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Wemjgnne Solomon Hbmilton. Lwtlweri I-Ie:-rio, 65 To of E 4 vm' 0 ' X1 0 N - ' X, A F Q Wil S RB ry r rx. E en. K j Qin' Xa Qr'rfL8rL, An LQ Ya! 'if 'Y w J - N2 J M ec EJG'C'.1. Y XIAFS-J99:ar'r gf Y' Qf fu Q QQ L Vw' sf '57 4, xc fx? 0447 Q You 0 E 'EDOSXO L I-I Yom Gr Ee Geo N' ya X VJ gy V mg Q L f T, 14053-n,M s Myl. H rn Q A O ve J PQOFQQQ a 83 v Q Q, 2, N- 'Z QSM 50 it 9 Q?-, F2155 Q C ac' 6' 0 O A L L L XL L 0 A Q20 6 - ig? 'Qs ' va OO Q5 'L 9 N9 1. Q' Q6 Q ro 6 ,Na in O F67 Q u M 1 Q VQSES orcivw- -6 ue r O- J I.-C 3015 0? 1? GA no ' .5 Q . 9 JQ A lg F' . ' 113 'vo 06 p NU QQ I 0 45 0.6 h 3 co QI' Ig-5-Co e, NaJr'.1Jf1 Tl-nomES'of1 Q7 A- B- SP um'-QL. Mrs' E- w '7 , o 47 M RL. ' C5417 ,UO s EU ,Cp G gf! Q NZD' 0 Q6 h ag S2 9 e' 0 ' co ' 9 ' 554 Q 0,0 gist - akrowvlxo- - tp or L-L on- - o O - '71 a GL, of 1-,QD Vai, EO 2? Sap 'PQ o O J fb fy, gy F 'I O Q 'seq - rj Y' - ' oo Lazlu P - QQ rl I I! La L Cofbon. lQf-1oyg,, Vincent Love Gen Ge 'MsC ure X 0 X T' xoo 6705 YV Q 1901 C, Q rn.. TorQ9cBon oven Amee Q1 is Ulflfab Q of Q X Q of Q? Vg K, 'S 2? 0 E9 T1 F I-NDT' H fir E7LGr'fQQrL. WD 'P J' O ff if M0 b D of anebea M MWELOYJQ Q ar' Q9 Q uk,-L, NO NU X 'Y L Xcgcf 6 g,L- 'J 0 Q 5 b M199 B MCosEe L A Camibg H X105 X059 of if XXUQ, 6 NYQQQ MT 5 vw W cm M G 0 1 5 QFQZ, QC, 979' C! ' ff? QQ, Q' Q GAS .fl of Q 03,6 Q 2 YJ vlJQ2'QL.LL64J all SQL gf A XOQD 'Of V 'C . xx 62' an 5? Gif Q53 .rx . ff s C r'BL. Q29 - - ermceoqt Q .jr ' vo! - errgo E42 vo Aw N Q Eb Q bw B Coax Q? 32,5 'af Q' 025 0 Jw C""Li3 QL1 o3.?mL GOA Ts, '25 69 , C, U6 W U - vo fi 55' 'E gg fa, qs' A' Co' Ae- Q9 N50 e, bo r' ' +L, H E 'lL ll , H ' ' 0 Q J i x 2.57 Xe? ff fo mga 21? vc! 7 CRD F 4 - O cr C2 sf Cc? 9 'QQ if on L um TN sur F -UHr':c1L.1 or Fr-Qi ai L. Q1 Quia.. Q95TEES 0 COQPCQA7-E :I 'A 1 e 25 9 0 2 Q Q7 159 A QCIN ILNNAQ 57-li N595 ask. ......--' ' "" -fini .53 6, 0 .- .fn +- 5' - EE Ez.. 1 f J: - .of ...- xg' THE HILLTOP f'-'N Z" litnnh., QA S MW gnaf, af.. 9.1:- SEARS HALL The ongmal bu1ld1ng ol Elgm Academy Crecently renamed Sears l-lalll was constructed ln 1855 Carchltect I Qu1gley of Buffalo New Yorkl on the foundahon started 1n l848 by the Free W1ll Baphsts who were planrung the Northern lll1no1s College ln Elgm but who for lack of funds abandoned thelr bu1ld1ng after the Walls of the hrst story only had been constructed The trustees of Elgln Academy bought the s1te and hmshed the bu1ld1ng On August lU l9ll the cupola was struck by hghtmng the roof and the th1rd floor were destroyed by f1re ln restormg the parts damaged a flat roof was put on wg HILLTOP YEAR BOOK af ELGIN ACADEMY GIN ILLINO U-'fx' 5-Y VOLUME XIX CHARTER CENTENNIAL NUMBER O E L , I S Y " x :E ' ffl .rg 7 H ,xx f, 1' V L M j' YJ? W3 - fit .I X V, F-l " fri' Q R. k " ' ff ' V -fmND'E'.1A N13 . 'l,,dXliL,I-I 'T THE HILLTOP PREAMBLE C1116 aunder 0 1 I am cadem, er 11e ner b m a 11 Q more 1 1 v1a IIOIII 111e humble beq1r1r11r1q a cemwy aaa da T1 1a our own 1 we 1ave aacm ced nd de a1ed 111e1 exe 1,11da11r11ed 1a 1be up buldmg and COl'111D1,1 nee a our be1 wea SC1 Q01 a tbe H111 we G11GC11OFG161Y d6dlC e 1 lw Cen1er1r1a1 1sbLe U TPB HLLTQD 1I'1 add111an to dep1C11ng1r1111ese pages 111e11apper111'1gs of 1938 1939 at E1Q1I'1 Academy A9 a1ve you a ghmpse 111101119 pa 1as far back as111e grammg of the aug r1a1 charter an Februa y L2 1839 and a 1as1e of ae T1C1'1 fTGd1t101'1 wh C11 has been wowen 11110 me 1abr1c of A1ma Mater X-11 5 4 T1 1 f S f he C1 A 1.-51111 111 11 a 1 A C f re- !-'Q"i1l:1, 101 11 ' 1 eff' 1f'.l.11L:E2t', 1'1C'111'A.', grad .'1gde111:: , 13 5:11 f1IO:1C .11 , .1 ' ' ' W ir1.,, 1 ,5 '11 a iv ns 1' if ' 1 . 1 - f 1 ' 'a 1 Q ' ' .1f n ' , .. ' . ' at 11? 1 . 'fn' I 1 1 ., ' A' ' X ' ' ss 5 ' ' . . . . , 1 Y , 1 11 ' ' ' 1 1. ' ' ' ' . 11 11X f , T, 1 1 1 -1 '11 " 1 1 11 11 111 1 I , 3' 1 1 "ff 11 ' gifvf J nn nl 11 rf.--A - f n VJ' , ' ,.,',Vn1 .. pm du 1? L I ,I I 311 7. -2 ' 1 Wfyf ff THE HILLTOP WHY 25 mwddgwm Z! wafmyfwmwlafm fill? www Mwqfglm amd ,ff wwf im QM Mw,g4zWLZLizM mawvliim VZZM, MMM MHZ mimi, WJEQZWWWQW Mfgzif Www MQ? Mffiifgdim QWWWM W W6 MJ JZm47i fwfbwwffihlalb Www MLM HUG.,-Mwmmwfdm 5ffZg LMWTWMWMQ Mifffijyjm QZLZM MEZZ? fwffflfuigi Mffjifmiiidfyf WM Mmgw af Miha W Mmm J . U ff i ft, ' j . , 1 A ! . . L I K , , 1011 1 f X . rj I 1 I - lf, I J J . ' I 1, f ad-U cv c!m4 4, aiduomfl X r - . X, i 7 I , J . . . , , . ff , J j D t I I affwff J 1 mmm , mvdw , . , A X, K ,-7. CL 1' Q' A110 l . f l . , ' fi f K ' awfmq Q 0 'f D J on, - -A J' 66,1 ' f ' nf f ' 'f - . ,, T JZ . 1 L - ' ' ' ' 4095 mu! , fb Mal . H f : . 1 Q, IW d W x N ' 'ff N ' X XJ! I 7 Cf 1' ' , af f . ' 1 I 4, fp , 1 I 1 ll, f ' f gg , ,- jg, 7 , . , ,J ., I f f' ' -- , fl j f fl ' 'N A' ' U 'Aff ' ll? ' ral 1 ay Jnafa C' 5 THE HILLTOP fwv KZQLKZM 5 Mgcdimh 12 4fi0m6 MAJ, QWMQL5 f4Q7Lf.aEAfm.f5gmmf5W0 Qwwiflwwa, M0561 IMMQVMMZZJQQWMZA 9522, hw maui? wlkewfaf Zfffwwwwza m J if NI ZLf,5Jcrj19a'2Aff-HMO EMM Mbwhwmu f Wim f2iJU4m4,U f ,Am 71479 gf ggymwwymf may W dldg JZMZQTHMZZW oy Ain nwmlfu firm! CM WK MW MZ fQkfZ,MwAzmQ jim 7251 diff 3 JMZWM, WMM 77520 Mmzzvfww U37 ig if . 4 z 7 ld J Lffktuz ,Q 4111 ' . 0 C 1 . 1 ' K ,gi iv W . U ww , LL 77,541 4 no up , dz, , . YV H , fr 5 it X X X, - fm , , ' f ' ff' 'Wy ooo I A . x fd I T ,lfzfzzf wa " A ' C I X CQ E117 X I , fy 1 ff I, xx F I, V , Om .QL06-,flf !WZ 7 . . ff' 1 , ,M ' ,A fm wwazai DMM Af,-wqgmmw llflgffa, I I If L windy? CVCCQQQ Liu, ' f fi ' cam J M I ' ' Q fl , 1 f L F! X gpm Zmfclfwfbf 17121 I I , V' X - , ,Gee QL ' , I AQWIWMQ Leno f fm ff' ' ' v J ,f " Y I , ff J 171 , I . , ' 4211 f ' . . I X ,Yi M44 ' M 1 X Y y W- 'M , GPX fl . Ei- g 10+ My li . SX A THE HILLTOP ACADEMY CHRONOLOGY Charter granted February 22 1839 amended February 14 1855 F1131 trustees Solomon Hamtlton Colton Knox George McClure V1ncentS Lovell Luther Herrt k Reuben 1en'te Burgess Truesdell Or1g1na1 butldmg fnow kno Nn as Sears Hal11 constructed 1n 1855 Flrst prtnctpal Robert Blenkrron A M KA B Chrlsts College Cambr1dge1 Ftrst faculty Wealthy M Capron Iames Sflla A B Samuel An derson lohn B Newcorrb Clara Edgecombe Flrst day of school December 1 1856 Orlglnal bell hung 1857 ftrst rung by Frank B Perktns de troyel by 11ghtn1ng 1911 Flrst catalog tssued by Pr1'tc1pa1 Clark Braden 1n 1862 FITS1 motto H8511 Not how much but how well F1151 graduate H8721 Laura R Davtdson fMrs N C Sears1 F1151 male graduate H8731 Lew1s A Sktnner Fence built ln front of butldlng tn 1873 Lovell Manual Tra1n1ng burldtng erected tn 1888 gxft of Mrs Lucy Smlth Lovell Flrst lady trustee Mrs Susan A Sears fMrs Amos G Sears1 Mus1c and manual tram ng requtred cour es tn 1891 Appearance of the school colors orange and black of the song On the Banks of the Old R1ver For of a flourtshxng glee club under the dlrectton of Georae B Bergen of the school btweekly paper Academy S1ft1ngs of the school yell f the Academy prtnttng press of two ltterary o ROBERT BLENKIRON A M c1et1es Stgma Pht and Delta Epsllon 11891931 F1rst football team tn 1892 Conrad Htbbeler teacher ot manual tratmng and German unofhclal coach Busmess Department establrshed by E A Potter tn 892 Ntght school begun ln 1894 Laura Dav1d on Sears Mathematlcs PTIZS started ln 1895 MUSIC and manual tratmng dtscontlnued tn 1897 Ftrst floor of Lovell Hall iran formed 1nto gymnaslum 899 Athlettc Assoclatlon orgamzed 1899 Fzrst offtctal dtrector of athletlcs H8991 Allen B Eaton teacher of sctence Ftrst basketball team tn 1901 Lovell Hall rededlcated H9031 as Lovell Sclence Hall after add1'1ona1 donatton from the Lovell estate Inter Acaderrtc Oratoncal League orgamzed 1905 Endowment sta ted H9031 wlth bequests amountmg to S40 000 by Mr and Mrs Georg P Lord The Susan A Sears Prlze tn Engltsh begun tn 1906 Present heatmg plant bu11t tn 1905 Aelchlorxart Llterary Soctetf for gtrl founaed by lv'1s Laura r Ullrtck lubtlee celeb atmg the half centu y SINCE the open 1ng of the Academy H9061 The Adelphol Ltterary Soctety for boys succeeded by the Zetaletheart SOC191Y 1't 1909 The soldlers rronurrent des gned by F artk B Derkms wa dedrcated on May 29 1909 lncewr e a ftagp le was set close to the monurrent gtft of ladles who had been tudents aurmg C1V1l War day Second endourrent IH 1911 amount S40 000 Bell struck by 11ghtn1ng August 10 1911 oof ae stroyed by flre The ORANGE AND BLACK blweekly school paper started tn 1911 Iumor College orgamzed m 1914 by Dean Horace M Buckley Tlfurd endowment Uudge Sears ma1n contr1butor1 ln 1914 Kappa Alpha Delta honor soctety for gtrls gantzed by MISS Maurtne B Lane tn 1916 Orlando Davidson Gyrnnasxum butlt bv Iudge Sears rn 1917 Boardmg department mstttuted tn 1920 THE HILLTOP school yearbook started tn 1921 Two forerunners had appeared as the Iune 1ssue of tne ORANGE AND BLACK m 1917 and 1920 Cum Laude chapter orgamzed ln 1921 The present Athletlc Fteld and a restaence for the dean fStoufier House1 purchased by Iudge Sears tn 1922 The Laura Davtdson Sears Academy of Fme Arts butlt by ludge and Mrs Nathantel C Sears tn 1923 The Todd hou e CSen1or House1 removed to present locatton or Ktmball Street and htted tor dormltory use by Iudge Sears The Bungalow bu11t for clormttory use tn 1924 Purchase of the north campus all butldtngs razed except the North House a d treetclosed tn 1925 luntor College dlsconttnued tn 1927 Roy E Hammond Fleld Hootse erected 11 1931 at Athlettc Fteld Iunlor College revtstated 1 1933 Corporate seal revtsed losephme D McCor'tack s .talent atd fund bequest of 510000 H9351 Headmaster s resldertce o Coll ge Street purchased and remodeled rn 1936 Matn Butdhng reno ed Sear Hall the Penney house purchased and f1 ted a ltb ary and n flrmary H9381 . , c, 1, ' 2 . , . . . ., ' 1, 5 . tg - . 1 s . . . 1 . , .. , 1 ,O ,, S- is , - . , 1 1 . . . 1 ,OT- S 4 1. . . . 11 1 . - 1 1. . , . . ' 1 - 1 . 1 ' 1 -1 ' ' Q 1 y Y , , 1 . , 1 ' 1 s -A 1.s , . - 1 ,n s , . I ' I - ' 4 . . 1 . . 1 1 , . , . 1 n . .1 11, 11 r. , - '- - ' ,-1,,'- 1 ' - . b - , 1 s . A . v A . . 1 U , -1 1 1 , ' . - " - 1 - 1 :1 a 1 , , - , 1 n e Ab' 1 ' ' , . :Y '- 1 to sjr i- THE HILLTCJP PRINCIPALS OF LONG TENURE Amos G Sears A M ftop leftl principal 1870 1881 During his administration came the issuing of the lrst diplomas and a sharp increase in enrollment 1875 being a peak year with 247 students for the winter term Alfred Gardner Welch A M ftop rtghtl principal 1891 1897 An exceptionally strong execu tive who rescued the Academy from imminent dissolution Hts administration was marked by a strong interest in manual tralning domestic science printing commercial subtects George Newton Sleight A B B Pd flower left? dean 18981911 He procured the much desired affiliation with the University of Chicago and later with Northwestern UHIVSISITY During his term the students cooperated with him in securing lmperative financial gifts to the Academy Dr Sleight is now a professor at Lake Forest College Karl I Stouffer B S A M flower rightl dean 10201936 He inaugurated the boarding department and greatly enlarged the physical equipment of the Academy At his sugges tion Iudge Sears supplied for the school the unparalleled athletic field and much additional real estate The Laura Davidson Sears art building was added also during his admimstra tion Mr Stouffer IS now head of 'he Roosevelt Military School at Aledo Illinois 8 x A ' Q ai athletics, glee club, literary societies, and other extra-curricular activities, . , , ., . ., ' V ' . I 4 'HIE ILLTDP TRUSTEES OF LONG SERVICE Top row left to r1ght Wll1lCm C Kxmball 32 years 18431875 Benlamm W Raymond 29 years 18541883 MOTFIS C Town 38 years 1854 1892 Mxddle row Dr Ioseph Teil! 45 years 1843 1888 hrst mayor of Elgm presrdent of He boa d 1854 1888 Henry Sherman 38 years 1855 1893 General lohn Shuler Wilcox 39 years 1872 1911 presldent 1890 1894 Bottom row Orlando Dav1dson 45 years 1854 1899 secretary and 're-asurer Wlllxam Grote 22 years 18981920 presldent 1907 1920 Iudge Sylvanus Wllcox 25 years 1865 1890 George P Lord 22 years 1885 1907 pres1den 1894 1907 9 4 I. , 9 3 7' , 7 H Af Iudge Edvslard Coultas Lovell, 26 years,A 1876-1902. THE HILLTOP TEACHERS OF LONG SERVICE Top row left to rrght Laura R Davxdson mathematrcs ntne years 18771884 18851887 Mrss Davrdson later became Mrs Nathan1elC Sears Mrs 1. K Becker Englrsh and hrstory seventeen years 18771894 Mtddle row Pearl E Foltz A B German and Latm hfteen years 1910 1925 Mrss Foltz 1S now an attor ney at law rn Chrcago Sarah A Pratt A B Englrsh ftlteen years 18941909 Harrtett Kendall Burr A B A M Enghsh hfteen years 19091917 19201927 Mrss Burr IS now teachmg rn Callforma Bottom row Florence S Raymond B S mathemattcs th1rty seven years 18941931 She xs now Mrs Charles 1. Morgan of Drxon lllmots Walter A Heath A B A M mathematrcs eleven years 19261937 Mr Heath IS now teachtng ln the Elgm Hrgh School Mary Searles Penrose lMrs O I Penrosel publrc speakrng and dramatrcs erghteen years 19101913 19161931 Recently deceased 10 A, . fl 1. 