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f . J- ,-.-...V.I.,.............',....'.....-.,. .-M. .....-.'......... .'.'.'.'........,..v..v:. , . ..Z I .4 .v. ... ... . .. . . . .,. . . .'. . .'. . .. . . .. . . .'. . . ........,.4-.I--3 , I! ,SCIIIOI l JIKJIII Cl Uljllfl P16011 ll JL 100 9 Cll lf 5- l ,ll Clllllllfl ,JH lLCl lllll A JQLMOP X fl gfglll .!4L6llAIHq EI SA vfifgrli gfglll, xgfhlllllj J To MR EDWARD P DROSTE headmcxster of the Elgm Academy for these slx years 1948 1954 we admlrmglv dechccxte thls edltlon of the Hllltop ML, lv Q' ' ' JJ ,Wi - f V ,f Ufffwf 2,4 .Il I' In fr' ' Oli' ,LAlllC!l"l'Cl EAUUIJA I' ' e ee Q. fi . we ,Simior 64455 of f954 The present class of '54 began way back in 1948, when Carolyn Hall was in 7th grade. The class really started developing in 1950, when Rex Conrad and Bob Klein entered the portals of Old Main, followed by Paul Schrie- ver in the second semester. The fall of 1951 brought in two more members, Gordon Barber and Abby Zook. However, this year's graduating class doubled in 1952 when Chuck Blomberg, Tom Greer, Evelyn Iohn- son, Sara Mitchell, Tom Tarbox, and Dick Winslow came. When the Academy opened its doors this past fall, these veterans found that they had five newcomers waiting to join them as part of the class of '54. Thus Ben Chung, lack Dunn, Toby Foreman, George Giaras, and Marcia Hoelscher became part of the class. Not to be forgotten was Carl Schott, who came in the fall of '54 also, as a post-graduate. No matter how long they had been here, the seniors found this year to be their busiest and best. They probably will never forget the fun of Homecoming, even though it was their last, and the day of Senior holiday, to mention only a few. Think they will ever forget the festivities that were given in their honor, such as the Iunior Prom, the Head- master's Supper, and the Baccalaureate Service? Even if they do forget these things. Elgin Academy won't forget them, and will always welcome them back. The seniors, as well as everyone else con- nected with this school, are truly grateful to the Mothers' Club of the Elgin Academy for their generous contribution to the Hilltop. This gift enabled the staff to purchase cr vellum cover and thus produce a more at- tractive and durable annual. The Mothers' Club, not only for this gift but for the many others as well, will never be forgotten. The seniors especially would like to again thank this extremely active and useful club for its instant and full support of the cause. First row: Schriever, Foreman, Hoelscher, C. Hall, Mitchell, Zook, Giaras, and Winslow. Second row: Greer. Conrad, Barber, Schott, Klein, Tarbox, Chung, Dunn, and Blomberg. Absent: E. Iohnson. GOI' Oll ga F6 01' Chlcago Ill1no1s After arnvmg three years ago Gordon became known as Books due to hls avld readmg of scl ence llterature whether fact or hctxon Thls and hxs music ablhty were Gordon s most outstandmg char acterxstlcs for he was not only a member of chorus but also a voxce and pxano student He sang xn For Us A Chxld Is Born and The Lowland Sea as well as havmg a bass solo m The Littlest Angel Hls plano ablllty was dxsplayed ln several chapel programs and recxtals In the held of sports Gordon was a member of the football squad and ln the spnng he went out for track prevxously he was on the goll team At the begmmng oi the year the Photography Club elected Gordon as their presxdent Bemg sec retary of the Musart Club and a member of Dorm Councxl were two more of the othces he held. Gordon hopes to attend Pnnceton where he plans to major ln physlcs with muslc as a mmor We re expectxng to hear great thmgs from you one oi these days Books best of luck' Secretary of Musart Club Dorm Councxl Presxdent ot Photography Club Swlmmmg The Lowland Sea Ment Status Black Club Football Track .A ION J 0 PHIOIJ af 0I'YlIll?llC?Hl?l'l I, une 5 Cf-ff S-- C J' J oung in Cheng Seoul Korea By far the most mterestrng person rn the senror class was Ben Hrs speech gracefulness and personalrty made hrm perfectly fascrnatmg Thrs Korean could dance nearly every step from the waltz to the bunny hop and wrth perfect rhythm and ease None the less spectacular was hrs skat rng abrlrty for he was far supenor to the rest of us Bens co ordrnatron and raprd comprehensron en abled hrm to learn how to play football so well that he not only became a regular on the varsrty squad but a lettem-ran as well Although he was far from a two hundred pound grant hrs sprrrt and deterrnr natron rn the lrne made rt almost rmpossrble for hrs opponent to pass hrm It wrll seem drfferent at EA wrthout Ben but Korea wrll be proud of hrm some day just as we are now Major E Club Musart Club Orange Club Football Basketball Track Ollfa Geneva Illmors Soon after amvrng four years ago Rex and hrs wrtty remarks became the talk of the campus These remarks were sometrmes the desparr of the faculty but all must admrt they were qurte humorous well rounded athletes that E A has ever known. As our rnvaluable quarterback hrs passes and stra tegrc maneuvers garned much yardage On the basketball court Rex was consrstently breakrng records and outwrttrng hrs opponents None the less outstandrng was hrs golhng abrlrty What an honor berng number one player for four years' Synonymous wrth Rex are hrs grey customrzed Plymouth Bomb and most of all hrs collegrate attrre drrty whrte bucks and all Rex has not only brawn but brains as well He has always marntamed at least a 3 5 average wrth very lrttle effort He has true talent especrally rn creatrve wntrng and hrs exceptional vocabulary rs really an asset After graduatrng from Mramr Unr versrty Rex wrll perhaps go to Harvard Law What ever he does we know hell come out on top! Presrdent Black Club Vrce presrdent Semor Class Presrdent Mayor E Club Qurll and Scroll Sports Edrtor Orange and Black Merrt Status Captarn Basketball Team Rotary Club Award Student Councrl Captam Golf Team Football HX In the world of sports. Rex was one of the most Ja A lullfl Kmsman I1l1no1s The boy ln the semor class wxth the kmd ol curly halr any g1rl would lust love to have was lack a newcomer thxs year from Kmsman Illmols Shortly alter his arnval last fall a romance began to blos som wxth a promment senxor and Sara and lack went steady lrom then on lacks govxal manner and leadershxp quahtxes made him one of the most well lxked members of the dorm councrl Its no wonder the th1rd floor of Sears was run so elhcxently wxth Iack as one ol those on duty Thrs fnendly guy rs very mechamcally mxnded lack s ablhty m this held was really appreczated by the dltferent soclal orgamzatxons He was always ready and w1llmg to help wxth the settlng ot the spots for dances or any other type ol electncal or mechanical work lack mtends to enter the held ol automotmve or dxesel engineering 1n college Who knows-he may become another Henry Ford! All lolung asxde has knowledge and abxlxty ln these lmes are very pronounced Its a rewarding occupation whxch thxs swell guy deserves Black Club Musart Club Donn Councxl Football Swtmmmg Track Orange and Black Lowland Sea 30 g Ofefllall Detroxt M1Ch1gGIl Arnvmg mxdway rn the hrst semester Toby soon became the talk of the campus wrth her beautxlul soprano voxce Thls musxcal abxllty was xmmedxately put to use for she sang the soprano solo m For Us A Child Is Born at the Chnstmas program and held the leadrng fermmne role mn The Lowland Sea where she played opposite her leadmg man Besxdes bemg an excellent smger Tobys per sonalxty and attztude gave her the reputat1on of bemg one of the sweetest and inendlxest gxrls rn school She was always happy and ready to cheer anyone up Her short blonde haxr twmklmg blue eyes and broad smile caught everyone s attentxon What a morale booster thls gzrl wasl Although her late arnval prevented her from hold mg any olhces Toby was mvaluable as a commxt tee charrman for she was sure to have her comm1t tee orgamzed and worlnng m record t1me Toby was also noted lor her academxc aclnevements numerous earrmgs and knee socks The Academy w11l have a hard txme hndmg a re placement for Toby but we know she ll love the Umversxty ol Mrchxgan Musart Club Ment Status Orange Club Aerchlonan Socxety Lowland Sea Orange and Black Chorus 1 1 1 . I . 1 1 . . . . . . , . I I . . . . . . u 1- - 1 , . . . u H 1 I - -- I . H . . . . . n .1 1 . . . , I . . 1 1 . , . I . 1 1 ' . I 1 - - - 1. U eorge Larad St Ioseph Mlchlgan Hallxng from St Ioe thls year IS an extremely fnendly and llkeable fellow So true IS Georges frlendshlp and ablhty that he was elected Home comlng Klng an outstclndmg honor for a new comer Even hls rendltlon of Happy Blrthday be came well known on campus The Golden Greek was really an asset to our football team for when number 60 got the ball we knew that both splrlt and ablllty were there George was not only a tremendous back held man but our star punter as well We have a deep and slncere admlratlon for thls great competltor who havlng broken hls nose lh the hrst quarter of the Glenwood game brushed lt and played agaln the followmg week Besldes bemg on the football squad George was also a regular on the basketball and track teams thus showlng hls all around athletic ablllty He IS sure to be admlred wherever he goes Elgln Academy wlll really mlss George but consolatlon IS found ln vlew that the college of hls cholce wlll gam a true sportsman and frlend Secretary Treasurer of Orange Club Track Musart Club Tennls Donn Councll Major E Club Football Basketball Homecommg Klng omaa feel' Glen Ellyn Illlnols Tom one of the boys began hls second year at E A as a day student He was a lamllxar slght each mormng roarlng up to school ln hls green Ford wlth duals ol course As our fleet footed rlght halfback Tom really made a name for hlmself He was a good pass recelver and an outstandlng open held runner who could really sklrt down the sldellnes very seldom golng out of bounds Also ln the way of sports Tom was a regular on the varsity basketball team thls year After learmng how to play tennls ln h1S Junlor year Tom became a regular on the team that year and has become one of our best players that ln ltself IS really an accornpllshment' Toms qulet and modest manner made hlm very well llked and admlred Thls was lust one of the reasons that he was elected VICE presldent of the Black Club Tom plans to enter Mlaml Umverslty at Oxford Ohlo next year He and hls carnage bell wlll really be mlssed VICE presldent Black Club Mayor E Club Football Track Tennls Basketball . . , . . So long, "Homecoming King!" . . . - I I : , 6.,,,,f,,, JJ ff Elgm lllmors Wrthout a doubt the most rndxspensable member of thxs Senxor class xs Carolyn Durmg her s1x years here she has become outstanding ln almost every thmg she has attempted scholasttcally socially or athletxcally Her abxlxty rs surpassed only by her populanty Evxdence ot the latter can be tound rn the many ottrces she has held her electron as Homecommg Queen bexng the crownmg glory As edxtor ot the yearbook and presxdent ol the Senror class she has been kept very busy A tamrlrar srght to all IS Carolyn and her tousled blonde curls on the tenms court tor she xs an out standmg player Her talent IS excelled only by her love for th1s sport and any other be 1t basketball or brlhards Wrth her heart set on Prxnclpla Carolyn plans to mayor m physical educatron At present a career m scoutmg appears to be the oblect ot Carolyns unhmrted energres When she leaves E A the place she has vacated wrll not soon be hlled Secretary Treasurer ot Black Club Ment Status Student Councll Presldent of Semor Class Vxce Presrdent of Musart Club Edltor ot Hxlltop Presrdent of Aerchlorran Socxety Chorus Quxll and Scroll Presrdent ot Masque and Gavel Orange and Black Littlest Angel Rotary Club Award Homecommg Queen Tenms al'Cl6l ,HOQACL el' Geneva Illmoxs Marcla our bubblmg brunette wxth a love tor travel yorned the ranks ot the class of 54 as a newcomer thxs year Bezng a day student she came from Geneva each day exther wrth Rex or xn her green Olds Ambxtxon IS synonymous wlth Marcxa tor she was always more than eager to help out whether xt was makmg posters or tumlshmg transportatron Thrs attrtude was put to use by the Orange and Black stat! who really apprecrated her eagemess to wnte artxcles Despxte the tact that she was the smallest member ot the senxor class thve feet two wxth sparklmg brown eyesl Marcra was tar from the least It you ever had a problem you would hnd Marcia to be a sympathetxc lxstener and more often than not she could hnd the perfect solution Marcxa hopes to go out East to one ot their famous grrls schools possibly Pembrook or Wells However the Umversxty ot Colorado sounds mterest mg also Whatever dxrectxon she goes thrs vxvacxous brunette IS bound to have a wonderful tzme and acqurre many tnends Orange Club Musart Club Chorus Aexchlonan Soclety Orange and Black Lxttlest Angel Merrt Status 1 1 1 - ' .. , , . . . ,. . 