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1' 'YP Jw ,vs SHN: ww if J s ,uv if?'ff?fx"f . 5, , 1 . .f,,,. , , , .. fy wait' 1 IN H M"Lff 'nr ' Mi ,-1 v If mf' , Avi- FN , 1 rf' ' 'lk' ' - . viwihiagzi 9-L Lgfflliu. . Q m"H , N I . if ff' - , W Y 3' 4531, n. 'jf .. ,- ,Q-N.. z '5 'I -- g-.f N . "'1 -Sy 5 I . W ' rf' ,"?Y ' Jia' ',a'h.:'1 .0 mf? df" ' ,5""f,R A: ry, 7 'ng -1f"1:f , 1 A f ps,-. 'giggr V ,Q ' 12' NWAKMN' if U . 4' v 1 N , f .'1, ' " 'x-1 if '..- , V ki., ' A 'T-Ygfziv V ?.,?,, px PIAA ' IJ -Zigi- , . A .4 ,MJF ' - ,, . . 73? . 11 - '-vim 1 , . ' - . .I 'n in 1 -ui -f A ff::.'-wwe... ,- ' R 5 'W' V 'xr W' X' Q. V 1: umZ.4'wlww-- ' Q f ja Q3 911701 CKZQCXJW Qgcfoof CQCXIU, yexas 1960 U0 Ma 0146 50014 With our school year swiftly closing we pause to catch a final glimpse of the happiness and friends we've had. Many things happened this year we shall never forget. We find ourselves holding closely to our hearts the fond memories of this past year at E.H.S. The 1960 Bengal is yours. You made it: we preserved it through words and pictures. The PLACE where we work is Electra High School Electra, Texas The ACTIVITIES in which we participate Student Life Organizations Sports The FEATURE Personality Popularity Achievements Beauty The PEOPLE who work here are Administrators Faculty Students Gonfenfs yffzk 5005 are PERSONS excel in 3 The football field and concession stands sponsored by the band are ready for the games. After workingall day in metal shop the boys are ready for the bell. Our agriculture building is a newly acquired addition to the school. Sigma Wafer Hail to thee our A1-ma Ma-ter Of be-lov-ed fame For E-lec -tra we will gath-er Hon-or to thy name Spi -rit of those he -roes past up -on us dwell to -day We will glo-ry in E-lec -tra 's fight for aye Hail E-lec -tra A1-ma Ma -ter Love we and A-dore thee Serve we A1 -ways in thy path ways loy--al--ly F' l f KQCGUSQ OU ZUQIQQ taying with us in all we attempt ombining your time with ours elping us to carry on the school traditions ccupying the bleachers during football season ffering assistance in our school projects ending us your valuable knowledge and experience J ringing back old memories ptimistic in your approach to all our problems btaining our respect tanding by ready to come to our aid aking away from your business and life to support us njoying our many activities in school ggecognizing our small efforts teadily prompting us to be better citizens, Q59 y3e12yczfCSfWfgfl960 ILS' forouoffo 0Q0QCafe ffe gqzzzzzuaffo you, ffe QQCZZJU U3 0 osfers. QSXUQQJQX EW These happy students become full -fledged seniors as they receive their eagerly awaited "senior rings." When Sept. 1 rolled around, E.H.S. greeted many old friends and a flock of new faces. . M' o'i v 1 Xb' '29 1? Strength unlimited, Spirit undyingg that's the motto of the E. H. S. Cheerleaders. The Tiger Band lends its whole -hearted spirit to the pep rallies by making with the music and straining the vocal chords. El Trovo gets an affection- This is how it's done - by the use of a rickety, old ladder, are kiss from Shirley while eight packages of crepe paper, and six cheerleaders. the group recooperates. Xu' ' Q. , C All work and no play makes g 5? the "B" team ready for ' action. J X- N H . . l 1 D YQ' 5200111505 Clarnzuaf 970110 2 - Coach Price urges the so I 1 X 5 x-,x9?' g?e3!0012s15Q fr QS epfem 591' ..73Qze.f students to support the 'N V K team and the team to V Although fall was not scheduled be Wofthl' of that an i to arrive until September 23, 297 QW 2 students ushered it in on Sept. 1, 4 99, to begin another school year. , On Sept. 4 a small tidal wave . - Jliljfc swept over E.H.S. as football it . +9 ao season was begun. Excitement by the seniors upon the arrival Carnival with the newly organiz- ed clubs and classes participating p fb Around the close of this eventful "Will l live Doc?" asked Billy month the Texas -Oklahoma Fair RHYHIOHCI Mid Gene doubrfuny. got into full swing. The P.F. A. prove that farming can "Fraid so, " says Dr. Fish, "it 's boys entered numerous events be fUH by givilig Sherry, only a flu shot." and emerged victorious in many. Jane Ann, and Joyce a dizzy tractor ride at the T-O Fair. So with one month down and , eight to go, the bees in this hive are fairly Buzzin' to make the school term 1959-60 a memorable 3 o A g ne. l Christie and Bobby pause for refreshments falso to aid the freshman classy at the Lions Club Carnival. That bewitching "Isle of Golden Dreams" came to life as the Sophomore class presented this lovely maiden in a native dance. Joe, did anyone ever tell you, you were beautiful? ?l of no less a degree was created of their hard -earned rings. As Sept. developed so did ga if plans for the annual Lions Club 8 ii Happy birthday, Coach Hesse! O. V. sur- prised him with a pre- sent at the Olney pep rally. All librarians WORK. Carolyn types, Peggy fy. checks books, and Johnny S I ' ,, well let's get N ' busy, Johnny! Q' "No rest for the wicked!" Joyce, Ann, Margie, Sharon, An- '- F' nell, Joe and Mrs. Blair repair the library to weather this year's storm. Ocfoger Sees g?e!0a1fe0fbU16rczfy October was a month of settling. The science classes began to investigate the labs and the English students recited poetry. Yes, this was the month to bury the excitement left over from September and concentrate on work. I think it's expressed as "getting into the groove of things.. " I suppose Mrs. Blair sensed that this would be a busy year in her library, for she supervised her student assistants Books are the light of education Sylvia well, and got the library into working order in record time. Linda, and Connie seem to be putting them to good use. Marilyn: "Are you sure that's what the Anyone for cake? Seems as if Coach had a real old- Chomi5U'Y book Said?" Riohardf "Door fashioned party. Did anybody count the candles? ask mo' I only Work hero! e , 9 'fa 0 4.0, 0 as 05 'Q 1 Q0 'W "Better late than never! " says Mr. Hol- comb as he presents Joe, Janice, Barry, 2 and Elliot with last year's Interscholas- J tic League trophies. On October 18th three buses took the F. F. A. , F. H. A., Bengal Staff, and Interscholastic League representatives to the State Fair of Texas, in Dallas, and a workshop held at s. M.U. I As the lights of October flickered, plans were being made by E. H. S. organizations for Halloween parties, and once again excitement crept out of its hole to end this set- tled month. arzofcgzzrprzlseof Goacf 3 3 ggjjy li 0? After a fast footrace to town, the cheerleaders lead the student body in spirited yells at the Burk pep rally. Johnny and Robert tie up the loose ends as the band prepares to accompany the foot- ball team to Nocona. .' .f',,1 , , t l if .,:2 QZV' Vifli 2 i Q if if ff if S, if , M l , U ,Vkb, ,,..1 , , I 5 ,,,L Vmml:Vl?A Metryimk ml WV 5 V ijfmecomzhy XZFITZYS Cixc1fe122e12f fo V S6 Q S' Q9 6 65 4 sb , s fe Qs ,S 4 The bonfire not only added beauty and excitement but warmth for the traditional homecoming pep rally. N30 'tv 0 QS "Smith, Smith, he's our man, if he can 't do it nobody can! " Elated over their first at marching contest, the band members treat Mr. Smith to a ride to the buses. The coming of November brought to E.H.S the highlight of the fall season, Homecoming. The numerous activities were begun with the traditional bonfire pep rally on Nov. 5th. All day Friday, Nov. 6th, exes enjoyed renewing old friendships and pondering at the changes since the publication of their annual. Half- time activities saw Jeannette Willett crowned Homecoming Queen and Mrs. Bill Sweet, Coming-home Queen. November held special interest for the E.H.S. band. On the tenth they went to the Regional Marching Contest in Wichita Falls. This marked the beginning of the year 's contests. After the shattering of 88 sets of nerves the band was victorious with a first division. As football season drew to a close with the lacksboro ballgame and the time came for the final pep rally, came also the an- nouncing ofthe most beautiful girl in E.H.S. Paulette Walton was selected by the John Robert Power Studio from a group of eight class beauties. With basketball season on our heels and our thoughts turning to Thanksgiving vacation, November slipped from the present to the past. With looks of anxiety and At the final pep rally the class beauties eagerly await the announcement of the school beauty. badly-chewed fingernails, the band awaits news of their per- formance at marching contest. Surprised laughter floated from the library as the Halftime activities highlighted the corona- tion of Jeanette Willette, Homecoming Queen. Here the Royal party leaves the field. exes gathered to relive happy memories of E. H. S. Coach Young gives us a real pep talk before the Jacksboro game. Zf"'4 7 was ffe Wonff gf Twas the month of Christmas and all through the Cfrzsfmas an - school X Every creature was stirring to obey every rule. The classes were buzzin' with plans loud andxclear With visions of goodies, spirits, and cheer. The volleyball teams were intent with their game In hopes that the students would, too, be the same. And the juniors were joyous with results of their sale While 12 top salesmen their prizes beheld. When out of a class there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter. Away down the hall I flew in a daze To observe the freshmen presenting their plays. The Chorus spread joy through traditional carols Turning our thoughts to the Angels of Herald. Fifth period Friday no one would be tardy For all couldn 't miss those hilarious class parties. A concert was the climax to this bright day Here the songs of Christmas the band did play And we heard all exclaim as they drove out "Happy Christmas to all - May your New Y bright." up I sight, -1? g., F -2--f' 1 -ii 'i 4-4- i. .if ' 'Gi The "Spirit of Christmas" reigns supreme during the band's Yule- tide concert. If : with The Bengal Staff finds pulling taffy F., HARD work! I thought those toys were for children! WHO 'S camera shy?! ,. The quietness of the library is seen even during the Christmas party. avi f f J Y: YQ ya' S95 I ev" Z-5 5 P- 1 f ,W .7 ,Z , 7 Happy Juniors boast prizes won during the magazine sale if? AQ x ik Van, Dale, and Judy tum actor to pre- We were dreaming of a "White Christmas. " Ronnie and Terry deck the Ag shop w1th streamers of red and white. sent THE STOLEN PRINCE in Mrs. Cog- dell 's English class. Dar it' . lean, you 're supposed rtolhit itbrtgtfevatgll "What's that, Don? Say you think that electromagnefs stronger than you?" W jan uazy Sees 256 yyeyzkznzkzy cmofffe fjnof I I 5 6 1 lg2131j1.g 2 So that's the way you passed those Mid-term Come to me, Baby!" finals, 0,V, 1 ,Fifi , K at .... o r - dk A Ayyy '-- " . -'-- ' ,Q T ' W 'v . ' 11 V - i gigffiriiagp 25. -,Jy:l.f,s rg5grsyqzra1f.f2,r',f ' - 'f rigs-lfsgtsffaffri' 'faifwffat g . .. H' Q . ' V,.V -' f