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 TOOIIOS HOIH MIOTT £0 SSTIO HOINSS aT.HOI[!-7J,rETJi ?pt.t. oi or.j.Yciara FACULTY Frank Ziimerdahl, Superintendent Manual Training Miss Seine Carothers English, Science, Physical Education Mr. I. W. Lister son History and Social Science Miss Cecilia Lin elbach Comaerce and Ilona Economics Mi’. ■. . A. Schultz Mathematics and Physical EducationPresident ---------- Vice President------ Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS ----Arthur Adams •Hazel May Thomas ---------June Hug W) A t) Class Colors' Class Flower Class Motto-- ------Blue and Silver --------Hed carnation "There's More Beyond" A Senior Class Adams, Arthur A.dams, Kenneth Donahue, Margaret Gent, Willard Henderson, Richard Hill, Frederick Hindman, Vivian Heyduck, Robert Witherspoon, Delbert Jacobs, Waldo Hug, June Hug, Lowell Sanders, Arthur Thomas, Hazel May Tobrocke, Myrtle Raj', Malcolm Trump, Hazel32HI0RSC0PE Name Handle Pastime Waldo Jacobs Jake Looking grumpy Frederick Hill Fred Snapping pictures Hazel May Thomas Hazel Hay Skipping school Myrtle Tobrocke Myrt A blue Model'A.Ford Vivian Hindman Viv Chewing, gum Hazel Trump Hazy xtiding a bike Richarc Henderson Dick Gwenny Delbert Witherspoon Spoon Whistling 1 Arthur Sanders Art Winking Lowell. Hug Bud Dating Connie Willard Gent Willard Being noisy 1 Arthur Adams Ash Fishing Robert Heyduck Rob Rating ice crt-am Malcolm Ray Cozzy Getting black eyes 1 Kenneth Adams Ken Flirting ek Margaret Donahue Margy Studying 4 •Tune Hug Junie "railing Vi Nvi uk JiS»CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of 1938, being of sound mind and body, and being fully aware of the responsi- bilities, duties, etc. That all Senior classes hold, do hereby, herewith and hereof give, bequeath, and bestow collectively and separately to the several members of the Junior class, the following, et al, and to wit: I, Waldo Jacobs, will to Stewart Kretschmer my one-arm driving ability—be careful, though, Stewy that little girl at La Grande might not like it. I. Fred Kill, give the sum, substance and all of my cameras, solutions and photographic supplies to Nova Henderson. Be sure to hold your thumb over the lens when taking a picture, Nova. I, Malcolm Ray, bequeath, with all seriousness, my flair for telling wild tales truthfully to Hazel Haefs. See that the stories get wilder each time you tell them, Hazel. I, Hazel May Thomas, vill my most dear possession, recently departed from me, to Velda Kelson. Take good care of my appendix, please. I, Myrtle Tobrocke, bestow collectively upon the Junior class, my Bookkeeping manuals, journals, and straight one’s, so that the next class may be sure to get good grades, too. I, Dick Henderson, will to Cathrine Barnes my mar- velous spelling ability, so that she can get 100's when I’m not there to v.atch out for hor. I, Vivian Hindman, will my badly worn chewing gum to Shirley Glover, for her to love, cherish, and obey. I, Delbert Witherspoon, bequeath my bashfulness to Elma Conrad, a sweet young thing. Watch out, Bud, she may use it in the future. I, Hazel Trump, will my seat in the study hall to Aubrey Kobener. Don't study too much while you are using it. I, Arthur Sanders will my glass eye to Verle Wisdom--it's to use for looking around at the girls. tI, Lowell Hug, will my small dainty feet to Hazel Bennett—to use when you go walking on the lake. I, Willard Gent, give my quietness to Bernal Hug. See that you act much more reserved in the future. I, June Hug, will my blonde hair to Fonzy Wilson. May he be a blushing blonde for years to come. I, Robert Heyduck, will my Scotch haircut to Wal- lace Croghan. Maybe it will make you look taller too. I, Arthur Adams, will my charge, Hazel Bennett,to Elvis Trump for him to protect until lie graduates. See that you do a better job than I have done this year. I, Margaret Donahue, will to Martha Wells my mus- cle building books. May they make you as bicepy as I.S2,TI0R CLASS PROPHTCY The good old Senior Class of '38. How it has changed in these Iasi 16 ye rs. They are all pretty well scattered but nevertheless the sane car'free bunch we knew v ay back in '38. All of them seem to be just as carefree except the one and only Fred Hill v.ho is still very much hen- pecked by Betty Williams. As he spends so much time in the dark room he doesn't mind it so much about Betty keeping him in the dark. Who