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I P 3 1 1 -Q., ll ik.-A 3 f' 0EHTBHl HIGH SBHUUL ElEVH STHUIII IIIISIIUIISIH OPQLUOI' With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life grow fainter and fainter and then die away. Gone forever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and many of the friends we made. It is the hope of the 1952-53 Cardinal Staff that, as you glance through this book in years to come, you will recapture those mom- ents--and the echoes will begin again. 36.64 of Confmfd Dedication . . . . Faculty , Office Staff . Seniors . . . . Underclassmen Activities . Sports . Music Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page ibecbcafion Because your devotion, interest, and guidance have inspired us to the higher things of life, and because you have provided us with a new school building and funds to make it a good one so that we might obtain our education, we dedicate, with love and esteern, the 1952-53 edition of the Cardinal, to the people of our communities, lllllll if ifkx aff ,fn CICLL MR DEAN PEFFER Waukesha W1scons1n Degree Bachelor of Science College LaCrosse State College Peabody College Lawrence College Carroll College Colorado State College of Education Subjects Biology History Activities Assistant Football Coach Senior Class Advlsor MISS DORIS GUNTHER Raclne W1scons1n Degree Bachelor of Science College University of Wisconsin Subject English Activities Sophomore Class Advlsor Sen1or Class Play Newspaper Advisor Annual Staff Advisor MR DALEL BALDWIN Eau Claire Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Sclence College Eau Claire State College Subjects Band Chorus Grade Music Actrvmes Annual Pep Club Junior Class Advisor Student Council MRS BELVA A ROSE Eleva WISCOHSIH Degree Bachelor of Science College Eau Clalre State College Subjects Science Mathematics Activities Freshman Class Advisor MRS NORMA CHRISTOPHER Eau Claire Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Arts College. St Olaf College Subject: English Activities: Library Club, Forensics 6 GCI! MR E T HAWKINS Rock Island Illinois Degree Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts College University of W1scons1n University of Minnesota Subject Social Problems Activities Student Council MRS ADELYN OLSON Whitehall Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Education College Whitewater State College SubJecrs Typing Shorthand and Bookkeeping Activities Newspaper Advrsor MR ARTHURI TETZNER St Paul Minnesota Degree Bachelor of Science College Michigan State University of Minnesota Subyects Phys1calEducat1on Mathematics Activities Coach-Basketball, Football and Baseball MRS MARLYS PARDUN Webster Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Science College: Stout Institute Subject Home Economics Activities: F. H. A. MR. LEON I. MITCHELL Dodgeville, Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Science College: Platteville State College Subject: Agriculture Activities: F. F. A. M1543 ' Y . 4 '- ' if by Q9 - T ' A mv ' 5,7 " fi? 'J 'Q 1- 1, Our secretaries this year were Mrs. Vonnie Olson, who was here from September through Februar and Mrs. Geraldine Bauer who finished the remainder of the year. Umm any LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Johnson, Darleen Smith, Mrs. Bauer, Jean Olson, Judy Proctor, Jean M. Olson. MISSING: Kay Olson, Louise Hulberg. .4 I sq ga 3' 'N A . ix xt X WE Q . 4 : , . 1954 ZW' ' 8 -v W 52 5 Q1 r 411.44 ,fp 1 'y , , LY . 21, . I ' V '- f . I, 5 LL ef' Q , , 'hx .1 x , M, ' t ag Q " -xla 1- . ",1,,.i,l " '.?l"i"f 1 yn 5 - J' L' 3 'fir wg: - 'Q ag--.Af-, af. 3 35' ' ,-g:"'f' ' + 'LL' ,- , 5 , , 1? In , x 1' g',3- f W '1 ffffvf 'ff' if Q 1 5 ' x H' "4 A f ,. , '- A f ,JP ' 4. if 3 ,zfygm 8. .' f 1 M' f . , YT" ' "'1 ,V M5'3,, -K 5' ' .V qi? ka 1 -- V 53.3.-Q ' ' ' 2. 5 A: 5 A--'f zffj5,,:, J' ' 'fn " ifwaii LLM? ' . ,fX di , 1 1.1 . '1 '77 5- . ' f , ,I . .- f- 1 fb Ji" -W ' '23 f .1 : ,,, I 5 f L ,. "1 'lvl' 54 . f .' , Vt, . V ,- .uf-w .IW . 1 I' ,il 14' Qs 1 Y. 1 I an 4 "' hi Iv.-: A -P " 2 N' . ' 2 ' . I ,. -- 3 ' K, 4, . . 1. f 1 4 .0 -,Q ' gg? -gf' 5' ' Q y , Q-., ,X 5 . ' ' mf, Y 9' lg' L va K f '14 f V J, 3-' , 1, ,bg - " ff F - -.f s J v 5 ff f A ,fl ,- .g.'.4'5c,v Q ' , , 1 y if - gf, 3 . X 1. ' Q 4" ,514 5 fial-35. vfi ' 2 1-s eniom GERALD D. ANDERSON Women - What are they? I've never heard of them. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 F. F. A. 3, 45 Track 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 4. DOROTHY G. BACK An innocent face, but you can never tell. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I,3,45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 F. H. A. 2, 3,45 Class President 25 Homecoming Queen 3,45 Library Club 3,45 Prom Committee 3. DAVID W. BECKER Never studies, never hurries, never flunks, and never worries. ACTIVITIES: F.F. A. 2, 3, 45 F.F. A. Basketball 2,45 F.F.A. Vice President 4 Secretary 35 Fireman 45 Student Council 45 Stage Manager 4. DAVID W. BIORKLAND In my locker my books do lie5 They are at rest and so am I. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 15 Baseball r,3,45 Football 2, 3,45 F.F.A. 2, 3,45 F. F. A. Basketball 4. CLARICE M. Cl-IRISTENSON I'm no Angel, but I do have fun. ACTIVITIES: Class President I5 Pep Club I, 3,45 F. H. A. 2, 3,45 Library Club 45 Choir 25 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Class Play 45 Prom Committee 35 Class Secretary 25 Library Club Treasurer 45 F. H. A. Officer 3, 45 Pep Club Secretary 4. JOAN O. ENGEN Always willing, obliging, and kind, here's a lass you can't always find. ACTIVITIES: Newspaper I,2, 3,45 Student Council 35 Hall Monitor 4g DAR Candidate 4. ALVERDA L. FRANSON The day is long and dreary, but ah, the night. ACTIVITIES: Forensics 35 Christmas Play 35 Class Play 45 F. H.A. 45 News- paper Staff 45 Annual Staff 4. en iorfl DUANE R. GILBERTSON What can I do to be forever known? ACTIVITIES: Band 45 Choir 3,45 Baseball I, 45 Football 45 Student Council I5 F.F. A. Basketball 45 Class Play 45 F.F.A. Quartet 45 Track 3, 4. GARY R. HOLTE Why hurry? Why worry? The world goes on just the same. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1.2, 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 35 F.F.A. 2,3,45 F.F.A Basketball 45 Class Play 4. BETTY E. IOHNSON A student and maiden sweet and bright. Knowledge is her beacon light. ACTIVITIES: Pep Club 2, 35 Office Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 F.H. A. 4. LOUISE M. JOHNSON If laughing were good for one's health, she'd live forever. ACTIVITIES: F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 4. HARLYN G. LARSON Ready for anything you may ask, be it fun or be it a task. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1.2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 FFA Basketball 3,45 FFA 3.45 Fireman 45 Class President 35 Class Treasurer 45 Homecoming King 45 School Photographer 45 Class Play 45 Annual staff 45 Forenics 35 FFA For- enics 45 Choir 45 Student Council 4. JANICE LOKKEN Happy-go-lucky and free, what worries you worries not me. ACTIVITIES: Choir 2, 3,45 Pep Club I, 2, 3,45 Operetta 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Prom Committee 35 Senior Class Play 4. THOMAS EDWIN MILAND My schooling's really done no harm, but I feel safer on the farm. ACTIVITIES: FFA 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 FFA President 45 Student Council 45 Vice President Student Council 45 Senior Class Play. eniom IEAN MARIE MOEN VALEDICTORIAN Mighty sweet mighty wise, the fun just twinkles in her eyes. ACTIVITIES: Ass't Treasurer I5 Cheerleader I,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 1,45 Editor 45 Vice President 35 President 45 Newspaper Staff 2,45 Pep Club I,2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Hall Monitor 45 Prom Attendant 35 FHA 3,45 Prom Committee 3. WARREN MCBRIDE He has no heart. She has it, ACTIVITIES: Vice President I5 Track 25 Librarian 3,45 Choir I5 FFA 3, ROLF ERLING NYMO The two studies I like best of all are hearts of girls and basketball. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,45 Basketball Manager I5 Basket- ball 2, 3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Student Council 35 Operetta 35 Vice President 45 FFA 3,45 Annual staff 45 Fireman, IEANNE MARIE OLSON Not very tall, in fact small, her good nature is loved by all, ACTIVITIES: Pep Club I,2, 3,45 President 45 Choir 2,3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Sec, Freshman Class, FHA 3,45 Newspaper staff 45 Cheerleader I,2,3,45 Senior Class Play 45 Office girl 45 Prom Queen 35 Prom Committee 35 Annual staff 4, LEOLA ROMUNDSTAD A happy girl with a friendly smile, ACTIVITIES: FHA 2,3,4, JANE RULAND Big brown eyes and charming smile5 you are certainly Miss Worth While, ACTIVITIES: Newspaper Staff 1,45 Choir I,2, 3,45 FHA 2, 3,45 Pep,Club 2, 3,45 Senior Class Play, ROBERT SATHER A basketball hero is this lad, In his studies he's not half bad, ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, 2, 3,45 Baseball I,2, 3,45 Football 45 Track I,2, 35 Choir 45 Annual Staff 45 FFA I,2,3,45 FFA Officer 45 Fireman 45 Senior Class Play 45 Prom King 3, ell L Ord PHILIP SEMINGSON Takes life as it comes within complaining. ACTIVITIES: FFA 2,3 43 FFA Basketball 43 Student Council I. IANICE SI-IERMO Love is what makes the world go round- my how fast it s spinning. ACTIVITIES: Choir 3 4- FHA 2 3 4- Annual Staff I- Pep Club 2 3 4' Pep Club Officer 4 FHA Officer 4 Class Officer 2 Operetta 3 DARLEEN SMITH SALUTATORIAN She s as friendly as she IS studrous ACTIVITIES Junior Class Treasurer Newspaper Staff 2 4 Annual Staff 4 L1 brary Club 2 3 Student Council 4 Sen1or Class Play Office 4 Hall Monitor GILMAN THOMPSON He IS little but there 15 much in that l1ttle II s quality not quantity that makes a man ACTIVITIES Baseball I 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Class Treasurer FFA 2 3 4 FFA Basketball Coach 4 INEZ. TOLLEFSON She s quiet till you get to know her ACTIVITIES Library Club 4 FHA 2 3 4 MARLYS TOLLEFSON She has a quret nature but just a little fun won t hurt anyone ACTIVITIES Library Club 3 FHA 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Senlor Class Secretary JEAN ZHE Always happy always krnd She s the maiden we like to frnd I 3-4- : . . . : . 5 . 2 I: ACTIVITIES: Newspaper 3,45 Library Club 45 FHA 4. 