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We Present This Volume of HUSKIE TRACKS To Elgin High SchoolHUSKIK TRACKS DEDICATION Our lives and ideals have been shaped and molded by their In- spired guidance so we wish to dedicate this annual toHITSK1R TR ('KS FOREWORD (Photo Courtesy Fred Hill I Elgin High School is happy to present this volume of HIJSKIE TRACKS to the students of Elgin and all the townspeople that have assis;ed us in ur activities. 1941HUSKIE TRACKS CONTENTS Faculty Classes Activities Sports Elgin High SchoolMT’SK'K TRACKS FACULTY Left to right: Mr. Frank Martin. Mr. Iver Masterson. Miss Bar- bara Ellon Wales, Mr. Laurence Gibson, Miss Virginia Spence. FRANK MARTIN: (H. A.) State Teacher s College. Dickinson. North Dakota. (B. S. State Industrial College. Ellendale. North Dakota. Science and Shop. IVER W. MASTERSON: B. S.) Oregon State College 1931. (M. S. University of Oregon 1938. Economics. U. S. History, Social Science. Commercial Law. BARBARA E. WALES (B A.) Pacific University 1939. English. Music. Physical Education. LAURENCE GIBSON (B. A.) Willamette University. Math.. Social Science. Athletics. VIRGINIA SPENCE (B. S.l Oregon State College 1938. Home Economics, Typing. A WALLIS KERR: Band Orchestra. Glee Club. Toured the west- ern United States as a concert violinist: professional symphony musician. « .. i • 1941HUSKIE TRACKS DOROTHY MACELL (’OK “Blondie” A m hi lion—Beautician ( 'ass Vice Pres cient. 1; Class Secre- tary and Treasurer. 3; A. (». S. Pres- ident. 3; I etterwoman Secretary. 4: e Leader. 2-4; 4-H. 2-3-4; Band. 3-4; Orchestra, 4; Student Co: I. 3; Glee Club. 1-2; School Plays, 3-4: Paper Staff. 2-3; Basketball. 1; Vol- leyball. 1-4 “Please” ZONA POFFENBEUGER “Shorty” Ambition— Wife Plays. 3; We Presidon of Class. 2; Class Treasurer, 1: I’np r Staff. 1-2- 3 “Always Present” GLENN MAXWELL “Max” Am hi ion—U. S. Pilot Student Body Prendent. 4; Basket- hall. 3-4; Football. 4; Baseball. 3-4: Plays, 3-4; Student C uncll. 4: Pap- er Staff. 4; Transferred from Wa-Hl a Wal’a Walla 1939 “Yes, Miss Wales” TRUMAN HEBENER “Hebble” Ambition -ITidecided Treasurer of Letterman Club. 4: Plays. 2-3-4; Manager, 1-2-3: Sec- retary of Class. 1; Football, 4; Base- ball. 3-4 “The little man that wasn’t there” IRENE BENSHADLER “Bendy” Ambition— Stenographer Paper Staff, 4; Librarian. 1-2; 4-H 1-2-3-4 NAEDEAN ROBERTA WILES “Wiles” Ambition—Housewife Treasurer of Student Body. 4; Stu- dent Council. 4; Paper Staff. 4; Vol- leyball, 1-4; Basketball, 1; 4-H, 1-2- 3-4 “Oh, Tom” THOMAS ARLEIGH BARNES “Barney” Ambition—Successful Business Man Class President. 2-4; Student Coun- cil. 2-4; Editor of Senior Scoop. 4; Football, 4; Basketball. 2-3-4. “Where’s Naedean” “ I 1941 HUSKIE TRACKS JUNE HELEN PARSONS “Junie” Ambition Wife Secrc'.ary of S uder Body. 3: Asspc- ytit EcUtor o' Paper S:aff. 2-3: Plays. 2; E uden Council. 3: A. G. S. Vice P:ls dent. 2; Librarian, 1: Glee Club. 1 “He's In the A my now” JEWEL JEAN ROLLINS “Phi nip" t mbltion- -Wife P?;'or S aff. 4’ Set re pry j»nd Tr?a - r er of C’ass. 1: Glee Club. 1-2-3 “Wo I In ■ for the Week End to Come FRED WILLIAM ROULET “Fredie” Atrb’Mon—IT. S. Pilot Baseball. 3-4; Football. 4; Vice Prcs- •den of ( 13 8, 3-4 “To win the hand of a Miller's da ugh- ter" BEULAH LaROSE SMITH “Smith" Ambition—Nursing Pipy. 3; Librarian. 1-2-3; 4-H. 1-2 ‘Always go ng to La Grande” MYRON JAMES HALLGARTH “Jiggs" Ambition—Railroad Engineer Glee Club. 1: Football. 4: Band. 3- 4: Orchestra. 4; Student Police. 4 “Tall. Dark. Handsome” WAIDE WARREN WELLS “Wells” Ambition Forest Ranger Football. 4; Plays. 3 “To Lasso our Junior Cow Girl"m’SKIK Tit rK I .. JAMES F. ( HANDLER “Jim” Ambition—Civil Engineer Paper Staff. 1; Glee Club, 1; 4-H, 3; Football, 4; Camera Club. 2; Sta • Crew. 4 “To be a Great Photographer” ELOIXE LEOTA EVERS “Butch” Ambition—Bookkeeper Librarian, 4; Glee Club. 2-3; Paper Staff. 4; 4-H, 4 “Timid” VELMA GLADYS BOWMAN “Sally” AmMt'en— W'f? 7; nnsfe red from Unap'.a 103D. Glee Club. 1-2; 4-H, 2 LAWRENCE M. FOX “Foxie” Ambition Pilot Glee Club. 1; Manager. 4; BiaebaP, 4; Football. 4; Play. 3 “Always Around Tensing” ROBERT WESLY HAZELWOOD “Bob” A mbit'on—Aviation Glee Club, 1 “Bashful” BETTY JANE HUG ”B?tty” A m bit ion—Teacher Treasurer of A. G. S.. 3; Band. 1-2- 3-4; Orchestra, 1-4; President of Orchestra. 4; Librarian, 1-2-3; Stu- dent Police. 2-3; 4-H. 1-2-3-4 “Very Generous” HELEN KATHERINE PAYNE “Pennie” Ambit ion—Nu rsing Plays. 4; Transferred from Richmond 1940 ‘‘A Dashing Blond” 1941 I HUSKIK TRACKS ISAHKLL (Glassonl BBNNETT “Izzy” mbition Housew fe G. s. Vice President, 3-4: Libra"- lan, 3: Basketball. 1; Volleyball, 1-4 • Waiting for School to be out” I LA GENE MILLER “Chubby” Ambition—Nursing G. S. President. 4; Play. 4; Stu- dent Cotine‘1, 4; Volleyball. 