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 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1958 volume:

lr .'.Q"'f A. 4 .4-. .545 E1 5515 Ng -HQ I Q'il'I.?'d.?'3 .L:..:,,iJg gn.. L Q,-,I L-is.. , , , , , , L .. V-,.jAg:p. .ff ,Q---'-r"'1' ..: ..- da '-v.Q,1f4-:muvaf sz-mm M I I' I A' 1 G N ' W x 1 Ln ,M Q, X 1 5? Y. 4 ,. . , wzuztzmsuz, V Q 1 1 , , . ..,....-. 1 Az' 3 f i Z o 3 5 Q 4 . 5 5 Y - Q57 .4 - -Y 9' LTI, 1 I ' ' v...-N --aim., . "' '1 ' ,..' ' ""' '-'f- '1 FT: 5 'LII T' , mf- " ii -1.5 , .Ji fffv-a ',"""', faiffglp ' ,J f vigwlf-" "'h',. ,vit ,U -it ff- Qifgf. FUR H. ggi?-,l. ' 'w , s . 1 . va, u Q..-. mfifm .1 -,lynn-ng, " JH' . 'Yyw-3 ,, 1, -23219 -- 17' "T""","' -'v"'f ' W ' '. fy ,Q ,. , ., . . .fr .U . ?fs?u?:""- .' "fr A 'F ' fiz .i21Q,.fu.y,,HMw "'P"'Yi' ff "JH "L Q' in - " 'ffg.,,W'e5' ytlflfii KJ 'IS' 'A k . w ' finffc 4-Q' 1 7' ,, ' , . i , 17 ,,.'?"'f' ,,,,g24l'TgQ1f Qi, Yr, - Lg' Q-A+?-0 ' . :Si A. -wi - ' ' ' . .'ff2 . vw ,r'Q-...--.E 4 M 7 v-.Q 4 "" ' . " 1' M' Liu 5 ' ,, 'W HN-pak QV ..i,,,w, Q 4, aw' 2 F J- 4 Quia.. 1 ,,..f4g,lf1f.hU-. ,xwN:,V A-g , X 1- -1-I 1-IN f f 'A+' ' .. 'L - "-H .rt-H-', - .-, skit' "U" 4.2, WH:-'rv. . f- if '3-ww'+- -41333-?7"3 V1 +1123 LL32.JP,'?f, 223:?YwJf3i:'?!13E?3f!395fH?4:'5'5fmevf4'5i'?wmf:e 15, f-U 43fl'2e:-aanyflfhzr-1-My-lLi.'ai7 ,. --pn zffvrw 2:-1-142919 1-5-+1w,'+:?i34 H3f21+5f3 5-:Swim PM 1 v'sv?1TE'iritz?7ff ' f- " " , -. ,I ,:,. -.A...-.-.. . YV fx ,. f 1 ,fp ,v Lf ' -A . 1- ff' A ,, , - -' , -JH - f' , ' if a ,A J- f f l. ,, . . Y ,V 1 -V, . ,v kv, 4' ff - QA 7 f f' 'fffc' f - 9' ' f X - ff ' -A 1' f' f ""f .f 1 '- - . , . ' 9 'V fi, 5 ,fl ,.,,',iy 5- I ,' fj ,KI .K l,.i,' ,Q 'l,. ,I If . ' 'R 3 , "" ' ' ' I'ffL "".',.T ls l 1 4 2? Z 'I A ,.., 4 EWQ ww 1 x ""S-num.: ,ga '9'.: 'I .I Q .,-P, f, V ,P -. -... ,f . ,, , , -- 1. . -,., ., . - 4, x 1 ' 1 BN- -1 A 5 5 . -- M. -,Q c -L , f uf! Y-in D- ,A ., - . - . I 1. Q 1- 1 ' ' v 'gf , rf 1 . ii 3' I I .- -f ,wg .mf 'f as 1 1' f " ' . at Q . .- I I S gr If 5 I '7 Ju A 4 v N w 'L is i .SJ J E -1 .w. F ,li fi ' . 5' sa I, - . lt. A V ' LII-.' .A Q . .- ,mpg 4 'ii' 'L .JL Y: UBTLJ. rx E, . 'X f , QQ' I :' Q: ' , 5 'I 2,6 . li , v-.Fv , 1 1 i I x fn un V -nw? s. vs Q 1, vgafp J Ein. fl X -3 A it 1' V f' uf: ' ,.-,-, L , ' . K. V -.-,- ,.- I F- -3 ' I H f'1' - 2 -' , ,- .':'2"-"fi ,, g..,14 .V Q . , -1 " L -1- . 5'-S 1 . . -. :A mm' r - 4 , rl,-, . , -1 L A - 1 f 13 ,fl-,H fm: 1' U x Y . ., -,1gw.5i,f5i-fsijg-' 4'-Efjfglqla. 1 1. 55 iff,-LJQ 5 'S ,V 2 "' 'H 1 Q -'L -sv.. . . " 7' 5 ' L71 " ff-iii ' 'aw-:':"'A." 2' - - ' F- 5 1.-Q -. fi Q 'E ' V A , V A ,- 3. . ff, ,,4a'e.+-.:- 'Q-vzw rlf - , 1' f X f - f 211.-----, V: - -' JC' QxifiQf'.-1 , 5 ff , 5 40 D 4 5 C L ..: t f TQ.: K :bfi gy N Wx C5943 15 x 9.g15fg5 ,Y Q: 1-, X g U ,:: 1 ,' j"'o'. L Otter s Q X-3 - :QL9 ed Q I 'X I HEC TR 196 f WH W0 OL QETDE TRAJ an K Q fx 1 Q TEXHSUU N-x R KOLUME 339 M195 L IX K jx YR-JL Mig, l A Y flaw! 'U , 5 .jiri -. fjf' wp. J THE STAFF C: . Foreword As the world revolves on its axis in space so our school life re- volves on its axis in the class room and activities. This is the International Geophysical year. History is being re- corded in the world of science. Just as Sputnik made history so has our Football Team made history. The record of your 1957-58 school life has been recorded in the pages which follow. We, the staff, are proud to offer to you our con- tribution to your high school history in this our 1958 BENGAL. WW ff mlm! x '75 MW W WM Q KL If i A W ' Q I L ..- ADMINISTRATION Page and FACULTY 5 SENIOR 15 JUNIOR 27 SOPHOMORE 35 FRESHMAN 45 FAVORITES 55 SPORTS 77 ORGANIZATIONS 99 ACTIVITIES 119 ADS 133 P 'xc f ff tiff! 1 1 '- A' f X136 ,Q Qpifygg .lx i 'Mi 1, Fig In appreciation for the many years of service given to the annual by Miss Iva Petty, we, the staff are proud to dedi- cate this 1958 BENGAL. f Www EEBLALLUQ F .J , ff 'sf-ETXPX :dx FEM xssnmwgvvwwlb 65 N 6 n , Z W f E Q , M35 Z5 vxjfi 51 M X i V TL.-f ,V N Z ,J N 1 1 X sm if o r egjr X 6 X Q? U U ff N:--fx ,X A - WWZCCKGK E ff X! M1 www? Mr. Howard McDonald, Tenure 1 Yearg Mr. H. E. Jansen, Tenure I Yearp Mr. Ed B. Hart, Vice Presi dent, Tenure 2 years, Dr. P. E, Fish, President, Tenure 11 yearsg Mr. Paul Jones, Secretary, Tenure 5 years, Mr. Sol T. Tuttle, Tenure 1 yearg Mr. I. I. Stockton, Tenure 2 years The Electra Board of Education We would like to express our appreciation to this group of men who give so freely, their time and effort to make possible for us the advantages of new and improved equip- ment, good teachers, and excellent materials for use during our school year, We shall realize their value as years go by. ff Superintendent W. L. HUDSON Mr. Hudson's main interest is the stu- dents. He will made sure the Electra school system will be kept provided with modern methods and facilities in which to further our education. fav' of J fuer' ' 1 s 'X' "Zig La LTLCIPCL 3 E, L, FARR Mr. Farr has served as principal of Electra High School since 1947. He has guided the student body skillfully through the pathway of education. Mr. Farr has great enthusiasm, sympathy, and understanding for students of Electra High School. FRANCES ROBERSON This is Frances Roberson's first year as Secretary to our principal Mr. Farr. Mrs. Roberson has such responsibilities as making out re- ports, making our students' tran- scripts, scheduling classes, check- tions concerning records, supplies, assemblies, etc. A J ing and answering teachers ques- nf' S' ww? 5. P--. Z. 'G 4' .fxvr J as X5 4 F, if ig, Ag , .X ff J X. X is Secretaries NINA O'HARA This is Nina O'l-lara's fifth year to serve as Secretary to the superin- tendent of Electra Public Schools, The duties of the Secretary to the Superintendent are: take dictation, transcribe, type monthly and ann- ual reports, answer telephone and receive all callers, make out the monthly pay roll, pay all accounts and enter all bookkeeping records in the Cash Book. JERRY w1LsoN, B,s,, M. s, If World History, Coach X Q X . if fiP'fT.fff 'fy f ly... ,,. , A Social Science Mathematics IVA PETTY, B, S., M, S, American History, Civics IOSEPHINE COGDELL, B. S., M. S, Mathematics, English r N 5 P r T' Commercial, Mathematics ataral Science i Social Science GENE DIEDRICK, B. S. Drivers training, Junior Business Civics 'Ep ,.., 1. 2," , ' r i 5 3,1 ' iiif ' 1 , - if seie is S ' saai ff ' . 1573197 ' wwe 2 534 :gf :haw , ,qw J Vkkk 3 W I K- 1 ELyELE357.c1li,g,15kiE VA I eiii . S as i , Q i M, ,, , . , .A if 4 A i f' 94 es b H ,,.. 'E' C. S Q - - - f A I' ,,:g1Vg.1,'.,1'11gg -1--'.'.4,g:3, Y - - f . . K gf -,. , , I A -' 5 2 , ,.VI.5L, A B, S , f - . S' M , his '10 eneral Math, Science, P E , . 2 -7'-::aDi , ' ' , :A ,s,g:gfsj' rf 1 - -M 1 .,f-KW f-f- I fe? H 1 A 1 4 ' A eww-we-fy-g1,,ei:w 2 7fs,-AsiissizigfasfgviwfAff-:fr:f K f M ' , , W v si?-swamv2,5fgAMfsve,Qs,2.,,:1k's?:Jewif-fex,,f,fe.e4eYga, , , '- ,, .A My LN, m ws,f,wg.es..,3 .,..i. L. Q JACK HESSE, B, S, Biology, Coach X Y I2 mf EUGENIA ROBERTSON B S Homemakmg Vocational Fields YJ LULM4 , S' YP" DOROTHY ROBERTS, B, S, Homemaking X iw K X-fyv X a tg Q1 CARL DAVIS 't Metal Shop WADE BAILEY, B, S. , M.E. Vocational Agriculture -P - M ff ,..,- www::SIawww-,we-aem,,m.fqwwfz+fffw,vwwmAm1V:,m,.-,w -w ffwkm, 7- Ln ni f 41 naw-m Library Language Arts Music HOWARD SMITH B A Band Choral 1 A49 EARLINE BLAIR, B, S, , M, S, Librarian i KATHRINE KIDD, B, A, , M. A. S . Enghsh jjlgff MARY JONES, B,A, English, Spanish I3 Commercial, Mathematics Natural Science FRIEDA LONG B S. B S1 SECI I I1 TRAVIS ELLIS, B, A, Physics, Chemistry "'Ll.Z1 L HESTELINE BURROUGHS B S Mathematics Seniors f 5 . wi U 0 bwff I' 55' 1 A Q o """ 9' 1K Z ' A ,W X f Q Af' 9 f JNQJ 4 if X 4 ' 1 L f' we Z? iff XR 5 X Vx Q if r va' ' f y ff 1 Mwwf fa ,. ,mpnnwi Yykk ,,..,, my N' K Seniors HERBIE ADAMS Football 55-57: VA 54-58g FFA, President 56-57, Sentinel 55-565 Senior Class Vice President 57-58. TROY BEGEMAN RAYMOND BORTON k b ll -55g 1155-57: T k Bas et FR-:glint onlffigilfflawot gccfiig. 