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N-.L....., fTf5 Am",-M.w 1 fs 1 4 x K K'k-rf WV I .W 1' ' x. fb , 0 0 V K L59--'en TAQ H593 YEZEAEG CCDCDIFE 'LFLLIE MJHLLTQDLQ ELGIN ACADEMY PY ij D " -, , ELGIN, ILLINO F lv ' '.,' ff- ff'QQ f ,J INVITATION A Q Cm 11ce 111 N 1011 wA111111cqI VI O Vf ' 1 111 1 uv IP CIT1 a 11101 Q fx 4 Cm by NF L N D1 e UP IDI 10 1 If 13111150 C 1 M J 1 01,15 cc v'1es me p1eQe11 19011 U1 e I1.I1J'H U1 Qmy May II1 S bow be CIVIC of Ihe 11Qf1s110fI 5 JQ11111 I 310111 Img yy 111,11 II 1 If1ySI v-1 L T r-V' 'SI ' ,Z lr! 'Ixr I S 111 .qxf of Que if U. I Sf II cf xi 111 1, 7331 I1 1.151109 IIS fahip In CCI '15 pf QQIII' JIM CI 10 QIUSO' 5 I1fO fl s1,1I31 biili C11 wcrl G1 1111 , ' , H11 :tif if th 1938 IfII.I.I Aff J1' 511,11 3 Q' 4' 1111 ff1:7I1qv 111g pmjgfbsa, VJI'ICI'CII'1 we Imvo tied to 1601101 the V115 6 11111 QI 1 - 1 " 1 11 111 Iwi A , 1 I JK 1 . , IQ r 1. 76111 ' ff TJ ' 1113 qh SffGI'I,.".IlS SCI QCI 3 .. IL!- C fm f.-51" 'Aw yr, 1 , ','s , fy, , fir' ,IY4-.1 ' -, 1' 5,g. If "CJ" QI if If fx I, 35,111 L .in Nm 31 .,Qg1jjq1' 41 DEDICATION To the memory ot Ora L Pelton lll alumnus trustee loyal lnena ot Elgm Academy who de parted tlus lrfe on Ianuary l6 l938 We fondly dedlcate thls ed1t1on of Tl-TE l-HLLTOP Doc was revered tor l'1s sturdy young manhood gentle porse sound character and enthuslastlc part1c1pat1on ln all Academy actlvltles To know hlm was an msptratlon to lose htm a consecratlon vt uf' 59' tm ll Ol wfgl f-fr l I pl W if .K J., , ' . , K . .X , V -Ax , ff, , . , V , I ,, ,,, H, .14 ABOARD SHIP GFFICERS CREW SPORTS GFP' WATCH MARINES 7fX M? 4 NW W X f , if? , pw S4 , ?42fff fm K fy X W X 'fyiffj X 2? vcfnyg A4 1 , af , , , EARL G LEINBACH A B A M Tnere s rc V1 Um rd ur Q p tw T r Lembczcw GQ ou sklpper Llke the sc I 141 e gJ deb VHQ cro't bv the Stow 19 forrf f ,lf e bc 001 he 15 ombmogs eine 1rd,1sTr1 4 5 , W M . v . 1 , . W: , , . . , A . Q A coca Q -nl . .1 . A . M r ' . ' I. icrsofcfh 'iN1Q L - ' I ., ' -. I ' ,. ' 7 1. ' 1 , m T1 L .L Q A ...re paris Aer tri Q . . , f r, A ' cus, GHG Led my GH. Ui, fe i CLARK C COPP A B A M Il m1 hllfll t h r The Old Mon of the Mountom IS our ch1ef forecaster ond our pep enthusmit The nex er to be forgotten v1ctory over Lolce For r-A t wo oue to Copp dynormc pep to He pre lCl merythmg from the C DONALD PERRY A B A M mn Fnglm Doc IS everyone churr Forrrerly he could be found 1n the hhrory now he haunts the bungalow He should know the history of Rome thoroughly too H 1 h brcune behtnd our cornmonrl pe formance MAURICE B FINCH A B A M I ren: h Form 111 lNlOI'1S16UI took up Gerrncm Cl C1 Sort of ElGXClllOT1 from French but what C1 reloxo t1on' ond can he see 1n the dork' He ol woye hos hopes of f1nd1ng c1H1lltop staff thot does not need dynom1te to keep 1t go1ng 6 H-1 - ' dj XX ,Q 14. ' l A I . , . ., . . , 1-21-11 11 Rs. C' - 's ry. Vsyr- nlngy. 1 V . . . . hw pn S Alvlr. sa , - 'j llcfs. , ,nl sz .L , ox, weother to economic conrhtion.: '3 St X -,r lt t to l VX It R I.: ' , . f'sh. ' . e 'S t e sy al-Iullglg IQ pllllli WAYNE F. REPLOGLE, A. B. History, Scienre, Director of Athletivs. Coach's "stick-to-it, boys" has inspired his teams to success throughout the year, and brought him out ahead in the "home stretch " H1 teams are known for thelr courte y and good portsman hnp ELAINE C SCHAEFFER A B A M DONALD A WILLIAMSON A B Ph Qrlenre M'1th1 mutlc Hn-.to y Dean of Glrls Coach ot' Dramatrcs The guldmg hand of all the glrls She often IS drlven to drstracuon by her too eager young actors and actresses but she manages to come out on top Shes lrke wrse a natural born reader of the Tale of Two Cities 'Mmneapohs and St Paull Speed s clas e are favorrte wrth all Jun IOTS and semors HIS subtle hurror makes chemxstry and physrcs much more soluble He pxlotecl the sophomore class through a very succes ful dance 7 IAMES W NEWCOMER Ph B A M I'rLl1h l-le 1 pus' what h1 nazre 1rrpl1e's yet '1e al eady seerne to be one ofthe ola ture ts mterpretatxon o' Tenny on Shakespeare ond Wl'l1llY1OTl are loved by all He 1 al o HUGOI BAUER A B A M ftlmlll blanl h OUlS1d6 of echool hours Herr Bauer can be found e1ther at the lathe zn the workshop o 1n tne hbrary poundlng Spam h 1HlO sev eral pup1ls who are better 'SU1lEd to Soc1ol ogy Someone ought to carnpue h1m to keep h1m from h1 frequent trlp flown town IOHN M TURLEY B S Mlth0WIdlll Frorn Nhat we can 1gure out hes the por er behmd all the mclustry ot the T1g Claes Congenlahty fr1endl1neee and good nature are the factore that make every one say Hes on the square He 12 ID deneand ae a chaperon too 8 a i - 'f . I t X 2 nt 1 A WD --- ia 1 I 1 11' 's . 'Nl , , . . . . . Q r- ' . . ' ' 1 rs, H1 A . . X! ' . 'ss S N. a talented rnusician and a poet fx I ' 1 , '1' 's . ' ' , , r S , A 1 A 1 l 1 A 1 . , . L I"Ql fIlI l N I ROBERT I. KENNEDY, B. S., A. M. Mathematics. Although not a member of the track team, he is outstanding in dashes-to Barrington Remember the old saying, Mr. Kennedy, that in spring a young man? fancy turn: toA oh well. FREDRICI HAND B S nl r H1 h S huol starm to the ea t wrng B RUTH SALISBURY B S hx llhrur Sally 12 another nevvcarrer and .vatche oxer the volume the llbl v She rate ops w1th all 'te at ls an tb a favor1te mth th boy: A good spot tl there exe .v 'te She lrlces cherry pre Mr Hands rnterest are wrde and varted from hrs l1ttle erghhgraders to hm newly acqulred better half Every mornxng he 1 seen raclng wlth hrs student down the i 9 t I x 1 lx ft tm Q iieff 3115151 f JAMES O MILSTEAD B S A M nl r 'VI I-11 l 91. relfux lv' l-flll'3lEOd1S never 1 won' of X1 1'or h has rrony cove to h1 olhce exe-rv hl11 tusf me to he noe 1c'1t tmp o c me 'O clear old F A VERA VARY rutr lf- I Th1 Jolly songstre 1 the d1rector of lhe Glee Club She Successfully duecte Romeo and luhet FLOSSIE MCBRIDE PARKIN IJ1 1m 1111 -4 She 1's Gueen over the productlon whlch reheor e 1n the Slouller l-louse The lrcumng of the declcxmer 1 her annual 1ob MRS ARMADA WENTWORTH IJ1et1c'11n W1thout Mc the chool would never be the some Alwov helpful lmendly one generous he 1 loved by everyone RUTH FRUECHTENICHT Scholl Trex urer She IS guc1rcl1cn o the co '1 boy and 1e oxe eer of the ofllce Rllll 1 xerj efhmfnt on 1nd1 penioble ELINOR L BURKE Secretdrs ln 'sp1te O' C1 1ll1e ond C'1F thmge to Elmor IS olwoy cvfrl l ond we phl IU , ,K N, T ,, QED lj rg, ' ' 1 1 , S l f 1 . 1 . .. . . 1 , Se '11 . :wtf-r, "-11 Q-c .12 1 11 '. '. An " .1 for I Q . 1 .1 'S ' 1 A day lx Wit 'S 1' xt' l' l DeSo ,' .. lies fre- QUJ q1f. ' 5 I "l1'um-up" lux". .Jn 1 1 the l 1 -, . KD 1,51 1 l l l l A Y AX 1x Nw Di " mn' nf G 0 llull. . , ' Pl 1 15 . - - 1 Q' ' , . so ' 1.'s",": .31 '. ' 'eler u. 11.1. I A..-A ,fn--5 wwf ...ilidU"'gg' fwwdg' f 'W A ' I 42711 1- 5 I 04 ,:f:,Xgx 70 151 H , , Y , ff . ' Q , ,W .V V X 1 'VA1 f ' "' .a f A 4' R, if 4, ---"' ""' 'V ' I " - N 7 ' 7,1 X z Y N '- as , 4 . D' ' 4 4 Q, , . 