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vawfzwwzmgnmzw x Q . ,, U ' 4 . ,g ' y 'I I 4 . 6 ww, "4,,,. ,Q K , 5 A qu , , , 1' ' N , - N-3-x ' 1 L N. ' ' ' K, x, , K wx I I 5 " Nw-6. . ,', Y N. V Ay. . 'x ' . B . f x , ' 'X , . . K X K Ev- L X A 1 A, . Z . E 5 , . -'K ' " ' .. . . L . I, , I I - f N b f. N- rs 6 I ' I 'fi .,-. N 'A X w - x Y' ' Q We 1943 'S '. . . . wg' . 4" ' I , '-1 ,RQ , I-HLLTQP gg fx? 4 W Sim! Q 7401 im .Spaazh Nc! J A THE ELGIN ACADEMY ELGIN ' ILLINCDIS ,- , ,, A 5. 13 X . T" ' ac ' an ' Za! ' O ' z 7ke f94f3 Qaawliq WJZQQQ ew XR.-M , .T - . '- Y M191 1. , 7159 l,?,if"' , v-J A K The Edltors of the 1943 Hllltop K I V331 LfcQw.ee11 QTg1.1it1'1rA If lfffl BNI? i. M! 12' 1 Z? 03:5- ,-1 76a Jmamzef, of Me Elem AMW Albrlght College A B Yale UD1VGfS1lY A M EARL G. LEINBACH MRS. EARL G. LEINBACH ' WlHll1TOp College, A, B. 4 01 0413 SSWIC Q o lo 3 11e moruold cnolleng C w 1 1orr1 frl 1 your YIV1 d9'9T1'I"1ll'1 11on your sple11d1d eorleflerleee YOJI' ob1d1r1g enee ol r1ol11 o"1d r ng veur v 1ll1I1QI'1G GHG oo l11v 1 mdc dec1b1ons v 1cl1 ore for 1l'1e reo1er good dll dumdnuf We me f eorv ond 1ndeC1 lV9 ldove 1r1ed A KFJWC' e Hove done our oe 1 01.1 1 u r1f1 been er1o 1,51 We mu 1 u1l11ul o1r11u1 Q d pler1d1d cullturol oundd no flee de d 1ere'ore FG Q on tu ou fo 1r1 I'l l1'1Cil'yOL1 Creser e M1111 o 1 1 lGUfll CIUC1 oor1v1c11or1s tee 1deo11Q ond lUT1OC ds 1or 111011 e hdve s1ruq le No cloe llfli to loce greo1er cloollenJe1 r .,fred1er O1CCOTlLlI'1lll9S rerJ11 cmd fervor el ,four been be11er prepored 1o dee-1 1 e, o 1 e Cowl 1c1 G d qrd'11 He fgflflfl e Couroge ond l1e fl F1 1 1 1 P f' 1 1r1or111, ver v u 'TIUCT orov1de 11 rd efxe errwnd r fo PAW. G Lfll BACH I 5 1 r., f J-2 , I jf ' 1 e., of 1l1lS fd' 1. 1d dx-:di f1 1 1 ' C' , 1 ' f 1 1 .1 1 A 1 o1 A.. u1 o , Ao .fl ' ss l d'1'1A o fle 1 1 1 1 g 1 of l Pj. l o ore d. A Q 11, ' , cod' D' 1, 1 ' f 5, lf' i o ' - ujll. rs 11 f o F13 f y r fo ' 'giomz fl ' 1 d fo 1- 11o .1 -' o ' ' A ff ' 'l ll he eg, ,1Ql1 o 1 o 1 ' 3' ' o " 1 l. ' ' r ' 11 :nf 1 f g,d. v 1 of 11 C ro o A -1.7210 :lf1fa:al1os 1 . ' :11,, he isfsu S' 1 ll 1 ll 11 o A 11 1 you 1l11, 51, 9 K, 111 ,1 , ,1 ' 11 dydl Q 151 11 lx dll lu 1 E f 12151111 Q .f d u. S 11 3 .d A'od' 1 1- Mo "o Q . Q 1 . 1. 11 MAURICE B FINCH Deruson Umve SILY A B Umfer 1ty of Chlccxoo A M Duector of Stud es French Lcrtm aww DONALD A WILLIAMSON Umver Hy of Wlscons rl Ph B Ph M Semor Master Mcrthemct cs Physlcs i . .r. RQ. . Q J,... ' 9 19413 Northwestern UU1VGTS1lY A B Columlola Umversrty A M U S Naval Academy B S C DEAN CHIPMAN Y CLARK C COPP Roanoke College A B George Washmgton UIl1VefS1lY A M Cherrustry Economrce Soclology BYRON GWINN East m lllmors State Teachers College B Ed f' I pamsh 6' Navrgatlon 1 I - - A t e"" lg ' , 'l ,JL . 2 l 1 Witt, -JY' N' l ,wx I I ,-I.. X r T70 Af A' i' , M ' ' . A JA . .ff x- S ' flu' . . ,ff--J me--f' . 1. V FREDERIC I HAND Universily of Michigan Lower School GERHARDT HERRBACH Gonzaga Umversitv A l-llstory German FRANK LIMACHER Boy s Alhlefics Mathematics WWW Michigan qtate Teachers College B S GSX' Western Wisconsin Stale Teachers College B Ed ' ' A, 4 B. University of Chicago, M. A. A g L C M 79413 FRANCES MCFARLAND Northwestern UH1V9TS1lY B Mus Arnerlcon Conservotory ot Muslc M Mus "7 Musto ROGER MOORE Yole Un1ver tty LX B Oberhn Cons rvcrtory B Mus Oberlln College A M Enghsh HOMER T ORSBORN Mount Unron College B A George Wrlhorns College Lo e School C DONALD PERRY DePauw Umversuy A B UUIVGYSUV of LfI1Cf"lQGI'1 A M Lcxtm Enghsh IOHN C PLETZ Umverslty ofCh1cc1oo Pm B M A Northm estem Umversuy Enghsh MCLEAN C RUSSELL AmhurstC,o11ege A B MUSIC aww, if "'lg.l . . ' . , . . . ' ' - 1 .Ei J , . ., . 4 ig L , ,..1 if it is '- . X943 'I-T127 -4 RUTH SALISBURY Wheaton mmllege B S ennsylvama State College Sclence Bxoloay ELAINE C SCHAEFFER Macalester Fallege A B Umvers ty at Cautomla A M Deaw at War ft Hlstarf VERNA TIMMEB arth Central Calleae B A Umvers t, of Calttem a 'fl t. e1.1at'C,. of--. 1-'37 , xA ix X X Q2 K NGS VXN Q2- ! U x ' 3 L i flf 5 -C . 'Y , N, X 'N ' , K ' QQ -f-'A 4. 'N 'N 5 . 5' U It ,Q ,' iw Y ' L, ,, ' ' -1:3-:ig S j':7X 4-'17 X P J V - X"'X1i, Y , f . Lia - ' - DONALD BAKER Bartlett lll1no1s Swrmmrng Art Laboratory Every Week dav mormng come ram or shrne the Baker Oldsmobrle rolls up punctually to the Academy campus and one of our country gentlemen steps out ThlS refers to our well dressed colleague p1ctured to the left HIS four year term at the Academy has been lnterspersed wxth a Jar1ety of lnterests Don has the dlstxnctlon of belng the sole remalnmg member ot the played so valrantly at our home Glee Club and Art Lab OCCUp16d a ln the act1v1t1es perlod l-hs Chlef were frequent trlps to that other learnmg the hlgh school as Nell the Blackhawks S 11.26 DJ-fru+..A. V1-4-K u""'- ly Lv-Ol J-V NM- H "W .-,A but A 5.9-P 5' L,,,,., J 5 .ful N4 .a vkwvv Q, U-"1k.. IACK BUCKLIN Elgln llhnors Prestdent of Mator E Club Sports Echtor ol Grange and Black Co Sports Edltor of l-lrlltop Track QCGDTGIH l942 and l943l Football Bas ketball Student Adv1sory Councll Day Student Court Dramatrc Club FIVE years oi hard labor at Elgln Academy has made thls halt pmt version of his brother 1nto an mdlspensable athlete rn all mayor sports Buck has estabhshed a new record IH the number ol mayor letters he has recelved l-l has been a capable captarn of the track team lor two years and deserves a great deal ol credrt for lt As PTGSI dent of the Na or E Club he has set a hne example for the other members ln the lme of tralnlng land trted to keep many a SSYIOUS and d1QI'l1l16d meet1na from turn 1ng 1nto a lxvely bull sesslonl Buck has gone w1th one grrl spasmod1cally for the last fve years What we want to know 1s Who wear the pants ID that fam1ly Buck or Carol? Academy bands that football games The good deal of h1s tlme mterests off campus mstrtutron of h1gher as EYCUTSIOTIS to see QS O 1 . ' I , , N . s . , YQ- L 'S ' 4 .fr , ,, V , V6 t v .V ' n"1.. aj v 'J-,r ,-Vo, -'J --1 "1 11 P ,' X. I . , . " . - 'J ' .' J QQ Qngvmtgk YQ Jffyk GV- ..,.---evv-'I -' bvvv-fja -X-X ff-Ao-g, Q37 V 'i ' n ,i,g-Y v ' jyv of- Dx .' . Y ' V ' , , Q, 1 , I B I I I - , A , Y , . . A ' . . ' . e ' A 3 .. . . . ' . sf! 1 . R - .J 19413 MARCIA BURR Barrington Illinois Board of Editors of the Hilltop Academy Chorus Girls Glee Club Dramatic Club Chameleons Aeichlorian Co Prestdent G A A First Aid AMW A FJIWALQ CAME CAMMM ffygbl ffm Through tnree year at the Academy Marcia ha con cerned herself with the cultural aspects of life Her literary interests hafe de cended upon every campus publication Her daily two hour practice period has tickled everv campus ear whether it was Grieg Concerto or a Cl' Minor cale Marcias social interests found release as co presldent of the Aeichlorians not to forget our colleague of last fall good old Dave Todd Marcia found it profitable to tutor Dave a the strangest times Bu Marcia 1 now a war Widow and soon will be California bound to SCTIDDS College 'Qi IAMES DOWELL Elgin lllinois Vice President of the Major E Club Captaln of Varsity Footfall Co-Sports Editor of the Hill- top Basketball Golf Orange and Black Cir- culation Manager Day Student Court Student Advisory Council First Aid. lim, our football captain, would be a good catch for any gal except hat none have had the chance-he's sold. "Blimp" was the leader of that frequently spoken of Iunior Class of '42 During his senior year he has been active in ev.rything as hi.. record shows. Dramatics is easy "meat" to Iirr. No one could yell, "Hot dogs, get your red-hots here," as he so dramatically did. And by the Way, we wonder if he and Buck got their moneys worth from that fifty-buck jalopy. 'Epi' SHEILA DUFFY Geneva lllinois Art Staff of the Hilltop Student Advisory Coun Cil Drarnatics Club Girls Glee Club Aeich lorians GAA Chameieons X- f MY' Sheila is the mo t notable oritradiction ot that familiar aying Beautiful but dumb Behind her fragile appea ance lies a great deal of awvarene s and determinatior Hardly a bookworrr Sheila h made close friends du ina hier one year at the Academy A pleasing personality and a Way Witn the opposite 1: ha brouiaht to Sh ila aood aeal o' attenti '1 lro he male animal MARC-HRH' FAULKNER Chicago lllinois Dormitory Student Court GAA Girls Glee Club Aeichlorians Art Laboratory Mechanical Drawing Orange and Black 'gay has becorrze, ir. ie. on, y ar at th.. Academy, one of .he b-:t lil-:ea perrons in the sch ol The guiding light ol Tapper Hall, Pea, by he. naural orderliness set an example ot cooperation and responsibility, She has the unique honor of being the first girl in the Academy to aain Honor Status. Pegs sense ot the ridiculous is irre- pressible. Her presence at the girls dorm added terrifi- cally to the general hilarity at all times With her wit and her leadership, Peg is bound to be a success ! ...