4 ' . ' Q h si xr.-' V mn., C .xy km ,., gt A ' 15 E.. .' " V4 . Mrs. Amos G. Sears, preceptress, eleven years, 1870'1881. Mother of luclge N. C. Sears. llllll llIl.lLlfDlP l . 'i BOARD OF TRUSTEES lRead1ng left to nght around the tablet Mr Wllllam C West Evanston Mrs Howard C McNe1l Elgm Mrs Alfred D Edwards Elgm lohn W McQueen Attorney Elgln treasurer Wrlllam D Krmball Elgm secretary Morgan G Carpenter Elgrn Iohn R DeLancey Elgm pres1dent of board Arthur E Glertz Elgrn Maurtce E Shurtleft lstanchngl Elgm Glenn R Beverly Attorney Elgtn Mrs Ora L Pelton Ir Elgrn Mr Leslre M Hansen Barrrngton Mr George P Edwards Elgm Not rn prcture Mr lohn M Btggms Elgrn and Mr Arthurl Durand Elgrn Mr Kunball bears the dlstrnctton ot havtng been contrnuously a member of the board srnce 1903 and Mr McQueen lncewrse srnce l9lo ll Mr. . , , ' , Mr. ' ' . ' , ' , Dr. 4 , ' Mr. . , ' , ' Mr. . ' , A Mr. Arthur H. Hill, Dundee Mr. ' , ' , ' Mr. . , l , ' K . .1 , , , THE HILLTOP IUDGE NATI-lANlEL C SEARS OUTSTANDING DONORS TO ELGIN ACADEMY ludge Nathamel C Sears 1914 contnbuted S25 000 to the permanent en dowrnent whlch the truste s were seelang to ra1se to the l1m1t ot S150 000 prom1sed also to bu1ld a dorrmtory later and to bequeath an add1t1ona1 S100 000 to the permanent en down ent 917 bu lt the Orlando Davld on Gymnastum 1n honor ot th tatner ot Mr Sears 1920 remodeled Lovell 1-lall for use as dorm1tory and 1n talled the sc1ence laboratones on the thlrd floor o' the mam bu11d1ng 1921 pw rchased the s1te tor th art bu1ld1ng mo Jed from the s1te and relocated and re modeled what 1s now the Semor 1-louse 1922 purchased res1dence for the dean now known as the Stouffer l-louse purchased the Athle-t1c 1f'1e1d 1923 oullt the Laura Dav1dson Sears Academy ot Ftne Arts 9 purchased for S61 000 the block now known as the no th carrpus 1926 donatea real e tate 1n Flor1da Ch1cago ard elsewhere 1934 decea ed 1n May all h1s res1duary estate gtxen to Elg1n Academy Laura Da Jldson Sear 1-ler vvtll estabhshed a trust fund the 1ncome of wh1ch 1S used for the rramtenance ot the art bu1ld1ng and ot lS collect1on of pa1nt1nqs he area 1 sore ot luaae Sears s benelacuons Mr and Mrs George P Lord Many benetacuons Mrs Lord outhtted Lowell Manual Tralnmo Hall 1n 1889 pa1d the schools debt ot S7 800 1903 bequeathed S40 000 as nucleus of perman ent endowment Allen M Retan 1918 bequest of S25 000 Mrs losephme D 1VlcCornack 1935 beque t ol 510000 1l'lCOUl9 to ke used or student a1d Mrs Lucy Sm1th Lovell 1887 gave S5 000 for the constr1.c1on ol Lovell Manual Trr' ntng Hall Hov E 1-larrrrona 931 bu1lt the Fleld 1-louse at the Ath1et1c V1e Elgm Woma s Club ,olart ou ltttea a lc1t hen 1n Lovell Manual Tra1n1ng 1-lall to be u d 'o the 1nstruct1cn ot dorre 'IC sc1ence errployed tne 1nst uctor 9SllC cte ce Th1s 11st ar from complete Many worthy persons haxe been loyal to Elgln Acaderry tho they were not able to be so l1beral w1th 11 anc1al donah ns as ho e rrentlonea above Ce ta arres a e con 1c11 as 1 t ot G1 B 36 lfay Daxrdson W1111am Grote Iohn A Waterrran H nry W 1-lubba a 11' s lv'ay La lan Ho b el' Dr Ora L Pelton Dav1d C Cook E Dunbar Waldr n Nr Ella Clevelarf' 1 ' 1 1 f - 18497, ' 1 .1 , . 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 . 11, , 1 , ' A ' 1 e 11 is 1. ' 1: 1 ' ' 1 1 . A . . . A y , 1 1' .' e ' ' 5 re- . y . 1 I 1V25! B, I .41 A 1 1 1 r 11 . ' A . ' . . 1 , ' 1 1 '. 1' ld 1 7 ,A 1 '1 n' ' 1 ' I S y 1888, gave 32,200 for the installation of a heating ' - H 1 1 v'w 1 9 1 I I' I ' , . . 4f - 4 V A -2 ' ' se 1 r ' 1 ' E 1 it H H ' .1 1' ' 1 1 1 l ' r 1 S. sh "ri 1. 1 'a 1' ' . in dom 1 ' s '-n I I is 1 - ' 1 1 , ' ' 'n 1 ' 1 'o1 1 t s 1 ' ' r in n 1 r 1sp' 'o' 'n the lis 1 donors: Mrs a'l or n, 1 ' C V 1 , ' ' , 1 1, e1 . 1 1 r', 17. 1 Y 1 rn e 1, 1 . , ' , . 1 o1, 1 s ' .Q lflllll llllLlLlHDID BIRTHDAY PARTY Ort February 22 l939 tlae Elgm Academy Celebrated the hundredtb armt versary of the grarttmg by me 'state leglslature at llS orrgmal Charter wlfucb ts dated February 22 18352 A surtple Ceremony was held tn the Sears art bu1ld1r1g durma wb1Cl'1 members O' tle alutmru at drtlerertt decades spake brte y 'td Dr George Ne NTOW Sleralat L ke Foreet College who was dear at t e A aderry ISQ8 la loll to t te iacrt' Ces 'made by students true teee ard trterds C t te sclrac wecu rg the end ment v h1Cl N9 no entay T e C Cturei ab ve ell e f tl'e C rdle lghtmg Ceremony startmd w tl t e 1 gbtmg a t IG ma P C rdle Crt tl e huge Cake by Nr loan R Del.ar1Ce e ae e ar eee lr C arre ZICJ tx etudertts Ctul e e e a rr, le B e e e l W 1 C llr Del. e lx be a r er uretee rr e r He a a E G l.e 1? 1 I A Y . " , Cf. A l ' fl f fw - 4 rx: rw '- 1 r. , CA. . . l V. C4 1 . , . lt A 1 ' ' 1 ' -' . ,. C l M331 ,V C ., la C, . . .. . . ., .- . , . . f I . lH f 'fl r' . CW' 1' 1 l 'ff I '. rr A 1 . 3 . a .. a t 1 , . C 1 ri 1 f tx 1 . a . a. .1 yr A . . pr 'Crit of tlz be d Cf trust frarti E1 fl .. t 'lg . . , and My W .l . . W , A alum... .gntea Caudlee. 'M .L .As Mr u.. ' :. , N ': N1 4. .A .Nz M awww. VH 'nu C M fm' t.. ...e C. . W.-.er 1 .Cu . . A. .C r.,..t are e..u.... bun . u.C.u,, ,... ' ,,. ,XI A ,fn . .. - WI, Y .. rye- I ' '- e.ua-... C. tn :i.ne..ee, Aa, W, atelman C. 87-1 .1 , abc 1. "' . L N, H 'A f" f' , r, - d ' ' ' Jr . b. ...Cr a . U CCY? .ter I. , an . tae r a a ster an . Lnbacn. u THE HILLTOP Q9n the ilkanks ut the QBIFJ iktber jfux .U y father sent me tu ulh QElgm XE' In that tutnn tnhete they make the parker :lurks mf Qnb so Z! settleh hutnn 5 4ln that tutnn uf tnatrh renutnn Cllhnrus QBn the banks ut the nib rtber jfux my buys The Qrahemy eber more shall stanh jfur has she not stunts stnre the tame of the flush Zinn tne hall her the best Ill the Ianh Zin fuutball they useh me rather roughly Qnh they gabe me snmeaterrtbly harh knocks Qnh they shook me sn abnut Ulhat they turneh me tnsnhe nut QBn the banks of the nlh iklber jfnx Zin the murmngs me Itsteneh tu some lertnres Jin the ebenmgs me llsteneh to some talks Qui: then me tbnulh sung Zinn Dante the Zlalghlanb flung 41911 the banks of the nib BIUBI' jfux lit mas there 35 mane my surnal entree Qlnb 09h hum it spent Bah s harh earneh rocks Qnh by my :unnmg art blew many a malhen s heart Q9n the banks of the nth iktber jfux 14 I t are t had 3 , QB'n the banks of the nlh ikiber Jfnx. X l .: q,,..AWI,,: 9' A 2 Q'-f F Q f K X f? xg ,X J! ,Z A :V I .-'lv I ' S 1 A f N N aug., , f f T jx Lv' .. 'Qi I vv 1 - ,LW ' ' AW: 1' ., , ,, , - l V Ve"-E.. ffl 6 E" + Y ,K , ,, i , X Y V- , :fin r' , ff - - f X! X 'f ' 'X' K -- Q xx N G 21- " " -....1--- L-- -Y .f ' I s ' ' f - ff- ff ,. 4. : ,,, ' K, ' '45 X ...f- K ,""1 gf! , - K Q ff , M ifgffff' f- ' ,V ..- gf ,I f--if + N 1-4-" 1? 1 ,-,, T ,. 1. Tflllll llll UHDIP EARL G LEINBACH A B A M Headmaster ep,1lar1tv mc eases, 'te eacw passmg year tae AFNGQIT 1 ab been great 1mprovements a rr K .ter P at xea t tartd ng S Cce 15 I'r Leixbachs ja, ' .' A A r e L. I ' ' . T . ,gh his efforts l. -af A ' ' e campus and in the classrccrn, The Headmaster has bt wen ta ...a' e this Cer i La' A' ar an aus . i u ss, THE HILLTCJP zmh Karma! Fnenalf falr hrr' these words descrlbe Nl nsreur Though a 'rerrher 0' the faculty 'a sexercl years he has never lost these C'lGl'C1ClST1Sl1CS He works as hard as the students to help them pass When off campus he IS llkely o be found watchmg the features at one o' Elglns ctnernas or r1d1ng around in that renowned Studebaker IAMES W NEWCOMER Ph B A M 1-msn h W1th the Engllsh classes st1ll hrs mayor re SpOHS1b1l1lY the versat1le Mr Newcomer has taken on newer ones Thls year he has ahrected capably both the boys and g1rls glee clubs He has also mstltuted a more actlve orchestra Thru h1s perseverance the Acad my may expect 1mportant thtngs from these orgamzahons CLARK C COPP A B A M PLOUOYHICS Chemustry Psychology The veteran leaaer ln school spmt HIS undauntecl 9HlhUSlCSm cheery smtle and volulole pep talks have rrade the tr1ps and soc1al events great successes A e gen1al advlsor o' the Iumor College shared the glory of the I C carn1val IS s t of deep rooted loyalty has rraae e Acaderry the grand old school 1t ts l6 Fr - - , 1- ' 1. . ' , . I , I .fe . . . S ' r o. ' ' . . t t r r ' V ' ' . , . , . A . I I A F A A . I r"s . 9 . . . , . ., . . , , v A ' ' . s th ' ' r . ' , he or - r ' th AA l - . ll Ill L ID DONALD A WILLIAMSON A B Ph M Science Mathematics Thls year Speed plloted htsl C basket ball boys through a very successful sea son tt was al C dream come true Com plete charge of the schools d1sc1pl1nary problems rs not an easy Job yet Mr W1l llamson handles lt w1th h1s customary subtle humor and good nature ELAINE C SCHAEFFER A B A M Hrstury Dean uf Curl Coach of Drdmatrcs As dean of gtrls Mxss Schaeffer has strug gled vahantly wlth thetr problems Her wrdentng acquamtance has now requlred a telephone 1n the bungalow Doc doubt keeps the lrne busy She and Doc are st1ll the most popular chaperons How she keeps her proverblal good nature dur 1ng rehearsals of the three act play 15 a mystery ROBERTI KENNEDY B S A M Mathematlcs Prof IS keeper of the 2nd floor of Lovell Hall and the l1fe of some very mce parties at mght He s everybody s frgnd even of those m1nor factors who Just ca'tt f1gure thmgs out Always good humored and en ergeuc he even has hopes of malung a star football player out of B111 Freeburg Frequent tr1ps to Barrington speed the rr1leage on hls trusty Plymouth 17 sv- , Jw! L ax! 71 THE HILLTOP DONALD PERRY A B A M latin Pnpzll h Doc is still beating 1 out or the 1vor1es and with his new ear oi corr has become the apostle of a rug cutting era ln spite of his craze for uve he 1dOllZ6S dlrrxnutive opera stars and sits IU regularly at the glee club sessions He puts aside hls class roorr sternness to be the life of the partre held by the Latin Ill class and by the North Dorm boys RUTH SALISBURY B S Academy l1brar1an and teacher of the low er school sclence course She rules her charges both ln the library and in her classes w1th a stern hand yet mischief will not down Her t1ne sportsmanship makes her popular with the g1r1s Through her ef forts the G A A has become much more active HUGOI BAUER A B A M fer man Spanish The Academy senorltas lost out when Hugo married the comely Mrs Bauer Do you suppose he was attracted by her dark Spamshhke beauty? They ve taken up housekeeping IH the apartment above the library Hugo still greets h1s slaving stu dents with a cheery Go back to study hall and get your verb wheels 18 , . .. . . , ', I 's. . t . t , , t t . . . Physical Education, Librarian. I . , . -1 - - I ' , ' . .. ., . lflllll lll ILTCD H1-stun Suenne Dlrectur uf Athletu The ranger from Yello Nsto e retu 'ts ror the mountams every year O teacn eage students hlstory and physr graphy H 1 orgamzer and sponsor of me popular lla ture Club A strong man rn every wal and very popular at the Acaderry eve among the femlnrne element He IS mot capable tn the handllng ot h1s tearrs . ' n- r. r t 3 FREDRIC I. HAND. B. S. ' . '. ' ' ' a Junxur Hlszh School Art The Handy man of the lower school has acqulred a number ot 7th grade puplls th1s year He fplus hls Nxfel dlrected very credltable play glven by hls students By coachlng boxmg and tenms he keeps IH trlm to mamtatn hlS status as head ol the Hand famlly He ranks tops as a good sport and an mterestxng teacher IEROMEI KLOUCEK A B Enzhsh A new member of the Academy faculty bu already a great tavormte He won wrde ac claxm thru hrs slulled handlxng of e sophomore dance and his a1rect'o'1 ot the rlotous takeoff on Iulxus Caesar glven by the Iun1or College boys Yet he shows a serxous SIGS m hls strong support ot the lxterary and aeclamatlon g oups 19 THE HILLTOP FRANK H LIMACHER B Ed Suuue Mathemaln ew thr y ar but already a trrpo tant t of he chool l1fe O e boy 1 o x ted to hlrr that he belong to three of hls classes Tha wavy ha1r flashtng Sl"'1l9 s,,Qrkl1ng personallty and that convertlble coupe now gtrls dont rushl I-le helped elf swmgs a rrean golf club FLOSSIE MCBRIDE PARKIN Dramatm The Chrlstmas play and the three one act lays were a success under her dlrectton She lllc WISE coached the declamers Al ways cheerful IH Splle of her WOTTIGS RUTH FRUECHTENICHT St houl Trxasurer What would we do W1lhOUf Ruth? Although she guards the weekly allowances of the boys she rema1ns the fr1end of everybody IUNE RAMM 06108 Secretar 3 A new member of the offlce force she soon proved herself capable of good hard work ELINOR L BURKE Secretary to adm ister Though an efflclent secretary Ellnor s good looks and helpfulness have become pro verb1al 20 If ' 's e n r par t. s ' n 53 de- , . . . Coach train the boys for football and him- S A .' A ' . ' s. p ' ' . - l-XR 'fx X V. Lt . ' HY if 1 . V lflllli IJIILILTUDIP 21 THE HILLTOP 2 'li -Jw ll ILILTDIP Football basketball baseball Boy Scouts Spanxsh Club Nature Club From the heart of the west Tuscan ATIZOHG comes Normy Hts good looks and pleaslng personality have made h1m one of the most popular men on the campus Do you suppose those wh1te Q75 corduroys w1ll be seen at Artzona U next year? CHARLES ANNELL Football track MaJor E Club presxdent. Nature Club Cum laude Among the recrults from Dundee comes Charlie Hts Ford coupe must now run to Elgxn automattcally He has culmmated hrs tour years at the Academy by graduatmg wtth Cum Laude honors n1ce workl He recently broke hrs tour year abstensxon and attend ed a school dance The Mayor E pop salesman par excellence WILLIAM TUDOR ApMADOC IR Football tenms basketball track Spanish Club Wlthout Tud ln school there would have been an enormous decrease 1n the fan mall Many 1am sesstons have been held ln Lovell Hall wxth h1S vlctrola and collect1on of latest dtscs Hts Evanston crowd helped the attendance at our parttes IAMES GORDON BALLANTYNE Fc tball ba ketball track Major I' Club Nature Club Both tall corn and tall boys come from Iowa hm has settled down a good b1t thts year and has been an all round athlete ls Margaret respons1ble for hts growmg up? SENIORS 23 - v n Lu r ' .. r , , - .. .. . 