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iff? M , wg ,Ug,,pZf7d E gd Wifi ggi? mfffff f Q Na Www ,W ff? .M S 9 Wfwffw QMAJ :W lg fi Eid? 5535 9 fl!! 5 si wg v W0 - y, Q! W Www 'Nq ,,, fgg:-K 5 I 5 M iz gi W Q fi A . A 1, 1 x 'Qxwi ' Q2 33356 SQQSQ 553 QQ W W if5,1i5SXSXm WM 4 Af is A V I 7 7 J! ,yn Z Xl.. 1 N 2 fyfff f "fm x X i 'f ff! 6 324144. ' 5 xx km y kt -JV ' .1 x X F N, P ll xx V is X QV! ' K . , N 1 v A 'kr ' yy wwy . ' ' X W ,, . X Rb y ' I, ,uf It t ' I v X , gy V' x, by , . N, Lb . y, W .JK , 4 , I , A x X .r A .,u '1 N . . .. . I V N rx ,J n .1 . , , r 1 . v 1 f . , N. , X , If . , ' V ' r N., , X , - UN: X lv K.. N MN N .JF wk Y' 51 z he QD X ,N x A , UQ , Xxx X X N L xx + ,J X x xxrv X J x Y F YXBX x '41 nf' V x P jv Q. 1 l' X ' Xrf' . A 'xl ., W V' f fw tN xx X N v x K1 X 'N H' Nik . x-f ' I I J -'Q fi , I, , ,Z , f Q kc, , 3, ' 7' kg A 2 ' ff , WL if , 1 f I ? , TN, H' ' f"7 1 1 wx x x 1, 8 x x 4' All '17, x ' 4? ' . 11, ' I ' rf 9" ' X 2 ,Q-11 -v SQ- If f I 4' 45,1 'ff??j 1 Q W if QQQQR X ff pf WW Eg f H M W I M14 M Xifffjfwj ELECTRA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL The Bengal 1946 Editors: Wayne Hale 8: Jane Skinner 2 . 444 WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO THE FORMER STUDENTS OF E. H. S. WHO IIELPED T0 ACHIEVE THE VICTORY AND WIN THE PEACE THAT IS OURS TODAY. - THE EDITORS i' nf- ""' g A59 fffpf 1 , -ff, lik? in 'J' lla? 'Liz - - c 1 .2 - K C '14 1 , 3' ' - f ,V, 'I , L ' owmqgw Dlilbli 'ATIUN ICM 'I fI,'lxY VIASSICS Sl 'O HTS VU Bl ,I Q XXTIONS FA YOHITIGS I 'IC "l'O1-HAI. T,,,, r L, G. McLAUGHl-ll, Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES M STI DHA I President ,a smn.nen'. vm.. ELECTRA PUBLIC SCHOOLS TJBIZZZZZ' J- R. BIDWIC E. V. HALTOI DOA ID OI TIUITIK son Lmosizv JR.. supmwnn-M ELECTRA. TEXAS Dear Students , This school year of 1945-46 hee been one of transition from World Ver ll to peaceful living! During this year, several activities of our enhool have been revived, progress he been ands ln on: cafeteria, visual education. and made progress, ' and regular student assemblies have been presented. Probably one of the aoet enjoyable results of the yeer has been the amy frlendehips which have been fox-aed. It has been a pleasure indeed to have been associated with so many splendid young ladies and gentluenl Sincerely, Bob Lindley. Jr. Superintendent BL:ad EL ECTFQA HIGH SCHOOL n. nn. nsnvn. in-ue-us. ELECTRA. TEXAS Dear Students: Since the 1945 Bengal went to press, the most destructive war in history has come to a close. The atomic bomb hae been ussd for the first time, and let ue hope that it will be the last. Let us hope that atomic energy will forever be used. to build civilization instead of to destroy it. You may wonder Just how this concerns you. Remember that each of you is e part of this civilization. What the human race accomplishes or the heights to which it rises depends on what all the individuals are and what they do. You are completely responsible for the part you are now playing and will continue to play. Your preeent responsibility in Electra High School is to assume the task of regaining anything we may have lost in the way of the most whole- some morale during the trying yea.:-e of the war just as if you were wholly responsible for the loss. You are responsible to those who will come after you for passing on to them the best eohool that American boye and girls can help to build and maintain. Let us work in school and after we are out for the best that can be had. This school was built for you. It is yours. Make yourself unselfishly worthy of its trust. Let us make it better each year. To those vm are leaving us through graduation this year, I wish to express nu' sincerest congratulations and best wishes. Sincerely, -f 1,1 ,LAI C. 51. HITVII . . 1 BAND Reading Left to Right Sitting: Mary Ann Williams, Jane Youree, Curtis Mahaney, Vic- toria Eggenberg, Cora Lee Martin, Wayne Hale, Lidelle Davis, Bobbie Burns, Johnnie Hut- son, Christine Lindsey, Cranford Garner, Billy McClure, Harold Mason, Robert Adams, Milton Mertins, C. E. Spikes, Merle Jean Vaught, J. W. Price, Rodney Smith, Douglas Fowler, Clarence Mertins, Douglas Brown, Bruce Amonett, Homer Ray and Charles Rowin. Reading Left to Right Standing: Barbara Pennington, Lurline Clayton, Jerry Pittman, Lois Faye Coy, Geraldine Martin, Billy Byrd, Bill Kearby and Roy Lee Martin. .1 - E. H. S. is proud of its group of cheer leaders this year. They've done a grand job. The group is composed of Mary Ann Murray, Ima Joyce Gregory, Dan Dale, Jane Skinner, and Evelyn Ward. ACUNTY 1946 IO JNVVR .Jr G. W. TILLERSON B. S. - N. T. S. T. C. SARAH TIPTON N. T. S. T. C. CLARA TURNER B. A. - N. T. S. T. C. J. W. VAUGHN B. Af University of Tex!! EULA WHITE!