4; Pap- ir S aff. 4; Transferred from Arling- ton 1940 “Pleasingly Plump” JOE BLACKMAN “Jo-Jo” mb'tion -Coach Class President. 1; Letterman Pres- ident. 4; Yell Leader, 1; Assistant Yell Leader, 2; Glee Club. 1; Paper Staff. 2-3-4; Football. 4; Basketball, 2- 3-4; Baseball. 1-2-3-4; Plays. 1-2 “The Man That Comes Around” HELEN LOUISE HALLGARTH “Squirt” Ambition—Nursing 4-H, 3-4 “Always Smiling” IDA GENEVIEVE REED “Pudge” Ambition—Secretary President of Letterwoman Club. 4: Student Council, 4; Volleyball. 1-2; Basketball. 1; Plays. 2-3-4; Paper S aff. 4; Librarian. 1-2-3; 4-H, 1-2- 3- 4 “Wanderer” ORVAL TRUMP “Trump” Ambl ion—Coach Class President. 3; Vice President of Studen Body. 2; Band. 1-2; Student »»cUf - -3 ; Librarian, l-3; Basket- b »II. 1-2-3-4; Baseball, 1-2-3-4; Track 1-2 “A Senior Casanova” 1941lU'SKIEJ TRACKS I I. I fV Senior Class History In the year 19:57 a group of 27 bewildered Freshmen star ed out to try and absorb some knowledge. Twenty-;wo of the 27 Freshmen are graduating this year. Our Freshmen yccr we lost one of our classmaes. Helen Mae Wisdom. The officers w re: president. Joe Blackman; vice-president, Doro hy Coe; secretary. Louce’le Glover; treasurer. Zona Pof fen burger. and our adviser. Miss Cecil Llngleback. The Freshmen initiation was held Sep- tember 24 in the gym. After we were officially initiated in var- ious ways, games were played and refreshments served. A mas- querade party was given by the Freshmen in honor of the Soph- omore class on October 29 In the fall of 38 25 of us returned and with us there were Anabell Currmins and Jack Whittle. The officers were presi- dent, Tom Barnes; vice president. Zona Poffenberger: secretary. Anabell Cummins; treasurer, Dorothy Coe, and our adviser. Miss Helen Hawks. Our Junior year. 24 of us and tour others returned. Velma Bowman, Lorrene Horn. Jim Mitchell and Glenn Maxwell. The oficers were: president. Orval Trump: v‘ce president. Fred Roul- et; secretary-treasurer. Dorothy Coe. Mr. Jack Mitchell was our adviser. This year we considered ourselves the surperior class because we led in sports and other events of the school. We had six lettermen. secretary of the Student Body, three glee club members, three band members, and a yell leader among our class members. The junior play. "Good Gracious Grandma", aid- ed us in giving the Seniors the annual banquet. Loucefle Glover left us to attend school at Klamath Falls. Now the bewildered Freshmen of 37 return as Seniors with 26 students and one new classmate. Gene Miller. During the school year Lorrene Horn left us to be marred. Our officers are: president. Tom Barnes, vice-president. Fred Roulet. secre- tary-treasurer, Jewel Rollins; adviser. Mr. Tver Masterson. We ae graduating in caps and gowns as the class of ’40 did. Our four years in Elgin High School w'll live In our memories forever, and as a parting gift, we leave the student body and next year’s senior class—our blessing.HUSKIE TRACKS JUNIORS Brck w, left to ri h : Dale Myrick, Marvin Rysdam. Jack Black- man. Delmar Calloway. Bill Nock, Billy Hindman. 2nd row. left to right: Cenevie Ix ng. Betty Horn. Miss Wales. Mildred I wn- in.. Jess Trump. 1st row. left to r’ght: Esley Wilson. Alice We’ss. Lillian Smith. Necia Evers. Marilyn Patten and Helen Van Blokland. It was ‘n 1940 that the Jun’or class started their most exciting year. At the first of the year they had 18 members, of whom 16 arc now with hem. The class officers elected were: president. Jess Trump: vice president. Maxine Hatcher; sec- n tary - treasurer. Cenevie Long. H'den Van Blokland. secretary of the Student Body. Among the outdoor acCvitie the .T’ nfors had a skiing party and ven- iQ°n feed, which were both held at Toll cate. The Junior class has taken parts in three high school plnvg. They '•ere: “That’s the Ticket”, given December 6. The Juniors partVipal- Ing were Marilyn Patten. Bill Nock and Helen Van Blokland. Three one-act plays were given March 7. ?m “Connie Cops the Boss”, Alice Wei«s took part: “The Professor Roars’ . Marilyn Patten: and “Every Cirl her own Blacksmith”, Cenev’e Long and Dale Myrick. A Junior play. “M’liss, My Western Miss”, was given May 6 to raise funds for the Junior-Senior banquet. The Juniors tak’ng part were: Mildred Downing. Maxine Hatcher, Marilyn Patten. Bill Nock. Dale Myrick. Cen- evie Long, Esley Wilson and Marvin Rysdam. The Juniors played an important par: in the sports of the past year. On the basketball squad Jess Trump and Bill Nock played on the first 10. The football players were: Esley Wilson. Jess Trump and Ma ■- vin Rysdam. Those who took part in baseball wrere Delmar Calloway. Marvin Rysdam and Billy Hindman. Alise Weiss, Mildred Downing, Lillian Smith. Cenevie Long and Betty Horn played on the girl’s base- ball team. Alice Weiss and Mildred Downing also won letters for volley- ball. The Jun'or class had three mem- bers in the band and orchestra. Helen Van Blokland played in the Orchestra and Marilyn Patten and Bill Nock played in both band and orchestra. A long waited for party was held at he Imbler skating rink. April 17. All the Juniors present enjoyed them- selves. The final activity of the year was the annual Junior-Senior banquet, held at the Pythian hall. May 9 This final event concluded a year well rounded out with activities for the Junior class.HUSK IE TRACKS ► ! v -1 SOPHOMORES Rack row, left to : Kenneth Fitzgerald, Hilda Scot', Bonita Greer, I orine Trump, Joan Tuttle, Arlean Moore. A thur Hall- garth. 