1 . . . . , . . .. .. . . . . . .. . H no , s , , ' 4' I" , . - l . THE HILLTOP MAHIAN FRANCES BONIN Ae-lchlnrlan C A A Oransze and Hlark tat? Nature C lub Clee Club Though scarcely flve feet tall Marlan can hlt the baseball wlth a vlclous whack Thls year MQYIGII has ce tered her attentlon an OUlS1de lnterest On Tuesday afternoons she IS llkely to be found ln the press room malllng out the Orange and Black HENRY A BUCKLIN PA Football basketball trick Dramatlc Club Major F Club Though hls lnterests seemlngly lle ln frequent escapades wlth the gang Buck really has a serlous mlnd for buslness HIS bUSl ness ventures have thus far been a blt corny He makes numerous lf1pS to Wheaton and has been USIHQ as hls theme song Watts thls thlng called love? ULXCEDERWALL , Football lmskeumlf boxing track Mawr E Club The gals dldnt see much of Paul lh1S year he was always studylng or out for athletlcs A frlend of all the fellows though By the way hes a very cautlous drlver LI ROBERT FORSYTH Football basketball baseball Nature Club The lennlngs Semlnary trlp drew Bob s attentlon more and more to Aurora Later however hls local campus actlvltles became more notlceable As one of the lTlG1l'lSlQYS1X'l varslty basketball hls spectacular hook shots brought home many polnts for the school SENIORS 24 ' " s, 1. . .. H " S , ' , 1 . , YI OU , - - l. H A 'N ,f X , . . . 44 uk ,' . - , 1 . - . , . r , , . , , . L . , . . x X 1 N ll E ll I L P MARY AGNES COLLINGBOURNE GAA Dramatlc Club Spanish Club Nature Club Orange d Black staff Hrlltup staff Glee Club Mxxed Quartet pre ldent Aexchlorlans Marys favorxte occupatlons have been rldmg horseback and drrvmg that phenomenal Packard Shell have to teach Pat to drrve 1t so that next year the sr ters Nxll have a way to get around Mary always popular at the dances especlally w1th Stoop The school wont be the same wlthout Mary to ploy the plano HARRY ARTHUR DAVIS IR Iltzrary Discus lun Crnup Nature Club Dramatic Club Glee Club Hubby Club Orange md lilmk tafl' Hilltop staff football boxing track basketball Mrxed Quartet Gus has more than f1llecl l'11s role as the Academy Screwball thls year Many were the tunes he had Miss Schaeffer worrlecl 1n the three act play Harry was a lot of fun but engaged 1n more lmportant thmgs too He devoted a good deal of h1s time to a certarn I C lass ARTHUR FRANKE IR Football boxing Glee Club gulf Mawr E Club Mnced Quartet The commuter from Cary earned the trtle of School Romeo Not unt1l he Jomed both the Glee Club and the quartet dxd Arts musrcal talent appear He also orxglnated the non muffler fad 1n Fords GEORGE C FUCIK Football basketball baseball BOY Scouts Mawr E Club Nature Club liolf The tall sxlent man from Waukegan It has been rumored that he has lnterests ln Chrcago Hrs chlef ambmons seemed to l1e 1n athlet1cs whe e he proved a valuable asset to the football and baseball teams SEN IORS 25 . . ., . - , , an - s ' . . s ' . - , . , . . . . , - ' 1. u . r . Au TI-IE HILLTOP RICHARD LAMONT FULLER Basketball, tennis. Dick came back from Iennings with glowing tales of the school and has been talking ever since, His correspondence affords interesting reading material for students during study halls PAUL TOPPING HAAGEN IR Flee Club viimminz team Dramatic Club One of the best dressed men on the campus He will long be remembered as a continual invader of the smoker and for his easy come easy go attitude When Paul leaves us the school loses its severest critic PHILIP CHARLES HANDKE Football swimming baseball Spam h Club Phil has stuck pretty much to school work He has ignored the girls has become a pal of all the fellows There s no place like Hinsdale is there Phil? MARION CAROL HEALEY Aeichlorian president GA A Nature Club Glee Club Student Council Dramatic Club Orange and Black staff Hilltop editor Cum laude secretarx of senior class For four years Carolle has topped her class in popularity She together with the Blue Flash is everybody s friend Not only was her time dexoted to extra curricular affairs but she man aged to WIFI Cum Laude honors on the side Next year the Young Miss Healey will follow her sister s footsteps to Colorado SENIORS 26 ILL I ORN LISBETH McBRIDE f' AA Aelchlornana Mixed Quartette Hilltop staff Dramatic Llub declamatlons 3 years In Ioey s four years at the Elgxn Academy she s had many flames Last year she had a change of heArt however and has not changed her mxnd smce She has found the convertxble sedans from the McBr1de Company quxte useful xn frequent trlps to Cary HARRY GEORGE MEADOWS Basketball track Mawr E Club orchestra Harry IS the orxgmal Academy Iencks man Not only does he make frequent trlps to Standtsh Street but hrs taxx servtce to the games has become qulte popular He s only been tn the on the basketball team HANS MEES Mayor E Club Nature Club all malor sports Hobby Club Through the cooperatxon of the Dalnty Maxd Bakery the Academy has had a valuable football player He was a lmes man on the varslty squad for three years When not devotmg his t1me to hxs hot house garden he was seen m the compan of Charhe Annell PETER REIGART RATHVON Football basketball manager, golf Spanxsh Club, Hilltop staff Major E Club Pete IS one of those boys who sometmmes sxts and thmks and agaxn sometlmes lust slts When not on the golf course he ts most llkely to be found ln the smoker At all tlmes Pete IS 1olly and good natured SENIORS 27 Academy one year, but made a reputable place for himself . , . - I . Y THE HILLTOP MARGARET LOUISE REDEKER Editor Orange and Black presrdent G A A Aerchlorrans Dramatlc Club Irterary DISCUSSION Group presldent Student Council Nature Club Glee Club Cum laude In splte of holdrng many posrtrons Margaret found txme t marntam hlgh honor standmg One of the best dressed grrls on the campus and popular wrth everyone Ilm toppxng the lxst STUART M SIMMON Tennls swlmmlng Nature Club Boy Svouts Sunny Callfornla s contrlbutron to the Academy Early rn the year Stuey estabhshed the reputatlon of be1ng everybodys lrlend Ballantyne rs lucky to have found such an amrable roommate O'I"l'O ARTHUR WEIL Cum Laude football manager basketball track orchestra Glee Club Hobby Club MaJor E Club uce pres semor clas Llechtenstem s bram ch1ld Otto came here two and a half years ago Wllh hrs dlctlonary and a Russran dance novelty Now he s tops scholastlcally and a lavorrte wxth the students Those twenty dollars for danclng lessons were to some ava1l too WILLIAM CHARLES WEST IR Basketball manalzer football Nature Club MaJor F Club Glee Club Dramatxc Club boxing Orange and Black stat? Go West young grrl go West has been the slogan of a cer ta1n Evanston glrl B111 has not grven the Academy grrls much of a tumble As the only masculme element rn the Aerch Soc1ety hrs motto has been Greetlngs Gates lets redecorate SENIORS 28 - .. ,- V. - , , , - ., . ,s. . . , . . . . . . . I I . - .. H l . . 4 , , . , - 1 I - V I 1 - 'l ILLTOP IAMES HOWARD SORG Tenn! ba ketball golf Spamsh Club Htghland Parks grft to women was a regular attendant at all the Academy dances Itm plans to go to Northwestern next year Wed all l1ke to graduate lrm lf we too could get a Packard ROBERT IAMES SPRIET Major I Club football track icaptalnl Bob has been gotng back and forth from Bartlett for four years Football kept hlm well occuptecl 1n the fall and he was seen plowmg through the snow 1n preparanon for track season A small package of dynamxte IACK MADOLE TAYLOR Orange and Black staff Hnlltop sta!! Literary Dtsculsion Group The tmagmattve chap who dreams of Taylor Made mustc and how he knows hrs orchestras' lack would rather wrlte than sleep Besldes the Oracle and sports he wrxtes poetry Even physxcs couldnt keep hlm from graduatlng thls year WALLACE TEMPLBTON IR Football wrmmmg track Mawr E Club Student Council Natur Club The best dancer rn the Academy Renowned for the funny hat and baggy trousers He st1ll chews his gum vlgorously and has recently added a loud clack All the ltttle boys wtll mtss Blg Stoop He rs only srx feet s1x SENIORS Z9 S , . ' - Dramatic Club, boxing. ' I ,, l . . . .. .. . I I 5 . . I y . ,, ,, ' . , e THE HILLTOP GEORGE MILTON VYHNANEK Football icaptaml basketball track Mawr E Club secretary Nature Club l-funky lS the second rn h1S l1ne of Berwyn Speclals Hes a dupllcate of Charhe ln athletlcs and sense of humor but eorge hasnt m1ssed a socxal event all year THEODORE C WYMAN Ill Football basketball lcaptaml track Major E Club Ace lS on all round athlete Its h1s mam lnterest at school The Dundee basketball squad even rated a current event report from htm once Hes also tops ln football and track-and wrth GAGE SMITH Football swimming track Major E Club Orange and Black staff lltop staf Smxtty IS elther seen buying records slpplng cokes or rehcng mg hrs football ACl1Ve rn football track and swxmmmg thls year he has nevertheless manaczed to stav oretty much un the soclal whrrl too Q SENIORS 30 G ' ' ' , lean. 1. u ' V ' ' 'V e TIME IUIIILELTIDIP CLASSWILL C TI-IE HILLTOP 32- IL ROBERT CARL GELDMACHER A leader rn school actrvrtres a Nrrter par excellence p efers plondes brunettes and red heads Bob leaves behrrrd hrm a errvrable record rn erltra currrcula accomplrshments He wa general charrn'an of the very ,rcce sful I C Carnrval a lead r rn athletrcs and edrtor of me popular College Page RICHARD CLAYTON IOHNSON Able Journalrst and feature wrrter for the College Page of the Orange and Black Drck rs marorrng rn Englrsh hopes to teach Hrs mam extra currrcular actrvrtres were partrcrpatron rn the Iunror College plays and frequent dashes to DeKalb Normal ROBERT H KALS OW Bob s dependabrlrty rs exceeded only by hrs dependabrlrty he s consrstent rn every endeavor arranged the page layouts for the Hrlltop and was a reporter for the College Page of the rng rn hrs brothers drug store and eatrng hamburgers between classes FRANKLIN I OSEPH KRAMER Demon crusader for class equalrty Frank rs marorrng rn law has hrs srghts trarned on an L L D Hr hobby rs photography rrracle some of the better prrnts appearrng rn the Hrlltop Favorrte passrve recreatron r attendrng the performances of all the good plays that hrt the stages of Chrcago FRED WILLIAM WASCHER IR Fred more famrlrarly known as Wasch or Sell em rs the schools ace salesrran nevertheless he rs marorrng rn law and wrll some day be a full fledged ba rrster He arvrdes hrs lersure trrre betwee rrdr'rg one o hrs two horses a d gettrng rrrto and ge erally .wrrrrr g ani krnd of a frrendly argument IUNIOR COLLEGE SOPHOMORES 33 ' , , - . '. ' n r ' '. , . ' r ' , s ' r ' sr s. . . ' , e . . I , A "Orange and Black " Chief extraecurricular activities were clerk- . I . . . . I . . .S . , v I . I .. . . ' '. . n ' '. . f ' rr A 'r , n ' . 'n , . 'A ' ' . THE HILLTOP MBA C ph' 34 uf lflll IHLILTDIP ck rc McC n ck All GI rt O S ll an Tha k ry ag dl e e n P 1 ty 1 a kl W lt K xght m th W tt r .all fpr ldentb Jenck Che ey What would happen rt Dlck McCornack had come to play practlce once? Ahce Knlght hadnt met that boy from Marmron? lane Prrnty hadnt made 1t her busrness to get the current dlrt? Don Thackery had come to school as much as he had skrppe loe Cheney had gwen the grrls a break around here? Wesley P1per had stayed awake rn any one ot hrs classes? Peter OSul.l1van had been able to use h1s Ford coupe? Sybrl Parkrn hadnt preferred the supercharged black converhble? lack Page had come to a few of our school dances? Burton Pgarsall werent always rn a happy frame of mmd? ,,f Betty G1lfOfd would lose that attractrve comb she wears IH the bac halr? Henny Watts was ever seen w1thout Buck ? B111 Walters forgot to wear h1s yellow t1e wlth black spots on lt? Ruth Iencks were to forget to wear rnalce up to school? Torn Allen wasnt such a hard and w1ll1ng worker? Stanley Srnrth should become the school Romeo? Stewart Gllbert were to gxve a speech ln pubhc speaklng class? lack Helerrnann werent on the honor roll every b1weekly? 