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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1949 volume:

au.. ii E 2-u.J I5 1949 I J E HIHIHPN I In MQ, . 0 9 . K ,I 95- , 'n if" - if?-:". I r 5 4 ' I :fm i -:'i""i"""' F' -Qi as 1 I y f"- zqut, - ' M, -5 J -fwf' ifkfisibm- 5,33 ff-f""1 . 'Q A 12' 'Ljf ,.."..:-as--' "f 3 1-4' , 5-PK' 5 - ,viii 9-- av oo' .Ju . 5.334 ' 'ut 53353: b "' N ,Q A 'if' . ff, 4pm . 'R .1 . 'f ' X A '35 " 1,111 'diy-Q' '. Q' Q ' A ,'.21:.' ,i -"v 1 Elm, Ay' if K . ?If- g. i. 1 E 1 ' . ,,'f Qf" 'wi 3 .f-'-'KrL.a' ff .f '-41 :k4'?4b"'1.A?'f ' 0 U .1 . , V'.l .p .qv V s t. 81 - S 2, J If f U I .s fi. Q. 1 -e. . ' ,-g ' ' :4., 'A , ' " 5ff"" m 12 A Q W: . .' ' f, M .. W 1 Q. 1 f+- gexgg-, Q . -1' 1' ' 5 '-"'S,' . - .ig 5 is ' ' K". Tlx i :XR Q X' 1. " fr WF ' 9 ' 231-'ff 3 F Xia. 1 32' tw. , . 'Q-S-Y.. '- -sf 'Q -' '. tl E ":'U' - li . ' . 4,.,fsgiig,4 infuwbf :A l-Q3 e 3 Q.. A . .gl N ,lg 33443: l X lezmzq K 'Au - V-' 1 ian mi y..-I hgkgy? ii.. ' 5 - Y' .'N ' 'R' I E 1949 HILLTOP STA CAROLYN Bopp Edxtor ELAINE HARRIS IUNE HILL Iumor Edztors ROLAND IMES IOSEPH McCONNELL SALLY STROTHMAN ANN UHLEMANN RICHARD WASSERBERG Contnbutors IAMES D KROHNGOLD Busxness Manager IAMES WOLTER Sports Edrtor RICHARD BATES Photography LEWIS HYMAN Iumor Busmess Manager NANCY KIEDERLEN Art Edltor We the stall of the 1949 Hllltop have trled to g1V9 our readers a ghmpse of the school events throughout the year and present to you a cross sectlon of l1fe at the Elgln Academy The lor as lt e capable pubhcatlon of the H11ltop IS not only a Job of respons1b1l1ty but wlll be an enjoyable memory to refer to 111 later years wxsh to thank Iune H111 and Elame Harrms Iumor Edltors for the1r job of helpmg to complle thls book Credxt IS also glven to Iames Krohngold our busmess manager who has done an excellent Job ot d1rect1ng the tmanclal campazgn The senmor class wxshes to express appreclatxon to Mr Ch1pman for h1s guldance m edxtmg thxs book and also to all contnbutors Speclal thanks to Mr Percy Ollver father of lohn and Tom who gen erously gave the paper for thls ed1t1on of the Hxlltop CAROLYN BOPP Ed11OI 1949 Hilltop T H F F requires interminable amount ot thought. It is a treasure worth working The cover wus, d6S1gH9d by the art edltor Nancy Klederlen 1S Sllk screen des1gn for the htle page was made by Adele Droste 7 Graduatlon IS here and we the departlng senior class of 49 walk down the cusle with mary happy memorles We thmk back to the begmnmg of our classes when Elgm Academy welcomed m the elghth grade Iames Krohngold Bob Burgess and Phyllxs Harbula In September of 1945 Carolyn Bopp entered to lom the many who were there and then were to leave A we grew older and wldened our knowledge and attamed the rank of sopho mores Ilm Wolter Iohn Doyle Iohn Lessmg and Ioe McConnell became part of the hte at the Elgm Academy In our th1rd year here we became proud Jumors The new add1t1ons to the clas were Lo1s Plttenger Bob Francis Roland lmes Doug Thomson Iohn Ollver ard Don Maler FIVE hard years of workmg and making new fr1ends growmg older and at last we are semors Amle Stem entered 1n 1948 The 49 semors wxll long be remembered at the Elgm Academy We are indeed a class of 1nd1v1dual taste Yes we are sorry to leave but as we go we hope that the spmt we have known at the Elgm Academy w1l1 hve on wlth us m even greater mtenslty . . . . n 11 , 1 1. - 1 1 1 , . S 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 A - 1 1 . . . , . . I . 1 1 1 ROBERT BURGESS Mayor E Club Football Boys Chorus Orange Club Camera Club toothy smile tottered up to Old Main fell on the steps and with a wheezmg gasp saxd aha at last Im here With that elegant speech there was founded the now exalted Senior Class to be of 49 As can be seen from above Bob didnt do much in the lower grades He did however as a fresh Frosh partake of sev eral athletics where he mayored in football enough to get his letter and membership mto the E Club Bob was always rather quiet while he was with us and although he seemed to prefer the girls with a St Charles accent he had lots of school spmt and was plenty of fun Always helpful we could always get a nde somewhere in one of his immortal automoblles If liked for nothmg else we can all say Bob was a regular guy CAROLYN BOPP Elgin Illinois Editor 1949 Hilltop Secretary Treasurer Aelch lorlans Homecoming Queen Page Editor Orange and Black Girls Chorus Girls Athletics Orange Club Carolyn with her sparklrng vwacxous personality was undoubtedly the spark of this years semor class Being crowned Novembers Homecoming Queen was only one of the many honors bestowed upon her Always a cheerful and cooperative worker Carolyn helped this years Hxlltop blossom mto one ol the most successful yearbooks in the Academys history Her efficient managing of the second page of the Orange and Black proved to everyone that Carolyn also has a serious side to her personallty too Carolyn will be missed by us all and will long be remembered as that gal who set things off better than a stick of dynamite l About five years ago a small. red-faced fellow with a Elgm 111111015 Mayor E Club Boys Chorus Basketball Tenms Orange Club A lnend and a pal ot everyone on the campus Bob was a fellow who was consistent on the basketball lloor the tenrus court and any branch ol athletlcs ln whxch he partxcxpated A very good ball handler wxth the Hoopsters Bob also made the E Club ln his semor year however lus E pm remamed hrs own property Bob was quxte a smger and besxdes bemg a promment member of the boys chorus he also held up the maponty of the barxtone section Bob has shown hxs hne spmt not only on the basketball tloor but m all his other actlvltles Lots of luck ln the future Bob' IOHN DOYLE Kenxlworth Illmols Mayor E Club Football Tenms Swxmmmg Dramatxcs Orange Club Iohn came here m hxs sophomore year and helped strengthen our ever growmg semor class Known as the Sophx txcated Englzshman Iohn almost swooned the ladxes just by talkmg to them Not only was he tall dark and so lorth but he went out lor athletics too He played tennxs football and even dld some swxmmmg He made the Mayor E Club m hrs seruor year and was one ol the few fellows that kept hxs own E pm Doyle also lzked dramatxcs rn whxch he agam made a name for hlmsell but he ls most mterested m wntxng and polo We hope to hear about Iohn ln several years and see ll he IS domg as well as he dld here wxth us ROBERT FRANCIS ROLAND IIVIES Lombard Illinois President Mayor E Club President Black Club President Boys Chorus Vice President Senior Class Dorm Council Student Council Athletic Council Orange and Black Hilltop Staff Dramatics Basketball Football Track Our Campus Casanova came to us in his junior year from Lombard and easily stepped into the campus life of Elgin Academy His lanky height immediately cap tivated all the fluttering females hearts and his well rounded personality made him a quick leader among the fellows Lash s Canother nickname for the roving Romeo! populari y among all paved the way for his many successful achievements during his two years at the Academy Besides being President of the Mayor E Club President of the Black Club and President of the Boys Chorus Lash set the Conference track record up a couple of notches winning himself much enthusiastic glory Not being satisfied with a letter in football Lash has plugged with the basketball team helping it sweep its way to victory in many hard fought battles It will be some time before memories of our Campus Casanova fade away and we all know he will be as well liked as he was here every where he goes PHYLLIS HARBULA Wheaton, Illinois Vice-President Aeichlorians, Secretary-Treas- urer Senior Class, Orange Club. Phyllis. who is one of the pioneers left from the eighth grade, is finally realizing her dream to enter Vassar. Phyllis is known throughout the campus for a hard, smooth, and fast game of tennis. She has done much to make. the school a better place including improving our relations with our Latin-American-Good-Neighbor- Policy. Besides being a honor student she is also one of the easiest girls to get along with. We want to wish her loads of luck knowing she will be as popular a girl in college as here. We certainly are going to miss her sl ' W ' 1 . . .. ,, . , . , . . I I ' , , , . . , , , , . .. ,, . . . . . . . , . I - .. , ,, - - .. ,, . . . 1 1 W - , .. ,, - , :fl . , ' "w .. ,, . v A , 3 . , . - 'Y ' 7 . . . . . , ', if - '. - 7' ' ', y,' , fi . . . f '21 f t g 1, .. , ' fy 4 .s .4 . -. u ' ffif. ... 1 Rx 'G' ' 1 . . 'ff -' , . IOHN LESSING Elgm Ill1.no1s Black Club Chess and Checkers Football Iohn better known as Krypton Lessxng famous m ventor of the four month perpetual motion machine has been a familiar hgure around Elgms campus for three years Iohn winner oi the Daughters of the American I-levolutxon award for Umted States History has not only proven hxmsell in History but a capable person in other helds He will long be remembered around old EA for his readiness to debate any issue at any time and his very many wxtty retorts IAMES KRQHNGOLD Cleveland Ohlo Busmess Manager Hilltop Vice President Sons of Neptune Secretary Treasurer Boys Chorus Music Club Orange Club Golf Orange and Black Staff Swimming Production Manager Plays Ixmmre who is known around Elgin Academy as the most cooperative student rs no doubt going to be one of the qreatest losses of the school as he leaves this year ln 47 and 48 he won awards for his spmt and co operation He is an excellent swimmer and also a member of the tennis and golf teams Irmnne IS known as The Click and your picture is taken for laughs in years to come We wish to congratulate Ilmmle on the Hilltop The books success is due Iimmxe success rn the business world If guesses are permitted we bet rt will be the shoe business I I I I ' I . I I I , . . largely to his financial management. We also wish , 1 1 ' - . , 1 u il n ll ' 1 IOSEPH MCCONNELL Edxtor Orange and Black Vxce President Black Club Htlltop Boys Chorus Mayor E Club Dorm Councll Football Basketball Tennis Dramatxcs as Double Duce McConnell well lxked character of the campus He came rn hrs sophomore year and although he was quret and unassummg he quxckly made place for himself Ioe got letters m football basketball and tennxs He not only was well behaved but was one of the few fellows to make the Dorm Councxl m his semor year as Second Prefect Ioe had a hard 1ob as edxtor on the OSB but yust as ln all other thmgs he took xt rn his stnde and drd an excellent lob That s the way we know h1m now and that s the way we wxll always hear of htm Ioe or somehmes known rs a well known and DONALD MAIER Chicago Illmols Captam Football Team Major E Club Orange and Black Boys Chorus Orange Club Councll Basketball Track Tenms Red loxned us m his lumor year and started out well by takmg the nght half posrtxon on our football team He continued to excell m sports by playmg hrst strmg basketball and runnmg xn track meets Red who got along wxth everybody ln the dorm was unammously elected football captain for the year Red seemed to prefer gxrls other than the ones of tered here at the Academy Hrs extra currxcular actl vxtres were taken up at the home of a little blonde of the senior class We know that rf he takes up athletxcs or scholarshlp m future years he w1ll defxmte ly excell yust as he drd here at old E A I ' 'AZ - ' .. ,. . . I A . fi 1 1 from the high school. "Red" was one of the "brainiest" , . . . I . Q LOIS PITTENGER Glen Ellyn I1lmo1s letrc Councrl Gxrls Chorus Black Club Lols came to the Elgm Academy rn her pumor year from Glenbard Hugh. In her two years at old EA Loxs has greatly helped to contnbute to the spmt oi the school She rs one of those rare females who rs gxfted with a brarn besrdes a beautxlul lace Under her competent leadershxp the Aerchlorxans Socrety has sponsored many successful events one of those bemg the annual Aexch Dance Our best wxshes for a beautxful gal may success be yours m whatever held you wander IOHN OLIVER Barrmgton Illmols Boys Chorus Golf Football Black Club How we ll mrss those house partxes The mformal gath ermgs alter a toboggan nde or the more elaborate ones he so generously gave Many are the ones who are grateful for the ndes home when hope was gone and you thought you had to walk Many are the ones who had the thrxll ol rrdmg hrs jeep lack rs also a lover of horses and the outdoors a good smger and always ready with an xdea Good txmes were had by all and Iohn helped to make rt a good txme Loads ot luck to a swell guy i i 1 I President Aeichlorians, Student Council. Ath- . ! ' r T fi 5- , sw , DOUGLAS THOMSON Wheaton Illmols Orange and Black Business Manager Dorm Council Mayor E Club Boys Chorus Track Doug known to some as Mumbles came to EA at the begmmng of his yumor year from Wheaton High School Ever since he first set foot on the campus he has played an active part m school life He is rather quiet most of the time but hes always ln there pitch mg Among Doug s chief interests are eating pxstachxo nuts classical music football and tennis He enyoys history very much and also keeps up on current events he showed this very well when he placed high m the senior class on the Tzme Current Affairs test last winter The fellows m the dorm frequented his room quite often as such delicacies which hardly ever ap peared in the dmmg room were to be found there For this Doug IS to be commended for hxs good na turedness as the food bills were usually high Doug has truly been a hne citizen and will be remembered for his upnght character We wish him the best of luck and success for the future ARNOLD STEIN Chicago Illinois Boys Chorus Basketball Black Club. Arme came to the Academy this year from Chicago Arme with his curly black hair and Irresistible black mustache was notlced by many a girl s eye He plans retire at thirty hve then woman He