1 ,, . . . 1 1 I . 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 -1 .1 . 11 e 1 1 1 1 1 -1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 . I . 1 1 ,, . 11 . EU QI! 904115011 Chlcago Illmols Evme was known as the best poet rn the semor class and any type of lxterary contest was a chal lenge for her She also enjoyed creatmg poems 1n her spare trme or for specxal occaslons The Englxsh department really apprecxated thrs talent for her works were all very good The school publxcatzons also made good use of her creatlve genius Evelyn was an actxve partrcxpant tn other phases of school lxfe as well She held the posxtlon of Sec retary rn the Aelchlonan Socxety and was a member of the dormrtory councll Evxe was also very actlve ln the choruses where she sang rn the soprano section of the Lrttlest Angel The Lowland Sea and For Us A Chxld ls Born About that entirely dlfferent part of school lxfe namely gomg steady you would have to consult a certaxn Iumor boy with the mxhals BM Wzth her vast store of knowledge m almost every subject Evre wrll really be missed and what w1ll EA do wxthout her around to wr1te poems and lxterary works to say the least Secretary of Aexchlorlan Socxety Black Club Musart Club Secretary of Dormxtory Councrl Rotary Club Award Chorus Ment Status Quxll and Scroll Orange and Black QOLQIJ Chrcago Illmoxs The Academy has been very fortunate for the last four years to have someone as tall and talented as Bob Klein Durmg th1s txme he has developed mto a very good basketball player especxally on rebounds Hrs 62 frame can really take care of that pxvot posxtxon Bob was mvaluable on the gndxron also Our star end was the marvel of all when he would leap xnto the a1r and catch those passes Bob was also an asset to the track team where he was used to great advantage rn hxgh lumpmg and throwing the dxscus However he IS not only an athlete but a scholar and leader as well Bobs honors speak for them selves bemg President of Dorm Council IS lust one of them He IS also very musically mmded Playxng the prano and burstrng out wzth a song when you least expect xt are proofs of h1s talent Bob plans to combme busmess admxmstratxon and englneer-mg m college We were all very sorry to see thls fme fellow leave Presrdent Orange Club Orange and Black Presxdent Donmtory Councrl Chorus Student Councxl Men! Status Presrdent Musart Club Track Basketball The Littlest Angel Lowland Sea Vice presxdent Mayor E Club Busmess Manager Hrlltop Football 0 "The Lowland Sea" "The Littlest Angel" ara make!! Alton Illmols Our tavonte Altoman IS ol course Sara Tlus sweet brunette xs really talented tor who else could have edited the Orange and Black as well as Mxtch 7 Everyone knows what a hard lob zt xs to make sure that all the asslgnments are m on tlme and that they are grammatzcally correct Neverthe less Sara always seemed to have tmme to wnte a topxcal edltonal Beszdes bemg a tremendous success as a loumal 1st she was able to really wm lacks heart How ever 1t must not be forgotten that Sara was also a very good student and orgaruzer Whxle in the dorm she proved to be an able dorm councml member Her sense ot humor mn the dorm and elsewhere IS sure to he remembered for a long txme to come As for next year Sara plans to enter the Umver sxty of Illmoxs Naturally she IS gomg to mayor nn yournallsm Wlth all her expenence and abxllty Illmoxs xs sure to welcome her wlth open arms even though EA wxll zmss her terrxbly Edxtor of Orange and Black Homecommg Court Orange Club Ment Status Musart Club Vxce President of Gxrls Donn Council Chorus Lxttlest Angel Lowland Sea Quill and Scroll Secretary of Masque and Gavel Treasurer ot Aexchlorxan Soclety Student Council Rotary Club Award C2 f .Simi Sandusky Oh1o Carl came here from tar oft Sandusky as our one and only post graduate last tall Smce then he has fascxnated everyone wlth marvelous pxano playxng and beautxful tenor voxce Often after dmner you could fxnd hxm unprovzsmg on the plano and play mg requests Hxs talent was really dxsplayed m The Lowland Sea where he played the part of Iohnme Dee and as a solonst m For Us A Chlld ls Born Our Ohxoan was on the football team held the posttlon of end played in every game and easxly won hrs Mayor E When wxnter rolled around Carl went out for basketball and agaxn made a varsxty squad. Ot course the best posxtxon was gomg steady wxth Toby Not only were they a cute couple ln The Lowland Sea but all the rest of the txme as well Carl xs undeclded about hxs plans for next year for he xsnt sure whether he wants to continue hxs educatxon or get a lob No matter where he goes Carl along with his muslcal abllxty is sure to be welcome Orange Club Mayor E Club Chorus Football Basketball Golf Orange and Black The Lowland Sea o 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 - 11 11 11 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 1 . 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 pall! 51' l'l0U0l' Chrcago Illmors The swrmmer ot the class was wrthout a doubt Paul Hrs abrlrty has meant the drtterence between a wrn and a loss rn more than one rnstance On the grrdrron Paul took good care of the tackle posr tron and was oiten crted tor hrs good playmg Besrdes berng a regular on the athletrc team Paul was also very musrcally mrnded He was a tenor rn the chorus and hrgh lighted several ot our chapel programs wrth hrs prano playrng As a dorm councrl member he not only drd hrs duty but set an example tor others to follow Cexcept for hrs prpel Paul was more eager to help others than to reprrmand them Because ot thrs attrtude he was deeply respected Smce Paul held the posrtron ot busrness manager on the Orange and Black he was actrve rn many extra currrcular actrvrtres Paul has so many mterests that he rs bound to be an asset to any college Although he wrll really be mrssed at E A Paul rs sure to be welcome wherever he goes Vrce Presrdent of Dormrtory Councrl Merrt Status Busrness Manager ot Orange and Black Swrmmrng Captarn Football Track Manager Treasurer ot Masque and Gavel Chorus Lxttlest Angel Student Councrl Lowland Sea Olll al' OX Glen Ellyn Illrnors The Box began hrs second year as a member ot the day student clan alter berng a boarder tor one year Even though he came all the way trom Glen Ellyn he never seemed to mrnd the long trrp each day Tom hlled center posrtron on the football team and drsplayed such sportsmanshrp and abrlrty that he was elected honorary captarn ot the team Also rn the way ot sports Tom was a regular on the rumor varsrty basketball team and a substrtute on the varsrty Whrle holdmg the positron ot crrculatron manager oi the Orange and Black Tom drd a hne job rn makrng sure that the rssues got delrvered on trme As for dramatrc talent hrs portrayal of Clarence Day Iunror rn Lrte Wrth Father last year wrll long be remembered Wrll we ever forget hrs powdered red harr that was parted down the middle? Tom rs undecrded as to what he plans to do but we know he wrll be welcome wherever he goes be rt Kenyon College or any other Orange and Black Hrlltop Mayor E Club Orange Club Captarn ot Football Team Basketball Track Ment Status Orange Club Major E Club Musart Club QCLGPJ WH5 OW Ch1cago Ilhnoxs The brg wheel came to Elgxn two years ago and has become one of the more promment semors Of course hrs ever present hat and manly physlque were also an rntegral part of hun Drck became a member of the Malor E Club ln hrs lumor year for he eamed a letter xn both football and ln track where he was our star dash man In his semor year Hats became the club s secretary treasurer and also the proud possessor of two stripes for both football and track besides earnmg a letter m tenms Not to be forgotten was his skxll m chess and xn table tenms where he ruled supreme Dxck loved to argue on any topic from sports to rellgxon Hrs hrm bellefs were very useful on Stu dent Council for he was always able to back up his suggestxons wrth concrete statements Dzck as very deC1BlVe about hxs future he rs gomg to become a Methodzst mmrster after attendxng Cornell College Thxs w1ll be a rewardmg proles sion especrally for Dick Secretary Treasurer E Club Student Council Orange and Black Black Club Tenms Merxt Status Football Basketball Track Au, Z Hoopeston I1lmo1s The gxrl who really put Hoopeston on the map IB of course Ab She began her three years here wxth a flood of homesxck tears and a southern drawl Ab hnrshed with that chenshed diploma However 1t has been the years rn between that are remem bered most Dunng this txme Abby gaxned recogmtlon in many helds She IS well remembered for her per formance as Cora ln Lxfe Wxth Father xn which she dxd a splendid lob As a promoter of school spmt Abby was a cheerleader for three years and as the busmess manager of the Hxlltop she helped make thus yearbook possible Nonetheless important was her pos1t1on as Presldent of the Girls Dorml tory Council for she seemed to always keep the dorm under control On top of all these accomphsh ments Abby certamly had a way with the opposxte sex A grrl llke Ab wlth all of these quallhcatlons wont have any trouble entenng Indxana Umverslty They re sure to like and appreciate her gust as much as Elgm Academy has Orange Club Vxce Preszdent Orange and Black Student Councrl Ment Status Presxdent of Grrls Dormltory Councxl Chorus Cheerleader Vxce Presxdent of Aerchlonans Business Manager of Hxlltop Littlest Angel Presldent of Qulll and Scroll Homeconung Court Rotary Club Award l o 1 u - 11 . 1 1 1 1 - - -1 11 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . n 1 . 11 1 . 1 1 1 - u 1 11 1 1 . . . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . . - n - 11 First row: Dobbert, Hombrook, Laird. G. Hall, Eichhorn, Leserman, Ripley, Sargent. Faust, Hewson, Dickey, and G. Edwards. Second row: Mr. Ogden Owen, Hessler, Crawford, Millar, Buttons. Glashagel, Pemberton, Miller, and Mr. Iohnson. Absent: M. Iacobs, H. Becker. P. Becker, Drake. Ganzhorn, Armstrong, and Cook. we junior 664:55 I Composed of twenty-five co-operative and industrious students, the Iunior Class began this school year by electing their class officers: Ianice Eichhom. president: Gale Ed- wards, vice-president: Iudy Hewson, secre- tary: and Bob Crawford, treasurer. This group has evidenced its ability and willingness to work through the fact that the Iunior Prom was financed as early as Febru- ary. This was accomplished by selling coffee and popcorn at the Homecoming game, and Yuletide ornaments at the Christmas pro- gram. It seems this year that the girls have equalled the boys in the field of sports. Elinor Ripley, Gale Edwards, Pat Faust, and Donna Dickey excelled in tennis, while Ev- elyn Dobbert became a participant in the E. A. swimming meets. The fellows, how- ever, must not be overlooked, for Dick Ganz- horn, Bruce Armstrong, Henry and Peter Becker, Phil Pemberton, and Cliff Miller cer- tainly did a fine job on the basketball floor, and Iohn Owen, Dave Hessler, and Eddie Glashagel were invaluable on the swimming team. Bruce Millar could be seen training vigorously for track meets on campus daily in the spring. Pat Faust. Chris Hombrook, and Evelyn Dobbert encouraged school spirit as cheerleaders. Donna Dickey, Evelyn Dobbert, Chris Horn- brook, and Ruth Lesserman all showed their artistic inclinations through fine work on posters, decoration committees, and making costumes. Other Iuniors were prominent in the field of the arts, too. Kathy Sargeant was a soloist in the operetta "The Lowland Sea", while journalistically speaking, Iudy Hew- son became assistant editor of the Orange and Black: Evelyn