-if ,eff I 19413 WILLIAM FREEBURG Elgtn llllnots Football Basketball Track Dramaucs Mator E Club Art Laboratory 1' .Jax r B111 has always been a b1t on the qulet stde He gets a great deal done wtthout anyones reahzlng tt A good student a hard worklng athlete and a regular fellow who could ask for more Penny has kept a close eye on the Bug ever slnce the Mllwaukee tr1p He IS most ltkely to be found on the road between Elgtn and Barrtngton lm ,yQ'Yr 7'f"""'t' Nuff!! Vvaffx KENNETH GIFFORD Stamford Connectlcut Prestdent of the Dormttory Student Court Ltt erary Staff of the Htlltop Orange and Black Football Basketball Track Major E Club Dramatlc Club Academy Chorus Boy s Octet Kenny has been 1n and out of the Academy scene over a perxod of ftve years He hrst came to parttcular notvce tn hrs 1n1t1al appearance as an actor In the exghth grade super productl n The Horror Walks Hts ftrst entrance was made memorable acctdentally sltdtng across the stage on a rug Kenny s htstrtontc ab1l1ty h1t a new htgh rn hrs recent appearance as the love tnterest IH Every Famrly Has One Athlettcs occupted a great deal of hts ttme the past tvto year 1-I recetved letters tn all the rna,or sports To complete an all round ptcture of extra cur tcular OCl1V1llSS Ken had tlme to lend h1s barttone vorce to the boy s octet to do some fancy w ttrng for the Orange and Black and you cant forget that fatherly constderatlon for the Raymond House klds I Q . . I . . - I I I . I I .t H , . f f,v ft-0 f'-t " 1.,l ,ft I it JA ' Ll '-'Z sf' A-ff me ., ",'.f ,iff ll ' ff!-lv, "'- , ' I' 1 .' ' ., 'Z-fLf-.,' 4, -1 'gh ,,'1,, 4.J,..- N . I I 4, , L ' ' , .- "' t ' ' f V ' Q V X , ' . X! , W, AJ ,,, ,v,.7,c, v"r,4fffW' .L,Q,4,!- V. by g7fOv, Crt V4 ,f ,, t , , I .N f A , It fn., if ' f ' Q Q- , A-fi j , ' ' , N' so f ' '77 YN f I - . I I , , 1 I O - 1 1 - 1 . 'I 'le ' ' I ketball Track Swtmmmg Golf Paul has become a very popular boy 1n the Academy through hrs wtnmng smtle not to overlook those red cheeks We ve heard rumors that Prof 1s trylng to get Paul to come back next year and play football for the Academy bu Paul ay h1 prlce 1snt enough Mr Ors bo n satd that Paul had great potentlalxty 1n the back stroke had he not been 1ll most of the season Mtss Schaefer IS st1ll laughtng over Pauls actlng tn th1s year s thr e act Anyone who can ad l1b llke Gub and act so convmclngly should take 1t up as h1S lifes work That should settle Gubbys future PAUL GUBBINS Elgm lllmots Mator E Club Dramatlcs Club Football Bas FRANK GRIFFETI-I Elgm lll1no1s Ma1or E Club Busmess Staff of the Hllltop Orange and Black Football Swtmmmg Track Dramatrcs Navrgatton I ,A If x., fxffffl fffb fc., If the army takes 'Grtff This summer tt wffl' be li vxrtunlf necesstty for the government to begm a lendllease pro gram for Walgreeds If all reports are correct Grtf htls lapstble cot stowed away rn one of the 'soda fountams at home on mght th1s year That dtnner party befor the Homecommg dance was one of the events of the ye r t wtll be long remembered If the army doesnt t e Grlf erhaps the Navy would be tnterested rn usmg htm as a Nav1gat1on expert If so we hope hell touch a port tn Scotland so he can use that brogue he has developed after weeks of practtce tn eadmg Robert Burns nv AQ' 96547 ?,"'.4 alfa! 9' K i ' I I I A I I fr r A ' J f U I 9 J f I, tg 1 -f' 7 h Lf 4 D A I I ' ' -f ' ". . ' ft -, ei - K pc. I . I ,f ' X C ' ' f' ' ' .-VV, f g ,v J ' 47 Zh- nf ' ' U-, ia . 1 ' V col. ' ' - ' , C A ' L down at the Square. However, it is a fact that Frank was g ' fda p I, . - 1' A - . ' .I ' .1 ll I ' , u ., .f , H , I I I I I - A, t s s 's ' ' ' . . - lt Q . , .. ,, . 19413 KATHERINE HAMILTON Bartlett, lllinois Co-Business Manager ot the Orange and Black, Aeichlorians, G.A.A., Academy Chorus, Art Laboratory, First Aid. Kathie cam 1'i our mid t in the la t semester of he Iumor vear and was soon unanimously accepted for ner agreeable way Who has not been envious ot her beau tiful Braemer sweaters those handsome celebrities she meets in the Figure Skating Club of Chicago Her grad uaticn brings a terminus to that familiar picture seen around the campus Katherine and a certain tall blonsle sophomo chattira over th lates' bit at gossip " CHARLES HARBAUGH St Charles illinois Vice P esident ot the Senior Class Vice Presi dent ot Day Student Court Board ot Editors ot the Hilltop Maior E Club Orange and Black Basketball Golt Ctarlr o e at the g ason tor oir lc ball th year H irrprover ent oler last ea ua phe-'torreral He has a azed hirr el as Neil as h h t'te rrproverr 'it in grade this ea C'ia he :x Vice Pre id 'it ot thi g adua ing la s N6 ha 'i Vt ana N h loh ny lf Queen to rraice th a su lea a d a r rraabe enor as Chale a 11:11 ax e girl in a mg wav b.it haf lou a o .v ia a ooa a a 1 .-1 ten nn r ' e H I s ' s . r . Q Y . . Sl 5 Y . .' re . '. e .'. ' . 4, "- , . . . - r . . . A .i A I , V, I I I ' w , . f . Y ,1 5 e is rt, . .a bi re x ,5 . i success in 7 bas.et is ' , is Qt n ' . y r ' ' .1 4. A . . S rr. t 5 ' ' . is family by is .i. i . ne. '. ' s . . y r. ir', 5 ' - se. r 2' c nt 1, . n '. h . ' ' iz n ' .C . ,. ' .is . :- ' I cesstul r n' Le i r 'l s-.i cl . r i, ' l'-'.1t'estath Aa' " ' 'Q' ll I K , I , , . A . A noticyi ' l t g L d re is ' l A. 1.5 hor1eU 5 . GLENN HARRIS Brooklyn New Yorx Major E Club Basketball Football Baseball Golf Chameleons .4 KIL.rH.Xe,o3awv2.fl-9,311.54 - ieobetjkwa IYJXRKO. QQIQ'-113s Q95 up 'Xfavv-Q Brooks love tor the Dodgers followed h1m here from Flatbush He contr buted h1s prtchmg talents to the Academy s baseball eam 1U the sprmg ot 42 and became a valuable member ot the footbal team last fall Hls studres took a rema kable turn for the better durlng the vear and he has proxed hrmselt espec1ally outstandrng V1 Chemlst y Cne of hrs partrcular mterests was the drums rrrportea frorr hrs home town The racket whtch resounded over the campus from Lovell Hall proved that the express charges We e not spent 1n vatn --4 bow to MARION HARRIS Elgtn lllmots Co Busrness Edrtor ot the Orange and Black Hrlltop Aelchlortans GAA Academy Chorus Gtrls Glee Club Ftrst Ard Marlon has p ov d to be an asset to her school IH more Nays than one She has not only succeeded rn placmg her name on almost every honor roll but she ha al o done splencud Work for the Aetchs rn sendrng grtt boxes to he SOld19TS and n enter arnrng rrany audlences of ents tudents and faculty by her expert pertorman es on the prano fu., ww-fre-f 19443 if-,M M it PATRICIA HOLT Elgin lllinois Secretary of the Senior Class President ot the Student Advisory Council Co President of the Aeichlorians Editor ot the Orange and Black GAA Dramatics Club Girls Glee Club Red Cross Pat has beer' a very vital part ot her class and her school Her wit and her friendliness have mode her popular with everyone boys and girls alike Her many duties and offices have not prevented her from havlng a good time and being a bright figure in the social scene A reader in many ot the organizations of the school Pat has made a real contribuuon to every phase of student act1v1ty Losing Pat the Academy will lose a good part of 'ts livehness Anyway she will undoubtedly Do well V? in the years to come JOHN MacDONALD Charlestown West Virginia Vice-President of the Dormitory Student Court Dramatic Cluo. "Na," has been the unsung hero of tne carrpus. H craved manual labor and became Leo's counterpart. Mac l st his appendix, but that didn! hinder his ability as a student court judge. I-le liked tc monkey with gadgets and kept our juke box and "coke" machine in order as well as his own vending machine in which he sold peanuts on the side. IOHN MCQUEEN Elgin l1l1no1s President ot the Senior Class Chairman ot Board of Editors of the Hilltop President of the Day Student Court Orange and Black Studen Advisory Council Basketball Golf Iohn our president ha amazed us more than anyone this year He has lifted his grades to the top with the other brains of the class His amazing feat came when he dropped three baskets in a row to help clinch third place in the conference basketball tournament lohn has had the honor ot being elected the first presldent of the newly formed Day Student Court He has started it on the right road by hard work and close cooperation with the faculty Besides these many good features he has been one of the most popular graduating class presidents in many years PETER MEAD Barrington Illinois Football Navigation It has been a mystery to many ot the Elgin and Barring- ton students how Peter has survived the long hard winter in that Ford jalopy, How it held together from one curve to the next is a wonder to all! It can be safely said that a Mead boy will have had preliminary training tor the newly formed U, S, Ieep Divisions. His skill in driving will be aptly taken over by the sophomore flash, Don Duaei. 