Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 55 of 68
Page 55 of 68

Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 54
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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 56
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Page 55 text:

agfrvf R AU., -. Gruesomc Grins Noreen Tboman '46 "Howdy," readers Cif there are anyll Have you heard: The pedes- trianwho insists on getting his rights usually gets his rites. My version of Corn: Inquirer: "WI--at's a nolvQo11'?" Bright CU McMainiac: "A dead parrot." One day an excessively large ele- phant met an extremelv small mouse. "'Gosh, but you're little," said the elephant. "Wbv, vou're the most in- significant thing I've ever seen." "Yeah, I know." said the mouse. "I've been sick." " ' Chemistrv students: Do you know the fellow from Litmus U. who. when the going got tough, turned red and blew? It's better to have loved s. short man than never to have loved a tall. C0uf-I-.D Prince Charming of mv childish dearms flronically I smirkl. You didn't come. so here I sit, Conversing with this jerk. "Things don't change much." said the philosopher. "Thousands of years ago, Greek maidens sat all evening and listened to a lyre. Todav, manv modern girls still do the same thing." W The Ship. 'My nomination for least logical logic of the month: M, M.'s-"I lost my book, that is until I find it . . . I just lost it a little bit yesterday" !! ,.,,I V Asked at which of two knots one should tie a kite, one of McMain's up- and-coming Sr. A's answered bright- ly, "The one in the middle."!! Critical Spectator, "I can't imagine anyone missing a putt as .short as that." Golfer, "Let me remind you, sir that that hole is only four and one- quarter inches wide, and the whole world is outside it." "I can read Bill like a book." "Clever of you, but I think you're foolish to strain your eyes over such small type." Women were made before mirrors -and have been before them ever since. Jaclcei. As the newly built skyscraper fell to the ground the engineer stormed, "Darn that decimal point !" ' Science teacher: "What happens when a body is immersed in water?" . Student: "The telephone rings!" Senior: "How many subjects are you carrying?" Junior: "Well, I'm carrying one and dragging three." An ornithologist fwheee!!l says he has made a study of birds for many years but has never solved the mystery of why a heron stands on one leg. Well, if it lifted both, it' would fall down. ' You say your baby does not walk yet," said Brown. "Mine does, and he is not as iold as yours. Has your baby cut his teeth yet?" "No, he hasn't," admitted Robin- son, sadly. f fi"'.-t.?FSi:?,.-fi? it - I- . -,,,,,-.. 3 gn..-J "Oh, mine has them all," boasted Brown. "Your baby talk yet?" g "Not yet," replied Robinson. "Can 'yours?f' "Great Scott, yes!" answered Brown. Then Robinson 'got desperate. 'fDoes your baby use a safety razor, or an old fashioned one?" he asked. The Federal Employees Insurance News. He: "No 'woman ever takes an- other woman's advice about dresses." She: "Naturally, you don't ask the enemy how to win the war." Just think! A small McMain freshman fre- member?l was bitterly complaining that she would have to stay in school until she was 17. A teacher overheard, smiled and said, "That's nothing to complain about. I've got to stay here until Pm 65!" I Sailor: "Yes, ma'amg that's a man- o'-war." Lady: "Indeedg and what's the lit- tle ship just in front?" Sailor: "0h3 that's just a tug." Lady: "Yes, of course. A tug of warg I've often heard of them." A man and his wife were in an au- tomobile that stalled on a railroad crossing. 'A "Go on!" cried his wife. "Listen," retorted the husband, "you've been driving all day from the back seat. I've got the front part across: now, let's see what you can do with your half." Rastusf after narrow escape at railroad crossingl: "How come you all done blo' yo' hawn? You aughta know dat wouldn't do us no good!" Sambo: "Dat waren't my hawn, brudder! Dat was Gabriel's!" QUALITY AND SERVICE SELL CLOVERLAND GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK OF SUPERIOR FLAVOR AND CLOVERLAND SUPREME ICE CREAM UDELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT" CLOVERLAND DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., INC. I . PHONE GAlvez 4133 NEW ORLEANS, LA. H-c-H-o-E-s ' Fiizy-ibm' Q Y , Q gf Awi- ,, A- f , ffif 1 3 D -' I V .t.,:"--Hur.-gi---I-', A ,l -- 4- - .V - - .M ,. - - , .. "'--1 l-35L'ifi-A1Lrslilwwf.'- - .1 - f -, spiffy...'.-'.LAifl.5hGa:"f.2i:as:. '.ff.:v-f.i:3i'f-?'g.' ' iQZ'f'f-L.'..f.L5ef.'Lf4.sJ5.'J2:31

