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r I' rlll' FOB 519 Q11 'nz - ...J ' Cgfze gfgin kgcczcfemy in, inois W ggjav-hxq 1 N . Q " ,i' "v A v .., , ' 'I' 'x rl S A DI XINIFRQ TIF N Ju W, 21, f1ff,,, Gsm DONALD SONDEL Edltor ARTHA F -JD ALPH HI CIA EOE VREEBLR T991 T 'D P 'UFOLY ST CPAP 3 Lal r' DEA CI. V ILBERT 9 rn L X F , . KJ 1 'I . J.-Cf- Fffff' R , ff f A.:S.S1FfCfTT Eiiifif A , G Spcrts Staff , Q'-IL11-CLZfIA'ffE.l,fI EL IO 1ffSCff C... 'ff. Elfffff HUGH KEfIYC'ff FACK GRSBORTI 1 Lirzi Kirxgai Af S1 ff Bufiiexq Sflff CHAR fn B TIKLEH' , 2: irwarc G JRTELL M ttffjf .. f'.'1 V7 Pf13TC':r3A,fgj.' - - L r J NX 27 ?E:4i'4:IP'i.b, mc rf F lllSl"S 9372 -'45 ,- 1 'fs bl T117 'I .Ll : . ly ,. F' ' 1 igiffb Ll , ff vw.: . 131 . ,ifwh 9. ., . ,K ' X 1 ' .' cc: C -ff P. f7f.Q?'Q'Qff' Jiffi P Cgdaciacfty Capt ,gengaufcfg Wggcrzl Su rel Q monafcl Q3 Ebclgerlon CB H 7712? 711 Q J f . . . ' . l . . C. . ' Uriited States Novel Acodertiy, B S. He-adrxzsfer 3 f. vi i . ' Q . .. . .. 1 1. . University of Wisconsin De-cm of Faculty' - ' Directs? cf Curriculum A J 927771 7 377777773777 c W 77 WZNIH WH I W 77 777 777 Q. 777. JT RPL IA we 77221 fm, J 12721 7 887771 22877777 777 X77 f Q WMA m1eusQe1 T3 772 772 772 eneuce 3101! fl? I7 6 UIPIICP C INQIIQP DIFGCTC of Athleilc HIUIII 0567! for G Perry C9111 1,1 fl L1 u-1'e11c'0 gfUIl!lKWfI'OII1 Q. JT 772, JK Motherraticf Dil HUTP A FRUECHTENICMT MARION WOIHLPELL gfflllllllfl C Dye! C0611 W VQQIICI 37117171 STAFF 1 f Li' 7 71217. Plfllfljlli fl-zirciary' L V I ,, Sf-fretilrjf CATHERINE LEA Fagkii--f,-gin' . TI . '. .Q 91'--ig"f ti tif- H"'1iff.l."'x' 9-fgfifzry' .:KTf 3 DOFO FY ADANIVK DCDROTHV C As DLX KAZZSTLI rn 'vw' 2 C PIYIUI USS I UIQ Q. X 1 , i , Q I 4 Il ' If f u o A 1 ,f ' 11 1-'71-1: .f1u'r '. :,:.- 1 1 zrff ,. I: if 1 " V J. ' 4? " - " H - 1 I 1, JA L ' 1 1 rf: w 5 11,1 ,- 1' 5, '1' f, 3 ,1- :,:'.. IL 1 'ff 1' 1 .f Q 1 2 izf,-f .LL-,fi 1 .111 5 ,f HV- r .1 fX.i.t.i Z. Y' ' V' F' . f' QE :'f -' f .. 11:11 1'f W Q 'F 2: :X ' " 1 fi f,:,:n I ' ix. .'1i Ti. nt. 1"r1i..:i. fl ' ff f,f',yf' g,1 5 1 "L ' '.i'f. 1' .. f-- Ur' :J f ' L L P' 11:1 11,1 If, it vt' f I iff' 1 3 1. i 1 :L -, ' 1 Pr-If: wfi' .3 'iw' '1 .Z Y 1 I . ' . ,, V ,. V ' A V 1 . , . v 1' 1.1 3 fi.1 '1.1 fi,-If . 1' 1' f r yy jffl ' 1 ' f I J, it I f '1 , 1 1 It ' f. 1. Q, 1 gA It z ' 1 :f"1, vm-f. :1:.. TQ 1 1 .1 - 1 1 1 , wif r. f in 1, 1 ff.1.' 1 ' .' 1 ' 1: 1' .L ' 1't,",1f-1 2" ' I. .I T' 3.31. is i1l11::,r.. ',1l.1 119' fi 1, .L 'II'.1l I ',1fj..': if 1.:.,ty1 -L "git 51.7111 :Qi fiiqet 1:15 1" Q11 Liner' 1:13 E.f1QP,.f.6f'.-' :fri ini 'i .. ' .fztez ips 31C1.Y1 AffJ'16fI,'-K 1 1 Q I , i Y if ss X 1 .5 J 'ask' , .4 H W gt, ' n 3 . A VN ' K 5 id, P w . U' ,.-f-2 D '93 3 gl guy- i 3 4' 5 I-'H J v 'X X' ' ' ' x '1- 'Q . x " - 2' , V2 ff ,..,, -,K B' me '97 1 fi 5 i 5, .0 ? ZZ? ig Q .A ,iw we KKK li F U Jw! nc ww II Wheaton llhrots Varslty F otoall Captatn Varstty Bas lcetoall Track Motor E Dramahcs Chameleons Bob bett r known a Deo ow was an addttlon to the Sentor Class thts vea He halls from that famous tow c Wheaton He pr xed we y xaluable to our football and oasketball tearrs a 11 showed a areat aeal o cwool 'sp1r1t Deafon Nas very hard pressed for trans portavon out to Barrtngton however he rranaged to see Sal practlcally every weekend We re gomg to ntss hlfll next year but not hke hes QOIDQ to rntss commg up to EA on the Thlrcl Rau' We hope you aet your WlSh of seelng t'1e world through the open aoor o' ct boy ar Good luck' J Jw! fxz lc' Chtcago lllmors Arts and Cratts ohameleons Football Go 1 Tall dark and contme al Duke managed to rrake qutte a stu' IH hts ast lymg year he e Usually m the lrre of any slow he rnarage to rnake T1 new mdelv l'r1o.v 1' llttle held l-le was votea Dy we se-'uo s as mo use 'nnu' sutctde oted or s Mae Q6l9Cl1O"1 ttes h double hreasted sutts a'1o h1s seven qallo o hre o Dulce cut qutte a wld Nath on the carrpus always dernormstratrng hrs t"1o ouart knowledge o 're 'rue pu p se of a co ed ool vet G 1s ,mn ab ut ht lutur ocato e Ufllllll' gjCfAl7ll'l' Wheaton, lllinois Chorus, Chameleons, Aeichlorians, Arts and Crafts, Girls Athletics .. ur Q su en.: :IE yea. w ,a are 1q1e g1r 1n ee :rht 'to '1 aol plllf and really l t on flllfl 1 g at a o me ga a r1 a f' aa G 1 her chool Nora Art see or he always add a o th Cl 'J 1 h 1t be the I-rt l'1s1u of a 1 s ll uck F Ifll as III e fy Park Rtdge lll1no1s fs. Dorm Counc1l Charneleons Camera Club Footbah Manager Basketball Vlanager l'l1lltop T e Dorm R1dge blo.-1 b ez d1I"lO the A azler' J l'l h1 .1r1 a a d ver Q1 a N p ' a c 1n1ty blueprlrtt o al o 1 om 1 n 1 a' 'me re ut a e a Chet no o a rr ut ave 1 Hs N113 .v e1ce'1d 1: e al ow' 1 e ll he p O ofa neu 'dew 113 r a la 'P '.'e-rj u'.t 1 ' l, ' find, she stepped ri, i.t rl e high eat of ,sch s " - ' e. 1 ' fl some qoo" :heern ll f 1, mes. Ie nne la.: leo rr.aQe I o' 'n s ' ', .',.-zr.s to be her favorite f. qs .e ' . e' 1 .e posters before 'ance Wiet. er . .. ?t't te . teachers college we all with yo the best of I J ' ' . . f . .e I , , f, .1 , , , 1 H A 1. , A h . ' ' re e '. C 11' Q l' . zar ye r Y1 e .'Y1C9, his wreck ge stre' rt :1.l': na.-1 been noted by rr1ar1y In phystcs h1.s papers were or:.rr1: ' , 1 l th se H1 the :lass Be nj elecfeol to the D 11!or1 ':OL1YlCll, he has turned li J recor' . 1 p e 'Nl.ll'? his ei-ttertslve work 1: the C rr. r ' . t nly :i de ru 11 popular ar:,or1g l1l.' fiends, b . g W the Hllfop a great deal of help .f" 4' ' ' ' e ' . " stories 'taken with 3 'u:k-t oi s 1tf and hlS U ' Ish' glance will be long rerierrf b-rej by a t. Dorri 'Cys Good luck 'Bink ofwrl GIlfJ!Jl'I' Dayton, Ohio Secretary to Senior Class, Chamele-ons, Forum Club Orange and Black Major E Varsrty Football Varsrty Basket ball Tennrs Boo came 1n tne mrddle of hrs Iunror year and rrrrre lately found hrs place at E A A far as sports ar concerned he dxd a commendable ob on the football and basketball squaas Hrs marn rnteret howev hes rn the opposzte sex namely Charlene They a e the steadtes steady couple rn school Bob 19 a able ora or athlete and wrrter All h succes he world to you jul: IC III muy Elgrn Illrnors Chorus Dramatrcs Aerchlorrans Grrls Athletrcs Pat came to us from Abbott school and after overoarr ma her lnrttal hyness she becarre one of our rrore popular tucte ts Always expressrng a keen mfe st 1 athletrcs Pat was especrally mte estea rn basketball a a spa kea the arrls team to vrctc y Never at l escort Pat brought several ew faces to our vrtres Usually rn the forefront o an: lass pray Pat was a areal addrtrcn to our emo cla May a a happy one , , I I ' - , VA 1 I l . ' . . ' r . ' . ' ' '. s, 'er, , 0 . . F- . ,. , . . . cap t , , ine - ,s in Y K . . . . . C , . , . , . , . . S 1 1 S ' n . , '. re n' r' ' . ' ' r . oss tor s . n ' fest:- ' ' . ' f . ' o s ect . N ' s .' r she 1, ' I qv .1,. the .utu.e 1 . gc! costin Wheaton, lllinois Chorus, Basketball At the second semester of last year Ed Costln lomed our school He d1dnt take much mterest ln actrvrttes msrde or outside of school because of a certaln 1nter est rn Wheaton However that mterest ot Eds has now moved IFTO the v1c1n1ty ot Elgm Remember that q.uet New Years Eve Ed and Carolyn? Ed left for the arnry at the kegmnmg of the second semester or th1s year We hope he IS dO1I'1g as well th re as he dld at t e Academy Good luck' QCII ! fDUOC!OLyCll1 Elgrn ll11no1s Chameleons Forum Club Av1at1on Club Varslty Football Paul carve to the Academy from the great metropolts lo t he e rn tact the town sort of held h1m In He was one ot the people who .cept llte IH the Dorm always 1 terestmg 1'z that you never knew 1ust what he was C1 g to d 'text Wlth hls qulet manaer mescapable blue u1t and danglmg claa ette he will be long Venrbere a E A Good luclc Paul t A A I I - I . . A . . . . I . , 9 . h . . A . 9 l C f , of Chicago, just this year. You couldn't say he was S Y A . I . . I v - ' -- ff , 4oin o . . ' ' A . , ' ' s ', ' 'W r . . " re t. . d t . . , ' . gflblfl ffl! ,I Oak Park lllrnors Secretary Treasurer Major F Sport Edrtor Orange and Black and l-lrlltop Dorm Councrl Chess and Checkers Football Basketball Track Ralph IS one of the l w senrors who has been here a E A for tour years ln drrect opposrtrorr to hrs handrcap ot deatness Ralph has become a la above averag tudent makrng honor tatus r'r hrs lunror year and merrt status several trrnes rn hrs Senror year He has b en a trreless worker for publrcatrons Thrs wa characterrstrc ol hrs attrtude toward every school ac trvrtv he entered l-le worked hard for a place on the varsrty football team and succeeded Wrth hrs gradua trorr Elgrn Academy loses a frn student and acqurres a powerful alumnus Ol Q CCI fl Panama Crty Panama Forum Club Chess and Checkers Bas ketball Tennrs Central Amerrcas grtt to the Forrest class arrrved at the begrrrnrrrg of thrs year lrorr Panarrra Crty Arr asprrrng athlete Roy became rmmedrately popular Hrs chref detects lre rrr an appallrng admrratron tor o D Lorrrs Prrma and hrs peculrar taste rn tre Asrde t orr the e mrnor defects rt has been a pleasure to have hrm among us Roy plans to corrtrnue hrs educatron r'r the states and then return to hrs natrve Pana a Nav he have the trne future he deserves ,.. Q IC' , . . r , . - I C I r . , . , . . A . 