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L11 -.n .55 , . .. , 4, 'N , V' fiflfyv K K . n' yd ft.,-vlan' X x X X y, 1 'r . if-. . . 4 'xt , + hi -1. 'lj ,M L, !. ,,'- .. X , f J. . f N , X R ,P r 4 .4 ..f 4. 0 ll N R v LX R as 1 Six?-. '-fe X 'sg , . ' X x I X 1 x A I ! n X 3 . Q x X Y.. ' S YK J a f X 3 . v X . Y . A 1 ' x Y' ax 1 . N 3 , h . ' I 1.a ' ,tv-f' ., ' K 1 5 " ' " 'wav 41. ,,,-,xg A,.s-a- K 4 Q s W is . , Q . f . , 3, X fl v Q :wp - ' ' " ' f -Q x .A .N-,,+ - ,K l, .fiib ,. I , .N 3 4, -. ,sh E .K Q' W. ,I ., ggi. J X Y x , "uk ' ' " WCM' Um.,,'M"rsA N'-W yi ' ' A". J A ' '.'v, 9: V: K, 3 A l.. L. 1 " , X 'K kk 1 K I P S ff I 5 Q 7, xi Ps 'l ' 1 . . A 1 .. x X, ',' 'lm IH" P X . ', Q54 v ' 4 "'l W ' . , 'k , , ' ' 4 1 . ' 1 K , 1 . . , 1 ' ' '. -. f 1 x if' ' I 'Q L ,mi Q 'gf LH ,,.,. W. , Q nfl ,wi st. Y QW, 1 , ,, .N 5. raw., f 1 'A '. t D l , KY I .I N U 5 Q. V- 4 ' Aux - x, ., X Q 1 .1 X . I , , ,,, V L 2 f ' G N - . ' M" ff K - Q ' , , hi' L1 ,fl"' ig ' ' ' , 4 ,z . ' , . . ,I . f 1 3 I 1 -J . " uf f 2 X fi 1 I X2 4. . A 'Q X X ' x ' it .m Ah ig, 1 H , 1 I '-5, ' ', A IX . uf. N . ug. 1. M , ff.-V 'z K'-1, , 3 'F fa ff? ' ' . .. .. 19 - -- .. . :QM ..- 'T AVA NA 4 tv... I! .H 1 ,'- --,f :' ,Nw ' .LM A we. . ik- -.A f I 1 5 'L A meeting of the lVIother's Club D Class Presidents P The Reading Center V 4 The graduating class of 1958 Our third championship swimming team in Qhree years D , L' 4 Our cheerleaders at Homecoming ' x K ' 4 A 1 1 Y 'V kr X XM f.n1Q4,A,,.L 1 Lv iv I i 'V V 1 , ' ly X -lTT:'T""" 5 -P . ,u r ' H' af- -,N F n""'-35:1 , X, ... ' ' VWFEJV Jiiiil '503M.'1i'qE?rf-1?W,..'"WH at v 'G x W j:J,.,:w--I 5 HAL ae A-,,1.lg1q, -i. i 1.,,, 'i .- A A fM?FN.ww- V The New Gym A 3 Cast oi Mrs. McThing 5 il.. Wm m A dream is now finally a reality. The long-awaited and much needed gymnasium now occupies the area once containing a baseball diamond adjacent to the old gym. The excitement and enthusiasm that filled the air as the completion day arrived will long be remembered. We now have the facilities to create a more efficient and vigorous basket- ball team and, also, a spot of architectural beauty on the campus. The new gym will contain modem shower rooms and dressing rooms for both boys and girls. A new entrance to the swimming pool will also add to the convenience of the stu- dents. The old showers will be replaced by seating facilities for the spectators at the swim- ming meets. In the gym itself a newly de- veloped type of flooring will be utilized. The building will not only answer the needs of the athletic department but will eventually contain a folding stage. The new seating capacity afforded will allow larger audiences for the dramatic productions put on by the student body. An electrical score- board, which is being donated by the class of nineteen-hundred fifty-eight. and the sound proof walls will contribute to the comfort of the spectators. This one hundred thousand dollar gym will not be measured as much by its monetary value but by its overall value and benefits to the student body. - A . . .. xi W The gymnasium under construction. lanuary. 1958 Five members of the Cum Laude society, Richard Olson. William Grabowksi, Lee Grove, loseph Dow. and George Brannen. examine the century old bell, now installed in front of the new gymnasium. JL .QA The Headmaster and Board of Trustees of Ze gfgilfl .xdcaclemy Marvin L. Brett Headmaster Mr. Lee C. Ward. President Mr. Harry Walsh Ir., Vice-President Mr. Richard West. Secretary Mr. George P. Edwards, Treasurer Mr. G. P. Iohnson Mr. Robert E. Anderson Mr. Charles Blomberg Mr. Ernest Ludwig Mrs. William D. Rich Mrs. Henry E. Cooke Ir. Mr. William K. Child Mrs. A. D. Edwards, Emeritus Edith Brockenbrough. B.A. Lower School Richard l... Carter. M.M. Music, Social Sciences C. Dean Chipman. M.A. Director of Art, Music. Dramatics I. Wylie Fetherlin, NLR. English. Speech. Iournulism Bert E. Grove, MJX. Deon. Biology Elaine Hall Kindergarten. Admissions Leland T. Hanson. B.A. Mathematics Leonard Iacobson. BJL Malhemalics. Science. Athletics Constance Koehne. B.A. Music William A. Koehne. M.A. French. Spanish A. W. Mead. M.A. Mathematics, Science Donald Miller. M.lVl. Music 17- Homer T. Orsborn. BJL I.atin. Geography. Athletics Romaine Sachs. M.E. Reading Center vu? .tw 1'1-nu--Q Harry Spaulding, M.A. History. Social Studies Carolyn Stevens, B.A. Mathematics. English Y 2 I. M. Thompson, MA. Mathematics, English Ellld Van Pelt, ILB. Librarian ACADEMIC AWARDS - 1958 +1 +- CUM LAUDE SOCIETY 41 Excellence in Science: Graduates in the upper iiith oi the Senior Class physical Science elected to the National Honor Society oi Cum Laude George Brannen. Ioseph Dow. William Grabowski. Iames Grove, Richard Olson Valedictorian fFour Year Averagel ..,.. I H Iames Grove Salutatorian lFour Year Averagel ,,,,,,, Richard Olson First Ranking Senior . . , Iames Grove Honorable Mention ,, ,. Richard Olson First Ranking Iunior Nancy Deeds. Phil Clements First Ranking Sophomore , ., . ,,,,, ,, Alda Birgerson Honorable Mention ,, , , Mark Hanks First Ranking Freshman . .. , .. ,. Dorothy Schetgen Honorable Mention , ,, ,,,,. .. Karen Biondi First Ranking Eighth Grade Student ,, ,,,t,, ,, , Scott Cisney Honorable Mention , ,, ,, ,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, K ent Olson First Ranking Seventh Grade Student .... . Iohn Seybold Honorable Mention , , ., ,, , I Christopher Connor Excellence in English tSusan B. Sears Award! Iames Grove Honorable Mention , , .. . Richard O. Olson Excellence in Social Studies ..,. . George W. Brannen Honorable Mention ,,,,, H H . Dorothy Schetgen Excellence in Latin , . , . Nancy Deeds Honorable Mention ,, Alda Birgerson, Diana Furty Excellence in Modern Language , . . Iames Leland Grove Honorable Mention , , .,,, Iudith Ellen Brown Excellence in Mathematics lLaura Davidson Sears Awardl ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , Ioseph Dow Honorable Mention , .. , ,, ,, .,,, Iames Grove ACTIVITIES AWARDS +1 +1 41 Excellence in Art , . . eeeeee eeeee I ohn Podzumsky Honorable Mention Ioanne Iobsky. lack Wiglama THE IANE PELTON WOLF WATERCOLOR COMPETITION First Prize ,, ,,,,, ,, .....,....,.,........, , Susan Adair Second Prize , ,, ..,,. ., .,,..,.....,.,,,....,, lotlnne lobsky Third Prize ,. ., ,, ,, , ., ,, , , Iudith White Honorable Mention , Foy Casper, Claire Duncan Excellence in Music ,..,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,. I ill Edwards Honorable Mention Nancy Deeds, Walter Wright Musart Club Award . ,, , ,T ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S haron Davis Honorable Mention, Daniel Iessup, Barbara Moore Excellence in Dramatics ..... H , ,....,,,,, ....,,,,, D iane Park Honorable Mention H ,,,. Susan Kaye. Harry Lehr Excellence in Publications . H .,,,,,,,,,,,,, Richard Olson, Diane Park, editors: Iames Grove, Iohn Podzamsky. Murray Webster Masque and Gavel Award for Most Improved Student ,...,...,...,,.,.. Richard Olson Honorable Mention .,,.... William Grabowski Quill and Scroll Award ior Creative Writing . ,,,,,., .,.,. I ames Leland Grove 41 41 41 MERIT STATUS lOne or more grading periods for the yearl Wesley Alven. Karen Biondi. Alda Birgerson. George Brannen. Iames Brown. Iudith Brown, Melinda Burcham, Scott Cisney. Philip Clements. Peter Coebergh. Chris- topher Connor, Dana Deeds. Nancy Deeds, Ioseph Dow, Debbie Edwards. Anne Emery, Diana Furty, Edward Gordon, William Grabowski. Iames Grove, Mark Hanks. Lawrence Klee. Iean Lawton. Harry Lehr, Catherine Martens, Katena Nentas. Claryssa Olson. Karen Olson, Kent Olson. Richard Olson, Diane Park, Dareen Podzam- sky, Iohn Podzamsky. Dorothy Schetgen. Michael Schwab. Iohn Seybold. George Smolka. Robert Thomsen. Murray Webster. Marcia Wiktor. 41 41 41 DANIEL M. TODD AWARD For Constructive Leadership ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , ,, Mark Hanks LESLIE D. IGLEHEART AWARD For Cooperation .. . ,,,.. . ,..,,,,, ,,., ,,,,.... W i lliam Grabowski ARTHUR F. LIEBERMAN AWARD For Outstanding Girl in Achievement ,,,,,,,, ,,.,, I ill Edwards HARVARD CLUB OF CHICAGO AWARD For Outstanding Boy in Achievement in Iunior Class ..,.,.,. H- ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Murray Webster Richard Olson lack Rodriquez KBausch and Lomb Medall , , , Honorable Mention Natural Science lwayne F. Replogle Award! , Honorable Mention , Science and Mathematics CW. L. Ogden Awardl ,, Honorable Mention Excellence in Girl's Physical Education Barbara Sandnes Rotary Club Award , , , Philip Clements, Nancy Deeds. Iames Grove, Richard Olson National Society of Colonial Daughters Essay , , ,, , Murray Webster Honorable Mention , ,, Nancy Deeds. Mark Hanks i i K MOTHER-DAUGHTER AWARD-Diane Park For the girl graduate who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Elgin Academy in citizenship, social unity, and spirit of cooperation. HEADMAS'l'ER'S ACADEMIC AWARD-Iames Grove For the senior student who has achieved and maintained an outstanding record throughout tour years ot academic study. ORA L. PELTON III AWARD-Richard Olson For the boy who best typities the ideals and character ol The Elgin Academy. He must maintain definite scholas- tic standards. be a Major E club member, have a well- balanced interest in school activities. with special em- phasis on literary publication. dramatics, or debating. Diana Furty Alda Birgerson Iames Grove loseph Dow ATHI.ETIC AWARDS 41 4 i Lieberman Award lor Sportsmanship Iohn Podzamsky The Tennis Trophy . , . Iames Grove Wenner E Trophy George Brannen Valentine Sportsmanship Trophy for Girls Alda Birgerson Valentine Tennis Trophy tor Girls. llmprovementl ,,,, , ., .. r, , Deborah Edwards THE UNDERGRADUATE SPORTS TROPHY Football , ., . ,, , . , . . Mark Hanks Basketball ,, . Douglas Steingraber Swimming C , , Robert Dehl Tennis , , Peter Coebergh Track ,, . , William Pratt MAIOR E Football-Wesley Alven. George Brannen. Thomas Deane, Dana Deeds, David Gale, William Garrison. Mark Hanks. Daniel Iessup. Lawrence Klee, Harry Lehr, Dale Marcus. Richard Olson, Iohn Podzamsky, Paul Rickards. Oscar Rodriguez, Philip Ryan, Douglas Steingraber. Robert Sweazey, lack Wiglama. Basketball-George Brannen. Edward Duncan. Lewis Garrigus. Mark Hanks, Daniel Iessup, Harry Lehr. Dale Marcus, Paul Rickards. Douglas Steingraber. Swimming-Scott Allen. Philip Clements. Robert Dehl. Henry Dieringer, Lee Elsman, George Hausser, Kent Olson. Richard Olson. Robert Phillips, Iohn Podzamsky. Robert Sweazey, lack Wiglama. Track-David Gale. Lewis Garrigus, Mark Hanks. Dale Marcus. Robert Phillips, Iohn Podzamsky, William Pratt, Douglas Steingraber. Robert Sweazey, Robert Thomsen. I Tennis-George Brannen. Peter Coebergh. Edward