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...Q- HILLTUP ' M A j i V- A fi' X 1 I . inf' 5-1- L f .,,-,,,,40 l IPR - 9' x - - .s F Mg' Q-3 ' n 'Q 'J I l ' r N4 f'f Sf ,ag I p, n QS. K g FV! , be , . 1 . swnwq f V D on 4 1 'J Qi Reoaw ,J , EM pam? XWTVV yf 'T' 5 JET X tgjign n -:FV 'l'l-IE ELGIN ACADEMY BOARD OF TRUSTEES T AI V PSO GEC1G LDWAF J fc m OI r px F F 'Nr .A Q-Af ,X ,V A- ,ffw ' 'N 1 5-' , l Up' E A I E , , ff f-""-X 451' ' !r:.1lfL 'L 1 . Dgn L,,, ,- - TP FOEEE fJf.. YQ ?rQ,1fdQii Tm' 5f1.3If1r3xT C351 i:r.',' f"L-,.-,..f TF ' fx E P Y' .DS FAQ?-31 'ffef f' T '.'f:' zipfl ity: Y: :'.f.'i:f: i' ' fR LQPC1 fffQ'fi', S: '.'.Cg-Pr9L,Q TF.-3 Elini ffxtirizl '.'fg:f::. ff: ry., '1',VY., G P 'CVIKIS Lf, SE'.'C'Ifk'ff'Y',' IP. AETQUP if, GYHTZ, Tf'i',1-'llfif if:.1f.f' f 'A?'f'.f il .' f. 'CET f2f4,ff G f'.1'4.FfEff'fY R f E F V ' Af ' 'A'lll.'g"1".Qf'I 1 3 ,'i5fQ .17 ' AQTH,-'-, ,fclfffff FFQKEYJF13 THE 1948 HILLTOP STAFF L... ls. V U2 C 1: 55 lei E3 ii Z5 if '-'F :U EQ 2: QC' CE-. T11-.5 3? Q.: ii 422 fi ZS is 122 Q.. 3 ..O gk 0 -E .23 INTRODUCTION TO THE 1948 l'lll.I.TOP 4 :I if ' :J 1: 3 I,l ' : x 'Jr' f 15, 'J J 15.1 L' ' V ', 1 .- ,, f . ,, M , , ,A W , . , .. , . , . . ., , , ..,., ,A,A, , ,, , A . A, ,... A A . , ..AA ,. M., ,. ..,.,A .. ., , . ," U,-ff V .,,,,. -.I ff ,V -- ' V f-.- fn 1 .,-, , f 'z'-7 1.5--'ifi H' J' ' 'Q fi i ff: 3 7 1, ' 1 T'f '- r ' THE DESIGN FOR THIS TITLE PAGE WAS MADE BY IEAN SHILLINGLAW 'l'I-IE SENIOR CLASS QC' fx fc w A 'J NIO rn DTQ gre an egg fw W ee ee '13 NAA U 0 Q rf-v H ur efxr fc 3d ' '13 3 .e . .3 e '3'f 4 3 f e IYILW QEEHIOI' C13 3ved to Jreef 16 TL1OUuGI'1du 3 141131.11 Det mem e e CI Jr" e 'P' C ,P K 3 Jr e are D 'ne 3 3W e "JGTu L d Q O If' 'QP frfwf' eww S 3, DTD C A Q W pf-4 "dRf1 'wr-54A fxfw ar' C-.2 F3 'ND 'C .. F .MGI Q' 'Q .JFS C Ye Novi 93 D A V'-1 H Xp Q 5 G .4 FQ rf-v N M I1 N31 9 cava 3 A fw K rfv M wfw Q an .,. , ,. . . 3 . , , , . If .qwqfw 1:'.etr3:..3 .C 'f , fi 'NCI' cm .1. d 1'1', T11 .pn C. T71 33t.,.., C1.,d K1 if x , '. ., ' .iss fx . .if . 1' F ef . " . 1 3.33 W' V ' ML- .,- -5 ' 1 r U Q 1 'N Y CCA- .ed te .Hee . 1. l..e 'hee .Ji .ell-e.g.1t 1. d 3 .fed ' Y. I Y v Z,-.X -Y Vx,-Q -,- Q " H' .Y ,. .,. . --.- ' At trie c5:1tr:..b Q. t:.e .x.3..t, .gmc ..3.f 13 .5 ,, 323 ..e H31 3e:.ff-3 F-Y ,,.-g, fn'rW.fn. W vw, I3 limi WM. K' M.- 3, - ,.N' ' Q f ,F .35 JW.. a,-.....,.,, ..,, ,3...Q 1.C..3. ,.. A gud., .. . ....., ...3 .1 .,V6'.. 3.. Lf, v,.' I.. +5 INV I , .-A f-A 'H -Y v.- V- L . ,' F. ,Nl .1 ,.,3,,Q. .. t..e es .er ...e M.. .cm 5':'l.r ..e.e me .uns . 3. 3 r3..1e' .....:..t, ..,f:1:zr::ri'y 3:13 113 Il Ld ii to tzleu' czpfqfe '.-xgtzz um" leg: te .,.,1t',' 1 . M fr., 31. F , r px' F' Hn tue . ecqd CJ. ,.- ., e..t..r,n d AA t...3rUer, .. ..1.L!Y1J.'l,.,BTn e .I ',JCC'IT1'1.., Ifld jezried fige .fcizie fir I Yffifij in their ffyilf :tire '3'C'If 3:13 1-:ere e.1t3:.L.:21,3 if. the repxtiie. In tlge 3:31 C371 11: .1-,V Y.-M ,W Ng - M xwm' , 3 'zu ' viz-rn-N 2 P" " Nwvfw ...ZWS v. Am .., -,.A,,.f:9, HQ.: .,,,...' ., V D.:3.p.,3, . 334. M..x...-.,., .f..K.,, .f.9,......... x'.,.' ., "' .-' ' ' 1. QA..-,fn-. "., L. .1 Lx Q 1- ' vw" ' .W .L .. .'..-!f.,j .,,:K'J1. Mn .j:.. ..,. ,...L sl. 1. e .Jie ...e tr3.:i .. 3 Q ..e3 '.-:egl 3.,., .3 .wid tziex ez-in '.'.'.t:1 tie :der rierioers 3: tie :.,':.'. "" ' ' ' ' ' ' .5-f-'11 ' -- lx fy ' ' v- - .-. k FY- '- .zius GI'1C.Z1,. .c3d1i3d :wrt nrcugza. F, t..e 3.3261 C.d 1.31, .MG ...MH 1133 :expr :e-i 53:13 C1 c:rip3tiM.e greqje lff tie :xstcry ei .ts rn: .rye Tzie 5.35 1133 .iid its QA S 3:13 "3C'.'.'f1S, Q31 they were few cn' f3r Q, '.-fe ri They' n 4- 3 A , A.. 3 ' an A ' ' an 1 - ,W 4 .4 .- ' 1.33 ue-.. 3 ,vp3." Nd 33p Z..i1n..., ,e-e,,.- ze-.....3 ..e.- ect. I ....e, ..,,.3 M- 1..3 .1':.e TTA 1 tzterzi On ,pxie i:'3.t:1, with xllfiyi li trier 2:33312 ' ' W- Q - .L " in fx' -- A5 1.-W ,wk -1- A' ' '- ' 333 C1 frmle 0:1 tie.. Lee, ...e ee. .er 332: e. 3.1,-e.,..t bu-, 33:32 3:3 left .Eze t.31:, arf' E Hrnsdale lllrnors Mayor E Club Dormrtory Councrl Orange Cabrnet Dramatrcs Football Basketball Golf Few people who read the above name wrll recognrze rt for rt belongs to the lad about campus corrmonly known as Pete The Happy boy from Hrnsdale who rorned us rn hrs lunror year lost no trme rn establrshrng hrmself as a clever wrt and one to whom anyone could tell hrs troubles fespecrally femrnrnel He has excelled rn the freld of sports especrally rn football and dont forget hrs well known bucketball Orr studres Pete was always known for hrs comments rn class and the fact that he was always there' Durrng hrs frrst year at our arr school few ladres seemed to draw hrs attentron Thrs year he has qurte reversed hrmself and ha been known as the Campus Casanova the boy who loves them all and who rs loved by all Pete does have hrs serrous srde too and was a charter member of the dormrtory councrl for the entrre year Those who were rn hrs class thrs year wrll be sorry to lose hrs corrpanronshrp but they know that he wrll rust as he has at EA Pau! Hfrkrref Holland Mrchrgan Captarn Swrrnrrung Team Boys Chorus I-lrlltop Staff Orange Club Mrnstrel Show Mayor E Club Football Tenrus The boy who harls from Holland came to the Acaderry rn hrs Iunror year and has been a defrnrte part of rt ever srnce A quret boy who has lrttle to say untrl you know hrm Paul ha excelled rn sports especrally rn wrmmrng rn whrch he has broken several school records In the frelds of scrence and math Paul rs one of the best and can always be found wrth the rrght an wer' at the rrght trme He was one of the group that went south wrth Coach Orsborn durrng the sprrng vacatron thrs year Durrng hrs frrst year Paul was rather wary of the opposrte sex but durrng the year he has qurte reversed hrmself and has been rn the corrpany of a number of the campus belles Known as a lad who apprecrates good food and prrvacy Paul rs one of the few rrernbers of the dorm who really tudres before an examrnatron We know that he rs ure to make hrs mark rn later lrfe especrally at Colo rado College where we feel he wrll not be too much of a stranger ne t year I y e , r , . , . , , . . 5 1 s , H . A , . I . always win the affection of all, wherever he may go, . . , , , , , 1 1 , - . I S , I . , S , . I . . s . ' ' . rr . U .A S . H . , V . S . . . f . - r x , amed CANAL? Wheaton Illrnors Presrdent Senror Class Presrdent Boys Chorus Presrdent Student Councrl Presrdent Maror E Club Captarn Bas ketball Team Orange Club Orange and Black Statt phlltop Stall Mrnstrel Show Tennrs Presrdent of hrs class presrde t of the councrl captarn ot the basketball teamlll These tttles testrfy to tfre abllrty and popularrty ot hm He has spent four years at the academy and always showed hrmselt a thor oughly lrkable and capable rnclrvtclual Besrcles tennrs and golf hm was the starrrng center ot the Hrlltoppers squad and played trrst strrng for three years In hrs emor year he also starred for the petrt mrss from Barrrngton way lrms rather quret unassumrng rran ner won hrm not only Ann but the trrendshrp ot every one rn school Hrs abrlrtres rn dramatrcs and 1ournal rsm were also apparent and hrs cooperatrve manner wrll alway be ernerrbered As hm enters North we t rn me are posrtrve he wzll show the leadershrp qualrtre he showed so well at EA MCLGVJ Comn ggllll fn 0 Elgrn lllrnors S cretary Major E Cluo Boys Chorus Black Club Cabrnet Football Basket Dtclc was one of tne qure est boys rn the seftror cla s thrs year As far as the grrls go he 1ust drdnt have trme for them but we know better especrally when he was seen qurte frequently wrth a grrl from Glen Ellyn On ot the not oopular thrngs about Dxck was hrs cars They we e all the latest models the most rrcd rn berrrg apcroxrmately 1929 Drck has drstrngur hed hrrrself tn scholastrc abrlrty and athletrcs He has rnade the greatest accomplrshment of schol astrc abrlrtv rn the school rrertt status Dxck plans to enter the Urrver r 1 ot Wrsccrtsr he tall s 'ro 'hy ot hrs rr' ab t 1 , I I - f Y n 1 ' 1 'A 1 , . 5 ' ' ' ' s r t . ' - S e Y . . . . " s . . f , . , I l , e ' ' ' t I I - ball, Captarn Track Team, Merrt Status. , . e t s . ' . r e r '. A ' . ' ' . . Q stj ' ' . 'n in t . , a cl ol wot.. ' . ' f' .e ilr.y, 30,0 0 OOJWIGI1 Barrrngton lllrnors Presrdent Orange Club Vrce Presrdent Mayor E Club Captarn Football Team Track Merrt Status ln hrs Sophomore year of hrgh school Steve came to rorn he Hrlltoppers Harlrng from Barrrngton and known for hrs quret good humor Steve has been a most welcome addrtron to our class He has excelled rn the frelds of sports and was elected captarn of the football team thrs year It was he who upheld our track team and made us feel a lrttle better about our posrtron rn the conference He has the honor of havrng been the only thrrd year Spanrsh student thrs year and many rs the rme that hall walkers have found Mr Loomrs and hrm rn a gay gab fest He rs known for hrs brrght and qurzzrcal remarks rn Englrsh and hrs all too brarny answers rn Physrcs As far as hrs socral lrfe lrttle rs known Outsrde of a few qurps dropped here and there one has lrttle rdea what Steve does rn At thrs rroment he rs rather uncertarn as to where he wrll attend college but wherever rt may be west or south we Wrsh hrm all the luck rn the world pa ,N0l'l,ULfZ Chrcago lllmors Black Club Cabrnet Dormrtory Councrl Boys Chorus Hrlltop Staff Orange and Black Staff Mrnstrel Show Manager Football Team Golf Ralph wrll always D9 remembered as the srncere fellow who always trred to do hrs best Skrnny was Mr Agony to the lovelorn and at trmes was one of therr number Hrs frrendly manner made hrm one of the most popular boys on the campus Hrs Journalrstrc abrlrtres put hrm rn rmportant posrtrons on both the Hrlltop and the Orange and Black He played hrs part rn student government as a member of the Dorm Coun crl Ralphs goal rs somewhere rn the busrness world Wrth hrs character and persrstence hrs success rs assured t , I - , f . ,. r - , his leisure time, but there are several good guesses. I I A' V I O , . , , , . Al I , . l'UCe Detroit, Michigan Boys' Chorus, Minstrel Show, Black Club, Major E Club, Basketball, Swim- ming, Tennis, Track. Bruce boarded the 'Graduation Express" in his sopho- more vear and ls .' t ken his place r one of our rrost plaful enio Bruce ha rraae quite a narre for htrrself n the aornitory especially when it come to n1s great love lc the higher type of literatu e Bruce nas do e upe blf in the held ot rrusic He has probablf ai tinguished himsel a the school tore most ter ana soloi t He has performed at rrany appea O'1C6S of tne boys chorus and during chapel Bruce was a rnerrb r of the swirrming team lonaer than an other per on and this year he performed very Well Yes Bruce wa a pretty swell friend we thou ht surely a per '1 Jou will aefiriitelv rnis 0111141 eCl!'l'lCll'l Elgin llhnois President Black Club Captain Track Team Vice President Maior E Club Boys Chorus Minstrel Show Eootball Basketball Mike who came to us in his Junior year arrived in Elgir to 1'11sh h s high school ediscation after se v1'1g in Uncle Sarn s raw: A IX oot thr e tivo hund ed po,1 ae M ke rraae a hr t string football and bask a is a od a J ed cevil may care pe o gir e as aria ri e ans ac11x1t1es 1 11 a e t tar xtra 1C ar a 1v1t es He wa w e e active oraanizer ana a hard NO ker H1 a 1 a Hilltop J d ra1s1 f' was notable M14 was CWG1 an o1 th Black Club a ol 'vice preside t o th N Club J ve IK ao a ea Aeaep a o1able o'ae h rr e A 1a1 a 1 Qs 1 . ' 1 s 1 rs, s 1 ' ' 11, ' 1 i A ' , ., - ' ' s ' n s r 1 ' ' ' 1 si . 