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Q 1112-f aff X.f4ff X. iw fj 'X , ' Jr! " .7 . if THE ELGIN ACADEMY HILLTGP 1950 5 ELGIN' ILLINGIS s of 1950 Th1s year s Hllltop has been the pet project of the 1950 sen1or class and has fmally blossomed mto be1ng due to the enthusl ashc and talerted efforts of our sen1ors It 1S our s1ncere hope that all of you w1ll en1oy sharmg some of our past years expen ences as we remrmsce a l1ttle about the past hlstory of our sen1or class Although graduatlon has fmnally arnved and we are all eager to try our wmgs 1n the world we cant help but th1nk of all the past fun we have shared w1th one another Oh those pep sess1ons gab sess1ons and dance SGSSIOHSI Our class ploneers Nancy K1ederlen Ed Fox and Ed Manuel founded the sen1or class back mn the good ol days of p1gta1ls ard knlckers namely the e1ghth grade and s1nce then the rest of us have dr1fted ln year after year In 1946 many scared freshmen Doug Bennett Elame Harr1s Iune H111 Lewle Hyman and Ivar Pavlm lomed the ploneers gradually mcreasmg the sxze of the sen1or class to be When we advanced to be1ng sophomores we all welcomed Bamey Betz and Bob Solomon mto our rapzdly growlrg mldst Becomlng but feel a l1ttle old and wlse m the ways of the world as we watched many t1m1d freshmen scurry1ng about the Academy halls frant1cly trymg to locate the1r classrooms We welcomed Dlck Bates Georglan Coakley Iack Good lane Gulla Iudy Rltter M1lton Federman Larry Tarlow Art Wolfe and Drck Wasserberg as fellow 1un1ors thls year whrle Lloyd Montgomery came back to us agam from rad1o school At last' One ramy autumn day m September the old Acad emy school bell tolled orce agam announcmg the beglnnmg of another school year To many of the Academy gang September just meant the contmuatlon of more good txmes w1th the old crowd and the acquamtanceshmp of many new klds How ever to the 1950 semors rt meant the fmal year of four years that once had looked so very far away The real1zat1on that soon we would be leavmg the carefree days of hlgh school behmd us to step mto another phase of our hfe both dellghted us and yet startled us for hlgh school had been such fun and oh so care free' We completed our senior class w1th the add1t1on of hve newcomers Roger Damly Sonny F1xler Mary Iohnson Ier1 Rakow Tommy Yost and Suzanne Rlch Yes we are all glad to be sen1ors at long last but we w1l1 always thmk of our good tlmes at the Academy w1th pangs of nostalg1a and will always carry the Academy spmt w1th us as we go on our separate ways 11' l1fe . A . I . . . u I - L l 1 1 I I I : , ' ' . . . . l . l . proud upperclassmen at last. namely juniors, we couldn't help , . L . I . . . I I - . . . , . A . I RICHARD BATES Glenford Ohro Orange Club Boys Chorus Our Town Down rn the Valley Major E Club 1950 Hrlltop Staff Photography Club Manager Football Manager Basketball Manager Tennrs Although Drck cant be consrdered a true veteran of the Academy campus srnce he arrrved here rn hrs yunror year he rs a veteran rn all our eyes for wrth hrs amrable personalrty he has htted easrly mto the Academy lrfe ever there was anythmg to be managed effrcrently on the campus for Drck was as dependable as he was capable and the lob could already be con srdered well done Wrth the football and bas ketball teams plus the tennrs team backed by such an effrcrent manager rt was no wonder that the sport season successfully frlled many of rts expectatrons Besrdes hrs excellent sport managrng Drck proved to be an extremely rnterested manager rn Down In The Valley and we all know that wrth thrs wonderful start rn lrfe Drck wrll certarnly get the most out of the rest of rtl DOUGLAS BENNETT Barrrngton Illrnors The matmee rdol of a thousand women mrght well apply to our boy Doug for wrth hrs tanned complexron whrte grrn that blonde wavy harr and those twrnklrng blue eyes Doug has success fully managed to captrvate all our hearts The brg splash one hears when approachmg the lower recesses of the Academy gym can only mean one thmg namely that Doug has lust plunged mto Academy Aquarrum frns and all and rs planmng on breakrng and settrng hrs own all trme record We will all remember when remrnrscrng about the good old days those rhythmrc week end jam sessrons down rn the rec room when Bumble Boogre ran rampant How that boy can trckle the rvorres' The best of luck Doug well mrss you! Black Club Boys Chorus Our Town Everyman Mayor E Club Secretary Sons of Neptune Football Swrmmrng Tennrs I . . I . . The custom was always to call on "Bates" when- . . .. . ,Q MATHEW BETZ Barnngton lllmols Black Club Boys Chorus Down rn the Valley Orange and Black Staff Basketball Track Our Academy Ell'lSl6lH alxas the braxn rs our standlng expert at flgures fmath and otherwxsell and can always be counted on having the rlght answer at the rlght ttme Barney rs the only proud possessor of a Cad xllac which comes chuggmg up the Academy hxll each bnght and dewy morn and fmally collapses on the hlll s crest gaspmg for breath Then Barney emerges clutchmg a four leaf clover and all smxles well made rt agam fellows' Wxth such an outstandmg mmd we know Barney will be successful ln whatever he delves whether xt will be the fxfth dimension or other helds Good luck' GEORGIAN COAKLEY Elgm Illmols The lovely Iune Brlde to be of our semor class IS none other than Sweet Georgia Brown We re all a brt reluctant to let Georgxan go this year but we re posxtlve that Bob will take good care of her for us the lucky guy I Although thus petxte and unobtrustve mzss may appear to be a lxttle shy we can all assure you that she xs aboundmg wrth many vzvacuous talents As our leadmg cheerleader you could count on Georgie to be bOUhClhg around at all our sports events leadmg the cheers wxth a Flghtl Fxghtl Frghtl and the morale of the Academy team was guaranteed to soar upward 100 ' We will all remember the wonderful perform ances Georgie gave both as Ienny Parsons m Down lh the Valley and as Emily ln Our Town whxle every choral performance was high llghted by her llltxng soprano volce We know Georgxe and Bob will be very happy and wxll make the perfect pair of newly weds l Good luck to you both' Orange Club Glrls Chorus Down ln the Valley Our Town Aerchlorlan Socxety Cheerleader Merit Status ' I . . , . ' 1 . . . , .. . 7 I u on I ' 1 . . W I 1 n I ' 4 . , . . . 1157 Wk- ROGER DAILY Glen Ellyn Illxnors Orange Club Boys Chorus Major E Club Down xn the Valley Orange and Black Staff Football Track Merit Status Harlmg from Glen Ellyn one of the new assets to the semor class thls year 18 Roger Daily 'l'h1s year Roger was one of our football heroes and repeatedly represented the spmt of the frght mg Insh through the 1949 season One of Rogers noted characterxstxcs as that of bemg faithful to one of our charmmg young sopho mores It seems that from the begmmng of the year he was enveloped by her endearxng young charms Hrs abrhty m the art department ln the role of an extremely talented cartoonist has proved enter tammg to the entxre student body m many of our assemblxes We wxsh Roger every success at Yale and all through the commg years MII.TON FEDERMAN Cleveland Ohro Our know xt all professor of the Academy xs none other than Professor Mxlton Wxllard 1 Our Townl who can readxly mform you about the latest campus happenmgs anytrme your ear de sues a chorce but of gossxp Along wrth the latest gossxp Mxlton ms always ready to lend a sympa thetrc ear to any of your doleful recxtals concern mg your problems of the day Mrlton xs an act1ve member xn many school or gamzatxons mcludmg the Keynote Club and the Orange and Black Staff Without hrs able and dxlxgent assrstance on the Hxlltop Busmess Staff the Hrlltop might not have made tts deadlme rn such t1p top condxtxon but thanks to Mxltons fme co operatnon xt made nts dead lme m flymg colors We wash Milton the best of luck xn all the com mg years when he replaces Adnan of Hollywood and we females will always be thxnkmg of hmm when wearmg one of hrs ongmals The best of luc Prof I Orange Club Boys Chorus Our Town Orange and Black Staff 1950 Hxlltop Staff Keynote Club Basketball Tenms 1 1 . . .- If t. . H . . . -. t- . H - I I ' ' . , . . . . ' ' l . . . . , . - I . . . . . , . - .. . . U k .- n ' 1 - 1 -. 1. ,,-. J I 4 ' . - LOWELL FIXLER Ch1CGgO Illmols Orange Club Mayor E Club Football Basketball Go The Sun ln a certam beautrful lunxors lxfe rs thus years addrtxon to the 50 senior class Sonny Flxler Sonny came to us from Chxcago whlch rs the place to put rt rn a Chxcagoans own ver nacular We will all remember Sonnys wonderful fmght mg spxnt when he was ln actxve combat on the football fxeld or on the basketball floor Hrs strong sense of teamwork and hls never say dxe spmt certaxnly helped to pull the football and basket ball teams through many a tight spot' Sonny also shmes m tenms and puts plenty of wallop mto all hrs strokes We expect to see hlm playmg ln the Nationals before long and hell probably be gxvmg Kramer a scare too before so very long The Sun wlll cease to shme m many of our lrves when Sonny leaves and more so we thmk ln a certam rumors lovely lxfe EDWARD R FOX Chlcago Illmors Whenever there IS a heated argument gomg on upon the campus you can be sure Eddxe rs there lh the thxck of all those flymg words and rs con trxbutxng hrs two cents tree of charge' Yes rt rs a well known fact on the campus that you cant posslbly wm an argument wlth Fox for no mat ter how the dlSCUSSlOh ends Ed IS sure to grm and conclude wxth Aw you guys are all wet' Besrdes always bemg m the thxck of thxngs verbally Ed always manages to be rn the thrck of things socially for he rs Presxdent of both the Black Club and the swlmmmg club Sons of Neptune In sports Ed has demonstrated hrs athletrc abrlxty for many years and when rn the mrdst of battle hrs battle cry Come on you guys let s frght' 15 sure to be heard above all The other sxde of Eds personality you ll have to ask one of our senlor gals about for she rs the number one favonte on Ed s lrst of favonte people' The halls will be rather subdued wlth the de parture of our wordlest senlor but we know he ll be successful ln later lxfe at least whenever words are concerned! The best of luck Edl Presrdent Black Club Presrdent Sons of Neptune Vice President Student Councll Secretary Dormxtory Councxl Boys Chorus Secretary Treasurer Mayor E Club Down rn the Valley Our Town Football Swlmmmg Track Ment Status I 1 1 1 . . 1 .. 11 I . A 1 1 1. 11 . . . . ' ' ' . 1 . U - - H .1 11 . . . 1 1 1 . - - ,- 1 n . . . . . . 1- 1 1, . . ' -t 1 . 11 - , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' . 1 . . , , . . . . . 1 1 .1 11 - . . - - 1 1 . . . 1 1 . . u 11 -1 1 11 n 11 I ACK GOOD Chlcago Ill1no1s Orange Club Photography Club Football Basketball Tennxs Our tallest Chxcagoan ns lack who yomed our senior class ln hls lunxor year and xmmedxately made the Academy hrs second home lack IB another one of our tenms stars and takes h1s game very serlously for nary a smxle lights hrs lace when he xs m actxon on the courts and hrs opponent had better beware when that serve comes over the net for ten to one 1ts gomg to be an ace! lacks athletic ability 18 carried over ln other sports and lack made a hne showmg thxs sport season especrally rn basketball We wxsh we could go along wxth you on that summer tnp to Europe for xt sounds llke marvelous lun Have a good tune and dont forget us' IANE GUILD Glen Ellyn Illlnoxs Our senxor mxss who IS the all txme record holder of the Academy gold star lor punctuallty is none other than lane haxlmg from Glen Ellyn Although Iane 18 a penodlc school lover she can be depended on to be very helpful rn school actl v1t1es and comes to the rescue many tlmes wrth her trusty car which can travel more miles regls termg on empty' lane can always be counted on to scour the nelghbormg countryslde for that par ticular xmpossxble to hnd oblect for the Aexchs and do we gals love her tor 1tl lane xsnt too certain about what she wants to do rn the future years whether xt w1ll be college hrst or marriage hrst but we wxsh her all the good luck rn the world whatever her decxslon turns out to bel Black Club Aexchlonan Socxety 1 1 1 . 1 I . . , . - - - 1 . tt- . . I. . . . . I . . . . 1 - . I - . . 1 . . . I ELAINE HARRIS Elgm Illmols Busmess Manager Orange and Black Assrstant Edltor 1950 Hilltop Secretary Treasurer Aerchlonan Socrety Vxce Presxdent Black Club Down xn the Valley Our Town Tenms Whenever one thmks of lovely and sweet people whenever one thinks of the trustworthy fnend whenever one thxnks of the sympathetxc lxstener one xmmedxately thrnks of Elarne for wxthout a doubt no one else on the campus can nearly begm to ht these descrlptxons Yes unquestxon ably Blame rs the best loved person by us all faculty as well as student members all the way down to the wee ones of the nursery schooll Without Elame s effrcxent managrng xt rs doubt ful whether the busmess sectxon of the Orange and Black would have remaxned unsnarled One cer taznly deserves a feather rn thexr cap for keepmg those horrxble ads straxghtl You certamly deserve all our thanks for every thang and then many many more It will be a long t1me before anyone forgets such a sweet and lovely person and we all wrsh you oceans of luck rn all the commg years! swf. IUNEHILL Wayne Ill1Xl01S Four years ago a tall charmmg young lady ar nved from near by Wayne to begm her colorful and unforgettable career at the Academy Iunes academxc achxevements alone are enough to ac clarm her as an outstandmg student but these are almost shadowed by her non academlc contnbu txons Besxdes bemg edxtor of the Hilltop and fea ture wrxter for the Orange and Black she has always contributed artxcles to both of these publn catrons Also an actxve leader rn school socrety as Presxdent of the Aexchlorxans and an offxcer of her class xt ns rmpossxble to enumerate all her actx vxtxes In dramatic productxons she had the fern mme lead ln Our Town and also took part nn Down rn the Valley and other presentations of the Choruses and Ensemble Besxdes bemg a all round gxrl her modest demeanor and dxlxgent spxnt captivated all our hearts xnstantly and one could not help knowing they were ln the presence of a superb student and a warm fnend Presxdent Aemchlonan Socxety Edxtor 1950 Hllltop Secretary Treasurer Semor Class Secretary Treasurer Student Councxl Secretary Treasurer Orange Club Photography Club Gxrls Chorus Our Town Down ln the Valley Homecoming Queen Orange and Black Staff Tennis Merxt Status , 1 I . 1 1 1 ' . . .. . ,. - - - .. .. . - - , . 1 . . . I . . . . I . . . . I . . . . . 1 . . . . 1 n 1 1 1 ' I - ' I - 1 1 1 xl ll I ' In 1 ll 1 . . . 