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 Published bu the Student Body of ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL El;-in, Oregon Volume I V V V V V V V V V V V GLASS OFFICERS president---------------Harold Scoubes Vice-President----------David Sanderson Secretary-Treesarer-----Hazel Hallgarth Adviser-----------------— -Mr. Parker Class Colors---Old Rose and oilver Class Flower-------------------Rose Class Motto---'Only a Commencement" V V V V V N V V V V V SZf-IO V V V V V t M V t V Stanley Barnes La Vada Beem Marraret Briggs Shirley Bro'vn Juanita Bussear John Crocker Hazel Ha 11,garth Bure-. .,ilaa Harman A.' -ics Hazexi Tom Myers ■Ianford Reed David ■ jS aderson Harold Scoubes Buford Litherspoon .itherspoon V V V V V V V SENIORSCOPE NAME Stanley Barnes La Vada Beem Margaret Briggs Shirley Brown Juanita Bussear John Crocker Hazel Hallgarth Wilma Harman Agnes Hazen Tom Myers Hanford Reed David Sanderson Harold Scoubes Buford Witherspoon Buren ’.'itherspoon John Crocker Agnes Hazen: it and the bump Speaking of the future "Tommy" "Unky" "Sandy" "Babe" Playing Pinochle Hazel Pitching horseshoe Playing Monopoly "Teaspoon" Telling Buren "Tablespoon" Tiling Buford "Ouch! I bumped ray crazy bone.’ "Well, just comb your hair over won't show." V V V V V V V V V V v' v V V V V V Vi V V V V V 1 We, the Class of 1937, being of sound mind and body, and bein0 fully avare of the termin- ation of our high school career, do hereby Give, bequeath and bestow the follorring, to-wit: I, Stanley Barnes, will my splendid atten- dance record to Fred Hill. Keep it a3 good as it is. I, La Vada 3eem, will my charm to Wilma Myrick on condition that I retain part of it. I, Margaret Briggs, will ay gun to Willard Gent. Don’t chew it in lirs. Payne's class. I, Shirley Brown, will my red hair and rosy completion to Lovrell Hug. May it retain its pre- sent loveliness. I, Juanita Bussaar, 'dll my attraction for the boys to Clarice 3echtei. May it gather thee more boy friends then you have no’-. I, John Crocirer, will my studious attitude during class to Hazel Trump. Don’t use too much of it, IIaz9l. I, Hazel Kallgarth, will my sweet personality to Kenneth Adams. May he use it to advantage. I, Wilma Herman, will my work in the office to Delbert Witherspoon. I, Agnes Hazen, will my ability to get out of school at 3:40 to Jim Attebery. Who do you sup- pose will be waiting?'. I, Tom Myers, will my athletic ability to June Hug. Keep the record as good as it is. I, Hanford Heed, will Hazel Bennett to Arthur Adams to vatch and protect until he graduates. V V V •»H gain fM f MN NNh IM SMi M f M i Mi Ml §; Mt r Ml Senior Class Will, Cont’d I, David Sanderson, will my horse-shoe pitch ins ability to Kazel Mae Thomas who I’m sure v il use it. I, Harold Scoubes, will my dark, curly hair and handsome features to Vivian Hindman although you may not need them. I, Buford Witherspoon, will my 3eat in the assembly hall to V aldo Jacobs that he may learn good behavior. v V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V y I, Buren V itherspoon, will my attraction for the girl that sits in front of me to Dick Henderson. To Myrtle Tobrocke the Senior Class vill theii combined scholastic ability. You ought to get straight A's now. S V V V  V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V SjSNIOR class tlokljcy At New Orleans v.'e find Harold Scoubes the pro prietor of a very gayly lighted night cluo. He is giving a party on the house to celebrate his marriage to the glamorous Hazel Kallgarth. They will retire and raise mushrooms. In a private