1 Q ' ' o ' ' t s 's o- .or ' 1 's. H 1 1 1 r . ' , ' r 1 ' , . 1 e 1 ' 11 ' J Y 1, '1 g ,1 .- so. 1 1' ' 1', A 11"s, 1 , , . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 f1' tr 1' 1 1 ' - r '1 ' 1 11'1 1 si f 1 e , 1 1 1 r 'n',r i1 1 Q 1 - '1 1 1 1 et- b ll man HI o ' n t1 ro , Q, ' rs n- ality made Mike an irrzrrieaiate success, Between the ' l frion '51 1 ' '11s voter 1 '1 " 'H M'ke fo1 n ' littl ime c e -Curr' ul ct' "i C s, ho - vor, an ' 4 ' 1 ol 1 r' o , 's ssst noe in ' A f1 n ' 'ng 1 1 . 'le ' I 1 ' e 1 ri 1' o- "-n f 1 e .SECT E 1 'Where r Mf e may 1 fter lo ving EA. 'L 7 'ositive he will ke a corrif rt V Al o for .i..s lf J M ,dy ancf ncaa! C orlee llnole IICG fre-Q1der1tAe1c1lor1ar1Q Bl c1cCluo G1rlQ Chorus l-1 1lOp Stall Orange and Black Stal' au1et uroo' uelxe 195 aa been our a ln H Wee fear a' "1e Vlam A ae-rry lane Q e f ITL.Cl1 o e more mor-c oe ts She anaol U r Q 'elm fo er N lc was excel 1 ee ao we eel the VlC6 p ee1de .CJ 'ze SIC e We per' cmoce e pla mra le r euccc 1 formal aa e 1 e ofaole rra lare aescrveu a rrea u e or xuccc the dal 'o com Fall H U Wheaton lll1r1o1s Secretary Ae1cl1lor1ar1s G1rlS Chorue Black Club Calamet H1lltop Stall Oranae and Black Staff l-ea'1 Jvl'1o Carre lo the Acaaerry 1r1 he freshrran yea lc rp ci Her vear C become C1 Verrber of tHe f' aes of 48 I a me Has p cve" rlereelf o'1e o' tl1e rroef was ous ana lmable nersows on the cawous D15 mgulfhed by 'ISI rosv blueh and sense of humor C e hae becorre an 1'1lr1cate part of the semor class 1-le-r ma1r1 1'1te-rev Hoe heew We art departrrent Where e tale lt ha been au1te apyarent A'1 able wo 'ce CGSIQHEH me 1tle paces C We Hllltop a a se wee ea e 1 aaewe aecas wexwcn eaues Cree, rrze f'11a1a ereoraltl M .1 I 0 eorgza nn imd Naperville, Illinois Editor 1948 Hilltop, President Aeichlori- ans, President Girls' Chorus, Secretary- Treasurer Senior Class, Secretary-Treas- urer Student Council, Feature Editor Orange and Black, Orange Cabinet, Dormitory Council, Dramatic Club. Georgia is one of the pioneers of the senior class, She came to EA, in her freshman year and since then she has taken her place as one of our leading seniors, She has distinguished herself most prominently in the fields of dramatic and publications She participated in the spring plays in her junior and senior years and received leading parts both times She was truly honored this year when she was appointed editor of the l948 Hilltop which was one of the most successful year books the academy has published in recent years Georgia didnt take a back seat in student govern ment this y ar by any means ln the beginning of the year she was appointed to the Dorm Council and later he was voted to the Student Council positions she fulfilled with competence and responsibility Georgia was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in the school thi year With her irrpersonal and suave manner especially towards the boys she has truly been the queen of the campus A tall? sglnllgf Aurora lllinois Editor Orange and Black Business Manager 1948 Hilltop Vice Chairman Black Club Manager Football and Bas ketball Dormitory Council Boys Chor us Major E Club Dramatics Oratoncal Contest Tennis Before one er see th boy who has a new narre or everything on carrpus one heas hirn to Ar eldo goes anywhere without a song or a Nnistle Known or his quaint re ar-cs at anv hour and hi bored attitdae in sore o hi lasses Art was though alt o be a gra a ellofv A c nstant worice th O and B of which he was eftitor and a ti eles f ne boys that could eallr D9 depended upo H inte ests N re rnany ana included tne rranage o bo ao ball a .l basicetball drarratics in which he t ox YET! a tue part ara gil v of wh rn e o e l-hs tireless wo lc to .va d 1 etter 'ns rri he espect of all of ne eacner and too gained hi ar tie s in the 'udent DGCIJ We know' 'na 1 ne seeps up his go d -.orrc in the way tnat ne has tarted he will have al' the success in the wo lf' - , ' e . . ' ' E . .. . is . ' ' t s ' q I' el' , s , I - V - v I I I - , , , , . . ev , s .e , . : ' . . f , ' t , . . r. ' , r t 3 ' J ' s ' ' , ' Q' ,. . ' . f ' Q fn , .' 's ' W' '. .. ffsc 'cc ' r.. t by ' t - n' f ' . o . ' r on ..-e . . ' ., ' . . ' QQ , . 'rs fs campaigner for Hilltop funds proved that he was one o. tl ' ' .t ' ' r 1 ' . ' ' n. is '. r- ' e .. X ' ' ' .. . r f 4 , N N, . A . ' , A . 3 ' 1 c" ., .' 'rs, many . c h lv d. Q' ' ' r ' r tr' in: to b- . I" .nd won 1. r' . .tQ.,t 2 s ." , H .y .r' nd. '. s ' ' " ' . ' ' A 'J ' ' ' ' c in ' Q 1 ' I ' S ' . . .A 'i " ' , r .l. WLAA .gfefalfaf Prague Czechoslovakta Lake Geneva Wtsconstn Vtce Prestdent Sentor Class Vtce Prest dent Student Counctl Vtce Prestdent Boys Chorus Asststctnt Captatn Swtm mtng Team Dormttory Counctl Orange Club Cabtnet Htlltop Staff Motor E Club Mtnstrel Show Tennts perhaps the most tnteresttng member of the sentor clo s has been lvftck y The son of a Czechoslovaktan consul he was born tn Iapan where he spent most of hts ltfe Havtng traveled throughout the world Mtckey has p ovtded a wealth of stone of the war and luctd de crtpttons of lands from Tokyo to the French Rlvtera An arduous tudent he has won only pratse for htmself tn hts two years at the Elgtn Academy A consctenttous frtend he has been the admtratton of all who were assoctated vttth htm In hts sentor year he was elected vtce pre tdent of the class vtce prestdent of the Stu dent Counctl and was a member of the dormttory counctl Hts constant destre to excel has put htm regularly on Mertt Status and has made hts room a mecca durtrtg tudy hour n the next years at M I 'I' certatnly Mtckey wtll prove htmself one of the outstandtng graduates of Elgtn Academy CLASS WILI. Pete Btelby I leave to Bob Flamtnto all my women my hat and my cars tn the hope that he has better luck than I dtd Wtth them Paul Btrthtsel leaves hts Monday moods and swtmmtng pomts to Ed Fox Itm Clansky I leave my fearless courage before snakes my charmtng pug nose and my Duchtn ltloe abtltty on the ptano to any who tn later years may need them Dtck Colltngbourne leaves hts tnnocent smtle and hts dtstnterest tn women to Btll Zuegel Steve Goodman leaves hts extra currtcular acttvtttes and heads for potnts east Ralph Horwttz leaves all the women who left htm to Bubbles Hyman and hopes he makes better progress Bruce Ltlly I would ltke to leave my votce but I need tt so I wtll leave my btrd books and hamsters of Whtch I have lots and more comtng to Bolltn Brttton Mtke Mealman leaves hts perfect attendance tn Engltsh class to Ann Rovelstad lane Ntchol leaves her gtft of gab to Sally Strothman who wtll make good use of tt lean Shtlltnglaw I wtsh to leave nothtng I want all I have and more too' Georgta Stms leaves her qualtty of always paytng debts and her cold heart to Nancy Ketderlen Art Smukler leaves hts unrequtted loves to Bob Solomon Mtlos Stetskal leaves hts teddy bear ftgure to Holly Edwards I I . . , , . I - - l - I - , f f 1 1 , - s . e . , I . A . S . s . s . ' ' . S l . . . t .. ,, , , S s. . - , , , . - H . .. . - , , . . .. . . H - , I , . .. I "' 1 , . . . . ,, 1 , - - , . - , . - . . . ,. . ,, - I 'I'I'IE SENIOR CLASS PROPIIECY There was the screech of brakes and the sound of metal rendlng metal Master Mrlos Stelskal esqurre stepped from the back seat of a 1960 model Rolls Royce and prodded hrs chauffeur cautrously on the head to see rf he was conscious and assurmg hlmself that he was walked over to the muddled mess of twrsted steel that was the remalnder of a rather old gray Plymouth coupe Thlnklng that the rather broad posterlor of the one occupant bent over what had been the englne looked rather famrlrar Mxlos tapped the berng on the shoul der To h1s aston1shment and deltght Mrlos found hlmself facmg none other than h1s old classmate Pete lK1llerD Brelby On 1nqu1r1ng Mllos found that Krller was now the dare devll of the d1rt track havlng garnered the lndranapolls speed crown 1n l958 and 1959 Leavmg the1r rather demolrshed cars IH the care of the chauffeur the tivo halled a cab to Mllos offlce He was now presldent of the mammoth Stetskal Marlne Englne Company whlch specrallzed 1n Dtesel enarnes and the newest patent The Stelskal Sea S1ck Recoverer whlch was very much rn demand After a lavrsh lunch the two unbuttoned the1r vests and Settled back to get the latest news from G handy Offlce tele-1151011 et Te the1r gurprlse they found that the afternoon s entertarn ment lncluded a story called Twelve Years Later YD Whlch they were both very lnterested because rt concerned the whereabouts of the CIGSS Ot 48 from one small school the Elgm Academy Why-h hed lugt frrushed 1tS Seventh grrls dormltory and twelfth boys dormrtory The scene frrst shrfted to Detrort where one Outstondlrlg member of the class was makrng h1s l1v1ng rn a most unusual way Chrmp Lllly was entertalnrng the chlldren at the Detrolt Zoologlcal Park by teachrng the monkeys all the latest tr1CkS The next flash concerned the world famed Wheaton Earth Trollers whrch had super Seded the Hqrlem Globe Trgtterg gg the natrons top pro basketball squad Thetr captam was the team s center known as Buckets Clansky The gr1nnmg g1ant blushlngly scratched h1s head and showed h1s bulglng blcepts on one of whrch the name Ann was 1nscr1bed The set turned to one of the observers 1n the grand stands one Bear Colllngbourne who had recently cornered the oat market and sold short for a very neat profrt In the face of the camera the Bear calmly l1t a c1gar wtth a frfty dollar btll The next place of lnterest was a cabln ln the desert of Arlzona rn whlch a lone arttst re Slded Mrss lean Shlllmglaw a foremost artrst of her t1me was palntmg a canvas entltled Catsup and Scrambled Eggs l She sa1d that she wa soon gorng to start a new 1dea whlch was tentatrvely to be called Whrte on Whlte The camera was next focused on the Chrcago area where several of the great class were to be found Paul Blrtlngel was new headmaster and a very uccessful one at that of none other than Lake Forest Academy and hrs latest project was the bu1ld1ng of