Bernis Conatser, Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Shoemake (Advisor). SEATED, LEFT: Ellis Cheney; RIGHT: John Hurt.Sponsored by Sponsored by ELGIN CLEANERS MYERS SUPER MARKET rlafa%ette The Family Lineup Ernestine Brothers Tarawa (?tu Sponsored by REX THEATER Ml 4. Sponsored by: UNION COUNTY GRAIN GROWERS ?■ 7- ■ 'Pe%46 uUitie4. rfiouact Sc oot Teacher-of-the-year Superintendent? Paper EditorGETTINGS LYNCH MOTOR CO LLER’S CABINET SHOP Pittsburg Paints Armstrong's Wallboards Fiberglass Insulation □ □□□nRfIDDDD □□□□frrmoaDa 217 Greenwood Street Phone 2511 La Grande, Oregon VAN PETTEN LUMBER COMPANY "Everything to Build Anything' Phone 7321 La Grande, Oregon 43BURLEIGH HYDE Distributors of Richfield Products Tires Batteries La Grande Elgin Compliments to the Elgin Schools HOPKINS SEED COMPANY Turf, Pasture, Forage grasses Phone 221 Imbler, Oregon LA GRANDE SIGNAL SERVICE 1611 Adams La Grande, Oregon Phone: 5963 John E. Hoodenpyl Agent for U Haul Trailer'sHYDE’S SUPER MARKET Warm Room Frozen Food Lockers Custom Cutting Wrapping Island City, Oregon Phone — La Grande 1231 FALK’S I. D. STORE Everything for School Wear La Grande Oregon H C STEVENS FIRST NATIONAL BANK Apparel For Today's Teenager La Grande Branch Hours 10:00 to 5:00 Through Saturday La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon McGLASSON'S STATIONERY STORE BAUM INSURANCE "We Insure Everything" — 105 Depot Street La Grande Oregon Office School Supplies 1104 Adams Ave. La Grande 45BAILEY FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Phone 1761 ISLAND CITY, OHHJIIN SALES ■ SERVICE IILAMD MACHIKEK1 La Grande Oregon ERNIE'S Buster Brown Shoe Store "Shoes for all the Family" Roblee and Pedwin Shoes for Young Men La Grande Oregon 46 CRAIG'S NU-WAY CLEANERS "School Sweaters Our Specialty." Approved San i tone Service La Grande Delivery Service in Elgin - OregonTROTTERS The Store for Every Man La Grande, Oregon Visit Our-----Sun Fun Shop HI-WAY CAFE Breakfast Lunches Dinners STEAKS Our CHICKEN Specialty SEA FOOD East Adams La Grande, Oregon Open 24 Hours Operated by Bill Neomi Avery 47SIIift MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Plymouth We Service All Cars Phone 5511 La Grande, Oregon REYNOLDS INSURANCE GLOBE FURNITURE AGENCY Insurance Loans Bonds La Grande, Oregon "Where Grande Ronde Shops Confidence." La Grande Oregon SPAETH PLUMBING HEATING Sales Service 1105 Washington La Grande, Oregon Phone 5861 Read the U GRANDE OBSERVER For the most complete news of all activities of the Grande Ronde Compliments of Valley and Northeastern Oregon — TURLEY'S FIRESTONE STORE The Area's Greatest Daily News WISE'S JEWELRY and Advertising Medium GRANDE RONDE SIGN CO. TURN'S FURNITURE Daily - Monday through Saturday. 48 HILL’S UNION SUPER SERVICE Ralph A. Hill UNION OIL DEALER 1601 Adams Street • LaGrande, Oregon • Phone 861 FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES HUB CITY FOOD CENTER 4% die Groceries and Meats Locker Service — Custom Cutting, Wrapping Curing. Sales Service Phone 7001 La Grande, Oregon Elm Jefferson La Grande, Oregon ED GETTINGS SHELL STATION Phone 1551 RIVER PRODUCTS Elgin Oregon Compliments of SWINNEYS' SHOE SHOP HOUGHT'S 24 Flavors VERD'S BARBER SHOP ELECTRIC SERVICE ANDERSON SHOE SHOP CHERRY’S FLORIST