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- f , 4 - , , 1. " ,. T Vs- ffm 5-A,.,., aff",--' 1- 1'-1. Aw, L- .L .,p - .X T Y P"if'5"P'1!"'v-ff"E--'H1-4"P-J?'x- '--sl?" -F-l'f-MU-1:31 mfr' mf W 'M "' 'nrfgwflrf , . " -F' i L .,,. Tm MJULLLEFQHDLJ 34 af? ,4 cl , M n e in ca em 67901, .gfgnob XJ i 'k f f ' , s 1 I I X rd X K K 1 1 fx f 1 'A' i' T. TIHIIE IHIIILILTFQIP STAFF 155' 1,01 F f'-Y :J 6 lf0lll'lf 0Hllllllf00 BRUC If LOU1 STJAPT TF' ELEM' NAXI' F LC'f'MIQ CARCTY QCUU T P FI LJ I O V D ,mb ff DONALO SOI IFL RALPH HIT CH llifllfleifif 0l'nl'l'll foe PHILUP SFFICKVER QP LLY LAT N A CY PUTL11 FLOUQ PATRLCVA C FZXPI' GLOW! FII LTP T 1 I CPFDLY FJ z-Rd-x T1 9 zofograp zz DICHAPP QW P .xdcbmor C DEM CHIP A 1:22, MAKZE fl. . fm . E .C 'I , , , ,. . FA PEI: E ' AQ u E.. .Sv S, a of TIATLI QQ .tri ' A Lg. .' :.fARzLYr: 25:3 SH.: r' - NF", 'fa , , I, .. ,lx .' -.Ql,5,4 M, : iris , , ,,, h . Vw? ,, A E .A -V...,.R. A , ., 'JA X. ,.- I , i , 1 xy -5 1 ,f ,jujf .. .. .V .,,,::- QSM . ZSSDZWIHNJSTQHZQSTJCQN 'fx A fx Q ff I II I ll 501111 0 31111 20 X1 D lpQFX fx fx if fl l X - ll' ll ,fr ill 'Hll I N ' 1 1 .f , . ll .5 f-: i fIQ'.".M'f, 21' wifi' T. Lffnifv f' Ifm' f f " .5 AV-rv' VP 1,4161 T.fC7 I., Qrid ?tff?'1'i,Tff lf? fl T 'CHffSQff fjgi Qglzii' If? TCHII NV NVAU .Elf TIQCEQIQF LQ illimm' .xJF13,5.Tf C 'X.f4.R?FIX-fffffl' fn UF. I TINY T' .,--- T f',,Hif Q. QJLE. HPS C .vnwwrd --wp Y- Q, Ifj .fi L ffJV.'f4.HfQE fflqgf ru ' W, . vfm mv -I A-Y'-f-' "'T'f'g"' f- 'Q 'L .in -,:,4,i,g.. ::Q-:-r.J H- fi fifffifi tqw ' . V7-f ' ilA 'Y' 51,,,f,,,,f 52145, 9, X-x E ..Z.'... lonafz! l14A'fn'can1.5o1 PA. 174.7711 Azzxrfgv-2 HQQFH' gcnc' :ics Cf MCP, 12,4 171,41 h Il I1 llnflf f A1111 fat C 20011 'lflll vi? A 777 A ml, 77100 Q BJ 1114 5 771. .NOIMQ .7 OPJLOFH .14 June ailing, J4., WHA, 61, A, few ,EM 12,4 M flL2fA jl Il? EA7WW 'S flI'l0ll P K Cl ll ClLfl ll EA7WA ii I ficfng, Science fiat. erxixtics Q E ar f cr f 0 , f . . Music 'z 5 r r, f . I., X. X ui. f Music 5 f , I 7W'SWU 'H Iuiliord Sched cf Music Piano .Mm WW . I ' ' P5 ,. Latin 2 V 1 ? x 1 'N gd s CU' 1211, Z3 C. 711 fl. c f12,, 1 12,4 111,11 ,f 1 Af f?377lJ4 jf 11111111 PS wuz C Wlfifif 195' Q 'H , ' 3 f I 1 . ll 1' 1 J Jer an Siliiih Freifh , 0.501 une 1 e m. f frxtiuflcs 1' . 1 o lll . 1 e ln. ff' LD. .. . . ,V A Higtcry' , If V, 1? ' Q . 45, J I Q , V ,, 'V Jae lbyrne. . Ilathe-rxcxtics 'sn- J f ora . er Jen. ' . . rzavuw- .fgfthllf gli-lngfeff K 6 Wofma Yflmleflff Z? .SD lbrorrcm E lZdL2fL QOLUIJOII Scx nce Athl trcs eor e Cha man S 9 P Mcmuol Trcurung BUSINESS STAFF RUTH A FRUECHTENICHT Treasurer ALICE LANE Secretory to the Headmaster MARION WOHLFEIL Bookkeeper PEARL SHULL KATE LEA LILA KLEMME Tvpr ts 1 1 , . . 's , AK , . . T . . f , ZZ .Sf 'e . . I 'S L C?-DLZQASSES W,,,,,,..fgnn """ """"'-I-?....,,, Y:- 13 .ylvlrifor 0 fl: .gzruor am e tun bacx ard nt e ee s nenc ,rs ere ee e s tt u tt a ng ttme ago th t e X e e reen F esnman aazlng e struck at te class ot 419 How could rt be possrble tnat rt was tour year aao tl at e attertdea that trst school as embl tnat trst l-lornecorrtng tl at trrst otball dame at EA? 1'et tt as tour ye rs tn the past No N t ts troubled A lot has happened smce hose g 5 Freshman days To tnose members o our class who had started 1n Lower School Manlyn Bendt en Marty Skok Sally Ladd lrmmy Wenner Chl, k Race lane Tyson and Phtl Schtclc we e added Nancy Balcer Nancy and Naorrl Colllngbourne Mary rreeburg Rose Buehler Curtts Pratt ard Stu Templeton And then we were Sophomores v tse tools B111 Goss Jorned us tn that year We had the largest class tn school and we thought we were pretty smart w1th Lattn ll and Algebra ll Slowly we beg rt to assume ostttors of responstbrltty ln the school last year we were tumors lack Allanson Gordon 'Westcott Dlck Stone Gene Ratay Logan Sellers lack Gubbtns Phyllts Helm and Tom Watson 1o1ned us that year More respon 1b1llt1SS were placed upon us Several talentea members galned recoamtton 1n dramatrcs More ot us I ere play n Varstty ports We dtd well scho asttcally As we .watched tne class ot f march down the atsle v e sax nany trtends depart and I e reahzed that soon we too would be leavmg LA Durmg our Senror year Rov Bro un Bruce lflclaoud Glorla Etklor lane Wrraht Kay Petrtcx lflary Ann Ste a t Fred Wedde spoon erry Vavrvs nd Paul Butler became members our lass Commencement tor tour long , ars v e have watted and strt ggled tor that dav when we would graduat 'lhe day ts nofv at hand thts trme me re the graduatlng class the class o lG'5 As we look oack over th1s ye r we see that from our ranks n xe come the edltors ot I e l-lrlltop and tne Orange and Black the cff1cers ot the an u organrzattons and the nsa1or1ty ot the boys on the Vars1ty teams Lost from our ranlcs are Gordon Westcott and Logan Sellers, who are now 1n the Armed Servrce We are now about to become alumnt ln a short t1me, other students wtll assume the retns ot responsrbrlmty Me-an..h1le, -.fe who are about to leave, pause and retlect on the happy davs spent here No, the class of 1945 .wlll not forget EA, tts students and tts teachers . . As we . L, ' ' ,im and 1f:e'.'.' the passing parade, it Fo N I 1 - 1' ' I- 1 I 1 - f ' . . 1, . 1 A fi. . .'J Q if 1t only a rew .. ,ks ago tnat .ne -rst enter a EA. l s' cr lOl a fs r a , r .r J K. a fs. TL . . .. , . Y F W 1 - A ' V ' 1 ' 1 ' .. l M. R, .Q f, ,. . A . , , -., :Is f ' ' . I ,Y ' , Qu u- 1 .a J , I. X., r .l , I, ' l9A9 I l ' fa' t lle d t f ,ear or 1., v.e are eavtng -- .or Co ,ge an or war. . . A. , . 1. L . U 7 . t . , . . ' v- x ' ' , I I I V I ' I E F . . . . . ter, I . , X . , . I I 1 I A ' . u , 1 ' W IW . al W . . . . . , p . . . . "' ' I I I I I N I I . J . r A . . . , , , , 1 a o ' s . t , . r , . , v . at . , J . If r , I I - -- ' ' V 'Y t - A -, I ' I A V7 7 I Y I J , I . 4 a . . or c . A f "e . f 4 1 Q 1 ' 1 I ' ' 1 V, , A. G , 7' F' 1 lot: . Av' W . ' NI ' A ' ' G 1. l U A1 S cv. .. ' ' wv 'rs C I I , ., v .J cn . , QIIIOI Cl 55 fx' A JOAN .Afdllljllll Flgln lll1no 5 l!'a1or E C r Caorus Cbese ard Clmecrcer Club Basketball Track Curr Laude laclc C 'we M. e f we becorrmq ode ei be ta 'mana enrs and Norm hx e'er1 c-c a ' e ey'ra JT rcdl r'-2 es Q re a 1C laxe been seen at the a a Pfaderry aancew T e a eat fF1D"ldSl'1lp between Alla or' add Weel ot' a I2 len up when Gordle 1o1nea e V rn lan law can oxer the bra lab o Q1 3 rce p eslde Q V rn ne 1 Youll en ce e a crrr endable Job all C If MLB! g n l'l1ro S l7d1tor l-lllltab Asslstant Edllor Orange ard Black lv1C9 preslaent Aelcdlorlans Lreatlve Vlrmng Board Atnletrcs De bale IN u er ' aw' p U Qc peopl lvlnl a Da 661 allma sorre poor un artu'1a'e D a Job an e l-lllltor, S'1e lakes a gre-a' V1 e ee' a l'llGl1"S and l noL.,,n sbe often made a ee-ble e 5 ,I an er IO ee Crue tool: a aennlte 5 a f' r Q lJ1"1"11"1 ol le ar et a car' es J r: wer JJ nc a r. cf Pr t ,I nai e 1: a ' Chameleons Cborus Glrls Glee burn Laude f en long rrlle-E 'rv lfrr f me Baxer O ae o ne ea 1 ea lf rr '1 hat wondertu' comm' ,f fa e er 'mol -4 g Q rfeo e a d Black a ucle has L.sLClllY I I - i ' ., l oi? . X '..l 1 . la J, . ., ,T . 1 ' ' Q ' v ' arte to ,Q , .":a'ier:y in th, all of '43, l-le ' -xt X ' - . , ' out for sports ln a Dig way, 1, r, V t..- ' of ranfn, Al 'fers in t,n.'. ' . 'S l t., 'S - tra l. But I Ck riany' oh r .1 -C' r' ' ar inor- X -.ts, too-.arf f wh' .1 r M . , l C I a . . . . . . - .e .. -r no Are ,. 5 . Tr V , . . , . V AA, is . .l .c s row. ,. , A N lv' th lla" ' r-:rv 1 ' I ' ' ' ' ' ' . QQ- il bgn v - re: Qnt f ala' '. C, ter, and -- L 'L V .- has ,rtalnly done very C Hi, . ' . sg 'X e r . 4 -T5 . ' 1 i L l f L 7 ' 1 El i , l. , ., . . l. . A , . . T, L , . . , A , A , l . , , . , . . . , . I I - , A , 4 A, f. pl b, - Z Iona .r v-l5 sas- . . or frar: ber Caun. A or.: . Q aA 3 out of 1- ' b", , rl'A , C.. .arr - ing to bring l . ' A Q '. .r' sunshine . all e a rx,et h . If . ' trail: dawn ban., n for n - r :ge n r' ',, Haney " . rr' 3 . " . l. f .- .e erson ' 'K I , .X LL' in if Q . atl ra' .. ' fo' , lfartto ta' h tu' f 1, ol ' Q" '- trxlln tr, ,rls bask, b ll 4 ..1-.. As shov n ' 7 I . ' a' 1 '. A, :Ian 'A d,f'ni el' ' F leadersbik billy. Warifgn .inclllrien Elgin, lllinois Co-Circulation Manager Orange and Black, Business Staff Hilltop, Treasurer Music Club, Aeichlorians, Chorus, Girls Cvlee Club One th original rerbers of the sev ntn g ade 1 Marilyn tightly clut ht a a milk pail in one nand and hal' a dozen bo -fe Cough drops in the other Caught in a con using ituation this year bet Neen two loe Marilyn decided to pull traws bu' as tar as we know it seems to be a draw Although usually putting on an at appea ance Ce pecrally while folding Orange and Blacksn Marilyn does find time to play Her fa iorite pastimes seem to be popping bubbl gum and skipping study halls ,ga-Q lxoz .zowm Park Ridge lllinois Dormitory Council Varsity Football track Chorus This Roy ti sl year at the A aderny ha been a aood one t r Roy and th Acaaerry too Po ula .-1 th he acu 1 Gs we Gs the students oys a 1' F e ire are u ogoof' otorrafaca at j ne ense ana mono ous c s Y Rays leaving St Iohns lv' A wa a o at a ct on cau a p " o alt p a but because ot hi lu g NG -c use at o the c s oi e ' X ..-r. , . n e. l r 's .X I . 1 mtg . - . , l r . :.-s of A ' - . . '. f .' 5' ' . '. ' ' " s," ' ' s , . ' , - . 4' 12:5 's r s ' ' ' . . A JH . . I 1 . . Z . e rl ' l'. , . xt P 1 ' h V I l I - ff. f C ' , ' s 'r' c .. , s . J Q . .o , .e '.., . p r'i.. i. i ltj ' " ll r . . " ..', R ' "lx, iv by F"'cr:n..dtllt ,ll"l'!T'.,'VlI'1'. lssrne wi will remember his timely wit which always shone through tl t ' . fan moments in la's es, ' ' . .' i. s g c' step fort-I rd-n . . ly be se he was s lertdid fo tb ' l yer, r ' . fs ifn cf outdoor ' lls tc Tapper ho' N -b't because hes a su-fell fell W- really one ot H b yi" flllll 0 lllq Olll ll? Elgm lll1r1o1s Secretary Treasurer Ae1chlor1ans BUS1 ness Stall l-l1lltop Athleucs Chorus Grrls Glee Club Cum Laude D1.r1 g lwancys 'our years at the Academy she has be-erm werv octue m varrous clubs and OYgGH1ZC1l1OYlS of school and V u could always see her narre hugh '1 he Homo Roll wancy has done a spler1d1d Job as easu er o' the 13-erchs and her 1'1l9 ests and her ellorts '1a e rraae ae aa 1r1desper1s1ble member Her cheer J even erroerarfewt :md her de1errr1r1at1o'1 vllll f able he ' ary 'wedge suecesshlly .