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ELG! ACADEMY '7-55?.r-1 I 6 'diff -hz Q V ln! , 57 HILLT P We, the Senior Clcxss of 1957, of the Elgin Academy dedicate this edition of the Hilltop to the memory of the lcxte Wilbur L. Ogden. The Senior Class of I957 The frrst day back on campus after a long va canon 1S always an excrtmg one especrally for semors and lt seems th1s year s f1rst day at E A was no exceptron The new students met w1th the old and 1n no t1me flat eleryone was mto the swlng of thmgs In the course of th1s years actrv1t1es many thmgs happened whrch w1ll not be easrly for gotten by the members of the semor class Some were b1g events some small but all can be con s1dered rmportant Early October brought the Aerchlonan 1n1t1 atxon How could we forget the amus1ng ex pressrons on the faces of the Aerch ofhcers and the frrghtened expressrons on those of the 1n1t1 ales? Also 1n October was the Horneromrng Dance Mouhn Rouge presented by the sen1or class whrch IS always looked forward to not only by them but by the rest of the school as well As the homecommg royalty was an nounced Claudlas happy tears Marks ear o ear grm and Vonn1es 1ub1lant expressron all helped the even1ng to be a success Senror chapel talks football games pep ses srons and freld trrps made the fxrst semester l1t erally fly by and soon 1t was t1me for term exams whlch brought the usual crammrng By th1s t1me sen1ors could be heard saymg Four more months and we re out' Lrttle d1d they know just how fast those months would go' The Aerchlorxan Dance One Touch of Venus w1ll certarnly hold memorres for many of us par t1cularly for the Cottage Cut1es Remember that skrt you put on g11'lS7 Of course no one w1ll forget Vonnre s crown1ng Hugh1e Ae1ch k1ng Then there was Sen1or V1s1tat1on Day when all semors from the Elgln Dundee Area v1s1ted van ous busrnesses The w1nn1ng of the P S L swrm mrng champronshrp the extra day granted to the semors by the Honor Day system the sen1or play Trrfles sen1or holrday at Whlte Plnes State Park the Headmasters Supper and the last srx weeks sen1or tables all kept remmdmg the members of the class of 57 that commence ment t1me was approachmg Soon rt was t1me for the Iumor Prom appro prrately entltled lamaxcan Farewell and all the wonderful happy nostalg1c thmgs that go w1th 1t None of us w1ll ever forget th1s our last E A dance The next mornmg the beautrful and 1n spmng Baccalaureate serv1ce was held at the Method1st Church wlth our own cholr partxcx pat1ng After f1nal exams came the awaras cere mony and fmally Commencement the most wonderful event of all A t1me for 1oy ct trme for tears a t1me we ll treasure through the years well remember always Graduat1on Day Senior Class Offlcers Hoy Becker Presmdent Vonnell Mastn Vxce Pres Paul Gush1ken Secretary Phylhs Rogers Treasurer MX? 'ws Roy Anderson Elgm I111no1s Football Black Club Vxce Presxdent Track Mcnor E Club Roy better known to all as Randy Bear was one of our ever popular day students this year He was charactenzed by a sparklmg wrt whxch often kept the seruor grrls m hystencs To be noted especxally were hrs cartoons whxch decorated the blackboards of the fourth penod Enghsh class Another of Randy's personalxty traxts was hrs deep mterest xn automobxles He was about the most learned auto mechanic that the Academy had this year' Randy's plans for the future mclude attendmg Purdue Umversxty and studymg enqmeenng Best of luck to the best ot the "Bears" m any and all of your endeavors"! I A N, . ,X W Q, A ,. I5 1 A , v- T ,. I ,, . x 34-S- -.-.au.....a...- V f . . W, 'V '4 , T - N , 7 I ,. 1, I ' I , . . . Sarah Jane Dougherty East Chlcago Indiana The Angel Who Wouldnt Chorus Chairman Black Club Hilltop Contributor Aelchlonan Sergeant at Arms 0 5 B Conmbuto, Long Tall Sal became a boarder in her lumor year Her unusual sense of humor and great frankness have made her well liked by both sexes Sallys greatest abilities were in music athletics and eating There were many altos who relied quite heavily on her for pitch and encouragement but this pitch was not limited to the field of music for it howed itself on the baseball diamond as well She will be remembered by her dormmates for the songs she went ape for Billys Blues Love l Strange Amt Got No Home etc Sally plans to enter secretarial school and alter she receives her diploma she plans to marry her boss Roy Becker Wadsworth, Illinois Senior Class President Chorus "The Angel Who Wou1dn't Student Council Go Home" "Trifles" Hilltop Sports Editor Orange Club Vice-President The Class of 57 was blessed by the first presence of Panther as he is affectionately called approximately three and a half years ago Since that time he has done much to improve his class His election as senior class president marked the beginning of a successful and happy year for the class as a whole Something else which made Roy stand out among the EA students was his remarkable ability to sit down and listen to other people s problems He seemed to be the official big brother to all the senior girls and he was great to have around Roys dramatic ability and his willingness to work was shown in Trifles and The Angel Who Wouldnt Go Home We all feel Purdue University s gain will be our loss and wish Roy great success and happiness in the future i . l ,, , G0 Homeu Musart Secretary . . . . . 5 . Pretro Gabettr Valenc1a Venezuela Ment Status Black Club National Honor Society Pete one ol our numerous Latin Americans came to EA this year Rarely belore has EA been blessed with such a talented musician Hrs accordion playing was a great pleasure to all who heard him Besides excellmg in music Pete was a chemrstry whrz and outstanding rn hrs other subyects too His wrt and pleasing personality made hmm well liked among the students and faculty as well As for the luture Pete plans to go to Purdue Umver we know after he leaves us hell be as successlul as he was here Daurd Graham Park Ridge I111no1s Swimming Team Orange Club Dave was a latecomer to the Academy havmg roxned us this hrs hnal year ln high school Dave s crazy antics and love of good fun made him one ol the boys As a member of the swimming team Dave was one ot our two divers and was a great asset to the team Dave was also known for hrs vanety ol classy shuts Dave hasnt really decided on what to do rn the tu ture. but whatever he plans, we wish htm the best ot luck I I . sity to study engineering. We're going to miss him. but 1 , Thomas Hargraue Barnngton I111no1s Football Chorus Track Musart Club Orange Club Hrlltop Assrstcmt Sports Edxtor Manor E Club Tom began hrs rumor year as a boarder at E A and at the semester he 1oxned the ranks of the happy day students Tom rs noted for hrs hne sense ol humor ln the held ol sports Tom has drsplayed hrs abrlxty as left tackle on the football team and rn the shot put on the track team He was another of our hot rod enthusrasts Every mornmq we would hear that lovely blast ol mellow tone as FG would streak past xn hrs quxck 52 Mercury Tom plans to study commercxal art at Bradley Best ol luck to a quy we know wrll do well rn what ever he does Paul Gushlken Ltma Peru Sennor Class Secretary Swrmmmg Manager Merxt Status Track Tnfles Orange Club National Honor Society Treasurer Mayor E Club Masque and Gavel O 6 B Contnbutor Football One oi the most mterestmq members oi the semor class was Pabhto who came to the Academy between semesters two years aqo Paul was a regular on the varsnty football team and could always be seen dashmg down the held Alter every vrctory he as manager ot the swlmmmg team had to expect a dunktng which he took wrth a smtle He wxll always be remembered as bemq one of the most reserved well mannered and well dressed boys on campus He was a hard workmq consclentrous indx vxdual who we are certam wxll make good tn his chosen professton ot medlcme Good luck Paull' 1 11 . 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . I . . . I . 1 1 1 1. 1 1 ., ' . 11 11 . . - 1 . Michael Henry Dhahrcm Saud1 Arabla The Angel Who Wouldnt Track G0 Home Black Club Unmusxcal Impresano Malo, E club Natxonal Honor Soctety Chorus Llbmmm Natronal The spran student Council Nmmnal Afhlehc Musart Member at Large Scholarshnp Society Swrmmxng Mike the Spxke was new to E A thxs year and has certamly proved to be an asset to the school He was one of our dxvers and not only helped to brxng the swxmmxnq team to vxctory but also won hrst place m the Pnvate School League dlvmg competxhon When rehearsals lor the Unmusxcal Impressano b gan Mxke had a mmor role But as the hour ol the operetta approached one of the leadmg characters was taken :ll suddenly and Mtke was asked to itll nn for hmm Thxs he dxd with all the poise of a well tramed actor and practically stole the show One of Mxkes greatest assets was hrs keen sense ol humor He seemed to be able to laugh htmself out ol any rough sxtuatlon Mxke plans to study medlcme He has been looking around for a college and hxs eye seems to be on the Unxversxty ol Southem Calilornxa But no matter where he goes or what he studles wlth his abxhty and sense of humor we know he ll be a great success Claudia Hicks Ch1CCIgO I111no1s Ment Status Orange Club Tnlles Aexchlonan Society Natxonal Honor Society CHONS Secretary Hilltop Assxstant Lxterary Quxll and Scroll Edna' O 6 B Contrxbutor Homecommg Queen Masque and Gavel Cheerleadxng Captam Claudxa was the lxttlest member of the semor class She wore sxze 312 tenms shoes and swore she bought her levxes tn the Tmy Tot Shop Certainly the semor grrls wxll never forget the many hmes they took advantage of her sxze and tossed her ut the shower clothes and all Pobrecxta' Wxth all her pep and vxtahty xt was mevntable that she should be the cheerleadmg captam Thxs enthus :asm dxd not. however keep her from excellmg m her studies and she was on ment status numerous times 'Ltttle Bxt' plans to attend Mxamx Umversxty m Ohxo. where she wxll study nursmg We know that she has a serxousness ol purpose and understandxng so vxtal to an "R N." I 1 ., 1 U U . . H y 1, . . ,. . I I . . H . . H e . . . . . . ff s 1 I I . . 