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THE CENTRAL CARDINAL Si 1951 3 is Wa 'Sui CQINTENTS FAC ULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES MUSIC SPORTS ADVERTISING 4' ff ,., ' .357 , Ear' ,fin 'MQ -Y 1ffdY',f37P: f 6 ' . I . I 1 5 DEDICATIU xx '-HJ To Mr Radtke our class adv1sor 1n apprec1at1on of hxs lnterest and loyal support 1n all our aCt1V1t16S and 1n grahtude for hxs help and guldance we the Senlor Cla s of Central I-hgh School respectfully ded1cate th1S 155116 of the Cardmal 3 1 '- 'U U I 1 3 , 1 A4 , , XX K ,,.. 1. 'it ng' WP" rv' ,p Faculty MISS DORIS GUNTHER Racine Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Science College University of Wisconsin Superior State College Subjects English Activities Sophomore Class Advisor Dramatics Library Newspaper MRS ARDA OLSON R MR. MR, Pekin North Dakota Degree Bachelor of Arts College Concordia College Subjects Home Economics Activities F H A Advisor LEON MITCHELL Dodgeville Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Science College Platteville State Teachers College SubJects Agriculture Activities F F A WILLIAM RADTKE Rib Lake Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education ' College: Duluth Business University Whitewater State College University of Wisconsin. Subjects: Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping Activities: Senior Class Advisor, Annual, Newspaper JACK TETZNER St, Paul, Minnesota Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education College: Michigan State, University of Minnesota Subjects: Physical Education, Mathematics Activitiez Coach - Basketball, Football, Baseball MR FRED HEISSNER Supervising Principal MRS BARBARA ACKER R R. R I fb 'WH 1 an Faculty Milwaukee Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Philosophy College Marquette University University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota Graduate School Subjects Social Problems Activities Annual Operetta "Qin twi- Medford Wisconsin Degree Bachelor of Science College Eau Claire State College Subjects English Civics Activities Dramatics DONALD ARRIES Eau Claire Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Science College: Eau Claire State College University of Minnesota Subjects: General Science Biology Algebra Chemistry Geometry Activities: Freshman Class Advisor DALE L BALDWIN Eau Claire Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Science College: Eau Claire State College Subjects: Band Chorus Grade Music Activities: Junior Class Advisor Pep Club Operetta DEAN B, PEFFER Waukesha Wisconsin Degree: Bachelor of Science College: LaCrosse State College Peabody College Lawrence College Carroll College Colorado State College of Education Subject: American History, World History, Biology 5 Activities: Football, Track A ICQ 'ami NI 00916 Sec retary Yvonne Lardahl Ist permod Znd per1od 3rd per1od 4th perlod Sth per1od 7th pe r1od Shrrley Halver on Rosemary Indrebo Dorothy Swanson Ahce Jackson Darlene Sherrno Kay Olson SEATED Yvonne Lardahl STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT Kay Olson, A11ce Jackson, Audrey Sands, Darlene Shermo, Rosemary Indrebo, Yvonne Te1gen, Dorothy Swanson, Shlrley Halverson go' ,Aff-t" A I - C 6th period-Audrey Sands 6 gd Q! :ICU 9 QKLCJLI 9070 f JJ!! 961.6-fazg I CLASS COLORS Blue and Gray CLASS FLOWER Wh1te Rose CLASS MOTIO E1ther I F1nd A Way Or I W111 Make One OMF' M17 '1-..,, l Q4 f 'Q' ew' At the commencement exercxses the followmg awards were g1ven Salutatory Joyce Lmdsay Va1ed1ctory Evelyn F1mve1te Ath1et1cs Orvm Nelson ACt1V1t1CS Dale Olsen Muslc Joyce L1ndsay C1t1zensh1p A11CC Anderson "N-5 'w I l sw.. f ewemgqgfgg N .. 4 . I A as A if A V ff ' H fa - 5 QJAWJY' , A . 11' ' Sryfffq , X e emor as.: K , . f 'W I V , A Q S MN! A ' .. V " I! 1' n .4 ' ' ' n ra ' nfon ree ig c oo I I .1 f ' BI! of gleva am! Gjxrum :O ' A . A 34 A "1 . 4, 3: ces il.: js? 5 Qommencemenl fgxercfaes ' gl: rsalay evenfn , ay lwenly-ninlln lv ZF, so Lwwn--?4"'v---M. ' , , K no , ' we M Ofiine een lmun re an Any-Iwo I RN Q It al eiglll orclocl 3 A 'twig . l 'N"'f" -1-f Ms, 4' W K zg c oo ymnan m 5 -J' s f I L ' - in mmf. 'Q ,,... 4 f ' f A' f L SAL, .1 1. l .K,,f, ' . ll 3 4--ff ff ig pdl .JN fs 'A ""'l"'Pv QIIIIII' A SAMUEL ALBERTSON Your only young once so make the most of ll ACTIVITIES Basketball I 2 football 3 F F A I 3 4 basebaIl2 track 2 annual staff4 ALICE M ANDERSON There s a I1tIle b1t of bad In every good lrttle gxrl ACTIVITIES Band 2 3 4 forensxcs I 2 3 4 class play4 F I-I A 3 4 secretary 4 class off1cer I 2 cheerleader 2 3 4 pep club 3 4 presrdent 4 annual staff 4 student counc1l4 JAMES A ANDERSON I love to have a good tlme erght hours out of :une ACTIVITIES F F A 3 4 F F A off1cer4 baseball I newspaper staff4 ALBERT C BECKER I-Ie s really qurte shy but a peach of a guy ACTIVITIES F F A 3 4 F F A basketball 3 newspaper staff4 annual staff 4 track 4 GARY A BLOM I love work II fascmates me I could slt and look at ll for hours ACTIVITIES Class play4 basketballl 2 F F A 3 4 F F A basketball MARLENE E EIDE Seen but not heard unless us necessary ACTIVITIES Band I 2 3 4 chotrt 2 3 4 pep bandz 3 11braryclub4 forens1cs4 F H A 3 4 PATRICIA ANN ENGLESBY Studxes ah yes I nearly forgot ACTIVITIES Pep club 2 3 4 drum majorette I 2 3 4 cheerleader 2 3 4 class p1ay4 band I 2 3 4 cho1r4 F H A 3 4 mus1calcomedy4 class offrcerl 2 F H A vrce presldent 4 8 0llIOI' EVELYN O FIMREITE Valedlctonan If grgglrng were a cnme she would spend the rest of her I1fe rn Eau Clarre ACTIVITIES Bandl 2 3 4 F H A 3 4 forens1cs4 IICVVSPBPCI4 annual staff 2 4 THEODORE I GILBERTSON To study 1sn t the reason I come to school ACTIVITIES Class play4 F F A 3 4 