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-u. I bu 4: f AAIL 7,4s ' - I . , ,n , K i A ..- .VV . - . Q b A 5: K--,Q . A-'l.rWX" V. gg x X- A f - " i' aj 4 T, 'AM .- " .V . R A- V. V -"' U k d ! ' ' ' ' ' ' m Un 5, Y f f V i A Ti-5 , ! 1 L1 ' El 44 E X K !g"" A A i f A Qjfn, J '-4 ff ' A ' ag , an w if'-H g P Ham as gf fur . , i v i ,Ii I 0 IVV A L.-- ' 1: -" X 'O ' ' , 'x - V- ' A--f Nfw-5?Lgl3V ' "W" 1 E ' , 5 if " W F l i M m E EE ' 5 3 32,13 1 Lv V e I I--,g f 'I , mb Aj 1 ,3 f ' it 11 x U V' I 11' " b f ta.-fi! 4 K I N' If N , f "1 5 f ' k + fe. ff 'lx-J-"w 'f ' gm' X5 'w2""'f'g+?'i:i pr :JN ' f' V. 5 - ff f fg v - A ' . ..-'b2s1'1 ,114-A :QQ-, H1-,fi :Y . , 'Y -0. , V L Y ' ' " -17 x Lf,-1 , . PP 7 s 2' Xe . ia 1 ,ir ,ruff Y. Mg, fi r- Pgk mm' 'QW 'm mi' 1qg'l'f.v UU LU mai!"-'-"r 0 ' ,.-uv-' ll. I' ' f" i o'.'o'o Q' s v.o,0,'s'o'o Q' "' W 'Q ' , LE N Q, W 0 W Q nz Jkt .-JIr"' 29 0 f If, "" IPX ,I eqfief r' if -"'Nfv'7 sd .- . 5 I X 1 Q' i 1 V YN. : 1 I R - - g - , XX 3 :f ii . '- ' 1 7 : ,-I r ,X . Q I ,I f f 'af We 'W i 1 fm , 1, , 1. al 1 I-4' lf! ' v ' V I W 4 'iq' A I A I, C , I X - 'V ' A - 'K ZX V f X- if k .- Q . . , ,V ' - ' . - It i 1 , lxv x -.X x , V ' " 'Q D. " 5' 1 ' "' :fyzzli fxfgofyn 5 A , 'ftO.',,'!, O",'O" 'nl Kr Q . -' 'ff -'0":"":'- " ':"!'If -' ' I 't'7.10.z'f ' ' gf- . I 4 - .. I EZAXVQQN f 1 fx f . n 1 . W: si f .1 . Q E 5 U up 'f--v I Y 'X . ' W . f f fm' ' t -- 'lx'-"f:'4's"s':":9z"4 .M I V ' " - " . 75,5 0iVi05s.o'v'0 - 73-DQ, 4 vitnlb' .i .L , V 3.1 ' . iffbiffi "f , ' X ' 1 1 fr 1 . - X l A' 4, Ei n U :mmm ' ,f g - H' Jr f' ' fi fpx ' J f .W gi Q , X .. ' 1 f ' 1 I .X 4. r L! 1? Ax I z ' .2 an-sf . 2. 5. 3 5' A S 'I Q 2 K N, A . 1 5 7f'Q42'l' ' ' 4 1 ' 'P N 'i 5 V 2' "ff I 'Q R1 'A 4 L Lf. , J - 1 L' U U -- " 4 I ' 'I' if-' L , ' ' Y - V -'w':v,.'TX 6 A ff T. I l , , 4 1:,f'4r'. - Q , cf 2, - THE HILLTCDP I-1 T936 YEAR BCDQK J L El GIN AUXDEMV mmm w mm 1 H3151 I 'Lf' . -A Q-4 - I .il 'ff ., l , , ' ff L .5-.' ' fx? N' A p4?,!. Z vb i 'I' .faiif Y " -E: ff! ' if ' ,gf I-'47 .. V pi x-,ay ,wg1,1ff,1. A - x N-,ij - -X ,1 Y X X . X. 7 , Q , E VCDLUNHL XXV Il H lltulf. . -pfwlul INNVI' wi thf- "f7r.1ngf- .xml f31.a-EM. -.Max 'fxxtf-11-1 fx- W-Muni 'MM r tt 1 Nwxe-ru: -r fx l'W'l..1Kthf-p-mit-vlflw-ofEllgxu.lflxxmwa-.x:1:f2f-1.XNLWI X .11 ', Af, FQREWQIQD 1 HOC ll y x 1 x a It up r corded for xou the domvs of the lar uc mans md papooses of lqlgm Anfxclemx for 1 S tx V337 1036 pxrtlculdrly the ws xmt lou ht the pouvnmm thnx lu md the tant t tluy rm Ill 1 Uhr we N 1 Il 4 I1 ll H C f Ili I1 SUIYIP Ni IIIYS ill I I ll f IU l CQIXITENTS CQUNCVLQRS TRVBES WARRIQRS POWWCWS WAI-KDS Yr-1-t wp. amfl all g l l juns, tlme- lllll. lOl' gre-1-ts jon. ln ax 'cry huml le wy wc Q 'f e-' - -' ' ,, , 2 Sf, 2 '.', Q I L , " v' tl1v ju ' '- ' . 2 " ' ' 'Q ' hcy ' g . 1 ' ' '. Y' flc-1.2 V g' - lc 5 A 1' . .Ns wo ccmtinuv our journcy tu tht- happy lm ix gg gro l ' .vhtll lm vo t- t in tl - tht xqlmt that we lmvc- pre-svrvvd for our f-ll ww t1'ilwr'1 - .' sou '1 '.' of th It ' 2 I1 Qt' gigglt-s ext tlmf' Svlmool on tht: H'll. DEDICATICDN To MR MAURICE B FINCH scholar traveler master raconteur, and teacher non parexl ln apprecxatlon of has perslstent devotion to hls tasks and of hrs helpful encouragement to stu dents ln and out of the class room lhlS book ns respectfully dedicated . . , ' I ' v ,, um. R fx fl ,wx UPG it AX -441 ag y COUNCILORS 'A' X : , V N' 'Inv ji: , r ' -in tg V", 'pf 35. 5 vat , XX X' I - ' ' '--- . J . N.-TT! g I , P ' 71 g.. F: 1 N K , . ". iv, f, L If , D WX A V, V N A X 4 ,A ' 4 . v A gf ' P H .4 5 I4 Jw - X, A ' ' In 11 It 1 "'w.."7:i5 'A , . ' ,f fig, ::.fl' ' " ,Q '." LRLFJ' '7 xy' f' X , f. vr 15 til f 'W "H f . 1'-1 3K JZ . ' 2 K f,g fi' ' N 1,5 x gn u, I l X vf ,, " xx' T -"ENN J 'Ja f I , A 3 u Q "JL ' . Q - 2.-3f:gTi'., f - L: , KARLJ STOUFFER B S A 'Vl Dean Sclence Under the mfluence of thxs outstandxng man the Academy has thrived nn every phase of 1ts educatlonal enterprxses Mr Stouffer IS constantly endeavorxng to make the time spent mn school more profitable to both lnstructor and student Has wlllmgness to llsten to all sugges tions and hls attempts to respond to the desires of the students have promoted a fine school feeling lh the Academy 1 I-IILLTOP -IAMES O MILSTEAD B S A M Englmh Senior Master Mr Nlnlstead mallgns our magnlhcent mwsterpxeces nn Enghsh by Inserting mllhons of mlsrellaneous marks Even those students who dlslllie poetry are able to appreclate Browning and Shakespeare after hrs mterpre IGIIOHS Since his trlp to England h even able to use the best prononclatlon such as cahstles etc WALTER A HEATH A B Mathenntlcs ways been very popular m the Academy HIS preclse proofs and hls enlgmatncal equatlons have foiled hrs devoted dlSClPlES for decades His satlrxcal darts spur on hls superclllous students to astoundlng attalnment ln trlgo nometry as well as m tenms MAURICEB FINCH A B A M French Monsleur Fmch our famous professor of French IS feared far and wlde for ll'lHlCtll'lg falllllg grades He delights ln frustratxng those furtlve fellows who futllely attempt to overcut ln chapel However his hearty co operation with those who deslre It has made hlm a true frlend of the students 6 . . , . ., . . Y 4. , ' , ' . ' ' ' , e is 2 .. ' ' - .. .. , . . ' , . . 1 1 ' . Nlr. l'leath's mathematics classes have al- . , . ., . . . . . , - . 1936 CLARK C COPP A B A M Economics Lhemrstry Psycho'og,y Mr Copp rs the Academy s dynamo of enthusrasm Due to the lack f debating teams rn school he introduced thrs factor rn hrs sociology class where heated arguments ensued However rn the most complrcated contests he would out crack the cleverest combatants 'xnd retain control of the class C DONALD PERRY A B A Nl Latrn English Although Mr Perry strives to preserve a Caesarran attitude toward hrs prattlrng, pleasrng as hrs music Hrs prlgrrmages to the bungalow are not altogether due to hrs perrpatetrc predrsposrtron but evidently Perry s Pedrgreed puns find an apprecratrve audience there WAYNE F REPLOGLE. A B llrstory Scif-nm Drrtctor of Xthletcs Mr Replogle a romantrc ranger from Yellowstone has recently become religious and has developed a passion for organ music However he strll retains his repulat on for turnrng out first rate teams and during the past ye'rr the rrotous romprngs of hrs robust athletes have proved rurnous to all rrvals 7 . , . .. . . ' . o A . . . . , - . 1 , 1 I , . . . , . ., . . I I , A 14- r . . . . 1 pupils, his personality nevertheless is as . . , . . i' iv V -1 Y I 4' ' A -. . . ' : . , . 1 1 , V l HILLTOP ELAINE C SCHAEFFER A B A M History Dean of Clrls Coach of Dramatlcs Slnce Miss Schaeffer I8 our Instructor ln history It I8 not strange that she lcnows her dates Under her sagaclous supervlslon the students presented several stupendous stage productlons during the year The ln terest she shows ln school actlvltles has made her a favorite member of the faculty BARBARAA HAWKINS B S ln Educatxon Llbrarlan Dlrector of Clrls Athletics Miss Hawlcms deadly dxsclplme has proved disastrous to many a student who de sured to converse wlth hls friend at the other end of the library Her abrllty ln athletics has won the admxratlon and respect of the girls and her good fellowship has made her popular with all WILLIAM L HANEY B A M S Sclence and Mathematics Mr Haney rules hrs turbulent trlgo nometry class wxth an Iron hand and a debut pad ln chemxstry lab his unlcnown solu tlons strllce terror ln the hearts of all Hrs cordial nature and hxs lrreslstxble humor lure even the most tlmxd souls mto the range of his candid camera 8 . , . ., . . n .. U . . . - s . , . . . . . f . . . n . , . ., . . . , - 1936 LEON E FLLLER 'lf A I busnne-'41 Incl bu tle hut he tx li ttme for 1 sm: f- W FORREST BOOTHBY Despite has frollung nature his pe-r sonallty attracts new friends or ef Academy RUTH FRUECHTENICHT 5 th D an A whiz at the type wrlter her good I1 ture an service are proverlnnl MRS ARM-XDA WENTWORTH D tncla Vlas famlly of boys muy dnnge wnth t e years but her nnterest ln them remuns the same 9 Assistant to the President of the B01 cl l ' ., 1 :4 , 1, ' . . 'l .. Field Secretary. .Xssistunt Lkoach. ' ' f . , ' . f nh. Secretar ' to c z: . ' d ' ' 4: . r ' f ie ' ' n. 1 ' ' a ' . " h . ' , ' 1' . TRIBES f I X 5 xefvfiwg As ,,,.f ,.-f' Amd, 1 X f Q75 SENICDRS v w 4 o Q .X ' 'I - f "1 'J' F ff W . , ? 1g5Z 7' 1 -' J, 19' 1 N . ' Xia - 'Ulla Qi , 'iq jrjillrgfl I? , M1 .- 2 J 2 .- A 'EM 5 gf -E V' ' c J, 1 31 Q sf' ga 1 R 4 1 4: I 5 i 1 f gf 1 if X, I li if EW? if J -e fgsgg 'ggi 1 ff- X441 4 1.5 ? ' 5' f, "is 1 75- 51 ' in E F9 y iz 'V If " Y ii: , K ,f 1434! I LA , g fx iff.- 'ltr ' - A X ,L , x 5'-f fl! H! V s...-If If, xy 5 . . , 5 1, if li' X 'YA ' rf - ,fit 11. 1 f fbijgix N I-HLLTOP HARRY STUART BAKER Chicago lllmoxs Major E Club basket ball track football vxce presl dent of Senior Class First place ln Bradley Oratorlcal Con test Harry Baker phantom of the third floor holds forth ln the bookstore during the day At night he chooses the more romantic role of poet We wonder rf he will set to muslc hrs poem about Betts wlth her gray green eyes KENNETHJ CAHILL Elgm lllmoxs Mayor E Club football basket ball Kennle Cahill I8 one of the Academy s basket ball artists who specializes ln hook shots He IS known about the campus for has advlce to the lovelorn Hls mann difficulty ln life IS remembermg that there are five school days ln a week and that classes are held nndoors HELEN 'ANE COOPER Elgm llllnols Dramatic Club vlce presldent of Aelchlorxans partlcl puted ln hockey basket ball and baseball COOPIC IS one of Mr Fmch s most eager French students Her bonjour and comment allez vous are very perplexmg to those lgnorant souls who have not yet delved mto the mysteries of French Does Coople carry on her correspondence with Leland Stanford ln French too? HARVEY BURNHAM CROWDER Lakeport Cahf Clee Club Major E Club Hilltop staff basket ball manager track Having fallen down a mountain xn Yellowstone Park last summer Harvey hasnt fallen for anyone here ln Elgln Yvhat wlll the bungalow do next year without the supervxsxon of cautious Crowder the cob web chaser? He knows all the popular songs and I8 Qompoamg one entntled l ll Wm the Sweepstakes for ou ROBERT CHAPMAN EDWARDS Elgm lllmons Advertising sollcltor for the Hxlltop football tenms Orange and Black Staff of 35 Bob Edwards has become one of the Yellow Cab Company s most dangerous competltors Smce he brings pract cally all the west sxde students to school his motto IS Hnghland Avenue s hngh class hauling and dumping service He IS now ln the market for a traller I2 , . . . v v v v - v . . . - . . . . .. -1 . 1 J 1 .- . H . . - H . .. 4. 1. 1. . ,- . , . f n , . a . . -. . . 1 v .- 1 . C Z 1 - v . . .. . - . . 1 . . H . . 1936 ROBERT HOPE FENLEY Rxversrde lllmols Elected to Cum Laude editor of he Orange and Black Clee Club tenms assistant business manager f Oran e and Black and Hilltop Though Brown Unxverslty may not know nt Rlversxdes natlve son Bob Fenley will soon be pun nlng ln xts 1vy covered halls He even toolc apart a set of history maps trylng to locate hrs future Alma Mater but hell put Brown on the map when he gets there PHILIP DANIEL CAFFNEY Geneva llllnoxs President of Senior Class Major E Club Dramatic Club Student Council football basket ball Hllltop Staff Phlllp Damel Gaffney the Knight of the Vestl bules keeps his offrclal resxdence ln Geneva however he casts hrs vote ln Elgln As a member of the Stu dent Council he was an ardent advocate of more and better home pers so that he might make more fre quent tnps to the Tnanon CRAIG ALAN GILBERT Elgin lllxnons ee Club nms ln 34 5 bus ct ball ln 35 Treadwell and Gilbert known for thelr proficlency at wmter sports such as slcnng He IS also one of Mrs Vary s favorlte pupxls and during any glee club penod his dulcet tenor tones can be heard waftmg across the campus BARBARA JEAN HARBAUC-H St Charles lllrnols Dramatic Club Aexchlonans CIN-Club Hnlltop Staff gurls athletics second place ln Bradley Oratnncal Contest Harble has progressed to the smoothy stage rn oratorxcal ablllty and I8 loolung for further fields to conquer She often wonders Shall l one day broadcast my oratlons as doth the present Lady of the Whlte House or must my ablllty be wasted on garden clubs Glrl Scouts etc? BARBARA ,IEAN HEAL EY Elgin llllnols Elected to Cum Laude president of Student Council Dramatlc Club president of -Xerchlorxans edxtor of Hilltop asslstant editor of Orange and Back gxrls athletics The mlghty Healey IS about to surrender the field to a younger genius Greeleys advlce o west young man go west' has been dmned into Barbara s ears untll she has decided to go west after hum ln any case theres gold ln them thar hulls of Colorado lf one can dug I3 . : 1 " H: a . 