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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1955 volume:

RAY B. OSBURN TkcUcxttaui It is an honor and a privilege to dedicate this 1955 edition of Husky Tracks to Mr. Ray B. Osburn, Superintendent of the Elgin Schools. 1955 marks his tenth year in the Elgin school system, nine years as Superintendent. Mr. Osburn came to Elgin in 1943 as coach and science teach- er, from Virginia City, Montana where he had been a teacher and superintendent for seven years. He was P. E. instructor in the Pendleton Junior High School in the 1944-45 and 1945-46 school terms, returning to Elgin as Superintendent in the fall of 1946. This was the year the present school building was being built and Superintendent Osburn poured cement and nailed flooring, helping to get the building ready for occupancy that fall. He received his Masters Degree from the University of Ore- gon in the summer of 1951, having previously fulfilled require- ments for an administrator's certificate. Mr. Osburn with his democratic ideas and sympathetic under- standing of the problems of the students, and his willingness to co- operate with the faculty will not be forgotten by the students who pass through the halls of learning of the Elgin High School. He never tires of watching a student enter high school as a timid "Frosh" only to emerge four years later, to go out into the world as a dignified graduating senior. He is advisor of the Student Council, the governing body of Elgin High School. He is active in community affairs, forever seeking those things that make for the betterment of the school and the community. Always interested in athletic activities he was chosen on the Board of Controls of the Oregon School Activi- ties Association, and is now Vice-President of that organization, an honor of which we are proud. On behalf of those students who have entered and departed (and of those who will choose Elgin High as their Alma Mater), the staff of Husky Tracks salutes you, Mr. Osburn, on a job well done. We hope you will be with us another ten years.'pacutfy Chas. P. Haggerty Vic e-Principal Mathematics Physics Guidance and Counseling Advisor--Freshmen Class Helena T. Edwards Business Education Office Annual Advisor Sponsor--Husky Guards Marguerite Croghan Librarian English I Sponsored by M. J. Goss Motor Company 2Kennette Kenison Girls' P. E. and Health Coach, Girls' Basketball Girls' Volleyball Sponsor G. A. A. Don Hendricks Shop Arts and Crafts Margaret Cheney Home Making Sponsor FHA Doran Lindelien Music Instructor Junior Advisor Arthur Ferguson Ag. FFA Advisor Byron Bender Baseball Coach B Squad Basketball Coach Sophomore Advisor Mathew Doherty Science Boxing Coach Calvin Pace Basketball, Football Track Coach Advisor "E" Club P. E. Health Fred Crisman Senior Sponsor Drama Coach Advisor Husky HowlsSettivu. RON MILLER Sweet are the slumbers of a virtuous man. JEAN HARPER My heart is like a singing bird. JAMES BRESHEARS A wink is as good as a nod to the wise. JOYCE WAELTY My crown is in my heart. ALLEN THOMAS He is well paid that is well satisfied.I ARLENE WAYT A witty woman is a treasure. DON HENDERSON Men of few words are the best men. BETTY LYMAN I arrive late: for my mind wanders. BOB HARPER To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for.JOY