EUGENE G GUNDERSON A regular sort of guy ACTIVITIES Basketball 2 F F A basketball4 track 2 F F A 4 LOIS ELAINE HAGENESS Mark one how sull I am ACTIVITIES F H A 3 4 pep club 2 SHIRLEY I HALVERSON Always Sffllllllg and agreeable ACTIVITIES Bandz 3 4 chonz 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 pep club 1 2 3 orchestra 3 newspaper staff 3 4 annual staff4 class play 3 4 llbrary club 4 forensrcs I class vrce presldent 2 prom queen 3 homecommg queen3 pep band operetta gxrls quartet REVEE M HIGLEY You can t help lrkrng Hlg ACTIVITIES Bandl 2 3 4 cho1r4 F H A 4 pep club 2 3 4 annual staff4 pep band operetta class play hall monrter ROSEMARY J INDREBO L1fe's no better If we worry ACTIVITIES Band I,2,3,4, cholr I,2,3,4, pep band 3,4, pep club 3,4, lrbrary club 4, newspaper staff 2,4, operetta 3,4, F H, A, 3,4, F, H A, songleader 3 9 KYS 1' at -za I . 1 ,, 1 4. . 5 sf . 1' - ' X '.-img-. I - tl .lf is A if ' Fi? : . . . . a . 1 4 3: ..:":.:...:.,.: 'g....4: 1 , il 'flu fin J-'Om U59 0Ill0I' AIICE M JACKSON Let the world go as ll may I love to take II erther way ACTIVITIES Bandl 2 3 4 I' H A 3 4 newspaper4 annuaI4 offrce staff 4 RIC HARD H JACOBSON SOIIICIIFTICS I srt and thmk and sometrmes I just srt ACTIVITIES Football 3 4 F F A basketball 3 4 F F A 3 4 annual staff 2 V MURCILE JOHNSON My thoughts are my companrons ACTIVITIES F H A 3 4 cho1r2 RACHEL A KLOPP Musrc IS her dream ACTIVITIES cholrl 2 3 4 band4 F F A I 3 4 fOl'6lIS1CSI 3 4 class play4 grrls quartet4 glrls tr1o3 operetta 3 4 class Off1CBII 3 JOYCE A LINDSAY Salutatorran Her twrnklrng eyes and cherry smlle brrghten up classrooms all the Whlle ACTIVITIES Band I 2 3 4 cho1II 2 3 4 operetta 3 4 mrxed quartet grrls quartet 4 class play I 4 prom queen 3 pep band 2 3 4 F H A annual staff 4 cherry ple contest 3 class offlcer I 3 DORAJ LOKKEN a dunk and be merry for tomorrow we dre ACTIVITIES F H A 3 pep club3 4 band I 2 3 4 choxr I 2 3 4 pep band 3 4 operetta 2 3 4 gtrls tr1o4 ERNEST G MYHERS Hrs grm goes all the way around and buttons In the back ACTIVITIES F F A 3 4 football 3 4 baseball I 2 3 If fl 22 x 5 'y I rg enior ORVIN N. NELSON A lot of fun to have around, ACTIVITIES: Football 3,45 baseball 2,3,45 basketball 3,45 choir I,2,3,45 band 2, 3,45 class play 45 class officer 35 track 45 F, F, A, 3,45 annual staff 45 prom king 3, DALE L, OLSEN Reserved and dignified yet friendly, ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3,45 choir I,2,3,45 boys' glee club 1,25 orchestra 25 F, F, A, I,2, 3,45 pep band 2, 3,45 operetta 3,45 student council 45 class vice president 2, 35 class president 45 annual staff 45 mixed quartet 3,45 F, F, A, president 35 F, F, A, Treasurer 4, CHARLES M, OLSON Yep, and yesterday it rained, ACTIVITIES: Baseball I,2, 3,45 football 45 track 3,45 class play 45 choir Ig class treasurer 45 F, F, A, 3,45 F, F, A, basketball 4, GORDON C. ROBINSON He who tries will always come out ahead, ACTIVITIES: F, F, A, 3,45 class play 45 track 3,45 newspaper staff 35 annual staff 45 student council 2, MARIORIE J, ROGNLIEN I get along somehow, ACTIVITIES: F. H. A, 3,4, MARIORIE A. RUD Silence is golden, but who am I to make money, AcNvwmsBmd4FJtA,54 BERNICE M, RUDY There's a merry twinkle in her eyes, ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3,45 choir I,2, 3,45 operetta 35 girls' trio 35 girls' quartet 45 F, H, A, 4. ll WCTURE NOT TAKEN 1 -'GF' P Qllllll' TILMER H RUSTAD The only way I can plan is to go and help out Uncle Sam ACTIVITIES Baseball I 2 3 4 football 3 4 F F A 3 4 F F A basket ball 4 choir I class president I class VICE president 4 LEROY E SCHULTZ Welll Here I am girls ACTIVITIES Football 3 4 basketball 2 annual staff4 class play 2 F F A 4 F F A basketbal14 EUGENE D SEMINGSON A basketball player a regular guy a friend to all and sort of shy ACTIVITIES Basketball I 2 4 football 3 4 F F A 3 4 F F A basket ball 3 LOIS Y SEMINGSON When you get em keep em ACTIVITIES Band 4 F H A 3 4 girls basketball 3 DOROTHY G SWANSON Those dreamy eyes ahhh ACTIVITIES Pep club I 2 3 4 F H A 3 4 library club 3 4 choir 3 newspaper staff 4- annual staff 4- library club off1cer 4, YVONNE J. TEIGEN Like a tongue ending never does my tongue go on forever. ACTIVITIES: Forensics I 3 4- newspaper staff 4- vice president pep club 4- F, H, A I 2 3 4- pep club I 2 3 4- library club 2 3 4- library club officer 3,45 class secretary 4, CLARK W. WILLIAMS The best is yet to be. ACTIVITIES: Baseball I,2, 3,49 F, F, A, basketball 45 F, F, A, 45 basket- ball 2, IZ av' in enror Class Hr tory and Strum Hrgh Schools were combrned and called Central However we were strll drvrded rnto two sectrons one at Strum and one atEleva Twenty two of the green Freshmen were to start at Eleva and elghteen at Strum Durlng our Freshmen year we gave one party whrch was a return party for the one the Sophomores had grven us at rnrtlatron We all enjoyed rnrtratron and thrnk the Sophomores drd a good Job The offrcers we elected to serve our class were Presldent Trlmer Rustad Vrce Presrdent Patty Englesby Secretary Joyce Lrndsay Treasurer Alrce Anderson When we started our Sophomore year there were only thrrty f1ve of us left as Loretta Bener Dorrs Robmson Orlrn Larson Dennrs Johnson and Ronald Lrebakken had wtthdrawn from Central Soon after school had begun we recelved another student Lloyd Olscn At our frrst class meettng we elected the followrng to be our class offrcers Presrdent Lloyd Olsen Vtce Presrdent Patty Englesby Secretary Lors Omdahl Treasurer Alrce Anderson The Sophomores gave one party the 1lllI1aIlOl'l of the Freshmen at whrch the latter happrly washed drshes afterwards We are proud to say that by the ttme we were Sophomores our class had