-IOUSE B. A. University of Texal 19446 ANNA BELLE KIDD B. A. - 0. C. W. MRS. BOB LINDSEY Texas Tech R. 0. OLIVER , B. A. University of Oklahoma MAUDE OWENS B. S. University of Missouri IVA PETTY B. S. - N. T. S. C. JODIE SMITH B. A. - Hardin Simmons M. A. - T. W. C. 1946 HELEN BORTH B. S. - N. T. S. T. C. OLIVE CARTER B. A. - E. T. S. T. C. JOSEPHINE COGDELL B. A. - T. W. C. NADINE FRANDSEN B. A. - E. T. S. T. C. JOHN M. GARRISON B. S. - E. T. S. T. C. BESSIE BELLE HAIR B. A. Oklnhoma University? CNR'-3 Ni ' N X , Q - s ,Xb 4 , W -O Jug! ,X U' ' Vx-::lxm.x."Qd' M f 4 IV , . g ML X , I - SW: f' fiii , fm .A , - In if . U 'ff' I MRS. SMITH QSENIOR SPONSORJ One of the most likable and responsible persons in school is the excellent teacher with personality plus, Mrs. Jodie Smith. She showed a lot of her capability by being an excellent math teacher, director of the Senior play, and all-round good sponsor this year. l SENIOR OFFICERS Bill Strawn, Prgsiglentg Ydelle Houtchens, Secretaryg Patsy Ballard, Treasurerg and Jack Elliott, Vice-President. fiifi Smmu 19416 'iliiff-4 aiiie Q JO LYNN ALVEY BRUCE AMONETI' 'tennis '44 '45 '46: Bend '44 '45 '46 MARY ANDIS First two years at Wichita Fallsg Vice president Freshman class '42 '43g President of Sophomore class '43 '44g Science club '42 '43g Scholar- ship favorite '42 '43g Glee club '42 '43g Latin Honor Societyg Treasurer of Junior Class '44 '45g Most Representative Jun- nor girl '44 '45: Choral club vice president '45 '46g Nation-- al Honor Society secretary '45 '46g Quill and Scroll '45 465 Tiger Tales staff '44 '45 '46g Scholarship Contestant '46g Sigma Delta Sorority '44 '45 '4 3 Honorary Lion '45, PATSY Choral club '45 '46'g Honorary Lion '46g President of National Honor Society '45 '46g Senior Representative at Chamber of Commerce Banquet '46g Presi- dent of Sigma Delta Sorority '45g Sports club '43 '44g Tiger Tales Staff '42 '43 '44 '45 '-46: Treasurer of Senior Class '45 465 Quill and Scroll '45 '46, VAN BALLARD Football '41 '42 '43 '44 '45 '46: Basketball '43 '44 '45 '46j Track '443 Student Council '48 '44g Honorary Lion '44' E A sociation '43 '4 ' ' '- S' 4 45 46, Ben- gal Staff '44g Vice President of tudent Council '43': President of Student Council '44g Vice President of E Association '44g Most Popular Boy '43 '44 '45C All District Football Play- er '45 '46: Honor Mention for all State '45g Who's Who in' Tiger Tales '43 '44. MELBA BARKER LAVON BARNETT' BUDDY BESSENT 1 -1 , fi i 1946 NORMA BILLS PATSY BLACKARD 9A.am.k, RALPH BONE Tiger Tales Staff '44 '452 T ffl-' gul Staff '46. BOB BOWMAN Track '43 '44 '45g Football '42 '43 '44 '45 '46g President of Junior class '43g Student Coun- eil '45g Basketball '44 '45 '46Q Honorary Lion '439 Bengal Staff '44 '45g Spanish Chia '42 '43g E Association '43 '44 '45: Best All Around Boy '43 '44: All State Team '45 '46. l-'ERN BRODERSON' Texas History Club '45. DOUGLAS BROWN Football '43g Sbanish club '43 7443 Tennis '43 '44: One Act Play '43g Band '43"44' '45 '46g Senior Play '46g Tiger Tales '43 '44' '45. eiwwi ESTELL B F Whos Who in Home Econo- mics '48 '44g Who's Who in Sewing '43 '443 Texas History' club '45. BOBBY NELL BURNS Band '43 '44 '45 '46p Tiger Tales Staff '45 '46g National' Honor Society '46g Choral Cluli- '43b'463 Future Home Makers c u . Sauna i9-46 TOM FARRTER ANDA DOUQHERTY Tennis '44 '45 '-46: Congmittee W member for council constitutlon '-45: Football '44 '45 A-MA J. B. DOWNS BOBBY FLIPPIN on I-JGGENBACKI-:R LEO FLUSCHE VIRGINIA FLUSCHE K ELLI TT - JAC 0 Choral club '40 .s 1946 KITTY CARLISLE' Raimi JOE CARROLL MARGARET DAVIS' 4LH club '44 '45g Cartoon club. HAROLD DILLARD' '44 '45g Spanish clu'b '44 '45:: Student Council '46. JETTA CHESHER' JOYCE CROSS KITTY DILLARD Volleyball '43 '44g President of lCivics clan 'Mg Menber of National Honor Society '-16. TED DODSON Vice President of Freshman' class '42: Secretari of Sopho- inore class '48s ootboll '44 45: Association 'l5: Who's Who in Physics '44 '45g Ben- eral 'Stnff"45 '46g Spgnigh club M 455 Vice President of Can- teen Council. . Q Swm 1946 W. C. GARNER WAYNE HALE Spanish club '41 '-125 'USU' Tile! Tiger Tales Staff '45 '4Q7 Bgnd Staff '45 '46g Bengal Staff '45 '46s '44 '45 '46g Honorary Lion 46 Quill and Scroll '46g Secretaag Who's Who in Band '46: Presi Junior class '45g Master of ' dent of Band '46g Editorial Ben monies of Juniorsenior Banquet 3.1 '48g Football '-48: Senior Rep- "45g 4-H club '42 '43 '44: Glee club resentative se chamber of Com '45 '46g Cartoon club '48. merce Banquet. ESTELLE HALL s uh 1b'4s'44gl-'enum LELAND GERALD 95.123 531, us, 4-11 me 'asou DONALD RAY GIBSON Football '48 '44g Mgr. of Football Team '45g Basketball '44 '45 '46g Track '46: E Association '45 -'46g Student Council '45 '46g Spanish club '43 "44g Tennis '45 '463 4-H club '43 '44, CONNIE GILLUM Spanish club '44 '45g Track '43 '46g giges Takes its!! '45 5-:2fQuill arad ro . '4 3 enga 45 4 3 Glee club '45 '46g Cartoon 'club '48g AGNES Student Council '48 '44g Tennis '44 '45g Basketball '42 '48. GEAN HANSEN HARTMANGRUBER Y 4 -EEL S WANDA HAYES MARY IRBY Honor Student Junior High '43g Spanish club '48 '44g Hon- or Society '46: Choral club '45 '46g 4-I-I club '42 '43 '44 '45 '46g Library assistant '43 '44 '45 '4f6. ELAINE HENDERSON Football '45g I. D. S. '45 '46g Sports club '44 '46g Volleyball '44 '45 '46g Spanish club '43 '44 '45p Choral club '43 '44 '45 '46g 4-H club '42 '43, QILLY J ENN INGS VIRGINIA QFULTONJ JENNINGS MILTON HOLLIS Volleyball '43 '44 '45 YDELLE HOUTCHENS Beauty Nominee '43 '44 '45 '46g Football Queen Nominee '44 '45g President of 4-H club '43g Secretary Texas History club '45g -Secretary of Senior class '45 '46g Bengal Staff '45 '465 Student Council Representa- tive '45g Who's Who in Tiger Tales '45g Choral club '45: Football '45g I. D. S. '44g Chor- al club '45. GENE LAVENDER Track '43 '46g Tennis '44 '45 '46g Cue and Curtain club 4E Football '42 '43 '44. -. i l.l...l..Ti1 UAHES LEACH GENE LININGER CLARENCE unour' EDWARD I-YT-ES Football '48 '44 '45 '43, Football '48 '44 '45 '46 DELWOOD LEE Foowl la D44 U45 16- DERWOOD LEE ARTIE MARTIN Football '48 '44 '45 '46. Bengal Std! '46g Tennis '45 '48 Q Sum i946 5- V..