3rd. row. lef; to right: Lois Bonshadler. Marjorie T a-y. Cleo Scott. Dorothy Gekeler, Betty Tucker. Norma Jean Ito i’e . 2nd. row. left to rieht: S byl Bennett. Esther Mas cn. Ki'e n M it- ten. Irene Trump, Betty Jean Witty, Nova Wider, I al Fcx El- mer Smith. 1st row. lef to right: Franklin Nelson. Bo.) Sand- ers, Keith Tucker, B!Ilv Roulet, Dale Miller, Edward Thomas. .. P The Sophomores. Iar est cla s in school tit’s year, dem )n- strated their superiority in numbers by taking part in all S.udent Body affairs. Class officers for the year were: Bon Sanders, president: Ed Thomas, vice preaiden.; Hilda Scott, secretary; Irene Trump, treasurer; and Kieth Tucker, sergeant-at-arms. Dale Miller entered the class trom Arlington high school at the first of the year, wh le Delmar Conrad. Alice Haefs. Helen Hug and Jewel Townsend left school at some time during the year. Sophomore. boys were particularly outstanding in athletics last year, and included the following: Dale Mil er. Billy Route .. Ed Thomas, Keith Tucker. Elmer Smith. The girls, too, were athletically-minded, and the following won letters for volleyball and baseball: Arleen Moore. Lorine Trump. Betty Jean Witty. Sibyl Bennett and Norma Jean Roulet. Ken Fitzgerald, Bet-ty Jean Witty. Irene Trump. Joan Tuttle and Elmer Smith took parts in various dramatic productions dur- ing the year. The Sophomore program. "Truth or Subsequences", with Ken Fitzgerald as master of ceremonies, was presented before one of the Student Body meetings, and was modeled on radio quiz programs. 1941HUSKIK TRACKS FRESHMEN Back row, left to ri?ht: Carl Giltner. Fred Zielke. Mr. Martin, adviser: Jack Evers. Middle row, left to right: Warren Follett, W n O’l We S8. Wend 11 Parry, Elmer Heard, Lawrence Horn. Clinton Hysdam. From row, left to right: Frank Stubblefield. Jessie Wilson. Marie Masten, Arlene Hazelwood. Cleo Barnes, Wanda Simonsen and Herman Young. The Freshman class during the school year 1940-41. was not a lnrg one. but was activ? in school affairs. New members of the class included Jessie Wilson. Elmer Heard. Genevieve Coe, and Wairen Fo let:. Class members who did not return this year were Pe - gy Green and Dale Ray. Jimmy Myrick, Delbert Land and Henry Thomas left school during the year, ('lass of- fic rs for the year were: president. Fred Zielke; vice president. Carl Giltner; and secretary-treasurer. Wanda Simonsen. At the first of the year the class was given a rousing initia- tion into school life by the Sophomores. Other class parties dur- ing the spr ng included two skating parties at Imbler and a we’nie roast at the city park. As their contribution to Student Body programs, the Fresh- men presented a one-act play. “Kidnapping Betty”, before the S udent Body May 2. The cast included Wanda Simonsen. W'en- dell Perry. Cleo Barnes. Marie Masten. Fred Zielke. Arlene Haz- elwood. and Herman Young. ('arl Giltner. Fred Zielke. Merle Weaver and Winton Weiss participated in athletics during the year. The class was repre- sented in dramatics by Wanda Simonsen. Wendell Perry and Del- bert Land. 1941HUSKIE TRACKS EIGHTH GRADE Bark Row. left to right: Fern Guthery, Jane Carper. La Wana Bcs- well. Opal Hibberd. Lucille Greer. Alice Kernen. Beta Keefer. Marjorie Porter. 3rd row. left to right: Patty Bhunensieln, Wan- da Witty. Thelma Kennedy. Erma Stubblefield. Wilma Jean Barn- well. Alice Anita Gordon. Dick Parsons. 2nd row. left to right: Hazel Weatherspoon. Daphene Hug. Ona Hug. Mary Lou Tracy. Harriett Thomas. Velda Weiss. Miss Spence. Winifred Whitelev. Bill Carper. 