35 k of her Ba w: or a , en, 'lbe , ' u iv , c e ', P e. Mid e row: H i rman , r'n , P'per, P r 'n, a ers, n' . Front row: S. S i , a :-1, Pea s' es' , s, ' ll . - . V .. ,I - - ' d? 1 THE HILLTOP Back row Fralxck Jerome Sxm M Ixl u ek lhlll Van Th rre Van Rlper Middle row Treadwell Colhn C lten Han en Wall on We terdahl Front row H Healey Graf I K llltgbourne Ionergun tple llentl M Roth Mana e ftrea urerl THE SOPHOMORES AS POETS SEE THEM PATRICIA COLLINGBOURNE That whtch orfdxmary men are f1t for l am qual1f1ed IH and the best of me Lsfdx ence IOHN COLLINS All Nature Wears one unlversal grm TOM COLTEN Then he w1ll talk good gods' how he w1ll talk' SYLFS FRAI ICK W1th patlent 1nattent1on hear htm prate DUANE GRAF I never found the compamon that was so compantonable as solttude NANCY HANSEN Oh blest wlth temper whose uncloucled ra Can make to morrow cheerful as to day' HELEN HEALEY O happmess' our bemg s end and atm' Good pleasure ease content' whate er thy name' IACK IEROME Bamsh plump Iack and bamsh all the world TOM LONERGAN Self love my llege IS not so vlle a s1n As self neglectmg HAROLD MANASSE Happy am I from care lm free' Why ar nt they all contented llke me? CHARLES PHILLIPS So many worlds so much to do So 11ttle done such thmgs to be MARTIN ROTH I-le makes a solitude auxd calls 1t peace' SETH SIMS I-last so much Wlf and m1rth and spleen about thee There IS not l1v1ng Wllh thee nor wtthout thee HARRY TREADWELL Why man he doth bestrlde the narrow world L ke a Colossus' DONALD VAN RIPER In every deed of mlschlef he had a heart to resolve a head to contr1ve and a hand to execute ROBERT VAN TI-IORRE Mldntght shout and revelry TIDSY dance and Joll1ty EDWARD WESTERDAHL Ah why Should l1fe all labor be ARCHIE WILLSON Thmkmg IS but an 1dle waste of thought And nought IS elerythmg and everythmg IS nought MR KLOUCEK CAdv1serl W1th h1s off heel mstdtously aslde Provokes the caper whlch he seems chlde From lhlS class of Splfll and enterpnse came th1s years most successful dance and out standmg students ID musxc scholarslup debate oatory drama xc art and athlet1cs t Z ' , , ' s, r, ' 0 C , ' ' ips, o , ' . ' : , ' s, o , s , " s , s ' . : . , , '. Io 'r f , , 1 ' s'4 , . , ss ' s . I f , 1 . .. , , . . . . . 4 In I . . i . f Y ' f I x ' I , . t 1 f - f ' ' 7 . - ' A - I 2 V ' - 1 I , , to f ' ' , . I , , I , . tl S, , . ' . lllll UILILTDID Back row R Drnr Rayburn Freeburfz Broun .Iacrbs J nas Conahan Front row Van Dxke Marzaret Crllrrrr hlrrrrrr Wal h I rdfl fpresrdentl iheers Carol Crrllrnrzbourne Bewerlv FRESHMEN IAMES SHEERS Fashron plate and book Norm of th freshman class Irm has strrred many a femrnrne heart wrth hrs admrrable herght He rs to be complrmented on hrs capable drrectron of the freshman play Srlas Marner HARRY WALSH Dynamrc hero of the grrdrron and sprce of hrs classes Thrs dashrng fellow has many grrls on hrs lrst but prefers to be known as a womarr hater ROBERT BEVERLY Especrallv famed for hrs scholastrc achrevements Bob Graham also frnds trme to chauffeur Mrss Ann Ladd about rn hrs Burck Wouldnt Ann b realous rf she knew about Deanna Durbrrr7 EUGENE CONAHAN A promrsrng athlete especrally rn basketball and boxrng Hrs humor ous sketches drawn durrng Ancrent Hrstory class are amusrng to everyone but Mrss Schaeffer MARGARET COLLINGBOURNE Bashful blushrng Margaret rs the cause of the beaten path made by young males to Collrngbournes door She seems to have mastered the technrque of keeprng them guessrng ANN LADD Though presrdent of the freshman class and member of the lunror Councrl Ann strll frnds trme to make hrgh grades But she seems to have trouble keeprng her many dates st arght ROBERT DAVIS Happy Davrs has amply lrved up to hrs nrck name Bob rs always cheerful feven on Mondayl though hrs rnterests do not vary hobby Martha favorrte song Martha pastrme Martha FRED IONAS Fred drd excellent wo k as Srlas Marner He rs also a promrsrng poet and an rmportant member of the tennrs team PETER VAN DYKE Lrttle Pete that amrable and Jolly Ladd rs a professronal at throwrna paper wads He never seerrs to hav a worry rn the world but one lrttle freshman mrss seems to cau e hrm great anxrety Is that a wrrnkle takrng form rn hrs manly brow? IOHN RAYBURN A very good student but rrot much rrrterested rn the farr sex Hrs tastes run more to athletrcs MARTHA FREEBURG Martha prrdes herself on not havrng to buy her own trckets to the movres She also knows qurte a brt about the rce cream at Colwell s Her record for comrng late rs outstandrng CAROL COLLINGBOURNE Top rankrng freshman the brrght spot of the class both schol astrcally and rn auburn colorrng Has anyone notrced the temper whrch her srsters clarm rs always present but seldom drscernrble7 CRAWFORD BROWN Crawford Southwell Browns remarkable vocabulary baffles the younger c owd He Shrrley has a pleasrng persorralrty and the abrlrty to douse the gloom at any trme MIRIAM IACOBS A talented young musrcran who went Choprn along at the command perfo mance Her hrgh grades and sense of humor cause ner to stand out rn all her classes 37 7 - VS. . v ' - 1 ., 11 ., . 2 ,' , 1 ' 5 r ', S , .2 . . .. ' . A ' 1 9 5 .V A ' . . .. , H . A A . a , . . . . rr - V. . , . 9 . r r . Y . 1 - I 1 2 1 I 1 - A r . . to e , ' 3 . . r . ,A Y V .r . ., .A . ,. .. A . r . , . THE HILLTOP Back row Newman Mls S3llSlNllX Mr Hand Wilder Showalter Froni row Blddle Wenner Preehurpr Iiucklm R Smith THE LOWER SCHOOL The year l939 marks the complet1on of two years of erghth grade work ID the Academy Th1s year a seventh grade was added to the lower school and the expenment has proved very successful All classes have met IH the same room wh1ch 1S located 1n the northwest corner of the th1rd floor Mr Fredr1c Hand and MISS Ruth Sahsbury are the faculty duo of the lower school The centennral e1ghth grade IS composed of four boys and one g1rl wh1le the seventh grade cons1sts of IIVG boys RAY NEWMAN Clflondaj Ray was 1n trouble most of the year ercept for a few spells few and far between Act1ve ln all mayor sports H1s 1dea of the perfect glrl changes rap1dly but hell learn WILLIAM FREEBURG fElg1nJ Known as the I: a1ns of the elghth grade Even Mr Hand had to be careful 1f he dldnt want to be contradrctecl B1ll should soar near the top of the honor roll next year IACK BUCKLIN fElgll'll An example of what the well dressed rran w1ll wear H1s ab1l1ty 1n wr1t1ng compos1t1ons IS greatly adm1red by h1s classmates HIS athlettc showmg puts hlm on the l1st of valuable prospects for Coach Replogle next year DEBORAH WILDER CDundeel The most popular g rl 1n the e1ghth grade Her w1tty UD remarks malntatn llfe 1n the lower school There IS never any monotony 1'1 the class room when Debby IS present WILLIAM WENNER tElg1nJ The Erlstem of the 7th grade he IS always he frrst to dls cover when evrdence IS true or false H1s personal1ty area lv a1ded h1s ab1l1ty to act The Dramatlc Club Nlll surely want hun ARTHUR BIDDLE tBarr1ngtonl Although Art entered la e ln the year he has proved to be eyes and the blond ha1r who knows? We hear that he IS one of Debby s favontes' VICTOR SHOWALTER CElg1nl VICTOT IS another student who had to work harder because of hls late entrance He IS not the talkatue type but seems to be mtent on hxs own work He den1es all stones about haxmg a g1rl fr1end fCOHQTOlUlGllOHS V1Cll RUSH SMITH tDur1deeJ T1 e IS not xaluable to Rush He takes all day to grasp one tact but he doesnt forget 1t afterward BQIWG the srrallest me ber of the class he 1s an ardent adm1rer of Wally Terrpleton Perhaps h1s hopes N ll be fulhlled sorre day KENNETH GIFFORD CD1, e lf a 1 Fla '1 E g I' Ga e Rorreo shows prorr1 e rn athlencs H rray Old Mr Ie 'tbach 1'1 attractma rrore grrls for neyt years freshman cla s 38 I ' , S, .' ',', . , D , ' . , D . . f .1 I 'I . . - . - . 5 ,A ,,: . t . . - . . - ' t , I an asset to his class His acting in the class play was excellent. Perhaps its the , ' 4 S I. 4 .1 . . c 1 , I. . . 'nd-ee-I--"Th, unne pols . sl " cr "The taht.. r d .- " .. S . . 6 .1 . ,,l. . , 1 J 1 llllll IHLILTDIP rl Back row Wllkm Bolle R R th Butler Olirmen Muller Prldeaux Hopp Bradley Ralph Geldmacher Second row lien n B J Mc-Brnde Nu- l fl' Ru ell Attelery McMah n Ramsey Swan Kelly Schmltt Front row A ton Parlty Munt7 PI'lll7IT18htDl"9ld9l1tt I Baker C Baker D Ietersen C Petersen I a renee IUNIOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN IAMES LAWRENCE Never lets pleasure lnterfere w1th buslness Sleep to h1m IS a buslness CLARE FARLEY Short from Marmlon shltted from polrshmg h1s buttons to another well known pohshmg operatton ARNOLD BUTLER Smart he understands OBr1ens tokes O BRIEN He s smarter he understands Butler s Jokes DOROTHY PETERSEN Known for her unselhsh att1 tude and htgh scholastlc ablhty IACK ATTEBERY Stlll has an antrclpatory look rn h1s eye from the last t1me he found a two rnch smpe CHARLES RAMSEY Showed h1S prowess by organ top honors LOWELL MILLER A good skate rt weve ever known one GEORGE NICOLOFF Borls lS the I C s modest candrdate tor the Carnegre medal IAMES BRADLEY Iungle Ilm IS stlll lookmg for h L l IOHN BOLLE Wandered around wrth a gr1n on h1S rrouth and French on h1S mmd lalso on h1S rrtnd was Muntzl DICK SCHMITT Blushes a Deep Purple every t1me the lrttle woman IS menttoned OWEN PRUTLMAIN I C athlete who proves that one can have abrlrty 1n sports as well as gray rratter ALETTA MUNTZ Fell 1n love wrth all of Mr Copp s courses ana took as noary as she could LUELLA BAKER Belle Bake made all of the boys htde therr heaas m shame by her ab1l1ty to garner the strnces and spare MARY IANE MCMAHON Eaxored our boys w1th a srmle now and then GEORGE BAKER Punny Baker was not above lettlng the rest of the class 1n on the t1me to laugh at h1S takes MARY IANE KELLEY Held her case of append1c1t1s over a few days so that she could m1ss all monthly tests LORAINE HOPP Ole Boy Hopp chmaxed the year by challeng1ng all tumor colleges to a contest 1n the shot put drscus and tavehn throw GERALD WILKINS Orange and Black news hawk who put the solt pedal on the results of many of our athletxc contests BONNIE IEAN MCBRIDE Declded to reverse the rdea of cuts and come to class sxxteen hours RICHARD PRIDEAUX lnterestlng spectmen of a combxnahon yrtterbug and soap box orator RUTH SWAN Cymcal to talk to but lust a nature lover at heart MARIAN BENSON Can usually be seen brushrng up on her hxstory 1n Engl1sh class TOM REYNOLDS The woman hater who IS go1'1g to get away from 1t all and go to West Potnt ROBERT ROTH All around track man who runs a br1ll1ant m1l anddoes everythmg but put the shot BETTY IANE ASTON Cute lxttle somethmg who keeps all of the boys guessmg RALPH GELDMACHER Rumor has lt that h1s suc cesstul pole vault at the state meet was 1nsp1red by a ta1r lady rn any case he has not yet come down to earth HEINRIETTE RUSSELL Who had no trouble 1n mas termg th Enalrsh language but d1d have aurte a t1me wr h the rnaste of Engl1sh CLIFTON PETERSEN One Ball Petersen got so pro fC16'll at the pool table that he could call the cue ball 1n the end pocket and make 1t every t1me 1 ' ' S. . . 0 . . ' ' . ' , ' . . . . : so , , . ' , ' 41 0 , ss , 1 , 0 , 5 ', ' , , ' . : s , ' A , ., . S' , ,. , 1. , . ' .' , . . , 4 XV . izing a ping pong tournament and then taking a semester. - nt 1 1, . 1 - - -- is " i." - ' '. , I . . . Q .A - F, Yi ' k I . . - Y t t . Y 1 I - -" " r . '. e . ' ' ., A ' .. ft 0 b. T ' V1 f " " ' G ' A O THE HILLTOP li 'A 3 af ,fy 4 if J, - fd" WJ N QA -mmf, 0 i f " 14, if f X6 ll 76474, 1 R Xx xxl 6 if 6 fi 'tux 5 47 Qi W 'QW lr fd 2 A. Y W! 1 - g -- ' ' x. 1 1 . " ' K ,j A ,Q QvjCQ?HL , k. -V ,gh A 5 f yur. jk e 9, ,, ,Q-,LQb55.?12-07,3 ff ' Q-145 L , f P ,Q-,-'. ul V f ', ,, I -fa-' f f ,A . f ' ' . .1' , , f ' 5 Q- ff V X -r "1 .1 M 1 I , .. - v... 'lx ' ' ,if 2 ' ,ra 1 1 Q, , -3, .'4. 7 ' . -' waz- f , 3 . . , 4- G ,' , x ,f4'E?qil!'- ihm.. A ' ' J Y Z tx' I, 1 war' N I '1 " N .: . .ass L'--,. - L ! 1 -, gif . ' I 'f , . 4 1 ,.., ,- ,.:i:..I 7 H f X ,. .f ,Q - . - ' - . , - ...K V. - . X ' .Pg fi' , I W ff ' N f,- , f ff, Q' Q 61 - V71 ' 1 1 I X' fjjff X 5' .Aa . . ' .. fq ff W- a 1' f f , - f , , 4,-f . - 1 za A f . - 1 fig' 1 2 1 Y ' ' , Z.- ' ' 'E 1 X .L if Q" ' A ll "' fi I 2' '2 1 i 37 M. li , U r fg ' f ," '::, ' . , ' 1 , z- x X . 'I , . 3 4: .q x ,Z TX, ,wg Mc X ,ai 1 xv,,, 6: fx xx P 'X W Y .1 - f ,f 2, " fr. j 1 QR, ' . f 1 S. - 4? Mg 'X jr. H41 f I X . ff 7, gi' 1' " W -2 : ' ' . f L, . h X , 13 Q , lv? 2 w R - 'ff 'r-.. .pun ' ' 1-:,' ' -., -K JZ.-1 , S ------,..,,-.fm .1 5. F. f -, 1" if f, ,- 1 Q. f, ', W Q-Lys. g : 1 .k '. N ' 4. 4- - ' 1 4 Q x fi 'af' N I ' z, t fm, X f . V ' " , .qi f ,. L , '- -iq, ,Q : :Pj -, M? ' 'QB " fi-N 7, . ,, W I - 24:-.ar - . 3 ,. 1 ., H: ,mg-' I- , , -jf I 1 N ': :.' ,V '.." A f. f ,E Ly - I 1 --, .,f W H ,. 'V' t If, 5- X I. 1. 4 .'. V 5 ' W :' XLT' 'Sir' V ' n 'Q ' 'K Fm - -,gv 1 4 3 ' ,- Q . 1.-1 '- . .sf 1?-,g f '-mx : P 5- - -,"0-1,-.,.,g f -,gi 2. fp . ...-Y.- 1-. -r 1 - - --' 'rv- Q-5x,.,,4 . ,5,xNSn..