was tnat who just went down the street. Yes. it is Art Adams and Waldo Jacobs just fresh beck from trying job. piO "them thar'- hills where they hove been smell out a forest fire on their first forestry Robert Hey luck just came sailing into Elfin, wonder if he came back to see Nova. Ilgin is sort a dry land port but ycu know these sailors. Our goor friend Margaret Donahue has just gone New York where she will take up housekeeping. It rumored that she is to be Mrs. Jock Blackman. One of the students, Kenneth Adams, has taken Industrial Arts teaching at F. H. S. However he a lot of trouble getting ahead of Mr. Zianerdahl finally had a nervous breakdown under We have just read in the newspaper Witherspoon's third vife is suing him We wonder if he isn't almost i aady to like he said way back in 38. We have just been informed that Willard Gent has just been -remoted to the position of first Lieu- tenant in the Army, .e think all Willard needs is a war. He will probably get enough fightina when gets back home'for he is married, but to whom is secretr •;e received a letter from Vivian Hindman 'ho now a '"hoc-cha" singer at a famous dance club in to is up had ..•ho all the strain, that Delbert for a divorce, swear off women a is Cal- ifornia. She is still not married but she is still looking for a husband. Poor Richard Henderson, now he has changed. re has been ugJ.ng considerably since school was out. He is still try' ng to inherit the Hug homestead on Cne- Ico p i fl j j On. of tXiS '38 Seniors who has weathered the storm through all of these years is Art Sanders. He just got e steady job with the government and hopes to be president at the next election. However, ms third wife doesn't want to be first lady very bad. Myrtly Toe'orocke was a hard one to locate. Shewas finally found in Denver as bead nurse in a large hospital, waiting for some handsome patient to take her away. Word was received this morning, that Hazel Trump has just landed a big job way down South trying to teach the children some of the fundamentals of Old English Literature she loved so well in '3e. Lowell Hug is another one of the Seniors of 38 who have unexpectedly become successful in their particular field. (Bud’s is a wheat field.) He is now a prosperous farmer on Pumpkin Ridge. Bud is still the most elpible bachelor in the community and it is rumored that the girls are trying to form a "Catch Bud Hug Club." Alas, poor Malcolm Ray. He looks ruite aged after spending these last few years in the hills. However, he just came steamin' into town in his own invented steam car after learning there was a new girl in town. Last but not lea'.t is Hazel May, who recovered quickly from her operation. She has now settled down in Valla Walla for a seige of housekeeping. 3° JUNIOR CLASS President......... Vice-President. . . Secretary-Treasurer Barnes, Cathrine Bennett, Hazel Conrad, Elma Croghan, Wallace Glover, Shirley Haefs, Hazel Hebener, Aubrey Henderson, Nova CLASS OFFICERS . .Ralph Long Fonzy Wilson .Martha Wells Hug, Bernal Kelson,,Velda Kretschmer, Stewart Long, Ralph Trump, Elvis Wells, Martha Wilson,Fonzy Wisdom, Verle 3;'' ■ 55 - —2 3 V IPresident......... Vice-President. . . Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OFFICSRS Clark, Clinton Culver, Lavon Puller, Keith Gent, Robert Ha Hearth, Aina Hallgarth, Zdith Hicks, James Long, Bill .Betty 7 illiams . Keith Puller Aina Hellgariih soiamtoRis class Long, Lawrence Lloyd McClune Moore, Rcyce Poffenbergar, Hurl Ray, Glenn Sanders, Nadine Scott, Sara May Williams, Betty N fa b K ( L - % Xt President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Barnes, Tom Benchadler, Irene Blackman, Joe Chandler, Jim Coe, Dorothy Cross, Gilbert Evers, Eloine Fox, Lawraice Glasson, Isabelle Glover, Lou Cille Kall;-arth, Helen Hallgarth, Myron Hazelwood, Robert Joe Blackman Doroti.y Coe Lou Cille Glover Zona Pofleaberger FRESHMAN CLASS Hebener, Truman Halloway, Helen Hue, Betty Parsons, June Poffenberger, Zona Reed, Ida Rollins, Jewel 3.0ulet, Fred Smith, Beulah Trump, Orval Weils, Waide Wiles, Naedeane Wilson, Esley Wisdom, Helen Mae President.............................Doris Zimmerdahl Vice President............................ Alton Weis EIGHTH GRAD'S CLASS Elaekm u. Jack Cos. Virgina Gall ov,ay, Delmer Hindman, Billy- Long, Genevive Myrick, Dale Patten, Marilyn R' sdan, Marvin Smith, Lillian Stubblefield, Evelyn Trump, Jess Wise, Alice Weis, Alton Young, Deraid Zimmerdahl, Doris Van Plockland, Helen 9 Secretary'. Treasurer. S2VZKH Benshaluer, Lois Bennett, Sibyl Blakeney, Eili Buckner, Lee tha Fitzgerald, IIonnetil Kaefs, Alice Hallsarth, Arthur Ilallov ay, Merle Hammock, Betty Hug, Davy Kelson,•Sylvia Kennedy, Ruth Land, Jasuer Hasten, Eileen Irene Trurvo Loriuo Truup GILiLi. Hasten, Ester Nelson, Franklin Phi Hi s, Paul Houlet, Billy Roulat, Norm Jean Sanders, Bobby Smith, Elmer Trump, Irene Truim, Jack Trump, Lori re Tucker, Betly Tucker, Keith b’idell, Nova Jean (’ifcty, Petty Jean t aelty, Zetta k p; !?•SITTING PRETTY Under the direction of Miss Carothers, twelve students particioatsu in a successfully staged aid- year plav, entitled BITTIHG FR2TTY, glveiby the student body, Thursday, December 16. The capable cast of characters included: Peggy McLinden Harry Sawyer Helene Chase Cookie T,rson Mother McLinden Ecdie Foster Wilma Foster Howard Veldsre Charlotte Truly Lori sine Truly Cellie Carl Holden Director Stage Manager hirley Glover Arthur Adams Cathrine Barnes Fred Hill Vivian Hindman Verle Wisdom Hazel Yennet Kenneth Adams Hazel May Thomas Elma Conred Myrtle ToLrocke Lowell Hug Miss Carotheis Waldo JacobsSMALL TOUT R0M30 In order to gain funds with which to finance the Junior-Senior banquet held earl’' in the spring, the upper classes presented the comedy, ’’Snail Tov n Roneo 1 to an enthusiastic audience, Thursday, April 7. Through the efforts of the director, Mr. Schultz, all characters were well portrayed. The cast: Betty Braxton. Joe Stanford. Sarah Higgins. Sly Perkins . L. B. Loydd. . Jane Hastings Anna Aldrich . Miss Gates. . Morton Kendall .Vivian Hindman . Arthur Adan3 Myrtle Tobrocke . . Lowell Hug . . . Fred Mill .Cathrine Barnes . Hazel Bennett , Shirley Glover .Dick Henderson Director. . . Stage Manager •Mr. Schultz Waldo Jacobs CIRL'S BASKETBALL Out of seven games the Girls won four, lost two and tied one game. There can be no official overtime in girls basketball. . .. . . Most of the gabies were played with two division court rather then three division. According to the new recommendations of the Women's Athletic Associa- tion, this makes a much faster and more interesting game. Hazel Bennett Cathrine Barnes Naedean Wiles Hazel Trump Dorothy Coe Myrtle Toebrocke X $ % (gr. I ,iil (,' • N -v Selma Cerothers. Ida Reed .Coachm iT-i TTUfKIHS BA.ICiTPAlL CL FCH 38 Purinr the 1938 season the "uskies enjoyed a ver- successful basketball season. They wen 23 out of 3! games not including tournaments, ilgin hau the lar- gest schedule this year that this senool has ever rlaved. They played games farther away than eve. before. They played '.‘a Ili '3‘', St. Francis Acaaemy at Baker, and Vieston. Hone and home games we;e pi-y ed with each team. Elgin von the "3" League trophy that was up tween’four teams in Union County, namely; Cove,, ler, North Powder, and Elgin. the Huskies lost League game to Imbler. Elgin cleaned up on Hal.lowa County teams by ning every game, both here and «..here. Of all teams played St. Francis is the only team that claim two wins over Elgin in regular scheduled games. The Huskies v on their second trophy by v-inning the Union County "B'! League Tournament. Although lost their first game, they won the rest of them and had the honor or nutting our every team. Elgin placed three men on the first all star team: Art Adams, v aldo Jacobs and Ken Adams. On the sec- ond all star team Elgin placed Malcolm Kay. Jacobs was also chosen as outstanding player of the tourna- ment . . . . Elgin won the right to represent this county in the •'B-' District Tournament at Arlington. They play- ed the Arlington Honkers and were defeated 57-34. be- Iub- one win- the can W. 23 .L -8 E. H. S. SECOND TEAM The Elgin High School Second Team made a very good showing bv defeating nearly all competition. They never lost a game at home and were beaten only by teams from the "A" class. They also beat the Los- tine first string in two games. Last year the secona string established a record of vins by only dropping three out of fourteen games. The '36 team held that record with exactly the sane percentage. W. 11hpskix» Arthur Adams Ken ieth Adame Waldo Jacobs Dick Henderson Elvis Trunn Robert Heyduck Malcolm Ray Lowell Hug SCORERS Crval Trump Waldo Jacobs Verle Wisaom Arthur Adams bECOND TEAM Jim Hicks Joe Blackman Lloyd McClune