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4 u v ' ,,g,,,, K w T .IE QE.-31-21 4g.....t. , , H. Nil! . , 41' ZEJ. ,I ,ry Lv' Q. A H v .nf 1: 3 . .,. MQ P5 62.2 , , Y ,mx , ' V .. 73,1 , g ",,.: , v 9 V. 5 ,N 1,44 J 1 'I ,' . n 1 A I - The 1942 Maroon Iczrnes Chapman, Executive Editorg Homer Price, Photography Editor I L xx f in the past year and ioresacgblhinring evenxsg? fl ,ll X-NWN Q E ARUUND Il, JN' 5 I 'fv xNuuull'l'IIl1,,,,, 'A xxx ffl! 6 2 f xxxttillllllll 10, Q XXX fl, 2 vs X HH' I O A XXXU IIN!! ff Q C XXXN ffl, I, Q Q 5 XXXNUHHUIIQ! 2 2 E I X Q 9 1 1 lt 1 Z bv E allfanac wa? once a ry important tradition in f . HHIIIUX X x X f,,1-lmenca. for it not oxwgxrecordsd what hy happe before but forecast what ,ffl XXXX XX Q was ,fd lcbhtdlwve prese txin this v Xme a tb 4 '1 xii X 1, x Q Q rhdqefnl cirlfx-xfxreqci teihhmg what hcisxqappened Xb chhidzlifillld ihiivhich youth as sw here will play an ever increasgrgbaoxgortant part. U I X 6 W6 6550 ROM "Libra" full of interesting events: highschool presentation game, and stepped out record every important QS iff through "Cancer," registration to graduation, this has been a year new happenings and new versions of old ones. You saw the first of "Out oi the Frying Pan," munched hot dogs at a football at the Victory Ball. We've put words and pictures together to event in its chronological sequence in - "The Cycle of the Seasons." THE EDITORS Q tgjgzaff Z' .lvv wt' ix 7' .V 2 . 1' ,,V .H ,, W , f 15', 4 3 is w ,V , Q, ,fr-'?2f 'v-f,1,, ng Za '33 ' ' T' s . Aww K gf LWTT' , 1 ,Q A . an qu: an my ,, 'P Frwgkyg' IN is up x hbxym 5 N, K .gwksy ' ' -. .'f-:C hit X, ,pk ' Qu' 'N V ' ' f' 7. XV" .v .5 is 4 er lx , 4 my Fig of ' fr " ' E 0,14 QQ? ' .QXXYE 1 af ' 'W Q 'Q 1 Y 5 .R Q i , 4a Qi. H w .F fr 4 -.7 . N f "' '55 Q ' L Q 'J I, ' Tk. wki ale 5h . 'xy sg' ml QL, ' iw - w Q ,s 3 wif ' Q-ni. N 1 fs X Rm, M ., W -fx MW .QW I wa' 1 'w. if! mm Nz. 9. iz-Q' '31 W ' A :Q-,a V 1 xx 1 1 X 11 xx X X x 1 X Q 5 rx.. .9 111.111, x,1 1,I , .1 '1 'f 1 1 111111 ' N111 11,11 1 1 U 1 UU1111111111, fl 1 11 , .0 'fb , f 1 1 W11111111111,,,,l ' ', f,, . 0 QV X 1, , Q wyxxxmtlllnlugm 2 1 N X 4 1 N A Q -5. 1 Z 2 Z Q Sv: 1,2 - v - 4 - va .1 - 25 r L I 1 E 4 h .5 Q Q - X 2 2, In 'Q 51 I A Z W QS r 1 Z Z W'1l11111n11111W 1 f ,, , 1 1, X. "f, "'f1111,111,111"x . X S ff I 1 H, I . 1 1 f I ' 1 X 1 I, I f 1 1 X X 1 1 1 1 1 ' I , 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 I X X 1 1 ' 1 N 1, I ' 1 I ' P 1:53 1 1 1, at ii-lf X X X y K I 1 I J X X . X X X X xx XX X X V N CX 'I X X XUHII X XX x X XXX x X X O mill!! N X X Q XXX mm Q x X - - -v 4 ? ! Z - I f 1 1 4 1 X 0 f Q 2 Z Wflfllllllm' I ' f 0, fffflllllm f f f f ff f ff ffl!! I . f O! Hllfllll I R f f ff f , fflllll I I ff f If +27 " ' 1 M KN ' ' 1 1 I I Q1 Indian Xummer- Woof :E 'Q 1. , jf m,AA ms ' A W' - N... X Q L ,..QQXyi,! A it , ,K WY Nm XAAVL Q-.www - . MN, .. . yt . Wray-M, .iw - M 3 .,,w...5QQ,,XS5 xv i N L A , it f . Q lv- 5 ,ew L... , - .v 5. is 1 W sf -J' .SQ 5 . Wm si A A W M L-X. X 4- Q X is X f wig CHU' numb' The A dministra tion Oral F. Patterson B. S., M. S. University of Illinois Superintentlent Orrin G. Thompson M. S. Northwestern Univer- sity Assistunt Superintendent of Schools Merrill R. Stephan B. F. Illinois Suite Nornml University M. A. University of Cliicxien Principal 'l'. A. I.aii'scn Ncllic M. Drysmlzilc Arlrih X Prilt B. A. Olivct liiillc-gc ll. A. Wheaton Collcgc ll. A V9 l1L.ll0ll Culltgt Assistant Priiicip.il nml Buys Donn of Girls Stucltnt Coumil Xclustr Ailviwr Elgin High School is fortunate in having a stall of men and women who possess executive ability and a line spirit of co- operation. Mr. Patterson, our superintendent of schools, and Mr. Stephan, our principal, are constantly striving to improve the school for both the students and the faculty. T. A. Larsen is assistant prin- cipal and also the boys adviser. Well-liked among the students, he is always willing to give ad- vice to those boys seeking it. Mrs. Drysdale, director ot pupil adjustment, assists the students in solving ditticult problems in personal confer- ences with them. Board of Education H941-l942j Roy Dougherty, President Burt Phillips Roy I. Massa lionzilml Mclnis S. Mills Eno C. H. Apple Cliurlcs Flora Frank D. Uric Paul C. Patterson NVillurcl Bccluc, Secretary Varsity Football "T" is for touchdown, at least it was for the Maroon Varsity in their first seasons experience with the famous "T" formation. Iinxed bythe weather, Elgin fin- ished in third place when play- ing conditions made double handling in the "T" treacherous. Coach Mike Farroh called the varsity the 'floest team in six years," adding, "our line was speedy, which helped the "T" a great deal. To perfect the forrnae tion there must be a quick- thinking, fast-acting line com- bined with a speedy, wides awake backfield. This year El- gin had both." Best news of the year came when Maroon guard, Gordy Surber, was named on the As- sociated Press All-State football team. Surber was the first El- ginite ever to receive this honor. Gordy said about his good for- tune, "The other fellows deserve just as much recognition." Many other varsity men re- ceived praise for fine playing: Captain Perkins, Denk, Hage- man, Michael, Flaherty, Palmer, Ju L ltl VN mlcll Perkins mrtlun Surltcr rultl Iohnsun Iolin llc Schroeder, Bosynak, Kilburn, Funk, and Iohnson. Maroons might well have punned that "these must be nights our 'mudders' warned us about." ln four out of seven conference battles they tlound- ered through rain and mud which bogged down the assem- bly line precision with which the "T" must necessarily function. The Elgin line, although out- weighed in almost every game, showed the training it had re- ceived by overwhelming their opponents with few exceptions. The Varsity Team I .. ., , w. 41, W' fx L ff 1 70 W sf' Q' 9 fx WA ff, z"""' Q!!! .0-5 tl 5 wNf A M es eww? W 3 5 1 i...4ni Mm Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Cmrilmi Surlwr -Xll-Slam' Gunrml Scores Standings Maine O loliet 6 Ioliet ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,, West Aurora 6 West Aurora LaSalle-Peru 6 Elgin ..,..,.. ,,..,,,,,,, East Aurora 6 LaSalle-Peru Freeport 0 East Aurora Thornton 7 Freeport ,,,,,,,,,,,, , Pct. 1.000 .750 .600 .500 .200 .000 llill Schmitz Iulin Smlt Willzircl Palmer lim Wziggoncr llob Hageman Cliff Sclirocilvr Dun Fluhcrty XVailclcmnr Lucpkc Wilbur Miller Hill Richardson Norm llurbury Frosh-Xoph Football The Frosh-Soph football squad overwhelmed their opponents with a total score of 72-27. The first victory was a non-confer- ence game against Maine. The next week the Maroons defeat- ed loliet in the first conference game of the season. Freeport was outscored on the Elgin gridiron. Coach Krafft's absence for a week was a draw- back, Elgin losing to West Au- rora. The Creams couldn't break into the East Aurora stronghold, and the LaSalle lncas tied El- gin in a O-U deadlock. Then in the final game, Elgin defeated Thornton Fractional, closing the season with four victories, two losses, and one tie. Sixteen players were employ- ed regularly in the season's grid battles. Four ends who saw much action were Dick Stolt, Ralph Andreason, Austin Han- sen, and foe Greenberg. Han- sen suffered injuries early in the season and Andreason fill- ed the vacancy effectively. Elgin's hard hitting tackles who packed an enormous amount of power and weight were Charles Smith and Ernie Kaptain. Bill Goeclert, Adolph Goldenstein, and lim Tuthill were the guards, stopping many heavy, plung- ing ball carriers. The centers, Bob Smith and Wayne Mische, filled that key position expertly with very few opponents pene- trating the line at that point. Bill Herrin, Munson Anderson, Sam Sauceda, Paul Turner, and Captain Don Anderson were the tricky, speedy backs of the freshmen-sophomore eleven. am Ah. lick Smit 11151111 .X111lu1s1111 5.1111 5111111-1' 1 Elgin 7 Elgin 26 Elgin 6 Elgin U Elgin l4 Elgin l3 Elgin 6 Hun .Al1llL'I'SOI1, rapt. C1111cl1c5 lulin K1'11tl'1, Myron Myciw The Frosh-Soph Team 17 Scores Maine U Ioliet U West Aurora 7 LQSc1lle-Peru U East Aurora 20 Freeport O Thornton O NVQ nc Mischa' Bill Gucdcrt Austin Ilnmcn lilmrlcs Smith Iirnic Kziptuin Ralph Amlrcscn Hill Herrin .Ml limi Turi ulpli Gulrlcmtuili lim Tuthill ILT Rmmlwvrt Smith lm' Greenberg W'est Aurora Eclsi Aurora LaSalle-Peru Elgin ,,,,, , , Freeport , Ioliet ,,,, Standings W. L. ,,.4 I 1 ,2 1 ,, Z 2 1 3 , 0 5 Pct. .800 .800 ,667 .500 250 .000 D0 wn The Field Scenes during practice and "the big game 19 G, A. A. Xtate Emblem Winners 'rr Mklflilfj' Beverly Marilyn llri11kv1' Io Iunnnc ctlfdllltl I1111c Cnlcnmn Mary R. fzfllflllllll Margaret I7.1ly Cccilr- lf.sl1cl1111111 Margaret Cmur Rhoda Grupo Luis Hclliuk Carol ICL111 lAIL'llll1lll Doris Helm Phyllis Hulluml Gladys Kilgore Marion Kirkpntriuk Ruth Nuwcomlw Frances Plath Dorothy Puffllltf llclcn Real Marr lane Ricpl Ruth YVZIICFIUIIII Lucille YVoomlricl1 Icnn Whipple Constance Wcszplml Girls keep lit by competition in hockey and basketball 21 Lugiclics Vlilslgi Logan Maxine Goldstein GIHS' Sports Elgin High School Girls Phy- sical Education Department builds its program around a 'core' ot activities tor all. The objectives ot the department are to provide activities tor all at the students' level of interest. Further, it aims to help form good habits, attitudes, and skills, and assists in building character, citizenship, and in upholding health standards. The program tor the gym classes consists of games, team sports, dual and individual sports, self-testing activities, body mechanics, and rhythms. Each student is given an equal chance to develop her abilities. Elgin High School girls are also offered a Well-rounded program in extra curricular sports. At the beginning of the season the girls can be seen hurrying down to Maroon field to engage in a hockey game or speed ball. Basketball is one of the main indoor attractions. When weather permits, many girls turn out tor ice skating at Lord's Park or tobogganing at the Country Club. Other sports offered are volleyball, captain- ball, table tennis, shuttle board, archery, and badminton. Girls are now able to attend swim- ming classes at the Y. W. C. A. third period on Friday. Points are earned tor these sports. luniors are given a State Award in the form of a block "l" for a total of l600 points, Seniors are given a State Award for collecting 2000 acti- vity and health points. Under the direction of Miss Wilda Logan, First Aid and Home Nursing courses and swimming classes were initi- ated this year. 23 The Maroon This year the Maroon staff has published a yearbook that is different from all of its pre- decessors. Building the main theme around the signs of the zodiac, having individual pic- tures of the underclassmen and more informal snapshots throughout the entire book were only a few of the many new things that they did. Several unforeseen obstacles presented themselves that had to be solved before the book was Maroon ready to go to press, Among these were the rising cost of paper, printing and supplies, and the resignation of Frank Briggs, the adviser. However the subscriptions were taken earlier to combat rising prices, and Miss Margaret Newman and Iames Baxter capably took over the task of advising the students about the completion of the book. Students who composed the editorial staff were fames Chap- Editorial Staffs nian, executive editor, l-lomer Price, photography editor, Bob- ert Tornauist, literary editor, Cele Fshelman, Doris Helm, and Sylvia Fisher, associate editors, Boger Livesay, photographer, Richard Clendening and Bill Flood, artists, lane Coleman, Gloria Lehman, Mary Ann Danielek, Marilyn Myers, loan Biggins, Shir Lee lohnson, Bar- bara Schaaf, lohn Damisch, Charles Lindquist, Margaret Danielek, assistant editors, lo leanne Ciraulo, Betty Bickler, Carliss Carlson, typists, and Peg Kelley, Marilyn Giertz, Marge Beverly, May Schrader, Charlotte Churchill, Buth MC- P Chesney, Marilyn Porter, Bill Snellgrove, loyce Bamft, foe Ann Gray, and Pat Tastad. While this group worked inf dustriously on material for the book, the business staff was not idle since it sponsored a fine subscription drive. Their effort was rewarded by the large number of books purchased by the student body, and by the gratifying patronage of the citi- zens of Elgin. Members of the business staff were Bill Richard- son, business rnanager, layne Nerove, Harriett Baxter, Esther Brenner, Lucille Woodrich, Shir- ley Beck, Dick Banks, Frances Plath, and Fern Schoonhoven. Maroon Editors Maroon Business Staff Ls The Mirror The Mirror Kwith the coopera- tion of the staffj presents the events of the school as they take place. Considered one of the out- standing papers in the Big Eight Conference and second vice- president of the lllinois High School Press Association, the Mirror has first rating by the National lournalistic Society and the Quill and Scroll. Marilyn Bovelstad, Catharine Nelson, Bill Hansing, and Law- rence Allison made up the board of editors this year. Other members of the staff were as follows: Elizabeth Fletcher, news editor, Charlotte Helper, Patt Dreyer, and lim Howard, page editors, Eileen Klinger, Harriet Wil- son, Melva fean Bakow, lean Miller, and Lucille Bippberaer were the reporters. Dick Clendening, Bill Flood, and Gordon Coxe were the cartoonists. Anne Peven was business manager, Marvel Lea Smith, advertising manager, layne Nee rove, bookkeeper. Robert Kromhout, Bobert Die- terich, Howard Holman, and Bill Roberts were in charge of circulation. Alva Hughes and Marylee lrish were typists: Frank Ft. Briggs was past adf viser and lames E. Baxter, pres- ent adviser. Mirror Editors Ilrror Edltorial Staff hrror Busmess Staff Publica tions Board The Publications Board di- rects the policies ot the high- school publications and ap- proves the budgets and expen- ditures. The board is made up of the principal, taculty advi- sers, editors, and business managers of the publications, and senior class adviser and student representatives. Both publications are attili- ated with two national press associations: the Quill and Scroll and the National Scholastic Press Association. This year Catherine Nelson, Bill l-lansing, Lawrence Allison, Marilyn Bovelstad, and Anne Peven represented the Mirror, lames Chapman, Horner Price, and Bill Bichardson, the Ma- roon, Ralph Peek was chosen to represent the senior