55-56. ' Lyg1r15kmllN24CsLufy vm, BENNIE BURGESS Choral Club 54-56g Student Librarian 55-58. DIANE CAMBRON Band 54-56g Spanish Club 56-57g FHA 56-57g Basketball 56-57. BUD CAMPBELL VIC 57 -58: Football 54-56. LONNIE CAMPBELL Band 54-58g Tiger Tales Assistant Advertising Manager 57 -58. SARA CARLISLE Band 54-58g Majorette 56-58g Band Secre- tary 57-58g Junior Play Cast 56g Basketball 54-58g FTA 57-58: Senior Class Business Manager 57-58g Spanish Club 54-58, Pres- ident 57-58. ALTON CATO LA DELL CATO Band 54-585 Spanish Club. I AMES COLLINS Band 54-58, Business Manager 57-58g Tennis 57-583 Track 55-58. BH..LIE DAVIS Choral Club 54-58. PATSY DILLARD LORETTA DOSHIER Choral Club 54-58 KENNETH DUREN FFA 54-585 Tiger Tales Staff 57-58. SUE DUTTON Choral Club 54-58. Seniors Seniors IANICE EDWARDS Choral Club 56-58. RAYMOND ERWIN SUE FENOGLIO' I 7 H--xxx 7 X Junior Play 575 FTA 56-585 QA 54-55g National Honor Society 57-58g Basketball 54-58g Bengal 57-589 Choral Club 54-58. TRUETT FILLMAN Band 54-583 "B" Football 55g Baseball 55- WILLIE FORD VIC 56-58g Band 53-56g Freshman Class President 53-54g VIC Sergeant-at-Arms. ANNA DELL FORE FHA 54-58. BILLY RAY GARVIN Football 57, Brocton, New York. . LOUISE GEE JAMES HALE Band 54-585 Sports Editor Tiger Tales 55- 585 Quill and Scroll 57-58. SHIRLEY HARRIS Basketball 54-585 FHA 54-555 Choral Club 56-57. HAROLD HAYNES Freshman Reporter5 Freshman Favorite5 FFA Reporter, Sentinel 56-57, FFA Secretary: FHA Sweetheart 56-575 Junior Class Business Manager5 Letterman's Club Secretary 57-58. LYNDA HAYNES FHA 55-58, Treasurer 56-575 Choral 55-57, Treasurer 56-575 Spanish Club 55-585 Office Assistant 57-585 Student Council Reporter 57. MORRIS HAYN ES FFA Treasurer 54-55, FFA Reporter 55-565 Track 56-57. PAT I-IIXON Band 55-585 FNA 56-58: FHA 56-575 Senior Class Favorite5 Tiger Tales Reporter 55-56. BOB HOLMAN Junior Vice President 56-575 President Drama Club 57-585 National Honor Society Treas- urer 57-585 Football Manager 56-575 One-Act Play 57 District Best Actorg Junior Play 575 Tiger Tales 56-57, Cartoonistg Bengal Art Editor 57-58. EILEEN ISBELL Choral 54-555 FHA 54-55: Bengal Staff, Business Manager 56-57, Editor 57-585 Office Helper 55-575 FTA 575 S. C. Corresponding Secretary '575 'Junior Play Cast. Seniors Seniors DAVID IANSEN FFA 54-57, Treasurer 56-57g Golf 54-56, Vice President 57-58g Football 57. BILL JONES Band 54-58, All-State Band, All-Region Band 54-58, President 57-58g President Spanish Club 55-565 Debate 55-58g Student Council 54-55g National Honor Society. TROY RAY KEE VLC 56-58 2 years Presidentg Football Man- ager 55-56g Student Council 56-57, Parlia- mentarian. STANLEY LEISLINER Football 54-573 Basketball 54g Track 55- 583 Junior Playg Letterman's Club 57-58. STEVEN LOWE Tiger Tales Advertising Manager 57-58. NORMA LYNN FHA 54-58, Officer 57-585 Basketball "A" Team 54-585 Volleyball "A" Team 54-583 Junior Play Cast Prompter. RICHARD MARTIN Football 54-58: Basketball 56-57g Baseball Manager 55-56g Spanish Club 2 yearsg vrc 57-583 one-Act Play 56-579 Ju9i6l,r I I Play. ff' If I X. X, ' X 4 LA JUDY Mcsnoom f 2 U,- Qkf Band 54-57g Homecoming Queen Nominee 56-57g Homecoming Queen 57-585 Sopho- more Class Favoriteg Student Council 55g U, 4-H Club, Secretary 56-57g Office Assistant 55-58. RONNIE MCBRIDE Band 54-58, Vice President 57-58, Student Conductor 54-585 FTA, Vice President 56- 585 Bengal Photographer 56-585 Junior Play 56-575 All-Region Band 57-58, All-State Band 57-58. GARY MCDONALD Band 51-535 FFA 51-565 Football 55-565 Track 51-535 Senior Play. ANN MCLAUGHLIN Basketball 54-565 Cheerleader 55-585 Runner up Most Typical Girl 56-575 Miss E. H.S. 57-585 Junior Playg Band 54-565 Nominee VIC Sweetheart 55-565 Spanish Club 55-57, Reporter 56-57. BILLY MERIOVSKY FFA 54-58, Secretary 55-56, Vice President 56-57. ORVILLE MERTINS FFA 54-58, Secretary 56-575 Band 55-58, Assistant Freshman Supervisor 57-58. TED MILLER Band 55-565 Football 555 Debate 56-585 Spanish Club 55-57, Historiang Dramatic Club Vice President 57-585 Student Council 57. BILL MORE Football 54-575 Basketball 54-585 Track 54-585 Most Representadve Sophomore Boyg Senior Class Presidentg National Honor Soci- etyg Student Council 54-575 Who's Who 56- 57. IAMES MORROW FFA 54-57, District FFA Treasurer 57: VIC 56-58, VIC Secretary 57-585 Baseball 565 Junior Play 57. Seniors Seniors DERYL MOWERY Junior Playg Basketball 57-585 Band 54-58. JERRY NASH Basketball 54-585 Baseball 55-585 Letter- man's Club 57-585 Spanish Club 56-575 National Honor Society 575 Junior Play. TOM NASH Football 54-57, Captain 575 Basketball 54- 585 Baseball 56-583 57 All-District and All- Area End Footballg President Junior Class5 President Letterman's Clubg Who's Who Junior Classg National Honor Society. CAROL NELSON Choral 54-565 Fl-IA 54-585 FNA 56-585 Tiger Tales Reporter 57-585 Office Assistant 57-58. BOBBIE PATTY FHA 54-575 Volleyball Manager 56. BOBBY RAY Football 54-573 VIC 57-58. TOMMY RAY Football 54-575 Track 54-555 Letterman's Club 56-573 VIC 57. BARBARA RODAWALT Class Secretary 54-585 Basketball 54-58, Co-Captain 54-585 Secretary Student Coun- cil 575 Most Typical Girl 57-585 Who's who 54-55. Volleyball 55-58. CECLIA ROESSLER Freshman Class Presidentg Student Council 575 FHA 54-55g Who's Who in I-Iomemaking 55-56g FTA Historian 57-58: Choral 54-57g National Honor Societyg Student Librarian 55-58. VESTAL SHIRLEY Football 54-58g Band 54-58g Drama Club 57-58g Spanish Club 57-585 FTA 57-583 All-Region Band 57, All-State Band 58. DAVID SHREEVE Basketball 54-575 Baseball 56-573 Track 55g Spanish Club 55-56g Student Council 575 Sophomore Favoriteg VIC 57-58. BOBBY STEED VIC: Spanish Clubg Basketballg Baseball, WANDA STUART Basketball 55-57. MILDRED TIROFF .TERRY TREN THAM Football 55-57, Captain 575 Baseball 55- 58: Letterman's Club, Secretary-Treasurer 57-58g Student Council, Treasurer 573 Bas- ketball Manager 56-57g Senior Class Favor- ite. ROBERT TULLY Basketball 55-58g Football Manager 56-57g Spanish Club 56-585 Junior Play, Seniors Seniors JERRY VINCENT Band 54-585 Interscholastic League 56-575 Librarian 57-585 Tiger Tales Staff 57-58. PATRICIA VINCENT FHA 54-575 Student Librarian 57-58. WALTER WALBRICK FFA 3 yearsg Football 545 FFA Treasurer 54- 55. CLAUDE WALKER Football 555 Junior Class Favorite5 Basket- ball Manager 565 Junior Play Stage Manager Football Manager 57. NORMA WILLIAMS Junior and Senior Class Treasurer5 Cheer- leader 57-585 FHA 54-585 FNA Vice Pres- ident 56-589 Tiger Tales Reporter 57-585 Choral 54-555 Student Council 56. DON WILSON Band 54-573 Track 2 years: Drama Club: Tennis Club. GLENDA WILSON Freshman Favoriteg VIC Sweetheartg Cheer- leader 57-585 Junior Favorite5 Student Coun- cil 54,585 FNA Secretary 57, Treasurer 565 Basketball Manager 56. HMMIE YOUREE Band 54-56g VIC Vice President 57-58. X f W' G A-1 RMK Xfff N91 'io 6 fx, W I . NEAN Nm ' Wlflf ' R 6 bv gif : xi Al !.f .Vx I J 1 ' 5 fi 3 x L M XM ZS- V Q ! QR 1 9 N "L Q95 X W SQ' . X9 W My A f ' ' M45 .pm A Mmiffifb , 0 M DIVE V MDL! fx,1!7fV5 'J Q' ,f 26 fy of , , 7 wwf ffwfc W? i KM ,Mfg wa Wf I Q XJ f ,417 A"4sl - 414 .- Y.,-fp' jx , ,. 