a swrrnmlng pool about two blocks long L avrng Paul rn busy conference wrth eleven contractors the rovrng camera came to the Navy Club ln Elgrn where a very arnrhar votce was heard tenderly purrrng to some ratthng d ce lt was none other than Mrke Mealman and he was now the head of a prosperous syndlcate that had slot machlnes all over the state Havmg used hlS tnfluence to legalrze the one armed band1ts he was now trylng to make them a reaurrement for every place of amusement The scene next moved to Evan ton hospxtal Where the proud mother of a set of trrplets was blushmg tnto tne can era She vvas none other than the to mer Georgta S1ms who had named the drmpled darlmgs Icy Errgrd and Dee fshort for defrosterl Georgra had chosen the names smce she was the owner of a frozen food plant V-leadrng down the rtver they stopped rn Aurora fvhere they found Art Smukler who was now the head of Arthur s a large department store of natvonal repute To the1r surprrse they found Ar' was a conf rmed bachelor and that xvomen held no tnterest for htm The scene moved on to the coast Where Skmny l-lorwrtz was l VIDQ as a second Atwater Kent Ralph s lavtsh partres were the talk of Beverly Hllls lt was rumored that Ralph had amassed hrs fortune rn a brg housmg program for Eskrmos 1n Alaska He was the head of a frrm that manufactured prefabrlcated rgloos Ralph was grvmg a gay party where lane Nrchol was agam seen lane was Howard Hughes latest drscovery She was busy rnaklng a seauel to The Outlaw Movmg on to the Barbary coast they bumped mto Steve Goodman Steve was srttrng rn a broken down wharf bar rn a stupor The bartender told them Steve had been the head of a large engmeer1ng concern but had lost h1s fortune bett1ng at Santa Amta and 1n numerous crap games The scene blackened and the two men put out the smoldenng ashes of the1r crgars . Y - , I V . ' I . A . . . . - 1 , . ., , ' 1 ' I I - , , .- . . . . . . tt . H . . , . . . . . . , . 1 -. A I . , f . . . H - - 1, . v f I 1 . X . . Q . . , , A .J . V . - . ,, H- - . f 1 - . 1 . - 1 . . , . . - 1 . , . , .., . - I . . . . ,, . ,, . . . . . , . tt ,, . - ' - it VI ' ' ' - I tt H - - - - V . . . . . - tt ,, . . - mt If - I tt H . . . . . , . I - - I 1 ,, ,, . F . . . , . - 0 g , - tt . . H , . ' Q I 'J I Q ' V I I A 1, 1 . . . - , 1 . S . .., . , , . . ' 1 v 5 v- . A . A A , - 1 1 1 ' A X . , . - . , . V . . t 1 . ,, . ,, . , , 1 , . , . . . f - - T. H . A . , . THE DESIGN FOR THIS TITLE PAGE WAS MADE BY GEORGIA SIMS FACULTY STUDENTS ponafcl Z? 67c!gerfon,l9L QD Univprsitf o' Wiscomi Umver ity of Chicago Dea of Facul'y C ric Calaf Kzngaurclg Wgganf, 715,77 f If ,yeazlmajfer Umted Stat Navol Acad my B S Pro o Va1aISc1 c Taci ROTC Harvard University Carrb Lage Mas COWWGUAIHQ Office U S Nalal Rose-rue Mid hipmen S ago 'lhnol g 0 1 o u fl u Q es 9 ', . , feszor f .if ' 'en e,- ics, . , A ' , . r" , . 3. ...Q V' 'S' ' School, Abbott Holi, Ibrthwesterri University, Chi- c ,. ' '3 , . . , S. A . n . Director of ur ' uluri 6 LII! KAVJIIIUI1 xy0l'Ill?l' 3 OI'JAOI'I1 ENN? WI fl lwcrthwestpr Umve slty Mt Umow College 'De-Pouw Jmxerilty COlUTTblG Umver ly Alurrn Eye-cutlve SQCTETGTJ ljmverguy Ol Illmmg 1, CIO c Art Gal pry Dlrector of Alluletxcs Ewglxsld une C,u1ng C, a fA .7 .Simnnerfon .llenry p77lfll1IlAllll 711 fl 771 WL. 711 ,4 we lfmlo ci College c 'Hue mv 'J Gregg rth Jveste n Umve C11 lf slc ,imma 711 .fd Northwesfem Umverslty Hlstory .NCIHIIUA J Q ,Derry J L1bYClr OD 'Iorthern Illmoxs State Teoche JUAN .14 aljllff 1? L? .!ranL JX aflfy 711 711 c tw ve tem U We ww UMC College Sczence mwvnl 'uve slty f Iv'1nre-Soto Nu xc 19 lea . er . yer . ' 1. . Z? df . . ' .' ' i A ' I rs K U SQQQ 'Q I I yk 5 1 4 ' 1 . T' f . ff' . r I . ee ' . . - HJ- g .A Uxiversig of W' cnsin N r I 'f 5 A rt' rs'.j U. ' ' r ' 4: .' . Art V " . S' C grace clihfon gcrfgllf ofoornij .i'ecler1'flf .gilffnnerfon ' 'IW ,Cl Vlheotow Colleue Umon Colleze Arrliemt Collear U xers1y 0 P6"1'l no 111 LAH1cr'ce F Cl C1 N York Col :J fo Educa e O R Q 1 F Grow Non Q I Q! Oflll CONN? UVIJACI .NQJIICL j .X4 QZDHFJPII 71 5' 5 Sr Q Q ec vat C 3 1,61 C ednlle 0072 jL0lIlflJ A QOLIIIJOII. 7WflI'gClI'9t o a State College S xrrmmg Coach urse Nursery SECRETARIES yoAn gunde Financial Secretary .xdgce gaygr Secretary to the Headmaster 6afAerine ollza .grin .JX!arJfen pAyM'J ,9eferJ Fxrst row lmes Wolter Harbula McConnell Second row FTGHCIS Montgomery Lessmg Brxtton I Ollver Thxrd row Burgess Vegas Moler Doyle Gllst Thomson THE IIINIQR CLASS There were SIX new students 1n the Iumor class th1s year They mcludea Lots P1ttenger Bob Franc1s Roland lmes Don Ma1er Iohn Ohver and Douglas Thomson Alter settl1ng down the oth ers were chosen They were Roland lmes presldent Ioe McConnell vlce prestdent and hm Walter secretary treasurer Advrsers were Mr Loorrns Mr Ewlng and Mr Eushce On the ootball held the class was vell represented Don Ma1er Ioe Mc Vegas recetx ed a mtnor letter ln basketball Roland lmes loe McConnel Bob Francls and Don Maler recetved the1r letters The class was also represented tn tenn1s swrmmrng track and golf ln studres the class was a l1ttle behlnd but Lo1s Pntenger Ioe McConnel and Phyflts Harbula were domg well and hould be on top by next yea On Tune thtrd members of the class gav the annual Iunror Prom t seruors 1 the art gallery lt proved t oe one ot the l1V9ll9bl dances the year . , . . . , , ' ' 'c . .. f T V t A. . - , . ' - Connell, Douglas Thomson, and lim Wolter received major letters while Pedro Q , ' ' ' . well . , . Q T ' , e . . ' ,or the . . 'o o' fcf xrst row C C 1, rw Sh f Second row 1' S N 'O f Kwdf V 1rd row B2 z 4 Cl w Q Q' P 'I'I'IE SGPIIGMORE CLASS Q or v- pfj v1 f-1 'Q gr-fw C3 d N N P W DQ 'PJ d e L mr N, fx1Y" , udffd wmv f' IO W 1 'Q L, men Q ewb .1 C1951 A Y' 6 O 'WC' ,- fy Y-fy mf gf Do fw -A J 1 .3 fr rw rw .A C F' : Huck hr 519351. , dict, Fit : I: "ir:..,r',n, , QJTEETY Hill Huff: Citi: 'xhrirteireri Th' : ,t ..','rr.Qr. M :ge-I E-:i:..t avhr. rf.. .. .. I um Sf LMWMG Crf.. .. .. , rx.. ,fn ff .pp MFI. f.. J 3 ,, ..., ,.,,.,...,. . ., A, .,..,..,... W.- - ...V - . .F 1. -1. 1 ,. 1.:- .. , .. -.. A .fn 1. - F: .- Nm :CJ . 21.. th..- IEEJ. .. ,f Q., ,f.Cv:,t.,... TL 53,5 ,., .ie ,A W V .Q'I1 ax T11 TILL., y C1i:"',,s1iir iii, ix' it qi 52 Q G ' R ' V - vv 1 vv v n -f-H wx vw ' V lr, LN... , nv- -.v Tf.v:w9 .tid - .. ., .Md .W d t,.,.,- IUCL .. tum Jr,,:, ., . 11' . r ' .M :Afpx ff.. W I". f... ...M ...i..e-.L Q. ..f1,. E, ., ..,-.L1l. I -,-. h,...J.., .Mu b.r3g,.-f' t.. , ' :t1g": ?':"7'r A1"'j Enwffv' 'fd 'YD k' '15-' 'L ix' -Qufl' g'K"1'QW 3.1" 13' 'tifu lfi '::p1w1. 173: '.-sgtzp : iz','.1:i 'lflil .zzpairi 3 f1'T'!f.I Lirgfrk 1:1 fffufi Sfift' Sig FTQd"I'A-', I-.gLr1l secizid CI: 1,113 gif' iiizzig-1, 'lf Efiii Ti, 2:13:15 f'grr'11.'l1OCi :LCR "viii 'zrij Elf 2rCI.Q.'.f: T319 C3'4g3k3:' 1 C' 'L Q1 ard JHFCO " '-'22 'ffl ji'-H-'A f' "f "svn 'wi' " '-" sri iyzile fCCTfQQ'fi fil' gl 2:4 Clif- kept 1.22 :': 1.29 re::r:i 1 Fxrst row N' vlartaha S 'ran Ol1ve Uhlemann Dre hsel Second row Zueael The e R GI Tm tef Ph1ll1ps M1tc'1ell Third row ewrra A Sw t aw Nc' arr ara Tarvte b a : rr E . n, froth.. . ' r, , , ct : 1 , . ri 2, or: 's, '. s' ', ' A , ' 1 . : Fr t rt, .1'.1:1gL ' , t ry . , . n erg. , I . . l I , , , Q . . . 7 .. .. 1 . . , A S .A . . , 4 I - I I - ' . . , 6 1 . A L , . . . U . , , r . N, S , . ' ' l l S rv A g . . . . 'l'I'IE FRESI-IMAN CLASS The Freshman class ts a small group of twelve Marttn Newman IS the oldest member o the group havmg spent two years here whtle the rest ot the class came to F A tn s year for the trrst ttme Advtsed by Mr Monahan the class crose othcer from among the day students Sally Strothman was prestdent Tom Ol ver vrce pres1dent and Ann Uhlemann secretary treasurer Of the boys engaged ID competttrve sports Andy Shtlltnglaw shone for the Freshmen He won h1s mrnor letter rn baske ball and was a member ot the ttrst str1ng tenms squad traveltng Wlth that group on thetr Southern trtp As tar as scholarshtp was concerned Sally Strothman and Ann Uhlemann carrted the colors for the class Each Won ment status conststently Sally represented the class ln drarnattcs and speech fork Whtle Anns mustcal talents were outstandtng The class shouts promtse of betng one o' the outstandtng tn recent year and should do reat thmgs at E A betcre they leave st row B vel tad E wards M B n C r1 ll l..1nct ay S Second row Stodaa l' ay Hay s B S1 agu a So Na 1n on Allen 'I'llE SEVENTH AND EIGI'I'I'I'I GRADES There are tourteen members ln the seventh and e1ghth grades SIX g1rls and e1ght boys They are Marguente Bennett loy Connell Holly Edwards Katle L1ndsay Sandra May Ann Bovelstad Frank Allen Bob Flamlmo B1ll Hall l1m Hayes lack Martmson Stoddard May D1ck S1ragusa and B1ll Stone At the beg1nn1ng of the year D1ck S1ragusa was elected pres1dent of the class B1ll Stone lS v1ce pres1dent and Sandra May 15 secretary Coach Orsborn lS the class adv1ser All of the boys are on the sw1mm1ng team except lack Martmson who 15 a substttute on the reslnman and sophomore basketball team He should be a regular next year B ll Stone an e1ghth grader ls already a regular on the sw mm1ng team He has made a good shovma agamst Htgh School compet1t1on ln the 220 yard sv 1m he has reached sophomo e rat ng Tnree members of the seventh and e1ghth grades have rece1ved mer1t status They are H lly Edwards Marauente Bennett and Ann Bovelstad Tmo part1es have been g yen espec ally tor the seventh and e1ghtn grades The trsf v a a rrnxer at tne Bd ards courtry home We played garnes nad a scavenger nunt a lnay raclc party d o v onderful tune ln Feb .tary the class ere auests o Capta and Mr Wy gant We sa: an e1cc1t1ng rrvov e Torn Br Sc ool Days had retresnments and d nced the V1rg1n1a B e1 to lflr Con ell s p1ar'o acc mpa 'nent Everyone had a grand t1me : c s , d' , . e nett, or e , 1 s , May. . ' ,' 1 . w -- F .1 - . a 1a 11 , e,, 1 1 Q, tne 1.t1s1, 1. , - 1 1 , , , , , , 1 , ,,,. - , , ' 4 1 1 . 1 ' '- , , g ' A A 1, 11. A f' f Q ' I L A . V . , . . 1 1 1 1 1 . ' rp 1 Y' I 1 A 1 o1 , 1 J 1 1, 1 1 . V . A E Y 3 Y , 1 . L1 11 -4- 1 E A 1.1 Vw' ' 1 1 , A11 , 1 1 V 1 , 1 , an ' J 1 1 . r- , , - , , . - 1 1 1 . , . ' - 5 J 1 IR s. 1 11. 1. 1 1 1 , , , , , . 