already taken part rn a large percentage of the outsrde actrvltres Edward Severson left us 1n the mrddle of the year to joln the army After two years of berng Jorned together rn two drfferent schools we frnally had a school for all of us located between the two towns Thts year we lost only three members of our class They were Berdella Severson Thomas Lrttle and Rrchard Lokken We made up for thrs loss wtth the new members that we recelved who were Murcrle Johnson Yvonne Tergen Dorothy Swanson Rachel Klopp Sam Albertson Dale Olsen and Yvonne Edlson Yvonne Edrson however dtdn t remarn w1th us very long Dorrs Dahlby also wrthdrew durrng the year Thrs was the year we presented the year s greatest socral event the Jumor Prom We elected Orvrn Nelson to relgn as lung and he chose Joyce Lrndsay to be hrs queen They were attended by Dale Olsen and Yvonne Telgen Trlmer Rustad and Dorothy Swanson Our class offrcers this year were Presrdent Orvm Nelson Vxce President Dale Olsen Secretary Joyce Lmdsay Treasurer Rachel Klopp Frnally our semor year arrrved Lots Rosenbaum Lloyd Olsen and Russell Dean farled to return to Central thrs year Shrrley Halverson was the only new member to Jorn our class Lots Omdahl left us soon after school had begun Our class offrcers thrs year were Presrdent Dale Olsen Vrce Presrdent Trlmer Rustad Secretary Yvonne Tergen Treasurer Charles Olson We are now rn our Semor year and wrll be graduatrng the 29th of May Baccalaureate wrll be held the 25th of May These two events wrll mark the closmg of our htgh school years -S ' iz 1. ... :a ,.. NO J:- Oo 'A O 'I 1- -c 'W -. rn V1 5 N :I 1,1 - w .1 -1 rr: cs. ,- :- F I "N O c - -4 fb m -1 1,1 0 "Vu :r .- UG 3 1,1 0 :r O O 1- '-l :r ... In E as .,. .- O cr ro .. :- rt PM ... 51' .- S4 rr: A: 'I CL E1 1- rn .... rv c as W ffl!! I I I, , ' . D . ' I I 3 1 I ' 1 ' I 1 2 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 - , . 2 1 I ' 1 S 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . . . 1 . 5 1 3 ' 1 I 1 I 1 . . 1 1 . 1 3 1 i 1 2 1 S 1 . 1 ... X x Q J-J Y- Y , T 7 Senior Class Wrll And Prophecy WE PREDICT Lors Hageness rs now the head of the Lonely Hearts Club There couldn t be a more understanding person rn charge She wrlls her abrlrty to stay away from men to any heartbroken grrl at Central Murcrle Johnson has her own art shop on the comer of Frfrh and Marn rn Strum She rs very success 5' ful rn the selling of her parntrngs She wrlls her abrlrty of drawing to anyone with an interest rn art Bud Nelson does a frne Job as commentator on the Happy Days show every afternoon He wrlls some o hrs corny Jokes to Sherman Severson Gary Blom rs leisurely spending hrs trme watchrng all the people do hrs work for lum He wrlls hrs spare trme to Joan Engen Ted Grlbertson rs runnrng hrs own garage but he doesn t frx cars he creates them He wrlls hrs careful drrvrng to Duxy Back Yvonne Tergen rs now head auctroneer for the Amerrcan Tobacco Company She wrlls her gift of gab to anyone who may want rt Shirley Halverson rs following Bud play professronal basketball She says her only possession worth wrllrng rs Bud and why wrll hrm Revee Hrgley rs now teachrng bookkeeping rn Eau Claire She wrlls her worrres to Carol Adams Rosemary lndrebo rs strll making her frequent trrps to Independence She wrlls her abrlrty to play her comet to Marilyn Bollinger Sam Albertson has now taken over Rrp s Job as policeman rn Eleva Sam wrlls everythrng he has but Brssy Trlmer Rustad rs now home from the Arr Force and rs employed at the Swanson Garage He wrlls hrs posrtron on the football team to Ronald Bergerson Alrce Anderson rs now employed as secretary at the Gleeson and Schultz Garage rn Mondovr She wrlls her lrght features to Jane Ruland Margorre Ronglren rs keeping house at the Walker Farm She wrlls her studyrng to Oscar Gordon Robrnson rs head track coach at Elk Creek He wrlls hrs Jokes to Sherman Severson Eugene Gunderson rs now attending the Unrversrty Law School He wrlls hrs posrtron on the F F A ,-- team to Carroll Enos Ernest Myhers rs getting marrred for the fifth trme He wrlls hrs abrlrty to stick wrth one woman to Warren McBrrde Lors Semrngson Just frnrshed a class rn cookrng at the vocatronal school ur Eau Clarre She would 6 Marlene Erde rs now teachrng musrc at Central She wrlls her patience to Yvonne Miller Alrce Jackson rs working rn the drme store rn Eau Claire She wrlls her good grades to Carroll Enos James Anderson has taken over the Semrngson farm He bequeaths hrs farming abrlrty to Stub Hageness MarJorre Rud rs back rn Mondovr following Mrller Johnson and hrs auto wrecking busrness She wrlls er abrlrty to get boyfrrends to Janrce Barneson Dale Olsen rs famrrng with hrs wrfe Charlene As a part trme Job he srngs at the Eleva Legion Club wrlls hrs wavy hair to Jon Nymo Albert Becker rs now teachrng agrrculture at Central He wrlls hrs old Ford to hrs brother Davrd Evelyn Frmrerte rs teachrng at Brg Creek She wrlls her giggling to Betty Johnson Clark Wrllrams has taken over hrs father s Standard Orl truck He bequeaths hrs frsh stones to anyone who wrll lrsten Joyce Lrndsay rs bakrng cherry pres for the local hrgh school She wrlls her flirting abrlrty to anyone who wrll accept rt Dorothy Swanson rs lrvrng at Lackland Arr Force Base rn San Antonro Texas She wrlls her grrlrsh ways to SonJa Englesby Leroy Schultz rs crursrng around rn a contraptron he rrrvented He wrlls hrs good behavror to Gerald Halverson Bernice Rudy rs the laboratory assrstant at the Unrversrty of Wrsconsrn She wrlls her brrthdays to Betty Anderson Charles Olson rs head football coach at Wrnnepeg Canada He decrded he drd not want to wrll Corinne Patrrcra Englesby rs head nurse at the