2,5 IM' W' , , fr 'Q M cal, wff ,4 ,1 19 ,, ec, PROPHECY We predict JERRY ANDERSON will be rn partnership wrth hrs father at the garage In his spare trme he wrll always be found up at the pond fishrng DOROTHY BACK wrll be a dental assrstant to a prominent crty dentrst we understand she strll corresponds with Teddy quite fre guently DAVID BECKER wrll be farmrng on hrs fathers farm north of Eleva we understand he plans on going to school to be an Ag teacher Central DAVID BJORKLUND wrll be operating a cannrng factory and store rn Alaska rn hrs spare trme he traps and goes fishing as usual CLARICE CHRISTENSON wrll be marrred and operatrng the Nor den store we understand she also plans on reopening the cheese factory JOAN ENGEN wrll be employed as a lrbrarran wrth Mrnneasota Hrstorrcal Socrety One of her Jobs rs to remove mold from old books she rs also secretary of the Hrstory Sharks Assocratron ALVERDA FRANSON wrll be married and lrvrng up on a farm near Eleva She gets up at 4 o clock every mornrng to mrlk cows how does that appeal to you crty gals DUANE GILBERTSON wrll be a very promrnent engrneer Rrght now he rs burldrng a new brrdge rn Strum and a four lane highway between Strum and Central GARY HOLTE wrll be a U S Senator from Wrsconsrn He rs a member of several rmportant committees and rs known throughout the Senate for hrs cool calm manner BETTY JOHNSON wrll be a nurse rn the Mayo Clrnrc Rrght now she rs workrng on research wrth whrte mrce and gurnea prgs She loves to work wrth these anrmals rn Whitehall Her breakfast specralrty rs Johnson Jelly on toast and Johnson Jolly Jurce HARLYN LARSON wrll have a law offrce rn Strum He rs known throughout Wrsconsrn for hrs abrlrty to argue and to convrnce people JANICE LOKKEN wrll be a private secretary to the President of the Sandy Candy Company She records the truck loads of sand as they come rn WARREN McBRlDE wrll be lrvrng wrth Illa Mae on a farm near Strum They rarse four leaf clovers for good luck charms They also make clover bouquets for St Patrrcks Day TOM MILAND will be a forest ranger rn Northern Wrsconsrn and has earned several medals for herorsm rn frre fighting He also has a pet deer named Darleen JEAN MOEN wrll be a concert pranrst with the Eleva Strum Symphony Orchestra She has traveled throughout the world and has a class of musrc students rn the Belgian Congo ROLF NYMO wrll be coach at Central and a star player of the Strum city team Durrng the summers he works rn hrs Dad s service statron and keeps an eye on hrs grrl frrends JEANNE OLSON wrll be a Captarn rn the Wac s We hear she rs the shortest grrl rn her unrt Her marn trouble rs to shout loud enough so everyone can hear her orders LEOLA ROMUNDSTAD will be busy helprng on the farm She still comes around to Central for basketball games and school activities JANE RULAND will be a model for a famous Frfth Avenue shop Her prcture recently appeared on the cover of Look Magazrne and she rs presrdent of the Waddle Model s Club an exclusrve club for models BOB SATHER wrll be farmrng rn Bennett Valley On the srde line he invents work saving gadgets He now does all hrs farmrng by remote control srmply by pressrng a button l-le says rt s very efficient too PHILIP SEMINGSON will be a salesman for the Fuller Brush company He enjoys rt too because rt gives hrm a chance to argue with people JANICE SHERMO wrll be busy farmrng with Frrck Last year she was chosen the most beautrful farmers wrfe rn Wrsconsrn DARLEEN SMITH wrll be lrsted rn Who s Who rn Amerrca She rs promrnent all over the country as a doctor and has made several contributions to Central High to help pay for the rnstall atron of cerlrngs GILMAN THOMPSON wrll be sales manager for Robbe s Store Srnce he recerved thrs posrtron people stand rn lrne for three hours to get into the store especially the women INEZ TOLLEFSON will be married and lrvrng rn the Eleva Strum area When she rsn t talking to the Thalacker grrls she hrres out as a baby srtter MARLYS TOLLEFSON wrll be clerkrng at Kresges rn Eau Clarre A posrtron was opened to her at Chicago but she refused She lrkes to be home on weekends JEAN ZHE will be bookkeeper at the Wacky Sacky Clorhrng Store rn Eleva They buy all the feed sacks rn the community and sell them to the women as dresses WILL We the Senior Class of X953 of Central Hrgh School Eleva Strum County of Trempealeau State of Wrsconsrn do hereby solemly declare this to be our last wrll and testament As individuals we wrsh to bequeath the followrng to the remarnrng members of Central Jerry Anderson wrlls hrs shyness to Donald Samuelson Davrd Becker wrlls hrs grrn to Andor Rognlren Davrd Bjorklund wrlls hrs huntrng abrlrty to Charon Klevgard Clarrce Chrrstenson wrlls her blond features to Yvonne Miller Joan Engen wrlls her posrtron as editor of the school paper to Ronald Bergerson Alverda Franson wrlls her nrght lrfe to any lonesome underclassman Duane Grlbertson wrlls hrs stature to Rodney Hanson Gary Holte wrlls hrs posrtron on the football team to Jrmmy Johnson Betty Johnson wrlls her studrous manner to Jane Thalacker Lourse Johnson wrlls her eyesight to the faculty of Central Harlyn Larson wrlls hrs way with women to Bradley Brrch Janrce Lokken wrlls her grrlrsh manner to Shrrley McLellan Warren McBrrde wrlls everythrng he has rncludrng hrmself to Illa Mae Heath Tom Mrland wrlls hrs farmrng abrlrty to Larry Olson Jean Moen wrlls her blushing abrlrty to trmrd rncomrng freshmen Rolf Nymo wrlls hrs athletrc abrlrty to Raymond Rongholt Jeanne Olson wrlls her Geometry troubles to next years Geometry class Leola Romundstad wrlls her good behavror to Danrel Van Pelt Jane Ruland wrlls her dark hair to Barbara Lrnd Bob Sather wrlls hrs corny Jokes to anyone who wrll laugh at them Phrlrp Semrngson wrlls hrs herght to Ron Myhers Janrce Shermo wrlls her worrres to anyone of next years Senrors Darleen Smrth wrlls her good grades to Carroll Enos Grlman Thompson wrlls hrs posrtron as Assistant Coach of the F F A team to Dana Peterson Inez Tollefson wrlls her quret manner to Marilyn Bollrnger Marlys Tollefson wrlls her soft grggle to Rosella Thalacker Jean Zhe wrlls her abrlrty to stay rn school to Bonnie Hanestad a l fl F0 ' . at ' ' LOUISE JOHNSON will be operating a cafe, "The Johnson Joint", Dorothy Back wills her variety of weekend dates to Shirley Kelly. 