class, Miss Newman, Mr, Baxter, Mr. Briggs, Miss Stickling, Mr. Kumpt, and Mr. Stephan were the faculty members on the Board. lzaak Walton Future Farmers The lzaac Walton League of America has for some of its purposes the creating of inter- est in outdoor activities and the conserving ot Wild life and game. ln the spring ot the year the "lkes" carried out their usual tree planting service which has gained for them a great deal ot deserved recognition, Much has been said for this industrious group with its line ideals. To carry out these ideals the club chose the following group ot students as their leaders: Robert Becker, president, Rob- ert Eldridge, vice-president: and Earl Muetterties, secretary7 treasurer. C. E. Adams directed the group in all ol its successful undertakings. The Future Farmers of Ameri- ca is a National farm youth or- ganization, The purpose ot the group can be best expressed in their motto: t'Learning to do, doing to learn: Earning to live, living to serve." The club tries to bring the school and home closer togeth- er, besides promoting high standards of scholarship and living among its members. This year the Elgin chapter won prizes at the Agricultural tair in the livestock judging con- test and in the public speaking contest, The following group of boys were otticers for the past year: Don Hill, Herbert Dieckhotl, Lee Wainscott, Norman Eraas, and Walter Kroger. Advisers: Herb- ert Damisch and Harry Raplus. Literature Clubs Members of the junior Litera- ture Club joined with much vim and enthusiasm in Writing poems and prose for a month- ly magazine called "Spring Reignsf' The purpose of the magazine was to stimulate ori- ginality in better writing. At the end of each spring prizes are awarded for the best articles submitted. Several other activities were seeing the play, "Papa ls All", selling refreshments at one of the basketball games, and par- ticipating in many events which were conducted within the club itself. The officers for the year were Don Graham, president, Mar- jorie Blank, vice-president, Phyl- lis johnson, secretary, Grace Szosz, treasurer. Miss Marjorie Stoffregen acted as adviser for the club. Looking back through the school year, We find the zodiac sign for each month has favored the Senior Literature Club in many successful activities. Un- der the guidance of Capricorn- us, the club "took the goat by the horns" and celebrated the yuletide season with a Christ- mas fling. Preceding events evidenced more partiality from the signs of fate when the club had book discussions, guest speakers- one of Whom was Mrs. Robert Schofield with South America as a subject, picnics, and parties. Presiding this year and keep- ing the club's active enthusiasm in common channels, were Catherine Nelson, president, Marilyn Rovelstad, vice-presi- dentg Carley johnson, secretary, Iohn Darnell, treasurerg and Miss Elma Engelbrecht, sponsor. Q 1 ' "E" Club To promote an interest in school athletics and in clean sportsmanship, the "E" club has been organized for a number of years in the high school. Thus boys who have won "Es" have the glory and acclamation won not only by the letter itself but also from their qualifications as athletes for an organization which upholds athletic ability. However, the purpose of the club is not only to promote an interest in sports, but also to give boys with athletic ability a chance to voice their opinions in athletic administration. From the treasury of the "E" club comes pecuniary aid for financing grade school athletics as Well as special events in high school. Ushering and op- erating a check-room at bas- ketball games is also a part of the boys' yearly work, Initiation of new members is held twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, so that boys are not kept waiting a long time after obtaining "Els" to join the club. Wendell Perkins ,,,. ., ,,,,. , President Harold lohnson ,,,,,,,.,,,. Vice-president Chuck Schroeder .. ,,,,,,, ,, .,,, Secretary Cliff Schroeder ,,,, A ,, ,,,,,,.,, Treasurer Iohn Denk . Y ,,,,, Sergeant-at-arms Arthur Roggen ,,,,,, , . ,Sponsor 30 I I H1-Y The purpose of this outstand- ing boys club is to "create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character." Throughout the year the club held numerous educational ac- tivities, the highlight of which was the Older Boys Conference held in the latter part of Novem- ber. Participating in this con- ference were leaders from the Northeastern section of illinois. About 550 fellows attended. The eight Hi-Y chapters were faithfully and ably led through the years activities by the Elgin Hi-Y council made up of Dick Price, president, lack Freyer, vice-president, lohn Damisch, secretary, lohn Kirkland, treas- urerg and Bill Rovelstad, ser- geant-at-armsg under the gen- eral guidance of C. L. Horsley, Boys' Work Secretary, Y. M. C. A., each chapter having its own sponsor. Tn- Y This year Sagittarius approv- ed the distribution of Thanks- giving baskets by the Senior Tri-Y to needy Elgin families. Their suppers, dances, meet- ings with the Hi-Y, and Red Cross Work were likewise suc- cessful. Advised by Mrs. D. C. Cook and Miss Cleora lohnson, the governing council was Wanda Lee Miller, Marilyn Myers, lane Coleman, and lo leanne Ciraulo. No less triumphant was the lunior Tri-Y in its functions. ln- genuity was displayed by these freshmen and sophomores in their "Battleship Bounce," a dance held in November. Other successful ventures were sup- pers. Directed by Miss Cleo Krogsrud and Miss Marjorie Stoffregen, the officers for the year were Shirley Sheffner, Nancy Meagher, Virginia Han- dy, and Marjorie Blank. Commercial Primarily the Commercial Club has been organized to promote interest in the business world, to encourage a social spirit among commercial stu- dents by opportunities for so- cial contact, and to make its members conversant with mod- ern business methods. With these aims the club has en- deavored to raise and maintain a higher standard of efficiency. This year the members spon- sored typing demonstrations by expert typists and their own monthly paper, "The Business Whirlf' The officers: Io leanne Cirau- lo, Dorothy Tucker, Mary Ro- mero, and Beatrice Horn, un- der the guidance of George W. Peck, have helped make this year's program a success. French This year, members of the French club enjoyed social and educational events: a Hal- loween party, participation in pep parades, and travel talks on the Gaspe regions of Can- ada, on Mexico, and on French quarters of American cities. The clubs float in the pep parade featured a French chef, Melvin "Garconne" Zuckerman, balanced precariously on the radiator cap of a decorated car. All l-lallows Eve was given due recognition when the 'lFrenchies" held a gay cele- bration at the home of Marilyn Hovelstad, Miss Ann Craig, adviser, Ruth Newcomb, Catherine Nelson, lean Voight, and Robert Storey led the club this year. kk! fp ,... . , XXXKK X 1 1 ,X 1 '1 Itlfl .1 Uvulnvf, UNK I X LX Uxunv,,,H N' fff, X I 3 NIU' Q . NW ffm, f 5 xxxmmulu 04, 5 wx ,Wm 2 9 5 6- -I 2, 2 5 Qi' 'li 3 5 Q 1 , : : E 1 f' 5 , af- .ss X 2 w"g'S 2 M , F X 0 0'1lnmun NW 1,, l 1 1 Ill v' un H 1 0 X .W 1, I 1 X mx 1 1 x xx x xx frxnxx x 1 x .wx AAI1ll' 'Mi 37 S 1 I I I I I -. X x x X X X Xxx I I I I I I x X I 1 X XX If X o . X I x xxx XXXIIINII X XX NNI mu X I X 5 CX XWNIIII x X X X X X XX IIIIIH X X Q S QNIIII -4 4? ? " f '14 If yw , , j 211, W f j Q Q0 WIIIINIIIII f f, flllllll f fx fl ff fx fffflll ' f . ', 1, f ff! f , 'III : I 1 ff f 1 I I WIN 7 ER 'ffl 1 I I I K Frosty-nights, Glidlh Xka uf l i MX4 if' S, fun and laughter rr rr The Faculty Claudia V. Abell, University ol Chi- cago, Chicago Academy ot Fine Arts, Fine Arts, Art Adviser lor Maroon. Clifton E. Adams. B. S. Lombard Col- lege, Science, lunior lzaak Walton League, Wrestling Coach. W. O. Beckner. M. A. University of Chicago, Cliiucliii V. Alicll C. li. Adams W. 0. Bcckncr Marge Bicrsach Martha E. Black lllllllljff R. Bohncrt Frank R. Briggs R. S. Cartwright Science. Marge Biersach. M. A. Uni- versity ot Wisconsin, English and Dramatics, E. H. S. Players. Martha Black. M. A, Northwestern University, English. Elmer R. Bohnert. B S. Stout lnstituteg Industrial Arts. Frank R. Briggs. M. A. Indiana State Univer- sityg English, Mirror and Maroon Ad- viser, Publications Board. Roscoe S. Cartwright. M. A. Creighton Univer- sity, Head ot Social Studies Depart- ment, Director of Forensics, N. F. L Hi-Y. Maxine Goldstein, B. S in Phy- sical Education, North Central Col- lege, Gym. Marvin L. Hasting. A. B. University of Illinois, Assistant Band- master. Marion Gumz. B. E. Superior State Teachers College, Assistant Li- brarian. Ethel Hoagland, B. A. Uni- versity ol Nebraska, Library. Helen L. Iocelyn. B. S. Northwestern Uni- versity, Speech and English, Mask and Bauble. Cleora E. Iohnson, M. A University of Missouri, Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club. Mar- tha lane Iones. M. A. Northwestern University, English. Helen C. Ketter- ing, M. A. Northwestern University, Science. Iohn A. Krafit. M. A. Co- lumbia Universityg Commercial, Ath- letics, "E" Club. W. A. Kumpf. M. A University ot Chicagog Head of Busi- ness Department, l942 Class Sponsor Inez Lawrance. A. B. University ot lllinoisg Religious Education. Verne Lentz. M. A. Northwestern University, Social Science, Freshmen Sports. Hi-Y. Edna Lewis, B. A. University of lowa, Business. Hazel F. Linklield. M. A. University of Wisconsin, Head ot Foreign Language Department. Latin Club. C. A. Lloyd. Northwest- ,,.,.af 'ography Club Wildal. Logan M S. 'Nlorthwestern University Physical ducauon Girls Athletic Association. Gertrude Carr Meadows B A Cor- nell College English and Mathe- matics Iunior Literature Club E G. McLean M A Northwestern Univer- ity Science. Irene Plelemexr B. A. lncliana University- Latin and Eng- lish. Mary E. Reese. B. A. University ern University, Industrial Arts, Pho- S. I . . . I of lowa, Social Science, Speech, English. Anne Craig. M. A. Univer- sity of Chicago, Foreign Language, French Club. Herbert R. Damisch. M. S. University ol Illinois, Agricul- ture, F. F. A. Katherine H. Davery. M. A. Northwestern University, So- cial Science. Eleanor H. Dorsett. M. A. University of Illinois, Science. Elma C. Engelbrecht. M. A. North- western University, English and Mu- in rss "FW i ix ic tiultlncin Marion Gumz Marvin Hzisting Ethel Hoagluml Helen I.. Iocclvn i lnlinsun Mnrtlin I. Ioncs llclcn C. Krttcring lohn A. Kraft! W. A. Kumpf 1 l.nwr1mcc Verne lxmz litlnzi Lcwis Hazel Linkficlcl C. A. Llovcl 4 1 I.. lmggm tit-rtrlulc Mcmlmvs li. G. Mclxain lrvm- l'irlc'riiz'ir-r M.irv li. Rrcsc 1' sic, Senior Literature Club. Mabel A. Engelbrecht. M. A. Northwestern University, Foreign Language, Ger- man Club, Mask and Bauble Club. Donald M. Esworthy. M, S. Univerf sity of lllinois, Science, Michael A. Farrah. M. A. University of Iowa, So- cial Science, Football, Basketball, Track. Elsie H. Fletcher, M. A. North- western University, English, l944 Class Sponsor. Florence H. Fletcher. lx A. x1fllilgIlIlll'l'l' Lt-if C.. lN1mitgunii-rx Cliarlcs l.. Morrill Cllrnnlt' li. Morrow lbnmtlii' Murrzix' Myrun C. Mvcrs M.i1'gtir'i't li. Newman Guixrgc lf. Peck Mary A. Pctcrs Arlnh A. llrtitt Ncllic li. Purkixs U. K. Rouse li. l. Rcnncr L. V. Robinson Arthur Roggcn Mziry Louisa Smith Elizabeth Stcairns Nora B. Stickling Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Home Economics, Home Economics Club Kenneth A. Montgomery. M. A. Uni- versity ot Wisconsin, Social Science, Secretary-Treasurer ot Athletic Board, Rifle Club. Leo C. Montgomery, M. S. University of Illinois, Industrial Arts. Charles L. Morrill. B. S. DePaul University, Social Science, Varsity Football Line Coach, "E" Club. Glen- nie E. Morrow. M. A. University ot l. - . . Aniit' Craig Ilurhcrt R. Dmiiisi Kgitlicrinc ll. llqivi lilcginur ll. llorxct liIm.i C. lingclliruc Mahal A. lingclhrc llunailil liwvurthv Miki' A. liairruh lilsic ll. lflctclivr lflorciict- ll. lflcrcl Iowa, Business Dorothy Murray. Il- linois State Normal University, Busi- ness. Myron C. Myers. M. A. Univer- sity of Minnesota, Science, Assistant Football Coach, 1942 Class Sponsor. Margaret E. Newman. M, A. Univer- sity of Chicago, Head of English De- partment, Publications Board, Ma- roon Aclviser. George W. Peck. M. A, University of Chicago, Business, Commercial Club, N. Y. A. Super- visor. Mary A. Peters. M. S. Univer- sity ot Iowa, Mathematics, 1943 Class Sponsor. Adah A. Pratt. B. A. Whea- ton College, Head of Mathematics Department, Student Council Adviser, Nellie E. Purkiss. Ph. B. University of Chicago, Social Science. U. K. Reese. M. A. Northwestern University, Music, Bandrnaster. Gilbert I. Benner. M. S. University of Illinois, Science, Stu- dent Council Co-Adviser. L. V. Rob- inson. B. S. University ol Iowa, Busi- ness, School Treasurer. Arthur Rog- gen. M. A. University ot Iowa, Physi- cal Education, Track and lntra Mu- ral Sports, "E" Club. Mary Louise Smith. M. A. Northwestern University, Social Science. Elizabeth Stearns. B. S. Lewis Institute, Home Eco- nomics, Cafeteria Manager. Nora B. Stickling. Ph, B. University ot Chi- cago, English, Publications Board. Marion Laitey. M. M. Northwestern University, Music, Orchestra Direc- tor. Evelyn L. Boettcher. Secretary- registrar. Homer H. Shelby. M. A. University of Illinois, Social Science, Assistant Forensic Coach, 1945 Class Sponsor, I-Ii-Y. Helen L. Revett. R. N Charing Cross Hospital, London, Eng- land, School Nurse. Mabel E. Silli- W? we ID' Marion Latlcy lf.rt-lin I.. Ito:-ttc man. R. N. Sherman Hospital, School Nurse, Attendance Officer. Marjorie E. Stofiregen. B. A. University of Iowa, English, lunior Literature Club, Tri-Y. P. E. Taylor, University of Illi- nois, Head ot Industrial Arts Depart- ment. Adele Thom. M. A. University of Chicago, Mathematics, Tri-Y. Clif- ford V. Thomas. M. A. University of Iowa, Director of Music Education. Maxine Vincent, Library Science, Uni- versity of California, Library. I. N. Voncks, M. A. University of Chicago, English, Aero Club. E. C. Waggener, B. S. University of Indiana, Head of Science Department, Director of Vis- ual Education. Walter M. Wilson. B. A. Grinnell Collegeg English, At- tendance Director. Hortense A. Wil- son. M. A. University ot Illinois, Math- ematics. Noel E. Winn. B. S. Stout Institute, Industrial Arts, Varsity Golf, Freshman Sports. Robert T. Winn. B. A. University of Iowa, Science, Photography Club. Iames E. Baxter. M. A. Northwestern University, Eng- lish and Iournalism, Mirror Adviser, Business Adviser for Maroon, Publi- cations Board. Not Pictured: H. E. Raplus. B. S. Iowa State College, Vocational Agricul- ture, F. F. A. Chester Renner, A. B. Eureka College, Mathematics, Tennis Coach, Physical Education. Dorothy E. Stoehr, B. A. St. Olaf College, Sight-Saving. Homer Shelby Helen I.. Revell Mabel Silliman Marjorie Stoftrcgcn P. E. Taylor Adele Thom Clifford Thomas Maxine Vincent I. Newell Vonckx Ii. C. Waggoner Walter M. Wilson llortensc llVilson Noel E. Winn Robert T. Winn lames E. Baxter 40 CLAXX UF 1943 my 41 Kun' nur: Ii. .'xCIiL'IILlI1l'l. li. .