Strum Clrnrc under the noted Doctor Nymo She wrlls her speakrng abrlrty to Darlene Larson Eugene Semrngson rs now a Canadian sarlor He wrlls hrs basketball abrlrty to Dennrs IndgJer' Rrchard Jacobson rs strll rn the U S Arr Force He wrlls hrs good trmes to Henry Frmrerte Rachel Klopp rs srngrng at the Schroeder Hotel nightly rn Mrlwaukee She wrlls her srngrng abrlrty to Harlyn Larson Dora Jean Lokken rs lrvrng rn Independence and srngrng at Midway She wrlls her happy go lucky personalrty to Donald Alf 1 Al Z fm- ,fl ,-f-' f c q X A , ' . ' . . . . . . I - , ' - - ' , ' f . ' .J 1 ' Q , will "Jim" but thinks she deserves him more than anyone else, I h ' ' ' ' . ' He . . . I ' ' ' fe49f"1?' ,fwfr ' W H E N . H 1 arner 54C sw: rm 5 P M ll -' 4 gm- m my yy- Nmx Umar' Thx-nb I , TONY CURTIS PIPER LAURIE A' O 'H "No Room fora we enoow . . Z, 2 3 X 'B wlqh Dnn Defqrg, Sour: Iivxjlwnnq - ll 111 A 4 V99 0 F we-.p:f,ff-w.22,f1 1 .B Z .- xh Lip. nr " 1, Q L,-W, ,-l-:.-fiTw 2 O T P- - ,J ,. X n Y Vt.. in QQ NS fff ,' . - "':fj" 5 2 vb 'Nh 2'P2?' ' ' U F .,, -- 1 ,e F' o 9 . T X S or rn if 9 O H' tb' Q S O em 2 '60 9 'X' " 0 P-1 73 QV 4' 3 ??-?- ' ' X, f 2 , I 7 V ,910 eip G 7 S ' K .aff ' ,816 Qs V' O x J ysslgb X eff, lsvxtmgs 'Q If , 5 me 'N wmsn: - f' Q 6 WS SS' -Wi "' rn . H" if-sf Capitol Drive any Q' ?1 E' 71 5 .ef MM-M' N L, 5' ua fs -A 1 xv N. 5 5 N - "s'if:f:s",f,3,,613:.v ,alxg ,. Q Yi- 2 'S ,px AQ' .XS ,sN,."w" 6' -P 9' Y if A 469 .0 4' -5' 06.-3 953 'wi E2 7 X ,f+'+,w.f 2 3 : G Y etgsietxgv vgsv Q9 ,Q f ? o QP.,-.' Q 43 s Q' 4' , A z I 4. ws Q, QYQQ fi Z g . 4 Q Q' Y' .v O U' 6' - o ' A 9 Q9 O O I 1 Z 5 . .4 UE, gg, f-fkmr . l Q A., mag nw ' Puux Ton M04 Jzifiefg- 'A - -Jf ,N ,1 I -A V !-. Y ' , ln ' R i q.. Ik-4 ' " ' 1 . , ' ' ' ll enior Class QE Tri HYIP' K P 15 S Annua a FIRST ROW ILFT TO RIGHT Dorothy Swanson Joyce Llndsay Dale Olsen Altce Jackson Revee Hrgley SECOND ROW Mr Baldwrn Elrzabeth Jacobson Kay Olson Evelyn Frmrelte Shtrley Halverson 'vlr Hexssner THIRD ROW Mr Radtke Leroy Schultz Orvtn Nelson Samuel Albertson Albert Becker The annual stafl was edtted by flfteen Sentors elected from the sentor class, one Junror one Sophomore and one Freshman They dtd not start publtcatxon of the annual untll near the end of school The reason for thts was a more complete annual could be made by getttng tnto tt such acttvtttes as class mght baccalaureate and graduatton For th1S reason the annual was not d1str1buted unttl the follow1ng school term ew paper tail FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dorothy Swanson joan Eugen Yvonne Tetgen Shtrley Halver son Rosemary Indrebo SECOND ROW James Anderson Mrss Gunther Elxzabeth Jacobson Kay Olson Anne Robbe Evelyn Ftmrerte Altce Jackson Roger Albertson Mr Radtke Eugene Gunderson THIRD ROW Samuel Albertson Albert Becker Central H1 l1tes publlshed ten 1ssues thts year 1nclud1ng two speclal ed1t1ons one for the homecommg 1n October, and one for the tournament 1D February Central H1 l1tes was ed1ted by Yvonne Telgen, edltor, and Joan Eugen, asststant edttor The advtsors were Mtss Gunther and Mr Radtke who gave therr t1me ...nd asslstance unspaungly The typtng was done by the second year typ1ng class J - nv 1 ,Vim "'f. f I. 4. f U fu -w 6. l Y' " l -. 7 Q ,Vx - 5' 7 ' , , y . F f 1 , FJ! c 1 . F 1 . ' ' . . " . . ' ' ,l . I . Z . , , ' , . I A . . . 4 . 1 y 1 , I . . . . - , ll aw -: , ' t y r"gk VY f z I A l 3 0 v . 1 ' ' . . 2 . ' . ' . l l V . I I V p 7 w I Ex W A swag, 2 PF awww CHILE lags! UNDERCLASSMEN , 6 wk Qi -- 225,-sf EBL x 5 ' I, M, X ,X -1 '1'x"' PQ N- 5 A,5-'fyzga ni I vi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Olson, Jean Moen, Alverda Franson, Joan Engen, Jane Ruland, Inez Tollefson, Darleen Smith, Leola Romundstad, Janice Shermo, Mr, Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Vivian Devore, Jean Zhe, Janice Lokken, Dorothy Back, Gil- man Thompson, Carol Adams, Clarice Christianson, Marlys Tollefson, Louise Johnson, Corinne Waterbury, THIRD ROW: Duane Gilbertson, Robert Sather, Rolf Nymo, Gary I-Iolte, Roger Olson, Thomas Miland, Harlyn Larson, David Bjorklund, David Becker, Gerald Anderson, A group of 30 members made up the Junior class of 1951- 52. Mr. Baldwin, our class advisor, helped us put on our big , social event of the year, the Junior Prom. The King Robert Sather and Queen Jean Olson posed on their thrones for the crowning ceremonies and grand march, and joined studnets, alumni, and teachers to dance the night away. Our class officers for the year were Harlyn Larson, Jean Moen, Clarice Christianson, and Darleen Smith. The Junior Class had many of it's members taking part in all of the school activities. We are eagerly looking forward to our Senior year. CLASS OFFICERS President-I-Iarlyn Larson Vice President-Jean Moen Secretary-Clarice Christenson Treasurer-Darleen Smith 18 rib YASS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley McLellan, Eleanor Klopp, Janice Barneson, Anne Robbe, Betty Anderson, Donna Procter, Shirley Kelley, Jane Thalacker, Shirley Traver, Winifred Olson Ronald Semingson, Darlene Larson, Miss Gunther, SECOND ROW: Joyce Monson, Charon Kleve- gard, Darlene Sliermo, Louise Hulberg, Yvonne Miller, Donald Peterson, Bonita Wraalstad, Kay Olson, Russell Skoug, Henry Fimreite, Sonja Englesby, Marilyn Bollinger, THIRD ROW: Stanley Hageness, Jean Olson, Joanne Holte, Ronald Bergerson, Robert Toft, Ronald Myhers, Gerald Halverson, Larry Olson, Robert Bielefeldt, Audrey Sands, Rodney Higlcy, ABSENT: Alvina Olson, Lois Samuelson, Rosella Thalacker, Illa Mae Heath, Annice Hollister, E, The Sophomore class started out this year with 42 en- rolled, Kermit Hanson and Annette