Dobbert, Marilyn Iacobs, Gale Edwards, Donna Dickey, and Elinor Ripley were contributors to the newspaper. Merit Status was a goal easily achieved by many in the class. Marilyn Iacobs, Elinor Ripley, Donna Dickey, Pat Faust, Gale Ed- wards, Gerry Hall, Iudy Hewson, and Bonnie Laird all reached this honor consistently. With its diversified talents and diligence, these students will undoubtedly be remem- bered as one of the finest Iunior Classes for years to come. SA? .SJOPAOHQOFQ CALM I The sophomore class of the Elgin Acad- emy was an exceptional example of cooper- ation and enthusiasm. Although there were a mere seventeen members. each individual worked to his fullest capacities in this year's social and athletic events, contributing val- uable ideas and willing hands. The class officers. Peggy Livingston, as president: Iim Hall, vice-president: Ioyce Martin, treasurer: and Bob Baur, secretary, were selected at the beginning of school, in September. Coupled with a new addition later in the year, Donnis McClintock, the group proved highly successful in all en- deavors. This class can claim priority on our swim- ming team. for Dennis McNeill, Iim Hall, Doug Wainscott, and Carl Droste fumished the backbone of the team, and all showed fine spirit as well as proficiency. Dan Cic- manec, Gordon Uzelac. Paul King, Michael Kennedy. and Bill Baur possessed a decided preference for basketball. However, they maintained the athletic standards set by other members of their class. Donnis Mc- Clintock, Peggy Livingston, Pat Hill, and Kay Suddeth shared in girl's basketball, alternat- ing with table tennis. and demonstrated ad- mirable adeptness in both sports. Merit Status. that coveted scholastic goal. was procurred by Iim Hall, Dennis McNeill, Carl Droste, and Peggy Livingston continu- ally by their excellent grades. Other sopho- mores achieved par and better than average marks. "The Reindeer Prance" sponsored by this class provided entertainment and a thor- oughly enioyable evening to the students of E.A. This Christmas dance exhibited a num- ber of extremely unusual decorations. which were the source of innumerable favorable comments. Wherever there was a gathering for any occasion, one would be sure to see Paul King and his ever present flash camera. Many of us are grateful to him for perma- nently recording memorable incidents of our activities on film. This Sophomore Class will be the hun- dredth class to graduate from the Academy portals. Undoubtedly, they will be commen- surate with the honor. First row: Cicmcmec, Iacobsen. Suddeth, Hill, Martin, Livingston. and W. Baur. Second row: Hamann, Wain- scott, Uzelac. I. Hall, Droste. M. Kennedy, McNeill, R. Baur, and King. Absent: McClintock. 4, , A A xx' ' fx 5 s lf, 4' Q' Y sq A A E . W X I hw A mA' ,fa Ae F , ,Af 'V' ,am A in if V C f 2' , ig " 3 " fr 353+ 2 Q A f gf, , 4 ? A Z K A ,... . A 7., A.f v V1 . sl M 43 Q, f 12' A- fs ' f is fm --" " " I A . ,: A ggi!! 92 rz' U u . i I mi 2 16 , , H f , --- a ' H '-2' '- f'?"f'1H'- : A .,,. VZAAJ1 l I A A u Q A AA ,4...A .Mk "V' -- A v'fA5 fl a Q 5- ' A A ei, at :sf A 5, G 6 A, iam- Q. Y A ei 4 54 ,A f 5 ,fm g . A A ' X fx Af 'J W - ' A M 4 gi A Si i U 5 Q2 iff? fig ff AA. N A. " ,f 5, A , W-A Q-M A -gg -Q A A ,gi Q 525 VA f . iv? XA V V f we 4 w 7' igffuwq f, -'- il i. ' 2 ,, f A , Z! 1, 'Q-x AWA AAAA 'U ii A 1 h V czszlrfzgy . L .,-' ' Q Q lil Ti ,J N' Vi ' - 1 1 -4 M a Q 1 ' , "lC'i'a Q V Ah 6 P W 1 Thls year the freshman class conslsted of fourteen boys and g1rls Al Iordl served ably as class presldent wh1le Barry Lennon v1ce presldent and Phylhs Rogers secretary treasurer occupled the remalnder of the po Slll0l'1S of group leadershlp Benny Bullard jomed the group shortly after Thanksglvmg Basketball mterested the greater part of the male element 1n the freshman ranks Benny Bullard Paul Grelow Al Iordl Barry Lennon Dave Olson Henry Schmueser Lewls Woodruff and Fred Zermuehlen all actlvely partxclpated ln th1s sport Hugh McVey drrected hls athletlc ab1l1ty toward swlmmmg as well as Walter Roth and Glenn Snyder On the femuune slde Carol Denny and Sue Z1mmerman devoted thelr energles to swlmmmg wh1le Phylhs Rogers showed profrclency m tenms Phyllls Rogers and Hugh McVey through thelr excellent scholastlc attalnments achleved Merlt Status at all tlmes Carol Denny also produced commendable marks The Country Farr proved to be one of our most successful xnformal dances of the year The keynote m decoratrons was s1m pl1c1ty promotlng an alr of freshness and lrghtness All students present vlgorously applauded the efforts of the nmth graders rn this soclal event I The seventh and elghth grades opened the year w1th well orgaruzed electlons The seventh grade results were Leslie McVey presldent Ianlce Harndge vlce presldent and Bllly Kennedy secretary treasurer The erghth grade elected Rlchard Olson as presl dent Bllly GYGb0WSk1 as vlce presxdent Irll Edwards as secretary and Bunny Kaye as treasurer Out of the combmed group of nmeteen Iohn Podzamsky Rlchard Olson Brlly Gra bowsk1 all elghth graders Oksana Rom anxuk Sue Davldson and Leslxe McVey sev enth graders made ment status for at least one s1x week s gradmg perlod There IS a great deal of musxcal talent ln th1s group I1ll Edwards who has played 1n chapel and for the chorus several tlmes Tory Estes Bunny Kaye Bllly Grabowskx ard Iohn Podzamskl all play the plano pro hclently B1lly Kennedy has exh1b1ted hrs excellent voice m the past years Bunny Kaye also appeared as one of the four danc ers 111. the Lowland Sea These two grades are ably assrsted and advlsed by Mr and Mrs Glenn Kruwell un der whose dxrectlon all rmportant class de c1s1ons are made The Upper Form ol mne pupzls 1D attend ance have emphasmzed the baslc slalls th1s year w1th extra currlcular subjects of art dramatlcs and ballroom dancmg keeping them :Lnterested m cultural l1fe Hlghhghts of the year were a trlp to the Art lnstltute m Chlcago to see the Iapanese exhlblt a hu morous Halloween party an exc1tmg Val entme dance a trlp to the 1ron foundry and a hlke through the lV'orton Arboretum Betty Hang a hfth grade pupll was chosen to play the leadmg role ln The Llttlest Angel at the annual Elgm Academy Chnstmas pro gram The M1ddle Form SlUd1eS have mtroduced many new processes ln arlthmetlc and to new steps m the enjoyment of readlng They jolned qulte easlly wlth each other rn art projects 1n athletlcs 1n dancmg and assem bly programs The w1de commumty lnter ests have been reflected m the vanous pxc ture collectlons and post cards from those who go travelmg afar The Lower Form had a very eventful year There was an unusually good attendance record Great stndes were made m num bers Everythmg and everyone ln v1ew were counted They learned to add numbers together and take one thmg from another Many mterestmg act1v1t1es were a part of the years programs Two of the puplls Ann Chxpman and Mary McEnemey appeared as cherubs 1n The Llttlest Angel at Chr1st mastlme There have been many trlps th1s year among whlch was a tr1p to the Curtls Candy Farms lr Cary and another to the Flre Statlon The Nursery Kmdergarden operatmg un der the new hmxted enrollment plan enjoyed a very successful year under the dlrectlon of Mrs I E Gnfflth assxsted by Mrs A H Noer They were dellghted to have the use of the Major E Club bulldmg where the large play equlpmert was set up for the wmter months Th1s made 1t posslble for the groups dlvlded by age to altemate between qulet lndoor acttvlty rn Penney House and the vrgorous play afforded 1n the so called out door house A very popular project was the dally showmg t1me whlch gave the young sters an opportunrty to stand before the group ard demonstrate or talk about some treasured object brought from home Indoor UCl1Vlll9S mcluded creatlve work w1th clay fmger pamt water colors crayons paper and paste records and rhythm mstruments stones and f1nger plays and supervlsed free pla w t 1 try and drarnat c play equlpment 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 l - ' 1 1 ' ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I ' 1 1 il I ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 I - 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 11 - 11 1 I - 1 ' I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 - 11 - 1 1 I L 1 . I 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I - ' - , 1 1 1 ' , , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' - . 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 - - 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 - - 11 - - 11 - 1. - 11 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 ' 1 1 1 5 I - - 1 1 1 1 - y 11 . ss . . 1 . ...ia--L 'sa-fik Q . D . . . 7 . . . ff lllll flqlllll K gli! ll! I I ,Ill l ll Fl'll' Fl l ! .74 0 5279511 .xgllcaflenl y BOARD OF TRUSTEES MR. G. P. IOHNSON, President --'- MR. LEE WARD, Vice-President - MR. GEORGE P. EDWARDS, Treasurer MR. RICHARD WEST, Secretary - - - MR. ROBERT E. ANDERSON-Attleboro, Massachusetts MRS. GEORGE A. FREEBURG-Elgin, Illinois MR. CHARLES R. BLOMBERG-Rockford, Illin - - - Elgin - Hampshire - St. Charles, - - - Elgin. , Illinois . Illinois Illinois Illinois MR. HARRY WALSH, IR.-Elgin, Illinois MR. E. P. STROTHMAN-Barrington, Illinois ois MRS. A. D. EDWARDS. Emeritus-Elgin. Illinois FACULTY EDWARD P. DROSTE. Ed.M., Headmaster Marvin L. Brett, M.A. Asst Headmaster, Mathematics C. Dean Chipman, M.A. Director of Art, Music, Dramatics Homer T. Orsborn. B.A. Latin, Social Studies. Athletics I. Wylie Fetherlin, M.A. English, Speech LeRoy B. Iohnson. M.A. Admissions. Athletics W. L. Ogden, M.S. Science, Mathematics Glenn Kruwell, B.A. Social Studies, Mech. Drawing Carol C. Kruwell, B.A. French, Spanish Harrison Reinken, B.E. Mathematics, Science, Athletics George E. Pingle, M.A. Social Studies, Athletics Edith Brockenbrough, B.A. Lower School Kathryn Potter Flowers Lower School Carolyn Stevens, B.A. Lower School Geraldine Iohnson, B.A. Librarian Dell D'Angelo, B.S. Library, Girls' Athletics Nancy Griffith Anne Noer Nursery - Kindergarten Ccnstance Kroeger, B.Mus. Piano Dorothy Young Keller, M.Mus. Music, Voice MR. ERNEST LUDWIG-Elgin, Illinois Nina E. Baker Housemother Virginia Burton Nurse - Housemother Verna Laux Dietitian Elaine S. Hall Admissions Esther Brett Financial Secretary Della Pillinger Secretary Ida Karsten Secretary Cherry Brunett Secretary First row: Mr. Brett, L. McVey, Livingston. and Mr. Droste. Second row: Eichhom, R. Olson, Zook, C. Hall, Winslow. Conrad, Klein, Rogers, Mitchell, and Iordi. Absent: Schriever. First row: Romaniuk, Rogers, Zook, Hewson, G. Hall, and Mitchell. Second row: Barber, Klein, Blomberg, Dunn, Crawford, and Giaras. Absent: Miller. Schriever. sgiawlenf Counci ana! iborm ounci :S I The first meeting of this important gov- erning body was held shortly after the elec- tion of class and social officers was finished. The student council was composed of the presidents of all the classes and representa- tives ot the Orange Club, Black Club, Major E Club, Aeichlorian Society, Sears Hall, Lovell Dorm, and North Dorm. These 13 representatives met with Mr. Droste and Mr. Brett and discussed many of the problems that arose daily. Many of the changes that took place were the result of such meetings, such as the lengthening of lunch hour, crowning the King and Queen at the Homecoming game, and revisions con- ceming smoking permission for seniors. At the tirst meeting, it was decided that it was only necessary to have one office, that oi secretary. Therefore, Ianice Eichhom was elected secretary ol Student Council. This year's council did a fine iob and achieved its primary purpose: to narrow the gap between the students and the adminis- tration. I The Dormitory Councils are organized each year with the purpose of assisting the housemothers and dorm masters with their various duties. These groups keep the dorms running smoothly and things on an even keel. Each of the dorms was organized sep- arately with its own president. Heading the Lovell Hall council was Abby Zook, presid- ing over Sears Hall was Bob Klein, while Phyllis Rogers had charge of the North Dorm. I On November twenty-first, the members of the Musart Club launched their first trip into Chicago. They had their choice of two