1 ll ' 1 , . , , . - - - . . .. .. .. . .. . , 'X ' :Si . ,, . ,L A, . -, . .AY " +-1 'X V-new -f 15 13- : 1 v.- um 3, 2 .T 'T ' .,. , tffff .fps , If LEWIS HY MAN Chlcago Illmols Presxdent Semor Class Presxdent Orange Club President Dormrtory Councxl President Student Councxl Vzce Presndent Mayor E Club Our Town Down rn the Valley Merxt Status Co Busmess Manager 1950 Hxlltop Boys Chorus Football Basketball Captam Golf Team Our bxg senior not only m build but also ln brg heartedness deserves the best that hfe can offer for Lewxe has certamly glven hrs best to everyone and everythmg here at the Academy Wlth h1s lovxal magnetic personahty Lewxe has drawn us all to hxm xncludmg a pert lxttle semor fxve feet two with eyes of blue Actnvltmes here at the Academy just wouldnt hum and have that speclal something unless Lewxe was connected wxth them so consequently he rs kept shghtly occupxed bemg the cog wheel of hfty or so actxvxtxes When Lewxes offrcxal dunes arent keeping hxm busy Lewxe rs preoccu pred with lrnes to learn for the latest operetta or play On the sxde Lewme helps to keep the book keepmg for the Htlltop smgs rn the Boys Chorus football and basketball Oh yes m his free tame Lewme manages to do a lxttle studymg The Academy wxll certa1nly mxss its human dynamo! Congratulations and tons of luck to a swell guy I MARY IOHNSON Selindge Au Force Base Mlchxgan A newcomer to the 1950 semor class thas year IB blonde Mary Iohnson Oh to have that pretty blonde ha1r those twxnklxng blue eyes and that peaches and cream complexxonl Mary although a newcomer had the pnvxlege of bemg on the Girls Dormitory Councxl whxch 18 a posxtxon hard to secure and stlll harder to re tam Congratulatnons for succeeding Blondte I Mary IB very talented wnth her voxce whether xt IS smgxng or gxvxng a declamatxon and we wxll all remember her dramatxc recxtatxon of The Whxte Clxffs of Dover rn chapel one mornmg whzch transplanted us all over to English soll As one of the Academy mermaxds Mary IS also talented and she ts at home as any of them m the Academy Aquanum Our fond farewells to a sweet girl and much luck and happmess ln the future yearsl Black Club Gxrls Chorus Swxmmxng Gxrls Dormxtory Council Aelchlonan Socxety plays a few holes of golf, and indulges in a little N54 3' A I t l NANCY KIEDERLEN Elgln 111111015 Art Edltor 1950 l-Illltop Orange Club Vice President Aexchlonan Soclety Our Town Everyman Merlt Status At the end of the senior class in herght but not in vxvacrous talent we hnd pert and adorable Shortle who is hve feet two wrth yes those eyes of blue tool fthough she claims they re never the same shade twxce and most of the time are a declded shade of greenll Nancy has been at the Academy for five years and has certainly made a place for herself here Her many and vaned talents range from the artrs trc and dramatic side actlng and art to the more senous side Merit Status As Vice Presxdent of the Aelchlonan Society Nancy has more than helped to keep things hum she has added her artistxc talents to creatmg the decorative atmospheres of our campus dances which always guaranteed a whxrlmg successful dance We shall all mrss Nans bubbling personality and know she will continue to bubble as success fully in her later life to come as she drd here EDWARD MANUEL Elgm Illinois Lookmg over most of our heads this year we fmd Ed Manuel He loaned the class of 50 in the 8th grade and smce then he has devoted his tal ents to E A Eds outstanding musical abrllty has won him much populanty and renown among his class mates He had the honor of smgmg the part of the Leader rn the opera Down rn the Valley whrch was presented this year whlle last year he shone An the part of the Iudge in Tnal By Iury Ed found little trouble ln playing our center with the hoopsters this season for not only dxd he have the height but also the eye for those baskets! Ed will not soon be forgotten and we know that Oberlm too will apprecrate our two gun Casanova ' Black Club Boys Chorus Down in the Valley Our Town Orange and Black Staff Everyman Basketball Track Ment Status . I . . . I . . ll 11 u ll . . I v , I lx lr n it 1 ll 1 I ' tu ll s tl u ll ming, and with her decidedly "different" ideas s- l . -72 ,' ...sv . A ,V 'fy 5. 45 1 LLOYD MONTGOMERY Elmhurst lll1no1s Orange Club Boys Chorus Keynote Club Down rn the Valley Everyman Basketball Manager Lloyd Turtle Montgomery or Monty as he 18 usually called rs an actrve partrcrpant rn many of the Academy actrvrtres and knows more about radro than you could put rn a ten volume encyclo pedra' Hrs oh so deep and wonderful vorce was en layed by many outsrders as well as Academy per sons when he played the role of the Preacher rn the opera Down rn the Valley Montys other musical mterests have been wrth the Boys Chorus and the Keynote Club When he rsnt putterrng around wrth hrs radro sets and other radro equipment Monty rs lookrng after the affarrs of the basketball team of whrch he IS manager The best of luck to you Monty Well be thrnk rng of you and rf we dont actually hear you over behind the scenes as actrve and as rnterested as everl IVAN PAVLIN Chrcago Illmors Our drstrnctrve golden harred phllosopher from Athens Chrcago came to the Academy Parthenon four years ago and rmrnedrately captrvated many a Grecran beautys eye wrth hrs cool rmpersonal mdrvrdualrty Immedrately Ivan the phrlosopher proved to be an excellent student and his abrlrty when performing at the Marathon located rn the Academy bowl Elgrn Illmors proved to be an rnsprratron for many younger Marathon asprrants The versatrllty of our Parthenon Philosopher rs outstandrng and Ivans rnterests range from the medrcal held through swrmmrng and onward rnto the realms of classrcal musrc It rs debatable whether Ivan rs more at home when lack kmfmg effortlessly from a sprmgboard rnto the Academy Aquarium or when masterfully poundxng out a Brahms Rhapsody on the prano Knot to mention on hrs squeeze box IJ We all know Ivan wrll be successful rn all phases of hrs lrfe and he wrll be long remembered by all of us Grecran beautres mcluded' Presrdent Major E Club Orange Club Vrce Presrdent Senror Class Boys Chorus Vrce Presrdent Keynote Club and Sons of Neptune Down rn the Valley Our Town Everyman Dormrtory Councrl Football Student Councrl Orange and Black Staff Swrmmrng Track Merrt Status 33 . , ll . ll xl ll I . , , ' ' I 4 I . . . . , , . . . . . , . ll ll . . . the radro, well certarnly know you were there. ., IERI RAKOW Dundee Ill1no1s Black Club Gxrls Chorus Down m the Valley Our Town Everyman Ment Status Aexchlonan Socxety Orange and Black Staff Another pert and vxvacxous mxss haxls from out Dundee way and goes by the name of len Ien another newcomer thzs year to the throngs of the 1950 semor class xmmedxately htted mto the Academy hte and was considered an old timer wxthout delay by us all len has many remarkable talents but shmes most bnghtly rn the actmg department With per formances m both Everyman and Down lh the of our hearty applause as the motherly Mrs Gibbs rn Thornton Wxlder s play Our Town In the fxeld of publxcatxons Ien has been actxve also and was on the Orange and Black staff Add Ment Status to her l1st of accomphshments and you have an mklmg of len s delxghtful personahty Ierl wont be easy to forget and we know she ll be as welcome everywhere else as she was here at the Academy SUZANNE RICH Barrmgton Ilhnoxs Susxe was our suck of dynamxte thxs year and alternately sxmmered exuberantly or lust sxmmered accordmg to her hery French temperament Susle exhxbxted her boundless store of energy at all the many sports events as a cheerleader and her energy and xdeas were carned over mto several clubs the Black Club and the Aexchlonan Socxety whxch helped to stxmulate them Our star typzst for the Orange and Black really deserves a vote of thanks from the suffenng cub reporters who always ran to Susxe whenever there was a deadline to be met wxth a correctly' typed artxcle What would we do wxthout Sustel was the most common yargon of the paper staff! you have Susne s seventh heaven for then Susxe would swztch to her passnonate French personahty and would create a mystxcal modern mood wxth her modem dancmg which captxvated us all We shall mass such an xnterestmg person and wxsh you the best of everythmg Suslel Black Club Gxrls Chorus Everyman Aexchlonan Socxety Cheerleader Orange and Black Staff I 3,0 ' 2' lf 'i. I u I ' ' U H 1- u . ' ' ' , , Valley" tucked away behind her. Ieri won more Picture a background of modern music and there , . , . . I 1 u ll we 9 TUDITH RITTER Chlcago Illrnors Presrdent Grrls Dormrtory Councrl Orange Club Co Edrtor Orange and Black Grrls Chorus Everyman Berchlorran Socrety Student Councrl Keynote Club Our black harred lass lrom Chrcago who has such mysterious dark eyes that cant help but remrnd one of deep lrmprd pools ot water has been wrth the 1950 senror class smce her lumor year Besrdes berng the beloved counselor of the gals dorm who helps to chase away those tearful blues Iudy always has a sympathetrc ear lor anyone else who needs rt and rs always ready wrth that much needed hanlcrel Iudy as Co Edrtor has done a wonderful job wrth the Orange and Black and certarnly deserves a gold medal lor managmg to survrve all the papers tnals and trrbulatrons all wrth a smrle on her lace tool Berng Presrdent of the Grrls Dormrtory Councrl has helped to keep Iudy busy and she has been actrve rn brmgrng many ol the grrls problems before the Student Councrl The gals dorm cer tarnly wouldnt be the same wrthout Iudy and how the usual excrtement and frolrc would sub srde at least hfty percent' The best ol good luck Iudy we wont lorget you' ROBERT SOLOMON Chrccrgo Illmors Another Chrcago lad who has a hrgh powder room ratmg wrth the campus temales rncludrng a certarn sweet sophomore rs Bob Wrth hrs carefree grrn and hrs adorable habrt of blushrng rt rs no wonder we all envy Nancy! Bob rs very skrlled rn the lrne of sports and hrs determrnatron and that lrghtrn sprrrt when on the losrng srde couldnt be beaten by any of hrs team mates Bob s Nelson Eddy vorce has more than added to the scrntrllatmg performances of Down rn the Valley and was heard also rn the Academys sprrng concert Wrth these many talents and hrs wonderful per sonalrty we re posrtrve that Bob wrll go lar rn lrte The best of luck to a marvelous person' Black Club Boys Chorus Down rn the Valley Our Town Dormrtory Councrl Mayor E Our Town Dormrtory Councrl Mayor E Football Basketball Golf . . , . , . ' 1 . . . . ' ' ' . 1 -. . 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 . . . . , , . . f 'f K LAWRENCE TARLOW Oswego Oregon Co Busrness Manager 1950 Hrlltop Our Town Vrce Presrdent Orange Club Boys Chorus Dormrtory Councrl Student Councrl Tennrs Merrt Status Larry Tarlow though not one ol our oldest mem bers ot the senror class wrll undoubtedly be re membered by us all lor many long years whrle Oswego wrll long be remembered as THE PLACE on our geography basrc skrlls lrst Our lrttle man from out west has undertaken many responsrbrlrtles thrs year besrdes attarnrng ment status consrstently He rs a member ol the Student Councrl and the Dormrtory Counc1l H has more than contrrbuted rn the actrvrtres of the Orange Club and holds the ofhce of vrce presrdent Cuprd has struck hrs heart for the last two years and has cooperated beautrlully rn the play Our Town where Larry was so fortunate as to play opposrte hrs leadrng lady We shall all mrss Larry next year but we know rl he ever leaves the West agarn rt wrll be to revrsrt hrs Alma Mater RICHARD WASSERBERG Chrcago Illrnors Our buddy as well as the buddy ol everyone else on the campus means no other person than Open The Door Rrchardl or Wass as Drck rs rrore often called Drck wrth hrs wrse cracks hrs latrgued puns and hrs wrtty lokes can yoke hrmself rn or out of any srtuatron ol the moment The funny part of rt all whrle we may moan and groan after we ve heard Drck s lavorrte yoke lor the umptreeth tame we re the lrrst ones to mrss hrs latest t vorrte qurp when he s absent from the lunch table! Drck rs excellent rn many sports but rn our oprnron he excels rn swrmmrrrg and rs known as the Aquarrums Krng Neptune What a burld on our Neptune' Our flash bulb hend rs strll another mck name for Drck and rl there rs any actron shot to be desrred call on Drck and your prcture rs as good as snapped and developed' We know you wrll always be ready for lrle wrth c. grrn and a new yoke ol the week so the best of luck buddy' Sports Edrtor Orange and Black Black Club Boys Chorus Everyman Mayor E Club Photography Club 1950 Hrlltop Stall Secretary Treasurer Sons ol Neptune Swrmmrng Tennrs 1 1 . . H .1 . . . , ., . . . ,, . ,, . . r. 1. r - . 1 . , . , . . 1. . H 1 N H . . . . . . U H . . ,. . H . I . . r , r . I , rr 1, - r. 1, N ARTHUR WOLF E Chxcago Illmols Co Editor Orange and Black Orange Club Boys Chorus Down ln the Valley Dormitory Councxl Major E Club Football Basketball Track Golf Sports Wnter Hllltop Staff A campus favonte of us all and an all around good Ioe IS another Chlcagoan who to quote the ladxes has the cutest dxmples and the most wonderful lop slded gnn ' Art really deserves all our laurels and many more of them because he I8 truly one of the fnendlxest and most slncere fellows on the campus and has such a gallant manner wlth the falr sexl Art xs another lad who seems to thrive on re sponsrblllty as hrs actlons prove to us and what a ternhc lob he has done as CoEd1tor of the Orange and Black and as Sports Wnter for the Hxlltop Staff He has also been domg a good lob as a member of the Dorrmtory Council Name any sport and Art IS active m lt wlthout a doubt and wlthout hrs athletxc abxllty the sport teams would have notlced a huge hole ln their efficiency as a solid umt Wxthout dependable Art much of the teams hghtxng spxnt would have dls mtegrated and much of the yelling spmt m the female cheermg sectxon would have dxsappeared alsol How well mxss you Art dxmples lop slded grm and all' The best of luck for the future! THOMAS YOST Thomv1lle Ohio Another lad who haxls from outszde the borders of Illmols IS our Tom Ulmmy Stewardl from Ohxo Tom yotned the 1950 senxor class thls last fall and xmmedlately became one of the gang drawl and all' With hrs deep voxce smgmg and otherwxse Tom was perfect for the role of Iennys Pa m the opera Down m the Valley and certamly made a hlt wxth us all Hts singing voice Tom contnbutes to the Boys Chorus whxch helps to add the fxmsh mg touch to all of the musxcal programs Tom has been actxve mn both sports and clubs thus year a few of them bemg football basketball the Orange Club and the Photography Club Wxth his wonderful co operatlon Tom has certamly anded with the success of both the sport teams and the dxfferent clubs If all Ohlo lads are like our Tom we wont hesl tate to welcome many more of them into our midst at the Academy! Good luck Tom come back and v1s1t us very soonl Orange Club Boys Chorus Our Town Down m the Valley Photography Club Football Basketball 1 1 - 1 1 .1 - 11 ' I ' ' . . 