Kensrnoe left in the fall, 3 leaving 40. However we did have a new boy, Bob Biele- feldt, added to our majority of girls. We were saddened with the loss of our classmate, Barbara Jackson. Our class is represented in all school activities. This year we initiated the Freshmen, and won first prize on our float in the Homecoming Parade. Nil' X I CLASS OFFICERS President-Darlene Shermo Vice President-Rodney Higley Secretary-Audrey Sands Treasurer-Marilyn Bollinger I9 if s Y me FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Rognholt, Dana Peterson, Bonnie l-lanestad, Marion Larson, Margaret Johnson, Jon Nymo, David Sather, Yvonne Sather, Sherrill Semingson, Muriel Matson, Norma Barneson, Mr, Arries, SECOND ROW: Orrine Olson, Zona Hageness, Ruth Bensen, Alice Riphenburg, Sherman Severson, Arlene Olson, Allan Emerson, Larry Burlingame, Jeanette Skogstad, Iris Loomis, Anita Engan, THIRD ROW: Earl Rud, Larry Miland, Barbara Edison, Deloris Missell, Donald Samuelson, Romaine Back, Richard Bergerson, Elizabeth Jacobson, Rosalie Peterson, Michael Olson, FOURTH ROW: Robert Todahl, Donald Smith, Ronald Mathson, Bradley Birch, Kay Myhers, Robert Rosenbaum, John Johnson, Dennis Indjger, Roger Albertson, Donald Alf, At the beginning of the 1951 and 1952 school year forty eight Freshmen enrolled at Central, twenty boys and 1 twnety four girls. During the course of the year three ,O I joined us and three left so the number remained the same. At our first class meeting the officers elected were President, Raymond Rongholt, Vice President, Roger Albertsong Secretary, Dana Petersong Treasurer, Elizabeth Jacobson. The Student Council Representatives elected were Jeanette Skogstad and Robert Todahl. The Freshmen cheerleaders who were chosen for four years were Ruth Benson and Elizabeth Jacobson. On March Zlst our class was initiated and on May 12th we gave a return party for the Sophomores. CLASS OFFICERS President-Raymond Rongholt Vice President-Roger Albertson Secretary-Dana Peterson Treasurer-Elizabeth Jacobson Z0 Snapshots on MI 'I' Z -all-1 QAQXW W E TIYI c by V 6 Tl I xg K I I Qx GAKIIIUS A ACTIVITIES If 3 If I My fn ii I 'W ,, S I 7' 'I X III I I N ' 1 1- I ,I 6561, , 1. 54 Avy ' . ,ga ix 7 V A X Im I 'M 'L 5 f ' Ll emor Pla eventeen is Awlully Young FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Acker, Patricia Englesby, Evelyn Fimreite, Shirley Halver- son, Revee Higley, Dorothy Swanson, Miss Gunther, SECOND ROW: Murcile Johnson, Alice jackson, Joyce Lindsay, Rachel Klopp, Yvonne Teigen. THIRD ROW: Charles Olson, Theodore Gilbertson, Orvin Nelson, The senior play was a story of the Eliot sisters: Jan, the favored pampered darling, and Nicki, the mouse. The Eliots had just moves to the small town of Riverville and Jan was in revolt. At Rosstown High she'd been chosen most attractive girl of the year, so enrolling in a school with a student body of three hundred was quite a let-down-that is, until she saw Jack Westmore. Nicki saw him, too, and ran into her little corner and began to daydream, as usual, about a fairy godrnother who would change her into a glamour girl overnight. To her delight, one did in the form of a school teacher, Miss Tilby. Under Miss Tilby's guidance, Nicki soon became the popular one and won Jack Westmore, much to Jan's disappointment. CAST OF CHARACTERS: Mother Rachel Klopp Nicki Joyce Lindsay Jan Patty Englesby Miss Tilby Alice Anderson Caroline Shirley Halverson Jack Charles Olson Goofer Orvin Nelson Whitcornb Pewberry Ted Gilbertson Albert Gary Blom Thaddeus Gordon Robinson will tlxmflwl Yvonne Miller, Deloris Missell, Darleen Smith, Charon Klevgard, Revee Higley, Wini- fred Olson, Audrey Sands, This year an activities group known as the Hall Monitors made their debut in Central High School. There are seven monitors, one for each period of the day. Their duty is to sit at the end ofthe hall and see that no one is in the hall without a pass. Those unfortunates who are caught in the hall without a pass are given demerits. The girls enjoyed helping to make a school day at Central run smoothly and orderly. WW. QNXXXXQA gee? Gerald Halvorson, Robert Todahl, RolfNymo, Mr, Heissner, Jeanette Sl-cogstad, Kay Olson, Joan Engen, Dale Olsen, President-Rolf Nymo Secretary-Treasurer-Alice Anderson Vice President-Kay Olson The student council is made up of eight members: one boy and one girl from each class. They are elected each fall by their classmates. All the school gripes come to the members of the student council, and one of the problems of the student council is to try and settle these. On eof the big projects this year was to work out a demerit system. We also worked on a Civil Defense Program. F. H. A. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Sherr1llSem1ngson Sh1rley McLellan Patr1c1a Englesby Dorothy Back Jean Rae Olson Joyce Llndsay Mrs Olson Evelyn F1mre1te Marlene Elde Anne Robbe Danna Peterson Mar garet Johnson SECOND ROW Revee Hxgley Zona Hageness Yvonne Sather Eleanor Klopp Betty Anderson Rachel Klopp Marjorre Rud Leola Romundstad Allce Rlphenburg Ruth Benson Janxce Barneson Jean Moen Murrel Matson THIRD ROW Jan1ce Shermo Arlene Olson Bernrce Rudy Yvonne Te1gen Janlce Lokken Darlene Larson Delorrs Mrssell Jeanette Skogstad Amta Engen LOUISE Johnson Jane Ruland Sh1rley Hal verson Jean Mar1e Olson FOURTH ROW Wrnrfred Olson Shxrley Kelley Jane Thalacker Joyce Monson MarJor1eRognl1en Yvonne Edrson FIFTH ROW LOIIISS Hulberg Marlyn Bolllnger Kay Olson Elrzabeth Jacobson Bonxta Wraalstad Kay Myhers Allce Jackson Lo1s Hageness Audrey Sands l..O1SSEl'l'l1IlgSOl'l JoAnne Holte Sonja Englesby The F H A has 72 members th1s year under the d1rect1on of Mrs Duane Olson, Home Ec 1nstructor The followrng off1cers were elected Pres1dent, Dorothy Back VICE Presldent, Patty Englesby Treasurer Marlene Elde Secretary Al1ce Anderson, Song Leader, Joyce L1ndsay Reporter Anne Robbe and H1StOf1aD, Jean Olson The F H A gave an all school party a Chnstmas Party served dlnner for the Farm Bureau served supper before basketball games and were hostess to the F H A Rally held here Z6 1 ' ' . ' . ' ' . . 