menu Hay Tom Barnes Eernal Hug LCORBRS Glenn Ray Lloyd McCluneWaldo Jacobs, who has player four years of both basketball and baseball is probably the most outstand- ing athlete of Elgin High School for several years,and was awarded the All Star medal for the 1S36 Union County "B" League Tournament. The trophy he holds was awarded the Huskies w as a result of winning the Tournament. -v The Huskies 1937 Union County Championship Eaceball Nine, got off to a good start in the season of 1938 by winning the first five panes--thrc-e of which were — League games. The Huskies got in a slump and dropped the next three games in the first round. There is no chance for the Huskies to win, but they 8re hoping to rarJce it hard for the other teams. REGULAR SQUAD Waldo Jacobs Stwe8rt Kretschmer Arthur Adams Kenneth Adams Elvis Trump Lowell Hug Malcolm Ray Glenn Ray Dick Henderson Clinton Clerk Orval Trump Lloyd McCluneIIUSKIS PUPS The Junior High squad for 1957-’38, proved hem- selves to be worthy- hoopsters by losing only two games in the regular season, one being to an "A" class school. In the Tournament, held at Imbler, Elgin was The Junior High has had a strong team for several years, and v ith only three of the first eight being graduated out of the Eight grade this year they will probably have a champion team ue:;t year. runner up—losing the final game by a very close score. Dale Ray REGULAR SQUAD Jesse Trump Paul Phillips Davy Hug V}' Jesse Trump Derrell Young Keith Tucker Murl Ilallovay SCORERS Derrell Young Keith Tucker 2 Losses Wins 5ORCHESTRA Each Tuesday and Friday, the orchestra meets, and under the direction of Mrs. Schnell practices. Smaller groups represented the school at social events during the year." The orchestra members are: Veld a Kelson, Vivian Hindman, Lillian Smith, Irene Benshalder, violins; Velda Wiess, mandolin; Vinton Wiess, cornet; Betty Hug, clarinet; Waldo Jacobs, Doris Ziromerdahl, saxaphone; Bernal Hug, alto horn; Delbert Witherspoon, trombone; Davy Hug, Elmer Smith, Lcatha Buckner, Carl G ltner, Kenneth Fitzgerald, guitars; Wendell Perry, accompanist. . Director Mrs. E. S. SchnellCHORUS SOPRA.NO Vivian Kiadiaan Lucille Glover Dorothy Coe Myrtle Tobrocke Hazel Mae Thomas Leatha BucKner Betty Hammock Sylvia Kelson Sibyl Bennett Zetta Realty TENOR Winton Wise Wendell Perry Marillyn Patten Lillian Smith Iren»; Trump Lorine Trump Esther Hasten Jewel Rollins Helen VanBIokland Lola Benchadler Norma Jean Roulet Helen Hug Ruth Kennedy Nova V.'idell Alice Haefs Virgi iia Cox ALTO Elma Conrad Doris Zimmerdahl Alice Weiss Evelyn Stubblefield Betty Jean Witty Betty Tucker Eilee.i Hasten BOYS Joe Blackman Jim Chandler La’ rence Fox Myron Hallgarth Robert Hazelwood Davy Hug Jack Elackmen Keith Fuller From these a group was selected by Mrs. Schnell to take part in the Music Festival held at the Eastern Oregon Normal School In La Grande on April 23. They sang "Shubert’s Serenade”. Mr. Petri, The music in- structor from 0. S. C. was the critic. He gave ex- cellent comment on the selection that was offered by the Elgin group. Mrs. Schnell— DirectorMUSH ON With the help of the faculty, the Student Body this year published a school paper, MUSH ON, every second Wednesday. "Paper Day" was always looked forward to by the students as a pleasant diversion from regular school routine. The editorial Staff is as follows: Editor-in-Chief.........................Vivian Hindman Manager....................................Arthur Adams Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Jr. High Class Editors Fred Hill Hazel Bennett Betty Williams Zona Poffenborger Marilyn Patten A. G. S. Sports Adviser Activities Editors Elma Conrad Waldo Jacobs Mr. Masterson 10 SOCIETIES - 2 - CLUB FRESHMAN INITIATION The Freshman Initiation v;as held on Sept. 24, in the gymnasium. After the initiation, ,jome3 were played and re- freshments were served. A masquerade party was given by the Freshmen in honor of the Sophomores on Oct. 29. This v.'as their wa$ of expressing their thanks for the initiation party in Sept. The Elgin Camera Club was organized on Nov. 17 by a group of enthusiastic students of the High School under the leaders'-ip of Mr. Mnsterson. The point of the organization v;as to learn I ow to develope and print pictures. They have done this very successfully. The main project of this year has been preparing the pictures for tile annual which