landing field in Georgia we found [jL1 Lieutenant J. F. Crocker at work in his private room making a check on the radio manuscripts on a series to be knovm as "The Air Adventures of Frar ' ie Crocker. In the very quaint city of 3agdad we find a girl dressed in an artist’s attire setting at her easel. La Vada Beem seems to be a great artist. On a train leaving for Taris we find the best 'J steward to have ever been on the Francho Turkish Line—it can't be—yes, it is Juanita Bussears. Home a airt, on Cricket Flat, we find two claim consistinof 04a acres each. Separating them i a high fence. 1 e find one set ox twins hoeing corn and the other set hoeing potatoes. These ar the farms of Buford and Huron Witherspoon. The center of interest in Calgary is the crovd standing arounu the horse shoe courts, watching t great American wind bag David Sanderson play hors shoes. In Alaska a matronly old maid has called her class together, sl.e is speak in; so distinctly I can read her lips. "Children,‘do I smell gum." Believe it or not it’s Shirley Brown. In Vladivostok we find Tommy Myers. Making lo- of money on his latest invention—"The Iron But- cher." Run your pig in one end and your pork rides out on a conveyor belt. Hanford Reed is still on the American crew of the S. S. for-get-me-not. We find Agues Hazen designing a statue of George VI and has forever given up marriage. At Holly-ood, California v e find Wilma Harman acting as official taster at the Brown Derby Nighi ’lub. The dust has just settled at the finish line 3f a dirt race track in Buenos Aires. Stanley 3arnes has won much fame as a barn stor.iin.o- -ran.i; i? v V V V V V i V V V t V —JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President---------------------Clarice Bechtel Vice-President------------Arthur Alans Secretary-Treasurer-.-----Waldo Jacobs Adviser----------------------------Mr. MastersonV V V V V V V V V V V join or class Ada .10, Arthur Auams, Kenneth Bechtel, Clarice Gent, Willard Kill, Frederick Hindman, Vivian Hu., June Hug, Lovell Myricic, Y ilma Touroci e, Hyrtle Thona3, Hazel I.lay Trumj , Hazel Witherspoon, Delbert Jacobs, Waldo Henderson, Dick Atterbury, Jim V v V V V f M t V V V V V V V f t t V V V CLASS OFFICERS President----------------Verle '. i3dom Vice-President---------Nova Henderson Secretary----------Stewart Kretschmer Treasurer-----------------------Hazel Bennett Adviser------------------------Walter Schultz V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V w 3G?::o;;o:.c class Catbrine Barnes Bazel Bennett Elraa Conrad YJal la c e C i c yn an Ilazol Haefs Aubrey Bobener Bove Kenderson Bernal Huy Ordell Kelson Velda Kelson Stewart IKetschne: lalph Lony Elvis Trunp Kartha '.Jells Fonzy V’ilson Verle 'v isdoa V v 1  V V V V V V V V V V V V V V w FRESHMAN CLASS Blanche Bennett Ton Boswell LaVon Culver Keith Fuller Robert Gent Aina Hallgarth Edith Hallgarth Jane Hallgarth Janes Hicks Lawrence Long Royce Moore Mary Alice Porter Marl Poffenburger Glenn Ray Sara May Scott Everett Trump Betty Williams Jack Whittle f V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V ■q V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V y EIGJT2 GiiACS ROLL CALL TojLi Larne s Irene Ber.shadier Joe Blaclonan Jini Chandler Isabell Glascon Gerald Gray Helen Hullo ay Darrell Hazel’rood Truman Hebener Betty Kug Arlis Keefer June Parsons Ida Reed Kenneth Stowe Chester Stubblefield Orval Trump Class Advisor—lirs. PayneS2VEDTL O.