1 H . H - - - . - . I Paul Kmg Oak Park I111no1s Orange Club Musart Club Paul having attended EA for five years was one of the oldest members of the class Every school day he commuted back and forth but in all those years he never seemed to mind rt Paul a former New Englander and a Yankee at heart could never resist talking about back home His witty and clever remarks have often sent his classmates into stitches of laughter Paul hasnt decided what he will do after high school but we know he ll probably end up back home in Boston. Jane Jamsch Ianesvmlle W1scons1n Ment Status Aeichlonan Society The Angel Who Wouldnt Chorus Go Home Musart Club Tnfles Hilltop Assistant Art Black Club Editor lane is the only member ol the senior class lucky enough to have a town named after her and as far as we at EA are concerned she helped put it back on the map One of the things which is most outstanding about lane is her remarkable ability to take a piece of ma terlal and turn it into a beautllully styled suit coat dress or what have you When any one of the other done you could bet a dollar to the hole in a doughnut that lane would wmd up with the Job lanes ability lh art was successfully demonstrated when she took the iob ol assistant to the Hilltop art editor lane hopes to become a translator alter studying languages at Lake Forest College The best of every thing to the tallest gal in the senior class 1 . I . . cottage cuties happened to need a little altering iob I Carolyn Lawton Pnnceton Ill1no1s Merxt Status Natxonal Thespran The Angel Who Wouldnt Orange Club G0 Home Aexchlonan Treasurer Trtfles Chorus Masque and Gavel Chapter Star Qurll and Scroll Hrlltop Lrterary Edxtor O 6 B Busmess Manager Carolyn lorned the ranks of the class of 57 last year as a tumor and soon became Elgxn Academy s favonte butterfly catcher Whenever a practxcal yoke was played you could be sure Carolyn had been a part of rt She certamly kept up her end of the hne as far as work goes espectally as busmess manager of the Orange and Black and as literary edrtor of the Hxlltop Carolyn was also known for her wide array of clothes some of whrch she made herself But most of all Carolyn 18 known for always coming up wxth the right words at the wrong moment Carolyn better known as Reptrle plans to study Entomology at Purdue Unrverslty Best of luck to a great gal who rs certam to go far Norman Leven Ch1cago Ilhnozs Football Mayor E Club Swimming Student Councxl Black Club Musart Club Norm arrived at good old E A at the begxnnlng of hrs rumor year From that trme on there was never a dull moment He always had some clever remark to say and always seemed to say tt at 1ust the nqht tune and place Athletxcally Norm played quarterback on the football team and was a valuable member of the swxmming team It seemed that wherever water was there was Norm .Norm has been accepted at two large umversttzes. As of now. he is undecided as to wluch one to choose, but. knowxng Norm. we feel he will make the best choice 1 11 1 11 . 11 . . 1 . . . 1 . , . I , I 1 , . . . . - K ff' 1 . 'fl 1 1 1 . f ' nf V. if 11 1 11 , ,' ,nf ' , - 1 1 . ,QQ Jf 1 . 1 11 11 . - 1 1 1 - 1 Hugh McVey Elgin Illinois National Athletic Scholarship Mayor E Vice President 50C19lY Chorus Football Co-captain Musan club Swimming Co captain Aelchlonan Kmg Tennis Black Club President Mac was almost a tradxtron at E A having been here since Sth grade For his quiet friendliness and his wm mng smile he will be missed by everyone especially the taxrer sex Being quite shy he was the hrst to blush during an ambarrassrng situation Without a doubt he was the swimmer of the class and his ability helped the team greatly in winning the Pnvate School League Championship for two years Hugh has received several athletrc scholarships from several colleges and universities but hasnt decided on a certain one Good luck an everything you do Mac Vonnell Mastri Chicago, Illinois Senior Class Vice-President Cheerleader Merit Status Orange Club "The Angel Who Wouldn't Aeichlorian President Chorus Student Council Go Home" "Tritles" National Honor Society Secretary Masque and Gavel Musart President Chaplel' Sm' Hilltop Editor Quin and 521011 O 6 B Circulation National Thespxan Manager Radio Guild Homecoming Attendant Vtvactous Vonnre was known around campus for her excellent dramatic and artistic ability These have been displayed m her performances in the vanous school plays and m her contributions to campus decoratrons tor several of the dances and particularly at Chnstmas time You rarely hnd someone who rs both aesthetrc and packed full ot pep and vitality Our Vonnle was cer tamly the busiest bee on campus She was one ot our most hard working and co-operative cheerleaders and was in all the activities In spite ot her many extra-curncular activities Vonnle always found time to study lust as she excelled tn her other lines of interest so did she excell in the academic held One ot Vonme s most mterestmg qualities is her desire to enter medicine She plans to attend Northwestern Uni versity for her two most desired degrees M D and MRS It rs our strong belle! that she will do extremely well ln both Carlos Molero Caracas, Venezuela Orange Club The boy in the senior class with the kind of curly hair any girl would just love to have was Carlos, a new- comer this year from Caracas. Scon after his arrival last fall, a romance blossomed between Carlos and a cute blond sophomore. and they went steady from then on. Carlito's quiet and modest manner has made him very well liked and admired. He plans to study law at the University of Caracas. We know that he is bound to get to the top. Best of luck to a deserving guy. Kazuo Ninomiya Tokyo Iapan Unmusical lmpresano Major E Club Football Chorus Swimming Musart Club Tennis Chess Club Orange Club Nino was one of our many foreign students this year He was one of those easy going easy to get along with fellows although he was among the silent few He was a hard working guy and always willing to be helpful Nino showed his athletic ability in football and swim ming He also excelled in the field of music Many eve nmgs after supper Nmo could be heard playing the piano in the girls lounge After college Nino plans to go into his fathers bust ness shipbuilding He goes on to school in California at the University of San Francisco Good luck Nino' I 1 I . . . . , . , . - 1 . Felix Ortega Palmanto Venezuela Orange Club Chess Club The 1957 senior class had plenty of Latin Americans but it only had one 5 foot Latin American He was Felix the guy with the contagious laugh court To this day there are few people who have figured out how he could 1urnp so high as to shoot the ball baclr over the net Many times he ould be seen on campus with his catchers mxtt all warmed up and ready to play baseball He was without a doubt one of our most enthusiastic players After graduation Felix plans to study engineering and we are sure he will be a success So long and good luck to the only fellow at EA who could look like Napoleon in a Napoleon haircut' Charles Norris West Chicago, Illinois National Athletic Scholarship Black Club Sociellf Maior E Club Football Hilltop Contributor Swimming Charlie, our boy. joined the class of '57 in the middle of his iunior year. He was one of the real wits oi the class. lt seemed he always had something clever to say to fit the occasion. In the field of sports Charlie displayed his ability in football Besides this he was another of our hot rod enthusiasts Charlxes future plans are to become a petroleum geologist With the delightful sense of humor and win mng ways we know hell be a success Felix was an absolute sensation on the volleyball . ' c Luiz Range! Rio de Ianeiro, Brazil National Honor Society Tennis Vice-President mack Club Louie. an extremely friendly and likeable person came from far oil Rio during his iunlor year. In the field ol athletics Louie was a valuable member ot the tennis team. He could be seen every day work- ing hard on the courts. Not only did he excell athletically, but also academ- ically. He was chosen vice-president ot National Honor Society. As for the future Louie plans to go back to Brazil to study architecture. Good luck. Louie. Brazil will be proud of you someday. Phyllis Rogers Fulton Missoun Senior Class Treasurer Quill and Scroll Ment Status National Thesplan The Angel Who Wouldnt Orange Club G0 Home Aelchlonan Secretary The Unmusical Cham, Irnpresano Nalgzggegfnor Somew Hilltop Business Manager O 6 B Editor Musart Treasurer Masque and Gavel Chapter Star For the last sax years the Academy has been very fortunate to have someone like Phyllis among its ranks She not only excelled scholastrcally but possessed a very high character Her willingness to worlr and accept responsxblhty has made her indispensable to the clubs and other organizations on campus She was very cap- able xn the held ol iournahsm and was important to both the newspaper and annual Among her interests were numbered music qood boolzs and mathematics Phyl may seem to be a bool: worm to those who do not know her but her dormmates will vouch for her playtulness and sense ot humor Phyl has not decided what partxcular Held she will enter She plans to get a liberal arts course at William Woods What ever you do decide to enter we know youll succeed With grades like that how could you miss' I I ,, . . . ' . 'I I I i. ' r VA. . ' . , Michael Sermas Holland M1Ch1gGn Football Black Club Swimming Malor E Club Track Musart Club and was considered one of the Sears Hall Romeos His witty disposltxon made htm the life of the party wher ever he went ln the field of sports he distinguished himself as a guard on the football team and in swimming Mike was a hard worker both m class and in athlettcs Mike lS not yet posxttve of his future plans but it ts our guess that he will probably become a restaurant owner as his father before him Good luck by the way we know where you can get a dehcious recipe for preparing lamb Walter Roth Oak Park, Illinois Football Black Club Swimming Co-captain Maior E Sergeant-at-Arms Track Chorus "Teddy Bear" ioined the ranks of the class of '57 as a freshman, being a boarder the first semester and a day student from that time on. Being a very friendly person he was always willing to cheer anybody up and never failed to wear a smile on his face. In the held of sports Wally was fullback on the foot ball team and co captain of the swimming team Wally rs thinking of becoming a coach and with his athletic ability we know that he wlll succeed tn this field Regardless of what field he finally chooses how ever we know he will go far ' l , The "blue-eyed Greek" was a newcomer to our class Jose Vargas La Pascuct, Venezuela Black Club One ol the most dashing members oi the senior class was Ioe. His dark flashing eyes held the girls spell- bound. His quiet, alool manner also added to his charm. Ioe was not lacking in a sense ol humor. On April lst he got a crew-cut that caused quite a sensation. Ioe hasn't decided on what he'll do after graduation. but we can visualize him now, sunning himself on- some tropical beach. Best of luck to the number one on the top ten. Mark Walker Farina Il11no1s Tntles Orange Club President Football Cocaptatn Maior E President Basketball Captain Musart Club Track Homecoming King Five long years ago Mark hrst became acquainted with EA Mark has changed a great deal smce then but there has been one thing about him that has re Doc was noted most of all lor his great athletic ability which he proved as tackle in football and guard in basketball Mark also took the part ol Mr Hale in Tniles the senior play Mark would like to enter medicine We can lust see hu-n 20 years from now treating anthrax in Farina Best ol luck Doc ' I mained constant: his incomparable ability to ingest food. Lewis Woodruff Iohet I1l1no1s Ment Status Basketball Natronal Honor Socrety Tennis Masque and Gavel Black Club Natronal Athletxc Scholarshxp Mayor E Club 50C19fY Chorus Football Although they say tall men are stuprd Woody certamly has proven hrmself to be an exceptron to this rule Hrs quietness perseverance and studrousness have made hrm admrred and respected by faculty and stu dents alrlce Outstanding rn basketball, Woody was a regular on the varsrty squad Also he was a good football and tenms player Hrs good sportsmanshrp wrll be a valu able asset