P' - .V... , . ,.,,, . ..,, p Y I , - , ..fi",,s- V f- .3 ,.., p - V , 1-, 1 1 If-rj.. Nqr 5- is 5 I C1 hate to have those 4 ..g...,.f"' football bOYS 82.118 uP A . asf ,.L 1 J ,M -f , ww on me. Qi' vs. January, 1960! The beginning of a new decade, the beginning of ten years of development and progress and the end of the "fabulous '50's, " the era of happy memories. What did this January meant the end of a two week vacation and the beginning of a two-week workout. Yes, this first possessed the dreaded mid-term finals. These were responsible for the serious weeks of cramming - - - cramming for work we should have gotten throughout the first semes- l'l'1C8l'lIOE.H.S.? f ter. The end of one semester and the beginning of a new oneg my how time flies. January meant the fulfillment of December's dream, a world of wonderful whiteness. Snow- balling became the passtime of all boys and a temptation to a few teachers. With the middle of January came report cards and relief fin most casesj. The realization of these "soaring '60's" was now imbedded upon every mind for the opportunity to start anew, to begin once more, was presented. We had now a clean slate to sink our teeth into! For the basketball teams it was merely a continuation. Basketball fever ran high in January and the students of E. H. S. were proud of their hard-working representatives. l suppose to a few poor souls this new sound called '60 was merely the start of another year, but to the seniors of E. H. S. , 1960 had a special meaning. This new beginning was what they had waited twelve half-long, half-short, years forg this was the year of graduation. It was most definitely the end of young carefree days, but it was also the beginning of a bright future look- ing toward maturity. . geffruar .' 922,215 J earfs A Sweetheart gift at Valentine From his Ag boys, Mrs. Baily receives a small token of appreciation and admiration for his continuous help. WOW!!! On Feb. lst, 100 hearts almost burst with pride for the 60 members of the "A" and "B" football teams and their eagerly-awaited awards. The remaining bursting hearts belong to approximately 40 girls. Feb. 9th, Beverly Clark was crowned Basketball Sweetheart by captain Elliott Jones - her court, Vickie Lee, crown-bearer, Lisa Rodawalt, flow- er -bearer. Eliott and Beverly were presented during the halftime at the last home game. Goodness flowed from the hearts of students and teachers alike as they gave 891. 00, the proceeds going to the Polio fund, to see the men teach- ers of junior high take on the men teachers of high school in a basketball game that ended in a hard-fought tie. The eleventh of February, the F. F. A. boys honored their parents, sweetheart Carolyn Graf, and advisor Wade Bailey with a banquet as part of the celebration of National F. F. A. Week. The author of the comic series "Chip," Mr. Jeff Hayes, presented one of the most enjoyable assemblies ever witnessed by the students of E.l-I.S. To the delight of many and embarassment of a few he turned our ordinary f?J students and teachers into comic characters, as if they weren't al- ready! Not to be forgotten, the F. H. A. girls honored their dates and sweet- heart, Gary Barker, with their traditional "Sweetheart Banquet" on the twentieth of February. 9 Anyone for frogl'-335' FEBRUARY 1960 123456 7 8910 4151617 11 12 13 19 20 Z6 27 S,4 X, TWELVE O 'CLOCK AND ALL IS WELL 1 The cafeteria line provides an opportunity to talk - "lega1ly! " "Let's hope they're especially gen- erous today, I'm starved! " Q. B'-x 5. Mr, Jefferys and Mr. Hatten interrupt their busy day to pose for our photographer. rs. Lebouf: "At least we've got them fed." Mrs. Scheible: "Yes, all we have to do now is clean up after them." j, "Gee this tastes good. Do you realize it's been W three hours since I've eaten! " Qryanziafzbns QSXUQQIQX C0 zzncz' OAQCQFS Zfhsf Qsemesfer Cseconofcsemesfer Ioe Ray President Joe Ray Christie Lee Sandra Drennan Ann Mcllroy Margie Sweeney Herby Propps Barbara Thomason Jane Sachse Lonnie Hobbs Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Fire Marshal Parliamentarian Reporter District Vice President Janice Hixon Sandra Drennan Marie Greer Alberta Rowe Mike Chaffee Donald Jarvis Janet Wilson Lonnie Hobbs Many conferences like this one between Lonnie, Mrs. Blair, and Joe are necessary for an efficient Student Coun cil. Joe Ray, President, called the first meeting of the Student Council on September 8. The first semester proved a busy one as our governing body sponsored a booth at the annual Lions Club carnival, held Twirp Week, Oct. 26-30, sold Christmas cards and light bulbs, and sponsored the building of a cart on which to carry "El Torvo," the tiger. Each week the Student Council tried to have a motto on poster paper put up in die building, Homecoming Queen Election, as well as all other elections, were held by our organization and we furnished refreshments for homecoming activities. Representatives from Electra attended the first District Stu- dent Council meeting in Vernon. Activities for the second semester were the election of delegates to attend the state convention in Amarillo, having a Pie Supper February 26, sponsoring the polio drive for Electra High and being in charge of the program and other activities d ring Public School Week. Robert Palmer, Dianna Dillard, Dianne Wil on, and Lonnie Hobbs are off to the Sta Meeting. X Pay your poll tax! Exercise your right to vote. Register with your class. I hope it won't show your age. is met. MRS. SACHSE - Sponsor SHERRY ISBELL - Editor JIMMY HOLLEY - Photographer BARRY JONES - Photographer XFEQIWG "Deadline" and "Rush" are two well-known words heard often by the Bengal Staff from the time the staff is elected until the last deadline It isn't by far all work and no play. October 17, some of the staff attended a Journalism meeting at Dallas to get new and different ideas about drawing up a year- book. After the meeting we took in the Dallas Fair. Parties over at Mrs. Sachse's house are a favor- ite of everyone and looked forward to for months. The blistered hand from pulling taffy at the Christmas Par- ty is just one of the excit- ing things which take place besides food, on top of food, and more food. After days of rushing and clashes of temper, and a hasty trip to the post office the last pages of the Ben- gal are finally on their way and the Bengal Staff is found building up their energy at Underwoods and tak- ing in a moviej MARIE GREER - Business Manager BRENDA GLISSON - Business Manager CSM Everybody busy at work but Jimmy - - - well, Jimmy has other things on his mind. Joyce Roberson - Typist Ann Mcllroy - Organizations Suzy Fish - Sports Carla Cambron - Royalty Jane Ann Griffin - Student Phyllis Hudson - Classes Life 012 Cerf FLUTE -Jane Ann Griffin, Carolyn Glass, Linda McDaniel, Mary McCarty, Christie Lee, Gay Overturf, Annell Wright, Lee Ann Davis - Bb CLARINET - Mike Grace, Marie Greet, Janice Hixon, Barbara Tut- tle, Glenda Bettes, Sharon Bormuth, Lena Brice, Carla Cambron, Van Cambron, Darlene Clynch, Carol Culpepper, Sandra Drennan, Ed Fish, Marilyn Hataway, Earlyn Jones, Cecelia Mills, Margaret Murrell, Billie Payton, Nancy Power, Joe Propps, Alberta Rowe, Sharon Rowe, Judy Streit, Patricia Tallant, Tru die Talley, Paulette Walton, Judy Webb, Gaytha Bowden - ALTO CLARINET - Susan Humphreys - BASS CLARINET - Jeannette Willett - OBOE - Nina Jo Rowe - BASSOON - Paul Stanford - ALTO SAXOPHONE Billy Mullen, Judy Shepherd, Janet Wilson, Charles Koerth, Beverly Clark - TENOR SAXOPHONE - Sue Lee - BARITONE SAXOPHONE - Judy Iarrell. Jan CORNET - Johnny Vestal, Billy Hart, Glenn Collier, Jimmy Holley, Jane Sachse, Mike McDonald, Ricky Allred, Donald Barnes, Cecil Cowan, Ennis Fish, Billy Jacobs, Joe Pennington, Don Warner, Tim my Youree - FRENCH HORN - Johnny Graham, Jimmie Robb, Sammie Roberson - BARITONE HORN - Hoyt Gattis, Richard Unger, Tommy Smith - TROMBONE - W. D. Hale, Bill Krohn, Charles Webb, Conny Huey, Gary Jones, Richard Warner, Bob Sullivan, Jimmy McBee, Richard McKinney - SOUS- SAPHONE - Fred Wilson, Richard McDonald, John Stevens, Tommy Bettes, Shirley Hines, Robert White DRUMS - Lowell Graves, Sherry Willett, Mary Ford, Dana Rice, Donna Bowden, Brenda Beaver - TYMPANI - Mary Ford - CYMBALS - Loma Huffstutler. QDz'um Qoreffe IANICE HIXON First in twirling solo - 3 years. Runner -Up for outstanding drum major in Enid - 2 years. !DlfE?CfOI' HOWARD srvuru 'fyjrzogz gf fjexas The Electra High School Band is often referred to as the "Pride of Texas." The whole North Texas area is justly proud of this fine organization. The Tiger Band is one of the finest musical organizations and it's fame has spread throughout several states. The band is a consistent Sweepstakes winner in the Texas State Contests. It has also won Sweepstakes honors in several out-of-state contests and festivals. Electra's band has been named outstanding band in it's class at the Tri-State National Band Festival at Enid and has been invited to appear in the Cotton Bowl on three occasions in the past and also appeared in the famed Battle of the Flowers Fiesta in San An- tonio. Mr. How ard Smith has been director of this group for the past twelve years. Ware ,my is ian fig .ll 77 y T LEFT: Jeannette Willette, Carole Culpepper, Nina Jo Rowe, Janice Hixon, Judy Streit, Alberta Rowe, Sharon Bormuth, Mary MCC arty, Sherry Willette. jfqoreffes What would a football game be without a band? "Smithie" caught sitting down on the job! Almost ready for an out-of-town game. X I I "' "'15 1 ' '5 Li Slight, L FIRST ROW: Jeanette Reis, Shirley Kelly, Janie Graves, Karen Bennett, Selma Taylor, Linda Dutton, Carol Tipton, Norma Anderson, Janet Jones. SECOND ROW: Brenda Glisson, Ann Nowlin, Lura Davis, Rita Hamil- ton, Elizabeth Glessing, Carolyn Allred, Margie Sweeney, Jannis Baker, Sharon Harris, Peggy Dutton. The Electra High School Girls' Chorus was organ- ized in 1953 with Mr. Howard Smith as its director. The Chorus has consistently placed high in festi- N N K val and contest competition in Texas. G5 f 6 The girls have appeared in assembly programs, Ora U civic clubs, churches and the Chamber of Commerce banquets. Each fall the Chorus participates in the Region 14 interscholastic League Workshop which meets at Midwestern University. A well-knownl clinician hears each group sing and criticism is iven which helps each group prepare for contests at are held later in the year. I, X Si W 5. MQ P Ext! ' :off Music fills the halls as the Choral Club gives every- Concentration and strict attention to one the Christmas spirit. Mr. Smith brings out the best. Honra Muchacha Barbara Jansen panzlsf Cf 621240116 Una fiesta pinata era la mas principal actividad del club espanol este ano. Siendo un tipico juejo espanol y nuevo a able a los miembros era la espanola cena al cafe de Hugo. La mesa se decoraba en estilo Mexico y comida mexicana se servia. 