have been completed. Members of the club are: Fred Hill, President; Bernal Hug Vice Pres; Elma Conrad, Secretary; Betty Williams, Waldo Jacobs, Art Adams, and Ken Adams. In order to celebrate the production of "Sitting Pretty" a "three in one" party was given at the home FROSH-SOPK MASQUERADE CAMERA CLUB PLAY CAST PARTY$ Of Waldo Jacobs, Dec. 17th. the play cast in honor of the birthdays of and Bud Hug. This party was given by Art Adams S01K0M0RE PARTY A Sophomore party was enjoyed by all the Sonh- omores and a few friends. This party was held on March 4 in the gvmnasium. The evening was spent in playing childhood games which was followed bv a nice lunch. "HUSKIE" BANQUET After the Huskies had completed their successful basketball season and their unlucky trip to Arling- ton, they were given a lovely banquet, on Ma''ch 14 by Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Adams, at the Adams home The table v as gaily decorated in purple and white, which are the school colors. It i3 reported all of the boys ate "all they could hold and then some". "RUFF NECK" DAY April Fools day was celebrated right this year by the student body. Everyone came to school in old clothes. Many flashing outfits would have been the tops in many years back. This v as an excellent substitute for "playing hookey", v hich everyone likes to do on April 1st. PLAY CAST PARTY On April 8th the play cast of "Small Town RomecT enjoyed an open air party at Double Barrel Springs. The evening was spent in roasting weiners and marshmallows and singing songs. EIGHTH GRADE PARTY On the afternoon of April 12th the 8th grade, each with a guest, hiked to Double Barrell Springs on a weiner roast. They played games until dark and then came home in cars. SOPHOMORE UEIHER ROAST The Sophomore Class and invited a vreiner and marshmallow roast on Double Barrel Springs. guests April enjoyed 14th at CHORUS PARTY After an evening chorus practise on April 20th the group was entertained ft the home of the director Mrs. Schnell. "Boy did we have funi" was the report. FRESHMAN BASHLT SOCIAL A few of the Freshmen spent a friendly evening on April 25th at the gymnasium taking part in a basket social. They played softball for entertainment and later ate their lunch. SENIOR SNEAE DAY The Seniors took their Sneak Day on Wed. May 4th They went to Radium Springs. On their return they stopped in La Grande and enjoyed a theater party. Some even had the pleasure of seeing two shows. Jr. Sr. BUST The Juniors entertained the Seniors at a dinner Wed. May 11th at the K. of P. Hall. -JP' jj K'i After the program and dinner was over that wished to swim v ent to Cove. BACCALAUREATE the few r..V % . The 3accalaureate Services were held Sunday lfav Wr7 15th, at the Christian Church. Reverend Johnstone conducted ,the services. % X ) COUMEW CEMENT jU Tlie Commencement Exercises were held on Thursdav May 10th, at the Rex Theatre. Mr. Bixon, of La Grande, was the main speaker of H ) the evening. A » G • S • The Associated Girl Students have been quite an active organization this year. The one admirable accomplishment they made was to remodel the old of- fice into a First Aid Room. Delegates wole sent from Elgin to the Girl’s Lea- gue Convention at Wallowa last November. It i3 to be held in Elgin this fall. f.r k OFFICERS President---------------------------------Elma Conrad Vice President----------------------------------Doris Zimmerdahl Secretary-Treasurer--------------------Nova Henderson Advisor------------------------------------------Miss Linglebach S'  THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, composed of a 11 officers class presidents, the manager of and the Associated Girl Students President has been active during the year, deciding uponof the slu- ing with the financial standing activities of the otu dent Body. The members are: President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Student Body Officers HU1 Murl Poffenberger Hazel Haefs Hazel Trump Class Presidents A. G. S. President Manager of Athletics Arthur Adams Ralph Long Betty Williams Joe Blackman Elma Conrad Stewart Kretschmer Mr. Zimmerdahl AdviserANNUAL STAFF Activities Editor Sports Editor. . , A. G. S. Editor. Business Manager. Photographer. . . Adviser......... Vivian Hindman . Waldo Jncofce , . Elma Conrad . Arthur Adams Frederick Hill . Mr. Masterson

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