1 . , 0 " a " " ' H in '55. D . . . . . ' ' - - . , . . . . ' . .- 1 l n . . ' . . GI C :le ' ' ' ,' 5, 'fbi 6 lt' ' ' ' . '34, Craig is a member of that famous trio, Svendsen, , A . , . . . A - I . . . Z . . z I . z.. , .. z . - . . ' lv . . . I Q , ' . , .. . ' .. I ' I ..': . . 4 ' . . . . ' HC , . . - . . . I-IILLTOP JACK BARBER HILL Dundee lllmols Major E Club football Dramatic Club ack Hrll Dundee s prlde and Joy rs planmng to make his debut upon the stage as an lmltator of gold flsh and runnmg water faucets He galned hrs pres hge by adding sound effects to Christopher Bean Accidents dont worry hlm because hrs car naturally finds xts way to the hospxtal J LEROY IVERSON Berwyn llllnols Mayor E Club football basket ball track lvy belxeves that femmlne varrety ns the sprce of lrfe Whenever he returns from a date Baby Le Roy rs Koss examined but we really dont know whrch glrl he ad Meyers lt just shows that you ve got to be a football hero to get along wrth the glrls GEORGE SAMUEL KELLEY Elgm lllmors President of Major E. Club football basket ball track Hllltop Staff George Washington may have been father of hrs country but the football team has IIS own George as With a hearty C mon boys awayl Pa led the thundermg herd ln a mad dash for the goal post and victory DONALD LAWRENCE KIENLEN Elgm lllxnoxs Major E Club football basket ball swimming track After wmmng the trophy as the most valuable player of the football team Don has upheld hrs record by demonstratmg great ablllty ln swlmmmg basket ball and track Although he doesnt glve anyone a break around school he rs merely saving hrs energy for hrs telephone calls DOROTHY JOSEPHINE KOSS Elgm lllmols Clee Club Aerchlorlans partlclpated ln hockey basket ball and baseball Pansnan ambassadors deslrmg Dorothy Koss vxews of what the well dressed glrl should wear wrll undoubtedly receive these suggestlons Enhance your personality with a dash of wrt do not allow the men to thunk you are smarter than they and dress as you llke People wlll continue to appreciate you I4 , . Q ' - ,I . . v . , ' : ' 4 1 . 1 1 - ' 1 . . . . . 1 9 Q , a . , . . 9 Q : : . , ' . . . , . . . . z : . ' v , , 1936 HOWARD E MEAD Tulsa Oklahoma Transferred as a senior from Tulsa Hlgh School Clee Club Howard Mead the gushing gallant from Tulsa Oklahoma still thmlcs that Betty xs the only g oll for hlm He mtroduced whnte shoes thxs sprung ln con trast to the traditional bedroom slipper style Even ln has dreams he may be heard repeating Coltes for one please L11 MARGARET KATHRYNE MEYERS Elgin lllmons Dramatxc Club Aelchlonans Orange and Black Staff hoclfey Chxcago Motor Club epl motor grams by Mar g,aret Meyers The horn IS an lnstrument used for lnformxng the boys you are here Casolme IS a llquld Erght gallons are required for one play prac tice Do not shift to second gear on nearxng rl stop sn.,n Thus will mdxcate you are txmncl ust go rnght through ERNEST R MLRILLO Advertising, solicitor for the Hllltop elected to Cum Laude busmess mana er of Oxon e mel Black and Hxll toy for 55 Xenms IS planning to lntroduee Hxllowe en into South r merlca Next year he will xttend M T to pre pxre for has eareer as le :der of x marlmb x band called Murlllo s lnslpld Troubadours They wnll monkey around at Cocoanut Grove on the Amazon JOHN WADE NEWMAN Elgm llllnols Clee Club Oran e and Black Staff Hilltop Staff swimming, cl tznms rn 54 and 3 Ever slnee he came to the Academy, ohn New man has been the envy of the entnre student body be eause of hrs annual pass to the Rialto Theater When ohnme 13 not xt the show he may frequently be seen n the brldle paths at Dunham s Woods ROBERT LEE QSBORN Culver lndlana Transferred from Culver H ln behool Nlnjor E Llub outbxll ln ltet ball trae Bob Osborn The Gentleman from lndlana ha proved conclusively that the Hoosier State produces great basket ball stars Ozzxe has a passlon for perforated shlrts wlth ropes around the necks We wonder rf these prove attractxve to the Northwestern C0 eds I5 1 I I 1 . - ' -f 'y 5 -- , . , . . - ' ll ' . ll , , . - . , . - . - ' k-5 " 1. - " 3 V : .. A 1 - 1 , .3 ' . - ,g. " . g. i V. " " ' . 1" ' Q - Ernest Murillo, intrigued by American customs, X ' ' . . ' . ' i . l. . - a ' " ' -z 2 ' ' z ' ' v . : " Q . . g " ' " ' : " ' 1 an - ' ' ' ' 5. J i . 0 ' ' ' '. .. . I . V lg ex LQ. .... N 1 f 1 1 1 S ' - : 1 'k. . ' ' . 's HILLTOP ROBERT INSLEE PIERCE Fargo North Daltota Clee Club swimming football Bob P1erce IS Elgm Academy s verslon of Eddie Duchm Hls persuaslve lme has caused many a busmess man to take a Hnlltop ad and many a femlnme heart to flutter However he stnll doesnt seem to glve a RIP about the women ESTHER CAROLINE RAKOW Dundee Illmoxs Dramatic Club elected to Cum Laude prcsldent of Aelchlorlans Orange and Black and Hilltop Staffs Glee Club girls athletics Of all the students Dundee has sent us Esther IS the glgglmgest gal so far With tee hee here and a ha ha there she laughs her way along She even laughs at oll men and uniforms a dangerous occupation for one who may some clay want a uniform to take her seriously WILLIAM EUGENE REDEKER Elgm Illmons Footbal' track elected to Cum Laude Orange and Black Staff Bull Redelcer was awarded the trophy for showmg the greatest amount of Improvement during the foot ested ln Improving his martin houses He IS snll strlngmg the birds along wlth the slogan B1ll and coo nn one of Bulls blrdhouses FORESTER BERG SVENDSEN Elgm llllnols Clee Club football basket ball tennis track ln 34 Ordmary people have painted the town red but Fone aspxres to paint It green so that no red lights will stop has progress ln llfe Although an ardent huntsman he IS not very successful due to the fact that all Cllberts squirrels recognize the feather m hls cap and his merry tally ho CHARLES ALONZO TREADWELL Elgm Illmons Major E Club football captain Glee Club track manager Orange and Black Staff Charlie s motto I8 Remember the Alonzo and who could forget him after hrs flghtlng performance as captam of the football team? He has exploded some of Mr Haneys pet theories rn the chemlstry laboratory and lt isnt hls fault that the lab IS stlll there I6 . . - , . . . a ' - , , . . -: : : " ' ball season, but during the summer he is more inter- , . : : : ' 1 ' ' . '35. . . . . , . I . . I A . . . . 1936 DAVID MURRAY WEIBLE Fargo North Dakota 'Vlajor E Llub football ba ket. ball track Qlee Llub Murray Wexble IS another Fargo flash whose favornte dlsh rs olnves stuffed or otherwlse He drd most of his stuffmg at Robmson s but h should worry wxth doctors on both sxdes of the family Ll'l.A.RLES REX WINTERROWD Chicago llllnols njor f' u not x s t 1 at Drum: L Club Qturlent founcl elected to Cum Lxudt Charlxe Wlnterrowd the wmter rodent of the Bungalow ran the half mlle ln record time at Soldrers Freld T IS sand however that his dashes to Douglas Avenue are even more spectacular ls It true that the trap to Maxwell St was responsxble for hrs brogue Chrlstopher Bean3 SEN1OR HISTORY September 8 l955 da vned wnth -ll the glumour of 1 lJCdUlIl'lll summer morn l was the opening day of school for the Hllltoppcrs and 1 more colorful settlnf than the lovely campus could not have been found Soon the bell drew the students to the chapel room wh re Dean Stouffer outlmed the schedule for the year After dlsmlssal various groups lxngered about making new acquamtances Among the prominent new semors was Phrl Gaffney hallxng from Geneva Phrl came here wxth great POSSlbllltlCS as an athlete and a s holar and has proved hxmself worthy of both titles LeRoy lverson came to us from Berwyn wlth a reputation as a mashlng full back Bob Osborn the Hoosxer hot shot came from lndlana to partlcv pate lh basket ball and to raxse hrs scholastlc standxng Howard Mead sought us out from Oklahoma and through hlm we have learned of many Oklahoma customs Murray Welble and Bob Pxerce drrfted rn from North Dakota to boost our athletnc standard skyward Harvey Crowder hopped the traln ln Wyoming and arrived to swell our number of Westerners to four Ernest Murlllo from South America holds the school record for commg the greatest drstance Qharhe Wlnterrowd from the wllds of Wisconsin holds the conference record ln the half mule and IS an excellent student Harry Baker returned after a two years absence to w n the cratoncal contest and the record ln the mlle Edwards and Redeker are two scholars who went out for football and track re spectlvely to prove that not all knowledge comes from books ohn Newman though not prominent ln the sports department took part ln several other dCtlNltlCS Dundee made her contrlbutxon ln ack Hull who plwyed a good football game and tackled a mean English book Don Klenlen may well be clxsslfied as one of the best all around athletes the Academy has ever seen George Kelley s nrollment at the Hilltop made grldlron hlstory here Kenny Cahill was our lron man of both basket ball and football Crave Gilbert does a good Job of holding up his end rn scholastic ability Fone Sxendsen rs finishing hrs fourth year here and wxshes he could spend four more with us Bob Fenley IS the editor of the Orange and Black and one of our best students Last but not least we have our football captain Treadwell who exhnbxted fi ht In trlg class as well as on the field Among the fall' co eds we Fund sm swell gals Harbne s smrle for everyone Koss humor H len COODCI' S quletness Esther S gxggle Barbara Healey S bnlllance and Marge Meyer s snappy come backs will be sadly m1ssed next year -Xnd so we have covered the semor class the largest rn the hrstory of the school As 1 reat a bunch of classmates as e'-er llstened to Dean Stouffer s chapel lectures Mull soon be alumm and say farewell to thls great mnstltutlon I 7 '. ' ' ' . e ,Q 1 ' - U 1 ' - ' N12 ' " l" Cl hz f bs ll: burkt' hz llg tv' :l-:L 1 . t ' in .. . ... , , - v 4 2 2 2 ' 4 ' . t ' 4 j ' A r ' 1 rg ' - r 2 ' l ' . 1 1. l ' ',u l 4 l' ' . ' V ' . C l . , . , J . u K 4 I 1 . I 1 . . . . Q 'V . .. . V ' . 5 , . .V i l . . .' 4 ' g 4 4 . ' ' , I 5 ' I M I , S ' . D . ' .. ' I-IILLTGP 1936 Top Hawkins Dembowskl T Reynolds j1ruRennolds Barr Bottom M Svcndsen ack Reynolds M Hxll Koch Llpser Upon close rnvestlgatlon we have concluded that as a whole the umor Class IS quite worthy of recexv mg their full head dress as semors next year How ever there stlll remam several traxts which we thunk should be dispensed with rn order that these juniors may develop xnto successful semors We have therefore after due conslderatlon selected that char acterlstrc whlch might prove the most detrlmcntal to each member and lasted lt below xy, Barr His haxrcut Demlnowskx Hrs whlstlmg X 9 Hawkms Those obscure mannerrsms l X X' f A Martha Hull Falling unto a Brown study Koch Pesterlng ofhce employees o fallng, to comprehend the objects of the numerous prxncrples of the school Llpser That New Yawk accent ack Reynolds Trying to get by on has good looks lm Reynolds Foolmg the freshmen X" Tom Reynolds Hrs harem Stringer Wearlng ushers unlforms Io school Marvel Svendsen Playlng the pxano at noon OFFICERS PYCSIC-lent Tom Reynolds J U N I Q R S 5 ecfe tary Treasurer Marvel svendm Rep Achlenc Board ,m Reynolds Rep Board of Publxcahons Martha Hlll I9 ' I A v - v J 1 -1 ' .l V, , ,' ' .t A . A ' ' J . . . . . n xi ' , n . X5 n ' ' - h v f ' ' .Xi I - 1 4 . X ' .I . . . .X N - T 1 , V X , - X N A V A ff f Q-EN 'f fw - . '. '. ' 4 w 1 ' . Q X D ,X X ' J. - . - - N, "Q N5 x X . l , - - -. . U . ' . , , ..., ,, ,, I-HLLTQP Top Pearsall Young Glfford Spless lVlcL0rnack Taylor F Zxegler Thompson Bottom Rlnehlmer Rasmussen Nary Aston C. Zlegler LeBlanc Lawrence L Rakow Can you xmagnne Edna Lawrence not gettmg the current cllrt Sylvla Vary as a platmum blonde ack Taylor wxthout that qulzzlcal expresmon Fred Ziegler wlth a white loclc of halr George Ziegler wlthout a whlte lock of hair Maxine Thompson not walking to school wxth New man Andrew Mccornack not pulling hs latest puns Harry Gifford wlthout one of the family cars Lllllan Rakow not resemblxng Esther Betty Aston not belnv called Hasty Betty Rlnehxmer wlth a long hob Olive LeBlanc without her Fargo boy friends xxx H' 2 Q. E '4 I' 5 3 5? 