rn the future. and we know he'll do well in what ever held he enters. Best wishes to our silent senror! Irene Wlley Mlaml Beach Flonda The Unmuslcal Impresarro Chorus Black Club Musart Club Aelchlorran Vrce President Renre bemg one of the few red heads rn the whole of Elgm Academy certamly caused a sensatron the eve nrng of the performance of the Unmusrcal lmpresarro when she appeared wrth prtch black harr Although it was merely stage pamt she certarnly scared a few of us out of our wits Reme s abrlxty to turn almost any srtuatron rnto a side sphttmg comedy along wrth her lovely contralto vorce helped make her a htt wxth the whole student body It rs for these reasons that we are sure of Renre s future success Her mterest and abrlrty rn art and her sense of style have led her to choose dress deslgmng as her held of study The best to you Renre and say hello to Mramr Beach for us' I , 1 ,,, ., . . ., Y 1 I ll H I ll xg , ., , . , . . . . . , AJ! I . . . -S7,f 1 u a w . . . I . ,. ., . . . . THE JU IOR CLASS The class of 58 began 1tS successful year as Junrors under Mr Ogden s and 'Mr Koehne s ex cellent du'ect1on Drane Park became thetr PIGSI dent R1chard Olson was elected v1ce pres1dent Iudy Brown became secretary and Harry Lehr treasurer Academlcally th1s class had a very h1gh av erage Over 45'f of the class achreved the schools hrghest award Mer1t Status Thrs class was not only studtous but athlet1c as well The followmg boys recelved letters for football George Brannen Larry Klee Iohn Podzamsky Rrchard Olson and Iohn Fraser George Brannen Larry Klee Iohn Fraser Edward Duncan Harry Lehr Dana Deeds and Lee Grove were on the basketball team and Iohn Podzam sky Rrchard Olson and Henry Dlennger were on the sw1mm1ng team 1111 Edwards helped lead the boys to vrctory by her spmted presence on the cheer leadxng squad S1x members part1c1pated m the Junror play the Happy Journey From Trenton To Camden They were Dxane Park as Ma Ktrby Hrchard Olson as Pa K1rby Ixll Edwards as Carolme Dana Deeds as Arthur Iudy Brown as Beulah and Harry Lehr as Stage Manager In The Unmusrcal Impresano Dlane Park played Madame Da Capo Iudy Pntchard played Isabel 1111 Edwards played Annabelle Iudy Brown played Glona and Iohn Podzamsky Steven Newman Larry Klee and Harry Lehr played polrcemen Wrth all th1s talent rn every held the class of 1958 could not help but be a success Standmq lelt to nght Davrdson Dow Duncan Fraser Rodnquez Olson Gonzales Newman Deeds Beghe Lehr Drennger Grove Seated left to nght Edwards Brown Iobsky Graebner Shapxro Baer Emery Park and Pntchard , . . . . . . , , . . . I ' - . I I ll ll I I 9 u I I ' l ' I I . If ' 1 1 , . . , . . . . . ,, . . .. . I - 1 3 I , , I I ' I I I I I I I I 1 , - I - , I . . Podzamsl-ry, Klee, Reed, Brannen, Grabowski, and Rodriguez. : . . . . ' . . . . ' . ' A ' , S K I .. -. I t l ! ' ' f, Q I f I THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Startmg off the year the Sophomore class to taled th1rty students mak1ng rt the largest class 1n school At the semester they lost three but they soon garned Dee lon s Paul Bertram and Ernst Von Meerwall The class offrcers were as follows Presrdent Lesl1e McVey V1cePres1dent Walter Becker Secretary Karen Wood and Treasurer Nancy Deeds The Sophomore class represented tour states Canada Austrxa and South AIHSIICG Scholastrcally the Sophomore class had two members who recerved Merlt Status honors con Webster Athlencally the class boasted of Lonnre Haar vel Phll Ryan Sklp Margolf Walter Becker Mrke Wflghl and Carl Hollrs out for football Frst Row Watt Harrrdge Deeds Zellet Wood Moore They backed Becker Ryan Hollrs and Paul Rrckards 1n basketball and were represented by Margolf on the swrrnmrng team In the held of tennrs Bruce Kantor was the number one man The g1rls also took an lnterest rn sports wzth Karen Wood Lesl1e McVey Nancy Deeds and Barb Sandnes out for sw1mm1ng Leslxe was out for tennrs and Nancy for golf The class also composed half the cheerleadlng squad wrth Karen Wood Lesl1e McVey and Frankle Zellet The Sophomore dance was held Apnl 27 ln the co operatron of the entlre class The class of 59 has a lot of ambrtron and we know that 1t w1ll be one of the flnest classes to graduate from E A Second Row McVey Oberg W11l1s Iones Attken Sandnes Davrs and Owens Th rd Row Gale Kaplan Webster Wrrght Vosse Becker Von Meerwall and Smolka Fourth Row Kantor Hollrs Ryan Newton Haarver Margolf Gernng and Rxckards ' e , , ' . . , . sistently. They were Nancy Deeds and Murray Sears Hall, and was a great success, thanks to i : , ' , .,.- i : , , . ' V . I. . l I I I - THE FRESHMAN CLASS Thrs year s freshman class was small but cer talnly not 1ns1gn1f1cant At the begmnlng of the year there were fourteen of these lowly fresh men the add1t1on of Nancy Lutz at the semester brought the total to frfteen Offrcers for the class were Alda Brrgerson pres1dent Susan Ada1r V1C9pI'9S1d91'1l Mar1o Rangel secretary and Edward Gordon treas urer The groups sponsors were Mr Jacobson and Mr Fetherlxn Playmg m1nor roles m the operetta The Un telle Alda Brrgerson as Flossre and Sally Sw1sher as Hamet Bob Dunnmg was a member of the lurnor var srty basketball squad and also fulfrlled the du tres of water boy dur1ng the football season Edward Gordon was actrve 1n tennxs The class was very well represented scholast1c ally Susan Adarr Alda B1rgerson Edward Gor don Nancy Lutz Mano Rangel earned Ment Status The class put on a very fme dance on May 10 and was Well planned and executed Although cap and gown day seems qurte lookrng forward to rt Best of luck to what we know w1ll most certamly be a successful class Standmq left to nght Denham Mastrr Wescott Gordon Rucker Dunmnq Rangel and Sulexman Seated left to nqht Swlsher Holmes Adarr Grundfest Bartholomew Brrgerson Blxde M,- musical Impresario" were: Susan Adair as Es- far off in the future, these students are already ': A 2- ,F , ' 4 . 1 X I' 4-1 'D 41 Seventh and Elghth Grades Fxrst Row McVey Floor Rogers Karen Olson Edwards Zrmmermcm Schetgen Suletmcm Second Row Pettrgrew Coulon Al len Thomas Gerselhczrt Summers Schefier Kent Olson Crsney and Levme Lower School Front Row left to nght Sturm D Helder Prussmg Gordon B Fxles Back Row Schlexfer L P1195 Bank ard B Herder Frscher Nursery and Kmdergarten Around the table clockwlse from left McQueen Mcxrtm Hyman Whrt lock Remes Wake Meadows Skcrk cmd Hobon Administration of the Elgin Academy Mr Marv1n L Brett headmaster of the E1g1n Academy poses mformally 1n hrs ofhce 1n Old Mam BE Northern Ill nors U 1 ersxty MA Unrvers ty of Ilh oxs Mr Lee C Ward Pres1dent Elgm I1l1no1s Elgm I1l1no1s Mr Rrchard West Secretary Elgm I1l1no1s Mr George P Edwards Treas St Charles I1l1no1s Mr Robert E Anderson Mrs W1ll1am D Rrch West Barnngton R I Elgm I1l1no1s Rockford I1l1no1s Dundee I1l1no1s Mr Ernest Ludwrg Mr Wrlllam K Chlld Elgm I1l1no1s Elgm I1l1no1s Mr G P Iohnson Mrs A D Edwards Emerltus Elgln I1l1no1s Elgm I1l1no1s and the Faculty and Staff Mr. Harry Walsh, Ir., Vice-Pres. Mr. Charles Blomberg Mrs. Henry E. Cooke, Ir. EDITH BROCKENBROUGH RICHARD L CARTFR Ward Belmont Umversxty of Oklahoma Columbla Umversxty Umverslty ol Mrssoun Lower School Faculty We nr-pf -fu Nw C Dc.AN CHIPMAW Northwestern Umversrty Columbxa Unxverslty Unlverslty of Mich gan Amerxcan Conservatory ot 'Vluelc Musrc Soc1a1Sc1ences Dxrector of Art Musmc Dramatrcs I WYLIE FETHERLIN BERT E GROVE M A M A Oh1o Northern Umversxty Northwestern Umverslty Mnamx Umversxty Deqn Blology College ol Muslc, Cmcmnatl Enghsh, Speech Iournalrsm arf" 198 46 6' ...Iliff ELAINE HALL LEONARD IACOBSON Chicago Teachers College Nursery Kindergarten Northem Illinois State Teachers College Admissions it X ,J luv WILLIAM A. KOEHNE M.A. University of Michigan Indiana University Yale University French, Spanish fi 4' f ?' CONSTANCE KOEHNE B A Marycrest College De Paul University Music Mathematics Science Athletics A. W. MEAD M.A. Illinois State Normal Univefsity University of Illinois ' Mathematics, Science AW f"""f? DONALD MILLER North Central College Northwestern Umversxty Faculty f whim' HOMER T ORSBORN Mount Umon Colle e Q15 WILBUR OGDEN Mount MOIIIS College Umversxty of Illmons Scrence Mcthemctncs 'Q HARRY SPAULDING M A Boston Umversxty Umversxty ol Mxchxgcm Umversrty of Ill1no1s Hxstory Q Lctm Athletrcs Geography CAROLYN STEVENS B A Lake Forest College Math. Enghsh Athletics 4,44 !"m---" I M THOMPSON GLADYS KILBURN Ilhnoxs Wesle cm Umversxty Bxshop School of Nursmg Y Umversny of Illmoxs Mathemcxtzcs Enghsh P 151 RUTH LEVINE Housemother G7 NINA BAKER Housemother Sta lf"'V? X .1 --u ,.f-f S. DOROTHY STUART L.P.N. V Chicago School of Nursing Nurse. Housemother xfv' qw? 'LQ I BESSIE ZIMMERMAN GERTRUDE SNODGRASS Housemother Bookstoxe Study Hall Sta MR AND MRS LEO SCHULTZ Mcnntenance and Dxetltxcm RICHARD DOBBERT Swxmmmg Coach IDA KARSTEN ' DOROTHY NOLAN DELLA PILLINGER U H-DA DAVIS Headmasteis Secretary Flflfmclfll SQCWTUYY If 7 'Y the I957 Htlltop IC! Plans for the 1957 H1lltop edlted by Vonnell Mastrr were lard out early rn the fall and the actual Wflllng began rn December The staff put IH many long hours of work to make thrs year book a success Those ably ass1st1ng Vonnell were Iohn Podzamsky Art Edrtor lane Iamsch Assrstant Art Edrtor Phyll1s Rogers Busrness Manager Roy Becker Sports Edltor Bruce Kan tor Photography Carolyn Lawton Lrterary Ed 1tor and Claudra Hrcks ASS1 tant Lrterary Edrtor We w1sh to thank Mr Chrpman for all the as srstance he gave us as our advrsor Credlt should also be grven to Mr Thompson and Mr Ogden for the var1ous snapshots they have taken for the Hrlltop Us., T"f-22153. ,sa Headrng the Orange and Black thrs year was Phyll1s Rogers who proved to be a compe tent and conscrentrous edrtor Drane Park asso crate edrtor was her able and actrve assrstant Sports edrtors Brchard Olson and George Bran nen helped ease Phyll1s burden and d1d much to make the paper a success Holdmg the posr trons of co busmess managers Carolyn Lawton and Irll Edwards sohcrted the funds that made possrble the pubhcatron of both the Orange and Black and the Hrlltop As c1rcu1at1on man ager Vonnell Mastrr spent many hours makrng sure that everyone got hrs paper Gurdmg and drrectrng the whole staff was Mr Spauldmg the faculty advrsor the Orange and Black ta se-H' v .1 .-, 11 - E ! -1 n ' 4 2 f I 1 ,V .J N y r. ry, N M ,, 2 ' - 1 ,WW x f' . 4 ,.- - , fs ' , VNS-"' 11 'a ' Y- I ,X 1 .., 4 Q, . . - 11 11 - 1 1 1 I ' . - 1 ' 1 . . . - 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' I 1 I ' ' I 1 I 1 ' . . .... - - - 11 - 4- , , 1.1 . . . 11 11 - 11 - - . 1 . . I . A ,. f 1 I 1. rr -1 Q ,. 5 ' I 1 -1 X ff .6 ' 1 1 . . 'l' ll v K ,... , 1 1 "if'i.,.w-A K rv A , 1' . 