'Y x -- I A -' .4 4 4 ' D 9 sr L 191 011111 BETTY IANE ASTON Dramatrc Club de lamatron contest 'Z presrdent Aerchlorrans GAA Hasty changed her tune after Chrrstmas vacatron due to a sudden change rn atmosphere however her tempo Bucked up toward sprrng She helped prlot the Aerchs through a successful season IOHN MERRILL ELY Student Councrl swrmmmg team golf team Dramatrc Club heart harls from the good old country In hrs one year at E A he was much concerned wrth the Brg Apple polrshrng as well as dancrng ELMER ROBERT GALAMBA Varsrty football basketball Kansas Crty Bob drsplayed lrttle rnterest rn socral alfarrs He spent only hrs senror year at the Academy but hrs ready partrcrpatron rn varrous school actrvrtres made hrm qurckly popular PAUL T HAAGEN IR Swrmmrng team Drscussron Group Orange and Black staff cheer leader The mystery boy from Mrchrgan Crty Hecervrrrg hrs marl rs hrs chrel roy Hrs vrsrts to the chocolate shop and to the Senror House are frequent One questron ls lre alrard of the barber? SENIORS 1 1 Q LA, s V l ff ' : c ' . '- 7: ' ' ' 1 . . . ff .. ,, A . ' ' . ' . Vt, .. . jtlll l O4 l Q l l Iohn, alias Gods gift to women, although not a farmer at . ' . ' , f . . I ll I L gp! 755 J EDNA RUTH LAWRENCE Dramatic Club A9lChl0l"l8hS CAA Flee Cub Hxlltop Staff Orange and Black Staff SIS knew her dance orchestras and always got good ones for the school parues When he leave dear old E A she IS sure of Lud s of luck ERNEST ROBERT LUDWIG Captaln varslty basketball wlralty football treasurer Major E Club varslty tennis Lud IS the Academy Mlracle Man He 1urnps from fall mg grades to hlgh honors The real cause? He does not say We suspect S1s WALTER EDGAR HARRIS War :ty basketball Dlscu slon Group The Kalamazoo Bad Boy known as lust plaln Red played vars1ty basketball and was one of Mr Newcomer chief worrles at the Stoufler House ANDREW ROBERT McCORNACK Manager sw1mm1ng team elected to Cum Iaude wlnner declamatlon contest Dramatic Club The great lhmker of lhe E A But for hlm We wouldnt know that when we throw d1Ce we have a chance of 14 to l The school w1ll m1ss Andy SENIORS 12 f- A gj! , . X ,CD , , el L R . K ' :".':....:, 1:"' " .' . S - S , ., .. .4 H . 5 ,- Al -Q I V ' 1 C 'Q 7 -' v . ' , ' 5 q bl . .' . . 's 1 . ' ' : 1 1 ' rr ILWQ Ill 59 IAMES DYMOND LAWRENCE Orange and Il.-rck staff Dxscu SIU!! Group debate Hill tl p staff boxing team Ixm clad IH a red flannel shut and seated 1n a green con vertlble coupe takes his own ttme An act1ve member of the Bunch he IS usually out swopln wlth them RICHARD ARTHUR MALING Manager football Glee Club debate Discus ron Group Dlck flnds h1s lnterest 1n some of the lower thmgs 1n lilo Why not? Perhaps he IS followlng m hls father s shoe step HIS successful management rn football brought tts reward RICHARD WILLIAM MCCORNACK Llected to Cum Iaurlc mzuor sports Last year known as D1ck thus year a RW he alway manages to have at least one more wlnter holtday than anyone else Its lun to l1ve xn the country and be snowed rn IUDSON MINARD DIBCUESIOH Group t nr te'1m swlmmlnxc team Iud IS the quxet unambmous member ol the Semor House trlumvlrate He OCCQSIOHGIIY father s money makmg schemes that stagger the great mathematxc1ans SENIORS 13 1 P4 I Y I .. , H A i, ,.. S : -, Y- 3 2 .. . l , .. t, : . Y U , . ' I 1 3 " . . . S, , . S , ., S " ' " 1 9 tis 1 I S ' A . .. .. . . . . . Y MAE E RASMUSSEN Aelchlorlans G A A Petlte descrlbes Mae Her outslde mterests change as frequently as the weather Th1s year the local attractxon stood m the tall dark range but more d1stant attractxons are not out of mmd IOSEPH CLIFTON SASSER Tenms team boxlng team The Southern Gentleman of E A who halls from Detro1t For the latest Esqulre fashlons we refer you to Captam Ioseph Sasser MIRIAM LOUISE PEARSALL Secretary senior class secretarw Student Councll GAA Glee Club presxdent Aelchlormns Orange and Black staff edltnr Hilltop DISCUSSION Group elected to Cum laude Lou IS very act1ve ln all school OCllV1l19S a capable execut1ve rn many organxzatxons yet she has t1me to be an outstanding student And does she stoop to con vert1ble Coupes' LILLIAN CLARA RAKOW Quxet and studlous and does she get the grades' Were there more students l1ke L1ll1an our school would ma1n ta1n a peaceful atmosphere Vte shall rmss that Rakow Smlle that brmgs sunshme everywhere SEN IORS 14 T 1 A F , 7 -Il I Elected to Cum Laude: G.A.A.: Aeichlurians. 5 . . . , . Q 1 ILIJIEQ' II lllq GEORGE GAGE SMITH Orange and Black staff orchestra Mawr E Club foot ball track swrmmmg Gage s mayor GCt1Vll19S l1e rn the water He rarely drsplays deslre for an oulslde attractron yet durlng Chrlstmas va canon when he went South wrth a tnend he stepped out He rnvarrahly can be found at Prlnce Castle Slpplng malteds IOHN EDWARD SPIESS Varsity football ha ketball track Orange and Black staff Major L Cluh medley relay Iohn has been all wound round lhlS year by the yarn especxally outstandrng IH track CORAL CECIL STANFORD Cleo Club Dramatic Club FAA Aeuhlorrans Oramze and Black staff Hilltop staff declamatlon contest Thrs IS Corals hrst year at E A but she has done her share at keeprng the boys guessrng She lS contmually late to school but 1t seems never to be her fault RUSSEL NOHVILLE STOLLER Varsltx football debate oratorlcal contest Orange and Black staff Hilltop staff The greatest advertlzrng manager for the Orange and Black xn many years IS Ru tltle tor th1s year He aso trred hrs hand at aettrng ads for the Hrlltop SENIORS 15 3- 9. ' I r ' - , . - 1 Q QI of a certain junior, Active in all major sports, Iohn was , . 1 ' . , ,, . SS, . , . n 1 YEAIEIJLQUG J CARLENE MAXINE THOMPSON Dramatlc Club Aelchlorm-ms GAA declamatmn contest 1 tudlous always Max was essentlal to every successful Academy three act play presented durmg her tour year stay She lS seen Wlth e1ther Iohnny or Lllhan IAMES TRIMBLE Student Council football basketball track and wrestling MaJor E Club Glee Club B1g I1m does everythmg ln a b1g way always good na tured and an asset to everythmg m whxch he partlclpates 5 SYLVIA VARY Dramatic Club prtsulent C AA Aelchlurlans Oramre and Blank staff vunntr of detlamatmn contest Dramatlcs 1S Syls maJor Interest She and Betsy can be seen zoommg around to her many appolntments often wlth plenty of company too HENRY LEE WENNER III Football basketball tratk boxing. Dramatrc Club The SPICE of h1s classes was Lee He had 365 trlcks stored away a new one for each day and maybe one extra for leap year Merrxly drd he and lane ghde through the year SENIORS 16 ---f-- -UA ' I : " ....: ' QBZIIOIJQ WILLIAM HURLBURT YOUNG IR ent. ll le t C. a lt trac BI ta1n Oralge nd H11 k 1 t p s aff Dram tc Club Glee Club s remry J uh ee e o um au le U 1r1 e B111 IS the most popular boy 1n th E A outstan11n'1 scholar h1p athlet1c and all organ1zat1or1 lould orre people l1ke to be young all th ll l1v 7 SENIOR CLASS WILL The members ol the class of 1938 hereby w1l1 and bestow the1r most cher 1shed possesstons upon those undergraduates v ho stay on to lead towards 11S destmy the good old E A Aston Hasty lea Jes Buck to Karen y H1 drag mth the teachers to Cowboy Galamba H1s large temtntne correspondence to Al Lawson Haagen Hts ptpe to Tommy Lonergan Harrts H1 tvay w1th the woman to Harry Davts E lawrence Her luck tn love to loey I Lawrence H15 lort to Art to blow at 41 Ham11ton Ludwtg Lud leave w1th S1s H1s he1ght to Stoop 1n order that the two m1ght make a happy medtum Malmg A McCornack H s 1nev1table brown sweater to Oscar R W McCornack H1s grades to h1s namesake R V' Mmard H1 food t1mes wh1le here to Ballantyne Pearsall ou leaves v e hop that red handkerch1et vttth Norm Rakow Her qu1et studtous manner to Helen Healey Rasmussen Her way vvtth Coach to Prtnty Sasser H1 southern drawl to George Vyhnanek Smtth Sptess H1 attract1on to the lalrer sex to Norm lohnny leaves Mary alone Stanford Her ab1l1ty to keep more than one on a str1ng to Ruth lencks Stoller Thompson H1s bustness sense to lack Ross Her tme act1ng to Carol Healey Tnmble HIS phys1que to Bud Treadwell Vary Her record for betng late to Margaret Redeker Wenner HIS trecrackers to Tom Hoban the dev1l Young 1-11s 1ne record tn everythmg to Buckhn 17 l Prvsifl of class: St r n l0lll'1Cll. president: varsity four- b ll: vars' y 2 k, c 1 ' 1 " 1 a 11- " ass't erlitor: "H'11 o " t : ai ' : ' I Sec: ' ' Ma'ur "1-1" Cl 1 1 ct 11 1 C L 1 5 . s. History 1 'Z . l ' A . ' ' e ,, . "' Q in I s ' , ' s, ' ' .s 1.' is 1 1 ' " " e' tes. ll 6 ' 1 lp to I l 1 l , . . 1 I . I ., v' 1 X17 ul, -v-..Y-....,.v.,,.--Y..,...........,... ,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.. .,, Y l' El ,,,..,....,,., 1.,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,1, 1,,,1 ,,,,,,,,,,,, ' s 1 ' . , , . , ,...Y,,,.., , ,,,,,,, ,,,, , .1 IS ff I ....,.... ,,,. ,,.. ..., . . , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,... ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, S - -- 1 I . , g ' ' . . , ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,,,, , , , I V V i . -1, ' t,,,...,. ,,,, ,t,,, ,t,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' 1 Q ' ' . A .,,,,,.,,,,,1,,,,,,,,.,,..,.,,,,.,..,..,,,.,.., ., ' ' . 4. , X . , ,Qijih rfSbQF3 f fmmx 18 . 'qw 'Afffc .Q AJC-.,UL.:L,.14 'J rj Q 1 I bi 0- Q. St EWSQQJBZQZMBHQY S G- Back row Rnthvun Ihllrmtvm Prmkn Wvm rn Front row Vvhnunek lint-. lHI WL-at Anmll liurklrn ccond row :mln calm kcr Marv it Llu rue mpl tun Wtr L Hutchison ont rcw Mc lirult H Aly fl I A h Sr: I m sun JUNIOR PROJECTS develop a glue to be used rn mendrng the broken hearts Norm Achen leave behrnd organrze a party 1n search of a gtrl who could rntere t Charlre Annell rnvent a harr ton1c of suffrcrent strenath to manufacture a clam opener to get MOTION tnduce the Academy to grve credrt to fun IS school trme trarghten out lrm Ballantyre s curly locks Bonrn out of he shell ter o that Bucxlrn may proflt more from s e belongs do away wrth Harry Davrs s rxval fprotrct too dangerou I edrt a complete volume of Art Franke s poetry seek to measure Carol Healey s squeaks and mr chlef bulld a bigger and better bookstore for Hutch award a medal to Al Lawson for contrrbutrng hr phenomenal ayrnq la du da wrrte a contlnued story entrtled Whv 1 Ioan so Frank dealrrtg wrth her numerous love affarrs To suggest to Pete Rathvon that he take a cour e ID the gentle art of e cape To take a photograph of the expressron on Margaret R delcers face X hen he revolves a grade below 90 fproyect rmpossrblet erect a playhouse completely upplxed wrth chalk era ers and br akable fumrt rre or Hans Mees fexpense of sald protect too expen rvel put a speedometer on Sprxet to lrnd out how fast he rs conduct a research enablrng us to aetermlne fto the nearest decadel ho.-1 long rt ll take lack Taylor to frnrsh school calculate how much energy Stoop Templeton uses rn chewrng one orece of gum seek an explanatron for George Vyhnanek farlure to set up a florr t hop on the campus before school dances To procure a motron prcture of Otto Werl dorng hrs Russlan gfrnnast Us To 1n1t1ate Brll West forrrally rnto the Aerchs to repay hrrn or hrs drlr ent effort decoratrng for therr dances To donate a corrplete feet of taxi cabs to Ted lVvman o that he can mcrease IS servrces as yltney To rnvestrgate why Bxll Harper doe nt car to thrrll the Academy fems wrth rs Bob Taylor smrle 19 , , I 2 I I L Q. 1 1 'I " I 'JH ' ' W L. 1 I . I I .v , L ' - I I . H ... I 'T I . I I N.. . Ka, ' " ISI H x ' I f I I I .ff I . tj, S : : ,Il ' , lr , 'l , Illllinf :-ul . Te. . 9 , "'. Mr:-s. - . Fr 2 ' ' -, cz ' ' , 1- cn, I viut, .4 . l To r. ' ' - . . . or . ' s ' . 2. To ' ' . ' ' s ' 3. Tot ' ' , A ' . s ' ' rj. . 4. To ' ' r , 5. To ' ' .5 5 s ' ' ' l'1' ' . B. To interview "Iuliet" Collingbourne in order to discover to what particular "Spiesser:" .h . 7. To ' ' s ' t 5 8. To ' '. 9. To '. . . 's ' . 10. To ' ' . " ll. To ' ' 's 5 ' " 12. To ' I ' A " A -IS r Q ' , 13. ' S ' . l4. . e ' . s . ' l5.To Us ' -' ,- Se , e Q' . f . , ' 5' . 16. To . ' ' s ' l7 To ' . ' ' ' ' wi ' 1 . IB. To " " . ' ' ' .' . 19. To ' 's ' ' 'S 5 e 21. ' ' '. ' ' .Q ' . - if 22. ' ' ' ' . r ' ' . f ' ' 'j s at 23. . .l '- . A s . . .. '. h' - f - - S I 5: , P N H r on WEEE S Q Back ro Page lutnam Holman K hls C Th mg on R C Mel, rnnk 0Sull1 an Handkc SCPHOMORES The annual sophomore dance was held March elghteenth m the Davrdson gymnasrum wtth Fat Whltmans orchestra furmshmg the musrc The gym nasrum had been cleverly transformed 1nto the deck of the S S Academy wlth hfe preservers port holes rope ra1l1ngs anchors and a gang plank for atmosphere The commlttee conslsted of Mr D A Wrllrarnson class advlsor Ruth Iencks general charrman and Karen Ely decoratrons Hosts and hostesses Mr and Mrs C W Parkm Dr and Mrs H T Kmght and Mr and Mrs D A Wrlhamson POSSIBLE HEADLINES FROM 1948 NEWSPAPERS Donnelly Elected Headmaster of Elgrn Academy Ely Undergoes Operatlon to Enlarge Nose 1n order to Produce Better Effects on Hand Made Trumpet Handke Burlds New Gymnasrum for Elgxn Academy Hoban R1d6S on Fathers Reputatlon to Appolntment of 'udge of U S Supreme Court Iencks Wms Debate Over Famrly Budget Kmgh Elected Senator of Illmoxs Because of Oratoncal Abllxty lvfcCornack rn Crrtrcal Condrtron at Sherman Hospital Performs Operat1on on Self O Sulllvan Goes Insane Inventmg New Type Mouse Trap Page Graduated from Academy of Flne Arts Parkrn Wxns Academy Award for Fmest Performance of Year Prper Makes Successful Non Stop Fllght Around the World Prmty Awarded Medal ID Safe Drxvrng Campargn Putnam Carrxes on Work of Mllstead at Elgln Academy Thompson Wms 1948 Olymp1c Swunmrng Champronshrp Walters Presents Large Endowment to Famous Aquarlum m lieu York Clty W1lson Stars 1n Warner Brothers New Pxcture She Kxssed Me Frrst 2U s--H -P ,gg ggg ' l i X I l 5 , . T ' Sf , I l . l I iii Q , t y , ' r W , tt, tar P1 ' t Q Cv w: ,' , , ous, .. 'oz',' 'v, Front raw: Walters, Piper, Printy, Jencks, Knight, Parkin, Donnelly. 1 1 1 f . . ' A ' . . A l . I I . , . . I I Y , y . . . , . . . A . ..,. . A V . ,. S17 go Back row Treulwell Hum I' Allen Mltrhell Roh Munn sm Ru lunerxsm ont row frat' lf Lnllm5,luurn1 H Hnuu Vnn R1 ner FRESHMEN Our presldent and football star ls rn1ghty Harry Treadwell Then Pat w1th grades that real y are Duane Graf a 'me tall fellow And llkewrse lack lerome We always see the two together And never one alone From South Elgrn haxl two lrvely boys lack lvtuchell and lock Ro s The hrst makes grades the second H0199 But nerther 1S ever cross Two other boys from the east Nmg corrte Tom and Teddy are thelr nanees From what we hear they have some fun But as yet they ve had no flames Iohnny Colhns 15 rather bold Yet as cute as he can be Don Van Rxper new ln the fold lfarty Roth sure shrnes on the track But wont shrne up to the gals And Wrllts Ham NE know for a fact Has lots ot fun and pals From Tower Hill comes Harold Manasse Wlth hrs necktles very classy And last but not least Helen Healey Who declarres and debates so very lreely So let us close our rhfrres so bold And p ay mdulgen e from those more o The rrete s wrong the verse too free What doe one expect tom uch as we? ' rr f W l x , 1 " I ' : 2 ' , 2 , ' . , ' ' . t , z ss-. ss, Cnlllns, . - 'z , Fr : L ' . '. ' ' f - -, . -z l z 1 . So far above the level. ls an addition were glad to see. . A Y I I ' . . . r '. C ld. 21 ,fs f '21 1 are K D Z! Jglg-gi.LE1-LEKR2 i 'U 1.1 Rear liewexlx Henclrlrk Wal h C Broun Jond I Dnl Seated Jacobs Mr Hand Margaret c1Ullll'lL,bKllI'llL THE EIGHTH GRADE The year l938 IS a red letter one mn the annals of Elgrn Academy for 1t marks the organr zatlon of a class rn the erghth grade The northwest room of the thlrd floor was newly equrpped and turned over to the excluswe use of thls grade Mr Freder1ck I Hand wa chosen as the teacher and has done a splend1d 1ob Srgnrfrcant also IS the fact that th class numbers rust erght srx boys and two grrls three of the boys belng boardrng student I t f h l d n pl e o t e aa s of hard work p1led on by thelr teacher the class had an enjoyable tlme They hope to have establlshed a worth whrle tradrtlon for future elghth grade group and to be next year the outstandrng freshmen rn the Acaderry Here IQ what the members of the class thlnk of each other HARRY WALSH ffrom Elglnl was rn hot water mo t of the year for hz per 1 tance IH usrng h1s desk to s1t on rather than to hold h1s books or to work at Harry however IS a buddrng athlete soon to make the headlrnes MARGARET COLLINGBOURNE CElg1nl known as bashful Margaret rs the attractlve dlstrac t1on of the elghth grade She IS one of a famrly of th1rteen chrldren Hobbles collect 1ng plctures of horses and r1d1ng at Dunham s FRED IONAS ICh1CGQOl and hrs