LEONARD I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing. BETTY CAROL WADE She sparkled when she walked. NELDA PERRY Wonderful discovery of modern life- publicity. JIM BUNYARD All greatness is unconscious. GAY GILLIAM I never like being hit without striking back. JOHN BOTZ He is as full of valour as of kind- ness.Processional Sponsored by Wagner Seed Company Betty Carol Wade Salutatorian John Botz Valedictorian Bob Harper Joyce Waelty Tom Crewdson Arlene Wayt Allen Thomas Carrol Spikes Gay Gilliam Betty Lyman Don Henderson Nelda Perry Ron Miller Betty Carol Wade James Breshears Joy Leonard John Botz Jeanne Harper James Bunyard (not in picture) Processional..............."Pomp and Circumstance" Genevieve McCall Invocation......................Rev. Walter Goehring Salutatorian Address................Betty Carol Wade Duet..................."Look For The Silver Lining" Myrna Christian Deanna Perry Graduation Address..............Rev. Gene Robinson Organ Solo..................................."Erotik" "Songs My Mother Taught Me" R. E. Lyman Valedictorian Address......................John Botz Solo..............................."Without A Song" "Wagon Wheels -- Victor Lewis Presentation of Awards............................ School Superintendent - Ray B. Osburn Presentation of Diplomas.......................... District School Board - Noel Scott, Chairman Benediction................... Rev. Walter Goehring Recessional..............."March from Tannhauser" ,FRONT ROW: Bob Crouser, Robert Kennedy, Danny Horn, Mike Croghan, Dick Good SECOND ROW (Seated): Gavin Tameris, La Vern Alyward, Myma Poffenberger, Marlys Myers, Sharon Butler, Frances Ann Robinson, Wesley Churchill, Clarence Calder THIRD ROW (Standing): Verna Shafer. Betty Rush. Lowana Laird, Verneta Bechtel, Janice Bendshadler, Laurie Breshears, Betty Lou Schmitt, Mr. Lindelien (Advisor) BACK ROW: Barbara Sutton, Farrell Adams, Robert Mc- Clure, Beverly Wade, Charles Barnhart. Lois Smith. Class Officers Bob Crouser . ........President Robert McClure........Vice President Barbara Sutton........Secretary Myrna Poffenberger . . . Treasurer fot Uox By: Jewelry Milady's Shop Ben Jordon (Standard Oil)Sofa uyntonc FRONT ROW (Seated Left to Right): Rollie Mattson, lone Scott, Carol Rogers, Eloise Anderson, Irma Lindsay, Jane Duncan, Virginia Horn, Hattie Crewdson SECOND ROW (Standing): Mr. Bender (Advisor), Wally Moore, Mike Jones, Loretta Lyon, Betty Shafer, Deanna Perry, Nancy Hutchison, Dean Kennedy, Terry Ryther BACK ROW: Larry Parsons, Ted Miller. Bob Townsend, Robert Blanchard. Dale Coles. Bill Bartlett, Barton Harris, Ken Witty, Chuck Whittemore, Dale Mattson, Don Stroeber. Class Officers Mike Jones...... Loretta Lyon . . . Nancy Hutchison Irma Lindsay . . . President Vice President Secretary T reasurer 12Class Officers Sandra Tucker.........President Elma Jean Hicks.......Vice President Gayle Osburn..........Secretary Corky Hunt............Treasurer FRONT ROW (Kneeling Left to Right): Dallas Eckstein, Jimmy Perkins. Jerry Shafer. Lauren Davis FIRST ROW (Seated): Lucille DeClure, Sandra Carroll, Gayle Osburn, Virginia Thompson, Cynthia Sutton, Barbara Gekeler, Catherine Man- ning, Penny Ruther, Annette Churchill FIRST ROW (Standing): Arlene Weatherspoon, Darlene Coles, Margaret Mattson, Frankie Shafer, Daisy Good. Pat