-.2 , - -Ez' -7-.QNE7 u' bl' iz? m.5.,.'.h - 'J Q. 3,11 ,r, 'Nj,o'w7-.llvf ,L .fn 'f-. w-- .-5511" X1 1:15. , -1111 1 R.-g-.sw '....4--M.q.5Q 22 xg-...ii-,.. 3 --HL.. - V A V7 -. ' .,,.-- I ..1,. It . 1 'L ,M -g Zvi.. V--.l .,.. -1 'Ql"11-RF. -41. M 4 ffgf'-A 'Q .J--ff" Q, -A ' J"'Tf19j, 4' ' ZF' X -, Q Hg xi, 1 . z::eQ:.'1 - +I -. 52" 41 . ,ff 551 L ,fl :J VF, ', it fy ' ,.' ' .- . ':" r.: , f ,' ,- , 1 gtg" if -g if , - : ,.1,' ' .- , I'-7 . ' .f:- . ,: 1. " ,'- Q .' '- ,,- 'T - . -1 1. ' ff. .f, 12--A-. -e' 1 ' .:' ' " 'V -1' ' '-- .,f 1 ff' -..Q - .f' 19-1 ll E lllLlLTDlP Back row Mr Frank Llmacher golf assxstant ln football and basketball Head Coach Wayne I' Replozle all mawr sports nketlmll Mr lunar lnmsun nur ma e I Am tru Mr James Numumcr sxummmx. COACHES The TILLTOP pays trrbute to these stalwart men who QIVS of themselves so wholeheartedly not only to the burldrng of teams to represent the Academy rn mterscholastrc sports but to mamtammg the 1ntens1ve athletrc program Wh1ch IS fostered by the school l 1 Q , - y yr, In 2. y I , ,,i' , I Ar 4 C , F In 5 Q J ' A V Q . 3 l ,f V. -In . lx- " ' M., Front row: Mr. Frerlrir' I. Hand, tennis and boxing: Mr. Robert Kennedy, assistant in football and las 1 ' 3 . l ll A. W'll'z . , .lu 'I Cullmze l sk thzll ' l uk: . 1: W. ' 4 l THE HILLTOP mth Mr Rep gle W te Welt m M Lm c er I t h as coa J Fo rth She h e t R th m a dke e t d ee t H t V p Tha k Sn et FOOTBALL SQUAD Wxth a dozen veterans returnlng to the Academy folds the l938 ed1t1on of the I-lllltoppers seemed destlned to duphcate the record of the prev1ous season and again to possess the conference crown However the Road to Eame turned out to be but a sad detour for the Academ1tes falled to get started after thelr 1n1t1al fray and suffered four stralght defeats before staglng a brrlllant comeback and w1nn1ng the Homeconung game from Shattuck Mlhtary Academy The Orange and Black forces possessed potent1al power whlch 1f r1ghtly employed would have enabled them to emerge at the end of the season w1th a fa1r share of v1ctor1es The team drd not always chck effect1vely as a group nevertheless there were several 1nd1v1duals who played outstandlng ball RESUME OF THE SEASON OCTOBER l FRANCIS PARKER SCHOOL at ELGIN Coach Replogle rn the space of two weeks whrpped together an able bod1ed squad wh1ch acqu1tted 1tself satlsfactorlly rn 1ts opener agamst Franc1s Parker of Ch1cago The Parkers who were lrght and mexperlenced never proved themselves a ser1ous threat and the Orange and Black had httle trouble chnchlng thelr v1ctory reg1ster1ng a score of 26 to U OCTOBER 8 ONARGA MILITARY SCHOOL at ELGIN The swarm of Yellowlackets from Onarga 1nvaded Academy bowl stung Elgln to the tune of l2 to 6 and returned home SGl1Sf1ed that they had avenged the 6 to U defeat dealt them by the Hllltoppers the prevlous year Onarga usxng the Elgm game as thelr sprlngboard eventually plunged thru to the conference t1tle The Academltes suffered from lack of co ordmahon the game was a great drsappomtment to Elgrn fans OCTOBER 15 ELGIN at MORGAN PARK MTLITARY ACADEMY Handrcapped by the loss of two key men the Hrlltoppers traveled to Morgan Park and succeeded 1n holdlng a heav1er cadet eleven scoreless for practrcally 42 1 E 241. F'f row: . lo lcoachl. al rs, i mrxnagerj, Taylor lass't anaxzert, r. i a h s' c . u row: ers, Rot , Hei rmann, Forsyh, a von. Si S, H n , W serdahl, Jerome. Thir row: Pearsall, M 5, Wes , Treadwell, Page, Walsh, Van Thorre, arper. Second row: G. Smith, Cederwall, Franke, Wyman, Achen, Fralick, liallantyne, ApMad0c. Firs row: Fucik, Bucklin, Davis, yhnanek tcaptainl, Annell, Tc-m lctun, c ery, ri . 1 I I - . , . . 1 llll llll.lLT0lP lgl 5 kW: BACKFIELD three quarters The Hllltoppers staged a game nght but the welght advantage made offenslve endeavor dlfftcult for them Morgan Park after a serles of marches down the f1eld whlch were contmually smothered by Elgln frnally pushed over a touchdown late IH the thrrd per1od The score was 7 to U OCTOBER 29 ELGIN at MOOSEHEART After a week of rest Coach Replogle s charges traveled to the Cfty of Chtld hood to assume the man slzed task of oppos1ng the h1g1'1ly touted Mooseheart eleven The B1g Reds d1splayed an attack that was pohshed 1n every deta1l the Academltes were powerless aga1nst them Badly battered the I-Illltoppers were smothered under an avalanche of 59 polnts unable to garner a pomt themselves NOVEMBER 5 ELGIN at LAKE FOREST ACADEMY A d1sputed touchdown whxch IS st1ll the subyect of debate settled the H111 toppers fmal conference attempt and resulted 1n a 6 to 0 v1ctory for Lake Forest Elgln performed l1ke pros durrng the flrst few mlnutes of play but drsorgamzatlon wrought havoc upon the team aga1n and the boys were unable to get started after the fxrst pertod of play The H1lltoppers were oc cupants of last place 1n the Conference thls season NOVEMBER 12 SHATTUCK MILITARY ACADEMY at ELGIN Entertamlng 1ntersect1onal opponents for thelr annual l-lomecomlng fray the Academ1tes entered the game as underdog on the basrs of past perform ances The contest however was one of the most thnlllng ever played tn the Bowl Sufferrng from a bad case of fumble 1t1s durlng the flrst half Elgm staged a comeback the last two perlods overcom1ng a 9 po1nt lead and fmally tallxed two touchdowns enabllng them to w1n l2 to 9 The battle seemed lost for wtth SIX mlnutes rernalnlng to play the score stood 9 to E5 tn Shattucks favor Elgrn on a thr1ll1ng last rntnute march broke through the cadet s stub born defense and pushed over the dec1s1ve touchdown a few mtnutes before the f1nal gun George Vyhnanek captamed the team and was a dependable performer at center Bud Cedarwall dlmtnutrve but mlghty fullback ably handled hls defenslve asslgnments Cedarwall was conslstency personlfred 43 Cedarwall, Franke, V 'hnane , 'man, Achen. - 1 - , 1 1 , . . I - - f - , , I I - , . . ,, ,, . . . . 4 , . . . Y . , I - I I , ,, , . H . . . ' - I f , , 4 , . . . . . . , . . . . , ' I I - .- .. , . . . . ' V , THE HILLTOP C ll 0 FF n Zan M ddl te R xh e b LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Thrs year our l1ghtwe1ght team ended a most successful season w1nn1ng slx out of the seven games played and tymg the seventh one Coach Robert Kennedy though hampered by the small s17e of the mater1al m hrs squad lt rally performed the rmposslble and turned out a small fast team Only a few letter men came back to school ID the fall however the vacancres were frlled by new men and the team emerged from the varlous melees a w1nner Our backfreld coach Clare Farley although pres nt for only the frrst part of the season chd wonders Wllh the few apphcants for the startrng posrtrons The hghts opened therr season by play1ng the Chlcago Tumor School Thelr team bemg smaller and lrghter our substrtutes made up a team on short notrce and won the game 26 U The second game was scheduled to be played wlth the North End Heavres on October 8 Makmg up for last years defeat of 8 6 the lrgnts won l9 U Touch downs were made by Walsh 1n the frrst quarter I Buckhn rn the second quar ter Manasse 1n the fourth quarter The only convers1on was made by Walsh The next game was played w1th Abbott hghts on Oct 22 at Maroon Freld Elg1n won 6 O the only score belng made by Bucklrn 1n the th1rd quarter A return game was played w1th the Abbott lxghts a few days later Ela1n agam won 7 O Walsh made the touchdown 1n the thrrd quarter Manasse made the extra pornt The llghts took on the Abbott heavtes next and tred them 6 6 The Elgrn score was made by Colten On November 5 the llghts played the Lake Forest hghts They evened up last years defeat of 13 U by wrnnmg l4 6 The lrghtwelghts played the1r Homecom ng game agamst B1shops Quarter Mrhtary Academy The fmal score was 20 6 1n favor of Elgln The ftrst team lmeup was as follows Lonergan L E Conahan R G Manasse H B Rayburn L T S1lverman R T Westerdahl H B Beverly L G Putnam R E Wash F B Sheers C Colten Q B Other players were Glfforcl Freelcurg Bucklm Davl Wenn Bdffmgton Wlllson Newman 44 l , , , Back row: 0 ins, Wills n, Bu ington, Mr, Ke nedy fcoavhl, Wenner, Putnam, Loner . i e row: Manasse, Rucklin traptainl. Beverly, Col n, aj urn, Fr e urn. Front row: Van Dyke, Silverman, Sheers. R. Davis, Newman. , , . I A f . Q . . . C , . I I , . f 1 C , . . , . I . . , 1 - - , . , - I U HIE lllLlLT0ll3 Back ro Wet lmxlagzrb Meal m lid nt r L9 a Front ro r e xm I BASKETBALL TEAM The 1-lrlltoppers frnrshed therr 1938 39 basketball campalgn wrth an even 500 percentage for the regular playrng season Wrth only Captarn Ted Wyman and George Vyhnanek remarnrng rn school to form the 1937 38 team Coach Replogle was forced at the begrnnrng of the season to fmd replacements among the sparse materral that reported for servtce After hrttmg therr mrd season strrde the I-lrlltoppers were forced to take a two week lay off due to a flu eprdemrc Thrs change rn schedule necessttatecl the playrng of four games rn ten days plus part1c1pat1on 1n the lffrd Nest Prep Tournament The combrnatron of Wyman and Forsyth at forwards provrded a sturdy offensrve attack whrle Vyhnanek Meadows and the sophomore ace Wester dahl handled defensrve tasks notably rm Ballantyne veteran center un leashed an offensrve attack of hrs own as the season drew to a close and hrs capable work rn the second Onarga and Lake Forest games was most noteworthy The Academrtes as usual entered the annual Mrdwest Prep Conference Tournament held at Morgan Park The frrst foe to face the Orange and Black Elgrn s second tournament conqueror frnrshed h1gh rn the consolatron bracket The 1938 39 Sea on Re Flgm Elgm Elgm Elgm Flam Elgm Elam E Q1 Elgm Flarn Elam Flam rr Sc 1 Todd School 16 a Onaraa ltr r rta y S Lake Fo Acade Chr ag C1 1 ool 29 at El y 30 a E a '1 Nlogart Pak M1 aJAcaa 123a El rm Morrrron Mrlrta y Aca mf 27 at AJ o a Todd Scnool 20 at Elgm Lake Forest Acade v 35 at Lake Fo e t Onarga 1N1l1ta y School 23 at O a ga Morgan Park Mxlrtarv A aderry 37 at lfo gan Tournament results 27 Park School 38 at Noraarr Park 29 St Bede 36 at Vo a ark 45 Pak w: ' ra 1 1' ff , 'rows. Si s, 'lla yirv, Forsyth, M . Replnfl fvwuhl. w: 'I'rs-arlwell, Wcsterrluhl, Vyhxzmek, Funk, Ik-arsall, Ach n, Wy zu lr-aptaint. , . , . . . X ' I A I I I - ' T' - , - 1 A , , forces, Park School, eventually copped the tourney crown, while St. Bede, '. 32 Har 's bool '7 at . 'C o '. 19 t Woo 's cck Q 25 r 4 fl r ch gin '. 25 rest T21 t lgi. gl 30 r r . r jlit rj t .gi. ' 23 .' ' ' r de.. 1 . ' r 7 JL 34 I 1 l ln 28 3 r s ' 41 1 f' ' r . n r V' 33 .' ' A c .. , '. r . r 11 . . rg P THE HILLTOP ack rw Mr Ilm h n 1 e ullnm A W Wxl n Van Rlpnr Rathw n lmanafzerl IUNIOR BASKETBALL Thls year mtramural basketball was stressed Coached by Mr L1macher the Jumor team was developed 1nto a capable organlzatlon Among the1r toes were such teams as the Varsrty squad the I C reserves the Elgm Ama teurs the Cook s Pubhshmg Co team St lohns Church team and the hard frghtmg never say d1e alumnl lunror varstty as they are called was the source from t1me to t1me ot materlal tor the vars1ty squad Such players as Bud Treadwell Seth Slms Art Franke and Don Thackery were called from the ranks ot the Jumor varslty to frll vacant posrtrons on the vars1ty squad The actrve members of the squad were Franke Thackery Annell Aplvladoc Davxs Sorg and Manasse The crowmng achlevement of the team was the knock down drag out game w1th the alumnr who were defeated 21 to 24 The only other game won by the JUHIOTS was from the St Iohns team 46 t l l B 0 : . .' ac er 41-oachl, Ma ass-, Me s, 0'S 'Az , Gr'f, , "su , ' - , 'U Front row: S. Smith, Annell, Sora, ApMa1lm-, Weil, Van Thurre. H. Davis. 1 - A 1 ' 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - llllll UILILTDP Back row Wenner Nan Dyke Newman Mr Kulnuly lumnhl Walters lmandxzerl 'Showalter l'rme bury, linlmlle ront row llllllll Rayburn Iunds blffurwl .I H klln Londh x Iieurly LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Back row: Harper. Simmun, Heiermann. Templeton. G. Smith, Gilbert, Hamlke. Front row: Fralick. lirmvn, Jerome. Allen, Haaxren. R. Davis. Mr. Newcomer tcoachl. S G 47 THE HILLTOP k o e lma er 1 .am R I itllm L er 1 dl Irutlm n I th 0 VN lk1 c row drle .