Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR)

 - Class of 1939

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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 48 of 144
Page 48 of 144

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Page 48 text:

Senior actors Brockner and Feuerhaken. 9 ROLAND EHORN "Rollie" must be a radical, He prefers hockey to pigeons. 9 WILLIAM EICHHORST "Ike"--lzaak Walton-Irrepressible 9 VIRGINIA ELLIOTT "Gin"-German Club-G.A.A. 9 LEROY ELVIN "Slick" goes in for intramural basketball and the Izaak Walton League. 9 CHARLOTTE EMERSON Nickname-"Char" Hobby-Sports. Clubs- Tri-Y, G.A.A. Thats what our "reporter" reports. 9 MARY ERDMANN Although Mary admits her favorite activities are musical, she does not slight G.A.A. or EHS. Players. 9 RUTH ERIXSON Maroon Staff is properly grateful to "Rufus" for her conscientious work. 9 IEROME FABER lack thinks he's doing us a "Faber" by telling us his chief interest is photography. 9 THELMA FACTLY Since she's a member of Commercial Club, we'll let Thelma "Thel" herself. 9 FORREST FARNSWORTH "Fuzzy" is quite the cosmopolite what with being vice-president of E.H.S. Players, secretary and treasurer of the Rifle Club, and an ardent follower of Indian dancing. 9 WILLIAM FEHRMAN Bill-Basketball-Baseball. 9 RAY FEUERHAKEN President of the High School Players, "Ding Don" devotes his spare moments to dramatics and dance drumming. 9 IOHN FLAHERTY lack can be found teeing off at any social gathering. 9 IEANNE FORSTER This "Ieannie of the light brown hair" for Tri-Y and sports has a flair. 9 MARIE FOSSER Marie chooses two unrelated subjects, sports and science, as her hobbies. 9 HARRY FRITZ f'Hans" Fritz, that fugitive from a comic strip, goes in for athletics, especially baseball. 9 IOSEPH FUQUA Ioe's membership in the "E" Club is due, no doubt, to his proficiency in golf. 9 MILDRED GAEDE "Mitzy" is really an ideal Commercial Club member as her chief interest is typing. 9 CATHERINE GALLINA Tri-Y and band are "Katie's" first choice, with German Club and G.A.A. close seconds. 9 ELMER GIESEKE "As the twig is bent so the tree inclinesf' and "Elm" goes for photography. Make of it what you will. 9 LAVERNE GIESEKE "Verne's" chief interest is playing saxophone. His favorite activity is the band. Nice dovetailing, that. 9 ADELINE GIESKE Being a member of G.A.A., Home Economics, and Geography should total up something, but we can't "Ad" 9 NORMAN GILLES Music seems to be Norm's chief and only interest. 9 RAYMOND GILLILAN Apparently Ray's transfer from East Troy, Wisconsin, didn't lessen his interest in sports. 9 IOHN GINNELL lohnny's interest is in sports, too. 9 DOROTHEA GOLL It's rather superfluous for "Dot" to say clubs are her chief interest when she's a member of G.A.A., Girl's Science, Home Economics, Geography, and German Clubs. 9 FORREST GOLLIHER Forrie's striking resemblance to Dick Powell is no handicap to his being president of the Geography Club nor to his activities in Hi-Y and Commercial Club. 9 RICHARD GOULD From Elgin to Elmira Heights-Then back to Elgin High School thrills, But what we really want to know-Was there "Gould" in them thar hills? 9 IULIA GRAF Kurtie's favorite clulc is G.A.A., her interests center about sports. Strange? 9 VICTOR GRAFF Aviation is Vic's chief interest, both in and out of school. 9 DAVID GRAUPNER A big business man on the make, Dave gets a lot of practice by being on the business end of the Maroon Staff, the senior class play, and the Fandango. 9 FLORENCE GREEN "Flossie" left University High School, Normal, Illinois, for the thrills of our Girl's Science Club, German Club, and the exacting Maroon Staff. 9 MARY GREENAWALT Despite all her activities Mary remains calm, studious, and cheerful. 9 NORMA GREVE lf we were Norma, we shouldn't "Greve" at leaving EHS., but her participation in G.A.A., German Club, Home Economics, and Library Staff may be per- suasive factors. 9 WILMER GRIFFITH Griff, of the deceiving cherubic countenance, gets around-via the band, the Mirror, golf, and the Senior Science Club. 9 GEORGE GRONEMAN Bud, late of Marengo High School, finds Elgin High well adapted to his inter- est in agriculture and the EEA. 9 LOIS GRONEMAN Lois belongs to Home Economics, G.A.A., and Commercial Club, and then, as a distinctive touch, collects dance programs as a hobby. 9 GRACE GRONEMEIER Gracie-G.A.A.-Glenbard. 9 IOHN GROSS Pho- tography may be Iohnnys chief interest, but land the Maroon is duly gratefull he places it secondary to his position as the Maroon's advertising manager. 9 DOROTHY GUDEMAN "Dot" should make an ideal wife with her interest in music tempered by a good supply of knowledge in home economics. 9 KENNETH GUGE "Ken," a true radio enthusiast, places it above all school activities. 9 KATHRYN GURTNER "Kay" is the fifteenth letter in the alphabet and also a member of our band and Commercial Club. '42