6, , " KJ,-f ,HY-4 X .Q Q Eiiigff X . If iv Q f x I x ' dw f Q11 'MQ . Ng A WG Junior Class Omcers President ---- - - TROY GILBERT Treasurer - - - ' BOBBY WHISNAND Vice President - - - - JERRY SNIDER Reporter ------ - - CAROLYN MILFORD Secretary - - - - - LEON RECK Business Manager - - ----- NEAL PACE Sponsors ------ - - - - JOSEPHINE COGDELL DOROTHY ROBERTS SHIRLEY BENTLEY BOB BLEVINS LARRY BORMUTH BEVERLY BOWDEN KAREN BROWN MARY JEAN BYRD JANET CANSLER FREDDIE CARTER IAN CATO LENDOLA CHESHER RONALD CLARK LATRECIA CRAYTON Juniors funiors DARRYL CULPEPPER FELICIA DOUGLAS MARIE DUNCAN GEARLDINE FITTS NANCY FOSTER TROY GILBERT PAUL GENE GOODMAN DONNIE GREENW AY KAY GROFF MONTY HALL IOE HAMILTON JERRY HANKS EDDIE HART TOMMY HAYES CAROL HENDERSON ROBERT HUFFSTUTLER CHARLINE JONES DANIEL JONES HOWARD JONES SHIRLEY JONES THOMAS LANE BETTY LINCOLN SI-IERRY MARSH MARTHA MARSHALL juniors Juniors EMMETT MAYO EMMA MCAFEE LINDA MCHUGH CAROLYN MILFORD JOHN MILLHOLLON BILLIE MOSER GRETA NOE REBECCA NORMAN NEAL PACE MONIQUE PARR DONNA PERRY ROGER PROPEST LA DONNA PULLIAM FARRELL QUINN WEYLAND RAPP IODIE RATCLIFFE LEON RECK ANNETTA RICH NORMA ROBB JERRY SNIDER .TERRY STORY JOYCE STORY R. J. THOMPSON LILLIE RUTH VESTAL Juniors Juniors PEGGY WESTBROOK BOBBY WHISNAND LANA WOLF One week left! The Bengal sta ff is working madly to meet the deadline. The STUDY Hall? My ggi? The Shop boys are hard workers. Hornemaking girls are cooking something up. ef' JM !"": r ft- " QL R , T V X .M TU , I 'Nw ' ' Miss Roberts is giving instructions to the sewing class. The school day is over and the students are on their way home f. , an A , ,7"A li .sz- '- r , vx. Nvbx 4 Q - if ig ' W , .iw wi , ax Q I rg :nfl "I . XX. ,-' ,7 nj jx ff Qj f - J 1 if H X V' ivy' . i 'gf ,gf V: 1 1 'X ik ff lib' ,if . K LJ S! QD 1' , N' if ' 4 if I ,,, 4 f . X ,TJ ,,"J': E-' u ff :"', iiffif K-FL 1 -,,-2 .x I 1. . WJ ,P f' xy. f ,ff il 'QQ av-5 U fi' JV F " V, f' fi ff 1' iF iff gx gf ,53 PJ gp . ,395 YA fx :pf js, ,X WN 1 Yi M 335 f' M" 9' V ,s xg YY , :. ,N TA, LV 'AX V112- 'Hf lfff 5-III' X31 :QV f" S6WT16inY6FQfs3 JM ces ' PRESENTS SPACE DRAG5 4-5" f oe zqifffb I -fx 'Y ZX fx-JXYJXWQXY ,gg QM Z is I 4 fr -SW 09 5 xw 1 V S, N xi "Ll 1 ccccccccfqgf'-EL,41 '?L4! Aix X Q QWQQQ Sophomore Class Officers resl ent - - - - - e orter ---- - - H LL P 'd -fJOE RAY, R p s ERRY ISBE i -.f' Secretary - - - - BOB GROFF Parliamentarian - - - - ANN NOWLIN Sponsors, EUGENIA ROBERTSON, JERRY WILSON Terry Adams Deryl Adkins Wanda Arber James Barrow Claudette Beaver Doyle Bentley Glenda Bettes Carol Bishop Beatrice Bounds Iudy Braswell Carla Cambron Joy Chambers Sophomores Saphomores Marty Coats Cecil Cowan Wanda Cross Tommy Diesker Sandra Drennan Trudy England Suzy Fish Mary Ford Ted Fullerton Billy Gibson Ralph Gilbert Carolyn Glass Mike Grace Carolyn Graf Johnny Graham Lowell Graves Jane Ann Griffin Bob Groff W, D. Hale Marilyn Hataway Janice Hixon Mike Hixon Lonnie Hobbs Phyllis Hudson Sophomores Sophomores Joe Huff Sherry Isbell Frank Johnson Elliott Jones Louise Kaiser Richard Keller Eugene Kennedy Louis Kent Christie Lee Johnny Lovejoy Elizabeth Lucas Raymond McA1ister Tommy McCaleb Mary McCarty Sue McClure Terry McCracken Carol McDaniel Ann Mcllroy Verna Marshall Billy Mullen Roy Nelson Ann Nowlin Richard Palmer Janet Payne ophomores 551. Sophomores Billie Payton Nancy Power Herbert Propps Joe Ray I oyce Roberson Barbara Rodgers Troy Rodgers Nina Rowe Mary Shaw Kenneth Shelley Tommy Smith Jo Ann Stone Anita Story O. V. Strange Judy Streit Don Thomas James Tubbs Curtis Warner Charles Webb Geneva Weddle Robert White Joyce Wiggins Jeannette Willett Sophomores AMF' v "Mother Is cz Freshmanf, March 21, the Junior Class presented the annual class play. Norma Robb, Mrs. Miller, Farrell Quinn, Marge, Rebecca e, Karen Brown, Bunny, Billie Moser, Helen, Felicia Douglas, Sylvia, Troy Gilbert, Dean Gillingham, Janet Cansler, Abigail Abbott, John Millhollon, Professor Michaels, Tommy Hayes, Bobo, Jody Ratcliffe, Clara, Eddie Hart, Bill, Carolyn Milford, Susan Abbott, R. J. Thompson, Howie, Qnot shownj, Bob Blevins, Jack, Qnot shownj. T tx l Mrs. Josephine Cogdell, Director, Freddy Carter, Stage Manager, Mary Jean Byrd, Set Decorator, Nancy Foster, Make-Up, Lendola Chesher, Set Decorator, Joyce Story, Prompter, Carol Henderson, Make-Up, La Donna Pulliam, 1PromEter, Miss Dorothy Roberts, Director, Larry Bormuth, Stage Manager. Burl KL cw may wx! 'WD M-gx if x' f Z f ww ' nu : K ,W i 2 -Z fl! X NX M D AN f V-X A if?fE1Q'5Xh,lIl,Ql3, f V0 5 .. E aging! wi K ,V.k if yi, 5 A M K M K -Q j, A 4 gms V 4,7 RER . ,..h swf Q. .Q ms . 4' 'dw T 5 if 'Q' ,Y 46 Freshman Class 0ffiC6TS President - - - - TOMMY HUNTER Secretary-Treasurer ---- MARIE GREER Vice President - - - - - JANNIS BAKER Reporter - - - - - MARGIE SWEENEY Sponsors, JACK HESSE, GENE DIEDRICK Carolyn Allred I anice Baker Sharon Ballard ' Gary Barker Donna Kay Begeman Karen Bennett Monty Bowden Diane Busby Carol Campbell Dorothy Cason Tommy Collins Marilyn Couffer Freshmen Freshmen Shirley Daniel Glenna Dean Colley Denney Ray B. Dickey Dianna Dillard Alice Doshier Peggy Dutton Jean Evans Sally Flint Gene Garner Brenda Glisson Marie Greer Judy Hamilton Rita Hamilton Billy Joe Hart Paul Hayers Jimmy Highsmith Shirley Hines Dickie Hixon Helen Hodge Clara Holden Arden Huffstutler Jewel Hunter Tommy Hunter Freshmen i a 5 5' as 58 L N , g .HS " H LP!-1070 e Nor AvAzrAaiE Freshmen Barry Jones Gary I ones Aaron Kee J William McA1ister Jerry Ed McBroom Sue McBroom Joe McClure Michael McDade Mike McKe1vey Richard McKinney Sam McSpadder1 Margaret Mann Eileen Marsh Betty Ann Neitzler Jeanette Reis Dana Rice Gaytha Rodawalt Alberta Rowe Mike Scott Carrol Shaw Gordon Shelley Glenda Gay Shirley Mike Slack, Carolyn Smith Freshmen Freshmen Paul Stanford Luke Stewart Lynn Stone Margie Sweeney Trudie Talley Selrna Taylor John Tiffany Joe Tubbs Johnny Vestal Paulette Walton Janette Weddle Ronnie Whisnand sh y wiuen V ,. V A ft h W Lf MJ f M Ugfapjwdit! fi' + M642 W ff Mx MQ? A V 'QY-y!','?Jw .,. M I . 1f'x,j:f'2-' if!! X lj A BJJQJJ jjvf A fb A A af jf ff'QwM ,Wg Qlljf J I7 ,XPC cf j U ' W U 4 ff 4? f LDV!! If D, JI X vyr. , bf Qpfff Q h I I: ff! . X J L pi!! xv ,W ' vlfu A IV K WW "' W 61' I EWAVA. f AMW 'W ,f .1f' 7 ,, , if M451 fm I 1,16 iffzfxff 'iw J QU, ff", V . VA .Aim fvfi K 3LUJ'x fffwwffwxigb Wi -J f " f ,f ' !,.fjQvfb'7' Q ,X ' i if pf Freshmen 53 .1 rs Ck M-.3 x "Message From Khufu M N In front: Bob Holman, Beng Ted Miller, Professor Hardin. Back row: David Shreeve, Hermang Richard Martin, Butch. TRL 1 In front is the cast, in the back is the Understudiesg iifurtis Warner, Robert Tully, and Ray B. Dickey, Knot shownjg Mr. Jack Meares, Director and Sponsor. IN TERSC HOLA ST IC LEA GUE ONE -ACT PLAY 'MESSAGE FROM KHUFU' had an all- boy cast. It was presented in Jacksboro on March 14. Last year Bob Holman won the best actor award in the Interscholastic League One-Act play. 730CKET .-HOP TONIGHTQ 1...-1 AQXKQETEES XJ 3, SL M r. E.H.S. Harold Haynes Tall, dark, and handsome Student Council President Harold Haynes, was 'the student body's choice for top honor which entitled him Mr. E. H. S. 5-'01,-Z,-I-'Q' Miss E.H.S. Ann McLaughlin Selected for Miss E. H. S. was that short, eute cheerleader Ann McLaughlin. fig!--'7.4:fz,,,.,wJ7 , 1:7 Most Typical Boy Bill More ..mWwaRM,,., That friendly Bill More with such a pleasing personality and good sense of humor was everyone's ideal Typical Boy. Most Typical Girl Barbara Rodawalt Possessing a likeable personality and outstanding athletic ability, Barbara Rodawalt was elected by the students to rep resent E. H. S. as Most Typical Girl. , ifiyjjj fkff Lf'- 47 mjjlgnf Senwr F avori PAT HIXON te JERRY TRENTH AM S A f af 7'l .5 key: if .M 4, we W., W Qffw ff g A -,.,f'i5,Y. "5:1,,,, w-. EW ' ' - wugl-. K- . y,,u. W,Wl?s55"1c:.'. L 2. ff- 1 25? - L -Q in- .,-..,, 5 2, . 4-.Q 5351- :Aa :I 'J we . '! diy' CEf4?'i,L,. 2231, X fig, E' . w W 47' y ' K I ,lf fumor F cworztes MARY JEAN BYRD JERRY SNIDER X. A S ., 1244, I'vl9zZf' 1, I ,, ' ' 'Jn .s' ' -Xxwifiif ww i , A . . X SN la 1- Swmssfm 2451 ,L ,,,1Q,,,, :Jun W f..u.w A, 19, -m': :.,r2 .1 g.'g.g-'-.- an f 53 Q , . -f'- EQ, X gs A 1. ' ' f f " Wm ' ' ww' ,, L , 'Z' if .Q ..,. A N. :w w he M ww , 2 QE ' gf' eau f ,W ' , aww w .Q if Ki ., E kg V H omecommg ueen JUDY MCBROOM BILLIE M03 ER SANDRA DRENN EN junior Sophomore Homecoming Nominees 1 X, Escorts, left to right: DAVID SHREEVE, JIMMY YOUREE, JOHNNY GRAHAM, EDDIE MCBROOM DANA RICE Freshman Q Basketball Queen SHERRY ISBELL -nj V. I. C. Sweetheart GLENDA WILSON FHA. Sweetheart NEAL PACE ,Nc . na ., ,,.f wk .1 H aims? FFA. Sweetheart CAROLYN MILFORD Who 95 BILL IONES - Senior CECILIA ROESSLER - Senior 74 TOM NASH - Senior Emil! ,U M if We BOB HOLMAN - Senior Students who were elected Who's Who were nominated by a faculty committee and elect- ed by the majority vote of fac- ulty by secret ballot, Qualifications which deter- mine the nomination: moral standards, scholastic standing, co-operativeness with faculty and students, outstanding a- chievements and abilities, and personality traits. I NANCY FOSTER - Junior Who SUZANNE FISH - Sophomore JANE ANN GRIFFIN - Sophomore TROY GILBERT - Junior MARIE GREER - Freshman CAROLYN MILFORD - Junior JANNIS BAKER - Freshman 75 W X , 612 Q yy, SPM 177 6? 