1 , yt - 11 own s 11 , 1 1 , a e 1 11 S, ' 1U 1 S A 1 C 'N T111 1 . A' 1 1 . THE DESIGN FOR THIS TITLE PAGE WAS MADE BY IEAN SHILLINGLAW SPORTS ACT VIT ES Seated R1ch S1ms Slnlltnglctw Strothman May Standing Krohngold lmes Srnulcler Doyle Fox Pavltn 'l'llE DRAMATIC CLUB Under l r Ewtng s etl1c1ent dtrectton the Drarnattc clue preeented severa oertorrnances durtng the year On Decernoer l7th as a part ot the annual Chrtstrnas program tney ore sented a one act play ent tled A Qu1et Chrtstrnas The play starred Sue R h and fr Sfvtnnerter upported bv cally Strothrnar' ard Georg1a Stms ln tne s r1ng dev1at1na trorn establtsned custorn th ee one act plays ere presented mstead ot tre 'sual three a t T1e three ,ere ca t ot dttterent groups A Young Mans Fancy w presented by the Freshmen wh1le ar alder c t pertorrned The Valtant A thtrd play The Happy lournev v a Cast ol other rnembers o' the dra1nat1c cldb Roland lrnes and Georgta Stms ett1c1e-rtly held the leads 1n lnne Valtant a Corte nporary tragedy Supported h Art Srnulcler and loe flcConnell the acne e c tne outstand ng per or na ce seen ov the Ac derny tn recent year V 31 lflans a e e Pres p oduct a ne succe Credt d e Ann Unlerrarn 'o s tant arrect e Us e pw otlrne, hor t W det scrtpt a d done scer e c s eaaea C rn C an tc d Sae R C a d adrrnraple 9 Q 3 t " Q 've sch l o a e x atter tedt year ere a very saccessht r n s oe C e a e a g 'tg and d ect 3 , A . . . . . . 1 A , N P , .1 D. 1 , .1 . : . 1 , - . A 1 , . .. - . A , A ' - . g ' ' " , ',. K . ' - f' ' ' - lot . . 4 . o t 5 A t l t 1 . . W , Y., ' r . . ,1. e ? s ' . . 1 . as V. . . . M ,. 1 ,, v I wah . I A, . .. .1 . o 1 T L . ' . v YN ' YY ' ' , T' 1 . ... . f A . . , t I ,, F, : 1 . 1 , ,, - ' . f. ' , VA., . . V f . AA A A A. D 5 A AA -A ..f.. ' s ,.,. '- ,, 1 pe - . , - 1. -- A . Ca.. . F nav, t.1 ...inert r t on, as .. ' se . L.. . ' . ,l . . f. --Q-. " - -,. ' ,. ll.. . .s .1 .. . . ., .1 .-,as ae. .e . or Ce .. lt , San, C hr" '-'h dd ' 'A " 'l' ' 1 ' l d otrot.....a1i ....o 1 a pe-at,t1.t. ,oo .n the tea . TL- Uf-,V-X V T 1 1- 3- fy T W A,-1 ll ' v- ' vs 3- -.vlfn 'fn .. lla-5, A , b .2 .1 t. .. o.. .. t . .. .2 nl... .lv ,.. -. ' ' ' ' W T: ' -' ,. , : ' ': ,. ' ' 1 ' ne., A a.: , 1 te van 1 t a.. . ,ao :n pr sentma 1' a umaxe .joe tor a xg: . oo rg n1zat1on. ' ' Y,-. 1 IP. Y , Y ll - -1 -A .l 1f' - E f' S.. Tn pta.: 1 .p :te A a ll . 1 A . s, g t to ongratutat a on sprenat goo at :taxa 1. tr, nn", Seated B1elby Sins Goodman Standmg Mater Clansky Ste1ska1 'I'IlE GRANGE CLUB Thls year for the f1rst tlme the whole schoo was organlzed 1nto two clubs wlth actlve members Last year there were ldentlcal clubs but only a start was made Thls year an tmproved system was declded upon and put 1nto effect A board of d1rectors was chosen last summer for each club For the Orange they were Steve Goodman Pete Blelby Georgla Stms and hm Clansky Later Don Mater was added to make the requlred number of members of the cab1net The clubs were formed w1th the purpose of trymg to have stronger compe t1t1on betvx een the students and were successful ln that way The Oranges were very lucky and led the Blacks throughout the year The contests held on alternate Frldays were of var1ous natures mcludtng freethrow1ng spell downs brxdge checkers chess volleyball and basketball At Chrtstmas Mme each club adopted a Br1t1sh famlly to feed for several rn nths Th1s was the most constructlve plece of work dur1ng the year lt IS always a challenge to have someone to work agatnst and through these clubs the students were well able to have competmon lt develops a feellng of teamwork and though one may only be pulltng a rope 1n a tug of war thls IS tmportant and a great deal of pleasure as well ' , i , . . , , . . , . 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 I V . 1 A . . , , . , I I - I f 1 f 1 - O . - . . l A , . . .t ,I I - - Seated Imes Shlllmglcmw Meolmcm Stcmdmg Horwmtz Collmgboume Smukle 'l'l'lE BLACK CLUB 1 r t act of me Blue cmo was te execl Q gex emmg ccromet It 1 5 composed of Mlke Tflecxlmcn cqaxrmer of tke club cmd Art Smukler vice Chcurmon The mereoere of tie cabmef ere Redox HOTMIT7 LOIS Pittenger ecm STAIITTHQTG A ard DLCK COTTIUQDQUIWS We 'war 01,1 x We orgcmmc N "x'QO51I'1J the Orange clqb YW VC11 Q NPUV1 e P CI te r31'e Frm 5 the C' Q5 me' fe' d Tferem ccw Sv e rc e nr e C eb CI eccer s pe J :md eww '1 be e ee rce ups rt C1 YW!! 'Y' ere r t e Orcxvge eteer ecbox ' 'Y We t e ears en SCOUT 'W' The is . I k "' Y . V J A V l M . 2-'af . . - ' . 1 ' J . . 1 , , 1 - TT. Srl.. y et":1tj ef W lien '.-JG? ey F' Q T. 1 rex- ee' 'ti 3. O1 1 r. . . 'Ziyi Q, lg' T ,T .W i. thi- ti f, These i . lud-d' idg , is :id C: 1 and such sjscrts G iugjscnj ECDL The 313111 project of the Club the adopting ef :1 British family, The club rn .upers dc, ated ifty dcllars fer C A ri 5 cf Led pc: is te help J' A C famly' cf 5, ri fer f1'.fe months. Uzifcriiinctelfg, Blacks L- :ict as sz eng as A T il. ' . 'cs,ic3QQ',' er activities, se the. they cam out on ' Md of the ' .g fer the ccripetitie... BOYS CIIORU Cnce agans tte c J chorus e uncle the arrect Franlf Kratxy T e crga rzatlon was made up o the rernalmng cars cm 1 t year out rn the maln as composed ol ne oclrger ooys The boys gave several pertormances our ng the course ' t e r T ea 'ook part rn the Cnr stmas program and n the Sprmg Concert They also ana at a Forum program and rn Vf c s specral pertcr r aces at the Avery Coonley School m Dom ners Grove and at me Barrrngton Countr stole School rt octet t ol er co s toon art tn the clu tn s n ore l rt rre stay Thr year the c orus attempted hahter m src and ho ed up ell tor a namly mexpertenced body ln the sprmg program several ot the boys were re pons1ble tor solos tn vartous arrangements Leaclmg th1s g oup v ere Bruce Lrlly Ralph l-lorwrtz and Lewts Hyman All showed polse and abthty IH thetr presentatron On some occaslons the gtrls and boys orgamzatrons combmed to do mrxed arrangements M Kratky IS to be corg atulated on the excellence of the combmed choral group The chorus was ac ompamecl toy Mtss Lee ln all ts proararns First row Mr Kratky Hyma Bxelby P Veaas Krohrtgolfl l Oltver A Shrllmglaw lfartlnson Montgomery Second row HOTWIIZ Wolt Colltngbourne Fra C1 Chas Chrt tensen T Ohver Zuegel Br Newrran Third row Thomson McConnell St 1 lcal Brrthl el lme Clansxy Manuel Chrls Chlsten '1 lsllly' Lesslng Q 99 Members of the chorus L1 H C11 SH1ll1nglaN lf' 1 FICLI K1 clel Hurbulo S1 L lfhlfx C' LJ Of' I lS 1 fn r 4 rrrle lest sente- errrect t s gr QC 'wet Q frsc ervt fed IFOWJC emole N. mm O D vw d 'It r-fr Dfwf It 6 Q rw 6 9 " SWG " e P e rec s orv ot s sf' C C1 err Ns ner under me dtrecucrt Q fr Krctlq T rd Mrs e se r f ee l ee mf A e Ort te preve tt e 156 ref p grcx cmd e C er l7 meet lfus cal C P G'6 C 3 QI' QYQ F3 DO GVSF 'YES Q4 eff :VD T Q r 11 eDec fr c mctete ee C1 e " e t 1: ce e Accderw A S rstx lfvf' J rt Urcues crcltsf ref' pt eve S r, DH C5 D f' n -f C: Vlrr free t ea te : 'nQs .A ' ', toy I ., ' 'e ,ren , R:rn,is lI1,lsl,C:n:sll, lxtrwhrz-el Uhlerncmn, Efivaris Hurrfi Strcthrrfm, Hill, T Haley Therieri, Beane., Rcvelntad I For the f1.St tim ir th ent hit ,A . thi. Wh el, girls lsrus fc... ed U., 'N ,terrf e lf 1 'L ' f l. . 2 '.'.'e:t','-two girls fs ,l, ' hi.- f Q' A , C1 . ' ,Q ugliest the year tll i tu-fe 'J sk 3' rss tugs they .. de C1 C., 1 .Asus tl , s im .U V Q1 Qxri' l",.5 n Q .tsgnd lil A n-:ell btrlaise' ' During tlie 'yesr tx-13 ro X one liajfel ,xr Lilly' cl-' st d tc figs gre' A r If eserrtb , in can J' ion tri- ' 'gs' erierus, th Q' ferf ferme .G Chxstrias . A Ti ri csnsisfed sf s . r1',1..f rs tw: bw' the biys efisqsxs tt-is ng' the girls greufe, Grd three the grfgps C::rir3irieQ The Curie, C 'yr the Girls , f mei, fszlzelli and llft-.' O21 Shepherds cmd br' the mixed Qrsgfs were Ori This Cecil Cliristrrics fferi Ciziri, Ch Hsff light ' A 'axis sid Wliie C21 istrrics by Berlgx Qi April lr C spririg Cents t gwei, CQQILK by the tw: grspxps, and the Clfli jeeriisi ef this sensgsted Cf three sezigs The Little freich lcek by Kenitz, Falling 1:1 Len' With l.:'.'e by R: 'gers excl Oily' Nineteen, Ceribizied the bays they scig lfcikfx Fl Tcikc Dcrgeiijskgi New Thank We All Ox Usd' by Buch Grid The Farmer s Dcqghter N i'lic...s, Through th fferts ef l.f,,r',' Lexis r hsel the girls were 3 very' sttrix tix' grasp 'xfecrrng ensembles cf '.-fiite lsee tririried ble' .ses and black bsllerinfz l .lt-th s1.irts. ln it f1 - 'ecr the chorus '.-:cs e. 5 . Ll spree-ss cn' se rss des in ' .e mek, is A lc- erneng J "fs DORM CUIINCII. lhrs year the Dorm Councxl was cornprlsed of srx boys representmg the boys dorm and one grrl representmg t'1e grrls dorm M los Steyskal and hm fllansky who were on last year s councn we e automatrcally on rt Georcua Srms and Pete Blelby Were then added to make 1t a councrl of four As the year progressed the councrl felt that they were ln need of more members and Consequently Ralph l-lorwrtz and Ioe McConnell were added Two Weeks later Art Smukler was also added to make the group complete The purpose of the dormrtory counc1l IS to help estabhsh rules m the dormr tory and enforce them When a rule IS broken the md1v1dual IS reported and on Wednesday mghts the person IS brought down before the counc1l and hrs case revrewed After h1s or her case IS revxewed and all the facts are accu rnulated the person rs sent back to hrs room to study Each phase of the case rs carefully d scussed and contemplated and fmally a verdrct rs dec1ded upon Erther he or she IS excused or a punrshment IS levled e1ther severe or mmor dependmg upon the serrousness of the c rme The reason for estabhshmg the Dorm Councrl was not to punr h the boys but to help them adlust themselves to the rules of the school lf an mdrvrdual had any suggestrons to help make the dormrtory a better home they could present thelr ldea to the councll and they would do thelr best to have the plan carr1ed out Be rdes hav1ng a hand 1n student government the dorm councrl was re sponslble for worklng ln the Squrrrel Cage 1n the recreatlon room every evemng a Job whrch they fulfrlled very dlllgently Fzrst row Smukler Stejskal Horwrtz Brelby Second row Clansky McConnell r-1 . Y . - . . . , . . , . , . Y . , A . 1 Y , .1 Y . . . .1 M , , . , - . A . . , . A L A . . 1 ' I I - . . , . Q , . . . l L , . I I - I' . . ' Q v 1 C ' ' ' - U 1 . . . ,, . ,, . . , . - V 1 1 - . , . Seated Hlrra Stel-ical Claw ky S1 've Standmg E 1:14 She' cte T errartrt Foy mt ,af 'I'I-IE STUDENT CDIINCII. After a rather late oegtrmmg the Student Cotmctl got att to a start rtgnt a ter Cerrstrrtab tth the chotce of memberu by each class and the ulttrrtcte electtan a atttcers ,tm Ctartsky .Jas cha ew preftclertt Mtctcey Ste stcal v ce ores dent ard Gearata Strns Jas secreta ,I treasurer T' e Stclde t Couvcd 5 an ts ta rtetp emoath out arty dtfttcuttte- t at may ar se arourtd ttte -tudents at school or the students and faculty It wae tae-tr oo to etp ttt any d sagreerrtecte trt t e Squtrrel Cage and ta dectde a "tru eae t e tb e"1 er e C' e ere ta me a e Dv Q FC 9 ,- U c T T96 G Q 11 Q f' ci 5 1 'Q tar: : 1 .. rt, -61 , .fs ', ms, I...-:s ' : av ms, Incer., 'flatten Strathrrcrt McConnell, Lhl- . . ., SI ttrfl rf . rw' r ' . 7 , ,. ' . - v rw ' ' ' f- 1- V- v ..- - A- - - - , A - . .. i. . . 5 : . c . - c . e ' ' . ' ' i . .rT1. ' " . ' an c ."iQ 3 3 fer hcricr 5 md rt f qw- V-A ' - f-3 1- 'Q' V- he-t Q' -.