McClure, Sharon Calder, Elma Jean Hicks. Sheila Haggerty. Carol Jean Johnson, San- dra Tucker, Janet Lyman BACK ROW: Mr. Haggerty (Advisor), Don Elliott, Jim Hutchison, Dick Owen, Dennis Trump, Corky Hunt, Larry Gilliam, Jerry Showers, Vance Horn, Nathan Coe, Earl Anthoney.Vance Horn Terry Rylher Managers for football Earl Anthony-Jerry Showers 1» J John Bolz Shriner's All Star B Team (East) FOOTBALL SCORES Fall - 1954 3 Mike Jones Elgin 0 Pilot Rock 25 Elgin 14 St. Pats 26 Elgin 19 North Powder 14 Elgin 12 Enterprise 42 Elgin 6 Union 19 Elgin 6 Wildcats 0 Elgin 19 Wallowa 12 Elgin 0 Umatilla 6 Elgin 19 Joseph 13 Sponsored by Heppner Lumber Co. T At - - Robert Kennedy Dick Owen •j Dale Mattson f Robert Blanchard 16"A'Squtd LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Bunyard, Jack Wood, Claude Follett, Clarence Calder, Bob Crouser, Charles Barnhart, Dallas Cason, Bob McClure, Ron Miller, John Botz STANDING: Cal Pace. Coach. Sonny TU-VALLEY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS «955 20 Wins 5 Losses Elgin 82 Cove 42 Elgin 53 EOCE 43 Elgin 49 Heppner 54 Elgin 50 Wallowa 40 Elgin 66 Pilot Rock 42 Elgin 56 Wallowa 4« Elgin 58 Wildcats 43 Elgin 50 EOCE 52 Elgin 63 Enterprise 49 Elgin 52 Wildcats 47 Elgin 52 Powder 40 Elgin 70 Cove 44 Sponsored by Wade Seed Co.Claude Elgin 55 Joseph 54 Elgin 62 Union 54 Elgin 53 Enterprise 50 Elgin 50 Imbler 37 Elgin 59 Wallowa 50 Elgin 36 Union 50 Elgin 44 Imbler 32 Elgin 4i Weston 58 Elgin 6r Powder 36 Elgin 54 Joseph 30 Elgin 66 Imbler 40 Elgin 48 Enterprise 54 Elgin 55 Wallowa 51 •Sub-District Tournament at Enterprise Sponsored by City Drug Store Elgin Cash Dry Goods Mac‘S" Squad SEATED (Left to Right): Bob Townsend, Ken Witty, Dale Coles, Jerry Showers, Chuck Whittemore STANDING: Ted Miller, Dale Mattson, Robert Blanchard, Mr. Bender (Coach), Robert Kennedy, Chuck Williams. Dean Kennedy. Corky Hunt, Jimmy Perkins. Managers: Jim Hutchison Wally Moore Sponsored By Whittemore Lumber Co. 201555 'Eadckzil Hampered by wet grounds and a rainy spring, the Baseball team did not fare too well. One bright outlook for the future is the return of the entire team except for John Botz and Ron Miller, 1955 graduates. Outstanding players for the team this year, besides the two Seniors, were Jack Wood. Bob Crouser, Charles Barnhart, and Bob Townsend. FIRST ROW (Front): Coach Bye Bender, Jerry Showers, Corky Hunt, Ted Miller, Larry Parsons, Dale Mat- teson, Don Henderson (Mgr.) SECOND ROW: Wally Moore, La Vern Alyward, Ron Miller, John Botz, Bob Crouser, Charles Barnhart, Bob McClure THIRD ROW: Bill Bartlett, Gavin Tameris, Bob Townsend, Wayne Wallace, Clar- ence Calder, Dale Coles, Jack Wood, and Larry Gil- liam. 1555 The inexperienced Husky mittmen wound up a fair season with a win over Union to make it one win, one even match, and two losses. This year saw many good bouts, and proved to be a good season des- pite the number of Freshmen and the single win. The results of matches were as follows: Union 5, Elgin 3; Union 3, Elgin 5; Enterprise 5, Elgin 3; Enterprise 2, Elgin 2, 2 even; Wallowa 5, Elgin 4, 2 even. STANDING: Claude Follett, Wally Moore, Bob Blanchard, Ken Witty, Matt Doherty (Coach), Barton Harris, Chuck Williams. Vance Horn, Dallas Eckstein, Steve Thompson, Lauren Davis, Dick Owen, Jim Perkins.J955 liack Intramural —--------— Seniors 