5 EU E 2' E 2 an O -U I G ,, Z O 70 rn an Wllllam Young with horn rimmed spectacles Mae Rasmussen without her long, flow ng hair ohn Spless at an Acadenly dance OFFICERS Pfesldenf George Ziegler Board of Publxcatlon Betty Aston 20 1-. 1- v-. ' - 2 f A . 5 , . . - 'U V ' ' W 1 I ' I 5 I I I I I , T . l I I . I L . I ' ' I I 3 5 1 U S . .. 3 2 : H . , ' 5 Z' . A . , 1 3 I n . ' E 5 5 ' . 0 - , .- E f f ' 2 . ' E 2 1 - ' ET : ' - ' ' ' ' '1 1 4 X ' I 0 . M- Q T ' 5' ' , , 42 l ' 1 X It 4, I 4 .i 5 ,, 1-w. ,Q 2 :Q 2S4.i- ' 4 ' A 1' ' T ' Q5 1 71' x"A'?Q il A, ,,':. ' ls XX lf NJNXQK W A . S M, 1936 P I I K tt r 1 1 ffwnr-N X. 'SSX Xxx xg: r-H -1 fs- 4 fl' ll K -0- 1 I 7 I ops f X! I FRESHMEN LULLABIES OF THE PAPOOSFS Norman Acllen Mighty Lak A Rose Charles Xrnell Give Me a Date With a Ford V 8 wahoo Henry BUClClln l DYCTYH Too MUCh Mary Collmgbourne l Have to Rude the Horses on the Merry go round Harry Duvxs Wxlkxng My Baby Back Home Lwrol Healey Gxve Me My Boots and Saddle Don Krdd l Feel lrke a Feather rn the Breeze oan McBrnde Alone at a Table For Iwo Hans Mees Ah Sweet Mystery of Lxfe Margaret Redelcer l m Putting All My Eggs m One Basket Bob Sprlet Lost OFFICERS President Margaret Recleker Vice President Hang Meeg Secretary Treasurer oan McBr1de Board of Pulnlncatron Mary Collmngbourne -Xtldletlc Board Henry Buqklm 71 X , , l To : Achen, Me-Q-S, C'oll'ngbournf-, Davis, Spr'f't, irlrl. B0 om: fVlrB irlv, .xIlI1'll. M. Rell:-kc-r, Bufklin. C. H1-.lvy. 41"- ti". vi - f f' ' , ,l I V hall. V ,' ,-' ,l,' 'V' f' 2. - - . . W F' f , .. A .. A -- " , V ' i. t - a ' f . 1: . ar M S-QE Y ., Q ' -I T.. . l.. -' X' if .x A 'lf - . .. ' 'iw 1- :Eva - f - l I X 'mmf - Z. , J , -... -- .. 4 1 h . . A r , 1. , . ll, gi , , If 1 ' . . X B ' V' .. ' -H A V X' A ' A 1 ' . T.. ... lk if ai, il-f 'P ,,1 fmt - . . ' f ff " ' ff' X3 'I - ,f'f,f B B B v. - eeeeee J ' .rd flff X! -.f fis A mrfzf 17:11 6 In 1 I 4-f"" I X f ,X , mit' -il-R Xiff il C1,Q:-:fn-Q ,xX'e'c Z JUNICDR CQLLEGE 2 .,,- 1, X QQ we' 4 , x .4 A ,,f X .U-'Q ' .,pf' 1 f', f A , "vig I,-" - GYM L. '-'K ' 4' Qu' f , f - N. W NX is .pw N 9 . A ,,, , . ' ., Z xd " 'A , 534' fir '53 'Lg' 'sei - Rd., , . . ,A ,. . . Q'-. ffiflfvt 4.-.' 'xg - ' . ' o ' - ', .Air-M-an A rifkffiif Q 'f-123-f" --- Q5 - ,V . ' ' -14: 1 ' . Q ' - ' ' fi' if . If X E SOP!-IOMORES JOHN F CRAY ohn IS a young man who drmks deeply of the cup of llfe For years he has trred to jam all of life into hls own personal test tube IS chief afflnctxon eye trouble and hrs mam hobby pets VELD X LUCILLE LINDHOLM Velda IS a pleasant young lady who takes her work serrously and does t we She has made many frrends during her years at the unxor College Our best and most slncere wishes go wrth her wherever the srl xer thread of lrfe may lead MARIAN MARJORIE. McKEE Better known Sadre lVlar1an has been vrsrtrng classes around here for mgh on to Eve years Who will take her place t runmn an obblngxto for lVlr Fnnch s French clxss3 RICHARD BYRON ROBERTS forts of a modern home ln the dark room smce he spends most of hrs time there Hrs classmates wall gratefully remember hlm for the prxvrlege of lxstenlng t the baseball games on hrs radlo whxch figures hrs laboratory equipment LOIS C XROLYN SODERSTROM Sodxe I8 the mental shark of the class es nn anxlytnc eometry chemistry etc She rs always frrendly and easy to work wxth The Xcademy chemxstry students wrll mlss her next year when they have to test their own unknowns ELIZ XBETH LLOYD N OCT Luz IS the qulet wlse type Some of our boys though not twenty one have been Vogtlng all year We wonder how she remains so placld with so many love affairs to upset her ln fact one of her lovers just couldnt stand the Cat? 23 J ' 4 - . ' r ' ' is "ln f Q ' i ll. J ' . . rl 1 V A' . Y as .. . .., . , ' a ' g 1 ' z. . ' '. Dick has decided to install all the com- . , , . 0 . A ' . ' in ' t 1 . . . I ,vv, Top Coedert Munroe Kramer Singer Sandaker Mnlner Samuelson Maloney Mlddle Senger F Kauffman Rosengarden D Kauffman Morse Rauschenberger Coleman Bottom H Nllller R Muller Dolby Lazansky Handler jones Petersen MacDonald JUNIOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN September l935 Many of them had Just graduated from the Elgin Hlgh School others were recruxted from surrounding towns notably Huntley Bartlett and St Charles Early ln the year they elected thelr class officers presxdent Tom Coleman vice presxdent Harvey Miller and secretary Murxel Dolby They chose George Milner and George Coedert as members of the Athletnc Board and elected Donovan Senger to mem bershlp on the Board of Publxcatxons They were actlve ln all school actnvltles eight of the boys partlcrpatmg m basketball others found places ln dramatic and journallstlc functions of the unlor College Now at the close of the first year they look forward with enthusxasm to their sopho more year 24 l r Pu - I fi f - I Eager to begin their school year, the junior College freshmen entered school in Q 4' 5 f-ff! 61 gl qt? W3 f 5 ff f'! W1 WARRIORS X .. Im vi' 1 I' , ZX ,Q ,W X . yi' V ,. ..f ,1 ' 5 '. V " 1 - - L Y My Q - :IL g 'X wt hz' .PQI 'N 'X N i , eff, ff fi ff ffhjf f -- . ' I X1 Wayne F Replogle Dlrector of Athletics and coach of the major sports IS a man of many parts Teacher of hnstory and physxography landscape pamter of no mean ablllty ranger naturalist of the summer staff of Yellowstone National Park trainer of Elgin Acaclemys cham mg boys for lxfe as well as for lmmecllate athletic competition Hts suc cess ln proclucnng champlonshlp teams ln three major sports nn a single year and from a small student body to choose from testnfles to his ablllty Forrest Red Boothby F1 ld Secretary of the Academy and assls tant coach worthy alumnus member of the famous champnonshnp team of l929 IS a fme man and athlete whose abxlnty m le-'xdershlp 'ind tram Ing makes hmm a fittln assxshnt to Coach Replogle CCDACHES 1 . , . f x pionship teams, and a great fellow. He is a coach par excellence, train- C D . 'e ' V ' - I ' l cy .1 C ' . . 'K L HILLTQP -u ,.. .f- l f 11 I-.1 vi Z. E vi 1 E c 5 m' 35 Z ,- .E rf cz. . ,C 5' -' I2 .4 5 :L '- A 5 ,E ff - 5 'if 5 T' 'I E : C '72 Q A L V C .-I -4 E Q C 1-.f . 35 -2 -C r: -1' li- '-4 .-if TL.-J . Eff T' 92-:P mi? ..: E: Ei rc 1' -f E 2 i ,. Lf E 1936 FOGTBALI. SEASON The Elgln Academy has 'xnnexed another mrd west prep football champxonshnp l has virtually become a habrt wlth the llllltop football team whnch has won the txtle the lxst two years One more champlonshlp ln football will glve the school permanent possessxon of the Conference trophy This year the students faculty and townspeople saw one of the greatest teams that has ever cavorted ln the Academy Bowl Th Chlmplonshlp leam of l935 played one of the toughest schedules ever faced by any prep school nn the Mlddle West Not satlshed wnth the keen opposltxon offered by our conference foes we played two of the most outstanding mllltary schools ln the bmted States They were St ohn s of Delafield Wisconsin Culver of Culver lndlana On September I0 about thnrty boys reported to Coach Replogle It now became the duty of Mr Replogle and his mvaluable assistant Red Boothby to wleld thus group of fellows into a football machlne that would stand second to none He hxd just two weeks a very short txme before our flrst game with the DeKalb College Reserves But due to the constant hustlmg enforced by the coaching staff the boys were not long gettlng, mto condntxon and begxnnmg to look somewhat lxke a football team On September ZI and for the following seven Saturdays and on Thanksglvxng Day we played out our sched UC Elgin Elgln Elgin Elgm Elgxn A comment ohn has One of Elgxn Elgin Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy expr esse d the best s Academy Academy I 935 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE by a few of the mall college team DeKalb College Reserves Pleasant Vrew Onarga M A Culver 'Vl A St ohn M X people who saw the Sr ohn 5 game S S that I have ever seen Morgan Park Nl X Nlooseheart To most of the people slttlng ln the stands the games were just sixty mlnutes of enter talnment to be watched on Saturday afternoon But the games are not won merely by what the team puts out on the day of the game It xs the practice through the week that accounts for the success or defeat of the te xm on Saturday The second team should b glven a word of pranse also lf xt had not been for the wonderful cooperatron and opposl tlon they offered to the hrs! te xm through the week we would not have been very success ful They recerved no comment from the paper or cheers from the crowd but they kept on Flghllhg, helplng to LIVE the school a championship team The team was led by a Fighting fool Captain Chuck Treadwell whose fighting attitude kept the squad on their toes The squad greatly appreciated the fine work of the tra ner and manager Rlchard Dembowskl At the close of the season the team was given a banquet and the prxvxlege of hearmg Coach Waldorf of Northwestern Unnverslty The football squad was very sorry to learn of the death of Calvln Lawrence who was a member of the team of I933 A pony team composed of the smaller boys was organized but found dxfficulty xn se curing opponents who were not too heavy or much more experxer ced than they Games with the Abbott School of Elgin the Todd School of Woodstock and the Elgln Hugh School L1 htvvexght B team resulted ln heavy wlnnlnv scores for the opponents but showed the fightmg metal of our boys and deweloped brawn and experxence for future member ship on the -Xcademys re ular team The followlng named boys composed the team Harry Davxs Andy Mccornack Blll Young Bob Fenley Bo.: Sprxet Henry Buckhn Hans Mees ack Taylor Norman -Xchen Henry Koch Chxrles -'Xnnell math the 'ssslstsnce of two or three llghtwelghts from the vlrslty squid 27 I Q r A - . ' I I . I ' A ' ' , e 4. i r . J U I . . 1 ' . l I . . 1 . ' ' H 1 1' ' I3 . . 0 ' 26 ' I3 ' ' Sl . . 7 1' ' I4 . . . 2 ' 3 . J . f . 26 .1 J ' , " t. 5 'B . . ' 20 ' . f . 