loves to ski spent m trying out his going fellow is always 1okes He will not be forgotten for a long time especially nn the chemlstry Lab for his sclentific attltude to make his first million and he expects to hnd the perfect and a winter afternoon was skill Arnie who IS an easy ready with one of his little Football, Tennis, Basketball. Orange Club. IAIVIES WOLTER Rocklord Illmols Presxdent Senxor Class Vlce Presrdent Mayor E Club Sports Editor OGB Sports Edxtor Hxlltop Basketball Golf Track Football Stu dent Councxl Boys Chorus Orange Club Izm came here lh hrs sophomore year and has ever smce remamed one ol our mdustnous leaders Izm as you see was xn most of everythmg around here and not only nn lt but leadmg most of tt Hxs grades too are some of the best ln the semor class rankmg a close hrst His volce was one of the most promment m the bass section of the Boys Chorus. He had the honor of smgmg the solo part in Ballad for Amencans at the annual Academy Musxcal Recxtal hm wants to go mto busmess admzmstratlon when he leaves lor college It doesnt have to be sazd that he will be a successful person lh college because we know he wrll hm IS the kmd who never gxves up It he cant do something one way he IS bound to talk his way out of xt Good luck! GUILLERMO AYALA A graduate of the commercxal course at the Colepo De La Salle Havana Cuba B111 entered the Elgm Academy rn November 1947 GERRIT BAKER Gernts home xs In Hlghland Indxana and he ts a graduate ol the Gnlhth Hxgh School 1948 He came to the Elgm Academy lor a post graduate year last September THEA LINDSAY Thea attended the Elgm Academy as a freshman dur mg the year 1944 45 For three years she was a stu dent at the Madeira School Washxngton D C and graduated there rn 1948 She returned to the Academy last fall MI1.0S STEISKAL Mxles has been a student here at the Elgxn Academy lor three years Alter attending school an Iapan he came to the Academy and graduated m 1948 He ms a member of the Cum Laude socxety and was salu tatonan of has class 1 I . -1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 The Junior class 15 a group of twenty four students and IS the largest class at the Academy this year Nancy Kiederlen relomed them 1n Ianuary for her filth year Larry Tarlow was also a welcomed newcomer in Ianuary along with Lloyd Mont gomery this being h1S fourth year at E A Ed Fox was chosen president Lew1s Hyman as v1ce pres1 dent and secretary treasurer is Elaine Harris Mr Loomis IS the class advisor This year Barney Betz Ed Fox Iune Hill Ivan Pavlm and Ira Stone are holdlng honors scholastically The swimmers of the class are Doug Bennett Ed Fox and Ivan Pavlm who d1d very well 1n most of the meets Dick Bates did a splendid Job as manager of the football basketball and track teams this year lack Good Ed Manuel Bob Solomon and Art Wolfe played basketball lack Bob and Art played tootball and glan Coakley have talent in piano and voice respectlvely Georgian and Carol Brydon have led E A m cheering at most of the games Iudy Ritter and Carole Soren live in Raymond House and Ioan Wenzel IS a boardmg student at Semor House lane Guild trecelver ot a gold star because of her attendance recordl IS a day student from Glen Ellyn Our out oi state student IS Milton Federmar who claims that there isnt any place like Cleveland' The Iuruor Prom was held on the night of Iune 2nd and proved to be quite successful Good luck future seniors' Ed Fox president Front row Betz Wenzel Federman Hall Soren Brydon Second row Coakley Solomon Tarlow Harris Third row Ritter Manuel Pavlm Kxederlen Hyman Fourth row Montgomery Bates Wolfe Good Mr Loomis class advisor Absent Guild Bennett Ira Stone Bntton Ed is one with much musical ability. Rollin Britton and Geor- . . M . . , Here we are 111. 1949 and a new Sophomore Class has replaced the old Thls class as last years prom1ses to be a hxghly successful one Nme students out of the seventeen commute daxly and two of the gals from Barrmgton better known as Coonskm I and II have found rev1v1ng obsolete fashxons such as raccoon coats IS often very prof1table and WISE The class adv1sor IS Mr Fredenck Swmnerton Pos1t1on of Pres1dent 15 held by Sally Strothman who IS actlve on the Orange and Black and VICE Pres1dent of the Glee Club Ann Uhlemann IS VICE Pres1dent of the class also on the Orange and Black takes P10110 and vo1ce and IS Pres1dent of the Glee Club Adele Droste IS Secretary and IS outstandmg m volce Glee Club work and also ore of the top scholars along w1th Andy Sh1llmglaw and Sarah Iane Ferry Pete Tannenberg IS Treasurer of the class and also manager of the basketball football and track teams In athletlcs th1s year the Sophomore Class has shown full representahor D1ck Wasserberg and Bob Wllllams are on the top ln Swlmmlng Tom Ol1ver Andy Sh1llmglaw and B111 lV'cNamara who IS also our checker champ partlcxpated 1n football Ronny Watkms Lane Sorenson and Mary Loulse Drechsel alorg Wllh others m the class have shown the1r ab1l1t1es on the Orange and Black ln the mus1c Roy Newberg shmes ID h1s plano technxque and Marllu Rome1s SUSIE Elv1s and Lor1s Guggenhelm are good examples of the talent 1n the Glee Club Sophomores renewed an old clothes dance last February wh1ch turned out to be one of the most successful dances of the year The best of everytlfxng to you Sophomores keep up the good work Srttmg Shxllmglaw Elvxs Romels Wasserberg Guggenhexm Ferry Droste Uhlemann Drechsal WllllQmS Standing Mr Swmnerton T Olzver Sorenson Newberg Tannenberg Newman Strothman presldent f Then to show the aptitude of the class as a group the fl' . me ,gf . H ,L 'lf-J -, The new year 1S off to cz great start w1th s1xteen members as of September L1ke all freshmen they make up a lxvely class and all have a great deal of enthuslasm The class adv1sor 1S Mr Brett Sandy May IS the pres1dent Frank Collmgbourne IS the v1ce presldent and secretary treas urer IS Penny Iohnson Th1S IS the th1rd year for B111 Stone at the Academy and the second year for Sandy May and Bob Flam1n1o Barbara May Harlene Smpp Betty W1ll1ams and Otey W1ll1ams are the g1rls that l1ve H1 Seruor House and Paula Knlckerbocker IS a boardmg student at Raymond House Nancy Wolff jomed the Freshman Class m Ianuary The outstandmg students scholast1cally th1s year are Kathy Dav1s from Wayne and Beth Hetzler from Barrmgton Beth and Sandy show much musxcal ab1l1ty Sw1mmers of the Fresh man Class are B111 Stone Bob Flammlo and Frank Coll1ng bourne Terry Krumm and Eugene Lamp both from Elgm are out for basketball and outstandmg 1n the arts and crafts classes The blggest joke of their school year was a very successful dance that they gave on the mght of Apnl Fool s Day Sandy May president Fxrst row Kmckerbocker O W1ll1ams Sxpp Hetzler loanne McConnell Dovxs Iohnson Second row lzenstark B Stone B Moy N Wolff Betty Wxllxoms Wnght Stondmg Mr Brett Krumm Lamp Collmgbourne Flammxo ,A HH: " sl Q' ,, 551.147 Q 1 . A f , . C, II . . . . - I - - . I I I I I I . . . I 'I - - , . . . . , I I . I .Il Some are comlrg some are gomg some are called old falthfuls but st1ll the seventh and erghth grades are provmg themselves to be one of the outstandlng student groups 1n Elgm Academy All the seventeen students have thexr eyes open and Iackle Barrett and Rod Chambers new smce the second semester are addmg thexr ab1l1t1es to the already up and commg class Ilm Hayes IS back aga1n as a day student and was elected Presldent of the class lack Martmson IS V1ce Presldent and Holly Edwards holds the t1tle of Secretary Treasurer Coach Orsborr IS advmsor Holdmg up the academlc work of the class are Kathy Edgerton Nancy Fndlund Carolyn Hall Bettma Iohnson Holly Edwards Katle Lmdsay lack Martmson and Ann Rov elstad The ma1onty of the class partlclpates 1n the Orange members of the A91ChlOl'1lII'lS Besldes bemg on Dan Gallerys bubble blowmg team four of the boys are on the swlmmmg team and fwe can be seen runmng down the basketball court Last fall Dan and George Murphy were on the football team and were among those who came out ahve Good luck classes of 53 and 54 we re all pullmg for you' Sxttmg izrst table Gallery I Marhnson Wxlmot B Iohnson Fndlund Barnett Llndsay Second table Mr Tryba Hall Edwards Edgerton Rovelstad C Marhnson Ward In back ground Bevmgton S May Hayes Absent Murphy Chambers and Black Clubs and the Glee Clubs and all the girls are RONALD B EDGERTON PhD Umverszty of Wxsconsm Umverslty of Chlcago Director of Studies EDWARD P DROSTE EdM Shurtleff College Harvard Umversxty Umversxty of Wxsconsm Washington Umversrty Headmaster of the Elgm Academy DYER C HANNAH I. bra an C DEAN CHIPMAN MA 7 Northwestern Umversxty Columbxa Umverslty Director of Art Gallery CRAY L WALKER MA Northwestern Umversxty Dxrector of Admxssxons FRANK KRATKY MMus P Northwestern Umversxty Music Am anag aft nsaxg uum a5a og uo un VH NHOHSHO .I. HHWOH, SH RLEY M LEE BA P NJ ORPHA HEDRICK, B.A. D Iowa State Teacher's College Girls' Physical Education C BARLOW T LOOMIS B A Umon College L Allxance Francalse French and Spamsh CFREDERICK G SWINNERTON MA Amherst College New York College for Educatlon Engllsh qzmog bu Lulu mg Q NOSN HOH H SVWOI-I.I. C MARGARET WILDER RN MILDRED COAKLEY Iowa Slate Teacher's College Buena Vista College Nursery Nurse MARVIN L BRETT MA D Unxversxty of Illmols DeKalb Teacher s College Mathematics C GOLDIE BRILL B A Umversny ol Calxfomla Music C XflV'I VNHHA R CHARD L LEVEN CK BS D Sc ence IOHN R TRYBA BA I DePaul Umversxty Art lnstxtute of Chxcago Ar Lawrence College Music n :og aoua :ag 2 3: 3' Z 'u -I 0 2 0 E -o Z 3' 2 uv 3 : W RHJXIVM 'I M 'IV HX H V8 C IOHN F BURKE Financial Secretary MRS DONALD PILLINGER Secretary to Headmasier MRS MARVIN BRETT IDA KARSTEN CATHERINE LEA MRS CHESTER STANFORD I . I , . . 5 University of Wisconsin A 3 i , l 5 l E unbgqsgw go Aggsxaqun - UEBWAEUII UEYIEIIEW ' 5 51 VW? x"fi.'Xb,,v ll li' rn uf' The Slsalkraft Company Chxcago Illmoxs GEORGE P EDWARDS Fxrst VICE Presxdent Woodruff and Edwards Inc Elgm I1'1no1s LeROY MOTE Second Vxce Presldent The Elgm Nahonal Watch Co Elgm Illmols G P IOHNSON Secretary Iohnson Plashc Tops Inc Elgm Illmors ARTHUR E GIERTZ Treasurer Charles E Glerlz 6. Son Elgm Illmors THOMAS ALLEN St Charles Illmoms MORGAN G CARPENTER Elgm Illmoxs MRS GEORGE FREEBURG Elgm lll1I'lO1S MRS C R LINDSAY III St Charles Illmoxs MR IOHN W MCQUEEN Elgm lllmors MR T ALBERT POTTER fDeceasedl MR E P STROTHMAN Barrmgton Illmors MRS A D EDWARDS Member Emerxtus U, 'QI . ' 7: VA -"ARMY ,ily D Z4 gr' Zyl'- MR. ROBERT ANDERSON, President MR. , ' - ' MR. . . . MR. . , MR. . DR. . ' T111 s,11k Qcreen desxqn for the Mile page .S 4. A .Q . was made by Mary Louise Drechsel 7 0 ooL a, Dlng dong' The old school bell once more tolls the sad endmg of summer fun and the begmmng of another school year Although many of us are regretfully storlrg away sum mer memones we are at the same t1me expectantly lookmg forward to another eventful school year Greetmg the new and old students IS Mr Droste the new headmaster It IS d1scovered that h1s daughter Adele w1ll be a sophomore new comer Meanwhxle the campus ammal lovers have come upon Bruce Droste a lovable collle ard he IS the center of much adm1rable attent1on New students are mlllmg around the old fam1l1ar crevlces of the Academy campus wh1le occas1onally someone shr1eks Oh have you seen the SCIGHCG prof hes a doll' The new g1rls dorm1tory IS f1lled w1th cute gals who have already been appra1sed by the old boys and lnllldted by the old g1rls The Orange and Black staff IS already busy w1th plans for the product1on of the school newspaper and IS up to 1ts elbows rn copy paper The football team has had llS f1rst workout of the fall season and the fellows have l1mped back to the dorm1tory mmus a few front teeth Pra1ses for the new coach are fallmg fast and thxck and mary football VIC tor1es are hopefully be1ng contemplated for the near future The f1rst mxxer IS a startlmg success and already some would be couples have those tell tale stars 1n the1r eyes Every one IS bubblmg over enthuslastlcally and th1rks that school IS gomg to be a wonderful place lh1S year i U The Aelchlorlan SOC1elY as IS 1ts custom each year pre pares to welcome the new gals Wllh a get acquamted tea and an eer1e m1t1at1on. For one week the new g1rls are de glamor1zed as part of the 1n1t1at1on program Many natural from the rogues gallery IS Gee dont they all look hke ghosts w1thout the1r warpamtl All the new gals prove to be good sports and so are welcomed 1nto the socxety enthus1ast1cally The O and B stall thls year 1S oil to a llymg start Wllh the l1rst 1ssue of the school newspaper As usual the mys tenous elf after a long summer vacat1on once more begms h1S Keyhole column much to the chagrm of many HIS or her 1dent1ty 1S kept a secret throughout the year and not unt1l Spflng t1me when school adjourns IS the elf s 1dent1fy revealed Woe IS he then lor many a person has a score or two to settle Wllh h1m' The eff1C1el'll staff 1S already appomted and xt 1n cludes the followmg people Ed1tor Ioe McConnell Flrst page Ed1tor Bob Solomon Second page Ed1tor Carolyn Bopp Th1rd page Ed1tor I1m Wolter and faculty adv1ser Mr Swmnerton Aelchlorxan lmtxatlon The Orange cmd Black gi 99 nf' T . A A v W L a . . .. . waves seem to disappear ovemight, while the only comment The New Bus As the colorful autumn leaves begm to fade and fall to the ground another school month fades away and October begins The 1948 football team went through the season without wmnmg a single game but neither the team or the school as a whole looks upon this as a disgrace The Scoreboards dont tell the complete story they dont tell how hard a team fought or how much spint and determination was shown by boys on the h1l1 outshone every opponent and every team the Academy met fully realized that they had played a never say d1e football team When the hopeful aspirants strode that first long