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x Q1 w wx-.Fav K! 1 'f xv, x The I9 6 Hllltop The Elgm Academy ELGIN ILLINOIS 440' ,fl -mild'-9, ,,,. 1 The 100th commencement class of the Elgin Academy proudly fx?-Zag! dedicate this yearbook to the two thousand alumni who have graduated from this school through the past ninety-nine years. The Sears Art Gallery was grven to the Academy rn 1925 by Iudge Nathan1el C Sears rn honor of hrs wrfe Laura Davrdson Sears former teacher at the school The Elgln Academy IS greatly mdebted to the Sears fam1ly for 1ts many great grits the art gallery rts collect1on of Amerrcan pamtmgs Davrdson Gymnasmm the athlet1c held and Sears Hall Graduation through ICO Years Sears Hall the boys dormrtory was erected 1n 1940 It provrdes almost 60 smgle rooms for boys and four faculty apartments The frrst floor IS used for socral events rn 1ts three lounges and d1n1ng room The add1t1on of Sears Hall has provrded for the expanslon that the academy has had dunng the past hfteen years - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1, , . . 'T I I I M,. 'mn Q- V, Old Marn as rt looked one f 5 hundred years ago wrth rts orrgmal roof and bell tower The present bell tower re placed the ongxnal one after hghtmng h1t the burldrng rn 911 l856 to I9 6 Old Marn burldlng was erected rn 1856 and classes began 1n De- cember of that year For many years Old Mam was the ent1re school dormltory classrooms drnmg room and assembly hall In recent years the entrre burldmg has been used for classrooms and adrrunrstratrve ofhces For one hundred years Old Marn has been a domrnant land mark 1n the Clly of Elgm Its archrtectural beauty has been recognlzed by townspeople alumn1 and students I hlh, .u The Elgin Academy from The Sensor Class Peggy Lrvmgston Presldent Mlchael Kennedy Vrce Presrdent Douglas Wamscott Secretary Kay Suddeth Treasurer A group of semors representmg hve states and two iorergn counlnes assemble on the lawn rn from of Old Mum if Q! Charles Clafford Park Rrdge Illrnors Black Club Track Charles was another student that came to us at mrd term as a post graduate student Hrs rnterest rn art was shown by hrs watercolors and especrally the well pub lrclzed gurded mrssrles Hrs performance rn track was another One was lrkely to spot red harred Charhe rn the woods examrnrng trees because he would lrke to study forestry We rmagrne rf there was a prano around he woud be playrng rt because that too was a favonte pastrme of hrs So Charhe best of luck and dont forget to yell Trm ber when you fell the brg ones James Brannen Geneva Illrnors Orange Club Presrdent Our Town Edrtor Orange and Black Basketball Masque and Gavel Football E Club Secretary Golf A Chrld rs Bom Merrt Status When a salmon and grey 55 Chevrolet came to school rn the momrng everyone knew that rt was Irm Thrs was hrs second year here and he was equally pop ular both years He was rust as outstandrng athletrcally As end on the football team forward on the basketball team and top man rn golf hrs athletrc abrlrty wont be doubted Hrs grades were among the most outstandrng rn the senror class Irm could act too as shown by hrs performance rn Chrld rs Born and Our Town Also he always kept everyone posted on current events berng the edrtor of the Orange and Black Much to the drsgust of some of the female members of be called a conscrentrous oblector when rt comes to socral affarrs Well Irm has certarnly left an outstandrng record rn all frelds of academy lrfe and we ll feel a great loss when he leaves 1 the class, Iim didn't go in for dating much. He likes to 1 1 ,. . Sally Getzelmcm Algonquin I11no1s Treasurer Aetchlorians Quill and Scroll Art Editor Hilltop Black Club President Musart Club Merit Status Creative Writing Club Our Town Orange and Black contributor A Child is Bom Masque and Gavel Chapter Star Sally became a member of the day student clan last year as a Junior With her portrayal of the Innkeepers wife in A Child is Born and Emily Webb tn Our Town Sal showed her excellent dramatic ability The Getzelman touch was shown on the unusual decorations at several of the dances Her artistic talent and helping hand will long be remembered Somehow Sally seemed to find someway of getting herself into the most ridiculous situations but almost always discovered some reasonable explanation Right Sal' Sallys future plans mclude studying art and even tually taking a long walk up a particular kind of aisle Good luck to you. Sal we all know youll do well in whatever you do Robert Ferguson Marysville, Kansas Chorus Black Club Tennis Team Bob was one of our post-graduates this year. He was one of those easy going, easy to get along with sort of fellows. although he was among the silent few. Bob was a hard worker and cooperated with everyone: he had a deep and true desire to be helpful, and he was a perfect gentleman at all times. He excelled in music, and had a good substantial bass voice. He performed, to the enioyment of the entire student body, at many musical recitals. Bob seemed a real stumper to the Keyhole this year but maybe thats lust because he had a secret love elsewhere Outstanding in table tennis Bob was number one on the boys team Also he was a good tennis player His good sportsmanship will be a valuable asset in the future and we know hell be liked and respected wherever he goes 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . 11 11 . 11 . . 11 . . . 1 . . 11 . . 11 . - 11 1 1, . . . , . 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 , . 1 Jim Giesler Glen Ellyn, Illinois Black Club Basketball Football Track Although lim was a late-comer to our class. he soon established himself as "one of the boys". Our ladies' man arrived every moming in cr green Ford which sounded like a "Mac" truck. Iim's clever remarks and crazy antics kept everyone in school in stitches through- out the year. He proved to be a great asset to both the football and basketball teams. We won't soon forget Iim's lazy walk up the basketball court as he slowly dribbled the ball. "Midge" plans to attend the University of Colorado next year. We'll miss you, lim. 5535 James Hall Elgin Illinois President of E Club Assistant Editor Hilltop Masque and Gavel Chapte Quill and Scroll Creative Writing Club Homecoming King Musart vice president r Star Merit Status Orange Club Our Town Swimming Football Tennis Team Six long years ago Iim first became acquainted with EA Ever since he started Iim was considered one of the best dressed men on campus After six years as a day student Iimmy became a boarder during his senior year But before the year was over he was again a day student Inn showed his terrific athletic ability in football and swimming He also contributed to the class production of Our Town as George Gibbs lim was another member of the hot rod clan He says that atter building a rod he feels as if he has accom phshed something and is a little sorry that the work ls completed At the end of the year lim was the proud owner of a customized Mercury convertible lim plans on attending Principia and later Illinois Tech maiormg in engineering Best of luck to a swell GUY 1 . ., .. . ., .. . ,V . f I ' ,r,, f ' A 'hy if I 137. H H' . , ' A ' r if ' " ff 1 ffl ' V . . . , V ,f ff-X as ' . " 1, if '33, . . . . 14: I i v . , cs ' :Y . , , 3, ry - ' ' ' 1 + fl' ' ' . , J. ' M if if -Q tr ' fl H we .. -its i y' Lawrence Hicks Ch1cago Ill1no1s Chorus Black Club Hilltop Merit Status Football Buds ability in science and math has made him one of the outstanding boys in the senior class Those of all the fellows He liked to occupy his time by play mg baseball driving hot rods and seeing a pretty lrttl blond named Gwynn His antics in chemistry caused Mr Ogden many a headache As far as plans for the future Bud plans to attend Northwestern University to study nuclear physics We know that with his wonderful sense of humor and talent for making friends he will be a success in what ever he does Marjorie Hasselbach Hossford, Ohio Black Club Chorus Aeichlorians Musart "Marge" became a member of our class just this year: with her tall. slim figure and unusual sense of humor she soon became well liked by both sexes. She enjoyed dancing, jazz records. good shows and iust about every kind of food. Our "Cottage Cutie" had the ability of getting herself into trouble, but always managed to cover up for it by her friendly and understanding smile. She kept her dorm members in roars of laughter through her practical iokes Marges talent was shown in her athletic ability It seemed as though no matter what sort of sport she iomed in Marge was quite a success Marge plans on attending college for at least two years The best of luck sharp plaid ties and different cuff-links were the envy Michael Kennedy VVestchester, Illinois Senior class vice-president Chorus Black Club Christmas Program The red-haired Irishman of the senior class was Mike Kennedy. Mike was here for all four of his high school years, so he was one of the older members of the gradu- ating class. His popularity grew more each year after his arrival. However, he was still rather independent. He certainly made a hit with one of the belles from the cottage. Mike was very proud to be elected to the position of vice president ol the senior class this year. He has a very good voice, also, as the boys on the third floor of the dorm could have told you. Well Mike with your Irish hair looks and person alrty you are sure to keep moving onward and upward when you leave the academy Ronald Klee Chicago l1l1no1s Orange and Black Black Club Sports Editor Our Town Hilltop Ron came to us only last year but was a tremendous asset to EA Hrs Jovxal manner and leadership qualities made him one of the most well liked students on campus It s no wonder that the second floor of Sears was run so efficiently with a guy like that up there To follow in the footsteps of hrs dad in the clothing business is Ron s mam interest in life Hrs chief hobby was his record collection Iazz music was predominant but he had many fine popular records also Although Ron did not participate in any sports he was a sport enthusiast rust the same Maybe if he roots hard enough his mayor league baseball team will come in second Also in the way of sports Hon was a fine sports editor for the Orange and Black Elgin Academy will really miss Ron but consolation is found in the fact that the College of his choice will gam a real neat guy and a real true friend 1 1 1 ' . 1. 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 . 11 11 . Charles Lasher Eau Claire WISCOHSID Orange Club Merit Status Swimming Team Charhe our boy iomed the ranks ol the senior class this year He was another oi our hot rod enthusiasts and if you want to know anything about cars Just ask Charhe In the field ol sports Charhe displayed his ability rn swimming He also loves skung and spends qurte a blt ol his time rn Aspen Colorado and Sun Valley Charhe was the real wrt ol the class It seemed he always had sometnrng witty to say to ht the occasion Charlres future plans are to attend the University of Wisconsin and study busmess administration With hrs delxghtlul sense oi humor and wmmng ways we know hell be a success Toni Korotleo Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cheerleader O 6: B Contributor Aeichlorian Hilltop Contributor Orange Club Merit Status Musart Toni was a new addition to the senior class this year. She gave all the appearance oi being a quiet and studious girl, but once you got to know her. You dis- covered a sparkling personality. It always seemed where there was lun there was Toni. With her winning smile Toni captured the hearts of all especially the heart of our red headed Irishman Mike She seemed to be quite familiar with tne Keyhole As a cheerleader Tom was full of vim vigor and vitality She was a great asset to the squad Tom plans to attend Beloit College and maror in Eng lxsh All the luck in the world is wished to Toni and we know that she will surely be a success 1 1 , . . .. . . U H - I 1 1 . 