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DICATI ON To J. E. Tolbert in appreciation of his dauntlessly superintend- ing our school during the difficult per- iod subsequent to our fire disaster, we respectfully dedicate The 1946 Issue of HUSKIE TRACKSIN EM OR I ATI DOROTHY J a;CARTER University of Oregon, Class of '44 Elgin high Faculty, 1944-45 Airline Jtewarda3s Lost her life January 31, 1946, in an airplane crash on Elk fountain, Vyoming. HUSKII-TR tCKJ 1st row: E. Nelson, H. Cruikshank, L. Harwood, Deva Clark, M. McDaniel, L. Moore, H. McDonald, D. V.'itty, D. tarsons. 2nd row: R. Taxton, J. latten, D. Widell, E. Nicoson, Dale Claris., I. Sirronsen, K. Eurton, L. Kilby. STAFF La Neva Moore Jack Fatten Marcella McDaniel Helen McDonald Ross laxton Betty Mae Nelson Editor Assistant Business Manager Assistant Art Editor Feature Editor Boys’ Sports editors: Football Dale Clark Basketball Dale Widell Baseball Karlee Burton Girls’ Sports Editor Deva Clurk Senior Class Editor Billie Lou Hathron Senior feature writers: Lou Ceile Harwood Marcella McDaniel Ivan Simonsen Ernest Nicoson Dell Farsons Duane v.'itty Helen Cruikshank Junior class editor Sophomore editor Freshman editor Advisors: Editorial Business Mrs. Lorraine E. Kilby Sup’t. J. E. TolbertJJDJW 1 NI STATION After an absence of nearly fifteen years from my old home town I decided to return and see what new changes had been made and how many of my old classmates were still around. Just as I entered town I was startled by a car madly dashing up the street. I recognized it to be a classy 1940 Mercury and much to my surprise if it wasn't my old classmate Dorothy Boswell at the wheel. Seems to me I've seen that car before and after seeing Dorothy I suddenly remembered where. As I continued up the street I noticed three fam- iliar-looking faces and there were Betty Mae Nelson, Patricia Dunn and Marion Thompson. I found out later they had just returned from abroad as missionaries. Say, from the looks of things there still must be a man shortage as they all seemed to be surrounding a fam- iliar-looking gentleman who happened to be Pastor Simonsen. Now, girls even tho he is an old classmate, give him a little air'. Glancing on up the street, I noticed a smart look- ing grocery store with an attractive sign, 'r,Viles . Sons," across the front. Looking in the window I hap- pened to notice my old classmate, Jack Patten, behind the counter and I was happy to see he had made the grade. Who is the distinguished looking chap he is waiting on? I knew I should recognize him and sure en- ough it was Doctor Videll, physican and surgeon. Walking across the street, 1 decided to take a peek at the good old post office and who should I run into but my old friend La Neva Moore. I could hardly believe my ears when she started talking about General Payne. Seems just like old times, though, with La Neva either waiting to mail a letter or to receive one.I was very interested in the new businesses that had been added during my absence, so I decided to look around a bit. First thing I ran into was an insurance office and to my amazement there sat Billie Lou Hath- ron behind the desk. I always knew Billie would go in for something like this, as she was always so talkative and determined. The poor man she appeared to be giving the sales talk to just hadn't a chance. Well, if it wasn't my old classmate Ernest Nicoson! I really felt sorry for Nick as he was always so meek and shy in school. Stick with it Nick! Continuing on down the street I happened to think about the Rex Theater and wondered if it was still as thriving as when 1 left. Advancing nearer, I caught sight of a prominent-looking citizen going into the theater. Why, Wendell Poffenberger, my old classmate! I didn't have any idea he planned on having a the- atrical career, but sure enough his name was in lights above the familiar old spot. Very anxious to see the new school house, I drove up past and just had to go in and look around. Going down the hall I passed an open door and who should I see but Helen Carper, sitting at the desk intensely in- terested in her first graders. Wandering on down the hall I ran into a couple of my former classmates, Verna Scott and Helen McDonald. They were back at the old school as representatives from the Power's Modeling School. After enjoying a short chat with them, I