ever present handkerch1ef have made of th1s year the year of the brg wrnd Countless trmes drd class have to be stopped o that Fred mlght blow hard He reports that the food at Colhngbourne s IS pretty good tally the grant Hrs Beau Brummel character1st1cs should f1t ln well to make of hrm the lawyer he hopes to be IAMES HENDRICK fWheatonJ resemble Charley McCarthy IH many ways tho not IH that of berng a dummy for dumm1es are usually quret llm has a surtable w1secrack for every occaslon Presrdent of the class Hobby collectrng s amps Hero Donald Duck MIRIAM IACOBS CElg1nJ extends her flaxr for co'npos1t1on to the wrmng of poetry durlng study halls She has also the pecullar habrt of derfonstratrng Dr Iacol: s medlcal treatment on the members of the class thus becorrlng the lrfe of the erghth grade Her teacher nlcknamed her lake but she xnslsts on Mrmr CRAWFORD BROWN CElg1nJ 13 the hrstorran of the class srdetracklng uch sordld sublects as math for research on pol1t1cal partles and presrdents He frequently rrks Mr Hand by brlngrng to class evidences of affa1rs of the heart In QPIEPCG clas Grandma utters many an Oh dear' whrle hea mg about the planets and the te 1ble thrng that may happen a mlllron years forr now ROBERT DAVIS KG:-eneval ts the cause cf Mr I-lands darly ques lon Nhose pape s are these? Bob actuallv uses half of the d lf rn th t hold h s pape s l'11s books and parts of hr wardrobe lnde he could ea lly frll the whole roonr by hlmself However he alrrs to follow Mr Hand footsteps to l'1ch1gan and to tudy surgery '37 'I x Q - 4 1 ' -h , , I K . X X. T 'Lasyk' A . , ya : " ' ' ' . 5 . . ' , 's, I. 1 : ,, . - , ' ' f 1 1, ROBERT BEVERLY fElginl is physically the midget of the class, but he soon became men- V S . U . L , L- I I A . ' - A , r H ' ' 1' . "' . r . " A . I .Q ' . e roof: ,o. i, r., Q ., , . ed, ' . I ' , in V., 23 Q I , ll 3 A- 'DQS v J' Q? Q' V I W iii! I! . J ' A . if 1 L, . IIN, , y if 5 f: P ' '5 ' -- 1 M Q., J M tv ' ,H VXKYX i i W1Q .HQ 'QX X X , X rl-ji 5' - X '59 '-gui X fi! . N ' K ' , ' Q X A ' ' by un, in .. , 9,1 Q n A' V I KW, N bf haf: . ' , sf- 4 X D' 'Y . . ,ver ,,,.,,,,,- Nu!! .5 N' T '4Ql ilIi flwllif COACHES Under the leadershlp of Wayne F Replogle the athlet1c program of Elgtn Academy has been unusually well orgamzed the past year Coach Replogle personally handled the ma1or sports w1th the able asststance of Mr Kennedy and of Mr Wtlllamson Mr Wllhamson took personal charge of the Juntor college basketball team Mr Newcomer coached both sw1mm1ng and tennts and orgamzed tnterest mg meets for h1s teams Mr Hand took care of boxlng and ass1sted 1n tennls Mr Turley coached the golf The same pohcy of developmg boys physlcally has prevatled as 1n former years the boys learn by do1ng and by engag1ng tn compet1t1ve sports The coaches themselves ltve and do what they expect from the1r players Our football team grew from a group ranglng wtdely tn prevtous experlence to champtonshxp The other teams dtd not w1n champlonshtps thts year but were strong runners up Elgm Academy IS proud of 1lS coachlng staff and of tts clean athlet1c record 25 S nl P I N6 I I ' g, .7 X' , ! ' r ,ee l , sz. . Q f - 'A' Turley, Kennedy, Hand, Newt-umer, R.-p.mzlu. . I - 4 1 N f ,L LU 'U :zEu. fx -. , 1 - , f, -. lflfffx ww. -N 11,7 , . W X ,, Q, f','QQ',--v. F 4' is Y , I I N X Y , I f 7 v 1' ' 5 .1 L W 2 Q ,- ' 'S i IA w ww 5 N 1 x 1 4: . .- ,Eg E55 iii m? -' : EF: :E Eff.: E Z 'ixlf f-2' ,ig EP .:c .J gal ,XP-L Q -I si-1 :FE ,151 E32 :.'v, EH... Q.. :EE I--C . ,. r V I I I I P I Fi FOOTBALL SEASON W f-fin ge-F a e m tn m Man e Wet LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL After one season of macttvfty hghtwefght football was retuvenated at the Academy Qufte a number of boys turned out from the e1ghth grade freshman and sophomore classes to compete 1n seven games The team was hght the boys were young and mexperlenced and they could Wm only two games The lads had a good t1me playtng together and butlt themselves up both mentally and phys1cally for future servfce on Academy varslty teams Schedule Elgm Opp Sept Chtcago luntor School Oc North Stde Publlc School Oc Chtcago luntor School Oct Dundee L1ttle Seven Charnplons Oc Elcnn lfltgh School ltghtvlelght re erve ov Abbott lumor Htgh School of Lake Forest llghtwelght 28 re r-t I f A .AH I ID J I I N I I I N I I tit Or I I I gk Y Rc r: Russ, J rm, e, Graf, Mr. Kennedy, l'u a , ' ass , 'l. Front: T. Allen, Collins, Treudwell, Loncrgan, Mitchell, Walsh. .25 ' ' 6 7 t. 2 ' ' . 3 6 8 t. 9 ' ' ,, 13 U , l5 " . ' . , U 33 tzs 5' Q 0 20 N . 6 ' ' . 7 O N '. 13 . ' j s O 13 Ss4rlMLEMQD.ar4nnnr Rear Page Galamba Achen Trrmble Mr Replagle Ifranke law on R W Mcfsurnack Huban Front Annell Ballantyne Reynolds Wyman Ludwn, Vyhnanek Mecs BASKETBALL Whereas the score book for the basketball season shows the Academy team on the short end of the score rn rnost of 1ts games a steady mmprovernent can be noted as the season progressed Those who Wxtnessed the games Wlll recall that our boys fought hard and often lost through sheer hard luck The team was h1tt1ng a w1nn1ng streak as the season ended and played outstand1ng ball at the league tournament where the boys were runners up rn the consolatlon contest Dec an an an an Feb Feb Feb Feb e Mar C! Mooseheart Nooseheart Onarga Elgln Elam Elgm Elgm Elgm Elgln Elgln Elgrn Elgm Elgxn Elgln St Albans Lake Forest St Albans Onarga Todd Lake For s Morgan Park Morgan Park ll Toumament Games at Morgan Park Parker Onarga Elgxn 15 Elgln l4 Covertlmel Pullman Tech Mllwaukee Un1v H non conlerence games consolatlon games 29 Elgln 32 Elgin 20 s :ft .g . M Q 5 -"4-J. I I J' Q ,, I I M m I I 'I Ig, j I lm fd, " . 10 ' 12 28 'I . 7 Y' 18 at . 30 I .15 ' 17 at 24 I .22 ' 26 39 l .25 ' 16 at . 20 . 5 ' 17 at . 45 A 12 ' 4 . Q 16 . I6 ' 24 . 18 19 ' 23 at 32 F b. 23 ' 32 at 30 . 5 ' ll 9 t 35 M . 35 ' " 13 A' " . 22 ' "' ' ' . I 31 ' ,Q K -A-f:1.PZtl'l-llJ4B-tlrlrigil D X4 Ns 'AE' Rear Lonergan Walsh Treadwell Mr Kennedy B xerly Collin Jonas C Brown Front Manasse T Allen Mitchell Ros VanRlper Graf LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Bantam basketball kept ten or twelve of the younger boys actlve durlng the wmter months Th1s group showed the same enthus1asm that they had dxs played earller ln football Seven games were played w1th tour w1ns and three defeats Several of the lads showed great prom1se wlth a httle more experl ence these youngters should be Wmners an an Feb Feb Feb Mar Mar Schedule Ch1CQgO Iumor School Morgan Park Llghtwexghts Ch1cago lumor School Lake Forest l..1ghtwe1ghts Chlcago lumor School Chlcago lunlor School Lake Forest Llghtwelghts 'SU Elgm Opp Y - L ai ff ' ., ' I - if ,5 - Q' l I l . l0 A ' , 12 10 I .22 ' ' . 22 17 . l ' ' 12 14 . 5 ' ' , ,, 9 28 . 7 ' ' ,,,,,,, , 19 15 . 2 ' ' 21 19 . 5 ' ' , ,, , , 7 25 THE TRACK SEASON s 1 ILUIEQ II 1 14 Rear Franke Annell H ban T mplet n R th Wal h law n Middle Mr Kennedy Wet llucklln Mec Wonncr Frxmhle Yyhnanek It W M Lcrndk H Ddvl-2 Achen T Reyn 11 Frouixsell Mr Rc-115.11 Front T Allen R ss Sue s Wyman Wcll Y um, Sprlet Smlth J Reyn ld Mit hell TRACK The track act1v1t1es of 1938 ran tnto a senes of tough breaks and 1n1ur1es No records were broken although Ted Wyman tted the 100 yard dash mark The team took only thtrd place at the conference meet yet the season can be termed moderately successful The undefeated half mtle relay team brought a trophy back from Morgan Park but the medley team for two years Amertcan Leglon Relay champs had no rneet at whxch to repeat th1s year Track Work creates a Splfll of sportsmanshtp and compantonablltty that can be had 1n no other sport It IS a real feat ot phystcal strength and mental CGpC1b1111Y Th1s year the Academy track quad was not v1ctor1ous but 1t d1d gam valuable experlence and emoyed the comradeshlp of the boys of the other schools tn the conference FIVE of the seventeen po1nt wmners ln thls year s team w1l1 graduate Ieav mg a nucleus of e1ght lettermen for the 1939 squad Apnl 30 May 7 May 14 May 21 Dual meet Scores Dual meet Scores Tmangular Scores Conterenc w1th Todd at Elgln Elgln 89Vz Todd 32Vz w1th Marmlon at Elgtn Elgm 108 Marrnton 17 meet w1th Lak Forest and Todd at Elgm Lake Fore t 68 Elgin 62V Todd 171'z meet at Morgan Park Scores Lake Forest 480 Morgan Park 44 Elgm 30Vz Todd 17 Onarga 6 31 ' 1. 