1 .. 11 , - - u 11 1 1 1 1 -1 11 . ' 11 . 11 . 11 11 . . 1 I 1 1 . . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . . 11 ' ' , 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . , ,, ,, ' ' ' ' ' .1 . 11 1 . . . . ' . 1 1 1 4, ' Class Wlll Mllton Federman leaves to Mr Levemck hrs screntxhc method of saymg Be Quretl t the talkatxve females m the Chem corner Drck Bates leaves for Down rn the Valley Mary Iohnson leaves her good behavror and attentxveness whlle rn chapel to Paula Schnexder Lloyd Montgomery leaves hrs great mechanxcal ab1l1ty with radxos to Lane Sorenson Georglan Coakley leaves her brrdal bouquet to Betsy de Forest Doug Bennett leaves hrs NATURAL blonde waves to Sherla Stone Ed Manuel leaves hrs capxtalxstxc rdeas to Red Hyman len Rakow leaves her fhrtatrous eyes to Carolyn Hall Iack Good leaves hrs clear record of correctxves to Holly Edwards Roger Darly leaves has hearty Academy spmt to Andy Shrllmglaw ludy Rutter leaves her black wavy harr to Mr Chrpman Lewxe Hyman leaves hrs gxrllsh figure to Adele Droste Iune Hrll leaves her deep freeze to Shaver Bamy Betz leaves h1s Lrmousme to Frank Collmgbourne Elame Harrrs leaves her SWEET dxsposxtron to Mr Swmnerton Nancy Kxederlen leaves her lxttle black. book to Harlene Srpp Larry Tarlow leaves Iune to any one who can handle her Art Wolfe leaves fsxghl hearts broken Ed Fox leaves hrs grumpy complaxnts to Gale Edwards Sonny Fxxler leaves wxth Shexla Ivan Pavlm leaves hrs dxvrng board to Iackre Barnett with luck lane Guild leaves her gold star to Kathy Davis Bob Solomon leaves hrs E pm Tom Yost leaves Illmots to the Indrans Susle Rrch leaves her hery French temperament to Sarah Iane Dlck Wasserberg leaves hrs wolf whrstle to Roy Newberg 'Class Prophecy The year IS now 1984 and strangely enough Mr Orwell s predrctxons set forth way back m 1950 have come true for the most part As we ghmpse about us 1n thls changed world we notrce that the class of 1950 has made qurte a name for rtself For example we see posters of the proletarxats leader Brg Brother Manuel plastered everywhere and out of loudspeakers we hear the loveable voxce of Comrade Fox blasting the last remarmng llberal thmkers with strong propaganda To begm our search for the classmates of 50 we f1rst stop at Secret Pohce Headquar ters where Lew IS now chref of the force It seems he developed a natural talent for the job whxle he was on dorm councrl and now nts paymg large dxvrdends Whrle mn the offxce we mqulre about our fnends and fmd that Larry rs astonrshxngly close at hand bemg head of the Board of Inqumes whrch means he asks questxons all day long How ever hes busy drctatlng to Miss Hxll has secretary so we leave on our search wlth none other than our guxde Flatfoot Wolfe now an ordmary cop Our flrst stop xs at the corner garage where we unexpectedly bump mto a 35 Ford wlth a grease monkey dllxgently workxng on xt Upon further mquxry rt turns out to be Barney who had glven up college so that he mlght work on hxs car and someday get rt to run agam He tells us that gust a short whlle ago a couple of collechve farmers had, stopped to gas up their tractors and they were none other than Dlck and Tommy Catchmg up wxth these beloved hxcks we learn that Iudy became the wrfe of one of their nerghbors and at present the couple IS blessed wxth thlrteen chlldren Also they tell us that they met Mary at a hamburger yornt on the way to town and she was now a lady truck dnver for the Government With all this excltmg news we decide its tune for a dnnk and we enter a cheap pub whxch has the srgn Umon of Socralxstlc Souses above the door At hrst all we hear rs the cheap boogre and bop musrc of Palpxtatm Pavlm and hrs Prtxlul Players but then through the dmgy atmosphere we see a bald bartender selling a bottle of Gleuk s Strte to dear old Sonny and hrs pal Wass who are now qulte mebrxated The greatest shock IB when the bald bartender tums out to be Doug who xmmedrately calls up Elame and Nancy the proprietors of this successful pub Our vnsxt IS suddenly mterrupted by the sound of polrce gomg to a raxd at Rakows Opxum Parlor and we arrxve just rn txme to see Good and Solly stagger out and deny the arrest warrants w1th thexr famous last words Smok1ng" Whos been smokmg'7 How ever they are whrsked away when the voxce of Sparks Montgomery announces a poker party at headquarters on the Secret Police radro and agam we continue our searcn We are about to give up when we happen to walk mto a place known as Federman s Gym where Mllt rs head athletic drrector We fmd htm thoroughly engrossed ln the latest book of philosophy by Mrs G Russell famed journahst and world traveler Not wantmg to mterrupt we slt down and browse through a copy of lame s Memoxrs with lllustratrons by R Morgan Daxly and sxgh wlth satrsfactxon at the thought of what a wonderful contrz button the class of 50 has made to the world . 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 0 1 11 1 11 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 . 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 1 . 1 ' 11 1 . 1 1 11 1 1 11 . 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' The Juniors Thrs year the Iurror Class constltutes a l1ttle more than one fourth of the student body Agam thls class has proved to be a hrghly successful one E1ghteen of the twenty nme students are commuters many commg m the school stat1on wagon and a few such fortunate ones as Mary Loulse Drechsel and Barbara Pontxus who drlve therr own cars Sally Strothman who IS pres1dent of the class IS a member of the Orange and Black staff the chorus and has ach1eved ment status numerous tlmes Andy Shmllmglaw IS vlce pres1dent of the class a member of the chorus Orange and Black staff has ach1eved mer1t status and IS outstandmg m football basketball and tenms Adele Droste IS secretary and IS very talented ln volce She xs a member of the Orange and Black staff and has also ach1eved ment status Mr Loomls IS the class advmser Man Romels Gall Montgomery Lew1s Iaffe Sarah Iane Ferry and Betsy DeForest have upheld the scholastlc standards of the class by havmg been awarded ment status conslstently In athletlcs the Iunlor Class was well represented Dave Ell1s basketball and swlmmlng team In the muslc department Roy Newberg 15 pres1dent of the Keynote Club Martm Newman and Adele Droste sang the leads III the opera Down m the Valley whlch was presented by the muslc department th1s year The annual Iumor Prom was one of the mam events of the year and the class prom1ses to make an outstandmg senlor class next year At the wall Left Right Monte Slater Roy Newberg Iohn Moulton Lewxs Iaffe Lons Guggenhelm Martm Newman Dxane Heth Adele Droste Marxlu Romexs Sally Strothman Betsy DeForest Thxrd row Dave Ellis Fred Kamer Ioan Gourley Gaxl Montgomery Shexla Stone Marxlyn Wolfson Second row Paula Schnexder Beverly Valentme Andy Shxllmglaw Fxrst row Sarah lane Ferry Frank Bronson Claude Chapman Mr Loomls class advxser O , . , . . who joined the class in Ianuary, proved an asset to both the The Sophomores The twenty three members ol the Sophomore Class are qu1te a handful for Mr Swmr erton thexr class advlser But as every ore w1ll agree they are a very enthus1ast1c group The pos1t1on of pres1dent IS held by Penney Iohnson Nancy Wolff IS VICE presldent and the secretary treasurer 1S Natahe Bond In the sports held the Sophomore Class 1S well represented The boys who agree that there IS no better sport than sw1mmmg are B1ll Stone Bob Flam1n1o and Bob Izenstark Gene Lamp thmks basketball IS the best sport Trymg for f1rst place III pmg pong are Nancy Barber Kathy Dav1s Beth Hetzler Penney Iohnson Barbara Mack Ioanne Mc Connell and Mary Lou Owen The mus1cal talent 1n the class IS portrayed by Anxta Brmk man and Kathy Dav1s who are outstandmg 111 vo1ce and Ioanne McConnell and Beth Hetzler 1n p1ano Merxt Status was achleved by Kathy Dav1s and Beth Hetzler Barbara May Kathy Dav1s and Beth Hetzler have made honors We re expectmg great thzrgs ot th1s class 1n the future so keep up the good work Front row LeitR1ght Barbara May Mary Lou Owen Gerry Iordl Penney Iohnson Nataue Bond Nancy Barber Mr Swmnerton class adviser Sec ond row Kathy Dav1s Ioanne McConnell Beth Hetzler Nancy Wolff Tom Park Amta Bnnkman Kent Grunewald Thxrd row Harlene Slpp Frank Collmgbourne Dave Wright Bxll Stone Davld Lewls Standing Robert Flammzo Eugene Lamp Robert Izenstark Charles Costello 1 1. 1 1 1. 1 1 - - I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 . A 1 - I 1 1 1 ,. . . 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 2 1 1 1 1 1 Z 1 1 1 . D 6' The Freshmen Out of the elghteen hvely members of the freshman class twelve are new add1t1ons to the Academy lh1S year Hallmg from St Charles ms Holly Edwards who 1S pres1dent of the class Holly has been a student at the Academy for three years Lesl1e Igle heart holds the posltlon of v1ce presrdent He IS one of the new add1t1ons to the class Arn Rovelstad who has also been a stu dent here lor three years IS secretary treasurer The scholastlc ab1l1ty of the class has been shown by SIX of 1lS members succeedmg rn atta1n1ng the ment status award They are Francls DeSalvo Holly Edwards Nancy Freeman Pat Gag amdze Katle Lmdsay and Ann Rovelstad The athletlc potent1al1t1es of the class were represented on the gr1d1ron last fall by George Murphy and Lesl1e Igleheart playmg wlth that fast movmg plgskm For the swlmmmg team the new prospects are Pat Gagan1dze Lesl1e Igleheart and George Murphy Francls De Salvo who came to us from Wheaton has qulte a techn1que m basketball Other hoopsters from th1s Hegner The A9lChS and the g1rls chorus benef1t greatly due to the fact that all the freshman glrls have proved enthus1ast1c members of these orgamzatlons On May 6 the freshmen held thelr arnual semm formal dance at Sears Hall The dance was one of the most successful of the year You have made an excellent start freshmen don t let us down Front row Left Rxght Arm Rovelstad Arlene Hyman Shxrley Karle Barbara Eells Nancy Freeman Holly Edwards Darlene Bnghtbrll Sally Schmldt Mr Brett class advlser Back row Mr Anderson class advxser Kelth Ericson Pat Gaganxdze Les Wllmot Paul Brown Frank Hegner Lee Ward Lesl1e Igleheart Francxs De Salvo George Murphy versatile class are Paul Brown, Lee Ward, Les Wilmot and Frank Q 'QA . .3 T' X' n .4 J The 7th and 8th Grades The seventh and e1ghth grades are agam one of Elgm Acad emys promlnent groups Th1s year the combmed classes conslst of fourteen members e1ght of whlch are new students th1s year Kathy Edgerton IS back aga1n th1S year holdmg the posltron of pres1dent of the elghth grade Gale Edwards IS pres1dent of the seventh grade and she IS also a student of plano at the conserva tory Carolyn Hall 15 secretary of the exghth grade and Ed Mar tens who IS a new student th1s year IS secretary of the seventh grade Other students taklng pnvate lessons III the mus1c department 111 VGYIOUS helds are Bettma Iohnson Kathy Edgerton Ed Martens Iacky Bamett and Robert Lamont The academlc standards of the classes are bemg upheld th1s year by Kathy Edgerton Gale Edwards Carolyn Hall and Bettma Iohnson who cons1stently wln ment status much to the amaze ment of all the upper grades All the g1rls of the classes are members of the Ae1chlor1an soclety and the ent1re class part1c1pates m the GCllV1l16S oi the Orange and Black Clubs Standing LeftR1ght Gale Edwards Robert Lamont Curt1s Bevmgton LeRoy Baccx B1ll Hopewell Grrls seated Betty Iohnson Kathy Edgerton Carolyn Hall Westy Lmn Iackxe Barnett Boys seated Edward Martens Chuck Martmson B1ll Flemmg B1ll Baur f' -A Good luck classes "54" and "55," you look promising. , A 1, g , . .. t B lf' , L lil y Q 1. 9 ,X Q V an 0 'U U 5. CD if L ursery LettR1ght Illl Edwards Luclenne Fauret Mrs Szllzman Valerle Moveschx Debby Edwards George Sotos Iohn Getzelman Iudxth McKeown Second row Darlene Beaman Iudzth Prxtchard lohn Burke Donna Arnold Gerry Gaunt Bobby Fesler Mrs Owen Left Rlght Mxchael Head Suzanne Schultz Bally Wegener Rrcky Wolk Ellen Lacy Front table startmg wxth lower rrght hand corner Scott Rexmger Iohn Ludwxg Allen Rexmger Paul Tobm Lee Buehler Peter Bazos Dale Lxbby Ieollrey Pearsaul Ieffrey Lxbby Gwen Getzelman Back table Lett R1ght Sally Owen Donna Ward Mary luslek Iulxanne Fedou Suzanne Hoffman Betsy Hammond Peter Ikeart Douglas Fessler Randy Walker U 4- C 0 E 0 HI 0 .C I- C 0 -A- B U L . A 0 o 'U C I 0 .C I- A A s ' yt ' .Z 0 -C .- . All l ISTR lil hr 3 G P IOHNSON Presldent LD P I Presxdent Plashc Tops Inc Elgm Illmols MR THOMAS ALLEN St Charles Illmoxs 4 E P STROTHMAN V1ce Presldenl Consultant Engmeer Chzcago and Mllwaukee DR MORGAN G CARPENTER 2nd Vzce Presldent Elgm Illmoxs MRS C R LINDSAY III Secretary St Charles Illmoxs MR GEORGE P EDWARDS Treasurer Presxdent Woodruff and Edwards Elgm Illmozs MR IOHN VV MCQUEEN MR LeROY MOTE Elgm Illmoxs 22 Elgm Illmoxs MR ARTHUR E GIERTZ Elgm lllmoxs MRS GEORGE FREEBURG Elgm Illmols MR ROBERT ANDERSON Chxcago Illmoxs MRS. A. D EDWARDS Member Emeritus I O SL Uh . R MR. . . , ' Ps Z f , . . V95 t? I . . . 