no- ticed it was getting late and I must be leaving. Just one more thing to complete a very happy and enjoyable day in my old home town, which was a drive on Nob Hill. Driving along I noticed built on the hill- side, an outstanding home with a blue roof. As I drove closer, I could see my old school-mate, Marcella Mc- Daniel, displaying her abilities as a mother. Apparent- ly there is a party, for surely they couldn't all be hers. Of course, one never knows! Seeing my time was up, I started on my return journey and then and there I decided not to let so much time elapse before another visit.LP5T LUILL RflD TESTRrnEnT We, the Senior Cliss of 1945-4o, do nereby will and bequeath this 22nd day of April, 1946, many diverse characteristics to the following members of the Stud- ent Body: I, Helen McDonald, bequeath my long finger nails to Billie Jean Wiles in the hope she won’t chew them. I, Billie Hathron, bequeath my quiet personality to Deva Clark in the hope that by the time she is a Senior, she is as quiet as I am. I, Helen Carper, bequeath my curls and hair rib- bons to Grace Kennedy. Don't forget to wear them! I, La Neva I. oore, bequeath my ability to write a letter every day to Peggy Nedrow in the hope she will keep the home fires burning. I, Dorothy Boswell, bequeath my ability to land a man to Juanita Hammack, in the hope she will have better luck in the future. I, Verna Scott, bequeath my "flirting ability" to Helen Cruikshank. Carry on kid! I, Betty Kelson, bequeath my good grades and per- sonality to Beulah Kennedy. I, Marcella McDaniel, bequeath my artistic ability to Wayne Johnson. Also my "dirty looks" to Ardith Thompson. I, Marion Thompson, bequeath my car to Colleen Blanchard in the hope she won't wreck it. Take it easy kid ! I, Patricia Dunn, bequeath my curly hair to Nancy Johnson. I also leave my height to Fern Kennedy. Hope you enjoy it more than I did. I, Lou Harwood, bequeath my dimples to Virginia Dunn. Don't forget to smile now Ginny! Also my trea- sury job to some unlucky Junior.I, Wendell Poffenberger, bequeath my "red-hot’' temper to Raymond Cross. Keep that temper down, Cross.’ I, Dale '.Videll, bequeath my athletic ability to Norman Graybeal. Better luck in the future. I, Ivan Simonsen, bequeath my neatly combed hair to Wendell Gekeler. Take over Casanova! I, Jack Patten, bequeath my happy, good-natured personality to Kr. Ruegamer. Enough said. I, I, Ernest Nicoson, bequeath the job of writing next year’s will to t me poor person.n i € f r f r m f r r r f $2 e? ft n ; r . v Q-xji The Senior Class of 46 started out as Freshmen with 28 members in the class. Helen McDonald and Wayne Griffith were the only new members to start out with us on our long and tedious way. Richard Hale, Dale Boswell, George Follett, Glen Long and Bill Car- per left the class during the year which left us a total of 23 members. The usual activities were carried on during the year. When we entered into our Sophomore year we still had our 23 members with one new one present, Marcella McDaniel, who transferred from Wallowa. Bill Kernen, Jack Payne and Ernest Nicoson left the class, but the last two members re-entered the following year. The Freshman initiation was prepared at the beginning of the year and a good time had by all, especially the Freshmen ! Our third year of high school was started with 18 members. Thelma Miller transferred from Pennsyl- vania but at the end of the first semester, she re- turned to her former home. Wilma Kennedy, a former class-mate, joined us a few weeks after school started. Margaretta Thomas transferred here from Craigmont, Idaho. The year was spent getting proceeds for our Junior-Senior banquet which we presented at the end of the year. One of our classmates, Ivan Simonsen, had to drop out of school due to illness. He was able to carry on his subjects, though, and will graduate with his class this year. Our last and final year in high school was started with 18 members. Patricia Dunn, Lou Harwood, and Betty Nelson being the only new members. The last two com- pleted their high school education in three years so they became members of our class. Margaretta Thomas, Bob Hammack and Jack Payne left during the year. Bob Hammack was called to the Army in November, ’45. We had previously honored him with a party and gift. In February, '46, Jack Payne was also called to the Army