9 r vs nK Q 4 xlur Qf x glxx' los miembros a todos se divertia. Otra Actinidad muy agrad- gufure 0122 ema ers 0 Wm efzca "From a 'beat-nik' party to the annual Sweetheart Ban- quet with a shopping trip for an orphan girl at Christmas in between, the Future Homemakers of America is a very ver- satile and worthwhile organization. The mum sale for home coming and bake sales have been the projects of the year and trips taken by the girls were: annual trip to the Dallas State Fair, an all-day field trip to Wichita Falls, and the Area and State Meetings of the organization." The Installation Tea was a for the new F.H.A. MRS. ADAMS, Sponsor Th-e,se cats were real hep as they kept rhythm to that jive. BOTTOM ROW: Geneva Weddle - Treasurer, Margie Sweeny, Alberta Rowe - Program Chairman, Jannis Baker - Vice-President, Gary Barker - Sweetheart, Marie Greer - President, Brenda Glissen - Reporter, Carolyn Allred - Song Leader, Paulette Walton - Pianist, Janet Jones - Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Conny Huey, Sammie Roberson, Beverly Clark, Trudie TalleyjJoyce Roberson, Carolyn Graf, Judy Hamilton, Sally Flint. THIRD ROW: Sharon Ba lard, Diane Wilson, Sue Lee, Janet Payne, Ovenia Rogers, Gayla Huff, Jeanette Reis, Jean McAlister, Linda McDaniel, Lee Ann Davis, Dianna Dillard. FOURTH ROW: CarolynnSmitl1, Karen Stansel, Joyce Wiggins, Elizabeth Glessing, Joy Chambers, Jean- ette Weddle, tDarlean Chesher, Sylvia Gilbert, Gaytha Rodawalt, Shirley Kelley. FIFTH ROW: Lura Davis, Ann Barrow, Ann Mcllroy, Sherry Dean, Carole Culpepper, Earlyn Jones, Sue McClure, Mickie Patty, Carol Campbell, Judy Barrett, Linda Payton, Thresia Morrison. gufure arm ers 0 erzca , Ween Cgfop yjuzfyfkzy WQGOQ This year the Vocational Agricultural department was fortunate in securing a new shop building. Two new electric welders and many other tools were installed. We held our Christmas Party on Dec. 10, in our new shop building. The room was gaily decorated with red and white crepe paper. Games were played and refreshments were served. Fourteen of our twenty-five members entered projects at the Texas and Oklahoma Fair. Four teams were entered in the judging contests and one banner was received. In the District Leadership contest, the Senior Farm Skill team won first place. Michael Isbell won the trip to National Convention at Kansas City. Carolyn Graf, out chapter sweetheart was the runner -up for district sweetheart in the contest held at Byers. Mr. Bailey wants to make sure the bo s know how to de-horn a cow. Which makes these boys happiest? Y Missing school or attending the Fair! ,J 5 gr 3 3 S2 5 E r 5 -s 31 if 52 af si ss BOTTOM ROW: Larry McAlister - Reporter, Ronnie Isham - Vice-President, Troy Rodgers - Sentinel, Carolyn Graf - Sweetheart, Gary Barker - President, Harry McAlister - Treasurer, Michael Isbell - Sec- retary. SECOND ROW: Walter Peters, Don Rodgers, Royce Reynolds, Terry McCracken, Mike Gilbert, Gene Butler, Charles Robb, Charles Koerth, Gene Klinkerman, Eugene Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Raymond McAlister, Emmett Mayo, ,Tack Hill, Frank Johnson, Ted Robbins, Joe Tubbs, Jerry Johnson, Elliott Jones. gufure fjeac ers William McAlister, Mike Grace, O. V. Strange, Susan Humphrey, Barbara Tuttle, LeAnn Davis, Herby Propps, Judy Jarrell "T" Tommy Smith, Carolyn Glass, Judy Webb, Ann McSapdden, Jane Sachse, 0 Qqmerzca Joe Propps, Jane Ann Griffin, "A" Lonnie Hobbs, Janet Wilson, Carole Culpepper, Suzy Fish, Conny Huey, Phyllis Hudson, Cecelia Mills, Miss Petty. 'Q CSQXA QSQJOQJQX Qzkecfozy This has been an active year for the Future Teach- ers. The members helped to sponsor a booth at the Lions Club Carnival. During the homecoming they assisted the Student Council with some of their many duties. Also, they edited a student directory for the school. Many of the members attended the State and District Meeting held in Denton. ya Z Conny really has the help in selling subscrip tions. Three nurses? Administering first aid! Marilyn Jo Hataway was elected president of the Future Nurses this year. The other officers are Vice President, Alberta Roweg Secretary, Ann Mc- llroyg Treasurer, Geneva Weddleg and Reporter, Nancy Power. Mrs. Brackeen presented many in- teresting programs to the F. N. A. , the first of which was directed mostly to the Seniors and the future they could have in nursing. A demonstration of how to give a bed bath was of interest to all. Mr. Holcomb told the group of a scholarship offered to the Seniors for a degree in nursing. In the spring we attended Future Nurses day in Wichita Falls at the General Hospital. Janet looks like she is the center of attention! gufzzre f Ulises 0 S7122 er1Ca b3effer122a12EsA BACK ROW: Glenn Jones, James Barrow, Mike Slack, Mike Chaffee, Arden Huffstutler, Troy Rodgers, Larry Reck. SIDE ROW: Ronnie lsham, Don Jarvis, Ronnie Pearcy, Terry McCracken, Detyl Adkins, Terry Adams, Lawrence Crow, Tommy Smith, Keith Rollins, Richard Palmer, O. V. Strange, John Smith, Eddy McBroom. MIDDLE ROW: Sam Mc- Spadden, Lonnie Hobbs, Joe Ray, Herby Propps, Johnny Vestal. FRONT ROW: Ray Dickey, Don Barker, Tommye Diseker, Mike McKelvey, Mike Scott, Richard McDonald, Jerry McHugh. H6 H om The "E" Club of Electra High School was organized in 1957 under its present constitution. To be eligible for membership in the "E" Club a boy must earn a varsity letter in athletics. The sports include football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and golf. The purpose of the "E" Club is to promote athletic enthusiasm among the students and fans of Electra. This year the club's money raising project was operating a concession stand at the home basketball games. With this money they hope to finance some elementary track meets and other spring events to promote interest in athletics among younger boys. Basketball fans take time out for refreshments. ocafzona 12 Qtzsffzd C115 Alberta looks very pleased at receiving her sweater. Beginning with the initiation for new members and a party following, the Electra V.I.C. Club was organized with twenty-four members. The activities of the V.I.C. for the school year included a booth in the Lion's Club Carnival, the annual Sweetheart Dance and a dinner at Underwoods followed by a bowling party. The top ten students will be delegates to the District and State meetings, the money for which is raised by the making and sell- ing of trash can stands and yard signs. What's the big attraction? fl f f SEATED: Alberta Rowe - Sweetheart, Ralph Gilbert - Reporter, Gordon Shelly, Elliot Jones - Secretary, Curtis Warner - Sergeant-at-Arms, Doug Williams - Treasurer, Tommy McCaleb - Vice-President, Tommy Diseker, Billy Mullin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Davis, Cecil Kreidler, Eugene Kennedy, Marty Coats, Troy Rodgers, Luke Stewart, Mike Slack, Raymond McAlister, Charles Luellan, Billy Gibson. THIRD ROW: Ivan Goodgoin, Louis Kent, Aaron Kee, James Barrow, Terry Adams, Eddie McBroom, Mike McDade, Royce Reynolds, Dickie Hixon BACK ROW: I erg Janice Hixon, Secretaryg Barry Jones, Treasurerg Sandra Drennan, Vice Presidentg Carolyn Glass, President. SECOND ROW: Brenda Glissen, Marie Greer. Margie Sweeney, Judy Hamilton. annis Baker , Report- THIRD ROW: Suzy Fish, Paul Stan ford, Jane Ann Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Jones, Sponsorg Phyllis Hudson. 6,0 offs Q Cfeefkaoem Head Cheerleader SUE LEE CARLA CAMERON S0Ph0m0'e GENEVA WEDDLE Senior Senior SHIRLEY HINES PAULETTE WALTON IANNIS BAKER Junior Junior Junior 756 Date Electra Sept . 4 2 Sept . 11 0 Sept 18 0 Sept 25 0 Oct. 2 0 " Oct. 9 0 " Oct. 16 0 Oct . 23 0 "' Oct . 30 0 " Nov 6 0 4' Nov. 13 0 ' " Conference Games - Games Played at Home Zfyffzkzgg zyefs Never gave KMU Opponent Iowa Park - Archer City Holliday - Seymour Decatur - Burkburnett Open Olney - Nocono Bowie - Iacksboro 28 12 8 27 30 22 35 6 40 14 C6777 The 1959 football season, while not ranking very high statistically, will always be remembered for the high spirit that encompassed the school. The time when Coach Hesse would speak at the pep rallies was always looked forward to because his impressive words were always an inspiration to us. We can never forget the enthusiasm and zeal the cheerleaders had at each pep -rally and game. The season was one which the boys were very determined and never let go of their fight- ing spirit. No matter what the prediction or the odds of the game were, the team never gave up. The opposing teams were well aware of the fact that they had played a spirited team when the game had ended. The wonderful spirit and the determination on the boys' faces will always be in our memories of the 1959 football season. gk cfra ,yQI1S' 796122 FIRST ROW: Deryl Adkins, Mike McKelvey, Richard Palmer, Herby Propps, O. V. Strange, Mike Scott, Johnny Vestal, Eddie McBroom, Lawrence Crow. Jerry McHugh. SECOND ROW: Sam McSpadden, Arden Huffstutler, Troy Rodgers, Ronnie Isham, Terry McCracken, Mike Slack, Mike Chaffee, James Barrow, Glenn Jones, Jerry Fitts. THIRD ROW: Coach Hesse, Royce Reynolds, Don Barker, Billy Mullen, William McAlister, Tommye Diseker, Tommy Smith, Larry Reck, Joe Ray, Lonnie Hobbs, Don Jarvis, Ronnie Pearcy, Coach Young. Ccygls gs Me ay you Z0 gf' Assistant Coach - HOMER YOUNG Assistant Coach - LARRY PRICE Captain - TOMMYE DISEKER captain - ROYCE REYNOLDS Captain - HERBY PROPPS Head Coach - JACK HESSE Larry and Howard, Tigers of 1958, anxiously pace the sidelines with Tigers of 1959. zyers 122 W 0111012 Reading Clockwise: Barker vaults over the pile of Hawks and Tigers, Ray races around end as Royce throws a good block. Rey- nolds swings wide for a gain against Olney. Herby has lots of pressure on him as he kicks from behind his own goal line. ,- f GE ,ii LDS 1: fl it iiiiii i ri' L'-T-' I BARROW ,whiz ,ft 1, .I ,Mk .wi X,,, , AE 1 ny. ,s J. zur'- S , lbw OGC' TZQSSG JOI22122Q!2ftS' O. V. Strange - Sr. - Tumed back many enemy ball carriers from his line- backer spot. Royce Reynolds - Sr. - A swivel hipped, fine running halfback. Joe Ray - Sr. - Did a fine job his first year as Tiger field general. Tommye Diseker - Sr. - Speed and ability made Tommye a great guard. James Barrow - Sr. - His experience anchored the Tiger line on offense and defence Herby Propps - Sr. - 200' pounds of toughness in a 135 pound frame. Lonnie Hobbs - Sr. - Tough senior playing his first year of varsity football. Tommy Smith - Sr. - Hard work and desire put Tommy on the team. Terry Mc- Cracken - Sr. - Desire combined with toughness won Terry his position. A if fOffensive Backfieldj Royce Reynolds, Mike Scott, Herby Propps, Joe Ray NIE HOBBS TOMMY SMITH TERRY MCCRACKEN , l we l W. Y N -' "" T ,. 3 at Q fi 6 t if 5 if be 3 get ji gg X I I if . fswlrut. H wnslwg, 2 , K 5 its A 5 . A :v 'L . , -A 1 5 i f 75'51iii':5'-Vi? :5"ifI75 fi:-fri-A PM ' "'L " ' S.