1 . ' . C - 'E - . III1- ' ' . '. . . fe 1 Um .. ., ,, ' ' III I-v c ,I If . . C I 1 rn M ... I " .' ' 1 " T, - tn. m I .1 .1 , . I I , I 'I . ' ' I 2 N If . 1 - A I D T . u ' -,-1 1 T ' . I C . X ' I v 4 . - I . VI I QI I. . ' at Nu 1 S . I A, .I . . T 5' I X ,, Ef,--.-- Q-,A,t2xE,4---,44 -4 PI L opfg ii na alla tyne M H d TENNIS The tenms team ot 1938 shaped up remarkably well w1th the ald ot our two coaches Mr Newcomer and Mr Hand The fact that the conference meet was to be held ln Elgm th1s year led the boys to work hard wlth hopes of ll1'11Sl'llI'1Q' well 1f not of wlnnlng the conference meet for old E A The teams to be played were to come from the followlng schools Lake Forest Academy Morgan Park M111tary Academy St Alban s School Todd School and Onarga Mllxtary Academy The Elgm team cons1sted of the tollowmg players Ernle Ludwrg B111 Wllson hm Ballantyne and Fred Ionas The conference meet was scheduled for May 14 but the Weather prevented 1t The cont1nual ra1n durmg a per1od of two weeks necess1tated two postpone ments of thls meet and 1t IS now set for May 27 too late lor us to record here The whole school W1ll be dlsappomted 11 not able to see thxs splendxd team compete w1th other outstandmg players 32 A A ' A' ' xx-Z Lsjmgkgfllgiso X k Ll. . ' 7' ' 9 , Wt... A I V Q I .4 f.l.l.y4 sl' ..,l aff. ,'.'.',.'! HM T. . , wh. .Hn V. -.' -- P - - g. ...Aa-. . 4.! . An "' ' ' I ...V.,,., ..,,. ... . 'aa Q ' .Q 'O--b,.. . up-..'. Ju s, B n ' , r. an , Ludwig, Wilson , . . . A 1 , .. - 1 .. 1 .. 1 ' f 1 - 1 I , . I 1 1 - 1 ff? INDIVIDUAL ATI-ILETES ,i .K X fx- ,' ' ' V ,' 7' '-' f V-xp I N Y, , XI 1 f , sf . f- -X., N K' Lt, 41 frjaiiif V ,V stypxbif INDIVID UAL ATHLETES fcontmuedl NORMAN ACHEN Normy a 1un1or developed thts year tnto a fme all around athlete and should be dependable IH all sports 1n the future Norm dtd not star but he gatned experlence and became a fme ut1l1ty man Achen earned hrs football letter at half back a mtnor E tn basketball and won h1s track po1nts tn several events notably the dtscus IOHN SPIESS Iohnny was forced out of h1s halfback spot for two games by an tnfectton However he came back to wtn h1s E Hts wtnter was spent on the basketball court and 1n pre season track Iohnny sprtnted took the hurdles and was a member of the relay team ln track He developed remarkably dur mg h1s last two years at the Academy becomtng a very dependable athlete ARTHUR FRANKE Art was what may be called a holdout because he dtd not show h1s ab1l1ty as a football player unttl the end of the season but he made up for rt then Art was absent wrth stckness a great deal durtng the basketball season but showed up well tn the games at whlch he was present He was one of the outstandtng track men and he plans to be w1th us agatn next year could hold any pos1t1on As soon as the football season was over Bob started out to make hlmself a track man Bemg only a 1un1or Bob should be an out standtng athlete next year CHARLES ANNELL Chuck belteved that he should leave the vxomen alone and make of htmself a better guard tn football and a wetght man tn track Chuck has accompltshed h1s purpose He was a farthful manager for basket ball Bemg only a 1un1or Chuck w1ll be back next year GAGE SMITH Smttty the best dtver tn school and one of the best swlmmers was one of the matnsatls of the swtmmlna team ln track he cltmbed to great herghts tn the pole vault Smttty should be good football matertal for next fall RUSSELL STOLLER Russ small tn srze but great tn strength was a very clever quarterback on the football team Russ had many hardshtps th1s year for he spratned an ankle durtng both basketball and track vnhtch put hrm out of those sports for the season Russ betng a sentor leaves us thts year HANS MEES Hans the good natured baker boy d1d h1s btt helptng the Htll toppers capture the conference football tltle and was rtght on the 1ob helptng manage the basketball team At track Hans ts domg splendtdly w1th the dtscus wtth tncreaslng poss1b1l1t1es for next year The follow1ng named boys are to be commended for thetr fatthfulness to datly practtce and for doxng thetr share 1n helplng develop the varstty teams for tnter school competttton Elmer Galamba Tom Hoban Harry Davts lack Page Btll West Al Lawson Pete Rathvon Lee Wenner Marty Roth R W McCor nack Otto Well and Btll Harper 34 C X E., nl Cl at -J ROBERT SPRlETfEven though small, Bob was a reliable football player, and W Pmimcbpmzzuzzuuq 5 a Ely nght P e'xr ll R deke M ry C IL I tn e n H Vry MThmy GIRLS ATHLETICS The q1rls have part1c1pated 1n athlet1cs more than usual thls year and due to the capable leadershlp of Miss Sallsbury they feel that they really have accompllshed somethmg The season of 37 opened with hockey and soccer Courses 1n swlmrnlng volleyball correctlves tenn1s and archery have successfully been held smce then One of the senn annual playdays was staged last fall when the Htgh School glrls entertamed our athletxcally 1ncl1ned belles The Academy returned thls 1nv1tat1onth1s sprlng swlmrnlng ptng pong baseball dancing and declama tlons preceded the lnformal supper 1n the bungalow Playdays have proved to be a lot of fun and are always looked forward to wlth mterest For polnts earned IH athletlcs both tn and out of school the followmg awards have been gfven Numerals Pat Colhngbourne Ahce Kmght Syb1l Parkin Martan Bonln Mae Rasmussen Letters Maxlne Thompson P1ns Mary Colllngbourne Carol Healey Edna Lawrence Loutse Pearsall Coral Stanford Sylv1a Vary Margaret Redeker 35 y ' " ' T' i VA I 4, I yf VI - - I I I ' If , - V: I ' ' V4 VI I I . . , E Km, , I O f 1 B ,,A. 4 I k " LIL! . 1 ,Wx , 25, 17, 1 ' . . I , VI - ' I I . , y 'jx Re r: Jenvks, liunin, Parkin, K. ', K ir , rinty, Rasmussen, P . sa , e r, a ull'n '- buurne. C. Thompson. Frcnt: H. Healy, P. CulI'm:bourne. As 0 , E. Lawrenc , Miss Salisbury, Mcliride, Sta ford, C. realy, a ', . 0 meson, Rakow. I I A i I l I 1 i I ' gxsxsulsl lnlslg Ca ss Q Ham R Du IB A McC nack Mm rd H Dal Ha pe J Ely Temple! n Ha gen Smlth Mal ng OSulll an Well Je ome Putnam SWIMMING TEAM Thls last wtnter Academy students have supported an act1v1ty whlch has not tunchoned for several years Under Coach Newcomer a sw1mm1ng team was organ1zed meets were scheduled and practrce and tramrng became the by words of several boys The season commenced on Feb 4 at Lake Forest 'vt hen the Academy team was nosed out ot trrst place by SIX polnts The txnal score was Elgm 30 Lake Forest 36 Fnday n1ght Feb l8 Elgtn traveled to Rockford to enter 1lS second compe l1l1Ve meet w1th the Rockford Boys Club Although the team put up a good flght they were hardly a match for the Rockford boys several of whom hold state records rn sw1mm1ng The tmal score stood Elgm 19 Rockford 47 On Feb 26 1n the hrst home meet the Academy aauabats swamped the Elgln Y M C A swrmmers 44 22 Wednesday March 9 Elgln closed tts sw1mm1ng season by losmg to Lake Forest 31 34 rn our own pool Throughout the season Gage Smlth w1th h1s d1v1ng and Stoop Templeton domg the 100 yard breast stroke and crawl were the outstand1ng men and h1gh scorers Iud Mrnard tree style and Paul I-laagen domg the l00 yard back stroke added to the scores wlth tme Jobs of sw1mm1ng Although the team d1d not wm all of 1ts meets the season was talrly success ful for 1t was the t1rst t1me that many ot the swtmmers had entered 1nto com pet1t1on W1th Templeton Haagen Smlth I-l Dav1s R Dav1s and Harper re turmng ln the fall we may look forward to a top sw1mm1ng team next year 36 1 , I i . . I I " ,. i ,.,....,....,-,-.