-lADE j-IOLL CALL Jack Blackman Delmar Galloway Billy Hindman Jasper Land Genevie Long Dale iiyrick Lillian Smith Marilyn Patten Evelyn Stubblefield Alton Veiss Alice '.'eiss Jesse Trump Class Advisor—Mr. Parker ACTIVITI-EW DRAMATICS "A Ready-Made Family" "Phantom Bells" "Jerry of Jericho" "Tom Sawyer" ATHLETICS Basketball Baseball Girls’ Basketball Jr. High Basketball ORCHESTRA V V V V V GIRLS' LEAGUE "A READY-MADE FAMILY" L¥ V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V w Coach---------------------Mr. Master son Stage Manager----------------Fred Hill Stage Assistants----------Arthur Adams Myrtle Tobrocke and Jim Attebery Promptor-------------------Wilma Harman The Junior-Senior Play presented April 14 was a farce comedy. A wealthy woman with three children falls in love with a none less v ealthy man v.ith two children. The children, each believing that the other is marry- ing their parent for money, try to break up the match by becoming so undesirable that the prospect of having them for step-children woula be sufficient to halt the marriage. The Cast Mrs. Agnes Martyn-------Clarice Bechtel Bob Martyn---------------Harold Scoubes Marilee Martyn-----------Vivian Hindman Gracie Martyn---------------------Agnes Hazen Miss Lydia Pinkham--------La Vada Been Mr. Henry Turner----------Waldo Jacobs Sammie Turner-----------------------Tom Myers Doris Turner----------Hazel May Thomas Begonia----------------Margaret Briggs Nicodemus------------------John Crocker yj |f v i "THE i ■ jU':TOK BZLL3" Coach-------------I r3• Irene Payne Stare Manager---------------John Crocker Sta,‘3 Assistant------------Jin Attebery Promptor--------------------La Vada Been The all-school play pr 3seated. December ■5rd v as the first mystery 'Icy to be pre- sented at PIyin Theatre for a number of years. Harold Scoubes and A; nos Ilazen too]' the romantic loads, and comedy ’.'as added by Vivian l.h 161 urn in the roll of a supersti- tious aid. Tc •. ers played a dual role, that cf a detective and the supposedly dead husband, hark Rhodes. The Cast Mrs. Jean Rhodes---------Cathrine Barnes Laura Rhodes----------------Apnes Ilazen Jack Page-----------------Harold Scoubes Darrel Carson---------------haldo Jacobs Kiss Lela Sayles-----------Alma I’allyarth had Carruthers------------------------Rred Hill liiriar. Booth------------CDarice Bechtel Joseph Kennedy-------------------------Ton Myers Victor Lavelle----------------------Lovell Hue Harriet jTorbes------------Vivian Hindman ' S' 1 —V V V V V V V VI V V V Ml 'JkKKi Uf JkMUiU OJAiJ' This ’as the first operetta to be pre- sented by Elgin High School since the presentation of "The Heartless House" in the spring of 1934. Coach----------Mrs. Schnell Stage Manager-----Fred Hill The Cast Geraldine Bank (Jerry)--Vivian Hindman John Drayton--------------Hanford Reed Alan O'Day----------------------Kenneth Adams Amos Bank--— ----------- John Crocker Lettice Bank-----------Hazel May Thomas Sandy Bank----------------Wilma Harman Cornelius Bean------------Jim Attebery Mimi--------------------Blanche Bennett Dora---------------------Hazel Bennett Uncle Pete-----------------------Buford Witherspoon Mr. Hunter------------------------Buren itherspoon First Man-----------------Waldo Jacobs Chorus of Toursts El :ca Conrad Juanita Bussear Betty Williams Shirley Brown Myrtle Tobrocke Wilma MyrickV V V V V V V Ml "TOL SA.hhIR” •CoacI:------------------------------Mrs. Schnell Stage Manarer------------------------Fred Hili Stage Assistants-------------------Bernal Hug Jim Attebery, Sto1-art iCietscluner The Cast Tom Sawyer-------------------------------Joe Blackman Becky Thatcher-----------------------Marilyn Patten Huclc Finn-----------------------Janes