1 7 1 I I I V l 1 . 1 ' , , ' , ' . ' . . ' . 2 ' ' . ' . . . Clarice Christenson, Rosemary Indrebo, Murcile Johnson, Yvonne Miller, Dorothy Swanson, Charon Klevgard, l I I l I l I I I I I I ' 5 ' ' 5 , . S , . G . 5 , 9 . . ' I 1 a - y - Q 7 . . . . ls FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT James Anderson Eugene Semmgson Albert Becker Mr Mrtchell Dale Olsen Sam Albertson Davrd Becker SECOND ROW Donald Sm1th Robert Sather Dav1d Bjorklund Larry Olson Rolf Nymo Gary Holte Gerald Anderson Ronald Bergerson Thomas M1land Harlyn Larson THIRD ROW Raymond Rongholt Davrd Sather Ronald Semrngson Robert Blelefeldt Romalne Back Larry Mrland Larry Burllngame Earl Rud Allen Emerson FOURTH ROW Eugene Gunderson Dennrs IndgJer Bradley Btrch T11mer Rustad Gllman Thompson Donald Peterson Russel Skoug Donald Alf Henry Frmrerte FIFTH ROW Leroy Schultz Stanley Hageness Theodore Grlbertson Roger Olson Orvrn Nelson Rrchard Jacob son Rodney H1gley Clark Wrlllams Clsarles Olson Ernest Myhers lb th KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT Eugene Gunderson Stanley Hageness Davld Bgorklund STANDING Clark Wxllrams Leroy Schultz Rlchard Jacobson Samuel Albertson T11merRustad Mr Mrtchell 27 U tl- ' A xt will Library Club FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Darlene Smrth Dorothy Swanson Yvonne Tergen Dorothy Back Darlene Larson Marlene E1de SECOND ROW Darlene Shermo Rosemary Indrebo Shlrley Halverson Marlys Tollefson Mrss Gunther CLUB OFFICERS Presrdent Yvonne Telgen Secretary Dorothy Back Treasurer Dorothy Swanson Advlsor M1ss Gunther Th1s year our l1brary club was qu1te successful There were th1rteen and check books 1n and out and also keep the shelves straxghtened at all trmes Durlng the year we sponsored a Oalloplng breakfast for all the glrls ln school It was a surprlse to all of them of course About three grrls w1th cars got up about frve o'clock and started out after the g1rls Everyone had fun and they all went home a l1tt1e sleepy For the homecom1ng parade we entered a float, and we won second pr1ze In the spr1ng the whole club went to Eau Clalre for dlnner and a mov1e W1th the money we earned from book f1nes we bought many new books for the school llbrary as well as buy1ng the school a. subscr1pt1on to the Student L1terary Gu1ld wh1ch ent1t1les the school to twelve outstand1ng books Z8 l l ma members in our club. Each period two members would sit in the library ff K5 MUSIC FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, Baldwin, Sherrill Semingson, Bernice Rudy Janice Barneson, Janice Shermoe, Joyce Monson, Deloris Missell, Joanne Holte Patricia Englesby, Bonita Wraalstad, Kay Olson, Betty Anderson, Ruth Benson Joyce Lindsay. SECOND ROW: Norma Barneson, Marion Larson, Jeanne Olson, Zona Hage ness, Janice Lokken, Louise Hulberg, Alice Riphenburg, Elizabeth Jacobson, Jean Olson, Jane Ruland, Jeanette Skogstad, Rachel Klopp, Yvonne Sather, Orrine Olson At the solo and ensemble festival in Eau Claire, the results were as follows: Class B Rachel Klopp Bernice Rudy Joanne Holte Class C Dale Olson Barbara Edison Marlene Eide Vocal Ensemble Alto I Soprano II Soprano Il Baritone 11+ Mezzasoprano II Alto II - -Class C Mixed Quartet Dale Ols en Ros ernary Indrebo Joyc e Lindsay Orvin Nelson II Girls Quartet Bernice Rudy Rachel Klopp Shirley Halvo rs on Joyce Lindsay II Class B Kay Olson Alto Clarinet I Pat Englesby Clarinet II Class C Louise Hulberg Elizabeth .Jacobs on Jean Marie Olson Anne Robbe Jean Rae Olson Ros emary Indrebo Marilyn Bollinger Revee Higbley Lois Samuelson Bonita Wraalstad Tenor Saxaphone Clarinet Alto Saxaphone Alto Saxaphone Trombone Cornet Cornet Mellaphone Mellaphone Baritone IR THIRD ROW: Margaret Johnson, Muriel Mattson, Revee Higley, Anne Robbe, Arlene Olson, Anita Engen, Rosalie Peterson, Barbara Edison, Darlene Shermoe, Sonja Engles- by, Kay Myhers, Carol Adams, Marilyn Bollinger, Shirley Halvorson, Dora Jean Lokken, FOURTH ROW: Dennis lndgjer, Ronald Myhers, Robert Rosenbaum, Dale Olsen, Orvin Nelson, Duane Gilbertson, Roger Albertson, Ronald Mathson, Rosemary lndrebo, Marlene Eide, David Sather, Ion Nymo, The choir of Central High School enjoyed a very busy and prosperous season. We had an enrollment of 58. Two concerts were presented at the high school. The Mid-Winter Concert, January 25, and the Spring Concert, April 29, were well attended by parents and friends. We also furnished the background music for the Christmas program, which, with the effective lighting, proved to be very successful. Many participated in the solo and ensemble festival held in Eau Claire on March 28, At the Music Festival in Eau Claire, May 3, we entered in class C and we were proud to receive a lst rating. Our last appearance was at the Commencement exercises May 29, when we bid farewell to our senior members. The Music Mothers worked faithfully all year, and, as a result, we now all have new choir gowns. Our thanks go to Joyce Lindsay, our accompanist. 