places to go, with Mr. Chipman and Miss Kroeger chaperoning the groups. Most of them saw two operas at the Chicago Civic Opera House, while the others attended a symphony concert at Orchestra Hall. On the afternoon of December seven- teenth, the Telephone Company showed the club and other students movies pertaining to the Christmas season. In the month of Ianuary, the club showed pictures in assembly. "Iefferson, the Archi- tect" and "Design To Music" were two of the movies shovsm. The last, and perhaps the most interesting and unique, was entitled "Begone, Dull Care" and featured dashing color flashes and music of an exotic nature. The last trip was taken on April tenth, when the members attended the comedy, "Time Out For Ginger," with Melvin Douglas. On Friday, April ninth, Dr. Leland Brubaker gave an interesting talk on his travels and lfL:iCll"t the art objects he has collected. A small exhibit of contemporary painting was ar- ranged for the occasion by Bob Klein and Mr. Chipman. The group presented a paint- ing by Margo Hoff and an enamel kiln for the art gallery. The officers of this club were: Bob Klein, president: Carolyn Hall, vice-president: Gor- don Barber, secretary, and Gale Edwards, treasurer. Pat Faust was publicity manager, while Donna Dickey and Chuck Blomberg were members-at-large. I Heading the "Orange and Black" this year was Sara Mitchell, who proved to be an able and conscientious editor. Not only did she do a marvelous job in assigning and proof reading articles, but found time to write interesting editorials as well. Rex Con- rad proved to be a great help to Sara in the athletic department, where he was known as the Sports Editor. Holding the position of News Editor, Carl Schott, along with Abby Zook, the Feature Editor, helped ease Sara's burden and did much to make the paper a success. Paul Schriever's position as Busi- ness Manager of "The Orange and Black", enabled him to be on the Board of Publica- tions. In this capacity, Paul not only solicited for "The Orange and Black" but the "Hilltop" First row: Miss Kroeger, Dickey, C. Hall, Faust, and G. Edwards. Second row: Blomberg, Klein, Barber, and Mr. Chipman. Cllfl First row: Zook, Mitchell, Mrs. Droste, and Faust. Second row: Schott, Tarbox, Lesemian. and Conrad. Absent: Schriever. as well. Last, but certainly not least, were the positions of Circulation Manager, which Tom Tarbox held, and the position oi Adviser and Alumni Editor, which Mrs. Droste occu- pied, and at which she willingly spent many hours of her time. It was a hard and tedious task, and the success of the paper may be traced directly to her. I It is almost impossible for anyone to im- agine how much time and effort has been put forth by the Hilltop staff of 1954 in order to bring you this book. The endless hours of work began in September, when another financial campaign was launched. This cam- paign was the problem oi the Board of Pub- lications, a new group that was developed to simplify the soliciting ol funds. This board was composed of the editors of both the school's publications plus the business man- agers, Bob Klein, Abby Zook, and Paul Schriever. Thus, when a business or indi- vidual contributed to our cause, they helped make not only this yearbook possible but the "Orange and Black" as well. After the quite successful campaign was terminated, the editing ot the book began. Carolyn Hall, editor-in-chief, Gale Edwards, assistant editor, and Donna Dickey, art edi- tor, began working in their departments. They were ably assisted by Tom Tarbox, Marilyn Iacobs, Pat Faust, Elinor Ripley, First row: Dickey, Faust, Klein, G. Edwards, C. Hall, and Zook, Second row: Conrad, Tarbox, and Mr. Chipman. lm., Pang? 54,64 Nat CH Gerry Hall Paul Schnever Iudy Hewson Sara Mitchell Evelyn Iohnson Barry Lennon Rex Conrad Abby Zook and Iim Hall Mr Chipman was invaluable to the stati tor he not only acted as advisor but director as well Credit should also be given to Mr Aikin for the time and efiort that he put torth in order that the yearbook should have top notch photographs I The oihcers of the Black Club were se lected by the forty seven members of this organization They were Rex Conrad presl lyn Hall secretary treasurer Under the lead ershxp ol these persons this group excelled m all phases ot school life A greater number of Blacks attained ment status and par at the end of the hrst semes ter thus recervmg two valuable pomts Later m the year at E A s annual held events these students showed clearly their ability wmnmg seventeen out oi twenty tour events Several lndividuals were exceptlon ally notable The broad jump proved small obstacle to Carol Denny who broke the school record lor this event She reached a dlstance ol ll feet lk mches Paul Gielow followed this precedent by setting a new mark m the lumor boys broad 1ump reach mg 15 leet 5 mches The Jumor boys shot put also tell to the club through the work oi Hugh McVey who in addition estabhshed a new record of 29 feet 1 inch Leslie McVey and Sue Davidson set fresh marks in the Junior girls high lump This organization completed the year with the same fine spirit ol enthusiasm and co- operation shown at the tield events. Next year, we hope to have a group equally as capable and willing The Orange Club promptly elected otti- cers in September selecting Bob Klein as president Abby Zook vice president and George Giaras secretary treasurer This group then hnished the school year as a strong competitor against the Black Club for the championship Having one less member than their opponents the forty tour Oranges made good their disadvantage with an un usual amount of spmt and energy The hrst clash between these two clubs occured during September when the annual Tug O War was held It was at this time that the Orange Club suitered their hrst defeat although they did not relent wlthout a de termlned struggle This group lost a smgle pomt in the encounter Retaliation was soon forthcoming however Scholastically speak mg they proved highly proficient cmd edged out the Black claims for both Par and Merit Status Such abxhty netted the group two valuable pomts The next rivalry was a series of conflicts a basketball game a free throw contest and hnally a swimming meet consistmg ol water polo and relays The re sults left the two clubs tied and viemg even more strongly for supremacy Although the Orange Club did not wm the Intramural Field and Track Meet as a whole they did win the Senior boys discus throw led by the strong arm of Bob Klem who threw a mighty 109 9 The Iumor girls came ITLI192 A -Qi? I ,X fx' ' Z ' , - - . . I I 1 1 ' I I 1 1 n I I ' dent: Tom Greer, vice-president: and Caro- . ' a S . . . . . l - I I . . - I . JI' V . I -l lvl .-. CL.56ilfl,Q an CLUQ wma FlTSl row Mltchell G Hall Hewson L1v1ngston Mr Fetherlm and Schnever and C Hall Second row Hessler Q ww! 5200! Seated Zook Mrs Droste. and Iohnson S'andmg Conrad. C Hall Mr Fetherlm, Mrtchell and Mr Ch1pman close behmd the Black ln the broad yump and agaxn rn the h1gh jump w1th a drflerence of only two mches. Although the Black Club managed to Wln most of the held events, the Oranges hterally "ran off" wlth the track honors, led by stars such as Bruce M11lar and Mark Walker The track events pro duced a deC1S1Ve vlctory 1n that held al though lt was not enough to wm the entxre meet. The Orange Club's ab1hty to wm many polnts m the academ1c held made the an nual Orange and Black competition closer than ever. I Masque and Gavel, an international hon- orary high school speech society, has been an active organization on campus this year. The purpose ol this society is to select for honor candidates those who meet and prom- ise to continue the high objectives of the or- der. Besides this, members must continue with their speech activities by giving chapel talks. assembly talks, radio and dramatic presentations. Masque and Gavel had nine active mem- bers on campus this year. Carolyn Hall was president, Sara Mitchell served as sec- retary, and Paul Schriever was treasurer. I "Quill and Scroll", which is an interna- tional honorary society oi high school jour- nalists, was established here at the Academy by Mr. Fetherlin, who now serves in the ca- pacity of sponsor, and has two advisors, Mr. Chipman and Mrs. Droste. The society is for Seniors only, and live members from this year's graduating class have the honor of being the charter mem- bers. They are Rex Conrad, Carolyn Hall, 'Q6! Oflftfl Evelyn Iohnson, Sara Mitchell, and Abby Zook. Upon pledging his membership, the new member promises to continue to report truth, to live with integrity, and to strive for better journalism in his journalistic activities. On May 8th in the Art Gallery, Abby lead the ritual that formally made these students members of the society. The junior candi- dates were also pledged at this time. I This year, the girls' and boys' choruses, together with our madrigal group, partici- pated in "The Littlest Angel," "The Lowland Sea," and "For Us A Child Is Born." An unusual number of superior voices added a note of fine quality to all lyrical presenta- tions. Every Monday, the madrigal chorus gath- ered in the Art Gallery, where they practiced various musical arrangements. Mrs. Keller patiently directed the students until a new song had been leamed and mastered. This group was formulated shortly alter Christ- mas. Nevertheless, at the end of the school year, they had acquired a sizeable repertoire. The Girls' Glee Club enjoyed a large and enthusiastic membership of twenty. Each Wednesday afternoon they all assembled, and with Miss Kroeger accompanying them on the piano, rehearsed the lyrics for Acad- emy productions. First row: Eichhom, Hill. Denny. Rogers, Zimmerman, G. Edwards, Martin, Laird, Lindblad, Faust, C. Hall, Zook, Hornbroolc, and Livingston. Second row: D. Olson, H. McVey. Suddeth. Sargent, Smith, Dobbert, Kaplan, Mitchell, McNeill, and Droste. Third row: Dunn. I. Hall, Blomberg, Klein, Cicmanec, Foreman, Bruce, Schott. Millar. Glashagel, Barber. Hamman, and Roth. I Will the weeks of preparation and anti- cipation prior to this year's Homecoming ever be forgotten? We all vividly recall that activities began in the fall with the date for this great celebration set for the week-end of October 24. We were scheduled to play Mundelein High School of Chicago, which had a big and certainly excellent football team. This meant drill and more drill for the football team. Planning lor the Homecoming Dance was no easy job, as the seniors soon found out. They decided to call their dance "Retum To gin Academy omecoming I 953 Paradise". and decorate the art gallery so that it would resemble a desert island, palm trees and all. The class was able to secure the services oi Don Adams and his orchestra for the evening. The traditional iestivities began with Old Clothes Day, which tumed out to be so warm that the tennis players were able to play a few good games before it was time to venture out to the Academy Bowl. At the field. flares were lighted which spelled out "Yea, Elgin," cheering began. and two lor- mer alumni were introduced who gave en- Above: Homecoming Committee: C. Hall, Schriever, Klein. Mitchell, Winslow, Zook, and Conrad. Lower Lett: King and Queen in convertible. Lower Right: Elgin Academy on defense against Mundelein Catholic. couragement to the team. Coach Iohnson then presented the team members and an- nounced the captains for the game. Rex Conrad and George Giaras. Fireworks were then displayed, and a snake dance to Sears followed. After the buffet supper. "The Iackie Robinson Story" was shown in the recrea- tion room, and cider with doughnuts was served at the intermission. Early Saturday morning, signs announc- ing Homecoming and welcoming alumni were put up. and a few Aeichs took over the job of decorating the goal posts. Anyone driving by the athletic field might have seen the girls hanging like monkeys and madly wrapping crepe paper around the goals in the respective schools' colors. They finished their job just as the teams assembled on the gridiron. The game which followed proved to be a very exciting and tense one from the start to finish. Although we appeared to play a better game, Mundelein was able to edge out a close thirteen to twelve victory. The tradition of Homecoming was broken this year in one respect. The student council decided to have the King and Queen an- nounced just before playing time. so that they might reign over the entire week-end. Therefore, over the loud-speaker. came the news that the Homecoming King and Queen for 1953 were George Giaras and Carolyn Hall. They were then chauffeured around the field in a yellow Buick convertible, which was lent to the senior class for this purpose free of charge by the McBride Brothers of Elgin. The Homecoming Tea, which is annually sponsored by the Aeichlorian Society. started right after the game. This was one of the most successful teas of the year. for so many parents. friends, and alumni were there. The Homecoming Dance began that eve- ning with the receiving line starting at eight forty-five. The line was composed of Mr. and Mrs. Droste. Mr. and Mrs. Brett. Mr. and Mrs. Chipman. and the president of the senior class. Carolyn Hall, and her escort. George Giaras. During the intermission. re- freshments were served as usual. and the announcement of the Court of 1953 was made. Abby Zook and Sara Mitchell were the attendants to the Queen, who was offi- cially presented along with the King. Rex Conrad. vice-president of the class, did the crowning. The dancing continued until mid- night, and thus a strenuous but joyous weekend came to a close. AOIIIPLTOIII illg Gow-f 0 I Abby Zook. attendant: Rex Conrad, vice-president: Carolyn Hall. Queen: George Giaras, King: Sara Mitchell, attendant. 