and a party and gift was given him before he left. All the boys have been very active in all the sports while they have been in high school. The girls have taken their place beside them in the field of sports and activities. Officers for the year were: President---------------------Jack Patten Vice President----------------Ernest Nicoson Secretary---------------------Margaretta Thomas succeeded by Marion Thompson Treasure»1--------------------Helen Carper riFVMfOM 1st row: Llrs. Kilby, D. Parsons, K. Burton, If.. Barlow, I. Elliott K. Rysdam, B. Wiles 2nd row: C. Chandler, B. Kalmbach, W. Johnson, D. Clark, W. Gekeler The 1945-46 Junior class has been a fairly active one. On December 13, 1945, we presented a three-act mystery-comedy, "The Ghost Chasers". The entire class took part fn it, either in the cast or on the production staff. The play was defin- itely a success. During basKetball season, the Juniors sold hot dogs at every home game, the proceeds going to the fund for the Jun- ior-Senior banquet. Through competent managing and salesman- ship, the Juniors netted a good profit on this venture. On April 18, 1946, came the all-blackface minstrel show presented jointly with the Sophomore class. We succeeded in obtaining Vr. 0. P. Weigel of La Grande, talented musician and entertainer, for the feature attraction. The show was written and presented by a committee composed jointly of Juniors and Sophomores. The Junior-Senior banquet is planned for the night of Kay 24, 1946, at the Foley Banquet Room in La Grande. All of us' are looking forward to having a good time at the banquet to round out a very pleasant year. Officers elected to serve the class for the year are: President............Dale Clark Vice 1 resident......Bob Kalmbach Sec.-Treas...........Billie Jean Wiles Sgt.-at-Arms.........Wendell Gekeler1st row: F. Carper, V. Dunn, C. Blanchard, J. Bechtel, P. N’edrow, D. Clark, A. Thompson, G. Elliott,. F. Kennedy 2nd row: W. Johnson, D. Witty, r. cruikshank, R. Sherwood, Mr. Haggerty, R. Cross, K. Miller, G. Jones, G. Stillman The Sophomore class started out with an enrollment of twenty members. During the year, Beverly Herr moved to La Grande where she now attends high school, and Mary Jane Ra- chau and Jack Scott dropped out of school. The first main event of the year was the Freshmen init- iation. The Freshmen were 3uch good sports about ti.eir rig- orous initiation that we were glad to welcome them as "real" student body members. Next, the Freshmen entertained us with a return party consisting of games anu refreshments. The gym was nicely decorated for the affair. The first of the school year Genevieve Grim. McCall, who was substituting to help out in the emergency that had arisen due to the resignation of one of the teaching staff, was our class advisor. .rhen a regular instructor was hired and Mrs. McCall left us, we gave her a party and presented her with a gift. At the student body spring fiesta, the Sophomores had charge of two booths. On April 13, we joined with the Jun- iors in presenting the big min3trel show. ost of the mem- bers of the class, both girls and boy3, took part in the athletic program, the newspaper, and various other school activities. Officers for the year were: President................Wade Johnson Vice I resident..........Ardith Thompson Secretary................Colleen Blanchard Treasure.................Duane witty Sgt.-at-Arms.............Kenneth Miller1st row: B. Follett, J. Dunn, J. Kammack, N. Johnson, A. Hug, B. Fox, B. Kennedy, R. Thompson, I. Carper, H. Tracy 2nd row: Mrs. Boyland, H. Cruikshank, G. Kennedy, R. Paxton, J. Albertson, E. Horn, N. Greybeal, S. Wilson, H. Scott And now we come to the Freshmen, the "green Freshmen", that is. That's what they were called at the first of the year. But as the year wore on and they began to get into the swing of it, toiling along with the rest of the student body, they were accepted as part of this select group. Now no one can have any more love for old E.H.S. than these "green Freshmen." As all the Freshman class takes "frosh" math., general science, and English I, the class is not broken up very much and still remains one great big happy family. Oh, so you don't agree that they're a happy family all the time, huh? Well, you have to have a few squabbles to keep everyone con- tent, don’t you? But, in general, they