19413 SUMNER MEAD Barrmgton lll1no1s Football Swrmmrng Nav1gat1on 411,911 bu as an SW5 u ewan ou ., fcT5 9 L for 4. ing he 'Q 75" fvflfg, .WWVV In J One of our foremost spo tsmen IS Sumner Mead He drd not contrne htmselt to Academy athlettcs but took a gr at deal of Interest ln the sports World at large Foot ball and swrmmrng occupied hrs tlme clurlng the fall and wmter not to ment1on those frequent trlps to the Chrcago Stadlum where he could always be found enthustastrcally yelllng for the Blackhawks Spare moments and assorted holldays found hm' trekkrng over the Barrlngton h1lls huntmg for wrld hte Rockford llllnors Hrlltop Buslness Staff Orange and Black Dra mattc Club SWIIHHIIDQ Academy Chorus Octet Chameleons Tennls Although Drck has been here only one yea he ha proved hlmself to be a very handy man 1n a varrety of the schools act1v1t1es The swtmmmg team had a val uable asset IU Drck as a back stroker He reduced tus ttme conslderably through the wrmmlng season and wo agalnst keen cornpetltton Hrs seco'1d mterest was tn the Dramatrc Club of Wh1ch he proved hlmself an outstandlng member He turned rn a capable performance tn the three act play Every Famrly Has One The rumor members ot the oct t request that Drck leave hrs deep bass vorce to an underclassman so the group can go o to blgqer and better thing next year w C pd 'T A ff R3 J 44 41 r T5 - K r rrft RICHARD MERTZ qw LILIAN MONTGOMERY Barrmgton lll1no1s Orange and Black Staf' Ae1chlor1ans GAA G1rls Glee Club Drarnat1c Club Art Laboratory Red Cross Thts tall sl1m lass has Weathered four years at the Academy and graduates W1th a good scholast1c record to her favor plus excellent Work done 1n dramat1c produc t1ons and public speakmg Cheerful and even tempered T1l1an has shown effort and cooperat1on 1n all her act1v1 t1es Her determlnatlon Wlll enable her to carry through succe fully Whatever she deslres to do 'Y HORTENSE NICHOL St Charles lll1no1s Ae1chlor1ans GAA Academy Chorus G1flS Glee Club hrst A1d Emomatrc as the frst year she came to the Academy lX1ck1e has succeeded ln be w1lder1ng and fa c1nat1ng her fr1ends and acaualntances Among her best aarnlrers are the younger boys and g1rls ln the school to Whom she ha alway shown lnte est and fnendlmess In Splle of her reserve N1ck1e has unconsclously made for herself a very det1n1te place 1n the chool ufe through her tact ful gentle way of dotng the r1gh' th1ng X? U43 V161 4' . ' ' was """""" ,sr ""' V I ROBERT PATRICK WAYNE RUTLEDGE Y- -- I- , , V x, STUART SOKOLSKY 'Z gl. I I N., ALBERT STEVENS xx ,Spf Zz'iK?'Q7 f-'Th ' ,M X943 IOHN TEN EYCK Elgin Illinois Mayor E Club Manager of Football Dramatic Club Swimming Track Navigation After three years of being actively interested in many of tne Academy organizations lohn spent his senior year with his nose to the proxerbial grindstone but in his case it was the propelle He has spent his spare hours with an eye to the future taking a preliminary flight training course with Nafy Air Corps in view Iohn did find time to be the manager of the football team during the fall and as last year was an indispensable man And speaking of indispensability the Dramatic Club will always remember hi good aeeds in its behalf FREDERICK THULIN Chicago Illinois Maior E Club Manager of Football Manager of Track SW rnrning Chameleons Art Labora tory Navigation 011' 71144 . wb Fred furnished us all with an abundant suipply of jokes at the beginning of thi- school year. Then fate stepped in and took a hand, with the result that Fred lost his joke book, This tragedy, however, did not affect his grades for they have continuea to be tops as always His en- cyclopedi, knowledge placed him on he honor roll con- sistently throughout his stay at the Academy. He had little tirre for 'he women and devoted his leisure hours to his fascinating hobby, model-airplane building my W Wlth some d laces gone and many new ones added thrs year n1or lass broke tradltlon and became to a small iegree sch y They found themselves well Advlsor Mr W1ll1crmson repr n seq o gamzatxons such as Student lames Orsborn r A 1 r bl1cat1 s the Ae1chs GAA Carpenter Schultz S Schrckler Mower W Wenner L Hansen leter B Shurtlett May Grate Trottl Langhorst Lamberton Wllder Merlllat S Watt H Bendtsen Bowen Lessmg xan qyltg M or A b gular and honorary mqinb 5 fly g M collected tor a class meet ul We asfpr sldent Carol Carpenter 1ce QW lt? d ll er as Secretary Treas urer t 1ll1a son at h nd to keep the over en thuslastlc u er c trol Every member of the lunror class slncerely w1she t make the Semor Class next year worth long remembermg at the Academy fa! ycffiu Llfkt L LkA,4i,11Z 'iri- fkbopcu, f-' L MV'-lf WV' L...- , l . : - . . A . O . . I . f . . . t, so Tory, , , . . ., . d A J .. ,, I I F , . - e A f' 0 I t r - A g D e t r ' , 'T' . . . as S1 t, y - - A , irzbbh. ' ' - . . f J . , . I . .L ki . . C - V f ,ft f C!-C, .1 1, '-vb' - feel QQ, 1 W1 '- 7 ' Taylor . ct., lf . ccf .,.,t,1 f -pf, , . .,, ' . ,V .fu ' V h UL.-dv ,f 1 - -mf, 41.11, X" . fl I I ,n , gl ,jbge-pqig -, 0e7, .. .x,,4 e My 5, h ' L4 of ' 1 . . . .. - ' 4- 1 ' ""' - 'M' ' L - ,. i A t , Advlsor Mr Perry Nancy Colhngbourne We1x Ladd Templeton H1lton Race Buehler Croxson Alden N Baker Naoml Colhn o The 'Eek M Bendtsen Rlker Tyson M Freeoqrg M Mllls l C. 5 ,-,gist i' L4, 4.4 P SCl'llCKlGf Skok Dole as Pratt ?Vonnegut J l Wenner V' W Goss 0 at-l' Duae1 S Goss Q C wmi' 5h WMS JGAA The Sophomore class th1s year had the largest enroll ment of any class at the Academy Stuart Templeton was elected pres1dent Ioe We1x be came VICE Pres1dent Barble HlllOI'1 was entrusted wlth the1r Wealth and Sally Ladd was glven the secretarlal dutles Mr Perry gave h1s guldlng hand and led the Sophomores through the year Thelr annual party was held although for a t1me 1t was thought that 1t could Out of the Sophomore class comes part of the proud Colllngloourne famlly along wlth Nathan Eek Who up held the class scholastlcally The class as a group was outstandlng 1n the scrap drtve lorlnglng 1n more metal than any two Academy classes comblned Bes1des lts large enrollment the class also had a range of s1zes when one th1nks of rangy Stu Templeton and d1m1nut1ve l1m Q3 'PW 8'-DVR Mya 'LAR'-th 5'-Sv-vWenner a.q,,Q'b.A.-..s 3-QA -,,,,,cL,,,,,.,, K axvv. 'Sunni-L Sep?-9 vale I ao' . J i ' I- lv ' Q - A - - G! ! vu! ex xx I . . rdf- mtv- W' T f 2 T f . A a T T "1 , '1 xxi lx S' ' . T . 94' T ' Qi X I Q ' - ' 3 'G 9 Schulterj -Q se xg N xnot take place. f ' as . ' A T A T ' 1, E X1 -3 ' -T T T - 'A T " A 1 . ' ' ' ' ' " 4 ' ' T ' T -4 P J- T T T T T T T -T 4 0' ' ' - - L O T T T . F ' -J - 1 T . -X E , Ei 33 x-...c9'Z Q3 Q--wl:'U.1.cu..,X C4'2ff..'z.1.M.A-1 7ke 4 C4444 The Freshman class got off to a good start by electmg Pat Dav1s as Presldent Penny Thompson as Vlce Presr dent was hrs ch1efa1d and Carolyn Schulter became Secretary Treasurer The class advlsor was Mr Russell The class dtd nobly durmg the Vlctory Scrap Drlve sat rn on the hayrlde lnvaded the Halloween party and even put cr few of 1ts members on the Honor Roll Mem bers of the class were well represented 1n Mtss Schaeffer s and Mr Pletz s dramahc groups wh1ch have presented a number of very entertammg pl ys One freshman rated the Varsrty football team and others have made Just as remarkable records 1n Mr Wrllramsons Olf1C9 lt lS a long walt but 1t lS hard to beheve that thls class wtll be the graduatmg group two years from thrs fall tt 1 wx 9' L TSW -" v-frfryfo' we do Alf. Adv1sor Mr Russell uby McCracken Sttvers C Schulter Dav1s ornpson Ljltflead f Mem J Cl mpbell Doherty N Watt Ross Payson Shurtleff Kent Stevens Sheldon Kaspar Schulze McClenaghan A Collmgbourne Grlswold Hmch ' ' ' l tr ' T ' - f ,fl ' - , r T T T ' QW S T A s vi 4, A t t My , , T A C , fglgff' T, -.' X' Adv1sor Mr Hand S Hansen Forrest Maytreld M H Messlck Crow H Mrlls Iohn Orsborn Skutt A Messlck Norrls A Sheldon Kenyon Doree Colhns Hetzler Searle Marcla Mllls Darker Kelley Lrrdsay Lawrence Day 7ke forum Sokwl Thrs IS the slxth year of the Lower School and rt has been marked by the second greatest lncrease 1n the num ber of students ln the hlstory ot the group Organlzed by Mr Hand 1n the tall of 1937 the group has grown from the orlglnal e1ght students and one grade rn a slngle room to a separate and d1st1nct unlt composed of seventh and elghth grades w1th 24 students and de partments all 1ts ovwn located on the hrst floor of Lovell Ha Because ot the war we have had to forego many of the hrgnllghts of the school year The annual tr1p to Chrcago and many of the partles and dlnners have had to be cancelled The pamphlet of creatlve wr1t1ng embelllshed by the block prrnts made 1n the art class under the dlrec t1on of Mr Chrpman was pubhshed ho Never Thls book let has become an 1nst1tut1on 1n the Lower School and we look forward