5 - Academy Choir The Elgm Academy cho1r under the d1rect1on of Mr Rlchard Carter has had another success ful year Throughout the frrst semester and part ot the second the chorr consrsted of forty vorces but later was l1m1ted to about twenty trve Sarah lane Dougherty was elected charrman Mrchael Henry hbranan In the course of the school year the choxr sang 1n var1ous churches mcludmg the Salem Evan gehcal Un1ted Brethren Church ln Barrlngton and the Frrst Methochst Church of Elgm ln addmon the chorr appeared before the Barr1ngton Wo man s Club and a small group from 1t appeared at the Elgm State Hosprtal at Chnstrnas t1me At the annual Chrxstmas program grven rn the Art Gallery the chorr presented the Cantata Song of Chrrstmas One of the lmportant events of the year for the cholr came when 1t partlclpated along w1th four other schools 1n the flrst annual Pr1vate School Choral Festwal at Wheaton The solo1sts for the year 1ncluded ludy Prltch Sum lane Dougherty Mlchqel Henry and Mrke Henry tenors and Mrke Wrlght and lohn Podzamsky basses Flrst row left to rxght Swtsher Graehner McVey Wood Brown Edwards Appleman V Mastn Deeds Second row left to rxqht Baer L Mastrt Rogers Holmes Harrrdge W1ll1s Raskm Lawton Denham Adalr Thu-d row left to nqht Davrdson Nrnomtya Wtley Prxtchard lantsch Bxrgerson Dougherty Htcks Kaplan Smolka Fourth row left to nght Grabowskl Roth Wnght Grove Racherbau mer Rlckards Woodruff Podzamsky Newman Klee Lehr Dunmng I . ard, soprano: Irene Wiley, contralto: Lee Grove Musart u Vonnell Mastrm Gmo Beqhe and Bruce Thomas admrre Mr Beghes pamtmgs Among the drfferent clubs of the Elgm Acad emy was a club devoted to the purpose of pro motrng the rnterest of arts and musrc Th1s club was approprlately named Musart Th1s year the offrcers were Vonnell Mastrr presrdent Gmo Beghe vrce presrdent Sally Dougherty secretary Phyllrs Rogers treasurer B111 Grabowskr publrcrty charrrnan and Nancy Deeds Iudy Prltchard and Mrke Henry mem bers at large Dunng the year student concerts art exhrbrts and two trlps to Chrcago to see the Lyrrc Opera s X4 5-.. presentatron of Il Trovatore and the New York Ballet were the mam actrvrtres of the club Besrdes thrs each year the club out of money from 1ts treasury purchases erther o1l parntlngs or records or both whrch wrll be utrhzed for the pleasure of the students 1n the Art Gallery Th1s year the club purchased decoratrve hawthorn trees and Iapanese dwarf crab trees for the lm provement of the appearance of the art gallery In addrtron several new phonograph records were purchased for the musrc lrbrary Nb Fr" 5 Ax .sa-, .I L- CI b l 1 t t N' 1 X. ml lisp., at ,VdiAuJ'6 N N-.,..,,....A A. xv f ,,,. f' U 5 ' ,V . 5 , t I " f Q LA . , f tm.-A lv' - ' g, X 3 , . . Y f ' ' V J. ' I N 7 , ' r. M iv' Y-Q -Q' 5 , X ' by T., y 1.1. gg, ' V f U V , x V ,V ,X ,A in ,k,Q:. ,x, r sf wt ff + . S 1.-- x P r 1 'V gf-fr J 1 rf ,e-,-ff' 'H' , " V' ' .1 2."fZ?'U '- u 1 ,,,, ff - s r . 1 rf f - .- A H V f, I K .VV , ,,, . , t QJ .11 , 'Vx " ig' f xl J',V:? K 1 X 1 N- . ,i XR- F! , f V ' T ' ' ' . N' 1' 4 1. gl , , ' 'A X' c 1 l L ' Each fall the Aeichlonan Society 1S the first club to orgamze with Miss Stevens help and this year was no exception During the first Week the returning Aeichs met cmd selected Vonnell Mastri as their president for the coming Rogers secretary Carolyn Lawton treasurer and Sally Dougherty Sergeant at arms The Aeich Board which governed the societys ac t1v1t1es consisted of the officers and class repre Aelchlormn Society Left to right Dougherty Mastri Lawton Rogers Wiley and Miss Stevens sentatives who were Junior Diane Park and sophomore Lesl1e McVey The Aeichlorrans played a large part in the social life at the Academy They sponsored a tea at the beginning of the year for the new girls campus Another tea was given at Homecoming a formal dance was presented rn the late winter T1'ey sponsored an Unb1rthday Party in the spring in which the entire school participated The Unbxrthday Party The award for the best table decoration went to Iune under the direction of Mr Chxpman The award for the best skit was won by May under Mr Spauld mg s direction I I year with Irene Wiley as vice-president, Phyllis and the women faculty and faculty wives on Student Council rst ro le to t Wood Pntchard Mr Grove Btrgerson Mast Stand nq lelt to nqht Henry Leven Becker Deeds At the begrnnmg of the school year Mr Grove our new Dean of Students formed a Student Counctl to g1ve the student body greater repre sentatron rn school admrmstratron Occupymg councrl seats were senlors Roy Becker Vonnell Mastr1 Mrchael Henry and Norman Leven Jun rors Dana Deeds and Iudy Pntchard sopho mores Ioe Newton and Karen Wood and fresh man Alda Brrgerson Offxcers were Ioe Newton chauman Vonnell Mastn secretary and Alda Brrgerson treasurer The group 15 a member of the Nat1ona1 Student Councrl Assoc:1at1on Besrdes rts many other ac t1v1t1es 1t sponsored an mformal dance a chapel cv' program and a Chrrstmas party for the Chrldren of the Lark1n Home The school year opened wrth the selectron of ofhcers for the Orange and Black clubs They were Black presrdent Hugh McVey vrce presr dent Randy Anderson Orange presrdent Mark Walker v1ce presxdent Roy Becker Sponsors of the Orange and Black were Mr Homer T Orsbom and Mr Wxlbur Ogden re spectrvely Competrtrve events mcluded a tug of war boys and grrls basketball a spellmg bee boys and gtrls qurzzes volleyball bowl1ng swlm mmg softball tennrs and track The Black Club The Orange Club Left Randy Anderson and Hugh McVey Rxqht Mark Walker and Roy Becker Memberships and Awards vf f f' l f"'.' N ,hs -V" X A 1, .6-nf .,,,...-- -VA. Fxrst row left to nght Brown Grabowsla Mastn Rogers Woodruff Second row leh to nqht Grove Gush1ken Lehr Klee Lawton Podzamsky Thxrd row left to nqht Brannen Henry Hxcks McVey Park Fourth row left to nqhl Adalr N Deeds D Edwards Illl Edwards Pntchard Schetgen L Hanqel Frith row left to nqht Gabettl Gordon Blrqerson Levme Clsney D Deeds Floor Srxth row leh to nqht Norrxs Olson M Ranqel Thomas Webster Nmomlya Wrlght Margolf M5 4-,4 -D' ,gf Qvs, ' 41" v 'QIQLME I : I, ' . -. mfg , 'V , qw X ,A X xbblk 4' ..1.,. nf ' I ' 5 gf 5 5- ,, .Lx Q WN "" . NP' r' Q ,. .ff 'ky Q ' - . we ' -' 'f 'z A , Jn' I . in? ' - Q l X v ? ' N.-A ip' ' . N , ' ' V 'Nr ' i A elf. 1: l 1 . 1 .i VY r'x'4 "- ' M xx ' Y -L A,-' - sr . , 'JII' 4 L V 1 51, x K A , ,f 4 S , wx Y I h 1 Q K A Z. , sg f " s ' ,A V Y l ,,, A , I ' - G 113 A NCR 11 lf K , ' ' 1 - l , J, .,,.. , ,S , H Y Q qv W ' . M M , H vs rr ," - I I r , Ak 'VK G . , . - Y R A 5 1 I Q l ,lf 42 5 f J l f A-5, ,. .s , nfl 1" 1 A: - '1 . .8 " flf' if sky, . N -I , gn. ' .li-.,'.. If K . 1-.' 1 41-3 , - ,,' V - 'G D ,, 4 M f r ' M s -1 I 1 ,-'Nhpa e ' -.mfg Natlonol Honorary Socletles CUM LAUDE SOCIETY Phyllrs Rogers Vonnell Mastrr Claudra I-Ircks lane lanrsch LEWIS Woodruff NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Semors Pretro Gabettr Paul Gushrken Mrchael Henry Claudra Hrcks Lulz Rangel Iumors Geo ge Brannen Dana Deeds Lee Grove ludy Prrtchard Award II Semors Vonnell Mastrr Lewrs Woodruff Iuntors Iudy Brown W1ll1am Grabowskr Lawrence Klee Harry Lehr Rrchard Olson Award III Semor Phylhs Rogers NATIONAL IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Sophomores Nancy Deeds Iohn Margolf Ernst von Meerwall Murray Web ster Walter Wrrght Freshmen Susan Adarr Alda Brrgerson Edward Gordon Mano Rangel Exohth Mary lane Floor Bruce Thomas Seventh Scott Clsney Marc Levme Kent Olson Award II Exghth Deborah Edwards Dorothy Schetgen MASQUE AND GAVEL Members Nancy Deeds Paul Gushrken Claudra Hrcks D1ane Park Lu1z Rangel Award II Semors Carolyn Lawton Vonnell Mastn Phyllls Rogers Iuntors Iudy Brown I1l1 Edwards W1ll1am Grabowsk1 Lee Grove Lawrence Klee Harry Lehr Rrchard Olson Iohn Podzamsky Award III Semor Lewls Woodruff RADIO TV GUILD Senlor Vonnel1Mastr1 Iumors W1ll1am Grabowskl Rrchard Olson NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY Semors Mlchael Henry Carolyn Lawton Phyllrs Rogers Iumors Iudy Brown D1ane Park Iohn Podzamsky Iudy Prltchard Award II Rrchard Olson Award III Vonnell Mastn QUILL AND SCROLL Semors Claudra Hrcks Carolyn Lawton Vonnell Mastrr Iurnors Lee Grove D1ane Park Award III Ph yllls Rogers NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Semors Paul Gushrken Mlchael Henry Kazuo Nrnomrya Charles Norns Iumors George Brannen Iohn Podzamsky Award II Rlchard Olson Award III Hugh McVey Lewrs Woodruff 2 1 1 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 - . . - - 1 1 1 . . . . . - . , 1 1 , . . . . 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 , . . , . . 1 1 1 - ' - 1 ' ' J . 1 - ' 1 1 ' . 1 - 1 - . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 - . 0 . . 1 . 1 1 . . . . . . . ' I I I I 1 1 1 - . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . ' I I u . . . . - 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 . . . . ' I u 1 . . . . V . , , , ' I 1 I - ' . ' I n ' - 1 1 . Mayor E Club "Tiff" ,mv gn. Camera Club Left to right: Dana Deeds, vice-president: Mr, Ogden, club ad- visor: lack Rodriquez, Steve Pettigrew, Bruce Kantor, president. The Malor E Club under the drrectron of Leonard C lacobson th1s year had 24 members of whom 13 were newly elected after the football season and 12 were semors who graduated 1n Iune The electron of offrcers th1s fall resulted 1n Mark Walkers bemg elected presldent Hugh McVey v1ce presrdent Rrchard Olson secretary treasurer and Walter Roth sergeant at arms To be adm1tted to the club a candrdate must have earned a malor letter rn any sport and have recerved the approval of the present club mem bers On Ianuary 12 the club presented a very successful mfonnal dance at wlnch the new can dldates were 1n1t1ated F1rstRow leit to rrght Olson Walker Roth McVey Second Row Lehr Nrnomxya Dunnrng Leven Klee Haarvez Thu-d Row Gushrken R Becker Henry W Becker Margoll Davrdson Fourth Row Woodruff Anderson Norns Sermas Graham Kantor Frith Row Coach Iacobson Hargrave Podzamsky Brannen Wrrqht J , . , . I - - a . . . 1 I 1 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 I l . 3 1 1 1 1 'A , " ' an , V as , 1 g,vff'4wx2z'.'4g1H211.,rdW1A1 ,Q W. f ' rt , WN 'f 4" 'Wg 1 M "'7 4 . .. , , 4, Q-..,. ,A 1 ,ir,sl,.N ' ..,: ... ' ' ,,,,,,,...,,- 1 , f 3, l A 1 1 eff, :Zig 1 . r , C 1 , 4 rr, rv' 44 N V ., 1 I Q ., K 4 ,. ,t . 5 if ,. Aerchlonan Dance One Touch of Venus was held Saturday eve n ng February 9th rn the drnrng room of Sears Hall The theme was carrred out 1n blue whrte and srlver Angel harr arranged around the hghts and other frxrures helped create an ethe real effect Tne beautrful angels at the center of the north wall made by Vonnell Mastn added to the celestral feelrng A skrt was presented durrng the rntermrssron by the sen1or grrls Vonnell MGSlI1 Irene W1ley Phyll1s Rogers Carolyn Lawton Sally Dough erty Claudra Hrcks and lane Ianrsch It con srsted of the s1ng1ng of Mutual Admlratxon So cr ty and Dormmates the grrls own verslon of Srsters At the con lusron of the slat Hugh VlcVev was crowned krng of the dance by Von nell Mastr1 presrdent of the Ae1chlor1an Socrety lmmedrately following ine coronatron French pastenes punch and mmts were served m the Common Lounge After a dellghtful evenrng of dancmg to the musrc of Allen Langhtz and hrs band everyone returned to therr homes and dorms hrghly satls I ed wrth the success of one of the b1ggest socral events of the year Vonn ll Mastn crowns Hugh McVey Aerchlonan Krnq f r K 1 ,, I X . 