2 ,X U, fc. g " 6 xx Q F195 XL" K gQPf9Q,F'2 ,Qi ev E2 W USERS? XCf'1,f- . ,H , E 'A , x? T WK Z ,pf57,'Q!O M Glarrwxo ff f J f Xxx X fp an Q , S' :LAK 'Q L A ,AX ""f"' f' MM Cheerleaders Rebecca Norman, Norma Williams, Carol Henderson, Billie Moser, Ann McLaughlin, Glenda Wilson The cheerleaders of '57 and '58 yelled at all the games and led the pep rallies before the games. The week before the Burk game they held a pep rally every day from 12:30 until 12:45. The cheerleaders were guests of the Lions' Club for dinner and also dinner guests of the Iacksboro cheerleaders. BILLIE MOSER Head Cheerleader Junior Two Years GLENDA WILSON ANN MCLAUGHLIN Senigr Senior One Year Two Years REBECCA NORMAN NORMA WILLIAMS Senior HE NDE RSO N unior Junior I One Year J One Year Two Years Bi-District Champs 1957 Football Schedule DATE ELECTRA OPPONENT PLACE Sept, 47 Iowa Park Here Sept. 6 Archer City There Se pt. 60 Paducah Here Sept, 13 Seymour There Oct. 45 Olney Here Oct, 35 Nocona There Oct, 26 Bowie Here Nov. 41 Iacksboro There Nov. 47 Decatur Here Nov. 28 Burk There Nov, 32 Lewisville Denton Nov. 13 Terrell Weatherford The Tigers began the '57 football season with a 47-'7 victory over the Iowa Park Hawks. Their next encounter was with Archer City. The Tigers were slowed down by the Wildcats and the game ended in a 6-6 tie. The fight- ing Bengals played through rain and hail to smash their third opponents, the Paducah Dragons, 60-6. Seymour proved to be a little more than Electra could handle, After a close battle the Panthers downed the Tigers 20-13. Electra crushed the Olney Cubs 45-12 in their first conference game, With great ease the Tigers ran over Nocona 35-6, Bowie 26-O, Jacksboro 41-14, and Decatur 47-0. Then came the decisive game against the Burk Bull- dogs. On the outcome of this game rested the District 2A9 Championship. ,Q Head Coach - - - - JERRY WILSON End Coach - - - - - GENE DIEDRICK Line Coach - - "" IACK HESSE af' TjJg3TS Jun ,,,,,...-of f 5 Managers - BOBBY HOLMAN, CLAUDE WALKER First row: McAllister, Scott, Pace, Carter, Holman, Manager. Second row: Walker, Man- agerg More, Janson, Haynes, Borton, Snider, Leishner, Shirley, Trentham, Martin, Nash. Third row: Ray, Jones, Huffstutler, Millhollon, Whisnand, Hayes, Gilbert, Thompson, Barrow, Hunter. Captains - JERRY TRENTHAM, RAYMOND BORTON, TOM NASH. .,, L Lkk: Q4 ' g f Football 95 7 9 l E CARTER Junior hr e v. r letterman wayg to D's " is smooth ball n BOBBY WHISNAND Junior, three year letterman "Wi1l long be remembered by opponents as 'mountain' center! Senior, three year letterman "Performed outstandingly at end, halfback, and fullback." BILL MORE Senior, four year letterman "A driving, bruising fullback and equally as impressive as linebacker on defense. " 82 "Sent rn y Ti r backs on their ha d- ,, ,f ,Y A r lr Q as 1 if . ' T . 5? f il I 1 X STANLEY LEISHNER Senior, three year letterman "A constant threat to the opponent with his break-away speed," R. J. THOMPSON Junior, three year letterman "His ability made the Tiger line tough, " ELECTRA STOMPS BURK 28-13! The Electra Tigers crashed through the Burk Bulldogs to win the District 2A-9 Championship at Burk on November 15. Halfback, Jerry Snider, scored two of the four TD's for Electra. Bill More and Harold Haynes added the others. The Tigers garnered a safety when a host of Electra tack- lers snared a Burk back behind his own goal in the fourth quarter. Defensive standouts for the Tigers were Troy Gilbert, Bobby Whisnand, Jerry Snider, Tommy Hunter, Tom Nash, Stanley Leishner, and Ray- mond Barton. Three "small" Electra linemen move in for the tackle. TOM NASH Senior, four year letterman "One of the highest scoring ends in the state, " JERRY TRENTHAM Senior, three year letterman "Electra's answer to the air age with his passing, " N 1? IX.iX RAYMOND BORTON Senior, three year letterman "Cou1d have been an outstanding guard if injuries hadn't prevailed 83 Football 95 7 JAMES BARROW Sophomore, two year letterman "Probably the finest sophomore line- man in the district. " ROBERT HUFFSTUTLER dvi TOMMY RAY Senior, three year letterman "Excellent defensive end, especially good against single-wing attack. " rx TROY GILBERT Junior, three year letterman "Outstanding in anyone's league, anchored the Tiger line both ways." R w x . Y ,f"C - K N , N, ,J H 1 RJ ' A .1 Junior, one year letterman "His fine hustle and fight won him his place on the Tiger team," i 84 , VESTAL SHIRLEY Senior, one year letterman "In moving to center he gave Tigers needed support." HOWARD JONES Junior, two year letterman "His hard blocking paved the way for Tiger backs. " ELECTRA SWAMPS LEWISVILLE 32-7 Electra's powerful Tigers, dis- playing a bone-crushing defense, squashed the Lewisville Farmers in Denton on November 22, in a Class AA bi-district football game before 1,500 chilled fans. James Barrow, Troy Gilbert, and R. J. Thompson opened great holes so the Tiger's backfield could ram- ble through. Scoring for Electra were Jerry Snider, Harold Haynes, Bill More and Tom Nash. Bobby Whisnand, Stanley Leish- ner, and Tom Nash kept the Farmers in their own back yard for most of the night. JERRY SNIDER Senior, three year letterman "One of the greatest backs in Tiger football history, " Another Big Three Conference! TOMMY HAYES Junior, three year letterman "Proved he could play both offense and defense, " NEAL PACE Junior, three year letterman "By switching from fullback to guard he added strength to the of fensive line. " 85 DAVID IANSON Senior, one year letterman "Showed much determination in playing his first year of football. " TERRELL STOPS ELECTRA 20-13 with a wealth of reserves Terrell was able to come from behind to defeat the driving Tigers. Electra outplayed Terrell 13-6 the first half, Trentham's pass to Snider account- ed for one touchdown. The second counter came when Haynes plunged over from the one yard line. Terrell came back strong in the second half and scored two touch- downs. Outstanding on defense for the Tigers were R. I. Thompson, Bobby Whisnand, and Neal Pace with plenty of help from the rest of the squad. 86 TOMMY HUNTER h Freshman, one year letterman 3 "Has great prospects of moving up E VAX xto first team next year." "M NJ RICHARD MARTIN Senior, one year letterman "Had great possibilities but a year's lay-off from football ruined his chances." JOHN MILLHOLON Junior, one year letterman "Much improved since '56 season did best on defense, " Trentham Uied a pass, with Gilbert 1927 to the rescue. BILL MORE All -District JERRY SNIDER A11-District A11-Area Honorable Mention A11-State BOBBY WHISNAND A11 -District A11-Area A11-State, Second Team TROY GILBERT A11 -District A11-Area Honorable Mention A11 -State TOM NASH A11-District A11-Area Honorable Mention A11-State HOWARD JONES A11-District Awar R I THOMPSON A11 District NEAL PACE A11-District A11-Area 87 Electra M 99 Team 1 95 7 Schedule DATE OPPONENT ELECTRA Sept. 19 ' Childress 7 47 Sept. 26 "' Seymour 7 7 Oct. 3 Olney 0 1 Oct. 10 'Nocona 6 12 Oct. 17 Bowie 14 0 Oct, 24 'Jacksboro 19 O Oct. 31 Decatur 14 14 Nov. 11 " Burk O 26 ' HOME GAMES COACH DIEDRICK Arden Huffstutler, Mike Slack, Ivlike Hixon Joe Ra O. V. Strangefrllglllrd row: Terry Adams, Ronald if Ny Clark, Sam Mcspadden, Thomas Lane, Harvey Wilson, William McAllister, Mike McKelvey. 1' as 1 Boys, M 99 Basketball More, Reck, Whisnand, Hanks, Nash, Hart. Manager - DERYL MOWERY Hayes, Mowery, Nash. Coach GRAVES District Schedule DATE ELECTRA OPPONENT Jan. 44 Burkbuxnett " 42 Jan. 44 Olney 47 Jan. 52 Decatur 45 J an. 51 Bowie ' 64 I an. 59 Nocona 47 Jan. 75 Jacksboro ' 47 J an. 37 Burkburnett 511' Jan. 43 Olney "' 435 Feb 51 Decatur " 49 Feb 37 Bowie 70 Feb 86 Nocona 46 Feb 78 Jacksboro 52 " Home Games 89 af ,WI , wmmwvww Q Q. I , . if 5, 4? i ' ,V mf, vwimawwbve , .. A., 45,25 . wg 4 . N4 'iv , , v yr' 3 VK . lr , ., ,, ..A A. ,wa . v,,,.,.mf, Mfg. L- m-1L fi- Qs' .L ' , W, 4' 7 A gf,,,fwg,g,,g55?W x .V Tiger Story, Bentley L nn Hixon Lee. yr , y , fMjUA,,Z0.fw4-Dv Rodawalt, Cansler, Rowe, Rodgers. Coach DIEDRICK SARA CARLISLE - Captains Mana er RODA sH1RLEY BENTLEY. 