1st row, left to right: George Chandler, Harry Trump. Harry Thomas, Reed Harwood, l ouis McKee. Bob Evans and Bob Wiles. The eighth grade, although not connected with the hich school, are permitted to attend assemblys. though they voice lit- tle comment. The Junior high have their own basketball and baseball team. The teams this year were handicapped by size. The basketball team was eliminated in the first game of the tourna- ment, held at Imbler this year. There are several Junior high members in the band and orchestra, besides many being active in the glee clubs.HITRKIR TRACKS Three One Act Plays ! RO E3SOR ROARS Coached by Mr. Masterson Hark row. left to righ : Betty W'tty. Helen Payne, Glenn Max- well, Marilyn Patten. Mr. Masterson, Dorothy Coe. CONNIE COPS THE BOSS—Coached by Miss Wales 1st row, left to right: Lawrence Pox, Joan Tuttle, Miss Wales, Alice Weiss. Kenneth Fitzgerald. Irene Trump. EVERY GIRL HER OWN BLACKSMITH-Coached by Miss Spence 1st row. center to right: Wendell Perry. Wanda Simonsen, Gen- evie IiOnt, Dale My rick. Miss Spence. Three onc-act plays were i resented on the evening of March 7. the f rst one being “Connie Cops the Boss". Connie, being just a meal ticket to Annie and Myrtle, a couple of ‘glamour gals and enly dec d.s . advertise for a husband. Her boss. Mr. Craig, answers he ad. “The Professor Roais”, a comedy, was next, depicting a hard-boiled Professor, who is induced to play the part of a lion, tamed, made a fool of and then pictured by two co-eds. “Every Girl Her Own Blacksmith”, also a comedy was the last in line. “Beulah made it herself”, proudly says her brother George, as he tells of Beulah’s many household accomplishments. All goes w'ell until Mr. Otis Tweet, a very eligible bachelor, tries out the “rustic chair” which Beulah made. 1941T1 HUsklKthACKS"" “That's The Ticket" • • i t [ i I : v » i j- I V • • I ft Back row. left to right: Truman Hebener, Director. Miss Wales. Front row. left to right: Bill Nock. Helen Van Blokland, Gene Miller, Marilyn Patten, Kenneth Fitzgerald. The Student Body has presented three plays during the school year. The first. “That’s the Ticket ’, was given in Decem- ber, 1940, with a cast of characters as follow’s: Mr. John Betterly, Kenneth Fitzgerald: Mrs. Myrtle Betterly. his wife. Marilyn Patten: Mr. Nick Barnes. Mr. Betterlv’s busi- ness partner. Bill Nock: Peggy Betterly. the daughter. Helen Van Blokland; Godiva, the Negro ma d. Gene Miller: Mr. Boggs, the lawyer, Truman Hebener; Ambulance attendant, Delbert I,and. Director, Miss Wales. John Betterly, a small town business man who buys lottery tickets, unknown to his wife. Myrtle, gets along fine until he misplaces the winning ticket. 1941irrSKIF TRACKS ' Back row. left to right: Mr. Maslerson. Superintendent; Toni Barnes, Glenn Maxwell, Fred Z'elke, Keith Tucker, Jess Trump. Front row. left to ri h : Tinman Hebener, Naedean W les. Ida Heed. Gene Miller. Helen Van Bloklnnd and Bob Sanders. The Studen Council consists of all Student Body officers, and the President of each high school class. This group has charge of all Student Body problems and activities. The meet- ings are heid once a month, with special meetings whenever neces- sary. The meetings are held in the superintendent's office, and are presided over by the Student Body President. The meetings are supervised by the Superintendent. Mr. Masterson. Every member of the council has shown much interest and cooperation in the meetings, and as a whole the group has done a very fine job of governing. 1941 i v ■ HUSKIE TRACKS BAND Rack row. left to right: D'rector Wallis Kerr. Elmer Smith. Rill Nock. Wanda Simonsen. Marie Masten. Opal Hlbberd. Patty Blumenstein. Marilyn Patten. Ernest Nicoaan, Erma Stubblefield, Kenneth Fitzgerald. Middle row. left to right: Neva Rysdam, Cleo Barnes. Dorothy Coe. Wilma Jean Barnwell. Lois Benshad- ler. Ona Hug. Betty Hug, Fern Guthery. Alice Anita Gordon. La- Wana Boswell. Gloria Stowe. Front row. left to right: Win:on Weiss, Wendell Perry. Billy Kernen. Reed Harwood. Wallace Fitz- gerald, Bob Evans, Dell Parsons and Jack Patten. The band at the beginning of the school year consisted of 14 pieces and was built up during the year to 30 pieces. Members of the band took an active part in the school program and played for most of the basketball games. The band was entered in the non-competitive division of the Eastern Oregon music festival snd received favorable com- ment. This was the first time that Elgin had entered the in- strumental division «of the festival. Individual members who also took part were Jean Barnwell and Alice Anita Gordon, violin duet; Wendell Perry, violin soloist; Kenneth Fitzgerald, baritone soloist, and Alice Anita Gordon, Jean Barnwell and Wendell Perry, violin trio. In addition the school music department took a prominent pari in community activities. 1941Hl'PKIE TRACKS • • i ! •• I ORCHESTRA Hark row. left to right: Opal Hibberd. Bill Nock. Winton Weiss, Wallace Fitzgerald. Dorothy Coe, Lois Benshadler. Ona Hug. Fern Guthery. I a Wana Boswell. Helen Van Blokland. Marilyn Patten, Mr. Kerr. 2nd row. left to right: Ernest Nicosen. Wen- dell Perry. Kenneth Fitzgerald, Be ly Hug. Alice Anita Gordon. Wilma Jean Barnwell. Ronald Crui-kshank. Eunice Weaver, Col- leen Blanchard. 