63 points Sophomores 431 points Juniors 27 points Freshmen 17 points Pilot Rock Invitation-8 Schools Elgin placed 4th Tri-County Meet ------Elgin 4th Union County Meet-----Elgin 2nd Tu-Valley Meet-—------Elgin 4th District Meet Crouser placed 2nd in High Jump Crouser placed 3rd in High Hurdles Crouser placed 3rd in Broad Jump Captain. Ron Miller placed 2nd in High Jump Ron Miller placed 3rd in Pole Vault TRACK SQUAD KNEELING (Left to Right): Cap’t. Ron Miller. John Botz, Bob Crouser, Dean Kennedy. Chuck Williams, Bob Townsend STANDING (Left to Right): Ted Miller, Mike Jones. Chuck Whittemore, Robert Kennedy, Barton Harris, Corky Hunt, Jim Hutchison, Coach Cal Pace. Boys lettering in Track-----Cap't. Ron Miller -- Pole Vault, High Jump, Relay Bob Crouser -- High Jump, High Hurdles. Broad Jump Johnny Botz -- Javelin, 100, 220, Relay Corky Hunt -- 220, Relay Ted Miller — Pole Vault Dean Kennedy — Pole Vault, 880, Mile 23ASTANDING (Left to Right): Myma Poffenberger, Betty Lyman. Nelda Perry. Arlene Wayt, Betty Lou Schmitt. Lois Smith, Farrell Adams, Daisy Good, Beverly Wade, Barbara Sutton, Marlys Myers, Joy Leonard, Sharon Butler, Myma Christian, Jean Harper SEATED: Vemeta Bechtel (Statistician), Miss Kennison (Coach), Nancy Hutchison (Statistician). Stoned. Elgin 33 Cove 27 Elgin 27 Powder 29 Elgin 7 Imbler 34 Elgin 27 Union 39 Elgin 29 Union 26 Elgin 25 Imbler 34 Elgin 33 Cove 28 Huskettes 17 Faculty 15 Seniors Points Joy Leonard 48 Betty Lyman 38 Nelda Perry 33 Arlene Wayt 24 Sponsored by Dewey Burton Ins. Co. Adams Supply FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Barbara Sutton (Mgr.), Pat McClure, Virginia Thompson, Elma Jean Hicks, Betty Lou Schmitt (Mgr.) SECOND ROW: Gayle Osburn, Sharon Calder, Marlys Myers, Arlene Wayt, Beverly Wade, Lois Smith, Farrell Adams, Carol Rogers. Nelda Perry BACK ROW: Myma Poffenberger, Betty Lyman, Nelda Perry, Miss Kennison (Coach), Joy Leonard, Cynthia Sutton. Stoned. Elgin 10 Imbler 3 Elgin 9 Union 17 Elgin 20 Powder 8 Elgin U Union 17 Elgin 4 Imbler 20 Elgin 17 Powder 9 High Scorer Betty Lyman 30 Joy Leonard 28 Nelda Perry 26 tycUZld BACK ROW: Don Henderson, Wally Moore, Ronnie Ryther, Robert Blanchard, Terry Ryther, Ray Perkins, Hattie Crewdson, Mrs. Edwards, Advisor SECOND ROW: Nathan Coe, Frances Robinson, Loretta Lyon FRONT ROW: Allan Thomas, Don Stroeber, Jim Breshears, Virginia Horn, Janice Bendshadler, Irma Lindsay, Laurie Helms, Betty Lou Schmitt. For the first time in several years a chorus group was formed in Elgin High School, under the direction of Mr. Lindelien. Seventeen members made two public appearances, the first with the regularly scheduled Spring Band Concert and the second with the massed chorus at Enterprise. FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Jean Harper, Myrna Christian, Sharon Butler, lone Scott, Deanna Perry, Nancy Hutchison, Wally Moore, Mike Jones, Don Stroeber BACK ROW: Betty Shafer, Virginia Horn, Hattie Crewdson, Don Henderson, Tom Crewdson, Mike Croghan, Danny Horn, Kenny Witty. (tyarua.. Sponsored by Baily Machinery Co. Union Equipment Co.SCcfM, School Sponsored by Myers Super Market Ketf The Drama Club, Mask and Key, started this year off with a bright production of Gilbert Sullivan's musical comedy "The Mikado". Gavin Tameris, Barbara Sutton, Dean Kennedy, Myrna