-Gig, :-'L 2152: s.,jz,,1-,, - ' , ,. K '.2j7,.HV ' is 451 ii. ' ZW . ' 35- if f ' BILLY MULLEN RICHARD PALMER DERYL ADKINS Billy Mullen - Sr. - Fast, pass catching end. Richard Palmer - Sr. - Showed much determination his first varsity year. Deryl Adkins - Sr. - Made his T5 place on the squad by desire. Troy Rodgers - Sr. - Made a tough defensive ,V,llr is yr,y M ls.L i I ,gs middle guard. Mike Scott - Jr. - 14-5 pounds of drive with a football. Glenn If H I Jones - Soph. - Tall and tough, destined for future Tiger stardom. Johnny A if L ' g l Q Vestal - Jr. - His fine play proves desire can overcome size. Mike McKe1vey - t C S Jr. - Tough defensive linebacker who cracked many a ball carrier. Ronnie Vyllp Cpfl L 7 Isham - Jr. - Played like a veteran his first varsity year. Lawrence Crow - Soph. - He'1l show enemy defense men his heels on future Tiger teams. TROY RODGERS William McAlister - Jr. - On defense or carrying the ball, William plays it V tough . pf MIKE SCOTT , ,,.' f fm I , 'iffiss wh In n liiizi . ' st ii : E :"- 1r1l 1 "e',, s"-ff-i. GLENN JONES fOffensive Linel Terry McCracken, James Barrow, Eddie McBroom, Don Jarvis, Tommye Diseker, Ronnie Isham, Glenn Jones. JOHNNY VESTAL WILLIAM MCALISTER LAWRENCE CROW RONNIE ISHAM MIKE MCKELVEY g l i. , lb g, V , r,l g.-IV ' ..,. if Q g lslls it if N , I I H at - , ff,f',f'?' 2:7 -145' Tig, xv ff,-'fi' I I "I J, " V l,fr2ZEi"ESf'.f V' 45? kfii . s we WWA , 1 , , ,. 1. in r Mr Q 'I , gy! I M T v4"' ' . I 'rea A r,.- ,,.f, K. ,s ..,-'W-.. A- - aiiii' 552522-WL-'iss-rigf..f,iiif:-3 ',-' 2 fi""" X lrwwkmwrmu Si 'f5ifelf'is 6 lqv I E .g.z .gi,: I kg - -' fm-g.gf.,.-g,s . 5 -'f iii7:,r..1fQi:,i, L: K. K V I J fl. - Ti . ' iw " "' f A if . - 112' . r f:.:a2:s1'- 'iii f 7 i J . -fhQ,f:'5-- 9251 f Yes EDDIE MCBROOM 5 iam - i Lf LL,L , Q LM . 2 5 ' sv? fm Y L . . . lark, R .. ai KS S X3 ' 41 tx if rsessisisf 3 , ' mm,' L. - L DON BARKER Eddie McBroom - Ir. - A package of dynamite on offense and defense. Don Barker - Soph. - Exemplifies the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. " Sam McSpadden - Jr. - lO0'fo hustle and fight won Sam his position. Don Jarvis - Fr. - A fine freshman destined for a fine football future. Larry Reck - Soph. - A fine ball handler who holds key to Tiger 's future. Ronnie Pearcy - Soph. - Pre-season injury got Ronnie off to a late start. Mike Slack - Jr. - Desire resulted in Mike playing tough football. Mike Chaffee - Soph. - Mike 's hard work broke him into the starting lineup. Arden Huffstutler - lr. - A tough defensive tackle who will be back for another season. g SAM MCSPADDEN DONALD JARVIS LARRY RECK Managers, Terry Adams, Jerry Fitts, John Kee, and Jerry McHughg repairing defensive stars Mike McKelvey, Johnny Vestal, Don Barker, and O. V. Strange RONNIE PEARCY MIKE SLACK MIKE CHAFFEE ARDEN HUFFSTUTLER in TZ .TF A32-Q. - - w w w ' ' - 4 , V -- - A - . W-L P , . P r , Q- F 3 A . ' V ' A ' ,zz ,V ,..,.. . l,, ,,V, M R A , ,V it Q ' 1,-Tfiieifi5-212320-it-:'gL'1 ' ' -' :J::uf" . L 92f'l-kr1f?f:. '- ' f . ,, . . .I S ff Date Electra Opponent Sept . Sept . Sept. Oct . Oct . Oct . Oct . Oct . Nov Nov. 10 0 Vernon 20 17 0 Iowa Park 44 26 0 Vernon 46 1 0 Decatur 14 8 0 Burk 2 6 15 14 Seymour 30 22 0 Olney 30 29 8 Nocona 8 5 O Bowie '74 12 0 Jacksboro 44 Robert makes a desperate try for the pigskin, but the Olney Cub got there first. 'Z F3 7 7 5796122 goofgaf FIRST ROW: John Smith, Ray B. Dickey, Geary McCracken, Terry Holt, James Reams, Danny Whisenhunt, Charles Koerth, Billy Beaver. SECOND ROW: Robert Palmer, Keith Rollins, George Roessler, Tommy Bettes, Ricky Eckelkamp, Ray Snell, Bill Gibbs, Doug Williams, Thomas Kelley, John Kee. BACK ROW: Coach Young, Kenneth O'De11, Steve Propest, Bobby Mink, Johnny'Carnpel1, Aaron Kee, Dickey Hixon, Ivan Goodgoin, Cecil Kreidler, Luke Stewart. Barry I ones - Junior x Don Barker - Sophomore Larry Beck - Sophomore Jump high, Larry! Ronnie Isham - Junior tfdSAQZZ6dff46fv77 gQdI22 From left to right, FIRST ROW: Elliott Jones, Ronnie Isham, Barry Jones, Don Jarvis, Glenn Jones, Coach Young. SECOND ROW: Ted Robbins, William McAlister, Don Barker, Larry Reck , Gary Barker. CSCZQQQQ , DATE ELECTRA OPPONENT During the basketball season of 59-60, the Elec Nov. 24 18 Iowa Park Nov. 30 20 Archer City Dec. 1 39 Seymour Dec. 3 22 Throckmorton Dec. 4 20 Archer City Dec. 8 31 Valley View Dec. 10 28 Archer City Dec. 14 38 Henrietta Dec. 15 23 Iowa Park Dec. 17 35 Vernon Dec. 22 29 Seymour J an. '7 15 'Bowie Ian. 8 32 'Decatur Jan. 15 35 'Nocona Ian. 19 41 'Jacksboro Jan. 21 38 Henrietta I an. 22 47 'Burkburnett I an. 26 35 'Olney Jan, 29 38 'Decatur I an. 30 32 'Olney Feb. 2 23 'Bowie Feb. 9 50 'Nocona Feb. 12 31 'Iacksboro Feb. 16 36 'Burkburnett Feb. is 36 'Olney 4 Denotes Conference Games tra Tigers did not post any impressive records. Un der the able direction of Coach Young they did, however, gain the valuable experience of working together as a team. Glenn Jones led the Tiger scoring with 134 points. Ronnie Isham and Gary Barker were also high scorers. The young team, consisting of only one senior, should be able to rank high in the district next year. Managers Mike Slack and Richard Mc- Donald are ready to load the bus for an out of town game. J asfefgafaqn eam 506606112 57 W iL if .V g it V V u F Reading clockwise: Nina Jo Rowe, Carolyn Sue Smith, Alberta Rowe, Christie Lee, Janice Hixon Margaret Mann, Caytha Rodawalt, Mary McCarty Dianna Dillard. DATE ELEC TRA OPPONENT The Tigerettes closed Nov. 23 Holiday Dec. 8 Valley View Ian. 7 'Bowie Jan. 8 'Decatur Jan. 15 'Nocona J an. 19 'Jacksboro Jan. 22 'Burkburnett J an. 26 'Olney I an. 29 'Nocona Ian. 30 'Decatur Feb. 2 'Bowie Feb. 12 'Jacksboro Feb. 16 'Burkburnett Feb. 18 'Olney the 1959 -60 basketball season with a 2 win-12 loss record. The team was victorious over Burk- burnett, 40 -25 and Jacks- boro, 38-36. Senior Ian- ice Hixon led the scoring with 158 points for the season, and Gaytha Roda- walt and Carolyn Smith followed in scoring. Coach Price's high spir- ited team should be tough to beat next year. Managers Paulette Walton and Shirley Hines keep score at one of " Denotes conference games the games. 930554641 ways? 66377 eam From left to right: Keith Rollins Charles Robb 912467 C6377 Gam From left to right: FIRST ROW: Emily Murray, Karen Stansel, Sally Flint, Carol Camp- bell, Sharon Bormuth. SECOND ROW: Gay Overturf, Sharon Davis, Jean McAlister, Janice Davis. lack Davis Chuck Robinson John Smith g12QS 122012 90122 From left to right: John Kee Jerry Fitts Tommy Bettes Steve Propest Bill Gibbs Ricky Allred Charles Rowland yawn, 912 63353. JOE RAY "No friend 's a friend till he shall prove a friend. " Beaumont and Fletcher WSJ 5. CHRISTIE LEE Wrt rn women 15 a Jewel, whrch f, g 5 X 4 swf' unhke all others, borrows luster from 1ts settrng rather than bestows It srnce nothmg rs so easy as to fancy of a very beautrful woman extremely witty. " Colton yyesf fjflgqrounofjoy HERBY Pnopps A laugh IS worth one hundred groans in any market." Kes! 57 fgqrounfglff IANICE HIXON A91 -, I I , , Happmess 1S a perfume you cannot pour on others wrth out getting a few drops on yourself." " .1-fy N, A Q Yy Q Zgxfw WYE WW M35 xg? if Q5-AQQQQWQK2 .,,,. , , Y' 1 Jya '. ' 1-L W , M, W ,W Sr we U 132 M zzeen is ozzrf Princess Judy of the House of Shepherd Princess Trudie of the House of Talley Princess Sylvia of the House of Gilbert E.H.S. Homecoming Queen Nominees were selected from each class by its members, and the Queen was chosen Homecoming week by the school. During the presentation at the Electra and Bowie game, the Queen's identity was annotmced. Nominees and their Escorts: Freshman, Judy Shepherd and Charles Webby Sophomore, Sylvia Gilbert and Tommy Darterg Junior, Trudie Talley and W. D. Haley Senior, Jeannette Willett and Terry Adams. ATR an Ofyzfflsxs 9121014 TERRY ADAMS and MARILYN HATAWAY "Give me a sense of humor, Lordg give me the grace to see a joke, To get some happiness from life and pass it on to other folk." T. H. W. Webb ,Jw-.av WR an of M135 UI2I.Of' f ff RONNIE ISHAM and SUE MCBROOM "Drop an unkind word, or careless: in a minute it is goneg But there's half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on." Foley r r I Wm anofyzjbs C3010 01220149 ,dh-fs "" ig if 4 17 5 K SAMMIE ROBERSON and LAWRENCE CROW "A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in wrong, which is but saying that he is wiser than he was yesterday. Pope 91411 cmof M135 res 122012 TERRY HOLT and BARBARA SUE BINGHAM 'And I long for the dear old riverg Where I dreamed my youth away. " O 'Rielly N57 If J M f . . . 6099 GUI' GARY BARKER Unless a man works he cannot find out what he is able to do S 7 E 7 f A . . eff weef earf CAROLYN GRAF "Nature teaches beasts to know their friends." -Shakespeare Q-lark-W ,y 355321 gf? if ww JANE ANN GRIFFIN - Senior M6073 CAROLYN GLASS Semor SUZANNE FISH - Senior PHYLLIS HUDSON - Senior BARRY JONES - Junior MARIE GREER - IUDIOI' e are 1201! fare fo e gave farofwoff Csfun zzof Me MIKE CHAFFEE - Sophomore JANNIS BAKER - Junior pQy, fo Ofteam, fo fo 06 azzofbaog fo W sfruyyQ - ace zkf 713 Softs YM fKa5c0cA X050 SUE LEE - Sophomore The qualifications of our 1960 Who's Who did not depend entirely upon scholarship, citizenship and leadership, but also personality traits, outstanding achievements, abilities, moral standings, and their participation in outside activ ities. They were nominated by a fac- ulty committee and elected by the majority vote of the faculty by se- cret ballot. BARBARA JANSEN - Freshman JANE SACHSE - Freshman OO ZDQQ fff y PAULETTE WALTON The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express" Bacon JOAN Mgeff p0l,U2l'6 SCAOO! QTLM-vanilla Ummm 4808 Gqnmm St. gigwmie 7-8475 ED,,,f2,,A 4, Sw., November 9, 1959 Student Body Electra High School Electra, Texas Attention: Yearbook Staff Dear Students: It has again been our privilege to be instrumental in the selection of your Most Beautiful Girl contest, although it has been a difficult choice to make from a selection of such attractive students. From years of experience in the field of beauty, John Robert Powers emphasizes the importance of not only exterior, or physical beauty of a person, but rather the inner beauty as well, which he calls their "inner glow". This was surely taken into consideration when we selected your Most Beautiful Girl. As requested, we have marked first choice on the back of the picture. This should not be a disap- pointment to any of the other students, but instead a challenge to bring into their own their individual potentials. May we take this opportunity of thanking you for thinking of the Powers School in connection with your contest. Cordially yours, JOHN ROB pRT POWERS SCHO L HM. afcolt.. TQMMJ Mrs. Malcolm D. Thomas Director - Qui Cyan amen www Gmac. CECELIA MILLS DANA RICE SUE LEE SOPTIOUIOYS Junior Sophomore Gkss EGG ufzes JANE ANN GRIFFIN CARLA JAN CAMERON Senior Senior ANN MCSPADDEN BECKY BELSCAMPER BARBARA THOMASON Freshman Freshman Freshman f 5 1 5 -4 ull anof 96004 'Cl ll O12 MR PAUL JONES Grocer MR. H. E. IANSEN MR. HOWARD MCDONALD Foreman Salesman MR SOL T. TUTTLE Farmer DR. P. E. FISH Doctor CMCQFS President -------- - - -DR FISH Vice President - - - - - MR. HART Secretary-Treasurer - - - - MR, JONES MR. ED B, HART Mn ED Fosrsiz, JR Car Dealer Farmer Qgcgooftfi loaf The school board is actually a cross -section of the citizens of Electra. It is composed of both professional and vocational men. They donate much of their time 'and energy -to formulate school policies for the welfare of the students and ,the community. wmmw'fMaNa wm ww'tfwwwfANw' Y - - :ammww ---,, -- A --- - 515 ,., fy., rg A 5. 