Page 54 text:

' ' ' i' V I I Z n "novel" in. the experimental English ' N 'W 8 group of "acelerated" -seniors in -V room 318, McMain. 1 ' Also at Newcomb, Ann Hodge has By Hazel Muller, Post Graduate recently been chosen Honor Board I ' I . representative of her junior class. '-"-"-l-'-''-"-""'-"'-"-"-"-''-"-"-"-W-"-"-"-"-"-"-'K-""""""' Betty Berry, president' ,of her' Mc- l ' Main senior class, is a member of the REPORTS from L.S.U. tell me that lane University Theatre's latest play, Student Council and of G1-eeiibaek- Connie Gnanlnels and Eleanor "Personal Appearanoenfl I noticed erS, an honorary freshmen 'school Ernst ha-Ve recently made the honor that May Hyman Wes 5 membel' of spirit organization. Merle Fischer, roll. Patsy Folse and Gloria Teles, the paint crew. Besides being active who needs no introduction, and two of our January graduates, will in the t'heatre,'May is art editor of Carol Hamrlck, a Febrnarv, 1944, be yelling f01' the "l3i8'e1'S" when the Tnlanels newspaper, line Ullnllanol' graduate, have been selecteii to the football games begin in line fall- loon- Her Clever eartoons can be honorary freshman society, Assets. 501116 time 330 I 1105085 in the found Weekly OH the edltorlal Page- This society is composed of. freshman newspaper 3 Picture 0f they ballet A150 on llne Staff for tne Proolletlon leaders who are chosen for their l g'roup which took part in the L.S.U. of "Personal Appearance" were Fran- school Spirit, loyalty, and scholarship' P1'0dUCti0l1 of the "Chocolate Sol- ces Guidry, Joy Cohn, and Vivian Last year, former McMain girls, Bet- dier". I recognized two familiar Eigenbrod, who were helping as light- ty Berry, May Hyman, and Lorraine l faces, Benz 0denwald's and Audrey ing assistantsg Jacklyn Steeg, paint- Williams, were members. In the A 4 Newman's. Glady's Tarut's dream has finally ing assistantg and Joan. Opotowsky, publicity director. Cappella choir are alumnae Etta Mae Palmisano, Beatrice Baldinger, and come true! She's now studying in Wedding bells are ringing for New- Cai-01 Hamrick, Toby McCarty and 'l the beloved halls of Vanderbilt. comb senior Robin Ahrens. Robin Elaine Mepeul, president of her .' When the freshman Dean's list is has really been an outstanding stu- Senior class in Melvlainl have been ' posted at Newcomb, it always causes dent. To prove this fact, all I.need elected to the senior honorary So, quite al bit of excitement. This year do is quote what I found listed be- ciety, Alpha Sigma Sigma- only ' , I found that Pearl Singerman'slname neath her name in her school book, girls whg have displayed exceptional ' was among those listed. the "Jambalaya". I found, "Robin qualities of leadei-Ship, citizenship, ,At a. recent "bury the hatchet' Leah Ahrens, '45, New Orleans, Lou- and elim-eeter ai-e elected to member- party fan assembly which affords the isianag Arts and Sciencesg Zeta Tau ship, . chance for Newcomb freshmen. and Alphag Theta Nu, Presidentg "Hulla- Wgll, that just about eovei-S the .- sophomores to become acquaintedl balloon, Editor-in-Chiefg Who's Whog news of our alumnag, But before Minette Starts, a June, 1943, grad- Honor Councilg Spectatorsg Green- ending this column, may 1 Say a Wgrd uate, entertained the girls with a few b a c k e rs, Secretaryg Publications to the departing Seniors? Remember, .N of her "famous" dance routines. Boardg Lagniappesg Theatre." It will lgirls, next year someone may be wi-il- l-l Looking over the program of Tu- be remembered that Robin wrote a ing about you. I COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Broadmoor Commercial College The School of Individual Instruction A School of Recognized Standing Offering a Thorough Program of Secretarial Training K Shorthand-Touchtyping-College Secretarial Practice- Spelling and Vocabulary Building-Arithmetic-Business Correspondence Filing-English--Bookkeeping or Mimeograph Operation ' COMPTOMETER AND CALCULATOR ' Phone for Information ' Mrs. Viola Bell, Director - 1827 So. .Dupre Street V l ' jAck50n 5231 g Fifty-Iwo.. ' Q-C-H20-E-S 1 - 5 1' ' 5 . . Q - ' .llil f i lb,-wif ..., ,,'l Y ii-iQ 1 1-ugly onli -.,, A. - i ,,,- 3-.1 M .-,. ,' .,.5'l?4?-Ve',!-?,Ql'ii--r. 'i,' .i I. , 2 ,. -f,".1f.g.JL-,g?if.g,,gf,Lg?if,ili?lg . .-- if-ff,-.mu 9,4--..31'.. '.:.f fag: :..r:ff: .l . ..35.:,fg.cp.i-, .3 r.. , i 5, -,i+.-:'z:iii- . 'a '..g,,,i1jH-l L i,1's-Hg'-pie.: -Hn. ,,,- I, --lar, , 4 ,,.qM,,: , ,, .- 1 lr JY. - ., f ly i -ang.. ..i v ..'.-'.,,,,- V. 4- 1, '. ., ,T -I -f-.- -. 145.,fe,,- - - eg, 1 1 ,fl :lp'.,r,.:u WH- lfb? .1 'f:sa5?iiC1alf:4s.'l-skeaEefi3B51':,1.JaLS1f. :?.k.1:2?lfT-.wefr.'bTa'fnl:f..u1?l2ism,1f.f:?5.,'i ff.-1231.-fx.'Sal -'f'.i.t.v,g liaise. .9 -roi :32'3r,-ein. l-.dEQ...ll5E'i'.31- .f :t.-.s-rein..-3 .aa . L ,e- xralhlairr rim'-l.a .A.if'i'1:insaL3