0l'l'll'Yl0l'lCel7lel'lt m,WX+P Q U of' I fi! F L7 :Z en Ira X sf Gqfva 524 Qfg m Qjgmw .v I., nl J J .9414 :lm 9! I sl Sf! I 'll Sponsored by TREMPEALEAU ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Arcadia, Wis. enior 'la I t T 1 , ' . 2 1 E' ' 'Y ll I Mig. ' N A I g 4 ,f-Q--"-bf. w Q. Z "' g ,gn 'Q 1 J 44 Q 'Q X ' V ' 2 Q A Q V A -U Y! ai' ,, ,,.-Q., Lm,A,,, ' ' , Wi' , , , Q' ' Mft 'fi l ' - J BL'-s wg' "NI-3 r,,..:-. .Ln tai. , 4 3 ,i K :! 1r:'3:f4' , V 4 F 8l'll0l" I'l6l If NN 17 "HILI..BII.,L,Y WEDDIN' " Pa . . . . . Gary Holte . .Darleen Smith . . . .Janice Lokken Bonnie Mae , Ma. . . Ceelie , . . . .JeanMoen Juney Lou . . .Clarice Christenson Four . . . . Louise Johnson Five . . . Alverda Franson Six . . Jeanne Olson Chiz . . . Jerry Anderson Obeey. . . .Duane Gilbertson Zeke . . . . . Tom Miland Reverend . . . Harlyn Larson Aunt LUCY . . . . Jane Ruland Ronald Maxwell . . Rolf Nymo cowl YUM aw V ' A if-fbi-Q.. The Senior Class Play drew an un- usually large and appreciative crowd to the gymnasium on March 27. The play was a rollicking hillbilly story of the Belsnickle family. Action centered around Maw and Paw Belsnickle who were concerned with marrying off their six daughters. Sponsored by: MELS SPORTSMENS BAR, Eleva, Wis. SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY, Eau Claire, Wis. FEI-IR CONCRETE PRODUCTS Eau Clair, Wis. 'ing DX 'qi Yflulercfaadmen 1 9 I'l6ll9:5 FRESHMAN INITIATION HO MEC O MING PROM Z3 Ely FLGIO5 W n if Z4 i ,, N.,..,.,,.,, N 1 ' ' ffaff gf 55 , 7 iff 5, +1 if Ya 'C T 22 5 35 Z te il fi! 'Z I ma' 1 Y J, M ,, ,X , . M rganizafioiw STANDING, FRONT TO BACK: Mrs. Olson, Miss Gunther, Barbara Romund- stad, Jane Thalacker. FIRSTROW, LEFT TORIGHT:Jon Nymo, KayO1son, Marlys Tollefson, Donna Proctor, Clarice Christenson. SECOND ROW: Bonita Wraalstad, Jean R. Olson, Janice Lokken, Darlene Shermo, Joyce Monson, Kay Myhers, Joan Engen. THIRD ROW: Barbara Rose, Jean Moen, Jean M. Olson, Alverda Franson, Barbara Edison, Jeanette Skogstad, Bonnie Hane- stad, Elizabeth Jacobson, Jean Zhe. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Back, Charon Klevegard, Deloris Missell, Yvonne Sather, Marjory Larson, Betty Johnson, Jane Ruland, Darleen Smith. ewrilaalaer Central Hi-lites published monthly issues thisme r the direction of Miss Gunther and Mrs. Olson. Central Hi-lites was edited by Joan Eugen with o and Joyce Monson as assistant editors. This the fourth year Central Hi-lites has been published. Sponsored by: BANK OF OSSEO BANK OF OSSEO FRED N, WILLIAMS Strum Station Eleva Station Strum, Wis. Strum, Wis. Eleva, Wisconsin KNEELING: Robert Sather. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harlyn Larson, David Becker, Gary Holte, Rolf Nymo, Larry Olson, Ronald Semingson, Gerald Halverson, Jerry Anderson, Duane Gilbertson, Robert Toft. cya! Won ifora The girl you see sitting down at the end of the hall each period is known as a hall monitor. It is her duty to give demerits to anyone caught in the hall without a pass or a paddle. In this way there is no unnecessary loitering or running in the halls. There is one girl sitting in the hall for each period. lst period--Darlene Smith, Znd period--Charon Klevgard, 3rd period--Joan Engen, 4th period-- Beverly Toft, 5th period--Bonita Wraalstad, 6th period--Jean Moen, and 7th period--Barbara Edison. The Firemen were appointed at the beginning of the year by the Student Council. This is the first year that Central has had a crew of firemen. Our main purpose is to put out a fire and direct students in leaving the building. Fire drills are held once a month and each fireman takes his station as soon as the alarm is sounded. Each member has been taught how to operate the extinguisher at his station. In this way Central is better protected against fire. irem en SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Edison, Joan Engen. STANDING Beverly Toft, Charon Klevgard, Bonita Wraalstad, Darleen Smith, Jean Moen, and Mr. Hawkins. Sponsored by: TOLLEFSON CITY SERVICE I-IULBERGS STORE OLSON FEED STORES Eleva, Wis. Strum, Wis. Eleva, Wis. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Barbara Lrnd Rrchard Scott Mr I-Iawkrns Darleen Smrth Mr Baldwm Kay Myhers Elrzabeth Jacobson STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Marvm Brynterson Harlyn Larson Peter Carr Davrd Becker Jeanette Skogstad Anne Robbe .S?ll.6!el'lf 60Ml'lCL The Student L,ounc1l Off1cers th1s year were Presrdent Darleen Sm1th VICE Presldent Tom M1land Secretary Kay Myhers Treasurer Anne Robbe Th1S year the Student Councrl began the year by drawlng up a const1tut1on wh1ch was adopted by the student body The const1tut1on provldes for 12 student members l faculty representatxve and the pr1nc1pal. The counc1l sponsored several part1es durmg the year. Two farewell part1es one for Mr. Albertson and for Vonn1e were g1ven. The day before Chrrstmas vacat1on we had our Chrrstmas party w1th Mr. Mltchell as Santa Claus. The Student Counc1l was host to prospectrve freshmen v1s1tat1on day, May 13. The e1ghth graders V1S1tCd classes, heard a panel d1scuss1on on school aCt1V1t1eS, and played a softball game wrth the freshmen. Brg Falls was the spot for the Student Counc1l p1cn1c wh1ch ended our act1v1t1es for the year. Sponsored by: HALVERSON DRUG STORE LYLES CASH FOOD STRAND HARDWARE MARSHALL T. C. Halverson Eleva, W1s. Strum, W1s. WELLS STORE Strurn, W1s. Strum, W1s. Z9 K ,... N .i A? , I y , , w ,, 4 , - . Q L ,,,,, , , ' K A .Q W -L , ,M HV, . 4 x V If , e, Jw , .. , V 'O u - T 5 Q 1 E: V 'Q , , I ,. ' X 1 O .. f' ,W 5. . W . f 1 . . . . . 1 - I v - I v - . 1 1 - 1 2 ' 0 I I . I I I O I . - . . . . . Q . . - O I - . . . . . . . . Q . . Q Q u . . . 1 Q v 1 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Donna Proctor Charon Klevegard Darlene Shermo Illa Mae Heath Warren McBr1de Jean Ann Zhe STANDING Shuley McLellan Darlene Larson Shuley Kelly Jane Thalacker Clarrce Chustenson Dorothy Pack Inez Tollefson and Mrs Chrlstoffer r,zz4,.,,,., cm CLUB OFFICERS Pres1dent Dorothy Back VICC Pres Darlene Shermo Secretary Donna Proctor Treasurer Clar1ce Chr1stenson AdV1SO1' Mrs Chrlstopher Our l1brary club was very successful th1s year We had f1fteen mem bers w1th two Slttlng at the desk each perlod It was our duty to check books 1n and out and to keep the shelves 1n order at all t1mes We also had one subst1tute to ass1st 1f one of the members was absent Our club entered a float 1n the homecommg parade and won second pr1ze Through out the year we had a number of candy sales The money earned from these was used to pay for our tr1p 1n the sprmg The money wh1ch was taken 1n on book f1nes was used to buy new books In Apr11 our club attended the Ice Foll1es at M1nneapol1s Sponsored by ORRIE OLSON TRUCKING DUXBURY DRUG STORE FARMERS UNION CO OP Strum, W1s Health Headquarters Strum W1s Eleva, W1s INDERBOE GARAGE Strurn W1s . U - 1 n 1 0 1 - : n I a 9 I 5 n n . o n o 4 1 a n 0 n o n I u e a s Q o n 0 O o u - - o o o n ' . 0 o o . a y n u p a KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Olson, Jean Moen. FIRST ROW: Janice Shermo, Clarice Chris- tenson, Jeanette Skogstad, Jane Ruland, Kay Olson, Darlene Larson, Yvonne Sather, Janice Lokken, Anne Robbe. SECOND ROW: Lois Samuelson, Marjory Larson, Louise Johnson, Marilyn Bollinger, Yvonne Miller, Barbara Rose, Barbara Edison, Deloris Missell, Louise Hulberg. THIRD ROW: Beverly Toft, Jean Olson, Elizabeth Jacobson, Kay Myhers, Sonja Englesby, Rosalie Peterson, Bonita Wraal- stad, Dorothy Back, Barbara Romundstad. FOURTH ROW: Dana Peterson, Orrine Olson, Marion Larson, Sherrill Semingson, Ruth Benson, Margaret Johnson, Shirley McLellan. 2,9 With Mr. Baldwin as our adviser the Pep Club had an eventful year. At the first meeting we elected officers. Jeanne M. MAJORE1-TES: Joyce Olson received the Presidency, Jeanne Monson and Jean Olson. Moen was our Veep, and two other Senior ' girls, Clarice Christianson and Janice Shermo were Secretary and Treasurer, 1 respectively. ig E- The Pep Club did its best to try to boast school spirit and attendance at games. The big event of the year was the Homecoming parade and dance. Sponsored by: O. T. THOMPSON PAUL REVERE LIFE INSURANCE CO. ART ROSENBAUM Real Estate Arthur Lind and Harvey I-lavenor Philips 66 Eleva, Wis. Strum, Wis. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mitchell, Rodney Hansen. Raymond Rongholt, Carroll Enos, Gilman Thomp son, Andor Rognlien, Earl Rud, Ronald Semingson, David Sather. SECOND ROW: Donald Ulberg, Larry Mi- land, Orvin Simonson, Donald Smith, Philip Gunderson, Donald Peterson, Dennis Indjger, Donald Alf, Larry Smith, Gary Mueller, Kenneth Becker. THIRD ROW: Ronald Bergerson, Gerald Halverson, Robert Thronson, Orville Timm, Duane Gilbertson, Robert Todahl, Rodney Higley, Robert Toft, Thomas lvliland, Jerry Ander- son, Gary Holte. FOURTH ROW: Richard Scott, Dan Van Pelt, Larry Olson, Robert Bielefeldt, Roger Albertson, Henry Fimreite, Bradley Birch, Robert Sather, Rolf Nymo, Harlyn Larson, David Becker. 33,4 KNEELING: Mr. Mitchell, Gilman Thompson. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harlyn Larson, Gary Holte, Duane Gilbertson, Thomas Miland, David Becker, Gary Mueller. MISSING: David Bjorklund, Phillip Semingson. Sponsored by: EI..I.,IFSON'S TRUCKING SERVICE O 81 N. LUMBER CO. Strum, Wis. Eleva-Strurn, Wis. W , I g, . On Saturday March 7, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Shermo, Anne Robhe, Joyce Monson, Jean R. Olson, Mrs. Pardun, Darlei e Sherino, Dorothy Back, Cjlarice Christenson, Jeanette Sl-cogstad. 