4 H' . w ' by X st 'lr xx I rr' UM' . ' - MR. . . , - ACULTY RONALD B EDGERTON PhD Unxversxty of Wlsconsm UDIVBIBHY of Chicago Duector of Stud1es EDWARD P DROSTE EdM Shurilefi College Harvard Umversxty Umversxty of Wxsconsm Washzngton Umversxty Headmaster of the Elgm Academy I 1 - 1 1 1 u u C DEAN CH PMAN M A P Y No hwes ern Un vers Co umb a Un vers y RAY L WALKER MA Y Northwestern Umverslty Dxrector of Admzsszons FAC LTY CI-IOMER T ORSBORN BA Mt Umon College Alumm Executmve Secretary HANNAH I DYER A Lxbronan Dlrector of Athlehcs FRANK KRATKY M.Mus., Northwestern Umverslty Music VERNA LAUX Dxehtlan FREDERICK G. SWINNERTON, M.A. D Amhers! College New York College for Education English and Dramatics CBARLOW T LOOMIS B Umon College Cornell Unxversxty L Alllance Francalse Foreign Languages CMARVIN L BRETT M A Umversxty of Illmols DeKalb Teachers College Malhemahcs and Athlehcs MILDRED COAKLEY Iowa Slate Teachers College Buena Vlsta College Nursery and Kindergarten rwfwg, CRICHARD L. LEVENICK. B.S. ,M-szx ,A University of Wisconsin Science IOHN R. TRYBA, B.A. D DePaul University Art Institute of Chicago Art WALTER L WALKER B A P and Speech L9 Sc en Soc a S T Q E :- zz- 2 U U1 IU Ui o z U1 U3 v University of Wisconsin Girls Physical Education QGLENN E ANDERSON BS University of Wisconsin abs 03 sexnli 0 E' El FD : O fl! UI Q 0 :s 0 0 n :s D- 3 o .. :r 0 B o : G ID .LSNOO NV 'EIOHH 33 H35 KWH SUE , 1:0 m"U-1 ...Q GE. gi.. .... , 4 FD -1: Ui : 'c . Q X . cs E' rn.: 1:0 W... SEV ... ' O -E .. DZ' .si Q... igm , r :G 1 ED C MARY MOULTON Aurora College Landscape Gardener ANE HAMPTON CH PMAN BM nce Co ege MARY SILLIMAN BM D Cornell College Music Housemother MARY P OWEN BE National College of Education Elementary Grades IOHN F. BURKE Financial Secretary DELLA PILLINGER Secretary to Headmaster IDA KARSTEN CATHERINE LEA ALICE LANE MARGARET MINNEGAN RN A Nurse The 1950 Hllltop Stall I Can um ger days warm mghts e 16 1 IS gone lt s sad to see lt go tor d groans the Academy Campus has been cz spot of wonderful t1mes that w1ll never be forgotten Remember how marvelous rt felt to be able to nng the bell m Old Mam after wlnmng a game and how relaxxng It was to s1t on Senlor Knoll after lunch when your grades were h1gh enough to let you avold specxal help? The year s been a fast and whrrllng one so lets Just take a minute out to s1t down and rem1n1sce over the many act1v1t1es that have taken place A new Hllltop staff replaced the old wlth Iune Hill as edltor and Elame Harrls as asslstant ed1tor Lets not forget Nancy Klederlen Lewls Hyman Larry Tarlow Art Wolfe Dlck Bates Dlck Wasserberg and Mllt Federman elther Th1s book wouldnt eX1Sl wlthout the work oi all ol them and the superv1s1on ol Mr Chlpman Dont ever let 1t be sa1d the O and B wasnt on the job' Sometxmes you may worder where the students get enough txme to publlsh a paper but where they d1d 1S beslde the pomt It s that they d1d that s lmportcrnt What a paper 1t was' There wasn t an event that m1ssed the columns If lt wasnt 111 the news column lt h1t the Keyhole Edltmg the paper was done by Iudy Rltter and Art Wolle Betsy DeForest was Flrst Page Edltor Elalne Harns Fmanclal Manager and Mxlt Federman Exchange Edltor Coach Orsbom took care of the Alumnl column and Mrs Ander son was an able advlser Around about September you begm hearmg Oh walt untll I get hold of her and You wont be able to recognlze my is r ? . ' - Y I d l' an r e ' . ' . i .. ., , . I . I I I I I . L . , . . . U ,, . . I . I - I I I . S .fl ILA - , ,g ' ,. In ,, l N- fi 2-::..'. . gxrl' Th1s was the time of the Ae1Ch 1n1t1at1on and bel1eve me 1t was a perfect r1ot You really couldnt recogmze some of the g1IlS9 You see they looked more l1ke bunmes hyenas devlls palnters or lust a mlxture of everythmg At 8 30 1n the mommg Lovell Hall fg1l'lS dormltoryl was a scrambled mess of just about every g1r1 rn the school The old AelChS had by then chosen one or two new g1rls to untxate mto the Aelchlorlan Soclety It was almost like a masquerade ball except you couldnt fmd any make up on the new gals fexcept blue or green str1pes of cold cream runmng up and down faces and legsl and when they werent carrymg books for the boys they were being awfully sweet to the1r b1g sxsters hopmg they wouldnt have any to carry What Halloween comes only once a year but thls year lt arnved at the Academy w1th a bang The Keynote Club put on a howlmg Halloween party m the rec room of Sears Hall whlch really prevented anyone from forgettlng wrtches on broomstlcks grave yards or mystenous fortunes Costumes were a must or a forfelt was the penalty and Adele Droste folled everyone when fshel the scarecrow actually moved Besldes runmng from ghosts there were all lrmds of varlous games whxch mtrlgued every guest and many went home wlshmg Halloween came more often An opera never to be forgotten was the descrlptxon glven to Down m the Valley whlch hlled the Art Gallery on Novem ber 18 and 19 Wlth 1ts hauntmg melodles Never have the halls been so hlled even wlth performances on two mghts and two dlfferent leadmg casts The story was glven a drfferent twlst when the hero dled ln the end Many thanks Mr Kratky for dO1ng such a wonderful job of dlrectlng The Orange and Black Staff a ioy this day was-and may I add-what a mess! Homecommg FeSflVlfleS XHV Saturday November 14 1949 J Homecomlng IS one of those events well never forget and th1s year was as unforgettable as ever Maybe we dxdnt beat Wayland Academy but the fun before and after the game made up for the loss The blg weekend started wlth the collectxon of bonhre materxal Th1s year the bonflre was 1n the late afternoon a t1r1ng but happy one w1th a tea and later a formal dance whlch ended the gay f9Sl1V1l19S Iune Hlll queen f the Homecomxng Dance wlth her at tendants Georgxan Coakley and Elame --1' Horns A group of the guests around the refresh ment table mn the art gallery 1:51 K I C I xf M1 M , 4 X I ' l with dinner at Sears and a movie following. The next day was ' , o ie 1 'fp , I U - H -I . 1 9 Y vs 9 Art Gallery Theatre FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21 Dunham Woods Rldlng Club FRIDAY FEBRUARY Down In The Valley Opera by Kurt Wexll yennre Parsons Adele Droste CNov 20 Feb 101 Georgxan Coakley fNov 213 Bracx Weaver Martm Newman Thomas Bouche Lewxs Hyman CNov 203 Ivan Pavlm fNov 21 Feb 101 The Leader Edward Manuel The Preacher Lloyd Montgomery Pete s Leslxe Igleheart Iennxes Father Thomas Yost Women Iune Hxll Barbara Mack Marrlu Romexs Frank Kratky Drrector aonstance Kroeger Accompanxst 10 if 5, Guard ------- Mathew Betz CTIVITIE Around the middle of December before Christmas vacation quite a few students seemed to be having trouble getting all their homework finished, for ' Everyman" looked just as important as math or English. It was a true Christmas play when 'Good Deeds," Knowledge ' ' Discretion, and all the other good char- acters of Christmas were portrayed by students. The play was a tremendous success even without scenery and represented the ideas and troubles of every man in the world. On this same evening of Thursday December 15 a Christ- mas buffet supper for students and parents was held in Sears Hall and later the Academy Chorus renewed or you might say continued the tradition of performing Fred Warings The Song of Christmas The Cantata is the story of the nativity which has been told over and over again in various Christmas songs carols and biblical verses Lewis Hyman was the narrator for the cantata and the solo ists were Betsy DeForest Adele Droste Georgian Coakley Mar tin Newman and Edward Manuel The evening was a wonderful event-a delicious supper with our parents in attendance roarmg fires in the Sears Hall fire places the handsome Christmas tree m the Art Gallery covered with our own decorations and the beautiful Chrrstmas play and music We couldnt have asked for a more wonderful beginnmg to another long awaited vacation A month didnt seem to go by when you werent hearing about the Keynote Club Each year more students seemed to be lured by music and what was a better was to become acquainted with it than by Joining a music club? It wasnt necessary to play Scenes from the morality play Everyman N-1 an lnstrument to be a Keynoter but one advantage of member shlp was the fact that you also became a member of the Iunlor MUSICIUBS Club Th1s 1S a cxty wlde project and lncludes about hfty students from the Elgm Academy and the Elgxn Hlgh School They met s1x tlmes durmg the year and presented a Jomt program at each meetmg m the art gallery Adele Droste and Ivan Pavlln were pres1dent and v1ce pres1dent of the Jomt group Th1s hlghly actlve club also put on two entertammg assem blles and a Halloween party wh1ch w1ll be long remembered March 14 was a b1g day for the Keynoters the1r club sponsored a muslcal program for the muslclans of Elgin 1n whlch member of both clubs partlclpated On March 24 the Keynoters put another lmportant date on the calendar by gomg to the Chlcago MISS Kroeger played various pleces from the symphony prograrr Wh1Ch the club had heard the 24th The orchestra performance was one of the best of th1s season Frltz Remer drrected the Manuel de Falla dances from the Three Comered Hat and the fourth symphony of Beethoven All agreed xt was the best trip that had been made all year The Photography Club was another club whlch got off to a powerful start last year Mr Levenlck was the faculty advlser and was probably kept qulte busy trylng to remember all the students names when new ones entered every month throughout the year whlch made the club a very mntormal one Students were taught the techmcal fundamentals of dark room procedure the meanlng of the settings on the camera and other pomts whlch also mcluded some facts of chemlstry n a a In n a S Symphony Orchestra. Miss Brill, adviser of the Keynoters, and The Keynote Club The Photography Club Our Town A Play by Thornton Wllder Stage Manager Dr Glbbs loe Crowell Howxe Newsome Mrs Gxbbs Mrs Webb George G1bbs Rebecca Gxbbs Wally Webb Professor Wxllard Mr Webb Women ln Audltorlum Man ln Audltorlum Sxmon Strmson Mrs Soames Constable Warren S1 Crowell Sam Craxg loe Stoddard Lewxs Hyman Edward Fox Paul Brown Andy Shxllmglaw Nancy Kxederlen fMar Ierl Hakow fMar 9 Adele Droste fMar 8 Dxane Heth fMar 9 Larry Tarlow Holly Edwards Peter Heth Georglan Coakley fMar 91 M1lton Federman Edward Manuel Betsey DeForest Barbara May Lewls Iaffe Ivan Pavlm Paula Schnexder Thomas Yost Douglas Bennett Martm Newman Eugene Lamp People among the dead Kathy Davxs Penney Iohnson Bob Solomon Leslxe Igleheart Frederxck Swxnnerton Dxrector Art Gallery Theatre WEDNESDAY MARCH 8 THURSDAY MARCH 9 if 7, . ' - - - ' .Bl 4 . l . ---- . l A - l Emily Webb -'--- lune Hill CMar. BD ing' Mrs Ronald B Edgerton chairman of the t1cket sales of the Peter Tannenberg becomes an honorary member ol programs sponsored by the Mothers Club and the oihcers the Aetchlonan Society He IS shown here recelvmg dent and Mrs Ioseph Hyman hrst vxce president and sceptre Oflxcers of the group are Nancy Kleder len Iune H111 and Elame Horns Another tremendously successful play was glven March 8 and 9 The Mothers Club could hnd no regret ln sponsonng a play such as Our Town and anyone who mlssed lt was mlssmg a great story about then town or thelr nelghbors Our Town takes place rn a New England town and IS not about unusual personal1t1es but about everyday common folk-a town doctor s fam1ly and the famlly ol a newspaper ed1tor Thomton Wllder the author knew a lot more about llle than most ol us and clearly showed how beautriul a small town could be You wont lxnd many clubs rn any school that are as achve as our Mothers Club Thls years presldent was Mrs Chester Davls lst 2nd 3rd and 4th Vrce presxdents talso holdmg the t1tle of various chalrmenl were lV'rs Ioseph Hymar Mrs Walter Wzlcox Mrs Leonard Manuel Mrs Edward Droste and secretary treasurer was Mrs Ioseph McConnell The numerous prolects sponsored by the Mothers Club mcludes two dramatlc presenta txons Down 1n the Valley and Our Town rummage sales panel drscusslons concerts art demonstratlons and many others From fund ralsmg programs the club has glven new football un1 forms hghts and drmmers for the stage sterlmg sllver candle holders 1n memory of Mrs Harbula a past presldent of the club and a dlvmg board to the school The Academy wouldnt be complete wlthout an enthuslastlc club such as our Mothers Club IIlltlCIl1OH wasnt the only b1g success of the A6lChS By the tlme the last dance of the Pmk Promenade was over every one was ready to start all over agaln When you walked mto Sears Hall you couldn t help knowmg xt was nearly Valentmes Day and the perfect spot for young love s musmc Perhaps some of the success of the dance was due to the crowmng of Pete Tannenberg as the Aemch Kmg. pmnmg hxm w1th an Ae1Ch pm and concludmg the ceremony wxth three kxsses from the Aelchlorxan OHICGYS. Maybe everyone especlally remem bered the descent of the multlcolored balloons durmg the e1ghth dance or watchmg a starry eyed g1rl w1th an orchxd 1n her halr No matter how you remember the dance lt was only ln a pleasant way. A , , :I 1 V, x K 'A W xv ' '- h' " P7 1 ' , TE." , . Y P e"' f. - X x . -T' . Mrs. Ioseph McConnell. secretary, Mrs. Chester Davis. presi- the hat and cane in place ot the traditional crown I il ll I I ' ' . . , . . : I I . - . . . - . ., . 1 . 1 . I ' I I I . n - .. . ,. .. ,. , , . . . , . . l . . I . . - I I - I . . , I . . . , . . ' ll ' ll I , . Every Tuesday during the baslc skills periods since the beginning of October twelve students of the Academy met in room 24 with Mr Droste and Dr Edgerton to discuss problems and suggestions of the students and faculty This orgamzation was the Student Courcxl whnch was set up to promote fuller understanding between the admlnistration and the students The members were Lew Hyman president Iune H111 secretary Larry Tarlow Ivan Pavlm Ed Fox Iudy Rltter Sally Strothman Gale and Holly Edwards Penney Iohnson Andy Shlllmglaw and Kathy Edgerton who were presidents of their classes and E Club Aeichlorlan Society Orange and Black Clubs and the Dormitory Councils Another function made up of students and thelr ideas was the Girls and Boys Dormitory Councils Each dorm is represented by five or six boarders who have made the1r par have been recommended by the faculty and are known to maintain stand ards and leadership The Counc1ls meet separately once a week under the guidance of Mr Loomls senior dormitory master and Mrs Moulton housemother Some of the duties consist of con ducting mspection asslstmg m supervision of study halls and the girls dormitory are Iudy Ritter Nancy Wolff Sarah lane Ferry Mary Iohnson and Mar1lyn Wolfson Lew Hyman Ivan Pavlm Ed Fox Larry Tarlow Art Wolfe and Bob Solomon were members representlng the boys dormitory As the leaves were tummg green around the latter part of Aprll a sprmg concert was put on by students from the Academy The program consisted of the performances of mdi v1dual students the Elgin Academy Choruses and the Academy Ensemble which consists of a select group chosen from the mixed chorus The ensemble sang selections from the fifteenth and sixteenth century music and several modem songs Adele Droste Betsy DeForest Iune H111 Gail Montgomery and Anita Brmkman made up the soprano section while Ierl Rakow Darlene Brlghtbxll and Beth Hetzler made up the second sopranos and Katie Lindsay Kathy Davls Nancy Wolff and Mary Louise Drech sel formed the altos The boys m the ensemble included Eugene Lamp Frank Colllngboume Martin Newman and Ken Lee m the tenor section and Ivan Pavlm Ed Manuel Bob Solomon Lewie Hyman and Lloyd Montgomery made up the bass section Two of the numbers that the ensemble did during the year were The A . . .. maintaining leadership in the dormitories. The girls representing The Dormitory Councils The Student Council EDWARD MANUEL voxce xo The Elgm Academy Choral Ensemble, dlrected by Mr Kratky appeared at many sprmg recxtals presented by the musxc department Sllver Swan and the spmtual Everytmme I Feel De Sp1r1t The complete program for the Sprxng Concert on Apnl 28 follows Selections frfom Brxgadoon Loewe THE ELGIN ACADEMY CHORUS In the Hall of the Mountam Kmg Grxeg LANE SORENSEN Plano Fur Elise PATRICK GAGANIDZE plana The Star ANITA BRINKMAN soprano Shadrack MARTIN NEWMAN tenor Concerto 1 BETTINA IOHNSON plano The Lark ANN ROVELSTAD pxano Now xs the Month ot Maymg THE ACADEMY ENSEMBLE Le Cavalxer Fantastlque IOANNE MCCONNELL prano One Fxne Day Madame Butterfly GEORGIAN COAKLEY soprano Adleu Foret Ioan of Arc ADELE DROSTE soprano Concerto rn F KATHLEEN EDGERTON plano Every Time I Feel De Spxnt Its Sprmg THE ACADEMY ENSEMBLE Rhapsody G minor IVAN PAVLIN pxano My Iourneys End Beethoven Gaynor Gxbson Wxllzams Glmka Balakxrew Morley Godard Pucclm Tchalkowsky Wllllams Murray Rmgwald Brahms Foster Selections from Carousel Rodgers THE ELGIN ACADEMY CHORUS Mr Kratlcy was the dlrector for the chorus and the ensemble and was the teacher for the volce students except An1ta Brmkman who was the pupll of Mary Sllllmdn MISS Br1ll presented three PIGIIO students Ann Rovelstad Ivan Pavl1n and Lane Sorensen Mrs Chlpman s students mcluded Ioanne McConnell Bettma Iohnson and Kathleen Edgerton The latter played concertos Wllh Mrs Chlpman playmg at the second P16110 Pat Gagan1dze IS a pup1l of Mrss Kroeger May and Iune at last peaked the1r heads around the comer along wxth track and I6I'lI'l1S meets concerts plcmcs exams the Iumor Prom and all the other act1v1t1es that accompany com mencement That long awalted rest for the teachers wasnt lar oft and they could soon forget about plannmg chapel talks although lt . ,, . . .. . . . ,, , . ff -2,-32' h . , , 'n C - - ---- - - - , . The Silver Swan - - - ---- - Gibbons . , I I """ I ........ , . , . . . - . , . . . , . . . . I I ' I I I I I I I - . . . . would probably be hard to run out of ideas about everyday surroundings or philosophies on experiences. By this time all the seniors have finished taking turns speaking in chapel every Friday too-theirs is a happy day also. Every class as a whole has been relieved too-no longer need they worry about planning assemblies for Friday When one of those warm days in which studying seemed impossible came around the student body took a trip to Chicago and divided up according to interests Those who loved anlmals went to Brookfield Zoo some went to the Cubs ball game but the favorite was the play Oklahoma Spring came m fuller ard more beautiful bloom this year around the Academy the box elder tree in front of Lovell dlsap peared but was replaced by a younger tree This didnt just happen in front of Lovell or Old Main or the gym but other spots also were given a beauty treatment with hawthomes dog wood prairie roses mag'nol1a and flowers that can only splendor 1ze a campus Spring brought mus1c too from the Choral Union in whlch many members of the Academy and those from Elgin groups participated Events such as these seemed to take the place of the regular Enghsh and American films shown Friday evenings The sad but wonderful week of Commencement arrived sooner than it was expected and although everyone had been looking forward to it now that it was here you didnt have to look too far to find wet eyes and sorry hearts The campus was the most beautiful during the last week of May and first two days of Iune as 1t always is but commence ment act1v1t1es were altered from the past years to make it more convenient for the boarders to leave immediately after gradua tion exercises Instead of holding the Baccalaureate service in one of the Elgin churches on the Sunday preceedmg graduation 1t was held in the art gallery of the Academy Monday Tuesday and Wednesday May 29 30 and 31 were taken up by those long and dreaded exams that always seem to have to end the year When Thursday rolled around it was t1me for another exam m the mommg but after lunch at Sears Hall the student body left Junior Prom THURSDAY TUNE l The committee for the Prom make their plans for the annual com mencement dance FRIDAY IUNE 2 Several members f the Semor class talk wxth Mr Droste before the graduatxon exer clses for Trout Park 1n the1r old clothes to canoe and challenge each other 1n baseball The Iumor Prom was to be presented that evemng so rt was a common occurence to see several Iumors leavlng the park now and then to make the1r way back to deco rate the art gallery where the dance was to be held On Thursday at 8 45 the brg hour arnved and as usual the gals were as beautxful as ever even 1f 1t had taken great pa1ns to keep that one bothersome lock curled after an aftemoon of drxftmg down the Fox Rrver As you opened the door of the art gallery you walked 1nto a part of the Old South whlch was made even more reahstxc wxth the fragrance of the flowers wom by each g1rl as she waltzed to the muslc of lack Stuart s orchestra Honors Assembly and graduatmon afterwards Now came the tlme when dry eyes were hard to fmd and you were certam 1n know mg another year at the Academy had been one of hard work but many wonderful tlmes that w1ll be put 1nto a book of rnemorles never to be forgotten Thzs was also the t1me for recelvmg awards pertarmng to scholastlc and nonscholastlc QCl1V1l19S The Mother Daughter Award was gxven to the most outstandxng glrl graduate and the Ora L Pelton Award to the most outstandmg boy graduate There was an award for unusual character and abllxty 1n most every held thus glvmg everyone a chance to feel accomphshment and a feehng that the year was a well spent one Iune 2 ended another year at the Elgm Academy and also closed the pages of another Hllltop but they wont remam closed for next September w1ll open these pages agarn to relate more tales of happy days at the school on the hlll O When Friday dawned everyone was back at school for the The 1949 Football Season Saturday afternoor October 1 we met Park m our openmg game of the season The Park team was strong and then' heavy l1ne was used to good advantage as they controlled the game on the ground and 1n the a1r The score at the end ol the half was 21 0 They were only able to score once Jn the last half to wm 27 0 The team traveled to Glenwood the followmg week to play our second conference game 1D two weeks Glenwood was able to score the hrst tlme they got the ball Elgm had a few chances to t1e up the score but kept losmg the ball on mtercepted passes Wlth only a few mmutes remauung 111 the game Glenwood was able to score agam A last second thrust lor another score was averted when Costello made a shoestrmg tackle on the one yard lme Sonny F1xler raced across the goal lme on the last play of the North Shore game the followxng week for our hrst touch avertmg a shutout for the thlrd consecut1ve week Thls however only helped us to absorb the defeat a l1ttle easxer We lost 39 7 Fate had reserved a day lor us as we found out the next week as we won our hrst game smce 1944 beatmg Lake Forest B team 13 12 Hyman went over on a short plunge lor our hrst score and Fox added the pomt Lake Forest scored on a pass ln the thlrd quarter but faxled to get the pomt alter touchdown Roger Daily got away for a beautllul 60 yard run to put us ahead 13 5 In the closmg mmutes of the game another pass cl1cked The 1950 Malo! E Club down of the season, and Ed Fox plunged over for the extra point Below The football squad with Coach Anderson and Mr Walker Coach Anderson wxth sev eral of the players at the beglnnmg of the football season Ivan Pavlm lack Good Louis Hyman and Roger Darly tor a touchdown for Lake Forest and we now led 13 12 Dave Wnght saved the day for us as he blocked the attempted try for the extra polnt We went to Northwestem M A for our next game and were run over on the dusty held by a 31 U score Flxler also broke h1s was agamst a tough team from Wayland Academy The1r heavy l1ne and strong all around power d1dnt make us much of a threat to them but the boys were out there hghtmg all the t1me and dolng thelr best The hlghhght of the season of course was our long awalted vrctory over our nvals from Lake Forest nose which didn't ease matters any. Our final game ol the year The Scores of Athlehc Events 1949 1950 October October October 1 October October December December December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary February February February February February February 1 8 3 8 I FOOTBALL . Elgm Elgm 0 Park 27 Glenwood Elgm 0 Glenwood 14 Elgm Elgm 7 North Shore 39 Elgm Elg1n13 Lake Forest B 12 Northwestern MA Elgm 0 Northwestern 31 November 12 at Elg1n Elgm 0 Wayland 42 at Todd at Harrls at Elgm at Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Culver Elgm Elgm Elgln BASKETBALL I Elgm 30 Todd 49 Elgxn 43 Harns 26 Elgm 40 Glenwood 40 fuel Elgm 34 Todd 40 St Iohns Elgu' 25 St Iohns 38 North Shore Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm 32 North Shore 38 Northwestern 30 23 Pullman 31 64 Harns 25 Culver 56 Culver 58 Lake Forest 44 St Iohns 46 Northwestern Elgln 31 Northwestern Glenwood Elgm 27 Glenwood 31 Pullman Elg1n 40 Pullman 51 I SWIMMING I Ianuary 6 at Elgm Elgm 39 St George 36 Ianuary 14 at Wayland Elgln 26 Wayland 42 Iaruary 21 at MUS Elgm February February February February February 4 1 l MUS 44 Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Ch1cago Elgm 29 Un1vers1ty Hzgh 45 Elgm Elgm 22 Wayland 44 March 2 at Elgm Elgm 49 Elgm Y 29 Ch1cago Chr1st1an 18 M U S 34 Elgm Y 15 at ' - ' , at - ' , 5 at ' - ' , 22 at ' - ' , " " 29 at . .- ' , 3 - ' , 9 . - . I . 10 . - . I . 14 ' - ' , 6 at . ' - ' . , . ' 7 at - ' , 50 14 at ' - ' , 20 at ' - ' , 27 at ' - ' , ' 28 at - ' 40. at ' - ' 33, February 4 at Elgin-Elgin 35, North Shore 49 at ' - ' 39, 10 at ' - ' 25, . ' 11 at - ' , 18 at - ' , 24 at - ' , . . . .- ' 30, . . . at . - . 54' . . . 1 at ' - ' 41, . . . 5 at ' - ' 54, ' " " 18 at . - . I . . . 25 at ' - ' , Sxx regulars of the basketball team Ion Moulton. Art Wolfe, Andy Shxlllnglaw, Ed Manuel. Sonny Fxxler. Iack Good O Basketball Season pened the season agamst the Todd School of ck h am d1d not look too lmpresslve mamly because st1ll expenmentmg wlth the startmg lineup The boys got off to a bad start and never were quite able to catch up W1th a startmg lineup in mmd Mr Brett took the boys mto Chl cago to play and defeat the Harris School Andy Shlllmglaw scored nineteen pomts to lead the team Our first game with Glenwood was qulte a memorable event as a one man rally by Shilhnglaw ln the final mlnute and a scorer s error teamed up to give us a 40 40 he Andy scored nine pomts ln the final forty hve seconds to brmg h1s game total up had won the game by one pomt only to hnd out later 1t had ended in a tie It was too late then to play an overtune penod In our second game with Glenwood they led by ten pomts wlth one mmute left and only won the game by four pomts H1story almost repeated itself Before leavmg school for Christmas vaca txon the team dropped their second game to Todd Upon retummg from their vacatlon the team dropped two stralght games away from home at St Iohns and North Shore before retummg to Elgin to topple Northwestem Mmhtary and Naval Academy They had a chance to make It two m a row after gettmg off to a fast start against Pullman but slackened down and lost a very important conference game 31 23 Before playmg Culver m a home senes Art Wolfe scored twenty four c e ' 0 . . . I . Q t . . . . . . I to twenty-four. The Elgin team left the floor thinking that they The Basketball Squad wxth Coach Brett pomts to lead the team to a one snded 64 25 vmctory over Harns After a close frrst half Wllh Culver on thelr court we let them pull away never agam to be headed m the remamder of that game or Jn the next game on our court Shrllmglaw scored nrneteen pomts for hrgh man m the hrst game No one was able to do much agamst the cadets rn the second contest We dropped our thrrd stralght to a tall North Shore team before yreldmg to Lake Forest ln the wamng mmutes of our next game The team fought allowed Lake Forest to pull away agam for the vlctory Andy contnbuted twenty one pomts to our effort The team contmued on losmg as fouls cost them a two pomt dec1s1on at Northwestem The last hope of gettrng mto the con ference toumament was lost as the boys dropped a 51 40 game to Pullman 1n Ch1cago for the season fmale The 1un1or varslty had a more successful year They won seven games and were only defeated 1n three They lost two games to Glenwood and one to Todd whxle beatlng Todd once Harr1s North Shore and Northwestern twlce each Fred Waycott led the IV s whlle also playlrg h1s share of varslty ball All the boys rn the squad deserve a lot of credlt for a good season Tom Yost Gene Lamp Lew Hyman Francls DeSalvo Bob Solo mon and a newcomer but a valuable asset to the team Kent Grunewald hard and finally tied the score at 37-37 in the last quarter but l . . . 1 0 Swlmmlng Season O 1d y anuary 7 1950 the Elgm Academy swlmmers opened the1r 1950 season under a new leader Glenn Anderson Thls IS Coach Andersons hrst season as a swlrnmmg coach at the Academy but the members of the team feel that he really knows h1S stuff The foe for the day was St George oi Chlcago and they promlsed to be tough compet1t1on As the meet progressed through the hrst four events Elgm was behmd by e1ght polnts but Ivan Pavlm and Doug Bennett pulled the meet out of the t1re by takmg hrsts m the d1v1ng and the 100 yard spnnt respectlvely The relay team of Fox Wasser berg Bennett and Stone started the year off nght by wmnmg the event by a good margm One week of cond1t1onmg went by and we were ready for our meet agamst Waylard Academy at Wayland Arrlvmg at Wayland the team was warmly welcomed by the fellows that most of us knew 1n the last season and escorted to the pool where we lost the meet 42 26 The next week we traveled to Mllwaukee to swlm agamst MUS and were beaten by a conhdent team 44 30 February 4 we took a very deC1SlVe decxslon from Chrcago ...Q Y-7 Members of The Sons of Neptune wzth Coach Anderson ln the swxm mxng pool of Davxdson Gymnaslum Members of the club are Dxck Was serberg B1ll Stone Ed Fox Bob Flammlo Ivan Pavlm Pete Tannen berg Doug Bennett Bob Izenstark TP . 