1st row. left to right: Anna Louise Hug. Mar- cia Stringham. Donna Lou Gordon. Caryl Hug. Elroy Rasmussen. The Elgin school Orchestra consists of 28 members, under the direction of Wallis Kerr. It is the first organized orchestra that the school has had. and has played for all music department programs and plays. The orchestra entered the Eastern Oregon Orchestra compe- tition at La Grande April 25, and placed high enough to take part in the regional contest in Tacoma. The members of the orchestra made the trip to Tacoma May 15-18. In addition, the high school orchestra was a unit of the Eastern Oregon Civic Symphony society. « 1941HUSKIE TRACKS Girl's Volleyball Team Rack row. left to right: Coach Miss Wales. Dorothy Coe. Naedean Wiles. Gene Miller. Mildred Downing, Norma Jean Roulet, Ali • Weiss. Front row. left to right: Betty Jean Witty. Arlene H t’el- wood. Arleen Moore, Isabell Glasson. Lorine Trump, Sibyl Ben- nett. The girls of Klgin High School have been very active this year in sports of various kinds. Among them are volleyball and soft ball. In softball this year, a tentative schedule was arranged with Cove and North Powder, but as yet have not played any games. The girls whom Miss Wales selected to be on the team were: Naedean Wiles. Alice Wiess. Arleen Moore. Genevie Dong, Sibyl Bennett, Dorothy Coe. Ida Reed. Isabell Glasson. Betty Horn. Arlene Hazelwood. Gene Miller and Mildred Downing. A Letterwoman's club was also formed this year. Officers were Ida Reed, president; Dorothy Coe. vice president; Naedean Wiles, manager; and Gene Miller, treasurer. The four girls have purchased sweaters with two stripes. Other girls initiated into the club were girls on the two teams. An increase in mem- bership will enable the club to be more active next year.HrSKIE TRACKS I ' i., i EASKETBALL Rack row. left to right: Manager Lawrence Fox. Bill Nock. Elmer Smith. Tom Barnes. Bill Roulet. Coach Lawrence Gibson. Front row, left to right: Keith Tucker. Jesse Trump, Glenn Maxwell. Orval Trump and Joe Blackman. The Elgin Huskies had a very successful season in basketball in 1940 and 41. losing only lwro ball games all season and thus making h story for old Elgin High. T he Huskies turned otv: an all-veteran team in 40, and with the skilled coaching of Coach Gibson, the team, with its small bu speedy boys ended the season with 18 out of 20 gomes to its cied' . This is a record that Elgin High is very proud to hold. Although they lost only two games, tbe boys came out sec- '. ord in the Tu-valley league, which entitled them to a trip to John Day. Oregon, to the district tournament. The boys lost out V in their second game of the tournament, but made a very good showing again . Hie team that went to the state tournament at V Ashland. The Huskies will lose four regular players this year as they V will be graduating. The following are in the graduating group: Orval Trump—forward. Joe Blackman—guard, Glenn Maxwell— renter, Tom Barnes—guard. Manager—Lawrence Fox will also graduate. These boys will be missed very much by the Huskies next year. Although these boys are leaving Elgin Hi -this year, they .. all say that ihe Huskies will he a strong and victorious team next year i 1941HUSKIE TRACKS FOOTBALL Bark row. left to right: Coach Mr. Gibson. Marvin Rysdam, FTed Zielke, Carl Giltner. Fred Route . Toni Baines, Glenn Maxwell. Dale Miller, Jim Chandler, Kieth Tucker, Oryal Trump. Manager. Front row. left to right: Esley Wilson. Edward Thomas, Wa d.'. Wells, Kenneth Fitzgerald. Jesse Trump. Elmer Smith, Bil y Roulet. Trueman Hebener, I awrence Fox. In 1926 Elgin High packed their football suits in moth balls, never to be donned by the Elginiles agan. Fourteen years have flown by since '.he strenuous sport was dropped, and now much to everyone’s enthusiasm, students again had the pleasure of cheering Huskie teams on the gridiron. However. 4here was a notable contrast between the scene of 1926 and that of 1940. For the mighty Huskies sported 22 brand-new outfits during the past year. Likewise :he years had taken their toll to such an extent that the interest and enthusiasm for football is far from keen. Coach Gibson was badly handicapped by lack of material as there were only about 16 boys regularly reporting for practice, of whom only one had any previous experience and many had never so much as seen a football game. Despite these drawbacks, with long hard hours of practice by the players and coach alike, a surprisingly effective team was rounded in o shape. By look- ing at the won and o»i columns the Huskies did not have a very good season, compared to records in basketball and baseball, but can justly be as proud of football as of the win-studded records of other sports. 