Page 56 text:

-' I , X . . Q , yn' souui ycol.l.l-:GE 1410 JACKSON AVENUE MAgnolia 1122 A distinctive, outstanding, progressive business training school for Men and Women of high school, junior college and university grade. Thousands of graduates ingood paying positions. You can become one of them. The Soule Personal Instruction method of teaching is an Incen- tive to.gHard'Work and gets Superior Results. I ' U We are prepared to give young men and women the intensive training necessary to pass the "entrance examinations" to enter an up-to-date busi- ness oiiice. A N 89th SUCCESSFUL YEAR b Call or Phone for Complete Information V ,"S0ul6 Students Succeed" Fifty-fm E.qtH-O-E-S ' ' .. , , 4 , - , v V- J---fxh , .M 1 i -- - - ..,l . .. , '- ' ',-'4 is-u--: 1 , . -5 , . . .,, , , I ., Q .r--V- --.L W . . , , . , , . ,, i v . .,.,, .3 - - ,.-.NH-'L 4' AL.-'WTR 'T' -ref? 41 7. u .rj 1' - 1- ' 'LL 'lr' -1- .-fff' -I . 'J' 4, .4 t A LE."::.--L nw "':15",1i'H:L7 '2'ff7 :'1JV1fx"'A- ALL 5151-,"J'lv1'11f.:'-.fin'. gun,511555.-iz?-were-593.1 is - V 4, 'fi a.,,gegQi5,--Sip'5-I--s-42531-QL-ff: -A

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