walk to the Academy Bowl they were greeted by a new coach Tom Kennell who was xmmedlately loved by all However Coach Varsity Football Team the boys out there on the playing field. In these abilities, the Kennell found hlmself w1th orly s1x return1ng lettermen and about twenty greenhorns To top that off there was a tough seven game schedule and only three weeks m whxch to mold a workmg outf1t before the fxrst game On Frlday October 1 the boys chmbed aboard the new Greypuppy and started that lorg tnp to Park School of Indmnapohs to play the hrst game of the season and also the ftrst game ever for many of the boys on the team At 200 pm the next aftemoon the team marched on the held to offxclally open the season However they marched off the held on the short erd of a Z0 to U score and w1th I1m Wolter and Red Maler benched w1th 1n1ur1es The next Saturday Elgm played thelr f1rst home game agamst Glenwood a new comer to the conference Wolter was st1ll out w1th a back fenslve game After a very bad flrst hall the Hllltoppers dropped thls contest by a score of 33 to 0 North Shore Country Day was the next game on the schedule and 1n1ur1es and lack of reserve really showed up ln th1s game as the Academy lost by a very lopslded marg1n of 40 to U On Saturday October 23 the fans saw Elgm lose a real heartbreaker to Todd School of Woodstock rn a game played at the Bowl The H1lltoppers matched Todds fxrst quarter score by breakmg the score column for the fxrst trme 1n four games as Imes spnnted around end 1n the closmg seconds of the second quarter and at the end of the hrst half the score was t1ed at 6 all Ar even ball game was seen throughout the thlrd and fourth quarters w1th Elgm m1ss1ng several scor 1ng opportunltxes but on the last play of the game Wolfe was caught behmd the lme of scrlmmage and Todd left Elgln that evenmg w1th a very fortunate 8 to 6 v1ctory On October 30 after a week erd of feSl1Vll16S the Acad emy played host to Northwestem Mlllldfy Academy for the injury, but Maier was back in and played an excellent de- , - A . . . I - Homecomlng game Elgm was f1ght1ng hard for a vlctory u Northwesterns tr1cky backs proved too much for them The Hllltoppers were also wlthout the servxces of Lew Hyman pound tackle and th1s made a b1g dlfference as Elgm os 26 to 0 The next Saturday the Academy met a very much talked of Lake Forest team and played by far thelr best game of the season although they lost 33 to 2 Ed Fox played a very good game ard was a large part of the team s flne showmg The last game of the season was agamst Wheaton Acad emy In th1s game Elgm was at 1tS full strength for the hrst t1me smce the beglnnmg of the season However they were not able to penetrate Wheatons heavy lme and lost the1r seventh stralght contest 34 to 0 At the end of the season an elect1on was held by the mem bers of the football squad and at the Football Banquet Red Ma1er was announced Captam of the 1948 football team There s much more to football than wmnmg and Coach Kennell and the team feel that they had a very successful season The last week end of th1s month 1S bnghtened wlth the annual Old Clothes Day Homecommg game and Homecom mg Dance All Fnday the students amble around comfortably 1n assorted var1et1es ot clothmg whlle the d1stmgu1shed faculty members are the soc1al outcasts for the day Imme dlately followmg the close ot classes H1 the aftemoon the students race off to collect paraphernaha for the evemngs bonhre at the held A p1cn1c supper preceedmg the bonflre IS attacked wholeheartedly by a flock of hungry vagabonds and IS 1mmed1ately devoured Yum' What food' Saturday s actlvltxes come next on the agenda Wh1le the football players recelve last mmute mstructlons on thelr VICIOUS plays the g1rls buslly make mountams of sandwlches Homecoming Dance Musxcal Actxvxtxes for the Homecommg Tea Our Homecommg game although played w1th adm1rable sp1r1t and backed by the same ended m a defeat for us Follow1rg the game IS the Homecomxng Tea held tn Sears Hall When the tea drmkers depart the excltement r1ses for the Homecommg Dance IS only a few hours away' The evermg s ga1ety beg1I1S 1n the festwely decorated Art Gallery A rece1v1ng lme followed by a grand march start the evenmgs fun Accompamed by the strams of soft and dreamy mus1c from a twelve p1eCe orchestra starry eyed couples waltz away the evenmg s hours In the m1dst of the evenmg our Homecom1rg Queen IS announced The golden crown IS placed on Carolyn Bopps curly head and the thun dermg applause IS deafenmg Clutchmg a bouquet of roses and surrounded by her attendants Queen Bopp manages a nervous but wmsome sm1le for the photographers The re mamder of the evenmg IS fxlled w1th more dreamy waltzes unt1l the mag1c hour of m1dn1ght when many fond farewells are made and partlng becomes such sweet sorrow Throughout the fall there have been many var1ed chapel programs g1ven by faculty members and students From the Art Department Mr Tryba presented a fascmahrg Fmrebmrd chapel program Usmg the F1reb1rd Su1te Mr Tryba dem onstrated to the faculty and student body how one can mter pret mus1c and apply 1t 1n art On a blackboard he developed an 1ntr1gu1ng deslgn whxch un1quely developed 1nto a plumed b1rd as the mus1c concluded Another one of Mr Trybas chapel programs that was enjoyed by all was h1S pottery program where several clay bowls were made under h1s sklllful hands Van Dyke s Tarantella was VlVldlY played by Mlles Stelskal and Ivan Pavlm 1n another enloyable chapel program We w1ll all remember Bud Iverson s br1ll1ant p1ano solos and the performance of Bachs three p1ano concerto played by . 1 1 1. 1 1- - 11 - - . 1 1 . , . . . . 1. - 1 1 - 1 . . . I - - 1 . 1 1. . - 1 1 1 . ' . . . ,, . . 11 1 - L . u . . . 11 . 1 - ' . 1 . . 1 . . . 1 n 11 - - - - . 1 . . . 1 1 . . ,er Photography and Art Kay Leonard Barbara Mlller and Alvma Emery Elgm Hrgh School students The latter are studymg p1ano at our Acad emy conservatory wlth Iane Chlpman Thls years muslc club which has developed mto one of the most successful clubs of the school year was sponsored by M1ss Gold1e Bnll Elgm Academy prano mstructor 'I'he Keynote Club has left several successful programs and a mayor darce on the club roster The Club members have gone rn to Ch1cago throughout the concert season and have emoyed many hne programs Among the many concerts enjoyed was the one held m Or chestra Hall on Apnl 8 w1th Arthur Ruoenstem as guest solorst Many dlllgent hours were spent by the Keynoters after attend mg the Apr1l concert 1n practlcmg those tlresome ptano scales' Therr lmal excursron was made to the performance of Amda presented by the San Carlo Opera Company All the Keynoters w1ll agree that they found the1r musrc club an mterestmg experlence and efforts to enlarge the club next year w1ll be enthuslastmcally carrled out Among the many clubs started at the begummg of the school year the Camera Club has played an Important role ln our school llfe Wrth Mr Levenlck ln charge the club members consrsted of Mlles Stejskal Drck Wasserberg Ivan Ronald Watkms Lloyd Montgomery and Ira Stone Everyone w1ll recall the handsome photographers seen at all the basketball games who always managed to snap that hard to get actron shot and not an event went by wmthout the Camera Club expertly coverlng the scene Wrth access to the dark room the boys have made qumte a hobby out of developmg the prctures they took and also made some extra money from lt by developmg other students plctures Some members entered qulte a few photographs m the 1949 natxonal hrgh school photography contest and gamed P Pavlin. Martin Newman, Bob Burgess, Gerrit Baker, Dick Bates. - 1 i I 5 E ' 'O ? . ' J I much experience Much of the Clubs line work has con trlbuted to the success of the school newspaper catalog ard yearbook The Arts and Crafts Club has been busily doing a variety of mterestmg projects this year Its members started oil the year with charcoal sketchmg and then progressed to making childrens books Because of the enthuslastlc efforts oi the Club members many unlque story plots were developed Of course we all k ow of the Club s wonderful etiorts in produc mg those glamorous dance decoratrons Who can forget the black cats and the blinking WISE ol owls that decorated the Art Gallery dunng the evening of our Homecomnig Dance' Rlght now with the coming of the merry Christmas hol1 days the Crafts Club 1S creatively desigrlng block prints for Christmas cards and dreaming up 1deas lor giddy Chr1stmas tree ornaments Ideas for the approaching winter quarter will include work m many new materlals and processes such as plastics for the years Hilltop will be contemplated and the Clubs budding water color1sts w1ll compete for the annual lane Pelton Wolf art award The Sons of Neptune presented their first annual Aquacade m the Academy gymnasium pool on November 19th The Aquacade began at 8 30 in the evening with the rhythmic splashlngs oi Event 1 Girls Rhythmic Swxmmmg The girls swimmlrg class under the d1rect1on of Coach Robm son composed lh1S event Event 2 was Boys Swimming the Easy Way Stormy Weather accompanied Event 3 This was a water ballet presented by two lovely mermalds A splashy and nerve rackmg event followed the water ballet Event No 4 was a Relay Race for the distance of 80 yards All the swimmers were encouraged on to victory by the hoarse shneks ot the enthusiastic spectators In Event --r""' f The Swxmmmg Exhlbltlon , . - I . . . 1. . AV 'A-4-'dr' ' and silk screen printing. Then when spring arrives, designs , , . I I lk I ' I I I W No 5 two other mermalds swam Over The Rambow m search of that tantallzmg pot of gold The Fancy Dlvmg that followed was really breathtakxng Oh to be able to swan d1Ve' Another graceful ballet succeeded the dlvmg event Then the Flutter Board Relay caused many roll1ck1ng waves to appear A Mlxed Ballet followed by the Grand Fmale completed the much enjoyed Aquacade and con cluded the evemngs entertamment December IS here too soon There are many GCllV1l1eS 111 only three short weeks The Major E Club started the ball rollmg as one of the most actlve organlzatlons on the campus thls year At the hrst of the year the E members met and elected Roland lmes presldent Ilm Wolter v1ce president and Mlles Stelskal sec retary treasurer Fnday December 3 was the blg day for f1ve boys who had won the1r hrst major letters durmg the football season Yes 1t was 1n1t1at1on t1me agam and Bob Burgess Iohn Doyle Andy Shllhnglaw Bxll Stone and Ira Stone prepared themselves for the blg test The old guard of the club appeared wlth dazzlmgly shmed shoes followed by one of the 1n1t1ates overburdened wlth a mountam of text books On a different part of the campus another one of the hopefuls would be standmg at r1g1d attent1on recltmg one of h1s sound ofis m clear and unfaltermg terms In the eve mng all retired to the gym where the new members consumed a refreshmg dmner and after the feSt1V1l1eS were over took the solemn oath of the club The Mayor E Club l - 1- 1 11 - 1 1 - - 1- 11 n - - 11 1 1 1 n 11 - - u - 11 . 1 u 11 . 1 . 1 - n 11 - 1 u 11 1 . I . . - . . . . - 1 1 1 1 ' I I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 - 1. 11 - - . , . 1 1 I- A . I I I A ' ' .1 's . 1 . .qs X11 The follow1ng week on December ll the E Club pre sented 1lS sem1 formal dance The stra1ns of D1ck Berrys mus1c floated over Sears Hall ar1d a very enjoyable t1me was had by all Dunng mtermxsslon the newly uut1ated members prov1ded entertamment as the f1nal step 1n the1r m1t1at1on In years to come when the Major E Club members look back on theu life at Elgm Academy the memones of the won derful tunes had 1n the E Club w11l certamly stand out It seems as xf there IS just somethmg about bemg an E mem ber that g1ves a boys lrfe at the Academy the extra fullness of one b1g emoyable expenence We are all anxxously awa1tmg the Chr1stmas holrdays when school books are stored away for a few weeks and at the same t1me we are busxly preparmg for the Chr1stmas hol1 days here at school The Choruses are madly memor1z1ng the1r numbers for the commg annual ChI1SlmGS program whrle the Art Department glues whnte wh1skers on Santa Claus decoratlons At last the long awa1ted day arnves' December 16 dawns clear and br1ght The Mothers Club moves mto the Art Gal lery m mass ar1d the1r bazaar begms Fnlly aprons ar1d yummy cook1es d1sappear l1ke mag1c In the back room of the Art Gallery the hnal chorus rehearsal 1S 1n full swmg A del1c1ous Chr1stmas dmner IS bemg developed m Sears Hall and gals are puttmg the hnal imlshmg touches on the Chr1st mas trees Exc1tement IS everywhere' The evenmg s Chr1stmas program begms Wllh two songs by the G1rls Chorus Shepherds Awake and The Sle1gh Rolhn Br1tton a PIGIIO student of M1ss GOld1e Br1ll plays Al legro Sonata m C Mayor by Mozart and rece1ves much ap plause The vocal ensembles number IS Chr1stmas N1ght Then p1ano students of Mrs Ch1pman and Sh1rley Lee perform the dehghtful Tcharkowsky Nutcracker Surte A Medley of Chr1stmas Carols and The Brrthday of a Kmg w1th Adele Droste as solo1st IS next on the program Then the evemng s awa1ted cl1max arr1ves. The cantata The Song of ChI1Sl mas IS g1ven by both the G1rls and Boys Choruses and IS a tr1umphant success All the students merr1ly b1d one another a Merry Chnstmas' and Chr1stmas vacat1on off1c1ally begms As the old year goes out and the new year dnfts 1n the gay Chr1stmas hohdays draw to a close and school resumes for the second semester After companng hol1day fun every one tr1es to settle down for the approachmg fearful m1d year exams Anyone Vlslllllg the campus durmg thls tune 1S apt to hnd SC1enCe students abstractly rattlmg off chem1stry for mulas m accompanunent w1th Hamlet s to be or not to be mumbled hoarsely by El'lgl.1Sh students Worrred seventh and elghth graders creep through the halls and occas1onally some one Slghs and breathes Oh whats the use you elther - xx 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . A ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - u 11 I 1 - - n 11 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , - 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' A I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ff 1 1 1 11 1 I 1 - 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1"- 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 u 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' The Elgin Academy Christmas Concert Presented December 16 1948 know 1t or you dont know 1t and I DON T lmow 1t' At last the exams are over and the fnghtemng report cards are handed out Bygones are bygones and we all start whlsthng once agam Remunsclng a httle let us wander back to the openmg of the basketball season The vars1ty netmen opened the1r season by travelmg to Harns School of Ch1cago on Frxday December 11 and re tumed to Elgm as the very surpnsed losers ot the1r season opener Thls was the start of a long strmg ol losses lor the Hllltoppers The rext game was wlth Wheaton Academy 1n whlch the Hoopsters played a wonderful hrst hall only to fall apart m the second hall and let Wheaton take the lead and the ball game The hrst home game was wlth Todd School . 