to 1ts publ1cat1on each year Wlth the hne group ln the present seventh grade whrch wlll be held over and a promlslng l1st ot lnterested pa trons the prospects for next year look even brlghter t A . Moller ' - ll. - , . l A I X . - , . Advlsor Mr Copp Lalrd Gllomen Goggln Schmldt Freyer Foltz Gerber Waggoner Re1mer bchumacker Helm uby Genereaux Massey EIS 72a y eww QW Upon estabhshment of the class at the begmnmg of the year the tollowlng class ottlcers were elected lack Freyer presldent Darwm Schrmclt V1CGpI'6S1d91'1l and Dons Helm secretary treasurer Mr Copp acted as class advlsor The lunlor College helped make the Scrap Drrve a success by collectmg the second greatest amount of scrap ln contest between the classes Another successful group proJect was the second annual lumor College Dance pre sented at Sears Hall lt was en1oved by all who attended At m1d semester the college lost three ot tts members Don Lord Hal Chalmers and lohn Darnell the lrst two gomg d1rectly 1nto the army However the new semester brought three new students who capably tllled the gap if' 1 , A 4 .. R 'E K hr ,l Ex W 1 .Q 6 ' elif , A ,at , 1 A ' . . . , 5 ' ' , ' - ' , , ' . . ll' ' . - L . I a I I I A - , Q ,W Z W Q 99 245 J I Simfeffpi 74 Qcwmcaf Advlsor Mr Lembach I-To t McQueen Duffy Carpenter Bucklm Wllder Bowen Dom ell The Student AdV1SOYY Commlttee was orgamzed on a d1tterent plan th1s year Elght students were elected by the students to be thelr representatives and confer w1th Mr Lelnbach on problems of the school Members of the commlttee were Pat Holt cha1rman Carol Carpenter Debby Wllder Shella Duffy lohn McQueen lack Bucklln hm Dowell and lohn Bowen Dxscusslons related to three lmportant 1t ms F1rst superv1s1on of study halls by students, second, student respons1b111ty tn all school attcurs, th1rd, the tormat1on ot a workable and acceptable code ot ethlcs for the students ot the school it I 'IV V , 1 ' 4' " ' 3 'I ,'Q ' .. 1.1 Q me 1 1 a : - t l , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 - . . . . D I . V . , 7he 79413 Olhlliap Adv1sor Mr Chlpman Burr Duffy Schlckler Bendtsen Harbaugh McQueen G1ffOfd Dowell The H1lltop stall was hmdered greatly th1s year by the uncertalnty of prlces and cut supphes lt took some trrne to decrde what was wanted and 1f 1t could be obtarned Mr Ch1prnan was the faculty advlsor and rt was marnly through the unseltrsh donat1on of h1s tune that the book was pubhshed The student body thrs year as ever was lrberal Wrth both trrne and effort and our patrons were generous Wrth therr donahons lt 1S substantlally through them the Academys luends that thls book was lssued The 1943 H1lltop Staff Board of Edltors Lxterary Staff lohn lV'cQueen chalrman DOTIS Helm Marcla Burr Kenneth G1ffOYd Charles Harbaugh Robert Patrlck Art Stuff Sports Stafi She-11a Duffy lack Buclclm Peggy Faulkner Iames Dowell Busmess Staff Harry Bendtsen frank Grlfleth Marlon Harrls Phlllp Schrckler Rrchard Mertz I : . ' ' ' r ' Bucklin ' ' ' , ' ' 72460 MCZBZQQQ Once a month the Orange and Black school news Advxsor Mr Perry paper appeared rn our boxes and on marlmg lrsts The paper carrled a complete sports coverage for the month as well as the month s goss1p and news about the school Under the capable edrtorshrp of Pat Holt the paper thrrved and the day on whrch rt was due to arrrve was a red letter one among the students Mr Perry as ever was the trusty Wrll Hays of the paper who saw to rt that the paper was always mterestmg One of the greatest features ot the paper IS rts abrhty to keep local grads and lrrends of the school posted on what therr trlends are domg Let us all hope that the success of the paper w1ll be carrred on mto future years The 1943 Orange and Black Staff Edltor Busmess Staff a Hot Assxstant Edxtors Dlana Teter Elome Grate Sports Editor lack Buctclm Typlst L1l1 Ma lon Hams Katherme Hamrlton Carol Carpenter Lesl1e Hansen Circulation Managers hm Dowell Betty Shurtleff an Montgomery Hansen Teter Ho t Grate Carpenter Bucklrn B Shurtlett Montgomery Harrrs Dowell , . V 1 I H . w v Hamilton P t l Y' n I g 7he 25 F...-.. CK HM Adv1sor Mlss Schaeffer Dramattc produchons thts year have been l1ght hearted Burr Montgomery Hansen MacDonald Mertz Glttord Ho t W1lder W Freeburg Ladd Dowell l-larbaugh Bucklm Gubbms Dutty Buehler Ee Trottt Every Famlly Has One presented on May 7 was mcomparable m vtew of tts splend1d actlng and tts wttty tngenlous d1alogue The two one act plays Paul Faces a Ttre Shortage and Sprlng Scene were both romanttc comedtes whose presentatton tn the art gallery were met w1th much laughter and applause Btrds Chrtstmas Carol was presented by underclassmen on December 16 and succeeded 1n xnsttlltng the true vacatton Splflf mto the1r fellow students A new type ot dramattc work was mtroduced th1s tall whlch uncovered a secret talent for actlng ID several students namely the lmpersonattons gtven tn study hall wtthout props or costumes Dramanc Club membership has been yearly based upon a grade ot B or more recelved by students tn etther one act o three act plays vivacious, and unusually excellent. The three act play, l ' l k . L . . ' r . 7ke Neff One oi the most valuable of the cultural advantages to be gained at the Academy is the close association of creative art students with the excellent exhibitions of contemporary art that are shown at fre- quent intervals during the year in the northeast wing of the Academy Art Gallery. Three War art exhibits Were given this year dealing with the art of camouflage, war posters and the very fine exhibit of army illustrators from Fort Custer, Michigan. In addition there was an exhibit of Miss lane Peterson's paintings, and prints from the Asso- ciated American Artists. The extra curricular art classes were divided into two groups elementary and advanced which rnet twice each week under the supervision of Mr Chipman with Miss Salisbury s assistance A variety of things were done in painting and figure drawing posters for schoo events and craftwork The classes numbered approximately 40 students file Mai' . . . . . . I ,zgjvggbi I me M' b .. ,. -F me ,aww me mf eww New talent supplementing last years returning members of the capab e of handling the difficult selections that were added to their repertoire as the school year progressed Their debut at the Christ mas program provided experience and incenttve that prompted the group to superlative performances in both the Candle lighting Service on Founder s Day and the tinal Forum program of the year on March 18 Mr Russell musical director used his ability in directing not only the Mixed Chorus but the Boys octet and the Girls Glee Club as well The Octet appeared before the Elgin Musicians Club and the la t Forum audiences On each occasion they were received with well earned acclaim ff , 2 fl ' 1 ' 1 f' ,-. 1 4 ' , Mixed Chorus formed a musical combination that proved more than 1 . . . . . . . . , S 45 Advxsor Mr Moore Duffy Teter Burr M Mrlls Eek I-larrrs Mertz Welx Mr Pletz Rutledge Sokolsky Patrlck Thuhn Krause Faulkner l-lam1lton S Goss W Goss May Langhorst We? When several students met VN 1th Mr Moore at the early part of the year they had no detxnlte ldea about what sort of club they wanted They only knew that there ought to be a group rn the school that could assemble occaslonally to talk lntormally about whatever m1ght rnterest them a club lntencled for anyone 1nterested 1n expoundmg the-1r own 1deas or l1sten1ng to those ot some one else Accordlngly they called themselves Chame leons to show that they were not colored by one rnterest but by a varlety of 1nterests The1r attrtude proved to be rn v1tal1ty The charter members of the Chameleons are Mr Moore Marc1a Burr Nat Eek loe Welx PatPatr1ck Glenn Harns and other members are Stuart Sokolsky Dlana Teter Wayne Rutledge M1m1 Mllls Dlck Mertz Sam Goss Blll Goss Fred Thulln and Mr Pletz an hon orary faculty member Toptcs of d1scuss1on ranged from arrpower versus seapower Russlan short stor1es b normal psychology to modern youth and rel1g1on 7 l P successful, tor the group quickly grew in membership and ' , ' ' , C1 - Adv1sor Wenner Dowell Buclmn Stevens Mower Ten Eyck Freeburg Harr1s McQueen Rutledge Pratt Gubblns Taylor G1llOTd Haroaugh Gntfeth Duael Bowen Relmer Llmcxcher me MW wr' em the Malor E Club rs composed of athletes who have earned malor letters ln the sports footoall basketball and track For the past three years the members of the organrza t1on have been construct1ng a clubhouse located between the lrbrarv and the Senror House The burldrng lS used prlmarlly tor club meetrngs and rt IS also avallable tor the tormer Mapor E rrembers who are v1s1t1ng the school and w sh to remam on the campus Through generous contrlbutrons of parents ana fnends of the organrzatlon and through club funds the E House has been com pletely furnrshed Under the careful sup rv1s1on of Mr Lrmacher the faculty advlsor the boys have worked hard to complete th1s proyect Among the club s chref projects thrs year was the cam pcugn for contrrbutrons to be sent to Boys Town of Omaha Nebraska and to St Pauls MISSION IH South Dakota The annual Club Varslty dance w1th 1ts floor show of new' rnrtrates was successfully staged Aprrl l6 The ofhcers of the club th1s year were Tack Buckhn Pres1dent hm Dowell V1ce Presrdent and Blll Wenner Secretary and Treasurer . I'. . . , - , , ,, A . f . 