Hicks Aunt Folly------------------------------June Parsons Sid------------------------------------Billy Hindman Injun Joe-------------------------------Bill Blakeney Alfred Temple Truman He’oener etty Hug Jess Trump Tom Boswell Bvelyn Stubblefield Merle Holloway Davy Hug Royce Moore Chester Stubblefield Jack Blackman Alice Weiss Genevieve Long Arli33 Keiffer Mary Porter Franklin Kelson Kenneth Fitzgerald Keith Fuller The Junior High. Operetta, presented March 10, i-as a very elaborate -reserva- tion, requiring five sets of scenery. -mu 5 ms i m in 3 m a as m rf Ml2 «ft £ MM f M ft M £ Ml $ M S Mi £ M £ «•; is M £ Mitt? m ?tt j|m l«l I «i 5 ; ■ MlI MsM$M IMsM jiCll£MI|MiUj i £• t m sw Im jem 5 a s «m 5mi3 m § 1 Sf f IlfMf fll l 9«! MfttlMfMf MlMSMfMii W R ‘ H M ( W MI W . I» t - "J " i ttjM 2 M{MsN$M £ MsfMStt f I M I M -. » W W H .1 Af! R« ? «- . wtt .Ti . ■- t »:. I'. « (• IMj§Ml|MPID |MtN$N t R t } UN f M; I2MI Ml Si 1 ji-4 SW3M M |M 'fj . ■ HU fMf fi ? i 11 nn s|M t tt = !i £ m km I .M: :N EM M M -Ml §M S M 2 NH 5 M £ Ml ij MjM 5 M ? M2 M? M M M 2 ■{■ ■ ‘yl rtf. Mlt z f«N i 31! - MM ; MU : ;tfl z. (III LI £ M - M 3 M5M $ M S M i M 3 M W .fitI— N; Wl LjjMSM NiNlMhM | ||M;H MtiM-llfM .MiMtM I US 2 Mr- MsMiM jHeNi.H v mt tj Ke HR LUKE: M| 'iinlvHiM i rh iNf -I IMHf «5MI=M s m2 M M5Wt-: M§M=M jMtfxMeMf «M-iMErMiFMxINI?? M £ nil L-rn = m £ M f M M 1M 3 M S Ri 2 M ;M S M 5M 2 M 3 M $ M S Ml 2 Ml S Ml j| M •SMl£Ml5M3Ml5Ml5M« M5M§M£MlSMI Ml5M2M5lM $M£Mi M£M Ms EMffMsMrilMfMfM Ms0 Ml = M M ;MI }M}N{ M iN M Ms Ml5M 11M 2 Ml 2 M 3 M §M 2 M sM § M 3MI $ M $MI i Ml j| M 3 M § M £ Ml S Ml 2 M1M § iMjM MfMf M MjM M M RMlMIft— MgM MUM M MMMftM MI I if r M 5 W»;. M M- » s-M = M = M = Nj Mf NjH -M5M M |Nf M MzMi-M fil itN '-M 3M MI§Ml3M$IH2M§MI«Ml3M M2M3Ml3M Ml liMI MSMf MtM§MtMlSMIaM3MllM5M§M£MxM?;M2Ml3M3 MiMft MsMsMl2MsM2M£M5MlMliiMSMI§MiM3M;M§Ml.f M§M§MI M5MI l MI?MiMa.MliMI « ; M -Mf M M=M MiM M»sM£M5MI=MI MlSM5l = « ? Mf M M=Mi M «Ml 5M=M M m Mlf M - IWiMsMliM§MliM5Ml2M3M M?MlfM Ml2Ml3| 3«tl HM;W =RRi nil 3 HR 2fttl£i ‘is rtt 2 Ml fil ntcMi pit MiM sMlil - HP •i., 5‘ih 9 HU i •Sl« - M 2 j nif xpm fMSMl£ $MI2I iSMIfll HI Ml RP|M| W I s msm W3M3MxW1SM2llnSM i—Ml 2 Ml ® Ml 2 M 2 M 2 Ml f| Ml 2 Ml 2M 2 Ml M £ Ml Ml Ml Ml |Mi M £ M 2 Ml Ml jj 11.M E M ? M HI %M x Ml 6Ml2Ml 5 M»M M£M=M IM£I(II:£M M1MsM M3 SMiMI WOMliMlfMlgMlSMSMIiM Ml Ml JM 2 Ml £ M 3 Ml £Nff 5 M S Ml f Ml« 'M WB l« -;Mi £|iii rRM.rMl3lMaMl2M| Ml4HR 1M» Ml 3IM jMlaMI iMl 5MI i Ml j 2 Ml 2 Ml 2 Ml 2 Ml £ Ml 2 Ml 2 Mi 7 t22lM r M • J •• •' - K. »1 M- Ml2MlJM I Ml Ml2Mi vM i|2.' Mi: HR Ri • Ml - Ml ? I M tMI IM 2 Ml MR MlV V V V V V V V V V V GIRL‘3 LASILtST BALL Wilma Harman---------------------------Forward Hazel Bennett--------------------------Forward La Vada Beem---------------------------Forward Allies Hazen-----------------------------Guard Myrtle Tobrocl.e-------------------------Guard Catherine Barnes-------------------------Guard Nova Henderson----------------------Substitute Blanche Bonnott---------------------Substitute '37 Record Won 3-------------------------------------Lost 3 Coach Miss Crabill '36 riOfil T1. Won 7--------------------------------- Lost 2 Coach Iver Masterson Playing only three outside teams this year, Elgin's girls' team came out with a 500 per- centage; winning cwo from Jose; h, splitting with Enterprise, losin ore to Wallowa, who won trie Y allova County Championship, and one to the alumni. In 1936, playing more ;ames, tho team won the county championship. N V V V V V V V V V V V V rla: ford Reed, Ton Myers, Harold Scoubes, Waldo Jacobs, Arthur