1 - 1 -11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 A Varslty Basketball Team of Woodstock and again Elgin couldn't coordinate as a team and Todd walked off the floor on the winning end of a 33 to 21 score. During Christmas vacation, the boys traveled to Chicago Christian High School and lost 34 to 26 in a very hard-fought game Next with center Imes out of action the Academy team lost badly to Glenwood by a score of 63 to 20 After classes had resumed agaln Elgin met Pullman Tech on the home court and lost 30 to 16 The boys played another beautiful first half and led 12 to 10 but again fell completely apart in the second half On the next day Ianuary 6 the Elgin team found itself A very tall North Shore team xnvaded our gym and was baffled by the H.1l.ltoppers fast offense and left on the short end of a 39 to 35 score However it seemed as if the team had found itself only momentarily as they lost badly to St Iohns 52 to 28 and then to Todd in a retum game 40 to 28 Followmg this was a return game with Glenwood in which the Hoopsters surprised everyone by leading throughout the game but the Elgirntes werent able to stop a Glenwood splurge at the end and lost a heart breaker 31 to 29 On Wednesday Ianuary 19 a cocky Lake Forest team arrived at our gym They had won seven straight games 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 82" J 1 1 , uit: 1 1 11. "ru +34 f ww, , x, , r beatlng many of the teams to whlch we had lost By the end of the fxrst half they were leadmg easlly 29 to 13 and at the end of the thrrd quarter st1ll led by a thlrteen pomt margln 37 to 24 The fourth quarter was a dlfferent story The H111 toppers scored 18 pomts and held Lake Forest scoreless to wm 2 to 40 Much of the fmal spurt which won the game came m the fmal three mmutes of play m whlch Elgm sank twelve pomts through the hoop and held Lake Forest scoreless The Lake Forest game was the start of a s1x game wmnmg spree for Elgm Harrxs was the next to fall as the Academy netmen got revenge by a score of 56 to 29 The Elglr power house contmued rollmg and flattened out Wheaton wlth a score of 31 to 28 The mlghty Culver Mllltary Academy came to E1g1.n on Ianuary 28 and couldnt keep up w1th the Elgm machlne losmg 45 to 36 Park School of Indlanapolls was an easy vlctory as Elgm won 46 to 33 But all good thmgs must come to an end and Culver ended our wmmng streak by scormg an easy 56 to 31 vlctory The Elgm glant k1llers were fmally vanquxshed The Elgmltes contmued ro111ng downhlll loslng games to Lake Forest 54 to 36 North Shore 56 to 28 St Iohns 55 to 19 and Pullman Tech 53 to 39 In the last game of the season Elgm showed some of tts old spark by drubbmg Park 60 to 36 The H111 losses and ranked frfth 1n the conference standmgs wlth Park School last After the regular season came the Conference toumament played at Morgan Park Mlhtary Academy Elgm beat Glen wood 58 to 34 m one of the1r best showmgs of the year but lost badly to St Iohns and Pullman Tech mn the fmal games whxle St Iohn s won the champ1onsh1p Before the toumament Bob Francls won well deserved recognltron by bemg elected Captam of a team that never saxd d1e Besldes Bob the boys who won major letters were Ioe McConnell Lash Imes Imm Wolter Art Wolfe and Andy Shll hnglaw who although only a sophomore led the team m total pomts and who should be a star performer ln the next two years The lunxor varsxty or IV s as they are often called had a hfteen game schedule th1s year m whrch to get plenty of expenence for varsxty play next year Alhough they only won fxve out of the hfteen games the boys were always m there scrapping and showed the sp1r1t that w1l1 make varstty ma terlal for next year Led by hm Wolter and Art Wolfe who both had the double role of playmg m the IV and varsmty contests the team opened up the season wlth a 34 to 17 vrctory over Harns of Chlcago After losxrg to Wheaton the IVs beat Todd by two poznts but then went mto a tarlspxn and lost four stramght game to Chnstlan Glenwood North Shore and a retum match wlth . . . . . . A l . L ' toppers had a season's record of eight wins against fourteen I I I - I I . - . A I , . . . . . S Iumor Varslty Basketball Todd Next they got revenge wrth Glenwood by taklng a 19 to 17 declsron but lost to a smooth workmg Lake Forest qumtet Terry Krumm w1th fourteen pornts and Bob Solomon wlth ten pomts led the IV s 1n thelr 35 to 14 drubbmg of Harrls wh1le Chlcago Chnsttan eeked out w1th a 33 to 31 v1ctory rn a very exc1tmg game 1n whlch Wolter scored elghteen pomts and barely mrssed a long shot as the game ended The 1un1or team but seemed to fall apart at the end of the season when they lost badly to Lake Forest North Shore and Park Besldes the boys already mentloned Ed Manuel Arnle Stem and Doug Thomson saw a conslderable amount of actron and everyone was glad to see D1ck Bates get 1n the last Park game and try a couple ot hrs tremendous long shots whlch by the way Just barely mlssed As February 22 rolls around we fmd ourselves celebratmg Founders Day In commemoratlon of the Academys 110th annrversary of the grantmg of 1ts charter a speclal chapel servlce was held at 9 30 at the Art Gallery The program was arranged by Mr Droste Mrs Florence Raymond Morgan mathematlcs mstructor at the Academy from 1894 to 1931 was the prlnclpal speaker The enhre student body and members of the faculty assembled for the BXSICISSS As 1S the custom on each annual Founder s Day all faculty members donned thelr warters Jackets and snappy warters caps and proceeded to wart on the noon lunch tables Of course the entmre student body was especrally ravenous that day and a path was wom to the latchen door As IS 1ts custom March comes rushlng Ln l1ke a hon and 1mmed1ateIy catches everyone up rn 1ts mlghty grip The swlmmmg season opens w1th a huge splash and the Academy muslcale matenalrzes The sw1mm1ng team th1s year had one of the most success ful seasons of any varslty sport rn the Academys recent hls tory Out of the hve meets on thelr schedule the swlmmers lost only two. one of whrch IS stlll under protest The schedule lncluded some mlghty tough opposltlon, but under the careful , 1 X -ff 4 . 1 4 U hoopsters next took a 28 to 23 decision from a tricky Wheaton Florence Raymond Morgan and E P Droste gu1dance of Coach Robmson the swlmmers became very well respected by all the1r opponents M1165 Stejskal was elected team captam at the begmnmg of the year and he very ably led the members of the team 1n the1r f1rst v1ctory of the season on Ianuary 15 as they easxly beat the M1lwaukee Un1vers1ty School 111 the home pool 44 to 31 On the next Saturday the merma1ds traveled up to Mllwaukee for a return meet w1th M U S The meet was faxrly close all the way wxth Bernett Pavlm and Fox garnermg a large share of the pomts for Elgm By the tlme of the last event the 160 yard sprmt relay the meet seemed to be pretty much m Elgms favor as our relay team was by far supenor However Ed Fox the second man m the relay was charged w1th two qulck a take off and the Elgln team was dxsquallhed even though they won the race by more than half a pool length and Wayland won 37 to 30 The referee wrongly d1s and Coach Robmson mssued a vehement protest wh1ch IS st11l unsettled The next meet was on February 4 Wllh the Umversxty Hrgh of Chlcago a school Wh1Ch held the champ1onsh1p of the Prl vate School League for many years and wh1ch also had not lost a dual meet for over f1ve years The boys on the team performed as they had never done before and won 38 to 37 Bob W1ll1ams Mxles Steyskal and Drck Wasserberg teamed up to break the school record 1n the 120 yard medley relay by swlmmmg the event m l 17 4 On the next day February 5 the swrmmers met Wayland Academy of Beaver Dam Wsclonsln and drowned the boys from up north 44 to 31 Doug Bennett scored two hrsts to pace the Elgm team and Wlllmams Stejskal and Fox also scored f1rsts The next two week ends were vacant but the team qualified the team during the race rather than after the race, 1 kept on practlcmg for thexr last meet ot the season wlth Way lard at Deaver Dam on the 26h of February However they were tremendously handlcapped as Stelskal was put out of actlon by a smus 1nfect1on Wayland took a hrst and a sec ond m the breast stroke and the once mvlnclble medley relay team was beater Fox and Pavlm took t1rst and second ln the d1v1ng as they usually dld throughout the season but 1t wasnt enough to make up the ddierence and the Wayland boys tasted vlctory 39 to 36 On Saturday March 5 Fox Pavlm Wasserberg Bennett Wllhams and Blll Stone went to Culver Mllltary Academy for Culvers annual 1nv1tat1onal swlm meet and placed fourth 1n a held of s1x schools wlth Culver wmnmg the meet Elgm got 1ts points ln the relays and every boy that went on the tnp scored Martm Newman Bob Flammlo and Bob Izenstark showed much promxse durmg the year and should be members of the varslty team next year Stejskal and lun Krohngold are the only ones who are lost by graduatxon so the swlmmmg team should be a powerhouse next year On Fnday evenmg March 11 the Elgm Academy pre sented 1ts annual musxcale m the Academy Art Gallery The muslcale was composed of the combmed Guls and Boys Choruses and plano and vocal students of lane Hampton Chlpman Sh1rley M Lee Goldle Brlll and Frank Kratky i. 1 1 I - Ll 1 . . 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 - 1 1 w The program opened w1th two numbers presented by the Glrls Chorus Youll Never Walk Alone by Rodgers and Wooden Shoes by Herbert Bob Francls bantone and pupxl of Mr Kratky sang Tw1l1ght Trall by Manmng and Ionah and the Whale by McG1msey Beth Hetzler student of Mxss Lee played Valcxk by Mokrels The Clown and the Lady Doll was delxghtfully presented by the Glrls Octet and the Boys Octet brought forth Dry Bones by Gearheart Ivan Pavlm played Russlar Sallors Dance by Ghere and Sandy May soprano sang two songs Trees by Ioyce K1lmer and Sm Tu Amor by Sandoval The chmax of the evenmg was Roblnsons Ballad for Amencans sung by the Glrls and Boys Choruses w1th hm Wolter as bantone sololst All agreed that the evemngs program had been a success and was worthy of much favorable comment Thls year s Dormltory Councll was formed around the two retum1ng members of last year s councll Qulte a few changes were estabhshed dunrg the flrst few weeks of 1ts operatxon Mrles Stejskal and Ioe McConnell both retummg members were elected as senlor prefect and fxrst prefect respectlvely Louls Hyman and lvan Pavlm were placed on the Councll at Thanksglvlrg and Doug Thomson after Chr1stmas The greatest change 1n the operatlon of the Councll was the mauguratlon of the correctlve system By th1s method nearly every concelvable offense had a def1n1te penalty estab llshed and ln corsequence any pupnl vlolatmg a rule knew exactly to what h1s pumshment would amount Every student m the dormltory also had a pr1v1lege status whereby depend mg on the amount of correctlves accumulated dunng a week he was placed on A B C D or F Status Each status ratmg had 1ts own punlshment whmch was strlctly adhered to Thls . 1 I n 1 11 11 11 - - - 1 1 11 . . . 11 1 u 1 1 11 . 1 1 1 n - 11 - u 1 1 11 1 - 1 1 11 11 . H . . ,, 1 1. n 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 11 - - - 1 11 - 11 - 1 , . . . . 1 . 1 1 1 , . . . , . . 