'R EM' je ' 9 'fs , asv! fa 1 X 'v Thls year s Chrrstmas program took place on December tenth and eleventh Seventh and elghth grades presented the1r port1on f1rst wh1ch was Chrlstmas 1n an Alpme V11 lage Clad m peasant costumes these classes gave a very 1mpress1ve performance revealmg talented smgmg and Spedklng vo1ces Wllh I1ll Edwards domg an excellent Job as accompan1st The orlgmal story of The Lrttlest Angel wrltten by George Tazewell and presented by the h1gh school students was especxally man The story produced a breath takmgly seraphrc effect by means of a scnm curtam The sololsts Peggy L1v1r1gston Gordon Barber and Davld Olson gave f1ne presen tat1ons as dld the quartet composed of Caro lyn Hall Evelyr Dobbert Ioyce lV'art1n and lVIar1lyn Iacobs An excellent narratxon was g1ven by two very capable students Sara Mltcherl and Gale Edwards who told the story Whlle the remamder of the cast enacted lt How could anyone forget l1ttle Betty Hang as the lxttlest angel or Arn Chlpman and Mary McEnerney as the two cherubs Four blonde ha1red angels Chrls Hornbrook Pat Lmdblad Pat H111 and Gerry Hall were dressed 1n str1k1ng pastel colored robes wh1le Ilm Hall as the Gatekeeper was garbed 111 dark green Who else but Bob Klem could have beer the understandmg angel? One of the most appealmg scenes was the one rn wh1ch the understandmg angel wearmg hlS royal purple robe held the l1ttlest angel on h1S lap As a tmale the mxxed chorus of s1xty VOICES presented a contata For Us A Chlld Is Born by Bach Three excellent solos were sung by Toby Foreman Carl Schott and L1nda Bruce Much of the cred1t for the success of th1s Chnstmas program belongs to Mrs Keller muslcal dlrector MISS Kroeger accompan1st and Mr Ch1pman stage dlrector lust as 1m portant to the success of the performance were the stage effects so dramatlcally umque thanks to Bruce Mlllar The pro grams for the evemng were made by Donna Dxckey and Mr Chlpman Anyone fortunate enough to see these performances certamly reallzed the work that was lnvolved Rxght Toby Foreman so prano Carl Schott tenor and L1nda Bruce alto .. 1, I. - adapted for stage production by Mr. Chip- - - - Q 9. 3 f N T31 lf 3 I Y 2 ' H 'J 2 , ' vi Q . Q 4" A X. ..-. : . - 1 , ' ' 4 I Ah! Gay Paree! And so it was on Febru- ary 6. 1954, when the Aeichs gave their an- nual dance at Sears Hall. An evening was spent in the "L'Aiglon" dancing to the fine music of Buddy Everett and his orchestra. All Saturday the decoration committee worked feverishly dripping candle wax of varied colors on wine bottles, painting signs. assisting Mr. Bey in manufacturing an awn- ing to hang over the wide entrance from the common lounge to the dining room, or hang- ing posters here and there. Soon. Sears Hall was transformed into a sidewalk cafe with palms bordering the entrance and striking red and white signs displaying the name of the restaurant. Of course, the awning car- ried out the theme colors of red and white in stripes with attractive scalloped edge, as did the red and white checked table cloths which gamished the small tables. These tables each had a wax-dripped candle on it and several French menus. The lighting of the candles lent the touch of atmosphere needed, as did the European travel posters decorating the walls. .x4eicA Arian ance FEBRUARY 6 SEARS HALL Foreman. Brett. Promptly at 8:45 P.M. the Aeichlorian offi- cers and their escorts began the receiving line, after which the girls took a bouttoniere for their dates from a lovely wrought iron flower cart. Following the grand march, the dancing began and the Parisienne atmos- phere seemed quite inviting. Midway through the evening, a few ener- getic souls began the Bunny Hop and almost everyone joined in. After this exhausting dance, the refreshments, raspberry punch and small cakes, were served by Mrs. Brett and Mrs. Droste. The senior girls then performed the annual intermission skit with Evelyn Iohnson setting the scene. Then Sara Mitchell, in a top hat and tails. serving as mistress of ceremonies, introduced Carolyn Hall, who sang "The Last Time I Saw Paris": Sara, herself, then sang "I Love Paris": and Abby Zook followed with a pantomime rendition ot "I Want To Be Evil" by Eartha Kitt. After this. dancing resumed until the bewitching hour of mid- night. It was then that the boys walked their dates back to Lovell Hall and the day stu- Top: Mitchell, C. Hall, Zook and Below: Informal photograph ot stu dents at refreshments table with Mrs dents departed Thus the extremely dellght ful evenmg came to a close I The annual dance held by the Major E Club was held later th1s year than m past years Instead of bemg III February It was held on Frlday Apnl 2 As usual 1t was a fund ra1s1ng event to ass1st the club w1th the projects that they plan each year Th1s year many new members jomed the club replacxng the many boys who gradu ated last year The only rema1n1ng members were Bob Klem Rex Conrad Dxck Wmslow Tom Tarbox and Tom Greer Accordmg to custom sklts were performed durlng the 1nterm1ss1on by all of the new members These foohsh antxcs contnbuted much to the enjoyment of all present The muslc was suppl1ed by the Ben Iohnson Quartet whlch d1d an excellent job Re freshments were served 1n the boys lounge and conslsted of cokes and potato chlps There was a tmge of regret when the dance had to break up but there LS always next year to look forward to I The soclal hlghhght of the year was the annual Iumor Prom Iune 4 1954 Th1s was the chmax to a hect1c week of exams plan nmg p1cn1cs and more exams The dance was always looked forward to wlth great ex pectatlon and reheved everyones thoughts of the1r busy days gone by Th1s year we were very fortunate rn obtammg Bud Sweppe and hrs nxne p19C6 orchestra from Iohet They d1d an excellent job of playmg and the Sen1ors felt qu1te honored to have such a MAIOR E DANCE COMMITTEE Wmslow Klem Pemberton Conrad and Tarbox large orchestra playmg on the1r behalf The decoratlon theme revolved around a mob1le of semor s plctures and portrayals of school QCl1Vll18S whxch hung ln the Octogan Th1s theme was followed through m the Chapel proper where dancmg was enjoyed by everyone mcludmg faculty members par ents and frlends The refreshments con sxsted of punch and petlte fours whlch were qu1ckly consumed by appreclatlve couples IUNIOR PROM C OMMITTEE Flrst row Dxckey Faust and Dobbert Second row M11 ler Crawford Elchhorn Hewson and G Edwards 1,.,,,,.. . . , KV I r up . 1 4 1 . 1 ' 1 . 1. 'V I - 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 l . . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . I - . . . ,I , 1 1 1 ' - . . , , 1 1 ' I 1 1 ' 14411- 1 1 1 if q 5' . "sf G H ? 1 , v 1 ? V V. l ff. ini ff 4 2 'wr ' 3 . Q s 5 4 nf ' :ff lmrgg 4, , ' ,bm 3" f' ' A 1. ala gf I ' S, il iw. A A , Q SM?-, ,, .. :,tZ5'1 N. N 3 , 15 ,. . 1 Q mi 1 0 4711 gg ,all 'AYP' -3' 5, Q 'Qzff ir I I P ' , f 34: J 'P 'U W 1 I X 'VA 'QQ V A 'Q ' "A , I ' ' J?" ' -4 r A ' V vs-5 If -' x ,. W as . - f sl .. . ,aiding guenfd I A new opera, "The Lowland Sea", by Alec Wilder, was presented Thursday, March 4 for the student body and the faculty and also on Friday evening, March 5, for the par- ents and patrons. Toby Foreman very ably played the part of Dorie Davis, and Carl Schott gave an ex- cellent performance as Iohnny Dee, her lover who went to sea. The rest of the cast includ- ed David Olson as Nathaniel Hazard-a widower who desires to marry Dorie-and Peggy Livingston, Margaret Bumett, and Iimmy Davidson as his three children. Chuck Blomburg gave a fine portrayal of the cap- tain of the doomed ship. "The Scarlet Sail." One of the highlights of the performance was a dance given by Sara Mitchell, Bunny Kaye, Ianice Eichhom and Chris Hombrook. Other members of the supporting cast were Bob Klein. Iack Dunn. Kathy Sergent. and the Elgin Academy chorus. The stage represented a dock and a ship with the effect of distance given by a scrim curtain which was donated by the Mothers' Club earlier in the year. Under the dramatic direction of C. Dean Chipman, the musical direction of Dorothy Keller, and Constance Kroeger at the piano, the cast gave a notable and memorable pre- sentation which will long be remembered. The very able stage managers were Bruce Millar and Mark Walker, while Mrs. Flowers and her assistants, Ianice Eichhohn. Ruth Lesserman, Peggy Livingston, Mrs. Ogden. Mrs. Baker, and Miss Karsten, were responsi- ble for the costumes. After the opera, spring vacation came with a rush and all the events that make April and May two wonderful months. Chicago Day was announced, and this year was held earlier than usual. Three opportunities were planned: the Brookfield Zoo. a perennial fa- vorite. "This ls Cinerama", and "Me and Iuliet", the Rodgers and Hammerstein mu- sical play. Sixty students and faculty at- tended the latter and the remainder were divided between the Cinerama demonstra- tion and the zoo. Chicago day is always a banner event and everyone enioyed it as usual. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First row: White. Iordi, King, and Mr. Ogden. Sec- ond row: Podzamsky, Hessler, and Grabowski. . , The next events were the Freshman Dance on Friday, April 25. and then the annual rummage sale on May l. Davidson gym- nasium was transferred into a complete gen- eral store selling everything from gadgets to the latest in women's fashions. The mothers are to be congratulated once again for their untiring efforts in behalf of the school. The proceeds each year are used for the pur- chase of new equipment for the classrooms, kitchen. the stage of the Art Gallery. the athletic program. and many other things. Twenty-four mothers and many of the stu- dents helped on Saturday. when hundreds of people poured through the gymnasium. The Seniors had their gala day on Thurs- day, May 13, and went driving off to Starved Rock. Dividends from this trip were several good cases of sunburn. high scores in golf and a submerged canoe. all hands under. The Academy made its first appearance in the tennis tournament of the private league on Saturday. May 22. The toumament was held at the University of Chicago. Six mem- bers of the team attended with Coach Ors- born and Mr. Brett. The year came to an end with Baccalau- reate Service at the Congregational Church, examinations for two days. the Iunior Prom in the art gallery. and then finally the ninety- eighth graduation exercises. Another year became a part of history. as seventeen sen- iors received their diplomas. Ioseph Meek gave the commencement address and Mr. Droste presented the awards for the year. f7Ae jooigaf e,.,0,, I9 3 u I VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First row: Klein, Schriever, Greer. Conrad, Chung, Tarbox. Crawford, Winslow. Giaras, Miller. and Schott. Second row: Mr. Iohnson, Glashagel, McNeill. Droste. Wainscott, Gielow, Roth, Ganzhom, Gille. Hessler, Millar, R. Baur. Pemberton, and Blomberg. Absent: I. Hall. Barber, A. Davidson, Dunn, Hamann, Owen, and I. Walker. Five returning lettermen with Coach Iohnson. IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First row: W. Kennedy, Selles, White, Baugh. Lennon, Grabowski. Snyder, and R. Olson. Second row: Mr. Dobbert. Iordi, Roth, H. McVey, M. Walker, Gielow. Podzamsky, and Woodruff, - Although th1s year s squad dld not pos sess the fmal scormg punch the1r aggres sxveness when lOS1I'g was truly remarkable They refused to stop llghtmg unt1l the sound mg of the fmal gun The openmg game of the season was at Mendel Cathohc Hlgh School wh1ch IS on Chxcagos South Slde From the openmg mmutes to the fmal gun lt was very appar ent that we were completely out manned out classed and out fought The boys from Mendel scored at wall against an unexper lenced but hghtmg Elgln squad Fmally the long aftemoon came to an end Mendel 65 and Elgm 0 The followmg Saturday Elgm Academy traveled to Belo1t W1sconsm to play the Cathollc Hlgh School team It was durmg thrs game that the runnmg ab1l1ty of Tom Greer and George G1aras became apparent In the hrst quarter Greer mtercepted a pass and streaked 85 yards for the Hxlltoppers hrst touchdown of the season Thus the half ended Wllh Elgm leadmg 6 0 However m the th1rd quarter Belolt scored 19 pomts Durmg the fourth quarter through the pass mg ol Rex Conrad and the 25 yard run by Gxaras the Academy scored 1ts fmal touch down Belolt scored 12 more pomts to g1ve them the vtctory was the Northwestem M1l1tary and Naval Academy of Lake Geneva Wlsconsm The Orange and Black once agam met a larger and more experlenced team Elgm looked good ln the thlrd quarter when George Glaras ran and Rex Conrad connected w1th a serles of passes to Bob Klem The I-Iomecomlng game wh1ch was w1th Mundelem Hlgh School th1s year was of course the b1g game for the Academy The Hllltoppers w1th co captams Conrad and Glaras began to move after recexvmg the krck off and retumed the ball to the P1rates thlrty hve yard lme On the next play Wal ter Roth ran for ten yards wh1ch was fol lowed by a twenty three yard pass from Conrad to Bob Klein Conrad drove over for the hrst score but Glaras mxssed the con versxon Later rn the hrst half Mundelem scored after a long dnve to lead the Orange and Black seven to s1x Toward the end of the hrst half Mundelem scored thelr second touchdown but faxled to make the converslon In the thlrd quarter Greer helped by Glaras went over for the second touchdown The lme falled to hold and Glaras lack was blocked Thus the game came to an end and Elgm s hnal scormg punch was lackmg Coach Iohnson praised the all around play mg of Bob Klem tn partlcular and also Dlck Wmslow Tom Tarbox Ben Chung and Bob Crawford On October 31 the Hllltoppers got lnto the vlctory column at the expense of Glenwood wh1ch was the only team to defeat them last year The Elgmltes gaxned possesslon 1mme dlately after the klck off on some heads up ball by Roger Gllle who grabbed a Glen wood fumble and raced to the opponents thlrty yard lme Elgin lost possessron but wlthm a few mmutes George Glaras made a spectacular seventy yard run to put them ahead Then on a pass from Rex Conrad to Bob Klem the Academy converted to make 1t seven to nothmg In the early part of the second quarter Glenwood couldnt move the ball and was forced to punt The runnmg comb1nat1on of Glaras and Greer which had been sparkmg the team along w1th the pass mg of Conrad to Klem moved the ball to the Glenwood twenty yard lme A penalty moved them back to the thlrty three yard lme but on the next play freshman fullback Walter Roth proved that he could really run for he took the ball and drove to pay d1rt The try for the extra pomt was not good and the half ended w1th Elgm ahead thrrteen to nothmg The second half saw an msplred Glenwood team come back and score two touchdowns but th1s wasnt enough agamst a team Wh1Ch saw victory commg and wasn t gomg to let 1t shp through :ts hands The hnal score on this trlumphant aftemoon was thlrteen to twelve Coach Iohnson cited the offenslve play of Roth Gxaras and Conrad ln the vlctory and the defenslve play of Tom Greer Tom Tarbox CIIII Mlller and Bob Klem On November 7 the Orange and Black closed then' season agamst a new opponent Pnnclpla of St Louis Prxnczpla was a great deal larger than the Academy and the Hall toppers were completely outclassed In the th1rd quarter Elgm made 1ts only tally on an elghty yard drlve completed by a Rex Con rad to Bob Klem pass The fmal score was Prmclpla forty one Elgm s1x Elgm m1ght be able to avenge thls defeat when they travel to St Louis next fall Thus our football season came to a close Although we d1d not wln every game re markable progress was very ev1dent The boys unproved steadxly from one game to the next They also learned how to gnn and bear 1t a step rn good sportsmansh1p Therefore our season was not ln valn It may thus be consldered a successful one I I I. I I I I I . I . I I ' ' u u n 1 n - I . ' - - , . I I . : . I I . 1 I . ' u 1 - , . . I - i On October 17. the Hilltopper's opponent , - I - ' ' . . . , . I I I l I , . c 1 n 7 1 1 1 ' I I . I . I I I ' - 1 n l I n I I ' ll ' ' . , . . . ' ln tel' .fgfidhca VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Miller. Klein. and Schott Second row: Giaras Greer and Con- rad, Mr. Iohnson. VARSITY SWIMMING Flrst row Schnever H McVey Dob bert Roth and Owen Second row Droste and Hessler IUNIOR VARSITY Fxrstr row M Walker Tarbox ond Gxelow Second row Woodruif M11 lor and Crawford Mr Iohnson W l Gloohagelz Wainscott, Hull, McNeill: Thrs year s basketball season was not so successful as It could have been although lt was the best of the past three seasons Irregular playmg on behalf of the varsxty and lack of expenence on the I V s counted mostly agamst us Retummg letter wmners from last years varsrty were Rex Conrad and Bob Klem. Also retummg from last years I V s and play mg varsrty thrs year were Tom Greer and D1ck Ganzhom Carl Schott Phrl Pember ton Clrff Mrller George Glaras and a late comer Bruce Armstrong made up the rest of the squad Klem Conrad and Mrller were the three consrstent starters w1th f1rst strlng posrtxons altematmg among the others Mark Walker and Lanky Lewzs Woodruff paced the I V s throughout the year wlth Benny Bullard Tom Tarbox Bruce Mrllar Paul Glelow Drck Wmslow Henry Becker Peter Becker Bob Crawford and Gordon Uzelac hllmg m Th1S was an exceptlonally large number of players and hopes are for some vrtal expenence havmg been gamed for next year The varsrty qulntet was tornd at pomts durmg the year and played top ball How ever these hot penods were too lrregularly placed to prove very v1tal In practrcally every encounter the Hmlltoppers were ahead be kept up and the Orange and Black fell behmd The hrghllghts of the season were v1ctor1es over Glenwood our tradrtlonal arch rlval It appeared that m these games the boys kept gomg and played the ball of whmch they were capable S1x boys saw most of the actlon th1s sea son and only these s1x were awarded Major Es Bob Klem played center for thls years Hrlltoppers and at 6 Z was the tallest player we could floor Desp1te the fact that he was constantly facmg taller opponents Bob con slstently out rebounded hrs adversanes and also netted some apprecrated pomts A n1ce 9 8 polnt average put Bob ln second place m scormg Tom Greer held down rlght forward for most of the season and drsplayed some nlfty shootmg from hrs spot where he rarely m1ssed Tom lacked conhdence however and would have scored more rf he would only have shot more often He managed to wm one game nevertheless wmth a last mmute swlsh Drck Ganzhom a junror altemated wrth Bruce Armstrong as starter Drck or Goose as he IS known mmproved rmmensely over last year and 1f he keeps rt up should spark next year s cagers Armstrong a rmd season arnval started ln fight away He was great ly needed for he was a good rebounder and counted up some good pomts-a 96 aver age to be exact Clrff Mrller held down the pwot pos1t1on on our double post offense Chff the httle man who 1umped way up was a ternhc rebounder and always came through wlth a couple spectacular baskets Rex Conrad captam m hrs th1rd year on the varsrty managed to break the school scormg record w1th an 185 average Rex played guard on offense and roammg for ward on defense Thls roammg spot enabled h1m to score 10 pomts ur the hnal exght sec onds m the f1rst game agamst Lake Forest Academy somethmg which would have come m handy several trmes later m the season Wlth Pemberton Mrller Ganzhom and Armstrong back from th1s year s varsxty and steadrly mmprovmg Mark Walker up from I V s mt looks hke next years squad has therr job cut out for them I The swrmmrng team had a falrly unsuc cessful season thrs year wumxng one and losmg srx Th1s was due to the small group that partlclpated but those who d1d recerved the expert coachmg of Mr Dobbert Thls was hrs second year wrth the team The men that retumed to the team from last year were McVey and Paul Schnever New on the squad tlus year were Dave Hessler Iohn Owen Walter Roth and Doug Wamscott Also the team was assrsted by 1ts one g1rl swlmmer Evelyn Dobbert Most of our meets were close but we were nosed out m many events The team s time was good but the COITIPSIIIIOII was keen The team IS sure that wlth Coach Dobbert s able coachmg It wrll r1se to the top The frrst meet was wrth Wayland Acad emy m our pool Although Elgm lost 49 31 they looked very lmpresxve consldermg that lt was the fxrst match for many of these boys On Ianuary 16 the swlmmers were able to defeat Mrlwaukee Uruversrty School and show thexr ab1l1ty to come out on top How ever Elgzn traveled to Lake Forest the fol lowmg week and came back defeated Pow erful Wayland agam defeated our young squad th1s txme at therr pool on Ianuary 30 Elgm lost by a very close margm to M U S on the 13th of February 42 40 The team ended 1ts season wlth another close defeat at the hands of Lake Forest by a score of 40 34 Thls team composed mostly of sophomores wxth only one senror ns bound to be tough to beat next year and especrally when the boys are senlors The mvaluable expenence gamed th1s year wrll be shown when the pool opens next fall and a vmctonous squad emerges. ' . I I 0 I I I 1 ' I - . I . I I I I I - I I I at one point or another, but the pace could!-l't Carl Droste, Ilm Hall, Denms McNe1ll, Hugh . . . . , . I l . . . , I I , - ' ' ' . I - - 1 . , . I I I . 1 - . . . .x4fALfic .SZAecJuL5 October October October October October 5 l 1 2 3 0 FOOTBALL 9 Mendel-Mendel Catholic. 65- Elgin 0. Beloit Beloit High School 31 Elgin 12 Northwestern Northwestern M G N A 32 Elgin Elgm Mundelem High School 13 Elgm 12 Glenwood Glenwood I2 Elgm 13 November 7 at Elgm Principia 41 Elgm 6 Homecoming Game 0 9 BASKETBALL 3 December 15 at Elgm Elgm 55 Todd School 31 I anu ary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary I anuary February Febnzary February February February 5 1 l 20 2 at Elgm Lake Forest 66 Elgm 38 at Elgm Elgm 48 Chicago Christian High School 46 at Glenwood Elgm 51 Glenwood 50 at Chicago Chicago Christian 51 Elgm 44 at Elgm Wrsconsm School for Deal 60 Elgm 58 Beloit Belo1tCathol1c 73 Elgm 47 Delavan Wisconsin School for Deal 70 Elgm 65 Lake Geneva Northwestern 61 Elgm 32 Elgm Elgm 31 Glenwood 29 Glenwood Basketball Tournament Ianuary Ianuary I anu ary Ianuary 9 SWIMMING 9 at Elgm Wayland 49 Elgm 31 at Elgm Elgm 49 Milwaukee University at Lake Forest Lake Forest 52 Elgm 27 School 33 February 13 at Mrlwaukee Mrlwaukee 42 Elgm 40 February 19 at Elgm Lake Forest 40 Elgm 34 MAIOR E CLUB First row Greer Conrad Pemberton Winslow Tarbox and Crawiord Second row Klein Miller and Roth Third row Schnever Chung Mr Iohnson and Giaras at , . 0at - . : '. . 7at - . . ., : ', " 4 at '- ' ' , : ' . . lat - . : ' . . 8 '- . : ' . . 13 ' - ' . : ' ' ' ' . . 22 - '. : , . 27 ' - ' " . : ' , . 30 '- ' ' . : '. . Gi '- ' ', I ' . . Zat - ' ' , : ' , . 3at - . : '. . at '- '. : , . 7at - 9 '- . : ', . 16 ' - ' . : ' ' ' . . 23 - , : ' . . 