1 w w- ' 1 A 1 I ,. . . . 1 Peggg Llulngston Sunbury Ohro Senror Class Presldent Orange and Black Publrcatrons Manager Aerchlorran Presrdent Masque and Gavel Chapter Star Oarnqe Club Chorus Our Town Chrl tmas Program Homecomrng Queen Che rlcaders Captaln Qurll and Scroll Merrt Status The Old Mard and the Thref Hrlltop Publrcatrons Manager One ol the most popular grrls on campus and rlng leader of the Blg Four and our lrttle 4 10 coquette Peggy For four years EA has been blessed wrth her sweet dlsposllron readlness to help and outstandrng leadershrp Wrth her lovely volce ll was not hard for Peggy to take the lead rn many of our musrcal perfrom ances durlng that tlme She excelled rn her studres and was on Merlt Status numerous trmes Wrth all her pep and vrtalrty rt was rnevrtable Peqgv be one of our most actrve cheerleaders drdnt stop at cheerleadrng for letterlng off energy' was a regular llve wrre ln the dorm Her trrends tamly had a hard tlme staylrrg wound up trll ran dov. n that She She cer s e Although she was the smallest member of the semor class Peggy was far from the least If you ever had a problem you would frnd Peggy to be a sympathetrc lrstener and more often than not she was always able to frnd the perfect solutron It wrll be hard to frll Peggys srze 4 shoe Such a wonderful qlrl rs hard to frnd She adds lrfe and roy to any group she becomes a part ol and IS always welcome wherever she goes Nell Mcldorln Ch1CQg0 Illrnors Masque and Gavel A Chlld IS Bom Chorus The Old Mard Black Club and the Thref Our Town Football Morsha was a latecomer to the academy but hrs vast store of knowledge and hrs excellent dramatrc abrlrty made hlm a great asset to our class Nell srmply loves to talk so naturally hrs drslrkes rncluded poor lrsteners He was also famous for bemg one of the Don Iuans of our campus lor he seemed to change grrls as often as the months of the year Nell plans to study drama and eventually to go on stage lwlth a lot of hard work and luclrl lf hrs accom plrshments here can be a sample of hrs talent were sure he wrll succeed Perhaps someday youll be a famous actor, Nell, but whatever fame you do achreve, we know you wrll always be the same frrendly and helpful person 1 1 , .S V . . . 6 . . . . . 54,4 .N . . - . 1 I E ' ' ,. ' h . , . . . , k 1 1 5 l lr - 1 . .. . I I . . . . . . , 1 , - , Joyce Martin St Charles Illinois Hilltop Editor Aexchlorran Secretary Orange and Black Our Town Circulation Mgr Christmas Program Orange Club Chorus Masque and Gavel Musart Chapter Star Merit Status Quill and Scroll That pretty little brunette with the big brown eyes was our Hilltop editor Ioyce spelled with a y She ar rrved every morning from St Charles rn that well traveled Chevre she spent over half her time here at school for she engaged in almost every campus activity Whenever there was talk of a party you could be sure Ioyce would be there She will long be remembered for her portrayal of Mrs Come out and smell my helrotrope inthe moonlight Gibbs rn Our Town Ioyces plans after graduation are not definite yet but they are sure to include a fellow named Ray What ever the future holds for you Ioyce we wish you hap prness and success in everything you do Robert R. Marack Elmhurst, Illinois Black Club Track Bob came to us this year at mid-semester as a post graduate student. He was a day student from Elmhurst and put a lot of miles on his Ford commuting every day. lt was because of this, so he said, that he wasn't too active in social and extra-curricular activities. His sense of humor was appreciated by some stu- dents, but was not too popular with the faculty. Because of this, Bob found it rather hard to keep out of trouble at times. For a hobby, Bob liked boats and cars. He was a member of DuPage Hot Rod Association and although he doesn't have a rod. he enjoys talking about them. We wish you a lot of luck, and with that quick smile and friendly manner, you will go a long way. l - . Although Ioyce was a day student for three years. Dennis McNeill Elgin, Illinois Black Club Swimming Team Maior "E" Club Merit Status Each morning in front of Old Main, a hot 'Sl Ford coupe pulled up to the curb. Amid the smoke pouring from the twin pipes. appeared the E.A. hod-rodder. Dennis McNeill. Denny was one of the old active mem- bers of the senior class. He was here for six years and in that time he helped bring the tennis and swimming teams to victory. Denny was noted for his love of hot- rods, his crazy hair-cuts and his beat up levis. Denny plans to attend Coe College and study Marine Biology. Good luck and all the success in the world to Peggy's guy, Denny. Jay Mitchell Park Ridge Illinois Football A Child is Born lay lomed our ranks this year as a postgraduate Being the owner of a sharp green Chevrolet convertible black curly hair and pleasing smile he became quite well known about campus You generally saw him walking around in that lovely Davy Crockett type of leather lacket which is the envy of many fellow friends lay s good build and excellent manners were admired by students and faculty But where does he put all that declared that hes a confirmed bachelor His interest lies in stamp and com collecting As Dismas in the Christmas play A Child is Born he proved that he was the strong and silent type but also showed his dramatic ability lay plans on attend ing the University of Illinois and maiormg in business admmistraton food? Much to the displeasure of the female species, lay Alberto Olivo Caracas Venezuela Black Club president Maior E Club vice president Chorus Track During the two years tnat Panch was here at EA he added more than a little South American vitality He was indispensable as a tackle on the football team and gave many a tout hearted opponent a rough time Whatever would Mr Carter have done without his ex cellent bass voice' O! course a slight accent was His popularity among the girls in the school was dis played when he was chosen King of the Mardi Gras the Aerchlorran s annual dance But the most important tact was that he made a tr mendous hit with the Hales Corners Wisconsin girl Ioy Snavely He is her king all the time not rust at dances Al was a great guy who was ready to help out whether it was with a school proyect or lust to do a favor tor a friend Good luck to a terrific guy Craig Oliver Detroit, Michigan Black Club Football Maior "E" Club Craig Oliver, that boy from Detroit. ioined the ranks this year. Although Craig was the shortest boy in the senior class, never underestimate his power. While Craig was here. he won the hearts of many with his understanding ways and pleasant, shall we say. chuckle. Along the line ot girls. he remained pretty faithful to the little gal of his in Detroit. It has been said that Craig was usually in on the little pranks played in the boy's dorm. Craig plans to go back to his beloved state ot Michigan and attend college there. We are all wishing you the best of luck in whatever your future plans may be and always remember the nicest things come in small packages We re going to miss you Ollie 1 s - ' . bound to add just the right touch to any song. . e ' ' Diane Osmer Akron, Ohio Orange Club Hilltop Contribtuor Musart Club Chorus Aeichlorian Merit Status Orange and Black Contributor "Our Town" Diane was another of our new girls. She came to us all the way from Akron, Ohio. and was a tremendous asset to the class not only as lar as grades went, but she was ready and willing to help in any school proiect. Diane's personality and attitude gave her the reputation of being one of the sweetest and friendliest girls in school. She was always happy and ready to cheer any- one up. Somehow. wherever there was fun. there was Diane. She appeared to be quiet and a real angel. but if you want the inside story. ask the housemother. Immune to the charms of any one particular E.A. boy, Diane was a friend to everyone. Such a terrific personality is destined to go a long. long way. Good luck to a swell gal. 1' sf' , Ramon Rodriguez Camaguey, Cuba Orange Club Football Mayor E Club Swimming Musart Club Ramon twe simply say Ramon because there isnt room for all eleven namesl ts our second Latin Lover He doesnt know why we called him that. but hes glad he doesnt' Ramon was a valuable member of the football and swimming teams but he had to quit swim ming because the water was too cold He enioys sports and music and the latter may account for the tact that he is an excellent dancer Ramon plans to attend Purdue University to study mechanical engineering We know that with the won dertul sense oi humor and ability for making friends he will go a long way Cuba can be very proud of you Ramon. I . 1, N . . l e I I . .. . U . . . . I . . . I . . - . N H I ' o , . l ' .Ji " ' . 1 5 ' W 5 .:' ' . A . , , f "-V 1 :H ,5 -.f , I ' 5 Ji? Martha Stanley Pleasant Fudge Michigan Homecoming Attendant Orange and Black Musart Club Contnbutor Aexchlorian Chorus Black Club Our Town Although a late comer to the class of 56 Marty soon made a hit with both faculty and students Her pleasant smile and clever wrt were welcome wherever she went. She was notorious for keeping the cottage in an uproar with her hobby of playing practical iokes after lights out That fabulous wardrobe mcludmg a vast array of Cash rneres was the envy of many a girl Marty possessed a wonderful sense of humor and a limitless supply of laughter which made her an asset to any group Marty plans to enter Knox College and study ele- mentary education We wish you all the happiness that you deserve Joy Snavely Hales Corners, Wisconsin Black Club Chorus Ioy was a pretty addition to our senior class this year, and added a lot of spice to the mixture. As far as she was concerned, though, variety isn't the spice of life. Things were quite steady between her and "Pancho" this year. Making lovely clothes is second nature with Ioy. and one look at her full wardrobe was proof enough. Speak- ing of talent. we can't forget her terrific ability as a dancer. She could certainly cut a neat figure on the dance floor. Ioy has a delightful temper. but can't actually resist laughing at herself when she is mad. If you followed the iazzy music heard coming from the girls lounge at Sears every night. you would usually have found Ioy at the other end. Here's hoping a very talented girl will put these talents to use and make a good life for herself. Www 11 iggwfafrfq Q 1 U H ' H n 1 I . , . , . . . . . Kay Suddeth Cleveland Ohmo Senlor class treasurer Masque and Gavel Aenchlonan vxce presxdent Chapter Star Musart Club Orange and Black Orange Club Feature Edxtor