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Golf Team and Dormitory Council new method of handling offenses proved very efiective and throughout the year minor changes were establlshed ln the corrective list Next year s Dormitory Council will again be built around the returning nucleus and from the experience gained this year it should prove itself to be a very effective organization The tennis team has been picked tentatively at this time Andy Shillmglaw is LH No l position again this year and is also captain Supportmg Andy in singles are two senlors Bob Francis at No 2 position and Bob Burgess at No 3 The doubles team is made up of the veterans lV'1les Stelskal and Ioe McConnell while No 2 team is composed of a new com binatxon Iohn Doyle senior and Martm Newman sophomore Doug Bennett and Ira Stone make a promising Junior combma chance on the team Coach Orsborn pins his hopes for the future on six prom 1s1ng youngsters in the seventh and eighth grades I1m Hayes lack MGfl1nSOn Les Wilmot Stoddard May Dan Gallery and Rod Chambers Since the 1949 team will lose hve seniors Call of the team except Shilhnglaw and Newman! these youngsters will have plenty of chance to make tennis history for E A if they would only play during the summer months and develop their game The schedule this year is not so full as usual and is starting late owing to the inability of our team to go on the annual barn stormmg southem tour through Tennessee and Georgla at sprmg vacation time However the schedule m cludes some grand competition w1th schools like Culver Park Wayland and Lake Forest so there will be plenty of scrap all along the line As early as March it appeared that the prospect of a splendid track team was somewhat better than m former years Although Coach Watts took over the duties of developing the tion, and will be pressing Doyle and Newman all along for a ,. Hxlltoppers mto a sconng combmat1on at a late date neverthe less the boys should gxve a good account of themselves on both track and held If the team performs accordmg to the expectat1ons of the athletlc staff lt w1ll probably be because the boys have taken fhell' trauung senously and have profrted cons1derably from the long hours they have spent m practmcmg the1r events Of the twenty two man team only Roland Imes IS a re tummg letter man Much w1ll be expected of Lash 1n the hlgh and low hurdles and hlgh lump Among those who are also expected to make the1r presence felt for Elgm s Hllltoppers 1n the commg meets are Arrue Stem 1n the dashes Ed Fox m the dlstance runs and pole vault along w1th Pavhn Thomson Iohn Ol1ver and Imes ln the relay Desplte the fact that the team IS made up largely of under classmen vsnthout extensive experlence lt appears to be very honors for the Elgin Academy The golf team should enjoy its most successful season s1nce the sport was f1rst organlzed here at the Academy many years ago In the past years the golf team has shown one of the poorest performances of any of the three sprmg sports lt was rather neglected when the boys made the1r cho1ces for athletlcs 1n the sprmg However the sltuatlon IS changed thls year Lew Hyman who was undefeated number one man last year IS back m that posltlon again thls year and shootmg better golf than ever An outstandlng addltlon to the team IS Art Wolfe who shoots the same k1nd of golf as Lew Other boys who w1ll be hghtmg for the two remamxng poslhons are lun Wolter Pete Tannenberg I1m Krohngold and Bob Solomon Looks hke a strong contender for the conference champlonshxp' As the lazy summer months approach the school year draws to a close I-'mal exams are completed wh1le school memones of classes dates beaus and campused week ends float hazlly on the Iune breeze The Iun1or Prom concludes Tenms and Track well balanced in the aggregate and should do well in seeking The Casts of Tnal By Iury and Evemng Star the dehghtiul panorama of school dances and the annual school p1cn1c gayly brmgs to a close the last ol the school lI'0l1CS enjoyed so much by all the students Graduat1on cl1 maxes the school year and then many solemr adxeus are made On Frlday May 6 Gllbert and Sullrvan s one act operetta Tr1al By Iury was presented at the Art Gallery Theatre by the Academy Boys and G1rls Choruses Thls was the Choruses hrst recent attempt 1n producmg an operetta Be cause of the earrest efforts of all the part1c1pants Mr Kratky dxrector and M1ss Shlrley Lee accompan1st the result was an excellent and amusmg presentatlon oi a favorlte operetta The mam part ot the cast mcluded the followmg Academy students Iudge Ed Manuel Pla1rt1fi Adele Droste Counsel Iohn Lessmg Defendant Iohn Ohver Foreman Bob Solomon and Usher Bob Francrs The lovely br1desma1ds the hand some Jury and the chantmg chorus created the delrghtiul atmosphere for the operetta Preceedmg the operetta presented on the evenmg of May 6 was Charles Georges one act comedy drama Evenmg Star The plot concemed the retum of an old t1me actress to the stage 111 a repeat portrayal oi a IeV1V6d stage role she once played Nancy K1ederlen portrayed Lotta M1tchel1 the old tlme actress Penney Iohnson portrayed a present day actress whlle the two male actors were Dave Wr1ght and Amle Stem Barbara May and Betty Wxlhams had the roles of actresses and I1rn Wolter portrayed a play dxrector The stage door keeper was Dlck Wasserberg Mamle the scrub womar was Iudy Rxtter and Celeste Ann s ma1d was Nancy Woltl ll . . . - 1 1 1 1 H - 11 1 , . , . I - L 1 n I 1 1 1 n u ' I l . 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I - 1 1 u - I ' I 11 . - 1 . 1 . . 1 1 . , . L 1 1 1 .. . 1. . .- - 1. 1 A 40 , . Iames Krohngold leaves hrs As rn crtrzenshrp to lack Good Iohn Doyle leaves poor Mr Swrnnerton rn peace Bob Francrs leaves hrs grrl troubles to anyone that can handle them Iohn Lessrng leaves hrs grrpes and argr merts to Eddxe Fox Don Marer left Ioe McConnell leaves for pornts south Doug Thomson leaves hrs farth and trust rn grrls to Barney Betz Lash Imes leaves his E pm to Ann Arnre Stern leaves hrs smoking permrssron to Drck Wasserberg Iack fVaughn Monroel Olrver leaves hrs vorce to Bobby Flammro Bob Burgess leaves hrs outboard motor on wheels to anyone wrth rnsurance Carolyn Bopp leaves her questions to Larry Tarlow Phyllrs Harbula leaves her perfect attendance to lane Gurld Lors Prttenger leaves her long black harr to Sally Strothman It was a sunny afternoon as the well known lawyer Mr Arnold Stern sat down comfortably rn hrs brg red leather charr srppmg a cool refreshmg glass of buttermrlk Idlv he snapped on hrs super deluxe televrsron set Mr Stern who rs a well known mrllronarre at the age of thrriy and skrrng champron of Lrechtenstern populatron ten was ln the mrddle of hrs afternoon lersure when hrs secretary announced that two gentlemen were askrng admrttance to see hrm and the matter was most urgent Into Mr Stems offrce came the two men who at frrst struck hrm as famrlrar and yet there was somethmg strange and unfamrlrar about them One was bald headed and red faced the other beady eyed wrth a long mustache and beard Both were shabbrly dressed ln excrted vorces they poured out the story of therr newest rnven tron the Trme Machrne Who were these men who had sacnfrced all for scrence"' They were none other than Mr Stems cell mates of 49 Dr Iohn Lessrng and Dr Robert Burgess Mr Stern berng a practrcal conventronal man couldnt qurte com prehend the rnventron of a trme machme although he was an ardent fan of Buck Rogers proof that thrs marvel of the age worked Mr Stem thrnkrng back to hrs days at old Elgrn Academy sard he would lrke to see what hrs classmates would be lrke and what they would be dorng rn about ten years Excrtedly the two set up the apparatus The hrst scene that flashed across the screen was a rarlroad yard Off to the srde was a lrttle tumbled down shack The old door opened and out stepped a lrttle lady beatrng a pan Fourteen chrldren scurrred rnto the lrttle place and an old man who was later found to be her husband a mrllronarre who had gambled and lost crawled m after the krds Mr Stern gasped rn amazement for thrs turned out to be none other than Lors Prttenger Qurckly grasprng another potent glass of buttermllk he swrtched the screen to a large manufacturmg plant where Lash Imes Esqurre was presrdent The plant specralrzed rn makrng Aerchlonan orns a sentrmental rdea he had acqurred from hrs young days Irm VVolter a reformed alcoholrc was hrs adver trsrng manager Iames as he was called by hrs frrends was just greetrng Phyllrs Harbula and her husband a South Amerrcan lad whom many knew was the dream of her heart He had lust returned from S A on a short trrp Next the scene shrfted to the desert o' Afrrca where Lreutenant Col Iohn Doyle was leadrng a small band of cavalry men rnto the desert lookmg for Carolyn Bopp who was lost on an expedrtron headed by the great and world known physrcrst Dr Ioseph McConnell whrle lookrng for a errthacus nubecula As Lt Doyle raced across the hot blazrng desert an oasrs appeared and there srttrng under a palm tree sat Doug Thomson frnrshrng hrs latest book the Socral Lrfe of An Ant Leavrng thrs tender scene the trme machme took us to the offrce of the mayor of Chrcago Donald Marer had fmally realrzed hrs dream and as he sat behrnd hrs brg oak desk srpprng a cool glass of lemorade hrs rrght hand man came rn Buckets Bob Francrs a name he acqurred from hrs early boyhood rn old E A was sayrng that the playboy Iohn Olrver was lust prcked up for dorng 60 mlres per hour rn second The last prcture was that of Iames Krohngold who was a travelrng salesman for Cats Paw Shoe Heels las' seen somewhere around Cleveland Ohro Mr S ern srghed and turned the machme off A ternfrc explosron rocked the room and when the smoke cleared the three looked at the smoke The trme machme was no more M Stem thought maybe rt was better that way and as the two men left determrned to start over agarn Mr Stem laughed to hrmself and thought he would do the offrce over rn chartreuse , . . . 1 . 1 A . I . . . 1 1 . . - 1 . . . . . - 1 1 . . 1 . . f 1 . . A I A . A . . . x . . 1' Th1S s11k screen des1gn for the t1tle page wus, made by Peter Tcmnenberq 7 The annual sectlon on creatlve wntmg and the vlsual arts IS one of the outstandmg educatlonal contrlbutlons of the school year Mr Swmnerton mstructor ln Enghsh has selected the best poems ard prose wntten dunng the year for publxcatlon 1n th1s yearbook The vxsual arts are represented m thxs book by or1g1nal t1tle pages 111 sxlk screen prxntmg and photographs of ceramlcs pottery and book 1llustrat1ons These were made by students the art classes w1th Mr Tryba mstructor THE SNOWFLAKE Each snowflake floats on buoyant wmgs of bliss Sent on xts way by Natures gentle kxss Its facets formed whxle slghmg w1th the breeze Reflect Gods joy to No two alrke each The dlfferent jewels Each one the same Hts equal flow of love O wondrous God who hearts so hard to please Heaven and God above show He does not change wxth endless range made thmgs great and small Your common snowflake ts most rare of all THE SEA Its salty xts stormy way Relates of things untold Of seamens fearless ventures there Explorers brave and bold And 1n nts dark and dreamy den Lle many a fortune deep Of plrates gold now sunken there Of many an old shxps keep But through xts colors blue to black There can be heard a vorce Go back go back ne er come agam Whxle stxll you have a cholce lack Good 50 James Wolter 49 MICHIGAN AVENUE To me you are a valley deep And not a street of dead dark thmgs You have the power to smg and weep And hold wxthm you thxeves and kmgs A valley made of walls cement Whose floor IS hlled wxth httle ants Who bother you all day Lament Not valley bold Endure thexr chants As you control these ants of men For they are held wxthm your den Mathew Betz 50 . . . I A . . ' , . ' ' . of ' : painting portraits of ' ' of . to THE LONELY STREET LANP The lonely street lamp on the curb Throughout the long mght burns In weather exther good or bad The facts of l1fe xt learns Two lovers hand 1n hand flrst stroll Along the dxm l1t walks The lonely street lamp lrghts thexr way And hears thexr wluspered talk A rough hewn soul IS next to pass And stumble through the mght The lonely street lamp lights hls way And ands hrs sorry plxght A lonely one draws near the hght Her face all wet wrth tears The lonely street lamp lrghts her way And helps to ease her fears The old the young the r1ch the poor All pass beneath lts lxght And presently they go thexr ways It seems wxth newborn sxght For though thls lamp IS mute xn voice And ard tha. ones m heart and mmd When some advlce they seek The lonely street lamp on the curb Throughout the night stlll burns In weather elther good or bad The facts of l1fe lt learns une H1 50 MY PRAYER As I lay down to sleep tomght My heart rs dark wmth woe I turn to Hxm IH hopes HIS lxght Vvtll gulde me by lts glow I tell Hmm of my troubles great Of faxlures ln the past I ask Hrs help to turn my fate To change the dxe now cast But hark an angles volce whxch delves Its sweetness from Hrs soul The Lord helps those who help themselves Herexn hes Gods great goal Iames Wolter 49 THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER Theres a grave nght near the Whlte House Where the Unknown Soldxer lles And the flowers there are spnnkled Wxth the tears of mothers eyes I stood there not so long ago Wxth 'lowers for that grave When suddenly I thought I heard A volce speak from that grave I am the Unknown Soldrer The spxrlt voice began And I thlnk Ive got a nght To ask some questxons man to man I wonder bout my doughboy pals And how my buddy feels I wonder what my sweetheart says Whenever the bugle peels Are my buddres taken care o 7 Was thexr vxctory so sweet Is that big reward you promxsed Sellmg pencils rn the street? I wonder lf the prohteers I wonder lf the soldxers mother Ever IS m need I wonder rf the kmgs That planned lt are satxsfxed They played thexr game of checkers And eleven mrllxon dxed Oh Id llke to see thexr faces When they reach the devxls door But even down m Hell Theres no torture such as war Oh I am the Unknown Soldler And 'naybe I dxed rn va1n But xf I were alxve and my country called ld do xt all over agaxn Lane Sorensen Sl THE LIGHT I walked ln darkness all the day I had no lxght to lead the way I found the lxght because I cared To look and see how others fared Penney Iohnson 52 Its glow of hope will speak Have satisfied their greed: I 'll. ' .. . . . They saw the stars that seemed to stare THE SHEPHERDS One mght as they lay sleepmg tzght They woke and saw a wonderous sxght The clouds that floated past on hxgh Were thm and they could see the sky They saw the lovely Venus tau One star did shme for all tts worth That star shone brxghter than the rest It shone as lt xt had been blest They heard the song the angles sang As from the hxlls and vales lt rang Peace on earth Good w1ll to men EE It seems to me that many eons passed Slnce from my childhood I was rudely cast And oh so many tlmes my mem ry walls Ot happiness 1n days of faxrytales Of days so tree from worry gnef and pam So tree from lxle that game so mhumane But now alas that golden age xs gone In thxs cruel game Im yust another pawn But let me play to see lt I can wm A future better than the past has been Ivan Pavlm 50 It came from rocks and crags agam That star dxd travel cross the s y At last xt stopped and stayed lgh The shepherds took thexr gxtts so small And toward the star began to crawl When they arnved at manger sxde They thanked the star that was thexr gulde Douglas Thomson 49 DEATH Death comes mgh as wmter Passes over the flowers held Ceasmg momentarxly the Bloom ol lxfe until the Soul escapes to that serene Unknown World Iune Hlll 50 L And gave great light to all the earth. ' ' k : ' on h' . 