Gor- don, Iames Grove. Bruce Kantor, Harry Lehr, Paul Rickards. Golf-Thomas Deane, Dana Deeds, William Garrison. William Pratt. Managers-Philip Clements. Iames Grove. Michael Schwab, Anwer Suleiman, Iohn Summers, William Woollett. Cheerleaders-Nancy Deeds, Iill Edwards. Susan Kaye, Leslie McVey, Beth Puls, Francine Zellet. MINOR E Football - Iames Brown, Edward Gordon, Herbert Kaplan. Luis Salido, Calvin Wasson. Basketball-Wesley Alven. Thomas Deane, Dana Deeds, William Garrison, Lawrence Klee, William Pratt, Luis Salido. Iohn Summers, Robert Thomsen, Calvin Wasson. Track-Wesley Alven. Michael Schwab, Calvin Wasson, lack Wiglama. With a startling jolt. we suddenly realize that after three fleeting years, we're seniors. As we browse through the college catalogues in Mr. Thompson's office, sit tensely in prepar- ation for the College Board Exams, and wait eagerly for those letters from colleges, we are finally aware that our last year in high school has fled by, leaving us only fond mementos and memories . . . The students returning from summer vaca- tion, and the happy rejoicing as friends meet once more . . . the autumn season and the festive Homecoming, its brightly colored chry- santhemums, the Aeich Tea, the thrilling foot- ball game, cheering students waving stream- ers, the cheerleaders bedecked in orange and black . . . Moonlight Magic, that night, in the Art Gallery, the Homecoming Dance . . . three happy hours, Diane crowned with roses, the happy smiles of Anne, Bunny, and Iudy, tears, couples fading away into the night . . . October whisking away its gaudy leaves . . . November's frost ascending . . . our seniors, slightly nervous, delivering their chapel talks . . . the closing of the football season, and the beginning of the basketball season . . . November leaving a thin, white blanket of snow and succumbing to the charms of December . . . the beautiful Christmas pro- gram, the amusing play, harmonious voices ringing from the chorus, the inspired cantata, the air filled with joyous carols, vacation, the finale of a semester . . . returning again, and the mingling of friends . . . continuous vic- tories of the swimming team . . . Saturday enior arm 0 1958 Senior Class Officers: Iill Edwards, Secretary: Dan Iessup, Treasurer: Dan Deeds, President: Harry Lehr, Vice-President. dances sprinkled throughout the months, to be followed by the Aeichlorian Dance . . "Heart's Holiday," crimson valentines. Iohn honored with the title of King of the Dance the Senior girls' skit, a room full of fox-trotting couples, the notes of the trumpet slowly dying away, "farewell, parting is such sweet sor row" . . . Private School League Swimming Championship won by our Hilltoppers . . "Mrs. McThing" with its humor and mystery . . . "Trial by jury" and its lilting musical sounds . . . and then a whirlpool of transi tory events . . . the Senior Holiday, Senior tables, pre-graduation tears, the Headmaster s Supper, and the beauty of the Iunior Prom "Sayonara," Iapanese good-bye, good-bye good-bye . . . dazzling Chinese lantems, Ori ental scenery, wistful, melancholy expressions adoming the Seniors faces, the sentimental dreamy music, "I'll See You In My Dreams, Sayonara . . . the Baccalaureate with its in spirational message . . . final exams . . Awards Day . . . and then . . . Commencement, a parade of blue and white robes walking to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," valedictorian, salutatorian Cum Laude, Diane and Dan giving their opening speeches, the Ora L Pelton Award the Mother-Daughter Award, and diplomas . . . final farewells as the seniors prepare for a new future . . . From far away, a voice drones out and then is drowned by the wind. It seems to say "We will have these moments to remember yu EULUII Bartlett, Illinois Secretary Musart Club "Mrs, Mc'l'hing" Vice-President Aeichlorians "Trial By Iury" Black Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Thespians Chorus National Honor Society Hilltop Staff Masque and Gavel Merit Status KID This young and sophisticated miss has charmed us all with her rare wit and friendliness. Dressed smartly every day. Iudy has appeared at E.A. for her four years of high school. Her wide artistic tastes have been shown in the various costumes that she helped design for the school plays, the planning of stage acts. and dance decorations. Holding her own scholastically, Iudy is a member of the National Honor Society, Beta Club. and Masque and Gavel. Iudy also has a fondness for dancing: we seem to remem- ber a most unusual interpretation of a planet in the Christmas play. Iudy's future plans include Valparaiso University. C'0I'g0 I'l1 I1 I1 an Geneva, Illinois Vice-President Black Club Sergeant-at-Arms E Club President Athletic Scholarship Society National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Cum Laude Masque and Gavel Football C23 Basketball f2l Tennis C21 Associate Sports Editor O 6, B Merit Status C65 George's joviality and unimitated antics have been as much a part of the Senior class as "Old Main" is of Elgin Academy. For four years we have been blessed with his humor and good nature. However, George was lar from all fun. One of the most outstanding athletes, despite his seem- ingly frail frame, George has been quarter back on the football team, guard on the basketball team, and a doubles man on the tennis squad, giving an enduring and earnest performance in each. It was no surprise that George was elected President of the National Athletic Scholarship Society. A top student academically, George won Merit Status several times and held membership in the many honorary societies. The next stop on George's agenda will be Dartmouth College. K K U Ulla U0 5 Bogota, Colombia, South America President Senior Class Masque and Gavel President Black Club National Honor Society Camera Club Beta Club Musart Club Quill and Scroll Major E Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Golf ID Football Basketball Merit Status Q32 We hailed the arrival of our Colombian senior two years ago. During that time, Dan has been in the Student Council, the Beta Club, and the National Honor Society and was elected senior class president. In basketball, Dan also excelled, giving outstanding per- formances. An enthusiastic golfer, Dan placed high in the Private School League Golf Toumament both his junior and senior years. After returning to the land of the cacao bean for the sum- mer, Dan will come back to the United States and attend Cornell University. 26l'IClCl Milf am Gary, Indiana Black Club Chorus Musart Club "Mrs, McThing" Thespians "Pullman Car Hiawatha" National Honor Society "Trial by Iury" Aeichlorian Society Merit Status C51 Melinda was certainly a pleasant addition to the class oi '58. lust nine short months have witnessed her eager and avid participation in dramatics Kespecially that sweet, en- dearing nurse rolel for which she won a Thespian award, and in other areas gaining Merit Status regularly. She entered the post-prandial smokers' clique in the lounge every evening after dinner and could be found almost always dealing a hand of rummy or "I doubt it." Melinda possesses a certain charm that made her a favorite among the students at the Academy. She plans to continue her fine work at Hillsdale College. entry ieringer Barrington. Illinois Vice-President Orange Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Maior E Club "Mrs. McThing" Musart Club Track Swimming 121 This tall. lanky young man came to us two short years ago and has been a valuable addition to everything he has undertaken. Henry's great natatorial ability and desire to win have been a great asset to the swimming team, and he has helped lead them to two P. S. L. Championships. "Iudge." has played a silent yet avid part in school activities. dance preparations, and class committees. Who will ever forget Henry's appearance as the gangster Stinker in "Mrs. McThing." Henry's cooperativeness and ability will stand him in good stead at the University ot Illinois. 050,04 mow A Navaioa. Sonora. Mexico Black Club Beta Club Musart Club Merit Status KZJ Cum Laude From sunny Mexico came this boy with a deft talent for handling numbers and equations. Ioe's proficiency in mathe- matics literally amazed the students from simple math to complex trigonometric tunctions. Ioe's cooperation and willingness to help have aided him to gain the honor of Beta Club membership and the thanks oi many ot his class mates. College at Purdue and a career in engineering are Ioe's plans ior the future. 6,c!wanl5 St. Charles. Illinois "Mrs, Mc'l'hing" "Pullman Car Hiawatha" "Trial by Iury" Cheerleader 141 Secretary Senior Class President Musart Club Secretary Aeichlorians Orange Club Beta Club Orange and Black Staff Masque and Gavel Hilltop Staff Thespians Merit Status C61 "She shall have music wherever she goes" is the perfect way to remember this petite little senior. Iill. an old timer here at EJ-L. has worked her way into the hearts oi each and every one of us. This gal is a veritable dynamo, always busy in every activity under the E.A. sun. Besides writing for the OGB and Hilltop. she is active in the Aeichs, chorus, and is also a very capable president of the Musart Club. And to top this. she is a Merit Status student and an accomplished pianist as well. Iill and her charming personality will descend upon the campus of Pine Manor Iunior College this fall. dylfllafil llflllfllll Bloomington. Illinois Orange Club Football Basketball MD Eddie, the boy with the easy-going way and that Southern drawl. has been at EA. for four years. In that time, we have witnessed Eddie's ever-growing skill on the basketball court. He has always given an excellent performance. One of the quieter seniors, Eddie has freely offered a helping hand with many oi the school functions. Eddie plans to attend Arizona State College. Black Club Aeichlorians Beta Club Masque and Musart Club ll ll 0 In Ury Woodstock, Illinois "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Trial by Iury" Mrs. McThing" Gavel Chorus Homecoming Court Merit Status Despite her particular distinction of being late to Basic Skills several times. Anne. in her four years at E.A., has proved herself to be a valuable asset to the senior class. Participating in a host of school activities, Anne assisted the stage crew during plays, shared a primary part in the planning of dances, and was in the chorus. Anne further dis- played her extra-curricular prowess by being a member of the Masque and Gavel Society and the Beta Club. Hoping to attend Bennett College, Anne has all the merits lor lasting success. 