- r 1- f- ' 1- -7 - -- -'11 t:.e as 2 c. tue atadent caanct ..e.e .tceen for t..e.t c.tteem1..p ' .M .1 ..1 v,..1 1- 1- T - V ' - '- f Q' ' , A ' .. 1,- ?z13...', and fSCffa.'IY.ff ...tg t..e ei..e. etgaent- Ti. 'y gae- ' - I - 1 1 1. F , .. pr-. 3. a ,-tclaerit at tue . ad 11, 1- A.. ,..' 2- ,-,-vw ,-,- ,.2 1- 1- W-' - ,-I 1- 5 f 'f,.- ...ft l 1- T..e ceariai .. cmpeeed e. .. r.. ...Q-rf,, et t..e Serie. Cafe t.. , 2. fue farmer :lass Cie each if file SCCEICIHCTS freshman ai' 121, cczibiie ' feveifli aid Elfftiftl iracies Ttilf ztiaje If tctal CZ eight a:i1'.'e rtieziherf ara ftli Zire iterriatcs, fhlY.,-I'1 X1 all, ,fb First row Edwards Rovelstad Bennett Cornell May Lindsay Second row Therten Harris Shtllmglaw Harbula Nichol Sim Kiederlen Uhlemann Thxrd row Miss Moore Phillips Tinsley Rich Drechsel Hill Sheldon Romeis Strothrnan THE AEICIILQRIANS This year as usual the Aeichlorians were a very active group in the school program lt was through the efforts of this organization that many of our social functions were such successes and the school has shown ample appre ciation to these girls for their Job well done The club is composed of all girls in the upper school and it is thelr 1ob to direct any extra curricular activities for which they might be needed There were made members Throughout the year the Aeichs were hostesses at various functions of formal or informal value In the fall the girls acted as hostesses at several teas following the football games played at our home field The largest of these was of course the Homecoming tea on Saturday October 25 ln the Winter the girls were hostesses at several mixers and on February 21 they gave their annual formal dance This year it vas entitled The Crystal Ball and the dining room of Sears Hall served as the ball room The decorations carried out the theme in soft blue rose and silver Music for the fete was furnished by Maurice Norltngs Orchestra A more serious side of social procedure was taken up durmg the late N nter and early spring in the study of manners and etiquette Special stress was g1ven to table manners and introductions The club s president for this year was Georgia Sims who was assisted by lane Nichol vice president and lean Shillmglaw secretary while Phylhs l-larbula managed the treasury The two advisers for the year were Mrs Durtsclu and Miss Moore I rl . I . . l A I I . V. S . were eight old girls in the club this year, and in the fall, thirteen new students 4 , V 1 1 1 i V , . , , - 3 , - , Fxrst row F 7 Gfma art l-lyrrarr Clartuky B1 151 el llmaba r e Srrulcler Noler econd row le Mare Vfqa ealrart 1 T cane THE MAIDR "E" CLUB Under me gurclance at Coach Orsbarrr the Valar E clup started tte year 1 tlt ortl J a nucleus at last year s araaruzattaa Th S group elected trte aftrcere cr tte ,fear They were ltm Clarmsxw pres dent Mme Mealmart tret vce preetdertt Steve Goodmar' Qecortd vce pre-Q dert artd Dtcr Colltrwaoaurrte ecretary treasurer T e ar .1p dld lrttle urttrl NfJGI'I'1D9I f rtea rn trat crm ar ae rnerrtpere eld Fcurteer pays .A ere accepted mt., tae rgarwatrart T1 elfe at the pa d ece fed tlverr ma ar re e rn er C ac' Ke 0 leaaf an Carre a recerwea t er letter J e 'ere alf ' 'e cup ed py e e er pre e t ada e r 'mm er r 'te u 're'r1Per -rp dea ver c t c tue rttra e apr: tc pa te 'la e e .1 r we r 'mer rt 'Cer 'nal-:ler A Xeaa cr e r rr a VJal er F fx K' A CO' e e C1 Ve 1-lela ea e va e er Q Q Q QQQ D ff t u 9 Q sec: 'Q ov TD DO FJ cpe DCC ' : C. c"rr.., , , tT., 'rtrs' Cc . ' un., . ,' t-. S : rr. 1' Qr J Ls, M- r. ., Bxelby lf.cCc. ..,ll J l l A J A l . 1. . 1 u , ' ' , . v A ' , , , , ,, , L, .. . ' .,. . , . . . , Q W'. n J C' ' a' . ' 1 I . .. . ,, E1 . f M cl c Q 1: r . ' fa r 9' T ' ' l tt rf 1 icfvpal' "na c. 'v lc X a- d .ay ' n 1 2 rn epnnf t T amcna t.1 arc' .5-.id ' txt v .1 p .. ,i and ctgier z.ts1..' 1 .tri ct tature, L : .. 1 ' ,. ....," ., 4 ' 1 ,. L .a r .. r , S ja fr a , en,c,a l6 .r..e .cr .. ,te T.t ann Ay par: 1 n .. rn me V n.r1j C. .e W., .xere trnef, Tl.C!Il:fOYT, l.'.a' , , , L.' ' f' ,.' ' ., 7 .. - 7 ' . f,-.-,-. ".v,,x . 'A ,. .. f' B. T en, , Fc , f 1 fy ,ae S.Yli1.,xA Bully. Cami, l..ce Cannell, an' Wt The t,rf1t acti':gtj.' af the year ITIS' :erupt-in cleanrntz cf the fi rifzclt TEL: accctripll.-fred Lgnaer the '.-.'at::.ful eye if tzie aft: The annual fsfajar E Dance nal' .zcaetnlier ll ' .' lfl SVMYF Hall, ' ' ' " ' -Q ni 1- -V v- X 3 V. Qt prcxpa cne Cf tne cutstananla scciar e'.'en.1 -. ine Iea. T:. ent .ta.nrne..t fer tn, cxpnina prcvi 'c T ' the Lniiates The If1'-lSlC fc. .ie senxiffernzal affair '.-:af prcntaeii Let' Dick B rrr' ana 2.12 bana in Fpnna the E pays held a stag inner Tiger' naa a :fteali a1nner at the Zunziani Wccas Fling Cla' and ccipletea 121, '.'.,ITlIi1'1 ':.'1i21 a :nine Arncna the cilier 1,-cried act11:i.i-s cf the club the check-fccni ccncessicn at ire Fcrurn prayed ine ries: prcitable 1111: 'sears craanzzanen ccnslucrc :ne ci tzie nzcz. sac' Xl v ,ht ...NVQ Seated Harbula Phrllrps Slms lmes Smukler Velderlen Harrls Standing Mr Swrnnerton Sh1ll1nglaw Nlchol Mater Thomson Clansky Horwltz Zuegel Krohngold 'l'I-IE ORANGE AND BLACK For the frrst t1me tn recent years the school publrcatton The Orange and Black became a weekly Due to rncreased pr1nt1ng costs the staff dropped the prlnted monthly plan and adopted a mrmeographed paper The new form met wlth rmmedrate success and grew to be an rmportant part of Academy lxfe The staff was headed by Art Smukler as Edrtor ln chref Roland lmes was Sports Edrtor and Georgra Srms Feature Edrtor Each d1v1s1on of the paper played an rmportant part of the whole Under lmes the sports department proved one of the most popular as well as tlmely sectrons Hrs column The locker Room vred vuth The Key Hole for top popularrty The advantage of fresh news was shown rn the weekly events wrrte ups as handled effrcrently by Ralph I-lorwrtz and ltrn Clansky The features were or a rotatrng schedule and were desrgned to show a complete prcture of school lfe and tnterests From Carol Phtlllps Home Was Never Lrke Thrs fthe Ray mond House Gossrpl to Doug Thomson s college reports the feature department gave some lnlormatron of rnterest to each student The oldest feature rn the papers htstory Gallery Vre Js was efl1c1ently handled by lane Ntchol Bestdes adv1s1ng the columnrsts Georgra Srms doubled as edrtorraltst and proved one of the most capable fvrrters on tlse staff rn populartty Wrrttert by the unknown Elf t dug out and drsplayed the latest gossrp dea'1ng mth the Acadernys var ous characters ln the latter oart f the year a hrghly popular contest to aeterm ne the name o the El wa held Based on a contest conducted on a current radro program rt featured clues ana magnr cent prr es text a desserts? The cont st rs to be cons1dered tne htgls pomt of the papers many protects Nhrcn helped burld sch ol sprrrt The paper planned and co ordrnated under Srnukler fflso led hrs efftcrent staff under the gclld nce of Vr Sfrnnert rs tlse advrser lffr S rnnertor who also taught lou nalrsrn pro Jed the backbone of the ent1re group and wrthout ls s help the paper .fould not have been the efftcrent and popular rnstrurnent of school pmt and oprnton that tt was 4 X . 4 'eff .,M . - I . Y J I . . 4 or V. - -, ., I 1 V ' A H Alf . A rx X ' L L 5,1 . The Key Holefl the gossip column, was above the rest of the paper, head and shoulders, , .' ' Q t ' i ' A. A 1 ' ' Q ' I 5' A . v. . 1 ' A - '-- 'fr " 'z , , r .. . e ' ' l ' . Q . .r Q , , . ,An . , ' ' ' , A tri . , rr f r 3 V , , , A S . . . . . Fzrst row Lesslng Chuck Chrrsten en Solomon T Olrver Pavlxn Fox Thomson Stone Second row Mltchell Gllst Collxngbourne I S1 agusa Goodman Brelby lvfaler B1rth1sel lmes Walter Coach Kelsey Thlrd row Mr Ewmg Smukler McNamara McConnell Vegas Conroy Manuel Clans Chr te n Hyman lvfealrran FOOTBALL Startmg wtth a new season a new coach and a practrcally new team N6 enjoyed a good although not vlctorrous year North Shore came down nere for our frrst game On the lack off lmes fumbled the ball on hls rest of that nalf was strongly 1n Wlnnetkas favor The second half started wrth an 1nsp1red Elgtn team wh1ch delved deep lnto enemy terrltory and as the fmal gun went off we were on North Shore s three yard lrne after a long dr1ve from the f1ftv yard strrpe The fmal score v as Nortn Shore Country Day 21 Vlgm Academy U Our second and f1nal game was agalnst our rrvals from Lake Forest We lost to thelr eleven by far too large a score As we started both Steve Good man and Lew1s Hyman watched from th Slde because of 1nJur1es recewed m scrlmmages lt was m thrs our Homecommg game that lmes made our only tally A pass from Gllst for the extra potnt ended our rush started by B1rth1sel through the lme Fox on sneaks through the m1ddle and superb blockmg by our hard h1tt1ng lrne made the rrval Orange and Black t1de stop and take notlce Score Lake Forest 26 Elgm Academy 7 To help E A next year nlne lettermen are returnmg Wlth a good coachlng staff there should be httle to stop them - .. A 3 own three and the Purple and White slashed over for an early goal. The 'I'IlE 1948 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE .J Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar 1 Hams School at Elgln Elgxn 46 Harms Sch ol 34 Elgln at Wayland Academy Elgxn 20 Wayland 35 Wheaton Academy at Elgtn Elgm 35 Wheaton 44 Elgtn Todd Elgln Elgxn at North Shore C D Elgtn 27 North Sho e 9 Wayland Academy at Elgrn Elgm 38 Wayland 40 Elgin at Lake Fares' Academy Elgin 24 Lake Fore Park School at Elgm E1g1n 29 Park School 45 Culver M A at Elgm E1g1n 33 Culver 48 Elgm at Todd School Elgm 39 Todd 41 St Iohns M A at E1g1n Elgln 35 St lohns 48 at Culver M A Elgrn 31 Culver 61 at Park School Elgin .52 Park 64 at Pullman Elgxn 27 Pullman 42 Forest Academy at Elgrn Elgln 47 Lake Forest 49 at Concordra Elgm 28 Concordlo 57 School at Elgln Elgrn 37 Todd 38 at Wheaton Academy E1g1n 24 Wheaton Elgln E1g1n Elgm Lake Elgln at St lohns M A Flgrr 31 St Iohns 56 Seated Chuck Chrl tensen B1e1by Colllngbaume Maler Standing G11st Clansky Imes Smukler Mgr Fe: 5 . ' 1 ' 5 '. o , 6 ' I ' 5 1 10 ' Z 3 5 . 13 I I 2 I 5 1 . x 1 Z ' 5 . 17 ' 1 ' 5 34 l , 9 ' 5 .1 ' 5 r 4 l . 10 . 1 i ' 5 l , 14 ' . 1 ' 5 . st 51 I . . 24 '. 2 ' 5 . 6 . , I 2 ' 5 , 7 ' ' 1 ' 5 . 11 . ' . . ' 2 ' 5 . ' . 13 ' . .1 ' 5 . 14 4 1 ' ' 5 . 20 ' 1 ' 5 . 25 ' : ' 5 Feb. 27 Tournament at Lake Forest High School: Elgin 385 Park School 44 . O I , ' . .Z - V 1 5 , ' fn JV, ' ' "' f 'T VARSITY JCOTIHI 1 FF rw Q W Q P 1610 I W 10 mf' f P11 rn 1 Lfl 1 ru-. 121 QWC9 1 lflf P of nf r nr fl F Jn fl IGYCIQQ 1 H qufufb 'f vfmn A or N Jrd 'ff D 11 1 Q 'NUQC1 1f1f1- Team N11 lp Oc' .rep F' I3 ll 9 1 f F 0 rw I I CP' Q1 on Ben: r grf K .J H1 101116 1 re 0 W3 ui 111 CG 'On PD NEW' a nj 'X BASKETBALL Q11- 1 ff nn J, P10 of 'r-4 Q -'X J. 019' Q1 ,J C 1.fer 1 I Q' rx Cl L C EAFDV r 1116: fQ'Ifi 11.171 yecr '.