-"1a1eJe e e rre 'o 1, X050 f Nw 1 UI rro tor' llm 1s !3e1clor1ar1s Dram t1cs Cram e e N1 a eco, e dose r'e r exerm na wave ee arte G1 A smc e1a t aae P Col a show a a ar' at c ab1l1ty durmg e yea e Acaaerfy you a e uddermly wak e ed o o e r or'11'1:1 la rrelhlra .Iv IZ T rraxe a new trre recora ae img 'o c'1ool We all k c v' that Peppy wrll make good m whatever she un dertakes ard ve all Nlsli more p wer t her 1 Q 7 f .Y Ba ,, op ,a',21s Rosjoettrkna. slPN",'isc: oftl--",,ry tl' bon r1":1aE ie 'ahh gr' eNQhs."n-retar " Q hr rsatth J.. lf"'rs . - on 1 utofafogsrrr 1. .Lf y 'ru 'h'- zina by, aorit worry because ll 19 only Peppy trying o 1 'r 1. ' 1 . sl . rr 1. . 1 ' ' ' , - ' . ra '. 1 'r o o , J rf! ' C ' ' l r 1 , - , , , , , , . . , HX the , a Ao 1 .' 1 ,A Q , Ty' ' ' V, ... 1 , 1 ir gr . . ..,' . Q r aomi ofing ourne Elgin, Illinois Co-President Aeiohlorians, Co-Circula- tion Manager Orange and Black, Presi- dent Music Club, Athletics, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Cum Laude Songbird Naomi, one of the twins in the famous Collingbourne clan, has devoted most of her four years in keeping uo the Academys scholastic standard. Each noon she could be een dashing madly from the family bus to Old Nam and usually winning the annual Collmgbourne noontide derby When singing in the Publications Office while folding Orange and Blacks Naomi change drudgery nto great pleasure Alumni all o er the World have Naomi to thank for her excel lent Job of faithfully mailing the paper each month l Ollfl L? OI Elgin lllinois Business Staff Hilltop Music Club Aeichlorians Athletics A high school girl for three years Gloria finally d iaed that the Academy wasnt such a bad place a'ter all ana ignea ,ip for her Senio vear at the Acaderry O' the man: fre that passed her way she seen' l: onli Iona of one that boy with the beasutful Butck con ernble' Glo ta also ha a fondness for playing the piano and FUD! trrres dun g the year she played the Chapel e ercise As FG V ic rr soon ound s 1 q ie a good table plave and does ne ovet o e as one in high sonoo lo ta ine uloi ode v ni . . - s . A. ' , S i ' . V A ' . I 1 ' Cfil f - , , , L I , . A A I . , eb c' ' . ' . t , ' s' ' v A . ' r A .. , . . . 1 . . n ' , is to ,il""-'iQi3i1 5 ' . r' S . . . X Q -' 7 '-iflfg, , ' . .. 1 Q.. 'n . Q : ' for . . X ' s. " .t T14 V' it .s f . Q ' C, A out he 's uf ' tennis A r, . A A .V ' sl l oslarnths f't . s""1e '. 'l l s. X x swell girl 'rl n C :ia came to the Ac a rn, tl 's year! W lCll'l'l 05.4 Prestdent Sentor Class Prestdent Malor E Club Prestdent Student Counctl Pre-stdent Chameleons Captatn ot Track Dormttory Counctl Basketball Durtng hrs three years here B111 has been an outstancl mg member of h1s class culmlnatmg h1S career Wtth bemg elected Prestdent of the Semor Class Hts mter ests are many but most of them pomt to the held ot athlefrcs B111 ran the mtle and hall mtle tn track and always came through wtth 'lylng colors He also olayed basketball and he ts tnterested 1'1 tenms too Hts other lnterests potnt mostly to the soctal s1de for xt 1S c rare elent for Blll to mlss one of the socxal events on the carrpt.. Wnether your destmatton IS college or the Armed Forces th b st of luck to you B111' CLP? P00 Mfg J Elgin lllinois Edltor Orange and Black Co Pres1dent Aetchlortans Secretary Student Coun ctl Creatlve Wrtttng Board Charnele ons Debate Athlet1cs Cum Laude Followmg tn her ststers footstep comes svelte Mary a aeftntte contradtctton of the beauttful but dumb theory Although extremely busy Wllh her many duttes and betng a charter member of th1s years War Wtdows Club she has found ttme to contrtbut many an hour to the usual soctal OCl1V1l16S Under her gutd ance the good htp Orange and Black has pulled through many a rough sea thts year Not lacktng athlettc Ql'1l1lV Mary s volleyball serves and swtmmtng feats wtll be long remembered Wtth her leadershtp Mary 1S bouna to be a success I - I I - , . . . . , S A I I H A V 2 Glencoe, lllinois . , , , , e e ' , '. MILL QLLLLIH5 Elgin llliriois Vice President Major E Club Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Track De bate Creative Writing Group Chorus Chess and Checker Club lack more commonlf called Gubb or Long Iohn has been ct E A for two years He is ranked high with the humorists of the campus lxever to be found in a dull mood around the school Gubb 'lashes back and tcrth between classes alternating his various ac cents with wit Tall rangy Long Iohn has proved his worth with tne basketball team rolling up a good num ber of points He lets the warren come and go some tirrtes we wonder il he knows that this 1S a co ed school fvtgfw Jim. Elgin lllinois Debate Chorus Athletics Aeichlorians Phyl entered F A. in Ianuary of 1944 in such a shy, quiet way tha. she received little attention, but soon she b,came acquainted with the students and was seen frequently with a couple B. M. O. C. Still she had ncany i..te-.ests outside of school which she did not oltun talk about. Sh, has a Wonderful singing voice, having had experience in singing with a band. Phyl is the envy of many girls, as she seerns to get a letter alrxost every day-usually from one of her "friends" in the service. How do you rnanage it, Phyl? Phyl's plans for the future are still undetermined, but we want to wish her luck in whatever she does. race W ol' ml Wayne Illinois Editorial Staff Hilltop Varsity Football Swimming Chorus outdoor sportsman type h each morning and hikes UD G E station Although it is rumored tnat the real reason is it takes more time to Walk up honest Bruce insists that his reason is that from Wayne Being the shuns the station wagon to school fom the C A 1t is much healthier etc' Although new this year Bruce successfully gooved his efforts ln athletics and in another very important extra curricular affairs 1 e he won his letter in football and won the heart of the lair maideri Sally May you always be as successful in your future years Bruce 51, ff, 42.461 Elgin, lllinois Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, As- sistant Business Manager Orange and Black Business Staff Hilltop Dramatics Aeichlorlans After suv years of hard labor at E A little Miss Ladd is at last taking her turn at strolling do .vn the aisle at Commencement time Sally can be seen buzzing around in her little gray Ford at any time and usually waving an air mall letter her eyes sparkling Her presence in and out of classes causes a stimulating atmosphere always Since last fall Sally s interests in social affairs have not included any members of the stronger sex for the Marine has landed and the sttua tion is well in hand 1 , V , 1 , , Tall, dark, and handsome Bruce is a country gentleman . - ' , e , . . . T ,... Jgay lgefriclz Chicago, lllinois Honor Status, Aeichlorians, Chorus, Athletics Kay entered E. A. last September as a studious mem- ber of the Senior Class, but, as is sometimes the case, she soon threw off her studious appearance and began to look for fun. lt seems that in the winter months her thoughts were centered in Dundee and toward spring she seemed a little Shaky in her social life Kay has kept the life in Tapper house lively with her many witty remarks when she leaves Tapper House will again become silent After graduation Kay intends to enter a nursing school Loads of luck in the future Kay Cuffs fgmll Elgin lllinois 'Nice President Senior Class Captain Football lvfaior E Club Basketball Chess and Checker Cluo Curt being one ot the rrore lively student of tne senior class has managed to last fosx vears at E A He has done much for the football tear' and he su prised us Nllfl his ability to play basketball this yea Curt seerns to keep h1 l Xe life 'nuch to nimself l ast he doesnt go out of the neighbo 'ioodl Usuall se n zoo ing up and down Dougl Avenue n fi ca Cut la seen no more for han g become quit rn 1 ous Cut left the se ior lass a tne se este to en e Northwestern , , J , O , . ,. . , . , , . , - , Y , , . , A , , . . . s .. ' - tr - . ' V .., r- ',. v ' ' ' A . .. s o . . . -a, A - ' - A ,I ' e. . . as . 1 . is , Y '.. -. A 1 '-tn 'be 'L' . V ' -- A l - vm -1 r a...b ti , r c . . t.. c. A T .. r . . ., elle V Chtcago Ilhnots Honor Status Treasurer Mayor E Club Dorm1tory Counc1l Varslty Foot ball Track Swxmmtng Chorus Gene came ln Chlcago adatttcn to expected to to the Academy from Harrtson H1gl'1 School IF Februay ol 44 l-le was a Welcome our track team that same sprmg and 1S be an even greater asset thts year Bestcles bemg a ftne athlete Gene IS also a scholar bemg on the Honor Roll almo t constantly and also attammg the htgh and chertshed prtvtlege Honor Status Gene IS noted for such thtngs as hts tres and h1s del1c1ous sausage wh1ch y ex have to Slgn your hte away to see CAMAJ mf? Barrington, lllinois Bastcetball Tennis Dramatics Creative Wrtttng Board Chuck has been sttckmg 1t out at old E A for hve years now staymg on the honor roll most of the tlme Hts causttc remarks and styltsh clothes are a part of the Academy and he does qulte well wtth the women Named by the semor Engltsh class as the most perfect example of a dxlettante on the campus Chuck IS well watched by all We also hear much about Chuck at tennts and golf and h1s yokmg on the Barrmgton bus 1 1 1 1 , . 