9 . r C, . Y- E' S S r r DV . I , , . 2 A. . l . D , n Q. - 1 -1 1 4 1 - ' 1 . 1 r ' " S Y .r S . r ' V . - ' r . if i1yfG4i?i? r if V is-5i'?,:, 'age 3.4 L Y, Wig? C-?!IUl'!0I?C' 'gli ig Elgin, Illinois Co President of Aeicfllorlcms Secretary Treasurer olClr1cJrr1eleor1s Chorus Grrls lxtlrletlcs e e '1 Jer! nts G f C 0 G11 He u e r W ,fear or f f uf- re 0 he cwocl Flpflflllflp have l rcmf June r 'le Gs Lee Cl ccfl ,lfl I and llvewed cz f f ull csv N1ll'1lH9 obrl tx to lcugrr ru 1 uber en o 1 We C1 so Cwczrlene mll fe Nrrol-eve' e New UIIKIQUIII Cumberland Permsvlvcxrua lurcxmcmcs Chcmeleorrs Forum Club Ornrrge cmd Black S .vrmrrurrg xeor Q' the A cr L not ccrcy :L al cms' wrlh Q Pinus e 1 N I 1 e mfrf-n r, t l.c1'1 we CIIIIIC' UUHIIS ge go llT'1Olu Co Prestdent ot AGlCHlOF1GF Cho rrno o' Revrew Busrness lflonoger fo' Oronge ond Block Chorneleons Drornotrcs r orurn Club Grrls Athletrc o :eo s 'were sne hos 3 no e oll s c1ol ocuvrr e H 1 e e lo l on '1 xe nelpeo the O onge ono Bac-f ou' o v T e Morengo tosh hos enl ve 3 ne Topp House lnestlrrobly He s nolos' obxhty nos een unquestlonoblv proved tn oooh h er otus t runror eor one hr n orozte e o e oll gorno to rr1 s you Moy u ' o ,1 USUITICIIQ UIC Elgm llhnors Chorus Art Chorneleons Aetchlorrons Glrrs Athletlcs U 3 leer two yeors here ot good old E A Poserro 1 p oxeo herself successful rn 'nonv :vols One o nos outstoncung obxlltles rs ner srngl g ond 'me wos e tertoxned us rnony t1mes 1n Cnopel on on vorr proo orrs Th1s gol IS better known Gm Flush o norfe with o rnysterlous hrstory behmd 1 A rrerrbe c h l'1gh y Severm Sxx she hos prowen he sell t be rn me mlodle of most of the soclol OCl1V1l19b orouno Wool ond or some reoson seemed to hove hoo o t terest '1 Sears Holl No one cor truthfully remerrbe Flusher mthout somethrng SO1d obout h puddl 114 p o co thot usuolly mode xts destl stron? Sh 'los olso Deen the e'x.'y of rrony gols when the rroxl wo, put out To one grond gol we vwsn oo o' luck . I7 2 . 4 . . . 'lor n' , lll' if - . M - A Ls, Mo. r. . . V . , . o. - , , - 7, L' A ' Q , .- ln l-.forts ' r IN. -l e .. 6 rnofje ouite . rrze for hors-elf in .o ' I "ies er 'ntoxsts in pu..- 'L: 'oe hop l ' . r ng . ' l l. A or rr. TIA o rut h . . I . r -. x' ne' tl se:- oni floor of er S ' . ' 1 .A r :Cl ,nic ' ' l . lo . rt V' ' r ' . er ri,r't sf 'F in her ' .Q . . Q ,er . :ol 'os Y oni Consistency in moking the honor roll this yeor. VV, f ' .V . fs A ' , . ., b t we '.-.'i.2l1 you the bes. 5 lr ck f ' . . . 1, . . , . ,. , . Nunn' to " W . , .. .. r'A nos r ' ' V ' . ' , A ' 'Ar E ner ., 'i 7 "' ' ' l . 5. 'n . sl l n ' ' Q ' fi - ous . gr f. ' ' . . ' " .er ' . , , . .A 7 ., .., . . r . . o. fte'l..'t ' .".r,.o in ' i. , . . . . r ' e ' '. . . ' ter U e- er" r ' 'n ' . .e " r . . s , if. you l its F ,JI Z Ill cage lllmors Co Preerdent ot Semor Clam Chamel eor1s Major E Football S11 I'I'1'T1l"1CJ Track Arts ar1d Crafts een N1 41 F e er fl 1O,.lb e wa fade ar11 1: e a 1 on ef 1r1 a f a Q1 f r 3 J r C c atorfe O"LQlll rra e f we Raloh IS arroh tor W1 hy Blllf' 1ea'1Clo 1e'eto ee de auf' ,ld 11 ,1ally be ew odrtterea G1 we A me ta 1 ado W1th hh, cf' df 1 1,, we 1 3 org Nay 11 1 a I III Cf PIII!!! ICIII Ulm l11r1o1Q Bus ness Manager o Hrlltop Aswstaot Busmess Manager ot Orange and Black Chameleon Ma or E FootoallSw1m rr11r1g Chorus Teyae pants Texae a owl ofa or 1 er Grove g1rl are a well lvmof 3 '111 narre 5 une-.D manager ol th H1 top he '13 turned 111 a arxclkle record ol worn ac o pllgftofl H1 g ode :ear ave 1mp oved trerre ouelf do ee on Mem Statue cmd had l"'lgt'1 Ho fe a e 1,Ji1 ot Vou Mac Ab C9'1f6 o thu le-are oot d lv uc overcarre me ha'1d1 J 6 1351 ees a d 3 Q Jewtly good ll SPG e Acade J M' reatly but N9 know 'ze C1 a ea be 1'1 arw held of ded o . tkaf f Clif ffo fn. 1 . - - ,111 , 1 1 Pzlph l13flb,,1 ' 'th 1? tor only ,:i, 'fear Y, , 'mth- Cl f' 1 t h, l fs r1. ', rr1Are.s.:1on on on, rid all flat only 1 ' he ,tcel ' thl:t1C1s, '.-.'1r.i1:'g pl Cf iz, 1:1f ll oortffrghcf football teort., hut E114 ready gm: drqi f1,'1l. pens. l 1 1 fi, him 11 fdvorrte 'nth e'.'erw'o1 , f 1 ' 1' ' ll: clothe.: fL'J.a1' 1 ,1. ccryxert bl-, 1 t r he 1l,: Tl th, f,rr1 l, popul .',: He cow ' '31 ,1 C111 ,' :I,rrr1:1'1:g .l, 1 If hearts flutter or recounting P113 adventures 12 Beverly Hills Ch: . ' 1 'H ,qs ,111 for ir1e:1d1sh'o I, 'ull go l 1 ' '. Lots of luck and hdgtjsirierr 1n the fpfxre ' e rs, C jf g' kj F : - 1- ' 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 S, j , , f , limi hrs 1 1 , 1' 'Y "', T,Z. .s .st 1e1s, ani Fox R V ' 1 1: " '1 1s Ae ' uf ,1" e 'll' , Q A ' , ' , , . , . . ref: 1 C rf. ' , 5 r ,s th1.s 1, h ' r 1,25 "D 11d he hos bw: 1. ,' ' 1 1 ' I ' :ers W, r, sro" 1 . ' 1 fir I", bil te-1:11 ff' 1 1 1 'C po1lA41:1," rtfvv 5 3 :o:1'1f1,1 fn 11 YL Th, mise hzrtz g ' 1 ' that I wtll be gr, t sure" '. A ' ' f his en' r, . Cffllflll IIZUITI PS Mexico City, Mexico Camera Club, Arts and Crafts, Football, Basketball Track Aarlan or Andy as he 1 known a otfta the carrpp cave to F A d1rectly fron MGXICO Crty Mexrco Smc cornlng here he has learned a great aeal of Engllsh and has become qu1te popular wrth all of the student Andy doesnt know whether he ll follow rn on tather oct teps and ao mto DOl1l1CS but whatever h does we k tow he w1ll corne out on t p UHXLP C UH UI Rockford l1l1no1s Captaln of Swxmrn ng Team Dorf' Councrl Major E Chameleons Foot ball Track Arts and Crafts sarre as hls brother Dave and has done his best to hve up to the precedents set for htm Pens football career .va cut short by an accxdent recetved rr a pract1ce scrlrrmage Hls rram loxe Vt ports IS swtrr rr 'ta xn wmch he excels 1'1 tae breast stroke havtra e a p ol record whtch wrll u aoubtedly tand a lona co ob Perl' We all M tt ,I te best of Jck , l ' , M " ' . r '. ' t t 's, . ' ' s . ., ' wi ' 1 s . 's f s . ' ' ., . e a . r ' . c . K . , . . Y V V ' l , L, I I I ' - , , The Rockford boy came to us in his lunior year, the , A f. , I. . W S . . . A ' - ' l . ' .. ' . ' '. s ' ' ti. J, ' l' H .1 , ' .1 I o ' . ' n' s . . trrne. G ee , ,. ' "'sl ' ou n ll ' fll'IYl'y 1201. Barrinqton, lllinois Vice-President of Senior Class, Editor ol Orange and Black, Student Council, Forum Club, Charneleons Hank has been a student at EA. for three years H13 ,eaqz an is: a iitv to get them act are have riane h1r1 a valuable rrerrloer of 616117 Ch ol or a'11za'1 lot d chrelly for h1 Nllll"lQ1"lpSS ana amhtf to fllsflu any abstract sub1ect and the almost 1'1eJ1'ahle ab erfe ot a he V-lank d y hurror and sat1r1cal mt ha e Dee he cauxse of rnary outbursts of laugh1-er 1'1 the col lounge Hank has aone a sple'1d1s1 Job Gs Eohtor Ch1ef ol the O a ae and Black H1 fhee tul :rr1'1 an onclnalance haze rracle h1rn rnany 1e'1f' a d '1 LlOllll6 ll 'te ra 1n 1 e 1 top D1 1 e Choo 111 IUIIIIC' 1 1 St Charles lll1no1s Treasurer of Senlor Class Pres1der1t l Charneleons Aelchlortans Sports Club Orange and Black Catm fa e A aaerrv1 her S tin r lea are e 1 r l1Clc,' haa araatae t alwal how a sparxh f' ot 16 atrt a C G1 '1 Ho a e s ess C1 e e we a na rr nr l e s r: e o a e t '1 DO nc eaxe 3 f ,Q rl fi h bl A o 1 1 1 ' r u 1 1 1 1 ' 4 c g 1 ' . on 'f e ' ' ' ' '. -.1' 1 ' ' A' Qi, 'ss ' 1 r , 1 1 J 1 - s, 1,, 1 QV, 1 'S r 1 1 ' ' ' ' v 'sun I ' 1 ' 1 'o '. 11 V ' S' 1 . 1 1 . ' 1 ' S C ' ,fin- 1', r no , 's -1 7' f .al n 1 1 - 1 - 1 , ' 11 fr' 1 Qs, rt tl ese q " s wi Isl. ' 5:1 r, hs 'llnas in any 5:1131 he 1 C ses J . . 11 C X - IZ 1-X11 I - 1 1 ' S, fx ' 1 o. ,, 1 , . 'N 11 1. :ze to the C '- .A n og 1 o1:1ore 'year 3 'A r fur h 7 1: .ate " Q' ' ' ' 4 1' 1 t,'i Ca hy' 313.1 1' 11: 'rn r . ' ng 1:er:onal1t',' ani a orzizht .errse of hurrcr She 1.1 efpenally know-Jn for her tad and 'rl1plorr1ac'j She 114 always the treafurer of one :lub or an E 7 and seerruz to en'o',' hanalrig :tiene-3' C 113' 'ff s h 'ryan of tle reforming Dance this 'year nd th- 'urs 11, of in t -v-nt jsroveii Q5 bility A truly :I r111i1g gin sh- 1- kind to e'.'er','::1e-eve: :eq lo 'ont interus let A r1l glarl'-' E'.'ery'c:ie 1-.fill riiss Cathy when she l ps for :allege but all re sigre will rxaks her :ark If 'srorli '.-.'E1ere'.'er she Q:-es. 730 I 1 lfla engo lllinois Dorm Council Cliarrieleons Wlaior E Basketball Track Sports Club Bill carry 'ig O'l the Patr ck t aai 1 E A arengo in lf' luntor l-le D '1 vith 'Ill' pa lcling wit a brain aria a serie o necicues Meri Status thi ve-ar has not aarrperiea his '1 hu sr pro e u p a is incl de th Unive itw H1 s uri but u'1'1v Cal 'o 'ua ls al o at active Good luc nd aood t1r11e 1 UI IU 1 Olly llgiri lll1no1s Aeichlorians Pep Club Arts and Crafts Glo IO e'11or year was he hrs last and only one at th A ademy One ofthe uncontrollable three ol Perry Giertz and Perry she has blasted her way along Iron one escapade to another Her Ve onica hair and Monday m rn1ng look ae particularly unfor aetfable to tl'ose who were clo ely associated with her We all w1sh Gloria success in her particular field of endeavor lflflfllfllll to 'uf '1, i1 1 1 ' r "t on carxe to . from M ' 1 11s , ' year. - ' rouglt 1'11 a s 1' ' ' , ' , 1 ' . ' s f ' ' F. 