Cheerleader Hrlltop Feature Editor A Chlld ns Born Homecommg Attendant Our Town Chorus Quxll and Scroll Tenms Creatxve Wntmg Club Ment Status The pert and vrvacxous mxss ol the semor class was none other than Kay Sudden death The academy has been blessed wxth Kays presence for the past three years Among Kay s many acquxred lnends there seemed to be a very specnal one that headed the hst and was a lamxllar hgure on the campus durmq weekends Kay drsplayed her acting ablllty rn Our Town wrth her portrayal of Mrs Webb and had the audxence m hysterlcs with her Wallee xts txme to get up She was also very entertammg wxth her Masque and Gavel talks Kay was noted for havmg the neatest room ln the cot tage and bv lookmq at the plctures of the bulletm board one knew nght away whose room xt was Kay was also one ol our enthusxastxc cheerleaders She was actxve m tenms and when one saw red tenms balls tlymg over the net they knew that Kay was around wxshmg all the luck ln the world to a gal who IS really gomg to be hard to replace Douglas Walnscott Detro1t M1ch1gan Senxor Class Secretary Football E Club Treasurer Track Swlmmmg Co Captaxn Club Musart Club Our Town Black Club That strong but sllent chap who was seen walkmg down the halls of Old Mann wrth a cute lxttle sophomore was none other than our class secretary Doug Wxth hrs quxet but unusual sense of humor Doug soon became quite well known about the campus Hrs neat and tidy appearance was admxred by anyone who met htm He was also on the hst oi hot rod enthusrasts Doug showed hrs excellent athletrc abrlnty rn swlm mmg track and football Oh yes and we mustnt for get hrs portrayal ot Sam Cralg on Our Town Our E Club treasurer would lxke to go to a small college nn his home state ol Mxchxgan but so lar hasnt decxded on any partlcular occupatxon Though he rs ln terested xn one ol the lollowmg careers salesman bust nessman, or dentrst Good luck to you. Doug We know youll be a brg success rn what ever held you choose. , . Kay plans to attend Marquette University and we are 1 ,. .. . Fred Zermuehlen Glen Ellyn Ill1no1s Orange Club here as a sophomore He was the strong and silent type and most everyone liked his individuality He drove from Glen Ellyn every day rn his customized 52 Plymouth Convertible with those extra extra loud ex hausts His variety of pegged pants were envied by many a boy He also was a member of the conscxen txous obiectors and his favorite slogan was ls tt re quired' Ever: though he wasnt in social activities or functions we remember his individuality and indepen dent attitude Donald Whitehouse Winnetka, Illinois Black Club Tennis Club Don came to us this year as a post graduate student from New Trier High School. His quiet manner kept many of us from really getting acquainted with him, but once you got to know him, he was a different type of fellow. The boys on the third floor in Sears probably know him better than anyone else. He tells us that he thoroughly enioys fishing espec- rally at Little Rock Arkansas We suppose that he takes a tram down there because railroads are a great hobby of his Don has moved around quite a bit in his life time He was born in Long Beach California then he moved to Washington D C and finally settled tn Winnetka Don had a bit of musical talent also He could really pound out a tune on the keyboards' He was the piano player for the boys after studyhall chorus in the fall of the year We should not neglect to mention either his ability to play tennis Well Don a boy of your size shouldnt have much trouble pushing yourself ahead in the big world . a 7 1 I I I Fred, better known to the students as "Fritz," started TH JUIRCASS As the school year commenced m September the Jumor class conststed of twenty two boys and grrls w1th the addrtton of Charles Norr1s and Lu1s Rangel the total was twenty four Electrons were held and Benny Bullard was chosen pres ldent Charles Mrller as v1ce presxdent lrene Wtley as secretary and Phyll1s Rogers as treas urer Qu1te a few ol the Iumor class members were 1n the presentat1on of Our Town for the beneflt of the Hllltop They were Carolyn Lawton as Re becca G1bbS Norman Leven as Stmon Stlmson Vonnell Mastrr as Mrs Soames and Phylhs Rogers as lst dead woman Excellent backstage work was done by Mark Walker and Sally Dougherty Sally Dougherty and Phyll1s Rogers appeared 1n the opera The Old Matcl and the Thref THE IUNIOR CLASS In the held of journahsm Phyll1s Rogers was Assoc1ate Edltor of the Orange and Black and Vonnell Mastr1 was a regular contnbutor Many members of the class were very hlgh on the l1st of sports achtevements Mark Walll er Benny Bullard Norman Leven Hugh McVey Walter Roth Lew1s Woodruff Paul Gush1ken and Hugh McVey and Walter Roth were members of the sw1mm1ng team Benny Bullard was top tenn1s y sports rn1nded competed 1n tennrs sw1mm1ng volley ball basketball and archery Albert Iord1 played vars1ty basketball man 1n the school The gxrls equall Mer1t Status was atta1ned by Phyll1s Rogers Carolyn Lawton Benny Bullard Vonnell Mastr1 Albert Iordx and Lew1s Woodruff Lett to Rxght Schmueser Gushxken McVey Bush Becker Rangel Carney Noms Hawley Iordl Walker Rogers Leven Mrller Anderson Lawton Dougherty Hargrave Mastn Bullard Kmg Roth Woodruff ifnwmge I - - - - - 1. If . . . . u I I ' I 1 I I I - . . , 1 . .1 U . . . . . . ' , , , I , I I - I , . . I h 1 I I H Il - l - 1. ' : , ' . . . , . . ' . . '. . . . I I I I I I 'I I - I I l 1 V . ., L ' ' 2 t . 1 ff ' ... .,. As , A 0 if c if , f L t A NX N X 5 Yu AW ' Y 1 V 4 '- - A 4 , ' Q " rw. '-S" 'X... 'U iz! , f 1 -Lf' . n . Q Q 'L .gf 4. ,L I THE SOPHGMORE CLASS At the start of the school year the sophomore class consrsted of twenty one students George Brannen served as presrdent x rth Grno Beghe vrce presrdent Harry Lelrr secretary and lVl1tch Wrggrns treasurer lon Haclrerbaumer Roberta lfc er Donald Srrnpson and Phrllrp Lazzara cc rne rn durrng the year 1'UCIli1I1q a total of twenty l1lC Scholastrcally the sophomore class ranked hrgh Those recervrng Merrt Status for at least one srx x eeks gradrng perrocl were as follows George Brarrnerr Brll Grabox skr Rrcx Olson Drane Park lohrr Podzarnsky lohn Schenk and lVlrtch Wrggrrrs abrlrty and even greater prornrse for the future by partrcrpatrng profrcrently rn all sports The footlall season brought to the fore the talents ot Rrck Olson and lohn Podzamsky They showed equal skrll rn swrmmrng along wrth SOPHOMORE CLASS Davrd Ftodenbaugh and rn tenn1s Irll Edwards took tennrs honors for the drstalf srde ofthe class Eascktball took a few of the sophomore boys and proved them to be excellent players George orannen lVl1tch Wrggrns Eddre Duncan Harry I hr and ron Racherbaumer played on the junror trsrty team The Leprechaun Leap the sophomore dance xx as hcld on St Patrrcks Day and was a success hanks to the cooperatron of the entrre class Alo rg wrth the arrrval of sprrng came the senror J ay Our Town Seven sophomores appeared rd assr ted rn thrs productron They were Brll ohn Podzarnsky Davrd Bodenbaugh and lohn Schenk Great thrngs are expected of thrs class and they no doubt wrll carry out the hrgh standards they themselves have set Left to R1qhtStundmg Klee Duncan Lazzara Rodenoaugh Campoell Wrggrns Beghe Brannon Schenk Edwards Podzamsky Fcster Racherbaumer Grabowskr Seated Woodworth Emery Brown Wood Graebner Baer Park 4' I Q' f ,,,,Af-f ,vas Pig, ' V xr' ' , w 1 ' ' ' ' 1 Je T ' ' ' ' ' ' Y '1 , vc ' ' . - ',, - - 1 Y . , . . ' 4 I , I I 1 rf .11 A A n - ir ' 's c ' ' ' , ' The sophomores have shown great athletic GI'CIbOWSki, Harry Lehr, Rick Olson, Diane Park. sf" f L K l .4 1' 1 4 . u L I X ,M THE FRESHMAN CLASS The freshman class leaders were Sherry Ras k1n Leshe McVey Barbara Appleman and W1l 11am Kennedy as presrdent v1cepres1dent sec retary and treasurer respectrvely The year began wrth seventeen students and after the add1t1on of Davrd Iacobs and Ieanne Owens they totaled nmteen The members of the class not only put on a very hne dance but also were dlvxded up among the extra curncular actrvrttes Appearlng 1n Our Town Mrke Vosse played S1 Crowell and Skrp Margoli was cast as a soldrer 1n A Chrld lS As far as athletrcs were concerned the class was well represented Walter Becker and lohn Margolf were on the yumor varslty basketball THE FRESHMAN CLASS team wh1le Dav1d Iacobs played both 1un1or varstty and varstty The grrls were equally sports mmded wtth Karen Wood and Leshe McVey rn swrmmmg and Sherry Raskrn and Leshe McVey m tenms Lesl1e McVey Karen Wood and Sherry Baskm were cheerleaders Barbara Moore was very acttve 1n the held of mus1c As a whole the academ1c rat1ng of h class was qurte good wrth Karen Wood Img Web ter lohn Margolf W1ll1am Kennedy and Barbara Appleman recelvlng lVler1t Status It seems a long way off before graduaucn for and the academy w1ll speed by and tne acad erny w1ll lose one of the hnest classes 1t has ever had Left to nqht stand ng Hamdqe Iacobs Margoli Moore Owens Haarvex Kennedy Sandnes Kantor Voose Bennett Webster Becker Seated Watt Wood Oberg Appleman Raskm McVey Smxth 1 -7' ' ' A x BOTH-H the class of '59, but we know time will speed by ' ' . 1 ' , i : ' . . , . , '. . . . . . . N . . , ': ' n . I b r H y I N.. M 'i ' If Administration of the Elgin Academy Mr Lee C Ward Presrdent Elgrn lll1no1s Mr Harry Walsh Ir V1ce Pres Elgm lll1no1s Mr R1chard West Secretary Elgm lll1no1s Mr George P Edwards Treas St Charles lll1no1s Mr and Mrs Marvm L Brett pose rnformally 1n the grrls lounge of Sears Hall Mrs A D Edwards Emernus Elgm lll1no1s lV'r Robert E Anderson West Barrmgton B I Mr E P Strothrnan Mrs Wrlham D Rrch Barrrngton lll1no1s Elgm lll1no1s Mrs Henry E Cooke Ir Dundee lll1no1s Mr Charles Blornberg Rockford lll1no1s Mr Wrlham K Chlld Elgm Il11no1s Mr Ernest LudW1g Elgm lll1no1s Mr G P Iohnson Elgrn lll1no1s and the Faculty and Staff . . Q . . . 1 . . - 1 A . . - . - 1 1 1 - - 1 . , ., ' . . . . . . 1 1 1 . , , - - , . 1 1 I . . 1 . . - - . , , 1 1 Faculty EDITH BROCKENBROUGH RICHARD L. CARTER B.A. ' 'H' B.M., M.M. Ward-Belmont Columbia University University of Missouri Lower School C DEAN CHIPMAN BS MA Northwestern University Columbia University Director of Art Music Dramatics University oi Oklahoma University of Michigan American Conservatory of Music Music I WYLIE FETHERLIN ELAINE S HALL BA MA Chicago Teachers College Miami University NUYSGTY Klndefguffen Ohio Northern University Ad1'I11SS1OI1S English Speech Jx. Faculty I WILLIAM A. KOEHNE CONSTANCE KROEGER B.A. M.A. B.M. University oi Michigan Marycrest College Indiana University DePaul University Yale University Music French, Spanish DAVID MCFADDEN B A Ohio Wesleyan University History Science Athletics A W MEAD DONALD MILLER B Ed B A B A M A I 'tor State INO mal University Nilflh Cen1rQ1CO11eee University of Illmo S Nor hw estern Unix ersity Mathematics Science Music 'M u. V - - ' N . . . 