Adams, Kenneth Adams, Slvis Trump, Stanley Barnes, Everett Trump, Dick Henderson, and John Crocker. Scorers: Waldo Jacobs Tom Myers •37 Record Won 12---------------------------------Lost 6 Coach Walter Schultz '36 Record Won 18---------------------------------Lost 9 Coach James Bushong Although Elgin did not enter the tourna- ment at Baker, they von the unofficial Union County "B" Championship by heaving Cove 2 ouj of 5. Entered in the Y allova County Lergon Elgin lost but by one gate to Joseph for sec ond place. BOYS’ SECOND TEA:. EASIEST I. ALL Kenneth Adams John Crocker Dick Henderson Verle Wisdom Everett Trump James Kicks Bud Plug Jim Atterbury Glen Ray Lloyd McClune HIGH SCORERS Kenneth Adams John Crocker ’37 Record Won 11-------------------------------Lost 3 Coach Walter Schultz '36 Record Won 12-------------------------------Lost 6 Coach Janes Bushong The Elgin Second Team has claimed the championship of Union County for the first time in several years. They rere defeated but once by a hi ;h school team. w V BaSEEALL TEA! Hanford. Reed Artiiur Adams Kenneth Adams Elvis Trump Ste1 ’art Kretschmer Dick Henderson John Crocker Jin Attebery Thomas Myers David Sanderson Vfsldo Jacobs Dud Huy Coach '. alter Schultz 1936 Record Coach Janes Bushong .'on 6------------------------------------------------------------Lost 4 At .assent the Huskies .re enjoying a v r; successful season.¥ v v V V V V V V V V V V V V V JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Orville Trump Keith Tucher Tom Barnes Jess Trump Kenneth Stowe Chester Stubblefield Joe Blackman Truman He’oener Darrell Hazelwood 37 Record Won 7-----------------------------Lost 4 Coach Iver Mastarson The 1937 team of the Huskie Pups with one of the strongest teams in years, won the Union County Championship b • defeating Perry the Championship defenders.  . . I tj LI i - il i [ f y- i-y . T fTrTr T;y»■ V- 'Vy' Jr% ■ wtrorti • 1 r ••— ;—rrTTTrTr - • 1 'W •■'“V A T W« fj" ■ y yl V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V w The Orchestra Jim Attebery, Irene Bendshadier, Joe Black- man, Letha Buckner, Kenneth Fitzgerald, Billy Hindman, Vivian Hindman, Davie Hug, Bernal Hug, Betty Hug, Waldo Jacobs, V-lca Kelson, G-enevie Long, Elmer Smith, Lillian Smith, Evelyn Stub- blefield, Alice 'Veias, Winton ''eiss, Delbert Witherspoon, Buford Witherspoon, Buren . ither- spoon, accompanist, Wilma Harman. Director, Mrs. S. E. Schnell Three years ago, the Elgin School Orchestra was organized. Children from the fourth to twe- lfth grades, inclusive, were enrolled; the only requirement was tnat the student furnish an in- strument and the will to practice. As none of these individuals had previously studied music, the music instructor, Orest Houghton, taught the classes the rudiments of orchestra work. Under the direction of Mrs. Schnell, it has played for school entertainments, baccala- ureate, and commencement exercises. m V V V V V V V V V V V V TK-, LETT Z?1 : ' S PA. vTY -f - -3 close of the Basket Bali season a part.. ' tis iveu for tie Lettemin at the gym- nasium. Tuo3e rsceivin , letters at this tirae v ero: narold Sccubes, Hanford Hoed, Thomas Lyars, waldo Jacobs, al3.iii.etli Adans, Arthur Adams, and Elvis Trump. FIHS: 11m rAlTY April 1st, the Fresi.man Lave a party in tne gymnasium. Each Freshman brought a guest and the faculty members -.'ere also present, liie cnief entertainment v as games. oui J.IC. .1C Tne Sophomores held an all-day picnic on tne tenth of April. Each Sophomore and his guest and the class advisor attended. The morning was spent at the gymnasium; in the afternoon the party drove to Double Barrel Springs.  