't f , E: A. .... ' 1 1 ' ' e1t sia. n tor a good time, as his membership in the Seven has 'J d. Bills l ture l r. '1 3' 1 e ' rsi j of v'S.C f 3 11A 1. r1' 'F s tr ' - lc, a K ' s, Bll Q .' O . . r' s 1' r .t, 1 , 1 e c . " " 1 1 s ' ' 1 W 'gf CSAIIAJQ QOUQKX Elgn lll11"1O'S Ae1chlor1ar1s Chameleons Chorus H1 an rr tw bEg1'1"ll g o lr ar a l'1'l1 '1 ad rm ed eth HQ 1'1g1ho e 1 a 1 l uc 'ta 1rej Pure rom ur1 f1 ec e ua had 1 Jeryone 'ar '1e outhem ac rlef w 3 o e or '1e mmat o Tapper 01 e or a ff 1 1 r ae t moved to Elgm Sh1rle one rea 1 Ne Nl r I C 1 Elgm lll1I'101S Secretary of Ae1chlor1ar1s Chameleons Chorus A 1e has been wxth us tor tivo years and he great s '1 e of humor has er1l1ghtened many a dull rromeht Tapper House 15 kept 1'1 a state of bedlam because of h rmlechous hurror Bette know as Sunshme Arm ha a faculty for remembermg lakes a'1d tell hem at ost appo tu'1e hmes She has an ur1l1m1t a supply 0' popular songs Wh1Cl'1 she can be heara s1ng11'1g alrrast ar1y'1me aurmg the day or mght We k'1ovw ma' A'm w1ll make many lr1e'1ds wherever she goes V Cslan fog Cglicffclr' Springtield, Illinois Camera Club, Chess and Checkers, Tennis, Basketball, Golf A newccmer to the Academy in his Senior year the cornted boy from Springfield got o'f to quite a start with his grades and activities in the Dorm Always on his toes ms wit and abilitv to take cracks was ho NH in 'nany 1 stance throuahout the chool year So long Stan the best ol luck mmlf! QSUHJQI Lake Geneva Wisconsin President ot Maior E Editor in Chief ot Hilltop Orange and Black Exchange Editor Student Council Dorm Council Chameleons Chorus Varsity Football Swimming Track J bet er KTIOVNW as rnole is one ot the guys every body like It Nasn Don s tault the football team didnt win any aarres 'ie was the boy who helped put the tear' in shape a id gave mary helpful pointers to the li er'e'i Ee ause of a bad leg we didnt have the help o thi tivo letter r'an on the playing held but he ouaht a 'ia d as a'iv ot u Don s stre tath in the shot pu wi e 'e t c 1'i the Sprirg For hi work in school a tixities you 'reed but look at the list above Don in to take h1 asters Vi torestrf while rrinoring in P ,fsical Ea, Ccoa hing being his -econaary desire? t . '.', 5 r bon. o. the atcrementioncd will undoubf -d y bjng . art. the ,zuccess e so deserves. IJ Q f M ,ef f ff lf". J SP Um gn C tcfverzx Elgin, lllinois Aeicliloriolns Arts and Crafts GirlS Athletics a all ce 'er 1 u c'i une-'i ne Q CCYJFI I QW PTF' CHI' lwl IE? 3 ,fa 1 ff fear nere We a a ea to er or ier a ernent par ie ,itffaf tad en' men 0 t tring 'tame 1 ta t in ar' ha broug t her rfany nonor a it al a any loo of decorating for tae school da e Carolyn Has an un uallf heerf nature and we V O I nfl N9 lll"I.CfP'JQ 'She 3065 O 'J 1"1 llllfl ri doe Gooa uct: f Groeee lle Michigan I 0 Jw! P Clgffjl Co Preeiclent ot Student Council vor i Counc'l Orange and Black Forum Cnio i'n a 'IGPI ul 1 Bo aunte ed 1n'o t e A ad '1 Ve 'i eao to eier ince Recogniza 1 F15 ran H iuit inevitable cigarette ana o eate o o 1, af liable Noted az 'eco e 'tab ar T 'ter about tn la e arte-2 a C1 wt Dive f Hal o o 0 cl i 'e ea f ee a co e ia e lc fl n on an ci en Q a E riantened oi lea C1 ne Acaaerry 9 U Ill Cjblttl IJUI Gary lndiana Co-President of Senior Class Co-Pres1- dent ot Student Counctl Dorm Counctl Chameleons Chorus Major E Foot ball Basketball Track Tall handsome B111 corres to us from the steel ctty of Gary 1nd1ana Stnce comlng to the Academy he has made qurte a name for hxmself tn athletlcs as well as rn other ways He rs very popular wrth all the students especrally the 1a1rer sex Thls year B111 attalned the presxdency ol the Senlor Class and the Student Coun 11 At the end of the hrst semester B111 was called to the army Fortunately for h1m he had ftnxshed h1s academtc work We re orry he couldnt stay for grad uatton We know that vvrth hts ftne vo1ce and excellent personaltty he w1ll go a long way 1n the mustcal world Good luck to one of the frnest fellows tn the hrstorv ot the Academy C TUIHCIS C Uiflnflll Ch1cago 1ll1no1s Dramattcs Arts and Crafts Swtmmmg Came the m1d term the announcement was made that Tom was to be graduated as a member of our exalted Seruor Class A tually TNT had the army hovertng over h1s head longer than most people realtze and has really worked hard to fulf1l1 all requrrements to grad uate Always a rather quxet fellow Tom was acttve rn dramattcs durrng hrs two years and turned rn several good pertornrances Hts tnterest rn arts and crafts has brought h1m seve al awards namely the Scholast1c Art Exh1b1t ln Chrcago Tom deserves the best and we know he wont soon forget hls 1 1ends at the Elgrn Academy an qjfli IC UC!!! Wayne Hl1no1s Chameleons Chees and Checker Tenms 1eY D e ef! stu f 1 We 13 D de cruze Daw H cx olfvove sfe Q 1 ,Jen :1 efwe f'1,'Qvod me eff' f 1 'une C111 1' cdr 'mr well known 1'1 Q11 Fhcol OYJJ zcmo ' f- WI Jovf C1 t 4 ff 1 no 'xou 'Pot N1 we .fer o Ge' '1 me cz Vo L Flo name IIIH' I S HI Ch1CC1go Ill1no1S AGICIIIOFIGDS G1rIs Afh19f1CS 'ze ,eo '1 e mme ee 0 rec 1 we A ace so Ox 'IGFT -1-cm: ' 1' c1lc.'1'1CI nf ear' f f 1004 e C1 c 1 mrc 1 1 O 1 e ro ees P M Srrith S Davis Polikoft Orsborn Iohn cn A Sheldon B Davis Weaver Doree Paull Farny R Perrv Nelson Giertz I Vogel Carp nt r Freeburg Ladd Mills E Davis J Q l,LfI,lOI' 616138 Under the excellent supervision of Mr Manahan and Mr Smith the lunior class had some very successful class meetings' We were confronted with but even more lun We Just kept in mind that next year we would be Seniors and that there would be luniors going through the same thing tor us The class officers were lamie Vogel who rnade a top notch president Bob Free burg was vice president and Martha Carpenter was secretary and treasurer As far as holding our place scholastically Sandra Nelson lack Crsborn Bob Freeburg and lamie Vogel were very high Bob Polikott won the Current Events Test tor the lunior Class and was given a book Orsborn Iohnson Weaver Doree Vogel and Freeburg were all on the Varsity football team Orsborn Doree Vogel and Freeburg were on the Varsity basketball squad Ted lohnson was the rnanager larni Vogel and Martha Carpenter repre sented he li..n1or Class in the Student Council quite a task this yearg planning and organizing the Prom. lt was a lot ot work Elhs Collmgbourne Lrlly Nlcholson Smukler Srrogusa Clcmsky Vrneberg Schrerhorrr Colltns Panos Iosper Mensmg Merrlck I Nlchol Slms Messlclc Kemler Goodmor Kenyon M1lner Pratt Forrest Cole U7 Q CSO!JAOl7ZOI'G USS Thrs year s Sophomore class be1ng ln accordance Wlth the tradltrons of all prev1ous Sophomore classes has made a name for ltself rn the Academy Good or bad as th1s may be they got oft to a flymg start by electmg Hugh secretary treasurer Although Freeman left at the 1'I11dlEI'1'1'1 h1s place was capably frlled by Steve Goodman Plans were Lmmedlately formed for the Bacchanaltan Revel The Sophomores were well represented scholasttcally and IH the varrous orgamzatlons of the school such as Orange and Black Hllltop Ma1or E Club Ae1chlor1ans and Student Councrl A few of the class were outstandmg 1n athletrcs Freeman Day and Ronny M1lner were both frrst strmg varstty foot ball men and Ilm Clansky Hugh Kenyon and Freeman Day were on the varstty basketball squad Under the able guidance of Mr Moore and Mr Wahlstrom the Sophomore class had a very successful year When aaaln they enter the portals of Old Mam next fall through the valuable experrence and knowledge they have acqutred the Sophomores will as upper classmen be a real credrt to the Academy f K ' .' . Kenyon as presidentg Freeman Day as vice-presidentg and Ronny Milner as Bopp Britton Guernsey Mr Wilhelm D Davis H MacFarland Krohngold Montgomery B McFarland Harbula Conroy L Sheldon Burgess Shillmglaw I'8S ITLCZII CZSS The small Freshman class got oft to a good start electing louise Sheldon president Robert Burgess secretary and R chard Conroy treasurer Mr Ewing and Mr Wilhelm were the advisers of this class In Mr Wilhelm s home room the otlicers are Richard Davis chairman and Rollin Britton secretary Richard Conroy is chairman and Iames Krohngold is secretary in Mr Ewing s homeroom The members of this class are distributed Widely through the sports clubs and other activities open to them A few Freshmen have High Honors Richard Davis has had Merit Status throughout the year. Among other activities the class has sponsored a successful dance and took an active part in the lunior Red Cross drive. Althougn it now seems like a long time it is surprising to note that this class will be the graduating class two years from this spring. Van Nortwtck A Sheldon MacNe1lle Ma uel Rovelstad F Morales Fox D Farny M1ller Suagusa K1ederlen Phllllps O Collms M Conroy Bowes event an zglz ll ra es The seventh and e1ghth grades were Jorned together to make one class of about stxteen thts year Each student was grven work accordtng to hls abthty Mr Orsborn the advrser of the group taught health and Engltsh Mr Wahl strom mathematrcs Mr Walker geography Mtss Turner and Mtss Brott art and musrc and Coach Schwengel sctence lt ts surprtstng how rnterested the gtrls were tn sc1ence thrs year Warren Bowes was unanrmously chosen class presrdent w1th Arkens Mtller to asstst htm as vrce prestdent lack Stragusa was chosen secretary and treasurer because of hrs great ab1l1ty wrth numbers Bowes represented the seventh and etghth grades rn the Student Councrl Durrng the second semester the boys and grrls had separate classes because of compltcattons brought up by gyrnnas'1c perrods To lactlttate thts change of schedule several addrttonal rnstructors were added to the class program The rmportant events ot the year were the old clothes dance tn February the tr1p to Chtcago and the class ptcntc on the last day o school Ot the twelxe etghth graders who graduated seven were rn the seventh grade at the Elg n Academy rn the school year 1044 45 1 - 1 1 5 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 4 1, ll t ' - 1 1 r - ' 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 L . 