-X1I.nm-k, I Amlmm. S. Amhnm, G. Almrcm, C. Allen R. Allun. Run' !ll'US If.. txIIlIL'I'5l7II, .'X. .'XntcIiII. R. Applc, N. I. Arthur, G. Asher M. Alchimn, R. Austin. Kun' lflrwi Ii. Ihlcklls, II. IIIIYHIIIIII, II. Iiurluvv, Ii. Burnhnrt. S. IILIYIIXVCII M. R. Iiurtlcsun, M. I. II.lllIllLlI1. Rau' fllllff Ii Bznlms, S. Iinck, M. IIA'- ILAIIIQSI. R. Bcgulkal, I. lk-nlmrt, C. Bun- norlh, II. I. Iiicklcr. Kon' fiwf: NV. Iiuhlin, A. Ihmmyglk, C. Iirundcs, II. Iirulick, A. Iiruwn, IJ. Brown, P. Rmwn. Nou' fix: Ii. Iirulmkrr, R. Iiuclmlrr, V. Iiuinck, M. Iicrlgcr, I.. Iiuhrnw, Ii. Hur- gcsun, R. Bullm-r. Kon' .1't'l'l'I1.' I. QILIIIIITITUII, G. IIAIIHHII, U, CIll'LlIXlI'l0S, C. Carlson, I.. Cnrlsrm, R. Curxluy, M. I. Chapin. Run' nglllf IP. CIlL'IK'I'IiLI, lf. IIIIFIBI. Ci. Clmrim-mon, C. Churchill. I. Cnllim, Ii. Connor, II. CunrnuI. Null' l1l'lIf'.' Cullwzly, U. Kfunluggln, C0llIOII1I3l', R. Cnwy. li. Coxc, D. C1'c'.1l1u'l', Crmmclmlwrg. Kun' 16111 I. Ihxmixclm, I, lJ.micIs, II. Dur- Img. K.. Ilnvis, ID. linux, I.. Dzlxis, R. Dum-I. Kuff' r'fr'1'1'11.' I.. IM-Minn. M. I. Uiblcr, S. Ilicrsclmw, If. Iinllwy, A. Dopke, I.. I7mIIc, IP. III't'IL'l'. IXIUII' lll'FfI'l'.' I'. I5l'L'x'cl'. If. lJucwL'I, Ii. Ilycr, S. Iilu-rm.m. W. Iigmwrff, E. lihlcrr, K. Ehorn. s Kun' nur: I. I".l14ILIL'. I.. Iirzlmgmn. N. I:lI1IIll.III, I., I:t'IIIIlI.lII. M. Ifrllon. R. I'1'I'I'lxx, .X. I'lk'I'I'iL', lx'ffn' ln'u.' .X. IfnlImurc, II. Ifitmn. YV. I"mI14'l', I'. I"1sIu'r. II. I5I.lIIc'l'Ix', I.. I'11cIx, S. I'l'IIl. lx'rfu' lf1r'n'.' M. Ifnlvx. R. Ifunk, XV. KILIIY- Ivr. I, li.1c4IL'. R. Cigllsku, Ii. CSqlrl'L'Ilx. II. fhnlcs. Run' funfx' II. lkntu C. G1-isIL'r. M. 41c'1'Iwx'4Il11.u. R. lwrmI1u1. M. in-rgw. M. lic-rgvr. R. iii.1111IwIIif41, IJ. UIIIIIL-ns. Kun' ff1'c'.' II.. fInI4Ic'l1xtc'Il1. CI. CIUII, I7. U1ll1gI1. S, GuuImI, R. llrqlcrr, R. fIl'LlYL'l'. K. IIIIIIIU. Kun' .-'fri Il. Ciumlcmnn. I. UyIIrcIi, I. II.u.ln, I'.. II1u'Ig. R. IIg1I1gg1s, M. IIAII, XV. II.um'isIur. H1114 .w'l'I'!'llf .X. II.unwn. C. Ilglmvll. II. II.lI'l1L'X, I, II.II'I'IN, II. Ilvqxrn, C. IIL'II3L'I', K, Ilrunmgq. Kun' Flglllf M. IIc'nIL'x, I.. IIL'l'IL'r, I Iluckvx. II. Ilitm-mill, R. Ilugnglnml, S. II1wtII.m4Icr. .X. II4m1ngtm1. Kfflf' mm' K. IIuIw. R. IIrrI1Ic'n, II. IIUI- l1l.lI1. R. IInIlf, IT. IIQIU, 'I4. Ilnlu II. Ilnpp. Kim' Ir'!lZ I'.. I Iupp. I'. IIUIII, I IUWLHALI I I. I I11cIxstcmIl, .X. I IIIQIILW, I. I ILIQIICN II. I.. IIuIIw. Kun' 1'lr'1'r11.' Ci. Iluntcr. R. IIumIu'. R lII.l, M4 Irlxh, I.lnuIx, I.. I.lfnIDs, .X I.lL'1rI1NHlI. Run' fll'l'll'I',' Ci. I.IIIIL'5, N. In-wr-II, II InI1nwn, II. Iuhnwn. M. IuI1mun, NI. I'. .'xl'IIlUl'. R. Im'sI.m, Nun' unr: If. Im'sIuu, Y. K.uImv, A. KAI wr, X. Rvrkcr. ii, R1-I.lI14m. R, Rvllrn IN'l'gL'l'. II. KCIIXUIL Nou' Iwo: IJ. IiilsIc, I5. Knllwurn, II Kirluw. N. Rh-N-r, If. Kllngrr, I Klingvr, R. KUk'IlI1Iii'. Kun' I!H'!'I'f C. KuIm'icIgls, S. Runtuwiti 11 Ii. IxrmppL'1'cI4lIc, C. Kfmulm, I. KIIIIYIJU, Ii. Kl'1lIl1i'l', K. Kl'LllllIiL'. Rauf four: ID. Kruse, M. Kult. Ii. I,4lIIc' man, R. I.nlnprccI1l, C. I.LlIllIIS. M I.4nnc, A. Lungs. Kun' firrx' S. I.1lVVI'L'I1CL', II. I.L'I1IllAlIl, M Lehmann, li. Lcisclmcrg, M. I. Iicssman V. I.1.-mon, R. I.cucnIwcrgvr. Ran' fix: IJ. I.L'lllIlHIlI, Il. I.ul1tI1uI1I. II x IACIWIQ, II. Llcpltl, I., Lucck, I. I.uL-pkc, D. Mans. Run' .w'l'l'I'IIf C. M.1rIin, II. M.1rlin. K. Mnrrm, II. Mgm, fi, Mason, C. M.uw1, C. Mnulc. Run' right M. McAIIi5tul', M. NIC.XI'IIIL1I', R. Mclfglrtlly, Ci. Mfk:ilI'lIlIiIi, N. Mclhmuuglx, R, M. MQQLM-mx, M Mcliau. y . . lwn' I1ll1l'f It. McI.c':1n. M. I.. MI-l.u.m, II. MQNUII, I. Mcifuc. Ii. Mrllnn. R. Mcnkv, ID, Mmcr. Kon' tru: II. Michvl, A. MiIIcr. C. MIIIN, IF. M1IIc1', M. MlIIC'I', M. INIIIILT, M. Millcr, I'. Millcr. Kun' f'll'l'l'lIf VV. Milla-r, Ii. McMiIIiun. If. Misscllc, ID. Mmmcy. Ii. MnrI.uuI, W. Morrison, R. Mnrlun. Nou' lu'1'll'1'.' N. I. Murlnn, Ii. McIirisIn', M. Motulkn, Ii. Mmilz. M. A. IMLIITQIX, C. NL-Iwn, M. NCISUII. 15144 wifi S. Ymlwm. K, Nrrgu, I.. NL'sIc'l', .X. Ncwlu. IT. Nulml, R. f,K'IlIL'l', S, UImu. Kun lun: I. Ulin5.1:'r, I. O'Rmlrkc'. IS. l'.u'rutl. M. II.IllIl, I. Peck, C. Pctcrwn, I. Vclrrwll. Kun' Illini li. Rnlw, M. I. Rzlkuw, M. Rmrw. .-X. Rc'irm'r, R. Rvilnrr, I.. Roi' mrl. R. Rn'im'rI. lwlr fum: V. Rl'l1lIlll'I', V, Rrutrr. P. Riclmrcls, Ii. Ricl1:mIml1, li, Richcrt, ll. Rnlmmn. U. Riclmck. liuu' flllf' I.. Ripplu'rgr1', ll. Rubcrla. P. Rwgmw. Y. Ruhr. 13. Rmnris, R. Runn, R. Ruth. lmu' .-'zrf R. Ruxwll. P. Ryan, M. Snrm, I. Nutt. H, ScI1.l.lI. I. SUIMIHIH, VV. ScI1.liIvIc'. Kun' .-'frzfli R. Sclwilzmw, R. Schc'iIuw, M. SKIICIIIIII. I". Schitfrrcr. V, Schmidt, fi. Sklmmlt. NI. I. Scllllnthurst. Run' might: R. Scllrxck. IT. 5L'Ill'.lIlCl', I. Sm I1I'.ll1ll1. A. Scllrncmlvr, I. Schultz, If SrI111l11.1ckc'l'. Ii. Sk'I1lIl'Il1j.1. lwu 11111: J R. Scralnlun. G. Swllvr, K. Sn X lh r. I.. SIll'LlfI'1'I', U. SIIUIIUII, I. SIIIIIILIII, C. Spursrl. H1114 lr 11: IJ. Skinm-r, M. Smith, W. Smith. K. Small. I. Snlxulu. ID, Spcnccr, R, SIll'I1L'l'I'. fwfr' rlzrru: CQ. SINrl'lSll1.lll. M. Squirnw, I, Smlnl. ii. Snuhng, IR. SILIYIHLIII, ll. Stulc. S. Stn-pquu-k. Kuff' 1'll'lfI'I'f U. Stc'ttm'r. l... Slvwglrl, I, NUII. ll. SlHI1l'IH't'LlIil'lA, V. SIlItI1.'I71lkCl', R. Stumrm. X. Sullium. Rouf our: B. Sunil, R. M. Sunclcrmzm M. Surbcr, E. Swcntck, I. Szosz, G Taylor, C. Tazcwcll. Row Iwo: E. Tcrmini, F. Tcrmini. D Thornton, M. Toppcl, R. Tipplc, B Trcaclwcll, F. Trupp. Rau' thrrr: G. Underhill, A. Van Buren G. Van cle Vourdc, N. Van Fossan goncr. nor, I. Warner, ll. XVLHCFIIILIII, li Wcimlnur, B. Wcnzcl. Row ffrr: C. XNCSICYINLIII, I. VVt'5tl.'l'lllLlll R. VVhipplc, K. Whitc. Row .ffxf R. Wilkcy, S. VVilkins, F. Willc D. Williams, W. VVilson, M. XVlsc R. Wolfe. mick, M. Zuckerman. WINTER .YPUR TX n mv H. Vollmcr, I. VonL:mkcn, I. Wag- Rouf four: L. Xvillll, R. Wzzlkcr, li. War- I.. Wcycr, L. Whalcn, M. VVhippIu: v 1 Row sewn: C, Wright. P. Wright, I. Zcnk. S. Zicrkc, G. Ziglcr, G. Zim- Varsity Basketball Killn lid NVciclncr xVQllllL'I11All' Lucpke With only two major letter- men returning tor the 1941-42 basketball season, Elgin's hopes tor a championship seemed dashed, but the Maroons came through with a victorious team, finishing in second place, The highlight ot the season was the defeat of Freeport, which team was the great ta- vorite ot the Big Eight Confer- ence and which later placed third in the State Conference, The Maroons opened the sea- son with victories over Glen- bard and Hinsdale, but suc- cumbed to Morton the follow- ing week. Then they took a de- cision trom Riverside, which concluded their pre-conference schedule. The Varsity Team The varsity Maroon cagers opened the conference at Ioliet where they lost. Then came a winning streak, six in a row, and these victims included West Aurora, LaSallefPeru, the Pretf zels from Ereeport, and a re- venge victory over Ioliet. How- ever West Rockford stopped the lucky streakg and East Aurora also upset Elgin for a second loss, the one that took them out of the championship race. The Maroons concluded the season with a victory over East Rockford, which gave them seven victories and three losses for the conference schedule. ln a final non-conference game El- gin defeated LaGrange to bring the seasons record to a close with twelve victories and five losses. tltbl lux uffllllfliu hlmx in Kixiflt Iiiik l'rii'i' llnlv Munkv llvfurd Cixi!! Cliff Nnfwn Lick l"i'vui R.1x Slriihm Dirk Ruth Vfhillx Nl in Frosh-Xoph Basketball 99' Sam Sniicvalai Kgirl Pliitli Elgin Frosh-Sophs ended the 1941112 season in possession of third place with the best offenf sive and defensive records in the Big Eight Conference. The underclassrnen played their best games against Morton and East Rockford, and Elgin administered the only two con- ference defeats to an otherwise undefeated conference cham- pion, West Aurora. However a lack of height and speed hine dered their chances for a chamf pionship team in first place. Maroons opened their season with three consecutive victories over Glenbard, Hinsdale, and Morton. They lost to Riverside, but recovered with victories over loliet and West Aurora. The Frosh-Soph Team Elgin then started the last half of the conference by downing Ioliet and West Aurora, the lat- ter being in a second overtime. They lost a close game at West Rockford and wound up the season with conference victo- ries over East Aurora and East Rockford. The Maroons suc- cumbed, however, in a non- conference tilt with LaGrange. Coach Mike Earroh com- mented on the team by saying that this year's squad would have captured the conference crown it they had taken more time in practicing accuracy in shooting. l-le Went on to say that the experience gained from coaching and playing develops the player tor future varsity competition. Coach "Mike" Furroh H ' Charles Smith Paul Turner lim Ragcr lack Burmcistcr Bill Myers Austin Hansen Varsity Basketball Standings W. L. Pct. trffipiwt rf , :-.ul llfur. til lC'l'r'i .lil Wim? liiicfl-1. 1 'llll lluiit li4iCkfT" ' -1 -Qilirl lfcigt fxwirvu Al V -Sflll lNf'1't Ailrft- ,i k"'ll l,tiFmllf P' rr. ' flfl Frosh-Soph Basketball Standings W. L. Pct. VVQ '-,' T Aiirfri ri Ll rfflfl Prf-f-pfiit 7 w "UU lil'IlY1 E3 A4 HOU YNS-:it Rowklw 1 fu fs fvflll fbi." Horkfctrz fi 5 FUU lollvt 4 Ei llltl LaSalle-'Pf rxi 3 7 fillll Fatt Aircrrti Ll H LTUU Wrestllhg After much discussion, the Big Eight conference voted to make wrestling a major sport. The wrestling team's first sea- son has proved a huge success. Wrestling is a sport for small fellows as well as bigger boys. Many weighing under 140 pounds may earn letters be- cause they wrestle boys their own weight. Coached by Clifton Adams, the squad won two meets from Rockford and from East Aurora, Ioliet, Riverside, Geneva, and placed third in the district meet at Stockton. They lost meets to Riverside, East Aurora, and loliet, Thus a splendid record was made. Captains Iohn Denk and Bob Hageman won their respective championships in the sectional meet and were called the out- standing matmen. ln the State Meet Denk lost in the finals, While Hageman was defeated in the preliminaries. With many veterans coming back, the Maroon wrestlers are looking forward to a better sea- son next year. Forensics The achievements of the El- gin High School varsity debate squad have been exceptionally outstanding this year. The squad gained superior ratings in every tournament in which it qualified. At the Augustana College lnvitational Debate Tournament, in which thirty' four schools had entries, Elgin went to the finals and attained the high rating of third place. At the Big Eight Debate and Original Speech Tournament Elgin won second place in each division, With the acquiring of these goals, Elgin was qualified to go to the State District Speech Tournament, where they were first place winner, The squad was then sent to the State Sectional Speech Tournament There the participants again won tirst place in debate and also first place in individual events. ln all its history this is the first time Elgin High School has had such a large number of con- testants qualified for the state finals. ln the preliminaries at state three Elgin contestants qualified for the finals in indi- vidual eventsg debate teams Won five out of six victories. A large portion of the success obtained by the varsity debate team this year should be ate tributed to their coach, Roscoe S. Cartwright, who was assisted by l-lomer Shelby and Miss Marge Rowe. Also bringing honors to E. H. S. was the Erosh-Soph debate team, coached by Homer Shel- by. These debaters came forth with a victory at the DeKalb Debate Tournament, but they gained higher acknowledge- ment at East Aurora where they were not only the highest tour- some, with no defeats, but also had the highest percentage ot victories over losses ol any school. QNJ rise? State High School Speech League District Tournament Elgin--first place Sectional Tournament Elgin-tirst in all events com- bined Augustana Tournament Elgin g 34 schools entered - Finalist Big Eight Debate Tournament Elgin-second place Big Eight Original Speech Tournae ment Elgin-second place State Finals at Champaign Elgin Debate Team-third place in State All-State Finalists Bill Allerton-third place in hu- morous reading Iim Waggoner-third place in original oratory Lois Lavina Lawrence S fifth place in extempore Student C0unc11 Officers 1941-1942 Ri li ml l'i-ti-mf-ii l'ri-siilcnt I um s XV,igguiur View-plwsimlvlit ic Run Sc'crc't:irx I 5 ris l lulm 'l'i'i'iisii1'i'r . "Q . 