-W, ,- M, ,, W ,,e S4222 Sazdzolbi 1946 - BETTY MASON LEE ANN MORRIS JOE McCARTY MARY MURRAY MAXINE McKINNEY First two years in Brecken- ridgeg Secretary-treasurer of Home Room '44 '45 "46g Sigma Delta Sorority '44 '45 '46g Co-captain Hussie Football team QF, BJ '45g Declamation County Meet '45g Choral club "45 '46g Tiger Tales Staff '45 146g Student Council '44 '45 '46g Council Committee '45 '46, LUCY NEFF f,Lf-do-C L. G. McLAUGHLlN NQVA 3013 N03 Semau 1946 +4 W l if FRANCES PASS IEAN ROI' SSLER ROSEMARY ROESSLER TER POTTS Honor student Junior High '485 WAI' President of Spanish club '48 '44g Who's W-ho in Spanish '44g Who's Who in Biology '45 Honorary Lion '45: Honor Soc- iety '46 DOROTHY PROFFIT'I' Texas History club '45g Presi- JOYCE ANN ROWE dent of Civics club '44g I. D. S. '44 '45 '46g 4-H club '44p Foot- ball '45g Sports club '44 '45 Choral club '45 '46, 'rommm ANN RATCLIFFE UNA sqm-T f .Swarm fswa ' TRUM AN SEWELL Football '43 '44 '45 '46g Bas- ketball '43 '44 '45 '46g Track '44 '46g Student Council Rep- resentative '43 '44 '45g Presi- dent of Senior class '44 '453 E Association '44 '45 '46g Hon,- orary Lion '44g Secretary of Student Council '44 '45g All Star Basketball Player '44 '45 '46g AII State Basketball Play- er '46g All-round Basketball Player at Wichita toumament. JANE SKINNER Officer of Freshman class '42 '43g Officer of Sophomore class '43 '44g Most Representative Sophomore irl '44g Cartoon club '44g Spanish club '44g Nominee for Harvest Queen '44g Tiger Tales Staff '48 '44 '45 '46g Cheer Leader '42 '43 '44 '45 '46g Quill and Scroll! '46g Nominee for Football Queen '45g Editor of Bengal '46g Honorary Lion '46: Sigma Del- ta Sorority '43 '44 '45 '46p Scholarship Contestant '46: President of Canteen Council '46p School Favorite '46g Who's Who in Tiger Tales '45, VIRGINIA SMITH YVONNE SMITH DOROTHY SOUTI-IARD ' President of Freshman' class: President of Sophomore classy Student Council '43 '44g Span- ish club '43 '44g Tiger Tales Staff '43 '44g Editor of Tiger Tales '45 '46g Quill and. Scroll '46g Sigma Delta Sororityg Who's Who in Tiger Tales '46g Scholarship Contestant '46g Most Popular Senior Girl '46g Who's Who in English '46. JEANETFE SPIKES BILLY JOE SPLAWN ILA STACY l1i.T.T - I Senimd' 1946 -- ,w--.i JU ANITA STEVENSON DAVID STOCKTON BILL STRAWN Vice President of Sophomore classg President of Junior classg President of Senior class: Most Reiresentative Ju- nior Boyg Trac '43 '46g Tiger' Tales Staff '45 '46g Honorary Dion '46g Who's Who in Tiger Tales '46p Scholarship Contes- tant '46g Most Ragmentative Senior Boy '46g t status l-A '46: Who's Who in Chem- istry '46. RICHARD STRAWN MODEAN TALLEY DONALD THOMAS EMMA JEAN THOMPSON National Honor Society '46: Volleyball '44 '45 '463 Sports club '44 '45g Football '45g I. S. '45 '46g Choral em: '42 BOBBIE TIPPIE Volleyball '48 '44 '45 '46S Football '45: Spanish club '42 '48 '44g Bengal staff 45 463 1. D. s. '45 'aes SP0118 club '44 '45g 4-Il ellis '48 '44g Ten- nis '45. , " Samoa i946 EMILY TRENTHAM ROSALIE TYLER WELDON WALTON EVELYN WARD Spelling '42g Sports club '48g Baseball '42g Student Council Representative '48: Choral club '42 '48s Home Makers club '42 '445 Tiger Tales Staff 145 '46: guill and Scroll '46p Cue and urtain club '45 '46: Who'a Who ln Speech '46: Cheer Leader '44 '45 '46g Sophomore Beauty Nominee '44g Sigma Delta Sorority '45 '46: BILLY VAUGHN' MERLE JEAN VAUGHT RAYMOND WARD Band '43 '44 '463 Tlger Tales JOYCE WILLIAMS Staff '46g Quill and Scroll '46l National Honor Society '46- Seaton 1946 ., V... I 1 l THE CHORAL CLUB Top row, left to right: Voncille Dovel, Mrs. Owens, director, Rama Beth Stanford, Elaine Henderson, Mary Andis, Patsy Ballard, Virginia Douglas, Velma Lee Key, Tommie Ratcliffe, Margaret Andis, Ann Ashley, and Anna Lou Patty. Second row: Jetta Chesher, Yvonne Smith, Dorine Barnhill, Wanda Hayes, Lucy Neff, BYBIO Mcspadden, Mary MUYFHY, Ila Daniels, Bob'bie Nell Burns, Mary Ruth Moore, and Mary Ellen Totten. Bottom row: Mary Irby, Etta Ruth Chesher, Lurlene Clayton, Amelia Douglas, Tava Givens, Billy Gaye Johns, Joyce Gamble, and Virginia Flusche. Under the direction of the capable Mrs. Owens, good music was provided for E. H. S. by the Choral Club. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top row, left to right: Miss Petty, Mary Virginia Stroud, Yvonne Smith, Voncille Dovel, Mary Andis, Pat- sy Ballard, Kitty Dillard, Wanda Hayes, Joe Sue Wi'son, Mary Frances Chambers, Ima Joyce Gregory, Delores Williams, and Mary Irby. 7 ' V Bottom row: Agnes Hartmangruber, Rosalie Tyler, Emma Jean Thompson, Merle Jean Vaught, Patsy Jansen, Bill Strawn, Clarence Mertins, Patsy Corder, Mary Ruth Moore, Mary Murray, Bobbie Ne'l Burns, Rosemary Roessler, and Mrs. Owens. 'The above students, chosen for outstanding leadership and scholarship, are members of the National Honor Society. .SU IDA.: mf, .wx H " " ,ix W ff v fr ,4AX?M2, Qa"w. .'q Q" X gf 1?v'?f-x x N W X' fx-f 5' 'Q9cMfI'q'Via'S Q4 Wkkkncaqwnmrfmx .555 x , i .mg,qq,fmQ 3 I X ::l:I"! XXQ :Ein -' ww X ' n7'I ,, I ,GJ A :aff ' A54 -X Jw xyX S18 g N Es, ff' T wear!-HX I fivgb 5 A,M, wifi.- I . N COACH JOHN KNOX QJUNIOR SPONSOR, . Friendly, talkative, and likable Coach Knox is indeed an outstanding figure as head of the Junior Class, History teacher, Science teacher, and assistant football coach. JUNIOR OFFICERS Ted Darland, Presidentg Voncille Dovel, Secretary: Ima Joyce Gregory, Treasurer, and Martin McCarty, Vi-ce-President. ...-..fl'l.' D f9 Q.....g.--.... - 4 PATSY ABLE ROBERT ADAMS MARGAICPIT ANDIS CRYSTAL JO BAKER M mAmN1N: 1mRNH11,L m1,LY miclcm.-xN M,-uc lc mn' ' xflcANc'Hsf'HA:vn:r:ns I K x, I go Q 1 gg Q 3+ x I 2 Q .,f '- . .,,,,.,.. "QE" e,,x 4 N F1 i 'Q' L I 2 PATSY CORDER RICHARD CLARK 1'HAIfl,lNI'I 1'RAVH"OIClr li.-KN H.-XIJ-I H 5 M y 1946 ,M , ' v "' "' ' TED DARLAND VONCILLE DOVEL VIRGINIA DOUGLAS JUNE DUNN L-1 .. JOYCE GAMBLE FAYE.GOODMAN DOROTHY GRAHAM IMA JOYCE GREGORY W HOWEL HALTOM VIRGINIA HENNING NOIIMA JUNE HICKS ALDAN HUFFMAN 1.. ...Q ,Q ' 1946 PATSY JANSEN m:l,v1N JONES 1-'Aw .ncmmw mu, KEARBY lily, . I P. ' . 1 ' ..,, . if .- ,iw . A,, V' : Sf ' 7' -, s t 4 Q . t A ew, 5 A I+ si r:-125 .Z Aw, DORIS KELLY VELMA KEY JACKIE lilllwl-ILL GERALD KLINKERMAN RE'l'l'Y LANE I-ZLSIE MARSHALL l'l'XiGY MA'I'TH!'IWS MARTIN MCCARTY afbdccfv ' 1946 - BYELO MQSPADDRN CI.ARl'INCI'l MERTINS JACK MOORE MARY RUTH MOORE Bwd JERRY MULLINS GENE OWENS LEROY POHLMAN HAROLD PILAND I in ' .sw JAMES POOL J. W. PRICIC HOMER RAY GRETA ROKR I I n l X ill' I1 -VJ, an-xx vduf JOAN ROBINSON gi ' . Silk , .S k nf' fi ' ' ' 51 'fx - H.. I JACK TURNER I 1946 Sap If DON SMITH -as seas. -Z""'i'iK LA RUE THOMPSON I IIAMA BIGTH S'I'ANI-'ORD FLOY D WICSTHROOK 'Q' .---,? CLIFFORD TALLEY ELIZABETH WITTENBACH DELORES WILLIAMS RAY WILLIAMS JO SUE WILSON EARL!-INIC WR IGHT SENIOR PLAY CAST Back row, left to right: David 'lEshew" Stockton, Douglas "Johnny" Brown, Mrs. Jodie Smith, Joyce "Beulah" Kemple, L. G. "Preston" McLaughlin, and Tom "Cactus" Farrier. Second row: Mary "Lucille" Murray, Melba "Sheila" Barker, Connie "Wilbur" Gillum, Mode-an Talley, Jane "Tommy" Skinner, and Kitty "Peaceful" Carlisle. 1 The humorous play, "My Cousin from Texas" was successfully put on by this Senior play cast under the excellent direction of Mrs. Jodie Smith. Dot Southard, prompter, Modean Talley, prop manager, and!! Pete Garner, general handy man. also played essential backstage parts. QW SPANISH CLUB Top row, left to right: Leland Gerald, George Davis, Hal Haltom, Joe Carroll, Tava Givens, Jack Turner, Jack Moore, Amelia Douglas, Darlene Dennis, Louise Hilley, and Mrs. Tillerson. Second row: Bernice Canada, Mary Totten, Peggy Cox, Shirley Youree, Shirley McGann. Bottom row: Gerrie Hallman, Doris Davis, Arlene Leitner, Betty Cowan, Wanda Cooper, Jeanne Andis, and Peggy Chambers. CW! SOPHONORES A5 5 - f X! ' L.-155 B MRS. COGDELL KSOPHOMORE sPoNsoRp The Sophomore Sponsor this year is Mrs. Josephine Cogdell. Mrs, Cogdell has done an excellent job of leading the Sophomore class. She is a very capable mathematics teacher and is well liked by all students. '---W- M. J ,-.-.-.,---- ..,, Bobby Myers, Vice-Presidentg Amelia Douglas, Secretary. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Tava Givens, Treasurer: R. J. Rogers, President, and S 1946 DORCAS ANDREWS DORIS ANDREWS ANNI-I ASHLEY DAN ASHLEY THOMAS BILLS RALPH BIRD RILL BRADLEY TERRY BROGDON BERNICE CANADA TOMMIE CARLISLE E'1'I'A RUTH CHICSHER LURLINE CLAYTUN -" S 1946 -. ' -, - ' + 1 4 ' mi: , . EE, - 2 '13, ., ' I JS: X ., I Q ' ,, I S' A 's z -3 ' . ,. CARROL COLLINS PEGGY COX JOIE CULPEPPER PEGGY CULPEPPER 4 'X A' '- sv' . C, -fx ff f C.: U DORIS DAVIS ' " ' DARLINE DENNIS AMELIA DOUGLAS MURRY DURHAM I CAROLINE EGGENBACKER WAYNE ELLIS DOUGLAS FOWLER TOMMY FULTON .S X946 1 wx 5 mm, J if gi 3' .F -+1-'N . .. 1 XIX' an w--"' iw . P. :.: . A I , W4 ix V 2 1 4 t Q N -, :. 7 X M- 2 i K yi xxl1.x1.x M,xm'1N 1:u,1.:'1-1 mwu rw.-l,,uw:u1,1N mmm' xxwzlzs 1'.AxTl-in NIINILSON I 'Q fl-.R .e""" . N ""'- - - girls :QW 1 Nts. ft 'Y' A . , ww .. 3' I x I .QL4 '-1: 4 A' ,R . ox I V h Q A , . H5 " f wx f ix f-f L- , ','1gf5., Z ' , j A V M , -6 A. , , ,,.. -A - -,., W.-xml: m'1"rY norms' MT1-1 wlmm wwrs RONNIIC RAY 90' 1. ,. s E. 2 PM L. XY., hifi '.',, 'V ir x A XE! if f' I.EA'I'RII'E RICE .UCAN RONPINSON 1'HARI,l-IS ROWIN UONIIH-I SANDERS M U 5 1946 ...