31 itll FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Barbara Edxson LOUISC Hulberg Kay Olson Jeanne M Olson Anne Robbe Mar1or1eRud Lo1sSem1ngson Mar1lynB0ll1nger Rosemary Indrebo Shlrley Halverson Mr Baldwrn 'CEC ONJD ROW Marlene E1de Bernrce Rudy Joyce Lmdsay Jeanette Skogstad Patrlcra Englesby Elrzabelh Jacobson Al1ce Jackson JeanR Olson EvelynF1mre1te Ruth Bensen Jan1ceBarneson THIRD ROW Dora Lokken Robert Rosenbaum Dale Olsen Orvrn Nelson Dennxs Indgjer Bonrta Wraalstad Joyce Monson Rachel Klopp Revee Hlgley We got off to a good start thxs year as we had the tlurd per1od of each day for mus1c, alternat1ng the band and cho1r practrces Two concerts were g1ven The f1rst was the M1d Wmter Concert on January Z5 On Apr11 Z9 the Sprmg Concert was presented Both the cho1r and band part1c1pated IH these concerts The Eau Cla1re Festrval was d1v1ded 1nto two groups or the f1rst tlme The solo and ensemble fest1val was held March Z8 Our band was well represented w1th solos there On May 3 at the second fest1val, the band entered class C and rece1ved a II ln both playmg and rnarchmg The events of the band for the school term closed Memorlal Day when we marched and played 1n the two cornmumtxes and Bennett Valley 32 . . .. . f , ' in Mr Baldwin FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Anne Robbe Jeanne Olson Kay Olson Lourse Hulberg Jean R Olson Evelyn Frmrelte Ruth Bensen Dale Olsen Robert Rosenbaum SECOND ROW Dennlslndgjer Revee H 1 B lg ey onxta Wraalstad A11ce Jackson Joyce Lmdsay Jeanette Skogstad Elrzabeth Jacobson THIRD ROW Rosemary Indrebo Marilyn Bollmger Shrrley Halverson The Pep Band was a crroup of seventeen who played at our home Games and the tournaments held at Central more and better school sp1r1t fx!-4 DRUM MAJORETTES Pat" Englesby I..o1s Semmgson 33 fg. K: Thanks to the Pep Band for creating ' I 4' ' x 1 . 1 I Mijn ' A I ,vu , . D. y A f . ll Mu ical Comed FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Baldwrn Davxd Sather Revee Hlgley Iamce Bameson Marlene Erde Janrce Lokken Jan1ce Shermoe Ruth Benson Bermce Rudy Ion Nymo Mr Herssner SECOND ROW Rachel Klopp Joyce Lxndsay Dora Lokken Shrrley Halverson jane Ruland Joanne Holte Carol Adams Rosemary R Olson Ronald Mathson Ro1fNymo Robert Rosenbaum Orvln Nelson Dale Olson Ronald Myhers Dennrs Indjger Roger Albertson Patrrcra Englesby PICKLES CAST OF CHARACTERS Hans Maler Lou1sa Captaln Klnskl Burnslfu Rumskr J Jenmson Jones .hgo Ilona Arthur Crefont June Pennrngton Jonas H Penrungton Dennrs Indgjer Jean Rae Olson Jon Nymo Bob Rosenbaum Ronald Myhers Dale Olsen Orvln Nelson Rachel Klopp Ronald Mathson Bermce Ruby Rolf Nymo Lady V1v1an Delaney Dora Jean Lokken 34 lndrebo, Marilyn Bollinger, Kay Olson, Barbara Edison, Joyce Monson, THIRD ROW: Bonita Wraalstad, Jean ll ll Snapshots 'Q A 41 ff J lit Y- F' ,... if il if IVY Snapshots .l R -.Q "Nr 4 rf, ,ll fmikn 'Q fwfkvx al aw-9 1-n l I .452 F I NAD X WGS LAKE w AN mgn I 151. 4113- axe-. ,, i, x 61 ' 'lx -4' v Mv- .Vw 0 f ,gi 1 1 JA vs. .1 YK Jzfie J f " kk Y slfrfg ""i'L.- Quan' fx ,M-ei' Football Team KNEELING Albert Becker FIRST ROW Mr Peffer R1chardBergerson Mrchael Olson Gtlman Thompson Roger Albertson Davld Bjorklund Tllmer Rustad Ronald Mathso Mr Tetzner SECOND ROW R1chardJacobson QR Gerald l-lalvorson Charles Olson Eugene Semrngson Ernest Myhers Leroy Schultz Ronald Bergerson Gary Holte Orvrn Nelson McDonell "B' Stanley Independenc e St Pat's Onalaska Ellsworth Independence ' Team 3 Team Played We They 19 6 0 13 0 30 . IIBII 0 7 0 0 19 20 0 31 8 Ba ketball eam +, li! 41 KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT Larry Olson Albert Becker Mr Tetzner Jerry Anderson STANDING Henry Flmrerte Ronald Mathson Rolf Nymo Eugene Semrngson Orv1n Nelson Rodney Hlgley Robert Toft Robert Sather Cheerleaders Jeanne Olson, Jean Moen, Alice Anderson, "Pat" Englesby Season s Record Team Played e Blair Independence Augusta Taylor Hixton Fa1rch1ld Osseo McDonell Alma Center H1XtOn Whitehall Fairchild Augusta Independence Osseo Blair Lima Whitehall McDonell Mondovi TOURNAMENT Greenwood Fairchild 1000 9 They 1068 rm W wall . 'IS Q' . Q KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT Jon Nymo Roger Albertson Ronald Semmgson Donald Alf Nlxckey Olson R1chardBergerso'1 STANDING Albert Becker Ronald Bergerson Thomas 'vlrland Robert Rosenbaum Ronald Myhers Gerald Halverson Denn1s Indgjer Mr Terzner . .. WW XM Y W LEFT TO RIGHT Jean Rae Olson Elxzabeth Jacobson Ruth Benson Sonja Englesby There are e1ght cheerleaders Two Freshmen are elected by popular vote at the begrnnlng of each school year They remarn cheerleaders through therr four years berng B Squad cheerleaders 1n thexr Freshman and .Sophomore years and A Squad cheerleaders dur1ng the1r .Tumor and Sen1or years The A Squai Cheerleaders th1s year were Al1ce Anderson, Pat Englesby Jeanne Olson and Jean Moen The B Squad cheerleaders were Ruth Benson Elmabeth Jacobson Sonja Englesby and Joean R Olsen 40 Ba eball Team FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Robert Toft Rolf Nymo Harlyn Larson Larry Olson Robert Satber John Johnson Dav1d Bjorklund Donald Sm1th T1lmerRustad Ronald Mathson Mr Tetzner SECOND ROW Jon Nymo Ronald Semrngson Larry Mrland Robert Brelefeldt Roger Albertson Romame Back Donald Alf Henry Flmrerte Russell Skoug G1lman Thompson Allen Emerson Dav1d Sather THIRD ROW Eugene Semmgson Gerald Anderson Gary Holte Ernest Myhers Clark Wxlllams Robert Todahl Orvxn Nelson Rodney I-hgley Charles Olson Gerald Halverson Ronald Myhers SEASON'S RECORD Team Played e They Oss eo L.1rr1a Mondov1 Luna Mondov1 McDonell Os s eo Tournament Play Ind ependenc e 41 .i..., lf.. 1 1 o ' 4 3 ' 8 4 ' 7 6 ' 2 1 4 3 1 2 6 z Zi if Track Team FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Jon Nymo Grlman Thompson Mrchael Olson Roger Albertson Donald Smrth Ronald Mathson Henry Frmrerte Rrchard Bergerson Larry Mrland Ronald Semrngson Davrd Sather Mr Peffer SECOIND ROW Robert Blelefeldt Russel Skoug John johnson Rolf Nymo Larry Olson Ronald Harlyn Larson Gary Holte Thomas Mrland Ronald Myhers Orvrn Nelson Rodney Hrgley Charles Olson Gerald Halverson Eugene Semrngson Thrs was Central s frrst year for an orgamzed track team It was under the d1rect1on of Mr Peffer Although we d1d not set the world on frre or burn up any clnder tracks the boys placed thrrd 1n the conference meet Several of the boys also showed that wrth more exper1ence Central w11l be among the top contenders 1n the years to come on the track 42. Bergerson, David Bjorklund, Robert Sather, Robert Toft, Tilmer Rustad, THIRD ROW: Robert Rosenbaum, . , . . ! 