Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR)

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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1956 volume:

 ► IMR. CHARLES P. HAGGERTY Mr. Charles P. Haggerty came to the Elgin Schools in December 1945 as a music instructor. Since that time he has taught music, band, shop, mathematics and science. For the past several years he has held the position of vice principal of the high school and has had charge of the guidance and testing program in the entire school. In appreciation of the eleven years spent in the Elgin Schools and in the community the staff of "Husky Tracks" wishes to dedicate this 1956 edition of our yearbook to Mr. Haggerty and to wish him success in his new administrative position. ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL Elgin, OregonrfcUtUtU txatiM, faculty RAY B. OSBURN Superintendent and Principal Guidance and Counseling Senior Class Advisor Student Council Advisor Sophomore English MRS. HELENA EDWARDS Office Business Education Sponsor - H ’cy Guards Advisor - H ky Tracks BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Elgin District 23 LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Miller. Noel Scott, Clarence Calder, Chairman; Josephine Harris. Clerk; Delmar Snyder, Ray B. Osburn, Superintendent; Mrs. Dora Parsons. 2 Sponsored by M. J. GOSS MOTOR CO.CALVIN PACE P. E., Basketball. Football Track Coach, Advisor "EH Club BYRON BENDER Social Science. Assistant Football Coach. Baseball Coach. B Squad. Basketball Coach, and Sophomore Advisor DORAN LINDELIEN Band, Chorus, Junior Class Advisor MARGUERITE CROGHAN LibrariangtSIN WI§M S€H@ot CLARENCE CALDER Valedictorian COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Processional ................. R. E. Lyman Invocation..............Rev. Walter Goehring Salutatorian Address ..............Lois Smith Vocal Solo "Somewhere A Voice is Calling" and "Through the Years. " Maurice Lane Valedictorian Address...................Clarence Calder Organ Solo................... The Lost-Chord R. E. Lyman Graduation Address..........Dr. Frank Bennett Flute Solo............................"Serenade" {£3£st44 orf 56 Class Motto - "Youth - Atomic Energy." Presentation of Awards .. Presentation of Diplomas Benediction.............. Recessional.............. Barbara Carter .. Superintendent Ray B. Osburn .....Clarence Calder Rev. Walter Goehring ........ R. E. Lyman Thursday. May 24, 1956 Sponsored by H. L. WAGNER SONSJACK WOOD The true hero never becomes a bore. MYRNA CHRISTIAN Thou art the star for which all evening waits. MARLYS MYERS What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness. LOWANA LAIRD A man says what he knows, a woman says what will please.GAVIN TAMERIS I agree with no man’s opinions. I have some of my own. BETTY LOU SCHMITT Great is truth, and mighty above all things. ELIZABETH RUSH She wears a crown of glory that fadeth not away. V ROBERT McCLURE All greatness is unconscious. DICK GOOD In the full tide of successful experiment. BARBARA SUTTON I think no virtue goes with size. ROBERT CROUSER Eat hearty, and give the old ship a good name. VERNETA BECHTEL Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. LA VERN AYLWARD He is the very pineapple of politeness. CHARLES BARNHART Never ending, but always ascending. LOIS ANN SMITH Give me the tools, and I will finish the job. VERNA SHAFER In her tongue is the law of kindness. DALLAS CASON Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. 8JANICE BENDSHADLER Thy rod and thy staff they shall comfort you. WAYNE WALLACE He never says more than is necessary. DANNY HORN Happy is he whose annals are blank in history books. SHARON BUTLER The reward of a thing well done is to have done it. MYRNA POFFENBERGER As though a rose should shut and be a bud again. CLARENCE CALDER Nothing succeeds like success. 