1 , , . l 1 - U 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 . , . T . A 1 1 S .. t , , . N . . -. o . phimp .S2Aic!2Ar Elgin, lllinois Business Manager Orange and Black, Business Manager Hilltop, Football Manager Major "E" Club Chess and Checker Club Track Manager Llght weight Basketball P I S Ill Esq entered the Academy in l94U with the hope of graduating in the Iune class of l945 After selling magazines his first two years Phil then ob tained hts first Flying Coffin Following this great acquisition Phil started up h1S taxi service to Billys Bowlway and Barrington Because of a shortage of a c rtain kind of weed recently Phil has been able to get some very surprising grades this year However there was no perceptible change in his Spanish grade How did you do 1t Phil? 7Waffm Sl L Elgin llllnois Football Manager Basketball Manager Major E Club Chess and Checker Ivfarty IS one of the senior class older rnembers enter ing the Academy rn the seventh grade Although Marty is still one ot the quiet members of h1S class he is full of fun and is well liked by both students and teachers Having a car at his disposal has come in auite handy for Ma tv as well as many other lucky fellows esp c1ally when Prof holds practice out at the meld ex ery day' Marty may be referred to as one of me stronger of hi sex because at no time in his life he e has he becorre attached to the opposite sex Nrze e do you get that will power Ma y'9 , , e . . I . I 20 Club, Cum Laude i ' ,, e ' . . . ' . I ,S . . . . 'P' - ' Y rt. 0 !XlCAClIC !0I10 Chicaao lilinois Music Club Orange and Black Hilltop Svirnrning Debate Track Because o H1 x r p esent camera Dick is one of the rr1,ch sought a 'e boys on the carrpus l-fawrig worri a.11te a patn ro rn auiring tor' the Elom Ca e a Shop to his dark 'ie 'yea D1 ks favo ite l'1e seerrs to be Although tam ' hi cl 1'T x g pictures ana dropping flashhulbs f orr .viriaov seerri to take up most o' his lea a rrania rwixira up ahastly cherri als t'1 ea 'una 'or 'nrr the t1 le 0' the Mad Cerrt Clfy llll .S?QlUClI'l Elgin, lllinois Aeichlorians, Art, Drarriatics, Athletics Known throughout the realm of the Academy and else- where as Stew, Mary Ann is always cheerful and vivacious-petite to be more exact! Not one to be tied clown, Stews interests during the year were not con- fined to single things but rnore varied Though her t1rs year at E A Stew had proved to be outstanding rraybe not scholastical y but certainly socially The proud possessor ot a Buick for a while Stew ran a regular bus service to Bowlway where by the wav we hear that he is a pretty good bowlerl 2 4 .v ' ' W4 Q . , 1 . 1 . 1 , 1 . s ' , I ' 1 . .1 . J 1 , - , 1 , , X' A - I 1 1 f. 's e 'e r c , ' ' 1' g11 f1 r A 1 1 , 1 " 1 Q' ' 1? 11 J' m r ' o11'1A rl ' r, 'c' rl i1,- 11 . "Come up to dark room and see my negatives." 1 "n '1 ' ' 1 1 r 1 .he t 'r story ' '1 ' 'fs 1. A 1 1' Dicl' also 11 s 11 ' for '. 1 jc :las r1'.41 l'.11 't 1 h 1 , , .Quart jel'l'll0Li0ll Northbrook, lllinois Honor Status, Editorial Stall Hilltop, Dormitory Council, Major "E" Club, Varsity Football Swimming Track Chameleons Chorus For four years we have had the pleasure ol Stus company During this time the gruesome twosome combination Goss and Templeton could be seen around the campus at any time Big Stoop went out tor ath letics in a big way being captain of the swimming team an excellent football player and running the dashes in track He became E Club in his Sophomore a member of the Major year but lh1S year for have lost his E p n privilege Honor Status some reason he seems to Besides obtaining that rare Stu was appomted the student Fire Marshal ot the Academy this year His new name is now Fireman Templeton' Best of luck in the future Stu' CLI? Q y50Il Elgin lllinors Dramatrcs Aeichlorians Chameleons Throughout her five years here Iane has been better than average Her clothes and her car have been the envy ot many students on the campus While paying a brief visit to Tapper House this winter it seems as it veryone borrowed lane s wardrobe' It you ever see a light grey Plvmou h convertible zoormng up the str et with lane drning get out of the way but tastl She IS rumored o L a pretty good driver though and 1 is rot ed that a few people trust thexr lives with her jane is also quite proud of oecoming an honorary rnernber ot th Ma or E Club Nice goxng lane' 1 , , f . , I 1 5 , , . .. ., i - I 1 t , . . . . , , e ' . . . y . . D , 1 . . Q . .L , .A i E , . 1 t. .. e 3 . , - X J CJlleP5p00l1 Chlcago lll1no1s Swlrnmlng Chess and Checker Club Tennls Fred Jorned u 1'1 the mrddle of thls year and has smce obtamed a good name for hlmselt his WIT shlnes th ough hrs quret manner at some of the most unex pected tlmes namely rn Engllsh class lt wasnt very long before Fred 1o1ned the ranks and had those cu ly locks smpped off Outstandrng characterxstrcs o' Fred hrs rew cut h1s hand knltted argyle sock and those baggy yellow corduroy pant Smce F ed was born under a lucky star we are sure that he Wlll haze all the luck ln the World jA Olnflif l50l1 Barrington, lllinois Varsity Football, Chess and Checker Club Curly headed Torn hatls from the countrysrde of Bar rlngton He came to Elgrn last year 1n the second semester ol school and lmmedlately 1o1ned rn the school act1v1t1es makrng h1s E letter 1n football thls year Tom ha never starred scholastlcally but he has been near the head of hrs class soc1ally Tom and h1s ense of humor leave proved to be a valuable asset to any party A A . 5 ' , Q F2 l , , , . s . , I . , . I r are: .' C , ' - ' s, . A . . s. r Y . Cllll Q5 Qllllel' Elgin, lllinois Lightweight Football, Chess and Check- er Clulo, Swimming, Track ,rvha been aerrj ortepat 1-'yeas ei a xerf lilcabl fellow and alwaf ha u erous cn p h e B ng th Acaderrfs nairrran in h Shwar bond Je irr id an nf llentlo n rraki g the drive a su ce im has rrade quite a good r cord for hirr el' on the swimming tearr and manages to contribute a lot to the social life on the carrpus too He certainly seems to have a g eat fond ness or Spanish having taken it tor th ee years Good lui lc lim fllle llg lf Bartlett Iliinois Aeichlorians Art Athletics A ne Ncorner this yea many a masculine eye looked when lane entered the A aaerny One will never know hon sh go by in Cherrist y unless it Nas by a wi at 4 op, ite a so iaite Ia e ha-,nt rnisse a aanf' 'nts y a uring tne year e o tee o t standing carrpus events was the rugged Cleopa a Marx A to 1 ora c wnich .vas almost pe fect ew: e t two e o s the identifi ion b acelet rrixup and he Me cna Marine Heres wishing you aoc luclc in you Fresnrran days at DePauw lan l lin. .intheAc d,.'f hs 3 si. r. I-l-'s 'i '. e ', . 'snsnrris . tri 's u is sl-e'.'e, ei. .e , '. cl ' . . 'te t. .'dri',,I'.d' ence.. bi ' .css.l'. S., ', e i ' - . . , . - ' . r - I .G . . V ., - . Q 1 ,. . , , , ' . I r, . 1 twice, and many a whistle came forth from their lips, ..s c'...."' .'.e t '. J-.r, " . l..r, C ri Qu' c' l' C, n 6 ' .." d ' -e .lc er. D". l - ,ons tl. u- .. ' . ' it ft' - .'n.n'r..ne1'." ' r c,p for " r-as nz ' .,"cat' . r - J ', .-t. 'urlnt . ""' '. d ' 1 'r xl .. - " e. cpogan PJ Elgln H11I'101S Umted States Marmes IN THE ARMED SERVICES gordon 'lfflwfwff Burhngton I1l1no1s Umted States Navy 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' i' 'k 'A' 'A' ir x :ffl-I fr I L 1 f f f ' X ' I . , Clif ::1f,g:,re" 'i -f":f.1f Qtr" 33,1152 'Q A f, , , '-HL f -HQ, fffvp -, 'nf'- ,, fx- , ,, , -- ,,,v-- , . , 'iff Q", f.,l , ,J 'f, -551' Q 1,4 ,f'4'fl '- , N A A 5 l, -5. A: 7' L .fre gif: ' riff, f 1 1:.f::ip.r12 , get xnmir' .1 ii ,,,,,--. gm, ff if Li QZCLCYIGQ X. '11 Qfjrfpt 52 r Jw 'z ,XCR Amr fr":rgir1i1e:f. , . , A.,-,4--f -, .- ,,,. . "f ",,v I If 1, .M .. , , -.,,,C Lrg' 1, Iffff 'fffx' 1' V 1.5. ' i' :full ,. . gy:--., ., ,,. .V f 1, :fr Q:p1:g.::.e1-fgrggr 1551 Bgcfigrii-' f J f Ad "fd Sig fi igf-LQ P':ffA:7:if -1 get H":1ir f.f':rgy,: fp: T mi:-f-.,-5-:'1i d7f.1ri,: '::,,Qj': ' , , , A', '11, - .,, . ., " , lf, .. ' V,-, ,,, 'F' , I . V .f,-, , f. fb. 'K.. NU 1,-f, ' Qt :iff ti, ty, Pf.::.:p :U rixfff " ,gm g--4 5- m M 1, Q1 ifrif' :gi if. .3-i E' I ., 1-f. 1. .': Doherty McCracken Campbell Sondel Nrchol Evans Sefcrk Loomrs luby W1lson Stevens Hlnch Vogel Nell Bmkley Werngarten Mower McClengahan Cleary Capper Sheldon Patrrck Terw1l11ger j lfU1l0I" C1055 When the class advlsor Mr Walker trnally succeeded rn collectrng enough of the Iunrors for a class meetlng a class electron was held and the tollowlng students Were elected as OlllCefS Don Sondel presrdent B111 Evans v1ce the vast Wealth ot the class The Iurnors are well represented IH the varrous organrzatlons such as the Malor E Club the Chorus Orange and Black Aerchs Dramatrcs and the Student Councrl Frve members ot the group Ralph Hrnch Maxlne Loomrs Carolyn Schulter Ann Sefc1k and Don Sondel have been awarded Honor Status Also havlng become somevt hat a scholarly class they have been able to keep the names of many of the members rankrng hrgh on the honor roll The Tumors have contrlbuted substantrally to the general rnterest land commotronl around the school th1s year The class hopes that they can make therr senror year at the Academy a year .well worth rernemberrng and they probably W1lll A . Q presidentg Carolyn Schulter, secretaryg and Cathy Nichol was entrusted with 1 ' I . 