1 K im ff QM-QE Q2 'R' Mr. T235 K ur Trib C400 Nothing labels Electra High a great institution more than the splendid record of her hundreds of graduates. As a tree is known by its fruit, certainly an educational institution is known by the students who go from her doors. Electra High has looked always to the training of her students for good citizenship plus character and scholarship. I would remind the student body that the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it. Therefore, the enrichment of Electra High, as well as your own life, depends on how much you put into our school life, and how much you are will- ing to receive of the things offered here for your benefit. I. C. Holcomb Principal First and second periods: Alberta Rowe, Judy Third and fourth periods: Barbara Jansen, Cecil f" Barrett, Sharon Ballard, Ceclila Mills. Cowan, MHUYH Hataway. Sue LCC, Sammie Roberson, Sandra Drennan. S S I Fifth and Sixth periods: Margaret Mann, S Ann Nowlin, Janet Wilson, f Susan Humphrey, Paulette W al- ton, Barbara G Thomason. Q I2 MRS. FRANCES ROBERSON MRS. NINA O'HARA Secretary to the Principal Secretary to the Superintendent S C I' Q f G I4 1. Q S MR. HOMER YOUNG B. S. - E. T. S.C. World History, Physical Educa- tion, Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Fresh man Class Sponsor, Baseball MR. HOWARD SMITH B. A. - Oklahoma State Uni- versity Band, Choral 60500 Z6 MRS. EARLINE BLAIR B. S. - N. T. S. C. M. S. - N. T. S. C. Librarian, Student Council Sponsor, Poetry Reading, Declamation MR. JACK HESSE B. S. - Austin College M. H. P. E. R. - N. T. S. C. General Science, Biology, Head Football Coach, Track Sophomore Class Sponsor wear g0f0Q12 fuk CD0 577 . Aw fir fin QL I ' L .J ' Jrf' o , , fr r rf MRS. ELIZABETH SACHSE B. S. - University of Texas General Math, General Science, Physical Education, Bengal Sponsor, Tennis Coach, Soft- ball Coach MISS EUGENIA ROBERTSON B. S. - N. T. S. C. Homemaking, Dietitian, Future Nurse Club Sponsor y?ea06kz9 rzbbj an MR. WADE BAILEY B. S. - Texas Tech M. E. - Texas Tech Vocational Agriculture, F. F. A Sponsor MRS. HESTELINE BURROUGHS B. S. ' N. T. S. C. Algebra, Senior Class Sponsor MRS. KATHERINE KIDD B. A. - East Central State College M. A. - Midwestern English, Senior Class Sponsor, Debate, Ready Writing 7y-l?I25I22QZ9C 7' MRS. ALOMA ADAMS B. S. - Northeastern State College MRS. .TOSEPHINE COGDELL B. A. ' T. W. C. M.E. - N.T.S.C. English, Mathematics, Junior Class Sponsor, Slide Rule MRS. MARY JONES B. A. - Baylor English, Spanish, Spelling Homemaking, Junior Class Sponsor, F.H.A. Sponsor fi Q MR. DWIGHT ROGERS B. S. - Southeastern State College Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Trig auygf fo ffe june 0 77 MISS IVA PETTY B. S. -' N. T. S. C. M. S. ' N. T. S. C. American History, Civics, Texas History, F. T. A. Sponsor, Debate, Extemporaneous Speech MR. CARL DAVIS Metal Shop V.I.C. Sponsor MRS. FRIEDA LONG B. S. ' T. W. U. M. A. - T. W. U. Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping MR. LARRY PRICE B. S. - E. T. S. C. Drivers' Training, Civics, Physical Education, Girls' Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Track, Golf, Sophomore Class Sponsor 759 Csenjor Gkw ff 1960 enzbz' OECQFS President A - - - Vice-President - Secretary ---- Treasurer ---- Reporter - ----- Business Manager Sponsors - - - - - - LONNIE HOBBS - - - - -HERBY PROPPS -JEANNETTE WILLETT - - - - CAROLYN GLASS - ---- CHRISTIE LEE - - - -O. V. STRANGE HES TELINE BURROU GHS KATHRINE KIDD SAMMIE BINGHAM JUDY BRASWELL F. H. A. 15 4-H 1,25 Softball 3 CARLA CAMERON V.I.C. Sweetheart l5 Band l,2,3,45 Class Beauty 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Poetry Reading 35 Class Vice President 15 Junior Play 35 Bengal Royalty Editor 4 JOY CHAMBERS F.N.A.1,2,3,454-H 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 45 Tiger Tales 1,25 Junior Play 3 - 1 - 1956-57, 2 - 1957-55 3 - 1958-59, 4 - 1959-60 TERRY ADAMS V.l.C. 45 F.F. A. 1,2, Secretary 25 Class Favorite 45 Junior Play 35 Football 2, 45 Track 1,25 Baseball Manager 2 JAMES BARROW Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3, 45 Student Council 25 Class Favorite 2 DOYLE BENTLEY Band 1,2.3,45 V.l.C. 35 Spelling 25 Drama Club 2 GLENDA BETTES Band 1,2,3,45 F. H. A. lg Librarian 25 Jun- ior Play 35 Declamation 4 QS enzors MARTY COATS GLENN COLLIER Band l,2,3, 4, Spanish Club 4 CECIL COWAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 SANDRA DRENNAN Homecoming Queen Nominee 2, Class Beauty 3, Class Treasurer 3, Class Vice President 2, Band 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Junior Play 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 3, 4 cgenzors TOMMYE DISEKER Football 2,3, 4, Captain 4, Track 4, Letter- men's Club 4, V. l.C. 4, Vice President 4 SUZY FISH Student Council 1, Spanish Club 2,3, Treas- urer 2, Who's Who 2, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Typing 3, Junior Play 3, Bengal Sports Editor 4, Band 1,2, 3 MARY FORD Band 1,2,3,4, F.H. A. 1,2,3, Librarian 3, Office Helper 3, Drama Club 2, Tiger Tales News Editor 2 BILLY GIBSON Baseball 2,8, 4, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3, Track 3,4, V.l.C. 4 IOHNNY GRAHAM Band 1, 2,3, 4, Business Manager 4, Librar- ian 1, 4 LOWELL GRAVES Band 2, 3, 4, Debate 2 IANE ANN GRIFFIN Band 1,2,3,4, Who's Who 1,2,3,4, Class Beauty 4, Junior Play 3, F. F. A. Sweetheart 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Bengal Student Life Editor 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4 W. D. HALE Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Junior Play 3, Drama Club 2 RALPH GILBERT F.F.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, Boxing 3, V.I.C. 4, Reporter 4 CAROLYN GLASS Band 1,2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 1.2, 3, 4, President 3, Who's Who 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Librarian 2,3, 4, Number Sense 2, Jun ior Play 3 MIKE GRACE Slide Rule 1, Spelling 1,2, Band 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Librarian l,2,3 CAROLYN GRAF F.N.A. 2,3, F. H. A. 4: F.F.A. Sweet- heart 4, 4-H 1,2,3 csenzons MARILYN HATAWAY Class Favorite 45 Student Council 35 F. N. A. President 45 Junior Play 35 F. H. A. 1, 2,35 Office Helper 45 Spanish Club 2,3 IANICE HIXON Band 1,2,3,4, Drum-Major 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Class President 15 F. H. A. 1, 2,3, Treas- urer 35 Best All Around Girl 45 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Home- coming Queen Norninee 1 LONNIE HOBBS Class President 45 F. T. A. 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 45 National Honor Society 3, Treas- urer 35 Football 3, 45 Track 35 Lettermen's Club 45 Junior Play 3 PHYLLIS HUDSON National Honor Society 3, 45 Bengal Class and Faculty Editor5 Declamation 15 Who's Who 3,45 Band 1,2,35 Spanish Club 2,3, Reporter 25 Basketball Sweetheart Nominee 1, 25 Junior Play 3 Seniors SHERRY ISBELL Class Favorite 15 Basketball Sweetheart 2 Class Reporter 25 Bengal Editor 4, Sports Editor 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Junior Play FRANK JOHNSON F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Declamation 35 Student Council 35 Class Favorite 3 ELLIOTT JONES Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Tennis 1, 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 35 V.I.C. 4, Secretary 4 EUGENE KENNEDY F.F.A. 1,2,3g V.I.C. 45 Basketball 15 Student Council 4 I I l TOMMY MCCALEB F.F.A. 1,2,35 Basketball 1,25 V.l.C. 3, Vice President 4 MARY MCCARTY Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 2,3,45 Basket- ball 3,45 F.H.A. 1,25 F.N.A. 3,45 4-H 1,25 Spanish Club 2,3 SUE MCCLURE F.H. A. 1,2,3.4 TERRY MCCRACKEN F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: Football 2,45 Lettermen's Club 4 LOUIS KENT Junior Play 3gB2.I1Cl 152,35 V.l.C. 45 Drama Club 25 Tennis 2 CHRISTIE LEE Miss E. H. S. 45 Homecoming Queen Nomi nee 35 Student Council 1,2, 3,4, Reporter 2, Vice President 45 Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Band 1,2,3, 4, Representa- tive 15 F. H. A. President 25 Junior Play 35 Class Reporter 3, 4 ELIZABETH LUCAS F. N. A. 1, 45 4-H 1,2 RAYMOND MCALISTER FJ. A. 1,2,3,4, Vice President 35 V.l.C , President 4 Qsenlors ANN MCILROY Librarian 2,3,45 F. N. A. 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Basketball 2,35 Bengal Organizations Editor 3, 45 Student Council 4, Correspond- ing Secretary 45 F. H. A. 45 Volleyball 3, 4 BILLY MULLEN Band 1,2,3,45 Football 3, 45 Track 3, 45 V.I.C. 45 Lettermen's Club 4 AINLNYNQ'-MLLIN Band l5 Class Favorite 25 F. H. A. 45 Choral 35 F. N. A. 35 Class Reporter lg Spanish 25 Student Council 3 RICHARD PALMER Baseball 2,3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Football 2, 35 Lettermen's Club 4 Cgenlbzts xx BILLIE PAYTON Band l,2,3,45 Choral 35 F.N.A. 2 JANET PAYNE Band l,2,35 F.N.A. 2,3,45 F.H.A. 4 NANCY POW ER Band 1,2,3,4g 4-H l, Secretary lg F.N. A. 2,3, 4, Reporter 25 Class Favorite 35 Span- ish 2,3 HERBY PROPPS Football 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Vice Presi- dent 45 Student Council 35 Basketball 25 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Most Typical Boy 45 F. T. A. l, 2,3, 4, President 45 Junior Play 3 NINA IO ROWE Basketball 1, 2, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 1,2,3,4,F.N.A. 3, 4-H 1 ALAN SCOTT Student Council 4 KENNETH SHELLEY F.F.A. 2: V.I.C. 4 TOMMY SMITH Football 2, 3, Letterrnen's Club 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Supervisor 35 Slide Rule 2, 4, F. T. A. 4, Vice President 4, Spanish Club 4 JOE RAY Football 1,2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Student Council 2, 4, President 45 Class President 2,35 Mr. E.H.S. 4 ROYCE REYNOLDS Football 1,2,3, 4, V.I.C. 45 F. F. A. 3, Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Basketball 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 JOYCE ROBERSON F. H. A. 2, 3, Office Helper 2,3gIl1f1iO1' Play 35 Bengal Typist 4, Typing 3 TROY RODGERS Football 2,3, 4, Basketball 1,2, 35 F.F. A. 2,3,45 V.l.C. 45 Baseball 1,2,3, Letter- men's Club 4 591210119 IO ANN STONE wt, National Honor Society 3, Office H" lper 2, F.H.A. 2, Drama Club 2, Softball 3,4, ' Choral 1,2,3, 4 ANITA STORY F.N.