2 W iam graLowJAi Elgin, Illinois Radio-T.V. Guild Thespians "Pullman Car Hiawatha" President Masque and Gavel Musart Club Black Club "Mrs, McThing" Beta Club Chorus National Honor Society "Trial by Iury" Quill and Scroll 0.6 B. Staff Hilltop Staff Merit Status U83 Cum Laude Bill Grabowslci. without a doubt. has been a prominent, figure during his stay at E.A. With ready and willing help, he has availed his many services to benefit the school. Intelligent, most obviously with his extensive list of honors. Bill also possesses a certain creative ability which has been called for by the class for the school dances. posters and programs. Many of the ingenious lighting effects and colorful Christmas ornaments used during the year have been the result of this industrious student. It stands to reason that this wispy, young man twho played so admirably a part of a bodyguard in the Mrs. McThingJ will be a success in his chosen profession, medi- cine. Bill is planning to attend Colorado College. ,,z:,f,,,,.z gm.. 610105 Elgin. Illinois National Beta Club Chorus President "Pullman Car Hiawatha" National Honor Society "Trial By Iury" President "Mrs, McThing" Basketball Tennis C21 Hilltop Staif Quill and Scroll Cum Laude Merit Status C121 Musart Club Treasurer Black Club Major E Club Thespians Masque and Gavel National Athletic Scholorship Society Although having been here iust two short years. Lee has achieved the place as one of the outstanding members of the class oi '58, Lee has been active in about everything imaginable. from writing award-winning poetry to playing singles on the tennis team. On the intellectual side, Lee won merit status each grad- ing period with his straight Ks. besides being active in dramatics. public-speaking. and chorus. Lee was elected President of the Beta Club and Na- tional Honor Society. and was a member oi several other honor societies. He will attend Northwestem University on a National Merit Scholarship. 3.4.4 QM... Elmhurst. Illinois Black Club "Mrs. McThing" Thespians "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Aeichlorians Chorus Musart Club "Trial by Iury" Iudy. although a quiet and serious person. has given her share of ability and cooperation to the class of '58. Her sweet disposition and willingness has been welcomed in various school clubs and activities. Iudy had parts in the two school plays revealing her like for dramatics. and she has been active in chorus ior her four years here. Iudy is planning to attend Elmhurst College. anief 90561119 Wichita. Kansas Treasurer Senior Class "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Secretary-Treasurer "M.rs. McThing" Black Club Chorus Member-at-large "Trial by Iury" Musart Club Football Maior E Club Basketball Tennis The sweet melodies coming from the chorus room could be none other than those of the voice oi Dan. New to the class this year. "less" has sent the girls' hearts a-flutter with his superb voice. On the athletic side, Dan played both football and basketball. doing equally well in both. His sudden popularity can be seen in his being elected to the position oi Senior class treasurer. Dan will keep up his fine singing at Westminster College, where he received a scholarship. oanne yogi? Ferguson. Missouri Sergeant-At-Arms Musart Club Aeichlorians Chorus Black Club "Mrs. McThing" Fun-loving. riotous. and amusing. this Missouri gal has kept the Senior girls in a perpetuous chaos of humor. With a certain delight for "loading" cigarettes. Io holds the record for the most successfully played. devilish tricks. On the rare quiet side, Io was an outstanding art student and her artistic talent was shown in many of the school's events. Io will attend the Art Institute of Chicago. a LUPQII Ce Jae Chicago, Illinois Orange Club Beta Club Maior E Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Musart Club "Trial by Iury" Masque and Gavel Chorus National Honor Society Football KID Athletic Scholarship Basketball 121 50Ci9IY Tennis Merit Status 1101 That wide, almost endless smile that seemed to stretch from ear to ear. confirmed the happy disposition of this young man. Larry, undoubtedly, was one of the well-rounded stu- dents of the class of '58. Athletically. he participated in both lootball and basketball. while still maintaining high grades, and on many occasions gaining the award of Merit Status. Larry has had his share of honors ranging from National Honor Society to Masque and Gavel. and has been a member of the chorus for four years. Larry's varied interests and self-determination will be carried to Michigan State. lllfflfl 0 Chicago, Illinois Aeichlorians "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Orange Club "Mrs. McThing" Musart Club "Trial by Iury" Thespians Homecoming Court Chorus Cheerleader Perky as a parakeet and giddy as a dancer on a tight- rope, Sue returned for her senior year after a two year absence. Her dramatic ability as seen in her performance of an "old maid," was par excellence. and her stirring chapel talk found many of the students wiping their teary eyes. Sue is always ready with a helping hand. She has contributed much of her time and effort to different class activities and school projects. Sue's goal is the University of Illinois and occupational therapy. S aff? 051' I' Chicago, Illinois National Athletic Scholarship Society "Pullman Car Hiawatha" "Mrs, McThing" Chorus Basketball C31 Tennis 131 Football Orange and Black Merit Status KID Vice-President Senior Class Black Club Maior E Club Musart Club Quill and Scroll Chess and Checker Club Beta Club Masque and Gavel National Honor Society The studious chap with the glasses has held an excep- tional record during his tour years at the Academy. Harry, an exceedingly intelligent person, qualified for several college scholarships. Besides membership in innumerable honor societies, in- cluding Beta Club, National Honor Society, and Masque and Gavel, Harry has eagerly supported the class proiects. He was active in dramatics, contributing the proper spirit to many parts, especially an efficient porter and a tempera- mental chef. Treasurer his junior year, and Vice-President of his senior year. Harry has represented his classmates well. Harry will attend Northwestern University. MA Cl fl, O 5011 Winfield, Illinois Secretary-treasurer Associate Sports Editor Orange Club O G B Secretary-treasurer Hilltop Editor Beta Club Musart Club President Radio-TV Guild National Athletic Scholarship Society Quill and Scroll Thespians National Honor Society Masque and Gavel Major E Club "Mrs, McThing" "Pullman Car Hiawatha" Homecoming King Football KID Swimming 141 Tennis Merit Status C35l Cum Laude Some people are amazing and Rick is iust that. Since he began here six years ago he has established an enviable record and one that is hard to beat. Always active and lull of school spirit, Rick has been a star football player and record-breaking swimmer, accumu- lating many, many E's in his years here. Scholastically, Rick is tops. It seems that he has a habit of getting A-filled report cards and Merit Status every grading period. Plays, honor societies, and school activities have been Rick's cup oi tea and he has always given himsell fully to all ol them. Success will go hand in hand with Rick to Swarthmore College this fall. JOAN p06lZCU'Yl5 g Major E Club President Orange Club President Musart Club Masque and Gavel Thespians National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Beta Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" West Chicago, Illinois "Trial by Iury" "Mrs. McThing" Chorus Aeichlorian King Football UD Swimming ICD Hilltop Stati Orange and Black Club Merit Status 1121 Iohn, who has attended Elgin Academy for live years, has devoted his co-operation and time to the benefit of the class on every opportunity. Athletically, Iohn won recognition in football on the all conference squad, and has been on the championship swimming team lor three years. On the academic side, Iohn has been a constant re- cipient oi Merit Status. and is a member ot National Honorary Societies. Exceptionally eilicient in the realm oi art. lohn has designed the school yearbook covers for the last two years. Wabash College will be receiving a welcome addition. iane lgarl' Evanston, Illinois Editor O 6 B Masque and Gavel National Honor Society "Pullman Car Hiawatha" "Mrs. Mc'l'hing" Homecoming Queen Merit Status Q71 Reichlorian President Thespians President Quill and Scroll President Vice-President Beta Club Black Club Musart Club One oi the most vivacious personalities of the senior class this year is certainly Diane. Four four years she has been an ardent contributor in school aliairs and committees. She has carried her share of work in school with the Presi- dency of the Aeichs in her senior year and editor of the 0 6 B. Her outstanding Thespian periormances for three years have been a delight for everyone to watch. because she can assume any role with an unimitated air that is distinc- tively Diane. This girl is smart, too, and owns a string of Honor Society pins and medallions. Diane's hopes are hitched to a star which happens to be Northern Illinois University at DeKalb. igrifclarcl Orlando, Florida Vice-President Musart Club Masque and Gavel Treasurer Aeichlorians Quill and Scroll Orange Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" National Honor Society Homecoming Court Thespians Merit Status 131 The melodious soprano rejoined the ranks in her junior year after being away for three years, and her beautiiul voice was quickly utilized. Iudy joined the chorus and assumed the lead role in an operetta at the close of her junior year. "Red" was an officer of the Musart Club this year and belonged to several honor societies. Her dramatic ability was shown in various teary. misty-eyed roles in the school plays. After spending the summer in sunny Florida, Iudy will attend Beloit College. :Scar poclriquez Caracas. Venezuela Orange Club Beta Club Football Oscar. that rare combination of amiability spiced with a spark of Spanish temper, arrived on campus two years ago. His drive and desire to improve helped him to quickly master English and win him into the hearts of all of us. On the football field Oscar's will to win eamed him a place on the Private School League All Conference Squad. He was a member of the Beta Club and eamestly sup- ported the school in all events. Oscar's plans include Northern Illinois University and possibly the diplomatic service. uid .sjagclo Navojoa. Sonora. Mexico Black Club Football Musart Club Basketball Camera Club Tennis The little man who so blithely glided down the basketball court and easily looped the ball into the basket could be none other than Luis. Aniving ior his senior year, he has proved himself quite a wit and has exhibited a real desire to learn and