-1m A N hmltt IUNIOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL The Elgm Iunlor College basketball team emoyed the most successful sea son 1n the h1story of the Iumor College when they grabbed oft nme vrctorres aga1nst erght defeats Besrdes setttng a record for wmmng games the Iays had the honor of bemg the frrst Elgm I C team to beat a school lW1C9 tn one season they drd thts lW1C9 agarnst Aurora and Lrsle The Iays were paced by sharpshooter Ralph Cfeldmacher who ran up a total ot l80 pomts 23 ahead of Owen Prutzman who played splendrd basketball at guard Iack Attebery took thrrd place m the scormg column wrth 78 po1nts Captarn Geldmacher copped tourth wrth 76 and that lrttle flash trom Aurora Clare Farley gathered 20 counters to tmrsh trlth The team was hard hrt rn mrdseason when Tom Reynolds acqutred an arlment and was forced to leave the lmeup Smce Bob Geldmacher was the only sophomore on the squad the Iays should return wlth an equally strong rf not stronger team next tall Nov Dec on an or Feb Feb b Feb Feb l orth Elgm Elgm Elgrr Tho 'Now 55 El "1 37 Aurora 2l ftherel 3 rsl 3 he I Ela1n 1 lxortl' Elgm Elgm Elg1'1 p E IO 4 fthe e, Herzl Fl llorthwes there-1 S r1r1a11eld 42 El E 1 30 J' 3 tee Park 54 El 23 ftberel e zl I7 34 Auro C1 23 the e Elam Tftor so The tollo mng rs a summary ot the season s results Park 35 El 1 24 Kherel 31 LaG a ae 30 Cherel 9 ropoav 28 El Bac r w: Robert G ll' 'Ch , Hump, Mr. VVAlli' sun tuoacht, Rt-yrmlds, alrh 111 z1'h . M'd e row: ' ', 21 , I. Ro . Bradley, B Ile, 'i 'ns. Fr nt : I-'A y, R' sey, Baker, tu-hery. Sc' ' . 1' , 28 I gi. ' Dec 2 X r :ig Dec 6 A ' . . , Dec 8 I Qlyre Sl. re, . l6 r.. . gin 36 'Qt.ereI Ian. 6 Evanston Colleglaie lnstitute 3l Elgin 28 Che e Ian. l0 J' 3l Lsle 18 'thereb I ., 16 I 1 gif. ..1 I . 17 ' l8H r . fhereI I .. 23 Q r . r I 4 1 37 S rzigfield 24 therej ' 6 gl 39 mansion Coll-egl te lnstitute 37 e Feb 8 l mon 0 Elgin 37 1 . r ' Fe' , l0 48 ., gin 33 Vtherel , l4 X. ,tern Institute of Chr 'A 20 p' J" gi: 30 Cther I Feb. 28 lgln A lyonroe 4 r I An llllll ILILTDD Back row Westerdahl Mees Page Walter Rayburn Tlurd row Prallck Coach Replogle Pearsall bxms liallantyne Templeton Meadows Van Thorre Annell S Smlth Jerome Second row Cederwall Wyman Lonergan G Smlth H Da IS Sprxet H Bucklln Walsh Well Gxlbert Furs! row Conahan Collins J Buckhn Wenner GMT rd Newman R Davis Van Dyke Treadwell TRACK SQUAD The 1939 track team captatned by Bob Spnet entoyed a very successful season The boys cooperattng wtth Coach Replogle tn every way suffered only one defeat 1n frve meets To top off thts the Htlltoppers placed a close th1rd to St Iohns Mthtary Academys second 1n the conference meet com petmg aga1nst e1ght other schools Ted Wyman led the team as htgh po1nt man wtth a total of 11516 pomts Ted also captured the trophy for h1gh pomt man tn the conference meet Wtth 173A potnts competlng agamst approxtmately one hundred and thlrty boys Thts brought h1s total polnts of the season up to 133 Although a large number of lettermen are graduatlng many up and comtng track stars w111 return next year Several freshmen and sophomores made ftne show1ngs thts year and w1ll be mam cogs for future teams Among these are Harry Walsh a promtsmg young sprmter lack Bucklm an etghth grader destlned to be another record breaker 1n the dashes and Bob Van Thorre an up and comtng hurdler The year s sensatxon however was Tommy Lonergan who exhtbtted surprlstng abtlxty ln the half m11e The season was hampered shghtly by unfortunate 1n1ur1es Whtch forced Harry Meadows and Henry Buckhn to drop out May l dual meet at lvfcllenry Elgm 65Vz Mcl-lenry 201 May 6 trlangular meet at Elgtn Elgm 72 Todd 41 Onarga May 13 dual meet at Elgm Elgm 60 Lake Forest 62 May 16 dual meet at Todd Elgm 64 Todd 33 May 20 trtangular meet at Elgtn Elgm 77 Pullman Tech 3412 Marmlon 31V2 May 27 Conference meet at Elgtn Lake Forest 58Vz St Iohn s 30 176 Elgm 27 49 I . , , S, . 1 1 - , . - , . , ' , . 1 f , . IA , A If I f - , , I - . , , A I ' f fz. , f 41 ' , , 34. , ' . ': A , f, , : , . ' , . THE HILLTOP r.1 MAL. A., , Coach Repl pzle Attebery R R th H DI Ralph Gellmamher Irutzman Mr Wllllamson IU NIOR COLLEGE TRACK In tts ftrst attempt on the ctnder path for many years the Elg1n lunlor College made a good showlng The team would undoubtedly have done better had 1t not been for 1n1ur1es to three of the star performers The worst blow came when Tom Reynolds was forced to undergo an emergency operatlon and could not compete 1n any of the meets lust when the season was well under way Owen Prutzman had the m1sfortune to spraln hrs ankle and was lost to the squad for the last three meets Bob Roth after belng the gu1d1ng llght for the team ln the ftrst three meets pulled a muscle 1n h1s s1de and was out for the rest of the season The lays started off wtth a bang wrnrung a tr1angular meet at Wheaton agalnst the Wheaton College Frosh and North Park Elg1n garnered 56 polnts North Park 45 and Wheaton 24 The next meet vxas a dlfferent story Elg1n and Herzl were thoroughly trounced by Wflson at Douglas Park 1n Chlcago led by the dark flash Dusty Walker W1lson gathered a total of 78 po1nts to 29 for the lays and l9 for the Mlnskeys The feature event of that meet was the mlle race between Bob Roth and a black cloud from Wllson Roth won ln a photoflnlsh The lays lost the Elg1n lnvftatlonal Meet to I-lerzl by one measly polnt If Prutz had been 1n shape Elgm could have easlly won for Kollar of Herzl won the l2U yard h1gh hurdles tn l8 8 whtch Gwen had bet tered every tune he had prev1ously run the event The f1nal tabulattons on the meet were as follows Herzl 42 Elgln 41 North Park 31 and Llsle 10 The next meet scheduled was to be dual between La Grange and Elgm but Wllson had the same date on then' schedule so the regular meet was between Wllson and La Grange Elgln partxclpated but Just for the exerclse No hrsts were taken but Geld macher Bolle Roth Hopp Mzller and Prutzman got a few assorted seconds and thirds Ralph Geldmacher Lowell Mxller and Lorame Hopp were the only lays to compete tn the state meet Ralph took a fourth 1n the pole vault and was the only local man to score Mxller threw the platter 106 feet but lust m1ssed auahtymg Hopp competed 1n the dlscus shot and lavelm but falled to quallfy ln any The followmg are the tables as tar as mdxudual pomts are concerned Roth Mrller 34 N1coloff 34 Geldmacher 41A Prutzman Bolle 12 Hopp Atterbery 2 Schmrtt 14 SU ,, , , 36 ' , , , . .. l8 f ' , , 3! ,, . , 2 , ,, , . 17 , , , ,, 3! .. ... , , , . 21 .,,.,. ., ,,,.,,..,, 7V ' ,..r ,, H, 2! 'lllll I-IILILTDP ,KR X 51 Grant fherel Grant Ctherel Todd THE HILLTOP Back row Van Thorr We t tmdnagerl Templeton Mr Hand lcoachb I-ranke Front row Frallck Cedex- ll H Dans Newman Lmahan BOXING Th1s year marked the mauguratron ot a bonahde boxmg team 1I'1SD1I'9d by the puglhstlcally mchned pug ughes ot the campus The team handwapped by the lack of experlence and by 1nel1g1b1l1ty had nevertheless a very success tul season Of three meets the boys won two deteatmg the Todd School ot Woodstock 5 to l and the Grant School of Fox Lake 6 to 2 Cn a return match wrth Grant School our team lost 5 to l To Mr Hand coach ot the Hrlltop boxers goes most of the credrt tor the season s success He patlently worked to gather a squad from whlch a box1ng team mrght represent Elgm Academy rn outsxde competrtron Welght Ray Newman lack Taylor Tom Allen Bud Cedarwall Norm Achen Robert Van Thorre Harry DGVIS Arthur Franke Syles Fralxck OSl WON WO'1 NCY1 WON WON NOD ost os os ost won WOR WOR WOH WOR WOT! Sy Frallck won two of hrs flghts by TKO s Harry Davxs was the only uncle' ated Elgm ma V c VE. : ' . 1 Q . l p l -1 -1 ll5 , l 119 i W- l3U . l l 140 Y V -i ? l5U . ' l I T 145 ' -4 165 l 1 170 ' ' iv 140 52 lflllll I-lll.lLll'CDID MW"f,,.A4!.. JMR TENNIS The Academy tenms team at the f1rst of the year showed great prom1se The ma1or1ty of the players were semor veterans and for the most part fast but often erratlc The last of these characterlshcs could have been worked out ID t1me for the tournaments had the Weather g1ven the boys a break The team hm Ballantyne number one man Tudor ApMadoc a close sec ond B111 Wrlson number three man Stuart S1mmon number four man the doubles team Fred Ionas and Tom Allen These last two players are the only ones not sen1ors Fred IS a freshman and shows exceptlonal prom1se Tom s game IS steadrly 1mprov1ng he should advance IH grade next year The frrst match of the year was played rn Gctober W1th the Elgm l-hgh School The Academy won 5 3 The sprmg season started out w1th another h1gh school game 1n Apr1l The Academy t1ed them three up The next match was Wlth Lake Forest Academy at Lake Forest on May 6 Our boys got a trouncmg the score be1ng 7 O 1n favor of Lake Forest The followmg match on May 10 was w1th Onarga Mrhtary Academy at Onarga Once agam the Academy was swamped thts hme by a 3 l defeat Our only v1ctory was 1n the doubles May l7 the team played Morgan Park For once the Elgm Academy team felt happy after a match for they defeated Morgan Park 5 U Yet when our boys played the Elgm H1gh School May l9 they agam met defeat 4 l May 25 the team went to Morgan Park and came home wlth a 5 4 VICYOIY May 26 the day for the decrsrve conference matches at Lake Forest there IS httle to be sa1d for our boys They s1mply were not rn shape and were ehmmated mostly oy the slow steady play1ng of the1r opponents 53 Tint ' 2 1 . 5 ' - ,, W 1 - 1 ' I V, '17, S flip ' , , . . 1 ' " - A , ' ,A . , .' 5 ,, 'V . 7. ' ' ' . al" , V, 1-. -. VV. VVilson, Simmon, Iiallantyne, Manasse, Allen, Jonas. ApMarloc. 1 1 1 1 I 1 ' I 1 I 1 I , . . . . . 1 Q . , ' . I. . . , - . 1 I -1 - . 1 1 , ' , ' 1 , , THE HILLTOP Ba k W1 de tt J cob Knlzht P C ll gbourne Ms Sal bu y Mddl b u t Colllnzb rne P rkn H H aey GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Thls athlet1c soclety cons1sts ot nearly all the glrls 1n the Academy It was formed for the purpose ot fostermg 1nterest 1n all types ot sports Pomts for awards are g1ven 1n orgamzed as Well as 1n unorgamzed act1v1t1es Thls year the organ1zed sports rncluded held hockey 1n the fall volleyball basketball and swlmrnmg 1n the wmter and sprmg sports such as deck tenms baseball archery and tenn1s The assoclatlon has sponsored several soc1al act1v1t1es early 1n the tall a p1cn1c scavenger hunt to whrch all g1rls 1nterested 1n the orgamzatlon were 1nv1ted later 1n the fall a hay r1de followed by a dance 1n the gym whlch was decorated wlth corn stalks and pumpkms and 1n the sprmg a steak fry 1n Trout Park to wh1ch boys were 1nv1ted The awards whlch the g1rls work tor are g1ven on a po1nt bas1s those w1n nlng 200 pomts recelve numerals 500 pomts letters 800 polnts pms 1000 polnts 1ackets Awards th1s year numerals Deborah Wllder Carol Colhng bourne Margaret Colhngbourne M1r1am Iacobs Martha Freeburg Ann Ladd Helen Healey and Henr1etta Watts Letters Ioan McBr1de lane Prlnty Ahce Knlght Plns Marlon Bonm lackets Carol Healey Mary Colhngbourne Margaret Redeker 54 c row: 'l r. Wa s, a 5, ' , . o in , i s is r . i e row: Free urfz. C. Collinfzbo rne, Printy, Margare ' ou , a i , . e l . Front row: Mr-Bride, Ronin, Mary Collingbourne, Redeker, C. Healey, Jencks, Ladd. I , ,. - 1 1 I 1 1 I , . - I I 1 1 I , . 1 . ' - 1 1 I . . 1' I ' I I f I 1 I - 1 I - -1 ' M- 1 1 Illll IlllLlLTf0lP INDIVIDUAL ATHLETES GEORGE VYHNANEK George used hrs l85 lbs very advantageously durrng football Thrs brg Berwyn lad fortrfred the front lrne and led the team through the season as captarn George also played guard rrr basketball wrth abrlrty and drstrngurshed hrmself rn the ravelrn and shot put rn track PAUL CEDARWALL Although one of the smallest men on the squad Bud was rn practrcally every play When not rnterceptrng enemy passes he cracked the opponents lrne wrth yard garnrng plunges Paul was one of the most plucky athletes ever to don an Academy unrforrn He later became a remark able boxer and establrshed hrmself as a sprrnter rn track IAMES BALLANTYNE Trm developed rnto an accomplrshed pass snagger last season hrs trmely work rn thrs respect placed the Hrlltoppers rn many scorrng posrtrons Hrs end wrll be a drffrcult post to frll next season frm lrkewrse blos somed out rn mrd season rn basketball as a scorrng threat ln tennrs he was usually a wrnner ln track he developed rnto a remarkable hurdler settrng a new school record rn the hrgh hurdles ARTHUR FRANKE Although Art drdn t go rn for flashrness one was conscrous that he was always rn the game A vrcrous blocker and able ball toter Art wrll be mrssed next fall CHARLES ANNELL Devotrng hrs extra trrne to athletrcs Charlre completed hrs thrrd year as a member of the varsrty A dependable guard Chuck could usually be found near the bottom of the prle ln track he took part rn the shot put He led the Major E Club through a successful year TED WYMAN Ted was handrcapped by rnjurres rn several of the crucral games but thrs drdnt seem to slow hrm down He was hrgh pornt man rn football Hrs 80 yard punt rn the Shattuck game wont be forgotten He was captarn and hrgh scorer rn basketball ln track he turned rn a remarkable record tyrng the l00 yard dash record of l0 sec and berng trmed at 22 9 rn NORMAN ACHEN Norm rn football handled erther end or back posrtrons lrke a veteran Hrs experrence and frght was a great asset to the team and hrs pres ence wrll be sorely mrssed next year He also belonged to the basketball squad HENRY BUCKLIN Buck rs not the rugged type of player but he manages to frll a tackle posrtron very capably Unfortunately Hank was handrcapped by rnyurres durrng several of the frays near the end of the season and hrs absence