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Volley- ball 3, Basketball 1, Junior Play, 4-H 1 O. V. STRANGE Junior Play 3, Football 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1, 2,3,4, F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, Band 1, Letter- men's Club 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Most Typical Boy Nominee 4 JUDY STREIT Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 3,4, F.N. A. 3, 4, F.T.A. 1, 4-H 1,2, Vice President 1,2 CS eznozis LELIA THOMPSON F. H. A. 4 JAMES TUBBS Spanish Club 1, Track 1,2 CURTIS WARNER V.l.C. 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Band 2,3, Junior Play 3, One-Act Play 2, Slide Rule 2, Spelling 2,8 CHARLES WEBB Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Slide Rule 2 EMMETT MAYO F F A 1 2 3,45 Football 1,2 GENEVA WEDDLE Student Council 25 F. N. A. 3,4, Reporter 3, Treasurer 45 F. H. A. 2,3, 4, Treasurer 45 4-H 4, President 45 Cheerleader 45 Best All Around Girl Nominee 45 Office Helper 35 Volleyball 3, 4 ROBERT WHITE Band 1, 2,3, 45 Football 1, 35 Spanish Club 45 Slide Rule 1, 2 JOYCE WIGGINS F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 1,2,35 Librarian 1,2,3,4 IEANETTE WILLETT Band 1,2,3,4, Majorette 1,2,3,45 Home- coming Queen 45 Student Council 2,3, 45 Class Secretary 45 Class Vice President 35 Junior Play 3 Qgenzors There sure is a mob in the hall be- tween classes. 3 A N N E x QQ Q55 M5 v f Sw K A fi N Rx , SSX' C bw fygsv Y 0 19 fb U 9 MJ f !QjCif'?5EfM5fm J f X W l , WW Dafa? YJ? rf' fx YLUM vb . ' My AWAM X, ,,,,. 2 Q , Q90 M f f H! 5255! 'tA- XV ' WWE Mig! IAQ J ' fy fu ' I J ' x ,1 V 1 X XJ . ,1 ' I' ' f v fy J, I: f i 1' .."' Vi. 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DICKEY PLANELQELJQRD .xxx IUDY HAMILTON SHARON HARRIS BILLY JOE HART PAUL HAYERS SHIRLEY HINES DICKIE HIXON ARDEN HUFFSTUTLER RONNIE ISHAM BARRY JONES ALICE DOSHIER PEGGY DUTTON SALLY FLINT GENE GARNER BRENDA GLISSEN MARIE GREER unzbfs 13Lw,7-Q: .1 mfg- ummm ww- "w'lL- GARY JONES RICHARD KELLER WILLIAM MCALISTER JERRY ED MCBROOM SUE MCBROOM JOE MCCLURE unzbrs MICHAEL MCDADE MIKE MCKELVEY RICHARD MCKINNEY SAM MCSPADDEN MARGARET MANN EILEEN MARSH BETTY ANN NEITZLER KENNETH O'DELL IEANETTE REIS CAROLYN SMITH PAUL STANFORD LUKE STEWART LYNN STONE MARGIE SWEENEY TRUDIE TALLEY GENE TAYLOR SELMA TAYLOR JOE TUBBS DANA RICE GAYTHA RODAWALT ALBERTA ROWE MIKE SLACK THOMAS SIMON GORDON SHELLEY uzzzbfs JOHNNY VESTAL PAULETTE IANETTE WEDDLE RONNIE WHISNAND SHERRY WILLETT DOUG WILLIAMS unzbrs WALTON N HARVEY WILSON At the Bowie football game the students are singing the Alma Mater in blanket weather. 0 012? 0168 GSS ICQIGS President - - - - - KEITH ROLLINS Vice -President Secretary ---- TISHSUICE ' ' ' Reporter - - Sponsors - - - - - GLENN JONES - LAWRENCE CROW - - - - - -SUELEE CECELIA MILLS - - coAcH PRICE COACH HEssE Don Barker Don Eames Brenda Beaver Sharon Bormuth Donna Bowden Lena Brice C3 OIUA 0122 01463 Gene Butler Mike Chaffee Connie Chester r-In Darlean Chesher ,f 1 ,U Beverly Clark Darlene Clynch Carole Cole Keith Cooper Lawrence Crow Ricky Eckelkamp Ennis Fish Doris Frifsche Linda Fritsche Hoyt Gattis Marvin Gibson Sylvia Gilbert Elizabeth Glessing Jim Golden Tommy Dane: Alvin Davis Jack Davis LeAnne Davis Ronald Dickey Linda Dutton CSO!UgOI220f'QS Ivan Goodgoin Deldon Graves Rita Hamilton Jimmy Holley Loma Huffstunler Susan Humphrey CSO!U,60122 01483 Michael Isbell Judy Jarrell Norma Jeffery Jerry Johnson Glenn Jones Janet Jones Aaron Kee Shirley Kelley Charles Koerth Linda McDaniel Mike McDonald Richard McDonald Jerry McHugh Cecelia Mills Ronnie Pearcy Joe Propps James Reams Patsy Ream Cecil Kreidler Sue Lee Charles Luellen Harry McA1ister Larry McA1ister Jimmy McBee CS opf 012201495 Larry Reck Charles Robb Jimmie Lee Robb Ted Robbins Sammie Roberson Charles Robinson CSOIU5 0122 01493 Diane Rogers Keith Rollins Mike Scott Maxine Shelley John Smith Karen Stansel John Stevens Betty Stuart Patricia Tallant in-9 ix . It Barbara Tuttle Richard Unger Richard Warner Danny Whisenhunt Dianne Wilson Freddie Wilson CSOIUZOIZQOFQS Janet Wilson Michael Wilson A. W. Winningham, Jr. Annell Wright Tim Youree Chuck and Larry are busy getting girls' pictures to add to their collection. F95 122012 OJWCQFS President - - - Vice-President - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter ----- Business Manager Sponsor ----- - ROBERT PALMER - - ANN MCSPADDEN BARBARA THOMASON - - CAROLE CULPEPPER - - -TOMMY BETTES - - - - TERRY HOLT - - -COACH YOUNG Barbara Bingham Mike Bowles Ralph Branch LeWanda Braswell Van Cambron Ralph Campbell Dale Craighead Carole Culpepper Janice Davis Ricky Allred Norma Anderson Judy Barrett Billy Beaver Becky Belscamper Tommy Bettes 7 146.55122 Q12 Sharon Davis Sherry Dean Lura Davis Edd Fish Jerry Fitts Bill Gibbs ZFQS 122912 5XfLinda Gibson by Mike Gilbert Janie Graves Y. up Judy Graves Sally Hasley Timmy Haynes Jack Hill Terry Holt Connie Huey Gene Klinkerman Bill Krohn Jackie Lucas Thelma Jean McA1ister Geary McCracken Jo Ann McNeal Ann McSpadden Geneva Mayo Bobby Mink Gayla Huff William Jacobs Barbara Jansen Don Jarvis Earlynn Jones John Kee f yresfm en Thresia Morrison Margaret Murrell Mary Ann Neitzler Georgia Gay Overturf Robert Palmer Mickey Patty t7I"Q.SANIZ2 Q12 R Linda Payton Corene Pearce Joe Pennington Walter Peters Steve Propest Herman Ream Andy Richardson George Roessler Don Rogers Raymond Snell Juanita Solomon Robert Sullivan Barbara Thomason Carol Tipton Jimmy Urban Don Warner Judy Webb Don Welch Ovenia Rogers Sharon Rowe Charles Rowland Jane Sachse Judy Shepherd Winston Shirley f?I'Q.S'5I22 912 Ronald Wilson Helen Bentley Gaytha Bowden Susan Hood Emilie Murray Sophomore It may be just a volleyball, but it sure can hurt! 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Electra K' I .txiuxjxx 5,559 fiiW,yWy,m fy, so , fx zlfuj i X T Lumber - Sash - Doors - Lime I ' go Eff Lg N Are, Cement - Builder's Hardware J' 50 VIOU1. E714 if-Sl .A f ff T. K m to .y , ,gg yylijd PIYHNDRY DJ it af sl xi I wb 'WJ I W il if 5 Electra, Texas Electra, Texas Phone 3367 J , Ry x Q Til lljj NIJ! I fx ,. 'Q ' The wife wanted to do some shopping during the day, so at breakfast she asked her husband for 310. "Money, money, moneyl" he shouted. "Every day of the week you want more money. lf you ask me, I think you need brains more than you need money. " "Perhaps so, " his wife agreed, "but I asked you for what I thought you had the most of. " 988 An elderly man of convivial habits was hauled before a judge. "You're charged with being intoxicated and dis- orderly," snapped the judge. "Have you anything to say?" "Man's inhurnanity to man makes countless thousands mourn," began the prisoner in a flight of oratory. "I arn not so debased as Poe, so profligate as Byron, so ungrateful as Keats, so intemperate as Burns, so demented as Tennyson, so vulgar as Shakespeare . . ." "That'1l do, " interrupted the judge. "Seven days. And, officer, take down that list of names he mentioned and round 'em up. I think they're as bad as he is." Stk What you don't know won't hurt you--and just look at all the people who haven't an ache or a pain! -Y LEATHS AUTO TRIM 8. GLASS Auto Air Conditioning Glass Installation Seat Covers 222 N. Waggoner Phone 3080 Electra, Texas SMITH NEWS STAND Electra, Texas L. G. MCLAUGHLIN AND SON GROC ERY AND MARKE T Fancy and Staple Groceries at Right Price Phone 3473 REEVES GOLDEN WELL SERVICE 400 N. Waggoner Phone 2328 Frosty, Man, Frosty Dr Pepger Congratulations to the Senior Class of '60 LEE'S DAIRY A Jlndependent Distributor Borden's Milk and Ice Cream Insured O. B. McDANIEL PORTABLE WELDER Electra, Texas Phone 2087 201 E. Glisson One reason for the teacher shortage arrived home breathlessly to announce she'd received the first of a new type of comprehensive report card in high school. "It's got all kinds of statistics and stuff on it," she informed her mother, as she fished through her books for the report card. "Look at thisl " she exclaimed, pointing to one of a mass of items. "They gave me an F in Sex and I didn't even know I was taking it!" '- Congratulations , Seniors KENT Pontiac, Buick, Rambler, G, M, C, . Phone 2743 or 3688 Electra, Texas Read the ELECTRA STAR-NEWS Commercial Printing EQWARDTS 1 ', 1 2 Ina' . L: BEAUTY BOX Phone 2847 Electra, Texas JUANITA MCBROOM JUANITA NASH LUCILLE HAMILTON Operators XX W 1 x Mir ' L T, x .. - - N. 1 x 5, y H. 9 , ' E . ' l-, 'ff is ' 'Q ' Nl X Misc! l ffwffff A, 2 T N 8, , fX 'E ' ,1 Llgkzi . H Xl .fi g ' If-If 'J A H v V., 241-V. W . ' v,,bA, A ii. 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M ' ELECTRA CAFE A tomcat and a tabby were courting on the back fence when the tomcat leaned over to her and said: "I'd die for you, you beautiful thing. " in The tabby gazed at him longingly and said: "How many times .,.. Electra, Texas Q, LAlRD's PASTRY SHOP Phone 2022 211 W. Cleveland Electra, Texas DAIRY HUT Phone 3801 1101 E. Front The professor grimly eyed the class as he prepared to return a batch of examination papers. "You will remain seated while they are passed out, " he com- manded. "If you were to stand, it is conceivable you might accidentally form a circle - which would make me liable for arrest." "Why?" chorused several voices, nibbling at the bait. "For maintaining a dope ring." 8 il 4 "I don't like the new school bus!" "Did you notice the sign beside the driver?" "Yeah, the one that says 'Please do not ask the driver to help with homework when bus is in motion. " Congratulations , Seniors JESS HOLLIS MOBIL SERVICE STATION 401 E. Front St. Phone 2749 Electra, Texas WESTEX MOTEL Television New - Modern Vented Heat Air Conditioned CARTER AND FLUSCHE Pipe - Equipment Production We Buy Salvage Leases Electra, Texas Electra, Texas Silverton, Texas South Plains, Texas H. E. WILSON GRAIN CO. Kress, Texas Gruver, Texas Claytonville, Texas HUGO'S COFFEE SHOP Electra, Texas C'Qg-5ao ydci img -?42uJ 6160, ' I 2 Ci C i Tli N 1 i -,-. i XXIX C ongratulations Seniors hillips sos snowman KIDD'S AUTO SUPPLY "Browning" Shotguns "Mercury" Outboard Motors "Crosby" Fiberglass Boats Sporting Goods Headquarters Phone 2535 122 N. Electra WACKER'S VARIETY STORE HOGLE'S i IGA FOODLINERS 611313 N-'F ,. 5 W3 Electra Texas f"' 'Q , Qs ti? DUANE E. ALBRO REAL ESTATE 116 N. Waggoner QGrand Theatre Bldg.j Phone 2722 KUT 8 KURL BEAUTY SHOP We Specialize in the Latest Hair Styles 407 Avenue C Phone 2201 MARTHA HAMLIN - Owner JO SHIRLEY - Operator The House of Pleasant Dealings DARTER FURNITURE COMPANYEJ , X, E p 1352 4 -I ie E, C, DARTER, Prop. MG " ' is if , ..., L Q C . . Gi. X iii, M '11 omplete Home Furnishings V.:Q--- g ' NIU X :Avi V X Phone 2117 E-4 X Sw' IFN. "" " 1 I E ectra' Tex "Well another day - another zero - - " A Tlliit we nltti ff ' T SWANSUN BROS- , f 1 G it I f--,zzffgii5?EQmg 5 5, ',.:fxg-fl ri :,,f,M1Q,,-:pix 3 W., I f .ffvsf,1.'f"' Q - x 1' '- xwfbm t 1 K ' f 1 ' A I -W P 7- W ,lazy -4 fi A . . 