improve. Small in stature but high in spirit. Luis has eagerly supported all of the school athletic teams. He hopes to go to the University oi Arizona. jacL Qoclriquez Dundee. Illinois Camera Club Black Club Musart Club lack. the quietest senior, but not the least active. has been at the Academy ior four years and in that time he has become quite an avid member of the camera club and photographed some really splendid pictures. He has an eager and exploring scientific mind and has won several awards lor his work in biology and physics. lack plans to continue his scientific studies in college but he has not decided where. iane 3farcL Woodstock, Illinois Black Club Chorus Ileichlorians "Mrs. McThing" Musart Club "Pullman Car Hiawatha" "Trial By Iury" Diane's tiny. but perky smile, added a glittering touch to the senior class. Having been here only two years, Diane's popularity soon advanced and she became a most prominent senior. An eager participant in class affairs. Diane helped with dances and decorations. She assisted with the dramatic productions throughout the year by being a prompter for the many plays. Diane's future is centered about Stephens College Almgerfo Min eu0xAe! Caracas. Venezuela Black Club Track "Winde," our Spanish live-wire. could not speak much English when he came to the Academy. His ability to express himself has improved greatly over the months. A marvel in history, Humberto has a terrific capacity to memorize and remember even the most obscure dates and persons. Humberto plans to attend Northern Illinois University. First Row: McVey. True- love. Zellet. Harridge. C Olson. Oberg, N. Deeds. Second Row: Sandnes' Law- ton, Barber. Puls. Davis, M Sehnert, Moore. Third row: Wright. Kaplan, Arimand Sweazey, Gale. Clements Garrigus. Smolka. Kanter. Fourth Row: Webster. Pratt Steingraber, Deane. Mar: cus, Phillips. Casper. Wig- lama. Rickards. L QAQ unior ark! A group ol students working in the chemistry laboratory with Mr. Mead. First Row: Lutz. Furty. Ullrich Grundfest. Swenson, Birgerson. Second Row: Fine, Goodman. C. Duncan, Schuur. Brunies. Swisher. Bartholomew, Adair, White. Mas- tri. Third Row: Hanks. Gordon Ruker. Woollett. Sachs. Hausser A. Suleiman. we Olflfl 0lf'Q arid Biology. the science of lite. is explained by Mr. Grove to a group oi students. First Row: Martens, Sturdy. D. Edwards. Schetgen. Wiktor, Story. Biondi, Moews, K. Sulei- man. Second Row: Schwab, Garrison. Wasson. Dehl. Allen. Summers. Thomsen. Alven. lim Brown. Coebergh, Benson. jk? SFQJAMQ 6tlfl Ctdif A student explains a Geometry problem while Mr. Hanson and others look on. First Row: Nentus, D. Pod- zumsky, Seybold. Second Row: Karen Olson. Rogers. Bacon. Zimmerman. Kent Olson. Third Row: Casey. Brandes. Connor. Cisney. nl, ww! 8ffl M ed 4 Q gn an A variety of types of art are being studied by these students under the direc- tion of Mr. Chipmcm. First How: Borthwick. T. Gordon. B. Heider. Prussing, Keeney. Mankowski. Second How' Noble. D. Helder, Motter. Dean. Leighty Sturm. Bankard. Mrs. Brockenbrough. teacher: 1 Gift Qing Gtlnfelfl A, A... -'f""""" lm. ,SZAUJ Around the table clockwise lrom lelt: Kaplan. Grove. C. Ollayos. I. Ollayos. Melchiorre. Goggin. Toll, Wolfe. McQueen. Mrs. Hall. teacher. Seated: Park. ludy Brown. Pritchard. Sweazy. Stand- ing: I. Edwards. Grove, Iessup. The students at the Elgin Academy are very proud oi the Musart Club whose purpose is to extend interest in art and music. The majority of the student body is active in the club. The officers this year were Iill Edwards, presi- dent: Iudy Pritchard. vice-president: Iudy Brown, secretary: Lee Grove, treasurer: Diane Park, pub- licity chairman. The officers along with a few members have been compiling the Musart Club constitution. Probably the most popular and outstanding activity the club sponsored was a trip to the musical play. "My Fair Lady." Other activities in the monthly meetings were a Latin American Day, a film on the lite ot Leonardo DaVinci, a i uficwf voice recital, records on jazz, a demonstration of mosaics and silk screen printing, and a floral arrangement demonstration. Along with other projects of the club is the purchase of educational material for the Art and Music departments. These gifts were pur- chases irom money taken from the club dues. They included two books, one on Iapanese prints and another on American Painting fpublished by Life magazinel, record albums, "Life" iilm- strips, a subscription to "High Fidelity Maga- zine," and subscription to a guide to hi-fi music on FM radio station WFMT. Its outstanding gilt of the year was the original wood engraving by Georges Rouault. Four students examine an etching by Georges Rouault. lcridfmad rogram SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 One of the many Christmas decorations to be found around the campus. Cast of HPULLMAN CAR HIAWATHAU Seated. Hurtel. Grove. Iessup. Park. Pritchard. Sweazey, H. Olson. I. Podzamsky. Burcham. N. Deeds. Standing First Row: Lehr. Harridge. Chipman. K. Olson, Kaye. Grove, I. Edwards. Graebner, Lawton. McVey. I. Brown. Emery, Grabowski. Mr. Chipman. Standing Second Row: Clements. Brandes. Zellet. Davis. Puls. Klee. Marcus. Dieringer. Casper. D. Deeds. THE ELGIN ACADEMY CHOIR Audience. First Row: Zellet, C. Duncan, N. Deeds, Biondi. D. Edwards. Emery. Swenson. Second Row: Graebner, M. Sehnert, Foreman, Story, Ullrich, Stark. Martin, Adair. Swisher. Brown. Third Row: White. Harridge. Sturdy, Birgerson, Truelove. Schuur, Barber. Iury. First Row: Podzamsky. Brown. Grabowski, Steingraber. Marcus, Hanks. Second Row: Gale. Iobslry. Burcham. Deane, Wiglama. Center: I. Edwards, Iessup. Klee. Goodman, Mr. Carter, Grove. Wright. Stage Manager Maiden Lady Porter An Engineer Another Engineer An Amiable Woman Middle Aged Doctor Philip Milbury Harriet Milbury An Insane Woman Her Nurse Her Attendant Grovers Corners UPULLMAN CAR HIAWATHA" by Thornton Wilder Bill Grabowski The Field E Q Ken' Olson Mariory Hurtel A Tramp . Larry Klee Harry Lehr Parkersburg, Ohio Susan Kaye Richard Olson Children Ann Chipman, Lynn Grove Iohn Podzamsky A Workman Dan Deeds Diane Park Another Workman Dale Marcus Dem Iessup The Weather Francine Zellet Lee Grove The Hours Iudy Graebner, Leslie lNLf::Vey, - ean wton Ilfsgngrlggggi The Planets Iudy Brown. Anne Emery, Melinda gurcham sharon Davis, lin Edwards Bob Sweazey The Sun Beth Puls Bruce Brandes Gabnel Foy Casper Michael Henry Dieringer Director - C. Dean Chipman Costumes: Miss Karsten, Mrs. Baker, Iudy Graebner, Susan Kaye Stage: Philip Clements Prompters: Diane Starck, Ianice Harridge GOD'S GREATEST GIFT A cantata for chorus, soli, junior choir and congregation by Iohn Dressler Directed by Richard L. Carter Alda Birgerson-mezzo-soprano ludifh Pritchard-SOPYUUO Lee Grove-tenor Dan Iessup-basso Sally Swisher-soprano Walter Wright-baritone Accompanied by Mrs. C. K. Koehne and Mr. D. F. Miller The Witch. Mrs. McThing, as portrayed by Alda Birgerson. is chased into the land ol mystery and magic by Mrs. Larue, played by Diane Park. The entire cost of the play. "Mrs. McThing" stand on the art gallery stage alter the per- ionnance. rd. Wncjhng by Mary Chase Mrs. Howard V. Larue Ill. a rich widow ,,,,,,, , Carrie, a nurse maid , Sybil. a parlor maid Evva Lewis. a iriend . Maude Lewis. a triend , Grace Lewis, a friend Nelson. a bodyguard , Boy lliowayj Chef KEllsworthl Virgil, a waiter , , Dirty Ioe, a gangster Stinker, a gangster Poison Eddie Schellenbach. chief gangster . . Mrs. Schellenbach. Eddie's mother Mimi, a little girl Policeman Mrs. McThing lUgly Witch , 1Beautilul Witch , Diane Park Melinda Burcham , Iill Edwards Susan Kaye Nancy Deeds Iudy Graebner William Grabowski Chris Connor Harry Lehr Lee Grove Dan Iessup Henry Dieringer Richard Olson Beth Puls Ann Chipman lohn Podzamsky Alda Birgerson Iean Lawton Stage Assistants: Diane Starck. ludy Graebner. Anne Emery, Phil Clements and Robert Sweazey. Stage Set: Foy Casper. assisted by Iudy Brown and Ioanne Iobslry. Costumes: Miss Ida Karsten. assisted by Anne Emery, Iudy Brown. Program Design: ldea suggested by William Grabowski and exe- cuted in the silk screen process by Iohn Podzamsky and Robert Sweazey. Director: C. Dean Chipman. Thursday, March 13, l958 5 NA S 1, ww? .1 SM. 5 F... ml, pf, qw . X Y mg ,-W H 2 x , , f-4' , . , . , 1 Q 5. 1 H K X ' x . x 1 ,. .W X Y .YW I v MW Ax xx' X IE' xxx , INK NX . Y Q ' x .. MI N 1V' V710 ig 4 M Q15 xx Wi . uf JW Q Ax, S 5. E 5 if S, 1 :ML-i ,- --if QA,-Pr" pw, .N-Q' l...f,1. Q , ..,,, .......,,,-.... w Y .M Wa .J -14 W, , Q vmwv ?'a 4 ...Q f n 5 Il ek.. s., --.-........l... -F SSW 1 3 A M M ,, M.. -ff ' N M, M .mf - , 251' ,W -xi 4153 3 1 :K Y. QM: ffm 'f ,' V' ngp.4F'1 '7'-gg.fLw "fl, L' w .,,. Nay M in 4, vi ig N YRS? R 1 . 2' - '.- , W MQQA' 'H 'EH ' ' , M 'W' Q :, -SEMA , gg, ' " ,,M'-' f -,,- 32.455 ' J 5 Vg ff 3. - I, Q Combined Choirs oi Elgin and Wheaton Sealed: Mrs. Koehne Mr. Benjamin, Birgerson fr I. Podzamsky. Westpal Stewarl. ora! jedfiuaf Elgin Academy Choir and Wheaton Academy Choir Art Gallery Theatre May 4, 1958 Conductors Accompanists Mr. Duane Beniamin-Wheaton Mrs. Constance Koehne Mr. Richard Carter-Elgin Mr. Donald Miller Sandbloom. Crapuchet- tes. Standing: Mr. Miller. I. Edwards. Mr. Carter. -S, lf? M .. QW if rr laera, alia! gy Jury U Seated. Brandes. Connor. Kent Olson. Karen Olson, Zimmerman. Rogers. D. Podzamsky. Simons. Bacon. Seybold. Casey. First Row. White. Ullrich, Brunies. Biondi. Hoffman. Schuur. Swisher. Goodman. Sturdy. Story. Adair. Wiktor. Second row, Emery. Zellet. Graebner. Hurtel. Mastri. Truelove. C. Duncan, Barber. Stark. N. Deeds. I. Edwards. Mr. Carter. Third Row: Hanks. McVey. Pritchard. Furty. Harridge. lobsky. Burcham. Birgerson. Kaye. D. Edwards. Grove. Fourth Row: Marcus. I. Podzamslry. Steingraber. Grabowski. Iessup. Schwab. Wright. Wiglama. Garrigus. Klee. Summers. Clzoir er ormanced 19 7-1958 First Methodist Church. Elgin. Illinois Elgin WOmCIIl'S Club Salem Church, Barrington, Illinois Private School Choral Festival. Wheaton. Ill. Christmas Concert and broadcast, WRMN l0i!1f Concert with Wh6Cf0H F-CUdemYf Elgin' nl- Elgin State Hospital Opera. "Trial by Iury" by Gilbert and Sullivan Barrington Womaii'5 Club Grace Methodist Church. Elgin. Illinois Commencement X 2 , X x ir ln I ""'-- WI Z? Seated: Beth Puls, Iill Edwards. Diane Park. Standing: George Brannen. Bill Grabowski. Rick Olson, Iing Webster. NNW A publication such as the school year book or the school paper demands the utmost of efficiency, hard work, and competency of its staff. This year both the Hilltop and Orange and Black staffs were composed of an excellent corps of workers. Heading the Hilltop was Richard Olson as editor, Iohn Podzamsky as assistant