1 . . , . 4 , .1 . . 7 . . 1 .4 - . ACTlVI'l'lES Bowes I Vogel Taylor Nell D Davxs Carp nter Forrest C Nlchol ln 1ts th1rd year as an 1nstrument of student government the Student Ad vlsory Counc1l a1ded the adm1n1strat1on rn dec1d1ng many school rssues both large and small The councrl members are elected by the var1ous classes through a leadershlp vote thus they are truly representatlve of student oplnlon The posltron of the councll IS purely advlsory s1nce 1t IS 1n no way d1SCIp1l1'1GI'Y Several prlvlleges were obtatned for the students 11'l1S year but not Wtthout careful conslderatton of the responslblllty lnvolved Three representatwes were sent from the Senlor C'ass two from the Iuntors and one each from the Sophornores Freshmen and Seventh and Elghth Grades Each class also elected one alternate The members of the Advxsory Counctl for the year 1945 46 were B111 Terwllllger chalrman Know 1n the Armed Forcesl Robert Taylor chatrman second semester D1ck Dav1s secretary Don Sondel Henry Ne11 Cathy N1cho1 Iames Vogel Martha Carpenter and Emlly Forrest i' Q.. Patrick Binkley Mower Sondel Taylor Hinch Weaver The present Dormitory Council was formed last yecir after Christmas vacd tion and has been functioning successfully ever since It was organized by Donald Sondel and Mr. Walker and they continued as chief student and faculty advisers, lt is made up of luniors and Seniors while new members are elected by the Seniors remaining from the previous yecir. Disciplinary meetings are held on Thursday nights, thus keeping the coal pile low and the grounds policed. The council, however, is not merely d disciplinary board. lt is student gov- ernment for the dormitory, the student's voice in the regulations ot the "Dorm." With the co-operation that has been given, we know thot the council will remain a leading student organization. THE l'llI.I.'l'0P Mr Clupman Andersen Bartell lohnson Sondel McClenaghan Hmch Freeburg Bmkley Kenyon Carpertte Stevens Thts year as usual the year book proyect began amld bravely assumed oaths that th1s one was to be the best yet Well that s up to you to deClde Je have done what we belteve rs our level best Anyway you can t change 1t now' Wxth a tme advtser and a competent staff ot wnters we have attempted to turn out a book whtch w1ll bnng to your mtnd all ot the tun and good tme you have had th1s year whether the pages be turned on the day ot graduatton or ten years from now The school needs a powerful alumm and .ve beheve th1s class IS a hrm step toward that goal Spec1al mentlon for a good 1ob well done should go to the assxstant ed1tor Martha Carpenter Ralph Hlnch sports ed1tor and busmess manager Iohn McClenaghan Now you can read the rest and weep or be happy Kenyon Copper Bartell Doree Taylor Loomis Forrest Neil Longyear C Nichol The news of the campus which appears in our mailbox once a month Pl is the Orange and Black After getting off to a slow start the Orange and Black gradually became popular among the student body Because of lack of money the staff was forced to decrease the papers output to four hundred copies, and mail copies to those who subscribed. Advertising copy was greatly increased and the Orange and Black made both ends meet for the first time in years. This year's masthead was topped by Henry Neil, editorg Emily Forrest, assistant editor, Bill Longyear, page editor, Ralph I-linch, sports editor, Maxine Loomis, business manager, Cathy Nichol, circulation, Don Sondel, exchange editor, Carolyn Stevens, typist. The rest of staff was comprised of Robert Taylor, Hugh Kenyon, Bob Capper, and Austin Doree. Dr. Edgerton, the faculty adviser, did an exceedingly good job in keeping the staff busy. His humorous masterpiece, "Comments from Room l5," has been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Patrxclc M Schwengel Anders Naz llo McClnaglna'1 Capp r Voael W a Movter Iohnso O b Hmch So a l Feeburg 1 ' " . 5 , l - ' Q l y . , ' I 1 X Q l ' P, Y 1 A , , X , . ffin. L T ll , G A . 9, . 5 VET, rs orn, 1 ., ne, r , . A ' , , , 4 , I I I 1 , . , , , - The Ma1or E Club started out the year wrth only tour members just about the smallest membershlp yet ln the trad1t1o"1al alter football 1n1t1at1on eleven men were brought mto the club wtth a roar land paddles? The Ma1or E dance was as usual the blggest success of the year wlth 1ts tme floor show and decoratlon A new constttuhon was drawn up for the good ot the club and 1ts members advocatmg tramrng rules sportsmansh1p and more detrmte qualrhcatrons for entrance mto the club The shack rtself reahzed many rmprovements IH a new pamt yob outsrde shrubbery mantle for the hreplace table book shelves and root We only hope that future E members wrll have the respect and admtratron tor the club that has been tradmonal Mrss Preusser Pohkoff Collmgbourne jasper McClenaghan Mlss Turn r llrcholson Krohngold Lord Srrukler Behmer Harbula M Conroy Set 1k Cleary From the very begmmng of the year the abundant vocal talent promrsed our able smgmg drrector Mrss Pruesser a hne well balanced group Mrss Turner was the accompanlst for the group The frrst appearance of the smgers was made at a Thanksgrvmg chapel program mdrcatmg a successful season of choral work Wrth dxhgent work by both drrector and students Clokeys beauttful cantata Chtlde lesus was gn en for the Chrlstmas program wtth Wrth the second semester the slxteen best vorces formed the Elgm Academy Smgers The group performed every day 1n the chapel exerctses and provtded several specral programs The annual Sprrng concert was presented Thursday March 21 and featured such numbers as A Merry Lrfe by Denza Early rn the Morn an Engltsh folk song The Lord IS a M1ghty God by Mendelssohn and Angel of Llght by Borowskt There were also vorce solos by Don Sondel and Rosemary Lord whrle Shrrley Powell and Betty Macl7arland gave ptano solos All m all the performance wmch was the ptggest of the year Went off very well The choral season came to a v ry successful end wrth a ine commencement program and wtth 1t me graduatron of seven members Rosemary Lord, Don Sondel, and Bob Polikoft taking the solos. Lord Mower Twyman Marzullo Ellrs Bartell Schxerhorn Mrss Brott N1cholson Guernsey Stevens Behmer Harbulo Ladd Mrlls Shrllmglaw Carpenter Iohnson ARTS AND CRAFTS The Arts and Crafts Club tor the year was under the dlrectton of Mrss Brott The group was very actlve ln a varrety ot events throughout the school season Many new crafts were added to the regular pro1ects ot the class Students could choose clay cork wood plaster yarn or soap and also contmued therr work tn drawlng and pamtmg Two plaster desrgns by leanne Behmer and Tom Twyman were accepted by the yury ot the Regronal Hrgh School Art Exhrbrtron rn Ch1cago durlng the month ot March Student commrttees for the Homecommg and the Aerchlorran dances de s1gned and executed the decoratrons Chatrrnen for the events were Carolyn Stevens Georgla Srms and Anne Wrlson Each year the members ot the art classes submlt many pamtrngs to the lane Pelton Pamtmg Competltlon These pamtrngs are ludged by the members ot the art faculty and exh1b1ted 1n the gallery from May to September each year Three prrzes and trve honorable rnentrons are Q1V91'1 Durrng the year Mr Chlpman and Mlss Brott gave several art talks rn chapel on Wednesday mornrngs Current exhtbrtrons new acqulsx tlons tor the gallery and permanent collectrons were descrrbed 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , - , . Longyear Mekler Twyman Paull Andersen Srms Messxck Stevens Nelson Mrs Wrlhelm The Drarnatlc Club under the sponsorshlp of Mrs W1lhelm has presented several plays for the enloyment of the student body durlng the year The purpose ot thrs club IS for the members to get as much experxence as poss1b1e rn back of the foothghts Dur1ng the year the club has grven several comedles a rad1o show and one serlous prece of work plays and thelr casts durlng the year are as follows Lavender and Red Pepper Sandra Nelson Evre Farny Ioan Noble Georgta Srms and Sue EV19 Farny Bob Andersen Georgla Srms B111 Longyear Sue Smale and Betty MacFar1and and The Gltt of the Mag1 Sandra Nelson Tom Twyman and Carolyn Stevens These were glven rn the Chrlstmas program December ZU The Passlng of Chow Chow wrth Georg1a S1I'I1S Bob Andersen Arlen Mekler and Kenneth Paull and Trrtles a rad1o show w1th Bob Andersen Sandra Nelson Arlen Mekler Kenneth Paull and Georgla Suns were g1ven 11" assembly dur1ng March and Apr1l Smale. This was given in assembly October 19. "lust What They Wanted," Hlnch Andersen Earny Mower Steven D DOVIS Twyman Sondel Patrlck Behmer Sxms W1lson Nell Selcrk The annual sprmg play lun1or Mlss a three act comedy by George