30 at Beaver Dam-Wayland. 55: Elgin. 29. ', W 2' , f "' 'f'..Qfr V K .Q-.X - . ' f . ,n,Y 7 rom 2, 7 ' A fl f .M- E 5 5 9 V ,Qs A A5 v-5, if 3' , 'four Q--. ., 3 X RN! f - X 35 E . .iii 4, , 'va , , ' .9413 N ing 5 QQ A A Q5 ' ' Q ' ff Qu, , , ...4 ff . V I"Q6LflU0 .X4 f ana! Oefl' Two departments of the Elgm Academy are proud to present creatlve work by the students of the school Most of the contnbutlons were made by underclassmen In the art department deS1gI'1S were made for several projects that are bemg repro duced 111 the yearbook The program cover for the Chr1stmas entertalnment was des1gned by Donna Dlckey Rxchard Wh1te and Ianlce Harrldge have contrlbuted two des1gns from thelr seventh grade publtcatxon Transportatxon and Susan Dav1d son and Bllly Grabowsk1 are represented by two des1gns from thelr e1ghth grade publrcanon The World We L1ve In The poetry that appears on the next several pages IS the work of the students m the Enghsh department The students mclude Ioyce Martm Elmor Rlpley Gale Ed wards Patrxcla Faust Geraldme Hall Phylhs Rogers Donna Dxckey Carol Denny Tom Greer Evelyn Iohnson Illl Edwards Rex Conrad Evelyn Dobbert Carl Schott Mark Walker Barry Lennon Iames Hall and Phxlllp Pemberton 9 THE DEAD 0 There IS a srlence and stxllness that overcomes your hte It IS a sllent happxness and bliss that removes you from stnfe You feel you re iloatmg on a cloud made of the softest lur Your name I8 called so very loud xt rs tor you a lure For little do you know you re bemg called to heaven You go forth like so many do who are not wrapped m sm For on earth many of your lrtends say xt has been sard That many of your km are sayxng you are dead 9 SAILING 9 I have a boat that I can saxl Twill last through any ram o gale Out I zxp across the bay To the race each Saturday I always gam a victory A tnumph oer the pow rful sea Wxth sheet and txller now rn hand I much prefer the sea to land Close haul or runmng lree Samlmg xs the sport tor me ELINOR RIPLEY 0 A MENTAL FOG 0 IOYCE MARTIN 55 The dense grey log stretched endlessly Its dreary arms surroundmg me And from my xsland ln thzs sea Ol desolatron and mxsery I saw no hope ol getting free GALE EDWARDS 0 LAZYBONES 0 Never before and never again Wxll I commzt mysel! To work and slave 18 all ln vain Im rather content on my shelf PAT FAUST 55 0 The Chnstmas desxgn at the nght was made by Donna Dxclrey who also made the cover desxgn for the Hllltop Other examples of art are prmted on subsequent pages C . p , - , . I I I - I I ' I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l It II 1 - . . l' . - . '55 . '55 I . . 1 9 LOVELL HALL LAMENT 9 When lxghts were out at Lovell Hall I heard a voxce come through the wall In the dark a gxrl was praymg These are the words I heard her saymg Wont some kmd fate please hear my plea And grant thxs httle wxsh to me? I met a boy the other day Who really took my breath away Hes tall and dark wxth a glft oi gab I met hlm rn the physxcs lab But when he passed the txme of day I stuttered and blushed and turned away Wxth other boys one thmg was true I always knew lust what to do Now that the nght one has come along The thmgs I do are always wrong When love walks ln good sense walks out Wxihout a shadow of a doubt Ive found the boy for whom Id tumble Please help me so Ill never fumble A gxrl m love should know the rules But these lessons are never taught m schools Now wont you please persuade EP To help me wzth thls ABC The ABC of Love that rs? In that course Id be a whxzz Ive studxed my lessons ln Basxc Skrll Thls new course ld study wxth a wlll But m the mght I had heard a sob GERRY HALL PREPARATION 9 Momma wheres the bathtowe Tell me Slster Sue Do you thxnk your dog wzll howl If I creep rn at two? Tomght I thmk hell ask me I know Ill answer yes What a couple we wlll bel Please hurry wrth my dress Whered I put the perfume? Pull the laces txght If you dont you ll spell my doom When we dance tonight Now then I am ready Thanks dear Sxster Sue God bless you dearest Momxe I wont be home t1l two CAROL DENNY 9 SPRING 0 Wmters almost over Wlth xts cold and wmtry blasts Sprmgs nght around the corner Wlth a lot of brand new hats Wlth the hats come new Sprmg gowns Great new styles to set Also new gloves and shoes and coats To keep from gettmg wet Whxle ladxes worry about thexr clothes Thexr men have problems too Each needs a long new hshlng lme And maybe a fly or two PHYLLIS ROGERS 57 Lights were out. and I had my job. . '55 . . , ' 1? ' ' . '57 0 A POEM 0 Ive paced the floor And racked my bra1n I cant sleep at nxght But rts all m vam I wrote one poem But that wasnt enough Now Im really sweatmg Wr tmg more of the stuff I work and I worry And nothing sounds nght Untxl sometxmes I wonder Can I be bright? If everyone else Can wnte words m rhyme Well then so can I But 1t takes more tlme A book report I had not ready So I had to SI1Ck to thls pretty steady Now th1s IS the best that I can do So Mr Fetherlm cant you see Wh1le Id like to be a poet too Longfellow and Whrttxer have somethmg on me N-1 9 COMMON CHORD 0 Floatmg lzghtly through the halls Tuggmg gently at the door Music calls to every heart Neglectmg peace or war IILL EDWARDS 58 0 BEAUTY 9 Beauty IS everywhere In many httle thmgs In a smrle or frxendly gesture In the happ1ness xt bnngs Not only ln a gxrl Who has a pretty face Beauty can be found In some forsaken place The sunset on a mountam Or a sky of mlsty blue A shadow m the dusk Thus IS Beauty too GALE EDWARDS ss 0 ON CHESS 0 Llfe IS a game of chess they saxd Those who play the game of chess Can also play the game of hfe Over and over parrot llke In poetry prose that tnte refram Lxfe xs a game of chess they say They re fools Try yust try to hnd love rn your heart or a cooped up wooden lmmobxle lung The queen IS too dellberate Too aloof from the passxons of Love The cowardly blshop who often retreats The sweepmg moves of the rock ignore The nearness and mtlmacy of Love The pawns and kmghts sxdestep Love s truth L1 e cannot be a game of chess L1 e 19 not I..1fe wxthout Love EVELYN IOHNSON 54 TOM GREER, '54 r. f X ' ' I F b I I . . . . 'f : Ohh -bv I :ee ,,.... 1-ii ----un... if THE CIRCUIT RIDER SUSAN DAVIDSON THE WIND AND THE RAIN BILLY GRABOWSKI w w W N 'NOW' What comes ln the future Of endless tomorrows" Is 1t only wrth comfort Or mmgled with sorrows Worry not for the future Nor thmk of the past Rather hve each moment As xt were your last They who rely on tomorrow Fmd today IS lost And memones of yesterday Soon tarmsh wxth rust Each lrfe IS too short The end looms so near So chensh the present Keep rt ever dear Seek out the pleasure Hrdden ln today But forget 1t tomorrow And hve the new day REX CONRAD 54 ' IUST A LITTLE OFF 9 Homework what a wonderful word To be wrthout 1t would be absurd I could not posslbly be so sublrme Wlthout lt to occupy my tlme You thmk Im o lrttle gone rn the head? Funny thats just what the psychlatnst saxd ELINOR RIPLEY 55 'ANEWLIFE' These are the hard years The ones we are gomg through now We dont know why thmgs happen But we wonder how Sometxmes were happy And the next moment sad Maybe somethxng somebody says Makes us flghtrng mad We go to Church so falthfully And once ln a whzle A sermon hlts home That makes us smxle Then suddenly we realxze That growing up perxod was rough But lt was good preparatlon For a new lfe thats tough EVELYN DOBBERT The summers over And everyones gone back to school But here I am stlll working Gee I must have been a fool I graduated from hlgh school Was as happy as a kmg To thmk Id never have to llsten To that darn old school bell rmg The teachers were bonng The classes were dull The homework pxled up No txme for a lull I hated my Latxn My chemlstry too But dad sald You take em' What could I do? But now that its over What I thought was stnfe I know that they re gone The best years of my lxfe CARL SCHOTT , , ? . . 1 . . : ' ,SS 9 THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE 0 . '54 'GONE' Skm Deep stood there Wxth srlent repose You could tell he was hep By the cast of hrs clothes The wxde gray brim Of hxs low turned hat Showed all the world That he was a cat Cool black suedes Wzth sharp box toe Horn nms and goatee Put hum deep ln the know Wlde plaid shoulders Drapmg with ease Slacks twelve at the cuffs And thxrty hve at the knees Then fxnally the key chain Long golden and drawn But dont bother to look now For thxs hepster 18 gone REX CONRAD 54 0 I WANT TO LIVE WITH MYSELF 0 I want to be able as days go by To look myself rn the eye I dont want to stand to the setting sun And hate myself for the thmgs Ive done I dont want to put on a closet shelf Lots of secrets about myself I can never hxde myself from me I see what others may never see MARK WALKER 0 LIFE TODAY 0 Taxes soaring Politics Peace and warrmg Natxon s trucks Competltxon Rushlng time Repetxtron Hopes sublxme Trxal and fallure Huge success Work to endure Must progress Ioy and pleasure Grxef and woes Love and anger Frxends and foes Aggregation Great array Combmatlon Lxfe today DONNA DICKEY 9 THE FRUSTRATED HOG CALLER 0 ln my lxmousme one day A tourmg around the country In south east Ioway I once dxd chance to see A house wlthm a valley deep Hidden by the near by hrlls And In the house a man dxd weep Poor boy he couldnt pay hrs bxlls The pxgs would roam the hxlls all day And then the farmer he would yell Seen way seen way seen way And down theyd come hke hell But then the echo would repeat And back mto the hulls theyd run So the man he met defeat He couldnt bnng home the bacon IAMES HALL . . . , , . , . , - ' I ' '55 . , , . . , . . . . . ' 1 '56 ' 1 , ' I ' I ' I , , , 56 gi INDIAN CANOE RICHARD WHITE SAIL BOAT IANICE HARRIDGE 'D - -. - A W . , r t o f ' r' -M ' x , - .. '- 0 TO DAD 9 Lets stop and thmk of a man so dear and true Who passed 1n sxlence and left us feelmg blue He had no trtles no degrees to hang upon is name And yet xn hrs small quret way he really dxd have fame And then at mght hed slt and read or with hrs children play He lrked the slmple thmgs a tree a book a song And always kept the golden rule never to do wrong He had a wnfe a dog a son an older daughter too And they all knew that Dads lxke htm are oh so few So lets stop and thrnk a mxnute of a man so dear and true Who pas ed away ln sxlence and left us feelmg blue PHILIP PEMBERTON 9 THE WAY OF LIFE 0 Thmk before you make a move, You wxll wm as facts wxll prove, Do thxs throughout your llve long days And youll hnd out that xt pays BARRY LENNON. 