editor, Lee Grove as literary editor with Iill Edwards and Iudy Brown as assistants to the literary editor. A greal deal of preparation has gone into this year book and all the combined efforts of these people were successful in making this year's Hilltop one of the best. The newspaper, the Orange and Black, is another school publication. The paper con- tains a pot-pourri of items of interest to the school and its students. The editor's iob was ably filled this year by Diane Park with ling Webster as associate editor. Sports editors were Richard Olson and George Brannen. The position of business and circulation manager was filled by Iill Edwards. Beth Puls, and Bill Grabowski. Akzo Seated: Iudy Brown. Iill Edwards. Standing: Lee Grove, Rick Olson. Iohn Podzamsky. Cneafiue wfifing This year. the "creative writers" found new opportunities with the installation of the Elgin Academy Chapter of the National Beta Club. The Beta Club, a student organization, pub- lishes a monthly magazine devoted entirely to prose and poetry written by high school students throughout the nation. In addition, cash prizes are awarded to the outstanding student works. This year, many of our students' poems and short stories appeared in the various issues. Some of the outstanding ones which are re- printed here are: "Luna" by Dawna Oberg. "True Love is Many Wonderful Things" by Nancy Barber, "My Task" by Bill Grabowski, "The Weeping Willow Tree" by Iudy Pritchard. "Shattered Dreams" by Alda Birgerson, "For- get-me-not" by Nancy Lutz, "The First Snow- orum eried 1957 - 1958 December 4-Rear Admiral Donald B. Mac- Millan- "North to Greenland" Ianuary 17 - Thomas Green - "Ireland: De- light or Dilemma" February 5 -Warden Ioseph Ragen of State- ville, Illinois March 1 - Iulian Gromer - "The Mighty Amazon" i Admiral MacMillan photographed in his Arctic costume. tall" by ling Webster, and "Child of the Wind" by Lee Grove. Two students received cash prizes for out- standing work. ling Webster's "Soliloquy" and "Elegy to a Dragon" by Lee Grove were respectively third and first prize winners. Publications in the National Poetry An- thology were also the work of Elgin Academy students: some of these poems are reprinted in this section. No better thoughts or pictures can be ex- pressed than in creative writing. You alone can see the purple of the clouds, the yellow of the buttercups, the smoke of buming autumn leaves, the dazzle of new fallen snow, the hushed whispers of night amidst the swaying trees and bushes. These are the beauties of creative writing. fo Ll rdgllll O, noble dragon- thou who didst doeth Dastardly deeds-I now hath sleweth. Castles and children thou hast bumeth. Thy doom is just: fate thou hast earneth. Beast, thou wilt plaguest no more fair damsels. Thy monstrous teeth as large as clamshells Ne'er more will chompeth nor biteth nor eateth. The fight is over, and thou hath been beateth. Thou wouldst maketh fine soup for Queen Guinevere. A fine suit of armor could beset thy career. The great feudal lords would desireth thy tail To flaileth young serfs who drinketh much ale. Yet to me, these fates seemeth much too cruel: A place for a dragon is not in the gruel. Thou shalt be esteemeth. in spite of thy kith. Dissecteth and stuffeth by a taxidermith. Lee Grove, '58 SA G lfffffl mrvdllld I wish I were a mountain. So free from toil I'd be. Away from human sufferings: Hate. sin, anxiety. I'd spend each day admiring The rich, green valleys below. The sun shining down upon me Would keep my spirit aglow. I'd be showered with rain and covered With winter's pure, white snow. Spring flowers would surround me To be admired by all below. But it would be impossible For my wishes to come true: So, mortally I shall remain And watch the mountain view. Alda Birgerson, '60 Oh, Mr. Wilson, I'm so glad you could make it. When you told me over the phone that you might be detained at the office, I was afraid I'd have to drink this tea and eat all these cookies myself. Won't you have another? I made them myself, you know. I've been doing more cook- ink recently. I was so lonely when the children married and left, but I was getting used to it, and then Bob . . . Excuse me. It's just that when I look at that chair where he would sit and watch television-it's that very chair you're sitting in now, Mr. Wilson. I just can't believe he's gone. Oh, here now, Mr. Wilson, that will never do. There's plenty more tea, and l'll just fill your cup again . . . There! Now, do have another cookie, and l'll explain why I invited you over. You must be wonder- ing why I'd disturb a busy man's schedule just to serve him tea. Well, of course there was a better reason. Why, Mr. Wilson! Am I boring you that much that you can't keep your eyes open? You're uncomfortable? Would you like me to get you a pillow? No? Well, I certainly don't want you uncomfortable. Your legs feel 30AA?Uy cold and stiff? Well, l'll tell you now. You've been poisoned. I made those cookies with rat killer. Oh, don't try to talk, Mr. Wilson. Even now your throat is closing and you're finding it difficult to breathe. But before you die I want to tell you why you must. You see. you were Bob's employer. You worked him all day and far into the night, forcing him to do your work as well as his own, driving him merciless- ly. Those few nights you didn't keep him late at the office, he brought home a briefcase stuffed with paperwork. You killed my hus- band, literally working him to death, because you knew he could never get another job at his age. l'm glad to see you die, Mr. Wilson - Mr. Wilson? Oh, you're gone now. I'm glad. I was afraid you might last longer than I. You remember I ate some of the cookies, too. But I just couldn't let you see me weaken as you had watched Bob. Well, when the milkman comes tomorrow, he'll find the note I left him. and he'll call the police. There'll be so much excitement and noise around here then, I'm glad I won't notice it. But now I'm so tired .... ling Webster, '57 Ulla Shimmering, glimmering, twin whirls of lace - Two tiny silk fans and a pale ghost face. As she dips and she circles the moonlight re- veals Long swirls of purple that glide from her heels. She is royal indeed. a rare sight to behold. Her pale green gown trimmed lightly with gold. She lives but a day: to her death she is bound: She glides to the earth with a fluttering sound. So regal she lies there. serene and so soft: Perhaps you have seen her, a great Luna moth. Dawna Oberg, '58 340 .gimf Snoufa The chill wind that moonless December night had revealed that fall was tired and ready to yield to winter. Moming found the earth covered with a thick, fluffy mantle of white: the trees, once stark skeletons against the skyline, changed to glass caricatures draped with a white curtain. Around the base of the trees, where there had been brown grass the day before, were the imprints made by the squirrels' tiny feet as they scampered about searching for familiar landmarks, now buried. Already the trucks were moving slowly through the trees. leaving behind them a trail of hard coal-black cinders which contrasted sharply with the soft, formless snow on which they lay. Soon, wide-eyed children would be dashing through their houses, waking parents to help them try on last year's skates and unpack the sled. Iing Webster, '57 aaiea The daisies. Wind-swept, and moving As the clouds moved-toward infinity- Were never seen. For all who did see Saw daisies as daisies only- And they were not. Only the soldier In beaten-gray unifonn and dusty, Standing with his coarse, wooden rifle, Saw beyond. saw war. Saw the daisies serving. Blanketing, bringing rosiness to life, Protecting those honored souls Who lay beneath their hallowed roots. Lee Grove, '58 jrul? OZDOUQ ,ga Wang lfflinclerfuf Inga lt's a kiss in a park. A goodnight walk. A soft loving word. Spoken in the dark. It can be happiness supreme, It can be sunshine through rain It can be light through darkness Or comfort in pain. When you're in sorrow ln grief or remorse: Love is always there To steer you on your course. Love is trust unending And security forever. It can bring you success In what you endeavor. Love is that something One cannot soon erase And ofttimes you find You can never replace. Nancie Barber. '57 W, Sa.: To do as I am told to do, To make someone at ease, To show everlasting friendship, And have as my goal "To Please." To lead this world to bettemess, This is all I will ask: To know I've done all I can do, Then I've completed my task. Bill Grabowski, '58 0 ing: we There walked a man as blind as night- A lonely man was he. He cursed his wretched life from birth From then he could not see. He begged and cried and moaned his fate Had God forgotten him? He loathed the Lord for what He'd done. His life was bare and grim. And then one day this empty man Did feel an urge to sing, And from his mouth the notes flowed clear. God had remembered him! And now his heart is full of joy. For him the bells all ring, And people come from miles around To hear the blind man sing. George Brannen, '58 orgef- me- Wof Forget-me-not is a word of affection, When it is said to the right person in connection. What does it mean- forget-me-not - When it's said to a girl in a quiet little spot? Don't two play in this secret game? Or is only one to take part in the plot? Forget-me-not-you answer. "How can I?" The memories given to you alone - The ones you treasure and call your ovsm: These same ones no other heart can hold. He said, "Forget-me-not." You answer. "How can I?" This blissful moment must draw to an end. ' You are parting now and may never see again. The memories of joy and those of sorrows, You will hold in your heart longer than mere hour. But his last words you seem to recollect- They're saying . . . "Forget-me-not: For surely you are ne'er forgot." Nancy Lutz, '60 me lfflieloing wffow jree Down by an ever glistening stream A sorrowful sight I see Its graceful arms bent low with grief The weeping willow tree. The sky is blue: the sun rides high A lovely sight to see. But this seems to make no difference to The weeping willow tree. For years, I, too. have wept and moumed As in my dreams I'd see That peaceful, happy country home, The only home for me. And now I'm home: I'm really home And sad I'll never be. I love the house, the road, the stream And the weeping willow tree. Iudy Pritchard, '58 The tour silk screen designs used throughout the book were designed and printed by: Susan Kaye-Fine Arts, lack Wiglama-Athletics, Susan Adair-Social Life, and Iohn Podzamsky-Commencement. The cover design for this year's yearbook was made by Iohn Podzamsky. Sealed: O. Rodriguez. Phil Ryan. Sland- ing: Hanks. I. Podxamlky. 