Chodorov and Ioseph F1elds was presented Saturday evenmg May 4 at the YWCA The play was a great success and was emoyed by a capaclty aud1ence ot parents faculty and students The cast COHS1Sled mostly ot semors who have appeared 1n many produc t1ons at the Academy and underclas men ol cons1derable talent Anne W1lson Henry Nell and leanne Behmer played Mr and Mrs Graves and Georgta S1ms was the older daughter Lo1s B1ll Patrlck had the part of W1ll1S and Evelyn Farny was Ellen Others tn the cast were Donald Sondel Kenneth Paull Dlck Dav1s Lloyd Montgomery Ann S9fC1k Bob Andersen Pen Mower Ralph Hmch and Tom Twyman The productlon staff conslsted ot Martha Carpenter lacque Pratt Rosemarle Perry Helen G1ertz loan Cole Ed Fox Art Smukler Larry Ell1s and lamle Vogel Understudres of the cast were lean Shtllmglaw Eugema Davts Pat Cleary Betty Maclfarland and Glona Perry had the leading role ot ludyg Carolyn Stevens played Putty, ludy's triendg Bartell Andersen Marzullc Patnck Copper Pollkoff Ne1l Mower D Vogel Doodokyan Brnkley Taylor Weaver Carpenter Behmer Loom1s Sefcxk Lord Mr Moore McClenaghan Longyear Forrest N1chol Iuby The Chameleons were formed agam thls year w1th Cathy N1chol as presl dent and Charlene luby as secretary Mr Moore who was the or1g1nal sponsor of the club left the Academy 1n m1d year and Mr Manahan and Mr Wllhelm becam the adv1sers At the meetlngs Wh1ch were held 1n Sears Hall on the average of one every two weeks subyects were chosen and members appomted to do some research on them After the lOplC was reported on 1t was followed by a general d1s cusslon lust before the end of the meetlng the members enjoyed hearmg records and were served cokes for refre nment Chameleons Whlch offers a chance for d1scuss1on on any sub1ect had some very mterestmg sesslons thls year Many entertalnmg as well as 1nformat1ve toplcs were dlscussed among the most unusual of whlch was Voodoo1sm Black Magrc and the many dlfferent theorles of Relncarnatlon 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A - 1 1 1 1 - . . , , - . . Q V . 1 , . . , ' 11 11 - Q 1 1 1 1 , . l .A 2 l Icaza Burgess I Vogel Milner Goodman Panos Dcree S Davis I Siragusa Collins Lilly R Siragusa Bowes Manuel C Nichol Kemler Seidler Iuby Freeburg Mensing MacNe1lle A Sheldon Collins Phillips Wilson Van Nortwick Ellis Merrick Orsborn Farny Vmeberg Hinch D Vogel CHESS AND IIECKERS The Chess and Checker Club, founded four years ago by Coach Orsborn has had a very successful year. The club has a membership ot sixty people The team is composed of the tive top-ranking players who are Dave Vogel Malcolm, Vineberg, Kit Farny, Ralph Hinch, and lack Orsborn During the summer the club became a member of the "Chicago Chess and Checkers League" The seven other members of the league are the Chicago Chess Club Seniors, Chicago Chess Club luniors, Lawson Y MCA Austin Chess and Checker Club, Hyde Park Chess Club, Viking Chess Club and Hawthorne Chess Club. The team also played the Glenbard High School chess team and the M.U.S. chess team. Also during the year Mr McGonegal Fox Valley champion, played a simultaneous chess match against thirteen of our players. He won all but one contest, losing to Dave Vogel There was also a checker exhibition match by Mr. Lindgren, Elgin city champion who played twelve simultaneous games and Won all of them The outstanding event of the year was the match on December 14 between eight of the city s best players and Mr Kaltenowski former world s champion blind fold chess player The Elgin players were Mr McGonegal Mr Palmer Mr Kreeger Mr Gray Mr Moore Fr Randolph D Vogel and Vineberg Mr Kaltenowski who was blind folded won all ot his games some of which lasted 3V2 hours The match was played in the Art Gallery G Perry Pratt Carpenter Lord Mllls Kemler Forrest Bopp E Davls Gxertz R Perry Mxss Brott Messick Shxllmglaw Slms McGraw Harbula Cleary Wilson Stevens Behmer Nelson L Sheldon I Nlchol Cole C Nlchol Loomts Iuby SelC1k Lord AEICHLDRIAN The Ae1chlor1an ASSOC1Gl1OD emoyed a very pleasant year under the gu1d ance of Mrs Walker and MISS Brott The oftlcers were pres1dent Charlene and treasurer Cathy Nlchol Members of the orgamzatlon gave much of therr t1me for the planrnng of varxous affatrs Several teas were sponsored by th1s orgamzatlon and the selllng of candy at the football games proved prohtable The Ae1chs under the chaperonage of Mrs Walker and Mr Ewmg acqu1red a bus to take them to Mllwaukee to cheer for the team The all lmportant Aelch Dance on February 23 was butlt around the theme of Cmderellas Sllpper The Aetch dance IS always looked forward to wltln great antlcrpatlon for rt IS the largest W1nter dance Wrth the ard of the mam tenance staff we were able to mstall novel decoratlons whrch were excttmg and umusual Iuby lfirst semesterl, Maxine Loomis Csecond semesterlg secretary, Ann Sefcik, 1 . . . Y . . ' . Brltton Rovelstad Se1dle D Farny A Sheldon Foy Clansky Weaver F Morales Conroy Mtller Bmkley Taylor Montgomery CAMERA CLUB One of the oldest clubs 1n the school the Camera Club has come back 1nto hte Sponsored by Mr Wahlstrom the club has made a very strong return and 1S expected to stay one of the act1ve clubs for many years large camera and an enlarger ln the process of paymg for th1s equlpment the Camera club became sole helr to the candy fortune and a coke machlne ln Sears Hall and 1n add1t1on they sold plctures to the Academy student body The sole purpose ot the club IS to teach the younger students of the Academy to take ptctures develop and pr1nt them Most of the members 1n the club learned thts Work very rapldly and by pract1ce became more sk1lled 1n photography as the year passed ln its comeback the club purchased a great deal of equipment, such as a M MacFarland Mlller Mr Schwengel D Davls Orsborn Burgess Bznkley Mllner Conroy Manuel Doodokyan Button S Dav1s Montgomery Rav lstad Stragusa F Morales Foy Organrzed at the begrnnlng ot the second semester the Av1at1on Club under the sponsorshlp of Coach Schwengel met on Monday and Wednesday durrng the act1v1ty per1od Mr Schwengel was a former U S Army bomber prlot and lS al o a member of the Watch C1ty Flymg Club The meetlngs on Monday are devoted to ftlms and drscusslon on pre thght subjects such as theory of tlzght navlgatton radro ards engmes and Weather Wednesday IS devoted to model bulldrng Nh1ch wrll culmmate rn an exh1b1t1on and contest DTIOT to the end ot school Members are bu1ld1ng both tlyrng and scale repllca models of famous war planes and also some are worlang on ahder models and gasohne pow red shrps 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . A 9 . , 1 1 1 C .J . 1 1 ' 1 1 A x ca N. - X! Pratt Bopp L Sheldon Cole I Nlchol Mess1ck R Perry E Davls G Perry Gxertz Sl"l1ll1l'1QlQW MISS Moser PEP CLUB The Pep Club started durmg the flrst semester under the supervlslon of Mxss Brott and Mrs Walker The members of the group d1d a grand job of leadmg the cheers durmg the football season Along Wrth the Aelchs the Pep Club orgamzed the Homecommg buffet supper bonhre and mov1e At the second semester Mlss Moser became advrsor of the Pep Club The group met 11'1 the gym durmg club perlod For the Wmter months they chose volleyball and basketball tor thelr sports wh1le sW1mm1ng and tenms were the1r sprmg act1v1t1es H' S gz.,..-vr Taylor M Wxlhelm Copper Nell Doodokyan H MacFarland D Davls Loorrls Forrest Lcnayea K nyon The professed purpose or arm of thls club IS to dlscuss the Fundamental tssues 1n our soctety as reflected 1n current affalrs The procedure of the club was to elect a chatrman who would take charge of meetmgs propose a sub 1ect to be reported on and lead off the dlscusslon Thls chatrman held offtce for two weeks at whlch t1me a new chaarrnan Nas elected thus keeptng the burden off any one person The club was open to all students of the school and the number of actrve students was eleven The obtect of the dtscusston IS not to attempt to solve or f1nd a solutton for the lssue at hand but to ftnd out as much as posstble about rt Some of the malor dtscusstons of the year were eld on such subtects as educat1on at the present t1me and trends toward the future the Unrted Nattons Organtzatton and current legtslatton tn the hou es of congress 3'-Q-3' SPORTS U VARSITY FOOTBALL Athletrc Dtrector ard Coach MR SCHWENGEL Asststant Coaches MH EWlNG NR BOLGFR 'te 19 D ootball season under the able leadershtp of new head coach fr Schv engel an honorably d1scharged veteran started wrth a loss to Park bcnccl at lndranapohs 28 U came to c heartbrealctng concluston wrth a 19 13 o s to VVheaton Academy e lc s ot the openlng game v as a drsappotntment to the Academy fans t as bvrous that the team the lrghtest one that Elgrn ever nad n tts 1 tow had not started to cltck due possrbly to the fact that only a eelc of machtne c operatlon had been held before thts game The econd game the home opener was played agatnst Lake Forest Acad emv our brtterest rrval The game showed an unprovement over the prevtcus one desprte the fatal hrst auarter whrch dealt us an 18 O loss The Frghtrng 1-ltlltoppers as they wer called by Gun Chfford the sports edrtor of Elgln Courler News dropped the1r thrrd game to Wayland Academy rn our bowl 7 6 Tratllng mo t of the trme Elgrn had a chance to tre the