2' -' clilicr !XKlXlNl'lAN N1m.X4luh lint fllluil R The Student Council is made up entirely of students and conf sists of two main bodies the executive council and the repf resentatives from each home room. The executive council is formed by the four class presif dents, the four officers of the council, and those who were runners-up in the election of officers. One of the best ideas formuf lated by the Student Council was that of the activity tickets This campaign went over al- most 10032. Since the war the Council has instituted a Red Cross drive, a Memorial Fund drive, and the sale of Defense Stamps. The Student Council also promoted the years lye ceum programs. "Uut of the Fryhzg Pan" The eighth sign of the zodiac is the foundation of many leg- ends. One such legend, the su- periority ol the class of '42 over its predecessors, was born No- vember l3 and 14, 1941, when the Senior Class presented for the first time on a high school stage Francis Swann's Broad- way hit "Out of the Frying Pan," Like a true child of Scorpio it was of a robust na- ture, playing to capacity audi- ences. Unlike its birthsign, how- ever, the play's punch was not limited to the end, but was in evidence from the opening scene to the tinal curtain. THE CAST George Bodell , Keith Alfeld Norman Reese Bill Allerton Mrs. Garnet Rosemary Reidy Tony Dennison Wallace Williams Muriel Foster, , Barbara Tobin Kate Ault tThur,l Dolly Cossman lFri.l Lois Shamberger Marge Benson lThur.J Gloria Lehman tFri.l Mary Coleman Dottie Colburn lean Nelson Mr. Colburn Charles Aderman Mr. Kenny, Ioe Neil Mac , , Norman Badgerow loe Dick Peterson Director Miss Marge Biersach Drama Clubs Two of the plays presented at the Three One Acts are only two of the many projects under- taken by the El-l.S. Players an- nually. Another event ot this year in which the members of the club participated was a trip to Chicago when they saw the famous Ethel Barrymore in 'The Corn ls Green," The officers this year are lean Nelson, president, Dick Clen- dening, vice-president, Pat Mc- Kay, secretary, Charles Ader- man, treasurer, and Marge Biersach, adviser. "To learn by doing" is the motto ot the Mask and Bauble, portrayed when members have opportunities to do the types of stagework they like. This year a variety of pro- grams was held: quizzes, panto- mimes, and a walking-rehearsal ot a play, While the club also presented patriotic tableaus in the Three One Acts, The officers have been Dick Leitner, Patricia Dougherty, Marjory McAllister, and Donald Graham, with Miss Mabel Engelbrecht and Miss Helen Iocelyn as sponsors. G. A, A. The GAA., which is a mem- ber of the lllinois League of the High School Girls Athletic As- sociation, is a character and fun-building organization, since it provides tor a monthly get- together of all highschool girls. Several oi the more outstand- ing and interesting programs presented throughout the year were policemen demonstrations of first-aid, a comical quartet, sketches given by the dramatics classes, panels on proper eti- quette, and the participation of all girls in community singing and dancing. In May under the sign of Taurus, which pertains to ath- letics, the annual play day for surrounding schools and their girls athletic groups was held, at which the Elgin High School G.A.A. acted as hostess. The officers for the past year have been Rhoda Grupe, lane Coleman, Marilyn Brinker, Shir- ley Eberman, Ruth Waterman, Carolyn Hameister, Mary Lane Hubbell, Shirley Barnwell, and Margaret Daly. The sponsor has been Miss Wilda Logan. Q55 Ri Ie The Rifle Club, affiliated with the National Rifle Association, has been organized ten years. Anyone may try for membership at the beginning of the semes- ter by competing in rifle con- tests, but only the twenty high- est are eligible. There are four medals to strive for: for marksmanship, for sharp- shooter, for expert, and for dis- tinguished rifleman. The club possesses its own ranges in the new north wing. Purpose of the club is to teach good sportsmanship, care and use of firearms, accuracy, and safety. This year Frank Swanson is president, with K. A. Montgom- ery adviser. l'..... 'f' A era The major project of the Aero club in '41-'42 was to construct three hundred model airplanes for the United States govern- ment. Although not compulsory, each member was encouraged to build one of these planes so that he might fully understand the principles of flying. Possessing books on branches of aeronautics, the members also obtained first-hand inform- ation through lectures by pilots, instructors, and crop-dusters. This knowledge was obtained when the club visited several airports. At the "stick" this year was Bud Roberts, with co-pilots Ed- ward Swentek and Carol Gur- nett. I. Newell Vonckx, adviser, kept the club on a level plane. Photography With photography as the most prominent hobby in the coun-P try, this years photography club devoted most of its time and effort to developing skill in that field. Throughout the year experienced photographers pref sented lectures to the club on their experiences. Because of the war, the club was informed by the Eastman Kodak Company that they would have to save all metal equipment used in photography next year. The club selected the follow- ing group of students as their officers: Roger Livesay, presi- dent, Shirley Beck, secretary, and Bill Lowry, treasurer, Spon- sor for the club was R. T. Winn Home EC, The Home Economics Club welcomes all highschool girls and especially those interested in foods and clothing. This year the foods and clothe ing departments carried on seve eral war-time proiects. The clothing classes made Bed Cross garments for children and knitf ted squares for afghans. During this time the foods classes were busy making cookies which were sent to the soldiers. The club had the following officers: Lois l-leflick, president, Bamona Chandler, vice-presif dent, Gloria Erickson, secretary, and Sue Dewey, treasurer. Sponsors for the club were Mrs, Florence Fletcher, clothing teacher, and Miss Cleora lohn- son, foods teacher. German In learning about German contributions to World culture, the German club held many programs of music, speakers, and pictures this year. Use of the language was made in play- lets, reading contests, and spell- downs. This year the club cele- brated the 150th anniversary of Mozart. At Christmas time the annual banquet was held, while in February a valentine party was enjoyed. Thus a busy year was favored by the Hmonthly signs," and the German club, supervised by Miss Mabel Engelbrecht, suc- cessfully carried out its purpose. The officers were Wallace Wil- liams, loan Silliman, Margaret Gmur, and Geraldine Ziegler. Lathz Inter Nos is one of the oldest clubs in the school. The purpose of the club is to further the stu- dents' interest and understand- ing ofthe Romans and their cus- toms, These are things for which time is not found in class. One meeting this year was devoted to Roman holidays, when members of a panel com- pared ancient holidays with ours. Another meeting featured a Latin baseball game and spelling relay. This years officers were loan Apgar, president, Mary Lane Hubbell, vice-president, Mary Ellen Murphy, secretary, Wil- liam Dearlove, treasurer, with Miss Hazel Linkfield as sponsor. ,,mlv,, '11, cd I I I f f 1 1 1 x W ' x X X X x N x Q Uullxlllzlzul x xx 1, , N xx ff f S xo of If N Cx m'mm'HU"'ff ,C ' N x Q0 0,1 ff ', 3 XS Nunn ullnm,,,0 '19 3 , x N X I r , f N Q N 01 G f - I 5 S Nmwllllvlluw 'oo 1 - , - - Q Q 5 Q 4 f ' - - Q Q Q- .1 Q 4 Z - - - : C Q o v 4 : - - - - : Q N a 2 - - - - I E 5 Q ' v 5 Q I - - 1 - : 5 2 1 I' E I I ' 2 : E 2 0, 5 5 5 1 - ' 1 3 Z ag In qs' S 3 Q , : 9 4 I S Q . ' Z Wy, mov Q N - 5, 4 IIIIIIIHH C 3 X I X X 'Ulumllu X 9 X XX , X X X I I ' 1 , 1 If ,UI x' ,I ,I mul xx 1 '11 N0 1 1 I ll XX 1 flu, ,UN X , HIII X fl X 'I xx 1, x , 'If xxx 'wlllxw' 5:3 1-Exp X X X X xxx XX XXI! Ill X XXXX f X O if X X -' X XX Umlllr X X X X X X x XX X xg XNUXHIIII X X XX xxxx N 5 5 SQ QNXXXXNIIIIIII X X X Q S .54 - " ' Z Zin ,- , , , 4 , 1 3 2 213' 1 f C Z Wffllllllllw f 1 if X00 1 I xf 1 ff of fflllllll 1 ff! XXX!!! f 1 , f O! fffllfm f f R ff! ff!!! f ff f I I1 , I I I I ff f 1 wwf !"ff ' ' ' I 1 1 1 Y X 'fl 4 4 And a youn man. xi l 1 Q ll il nt Ili ran Scri'vIxii'x' fiI'l1I!C. Vim'-prcsiilclit lD5llL'lIll2lll The class of l942, numbering 400 students, entered E. H. S. in 1938 and soon became active in school functions. Ioan Weed, Marion Boppre, Bill Allerton, and Cele Eshleman represented the freshmen on the Student Council. Later 108 students were added to the class from Abbott. Our sophomore class then be- gan to organize. Dick Peterson was elected president, Dick Clendening,vice-president, Doris Helm, secretaryg and Bob Torn- quist, treasurer. The juniors, with their red and white class sweaters, began to accept new responsibilities. The class was again led by Dick Peterson, president, with Doris Helm, vice-presidentg Cele Eshe leman, secretary, and Dick Clen- dening, treasurer. The class play this year was "Pride and Prejudice," presented in May, all previous attendance records were broken. The lunior-Senior The Xenior Story I Prom brought to a close the ye-ar's activities. ln the last year the officers were Bob Thoren, president, Cele Eshleman, vice-presidentg Rhoda Grupe, secretary, Keith Affeld, treasurer, and Mr. Wal- ter Kumpf acting as adviser. After Mr. Kumpf resigned, Mr. Myron Myers became the new class adviser. The play "Out of the Frying Pan" was staged. This year the class voted to have a class party instead of a supper. The party was a com- plete success. College Day was very successful in helping many of the seniors choose colleges. Dick Peterson headed the Stu- dent Council with Doris Helm as treasurer. As the year end- ed, committees for special senior activities were named. Class Day, Baccalaureate, Prom, and Commencement ended func- tions in E. H. S. for the 400 stu- dents graduating in lune, l942. 64 gd 3' , ,y TEN' -Q I , , gg, ,sf ..a,,, , F Wig X gf gi' , 5 Q 41 L 4 xr , f 2 'I I .Alt ? iff is 1:4 4. if 1 131, as 1 W V iv fm? X -J 5 v f 'S 'Sx Q- ki' 5' XENIORX CHARLES ADERMAN, "Chuck": Iunior and Senior Plays, Hi-Y, A Cappella. KEITH AF- FELD. "Aff": E.l'l.S. Players, Band, Iunior and Senior Plays. ROBERT AHLE, "Babu: Wres- tling. WILLIAM STEWART ALLERTON, "Bill": N.F.L., Student Council, EHS. Players. LAW- RENCE ALLISON. "Larry": Tennis, Mirror, Band. ARLINE MARION ANDERSON. "Andie": A Cappella, E.H.S. Players, Tri-Y. IEROME ANDERSON, "lerry": lzaak Walton, Rifle Club. RUTH CAROLYN ANDERSON, "Ruthie": G.A. A., Girls Glee. RUTH L.ANDERSON, "Ruthie": GA.A. VERN ANDERSON. "Andy": EHS. Players, Hi-Y. ALVIN VERNON ANNIS. "Al". IAMES NORMAN ARTHUR, "Norm": Mgr. Hea- vyweight Football. NORMAN BADGEROW, "Dink": Mask and Bauble, Intramural Basket- ball, Senior Class Play. BARBARA IEAN BALLARD, "Babs": Iunior Literature Club, G.AA. ELAINE MARION BARNETT. LULA FAYE BARNWELI., "Lou"1 GAA., lst Girls Glee. HAROLD FRED BARTELS, "Bartels": FFA. MARILYN IUNE BARTELT. "Kittert": GAA., Home Economics, Treble. RICHARD NORMAN BARTH, "Dick". ELAINE CLAIRE BAUMAN: Commercial Club, Tri-Y, GAA. LYLE BAXMANN. C. Aflernmn W. Allfrlon 1. Andcrxon V. Anzinzwn N. Budgfrow L. Barnufrll R. Barth A171-ld R. Alli.-'on .A1. A ndrrson R. An ni: l . Ballurd Ii. Bartflx M. Bauman L. Ahle .-1 Ildt'I'.f0lI A ndrrson Arthur Burnet! Burtrlt Harman ROBERT H. BECKER, "Allahu: "E" Club, Football, Basketball. BETTY IANE BEGALKA: Tri-Y, G.A.A. WIL- BUR EDWIN BENDER. "Wibbs": En' tered from Bartlett High, F.F.A. EU- GENE KENNETH BENNER, "Gei'1e"3 Football, Hi-Y. HELEN BERMAN. "Sherry": G.A.A., Tri-Y. MARIORIE LOUISE BEVERLY, "Bev": Tri-Y, Band, Maroon Staff. ELAINE MARIE BEY- ER: A Cappella, G.A.A., Iunior Class Play. IOAN MARIE BIGGINS. "Big": A Cappella, Maroon, Tri-Y, ALVIN RUSSEL BLIETZ, "Blitzkrieg": Fresh- Soph Basketball, Track. IAMES BLI- ZEK, "Iim": Basketball, Track. ALICE LUCILLE BONCOSKEY. "Bonnie": G. A.A., Tri-Y, First Girls Glee. MARIAN IANE BOPPRE: A Cappella, Student Council, G.A.A. I R H. Hvgtllfqil IV. Hrllrlcv' lf. Bl'I1Ill'l' Actor Allcrtun Plays lt H Human .lI. Hr'1'f'rly lf, Bryn' l. Hllgglllla' I fir! I. Hlizrfq J. BIllIliO5kl'V ll. Hopfrrr ESTHER VERA BRANDES: GAA., Aeolian, Home Economics Club. I-'ERN IUDITH BREUM: GA.A. MARILYN ANN BRINKER, "Lynn": G. A.A., Home Economics Club. LORRAINE HAR- RIET BRITT: Commercial Club, GAA., Tri-Y. ELMER CALVIN BRITTON: FFA., lzaak Wal- ton. ARTHUR S. BROWN. "Art": Boys Glee Club, ROBERT WILLIAM BROWN. "Bob": A Cappella, French Club, E.H.S. Players. IAMES RONALD BRUCKER. "Iim": Math Club, Golf. E. DORIS BRUENING. "Dory": GAA., Home Economics Club, LUCILLE MILDRED BRUN- NER. A. HELEN BURG, "Birclie": GAA., Com- mercial Club, Home Economics Club. IOYCE BEVERLEY BURKART: Iunior Literature Club, Senior Literature Club. DOROTHY LOUISE BURKE, "Dot": Geography Club. WILLIAM ARTHUR BURMEISTER, "Burmie": "E" Club, Basketball, Tennis. LOIS P. BURNIDGE: Com- mercial Club, Home Economics Club, GOR- DON LEE BURTON: Hi-Y, Latin Club, ROBER- TA ELAINE CAMPBELL, "Werlfie": Orchestra, German Club, GAA. MARSHALL CARTIER. "Mick". BOB CARTIER. "Frog": Transferred to loliet. RHENE CASSELL, "Birdie": Basket- ball. BYFORD EUGENE CAVITT, "By": Bas- ketball, Student Council, Senior Sales Cern- mi1Iee. Brands.: Brill Brown Brunner Burke' Burton Carfirr 15. Brenm E. Brifton I. Bruclqcr H. Burg IV. RIll'f11t'i!lt'f R. Campbell R. Cuxxrll M. Hrirzkrr fl. Brown IJ. Brnrning I. Hzzrlqari I.. Bllfllilfgl' M. Ctwtier B. frxlflrff CHRISTINE CERASA. "Chris": G,A.A., Home Economics Club. RAIVIONA IUNE CHANDLER. "Mona": G.A.A., Tri-Y, Home Economics Club. IAMES CHAPMAN: Student Council, Maroon Stall, Band. CLYDE CHRISTENSEN. "Swede": Glee Club, F.F.A. IO IEAN- NE CIRAULO. "lou: Senior Tri-Y, BH. S. Players, A Cappella. PAUL RICH- ARD CLENDENING, "Fuzzy": EHS. Players, Math Club, Hi-Y. IANE ELIZABETH COLEMAN. "Chassie": Senior Tri-Y, G.A.A., E.H.S. Players. MARY BALCH COLEMAN: Tri-Y, A Cappella, Bl-I.S, Players. GERTRUDE COLLINS. "Curly": Entered from Tony, Wis, IACK COOK. "Little Buzz": Fresh-Soph. Basketball, Debate, BAR- BARA IANE COPLEY. "Barb": Band, Student Council, Tri-Y. DOLLY MA- DALYN COSSMAN, "Martha": El-l.S. Players, Tri-Y, Debate. C Frmm R. Chandler I. Chapman C. Christcnserz Maroon Editor Chapman blows a hot trombone I Cmmlu l'. Clmdrning 1. Coleman M. Coleman 1 folm: I. Cook B. Copley D. Cosxnzan MARY IEAN CRAWFORD: Iunior Lit- erature Club, Commercial Club, Tri-Y. GRACE ELIZABETH CRICHTON. "Liz": Tri-Y, Band, Orchestra. MARGARET HELEN DALY,"Marnie": G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. MARYANN MAGDALENE DANIELEK. "Dannie": GAA., EHS. Players, French Club. IOHN WOOD DAR- NELL. "Dizzy": EHS. Players, Senior Literature Club, Debate. HELEN EILEEN THERASE DARR: Left school. RENO ALBERT DAVIS IR.. "Dave"L First and Second Boys Glee, Geog- raphy Club. GEORGE DIEBERT. "Dib": Iunior lzaalc Walton League. IOHN DENK. "Hans"2 Wrestling, Foot- ball, Track. VIRGINIA DICKERSON, "Ginny": G.A.A., Aeolian, Tri-Y HERBERT DIECKHOFF, "Herbie": Geography Club, F.F.A. IAMES WARREN DIERSHAW, "lim": Football Manager, "E" Club, German Club Il ffm 1111 fi. Crichmn JI. Daly M. Dulzfrlrlq The bmsscs pep up tht Lum I D n nfl! H. Dim' R. Duff: G. lliclnfrf I I filly If 1,l'l'kI'l',f!H1 H. Dievkhog I. Dierxlzuw l 1 R Hl. I.. R R Y I.. Dic'lz'rir.'b Doolz' y lfflluml f1'l1lI'l'fl.Lf!' l"l'lll'I'hIlkf'lI Fifher Iflmu Dillnmn Dum! Hlzorn V. Ifyhrlnzull . 