1 l ' 1 A ' . . K I - . I 9 .. , f , . 1 . ,. . , I , ' 1 1 , , l' .1 fy l , . 'I+ Y i f,1 ' K T y T J- pf . gm mmm Advzsor Mlss Sallsbury Croxson Grate Carpenter VV1lder Burr Teter Ladd Bendtsen Stexens l-larrls llaomt Collmgboutne Hllton Freeburg Thompson Baker Helm Lamberton Schulter Campbell Duffy Hot Doherty Buehler Hansen Faulkner Tyson Alden May Montgomery Payson Nancy Colltngbourne Foltz Ham1lton Schtckler B Shurtletf N Shurtlefl Ross Membersh1p ln the G A A IS based yearly on the mam tenance ot a good health record and pornts earned oy parttcrpatlon tn sports other than the regular school ath let1cs Thts year rt was requrred that each member ln the organtzatron present to Mrss Saltsbury the faculty ad vrsor 25 po1nts a semester IH order that the club have as members only tnose g1rls who are actually 1nterested rn the a1ms ot the club Debby Wxlder the club presrdent Dtana Teter and Elarne Grate led all grrls 1n number ol potnts acqutrecl Each of them had over a thousand pomts to her credtt The act1v1t1es of the G A A thts year have mctuded a boWl1ng party a scavenger hunt and dance and a nlght volleyball game rn whtch rnctdentally a hurrledly tmpro vtsed team of boys from the dorm was severely trounced W' 2 WI- I ..,-n-- I , I ' r , 1 I - Y . . A 1 y I , I . . 1. , , I I - n wp gy -'H-1 - e-ev-f H Vi ' , NL., .......a...... ' .W ...... .... X lr L x t A 1 , g " 'Y Q Advxsor Miss Schaeffer Hllton Stevens Campbell May Schulter Croxson Mtlls Tyson Nancy Collmgbourne Bendtsen N Shurtleff Duffy Ho t Burr Alden Buehler Doherty Mer1llat McCracken Teter Freeburg Lamberton Grafe Ladd Schxckler Carpenter Wllder Montgomer Faulkner Hansen Thompson Ham1lton Hams B Shurtleff Naoml Collmgbourne Baker Ross Payson 7he 74 The Academy grrls have done thelr brt for the War effort thls year through the purposeful Work of the Aelchlorlan socrety Letters have arrlved from the alumn1 rn all branches of the SGFVICS thankxng the Aelchs for thelr grft boxes sent all over the Un1ted States and overseas at Chrlsfmas t1me and Valentlne s day The beautlful servrce banner hang1ng on the front Wall 1n the study hall was purchased and presented to the Academy by the Aelch lonans 1n grateful trrbute to the Academy men and women Who have Jolned our frghtlng forces A few of the Aelchs have shown unusual zeal by maklng 1t a part of thelr Weekly program to roll bandages for the Red Cross at the Elgm I-hgh School Co Presxdents Pat Holt and MGFCIG Burr have dlrected the socletles actfvrtres under the supervlslon of MISS Schaeffer The usual formal dance glven annually by the Ae1chs was not presented th1s year because of the senous character of the other work done by the group 1 Iubv A . . . Y - ' I I I . Advlsor Mr W1ll1amson lames ofsbom T-lamllton Hansen Ho t Faulkner Wenner Dowell MacDonald Trottr Glfford Harbaugh Sokolsky Bucklm The Academy Dormltory Court f1n1shed 1ts frfth year of operatlon whlle 1ts offsprlng the newly formed Day Stu dent Court term1nated 1ts f1rst Th1s new court was pat terned after the already exlstmg one and followed m 1lS path successfully The Dormltory judges were headed by Ken Grfford whtle the day students were ably managed lack MacDonald for the boarders and Charles Harbaugh as Iohns ass1stant Mr W1ll1amson was the faculty ad v1sor for both fact1ons He has frlled th1s capaclty ever smce the f1rst student court was formed Dutles of both courts conslsted of cons1der1ng each students m1sdemeanors and g1v1ng penaltles for them Work around the campus and 1n the school bulldmg was the assrgned labor for each offender The Judges agreed that strange cases were brought before them th1s year and the excuses presented were even stranger It seems that certa1n culprlts thought they had been framed and thelr excuses were almost mfalllble 1 . . . . . Mcbueen by lohn McQueen. Their aids as Vice-Presidents were 6 AWARDS FOR 1942 1943 wmfmcfe DCF d A 5 QI" Q F ff J. A w Lv wg Q QM BV HH EOVVEM FLLLL WCK THU V V Jae CFC V C V11 I Ll N"F1I'I u cc ty dumr: We year T1 e t e Getr " C J rg r F D f -CQ lf'1.fACl1'f'II1d.ffx1fEQT X1f1L'V I f7?.lf ' giixdezgyc '.'.'Qrk, The fgl1f,z':.1rxg F .1 1: Q JQCtef' tc Cpu Iilld , the EQCYLCYVIFQ' Fi, 51 Cry fciwfiml 'f'f1C1i1f1tl .CCM , fffAF.CI.5. 'J ' . VE, . , .Q l W L UQ Ifgc f,flCf'..'!I1"jfff,.'II'C1.Y1.jf,Ef' '-31:1 te i HJC Stxlt' by rv Q 1: 52 vate if thef ul ' .1 x .. H 5 pid mr lfzve ?'1If1l1.,:'1 A Qguirolrlxfrits' ::c2L,l'1rf'E1 17.31 V A 1, iizerit tl1ri1,1g:1Qgt T325 Ciiiicieizxc H52-Q3 NATHKU IIQK f'fAF.3AFfT Fr'-XLQKIQH 'lffQF.'fAF' f.fIIhHf'I"f' if-.Mig LUN fkmflf wa Q I f Ja td Six. WWW 4 Athletlc Dxrector and Coach Mr Llmcxcher Captarn hm Dowell Coach Frank L1macher Ten Eyclc Mgr Wenner Stevens Todd Buckhn Pratt Schrckler Mgr Grtlord Gubbrns Taylor Bowen Rermer Dowell Rutledge Orsborn Mower S Goss Grrfteth S Mead Bendtsen Davls Char Vonnegut Trottr October October October October October il' THE FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 'A' Lake Forest Elgm C Lake Forest Academy 20 Elgtn Elgm l3 Onarga Mlhtary School U Elgtn Elgm V3 Park School l3 Morgan Park Elgln l7 Morgan Park Nlhtary Acad demy l4 Mrlwaukee Elgm U Mrlwaulcee Country Day November 7 at Roosevelt Elgm U Roosevelt M1l1tary Academy 7 November 2l at Elgm lllgm lf Northwestern M1llLGYY and Naval Academy U '. V5 ek A I l 5 y 1 ' gym , QQ I, , .. V LK y xr A it 1 , ?. I . I A A ,A ,ya 1 h 3 'ix Z ' . 1 ' ' A A A W ' ' 3 at g I W- g 4 lU Gt h g ' -f- j In 7' l7 Cll 1 Q I lbj f 24 at g ' - g l lm - 31 at ' 1 5 V 4 5 ' -25 Thls year s football season whxch started w1th a 20 U loss at Lake Forest came to a successful concluslon w1th a 12 U Homecomlng V1ClOfY over Northwestern Mrlxtary and Naval Academy ln the course of the entlre season the Hrlltoppers chalked up a record of three w1ns agalnst four defeats The loss of the openlng game was a dtsap polntment to the Academy fans for 1t was obvxous that the team had not started to cllck due to the fact that only a week s practlce had been held before th1s game The second game was played agalnst Onargaln the Academy Bowl and showlng remark able lmprovement the team trlumphed over the Cadets 13 U Wayne Rutledge scored both touchdowns on runs of frfty and s1xty yards The next game also at home was played agarnst Park School and the faster lndlana team came out on top by a score o 13 6 The game at Morgan Park was the most thr1ll1ng of the season The two teams were very efenly matched A lU5 yard run by Rutledge and a 32 yard freld goal by Stevens 1n the fourth quarter were the hlghllghts of the game The f1nal score was l7 l4 The followlng game was played at Mllwaukee agalnst an undefeated Country Day team The powerful fast mov1ng Mllwaukee team defeated the I-hlltoppers 25 U by a serres of well executed plays some new and tncky and some old ones cleverly used November seventh found our team at Aledo lll1no1s play1ng Roosevelt M1l1tary Academy Although Elgrn made l5 f1rst downs agalnst the1r opponents 8 the mud soaked held hlndered the Elgln backs on the1r qulck openlng plays from the T forma t1on Roosevelt scored 1n the frrst quarter and held the1r 7 U lead throughout the re malnder of the game The Homecomrng game and frnale of the season was played on November 2l lt was the last game for ten sen1ors and the team concluded 1ts season w1th a l2 U vrctory over the cadets from Lake Geneva The captaln of th1s years team was hm Dowell who played rlght tackle Wayne Rutledge who led the team rn scor1ng and Dave Todd who broke h1s hand dunng the Lake Forest game and was shlfted from the backfteld to a guard pos1t1on were elected by the coaches to the All Conference team The Lelberman award for block 1ng and tackhng was won th1s year by Dave Todd 4. I ' - I - I I ' , . , ' , w "we, ,N 4 Y I , - ln 0- - - 1 tt 1 011144148 Captcun Al Stevens ooach Llmacher Coach: Mr. Limacher Dowell Bucklin Stevens Harbaugh Rutledge Taylor Mgr Wenner McQueen G1flOTd Freeburg December December Deceml: er December January Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary February February February February February February February 5 l l l 'Ir THE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 'A' Flgm Elgm Academy 31 Todd School 28 Mllwaukee Elgm Academy 26 M1lwaukee Un1VGfS1lY H1gh 27 M1lwaukee Elgm Academy 29 M1lwaukee Country Day 33 Woodstock