-an TAVA GIVENS JO HANSEN PHYLLIS HOWARD JOE JACOBI LOIS KEE 1 DOUGLAS HOUTCHENS DOROTHY HUDSON LOULQE pbL1.E - f X an.........Q LYDIA KLINKERMAN JOHNNIE KNIGHT ARLENE IIEITNER PATS Y SUE LYLES :iTL:gg-33' 'SGP I9-416 l-iifQ?37'4f-- HARVA LEE sums uE'r'rY THOMAS umm' THOMPSON PATSY THOMPSON MARY ELLEN TOTTEN MILDRED TROUT JEWEL TRUAX BOBBY VANHOOVE -rg.. , 1.-.-A :.,.:3- -W. -- SHIRLEY YOU REE ""l' 1 it STUDENT COUNCIL Back row, left to right: Bill Strawn, Donald Gibson, Dale Dodson, Edgar Eakin, Ted Darland, Mrs. Cog- dell, and Miss Carter. ,Second row: Joy Graham, Bernice Canada, Mary Bates, Emma Jean Thompson, Jack Turner, and Joe Car- roll. Bottom row: Billy Gaye Johns, Patsy Ables, Mary Moore, Shirley Youree, Joe Sue Wilson, and Tommie Ratcliffe. QUILL AND SCROLL Back row, left to right: Juanita Stevenson, Pete Garner, Evelyn Ward. Connie Gillum, and Miss Carter. Second: Mary Andis, Mary Chambers, Faye Jordan, Jane Skinner, Patsy Ballard, and Dot Southard. These students are in the .Iournalistic Society chosen from the Bengal or Tiger Tales Staffs. X K E 4 Ki ff, , X 1 4 4 ,Q 1' V. 1 I, N ,f X, if l ' f , 1 K X. k " I J , ,pp X11 'VJ I, K , f ,f , V , f V S V ' V "' 'fl C 9? fl QQ, 5 'l . Q' ff ,ff Q -U I i 24.5 1 ff-fl z f f, v ,, , I H J iw 'rf fi fylf 'If xl,,Lf'f, f ' 7jl.,fZ7ip, LX I x4Qg'f,,kAgC, , ff' ,lf W 6' y fy if A f I , f Ny Mba IK.. in ,,A , J .. L49 ggi, ,gf V511 ,wif i21r'f Cf' ' L f ,J 1 7 ' - f -" 1 x, M e .- ,, L xi .1 QV 2 XTX -Qui' Q xx 1 Afyvrll ' '1-A- ISR ' ', 7 I 'N NW 'F X xl ,Z 3 - .A XNIWVQ V N WW K xx '+A 'ii' Vi l - f x. .x Big ' if f' my fx Xfw W HN RQ xl 9 Q I, Q X1 I A. ' QQ V qq ebjf s ff! N If M f , " N l 5 lx gli, H x m 'N 4 x W'-"N N " x ' , X X fx tt , H 5 msg eg . X2-Qs? nw! , 2- 5 i Ah Q NK AM gli -v I 91 Km, ,A x N. A x Vw M X my X3 MRS. MOBLEY CFRESHMAN SPONSOR! Easy going, friendly Mrs. Lotha Mobley is the Freshman Sponsor this year. She teaches girI's physical education and Bi- ology. FRESHMAN OFFICERS n Smith, Vice-Presidentg Marion Mengwasser, Treasurerg Helen Hendersong Secre tary, and Dale Dodson, President. Glen 4 1946 n JEAN ANDIS DORENE BARNHILL MARY BATES CECIL BOWDEN F JOYCE BOWERY EDWIN BRITT PHIL BURCH MELBAUENE CAMPBILL .4-. bf ,V JOLL CARSON BETTY CASEY PEGGY CHAMBERS BETTY COWIN i-iijii 1946 W ..."'If11'.A--,M.-.,E,- I ---- 4 LH, A-J,-,,,J.,-J-, -W E--wA..-m WANDA coomwznx JACKEIWOOWLING DALE DonsoN ILA DANIELS 2? ' PEGGY DARLAND CRANNY GARNER JOY GRAHAM JAMES HARTMANGRUBER fills. 'Q HELEN HENDERSON CELINE IRBY BETTY J0 ISHAM JEAN JANSEN J A 0 1946 ' -T- '1.- . . """"' -1" l""" ,f f 3 I BILLY GAYE JOHNS ES JAMES KELLY BARBARA KEY EMIL JOE KUBECHEK MARGARET LEACI-I BETTY MAHANEY PATSY MARSH - I f 1 Vv V LEE MATTHEWS SHIRLEY Mc NN MARION ENGWASSICR MILTON MERTENS I FS ? l I 4 f94f6 CARL MONTGOMERY FRANCES NELSON JERRY PACE ANNA LOU PATTY J. E. PE'r'rY Bonav POHLMANX moms Pon PRICE X 747. W J. M. PRUITT DAISY REED DORIS REED ROSE ELLEN RICHARDSON ll 111 , M- " i946 ii- - . -,- , g i: K X .1 XX ., , dh : QQ, I3 VI 0 . JOHN ROESSLER JENICE SEATS GLENN SMITH LEON SMITH C. E. SPIKES BILL STEVENSON ,DOROTHY TOMPKINS JERVIS UNDERWOOD DORIS VESTAL BETTY WOLF JEANETTE WOLF 1 'v Wi' X Z -1--40014411 I f -r, . 9 Left to Right - Bob Bowman, Lavon Barne tt, Delwood Lee, Jack Elliott, Derwood Lee. Erwin Denny, Weldon Walton. Backfield - Bobby Flippin, Van Ballard, Truman Sewell, Millfin MCCHITY- Pies Top Row, left to right - Coach Knox, Clarence LeBouf, Truman Sewell, Lavon Barnett, Bobby Flippin, Bob Bowman, Weldon Walton, Delwood Lee, Van Ballard, Jack Elliott, Derwood Lee, Erwin Denny, Martin McCarty, Coach Garrison. Second Row - Kenneth Hixon, Ted Dodson, Clifford Talley, Ted Darland, Bobby Myers, James Teel, Fred Lalk, Curtis Smith, Curtis Hines, Carl Montgomery, R. J. Rogers, Bill Gafford. Bottom Row - "Hoot" Gibson fMgr.J, Edward Lyles, Buddy Bessent, Pod Price, Douglas Houtchens, Ray Williams CMgr.J, Johnnie Knight, Wayne Ellis, Joel Carson, Billy Byrd. Not Shown - Joe Jacobi, Leo Flusche, Dale Dodson and Thomas Bills. A 4044! 'ham ,4lLfbz.u'aic! -41 1: VAN BALLARD, District 2-AA's most valu- nhle player. finished his eligibility this year with three letters. Yan was noted for his good sportsmanship and excellent playing nhility. Ile plans to play ball for Rice Insti- lute next yeai. BOB BOWMAN, lettering at tackle in '43 and at the end in '44 and '45, earned his place on the Third All-District team this year. liurly Bob at 200 pounds was the largest man on the team. This was his last season to play for the Tigers. DERWOOD LEE, guard, made the All-Dis- trict squad for the second time this year. Derwood was one of the hest blockers and de- fensive men on the team keeping his 171 pounds in the game every second of playing time. Ile has earned three letters and finish- ed his eligihility this year. JACK ELLIOTT "Jew" earned his three letters at center. Although he was on the bench one game because of a leg injury, he proved his value in all the other games. Our team will miss this 170-pound Tiger next year. 4444! '7ea4n 1411-fbidfadal' LAVON "Shorty" BARNETT, the last of the football playing B-arnetts, lettered for the second time this year at tackle. This