9Sponsored by WAYT'S STORE "Day . "TOOT IE" GAVIN DICK LOWANA CHAS. VERNA JACK CLARENCE WAYNE DANNY JANICE LA VERN BARBARA SHARON MYRNA P. "WICK” MYRNA C, MARLYS VERNETA BETTY LOUP% Mt anet cKtcfruetBOTTOM ROW; (Left to Right) Chuck Whittemore. Shirley Stine. lone Scott. Betty Shafer. Virginia Horn. Irma Lindsay. Hattie Crewdson. Loretta Lyon. Teddy Miller. SECOND ROW; Chuck Williams. Bob Townsend. Ken Witty. THIRD ROW: Don Stroeber, Rollie Mattson. Bob Blanchard. Deanna Perry. Nancy Hutchison. Dale Mattson. Dean Kennedy. Doran Lindelien. Advisor. Mike Jones................President Teddy Miller.........Vice President Dale Coles................Secretary Chuck Whittemore..........Treasurer Bob Townsend.......Parliamentarian Sponsored by BEN JORDON - STANDARD OIL CO. GERARDS’JEWELRY BILL DYER - CHEVRON STATIONsidcnr •idenr ctary furcr(HCUt FRONT ROW: (Left to Right) Warren Good, Jimmy Witherspoon. David Owen, Billy Barlow. Bernis Conatser, David Warren. SECOND ROW; Pat Wade. Neva Elliott, Janice Phillips. Mona Watkins, Sharon Colclasure. Christy Butler. Pat Ragan, Deanna Faught, Carol Krause. Helen Lou Mason. THIRD ROW: Charles Haggerty, Advisor: Jim Griffin. Arthur Gilliam, Kimber Kennedy. Bill Dyer, John Hurt, Arlyn Churchill, Bruce Kennedy. Wavel Hunt. Ellis Cheney. BACK ROW: Nancy Gulick, Sharon Jones. Sharon Land, Myrna Waelty, Sandra White, Marvalene Simmons. Judith Beels, Lilas McColm. preside01 Treasuret . preside01 SecteUty(Elgin Division)Sponsored by WADE SEED CO. 'pwtfaUl - 1955 Seaman FIRST ROW: (Sealed) Sieve Thompson, Jim Hutchison, Bob Blanchard, Jack Wood, Clarence Calder, Chuck Whiitemore, Dallas Cason, Wally Moore, Don Shore. SECOND ROW: Earl Anthoney, Manager; Warren Good, Dale Mattson, Bill Bartlett, Bob Townsend, Bob Crouser, Bob McClure, Robert Kennedy, Corky Hunt, Nathan Coe, Mike Jones, Manager. BACK ROW: Cal Pace, Coach; Jim Witherspoon, Ted Miller, Dean Kennedy, Larry Gilliam, Ken Witty, Ellis Cheney, Bernis Conatser, Chuck Williams, By Bender, Assistant Coach. -asI- Shrine Men TOOT IE BOBCYNTHIA BARBARA MYRNA'l cL'l Cty LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Barnhart, Dallas Cason, Bob Townsend, Jack Wood, Corky Hunt, Don Shore, Clarence Calder, Ken Witty, Bob McClure, Bob Crousei; Mr, Pace. Managers: EARL ANTHONEY JIM HUTCHISON Sponsored by SNYDER’S CAFE 21BOB JACK Jan. 20 2 7 31 Feb. 14 CHAS HOME AWAY Dec. 9 Elgin 40 Dec. 6 Elgin Whit. Fr. 45 Imbler 3 Elgin 40 Dec. 21 Elgin EOCE. Fr. 50 La Grande Jan. 4 Elgin 30 Jan. 7 Elgin Wallowa 55 EOCE Fr. 6 Elgin 56 10 Elgin La Grande 00 Enterprise 4 Elgin 68 13 Elgin Imbler 40 Powder CLARENCE Elgin 57 Jan. 17 Elgin 55 Joseph 45 Whit. Fr. 69 Elgin 57 21 Elgin 63 Enterprise 49 Cove 54 Elgin 61 Jan. 24 Elgin 50 Cove 52 Union 48 Elgin 64 Feb. 3 Elgin 50 Powder 57 Union 48 -Sponsors- ELGIN CASH STORE ORRIN KIRKEBY, INSURANCE 70 33 4 50 51 65 49 48 64 56 DALLAS cCalder receives State Trophy Btb»U tovJ point te oocncd thc 0 Calder receives Sud- District Trophy CORKY SCORES Sub-District-February 23, 24, 25 n 56 Wallowa n 64 Joseph n 66 Enterprise District-February 28, March I 64 Huntington 63 Huntington State -March 8, 9, 10. 62 Jefferson 67 Malin 57 Knappa Crouser accepts trophy at Jamboree at Wallowa Sponsored by RICHFIELD SERVICE KEN BETTY ADAMSSquad ete et eUl STANDING: (Left to Right) Dale Coles, Bernis Conatser, Ellis Cheney, Russell Kennedy, Larry Gilliam, Jerry Showers, Charles Whittemore, Bob Blanchard, Mike Jones, Dale Mattson. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Miller, Dean Kennedy, Nathan Coe, Donald Shore, Wavel Hunt, Larry Parsons; Coach. Byron Bender. $, c6 CC 1956 Baseball season was highlighted by the playing of seniors Jack Wood, (Captain) who lead the team at batting with a ,643 percentage, Bob Crouser, Charles Barnhart and Clarence Calder; with each playing outstanding games. The teams finished league play at the .5000 mark and from this standpoint enjoyed a fairly successful season. Remaining players that performed well and who will be expected to lead the team next year are. Bob Townsend who won 3 games this year, Chuck Whittemore, Corky Hunt and Dale Mattson. Ellis Cheney was manager. Sponsored by lean. DEWEY BURTON INSURANCE The Seniors won the Intramural track meet, followed by the Juniors, Sophomores and Frosh. Elgin High Track team won a three way meet with Weston and Cove. They lost a dual meet with Enterprise, placed second in Union County meet behind Union, placed 4th in Tu-Valley and District trackmeets. Bob Crouser and Dean Kennedy represented Elgin at the State meet at Springfield, Oregon. Crouser placed 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in High Hurdles and 4th in broad jump at State. Kennedy placed 1st in pole vault at District but failed to place at State.STANDING: (Left to Right) Matt Doherty, Coach; Dale Coles, Dick Owen, Ken Witty, Barton Harris, Steve Thompson, Bruce Kennedy, Jim Witherspoon. KNEELING: Bob Blanchard, Dave Owen, Art Gilliam, Larry Parsons. The Boxers of Elgin High finished the season with three losses and one even match. Two losses were suffered at the hands of Union and one at the hands of Enterprise. One Enterprise match ended in a deadlock. All of the boys gave a good account of themselves and all were able to win letters. KNEELING: (Left to Right) Larry Parsons, Larry Nelson, Bruce Reed, John Breshears, Ronnie Snyder, Pat Carroll, Bob Trump. STANDING: Gavin Tameris, Danny Horn, Larry Gilliam, Bob Kennedy, Matt Doherty, Sponsor; Bob Blanchard, Mike Jones and Steve Thompson."s eicd FRONT ROW: (Left to Right) Bob Townsend, Barton Harris, Don Shore, Mike Jones, SECOND ROW; Dale Coles, Corky Hunt, Bob Crouser, Chuck Whittemore, Tootie Cason. Charles Barnhart, Wally Moore, Jim Hutchison. THIRD ROW: Wesley Churchill, Dallas Eckstein, Laurin Davis, Dale Mattson, Bob McClure. Jerry Showers, Dick Owen, Steve Thompson, Earl Anthoney. BACK ROW; Jack Wood, LaVern Alyward, Ted Miller, Dean Kennedy, Bob Blanchard, Ken Witty, Wayne Wallace, Robert Kennedy and Clarence Calder. hunt huck whittemore corky hunt Scene, , Spot»ored by rob CROUSER JACK WOOD CHUCK TreMWer ft3m Foorb.l, Ba. KRAUSE INSURANCE B d vice President Secretary wet 5' glutJANICE DEANNA MARLYS SHARON TOBYCYNTHIA MYRNA GAYLE LOIS 'VoClecf cdl BEV BARBARA BETTY LOU DAISY JANICE CYNTHIA MARLYS NANCY SHARON GAYLE CAROL Sponsored by ADAMS SUPPLY iSEATED: (Left to Right) Hattie Crewdson, Irma Lindsay, Janice Bendshadler, Virginia Horn, Betty Lou Schmitt, Loretta Lyon and Frankie Shafer. STANDING: Nathan Coe, Wally Moore, Larry Gilliam, Betty Shafer, Mrs. Edwards, Advisor; Verna Shafer, Don Stroeber, Steve Thompson, Bob Blanchard and John Hurt.The reorganized girls' Pep Squad, dressed in their purple bermuda shorts, white sweaters and white socks performed between halves at the Union basketball tournament and at the State Tournament at Baker. Their "Droodles ’ formations were directed by Doran Lindelien. music instructor, and Eula Mae Jones, advisor for the group. 'Pefe 'Sand The Pep Band was always around to lend a hand, and pep up the crowd.Mattel motto rit‘Drama, Sponsored by THE REX THEATER BETTY PAUL7 A.Student (Council SEATED: (Left to Right) Betty Lou Schmitt, Photo Club; Nancy Hutchison, head cheerleader; Sharon Calder, Sophomore President; Verneta Bechtel, F.H.A.; Lois Ann Smith, Treasurer; Gavin Tameris, President; Deanna Perry, Secretary; Beverly Wade, Pep Club; Marlys Myers. G. A. A.; Barbara Sutton, Husky Tracks. STANDING: (Left to Right) Mike Jones, Junior President; Clarence Calder, Senior President; Bob Crouser, E Club; Jack Wood, Drama; Dallas Cason, Husky Howls; Dean Kennedy, Band; Jim Hutchison, Vice President; Robert Kennedy, Ski Club; Ellis Cheney, Frosh President; Danny Horn, F.F.A,; Nathan Coe, Husky Guard, Superintendent; Ray Osburn, Advisor, STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Jim Hutchison. Deanna Perry.. Lois Ann Smith Gavin Tameris Vice President .....Secretary .....Treasurer ,.... PresidentVWVVY LEFT TO RIGHT: Wesley Churchill, Dale Coles, Howard Thomas, Advisor; Don Stroeber, Ken Witty, Bill Bartlett, Jack Wood, LaVern Aylward, Loretta Lyon, lone Scott. SEATED: Dallas Cason, Editor.SEATED IN FRONT ROW: (Left to Right) Barbara Sutton, Editor; Dallas Cason, Chuck Whittemote, Clarence Calder. IN REAR: Sharon Calder and Deanna Perry. STANDING: Mrs. Edwards, Advisor. 