game but the lack fatled to convert the touchdown The score was 'nade on a 25 yard forward pass to Marzullo from Day October 27 found our team at Mrlwaukee Wtsconstn playlng Untverslty School The Mrlwaukee team overpowered Elgrns eleven by a substantlal 3U O score For the frfth game the l-ltlltoppe s wtthout the servrce of lvlarzullo who was rntured rn the lvhlwaukee game gatned a seven potnt lead before the deter mmed cadets who were seektng to avenge last years defeat came oack strong and dealt the 1-lrlltopp rs therr hfth loss 33 14 Andersen scored tno toucndowns the frrst one on an 80 yard return of the openmg ktclcoff Orsborn s educated tce successful converted both touchdowns by splrttrng the upnghts perfectly The t nal aame on the home ground the so called homecomxng game was plaved aaarnst Concordta Battltng for three and a half excttlna scoreless auarters the v1s1tors frnally sneaked out for the only touchdown of the game hrch gave the hard luck 1-ltlltoppers a 6 O setoaclc The luckless 1-ltlltoppers were edged out tn the1r last game of the season oy Wheatons fourth quarter rally 19 13 Trarltng at the start of the fourth uarter 12 O Elgm ralhed and took a 1m lead by one pornt on touchdowns oy Capper and Marzullo and a conversron by Orsborn But Wheaton sewed up the game on a long pass rn the tmal three mrnutes Bob Andersen was elected the honorary captaln of thls years team Ralph lflarzullo was elected by the coaches to the All Conference second team Few olayer ere outstandmg but srx underclassmen regulars recetved plenty of expenence hrch may prove very valuable next year A l . . . I , c, . . , . 1.. 'T' 1' J - .. la-1 2 , , K . . 1 l . ., J v , I , l , - , A f 1 ss 'Tu - - - - ill E. l U 1, ' , I f ' ' ' 1 : - :af 1 J. . cf ' , . l ,CQ 1 ' .' , , ' ll .- A , ., . . J. l .1 O . A Q ' - ll ,, I , .- s C A , ' . . . , t , . . . ,, .. H , Q 1 N-f - 1 - I J . - , . C . . I ' 'J I , . . , I . . T . . I A I A I - . .,, , l . Q . . v X C , . 1 . . . , l , . vs . ,Q - . V - ll J , , , . . . . . . --1 . .. ,, . 1 'ff . ' 1 , , ' . . . 1. . Q , ' , S1 A , v . . , , 1 - C uv: - C V 1 ov . L' I ' ww v 4 :A Bortell Collmgbourne Doodokyon Burnett Mr Ewmg I Vogel Goodman Nlcholson Andergen Copper Bmkley Mgr Bow s Freeburg Mllner Hmch McC1encghon Weaver Oct Oct Oc Oc Nov Nov Nov Indxcates Gi conierence games Dore-e Mower Coc1cHSchWenge1 Potrlck Mgr Mcxrzmlo Day Orsbom Terwxlhger " . at ' . 13 at t. 20 at t. 27 at . 3 at . 10 at . 17 VARSITY BASKETBALL The basketball team of l945 1946 nad a season that most people would call unsuccessful but rn the mrnds of those who know and follow the game 1t was consrdered a very successful season Wtth the return of only one letterman Bob Freeburg Coach Schwengal faced a tough problem 1n butldmg up a team Out of the frfteen game schedule the Htlltoppers have won four games all of them non conference Thelr frghtrng sp1r1t shown tn all games proved that they were trytng hard to w1n at all trmes despxte the seemtngly over powerlng odds The team was probably h1t the hardest than any other team tn the confer ence when the draft board took B111 Terw1ll1ger hlgh scorrng center and Ed Costrn a regular guard out of school at the start of the second semester Thxs meant the reshufflmg of the hneup for the remamtng seven games of whtch four were conference contests Probably the most exc1t1ng game that the Htlltoppers ever had was the trrple overt1me VICTOIY over the Northwestern M1l1tGTY Academy Ed Costm s charlty toss was responsrble for that most rmportant v1ctory whlch revenged a loss the cadets handed our team earl1er The future sees the loss of only one letterman from th1s years team and w1th more experlence and teamwork they show great pOSS1b1l1t1eS for a frne season next year Copper Termlhger Costln Orsborn --Z Coach Schwengel, Andersen, Patrick, Clansky, I. Vogel, Kenyon, Iohnson, Mgr. Freebura, H al, Q , ' Q, 'U' Decemb r December December December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary lanuary February February February February February Conference 1945 46 Basketball Schedule at Woodstock Elgtn 24 Todd 42 8 at Lake Gen va Elgln l3 Northwe tern Mll1lO y 23 1 at Elgm Elgm 23 Todd 35 l at Elgtn Elgm 28 Wheaton 25 Elgtn Elgln 47 lvorthfvestern Mtlltary 45 K3 overtlrre J Ch1cago Elgln 23 Luther 67 Wheaton Elgln 23 Wheaton 47 Lake Forest Elgtn 22 Lake Forest Elgm Elg1n 31 Culver Mtlxtary 47 Elgm Elgin 37 Wayland 44 Elgm Elgxn 55 Harms 34 Beaver Dam Elgm 3U Wayland 28 lHd1G1'1ClpOl1S postponed Elgln Elgm 26 Lake Fore t 541 Chlcago Elgxn 37 Pullman 53 Elgln 24 Lake Forest 38 Cseml hnall Elgln 26 Pullman 40 Cconsolahonj Ind1cates conference games Basketball Tournament at New Tner Hxgh School LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Coach Schwengel Elhs Menstng Seldler Ntclnolson A Morales lcaza Bmkley Colllngbourne Clansky Kenyon Hmch Conroy 9 l 5 l 5 1 ' 1 ' 2 8 ' 5 ' 1 9 of 3 I A I 7 ' ' A ' t s 10 at ' 5 ' 5 I5 at 5 ' g t ' 16 Qt g ' g , 54 7 25 at ' 5 ' 5 ' ' ' 26 Cll ' 5 l 5 l Gt ' 5 ' g A 8 at 5 A 5 'February 9 at Elging Elgin 355 Park 60 ' 16 at ' ' 5 ' 20 at ' 5 ' 5 s 7 22 at I 1 I 5 N 'Q'-5 yy," 'l'l-IE SWIMMING TEAM The Elgin Academy sw1mm1ng tearr got otl to a late start this year lt proved to be a weak year for the tankmen due to the tact that most ot the lettermen of last year did not return The swunmlng season opened with int rmediates acknowledging a defeat at the hands of the Y MCA On lanuary 25 the tankmen were host to a strong Lake Forest squad and the second meet was dropped 42 24 Two weeks later Lake Forest again deteated the Academy by a 44V2 to 2lVz margin The next day M U S came and swamped the Academy by an over whelming score On March 9 Culver Military Academy sponsored the 1nV1ta tional prep conference swimming meet Fenwick took tirst place with 59 points Nhile Culver Military was close behind with 50 points Third went to Loyola at 15 Elgin took sixth place with six points and St Ignatius came in Pen Mower captain of the team set three pool records whlch are likely to stand for quite some time They were set in the 100 50 and the 40 yard breast stroke events Coach Orsborn put a lot of emphasis on building up a sw1mm1ng team for next year With the loss ot only one letterman he ought to put a falrly good team into the water Some ot the swunmers show promise ot br1ng1ng 1n a lot of points With Coach Orsborn s great ability as a coach and tralning on the part of the boys the next years tankmen should make a big splash Kohngold Lllly Bowes Marzullo Milner Polikoff Vmeberg Merrlck Lonayear S Davis Mower Capt R Davis Twyman Fox . I U 1 . . . . . . e . . , . last with four points. This meet gave our swimmers a lot of experience. , , V - 1 1 , , . ' .mf 0 M0 3 sw 'vid 'i errlck Com 1 S Dovm ol V15 1 bo Cupp r og l I Voz I Fo Cm kv Bot Il Ill uso M HI 0:9 Krohwqnli Q5 li' " QQ Ng, J TRACK Thrs years track team started out the season as one of the smallest ever lout what the team lacks tn quantrty rt rs bound to make up rn aual1ty Wrth the return ot only one letterman Boo Free-burg rn the pole vault the squad Jrll be made up of practrcally all new men The sprmt events look good Wrth Marzullo Goodman and Andersen as poterrtral polnt wrnners The drstances whrch the Academy has a reputatron or rn not havrng lost a mrle race for manv years wrll be run thrs year by Nrcholson A Morales Cole and Collmaoourne True treld events wrll also be well handled wrth Sondel 1n the shotput and drscus and Freeburg rn the pole vault whrle the broad 1ump and lngn Jump contenders are as yet a mystery All rn all the team has hopes for a successful season The 1946 Track Schedule Apr1l20 Elgrn Elgm Pullman Tech Apr1l27 Elgrn Elgrn Lake Forest Academy May 4 Elgln Elgrn St Iohns M1l1tary Academy May ll Elgzn Elgm M1lwaukee Unrversrtv School May l8 Lake Forest Elglf' vs Lake Forest Academy and Country Day May 25 Elgrrt Midwest Prep Conference Meet lndrcates conference meets Paull Longyear Patrlck Marzullo Sondel Morale Cole Manuel Twyman Mr Schwengel Brnkley Morales Fox Slragusa Hrnch Freeburg Mower Goodman Colllngbourne N1cholson , , . A , V , 1, . . - , , V . . , , f I. . . A I . . . . , , . . , . , , , r . , A , - L - L I A ' ' at ' g ' vs. . ' ' at ' 5 ' vs. ' at ' 5 ' vs. . ' ' ' at ' 5 ' vs. 4 ' A l , ' at 5 ' 4. . ' Gt ' .5 ' ' , . l . I ,., , 3, u I 4 X , X . 