3 District Schedule DA TE ELECTRA OPPONENT J an. 29 Burkburnett "' Jan. 39 Olney Ian. 50 Decatur Jan. 69 Bowie " J an. 47 Nocona Jan. 47 Jacksboro ' Jan. 41 Burkbumetr J an. 43 Olney " Feb 49 Decatur " Feb 49 Bowie Feb 48 Nocona "' Feb 40 Jacksboro ' Home Games xr inf N. 3 x A gh a f 5 , 1 5 i f ws may f -H' Q z X f , ei, " 'i 'S A W ?-3 WW an V' W, 5 Wea RY , an Q ,M ,Q ea . , , ,, , A , 5 fi.. Q A - ,L 2 y it -'- --'- .. ' , ,. , . gf Q 1 6 wx 2, B ,, f Q W '7 'Sqwfw E ' 3 ' 2 i ff ,x Q 'x ' , I Rf M Q 5 1 is: 5 A N N L Q A K f H f A S K ,, is , 4 M M 'W' +1 3. iff M 'E "f 1 vw W' A 2 7 ig , ' "A V 1 2 4 Vbgliq S q Ziv A q V. O I ij ,1 A 4i.Z L jn.4u 1 ug, ',,1, . ,, l., ?? if-M 1 ' Q Y 5' T- - A A M ' Ax M f , . ., , bg -K X Lwwl Av "X, I. VAI- .gk ' Zz: in , - .ij z 5 ' ,H Q 1 U ff' 'Wx K -'v' A' " -" . ' L 7Lj?gX'S if I A J' W Q x f Fx gif, - ' V '- 4 .Q 5 ,Q if if ww' if Wim 3 Hwigfia S. 9 , fri-'f ,, gm fail . , , .mn ' ,ja .iq "Q if TNR Mg j,fgf5f? Q, Q, " . AA Vi, f, My V' k',, I, 5 -N ff , . as L A - 7' ' ' " '- . -sn' Q mi. ,122 . fy s.f5?,3QnA V I '. - .' -X. 4 fwf r. ' .K 1 ,. K S., A , ,H-J , W ' yn , , . . . w . . , L. Q5 - ' N 1.49 i, I , V L. - V l V.,V zui h 3 K 'f'iJT,- 2" - ,--- , 'Z - i gay - '- . D . , , - I Baseball Back row: Huff, Hayes, Lane, Rodgers, Gibson, Carter, Bormuth, Reck, Nash. Front row: Leishner, Trentham, Nash, Whisnand, Snider, Thompson, Hixon, Clark. Boxing HN J Ralph Gilbert, Harold Haynes, R. J. Thompson, Stanley Leishner, Bobby Whisnand, Troy Gilbert, Dickie Hixon Qnot showny, William McAllister fnot shownj. -1 Tennis In '57 Janet Cansler won the District 9 title and represented E. H. S. at the regional tennis meet at Dallas. Janice Hixon won the district Junior division title in singles. Herbie Propps and O. V. Strange came out champs of the district Junior division in doubles. E11iOtI Jones won the Junior Division title in boys singles. Weyland Rapp, Jimmy Highsmith, Paul Hayers, Luke Steward. 96 JANET CANSLER . NV JANICE HIXON, LINDA MGI-IUGH 2 , "" 'F . ff? 29' - I ' - " 1 ' E Vilf ' :-L .. L ' ' sul- .A if L J 'T , 2, . . J J ' ' .M .,,.,,-::-'HQ-51.2512. "TIA I "1 " ,. ' .. '. Jw. " - ,' " ,V M- " -- " E V- fa , . 1 Tl -i . 1 f Ljp K 59 , . I W H .. J 5 l- ,: 3, v . s .5 .', I .. '-sm . if . I J efgvi!?J Sf L- 195 - 1 :'A'?3:f W' fy J"x':f -9 L' . : A ii 4" 'X E ' :N'f.v"" . 1. 'El .fri :EF-i , .. wr '- - , 1 'IL ' 'fs ba: , fm.: .IM HERBIE PROPPS, O. V. STRANGE PAUL GOODMAN, ELLIOTT JONES GOV The 1957 golf team won first place in District 9 and represented E. H. S. at the regional meet at Dallas. Mike Scott, Coach Wilson, Mike Slack, Billy Mersiov sky. HAROLD HAYNES Senior f,-pi 1 mf-:fir K f TROY GILBERT NEAL PACE Junior Junior or -Hziz.ii1f2i ., , -A,-wfff 7 .rf , Y - i ,eaziiibsiumisffiww,A ef,H:-azazm :a.Qei-ipIlf'4:ww-12-sei. ff Wa, fm- .. " DA VID J AN SON Senior 97 More, Snider, Collins, Coach Diedrick, Hayes, Whisnand, Ray, Leishner. 5 Track During the 1957 track season the following boys placed at the district meet and represented E. H. S. at the regional meet. A Bill More - First in 880 yard dash Jerry Snider - First in broad jump 5 Bobby Whisnancl - Second in discs. l DB1 The team placed third in relay, fourth in the mile r ay, and fourth in the 440 yard relay in District. JERRY SNIDER BILL MORE BOBBY WHISNAND Back row: James Collins, Don Wilson, Jerry Snider, Raymond Borton, Bill More, Coach Diedrick. Front row: R. J. Thompson, Tommy Hayes, Bobby Whisnand, Tommy Ray, Stanley Leishner. Y Am. ,'j if ' 'J f 1 , fffiiw' "' ' 4" JOYCE STORY Business Manager One Year LINDA MCHUGH Activities Editor One Year 'P 1 ,I 1 lf fy 5 EILEEN ISBELL Editor Three Years Bengal sW.wmmmu DONNA PERRY Faculty and Class Editor One Year SUE FENOGLIO Organizations Editor One Year ANN MCLAUGHLIN Favorites One Year Staff ELIZABETH SACHSE Sponsor 1 Year RONNIE Mc BRIDE JANET CANSLER Co-Sports Editor 1 Year SHERRY ISBELL Co-Sports Editor 1 Year Photographer 2 Years KAREN BROWN Assistant Art 1 Year BOBBY HOLMAN Art Editor 2 Years Editor TREC IA C RAY TON Tiger LENDOLA C HESHER Co-Editor 1 Year IANICE HIXON Co-Editor 1 Year Columnist 1 Year GRETA NOE Colurnnist 1 Year SONNY VINCENT Photographer 1 Year LADONNA PULLIAM Typist 1 Year CAROL HENDERSON Cartoonist 1 Year NORMA WILLIAMS News Reporter 1 Year CAROL NELSON News Reporter 1 Year MARY FORD News Editor 1 Year TRUDY ENGLAND Exchange Editor 1 Year REBECCA NORMAN News Reporter 1 Year Tales TRAVIS ELLIS Sponsor 1 Year ,f "' Tiifflfz X .,,f ' J .Y NORMA ROBB Feature Editor 1 Year JODY RATCLIFFE Feature Writer 1 Year KENNETH DUREN Sports Reporter CAROL BISHOP Circulation Assistant 1 Year JOY CHAMBERS Circulation Manager 1 Year STEVEN LOWE Advertising Manager 1 Year LOUISE GEE Business Manager 2 Years LONNIE CAMPBELL Advertising Assistant 1 Year 1 Year JAMES HALE Sports Editor 2 Years Electra High CLARINETS: Lillie Ruth Vestal, Sara Carlisle, Janice Hixon, Mike Grace, Marie Greer, Paul- ette Walton, Billie Payton, Phyllis Hudson, Farrell Quinn, Carla Cambron, Sandra Drennan, Tommy Hunter, Alberta Rowe, Marilyn Hataway, Judy Streit, Nancy Power, Paul Stanford, Trudy Talley, Carol McDaniel, Louise Kaiser, Glenda Bettes, Betty Lincoln. BASS CLARINET: Jeanette Willette. FLUTES: Jane Ann Griffin, Felicia Douglas, Carolyn Glass, Mary McCarty, Christie Lee, Janet Payne, Pat Hlxon. OBOE: Nina Jo Rowe. ALTO SAXAPHONE: Billy Mullen, L5HHiE'5ZBipbe11, Eileen Marsh, TENOR SAXOPHONE: Nancy Foster. BARITONE sAxoPHoNE: Vestal Shirley. BARITONES: Curtis Warner, Orville Mertins, Jan Cato, James Hale, School Band CORNETS: Truett Fillman, Johnny Vestal, Paul Goodman, Weyland Rapp, Tommy Smith, Dery1Mowery, Johnny Graham, Arden Huffstutler, Herbert Propp, Lynn Stone, O. V. Strange, Billy Hart, Cecil Cowan, Luke Stewart, Joe McClure. TROMBONE: W. D. Hale, Charles Webb, Gary Jones, Louis Kent, Doyle Bentley, Richard McKinney. FRENCH HORN: James Col lins. DRUMS: Ronnie McBride, Lowell Graves, Sonny Vincent, Barry Jones, Sherry Willett, Mary Ford, Dana Rice, Suzanne Fish. BASSES: Bill Jones, LaDell Cato, Shirley Hines, Robert White. DIRECTOR: Howard smith. STUDENT DIRECTOR: Ronnie McBride. ELECTRA HIGH BAND Directed by HOWARD SMITH M a jorettes Jeanette Willette Farell Quinn Nina Io Rowe Janice Hixon Sara Carlisle Mary McCarty Sherry Willette First row: Sara Carlisle, Secretaryg Bill Jones, Presidentg Vestal Shirley, Freshman Super- visorg Ronnie McBride, Vice President, Sec- ond row: LaDe11 Cato, Assistant Business Man- agerg James Collins, Business Managerg Orville Mertins, Assistant Freshman Super- visor. Marching Band ALL -REGION BAND Sitting: Sara Carlisle, Jane Ann Grif- fin, Farrell Quinn. Standing: Ronnie McBride, Mike Grace, Vestal Shir- ley, Bill Jones. ALL-STATE BAND Bill Jones Mike Grace Vestal Shirley Ronnie McBride Jane Ann Griffin Director, Howard L. Smith. First row: Betty Neitzier, Alice Dosnre., ,.,a..c.te hers, Lgreia Noe, mine Davis, Mary Shaw, Sue Dutton, MMna5ien-Qlinnguanl Peggy Dutton, Second row: Jo Ann Stone, Norma Robb, Kay Groff, Rebecca Norman, Kay Begeman, Margie Sweeney, Marilyn Couffer, Jannis Baker, Lendola Chesher, Jody Ratcliffe. Third row: Brenda Glisson, Loretga Doshier, Helen Hodge, Karen Bennett, Caro- lyn Allred, Sharon Egallard, Emma McAfee, LaDonna Pnlliam Ja' ice Edwards. Not shown: Selma Tay- lor, Mary Fennell. C9"7" F 'A Choral Club BRENDA GLISSON Librarian I ANNIS BAKER Vice President LENDOLA CHESHER President KAY GROFF Secretary-Treasurer LADONNA PULLIAM Reporter JO ANNE STONE All-State Chorus First row: Joyce Story, Carolyn Milford, Sandra Drennan, Mary Byrd, Mary McCarty, Sherry Isbell, Ann Nowlin, Nancy Power. Second row: Sara Carlisle,A Phyllis Hudson, Suzanne Fish, Carolyn Glass, Marilyn Hataeway, Peggy Westbrook, Mrs. Jones fSponsorJ. Third row: Troy Gilbert, Tom Nash, Tommy Hayes, James Tubbs, Jerry Nash, Ray B. Dickey, Curtis Warner, Luke Stewart, Tommy Smith, Johnny Vestal, Bill Jones, Bill More, Paul Stanford. Spanish lub SARA CARLISLE President SUZANNE FISH Treasurer PHYLLIS HUDSON Reporter xrjrggcig wEsTBRooK lb- Secretary CAROLYN MILFORD Vice President TOMMY HAYES Sergeant-at-Arms Future Homemakers First row: CAROL BISHOP Vice President flJTw XrwP.resiQggL,f NEAL PACE Sweetheart MISS ROBERTS Sponsor Second