-4-.-L-L V I v . P O X . Q O l l l N ,. v',. or , 'a,. v's, rr,. , u, a , ', i, ' 'v . ', r , - 1 1 Y - 1 - I I ' I - . . . . ' I I . , . - 1 I , . . . . , ' . I I 5 . . . . . ,, ,, 1 1 I I ' I - I I , . I - . I l - ' I I I ' I ' I - :al-III lglg JG DIIIIJIQ1 Qi 37 Q , 6 1 A - X4 2 EQ 5 '52 A Q Q 4 Q i ZELQTEUZSTSQ 38 I 4 974' 89,1 ,,,.-f H7 D Back row H Healey Mary Colllngbourne K Ply Jacrb lrlnty P Cplllngbourne C Thlmp on Knight larkln Jenck Margaret Cxllmgh u ne Mrlirll C Healew B nm on Ra mussen Miss Salusbury THE AEICHLORIANS The Aetchlonan s frrst meetmg of the school year was held durlng the thtrd week of September Betty Aston was elected pres1dent for the f1rst semester and Louxse Pearsall for the second semester lane Pnnty was named secretary and Mary Collmgbourne treasurer At the 1n1t1at1on ln the fall s1x g1rls Margaret Collmgbourne M1r1am Iacobs Helen Healey Ahce Kmght Pat Colhngbourne and Coral Stanford were g1ven the amount of punlshment necessary for admlsslon 1nto the club The glrls ralsed funds dunng the football season wlth thelr hot dog conces slon and also by a successful dance held rn the Davldson gymnaslum on February 19 For that occaslon the gymnas1um was transformed through the comblned efforts of all the g1rls mto a verltable garden wxth a ghtterlng moon and palm trees to lend atmosphere On December 8 the mothers of the members were honored at a tea glven 1n the bungalow Mrs Lelnbach served as hostess A floor show 1nclud1ng numbers by Mrs Parkm Helen Healey Coral Stanford and the g1rls glee club ended an entertalmng afternoon The f1rst outing a hamburger fry was held at Trout Park wlth Mlss Sahsbury as chef Later ln the year several potluck suppers as usual mmus the neces sary eatxng utenslls were held ln the bungalow under the supervlsron of ap pomted cha1rmen The Ae1chlonans ended a very successful year both soc1ally and f1nanc1a1ly w1th a farewell meetmg held 1n honor of the graduatlng senxors 39 S' Q ..,.. .,-.-,,,..s , :- M 1. A ' as ' , ' - s -4 : . , ' , . I , 1 S, ' ' , . 1 ' ' , . r s , ' , ' ' , s, y ' f 0 r , ' '10, . Q, mr ' . Front row: Redeker, Rakow, Vary, Pearsall. Miss Schaeffer, Aston, E. Lawrence. Stanford, M. Thump- s , s . , , ' '. . . . 1 - - . . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . , A 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I ' 1 - ' WL S ESLECCEIEDQSSQ L Ax ,Elf Coach Replogle Front row Smith Buckln Templeton Reyn ll Trimble Me? Slrlet MJORECUB The Mayor E Club IS an organrzatlon composed of major letter men of the Elgm Academy In the past all letter men have been automahcally members of the club Thrs year there was started a system of probatronary awards ln order to mcrease the athletlc ab1l1ty and general apt1tude of prospect1ve members Through the appllcatlon of a code the club has trred to develop the athletes of the school from all angles especlally to promote devot1on to trammg rules and to encourage scholarshlp and cltvenshrp hm Reynolds has served as presrdent for two years B111 Young was secre tary and Ernest Ludwlg treasurer ln addttlon to Coach Replogle sponsor of the club Mr W1ll1amson Mr Copp and Mr Perry were elected as honorary members durmg the year 40 - f I 2 H .K l' t J" Y, z H-' V W- P , ' . 1 2 h 3, , a 3.2 . , - l Back row: Mr. Copp. Mr. Williamson. Annell, Vyhnanek, Ludwig, Young, Spiess, Stoller, Mr. Perry. : ' , I i , , 0 1 s, ' , S, r ' . A I I I I L SPZZZL IIIL 4293001110 d y H t Th 5 Y DRAMATIC CLUB Dur1ng the year Just closed dramatlcs has been one of the most popular of the extra curr1cular act1v1t1es More plays have been produced than 1r1 recent years and the student body has shown a great deal of mterest The casts of all the plays have worked w1th d1l1gence and the plays they produced were well worth therr txme We have been unusually fortunate th1s year 1n hav1ng two capable coaches MISS Schaeffer and Mrs Parkln The new members of the club are Coral Stanford lohn Ely Harry Davls and B111 West West has become lndtspensable to the club for h1s sk1ll ID con struct1ng propertles and 1n handltng the l1ghts The plays of the season and thelr casts are The Mummy Steps Out Henry Buckltn Sylv1a Vary Andrew McCornack Max1ne Thompson Wallace Templeton Carol Healey Lee Wenner I1m Tumble Oh Doctor Edna Lawrence D1ck Mal1ng Betty Aston B111 Young Robert Sprtet and Mary Collmgbourne Garden of the Moon Margaret Redeker Iohn Ely Harry Davls Maxme Thompson Sy1v1a Vary Carol Healey Andrew McCornack Lee Wenner Henry Bucklm B111 Harper 11m Tr1mble Edna Lawrence Mary Colhngbourne B111 Young Ioan McBr1de The Patterson D1nner Coral Stanford Helen Healey Sybll Parkm Ruth Iencks LOUISE Pearsall A11ce Kmght Who Gets the Car Ton1ght'9 Wayne Ray Karen Ely May Rasmussen Ioe Sasser Elmer Galamba Mr MGSSIS Makes a Fourth at Br1dge Fred Ionas Helen Healey Ruth Iencks and Mar1on Bonln The Boob Lee Wenner Andrew McCornack loan McBr1de Henry Buck11n 41 X D4 7 r 1 ' A 1 1 . . ' Nw 3'-,f T 'V , iv, 1 " . 7 1 1 . ' . . if - Stan ing: J. El . Young, . Davis, Bucklin, Mary Collinpzbuurne, Wes , Wenner, M. ump:-mn. Sittin : Var , Miss Schaeffer, E. Lawrence. Frnnt row: A. Mc'C01'nack. C. Healey, Rerleker, Mvltride, Aston, Stanford. , . 1 , . . , . . 2 1 1 1 1. 11 - - T4 I I I 1 1 1 1 - ll I in I I I I I , . W I I I I ' l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . it I V ' ' I 1 1 - ' W I I I , . .1 . . 11 ' l. I ' I , . 11 11 . . 'W 1 L 1 1 - Wow ssl? f"f' Back row Mr Newcomer Walter Gfldmacher Armlt L9 Ne m n Trxmble Y um. Wll on Handke Mr Perrx nt row qche le Hendrick J n'1 R Da 'I Allen M lm. Qgrlet H'1m Hamel ter BOYS GLEE CLUB The boys have at last an organ1zat1on of the1r own 1n the held of mus1c Untll th1s year they were comblned W1th the g1rls because of the small number xnter ested The boys sang Wlth the g1rls at the Homecommg Banquet but at the Sports Banquet at the Trlnlty Lutheran Church and at Commencement they sang alone Wllh great credlt to themselves the1r school and the1r leader The club IS representauve of all ages and classes ln the Academy and the lunlor College Mr Newcomer s hne and capable leadershlp has meant much to the club l-le IS personally a splendld muslclan who wlth Mr Perrys lnsplrmg ass1stance at the pxano has 1mparted to the boys valuable knowledge 1n muslc 42 fe f Q - ff ' xl wr . 'IK . 'xt ' N Q . .- 1 ' ,,. - A , 'gf V K . ' L ' f 'gy' i --- y..4 I-f-l . "'4 'f . '. 'r ,NW4 x '- A my , gs ,4 1 '33-,Qt -. V' ,. -,, - - ' , . -.. .J....d... vu... --.H ..,.' 'Q ..2h.-. : . ' , S, - , ' ' h ' , w 21 , ' , u f, " s , , Fro : . 