Christian and Sheila Haggerty headed a large and bril- liantly costumed cast to bring this comedy to the stage. Delays in the delivery of the musical score by the printing company held up Mr. Lindelien till the cast under his direction had to scurry like mad to meet the deadline for staging this production. The Mask and Key selected the serious and very moving Lloyd C. Douglas play, "The Robe", for the second stage pre- sentation. This play is a major effort for a large college and as such, was considered impossible for a small high school. The cast and stage crew overcame a great many problems and the play was presented for a two night run on April 11 and 12. The cast was carefully chosen and great stress was made by the direc- tor Mr. Crisman that this was not a COMEDY. The cast was large and included 31 people. The leads were John Botz as Mar- cellus. Bob Harper as Demetrius and Betty Carol Wade as Diana. The supporting players included Dallas Cason as the mad Emper- or Caligula and Bob Crouser as Senator Gallio. Chuck Whitte- more, Sheila Haggerty, Beverly Wade, Marlys Myers, Lois Smith, Myrna Poffenberger, Gayle Osbum, Jack Wood, Dean Kennedy, and Gavin Tameris also had supporting roles.Mr. Fred Crisman acted as advisor and drama coach for the Orde$ of Mask and Key. Jack Wood was selected as President for 1954“55 and was re-elected to serve in 1955-56. Barbara Sutton served as Vice-President and Treasurer. Dick Good has been stage foreman for the current year, ably assisted by Wayne Wallace, Bob McClure, Tom Crewdson, Don Stroeber and Danny Horn. Besides working with the stage crew, Gavin Tameris handled the art work. This very successful season was brought to a close by the produc- tion of "The Money with an all "Frosh" cast. Toby Thompson, Corky Hunt, and Patty McClure handled the leads. Arlene Wayt acted as student director.FRONT ROW (Sitting): Betty Lyman. Barbara Sutton, Lois Smith, Beverly Wade, Marlys Myers, Lowana Laird, Ver- neta Bechtel, Nancy Hutchison SECOND ROW (Standing): Virginia Horn, Farrell Adams, Sharon Calder, Janice Bendshadler, Carrol Spikes, Darlene Coles, Cynthia Sutton. Elma Jean Hicks. Barbara Gekeler. Joyce Waelty, Deanna Perry THIRD ROW (Standing): Eloise Anderson, Carol Rogers, Sheila Haggerty, Arlene Weatherspoon, Pat McClure. Daisy Good. Margaret Mattson, Janet Lyman, Mrs. Cheney (Advisor), Catherine Manning, Annette Church- ill, Loretta Lyon, Gayle Osbum. Sponsored by Union County Grain Growers KNEELING: Nathan Coe, Dallas Eckstein, Larry Parsons, Ted Miller, Keith Powelson, Steve Thompson, Dale Mattson. Don Elliott. Bill Bartlett, Ron Ryther, Vance Horn, Bob Townsend STANDING: Jim Bunyard, Rollie Mattson. Barton Harris. Jim Breshears. Allen Thomas. Mike Croghan, Wayne Wallace, Danny Horn, Lowana Laird (FFA Sweetheart). Bob Blanchard, Ron Miller, Terry Ryther. Bob Kennedy, Larry Gilliam, Tom Crewdson, Mr. Ferguson (Advisor). ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL-ELGIN. OHEGON Dallas C«on Bdltor Jox Leonav.1 Bumuc. Mani.Bcr Nelda Perry gxcliam.e Editor Chuck WhiMcmore .