1 , V .' . . i Faculty MARGARET OCONNOR WILBUR L OGDEN BA MA LLB PhD BS MS Washington University Mt Morris College University of Chicago University of Illinois Librarian Social Studies Science HOMER T. OSBORN B.A. Mt. Union College Latin, Athletics 4 HARRY SPAULDING I. W. THOMPSON B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Boston University Illinois Wesleyan University University of Michigan University of Illinois University of Illinois Mathematics History Faculty IOANNE SCHULTZ CAROLYN STEVENS North Central College Luke Forest College Nursery Kmdergcrrten Lower School Athletxcs ,yum GAYLORD ZIMMERMAN NISTC Mcxthematlcs Enghsh Aihletxcs Sta NINA E BAKER RUTH LEVINE Housemother Housemother Qs GERTRUDE SNODGRASS BESSIE ZIMMERMAN DOROTHY STUART Bookstore Study Hall Housemother Nurse Housemother Mcuntencmce and Dxehucxn RICHARD DOBBERT Swxmmmq Cocxch STAFF IDA KARSTEN DOROTHY NOLAN DELLA PILLINGER ILDA DAVIS Hecxdmcxsters Secretary Fmgnclql Secretary , R.N. MR. and MRS. LEO SCHULTZ J.,-Xi - The Orange and Black staff was chosen at the beginning of the year W1th Iames Brannen ed 1tor Phyllis Rogers associate editor Kay Sud manager Peggy Livingston business manager and Bon Klee sports editor With the help of Mr Spaulding advisor the staff and the con tributors Worked hard to make each issue a suc cessful paper Peggy spent long hours Writing letters and collecting funds while Ioyce made sure everyone received an issue Kay and Ron contributed a great portion of their tlme Our editor in chief lim proved himself a very cap able Writer and director We are sure that Phyllis Will do an excellent Job nex year as editor Grange an B ack The Hilltop staff was chosen early in the fall and plans were laid out for the year book which would assist in observing the lOOth anniversary Hall assistant editor and Sally Getzelman art editor began Working in their respective depart ments They were ably assisted by Kay Suddeth Peggy Livingston and lim Brannen The staff is grateful to lVlr Thompson M Ogden and members of the Camera Club for the many faculty pfctures sports snapshots and group pictures that have been used 1n this 1956 Hilltop Mr Chipman was invaluable for he not only acted as advisor but director as Well Everyone connected with the year book certainly apprecl ated all the help guidance and time he gave to make this book a success Hilltop t f- T d 5-' in ' ii' A , M71 T , A fl ' . g f K f . ,XM X' X 1 X s , deth, feature editor, Ioyce Martin, circulation of the school. loyce Martin, editor-in-chief, lim l 0 The Orange and Black Club met at the begrn nrng ofthe year and chose therr offrcers Orange hm Brannen presrclent Mark Walker VICE presrdent Black Alberto Ohvo presrdent Cralg Olrver vrce presrdent The sponsors were Orange Mr H T Osborn Black Mr Wrlbur Ogden The competrtlon got off to a ternhc start wrth the annual tug of War wrth the Black the Wm ners Many contests were held throughout the year Wrth the gym bemg the scene for the basketball and volleyball games SW1rnrn1ng baseball and qulz were also some of the hrgh lxghts of the year Elery member ot the student body 1S erther rn the Orange or Black Club grvrng everyone a chance to show the athletrc and academrc abrlrty Orange Club Black Club Musart Club The purpose of the Musart Club 1S to promote apprectatron of art and muslc among the stu dents Thls year the membersh1p 1ncluded al most the entrre student body and w1th the help of M1ss Kroeger and Mr Chrpman the members enjoyed an mterested and rnformatrve year The offrcers of the club were Sally Getzelman presrdent lrm Hall vrce presrdent Peggy L1v rngston secretary and treasurer and B111 Ken nedy publ1c1ty charrman Throughout the year the club sponsored many programs rncludrng recrtals lectures and dem onstratrons The frrst trrp the Musart Club pre sented to 1ts members was the performance of the opera by the Lyrrc Theatre of Ch1cago In cluded rn the performance was I1 Ballo della Ingrate by lVlonteverd1 The Merry Wrdow a ballet choreography by Ruth Page and Tab arro by Pucc1n1 On January 20th the club took a second trrp to Ch1cago where they enloyed an exhrbrt of pa1nt1ngs by Henr1 Toulouse Lautrec at the Art lnstrtute and the musrc of the Ch1cago Symphony Orchestra Ltvrngston Hall Kennedy Getzelman Chorus The Elgm Academy chorus under the drrectron of Rrchard Carter had a very successful year The chorus provrded the muslc for Our Town commencement and many of the1r own musrcal productrons They had the opportun1ty to slng at several of the churches ln the Elgm area A small group also entertamed at the Elgrn State Hosprtal for Chrrstrnas W1th the assrstance of M1ss Constance Kroeger and Mr Donald Mrller as accompantsts the Elgln Academy chorus became qurte well known m lh1S area l-'xrst Row Lrvrngston Edwards Snavely Lawton Owens Stanley Hasselbach Brown Woodworth Martrn Suddeth Foster Mastrr Second Row Becker W Ohvo Raskm Ba r Wood Graebner Rogers Harrxdge Osmer Hrcks Ken nedy Thrrd Row Roth Rodenbaugh Grabowskz Ferguson Racherbaumer Woodruff Podzamskx Becker R Ken nedy Klee Wamscott 1 "ZW- : 224 , ,QR A '-v 1 ' x5 - fm , A Q . . - . , , K 1? - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' , . 1 1 ' ' 1 A ' ' , 1 1 1 - 11 11 - 11 . 11 1 1 11 1 1 ' 11 - - - - 11 11 , 1 - 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . D . . 3 . . . 1 - - -1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 ' 1 1 . Getzelman Martin Lrvmgston Suddeth Raskm Edwards Mastn Major E Club The Maior E Club this year was quite large The officers were lim Hall president Alberto Olivo vice president lim Brannen secre tary Doug Wainscott treasurer New members in the club this year were Roy Becker Lonnie Haarvei Tom Hargrave Hap Hawley Al lordr Norm Leven Craig Ol1ver Brck Olsen lolnn Podzamsky Lewis Woodruff and Ramon Rod rrguez The old members that had previously Won athletic letters were Ben Bullard Dennis lVlcNe1ll Hugh McVey VValter Roth and Mark Walker The E Club dance was the biggest activity that was spon sored bv the club and it was a huge success The large paper L the streamers records and especially the refreshments will be remembered by the students for a long time Aeichlorians At the beginning of the school year, the returning Aeichs met and selected their officers for the Corning year They were as fol lows Peggy Livingston president Kay Suddeth VICE presldent Ioyce Martin secretary and Sally Get zelman treasurer Their advisor for the year was Miss Carolyn Stevens under whose supervision they had a very successful and profitable year The item of the agenda was the tea for the new girls and women faculty members This was held at the headma ters home Other events for the year were a formal dance and of course monthly meetings were held in the girls lounge at Sears Hall 2 First Row Haarvel Olxvo Hall Second Row Becker Walker Rodriguez McNeill Brannen Tlsrrd Row Hargrave Roth Leven Wamscott Fourth Row McVey Pcdzamslcr Woodruf Bullard Fifth Row Iordr Oliver Hawley Wrggms I Edwards Madorm Podzamsky Martm Park Brown Olson Klee Grabowskr Masque and Gavel loyce Mart1n and Nell Madonn senlors Carolyn Lawton junlor and Iudxth Brown I1ll Edwards W1ll1am Grabowskl Larry Klee R1chard Olson Dxane Park Iohn Podzamsky and Kenneth W1gg1ns sophomores were admrtted th1s year to the Masque and Gavel natlonal honorary speech SOC1elY They 1o1ned lames Brannen Sally Getzelman Iames Hall Peggy L1v mgston and Kay Suddeth senlors and Phylhs Rogers Jumor who re newed then' membershlp of pre- v1ous years Peggy L1v1ngston and Iames Hall have been members smce 1953 the charter year Iames Brannen Sally Getzel man Iames Hall Peggy Lrvmgs ton Ioyce Martm and Kay Sud deth senlors and Carolyn Lawton and Phylhs Rogers lumors ad vanced to the Chapter Star Award after fulflllmg Masque and Gavel membershxp requ1rements th1s year The academy chapter has the h1ghest percentage of members ad vanc1ng to the Star Award on the nauonal roll. Nmeteen of the forty- six members have worked to the top degree. Livingston, Martin, Suddeth, I. Brannen, Hall, Getzelman, Lawton, Rogers. Chapter Star c he Hall Lxvmgston Suddeth Martm Getzelman Brannen Quill and Scroll The Elgm Academy membershlp rn the 1nternat1onal honorary hlgh school jour nal1sm socrety Qu1ll and Scroll was rn creased th1s year w1th the adm1ttance of SIX new members These members are as follows Iames Brannen Sally Getzelman Iames Hall Peggy Lrvmgston Ioyce Mar t1n and Kay Suddeth The camera club was not a very large one com pared to other clubs on the campus but evxdence of 1lS ex1stence was very prom1nent The bulletrn board whzch was kept by the club advlsor Mr Ogden was usually full of candid plctures taken by one or another of the vanous camera bugs on the campus You would see them stand1ng ln one d1rect1on therr camera almed 1n another takmg a plcture of some poor unsuspectmg soul The prctures were usually pnnted by Bruce Kantor or Mr Ogden The club not only provlded plctures for the students and school publ1cat1ons but also gave the members a place to work Th1s was a great asset as the boys drdnt have the space to set up a dark room 1n the1r own rooms Besrdes a dark room the club also had as 1t was called a portralt room It had backdrops photofloods, spot11ghts and other equlpment all whrch made a perfect place to take portralts, reproductlons, and st1ll l1fes. Schenk Kantor Podzamsky, Noms Mr Ogden Camera Club 1 V I ! ' 'rf ,X sri ' ' ' ' - I I - . 1 - I ' 1' 'f 1 ll 1 , A F. ,4 A - 1 1 1 1 ' , . X ' I 1 . 1 - 11 11 . 1 1 - 1 . . ' I 1 . , IO The Forum series of this year began on Oc tober 27 Wllh monologue character sketches by the world famous Corneha Otis Skrnner The audience young and old alike was captivated by her warm frlendly manner and her delightful sense of humor On the evening of November 18 students par ents and patrons of the school were thoroughly Colorado presented by Iullan Gromer Dr Carl S Winters gave a very rnterestrng and lntormatlve lecture ent1tled An Amencan in World Revolutlon on the evening of Feb ruary 14 Dr Winters who has recently com e Academy Forum Mrs Moreschr Mrs Chipman Mrs McNeill Mrs Cooper Mrs Watt Mrs Brett Mrs Thompson and Mrs Roth members of the Mothers Club pleted a world tour told some of his personal experrences and gave us an 1ns1ght to some pressing world problems tn which We as Amen cans should be v1tally mterested The series was concluded on the afternoon of March 25 with the appearance of the champion pole vaulter Reverend Robert E Richards Hrs lecture The Heart of a Champion was h1ghly The Forum series was sponsored by the Mothers Club of the school The Forum Com mittee cons1sted of C Dean Chrpman chauman Harry Spaulding Mrs Marvin Brett Mrs Edrth Brockenbrough and Mrs Walter Roth Cornelia Ons Skinner Mrs Brett Mr Chrpman Miss Dr Curl Wmters Joseph Frazel Icxmes Walker Mr Skinner presented her program at the Universalist FYCIZGI Gnd Ml' Wulkef d15P1UYedfh91Y PGIHUHQS 111 Church the art gallery during February and March entertained by a color film entitled "Thrills on the inspirational to all present. Homecoming 55 This year's Homecoming got off to a great start at the pep session Friday evening, October 14. There was a display of fireworks and an enor- mous bonfire. Afterwards everyone enjoyed the movie, "Father Was a Bachelor." Saturday afternoon the "Hilltoppers" met Har- vard for the Homecoming football game. The team played an excellent game but Harvard won 27-7. After the football game the Aeichlorian Society entertained the returning alumni student body parents and faculty at a tea in Sears Hall The officers served tea coffee cocoa and sand wiches while the Iumor G1rls helped on various committees The formal dance which 1S held each year rn Sears Art Gallery