5ECOND ROW: Janice Missell, Jean M. Olson, Donna Semiiison, Norma Barneson, Darlene Hageness, Bonita Schultn, Alice Riphenburo, liainona Tweet, lint Benson, Eleanor Klopp, Barbara Klopp, Dana Peterson. THIRD ROW: Shirley Mt'Le,lan, Muriel Marson, Judy Proctor, Bettyjohnson, Janice Loaken, Marlys Tollefson, Lona I-Iageness, Inez Tollefson, Yxonne Sather, Donna Proctor, Jean Zhe, Jean Moen, Alverda Franson, Margaret Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Rornundstad Lois Samuelson, Beverly Toft, Elizabethjaeobson, 5onja Englesby, Carol Gunderson, Ramona Halverson, Kay Myhers, Bonita Wraalstad, Louise Hulberg, Marjory Larson, Yvonne Miller. FIFTH ROW: Kay Olson, Darlene Larson, Iris Loornis, Barbara Edison, Louise Johnson, Rosella Thalaclcer, Marilyn Bollinger, Delores Missell, Jane Thalaeker, Charon Klevegard, Shirley Kelly, Jane Ruland. I Anne Robbe and Marjorie " Larson competed in the ,..,, District FHA Demonstration L Contest at Arcadia. Anne made a cherry pie in class A and placed Ist. Marjorie demonstrated party favors in class B and place Znd. Sponsored by: HALVARSON'S D. X, STATION JACOBSON BROTHER5 Eleva, Wis. Strum, Wis. Y- vwv 'i c wb' ofa LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Yvonne M1ller Ahce R1phenburg Joyce Monson Slurley Mcbellan Marjorle Larson SECOND ROW Lo1s Ann Samuelson Donna Proctor and Mrs Chrlstopher The students entered 1n FOICDSICS 1n 1953 were Al1ce R1phenberg, Marjorle Larson Yvonne Mlller Sh1rley McLellan LOIS Ann Samuelson Donna Proctor and Joyce Monson A contest was held at Central H1gh School at wh1ch t1me the Judges selected two entr1es from each d1v1s1on They were as follows JOYCE MONSON Humerous Declamat1on Donna Proctor State Fmanst Yvonne Mluef Dramatlc Declamatlon LOIS Samuelson Mar-1or1e Larson Non Or1g1nal Oratory Joyce Monson n March Z1 those entr1es went to Eau Clalre to compete at the State Teacher's College w1th forty three schools 1n th1s d1str1ct Every entry spoke tw1ce 1n the mormng and the w1nners then spoke the f1nals Lo1s Samuelson and Joyce Monson LOIS Samuelson rated a 'B and Joyce Monson xi" an "A On May 11 Joyce Monson went to Madlson to compete Wlth all state f1nal1sts and she rece1ved III ratlnv 216: a a Sponsored by HOLLYWOOD THEATRE MAC'S TYPEWRITER CO STARDUSK DRIVE IN THEATRE 311 S Barstow St Eau Clalre WIS Eau Clalre WIS .ii V ' I : r 1 1 ' . Y : , , . . a 1 1 a . . . . . . . ' A t ' ' ""'e 9 1 ln ,,,,c . W , - . , '?Efff, '39 ' ' ", M I I ' - 9 ,V O 5, , i 5 . I . " 1 . I- O I , . , . porin 1 , in ' . 1 KNEELING: Carroll Enos, Gary Mueller. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Bjorklund, Rolf Nymo, Rodney I-lighley, Robert Sather, Gary Holte, Harlyn Larson, Gilman Thompson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Tetzner, Ronald Semingson, Michael Olson, Richard Bergerson, Dan Van Pell, Ion Nymo, Mr. Peffer. THIRD ROW: Roger Albertson, Gerald Halvorson, Robert Tofr, Darrel Gilbertson, Ronald Bergerson, Ronald Mathson, Larry Olson. FOURTH ROW: Daxid Sather, John Johnson, Hal Havenor, Robert Todahl, Bradley Birch, Philip Gunderson, Janses Johnson. joofgaf TEAM PLAYED WE THEY Regis Junior Varsity 6 32 Augusta O 39 Independence 6 38 Blair O Z0 Lima 0 7 Eau Claire B's 13 19 Onalaska 6 44 Ellsworth O 34 Sponsored by: ERLING NYMO'S STANDARD SERVICE JO AND SPlKE'S CAFE Strum, Wis. Strum, Wis. 36 ixs 3 JV .f 'S Ik- 'l Q .-3 KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Carr, John Johnson. STANDING: Mr. Tetzner Din Xan Pell, Dick Bergerson, Ronald Marlrson, Robert Bielefeldt, Rolf Nyrno, Lam O1 on R mhert ballrer, Henry Firnreite, Jerry Anderson, Rodney lligluy. 5 ij CC 77 Cljggfgfl I I QCLIWI, TEAM PLAYED WE THEY Augusta 41 Fairchild 53 Blair 50 Mondovi 65 Independence 52 Osseo 59 Augusta 58 Taylor 44 Gilmanton 66 I-Iixton 69 Alma Center 59 Fairchild 47 Osseo 88 Blair 70 Gilmanton 63 Independence 30 Taylor 45 I-Iixton 66 Fall Creek 66 Alma Center 58 TOURNAMENT Fairchild 60 Osseo 73 Fall Creek 73 Sponsored by: Compliments of SORENSON HARDWARE GUNDERSOIN LOCKER MR AND MRS I-I L. KJENTVET Eleva, Wis. Eleva and Mondovi, Wis N, s. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Johnson, Peter Carr. STANDING: Hal Havenor, Darrel Gil- bertson, Roger Albertson, Philip Gunderson, Richard Scott, Kenneth Becker, Ronald Bergerson, Marvin Brynterson, Michael Olson, Gary Matson, David Sather, Jon Nymo, Mr. Tetzner. Zgaalfefgaf K v .lam TEAMS PLAYED WE THEY Augusta 34 41 Fairchild 35 17 Blair 43 35 Mondovi 19 39 Independence Z7 34 Osseo 41 43 Taylor 30 2.4 Gilmanton 51 38 Hixton 38 Zl Alma Center 37 Z5 Fall Creek Z6 45 Independence Z8 26 Blair 2.9 39 Augusta 32 Z5 Fairchild 15 Z9 Osseo 30 34 Taylor 47 Z4 Gilmanton 18 51 I-Iixton 34 ZZ Alma Center 30 Z1 TOTAL WON LOST ll 9 Sponsored by: NORM'S GOOD FOOD SKOUG LOCKER PLANT STRUM IRON WORK SYLVIN OLSON Strum, Wis. Strum, Wis. Strum, Wis. LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Jean M. Olson, Jean Moen, Barbara Rose, and Elizabeth Jacobson. CA QQIAG clerd LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean R. Olson, Sonja Englegby, Marilyn Bollinger. STANDING: Ruth Benson. Sponsored by: T. I-I. ERICKSON QUALITY EGG CO. SEMINGSON CORNER MARKET Strum Eleva, Wis. Eleva, Wis. Flour and Feed i -" . , , rw Q A., X ...r . ,. 3 . , is 51-fir rm '.Lf'15'- -'-of 'fu H' 1- r..,'-3 Z, rs., ""'id4' hp ' 'A-'-'-,,,,,y-f M L, pq - "- 'A " V wg, 'X' K ' N -6 - ' 93" ....e.i2..2..4.. -""'--Q-fxkufa-.f.,'.