Wholesalers of Cut Meats — Custom Cutting — Poultry — 605 Lake Street Phone 13601 La Grande, Oregon ELGIN ELECTRIC COMPANY Radio Television Radio and Television — Sales Service Elgin Oregon 49VALLEY SAUSAGE COMPANY Home of Sweet's "Little Pig" Brand Wholesale Lunch Meats Fresh Pork and Beef W. H . Sweet Phone 7801 Proprietor La Grande, Oregon P.O. Box 581 Who’s Hay? Kool Kats 50 So you believe in Santa Claus? ?WESTENSKOW'S UNION VALLEY DAIRY SERVICE Your Lubrication Center La Grande Jefferson 1112 Phone 7221 % SNODGRASS FUNERAL HOME Phone 621 Lot L. Snodgrass, Manager 1508 Fourth Street Frances E. Snodgrass, Assistant Manager La Grande, Oregon 51HAND FORD SALES There's a ,.£5? in your future.. U VA n rutnm Unlit In j SALES SERVICE Ford Authorized Sales and Service It pays to bring your Ford "Back Home" for Service Your Ford dealer knows your car best. He uses genuine Ford Parts and Ford- Approved methods and equipment Phone 2561 La Grande, OregonDON MYERS GERARDS JEWELERS Wholesale Meats Watches Diamonds Jewelry Sterling Cold Storage Locker Free Wedding Service Elgin Oregon S H Green Stamps La Grande, Oregon IMSCHE-SUE Distributors of Automotive and Industrial Supplies 'parts' La Grande Oregon Furniture .... Hardware Floor Covering . Draperies . Appliances ZIMMERMAN’S COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING TELEPHONE 2391 aoams at fir Street LA GRANDE. OREGON Sh t eftaOi Shaft 212 Fir Street La Grande Oregon SACAJAWEA HOTEL and COFFEE SHOP ANN JOHNSON'S La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon 53‘Da,nietA. uncial 'Ztfinti Phone 101 La Grande, Oregon ZION'S ® LENTZ BODY SHOP Orville Lentz, Propr. See Us For Your Clothing Needs I Lee Tires Tubes Auto Glass Installed La Grande Oregon Phone 11463 Island City, Oregon CARROLL'S INSURANCE FIRST STATE BANK OF ELGIN Fire Automobile Insurance Your friendly hometown bank. Phone HE 7-3223 Elgin Oregon Elgin Oregon 54PAYLESS DRUG STORE La Grande, Oregon LA GRANDE BRANCH U. S. NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND Where you save money on everything An Oregon Bank Serving Oregon CITY FINANCE "Live Better for Less" La Grande, Oregon BLUE MOUNTAIN FOODS Cash Loans Good Luck 1003 Adams Phone 4171 La Grande, Oregon La Grande Oregon Rill III MS If L VSTORES ' supply eoMPm ? f i Locally Owned H.C. M. D. Rice wk "At the Sign of the Clock-1108 Adams Avenue BIRNIES LA GRANDE’S LARGEST JEWELRY STORE -GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS- Keepsake Diamonds-Bulova and Elgin Watches Speidel and Gemex Watch Bands Towle and Lunt Sterling La Grande, Oregon Enterprise - Phone 8051 Music Supplies GEORGE TISS 55LA GRANDE LUMBER COMPANY Building Material Coal Presto Logs Fir Jefferson La Grande, Oregon Phone 171 McDonald electric co. Griggs Stratton Gasoline Engines 1 to 8.4 hp for Farm, Home, Industry La Grande, Oregon Phone 7531 nduatnial TtfatAineruf and Supplies Disston Saws Titan Chain Saws Sprinkle Irrigation Equipment General Electric Motors Atlas Home Workshop Tools 1410 Adams La Grande, Oregon Phone 10071 tyicutdi, ‘i ndt ¥a yfUtai rfteociation Approved by American Medical Association State Approved Laboratory Member of Blue Cross La Grande, Oregon Phone 971 56YEARBOOKS oLxJtj

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