began at 8 45 The gallery was decorated w1th blue lanterns and Chinese designs Guests were received by the Head master the class sponsors and the class presi dent and date The Grand March preceded the evening of danctng to the music of Bud Schweppe and his orchestra During the intermission the vice presi dent of the Senior class Mike Kennedy an nounced the Homecoming Queen and King and members of the court Peggy Livingston was crowned Queen and Iim Hall was King The members of the court were Kay Suddeth and Martha Stanley Refreshments were served by Mrs Chipman and Mrs Mead Martha Stanley Iames Hall Peggy Livmgston and Kay Suddeth J Q fi 'Qi' I x ffl X, A B v i X - ' g .. t C, Q IW, Q ,th I. f A , ,H ' Xxx A S . to We 4 " 2 N -fl l ' K V If T it ,. ,S F H mecommg Dance Iapanese lanterns, blue lights, and formal clothes made an attrac- tive setting for the annual Homecoming Dance that is held in the art qallery each tall, The senior class was host to the alumni, the student body, and faculty on the evening oi October 15, 1955. I The Annual Chrlstmas Program by Students of Sally Getzelman and Peggy Llvlngston watch Glno Beghe paxnt hrs mural of NUflVllY The Elgm Academy Sunday afternoon December 11 1955 THE STORY OF SILENT NIGHT Marle Westervelt Narratlon and slnglng by students ol the elementary grades and the IUHIOI Hlgh School Students A CHILD IS BORN a modern drama of the Na l1VllY Stephen Vlncent Benet Scene a room ln the mn Narrator The Innkeeper Innkeepers Wlle Leah Sarah Soldler Mary Dlsmas Nell Madorln Iames Brannen Sally Getzelman Fran Woodworth Kay Suddeth Iolln Margoll Carolyn Lawton Iay Mltchell Volces Wllllam GXGbOWSkl Rlchard Olson Irene Wlley Mlchael Kennedy Nell Madorln Stage Asslstants Mark Walker Iudy Brown Dlane Park Scenery Iohn Margoll Iohn Podzamsky Glno Beghe Don Bush Costumes Ioyce Martln Phyllls Rogers Vonnell Mastn MUSIC FOR TWO PIANOS Chrlstmas Fantasy Kohlmann March ot the Wee Folk Gaynor Blake Patrlck Bell and Thomas Schleller The Sleigh Kountz Sally Dougherty and Illl Edwards I THIS IS NOEL Kathenne K Davls A cantata sung by the Elgln Academy Cholr Sololsts Peggy Llvlngston Irene Wlley Larry H1CkS Mlchael Kennedy Nell Madorln I I I I ll lf ll ll , . Ioseph ........... , .......,................ ,..... .,., ...... ...... . ....... I o h n Schenk 2 , . ' . .. ., 1 1, I l . . . . . , 2 A , I , , .. . . .. . . . . ' I I 1 Scenes from A Chrld IS Born by Stephen Vmcent Benet A group from ihe Academy choir who sang "This is Noel" by Katherine K. Davis. The play was presented m the Ari Gallery The atre on December 5 6 and 11 1955 4, af, ' 2 7 . ' an .jalll ggllli MI Q ff! .Rpm lg "f"?A23 5 'E X ni V. 4. 'y Q 6? , Ez' X: 1 Q rx 9 was 2 'I 2 if ff gf Q A M x L 1.- x X 4 5.- mt I , ' y B 7 5 The SENIOR CLASS Presented the Pulitzer Prrze play Stage Manager Dr Grbbs Ioe Crowell Howxe Newsome Mrs Grbbs Mrs Webb George Grbbs Wally Webb Emxly Webb Mxss Wrllard Mr Webb Woman rn audrence Man rn audxence Srmon Strmson Mrs Soames Constable Warren Fnday March 9 1956 Two Performances Cast ol Cha Nerl Madorxn Iames Brannen Davld Rodenbaugh W11l1am Grabowskr Ioyce Martrn Kay Suddeth Iames Hall Ronald Cone Sally Getzelman Drane Park Rtchard Olson Peggy Lrvmgston Iohn Podzamsky Norman Leven Vonnell Mastn Anthony Drake l3Oand8PM IUCl9l.'S S1 Crowell Sam Crarg Ioe Stoddard People lst Dead Woman 2nd Dead Woman lst Dead Marx Weddmg Guest Asst Stage Manager Prompters Sound Effects Mrke Vosse Douglas Waxnscott Iohn Schenk Phyllxs Rogers Drane Osmer Ronald Klee Martha Stanley Mark Walker Peggy Lrvmgston Drane Park Harry Lehr Musrc Mr Carter and members of the choxr Costumes Make Up Drrector Sally Dougherty accompamst Mrss Karsten Mrs Baker Mxss Kroeger Mr Chapman The entrre actxon ot the play takes place m Grovers Corners New Hampshxre 1 val QQ an , GUI' Town by Thornton Wilder Rebecca gtbbg'1Q'.Q1l1 '.'. Q1 ','. 11 '.'.'.'.'. 11 '.','.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.tr'.'r'. 1 '.'.'.'.'.'. Eglgtyn Lawton ' ""A4'.'. ---- I , 1 1 l 4- 1 " Q- fl Martin, Suddeth, Sprague, Getzelman, Miss Stevens, and Livingston. I Aeichlorian Activities Foreign Students On September 24 the Aeichlorian Society held its fall tea at the Headmaster's home to greet new girls and discuss plans for the year. The girls entertained the new members and wives of the faculty. February ll was the date of the Aeichlorian formal dance which was held in Sears Hall. The theme of the dance was "Mardi Gras" and the dining room and common lounge were decorated with colored streamers and huge masks. Throughout the year the group sponsors many lectures and movies for the girls. Such topics as etiquette, grooming, and diet were discussed. Miss Stevens, sponsor of the group, offered her help and guidance. Livingston, Mastri, Suddeth, Woodworth, Korotko, Getzelman, and Martin. Each year the Elgin Academy has the privilege of enrolling students from many foreign countries. This year students came from Alaska, Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil. Alberto Olivo came to the academy as a junior. As a graduating senior this year, he received the Rensselaer Poly- technic Award for Science. Paul Gushiken ar- rived two years ago and this year received the Leslie D. lgleheart Award for Cooperation. lohn Schenk came in 1956 and participated in the Camera Club and dramatic activities. Ramon Rodriguez, a senior this year, received the Laura Davidson Sears Award for Excellence in Mathe- matics, Luiz and Mario Rangel enrolled at the academy early in the spring. Schenk, Gushiken, R. Rodriguez, Olivo. - Tig! ALL CONFERENCE SELECTIONS lay Mrtchell Mark Walker Hugh McVey October October October October October Football 1 at Chrcago Latm Elgm 8 at Walther Walther 15 Hornecommg Harvard 22 at Elgm Prancls Parker 29 at Northwestern Academy 13 Latm 19 Elgrn 27 Elgm .33 Elgm N W M A 8 Elgm November 5 at Elgrn Luther South 7 Elqm F1rstHow Iordr McVey Ohver Roth Leven Coach McFadden Second Row L Klee Wamscott Olxvo Gxesler Hall Walker Third Row Gushrken Rodrrquez Podzamsky R Klee Bullard Hargrave Fourth Row Schenk Beghe Hawley Woodruff no-an-q-u ef' Swimming -- Team Our swimming season this year was very suc- cessful. The boys on the team tried their hardest, which paid off in their capturing ot the Private School League Swimming Meet. The members of the team included lim Hall, Charles Lasker, Norman Leven, Skip Margoif, Dennis McNeill, Hugh McVey, Rick Olson, lohn Podzamsky, Dave Rodenbaugh, Ramon Rodriguez, and Doug Wain- scott. The highlight of the year was the Private School League Championship. The six other teams in the meet were University High School, North Park Academy, Francis Parker, Chicago Latin, Walter Lutheran, Chicago Christian. The final score was close, the Academy winning by only a six point margin over University High School. With the able guidance of Coach Dobbert many of the boys managed to reduce their times tremendously Two of the boys Dennis McNeill and lim Hall were members of the National Ath letic Scholarship Society 'fa Xxx fins. I956 Champions 'S ,rx P' 1' Hunan w van..-vw -wa 'MN NJ-KCI Ebm PORTS RESULT SCHEDULE December 10 at M1lwaukee Elgm 40 M U S 43 Ianuary 21 at Wayland Elgrn 30 Wayland 45 February 4 at Elgxn Elgm 43 M U S 32 February 18 at Elgrn Elgrn 33 Wayland 42 February 25 at Wayland Elgln 25 Wayland 77 M U S 30 March 28 at Unrversrty of Ch1cago Prrvate School League Champ1onsh1p Elgm Wms Pnvate Swim Meet Hp Ac 5NPr TNI K KVI' Vt NK mm! I td lifted and I tr! Md III!- N1-ITIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Iames Brannen Irm Gxesler Iames Hall Denms McNe1ll lay Mrtchell Alberto Ohvo and Douglas Wamscott semors and Mr Brett Mr Dobbert Mr Fetherlm Mr McFadden and Mr Orsbom faculty are charter mem bers of the Natronal Athletrc Scholarshrp Socxety rn stalled May 22 There are more than 2300 chapters rn all states Membershrp IS 11m1ted to boys each wrth an E tor each semester ot hrs academy career who have above school average scholarshrp and have exemplrtred the hrghest type of sportsmanshxp and cmzenshtp .41 I , z V I . - : .... , . . . ' ' X .... , ' e X. . . qw v ................ , . . . ' . 1 . A , . . ' , 6 C .Y .......... , .xv K . ., ' v ,, V: V Y eg z - 5' .," - , 5 4, .3 4 4 . , , . . . 4 - - 'v .J . ' ' . . . - . -1. 'Up .--- M- Iv--Q CW v..- M .ss n .-fr Q... . -A -.4 v. - l I ' ,,. . ,,.a Na-., ,nv .. v. ..-. a.-. . .. -..M I ...N .. ' ..,,. .',.-ne... me - 5 ,.,,..,...--- tm... '.,... . . 1 3, .. . . 'Lu"Lfv1o-'2."5t':"n.v n . . . . .. ,. .. . ut.- ... .Tzu a n am. P... rv. V Q- ' men Muir. um., .A .1 n ' .mt .-.te xr..--4 nf. .f .. . . ..v.tn..m,-...'..4t.r. ww.. .. 13,5 H . N .nt-4 .nf ...nuff "' ,,,, , .,,,, t .1 Q., -A . - . ' f. mf.. p.. ...Q gnu V, , new u we um: nt. .r .. .I n- ... ..,..,,-., , H H1101 Yvrvl X100 . 'x- IV. V- '- ,,,,,4 .,..f..., ..,.. .... , f .13 .3 uma t.f..,rt..r. 3... ' 7,-5 ,fr rm., tn -ut vm., f.. tm- Z - D 5 um, 1 n.w.,t. wx. w..a mf... yy . .wmv-t.. .tt mn .rr mf rw ,Q ow wnngt '-jv' w m,.1,.t tt.-mv, . 14.4. ,N . 1 ur Mm 4 --..... b -V - sm nn H. n.. .1 W... -. I l1.et.,,...t.f....rt... K. I ..... .ml - un..u.... um 1.-. . -. ,M t..,... , , j GXCBIA. llnl .--t, . 1 1 + 'I ' mtg lwt,'.e 1- , 5 tm.. . v . , I . . . , . . . , . , . I 0 1 I - Elgrn Elgrn Elgrn Elgm Elgm Elgrn Elgrn Elgrn Elgln Elgm Elgrn Elgrn Elgrn Elgrn Elgrn Basketball VARSITY SCHEDULE Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy NWMA Glenwood North Shore Walther Lutheran Luther South Francls Parker Ch1cago Latrn NWMA Ch1cago Chr1st1an North Park Unrverslty Luther North Glenwood Harvard Luther North Gisli Usb IUNIOR VARSITY Fxrst Row G Brannen Wrggms W Becker Second Row Campbell Racherbaumer Duncan VARSITY Fxrst Row lacobs Mrller Bullard Second Row Gresler Woodrlli I Brannen Walker 1 13' '5 gg ' ...... 39 . .... .............. . 79 ' ...... 57 ......,..r...... 31 ' .r..., 32 ..,.....,... 67 ' ...... 59 .... 64 ' ...... 48 ............ 80 ' ...... 32 ' ........ 75 ' ...... 37 ' ' ......... .33 ' ...... 37 . .... .............. . 44 ' ...... 40 ' ' ' ..92 ' ...... 37 .,.............. 66 ' ...... 43 ' ' ................ 51 e e ' ...... 47 ............ 61 Elgin Academy ...... 32 Wheaton .................. 65 ' 1 5 ' ' ' ' - - ' ...... 56 .............,.. 71 ' ' ' ' ' ...... 45 .................... 78 ' ...... 52 ............ 