1'1l,5L'hC'l' Flz'!c'hfv' I-'ultz D. Dunlap C. EFUIIUIIIQ' I.. lfkxtronl C. Frlfrchffff S. l"i.t-lm' IV. Flood I. Forxtcr ROBERT BENIAMIN DIETERICH. "Bob": Band, Mirror Staff, Orchestra. CHARLOTTE DITT- MANN, "Popsie": Maroon Staff, Student Coun- cil, Mathematics Club. DUANE SHERBERT DUNLAP. "Wayne": First Band, German Club, Orchestra. HELEN ELLEN DOOLEY: Orches- tra, DeBate, Tri-Y. IOHN NICHOL DUVAL. "Beezie": Football, Hi-Y, Basketball. CHRIS ECONOMY. "Econ": Football, Hi-Y, Boxing. CHARLES EDWARD EDLUND, "Chas": Track, F. F. A., A Cappella. ROBERT CHARLES EHORN. "Bob": Aero Club, First Boys Glee, A Cappella. LESTER EKSTROM. "I..es": Math- ematics Club. ROBERT ELLIOTT ELDREDGE. "Red": "E" Club, Izaak Walton, Aero Club. CECILE KAY ESHELMAN, "Cele": Student Council, G,A.A., Maroon. CHARLOTTE FAIR- CHILD. "Babe": Maroon, E.H.S. Players, Home Economics Club. ROBERT C. PEUERHAKEN. "Bob": A Cappella, E.H.S. Players. SHELDON S. FISCHER. "Fish": Izaak Walton. HERBERT SIDNEY FISHER. "Sid": Basketball, A Cappel- la. SYLVIA MARION FISHER. "Sylvie": Ma- roon, E.H.S. Players, G.A.A. ELISABETH E. FLETCHER. "Liz": Band, Mirror, Tri-Y. WIL- LIAM EDWARD FLOOD. "Zeke": "E" Club, Mirror, Maroon. CHARLOTTE IEANNE FLORA. "Charm: G.A.A., Tri-Y, A Cappella. IOYCE MARILYN FOLTZ: Band, Student Council, Tri-Y. IAMES CHARLES FORSTER, "limmy": Band, Football, Cheerleading. ROBERT IACK FREYER. "Iack": Bas- ketball, Hi-Y, Student Council. KATH- RYN PATRICIA FULLER. "Pat": Tri-Y, G.A.A. RODNEY GABLER: Latin Club, Band. LUCILLE GARBRECHT. "Lue": G.A.A., German Club. BENNY CLYDE GARDNER. LILLIE ALINE GARDNER. "Lil": Commercial Club. MARVIN WILLIAM GARRELTS: Track. BRUCE D. GENEREAUX. "Moose": "E" Club, French Club, A Cappella. CHESTER HOWARD GERBER. "Ches- ty": Band, Phoiography Club, Rifle Club. ROSE MARIE GIARDINO: Commercial Club. IEAN DOLORES GIBBS. "Gibby": French Club, Com- mercial Club, First Girls Glee. DONALD VERNON GIERTZ. lx I-fryrr P.Fn1ler R. Gablrr L. Gz1rb1'z'c'ht D.A.R. Award winner Helm puma for thy umcra B Gardner I.. Gardner M. Garrclrs B. Genercaux C Farber R. Giardino I. Gibb: D. Gierlz M. Girriz U. Uffffunl I. Gulf H. Grafx R. Hugrnnm B. H KI III n1c'r.fz'h m id I R. Harney E. Grixckc' C. R. fiiflllllfll JI. I. Gurdon R. R. lirnpr R. K. Hallock S. I. Hunxru W. C. Hart 15. Gillrllr G m ur Graf Hafhlrl HllI71fl..ClFf H ll nxi n g I'l!'c'bf MARILYN IEAN GIERTZ. "Giertzski": E.H.S Players, A Cappella, Tri-Y. ELLREY FRED GIESEKE. "Kayo": Geography Club. CAR- RELL GILLETTE: Geography Club. DORIS IRENE GILLIOM: A Cappella, Commercial Club, G.A.A. ROBERT GILOMEN, "Gil": Izaak Walton, E.H.S. Players, Rifle Club. MAR- GARET MARY GMUR. "Marg": Student Coun- cil, A Cappella, German Club. IACK GOLL. "lackson": Student Council. IANET GORDON. ROBERT C. GRAF. "Bob": Football, Basketball. HELEN GROSS. "Sandy": G.A.A., Home Eco- nomics Club. RHODA MAY GRUPE: G.A.A., N.F,L., Student Council. RICHARD S. HACH- TEL. "Dick": Intramural Basketball. ROBERT HAGEMAN. "l-lootch": Football, Track, Wres- tling. ROY C. HALLOCK. IR.: Aero Club. Fresh-Soph Basketball, Track. SHIRLEY RAE HAMEISTER. "Shir1": G.A.A., Tri-Y, Commer- cial Club. BARBARA GAIL HAMMERSCHMIDT. "Barb": Entered from Elgin Academy, Com- mercial Club, G.A.A. IUNE MARCIA HANSEN: Commercial Club, French Club, Senior Litera- ture Club. WILLIAM IOHN HANSING, "Bill": Mirror, German Club, Photography Club, ROBERT ROSS HARNEY. "Bob": Basketball. CARL L. HART. "Coll". EVELYN C. HECHT. "Evie": G.A.A. LOIS HEFLICK. "Lo": Latin Club, GAA., Home Economics Club. CAROLIEANE MAE HEI- MAN, "Punk": G.AA., Home Economics Club. Commercial Club. FRANCES MARIE HEI- NICKE. "Frannie": GAA., Home Economics Club, German Club. DORIS MAE HELM. "Dor": Student Council, Maroon, A Cappella. DAVID HENDRICKS. "Dave": Band, Orchestra, Rifle Club. DON IAMES HENDRICKS. "Don": First Band, Rifle Club, Aero Club. AUDREY HENNINGS. "Aud": GAA., Hostess Club, Stu- dent Council. MARY IANE HERBERT: E.H,S. Players, Iunior Class Play, GAA. VIRGINIA HERMAN. "Virgie": Basketball, Badminton. DON VICTOR HILL. "Dimples": F.F.A., Aero Club. MARILYN HILL: French Club, E.l-IS. Players, First Girls Glee. NORMAN ARTHUR HINRICI-IS. "Norm": Band. DORIS IANE HINTT, "Kitten": Glee Club. GORDON IOHN HOERNER. "Gordy": First Band, Football. DO- LORES LUCETTA HOFFMAN, "Dee": GAA., Aeolian, Treble. HELEN ANNETTA HOFF- MAN: GAA. IOHN ELMER HOFFMAN. "Iohn- ny". VIRGINIA LOUISE HOFFMAN, "Ginny": GAA., Senior and Iunior Literature Clubs. PHYLLIS ANN HOLLAND. "Phil": GAA., Home Economics Club. VERDELL IANE HOMUTH, "Dell"1 Tri-Y, G.A.A., Aeolian. EUGENE FREDERIC HOPPE. "Gene": German Club. Boys Glee, A Cappella. Hefiick Helm Hcnnings Hill Hint! Hogmun Holland C. D. M. .ll Cf. I. I. H ei man H en d rick: H erlwrt H il I H oerncr H o Hman Hom uih HFll1ll'kf HFlllll'll'lQ H rrman Hin rich: H ogman Hoffman H 0 pin' BEATRICE MARION HORN, "Bea" Girls Glee Club, Literature Club, Commercial Club, ALVA HOYE. "Al" Boys Glee Club. LOIS HUBER: Ger man Club, G.AA., Latin Club. DON- ALD HUCKSTEDT, "Huck": Basket ball. HELEN K. HUFFSTUTTLER "Huffy": GAA. LUCILLE MARGUE- RITTE HUGH. "Lou": Orchestra, Math- ematics Club. DELBERT WILLIAM HULKE. IANE HUMBRACHT. "lanie". DOROTHY HUTSON, "Dot": Home Economics Club, Commercial Club, Glee Club. LORRAINE RUTH IAHN- KE: Entered from Barrington. EDE- LYN LOIS IENNEIAHN, "Eddie": G. AA., French Club, Tri-Y. ELAINE SERENA IENSEN. B Horn fl. Hoy: L. Hnlfrr D. Hiwkftrdt Astruss-Chccrlcuclcr Nelson pads Thmnkcgiunq H Hug ruttln I.. Hugh D. Hnlkr I. Hrmzlvnzvhf basket s 17 Hrmon I.. lllhllkf E. Ifllllffrlhll lf. lz'n.vcn DAVID VALENTINE IOHNSON. "Tino": Boys Science Club, BHS. Players, Mirror Stall. EMGARD ANN IOHNSON, "lerry": G.A.A. GRACE O. IOHNSON: lunior Literature Club, Home Economics Club. IACQUELYN IOHN- SON, "Iackie": GAA., Tri-Y, Band, MARILYN I. IOHNSON: "Mickey": Band, Tri-Y, GAA. RUTH CARLEY IOHNSON, "Cubby": Litera- ture Club, GAA., Tri-Y. SHIR LEE IOHNSON, "Lee": Tri-Y, GAA., Latin Club. WARREN H. IOHNSON: Mathematics Club, Maroon Stall. IULIA E. KAPTAIN, "lulie": G,A.A., Commer- cial Club, Tri-Y. IRENE HELEN KATOPODIS. "Pinkey": Tri-Y, GA.A., Student Council. LUCILLE ALICE KATZ. "Blondie": GAA., Mathematics Club. BERNICE IOSEPI-IINE KAWA. "Bernie": G.A.A., Club. LOIS GERALDINE KEISTLER. "Lois": MARGARET IEAN Home Economics Orchestra, GA.A., Tri-Y. KELLEY. "Peg": GAA., A Cappella, Maroon Stall. LENORE WILDA KERNAN. "Blondie": GAA., French Club. GLADYS KATHRYNE KILGORE. "Hicky": GAA., Maroon Stall, Tri-Y. OLIVIA CHAHLENE KING. MARION LUCILLE KIRKPATRICK. "Kay": GAA., Home Econom- ics Club, Tri-Y. HOWARD KLEISER. "Howie": Commercial Club, Senior Literature Club. RUTH EILEEN KLUENDER: "Klink": Band, Tri-Y, Student Council. LLOYD A. KNAPP. "Skid": Track, lntramural Basketball, Rifle Club. D. I. S. I. I.. F H. 1, Iohmon Iohmon Iolznxon Kampodi: K eiftler Kilgore K lc'i.cer E. Iohnson M lahnson W. lolmxon I.. Katz .Il Kelley 0. King R. Klurndc G R I. H. I. AI 1' I.. A I . Y I fmt' lohnson I oh H5011 K I1 pmin K zzum K ermzn K i rlq pntrirlq Knapp LUCILLE KOBEL. "Lu"z GAA., Home Economics Club. DARLENE ELLEN KOCH. "Darn: Tri4Y, Maroon Staff, Home Economics Club. DORIS IUNE KOTHE. "Dorry": G.A.A., German Club, Home Economics Club. DORO- THY KRAMBEER. "Dot": Tri-Y, GA.A., First Girls Glee. AGNES CHRISTINE KRAUTZ: German Club, GAA., Tri-Y. DOROTHY ELIZABETH KREA. "Dot": German Club, GA.A. ARDELL PAUL KRICH: Basketball, Track, Student Council. ROBERT ANDREW KROM- HOUT. "Krummy": Band, Mirror Staff, KENNETH KRUEGER. BOB KARL KRUEGER. "Krueg": Rifle Club, Mirror Staff, Geography Club. LUCILLE LA BRASH, "Toots": GAA., French Club. ROBERT IAMES LAIRD. "Pow- erhouse": Latin Club, E.H.S. Players, Mathematics Club. . .X L: 3' , ,Cum ,M-.4617 I.. Kulwl fl. lx'r'imf: K. Kl'lll'y rr IJ. Korh 12. Katha D. Kramlwcr Rad Cross Chairman Grupo checks up on liitu IJ. Krciz fl. Krirh R. Kramhont developments R. Ix'r11r'grr I.. 1.tlBm.fh R. Laird 77 LORRAINE CORA LAMBKE: GAA., Home Economics Club. RICHARD FREDERICK LANDWEHR. "Diclcie": German Club, Mathematics Club. BETTY LOWISA I.ANGE,"l.etty Bangui German Club, GAA., First Girls Glee. EILEEN LASCOE, "l": G.A.A,, French Club. LOIS LAVINE LAW- RANCE, "LLM: NFL., Orchestra, French Club. LILA OPAL LAY, "Dim, ples": G.A.A., Home Economics Club. GLORIA GAIL LEHMAN, "Glo": Band, Senior Class Play, Maroon Stall. HOWARD RICHARD LESCHKE. "l-lowie": A Cappella, lzaak Walton, First Boys Glee. IOHN ARTHUR LINDBERG. "Iack": Photography Club. DORIS MAE LINDEMANN. "Dorie"1 G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Tre- ble. CARL GEORGE LINDOERFER, "lake": Football, Basketball, "E" Club. CHARLES LINDQUIST, "Chuck": Ten- nis, Student Council, Hi-Y. I rm R. I.t1I11lll'l'lH' H. Lange li. l,a,fcor Scninrs my fnrcwcll to Mr lxun I llllllllt' I.. Lay fi. Lrhmnn H. Lcfclzkr I lnnlluy, IJ. I.in1lr'nmnn C. 1.Ilf1d0!'l'fl'l' C. I.iz1dqni.ft t l A li. Iizfrxuy D. l.m'11ng W. I.111'f1lqc' V. .lluyl D. Milttrxoll I.. .lIvBrizlr l'. Mz'Kuy V, Mrllrnm W. Mi4'lmc'l M. Milltzrd I. Millrr S. .llillfr I. Milrhrll L. .ll1'IIlr',fIri11lI Lnrfhr ,Huron . .lIrC11.vlqry . fllriz Villfr I Millrr Alflfk GEORGE ROGER LIVESAY: Tennis, Maroon Staff, Orchestra. DELORES LORANG. "Tub- by": Tri-Y, E.l'l.S. Players, Mask G Bauble. SHIRLEY IEAN LUECHT: GAA., Glee Club, Aeolian. WALDEMAR LOUIS LUEPKE. "Lup": Football, Basketball, "E" Club. VICTOR MASI. "Vic": Basketball. ROBERT MASON, "Bob": Hi Y, Latin Club. DARWIN PAUL MATTESON. "Mattie": Aero Club, Izaak Walton, Basket- ball. LOIS KAY MCBRIDE. "l..aie": A Cappella G.A.A., Tri-Y. YVONNE VIOLET MCCASKEY, "Mac". PATRICIA IEAN McKAY. "Pat": E.H.S. Players, Tri-Y, French Club. VERONA MEL- LEMA. "Oney": GA.A., German Club, Com- mercial Club. WILLIAM METZ, "Willy": E.H.S. Players. WILLIAM HAWLEY MICHAEL, "Miken: Football, "E" Club. MARY FRANCES MIL- LARD: G.A.A., Commercial Club, Home Eco- nomics Club. EDWIN IAMES MILLER. IEAN HELEN MILLER: Mirror Staff, First Girls Glee, GA.A. SHIRLEY MARIE MILLER. "Shirl": GAA., Tri-Y, WANDA LEE MILLER. "Wendy Lee": Student Council, Mirror Stall, Tri-Y. IOHN DAVID MITCHELL. LEORA DOROTHY MITTLESTEADT. "Lee": GAA., Tri-Y, Glee Club. SHIRLEY H. MOCK. "Shir"1 GAA., Mir- ror Stail, A Cappella LLOYD G. MUI-IR. "l-lawkeye": Geog- raphy Club, Boys Glee Club, Foot- ball. MAURICE EDWARD MUNCH. "Crunch": First Band. MARILYNN IUNE MYERS. "Minnie": Tri-Y, EHS. Players, Maroon Staff. RICHARD E. NASS. IOSEPH FERDON NEIL II, "Ioe": A Cappella, Iunior and Senior Class Plays, Hi-Y, CATHERINE NEL- SON. "Kay": Mirror Stall, Literature Club, French Club, CHARLES H. NELSON. "Chuck", IEAN EDYTHE NELSON. "Ieanie": El-l.S. Players, Cheerleading, Mirror. IAYNE R. NE- ROVE. "Iaynie": Mirror Staff, A Cap- pella, French Club. RUTH FRANCES NEWCOMB: Tri-Y, French Club, G. A.A. GERALDINE NEWCOMER. "leer- ry": Tri-Y, G.A.A., A Cappella. WIL- LIAM I.. NEWMAN, "Bing": Hi-Y, Photography Club, Basketball. I Vt hr Ill. Illmzflz M. fllyz-fx R. Nam Mirror litlitur Nt-lwn plans th nur I ANI C. Nrlxon C. Nelson I, Nrlwn I Arrmc R. lV!'ll'l'0I7l17 ll. fVc'u'mn1e: W. Nz'u'mn1 D. Nirdert I.. Nufer IP. Ofyon IJ. Palm R. Pul11.frm I.. Prllrlier I. Prrrrxon M. Nuff: l. Ogden H. Olwin W. Palma' Ill. Pl'lll'.i'0lI Ill. I'erkir1.r R. Peterson C. NOI'ltlHdfl' L. Ollzry W. 0'.lIa1ley R. Przrroit R. Peek W. Perkin: A. Perm DOLORES RAE NIEDERT, "Sis": Tri-Y, G.A.A., Latin Club. MABLE NOFFS: G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Glee Club. CARL R. NOR- LANDER, "Corky": Hi-Y, Student Council, Mir- ror Staff. LAWRENCE IOSEPH GEORGE NUFER. "Nufl": Orchestra, Football Manager, "E" Club. IOYCE CAROL OGDEN: Band, Tri-Y, Orchestra. LOIS RAE OLNEY. DONNA OLSON: Commercial Club. HELEN MAXINE OLWIN, "Max": G.A.A., Tri-Y, German Club. BILL O'MALLEY. "lrish": First Band. DORIS MAXINE PALM. "Palmsey": Entered from Ge- neva High School, Home Economics Club. WILLARD L. PALMER. "Willy": Wrestling, Foot- ball, "E" Club. ROBERT LESLIE PARROTT. "Bob": Mirror Stall, Hi-Y, "E" Club. ROBERT I. PAULSON: Football, Basketball, Wrestling. MARVIN RICHARD PEARSON, "Dick": E.H.S. Players, Basketball, Iunior Class Play. RALPH B. PEEK: Publications Board, Hi-Y. ERNEST LEROY PELLETIER. "Pelle". MARILYN IEAN PERKINS, "Perky": Treble, First Girls Glee, G.A.A. WENDELL LOUIS PERKINS, "Wennie": Football, First Band, "E" Club. IOYCE CHAR- LENE PETERSON. "Blondie": Mirror Staff, Tri- Y, G.A.A. RICHARD PETERSON. "Pete": Stu- dent Council, Band, Iunior and Senior Class Plays. ANNA RACHAEL PEVEN: Senior Lit- erature Club, Mirror Staff. SHIRLEY MAE PHILLIPS: First Band, G.A.A., Tri-Y, FRANCES DOROTHY PLATH, "Fran": A Cappella, Maroon Stall, G.A.A. DOROTHEA CLARA PLOTE: G.A.A., Home Economics Club. ELMARIE ARDITH PORTER: Orchestra, Latin Club, Girls Science. HOIVIER PRICE, "George": Hi-Y, Maroon, Publications Board. RICHARD FRANK PRICE. "Dick": Basketball, Tennis, I-Ii-Y. GEORGE WILLIAM PRIEGNITZ: First Boys Glee. MARILYN LUCILLE PRILLER, "Freckles": G.A.A., Tri-Y, Aeolian. ELAINE LOIS PROUTY: G.A.A., Commercial Club, Home Economics Club. DOROTHY MAE PUFFPAFF, "Puffie": G.A.A., German Club, Home Economics Club. ELINOR M. RADDE. "Shorty": G.A.A., German Club, Commercial Club. DONALD RADLOFF, "Don": Band, Aero Club, Rifle Club. MARVIN E. RADLOFF, "Marv": Basketball. WILMA MARGARET RADTKE: G.A.A., Literature Club, German Club. ELEANOR MARIE RAKOW, "Lelty": Treble, Aeolian, G.A.A. ROBERT DARWIN RANDEL, "Bob". HELEN MAE REAL, "I-Ierdie": First Girls Glee, German Club, G.A.A. LEON- ARD PERCY REBENSTORF II, "Doc": Football, Student Council, Basketball. ROSEMARY IRENE REIDY: EHS. Players, Iunior and Sen- ior Plays, G.A.A. RICHARD CHRIST REIMER, "Dick": Aero Club, German Club, Senior Class Play. VIRGINIA MAE REINKING, "Ginny": Home Economics Club, G.A.A. Phillip: F. Plath Porlrr H. Price Pricgnilz AI. Prillcr Pugpajf E. Rnrirlc Radlob' W. Rzldllqe Randel H. Rm! Rfiriy R. Rfflllfl' . Pluie Price I 'rum y . Rurlloff Rukou' Rrbcnxlurf . Rrinking OLIVER CHARLES REUTER, "Ollie", GEORGE FRANCIS RICKERT, "Rick". MARY IANE RIEPL. "Rip": GAA., Latin Club, Home Economics. BETTY IANE RINNE, "Realm: Home Economics Club, G.A.A., Aeolian. RICHARD WILLIAM RINNE. "Pinky". NORMA IACQUELINE ROBERTS. "Punk": E. HS. Players, Tri-Y, First Girls Glee. ORVA IEAN ROBINSON, "Corky": G, AA., Tri-Y, Aeolian, LOUISE MARY ROCHE, "Lou": G.A.A., Tri-Y, Ger- man Club. DOUGLAS BONESTEEL ROGERS, "Bonesteel": Hi-Y, Student Council, Latin Club. THOMAS ED- MUND ROGERS: Iunior Literature Club, Latin Club, Frosh-Soph Foot- ball. FELICIANA MARY