get along like bacon gets along with eggs. Much credit goes to their advisor, the jolly Mrs. Boyland. This gracious lady is like a mother to the whole class and is always willing to help out in any of their numerous little schemes. The Freshmen have participated in all of the student body events, as well as undertaking a few ventures of their own, one of which was a farewell party for a member of the class, LaCretta Thomas, who moved to Lebanon during the year. The officers elected for the year were: President................Julianne Dunn Vice President...........Juanita Hammack Secretary................Harlan Scott Treasure.................Ross Faxton Reporter.................Helen Cruikshank Continued on next page 1st row: R. Thompson, A. Hug, I. Carper, L. Thomas, R. Paxton, J. Hammack, B. Follett, E. Fox, H. Cruikshank, a. Tracy, J. Dunn 2nd row: E. Horn, D. Kennedy, H. Scott, 3. Wilson, lirs.Boy- land, B. Hampton, J. Albertson, N. Greybeal, J. Card, N. Johnson, G. Kennedy, B. Kennedy "ROSES ARE RED— VIOLETS ARE BLUE; SKUNKS STINK— FRESHMEN DO TOO I" (Continued from previous page) This class has distinguished itself in many ways during these nine months. Helen Sue Tracy was chosen as Song iueen. Juanita Hammack, Arleta Hug, and Norman Greybeal are the Yell Leaders. Another freshman, Ross laxton, was chosen as chief artist for the school paper, "Kuskie Howls," and art editor for this annual. Ross, Sidney Wilson, and Eugene Horn also earned a name for themselves in the field of sports by earn- ing a letter and being initiated into the Lettermen's Club. Almost all of the Frosh. girls belong to the F.H.A., G.A.A., and the Glee Club, two of them holding offices in the F.H.A. The class flower is pine boughs. Now don't sav that pine boughs aren't a flower'. 'e realize that—but they're so-o-o-o purty. The colors are green and white. Very char- acteristic of the class is its mascot, the magpie. Last but not least comes the class pin. Some say it is only temporary. And what is it, you ask? Why the safety pin, of course! C f - ► c C «! C’ 0 r f (1st row: C. Dyer. I. Ha.ua.ack, N. Johnson, A. Lug, R. .xton L. Harwood, D. Clark, B. Fox, A. Lug, B. Case 2nd row: 3. til son, c. Hug, D. Parsons, . , . . rt N. Greybeal, i..r. Haggerty I'ot Pictured: 1 . edrow, R. Thompson, H. Tracy, R. Rysdam, V. Dunn, J. iatlen, D. Fitzgerald, I, Carper, T bert, C. Blanchard, R. Tolbert, L. Fitz erald, P. Jtutblefield, a. Eurton, B. StrIngham, J. Dunn, G. Gordon, R. Jherwood, J. Kennedy, A. Hug, A. Hug The band, like most other activities and many classes, took a setback during the war. Jeveral members remained how- ever of a once-excellent organization. Aarlee Burton with his trumpet, trombonist Ernest Nicoson, Jack Patten with his clarinet and our bass drummer, Lou Ceile Larwood made up the necleus out of which a band must be built. The new director exchanged his navy blues for a baton and arrived on December 3, armed to the teeth against Hscords foul notes and after-tonus. During t three surveys were made to evaluate the local talent, interest,' and equipment available. starting about the 2nd of January, recruits were intro- duced to the instruments that could be found. Dome were brought into use that in normal tines would have long si v- be throw 1'tc the scrap heap. But one thing was in the band’s favor. Many students had had a previous acquaintance with music and made excellent pro- gress, and all were more than anxious to do double time to build a good band in the least possible ti: s. By April, the group had grown to 36 with enough polish to render several marches, an overture, and a nice selection of novelty numbers. An interesting and melodious future is anticipated with new instruments to replace the old, more tone and polish, a drum major and batonists and numerous public ap earsnces. i r Cl e c ft ft ft C c C c C C C cr CL 1:1. ( III wood, C. Blanchard, A. Thompson, H. LcDonald, A. Kug, 3. 