0 , . , . . l I - , . I. n I ' 1 ull I ' I , , , If F -J 1 ., iw' vs , ' . X' . A X - N 1 1 ' I W, 2 Chnstrar The fact must be taken mto account that they dldnt have any pool to practlce 1n before they came here for the meet The retum engagement wlth M U S m our own pool came a week later and the Elgln squad was determmed to wm The meet was falrly even untll the spnnt relay Bennett gave Elgm a lead of four yards whlch was all but used up when M.US s star Kuehn took the water a yard behmd Wasserberg who kept the lead all the way to wm the event and the meet The next meet the team suffered a defeat at the hands of Un1vers1ty Hlgh of Ch1cago at Ch1cago The score of the meet was 45 29 Agamst Wayland the followmg Saturday we dropped our fmal dual meet of the season by a score of 44 22 On March 4 the team competed m the Culver Inv1tat1onal whlch 1S held at that school annually Thxs meet offers plenty of good competltlon lncludmg certaln schools from Ch1cago At the end of the meet we had f1n1shed frfth the end to a good season The Sprung Sports Although lt was a l1ttle late 1n arr1vmg th1s year Spnng f1r'a1ly came and everyone was able to get outdoors for the1r cholce of three sports The golfers under the d1rect1on of Mr Brett the thmclads under the d1rect1on of Mr Anderson and the tenms team under the able coachmg of Mr Orsborn were the three categor1es from whlch the boys could choose The golf team had only one letterman from last year who was able to compete lh1S year smce Art Wolfe was forced out of competltlon by lllness That player was Lew Hyman who had of last years team and also some able newcomers 111 Kent Grune wald Morty Slater and Paul Brown The conference tournament was held at St Iohn s after the team fmlshed 1ts regular season The tennls team welcomed from last year the1r number one man 111 Andy Shlllmglaw Andy started out the season by go1ng to the fmals ln a tournament held 1Il Ch1cago Supportmg Andy was Martm Newman Les Wllmot Les Igleheart and Francls DeSalvo An unusual fact about th1s year s squad was that there was not one senlor on the team Under Mr Orsbom s d1rect1on and led by Captaln Shlllmglaw the boys were ID for a good season of play The conference toumament was held the same t1me as the golf tournament at St Iohns On the track th1s year there were only two lettermen from last year that were competmg The team m1ssed the servlces of Roland Lash Imes who 1S atterdmg Coe College th1s year He was entered mn almost every event durmg last year s track season He also completed the season undefeated m both the hrgh and low hurdles also wlnnmg the conference champlonshlp m both events Last years m1ler Ed Fox retumed to that event Ivan Pavlm returned to run 1n the half m1le and also competed 111. the broad pump Dave Elhs a rewcomer th1s year from Glenbard Hlgh School dld the pole vaultmg for Coach Andersons squad Roger Dally also new to us th1s year from Glenbard recelved the nod from coach to compete 1n the dash events Lu 1 I 1 I I - I - I . . I , . . . o . L . . . as his teammates Bob Solomon, Pete Tannenberg, both members I I - 1 I. I . . . , . i . I A . I - I 4 I I - t 1d as mu e s w err c asse rn t1v wor rt bu each student have naturally born talent at the start Thls quahty may be developed wxthm the student and he too can produce 1nterest1ng and successful works ol art Concentrat1on resourcelulness mdustry perslstence of effort and a germ of an ldea are several of the necessary mgredxents Two years of mstructlon m art has been g1ven by Iohn Tryba A capable and mventlve artxst m h1s own rlght Mr Tryba has successfully taught the classes m creatlve art and presented The plctures on these pages lllustrate only a few of the many projects that have been eitectlvely completed 1n the trrst s1x months of the school year Two new proyects were mtroduced th1s year to the hlgh school students ol The Elgln Academy The hrst was the an nouncement that prlzes would be g1ven for an Academy book end that could be cast 1n metal and then be made 111 large rumbers for use by students III the1r dormltory rooms or at home One deslgn was made by Beverly Ann Valentme a member of the lumor class of the C1v1l War monument on the east end of the campus and the other was made by Roger Da1ly a semor class member of Old Mam Bu1ld1ng showmg the bell tower on the root Both young people were awarded pnzes for the1r entnes Shown m the plcture or the next page are GSOIQICIII Coakley and Penney Iohnson exammmg the entnes ln the competltlon Pupils ot the seventh and eighth grades brmg many ol their academlc sublects mto the art class and m tum make art xmportant xn the learmng process At the nght Kathleen Ed gerton and Westy Lmn are seen pamtmg large panels on a screen tor use m the art gallery To at gni a ' fo ' g th s tu t . f l ' t. r ' e ds e ' ' t at many new ideas and materials to students of the Elgin Academy. I . . . . t The second prolect oi the year whxch was new to the Acad emy students was the des1gn and executlon of a mural for the g1rls dormltory xn Lovell Hall The wmnxng d6S1g!1 was made by Roger Da1ly and IS a compos1te arrangement of the campus bulldlngs In the plcture below Roger 15 working on h1s plan for the mural as Nancy K1ederlen watches Nancy was one of the several students who asslsted ln paxntlng the mural 1n Lovell Hall Other assxstants were Monty Slater whose hgure deS1gnS were mcorporated 111 the compos1t1on Shlrley Karle and Penney Iohnson The mural was a major proJect as lt was necessary to enlarge the des1gn to ht the wall and then pa1nt the mural from ladders and scaftoldmg O11 palnt was used for the compos1t1o'1 .lnk ,I.!!,! The Art department IS very fortunate to have several awards to grve at commencement t1me In add1t1on to the usual Excel lence m Art award two other pnzes are g1ven 1n the helds of watercolor and ceramlcs The award 1n watercolor was or1gmated seven years ago by Iane Pelton Wolf a graduate of The Elgln Academy Each year Mrs Wolf g1VeS a hrst pr1ze for the best watercolor and several smaller pr1zes and honorable ment1ons The f11'Sl pr1ze wmner becomes the property of the school and all are hangmg 1n the starr hall of the art gallery W1nners ol the past seven years are Robert W11l1ams 1949 Georgla S1ms 1948 Martha Ladd 1947 Anne Wxlson 1946 Logan Sellers 1945 Iames Orsbom 1944 and Nathan Eek 1943 The sprmg of the year begms the renewed mterest m watercolor pamtmg There 1S the des1re to go outslde to pamt after a wmter 1ndoors and the poss1b1l1ty of w1nnmg one of the coveted pnzes excells 1r1 work m clay The award was ongmated by Iohn Eust1ce mstructor m art at The Elgm Academy from 1946 1948 Durmg the past two years the award was won by Rolf Enckson 1948 and Terry Krumm 1949 Mr Eustlce has a great mterest 1n the gallery k1ln wh1ch he helped m1t1ate when he came here ln 1946 HIS mterest 1n ceram1cs was so great that he leit Elg1n m 1948 to work for h1S master s degree at the College of Ceramlc Engmeermg Allred Un1vers1ty Alfred New York Now he IS a ceram1c des1gner at the Shenango Pottery New Castle Pennsyl van1a The cover des1gn for th1s yearbook was desxgned by Eugene Lamp and executed by Fred Waycott The small engravmgs pnnted throughout the book were des1gned by students m the art classes The Christmas prolect thxs year con sxsted of mak1ng cloth toys and an1 mals tor our own large tree 1n the gallery and tor l1ttle chxldren at the Lark1n Home, the Health Center and the chrldrens sectxon ot the hospltals Eugene Lamp. Manlyn Wolfson, Gale Edwards and Andy Sh1ll1nglaw are seen decoratmg the tree 1n the art gallery , ' ' , : ' ' . : , : . : . : , . . . The annual ceramics award is given to the student who . . I I - Community Achvmes The Art Gallery Mr Tryba Grace Mattocks and Mr Chlpman are shown prior to thexr exh1b1t and talk lor the Fox Valley Art Assocxahon Mrs Mattocks IS an Elgm woman whose home was PIC tured m a nahonally known magazme The art gallery 1S a center ol many art act1v1t1es for the Fox Rlver Valley The members of the art stalt are occup1ed throughout the year Wllh exh1b1ts and programs ol the Fox Valley Art Assoc1at1on whlch holds 1ts meetmgs m the gallery The 1n1t1al exh1b1t of the season was held m October 1949 and showed the watercolors ceramlcs ard s1lk screen deslgns of C Dean Ch1pman and Iohn Tryba Th1S exh1b1t was shown m a handsome mstallat1on dunng the month of October Mr Tryba lectured on hgures and portra1t pamtlng at a meetmg rr November for the art assoclatron At the tmal exh1b1t of the year tour students part1c1pated 1n the art demonstrat1ons that are open to the pubhc Roger Da1ly Penney Iohnson and Nancy K1ederlen descr1bed the1r work on the school mural they were pamtmg for Lovell Hall and Fred Kamer and Eugene Lamp lllustrated the many ways of workmg 111 clay Nancy Barber poses for the evemng drawmg and pamtmg class Thus class as well as the two ln ceramxcs are a part of the art courses that are offered to adults of the area ple ed t r ent agam a revlew of the creatwe I L I k i h art t under the d1rect1on of Frederrck poetry and prose that has been wntten throughout the school year Approxlmately thlrty examples are prznted rn thls rssue en accepted because of thelr excellence my as honored when the work of hve stu l mentxon were Nancy Wolff Penney am obert Solomon and Mary Lou Owen en the Anthology of H1gh School Poetry The accepted for publlcatlon Adele Droste Ierl Rakow Lowell Frxler Iack Good Sally Schm1dt B111 Stone Holly Edwards and Kathy Davls EDUCATION ON THE HILL I once went to a publxc hxgh But then I changed I dont know why So now lm here tn Lovell Hall And fmd I llke lt after all Thus Elgm has my heart and soul So love and learn rs now my goal But every mormng theres a bell Whxch makes us yell The bell oh Hell' Soon to breakfast we must run For steammg cocoa ralsm bun Then room lnspectron classes start Chapel French then on to art After lunch theres special help Oh MUST I go? I hear some yelp Upstairs I go to history Whxch rs to me a mystery After school the glrls go swlmmmg Or to pmg pong not as sllmmmg At all the meals some bravely d1et But seemg candy say Ill buy xt' For dlnner we must look our best For wearmg hose we have no zest When we re through we watch TV Unless HE says Come on wrth me Gall Montgomery 51 ENDEAVOR To search and not know what you re searching for To want and not know what you want To dream of thmgs so far removed from facts ls but to grope the dark for lxght And yet lxfe must reveal the thmg I crave If I but knew yust what xt rs As trme does heal all wounds and rectxfy It must reveal my secret wxsh That dark wxll turn someday to llght Fulfxll my wrsh and brlng me new found hope And let me llve my days rn peace Elalne Shepp 51 SONNET If we could but relxve our hves once more And know whats golng to happen every day Then kmder words we would to all outpour And let the sms wlthm us all decay Our hves would be so free and happy then Before wed love wed f1nd out whod get hurt And then we d know lust whom to love and when And what to do and what we should avert But He has made our foresight very short And lets us learn to lxve by our mxstakes Because He knows that there would be no sport If all our hves wed get what we would take So let us learn the hard way and be sure To keep our minds from thoughts too premature Robert Solomon 50 . p . . . W. no . . . 11 a ' - E A ' - t as ' e ' . ud ho ' . g h ' ' : , I - ' ' - And so I wait and search and hope and pray - THE ANTONYM Blue whxtecapped harmless Greeted wxth glee Oh how I love you' You are the sea Fathoms of darkness Lashmg and free Oh how I fear you You too the sea Playmate and krller None hold your key Powerful thrrllmg What are you Sea? Barbara May 52 THE FOG The fog puts on her gray soft dress And walks oer all the land On every sleeping bush and flower She lays her dewy hand Her flowmg gown obscures the srght Of house and road and sky Her softly fallrng tears make moist The earth where she s walked by Adele Droste Sl CAMOUFLAGE Beneath a sparklxng row of trees The road stretches on forever Her surface swept by glowmg leaves In this raw autumn weather The moon stream shone upon her face And kxssed rt wrth the purest gold Whxch keeps her body from the cold Holly Edwards 53 IUST TO SEE I should lrke to stand along the shore And gaze across the oceans fury Untrl I could see the years gone by Id love to see the olden wars To see how men thexr lands defended I should hke to know of the days of courts When men were men and stones bold Were told of wondrous deeds performed If only thrs were I allowed to see My l1fe and days complete would be Lowell Frxler 50 I . The trees made cloaks of fragile lace. l ' , I f I THE LETTER ln the smoke frlled room of a war tattered shxp a small group of men sat around a table The men were all ln uniform and evrdently were not too engrossed ln their game of poker After a long heavy sxlence mterrupted only by occasxonal bettmg the young corporal turned and spoke to hrs buddy seated next to hrm Have you heard from your people yet Chxp? Yeah I got my fzrst letter from home ln sxx weeks today he sald Its from my krd sxster Alice She wrote twelve pages about nothmg I understood School stuff and the crazy kxds she goes around wrth Its funny how far away thmgs llke that seem Even yesterdays fxght seems vague and unreal Same here son I remember one thing about the battle though You looked more beat out than ever before What happened nerves get you down? No Clup sand Not nerves Iust puzzled Ill tell you about rt now that xts all over wxth and the puzzle IS solved Remember the mght at the battle of when the f1fth Infantry came over and we smacked xnto each other? Yeah Well I never told anyone anythmg about thxs before but I got the brggest scare of my lrfe there Three others beslde me were rn the trench that mght It had ramed and everythmg was soaked full of mud It was so black I couldnt see my gun ln front of me let alone the enemy I could only feel the peltlng drops of ram commg down on my face and hands I remember most of my thoughts that mght I asked myself why I had to be the sucker an the ram and mud whrle some bxg wheel sxts behxnd a desk? Why dxd I have to leave my home to come to thls land of nowhere to slt ln the dark deep lh mud and wart for somethmg not knowmg what IS rs or when rt wxll happen? Any moment one of the two men sxttmg waxtmg wrth me mxght take his last breath Anyway when I was at my lowest I thought I saw my younger brother Iohnny standmg up at the edge of the trench as real as lxfe He stood there grmnmg at me stood there nght m the hne of fxre I was stunned for a mmute then I jumped up and screamed as loud as I could Get down Iohnny get downl He just stood there grmmng I yelled at hrm shouted but he dzdnt hear me so I leaped up and tackled hmm but there was there I fell flat on my face and then there was a bxg explosron and blackness T10 One When I came to Ilooked around and those fellas that were wrth me were scattered all over the held I guess I got sxck then because everythmg became hazy Later when I saw you you saxd I wasnt actrng nght I remember that sard the soldrer You looked white as a sheet as though youd seen a ghost Well boys thats the funny part of my story That letter I mentxoned