ROMERO: Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. ROBERT MARSHALL ROSEN- GARDEN. "Rosy": Entered from Chi- cago, lll, Band. O. Rfutcr G. Rl't'kl'I'l M. Rifpl B. Rinnr Student Council Prcsitlcnt Peterson tnyots lift R. Rmur N. ROl7t'l'1.f 0. Rofvinxon I.. Roche' IJ. Rngrrx T. Roger: I". Rvnzrru R. ROA'flIgtIl'dFll 83 DOLORES ROULEY. "Squeak": Band, Orches- tra, A Cappella. MARILYN GALE ROVEL- STAD. "Lynn": Mirror Staff, A Cappella, Tri-Y. CATHERINE DORELLA RUSSELL, "Kay": G. A.A., Commercial Club, Home Economics Club. KENNETH REUBEN SACK. "Gunny": Aero Club, Photography Club, Rifle Club. DANIEL ANTHONY SANTANNI IR.. "Dan". VIOLA MARIORIE SCHICK. "Vin: Home Economics Club, G.A.A. IEANNETTE MARIE SCHILKE. "Iean": Entered from Chicago, Ill., G.A.A., A Cappella. LUCILLE ERNA SCHLIEP. "Lu": G.A.A., A Cappella. BETTY IEAN SCHMIDT. "Betts": Commercial Club, GA.A., Treble. DARWIN BLAKE SCHMIDT, "Schmutt": Stu- dent Council, Band, Mirror. WILLIAM A. SCHMITZ, "Smitty": Student Council, Football, Track. BETTY IANE SCHMOKEL. "Smoky": G.A.A., Home Economics Club, Commercial Club. DOROTHY MAE SCHNEFF, "Dot": Band, German Club, Tri-Y. VIRGINIA MAY SCHRADER: Band, Maroon Staff, G.A.A. CHARLES WILLIAM SCHROEDER. "Chuck": Track, "E" Club. CLIFFORD EARL SCHROE- DER."Clit": Football, Track, "E" Club. CURTIS EDWIN SCHUBBE. "Curty"1 Mirror Staff, FFA., Geography Club. WILLIAM ROBERT SCHUCH- ERT, "Bill": Hi-Y, Latin Club. BEULAH RUTH SCHULTZ, "Boon: lunior Literature Club, Tri-Y, G.A.A. FRANCES BERTHA SCHULTZ, "Fran- ny": A Cappella, G.A.A., First Girls Glee. VELMA MARY SCHULTZE. "Shorty": Girls Glee, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. Roulry Suck Schilkr S rh m idt Sclzm-H . Srhroczlcr Srhnltz . Rorrlsfurf D. Silntun III- Srhlirp W. Schmitt? V. Srhrmlr-r Schulvlfe Srhullz Iinxscll Sfhlllk Sfhlllfdl Srfl rnufqrl Schmr-1fc'r Srflm'llrr'! Szi,IIl1fZ!' IEANETTE SCHUMAN: G.A.A., Tri-Y. VIRGINIA ALICE SCHWAB. "Ginny". ROBERT BARWIG SCHWARTZ. "Babu: German Club, Geography Club. IEAN BETTY SCHWARZWALDER. "lean- nie": German Club, Tri-Y, Home Eco- nomics Club. PATRICIA MARY SCRANTON, "Pat": G.A.A., Tri-Y. EDWARD FRANCIS SEGERSON. "Edu: Track, Football. KENNETH SEYLLER. "Herk". WALTER R. SHALES. "Wal- ly": Basketball, Boxing. LOIS E. SHAMBERGER. "Loie": Mirror, Ma- roon, Student Council. RICHARD DEAN SHARP, "Moldy": A Cappella, Cheerleading, "E" Club. HELEN LOUISE SHULL: Orchestra, GAA., Latin Club. NORMA IUNE SIERS. "Norm": Home Economics Club, G.A.A. pun-'L 4.91: w-Q, I' Q. 11. 811111111111 l'. Srhzwzlf IC. Xrhu'11rl: I.Svhuf111'z1z'l1lr1'f-1' llmirum l.t-rulcr Sisti turns ut tht W 1r I Su IIIIUII lf. Srgrfxfozz K. Sl'j'l1I'I' IV. Sf111Ir.c I Sh1111f1r'1'ge'1' K. Sharp H. Slmll .V. Sirrx LUCILLE MARIE SISTI, "Sis": A Cap- pella, Commercial Club, G.A.A. IO- SEPHINE MAE SMITH. "lo": G.A.A., Commercial Club. SHIRLEY ANN SPOHNHOLTZ. ARTHUR STADLER, "Art": Basketball, Football, Student Council. ROBERT ANTHONY STAEH- LER: Enlisted in Marines. BERNICE CAROLYN STEFFAN: G.A.A,, Glee Club. FLORENCE EMILIE STRAUB. "Flossie": G.A.A., Treble Choir, Aeo- lian. BERNICE MARION STROEI-IER. "Bean: Home Economics Club, Geog- raphy Club. RAYMOND WILLIAM STROHM. "Ray": German Club, Ten- nis, Basketball, RICHARD EUGENE STRUCKMAN, "Dick": Track. DEANE SUNDERMAN, "Sunny": Football, Aero Club. GORDON EDWARD SURBER, "Gordy": Football, Wrest- ling, Track. I. Smiih S. Spohnholtz A. Stadlcr Dehutcr Tornquist rewrites MHIIL Mfmmun umm R Slurhlrr B. Stclfan F. Straub B. Stroehcr A Ytmhm R. Slrnrknzan D. Sflndcrman G. Silrffer H. Sl'l'lIl1A'!'ll l. Tuzrwrll I. Thomas D. Tublrr G. Tnrlry I. Voigt I.. IVlll'kl"l' I'. Sufunxon Thierle Tlzoren Tornqnixf Tm'uqni.vf V011 man u,lll.I1,f!'Off D. Tuxke E. Thief B. Tobin D. Tllfkfl' D. Unruh V. Volk:-ning I. Wulkrr HOWARD SVENDSEN. "Sweden: Band, Bas- ketball, Football. FRANK CURTIS SWANSON: Rifle Club. DONALD LEWIS TASKE. "Don". IEAN RAE TAZEWELL, "Tazy": GAA. LAW- RENCE CHARLES THIEDE, "Larry": Band, Bas- ketball, Track. ELMER R. THIES. "Rochester". IOHN THOMAS, "Iohnny": First Band, Hi-Y. ROBERT VERNON THOREN. "Babu: Golf, Bas- ketball, Hi-Y. BARBARA IEAN TOBIN. "Barb": E.H.S. Players, A Cappella, Orchestra. DORO- THY LAVERN TOBLER, l'Toby": G.AA. ROB- ERT ARTHUR TORNQUIST, "Bob": Maroon Staff, Debate, Hi-Y. DOROTHY MAY TUCKER. "Dot": Commercial Club, GAA., Winning magazine salesman. GLORIA GAE TURLEY, "Glow: GA.A., Mask and Bauble, Latin Club. RALPH CHARLES TURNQUIST. "Tessie": Bas- ketball, Golf, "E" Club, DAVID CHARLES UNRUH. "Curly": FFA. IEAN VOIGT: E.H.S. Players, French Club, Tri-Y. DOROTHY AR- LENE VOLLMAN, "Dot": GA.A., Home Eco- nomics Club. VICTOR VOLKENING. "Vic": Boys Glee Club. LESTER LAUREN WACKER. "Wack": Band, Track, LEE REYNOLD WAIN- SCOTT: F.FA. IAMES IORDAN WALKER. "Iim": Football, Basketball, Wrestling. NORMA IEAN WALLMUTH, "Norm": GA.A., lunior and Senior Literature Clulcs. THOMAS ROBERT WALTERS. "Tom". DOROTHY LOIS WASCHER: Home Economics Club, G.A.A. VIR- GINIA WASINGER. "Gir1ny": GAA., Tri-Y. ANNIE LAURIE WASSINGER. "Babs": GAA., German Club, Tri-Y RUTH LOUISE WATERMAN, 'kRutl'1ie" G.AA. DONALD HOWARD WEDDLE 1 "Donn: Hi-Y, Band, Student Council. RALPH HERMAN WEDE. "Whitey": Boys Glee. IOANNE WEED. "lou: Band, Orchestra, Student Council. DAVID GEORGE WENTE. ESTHER WERFELMANN. "Etta": A Cappella, GAA. KENNETH RICHARD WESE- MANN, "Ke-n": Band, Wrestling, El-I.S. Players. 4:5 Af Iiullmulh T. IVll1tcr5 IJ. u'ytlil'h!'l' V. Wtlsiugw' The Zicgticlrl girls gn intu tluur n me t I llaccmgrr R. lVlIIl'I'h1!Il1 D. Wrridlr R. Wcdz' I li Nd IJ. Wclzte lf. Wfwlzflnzann K. Wzzfrmrznn CONSTANCE IEAN WESTPHAL, "Connie": EHS. Players, Iunior Class Play, Tri-Y. IEAN WHIPPLE. "Stinky": G.A.A., Band. VIRGINIA WICKNICK. "Slow Gin": G.A.A., Orchestra. RONALD WINSTON WILKIN. "Ron": Band, Mathematics Club. WALLACE WILLIAMS. "Wally": Iunior and Senior Class Plays, Ger- man Club. HARRIETT EMILY WILSON. "Hat": Maroon, Mirror, Tri-Y. ROBERT SPENCER WILSON, "Bob"1 Band, Student Council. SHIRLEY DOLORES WIMPELBERG. "Wimpy": G.A.A., Aeolian, First Girls Glee. FRED WITT IR.. "Nit": Hi-Y, E.H.S. Players, German Club. GERHARD IOHN WITTHUHN. "Gay": Rifle Club, Izaak Walton. LUCILLE MAY WODRICH. "Lucy": Maroon Staff, G.A.A. HELEN MARIE WORTHEY: French Club, E.H.S. Players, Latin Club. LILLIAN REBECCA ROSE YANKO. "Lil": German Club, Orchestra. IO- SEPHINE YOUNG. "Io": G.A.A., Home Eco- nomics Club. DOROTHY ZOLL. "Dot": E.H.S. Players, Tri-Y, Band. RUTH DANIELSON. "Ruthi": Tri-Y, G.A.A., French Club. REVA IOSEPH. "Pris": Entered from Norris City, Ill. No! Pictizrerl MELBOURNE ATCHISON. "Mel": Band. ROB- ERT MARCUS DAMISCH. LAVERNE EUGENE FUNK. "Gene": Football, HiY, "E" Club. IEANETTE LOIS GERDAU. "Ienny": Home Eco- nomics Club, G.A.A. HARRISON GIERTZ: Izaak Walton, Football, Rifle Club. FERN FROOMA GOLDMAN. IOHN GEORGE HILL- IER. IOE HUGHES. ROLAND ROBERT KOCH. U.S.N. ARLINE LOUISE KUGATH: Entered Wf-'ffffffl I- Whfffiff' V- 'Vif'fv"'ftf1 from Libertyville, Ill. Donorl-:Y MAE MILLER. Willqin IV. Williams H. Wilson H H V 1Vjl,fU,, 5, li','mpfll.,-,-g I". Win Dotty Mae : G.A.A., Commercial Club. ELSIE Willhuhn L. Wmlrirlz H. ll'w'Ihf'y MAE SPEYERS. Entered from Rockford H1 Ytnllqo I. Young D. Zoll I ' ' lf. D1n1ic'l.mn R. Ioxrph ROBERT IOSEPH WHALEN. "Bob". In Memoriam Robert liullaml Inez Barry April ll, W2-I - Scptcmbcr ll, 1939 August l2, 1924 - Iuly 31, 1940 89 Departmental Honors English: Marilyn Daniels, Edith Dun- ning, Marilee Born, Dramatics: Dorothy Rovelstad, Irene Seligson, Foreign Language: Donald Adkins, Marilee Born, Leota Gustafson, Faith Lonnquist. Social Science: Elizabeth Livesay, Marilee Born, Leota Gustafson, Faith Lonnquist. Mathematics: Donald Dunning, Vera Girton, Donald Hernandez, Paul Moulton, Science: Mary Lois Wilson. Agriculture: Elmer Hill, Iames Nesler. Business: Rosemary Gallina, Irene Greve, Dorothy Radke. Art: Edward Anderson. Industrial Arts: William McMaster, Paul Moulton. Music: Audrey Berlin, Fred Sell, Robert Bartelt, Frank Holden, Helen Brady. VALEDICTORIAN Marilyn Daniels Rotary Awards Four-Year Award: Marilyn I. Daniels, Three-Year Awards: Marilee K. Born, Edith L. Dunning, Leota R. Gustaf- son, Robert A. Kromhout, Lois La- vina Lawrance, Roger C. Livesay, Patricia I. McKay, Mary Catherine Nelson. Two-Year Awards: William S. Aller- ton, Carolyn A. Bennorth, Gordon L. Burton, Luann F. Detar, Frances M. Heinicke, Eileen M. Klinger, Richard F. Landwehr, Faith R. Lonnquist, Robert M. Rudolph, Iune I. Szosz, Mary Lois Wilson, Helen M. Worthy. One-Year Awards: Charles W. Adere man, Donald L. Adkins, Audrey C. Berlin, Robert VV. Brown, Edmond E. Connor, Iames Gordon Cox, Margaret C. Darnisch, Francis I. Dunbar, Mary Ann Danielek, Mar- garet C. Gmur, Rhoda M. Grupe, Charlotte L. Helper, Amy R. Helt- zel, Anne F. Iones, Constance M. Kroeger, Richard L. Peterson, Anne R. Peven, Pamela I. Ryan, Marjorie I. Sandberg, Glenn I-I. Schnadt, Dorothy M. Schneft, Iames E. Stahl, Ir., Robert A. Tornquist, Donald I. Weddle, Dorothy Wells. 1922 HONOR MEDALS Gordon L. Banks, Dorothy Rovelstad CLAXX UF 1944 rr Kun' nur: In. .XIvImrx, R. .XIIu'c, R. .XIIv.'rImn. II. ,XItI1cn. II. I. .XmIL'rwl1, I. .'XmIol'm1l. M.xriun .XmIL'1'sul1, Munson All1Iurmn R. .Xl1sI1's11sul1, IT. .X1uIl'n'xxx, I. .Xpgguy R. .'XppIr. KUlf'fl1'llf Rnlu-rl Iinilvy, Riclmrd I4.1iIcx, R. Iigllmlwin, R. Iimka, Ii. Iinrlcls. M. Iinrlcla, S. Iiglucr, Ii. Iiqlllstcrt, R. Iigxxmgum II. II4lXtcr, II. IIccIiur, C. IICCIRIIILIIIII. Kun' I!Il'l'!'.' IT. Ill-hling, M. Iicnlmrt, I.. ISL-nn. M. Iicnncr, N. Burg. Ii, Iiurm-r, M. Iiicklcr, M. Blank, S. Iiluck, I. Iim-Inn M. IIugcI'I, K. IIUIIIICV. Kun' fuur: Ii. Iiupprc. I. IIuwIsIx, II. I1r.1cIa, II. IIrz1cIictl, I. II111 nmhm, Il. III'CI1I'lL'l',II, IIrcsIIcI1. II. IirInIiL'r. G. IIroqkm'r. G. Ilrmvnc R, Iiruwn, II. Iiuuk. lQ1m'111'r: Ia. IIllckI1uIIl, I. IIIIIICII. N. IIlIl'I1L'I'I'I, I, IIllI'IIILlSll'I', V. IILll'I1IlIjlL'. I. IIlII'IiLlI'I, R. C.1rIwn, I. tILlI'I3CI'llL'l'. II. lfulm-5.1, M IIILIITIILIII, Il. Clmrist, N. CI.1rIg. K1?H'.1'I.I'.' Ii. Cmmu-rvr. I.. Cmmk. I. IIIXIIIIN, .L Crgumcy, R. Cn-ml, R. Criulllun. C. Crump. I. Curcc. G. IJ.1I1IIvy. Y. Ilnih-3, M Ihnllisrlm, M Ilqxnich-k. Kon' .ffvwzr II. lJ.u'Iiwn, I. l5.m', R, I3.u'r, If. lhlxis. K. Unix, Ii. Ilny, S. Ik-wcy, G. Iluulcy, P. IIHl'!sL'I', IP. IMWUII. C. Ilmgw M Ilwwl' lxyrlll' flkfllf M. I.. IIVUIIQIII .X. M. Illglc, M. Ifcknlqln, Y. Iiggcr, I. Ifggurl, C. I. IIIIIIIIQLT. R. Iiricksulm. I. Iiwm-tic, Ci. I".mIwr. I I I I Its 11. I'LllISI, I. .L Inav. I.. Chlrrn 91 Kuff' nur: C. Ifrcs. R. Iffu, Ii. ITINI, M. I:CIlI'lllLlI1, I'. Ifluml, I. Iflnnw, II. Fohr- m.nn. lwn' Inn: C. Ifmvlrr, I. Fnwlvr, N. Iframs, Y. Ifrislsy, IP. Ifrmt. S. Funk. I. Fuqua. iwn' 9: I.. KQvrrnIcI, R. UicImIcns. R. llimkc, K.. l,1IIvtIc. M. Cnlllmn, I. C-lssIcr, A. lQuIcI1'l1xIIl'n. RU14' four: S. GuI1IstIcn, If. Gull, I. Gur- m.m. R. Cuulml. II. Crzxlnun. I. Graf, M. Crnf. Mm' fin-5 V. Gmffnngn, I. A. Crux, I. Gr:-vxxlu-rg, Ii. Cicrtz. Il. Gucdcrl. II. CnIcIsmitIx, IJ. Guhlsmith. Run' .fl'.l'f II. Grcincr, IJ. Grimcs. R. f:l'lIIN'h. II. KIFISIILIIII, W. Grisham, R. C5rfmc'n1.u1, XV. Gross. Kun' .-'r'1'r11.' Il. Cmcssrr. W. Gudcmnn. G. CuIIclt. C. Curnc-tt, Ii. Hausa, C. II.m1ristrr, G. II.nm-istvr. Run' figfllf If. IILIIIIIIILTZNKIIIIIIKII, V, IIancIy, .-X. IIJIISCII. II. II.lmcn, N. Hansen, C. II.uming. IJ. II.msing. lwn' I1lIIll'f R. Ilnming. IJ. Ilamling, N. Ilnrncx, Ii. Harris, V. Hartman. M II.urlvcr. I. Ilnlxvlquisr. Kun' Ifn: N. Ilclu-isvn, Ii. Ilvcht, R Ilviah-. I.. Iluim, R. IIuInikn, I. Helm II. IIcIms. Ivm' f',l'l'l'lIf NV. II:lrt1cII. A. Holm-I. G Ilmpplv, Ii. Ilulmgm, IH. Ilnpp, M. Hupp II. IInIlc'. Kon' fzwlzf: Ii, Ilmvnrml, M. L. IIuIuIwcII K. IIIQI. I- Inx.1I.1cu, I. IscIu-rg, VV. Ivn Man, A. Iz'w1'II. v Kun' nur: Ii, Iuliimm, I. Iulmwn. l'. Inhnwn, R. Iulimtun, II. lclucx. M. Innes. Ii. Iunwn, M. Inv, If. Kailmwwill, Ii. K.iIwl.1iu W. Kcixlli-r. R. Kk'l.Ill.Ill. I Mui' lim: I.. Rcllciilswgi-r, I.. Kcllcx. R, Kenyon, KI. Kilgore, I. Kiikluul. I., Klvinsullmiilt, C. Klriwr, M. Rlingur, R. Kngippcu I'. Ixm'ippci', II. Kucli, C. Kuclilcr. limi' ffzrrn' W. Kim-gi-i', G. Krugvr, Ii. I..igurstruin. R. I.iimlv, S. Lg-mp. li. I.4imlwcIii', I. Lange, R. lungs, M. I..1I'nintc, R. I..iw ri-mc, M. Imiiglity, R. I.1'llIlCl'. li'u1r'fu1i1'.'iI. I.IfllII'llL', IT. Lissrll. .X. I.11cli, M. IAII-I.II'L'II, IVY. I.ulu'm1in, R, Imlm-. R. I.uwL'. II. I.uccIi-r, I. I.unil, M. I.uml. I" n I.usclu-r. If. M.igmlu . Kun' jizw: R. Mqigmlcn, If. Manley, R. Munn, I. Martin, M. Mcllriilc, R. INICCIILSIIQT, Z. Mclfrgiukcn, I. Mclkwmntr, ID, Mciiill tl. Mclnlrc. I. McI.c4in, N. Mc.igl1ci'. Kun' .w'.i': Il. Mt'lllIIllIl, I.. INICIISKIIIIIQ, I. Metz, II. Mctzgcr, Y. Moyer, I.. Milam, N. Millilialn. I. Miller, I.. Millrr, I. Mills, .X Mink, I I. Minnicli. Kun' .w'f'r1:: W. Mischa-, II. INIimrc, K. RrI0lllgllII1CI'y, I". Moxluy, W. Mullikcn, M. Murphy, II. Nagcl, II. Nclsun, I. Nelson, R Ni-lmm, 1. Nifiwi, R, Ni.li..li,. I lCun'c'l'gf1t: li, Nish, G, Nulh, I". Nun-.1n. R. Nulcr, IJ. Ui-Iilcr, M. Olscn, R. Olmn, VV. Olsen, G. Orlmn. I. O'R17lll'kQ'. I. Uxliliuli, I.. Ottingcr. 93 lwn' 111111 II. I'.l.u', II. I,.II-I. If.. I,.IllINL'l1. R. I'.mIux, U. NI. I'L'zIc'rwn. I. I'c'IIc'I1cr. M. I'4rrx. lima' Inn: .X. I'clxcIx.lw. Ki. I,IIL'lIt'l'1'I'. Ii. I'I14'Ipx, I, I'Ic'1'cc'. M. IIIL'I'sul1, II. Iyiptr, K. III.lIIl. lwn' lhnrf II. I'Inlc, I,ugumI1l, Ii. l'unI, I'f1II.uIx. IJ. Ilnllmmxv. M. I'mlL'1, lx. IIILNIUII. liffn vIHllI'.' II. I'riIIrr, II. R4lcI1m'r, I. Ralhn, I. R.1mIt. l.. R.1usch, R. Ra-nl, IJ. Rcvsl. lffm' jim: I. Rum. Y. R1-idx. C. Rlmgulcs, Il. Rm. IP. Rxcv, II. Rngur. I'. Rmnr. Kuff' .-'1x.' I. RnIw.u', Ii. Rnhurts, IJ. Ruhhins, XV. Rulu-ru, .X. Run, M. Ruhling, II. Rnu'IsI.lrI. lhfu' .-'11'n1.' I.. R11cIuIpI1, NV. Rust, Inmcs S.1IuImrx. Inhn Snlixlxurv, M. S2ll'NII7t'l'j.f, 5. Sum-4I.1. I. 5.IlllIlI4.'l'N. liun' Hlghlf II, Sam. I.. ScalrIm1LlgI1, If. Sklwtlmv, 0. SuhcIImv, G. SrIu'irI1Iin, I.. SCIlIL'n'Il'l', SCIIUCIC. lynn' 111111 5 If. SL'I1urxl1I1m'm'l1, I.. ScI1.mc'r. S. Sclmmlcr, R, Schurmg, A. Schultz, I. SLIILIIIZ, R. Suhumgm. Ihfzx' 1111: ID. Skull, If. Snwcr, G. Si'yll1lllll', Il. 5h.1Iu, 5. hIu'tIm-r, X. bln-pnlwl, N. Sums. lhfzf' l!!'l'l'll.' li, Smith, C. Smith, Dnnnhl Sumth. llmmlmx Smnh, I. SIIIIIII, I' Smith. IS. Sm-IIgrm'c. Kuff' lH'!'l1't'f C. SnutI1.mI, I'. Spinkcr. I3 Slnnncr. I.. SLIIIIIICISIDII, G. Slmh-5, C Snll, lf.. Stcinmnnn. Rau' uw: I. Su-w.1rI. li. Srickling. li. Slmlmlgml. IT. Stnlt, R. Storey, M. Sllmlcrlngr, C. Swnmon, D. Swanson, R. Swcntcck, C.. bxvlnycr, C.. bzmz, ll. In-Iva. lfon'rn'11: A.,I'IlIK'lll1ll1. M. 