Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1945

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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 53 of 68
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Eleanor McMain High School - Echoes Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 52
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Page 53 text:

F51 S ' ' I 4 .Joan SvendsonQ'45 rv . 7: hffeggy sp is receiving an angage- :rnentring from Bill Britton as a grad- uation present. It was all decided on his furlough. . Q 'Here's another way to improve re- lations with Latin America. Yvonne Lime:-t is giving English lessions to Senor and Senorita Martinez in ex- change for instructions in Spanish. Yvonne is well qualified for the post, since she spent a year in Nicaragua. Why were certain orchestra mem- bers of the string section so dressed up the day of the ball game? Where, oh where, were they going? i Grover Cordts-that's Dot Pique'n O. A. O.-went overseas a few weeks ago: 1 l Congratulations to Mimi Segal on being made the sweetheart of S. A. Rat ' Vwandalee T. is flashing that Pep- sodent smile because a certain some- body' might be in New Orleans for our prom. i Pat Tighe has a very- good chance of winning a twenty-five dollar war 'N bond for her sale of tickets to the annual baseball game. . Who will Mary S. be seen with at the Junior-Senior prom? Oooh- Mary! ' in Aftera long discussion in Biology class, Smarty pipes up seriously, "You know, women are different from men." I Why does Margaret S. continually sing "Oh, J ohnny"? Where does Ned come in? ' Fashion Note: Wear in your hair a silver barette with your name en- graved on it, and a similar one with your boy friend's name., ' P. S. Noel LeCieero is the origina- tor. Evidences ' if .Swing pinaforesg made- front 1 the colors' of the rainbow nedfaces and legs ,forrstillg fully red onesl from--a day ,at beach . . . Shorts shorter than . . . "Catipillars fallin' -out the shade trees" . . . The gleam ingthe eyes of some Senior A's'as grades-A tion approaches. , .X Things I'd like to see: ' , Dot Hillary not burying her head in an Algebra book every day during lunch. h Q, ,- Regina Taylor without a new idea for a poem. ' Y Marie L. not blushing when some- one sings "The Very Thought of You." - l ' Winnifred oss.. without that cold, stately, preoccupied look. ' Norma Lucero not applying make- up or singing praises- of "Johnny"' at second lunch. ' Gloria V. not writing morale build- ing 1, letters to her numerous boy friends duringlstudy period. - A certain Senior A-I won't men- tion names-engaged to just one boy at a time. r , -In congratulating the Graduates of june, 1945, the Parent-Teacher - Club of Eleanor McMain High School extends these wishes: - 4 That they may know throughout their lives the peace, the happiness, E .i and the security that is guaranteed by our democratic formof gov- ' ernrnentg and ' rl,. . ThatiGod may ever guide and bless them in their services to God ' and their country.

Page 52 text:

,, tru. -t.- - .:,: . ,, ' A,A 1 . V ' 44 A "' , , 3E-'12--U:f,T:gAq'f-'r-"-:- - - 3,1 '.-,, H- ,. -y -, A- "f'k- 'ax-Aix' EU' .,ir..'5gIr52:Q-fl'-gg -P H , e A . ' i c c , y it . . . , J 'f in green and white -led ment. More Jades received awards- I hd A ' y , W' school.-in cheering for the Ivories than did Ivories but the Ivories up- n ' , ' 4- 'K 'gg f1f:,and,.l'ad'es., Needless 'to say they got held their reputation for financial ' - y a- great deal of cooperation and the acumen by winning the cup for' sell- - A - '.i. response, vocally, was very gratify- ing the most tickets for Gym Night. . I ' ing. A picked- chorus of senior A's The Jades claim they are better Nath- THIS Year' for the first tlmev the . 'sang a pathetic appeal, "We need a letes and the' Ivories answer by re- gym deP81'tmehl1 has Changed the A 1 gym" ,to the music of "Don't Fence minding the Jades that they bring in 1'0Uti11e for the lhd001' tournament- ,Ei V- V Me In". If the public doesn't re- the money which buys the equipment When the Semi-final round is reached ' spond after that touching rendition the Jades' use. The argument goes the teams ,Will Play e Round Rehlh VAND We'll just go on as of yore and use round and round and comes out the T0U1'halT1ehf- lh that WHY, ewerds ' our basement and campus until the same. Ah! me, no variety! ' This wil be given 120 each team: the Will- boards and grass are worn down. has been going on for thirteen years. hlhg teams Will 1'eeelVe Silver balls L., The Interlude or comedy ,relief or No Gym program would be com- and the I'l1HHel'S-UD will receive Y -ff? what have you, was enlivened by the plete without a few words from Mr. 8W81'dS in accordance with their P0Si- talents of some sixty girls with the Beier our Physical Director, who is H011 in the l30UTT19-l'fl9Ht- able help of Thelma Cunningham keenly interested in our work. It Ivory teemSrR- BO'-ldree-'-IX,-L Gel'- who interpreted the script. After was heart warming to be congratulat- aci, P- Skelly, P- Winter, B-. V011 X a suitable introduction the Ark land- ed by him in the presence of the Behreh, T- D0leSe,.H. 'MattheWS, R- l ed on the campus and the animals crowded auditorium. He then pro- Wald, G. TONY, J- Clark, J- B9-Yhee, . - came forth two by two. Clever cos- ceeded to judge the tug of war be- N. Miner, H. Carter, E. Darden, E. A tuming effects on said creatures were tween the Ivories and the Jades and, WieSaHd, D- Kennedy, D- B!'lSl9l, C- ' carried out by Marion Lowe and a as history seemed to repeat itself, Muhs, V- Dinwiddies Je-de teams! M- hard working committee. ' the Jades were victorious in this J. Bourge0lS. J- Luft, N- Smith. E- 5 To a great many girls this next event as they had been in times past. Martinez, J. Latusa, J. Lemaire, G. -W N35-'li-ii' event was the highlight of the even- We hope that Gym Night will be- Cuber, A. Gravill, J. Stock, E. Totaro, gy-5, f ing. The awards were given to those come a regular feature of the Physi- J. Perron, B- Bleek, D- Ll0Ve1'HS, K- who had earned the points or who cal Education department and that it MRXGY, T. Ulmer, B- Grethe, M- A- ' had successfully compted in a tourna- will always be a success. , N Th0mPSOI1- - --xiii f .s . , , .-.. Class Hzstory Essays Dofofhv W'm"""m- E311 'ii' . ' C . d f 15 . ln Loyola Dot Willkomm we see, 1 ontmue rom page 5 wontmued from page 235 Never averaging less than HB". pledged our supoprt to our new nothing. Let this be a lesson to you, B tt S wr . - President Truman, the first president my dear reader, one should always Te Y ue fy' , - , . , o college will go Betty Sue Wray, -- other than Roosevelt that many of make an outlme before writing an Wh 1, as a co-ed She,u alwavs be us had ever known. In the meantime essay. e e ' W. we had been busy collecting money This time the essayist chooses his gay' ' for rings, having our pictures taken, topic, makes his outline, and begins . . ' . . ' writing material for the ECHOES, writing. He has followed his teach- Like wise prophets In times of old' trying out for the class play and er's suggestions to the letter, so all The fates of our graduates We have ez- all the other numerous activities in goes well and he writes away. Nat- foretold' -H which senior A's participate. Besides urally he encounters little trouble. If, in 0111' findings, We hePDeY1 to el'I', SS.f'fj', . these usual programs, many of us He may have some difficulties in sen- May each find the life which she will . A , were practicing for Gym'Night, the tence structure and forget the best prefer, 'D first one presented in seven years. ideas belongs at the beginning and Sara jones, Chairman A As this goes to pressfwe are eagerly at the end, but these are minor Macbeth Bertel -',A , E awaiting our luncheon, honor day, things, so I shall not go into them. Beverly Blmze f 5- the class play, and of course, gradua- After all, the purpose of this contri- Belly Burch C ' tion. We are looking forward to go- bution was not to teach the funda- luanda Corbin .X ing out into a -peaceful world where mentals of the English language. jean ala Raza - ,y.fEg,'A ' ' all the peoples of the earth can pur- Mary Nell Dorman, '45, june Dm-ournau ,215 - sue their way of life without fear of -------- - lean Ellingson - destruction. Prophecy . A Georgia Fischer Farewell to thee, O' Alma .Materl CContinued from page 211 ??Zle,H"Z'l'0" J A May the high ideals which have been I th C d t N C ,H 1 V? 'f'f"eM MP "" Q ,instilled 'in us here, guide us always, n Sanz e urge orps wi Sure y 'igwgfney . andenablel us to be worthy of you. Emma wieimd: Ima Ride 2 E 1 Mary Lou Soule', chairman The best-known model in all the ' Peggy Robert , Sara.. fone: . 1 land . Carol Shot-key , , - L Carol Shot-key' Will be the beauteous Emma Wie- Mary Louis'Tureaud -j Eff 'Q c Janet Rfeka . sand. , Y Mary'War-ren f . f pf,-pl, i!5lll2l'ii:sf',i,,' ' ' :..l'l"V.1.j'3 , .lp i I " Q11 -g-"Ei,-T' . - fii .-'. - , , - J i .- ' ',.-- . ,f.- 1 ' - 5 i f iff . -A --cff-' -' if

Page 54 text:

' ' ' i' V I I Z n "novel" in. the experimental English ' N 'W 8 group of "acelerated" -seniors in -V room 318, McMain. 1 ' Also at Newcomb, Ann Hodge has By Hazel Muller, Post Graduate recently been chosen Honor Board I ' I . representative of her junior class. '-"-"-l-'-''-"-""'-"'-"-"-"-''-"-"-"-W-"-"-"-"-"-"-'K-""""""' Betty Berry, president' ,of her' Mc- l ' Main senior class, is a member of the REPORTS from L.S.U. tell me that lane University Theatre's latest play, Student Council and of G1-eeiibaek- Connie Gnanlnels and Eleanor "Personal Appearanoenfl I noticed erS, an honorary freshmen 'school Ernst ha-Ve recently made the honor that May Hyman Wes 5 membel' of spirit organization. Merle Fischer, roll. Patsy Folse and Gloria Teles, the paint crew. Besides being active who needs no introduction, and two of our January graduates, will in the t'heatre,'May is art editor of Carol Hamrlck, a Febrnarv, 1944, be yelling f01' the "l3i8'e1'S" when the Tnlanels newspaper, line Ullnllanol' graduate, have been selecteii to the football games begin in line fall- loon- Her Clever eartoons can be honorary freshman society, Assets. 501116 time 330 I 1105085 in the found Weekly OH the edltorlal Page- This society is composed of. freshman newspaper 3 Picture 0f they ballet A150 on llne Staff for tne Proolletlon leaders who are chosen for their l g'roup which took part in the L.S.U. of "Personal Appearance" were Fran- school Spirit, loyalty, and scholarship' P1'0dUCti0l1 of the "Chocolate Sol- ces Guidry, Joy Cohn, and Vivian Last year, former McMain girls, Bet- dier". I recognized two familiar Eigenbrod, who were helping as light- ty Berry, May Hyman, and Lorraine l faces, Benz 0denwald's and Audrey ing assistantsg Jacklyn Steeg, paint- Williams, were members. In the A 4 Newman's. Glady's Tarut's dream has finally ing assistantg and Joan. Opotowsky, publicity director. Cappella choir are alumnae Etta Mae Palmisano, Beatrice Baldinger, and come true! She's now studying in Wedding bells are ringing for New- Cai-01 Hamrick, Toby McCarty and 'l the beloved halls of Vanderbilt. comb senior Robin Ahrens. Robin Elaine Mepeul, president of her .' When the freshman Dean's list is has really been an outstanding stu- Senior class in Melvlainl have been ' posted at Newcomb, it always causes dent. To prove this fact, all I.need elected to the senior honorary So, quite al bit of excitement. This year do is quote what I found listed be- ciety, Alpha Sigma Sigma- only ' , I found that Pearl Singerman'slname neath her name in her school book, girls whg have displayed exceptional ' was among those listed. the "Jambalaya". I found, "Robin qualities of leadei-Ship, citizenship, ,At a. recent "bury the hatchet' Leah Ahrens, '45, New Orleans, Lou- and elim-eeter ai-e elected to member- party fan assembly which affords the isianag Arts and Sciencesg Zeta Tau ship, . chance for Newcomb freshmen. and Alphag Theta Nu, Presidentg "Hulla- Wgll, that just about eovei-S the .- sophomores to become acquaintedl balloon, Editor-in-Chiefg Who's Whog news of our alumnag, But before Minette Starts, a June, 1943, grad- Honor Councilg Spectatorsg Green- ending this column, may 1 Say a Wgrd uate, entertained the girls with a few b a c k e rs, Secretaryg Publications to the departing Seniors? Remember, .N of her "famous" dance routines. Boardg Lagniappesg Theatre." It will lgirls, next year someone may be wi-il- l-l Looking over the program of Tu- be remembered that Robin wrote a ing about you. I COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Broadmoor Commercial College The School of Individual Instruction A School of Recognized Standing Offering a Thorough Program of Secretarial Training K Shorthand-Touchtyping-College Secretarial Practice- Spelling and Vocabulary Building-Arithmetic-Business Correspondence Filing-English--Bookkeeping or Mimeograph Operation ' COMPTOMETER AND CALCULATOR ' Phone for Information ' Mrs. Viola Bell, Director - 1827 So. .Dupre Street V l ' jAck50n 5231 g Fifty-Iwo.. ' Q-C-H20-E-S 1 - 5 1' ' 5 . . Q - ' .llil f i lb,-wif ..., ,,'l Y ii-iQ 1 1-ugly onli -.,, A. - i ,,,- 3-.1 M .-,. ,' .,.5'l?4?-Ve',!-?,Ql'ii--r. 'i,' .i I. , 2 ,. -f,".1f.g.JL-,g?if.g,,gf,Lg?if,ili?lg . .-- if-ff,-.mu 9,4--..31'.. '.:.f fag: :..r:ff: .l . ..35.:,fg.cp.i-, .3 r.. , i 5, -,i+.-:'z:iii- . 'a '..g,,,i1jH-l L i,1's-Hg'-pie.: -Hn. ,,,- I, --lar, , 4 ,,.qM,,: , ,, .- 1 lr JY. - ., f ly i -ang.. ..i v ..'.-'.,,,,- V. 4- 1, '. ., ,T -I -f-.- -. 145.,fe,,- - - eg, 1 1 ,fl :lp'.,r,.:u WH- lfb? .1 'f:sa5?iiC1alf:4s.'l-skeaEefi3B51':,1.JaLS1f. :?.k.1:2?lfT-.wefr.'bTa'fnl:f..u1?l2ism,1f.f:?5.,'i ff.-1231.-fx.'Sal -'f'.i.t.v,g liaise. .9 -roi :32'3r,-ein. l-.dEQ...ll5E'i'.31- .f :t.-.s-rein..-3 .aa . L ,e- xralhlairr rim'-l.a .A.if'i'1:insaL3

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