9 , ' , 0 .s, . vis, '. , ai f, . m ' , . , ' 's . I - 1 , . . I 1 . , , . . , , . , . gki sfQ Q1 D 47101114 ck row H Healey K l'l5 Releker l ur all lx Lht N l Mary L mL,l ne mtg llngb ulne Mclirule ont row l rkm C h mp n an r x n e :rw GIRLS GLEE CLUB Mrs Vary has thxs year produced wlth honors three publlc appearances ol the Glrls Glee Club At the Homecommg Banquet last November the glrls club combmed wlth the boys club rendered several tuneful numbers ln the sprmg the g1rls showed the1r dramatlc as well as vocal ab1l1ty wtth the oper etta Romeo and Iultet Lastly at Commencement they took a promment part The club as an orgamzatton numbers tn 1lS membershxp nearly every g1rl ln the school Wlth Mrs Varys capable leadershtp the club has become an 1mportant feature of school hte 43 'Y . -6. - - I I a d , ,, I x I I I ut 4 OI ,AW AI P cull O I I X W . I Ba : . ' , . I', 1 , 'e sz , 'ni' , esun, ' ' 'ull' 'your , Pr' ', P. Cul- 0 , ' . Fr : 'a ' . '. T n su . St fu ml, Mrs. Varj, E. Lawre 4- . V1 C. Healey. I ya s HI ilk .GBA s ' ack ro T al J STUDENT COUNCIL The student councll as reorgamzed th1s year IS now made up of SIX mem bers ihree representatlves from the semor class two from the 1un1or class and one from the dormltory The councll meet once a week sometlmes Wnh Mr Lelnbach and sometlmes Wlthout hlm lt takes up school problems queshons of d1SC1pl11'19 and the sponsorlng of soc1al affa1rs Thls year the councll spon sored the party glven for the glrls from Iennlngs Semmary It also backed a school trlp and several lnformal dances The members of the Student Councll are B1ll Young Iohn Ely and LOUISE Pearsall senlors Margarei Redeker and Harry Dav1s Jun ors and hm Tnmble dormltory representatlve B111 Young IS the presldent and LOUISE Pearsall secretary 44 NI I I I I I I I I Y I I I Q Or I I I I I xv B w: rimble, H. D v's, . Ely. Front row: Reds-ker, Mr. Leinbzlch, !'om'snll, Young. . ' . S I . . V I 1 I I I I A I I - 1 S 1 HIIQQTQPHI 1111 TAII Wyh kR h t H DORMITORY COUNCIL The Dormttory Counctl IS composed ol or representottve group of boordlng students who meet wlth Mr Lemboch once CI week cmd occc1s1onc1lly W1th the Student Councll to dlscuss problems concernlng the dOfII'1llOI'1eS The members thls yecrr ore Teddy Allen representtng the EostW1ng George Vyhnonek the Semor House Peter Rcxthvon the thlrd lloor of Lovell Hull B111 West the second floor ot Lovell Hcrll and I-lorry Dov s the Stoufter House 45 X r. y r I 1 I l l l l l 1? . Back row: . en, ' mme , at von. Front row: Wes . Mr. Leinbach, . Davis. I ' , ' ' 1 , z , ' 1 ' - G ,LSQSSXJ WAPJEIQCSI KZ lhlldrrtxne Hfmgu Iefxr all Smrth Front row Mr lerry H Da I Younx. Relekcr J Ilvsren Sttller Geldmachcr D wer Hutchls n J hns n ORANGE AND BLACK Thrs has been a year of changes for the Orange and Black whrch rs the bfweekly school paper The most vrtal fnnovatlon has been enlargfng the wrdth of the paper from four to ffve columns mth a correspondtng lncrease rn herght Thts year also marks the termlnatron of the custom of havlng two drstmct staffs one from the Academy and the other from the lun1or College wh1ch formerly alternated rn putt1ng out fssues lt 1S thought that one organfzed staff w1ll lead to more efflctency and a more umformly lnterestrng paper Therefore several luntor College students wrote columns regularly the newly rnstalled elghth grade also furntshed a strrp of news The staff was cut to a mmrmurn to 1nsure agarnst meanlngless trtles and thrs small group offered 1ts best efforts to lmprove the paper An attempt to msert many ptctures and cuts was made Attentlon was turned toward a maxrmum of good read1ng fmproved appearance and a ttrm flnancral foundatlon THE STAFF Edrtor tn Chref Margaret Redelcer Assr tant Edttor B111 Young Busxness Managers Russell Stoller Paul Haagen Ctrculatton Manager Mary Collrngbourne Faculty Advisors Mr C D Perry Mr Iames Newcomer lumor College Contrlbutors Drck Iohnson Brll Dower Annette Nelson Robert Geldrnacher REPORTERS Maurt e HUlChlSOF Lamse Pearsall larnes Lawrence Har y DOVIS Coral Stanford Helen Healey Carol Heal y Patrrcra Colllnabourne lames Ballantyn Gage Smlth Edna Lawrence 46 '-T' '7 i g I .esm tp to 2 l 4 J. kt T .- u , , , . - is 4 . . f a . 1 ' ' X . ' -'37 ' 55.1 . 1 . I , ' ,K . y ..,,, , . wtf 7.4, 1 ' L ' Back row. C. Healey, H. Healey, P. Cullinxzhuurnv, Stanford, Nelson, E. Lawrenvc, Mary Collinxzbourne, . I 4- ' .. ,-,Iv V r S V ' . 2 . ' , . v's, Y, 1 , . A ' cv, 1 , ' , my ', "0 , 0 'U . - , . Y , . . . . , . - 1 I - I I I I I - . . . , . , . V: ' . P , e F . . . 9 . 526131 O 3' ack row I I w m t gre I hl r 11 1 Ill 11n nter row H Hs 1 ew rl: ku' St mf r N H11 xx 1 ont row Marx L llugl rlf, I Lncx I mr HILLTOP WEEE The H1lltop 13 the year book put out by the students of Elam Academy The plar1r11r1g the ed1tor1al and art work the photography the 'sohcttmg of adverttsements are each b1g lobs that reau1re much t1rr1e and effort Everyone who has done h1s share lI'1 the complehon ol th1s ed1t1or1 IQ to be heart1ly commended Ed1tor 1I'1 Ch1ef As 1 tar1t Echtor Athlehce Art Work Photography Sub cr1pt1or1 A ve t1 mq C 1b1tor Typmg Art Adv1ser Faculty Adv1 THE STAFF Louue Pearsall Carol Healey llorrran Ache'1 lame Lawreace B1ll You'1g Armetfe Nelwon R11 ell Stoll r Iohn Ely F ar1kl1r1 Kramer B1ll Young Margaret Fteaelcer Mar! Collmqbou '1c Ha ol1e Br w R11 ell Stolle lack Arrrltaae a Law rm l'c r1'1e IC ara I hw O1 Hele Heal 1 uth I '1 lc Co al Stfmtord Margo et Redek Carol Healey' Coral Sta'1 o il F l Ha lv'r lv' B F1'1ch 47 of , o . , -' - A -fr Q 4 v, ,gs Q ' 4 I 5' Q I 4 rr, . in ,:l. . 1 ,, B : .. .11 're111'e, Ar i a . . u Iron. M . Fir -h, A -h - , Yu 11, Stullrr. Ce : . 'sl Q, Re - ' . .' 1 41 4l, vlsnn. H, '1 'r, Fr : : j fn '1'1u11 1-, '4-ursnll, C. H 'L l',', H. 1: ' 0llL'l', SIS ' ' . 1 1 ., , 1 S .1 , ' 1 'zsss e , , r ' .3 ' as 'A '. r. - Ci .r 5' , rr one o n, .15 ,T ' 1' .4 ontr 1 .s Eflrx 're. ce Ioan Y. B '.'-, H h ' o. . s . , rt e' , R' . e. c Qs, r 1 , r .' er . ' . . 5 r ' Mr. . . hd Qser ., . . 1. '. oFV5,i? IL Ah Stller HI-Iel DEBATE A debate group Whlch met once every week was orgamzed 1n the fall by Mr Copp The h1gh spot for th1s group was a debate rn assembly on Febru ary l8 Mr Lembach served as Judge The auestron d1scussed was Resolved that the Ludlow Amendment should be adopted by Congress and become part ot our Constltutxon The Oregon type ot debate lntroduced last year by Mr Copp was used ln thls type ot debate the trrst speaker on each team presents the team s arguments the second speaker cross exammes the opposmg hrst speaker whlle the th1rd speaker summarlzes the case for hrs slde Helen Healey Norman Achen and Russell Stoller made up the afhrmatlve team Ruth Iencks Rrchard Mahng and llm Lawrence the negatlve The afllrmatlve team won the dec1s1on 8 T 7 J , , I ci Nj, 1- M . . 11,-'la . ,A - 1 Back raw: Mal'n f, c en, 0 . Front row: . aey, Jencks, J. Lawrence, Mr. Copp. . . , A , . . , . , . , . . . I - , , 1 1 2 1 1 1 - MZZZV ,QW 1,133 9 Bliillq If DISCUSSION GROUP The dtscussron group whtch Mr Lelnbach orgamzed la t year contlnued mto th1s season w1th added enthustasm The group was notrceably larger than before Th1s was perhaps the result of the1r decrsron to tnvrte a prorn1nent man to attend each weekly meet1ng to dtscuss hrs professron Among the speakers were Iudge Charles D Page Jacks father and Mr Arthur Paulson who tn two rneetrngs told the students about the pos tothttes of the law profess1on The newspaper mdustry was drscussed by Mr R Paton Fedou manager of the Elg1n Couner News and bf Mr Whtte of the edrtorlal staff At another gathertng Mr West the father of B111 talked about engl neermg Dr Henry Lee Wenner whose son rs Lee unfolded tn an 1ntercst1ng address the detatls of the hte of a doctor lfr Robert ll Work a Chtcaqo archttect d1sclosed the poss1b1l1tres rn hrs lrne The rnost unusual lecture was presented by Mr R M lflaloeuf a former p1lot and now an execut1ve tn an arrltnes compan 1 He descr1bed the tnstru ments rn a shrp the radto beam and many other phases of flyrng A stew ardess M1ss Kathenne Wtngfr ld ercplatned her dut1es At a later meetlng Lt Verne Stewart talked on parachute 5urnp1ng Several Tuesdays were devoted solely to student dts ussron. whrch was also popular The dtscusston group gre ff much stronge th1s year and should contlnue to grofv 1 TT . I s A 'A , I Iyf I I 1 I X -. I ' I I n J- ' v x 'b I I I . ' V4 , 2 - I VI I I K IDI 2 I I Q I 6 ' I P C I f . I ' I I ' I I! I I VXI ft Back row: Minnrd, J. Lznvrcn1'c-, H. Henley, Jcnrks. Mcltrinle, Huaxrvn, Malinu. Front row: Aa-hvn, H. Uuvis. l', Hn-ulvy. Vvzu-snll, Temph-lun, liznllurmtym-. T I . . I Q I F., , . . I , , A .1 . . A . X . . W X , . . . . X X 1 . . A . v . , 5 1 . . . . . A X A . . A l l , I L , . . ' I . - I . . . 9 I I 4 , V . . C , . 5 . . . I . I T If ilu... so NA f , - ! .. Jw 1 W , L gi. g Q gr 4 ' "Q Y A. - , A , . . P? . ' , 1 -Q gn , f , x . 3' , , , ' 'FV V - '- '.a.,w-V X , I 'v ' ' ' 7' W f 115 ' .QA '- ' - ' A if 5-.ggw A M N- , snr 5 'N-. 