'K Y N1 Snapshots af X is 1 O 43 Compliments of FRED WILLIAMS Standard Oil Dealer Strum, Wisconsin Compliments of LYLES CASH FOOD Eleva, Wisconsin Compliments BJORKLUND SERVICE STATION BOLLINGER IMPLEMLNT COMPANY Gasoline O11 Tires Bottle Gas Minneapolis Moline Machinery Maytag Washers Monarch Ranges Eleva W1s E1 eva, Wisconsin Owned those we serve Congratu1at1ons to th el 952 oraduating class 5q sw Am TREMPEALEAU ELECTRIC C0-UPERATIVE Phones Arcadia No 6 Galesville No 180 Strum 33 Z REA lites rural America - f- ., . . . n : ' v , . o b v Y -f - nm I . ,,,,, ., K JI . A R A 1-vs.. i A , - - K f'-"2 - - ,-3, "f i :-iw f , ' . ff 1 . 'Flowers for all occasion Mays Flowers Mondovi Wisconsin Phone 279 PHONE 2 2571 K ETDDLDRYER PRES Compliments EAU CLAIRE PLUMBING 61 HEATING INC SEVEN UP BOTTLING co HUT WATER HEATERS ELECTRIC GAB DIL BURNING Pl.uMBlNa HEATINI: INDUSTRIAL PIPINB 424 WATER STREET EAU CLAIRE WIS B U I L D IN G 'P Use Concrete Masonry The Modern Building Material Fire afe Great Durability Enchanting Beauty Quiet and Restful Verrnin Proof Low Maintence Cost Quick Construction Concrete Cinder Waylite Blocks FEHR C0 CRETE PRUDUCTS. I C llO3 Menomonie Street Eau Claire Phone 8923 I I SII Y 1 of , . - ' ' Eau Claire, Wisconsin ' 3 . Corrmphrnents DUXBURY DRUG STORE 32 years of serv1ce to the KJEL I-IAL.VERSON'S D X bTATION Try D X tor More Mxles -44- commuruty Compllments T H ERICKSON Strurn Flour and Feed Congratulamons STRAND FUNERAL HOM11. Cornphrnents Robbe s Store Strum W1SCOHS1n Northern Trempealeau County's Oldest Store Comphments of BANK OF OSSEO Eleva Strum Stat1on ANDERSON'S GARAGE Eleva WISCOHSIH "When your car won't start tlme to call for Anderson's Wrecker" 1t'S of , A I . . ul ' of of o ! I ERLING NYMO'S STANDARD QERVICE STANDARD Strum Wls Come 1n often Sgezemny We hke to see you I Comp lments E E STRAND Hardware and Furmtuve Strum Wls JO AND .aPIKn.'S CAFE De11c1ous Meals and Lunches Phone ZZ 3 atrum W1s JObEPH ENGAN General Insuranc e Cornphrnents HULBERGD QTORE Strum Wxs 5 Comphments RICE'b FOOD bTORE Eleva W1scons1n Cornphrnents of Compllments R AND MRS. C, W. CHINNOC SWANSON'S GARAGE M ' K Strum, WIS Eleva, Wlsconsln ,. L ., , f. of I b , ' . Q . . ss-"Mi - . . .... . , . - Eleva, Wisconsin ,- , . I ,A--H ,I X. zu. Iva gf of , I . 3 I . 'Phillips AR T ROSENBAUM Strum, WISCOHSIH 5 7 Ph1ll1ps 66 Dealer Fuel O11 Ga lol1ne Moto ro1l THE TRI COUNTY NEWS e Pr1ntery of Quallty' Osseo Strum Eleva Compl1ments of Strum, WISCODSIH Comphrnents of O STRUM STATION Member Federal DEPOS1t Insurance Corporat1on Compl1me'1ts Best Wlshes From BOLLINGER T RANSPORT SER VIC E OLSON FEED STORES Eleva Wlsconsln Phone Z6 Eleva WISCOHSID FARMERS UNION CO OP HAL.VERSON'S DRUG ST ORE Gas O11 F eed Grlndlng T C Halverson Phone 56 2 Strum Wlsconsln Phone 59 Strum, WISCOHSIH 3' :UTI-1 ' ' I BANK OF OSSE , JACOBSON BROTHERS 'VT 5. 34535 L Manufacturers and D15tr1butor:, of Ut111ty and Truck Equmpment P111sbury at Lake Mxnneapohs M1nnesota PLeaDant 6846 CHA.00am1SS.lC. Compliments G9 5 Q z244,e'.4.,..:e- Of A no C-1 ww -' kk U uom uv ron G-fag :Assn S sruovmce NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY INORTNERN STAIES POWER COMPANY When In Eau Claire Visit--These Your Favorite Theaters HOLLYWOOD Eau Claire's Largest House of Distinctive Hits UPTOWN Where the Price Fits your Purse And In Season the STARDUSK DRIVE-IN Congratulations from mane rs of WALTER 'S PILSENER BEER Beer That Is Beer Eau Cla1re Wisconsin PURE MILK DAIRY Quality Diary Products Nature S Most Perfect Food Te 96 Osseo Wisconsin Congratulations from A FRIEND WIS RIVER VALLEY CHEM CO Mineral Pnnt Wisconsin Candy VI Gum Nuts Beverages an Hanson Vendmg ervlce ""'-1 Eau Claire W1scons1n JJ 2210 Birch Street Tel 27764 6210 Complete Line Of Vending Equipment 1 ' 1 l. 1 , ' ' ! . I . , . . I if 3 L, Vi L 0 0 'uaxlcuj fl'7:T:T-YQ? usmmm ,.,.. mu . MALL. I ---. - i -f I . , . . Compllme nts A NES STUDIO Quallty Photographs 708 South Farwell Street Eau Clalre W1scons1n Radlo Telev1s1on Best of Wxshes to the Graduatlng Repalrs Sales Class' AMERICAN V NGINEERING COMPANY SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO "We sell the Best and Repa1r the rest Eau Cla1re W1SCOUS1H NATHE S WHOLESALE MEAT CO HANSEN CLOTHING CO Where You Lower the Cost of Meat Dress1r10 Well Purveyors D1al 5432 206 So Bars'ow St Eau Cla1re Wlsconsln Wxnona Munn of Eau Claire 201 E. Grand Avenue Compllme nts AND 'NI LUMBER COMPANY Comphments Strum and Eleva Wlsconsm H C. PLTERSON otrum Wlsconsxn Comp lments NORM S GOOD FOOD Cornphments Home Made Pastmes De11C1OL1S Hamburgers and French Frles E1 W Tables and Booths eva lsconsln Steaks Chops F1sh and Clucken Strum W1scons1n X of of 1. of of 1 A P --1 C QUALITY EGG COMPANY . . OP Ce mam . Q Xl N M M N L O F 'ff NIXIRS1-4? Iffiixl xluaoolxs MYERS AND CO. INC TOPEKA KANSAS Q," ,v ..-, .:o,:0 ' 'O' , 1. : y 4x y Y 4x P X' w O..' I. A 1 A - 11 n .f: ::.. . ,' v.,".': :Hz wif-:wr-N gf .ZQIMWE 'o . '.'.'o'9 0 'o O. ' ' I

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