1 TO MY BIG SISTER I do not see why I must wait, To do the thmgs you do You go on dates and stay out late Whrle I srt home and stew Hxgh heels today you drd sport They made you VERY tall But Im the one who rs so short YOU dont need them at all My closets full of hand me downs You lately have outgrown And Ill be GLAD to have some gowns To call my very own But dont dear sxster thmk Im rude As the facts I do proclaxm For after all I do conclude I love YOU lust the same WHAT A LIFE! They play baseball over yonder, But I sxt at home and ponder On scrence They set out to see a show Whxle I remom at home and hoe At mathematlcs They go out to look for herbs I stay at home and study verbs For Englrsh They go out wxth dates to keep Mme must be learned before I sle My hxstory And to what avaxl I ask you Is all the txme I pass? I stxll dont know the answers To the questrons asked ln class Georgran Coakley 50 Nancy Wolff 52 THE PATRIOT Thrs as a true story that happened to me not long ago Because rt rs true I want to tell you lust how rt happened Frrst of all one must try to remember what our natzons peace of mmd was dunng those terrrble days of the Blxtz The Huns were over every mght and we had nothmg to do but srt lrke ducks on a pond as rt were and clean up afterwards Blxmey but those were some thrng I remember once when a Stuka d1ve bomber oh but thats not the story I have to tell Im sorry Ill try not to get off the track agam Th1s partlcular mcxdent happened m the P1ccad1lly durxng that ternble perlod Our country was almost on her knees then and of course hatred for the Nazxs was runmng hxgh I remember rt was a parade rn whrch Mr Churchrll rode rn an open car and he really made a hrt I was standmg there on the curb 1n a great crowd of cheermg shovmg people There was a big man next to me a veritable hulk of a man he was There was another man a little ln front a quiet sort too for he just stood there and let the crowd push him around I just glanced at them as anyone would ln a crowd Well the band started play1ng our natxonal anthem and really stnkrng rt up too As I saxd before war fever was hugh really lugh The band started playmg and Churchrll was ndxng there attentron took off our hats and erther cheered or sang the anthems I was pretty excrted too That muslc almost stxrred me mto gomg out and slgmng up agam although I was a lrttle old Well all of a sudden I realxzed that this brg fellow had stopped smgmg and was lookmg down at that quiet llttle man just standrng there This big fellow looked as though he was getting peeved at somethrng this qulet fellow was domg He wasnt domg anything but just standrng statue Ilke sort of stanng around mto space Thats when xt struck me I looked around and saw that the people surroundmg us were begmnmg to look at him too I began to have rdeas queer ideas like what if he were a Nazi maybe even planmng to plug Churchill' Stnke me lf he didnt look Ilke rt sort of cold and cruel If he was Id sure like to know rt My Aunt Martha had been krlled last week by German bombs Somebody shoved me from behmd I was pushed agarnst hrm not hard yust a lrttle but he must have been off balance for he almost fell Iust then the bug guy came up I guess he was pretty mad cause he grabbed thus bloke by the arm and asked why he didnt smg The lxttle guy lust stood with hrs mouth open sort of stanng at the brgger one wxth a sort of steel hard hke look I-Ie dxdnt say anythmg lust stood there with that queer look even when the brg one slapped hum on the face and yelled ln hls face What the ell arent you even Englrsh? Then lt really started I dont know even now exactly what happened The other people must have thought hun foreign too for I was suddenly pushed asrde and to my knees when they started a rush for hrm It was all over qurckly enough Seven or erght men grabbed hmm and beat hum mto uncon scxousness and he never even yelled lust tned feebly to beat them off I was the f1rst one to reach hxm af er xt was done I wanted to see who he was and whrle going through hrs pockets Ifound a card a card that gave me the brggest heartache Ive ever had It was signed by the Englxsh Rehabxlltron Program for Veterans and rt sard I am a Veteran of World War II I fought at the beaches of Dunkxrk where by a grenade blast I was made for the rest of my lxfe dumb and blmd Roland Imes 49 1 . u ll I I , . . in front of all of us citizens. Well, I don't need to exaggerate how we all snapped up to civilian's . , . . . . . . , TO LIVE IN VAIN I saw her And she s took her took her took her took her comrng down the way the one I love today hand wrth lovrng care krsses oh so rarel coat and then her books eyes wrth meanrng looks She took from me all that ld buy And then she took the other guy Mrlton Federrnan 50 THE SEARCH I looked for God rn roses brrght My search had just begun I sought the Master of all Mrght Wrthm the blazrng sun Through flowerrng frelds of gram In storm and lrghtnrngs flare And rn the heavy drrvrng ram But found hrm rn a prayer Eugene Lamp 52 SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND Some merely called her good lookrng but most people sard she was beautrful The Iuly sun shone down and brought out the shrnmg lustre of her blonde harr where rt wasnt hrdden by her wrde brrmmed whrte straw As she walked down Frfth Avenue many glances were cast at her She made a strrkrng frgure and she knew rt The whrte rn her dress brought out her golden tan and when she smrled her teeth were whrte pearls agarnst a sea of Revlons Prnk Lrghtmng She knew how to dress and could afford to do rt well though rt was troublesome at trmes The gloves thrn as they were were rather annoyrng and her twenty one year old feet were dyrng rn frve and one half rnch spectators from Iosephs Suddenly her eve was attracted by a young man comrng rn her drrectron apparently taking hrs dog for a walk Evrdently he was a stranger to New York for he walked slowly as though he wasnt qurte sure of hrmself When he reached her he stopped Excuse me mrss he ventured could you please drrect me to Washmgton Square? I just arrrved here yesterday from St Paul and I dont know my way around very well yet Certarnly she replred srzrng hrm up as she spoke Hmmm about thrrty Id say Iust go two blocks west tall nlce burld turn regular features wrsh he werent wearrng those sun glasses though cant see hrs eyes three blocks south beautrful black harr then rrght nrce teeth good complexron a trrfle too dark and there you are But srnce Im gomg that way myself I can Just as well show you she contrnued Id appreciate rt a lot thank you he replred Let me rntroduce myself Im Alan Stevens attorney at law but my frrends call me Al And Im Margaret Drake she went on Mrg for short She walked wrth hrm to Washrngton Square whrch happened to be the home of one of hrs clrents on the way makrng the acquarntance of hrs dog Rex Before partrng they had arranged for another meetrng at the Stork Club that Saturday The week flew by On Saturday mormng she had her harr done at Pedros As the day drew to a close Mrg felt some strange sensatron entrrely new to her Could rt be love? She dressed carefully Her slrnky Ice blue drnner dress brought out the blue rn her eyes As she looked rn the mrrror wrth shrnrng eyes she knew she was what the socrety column would term a ravrng beauty How could she help but stun hrm? All other men had craved her and Mtg knew that wasnt entrrely because of her personalrty Though Al was somethmg specral one glance tonrght ought to convrnce hrm The doorbell rang Mrgs heart turned over frve trmes Then she calmly prcked up her coat and went to meet Al That nrght they learned to know each other well Many words were exchanged over cocktarls rn the drm lrght of the comer table A new world opened to Mtg A month later they became Mr and Mrs A C Stevens Yesterday was therr fortreth annrversary Trme hasnt changed them much though the same attractron wl-rch drew them together that summer momrng on Frfth Avenue rs strll there rncreased a thousand fold Her beauty rs strll there though rt has matured wrth her and he rs strll as blrnd Barbara May 52 , , . . I , I , , I . , I . , , . . , .. 1. 1 1 - ' . , . ,... . 1 1 I 1 1 ' , . . - I , . . . . . , ' A 1 , 1 , . WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US' The other day I was browsrng through an old year book of our school As I read of drfferent events that had happened Ibegan to realrze what some folks call the years that have passed the good old days Today whenever someone frnds fault wrth what rs gomg on we rmmedrately pooh pooh the rdea wrth the notron that everyone who says the younger generatron rs gorng to the dogs rs just plarn crazy Any fool can see that the world has come through although each generatron was gomg to the dogs Now I ask you srnce you seem to be satrsfred enough wrth yourself what has happened to the energetrc socral lrfe of the people twenty years ago? I agree that we strll carry on a few partres parades and prcnrcs the same as the people drd then but why rs rt on such a mrnrature scale? We no longer belreve that puttmg a lot of our energy and work rnto a prolect such as chorus dances and partres of the mrxer type rs fun We now want to srt back and loaf whrle other people and modern gadgets do our entertarnrng for us Passrve entertarnment rs now the style and we re much happrer rf we dont have to drsturb our lethargy to dance to fast musrc have a happy party or go places wrth the rest of the crowd We the young people supposedly the pep of the earth lrke nothrng better than to frnd some prrvate lrttle comer to carry on mushy love affarrs and we howl and run lrke the drckens rf any one announces any sort of socral strmulus We seem to be tryrng to run away from the real world and frnd one of our own where we can do as we please to lre around all day and watch the struggles about us Why rs rt that almost every healthy soul capable of utrlrzrng hrs over bountrful energy to the utmost dreams of only ways rn whrch he can get out of work? The fault of thrs whole matter rs not rn the people who rnvented televrsron radro and movres for they worked for a goal It hes rn us ourselves The rndrvrdual rs the only one that sets the pace of the trme and I want to know Where wrll the lazy pace we are settrng for our trme lead' Ivan Pavlrn 50 LE CROIX DE SANG It was a dark dank and strnkrng nrght on the rsland of Madagascar and the small force of the Forergn Legron that was statroned there was strrrrng around nervously rn the trenches They had been there for two days shut off and surrounded by the enemy and the mens nerves were begrn nrng to get very strarned Lt St Andre who was rn command of thrs small unrt knew that the only chance of survrval would be to send a messenger through the enemy lrnes to the marn force and brrng back rernforcements But how could he order a man to almost certarn death rn that no man s land? Frnally he turned toward the men and sard I want a volunteer to carry a message to Col Montbell You all know that rf we wart much longer the enemy wrll charge agam and that we are very low on ammunrtron If they charge once more we are dead men A young German named Lrndenhoff stepped forward saluted and sard Srr I would lrke to volunteer for thrs mrssron Lt St Andre grasped hrs hand and sard Your valor wrll not go unrewarded When we meet agarn and I hope rt wrll be soon I wrll see to rt that you get the Medarlle Mrlrtarre Lrndenlroff started out at a dead run across the barren shell marked land The enemy opened frre almost at once and the bullets puffed up clouds of dust all around hrm The men rn the trenches watched anxrously and cheered hrm as slapprng norse was heard as a bullet hrt hrm rn to hrs feet agam stumbled forward a few more The men rn the trenches sank back drsheart Then a man named Rastrnac stepped up to Lt man who was known to be one of the most bla could deny that he had a great deal of courage to hrs credrt He saluted and sard Mon offrcrer he ran on toward the forest Suddenly a loud the chest he slumped to hrs knees and struggled feet only to have another bullet smash rnto hrm ened therr only chance of survrval shot to preces St Andre Rastrnac was a tall darkly handsome ck hearted vrllarns rn the regrment yet no one He already had hfteen crtatrons and three medals the Medarlle Mrlrtarre has no allure for me for I have already won rt but I have always wanted scarlet looks good on a unrform you know Promrs to be a Knrght of the Legron of Honor A brt of e me that and I wrll carry your message for you Lt St Andre was qurte shocked for thrs was the frrst trme that a man had ever bargarned for the Legron of Honor As he had no other chorce he nodded hrs assent Rastrnac grrnned and sard I have nothrng to fear The devrl takes care of hrs own and Im oo wrcked to dre Wrth those words he sprang over the parapet and began hrs race wrth death The bullets krcked up drrt all around hrm Twrce he trrpped but he always got to hrs feet and ran n Then the men rn the trenches cheered as they saw hrm garn the forest and they knew that he had broken through that rernforcements would soon be on the way A few hours Col Montbell as be showrng the Lt St Andre Col Montbell Everybody was very happy at thrs trme Then one of the enemy wounded who had been left for dead parnfully rarsed hrs rrfle and frred a shot For a moment nobody moved and then Rastrnac slumped rnto the arms of hrs com rades wounded rn the chest He looked down at the gaprng wound rn hrs chest and the spread mg red starn on hrs tunrc A brt of scarlet he gasped later they heard the sound of frrrng and soon they caught srght of the troops of they qurckly and effrcrently drspelled the enemy Rastrnac was wrth Col Mont way and the men rushed out of the trenches to congratulate Rastrnac and to thank Iohn Doyle 49 , 1 ,, ,, . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . ,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1, . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 POETRY In my oprmon poetry rs one of the most enyoyable and fascrnatrng means of entertarnment that a person could want It rs too bad that many people rrdrcule rt When most chrldren are rn grammar school they do not get the full apprecratron of poetry be cause therr mrnds are not mature enough to absorb all of rts meanrng I th1nk that all chrldren should be taught an apprecratron of poetry early so that they can understand and enyoy rt rn later lrfe To me there rs nothing more thrlllmg than to srt down and read a poem such as Sea Fever or Tommy Atkrns The great poets have a way of transposrng to you a prcture of something that rs so vrvrd that you feel you are at the scene yourself Poetry helps me understand lrfe and death and why both are so beautrful Poetry rs a multrtude of knowledge crammed rnto a few lmes If everyone would read one poem every day he would broaden hrs educatron and outlook tremendously He can be a person of tremendous wrsdom from just a few lrnes of poetry Lewrs Hyman 50 HYPOCHONDRIAC Good mormng Helen sard a young man as he hurrred down the starrs Oh hello Have you called the drug store about delrverrng that medrcrne today? And Iohn please dont forget to see Doctor Carble at the offrce today I must have another check up I have that rackrng pam rn my shoulder and back agam All thrs came from a frarl lookrng woman renosed rn an arm chcrrr by a bay wmdow Yes Ill remember Helen he answered Good bye Iohn dear Dont forget to see the doctor and order the medrcrne Good bye dear sard the man Take good care of yourself and be sure to call me rf any thmg comes up As her husband left therr house the woman turned toward the wrndow to watch a group of men workrng on th street She was partrcularly rnterested rn an old fellow who walked wrth a pronounced lrmp I wonder how that old man can work wrth such a hand cap? He looks trred and very lone ly Goodness' The sun rs scorchrng My doctor told me never to be more than one hour rn the sun and he works all day rn rt But then Im so frarl She contrnued to thrnk about the old man and wondered about hrs past and present lrfe untrl she realrzed rt was qurte late She went to the couch wrth a magazrne to read untrl her hus bands return V'-'hen she heard hrs footsteps she sat up rn antrcrpatron Hello Helen Iohn sard How rs the patrent thrs evenrng? because Ive felt srmply terrrble all day My back aches furrously and lm so drzzy I can hardly see Why drdnt you call me rf you felt so bad? l rust drdnt have the strength to walk to the telephone When rs the doctor comrng? Tomorrow sometime I guess Hes pretty busy you know Yes I know The cook has drnner ready Tell her I want to he served here I dont feel up to the walk to the drnrng room Yes dear he sard obedrently and walked out The next mornrng Helen and Iohn went through practrcal'y the same routrne as they had the prevrous day As on the day before she watched the lrttle old man work Toward the mrddle of the day she notrced hrm slow down rn hrs work He grew more and more lax untrl he stopped completely Do you suppose he s srck? Helen asked herself Look at hrm hes flushed Oh! Help' He fell' Help hrm somebody' Dont rust stand there' Hes srck' Wrth these exclamatrons she hurrred from the house unheedful of her own many afflrctrons She rushed to hrs ard shou rng orders Hurry up cant you? Take hrm mto my house Dont loggle hrm so Cant you see he s srck? As her consternatron mounted she dashed mto the house and arranged the couch prllows to recerve an unfamrlrar guest She ran to the krtchen after she saw that the old man was com fortable She frxed hrm a cold drrnk and lust as she re entered the lrvrng room the door opened and Dr Carble and Iohn came rn Needless to say they were both surprrsed at Helens unusual drsplay ot energy Whrle Dr Carble attended to the old man the young couple talked rntently Helen you re well You re not srck any longer What happened anyway? Gee' Isurely am excrted sputtered Iohn Ill tell you about everythrng later Now I have to see about that poor man But arent you wearrng yourself out? he anxrously rnqurred Oh heavens no' she flung back I feel f:rne And as Helen left Iohn smrled to hrmself for he knew the doctors prescrrptron had been cor rect The old man who had been hrred to work rn front of therr house carrred out hrs act can vrncrngly When Helens rnterest was transferred to another person her prty shrfted from herself to the old man Helen was cured Adele Droste 51 tt .. . . . . , , . . - , . . ' ' 1 1 . ' - . "Good evening, dear." she said meekly. "l hope you remembered my medicine and Dr. Carble . . . 1. l I . , . WAR Deaths scythe the multztudes sweepmg A purple heart a mothers weepmg Flashxng charlots of the sky Destructxons consequence when mortals Heroes! Bemeddled murderers all Fearfully awaxtmg the fmal call The glrtter of the blood crazed eye The terror of the next man to dre Robert Wrllrams LOST CARGO It was a damp dark mght and had ramed for days INTROSPECTION When I am feelmg sad and blue I never know lust what to do I often sxt beneath a tree H And wonder what wxll come of me I sometxmes wander off alone Wlth heart as heavy as a stone But when I really thmk thmgs ou There s lxttle to be sad about 5 Kathy Davxs 52 At last rt had let up enough to load our cargo aboard shrp Two hundred passengers were gomg The slup was named the Demon and on thrs fateful day my precxous pnze was on the boat at long last For years I had searched and fxnally I had found xt The most poxsonous ugly huge lizard mans vxslon could ever behold Three and a half feet of a slimy gray black hgure lard at my feet alxve lookmg up at me wrth coal black eyes and all the hatred his poor body could pour forth mto them eyes that would never forget me The captam had consented to take her on board as I had promlsed the New York offxce I would have xt back rn ten days The condxtron was that she be securely locked and kept rn my cabxn The captam sand he was responsxble lor hrs passengers so I agreed to hrs terms Eleven thirty and saxlmg time the lxzard was put rn my quarters Hts presence was known only to myself and the captarn m case pamc or fear would result Three days out and we hxt one of the most vxolent storms known for sprmgxng up out of no where 1n thxs regxon The chaxrs and tables were overturned and the shrp rocked back and forth I went below to see lf I could help Two hours later I retumed to my room to hnd the door open and everythmg smashed My eyes searched for the cage It was broken to preces by the dashxng and rock1ng The lrzard was gone Cold fear bxt me My vorce failed my throat became lumpy and my mouth became parched My brarn cleared and I stood rxgld wxth fear The lxzard was gone and two hundred people were roam mg around not knowmg that maybe death was waxtrng for one of them Someplace she lay hrdmg wartmg wrth those cold black eyes and I felt xt was for me she waxted I went to the captaxn gun rn hand and told hxm He xmmedrately called all the passengers together to tell them several became hysterrcal but were soon calmed down Several men were appomted to take guns and begm the search all men to return to thexr cabzns after the shxp had been searched and to remaxn there Food would be brought to them For two days be looked turmng the shrp upszde down lookmg rn the hundreds of small places she could crawl After the fourth day rt was the general opmxon that she had been washed over board dunng the storm People who were feelmg a l1ttle better and had the hrst shock of fear gone ventured out on deck The hlth day came and most were not carrymg therr guns I who was hungry because dur mg the last few days I had eaten rn a rushed nervous state went below to get somethmg to eat I walked mto the kltchen found some bread and cheese and sat there enloymg a sandwrch and a cup of coffee The cook was gone and I was alone wrth the exceptron of a cat and her fam1ly Suddenly I saw the llzard lookmg at me from the bottom cupboard lookmg at me wlth those horrxble eyes How she could have been overlooked there of all places I dxdnt know She had been wartxng for me to come alone She crawled out and stood there lookmg at me I was dnppmg wxth perspxratxon and fear I had left my gun behind I stood there her between me and the exrt I knew I was gomg to d1e and waxtmg there was dnvmg me crazy If I so much as moved she would stnke Iust then the cat who was playfully playmg wrth her krttens spotted the lizard In motherly protection she yumped up on cl ledge ready to defend her kxttens at any move The lizard started to move toward me My pulse was beatlng my heart thumpmg so loud I was sure everyone on board could hear me The room started to sway and at that moment the cat jumped off the shelf on the lizard knocking a meat clever off wxth her It fell nght between the lxzards eyes penetratmg yust far enough to klll her I faxnted When we arnved m New York I explaxned to the offlce what had happened glad msrde xt had I dont thmk I wrll ever forget those hornble eyes lookmg up at me or death lnches off Carolyn Bopp 49 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 I - 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 . 1 Y1 , . , 1 1 , ' f I1 1 . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - - - 11 11 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 , 1 1 1 1 . - I . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 1 SO LITTLE TIME UNSURE I thxnk some guys are just plaln nuts How do I know that I am I The way they fool around That you are truly you' They play and waste therr tlme all day Why maybe thxs IB really that Because they havent found And greens a shade of blue That studymg 19 half of school Perhaps a sunset IB qurte dark And school rs hall of lxle The :ll are really well And wnthout work when he rs young The blissful loys we know are sad A persons hte rs stnle And heaven but a hell Theres so much knowledge to be learned The dxctxonary tells me what And theres so little time Is what and why IB why You have to learn to work right now But can I strll be posltxve Some say that they would rather have I cant be sure of anytlung Then health than lots of bram Perhaps all lxles a he They re r1ght but thats a poor excuse P9l'hUP5 whats 9005 IS reall? bf-ld When they from work relram And when I laugh I cry But xi they learn to get to work But xt my language IS correct When they are here ln school Im sure that thrs IS true They ll hnd that they ll be better olt lm telllng you youll understand When m the old world cruel l know that I love you Edward Fox 50 Barbara May 52 . . , . I . . I - . Or you won't have a dime. A smile is not a sigh? , I U I I I ' 1 I 1 , . . , . CONTRAST The sun is brightly shining: The air is fresh and clear. All the signs are pointing That spring will soon appear All the birds returnmg The grass starts lookmg green The feelmg all about us ls new and pure and clean THE PLAINS Dusk steals across a flaming sky: Her flowing train swirls down. In gray silk folds the mist floats by And settles oer the town The dawn comes like a blazing torch The mormng sun ascends The dusty plains the hot winds scorch A seanng fate portends Adele Droste Sl But rn my heart its winter With snow and sleet and hall My thoughts crash down about me EVENING PRAYER As saplmgs rn a gale Now I lay me down to rest I pray I pass tomorrows test' of WhY mY heflff Should 1110011 If I should score an F or D But then I understand rt 1 pray dear teacher plfy me For I am all alone I dont know why theres sadness Ind Rmer 50 For homework there IS lrttle tlme Y Thats why I wr1te this sorry rhyme I still may have much work to do Yet all my thoughts have turned to you Milton Federman 50 INDOOR SUNSHINE The llttle hand on the elevator clock climbed cautiously nearer my floor prckmg its way down from tl'e top Today had been one of my bad days lust simply everythlng had gone wrong but now I was at least through wxth the dent1st appointment My head swarmed with sullen thoughts each clxngxng to my spmts and wexghmg the poor heart down to its lowest level I stood there watching the lndzcator until the elevator fmally arrived Going down Gomg down Watch your step please' There was somewhat of an 1cy silence as we decended Everyone seemed to be contained ln sour man or at least he seemed so He looked as though he hadnt uttered a cheerful word for years At the th1rd floor we stopped The door was open just as usual but rnstead of walking m with a deyected look on her face a llttle old lady farrly bounced into our presence Her face glowed vuth good humor and she had the bnghtest gray eyes Ive ever seen My she said to the operator rsnt xt a beautrtul day? The suns shrmng so bnght and mce Well laughed the operator how would I know? Ive been m this building srnce before the sun was up' I guess youll just have to get your sunshlne from the people you take up and down then she answered The elevator operator didnt answer He only flashed a surprisingly pleasant grm The two rren in the corner began to talk Someone cracked a joke and we all laughed The whole elevator seemed to brighten and be more cheerful yust as though some one had opened a hidden window and let the dancing