'SK X5 :ts ' ,ff "ff 4 K "' -f lf , X f ir, A' ' , x f D - 1 ew . mf- PM Nix L X ' f ' I Kb ,Qs Q ' - , A 4' 1 "":fv-,Wx WJ: ik U . ' 3X ' 'x 8' xl 'A if M n My RA I Q - Q' ,. Q- X XX V , ff ,-. ,.'X.v'g-Vg ,, xx - r V I V , 1, ,ff ., I sf. Q x , ,Y i xg xy A A x x 3 X X 1 . - 1 f Homecoming On the evenxng of October 20th the student body faculty alurnnr and frrends of the Acad emy entered mto the gay Parrsan arr of the Home comrng Dance The Senror Class expressed therr theme Moulrn Rouge by a huge krosk IH the foyer of the art gallery and a tascmatmg scene ot Pans parnted by Gmo Beghe rn the rear of the mam room Several travel posters of France and nurn erous ferns were scattered about The decora trons were desrgned and exe uted under the drrecuon of Vonnell Mastrr The recervrng lme consrsted of Roy Becker and Vonnell Mastrr presrdent and v1ce presrdent of the senror class Mr and Mrs Bert Grove Mr and Mrs I M Thompson and Mr and Mrs C Dean Chrpman The Grand March 1l'11l1CIl9d a nrght of excellent mus1c by Allen Langhtz and hrs band Durmg the 1nterrn1ss1on the K1ng and Queen of the 1956 Homecom1ng were announced Claudra H1CkS was named queen wrth Vonnell MGSlI1 as her attendent and Mark Walker was elected krng Delrcxous refreshments planned by Phyllrs Rogers and her commlttee were served by Mrs Grove Mrs Chlpman and Mrs Thompson KAA p Claudxa Hrcks Mark Walker If 'S-sv, 'Q rt the d1rect1on of Mr C Dean Ch1pman made unlque hol1day decoratlons for the Chr1stmas Program The mobrle of papler mache angels and snowflakes whrch hung 1n the foyer of the Art Gallery was deslgned and created by Von nell Mastr1 and her assrstants Gmo Beghe drew rn pastels h1s mural of the nat1v1ty Adoratlon of the Chlld The novel srlk screen cover for the program was the work of lohn Podzamsky and Sklp Margolf the Chr1stmas cards on d1splay were llnoleum block pnnts done by the seventh and elghth grades Each of these decorat1ons added a touch of beauty to the Chr1stmas Program Christmas Festival Sunday December I6 I956 Sunday December 16th the Elg1n Academy Cho1r and p1ano students of Mrs Constance Koehne and Mr Donald M1ller performed the muslcal portlon of the annual Chr1stmas Program The Nutcracker Ballet Sulte of Tcharkovsky adapted for two pranos and cons1st1nq of the March Dance of the Sugar Plum Falnes Russlan Dance Arab Dance Chxnese Dance Dance ofthe Reed Flutes and Waltz of the Flowers were played by lane Ianlsch Phyl11s Rogers Lona Mastr1 Francme Zellet Mel1nda Watt Nancy Deeds and I111 Edwards respectlvely Mrs Koehne and Mr M1ller accompamed them Roy Rtngwalds Song of Chnstmas a can tata for chorus narrator and solo vo1ces as told w1th carols hymns and b1b11ca1 verses was sung by the Elgm Academy Cho1r under the d1rect1on of Mr Rrchard L Carter The narratlon was done by Ion Racherbaumer the sololsts were Iudy Pr1tchard soprano Irene Wrley alto Lee Grove tenor Mrke Wnght and Iohn Podzamsky bar1tones The part1c1pat1ng students and faculty recerved due pralse for such an outstandlng and successful program Drama A play to precede Chr1stmas wntten by Amy Goodhue Loom1s wrth musrc wntten by Grace department under the d1rect1on of C Dean Ch1p man The play was ent1tled The Angel Who Wouldnt Go Home Cast for the productron 1n cluded Vonnell Mastr1 as Glonel and R1chard Olson as Gabrrel God s messenger Others 1n the cast were Iudy Pr1tchard Ioe Newton Sara lane Dougherty lane Iamsch Iohn Margolf Mrchael Henry Lee Grove Roy Becker B111 Grabowskl Dlane Park hll Edwards Iudy Brown Phylhs Rogers and Carolyn Lawton The stage commrt tee cons1sted of Harry Lehr and Tom Reed Cos tumes for the play were made by Mlss Ida Karsten Eftectxve 11ght1ng and the use of scr1m curtatn helped make 1t a beauuful srght 1 1 I I I D I 1 - . 1 11 . H . , - I I . 1 I l - ' - . Many of the students of the art classes, under Elizabeth Floering, was presented by the drama . .ll ' - 4 I I I - .I I I I dn. A Z A Y b-X ff .5 , ' Q' A A-51 .13 3:27 .gg rx 4? ff 'A 5 1 fi , 5 i W9 T M. , . , q X It my .ff'X,. S1 fs , if "' X f w. '44 43,a. 5 f March 8, I957 THE UNMUSICAL IMPHESARIO by Katherrne K Davrs Scene-studro of a former opera smger Madame da Capo Drane Park Isabel ludy Prrtchard Nora Irene Wzley Sxgnor Portamento Lee Grove Sergeant Clancy Mxke Wrrght Telegraph Boy George Smolka Annabelle Irll Edwards Estelle Sue Adarr Berta Phyllrs Rogers Flossle Alda Brrgerson Chnstrne Sue Wxllrs Glorla Iudy Brown Dormda Nancy Deeds Harnet Sally Swrsher Cops Mrchael Henry Iohn Podzamsky Kazuo Nmomxya Steve Newman Larry Klee Stage Assrstant Harry Lehr TBIFLES by Susan Glaspell THE HAPPY IOURNEY FHOM TRENTON Scene-G farmhouse TO CAMDEN by Thornton Wrlder S George Henderson Attomey Paul Gushrken cene m the fcmlly touring Car Lewls Hale Mark Walker Ma Kirby Dmne Park Mrs Peters Carolyn Lawton Arthur Dan Deeds Carolme Irll Edwards PCI Kirby Rrchard Olson Stage Assrstant Harry Lehr Beulah Iudy Blown Mrs Hale Vonnell Mastn Prompters Claudra Hrcks Iane Iamsch Stage Assrstant B111 Grabowskr Plays dnrected by C Dean Clnpman Opera drrected by Rxchard L Carter and accompamst Constance Kroeger Koehne Costumes Ida Karsten Constance Koehne Srlk Screen Program Paul Kmg Roy Becker Henry Peters, Sheriff ........,....... - ....... Roy Becker Stage'Mcnager """"" """""""'""""" ""'""""""""""-'-' U HY Lehr -.QW Malcolm Miller, traveler and lecturer. "In Search of Wonders." Gino Beghe. Vonnell Mastri, Iane Ian- isch. and Iohn Podzamsky view the painting "Manioc Pounders, Belgian Congo" by lay Robinson, presented to the Sears Art Gallery by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Gallery Activities FORUM SERIES November 14-Dr. Loder-"The Gift oi a Lifetime" December 14-lulian Gromer-"Canada, Coast to Coast" ianuary 10-John E. Stipp-"The Menace of Communism February 14-Malcolm Miller-"In Search of Wonders" March 14-"The Great Gilbert and Sullivan" 4 Mr. C. Dean Chiprnan and Mr. Ernst Spuehler pose with some of the paint- ings that Mr. Spuehler exhibited in Oc- tober at the Art Gallery. ' ,Y Ioan McVey and Karen Olson view the collection oi dolls by Mrs. Homer T. Osborn. which was exhibited in the Art Gallery in March. Football SCHEDULE 1956 September 29 at Elgm Elgm Glenwood School for Boys October 6 at Ch1cago Elgln Harvard School of Chxcago 19 October 13 at Melrose Park Elg1n Walther Lutheran October 20 at Elgm Elgln Northwestern N 6: M School 21 Second Stnng Olson Sermas Flrxt String Walker McVey Elg1n Chlcago Lat1n F1rstRow left to nght Dunmng Hollrs Davrdson Gushxken Klee Roth McVey Walker Fraser Leven Brannen Ryan Coach Dobbert Second Row left to rlght Coach Iacobson Sermas Duncan Nmomlycx Becker Anderson Noms Margolf Olson Hargrave Padzmasky Argabnte and Woodruff is ,is-Ll .261- ' .............................................. 0 ' ........,..................,.................. 0 ' .............................................. 0 I .............................................. 7 October 27 ........................ at Elgin ' ALL CONFERENCE ' .............................................. 6 : ' l : ' ' ' .............................. 6 dz- gain?-'.' ' 'E-.fig .'Q',oQ.h.'- V to -, -. t-- H ,H W I957 Swimming Champions Workmg w1th one of the smallest sw1mm1ng teams 1n the h1story of Elgln Academy the able coach Rrchard Dobbert turned out a champron Shlp squad For the second strarght season the Hrlltoppers clenched the Pnvate School League t1tle thxs year by eleven pomts over the second place Francrs Parker squad Undefeated on th1s years team were M1ke Henry and Hugh McVey wlth Henry on spnng board d1v1ng and McVey swunmlng the 100 yard freestyle Rxck Olson was the lack of all trades and Wally Roth was a spot swxmmer hllrng 1n wherever he was needed Henry D1er1nger also 1S noteworthy as he tred the 40 yard freestyle league record of 19 9 seconds Drennger McVey and Henry took f1ISl 1n the P S L meet also Although these were the b1g wmners thrs year w1th a squad of only thrrteen members each was 1mponant m the success of the team Manager Paul Gushlken was a helpful asset to the team Co captams thrs year were Hugh McVey and Wally Roth An 1nterest1ng pomt th1s year IS the fact that the thlrteen boys won the champ1onsh1p on March 13th Left to nqht Nmomrya, Roth, Noms, Podzamsky, Sermas. Dxennger, Olson, Allen, McVey. Graham, Henry, Leven, Gushrken, and Coach Dobbert I . I ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' ... . ' 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . 1 ' . . "' 1 , . 1 SCHEDULE December 15 at Elgin Elgin 35 Wayland 40 Ianuary 26 at Elgin Elgin 45 Latin 22 Ianuary 30 at Chicago Elgin 41 Chnsuan 26 February 23 at Beaver Dam Elgin 3rd Wayland lst M U S 2nd non conference March 2 at Beaver Dam Elgin 31 Wayland 46 March 5 at Chicago Elgin 38 Parker 30 March 9 at Elgin Elgin 44 Luther North 24 Pnvate School League Championship Elgin lst Parker 2nd Left to nqht Henry McVey, Dier Inger and Olson February 6 at Elgin ...... Elgin 44. University H. 24 March 13 at Chicago .......................................... Basketball Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec an an an an an e Fe Fe Fe e Fe Fe VARSITY SCHEDULE at lllxana Elgm 60 at Lake Geneva Elgm 38 at Elgin Elgm at Wxnnetka Elgm at Elgln Elgm at Chicago Elgin at Chicago Elgm at Elgin Elgm Elgm 38 Elgm 43 Elgm 36 Elgin 24 Elgm 29 Elgin 47 at Elgm at Elgin at Chicago at Chicago at Elgin at Chicago at Glenwood Elgin 39 at Chicago Elgin 60 lllxana Chrxstxan Northwestern 62 Glenwood 62 North Shore 77 Walther Lutheran Sl Luther South 64 Chxcago Chrntxan 99 Francie Parker 74 North Parlr 53 Northwestern 53 Unxvemty Hugh 62 Txrnothy Christxan 54 Luther North 72 Harvard School 69 Glenwood 53 Latxn 68 Private School League Tournament Fmt round bye IUNIOR VARSITY Fnrst row lelt to nght Deeds Becker Summers Dunnmg Second row left to nght Coach Iacobson Grove Klee Huck cxrds Thomas Second Round Elgin 34 Wheaton Academy 60 VARSITY I-'nrst Row Hollxs Ryan Woodruff Walker Brannen .27 ' ' ' ' ' 34 . 30 ' . 7 ' 54 . ll ' ' 43 . ll ' 38 I . ll 35 I . 18 ' ' 37 ' ' ' l . I9 ' 39 ' l . 25 ' ' l . 30 ' F b.t ' ' ' ' . . : b. 2 ' ' ' : ' b. 5 ' ' ' b. I Feb. ll at Wheaton Elgin 38 Wheaton Academy 72 F b. 16 b. 19 ' b. 23 Second Row: Coach Icxcobson. Fraser, Lehr Duncan Thomas Tennis Fxrst Row left to rxqht Kantor Gordon Grave Lehr Second row Woodruff Ruker McVey Brannen New Gymnasium The board of trustees and graduates examrne the plan lor the new gym nasrum Left to nght Mr Charles Blomberg Mr Rrchard West Mr G P Iohnson Dr Claxre Healey Mrss Flor ence Raymond Headmaster Brett Mr Harry Walsh lr and Mrss Carolyn Stevens Track Front Row left to nght Thomas Wes cott Kaplan Coulon Pettrgrew Gale Second Row Paul Gushrl-ren Mtke Henry Henry Drerrnqer Wally Roth Lonnre Haarver Randy Anderson Ioe Newton Tom Hargrave Coach lacob son Z . . Z . . 1 1 1 ' Ae, V , . 9, x 1 . I it , ff.,' - "'ZH " '4' . Q n I s I 4.4, m 4 5 1igvg1jdl's:iW'fQzTf"'-iff 31, ' 1 Qs ' fig?