was his last year of eligibility. Shorty was a good blocker and tackler. Next year's team wil' miss him greatly. Shown here are Electra s two coaches, John M. Garrison and John Knox. Together they produced the winning team that took second place in District 2-AA. Coach Garrison at- tended school at E.T.S.T.C. where he majored in Industrial Education and minored in P. E. lle now holds down the backfield coaching job at Tulsa University. Coach Knox attend- ed Southwest Mississippi Junior College and Louisiana College at Pineville where he grad- uted in 1940 with a B. A. degree. He majored in llistory and minored in English and Span- ish. Coach Knox plans to he back at Electra next year IZILLY BYRD, a good defensive player and tackler, -played for the first time this year. lle was in the starting lineup the first game he ever played in, and still has two more years to play. n t- .Second 7mm 1411 lid-idol -----u DICLWOOD LEE has lettered at griiziiwl :ind lullhzick for four years. Like his twin, this is his seccmd time to he on the All-District ti-ann. Delwnod played very good defensive hall :incl hreakingz up an end sweep frcnn hehind wus his speciality. This your finished his eligi- hility. 2006, lblfwclcing and del'ensix'e work. lh- wn. weclallb' ilflvllt at plngggiiig' np hnles in tht 0il6!lSlf'6,llIl8. "1lez1thzill" plziyerl tackle :un Guard in - 1 .1 and has nwni tlirve I1-1 :ilse l'OHllY FLll'lllN. ziltliuiigli light for :L lull ul tht li-s D hnck :it l-I5 pounds, nns r-ne - n. hroken l'ield runners nn the sqnzul. lls- has ' l 'l'01lll2lll4l will ln- linvk na-si tno lettus to ns L rear. Flip was one nl' the ln-st pass ri-vm-ivi-rs on th e teznn. VIN DICNNY. made All-District un his l .. ll incl l ters. lie cornpleti-cl his eligibility this yt-gn . r Jlcuwaaue Muslim '90 WICLDON WALTON has lettered three years at end. Weighing 170 pounds, Weldon showed his ability at blocking and pass re- ceivingr. Even though he was out of the Plainview game due to an injured knee, he was at his best in the other games. Weldon still has one more year to play. TIIUMAN SEWELL, Electra's quarterback, weighed 138 pounds and was a good quick passer. Sewell's passes to Bowman netted considerable yardage for the Tigers. His strategy in calling plays brought forth a winning combination. Truman twice and graduates this year. has lettered MARTIN McCARTY, halfback, lettered for the second time this year. Weighing 145 pounds. his hard charging and hard tackling showed up in the score. Martin is also a good pass receiver with two more years to play. ALSO LETTERED Curtis Hines Joe Jacobi James Teel Fred Lalk Clifford Talley "Hoot" Gibson ALSO LETTERED Clarence LeBouf Edward Lyles Buddy Bessent Ted Dodson Ted Darland R. J. Rogers 5 , BASKETBALL Coach W, E. Weathers, coming to Electra, just before the end of the S68- son, went with the teamlto Wm the western half of the district. He let- tered at Baylor University in basket, ball, football, and track. He made all- -Southwest Conference at tackle and served as captain of the BBYIOI' Beam in 1935. He also made the all-Stale Basketball team in high school- The very capable manager this year was Ray "Shortstride" Williams who also served as mascot for the team. He has been manager of the football, basketball, and track teams since 1943. Top Row Left to Right -- R. J. Rogers, James Teel, Buddy Bessent, Dan Dale, Martin McCarty, Ted Darland, Hoot Gibson. Second Row - Bill Gafford, Shorty Bamett, Bob Bowman, Clarence IeBouf, Donald Ervi, Coach John Garrison. Seated - Truman Sewell, Jack Elliott, Weldon Walton, Van Ballard, Bobby flippin, Curtis Hines and Ray Williams, Manager. BASKETBALL Bobby "Ears" Flippin has three letf ters to his credit and another year of eligibility. He played the latter part of the conference season on a bad an- kle which was injured in an earlier game. Weldon "Chinn Walton, a fine hall hustler with' two letters and another year of eligibility. Weldon will be a great help to next year's squad. Clarence "Papa" LeBouf. This was Papa's first year to letter. His height was a. great advantage to the team. He has another year to play. Jack "Jew" Elliott is a three year letterman who h finished his high school basketball this season. Jack has made all-Star Team for the last two years. He is a good prospect for college basketball. Truman "Rip" Sewell was the first Tiger to be on the all-State Team. He is a three year letterman and grad- uates this spring. BASKETBALL Lavon "Shorty" Barnett, center. This was Shorty's first year to letter in basketball and he had a wicked eye for the basket. Bill "Goofy" Gafford. This was Bill's second year to letter. He was very capable of controlling the back board. James "Oscar" Teel, guard. His first year to letter, Oscar showed up best on the defense. Donald "Hoot" Gibson has one let- ter. Hoot wlll be back next year for the last time. He was a very good ball handler. Ted "Tooley" Darland lettered for the first time this year and will be back for another season. He is a good ball handler and shooter and great work is expected from him next year. RAMA lll'L'l'll S'l'.