Elgm Academy 27 Todd School 24 Elgln Elgm Academy 38 Bensenvllle 30 Elgm Elgm Academy 39 Morgan Park M1l1tary Academy 26 Chlcago Elgm Academy 33 Harvard 50 Elgln Elgm Academy 36 Mooseheart 28 Mooseheart Elgm Academy 33 Mooseheart 39 Lake Geneva Elgm Academy 30 Northwestern M1l1tary and Naval Academy 26 Elgm Elgm Academy 29 Lake Forest Academy l8 Bensenv1lle Elgm Academy 44 Bensenvllle-41 Ind1anapol1s Elgm Academy -40 Park School-49 Culver Elgln Academy 30 Culver Mllltary Academy 33 Chlcago Elgm Academy 24 Morgan Park Mllltary Academy 27 Lake Forest Elgxr Academy 23 Lake Forest Academy 21 Elgm Elgm Academy -40 M1lwaukee Umversxty I-hgh 31 Toumcxment Ma ch 6 at Morgan Park M1l1lGFY Academy Ch1cago Elgm 32 Lake Forest Academy 33 fovernmel Elgm 36 Park School 27 Am ,W . Cll . A 5 A - 5 e- r l at A 5 A - 5 A A A A - I 2 Gt . I . - 2 . A - , ' 5 at 5 A - 5 - ' 12 Ot A 5 A 1 5 A - 16 Gt A 5 A. A- ,5 A A . - 5 22 Cll A 5 A A - 5 - A 26 at A 5 A -- 5 - A 29 C11 5 A V- 5 -Y N 30 at 5 ' - 5 ' ' 1 3 Qt A 5 A - 5 - Q 9 Ot ' : ' - 5 ' 1 12 Cll A A 5 A - 5 13 at 5 Y A A - 5 A A - l 20 at A 5 A - 5 A A - 5 24 Gt 5 A 1 1 5 1 27 at . I . - I . . , . -- A I 51 The Elgm Academy 1942 43 basketball season whlch opened W11h a vlctory over Todd School 31 28 came to a bnlhant conclusron wrth the Mtdwest Prep Tourna ment 1n Chrcago on March 5 and 6 The varsrty schedule Just closed has been a very successful one for the H11ltoppers have won ll games and lost only 6 ln the scorlng column they show a total of 549 pomts agamst 511 for therr comb1ned opponents Capta1n A1 Stevens led the team wrth 151 pornts durlng the 17 games an average of 8 88 per game and was followed by Charlle 1-Iarbaugh 113 Wayne Rutledge 106 lack Bucklm 62 Ken Grftord 59 lohnny McQueen 31 Irm Dowell 19 and B111 Wenner 9 Thrs year for the t1rst trme two troph1es have been awarded to that player who has made the greatest number of free throws out of 5U shots and to that player who has made the greatest percentage of hrs free throws durmg the entlre season The former award was won by lack Bucklrn who made 41 out of 50 shots ana the latter by Charlle Harbaugh who completed the season w1th a percentage of 622 The team average for free throws dur1ng the scheduled games was 496 Two weekend tr1ps the f1rst to Mrlwauk e where the team met M1lwaukee Umver s1ty Hrgh and M11waukee Country Day School and the second to Park School of lnd1 anapolrs and to Culver Mlhtary Academy Thrs 1S the frrst tlme IH several seasons that an Academy team has made two tr1ps 1nto nerghborlng states Although the results of these four games were 1D each case a f w po1nts short of v1ctory the tr1ps were the most popular spots on the long schedule for the boys lt was a real pleasure for them to partlcrpate aga1nst teams whrch showed flne sportsmanshrp and slncere hosp1ta11ty W1th two V1C101'16S over Morgan Park and by handmg Lake Forest 1ts only two de feats durlng 1ts champlonshrp season the w1th four conference v1ctor1es and two loss Mldwest Prep Conference Tot. nament was After drawmg a bye 1n the frrst round NG rn a thr1l11ng overtrme by a score of 33 to Elgm downed Park by a score of 36 27 to 1-hlltoppers closed the1r 17 game schedule s at the hands of Park and Culver The held at Morgan Park on March 5 and 6 met Lake Forest rn the seml fmals and lost 32 Avengmg an earher defeat by Park WIN the Consolatlon Champlonshrp 1 ' 1 ' , . I . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I , . - 1 - 1 1 1 , . . . . Q . . - , V , . . , ' :1 V - 1 I - ' ' A Q C , . 1r X - 1 1 1 WWW 71006 Captam lack Bucklm Coach L1macl'1er Aprll 28 May May May May Elgm Lake Elgm Lake Elgm 'k THE TRACK SCHEDULE 'A' Elgm vs Marengo Forest Elgm Vs Lake Forest emy and Todd School Elgm vs Marrmon Mxhtary Academy Forest Conference Meet Elgm vs Lake Forest Coach: Mr. Limacher Kenyon Weix Mills Schickler Harbaugh Mower Wenner Bucklm Trott1 Sokolsky Merr1t+ Ten Eyck Gifford Duaer Gubbms Freeburg Relmer Bendtsen Eek W Goss Day DGVIS I-lmch Gntteth . Gi . I . 4 l at 5 ' . May 8 at Elging Elgin vs. Northwestern Military and Naval Acad- l5 at ' g ' . ' ' ' . 22 at g 29 at ' 5 ' . 4 Four returning lettermen Captain lack Bucklin B1llWenner Wayne Rutledge and Ken Gilford composes the nucleus of this year s track team Many newcomers to the school this year are expected to develop along with this group of veterans mto a well balanced squad The large turnout of underclassmen not only bolsters this years team but will be the mainstay ot the team in future years Although the t am is mex perienced day by day the members ot the squad have developed and are able to place a major threat in each event ln the dashes Captain Bucklin returns to trv to better his previous records and new comers Harbaugh and Sokolsky ably support him in these events In the quarter mile Don Duaei and Bill Goss are carrying the colors of the school for the first time mile run Bill Wenner will attempt to break the school record set by him last year Bendtsen adds support in this event Rutledge Gifford and Templeton are expected to produce points in the hurdles The field events have been strengthened this year by Ten Eyck and Gifford ln the shot put Rutledge in the discus Trottl in the broad Jump Lwitford and Gubbins in the high Jump and Mower and Freeburg in the pole vault Rutledge tries his skill this year in the halt mile along with Davis and Watt. ln the - I - Coach Mr Moore Mtlls l-hnch Merntt Kenyon Colhns Grlswold l anghorst Sheldon lworrls Race Orsborn Day l Mead Messxck Welx Rlker Thulln Mar awww! Thls year the hghtwelghts were led through the1r sea son by Mr Moore The team was constderably smaller lh1S year due to the one hundred thlrty pound We1ght l1m1t The squad played entlrely 6 man football 1n order to develop better b1ock1ng and tacklmg Because ot transportanon tac1l1t1es there were no outslde games ot the Alley Cats versus the Gutter Pups senes Was Won by the Gutter Pups ln the second game the Alley Cats scratched thetr Way through to a v1ctory Wh1ch team 1S the better IS not known for the thlrd game was never played The season Was completed Vllth a glorlous tn umph over the C squad ,- in I , . . l . . Slick However, there were several mtersquad games, The f1FSl Coach Mr Llmczcher Welx Trottr Vonnegut Solrolsky Strvers Davls S Goss T anghorst Mgr The Academy hghtwetghts went through a seemmgly unsuccessful season although a quantlty of mater1al tor tuture Academy teams was uncovered Even though the team could not h1t the nets sutflcrently to wtn any games they sttll showed an aggresslve sp1r1t wh1ch lS found 1n practlcally all Academy teams Great thtngs are expected of the boys who partxcrpated ln ltghtwetght games thls year There w11l be only one returnmg letter man next year w1th Whtch to buxld a team around The ltghtwerght teams ol the past years of athletlcs at Elgln have turned out the players of the varslty teams and thls year s team w1ll not be a dlsappomtment to the school No one player on the squad can oe chosen as outstandlng Future ma ter1al for basketball l1neup 1n the comtng season may be found 1n such players as Tom St1vers loe We1x Curt Pratt Tex Trottr and Stu Sokolsky These players gen erally were the ones to see actton IH a great deal ot the games More experlence and more work wxth the coach should mold these players 1nto a well balanced team lor the comlng year Good luck to next years team IW' F 2 - , 1:1 'tri Ii 'L' AC 'TQ' ' 1 P T , 1 ij X 'M' ..., 3 'ff T 4.. gm, W X fl, J +.. 1,11 5 A in '43 ig, 1: 1 'J' -- sf U . H , MI. ,,,, H ., ' I 5 Y , X -1 I . , E ? V - A D U I 1 . . . Q . . Y' J ny!! ef MV ff WD BMQQZAQM Fredrtc Hand s Bantam Basketball team enloyed a very successful basketball season th1s year The team con ststlng almost ent1rely of ftrst year men was beaten 1n only three contests The regulars on the team were Ken yon Day Mead Davts l-lrnch Orsborn Skok and Race Race was the only regular returntng from last years squad Kenyon and Day were a patr of sterltng defenswe players Pat Dav1s was the teams htgh scorer Ralph Hlnch Was a fme guard whose speed and general aggres slveness enabled htm to carry the ball qu1ckly from the defenslve to the offenstve zone of play Hts rebound work was also especlally pratseworthy Tohnny Mead devel oped stead1ly over the season route and can be unhest tat1ngly rated the most lrnproved player on the squad A flne forward whose shoottng ablltty was unparalled was lack Orsborn lack was forced to leave the squad mtd Way rn the season ho Never because of an unfortunate acc1dent Marty Skok an alternate guard played consrstently steady game There were many potenttal greats on thts team who Wtll a year or two hence 'fb 4.3 take thetr plac Elgm Elgln Elgtn Elam Elqm Elgxn Elam Elgm Flgm e on the Academys Varstty Schedule Chlcago Iumor School 7 Cherel Ch1COgO Iumor School 25 Cherel Wtng School l9 Cherel Lmcoln School 27 fhereb Barrmgton Courtry Day School 2 fherel McK1nley School 13 Cthere, Chlcago lumor School ll Ctherel Wllllams M1l1tary Academy 15 Cherel Wxlllams M1l1lGIY Academy 8 Ctherel ,SV Mr Hand l-letzler l-ltnch Orsborn Skok Doree Schulze I Mead .Ja lg! . ,V A 'S I P 0' - T! M.