'III1ICIl1All1l1. R. Thrun, R. Timm, M. Tuhlrr, S. Turling, M. 'I'rnub, I.. Trglulw, 13. 'l'rcqnIwcII, R. Tuckur, I. Tuthill, M, Vnlclixin. Krfn' lhl'f't'.' V. Yury, I. Vasquez, N. Vcntrcss. li. Villnrs. W'. Volkcning, G. Vun Arco, R. VVzuIc, I. xvLlgl'l1'l', M. Wuinscott, P. Walker. G. Ward, A. Wnrncr. Kau'fu1n': Ig,wvLl5IllllI1lI,IJ.xv1lY.I.xvL'IlIl1L'l',Ii.xVL'IgI!Ill'lL1I1,f3. NVicsc, ll. XVcIIs, IJ. XVrtzcl, P. Wimpclburg, IJ. Wells, G. Wcstlwmuk. G. NVu5tphul, IT. Whcvlcr. Rnu'fi1'r: M. VVhitc. ll. NVicnhultz. P. XK'icnkc. M. xVIII'l1ll'I11, A. VViIkn'ning, V. VViIIig1ms, M. VVilsun, F. VVuIulwn, I. XVright 'I'. Ynnkn, I. Zimmcrmgm, I. Zimmcrmun, IJ. Znrnow. a And now-the class of 1945 sv 9 lxbm' mir: il. .XI1Imtt. If.. .MI.unx, II. 1XII1'l'trm, C. .'XIIIwn, M. .'XIcx41mIcr, NI. Alllls. Ci. .XmIvrwn. I1. .Xmlq-rwn. V. .Xlnlg-rx-ul. I" .XncIrvwn. II. .'XmIruw, li. Annix. Imn' frm: .-X. .XlrI1iwn, IJ. II.uIul4-rs, I', Ikgmwnrt. If. Ihrtlm, I.. Hutt. I.. Ihlttln. S. II.lllI111lI1. R. III-,IL V, Hp.-k, li. Ik-ckcr, M Ihclwr, Ii. IICCIQIIILIII. Knu' lfzrfrj II. Ik-Ilxw-Il, lf. IIUIIQILWVLIIKI, VV. livm-1Iiur,C, IICl1l1L'lI, R. I4cnnm'lIl. I'. lIunlIc'x, I. IILTIIII, I.. Iiurlsulm. S. Hut, I. Ihr Il'IlI?lII'Q, II. I4Icgcn, IX IIIuum. lI'u1z'ffu11'.' ID. Iiulln, II, IIIXICIK, IJ. lirgullvy, R. Iirndy, V. I'II'Ll1II'. I. IIl'1IIl1ll1L'l', If.. IIrcsIicI1. M, III'LIIlI1lLlI'I. .X. IIYIIIHII. R. Ih'uIw1 II. Ihuwn, I. IIl'llk'IiI1l'l'. Run' lim: II. IIFXLIHI, M. I4uckcrcIz1I1I, A, IILIILICR, S. Iiurku, Ii. IIIIFNIUIII, IVI. Byers, C. lfg1I1iII. I.. CLIIAIIIIU. I". Cgunpcr, I'. Ixllllllhll IJ. C.xrswvII, II. I:Qll'IXVl'II.LIlI. Kun' .-'i,r.' R. C.lsux', IJ. Clmrislinmrmn. P. CIcmIunIng, C, Cugns, I.. l:!lIL'lI1lll1, I. Cullinx. ii. Crmuluggllu, If. lfnrncx. I. Cmsn1.n1 I'. Ihlilvy, C, I,LlI'Il1L'I', I. llnnncr. Kun' yr'1'1'11.' If. Ih1rIL'ml1, If.. Ilnvis, N. Illvy, I. Ugly, VV. I,L'Lll'IUVL', V. IJcII1lr,C. Ilctcrs. I7. IDr!IruII. IJ. IBICIUIILIII, I7. I5n-rwflmun I. Imllay, P. Dmlghcrty. lCnu'z'1gl1l: A. Ilmvns, I. IJlIk'I'II!j1L'I', IJ. Dunning, I. I7rzlIIc, F. Ilupplsr, I, Ilyvr, C. Ii1Igingtun, If. I".lIXV.lI'lIN. R. I",I1Il'wIgI VII. I".I1gIk'. II. I".rICIisnl1, U. IfI'IL'IiwIl. 96 Rau' our: R. Iirxin, IJ. Ifillmurc, A. lfislmcx II. Im-Iluws, In. Im-xv. NX. I'lL'Illl, II Ifinluy. Run' Iwo: R. I"Ic-tcIu'l', V. I"IctcIu-l'. I' I'Iurc5, II. Iwrwlrr, R. I'uu'Icr. Ii. Imx IJ. I'.I'Ll1lS. Krau' lh1'1'r': I, I"I'LWL'I'. R. I"rirIQc, II. Ifrill V. Ifrilx, N. Ifugntc. Il. Kinlslrr, I fILlIHIL'I'. Kun' four: II. Uq1l'm'l'. C. Ki.u'rclI, M fnvrlz. Il. Cm-skv, I.. lnulmnu, I' UuIcIcllslL'II1, Gull. lwn' 11112 if. lmmlm, I'. M. Kmrm.u1, I UUUIII, II. cIlllICIII1lIl, V. fII'.lK'IN'l', VI C-1111, R. i,r1sI1.un. , . , . lwll' .fmt Ix. IILIIINIIH1, M, I.. Ilzllch, II Ilnut. IJ. Ilglwurtlm, li, IIk'.llIl, A. Ilcun fi. IICIIIU. Kun' .x'l'I'!'Ilf G, IIL-Im. P. Ilrlm, S. IIc'11 mam, I.. II1II. M. IIuIIl1l.un, R. IIUII llhlll, Ii, Ilgxliggn, Kun' rlgfn: ID. Ilnllf, R. Ilupp, Il. Ilulvlu' M. It. Ilulwr, Ii. IIuIIslutIL'1', I. IIllI'SI 'I'. Iverson. , . , lwu' nmr: Ii, I.lIiL's. .X. I.n'1u-5, X. Icmwn W. lumen, I, Ivrnux, M, lim-5, G Iolmmun. lCnn'fr'l1.' I. Iulmmu. Y. Iulmwn, Y. IuImA mn, Il. Iulmwn. IF. Ium-5. S. Iuuca R. Kallaln. Kun' r'l1'1'f'l1.' V. Kgllf. S. KQ'IIL'IlITt'I'gL'I', N. Kvllcx, A. Kcmpnk, .L Krrslmw, K Klinglwrg, C. Knlwrl. Kult' I1l'r'fl'f'.' II. Km'I1, .X. Kukcs. Ku- IIIIZIQI, K.. Ixnpp. Il, Ixuppn-nlgllu, li Iiul'I4', If. Iiulc'ILw. lwn' flllff ID, Kmlwlw. Ii, Kruglu. V. Kflllllifllsl, G. M. Kruse, I. Lauld, S. Lcullmln, V. I.L-mku. XV. I.l'IN'I5L'l'42. li. I.imIlu-rg Il. Lum-k, Il. l.ul1Imllm'1'. ll. lmwv. Iwn' INVII IJ. I.uhm-n. lm. Mamm, I. Marlin. I. Mason, ID. Mglyur, M. Mnyvr, S. Mclirwnulzl. M. Nh-.uIuws. A. Mclwnu, C, Monks I2. N1L'llsc'l', II. Ml'IL'l'. lhm' llIl'Il'f .X. Muller, M. Millur, l.. Morgan, R. Murkcmo, I. Mrxrsc, H. Mmvry, li. Mm'Itc1'Iia's. ll. Musikick. I". Nfuw, II Mun, M. Ncrgv, lf. Ncalcr. lffm' frmr: XY. U'IIriun, CS. Ogslvn, R. Olrscn, I. Ulingvr, M. Olingnr, Ii. 0'M41IIcy', Il. I'L'4IlIxL', Ci. I'u'k. 'I'. Ifxrkur. M. l'.luIm, IQ. IR-nlwmlx. ll. IR-ck lx'f11f'jiz'r'.' I. I,l'l1l1l1lII, I.. l'crkim, QX. lR'l'Iy, A. IJL'l'I'I', I. Pc'lvrs1Iori. C. IR-ta-rsrvlm, If. I.. I'hiI1m, R. Pirrcr, I". I'I.xu'miu. .X I'rwgl1ilz, V. R.ul1k-. l. R.lhn. lwu' .-'mf R. R.1l1n. A. Rnywnml, l.. Rvn IT. Russ, If.. RrxllICY. wick, li, R1-ynuhls, IJ. Riclu-rt, R. Rik:-r, I. Ripplacrgar. Il. Rogers, I, Rmnvix, G. Rmia-1 . I. gd . Ifwn' .1'l'l'l'lI.' P. Ruulcx. Rulwcrr Rumlin. Richzml Rumlin, li. Ruflnlphi, H. RuHic, H. Ruylu. A, Sum, I. S.n.xgc, .'m.1t, IJ Snlmu-Iv. R. Schcillin. C. ScI1111inIg:lII. Iwn' ugln: C. Sflmmlt, I. Sclmmll. lf. Sdmmlclt. li. I. Schnullc, Ii. Sclmmlur, P. Sclmruulcr, M. Scluu-lt, S. Sulmulmll. R. Sklmll R. Skhultf. M. Srlmmnnn, H. Scrum Um. 98 lifm' 111111 A. Sclpiun. C. Scrxicc, IH. sql lcr, H. SIIIYIRT, C. Slnmp. M. SllII'M'II1 ii. Slllllfl. Run' 111v1: lf. Smith. li. 5111111111-1's, li. Sur- cmcn. IT. SIUKTIA, M. Spiccr. P. Squirw I. Stnlcn. Run' lh1'l't'f li. I.. Stnnfcll, I.. Slaxnfnul, I SIZITIII. R. Smrk, Ii. Stcvlv. G. Slcvlv, A SlclI.un. lfrm' fllllff Ii. A. Su-illum, M. Su-H'n11 R. , Stn-pl1.1l1, M. A. Stewart. 17. Stunt. li Stmmlmuglm, M. Strcir. ICU11' fil'I'f ll. Slruhm, ll. SIIWDIIIIIIU. M Stumpf, XV. Sullixunn, I.. Svcmlsfn, P. Sw1nIscl1, li. A. Swgmmn. Rum .r1.r: IP. Sxv1lmm1. ll. Swcnsun, l.. Swinyclq II. 'l'41x'Iur, D. 'l'I1u1'tm1, If. 'I'r1sIlI, If. 'I'uppu'I. Kun' .ft'l'l'I1.' Il. Tuppul, R. Tnruk, R. Irnuh, XX. l1'v1lm', I. lrcvmu. li. 'l'ur- nrr, M. 'I'ym'cr. Run' dghli A. Vain Alstinc, If. XIAIH Kirk, I. X.1Iu1t1m', la, Mun I.1lllRK'l'l, I. V.1n NLIIILI, KI. Vaughn. VV, XIIAISLIR. Kunz llltllff W. Vms. IJ. Wacker, U. Wauk- rr, I. VV:1hl, R. XXVAIIKIIHISCY, G. VVgm'I1cl', VV. Wzltvrmxm. Kult' IIIII S. AVVIHII. XVCIAIIILT, M. XVVIS- nur. R. XVcmIt. D. XVCI'I.L'Ill1Lll1I1, F. AVQ'I'IlL'l', S. XVcm'1'lwcck. Kun' r'ff'1'rI1.' If. AVUIZUI, XVIILIICI1, N. xVI1L'C'It'X', C. AVIIIILIFIII. U. VViIIL'Il, VV. VViIli.ln1s, S. IVl1ccIc1'. Kun' ln':'l1'1'5 II. XVIIIIAIYIII, VV. VVilsun, li. XNL'VVL'lZk'T, K. VVUIH, R. XVLIIIRKT, S. Zuhr, A, M. Zimmcrmnn. Crm' ll4'Il.' VV. Ilmvhls, U, Ilrntltlmllt' x'rm'n1lf': fi, Zurnuw, R. Zwiclgy, ID. Amt-I, C. Burnett, R. Buwktr, Ii. Bay-It-55, Ii. Huck. IF. Rvg.1Ik:1. R. Rcnnt-tt. R. Ilcu. Il, IlirtI, I. Ilncltmll. I. Kfm'I1il1, II. I3.lllt'I, U. ICIIIOI. r, O. Rrittun, M. Rruutlnnx, I'. I'wrunml1, I'. Iimwn. R. Iiruncmnn. I. Ct-r'.xx.t. I. fIIll'INlt'IlKL'I1. Kun' flH'l'!'.' lf. I',.I11Illl'l'I, S. Iivvlirlt, R. Fztrncy, R. Ferris, I. Ificrkr, S. I"iscI1t'r, ID. M. I5uIux. If. Gz1uIt'. II. cI.lI'IH'k'CI1f, R, G.ttew. I. Cirumw, l'. IILlII1CI5ll'I'. Kun' fnur: V. Ilglrrling, R. Ilgwriarm, II. IIc1IIvI.1tIc, S. IICcIhIntIt', S. IIt'rIwt'rt. M. I. Ilurnlml, II. IIIII, M. .X, II1Itun. R. Ilmrt, ti. It-unv, K. Ivnnv, I. Iulmwn. Krfn' firr: I.. IHIIIISUII, IJ, Innvs, 'l', Kt'INL'I'IIllg, I'. Rcrlmcr, R, I.. Korn, C. KIlllINL'II. A. Iiwrlwl, R. Ktmlttr. IJIIICN Kl'.ll1IL'I', I1vIH1 KI'1ll1lCl'. I. KI'llL'QL'l', If. I.:1IIcx', liwu' ,-1.1: C. I.ut'tm1w, I. l.L-itm'l', M. McIJun.tItI, I7, Mick, Il. MIlIKIIL'5XX'KlI'lI1, II. Millikgln, I. Mink, P. Naxlur, I. Na-row. A. UILN-n. C, Orhgxn, I, Ox't'rnml1. Kun' .fl'l'l'Hf XV. IR-tt-l'srml1, R. liurlt-y, I. Rgulisch, R. Rugcr, II. Rvnwlck, G. Riclmck, I. Ruxt, R. Ruwcll. IJ, Ruxlc. I4. St'I1w.1rt7. N. .-X. Schw.u'lw.1I4It'r, C. Scott. I ' -III. CI. Sw.1n. C. Sxuutssm. Ii. Switmr. .X. 'IIwmpwn. IJ. Kun' riglzl: IJ. Slursctlt. R. Smitcmlurf, I". Smith, N. Smith, VI. Sm: XXIIIIIUIIIIIW, R. M. XVLIFKI, I.. XVQ-stlwwg. 100 l nch "Gill" Rcnncr ltnll lilII'Il1L'l5ICl', Rik' Strnlim, limb Pglrmtl, C ll an r l u s Limlquist. I lrrx' Allison, Roger l IYCSLIY. SPRING XPOR TX an 9 Tennis The 1941 campaign ot Elgin High Schools tennis team should be marked down as one of the most successful seasons ever participated in by the net men. They were represented by Captain Dick Price, Captain- elect Chuck Lindquist, Roger Livesay, Ray Strohm, Bill Bur- meister, Larry Allison, and Bob Parrott. After losing their first two dual meets of the season, the team blazed in with sweeping victories over their remaining nine matches, which included the winning of the District Championship and a third place in the Conference meet. Dick Price and Chuck Lindquist Won both the individual and doubles 101 championships at the District and Conference meets, and also qualified for the State Championships at Champaign, here they were eliminated in the first round of play. This was the third time in five years that Maroon raqueteers have Won the District Cham- pionship under the successful coaching of "Gil" Renner. With four lettermen returning for this year's squad, coupled with the addition of some high- ly touted freshmen and sopho- mores to take the place of the graduating lettermen, Elgin's prospects for the 1942 season represent what might be the greatest team that the Maroons have had in years. Track The 1941 track season was the most successful of all. The team not only Won the Big Eight Conference and the Kane County championship but also smashed tive records. The Maroons opened the sea- son with an indoor meet at Na- perville where they scored l4 points. A conclusion to the in- door season at Oak Park gave Elgin five more points. Elgin downed Palatine 60-53 in the first outdoor contest, then conquered East Aurora 88-26. They participated in a triangu- lar meet with East and West Rockford, missing first place by the scant margin of 1 l X 6 points. Their second triangular meet, however, was a Maroon victory. Elgin acquired a total of 63 3X5 points to Win the Kane County championship over West Aurora. Then in the Dis- trict meet at Rockford they scored 37V2 points to take sec- ond place behind York of Elm- hurst and qualified eight men for the state finals. In the State meet at Charn- paign the team was led by Mike Sullivan, who took second place among all hurdlers in the state. The Maroons closed a spec- tacular season by accumulat- ing 61 points to break Rock- ford's ten-year domination ol the track crown. The Frosh-Soph track squad must have contracted the "championship fever" from their older teammates, for they came through tour meets victorious. They defeated Wheaton to open the season. They followed with successive victories over East Aurora, Palatine, and Wheaton. On all championship teams there is a record-breaker, and Elgin was no exception for they had Mike Sullivan, that hur- dling ball of fire who set no less than four records. His record- breaking feats included a new Conference record in the low hurdles, a new county record in the high hurdles, another county record in the low hur- dles bettering his own record, and he also broke the Rockford record in the high hurdles. The relay team also set a new county record, breaking a rec- ord held by Elgin since l932. Thus a very successful track season came to a close at Elgin High School. High hopes for a repetition of, or an improve- ment of scores and records in the 1942 season are held by the squad and school. With several high pointers returning, these hopes have a good chance of becoming realities. bm... tin WW "fx.':.'f.... ,.. , J:-.::.K""', f. 5 The Band 'Busy as a tiddler's elbow" is an apt description of an or- ganization as active as "Elgin's own," the EHS band. A group mixing business with pleasure, the band attracts over one hun- dred students each year, and is one of the most popular activities. Although they did not com- pete in contests this year, bandsmen showed talent in their three annual concerts, at football and basketball games, and by participation in civic events. An exchange concert replaced contest trips, curtailed because of business conditions, The junior band, supplernente ing the concert group, trains M iw Hll!lllH11lNlL'I' Rvcwt the inexperienced players. Mem- bers of the prep band join with the concert players to form the football unit which specializes in military formations and music. During basketball season the band is divided into two small- er units, the "Maroon" and "Cream" bands, which alter- nately play for basketball games. The "popular" concerts, so- called because of the nature of music played, were presented November 25, February l7, and March 24. Under the direction of Bandmaster U. K, Reese, they featured an increased number of popular and semi-classical compositions. September l-Labor Day Parade September 20 -'- Community Chest Parade November 25-Fall Concert October 9-Fire Prevention Parade February 17-Winter Concert February 28-District Solo and En' semble tDeKalbl March 14-District Band tDeKalbl March 28-District Grade Band Con- cert tAbbottJ April Z1-Spring Concert April ll-District Grade Solo and Ensemble fOttawaJ April l8-Sectional Solo and En- semble May l-2-Sectional Bond Contest tOttawaJ May l6-State Final Contests tLaSalleJ May 30-Memorial Day Parade JJ freer? The Urchestra The highschool orchestra has presented numerous concerts this past year with the idea ot improving and developing the playing ability of the individual and helping him to appreciate good music. With these objec- tives in mind, the orchestra has completed another successful year under the able direction of Miss Marion Lattey. Public appearances this year were at the Elgin State Hos- pital, the Sears Art Gallery, the Kane County Teachers Institute, and the Musicians' Club. The orchestra also played for our school Christmas program. Ace cording to custom, they had their annual spring and Winter concerts while, in place ot their tall concert, they presented the opera Carmen. The high spot of the year came when the or- chestra assisted Percy Grain- ger, the famous musician, in presenting a concert at the Uni- versalist Church for the second district of the lllinois Federation of Music. The orchestra selected the following students to lead them through the year: Helen Dooley, president, and Carolyn Ben- north, vice-president. A great deal ot credit should be given to Miss Marion Laf- fey for her excellent direction ot this talented group. A Cappel i-1 The A Cappella choir is made up of fifty upperclassrnen who have done much in presenting many varied