--mrwuir LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: John Johnson, Rolf Nymo, Harlyn Larson, Dave Bjorklund, Gary I-lolte, Gilman Thompson. SECOND ROW: Larry Olson, Henry Fimreite, Robert Toft, Ronald Myhers, Rodney Higley, Gerald Halvorson, Marvin Brynterson. THIRD ROW: Jon Nymo, Richard Scott, Hal Havenor, Mr. Tetzner, Micky Olson, Daniel Van Pelt, and Gary Matson. gl 58661 K At present Central's baseball team is still competing in the play-offs for the State Baseball Tournament. On May 23, Central won the District Champion- ship at Whitehall by beating Whitehall in the championship game 3-2. Central had advanced to the championship round by defeating Hixton 15-3. Heroes for Central in the final game were Larry Olson, who hit a tremendous pinch hit triple for Central in the 7th inning to tie the game up, and Rod Higley, who hit a long double to drive in the winning run in the 8th inning. Ron Myhers and Dave Bjorklund combined to pitch a 6 hitter and between them struck out 13 men Central's over-all record is 7 wins and 3 losses, The leading hitters are Dan Van Pelt, Rolf Nymo, and Rod I-Iigley. Leading pitchers are Ron Myhers 3-1, Dave Bjorklund 3-1, Gil Thompson 1-0, and Rod Higley 0-1. Ron Myhers pitched a no-hitter against Osseo on May 13th and Central won 4'0' RECORD Central - Osseo 9-5 Central - Independence 8-7 Central - Mondovi 6-7 Central - Independence 6-2 Central - Osseo 4-O Central - Gilmanton 16-2 Central - Regis 1-3 Central - Regis 4-5 Central - Hixton 15-3 Central - Whitehall 3-2 Sponsored by: PURE MILK DAIRY OLE'S COSY CORNER Berlie Caucutt, Prop. Home Cooked Food Osseo, Wis. Strum, Wis- ,sl , fa. if' 6 thi LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Rosenbaum, Roger Albertson, Bradley Birch, Darrel Gilbertson, Ronald Bergerson, Donald Smith, Ronald Mathson, Ronald Deetz, Orvin Simonson, Richard Bergerson, Dennis Indger, Larry Miland. l'ClC April Z8 -- Quadrangular Meet at Blair. Blair, Black River Falls, Independence, and Central. May 7 -- Trempealeau County Meet at Galesville. May 15 -- Trempealeau Valley Conference Meet at Blair. May ZZ -- Sectional Meet at Eau Claire. The track team, captained by Ron Bergerson, had its best day at the conference meet. With good balance in the majority of events it placed third with thirty and one half points. The team, composed entirely of underclassmen, should show a great deal of improvement in the years following. J J, rg udic of FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Baldwrn Darlene Hageness Jeanette Skogstad Ehzabeth Jacobson Carol Gunderson Kay Myhers Marjory Larson Ir1sLoom1s SECOND ROW Vlckey Olson Sandra Johnson LOUISE Hulberg Barbara Edlson Kay Olson Anne Robbe JeanM Olson THIRD ROW Lots Samuelson Bomta Wraalstad Bomta Schultz Peter Carr Denn1s Indgyer Robert Rosenbaum JeanR Olson Barbara Rose Ruth Benson FOURTH ROW Norma Barneson Joyce Monson Mar11ynBo1l1nger Duane Grlbertson John Johnson Mrchael Berg MISSING Jan1ceBarneson Jean Chrrstranson A1yceMathson The Central Hrgh School Mus1c department opened the season w1th 86 report1ng for cho1r and 16 reportlng from last year's band Tryouts were held 1n cho1r and the group was reduced to the norrnal comphment of 60 members Band replacements soon began report1ng and before the end of the year our band cons1sted of 39 mem bers, the largest thus far at Central The year was well f1lled w1th act1v1t1es for both groups as well as our sponsors the Central Mus1c Mother s The band f1rst appeared at Homecomlng play1ng from a wagon for the parade and also play1ng at the game The next event was the annual MUSIC Mother's AuCt1OH wh1ch featured the "Hungary FIVE" our own German Band whose members are Denn1s Indgjer, LOUISE Hulberg Jean R Olson, Ehzabeth Jacobson and Mar1lyn Boll1n er th1s group was abl d1rected by Jon ' Ph1l1p" Nymo and gue t solo1st A b t the Ap ' Mr Ba dW1n" On Dec 8 the Mus1c Mother's sponsored the 'Eau Cla1re Male Chorus" wh1ch was a pro gram very well presented and well rece1ved by our communlty Our school also had the pleasure of hear1ng a well balanced program presented by the college cho1r of Eau Cla1re 1n a mornlng assembly The annual "m1d w1nter" concert by the band and chorus was presented on furrushed by the "Pep Band" of 17 members as usual there was a packed gym nas1um and the band was enjoyed by all March Z4 was the n1ght for the annual solo ensemble rec1tal The program was well attended and the performers presented a f1ne program On March 27 these same band and cho1r members Journeyed to Eau Cla1re to have the1r efforts judged and the results were very sat1sfactory 41 students took part 1n Z4 separate contests and of these contests 11 rece1ved I ratlngs, 12 rece1ved II ratmgs and 1 rece1ved a III rat1ng Jeanette Skogstad and El1zabeth Jacobson rece1ved a I plus for the1r clar1net duet wh1ch earned them a tr1p to the state festlval at Mad1son, May 9 Accompan1st were Kay Olson, Ramona Tweet, Mrs Ted Halverson Mrs Jlm Brooks and LOUISE Hulberg to these persons we are grateful for the1r trme and effort The pre festrval concert was glven Apr1l 28 and our aud1ence seemed well pleased w1th a Job well done Saturday May Z the band and chorus attended the d1str1ct mus1c fest1val at Eau Cla1re Although ra1n fell durlng the day sp1r1ts were not dampened and both groups gave cred1table performances, w1th the band rece1v1ng a II rat1ng and the cho1r a I rat1ng In the afternoon after wa1t1ng out the ra1n our band appeared wlth 34 others 1n the parade f1nals The year closed w1th an appearance of the cho1r at Baccalaureate serv1ce and the bands appearances at Commencement and at Strum Eleva and Bennet Valley for Memorral day We feel the mus1c program at Central 1S def1n1tely grow1ng and are grateful to the wonderful ass1stance g1ven by the ' Mus1c Mother's" for f1nanc1al