weakened the lrne Hrs rll luck followed hrm rnto track forcrng hrm to wrthdraw from the squad GEORGE EUCIK George played half back several games untrl rt was found that he had possrbrlrtres as an end After berng shrfted he became an out standrng defense man WALLACE TEMPLETON Stoop experrenced a season of ups and downs Un able to get started rn the early part of the schedule Stoop garned momentum and clrmaxed hrs career Wrth a frne Homecomrng performance He was also num ber one swrmmer heavywerght boxer and a hurdler and relay man rn track HANS MEES Gettrng Hans mad was one of the Coach s greatest problems Berng a good natured baker boy Hans found rt drffrcurt to drslrke anyone but once hrs rre was aroused he could open a hole rn the opponents lrne brg enough to drrve hrs fathers bakery truck through Three years of hard work Nrth the drscus has found Hans dorng thrngs rn track ROBERT SPRIET A rack of all posrtrons and master also Bob Bartletts grft to the Academy played practrcally every posrtron on the team durrng hrs sorourn at Elgrn Never was a posrtron vt eakened when Bob took over A good drstance man rn track he crowned hrs Academy career as captarn of the 1939 track team HARRY TREADWELL Rrsrng but a mere fr fe feet from Mother Earth and trpprna the scales at only 120 pounds Bud has rn hrs d mrnutrve frame all the 55 . , -J. . . the 220 yard dash, which sets a new Academy record. A I . - Y . . r 1 . , A - . , r 4 Y .1 ' ' 'X THE HILLTOP INDIVIDUAL ATHLETES flght and fortltude of a grant Treadwell mas able to stop the brggest boy 11'1 hls tracks and the harder they htt the better he llked 1t Harry w1ll have two more seasons of competrtron He played forward IH basketball In track he was chlef tramer HARRY DAVIS After a three year struggle Harry pal of everyone and enemy of none hnally was able to rule hrs feet and became one of the rehables of the football team A capable and successful boxer and a 440 man rn track WILLIAM WEST The handy man of school act1V1t1es also was the handyman of the football held Able to play any l1ne pos1t1on Btll flattened many enemy ball carr1ers behlnd therr own l1ne of scrlmmage He was head manager IH basketball and assrstant 1n track BURTON PEARSALL A new man and a valuable one Burt needs only a httle experlence to make a hrst rate athlete GAGE SMITH Gage was a valuable veteran member of the H1lltop eleven Old man lnel1g1b1l1ty caught up with h1m before the Homecomlng game hls servlces were mrssed ln th1s crucral contest Gage was the star dlver on the swlmmlng team and the pole vaulter 1n track TUDOR APMADOC D1splay1ng consrderable natural ab1l1ty and speed Tudor was able to play some rn the last games of the season He was a smooth tennls player and belonged also on the track squad ROBERT EORSYTI-I Bob played some football rn the fall but found a greater rnterest IH basketball where he was a forward TOM LONERGAN Tom was an end on the hghtwetght football team and a center on the pony basketball team In track he made an amazxng 1mprove ment coverrng the half m1le 1n several races 1n 210 forcastmg a brllhant future ln track for h1m mg at forward and guard He had an excellent start IH track but was forced to wrthdraw because of an 1n1ury DONALD THACKERY Though a capable and brllhant football player hls progress was contmually 1mpa1red by 1nel1g1b1l1ty In track he developed 1nto an up and comrng wexght man HARRY WALSH Harry made a ftne beg1n"11ng as halfback 1n football but h1s crown1ng achtevement was ln track as a sprmter where he was number two spnnter and a member of the relay team He has three years of compet1t1on ahead of hmm OTTO WEIL Otto played halfback on the hghtwerght team and achleved conslderable fame as a sprmter and relay man ln track ED WESTERDAHL Ed made remarkable progress 1n basketball but found hlmself somewhat 1ncapac1tated by 1nel1g1b1l1ty In track he served as student manager and d1d a commendable 1ob IACK BUCKLIN lack possesses a remarkable burst of speed and has an ex cellent head on h1m He was a stalwart 1n hghtwelght football basketball and track He was honored as freshman captaln 1n track and football HAROLD MANASSE Harold proved hlmself a speedy back ln football a capable guard ln basketball and rn track dld remarkably well wlth the dlscus FRED IONAS Fred was a flrst strlnger on the hghtwelght basketball team and on the tennls team KENNETH GIEEORD Ken was the stalwart center of the hghtwelght basket ball team and a rehable dlstance man on the freshman track team IOHN COLLINS Iohn d1d a frne Job as a hghtwelght football guard a bas ketball guard and as a we1ght man tn track TOM COLTEN Torn showed ab1l1ty 1n football as quarterback and as for ward 1n basketball 56 HARRY MEADOWS-He loomed up as a brilliant star- in basketball, alternat- lllllll MILILTCDID Top row Joe A Conro tdeceasedl Ned Joslyn Charles A Loomls of Dundee James Drlscoll f Gilbert C nracl Hlbheler J lcoachl Third row l' ank H MPD nxli Dr Charles Gruld of Illy lake fdecea edl Harry Wil on Second row Fe rue M1Q een M4Queen J hn C Arclay captain! Charle rnflck McQuen tiered edl FIRST FOOTBALL TEAM 1892 Through the courtesy of Mr Iohn C Barclay who had been a student ot the Academy 1n the early nmetles and also asslstant mstructor ln manual tramma we are able to reproduce a photograph o' the or1g1nal football team of Elgm Academy It was probably the txrst team 1n lll1no1s to make use of the oblate sphe o1dal shaped ball that was requned ln the new type ot game then be1ng developed among eastern colleges Also note the type ot cap that was part ot the unltorm Knowledge of football was brought to Elgln by Mr Conrad Hlbbeler who was at that tlme teacher ot manual tramlng and German at the Academy He served as unott1c1al coach Durmg that penod also was engendered a great deal ot school sp1r1t Whlch 'namtested 1tselt ln the adoptlon ot the school colors orange and black and of a school yell and 1n the Wr1t1ng of the Words of the song On the Banks ot the Qld Rwer Fox The song was wntten under the gu1dance ot Mr George B Bergen teacher ot mathematlcs and SCISHCG who organxzed a very tlounsh mg glee club whlch Went about the nearby country g1v1ng concerts 57 l 1 l l r r l tw, , , : . , ., . ' , '. u ' S. 0 ' Y , r.. . ' :'r . uzr. ., : Q ,", -s, 's. : 10 ' u uf ' , 0 . ll' " ' 4' ' , T s S, Mc-Cn ' Of l' I " 'S . Front row: Dr. Walter I-'nster fdeceascdl. All frum Elgin unless especially nutcd. . . , Q , ' . . . . - 1 f A - A 1 1 , ' I I - , . THE HILLTOP 8 15" 034 Qs V' 3,5 ,.- 'A .4 x .1 Wf f5fffM I fjfvi-J UQ4 Sr ,195 XL? .sl-.7-NX -5, gy. A-F.: 'I'-I . if "F wg:-Q gf rabxllx fu, J:Qj ,,f'.e'5,4 SN ' "-e-'4 x N-x Xxqxvffwf nhl NN 52. .fa ' 1r3'f f'r ,,. IV,-5,4-' L..' fist 1" ,ix , ' 'h A -I 1 I, 1 V V l 1 :X f , ,JF f , ,Y 'P 1 fl T 1- 1 4.1-2'I.' -g fan , f'-.SN w if , ff ' ,A ,. ,V e, w,.,1 f ' 'is-mb f , X N ,. , I . KQQR -1: ef-3jg5,.32-QgJ' Q ' X ff ' .QL .1--..f,:igs'3f Af '---'iff-.-gui: 1 N X X A n., N -gl, X X XXV X I Q 5?f'f'1?53tf X fifm- ll ' X X , X x .XSL SE x-:1X'f:"? ,937 ' X - X ' x X X'd"i3"7l'Q'-.'7:"'L If: j X X T XX ix? -1 Q f x X' NX ,H . f I Y 'xx Q--' 1 3 ,. F XX XXX 43 in -533 If LR 1 W XA , 7' ai I ' K. V I ' X I , ' r" I I A V' .i X wx If li , I ,X f jf ff' fa: ' X X x MX NXW 3 gf:Q' 'I , yu VX ,l Wi 'f 'f , X 'N W 'Z' vig l + N ,ein 5. 1' 1 1 3 'jf g l f k . 1 I M 55 x f, g h? . A 4 fig' it gig , - 1,V'1t1f:X ': . 1 1 if i .il XX ., Az, ll , , eg ' 39 , ... A I- If A flylrl MASQ f - i--...1 - ' f 'Ml , . F ' "L i ,, --f""Q .13 QE' ' '. ' 1 1 - r "H - : Q1 X' '. x I '-d,-,-4.,,........-.-- M , UE ILIL OP Back row Ml Qall-xhury Wxlder Jac b Watts Knmht Hansen P Collmgzbrurne Miss Schaeffer Middle row Prlnty L C lllngh urnc Preelu 1. B Flfft rd M rgnret CIllll1L,h urn Parkin H Healey AEICHLORIAN SOCIETY Thts year the Ae1chs have strtven to conquer the problem of mterference by other extra currtcular act1v1t1es As there were only three home football games the grrls had d1ff1CUlfY rn acqumng the1r usual proftts from candy sales However they remarned undaunted by thts fact when preparlng for thelr annual formal dance a 11ttle economy was necessary but unnotxceable Later 1n the year they sponsored a pot luck supper tn the bungalow for 1un1or and senlor dormltory boys lt proved very popular ln return for the many hours therr mothers had spent tn prepanng food for the pot luck suppers the Ae1chs were hostesses at a tea for them on May 12 Thts completed the socral season The two successful presldents for the centenntal year were Carol Healey and Mary Collxngbourne Carol prestded the hrst semester and Mary the second Ruth Iencks was a capable treasurer and Margaret Redeker secretary 59 : 'ss . '. , ' , n s, , ' , . - , . ' 1 , ' . ' I ' ', '. 0 ' 1 0 , ' 'r rr, . 1' J , a f 1 ' r U Q, ' , . . Front row: Ladd, Jenvks. Mary Cnllinuhmlrne. C. Healey. Reflvkcr, Mcllride, Ronin. 4 .. - 1, . . , A . 1 I . - I THE HILLTOP Back row Mr Replopzle Wwman Forsxth Meadows Fuclk West Mr Wllllamson Middle row Rathxon Ac-hen F anke Annell Vx hnanek Sprlet Well Front row Cedervsall Ballantxne H BuLklm 'lempleton Mee C' Smlth H Dans MAIOR E CLUB The Major E Club IS composed of athletes who have Won thelr malor letter 1n any of the three major sports football basketball or track Of the slxteen members belongtng last lune ten returned to school 1n September These elected Charles Annell presldent Gage Smtth secretary and Henry Bucklln treasurer Among the club s OCl1V1ll9S was the prolect of maklng money enough to present the school wlth a worthwhlle permanent grft The gift declded upon Was a 16mm sllent movte projector The f1rst soclal event sponsored by the E Club was Club Varslty whtch took on the a1r of a n1ght club Wlth tables a oar and an orchestra lt betng Thanksgxvlng season the club added a turkey raffle Followmg the football season the new members accepted were Paul Cederwall George Fuc1k Iames Ballantyne and Otto Well Cmanaqerb Dunng the year busmess meettngs were held monthly IH the evemng at the bungalow and refreshments served After the basketball season Harry Meadows was brought lnto the club Other athletes Won thexr ma1or letters ln one of the malor sports but were not selected as members of the club for failure to meet the requlrements of the Mayor E Club Creed statement of whlch follows The members of the Mayor E Club must strxve ahead tn athlettcs and scholarshlp They must keep good tramlng rules and seek perfectlon of the sports 1'1 whtch they parttclpate They must be loyal to the E Club and uphold 1ts h1gh standards of cmzenshxp Each member must try to be a leader 1n school by adhermg to the rules by playlng an actlve part rn the act1v1t1es and by always showmg ct spmt of good fellowshxp and sportsmanshxp 60 : ' , ,' , . ' , ' . s. 1. . . ' .. ll ll - tt H . . . " I , - - 1 I . f . . , , 1 - . tt ff - . I . . . , . 1 1 - . , , - , , lllll Ill ILTDID Back row Phrlllp lu cr Hddpren 'ldylm r Third row H Heals-N 'VI S hxetfcr S Smith .Ima H Bucklln Second row Marx C llx Ll urns. VS llrlu' We L Rezlckmr Mvcllrule ront row xx Healey Hun mn Iirnwn DRAMATIC CLUB Due to a large lncrease m membersh1p the Dramatxc Club has become one of the largest and most actlve organ1zat1ons on the campus lt was fortunate m procur1ng new curtams and backdrops for the stage whlch added much to the1r productlons Thrs years new members rnclude Charles Ph1ll1ps Wesley Ptper Paul Haagen Iacfc Taylor Stanley Sm1th Fred Ionas Deborah Wxlder Rxchard McCornack Nancy Hansen and Crawford Brown Good Kxng Wenceslaus Decerrb r 10 a one act musrcal Chrxstmas play Cast Mary Collmgbourne Ioan McB rde Bonnre McBnde Carol Healey Barbara W1llson Nancy Hansen Helen Healey Margaret Redeker Ruth Iencks Allce Kmght Syb1lPark1n Karen Ely Ann Ladd Martha F eeburg Coached bv Mrs Parlan Smrth Kenneth Glfford Debby Wrlder Ray Newman Brll Wenner lack Bucklm Bxll Free burg Nrclc Buffmgton Vrctor Shoyvalte Coached by Mr and Mrs Hand Through tne Keyhole Ap tl 2l a naal th ee act play Cast Carol Healey Harry Dav1s Helen Healey Pa 1 Hoaaen I a Iv'cB1de Tom Allen lack Taylor Margaret Redeker Coached by M1 Schaeffer Pagmg lv' Tweedy Aprll 28 o edy o er Cast Martha Freeburg Crawford B vvn Iaclc le or' F Iona An Ladd Stanley Smlth Mrrxarr Iacobs Coached by M s Parlu Subrne ged Ap 1l 28 a on a t f agecly C t Cha les Phlllzps Gage Smtth Crawford Brown Vlesl y Prper Wallace Terrplet n Brll West Coached by Mrs Parkln Buddy Buys a Orchrd Apnl 28 a one act fa ce Cast Dxck McCornack Ioan McBr1de Debby Vlfrld r St art Srrrrron Ixancy Han Coacned by Mrs Parkm 61 M, I V , . N . : ' ' s, " 11 , - I , " 1 . ' : . ' ,', r iss Su z , . ' , 4 ' 5, . ' . Z ' j 'u 'n f ur -, " - . s , f, ' ' . F : H. IJ. 'is, Mt-i'nrnzu'k. C. ' ' '. s 1 . 1 ' . I , 3 , . 1 , . , , , , , , , . - " ' . ."- r e f . ' ' . . 1 5 1 A A r I A A r - I 1 "The Horror Walks"-April 14-a lower school production. Cast: Arthur Biddle, Rush . . . Q V 'A I '- r - nn tr c- '. . : , ' ' , ' , u J , o n r r' , , , . 