7 iles 2nd row: P. Kedrow, B. Follett, F. Dunn, V. Dunn, B. Fox, ' . By 3d am, Mrs. Lilby, H. Cruikshank, G. iSlliott, L. Poore, 1.1. I cDaniel 3rd row: B. Kennedy, D. Boswell, J. Bechtel, F. Kennedy, B. Kelson, I. Carper, A. Thompson, F. Carper, K. Garner, I . Thompson, D. Clark Due to the fact that all our music was lost when the building burned last year, we had to start out with all new work this year. Copies of various classical and semi-class- ical numbers were purchased and practice began. The group has sung for the annual school Christmas pro- gram, for the P.T.... Christmas party, and for the P.T.A. founders' day program in February. During Lusic '.Yeek, the second week in Lay, the glee will present a spring concert together with the band. Glee num- bers for this event have been arranged in groups according to theme instead of according to composers or types of selec- tions. We consider it remarkable that about 90 percent of the girls in the student body are in the glee club. B. Wiles, D. Parsons, I. Elliott, N. Rysdam, K. Burton : ; Iby, W. Johnson, D. Clark, W. Gekeler, C. Chandler 1st i .. CAST (In order of appearance) p0 — — — —--------—------Irene illicit Wilson-----------------------. ayne John30n' v Estelle Billie Jean Wiles Beverly right--------------Neva Ry3dar. Jimmy Wright-----------------Dale Clark Samuel Riggenbottom----------Karlee Burton Slim McGee-------------------Wendell Gekeler Production Staff Prompter---------------------Dell j-arsons Stage 1. anager--------------Clarence Chandler Director---------------------Mrs. i ilby1st row: B. Kelson, I.. Cruikshank, Duva Clark, W. Johnson, L. Car.er, to. Thomson, h. 1. cDonald, A. Hug, B. Ailes 2nd row: A. Thompson, c. Blanchard, I. Cai , R. Paxton, Q. v.idell, Dale Clark, K. Burton, R. Sherwood, L. xoore, tors. Kilby, to. LcDaniel IIUSKIE HU. Lo ST. J?' Editor--------------------- Assistant Editor----------- Business Kanager----------- Assistant Bus. i. anager--- Feature Editor------------- Exchange Editor------------ 3j. orts Editor------------ Reporters: Senior---------------- Junior---------------- Sophomore------------- Freshman-------------- G.A.A.------ Lettermen--- Student Body- Town— Grade------- Staff Artists Advisor -Helen'Career -tourion Thompson -7 ayne J ohnson -Ivan Simoii3en -Deva Clark -Helen tocDonaid -Dale ;idell -Betty Kelson -Karlee Burton Dale Clark -Ardith Thompson -Helen CruikshanK -La Keva i. oore -Rudolph Sherwood -Billie Jiles -Arleta Hug -Colleen Blanchard Iris may Career -toarcella 1. cDariiel Ross laxton -Lorraine E. Kilby1st row: 7. Johnson, J. Dunn, J. Hammack, H. Tracy, L. Har- wood, B. Kelson, H. Carper, H. McDonald, A. Hug, B. Wiles 2nd row: Mr. Tolbert, J. Patten, D. itty, D. 7idell, D. Clark, •7. Gekeler, N. Graybeal, L. Moore, M. McDaniel MEMBERS Student Body President---------------Dale Videll Student Body Vice President----------Duane Vitty Student Body Secretary---------------Billie . lies Student Body Treasure----------------Lou Harwood Sgt. -at-Arms-------------------------.7 end ell Gekeler Senior President----------------------Jack Patten Junior President----------------------Dale Clark Sophomore President-------------------7ade Johnson Freshman President--------------------Julianne Dunn G.A.A. President----------------------Betty Nelson Yell Leaders--------------------------Juanita Raimack Arleta Hug Norman Graybeal Song Queen----------------------------Helen Tracy . "Huskie Howls" Editor-----------------Helen Carper "Kuskie Tracks" Editor----------------La Neva Moore "Huskie Tracks" Bus. Manager----------Marcella McDaniel Advisor-------------------------------Mr. Tolbert ' C c c t c c c € C c o r. c r r r r r r r r r rr 1st row: P. Nedrow, H. McDonald, P. Dunn, N. Johnson, A. Thomp- son, D. Boswell, D. Clarie, H. Cruikshank, R. Thompson 2nd row: H. Tracy, B. Kennedy, M. Barlow, G. Kennedy, F. Carper, H. Carper, LI. Thompson, V. Dunn, Mrs. Kilby 3rd row: J. Hammack, C. Blanchard, I. Carper, J. Dunn, B. Nelson, J. Betchel, B. Follett, G. Elliott, B. Fox, A. Hug For the first time in the history of Elgin High School, a home economics organization was started this year when a chapter of Future Homemakers of America, national organization of pupils studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools. Any girl who is either studying home economics or who has had at least one year of it is eligible for membership. On February 23, 1946, the charter members and their advisor, Mrs. Kilby, attended the district F.H.A. convention at La Grande where they were initiated and the officers installed by the La Grande chapter. Officers of the Elgin chapter are: President----------------------Ardith Thompson Vice-pres.