row: JODIE RATCLIFFE Program Chairman PAULETTE WALTON Song Leader NORMA LYNN Pianist JANICE HIXON Treasurer JANET CANSLER Parliamentarian LYNDA HAYNES Historian LENDOLA CHESHER Secretary TRECIA CRAYTON Reporter First row: Joy Chambers, Mary McCarty, Mary Shaw, Jannis Baker, Sally Flint, Glenna Dean, Jeanette Weddle, Anita Story. Second row: Christie Lee, Norma Robb, Carol Campbell, Marie Greer, Brenda Glisson, Sharon Ballard, Margie Sw ara Rodgers, Dianna Dillard, Beatrice Bounds, Judy Hamilton, Third and fourth rows: Carol Bishop, Lendola Chesher, Anna Dell Fore, Jody Ratcliffe, Bev- erly Bowden, Sue McCl.ure, Karen Bennett, LaDonna Pulliam, Betty Neitzler, Glenda Shirley, Paulette Walton, Sue McBroom, Lynda Haynes, Mary Byrd, MaILh.2l.MQall, Shirley Jones, Marilyn Jo Hataway, Trecia Crayton, Marilyn Couffer, Kay Begeman, Jean Evans, Shirley Hinds, Diane Busby, Janice Hixon Jeanette Reis, Norma Lynn, Janet Cansler, 1 ' J 1 ,,.L..L,.l.M2. RALPH GILBERT Treasurer NEAL PACE President MR, WADE BAILEY Advisor JOHN MILHOLLON Sentinel HAROLD HAYNES Secretary DANIEL JONES Reporter CAROLYN MILFORD Sweetheart TROY GILBERT Vice President I nl First row: Orville Mertins, Gary Barker, Doug Williams, Ralph Gilbert, Neal Pace, Carolyn Milford - Sweetheart, Eugene Kennedy, Marty Coats, , Mr. Wade Bailey, Second row: Daniel Jones, Emmett Mayo, Terry Adams, Gary McDonald, Terry McCracken, Troy Gilbert, Elliot Jones, Roy Nelson, Kenneth Shelley, Thomas Lane. Third row: David Jansen, Harold Haynes, Herbie Adams, Morris Haynes, Billy Mersiousky, John Milhollon, Troy Rodgers, Frank Johnson, Mike McDade, Joe Tubbs Kenneth Duren, Aaron Key. ational H 0 BOBBY HOLMAN Reporter NANCY FOSTER Secretary BILL J ONES Vice President CECILIA ROESSLER Treasurer TOM NA SH President nor ociety Sitting: Farrell Quinn, Carolyn Milford, Nancy Foster, Jo ' ' yce Story, Cecilia Roessler, Peggy Vl9292L9Qli. Standing: Raymond Borton, Bill More, Troy Gilbert, Bobby Holman, Ted Miller, Freddy Carter, Bill Jones, To N m ash, Mrs. Jones QSponsorJ. Left: SUE FENOGLIO Treasurer HERBIE PROPPS Parliamentarian CAROLYN GLASS Reporter tix, ,Q Right: LJJYN-..,s LENDOLA CHESHER President RONNIE McBRlDE Vice President CECILIA ROESSLER Historian CAROLYN MILFORD QNot Shownj Secretary and Songleader Future Teachers of America Sitting: Cecilia Roessler, Carol n Milford Carolyn Glass, y , Lendola Chesher, Ronnie McBride, Sue Fenoglio, Herbie Propps. Standing: Jane Ann Griffin, Phyllis Hudson, Mary Ford, Miss Iva Petty ' ' s O. V. Strange, Vestal Shirley, fSponsorJ, Joyce Wiggin , Sara Carlisle. . .MV y Ny, Future Nugijsxs Club A wk W5 First row: Miss Robertson, Sponsor, Jean Evans, Anita Story, Marilyn Couffer, Geneva Weddle, Lana Wolf, Iviarielbuucan, Beverly Bowden, Second row: Peggy Westbrook, Trudy England, Carol Campbell, Mary MFcCarty, Nancy Power, Joy Chambers, Eileen Marsh, Betty Lincoln, Janet Payne, Carol Hender- son. Third row: Glenda Wilson, Nancy Foster, Dana Rice, Carol McDaniel, Elizabeth Lucas, Carol Bishop, Ian Cato, Norma Williams, Carol Nelson. Fourth row: Rita Hamilton, Marilyn Hataway, Pat Hixon, Margaret Mann, Billie Payton Felicia Douglas, Carla Cambron Sandra Drennan, Christie Lee, Janice , , 'g r, I , g ?-3" Hixon. ,A ,L AM jig ybgvf . 0 A W NANCY FOSTER President MISS ROBERTSON Sponsor GLENDA WILSON Secretary CHRISTIE LEE Treasurer SANDRA DRENNAN Reporter NORMA WILLIAMS Vice President JANET CANSLER Junior lst Year uill and Ser BOBBY HOLMAN Senior JOYCE STORY 2nd Year . Junlor lst Year MR. TRAVIS ELLIS fSponsorJ ,.-E., JIMMY YOUREE Vice President JAMES MORROW Secretary MR. DAVIS Sponsor DAVID JANSEN Treasurer GLENDA WILSON Sweetheart WILLIE FORD Sergeant-at-Arrns R. I. THOMPSON Reporter TROY KEE President Vocational Industrial Clab W ,r... X. First row: Mr. Davis, Sponsorg David Jansen, David Shreeve, R. J. Thompson, Glenda Wilson, Sweet- heartg Troy Kee, James Morrow, Jimmy Youree. Second row: Bob Blevins, Tommy Ray, Ronald Clark Bobby Steed, Third row: Richard Martin, Willie Ford, Jerry Hanks, Robert Huffstutler, Joe Hamilton, Jerry Story, Roger Propest, Bobby Ray, Richard Keller, HAROLD HAYNES Sergeant-at-Arms IERRY TRENTHAM Secretary-Treasurer TOM NASH President .TERRY SNIDER fNot Shownj Vice President TROY GILBERT Reporter BOBBY WHISNAN D Sergeant-at-Arms Lettermarfs Club , First row: Bill More, Stanley Leishner, Raymond Borton, Freddy Carter, Neal Pace, Mike Hixon, Bobby Holman. Second row: Bobby Ray, John Millholou, Claude Walker, Tommy Ray, James Barrow, Troy Gilbert, Robert Huffstutler, Richard Martin, Third row: Jerry Trentham, Howard Jones, R. I. Thompson Jerry Hanks, Jerry Nash, Vestal Shirley, Tom Nash. Fourth row: Coach Hesse, Coach Wilson, Troy Kee Tommy Hayes, Bobby Whisnand, Harold Haynes, Coach Diedrick. Not shown: Jerry Snider. lI8 FIRST SEMESTER Standing: MRS. BLAIR fSponsorJ HAYES, RODAWALT, Recording Sec. TRENTHAM, Treasurer MOSER, Reporter NASH, Vice President HIXON, Parliamentarian fNot shownj HANKS, Fire Chief ISBELL, Corr. Secretary SECOND SEMESTER Sitting: Janice Hixon Neal Pace Christie Lee. Harold Haynes Bobby Holman Morris Haynes Stanley Leishner Standing: Louise Kaiser Jeanette Reis Norma Lynn Marie Greer Troy Gilbert David Shreeve Tommy Hunter Barry Jones Fred Carter Bill More Carolyn Milford fNot shownj Sitting: FIRST SEMESTER Billie Moser Janice Hixon Tom Nash Harold Haynes Jerry Trentham ileen Isbell "--X. i ggry Ha-H139 g Barbara Roda walt tandiligz Sherry Isbell Glenda Wilson Margie Sweeny Kay Begeman Bill More Tommy Hunter Tommy Hayes Daniel Jones Troy Gilbert Sam McSpadden 'A frQ?::'E'R-avlj Te Miller SECOND SEMESTER Sitting: HIXON, Corr. Secretary PACE, Fire Chief ix-Rarliamentarian 2 HAYNEFI7 President HOLMAN5 Reporter HAYNES, M. , Vice President LEISHNER, , W Treasurer CNet shownj MILFORD, Recording Sec. 5 X Q il N f wr-2 I .A f ..,' 7' Q cf im iff mg 5 x ' Zi fy WP f f? 'Sk Q5 X X Vbhl Mfffffk ...... 619 Q Z J i i X H 5 Kmwumu m m Q Wi W W i X - E QLLMK XTX! 4 ww f 1- l f 1 Eileen Isbell, three years, Sue Fenoglio, one year, Iudy McBroom, three years. Beverly Bowden, two yearsg Carolyn Mil ford, one year, Carol Nelson, one year. Assistants I2O AAxAJ.. n Y llA.'r 1 :YV Trudy Talley, one year, Io Ann Stone, one year, Ann McLaughlin, one year, Lynda Haynes, one year. Monique Parr, one year, Verna one year, Joyce Roberson, one Library Bennie Burgess, Sue Fenoglio, Barbara Rodawalt, Ann Mcllroy Rebecca Norman Cecilia Roessler Sonny Vincent, Mike Grace :w2f mGxQzz9m sfn5I'lvwAlvl Patricia Vincent, Carolyn Glass, Joyce Wiggins Assistants ky? f, X , , Homecoming X NSq?gii3ULZL6S W Enthusiastic students are shown here at the pep rally Homecoming Day, Students help at the registration Ex-students enjoy tea in the Home of Ex-students. Economics De partment, Miss Roberts is ready to serve the guests at Home- coming. Student Council Student Council members who helped with registration during Home coming. Dx A 4 1 1 Student Council members who attended the Students vote for Mr. and Miss E.H. S. District meet in Burkburuett, Mike Hixon captured the pig in the "greased pig" chase. 123 X xx! , . i N xx i, 1 'FL 0 -wr.-i "i 'w. -"AW vlmqii sg i AQ-' r i r QM. W - U x 4 A Ni ."' : V A E 5 lg P I i 1 -.ii -- 2 1: - f ,. s V ,,.. ri., , M- J ' 1 V' '-', ii "--' . p ,,', " 5' 1 1 2 ' V ' K E K .. 5 A s We 'E '-L V '-5 -Q , W ' V P ' :JW ', , 5 ,. Ak M ,m A ' V by ,, 1 . .." -Y W .. we r - .. .. s Q Coach WUSOH and 1115 he1PefS sf J ' . V- ' 1 Speak at the bonfire. L .. i L' , , is es e fl! . A,mV -21, -Q65 2' 1: -,fvifgfssfiiis QQ! iiksifiiff A ' K J ,Q ,fr -.,' L ,gg . -Mg f X' es A-,ii 'Ly sf Tigers at practice. Pep Rallies Bonfire pep rally draws a large crowd, Practices Enthusiastic students at pep rallies. The Homema king class makes new curtains for the rooms. Snap Students seem to enjoy the assembly. Tigers are proud of their awards. Troy Gilbert explains a geometry problem to the class. shots Students are using the library facilities. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER Calendar SEPTEMBER 2 - First Day of school 6 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Iowa Park 13 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Archer City 18 - School pictures made 20 - Pep rally, Tigers vs, Paducah 24 - Band went to fair 27 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Seymour OCTOBER 10 - End of first six weeks 11 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Olney 16 - Election of Mr. and Miss E. H. S. and Most Typical Girl and Boy 17 - Southern Association Assembly 18 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Nocona 24 - Election of Homecoming Queen NOVEMBER 1 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Jacksboro 8 - Homecoming game, Tigers vs. Decatur 12 - Marching Contest, Wichita Falls 13 - S.M,U, visitor 15 - Pep rally, Tigers vs. Burk 16 - Choral contest, Wichita Falls 25 - End of second six weeks 26 - "A" and "B" girls' basketball at Harrold DECEMBER 3 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball at Iowa Park 4 - United School Assembly 5-6 - Girls' basketball tournament at Oklaunion 10 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Holliday 12-13-14 - Girls' basketball tournament here 18 - Faculty Tea 19-20 - Boys' basketball toumament at Vernon 26-30 - Girls' basketball tournament at Duncanville 1 95 7-5 3 - "A" and "B" girls' basketball, Holliday 14 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Bowie 17 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Iowa Park 20 - Second Semester Begins 21 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Nocona 24 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Iacksboro 27 - United School Assembly 31 - Career day at Midwestern I ANU ARY .T ANU ARY FEBRUARY 1 - F, F, A, fat stock show 4 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Decatur 14 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Nocona 18 - F,F,A, banquet 19 - Debate 20 - United School Assembly 21 - "A" and "B" girls' and boys' basketball, Burk FEBRUARY MARCH 7 - Band contest, Iacksboro 8 - Chorus 14 - One-Act play, Jacksboro 15 - Region 14 choral contest, Wichita Falls 21 - Junior Play 22 - Region 14 band contest 24 - Golf tournament here 25 - Tennis tournament, here 28 - Literary Meet, Jacksboro MARCH APRIL 11 - Senior Play 18 - State F. H. A, meeting 18-19 - Regional meet at Dallas 23 - United School Assembly 25 - Junior and Senior banquet 30-May 2 - Tri-State band festival at Enid MAY 1-3 - State meet at Austin 15 - Spring band concert 25 - Commencement Sermon 26-30 - Senior Week APRIL - MAY 30 - Graduation Exercises ' , I ji, ,-.,f5"' lr. W .-M Jlclfix .uv f . ,, ,, Activities " Football Banquet honoring the Choral taffy pull. Bi -District Champions, Mrs. Burroughs' Algebra Class. Students do study, don't Qhey? X Mrs. Long's typing class looks busy, Future Teachers seem to be busy in the kitchen, E w ,V mx w Activities R. I. Thompson receives his football jacket This is one of the many enjoyable Student Council assemblies. ! f""" "' I xx f f 2 R. J. and David are busy working in the The annual F. H. A. Sweetheart Banquet evening shop class. These are the ladies who work in our cafe- Our janitors help keep our school clean. teria. Interscholastic These are the students who represented Electra in These students were chosen for Shorthand: Billie Typing: Joyce Story, Sara Carlise, Lana Wolf. Mrs, Davis, Judy MCBIOOYU, Cecilia ROeSSler. Long, Sponsor fnot shownj, Harvey Wilson, Tommy Hunter, Paul Hayers, Carolyn Glass, and Joyce Story were students in Number Sense. gl Mr. Karney, Sponsor. Joyce won district, was second in region and represented Electra in the state meet X' last year. 1 , J Janice Hixon will represent E. H. S. in Ready Writing. Lana Wolf' Diane Busby' Mary Byrd' Curtis Warner Mrs. Jones sponsored this and Spelling- Doyle Bently, Mary Ford, Mike Grace, and Janet '30 Payne, were Interscholastic League Spellers, League R0I1DiC McBride, F61iCi3 D011g13S. and J21'lI1iS Baker Carolyn Milford was the girls' representative and William I6PICSSI1ISd EICCIIH in DCC18I1'18Ii0I1- McAllister fnot shownj was the boys' in Extemporaneous speaking. These were the Slide Rule participants: Eddie Hart, ,f ,V WVU E v rf" lx Robert White, Tommy Smith, Curtis Warner, Paul L Goodman, and Deryl Mowery. J l Carla Cambron and Vestal Shirley were the Poetry The Debate team sponsored by Mrs. Kidd were the Readers, following: Lowell Graves, Bill Jones, Nancy Foster, Peggy Westbrook and Ted Miller. I 3' I32 Drama Club The Electra High School Drama Club is one of the school's newest organizations. It is designed to promote interest in all forms of dramatics and speech work. The club helps students in acting, speech, declama- tion, debate, poetry, reading, extempora- neous speech, and in preparing for Inter- scholastic League contests such as the One- Act Play. OFFICERS - Bob Holman, President, Ted Miller, Vice Presidentg Glenda Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer: Rebecca Norman, Social Chairman, Paulette Walton, Reporterg Alberta Rowe, Freshman Representative, , X Jeanette Willett, Sophomore presentativeg No a 9 l Robb, Junior Re e tativd-7 'chard Martin, "T tw ' A Representative, f 3 fx if A f PKG KX -NA I gi xl, XXQ., Nj V, ig Qi f W Ex Do X 1 , g xr t First row: Lana Wolf, Jody Ratcliffe, Greta Noe, Rebecca Norman, Norma Robb, Louise Gee, Trudy . England, Glenda Wilson, Mary Ford, Jane Ann Griffin, Alberta Rowe, Jannis Baker, Eileen Marsh, Jo Ann Stone, Jeanette Willett, Paulette Walton, Sherry Willett, Mr. Jack Meares. Second row: Ronnie McBride, Louis Kent, Curtis Warner, Bob Holman, Dickie Martin, Ted Miller, Vestal Shirley, Luke Stewart, Jon Millhollen, Don Wilson, Weyland Rapp. Not pictured: Nancy Foster, Peggy Westbrook, Felicia Douglas. A QVMWGJ 1?-v LQ fWQ- 1W M fcfff am f'f"WWj'Efw.QQwffZ qmail ' Q 0 I ! e K JQQAW? wgav '0 A . 2 Q' E we -, X Q W QW , X E NE: V f,41f'5':5 ! - 5552-Mx A -, aX f ' 9 WKxmXXxu. jul Fi 7 ' l p x t ' '-ff '1 xx g 6 W ' KX ,hx M Q. 2 Aus- . G.. K X-QSX xg ' 'x ' X J YQ.: i f XX MN A M f -L Q I! f -'tw-W-'Wm' A C911 A J 1 11,1 Q Q J nf-X lf! 8 'Blix PEVNOLDS Mo-V012 Qi 6, QWOQMHJPW 'Xl Y flag flwlw., 'O k A 214 North Waggoner H Wig! Nix ,gf Electra, Texas 1 A W , f ' Fox? ' 5 A f '71 ,V My gulf? . Nix f Phone 3797 DCDOTEE S' BLJZBEE FINANCE CO- INSURANCE AGENCY 17 I A11 Kinds of Insurance Auto Financing Q , bij! " UAV, fffest Cleveland ' w J ! W V0 f2W5LVfWQ'Lw 3696 A , ' ,J X f IL I, Q A Q . 1 U15 ' ,JW 1. 3 Mp, NUM JU CR AND MCGANN . if r H INQURANCE , 1 , ',,, ,X t 1 A , M fna mu W I Jw mpE!'11'ii fav 1 My Aj? f P Ma an Lf JV , V1 1152 X- 'U Db f5.f'V'L --QUIK' rfe 11 ' C-" , E- 1' MPV I 1 6 N. Waggener ' ' f ." - '-'-':"""' - Phone 2115 A Au .. g H11 H-gi A' 'I-ef'-1?C25i'J,?b os!" 1 "3A""N"N X Electra, Texas Jobbers and Distributors VV S. "BUDDY" B PCVVN SUPER MARKET 113 W, Front St. Phone 212.1 201 North Main Electra, Texas Electra Texas +-:UPF-'VS GOLQEMRIJHS 1 V ,w .fl DR IVE-IN AHAHAH Root Beer - Ice Cream Prescription Druggists Hamburgers Phone 2335 113 West Cleveland Street h 2265 515 West Cleveland P one Electra, Texas in fl 1 ! 'V LW SMART SHOP 5 ! ' Electra, Texas .G H AX y. fi ' , f ' dafh ww fp -in F YY L t 1 ' ff , "W of J If ff e lt at 1 9 tl 540 , . ataar MEN AND WOMEN'S ki X WEAR T I . .:.:.- 2 1"' I w R .