34 .S70l9A0l'l'l0l'Q Cfdiid Not many Sophomore classes have ta1led to be outstandmg ln the tour thmgs scholarshtp athletlcs c1t1zensh1o ard soc1al hte Whlch mage up llte at the Academy but the Class ol 47 has topped them all The group has certa1nly held 1ts own where studtes are concerned and a good port1on have been on the honor roll lor most ot the year A rare prwxlege for an under classman Honor Status has been a varded to K1t Farny and Chet Davxs ot th1s class lt has been well represented both on varstty football and basket ball teams and s veral sophomores have made a good sho Nmg 1n track and other sports The chaperones of all dances held at the school th1s year can test1fy that sophomores have often been notlced 1n eve'ung Wear too At the hrst of the year Bob Freeburg was chosen pres1dent and Chet Dav1s clearly shows what a degree of common sense C71 1t has When semester tlde came around several new students entered the class and 1ncreased the happy llttle group The 1l'1fGll1bl9 guldance of Mr Moore the advlsor who a1ded matenally 1n the success ot the Sophomore party and ln 1ts ortgmaltty permeated the thoughts and actlons of the Sophomores throughout the year and much was gamed by hrs charges 1n thetr assoc1at1on Wlth hlm Mtlls Burnett Wenzel Carpenter Freeburg DQVIS Watson Ladd Nelson Vogel Lasher Orsborn Twymcm Tyson Hetzler Davts Doree Sh ldon Varny Chapman Iohnson DQVIS T I 1 A 1 1 W -1 - - , e ' ' ' was named treasurer. The class decided that it needed no secretary, which 33 34 JFQ5 Niall Q56 Apbroxtmately th1rty frve new students walked rnto Old Maln on Septem be l9 of last year They were Just green freshman not knowmg what lay ahead ot them They considered themselves however b1g t1me and thought they had already acgu1red a vast knowledge Towards the end of the year they learned drfferently Tom Kelly was elected presldent Emlly Forrest V1C9 pres1dent and Pat Smlth secretary treasurer Tom Kelly was also the freshman representattve on the Student Counctl Mr Wllhelm was the faculty advlsor Freshman students contnbuted extenswely to all school act1v1t1es Some were outstandrng ln sports such as Freeman Day and Tom Galfney varslty football and lohnny Copp varslty basketball One freshman student Davld lngalls ranks w1th the very hlghest students 1n the school scholastlcally and Emrly Forrest was awarded Honor Status The Freshman class gave a dance 1n Sears Hall on March 17 uslng St Patnck s Day as the1r theme Next September the class Wlll enter the portals of the Elgm Academy wlth more knowledge of what they w1ll encounter because of the1r frurtful Fresh man year Kemler Nlchol Hansen Forrest Kelly Smlth Pratt Mulhken S1ms Alger Copp Elhs Ryon Colllngbourne Ingalls Vaughn Searle Kenyon Messxck Ward Raskm Burnett Collms Panos Clansky Gaffney Mllner McCorm1ck Nesbxtt v- v 1 . , . . ., . . ,, . . , , ' 1 1 ' 1 , ' . . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Day L Sheldon Conroy Smlley A Sheldon McNe1lle Mtller Conroy Krederlen Darhng Harbula Anderson Bowes Krohngold Burgess Rovelstad Benton 3 QZIOLUQI' 3400! The Lower School conslsttng of seventh and exghth grades has frnlshed 1ts e1ghth year 1n a most satrsfactory manner The enrollment was elghteen mne rn the elghth grade and rune tn the sex enth Mr Orsborn the prrnclpal taught Enghsh Lattn and L1terature belng ably ass1sted by Mr EWIHQ and Dr Byrne who taught Mathemahcs Mr Wrlhelm and Mr Walker Soctal The Lower School lS consrdered as one ot the ftve classes of the Academy and had for 1lS ofhcers thls year R1chard Conroy presrdent Rtchard Day VICS preslclent Loulse Sheldon secretary treasurer The Lovw er School athletrc teams were coached tn football and basketball by Mr Ewmg and rn tennls and swlmmrng by Coach Orsborn Members of the Lower S hool played touch football wrth other gramma s hools and the basketball team parttcrpated as usual m the Fla rt Grarnmar School basket ball league Socral vents for the year rncluded tne Lo er School dance neadlng a successful season of the class parttes ana the annual outtng to Chtcago where the group en1oyed the Chtcago Museurrt of Natural Hrstory Orchestra Hall and tne Art lnstrtute The Lower School DICHI held durtng commence ment week closed the year for the klds of the Acaderny 30 u 1 .Q ., ff . , Scienceg Miss Robinson, Scienceg Mr. Chipman, Artg and Miss Turner, Music. I . I ' , ' 5 ' , 7 . . . c ' r c , A e f ' : ' w , ' ' 4 , . . , . w A . I , . . ,H . I ' Ll - I o I .l .11 , -Q.. .- - Z12b.Cf.3'LI'Ll'Y Q7Ll'Ll'LlES Dans Goss K lly Campb ll N ver Feebug STUDENT CCCDUINICIIIL By rreahs t t e Student Councrl a system ot prep scho l de cy tha ared py the stotdents Counselo are elected at the OGg1I"'1lI':, ot t e year ox the popular vote ot the students tront each class The e are three representatyes from the Sentor class two from the lumor class and one each tr rn t e Sophomore and Freshrnan classes OIQGnlZGd only last year the Student Counctl forrns a ne typ rep e sentatto pet een the student loodv and the faculty Tne purp se o the Counct t talc over and make remedles or problems th t contront students rad the school and to pre ent xarrous rdeas ln order to IDAKS t'1e Elgm Ac demf an rdeal place tor tutdre students The C cl mernbers are Blll G ss p esldent Chet Davts X ce p Gs dent Vary Pre: p rg secretary Lrlfan Ccrrphell Pen lf er Ke 1, 1' Wl l and Mr Copp f ere the faculty advlsors 38 .6 ,- , 'Q "' P v ' D Q ,V ,- , -, , - , .. - , .of , . . rx ln ' fs Nun v-N ' 'f- l lo o. ll , - o -l.oC.u 1: . 1 . . . . . . , l. lflt ll A 1 . fS ll . XS' H - 1 , f r . t lv ,., l . T, l T 4 C l. .T l . , ' - - 1 .. , .. VJ Q O. f - - - 1 f 1 n W . . A- . ll V, . . . o . . t 't 1 A t ' 4 M 1 .S V . l . G ... the " fY l Y - I - N l . . or . .. t , S f - or .. . l 'J 1 " ' . tl . . A. CUTE l .. 4 S f O. , Y Q , 'l 'Wf Sl 1 ,' W 3' .. .. 'X , ,..,, nrt 'TA H., . . L X., A, , , on . , .qw , u..C1 lo-.. . . ' lr i hex: . ' . IDGIRM CQUINICIIIL, rfer C e'rocraC, Q or ed oo tae proyos I o t 'r D caoaole r1111r1g e lt lS to alta '1 tme end ar to rafe a me eel ,oaralle1 11r democrat C government that the Dorrvrtory Counc1l rrned Seve l ,feare ae elors are e ected at ire oegmm 5 o we e r r, 1 Nm e Na r o I o aafe prove lf19Y'Ao9lI6 r ortrf a a C oe resporre Dl'llJ are elected Of tre or1g1r1al raemoere TM rrac1ce a me De Tae iroo e ol the Couecrl 12 to meme me OIJSGY fance o dorm tory ru e ard to ad11ee the eluderls or1 general ,C olalems fllll F he reef are o e Con 1orled ll lu not a pol1Ce orce ho: ever 11 doee Pa re er 1 out rrmor oeraluee for "'1Gll 1r1fraCl o Q of the rules Tlme year s raerroere appomted by the lacult, were Ge e Ralay B Go Stu Terroleton lobn Bradley and Dorm Sondel The other 'rerroere B1l Eva Roy Brown and Ierry Vavrys were elected by the counc1l Uade the capalol leaderslwo of lflr Walker tlee COLlI"lCll d1d an eXceo11o1aa 1v do a oo lI'1 rr1a1 lauwng tee dorrmrory d1sc1pl1r1e tl'11s year Raal G e' 1e1 l Broww E a 3:1 : . 1- I .1 ' 1 Q W L.. ' Z 15111, 1 an d 1 1 r 1 1: 1d 11 1 W 1 1 fl xat111ari 1. h V o1 'l' lvlrre lf ' 1 M' rd ' ' "r o-feed, W " o' V111 1 1 1 1 1 ' fo1 1 ra1 Y ,Y . ,-. l 7 ' ' I K Y, ' Y l I .7 Y. ado. Cogne 1 V 1 1, 1 .zif 1,1l11, 1 a1 aj he 1ao Y Yl ' ' ' Y f-Y Y, ' Y l -Y ' ,Y - ' YY ' ' I ',Y.,. .-.Q1l1 a..1e1 13 ,fe . lr 11a d 1, r e J 1 r1 apo' l o1 11.1.1 Q' "' - ' Y ' ' ' ' '- - 1 1 ,M . 1,1 1 A 1 1 11 .,. 1.1 5 .1 or l1 fx. 1 11.2- 1 -.Y -Y Y A Y Y Y - ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 YY 5 crane Ha, :ae proved ferf successful 1:1 the reg1,11at1on o. aorrnior, l1te 1 fo' A 3 . 1 F 'r 1 1 at o 1 1-3 Yr Y ' Y, ' 4 ' ' Y fe F fr 1 . f 'F Q f 3 ur , 1 .- '1 '. the 3 rneie o 11 a A 1 . 1 S11 1 1 no 1 ,. ff- ' l ' YY v - A nf- , 11 1 ., 1 1 1 , V . 1 1, ax 1ll ee, - Y , ' Y '1 - 1h , 1 , 11 1, . 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 Tic, ' , , ' . 11 r 1 1 e A ' ' - ll ,Wm ' : ' ' 'fy t ses, Tei'1pl,.o:i, Era'i'-1, Soxde, 1, :ms GRANGE AND E3 LACK C1 13 YUF e113ed f e e Pre wg EC, nw eeee 1re"1 trree erdred 1 e1dr1e1, 1 mmdred Cer: e I1 erder 1 JTYY11 pdrerns Q111 er11K T1 rends 01 1 e QC'1O' Y re1d1ed C 1r1e cmdrde S ef' , rr1e efc r e de dr1 dee dr 1 1 14 1 ,rd er herre or1 e GTNFUG cmd 1211 CK e dec 1ds1 12111 T1 We 1d 11erc1ry Q11 :med r1e11 1e 1'1e Ar1 Gd erx .1 ,AE Q T' e Ordnce cmd B1dck hae been ,meer 11 e ed11crQf rp 01 1!1dr1 Freergrc d11r1rd We vedr V1111 1Ndr1c, Baker 11mg 111e ro1e C CIQl1L1C'11 ed11or He 13cr1H dge ds Cdpdnly mdndged ov 13 11311 H1'1C11 1 19 rerrd1r1der e de 101 fce ccmprmed 0 Cee1 DGVIQ exC11dr1ge ed111r Wd 11,11 BGFCUSQH 1 m CO11r1d13Ourr1e cmd CG1HY N1c11o1 c1rC111d11or1 rrdndgere D1c1c Stone 111251 P1111 Schckler busmess mdndger W111' Sd'1y Ladd ds F1 dSS1Q1dr11 K11 Fdmy nd 1-1e ry Ne1 S1011 rr1e1r11:ners 1 e' e 1ouC111 can be QC d .cr 'He g111d1r1g md '1 1dy 1 C per er tor Q '1vd1udo1e d1d dr1d cr111c1srr1e ale ee '1 e e H S'O'19 C 11'1 UCB, o 'r A f 4- 'ln Q'1r1r1g 1he gift yedr t11e Crdnzge izi' F1CC1i Ld? Q.11:Tf1fITC .ijiiie cifziges' '.'.'11g::i have Ei - 1: gdiri ziere reezgniiicri fer 1116 :i1::11i1g' pdper. ft ids jeixed tie Cadmus ociddstge 1 215390131133 '.'.':1::i :times :r111c1e:is did , .,.. ,,., , 1 euigestcns fer 111, IIQYYHEEY ,:ei11 cf sc:::1 js-dpere, .ie pdeers 51113141 '.1."'f incr Wed ',11 '1 if 1' ' C 'ill er 1 '1 1 ' ,A 1,5 1 e V Q inelgde 311 G1' 1, ', ., M d 1, G d 11 1 I1 1,1 U1. C1ese11' 1 1 ld 19 1E1e IK fC1: d 1 Eid ge ' p ment, '1-fheee Lusiness 11 is 1C keep 1I'1 1oucR '.-7113 c1ier Seccriddry Sc:ee1e. A f1Q','J N 1 1drg , I 2 11 1d d , 111V and ed 1h K6 1111.012 L 1 . , , , 11 v . U ,Y , U v ,dum . 11 1 1, Q ,, 1. -1 , 1 LL H ' . 'A 1 ': ' : ,Y 'J 3 .3 je 1 ' ' 'A d 1 1 1 WE 1. 1 ef 111 S f .1 1 I 11 Q, '1 1 1 1' ,11 rg '1 11 . , xdc 1 1, , 1 . I . . 1 W 1 A V 1 I ' 'dl I A 1 I 1 , , 1 1 1 . - .d , .Jw F 411 .1 1 1 11 ' 1 1. S ' Ct f1e A G ,1, Mr, 1.f0e1e, 111: 11 ' ' ' ' ' '. E 1,r Hixch, Frwixrg, ffeil Ladd Sc11c1c1,r Eexdtgex 1 1 , C gl::p1r:e, Fdriy, f:1C1'1C1 'X 112. 1 , - " . 3 , fl . 1 - 9 1 I A 4. , 1, - 5 ' 6 K' 'N Scrdel Baker Doherty Sclfuclcler Hmch Stone Ladd Stevens Cleary Loomls Bertdtsen Colllngboume Ellclo Mower Bradley A product ot our endeavors we awe to you the l945 l-lrlltop Tnrouahout tne past year our Work lsas never stopped Arttcles were mrttten w1th care d deltberatton the cameras chcked unceastngly and we orxed trrelessly tn secu e tne patrons whtch you ttnd at the end ot the boot: The rob v as s ' ervlsed ny our busy edttor Nanny Baker v ho was usually seen runntng rt 'mme poor unsuspecttng statt rnernber and vellmg 1-ley get ttsose ar les tn 1ll vnu? and tie .nanc fr end .was nandled p e nardv orkvng ess rra. oder Pntl SCl'NlCKlGY t ose patrons and t ers be lselped s pond posstp e 'Wldsl go a J es' e Cred1 r Cntprnan e e er end 'tg ettorts autde our Crt: rnust ao C edrt for 'nuC'1 oc I lc s e ea ex We ' sultcp rnees fpect We ea to ne 1 K. y emcr n n app ner er 1 P Z ,M W . . A , , r, , ' . . ' ' V Y ' J ' A A AA - I v I - an ' ' , ' ' , W ' ' t . Q .J f . . 