---------------------Dorothy Boswell Secretary----------------------Helen Cruikshank Treasurer----------------------Patty Dunn Reporter-----------------------Helen McDonald Historian----------------------Deva Clark Song Leader--------------------Nancy Johnson Parliamentarian----------------Peggy Nedrow Chapter Mother-----------------Mrs. Arleigh Thompson "Toward New Horizons1st row: L. Harwood, P. Dunn, A. Hug, R. Thompson, B. Wiles B. Nelson, D. Clark, H. Tracy, J. Hammack, M. McDaniel 2nd row: M. Barlow, H. Cruikshank, J. Dunn, I. Elliott, V. Dunn, I. Carper, B. Fox, G. Elliott, N. Johnson, H. Carper, M. Thompson, H. McDonald, Mrs. Kilby 3rd row: B. Kennedy, P. Nedrow, B. Follett, G. Kennedy, F. Ken- nedy, N. Rysdam, F. Carper, J. Betchel, D. Boswell, A. Thompson, L. Moore, C. Blanchard The G.A.A. was under a new point system this year--the Oregon Point System. Also a new type of awards were selected. The number of points required for awards are: 50 points for arm shields 100 points for a small "E" 150 points for a large "0" Fourth award is a small gold pin shaped like a winged foot. This is awarded to Seniors only and they must meet certain health, grade and sports requirements. The officers of the year were: President--------------------Betty Nelson Vice President---------------Beverly Kerr Sec. Treas.----------------Billie J. Wiles News Paper Reporter----------Deva Clark 1st row: K. Burton, G. Jone3, D. Widell, E. Nicoson, Pof- fenberger, R. Cruikshunk, R. Sherwood, W. Gekeler, C. Chandler 2nd row: J. Fatten, K. filler, R. Cross, D. Clark, E. Horn, R. Paxton, 3. Wilson The Letteruian Club met first during football season and elected the following officers: Fresident------------------------Bob Kammack Vice Fresident-------------------Jack latten Secretary-Treasure---------------Ernest I.icoson Immediately after football season we initiated the new members that earned letters in football and also-those that earned letters in baseball last spring. The new members made a very exciting spectacle by sweeping Main Street, and giving speeches of various types while attired in women's clothing. Since initiation the letterman club has been very inactive this year.1st row: N. Graybeal, K. iller, G. Jones, J. .i'ilson, u. lat- ten, R. Cross, S. Korn, J. Payne, Gekeler, R. Cruikshank, D. . idell, J. Scott 2nd row: R. Sherwood, D. Witty, B. Kalmbach, B. Hammack, D. Clark, W. Foffenberger, E. Nicoson, C. Chandler The football season of 1945-46 was a season of eight games. Of special interest were the four games played under the lights on Moore’s Field. The games were played as fol- lows : Sept. 28 North Powder Here (Under Oct. 5 Stanfield Here (Under Oct. 12 Enterprise Here (Under Oct. 17 Stanfield There Oct. 26 Wallowa Here (Under Nov. 2 North Powder There Nov. 6 Union Here Nov. 9 Union There The season was not a successful one from the stand point of victory, but successful from the stand point of develop- ment of strong reserves. The season helped in making a hard and fighting team for thti Laar to come.BfiSKZrSALL 1st row: R. raxton, K. Burton, G. Jones, D. Yidell, K. Filler, R. Cross, 'Y. 1 offenberger, 3. Yilson 2nd row: J. Fatten, M. Graybeal, D. Clark, C. Chandler, D. Parsons The basketball season began with 10 players turning out, only two of which were Letternen. Due to the lack of exper- ienced players the season was not very successful in regard to number of gac.es won. It3 real success is marked however, by progress that was made in training team members and there- by laying a foundation for strong squads in future seasons. Individual Scoring ,Yidell ioffenberger J ones Burton Parsons Cross Yi tty Patten Filler Clark Chandler Graybeal Nicoson Payne Sherwood 123 47 43 36 36 31 22 18 15 11 8 7 4 4 4ftUfyiau C. Blanchard, L. Harwood, L. LcDaniel, A. Hug, Lrs. Hilby 2nd row: F. Carper, B. Nelson, L. lioore, I. Elliott, J. Betchel, G. Elliott, H. Tracy, B. Follett At the beginning of the year the Elgin High girls started the new required Oregon Physical Fitness program. Because it wa3 thought that there would be no inter-schodi volley ball this year, little time was spent on practicing for it. however, when some of the schools began asking for games, Elgin accepted enthusiastically. Different teams and also different captains were chosen for each game which gave each girl who wanted tovse chance to play.j a Base € ££ ■ 1st row: R. Cross, G. Jones, E. Kicoson, D. Widell, C. Chandler, W. Poffent-jr