-ffd I x qitxx 2' xl H A: ', "X vs- rfg- 4 745, 5 if i 4 f 24,3 Ryu' A mx, I H ,f Q 5 , I .Q " Q Fi iw U1 . f ,4,-pgfyzjffi.. ,V Q .lumor Prom Saturday June l Sears Art Gallery .lamarcan Farewell IOBt COMME Commencement act1v1t1es began wrth the sen 1or supper at the Elgrn Country Club as guests of Mr and Mrs Brett The semor holrday was a clay not to be forgotten at Whrte Pmes State Park Our next event was the wonderful Prom that the Iunror Class gave rn honor of the senro s Th art gallery was attractrvely decorated w1th the mgenlous 1dea of a Iamarcan Farewell Drane Park and Brll Grabowskr led the grand march and musrc for dancmg was played by Sonny Lawrence and h1s band The Baccalaureate servrce was held at the Frrst Methodlst Church wrth our Elgrn Academy Cho1r partrcrpatrng rn the anthems wrth the regu lar church cholrs No semor w1ll forget the play 1ng of the academy hymn that day After the ordeal of frnal examrnatmons was over the entrre school gathered rn the ar gallery for the annual presentatron of the honors and awards Members of the faculty presented the medals letters and prrzes that undergraduates and senrors earned throughout the year The most sustarned applause was grven the swrm mlng team for therr second consecutrve vrctory rn the Pnvate School League champronshrp meet at the Umverslty of Chrcago Graduatlon was held rn the art gallery on Saturday mornlng Iune 8 D1plomas were re cerved by twenty f1Ve members of the class Mr Brett was assrsted by Mr Lee Ward presrdent of the board of trustees The Rev Mr Elmer S H1ortland of the Un1ted Lutheran Church Oak N CEME T Park dehvered a challengrng graduftron ad dress What About Tomorrow? The Elgrn Academy Cho1r under the d1rect1on of Rlchard L Carter and accompanred by Constance Koe hne sang two anthems Open Our Eyes by MacFarlane and O How Amlable Are Thy Dwell1ngs by Ralph Vaughan Wlll1GmS Mrs Koehne and Donald Mrller pranrsts played the processronal Pomp and C1rcumstance by Ed ward Elgar and accompanred the audrence rn the srng ng of the hymn Once To Every Man and Natron Roy Becker presrdent welcomed the parents and guests to the graduation program and 'Vonnell Mastr1 presrdent of the Aelchlonan Socrety spoke of the actrvrtres of the students durmg the year The Rev Mr Wrllram Evans gave the mvocatron led 1n the academy prayer and followrng the srngrng of the academy hymn by the audrence pronounced the benedrctron The malor awards of the graduatron ceremony were presented to several members of the semor class Paul Gushrken of Lrma Peru recewed the Ora L Pelton Ill award as the outstanding boy of the senror class Phyllrs Rogers was an nounced as the valedrctonan of her class and was awarded the Mother Daughter medal Von nell Mastrr was the salutatonan of her class and recerved the Lreberman award for outstandmg achrevement The complete l1st of awards for semors and underclassmen w1ll be found on overleaf These students were actrve m the graduatnon and awards ceremorues on the campus Iune 7 and 8 Vonnell Mastn wmrrer of the Ltebermar award lor outstandma achxevement Roy Becker student spealer on the graduatlon program Phyll s Rogers w mn r ot the Mother Da 1 Jr rter award Marlt Walker the Mat r t Yah Pa xl Gushwen x nner o the Ora L Pelton lll avnarf' and Hugh McVey the Wenner E trophy O 0 J ' I J ' . . H ,, . , . . . . , ' ' ' ' A- . ' H ,I , , . . . ., . V 1 . 9 . . . ., . . - . I . . . ,, . ,, - - 5 1, . . . - H . - . , -1 - I I - I . . X . . 1 I , . A . . . K , . 1 , ' ' I I . I I t e . - l 'c E rt, y, 2 , f Two vrews of the accxdemlc processxon m the Sears Art Gallery cmd the prmcrpal par l1ClpGI'llS m program Mr Mar cmd the Rev Elmer S H1ort lcmd Paul Guqluken and Phyllrs Rogers award wm ners vin L. Brett, Mr. Lee Ward, Sr., I X J I '. ATHLETIC AWARDS WARDS A Craduates rn tl upper lrfth of Claudra rlxcks lane Valedxctorran IFour Year Averager Salutatorran fFour Year Averagel Frrst Rankrng Senror Honorable Mentron Frrst Rankxng Iunror Honorable Mentron Frrst Rankrng Sophomore Honorable Mentron Frrst Rankmg Freshman Honorable Mentron Fxrst Rankmg Erghth Grade Student Honorable Mentxon Frrst Rankrng Sex enth Grade Student Honorable Mentron Excellence rn Englrsh lSusan B S ars Honorable Mentron Excellence rn Socral Studres Honorable Mentron Excellence rn Latrn Honorable Mentron Excellence rn Modern Language Honorable Mentron Excellence rn Mathematrcs fLaura Davrdson Sears Awardl D PRIZES FOR I9 6-I957 ACADEMIC AWARDS CUM LAUDE SOCIETY Phylhs Rogers Vonnell Mastr Phyllrs Rogers Vonnell Mastrx Lee Grove Rtchard Olson Nancy Deeds Murray Webster Alda Bxrgerson Mano Rangel Dorothy Schetgen Bruce Thomas Marc Levme Kent Olson Phyllis Rogers Claudra Hrcks Richard Olson Lewts Woodruff Ernst von Meerwall Murray Webster Iames Leland Grove Vonnell Mastrr Awardl Phyllxs Rogers the Senror Class elected to the Natronal Honor Soctety of Cum Laude lanrsch Vonnell Mastn Phyllrs Rogers Lewrs Woodruff Excellence rn Scrence Physrcal Scrence CBausch and Lomb Medal? Roy Becker Natural Sc1encefWayne F Replogle Awardl George Smolka Scrence and Mathematrcs KW L Ogden Awardl Wrllram Grabowskr Excellence rn Grrls Physrcal Educatxon Alda Brrgerson Rotary Club Award Iames Grove Vonnell Mastrr Phyllrs Rogers Colomal Daughters of Amerrca Essay on Amerrcamsm Iames Leland Grove MOTHER DAUGHTER AWARD Phylhs Rogers For the grrl graduate who has made the most outstandmg con trrbutron to the Elgrn Academy rn crtrzenshrp socral umty and sprrrt of cooperahon ORA L PELTON Ill AWARD Paul Gushrken For the boy who best typxfxes the :deals and character of The Elgrn Academy He must maxntarn defmxte scholashc standards be a Malor E club member have a well balanced rnterest m school actrvrtres wrth especral emphasxs on lrterary publxcatrons dramatrcs or debatrng ACTIVITIES AWARDS Excellence rn Art Vonnell Mastrr Honorable Mentron Iohn Podzamsky THE IANE PELTON WOLF WATERCOLOR COMPETITION Fxrst Prrze Burnrng Crty Felrx Ortega Second Prrze Balloons lane Ianrsch Honorable Mentron Roy Becker Scott Crsney Iohn Fraser Ianrce Harrrdge Maryory Hurtel Paul Krnq Vonnell Mastrr Anwer Sulerman Excellence rn Musrc Phyllxs Roger Honorable Mentron Kazuo Nrnomrya Iudrth Prrtchard Musart Club Award llll Fdwards Honorable Mentron Nancy Deeds Mrchael Wnght Excellence rn Dramatrcs D1Cme Pflrk Honorable Mentron Mrchael Henry Vonnell Mastrr Mark Walker Excellence rn Publrcatrons Phyllrs Rogers Vonnell Mastrl Carolyn Lawton Claudra Hicks Masque and Gavel Award for Most Improved Student Lewrs Woodruff Qurll and Scroll Award for Creatrve Wntrng Phyllrs Rogers MERIT STATUS lOne or more gradrng perrocls for the yearl Susan Adaxr Alda Brrgerson George Brannen Scott Crsney Dana Deeds Nancy Deeds Deborah Edwards Pretro Gabettx Edward Gordon Wlllram Grabowskr Iames Grove Paul Gushr ken Claudra Hrcks lane Ianrsch Lawrence Klee Carolyn Law ton Harry Lehr Marc Levrne Nancy Lutz Vonnell Mastrr Kent Olson Rrchard Olson Iudrth Prrtchard Mano Rangel Phyllrs Rogers Dorothy Schetgen Bruce Thomas Ernest von Merrwall Murray Webster Lewrs Woodruff 'ir rr DANIEL M TODD AWARD For Constructrve Leadershrp Rrchard Olson LESLIE D IGLEHEART AWARD For Cooperatron Lewrs Woodru'f ARTHUR F LIEBERMAN AWARD For Outstandrng Grrl rn Achrevement Vonnell Mastrr HARVARD CLUB OF CHICAGO AWARD For Outstandrng Boy rn Achrevement rn Iumor Class Iames Leland Grove Mayor E Trophy Mark Walker Lreberman Award for Sportsmanshrp Walter E Roth Ir The Tenms Trophy Bnrce Kanter Wenner E Trophy Hugh McVey Valentrne Sportsmanshrp Trophy for Grrls Nancy Deeds Valentrne Tennrs Trophy for Gxrls flmprovementl Deborah Edwards THE UNDERGRADUATE SPORTS TROPHY Football Phrlrp Ryan Tennts George Brannen Basketball George Brannen Track Olon Haarver Swrmmrng Howard Scott Allen Ir MAIOR E Football Roy Anderson Walter Becker George Brannen Tony Davrdson Iohn Fraser Paul Gushrken Olon Haarvel Tom Hargrave Lawrence Klee Norman Leven Iohn Margolf Hugh McVey Kazuo Nrnomxya Charles Noms Rrchard Olson Iohn Podzamsky Walter Roth Phrlrp Ryan Mrch aelSermas Mark Walker Lewrs Woodruff Walter Wnght Basketball George Brannen Edward Duncan Carl Hollts Harry Lehr Phrhp Ryan Mark Walker Lewis Woodruff Swrmmrng Scott Allen Henry Drermger Davrd Graham Paul Gushrken Mxchael Henry Norman Leven Iohn Margolf Hugh McVey Kazuo Nmomrya Charles Norrrs Rtchard Olson Iohn Podzamsky Walter Roth Track Davrd Gale Paul Gushrken Olon Haarver Carl Hollis Walter Roth Iose Vargas Tennrs George Brannen Edward Gordon Lee Grove Bruce Kantor Harry Lehr Hugh McVey Lewxs Woodruff Managers Robert Dunning Lee Grove Paul Gushxken Bruce Thomas Cheerleaders lrll Edwards Claudra Hrcks Vonnell Mastrt Leshe McVey Karen Wood MINOR E Football Mrchael Henry Basketball Walter Becker Dana Deeds Robert Dunmng Lee Grove Lawrence Klee Paul Rrckards Track Ioe Newton Stephen Pettrgrew Tennrs Rrchard Olson Robert Ruker Q' fr sb ' ' ' A ,,,.,,,,....,,...... Q if Q ' ..... I ,'.'. A ' 15' YY ff Honorable Mention .,...., . ........' . ,'.'. .'..'.'.v. .... Ioseph Dow ' . ' - Q W if .....,.,.,. I V U ' . . Creative Writing This section of the yearbook is devoted to the literary efforts of the students. Mr. I. W. Fetherlin and Mr. I. M. Thompson, instructors in English. have collected the essays and poetry written by the students to be included this year. This section also provides the opportunity for the members of the art classes to create designs for the yearbook cover and title pages. Iohn Podzamsky's silk screen was chosen for the cover by Mr. C. Dean Chiprnan, head of the art department. Five title pages were designed and drawn using the silk screen process by members of the art classes. They are "Clubs," Iohn Podza- THE ONE GREAT TEACHER Lord help me to study And lncrease my knowledge That l may further my studies And work on through college Education will offer The tendency to see Thy splendid creation Thou hast set before rn By You my Creator My life s path ts planned Please make me worthy Of thy helping hand Help me to remember To dispel all my fear msky: Activities," lane Ianisch: "Sports," Iohn Margolf: "Commencement," Ieanne Owens: and "Creative Writing," Vonnell Mastri. lohn Podza- msky, a junior, designed and drew the cover for the Christmas program. The spring program's cover was designed and executed by two sen- iors, Roy Becker and Paul King. Much of the poems and prose in this section have been accepted in the National Anthology of Poetry. Some of the students have had two or more of their works accepted which makes them eligible for the Creative Writing Club. THE SEA A massive stretch of foamy peaks The salty brine of ocean deep Rising waves caress the sea Foamy bubbles dance with glee The gracious dives the fishes make Leaving npples in their wake Seagulls searching for their prey Spend a long and tedious day The seashell spread along the sand Washed endlessly from hand to hand The lonely echo as a song Drones on and on from dusk to dawn All these things create for me The magic beauty of the sea For the One perfect Teacher ls constantly near ren wood 59 Alda Birgerson 60 HEMEMBRANCE Why do you haunt me' And keep me awake at nxqht You re always before me 4 , Constantly ln my sight I cant get rid of your image No matter how hard I try You re sweet face before me Makes me want to cry I loved you so very much But God took you away from me The memory of your cute little bark Will always remain with me Carolyn Lawton 57 LIFE IS NEVER DULL AT THE COTTAGE When you put seven teenage girls with dif in an area of little more than a few square feet add all the problems laughs and tears that make adolescent life the crazy mess that it is season well with tension young love and graduation and then stir and heat you ve got anything but a dull dorm Each of the seven Cottage Cuties is an en tirely different individual with