2700x661 1957 SCHEDULE xSeptember 21 -St. Mary's of Crystal Lake 14: Elgin 0 'xSepiember 28 -Harvard School of Chicago 27: Elgin 2 'xOctober 4-Francis Parker 34: Elgin U xOctober 12-Northwestem 6: Elgin 6 fHome- comingl October 28 -Glenwood School for Boys 27: Elgin 0 'Ociober 29-Chicago Latin 32: Elgin 6 ' League Games x Home Games Seated: Clements. O. Rodriguez, D. Deeds, Salido. Lehr, Miller. Hanks, Gale. Sweazey. Kaplan, Ozag. Iessup, Woollett. Standing: Coach Iacobson. Summers. Marcus. Brannen. Garrison. Arnal. Steingraber. Rick- ards. I. Podzamslcy. R. Olson. Alven. Wiglama. Klee, Wasson, Woodward. Coach Dobbert. EH", '?I.'4'--it ...,' wimming eam For the third time in three years, the Elgin Academy Swimming Team under the direction of Coach Richard Dobbert, won the Private League Championship. It was the third straight year since entering the league that Elgin went undefeated in league competition. Starting from a meager beginning with four returning lettermen, Dobbert was able to fill the holes left by eight graduating seniors and come up with a small but powerful team. The year opened with Elgin dropping a non- conference meet to Wayland Academy and the winning four straight conference matches, de- feating Francis Parker, Christian. University High, and Luther North in that order. Elgin showed their power in the Olympic style cham- pionship meet held at University High on March 6 and 7 by taking five out of ten possible firsts. The back bone of this years team was made up of the three retuming seniors, Iohn Pod- zamsky, Rick Olson, and Henry Dieringer. All three were undefeated in league competition, and they are all members of the record break- ing medley relay team. Podzamsky, a powerful swimmer, specia- lized in the back stroke. Olson, who changed from the backstroke last year, set records in butterfly and individual medley in Elgin and at University High. Dieringer. the sprinter of the team, set pool records at Elgin, Wayland, and University High in the forty yard freestyle. He also swam in the one-hundred yard and two-hundred yard freestyle events, depending on where he was needed. The fourth retuming letterman, Scott Allen, a freshman, is one of the eight boys on which Dobbert places his hopes for the future. Allen is a versatile swimmer, competing in the hundred yard backstroke, individual medley and the four man free style relay team. Another free styler, Phil Ryan. made great strides in his first year of competition on the forty and one-hundred yard free style events. In the one-hundred yard conventional breaststroke, a new event this year, two new boys, Iack Wiglama and Phil Clements, took over and turned in fine performances. Both boys picked up the points when needed and both made great progress during the year and will retum next year. In their first year of competitive diving, Bob Dehl and Bob Sweazey, did very well and both will be main stays on next year's team. Other young swimmers who were valuable to this year's team and who will be even more successful in the future are Iuniors, Bob Phillips and George Hausser: Freshmen, Lee Elsman and Kent Olson, an eighth grader. 1958 SCHEDULE Ianuary 18-Wayland Academy 56: Elgin 30 'xlanuary 30-Elgin 57: Francis Parker 28 'xFebruary 10-Elgin 63: Chicago Christian 22 'February 12-Elgin 45: University High 41 xFebruary 15-Wayland Academy 52: Elgin 33 "xFebruary 20-Elgin Academy 54M: Luther North 31M March 1-Wayland Invitational Meet March 10--Private School League Championship -at C amlaiond gain, 'lliuglik in-.N .. 'X M ,X .Mm - 'VIL M First Row: Dehl. Sweeney. Wiglamcx. Phillips. R. Olson. I. Podzamsky. Second Row: K. Olson, Clements. Allen, Huusser. Elsmon. Dieringer. Couch Dobbert. MM, gdfietgdf November 26 -Northwestem NGM Academy 58: Elgin 29 'December 6-North Shore 64: Elgin 13 x'December 7-Glenwood 58: Elgin 45 'December 10-Walther Luther 61: Elgin 26 xDecember 14-Timothy Christian 54: Elgin 36 'December 17-Luther South 72: Elgin 31 'Ianuary 10 -Francis Parker 75: Elgin 18 Ianuary 14-Illiana Christian 39: Elgin 31 'Ianuary 15-Chicago Christian 74: Elgin 31 'Ianuary 17-North Park 76: Elgin 31 'Ianuary 24--University High 77: Elgin 41 'Ianuary 25-Luther North 93: Elgin 28 xFebruary 1 - Northwestem N6-M Academy 55: Elgin 33 'February 'February February Elgin x'February 'February xFebruary x Home Games -1.1, 4 -Harvard 66: Elgin 29 7-Wheaton 70: Elgin 27 -Timothy Christian 48: - Glenwood 61: Elgin 47 - Elgin 62: llliana Christian 57 ' League Games 1 1 32 14 - Chicago Latin 80: Elgin 53 15 19 First low: Klee, Summers Schwab Second Row: Suleiman. Steingraber Alven Garrison Wasson. First Row: Salido, Hanks. Duncan. Marcus. Lehr. Second Row: Bertram, Rickards Ruker Garrigus. Brannon. Ieslup. Coach Iacobson. 3133 J 4 The tennis team of 1958. under the guid- ance of Coach Orsbom, completed their best season in sixteen years this year winding up with an 11 and 3 record to give them a .786 percentage. The team. built around live retuming lettermen. took third in Private School League competition with a .779 percentage. Bruce Kantor. last year's Number one singles man. again filled the big position ably. Peter Coebergh. a freshman. and Lee Grove tumed in excellent performances at second and third singles respectively. with Lee winning eleven straight matches. Number one doubles was taken over by two experienced seniors. Harry Lehr and George Brannen. This pair not only tumed in an excellent season record but linished third in the Private School Toumament. Ed Gordon and Paul Rickards won the second doubles spot and were instrumental in the team's success. Others who saw service were Bob Ruker. Ed Duncan. and Luis Salido. In summing up the season. Coach Orsborn said: "Best in sixteen years." enn id SCHEDULE Mon. Apr. 7-at Francis Parker Wed. Apr. 16 - Luther North Sat. Apr. 19 - Northwestem Mon. Apr. 21 Wed. Apr. 23 - Harvard - Luther South Sat. Apr. 26-St. Iohn's Mon. Apr. 28 Wed. Apr. 30 Sat. May 3- -at University High - Chicago Latin at St. Iohn's Mon. May 5-Chicago Christian Wed. May 7-at North Park Sat. May 10-at Northwestem Mon. May 12 - North Shore Sat. May 17-Lake Forest Fri. and Sat. May 23 and 24 -Private School League Toumam In Action: Coebergh. Kantor. Lehr, Brannen. Standing: Coach Orsbom. Gordon, Rickords. Ruker, Klee. Sitting: Grove. Summers. Iessup. Wright. Absent: Solido. Dun- can. ' A ent Won Lost 2-3 5-0 3-2 3-0 4-0 4-1 3-2 3-2 3-2 6-1 5-0 4-1 2-1 3-2 11 3 Kneeling or Seated: Coach Iacobson, Kaplan. Windevoxhel, Sweazey. Gale, Sachs, Schwab, A. Suleiman. Standing: Arimand. Steingraber. Garrigus, Hanks, Phillips. Wiglamu. Alven. Woollett. Throwing the shot: Marcus. TRACK TEAM CHEERLEADERS Down from the Top: Zellet. Puls, McVey N. Deeds, Kaye I. Edwards GOLF TEAM First Row: Garrison, Connor, D. Deeds. Second How: Mr. Koehne, Casey. Wasson. Thom- sen. Swinging: Prali. H., pa S, 4, 2549 A 2 , il? REI? P4 li Zi I Iessup. Brannen, D. Deeds ELCA CM R. Olson. I. Podzamsky. Dieringer. The Orange and Black Clubs promote intra- mural competition for all in the student body. This competition this year has, as always, created a great deal of enthusiasm among the student body. The officers for these organizations are elected in the fall and then the competition begins. These clubs not only compete in sports but scholastic events as well. The season be- gins with the traditional "tug of war." From then until Iune it is a battle to the end. They engage in events such as: football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, bowling, table tennis, softball, track, tennis, spelling bees. laiowledge quizzes, checkers, chess, golf, cribbage, and Merit Status. This year's winner was the Black Club. This year the officers of the Orange Club were Iohn Podzamsky. president: Henry Dier- inger, vice-president: and Rick Olson, sec- retary-treasurer. Mr. Orsbom and Mr. Spauld- ing acted as sponsors. Officers of the Black Club were Dan Deeds, president: George Brannen, vice-president: Dan Iessup, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Hanson and Mr. Mead acted as sponsors for this club. Pang? In .g,.. . 355361 Q" .Z 551 Q 4 4 xx ' S225 W?-egx 4 ,gr f,,. ,. .' ,U H -M? Zssilfiii' N: wife www K 7 Qs:jY5S5v-gsffeziz ' ' 5 New was www, QSQWSQ .,. ,M D. -me gsm Q fs H. 51 4 51:5123- A f W es. link NL N. n Qs , S52 36 W Q 1 " Y SP ,A NW u 'K Q Mx, 555, ,is cl LQ omecoming g 195 7 One of the memorable highlights of the school year is Homecoming. It is a nostalgic time of the year for those seniors of the previous classes who retum to visit the campus, and it is a busy time for the seniors of the present academic year. This Homecoming, as all, took a great deal of plan- ning and preparation. Many separate iobs needed special attention. There was the game, Home- coming tea, and most exciting of all, the Home- coming Dance. The class of '58 worked hard and well to tum out an outstanding Homecoming weekend. The football team after weeks of earnest and constant practice did more than a commendable iob on the playing field, tying with Northwestem Military Academy. Who could for- get the frantic, excited cheers of our school that day! No one has heard such enthusiasm for several years. After the game, the Homecoming tea, presented by the Aeichlorians was held in Sears Hall. This was the prelude to the long awaited event that climaxed the big weekend, the Homecoming Dance. The theme became the topic of discussion at many a committee meeting early in the year. Finally "Moonlight Magic" was chosen and with hard work the theme was transformed into a brilliant and successful dance. It was highlighted by the customary crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen who, this year, were Richard Olson and Diane Park. Before we lmew it, that festive Saturday night had drawn to a close thus leaving all the activities of the day before to the oblivion of the past. The mem- ories of this exciting period of the school year will be long remembered by the seniors and school for years to come. "Victoryl Victory! That's our cry!" Among the men at Elgin Academy one of the most honored club memberships is that of the Major E Club. The club is composed of athletes who have won one or more maior letters by participating in varsity sports. The main purpose of the club is to further athletics at Elgin Academy and to support and enhance our social life. The big event for the club is the semi-formal Maior E Dance. This dance is put on by the members. The offices of the club are President, Vice Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer and sergeant-at-arms with Iohn Podzamsky. Bruce Kantor. Phil Ryan and George Brannen holding the offices, respectively. eic Arianri Miss Stevens. Iobsky, Pritchard. Park, Iudy Brown, I. Edwards. One of the first clubs to organize in the fall is the Aeichlorian Society. This year they chose as their officers: Diane Park, Iudith Brown. Iill Edwards. Iudith Pritchard and Ioanne Iobsky, as President, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arms. Nancy Deeds, Alda Birgerson, Debby Edwards and Karen Olson were chosen as class representatives. These representatives with the officers make up the board. Each year, the Aeichlorians have a busy schedule, this year being no exception. To begin with they sponsored a welcoming tea for all new girls, the Homecoming tea. a formal dance. and assisted the Mother's Club with the annual rummage sale. In addition to this and other activities, the Aeichs put on a fashion show for the Mother's Club in lanuary. 