53 L , ff' 9 .5 , E BOYS TENNIS Flrst row Bullard Ferguson Whriehouse Mrtchell Second row McVey McNe11l Kcrntor Lehr Noms Olson Hull TRACK CHEERLEADERS Frrsi row I Edwards Suddeth Foster LIV mgston Second row Lawton Brown Korotko McVey Wood Woodworth cv" Fu-st row Gushxken Wcnnscott W Becker Hcxcxrvel Roth Second row Mr McFadden Lcrzzcrcx Rocherbaurner Mlller Leven Lusker GIRLS' TENNIS I. Edwards, McVey, Suddeth, Rcxskm Rogers, D. Edwards. The Elgin Academy IOOth ' COMMENCEME T ' I9 6 As the Elgin Academy approached the end of one hundred years, students and faculty realized that there was a great deal ot vision and energy in the basic idea of the Elgin Academy Many rndividuals throughout ten decades had given their time and many hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to make the school what 1t is One of the great benefactors of the Elqln Acad emy was Iudge Nathaniel C Sears who with his Wife Laura Davidson Sears gave of their time their energy and endowed the school w1th gifts of buildings land great paintings and money It was to these people that the personnel of the Elgin Academy turned at graduation time m appreciation for their beneiactions In the prc ture at the right class representatives are ex am1n1ng the portrait of Iudge Sears which hangs in the art gallery The Iun1or Prom is trad1t1onally held in the art gallery The bu11d1ng was altered 1n appearance and on the n1ght of lune 2 was transformed 1nto a harbor scene at night The dance was named Harbor Lights and was devised by Vonnell Mastrr and members of her committee An attrac tive fish mobile was hanging 1n the octagon of the art gallery fish nets with colored decorations were displayed over the dance band and the harbor lights themselves were d1mly v1s1ble in the corners of the art gallery The recelving line con S1SlSd of Carolyn Lawton Chuck Norrls Mr and Mrs Marvm L Brett Mr and Mrs I W Thomp son and Mr and Mrs Wilbur Ogden The class w1ll was read by loyce Martin and Craig Ohver and the prophecy was announced by members of the 1un1or class Refreshments were served by the luniors with the ass1stance of Mrs Brett Mrs Ch1pman and Mrs Mead mittee of seniors including Peggy L1v1ngston class president loyce Martin Sally Getzelman Kay Suddeth Iames Hall and Iames Brannen The first of several social events was the annual senior supper at the residence of Headmaster and Mrs Brett A senior p1cn1c was held at Sally Getzelman s home in Algonquin the mght before graduation lt was a steak p1cn1c and everyone enyoyed the treat that Mr Brett had sent along Top Officers of the four classes observe the portrait of Iudge Sears philanthropist in the art gallery octagon Mddle Refreshments are served at the lurnor Prom on the night of lune 2 Lower Facu ty adv sors and members ol the semor class gradual on comm ttee assemble in front of Old Main -f'I ,NT jg. Graduation activities were planned by a com- , . . I - I M 'V 2 ' ' P I ,fl V 5: T A X Q . -1 : I ' 4 6 ll X hi N Wi A 1 Q B N : l i ' ' ' i 1 ' A . ck ., , Top left View of graduation exercises from the center door of Old Main Lower lelt Centennial graduating class leave Sears Art Gallery and march to the graduation exercises in front of Old Main Baccalaureate service was held at the First Methodist Church on Sunday, June 3, with an in- spiring sermon preached by Dr. Rogers. He was assisted by Rev. Evans who was so well liked when he appeared at one of our Tuesday chapel services during the winter Specral music made the morning service a successful one es pecially when the academy hymn was played on the organ during the silent prayer Graduanon was outdoors with the temperature in the 90 s The colorful procession started from the Sears Art Gallery with the seniors the fac ulty and Mr Brett with his guests Mr Lee Ward the Rev Robertl Schenck and the Hon Charles P Taft Mr Taft the son of the 27th presxdent of the United States and now mayor of Cincinnati and former pres1dent of the Federal Councll of Churches listed the affinnatrve qualitres by which Americans live The desire to excel hard work security free choice and part1c1pat1on Generosity of spirit provides the kind of tough ness that has made Amenca what 1t IS today Taft stated James Hall an academy student for six years recerved awards for scholarship activities athlet ics and crowned his achievements with member ship in the Cum Laude society as valedictonan of his class and the Ora L Pelton III award for the outstanding boy in the senior class Peggy Livingston was the recipient of the Mother Daugh ter award in addition to winning the excellence in music award excellence in publications and membership in the Cum Laude society Kay Suddeth won the awards 1n dramatics art pub lications and became the salutatonan of the senior class .2 -1 'Y I ,- Opposite page Six views of the colorful centennial Commencement exercises held in front of Old Main on Saturday June 9 1956 The facades of Old Main and Sears Art Gallery provlded a classic background for the graduation processional and program ORA L PELTON III AWARD Iames Hall Fxrst Rankmg Honorable Frrst Rankmg Honorable Frrst Rankmg Honorable Frrst Rankmg Honorable AWARDS AND PRIZES FOR I955 l956 ACADEMIC AWARDS Graduates rn the upper hfth of the semor class elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety of Cum Laude Iames Brannen Iames Hall Tom Korotko Margaret Lxvmgston and Kay Suddeth Valedrctonan Iames Hall Salutatonan Kay Suddeth Sernor Iames Hall Mentron Tom Korotko Iumor Phyllrs Rogers Mentron Vonnell Mastn Sophomore Rrchard Olson Mentron Wrlham Grabowskr Freshman Wrlham Kennedy Mentxon lohn Margolt Frrst Rankmg Erght Grader Ronald Cone Honorable Frrst Rankmg Honorable Excellence m Honorable Excellence rn Excellence rn Honorable Mentron Kay Bender Seventh Grader Dorothy Schetgen Mentron Debbre Edwards Englrsh lSusan B Sears Awardl Iames Brannen Mentron Iames Hall Socxal Studres Vonnell Mastrm Latm Rlchard Olson Mentron Wrllram Kennedy Excellence m Honorable Excellence 1n Honorable Modern Languague Tom Korotko Mentron Vonnell Mastn Mathematxcs CLaura Davxdson Sears Awardl Ramon Rodnquez Mentxon Phyllrs Rogers Excellence m Scrence Physrcal Scrence fBausch and Lomb Medall Iames Hall Natural Sclence CWayne F Replogle Awardl lack Rodnquez Scrence and Mathematrcs lhensselaer Polytechnrc Instrtute Awardl Alberto Ohvo Excellence rn Grrls Physical Educatxon Leshe McVey Honorable Mentron Irll Edwards Rotary Club Award Iames Hall Colonral Daughters of Amena Essay on Amencamsm Phyllrs Rogers Honorable Mentron Toni Korotko Daughters of Amencan Revolutron Award MOTHER DAUGHTER AWARD Margaret Lrvmgston For the grrl graduate who has made the most outstandmg contrrbutron to the Elgm Academy rn ctrzenshrp socral umty and spmt of cooperatxon MAIOR E For the boy who best typrfres the rdeals and character of The Elgxn Academy He must mamtam deimrte scholastrc standards be a Major E club member have a well balanced mterest rn school actrvrtres wzth especial emphasrs on hterary publrcahons dramatrcs or debatrng ACTIVITIES AWARD Excellence rn Art Sally Getzelman Honorable Mentron Vonnell Mastn Gmo Beghe THE IANE PELTON WOLF WATERCOLOR COMPETITION Frrst Pnze Second Pnze Thrrd Pnze Honorable Mentron Excellence m Musrc Honorable Mentxon Musart Club Award Honorable Mentron Sally Getzelman Gmo Beghe Kay Suddeth Lu1z Rangel Vonnell Mastn Margaret Lxvmgston Phyllrs Rogers Irll Edwards Iudy Brown Excellence rn Dramatrcs Sally Getzelman Honorable Mentron Kay Suddeth Excellence rn Publrcatron Iames Brannen Ioyce Martrn edrtors Sally Getzelman Iames Hall Margaret Lxvmgston Kay Suddeth Masque and Gavel Award lor Most Improved Student Sally Getzelman Qurll and Scroll Award for Creatrve Wntmg Phylhs Rogers MERIT STATUS lOne or more gradung peruods for the year! Barbara Appleman Walter Becker George Brannen Iames Bran nen Iudrth Brown Ben Bullard Ronald Cone Deborah Edwards Irll Edwards Sally Getzelman Wrlham Grabowskr Paul Guslu ken Iames Hall Lawrence Hrcks Wrllram Kennedy Lawrence Klee Toni Korotko Charles Lasker Carolyn Lawton Margaret Lrvmgston Iohn Margolt Ioyce Martrn Vonnell Mastrr Denms McNe1ll lay Mrtchell Valene Moreschr Rrchard Olson Crarg Ohver Drane Osmer Drane Park Iohn Podzamsky Lurz Rangel Phylhs Rogers Iohn Schenk Dorothy Schetgen Kay Suddeth Murray Webster, Kenneth Wrggms, Ir, Karen Wood, Lewrs wO0dl'uff if if Q Damel M Todd Award For Constructxve Leadershrp Iay Mrtchell Leslxe D lgleheart Award For Cooperatron Paul Gushrken Arthur F Lreberman Award For Outstandmg Grrl m Achlevement Ioyce Martm Harvard Club ol Clucago Award For Outstandmg Boy m Achrevement rn Iumor Class Lewrs Woodrull ATHLETIC AWARDS Lzeberman Award for Sportsmanshrp Denms McNeill The Tennrs Trophy Robert Ferguson Mayor E Trophy Iames Brannen Wenner E Trophy Douglas Wamscott Valentlne Tenms Trophy for Grrls llmprovernentl Illl Edwards THE UNDERGRADUATE SPORTS TROPHY Football Mark Walker Tenms Bruce Kantor Basketball Lewrs Woodruff Track Walter Roth Swrmmrng Walter Roth Football Iames Brannen Irm Gresler Paul Gushrken Iames Hall Thomas Hargrave Albert Iordr Norman Leven Hugh McVey lay Mrtchell Crarg Ohver Alberto Ohvo Rrchard Olson Ramon Rodnguez Walter Roth Doug las Wamscott Mark Walker Lewls Woodruff Iohn Podzamsky Basektball Iames Brannen Irm Gxesler Charles Mrller lay Mit chell Mark Walker Lewrs Woodnrli Swrmmmg Charles Lasker Norman Leven Iohn Margol! Dennis McNerll fco captl Hugh McVey Rrchard Olson Iohn Podzamsky Davrd Rodenbaugh Walter Roth Douglas Wamscott Cco captl Iames Hall Track Roy Anderson hm Gresler Paul Gushrken Olon Haaxver Thomas Hargrave Phrllrp Lazara Charles Mrller Ion Racherbaumer Walter Roth Douglas Wamscott Mark Walker Tenms Iames Hall Robert Fergusan Bruce Kantor, Harry Lehr. Denms McNerll. Hugh McVey. lay Mrtchell, Charles Noms. Rxchard Olson. Donald Whrtehouse Managers-Ronald Klee. Harry Lehr MINOR E Football Walter Becker, Gmc Beghe, George Brannen, Willram Kennedy, Lawrence Klee, Iohn Margoll, Davxd Rod enbaugh Basketball Walter Becker, George Brannen, Edward Duncan, Paul Krng, Harry Lehr, Ion Racherbaumer, Kenneth Wig 91531 Ir -rr fr ef 1 ..... 12111111IIIIIII1II1fIIIffIffIIIIIIIIIIQIIIQQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ... -"'''ffjffffffffffffffffffffffffffjfffffffffffjfffjffffff""f - For Excellence in United stores History .............................. Diane osmer of of rr is if as ir of as 1: 1: sz: of if fr - ' . . . PRAYER IN A TOYSHOP Oh Lord above the l1tt1e dog prayed I am lonesome here alone I want a chrld to hold me tlght A chrld to call me all h1s own There are so many ch1ldren Who do not come 1ns1de T1s one of these I want for mme To love befnend and gu1de P1-tyu xs Rogers 57 Creative Writing The creat1ve wr1t1ng sectton of the yearbook provrdes space and opportunlty to those students who have contnbuted poetry prose and essays I Wyl1e Fetherlm mstructor 1n Engl1sh has se lected the essays and poetry wntten by students of h1s classes to be mcluded th1s year Members of the Creat1ve Wr1t1ng group are lncluded m the selectron of these composrtlons The creat1ve art sectron also provrdes the op portunlty for members of the art classes to make or1g1nal des1gns for the yearbook cover and txtle pages C Dean Ch1pman rnstructor Jn art se lected Mrke Kennedy to deslgn the yearbook cover for the centenn1al annrversary of the school FIVE t1tle pages were destgned and executed 1n the s1lk screen process by members of the art classes They are Clubs by Ioy Snavely Ac t1v1t1es by Saly Getzelman Sports by Kay Suddeth Commencement by Iohn Podzamsky Creat1ve Wr1t1ng by Ioyce Martrn In the prcture at the left are members of the Creat1ve Wr1t1ng Club Drane Park sophomore earned membersh1p 1n the group durlng her flrst year at the academy Phyllrs Rogers 1un1or and Kenneth Wxggtns sophomore renewed the1r membershtps th1s year All three recelved cer t1t1cates of publtcahon of poems rn the two pub l1cat1ons of natlonal antholog1es Iames Brannen Sally Getzelman Iames Hall and Kay Suddeth all senxors cont1nued 1n the club and the1r prose contrtbutrons were accepted for publxcatxon Mr Fetherlln 1S sponsor for the Creat1ve Wntrng Club Iohn Podzamsky sophomore con tnbuted thts block pnnt deslgn of the century old mam buxldmg on the Elgm Academy campus , Q X , , . V u I I . R -. 