- sf Lp w ff" :lf T W 'ish .Y E . I. T' 5 .121 ffl A f ein' , 2 ,gg : , if . ' , 1 I - ' . , , a . 10 . . A . 11 . . Y ' 20 ' - J' 13 ' - 14 ' . J . 9 . H N 4.A 25 4 , d , 17 . . .. - M . 45 . 4 5 .. - Coach Dole Thuhn Norrrs Mower Orsborn W Goss Mertz Schultz Templeton S Mead Merrltt Gubblns Orsbom The swrmmmg team under the able supervrsron f Coach Orsborn en,oyed an average season They lost to a strong Umversrty Hrgh team rn Chtcago by a mere four pomts then drvrded two meets wrth Lake Forest Elgxn wtnnmg the lrrst by frve polnts and losrng the second by four The fact that more meets were not scheduled was that srckn ss ln the school made tt rmpossrble also boys were kept out of every meet because of rllness Th quad was well ba anced havrng two good men rn each event Captarn Stu Templeton Dale Mower tree style Sumner Mead Bob Norrrs freestyle spr1nt Dck Mertz Dave Schultz loackstroke hm Orsborn Tom Mer r1tt breast stroke and drvrng Only frve men from the 26 man squad w1ll be lost through graduatron and no srngle event IS serlously crrppled Wlth ard from Nat Eek Lours Collms Rodney Skutt loe Moller hm Grrswold and Iohn Dole the Academy should have one of the strongest swrmmrng teams tn rts hrstory Coach Orsborn should recerve hrs due credrt for the trne ob he has done I-le took a group wrth l1ttle or no experrence ln cornpetrtron and whrpped together a team of great ab1l1ty The1r enthuslasm and work combmed Wrth fme coachlng gave us a team of seasoned veterans for next season Schedule Ianuary 22 at Chxcago Elgm 31 Umversrty Hrgh 35 lanuory 30 at Elgm Elgm 35 Lake Forest Academy 30 February 27 at Lake Forest Elgm 36 Lake Forest Academy-40 gf 2 cg ' ' O i , . , M 1 1 , I, . , . . . . , 1 . . D . . . . W I 1 . . G S 1 , ' X - 1 - 1 1 - . . I 1 1 1 1 1 L . w A - I I I I - , . - 1 1 1 1 1 . , - : i - - I 1 I 1 VV J, F V A4 . tl 51 , -kg., 5 ,V , If , I , rf. ff H W h . ,, N-W, 1 , . . J 1 I U ,, T A, ' . , , , QWMM Tw! fyf Coach Mr Orsbom Smce the enttre tenn1s team ot 1942 was lost by gradua Skok R1ker Baker T Mead lack Orsborn Searle Kelley P Mead Sk.1tt Hetzler Doree S Goss Schultz Schmxdt Krause Mower Kaspar Mertz Vonnegut Schulze Sttvers 11m Orsborn Merrttt Moller Dole t1on our new tennls coach Mr Orsborn IS faced wtth the ob of butldmg a new team for thts and succeedmg sea sons The large number of asptrants for team pos1t1ons however glves the task a better than falr chance ot betng a pleasant one as thlrty trve boys turned out for the squad at the ttrst call tor spr1ng practtce Among thls group IS found a ma1or1ty ot lower grade candldates Thts sttuatton augurs well tor tennts dunng the next tour or ttve seasons There ts a number ot older and more expenenced players so that the season can be successful Among these outstandmg possrbrltttes are Dlck Mertz a sentor and Dave Mower a 1un1or both from Rockford hm and lack Orsborn from Whlttng lnd1ana Chuck Krause from Aurora as well as Tom Sttvers and several of the younger boys from Barrlngton The schedule of tennts matches 1ncludes home and home matches wtth Lake Forest Academy Todd School and Northwestern M1l1tary Academy Several other schools are expected to compete w1th us 1t the transporta hon s1tuat1on permlts them to travel Almost the enttre co ed populatton ot the school has slgned up for tennts and a ranktng tournament together wtth mter class competrtton IS planned by Mtss Sahsbury t ,V X cf ' ll r M, ' A f lf! V 7 1 ffglviv f X 7 0 , , 14-Vi' . .5 K f I I V ' I- . h i . . . . - 1 - , I - - . . ,. 1 , . D I I I I I ' I I y 1 ' , N . 2 I . , , ,. 1 X-. The boys caught unaware ln one of those hard tall scnm mages These gruel1ng battles worked under actual game con d1t1ons, occurred several tunes a week and sapped the strength of the team for days to come No 1HlL1I'leS would be a surpnse endmg to such Workouts An actxon shot of the last ot the g1rls basketball act1v1t1es The glrls d1v1ded lnto two even ly matched teams and enter tamed the Academy students w1th an exh1o1t1on game ff Yxx g' z X WAN Jn? Q f X A X gf N X ,f I N-A-'AT f 6:7111 ff Zi ff iii , mm " 1 -F XX fa w ff' ..- 42 ' ,- X55 I jf, "l 'E..r' 4" if x ' - I .' 1' ,fi fx 527' 6' . X 1 -N X . , ' - Q- X , fl lxx flfff 5-- 'r i Sf, "K, lf' XM' . ,LI ' g f ,V ff f' J 'At 'f'Q?ffl':i K f f:-15-:ZW 9 5 Efggim f ' 4' iw' ,giiilfa 4 TE' 'W f ,-..-JA 1 i' :ff-Af " "" ' 7 7 f ' 6 2 , A , Z - E K 4?- f -14. ... . is? H :t 1 ' A , L If X " - -J , 1 , iii. Nf'E1f1,A - ,,...'i if Y sm ' -1-1- lf We XWQQMQM and Ma .fepwaok These two meh ore meh kno Am to us oil Mr john W McQueen prestdeht of the Board of Trustees ond Mr Eorl G Lemboch heodmoster of the school ore the busmese cmd educottonol odmmtstrotors of the Elgm Acoderuv Both have orked long ond untlrmglv rt behol ot the scftool on the hill Here they oppeor os they do eoch qroduottort mght m tune MWQQ Q No eefmock tfr the Clase O' if 1 nu be C rnplf e out tfC1nKS I Hr Stevens Q1 tohnw 1ng our f'tt1let1c tearne tneug 1 the net xen Q ee end btw ne een e If Cotnc e tt at et C rnneet we Qcen 11cfe f' et1c C e 1 fv 1 dnnng hs four yea Q H12 Cneenne vO1ce dunng le '1 and text ,ears nave- oeen G constant stnnulue lt 1 1t'1 greet thcnxs to 111 Stevens Al s ded tr t we dE3d1Cm e1 pace tn H me C e'1 roo nn f' Cnet 4 I9 we 6 11 I1 tt, e e e Q V' re NcQ1ee'1 Ke-n'1et'1 G1ftc1 ' Pot Holt Icon Euckh ora Cho le Hof pafizcww af Me 7943 Qfvffllizcnyl ACKI IAII R OTIHL ARWILL fOIIFAIY RLNDTSI N DAIRY C R BEVIRLY RILLYS IAICIIAII SIR II SIUDO DII ILOYD C BIAC K IAI IOUIS RLUIJI COIIRAINK ROI AND I BOSWORII WALT II H BOSWORII EOWLWAY RECR ATIOF W IR BRADY COAL COM ANY BROOKLYN DODGERS RUNGE S GEORGE D CARBARK LT COMDR MORGAN C CARPENTER CITIES ICE CREAM COVPANY COLLEGIATE CAP Cx GOWI CQIAFAIV NIR cmd I RS A B COLIIINGBOURIN DANIELS AID CI ARK DERRIS AND BROEYITR SUPPLY COI IHAI Y DAII D C COOIK PUBLISI-'ING CO RA Y OI-IN DOLI IR C1 d IIRS LDWARD E IKVAI ELG N BUITIR TUB COIIRAIIY ELCIN CTY LINES INC a , El JI R I I ki IJI 'I I . . J , I '. I I J, lA I i A v Y f. V- - 1 I II 'Cf I I I 1 P N 1 v 1 , I . D I. , v v N I I. V 5 ' 'Q . , I I FW ' 'N W: II, . I I E f v ' rx f , LI, A I' .N I D. SCOTT CAMPBELL X T1 . . II X J. I rw I ll S Q I ,un f. I . I NI I. IDI I IIE V I II I - 1-1 ' 'R rx 7 I I C, If' I N I WY I-I Y I, F3 I I, I III. If. I I-I It? ., R , IQ I -L I " 'A ' I II I I. 1, I J I I . S, I WALTER MQCINTOSH Walt entered Elgin Academy his tumor year and made an immediate hit with the fellas He was out for football basketball and making a letter as weight man in track As a member of the Maior E Club and the only returning new one the sign Maclntosh build fire was the usual aftermath of the sign E meeting in club house Walt never seemed to have much trouble finding dates and from all that is heard did OK for his neighbor Harry tl Al Walsh last summer Walt like the rest of the boys lost his curly locks in the purge last year and pent the year with the new addition Walt left lust after Christmas to enter Northwestern University and after an attack of appendicitts is doing all right We also hear he has pledged Sigma Chi Nice goin Walt and good luck WASHINGTON CHAR Sleepy Wash came to us from Honolulu Hawan a veteran of Pearl Harbor Wash in his initial appearance to the student body old us several tales of the lap bombing on December 7 Hts likeable way and shyness made him a friend of all During the fall he proved his merit on the football team and light as he was would have made a good guard but studie conflicted and he was forced to auit after a short time on the squad His sleepy faded Monday look was the source of many lauahs among his senior pals and should be long remembered When Ianuary rolled around a Purdue catalog took first place tn Washs attention and at the semester he left for Purdue Tech School on the accelerated program DAVID TODD Dave came to us from the steel town of Gary Indiana Five feet four inches and lust about that wide he was popularly known as the Barrel The best guard we have seen at the Academy for many years he played all season with a broken wrist and well deserved the All Conference POSITION he was given Dave was one of the most popular guys on campus when he left his humor and friendliness made him l A company to all Dave left an "E" pin behind at Tapper Hall, right, Marcia? He really came into his own at the Senior Hay Ride, and his shirt was the wow of the dance, He was a strong school booster and left an enviable trail of friends behind. The Army got 'Barrel' though, and as an Air Corps private he really is having fun. The last heard from him said all wa' O.K. and the Army was treating him swell. Every person in school wishes Davy all the luck in the world. Www of Me X943 JMJW YIIXXN S URIIIFS CL C If IIx COURIIRIIWS f R VIII VACHIII WORKS IXTOIUX In Q II OI I 1C0fFAIWY IIIIS BUSINLS C OII UI IIRST COT CRIVAI O UI FLIURCNII I AIOIAIDAK I w,RI S If II WAL FO HOTI L GEOROL S CLOTHLS SHOP ARTI-IUR L CJILRIZ I' O GIFFORD ORIFFFTH LINIC IIALFFR IO TERIES IX L IJI HANSLN DR KINUIE I-I RANSPN RARBAUGI-I LUIABLR OO IPANY H RIJIAN S S ORL FOR I4 I I-I I-IILL NURSLRIIS ROHPS BAKFRX HLJBBEIL MOTOR COVDANY ILLINOIS CLEANERS 63 FURRIERS LL INOIS IRON QOLT OOMVAIY 1 ILGII-I S IQIORN il F 'ff Lf' ILGIIII RJUAI, fy ICLI fQI.fIRAIIAQY IIHII III-Ii I ILJIN I'LOU C1 IIIILIJ f0IfIR.A,IfY IIX1 I -I ,f I I .f IIGIIXI If I I R ,I. 