4 f Q X I z 1' 1 ' 1 ' P 3 ,sf The g1rls athletlcs began the year wlth tennls under the d1rect1on of Coach Orsborrt Due to bad Weather 1n the fall table tenms was played wlth great cornpetmon After the tennts season Coach Schwengel supervlsed the classes unt1l the end of the f1rst semester Mtss lfloser assumed the classes at the begmnmg of the second semester Athleucs were requlred lW1Ce a Week durlng th regular school schedule A dressmg room shower and lockers were bullt for the glrls convenxence Bas Ketboll volleyball swunnnng and tenn1s were the GCl1V1l19S for the year Cleary Stevens Lord Wllson Pratt Carpenter A Sheldon M1lls Perry Glertz Loomls Forrest Kemler I N1chol Ladd R Perry Phllhps Krederlen S1ms S Conroy Bopp Messick McGraw Shlllmglaw B MacFarlcmd E Davls Cole SelClk Horbula Behmer C N1chol Collms MocNe11le Iuby L Sheldon Mtss Moser .. , , S . . . , . , I - A I I I ' , , V - . . r , , 1 f , . - f 1 A - , , , - f . , V - , - , - . , 4 . , , . - - . - Trl- cl. - IN Cr .D 'Nl f I' ' r c eros pudrnt sz qua f se ldlmzc ubdzderunf 1 possznt ef em nvquf nd mmmzmun ad uve frzlcium neque 171 aspectznn Izfcenzqwe pmfene CICERO The selectlons m th1s years Elgm Academy REVIEW are largely the result at student dlrectlon and planrurlg All students at the Academy were 1I'1Vll9d to suorrut marzuscrlpts exerrlphtymg the1r best l1terary ettorts An edltorlal board nth Maxme Laamls as charrman selected and edlted all works deemed wartry at publlcahon Mr Roger Moor l-lead of the Engllsh Department UT1+ll h1s res1gr1at1ar1 mas cluetly respanswle tar the d1rect1an at tl'us group Tlms yea s RGVIGW IS a tr1bute to tus mterest m the students ard H1 ala1lt to stl .nate 'hem ta creatlve tlurtlurxa and F1llI" C t '. f .' ' in . ' ' ' uf mh'1 . ' .e '. l t ' ' ff-- V . . . . . .,.. I . '. ' . ' ' . . e '. . I r, . . . . . , . L L ,S .iv lm' l L A 4 ' t w ' A ,af THE REVIEW STAFF MAXINE LOOMIS Chcnrmcm WILLIAM DATRICK MARTHA CARPENTER DAVID VOGEL HENRY NEIL EMILY FORREST ROBERT TAYLOR MR EWING Faculty Adv1ser MR MANAI-IAN Faculty Adv1ser 5 K I ,- 'X X I c I ffm M -l'lIf lfftfffl WA ecis lon When the trme rs here you must act my son The e Nords came from a small hapen but po sed Chrnese seated on a stra N mat rn the corner Each word was accentuated by a slow nod of hrs shrrvel d head ct after muck c nsrderatron and you fzrll act .vrsely But Father rt seems futrle lf l could understand the necessrty l should obey but hopeless a cause as "hrs l The pea ant knelt oefore hrs elder hrs crudely made boots makrng a scraprng sound on tne rough board floor l-lrs pleas seemed rn varn for the old man s face remarned rmpassrve small dark Norran darted rnto the room from an almost rnvrsrole doorway she was clad rn rags yet was neat and trrm Sen Yu the fathers face shone wrth prrde as he spoke to hrs daughter You nave hea d your brother s word I-low do you feel? Speak from your heart Father my mrnd tells me he rs rrght for hrs chances are slrm but my heart says ne rs a coward He should go not rust to save us but for our chrldren and the gen eratrons to come The brother Yen Yuen gave hrs srster a harsh look but she had 'r prty for hrm Sen Yu call rn your honorable mother She rs able to Judge where we cannot Brrght chrldrsh faces peered from hrdden openrngs anxrous to see what Nas to happen as the old woman entered Very seldom was the elderly mother called rnto rnrly affarrs only on momentous occasrons Walkrng aurckly but wrth drgnrty she crossed to a rnat a lrttle to the left of her nusband s ln her hands were a steamrng bowl of tea and a few chrpped and broken ups l-landrng hrm the tea she spoke Most honorable husband l speak after many hours of careful thought Our son rs young and strong hrs lrfe yet awarts hrm We are old we mean nothrng But our grandchrldren and our nerghbors grandchrldren 'ra Je also a lrfe to lead Each man at some trme reaches a decrsron Thrs rs our son s and l would leave rt to hrm l know he wrll follow you and act rrghteouslv As one far greater than v e once sard To see what rs rrght and not to do rt that rs want o courage ve heard our words l wrll say no more The decrsron ests wrth you For a moment the boy was srlent hrs yellow skrn drawn trghtly over hrs forehead Slowly he relaxed and rose at last to hrs full herght lookrng at hrs father for the frrst t 'ne as an eaual Father l pay trroute to yo.r and my wrse mother l shall go glad lt could have oeerr no other way You have chosen wrsely The trme rs here Yen Yuen Tears came to the elders e es as he watcned hrs son say goodbye to the otners No N he approached the old man perhaps or the last trrne and knelt as before Only tn s trme hrs boots drd not scrape tne foor fo he kne ff hrs f ay and faltered no onger You have shown me the path rny father Be re l x as a weaklrng l ord ou fare ell Tae anc ent parent notrced a ne 1 lght rn hrs son eyes For the rst trme they re clear and c ntented l-le 'rad t last found hrs duty rn lrfe and to fulf ll rt Nas al tfrat was let Gurdance v rll corne my on Peace oe tn yocrl Yen Yuen left rne nut l-lrs wr e wept drsconsolately rn tfre corner out the old man emed to strarghte uo as he reached for ls cup of tea Emrry For est 8 A ' , r '. s ' r , miss . ' i ' ' ' , 1 . ' ' ' e ' . A . . r o ' ' A ' ' r ' l V 'A v. as . ' " s ' A ' - A I X I , . . ., X X r , . Q. r s ' s. f . - , , " 1 ro ' ' . la ' ' .ev ' . ' ' l . l . L I ' I .r r , Q A I -. A . 1 X , X . H . . V . , A , . . . 1 . A r I A A XX . X . X . 4 ,- . The father nodded hrs head in agreement and turned to his son. "Yen Yuen, you ha , ' . ' A r ' I A . . if . . L . H , " ' , A . - .V. . l v ' ' l 1 U I 'A T T A ' l , 4 l . . -rr , . rr ' 'H' ' I I ,,r. "'v . l . rf r L, . r , to , . ' , ' ' xv' lvl, . .H l r i . ' W- if ' s s A . r fr '. .. ' , c.. . l a .' f ' . 'r ' 1 Q ' I l A f. ' 1' .. , s r ' wil ' . 'l l . ' - - n ' . ' Q Q ' , . se r - ' 1. n . . ' . . 'l v v- 'f' r V, -x flllllfl f Il 4 Xll!Illl'Nl!l IS Il I X KH! fr- K J I 1 MUNI f If f I Ill fl! 11 ljllf ffl' F,-xflll I- if U. 1 fit '.yA' V M1 FD LIB FAIL END STUFF I l I 111 Amxd Joyous shouts morbld grumbhna ard doletul s lence another school year begrns Classe start happrly and become drudgery by the end ot tne trst week Brulsed and beaten bodtes are hauled rn from the teld as a srgn that football pract Ce as begun Htgh runmng contemplatron of the new coach vho detarned DY the Army arrlves t o weexs late As usual the get together dance comes oft on the rst Saturday ot school and goes ox er hke a lead zeppehn The new admlmstratlon gets off to a roartng startllll ln Class otttcers elected Halt of the student oody s male populat1on rs all but k1lled off 1n the Park game last blg pep sesslon before Lake Forest garne Sweat runs treely as exams and trrst gradrng perlod draw nlgh Football team goes to Mrlwau kee for boxrng match Mr Grathwell IH talk on F Bl reports holdup by Elgln youth Aerch tm tratron shakes some fello N s tatth 1n grrhsh grrlhood The muslc department presents 1ts annual recrtal 'It the art gallery v rtn M ss Preusser M ss Turner and Mr Kratky O nd B beglns pubhcatr '1 oound and deterrrnned that t'1e paper shall su port ttse r Ah dreams Questlon o' the montn Whats thrs about I-lomecomlngf Q mfr' 1 fur llj,QK'j- Q40 t WSI' I VII !71'l fl jf' I !N'l' 'A 1' . . . , H? ' I . , 1, OK QIH PPI' Deacon s kickoff touchdown marks beginning of Northwestern game 33 14 loss marks end of it Last minute preparations and then Homecoming dance Spirits dampened by Concordias scratched out 6 U victory out dance a big success as Fletcher Butler s band delivers Cathy Nichol elected Homecoming queen and is crowned by Bill Terwilliger Wheaton Wrestlers and Blind men s reffing association deal Academy football team its last defeat 19 l3 in last minute of play Miss Preusser and Mrs Chipman play the exciting Scaramouche suite for two pianos by Darius Milhaud Everyone has been humming it ever since What goes with turkey dressing mash ed potatoes and tr1mm1ns9 Thanksgiving of course and a welcome break in the schedule ,lil After four days of practice the first basketball game was dropped to Todd and in a revenge game they beat us again Dr Dudley Crafts Watson spoke on Mexico in a distinctive forum program Mr Kalta nowski amazes chess fanciers by playing eight Elgin men at the same tme blindfolded and winning every game, UE" Club dance blasting success. Floor show helps as Capper proposes to Kemler lamie helps out Annie, Freeman shows his basketball skill and Deacon " ltTerwilliger " and 'Nose-'W did a handsome jg, The chorus presented Clokeys 'Childe lesus" in the Christmas program. Twenty- first and everyone goes screaming away from school ard ho'ne to the :Qreside and Christmas tree. nr I C nnuurq rmposstble t trna ne a rrcre shot lookma roup than carne kock to the Academy alter that New Year s Eve rtple overttme North western Vrctory goes do n tnto Academy ht tory as Costm stnks the mnntng free th o J 1n sudden death overttme Full length movte lflj rrtend Fltcka shown tn a semblv Nana O mera daughter ot prestdent of Pl tltpptne Commonwealth p aks on the problems ot her countrv m notable forum prograrn Student AdV1SOIY Counc1l gtves snappy Dr l Q program 1th candy ba s as pnzes Frosh Froltc goes over bla wtth even btgger parttes at Kenyons afterwards Penctls tlv and paper tarrly burns as taken tn more than one Nayl Second semester groans mto motton on the twenty etghth e mary Basketball team do fvns l-larrts mtnus the Army s two new puptls Termlltaer and C sttn Culver swlm meet postponed TB tests thrtll all Htlltop p1ct.1res taken Vorum comrmttee presents Harold Kennedy noted playwrtte actor and producer rn humorous lecture on Behmd the Scenes tn Broad Park basketball team whtps our team lm resstve tounde s day program wrth Mrs George Fr eburg alumna and a member ol the board of trustees Palph Marzullo Martha Carpenter Dtck Davts Loutse Sheldon ard Warren Bowes takmg oart m the ceremcntes Pullman beat us tn hard lought basketball game The gtrls retgn omntpotent as the Aetchlonans dance looms up and pops tn surp tsed laces on '73ra Ntth Lenny beattng out hts blue rhythm Nora Vlfaln outstandtng speaker ot me yea atfes lecture o Repo t on the German People 1n De'eat ln o ' ., gi. l t A J g ' . . A T 1 . ' 1 . ' l. . 