1941 HTSKIR TRATHbi BASEBALL Back row. left to right: Arthur Hallgarth. Billy Hindman. Tom Barnes. Glenn Maxwell. Fred Roulet. Marvin Rysdam. Billy Roul- et. Mr. Gibson Fron . row. left to right: Fred Zielke. Lawrence Fox. Jess Trump. Delmar Galloway. Elmer Heard, Orval Trump. Dale Miller and Keith Tucker.I: i . : y. i V. - ... IV. HTJSK18 TRACKS Senior Class Will We the Senior (Mass being of sane and sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following. We the Senior (Mass do hereby leave to the childish Juniors our exquisite politeness and capable acting in times where conduct should prevail. We the Senior girls do hereby leave the Junior girls ou. combined, unlimited ability, boundless energy, terrific intestinal fortitude of keeping your own class boys eligble for athletics. —Senior (Mass I. Tom Barnes leave my ability to go steady and my temper con- trol to Marvin Rysdam. Keep it up and you will some day bo married as I will. If you do you’ll be the bos . I. Irene Benshadler leave my boldness to Alice Weiss. I also leave my typing ability to Alice. With yours and mine com- bined they will have to harness the typewriters. I. Velma Bowman leave my strong right arm punch to Necta Evers. Now Necia. you can defend yourself from those ro- man tical boys as I do. I. Dorothy Coe leave to Marilyn Patten my beaut ful blond hair. Take care of It dear, and comb it morning, noon and nigh.. (Especially at night. 1 I also leave you my loud, commanding voice, so that Bill will hear you when you call. I. Eloine Evers leave my intelligence and will power to keep from crying to Mildred Downing. As smart a girl as you will he now Mildred, you wouldn’t want to be seen crying. I. Isabell (Glasson) Bennett leave my Instinct to get married to Maxine Hatcher. Act innocent Maxine and you'll cop him sure. I. Helen Hallgarth leave my automobile rides to Lillian Smith. Now you won’t have to walk anywhere Lillian. “Well, honk vour horn and call you toots”. I. Beulah Smith leave my gum to Delmar Galloway. Now Susie, don’t forget to tell Miss Wales that you are not chewing gum. With my ability she never knew. I. Naedean Wiles leave my long hair and athletic ability to Gen- evie Long. Remember Gen’y. Sampson lost his strength by cutting his hair. Don’t cut ours or you’ll lose control over Waide Wells. I, Jim Chandler leave my photographic and electrical ability to Esley Wilson. Now Esley. don’t blow your ford up while tin- kering with it. or it won’t make such a pretty picture. I, Lawrence Fox leave my managing ablliity to Jesse Trump. If you aren’t eligible Jesse they might let you stay up till one or two o’clock in the morning hanging up suits. 1941HUSK IE TRACKS I. Myron IIallgar;]i leave my erect pn ture and flat feet to Alice Weiss. With flat feet they can’t budge you; you know Alice. 1. Rob Hazelwood leave my ability of realization and perserver- ence to get in and study and crime out on top to Marvin Rys- dani. Now remember Marv n, don’t ever say die. I. Truman Hcbner leave my football line ability to Rill Nock. May they forever stack up behind you. Rill. I. Retty Hug leave my disagreement on class doings to Dale My- rick. Follow in my footsteps Dale, and you’ll never get your way. I. Gene Miller leave my athletic ability, size and pep to Billy Hindman. Now Rill, lets see 'em stop you next year in foot- ball. I. June Parsons leave my silence and intelligence to Jesse Trump. Jesse, you need these more than I and I will soon be taking orders Instead of giving them. I. Helen Payne, sane, sound and silly, leave my big blue eyes and blond hair to Maxine Hatcher. The contrasts ought to work out nicely and you will have str’pes in your hair like Mis» Wales. I. Zona P.jffenberger leave my brains and height to Retty Horn. My brains w h yours R? y. and you ought to catch him sure. 1, Ida Reed leave my hands cold in sweat to Jack Rlackman. With your lau h and my hands. Jack, you'll really be clammy and cold blooded in your puppet shows. I. Jewell R :l!ins leave my short plumpness to Marilyn Patten. Now a; least, you’ll be heavy enough to leave footprints in the sands of time. I. Glenn Maxwell being tall, dark and handsome, leave it all to Bill Nock. With my brains and looks and your smile, you ought to wow em. kid. 1. Fred Roulet leave my heart and what Is in it. (as if she don’t already know) to Helen Van Blokland. How would you like living on a farm. Helen? I. Orval Trump leave my pitching abil’ty to Delmar Galloway. Now carry on from where I left off. Susie. You will surely face a lot of hard hitters. I, Waide Wells leave my love and my gold and satin shirt to Gen- evie I ong. 1 don’t know what you’ll do with my love. Genevie, but you will probably be washing my shirt before long. I. Joe Rlackman leave my amazing will to make w’ills, to Helen Van Blokland. Now Helen, this isn't near as easy as it looks. This document witnessed by proper authorities. IVER MASTER SON, (Head Man) HAROLD HUG (Janitor)HU8KIE TRACKS SENIOR ACTIVITIES During the year, the Seniors had several activities given for them. On their sneak-day. they went to Walla Walla and spent the day enjoying airplane rides and the beauties of the park