6 Elgin Academy 20 Lake Forest Academy O ' I3 6 ' i . ' C I-IILLTOP All-ILETES CHARLES TREADVC ELL Elgm lllrnors Football Guard elght 5 ft Werght I60 lbs Captarn Treadwell and the I937 Chamoronshrp leam are thought of synonymously He rs an excellent blocker a vrcrous tackler and always xhrc wrth enthusrasm The l935 squad felt that they had had one of the best captarns that an Elgrn Academy team has ever had Charlre also served as manager ln track I936 jIM COLEMAN Wayne lllrnors Football Track H rght 5 ft I0 n Werght I60 s rmmy Coleman was p rhaos the most versatrle man on our team At the first of the season he played left half but Coach Replogle shrfted hrm to guard posrtron where jrmmy drsplayed excel lent football As the team s best blocker and one of rts hrrde t tacklers jrm Coleman wrll be mrssed by future Academy teams rm also holds the conference record rn the broad jump CRVILLE FISHER Fargo North Dakota Football Basket Ball Track eight 5 ft Werght I75 s Frght was Orvs password always was he rn the mrdst of every play Orvrlles excellent passes from center and hrs backrng up of the lrne on defense was a pleasure to behold and a burden to play agarnst Orvrlle may be consrdered the best center rn Elgrn Academy football hrstory He played an excellent game of basket ball and drd well rn the merghts ln track HARRY MOORE Decatur lllrnors Football Basket Ball Track H rght 6 ft 4 n Werght I95 s Harry was a tackler tvprcal of recent Academy trams brg fast rugged and a hard hrtter Harry always played a bang up game for the Academy teams and always made. a game tough for the opponents Hrs herght and agrlrty rn bxsket bill made hrm a reat center ln track he was a good quartermrler MAI' SABO Fennvrlle Mrchrgan Football Basket Ball Track erght 5 ft 8 Werght ISS lbs Mat lrved for football Hrs marn course of drscuss on was football and Mat drscussed every thrng Mat was a farr blocker and tackler to start wrth but hrs rmprovemcnt at these jobs rn hrs posrtron of blockmg halfback was pleasrn to see He played at forward rn basket ball and ran the mrle rn track where he rs showrng great promrse jACK HILL Dundee lllmols Football Tenms Herght 5 ft I0 Werght l70 lbs jack was the hard luck member of our team He recerved several bumps whrch resulted 1 rnjurres that somewhat handrcapped hlm jack played almost every positron ln the lrne and was very dependable any trme jack was a member of the Academy tennrs team Here too he played DON KIENLEN Elgrn Ilhnols Football Basket Ball Track Herght 5 ft 7 Werght I60 bs Don rs our captarn elect for next years football team That alone places Don as an out standrng player Whenever yardage rs needed glve Krenlen the ball on an end run Don rs an excellent fullback although he IS small A harder hrttrng and tackling fullback rs seldom found He recerved the trophy for berng the most valuable player on the team Don played a good basket ball game at forward posltron Smoothness of play 15 Dons great characterrstrc on the basket ball floor In track he was a wery good all around man rn sprmts and rn field events Don also ran on the half mrle relay team GEORGE KELLEY Elgm lllrnors Football Basket Ball Track erght 5 ft Il Werght l95 s What rs that rumble? Why that s Kelley saying somethrng under the prle where he has just stopped that off tackle smash Kelley means a brg fast smart tackle that sent shrvers up the backs of Elgm opponents George was the spark plug of enthusrasm of the Academy team George rs a hard basket ball player a mrghty tough guard It rs drfficult for anybody to get a decent shot whrle belng guarded by hum George worked on the werghts rn track PHIL GAFFNEY Geneva lllrnors Football Basket Ball Height 5 ft 8 n Werght I55 bs Phrl was the brarns of our football team The rrght play at the rrght trme and Phrl always called It Gal? could carry the ball too He gate an excellent exhrbrtron of broken field runnlng at Lake Forest Phrl never dropped a punt and would always take rt back at least ten yards Phrl s smoothness on the basket ball floor was a pleasure to behold Hrs eye for the basket was one of the best on the team and he was a good passer Phrl was selected as a tournament for ward at the Morgan Park Tournament KEIX CAHILL Elgm Illxnors Basket Ball Herght 6 ft Weight l50 lbs Basket ball rs Bumps brg game The hook shot expert of the Conference was Cahill and he was not only a good forward but a strong guard Ken was hrgh pornt man of the season and was elected all tournament center at the Morgan Park Tournament Cahrll ls one of the best centers an Academy team has ever had MURRAY WEIBLE Fargo North Dakota Football Basket Ball Track H rght 6 ft I n Werght I80 lbs Murray had a tough break during football season rn that he severely rnjured a leg muscle Murray was a blg fast hard chargrng end and a tough customer to get around Hrs best game was the one wrth Mooseheart where he made thm s tough for all the boys In basket ball Murray was the outstanding passer of our team Hrs team work and passing were a pleasure to behold Murray was also tough to get around He was undoubtedly the most sportsmanlrke player on our squad Future Academy teams wrll be very fortunate lf they have players of Murray s calrbre In track he proved hrmself a capable spnnter and broad jumper as well as an excellent quartermrler He was a member of the medley and half mrle relay teams .IIM REYNOLDS Elgm llllnols Football Basket Ball Track H lght 5 ft 9 rn Werght I45 bs jrmmy rs one of those small lads who adapts and uses hrs werght to the best advantage He showed thrs ln hrs relentless playrng agarnst St johns Academy Although jrmmy rs small he r a constant fighter and wrll no doubt go places on future Academy teams jrmmy was a regular guard on our team ln track jrmmy worked on the hrgh hurdles and ran the mrle In basket ball he played guard He ran also on the two mrle relay team 2 1 4 n k ' I H ' : . 8 in. ' ' :I . f- A e' : . i . ' :I lb . I I T . I . D f -A I -H' : ,llin. I-"2 Ib. ff f H le' . . i . ' :I lb . 7 - I H ' 1 . in. ' lx . 3 ' ' : . in. ' :I . a good game. I I 5 . i f ' : . in. ' :A I . W f H ' 1 . rn. z' -lb . 7 ' : . ir . ' :Y l . 4 - I e' : . li A. I ' : . . .T -l . eh 4 . A D 4 I ' 1 I . . . . , I , 2 ' 4 ' ' .S ..... 8 1. 1936 xl 1 wr if GIS. N . , wr 'Q' Mm . f AA xii. . . 'r' A ,Qi . . , v A . .xx , Ax , - Mg-Q5 - 5 , . " 4' , - M, , .ff . ' . V,M'Y 'e l-IILLTOP ATHLETES Cont 'IOM REYNOLDS Elgln lllm0l5 Football Basket Ball Track elght 6 ft Vvlelg t l65 s Tommy IS one of those lads possessed of perfect polse and gr-ntleness Ile played end on our football team and few plavs ever successfully came around or over Tommy He wlll be one f Elgln s best ends next year He played center ln basket ball and ran the quarter ln track do ng an excellent job of lt He ran also on the medley and two mlle relay teams ROY IVERSOIN Berwyn Illlllols Football Basket Ball Track elght f Weigh 205 s lkey IS one of these blg boys who can do the hundred n elewen flat Hls ablllty to move wlth speed made hlm an outstandlng end on our football team It IS through Ikeys ablllty t block that most of our 05 tackle smashes were good for yards Ike wlll please any college coach on the grldlron Ike played guard on our basket ball team and a good one he was Hls aglllty and handllng of the ball made hlm a tough boy to cope wlth He was sel cted all tournament guard and deserved thls selectlon Hls long shots won several tlght games for the Academy lkey worked on the welghts ln track BILL HAWKINS Chlcago Illlnols Football Track Helght 5ft 7 Welght l60 lbs When a person mentlons dependablllty on the football field one naturally puts Blll Hawklns ln the plcture Blll at hls posltlon of rlght half was the most dependable blocker our team had Blll rather surprlsed hlmself at tlmes wlth hls excellent work A flne fellow and an excellent man to work wlth He recelved the trophy for belng the most conslstent and least publlclzed player on the team Blll was a Flne swlmmer and boxer He ran the dashes ln track CHARLES WINTERROWD Chlcago Illlnols Football Basket Ball Track H lght 5 ft 6 n Welght I35 bs A mlte of dynamlte ls Charles and clever He played at quarterback ln football He IS one of the cleverest small men ever to play forward on an Academy basket ball team Charlle was the l936 track captaln a member of the medley and two mlle relay teams and conference record holder ln the half mlle A great man IS Charlle He ls all enthusla m and shows It This tralt IS reflected ln all hls relatlons wlth other fellows Elgln Academy IS loslng a fine athlete and a good tralner wlth the graduatlon of Charlle HARRY BAKER Morgan Park Illlnols Football Basket Ball Track Helght 6 ft Welght l60 lbs Harry may truthfully be called The Lone XX olf but he ls a cooperatlve fellow on the basket ball floor Harry ls a qulet lad and works hard 'wlthout saylng much The results of thls may be observed when one conslders the fine showlng he made as center on our basket ba team In track he was once the half mlle record holder of the school and captaln elect and thls year he was a member of the two mlle and medley relays and brolte the school record ln the mlle ROBERT OSBORN Culver Indlana Football Basket Ball Helght 6 ft I Welght ISS bs Coon played many a good game for Elgln Academy on the hardwood court thls year At hls posltlon of forward he scored many polnts for the Academy Hls sportsmanshlp and team play were outstandlng Athletes of Bobs type are welcome ln anv school He IS a comer ln football and has posslbllltles ln track In football he recelved the sportsmanshxp trophy NED BARR Chlcago Illlnols Football Basket Ball Track Helght ft B n Welght l52 s Ned started rather late ln our basket ball eason but he soon showed that he was capable f playlng wlth the best players He had a deadly one hand shovc shot and was a good passer Ned wlll no doubt play regular forward on next years team In football Ned was lnyured early ln the season but IS credlted wlth belng a very excellent natural ln the game In track he dld well hurdles dashes and javelm RICHARD DEMBOWSKI Detrolt Mlchlgan Football Manager Basket Ball Track Helght 5 ft 9 Welght I50 bs Rlch IS one of those managers who always has everythlng on the snot at the right tlme though Rlch would grumble about thls or that he alvsavs had thxngs as thev should be No finer manager could be found In track he worked on quarter and javelln HARVEY CROWDER Yellowstone Park Football Basket Ball Manager Track Helght 5 ft 7 Welght I45 bs As manager Harvey helped the team and was a strong backer of the team In football he played half back and ln track was an excellent all around man ln xaultlng hurdles sprlnts and Jumps FORESTER SVENDSEIN Elgln Illlnols Football Helght 5 ft 'HA ln Weight l50 lbs A good man ln the game but lnyured early ln the season and forced to wlthdraw JACK REYNOLDS Elgln Illlnols Football Basket Ball Track Helght 6 ft I Welght 200 lbs jack IS up and comlng ln sports and next year vslll b a most excellent all around athlete ROBERT PIERCE Fargo North Dakota Football Swlmmlng Track Helght 6 ft Welght IBS lbs A time lad from the plalns country wlth a mgged congenlal nature and very frlendly A hard worker ln football and track and a good swlmmer HARRY DAVIS Chlcago Illlnols Track Swlmmlng elght 5 ft Vllelght l45 lbs An excellent prospect for future Academy teams a good track man and fine breast stroker ln swlmmlng ROBERT SPRIET Bartlett Illlnols Football Track elght 7 ft 1 n Welght ll2 lbs A great llttle athlete wlth great promlse ln track ROBERT EDWARDS Elgln Illlnols Football Tennls elght 5 f 7 n Vllelght l75 lbs A stlcker to the game wlth a love for play BILL REDEKER Elgln Illlnols Football Track elght 6 ft I Vlelght l65 s In football Blll recelved the trophy for maklng the most lmproyement durlng the season I track a great quarter mller MALCOLVI MACDONALD NHPSTVIIIC IIIIIIOIS Football Manager A great man to have around to cheer the gang along and to keep up the fight Mac was also the manager of the junlor College basket ball team HOWARD BRICHT Elgln Illlnols Football elght ft Vlel t ZIS s A fast tackle and strong a cheerful teammate and a Flne fellow 30 f Y 'ff H ' . I in. ' ' h : I lb. , 1 F I K I ' U o s as H' is prom. "Htl lb. , . . .' . ' .. . ., .. 0 - I -I ' 1 . in. ' 1 :I ' . A - ' 5- e' : . A i . ' :I I I . ' 'A -' ' ll . 1 s 4 ' . . ln. -E 5 I . - - ' : 5 . i . ' :I lb. A - ' 'l 5 0 ' . , I .- . In I -V - A . 7 -f ' : . in. ' I: I . 7 A- ' : . in. ' : I . A - If I ' : . in. ' :I . - ' ' H ' 1 . ll in. ' . V . f I I I H ' : ' .' I . ' :I . 4 A ' t H ' z t, i . ' :I . f H ' . ln. f' 1' lb . H ' : 5 . ll in. ' 'gh 1 I lb . 1936 up :ww 4 so me Ba cr ke-Ilmy Repo le :Hom lntfrrour Sxrr Osborn La ll lrffney Klenen BASKET BALI. SEASGN The IQ55 36 habket hill season can truthfully be Calle the beet season excr expt rl enced by an Elgm Xcademy te xm Our team won the Vlxd West Prep Conference Trophy and also the Prn xte Schools lnxltatlonxl Tournament at Morgan Park The Xcademy te xm won ll wch dulerl and 4 non scheduled games It lo-at only one an that one to an lnaplred C u xr-r term Coath Replogle h cl few men from lxst years squad to Start wlth hut he did hue Q xc ra men xx o xr 1 Qlllfff xp: rxeme nn other school-1 From thx: group he mold d one of the Qtrongewt texmw our st c 1 hx cxer lxnovsn e Fire! Pl li nt X xx 1 ln at ou pate ir y ID the Seaaon rf -rem e x ite efafaon gums e storing yn as xfry I the gulr Ing loo in the whootlng r t rxt ntzet xnts to p my e flrit 5t mn gnne oy e reat power our team 1 Twenty one vm players pnrtxtlpxted mt 1 - anm and at ro time dld Dt Xlhan s offer any great eom petltxon the team was Qomewhxt handlcapped by haymv to traxel long distances durmv the dead of wlnter to play thelr Games hut thls dxd not hamper them to the extent of loslnff tamei -Xn un que experience li that y hrch occurred on the trip to Wayland -Xcademy at Beaxer Dam Wrsconim The boys were oxertalten by a lalxzzard mhxch they battled for sexe-ral hours me anxshlle domv a hxt of humane work ln an effort to Get a sxck woman to refuve They eyrntually xrrxyed at Xi atertomn Wxsconsm and Hndmv the roads 1m passable ln all dlrectlons took hoetelry ln a local hotel The boys soon drscoyered that t e local colleve team drd not haxe a Game sche uled for that eyenlnv Thelr loye of th came created 1 desxre to play rhrs team -X vame was arranged and played our boys mln nlnv hy a sxzxlnle mxrffm W ather and roao condltlons were layorable for traxel as lar as Beaxer Dam the folloysmv Nlonday H re the lad played W ayland and yn on A5 soon 5 I 'I' : K r 'lf-r. lv -r. n. WI- l l -. ' k x, ' ' l gg '. B2 . XX" - -1, I: , - , ' h'l', L2 - 1, . . - 2 2 . 