6Lg0I" Seated. First Row: Sweazey. Gale, Deane. D. Deeds, Klee Wiglama, Woollett. Seated. Sec- ond Row: Kantor, Gordon, Allen Garrison, H. Olson, Dieringer Standing, First How: Steingraber E. Duncan. Rickards, Lehr, Iessup, Brannen. Group to Left: Hanks, I. Podzamsky, Marcus, Garrigus, Alven. Wright, Grove. QM CAL Seated: Lehr. Sachs, Benson, Seybold. Standing: Casey, Garrison. Steingru- ber, D. Deeds. 6ll'l'l8l"6L Seated: Swisher, Lawton, Oberg, Davis, Coebergh, Sachs, Mr. Thompson, D. Deeds Standing: Smolka, Thomsen. Gordon, Woollett, Fine, Schuur, White, Rickards. I. Rodriquez, Salido. Kantor. Diane Park crowns Iohn Pod- zamsky Aeichlorian King. The senior girls entertain dur- ing the intemiission by singing "You've Gotta Have Heart." eicAArian ance The Aeichlorian Society sponsored its annual formal dance on Saturday, February 15 at Sears Hall. An evening of dancing was spent around the theme "Hearts' Holiday." The music of Vern Perry was played amid the decor and spirit of St. Valentine's Day. Hearts and cupids decorated with glitter illuminated the dance floor and lent a dreamy atmosphere. A skit and song were presented during the intermission by the senior girls. The song was appropriately entitled "You've Gotta Have Heart" and the skit depicted couples to be attending the next year's Aeich Dance. The intermission was concluded by the Coronation of Iohn Podzamsky as King by the Aeichlorian Society president, Diane Park. Next on hand was the serving of colorful and tasty punch and tea-cakes in the common lounge. After this, dancing resumed until the magic hour ol midnight arrived. Thus the evening of "hearts" came to a close. unior rom The highpoint of the spring season was the Iunior Prom, held this year in the Art Gallery on Saturday. May 24th. The theme of this year's dance, "Sayonara," was elaborately and festively carried out in the unique, oriental decorations. When guests began arriving at 8:45, they entered the building through one of the side doors to take full advantage of the unusual oriental decor. The octagon was magically transformed into a Iapanese garden with grass. profuse shrubbery. feathery ferns, five pools filled of water and live goldfish, and shimmering lights to enhance the beauty. Over the largest of these pools a bamboo bridge was constructed, and the guests traversed the bridge across the Iapanese garden to the dance floor. The walls of the main room in the art gallery were covered with red and black panels painted in gold oriental symbols. The stage. converted into a Iapanese pagoda, housed an orange Buddha with dishes of smoking incense. In front, on a glass-covered bamboo table, rested an authentic Iapanese figurine. At this table refreshments were served during the intermission. Excellent music was provided by Bob Sleeper's dance band. a five piece organization from Skokie, which included an electric guitar, a bass. a piano, a trumpet, and drums. About eleven o'clock. during the intermission. re- freshments were served and the senior class will and prophecy were read. At midnight, to the strains of "Sayonara," the Iunior Prom made history. It will be remembered for a long time by both the seniors and the rest of the school. An original feature of this year's prom was the post-prom party for upperclassmen. To help speed clearing of the decorations. any iunior or senior willing to help could change into old clothes and "pitch in." When most of the trimmings were removed. a radio was turned on, popcorn was prepared, and the re- maining punch and ginger ale were brought out. This informal party lasted until one-thirty as the last couples strayed out of the Art Gallery. Two couples pose near the pools in the oriental garden which was the talk of the Prom. -.VZ-',,:iA -ga, A group ot students gather around the relreshment table as Mrs. Koehne and Mrs. Grove serve. 'ST A group of juniors at work on the beau- tilul and enchanting oriental garden Nancy Deeds. the iunior class presi- dent. and Lee Grove. her escort, pause in the oriental garden. l Li .l A 4 .4 1 1 ' lil 70 G! C0l'l'lI'l'L8lflC8Iflfl8l'lt On May Zlst it began, the last two mad weeks before commencement and all the fun and tears which a graduating senior never forgets. The senior holiday was first. A bus was chartered and the class went to White Pines State Park in spite of the threat of rain. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and everyone had a wonderful time sliding down steep hills and falling into the creek. The following Saturday evening. the Iunior Prom was held in the art gallery in honor of the seniors. Everything turned out perfectly. The night was beau- tiful and the decorations carrying out the theme of "Sayonara" were breath taking, and the music pro- vided by Bob Sleeper and his band was smooth and dreamy. The class will and prophecy were as amusing as always. In short it was one of the best dances anyone could remember. The seniors chose the First Methodist Church for their Baccalaureate service this year. It was held on Iune l, and the sermon was delivered by Carleton C. Rogers "On Shaping The Future." In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Brett gave a farewell supper for the seniors at the Elgin Country Club. They all returned to the Brett's home for games, refreshments. and a grab- bag of hilarious gifts. It was an evening some of them will never forget. The Elgin Academy chapter of Cum Laude gave its annual banquet honoring new initiates of the senior class. Those who were honored were George Brannen. Ioseph Dow. Iames Grove. William Grabow- ski, and Richard Olson. The banquet was held at the Milk Pail. and Mr. George P. Edwards, president, was host. The commencement program was divided into two parts: first. the honors assembly held on Friday after- noon, lune 6: and second. the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. Iune 7. Members of the faculty presented the awards and honors on the Friday pro- gram. On Saturday the weather was perfect and the graduation exercises were held on the lawn in front of "Old Main." The main speaker of the program was the Reverend Hugh Shelby Lee. and his message was both inspiring and provocative. Certain awards were reserved until graduation day and were awarded by Mr. Brett. the headmaster. The Ora L. Pelton III award was won by Richard Olson: the Mother-Daughter award, by Diane Park: the Head- master's Academic award, by Iames Grove: and the Arthur F. Lieberman award, by Iill Edwards. The Valedictorian of the class was Iames Grove, and the Salutatorian was Richard Olson. The first ranking student in each class was also honored. They were as follows: Iames Grove, senior, Nancy Deeds and Phil Clements. juniors, Alda Birger- son, sophomore, Dorothy Schetgen. freshman, Scott Cisney, eighth grade, and lohn Seybold, seventh grade. The exercises concluded with the awarding of the diplomas and the singing of the Academy Hymn. Richard Olson, Diane Park, Iames Grove. and Iill Edwards. top award winners at graduation. SW! Bessie Zimmerman Nina Baker Ruth Levine Housemothers Gertrude Webber. R.N. Nurse. Housemother Iva Ogden Housemother llda Davis Financial Secretary Dorothy Nolan Secretary Ida Karsten Secretary Richard Dobbert Swimming Coach N a O' 6 Della Pillinger Secretary Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schultz Maintenance and Dietitian D . NX luis Ni it by Dana Deeds. president ol the class of 1958. delivers the welcoming address. gjraclua ion ag, une , 79 8 ' A view of the processional in front ol "Old Main." Two seniors pose before the ar! gallery door before graduation. 35.5 First How: I. Edwards, Grove, R. Olson, Gra- bowski. Park. Second Row: Pritchard, Puls. D Edwards. Schetgen, I. Brown, Burcham, Birger- son, Barber, N. Deeds. Third Row: I. Podzamsky. D. Deeds, Hanks, Lehr. Webster, Klee, Gordon Brannen, Mr. Fetherlin. T First Row: K. Olson. Wiktor. Biondi, Seybold. Moews, D. Podzamsky, Nentas. Second Row: K. Olson, Furty. Lutz. Ullrich, Kaye, McVey, Swisher, Oberg. Graehner. Gisney. Third Row: Adair, Schwab, Wright. Sweazey, Caebergh. Smolka, Clements. Emerv. E i i s 1-4. i U1 uw' mu., . ,g9:.-gg,.,- ,i AWARDS IN TI-IE NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETIES Achievements Live in Deeds not Years E.A.3 The three with the most awards: R. Olson. W. Grabowski. L. Grove. CUM LAUDE U25 Award I-Upper academic iiith of graduates: George Brannen. Ioseph Dow. William Gra- bowski. Iames Grove. Richard Olson. Award II-Salutatorian: Richard Olson. Award III-Valedictorian: lames Grove. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ill. 123 L. Grove. Pres. I-l yr. B+ avg. with leadership: I2--I. Brown. M. Burcham. I. Dow. D. Park: ll-P. Cle- ments. N. Deeds. M. Webster. II-2 yrs: I2-G. Brannen. D. Deeds. L. Grove. H. Lehr. I. Pritchard. III-3 yrs: 12-W. Grabowski. I.. Klee. R. Olson. NATIONAL IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY I7-lOl A. Birgerson. Pres. I-l yr. B+ avg: I0--D. Furty. M. Hanks: 9-K. Biondi. P. Coebergh. R. Thomsen. M. Wilrtor: 8-K. Nentas, Karen Olson. D. Podzamsky: 7-I. Seybold: Ex: ll-N. Deeds. M. Webster. M. Wright. II-2 yrs: I0-S. Adair. A. Birgerson. E. Gordon: B--S. Cisney. Kent Olson. III-3 yrs: 9-D. Edwards. D. Schetgen. Ex: IZ-W. Grabowski. R. Olson. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP Ill. l2l G. Brannen. Pres. I-3 sem. C+. 2 maior E's: I2-L. Grove. L. Klee: ll-M. Hanks. R. Sweazey. Il-5 E's: R. Olson. I. Podzamsky. III-5 E's-3 as Sr: G. Brannen. H. Lehr. NATIONAL BETA CLUB I9-123 I.. Grove. Pres. I Ducamus aliis serviendo: I2-G. Brannen. I. Brown. M. Burcham. I. Dow. A. Emery. H. Lehr. D. Park. I. Podzamsky. I. Pritchard. O. Rodriguez: ll-N. Barber. D. Oberg. G. Smolka. R. Sweazey. M. Wright: I0-D. Furty. E. Gordon. N. Lutz. S. Swisher. K. Ullrich: 9-P. Coebergh. M. Wiktor. 