or, J. Clark 2nd row: R. Paxton, E. Horn, K. Burton, W. Gekeler, j. Wilson, D. Parsons, I . Greybeal 3 3 3 a a a The baseball seusoxi for Elgin officially opened the nineth of April, with a ga: a scheduled with Ir.bler at luibler. The season consisted of ten ga es scheduled as follows: all. Apr. c I.:.bler at Imbler Apr. 12 Union at Elgin Apr. lo Powder at iowder Apr. 15 Cove at Cove Apr. 26 Imbler at Elgin iipr j 30 Union at hnion May 3 iowder at Elgin hay 7 Cove at Elgin May 17 .Valla Walla at Elgin May 21 .Valla ,V'j.lla at .Valla ,Valla icessful X’ eted and a goodl3ASI r.TI3A IL 1st row: .. leatherspoon, G. Burton, D. Rysdam, D. Rysdam, V. Vaughn, J. Cowan, G. Rysdai.., R. Holiday, P. Vaughn, I. Stubblefield 2nd row: L. Waite, R. Gonzales, B. :-axton, D. Townsend, C. Dalgleish, S. I orn, J". Bechte] 3rd row: ,i. Rasrussen, C. Barlov , L. Scott, R. Card, 1'. Botz, V. Scott1 9 9 9 r » -5 9 fl 3 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 9 9 0 0 0 SmaM tftx 7 1 c. ? i « 1M ?l«'a !s” v G' ' 4 C " c c V- .' V GAM5 ! c ) Rc Lj?v r f Oo= l ,la!!( r£s •fi i ’■ , tsx “Ssr Oh ds!! EK K K •' 1!! r :r «5 w s i.A ' ' Hnt b ! Hutt A i'D V 6K.TI $ I J | G°ELGIN HARDWARE Tom Kirk, Prop. Elgin Oregon CITY DRUGSTORE CORNER MARKET Drugs and Meats and Groceries Fountain Service Phone 491 K. Myers T. Keefer Elgin, Oregon Walter J. Stringham THE ELGIN RECORDER Established in 1891 Compliments Commercial Printing of THE FIRST STATE Elgin, Oregon Phone 93 BANK OF ELGIN Compliments MAYFAIR BEAUTY SHOP of Machineless Permanents Cold Waves Elgin, Oregon DR. HARLEY SMITH Ceila Stegner Verla Jean Scott Phone 601 ELGIN CASH DRY GOODS STORE BOB'S FOOD STORE "Wiles Barnes" Lea-Coats...Blankets Silk-hose...Slacks Shoes...Dresses Shirts...Suits Best Quality Food at Lowest Possible Prices Fish Groceries Fresh Meats Pay Cash and Pay Less Elgin, Oregon Phone 122MILDRED'S CAFE DON MYERS Plate Lunches Short Orders Sandwiches Dinners Wholesale Meats Cold Storage Lockers Elgin Oregon Elgin, Oregon YOUR GAMBLE STORE ELGIN WOOD PRODUCTS Household Furnishings Hardware Auto Supplies Toys and Gilbert Dory Wood Specialities TONY’S WORKSHOP Antoon Jonkergouw Prop. TEEL'S PAINT STORE Window Glass Pittsburgh Paint Builders' Hardware Skilled Cabinet Work Wall Paper Kalsomine Paint La Grande Oregon LEWA AGER, M.D. Eye, Ear, Nose Throat Sacajawea Annex HYDE'S GROCERY La Grande, Oregon Island City Oregon Gifts for all occasions INLAND POULTRY FEED MELVILLES La Grande La Grande, Oregon OregonUNION COUNTY GRAIN GROWERS, INC. GETTINGS GARAGE E.C. Gettings Prop. Salt General Repair Work Landplaster Lathe Machine Work Coal Feeds of all kinds Electric Welding Oxy-Acetylene Welding BUY CO-OP-SELL Elgin Oregon S. D. FINE FOODS ELGIN CAFE "Smith Davis" Fresh Produce Meals and Short Orders Fresh Keats Fountain Supplies HIGHEST QUALITY GROCERIES Beverages Elgin, Oregon Elgin, Oregon Phone Zf 1 PONDOSA PINE LUMBER COMPANY Elgin Oregon KERNSN’S VELTEX 5$ to $1 Store SERVICE STATION "Your Satisfaction is our Success" Gas Repairs Variety Store Oil Merchandise A Complete Line C.E. Moore of Prop. School Supplies Phone 382 Elgin Oregon Elgin, OregonCORNER SERVICE STATION MINT POOL HALL Gas...Oil...Supplies Repair Work Cold Drinks Dale Holaday Elgin, Oregon Elgin Oregon Sam Reams Prop. ZIMMERMAN’S BUSTER BROWN SHOE STORE Maytag Washers Fuller Paints Frigidares Wall Paper Shoes for the entire family Official Scout shoes for boys and girls La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon ELGIN FLOURING MILL CO. MCDONALD ELECTRIC Storage and Feed Auto Seed Grain Battery Flour Electric Cleaning Magneto and and Chopping Radio Service Elgin Oregon La Grande OregonW.H. BOHNEKAMP CO. Distributors of Diamonds Watches Jewelry Washers G.E. Ranges Refrigerators Silverware Zenith Radios Monarch Ranges Hoover Sweepers Speed Queen ’Washing Machines Rasmussen Bennett's Paints Parker 51 Pens La Grande Oregon Phone Main 103 GERARDS JEWELRY 1306 Adams Ave. La Grande Oregon HELMA'S ANN JOHNSON'S Open Every Day Includ- ing Holidays Correct Apparel Ten to Midnight Across from the Post Office For Women Phone 48 La Grande Oregon La Grande, OregonBLUE MT. CREAMERY Cash Buyers of Cream and Eggs La Grande Oregon BUNTING TRACTOR CO. INC. Distributors for Engines Caterpillar Road Machinery Diesel Tractors 212 Greenwood St. La Grande Oregon Phone 535 CHANDLERS Tractor and Equipment Company Power Farming Equipment International Minneapolis-Moline "Everything in Farm Equipment" La Grande Elginf • • .