-XNFORD BOBIIIIC "Tll"' 'I'll'l'lE -,arid ,Maur ...,....r-sh IMA JUX L 1. uiilQLiOltY Reading clockwise: Dorothy Andrews, Bobbie San- ders, Dot Andrews, Peggy Moran, Elaine Henderson, Emma Jean Thompson, Rama Beth Stanford, and Bobbie Tippie. Not shown are Virginia 'Smith' Capt., Frances Downs, and Melba Barker, VOLLEYBALL Captain Virginia Smith, a tall and slender spiker on the team, was an outstanding player. She was worthy of her title. She fought hard when the Tig- erette team was defeated by Iowa Park. Virginia will not return next year. C0. Capt. Bobbie "Tip" Tippie was one of the best players at the net on the team. She put her heart in her work and tried harder each game. Tip will not return next year. Emma Jean Thompson, a high spirited girl, was in there every minute. She did some grand playing and her setswere placed perfectly. This is her last year. Elaine Henderson, a hard server, brought in many points. She was a loyal member. This is her last year. The girls who came out for their first year were Darcas Andrews, Dorothy Andrews, Bobbie San- ders, Peggy Moran, and Melba Barker. All but Mel- ba will be back next year for an outstanding sea- son. Melba Barker, another hard server, was a loyal member of the team and did some excellent playing against Holiday. Frances Downs, a hard fighter, proved to be a hard worker. She played hard till the last. She will return next year. llama Beth Stanford played very little but prov- ed to be a great help and a good fighter. She will rr-turn next year for another outstanding season. l ELAINE HENDERSON BOBBIE SANDERS EMMA JEAN THOMPSON Volleyball Season A hard-working group of girls stayed out during the season to push the team toward a volleyball championship for E. H. S., but were defeated by Iowa Park in the Val- ley View tournament. ' Excellent sportsmanship and loy- al membership were outstanding characteristics of the 1945 Volley- ball team. Every member of the team worked hard to make it a profitable and interesting' one. Manager Ima Joyce Gregory was the hardest worker of the group and her loyalty and co-operation contri-buted much to the team. The scores for the 1945-46 Vol- leyball season are as follows: Burkburnett 13-15 Holliday 15-3 15-8 Harrold 15-3 15-8 Iowa Park 3-15 5-15 Valleyview 9-15 3-15 PEGGY MORAN DOROTHY ANDREWS DORCAS ANDREWS I l "E" ASSOCIATION Top row, left to right: Coach John "Bull" Knox, Clarence "Lanky" LeBouf, Clifford "Muscles" Talley, Billy "Motorcycle" Byrd, Weldon "Chin" Walton, Bobby "Tack Head" Flippin, Jack "Jew" Elliott, and Coach "Red" Weathers. Kneeling: Ted "Beaver" Darland, Ted "Stems" Dodson, Buddy "Nip" Bessent, Leo "Cur" Flusche, Joe "Turkey" Jacobi, Richard "Loose" Clark. Seated: Curtis "Polock" Hines, Fred "0kla" Lalk, Donald "Hoot" Gibson, Ray "Pee Wee" Wilfiams, Tru- man "Freckles" Sewell, Martin "Wop" McCarty, Lavon "Shorty" Barnett, and Connie "Mouth" Gillum. This group consists of the lettermen of any sport in high school. Its officers are Weldon Walton, presi- dent, and Martin McCarty, secretary. 9091! ON E..:: E Lan-511 5 .IDL 76- f Q Q, 'wwf sg' " E EWR? ' X5 v fi? ' "Y" f fl? f NX W5 if s Aw A K A lfgQf!ff"1- if 1 A-M. X ' Nt " QQ k ulf H Y us 'I 1 sf X 3. .. X fs- t , X QM t --e-W I--'Zo-so The job of organizing the Annual and put- ting it together fell into the capable hands of Wayne Hale Qco-editorl, Mrs. Smith, fsponsorl, and Jane Skinner leo-editorl. i ai' S zu - Well illustrated division sheets and clever .5 54 cartoons were prepared by the Art Staff, N ' . Ralph Bone, Modean Talley, and Artie Q6 KA Martin. If i V ,glut M' t si Q ., , "fi ' 1 .,.,, ,Q ',,, p r 5 it y.sy -. ., i """"""'i""INg2nwew1lvvzvsta:sz"f--f---h-wf:+.eA-' , Y.-. , " 'wif ' ppypp in 1. A-Q32-in 411 V A. e ..-:1z?2,.,:f"F 4. . ' " 9 The job of arranging the Who's Who pic- ' . tures and writing up the sports data was W ,1.1 . . , 'Mr - "',.q well taken care of by the Who's Who Editor, - V Mary Murray, and the Sports Staff, Ted W F 4 Dodson and Bobbie Tippie. Y .1 its y, 'jr 1hlnqgq.3y..w-w...,,,.,,w,,.:,f,,,.,M,qnwnd.MmM'bx , 'vi p 'L A V AL A1 H 1 .,,..wm, .-anvnngqg-3-tw-N..,.,T,.,-C -af W- V A W ' -WN.. V. .t -M., In-T-u--Nu..- -t 1 -- M ' -t . i. '-M : ,.., 11: sf- an ,f if H 324941 SW tr-----'-N lf P AIU, Organizing clan data was attended to by Vlrglnll. Douglas, Ydelle Houbcheni. Shir' lay Youree, and on. Ads for the annual were collected by two willing workers, Pete Garner and Connie Gillum. The pictures for the annual this year were taken by Bill Stewart. We owe much of the success of our annual to Bllly'e exeellenl ohotognphie work. Wye! 7M Slay EDITORIAL STAFF Miss Carter Csponsorj, Voncille Dovel Cas- sistant editorj, Wayne Hale lmake-up edi- torl Dot Southard feditor,-in-chiefj and Bill Strawn fbusiness managerl. Under the direction of these people we were able to have the fine paper that we had this year. 2 LITERARY STAFF Bobbie Nell Burns and Virginia Douglas feditorj. This staff has done an excellent NEWS STAFF Juanita Stevenson, Doris Vestal, Merle Jean Vaught, Patsy Ballard Ceditorl, and Shirley Youree. With