Page 47 text:

9 EARL BURNS Dancing and sports seem harmless enough hobbies, but remember, like coal, "Pete" Burns. 9 ROBERT CARLSON "Carly," the Birdman, prefers everything out of doors. 9 ALICE CARPENTER Maroon business staff has precedent over German Club, GAA., and Home Economics as far as "Al" is concerned. 9 WILBUR CARR "Wilb" "Carr's" for football and electrical engineering. 9 DOROTHY CHANDLER Tri-Y and GAA. tie for Dot's interests. 9 ELEANOR CHESSMAN "Chessie" unlike "Iessie I." uses her spare time to study her favorite subject-clrarnatics. 9 EVELYN CHRISTENSEN We won- der if "Toddy's" hobby is collecting shoes, she has such cute ones. 9 DORIS CIRAULO Doris, following in the family tradition, prefers GAA. and sports. 9 MARIORIE CLARK Marge plays no favorites and joins Home Economics, Commercial Club, and GAA. and still finds time for work on the Mirror Staff. 9 WARD CLARK "Wardy" jumps from the duties in Hi-Y to Mirror Staff, to lzaak Walton, and so to Commercial Club. 9 PAULINE CLENDENING "Polly" is a true lover of the drama-Particularly the acting phase-She does lots of other things, but-She's the gal who plays in plays. 9 GRIFFIN COCKRELL The creator of the Lonely Rainjeer, Cluck Rogers, and Cholly Chan thinks up new plots while he builds airplanes. 9 HELEN COHEN Her participation in clubs and Maroon staff -Produce much the same reaction-She likes them all, she's active in all, but-"lt's driving her to distraction." 9 FLORENCE COLLINS Florence prefers music to sports. 9 RUTH CONVERSE "Ruthie," "Lou," "Ella"-By any name she still maintains that her hobby is drawing house plans. 9 CLYDE COOPER What is so rare as a "Bud" in lune-and he goes out for sports, too! 9 ANNE COSGROVE She goes in for sports "anne" basketball "anne" GA.A. 9 FLORENCE COX "Flossie" likes GA.A. and sewing, but lately it's been mostly sewing. 9 BARBARA CRAFTS A "Barb" in the hand is worth two on the bush especially when she's treasurer of the Tri-Y, in A Cappella, on the Mirror staff, in the plays, -and she's pretty too. 9 IAMES CRAWFORD In general Iim likes sportsg in particular, ice- skating. 9 HAZEL CULBERSON ls her interest in embroidering due to her membership in the Home Ec Club? 9 IUNE DAHLGREN This ex-citizen of Rockford finds Elgin is also able to stimulate her interests in ice-skating and dramatics. 9 GEORGE DAMISCH "Geo" seems to have a monopoly on the office of treasurer-being treasurer of both Math Club and Hi-Y-and puts his practice to good use on the Maroon. 9 HOWARD DANIELEK Auto racing is not the most pacific of hobbies, but if that's what Howie wants-we don't "car." 9 GEORGE DANIELS Business manager of the Maroon. The guy who doles us the money. I-le amuses the staff with his puns, but his puns are seldom punny. 9 BEATRICE DANNER "Betty Lou," active in GAA. and Home Ec, wants to be a nurse. Will she practice archery on her patients? 9 DARYLE DAY "Day is done" and is he glad? Motorcycles are his fad. 9 DONALD DEPEW Don doesn't let his membership in Commercial Club interfere with his photography. 9 DAVID DICE Dave is the president of the ever growing EFA. We looked for other activities he was in, but no "Dice" 9 CECIL DICKERSON The secretive lad lists only his nickname, "Curly" 9 ROBERT DIEKMAN Another minority Hitler would object to -Bob's preference for the Glee Club over the German Club. 9 ADA DOIEL lumping from Plato Center to St. Charles and finally to Elgin gave Ada no time to acquire a nickname, but increased her interest in reading and sports. 9 DORIS DONNELLY Even with her creative genius she couldn't think of anything to say for herself. 9 ROBERT DOWNING A devotee of traveling, he pays lightning visits to both the Mirror and Maroon and is nick- named "Lefty." Right? 9 MARIORIE DROUGHT Marge's portrayal in the junior class play led to membership in the Players. She's in GAA., Home Ec, and A Cappella, too. 9 ROBERT DUEWEL Bob, the lad with the "Duewel" personality, flits from Commercial Club to the Library Staff. 9 RAYONNE DUMBAULD Technically we're a bit vague as to the term applied to a swing pianist. But in this case its a "Bunny" 9 ALBERT DUNNING Doing his schoolwork at home has stimulated his creative ability. 9 DOROTHY EASTON Dottie-Dancing-Dimples. 9 DOROTHY EBERLY "Dot" has hopes of being a secretary, but she'll compromise by being treasurer of Commercial Club. 9 MERLE EHORN Merle has trained racing homer pigeons. They never get "Mike" fright. 9 RICHARD EI-IORN Dick, a member of the lzaak Walton League, races pigeons. Wings on Liberty. Vice-president, Gordon Rovelstad, and class adviser, Miss Mary Peters, discuss finances.