2 d . - 4 v 4 - '- , .- ' 2 'h Q , 2- 2 - .. . ' d 2 2 V . 1 l' 2 . N ' ' -1 - 21 ' 2: ' 2 . ' . ' 't , 2 ' .2-'--l 'h hrliff 'fl.-.- -' - I - .. '. 2- - . . 2 . .- h at l 2 s ' ' ' ' . Th . l'1.il 'll' ' 4. ue, 2 l h gh l' 1' d PE l ' ' . '. , '. bl d 2 li .- , 2 -. Th J' I' '2 .' " ' hgh. t 2 d' y ,1 d, 2 d . t fi s 2 e. This game was cleanly' played and was dt-llghtful for the speftators to watch and for the KO -. 2 1 l. ' in. Th . ,S , 2 ts -2 Sh V d what L: Y ' 2 hi ' '- , El, 2 ' . 2 ' 2 h 5 42 e-, 2 . V V A . .f ' ' 2 ' 5 ' - - 4 ,. . .' V rx I, ' V Y A Y S . h p 5 4 . I ' F d p ' '. Av , I 9 HILLTQP BASKETBALL SEASON Ccomb Jgqglbl th y gat out U na une o L nrt r t an l nlee CJCIlPXd l5L0l1qll'1 mt r 1, t 1 ent 1 0 II on or e 'illll o T e nrxt e 1 1 was poeelhl for the hey-1 to return t 5 om rn e here they elelxght dly gorged themselxee on ome- of IVI1-a eho me nourlshmcnt The follovvlng n15.,ht t y played mother game- r' weeoncl Ple-afxxnt X le-xx 1 w as xery peeul1 ar 1 1nt X 1e-w ww held seo e ss t hrs! h If hut n 1 g, l t I hoop eh se-eoncl hxlf Thaw game vw ae exceed xng., y Glove and M as eh1raLter11rel Ivy poor 1,11 ar llng and hootln Thu may he altnbulecl to the had we xthe-r e C ulxe r g,an1e'fa were the me st hmtly nt teel of III, games our team partaupale- Elglll our te n1 nnmg, 1 al -.tom eompletely nutpla ed Culver u wer the team htel 1t hr t ancl only defeat fare rl upon them Due- to the exeeptmn a Luardlng 1nd shootlnf., of the C ulve r team our te 1m w as Lompletely snowecl uncle-r Thu defexl was nengecl 1tt txurnamz nt w ll nur t 1111 clefeate-cl C ulwcr hy 1 SlIdl7lI mar In 111 the outfztanclvnp, game' of the tourn ame I1 ll 111 1 ulp 13 cel C ulve r hoth cle-fe nslvely anel Lg.,1n Ae acl: my group partlelpxteel 111 dt rmg, th1 exuphonal se xson .1 t the Tournament Ken C h1ll I Roy lurson and llhll C.1aflney were selected or IJOSIIIOYIS on the- AIITnurn1me-nr le IDIS 'iuliilillfj fthe. g,am s as fo 1 w Dxte- 1,11 s Storr Jpponents Spore Deerlnlncr I6 I935 Cmntr1lYlVlCX If ecember I2 I935 Ll11n r College lnll I dnl! i anux anua anua anuary 7 I036 I936 I936 I936 I936 I936 I-cbauwry 5 I936 7' ehru ary Vcbludry FfLnary V na y Fel raary 'fl' I I-cbru ary a ch 4 March 1 8 I936 I I936 I936 I936 2 I936 I936 I936 I I 36 Tournament :F 3ICh 'V arch 4 dfCh 'March I4 IO36 I936 IQ36 I936 'Denotes non aeheclulecl game I I 39 32 PI l'slI1l Vncw 5 Xlhxn s Onarga IVlorg,,an I nr n Co el bt Albans Lake Forest Northwestern Co' Cl X nyland C n xrga Culver Ple-deans Mew n r o C r L Ie Fore Culver Nxthaetlrnh AN -Xna C ulxer Lnn ll1gh Nrlll'vNdl.ll'CE.C I8 any Q 1- ' fur h 1 -but lo lir lm, ,ajg nhlff 1 yu fe he- he e 'f A XX". A Q gm am he- ni fh vas sp- if nh lse- 1 I ts If 11 . .Il h tel. h -- le y 't '. ef lu- - 0 Hlhr' .Eh el 1 th- llill", w ' f 1- ' 4, Y A v 1 S .. I in A n. ,y he Th.. ' 1 .2 'f ' wana- 'a .- ' n G , l'le-1 S1 " ' 1. r - Th f 1. 1. 44 , . L- C - U, ,S . E V ,Z . 2 Q 2 dd in. At f 1' -11 , wi ' f ly 11 S rlae Al r-, - 'y- 'I . At C' I' 4. ' el A 's 1-1 ai . 1 e rf- . 1 A fl qgfgnhively. 'l'hisIa:11eas the ITHIILI saxlijlyirrgS1'z1n1e!'lo ple., 'e-' f Qs, e-01.011, and spcceealelfg 1142.1 eany ., .Z , ,, 2 .i, I , E Q Ma, K , . 'H 'v J. . ,, K. ,Q - -Z , ., f A. 1 ro - fl tes 111.1 lla '51 1 Elfal- - c - , - fr, . , 46 'f 1 ' .- 22 D I, 25 T ug' -I . ' - 1 I7 Ja :ry II, I 31 e-1.-2 A ' 37 I' erv I5, 57 't, 1 1 25 j. e ry IS, ZB e je I7 I ary ZZ, 35 1- Ja k Z2 U' fry 23. 25 Iilgi 11. ' ll,1ge 24 If ' J, 49 1 1 ' I6 ' ' . , 3I ' I9 'F a , 27 . Q 3 f .I ,ze I7 ' ' 0, 29 K2 'e I9 --- IZ, 43 I 4 Y' 29 ecla - 1 I5, 28 Z0 -f-11' a-11r y 28, 41 Illgi I . C ll--ge 32 ' 2 ' 29, 39 U 11e1 ya 28 M 1- , 936 36 .1 L- 5: I4 . ', 9 I3 ' -- Z8 Nl ' I3, 40 Sr. .-XII 11115 Z9 NI' I3, 55 .vet vs- .l. - ,. Hd. I9 NI' I4, 33 A ' 27 'I936 Roy E Hammond Field Hous I-IILLTGP p a Don K ffman H ne C edert Seng r Loach B t by Bolt m Lol m IVI n r Sm lxr m r R Miller Vlaloney JUNIOR COLLEGE BASKET BALL SEASCN ln splte of the fact that the C cagers dad not w1n one vlctory clurxng the entlre sea son the entlre squad sbowecl a great deal of pluclc and tenaclty of purpose At the start of the season Coach Red Bootlnby bad literally no veteran materlal Wlth the posslble exceptxon of Square Deal Maloney and Cap Coedert However by the end of the schedule the Bootbbymen were gxvlng the Chicago teams a but of a headache Ax the close of the year Dean and Mrs Stouffer gave the squad a party at the bunga low on Whlch Occaslon the Dean commended the lads for thelr fine Splflt as dld Mr Copp On May I letters were awarded to Ed Maloney George Goedert Roy Muller Harold Slnger William Rauscbenberger Ralph Herne Don Kauffman and Bob Kramer Malcornb MacDonald recelvecl a letter also for hrs SCYVICCS as team manager Followmg IS the schedule of games Date Team Place Score anuary I I anuary I8 anuary 22 February February February February February February February I 4 I Wrlght lr College Herzl r College Morgan P rk r College Wrl ht r College Herzl r College South Sxcle r College Morgan Park College South Sxde r College Elgin Clucago Cluca Clucago Elgvn Clncago Elgin Elgm Cook s Publlslunv C0 Y Nl C A Tour Elgin Elgln ACddEfny Elgln 34 I To : MacDon ld. Rau.-schenberger, au , ei . 0 . e , ' l' ' . ' I3-42 J J . ' 27-40 j' ' ' a j . ' 1 ' go 22-68 ' 'Q l . , ' ' 40-57 l . ' 2I-45 I A .I . 1 ' ' 26-32 I2 jr. ' 28-32 I5 ' j . ' ' 25-44 25 ' ' ' J ' . . . '. . . ' 3I-38 ' 27 ' ' ' ' 32-42 1936 Top Baker Kelley lverson jack R ynolds Coach Replogle Welble T Reynolds Klenlen Bott m Treadw ll Mgr Dembowskr jim Reynolds Barr Crowder Wlnterrowd Hawkins Sprlet TRACK SEASON At the openmg of the I936 track season Coach Replogle was confronted wlth a serl ous problem He had no experienced men for the sprlnts the weights or the Jumps He therefore trled out everybody ln these events m the hope of dl8COVCI'll'lg new maternal The fact that we have this year one of the finest track teams ever developed by Elgin Academy proves that Coach succeeded nn has quest F0llOWlhg IS a lust of the events and the men who participated rn them AVEl.lN Don K1enlen Academy record holder lverson Barr Dembowskl DIS CUS Klenlen Kelley ack Reynolds lv rson SHOT PUT Klenlen lverson Kelley ack Reynolds BROAD UMP Klenlen Wexble Crowder These men have swept the NBTIOUS meets ln this event HIGH JUMP Tom Reynolds and Wenble share honors here l00 YARD DASH Klenlen and Welble 220 YARD DASH Wenble Barr Dembowskl 440 YARD DASH Tom Reynolds and Welble have developed fine form wlth Redeker and Dembowskx showing promxse 880 YARD RACE Captain Wlnterrowd IS the outstanding performer having broken hrs own conference and school records txme 2 05 Baker pushes Wlnterrowd throughout this race MILE RACE Baker former record holder rn the half mlle broke the school record m the flrst meet lm Reynolds pushes Baker Davls and Sprnet are developing LOW HURDLES The cuttmg of the distance from 220 to 200 yards has handicapped our experienced hurdlers This I8 Klen len s event assisted by Barr Hawkms and Crowder HIGH HURDLES No man of ex perlence havlng appeared for this event Crowder and lm Reynolds have xt all thelr own The lowered helght of the hurdles helps them POLE VAULT Crowder IS the sole representative of this event this year HALF MILE RELAY Krenlen Welble Barr m Reynolds and Baker as alternate MEDLEY RELAY The finest medley relay team ln Amenca Welble represents the 220 yard run Tom Reynolds the 440 Wlnterrowd the 880 and Baker the mlle TWO MlLE RELAY Wlnterrowd Baker lm Reynolds Tom Reynolds Their only competmon was ln the American Legion Relays held at Soldiers Fneld M E E T S Aprnl 25 St ohn s Mllltary Academy at Delafleld Meet canceled because of bad weather May 2 American Leglon Relays at Soldlers Field Chicago Our team won over De Paul by ten yards rn the medley relay ln the two mule relays our boys won third place Outclassed ln the half mule relay our boys placed second ln their heat and fifth rn the Held May 9 Triangular meet wrth St Albans and Onarga at Elgln Fmal score Elgln 99M St Albans 32 Onarga 20'4 Klenlen gathered 26 points Welble I6 Wnnterrowd broke hls conference and school records ln the half mxle time 2 05 Baker made new school record ln the mule time 4 5l 2 May I4 Trlangular meet wxth Lake Forest Academy and Central YMCA School at Elgln Score Elgln 85M points Lake Forest 54' 2 and Central YMCA ll Klenlen collected Z4 points Welble I5 May 23 Conference meet held at Onarga Final scores ln pomts Morgan Park 52 Elgin 48 Lake Forest 23M St Albans l4'2 Onarga I5 Kuenlen broke both school and conference records ln the shot put distance 47 ft 65 n Wlnterrowd broke the conference record m the half mlle time 2 07 5 35 j . ' , ' 1 . I . T- '. - , ' , ,J , e . . , , J J Q . . . J ' A ' I I . . -1 I . . ' - . ,I ' .I -' .v . 1 . ' -I ' .. ' - I 'Ji' . A , l , ' . ' - . .fb : . HILLTOP Q99 2' 4-I 1936 Thompson Pearsall Harbaugh Lazansky E Rakow jones LeBlanc Svendsen McKee Handler L Rakow GIRLS ATI-ILETICS The Inaugurahon of compulsory athletncs thxs year and of a program of supervIsed sports and actIvItIes under the leadershlp of a full tIme Instructor In physlcal educatnon for glrls shows that at last glrls athletics has come Into Its own at the Elgln Academy Soccer and field hockey were the major sports played untIl Old Man Wmter drove us from the field to the gymnasIum Several glrls became qulte PYOHCICDI In archery and others In tenms Horseback fldlhg and hlklflg too were popular In the fall as mmor sports As soon as the pool was ready swImmIng and dIvIng clalmed the glrls attention Dnvlng was regarded the most Interestxng phase of swxmmlng and front and back fllps hand stands head stands back dlves and front jaclclcnxfe dlves became common as the season progressed Lessons for beglnners and Instructxon lh llfe savIng were also glven The most Important events In the swImmIng program were the tests gxven In the spring Three dIfferent tests varyIng In dIfhculty were glven and each swlmmer who passed one of these tests recelved polnts In the athletlc assocnatlon The begxnners were requlred to exhale under water to float on face and back to do the flutter luclc swlm bacltstroke and to swlm twenty five feet The ablllty to tread water to float to swlm one hundred yards free style to swlm baclcstrolce sxxty feet and to perform Healey and Edna Lawrence were successful In completIng thIs test The Advanced Test consnsted of the Amerlcan crawl breast trudgeon crawl and slde strokes the surface dlve the runnlng front back optlonal dlves a two hundred twenty yard free style swIm and stunts Ollve LeBlanc Marjorle Lxpser oan lVlcBrxde Margaret Redelcer Sylvla Vary and Mary Colhngbourne passed fhl8 test wlth comparatlve ease Wlth the arrlval of warm weather baseball burst Into prommence The northern lawn of the campus was soon worn Into a dxamond where the glrls played regularly on Monday and Thursday afternoons TennIs also became Important talung IIS place besxde archery and horseback rIdIng on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons North of the bunga low a grass court was lald out for the newly popular game of badmlnton and many prac tlsed the art of hlttlng the shuttlecoclcs or blrds across the net Throughout the year pot luck suppers were enthuslastlcally held after hlltlng and swlmmmg Thxs program of lwllhilllng followed by such a supper was a great success at the splash party glven for the Elgxn Hlgh School glrls In Aprxl Water polo proved to be a very popular game at thus party As a result of the new organlzatlon of actlvltxes the Elgm Academy and unlor Col lege Cnrls Athletnc Assocxat on was formed thls year At the electlon of officers Martha Hull of the Academy and Marlon McKee of the unlor College were favored as co presl dents of the assoclatlon Esther Ralcow was chosen secretary and Marvel Svendsen treasur One of the maIn features of the assocIatIon I8 the grantmg of awards whlch may be earned by complylng wxth the standards of partlclpatxon and sportsmanshlp In actIvItIes and scholarshlp Numerals can be won In a slngle year but letters and pms necessitate several years of work At the close of thIs year of fine athletlcs numerals were award ed to Betty Aston Mary Collmgbourne Barbara Healey Carol Healey Edna Lawrence Olxve LeBlanc Marjone Lnpser oan McBrIde Louxse Pearsall Esther Ralcow Lxllxan Raltow Margaret Redeker Marvel Svendsen Maxme Thompson and Sylvna Vary Mary Colllngbourne Louxse Pearsall and Margaret Redelcer lead In the number of P0lhtl earn 37 X-...o QI rl 3- f' . ' ' - - I . . 