-.":i: 1111 '11 111, fi! T119 111' if putt, if .'t'-14.11is if T11 .L.Cf1dfv::1" '.'.'f31Q 1121 fxz, 1111? fd 'fly :11.C':.'Qd 'lil in '11Q rffizf' 3: Qnfe :id .:Q':Qr1!,m hm ffuiiky, 231111411 if 1319 :lZfl1'1'I1 1-52.1 ffm? 1.1111 119121 1:32 fir 1119 :s,1.::r F ' Q 192 pcm is, f ' 1 cf C 1 ,LQT gi '11 11f1f':d 11110: f,11'fw-1-61 '.-5111 150 ,,1..1.: 12 grf, ENV: 11 1 , uvortxgg cf R-1 1 4' 'f mf 1111 A f-ff ff-1 +1 W f f. " ,,.,. 1- .. nw ol, 1 ,MQ Hrs, 34..- O, 1 .9 .:,.lw.J.., ...Q .,,1... .JQAL .fi .... 5 't5','t 11,ff. -1. L.. 13,1 , "QQ 'xiii ' GQ1' . , '.'.'1i1c11 11.0 'il'L':d f1f'f1tgl-d QC-Ei Pe11',,,i1 the 'CF' grim of 111, .iQiI.3'IA '.w"1:-3 f'jQ11i.'t Q1 11 . T11 b yrs 1, -11y 51.4. 1.1, 1-Jirk 1231 ,..t1'1' f'1'JL211C 591111 A t., ru of 1111 ,,'1',.1, C"1'fer Q. Qt Q F3f9...f1'f pice 10 111,11 1119 Qcys 511 the 11111 in 111, 111i1' 3' 1. r QT T111 Cliiegt Q 1119 of 1f1, ipiziii A 1:11311 Tgdd '.'.'11C heii 'L' 37 '19 1-i:'Q LIE VI :1f?111f1ic11 Q11 at KV? 11 111 1172 161126 Fgrv- 11 'JTIIIC '.-1, 1,f'lOCuT-L1 'nt '17 v1x1.f, f1r,11 'ijfllli 21 111-'e i"LYfi'1YZ1QI1f 'r 11,9621 fi ?'If1f 11 :CQTQ if 39-All TE11: jxezr the 116:11 ':.'111 1cfzQ 11111, ge-xicrie. 1 1' C3111 1j',,'1':1e, incl CV nik? Chai. FE Ez 11 fi H and ECC FICSCLL c1,11.,C11s:171e'.'f:1' C1 5 3,3 .111 111: 'AJQZI' Und rtlihfy 1111.611 11,1111 jf.. 1' 197122 TEV- f.f'i"3f ff '.-:'1' '11,-xirfifiii 1 111111: C.i:11'f1'-J "bird, f'C11111 ' 'f':1'1i:1 f'1111.1if1:1'Q11 If 11,31 if 111315, 1-1lXA"fQYI:Q'1. 'ifll .3111':f:Q-P: 11.511 '1'11f1 1111 1111310 fI1"III'A-' c-11'p,','1.k',1ff 11.1 't111f 1. 1119 i130 fV7IIf'iI1!'f?f'C',i 111, 3115: 1-JQQQC-,,r1'.' fit C'11ver '111j f111fz11f1pC11.' 111, hivi '11 f'f11'.'f31 '111'i'.-:au Q19 :':'1'1j iz 11.9 t1111Q 1i:'g'.'1:i': T113 'ri1i311t'.' if 1111" 119 111111: if fefjtm' MIM -I IS Al - 2 .n.-HQ- :- Seated Pavlxn Fox Bennett Krohngold Newman Montgomery Stone Standmg Hyrran Ltlly Ste1skal Coach Rohm on B1rth1sel Vegas Doyle Tannenberg Mgr The Sons of Neptune of the Academy had a fa1rly slow start th1s year owmg to the many changes of coaches They fmally settled down to v1gorous tramlng wrth the commg of Coach Robmson of Northwestern Umverslty Mr Robmson coached ten champlonshlp teams and f1ve Olymprc sw1mmers durlng h1s th1rtyf1ve years work at N U The team framed for four weeks before Chrlstmas and one week after the vacatlon then met the lvhlwaukee Un1vers1ty School Followmg th1s they had a meet nearly every week wlth the exceptton of a lapse of three weeks between the Lake Forest Academy and Wayland Academy meets Three weeks later the team entered the lnvltatlonal M1d West Prep Conference Swlmmmg Meet at the Culver M1l1tary Academy In lnd1ana Although the team was defeated several tlmes durlng the season there was no lack of Splfll at any tlme The Sons of Neptune won one meet the flrst 1n three years when they submerged Wayland Academy 1n Elgm s pool lndlvldual records were set by varlous swrmmers Among these were the forty yard free style set by Doug Bennett and later broken by Paul B1rth1sel Paul also broke the former records for frve breadths swlrnmlng slxty yard free style forty vard back stroke twenty yard free style S1XlY yard back stroke and the twenty yard back stroke He also set the pool record at the Wayland Academy 1n the one hundred yard back stroke Bruce Lllly broke the record for the ftve breadths pushmg whtch was later broken by Mlles Ste1skal Stelskal also set a record 1n the Wayland pool for the one hundred yard breast stroke Mayor V s were awarded to Capt Paul Blrthrsel Asst Capt Mlles Steyskal Doug Ben nett Ivan Pavlm Ed Fox and Bruce l.1lly Mmor letters were awarded to llm Krohngold and Pedro Vegas SCHEDULED MEETS AND SCORES an at Mllwaukee Un1vers1ty School 28 55 an Wayland Academy 38 37 an Mxlwaukee Unlverslty School 31 44 Feb Lake Fo est Academy 24 51 Feb at Lake Fore t Academy 26 49 Feb at Wayland Acaderry 33 42 I . 10 ' ' ' , - I .. 24 .,,,.. , , - I . 31 ' ' ' .. , - . 4 r ,, - , 7 s ,,,,,, - . 28 A - Seated A Shrlhnglaw Burge s M1tcl'ell HOFNITZ Mgr Stcmdmg Chrrs Chrxstensen Thomson Manuel M Ccn ell Frarcrs The season began Wrth an enthusrasttc group of boys who wanted to play basketball lt ended Wllh an enthusrashc group whrch had mastered the fundamentals and are well on therr wav to dolng great thlngs for E A ln the future Spark plugged by Ioe McConnell Andy Shrllrnglaw Bob Francls and the Chrrstensens the team began thelr season rn great style They knocked off Harr.s and Wheaton as they got up steam As the aforementtoned f1ve moved up to vars1ty poslttons, a younger, less experrenced group took the helm Thetr eager gusto brought more than one supertor squad to near defeat Under Coach Orsborn, the boys concentrated on learn1ng the game ln preparatton for next year lt IS then that thls group of fledgltngs Wlll fly Therr evcperxence playrng agamst Lake Forest, Wayland, and other schools wlll be a valuable lesson for the future Those who paructpated thrs year are lookxng forward to next Wrth great expectattons and backward wrth fond memones t T I 7 -3333 ' I ,V - , ' , ff' an T ,,fwgf:rV.1 1 IUNIQR -VARSII Y BASKETBALL L . . . . i 'I'llE SPRING SPORTS Startlng the season wrth therr annual southern tr1p durrng sprrng vacatron the tennls squad got off to a good start Playmg varrous schools from Tennessee to Georgra they garned much expenence as well as a very pleasant vacatlon The frrst team composed of Sh1ll1nglaw Vegas B1rth1sel and McConnell played qurte a number of conference and non conference schools ln all the1r matches they came out fa1rly well Of the group Andy Shrlhnglaw a freshman showed the most promrse for successtve seasons Supported by all but one of rts present group the team should be good competltron next sprmg The golf team started practrce as soon as the weather permrtted Wolter Hyman Hor w1tz Krohngold and Brelby returmng from last year were the stalwarts of the squad whrch was agarn coached by Perry Smlth Practrclng at Bonnre Dundee course the group prtmed for the conference match whrch was held at Culver on May 29 ln ll'11S and 1n the malorlty of thelr seven matches they d1d a good lob for the most part Wlth the exceptlon of two thts squad w1ll also be back 1n strength next season to ultrmately provrde strong cornpetltlon 1n the conference tourney Under Coach Tom Robmson the track squad showed a marked rmprovement Sparked by l'11gl'1jL11'I1peI' Steve Goodman and the effervescent Mr lmes the squad was always a hard worklng and wrlllng group Although thetr season was not outstandrng few could have wrshed for any more Splfll than shown by the team r.-......i.... TRACK Farsi row Stone Hayes Martmson Fox Ayala Colllngbourne T Olrver Flamrmo Tannenberg Second row I Srragusa Goodman Mealman Clansky lmes Manuel Mater Betz Third row Pavlm Mr Robrnson McNamara Brrtton Montgomery Allen f . 1 1 1 I I - I 1 1 ' I I - 1 I I 4 1 . , , 1 ' l I , cl . - L U I . . . ' . , - . , ' ' A sz' -. T ts W 4 A -A Q l V f ' X .W ,X I . K ' Q ' Q - ' ' ' ' fi l 0' ' X 1 ,,, 9 ' 7 .4 4 xx" ' A T . I -T ' 3' 5 ' K . - -f ,- - V Zvi-.. ...,4..: r i I . A V , 1 . - . , - - 1 I . , . 1 . - 5 f - , . , f t GOLF Fxrst row Emkson I Olxve Sclorror Krohnqoldl Second row Blelbv Hormtz Hyman Wrwlter Mr Svlth TENNIS econd row A D 3 Fay . U . . Y First row: Shxlhxglaw P, Vegas T-f:C:::e1E 'jcyle Ste-j 4 ' Z S : ::9"Y'f1GZ'1 Bennett Burgess Srxnkler L11 T L V I. Mitchell, .. Sirsgus . ' es THE DESIGN FOR THIS TITLE PAGE WAS MADE BY GEORGIA SIMS F 4 1 x V-Q i w:- 'f All , 'V 5' Q ' f w hx ' 'V N ,F x -5 ,sgxmr 5 C " . 4 5 , X .ji E ' ffl? QEH E4, THE 1948 ACADEMY REVIEW e eer Qeledect 0 k m the CI ci rn te ricdl' f I- tj xj 0 All !XllfI'l A wer lecxme O merry mug Vlfhlle fleffmg dorm 112 Icy lt Qees plcuh men cmd mlghtf l-'ln And Matches humczh play ll per 'ses through the cu, great And vle Us the vulclge small Some lands 1t helps reluvencfte From others 11 tcrkee all Bruce Lllly P ,QIIIIIIIIIIJ J DHI! P 011 Llffl' Plllllf if lily lf Pl' PII If 77llll'9llPl'll0 PIIIIPII 10,1 fl! P F0 ugllj n'Fllf0l' I' 9 i ll lf! lfllguja Olllff fl? I Th material for the review has lc, . ,, , ' from 'J yezr s '.-I r ' . English classes ri ' the art clcrsses. A cam .it e cf students c:d the f ' ey, including Mr. Swinrlertfari, lflr, E1-Jing, cmd lflr, Euelice hive chcseh the f'3l13'.'.'1xg is :misc diff' ef the year. . 4 I" T S .1 ' ' 1 I a -v I ' I L vv, 1 ' m.. . n I1 " X P L . ' ', '48 -. A,H,f f.M.M-.KJX U, -5 f ,M pl JlnJm+5f M 11 fm! I 4 f C 7 'I' YCC P, :pw f 3 C wer TQ mqk O all Y Ollll 1 411 1 ,4 11C UA C1 U I, DCI C er y r e Irect far UQ' R cffara Co mqb xrre ff? J UIHUH1 UNH J d f J Q f. f , I 1' 1: 1 Tl "'ii1:1 "2 ' I.. xjifl' 1,11 rin'-'Q i. 1 .14 f . :,, . ' if fr zlwrg. I 11,11 Q V TIQIH 1, ' ig." iwfztt IYT1 "11'.'.'CI'f fnlrrf' fv gr.:.1: 'uf m':zp'.' 1- W1 'yr y, MU C- .',v,,, w,r4,ib E .I.,4 Alffqlr. " f m':C5AO 77' 'H' 'T h' Ui 1f1I1X'.'Z.' 9 5,rwiT',' :'1 kfg' 1'1If'1 fx- pf:A:1 '1l."',fl 3-Lf.-i .:A ':f1T.1 1: Q' :wig 'x','f,'."I1ff Am: f 'Liv 11113. IQQEO '1fC.f.f.'1TIC:C"1'A.'.f.I ffffl 0 H' Q,-4 A x ,fl ,MQ ',-.-f 'ful , . ,. . . ' 'K M3 M " ' "'- 'f ' "' WL111 uit 2i:.t:1',' wot' 3113315 :gf zuejzrt eff' fi 3 3 L i333 Kf7f'Ani5 49:12 Tffcxmc: f lfezmc E :rid rgriicrsf cz, C'fll GFI you kb, vm that reid of lie ' dgxig T 1:5 KQEIT Q L it 1113i ner-ei of F2'.'ll V M WL -X Leudimx 11' sm til is 1:21 Jcrgf 1:.:11e'.' 3. f , W f QUQ 'gif .111 fo g 1135 f ,:1tQ- 9 W. 1 il.fCl,,'1i f f - ' f fc If lf lllfl' .t'f'.:ziff: fmt gf-1 rf-fig 'llil-.1 f lII'.'fr'.'.' L ' rl' Lf-i '1f'l.f1f.1 fff ir':. f' X ff . ff,-T .rf :ft 1".lf'. ' ,111 iff- .. .Gnd 'r-': 'I1.'Qi",'Ti, if. rzxfmf ' J t' TL: 'riff i1f"'? x:.i: QAk':i:,1":: :I xx ig: ISM' 1l.- 1l'II.f 1, f'f.Q'l. Ifffffi 1:.fArf": . Y. :N '.l3.f"'1 .flxgi c-1 4 .- ..i ii, g':f'r,', -' j4 1' 'jAfg 331 Tj 171 A .'V1ZQI.', f III ,f,,A'f,.f "f'IfT'd-' ' ' ' V . . - 7- f. .. V. f,., ., '.,, "1.'Q1 z., :fr IQ. 1 .7 A... f,: 5.1, , 1 fi, fffflj i Trzxrpi ':' 1" f. A ,'1I.1.. fifi JH :QTg. i rg, , Pi War 15 hell a man once sa1d And as l look ahead l dread The thought of seelng men around Me kllled mthout a Nord or sound Except the .ffh1sper brought DY death Escapmg rn a man s la t breath l wonder rf l too shall dre Wlthout a Nord but ,ust a s1g'1 To tell the Lord ol all my rns So ltfe anew and heaven begmns Instead ot hell wn1ch round rne rergn A dev1ls sea of hurr1canes But when the calrn agarn returns The trre belofv st1ll burns and burns Ur't1l 1t bursts upon the earth M, Jw I Watched the sun set o er the golden sea And heard the ceaseless roar ol breakmg waves Upon the endless sands that seern so free The sand whose bleakness IS as countless graves The trde rernalns through all etern1ty And breamng waves vvlll never cease thetr roar The sun w1ll set for many more to see And glearmng ands w1l1 ever slcrrt the shore They do not llf but ev ry age endure Wh1le we are born and barely feel hfes touch Before the clarrn ol lrfe wlll death assure And hold your soul tn hrs eternal clutch The sea the sky and stars Wtll all rerna1n Then Why lS hte on earth lor us ln va1n7 To shame and k1ll tne peace whose blrth lvan Pavhn 50 Shone through the cross Where lesus bled Yes War 15 hell a man once sald lames Wolter 49 fm Mzglefw Wkfj 34 , yjifl Wgf I 47 mr L 2- ., . ,. . f I I I - T T I . Y . 