1 ,- 3 . 1' :ww :Mali 'P 5163,595,fifszfzs-fit,Q f ' 6 6 fl , t i S ' ii 'Tit-75fQi?"' P i. , . 57? , K I . i Q w -, Q-,,.5 ., 1 ,. f- , .Wgi ,,,'1,,?:': 5 ,l:z.Q.1ff x , I-'Vsuz.z.i1f 4? ' 'Ii 'T' .! . .. ,' f' ' gi .-1, 'iw 1211, . f wc' 11 M ,f N F1 , w.- wi f 1 - ' 1 if f-1 , awww-. A -' 2-H' 1,- . . '51, '. ,J ff? 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Charles Priester Mrs. Reeves Golden Salutatory Address - - - -------- Suzy Fish Presentation of Citizenship Award - -Mr. Harold Tiffin Soprano Solo --------------- Io Ann Stone Junior Chamber of Commerce The Spirit Flower - Campbell-Tipton Presentation of Class ----- Prin. J. Curtis Holcomb Paulette Walton, Accompanist Presentation ofDip1omas -------- Dr. P. E. Fish Introduction of Speaker ------ Supt. W. L. Hudson President of Board of Education Address ------------ Dr. Gerald W. Thomas Alma Mater ------------------- Class Dean of School of Agriculture Benediction ----------------- - Band Texas'Technological College Recessional March - Holmes Valedictory Address ---------- Iane Ann Griffin Mr. Howard Smith, Director 7221406 Z 1722 fs y12fef5c.60Q5f1C Q. W 1 X f QAX W W 1 W WW o W QL X509 l Basketball players re- 1 ceive a small award f 1 f h d k x l throughout the season. l .. ..-X is 'sv ll 59 1515 l ceive d 1 f h "f udly advice." a iger. dby yjreparabons or Qdylle March winds blew gusts of.thrills and excitement to E. H. S. The juniors survived try-outs and worked diligently to- ward the presentation of "All On Account of Louella" on March 23. In the middle of March the student body reported to the auditorium to see Coach Young present jackets to ten basket ball boys as a symbol of their many hours of hard work and effort on the court. Not to be outdone, Coach Price pre- sented sweaters to his nine girls - basketball girls, that is! During this assembly, Mr. Holcomb awarded the medals given to the winners of the Soil Conservation Essay Contest. Conny Huey received first place for our high school as well as for the freshman class. Those famous March winds failed to daunt the spirits of tennis players as the members of the team worked hard to achieve the form that brought Electra the district champion- ship. At the close of this month we would like to salute the eight men who, by the love of young people and the grace of a strong set of nerves, steered the buses so that we might arrive at our destination Safely. tennis and carried us to District Champion It was quite a job to catch the eight bus drivers still long enough to have them pose for our "birdie, " Seems they re camera shy and pre fer screaming kids to quiet CD photographers I believe you will find it easier if you try playing on two "feet, " Mrs. Cogdell. Midwestern judges found it difficult to pick the winners in our local speech con- 59 tests . G53 X, tl 935 Xga SQA Q29 Q9 .1 Strike one! Play Ball! I I SX K Lex 'E km ng D rate for the all important Activities Banquet. You are supposed to work, James and Tee! Dr. Williams won the hearts of all present with his inspirational talk to teen -agers. 9 . . Huarrhroken Up the seniors missed classes to deco- All students enjoyed the Activities Banquet as much as Geneva. K., -Zz, n 1 O CU Q ze S an uefs, tgprzkzy porfs, J eyzonaf Gonfesf The month of showers: April's long range fore- cast called for increasing business with a few isolated delights toward the end of the month. Spring sports persisted throughout the earlier part ofthe month. "Play ball" became a well-worn phrase as the baseball team prepared for each game as if the championship rested on the results. As the month progressed so did the track boys to win sever- al first places in various meets. If boys thought they were the only athletes, they were greatly surprised by the girls softball and volleyball teams. And not to be outdone, the teachers got a little exercise when the women teachers played the girls' team - and beat them! Around the 22nd things picked up as the juniors made last minute plans for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Their pipe dreams over-reached Paris and we spent a never-to-be-forgotten April in Japan. "S ayanora" was a lovely theme and the seniors were truly sorry that the time to say "goodbye" was about to make an appearance. Interscholastic League officials chose the month of April to stage the regional contest. Electra en- tered almost every event with Bill Krohn winning first in ready writing and the band sweepstakes. The night of the 26th the seniors tried to prove it was always "Cheaper By The Dozen" with their annual play. The delights promised earlier in the month were climaxed by a new "first" at E. H.S. , an Activities Banquet. This fete was the beginning of a new tra- dition established to honor all students who, by hard work in any field, deserve to be recognized. April 30 was the day selected to close the umbrella on this exciting month of showers. "Gosh, we'll never get this done by the time the seniors arrivel " - Batter up! Campaign posters covered the halls as the race for Student Council officers progressed at full speed ahead. . - 5, . Q its t-,,2F.'- , v,,f--,ff , if . . '22 Sr. nfs-.wi-vs -+ '- 1, . 32 1 is .,,. - The long awaited moment r W f"5,b1J:zy 'f a . 5 wi.. f --i"z'fz53jgfQfY"ggljff..KET T51 ' J , I Qi. Q .. 722- Though school continued, the N spring days of May came to turn the J Af ' young man's Qand girl'sJ thoughts to every other thing. Band students finally "lived" the eagerly awaited Tri-State Music Festi- val in Enid, Oklahoma. This nip meant spending most of five days in a neighboring state, missing CBJ three whole days of school, making new friends, sweating through that final contest, and learning the meaning of PQDRQ p' p . . . . . . 'iirr responsibility plus Just having a good time. bgyg . . . Ir, .r -1 .::::f- 1- rg-r.svfyrs5,gs,1f,ffyfgsgggas. The Bengal Staff made a trip to Dallas to tote home the "finished l product" which represented many hours of hard work, but work that was X. Q . . ' ,zf heamll' enloyed- f I 1 V V , 2 iff? .ri- 3 ,A ig, Though most students tried, home work was not forgotten. The time i' T 'ysp to cram was once more approaching - yet, somehow, almost every organ- f . . . . . ...s f ization found time to climax the year with a party. Well, you know what 3, , i 'n', they gay about 3,11 wgfk and no Playl s. .r,.. mt....fYZTg.,.,.ri1'z.ef:irtaf, z sfl f ziu r"r Toward the close of the month plans were made for the future as the Student Council held an election to determine next year's officers. The presidency is to be filled by Keith Rollins with Dianna Dillard as Vice President, Dianne Wilson as Secretary, and Alberta Rowe as Treas- we urer. As the voting excluded the seniors they realized that this great institution was going to be run Qthough they'll never understand howj without them. QET THE Q -ii SENIOR WEEK! - the final week in May given free to the graduates to relax f???J and enjoy UNF .,,. WITH, f , themselves, to look back over the past four years and relive happy memories, and to plan eager- ly for the future that the beginning of 1960 had promised. Q,3+,3" si' ,,'. s T 1 Vk'.V,k ,','.-V k,v.v,Vh I k...2, 'W May 27. 1960 - Graduation. So it was that this night, which had filled the dreams of par- f ,sn. ents and students for the past twelve years, passed with all the dignity and beauty expected. Six- ty-four seniors received diplomas and turned their rings to close the final chapter of a book known 'xfhff to them as "School Daze. " t,,r ifil rslf 'A 1-1,- rsafr-,ws,a,g:1r..-X,-,,m,.fa.--M. ,.., , . Tiff 3525,'fl-5ik275i24?Iii:'is?,555ifff'2f?l?3'i'ffil-e"ff5'?,-i"NLE 31 'wr r 454, 4 "Load 'em up, move 'ern out, roll 'em." Enid or Bustl Gene: "Say, Mary, watch where you're swinging Lhat thing! " THIS is Senior English class??? I I Carolyn: "But, Jimmy, you promised to sign my Bengal an hour ago. " Barry and Ann seem to be supervise ing Mrs. Sachse for awhile. UQYHOIQ Kvccounf Ojfgzzemn ,ZIIIIUF Ward 35, 1960 IN LOVE and "Notz to you, Luella" IN WAR , CHARACTERS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Stukey - - --------------------- - GENE GARNER Daisy - - - - - - - - - DIANNA DILLARD Hilda ----- - - MARGIE SWEENEY Aunt Harriet - - - - - IANNIS BAKER Will Hopper - - ' ' ' ' JOE MCCLURE Luella ----- - PAULETTE WALTON Emily Hopper - - ---- MARIE GREER Caroline ---- - - BRENDA GLISSEN Jerry Deane - - - - - PAUL HAYERS Monty Sommers - - - MIKE MCKELVEY Olaf ------ - - TOMMY COLLINS Nick - - - - - DICKIE HIXON BACK ROW: Anna Chester, Sharon Ballard, Dana Rice, Mike McKelvey, Paul Hayers, Marie Greer, Joe Mc- Clure, Jannis Baker, Margie Sweeney, Tommy Collins, Dickie Hixon, Alberta Rowe, Eddie McBroom. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Cogdell, Carolyn Allred, Margaret Mann, Brenda Glissen, Gene Garner, Dianna Dillard, Paulette Walton, Jeanette Reis, Sally Flint, Mrs. Adams. FIRST ROW: Sherry Willett, Paul Stanford, Ronnie Whisnand, Trudie Talley. C'Gfecz!0er L73 759 CDQZQIQ Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Kidd, Cecil Cowan, Alan Scorr Marilyn I-lataway Janice Hixon Lonnie Hobbs Jane -Xnn Griffin Curtis Warner, JoAnn Stone, Louis Kent, Raymond Mclilister Joe Ray Carolyn Glass Iox ce Wiggins Glenda Berres Glenn Collier, Ann Mcllroy, Mrs. Burroughs, O V Suange W D Hale Sandra Drennen Charles Webb Joyce Ro berson, Nina Rowe, Phyllis Hudson, Ieanerre Ford, Suzy Fish. CHARACTERS Mr. Gilbreth ----"" CHARLES WEBB MIS- Gilbrerh ' ' ' ' SANDRA DRENNEN Ernesrine - - - - - - JANICE HIXON Frank ' ' ' ' ' ' LONNIE HOBBS -A-Une ' ' ' ' JANE ANN GRIFFIN Jackie - - "" ' LOUIS KENT D311 ' ' ' ' W. D. HALE Bill ' ' "" JOE RAY Fred - ' ' ' ' O. V. STRANGE Lilliafl ' ' ' ' JOYCE ROBERSON Martha ---- - - -JOANN STONE Mrs. Fitzgerald - - - CAROLYN GLASS Dr. Burton - - ---- CECIL COWAN Miss Brill - - - -MARILYN HATAWAY Laffy ' ' ' ' ' ' CURTIS WARNER Ioe Scales --------- - ALAN SCOTT "Bur everybody wears reddies. " Ten qeconds Prem good, Carolyn Allred and Marie Greer represented E.l-1. S. Resolved that the Federal Government . . . Labor in Typing with Mrs. Long as sponsor. Carolyn placed Unions, kept debaters Paul I-layers and Keith Rollins third individually. and their sponsors, Miss Petty and Mrs. Kidd, busy for months. Mrs. Blair sponsored our entries for Judy Jarrell won a second place as our Poetry Reading, Jimmy McBee and Le entry for Extemporaneous Speech. Her Ann Davis. sponsor was Miss Petty. Mrs. Long taught Carolyn Graf and Judy Braswell to Jane Sachse, Paul Hayers, and Judy Hamilton were take shorthand quickly and speedily. our Number Sense entries. Judy won a third place. Mr. Karney was their sponsor. Mrs. Cogdell helped Robert White learn how to read