7 e tmtual Sponsored by PERRY'S STUDIO Official Photographer 37 We, the staff of the 1956 Husky Tracks have tried to assemble and present to you, a printed and gaily bound edition of life within the Elgin High School. We have tried to record words and pictures that tell of facts and events, as well as many happy memories to fondly remember throughout your future life. We have found that within the busy life of school days it is difficult to "crowd in" another activity--those seemingly endless staff meetings to plan and to produce a yearbook. A production that will do justice to a fine school and to the students and faculty within that school is a large undertaking. We are grateful to the administration, the faculty and the students who have given their time and effort to make this publication a reality. It is our hope that we have helped in some measure to bring to you those events that will help you cherish this year spent in Elgin High School. With the passing of time, as you glance through this book, may fond memories return. May you live again, and remember the school year 1955-56.CURLY FRED EU Custodians DOROTHY HAZEL BETTY Cooks IDA Happy Birthday To You! I Who's Treating Who? Chow TimeSALES SERVICE BAILEY FABM EQUIPMENT (Ml. Phone 1761 ISLAND mV, IIHEfalllM LA GRANDE LI MB ER COMPANY Building Material Coal Presto Logs Fir Jefferson La Grande, Oregon rtione 171 NASIIE SAGE Distributors of Automotive and Industrial Supplies La Grande OregonSNODGRASS FlIiERlL OOMB Lot L. Snodgrass, Manager Frances E. 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La Grande, Oregon Visit our - - Sun Fun ShopSuxluyA 'Ztyctg Distributors of Richfield Products Tires Batteries La Grande Elgin REYNOLDS INSURANCE AGENCY Chas. H. Reynolds Chas. A. Reynolds Everett J. Reynolds Insurance Loans Bonds Serving Union County Since 1914 La Grande, Oregon LENTZ BODY SHOP ELGIN ELECTRIC COMPANY Orville Lentz, Prop. Radio Television Lee Tires Tubes "Your Aerial Is Your Picture. ” Auto Glass Installed Radio and Television — Sales Service Phone 11463 Island City, Oregon Elgin Oregon S m D FUE FOODS GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS "Your satisfaction our greatest asset." Elgin OregonW. H. BOHNENKAMP COMPANY Hardware Furniture Appliances La Grande Oregon 'Pout ‘SutttfeM ERNIE'S Buster Brown Shoe Store "Shoes for all the Family" Roblee and Pedwin Shoes for Young Men La Grande Oregon Logging Equipment Land Rover Jaguar La Grande Oregon BAUM INSURANCE "We Insure Everything" -- 105 Depot Street La Grande Oregon SWINNEY'S SHOE SHOP Quality Repairing If you care for your feet — Foot So-port Shoes for Men and Women 118 Depot Street La Grande, Oregon RIVER PRODUCTS Wholesalers of Cut Meats - - Custom Cutting — Poultry — 605 Lake Street Phone 13601 La Grande, Oegon Diamonds BIRNIE'S JEWELRY Silver Watches Gifts Guaranteed Watch Repair Phone 4411 La Grande, OregonTheres a in your future... with a Future Built In! HIND FORD SUES Ford Authorized Sales and Service It pays to bring your Ford "Back Home" for Service. Your Ford dealer knows your car best. He uses genuine Ford Parts and Ford- Approved methods and equipment. 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Sweet Proprietor Phone 7801 La Grande, Oregon P. O. Box 581« I« IYEARBOOKS

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