musical programs during the past year, They have presented concerts for the gen- eral public, performed innuf merable times at our school ase sombly programs, and appearf ed at many other outfoffschool functions. This group of singers perform entirely without musical accomf paniment. lt is the perfect blendf ina of voices to harmonize with penetrating musical inflections. lt is an achievement attained by enthusiasm and coherent cooperation. The arrangement that has been used to make it a more outstanding organization is the use of sectionals. This gives each division of the choir add- ed attention and instruction. During the year the choir sent representatives to solo contests all of whom returned with high ratings. On April 26 the whole choir participated in the Fox Valley Music Festival at Aurora. The following people are the officers for the group: Charles Aderrnan, president, loe Neil, vicefpresident, and Doris Helm, secretary. The choir is under the direcf tion of Clifford Thomas. Glee Clubs Mixed Chorus The Mixed Chorus, composed of freshmen and sophomore boys and girls, sings many lovely compositions. This chorus provides excellent training in choir singing for underclassmen who later may Wish to join such older groups as Treble Choir, Aeolian, and A Cappella. lt also promotes interest in the World's better musical compositions, of- fers an opportunity to learn to read music, and encourages the development ol talent. This group has proved very popular because ol the enthusiasm ol the underclassmen. Under the direction of Clifford Thomas, members of the mixed chorus learn to appreciate classical compositions and enjoy good music. Aeolicm Aeolian, a girls singing group, has been quite active during the past school year. They par- ticipated in the annual Christ- mas program and also the Spring Festival. Several patrio- tic numbers in the Three One- Act Plays were sung by them, and they vocalized popular Mexican songs in an assembly p r o g r a in celebrating Pan' American week Officers for the year were Mariory McArthur, president: Marilyn Hopp, secretaryg lo Ann Grey, treasurer, The accom- panist was Carl Swanson, and l'liylli:: Sniith and Helen Vollf iner were librarians, This group is under the direction of Miss lfliiia ffngelbrecht. Treble Choir The freshman and sophomore girls who are planning to enter the choir activities of EHS. bee gin their path upward by be- coming a member of the Treble Choir, They are under the spe- cial guidance of Miss Elma Engelbrecht. Their activities for the year have consisted of participation in the EH S. Christmas program and performing in the Spring Festival which is put on by all the choral groups of Elgin High School. The officers for the club are Patricia Dougherty, presidentg lla Carpenter, secretaryg and Nan lean Amis, treasurer. Mary Ellen Murphy is the accompanist. ' 2 " ride and Prejudice" l'Pride and Prejudice," a comedy written by lane Austen, was presented by the lunior Class May l and 2, l94l. The play concentrated on Mrs. Bennet's determination to get her daughters married. lane, Elizabeth, and Lydia were the daughters, living in a pe- riod when a womans one pos- Mr. Bennet Charles Aderman Hill , lohn Darnell Mrs. Bennet Lois Shamberger Lady Lucas , Mary lane Herbert lane Bennet lean Nelson Elizabeth Bennet Barbara Tobin Lydia Bennet Constance Westphal Mr. Darcy ,, , ,, ,Aloe Neil Mr. Bingley , , Keith Aiield Mr. Collins Richard Clendening Amelia , , ,Mary Coleman sible career was matrimony. The story was about the duel between Elizabeth and her pride and Darcy and his preju- dice. Each gave in beiore the evening was over, pride and prejudice met halfway. The play Was under the di- rection of Miss Marge Biersach Mr. Wickham Wallace Williams Belinda, Marilyn Giertz Amanda , , , Cele Eshelman Agatha , , lean Voight Three Young Men Robert Ehorn Richard Pearson Robert Gilamen Captain Denny Vernon Anderson Miss Bingley Frances Plath Charlotte Doris Helm Mrs, Lake Marilyn Myers Lady Catherine de Bough Rosemary Reidy r E VEN TX UF THE YEAR September WEDNESDAY, 3: Classes re- sume after summer vacation. FRIDAY, l9: Maroons trounce Maine in first gridiron battle of season. MONDAY, 22: Class of '43 starts battle to elect officers. Final results: Art Bosnyak, presi- dent, Shirley Barnwell, vice- presidentg and Betty Bickler, secretary. WEDNESDAY, 24: Class of '44 elects Walter Rust, president, Charles Smith, vice- president, Bill Snellgrove, sec- retary. October THURSDAY, 2: First day of Cur- tis Vocational Plan which erases Mirror debt in two weeks' cam- paign. Dorothy Tucker wins contest with S110 in subscrip- tions. MONDAY, 6: Student Council presents Philharmonic Quartet as lyceum show. FRI- DAY, lO: State Press Conference at Urbana. THURSDAY, 16: All- school dance, the "Pumpkin Prance," sponsored by Student Council. SATURDAY, l8: Big Eight press conference at East High, Aurora. MONDAY, 27: Senior class elects officers. THURSDAY, 30: Student talent makes novel assembly program. Featured are twin pianos, cor- net solo, ballet, and other mu- sical numbers. Also: Class of '43 holds gala party in gym. November MONDAY, 3: Burton Lynn lack- son plus a marimba plus some perky tunes equal the second in a series of fine lyceums. MONDAY, IO - FRIDAY, 14: American Education Week. MONDAY, lO: Armistice Day program sponsored by Ameri- can Legion. THURSDAY, l3- FRIDAY, l4: Seniors break all production records with class play, "Out of the Frying Pan," given for first time on high- school stage. MONDAY, 17: Safe driving discussed in as- sembly by Sergeant Pence of State Police. TUESDAY, I8: Sophomores hold first class par- ty. FRIDAY, 21: Iunior Tri-Y sweater dance, Community House, St. Charles. TUESDAY, 25: Bands present sixteenth an- nual "pop" concert in gym. WEDNESDAY, 26: Freshmen "throw" first party complete with games and food. A December MONDAY, 1: Student Council sponsors exhibit of raredocu- ments, newspapers, letters for full day in gym. TUESDAY, 2: Iuniors and seniors interview representatives at annual Col- lege Day. TUESDAY, 9: Ger- man club dinner. SUNDAY, 14: First of holiday activities is Christmas Musicale, featuring vocal and orchestral groups. MONDAY, 22: Classes disband for holidays. "Hey, Skinnay, no school 'til Ianuary 21" FRIDAY, 26: Senior Tri-Y and dates dust off formals for the "Belle Ball." Ianuary MONDAY, 12: Thrilling story of human leopard society in Afri- ca is told by Ioseph Elliot,4jungle authority, in lyceum assembly. FRIDAY, 16: Iam session starts new year right. Students "get hep" at first Council dance of 1942. THURSDAY, 22: Seniors throw class party, barbecued hamburgers, punch, dancing, "the Zeigfield Girls," Dick Peter- son as master of ceremonies, and a magician: all make up a gala evening. February TUESDAY, 3: Sophs choose Kelly green and white as class colors after "colorful" election. WEDNESDAY, 4: Class of '43 meets to choose official banner. MONDAY, 9: Diver Robert L. Zimmerman tells of strange ex- periences in walk on the ocean bottom, exhibits strange fish and shells. TUESDAY, 17: Band plays everything from Bach to boogie-Woogie at spring con- cert. FRIDAY, 20: Dr. Armin Weng tells little known facts about Abraham Lincoln to E. H.S. assembly. March MONDAY, 2: Iohn Moyer, staff taxidermist of Field Museum, shows colored film and tells how animals are made to live again in museum sets. FRI- DAY, 6: One-Acts feature three types of drama: patriotic tab- leaus showing "The Birth of the Flag," "The Spirit of 1776," and "The Spirit of 1942" open show, then audience has chance to hiss the villain in an old-fash- ioned "mellerdrammer," "The Reunion"y lastly, the problems of a missing collar button and a pre-wedding scrap are unrav- eled in "The Wedding." THURS- DAY, l2: Music department pre- sents "Spring Sing" with Ma- roon and Cream teams vieing for largest number of guests. FRIDAY, 13: Senior Tri-Y defies hoax of this day by holding "Iinx lump" complete with black cats, a ladder to walk under, and broken mirrors. MONDAY, 16: Student Council sponsors "School for Drama" lyceum show which reveals how radio mystery program is produced. Also: Faculty retains its title of champion donkey riders by whipping seniors . . . "They ganged up on us, fellas!" MON- DAY, 23: Class of '44 invites parents to Family Night cele- bration. IX1Jri1 MONDAY, I3. Ceottrey Morgan, lyceum speaker, gives his eight points which make up The Marks of a Man." TUESDAY, III' Pan American Day program produces festive spirit with cosf tumes and music in the South American manner. MONDAY, 20 FRIDAY, 24: Social science department sponsors Victory Week with Charles Lindguist as general chairman. Special prof grams, air raid drills, balloting tor 'Uncle Sam" and 'IMiss Lib- erty." TUESDAY, 21: Last band concert of year places emphasis on popular numbers. THURS- DAY, 23: Publications staffs hold annual banquet, are given awards lor work during year. FRIDAY, 24: Victory Ball tops ott week ol preparedness. Topf hatters Iurnish music, Chuck Martin and Cele Eshelman crowned IIUHCIG Sam" and "Miss Liberty." MONDAY, 27: Fox Valley music festival. Elgin sends three busloads ot vocalf ists, instrumentalists to Aurora. THURSDAY, 30- FRIDAY, l: Iun- iors prove real threat to senf iors' play records with 'llune Mad," presented to capacity houses two nights. Bday SATURDAY, 2. Kane county track and held meet at Maroon held. SATURDAY, 9: District golf meet. FRIDAY, 29: Memorial Day program. SATURDAY, 30: Memorial Day, parade. Iune FRIDAY, 51 llonors and Awards program. Department and Ro- tary honors recognized, Maf roons distributed. SUNDAY, 7: Raccalaureate exercises. TUFS- DAY, 9: Seniors have one last Iling in Class Day program, turn scepter over to class ot '43 Also: the big event ot the year, the From, with Bob Strong and his band FRIDAY, l2: Seniors bid 'arewell to highschool da swith I Y solemn araduaticn exercises. Collins, C, E. Ackemann Bros, Warren Aiken, Photographer Allied Shoe Co. Arts Food Shoppe Band Box Cleaners Bartelts Grocery Beier's Bread Beverly, G, R. Michael Birch Louis Blum Co, Boroco Store Bowlway Recreation William H. Brady Co, Brethren Publishing Co, Britton Dairy Carbary, George Carswell Floors Cloudman Coal Co. Conn Funeral Home Daniels of Clark Patrons Dreyer of Dreyer Due-ringer Studio E. H. Dunn, M. D. Economy Oil Co, Eggert Coal Co. Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Elgin Butter Tub City Lines, lnc. Company Cleaners and Furriers Coal CS lce Company Courier-News Dress Co Flour CS Feed Co, lnc Fruit and Candy Co Homes Dairy Lumber Co. Machine Works, lnc National Watch Cornpan Steam Laundry Co., lnc The Elgin Tribune, Walter T. Woodcocl Ellis Business College Fishburns 5 ltflartinzr Fox Hotel Fox Musical instrument Co. Friedland, lohn C. lohn W. Fuqua, D. D. S. Georges Clothes Shop Graening 5. Rauschert Graf Motor Sales The Haeger Potteries inc. Z Walter Haerfel CS Co., Monuments Knute H. Hanson, D. S.C. Hermans Store for Men lllinois Cleaners and Furriers Illinois Hydraulic Stone CS Construction Co. lllinois Watch Case Co. R. H. Iohnson, Ieweler W. S. Keller, Ieweler Kerber Packing Co. Kline's Dept. Store Ludwig Milk Co. Masters Shoe Co. McBride Bros. Co. Inc. McBride Pharmacy Elmer McLean, Grocery and McClure or Struckrnann Co. Milbrandt, A. L. Miller Fuel Co. Mosiman's Muetterties Sunlight Bakery Mulliken QS Partridge CM. D.'sl Neil's lnc. News Printing Co. Nish, D. W. Olympic Cleaners Open Book Shop Charles D. Page fludgel Pelton Clinic l. C. Penney Co. Phillips Auto Parts Co. Ray Pontiac Co. F. A. Price Sign Co. Market Publix-Great States Theatres, Inc. Rinehimer Bros. Manufacturing Co. Ron De Voo Chocolate Shoppe Rose Bud Beauty Salon Rovelstad Bros. Royal Cigar Store Royal Crown-Nehi Co., Inc. Ruffie Studio Orlo E. Salisbury Paul E. Schickler Schneider Bros. Bowling Alleys Schneff Bros. Iewelers Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sharp, B. R. Sherman Hospital The Shurtleff Coal and Lumb loseph Spiess Company Strohm Coal Co. Treadwell Boats CS Motors Trentlage, Wm. H. P. B. Underwood, D. DS. Wait-Ross-Allanson Co. Inga A. West Health System Vernon Wolff Funeral Home Wentworth's F. W. Woolworth Co. GI' 115 Index A Cappella ..,.... ....... - ......... 1 07 Administration ,.,..,..,...... - .......... W... 10 Aero Club ...- .... - ............. ........ . 58 Band ............. - ....... .............. ......... 1 0 4 Basketball ........... - ......... W..- 46 Calendar ...- ........ - ..... -.......,111 Commercial Club ....... ..- ........, 32 Drama Club: ............... ........,....... 5 6 "E" Club ...- ........ - ,....... ,..-...-.....- 30 Faculty ...-.... .,.. -... E .................. ......... 36 F.F.A. ..... .. .....,..... 28 Football ......... ...... 1 2 Forensics .......,... .....,..................... 5 2 French Club ....,.. .............................. 3 2 Freshmen ...- ......... -..-..-.............. 96 G.A.A. ..,............... .- ............... 57 G.A.A. Winners ...... ...... 2 0 German Club ........ ......,....,.. ..,... 6 0 Girls' Sport: ....... .. ......... a ....... 22 Glee Clubs me ..,..., ........ 1 03 Hi-Y .,,..,...... ,,,,.. 3 1 Compiled by Executive Editor: Iames A. Chapman Art-Photography Editor: Homer L. Price Literary Editor: A. Robert Tornquist Associate Editors: Cecile Eshelman, Doris Helm, Sylvia Fischer Staff Photographer: G. Roger Livesay Staff Artists: Richard Clendening, Bill Flood Business Manager: William Richardson Editorial Advisers: Margaret E. Newman, Frank R. Briggs Business Advisers: Iames E. Baxter, Frank R. Briggs Professional Photography: Michael Birch, Walter Ducringcr, A. G. Ruifie, Warren E. Aikin News Printing Company I Pontiac Engraving and Electrotypc Company Kingscraft Covers 1 16 Home Economics .. Honor: and Awards' Izaak Walton ,,..... .... Iuniors ..................,.. Iunlor Play H9411 Latin Club .. ......:.. -. Literature Clubs ..... Maroon .................. Mirror ..... ...... ..- Orchestra .............. Patron: ........,. . ..,..... Photography Club ,. may Club .....:...,,..., Seniors ................,. Senior Play So phomores ......,... Student Council ..... Tennis ............. -..-. Track ....... - ........ Tri-Y .,.- ..... ..- Wrestling ....,., e d , W W .Y 4 4 . F 1 ' x I ,f . ' P 4. . -A W. A. .R A 1 L, . .. , ,, Ja 1 - , , . 1. vi . a '1 X 1 ,.. - .,.i., QW. , . ,Q . A Q ,. 4, , y -4

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