5 ' i . 1 1 Q 1 ' X I - - I I ' 1 v- . . 1 Q , 15, . K . . xg ax Q ' ll ll ll n I ' . . . H H u 1 H u 1 1 ll I ' ' ll ' n ll - ' ' ' ' , , 1 ' I 1 H . . . . I ' I I . 1 I H , . . . - I - I i . . . . . ' I I ' ll , , . 1 I , ' I . . . . 1 I I l THE NIGHT O A peaceful night, O night serene, A perfect night, To dream thoughts unseen. A time to relive The by-gone day. To think of times Both sad and gay To forget your worries And rest your mind And think of the world As peaceful and kind To slumber peacefully The whole n1ght through And wake up feeling All fresh and new A peaceful night You re fleelng away For here comes the dawn And a whole new day Margaret Livingston 5 THE SCULPTOR We the peoples of thrs earth Have been divinely given birth Men of wondrous creation These men of currous inspiration They Wllh gifted hands do g1ve The picture of the t1mes in which we l1ve He to our astonrshment has wrought The true or vain glories which we sought This Creator grves ourselves to be shown When he breathes life into shapeless stone Gino Beghe 58 BOOKS O To many people books are only white pages usually too many of them Wllh black print on them For these people reading is a chore an unpleasant task They have not learned the magic and enloyment to be found from the pages of a good book However fortunately for our society the ma jorrty of our people find a certain fascrnatron in reading These are the truly educated people for books hold the fascinating story of the past the key to the future and the pure enyoyment of reading about people like those we l1ve with every day and most important to me books hold the key to my faith as it has been passed down through the generations that have pre ceded me To me books are the most important single thing in educating our young people to assume and carry out their separate stations in l1fe James Brannen 56 PEACE OF MIND I A lonely man trods through the hills Alone with the birds and the daffodils. A lonely man with idea obsessed Trying to pass the ultimate test. A lonely man that's willing to try Though days and months and years go by. A lonely man that says in prayer That this will make him a m1ll1ona1re A lonely man that wishes to find The thing that we call peace of mind Harry Lehr 58 A IOURNEY I often wanted to go to France And visit gay Paree To gaze upon the Eiffel Tower A wonderful s1ght to see I can see myself in the Moulin Rouge Dancing and sippmg w1ne Gazlng at works of the artists of old Which are so grand and frne And when my trip to France is done And I come sailing home Ill see the shores of my homeland With no more wish to roam Tom Korotko 56 THE GIFT OF FRIENDSHIP In life the most essential thing for happ1ness is the gift of friendship A strong friendship is built around three things respect admiration and trust Respect 1S the first necessary element It IS the foundation and basis for the latter two From this respect ad miratron develops and later 1t is followed by trust and affection True friendship requires a give and take re latronship Only when favors can be grven and received without a feeling of obligation will a friendship be genuine The most rmportant factor is a mutual high re gard and respect for indrvidual faith No matter what the creed or code may be if it IS shown consideration and understanding friendship will progress endlessly on a common ground Friendship IS one of the greatest sentiments of which a human being IS capable With friend ship we are truly happy without it we are lost Sally Getzelman 56 1 1 A 1 1 . I I 1 , . ' ' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 6 1 1 1 . . . 1 I ' ' 1 1 , 1 . 1 - . . . . . . , 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . . , ' - 1 1 ' . - - - 11 - 11 , 1 - I I . . . . . . 1 I . . . I . . . I . . . . , 1 I I , . . . . . 1 . 1 1 . 1 . . . . . - ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 FAME O Fame is like a passing thought: It's something that can't be bought. People looking for that spark, Usually are whistling in the dark. They wish to find a final rule, One that might be found in school. A sign of greatness may be seen, At. work, at play, or in-between. Many a rnan has passed from sight Before his deeds were brought to light. Simple things may make you great, But mostly it depends on fate. Mitch Wiggins 58 HOMEWORK I always have so much of it I never know where to begin History geometry or maybe 11t On which shall I dig 1117 I Worry and fret and try to decide On what I can skip ton1ght But before I find out where Im at The nrnethirty bell nngs and that IS that Carolyn Lawton 57 I WRITE A POEM O I've often thought of writing a poem A poem that doesn't rhyme. One that merely states the facts And doesn't deal with crime. One that has no dreamy thoughts Or weird and wicked things. But one that's made for fun and joy For happy human beings. If I could write this poem right now Then all my grief would cease. For I could get my extra credit, And rest my soul in peace. Diane Park 58 REMEMBERING He stood on top of the hill gazing down Along the valley as if he were gazing upon life How the memories flooded upon him' His many years Were filled with much happiness and little strife From the view before him certain things stood O11 The church the schoolhouse Beaver Brook The Wilton road He paused long dreaming Relrvrng many moments in that one look Suddenly a voice broke through his reverre And the sound brought him back to reality He smiled 1nto the tired anxious faces at his bedside And closing his eyes passed into eternity Phyllis Rogers 57 NATIONAL THESPIAN DRAMATIC HONOR SOCIETY Chapter 1671 of the National Thes plan Dramatic Honor Society was in stalled Iune 1956 Iames Brannen Sally Getzelman Iames Hall Ioyce Martin Vonnel1Mastr1 Iay Mitchell Richard Olson and Kay Suddeth with Mr Brett Mr Chrpman and Mr Fetherlm are the charter organr zatron members Miss Kroeger and Mr Carter are honorary members Thesprans seek to recognize and advance standards of excellence in all phases of dramatrcs Member ship is extended to upper class men of above average scholarship and citizenship for 10 points of meritorious dramatrcs Star rating rs eamed by 25 points There are Thespran organizations in every state Panama Canal Zone Alaska Canada French Morocco Hawan and Japan J ODE TO A HISTORY TEACHER Names cmd dates- They have me beat: Persons and places- Complete defeat! ODE TO A GEOMETRY TEACHER Proofs cmd constructions tWhatever they be'l Theorems and areas Run Clrcles round me' Phyllis Rogers 57 THE FOG Slowly the fog IS descending now Heavy depress1ng sweat comes to your brow Misty and dense drrty and gray But dont fret the fog will go away But st1ll It settles d1mm1ng your sight And then comes the deep dark black of the nrght It hides the stars 1t blacks out the moon But rest easy my fr1end the fog will l1ft soon With morning comes the birds sweet song You look out the wrndow and the fog IS gone The fog has lrfted 1n the mght The darkness is gone and the sun shmes bright George Brannen 58 IT S UP TO YOU Everyone has to decrde 1f he 1S go1ng to sur vrve or quit the everlasting struggle of fear L1fe IS l1ke a ladder either you go up or down lf you go up you may have health and success however 1f you go down you will have fear 1ll health and failure Th1s important decision can be made by no one but you for no person in thrs world can change one s m1nd except lt be that person Its much eas1er to face fear Wllh farth than to turn your back and let your mind wonder and come to drastrc conclusions When an enemy attacks a country that coun try must fight back In this manner we must frght back when the enemy of fear attacks us The decrsion 1S up to you Are you going to receive happmess or have fear and worry con stantly on your m1nd'? Its up to you Iudith Ellen Brown 58 COBWEBS Silvery threads Linking With their fragile grace New and old In time and space. Diane Osmer 56 THE HOT ROD The hood wouldnt open and the brakes squeaked The old motor coughed and the gas pipe leaked The cracks 1n the windows were long and wrde Yes this was a car new parnt wouldnt hrde The outdated seats so dusty and old No wonder this car hadnt been sold' He bought the car and f1X9d lt up f1ne With a new coat of parnt and a glossy new shrne And put in a new horn loud and clear As he goes down the street 1t s l1ke Paul Revere A couple of fenders to replace the old As he treats the car like a m1ll1on rn gold A car of hrs own now IS takmg 1ts shape A streamlined m1ss1le at wh1ch to gape The kids stand around and soon hell be told Soup it on Join the Hot Rodders fold' Mitch Wiggins 58 DEVELOPING OUR TALENTS Every human bemg has enough mgenurty to create someth1ng It IS a God bestowed qual1ty and each individual should stnve to develop h1s latent ab1l1t1es rn the held which he knows best Many be11eve that th1s IS the sole reason for mans exrstence the developing of his most prevalent talent Cautron should be used 1n furthering only the righteous talents in order to be well rewarded Berng ashamed of your ab1l1ty 1f rt IS unusual IS not wise slnce the reward w1l1 come when lt has been developed to a point of recognrtron The happiest man 1S one who IS not content to develop one skrll but rather to have a desire to do his best 1n many fields Thrs grves one plenty ot activrty and one who remains busy 15 not perplexed by the small tr1v1a11ty of lrfe Iames Hall 56 1 1 , , O . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . , 1 . . - 1 , . I I I 1 - ' , , . ' 1 . . . . . D .1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' , . T . . . 1 ' ' ' ' . . - 1 . 1 ' ' . . . - 1- - 1 I . I . . . 1 1 1 1 I I . . . I ' . . - . - 1 I I . . . . . I I I . . . . 1 . . . 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 , . . . 1 . 1 1 1 I ' 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 I . . . . . 1 1 PATRONS Charles Appleman Mr :S Mrs Robert Bell Mr 6: Mrs B A Brannen Mr 6: Mrs Calvm O Brown B B Bullard Mr 6fMrs L D Bush Dr cSfMrs Iohn C Carney Iohn A Drake Mr 6fMrs G P Edwards Mrss Holly Edwards Mrss Pat Faust Mr 6: Mrs Otto G1esler W1ll1am Grabowskr Ray E Grohne Mr rSMrs E E Hargrave Mr 6rMrs Wm Hasselbach Dr F Hawley Ray M Herder Karen Helsrng Hazel B Kantor Mrs R I Kent Mrs Kay Kerrursh Mrs Bert S Klee Mr :S Mrs Anthony Korotko Mr 6: Mrs Max Lasker Mr 6fMrs W F Lawton Iohn Leven Dr 6 Mrs M W L1v1ngston Bernard Madonn F C Margolf Margaret Martm Mr :S Mrs W Walton Osmer C P Prosser Mrs Harnett Ramwater Fauretta Rodnquez Mr 6'fMrs I H Rudolph Helen Sargent Mr Iohn Schenk Dr 6: Mrs W F Stanley Vera Lynn Sprague Mr 6, Mrs F H Wamscott Mr 6: Mrs IE Watt Dr 6: Mrs L W Woodruff Dolores Zerrnuehlen CONTRIBUTORS Alken Photography Bazos Bros Cleaners Bud Knott 6 Sons Hobby Shop Economy O11 Company Elg1n Corrugated Box Co Elg1n Lumber and Supply Co Elg1n Natronal Watch Co Elg1n Water Condrtloners F1rst Natronal Bank of Elgm Frshburns Pamt and Wallpaper Ludw1g Mrlk Company Rovelstad Bros Iewelers Strohm Coal Co The sta!! oi the 1956 HILLTOP gratefully acknowledges the assrstance oi those who have helped make thrs pubhcatxon a reahty For the many excellent photographs on these pages Mr Warren Axkrn the Elgm Couner News Mr Wxlbuz Ogden Mr I W Thompson and members of the Camera club For assxstance rn locatmg miormatron and typrng oi the hnal copy for the book Mrs Della Pxllmger For the pnntmg of the book Mr Reeves and the Kelmscott Press. Aurora. Ill. Mr. 6: Mrs. L. Hicks Mr. 6 Mrs. T. I. Smith Jaw 0740 THE ELGIN ACADEMY STUDENT ROSTER ANDERSON ROY APPLEMAN BARBARA BAER ROBERTA BECKER ROY BECKER WALTER BEGHE GINO BENDER KAY BENNETT FAITH BRANNEN GEORGE BRANNEN JAMES BROWN JUDITH BULLARD BEN BUSH DON CARNEY JOHN CLAFFORD CHARLES CONE RONALD DENHAM DENISE DOUGHERTY SARA DUNCAN WILLIAM EDWARDS DEBORAH EDWARDS J I LL EMERY ANN FERGUSON ROBERT FLOOR MARY JANE FOSTER MARILYN GEISELHART RUDY GIESLER JIM GETZELMAN SALLY GORDON EDWARD GRABOWSKI WILLIAM GRAEBNER JUDITH GUSHIKEN PAUL HAARVEI OLON HALL JAMES HARGRAVE THOMAS HARRIDGE JANICE HASSELBACH MARJORIE HELSING KAREN HICKS LAWRENCE JACOBS DAVID JORDI ALBERT KANTOR BRUCE KENNEDY MICHAEL KENNEDY WILLIAM KENT JOHN KING PAUL KLEE LAWRENCE KLEE RONALD KOROTKO TONI LASKER CHARLES .......... LAWTON CAROLYN ., ..,. LAZZARA PHILIP .......... LEHR HARRY ...... ..... ................ ....... LIVINGSTON MARGARET 376 River Bluff Road 113th Street and Euclid Avenue 8200 Champlain Avenue PO Box 17 PO Box 17 4 East Ohio Street 3505 North 36th Street 3610 North Fremont Street 202 North Fourth Street 202 North Fourth Street 400 Main Street 507 Reynolds Bldg 4508 W Schubert Avenue Route 22 1003 Prairie Avenue 7220 South Shore Drive 456 Roslyn Place 2617 140th Place 11 Norbloom Route 121 Millstream Farm Route 51 Millstream Farm Rockhill Farm 700 North 12th Street South Maple Avenue North Main Street East Irving Pork Road 6 North Swift Road Oak Hills 1199 Hiawatha Drive 482 North Worth Avenue 460 Poplar Avenue Isabel La Catolica 12339 Francis Avenue Loves Park 76 Ford Avenue 7 Maple Road Hinman Avenue Riverside Drive 64 North Lotus Avenue 1724 Greenleaf Avenue 7333 Amherst Avenue 158 Jewett Street 1010 North Kenilworth Avenue 923 Manchester Avenue 655 Junior Terrace 2011 Avenue J 417 Lenox Street 2920 Commonwealth Avenue 2920 Commonwealth Avenue 718 East Townsend 1955 1956 Elgin Illinois Cleveland Ohio Chicago 19 Illinois Wadsworth Illinois Wadsworth Illinois Chicago 11 Illinois Milwaukee Wisconsin Chicago Illinois Geneva Illinois Geneva Illinois Bartlett Illinois Winston Salem N C Chicago Illinois Monticello Indiana Park Ridge llinois Chicago Illinois Chicago Illinois East Chicago Indiana Bloomington Illinois St Charles Illinois St Charles Illinois Woodstock I I Ii nous Marysville Kansas Oak Park Illinois Johnstown Ohio Roselle Illinois Lombard Illinois Illinois Algonquin Elgin Illinois Elgin Illinois Elmhurst Illinois La Victoria Lima Peru Rockford Illinois Elgin Illinois Barrington Illinois Evanston Illinois Rossford Ohio Chicago Illinois Chicago 26 Illinois University City 5 Missouri Elgin Illinois Oak Park Illinois Westchester Illinois Chicago Illinois Fort Madison Iowa Oak Park Illinois Chicago 14 Illinois Chicago 14 Illinois Milwaukee Wisconsin 207 Park Avenue .............................,...... Eau Claire Wisconsin 411 Park Avenue West .............................,.. Princeton Illinois 7605 South Hoyne Avenue ....................,... Chicago 20 Illinois 5442 North Kenmore Avenue .......................... Chicago Illinois LEVEN NORMAN ............................ 647 West Sheridan Road ........ ..,....................... C hicago Illinois North Vernon Avenue....................................,.Sunbury Ohio 8618 Constance Avenue .............................. Chicago 17 Illinois MARACK, ROBERT .............,. . .......... 321 Parkview Avenue ......... ,... ........................ , E lmhurst Illinois MADORIN NEIL .............................. MARTIN JOYCE .............................. MASTRI VONNELL .......................... McVEY HUGH .................................. McVEY LESLIE ...........................,.... MILLER CHARLES ........................ MILLIGAN BENJAMIN ........,........... MITCHELL JAY ........... MARGOLF JOHN .............................. 401A Washington Boulevard. .,..................... Oak Park Illinois 406 South 13th Street ................................., St. Charles Illinois 1140 North Lockwood Avenue .................... Chicago 51 Illinois MCNEILL DENNIS ..........................,. 774 Goethe Street ...... ...... ...................................... E I gin Illinois North McLean Boulevard ......,............. . ........... Elgin Illinois North McLean Boulevard ................................ Elgin Illinois Wildwood Avenue .................................. Jackson Michigan Kingsbury Avenue ..........,...,,.. ..................LaPorte Indiana 4 North Prospect Avenue ........................ Park Ridge Illinois MOORE BARBARA ...................... ,..,5617 Dorchester Avenue ............................ Chicago 37 Illinois MORESCHI VALERIE ...... NORRIS CHARLES .......... OBERG DAWNA ........ .............,....... OLIVER CRAIG ..........,..................... OLIVO ALBERTO .........,......,........... OLSON RICHARD ..........................., Route 222 Box 89 .,..............................................., Elgin Illinois Box 268 .............. , ..........................,........., West Chicago Illinois .659 Wright Avenue ........... ....... .......,................ . .... I E lgin Illinois OKIN PHILIP .........,........................ 181 East Lake Shore Drive .,..........................,... Chicago Illinois 4900 South Clarendon Avenue .............,......, ,Detroit Michigan Apartado 935 ........ .......,....,.... ..... ..... .Caracas Venezuela S. A. Beecher Road .......,......,......,.................,............ Winfield Illinois OSMER DIANE .......... ,........... ,......... 2 4 37 Covington Road .........................,.......,.....,...... Akron Ohio OWENS JEANNE .............................. PARK DIANE .................... PETTIGREW STEPHEN .... PODZAMSKY, JOHN ........ PROSSER, JILL .................. RACHERBAUMER, JON .... RANGEL, LUIZ .........,...... RANGEL, MARIO .............. RASKIN, SHERRY ............ RODENBAUGH, DAVID .... RODRIGUEZ, RAMON .... RODRIQUEZ, JACK .......... ROGERS, PHYLLIS ..........., ROTH, WALTER ................ RUDOLPH, CHARLES ........................ 855 North 11th Street ......, ....,. .... .... ......,......,... R o c h elle Illinois 2519 Thayer Avenue ..........,......................,.... Evanston Illinois 434 Montclair Avenue ........,.......,................. Glen Ellyn Illinois 145 West Washington Street ................ West Chicago, Illinois Woodland Drive ..,..,..................,...........,... Crystal Lake, Illinois 755 Hill Avenue .................................,.......... Glen Ellyn, Illinois 2433 Marcy Avenues., .... , ...,....... ,... ................ E v anston, Illinois 2433 Marcy Avenue ...,.......,...............,..........,. Evanston, Illinois 5555 South Everett Avenue ............,,,... ,..... C hicago 37, Illinois 416 Goadland Circle ............,.. ,.... .............. M e mphis, Tennessee Central Macareno ............................................ Camaguey, Cuba Lakewood Estates ......,............... ,... ..,,......,.........,. D u ndee, Illinois 1515 Lafayette Avenue .............,......,...... ,St. Louis 4, Missouri 911 North Oak Park Avenue .......................... Oak Park, Illinois 127 Locust Street .....................,,................... Evansville, Indiana Q SANDNES, BARBARA .... SCHENK, JOHN ...,.......... SCHETGEN, DOROTHY ..... SCHMUESER, HENRY .... SIMPSON, DONALD ..... SMITH, SUE ELLEN ............ . ..... . SNAVELEY, JOY ...........,......... ...... STANLEY, MARTHA ANN ....... ...... SUDDETH, KAY .................... ...... vosss, FRED ..................... WAI NSCOTT, DOUGLAS ...... ..... WALKER, MARK .............., WATT, MELINDA .......... WEBSTER, MURRAY . ........ WHITEHOUSE, DONALD ...,.. Ifffff WIGGINS, KENNETH ....... WILEY, IRENE ............. WOOD, HARR I ET .......... WOOD, KAREN ................. WOODRUFF, LEWIS .............. ..... WOODWORTH, FRANCES ...,... ...... ZERMUEHLAN, FREDERICK CISNEY, SCOTT ........... FISCH ER, RAULAND ...... FRANTA, JOSEPH ....... HEIDER, BARBARA ...... HEIDER, DONALD ....... LEIGHTY, GLEN ,.......... MCENERNEY, MARY ...... MCVEY, JOAN ............. ROGERS, CHRISTINE ...... SCHLEIFER, THOMAS .......... ...... IOO4 West Warwick Avenue ....., Building, 20 West Camp, ..... Box 236 ...,.......,.,.......,........... 35 Lawndale Street ...,...... S87 Duane Street. .... .. 'i'o5i6"kLiQ''i55EiQvv5Q,'.'.'.'.f. 24 Cambridge ...,...........,... 2270 Richmond Road .,..,.. I202 Ardmore Avenue ......, .485I Audobon Road ,.... .. Box II5 ..,.....,,.............., 506 Gowanda Avenue ..,... Sutton Road ,...,....,.....,., IBOZ Sunview Lane ....... Orchard Road .....,....... PO. Box I53I ,...... . ,....... .. Box 62 ...... ................. 6I6 Michigan Avenue ,... .953 Western Avenue ........ 2208 Bennett Avenue .....,. 7l5 Highland Avenue .......,.. .......Chicogo, Illinois ..,...Whittier, Alaska ......,..Geneva, Indiana .......l-lommond, Indiana ......,.....Glen Ellyn, Illinois Illinois ,...Hales Corners, Wisconsin .Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Cleveland 24, Ohio .........,....,...Chicago, Illinois ,......Detroit 24, Michigan . .,.....,...,... Farina, Prospect, .....,..Borrington, ...,..........Winnetka .....,......,,..Wheaton, ....Miami Beach 39, .......,............Wayne, ..............Evonston, .......,.......Joliet .........Evanston, ..,......Glen Ellyn, INTERMEDIATE GRADES .........4I5 ......456 Central Avenue ..,............. ...,.,.. Highland Park, Regent Street ....,.............,............................... Elgin, ......23O North Commonwealth Avenue............. ....,.Elgin, ,,,,,,403 North Commonwealth Avenue...,,,. ..,......Elgin, ......403 North Commonwealth Avenue....... Elgin, ......Route gl, Box ......Hampshire, ISS ......I66 North Channing Street ...... North McLean Boulevard ...... ..l705 West Roosevelt Road ...,.. . ZIMMERMAN, DOROTHY ....... ....., T he Route 2, Box II ......................... Cottage, Elgin Academy ........ PRIMARY GRADES CHIPMAN, ANN ...... .,.... 3 22 Kimball Street ......,...., DEVERS, LEO KAY ....... ...... 9 23 Larkin Avenue ,..... DOE, NINA .............. ...... 3 74 Dwight Street ........... GORDON, TED ..... .. ...... II99 Hiawatha Drive.. ............... HAWKINS, JAY ..... - .......... ...... 4 5 O North Commonwealth Avenue.. MCENERNEY, MICHAEL ...... ...... I 55 North Channing Street ........,.,.. MORESCHI, JOHN ............. ...... R oute 32, Box 89 ..............,.. RABE, ALAN ............ ...,.. 5 34 Lucille Street ........... RABE, BRIAN ............... ...... 5 34 Lucille Street. ..,.. .. THOMPSON, HARRY ...... ...... R oute I, Box 254 ........ in 9 , ,...,.....,.Elgin, ....,....Wheaton, ........Dundee, ...,..Elgin, .....,Elgin, .....,Elgin, . .,... Elgin, ......Elgin, .....,Elgin, ......Elgin, ......Elgin, ......Elgin, .....,Elgin, ..,.,.EIgin, Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Florida Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois I llinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois F ,.f A .Y .,. ...v-.-- R X y ,-' A V li -, r-V. I 'X .1 N 'X I 1, 4-X c XX m ' x . 1 x f . , g , ,tg X . X ' . X X . 1 XX . , in xx . X Wk fx L - . .fy N4 Nix' x 'lx X X , . 1 V

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