help 1n purchaslng equlpment and mstruments FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Darlene Hageness Jeanette Skogstad Elrzabeth Jacobson Kay Myhers Jean R Olson Barbara Rose Robert Rosenbaum Bon1ta Schultz Mr Baldwm Drrector SECOND ROW Mar1lyn Boll rnger Duane Grlbertson Barbara Edrson Kay Olson Anne Robbe JeanneM Olson Ruth Benson THIRD ROW Joyce Monson Norma Barneson Lourse Hulberg Lots Samuelson Bomta Wraalstad Dennrs Indger MISSING FROM PICTURE I anrce Barneson 44 O . , . . . ' ' ' , s ' was " 5 er e' Q . lf ' . . I . . - Jan.. 30. The district basketball tournament was held at Central and music was o . c u . n . n 1 , u 1 . . , . . . . un 'S EN SX 54 a E ,ff I gvyilzh-'ajN"J' ' QTY . Esg1??g X9sgQffi551?23 'vi '1 , 'r+" N gf 3 Qi if 4 N. IQVI5 iv if A WW Cl ' . X , yx tL.au-uwvanqqgw nw ll 1 , W A 4:1 Q Sm, 554 17- Q4-5 si . QW" :ww ' J' x.TX:g' Q f:!'..i,.,w. .. 5 XX. ..,' -N x .47 NX 1 - '.' q 1 F SGA ' pi if w1AA I B J 1 A 9 , 1 1 r...+- '15 X m . s 'S - ' 3 adn' -f E2 ' ' A I ' I , I it MX. ' -0 3 1 I I 4 X I , I x 9 4 4 ,fs . 5 Y , t ns r 1 1 K i 1 ' 1 FRED WILLIAMS FEI-IR Standard Oil Co. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Baldwin, Janice Missell, Zona Hage- ness, Janice Shermo, Sherrill Semingson, Shirley Heath, Muriel Mattson, Janice Lokken, Joanne Holte, SECOND ROW: Norma Barneson, Marion Larson, Donna Semingson, Orrine Olson, Arlene Olson, Anita Engan, Deloris Missell, Rosella Thalacker, Rosalie Peterson. THIRD ROW: Mar- garet Johnson, Anne Robbe, Louise Hulberg, Lois Ann Samuelson, Jean M. Olson, Elizabeth Jacobson, Darlene Shermo, Joyce Monson, Sonja Englesby. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Heath, Darlene Hageness, Alice Riphenburg, Yvonne Miller, Barbara Edison, Marjory Larson, Anita Holte, Beverly Toft. MISSING: Janice Barneson, Connie Klopp, Bar- bara Lind. Students receiving I ratings were as follows: CLASS A Kay Olson CLASS B SOLOS Marilyn Bollinger Louise Hulberg Anne Robbe ENSEMBLES Anne Robbe Jean M. Olson Janice Lokken Lois Samuelson Janice Shermo Anita Holte Darlene Shermo Marjory Larson Jane Ruland Yvonne Sather Bonita Wraalstad Sponsored by CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. GAMBLE ROBINSON CO 1103 Menomonie St. Fresh Fruits, Vegetables Strum, Wis. Eau Claire, Wis. 8: Groceries Eau Claire, Wis FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronald Mathson, Jon Nymo, Jimmy Johnson, Carol Gunderson, Barbara Romundstad, Jeanette Skogstad. Ruth Benson. SECOND ROW: Gerald Halverson, Harlyn Larson, Robert Toft, Peter Carr, Jane Ruland, Bonita Schultz, Geraldine Hollister, Kay Olson. THIRD ROW: Dennis Indgjer, Robert Sather, Robert Rosenbaum, Marilyn Bollinger, Barbara Rose, Iris Loomis, Yvonne Sather, Bonita Wraalstad. FOURTH ROW: David Sather, Duane Gilbertson, Roger Albertson, Jean R. Olson, Kay Myhers, Ramona Halverson, Ramona Tweet, Barbara Klopp. Students receiving I ratings were as follows CLASS C SOLO Janice Barneson fVocalj Yvonne Miller ENSEMBLES Elizabeth Jacobson Jean R. Olson Roger Albertson Peter Carr Joanne Holte Pep Rose R. Albertson Dennis Indgjer Elizabeth Jacobson Jeanette Skogstad 1 Plus Sponsored By: HANSON VENDING SERVICE 2210 Birch St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin C1 M 1- t fill' .aiu-Q 354 bo! .71 !'- gal. W Q-ev?-is if rs' Aa- '-' ff sf- 47? ..R" 44,2 ""' "'7Qi'- an -4' 'v4L1a0 And then came spr1ng' Burst1ng forth 1n all 1tS freshness and lovellness as lt announced 1ts arr1val w1th blades of green spr1ng1ng from the earth and leaves buddlng on the seerrnngly 11fe1ess trees Glrls 1n crlsp colorful cottons p1cn1cs out door sports new fr1endsh1ps engagements the smell of lmlacs But even spr1ng fever d1d not mterrupt our systematlc work and study wh1ch was crowded upon us 1n the necess1ty of f1n1sh1ng term papers and tak1ng f1nal exams At last graduat1on day arr1ved Wlth 1ts 1nev1table goodbyes goodbye to a wonderful year Wh1Cl" .ull never be forgotten A 5, W x Q I X f Lx Q ' V f , S " 5 7' I ' ' 1 a , M 7l m y , , l ' , ' 5 y f ' f Y 5 K , 1 2 . g f '4 l , X Q' ta. , fx, .- wa . 3 5 4 L Q r .. I . H f , , A 's V 3 s g ' , . D v f 7 . f xx 3 J, G9 - f ' 12, X . 1 .A , - -.. ', 5 - 1 tg '- ' .3 . 1 , t -Q, h l . t I K 1 ' . 1 1 4- l , - K " 'Q 'Q' Q , ,',,, + U.. . , gg . f-4' V K . .. my A . , ,, A , 'S -...v -s , K M , , 1 W ,. , F, H, A ..,, :aw Wbgyagv g V ,Ag - y 1 . Q -noi, V W A' ' ' , I Q I .- Q ,,,. gui' K Va, M mf .. Mft", , ,,,,s.. ff- A- V - ' f -A ,, Vind, .,-. - , z., 6 1 I , ' A l fn, . . l 1 'Q . , , f - , , A - 4 - , - 'T , 1. . 4 . N ,:,- . - 1 , 1. W ' ff, N: . 333 4 6,4 I K """' -:ag .ak 4 . - . 4 A A .. L , .: Ab Q , , , M 4 , ' 1, na .. Q1 'L I .... - A. . ,S , K . . . , - w L Q- N .I ' ' A , n I vf 1 k 1, V K 1-, ' iv' " -,,,,,. ,,,- ,sf , sf . Q 1 f 'H Y-' 1 f fir. . 4- .4 .gn -1 . g I l . . . . . , o n 0 n a n O I l O I O O I I I I I 0 O I . O I I I I I I O C I O I I I Q l O ' O . . . Q 1 1 ' ' '.w . MYIIS AND C0 INC YOYEKA KANSAS f , ' Jfv ' ' Atv' ol.,-4 rr' Lf. ,M fm 4,4- am A wt ,,,7 . qu 1 . ,J ,9 1, ffiiguz 2?f:3'L1 . ,Q .,. k,A,g.-:QI -.4 -5311: V. J.:-,1,5 '. -4, 4 1 f U " fa.--,-,.,,. w ' ' My i -. E. -I f , . r . ra. ' -f - L-an-fx-,J-4,,w.A 511.11-vm?-.m1,:. 5-"L""i:i:' K -- 1..,Mv...a '. .q"'. ' W.wJ " " 'Z1X"L' . ' .g a .4 4:5 ..1...'

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