1 - . , , , A X . . T1 I I. S . I , . 1 . , 1 Y L 5 I . 1 3 , I . N Q , , , ., . s' 7 , . '1 n ' ' V 1 . , , n , , . , . Q , gl' , . r . , . I ' , ' , I I . I . . , . - , 5 I ,X . ,, . , 1 - , 1 Ceramici Ly po an med, I ue e , of ri Jon mmf rowfq Jane if 0 , ran i!An faux, a P0 fnan, af uffl P fnflett Jefon foul f aff af lllJ0ll an wa u 5' If ' Z? J W ' ff Q. ' I , ' - ' A, gl 4 '51 ' r . I , f W ff fnfff JJ Qgpftan WW I poured myself a glass of beer and stood gla s rn hand starlng out over the moonlrt expanse of desert A mosqulto buzzed close to my ear and I brushed 1t away lmpatlently I paced back and forth rn the small tent The expedztton was not gotng as well as I had thought We had been dlggrng for a sunken tomb shown 1n an ancrent dlagram to be one hundred frfty feet from the Great Pyramld So far our excavatlons had d1sclosed nothxng and our hopes were runnrng low Nervously gulpxna down the remarns of my drlnk I pusned out rnfo the n1ght The moon was at 1ts zenlth but I dtdnt notrce I walked atmlessly my hands sunk deep ln my pockets curs1ng the lrfelong ambrtron that had brought me h re Who was 1t that once sard Archeology IS lrke a drsease 1t knaws at your vltals untrl 1t consumes you? Deep ln my thought I stumbled by the Sphtnx and found myself standmg before the btg pyramld and before the tra1l whrch leads to the top On an lmpulse I began to cllmb Ftve thousand years ago the surface had been smooth Tnangular blocks had been fltted lnto the angles of ucceedrng steps Now the decaylng stone and debr s had agam fllled the angles and 1n another few thousand years th1s stone monument would be only a h1ll of stone and gravel Short of breath I garned the too and paused to collect my self I looked around The desert that lay behtnd had lost dtstrnctness of outltne ana had b come a soft floatxng sea of sand The velvetv ftelds of gram and grass were dotted wtth clusters of palms and 1n the dlstance lay the N1le glrttertng 1n the blue lrght Sudd nly I felt myself expand and become a part of the desert waste The pyramtd I was resttna on became not an ancrent ptle of perlsh able rocks but an element a part of the earth to watt through ttme unt1l we and our ClV1l1 zatron and our languages and manners shall have been lost and forgotten When New York and London are legends the future generatlons w1ll look upon the pyra mrds as w do today wrth awe and admtratton I realrzed my work though drscouragtng at tmte was all Important tn preservmg for the future the monuments of the past Lots Plttenger 49 61171 en! When I see skters fylng by I Nlsh that I could take a try When I see footballs rn the a1r I w1sh that I could run and tear When I see drvers plunge the deep I wrsh that I could Jump and leap But people say I wouldnt survtve Its funny Im only ntnety ftve Charles Chrrstensen SO Ofpdlllll g OJ ?y6flLJOn . . - I ' V, S A . y i I , ' 1 7 . . . ' 9 , . . I , . . , D 1 S, - . ' . . . . , V , - , tm af 4.3544 . I A 1 , ' ' oi 1 R , 3 C . gg lr D l Il, Ill 0 xff vff'fvffffHf, 1 H! X X 1 411111 'I x The T e The T e T e Her She And when she had ftnlshed your heart would but dare ,!0I'tlAJ'Le eff? if g A old w1nd was swaylng the trees to and fro grasses were rustltng the moon was aglow dancers were tv-Jlrltng and swmgtng w1th ease rnusxc was gay and as ltght as a breeze My book rs my treasure For locked between tts covers Wrth a golden key ls a world ot fasctnatton rays of the ltre shone on a young mald And a world of mystery eyes had a sparkle that glow ed so hke 1ade d tell you your fortune tt gold you would spare Wllllam Zuegel 51 To love such a g1rl who had stolen from you The cotns of your work and w1th thts you wtthdrew Antta Sheldon 50 .7 gon ZJJLOPLJ O! KA? W I the World have been tn great trouble many ttmes but never have l been so close to Tl tn as l am now My peoples seem to tgnore htstory My people are mor warllke than l have ever ralsed They have weapons whtch can wlpe a whole country off my lace Do they have somethtng that can bulld a whole country? No Thej are taklng great power and uslng 1t Mv people preach b otherhood and pract1ce hate and prejudtce They know Nhat 1S rtght but seldom follow that knowledge and now they are angry at one another malrly because they do not know and understand each other We usually hate somethtng we do not know or understand much more readtly than those tlfungs Wllh whtch we are tarruhar lvly lace has been torn recently by tivo world wars and may soon be torn by a thlrd l cannot take another war ln the PQC1l1C ocean some of my rslands are now rutned for generattons Another War may rum my face perhaps for eterntty My people confess your s1ns l have reared many peoples but never such as you Thtrtk now l beg of you tn terms of peace not war Know and understand The greatest Man once satd Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you tree Suzanne Rlch 49 54 walPfCOAf. UCf0flan .Mullin Zllfgfl 5 Q 00 h ' , , Q ' h . . V A h ' . ' - ' Ae K ' or . e ' ' . to destroy instead ot build. A D r ' ' ' . X A . . Y - I u 1 A I THE DESIGN FOR THIS TITLE PAGE WAS MADE BY IEAN SHILLINGLAW CALENDAR, 1941 1948 .Szl9teIllLeI' The summer that has been all too short for most of us has come to an end and 1t IS now t1me to once more open the doors of the 1n t1tut1on Although few w1ll adm1t 1t were all secretly glad to be back and start the ball rolhng Eagerly everyone rushes to the book store tn order to bv y new books and suppl1es st1ll smelhng of glue and sawdust The f1rst class gets over am1d the groans of homework on the hrst d y 'll The new add1t1ons to the faculty are ap pralsed and passed by the1r followers as are the new g1rls by the old boys the football boys return from the hrst practrces w1th ach1ng backs scraped noses and only DIGISG for the coach The f1ISl m1xer IS a grand success tsurpnsell and the annual tea 15 g1ven for the new gurls Everyone 1 enthus1ast1c and th1nks that school IS golng to be a wonderful place th1s year Oczolef The gr1nd IS now IH full swtng and the problem of class off1cers IS aken care of The mmates of Raymond are becormng acquamted Vtfllll Sears and soon have regular escorts baclf to study after d1nner The O and B comes out as a new weekly ed1t1on and IS eagerly awa1ted by all each Frtday North Shore comes to Elgm for football and we emerge the loser by twenty one polnts but the boys gave all they had The A91ChS are g1v1ng teas a'ter all the games and somethma l1ke 1700 sand N1ches are consumed at once There IS the ever present quest1on of chaperones and dates for Hornecommg are around the corner The great day arrrves wrth L F A messxng up Elg1n by a large score The boys stagger off the held and make ready for the l9Sl1V t1es afterward The dance IS enyoyed by evervone mcludmg those who gave up the1r corsaaes 1n order to bulld the coal fund for the lr1sh School Georg1a S1ms IS crowned Homecomrng queen by Semor presldent hm Clansky and lmes collects h1s fom the Qdeer' and SUSIE for h1s touchdown Olfefll QI' The wonderful E 1n1t1at on IS held and we learn that Ne haxe a German refugee 1n our mtdst The f1rst grad1ng Def1Od has left ts wake of mourners and Frlday n1ght study halls are gett1ng to be au1te popu lar The lntra mural volleyball games are held and the Orange club eme ges v1ctor1ous g1v1ng them a good lead over the Blacks The nursery IS opened and ve now have a younger set 1n the Academy The bGS1C sk1lls are far ng qu1te well w1th twentv rece1v1ng IH spelllng There IS rofv a nurse at the ln f1rma y and dorm students are rap1dly developmg A - - . , 1- A . S . , . , . . .1 , , -J , , . s ' 5 I . . t . , - , 1 ll ' . l - k1sses r 1 ' 1 ' . ., , ,... Q . . , Y Y . . ' . 1 . A A - ' - I T' D U : l . , fV ' I . N i . A . . A. S . . A T - . r , , PATRONS FOR 1948 I'III.I.'I'OP w O A I B WARREN AIKEN PHOTO A I DOROTHY K ALLEN A EERSOII PA NT WALL PER HAREWARE R C IC S W BECK CO BEIERS OE ELG N BEF DTSEN PA RY MR AND IRS IOHJ1 BENNETT MR AND MRS H I BIELBY BLOCK 6 KUHL CO BLU JI S BORDER CI CREAI MR AND MRS W A :gs T BUL Km LONERGAN ADVC AGCY RUNPEE IR AND MRS W C RURGESE G CARPENTER MD I R AND MRS CHRIS I QRRIEIENSEN MR AND MRS A R COLLTNGBOURNE CONGDON AVENUE POD TRY PARP DAVID C COOK PURLISHIN Q0 OPEIN BOOK SHOP DANIELS Q, CLARK CHAS A DANNER CLDTRIE DELS BI YCLE SHOP DQSOTO PLHVOUTIE A SERVICE RAID fRSWPDYL IXR I D VRS WM E DR CHSEL ECO IOMY OIL CO VWARDS CREDIT EWLLERS IIC AES AIERED D EDWARDS I'R AND MRS GEORG P EDWAFD ELOIN AVER CAN LLGIN ARTCRAET PRINVIING CO I ELGIN 'XUIO SUPPLY ELGIN CAWILRA SHOP ELCA CLEAI ERS f EUPR ELC II DAILV COURIER NE I E D ELOUR EED CC LCID INCOL JR Affff ETORE OE ELCIIQ AOKEM FUI ROS ' .-'II.'-' ' CIR PIER INDE , I PA I I ,I I L Z IIC fEIAfJ CO L I' In 1 1 J J I I , Eff I I ,. 