Page 49 text:

HOIf11'!"j Kohn Tfhgzrf V ,.j.,,13y,,,,.?h1'U: .4 if E? mv f ww - wwf Chai Mu lr. 'urn H.,-V --.. Rum W uri: Eff' -1' t. T1.f.1..J r H .V M , ,,, Nl P I1 165 F' :1 ,"1 I-, P. -,M jlllfi D rigmfwfffy I'?'lYlf1".' H Fcrrtfr 2 4.4 lf-. , 1- ,, 1,. V. ., A, ,:' . -' ..,. f'-,,,v 1. 111, ' ,,. ,. ,. 1'.5"TXE3 Rx'-h V25 Fx T: 1 'f 1:24 Y'i1'1llf9 G Tf"1"' f'f'1'?.e'ii-' "hifi 1 PING: P CELL --Qw- L:'fe::'.f- 13.14, 'fb' fxiiv-1111.3 Gi'-, 22' M ' ,. .. A J, lily: ir fa '3ilf:TC:z. IGH. f11r.r.QU IDL,-fcfhf-1 GC!! Fifi Tiff flilfff' 14,...q.Y, . A.,. , ,. G .M Igiigx 'hint V1f"Qr Chili WA, ...Y 'E ., E Y, J Ma 3 :UA A An: x ,r :H 1? 9f JT' w ry 1 W' .. .. J. . Wilrxie Y fSx'iH1'fl1 AJ. J L.1:'S"1r-, A: Gruzu- Jgf ivy-. lim Grp-, 2.:r:I:',' 19.1:'m.3n Kenm-Zh I Suggs ' f-1 y-.h,..,, Y. ., , , sq' .JK -of 3 it iff W, ...r ,,,,'iEL "7 ,dll w""'7 1? -40 an il-if 45, -52?

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