•reshn ■•n-Sophomoit Editor Betty Lyman jiri Spmt Edit Boys Sport Editor Class Editor Feature Editor; Class Reporter: jack Wood, Bob Croust r Gay ti.lliam, LaVcm Ayl ‘fd Loretta Lyon . , ,1,1 von Chuck Whittcir.orc Lyman, Burt ra Sutton Dennis Trump Freshman 1 .mdsay—Sophomore Bis “Er Pain In DmvnpowN Elma Jean Hicks, Bob Townsend, US The Fre cations ar He Ad vis A Mr. Freti Crism an Elgin High Wilts ? ... I ’ 0 fj,, r'1? Mixed V Junior 11... portsmanship Fropliy % Klein High School v; Sportsmanship tr 18 Sub-District Toumai. 6 u % f ■. S' 'V %. 'k Oi Editor -- Dallas Cason Advisor -- Mr. Crisman 4 ward i' giv» n to tl» hot v . ,fO Ue f, hid Ba! wrnoi) 3n Far, am Ur a D j to Ibir : v cx earn and student body show iest sportsmanship conduct tltroug ut the tournament. The sport nanship att ude that I hi cople show also counts ic trophy. t i v 11 0 h K 0 '4 Kl« in llijili I, find s,tfn £ , VO" ' r ■ A°V - £lgin Dumps losepli 13 Finish With Win The Elgin Huskies »ason with a win over oseph Eagles, Nov. 6 t J-7. Joseph has prevk lntcrpn.se and Wallow v onlv one ooint. ( oach Matt Doherty winds up his 1955 boxing season with a victory twar Ihn muuh niwt traitfli ITninn o ' 7 1 M c mm r P n cn Sponsored by ELGIN RECORDER Official Printer for Husky Howls CAMPAIGN SPEECHES JUNIOR PROM THEME CHOSENSponsored by Elgin Cleaners Owen's Western Store%S? 1955 7ftac kj- Names. . . FIRST ROW: Dallas Cason, Betty Carol Wade, Betty Lyman, Deanna Perry SECOND ROW: Mrs. Edwards, Ted Miller, John Botz, Barbara Sutton, Clarence Cal- der. Within the covers of the 1955 Husky Tracks is the story of one year's history which the students of Elgin High School helped to make--the story of the year 1954-1955. Throughout the 1955 Husky Tracks, the staff has tried to present with modern sim- plicity the story of the past year's happenings. Many of the frills, characteristic of school annuals have been purposely omitted in an attempt to center attention upon the really important things about any high school, the students and the faculty. It is always difficult to record all the enriching and memorable occasions associ- ated with high school life. Through all the thousand-and-one trials and tribulations which plague a student publication, the members of the staff worked together to bring to each of you their version of Husky Tracks. The 1955 Husky Tracks is yours. It is built upon your progress, activities, and achievements throughout the year, 1954-55. It is a permanent record of a year of your high school life and it is our hope that its pleasant reminders of past hours in the years to come will make it a treasured property of you who possess it. THE STAFF Sponsored by Perry's Studio 33LA GRANDE LUMBER CO. Building Material and Coal LA GRANDE. OREGON Presto Logs Fir Jefferson Sherwin Williams Paint Phone 171 REYNOLDS INSLIiNCE UIICY Chas. H. Reynolds Chas. A. Reynolds Everett J. Reynolds Insurance Loans Bonds Serving Union County Since 1914 La Grande Oregon COMPLIMENTS of Zdc4e - Saye Distributors of Automotive and Industrial Supplies . La Grande Oregon fBIRNIE'S JEWELRY ELDRIDGE PACKING COMPANY Packers of Diamonds Watches Mt. Emily Brand Silver Sugar Cured Hams, Bacon, Gifts Lard Sausage Guaranteed Watch Repair P. O. Box 874 La Grande, Oregon Custom Slaughter Solicited Phone 4411 La Grande, Ore. Stage Inspected McGLASSON'S STATIONERY Corrfplete Stationery OFFICE and SCHOOL 1104 Adams Ave. La Grande, Ore. HUB CITY FOOD CENTER Groceries Meats Locker Service Custom Cutting, Wrapping and Curing Phone 7001 La Grande, Ore. 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