2 . A I W . N . I W , . . ' I - . - I . 91 , . - 5 . Q , -N . 1 Q '1 , . O , . . . 5 , I , . ' ' 'T . - 1 ' I . - . 4 ' on ' Q I , ' ' o . ' . 1 , 0 I . 5 . . ' ' 'U ' . . - . Q ' - ll . - . ' n . ' . I ' D- . . " 51 ' . . . H . , - , 0 I . . N I , ' ' , ' ' -I . ' . . . - , .- 3 I - . ' I . ' , - I . l . 0 . A , ' .. Q.. I 3 , 2 ' 'l ' I . . W 4 E , '. - . Ia ' . ' - .1 .-v-. D . . - . ' 0 ' - ' . 1 . ,, I . I - -4 Q . . . - Q - . , -5- . . v 0 - - 1 1 ' ' 1 .' ' . - ' . . . UI , ' . ' B . . . . 3 ' v . . . K., l X - - ' 2 . I . v . I . Q- -I . , , I - rn , - , . - lg ' - . . ' . ' n , I l I ' . ' , . I 0 , - ' . nv ' . - ' - , . , . 3 0 W . . . - I' . - - . . .. . o . . . - Q -, Top Annell Bucklm Edwards bxHord Spiess Svendsen Gilbert Munllo Weible Hill Young Koch Mees Fenley Taylor McCornack C Ziegler Kidd ,J-'VW F. Ziegler Hawkins McCormack Barr, Kienlen Pierce Weible Gifford Davis Murillo. fi f? ggfggl bf-N wi , G, 3 03 ,G if 3 g' Q ix . 9 I , fffk' VT!! 1 - 5 , ,ff -f' 1 "--. P Q ' Y ,1'Ix 1 5 X egfi L' 5, 7 A ,iff ' 'E 7 'Av l 'gf' : f N. b 1 gl -bf, we 'f 5 4 A J 1 xx ' RQ If 'H , ' ' 2 , " A,-1,311 ,, , A Z I r 11", ' in 'V :n 53,5 T" 1? "fr ' I ', I u , S.. I ,i Q f , X " 'V 1' PR' fl -X ' X- -1 ff. ,, , f ! ' ' as J '7' 'f . , ,- 9 - . ' ' 'f f f" -'rl , W . 42 jf v ,J .y- - A g .. 4 -fu I " gi , - 4 ,l xi ,fn , fi If 'BL- 5- as' 4? POWWOWS IMPORTANT EVENTS IN TI-IE SOCIAL WCDIQLD The first brg event on the soclal calendar was the annual C-et together Party staged m Davrdson Gymnasium September I4 to help the new students get aequamted Homecommg November S and 9 was a br ger affalr than ever this year Celebra tlons started as usual wrth a bonfire and weenle roast Frxday night followed by x theater party Saturday mormng, was devoted to a pxrade through town and to decor xtlng the campus and field ln spite of indifferent weather the game was well attended and very excrtmg The Homecoming dlnner dance wrs held at the Nledrnah Country Club this year Good food and an excellent orchestra xnd floor combined to make a perfect even Ing The sophomore class drd nts share toward making the soclal season a success by grv mg a dance on December I3 With the and and asslstance of the Student Council the Sophs made this dance one of the most enjoyable 8HdlI'S of the year Next we come to the football banquet whrch took place on December I7 at the Y W C A Followmg a delightful turkey dmner the speaker of the evenrng Coach Lynn Waldorf of Northwestern was Introduced Later trophres were presented to Don Klenlen the most valuable man on the squad to Bob Osborne who showed the best team sprrlt to Wnllram Redeker who showed the most xmprovement and to Brll Hawkins the least publrcrzed player but one who probably drd as much as any of the others Captam Treadwell introduced next year s captain Don Krenlen and then Coach Replogle awarded the major letters and numerals On February 22 the Aelchlorrans sponsored a lexp year dance The gymnaslum was transformed by clever decoratlons mto x second Mount Nernon and a delwhtful evening was spent under the cherry blossoms The junror College students were grven rn opportunity to see the sights of ChlCdL0 on a trrp sponsored by Mr Copp on April I7 Not to be outdone the Academy students great deal of territory ln one afternoon some of the places vrslted were the Orxental lnstltute of the University of Chicago the Museum of Science and lndustry Chrnatown Maxwell Street and Hull House 3m excellent dinner was enjoyed rn Chmatown where certarn of the faculty purchased yo yos wxth whlch to keep the students awake on the homeward tnp After months of preparatlon the Dram xtlc Club presented a three act play The Late Christopher Bean tn the Uymnaslum on M y I7 The chxrxcters were very well portrayed And the play was well attended On the week end of Vlxy I6 1 group of students mxde x trlp to the Dells of the Vs consln The trlp was made ID prn ate cxrs with members o the fxculty xs c aperons moonlight boat rude and hrkes throuvh the rocky canyons proved most enjoyable T e crownlng event of the year wxs the unlor Senior Prom held at the Barrmgton Hllls Country Club on Nlxy I9 The Musrc Kml s orchestra proved very popular mth everyone and a most congemal crowd contributed to the success of the evening The social actnvrtres of the year were officially brou ht to a close by the mvltat on season on May 27 and 28 On the 27th a dance was vrven to whlch prospectnve unlor College members were lnvlted The next night was devoted to prospective .-Xcadtmy students and a prcmc supper was served for them on the campus Thus we brmg to an end thus brref account of our soctal lrfe ln conclusron we vvlsh to express our apprecratxon to the faculty members for what they have done to make llfe here at the Xcademy more happy 39 . . .. --H .., ' . - - A - , ' V I U .S r, . 1 , . . I . . ' i ' . , I i V ' ' i . , . I ' ' ' 2 ' ,. , , C , . A ' . . ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' T I '. , ' ' 4 . . . . V . , I v I 1 I Q ' I - - I . ' A ' I I z . . ' . : . . I ' V , n . . , , . I -, ' 1 3 . ' I . , . t 2 ,t . 4 ' t . . . , 5 . - A 4 . i . . . r my 1 I . . T A . , 1 took the same trip on April 29. Having chartered a bus, the group was able to cover a I 5 - . I A v V H . . . ' I I I , I . ' 2 ' T . ' - 4 , I' 1 , A ' H, ' ,,' '.' ax' -. 1 z ' ' Z ' ' ' ' . . - . a 1 1 . 2 . i A , 'lis- ' . ' f ' 1 v ' . f Q 2 h- .. A . I - . . 5 I t , . 4 6 A .. . . g .- V V. . n Z hx ' , ' ' J A I I K . I-HLLTOP Top B Healey flarbaugh Miss SchxeH'er Gaffney E Rakow Wxntcrrowd Bottom McLornack Meyers J Hill M Hill Koch Looper ACADEMY DRAMATIC CLUB The Elgin Academy Dramatic Club is one of the oldest and most important orgamza txons of the school Ir was first begun m l923 with the mam purposes of promoting n terest in dramatics ln general and also of furthering the cause of both one act plays and major productions This year the club has been fortunate in having Miss Elaine Schaeffer whose excel lent coaching has helped to make a success of each of the various projects During the course of the first semester the club presented two one act plays ln chapel These plays afforded excellent opportunities for those wishing to gain admission comedy dealing with a Jewel thief and centerxng around the office of a doctor for th mentally deranged Sod the second play was a tragedy deplctmg the disappointments of a woman who had moved with her husband and daughter to the western plains The roles of each of the plays were taken by well chosen casts The major achievement of the second semester was the three act play The Late Christopher Bean which was presented in the gymnasium on May I2 The cast includ ed Henry Koch Barbara Harbaugh Barbara Healey ack Hill Martha Hill Margaret Meyers Harry Baker Charles Wxnterrowd and Philip Gaffney This play deals with the pictures of the late Chris Bean heretofore regarded worthless but suddenly acclaimed to be of real value The members of the club from last year include Barbara Healey Helen Cooper Margaret Meyers Barbara Harbaugh Martha Hill ack Hill and Henry Koch Esther Rakow Charles Wlnterrowd Andrew McCornack and Philip Gaffney have been admitted this year while those participating in declamatlon will also be admitted next fall 40 . Q . . . . i - to theiclub. The first play, entitled "Thank You, Doctor" proved to be an entertaining I A U Y V C . I . I I . l ' . U ' . E 1936 Top Lawrence. Svendsen Redeker Llpser Vary Pearsall E Rakow LeBlanc Mlddle Aston Lollmgbourne Thompson L Rakow Cooper Rmehlmer B Healey Bottom Harbaugh Koss Hull Meyers Rasmussen McBride C Healey AEICHLCDRIANS Durmg the past year the Aelchs and a new organnzatlon the Girls Athletxc Assocnatlon have more or less combined All Academy gurls belong to the Aelchs whxle umor College gurls as well may jom the G A A The Aenchlorran lmtxatlon was carned on with lts usual dnscomfiture to freshmen nn the Hull s nursery last fall Later on the drawing power of our wonderful football team made the Aelchs hotdog stands very profitable These profits were utlllzed ln presentnng the Aelch dance on February 22 Clever suggestnons from Miss Schaeffer and hours of work by the gxrls transformed the gym into a plantatlon veranda overhung with cherry blossoms The dance was voted to be more than worth all the work lt took The Aelchlorlan oflacers for the flrst semester were Esther Rakow president Helen Cooper vlce presrdent Louxse Pearsall secretary and Marvel Svendsen treasurer The officers for the second semester were the same except for the presndent who was Barbara Healey Martha Hull ns presxdent of the C A A whlch organxzatron IS pnmarlly xnterested ln athletncs Mnss Hawkins has worked out a pomt system and at the end of the year the gurls who have earned a certain number of polnts wxll receive awards The g.,xrls have been fortunate nn having a dehnxte place for headquarters this year Since the Bungalow has been remodeled so attractively the gurls have enjoyed entertamlng their mothers the wlves of the members of the board and their friends Another enjoy able feature IS the pot luck suppers whrch the gurls frequently have Such actnvxtles have brought them together and established companionship as nothmg else could have done 41 - . . . - - , f - - I . - . -- ' v . - . . .. . t. . . .. . . . ' t 1 1 , . , .- . . .. . .- f 1 v - a . J . . . . .4 .- v . c . ' 1 - I ' I t I n . v . t . . .- - - . . . . .. .