V V V V V V V V V V V V TU CAPJ .T. AL On 3 of tiie ’ost intars st inf affairs of the . i' school year vas the annual Mich School Cerni- ::r val held in the gymnasium, October 16. Each class vas represented by one or more booths which vrere ‘ali a great success. SI.MAJC DAY The Senior Class held their annual Sneak Day on A.-ril 22. They visited in Fendleton and inspected the penitentiary at Walla Walla SEDIOi-J iAhTY The Senior Class was entertained with a St. Patrick's Day party on March 17 by Mrs. Paul Sadler. JUMICh-SE. 10h. "'A2-"%UnT The Juniors entertained the Seniors at a banquet at the Sacajawea Inn at La Grande, May lo. The welcome was given by Clarice Bechtel, Junior Class President, and the re- sponse by Hai'old Scoubes, Senior Class Pre- sident. Margaret Briggs delivered the Class Will and Fred Hill the Class Prophecy. Speeches were also iven by both class ad- visers and several other interestin. select- ions were given. The Commencement 2;:ercises for the gradu- ating class v ill be held on May 19 at the 0'era House. The Baccalaureate Services vdll be held for the Senior Class on May 15. The Student Body is planning their annual school picnic which is held in Hay of every year. The Junio:, and Senior classes are plan- . waju'.-uu ■ e h id -.efore school is .. i-d . 2[TC CT7 v v V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V ASSOCIATED GIItL STUDENTS OFFICE. .3 1935— 36 Fresident---------------liar. aret Uilson Vice-President----------Ha ’.el Jail garth Secretary-Treasurer----Vi Ir-ic. Ia rnan Adviser----------------------------Varna Tovnsend 1936— 37 President----------------Catharine Banes Vice-President--------------Velda Helson Secretary-Treasurer.-----Vivian Hindi'an Adviser--'- :-----Cecilia Linyelbach Tiio A. G. 3. Tae or. prized in 1935 ’•it!, tie assistance of Hiss Townsend and Has been active in school affairs since then. W i; ■i V V V EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Executive Council consists of all stu- dent body officers and class presidents. The following are the members of the 1936-37 Council: President of Student Body-----------Tom Myers Vice-President " " Hazel 3ennett Treasurer " " Stanley Barnes Senior Class President-------------Harold Scoubes Junior Class President--------------------Clarice Bechtel Sophomore Class President---------Verle Y.’isdori Freshman Class President---------------------Alma Hallgartli 7th 8th Grade " Tom Barnes Adviser-----------------------------Mr. Parker ? • -W Jf- U-9 AN.-3UAL STAFF Editor-----------------------Hazel Hallgarth Assistant Editor------------------Hazel Tramp Business Manager-----------------------Harold Scoubds Senior Class Editor------------------Margaret Briggs Junior Cls js Editor-------------Arthur dams Sophomore Class Editor------------Hazel Haefs Freshman Cluss Editor--------Alma hallgarth 7th-Qth Grades Editor--------Tr naan Hebener Athletics--------------------------'Vox Myers Ass’t Athletic Editor--------David Sanderson Social Editor----------------Clarice Bechtel jokes------------------------—John Crociter Verle Wisdom A. G. S. Editor------------------------LaVada Beem Dramatics Editor-------------------------Fred Hill Orchestra--------------------Vivian hindman Adviser--------------------------i-irs. PayneJOKE 3 3ud Hug (to stude he .just ran over) : "Hey.' Look out back there.’” Jin Attebery (picking himself up): "’. hat's the matter. You're not coming b ck are you?" Dentist (to Hanford Reed): "You needn't open your mouth any wider. I expect to stand