1 II l ' :I , I , 'RI TOY ff 'y ' Q A I I Q J E A .vxJ-, ff... I II . . . E E Tl I I-I. . , 4 A . If- W A JI,I. . -. I n A , 'L I . I. I , G ' T 1 w A n 1. I Iff. I A IFJ DAVISON MOTOR SALES, INC, 'I.I I IC - I SIILES 5 E VI, S. P. O E AN I , I I IE . I, IN I I EJ I .Q IE E S, I5 . . IL . ' A I 1 ' " A 1' YS I A - fl I N " I 1 Y -fx . I IL , I --., I i EE , v-w .J E 1 . . L1 .. Lf YE . IJ I IFRS, INC I. JI I I - EHS LGIIEI fx E T CO, E' IIL I5-MERCY Y IIIC everything that w1ll lead them in that d1rect1on The quare dances are started and few couples are to be lound with enough energy for such exercise The stall for the l'l1lltop is announced with the honors go1ng to Georgia Sims the editor and Art Smukler business manager who make a tough team to raise the 1500 dollars expected Coach Robinson Joms our throng and the Sons of Neptune lS formed The month ends :1th the annual Thanksg1v ng vacation and we all go home 'o eat turkey and return to talk turkey' ECB!!! el' The E Dance IS held with the music supplied by Dick Berry and some of the couples present cause much cornrnent The Seniors finally divulge the col leges of the1r choices and they are only hoping for the best Each lub adopts a British fam1ly and con t outes S50 00 for its support The feel of Christmas IS getting 1n the a1r and the basketball team gets oft to a start by winning over I-larr1s but losing to Wayland and Concordia The dancing class IS formed and new members learn that most modern dancing is nothing but huggln on the dance floor The g1rls are learn1ng the hard way not to cross their knees hen they sit down The Cnristmas program 1S given A ith songs by both the boys and g1rls choruses and corno ned The girls ma-ce their 1rst appearance in their quaint costumes and rate a hand The play 1S a g and success and not one person forgets his or her nerton a surprising father and Sally a wonderful ma1d The school iloats by in anticipation for the next two days and at last the doors close amid corny cries of See you next vearl Llllllllfy he revelers are trodding their weary way back to school and everyone agrees that it is good to be back to get a rest and some decent food There IS now a period ot intense study before those exams and the ave age s1ght is a student too weary to keep his eve open slurnbenng in study hall The Student Coun 1l IS elected and lim Clansky is chosen president as he IS of practically everything else in our domain the new teachers arrive lvrs Hedrick 'or airls gym and Miss Moore lor the nursery school The boys wish srie vas ther gym teacher The Rec room IS en larged and there IS no v a cozy corner mth a bench IH it that IS being put to good use The Red Cross Drive is started and ends with fair results The team loses to L F A in basketball out wirs the ladies on the way back They a so lose to Wayland but keep on pegging A ne .fr discussion group IS ormed to meet at M S vinnerton s on alternate Sunday nights Smuk ler vtns the Time test and Birthisel and Bennett both break records in swimming Vlgin defeats Wayland in the same to even up the basketball score S , 4 , A' L - , l . r . c ' ' ' - ri . . , , . , . . . .Jar I . 1 . i I . I , f. . lines! Susie makes a very dignified mother, Mr. Swin- TL . F . AC. . . . . W . . . . 1 , rv- .' , . . 1 1 1' i . ,. 1, . - c.. , I 'v ' i I . y - V . . . . 1 , r. 1, . - A . . I . . L ' Y PATRONS FDR 1948 I'IlI.I.1'OP : -I1.I. MOTOR SALES, IQC EIGIII IIIATIONAL BAIYK ELOIII NATIONAL WATCH CO. EIGIN SOFTENER COR EI CIN WIA DOW CLEAIIIIG CO ELLIS BUSINESS COLLE I ERED ETTNER SHOE CO E I EEATP R EARIA EIRST INAT OI AL RAIIK EISI-IBURNS PAINT 6, WALIPAPPR CO EDWARD EOR DRS GABBY AI D DEUTERIIAI GEORIJES C OTHES SHOP IIC CI-IAS E GIERTZ 0 SON CRAIINING RAUSCHERT IIR AIIL MRS M G HARBULA III II IND WIOTOR SALIS MR AND MRS EDWARD I HIIL HORART PAPER CO MR AND MRS MARK HORWITZ I-IUBBELL MOTOR CO ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHOI CO ILLINOIS CLEANERS ci EURRIERS IMPERIAL REST AURPNT SUPPLY C P OPINSOIN OST NS C I KESSELRING KERBER PACKING CO VR AIID I'RS BERTRAII KROH CIOID LAINCHO SI F LESCIAER If C IOPBAUER IWBRAIID ROSS BROS I OI TGOMERY MR AND MRS IEOIIIRD E MANUII IfAPLE LAIIES M AID fRS R C ff' OI BRIDE EROS CO IC CIA ARA OHI W f CUEEII ERII DI S PRESCRIPTION rPIIAR ACY VP AID URS A E IJIOI TCO f'IRY ORC- I S .FLOWERS 1 T FHTV QUUIIP P II IG .- ' I. II N I , Y- If-.f I JL , . Y. I I C . IN XI I IE I ' .XT . Y I . IDI -.1 ,A 1 N - - A I I . L.. A A.. . f Ix Iv - 1 , IN JI Ixv f-. I V Y ID , J . , ! J. J . I -J I N vI x Ii . . I rf- 1 '- IIJ I I1 I IC Q I YT 11.1 . , . , F - ni -, Y-' J I ' 1 K J X - Y V I., . . I . I ,I 4. IIN .I II JII R I-E J ID IIIDI v . I I . ,L , , I. I. I , . Cv IfI N - I M 6 M APPLIANCES I- , J I I II. IIIXI I-I, I -E I A Y IIR. I I- I,C.f.I1.S I xrn X A TXT MII. I I.. . lIx . If' Y 'ff Q f '. I.Ic EE' T,-V v-vw-I A-A.-v xv- v pr IWIIL. I 'I 1 I I I In ,Y , f- 1 . ,I A I. XJ II , . E. . NI III. If L w .-, 44 is UUE TER ILS .Q IQEIJHT BAKERY IIEWS ITIIII CO. 2 rllafy The month gets off to a ra her gloomy start as Elgrn loses sw1mm1ng meets to M U S and L F A but they are 1mprov1ng and three of the vars1ty men are srck The campus IS IH cr drther for the great Ae1ch dance IS soon to arr1ve and has been properly chr1s tened The Crysta1 Ball and the art classes are frlled W th the sounds of busy females work1ng on the blue a d srlver decorat1ons The mus1c IS furn1shed by the orchestra of Maunce Norhng and the dance lS pre ceded and follovt ed by var1ous and sundry part1es A young brother arr1ves from Venezuela and all the femrnlne hearts go p1t pat The Culver game lS played and 1S one of the best of the season although we lose Some of those men 1n un1form make qu1te an 1mpres s1on on our g1rls The Todd game 1S lost by two po1nts and we are beg1nn1ng to feel rather low when the Samt lohn s game IS lost too The month IS ended wrth the tournament at Lake Forest whrch lS well attended by our group Our lads do the1r very best Job of the season We ga1n the a1d of Pepto Brsmol and SUSIE do a wonderful Job of cheer1ng The l1ttle green sl1ps are 1ntroduced and promptly forgotten by the students 1f not the faculty The month comes 1n as the proverb1al l1on and study halls are long1ng for spr1ng Coach Robmson organ1zes a l1fe sav1ng group and n1ne of our number ga1n the1r sen1or badaes The basketball rntramural games are played Wlth the team of Bob Franc1s emerglng the v1ctor The frst warm days are recog nrzed by a few hardy students who go to chapel w1th out the1r coats and the members of Mr Eust1ce s art classes go to the great outdoors for some new 1nsp1ra t1on The Wednesday Chapels are made much more 1nterest1ng by br1ng1ng 1n out of school students to per form The speech contest comes off w1th few honors commg Elgln s way but for the next two weeks there 1S much talk 1n the boys dorm of someone named Mlckey frorn Wayland The tennrs team IS assembled 1n trme to decrde the number who Wlll go to Georgra dur1ng the spr1ng t1acat1on Stud1es are gett1ng stale and there are last mrnute rushes to take geography tests before leavlng for the much aNa1ted rest and much the worse from our GCl1'v1l19S we return from a beautlful Easter ,4,, ,1 Dur1ng the frrst weeks the l-l1lltop staff 1S Worklng l1ke so many beavers 1n order to get the brg book done The trees are budd1ng very early but the spr1ng 1S not qu1te permanent yet Tnere are last mlnute prep arat1ons tor the spr1ng concert whrch mcludes both L . l 1 . . . . . ., - 1 I - 1- 1 11 1 1 - 1 1 1 l H . . . . AA . 1 , ' 7 . . 1 .1 - r 1 - , I 1 , . - 1 1 . , . . . 1 T - - 11 - 11 - es , . . . 1 A 1 ' 1 J . - ' 1 . l ' . . , . , . . 1 . . , 1 . . , - 1 . Y . 1 o - - 11 V 11 - - 1 . 1 . , . PATRONS FOR 1948 I-lII.l.'l'0P WHT fx P-KX f-N J' L Inf L, fvx fx. r-QNX -Aj TC X, P V V Hx OI IfN rx X, ,-X W V rw fx fx. V fwf f- Y-yn. V .1 V xx v RNA r X., fx H VJCV O SR Q R A .J f ' A NK ifglfvn "i"'f:'1'irL: ' F' ?P5'fTI7'V C "fn .,v ,.-W .,-W. V,,..Y,.,, .. H HX , H, - .X .- ,. Ji.-.J .-A..-,, .ALJ.,g..,. , .,.-.-,.f L, E., Li Lfgprxl FQ ,. Yxf. .- ., ,rn !3.,.1, I ,. :U 1g A, wg 1' f"f'f'fjl:7Jh"'li 15? "Q H Af T,f'IL'w' ff "WI I. 1'l'Ig'f"' f"f,1' Ag-. ,A I XQNWFWA7 33554 .QL Xl V- LA--y ' ' " V "f"xfff' f'.',f..f 4..g IIf" Sjf'1f"'1'fI1- ., .,., ..A. ""Il"'TTs Lf. ' ,,,,!1:,. ,i I ,.z5t,:,,N,.1,N ,.v..,.. . 711, UvE:..A.! ff? Aff ffff gwmifllfi SE5iIIfffQ31,.5,'.'f Qflflffff ,Q '.'F .7-fffi f.ff3.ff ffffff Fffff EP f"", If A AT 7' T' 'flfxf ,YMH f -1: f' X -fr 20:0 fx cf: AA T -fx . . ..AJf,.1!. fffi. fulfil ffiiff f,f'X'.','.17.fifk 5fffUPfI.I 7' f.fF ATIID f.fE'.fQ i ' fffJf,7Qf.'Q'f l'f'ff'fQ Lflfxf "ui .N - :,.,,f, ff. QE cb ,J Sf3f".IfQff'J S S'f,LffQ!XF2 fCF'Sfff,Ff 'f'fFf ,mg ., QW1-.,1,L. ,-.. .'A..u.4 , .Af V7 '4.A ',.X4.4. -V114 L--T-l --,ZF ' 1-1H"1"':' 'Lv ft. ff? .-'lfff fffi I Y SfE.QfEif,f.-'QQ ff? ATL f 'fHCf.fS"'Xff f ,. -, . AAC 1,115 r F pIlg,L,f.f.f:+..... .. W 3 f Wiwrj. F., --,. .. A, ,U Aka.. g,zL,..K if A. V--1 ,V 'f,L.l.fffTffff'Q iffS f1J.fY 'KS TEC f STFFQQ ,,,,,,.,v,Xh- X,.,.,x.v ,A . rx.,-I'.x,'A,.--,'...L-1x..-EV,. ,O ,W if, 5. ,,3.,A, ..I.1.. ..Cf..P.E ,L -ENVI: ,,,,nWT-my , ...,, .. .L X ,. 44 V.: N.: ,fx X.,A:1.r1. JA: 1 gl: - -, ww, .. ,.,,. ,,,:.,. ,A ir, .V . Cx. -NHQI... ...Q 1 A dim: I .E ,Vw .,v ,wr ,, .,,,f,.'. ,..:i.:. wAl,1Lf. w'A,. ,v.. ""ix'. ' "nf-fx I JJ, frog.. .Ji VJ, T 'W P" 'K vv.. ivri Cf., jf FIV 'Y LP II img., p Z'J:'J N choruses ln a full program for the f1rst t1me The casts for the three plays are selected and Mrs Ewtng puts all who are concerned to very hard work lt becomes qu1te the past1me to trv and catch lmes and Slms 1n the1r b1g scene pract1ce but few are successful ln so dolng The Snoopmg Elf contest IS started and 1t IS anybody s guess as to ITS real dent1ty but all have the1r OPINIONS' The spr ng sports program IS started and the track men are very sore for they llfld Coach Robmson to be a very tern taskmaster 1n that sport as Well as sw1rnm1ng the golf team never seems to be able to get together for a pract1ce but Mr Sm1th doesnt seem to m1nd too much The campus IS rap1dly falllng 1n love Vflll'1 the rdea of love The long warm days are show1ng the1r effects on Sl..,1d19S and everyone IS YVlSl'1l1'1Q for a homework as lgnment that 1snt so long The play rehearsals dr1ve on unt1l the n1ght of May 14 when the aud1ence 15 surpr1sed at the dramat1c ab1l1ty or some of the stu dents Mrs Ewrng IS presented w1th some beaut1ful roses 1n apprec1at1on The Semors are real1z1ng that t1me IS QTOWIUQ all too short and are trylng to slow everyth1ng down The tenn1s team lS hav1ng fa1r suc cess 1n the1r meets Once aga1n they meet the school s old r1vals Lake Forest Park and Northwestern M1l1 tary The gol' boys are lagg1ng a l1ttle and the track team develops 1nto some good mater1al w1th st1ll better hopes for ne t year The annual track conference IS held v 1th Elgm playmg host to Lake Forest Culver and St lohn s The Sernors manage to get the1r term papers IH on t1me and the rnonth closes w1th the treat of exams com1ng ahead lille Th halls are s1lent as the exams are 1n progress There 1S the usual a1r of stat1c and ant1c1pat1on The Semors go about sa ,frng goodbye to the thmgs whlch have been the1r da1'v l1fe for at least two years Bac calaureate IS he d at the Congregat1onal Church Class day IS held and the a ards are QIVGH The last 1ssue of the O ci B comes out and the Elf IS a secret no longer The annual p1cn1c IS held at Trout park and the usual sunburns are acqu1red At last the prom 15 held w1th ex eryone havmg a grand t1me A row of strangely d1fferent f1gures mot es down the a1sle 1n the Art Gallery after havmg 1o1ned the Alumnl Assoc1a tlon pomp and C1rcumstance the last speeches by Suns and Clansky the address by loseph McCartney and then a t1nal handshake and a solemn Good bye and good luck , . , 1 . I ' ' 1 . ,, . H . . A 1 . 41 . ,1 . . . 1 , . 1 : . 1 1 , . A , ' Q 1, , . . . v-1 f-'. 1. - , . 1 W I . ' I - f S . 1 . . 1 . . 1 . 1 .. I 1 . . . , A V I I - . I 1 , . V A . 7. . . I ' I , . . , 11 9 . X. . . AA A 1 4 ' 1 1 . -.f l . YK' , 1. . . . . , - 1 A . . 1 , Y , . 1 . . Y . I - . .1 . H . . , I ' I . A A - 1. V .N-

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