a slide rule. 8Qcfra y?2ces jfzfof Interscholastic league meet was held in Burkburnett on Friday, May 8. Burkburnett won first place, Decatur placed second and Electra came in third in points for all lit- SI Bly SVEIHS. gnferscfoksbc flveayue Sharon Davis and Mar- garet Murrell brought home a third place in spelling - thanks to the help from their sponsor, Mrs. Jones. Bill Krohn was the pride of E.H. S. when he brought home blue ribbons from district and regional meets in ready writing. Jannis Baker was his co -entry With Mrs. Blair 's help Sue Lee won second in Senior Declamation and Helen Bentley won third in Junior Declamation. Joe Propps and Don Warner were our representatives in Boys' Declamation. and Mrs. Kidd their sponsor. J aseoaf STANDING: Coach Young, Don Jarvis, Chuck Robinson, Glenn Jones, Don Jarvis, Billy Mullin, Mike Slack Ronnie Pearcy, William McAlister, Coach Perryman. KNEELING: Troy Rodgers, Elliott Jones, John Smith, Charles Robb, Deryl Adkins, Ennis Fish, Keith Rollins, Ronnie Pulliam. zyefs lk? 122 fbzlsffzcf During the 1960 baseball season, the Electra Tigers were defeated twice by Burk and once by Olney. The Tigers had earned third place in the district at the end of the season. The throw pulled him off the bag! One, two, three strikes, you 're out!! i J E E 2 J Ray Dickey, Johnny Vestal, Doug Williams, Don Jarvis, Luke Stewart, Aaron Kee, William McAlister, Barry Jones, Sam McSpadden, Terry Holt. The Electra golf team placed second at the 9AA golf tournament. It was composed of William McAlister, Barry Jones, Sam Mcspadden, and Terry Holt as the first team. The second team was composed of Ray Dickey, Johnny Vestal, Don Jarvis, and Aaron Kee.. Qaf anof grae At the District 9AA Track and Field Meet, held in Wichita Falls, James Barrow won first in shotput, and Ronnie Pearcy placed second in the 880 yard run. They rep- resented Electra in the Region Meet in Denton. STANDING: James Barrow, Billy Mullin, Johnny Ronnie Pearcy, Don Barker, Lawrence Crow. Vestal, John Smith, Robert Palmer, Mike Scott. 'Glenn Jones, Don Jarvis, Tommye Diseker. J ELLIOTT JONES Senior Boys' Singles Zoe Zffsfs GPO CUZ? SHERRY WILLETT - ,TANICE HIXON Senior Girls' Doubles With three firsts in Senior Tennis and two blue ribbons and one red in Junior Tennis, Electra again won first place in Dis- trict 9AA. In Senior Tennis Jane won girls' singles, Elliott won boys' singles, and Keith and Paul won boy's doubles. Janice and Sherry lost a hard fought match to N ocona, the winners in girls' doubles. In region Keith and Paul and Elliott reached the finals where they were both defeated by Van. Jane lost her first round match to Commerce. Junior tennis players gave a preview of things to come as Ricky Allred won boys' singles and John Kee and Jerry Fitts won boys' doubles. Helen Bentley and Conny Huey won second in girls' doubles. Ann McSpadden, girls' singles, played well, but lost to Olney. Members of the tennis team: Robert Palmer, Herby Propps, O. V. Strange, Elliott Jones, Paul Hayers, Keith Rollins, John Kee Sherry Willett, Janice Hixon, Jane Sachse, Carolyn Smith, Gaytha Rodawalt, Jerry Fitts, Judy Shepherd, Ann McSpadden, Helen Bentley, Conny Huey. ,, Q I2 I2 I S d O09 CSQCOI20f ZQJ Zzsfrzcf Uomfygai- sfycfgdf BACK ROW: Ann Mcllroy, Carolyn Smith, Karen Stansel, Anna Chester, Emilie Murray, Connie Chester. FRONT ROW: Io Ann Stone, Geneva Weddle, Margaret Mann, Sharon Davis, Teresa Morrison The volleyball district tournament was held in Decatur on April 22, and Electra lost to Decatur in the first round. The softball tournament was held in Bowie on April 23, and Burk won in the first round Mrs. Blair was the volleyball coach, and Mrs. Sachse was the softball coach. BACK ROW: Darlean chesher, Carolyn Smith, Karen Stansel, Margaret Mann, Gaytha Rodawalt, Io Ann Stone. SECOND ROW: Conny Huey, Judy Hamilton, Teresa Morrison, Sharon Davis, Sharon Bormuth, Dianna Dillard. FRONT ROW: Sally Flint, Juanita Solomon, Thelma McAlister, Jackie Lucas. "Come on, girls! Seniors try to decide whether or not to use the chopsticks. Charles wants to know why he hasn 't gotten his food yet. It may have taken a little while but the food was worth wait- ing for. The seniors were bid Sayonara - Japanese Farewell - Friday night, April 22, by the Junior class at the annual Junior -Senior Banquet. The gym of E.H. S. was transformed into a fantasti- cally beautiful Japanese garden surrounded by a bamboo fence with a "tori" for the opening way into the banquet hall. Once inside the garden the eye was caught by the bridge over the min iature pond which had flowers floating daintily back and forth. Next the attraction which met the eye was the multi-colored peacock which formed the background of the head -table. Many other Japanese scenes were depicted around the room such as Mein trees, Japanese maidens, Budda, and a teahouse. After Mrs. Huguelet "spills the beans" on how the seniors acted in Junior High School. Lanterns, the bridge and colorfully dressed waitresses brought out the Japanese atmosphere. dining under the Japanese lanterns and hearing the entertainment and wonderful speech, the group divided itself. lylost of the mem bers continued the evening by attending the dance at the com- munity center where pictures of the couples were made in the rick shaw - it was even pulled by a coolie boy. After dancing to the music of Jimmy Jones band, the juniors could go home and rest realizing that all their hard work and planning had paid off in a beautiful and unforgettable evening. Meanwhile the seniors could go home, some shedding tears of sadness and others tears of joy, with thoughts of their high school years dancing in their minds and saying silently "Sayonara, Electra High School." to attend the Junior-Senior Banquet. With all the jingle and jangle Joe and Jannis feel that this really is an oriental dance. Glen and Gene were glad their steadies were eligible This is Supposed to be a dance so letvs get Started O12 0199 IANICE HIXON Commercial Medal afeofofofzdn ane 571212 PHYLLIS HUDSON E 1' d ng Ish Me al With an average of 95. 48 Miss Jane Ann Griffin was named Valedictorian of the Electra High School grad- uating class of 1960. Jane Ann was not only outstanding scholasticly but also in these extracurricular activities: Band four yearsg Stare and All -Region Band for three yearsg Future Teach- ers Club, Secretary-Treasurerg Student Life Editor for '60 Bengalg Junior and Senior Play Castg Freshman Class Secretaryg Junior Class Business Manager. Many honors were given her including Who's Who in E.H. S. , Na- tional Honor Society, F.F.A. Sweetheart 1959, Class Beauty 1960 and at Commencement the Science Medal. She was also valedictorlan of her eighth grade grad- uating class of 1956. JO ANN STONE ROBERT WHITE Choral Medal Math Medal QSZUQQJQZZS RAYMOND MCALISTER Agriculture Medal JUDY BRASWELL Business and Prof. Award MIKE GRACE Band Medal ANN MCILROY Librarian Medal mmmg, Qgafzfaforzdn Suzanne Miss Suzanne Fish was named Salutatorian of the 1960 Senior Class of Elecnfa High School with an average of 94. 87, according to I. C. Holcomb, Principal of the high school. Suzy maintained a high scholastic average along with being a member of the student council, the Inter- scholastic League typing team, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Iunior and Senior Play Cast, and Band for three years. She was sports editor of our 1960 Bengal. Some of her honors were selection as Who's Who in E. H. S. , National Honor Society, and the Social Studies Medal which she received at Commencement. In 1956 Suzy was Salutatorian of her eighth grade graduatingfclass. JOYCE ROBERSON Typing Medal ,TOE RAY Student Council Medal CAROLYN GLASS Homemaking Medal 2:5 ii 1 E E LONNIE HOBBS Citizenship Award Highest Boy What a climb! But it was worth it. Looks These Seniors took out a few minutes to rest. QILPIOI' ee fzflus fnjv gutsy week Starting with an ice cream supper at the Baptist Church and ending with graduating exercise on Friday, May 27, Senior Week provided lots of fun and entertainment. Sunday night, May 22, was given by Rev. Arthur Cox. Mon- . What a time we had! Tuesday morning found the girls having a coke party at Suzy Fish's. At 1:00 the read- ing of the Will, Prophecy and History was followed by a swim ming party. The boys had a camping trip and the girls a slumber party. 9:30 Wednesday morning found all the Seniors heading fofthe lake to spend the day. Stumbling around Herby Propps' at 5:00 Thursday morning were the 1960 Grads, attending a sunrise breakfast. The Seniors made the most of their last free play day by going bowling from midnight to 5:00 Friday morning. the commencement sermon day was spent at Lake Altus like Terry is being buried alive. , :g , S , J y , s s . Let me see, I anrel , , M .. -s , , I 1 t at H ' T at 7 l: - fi, ,L f"g?2.rw , 4 1: V ,' f WW - . A- ' f- .ffl 1 I I ,V ., ' ,a ff.f Lkefffwesi- ty ,Z 1 -2 r 1 ' , ,P i g 1 1 , , , 0. V ,. ,, ., ' ns f Q .. ,ig 1 , '-Z , " .ak 1: 2213 V i jf" 1' , " ,, ff , K' ' in at , 1- if -q ' . V - ., A it f fax, I' " ,, ,rf L it-ag ,L sr, ,. . - - is-MY , v. "" " : ' , .I '-TW 1. -f -W"'l"xJW'5f2-Yiff- - fs, A - "W .gt . ' fvf- em f , a4ff,?,,.,, s2m Lf . - " . . Yttffrfzzm Q ,, t f . as .. ts , ma, V - V X ,,,. r , T fwfr. 7 1' , 535' s'Q"'i V X" " ,2+,:K",'13"' V' - ,. '-, , , .P I' '1":k:aw. 5E'41i' 5'qliLlL' 35"':"" 1 V , ,V 0 sri ,L A 0 wsnH,,,, m s:,.sL '1 " ' ' 1 ,ge -f r , I . .ga fam S 7 4, - H f 'W I 0 , Everyone was trying to get a tan. Debating what to do first is always difficult. 5 l 5 Y 1 1 1 l Y I I i l i w 1 l 1 1 4 l 1 I Zwfefdvff S TEXA iiitxil 1 lvxilllllvxxqil X: X I xl!!! YI!! N1 X gow: MZ QLCm wzc m1:OW HZ win? Om Mxmbawoof I HZZQM Qu OOSWW V SMH m-DOW wmiw OZm mcg HO wmmgvfm WHHOHQZO mm whim QLCm Hw ZOHwHmZmU mfmzri 5, 744101 Fadladwg DALLA I q L f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" L 4 y w, ba., 9 f f W-1 A ,.'g1,,3,,...vgi'. 1'-fgfn 43' A - . ' '-... 1. , -X ,y 1? -f -an Y , Mm 3 V ,K--, ,. J K' .w'1nmY- . ff , ..,.x un V :Q "1 Q W may- we r Y V ' nw x Y X- W- A3215-dx A .gm ' ,. ww-1 ,H , 7,5 K ' 3815! Yr -n.+,.-wb, 11 U.,A.f'wL 3' MMM M -,L w k ri-,M k I '.4g,,j if., X pf,-C,,J.A. , .7..,A.x.y1w, . ,yy 553 --'gyxu , ,L 2.-bn H , 1' fm-lx, 1 V Mk ,- s A, ,A 1 A W4 , , ,M,.,,W.,A - ,ggi V -gsij i. ' M ,wi ,. .f flax E5.7"Jfi:?k 7 -fb. -fx, V. J' ,,. ffm , , L f, 'gil 5 f ' 1: 1 -.., '. r f,: .+ff,.i:4'-T"'iffW . wi. ff 1147.-rn'-J wx, ,H , wif' I afsygm ' " 1 Q? 2 'Q H il. .p, ,. ,, 'jgegvfa w -i 'ai' Q Q WA, ri' A ' fi' ,1 .n- r. fi 5'-ull1'3un-. .- ,, V . ,,-:1...- , 7. - . V.. . - ir'-A ' .1.4.-,. , M...u-an i W L, 1 ,.- 4,"',...' ,,,..-W W:---U - pw I N' 1- .an --. Jw- ,. V -,Af 'if ',5eg':.linef-jmfi-JL, nn-, ' "" 'f 44,.,,,.,,4,. f-' ,A Y V A A., -- fl--.ff mv?"- ,rg-.W-M. ..-

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