Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR)

 - Class of 1939

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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 51 of 144
Page 51 of 144

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Page 51 text:

3 .ti,,1. -gi vufvwl-he g Publication heads Griffith, Anderson, Daniels, and Atchison. 9 IOHN HAIDU Iohnny is a past master in art as his numerous posters testify. 9 MARGARET HALLOCK "Mag," a violinist fair, The fair pertaining to her hair, is much too vestile to slight. Sports and Tri-Y all delight. 9 CHARLOTTE HARTMAN "Char," another devotee of art, manages to keep in contact with school affairs by her membership in the Home Economics Club and G.A.A. 9 CHARLES HARTZELL Setting styles for clothes and long hair, Charley was 39's noted actor as the villian in Officer "666." 9 WANDA HAUT Ideal weatherg "Windy" and Haut. 9 BETTY HAWLEY Betty's outstanding athletic ability doesn't prevent her from being active in G.A.A., E.H.S. Players, and Maroon Staff. 9 NANCY HAZLETON Another noted artist, "Nance" received much recognition for a drawing of Charley McCarthy. 9 AGNES HEBEISEN Although she is an ardent German Club member, "Agie" takes no chances and limits her foreign correspondence to a native of England. 9 PHYLLIS HEIMAN On the Mirror business staff, is this little red-haired lass. And on the Senior Sales Committee she is always very witty. 9 BETTY HEINICKE If bigger and better cooks are made, Betty couldn't admit it, and after sampling her baking, neither would you. 9 ROBERT HENDRICKS If Fate is kind, we may see Bob social-science instructing, as he excelled in this field at dear old E.H.S. He worked on Maroon staff, too. 9 LAWRENCE HENKE "Larry" is evidently one of these silent, speed-minded individuals. 9 IEAN HENLEY lean, the secretary of German Club, finds an outlet for her dramatic ability in E.H.S. Players, for her social interests in Tri-Y, and for her sports in tennis. 9 NORMA HENNING With the active interest of roller skating, Norma naturally has taken a decided part in G.A.A. activities. 9 CATHERINE HERSCH Best citi- zen Hersch somehow finds time for Student Council, Tri-Y presidency, senior class secretaryship, Maroon business staff, four other clubs-and "Katy" still plays tennis! 9 FRANKLIN HITZEROTH Frank, one of our air minded students, manages to tear himself from aviation long enough to help on the back-stage crew for the class plays. 9 HOWARD HOAGLAND He listed radio as his hobby. That's "Howie" know. 9 ELAINE HOKE "Hokey"-Home Economics-Hiking. 9 GIFFORD HOLDEN Gif really takes his flying seriously what with his actual flying, his incessant construc- tion of airplanes, and his commandership in the Aero Club. lncidentally he took many pictures for this book, Did you notice the airplane view? 9 ROBERT HOLMES The president of the newly- formed Pep Club does not let his new duties interfere with his interest in auto-mechanics. 9 ROBERT HOLZMAN His participation in sports led Bob to the presidency of the "E" Club. 9 BETTYIANE HORNBECK Her recent arrival from Calumet High School did not stop "Betsyjane" from joining G.A.A., Home 'Economics Club, and Commercial Club. 9 VIVIAN HOWARD The sec- retary of Commercial Club's chief interest is shorthand. Vivian came from Thomas Iefferson High in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 9 MERLE HOWENSTEIN "Sis's" school activities are many and varied: orchestra, library staff, GAA., and Pep Club.' 9 MILDRED HUBBARD Milly undoubtedly finds her acquatic inclination gives her a better appreciation of G.A.A. 9 MARIE HUGH Now "Hughie" can write to her English correspondent without the welcome interference of G.A.A. and Home Economics. 9 FLORENCE IACOB "Iill," despite her name, doesn't go in for quarter-pint hobbies-unless you consider skating, swimming, and painting on the liquid side. 9 FLORA IACOBSON "lake" answers her physical wants with sports and her cultural wants with music. 9 DONALD IAMES Don is one of those silent workshop workers-or does he whistle while he works? 9 BARBARA IOHNSON She may be the president of the Girls Science Club and vice-president of A Cappella, but she is more noted for her "Barbed" sayings on the Mirror's feature page. 9 LINNEA IOHNSON "Naya" manages to squeeze summer sports in between practices for the band. 9 GERALDINE IORDAN "Gerry" tem- pers her avid interest in reading by participating in various sports. 9 MILDRED IOSSI Photogra- phy makes the interesting hobby of "Millie." 9 ELOISE IOY A thing of beauty is a loy forever, and so is Eloise. 9 DORA KAHL Kahling Dora Kahl-Nickname Suzy-Transferred from York High School-Kahling Dora Kahl. 9 EDWARD KAHI. Sam McKahl-Science-Studius? 9 MARLENE KAISER "Mar," without a trace of a Kaiser complex, admits her simple pleasure, E.H.S. Players, library staff, and knitting. 9 WILLIAM KAPPEN "Bill" gets good practice in his chief interest, air conditioning, in his caddying. He came from Dundee Community High School. 9 RALPH KASTNER lf this lad played baseball, we could say " 'Casey' at the bat." 9 SHIRLEY KELLEY "Skell" most naturally does girls athletics for the Maroon, for her time is divided between G.A.A. and all sports. 9 THOMAS KENNELL Tommy, the "V" man of EHS., ably co-captained the football and track teams of '39. 9 MURIEL KIRKPATRICK "Mur's" sense of humor may be moot, it may be non- existant, but when she starts to sell Maroons, her prospects are nonresistant. 45