1 71.2 f l ' , V ' , I ' jf A dc:-.' sr , r ' s ...V ' ' r lx artic. ' ., 'A o' "g 1 ti . tal ' ' l l y ti l I Q.. pusinss- .t 'lui , Q .Q ' A To ' e .3 w . . riake this ' ,el A " l s great cl al of 't. Te. If . lg. ., '.-:ics ri -- it mrs i " d us in ', ' Z., r Q . r 1 of the success of the Hilltop. Last Fall it 1-ras only a znytnetcday the l-lilltop is a rs ltty. L- .. . . :M'.,M .A F ,.,-., A Item' sur '.-ier rs nd y and :fe sunset ln .ppp t..at tue les, -ll js .. ot all cf your e:.A ations. ' have 2-forksl .s tl,, best of oar ability to gi 'e you a r y of EA ':.'l.icl. '.-he INA e will J-. cease. , Srmth Baker Vferngarten Searle Stone Raslcm rr burg Gubbms Terwrlltger Farny Gaffney IDIE ATIE Debate and publ1c speakrng was orgamzed Us a regular act1v1ty at the Academy 1n mrd February w1th approxtmately twenty students acttvely par ttctpatmg Inasmuch as the regular debate season at most schools was near an end 1t was tmpossuole to engage ln regular tnterscholasttc competrtlon Several debates were held wlthrn the classes and between classes however Subjects of general rnterest such as compulsory peacettme mrhtary tratmng and etghteen year old votlng were argued fervently ln May a practtce debate wrth the seasoned Rockford l-hgh School athrmattve and negatrve teams took place for the purpose ot affordmg experten e to the local speakers The gues tlon of erghteen year old votmg was d1scussed Other GCllVlllGS were extemporaneous and oratorrcal speakmg Elgrn Acad emy students competed tn these partrcular branches of publ1c speakmg at an mter school contest held on the local campus rn May Suo1ects drscussed cov ered the range of contemporary economlc octal and pohttcal problems of surpassmg mterest An odtstandmg arm of the debate and puohc speaklng act1v1ty was to develop tn the student a sense of potse and contrdence when before a group ot people A by product of th1s goal was the mterest TD affarrs of the day stlmulated by constant drscusston . ., I . -,ee . .. - I , . , . . , , K ., .. . . 1 . . , C . - ... 1 . . . . . ,. . . C . .. ,oc 1 , . , , . . ., AMER IE 6 aff T-T fm 1 L3 Lv' DOY fo wr 1- rwr no colt ft oo he o 'r r Jer rn ' C1 o 4 fo' or rv Uoorr drrrj or, o re Colo t e nop ode r mono tor orrdv Qet rt rr the bc o o or rr e ur The 1' 'or lur 1 1 ie, C1 o h rr o re duo house roult err el, JJ rue oer ,oder t uurfelllohce o rrhof' er or 4 f lou co eor omfrhm, om one or e h 'o e e hour fre P f e rrmoteb corrurog lrom the S oc .Arhorug the E Cluo ctrvrtreb to ,eo 1 5 'orc ng Cr ge o f' ff for Bow To wr to Nhrch everyone 1' soho 1 Cor1tr'oureo Tfrere Joe o orre J C1 f os omorlg me be ' lr we 1 e o'11,' J rce of me vefr o mclude or rlofr show' The crub Ov Gu V LTVHGC er mcrrf thorrcb or o Hello f'1lCT'1 IGS much heeded cmd cerromly crporecroted The ofhcers of the club for rms yeor ,fer BNI Gone yoresrdent Jock GL o vrce oresrdeft ond Gene R toy ecretorr, treasurer ofov Go r eff Skofc Gu o MT 11 9 V e rg Schrfucle Hmch Copp WW 'QM vw' I A1 FE! 3- '3 Th T1 jo g' dub 'S rhode 'V of ' is who have, rhroggh their rrgiiihg o' ' ' fi Y in spor s, 'V toir. d .hojo lei . ' foofo ll, ' C131 erpoll, or ffflol.. A C: Josie' to th T' T, he A "F must plerp o gl. ld the .d f. fohi fhol,.h'1'r1h,c1'o. l To, E ' C' Q is priui' def Uovi. g fL .o . " lg . Q' A .rir " . T -- . f- vv ' V ' 1 I Q -v v- rj , S . o K9 , r r. 'I Mr. L Moa , oid Ci' mf tie ,egr 1 ,ri h Y ' j fr pl 6 fo th ammo Idaho to CI 'jfsl ,d ,ries o. I'1,,'.'.' i " 6 'f ' .h , ', " ' or ' 'A v r r mo? LQL 'or f M dmoriorr . op ' ' ' qoo QT of 1 or iso the Ed or- vhil o l sry' o h L ' dow rl A 4 t ' ' o . . T F .rr. '- r .Q T If f . Ihr: 1 'A 1 T 'Yu L 4 VN - W . . . . 'K e, . ff, . g o rooms, ' 3 f .rg o f'- Soni-GLR . ', ,a.s,Ter111,.,n, I, ' bring, ohn.so:1,She1flofQ Tyson '.1 treo: . nsbzrr. . F .re-hu , fo' r, . , , '.f'f'W4f my , - WW QQ J M fetal! 3,,'i,,,M ,ff 'A , ,MTX , .W LjW,,r N f 'lj ,W ':T22,Z,iQ12 T, N ' W' A ,I 4 I I . fy fy I ' 1 ,, . Q ' , 5' f ' 5 ,ff f, .af K N 5 if ,vw Q .. L 1 KLXVK wk . ART The art class thls year has gone ahead and accomphshed a great deal Qu1te a few people were takmg 1t as a course and there were also many members rn the act1v1t1es program rn the afternoon The course was under the uperv1s1on of Mr Ch1pman who d1d a great deal of work to make It a success The class has done many 1nterest1ng thmgs such as clay modelrng chalk work water colors and crafts The lane Pelton art award started agam thls year 1n full glory wlth all the students try1ng for the prrzes Thls award havlng started two years ago was a brg success There were several pnzes and qu1te a few honorable rnentrons The art class has also had many mterestmg drsplays IH the north room of the Art Gallery They had some or1g1nal draw1ngs by Walt D1sney a photography exh1b1t1on and etchmgs by Walter Bohl The class was also lucky to get Mr Bohl to speak on how he developed hrs 1deas for h1s draw1ngs and for an assembly The fmal exhrbxt of the year rncluded twelve water colors by famous Amencan palnters From th1s exhrbltlon one plcture was chosen for the gallerys permanent collect1on Stevens Wenzel Watson Doherty Wnght S1ms Wllson Mullxken Ladd Smlth Stewart McCormack Twyman Mower Sondel Orsborn Lasher 44 S . 1 1 1 - - 1 , 1 A 1 , . - 1 - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Burnett Nelson S1ms Messlck Loomls Sea le McCracken C Ntchol I Nlchol Kemler Stevens Cleary Ladd Tyson Hans n Race Nell Patrrck Twyman Dav1s Ingalls IDIRAMATIICS Culrntnattng a very successful season the annual three act play was pre sented to a capaclty audlence 1n the m1ddle of May Mrs Wtlhelm chose All Gummed Up and under her expert d1rect1on 1t was regarded as one of the best producttons 1n many Academy seasons The cast conststed ot Nancy Burnett Torn Twyrnan Pat Cleary Maxrne Loomts Chet Davls Anne Wtlson Carolyn Stevens Reed Searle B111 Patrlck and Btll Terwtlllger The 1n1t1al productlon ot the year Nas a humorous play entttled Ex en Eychange Wtth Sandra Letgh Nelson Sally Hanson and Reed Searle wtth Mrs Wtlhelrn dtrectmg Htghhghttng the season was the presentanon of the annual Chrrstrnas play tn December Tolstoy s What Men Ltve By lncluded 1n the cast were Nancy Stevens Maxme Loornts Chet Davts Cathy Ntchol and Bob Freeourg Mrs Lung Jas the drector vhrle the mnfed chorus turntshed the rnustcal background The ltttle Players Group presented another en,oyable one act play m March Chet Davls Davrd lngalls Torn Tffyrnan Sandra Nelson lane Nrchol and Nancf Burnett were ln the cas' The productton was dtrected Mrs Wtlhelnt Although there were rnany obstacles t overcome the Dra'nat1cs group d d an excellent loo thrs year and lvlr rng and Mrs Wrlhelrn rnust be rven a great deal ot credtt 'or the success ot these producttons -45 , . . . . Y A . X, 7 . . Q 1 A ,. . Burnett, Chuck Bace, Bill Patrick, Peggy McCracken, Henry Neil, Carolyn , , - - , I , 4 A , l . . .. A41 1 L l. . ' 1 .A A t. .. ' ' by o , r ' i - ' ' 'r ' , r s. EW' . ' . C ' N1chol Freeburg Baker Goss Bradley Templeton Tyson Doherty LOOITIIS CIHIAMIEILIECCDINIS Chameleons founded two years ago by Mr Moore had a very successful season dur1ng the 1944 45 school year The presldent was B111 Goss Whrle Stu Templeton handled the tlnanclal allalrs The dlscusslons th1s year began Wtth Ernle Pyle s book Here ls Your War from Whlch we saw the human srde of the War Secondly We talked about Russra wrth Mr Wrlhelm tellrng us many 1nterest1ng facts about thrs country Then We drscussed Jazz muslc for whlch Mr Gumbrell gractously let us use Mr Skoks factory The Elgln Machlne Works and the Fox Valley Paper Box Company At the begmnrna ot the year the Charneleons met wlth sorn opposltlon rrom a netarlous group called the Schlarneleans but sornewhere along the Une the Schlarneleans 1t seems fell 1nl Even wrth th1s competmon the Chameleons tuict on d accord1ng to sched ule and on the Whole had a most 1nterest1nJ and en,oyable year I I his Wonderful collection ot' jazz records. ln February, the Chameleons visited 4 4 , J A . M S V . . ' ' ' ' , L . e ' - . A . f Q 1 1 A 1 44, - CHESS AINIID CIHIIECIKIEIRS The Chess and Checker Club under the sponsorshlp of Coach Orsborn has completed 1ts thlrd successful year The club has a rnembershtp of srxty boys wrth the ten top ranklng players Ralph Hrnch K1t Farny Dave Vogel Iamle Vogel lack Orsborn Malcolm Vrneberg Marty Skok Charles Brnkley Freeman and D1ck Day makrng up the varslty team Durtng the year the club played erght matches wrnnmg three loslng three and tymg two They defeated the Elgtn Softener Company lo to O the Elgtn Chess Club No 2 6 to 4 and Glenbard I-hgh School l8 to 8 They lost to the Elgln Chess Club No 3 8 to 12 Elgrn Chess Club No l 4 to 8 and the Chlcago 1un1or Chess Club O to 8 They tred the Academy faculty 8 all and Glenbard Htgh School l6 all Also durlng the year there was a srmultaneous exh1b1t1on match played by Mr E C McGonegal Fox Jalley Champron agalnst elghteen students Mr McGonegal won all but three of hls games whrch vere lost to Hlnch Farny and Davrs The Dorm1tory Chess League Was formed 1n Ianuary Th1rty srx boys par t1c1pat1ng ln the league were drvrded 1nto four teams At the end of the mnth Week the rat1ng was as follows the Knrghts captarned by K1t Farny led Wllh 83 po1nts the Rooks captalned oy Ralph Hmch '76 pornts the Blshops captamed by lack Orsborn 7l pomts and the Pawns captalned by Malcolm V1neberg 51 pornts The frrst annual Kane County Iuntor Chess Champ1onsh1p tournament was held ln Sears Hall on March l8 Ralph Hmch tled for frrst place and repre sented Kane County at the State Chess Champtonshlp tournament held at Chlcago ln Aprtl Raskm Searle Watson Iohnson Kenyon Gubbms Schlckler Skok McCorrrack Freeburg Brnkley Tyson Clansky I Vogel Hrnch K lley Copper Farny D Vogel Day Hetzler 47 1 -- 1 L A 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . A, 1 , ,, . . ,-. , . . , ., , . . -1 1 11 1 . Y. . . . -, 1 . , , . . 