2 sem. service: ll-I. Lawton. L. McVey: 9-D. Edwards. B. Boews. II-3 sem. service: IZ-D. Deeds. L. Klee: ll-N. Deeds. B. Puls. M. Webster: I0-A. Birger- son. M. Hanks: 9-K. Biondi. D. Schetgen. R. Thomsen. III-5 sem. service: 12-I. Edwards. W. Grabowski. L. Grove. R. Olson. National Merit Award: 12-W. Grabowslri, L. Grove. NATIONAL MASQUE 6 GAVEL SOCIETY U0-121 W. Grabowski, Pres. I-Exceptional speeches: l2-A. Emery. D. Park. I. Pritchard: ll-N. Barber: 10-S. Swisher. II-Chapter Star: 12-G. Brannen. I. Brown. D. Deeds. I. Edwards. L. Grove. L. Klee, H. Lehr. I. Podzamsky: ll-N. Deeds. B. Puls. M. Webster: I0-A. Birgerson. III-National Star: IZ-R. Olson: Senior Award: 12-W. Grabowski. R. Olson. INTERNATIONAL QUILL AND SCROLL ill. 123 D. Park. Pres. I-Exceptional Staff or Creative writing: I2-G. Brannen. H. Lehr. R. Olson. D. Park. I. Pritchard: ll-N. Barber. II-Both: 12-W. Grabowski: ll-M. Webster. III-Both 2 yrs: I2-L. Grove. Quill and Scroll National Creative Writing Pin: L. Grove. NATIONAL RADIO-TV GUILD Q10-121 R. Olson. Pres. I-WRMN and WBEZ: 12-W. Grabowski: 10-A. Birgerson. II Winner: I2-R. Olson. NATIONAL THESPIANS U0-121 D. Park. Pres. I-Ten points exceptional drama: I2-I. Brown.. M. Burcham. W. Grabowski. I. Graebner. I. Podzamsky. I. Pritchard. ll-N. Deeds. B. Puls. II-20-39 points: 12-I. Edwards. L. Grove. S. Kaye. III-Best Thespian. also National Star: 12-R. Olson. D. Park. jiudenf 1505 fer Adair. Susan Allen, Howard Scott Alven, Wesley Arimand. Farouk Bacon, Mary "Betsy" Barber. Nancy Bartholomew, Lynn Benson. David Biondi, Karen Birgerson, Alda Brandes. Bruce Brannen, George Brown, Iames Brown. Iudith Brunies. Susan Burcham, Melinda Casey, Iames Casper, Foy Cisney, Scott Clements. Philip Coebergh. Peter Connor, Christopher Davis, Sharon Deane. Thomas Deeds. Dana Deeds, Nancy Dehl, Robert Dieringer, Henry W., Ir. Dow, Ioseph Duncan, I. Claire Duncan, Wm. Edward Edwards. Deborah Edwards, Iill Elsman. Lee Emery, Anne Fine, Ruth Foreman, Avren Furty, Diana Gale, David Garrigus, Lewis Garrison, William Goodman, Opal Gordon, Edward Grabowski. William Graebner. Iudith Grove. Iames "Lee" Grundtest, Marilyn Hanks. Mark I-larridge. Ianice Hausser, George Iessup, Daniel Iobsky, Ioanne Kantor, Bruce Kaplan, Herbert Kaye, Susan Klee, Lawrence Lawton, lean Lehr, Harry Lutz, Nancy Marcus, Dale Martens, Catherine McVey, Leslie Moews. Bettina Moore. Barbara Nentas, Katena Oberg. Dawna Olson, Claryssa Apartado 893, Caracas, Venezuela 814 Boal Parkway, Winnetka, Illinois 140 Springcrest Drive, Akron, Ohio P.O. Box 774. Tehran, Iran 5858 North Main Street, Sylvania. Ohio 33 Country Club Drive. Olympia Fields. Illinois 1801 Sherwood Drive, Beloit. Wisconsin Meadow Knoll Farm. Dundee. Illinois 3431 Elaine Place. Chicago. Illinois Granville, Illinois 504 Washington Street, Dundee, Illinois 511 Fargo Blvd.. Geneva. Illinois 400 Main Street, Bartlett. Illinois 400 Main Street, Bartlett. Illinois 2240 Himrod Street, Brooklyn. New York 138 Glen Park Avenue, Gary. Indiana 254 Black Springs Circle, Iowa City, Iowa Route 1, Box 32, London Bridge. Virginia' 930 Glencoe Road, Glencoe, Illinois 1206 Sinton Avenue, Lafayette. Indiana. 709 Hillside Avenue, Glen Ellyn. Illinois 500 Willis Street, Elgin, Illinois 478 Hampshire Avenue, Elmhurst, Illinois 1728 Breton Road. S. E., International Petroleum Intemational Petroleum Grand Rapids, Michigan Co., Bogota, Colombia, S. Co.. Bogota. Colombia, S. 2451 Hawthorne Road, Homewood. Illinois Hawley Woods. Barrington. Illinois Avenue Obregon 54, Navaioa, Sonora, Mexico 2006 Harrison Street. Evanston, Illinois 11 Norbloom Street, Bloomington. Illinois Crane Road, St. Charles, Illinois Crane Road. St. Charles, Illinois 438-9th Street. St. Charles. Illinois Rockhill Fann, Woodstock. Illinois 350 Moraine Road. Highland Park, Illinois 18655 Parkside Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 520 E. Prairie Avenue. Wheaton, Illinois 621 S. Kenilworth Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 5167 N. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis. Indiana 515-llth Street, Baraboo. Wisconsin 21 Swan Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 1199 Hiawatha Drive, Elgin, Illinois 482 North Worth Avenue, Elgin, Illinois B28 Chatham Road. Elmhurst, Illinois 214 Academy Place, Elgin, Illinois Rolling Fork, Mississippi 1621 E. Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, Illinois 855 Hinman Avenue. Evanston. Illinois 409 Warren Street. Marietta, Ohio 929 Woodrow Street, Wichita 3, Kansas 624 Plantmore Drive, Ferguson, Missouri 1010 N. Kenilworth Ave.. Oak Park, Illinois 8049 N. Bernard Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 6436 N. Damen Avenue. Chicago 2920 Commonwealth Avenue. Chicago 14. Illinois 411 Park Avenue. West Princeton. Illinois 5442 North Kenmore Avenue. Chicago. Illinois 3238 North Oak Park Avenue. Chicago 34, Illinois 1401 Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, Illinois South Elgin, Illinois 166 N. McLean Blvd.. Elgin, Illinois Granville, Illinois 5617 Worchester Avenue, Chicago 37. Illinois Route l, Box 350. Roselle, Illinois S59 Wright Street. Elgin. Illinois 219 S. Third Street. Dundee. Illinois A A Olson, Kent Olson. Karen Olson, Richard Park, Diane Phillips. Robert Podzamsky. Dareen Podzamsky, Iohn Pratt, William Pritchard, Iudith Puls. Beth . Rickards, Paul Rodriguez. Oscar Rodriguez. lack Rogers. Christine Ruker. Robert Ryan, Philip Sachs. Guy Salido. Luis Sandnes, Barbara Schetgen. Dorothy Schuur, Linda Schwab, Michael Sehnert, Mary Sehnert, Susan Seybold, Iohn Smolka. George Snow. Iellrey Starck, Diane Steingraber. C. Douglas Story. Iill Sturdy. Lynn Suleiman, Anwer Suleiman, Katie Summers, Iohn Sweazey, Robert Swenson, Suzanne Swisher. Sally Thomsen, Robert Truelove. Vie Ullrich, Katharine Wasson. Calvin Webster. Murray White. ludith Wiglama, lack Wiktor. Marcia Windevoxhel. Humberto Woollett. William Wright. Walter "Mike" Zellet. Francine Zimmerman, Dorothy Bankard. Heather Borthwick, Thomas Dean. Douglas Gordon, Ted Heider. Barbara Heider. Donald Keeney, Patty Sue Leighty, Glen William Mankowski, Ricky Motter, Thomas Noble. Charles Prussing. Nina Sturm, Elizabeth Beecher Road, Winfield. Illinois Beecher Road. Winfield. Illinois Beecher Road. Winlield. Illinois 2519 Thayer Street. Evanston. Illinois 5600 S. Kenwood Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 145 West Washington St.. West Chicago. Illinois 145 West Washington St.. West Chicago. Illinois 1206 Oneida Street. Ioliet, Illinois 1355 Spring Lake Drive. Orlando. Florida R. :HIL Box 132. Lily Road. Menomonee F alls. Wisconsin 6712 Arthur Avenue. St. Louis, Missouri San Benito, Santa Monica. Caracas. Venezuela, S.A. Lakewood Estates. Dundee, Illinois 1705 W. Roosevelt Road. Wheaton. Illinois 725 Summit Street, Barrington. Illinois 545 E. Chicago Street. Elgin. Illinois 1S02I Woodland Drive. Elmhurst, Illinois Apartado 115. Navoioa. Sonora, Mexico 2518 Benard Avenue. Chicago. Illinois Box 236. Geneva. Indiana 870 Washington Road. Grosse Pointe 30. Michigan 2930 Sheridan Road. Chicago 14, Illinois 109 Otis Road. Barrington, Illinois 109 Otis Road. Barrington, Illinois 5727 N. Kimball Avenue, Chicago 45. Illinois 3122 W. Belle Plaine Avenue. Chicago 18, Illinois 903 S. Main Street, Wheaton. Illinois Arrowwood Farm, Woodstock. Illinois 314 Drury Lane, South. Arlington Heights, Illinois 2371 Wil1owBrook Road. Bridgeville. Pennsylvania Route 3. Woodstock, Illinois Box 22. Basra, Iraq Box 22. Basra. Iraq 7110 South Constance St.. Chicago, Illinois Route 1, Box l. Cary, Illinois 1021 N. Main Street. Wheaton, Illinois 345 W. Ioe Orr Road. Chicago Heights, Illinois 1048 W. l03rd Street, Chicago 43. Illinois 2209 West Sth Avenue, Gary, Indiana 1408 South 4th Street. St. Charles, Illinois 7240 West 107th Street. Worth. Illinois R. :fi2, Box 321. Barrington. Illinois Route ijrl, Warrensburg. Illinois 2301 West 5th, Gary, Indiana 44 N. Pine Avenue, Chicago. Illinois Parroquia San Iose, Caracas, Venezuela, S.A. 2226 Chestnut Avenue. Wilmette. Illinois R. lil. Box 191, Garland. Texas 814 Spruce Street, Deerfield. Illinois R. AH. Colchester, Illinois LOWER SCHOOL 946 North Spring Street, Elgin. Illinois Box 178. Schaumburg Road, Roselle, Illinois 143 Conde Street, West Chicago. Illinois 1199 Hiawatha Drive, Elgin. Illinois 403 N. Commonwealth Avenue, Elgin, Illinois 403 N. Commonwealth Avenue, Elgin. Illinois 405 Orange Street. Elgin, Illinois Hampshire. Illinois Airport Farm. P. O. Box 461, St. Charles, Illinois 99 Brinker Road, Barrington. Illinois Bateman Road, Barrington, Illinois 374 Dwight Street, Elgin. Illinois 277 Grace Avenue. Elmhurst. Illinois. patlvflif and Mrs. B. A. Brannen Iames B. Burcham Mrs. Harry Blide Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. I. R. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Iames L. Casey and Mrs. Iack Davis DeLancey and Mrs. George and Mrs. Fred O. P. Edwards Gale Iennie Getzelman A. Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. William Albert Iordi M. Kantor Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mrs. Bert S. Klee Fred Lamp Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Watson F. Lawton Milton Oberg Richard O. Olson Iohn Podzamsky G. Earl Pritchard Tom Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Seybold Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Sturdy The stall ot the 1958 Hilltop gratefully acknowledges the assistance ol those who have helped make this publication possible. For the many photographs on these pages: Mr. Warren Aiken, the Elgin Courier- News. and the Camera Club under the direction ol Mr. Thompson. For assistance in locating information: Mrs. Della Pillinger. For the printing ol the book: Mr. Kraebber and the Kraebber Printing Company. Elgin, Illinois. Confridu ford V. B. Neiswanger McGraw Electric Company Elgin Water Conditioners Rockriver Lumber Company Lindsay Chemical Company First National Bank of Elgin Ioseph Spiess Company Rovelstad Brothers Heider Electric Supply Moewes Seed Company Elgin Loan and Homestead Association Horace Motors Elgin National Watch Company Milbrandt Drug Store George's Clothes Shop The Boutique Aikin Studio Thie1's Drug Store Bud Knott and Sons Photo Supply Ludwig Milk Company Kramer's Drive-in Barnett's Apparel North End Cleaners Wentworth's Men's Shop S. W. Beck Company Mosiman's Office Stationers Sportsman's Lodge Ackemanrfs Department Store McDonald's Drive-in Bazos Bros. Cleaners Goggin Drugs Brenner's Men's Shop Reper Bros. my x - e "N, If ,fy . QC.. K N N if 1, ,' A .- rm A , ,. .. x 'W , E 1 l fn' ' ' 5 ' N-H ous, ali Spzi g I - , , 4 y x , X-R 4 4,..1, , :.x if at - QQ-'-"1 'N f A . , sf .:.:.: ., X 1 A , , .. M1 ,W AS uv 2 R as an "" J? ,ll J. " M Sf. i . -:".:, U -249' A M b '-'-"-'M 3 I? 5 gi D Q. 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