in that city. At the close of the year they were given the Junior- Senior banquet, and the Alumni banquet.HITSKIE TRACKS H APPRECIATION We take this way of ex- pressing our apprecia- tion to those whose ads made this book possible 1H1HUSKIR TRACKS V. V - •.. ■ •- js »• I •• I i ’» STUDENT POLICE The Student Police for the school year 1940 and 1941 con- sisted of the following members: Carl Giltner. Freshman; Joan Tuttle. Sophomore; Alice Wiess. Junior; Myron Hallgarth, Sen- ior. These members played an important part dur ng the basket- ball season by putting out advert’slng and taking tickets at tho games. Their duty was also to keep order in the gymnasium. Student police also have charge of directing traffic at night, base ball games. There were no eausflties in the police force this year. FIRE STAFF The firemen have been very active in the school year of I94 0-’41. Their duty is to patrol the building in case of fire and to see that everyone is out. At least one fire drill practice is held every month. The firemen have special duties to per- form, shutting windows and doors, shutting off electric current, and guiding students down the stairways. The staff consists of eight members: Tom Barnes. Truman Hebener, Jim Chandler, Myron Hallgarth. Esley Wilson. Kill Nock. Joe Blackman and Orval Trump. 1941TirSKIE TRACKS M’LISS The las play of :he year was “M’liss. My Western Miss”, piven to help finance the Junior-Senior banquet. The cast is as follows: George Smith, know'» as “Bummer” the town loafer. Dale Myrick; M’iiss. h s daughter. Genevie U ng; John Gray. the schoolmaster. Dimer Smi.h; Yuba Bill, a native westerner, Esley Wilson: Mrs. Dona Moffits, landlady of the Roaring Dog Hotel. Mildred Down- ing: Clytie Moffi.s, her daught er. Maxine Hatcher; Bess Star- light, an actress. Ida Reed: Clara Hunting, from the city. Marilyn I at en; Carter Langdcn. her fiance. Bill Nock; Judge McSnaggley, lho law, Marvin Ryedam. Director .M ss Wales. In he IL’tle mining town of Smith’s Pocket in the Sierras, lives George Smith and his young daughter. M’liss. Smith is 1 nown as “Bummer”, tho town loafer, for about the only work he does is to work a small claim occasionally, believing that one day I' will yield great wealth. The only one who shares his con- lidince is M’liss. All others jeer at the old man. UnbeknowTn to Smi.h. a brother of his has died in the East and left Smith his eo Ire for une. Two schemers from the East arrive in Smith’s Pocket fortified with this knowledge and plan to do away with Smith, pose as relatives and gain possession of the fortune. Old Smith is killed and the blame is placed on young John Gray, the schoolmaster, with whom M’liss is in love. How M’liss clears the good name of Gray and outwits the schemers forms the basis of a thrilling and exciting play.HUSKIE TRACKS AUTOGRAPHS HUSKIE TRACKS SCHOOL HOUSE The home of Elgin High school—As the Seniors go out into the world to make their own way. may they often look at this book and remember the pleasant and happy hours spent in this building. Hoard of Education—Joe Hallgarth, chairman, Wm. Adams and Elmer Jacobs. 1941HURKIE TRACKSHT78K1B TRACKS Elgin Cash Corner Market Dry Goods Store K. MYERS — THEO. KEEFER FOR 27 YEARS “The Best For Less” O O Meat Shoes. Dresses. Hats. Suks. Over- and Coats. Dry Goods Groceries O “Pay Cash and Pay Less’ O Telephone 4 91 Elgin. Oregon Elgin. Oregon First National Orien’s Grocery Bank of Elgin Fresh Meats and Groceries O Only Independent Bank in Union County Telephone 451 O — O Phone 166 Established 1868 Mr. and Mrs. Orien Hug Elgin, Oregon Elgin. OregonHT'SKIE TRACKS Don Myers LET US MARFAK O Your Car O WHOLESALE MEATS O Wilson’s Texaco Service C ?Id Storage Lockers Phone 402 Q o— Elgin. Oregon Elgin. Oregon .‘.I 1 — — Elgin Food Market Meats. Groceries In Future Y’ears. when your School Days are over, we hope that Vegetables —O Chris’ Foods Ph-one 102 O Will he Included in your memories O Elton Holcomb Elgin. Oregon Elgin. Oregon 1941 HUSJCIK TRACKS The Club Luncli The Master Engravers O 115 S. W. 4th. Avenue Portland. Oregon LUNCHES BEVERAGES O- CANDIES CommencemeiU Announcement» O ('lass Jewelry Trophies Crowley and Malthes Diplomas Proprietors Cai s and Gowns ELGIN. OREGON Wedding Inv'tatinns The Elgin City Drug Store Recorder • O o Phone 442 HOME OF THIS ANNUAL () O WALTER STRINGHAM Fred Guthery, Proprietor Elgin. Oregon Elgin. OregonHT’SKIE TRACKS WALLA WALLA Union Bulletin MORNING EVENING SUNDAYS Compliments of Bunting Tractor Co. CATERPILLAR DIESEL ENGINES, TRACTORS ROAD MACHINERYHTSJUB TRACKS Ivan E. Bennett Sears M. D. Order n Office Physician and O Surgeon La Grande Branch —O Telephone 532 O o Elgin. Oregon La Grande, Oregon Trotters Premium Flour O Home of o Pioneer Flouring Hart Sscaffner and Marx Mill Clothes o 1118 Adams Ave. La Grande, Oregon Iftland City. OregonHI'SKIF TRACKS (Jet the Pacts (Jet our Deal and You'll Get A Fitzgeralds Friends Furniture, Our Business —O O Walker Motor Co. Maytag Washers Simmons Mattresses Maytag Ranges and Heaters B l.well Davenports Congolium Rugs Complete Home Furnishing O O Fiee Delivery — Easy Terms La Grande. Oregon I a Grande. Oregon — 1 « Turn’s Furniture Hamilton Motor Co. « • m I •• c i.'