- . Y 1 1 1 . ' 1 v - - ' HILLTOP Top Iv rson Welbl C ch Repl gl T R vnolds Osb rn Mxddl r ad ynoll lllll Barr tt n 1 ms mt rr K n MAJOR E CLUB After the close of the football season the Major E, Club was re organlzed wlth the following offncers presndent George Kelley secretary treasurer Charles Wnnterrowd Dean Karl Stouffer was made an assoclate member Among the socxal actwxtles was a dance sponsored by the Club after the Elgin Culver Several partxes for members of the Club were held m the Bungalow after evenlng study hours One of the most enjoyable features of the sprung season was the third annual E. Club and Board Frolnc given by Mr Elmer Anderson President of the Board of Trustees at the Umon League Club ln Chxcago on May 4th As a perpetual gxft to athletics and to future athletes of the Academy the Club financed and land a cement walk ln front of the Fleld House at the Academy Bowl The following namecl men recenved major E s this year nn the sports shown after their names George Kelley football basket ball track Charles Wlnterrowd basket ball track captam Phlllp Gaffney football basket ball Le Roy lverson football basket ball track Harry Baker basket ball track Kenneth Cahxll basket ball Robert Lee Osborn basket ball Murray Wexble football basket ball track Wm Red Hawkms football Don Kxenlen football basket ball track Charles Chuck Treadwell football captain track mgr Richard Dembowskl football mgr Tom Reynolds football track 1m Reynolds football Harvey Crowder basket ball mgr track Ned Barr basket ball track ack Hxll Wayne Replogle coach 4 : e , ' e, oa o e, , e. , o . ' ez T e well. .lim Re r S, ' , , Bn nl : H.wk' , VV' e- owd, Kelley, Guffm-y, ie len. ll ll basket ball game here. It was held in the gymnasium and well attended and enjoyed. .. -. . ' , ' ' I H H I Q f ' J. f J- - f -J J' - . - f -3- - J ' - .L 2 , 1936 HILLTOP 1936 Top Davxs F Ziegler M Hxll T Reynolds Vllntcxrowd Bottom Dcan Stouffer B llcalmy C nffncy STUDENT CQUNCIL During the past year a student council has been reorganized on a slightly dlfferent basls from that of the student cabinet of several years ago This body now serves IH an advisory capacity to Dean Stouffer The purpose of the organlzatlon IS to Interpret tht feeling of the student body to the Dean and through hum to the faculty and to promote a closer and frxendller relationship between students and faculty ln the present student councnl are represented not only dormltory boys but town boys and girls There are two seniors on the councll chosen by the school at large and one addrtlonal elected by the senior class The rest of the members are elected by the lndlvldual classes two juniors one sophomore and one freshman Nleetmgs are held once every two weeks lh the Sears Room Several very Important changes ln the school life of the Acxdf-my have been brought about through the efforts of the Council A committee consxstmg of the upper class members has endeavored to promote an Interesting and more aggressive social program for the year Senior boys are now allowed to stay out untll II p m on Friday nlghls and untll II 30 p m on Saturday nights Sensors lnvlng ln the dormxtory md passing, an all their subjects are not required to attend study hwll at nrght but may study ln thelr rooms Barbara Healey was the president of the Councxl thus year and Tom Reynolds the secretary Durmg the first semester Orville Fisher was vlce pres'dent being the second senxor chosen at large When Orville left school his place was very cxpably filled by Phil Gaffney Altogether we feel that the Student Council has done. a good job this year and promxses to become an important factor ln the Academy lxfe 4: . . . I ,. .- C " , . ' " ' , Ai ' . . V. , , ,. . , . , y - . - - - f v v ' 1' 1 - ' - .5 K . , E , 4 . , . . . . ., I . . - . ' E . I c . . b . . . , - , K - - . . i . 1 , ' I-IILLTOP Top Mr Perry Plerce Mr Mllstead 3rd Row T Coleman Maloney Mxlner Smger Koch Kramer G1Hord Cray Znd Row Samuelson SPIESS Young Fenley Senger Murlllo G Ziegler Bottom Row B Healey E Rakow M Svendsen Soderstrom Pearsall M Redeker Collln bourne Lawrence Vary ORANGE AND BLACK STAFF The Orange ancl Black IS the school paper whose appearance twlce each month IS awanted wxth eager expectatlon by the students of the Academy and unlor College Dur mg the past year there have been both Academy and unlor College staffs which have been responslble for alternate lssues The staffs are as follows ACADEMY JUNIOR COLLEGE Robert Fenley Eclltor ln Chmef Harold Singer Barbara Healey ASSOCl8tB Eclxtor Harolcl Samuelson Lols Soclerstrom Bull Young Sports Edltor Robert Kramer Edna Lawrence Personals Marlon McKee Louise Pearsall Reporters Frank Kauffman Henry Koch Margaret Redeker Duck Roberts ohn Gray Mary Collmgbourne Ernest Murxllo Tom Coleman Donovan Senger Sylvia Vary Esther Rakow George Milner Roy Muller Robert Plerce Glen Rosengarclen Mr C D Perry Faculty Adviser Mr O Mllstead George Ziegler Business Staff Fern Handler Harry Gifford ohn Spless CITCUl3fl0h Manager Marvel Svendsen Louxse Pearsall Asst 46 1 l I J . ' Bill Young Sports Briefs Maloney . . . ....sss,....,........c.,,.,.,,c. ' ..s,...tsss.,......,....s,c. . J. . ' I , --.......f- Z -----........... ........Y.-.,............Y..w......... 1936 ...q.. Top Ne man Mr Fxnch Pearsall Kelley Middle Plerc E Rakow B Healey M Hull Harbaugh Bottom Crowder Gaffney Murlllo I-HLLTOP STAFF The Hllltop IS the school annual published each year by the student of th El s e gm Academy Because of flnanclal dlmCUlfICS It seemed probable for a time that there would be no Hxllto th O p IB year nly through the keen mterest of the entire student body has the book been made possxble The Student Council appointed Phrl Gaffney chief sales man on campus He has proved hnmself an able subscription collector Congratulatnons are also due to Barbara Harbaugh Esther Rakow Ernest Murxllo Bob Edwards and Bob Pierce for thelr excellent work lh solxcxtlng advertisements The staff too has had to work under difficulties this year and although the book rs not exactly as they had planned lt I8 the best they could do u d h n er t e circumstances They are most grateful to Miss Laura Brey for her help with the art work The members of the staff are as follows Associate Editors Barbara Healey Esther Rakow Asslstant Editor Athletics Harvey Crowder George Kelley Photography ack Hall AdVCfflBlhg Solncltors Ernest Murlllo Robert Edwards Barbara Harb h E h aug st er Rakow Robert Pierce Phrl Gaffney ohn Newman TYPlSt Louise Pearsall Faculty Advxser Mr M B Frnch 47 IE I A - I V' f ' ' .......,.....,... ..,,,,o........,.........,.. ...,.,,.... M a rtha Hill ' ' ' . ' . ' 'J Tora Fenley Newman l' Sxendsen Prerce Welble Cllbert Koch Mlddle Mead Treadwell M Hall Pearsall Mrs Nary Koss Crowder Sprint Bottom Lollmgbourne X :ry Harbaugh B Healey C. Healey McBr1de M Redelter GLEE CLUB ln spite of the fret th xt rt wxs organized only this year the Crlee Club has already mg, for its dlrettor Mrs Vera Vary a muslclan known throughout the vlclnlty Under her capable leadershrp great progress has been mxcle ln both group smgmg and solo work Several students have become Interested enough to take private lessons from Mrs Vary or to Jom the Unlversallst Church choxr of which she IS the leader The regular Clee Club meets durlng chapel perlod on Mondays and Wednesdays ln the bungalow On December I6 the Glee Club gave a recital m the Unlversallst Church A very unusual pr0L,fdn1 WdS offered and In dddltlon to several humorous songs 3 number f really dlfhcult PICCCS were presented A silver offering was talcen the proceeds of which were used to buy more musnc Members of the Clee Club also sxng at the football banquet and at the Rotary dmner Wrth the experience garned durlng., the past year the club should rlse to new heights of achievement next year 48 r 4 A I . , . . ' ' i ' 1 ' i 1' A A ' , ' become onc of the most important groups in school. The club has been fortunate in hav- . 7 . . t - I 1 V' ' . . . . . I ' ' . A i A ' I . . I l v , - . Y ' 1 1 , Y . . y O - v 2 ' ' . . . v . . Y 1 ' . . fa J' Us .L ff-f 'Tl 1 f f YK NBR 'FQ lf lgx U 'IFN L A QM , I ,VL xx A xii: Z X, ,S Q , .1 5 X ' wax j X -'xv 13.1 . 'Q KLA X .6551- :X .ff ' tw , - -.- 1:2 - ' - .3 x I' ? I4 Rl 'UQ'-' 3' - Qurffi'--4: 5 ' X . X -'---K..-g 'L--:yu - f - xx A Q' ' Q " ,A 'A ' . x , . .,,,g.i5.Q. s - ' , . -- - - .af .Aw - .- - 9.23 . , 1 M - +, I .5 - V . K, '. .li 'sstu' N 1' f' A ii " g.. o 'Q -- r'- fl . . "" 4. , 1 - 9' ' A .txfxixnu-i.',. X' " I ' xx. :xxx , A - " x""'-x' 1 ,J-P - X f "1- Q ,X-:it 'M J' V ' ' I Xiiff' f Q ' . r-- XX 4 V' "- A f ' . . I ' . 455 A x S 1 . t tk WAHoo STQRV OF Tl-IE YEAR The Dean sand Let there be school l And Lo there was school And wnth nt came the dawn of a new school year Then the Dean sand Mr Nlnlstead shall agann spend hns patnence trynng to teach the freshmen what a predncate nomnnatnve ns and Mr Haney he shall teach the sennors Solnd Geometry and Trngonometry and the nunnors Physncs And lo thns too came about down and the dormntory boys began to mark off the days on the cal ender untnl Chrnstmas vacatnon when they should return home It came to pass that the day after school began Harbne turned her eyes to the football team and smnled approvnngly Wnth the passnng of the hot summer days came thoughts of fall The Aenchlornans met and decnded agann to uphold the age old tradntnon of sellnng hot dogs at the football games and thns was good So accord nngly they sold bountnful foods nncludnng Baby Ruths Hersheys and gum Wnth amaznng rapndnty the school year progressed and all of the whrle Cupnd smnled u-pon the boys and gnrls Then came the joyous fete of the wnnter Chrnstmas Even though nt ns a gay tnme of the year the students were sore of sad ness and overcome wnth deep depressnon because nt was tnme for them to depart from the arms of thenr beloved school But Santa Claus came to the gnrls and boys at a party gnven nn the temple Davndson Gymnasnum and the students rejonced Wnth the arrnval of anuary enghth the chnldren wnth levnty and gay hearts returned to their nnstntutnon of hngher learnnng and they were welcomed by the faculty They at once decnded to turn over a new leaf but Alas there were no leaves as nt was stnll wnnter Wnth anxnous longnng for the semester examnnatnons the students put thenr mnnds to thenr studnes and thenr only dnversnon was the nnghtly practnce for the three act play The Late Chrnstopher Bean Durnng these memorable weeks the members of the famous basketball team were grapplnng wnth thenr rnvals The Coach sand Thns team shall be the greatest team that the world has ever known And Lo thns came about The sprnngtnme would have passed more slowly except for Mr Mnlstead s stornes about England and the changnng of the guard lt then came to pass that wnth the comnng of the full moon nn Aprnl Standard Tests were presented to the pupnls and they gratefully thank ed and blessed the persons who had sernt them ln thns sprnngtnme the track team worked and the teachers taught and the students studned And Lo the sprnn merged nnto summer And gladness shrouded the school for the year was done and books were land to rest 49 H11 nr f 01Ilff'fVw9l 1 1 'X x IG! qdganflttnug 'C' G ll WM l X va A A ----lf, N , ' ' PEZ. """"-::.t-.... .l R1 I V71 fit "" 1 I I "Nl lp- 1' - ln: With the coming of the second week of school, grades began to go . - J 4 . r - . ' r ' . . A f ,hy-H.. q' 1- if-,X '34- x ,LA EVERYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL RIGHT IF Doc hadn t found the lrbrary so rnterestrng There were two Barbara Healeys Lrpser could find a man Sylvra could make up her mrnd Tom Coleman hadnt taken the Drrvers Test before Coopre could have found another ohnnre The Reynolds weren t such heart breakers The sophomores hadnt thought themselves so rmportant ohnnre Cray had grven the grrls a break Mr Mrlstead hadn t been to England and seen the castles there Baker had come to play practrce once Fenley and Mr Frnch could get along Gaffney could forget hrs cute face Crfford drdn t have so many partres Dorothy ones weren t known as Peewee Myers and Koss could et together on therr storres Margaret Redeker had recerved less than a 99 rn any subject Murray qurt strrngrng the gals along oey McBrrde had looked up the word sophrstrcated rn the drctronary Harvey Crowder hadnt been so smart rn trrg class May Rasmussen have an dche of a paln Dean Schaeffer could get the grrls organrzed Don Kauffman hadnt met that babe Harby could strclc to one person Ernre Murrrllo werent so busy Bob Kramer hadnt been so concerted Fernre had found out about the whrzz bang on he car beforehand Lrzz hadn t kept the radrator rn the hall so warm Sodre hadnt made a strarght A average lvy had come to a decrsron about hrs love affarra Maloney had stayed awake rn class Wrnterrowd s vrews on polrtrcs hadn t been so reversed Rrnehrmer had let the boys chase her Instead Olrve LaBlanc hadn t been so popular Mead could have forgotten hrs gal rn lowa Treadwell Edwards and Crowder hadnt lrked the same grrl Martha lrmrted herself to only one grrpe and one harr tearrng a day Ernre Murrllo could frnd out who put the beast rn hrs bed 50 , K lx Q k-V . Y . Ish ,F u p fl it "lei, ' -'I 5" , , 'l :- "1 .L K 'Fw Q . l'7f - K ' ,JTEL V . f rflllwgi' " , f :, l ' , l" ' V--4 . X 'WYE - .