Page 50 text:

lohn A Hayau Margaret Hallock Charlotte Hartman Charles Robert Hartz-ell Wanda Mae Haut Betty Hawley Nancy lune Hazletor AQYVXS Ann Hehfeiser Phyllis Ann Heirxan Betty Louise l-leiniclu Robert Hendricks Law 7-an iff Hr nkf- lean l-I-'-xley' l-Jorma Henning Catherine M, Hersscl l'rarrklin Hitzerolh yn-.U-V.: uffmtwwz lov. A. ,A .i,,...,.r.,.4 lflarne Hokfr Gilford M. Holden, I1 Hobart Holmes Hobart Conway Hclzrran Bettyjane Hornheclc Vivian llarline Howarr yr,-,no Lmmttb unto Aon., l'lG'J7"i'Z1SI'?lI1 Mildred Hubbard Marie Hpgfrh Florenff Virginia lacoh Flora lacolifsorr Donalgi laiyefl ljarlrara lean lrrnrryrg Linnea lzhrszn Geraldine Marie lordan Milflrefl lofi A'-,L ,A-- Elarbo log Dora Kahl Edward Kahl Marlenfz Kaine-r Williarrt Bcenarrl Kamen Ralph Kantner Shirley Catherine Kellvy TL., ,T ,,. K,,,,,,ir lvlrrriol il. Kilrlrrratrick

Page 52 text:

9 PHYLLIS KIRKPATRICK "Kirk," with the luck of the Irish and the canniness of the Scot, corresponds with an English acquaintance, Rather a Great Britain complex, eh what? 9 DOROTHY KIRSCH Here we have one of those long-sought-after domestic girls who par- ticipates extensively in home economics. 9 LEROY KLABUNDE "Klay's" highschool lite centers around Commercial Club, Glee Club, and Hi-Y, 9 LORRAINE KLABUNDE Music for a hobby and home economics as a chief interest have made Lorraine's highschool days active and interesting. 9 GEORGE KLEIN ''Shorty"-Sports-Scarlet Shirts. 9 VIRGINIA KNIGHT Golf club and gavel of G.A.A.-"Ginny" swings both with a practiced hand. 9 RICHARD KNODLE Scientist Dick uses any spare time left from cogitating over the "why" of things in delighting his soul fand others?D with music. 9 RICHARD. KOCH Although "Koch" has a domestic handle, his hobby is photography. 9 FRED KORTE With the intrig- uing hobby of model airplane building, "Fritz" naturally was very active in EI-IS, Aero Club. 9 NICKOLAUS KREA Radio and painting flowers dont exactly coincide for hobbies, nevertheless they're Nick's choice. 9 ROBERT KROLI.. We salute this fellow who partici- pated in the Future Farmers of America because to most of us F. F. means future farmers. 9 FRED KRUGER Fritz is a mechanically minded fellow who has made machine shop the center of his activities. 9 BEATRICE LA BRASH lf "Bea" be ilat or "Bea" be sharp, we'll know that it's just her interest in music. 9 EDWARD LAMBERT Ed has spare time only for Commercial Club. 9 FLORENCE LAMPRECHT This fair maiden probably has her lamps lit most of the time tWe don't mean her eyes, smarty.J as her chief interest in reading, 9 MARIORIE LANDIS 'Peggy''ephotographs-personality, 9 HELEN LANDWEHR "Dolly's" chief interest in life is music and more music, even though she belongs to several clubs. 9 ALBERT LANGE Commercial and the Izaak Walton Clubs do double duty as Al's chief interests and favorite activities. 9 HAROLD LANGE "Booty"- bounces-basketballs. 9 WILLIAM LANGE "Rubs" membership in Izaak Walton has probably helped him to be more judicious in his hunting. 9 HENRY LESCHKE We find that "Hank" likes photography, football, and he's on the Mirror staff. 9 RUTH LIEPITZ Nickname, 'lRudy"-hobby, skating hactivities, Home Ec, Commercial Club, and G.A.A. 9 GRACE LINDBERG Grace, lacking the daring of her namesake, is content to collect postcards as her hobby. 9 HELENE LINDER She wrote the senior class song, she belongs to the German Club, she likes the songs of cowboys, and she's called "Arkie" because she came from St. Ice, Arkansas. 9 LAURIE LOCHNER Although Laurie is secretary-treasurer of the Rifle Club, his hobby is motor boats. 9 VIOLET LOEK G.A.A. and sports vie for favor from Violet. 9 VIRGINIA LOGAN Ginger-Glee ClubfG.A.A. 9 BETTY LORANG This red headed bookworm chews up all the latest literature. 9 IEAN LOVELETTE "Frenchie" is an appropriate name for this "designing" woman from Aurora. 9 ROBERT LUDWIG "Robin," vice-president of M.A.C., singles out tennis and basketball as his favorite sports, 9 DOROTHY LUND When ice-skating is out of season, "Dot" spends her spare time reading. 9 MARY LUTZ "Mary Mar" won't read anything but "big thick books" Will "Les Miserables" in Braille suffice? 9 LOIS IEAN MANN It's comforting to have a Mann around to shoulder the responsibility as Lois's work for the Mirror business staff and the junior class play can testify. 9 RUS- SELL MASI If odd nicknames are determining factors, "Moxie" has an excellent future in the field of his chief interest--sports, 9 WALTER MATTOCKS Walt, a future Edison, may- be, spends his spare time in his home workshop performing chemical experiments, building models, and manufacturing various articles. 9 RAY MCCHESNEY This "Wizard of Oz" finds mechanics act as a "Baum" to everyday annoyances. 9 LILA MCCORMICK Lila, the girl with eyes and hair the same enchanting shade, seems to run to the "S's" for her avoca- tions-sports, scouting, Senior Sales Committee. 9 LEO MCDONALD "Mac" is another of these athletic boys, baseball and intramural basketball take up his time. 9 IUNE MCDONOUGH Taking pictures in Iune or with Iune or by Iune is permissible-if a Kodak is used. fNo plug intendedb. 9 IOHN MCLEAN "Mac," a past master in the art ot avoiding work, spends his many spare moments in photography and reading-and track, 9 IANE EVA McTAGUE What better hobby could "Ianie" have than reading? 9 IOHN MCTAVISH Hobby, sports-nickname, "Max"-club, Izaak Walton. Originatcrs of the class song and the class poem-Linder and Voss.

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