different personity traits actions characteristics habits manner isms and most of all a mind of her own There are bound to be clashes of personality hurt feelings and occasion displays of temper Such there are also bound to be happy times times when the differences among the girls help to enrich their understanding of the human race and make them glad that all people arent as they are Those times are never to be forgotten by those who are a part of them Ill never forget those times I know Ill never forget the spats between room mates the pranks played on one another or the talking over and crying about each others problems Ill never stop being thankful for being a part of them either Vonnell Mastn 57 e. ' : Ka ' ferent environments and temperaments together things are natural in a situation like this. But ELGIN ACADEMY MY CHOICE Elgxn Academy l stand up and rerorce Yes out of many you were my choxce Your students are frlendly and facu'ty great As a school m the natlon you re the number one rate When fxrst I came here I was frxghtened and sad Now that I know you we are glad For rules and handbooks are struct to an extent But l took that mto thought when I paxd my rent Academy I hft my head so hxgh And sung your hymn standxng stralqht to the sky Yes Elgm Academy I stand up and reroxce Because out of many you were my choxce Carl I-Iolhs 59 DREAM A dream rs a world so full of thoughts And fears that I can feel The desxres of glory peace and love Yearnrngs whxch long to be real But man has dreamed hrs dreams to hfe Destroying kxllmg and war So flee on my fondest hope tls a dream You be and nothrng more ee Grove 58 MY PRAYER I pray Thee Lord Watch over me Hear my plea I want so much To do Thy wxll Into my heart Thy love mstxll Guard me rn thxs My undertakmg Keep me from Thy path forsakxng Whxle I walk thrs road Lord gulde my feet And when at last I rest May rt be not rn defeat Phylhs Rogers 57 THE GAME Twenty two men hned up rn a row Wartmg for the kick of the ball to go Twenty two men all wanting to wm Each man wrll grve his all rn the dm There s the kxck so hxgh and long The runner hopes hell do no wrong The score goes up on the board O the excxtement of the screammg horde The penods go by one by one Then the sound of the fmal gun lts over now we re sad we lost Today we thmk xt really cost In the future well see a gain lust the some WXXXXXX THE HELPLESS SOLDIER As he hes stanng at the nxqht And thmlung of that dreadful sight The srght of all those men and boys Lyxng as wounded helpless toys He glanced up through the swaymg trees And sard a prayer to God to please Let hmm be taken very soon Beneath thxs bloody wavery moon And as he hes upon the turf He thmks of glrmmenng dancmg surf Of playmg games and drmkmg coke Of pretty laughter and campfire smoke And through a maze of dlrt and fhes A wondrous slght does anse The srqht of an angel as she brings A pass to heaven on her wings At last hrs weavered breathmg slows Unto God rn heaven he goes It was from hrs beloved land That he was taken by Gods hand I.eshe McVey 59 ANOTHER F To pass a course ls all I wlsh I so often miss" I srt m class Day by day Dreammq on m Merry way The teachers rant and rave so often I wrsh sometlmes I were ln my coffm And then xt comes the semesters end And next year I am to begm agam Ioanne Iobsky 58 ONE LAST GOLDEN BEAM One last golden beam Does Iastmgly gleam A gullded haze A frery blaze I-hgh rn the sky My deft eyes spy Its forceful mxght Oh' such a glorious slght' I am one gram on a mxghty beach Oh Lord' I beseech May my heart forever xt does keep The harvest II does reap So that one fmal golden beam We ve leur-red fan- play by plqymg the game, May be a vnslon for each future dream Rlck Olson 58 Bull Coulon 61 , 1 . I I I 1 . I ' ' ' I L . Hold me close, Why is it lf' l Y ' : l . I n I DREAMS Into the heart they enter unseen offering rest at the close of the day In the hush of the evening-in the silence of night They hasten all trials and grievings away. Sometimes they consume the soul with great love Burning the heart with an unquenched fire And sometimes recalling the bloom of the past A life being empty is filled with desire. But e're the best music is heard in the ear Brightest glory-maiestlc-resplendent-ls shown Alas! As the bird in their plumage take flight With haste. they depart and are gone. Barbara Moore '59 fx U SPRING Fall has ended Winters gone No more frost at early dawn. Trees are budding leaves appear All relotce for spring is here Flowers open to the sun Closing up when day ls done Birds in treetops songs they sing Now and then fly off on wing Skies boast blue white clouds float by Soon the ground begins to dry Blades of grass begin to show In contrast with the melting snow Well wom sleds are put away Baseball and swimming here to stay School kids stopping for a chat Wlll tell you they are happy that Winters gone Join ln the cheer All are glad for Spring is here' Karen Wood 59 The magic golden of the stars is slowly slipping away and the pink blush of morning is stealing over the hills It gathers crescendo until the still waters are crimson with its light A shadow floats over the forest a heron on its way to a secluded swamp All is still unul a sudden movement in the mist It is a timid doe and her wide-eyed fawn coming to lap the cool water before the heat of day sets m Then they are gone as quickly as they came and there as silence once more The sun rises and the creatures of the day come out to frolic in the sun Squirrels chatter blueiays squawk and a lumbenng bear leads her cubs to the blueberry patch Every where ls warmth and light Dawn has come to the forest Dawna Oberg 59 A THOUGHT Lord, as l sit at my desk tonight, My mind is all in a muddle: In this crazy mixed up world. I wonder just how great is your might. The moment I think of you- The wonders you have done: The miracles you have performed- My wonder of you begins to ensue. And yet as I think without fear. l see a light brightening the way: This is your light which so great, Enlightens my mind so clear. Nancy Deeds '59 MONDAY AND MAN DCNT MIX Monday morning is far from peppy l find lt quite degrading lm awakened at six to say the least By the childrens escapadrng Stumbling stghtlessly into the kitchen With breakfast as my goal I plug in our Handy toaster And short the mam control' The refrigerators full of tasty morsels But who wants hash or beans' The mxlkman s come and left our butter Next to a can of sardmes In despair l turn to the kitchen cabinet Searching for something to eat Aha I spy a cardboard package But its Ready Mix Concrete I hnally resort to a cup of coffee Things couldnt be more blue But alas alackaday when I poured it The coffee grains seeped through The morning paper s my last consolation Despite my hunger and thirst l open the door-and discover That Fido qot there first Lee Grove 58 STUDY HALL At 7 25 PM each school night a bell rings to warn the students that the dreaded two hour penod known as study hall is only five minutes away To every Elgin Academy boarding student this means everyone upstairs to congregate ln someone s room for a bull session or start putting clothes away When the 7 30 bell rings there is a mass stampede which endangers the lives of all slow moving people To some students cleaning up ts a good way to kill time to others one tires of magazines one can always try studying The favonte position seems to be horizontal with the backs of the necks resting against the chair The typical student tires of study after 10 minutes which means its time for a das turbance Bothenng those who try to accomplish something seems to be the aim of the noise makers By this time the 8 30 bell nngs and a five minute break begins At 8 35 the stampede once again takes precedence over everything else After regaining a horizontal positron one looks at his textbooks and wonders how anything can be so dry Tmng quickly the student wonders Does that cute sophomore like me or what will I do on the next open weekend' After contemplating these questions its time to talk to the neighbor Flnally 9 30 rolls around and there is a mass sigh of rehef and a mad rush downstairs Total work done nothing Lewis Woodruff 57 ' . A - - . DAWN IN THE FOREST the latest hot rod magazine passes minutes quidkly. After MY LOVE Tender passions, strong and firm Kindling fire within my soul. O' Love. Thy presence brings me peace Thou art my comfort, ioy, and goal. Thy voice when heard at break of dawn Reveals a icy to me-soon gone. Alas. I see thee but an hour Thou leavest me weeping in the bower. O' would that one day I could tell The love with which my heart doth swell. lf thou couldst know that I love thee My heart would rest and l'd be free. Barbara Moore '59 THE PASSING OF AUTUMN The smoke from the bumrnq autumn leaves Fills the atr with pungent fumes As it makes its way stealthily through the clouds Forming pattems like lacemakers looms It covers the earth with a volume of grayness As long as the leaves still fall Now the trees stand barren devoid of their foliage With open arms to the fall IDEALS OF THE PIONEERS They fought for every mch of land They fought wtth gun and sweat and hand They built their homes and toiled on Till all the light of day was gone They worked each day the broad expanse Yet they were glad to have the chance The chance to live and work and pray The chance to see a harvest mown And on that day theyd proudly say This house this land rt ts my own X! DEFIANCE Only a broken pillar of the past remains, And in the future strange figures illumina But what of the present, From within a rose racked with torment. Here I stand, my soul like a vagabond Not knowing to what l should respond. The past and all its glory. The future with its fury. l live from day to day Full of bewilderment and dismay. te their frames But then who among you can show me the way? Irene Wiley '57 INDIAN SUMMER Wisps of smoke on the still night air Memories of the summers past A harvest moon shining bright and fair It s Indian Summer at last The autumn leaves of red and gold Falling to the ground so fast The smoky smell of the autumn air Its Indian Summer at last William Grabowski 58 GET A WIGGLE ON' Hurry' hurry' hurry' The work is all awamng Lessons to do articles to write And stories for translating The poem must be wntten The speech must be prepared The music has yet to be practised The 'books are not repaired What shall l do' I stnxggle But seem to be too slow l can only keep on trying I must do the best l know George Brannen 58 phyllts Rogers 57 xxx Lee Grove '58 Mr. and Mrs. L. Adair C. Appleman Mrs. W. H. Argabrite lr. B. A. Brannen lack Davis Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards Fred Gale Mr. and Mrs. Max Geiselhart Mr. and Mrs. lack Grundtest Mr. and Mrs. Ray Heider Mr. and Mrs. W. C. laniscli Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kaplan Ioseph Spiess Co. Iohn Sexton 61 Co. Sportsman's Lodge Strohm Coal Co. Penny's Ettner's Shoe Store B.K. Photo Supply I. R. Lancey Elgin National Watch Co. Rock River Lumber Co. PATRONS Mi. and Mrs. W. F. Lawton lohn Leven Giles McVey F. C. Margolf Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olson Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard Dr. lack Rodriguez Rev. and Mrs. William F. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Watt Richard West Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Woodruff CONTRIBUTORS Toastmaster Products Division Ludwig Milk Co. Ackemann's Bazos Bros. Cleaners Roberta Folonie Hedges Manufacturing Co. Elgin Corrugated Box Co. Economy Oil Rovelstad Bros. True-Ade Co. The stall of the 1957 Hilltop gratefully acknowledges the assistance ot those who have helped make this publication a reality. For the many photographs on these pages: Mr. Warren Aikin, the Elgin Courier-News. the late Wilbur Ogden, and Mr. I. M. Thompson. For assistance in locating information: Mrs. Della Pillinger. For the printing ol the book: Mr. Reeves and the Kelmscott Press, Aurora. Illinois. THE ELGIN ACADEMY STUDENT ROSTER ADAIR SLSAN .. ,, . Apartggo -533 AITKEN MICHAEL 'fi May Street ALLEN I-IOIFJARD SCOTT QR E'4 BOOI Parkway ,. .. ANDERSON, ROY FREDERIC JR 3-5 R ver Bluff ROCCI EAER ROBERTA BARTHOLOMEJ- LYNN BECKER ROY BECKER 'WALTER EEGHE Gt'sO EERTRAM FALL EIRGERSON F--DA ELIDE '-ANCrf EATOX ERANKEH GEORGE J. ERITO MARIO BROWN JLD.TH ., Ciswfv scott COLLON, WILLIAM , DAVIDSON ANTHONY DAVIS SHARON .. DEEDS DANA . . . DEEDS NANCY DIERINGER HENRY W JR DOUGHERTY, SARA JANE. DOW JOSEPH .. , DUNCAN XNILLIAM DUNNING ROBERT VJADE EDWARDS DEBORAH . EDWARDS JILL . . EMERY, ANNE .. FLOOR MARY JANE.. . FRASER, JOHN ..... .. . GABETTI PIETRO GALE DAVID . GEISELHART, RLJDY GONZALES, ILDEMARO GORDON, EDWARD . . GRABOWSKI, WILLIAM GRAEBNER, JUDITH ,....... GRAHAM DAVID ' .. GROVE, JAMES LELAND ...... SRUNDFEST, MARILYN . SUSHIKEN, PAUL ....., HAARVEI, OLON ,..... HARGRAVE, THOMAS .. HARRIDGE JANICE ..... HENRY, MICHAEL .. HICKS, CLAUDIA ...,.. HOLLIS, CARL ,....,...,.,... HOLMES, SUZANNE .,... HURTELL, MARJORY JANISCH, JANE ........ JOESKY JOANNE .... JONES, LINDA ,,.... .. KANTOR, BRUCE ...... KAPLAN, HERBERT ,.., KING, PAUL .,.. ........ KLEE, LAWRENCE ...,.......... LAWTON CAROLYN .,...... LEI-IR, HARRY GRAHAM, J LEVEN, NORMAN . ,... . LEVINE, MARC ,,,.. LLJTZ, NANCY ..... MARGOLF, JOHN MASTRI, LONA .........,.., . MASTRI, VONNELL . . VON MEERWALL, ERNST ..., McVEY, HUGH A . McVEY JOAN ,.,.,. McVEY LESLIE . MOLERO, CARLOS JOSE.... MOORE, BARBARA ..,... NEINMAN, STEPHEN , NEWTON JERVIS . NINOMIYA, KAZUO ..... NORRIS CHARLES E . OBERG DAWNA ... OLSON KAREN . , OLSON, KENT ..,.. ., .. OLSON RICI-IARC ORTEGA, FELIX EDMUNDO OWENS, JEANNE .,............. .. PARK, DIANE ..,...,.., ..... PETTIGREW STEPHEN ,,., PODZAMSKY, JOHN ,. PRITCHARD JUOITH EEOC Champion Avenue -.,t snerwozi Zr..e . PO Eox ' . P3 Edv -I iss' Ch o Street E1 p Efonx A.e'..e 5414 Nancierzoei Avenue .. ECI 2 Fourth Street Carretera de Gibara . , .. -ICO Main Street. .. 930 Glencoe Road Q-13OFir Street. . ,, 419 Burton Street .,.,.,,. .. ... -Vi Hampshire Avenue... International Petroleum Co ...., International Petroleum Co ....,. Hawley Woods. . ... ..,. ..,. . f6l7 I4Oth Place.. . Avenue Ohregon 54 . I I Norbloorn .,.,,.., 9-16 Highland Avenue.. ,. Crane Road .. ,. . Crane Road Rockhll Farrn , .,.. . ICS-C S. Maple Avenue .,,...., RSS. ..., , .,.. ,.,......,, ..,.. . . Foto Tahon, Pasaie Tarbes .... ' 1956-1957 Caracas, Venezuela . Elmhurst, Illinois ......Winnetka, Illinois . ...Elgin, Illinois Ch :ago I9 Illinois Beloit, Wisconsin Wadsworth, Illinois Wadsworth Illinois Chicago, Illinois Skokie Illinois Granville Illinois .. Chcogo 20 Illinois , Geneva, Illinois Holauin, Oriente, Cuba , .,..,. .. Bartlett, Illinois ,. Glencoe Iliinotg . ,.,. . Glenview, Illinois ,..l-tighland Park, Illinois . ,..,,.. .. Elmhurst, Illinois ,....Bogota, Columbia ,.....Bogota, Columbia ....Barrington, . . ..East Chicago Navsioa, Sonora, .. Bloominrjton, Glen Ellyn ., . .St Charles .......St. Charles ..Woodstock ......Oak Pork , ...... .. .....Elgin, Illinois , Illinois Mexico lllrnais , Illinois Illinois , Illinois , Illinois Illinois Illinois ........Volencia, Venezuela, S,A. CII South Kenilworth Avenue. . .......,.,.,., Oak Park, Illinois IC' E Irving Park Road .....,...,. ,,..., ..,.,.. ,.,,,.. R o s elle, Illinois El Paraiso .. ., .,. .... ...... , ,., ..Caracas, Venezuela, S,A. U99 Hiawatha Drive .........,..... ............. .,......., E I gin, Illinois 432 North Werth Avenue .. ....,. ,,,Elgin, Illinois SIS Chatham Road ....,., IO33 S Hamlin Avenue, ZI4 Academy Place., ,. . Las 'cL5'fiil5i'tOQis'2'f"f,'ff . c o T Nakamura, i357 East 5 ill Francis Avenue. ............. . QI7 Maple Road ..... S55 Hinmon Avenue ......, PO, Box 1594 ....,.... ,..,...,.. ITZ4 Greenleaf Avenue ...... IZ47 Lincoln Road ........... 6l2 Madison Street ..,..,.,. 36l Montrose Avenue .....,., 324 S. Division Street .... .. 624 Plantmore Drive ........ 462 Maxwell Street ............... IOIO N. Kenilworth Avenue ...., 6049 N. Bernard Avenue ......,. 4l7 Lenox Street ....,....,..,,..,.,..,. 2920 Commonwealth Avenue ....... 4lI Park Avenue West ........,..... 5442 North Kenmore Avenue .,.. F47 W. Sheridan Road .,..... .... . T335 Lowell Avenue ...,.......... .. 3238 N Oak Park Avenue ..,. . QOIA Washington Boulevard .. .. ll4O Lockwood Avenue ,....... I I4O Lockwood Avenue, ........ . .. .Elmhurst, Illinois . .. Park Ridge, Illinois .......Elgin, Illinois .........RolIrng Fork, Mississipoi ........San Isrdro, Lima, Peru Ind Street Chicago IS, Illinois ............,......,Rockford, Illinois ........Barrrngton, Illinois .............Evanstan, Illinois .......,Dharan, Saudi Arabia . ......... Chicago 26, Illinois Rat Haus Plat: 4 Kitzouehl ,.....,,..,..,... ...,,.... T trol, c o R J Folonie I246 N. S ISE N, McLean Boulevard ....... 'EE N McLean Boulevard ,..... IEE N McLean Boulevard ..... Ch meerazo a Tenidero S3 ..... 5517 Dorchester Avenue ...,.. 4'-WO N Fairfield Avenue ....... 228 W Lincoln Street ,..,....,. .,.. egx Qss ..,.. ..., . 659 Wright Street . Beecher Road . ...,. . ...,...........Columbus 26, Ohio ......Lake Geneva, Wisconsin ................EIrnhurst, Illinois .....,....Janesville, Wisconsin . ................ Ferguson, Missouri ..,....Sarnia, Ontario, Canada . . ........... Oak Park, Illinois ......Chrcago, Illinois ,.......Oak Park, Illinois ......Chicago I4, Illinois ,....,Princeton, Illinois ....... Chicago, Illinois ,........Chicago, Illinois Springfield, Illinois ,.....Chicago 34, Illinois .. .,.,. Oak Park, Illinois ......Chicago Sl, Illinois ..........,.......Chicago Sl, Illinois Austria tate Street, Chicago, Illinois Illinois . ,.Elgln, Illinois Elgin, Illinois Caracas Venezuela, SA. . .......... Chicago 37, Illinois . .... ......... C hicago 45, Illinois .......LioertvviIIe, Illinois E95 Kami-Ktrazawa 4vchome ......., Setegava-ku, Tokyo, Japan c o Lee J Tunkis, Hatpat Ranch, 3550 Lovall Valley Road, Sonoma, California . ...... West Chicago, Illinois .. .......... ...Elgin, Illinois .... .Winfield Illinois .Winfieldi Illinois Beecher Road , .... . ..,.... .... ..,..... . . .. Brgcclner Road . .. . .. .. .. ....,.. . ,,... Winfield, Illinois E1 t-cle Ortega Axentda Sucre. ., Caracas Venezuela, SA. SSS N, Ilth Street ...,.., ,.............. ..... . . . ..RocheIle, Illinois 2SI9 Thayer ,. ...,.,..,........ ......... E vonston, Illinois 434 Montclair Avenue ........ .. ..... ...Glen Ellyn, Illinois MIS W Washington Street. , . .. . .West Chicago Illinois ISS? Spr ng Lake Drive... . ..... ,OrlandoI Florida ig ,uw ,K RANGEL, LUIZ EDUARDO.. RANGEL, MARIO ...,..,.....,.., RICKARDS, PAUL EDWARD RODRIQUEZ, JACK ..,.., .,., RODRIGUEZ, JOSE OSCAR. ROGERS, CHRISTINE .......,.. ROGERS, PHYLLIS .....,....... ROTH, WALTER E. JR .,,... RUKER, ROBERT .......,. RYAN, PHILIP .,.........,. SANDNES, BARBARA ....... SCHAEFFER, RANDY C ...,.. SCHETGEN, DOROTHY .,... SERMAS, MICHAEL ...,..., SHAPIRO, BARBARA , . SMOLKA GEORGE .,.,.,, STARCK, DIANE .,.,.,,., SULEIMAN, ANWER ,..... SULEIMAN, KATIE .. .. SUMMERS, JOHN .... SWISHER, SALLY ,. THOMAS, BRUCE H ,,..,...,.,.. VARGAS, JOSE FRANCISCO. . . VOSSE, FRED M., JR ....... I, WALKER, MARK DUANE... WATT MELINDA .....,.,.,... WEBSTER, MURRAY ..,... WESTCOTT, .IERROLD WILEY, IRENE ,,.,,......,, WILLIS, SARA SUE ...,..,,,,. WOOD, KAREN ..,..... ,......,.. WOODRUFF, LEWIS W. JR, WRIGHT, WALTER ........,,., ZELLET, FRANCINE .,,....,.... ZIMMERMAN, DOROTHY .. BANKARD, HEATHER .... FISCHER, RAULAND .. GORDON, TED ..,..,.... HEIDER BARBARA ..,., HEIDER, DONALD .... S54 Epitacio Pessoa ,,.,.. 354 Epitacio Pessoo ,,.... 6712 Arthur Avenue ,........,... Lakewood Estates ..,.......,....,,.,... San Benito, Santa Monica. ,,,.. ,, 1705 W. Roosevelt Road, ...... , IOIO Wood Street R11 ..,......., 911 N. Oak Park Avenue ...... Edgewater Beach Apartments ..., 545 E, Chicago Street ,....... ,... 2318 Bernard Street .,.,.,...,,... 1954 Sunset Ridge Road ........ Box 236 ...........,.................... 205 River Avenue .....,...... Z-IZB W Morse Avenue ,,..,.. 3122 W, Belle Plame ...,.... Arrowhood Form,,,, .,,....,.,.,,.. Box 22, ,.,.... ,.........................,..... eo L M. ill., 1217 W. 7110 South Constance Street ....., 345 W. Joe Orr Road .......,., .... 209 Pork Lane .........,. Valle de Ia Poscua ..........,.,. B14 N. Michigan Avenue ....... Box I I 5 ............................ 506 Gowanda Avenue .,..... R:2, Box 321 .......,.............. 3520 Lake Shore Drive .....,. IOOO Lake Shore Drive ....... Linden Avenue ....,..,.. N E, 14th Avenue .,.... 288 441 953 Western Avenue ....... R:1, Box 191 ....,........,... 814 Spruce Street ..,...,.....,....,...... The ERMEDIATE GRADES 946 N. Spring Street ...,,... 456 Regent Street ......... Cottage, Elgin Academym... 1199 Hiawatha Drive .,....., ,........ 403 N, Commonwealth Avenu 403 N. Commonwealth Avenu C.. C.. PRLJSSING, NINA .... 374 Dwight Strat!! .....,,,,.......,.. SCHLEIFER, THOMAS .. , Route 2, Boi 11 ,. STURM, ELIZABETH . .. H277 Grace Street .,....Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ...,..Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . ...,.,..... St. Louis, Missouri ..,..,.,.,.Dundee, Illinois .......Corocas, Venezuela, S,A. ....,.......,.....Wheaton, Illinois .........,,,...Multon, Missouri .....,,.Oak Park, Illinois ...,...Chicogo, Illinois ,.,......Elgin, Illinois .......Chicogo, Illinois ......Glenview, Illinois .,..,.,...Geneva, Indiana Holland, Michigan ....,...Chicago 45, Illinois ........Chicago I8, Illinois ......,.,........Woodstock, Illinois Iraq Huron, Ann Arbor, Michigan . .......,...,......,., Chicago, Illinois ........Chicago Heights, Illinois , ....,.......,.,. Roselle, Illinois ...,.,Edo. Guarico, Venezuela .,......,.,.,.,.Chicago, Illinois ..................Farina, Illinois .......Mount Prospect, Illinois ..,....,...Barrington, Illinois ,. ,,.., . .,... Chicago, Illinois ....,.........,.Chicago, Illinois . ,....... ,...... . ..Decatur, Illinois ..,...Fort Lauderdale, Florida ..,....,.,......,...JoIiet, Illinois ......,..,..,,Gorland, Texas ....,...DeerfieId, Illinois ...,........EIgin, Illinois ......EIgin, Illinois .,,..,EIgin, Illinois ......Elgin, Illinois .....,Elgin, Illinois ...,.. Elgin, Illinois .,,..,Elgin, Illinois ........Dundee, Illinois .. Elmhurst, Illinois - f" T ' . . If '9 'E ,Neil-" 5 53? ,ho ,r F141 .5 Q I Q. fa "'3!' z:s ff ,.

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