before also had a brg polt of bad news for me My younger brother lohnny dred sxx weeks ago WAY OF LIFE The ways of lrfe are hard to hnd e all do seek a way Unless you have a place rn mmd This task wxll take full sway Of all the things we do not mmd Would that we gladly say seek to learn I seek to hnd The thmgs I have today Sally Ann Schmxdt 53 Nancy Wolff 52 GOLD STAR WIFE The news rs flashed round that he dxed A hero In the fxght They landed lum the noble boy And framed hrs name with lrght Hrs wxfe could only think and weep She lxved for many a year They only shook therr heads and sard Shes gettmg very queer Barbara May 5 . . I l , . ,, il., . . . . . , . . W . . . , , . , . I . . - DIME STORE When rn desparr wrth gaudy Kresge toys And wxshlng l could smash each worthless one And spank all the lzttle grrls and boys Who mess my counter rn thexr rowdy lun Wxshxng l could leave thxs noxsy place Mov1ng where peace and quret rexgn supreme Look at the counters over cross the way Where books towels and knrttrng yarns are seen The bnghter sxde comes and removes each toolrsh doubt And suddenly l hnd my spmts rxsmg Lrke gay balloons the chrldren toss about For each sweet hour wrth these grrls and boys Helps me o see their marvelous chxldxsh lays Nancy Wolff 52 HOW TO REST The one thlng that you wxll enpoy Is lust a lonesome stroll To wander through the helds and wood And watch the clouds that roll It grves you such a peace of mmd As you w1ll never know In cxty streets and on the grxnd Where time lxke water flows So when you want to thxnk and e Your tlred body rest Go out mto the woods and slt And gxve your soul whats best Peter Tannenberg 51 WINTER I look upon the skatmg pond At all the boys and girls At red and blue and yellow scaris And tmy bobbxng curls The wrnter days have brought them o lts happmess for all Even all the llttle ones When all they do IS fall Its wmter wxth rts rosy cheeks Home wrth :ts cracklmg hre Thxs galety and all thxs Joy That only w1nter can lnspxre Marr Romers 51 ' l t Yet in my thoughts my work almost despairing, ' i Y PANACEA Last nxght I went on a long np I traveled very far I hrst went to dark Afnca And then up to a star It seems I can go anyplace That I would want to go And meet most anyone Whom I would care to know I take my biggest worrxes And make them come out rlght And if you have been wondermg Its because I dream at mght Natalxe Bond 52 THE SONG OF SPRING The commg ol the song of sprmg W11l urge most any hps to smg No matter color race or creed The song of sprlng s for all to heed The young the old the strong the bold The song of love The song of sprmg Its happrness to all shell brmg A stram of musxc hlls the axr The odor clear rs everywhere The promxse of the sweet soft ram And flowers bloomlng once agam No more the struggle for the best For sprmg has come and that means rest No more the drudgery and toll Now see the beauty ot the soul Mary Lou Owen 52 DEIECTION The world IS st1ll theres not a sound Theres not a movement to be found Except the fallmg of the leaves Perhaps a squlrrel m the trees A star rs Shlnlng rn the sky And yet I s1t here and I cry Its cause my thoughts have turned to you The one for whom my love rs true And yet I know xt cannot be For you are not ln love wrth me Georgzan Coakley 50 Beauty IS everywhere If you look lor rt Beauty rs ln the alr Can you not fmd lt" Theres beauty m the storms That thunder and roll And beauty ln true Irlends That warms heart and soul Theres beauty rn churches Where peace does prevall Theres beauty rn c1t1es Whose streets scream and wall Theres beauty rn the ixelds Of tall npplmg corn Theres beauty rnsrde man Where leelmgs are born Katxe Lmdsay 53 ' 1 ' . Will treasure it more dear than gold. BEAUTY The trees that grow tall ln the woods Or the lack ln the pulprt wlth hrs lrttle green SKYSCRAPER Oh stalwart structure rlsmg hxgh A tnbute to the sun To all mens hearts you tell a tale Of work that was well done Thelr work therr sweat thexr tollsome h Creatxng somethxng new To be enjoyed by everyone By hxm by me by you But after thxs another lob A goal thats hrgher yet A thmg to mark mens destmxes A thmg not to forget ack Goo THINGS There are many thmgs that we dont see The bush the shrub the growmg tree The llly pods on the lake And the wrld flowers that we carelessly take The small bxrds flyrng around Of the snails that crawl on the ground Down from heaven the good Lord bnngs These wonderful gifts that we call thmgs CUTS d 50 hood B111 Stone 52 INFINITY The top the crest the end of thmgs He ll never let us see Though you may fly wlth metal wmgs And shock humanrty The sun sets on horxzons dear That never wall be known The dove thes through some skres so near That man has never known We know lt all thats nothmg more That we can ever hnd' Whlle man has mortal mmd Penney Iohnson 52 EXCEPTION They ve wntten poems descnbmg love As seemg stars or heanng doves But yet of all the hours spent At readrng poems of sentiment There zsnt one my hearts embraced That can begm to sunt my case I cant remember hearxng doves Soft phrases spoken by my love Ot seemg stars or feelmg blxss And lust because of one sweet krssl What kmd of love then dxd I find? A secret one the softest kzndl len Hakow 50 I . . I I . But this can never quite be true THE CASE OF THE BEAUTIFUL MESS I sat down at the desk and glanced around As my gaze swept the room I notlced that a new picture whrch was supposed to be the mspxratxon for an Englxsh theme had been put up I looked at xt All I could see was a yumble of colors and shapes Oh no' I thought Modern Art I never had llked lt and I thought my English teachers xntellxgence must be rapidly deterxoratmg xf he expected us to be Inspired by the mess on the wall As I walked up to scrutmxze the pamtmg I was greatly shocked The mess was beautxfull It had taken defmlte shape and proved to be a beautxful and extremely well paxnted prcture by Orozco of a group of Mexrcan mourners I was rather dumbfounded for I knew my eyesight was perfect and yet I had seen ln a pamtxng a picture entxrely different from what was really thxs I went back to my desk and thought I wondered how often before I had made rash judgments I could thxnk of many tlmes when I had but I couldnt have been wrong The facts were always too clear to be mxsunderstood I couldnt have been wrong thxs time exther yet the proof lay dlrectly m front of me I wondered lf and how much I had lost already by hastily condemmng not only things but people Perhaps I had already lost the chance of a lxfetxme by rashly glvmg a verdlct completely hxdden from me Suddenly I was called from my revene by the sound of a bell and a voxce saymg Class dxsmlssed I had sat through an entmre English class wxthout hearing a smgle word I believed xt was worth lt though and I stlll do As I picked up my books and walked out of the room I wondered why Orozco had painted the pxcture Perhaps he had drawn rt lust to help people like me who were often malung rash judgments If thxs were the case he had done an excellent lob I saw and could correct one of the more senous of my many human xmperfectxons The mourners need mourn for me no longer I understand the meaning of Orozco s beautiful mess Barbara May 52 TREES How sturdy IS the proud oak tree Its leaves are deepest green It stands wxth branches gnarled and And a protectxve mxen How lovely rs the wxllow tree Slxm leaves of yellow green Its bark hke sxlver satm shmes A pnncess young and clean But of them all I like the elm Wxth leaves of shaded green Throughout the years nt wxll remam A tall and stately queen rough THE STAR The man was hot and weary As he slowly made lus way Across the burning desert On into the day But when the mght was commg And the stars came shmmg down Thexr cool lxght spread hope to hxm And soon hls path he found The lxght of hope xs lxlre a star Unseen throughout the day But when the sun begms to dxe It lxghtens up your way Kathy Davxs '52 Ann Rovelstad 53 of "guilty" or "no good" to someone whose inner and undoubtedly real self was . THE LAST ACT The Rrngmaster stepped upon the stand and cracked hrs whrp for attentron Ladr ees and Gentle men The Crrcus of Unrque Performers of the Hrghest Arts rn short the Iumbo Crrcus takes great prrde rn rts next presentatron the Whrrlrgrg Wonders Thrs darrng parr wrll clrmb to the stupendous herght of one hundred feet and wrll do four complete summersaults so as to be able to catch therr partners hands and swrng to safety There wrll be no safety net so the couple wrll have to thrust to therr own agrlrty to save therr lrves There must be perfect trmrng or all wrll be lost Please be perfectly quret or a lrfe wrll be the forfert He paused a lrttle to let that srnk rn I now take great pleasure rn presenting Roselrne and Roland Huntley the Whrrlrgrg Wonders Meanwhrle the two mentroned were busy bandagrng therr wrrsts Roland was done and Roselrne nearly fmrshed when therr cue to step mto srght was spoken In frantrc haste Roselrne tucked rn the end of the tape and stepped out wrth Roland The applause was greater than any of the former performances but Roselme was not thmkmg of that for the danger of a loosely bandaged wnst occupred the whole of her mmd for rt meant the drfference between lrfe and death Then the drums began to roll and they flung off therr cloaks and walked to the ladders Halfway up Roselme paused and looked at the rope whrch stretched between the two ladders but as Roland on the other srde motroned her to hurry she contrnued on and reached the top She settled herself on the trapeze and looked across to Roland for the srgnal to start On the f1rst swmg she changed her posrtlon so that she hung head downward on the second swrng she got rn trme wrth Roland and on the thrrd swrng she Then she slrd down a rope to the ground and climbed up the other ladder She cllmbed on to the trapeze and started swmgrng when she notrced that the tape had unwound a few mches from her wrrst Smce she could not stop she made herself ready to turn through the arr One two three four turns com pleted and Roland grasped for her and mrssed She started downward slowly then faster and fa ter while the tape flapped rn the breeze She was commg toward and passrng the halfway rope when suddenly she STOPPED for the tape rn rts wrld dashes to and fro had twrsted around the halfway rope and her plunge was stopped The Rmgmaster clrmbed upon the stand and attempted to reassure the frrghtened people meanwhlle thmkmg that the act looked very realrstrc and they certarnly were good actors for Roselrne was whrte as a sheet as though she had accidentally fallen from one hundred feet What he drdnt know was that Roselrne was dead from a heart attack Holly Edwards 53 THE BARGE OF LIFE Aboard the barge of lrfe We float slowly down The endless stream of trme Not knowrng what hrdden Reefs of gnef or woe What entanglrng weeds Of strrfe wrll catch and Hold us as we go Knowrng only that each Before hrs yourney ends Wrll meet his share Of stnfe and gnef As fateful trme wrll say Some wrth smrles of garety Others wrth srghs of desparr. Each rn hrs own peculrar way Iune Hrll 5U SNOW STORM The wind whlps up hrs wrld whrte horse And drrves hrm through the trees The stallron blows and paws therr lrmbs And tramples all he sees He charges all the houses round And shakes therr frames and walls Wrth stampmg hoofs and whmnymg He heeds hrs masters calls And as he gallops through the nrght He hurdles hrll and dale No place rs safe they seek all out The whrte steed and the gale Adele Droste .. .N m . . . . I - braced herself to catch Roland as he came turning towards her. . : 7 : - , s ' ' . . . . '51 A COMPARISON The chxld was gazmg wrth awe at the mult1 colored butterfly dellcately fluttering its wmgs of gauze above a golden butter cup The sky above was a clear blue wlth buts of fluffy clouds sprlnkled here and there Suddenly a delxghted babble of laughter broke the serene stillness A chxlds laughter full of happxness then seemed to make the day complete At the same txme another child was experrencmg the same day m another land far across an ocean The sky was stlll blue though more of a graylsh blue because black gun smoke filled the axr There had once been flowers too Yes even golden butter cups once nodded thexr damty heads ln days of sunshme and gladness A chrld IB seated upon a dusty clump of grass About her shnll slrens and gun blasts are competing for supremacy The chxlds eyes are dull and uncom prehendlng Suddenly a ghtter of lxfe appears xn them and the chlld reaches for an object among the matted grass It rs a butter fly a butter fly of beautiful colors and fragxle wmgs The chlld cups the creature ln lts hands Then a butter tear runs down the slde of the chxlds grimy nose For the butter fly lxke everythmg else IS dead A speck Wlthlh the macros we revolve So ummportant rn celestial space We human gods m theory flounder yet But never know the explanatxon of Our purpose In thas vast and unknown realm It seems that we xnvent our only flaw That makes us dxscontent wlth all our acts And yet oh how reluctant we would b To cure that great 1ron1c twxst of fate That never answered query we xnvent Eternal nddle who can answer Why lvan Pavlln 50 THE ACADEMY The cold bleak day I hrst came here Was very strange and long The halls were full of fnghtemng folks A cold and noxsy throng How dxfferent xt all IS now It seems I know them a I feel Im quxte grown As I walk down the hall Nancy Freeman 53 Iune Hill 50 If sun and sea were ere to meet At dusk or break of day And to each other words repeat I wonder what theyd say' They d probably talk of many thmgs Of thls and then of that Theyd maybe talk of fools and kings Of thm men and of fat To them theres no such thxng as race Relxgxon color creed They gxve not any man dlsgrace lf nch or rf m need Martm Newman 51 l l WHY? DISCRIMINATION . e. ' l I ' , . --' nn I rr? 1 . ' l . , ll. I . . up A HERITAGE The world bows down IIS head to praxse The sword of Mars the mlght and power lt brmgs To mmd rs held on hxgh tn these the days Of war The peace it seems eludes on wmgs The people fear each other everywhere And each prepares to frght to save his lxfe So m preparmg he has lost his share Of freedom and has traded xt for stnfe For he IB under the black rule rn whrch The sword rs kxng Now would you take that sword And with xt cut the tree of freedom nch In opportumty and rn reward? Defend yourself but xn so domg do Not lose that dream whrch wxth our country grew IUST EARTH The babblmg brook The shady nook The summer ram Loves sweet refram Hands cupped ln prayer Sweet fragrant axr A mothers love The cxtys noxse Fxrst rose s poxse A pale half moon The robms tune A dnft