1 v , , . 1 - 1 1 . . . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 14 1 19 1 1 1- 11 - AIEIICHILCCDRIIAINIS The soctal act1v1t1es of the Aerchlorlans dtrected by the co presrdents NGOYTII Colhngbourne and Mary Freeburg and under the superv1s1on of Mrs Monahan have been var1ed and many thts year As has been customary to do the g1rls sold refreshments at the football games and sponsored teas grven at Sears Hall after the games At Chrtstmas trme the Academy g1rls sent gtft boxes all over the Unlted States and the world to the graduates of the class of l944 who are 1n serv1ce Letters have been feC61Vd from these alurnn1 expresslng thelr gratltude and appreclatlon The g1rls have also trled to brtng uno to date the record of Academy men and women 1n servrce wh1ch now numbers Well over three hundred The Aetchlonans ushered out the snowy weather W1th therr dance the Snow Ball wh1ch was gtven late 1n February Other than these GCl1V1l1eS the gtrls have kept busy by sponsorlng other teas such as the Chrtstmas tea and the Mothers tea and by checlung wraps at the Forums More than hal of the success can be attrlbuted to the WISG and able supervlslon ot Mrs Manahan McCracken Erklor Bendtsen Watson Baker Freeburg Naoml Collmgbourne Nancy Collmgbourne Lmdsay Watson M Ladd I Ntchol Campbell Mllls Kemler Buehler Forrest Sm1th Hansen Loomls Doherty Pratt Stms Nelson Iuby Stewart Carpenter Wrtght Mulltken Tyson Petrxck Burnett St vens Cleary Wenzel S Ladd C Nlchol SelClk 48 I - I 1 - , . , . 1 A 1 1 L , . 1 1 - 5 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 I - I ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - Bendtsen Collingbourne Stone Eiklor Wrlson Ellis Nelson Kiederlen N Burnett Benton Loomis Lindsay Mulhken Milner I Burnett Terwilliger Twyman Wenzel Conroy Evans Zipprich Ingalls MUSIIC GLU The Elgin Academy Music Club was organized in the fall of l944 with the intention ot bringing together the pupils of Mrs Sellers Mrs Bohl and Miss Turner so that they might compare with one another the Work that they have done in their respective field of music and note their advancement Member ship in the club is also open to any students in the school who are interested member of the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs and this membership entitles the club members to participate in the annual music federation contest which IS held in the spring The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the art gallery The entertainment under the direction of the vice president is pre sented by the students in the club Several times we have been honored with the appearance of members from other music clubs The programs are com posed not only ot music but also discussions of various pro1ects dealing with music made by the students The music club has presented two assem blies at which the students ot the school were able to see the high quality of Work done by the pupils and recognize the high standards of the club The members ot the club have also participated in chapel services Under the able and skillful direction of the music faculty the club has been very successful in achieving its aims 49 in the promotion of musical activity. The Elgin Academy Music Club is a M1ll5 Lord McCracken Nrchol Doherty Pratt Helm Petrrck Sefc1k Forrest Carpenter Wenzel Bendtsen Nelson Naomr Coll1ngbo,1rne Buehler Cleary Campbell Hansen Llndsay Loomrs luby Nancy Collmgbourne Baker Ellrs Rrchard Collrnglcourne Orsborn Davrs Evans Terwrllrger Patrlck Allanson McLoud Chapman Nerl Brown Zrpprrch Burnett Copp CIHICDRUS Thrs years chorus Wlth Mrs Bohl drrectlng has done some very frne work The chorus has been kept qu1te busy wlth four performances durrng the year the Thanksgrvrng program on November 19 the Chrrstmas program ln addrtron to these the chorus made several appearances at assemblres and rn chapel M155 Turner and Mr Moore have served as accornpanlsts on these occasrons The oroup Worked on a serres of Russlan songs thls year among whrch were the chant HOSpOd1 Pomllur The Cherubrm Song and My God and l Other songs that were done rnclude Dancmg rn the Dark The Navy Hymn Amerrca My Own Ezekrel Saw de Wheel Madame Ieanette and a group of Stephen Foster songs ln addltron to the regular chorus there were the boys octette called the Whlffenpoofs and the grrls double sextette whlch performed several tlrnes durrng the year on December 20, the music forum on March 2l, and commencement on lune 7. - , , - I 0 -Ar The 1944 Football Schedule -Ar October 7 Elgxn October 1 Lake Forest October 2 Elgm November 4 at Elgm November 11 at Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgm M1lwaukee U School 6 Lake Forest Academy 20 Park School 13 Wheaton Academy 0 Northwestem Mllltary Academy 6 at ' ' 7: ' . 4 at ' 6: October 21 at Beaver Dam Elgin 20: Wayland Academy 6 8 at ' ' 6: ' ' 14: . . 14: . . Tyson McClenaghan Day Brown Sellers Watson Pratt Orsborn H1nch Sheldon Ratay Skok Schickle Werngarten Gaffney Templeton Sondel McLoud Evans McCormick Vavrys Mische Gubbins This year s football season which started with a surprised 7 6 vlctory over Milwaukee Unlversity school came to a successful conclusion with a l4 6 homecoming victory over Northwestern Military Academy ln the course of the entire season the Hilltoppers chalked up a record of four wins against two setbacks for the average of 666 With the return of only three lettermen and with experlenced football players from other high schools Coach Limacher was able to formulate a smooth working efficient team which was ready to avenge the previous season of defeats The first game of the season was held in our bowl where the heavier Mustangs were outmanuvered by the I-lilltoppers and lost 7 5 This game cost us Bill Evans our regular haltback who received a dislocated shoulder and was lost for the entire season The heartbreaking defeat of the season occurred when we were outclassed by Lake Forest 20 6 The I-lilltoppers drove deep into LFA territory six tlmes but were only able to push the ball over the goal line once Don Sondel a veteran tackle received a leg 1n1ury and was lost for the rest of the season their Homecoming holiday by scoring an easy victory 20 o Tom Gaffney Elgins end was a spark plug scoring two of our touchdowns lt was a sad Dads Day Nhen Elgin dropped its second conference game to Park School of lndianapolis l3 7 The Hillmen fought hard all the way but a patched line up suffered the conseauences The following week the Academy gridders wallooed the hapless Wheaton Academy 14 O Ierry Vavrys was outstanding for the Hllltoppers he scored five times with long runs although three of them did not count on account ot penalties The last game of the season was a happy Homecorring day for the alumni The I-lilltoppers avenged the cadets victory a year ago with a victory over Northwestern Military Academy 14 6 Both teams fought hard all the way but Elgin came out on top l4 6 This year for the ftrst time a trophy had been awarded to the most valuable football player lt was won by Logan Sellers one of the finest defense men in the history of the Academy Wayne Mische Elgins blazing fullback was selected by the coaches as an All Conference player The Lieberman trophy for excellence in blocking and tackling was also won this year by Mische 55 The l-lilltoppers had a week-end trip to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and spoiled . . . . . , , I . . I . . . . L .Q . '. - A . Y ILIIGIHITTNEIIGIHIT IFQCDT AILIL. Wrth l1m1ted materral to Work Wtth C ach Ewlng formed a smooth workrna efllclent group ot boys tn a remarkably short trme Playxng a total ot stx games durlng the season the lrghts came out Wlth a 500 average w1nn1ng three and losing three The team took the held agatnst the Chrcago luntor School on October 6 and although they fought Well they were unally overcome 20 to U On the l4th ot October the team traveled to Lake Forest Academy Where they were out classed l3 to 6 The next Saturday October l7 the enhghtened small fry met the Chlcago lumor Qchool on our held Wllh revenge rn therr eyes They recetved therr revenge by defeatlng the luntors 20 to 7 Outstandrng players were Frank Lasher Hugh Kenyon and Fred Tyson On the 26th the lrghts shone 1n full glory as they played thelr best detenstve game of the season defeatrng Wrlllams Mrlttary Academy 13 to U In a return game on November 3 wlth Wrlltams the llghts became over conltdent of therr powers and suc cumbed to therr opponents 12 to 7 The last game was played Wrth Lake Forest on November ll lt was a hard fought game endtng tn a vtctory for the Elgrn llahts 13 to 7 lerry Raskm and Frank Lasher were the outstandrng players A great deal ot credrt should go to Coach Ewmg tor hrs competent gu1d1ng ot these future stars and to Don Sondel who acted as ass1stant coach Fr eburg Werrer Sn'1ley Krohngold Conroy Copp Ell1s Day Kenyon Collrngbourne Iohnson Strout Nllner Lasher Ward .7.1ppr1ch Vogel Burnett Raskln Clansky . . A , , O J, 1 - 1 1 K. , . 1 1 ' - 1 1 1.1 . 1 1 - 1 - 1 . .. .. A 1 1 ' ' 1 1 A . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 - Wenner Vaughn Alger McCormick Mower Ratay Milner Sondel Templeton SWIIIMMIIINIG With a nucleus of one varsity letterman returning from last years varsity team the tankmen met a heavy schedule of twelve meets and under the hard work and continuous service of Mr Orsborn the team was able to win six out of the twelve meets and set seven new records Stu Templeton broke his own 220 and 200 yard Elgm Academy pool records set last year he also broke the 40 yard free style E A pool record set last year by Dave Mower and the 40 yard back stroke E A pool record formerly held by Paul Gubbms Gene Ratay set a new E A pool record in the 40 and 60 yard breast stroke formerly held by lim Orsborn Pen Mower broke the 100 yard breast stroke record which was also held by hm Orsborn The first meet of the season was Iandary ll with the Y M C A or Elgin The ,unlor members of the tankmen lost this meet 14 38 On Ianuary 16 they played host to Skokie and lost in the final relays 29 37 On Ianuary 26 Lake Forest Academy came here and the Academy tankmen used their greatest effort to WIN the meet 35V2 30V2 On lanuary 3l the Academy lost to a powerful Mllwaukee University take the beating of l9 47 On February 4 the tankmen traveled to Skokie for a return meet and tied them 33 33 February ll the team went to Lake Forest for another return meet the tankmen lost 25 4l February 24 the Academy overpowered Wheaton 52 23 They then traveled to Loyola Academy in Chicago on February 28 where they Nere far outclassed and consequently they lost 22 44 On March 2 Lake Forest came here to swim the thlrd meet w1th the Academy Mermen The Academy splashed their most bitter rivals with a final score of 35 22 This was a victory in another way also since they Non two out of the three meets with Lake Forest March 5 the intermediate team won a meet from Y M C A of Elgin 35 22 March 6 was the team s final meet for the season which they won from Todd 35 30 The Academy shows promise of a good team next year and another heavy schedule to meet Only three lettermen are graduating from the Academy 1h1s year leaving the team with four lettermen and many others who will without doubt win their letters next year 57 High team 24-56. 'February 2, the team went to Chicago University High to - Goss Gubbms Gaffney Evans Terw11l1ger Skok Tyson Copper Freeburg Copp VARSIITY ASKIET AILIL Wlth the return of only one letterman from the last year squad the green Academy flve turned 1nto a smooth workmg outft whfch landed them the thlrd place IH the Mfdwest Prep Conference Thefr loss for the thfrd place was a heartbreakrng one when Pullman sank a free throw IH the fmal m1nute of the game to break up the t1e But the underclassmen Freeburg Copp Fvans Tyson Orsborn Gaffney and Clansky rece1ved plenty of valuable playmg experlence whlch should a1d m bufldlng up a strong team ln the course of the season the boys chalked up a record of eleven wms agamst nme setbacks ln the scormg column they ran up 688 pomts agamst 577 for thelr combueed opponents Captam Blll Evans set the pace rn the cormg w1th 233 pomts an average of 12 9 per game he was followed by Tom Gaffney loO lack Gubbms OO Bob Freeburg 54 Fred Tyson 50 lchn Copp 46 and lack Orsborn 3 The two v1ctor1es over Lake Forest Academy and Calver Mllftary Academy were the bfggest surprlses of the year The l-lflltoppers closed thelr twenty game schedule w1th f1ve conference uctones and two losses both at the hands of Park the Mldwest Prep Tournament champlons Thls year for the ffrst tfme a trophy had been awa ded to the player who was voted bf the faculty as the most valuable lt was won by Blll Evans Mfdwest Conference and M1dWeSl tournament forward fs av- V ,n-. - ,Q f 4 I 1 ...gtk kg, 1 , A-N. 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , A . . - . Q . . T 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 -- A 1 1 A . - 1 1 1 1 -1 f 1 1 1 I -1 1 I 1 - X . . . 7. . 1 1 - , . . A A I' L Y . A . . 1 , A . if The 1945 Basketball Schedule 'A' VD cerrb c rrn Ja y a 1 ary la'1uary la uary la ua y a ua y February February February February February February Eljm F Q1 2 Da 1: 35 ll'l Llg1 2 L 2 ov r1r'e l Beal r Dara Fl, '1 29 Wayland Acaderry 2 Watertowm Fla 32 1orth.r1eeter'1 Prem 34 Wh a'o'1 Elgl 33 Nh at rt A aderry 34 Elg1 Elgl 35 fa ylawii A aolerry 32 '11 ago Elam 20 ago L'11v r 1 y l-I 1 Elan gm Sl W a o Acaaer' y 33 Elgm am 3l H 1 Elgm Elgm 39 Las For t A ademy 32 Elgm Elam 28 Park S hool 42 Chtcago Elgm 47 l-la 1 24 Wood tock Elgtrt 23 Todd 50 Culver Elgm -1 Tulle M1l1tar,f A aderry 40 ladxanapolt Elgm 32 Park School 56 Clucaao Elgm 19 North Park 37 Lake Forest Elgm 36 Lake Forest Acaderry 32 Chtcago Elgm 42 Pullman Tech 35 Elgm Elg rt 40 L,Jlver lll1l1tary A aderry 37 TOURNAMENT March 3 at Lake Forest Plgh School Lake Forest Elgm 29 Park School 35 Elgin 38 Pullman 39 LQWER SCIHICDCDL TEAM .of 4 1 'X A5 -v 5a lfovernber 29 at "'15 el 'n 45 fforth 1 rl December 2 at Elg' 5 " 'n 55 uther 20 f" e t' .1 3, December 8 at , ' e 115 ."11 5 ' , l Dece er 9 at ' -5 1 ir. 5 Pl ' . 1 5, De-.erl2at' e.., 'n 5'.eo c ,S De e 11' er 15 at 'Hz 'YI f 511' 1 c 1' lanf r' 5 at Cl 'c 5 Q1 5 Chic lf e slt' .igl 25 lanu r'y 6 at 5.5 El ' 5 . he '.,I'1 1 Q lahuary l0 at Lake Ger1eva5 Elgin 26, llorthwesterrt Military Aca'ierT1'y 21 lang ' l3 at '15 Ely' 5 arr's 28 . ' l7 at ' 5 ' 5 'e es . c 1 ' n ' 20 at ' 5 4' 5 c1 n r' 26 at ' 5 ' 5 1 tis I rt r' 30 at 1 3 .'5 '. ' 5 ' ,"2at 5"l5,'r' ' c-1'. ' 3 at 1 ' '25 "1 5 ' 7 at ' W 5 ' 3 5 1 o 13 at 5 ' 5 1 1 21 at 1' 5 ' 5 . ' 23 at A 5 1 1 5 A1 1 ' ' ' c 1' n ', mi' ', .V, urgnsa, Ward, Day, Hiller, A.der,z:.1 4. . if , QQ ! A 1.1 , U .W 7 K 1 1, J 15 ILIIGIHITWNIEIIGIHIT ASKIET AILIL As transportatlon was d1ll1CLlll the Academys hghtwelght team was able to play only nme games w1nn1ng only three ol them Thelr season should not be cons1dered as unsuccessful tor they have faced opponents who had better advantage 1n he1ght about hve mches per man The opponents were rather tough for the hghts but they never lost the1r ughtlng spmts and could always be counted on for good games No one player on the squad can be chosen as outstandmg We look to them tor luture rnaterlal as most of them Wlll be returnlng aga1n next year More expenence and more work wlth the coach should mold these players 1nto a well balanced team for the com1ng year ir L1ghtwe1ght Basketball Schedule i' November 29 at Elgm Elgm 26 North Park 23 December 2 at Elgm Elgm Z7 Luther 29 December at Wheaton Elgm 20 Wheaton 30 lanuary 5 Ch1cago Elgm 18 Ch1CQgO Umverslty I-hgh l9 Ianuary 6 Elgm Elgtn 30 Wheaton 25 February t3 at Lake Forest Elgm l7 Lake Forest Academy 13 60 12 I 5 ' I 5 ct . I . I . . . . Gt 4 5 ' 5 . 1 . ' . Ccllingbourne, Kenyon, Burnett, Orsborn, Vogel, Iohnson, Nesbitt, Clansky, Lasher, Ellis , il 13 'F' es Qi. ? . 1' Q . ,N 24 ' I Ks. l. ails L' ' '.5 .13 Doree Dave Vogel Orsborn lamre Vogel TIEININIIS Durmg the summer the Academy put 1n two asphalt tennrs courts maklng rt posstble for the team to start pract1c1ng earher than usual Th1s gave them an advantage over most of the other schools A large schedule was planned for thts season and the team played many hard fought games losmg some rn the scorxng sense but w1nn1ng them 1n the exper1ence sense The 1945 schedule for thls year was as follows Aprll 6 Nopervllle Elgm O Napervrlle 6 Aprxl Elgm Elgm 2 Elmhurst 4 Aprll Shorewood Elgm 0 Shorewood 4 Aprrl Mllwaukee Elqm 0 M U S 4 Aprll 2 Lake Forest Elgm fa Lake Forest 4Vz Moy Chicago Elg1n l Un versxty I-hgh 5 May Elgm Elgm vs Lake Forest CPostpone May Auroro Elgm 6 West Aurora H S U May Chrcago Elgm 4 George Wmllroms College Z Moy Woodstock Elgm vs Todd Moy Rlver Forest Elgm vs Corcordro Moy Elgm Elgm vs Todd Moy Elgin Elgm vs Vl U S une 2 at Culver Elgm vs Culver . at . I . I . ' ll Gt ' 5 ' 5 ' 13 Qt 5 ' 5 ' 14 Gt ' 5 Q A 5 . . . ' U Qt 5 ' I 5 April 25 ot Elging Elgin 45 N. W. M. A. 2 l Qt ' 5 ' 5 i - A K 2 Q! ' 5 ' , dl ll Qt 5 ' 5 . . 12 Ot ' 5 4 5 ' ' 17 Gt 5 ' . 18 Qt ' 5 ' . ' 24 GI ' 5 ' . 26 Gt ' 5 ' . . . . , l 5 A . L l L A L Copp Collmgbourne Freeburg Burnett Raskln lasher Ward A Sheldon Gubbms Gaffney Terwllllger Templeton Allanson Goss Sondel Ratay Costxn Welngarten Mower McCormack Iohn Sheldon Brown Chapman DQVIS Clansky TRACK At the begmnlng of the year Elgm Academy s foot men and we1ght men were none to happy at the prospects for the commg year because of the manv gaps made by the graduatmg semors of last year s team Gradually as the year went along places were hlled rn by new members of the stu dent body The team 1S led by Capta1n B111 Goss who took thrrd 1n the m1le of the conference meet of 43 and second 1n the conference m1le of 44 lack GUbb1DS who also placed ln the conference meet of 44 w1ll be handl1ng the low and the hrgh hurdles Gene Ratay and lack Allanson wtth the btg help of Roy Brown should be able to wm a few places 1n the wexghts th1s year Iohn Sheldon Wlll be runntng the four forty and hm Welngarten 1S comlng out for the dashes to help along B111 Terwtlhger IS out for the spr1nts These men along wtth Stu Templeton w1ll do the1r very best 1n the frve meets scheduled for the season Tom Gattney IS taktng the hrgh rump and also keepmg company wtth Gubbms rn th hurdles Ed Costrn w1ll be runnmg the half and m1le wxth Captam Goss and lt looks as though there w1ll be great competttlon between them Aprll 21 at Elgm Elgm 46Vz Pullman Tech 66 5X6 Aprtl 29 at Lake Forest Elgm 66V2 Lake Forest Acaderrv 46 5X6 May 4 at Elgm Elgin 63 Todd School 50 May l0 at Chtcago Elgin 56 North Park 57 Nay l9 at Elg1n M1dWeSl Prep Conterenc 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 . . . , . 1 1 . . , I - 1 , . . 1 . - 1 . , . . 