-vV" '1" Electra, Texas -.:"-.1:A ninbl N xy IX!lAl.'I' Sl-ICDT3 Ice Cream - Hamburgers Sandwiches Phone 2426 DRIVE- IN CLEANERS "You Toot - We Tote" MR, AND MRS. J'. T. RATCLIFFE Phone 3789 OLIVE? Dl2L.JG "We Give Prudential Stamps" Prescription Our Specialty CAETE2 'S OFFICE SUPPLY Remington Typewriters Tufide School Cases 113 North Main Phone 2840 VVE STE? IXI ALJTCD A I! 1 VL, I 'X 113 N, Waggoner 'Q V ,QQ 21 A 111 , fs-' f T 27.11. L jf Fj0'1, lv ff if " I -1 I I!! gl. 2,5 LIN, 5 xiii E N, ffm! Phone 3670 bf: LLQJQ 550 MW 11 2 E my A ' W 1' A M 21 12,1 9 lo jpg Rooh ffm HLA ,,je,1ffj V gf wb JU wx 1 , 'WT A QM uf' l N M, F kwv' df :V ' C ITV we 1 4 A if A 5 Xf mme . za 4 W ' A - aj fx REAL ESTATE 11910 11,-vwnd ml' 116 N, Waggener , , , v ,T Z11 C9l5 'S I QGT-and Theatre Bldg., fi ' , 4 C D' J ' I J Phone 2722 kj 1-2 , .T n ,R I 1. X x, 'X A ,al . fl, V -f 1 +1 ,f 1 A X. .. . , 'iviq E N I A er I Gleani A L N A Y NN inf Nlpdern W i ' N 4X 'Q x ' ' ' X g A MTV - d' Rgair Tx J Phone 3011 ate iglkffffsaphs X! 1 Free Piek Up f YQ shone 3894 Q--di ,I I 4 un, I 2 and Delivery : ' I. 1 I 4l',1.H 2 Plenty of Free X , If 1 if f Parking 2 x Q65 5 JR A fx N 'S The House of Pleasant Dealings S GN LIA SERVICE D N' W - T FURNITURE COMPANY PX MGWQHS E C DARTER Pro N 1 V mm-an A . . , p. Xi, Mobilubrication Complete Home Furnishings X' obiloil, Mobilgas, Batteries X1 and Accessories Phone 2326 Phone Z 1 17 Electra, Texas -I . c4 'AVI L fl f free f--f 17 --fi . if f G' L3 L , .L-f-1' c AA!! I ci 111 c:Hffi"'6'Q WN!! . , -' ,J ,, !v,,x,f of fX 1 l'v'X P 1 H.. f LD f ' if 'l of P CM Li ,mf Ali 5 J I P ,Jim 6 TLH4 t, , V, V fm Y U7 Q Lyx1vLdaf ADAMS W Bryan ex ,f Vflljj Phone 2443 my M A f t I fy, 2 " , I In LI f N MQW" U ' E 1 Ziyi:-fvgfjszniors 'sat Electra Phone Texas t 2961 Sale 'Q Sefsvice " K' Electra., Texas o TIM ROLLINS TEXACO SERVICE Corner Cleveland and Wichita Street ,W xdfgppfifffiiiftibmeis of W L E l-IAET iuti... Dial 2134 r 3164 300 North Waggoner M G12s:s1NE'S pfgmfwmn CAMERA STORE 5 Commercial and Portrait Z Q Photographs GROCERY AND MARKET Q 205 N- Wa8g0ner Fancy and Staple Groceries Egg Electra at Right Price Q' TN 2427 Main - A 2.5 - Vegflon Phone 3473 1 2 xg mi! lk XGMXS FQ 5 h X s Compliments of X15 55 .s iq xkiix N-. J K my YXXQQ 5 A A 2 ' C E I 1 gon EO srvu 1-4 X53 LUMBER COMPANY t Q' Xi 'R 52 Years Q, Q XXX X XX' in ix ,x Xt" Electra, Texas Asi' X 100 N, Electra Phone 2532 A5 A V, "Lis Best Wishe s gmdz NEWS STAND BOB HOLMES Electra, Texas 115 Waggoner Ph. 2226 Electra, Texas EDVVATZDS WIOSEE 'S TIME SHOP GROCERY Jewelers - Watch Repairing Compliments of xx S W BILL MOSER Electra' Texas GROCERY at MARKET Phone 2327 ,i Phone 7346 E'-'I Pumpkin Center IVICDVVEWZV EEO' I t-IEKS DRY GOODS Compliments of gffagfm sf ow ,. A ' ERAL HOME 3 APPLIANCES - TV REPAIR p My .f X I if 1 CITY QEQELEC' RAQUIZA 5 W' I I L LIG5IfITXj3UN .P R it f'v?f' A I if df I I f My f Your To elieving Institution I "I f ,I t V C LE IVICN S If f 1 FURNITURE g Transfer and Storage 211 N, Main Phone 3890 5 "' V V M222 4 Iffifsizffsiaffet Electra, Texas Congratulations, Seniors I ' Nfl ARC I-I ANT 5 ,J STYLE- sHoP Is a Place for Smart Girls to I-I S Find Smart Clothes MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Visit U5 and Be Convinced 401 E, Front St. Phone 2749 Owner Electra, Texas NEVA MAR CHANT X 2 C Compliments , of lj v , sl ' .67 LODEN S STUDIO in.-Mis' , , i . : K A f, '."0fVfl0PgE MD Pnwrfn 5 QUICK fxvf r Sr vlcf 110 West Bryan me I Gkacfmfs l-I Ax Nl K S W WASHATERIA Phone 3168 ZZ Electra, Texas FOOD STORE 1 Electra, Texas Congratulations, Senior s U. S. MACHINE SHOP Phone, 212 8 1 N 5, A BETTER .nop f lEPAla'nG PM J mvm us g Je.-euro voua ww Ne1d:BI.0W0U1'? FLUSCI-IE'S CONOCO SERVICE Gates Tires and Batteries 111 South Main Street Phone 2435 Electra, Texas ACI YATE 5 TRUCKING CO. Oil Field Hauling Water and Oil Hauling Electra., Texas Phone 3793 611 E, Cleveland C' 05 fhwkzqee LUMBER CO., INC. 201 N. Electra Lumber - Sash - Doors - Lime Cement - Builder's Hardware Electra, Texas Phone 3367 ETZOVV N '5 STEAM LAUNDRY Wet Wash - Wash and Dry Pick Up and Delivery 422 E. Cleveland- Phone 3167 I I Q I' --I 5 I ,I ---' 'Iwi ,Y ,J 1 l 1 ? ' X N 6 g "W -'J f, , 'S l-l 'L f,g5,n'l'. .3 GR IN egffw TOR A-Qw at WELDING SHOP l-l 'f',Ua lh 'K Q iw 224 W. Cleveland I I Qnowsn Phone 2138 r by Q n . . mfg...-,-:,,p ,JM " our Business Appreciated l I o'---'- ' Box 488 ' ' I Phone 3163, 3966 Electra, Texas I ED PEICE CI-IICKEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractor Electra, Texas Phone 2186 - 3174 SI-IACI4 E. Cleveland Phone 3 898 Electra, Texas VVE STEX IVI OTE I. 1 New - Modern Vented Heat Air Conditioned IVI I LLEI2 BROTHERS BULLDOZER, TANK 8: TRUCK 511 E, Front C112 BROWN WI-IISTLE Sign STOP S, 8: H. Green Stamps Best Wishes, Seniors Delicious Hamburger s "Let's All Meet at the Whistle Stop" I-JOLMIAN ELECTEA BOOKKEEPING SERVICE MOTOR CO. TAX SERVICE Your Buick De-aler 303 E, Summit 301 North Main Phone 2050 DAVE EAKIN of Magnetos, Briggs, Strattor L-I KI l and Engines Sold and Serviced PAS-TRY SHQP 211 W. Cleveland Phone 3795 Phone 2022 323 E. Cleveland Electra, Texas VVAQD BIQOTL-IEIZS' FURNITURE Quality Higher Than Prices Electra, Texas Phone 3475 L.E,A'l'1-I S K lDD'S AUTO TRIM 8: GLASS AUTO SUPPLY Auto Air Conditioning SP0fting Goods Glass Installation Flshmg Tzafkle Seat Covers Ammumtlon 222 N, W Phone Ziiiuner Phone 2535 122 N, Waggoner EICCUG, TCXHS Prompt - Courteous - Efficient STACY GARAGE ANI? ' ix I 'X :Kb -Liv I '7 ffkj gg 6.0K1 Enix Q.-Wqkjiv LEJ, E Q I wx, W I W .-x 'fl J I K W . I lefetra , T exa s J Q' xx-,. ' BRADFORD SUPPLY CO. Dealers in Oil and Gas Well Supplies Phone 2111, 2112 I-ILJIVIDI-H2EV'3 APPLIANCE CO. 207 West Cleveland St. Electra, Texas General Electric and RCA-Victor Phone 2420 IVIACICS 24 HOURS SUPER STATION Electra, Texas ff BOB WEBB 208 N. Waggoner Phone 2952 'F2l:l:Vl::5 GOLDEN WELL SERVICE 400 N. Waggoner Phone 232.8 F. L. STREET Phone 3275 Electra, Texas STREET 8: BEASLEY BULLDOZERS Fully Insured 300 Block West Railroad Ave. Electra, Texas W. J. BEASLEY, JR. Phone 3661 Iowa.,Park, Texas Mailing Address: Box 487 Iowa Park, Texas p . ,fi 4 " 1 off iffw 6 LQWM 6' ,4 ' 4 ff at WANS Q N EQOS. , I, 1 E171 J ' Drilling Contractors and Oil Producers f .f f 4 Office - Electra State Bank Bldg. P, O, Box 272 Phone 3366 Electra, Texas PM JKWW' QNTIAC -fi0m0J,l4J,Mj0W'AAQuccess to the ating Class 120 North Main Sf. Telephone 2743 ELECTRA, TEXAS IN ACCOUNT WITH GOOD I--I1:il215EK'l UNGEE GULF SERVICE FROSTY, MAN, FROSTY Phone, 3261 209 E. Front Gulf Oil Products - Accessories Electra, Texas 1 I N 1 ,,. Complunen s off 'VQDQDLJ llisv EE CAWZTE12 ZW N I I by ' ' KSJDL GK N ANERS Phone 7-1369 1920 Ardath 1, u J 120 N. Waggoner Electra, Texas Phone 2648 Wichita Falls, Texas TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS TOM'S PEANUT SANDWICHES AND CANDIES E I-EC-I-EA Bank Accounts STATE Q Z . "W" ' aff? 'T BANK 0sf1s"f5"s' Members of the Federal Deposit X ' I9 Insurance Corporation 0.0 W Deposits Guaranteed if J V Up to 5 10,000.00 Electra, Texas HASKELL BURTON BURTON WELL SERVICE Sand Pumping, Rod Machine Swabbing, Tubing Bailing BOX 1132 Phone 2640 WAf'f2W11'fi 292151 Mitsfmmmfzrml W- 151361-W --""'ll ..i" ' W. A. MCCLURE at SONS OIL DRILLING co, BILL. 'X f , QQ IVIOEE 1 , U!!! fu fy' yi, xi ,ff ' 1 Ai 'Q " 1 TEXACO SERVICE if 1 Compliments of SCITV SHOE SHOP 111 W, Bryan 1 I x M 'fwjffff .aff 519 West Front st. FN 23 X ajafv Electra Texas 3 'F U J Phone 2541 0 MJ W QQOMN lxvy Blw DWELL WELL SERVICE WC y MQ' 1 1 if by Kamay, Texas is MU Milfiw 'if 'V PN Qfvgfigiiu . ' Q 7 11: -J 1 1b1.LL, E I ' - ' f rf' 1' 'M 1 'S Simons git X Phone 1 . fi wb uccess to the graduating class l ' mann Eg I , 1 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, BY WICHITA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. . Wichita Falls Electra Radio Equipped Tl-IOINJIAS I-LE. VVILSCDN as svn 1 1.1-IQWZD OIL WELL CEMENTiNG SERVICE Electra, Texas Silverton, Texas Electra, Texas Kress, Texas Olney Seymour X B S E A N L G E A S L M E N 1. X f "v L. 3 f' 1 if The Bengal Staff enjoyed sell- ing ads this year. We wish to ex- press our thanks to the advertisers. With the help of their advertisements the 1958 Bengalhas been made pos- sible. ' ffm? 1 f lf i fqiy mf? f W7 lf, ' " , ' f - Y - W , V ' V rs' ' I' I 1 , M, i , v Y 441 my " 4. 'X A - Y .4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 T 4 4 1 r i 1 5 1 4 I 4 4 1 1 4 4 4 I 4 4 PL 1 4, 4 r 2 41 l "'v2H1sae11f!'Fr':t:M1 4' ' . " ' . f ' A..'F". 6' w 'Hn -1 ,JP N,':w:4,, V , 17, -WIA Y- 3 ,ls zu V rw w-f ll ,rl al' mf M7 9 4 4 1 r 2 ,M f!Q wp .,.,vl FA 1 8 .,, eihfjrxv -.'-ru-5.3 Sfwzsliipiviwwswk 7 E Www M K Q' w 1,-1.n5.s Y,,.,.f. 1 33331: 'V

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Electra High School - Bengal Yearbook (Electra, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Electra High School - Bengal Yearbook (Electra, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Electra High School - Bengal Yearbook (Electra, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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