'N ., 'A . I A W,,,, Wm, V Mi- 7' qu, an N 1 , 4 A N , A, f .. 18.8.1 Q-Ll! 41.2 QL! Ll.-,2'.ls ABL!-IA 1-D td. 90 . , .. . V M . Q A' ' Al ' - - ,A V. ,.f1 , - S , .,. I .. .. . 5' ' ' ?4, f" ., '41 M, . , f-M , J V , 2' , SL 'flip 61500111 ROBERT CHARLES ALLEN Basketball These poor Academy grrlsl Everyone wants hrm but nc one can have hmm Our frtend the rnsurance man has wrfe She s a cute lxttle tr1ck and the srght of her provrdes a thrrll for the love starved Iunror College Romeos But we cant have her etther He doesnt make anyone happy HARROLIESE BROWN Business manager HrlIt0D Glee Club Buzz me' Brownie lS the gal who caused the recent boom 1n the chamors mdustry She slrngs a mean vocabulary and sh1nes apples more eff1c1ently than any of her fellow RUTH D GIERTZ Sec of freshman class Ruthle rs our candrdate for the role of Iulret She s qurte a al even has a car So few glrls and so many fellows rn the IC and she has to go for 1ust one Tarnt falrl WILMER HARRY HAMEISTER Clem Club mgr J 1 ba ketlall Stulent Send e He was the 9fflCl9l'1l assrstant manager of the IC basket ball team but he was tn no way respon rble for the team s br1ll1ant season Hrs most outstandmg characterlsuc rs that he arnt mad at nobody IUNIOR COLLEGE SOPHOMORES 51 O :,, q , w 1 l l l I l . . I . . I . I , ' I . , I Q I , , I . l y y y ,fr 4 J LQ tgql Jrsfi 1 N l 4 , A , , I . . - -z . I climbers. See Mr, Copp for details. l ,. . .. g - - . . llnys' I 1 ' 1 '. .'. 'S 1' :Qu 't. reflrlffi sQD ROBERT GEORGE KEEGAN Student Senate Orange and Black tat? basketball cap ta n 38 omeo has a rwal' The sophomore class presents to the world the greatest lover smce Mark Anthony Bob prefers blondes one rn partrcular MOUOpOll2lDg the tlme of one of the very few IC glrls should deflnltely put htm 1n the publrc enemy class NEAL GILBERT SCHENET Orange and Black stall' mar basketball commrttee J C Carnival 3 piano and contributes a great deal to the lack of order revallmg rn the lounge study sessrons But who wants to study when he can be buoyed up by that thrng called swmg' IOHN WADE NEWMAN Glee Club Oramu and Blank staff Iohn IS way out 1n front as the best natured fellow 1n school Plenty of credrt IS due hlm for bemg able to smlle after the rrbbrng he recelved through the pages of the Orange and Black THOMAS E BEAM IR Assocrate edrtor Orange and Black 3 mgr J C basket ball 31 school reporter The Grrm Reaper took hrm from our mldst at Thanksgrvrng trme Outstandmg as a student and as school reporter he rs especrally mrssed for hrs pleasant frlendllness to every body Our school IS better for hrs havmg been one of us IUNIOR COLLEGE SOPHOMORES 52 Q X Wil F ' 417' 'QQ ' ' 3 . if R ' . Music master of the sophomore class! He smears a mean 20,9- 1 1 Back row Jihn n Sxhmult krumer l' n,p.in fellmuher Vin Wumlnke Wit er Armitigl ont w hal er I -.1 r KC r ar S hmeg JUNIOR COLLEGE FRESHMAN CLASS ARMITAGE He can be identified by a smouldering trash burner that protrudes from the center of his face COCHRAN Attention Mr Leinbach' Your No smoking on the carrpus ruling has been violated DOWER He is tall has dark wavy hair swings out on a piano and is a demon dancer DUHKEE Slap that bass' This part time student has earned quite a reputation as a cellist GELDMACHER He was the star athlete in lunior College sport battles Speed s pet ex pression was Oh for four more Geldmachers GOGGIN Hes the sleepiest human ever to snore on the ole IC campus lf ever any legends grow up from our midst hes way out in front for first place on the list IUENGER Hes a whiz at writing upside down Miss Schaeffer never detected the note passed in this way or did she' IOHNSON Quiet clever witty and immensely liked he is without blemish except for one which blooms on the end of his nose after over indulgence in sweet KALSOW He s the most consistent fellow in the Iunlor College See Mr Copp for details KRAMER What a pair of lungs' His screams uttered fvhile delving into the mysteries of French make Ma drop the vlttles and come running LESCHEH He swings a mean piano and slings a mean malted I dont like to criticize but oh my stomach' NELSON She has established a unique record in IC circles She studies' PARSONS lf only he hadnt been working the basketball eascri would have been a push over OLSON He s a part time student and a right guy Our onlv c itici rr' would be that he knows all the answers in history SCHEELE Hes the lunior College entertainer His ape imitatioris and his badly warpe stories win for him that title SCHMIDT Killer left broken bones in his path as he slugged the 'eani to victory UD in the recent sports th illers VAN WAMBEKE Beware' Hes a fine fellow but leave your rrorief' at home Bob always has something to trade and never loses on a deal WASCHER Stop ire if you vo heard this' Fred must have a sub criptori to College Hurror 53 ' '1 S L ii' I . Y ' Q f I r 75 V A K, 1 if-' v I , .,, t -,vl J 1lSf1.r' .h"A.ltz- , 1 -, 'as-h. Fr ro : 'z sow, Ju :gn-', Nels nn, llu k- . llnwe . l' suns, '4' ' l-. This is, no doubt, the "Koss" of his being taken out of the stag line, ,hd , . A Y., ,S I V. -" i ' ' ' M ' A s ' i . " ff A Buss 4 Lcglq R All JUNIOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL The Iumor College basketball team played the most conslstent set of games ever to be recorded ID Elgm Academy sport records Coach Wllhamson may well expand hrs broad chest and smtle the prlde that he feels The season opened Wlth Geldmacher Dower Schmtdt and Van Wambeke 1n starr1ng roles The Four Basketeers played good ball all season and were strengthened by the arr1val of Cochrane rn the econd semester They were all 1n for occas1onal bursts ot profamty from the bench but deserve plenty ot DTGIQG for the1r l1ve mterest hard work and team sp1r1t The teams slogan was Keep em under htty Th1s was done tn every case Our opponents durmg the season were L1sle Herzle Oak Park La Grange lunlor Colleges and the Chrcago College of Optometry We played return games wtth most ot these teams and played scrlmmage games Wlth many local groups No games were won though the ftrst Oak Park game had everyone b1t1ng hrs na1ls The boys were 1n tor plenty ot razzlng but the season was nothlng to be ashamed of Though everyone on the squad Worked hard several had had no prevlous experlence as hoopers All ot the opposrng teams were from schools much larger than our lumor College If we had had the opportunlty to play teams more nearly our own s1ze 1t IS certaln that the Elgm Iunlor College would have come through Wlth tlymg colors 54 X rl .-Lg '1 H ' by . . ,MX4 N , 5 ' Q N jf x ' L ' RON' ' ' O e lay .l N v lf I ' 1 if , 1 tj Q ir' r l xl In tt, ! Back row, Van Wambeke, Keegan, Schmidt, Mr. Williamson, Dower, Gogy,rin, Geldm Frcnt rcw: Schenet, Johnson, . en, Scheele, Parsons, Hameister. I . C' M X f V A si S3 I x X 2 W AJ if i15Q 0 feQX A "' A "EFF X 4 A fi 5 AMERICAN TAILORS cmd CLEANERS G R BEVERLY Atty GEORGE D CARBARY Atty MORGAN G CARPENTER MD CLAYT S GRII L DAI IELS AND CLARK ELGIN NATIONAL RANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK KANE ELECTRIC SHOP FRED I KOSS HARRY L KRUMM LANGHORST cmd LESCH W E LINDOEREER MILBRANDT PHARMACY DESMOND V MOODY PATRONS MULLIKEN ma BALDING MD 1 M MCCLENAGHAN LAWRENCE MCNERNEY Atty IOHN W MCOUEEN Atty NEHI BEVERAGE COMPANY ARTHUR L PAULSON Atty B S PEARSALL BUTTER CO PELTON CLINIC H R ROVELSTAD DDS SHERMAN HOSPITAL IOSEPH SPIESS COMPANY P B UNDERWOOD DDS THE VALLEY PAINT CO H L WENNER MD WAIT AND ROSS FURNITURE CO ER MDS Ask for NONE SUCH BRAND FOR THE BEST IN FOODS DURAND McNEIL HORNER COMPANY 2 315 East Grand Ave CHICAGO ILL IIIIIIIIQ W o R IEPE co O SIRQIQIIHDS P R THREADS YARNS NDVELTIES INSTITUTIONAL FOODS GIFTS BRIDGE PRIZES ETC Mxlwuukee and Eagle River VISIT OUR SHOPPE AT 403 Bluff Cnty Blvd Elgm. Ill 57 I . . , , fs KLINE BROS. 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