1 - - 11 - 11 f 1 , . ' 1 1 1 . . . .. ca V . - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 M ' 1 1 . , ,. A j 9 GIIIRILS ATIHIILIETFIICS Thts ,ear tne g rl s athlettcs rave oeen ver! BLCCGQSTUI ire chedule :Jas vaned so that ro one .vould get tred ot the ame sport lfltss Robmson and flr Or horn have done a marvelous tor to maxe the atrtlettc program more mterest ng ln th all there ras socker tenms and arcrlery Socker and archer! vtere gutded by Mtss Robm on and tenms by Nr Or b rn There Nas great competmon among all the grrls rho played tenms ln the mnter the g rls were dtvrded up mto tour groups w1th the Tuesday Thursday group deteatmg the Monday Wednesday group tmce The sprmg started oft wth a group ot glrls takmg the Tumor and N nto Infesavmg Courses baseball and tennrs The Nlnter and sprmg sports were under the supervlsron ot Jltss Roomson Freeburg Stewart Burnet Fc est Smttft Hart on Watscr Pratt Doherty S6lC1lC Ladd LOOITIIS Cleary Steven Lrndsay Wenzel Mulltkert Petrlck Kemler Helm lNGOm1COll1Hg bourne luby Mrlls Nancy Ccllt gbourne Ca pent r Wr ght McCracken Lord C Nrchol E1klor Baker I Nrchol " l 'l ' ' U l. ' ' 1 T ' M, '. T . S 1 l . S, . .J l l ' ' . l . e f 'J . . , jf l M , ' f ' ' ' . ' s '. . . . s o . - T - - A C , YVA I . A X ' the girls had swimming, basketball, tolli-dancing and volleyball. ln volleyball Q T . . . A . - f ' - ' ' . ' i ' A ' ' Ce L r ' ' , , A A . Y I I - K ' ' ' , ' , . t , rr ., , ' I , . s , , ., , , ' , ' f Q' 'A .fl Q, ' A , , , AY' . 3 Q il ,ff ok' X 1 U X o x U 1-rw " ,M , ,, . M vf A, yx. Q W4 Q ,KA Eff F 4, . . 3 . ,411 ,..-K1-. f .x N1 1, in of'-' fb I' I -.'.. A nw W- , Ji , . 'J- f 1 f ..,, I qi jf CHAI! Cla? 1944 1945 52,9 i0I1l 601 School commences on the l8th the long empty corrldors of Old Mam agam echo W1th the laughter and nolse ol l3U ruddy cheeked students returnmg from a grand and glonous vacat1on There are many new tmproverrents to be seen and adm1red asphalt tennxs courts thlrd lloor ol Sears Hall completed a d1smal study hall renovated 1nto a dehghtlul hbrary mtenor of Old Maln repa1nted Football practlce starts t1s rumored that some ol the fellows call hlm Slmon Legree Llmacherl The everybody havmg a good t1me espec1ally the new teachers Olllcers ot vanous groups are elected some students start to study 0.10 Pl On the 7th the hrst football garne ot the year IS olayed and won from Mrlwaukee Un1vers1ty Beat up xour boylnend lad started Gubbms and Dratt tom Races Cardmal Club tsk ask boys l thought you were ln trammgl he rrst lssue of the I 10 usual get-to-gether frolic is held on the 22nd, with . A . , . I T i. . Orange and Black comes out W1th the latest rnclud lng a Storm Center that rarses au1te a storm' The annual Aelch 1n1t1at1on IS held W1th those gruesome characters paradlng around all day ln hldeous cos tumes and faces A Halloween carmval 1S held on the 22nd 1n the gym hey Sondel what hap pened to that money made from the auctlon hmmm? On the 28th Park makes It a rather sad Dad s day as we lose a tough game 13 7 OUQITL el' Electron bets are be1ng placed W1th Wenner g1v 1ng 50 l odds on Roosevelt A straw vote among the students shows that 95 are for Dewey and 29 teachers and alumm all look forward to rt s Home comlng Nov llth' The celebratlon started Wrth the w1nn1ng ot the N W M A football game 16 4 changed scenes to eat1ng and dcmcmg at the ex cluslve Baker Hotel and from there on lasted far far 1nto the nlght lat least for some of usll Perhaps the most mterestlng forum 1n many years IS held on the 16th when the noted author S1ncla1r Lewts spoke before a capaclty audtence Thanksglvmg vacatron breaks the rnonotony of school work Opener basketball game played and lost aga1nst Park on the 29th for Roosevelt. At last the time comes which students, eC0l'l'l el' Dr Lozada speaks on South Amerlca at the sec ond forum held on the Sth Football boys are rn v1ted to hear and meet Coach Waldo f at a cere mony g1ven by the Northwestern Club of Elgm Mr Wrlhelm grves an unforgettable eye wltness account ot the Pearl Harbor drsaster Elgln students sell over S834 OOO m war bonds durmg the Eith drrvel U S I-lrstory class gets a blg charge as Nr Walker rums hrs unbroken record by s1tt1ng on a well placed tack oh yes Sally confessed' A ghastly group of 1ndrv1duals present the Chrrstmas play What Men Lrve By on the lflth Students grow more and more restless as Chrlstmas vacat1on looms nearer Whee 1t s flnally here klddlesl dont forget to come back after xacatlon As Hank says It Merry Wetwashl Cllllflfll' School resumes on the 4th as students and hang overs come back to rest Dorm boys decrde to save money and cut the1r own harr oh drd you look cute Raskrn and McCormack' On the 16th Professor Colegrove addresses a forum on Dumbar ton Oaks Charter Gordre leaves for the Navy on the 23rd Those fatal semester exams are held I' - , . . . L. . . , . . . .. , . f 1. - If ., . . . , , , . . .. 7 . . - I Z 1 , . on the '74 Zo H1ghl1ghts are Gubbms gettmg h1s tffo page Enghsh IV cr1o m1xed up certatn Latm students moan ng and groan1ng Bro IU getttng a 15 O'1 h1s Sohd exam' Naom1s volleyball team IS nrcknamed the FAGS sounds m1ghty susp1c1ous' Strout 'may he rest 1D peacel clowns Nesb1tt Cmay he rest In peacel 1n f1rst box1ng match of the year and thus that llttle argument IS settled Baker w1ns the T1me Current Atla1rs Test On the 30th at apprommately 'l 28 R W Moore 'ormally de clares that he loves everytlfung 1nclud1ng Gubbs1e 2 Plflflfy Sch1ckler gets desponclent and tr1es to blow up Old Ma1n salt and hydrochlorlc ac1d almost works doesnt 1t Ph1l'? Lower School k1dd1eS throw the1r annual dance on the 3rd Casual remark by M1ss Robmson G1rls you cant play unless you take a shower' Greettngs are 1n order for Mr Gumbrell who takes the place of Mrs Ew1ng Rumors 1nd1 cate that tnere m1ght oe a Hllltop by August' Oh goody the publ1cat1ons ofhce has fmally been f1xed up and pamted Th1s month s 1ssue or the Orange and Black gets an Esau1re twlst to It how about that Bruce Hey Stewart how do you lrke Forever Amber 7 The 23rd IS Founder s Day ust , . . . , . - - . 1 : H f . 1 1 ., . . , 1 . . . 1: 1 . . , ' 1 I , . . 1 ' Wubbs1e! T I , . , , , . , 1 . , , f. , f , .... Q , - -1 thtnk rt was lO6 years ago that our httle school was born' Aerch Snow Ball held on the 211th at Sears Hall l-hghhghts lusctous lemon punch Mcolenaghan and luby the meltmg snowman gu1ck change artrsts Freeburg and Collmgbourne rn the sarre dress but not at the same tune' Old Wlam awarded the grand prrze rn the p1oneer com pet1t1on con est HPC Contrary to the old theory March ambles rn w1th the qu1etness ot a lamb On the 3rd the Academy places fourth m the annual Mrd west Prep Confer ence That man Butler takes the school by sur pr1 e and attempts to change the school system by enforcmg new blood 1nto the turmp Annual Malor E ankle shaker held on the lOth Amusmg 1nc1dents Tohnson confused on how to put on lane s glrdle Freddle and the two crgars u losmg h E pm Shaky and Gertre Ely Culbertson speaks on h1s plan for world peace on the 13th The green Freshmen g1ve a green St Patrlck s day dance on the l7th The mustcally lnclrned students drsplay therr talent on the Zlst whrch concludes the l'or.1m ser1es At last that week of blzss IS here Sprmg Vacatronl , rw - , . .. . .. l - , , A , L . - 1 S A .. . . - H . . . A .l . is U ,, - . . 1 , .xdlorif School resumes on the 3rd, and before the stu- dents have time to recuperate, those nasty little E, R. Bs hlt them right between the eyes . , . At last N8 know that Spring i here just look at all those brand new saddle shoes The campus rs renovated mth new bushes here and there flower beds are made ready lor the summer and the lawns are combed and recerve hatrcuts Fnday the l3th passes by and strangely enough nothrng hap pens The Sophs gtve a novel dance on the 14th called the Terpsrchorean Treat rn wh1ch Greek statues wme women and song are greatly rn ev1 dence On the 2lst the trst track meet IS run oft wrth Pullman Tech Cl The montr ot Sprmg lever has arrtved closmg rn on all students and teachers alxke Most every one IS rnterested rn Sprrng sports and a le 1 drl gent people .vork Annual torers1cs contest rs run oft on the llth The arce All Gtxnmed Up rs pre sented D9 ore a capac ty audtence Cum L .lde awards are presented and the annual oana et ls Y - C, . Y, , I I A V - Q . , , . . , 1 f A Y- X ... A A 1 - ,Q "'- ... A .A ' . ,. ,,. P . .. jg lend he conference Track meet IS held on the Old meet new and ne 1 meet old at the al 1nJ1tat1on day cel oratt n on the 25th e malorlty of the student body start the1r last rn nute crammlng 'or tmal exams A happy group ot lumors and Semors decrde to test therr sealegs and embark on a three day boat tr1p to Sturgeon Bay commencrng on the 30th Mile At last the month whlch everyone has been wart happmess for some sadness tor others am packed full w1th exclternent the hnal weeks starts oft wlth an all school p1cn1c at the park T e SSDIOTS wear therr caps and gowns for the hrst tlme tor Baccalaureate Sunday on the 3rd The last few days are trlled w1th hnal exams senror plans happy students happy teachers The best dance of the year the prom IS held w1th the usual fun and 1rol1c The last day of school arr1ves on the seventh w1th Hllltops bemg slgned lrke mad Class day awards handed out and ttnally the graduatmg exerc1ses at the Methodlst church Usual commencement speeches made and d1plomas handed out past goodbyes sard and a long srgh ts glven as another school year lS completed '1 ll , T . , J '. , l9th , . . . , annu ' " ' e' 'c . , . Th ' ' . l ' . ing tor has arrived . . . 'With it comes a mixture of A - 1 ' A ' ' . . . h , , -W I , . 5,0 'i X 1115 J .ijnv ,llkfxllifl ufrnnj W FE ifiigf I f: '. 5 2zC.E','.'QP7E .' ESHE fIffE 1 Q :5C,'C'T'l I Q, QT. fCf 'KF ,"Qfz'E.-'-.ff ',f1.?iIlfI'fE Z-I 'fffiii ff ffif Aff THC-ff.i F f,,a3': .UIQ ffm 1- fQi,'f1 f.'f5E-L,f'E-.lfl K. flu' i 'K" Q,.'Qf.f. Q2 EQQ l"Q.QP1 :CMCE ' -'-.fffff fQ ffl 'fflffi ffif jIfE,FQfQl1 fi 1,7 .'.' QS 10.1.1 1943 7X lffff, , S I V ll' x I fl7 llil'lll. .f fiji' ." fr' fl. If VF 2' ., f.-'1f'Pf'. Il: it E. .l.L.':" ifrifif ,ff ffff .fff-,l, ,ff fE'!3.if'1' LL? Tffiglii? fifilfnffw E' -"' TE iff' Y ff 1' 'THQ' 'f -Eff ..fQ3'f,,5f'f,5.N'.'V f I f 'f'TF.ff' ' VCT TP .-'4.ffY "ffff'f Eal 1 .-'QFY' "UT 'f' -'ffg' Tfffff '1CF,Q5,lAff .1 EQ ,IVE PQ f.fOFjif.f,-ff if i i ."fli.fiflf 'fl PY-'TI'fIII'Q1 "YfAff'f' V fi EEIQXQ 'iv 'Cf ff'.L.ff':" ' ! 1 f3'U'.l'OQ3i3il?3.lS M- .12..sZ41'.f' gy. 4- .- ,-V .,---,nz . V V. - .25

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