- ' ,fl r ' r r I . "Ozzie" hadn't thought more of basket ball than other things. J ' ' A ' .. .. . - .. I ' Wauwatosa Wnsc I Dear Snrs I am wrntnng you rhns here Ietter cause I want to gnve you my con gratchulashuns on a most exeIIent product I am a mother of Fnve chnI dren the wnfe of a husband and the mnstress of one canary and a dog Besndes expressnng my thanks for Dr Foozums RECOMPOSED GAS TRONIA I would Inke to enter rnght nnto your contest nn fnndnng as many uses as I can for Castronna ust now I put some of nt nn the wash to bonl I wnII wrnte the letter whnle the Castronna takes on nts actnon Not Iong ago we ran out of tooth paste because my husband had forgotton to get some the night before the mornnng that thns happened fl had remnnded hnm of nt the day before the nnght that he forgot to get So what dnd I do but get an ndea I mnxed some of your product wnth fIour and saIt and made a real gooey paste and served nt to the knds on thenr teeth brushes The knds Inke nt swell and the baby even crned for more Course they annt pertnkler I sure was pleased cause nt knIIed two bnrds wnth one rock nt aIso served as a Iaxatnve The other day Craetchen Burp told me that I had gnven her a pam nn the neck so I nmmejntly told her that I was awful soory on account of hurtnn her and suggested that maybe she could use Castronna for the pann She acsentnd and sand that the to help the pann was for me to g away from her for a Iong tnme and take the Castronna She sand she needed a rest nt sounded mnghty queer for me to take the stuff nnstead of her but I dnd nt I caIIed on her lately and she sand that nt helped a Iot untnI I came back So I went away agann and am stnll taknng your mnracle Inqund for her Besndes these uses we use your product for onlnng the knds skates for polnshnng our brass doorknobs to stop my husbands beIchnng to flavor almond cake and also take the scratches offa the pnanna S you see that Dr Foozum s RECOMPOSED CASTRONIA ns nndnspensnble to us I gotta go now cause the wash has bonled enough and I must see nf Castronna has taken an effect on nt Hopnng I wnn Mrs Fnnny FIoozy 5 I 13 6 IQ, if ' . , A--, i lr S ' X ,- ae- If 'v '55, 1" Ji J . --un 5 I tl If 15 , .I . .- 2.1 xi-,M :R , ""'T ' Pr: . Jan. , I936 . . . Y. 1 . - . . l J . . . . . . ity ' ' : ' . i . . . 0 . ' . 0 . a . X 2:7 f QFQSIQ -rffk? Q f QQK9 'Nix 1 SOAE-1 X253 if :WA W wi f 1 gyx ZX g X 2 X QF wk? , 4 Y 2 v ' fy kk f ' 1, kj IE W 3 X K In X I fffyiiy fi S i AI 1 HMV ' , ,ff 'f . f,1. X K ' H -1. ' N ffflftldf' : W QSYIGHKSQB WI ,W 'Eff Q wk .D , Y fr?-X X , X X F1 x QQLLI E i X f l . W I Ql,fQ4,' lbw T-fi ., f fb X , I N x ' 'D K QL X fx' if X 7 Q ' L! 9 Q .W , w Q ,wax ' 5 ' J 1 wif. vii ' f A 1 M 1-Q i' ' K,-- . my A , X V 'y CS f C K ' X X fi ' ' 5hf ,gig X X OUR PATRONS G R BEX ERLY Atty M FREDJ KOSS JLDGE HARRY C DAINIEIS GEORGE D QARBARY Atty E A FLNIK DDS j D 'VIILI IGAN MD JOHN w MQQUEIN Atty ROSE A NI WLOMIR D Q LANGIIORST za IESLHER M D S xlzmulz L PAULSON Atty LAWRLNQE MLNLRNEY Atty P B LNDERWOOD DDS MORGAN C, c XRPENTLR HI NRY R RDVLLSTAD D D s IHL DISALIXRAIT COMI ANY IIIL VALLEY PAINT COMPANY I LCJIN BUT ILR IUB COMP NNY lxLINI S DEP XRTMI NI SIORI B S PIARS XLI BUVII R LOMI XNIW OPEN BOOK SHOP JOSEPH SPIESS COMPAINY I IRQT NATIONAL BAINK I LGIN 'V NTIONAL BANK X Wllber L Bell Builders of I3ulIt Lp X pI'1xIt an I elt C.-rax eI Roof: I d OFIH H II J ONIS In-4 IIIIIIOIS Cleaners 8: Dyers D3 Dou Ias Awe ELGIN ILL . . , . Y. . W . , . .. . . , . ... . .I - , . . . . . - , . L . A, .. , . ,. ' ,. , . . E ' . - , . . ' 'I 'I , . I . if P ,IVI.D. L . I , . ,-. . I 1 4 4 I . . il I .- :I H 2 . . ll .1 . ' J.-. ' , N I f I I I I I' . I I f' 4 A 4 I ' III fff U , il-4 . A , ' Q ' I .- s a , d . . va erprooflng and Roof Repairing -- O Y .D . . esidence an ce - 503 I .-Xve. 1" A WOODRUFF AND EDWARDS INC LIGHT and HEAVY IRON CASTINGS ELGIN ILL m expectmg an Elgm for commencement says RobertE Goudreau Prmceton, Class of 36 O Husky Robert Goudreau has rowed at Prxnceton 3 years played football manages the Key and Seal Club Graduatnon wnll make me the fourth Elgm owner m our famxly he wrltes Grandfather was the Hrst He chose an Elgin ID 1875 own graduatxon Elgm The newest models at your Jewelers are the most beautiful ever presented Good looklng rugged trxmm thelrstyllng Only Elgms are planned created and mounted by master cra ftsmen and modern sclentlsts workmg ln perfect partnershlp PFICCSHYCSI7 50toS500 A 17 Jewel movement 14 K natural gold jlled case Raised jguve dfal Model 1925 The pnce is only 547 50 B 151ewel movement nz naturalgoldjilled case Embossed dxal Leather strap Model 1929 Pnce 837 50 fElGIN PUR 71 IPARS AVPRII 4 S TR IIIITIUN il GRADUATION TIHEPIELE. 9 0 - X" . A .,. s.a-...- l , Q tc , . . . ' , Now is the time to hint for your 7 I . g , I - D . h . 'A' COIVIPLIMENTS MODERN DAIRY D I-Illl Nursery Co EVERGREEN SPECIALISTS Largest Growers In Amerlca DUNDEE ILLINOIS Aug Scheele Co E.IgIns Fmest Food Market D Elgn MOSIMAN S OFFICE SCHOOL SUPPLIES EChgr READ THIS AGAIN BARNETT S Fur Coat Club Choose Your Coat Now Free Storage SWAGGER and RUSSIAN MODELS OS RMAN IUUIFIF 09, F ggtv. ri EEE 65:42 E FRESH ROASTED DAILY AT CHICAGO AND BROOKLYN JOHN SEXTON W' Coffee Me cha rs for O er 50 Years ELGIN LUMBEIE LO QUALITY LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIAL SINCE I88I 222 ZQEEZES ZTEFNE 3860 of , I00 ouglas Ave. I , III. I60 . ica o S . Elgin, Ill I I ' Jom H BLEND 7 9 ' ' Cf 6. I . Grove Ave. Elgin, III. ' r n v j W o Elgin Softener Corp. ELGIN ILLINOIS Water Softeners and Iron Removal Filters For The Home Go to Colombia so Inexpensive to reach and touch and see so near at hand While enjoying its tropical life VlSlt SAMACA With Its thriving textile fac tories a hundred miles from Bogota COIVIPLIIVIENTS Great States Theatres RIALTO CROCKER GROVE The Courier News Elgin s One Great Newspaper Elgin Photo Engraving ARTISTS ENGRAVERS ELECTROTYPERS th Sr Compliments Thiels Drug Store .I Th R P Center Street Garage CI P B L U M S ICE CREAM CANDY Hot Lunches D Derrls 8: Broeker Supply Co 8 Floor Specialists anitor Supplies Artcraft Printing Company COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE IOOFBDG I9Ns g ph 32 Manufacturers of ' I 1 : . . . ' ' of ' Co. of ' 7 l6I Dundee Ave. CIF ' . . . . Sl Nor . Elgin, III. ' 0' 'el I' C Phone 62 9 Servicing an Re airing all Makes of Cars Oil-Cas-Creasing-Washing Sales and Service on Tires and Batteries Storage-Ignition Service-Towing Service II5 Center St., Elgin, Illinois I5 ouglas Ave. Phone 375 EI in, Illinois - - - J ' ' .... L . o. prin St. Tele one 3 6 McBr1de Bros Co , Inc 26 sz N c, g BUICK PONTIAC Sales and Service Martm F Runge PLLIVIBINIC- I-IEATINIG T I 7 D COIVIPLIIVIENTS D cQ W Ice Cream E 456 457 F O R D The Car XV1thout A Prxce Class HUBBELL MOTOR CO g ACKEMANN S ELCIN S STYLE CENTER SINICE I895 A G RUFFIE Maker of Portrait and Commercxal Photographs 229 Ch g ELCIN LEADING HARDVVARE STORE Zlegler Brothers Co COMPLIMENTS J C PENNY Sanltary Producers Mllk Co Sp g Sr 6 JS Cooper s Pharmacy Albert E Cooper R Ph r I 8 UNDERXVOOD TYPEVVRITERS More Than Ever The Machine of Champlons WRONA BROS 8 Ph 4296 - I I. rove Ave., EI in. III. ' e . 49 2 I6 undee Ave of .. . . .. Igin - I63 Douglas Ave. EI in, III 7 o o I icago St. EI in, III of I7I E. Chicago St. . . 200 rin reet Phones SSI -' I7 , . . See Them at Cor. Sta e and Wa nut Ave. . El in' lu. I7 No. Spring St. El in, III one YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT Robinson s Chocolate Shop E I. Makers of Elgin s Finest Candles t Y AtAlT The Trend ls To mrntmnrth 5 FOR MEN S WEAR I Shorty Graf Motor Sales Inc OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC LA SALLE Sales and Service h Q Ity L s I R J LECKY INTERIOR and EXTERIOR DECORATOR C I894 Harry Hintz Co Inc I52 Isf. c DODGE PLYMOUTH Speclallsts In Commercial Education ELLIS Business College MILBRANDT S PrescrIptIon Pharmacy L M b t l Bldg Elgn 4202 8 Commercial and ob Printing The Brandt Co Press I8 rs. c. g HOPP S BAKERY l57E Ch T Q ltyBk S S Kresge Co DOLLAR STORE GREEN FRONT t M S S Kresge Co 5 I0 25 STORE O A GOOD PLACE TO EAT I , 1 I56 . C icago Street , .l Y' V Luncheon-Soclas-Sanclwiches and Salads Served a Our Sanitar Socla Fountain l imes uB'llu H ' Hig ua i 'sed Cars l59 o. Grove Ave. Te. 383 235 enter St. Phone O, . . - rove Ave. Motor Cars and Trucks 'OI N' Spring Elgin' ul' , . -I . . A. . il randt, R. Ph., Prop. o Fox Ho e .-Phone i El in, Ill. '. rove Avenue El in, lll. 7 Quali y erchandise at Popular Prices , icago St. 1-The asm Tells In Hai a ed Goods' Try ur Restaurant and Fountain Dept. The Paracllse Food Mart T t Ily N Sp g I 4840 Finest Freshest Fruits and Vegetables CVI yAMn Y The Best Move You XVIII Ever IVIaIce T W th Elgln Storage 8: Transfer B . g :soo The Home of Good ewelry I67 E Ch ewelers Eye Service FOLNDED I867 Illxrummz Brzoc MFC, C0 Complete Equnpment for Tenms Baseball Soft Ball and Golf Hawthorne Hdw Co E h Elgn Ill Walt and Ross F urnlture Co HOME of GOOD FURNITURE 66 E Ch g g TI2 PHONE 90 The Wlllson Press PRINTING 'N p gSt Elgm Cleaners and Dyers EI In S OWU Salne Day Servlce PHONE 5740 2 264 s nh G COIVIPLIIVIEINTS f THEO I SWAN FOX HOTEL Only Flreproof Hotel In Elgin ROY RICE M . H. . 1 untz, Hart . u tz, Pres. Sec . Treas. "The o a Different Foocl Store" " ' ' I G I4 23 . fan 5. Phone . S 0 Ananre ' . ' v . 300 rook S ., El in, III. Phone I Q-frrflilvrfzlrnf ,ZQI001fu'0n'c I S E LCIN - RC C K FO H D .. . ICBQO t. W .I I 0 . I64- . ica o St. I59 . C icago St. i , . El in, Ill. eh 9 I0 II' S rin ' 62- ou rove 2-Xve. o 0 0 , gf. SCI-INEFF BROS JEWELERS and s1LvERsM1THs Perfect Dlamond Rings h sz Maul Order Merchancllse at SaVlngS 9000It F EF Th Ak Davlcl C Cook Publlshlng Company P b h ELCIN ILL For More Than Flfty Years T MCBRIDE 8: SON, Inc Bu1IcI1ng MBLCYIHI D gl 325 Ph I549 Chas E Glertz Sz Son 3 C y t I t E n III Always somethlng New t FORDRESCHER S Herman BohnenstengeI Prop Kretschmer s Grocery The Quahty You Know PHONE ELGIN 346 347 HAPPY HOUR FOODS 7lZ1Z64o9w. THE BOAG STUDIOS IDEXTEEKRNS ELCIN ILLINOIS LOMPLIMENTS COHIEN S KERBER S The Blg Market Elk Drug Store The Perfume Store Phone 44 R 1 h g Our AnnuaI Catalog of Over ems RE. or e sing u Iis ers of IntercIenominationaI Literature I6I C icago St. EI in, III. , . COAL'LUMBER1MILLWORK General Contractors 200 ou as Ave. ones 60 r s a S. Igi , . .. . a .. , , SI Douglas Avenue . O Factors for ' of Y 9 K6 ' 77 ia to T eatre Bldg. EI in, XI Q E f i 4 N 1 Q f ,mQ : A l , .I dm-N4 b Q , - V. , 5 q. ,' n A .q4 ,fm M , WW' 'Q fi Q,-,- 4 , K - Ki , Rx 3, Nw Q . A.. yn m i Q? X 9 . --an-uuun ,m A I . x'.'Av'.'. V 0 7 - , Y , , vt , ',' x'v"'0so 1 v 3: :xx',9fq'4'.S,s 4 . , . X gfflr- Q wi, aa , . Z . J 1' 'F b, ?J !l ib II U V -N U I will -f ' I af , Aa lim ll Q ,E - , W 1 0 , ' fff, . -, 5 Q I " , ' Tien dw 'ii' , , s. I I A f d ' -, .. ll E ' 5 . -5 I Q 5 gf X P, 5 .A l V ..-- ""1 1 'H 'X ,.., 's j N t 'Y , l 45- ff s I ta! , 1 X fx , 1-., il .Q - :I N I: 1 f- fe-NX 3, 'f f ', 'Q J, . ,7 uf V If H 'mei' M V2 is t . -' "6-1. f V' .-1 54" ff 'VP c . , 1 42 jg 5, J' I ' . f f f' 4', g4xxmm.g-h V D' ' 'WN-B, Q i f . e. . ' V 'IFE W V 5 -L' 5 ., -j-' 5 1 -s ' f - "N 15" " 5 'if V ' 1 M , A , ' fb - - x ' . P ""' '4, 3 ' Q T P ' ' - - V - '14, 4' '- , , , A A 9 'a ff' 4 " - ' li q- ' 'fx A ,ll . ' 'YB' ,fn I Q 3 A Y s wfflw, -'Q +V . UA- -"Ge 2 , ,L r- K V I .. N. fy A XV I in , ixw ' ' ,, f f i ' A z+r 'ffw?+' V A X M, xA. ..i R I 4 K X H i ' mf-,X V-C VR. ,A I x, Q 4 A. 1, , H k , ly, ,wif yr- 4 , ,. 4 g?2?,Zg:,:5:.?g:,:,:fg, . A . fr, x .. 5+--wi . - 5 . ...... . H!!! .I17t5'i'f"'v"f'?2'f'3'f4 V 1 - ' 'A 2 A ' - 7'-1-g-f4'f'2ff-144:-:Zi A - , , f ' , , . A AV i -54 V I - 4,-- ,Qi 'V ,F ig- '-- i A' ...' ,ff d 3 ' A 4 ' , -p sf , 4. - v - wr v-,f , - x - ' H , Iv A ' ijt- ' -'f 15-1Qf5i5i"Z32fi55'33i+ZfS:0:' . ' i 5 A-.4 N -W -X A f ' Z '. 1 - df:-fi' "4O'0'5' "'9'f5s'o'o, " V' A- n , V . V - A ' R -v ' ' , - 1 " r W-.fagoolii.tf6'4'.Y.-1."Jg , - , V - j . f ' ' ' , L 4 V .in if, ' ., , u " A' ,A Y , .,,,, V ,ill , ' ,X .. I f. W ' g I Yi 1 'QM' V1 L-K-v W Y' A U , wi h , X XX- "A, HJ" s V ' - . 1 - I ' h l.1.- 3 ' ' A A A . i 5 ',I efr f .. V J I ' X , ,. . 4 , , ,.flM, f , fam--M ' ...avi N r K 1 K U I 1 I .V -Q - A , ' , " K , A V- ' X I' I 4 ' g - , sl- 4.1 x'-'A V 7 3 4 A A X ' 1 2 - Jylajf X1 ng' ' A1 "QL -1' ' , "' ' -Hug, A ' "' V - :t ' .A x ' Q' i X-V, in Q' ,-is f 1 I . T . .F . W Y ffm, 'W ef q ,4 1- M " uf ' 1. : - P I A ' Y 3 ff-A ' A 1 ' I Q , A L' -Q51 HI. S I fxf-j-'Q A ' ' 5 D. - 54. ' . -1 - " 'Hg I 4 - . , - . N V A , f ,A , A f ', 1 ' I. ' 'Q ' v Q V I M v' ' in VJXX ,A , f .- Jl,'P,:l'4':-. 1-. A ,, V ,. .V , - , ' - Wig' ' ' ' ,-if " - A- , . AX-I - 3' , 1, I. 1 , 4 ' , 1 ' -L b ,-' I - L 1. ,I ' , . w -1 w I , ' 4 . U A' ,X - - 1 ' ' x w 5 " ' -, ,i ,, . 1 Q' ,-' 'VA - :4 -,1

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