the combined help of this capable staff, students of E. H. S. were able to keep up with all the local news. LITERARY STA FF Continued Greta Robb, Melba Barker, and Mary Mui' ray. job in writing literary reports. FEATURE STAFF Yvonne Smith, Byelo McSpadden, Jain' Skinner Qcditorl, and David Stockton. Bits of humor were supplied for our Mille' the yqgar by this efficient stuff. f ve., -ma seg ml s 1 Q s. SOCIETY STA FF Jackie Cowling, Una Scott feditorj, Faye Jordan, and Evelyn Ward. The subject of home room reports was well covered this year by the untiring efforts of this society staff. ,.. A .5 , X . , S5-. ' v I f , , ' ': . IN. . f' i' .Y - '4 ' s , r Nr J' " , 1 ' , - F. ' , ' Ft X J s,.,i-R ,I , X I "' 5, f -4 2. fl 4- 5 ' X . Q i , ' , M 1 W I 5 L .,... ADVERTISING STAFF AND PROOF READERS Pete Garner, Connie Gilluifi, Tommie Rat- cliffe, and Mary Andis. Without the aid of these capable "ad-getters" our paper would not have been able to survive. Long hours were spent by the proof readers to cull out mistakes. CIRCULATION STAFF Continued Bernice Canada, Mary V. Stroud, Mary El- len Totten, and Patsy Lyles. The eager paper venders pictured above did a very good job in seeing that everyone had his paper. J ' 1. . . L - A All ARTS AND SPORT STAFFS Ralph Bone, Homer Ray, Mary Frances Chambers feditorlv and Jean Marchand. Our paper was enlivened by humorous car- toons and well-written sports articles. CIRCULATION STAFF June Dunn, Jean Andis, Shirley McGann Margaret Andis, and Betty Lane fmana- gerj. K . x... x X '- .. 4. ws, .-.Iss .- r. H A Mffb' f f J I vfXQQfY .J ff wffffiffb fff"'4"'1P' . A V0 I lk ! J K, Ku 5 2 11Z2,.1,-4f1L-ffx,, I !f"ff1 I f'ffLCx A - 44,4 1 ' - , ,, ,,,,fbf.y0ff! 1 ! f 1 A AJLAAA-Q! J, I 1, lolwywj f ' ' fl ,421"L'J!6'lVi ' mf 'Vw fi " 'X'h' ' M will fc. Wwfff' J AA, fffglcij . -45 r f 'iff k. x ' A x - 5 jig! i m Salma! ffeaady--fffamhn fffmgwadwu 71!Jw'4 'Wim in E. JI. 8. :iff-ff -mm-L IN BAND - WAYNE I-IALE IN CHEMISTRY - BILL STRAWN IN SI-IOP - HAROLD PILAND IN BIOLOGY - LYDIA KLINKERMAN IN ENGLISH - DOT SOUTHARD IN HOME MAKING - AGNES HARTMANGRUBEN whoa Wim in 5. JI. 5. I IN SPANISH - MARY ELLEN TOTTEN IN COMMERCIAL WORK - ROSALIE TY-LEA IN SPEECH - EVHLYN WARD IN MATH - RICHARD STRAWN ' w IN CIVICS - VIRQGINIA DOUGLAS IN HISTORY - MARY RUTH MOORE Mod flapuhvz B01--7auman Sewell 4, . Mau' 0094444 QW" , : .21,5.gg'ffff,..Ef:,:g,,.-" J .1 b ' , X '5f22"5E .. w..j"irI,E!' fEt':"-7 sf- -x :E , S ' I V - ., W. 1 Most Rcprcscnrutiafc 1' . . 1 Senior gwl Patsy Ballard A f Most Heprcsmlmtiw A Senior E Sill Strawn Boy Most Rep1'cscntativc Junior girl Mary Moore 3 4 Most IX6'f77'CS67llClli'UC Junior Boy Ted Darland , MZ'--.l in , Most Representative Sophomore girl Mary Ellen Totten Most Representative Sophomore Bo l Billy Bradley I Most Representative Freshman girl Ha Daniels Most RCf7TCSC71l'Clfil'C freshman Boy Jervis Underwood Mos: Popular Senior girl Dorothy Southard 251 pU!314!il'f Q Senior Boy Bobby Fiippin Most Popular Junior girl Ima Joyce Gregory Mcrst Popular junior Boy Martin McCarty I I Most Popular Sophomore girl Amelia Douglas Most Popular Soplwmore Boy Curtis Hines Most Popular Freshwmm girl Xxfanda Cooper Mem Pojnufcu' Frcsh1mm boy Ddle LOdSOT1 Baaufaf lvoavuheed 47 l ' .., A c1mf!l4..!.' .liaewff iyuilldig 6700704121 VI 10814 , X 1 A f 1' W W 'N X i Ellf FQ f X "9 'U' . , A df A M , ' J' '4 x K, x W'Qf,,H m ,kldvltgw V K 1 1 '.'I . NN NU fb XWWW .::j. , WWW I ' ' 1231 "'A.MLJ. f . i W HSL fw gl MR95 5 The illitcarnt Hugh rim Sun aqui T Ili Why so happy, .Inhnmo i The Chain Gang P'u'vfnof bov with horn' -f 'wk , un Czuztus Jack Surah affmetion! I hrve Mu-ztketeers ffl? '41-?11:f:4 :Q 1- ff Gam S ham tr C1113 le Sacks fn l 'kv 1.555 3.1213 V gm mls-mn h! 'Phat ipana smiie ..,.........-....-.... -..., . Cave man E .E 3 3 wp 1 sin! Intellxgent Adonis ' Prince Albert Logue tongued rascal You Heautslev- Vex ue " 'Sun Hoautxos J Cross 9 U1 effects Rnllmg along Haw Im' do you gn '7 'well 2 Tiny Tot apped Lyn Pa Ak-ofluence of incohoi ug! A - - -F 1 JAMES B TOTTEN FUNERAL HOME ELECTRA TEXAS PROMPT COURTEOUS AMBULANCE SERVICE ' 50111021lioioiqrioioinviwvquoioiumioi 11113014 I K dz K GRAIN CO. 2 COAL, FEED, HAY, GRAIN, FEED AND GARDEN SEEDS IN BULK E mm--N 55 P E Chick Hatchery CHICKS THAT LIVE AND GROW E 5 Phone No. 1 Electra, Texas 5 J ARMON TRANSFER Sz STORAGE NATION-WIDE MOVING FINE STORAGE FACILITIES Phone 143 Electra, Texlas Q 5 E 2 51 , 11 41010101014x14limriu1010i4ri4x111i11Z1vi4bi0ic1i4 Compliments of J. C. CABE 85 SON Compliments of THE DARTER FURNITURE STORE DR A F HOMME Dentlst PHONE 209 209 W. BRYAN ELECTRA TEXAS if io: wining 11 sza21-3411-nizr11x11:14x14x14ni4r14 GREETINGS SENICDRS THAT SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FOLLOW YOU IS THE WISH OF Foxvvortlw-Galbraith Lumber Company : J OE L. MATTHEWS, Mgr. PHONE 2 1101411 rioioioc v1oioio3o1uio14ri0i o o o o 9 wioinioioioioq 111241103412 ax 2 cu--1 I mm, 1mn --mu - u n--num-um. munum-umm.m--.m- -..-....n.- "'51?5?mm m1nm mmLiEE'mwm nLm' 'nur :mr 'U I . 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