-W • "Everthing in Music" Pianos—Band Instruments 9 Electric Appliances 9 Bendlx 9 VAN PETTEN LUMBER Records COMPANY 9 Popular Classical 9 Sheet Music 9 ' 9 9 9 Phone 732 RADIO MUSIC SUPPLY CO. 9 La Grande Oregon La Grande—Enterprise 9 9 SAFEWAY STORES INC. TURN'S FURNITURE 9 STORE Fresh Meats Complete Home 9 Groceries Furnishings Floor Coverings 9 Electrical Appliances 9 • t La Grande Oregon La Grande, Oregon ' NOODLE PARLOR ROY FARNAM SUPPLY "Next Time in Town • Eat at The Noodle The Place to Buy Parlor. American Auto Parts ! • and Chinese Dishes." Sporting Goods 9 Wholesale and Retail r st La Grande M Oregon f • • 0 % ROSENBAUM ELECTRIC Compliments of Phonograph Records Needles Westinghouse Supplies MILLER CABINET SHOP La Grande, Oregon Compliments of Compliments La Grande Branch of ZION'S MEN'S SHOP FIRST NATIONAL BANK La Grande Oregon LIESMAN DRUGS THE GIFT SHOP Prescriptions, Drugs and Gifts Gifts and Fine Jewelry- Hallmark Greeting Cards Cosmetics La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon PHOTO ALBUM FITZGERALD’S FLOWER SHOP 1111 Adams Ave. Floral Designs for All Occasions Telegraph Delivery Service Phone 1090 La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon CLUB CAFE SHORB'S "The Place to Eat in La Grande." Office Machines Royal Typewriters 1203 Adams La Grande Oregon M. J. GOSS MOTOR COMPANY Fine Motor Sales And Cars Service La Grande, Oregon La Grande Branch It's Always UNITED STATES NAT'L BANK OF PORTLAND FALKS La Grande, Oregon In La Grande Member—F.D.I.C. DOROTHY'S TEA ROOM Phone 106 Lunch 11:30-1:30 Dinner 5:30-8:00 Bridge Party Special Dinners Group Luncheons CLAUDE BERRY Bill Thomas Associate Member Real Estate..Insurance 1120 Adams Ave. Upstairs 207 Depot Street La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon MODERN RADIO SHOP Sales Service PERKINS MOTOR CO. Home Car Radio Amateur Equipment Dodge-Plymouth Buick Automobiles Amplifier Sound System 602 Adams Phone 580 Dodge Commerical Cars and Trucks La Grande, Oregon Phone 500 La Grande Oregon  ODORLESS DRY CLEANERS FAIRWAY ELECTRIC L.F. Johnston Exclusive "Lusterize" Cleaners for Union County "Everthing Electrical" Cleaning Pressing Repairing Dyeing Phone 763 107 Depot La Grande 1107 Washington Ave. La Grande, Oregon EASTERN OREGON LIGHT POWER CO. La Grande  OATFIELD SUPPLY FAY LESS DRUGS Auto Supplies Sporting Goods "It lays to Buy at Payless" La Grande Oregon La Grande Oregon LA GRANDS ELECTRIC NELLS GRB 'JDTT Your 4-K Club Agent Contracting Sales Service Representing Hartford Livestock Insurance Co. La Grande, Oregon 1117 Adams I hone 93 .Ve also write all kinds of insurance, including life. La Grande, Oregon 214 Elm St. FRED G1AETK Fast, Competent News Handling in all your Spheres of interest. Iron Fireman Stokers Oil Burners Local County State National International Comics Features Kelvinator Refrigerators Stoves La Grande Oregon LA GRi NDE EVENING OBSERVER Phone 600 Sixteen Hours Faste"CHERRY’S FLORISTS Underwood Typewriters Presenting Flowers Artist- ically for Every Occasion HALL'S Typewriter Service "Augy" Sperling 1112 Adams Ave. Phone 11 109 Depot St. La Grande OREGON TRACTOR CO. La Grande, Oregon NU-WAY CLEANERS Allis-Chalmers Machinery 1708 6th St. La Grande, Oregon Packard Cars Phone 96 TROTTERS WALKER MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer Home of Hart Schaffner . Marx Clothes Insist on Genuine Ford Parts Service all cars 1118 Adams Ave. La Grande, Oregon Chauncey Walker Owner-Manager La Grande Phone 256 CHA3. H. REYNOLDS Smith Bro3. LOVING SERVICE Insurance-Loans-Bonds e are equipped to give you prompt dependable service on Sommer Hotel Building all types of local and long distance hauling in Oregon, La Grande, Oregon Washington and Idaho Phone 88 GLASS DRUG CO. IMBLER CASH STORE The Friendly Store A.T. tf.C. . ebb La Grande, Oregon Phone 223 Imbler Where Your $ Have Lore d THE ROSANA SHOP R • RAGJDAL Dresses..Hose..Lingerie Insurance La Grande, Oregon La Grande Oregon Hair Styling NATE ZV EIF3L For Men, . omen and Children Plumbing-Heating Pumps-Oil Burners Norman Desilet Coal Stokers Phone 84 La GranderTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT7T7TTTTT777 y OOO, So 7

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