sunshine rn Iwalked briskly out at the mam floor and sarled home rn the highest of spmts My mother couldnt understand what made me so thoughtful that afternoon I guess shell never know for when she asked me I simply said Indoor sunshine' Penney Iohnson 52 his troubles. I watched the elevator operator as he went through the routines of his job. A very THE COMMUTER It was eleven thrrty Hurryrng along the dark stre t I granced sharply at my watch Two mrnutes before the last tram left Isrmply had to make rt Mary would be at the other end of the lrne wartrng for me I had to be on that tram or Mary would worry about me The trarn was ready to pull out when I came rushmg up to rt Leaprng aboard I took an empty seat near the center of the car I had rust settled back rn my seat strll gasprng for breath when I hrst notrced the two men They were rust boardmg the tram I heard therr low volces as they took the seat behmd me I unfolded the fmal evemng edrtron of the Bugle My story blastmg the underworld lewel crrme wave was plastered on the front page The declaratron of Chrcagos Chref of Polrce was next to 1t Rogers excellent bombardment of the underworlds actrvrtres has arded the polrce force rn rts efforts to clean up Chrcago Good work Rogers' Naturally I couldnt help that sprne tmglrng sensatron of satrsfactron that penetrated me then for my fmal success rn exposrng the underworld lewel gang hadnt come easrly I had had to hang around a lot of drves rn order to get the krnd of stones the boss had wanted Now the fmal one was done The Bugle had done rts part rn ardrng the polrce force rn rts frght agarnst the underworld The low vorces of the two men behmd me suddenly drverted my attentron Do ya suppose rts that guy up there? one of them asked He got on just before us I bet rt s replred hrs companlon Better be sure Krrrda hate to make a mrstake about rt There was no doubt rn my rnrnd as to who was the obpect of therr conversatron I was the guy who had gotten on the tram ahead of them and I was also the guy they drdnt want to be mrstaken about Good Lord' Underworld thugs Of course I should have suspected rt when they peered up at me through the tram wrndow before boardrng rt Naturally the underworld couldnt rrsk havmg me ahve after my revealmg stones about them To palnt the prcture plarnly these men had been sent to bump me off and I was plenty hdgety about rt I leaned back agarnst the seat strarmng to overhear therr conversatron Ill walk up as rf to talk to the conductor and look hrm over comrng back Good rdea agreed hrs frrend The man made good hrs threat and started weavmg hrs way toward the conductor The lrghts over head blrnked on and off omrnously as IS therr usual custom at thrs late hour and I fervently prayed they would stay off permanently I-Ie mustnt recognrze me he mustnt recognrze he mustnt The man was on hrs backward trarl He peered slxry at everyone from under hrs drrty crushed hat Hrs glance swept over eve yorre lrghtly untrl rt hrt mv lace From there hrs eyes drrfted to my coat pocket and then they blrnked knowrngly He resumed hrs seat My heart pounded wrldly Surely they wouldnt attempt anythrng on th1s short lourney of merely a half hour or so Please God dont let them try anythrng now Thev had resumed therr muffled talk Hes the one all rrght When do you thrnk we ought to grwe rt to hrm? I stramed to hear the answer Frnally rt came slow and delrberate Well any trme now I guess The blood left my face I became paralyzed wrth fear A note' A note' A note scrrbbled to the con ductor wrll do the trrck' Ill slrp rt to hrm when he comes by to collect the trckets He s startrng to come thrs way now Oh please dear God make hrm hurry before rts too late' I reached rnto my pants pocket Ah' A scrap of paper Now a pencrl Ah here s one' I pressed the scrap of paper agarnst my knee and started to scrrbble a message The lead rn my pencil was loose The tram lrggled I tore the paper Then rt happened' The other man sard Hurry up Ioe grve rt to hrm now' Ioe struggled to hrs feet I sensed hrs presence Help-Help-Help" But not a sound escaped my frozen lrps Then a fhcker The lrghts went off agarn Ioe swore as he stumbled agarnst my seat Wart a sec untrl the lrghts go on warned Ioes buddy Be sure to get a good look at hrm Get a good look at hrm' That could only mean one thrng The thought raced to my brarn and flooded t A gun wrth a srlencer Hell shoot me rn cold blood No ore wrll suspect a thrng Mary' Mary darlrng I love you' The conductor Why does he stand there blrnkrng lrke a fool Why doesnt he hurry' The lrghts' As the lrghts agarn rllumrned the smoky dmgy tram car Ioe agarn stumbled forward He reached for somethrng rn hrs pocket Somethrng glrttered lrke srlver metal rn the drm lrght NO" Pardon me srr but thrs yours? A srlver fountarn pen MY srlver fountam pen' Why yes rt rs' Must have dropped rt runmng for the tram Much oblrged much oblrged Hate to lose rt was a Chnstmas present from my wrfe Iune Hrll 5U . . , 1 . I 1 I 1 1 . 1 1 1 .1 11 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 , . . . 1, 1 . 11 1 . . . 1 . 1 . . . . 1 . 1 1 ,, ,, . . . . . . . . . 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 - - 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 11 1 7 . . 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 . r . . . . . 1 1 1 11 1 . 1 . V . . 11 . . , . . . . 1 . . . . 1 . 1 1 L 1 . 1 1 1 . . 1, . . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 -t - - - 11 1 11 . 11 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . . 1 1 . .1 1 . ,, - 1 . . t1 1 1 . . . . . 1 . 1 11 1 Y Th1S s1lk screen deslgn for ihe t1tle page was made by Sara Icme Ferry 7 l'g 'gs ll ACE STORE OF ELGIN ACKEMANN BROTHERS WARREN AIKIN STUDIO THOMAS E ALLEN MR AND MRS ROBERT E ANDERSON S W BECK COMPANY BENDTSEN DAIRY BENDTSEN ICE CREAM COMPANY MR AND MRS IOHN L BENNETT IOE F BERNA BLOCK AND KUHL COMPANY BLUMS BORDEN S ICE CREAM MR AND MRS W A BRITTON BROEKERS IANITOR SUPPLY BUNGES IVIRS O I BUSHEY DR AND MRS M G CARPENTER MR AND MRS DAVID C COOK III DANIELS AND CLARK CHARLES M DANNER CLOTHING DAVISON MOTOR SALES INC DEL S BICYCLE SHOP MR AND MRS W P DOYLE MR AND MRS W E DRECHSEL MRS ALFRED D EDWARDS MR AND MRS GEORGE P EDWARDS ELGIN AMERICAN ELGIN ARTCRAFT PRINTING COMPANY INC ELGIN DAILY COURIER NEWS ELGIN FLOUR AND FEED COMPANY ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN LINCOLN MERCURY COMPANY INC LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY MOTOR SALES INC NATIONAL BANK NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY SOFTENER CORPORATION ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE ESQUIRE CANDY KITCHEN ETTNER S SHOE STORE FIN N FEATHER FARM FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ELGIN FISHBURN PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO MR AND MRS P E FLAMINIO MR EDWARD FOX DRS S L GABBY AND IOEL L DEUTERMAN MRS D I GALLERY GEORGES CLOTHES SHOP INC CHAS E GIERTZ AND SONS WILLIAM GRABOWSKI GRAENING AND RAUSCHERT MR AND MRS M G HARBULA HARGRAVE TREE SERVICE MRS IAMES HARRIS HAUMILLER S GARAGE RALPH F HETZEL HERFF IONES MR AND MRS EDWARDI HII.L HOBART PAPER COMPANY MR AND MRS IOSEPH HYMAN COMPANY ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ILLINOIS CLEANERS AND FURRIERS MRANDMRSA DIMIES MR. AND IVIRS. A. B. COLLINGBOURNE MR. AND MRS. A. A. GOOD IIVIPERIAL RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO INC IOHNSON PLASTIC TOPS INC B K HOBBY SHOP KEENEY S SPORT SHOP MR AND MRS K K KNICKERBOCKER MR AND MRS B I KROHNGOLD EDITH KRUEGER MR AND MRS CLIFFORD LAMP FRED R LAMP SHEET METAL WORKS LANGHORST AND LESCHER MR AND MRS B C LESSING LUDWIG MILK COMPANY MR AND MRS ROBERT L MAY MCBRIDE BROTHERS COMPANY INC MCBRIDE PHARMACY MR AND IVIRS I A MCCONNELL MR AND MRS IOHN W MCQUEEN H L MILLER MODERN CLEANERS AND TAILORS MR AND MRS A E MONTGOMERY MORGANS FLOWERS MR ROBERT NEWMAN NEWS PRINTING COMPANY MR AND MRS IACK NICHOLS D W NISH HAROLD NISS MENS WEAR MR AND MRS WILBERT NOYES MR AND IVIRS P H OLIVER OPEN BOOK SHOP DR AND MRS O B PAVLIN I C PENNEY COMPANY INC MR AND IVIRS E M PITTENGER PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY MRS T ALBERT POTTER RIFKENS FURS RINEHIIVIER BROTHERS ROVELSTAD BROTHERS MILBRANDT'S PHARMACY THE ELGIN ACADEMY STUDENT ROSTER 1948 1949 Gulllermo Ayala 46 Gerrrt Baker 48 Iacquelme Barnett 54 Rrchard Bates 50 Douglas Bennett 50 Mathew Betz 50 Curtls Bevxngton Carolyn Bopp 49 Rollm Brxtton 50 Carol Brydon 50 Robert Burgess 49 Carolyn Bushey 49 Rodenck Chambers Georgran Coakley 50 Hugh Cohen 51 Frank Collmgbourne 52 Kathy Davrs 52 Iohn Doyle 49 Mary Lourse Drechsel 51 Adele Droste 51 Kathleen Edgerton 54 Holly Edwards 53 Susan Elvls 51 Mllton Federman 50 Sarah lane Ferry 51 Robert Flamxmo 52 Edward Fox 50 Robert FYQHCIS 49 Nancy Frrdlund 54 Dan Gallery 54 lack Good 50 Lorrs Guggenherm 51 lane Gurld 50 Carolyn Hall 54 Phyllis Harbula 49 Cynthxa Harlan 50 Elarne Harris 50 Iames Hayes 53 Beth Hetzler 52 Mary Iune H111 50 Lewrs Hyman 50 Roland lmes 49 Robert Izenstark 52 Robert Iensen 49 Bettina Iohnson S4 Penney Iohnson 52 Nancy Krederlen 50 Paula Knxckerbocker 52 lames Krohngold Terry Krumm 52 Eugene Lamp 52 Apartado No 15 Santrago De Cuba 8747 Woodward Avenue Hrghland lndxana 1527 Estes Avenue Chrcago Illmoxs Glenlord Ohlo Cuba Road Barrmgton lllmoxs West County Lme Road Barrmgton Illmors Routel Box 304 Elgm lllmors 615 Park Street Elgm llllnors 221 Walnut Avenue Elgm Illrnors 435 Turner Avenue Glen Ellyn Illmoxs Route 4 Box 196 Elgin lllmors 2417 Boyd Dnve Fort Worth Texas Route 2 Elmhurst lllxnors Elgm Academy Elgm Illmors 1527 Estes Avenue Chxcago lllrnoxs 320 VVatch Street Elgm Illlnozs Wayne Illlnors 610 Essex Road Kemlworth Illmors R F D Algonqum Illmors 162 College Street Elgm Illmols 322 Krmball Street Elgm Illmors Mrllstream Farm Route l St Charles lllrnors 736 Hmman Avenue Evanston Illrnors 2431 Traymore Road Cleveland Ohzo 851 Wellmgton Avenue Chxcago lllmoxs 778 Laurel Avenue Des Plaxnes Illmors 5520 South Shore Dnve Chicago 1111no1s 316 Orange Street Elgm lllmoxs 350 Dundee Avenue Elgm lll1no1s 445 Sunset Lane Glencoe lllmors 7008 Greenvrew Avenue Chrcago lllrnols 17711 Lomond Boulevard Shaker Helghts Ohxo 358 H111 Avenue Glen Ellyn Illmoxs Route 1 Box 261 Elgm Illrnors 214 North Wheaton Avenue Wheaton 11l1no1s Box 53 Route 2 Grosse Ile Mxchlgan 721 Douglas Avenue Elgm 11l1no1s Box 237 Barrxngton Road Barrrngton Illxnors Box 13 Cuba Road Barrxngton Illmors Wayne 11l1no1s 1232 Chase Avenue Chxcago Illxnoxs 65 East Washmgton Boulevard Lombard lllmors 1366 North Dearborn Parkway Chrcago lllrnoxs 1353 Campbell Street LaSalle Illrnols 903 Douglas Avenue Elgm lllrnors '70 Rrver Bluff Road Elgm Illrnors 510 Oak Street Elgm lllrnors Oak Knoll Road Barrxngton Illmors 13600 Shaker Boulevard Cleveland Ohro 627 Cookane Avenue Elgm 1ll1no1s 1177 Sherwood Avenue Elgm 1ll1no1s I - ., . , . , . . , , , 54 . ,. ., .. , , , . 54 . . ,. , , ,. , , . ., ,. , . . , ,. ,. . . , , , , . , . , . , . ., , . ,, THE ELGIN ACADEMY STUDENT ROSTER 1948 1949 lohn Lesslng 49 Kathenne Lmdsay 53 Thea Lmdsay 48 Donald Mater 49 Edward Manuel 50 Charles Martmson 54 lack Martmson 53 Barbara May 52 Sandra May 52 Stoddard May 53 Ieanne McConnell 52 Ioseph McConnell 49 W1ll1am McNamara 51 Lloyd Montgomery 50 George Murphy 53 Roy Newberg 51 Martin Newman 51 lohn Olzver 49 Thomas Ohver 51 Ivan Pavlxn 50 Lols Plttenger 49 Iudy Rltter 50 Manlu Romels 51 Ann Rovelstad 53 Andrew Shlllmglaw 51 Harlene Slpp 52 Robert Solomon 50 Carole Soren 50 Lane Sorensen 51 Arnold Stem 49 Mllos Stelskal 48 Ira Stone 50 Wxllxam Stone 52 Sally Strothman 51 Peter Tannenberg 51 Larry Tarlow 50 Wlllzam Thoma 52 Douglas Thomson 49 Ann Uhlemann 51 Lee Ward 53 R1chard Wasserberg 51 Ronald Watkxns 51 Ioan Wenzel 50 Betty Wzlhams 52 Otey Wlllxams 52 Robert Wllhams 51 Lesl1e Wllmot 53 Arthur Wolfe 50 Nancy Wolff 52 Iames Wolter Davtd Wrlght 52 54 Llncoln Avenue Elgzn lllxnors Route 1 St Charles lllmoxs Route 1 St Charles Illmoxs 6921 South Green Street Ch1cago lllmols Ramblevale Farm Route 4 Elg1n lllmoxs Inverness Palatme lllmols Inverness Palatxne llllnors 1217 Hull Terrace Evanston Illmoxs Cuba Road Barrmgton Illmoxs Cuba Road Barrlngton Illlnoxs Golf Lane Wheaton Illmoxs Golf Lane Wheaton Illmoxs West St Charles Road Elmhurst lllmoxs Sturges Parkway Elmhurst Illmols South Llncoln Avenue Park Rldge lllmoxs 11258 South Longwood Dnve Ch1cago lllmoxs 1412 Chase Avenue Chxcago lllmoxs Rldge Road Barnngton Ill1no1s Rxdge Road Barnngton Illmols 2400 South Avers Avenue Ch1cago Illmoxs 780 Revere Road Glen Ellyn Chxcago Hyde Park Boulevard Ch1cago Illmoxs 221 Standxsh Street Elgm Illmols Box 283 A Route 4 Elgxn Illmols 919 North Washmgton Street Wheaton lllmols Box 28 Rohlw1ng Road Itasca Illmots 6837 South Merrtll Avenue Ch1cago lllmoxs 1435 Elmdale Avenue Ch1cago Illmoxs 502 Ashland Avenue Elg1n Illlnols 440 Barry Avenue Chxcago Illmols Royal York Hotel Toronto Ontarxo 6757 Euclld Avenue Chlcago Illlnoxs Box 467 Stonewood St Charles Illmoxs Old Dundee Road Barrlngton Illxnols Cuba Road Barnngton Illmols Route 3 North Shore Road Oswego Oregon 1139 Keystone Avenue Rxver Forest llhnols 1108 East North Avenue Wheaton lllxnols Old Dundee Road Barnngton Illmols Dar Lee Farm Route 1 Hampshrre 1ll1no1s 1324 Greenleaf Avenue Chxcago lllmols 461 South State Street Elgm Illmoxs The Homestead Godfrey Illmoxs Madxson Square Apartment Gary 1nd1ana 728Vz Hrnman Avenue Evanston lll1no1s 728Vz Hmman Avenue Evanston Ill1no1s 715 St Charles Street Elg1n lllmoxs 676 lrvmg Park Road Chxcago Illxnols Hutchison Road Flossmoor lllmors 1511 Camp Avenue Rocklord lllmors 464 Anthony Street Glen Ellyn Illmoxs I - . . .. . , .. . . , , . , . , , . , , 901 , . 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M.D MR. . . Mn. . . . Mn. L. A. MR. R. c. co Y Mn. . Mn. . . . 64 4 1- -ni'

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