outside." Murl Puffenger drove up to a toll bridge in his old Model T. "Fifty cents," the gateman cried. "Sold."1 replied Murl. The basketball team was compelled to make an overnight stop at Haines after a game there. The hotel manager was showing Ken Adums and Dick Henderson to their rooms. "This is your room, boys," said their host. "You'll find it very comfortable as it has a feather bed." That night about two o'clock Ken awoke his companion and said, "Move over Dick. It's nxy turn to lio on the feather." Myrtle Tobrocke: "Can you fix this fender so my father will never know I bent it?" Garage Mechanic: "No, but I can fix it so that you can ask him in a few days how he bent it." Jim Hicks was working on the new athletic field and was complaining because he had no shovel. He finally told the coach about it. "Gee whiz," he gee-whizzed, "I haven't any shovel." " .'hat are you kicking about?" was the answer, "You don't have to do any work if you ain't got no shovel." "I know," pouted Jim, as he stamped both feet, "but I haven’t got anything to lean on— like the other guys!" V V V V V V V V V f V Coach Schultz Rubs KcLune: "Are you going to run the mil4 or the two mile." ;,I can tell you better at the end of the mile." Jane Kaligarth (rushing into the library): "I want 'The Life of Caesar.'" Librarian (Hazel Lay Thomas): "You're too late. Brutus beat you to it." Stewart Kretschmer: "Lay I h end the evening with you?" Lima Conrad: "No, you certainly can not." Stew: "Oh, I don't mean tonight. I nean some stormy night -hen I don't have anythin; else to do." John Crocker vas looking at his large pocket watch when Harold Scoubes came up behind him. "Does it tell time?" asked Harold. "No," said Joim, "You have to look at it." Customer: Waiter, I can't eat this soup." waiter: "I'll call the head waiter." Customer: "Head waiter, I can't eat this soup. Head Waiter: "I’ll call the cook." Customer: "Coo:., I can't eat this soup." Cook: "Why not?" anv qhn.hn  THE FOLLOWING SEND T!.SIIt GREET! 'GS AJ.D BEST T SITES TO TEE SENIOR CLASS OF 1937: L. E. HILL HARD" .’ARE ELACTI-S AUTOMOTIVE SEEVICE FIRST LATIO' AL BAIT' OF ELGIN PC LOSA PI. E UJUBEH COMPANY TOLY'S ' -A. SI IGF UNION CCUTTY C-ICTC GTOTEE3 IRC. E. C. GETTINGS GaHAGE EASTER!;' CvlEGCI LIC-IT Ft ,'ER CG. C031 HA LlAiTHET I YEAS A REEFERSAFE'. AY STORES DISTRIBUTION WITHOUT ,.ASTE JESSE CRUM LAWYER ’.'ARD'S RED £c WHITE GROCERIES MEATS D?.. LAW PHYSICIAN DR. StJTE DENTIST ' ALLACE 'WILSON GOODYEAR TIRES NILES FOOD STORE NILE GRAHAM CITY DRUG STORE J. SIR INGHAM HARMANS FUiOTITURE jlL • 2 • MOONEY'S CAFE C. K. WALKER MAC'S BARBER SHOP C. K. MCCULLOUGH MAYFAIR BEAUTY SHCI- MAE LEONARDBANKER 3 LIFE INSURANCE CO. C. 2. 1GJRRITT DON IJYERS COLD STORAGE L MEATS I EUGENE F. KUG GARAGE 8T0RAC-E L. FARES JjS.-’SLHY STORE • GIFT SHOP RAS3JUSSS.r BROTHERS BLACKSMITH ELGI BEAUTY SHOP HISS OKLIKGEA COR" 3 JR Vic: STATIOR o. C. TNIGHT 0. ... BA .. JR SLAP ROSS FL.IRY LEAD'S V. 'IRiR STORE C. ,1. BRAN THE CLUB CRO’.IZY L MATHES SLGIi. C.iS. ST Oil FAY CjJSL: FAT LESS I-C-P LOOSE-LEAF PROJECT TRAOI MARK Vi; K BOOK Patent Notick U. S. PATENT APPLICATIONS FULLY COVIN MKT HOD OP COMPILINO. OIN- (NAL ARHANOIMINT ANO DIIION. ALL RIOMTS RISIRVCO. MAOC AND SOLD ONLY BY NTER-COLLEOI AT E PRESS KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI 

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Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Elgin High School - Husky Tracks Yearbook (Elgin, OR) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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