'ss , " ' .r. ' ' "- ' va C ' f rors. 2 I ro' ., ' r ne, red . s . T1 , . 1 '., " . , r . 'n. " r "- r' - . e c r ' as : . I ' A , ' , r, ' . e ' , .r o. , ' ' . . ' . " ' ' rm ' 3- ' Y r . 1 ' , ' " e , u ' .. . , ' . sen I . ' . THE HILLTOP Back row O Sulllwan We t, Jer me Harper Mr N mer All n Walters Ha Lex Tlurd row Well Wllder C Culllnpzb ne lark n Ja l Rec ek r l Cullngl urne Knight Second row Lonergan Preeburg Raybur lrxnt 1 ex Han Ln rdnke Jun.-1 rg, C llmyl lrne GLEE CLUBS The centenmal year s chor1sters have appeared successfully several txmes before varlous audlences The boys and glrls sang as separate groups at Homecommg The g1rls club gave a short recltal at the l.owr1e School dur1ng a PTA meetmg shortly before Chrrstmas and also were on the Academy Chrlstmas program Late 1r1 the school year they sang at the concert as drd the combmed club Both aaam sana at commencement Mr Newcomer dlrector of the glee clubs has smoothed out many dxfhcultles whlch confronted dlrectors m the past few years Wrth the help of Mary Col lmgbourne the presxdent of the club he has estabhshed a good foundahon for future groups An orchestra of about stx members was formed late rn the year The mem bers were Mary Collmgbourne Carol Collmgbourne Donald Van Rrper Otto Well Tom Lonergan and Harry Meadows Mr Newcomer also dlrected a mlxed quartet cons1st1ng of Mary Collmgbourne loan McBr1de Harry Davrs and Arthur Franke 62 : ' ' ' , s , 0 , ', . . eww: , e , ' , a f 1. ' 2 ' , ' , . ' our , ' "i . ' co rs, l Q- , '. 41 1 no , ' . : . ' , rl. J T y, l"p ', ' S ' , F ' . 1 ' S. Mu '. fu ' Y rm . Front row: Hr Healey, Van Dyke, Uunin, Ballantyne, Mary Collimglmurne, Sims, Ladd, H. Davis, C. Healey. . , . . . . , . . . ' 1 - I I 1 1 . 1 f , I - - I I V 1 lflll IHLILTCIP STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Councrl IS a dehberatrve body wh1ch presents student problems and op1n1ons to the faculty and to the headmaster Among lts GCllV1llSS are the a1d1ng rn d1sc1pl1ne and the sponsormg of school prolects lts rnernbersh1p con srsts ol seven upper classrnen four sen1ors and three 1un1ors elected by the student body The members for 1938 39 are Margaret Redeker Wallace Tern pleton Carol Healey Charles Annell loe Cheney Burton Pearsall lack Page Offlcers Margaret Redeker pres1dent and Ioe Cheney secretary 63 I O ' . Annell, Cheney, Page, Relleker, Templeton, Pvarsall, C. Healey. Mr. Leinlmr-h. 1 I . - , - , 1 , , , . I , .. , , . Academy Reporters TI-IE HILLTOP Back row Mr Perry M Ruth MLC rnack Johns n H Dans G Smith Wlllun A bers La en e Middle C Healey Kmght C lten M Freeburg L nergan Jacobs I Collmgbourne C Collmgbourne Fro t row H Healey We t Robt Celdmacher Redeker Marx Lollxngbourne Tayl r Bonm Jenck The Orange and Black the paper wh1ch IS ed1ted every two weeks durlng the school year supphes the student body the parents and the alumm wrth the new and events of the Academy lt has been ahve for many years and st1ll reta1ns lts lmportant posltron The stall of the paper th1s year has worked d1l1gently to make the paper a success Durlng the soc1al season the statt sponsored a bullet supper dance 1n the gyrnnaslum Much of the success of the paper was due to the efforts of Margaret Redeker who has been edltor ln chlef for two years She has been able to keep the Orange and Black up to 1ts hlgh standards only through the hne cooperatlon ot her staff Staff Editor Margaret Fledeker ASS1SlOHl Edxtor Mary Collmgbourne I C Edl or Robert Geldmacher Sports Edrtor lack Taylor Busmess Manager B111 West C1fCUlGl1Ol"A Manager Carol Healey Maman Bomn Marhr' Roth DlCk McCormack l-larry Davls Gage Sm1th Allce Knlght Torn Colten Dick Iohnson lack Attebery Martha Freeburg I C Reporters 64 Tom Lonergan M1r1am Iacobs Pat Collmgbourne Carol Collmgbourne Helen Healey Ruth Iencks Gerald W1lk1HS I1m Lawrence ORANGE AND BLACK llllll ILILTDP Back row Wrlknn Robert Fellmather J hn n Rdlrh Celdmacher Mr Punch G Smith H Davls Ihllllps Slm Middle row Lnlten Watts Mr Hand Marx L lllnplrurne THE HILLTOP The year book IS a source of great enjoyment 1n that rt serves ln later years as a remmder of school days All the act1v1t1es athletlc and soctal are repre sented 1n 1ts pages to freshen the memory Th1s centennlal 1ssue also takes a br1ef look back one hundred years The H11ltop IS therefore an lmportant Academy publlcatton and requtres a great deal of work to produce 1t Due to the small student body 1t IS hard to get together a staff that can devote all 1ts t1me to the year book project The ed1tors hope that you Wxll flnd thelr efforts as shown between these covers an acceptable record of the school year 1938 1939 Co ed1tors Carol Healey Robert Kalsow Subscnpttons Tom Colten Charles Phtlhps Norman Achen Faculty Advxser Mr M B Frnch r Seth Slms Ir Mr F I Hand Typlst Stuart S1mmon Contnbutors Mary Coll1ngbourne Gerald Wtlktns Ioan MCBY1d6 Ralph Geldmacher Iacxc Taylor Helen Healey Hen retta Watts Gage Smith Nlrlam lacobs Kenneth Gifford Harry Dav1s Tom Lonergan Robert Geldrrache Tom Allen Burton Pearsall 65 l :"s, If ' ,uso,'w1 , ."','..",. ' ' ' 3, ' s. ' : 'Q , , . , Q 'U ' fm . Front row: Kalsow. H. Healey, Simmon. C. Healey. K. Gifford, J. Mcliridv, T. Allen, Taylor, Peursall. - 1 1 ' A t ' , , . . . A. . . THE HILLTOP k Ne ma R yb R Da W lt Ken edy J n e ly C V Dyk BOY SCOUTS For the fxrst tlme 1n the hlstory of the Academy a boy scout troop has been organrzed The venture 1S so new that 1t has not yet a strong foothold The orlgrnal plan was for blweekly meetings to be held on Tuesday evemngs but other act1v1t1es made 1t necessary to change to Thursday Mr Kennedy lS the scoutmaster and Mr Bauer the asslstant scoutmaster The frrst rneetlng was held on Tuesday February 21 The f1rst tenderfoot badge was awarded to Tommy Lonergan at the thlrd meet1ng the second to Ray Newman not long afterwards Dur1ng the frrst meetlngs the elementary rules were learned The troop went on a hrke on Apnl 22 to the forest preserve at Tyler Creek The boys carned nothlng but kmves and axes the food was provlded by the school At thls tune the boys were taught how to bulld a flre uslng two matches the proper use of the kmfe and ax and how to cook over an open f1re The membershlp of the Elgln Academy troop IS Eagle scouts Fucxk Colten Lrfe scout S1mmon Star scout Frallck FlfSl class scouts Beverly Freeburg Achen Tenderfoot scouts Newman Conahan R Davrs Van Dyke Lonergan Walters S Smlth Ionas Wenner Rayburn 66 Bac row: w n, a urn, . vis, a ers, Mr. n, , o as, Bev r , unahan, an 0. Front row: S. Smith, Simmon, Achen, Colten, Fralick, Lunergan, Freeburg. 1 , . 1 I 1 1 . t I - - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 lfllll ILLTDP i Back row Fur yth Fuclk Gxlbert Graf S Smith Bdllantxre H Davxs Kan Rtper M Roth Westerdahl :rd row er me Mee .age D Sxmm n R yburn Walte -4 A Wxllson Ionergun Mr Replogle Second row Newman Manu-4 e Ixper ArMadu1 I-r lm k Vnn Dx ke Cc nahan Jonas Pear-mall Treadwell NATURE CLUB Late 1n Ianuary after a lapse ot nearly three years Coach Replogle re orgamzed the Elgm Academy Nature Club At the f1ISt meet1ng Charles Annell was elected pres1dent and George Vyhnanek secretary treasurer The mem bers dec1ded that the meetlngs should be held on every Tuesday even1ng and that the dues should be ten cents Weekly programs cons1sted of presentmg hlrns on plant and ammal hte or travelogues of dltferent countrles An addxhonal p1cture and one of the most 1nterest1ng of the entlre year was The Rrver a story of the begmmng and end1ng of the M1ss1ss1pp1 Some ot the other hlms xncluded Ammals of the Natlonal Parks ZIOH Natlonal Park Cougar Huntlng and many other types equally as mterestlng Speakers from among the students and faculty varxed the programs Wllh talks on the1r own personal expenences w1th nature Wesley Plper talked on Central Amerlca Norman Achen on some ot the Natlonal Parks and Harold Manasse on Yellowstone Durmg most of the meetmgs Mr Replogle told the Club many thlngs from hlS knowledge of nature and explalned the d1fterent pxctures At the last meetlng of the year members are to be p esented wlth dxplomas showlng that they are members of the Elgm Academy Nature Club 67 5 5 v ' , I . v - U V ' .' 1 1 A . - V ' , . . . Th' : J u , s, P' , R. avis, ' 0 , a' , r., . ' , . . , I '. -5. " . 1 '. '21'v, 2 .' .U . . - . - Front row: Bonin, Fuller, Redeker, West. Anna-ll, Vyhmmvk, M. Cullimzbourne, C. Cullingbourne, C. Healey. Achen. I I - - f . . . .. . ,, . . I I , . . . . - ' t. . . ,. U - - U U . .. ' I I I I I . r . . l THE HILLTOP 8 I Tflllll l-HLILTGDIP .sh : " 'f ff . THE HILLTOP ff i 70 IIIIE I-IIILILIIDIP OUR PATRONS ACKEMANN BROTHERS ARTCRAET PRINT I C CO fI ANY B N BALDINF f' G R BEVERLY LOUIS BLUM CO DERRIS QS BROEKER SUPPLY CO BUI GE SERVIC1 STATIONS GEORGE D CARBIARY MORGAN G CARPENTER ID DAVID C COOK PUBLISHINC COVPANY CONN ci GUSTAESON DANIELS 6 CLARK D :S W ICE CREAM ELGIN BUSINESS ENS ASSOCIATION ELGIN CLEANERS AND DYERS INC THE ELGIN COURIER NEWS LI GIN ELGI I ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELGIN ELOUR K' EEED CO INC LUIJIBER CO UIACIHINE WORKS NATIONAL BANK NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY PHOTO ENGRAJING CO SOETENER CORP ELLIS BUSINESS COLLEC EIRST NATIONAL BANK EISHBURIN PAINT CO THE GAEDE GROCERY GEOPGES CLO HES SHOP CHAS E GIERTZ SON WILLIAM GRABOWSKI GREAT STATES THEAIRIS INC GRAE MOTOR SALES WILLIAM E HALLET BOIIE CO D HILL NURSERY O HOPPS BAKERY HUBBELL MOTOR O ILLINOIS HYDRAUI STONI EONSTRUI 'IIOII CO W H IEINCKS CO H IONES AG KCV KERBER PACKID KIIJIBALL IURN URE RUG COR KLINES DEPART NT S ORE KRETSCHVE S RO R LANIGI-OR T IES HER f I . , , .. . 1 IIJJ I If V I '-X. . J, ...J 1 W7 . T . w . I I I . N I II I , 1, . ul -I Xl ' 1 If. I I .. J ' , M I I S I I ,J I' . , , , - v - ,. w .X . Q ' .S QL v v T ' 'T' I I . jf I I , 4, 'T Q I . .IS I. fs A ,I I I C V-S - A 1 , A .Ip X , - V - I I. I TN I A ..I1vl. -f-1 f-N C . .J CO v- .... L A A .., . -II . G . r' II'f.I 'TT' I IIV.l.A1 I A . vw A bv: I -, +1 1 L: V.. , A A ADW I, N 1 I D G ..I. O S '7 I THE HILLTOP OUR PATHONS LA OSCAR LUDW C H MCBRIDE COAL CO I I MCCILI AGI AN A L MCCORNACK ID LAWRENCE MCNERNEY OHN W MCQUEEN W R MEADOWS VILBRANDTS PHARMACY' I ODERN DAIRY CO INC GEORGE MORCAN D V MOODY MOSIMAN S MUETTERTIES SUNI IGHT BAKI RY O D MULIIKEN MD NEHI BEVLRAGI COMPANY NIWS PRINTII G COMPANY D W NISH ARTHUR I PAUI SON PT LTON CLINIC O R PIEPER COMPANY RINEHIIJIER BROS MEG CO ROVELSTAD BROS fARTII E RUF GE A G RUEEIE ORLO E SALISBURY SCHNEEE BROS SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY IOHI SEXTON ff CO SHERMAN HOSPITAL TI E SIHURTLEEV CO IOSEPH SPILSS COIJII AN! SPRAGJE WARNER CO SUDS SOET WATER LALJNDRY CLIFFORD THIEL DRUGGIST P B UNDERWOOD DDS VALLEY PANT CO HENRY LEE WEFLER V D WESTERN CAI DY TOBACC WOODRUEE EDWARPS IOHN A WRIGHT CO O H WRIGHT r CO 72 TIIL Lf CIO .L ' I 1 If, Y , FI I . T T . . 1 , U. . I r 1 I I . I I ,. . . 1 K., U. 4 . '. 1 JY , , , l J V , . , .M ,. , , . . L. I 'I , 1 ,I NI A. , A 1 EN R. W. PEARSALI. x 1 T T .1 'I 1 . x X. . A, , 4 AX SI 7 .x . v , .A 'I I T .' , . ,-. - v v A , Q wx T I ., uf . , v 1 . T T ,D N N , ,,.- . . ,N if .OOO CO P , . Or . .1 I - F . J . 950 VGX' AYOE, 3 Q3 g Q, 'P' X .f YU 'CV Nz' Cy -V if 4 -ow' fb AD Mgr L aj A Le Bu-se QB Jigwgix. er- XJ 5 xA Q' of ki. Q Q XF QF sb t, Sam Q A129 s' IL, My E L, S145 X019 X 6, X? Q of 'Poi 2 Y fig' 5897 Emorl.. L1n., Morr 9 P S'b 9 No D Esben... 9 Noe' J' 'Xg LEQXJ fr of ECLVQ A,xames'Uv 9orL,FA.'R rr1.or1. N Q5 Qbirvlg Y' f Q Yoi'ffLB99 gm Bazfxk-gl-'Cen L-TR-QQ Y J' "ne - r- o rw., - a emu rw. vie 2 QA J? qs? AX Q23 ' G . bam Q16 J?-Q F90 Qc? . 0 V vgzbxx J' 'D Q, A to-. LLSVLL' ' XL QQ. - 'll ' E 252, S' A 9 X? K5 OQD iw '20, Y' 'YQ 44 '27 Q? . qv oc' Q, 'D ore 'Soak on... 'S' u. H L J- r' 0 G 'CPQIP Q df W- ,OK 0649 . Q fo J? ow gi ,- 57 6356 G. QQ. ,gf AQ ,Q md, ff' mf LL f 'HQ 0 1. ' vu: FFLTL 4 0 Q5 4406! C' .QA 65 N go ea Qc 66 S 'if 45 0 SN of 0 I O ' 1 u 'QP H. N ' Ll Q J 5 X a 1 ay Z ,Q eg 8451-A5 9039 uv lfgz 'CAG 7,6 -2- , J' ,Q fo if ff A Q 0 MLB r-- ml e r J or eo- Q LQL, H9098 c,o7lXr-blxur NJu,I'3.81'LgrgIr"er1e MOrL6ai2'1'A5GZ7 - C QA :S ki X? "9 fb in xllqfybv A CJ QD 4- X9 oz, V X fi o sci? Camilven. Q Aiprecl E, xdarcss' E,arnQ9b P Q, ar' 5 v C A Q 'V , fy 4 to bbs G'Q.ar S'affLu..eiDAan'L9 Ruhr ff 5 ' V JJ 0 ,U wJ 'Q 0 Vw D EH3rnrnn. OQLPQQQIH, Xogbe MN cfm X52 Q3 fy av! QJ Q4 S 914 Kano 9 New '16 111-L a., A 9 ees wb 'yy gf f X f K Q Prabb MVB Qs Y L Sxmmb KJ, 5 4 A - . mf' 6 Q' Ka V ho U5 'QV ' if 5 4 035 x Q QQ sfqg 62,0 cf' QS 47 ff C3 Q59 MO OU 'V W 'Q 9 Q .N -'sw Q0 00 65, ,QQ -QJNJQ Q J A :CQ 9 N CN A 0 0 X. 5 fs, 0 C30 E0 this . , GL Q Q- 9 Q by - 0 T' . cl o Q q I Q. CLLQYX 460 'Q gdb C? ' ' Q, OK fb Y' I gf Q Q .cj N ad U96 eo. - e J NZ., J - 8 On, K N Q 4 X , X0 'Tv' X06 60 -7, kv 'J' Q? pw 645, 40, 9? . 'v '53 A' in '21 Q 99 U I Info Q2 NX fb f'-.6 J- - . . . m Len- H. . G'

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