1 " of ' W ' ' " ' ,il ' ' 1 r ' f ' , s e . . F ,A A A. D ,, final exams come up and grades go down Cto be A A A 1 , 1 1 ' ' I . ' , 1 ' 'A o ' . . . . ' A . , w'fjQ1Y.N " Q A ' Q - vo . ' r-' ' . 9 , A . , , . I . . . . , r', . , ,. 1 1 ' ' ' '. ' " music. . , . ' l r, " n r . 771m-A Basketball tournament held at New Trier high schools ayrn Lake Forest beats powerful Park auad for rst place tn conference uhtle :Je lost to rullman Tec or a fourth place stand1ng lntra r ls held ard aculty team assumes ull control of t e schedule p ced DY Srnttty and C O Sch ffenael Sondel g1ves up those extra three boxes of VJHSCIUGS to cooperate mth the food conservatton program Sophomore dance becomes one of the best dances f the year mth old cloth s straw brlght shlrts and Lenny all present 1h force Chorus gtves flrst sorlng concert on 'tlst D1ck Conroy s1ts on sw thumb tacks at once 1n art class and survwes Mr Sm1th g1ves me sttnkenest chem test ever concetved and stu dents pohtely collapse tnto Sprtng vacahon and lgfe Zpfl! Waa a lovely eelmg to Just relax and let Sprma ever take tts course but classes must go on there oughta DG a law Talk o a baseball team r1ses and alls go1ng rather sw1ftly both ways Track sutts arrtve and the fellas begm to get the ldea and sore muscles at one and the same ttme Dramattcs Club we a e b f on the 'tftn We meet Dullman Tech t our ela r the ftrst track meet of the seas '1 A Yesl Track meets we ve got to haue yet Lake r rest met on the 47th also here as men oegtn to t l'l91T strlde Tennts rratcl' v 1th M J S on same W t gltts f t'te Prom and gr duattc etea gen vatort NSD s it ex erne t a S , 1. ' X ' t -I . .. , . 1 A kv ' ' I - Yww ' I . I 4.1, G- t . . . L f N , 1 .A L J . , J . YY, I , N . Y . Q . . u. . V , , . , . . . . 1 e' ' ' . . Q . . ,N . Sp. n ver, . . . t ' f A .C , ' ' ffl v Q cf' rv-l tw' ' ' N344 -.1 -,5 AAL AA , . A ff - 1- Y In rw s.A .4 ,Q A L A 5 x.J4 . u ' f , -A ,, , . S .. , , , . L , A . . . , h. .. s s, l , J . A .. T 1- Q l..' 4' V. ' ' ' aa, ls .u. moan' A. or . . ff a n. , .. . . . . , , V v- - 1 s. Y .. . otter X .. s ta rn it t . tc .. cy.. and .Ns -Q A L ' ' ff ' ., a .Master to be at junxor . cm ' rr n B nauet Ill! Track season contlnues lth 'neet aga1nst St d MUS rflost dates tor the Prom are set o course there are some l luntor Mtss comes ot as a rrppmg success wrth due credtt to Mrs Ewlng and Anne Hank Carolyn and company Confer ence track meet here aga1n pos1t1ve proof that we have the best track 1n the conference Tenms team rolls on toward the complet1on of one of 1ts toughest and best schedules tn many years Congratulattons to Austm Doree and lames Vogel tor wrnnlng the conference doubles champlonshtp ID tenrus Memo nal Day hohday The great day arr1veth and the school farrly mrgrates to the St Charles Communrty House for the Prom Oh' look who got back IH t1me What have we here? Fmals' You mean we have to have grades too' Baccalaureate on th second and the sentors realtze for the ftrst tlme the funny lonesome teeltng that goes wrth graduatron robes All school prcntc rn whrch somebody always gets thetr feet Wet goes as usual Teachers and students wear broad grms as the end of term and vacatton loom near Class day wtth a few av ards and pratse gtven out School p1cn1c the book of the year IS glven out The great moment lS at hand Comrrencement speeches gt Jen tmportant afxards are made a se tors sweat t t Th n me actual graduat1 n exerc ses a the d r lghs closed on an evertitl year ' ' , . 1' A ' UNL, - . . NN . 1 o . ju.. .. X ' I GTZ . . , . r, - A , . . . A 4 . . I I ' - 1 1 . - , , ffllll' 9 . . , . , . , A - . , 1 1 - . 7 . . , . t l , 1 . . . .Y A , ' ' ' , s F n . i ou. ' D al 'A . Q A ,,,, .C . , .A U . E .. vu ff fn!!! Factory." Suddenly we discovered that this poo: old reprobate was: Robert Anthony Gregory Drake Taylor, travelling incognito, I-le told us he was working at Pens Plant, so just followed him into the Ghetto, where it was lol cated. We found Pen hard at work posing for the loving cups. As we stood at a respective distance we saw Super Heated" l-linch come in with a tes' tube full of a madly bubbling solution which ex- ploded at that instant, splattering the brilliant re- search chemist all over the wall. After a brief conf versation with Pen we bid adieu" to Ears and continued on our way As long as we were traveling we decided t a visit to tne heart of American Democracy Was ington D C On the steps of the Mansion we sa w Ed Love Costin playing his clarinet to attract attention The pouncing on the poor unsuspecting people ne had abolished New Dealism and was tcuding the m rits of his new platform The Ba w Deal Hi eypenses were garnered DY Dead Pan Perry wh was passing the hat throughout the stricicen crowd Dashing up the stairs we happened to stumble over Max Loomis She was cra wling about on hands and knees After measuring the Presidents offic she had trouble getting out of a stooping position We were led to understand tha she was decoratma the Presidents suite in chartreuse and pink with elaborate Cstriped vith redl furniture She was happy so we left without further question A trans Atlantic hop and Paris was our next hot spot of trouble Seeing a large crowd we became inquisitive getting closer we managed to see the Models Model Anne Wilson ln the first 28 ro If there were a thousand drooling Counts and Vs counts Also in Paris we found Bill Terwilliger still entou ing trie Revelry that only Paris can muster B ll a well on his J ay as a thirty C303 year Army m n las left triere v hen the army pulled out ri lri Budapest 1 saw a sign advertising tri 9 Circu t Shows lnc was atured at the baclcstaae So naturally e ent over to see hov Snirle had C991 maxi g t Be de hav ng a danci g e arned th t sae Us HIGKVIQ o as er Arabia more eride s stall A er DE g t c uple rlcs ap e e e dec ded the 1- r Eas rr i e Sure e Bed c ette n D 4 S r f . ' ' ' ' o pay - ' X 1 f . . . , . W , . e l , f , s Y , ,t ,, A . - , .s . , X , . . ,F . D ., s, ' 1 . 4 . s , . Av . . A X Y . . , . A , ,, . , X : ' a . ' t ' A w s ' 'J a . l-ie , . .,, v' . l fll A ' li ff. . r e F wr A ' . e . on-Jet, , . , - .D . - . . ., ., .s . . 4 . ou.. si s . L.. n - , - - . M s .. .. le .a .. . l a . o. stone, 1-fit: h . n . . y l . r gl - 1 ' 1 , 1 LA..- sf .L .n talcen .or a o o. t..sssa..a , . . ,. , . . 'ra s or c 1 .. a 'f . 'gc' have - W. u' ' l , 1 - : ..- . ,. g 1- so,..et..ing bet l -xi store .or ss. snosg.. a .,,..,,A .. .. ' v. -,Y - -,v ' ' 1 F ' .' .. Bsnnese sa.oo.., ..e sa.. i rlot i..arna jab, Y L - LJ ' : +g '....,M- ' -A head .ga. . g... and comonattoi. a.s...s cans and harrnonlca player. ,. Y, -' ' +L A A -um ' 'N M O.. our sag ac. to ...e stat s ..e sssopea as.-,.. ef C t st before rr ved t GJUG l d d etdht p s ed u rn t e rodd fe nedr d Gdd n vd d rn boys JGQ Pret A der er nd y re tg 1 dredm ge flextco ee ner tdd JG tepped rr rr fur conve, nce 'ere orced to durclf GQ rdr bullets oefn rode pdst us shoutrnd The Revoluttomsts dre comtrd Alter d prolonged chdse .f e mdndged to C rrol mn' Nnen to our surprrse ve lound thdt St nnp lcdzd dnd Knrves Mordles v ere try ng to rmpose therr ne torm o ldndtrcdl government on me people REG ztng th t rt Jds untedltfty to strclc d ound nrry longer we mdde d ld t ddsh to t re border dnd mto tte U S At the border Tex s RGHQGT Stdn Setdler stopped us dnd dsked for certdln credenttdl A ter ledvtng htm some oddly needed cdsh he let us tn dnyhow Gett ng stdrted dgdrn we rdced t r our QlCITllI'1Q p t lttle old Chrcdgo As we pdssed over the Qoutd West srde ol the VV1ndy Crt we notrced d httndmg glow from the ground Upon closer rnvestr gdtron tht proved to For good ltvtng drlnk Mdr .lllos Ddgo Red W1ne the only vtno strll mdke 1n bdtdtubs' PS ln cdse ot emergency cdn be used GQ mx merchurrchrome or rubbtng compound We entered the pldnt to see Rdlpho Cdttecttondtely cdlled Nose by hrs henchmenl but were soon cdr ned out ID d horrzontdl stdte But dll the rush dnd excttement hdd mdde us nervous so relentmg to the ldct thdt somewhere we hdd mtssed three lemlnme members ol our cldss Dropped rn on d smdll upto t n restdurdnt ntght club to reldy dnd enroy ourselves we found out thdt the tloor show wds dbout to begtn Lo dnd behold As the curtdtn rose our m1ss1ng trto Flusher Lord Svwel l-ltps SelC1k dnd Bubbles Behmer were puttrng on d ternlrc song dnd ddnce routme Alter hedrrng them louse up l-flO1I'ZY Dodts we left rn d hu ry to dttend to our of n beldted bustness '-. 'A' ',. A. ' ' ,. , ' ' ' . Dj UA Ar o of .ne fl 1 fl M CCI, r A CI slow fr dos Frou E1 u s, l. N d. ,N . A . ,A , Qc: , .owj ot . f lt ., ty Soy' s A, ig llr' dlgzztr A, EA . of tf T-V-J, ff ' 1, t "F F. f Q . . Y ' 1 X fm. Avo :Cu . J S C 1 o 'AA , YEIGIT in V V Q ,A d '1 l of ' 1 , sp,dttered on d 'f.'Gll nedr us Suddenly d wrld eyed A VA. A ., .A J A ., . . 1 l . . 'J A ' ' - ' ' 1 7 ' . . .- ., J 'i . lt A Ad ' , 1 . ' d . ' r dr o ' ' .' E 1 f ,,A A A , d., 1 A A A A . ' fo ,A ' 5 o A 1 ' .A A , A 'J I Q . A A A Y , AS I ,A A A A - Z1 xv A I A A A A , A . I . A Avy 7 - , , J ' , N A A A A E r ' ' ' ,H if wr Cxfqflll' 'ff'rfrAff111lf :! f C IK' ! f 2 rfflf. mimi: U

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