'AIQK 5IIOII 'XAVLI W1IIN'fA'I'Q1ffR' I.R I' , ,S I IOS S . ,IIN fl Ir' I, I .If 1 I ij. "I I1 X ,I JH FHST If 'RI ,v I-I RSHLYI 'I 'I . .AI '- ' I L I3.I1I'5ffIf CQ. X ,I -I -w N 3 -w X - ,I X. XJ. . I C Ra, I7 T . ,vIfC. Y 1 j d 0 I Ii I! ' OT , 7 YIPNI ul T - LJ. 1, ,, T1 ' f 11 I., . LI I II il F O -I 3 ff 4 ,fa 744574 A number of the students 1n the Art ACt1Vltl9S Group Elarne Grate Nancy Collmgbourne Nancy Watt lrm Orsborn Dave Mower and Dave Schultz examlne reproductlons of Amencan pG11'll1I'1QS Whlch were exhlblted 1n the Art Gallery durmg the school year llf' Qmwuzywfszmfw ll lur C r Bet a quart ot cream on t at Berdtben rrauah e p re lCq l r lUCll ln all my yea at lam Aca en, e eye cl ar o ot a da C ae e Take a heet ol rwaper Mr Copp ln our mad dash lOl the end ol the ooox e C1 lf'CQueen lm not contrachctmg you 'str out llaroaug M12-5 Pruechtentcht Now lets See You ve overdraw lf Perry Chl Came up to see me about latm el Duae Better men than you have ched for lfr Dle What do you thtrflc about thts Solue Gxllord Oh lll gtve my-Self an hour ot work Ur lloore Who IS ourted tn Grant S tonlol All unw Wenaer Wlty you cant be rtght Mr W larneon lts utterly rtchculous fella K auee Wowl" l Chron a There IS C one Jeelc deadltne on all artrctee Gut nxne Hof do you pronounce that Qtr? C tttoutllV wC eo tnat ul lfr. l, fpxet 'fxltat kmol a stvindle is this Senior Clalf ?affQei nr. , ta he ' r , in I A F ,? Ha J f S h l 1.1 , wasnt in on it it lf Yueeri .fl . li l ' ' Q' , rs ol 1 l frat' :i,'1,r seen Bu lillll Sf ry, 'oyfs, l 1 fte lflziw S h eller 1" A, . A Dovrelln No History assignment for totnorrow N . -f . . X 1 ' ' Cn' '. ll 1' f-V' A .' 1' l ' ' 11 sayse- f- . . urn'--H wr. ' , , , Q 17 i X ' less' , .L W - , - - xl, f 'X Q ' ' A ' I l. I . in .ion A. . ili . f' ' 1 ' 1 V 1 nit ,, wlr. , Q Ln ' 1 . v -- Q - ., a . A L.: My Herrloa h lGetf f f . r .ou auyf an't corn t the library' 1111191 411,111,111 em Interest 1n model atrplane bulldmg hrt a new h1gh thts year among the boys 1n the Academy P1ctured here are Fred Thuhn Sam Goss and lun Wenner Below are plctures of hm Dowell captaln of the 1942 football team and Harbaugh Gtftord and Trottt gotng through the obstacle course If XX f , 'X . rg, ' 0 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 3 f x ,I Ummm of Me U43 Jffllicqa S IU Tw I I OHAY CO wIwIIQ IDRQII In L III FI' II IIAI CCM OHI W IJIQOUIIN LBRANDI S PHARI 'ACY ' IAN LKIHI D I IJIOODY INSURANCE AOVINCY I IOROAN S FLOWERS IOSIIIAN S I ULTTIRIII S BAIAIRY DP C IN ELSON NI WS PRINIINO COVPAI Y D W INISH INSURAICL IxORI4 S S ANDARD SV I CE OPEN BOOK SIROR ARTHUR L PAUISOIN C Rf NNLV CO' 4RAIwY IAKI' I'5UIiIDIIII AV' II I PAIIXVI' S OIRI T. S 'I'-.I,fIIf' f'Of.fEIAIf':" ' If 'OIIII3 AI"f'9FIIC'Y' L I KI'I'III'Y FfPOIz', SIIOV KF Ii II R Iff'-.i"KIIX3f1 C K I.I.' N VII 'Q'SC'EIf.ffRR J. CIRY If1IfRY I"' I.AITfI If QIIII R Ilcif 'I'I'Q"i3 ' XI. HQCLIIIIAOEIAN QR A I T.f'CO FfA.Qi WILL. .I If TIIIIDIII I , x, ,ll IN 'I ' In LRS. f Q EIT' , ,IILOS I ' ' V ,D ,. I I. I 1 . . I. ' , ' LJ I ' x' T SMRJI Butt Room Bull s Grocery Geometry Class Where the happenlngs of ones week end are d1vulged to e arruse ment of the rest of the class Tra1n1ng A To lay off malteds and candy bars Bendtsen B I dunno Rutledge Tra1n1ng doesnt bother me Bendtsert Me netther Rutledge Week end That tor which one comes to school to rest trorr I stayed tn all last week end McQueen Chem Lab Source of strange nolses and odors on certa1n days throuahout the chool year Lets go up to the Chem Lab Harrts Not on your llte Any Chem Student Walgreens A Popular hangout for stags te1ther sexl B Grlfteth Hotel C Drug Store MOSODIC Temple Place at whtch dances are held each Saturday ntght for further detalls ask Wenner Money A Foldmg Greenbacks lssued by government and Sokolsky tor d1str1but1on B Solrd Co1ns used for l Playtng pmball machmes 2 Collectrng A penny sax ed IS a penny saved Sokol ky Work The worst soundlng word tn the Enghsh language The Student Court gave me an hour of work Any Culprtt A Taktng out grudges on other students B Bull sesslons Wlnter Hollday A day off from school obtamed when tour 1nche ot snow and 50 temperature are reached There should be a hol1day any day now Mr Lembach Mailboxes Each student 1 awarded one of these for A Collectlng dust B Collecting overdue ltbrary sllps C See me today DAW Homecommg Blggest soc1al event of the year old grads return And what trme dxd you get 1n from H C Gr1ffeth7 Mr L1macher Rootln Sectlon Dr Wenrer Mr Stevens Mr Bucklxn Wheres the rootln sect1on7 Any athlete Hrlltop A lot of arttcles pictures and work planded care'ully for mortths add yarrm d together m 24 hours Wheml Am l glad thats over 43 Edltors l-ltstory A course tamed for long asslgnments hard test and low grades We must conslder how very l1ttle htstorv there 12 l mean real authenttc history Dr Samuel Iohnson We beg to dlffer s1r Any H1story Student Assxgnment Homework unfatr allotment of work gtven by teachers to pay oft grudges Each student should study two hours a ntght Mr Fmch Show me the man who can get h1s work do e IH two hours Arty Student be-tore an Engltsh Trl 5 " iq T: , r . 5 - I v ' L N353 . Z ' . . ' ' th t - , ' 5 H 'M ' . H S . Student Court: A malicious group of irreproachable C73 students gathered lor the purpose of: . . i . , S - , nu A - ' - I A -11 Ualwm mf Me X943 Jfvllicafa X T LW Hx H0 CTC 5 x.JIWl c DOI U vx DFQH Q H T VvOfH1N 9110+ A Hlrhll ww fdl 1 w L Qm w L M 1 w07H rf Vx 'R b E if If ffl E YH f7"OI.xE5AIQY Eil'l'I?g11iUE'.C3Ii f 'IEA "Ifi5X153 CCH? ' f'Y P':'I4.AI.'FIf E.-'FE I4 fOY.fYxATIY Emlflf Hifi E1 TvHCTEilF1S f.fAII'jFA"TV"I'l2 CO FCD','E YI.9'fKAF? iF.O'TEiFES E-.C.'.f'4.T, f'If9AF STOFT FQAIISEQ ff L ff4.IF'S Sffifff FT EPCPTEEE 32,453.5 ,. AE 5K A',k. if0I.'?AfIf f.1,A'-,FTIAI F HUT-ISL ZH I ,VARP PAUQ L .QCHICKLIB SE1F.f.fAYf HQSFTAL f1f'QF.TI,FTF ffCf.1fAIIY "f3f'Pff TTYTSS f'Cf.fP-'-TIY 'Z EQf .1ffif'FlF?'E. S'IT ','?.I6Q flff? T. Y,i?1LU,9 FHFCF? l1CQ71Q3'I4'f' W 'TYFJOFF 1591 IiLNHY1A 'V ,'?I.1JIWfIx WI TIT Ai' 'Q HHXJ 519 " f Vv"QQ'C'f1fi VIL TQKHS ' 'I 1'4" Enflilfl WaJ 1'F f 'UTfl Hff, MOT U '.'.'A3Iff.R TWHJG .QT fiy, 'TCCQJHLTT L7'm.QHlJFl Q A V 'Q 12 WMGHY QTQYTPMCY If TQK Eff' .'A' ETS ifFf'EI., 'HOT 7he X945 Glam WJ! The senrors ot the graduatrng class make the followrng bequests Don Baker nrs taxr servrce to Brlly s to the Elgrn Bus Lrnes Marcra Burr her abrlrty rn Englrsh to Ben Lessrng lack Bucklrn Carp wrth a hands off srgn lrm Dowell a lrttle peace of mrnd to Mr Frnch Shelra Duffy her long locks to Peggy McCracken Peg Faulkner her honor status to Mrmr Mrlls Brll Freeburg hrs woman to the wolves of the Barrrngton bus Ken Grttord hrs Raymond House drscrplrne to lohnnre Bowen Frank Grrtleth hrs long lrst of beautrlul Nomen to Tex Trottr Paul Cwubbrns hrs harr brush to Pen Watt Kathre 1-lamrlton her Braemere sweaters to any grrl lucky enough to get them Charlre 1-larbaugh hrs reckness drrvrrrg to Brll Wenner Glenn 1-larrrs hrs self control to Mr 1-lerrbach Marron Harrrs her method ot attackrrg the rvorres to Drana Teter Pat Holt her executrve abrlrty to Betty Shurtlett lack MacDonald hrs arr of constructrveness around the school to lrmmre Wenner Iohn McQueen hrs way of runnrng a class meetrng to Dave Schultz Peter Mead hrs ralopy to anyone who can drrve rt Sumner Mead hrs appetrte to Lours Collrns Drck Mertz hrs cheerful salutatrons to VVa1ter Vonnegut Lrlran Montgomery her dramatrc aorlrty to Carol Carpenter Hortense Nrchol her shy manners to Sally Ladd Bob Patrrck hrs argurrentatrve but frrendly nature to Ioe Werx Wayne Rutledge hrs athletrc abrlrty to up and comrng Freeman Day Stu Sokolsky hrs shrewd bu rness ways to Phrl Schrckler Al Stevens hrs 32 yard lreld goal to the hrstory ot the Academy lohn Ten Eyck hrs sharp wavy harr o Dave Mower Fred Thulrn hrs photographrc mrnd to Debbre Wrlder I -1 ... A .ll ' I . I ... . I l T -. I I -A D . . . . . A L . 9-.Z I' . S r , J'l , xt I ,, A .. MIT

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