57 9 BROTHERS 9 A brother 18 a speczal blend Of nuxsance bother foe and fnend Who ll cause you heartaches by the score Balanced by favors many more Hell say wrong things at nght times Borrow your money drme by drme Hxde all your treasures one and all Tap the llne when fnends may call And yet as years pass on by A brother rs an all nght guy Of all the treasures lxfe may hold Brothers are worth their wexght ln gold DONNA G DICKEY 55 0 THE LITTLEST ANGEL 9 The Llttlest Angel was the naughtxest angel That heaven ever had Then he got a box from earth And was no longer bad The Angel then was happy In heaven hlgh above And to The Chnst he gave hrs box With thoughts of purest love But when he saw the other glfts He fell nght down and cned They seemed so much more beautxful Than that box and what was msxde God acknowledged all the gxfts And proclalmed the Lxttlest Angels best For it was of Chnsts kmgdom earth Where people lay at rest And then the box began to glow lt shone wlth wondrous lxght For men of all the centuries The Star of Bethlehem shone brxght PHYLLIS ROGERS 57 , , h . . . . , . s . , . . . Bruce MacLeod Armstrong 55 Gordon Burntt Barber lr 54 Harry V Baugh Ir 58 Robert Beau Baur 56 Wxllxam Ian Baur 56 Henry Ioseph Becker Ir 55 E Peter Becker 55 Roy Iohn Becker 57 Benlamxn Barton Bullard Ir 5 Margaret Ioan Burnett 59 Young Bm Chung 54 Danlel Iohn Crcmanec Rex Harr Conrad 54 Ianet Florence Cook 55 Robert Wxlham Crawford 5 Susan Carolxne Davldson 5 Carol Ann Denny 57 Donna Gaul Dxckey 55 Evelyn Mary Dobbert 55 Anthony Bryan Drake 55 Carl Sanders Droste 56 Iohn Rxchard Dunn Ir 54 Gale Peck Edwards 55 Irll Edwards 58 lamce Lee Erchhorn 55 Vxctona Mxlls Estes 58 Patricia Faust 55 Toby Audree Foreman 54 Rrchard A Ganzhom 55 George Iohn Graras 54 Paul Ralph Gxelow 57 Edward Glashagel Ir 55 Rachel Goodman 59 Thomas Watson Greer 54 Carolyn Hall 54 Geraldine Ruth Hall 55 Iames Ralph Hall 56 Iamce Ann Harndge 59 Mellnda Sue Hecht 59 Davxd Chnstopher Hessler 55 Iudxth Ann Hewson 55 Patncla Irene Hrll 56 Marcza Hoelscher 54 Martha Chrxstme Hornbrook Manlyn Lourse Iacobs Nancy Kaye Iacobson 56 Evelyn Carol Iohnson 54 Albert Iordl Ir 57 Susan Penny Kaye 58 Iames Wrllxam Kennedy 59 M1chaelR Kennedy 56 Paul Iones Kang 56 Robert Glenn Klexn 54 Bonnre Lou Lurrd 55 Iames Barry Lennon 57 Ruth Lesennan 55 Margaret lane Lrvmgston 56 loyce Margaret Martm 56 Donms Dale McClintock 56 Iames Denms McNeill 56 Hugh McVey 57 Leslxe McVey 59 Earl Bruce Mzllar IV 55 Clifford R Miller 111 55 Sara Mxtchell 54 Rxchard Olson 58 f Jeni IQOJW Wxlllams Bay Wxsconsxn 828 S Madlson St LaGrange Illlnoxs 805 N Wheaton Ave Wheaton Illmoxs Pralne Vrew Illinois Prame Vlew Illmors PO Box 17 Wadsworth Illxnors PO Box 17 Wadsworth lllmoxs PO Box 17 Wadsworth lllmoxs 1012 Knollwood Ave Wmston Salem North Carohna Sears Hall The Elgm Academy Elgm lllmors 709 Barry Ave Chicago Illmoxs 2444 N Hardmg St Chlcago Illmozs 122 Logan Ave Geneva Illxnoxs 141 Hawthorne Glencoe Illxnors 5710 Blackstone Ave Chlcago Illmoxs 110 N Rxver Dnve Algonqum Illrnoxs 930 S 14th St Sprmgheld llhnors 370 Congdon Ave Elgm Illmors 467 E Clucago St Elgm l1l1no1s 2131 Thomwood Ave Wxlmette Illmoxs 162 College St Elgm lllmoxs Kmsman Illmors Mmllstream Farm St Charles lllmors Mxllstream Farm St Charles Illmors 7809 S Cornell Ave Chxcago Illrnors Canterheld Farm Dundee Illmols 636 Park St Elgm Illmors 8120 E Iefferson Ave Detro1t Mxchrgan 667 Euc11d Ave Glen Ellyn lllmors 519 Whlttlesey St St Ioseph Mxchlgan 1702 South 4th St Maywood Illxnors 480 Oakhrll Road Elgm Illmols 7524 Essex St Chicago Illmoxs 537 H111 Ave Glen Ellyn Illmors R 1 Box 230 Elgm Illmors 704 Hxghvxew Ave Glen Ellyn Illmors R 1 Box 230 Elgm Illmors 855 Hmman Ave Evanston Illmols 1438 N State Parkway Chlcago Illmols 619 Evanswood Place Cmcrnnatx 20 Ohxo 914 Dakxn St Chicago lllmozs 78 N E 93rd St Mxamr Shores Flonda 825 South Batavxa Ave Geneva lllxnors 2117 Wxllemoore Ave Spnngheld Illmors R7-'I Bartlett 111mo1s 617 N E 14th Ave Fort Lauderdale Florxda 6907 N Ashland Ave Chicago 26 Illmors 520 Morgan St Elgm Illmols 4465 Broadway St Chrcago lllmoxs 655 Iumor Terrace Chicago Illmols 923 Manchester Ave Westchester Illmors 417 Lenox St Oak Park Illmors 3401 W 61st Place Chlcago Illxnoxs 10558 S Claremont Ave Chlcago Illmoxs 5535 N Kenmore Ave Chicago Illmoxs 2912 West Farqo Ave Chrcaqo Illmols 63 N Vemon St Sunbury Ohio 714 Oregon St Dundee Illmo1s Unlon Illmors 236 South Hzckory St Bartlett Illrnozs 166 N McLean Blvd. Elgm llhnoxs 166 N McLean Blvd Elgm Illmoxs 520 S Martha St Lombard Illlnoxs 521 Wxldwood St Iackson Mxchrgan 1910 Beall St Alton Ilhnoxs Beecher Road Wmheld lllmozs ' ' . ' 7 .. ' - , ' , . . . . .56 . . H . I . . ., . .. . . ., , , H . l . . Wxllxam Grabowskl 58 482 North Worth Ave., Elgin. Illinois ., , . . .. . . - .55 . -I . . I . . - . ,55 I I . . . . ., . I -I . I . . , . . . . , ' ur I 7 ' 4 .. . .. . . . . . I . H I . . - , . . E .X4CCl,J0l'l'l Phxlllp E Pemberton 55 Iohn Milo Podzamsky 58 Elmor Drake Rlpley 55 Phyllls Noreen Rogers 57 Oksana Romana Romamuk Walter E Roth Ir 57 Kathleen Mary Sargent 55 Henry Schmueser 57 Carl C Schott 54 Paul Schrlever 54 Iames Charles Selles 59 Preston W Smxth 58 Glen Snyder 57 Kay Suddeth 56 Thomas Marshall Tarbox Gordon Uzelac 56 Douglas Alfred Waxnscott 55 Mark Duane Walker 57 Eugene Rlchard Whlte 59 Rxchard Allen Wxnslow 54 Harr1etR Wood 58 Lewxs W Woodruff Ir 57 Frederick Zermuehlen 55 Susan Kay Zrmmerman 57 Abby Zook 54 Iames Wlllxam Davxdson Deborah Edwards Betty Dxane Hang Carol Ann Hang Rxchard Allen Iacobs Iudy McKeown Ioan McVey Valerxe Moreschl Vemon Norbett Iohn Leslxe Slpple Edward A Anderson Wxllxam Paul Barron Ann Gregory Chxpman Ann Byrd Cooper Donald Iohn Helder Barbara Alxce Helder Greg Lynn MacKay Mary Elvabeth McEnerney Thomas Barley Schlelfer M Wxllxam Thompson Norns Lee Wxldhagen 604 E Lxberty Drxve Wheaton Illmols 145 W Washmgton St West Chxcago lllmons Wayne lllmors 1515 Lafayette Ave St Louis 4 Mlssourl B36 N Maplewood St Chlcago lllmoxs 911 N Oak Park Ave Oak Park Illmols 505 Euclld St Vllla Park Illmols 35 Lawndale St Hammond lndlana 1433 Columbus Ave Sandusky Ohio 3420 Lake Shore Dnve Chxcago lllmoxs 318 Tnggs Ave Elgm Illmols 500 Wlllxamsbury Road Blrmmgham Mxchlgan 4103 24th Ave Kenosha Wxsconsm 2270 Rlchmond Road Cleveland Ohio 425 Arlxngton Ave Glen Ellyn Illmors 3521 Monroe St Gary Indlana 4851 Audobon Road Detroxt 24 Mlchlgan Box 115 Parma Illmoxs 517 Gary St Wheaton Illmozs 15840 Orchard Rldge Hazelcrest llhnols Box 62 Wayne lllmols 953 Western Ave Iolxet Illmols 715 Hlghland Ave Glen Ellyn Illxnors 7744 South Green St Chxcago Illmoxs R 2 Hoopeston lllmoxs INTERMEDIATE GRADES 110 N Rxver Road Algonqurn Illmols Mxllstream Farm St Charles Illxnoxs Box 489 Fox River Grove lllmoxs Box 489 Fox Rlver Grove Illmoxs R 1 Bartlett Illmoxs 28 Iefferson Ave Elgm lllmols 166 N McLean Blvd Elgm Illmozs R 2 Box 89 Elgm Ilhnols 4723 W Huron St Chxcago Illmoxs 518 lllmols St Geneva Illlnoxs PRIMARY GRADES Wolff St Elgm lllxnols N McLean Blvd Elgm Illxnoxs Kxmball St Elgm Illmols Vlncent Place Elgm Illmoxs N Commonwealth Ave Elgm Illmoxs N Commonwealth Ave Elgm llhnoxs R l Dundee llllnols 155 N Channing St Elgm lllmoxs R 2 Box 11 Dundee Illmors 110 N Harnson St Batavla Illmols 165 N McLean Blvd Elgm Illmoms and b Warren Alkm photographer The Elgm News Prmtmg Co The Elgm Courxer News Iahn and Ollxer Engravmg Co The Elgm Academy Mothers Club f ' U1 154 n .I I , ' 1 1 Wallace Burton 270 College St., Elgin, Illinois . 203 ., ' . ' ' ' ' 187 . .. ' . ' ' . 322 . H . I . . 380 . I . I . . ' 403 . .. ' . ' ' ' ' 403 . .. ' . ' ' Anonymous and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Carl and Mrs F Chrlstx and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ail'0I'l5 of tk? .ACG CWM? Robert E Anderson Harry V Bough Sr Chas R Blomberg ock Morgan Carpenter L R Conrad Wllham Cooper D P Curtxs Wllham D Davldson Iohn DeLancy and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W O Denny Marvm Drckey Rxchard Dobhert Iohn Dunn George P Edwards Mass Holly Edwards Mrs Margaret Edwards and Mrs Ioseph F Estes and Mrs E H Faust I Wylle Fetherlrn and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harold Gxelow E E Glashagel M Goodman Iohn Greer Robert W Hall Thomas R Hall Herbert Hang Mrs Helen Harrldge and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Morhmer Hawkxns Ray M Helder Wxlllam Hewson Edward C Hoelscher Linden Hornbrook Iesse A Iacobs Mrs Evelyn Iohnson ,O in cl Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. , Mr. . . , . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. I. B. Mr. . . ' Dr. . Mr. . Dr- . ' 'e hdn . . . ' Mr. . . . Dr. . . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . " . ' Mr. . ' . ' 545 Bdn . . . ' MI. . . . Mr, , ' Dr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' , ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ripley - Mr. ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . MI- - ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Dr. . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . Dr. ' . ' , . . Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . St ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Dr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mrs and Mrs G P Iohnson and Mrs Sam Kaye Elleen Kennedy and Mrs Charles Klem and Mrs Donald R Laxrd Fred R Lamp and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Chas R Lzndsayl M W Llvxngston Iames McNe1ll Gxles McVey Clifford C Mlller E G Mltchell Iohn Moreschr Rxchard Olson Waldo Pearson Mlss Marlorxe I Pennce ll and Mrs Tom Rob and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Iohn Podzamsky mson Walter Roth Donald E Sargent Fred A Schlxeier Carl M Schott Edwm Schrrever Frederrc G Simpson MD and Mrs L M Slpple and Mrs Whrtney Snyder dent Collectxon R M Swanson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs S E Tarbox Forest Wamscott Lee Ward Rlchard West Lewxs W Woodruff H W Zermuehlen P I Zook I 3 EOGPJ ! pULACatl0l'l5 Q ASSOCIATION ot COMMERCE 178 E Chxcago St Tel 5660 AUTOMOBILES Elgm Motors Inc 235 S Grove Ave Tel 7500 McBnde Bros Co 156 S Grove Ave Tel 130 Sahsburys DeSoto 6 Plymouth 138 S Grove Ave Tel 4900 Your Fnendly Ford Dealer 235 S Grove Ave Tel 7500 BAKERY GOODS Muettertles Sunlight Bakery 205 E Chxcago St Tel 345 BANKS 6 LOAN ASSOCIATIONS Elgm Loan G Homestead Assn 14 16 N Spnng St Tel 4940 Fxrst Natlonal Bank ol Elgm 6 S Grove Ave BARBERS Franks Barber Shop 104 N Spnng St Good and Hess 163 E Hlghland Ave BICYCLES Dels Bxcycle Shop 266 Dundee Ave Te 15 Tel 692 BUILDING SUPPLIES and SERVICE Elgm Lumber and Supply Co 222 Douglas Ave Tel 7770 Elgln Water Condltxoners 134 N Grove Ave Tel 4507 Holland Furnace Co 121 Brook St Tel 7535 Rxnehlmer Bros Mtg C 240 N Grove Ave Tel 197 CONTRACTORS Big 3 Pavmg Co Hmsdale Ill e Fred R Lamp Heatmg and Sheet Metal 214 North St e DEPARTMENT STORES Ackemann Bros 168 E Hxghland Ave e I C Penney 51 S Grove Ave e Sears Roebuck 6 Co 2961 5969 4000 8815 51 S S nn St Tel 62400 P 9 Ioseph Spless C 38 S Grove Ave DRUGS Goggm Drugs 450 Dundee Ave Mxlbrandts Pharmacy Fox Hotel Buxldmg Stettners Drugs 825 Dundee Ave Tel 4300 Tel 6618 Tel 1940 Tel 7450 DRY CLEANING Cramers Master Dry Cleaners 228 N State St Tel 245 lllmols Cleaners and Furners 55 Douglas Ave Tel 1515 1554 ELECTRICAL GOODS Fox Electnc Supply Co 67 N State St e 4380 McGraw Electnc Co 1200 St Charles Rd e 9800 FLOWERS Plagges Flower Shop 245 Dundee Ave e 17 FOODS and BEVERAGES Dune Cream Do nut Shop 193 S Grove Ave e 1025 lens Potato Chap Co 155 N Aldme Ave e 4458 Manhattan Royal Crown nc 15 N Umon St e 5415 Shedd Bartush Foods 51 N State St Tel 228 The BIG Market 56 58 S Grove Ave Tel 5800 FUEL and ICE 357 Hendee St e 427 Strohm Coal C 20 N Grove Ave e 4772 INSURANCE Walsh Agency 100 E Chxcago St e 5600 IANITOR SUPPLIES Broeker s 365 Elm St e 4128 IEWELRY Elgm Amencan Compacts and Other Fashxon Accessones 853 Dundee Ave Tel 8000 Elgm Watches- The Beauhtul Way To Tell 'l'1me 107 Natlonal St e 3300 Rovelstad Bros 162 E Chxcago St e 1599 LAUNDRY SERVICE Suds Solt Water Laundry 229 N Grove Ave e 5420 MEN S CLOTHING Danner s 52 Douglas Ave Tel 461 Georges Clothes Shop 158 E Chxcago St Tel 2050 MOTELS Io El Motel You w1l1 be proud to recommend xt US Rt 20 and Rt 59 Tel 6 7637 OPTICAL SERVICE Kendnck and Lmdblad 18 N Grove Ave e 884 ll'0Ct0I'g PAINTS and WALLPAPER Flshbum s 165 E Hxghland Ave Tel 23 C E lakes Pamt Co 163 Dundee Ave Tel 3785 Pxttsburgh Plate Glass Co 210 E Chxcago St Tel 1010 PAPER PRODUCTS Elgm Corrugated Box Co 824 Raymond St Tel 2200 PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Economy O11 Co 151 N Spnng St Tel 50 PHOTOGRAPHY xlun Studlo 23 Douglas Ave e 1739 Bud Knott Photo Hobby Shop 159 E Chlcago St e 1018 PLUMBING Martm F Runge 216 Dundee Ave Tel 497 PRINTING Elgm News Pnntmg Co 8 S Spnng St Tel 24 RECORDS Spllttgerber s 7 Douglas Ave Tel 2512 SCHOOLS Elhs Busxness College 101 N Spnng St Tel 2350 SHOES ners Shoe Store 8 Douglas Ave Tel 39 SPORTING GOODS Sportsman s Lodge 106 Douglas Ave Tel 5635 TRAVEL BUREAU Elgm Travel Bureau 166 Douglas Ave Tel 6 8440 WHOLESALE GROCERS Obee 9001 S Baltxmore Chlcago Tel Essex 5 7474 Ryser Bros Inc 3525 W Potomac Chlcago Tel Dxckson 2 6400 Iohn Sexton and Co 500 N Orleans Chxcago Tel Supenor 7 8400 WOMEN S APPAREL Smger Style Shop 5 S Grove Ave Tel 1543 VENDING MACHINES Vxctor B Nexswanger 403 Bluff Cnty Blvd Tel 5058 47 Le 0 . . . . ' . ' ' 1 . . ' T 1. .. ' . ' 1 . '. 1 1. . ' , . . . 1 I 1 . . 'r 1. 1 , - ' l I . - . . 1 1 ' ' - A. . . . . T l. Q , 1' 1, - . ' . . ' 1 - ' f T 1- 1 . ' 1 . T 1. . . . I I - i . . 1. - ' - T 1- . 1 ' i ' - - I - Ielterson Ice and Fuel Co. ' ' ' . 1' 1. 1 O. , I . - . . T 1. . 1 1 . . . . . . U 1- 1. I Eu . ' . . . ' ' .. . o. 1 1 . . ' . . ' 'r 1. ' . 1' 1. I ' . ' ' . 1' 1. - - - . T 1. . . . 1' 1. . ' . ' . ' . 'r 1. , - - ' ' . . 1' 1. ' - I , ' D ' o.. l - . ' . . - I I A . . . . 'r 1. ' ' . . f ,.,. u 1 . ur. '

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