. Store O e i —O Why Shift Gears? 19 41 « Chrysler has Fluid Drive « Complete and Vaeumatic Transmission .. • Line Chrysler and Plymouth « Of New and Used Furniture .. • and Hardware o •• y • o 3rd and Adams, Phone 756 for Demon»: ration La Grande, Oregon I a (Jrande, Oregon « i 1941 .HUSJCIE TRACKS 1 • Compliments Eastern Oregon ;':i of Light and : Power Co. ► Jesse Crum ) k o Electricity I es So Much V Costs So Little "1 Fire Insurance . v j O -i O : Telephone 271 Elgin. Oregon ! - V t Elgin. Oregon • i V Gamble Store Kernen’s : Q 5c to $1 Store L U Ev Tires o Radios Refrigerators 1. .. Your Satisfaction is i Sporting Goods our Success General Hardware • ► A complete line of School Supplies 1 ' i v O "The Friendly Store" and Y’ariety Store Merchandise O Adams Bros. • » Elgin. Oregon Elgin. Oregon • • • • • V V V V V lt41 HC8KIE TRACKS i McDonald Electric Ann Johnson « Company ,V , ° X ” - • O " Battery Correct Apparel for Women v Auto Electric M::Sne •. Radio Service La Grande—1214 Adame « o • • f u 4 Corner Elm and Jefferson Ladies • Coats. Suits. Dresses. o v Hosiery and Lingerie Tc’epfconc 753. I a Grande. Ore. 4 4 X .1 “j • - 4 1 ■ ... Montgomery Ward M. J. Goss i Company I v) • o 4 O Stndebaker • Chevrolet Spoiling Goods Headquarters Plymouth ± '•'i f V o t —O f f • • • La Grande 4 •• La Grande. Oregon Enterprise « 4 V • 1 41 !•! !•! !•! !• : •: —■  : : Hf iciK tracks • » The Standard Laundry k Ob a ivvi O k Laundering Cleaning « o Curtains Rugs .. V The Dally Newspaper Of Union and Wallowa O V Counties V La Grande. Oregon . £ 7 »’ 1 V V Draper’s School Blue Mountain k of Commerce v Creamery V o O »' V Offers Recognized Training in All Commercial Subjects Grade A Butter Ice and Ice ('ream —O o V Full Information Cash Buyers of V Free on Request Cream and Eggs O V O • Phone 60 R. F. Tyler 4 V I 1314 Jefferson. La Grande. Ore. I a Grande. Oregon V ••• ••• 1941 : i HT’SKIK TRACKS • Thin Ad 1» worth $2.50 on any new Frank J. Jackson • • Remington Portable Typewriter O 4 V O Everything for Sports x if- Shorb’s Stationers o Athletic Goods Fireworks 4 4 1 o Bicycles Children’s Toys 4 “ ! Sacajawea Bldg. Repairing 4 La Grande. Oregon Walla Walla. Washington 4 ■ y. • • • ."I « - 4 "I N. K. West Co. O Perkins For Service For All Cars 4' -.1 J O 4 " Quality Store for Men Dodge and Plymouth vj —O O 4 t La Grande. Oregon La Grande. Oregon "« « 1041 : HU8EUE TRACKS f • .. Compliments of Dr. Harley Smith Elgin. Oregon Glass Drugs Inc. The Rexall Store La Grande. Oregon FALKS La Grande Store Melville's Treasure House of Gifts China. Glass, Home wares La Grande. Oregon Miller's Cabinet Shop Mill Work. Sash and Doors. Shatter Proof Auto Glass. Plate and Window. 14 06 Jefferson Ave. Telephone 572W Twin City Creamery Route and Station Service Phone 718 La Grande Gerard s Watch Shop Hamilton. Waltham, Elgin Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware La Grande. Oregon Chas. H. Reynolds Insurance Ix)ans Bonds. Sommer Hotel Bldg. • La Grande, Oregon Laundry and Cleaning of Quality!! Best by Test Modern laundry and Clearers L. Parks. Jeweler and Watch Maker Elgin. Oregon Corner Service Station Gas, Oil and Supplies O. C. Knight, Elgin, Oregon Congratulations to Seniors from Mayfair Beauty Shop Elgin. Oregon McCall Service Station Gas, Oil and Accessories “Service our Specialty” Elgin. Oregon Associated Service Station Gas, Oil, Groceries Bob Wiles. Prop. Phone 196 Elgin. Ore. Oregon Mutual Fire Insurance Co. McMinvllle. Ore Arthur Hallgarth. Agt., Elgin. Ore. Rex Theater For A Good Show Elgin, Oregon Tony's Workshop Window Glass, Builder's Hardware. Pittsburg Paint. Elgin. Ore. Two Good places to eat—Here and Home. Ic|o Cream — Milkshakes Elgin Cafe Liwell Williamson Real Estate and Insurance Serv.ee. La Grande Oregon Noah's Paint Store Paints. Wallpaper, Glass Phone 4 57-J 1216 Adams La Grande Dental Association La Grande. Oregon F. W. Wool worth Variety Merchandise 5c to $1.00 Roy Farnum Supply The place to buy Automotive parts Spirting Goods Wholesale Retail F. L. Ralston M. I). Practice limi» ed to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Sacajawea Annex I a Grande, Oregon Payless Drug Store Next to Wool worth La Grande, Oregon Cecil V. Ager Photo’s La Grande. Oregon C. W. Snyder Motor Company Pontiac Cadillac Fifth and Depot St. Authorized Sales and Service La Grande, Oregon Grande Ronde Mea-t Company . Ixj Grande. Oregon

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