of snow Brxght stars that glow A roarmg hearth All thus-rust earth Arlene Hyman 53 MOOD The axr outsxde xs cold and chrll The days are long and dum The winds that whxstle through the trees All cast shadows gnm I know that spring wlll come agam Wxth sun and rosy dawn But rn my heart the cold remams For you my love are gone Iudy Rxtter 50 ETC Oh me Oh my amt lt a shame To be rxght here and not be named. I never get attentxon A tear a smxle a wmk I never see the lxght of day But m the dark I sxnk I never get the mentlon I nghtfully deserve I never get attentxon No angle lme or curve I only get three lxttle scrawls That spell out doom for me- An E a T and above them all An old and homd C Nancy Freeman '53 . : . . . . . , I I . . I . . ' . . . Mathew Bet: '50 ' ' ' I ' ' . . . . . , , . . ' I . . . . . . , . I l n W . .. .. . . A MASCOT FOR THE MARY LOU Mzke Ioe and Ben had lived on the river for as long as they could remember They were born rxver rats and all of their hves they had drifted from lob to lob They were usually together and always around the rxver All three of them had served 1a1l terms for petty larceny and everyone believed them to be crlmmals through and through although they hadnt stolen anything for quite some time The three of them now held a job together and they believed themselves to be commg up m the world at last They ran a coal barge named the Mary Lou up and down the rxver from Greendale to Brown rxdge Indiana The run was a lonely one with no towns m between and rt gave the three of them plenty of tame for thought lt was late autumn and at the tame they were all short of cash On separate occasrons each had thought of ways of makmg a little extra money to last them until pay day but each had thought the others means too hard Finally they agreed on a plan They had all meant to stay wxthm the law but this seemed much easier and faster Every time the barge left Greendale there was one house they passed that all had noticed In back of the house was a large kennel m which a German Shepherd lived He was a beautiful dog and xt was agreed that he would sell for a great deal of money in Brownndge All was arranged among the men and the mght of the deed drew near The lob was an easy one as the dog was sleepmg peacefully when they approached Ben took out his handkerchief and when he had stealthily crept close he tied the dogs muzzle so that he would not grve an alarm The three of them together held hxm tightly as he tned to free himself and carried hmm aboard the Mary Lou The next mormng when Ben and Ioe awoke Mike was steermg the vessel through the quiet waters The dog was lymg on the deck surveymg the cabin wxth his calm brown eyes Mike had untred hxm and fed htm some cereal which seemed to appease his appetite for the moment When they had entered the kennel the mght before they had all noticed the name Baron on the door of the dog house Thxs name seemed to fit exactly the proud expression and carnage of the beautiful head The run of the barge was a long one and as the days passed the men grew more and more attached dinner which he fed to Baron when he thought the others werent looking Ioe stayed awake untll the other two men were asleep and then quxetly called Baron up onto the foot of his bed where the dog could sleep comfortably Ben kept hrm by hrs side most of the day and gave him all of the lxttle attentions a dog loves Each tried not to let the others see that he was weakenrng but by the txme of the barges arrival ln Brown ndge all knew that they could not part with Baron He had become the mascot of the Mary Lou but more than that Baron was gwrng each man trust and love and the extra companionship that each needed to keep from feeling lonely Baron also seemed to thrive on these attentions and frxendshxps It appeared that although he had been a champlon dog at home he had never had the love that a dog needs from the human bemg around hlm As soon as they men had unloaded their cargo and taken on a new load they headed the Mary Lou toward Greendale again On the return tnp rt must be declded what they would do with Baron The lxttle barge seemed to make the tnp in exceptionally fast tlme but by the time the Mary Lou pulled mto port the question had been answerd Each man had admitted that he had saved up a small sum of money for emergencies and xt was decxded to pool the resources and buy Baron if at all possible The next mormng the three men took Baron to hrs former home The couple who owned hmm had been frantic and had searched all over for htm It was rmmedlately apparent to the bargemen that they could not leave Baron here as they watched his owners coo and fuss over hxm They had brought thexr savings with them and they made an offer of all they had The man and his wife went mto consultatxon and fmally decided that the money the men had saved would be enough to buy the dog Money was always agreeable to them and they could also see how happy Baron was with the bargemen Three happy men and one happy dog returned to the coal barge that day The Mary Lou then had a permanent mascot Kathy Davxs 52 MY DOG When I come home from school at mght The one who greets me with delight Is my best and constant loy Though but a dog hes like a boy We like to play and romp and run To see him pump rs so much fun' He eats a lot of food tis true But when you play hard you do too And he is playful as can be My dog xs such a joy to me Lee Ward 53 .. ,, I I ' - to Baron. They all showed the dog special favors, each in his own way. Mike saved choice pieces of his LeRoy Baccl 55 Nancy Barber 52 Iacquelme Barnett 54 Rlchard Bates 50 Wrllram Baur 54 Douglas Bennett 5 Mathew Betz 50 Curtrs Bevrngton Natalre Bond 52 Darlene Brrghtbrll 53 Anrta Brrnkman 52 Franklxn Bronson 51 Paul Brown 53 Claude Chapman 51 Georgian Coakley 50 Frank Collrngbourne 52 Charles Costello 52 Roger Daily 50 Kathy Davrs 52 Elrzabeth DeForest 51 Francrs DeSalvo 53 Mary Lou Drechsel 51 Adele Droste 51 Kathleen Edgerton Gale Edwards 55 Holly Edwards 53 Barbara Eells 53 Davxd Ellrs 51 Keith Ericson 53 Milton Federman 50 Sarah lane Ferry 51 Lowell Frxler 50 Robert Flamrmo 52 Wrllxam Flemrng 55 Edward R Fox 50 Nancy Freeman 53 Patnck Gagamdze 53 Iack Good 50 Ioan Gourley 51 Kent Grunewald Lons Guggenherm 51 Iane Guild 50 Carolyn Hall 54 Elame Harns 50 Frank Hegner 53 Drane Heth 51 Peter Heth 55 Beth Hetzler 52 Iune H111 50 Wrllram Hopewell 54 Arlene Hyman 53 Lewrs Hyman 50 Leslre Igleheart 53 Robert Izenstark 52 Lewrs latte 51 Bettma Iohnson 54 Mary Iohnson 50 TDET 718 N Sprmgheld Chicago Illmors Dunham Woods Wayne Illrnors 1527 Estes Ave Chrcago lllmors Glenford Ohro Long Grove Prarrre Vrew lllxnors Cuba Road Barrmgton Illmors W County Lrne Road Barrmgton lllmors Route 1 Box 304 Elgm lllxnoxs Geneva Road St Charles lllmors 23 S Edrson Ave Elgrn Illmoxs 147 E Fremont St Elmhurst lllrnors 267 S 120th Ave Holland Mxchxgan 1107 Albron Ave Chrcago Illrnors 1560 Olrve St Denver Colorado 24 S Lxberty St Elgm lllmors 320 Watch St Elgm Illrnors 319 Lmden Ave Oak Park Illmors 688 Euclxd Ave Glen Ellyn lllxnoxs Wayne Illmors 358 S Lxberty St Elgm lllmoxs 1230 N Mam St Wheaton Illmols RFD Algonqurn Illmors 162 College St Elgm Illmoxs 322 Krmball St Elgxn lllrnors Mrllstream Farm Route 1 St Charles Illxnors Mrllstream Farm Route 1 St Charles Illmoxs Hernck House Bartlett Illmors 309 Mam St Glen Ellyn 1ll1no1s 414 W Madison Road Wheaton Illmoxs 2431 Traymore Road Cleveland Ohro 851 Wellrngton Chlcago 1ll1no1s 433 W Bnar Place Chicago lllrnors 778 Laurel Ave Des Plaines lllrnors 1901 E 74th St Chrcago Illrnors 5520 South Shore Dnve Chlcago Illrnors St Charles Twp Wayne Illmors 7029 Van Buren Ave Hammond lndrana 7008 N Greenvlew Ave Chrcago Illmors 7006 3rd Ave Kenosha Wxsconsrn 2009 Arthur Ave Chicago Illmors 17711 Lomond Blvd Shaker Herghts Ohro 358 Hrll Ave Glen Ellyn lllmors Route 1 Box 261 Elgln Illrnors 721 Douglas Ave Elgm lllmors 726 Grove Ave Barrmgton Illlnors Box 51 Route 1 St Charles lllmols Box 51 Route 1 St Charles lllmors Box 13 Cuba Road Barrmgton lllrnors Wayne Illmors 14 Lake St Oak Park lllrnors 1232 Chase Ave Chicago Illxnors 1232 Chase Ave Chxcago Illxnols Edgewater Beach Apartments Chrcago lllmors 1366 N Bearborn Chicago Illrnors 4619 N Spauldmg Ave Chrcago 11lxno1s 903 Douglas Ave Elgrn lllmols Arr Force Base Seltndge Mxchrgan . , . , , ,O . . . 54 . , , , . . 54 .. , , . . . . . 52 .. . . , , . . R0 TER Penney Iohnson 52 Geraldine Iordr 52 Frederick Kamer Shirley Karle 53 Nancy Kieclerlen Robert Lamont 54 Eugene Lamp 52 Kenneth Lee PG David Lewis 52 Katherine Lindsay Weston Lmn 55 Barbara Mack 52 Edward Manuel 50 Edward Martens 55 Charles Martmson 54 Barbara May 52 Ioanne McConnell 52 William McNamara 51 Gall Montgomery 51 Lloyd Montgomery 50 Ion Moulton 51 George Murphy 53 Roy Newberg 51 Martin Newman 51 Mary Lou Owen 52 Thomas Park 52 Ivan Pavlin 50 len Rakow 50 ludy Ritter 50 Manlu Romexs 51 Ann Rovelstad 53 Sally Schmidt S3 Paula Schneider 51 Elaine Shepp 51 Andrew Shillmglaw 51 Harlene Sipp 52 Montague Slater 51 Robert Solomon 50 Lane Sorensen 51 Sheila Stone 51 William Stone 52 Sally Strothman 51 Peter Tannenberg 51 Lawrence Tarlow 50 Charles Thompson 51 Beverly Ann Valentine 51 Lee Ward 53 Richard Wasserberg 50 Frederic Waycott P G Leslie Wilmot 53 Arthur Wolfe 50 Nancy Wolff 52 Manlyn Wolfson 51 David Wnght 52 Thomas Yost 50 170 River Bluff Road Elgin Illmors Route 3 Box 171 Elgm Illinois 1304 Knight St Park R1dge Illinois 168 N Commonwealth Ave Elgm Illinois 890 Douglas Ave Elgin lllmoxs 7244 S Maplewood Chicago Illinois 1177 Sherwood Ave Elgin Illinois 4025 Patterson Ave Chicago llllnors 1200 N West Ave Wheaton Illinois Route 1 St Charles Illinois 506 Indiana Ave St Charles Illinois 2912 Commonwealth Ave Chicago Illmoxs Route 4 Elgm llhnois South Elgm Illinois Inverness Palatine Illmoxs 9301 Hamlin Ave Evanston Illinois 901 Gulf Lane Wheaton Illinois 212 W St Charles Road Elmhurst Illinois 329 Sturges Parkway Elmhurst 111111013 329 Sturges Parkway Elmhurst Illinois The Elgm Academy Elgm Illinois 920 S Lmcoln Park Ridge Illinois 11258 S Longwood Drive Chicago Illinois 210 E Mom St Goshen Indiana 372 College St Elgm Illinois 827 S Chester Ave Park Rldge Illinois 2400 S Avers Ave Chicago Illinois 107 Van Buren St Dundee Illinois 5100 Kimbark Ave Chicago Illinois 153 Iewett St Elgin Illinois Box 283 A Route 4 Elgm lllmois 311 Russell St Elgm Illinois 432 W Oakdale Ave Chicago Illinois 1106 N Hart Blvd Harvard Illinois 919 N Washington St Wheaton Illinois Rohlwxng Road Itasca Illinois 637 Lake Road Glen Ellyn Illinois 6837 S Merrill Ave Chicago lllmoxs 502 Ashland Ave Elgm Illinois 5636 N Christiana St Chicago Illinois Stonewood St Charles Illinois Old Dundee Road Barrington Illinois Brunnenstrosse Germany 1118 North Shore Road Oswego Oregon Bateman and Penny Roads Barrington Illinois 1116 E 45th St Chicago Illinois Dar Lee Farm Route 1 Hampshire Illinois 1324 Greenleaf Ave Chicago Illinois 605 E Washington St Martinsville Indiana 715 St Charles St Elgm Illinois 676 Irving Park Road Chicago Illinois Hutchison Road Flossmoor Illinois 424 W Melrose St Chicago 11l1no1s 464 Anthony St Glen Ellyn Illmozs Thornville Ohio . . .51 . U . I . . ' '50 .. ' , ' ' ' ' '53 . . , ' ' Barbara Pontius '51 Oak Knoll Road. Barrington. Illinois ACE STORE OF ELGIN ACKEMANN BROTHERS WARREN AIKIN STUDIO IVIR AND MRS BRUNO BACCI MR AND MRS S L BARBER BARNETT S APPAREL S W BECK COMPANY BEIER S BENDTSEN DAIRY COMPANY BENDTSEN ICE CREAM COMPANY MR AND MRS IOHN L BENNETT B K PHOTO AND HOBBY SHOP BLUMS BORDENS ICE CREAM SAM BRENNER CLOTHING BREWBAKER S BAKERY BRITTON DAIRIES MR AND MRS I W BROWN DR AND MRS MORGAN G CARPENTER CARSWELL FLOORS MR AND MRS A B COLLINGBOURNE THE COLONY SHOP MR AND MRS CHARLES B COOK MR AND MRS DAVID C COOK III DANIELS AND CLARK FURNITURE STORE DANNERS CLOTHING STORE MRS ALFRED D EDWARDS MR AND MRS GEORGE P EDWARDS ELGIN ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE ELGIN DAILY COURIER NEWS ELGIN FLOUR AND FEED COMPANY ELGIN LUMBER COMPANY ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY ELGIN WINDOW CLEANING COMPANY ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE ETTNER SHOE S ORE MR AND MRS LEO FEDERMAN FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELGIN FISHBURN S PAINT AND WALLPAPER MR AND MRS SAM FIXLER MR AND MRS P E FLAMINIO MR AND MRS WILLIAM R FLEMING THE FLOWER SHOP MR EDWARD FOX FRANCINE GIFTS MR AND MRS FRANCIS L FREEMAN MR. AND MRS. I. S. BOND C. I. EVELIEN COMPANY ' ' CO DRS S L GABBY AND IOEL L DEUTERMAN GEORGE S CLOTHES SHOP INC Nm AND MRS A A GOOD WILLIAM GRABOWSKI GRAENING AND RAUSCHERT IEWELERS MR AND MRS ROBERT W HALL MRS IAMES HARRIS Nm AND MRS E P HETZLER Nm AND MRS E. I HILL MR AND MRS IOSEPH A HYMAN ILLINOIS WATCH CASE COMPANY C E IAKES PAINT AND DECORATING C IEWEL PAINT STORE Nm AND MRS G P IOHNSON LADS N LASSIES IUNIOR FOOTWEAR Nm AND NmS FRED R LAMP DRS A L. LANGHORST AND E R LESCHER AN MR KENNETH LEE AND MRS C R LINDSAY HI ND Nm IOHN I MACK ND Nm LEONARD MANUEL WALTER MARSCHKE TAILOR Nm AND MRS ROBERT L MAY . . O. EDITH KRUEGER MR. D S. MR. A S. . MR. A S. MCBRIDES PHARMACY MR AND MRS IOSEPH A MCCONNELL MR H L MILLER MR AND MRS A E MONTGOMERY MORGANS FLOWERS MUETTERTIES SUNLIGHT BAKERY MR ROBERT NEWMAN NEWS PRINTING COMPANY HAROLD NISS MENS WEAR DR AND MRS O B PAVLIN I C PENNEY COMPANY INC RIFKENS FURS MR AND MRS CHARLES A RINEHIMER ROVELSTAD BROTHERS MR AND MRS STANLEY T ROVELSTAD DR ROLAND D RUSSELL PAUL E SCHICKLER MR AND IVIRS R E SCHMIDT SCHNEI-'F BROTHERS MR AND MRS L M SCHNEIDER IOHN SEXTON COMPANY SHEDD BARTUSH FOODS INC MR AND MRS L SHILLINGLAW SINGER STYLE SHOP PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY MR AND MRS W A SIPP MR. AND MRS E. I. SOLOMON IOSEPH SPIESS COMPANY SPORTSMAN S LODGE DAVID E STARK STETTNER S APOTHECARY MR AND MRS I MCWILLIAMS STONE MR AND MRS E P STROTHMAN DR AND MRS MELVINI THOMPSON VALENTINE INSURANCE AGENCY MR WILLIAM C VALENTINE VICKS DRUG STORE WAIT ROSS ALLANSON COMPANY WALSH INSURANCE AGENCY MR AND MRS F H WAYCOTT INGA WEST HEALTH INSTITUTE WILCOX CLEANERS AND I-'URRIERS AND MRS W DEAN WILCOX AND MRS S WOLFE AND MRS S R WOLFF M S WOLFSON ZIEGLER BROTHERS COMPANY All photographs xn thxs xssue were obtamed from Warren Axlnn photographer and the Elgm Couner News WENTWORTH'S MEN'S SHOP 1 ' -mu -'-'uu:::"""'P"' ' "Hr -.-4 ----H-' -.,.---.,--W-Q-'-"N"""f .nuns ' ' ro .-.if51.5m"l"""' " 4" ' -:not 1-go' 1 ... 313. , - ,. - Q, ,.,-.-...,-z.. . . .1 V.z- L-f-,f,f.ff:. . ex 11-I:i:L::flf:::1:7:f,2LCS?-1.T Ii-2'f'fIf'I'.'L:.x,. , ::Z:z.:.p:5.-:i1'.':r4 . .zll I-2 QQ.: .:.: ..' ' v' - 1 .. I. :I " , . , if - . f . :s .. 3 V, , , .

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